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January 23, 2019, 11:20:06 pm
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 on: Today at 07:17:12 pm 
Started by Samantha Star - Last post by Scarlett Kincaid
Off Camera

It had only been about 20 minutes since Shaw had sent Melissa plunging into the Detroit River locked in the trunk of her rental. The would-be FFW Champion had used her phone to call an Uber to take her back to the hotel room she had rented with Charlotte when they got to town. She barely said two words to the driver on the way over other than a muttered “thanks” before she got out, and opted not to give him a tip.

A quick dash inside and up the elevator took her back to her room, and she slid the card across the sensor to open the door. When she entered, she saw Charlotte with a pizza on the table in front of her and took a seat across before taking a slice for herself. The powerhouse of the team looked up at her, and back to the door for a half second. “Where the hell have you been?”

“I went for a walk, alright? I got tired of listening to that bullshit you were buying into from the woman who tried to poison me.” Shaw took a bit from her slice, and then got up to get herself a napkin or two before coming back. “The woman tried to kill me, Charlotte, more than once. And you took her side over me. That’s bullshit.”

Charlotte rolled her eyes, and let out a very long sigh. “Yeah, I get that. And you know what? If she was still trying to do it, she could have already more than once. But she hasn’t. Not everyone is the way you think they are. She wants to keep her kid safe, because Saint in a fucking nutjob! And I’m starting to wonder if she’s not the only one.”

Shaw shook her hand and waved her hand for a moment. “Look, I’m not going to argue with you about it. Besides it’s a moot point now anyway. We’ll never see her again, so let’s just pretend like none of this shit happened, alright?” Shaw took another bite of her pizza, and Charlotte’s face showed her confusion.

“What do you mean we aren’t going to see her again? She just left a little while ago. She’ll be back in a few minutes. And you better be--” Charlotte didn’t get to finish her sentence before Shaw cut her off.

“She’s not coming back, Charlotte. She’s dead.”

Charlotte’s face sunk as she heard that, equal parts concern and fear written on her face. “How do you know that? Did you find her? Did Saint find her? Tell me what the hell is going on, please….NOW, DAMN IT!”

Shaw recoiled at Charlotte’s shout towards her, and dropped her pizza back on the plate. She gave her a long stare before she spoke. “Because I did what needed to be done to protect us and Kyle too from that bitch. I locked her in the trunk of my rental and sent it into the Detroit River a little less than a hour ago. She’s dead by now...unless she’s fucking Aquaman on her days off.”

“YOU DID WHAT?!” Charlotte shoved the table almost across the small kitchenette before she grabbed Shaw off her chair and slammed her against the wall. Both her hands were curled around Shaw’s top as the New Yorker stared into her face. “Tell me you’re joking. Tell me you are FUCKING kidding me right now!”

Shaw squirmed a little in her grip, but she realized quickly she wasn’t going anywhere. Charlotte was much stronger than her, part of why she wanted her as a tag partner all those years ago. “I’m not. She’s dead. I finished the job I started a while back that you stopped. How many times do I have to tell you she tried to kill me multiple times?! She’s not our friend, and she was never going to help us!”

“YOU DON’T KNOW THAT! What the fuck is wrong with you?! You think she’s psychotic, you’re a goddamn cold blooded killer! What makes you better than her if what you’re saying is true?!” Charlotte was clearly beside herself, but still had Shaw pinned to the wall.

“I caught her trying to bring Kyle here, probably so she could just kill all of us and get it over with once and for all. Why can’t you see that she’s not our friend?! SHE NEVER WAS!” Shaw tried to squirm free again, only to be reminded Charlotte’s grip might as well be made of iron for as little movement as she was capable of like this.

“Because I have no reason to believe otherwise. Think past your own self for once in your life. She could have killed us any number of times since she arrived. But she didn’t. You think she just made up a whole story for our benefit when she could have just blown us away and left?! That doesn’t make sense!” Charlotte’s breath was hot, and Shaw could feel it on her face.

“And if you’re wrong about her, guess what? WE ALL DIE. Me. You. Your parents. Kyle. Everyone that matters dies.” Shaw managed to get out, finally causing Charlotte to let her go. The brunette stepped out of her reach just in case she changed her mind. “No one’s going to miss her, Charlotte. She’s got a thousand aliases, I’m sure. And besides that….it’s done anyway. We can’t change that, and I wouldn’t do it if I could anyway.”

