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May 23, 2018, 11:46:58 pm
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 on: Today at 12:01:28 am 
Started by Samantha Star - Last post by Samantha Star

Poll closes Saturday, May 26 at 10pm Eastern.

 on: May 22, 2018, 11:28:23 pm 
Started by Samantha Star - Last post by Samantha Star

The bell sounds a few times as the crowd turns their attention back to the ring, where Gaby stands at the ready with her microphone.

Gaby: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is your Future Shock main event!

Zack: I’ve been looking forward to this one since it was announced by your boyfriend a few weeks ago. I think it’s safe to say Valerie nor Bianca have no shortage of confidence coming into this match either.

Missy: Confidence has never been an issue for either of these two, but there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance.

The lights in the arena sharply cut off, leaving everything in complete darkness. The chiming of a clock is heard echoing in the darkness, followed by a chipper, circus like chime tone. As the tone chimes on, a vibrant gold spotlight shines down on the top of the stage. The circus chimes are soon replaced by the opening chorus of “Villain” by Wild Fire.

"Tic tic toc, the time bomb clock
Ticks grinning ear to ear here baby
Tic Tic Toc, the time bomb clock
ticks counting down...
tic, tic stop!"

At the exact moment “stop” is sung, the song kicks into full gear, setting off a series of shimmering gold strobe lights going off on either side of the ramp. A few seconds pass before the controversial redhead, Valerie McKinley makes her way out from behind the curtain and stands in the immediate center of the stage, standing in the gold spotlight. Coming out behind her and standing next to her was her manager, one Kyle Kilmeade.

"You know I speak in riddles,
And I’m plotting to destroy
Villain as I always was
Crazy is as crazy does"

Clad in a mid-thigh length leather jacket worn open over her gear, Valerie looks around at the crowd showering her with a rousing chorus of boos. She looks over at Kyle and the pair simply shake their heads. The strobe lights begin to lessen in intensity as the pair makes their way down the aisle, her arms at her side and a focused look on her face. As she makes her way to the ring, the fans on either side of the aisle make their displeasure at her appearance rather noticeable, which Valerie simply dismisses with an arrogant flip of her hand.

"My sanity's in short supply
Mad as a hatter, hey surprise!
T-T-T-Ticking bomb on the inside
Livin' with the villain pacing in my mind."

Gaby: Ladies and gentlemen, making her way down to the ring, being accompanied by Kyle Kilmeade…..from Providence, Rhode Island…….Valerie McKinley!!

The boos grow louder as Kyle hops up onto the apron and climbs into the ring. Valerie hops up onto the apron and spins around so her back is resting on the ropes. With her head bowed, she lifts both arms up towards her head and has her pointer finger and thumb on both hands close to her head. She lifts her head up and extends her arms out, her fingers pointing out at the crowd like pistols. She then makes a motion like she was firing her finger guns at the crowd before turning around to see Kyle already holding the ropes open for her. She steps through the open ropes and into the ring.

"I'm blowing up the mystery
And all the pretty things you see
Light flame to fuse
And Sparks will fly
You said goodnight
Now say goodbye."

Once in the ring, she walks around with her arms extended outward, reveling in the heat from the crowd. She walks over to the corner and peels off her jacket, letting it drop to the apron as the lights return to normal and her music fades out. She rests her back against the turnbuckles and brushes a few stray strands of hair out of her face, awaiting the start of the action.

Zack: Valerie McKinley makes sure to remind us all the time of her status in the world. The 1 Percenter may have all the wealth she wants, but wealth can’t buy her a Future Shock Championship. And that’s what she wants most!

Missy: You’d sometimes think she was the only person in the world with money with the way she acts. No amount of money is going to help her tonight though.

I told ya, baby
I told ya

The arena darkens as “Rockstar 101” by Rihanna begins to play before the camera takes us behind a woman with purple hair. She steps out onto the stage, raising her hand and making a fist as the camera looks over her shoulder. She tosses her sunglasses on her head out to the crowd as she heads towards the ring.

Rocking these diamonds
I'm rocking this chain
Make sure you get a picture
I'm rocking my fame

Gaby: Introducing from Atlanta, Georgia, this is the Princess of the Reed family……...BIANCA REED!!!!

Bianca climbs up onto the apron, drops into a split before sliding under the bottom rope to the inside. She brings her legs together and hops to her feet, already making eye contact with her opponent and running them down verbally while her music fades and before the bell even rings.

Zack: In just a few days, Bianca Reed will be a happily married woman. But it doesn’t change the fact her career aspirations are the same as Valerie’s. She wants to be Future Shock Champion, she has that shot at Wipeout. But tonight, she’s gotta try to keep Valerie out of the title picture.

Missy: With the roll that Bianca has been on since she claimed the Aspire Ring she has every reason to be confident. I think if anything though it has made her hungrier and she’s not going to want to let Valerie into the picture if she can at all help it.

Gaby leaves the ring as referee Ashley Pruitt checks both women before calling for the bell. Bianca begins to smile as she hears a “KILLER B” chant from the crowd as Valerie ignores them, and listens to some advice from Kyle. But the redhead barely has much chance to turn after the bell sounds when Bianca charges her in the corner. Reed unloads with right hands to her head before she whips her across to the far side. McKinley barely rebounds before Bianca executes a handspring back elbow to her jaw that stumbles her backwards. A windmill kick sends her through the ropes before Valerie gets up on the apron, only to absorb a dropkick that sends her to the floor. Bianca starts pacing back and forth, talking smack as she encourages Valerie to get back into the ring.

Zack: Valerie was getting some last minute wisdom, I guess you call it, from her manager. And Bianca didn’t come to talk, she came to fight!

Missy: There’s a time and a place for pre-match talks with your manager… after the bell has rung is not it!

Kyle conferenced with Valerie on the floor, drawing a nod of her head as she climbed up onto the apron again. She told the referee to keep Bianca back, which Pruitt tried to do before Valerie demanded the ropes be held open for her. The referee asked Bianca to stay back as she reluctantly headed for the ropes, and sat down on the middle one for her to come back into the ring. She was barely in the ring for a second before Bianca made a beeline towards her with a running clothesline that sent her back into the corner. Once more, she started unloading with left and right hand combinations, but the redhead covered up with both arms. She chose her moment, and caught Reed with a headbutt to the face to stop her. Valerie grabbed her by the hair, and proceeded to drive her face into the top turnbuckle a few times and followed it up with a belly to back suplex to the mat.

Missy: The determination of both women to win this is showing already, and I think Valerie is trying to give Bianca a free nose job.

Zack: Nothing but venom from the 1 Percenter as she tries to disorient Bianca as much as she can to set up for her favorite move later.

McKinley held out her arms at her side, looking for crowd admiration but only getting it from Kyle. She pressed her boot into Bianca’s face, and dragged it across for added insult. Reed rolled away from her, and started to get back to her feet. Valerie grabbed her head as she did, and bolted away from the ropes with a running bulldog to the canvas. She then mounted her back to repeatedly strike her face into the mat. When she got back to her feet to more boos, she only looked down to her manager who was giving her plenty of praise. McKinley smiled at the response he gave, and turned back to Reed as she was getting up. A side Russian leg sweep put her back on the mat before Valerie hooked the leg for a cover.

Zack: Valerie only really cares about one opinion out here right now, and we got a cover already in this one!



The two hadn’t even hit the mat when Bianca kicked out. Valerie cradled her head as she sat up, and drove straight right hands into her face before she got back to her feet. She draped her neck across the bottom rope before standing on her back to choke her with it before finally stepping off as the referee got to a four count.

Missy: Valerie knows exactly how far to push the referee’s count to prevent herself getting disqualified. A fact Bianca is finding out first hand. After a choking like that she needs to get her breath back and pull herself together quickly.