Charlotte seemed to be staring through the wall, not that she was actually looking at it. Her mind was racing, and she could feel her anger boiling inside her at the same time. “This….this is done.” She said, eliciting a curious look from Shaw as to what she was talking about. “After we get out of this shit….if we do….I’m done with you. I can’t trust you. I ….I can’t.” Harker shook her head as she said it.

“I think you’re overreacting a little bit. You’re getting upset over a fucking murderer who tried to poison me. A fucking murderer! She’s no better than her sister! They are two sides of the same coin. I did us a favor by making sure we had one less thing to worry about!” Shaw answered.

Charlotte spun around to face her. “That’s not all I’m upset about, Shaw. I’m more upset about the fact that I’m supposed to be okay with you being….a fucking murderer. Because that’s what you are. And if you want to know the God’s honest truth right now, I’d trust her more than you.”

That statement hit Shaw hard, proven by the fact it was the first time that she had been rendered speechless as she looked across at her tag team partner. Her lips moved, but no words managed to leak out. As soon as she found them though, there was a knock at the door. But Shaw didn’t budge an inch, staring a hole through her partner.

“If that’s Kyle, wait till he finds out what you did. You’re gonna lose a hell of a lot more than a tag partner when this is over, crazy bitch.” Charlotte snarled as she headed towards the door. A quick peek through the peephole froze her in her tracks.

“Who is it? Is it Kyle? Don’t leave him out there!” Shaw hissed at her before she headed for the door herself and jerked it open. Standing on the other side with a face that looked as thunderous as any she’d ever seen in her life dripping head to toe was…

“Melissa?” Charlotte said aloud to no one in particular….right before the woman in question decked Shaw across the jaw. She stormed into the room, and grabbed a handful of her hair as the drenched woman stared down at the brunette.

“Pick a window you want to fucking get thrown out of, you psychotic bitch!”

 on: Today at 02:44:12 pm 
Started by Samantha Star - Last post by Samantha Star
Champions vs Challengers Main Event

Artemis Kaiser & "Malicious" Mallory Bennett vs. Savannah Taylor & Ruby Tyler

 on: Today at 02:43:46 pm 
Started by Samantha Star - Last post by Samantha Star
“Warp Drive Dragon” Miko Ayano vs. The Franchise’s Mel Avilo

 on: Today at 02:43:20 pm 
Started by Samantha Star - Last post by Samantha Star
NHB vs. The Prodigies’ Toni Beasley & Josy Dawkins

 on: Today at 02:42:57 pm 
Started by Samantha Star - Last post by Samantha Star
Riley Savell vs. Carolina Shaw

 on: Today at 02:38:43 pm 
Started by Samantha Star - Last post by Samantha Star

Live from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas
February 2, 2019

~ ~ ~

Champions vs Challengers Main Event

Artemis Kaiser & "Malicious" Mallory Bennett vs. Savannah Taylor & Ruby Tyler

In what is going to be a hell of a preview for their mutual title matches at Fury, we have two teams who have never worked together who have no choice but to if they want a chance at winning this match. Tag team chemistry is out the window here.

~ ~ ~

“Warp Drive Dragon” Miko Ayano vs. The Franchise’s Mel Avilo

Mel Avilo looks to build some singles momentum for herself, much like her partner has done. But she’s got a tall ask ahead of her against the “Warp Drive Dragon.” Miko gets a powerful dose of the Franchise in Dallas!

~ ~ ~

NHB vs. The Prodigies’ Toni Beasley & Josy Dawkins

After having a wildly successful run as Future Shock Tag Champions, NHB is back in FFW and looking to get the same kind of momentum behind them as they face two thirds of the Prodigies, who already have a big date awaiting the trio at Fury.

~ ~ ~

Riley Savell vs. Carolina Shaw

The time has come for Riley Savell to make her in-ring FFW debut. After crashing Global Wars and getting the particulars of her contract sorted out, it’s time to do what she came to do! And that’s get in the ring. Carolina’s only had one singles match so far in FFW, and she’s looking to make sure this one ends differently than the last.

 on: Today at 01:52:50 pm 
Started by Samantha Star - Last post by Prodigies

Off Camera

Chasity was sitting in her penthouse suite in Denver, Colorado. Toni and Josy were lying on the floor watching stuff on their devices. Chasity was propped up against the wall while looking dead a head. Her eyes were fixated on a certain point on the wall. She didn't really have a smile on her face. She was a little upset with how things have gone recently.

"We need to fix this shit," she says out loud as Toni is the first to pause her video. She gets to her knees and leans against the bed. "You're not kidding. We were the dominate faction and now everyone wants to stop us," replies Toni. Chasity shakes her head. "That's not what I am talking about," states Chasity as she slips off the bed. Josy pauses her video and sits up placing her back against the bed.

"What are you talking about?" asks Josy. "We need to fix our focus. We have been caught up in this pathetic war that Bianca Reed wants to have all because she thinks it will help elevate her career. I am thinking we need to take the fight to her. We need to show her just how strong our numbers game is," answers Chasity as the two nod their heads. "I know just how we do it. Toni get the camera," Chasity barks as Toni grabs the camera out of their bag. She props it up as Chasity is smirking.

On Camera

FFW have no idea what kind of storm is brewing. They want to paint us as the disrespectful bitches then we will not disappoint them. Toni and Josy are done being made to look like fools because no one appreciates our heritage. It's not our fault we have decided to embrace what our families have started. You all look at it like its some great curse. We look at it with love for our fathers. Toni is the baby sister of Valerie Beasley. One of the best females in the world. Valerie has a lot of respect but for some reason Toni gets none. Why is that? Why are you so fickle when it comes to respect?

Chasity starts to pace as Toni watches with a smile.

Dont get me started on you Bianca. You have stuck your nose into our business one too many times. When we do get our hands on you, there will be nothing left. Then I will find your pet Carolina and finish what I started by crippling her. If you don't think I can do it then watch what I do to the cosplaying whore Rose Gardner. Rose thinks she is walking into an easy victory but she is sadly mistaken. I am anything but an easy win. Carolina can attest to that one. Hell with the way I am feeling right now, this will not be the best night for Rose to test me.

You see, I have been holding back several things out of respect. That was before I noticed no one has any for us. So consider this the real Chasity. You want to be called Poison. Bitch please, im not worried at all. In fact, I almost feel bad hurting an innocent bystander but your not that innocent. Rose Gardner wants to play with the big girls. Well, I'll make your dream into a recurring nightmare. Every night you lay your head down, my face will appear and cause you to wake up. You will see me breaking every bone in your body and enjoying every minute of it.

Chasity smirks as Josy pops into the picture.

Our girl Chasity isn't shy with her promises. I can tell Rose will think she is scared because she'll have Toni and I at ringside. Bitch, it's not fear. It's called being a team. Toni and I support our girl. That means we will be ringside. We will have her back. Who has your back Rose? Who will protect you from the one girl who can spear you into next week? Who will stop the carnage? No one. If you even bring Caitlyn Storm with you then she will find out why her victory at Breaking Point was nothing more than a fluke. She needed Bianca's help. She couldn't do it on her own. Will you have the same problem?

Chasity hops onto Josy's back.

There is a reason the Holt legacy runs through me. It's because I am the one who can knock your lights out. I am better than my daddy. I am more vicious than my daddy. I am ruthless. I am vile. Come Velocity, I will be sporting your head on my mantle. Rose Gardner, I don't care what you dress like because at the end of the night. It won't even matter. Your time is up. After the dust clears, I will be standing tall. I will look down and say BYE BYE BYE.

Chasity signals to Toni to cut the recording as the scene goes black.

 on: Today at 01:53:44 am 
Started by Samantha Star - Last post by Cori

Days Before SVW Rampage 2018...

“Jesus man, who tried to run you over with a forklift?”

She didn’t know why she was here.


That was a lie. She knew why she was here. She knew what had possessed her to make a flight out of California instead of taking a road trip to San Jose. She had all the time in the world to stew on it in fact. All the time getting on the flight, all the time getting off of the flight. All the time driving to the hospital, all the time sitting in the waiting room, all the time taking her time to convince the nurse that she was visiting her dear sweet brother who didn’t do anything to anyone ever. He was the type that often got himself in trouble because when it came to a pretty lady, he could hardly keep his hands to himself.

Even when she was lying from both sides out of her mouth there was a small smile that crept up on her lips at the ridiculousness of it all. She was now standing in his private room, closing the door quietly behind her.

He might have noticed her jeans looked like they were straining to stay from tearing.