Bianca rolled out to the apron under the bottom rope, trying to catch her breath between coughing fits. Valerie leaned over the top rope, grabbing a fistful of her hair to pull her back to her feet. But Reed surprised her by grabbing her head, and dropping down to the floor. Now Valerie began coughing heavily as Bianca hopped back up onto the apron. She shouted Valerie’s name as she hopped up onto the top rope for a springboard clothesline that dropped the redhead where she stood. Bianca rubbed her neck for a second, and got back to her feet talking smack all over again. Valerie moved away from her, and got back to her feet before Bianca whipped her across to the far side. She caught her on the rebound, scooped her up, and fell backwards with a stun gun across the top rope! McKinley coughed heavily, staggering to keep her balance before Bianca nailed her with a rolling koppu kick that flattened her. She immediately made the cover after that.

Zack: Koppu kick right to the dome, and Reed’s gonna send Valerie back to FFW with nothing but bruises!




Valerie kicked out after the two struck, and Bianca quickly got back to her feet. She headed for the corner, and made her way to the top rope. Pruitt checked on Valerie as Kyle hopped up onto the apron and jerked one of Bianca’s legs out from under her. She landed hard, straddling the turnbuckle before the referee turned back to have seen none of it.

Missy: Can they not just start tying his hands up or something when he comes to ringside? That would put a stop to him being so hands on.

Valerie gathered herself, and headed towards her pained opponent. She fired forearms into the side of her head as she sat on the top turnbuckle before McKinley climbed up with her. She hooked her head under one arm, and snapped off a superplex from the top rope. Valerie quickly floated over for the cover as Pruitt dropped to count.

Missy: Not like this! Valerie could be about to insert herself right smack bang in the middle of the Future Shock Championship picture.




Bianca’s shoulder came up in time, and Valerie gave the referee a tongue lashing for a slow count. She got back to her feet, pulling Bianca up with her by the hair. She hooked her into position for a vertical suplex, and hoisted her high overhead. But Reed managed to get free, and land on her feet behind her. And when Valerie turned around, Bianca caught her with a Pele kick to the head that dropped her where she stood.

Missy: Valerie took too long in accusing the referee of a slow count that she allowed Bianca to get her wits about her. Now if Bianca can stay on Valerie she could turn things around here.

The #1 contender dropped to a knee, trying to pull herself together with the Boston crowd loudly chanting “KILLER B” once again. Reed darted for the corner again, this time using it to execute a split-legged moonsault that landed perfectly onto Valerie before she went for another cover with the referee in position immediately.

Missy: That was picture perfect and it would be a great way for Bianca to take this match home.




Valerie managed to get her shoulder up in time, and Bianca rose back to her feet. The crowd continued to motivate her before she took off for the far side. Pruitt checked on Valerie as she was pulled down to her, just as Bianca bounced off the ropes when Kyle pulled the top rope down. Reed tumbled out to the floor as Kyle darted around the corner before the referee turned around with a confused expression.

Zack: There is absolutely no length Kilmeade won’t go to make sure Valerie gets her title shot, is there? That’s the second time he’s changed the tide of this match!

Missy: Apart from letting her actually do the match on her own that is. Maybe he should try that once or twice?!

Pruitt found Bianca ringside, and started her ten count. Reed got back to her feet at the four count, and glanced over to see Kyle. And she immediately went after him. Kyle darted around the corner, but Bianca picked up speed and cornered him against the barricade. The crowd roared as she talked plenty of smack to him as he looked for an escape route. Meanwhile, the referee was still counting in the ring and Valerie was back to her feet.

Zack: Bianca’s wanting to take Kyle’s head off, and who can blame her?! But she’s gonna get counted out very shortly, which may be what he’s hoping!

Missy: There is a very large queue of people who would happily take Kyle’s head off… but she needs to keep her focus on the match and Valerie; as difficult as that is with that slimeball at ringside.

As the referee got to eight, Bianca bolted back towards the ring and slid in under the bottom rope. Valerie tried to catch her coming back with an elbow drop, but Reed was too fast for her and she hit the mat instead. “Killer B’ bounded to her feet as Valerie was getting up, and bounced off the far side into a Thesz press before unloading with rapid right hands to her head. Bianca rolled back to her feet, head wobbling from side to side as she she kept talking trash to Valerie the whole time.

Zack: I’ve said it before, but I think Bianca Reed wakes up every morning talking trash, and it only gets worse as the day goes by! The 1 Percenter is getting 100% of a pummeling!

Missy: At least she doesn’t let the trash talking take the place of her offense, she just incorporates it!

Reed headed for the corner, glaring over to Valerie’s manager as if to dare him to get involved again as she climbed up to the top rope. Valerie remained largely motionless on the canvas before Bianca launched herself off the top rope with a frog splash that connected on target before making the cover!

Zack: Picture perfect frog splash! No title match for you, Valerie!




As the referee’s hand came down for three, Kyle pulled Valerie’s foot across the bottom rope. He shouted to the referee to look, and Pruitt immediately called off her count. Bianca glanced up from the referee to him and then Valerie’s foot.

Missy: Oh for heaven’s sake...

It was clear that Bianca was more than a little pissed off now as she got back to her feet, heading for the corner again. She perched herself on the top rope, letting the crowd know what was coming as Valerie was starting to get up to her feet.

Zack: I think I know what she has in mind! Valerie damn sure won’t survive it if she hits it!

Bianca came off the top rope with her diving corkscrew stunner, but Valerie stepped to the side and caught her with a superkick on the way down.

Zack: Holy….

Missy: That… will take the wind out of your sails. Nobody saw that coming, least of all Bianca.

Reed collapsed like a house of cards on the mat before McKInley pulled her up, and delivered her swinging reverse STO. She immediately went for the cover, hooking both legs as the referee dropped to count.

Zack: DIVINE PROVIDENCE!! This is academic!!




Pruitt called for the bell to deafening boos from the crowd before Kyle rushed the ring to help his client to her feet. She beamed ear to ear, and hugged him before the referee raised her hand.

Zack: And Valerie just got herself a title shot!

Missy: With a lot of help from her manager!

Zack: I hope Kilmeade gets 50% of Valerie’s pay tonight, because he damn sure did half the work!

Gaby: Here’s your winner by pinfall……………….VALERIE MCKINLEY!!!

Zack: Valerie McKinley now has her goal in sight! She’s got a Future Shock title match in her crosshairs, and she’s on top of the world!

Kyle raised her hand again to more boos from the crowd before Valerie kicked figurative dust behind her onto Bianca. The redhead gave her manager another hug before he opened the ropes for her.

Missy: Bianca gave it her all, but there’s only so much you can do when you’re effectively facing two people on your own.

Zack: No one in Boston is happy...except those two! And we’re out of time! Next stop: we’re coming to Glasgow!! We’ll see you at Relentless!

Valerie glided through the ropes, and gave her manager a knowing smile as the pair headed up the ramp to the back. On that image, Future Shock faded off the air.

 on: May 22, 2018, 11:27:12 pm 
Started by Samantha Star - Last post by Samantha Star

We head back to the ring with Gaby already standing by with her microphone in hand before she begins.

Gaby: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

Zack: We got a rematch coming up here from several months ago that didn’t end the way it should have, thanks to Valentina Lozano.

Missy: Mila came so close I actually thought for a second she was going to pull off a major upset in their last meeting.

As Survivor by Destiny’s Child starts to play around the arena, Midnight walks out in her ring gear of black combat style shorts, matching black cut off tank top, black boots and a short black jacket. She stops at the top of the ramp, nodding her head a bit as the verse plays. As the chorus begins, white pyrotechnics erupt at the side of her. While the chorus plays, Midnight makes her way down the ramp, tagging the hands of the fans along the way.

I'm a survivor (what?)
I'm not gon' give up (what?)
I'm not gon' stop (what?)
I'm gon' work harder (what?)
I'm a survivor (what?)
I'm gonna make it (what?)
I will survive (what?)
Keep on survivin'(what?)

Gaby: Introducing at this time, hailing from London, England……”MIDNIGHT” MILA MARTIN!

I'm a survivor (what?)
I'm not gon' give up (what?)
I'm not gon' stop (what?)
I'm gon' work harder (what?)
I'm a survivor (what?)
I'm gonna make it (what?)
I will survive (what?)
Keep on survivin'(what?)