It was funny what some little moment of realization did for how you wore your wardrobe, or maybe you just might trash half your clothing because it reminded you of certain things. Certain things you wanted to ignore. Certain things you wanted to push out of your head. She turned back to him, watching him quietly.

“Well... What happened?”

The answer wasn’t quick to arrive as Andrew Marx raised his head off the pillow, bandaging around one eye and what was visible of his body looked like he had been bludgeoned with a bat repeatedly. Even his legs and feet were the worse for wear, or at least what could be seen of them. When he saw her, he let his head drop back to the pillow. He only needed one word to explain who, not what.

“Raven.” He drew in a belabored breath, and repeated himself. Somewhat. “Raven….fucking….Knight.”

She stayed quiet for a few moments and her face turned into a grimace. It wasn’t quite the look of utmost pity that anyone might be suspecting but it was a far... Far cry from ‘you deserved this’. Of course, Mallory had absolutely no idea WHAT it was that Andrew had done to deserve the beating that had come. She exhaled and walked back to the other side of the room, gliding a visitor’s chair at his bedside before sitting down. She put her hands on her knees, and stared into that one eye.

“You. Have. To. Stop. Fucking. Crazy.” She said it slowly, punctuating each word for emphasis. She leaned forward for a few moments, before sliding back into her chair.

He was about to respond when a gravel-filled (seemingly) coughing spell overtook him, causing him to turn to one side of the bed away from her to finish it. He collapsed back to the bed, his voice a little more hoarse this time as he looked back to Mallory. “She’s….she’s got a mouth made by Dyson….what can I say?” He wiped his mouth with his hand. “Besides….I think we’re through now.”

“Figured as much. Either you were gonna tell me y’all were done or this was foreplay went too far,” She said slowly before grabbing a small bottle of water, tearing off the cap and putting it in his good hand. She silently stewed for a few moments with the thought that apparently Raven gave amazing oral, a thought that she would probably have to wash away with a copious amount of beer later. After a few more moments she inquired something else.

“Do you just have a thing for emotionally stunted women with a high tolerance for alcohol?”

Funny, considering what he was about to tell her.

“No.” He said with a half smile before taking a gulp of his water, and taking a deep breath. “I’ve been fucking Silver too. She’s not psycho….just self-centered.” The smile formed slightly larger than it was. “They both…..laid a trap...for me….when they found out...about each other. Scarlett…..damn, she’s a good fuck. Just needs to keep her…..mouth shut.”

She grimaced slightly before shaking her head. “It needs repeating, Andy. Emotionally stunted women. High tolerance for alcohol.”

The Ultraviolence champion leaned back in her chair and took him in, took in each bandage, each individual bruise, the one good eye able to look at her, his legs. He was a catalogue of injuries. “You shouldn’t have been fucking them both, but you know that now. Some guys pull it off. Some women pull it off. How? Fuck if I know.”

She hesitated about asking how they found out about each other. That would be topic for another day she thought for a second before Mallory stopped herself. Another day? What other day? She had only come to find him because...


Mallory swiped her key card against her room door, an audible ‘click’ heard as she muttered, “Fuck this holiday.” 

She kissed him again much more heavily, fingers pulling at the collar on his shirt and nearly jerking Andy inside.


She silently rubbed the palm of her left hand over her face in frustration, before looking at him. Looking at him for one spare moment and then looking down to the ground, as if her sneakers were suddenly the most interesting thing in the hospital room. The hospital room smelling of disinfectant and illness. She’d gotten used to the smell with every hardcore match she wrestled. “I didn’t expect to find you like this. I don’t even know why I came to find you. No. That’s a lie... I know why I came to find you.”

“I didn’t expect….to be found like this.” He told her, turning to let out another cough and trying to soothe his throat with more water. “I know why you did too. But….” The next thing he would say was probably the biggest lie he’d ever told, and neither of them would think there was even a hint of truth to it. “I think…..I think I’m done….with women. Just gonna…..get a dog….and….Pornhub. Yup. That’s gonna….be my life. That’ll-” He couldn’t finish for laughing...and then coughing as a result.

He laughed.

So did she. She tried to cover it with her palm at first before laughing that much harder and removing her hand. Mal slumped in her chair. “You’d drive yourself and the dog batshit by the end of week.”