As the chorus ends and Midnight reaches the bottom of the ramp, she speeds up and runs the rest of the way to the ring, then jumps straight up onto the apron. Holding onto the top rope she looks out to the crowd and raises her hand fist pumping and hyping the crowd up. She climbs into the ring as the music ends and heads to her corner, taking off her jacket and getting ready for the match.

Zack: Mila struggled when she first entered Future Shock, but she has been doing extremely well of late! She made the “Lioness” tap out at Anarchy in Future Shock’s first submission rules match, but the challenges don’t get any bigger than tonight.

Missy: Mila brings a lot of determination to the ring with her, and quite a bit of strength… but I think there is little doubt that Isis will have a definite size and power advantage over her tonight.

The lights in the arena go out.

Just then as the intro to “Kong at the Gates” by The Misfits blares into the arena, generating a buzz from the crowd.

Maggie: Making her way to the ring…Hailing from the City Of Angels, Los Angeles, California…standing at an impressive 6 foot 6 and weighing two hundred and thirty pounds. She is the “Titaness of Destruction”…


As the music begins, and the spotlight is beaming on the stage, Isis Morales comes out of the curtain. Isis makes her way down the aisle in a slow, intimidating pace, the spotlight following her on their way to the ring.

Once she climbs up to the apron of the ring, Isis faces the crowd and looks menacingly at them. She easily steps over the top rope to enter the ring with ease and then walks towards the center of the ring to stand there, soaking up the reaction from the crowd. Isis then stomps her foot down on the mat with force and, instantly, the four corners of the ring shoot out smoke, with a booming sound, mimicking an explosion. She lets out a primal roar and then goes over to a corner where she climbs up and poses, yelling back at the crowd at every chance. She then goes toward the opposite turnbuckle and does the same thing after climbing up. Then, as she comes down, Isis takes off her coat and gives it to the ring attendant. Isis then runs herself across the ropes once to loosen herself up before settling in the corner of the ring.

Zack: There has never been and may never be anyone as dominant in Future Shock history as the Titaness! Isis Morales is a living, breathing juggernaut! And with or without Valentina who as you can see isn’t out here, Morales is as dangerous as she ever was.

Missy: Valentina proved to be a thorn in Mila’s side the last time they met, but I don’t think there is anybody that question Isis’ ability to do it on her own. At least nobody who has seen her or been in the ring with her!

Referee Ashley Pruitt checks both women for illegal objects, and calls for the bell after Gaby leaves. Isis leans against her corner, and heads towards the center of the ring. Mila joins her, looking way up to the redhead. The brunette takes a deep breath as she stares up at the former Future Shock Champion.

Zack: Look at the size difference! Isis is 6’6 and about 230 pounds of muscle! Mila’s a little under a foot shorter and about 100 pounds lighter, and I don’t envy her in the slightest.

Missy: I can tell you that size difference feels even bigger when you’re actually standing across from her in the ring too. Mila isn’t visibly letting it daunt her, but I’m sure she must be feeling at least a little overwhelmed inside.

The redhead piefaces her backwards with one hand, nearly sending Mila down to the canvas with the force behind it. She regains her balance as Isis catches her with a short knee to the ribs as she tries to get up. It doubles Martin over before the redhead uses a double ax handle blow to her back that drives her to her knees in one shot. Mila tries to get up again, only to be shoved back into the corner followed by a big boot to her jaw that almost sends her over the top rope. Isis pulls her back down though, and rains forearms across her head and back that drives to her knees on the mat in front of her. Once more, the former officer fights back to her feet, and gets scooped up high overhead for a gorilla press before getting thrown halfway across the ring with a slam.

Zack: This isn’t the way Mila needed to start this match. Look at Isis, just throwing Mila like she’s throwing out the garbage.

Missy: This could end up being a very short match if Mila doesn’t find some way to avoid some of these blows from Isis. The more she takes, the harder it’s going to be for her to get any offense in at all.

“Midnight” started to push up to her hands and knees until Isis punted her in the ribs, lifting her off the mat on impact before she crashed down to the canvas. And for added damage, Isis stepped over her back and caused her to grimace in pain. She pulled her back to her feet, and fired her into the nearest corner before walking in after her. Morales pushed her head back, raised her hand, and brought down a massive clap to her chest. The sound resonated through the arena before she raised her hand again, and brought down a second clap to Mila’s chest with even more force.

Zack: That’ll stop your heart right there! Morales’ hand is like a frying pan, and Mila’s chest is getting caved in with each of those massive slaps.

Missy: A vicious chop from anybody is painful enough, from Isis… it’s like getting hit with a breeze block!

The referee told Isis to let Mila out of the corner, causing the redhead to step back and use a short clothesline to send her over the top rope to the floor. The camera showed the massive red hand print on Mila’s chest as she clutched her arms to her body in pain on the floor. The Titaness stepped over the top rope to go after her as Mila began to crawl around the corner to get away from her. Morales watched her briefly till she got a few feet away. She was almost to the next corner when Isis charged after her. The redhead picked up speed as she closed in, only to get a drop toe hold from Mila that sent her head first into the steps with a smack. The crowd came to life at this point, and Mila pulled herself to her feet and rolled back into the ring Her hand was still rubbing the massive red area from Isis’ chest strikes earlier.

Zack: There you go, that’s what she needed! Martin with a drop toe hold to introduce the Titaness to the steps! But look at that handprint on her chest!

Missy: I wouldn’t be surprised if she gets an impressive bruise from that, but for now she’s managed to get herself a little respite to pull herself together.

Isis began to get her wits about her as she rolled under the bottom rope to get back into the ring. Mila took off for the far side as she was getting to all fours, and used a curb stomp to the back of her head to spike it into the mat. She quickly dove on top of her, trying to hook one of Isis’ massive legs for the cover.

Missy: The good thing about a curb stomp is one size fits all! I think Mila might be a little optimistic to think she can keep Isis down just yet, but you can’t blame her for trying.



Zack: She just shoved her right off! Mila has to stay on top of her, and not let her get back to her feet if she can help it.

As the two hit the mat, Isis shoved her off the cover with both hands. Mila’s eyes widened for a moment as she got back to her feet. When the redhead sat up, Mila hit the ropes again with a running punt to her back that froze her in place for a second. As soon as she did that, another run this time to the far side of the ropes caught Isis with a knee trembler to the side of her head that laid her out on the mat again. She lunged on top of her to make the cover once more as Pruitt dropped to count.



Again, Isis shoved her off the cover. Mila got back to her feet, rubbing her chest once more before she headed for the corner. She perched herself in a crouch on the top rope, waiting for Morales to get up.

Zack: I don’t think I’ve ever seen Mila go up top, and I’m not sure what she has in mind here! Isis is starting to move again!

As soon as the redhead was vertical and turned around, Mila dove from the corner with a flying clothesline to try to take her down. But Isis caught her in midair, shaking her head before hoisting her over her shoulders. It looked like she was going for her finisher, but Mila fired elbows as fast and hard as she could into her head. It caused her to lose her grip, and Mila landed on her feet behind her. She took off towards the ropes as Isis turned around, and walked right into a hand around her throat before she was hoisted over the Titaness’ head into a chokeslam! She dropped to both knees on Mila’s chest to make a cover before the referee got into position.

Zack: A chokeslam from damn near seven feet high! I don’t think Mila’s got anything left, if she’s even conscious!




Martin’s shoulder popped off the mat in time before the three. The referee showed it to the redhead as she got to her feet. Morales pulled her up, and put her head into position for a powerbomb.

Missy: I can’t tell if her shoulder popping was through pure instinct or design, but either way Isis isn’t finished with her yet.

She hoisted Mila onto her shoulders quickly, but the brunette started throwing right hands into her face one after another. It finally wobbled the redhead before she executed a tornado DDT that spiked Isis head first into the mat. The live crowd erupted as Mila crawled on her knees towards her to make the cover. Pruitt dropped to count!

Missy: Whoa! Where did that come from?! Come on, Mila you’re almost home!




Isis kicked out as the three was coming down, causing Mila to roll off the cover and sit up on her knees to collect herself.