The laughter and the coughing ceased for a few moments before she sat up a little better. The laughter somehow made it easier to admit. “You were right you know. He is kinda popular. He’s so goddamn popular that I was just sitting there, home alone and it dawned on me that I could be replaced at the drop of a hat just like... Just like...”

She snapped her fingers.

“It didn’t really hit me until I saw this receipt for--look I’m gonna tie this back into what happened to you and them. I’m not Scarlett. Just hear me out.”

Mallory grabbed the edge of her chair and scooched it a little bit closer, the former mechanic speaking slowly with that Floridian drawl becoming a little more prominent. “I see this receipt for like, a lingerie gift card from him to Gillie and it set me off. I see them always being affectionate and off handed comments from folks gets me thinking... It wouldn’t have to be Gillie, see? It could be anyone because he’s... Kinda popular. I know this because that whole time him and Kaylee were together? I was just quietly waiting around. I mean Kaylee thought I was her friend too but what a little shit was I, ready to jump on his dick the second she was out of the picture?

Then there’s you,” Mal pointed out very softly, watching him intently.

“Scarlett’s kinda popular too ain’t she? Coulda had so many guys waiting in the wings. Probably did. That ain’t taking away from you being a complete ass, Andy but you’d be just as easily replaced right? Maybe Raven wasn’t exactly the sort but hell, maybe that’s just cuz there wasn’t someone who was into her like you. Spooky seems to me like the type where she treats men like they’re only good for one thing. Maybe two things if they can get it up again. Point I’m trying to get around to is you’re shitty for what you did, but we’re all shitty people so in the end why did you deserve being put here?”

Andy watched her the entire time she was talking, hearing her out amid a few subsiding coughs before he spoke “You….aren’t expecting me to sing to you now, are you?”

She answered that with silence, followed by a middle finger.

“Is what you are trying to say basically that I’m more honest about who I am and don’t hide it whereas everyone else keeps it to themselves until it benefits them?”

She answered that by tapping her nose. Again, with her middle finger.

“That’s what I’m trying to get at yes. So now comes the fun part of our little talk here. I want you--”

Andy looked from her to the lower half of his body before holding out his hand, almost as if he were inviting her to take what she wanted. His eyebrows rose as he gave her an expectant look, almost nonverbally asking her what was she waiting for.

She stared at him in an (almost) unamused expression of exasperation. “Let me finish, ass. I want you to come--Don’t you dare with the eyebrows. I want you to come with me to Rampage. I want you to be my manager in-ring. Most of all I want you to help me undo twenty-one years of a do-goody little shit who thought she would meet some guy and all would be Disney princess everything. Before you ask, yes even the girl working on your carburetor has dreams of all the white horse-some-day-my-prince-will-come bullshit.”

Andy dropped his hand to his side, taking a deep breath and almost fighting off another cough as it crept up on him. “I thought I already had been. You just started listening. But I gotta tell you, you’re already getting low marks. The best way to learn is through actions. You keep talking…” He moved his fingers like a mouth talking before he continued. “But I don’t see any panties on the floor. I don’t have a white horse, but you can still go for a ride.”

She rolled her eyes. “Setting ground rules now.”

“I,” She pointed to herself. “Get priority. Unless you make like a date, or she’s smoking hot. Then I mean, I dunno I’ll rewatch 3:10 to Yuma for the thousandth time or something. Next, you’re still coming with me to Rampage.”

Mallory very quickly explained her plan, not needing to spare many details or words excluding ‘propose’, ‘kiss’, ‘dickbreath’, and ‘accidental threesome’.

“...And finally, I went commando before I came here from the hotel.”

“It’s liberating, isn’t it?” He answered. “I started doing that a few years ago after Ignis set fire to my underwear drawer.” Andy’s eyes seemed as though they were trying to prove what she was saying about going commando for a couple seconds. “But yeah, the rules are fine. Starting to remind me of Gremlins with all the rules. Thankfully I know what happens when you get wet. So are there more rules? If so, hand me my phone and I’ll add to my Amazon wish list...for fuck’s sake.”