Zack: Mila’s got to be thinking “What do I have to do to keep Isis down?!” I don’t think her facebuster finisher is gonna work on someone this big!

The former military officer got back to her feet finally as Isis began to sit up. “Midnight” circled around behind her, and swooped in to apply her sleeper. She immediately leaned into Isis, trying to increase the pressure in the process. The referee moved into position as Isis flailed her arms and started to rise back to her feet. Mila jumped on her back, trying to tighten the hold as Isis tried to grab her head. But her movements were slower, and Martin was able to avoid them and keep the hold applied.

Zack: This is how she almost put Isis out in their first match, if it weren’t for water being thrown in the Titaness’ face! And I think it’s working again!

Missy: There’s nobody waiting at ringside to revive Isis this time. This will be massive for Mila if she can keep the pressure on.

The crowd was solidly behind Mila as Isis threw some swipes before dropping back down to her knee. Mila landed back on her feet, still pouring on the pressure. Her hands were white, showing how tight of a grip she had. Isis dropped down to both knees now, with Mila hanging on for all she had!

Missy: If it was anybody else, they’d already be unconscious by now with how tight Mila has that sleeper locked in. Isis is a law unto herself!

Zack: There’s no one like Isis Morales in the history of Future Shock, and Mila’s been reminded of that since the bell rang.

Isis started to rise again, lumbering to her feet before she ran backwards to crunch Mila against the turnbuckles. She reached behind her, pulling Mila onto her shoulders before walking out and driving her to the mat with her F5 into a DDT! She slumped across her as Pruitt dropped to make the count.





Morales rolled off the cover, coming to lean back as she sat against the middle rope. Pruitt raised her hand, as it was clear that the redhead was still groggy.

Missy: Mila put on a good showing, but Isis’ strength and those blows of hers just took their toll.

Gaby: Here’s your winner by pinfall………………….ISIS MORALES!!!

Zack: Isis proves once again why she’s one of the elite in the history of Future Shock, but you can tell she’s not totally cognizant right now!

She finally got to her feet, shaking her head and trying to revive herself better. She looked down to Mila, who had began to move. She moved towards her before Isis took her hand, and pulled her to her feet. Morales offered her a handshake, and Mila looked skeptical for a moment before she took it.

Zack: Well now….that’s a huge sign of respect right there if I ever saw one! And a little unexpected too.

Missy: I was not expecting to see that, but I think Mila earned it.

Isis left the ring, and headed up the ramp towards the back. Future Shock then headed elsewhere in the arena.

Bon Appetit, Part 3

We return once again to catering to check on Celeste’s progress as she’s finishing off an orange. The fruit basket is about a ⅓ empty at this point as Christian gives her a little applause.

Christian: I have to admit, I thought you would have tapped out by now. But you’re doing a decent job. We only got about twenty minutes left though, so you better kick it into second gear if you want to win this bet.

Celeste: Hey, I’ve already eaten this much. I’ll just have to power the rest down.

Christian then pulled a banana from the fruit basket, and placed it in front of her. He smiled as he shook his head.

Christian: Do you realize how many people are going to DVR this part in slow motion? There’s a lot of lonely lonely guys out there that would love to watch you eat a banana.

Celeste: Oh, is that so? Well I hope they enjoy it then.

Missy: He has a point, a girl eating a banana is like adult entertainment for some guys out there… it’s fruit people, get a grip!

Zack: The keyword for that is definitely lonely. Very lonely. But if we can have bikini shoots on the show, I guess eating a banana isn’t unheard of.

He couldn’t keep a straight face as he said it, chuckling to himself as Celeste peeled the skin back and took a big chomp out of instead. It made him cringe (and likely many fans as well).

Missy: Ha! Good girl, Celeste. I’ll bet they’ll be a few crossed legs from our male viewers right now!

From there, we head elsewhere.

This Week In…..Champions!

The Boston crowd of Future Shock’s home arena get excited as they hear that faithful boombox resounding of Gillie Barnes, telling them that “Old School” is on her way to come front and center to them...

“Let's take you back to the concrete streets!
Original beats with real live mc's!
Playground tact--”


The crowd is left a little confused by that record scratch until new music comes back on, the same music group of Jurassic 5, but a much more fitting song. One might say this little song choice is similar in style to Jo McFarlane going by “Titanium” once she had become No Surrender champion. “What’s Golden” by Jurassic 5 plays with the familiar...


Check it out now... I work the pen to make the ink transform
On any particular surface the pen lands on!
Zaakir is hands on, what's the beef?
The Cooley High cold chief high post techniques,
I drape off poetic landscapes and shapes.
Illustrate the paper space off the pens that paint,
Then design what have a National Geographic a magic,
With Taylor made status and plus flavor that's automatic...”

As “What’s Golden” plays, the Future Shock champion walks down the ramp with a grin on her face. Although the music is now playing through the sound system, she stills goes through the familiar motions of coming to the ring with a boombox i.e. ghetto blaster on one shoulder and the Future Shock championship on the other. She nods to the music and high-fives a few fans with a smile before putting down the boombox.


Then stopping and lifting the Future Shock championship once she stands on the apron, letting a boatload of flash photography go off around her with a grin as Gaby announces her arrival.

“We're not balling, or shot calling,
We take it back to the days of yes y'all-in'@
We holding onto what's golden...
On the stage I rage and I’m rollin’!”

Gaby: Ladies and gentlemen put your hands together for the Femme Fatale Wrestling Future Shock champion... “OLD SCHOOL” GILLIE BARNES!

“We're not balling, or shot calling,
We take it back to the days of yes y'all-in',
We holding onto what's golden...
On the stage I rage and I’m rollin’!”

Gillie leans up against the ropes and “Old School” flips herself backwards inside of the ring before hugging the championship to her frame, not at all wanting to drop it for a second. She looks out to the crowd as “What’s Golden” finishes playing, “Old School” looks out to the Boston crowd welcoming her to a homecoming before she looks down at the title with her name plate on it. She grins a little and gives it a little elbow grease with her forearm, as though wiping off a smudge. She continues watching out to the crowd before turning to Gaby and asking her for the microphone. There’s the beginnings of rumblings, chants of “You deserve it” and so on but like a pro Gillie pushes right through to address things.

Gillie: First of course... I’d like to thank Adam Grant for not only of which this current format of Future Shock would be outright impossible otherwise, but for giving me and the other lot of us a platform to perform for you guys, putting on a spectacle and preparing for the long road ahead to get here...

She lifts up the Future Shock title.

Gillie: And beyond on the main roster. Second off? I have to thank Harley Shannon for one of the most banger matches I think will ever be on my catalogue. Of course there is a third match to come I suspect but it’ll be a while yet before we see that one. Not that I’m not adverse to the idea but I have a princess of the cosmos to focus on and more on that in a second. Let’s see... Of course a big thank you to Tommy McFarlane keeping my nose to ground at the Center, and... Valerie Lamb for letting my nose UP on the occasions.

Gillie winces slightly at the crowd booing her kind words about Valerie but she continues on.

Gillie: Thank you to Jake and Mal for being my support system and thank you most of all... To all of you. All of you for following This Week In Wrestling, for getting behind me and for thinking “Old School Is Cool”! Without your support this couldn’t have ever happened in a million years and I am... I am so proud to be not just your Future Shock champion but your FIGHTING Future Shock champion. Of course what a fight I’m in for. Last time Future Shock had an Invasion show I clashed with Missy in an explosive tit-for-tat. This time around, I’m not sure how much of a home reception I’ll be getting, maybe a cheering section or so but... Andi Takata for my first defense...? Someone pinch me.

A few guys in the crowd wolf whistle and the Future Shock champion wags a finger and mouths ‘don’t get carried away, lads’ though there’s a small side grin on the side of the champ’s lips. She paces about.