The Ultraviolence champion’s face flashed annoyance as though she was having buyer’s remorse. She looked as though she was sorely considering adding to his bruises before

“Just be quiet and roll up your hospital gown.”

 on: January 22, 2019, 09:29:26 pm 
Started by Samantha Star - Last post by Alysson Gardner
After having spent a few days at Amanda’s house and realizing just how clingy she tended to be, your favorite cosplay couple decided there was no better time than to go home and check on their apartment. They had left Robby there alone, and was originally trying to get him back together with his girlfriend. That plan derailed quickly though. And now as the couple arrived back home, Alex fumbled with his keys to find the right one before sliding it into the lock. “I’m kinda afraid to see what he’s done with the place since we were gone.”

“Now you know how I feel every time we left home for a show and came back the following day,” Rose pointed out. She couldn’t hide her disgust of how Robby had conducted things once in their house, including (but boy oh boy, not nearly restricted to) perusing her underwear drawer for fun, casual littering and doing his necessities in the shower. “For some reason I’m expecting him to be all like ‘it’s my house now’ while there’s pizza boxes and dirty underwear all over the dang place. Please God make me regret thinking like this…”

Alex took a deep breath, and pushed open the door. He peered inside, expecting the worst and finding…..not that. The couple stepped inside, and the place was almost immaculate. There were no dirty dishes, the floor was cleaned….and there was even a couple potted plants near windows that weren’t there before. There was also…..brand new furniture! Alex checked his key to make sure he opened the right door, and was sure he had. “Okay, now I’m scared and confused. The fuck?!”

Perplexment couldn’t even begin to describe Rose’s reaction. A complete 180° from what she envisioned. “It’s not destroyed,” she pointed out rather poignantly as she looked around. “It’s… It’s even… better now?! That’s not-- I’m gonna call my mom,” Poison chimed as she picked her cellphone from her jeans’ pocket. “This has got to be mom’s work.”

“Oh hi there!” That was a voice they didn’t recognize as a girl sat up on the sofa with one earbud hanging from her ears. She had blonde hair, and waved to the couple. Alex gave her a confused look as soon as he saw her.

“Uh...hello. Who are you? Have we met?” He asked as the girl smiled at the two of them.

“I don’t think so. I’m Jennifer.” She extended her hand out to shake his, which Alex slowly shook in return. “You must be Rose and Alex, am I right?”

“... yeah…” Rose squinted as she stared at the girl. She looked friendly enough, but she was still someone she didn’t know sitting there in their apartment as if it wasn’t theirs to begin with. “I’m gonna… go on a limb and assume Robby brought you here for… stuff?”

Jennifer shook her head with a disgusted look. “Heck no. I wouldn’t touch Robby with someone else’s fingers.” She said, further confusing the pair. Alex looked around the room, checking out the new furniture and their new bigger TV.

“Um, where did all the furniture come from, Jennifer? And the TV? This….wasn’t here when we left.” He asked.

“Oh, my mom bought it for me. You like it?” Jennifer responded with a smile, and getting a nod from Alex as he took it all in. “You guys are welcome to have a seat and make yourselves comfortable.”

“Okay, hold up,” Rose froze in place and lifted a hand. “You mean to tell me that we spent all these days away from home because a homewrecker was turning this apartment into his personal pigsty, but then we return here and everything’s renovated almost to the point of the lock being swapped and you claiming the place for yourself what with all the new furniture your mom bought for ya, and I’m expected to be comfortable?!” She shook her head vigorously and picked up her cellphone again, rolling her eyes: “this is some BS.”

“Um, where is Robby? And….why are you here?” Alex finally got around to asking the important questions now that all this had settled in his mind.

“I think he’s in Jersey right now. I’m sure he’ll be back to make sure I’m taking care of the place. He rented it to me.” She said with a smile. “He also told me you might come back, and said your stuff…” She reached for a keyring, and tossed it to Alex. “He put it into a storage unit for you.”

“FUCKING EXCUSE ME?!” Rose yelled not any soon after Jennifer was done talking. “This here is NOT-- He freaking-- I-- Aight. Fuck it, I’m calling the police,” Rose turned around to storm out of the apartment, visibly beside herself. Her fiance was right behind her.

“Look, I think we just need to explain to her that he can’t rent this place, because it doesn’t belong to him. We’ll get our stuff out of the storage unit, and THEN we’ll call the police and have his ass arrested.” He tried to calm her down as best he could, offering her his hand as he glanced back to blonde on the couch. “Listen, Jennifer. Robby can’t rent this apartment, it’s….not his. We rent this place, and we’ve just been visiting a friend for a few days. So….I’m afraid he mislead you.”