Gillie: Andi I know you want to put your hands about this belt one more time and there’s no one who thinks... Even know how much you’ll be fighting to get it back. Seems like a fated thing, first you tag team with someone, and then you face them in a match for the Future Shock championship. Well... Here I am and here it is. You won’t have to worry about any managers getting in the way, anyone trying to knock you about the head or keep their hands where you can’t see ‘em. You’ve my solemn vow that as far as you and I will be concerned, the only people who will need to keep an eye on anything will be every single roaring fan in the Hydro as we tear the thing down! ANDI TAKATA I’VE ONLY ONE QUESTION FOR YOU! GLASGOW! BOSTON! FUTURE SHOCK...! I HAVE ONLY ONE QUESTION FOR YOU!

Pause. The Future Shock champion looks out to them and holds the belt up high as she can, even running up the nearest turnbuckle to stand a foot on the third turnbuckle.


Crowd: YES WE CAN!


Crowd: YES WE CAN!



The Future Shock champion lets the crowd cheer, soaking in the admiration and respect of the many fans as she lets the microphone drop, a serene smile on her face, in the center of so much positivity, basking in the glow of being on the top of the food chain in Future Shock as “What’s Golden” by Jurassic 5 plays again. Gillie grabs the microphone and hands it gently to Gaby before she leaves the ring, high-fiving the fans up and raising her title once more to an encore of rabid cheers.

Bon Appetit, Part 4

For the last time, we head to the back and find no one in catering. A little under half the fruit basket is there though as the camera whirls around to see Christian standing outside the entrance to catering.

Christian: Well folks, Celeste couldn’t get the job done after all. I’ll give her credit. She finished off more of that basket than I thought she could, but...she just couldn’t finish the job.

The camera turns to see Celeste coming out of the door leading to the ladies’ restroom. She rejoins Christian, who puts an arm around her shoulder as she holds her stomach.

Christian: For what it’s worth, I’m proud of you. And just to show you how much, I’m going to give you my cut from the betting pool. How’s that?

Celeste: I appreciate it.

Christian: I’ll just have to take my manager’s cut out.

She gave him a look as she had one hand on her stomach.

Christian: Kidding, kidding! What say we go find you a bottle or three of Pepto-Bismol?

Celeste: Best idea I’ve heard all day.

She holds up a finger, and starts to head back towards the restroom again. Lacey also appears, heading towards the door herself before she opens it and shoves it into Celeste before the brunette coughs up a few fruit remnants onto Lacey’s chest, causing the redhead to look horrified as Celeste heads back into the restroom. The redhead looks frozen as she sees the bits of fruit all over her, fuming before she heads off in the other direction to clean up. Christian tries to hide his amusement.

Missy: Oh that is priceless! Of all the people here tonight that was perfect timing for Lacey to be on the receiving end… and it serves her right for hitting the door into Celeste in the first place!

Zack: As full as Celeste must be, I wouldn’t even poke her with my finger on a dare right now. I guess Lacey isn’t a fruit lover.

And on that image, we head back to ringside.

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Live from the Future Shock Arena in Boston, Massachusetts
May 22, 2018

A stick of dynamite is plunged into a stone wall with a fissure. The fuse burns down to the end before the wall blows apart. Covering her face from the blast is Mara Werth dressed in what looks like a tomb raider outfit. “Bringing Down the Giant” by Saving Abel begins to play. She heads inside the opening in the wall, shining a flashlight on one wall showing the FFW logo and then the Future Shock logo. As she moves ahead, she comes across a platform overlooking a pit. Upon looking inside, she sees Lacey surrounded by dead flowers blowing red mist towards her.

Oh. I hit the wall I got back up and dusted off.
I’m past the pain and I’m taking back all that I lost,
I’m going to kick you off the throne hang your crown up on the wall

We then cut to quick takes showing Lydia Charisma delivering her Ocean’s Eleven finisher. Celeste is then shown hitting her Heaven’s Cloud ace crusher to a pop from the crowd. Then we see a large bubble being blown before it pops to reveal the smiling face of Nora Harris. Bianca Reed takes off her sunglasses, and throws them into the crowd. Mila is shown with her surfboard dragon sleeper locked in before we cut back to the tomb.

Yeah your glory days are gone gone gone.
Yeah I’m bringing down the giant
I won’t sit here undecided.

Mara extends her arms to both sides, and walks carefully across the platform before she makes it to the other side. She reaches the other side, finding a hall of mirrors as she steps into another entrance. She glances at the various mirrors around her as she walks past them, while Tara Cortez passes her twice in one mirror after Mara moves away. She comes upon two stone statues that look like guardians to a door. She retrieves two gems from her pocket, placing them in the stone hands of the statues before the door starts to move.

When your world comes crashing down I’ll remind you
I’m the one who’s laughing loud in your face
Yeah yeah your karma’s coming back here to find you this is going to get a little violent
Yeah I’m bringing down bringing down the giant.

We cut away from there to see Gemma Pierce and Kaya Crimson staring across at one another. Gillie Barnes thrusts the Future Shock Championship over her head with a smile, and Harley Shannon has the Harley Headlock locked in next. Cassandra Steen is shown counting her money as Kyle stands over her shoulder. “Poison” is shown next as Rose is dressed like Harley Quinn, and slams a giant mallet onto the camera before it cuts back to the tomb.

When your world comes crashing down I’ll remind you
I’m the one who’s laughing loud in your face
Yeah yeah your karma’s coming back here to find you this is going to get a little violent
Yeah I’m bringing down bringing down the giant.

The doors finally open as Mara carefully steps forward, looking around as a row of lights come up all the way to a throne. And there sat on the throne with two lions sat in front of her is Elizabeth Lannister. She points towards Mara as the two lions roar and launch towards the camera before we cut to the live broadcast to see a roaring crowd full of Future Shock fans.

Zack: We are just 2 weeks away from the second UK Invasion when Future Shock emanates from Glasgow, Scotland! It’s a Pay Per View quality card, and it’ll be right here 2 weeks in a 2 hour special event. Thank you for joining us here at the Future Shock Arena in Boston, and this week, I’m joined by the boss’ girlfriend, Missy. Glad to have you in the booth tonight.

Missy: I’m glad to be here, Zack. The first UK Invasion was a massive success and the card was jam packed from start to finish, and this second one is shaping up to be just as much of a hit as the first. I know that I am looking forward to it after all the work Adam has put into pulling it together.

Zack: Tonight, we have a helluva card lined up. The main event is proof of that as Valerie McKinley goes one on one with the #1 contender to the Future Shock Champion, “Killer B” Bianca Reed! And I know you have some history with her, Missy.

Missy: I don’t think my history with Bianca Reed is any secret, but while I don’t think we’ll ever be bosom buddies I have gained a measure of respect for her after watching the way she has been steamrolling through the competition recently.

Zack: We’re gonna see Isis Morales, the most dominant Future Shock Champion ever, in a rematch with “Midnight” Mila Martin. And this time, Valentina will be barred from ringside after what happened the first time those two met here.

Missy: Not having Valentina at ringside will be one less thing to worry about for Mila, which considering the mountain in front of her with Isis alone, is only some small measure of relief for her, I’m sure.

Zack: We also will see Lacey facing Kaya Crimson tonight. The Aspire Ring isn’t on the line, but if she wins, I can’t see a reason why Adam wouldn’t Kaya a shot at it if she does win.

Missy: Beating the current Aspire Ring holder would be a great and extremely valid case to get Kaya a shot, so I’m sure that will probably be in Adam’s mind somewhere.

Zack: We’ve also got an interesting challenge going on backstage tonight. Celeste and her manager, Christian Kincaid, have a wager that she can eat a whole fruit basket before the show is over tonight. We’ll be checking in throughout the show to see how she’s doing, but what say you, Missy? Can Celeste consume a fruit basket on her own before the hour is over tonight?

Missy: If it was anybody else I’d probably say it’s not possible, but having seen and heard about how much Celeste can cram in…. I think that she just might pull it off, you know.

Zack: Let’s head to the back as I understand this challenge is about to start.

Bon Appetit, Celeste

We head to the back, and see Celeste sitting in the catering area at a table by herself. There’s a few bottled waters on the table that we can see before her manager walks into the shot. In both of his hands he’s carrying a rather large fruit basket. It makes a thud when it finally lands on the table. Christian sits beside his client with a smile, and pats her on the shoulder as he looks to the camera.