Jennifer looked a little confused for a second before she finally responded. “But I paid him first and last month’s rent and a security deposit for this place.”

“Oh he’ll give you your money back. I’ll make freaking sure of it!” Rose responded. “If the police don’t beat him up to get him to do that, I WILL!”

“Uh...how much did you pay him?” Alex’s curiosity got the better of him again. He was trying to keep his fiance as calm as he could, which was something of a chore at the moment.

“$3,500.” Jennifer told him. “That’s what he used to go New Jersey. I think he said he was going to go hit the casinos, and play the slots in Atlantic City. I didn’t know any of this stuff was yours, he told me you were his former tenants. I’m sorry about all this...really.”

“I’LL FUCKING KILL HIM!!!” Rose shrieked as she definitely stormed out of the apartment to call the police this time. “I SWEAR THAT IF I EVER SEE HIS FACE AGAIN I’M GONNA SMASH IT INTO THE GROUND LIKE IT’S CHINA IN A GREEK WEDDING!”

“Uh...hold tight. We’ll be right back.” Alex told Jennifer before following Rose outside. He took a deep breath, and gently placed his hand on her arm. “I agree totally with you, and I think we should definitely---” Something got his attention out of the corner of his eye. He stopped and looked towards the parking lot, blinked and looked again. “Wait a minute. I….I don’t think he’s in New Jersey.” He said to Rose as he pointed down to an old white four door sedan. “He’s in this complex, Rose! That’s his car!”

“Good, so I get to bash his face in TODAY!” Rose growled. “He rented OUR place out to someone else, put OUR stuff in a storage box we don’t even know where-- I hope he isn’t thinking he’s just gonna get away with this shit, ‘cause I’m gonna knock every single door of this building down until I get my hands on him and make him swallow his teeth for making me basically HOMELESS AGAIN!!!”

 on: January 22, 2019, 06:38:08 pm 
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Off Camera

Bernie Travers was starting to look a little sheepish as he listened to his lawyer, Edgar Benedict, and Carson Black. The supposedly injured man was suing for fifteen million dollars for injuries he allegedly suffered at a Mets game at Citi Field. His lawyer, a graduate of the highly esteemed University of Hawaii, was also looking a little bit pale as he had just met Carson only moments ago.

“A pleasure, Mr. Benedict. I’m Carson Black, and I represent some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment as the head of Carson Black Talent. I hope you weren’t trying to arrange a deal with these two without a lawyer present. Because that...that would be problematic for you.” Carson told him.

“Of course not, we were just having a spirited discussion.” Edgar said, drawing back slightly.

“Very well. I want to show you something, Mr. Benedict.” Carson pulled out his phone and highlighted five names from his contacts list. “As a barrister yourself, I’m sure you recognize the names I’ve highlighted. These are five of the attorneys I have on retainer at any given time. I’m going to let you pick the one you want to see in court when this comes to trial.”

Lilly grinned. “Now that’s pretty sporting. Letting the man pick his opponent ahead of time. Very sporting indeed. Though I’m sure a man of Mr Benedict’s experience and with the first rate training in the law profession he got while studying at the University of Hawaii, he’ll back himself to wipe the floor with any attorney in this city. What do you say, Mr. Benedict? Why not pick a name and show why we should look in the pennysavers for legal representation.”

“Well ahhh…” Benedict started to speak before Carson tapped one of the names on his phone screen and brought it to his ear.

“Andrea Palmer. Excellent choice. There’ll be no settlements other than a full dismissal and dropping of this case. And I will also look for the losing attorney to pay for the winner’s legal defense for this frivolous case.” He brought the phone up to his ear.  “Tell me, Mr. Benedict. Can you afford $25,000 a day?” Carson leaned forward, giving the attorney a smile.

“I can.”

“Mr. Black, I believe we’ve gotten off to the wrong start together. I’d like you to meet my client, the afflicted: Bernie Travers. Mr. Travers is a pillar of his community. And he has been rendered unable to live his life and continue his profession as a result of the heinous actions of Mr. Arthur here.

“And what is his profession? Is he also a law school standout from...the University of Hawaii?” Carson asked before Travers shook his head.

“I drive a roadkill truck.” Bernie said, to which his attorney gave him a look as if to say “shut up!” without actually saying it aloud.