Christian: For those who didn’t hear, this girl right here made the bold claim she could finish an entire fruit basket by herself in a hour, which just happens to be how long this show is. So I took her up on that challenge, and I even made a betting pool with over three grand on the line now.

He looked back to Celeste with a smile.

Christian: I hope you’re hungry. I even got you some water to help wash all this fruit down, if you need it. Now the rules you are have to finish all the fruit raw, no blending or anything like that before the show is over. There’s still time to back out though.

Celeste: I’m not backing out of anything, mister. I said I could do it, and I will.

Christian: Alright then.

He rips the plastic off the basket as a few pieces of fruit fall onto the table. Christian scoops up an apple, and sits it down in front of her.

Christian: Bon appetit, Celeste.

Zack: This is the first time there’s ever been an eating challenge in Future Shock. I hope Celeste skipped breakfast and lunch...and maybe a meal last night too.

Missy: I can’t think of anybody else in Future Shock more suited to an eating challenge than Celeste. I’ve seen that girl go and I honestly wonder where she puts it all!

As the brunette takes a large bit out of the apple, we head back to the ring.

The bell sounds as we head up to the ring as the “Wildcat” steps through the ropes with her microphone in hand.

Gaby: The opening contest of Future Shock is scheduled for one fall!

Zack: Both the women we are about to see have a date in Glasgow, Lacey to defend the Aspire ring against a...hungry Celeste. And Kaya has some unfinished business with Gemma Pierce!

Missy: I think both of those matches in Glasgow are going to be extremely heated to say the least. There’s no love lost between either of those pairings.

The lights dim as the opening bars of “Turn You On” by Stitched Up Heart hit the speakers around the arena.

Are you awake, You're gonna have to hear the words I say
Don't you try turn away, I'm everything you ever dreamed I'd be
I'll make you wish that you never talked, Back to me
I can't wait to watch your ego bleed
Your pain will set me free

A red spotlight hits the curtain and Kyle Kilmeade walks out and proceeds to hold it open for Lacey to walk through. Stepping onto the stage in front of Kyle, Lacey wears a green and black one piece, which has a deep vee cut all the way to her navel, black fishnet tights and matching green and black boots. She runs her hands down her curves, while giving a little sway of her hips and then stands with her arms folded across her chest and her head lowers.  

I'd bite I'd scratch I'd hold you down, Just to turn you on
I'd leave you waiting tied and bound, Just to turn you on
Close your eyes, And come with me tonight
I'd burn this whole room to the ground, Just to turn, just to turn you on

She snaps her head up and flings her arms out at the sides of her in one fluid motion, almost as if someone has just pulled the strings on a puppet. Keeping her gaze straight ahead she slowly smirks before lowering her arms to her sides and making her way down the ramp with Kyle walking beside her.

I'll make you beg, I'm gonna teach you things you won't forget
Don't you try turn away, I'm everything you ever dreamed I'd be
I'll make you wish that you never talked, Back to me
I can't wait to watch your ego bleed
Your pain will set me free

Gaby: Making her way to the ring at this time….from parts unknown…..LAAAAACEEEEEY!!!

I'd bite I'd scratch I'd hold you down, Just to turn you on
I'd leave you waiting tied and bound, Just to turn you on
Close your eyes, And come with me tonight
I'd burn this whole room to the ground, Just to turn, just to turn you on

Completely ignoring the crowd at either side of the ramp, Lacey speeds up as she reaches the ring and jumps up onto the apron. Taking hold of the top rope with both hands, she slowly and seductively sways her hips and wiggles her way down and back up, almost like a serpent, before springboarding over the top rope. When she lands in the ring she immediately drops down into the splits and stays there for a moment with her arms outstretched. After getting back to her feet, she climbs up onto the top turnbuckle facing the outside. Pulling something from her top she opens her palm and blows the contents into the crowd.

I can't wait to watch your ego bleed
And all the pain you feel will set you free
If you behave this night will never end
Turn off the lights and start again

The lights shut off completely for a second at the end of the theme, when they come back on, Lacey is standing in her corner sharing some last minute words with Kyle.

Zack: If you were to ask her, Lacey would tell you of how she’s overcome massive obstacles put in front of her by your boyfriend. And that she’s holding the Aspire Ring despite all the deck stacking against her.

Missy: If you were to ask her she’d probably tell you that the sky is pink too… and it would be about as true as the drivel she spouts about Adam.

The opening to “Our Truth” by Lacuna Coil kickstarts, feeling the arena with Cristina Scabbia’s symphonic wail. Its unique beat results in Kaya Crimson making a steady walk from behind the curtain. Chewing on a piece of bubblegum, she scans the crowd methodically. After her initial scan, she blows a bubble before heading down the ramp. A black hood shrouds all but her excited smile. Her walk down the ramp itself represents that as she throws her hands out to the crowd, smacking the hands of outstretched fans. She stops and points outward to Gabrielle Crimson, beckoning her to start her call.

Gaby: Making her way down to the ring...weighing at a 143 pounds...she is the Rockstar Revolution...KAYAAAAAAAAAAA CRIMSOOOOOOOOOON!

Only taking a few more steps down the ramp, she stops on the end of the it. From there, she takes a “break” on the barricade, allowing some lucky fans to get some up close and personal selfies and interactions with the Rockstar Revolution. She leaves them with a playful air, putting up the devil horns with her fingers while she saunters towards the ring.

When she ascends the ring apron, she shows a small usage of her athleticism, front-flipping over the top rope. With a roll to recover, she stays on one knee. The hood naturally falls off, revealing the full features of herself. The bright eyes of Kaya Lovelace displays her competitive glee as she points out to Gabrielle Crimson. She blows her a kiss and mouths “thank you” to her fellow Crimson. She heads to her designated corner, keeping her back turned to whatever. Lowering her head to the top turnbuckle, she begins her mental preparations. Most of which involves her rolling her wrists around in, garnering focus in the action.

Zack: Boy, there’s some history here! Kaya’s been eyeballing that Ring for some time, and she also doesn’t care much for Lacey or her manager. That’s something I’m sure you share with her.

Missy: I think you’d be hard pushed to find anybody that likes Kyle, that isn’t one of his clients. Kaya has made her dislike of Lacey known in the past and you can’t really blame her. Lacey doesn’t do much to endear herself to anybody outside of Kyle’s little harem.

Referee Ashley Pruitt checks both women for illegal objects, and then calls for the bell as Gaby leaves the ring. The crowd immediately gets behind Kaya as she pumps her fist to get them to go louder. In the other corner, Lacey looks supremely disinterested in all of it. When the two meet in the center, Lacey tries to catch her with a cheap shot but it gets blocked before Crimson opens up with right hands in bunches. She fires a series of them aimed at the redhead’s head before a back elbow to the jaw sends her reeling. Lacey stumbles backwards before Kaya scoops her up for an inverted atomic drop, causing the redhead’s knees to knock together when she lands. And before Lacey can recover, Kaya bounces off the near side with a big boot across the jaw that sends her down to the mat. A standing fist drop follows that when Lacey tries to get up, causing the Aspire Ring bearer to roll into the ropes for protection.

Zack: You can tell Kaya is fired up! She realizes what an opportunity this is for her, and how close an Aspire Ring shot is if she wins. She hasn’t challenged for it since Global Wars last year against Bianca Reed, where she came up short.

Missy: Kaya almost sent Lacey’s jaw through the back of her head with that boot! I have a feeling this could be a very painful encounter for Lacey, and it couldn’t happen to a nicer person!

Lacey told the referee to get Kaya away from her before she slowly got back to her feet, still sticking close to the ropes. The pair met in the center again, this time locking up with one another. Kaya began pushing her backwards until Lacey surprised her with a drop toe hold to the mat. She quickly mounted her back, slapping her head with both hands. She popped back to her feet with an amused expression before she looked over to Kyle. The problem was it fired Kaya up even more. And when Lacey looked back towards her, Kaya lowered her shoulder and drove Lacey back into the corner. Several shoulder thrusts to the body followed before a snapmare took her back to the mat. And as she was trying to get up, Kaya stepped over her and slapped the back of her head a few times, irritating Lacey immensely.