Lilly rolled her eyes at this admission. “So he picks up dead animals on the road, and a punch in the mouth has precluded him from doing that?” The Fast Track Champion was clearly not amused, and was even more convinced that this was a sham. “The offer is on the table, Mr. Travers. Mets season tickets right now, and you drop all this.” She glanced over to her husband, who showed the final screen where he had ordered them with only the “Submit Order” button awaiting to be tapped.

“That is a more than generous offer, sir. And I promise you the outcome will be far more enjoyable for you than if you and your….I’m sure, magna cum laude barrister here pursue this case.” Carson told him. But the agent was clearly not waiting too long as he tapped the screen on his own phone and brought it to his ear. “Hello, Andrea. I hope you are doing well.”

Edgar looked back to his client as Bernie’s eyes seemed to be zoned in on the screen of Colin’s phone with the button begging to be pushed to pay for the season tickets. “Mr. Travers, don’t forget what a terrible injury you suffered at this brute’s hands, simply because of your love of the game of baseball. Do not let this meager offering sway you.”

“Brute? He works with his hands for a living as a massage therapist. He wouldn’t hit someone with them unless he had no choice, because he could’ve injured himself in the process. You’re ridiculous.” Lilly told the attorney as she pinched the bridge of her nose for a second. She then gave her attention back to Bernie. “If you don’t mind me asking, where did you find him? I know he advertises on pennysavers, but is that where you found him?”

“Oh no, I don’t even know where to find pennysavers. Someone stuck one of his ads under my windshield wiper when I was staying overnight at a motel: the Friendly Motor Inn.” Bernie told her, then glancing up to Colin who was scrolling up and down the screen on his phone waiting for answer….till he heard that.

“The Friendly Motor Inn?” Colin said with a rather wide eyed expression. “That’s a motel over in the Bronx that charges by the hour. That’s where people take prostitutes, dude.” As soon as Colin said that, his wife gave him a curious look. He looked back, already knowing the question. “One of our neighbors takes dates there when he doesn’t want them to know where he lives. Said they charge $30 for four hours there.”

The idea of it made Lilly’s nose scrunch, and also made her a bit happy she didn’t apparently know this neighbor that well….nor had much desire to get to know him either. She turned her attention back to Bernie. “So were you at the….Friendly Motor Inn….with a friend that day?” She asked him, glancing up to Edgar. “Pillar of the community, huh?”

“I’m sure my client was only there to clean up the road outside, as he has maintained when telling us of his profession. Isn’t that right, Mr. Travers?” Edgar asked him with a Cheshire smile on his face. The smile started to fade though as he overheard Carson again.

“Yes, I think I will be needing your assistance with a legal matter. I’m here with the opposing attorney. He’s a graduate from the University of Hawaii. Oh, I know. I’m sure that was where you would have gotten if Yale hadn’t accepted you….” Carson gave Edgar a little smile.

“You know what? I think I’ll take his offer.” Bernie told his attorney. “I can’t afford that lawyer he’s talking to if we lose.” He leaned across the table and tapped the “Submit Order” button on Colin’s phone, which made the masseuse nod his head.

“Mr. Travers, I think you are making a grand mistake by accepting this offer. I think you should reconsider immediately.” The barrister told him as Bernie got out of his seat, and started peeling off the neckbrace and cast on his arm.

“Hey, season tickets are season tickets. Thanks for everything though, Mr. Travers.” He gave the old man a pat on the shoulder, and turned his attention back to the Arthurs. “So...when can I get those tickets?”

Colin slid a pad across the table to him with a pen. “Write your address down, and I’ll have them sent via FedEx when they arrive.” The formerly afflicted roadkill truck driver immediately began to do just that.

“Looks like we were able to settle, Andrea. I appreciate your time, and perhaps we can have lunch together this coming week if you’re free. Excellent! I’ll text you with the details later today then. Goodbye.” Carson ended the call, watching as Bernie put his information down on the pad. He looked over to Edgar. “I can’t tell you how relieved I am your client has taken this offer. I tell you I wouldn’t have slept a minute over 8 hours tonight in worry.”

Edgar looked annoyed and put out as Bernie tore the sheet off, and handed it to Colin. The couple got back to their feet as Colin stuffed the paper into his pocket. “Sorry, Mr. Benedict.” Lilly told him with a wry smile on her face.

“Maybe if you’re lucky, he’ll take you to a Mets game next season.”

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