Missy: I have never seen displays like that end well for the person doing it. Lacey got cocky and it backfired spectacularly on her, she would have been better served in actually trying to get some offense in, rather than smiling at her manager like an imbecile.

Zack: I think Lacey thrives on adulation. And if this crowd in Boston won’t give it to her, her manager certainly will.

The Aspire Ring holder got to her feet, complaining to the referee about Kaya’s actions until she got caught in a rear waistlock and snapped over to the mat with a suplex. Crimson immediately got back to her feet, and took off for the ropes. Lacey started to rise as Kaya rebounded towards her with a hesitation dropkick...but Lacey sidestepped her and caused her to crash on the mat instead. Future Shock’s Poison Ivy immediately began stomping Kaya’s head and body with angry look on her face. Crimson managed to get away from her, only for Lacey to catch her with a forearm to the back of her head. Kaya stumbled forward before Lacey grabbed her legs out from under her for a wheelbarrow facebuster. The anger turned to a grin as she looked over to her manager for approval, and getting it.

Zack: Lacey is actually a pretty sound technician in the ring, but the constant seeking of approval from Kyle is going to cost her. She’s got Kaya down, she doesn’t need Kilmeade to pat her head.

Missy: I’ve noticed that with a couple of his clients, they spend have the time looking to him for praise. Probably because they’re definitely not getting any from the fans. He may as well just bring lollipops and gold stars out with him to hand out everytime they manage to hit a move.

Lacey got back to her feet, once more stomping away at Kaya’s back and head before grabbing her arms. She pulled them behind her with a foot planted in Kaya’s back for a standing surfboard. The referee slid down into position in front of Kaya to look for the submission, but the brunette had no intention of that. Lacey pulled her arms back further, still digging her foot into Kaya’s back in the process and telling her to quit. Once more, Crimson made it clear she wasn’t planning to do that.

Zack: I admire Kaya’s determination here, but she’s stuck in this hold. There’s not a whole lot of offense she’s going to muster face down on the mat with her arms being pulled behind her.

Missy: Determination will only get you so far before your body can’t take any more. Kaya needs to find a way out of this hold or she could end up with no other option but to tap.

Lacey brought her foot up for a split second to drive it back into Kaya’s spine, and then crossed her arms behind her in a X shape before pulling on them again. Crimson’s face showed nothing but pain as the hold persisted, prompting the referee to check again and get the same answer. It was clear though that Lacey was getting impatient, and let her arms go to deliver a big stomp to the back of Kaya’s head. The brunette rolled onto her back as Lacey bent down to grab her, only to be surprised with a small package! The crowd came to its feet as the referee dropped to make the count.

Zack: That’s how she beat Gemma!! Crimson has Lacey rolled up!




Lacey managed to break free, sitting up with a somewhat stunned expression. Kaya rolled away from her, and got back to her feet. When Lacey did the same, Crimson caught her with a running clothesline that sent her backwards into the ropes. She whipped her across to the far side, and caught her on the rebound with leaping forearm to Lacey’s head that dropped her.

Missy: Lacey’s impatience is a major downfall for her and it gave Kaya the opening to go for the cover. Kaya is staying on top of Lacey just as she should do, if she can keep this intensity up Lacey is going to be looking at a new challenger for her ring I think.

She made it back to her feet, rubbing her back for a moment as the crowd was very loud in support of her now. Lacey started back to her feet as Kaya closed in behind her, locking in a half nelson before driving her back to the mat with a suplex. She popped back up to her feet again, pulling Lacey up with her in a scoop transitioned into a belly to back piledriver! Crimson immediately made the cover with a hook of her leg before the referee dropped to make the count.

Zack: ROCKSTAR DRIVER!! Lacey is in big trouble!




Lacey’s shoulder came up in time before Kaya made it back to her feet. The crowd chanted her name loudly, bringing a nod from her as she pulled Lacey up with her. She plunged her head between her legs, and looked to be going for a powerbomb. But Lacey stood up in the position, and countered out with an Alabama slam that bounced Kaya’s body off the mat instead. She fell backwards to a seat on the mat, trying to pull herself together with her mouth agape.

Missy: It looks like that counter from Lacey might have shocked her as much as it did the rest of us there.

She finally made it back to her feet with a look over to her manager. The redhead’s face screwed up into an angry expression again as Kaya was starting to get back to her feet. Lacey bounced off the near side ropes with a big boot of her own to the side of Kaya’s face that dropped her back to the mat. Crimson was slow to rise, and got pulled into a single knee facebreaker before Lacey floated over her for the cover, snapping at the referee to count.

Zack: Lacey’s had about all she wants of Kaya, and is more than ready to call it a night right here!




Crimson kicked out in time, and Lacey got back to her feet. She pulled Crimson up with her, and over one shoulder before taking off for the corner with a snake eyes. After Kaya’s head bounced off the top turnbuckle, Lacey caught her with a roundhouse kick to the head that dropped her like a rock. She stacked Kaya’s legs on top of her for a cover as Pruitt dropped to count. Meanwhile, the redhead kicked both her feet up onto the middle rope.

Missy: Oh come on! It can’t end like this, not after everything Kaya has put into this match.




The official saw it though in time, and kicked her feet off the ropes. Lacey jumped to her feet, and shoved the referee backwards. And the official returned the favor. Meanwhile, Kaya was getting up slowly behind the redhead.

Missy: Thankfully the referee saw what Lacey was up to, and it’s nice to see a referee stand her ground. Lacey was out of line shoving her and after getting it back, maybe she’ll think twice next time.

Crimson clobbered her with a forearm to the back of her head before she pulled her head between her legs. And before Lacey could react, she got driven into the mat with a Gotch piledriver! The crowd came to its feet as she went for the cover!

Zack: There’s her move! One emphatic KAYA DRIVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!




The crowd erupted as Crimson rolled off the cover, a smile forming wide on her face as she got back to her feet. The referee raised her hand in victory.

Gaby: Here’s your winner by pinfall……………’THE ROCKSTAR REVOLUTION’ KAYA CRIMSON!!!

Missy: Kaya did everything she needed to and more. She has more than earned this win, and this crowd are ecstatic for her.

Zack: Kaya Crimson has put herself into Aspire Ring contention with a very impressive victory! And congratulations to the “Rockstar Revolution” on making it happen!

Kaya immediately rolled out to the floor, pounding her fists into the barricade with a grin as her music started playing. Kyle slid into the ring to help Lacey, who sat up and gave her the coldest stare possible.

Zack: She may not like it, but Lacey’s just paved the road for Kaya to get a shot at that Aspire Ring! And Kaya’s elated about it!

Missy: Just as she should be. Whoever holds it when she does get a shot, should be very worried I think.

Crimson headed up the ramp, listening to the crowd chanting her name before she looked back to the ring and flipped Lacey…..her ring finger with a smile. We head elsewhere from there!

Bon Appetit, Part 2

The show heads back to catering after the first match to see Celeste has already eaten three pieces of fruit when Christian hands her a lemon with a grin on his face.

Celeste: A lemon, really?!

Christian: Hey, a lemon is a fruit. Dig in!

She looks at it with a long sigh, peels the skin and bites into it. Her face looks like it’s about to turn inside out as Christian can’t help but laugh.

Christian: Better eat faster, you got over a half hour to go and we haven’t even finished half this fruit basket.

Zack: I can’t imagine having to eat a whole lemon raw like that. Celeste’s face may be inside out before she even gets to the next fruit there.

Missy: That is cruel of Christian, but there was no specifications on what the fruit was going to be. If I was Celeste I might have put a couple of conditions in there to prevent having to chow down on a lemon.

She gave him a look on the “we” part of that statement, biting into the lemon again as we head elsewhere.

Tag Team of the Year

A quick clip from Anarchy shows the Future Shock Tag Title match between Next Generation and NHB, where the champions retained. We then head to the back, and find the reigning tag champions with their agent. Both Angela and Jem are holding plaques with their names on it.

Carson: It is my great honor to represent these two women, your Future Shock Tag Team Champions. But recently, another great achievement was bestowed upon them when the Future Shock fans voted Angela and Jem as the Tag Team of the Year. Congratulations, ladies.

Jem: Thank you Carson. And thank you to everyone out there who has voted for us and supported us. The truth is that we were - we are fans just like all of you. We grew up dreaming and wanting to be wrestlers and here we are, living that dream holding our absolute, first ever Tag Team Championships. It’s been one Hell of a year and this, getting presented these plaques and given this honour just caps it all off beautiful. They like us Ange, they really like us.

Her partner couldn’t help but grin.

Angela: It’s taken a long time and a lot of hard work but I wouldn’t have traded a single minute of the journey for anything. And we’ll keep on doing what we do, keep on earning your respect, giving it our everything, putting on amazing matches and hopefully, next year, we’ll be stood here again and Carson will handing us another pair of awards just like these.

Carson: There were some outstanding teams nominated for this award, and then there was...the Max Sato Experience. But in my opinion, the most fitting team was given this honor. Unlike a title, these awards are not something that can ever be lost. They aren’t something that can go away at some point. To recognize these two women as not only the Future Shock Tag Team of the Year...but also the first time this award has been given as well…..you two ladies are trailblazers for all tag teams to come.

Angela: Well… we never set out to be trailblazers, just do the best that we can every single night. Be the best professionals that we can be and maybe try to be role models that people can look too. And as our careers have gone on, maybe try to set an example to younger teams looking to break through.

Jem: But someone had to pave this path first, and as arrogant as this might sound it may as well be us, given our experiences in this industry. Like Carson said, there were outstanding teams nominated for this award and there are a lot of outstanding teams in the Future Shock ranks. We’re looking forward to facing a lot more of them and hopefully racking up more successful title defences in the future.

Carson: I think we should also mention the very talented duo you faced at Anarchy. Caitlyn and Mandy were, I feel at least, the toughest test to date for these tag team titles. I thought they brought an excellent gameplan, and executed it very well. And I have zero doubt that it won’t be much longer before they are knocking on the door once more to challenge for these titles.

Jem: You’re right, Next Generation were extremely tough competitors and put up a huge challenge when we faced them at Anarchy. As they’ve shown multiple times over - in both tag team matches and in their single matches - they are two very talented wrestler with all the potential in the world. They’re going to have a very bright career.

Angela: Again, Carson, we agree. They’re most definitely going to be knocking on the door and challenging for titles, both individually and together, because they are only getting better and better with every passing match, as they get more and more experienced. No-one in Future Shock or on the main roster should take either Mandy or Caitlyn for granted.

As they were about to cut elsewhere, Kyle Kilmeade walked into the shot with his hands in his pocket before he gave them a little light applause.

Kyle: Congratulations on the award, ladies. Same goes for the retention at Anarchy.

Carson: Unexpected, but thank you. To what do we owe this unrequested visit?

Kyle: Just what I said. Well that...and I know a couple girls who are very interested in those tag titles you two happen to be holding.

Carson: Color us all curious. I never took any of your clientele in Future Shock to be team players, much less enough to be interested in the tag titles.

Angela: Yeah, from what we’ve seen, the women you prefer to manage don’t seem to be all that friendly or play all that well with others. I’m not sure  that even you are persuasive or manipulative enough to change that - even with the lure or potentially getting them tag team titles.

Jem: Well… there is the Storm...and the Show… maybe they wanna try and make some history…

There was a shrug of the red haired woman’s shoulders

Angela: Or he’s found two new arrivals and is attempting to get them right to the head of the line.

Carson: So do tell, Mr. Kilmeade. What team do you think needs to be challenging for the Future Shock tag titles? We are all ears.

Kyle looked at the titles for a moment, tapping Jem’s with a finger before he spoke again.

Kyle: Why spoil the surprise? You’ll find out soon enough. Congratulations again.

The manager keeps walking, causing all three to look at one another with curiosity before we head to commercial.

Twice As Good

The next image we see is a close up of a star shaped ring on someone’s finger before the camera pulls back to show it’s the one belonging to Tara Cortez. Standing next to her is her manager, Christian Kincaid, with Sara Wilkins also there. The reporter gives CK a curious look.

Sara: Shouldn’t you be with Celeste during her fruit bowl challenge?

Christian: I trust her, besides there’s a camera guy there watching. She’ll be fine. Besides you think I’d let my one and only “10 Star” Prospect appear without me, especially given some of the underhanded verbal grenades that have been thrown her way? Please.

Tara seems to be legitimately annoyed as she “caresses” the ring worn on her index finger.

Tara: Imagine that. People want me to put something that’s part of me on the line, this ring. This is unacceptable! This ring is a manifestation of excellence, and only someone with as much firepower and talent as myself should ever be allowed to wear this!

Sara: ……………….. It’s just a ring.

Tara: IT’S *MY* RING!!! And this means NO ONE ELSE gets to wear it! Am I understood?! Good!

Tara huffs and crosses her arms… rather childishly. Christian gives her a shoulder rub trying to calm her nerves before he looks back to Sara.

Christian: You see, Sara, I kinda expected this. I halfway expected that upon bringing Tara to Future Shock that there was going to be some jealousy. I mean it’s natural to be jealous of a superior athlete. I get it. What I didn’t expect was it would come from everywhere. I mean you had Andi Takata talking smack, and running when she got called out on it. Did you see that nonsense? A Hall of Famer throwing shade, and running like a child when yours truly and Tara called her out. Besides that, it’s a strange world when a first year rookie like Tracey Murdock has more intestinal fortitude than a veteran like Andi. But here we are, and that’s your segue to start asking Tara about her first match in another country.

Sara: Well….I was getting to it actually. I think it’s reasonable to understand why she’d want a rematch, considering she was assaulted prior to the original match. Tara didn’t do anything but stand in the ring, after all. Now Tracey gets her shot against her unhindered when you two meet in Glasgow at the SSE Hydro in 2 weeks.

Tara groans again.

Tara: Look, Dana, I don’t care--

Sara: It’s… Sara. My name is Sara.

Tara: Ok, whatever. Look: I don’t care about distractions. A win is a win, and I won that match. A win is a demonstration of superiority, and should be acknowledged as such. Now, if Tracey wants to have another go at the 10-Star Prospect, fine by me. You won’t see me complain about or dodge a fight, because fighting is what wrestling prodigies such as myself do. They’ll take on anyone, regardless of their walks of life or whether they think they’re hot stuff.

Christian: As much as Tracey seems to have won people over out there, here’s the short hand of it. You have a girl who has yet to find her first victory in Future Shock after many attempts. And then you have a woman who knows nothing but victory in the undefeated, supremely talented, 10 Star Ring-bearing….Tara Cortez! Now it’s all well and good we’re going to Scotland, been there a few times in my life. But just because it’s a different continent doesn’t mean it’ll be a different outcome.

Tara: Because no matter where you are… A loser by any other name is still a loser. And there can only be ONE prodigy in the ring. And that prodigy is ME.

And before Tara walks away, she basically shoves her ring up Sara’s face, making the poor reporter flinch for a moment, before the slender Texan beauty walks away. We head to a commercial for the Glasgow show in 2 weeks.

 on: May 19, 2018, 07:47:00 pm 
Started by Samantha Star - Last post by Samantha Star
Main Event for the FFW Championship

“Atomic” Kaoru Asaka © vs. Leona Vega

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“The” Steph Stefano © vs. “The Outlaw” Alysson Gardner

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Electrified Steel Cage for the FFW Ultraviolence Championship

Chaotic Temptation’s Emma MacNamara © vs. “Malicious” Mallory Bennett

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Winner Earns An Evolution Championship Shot

Valerie Lamb vs. Missy

 on: May 19, 2018, 07:45:08 pm 
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FFW No Surrender Championship

“Emerald City Siren” Sophia Pike © vs. Chaotic Temptation’s O.E. Ayano

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