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November 20, 2019, 11:55:01 am
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 on: November 19, 2019, 08:03:14 pm 
Started by Samantha Star - Last post by Scarlett Kincaid
Off Camera

After giving Mara the green light to ask Jake out the other night, Harley’s mind had been preoccupied with what she had done. She didn’t really want to give Mara consent, but her friend made a good point and it was one she couldn’t argue without sounding petty or selfish in her mind. So she stayed in the kitchen a fair bit that night till everyone went home, and didn’t want to hear them planning anything.

It wasn’t until two days later that she realized she wanted to know what the plans were for herself. She knew she probably wouldn’t like hearing it, and assumed it may have already happened. But either way, she wanted to know. The question was who to ask. She wasn’t sure Mara would take it well if she went nosing into what went on. So that only left Jake, and maybe if Mara hadn’t made a move yet, she could cut it off at the pass before it started.

So she decided to stop by HQ when she knew he was usually getting ready to go for lunch. She headed through the entrance, and up the elevator to the floor he worked on. When she arrived on the 5th floor, she knew exactly where his cubicle was. On her way, she passed Ron from Accounting who was combing his hair in the mirror and blew her a kiss when he saw her. She chose to ignore him and saw Jake getting up from his chair and unplugging his cell phone from the wall charger. When he saw her, it startled him since she was within pretty close range and he never heard her coming.

“Oh hi, Harley!” He looked a little confused for a moment. “Did we have a lunch thing set for today that I forgot about?” He was about to check his phone calendar to be sure.

“Hey Jake! No. No. We didn’t have anything planned. I was just close by and knew you usually went for lunch at about this time and figured I’d just drop in, surprise you, see if you were free.” Harley said trying to sound light and breezy as she smiled at him. “I mean, if you’ve already got plans...it’s fine, I mean I am dropping in unannounced. Otherwise I figured you might want to grab a bite together.”

“Sounds good to me. I only got one other stop to make before or after, and we can do that. I need to go to the library but that’s it besides lunch. Was there something in particular you were in the mood for? I was going to this Japanese place I go to once a week or so. Unless there’s something you had in mind.” He slid his phone into his pocket, and started walking alongside her towards the elevator.

“Japanese sounds good to me. Love Japanese food and always happy to find good food places - can never know too many.” A grin started to cross her face at the prospect of Japanese food. “The library sounds good too. “ There was a moment of hesitation as she tried to keep her voice completely innocent. “So...you and Mara seemed to be getting on like a house on fire the other night. She’s a really interesting person, isn’t she?”

“Yeah, she’s been keeping in touch with me ever since Wipeout. I think trying to help her have a fair shake at the Aspire title meant a lot to her.” He replied as they headed into the elevator. The conversation stopped as they were on it since someone was talking on their phone. But when they got to the ground floor to head outside, it picked back up again. “Even if it kinda set off a hornet’s nest when I tried to be in another person’s corner, you know Melody.” He opened the door for her before getting into the driver’s seat. In her seat was a book, Japanese for Dummies. “You can throw that in the back seat, that’s what I’m returning to the library.”

Harley picked up the book and read over the title. “Interested in learning Japanese? Beautiful language and culture and it’s always good to learn about other places.” She flicked through it for a moment before she turned in her seat and as gently and reverentially as possible tossed the book onto the back seat. “That whole thing with Melody was… It’s not like you knew what was going to happen and like Mara said, believing the best in people isn’t a bad trait to have or thing to do. If more people did that the world would be a better place. Given her background as an ex-con Mara is probably glad that there are people like you in the world prepared to give people second and third chances.”

“Well I try to treat people the way I’d like to be treated if I was them.” He said with a shrug as they pulled out of the parking lot. “And yeah, I’m learning Japanese because I’m gonna take a trip there in December during the downtime. I’ve always wanted to visit and explore the place, and I have time to do it then. I’m just trying to learn what I can, and see who might be interested in going with me. I hate to travel alone.”

“Always loved Japan - lived there for a while growing up...part of the reason why I was originally going to join the Lucha-Joshi season of Future Shock before the reboot was announced. Though I’ve not been back in a long time, so I’m probably really rusty and it’s probably changed quite a bit.” The flame haired woman took a deep breath. “And I think, with Mara, it might be more than her just being grateful for being there in the Aspire Championship match. Maybe I could’ve got things wrong buuuuttttt the way she was talking I kinda got the impression that she wanted to ask you out.” The girl was careful to keep her head forward at where they were going, trying to not let him catch her eyes flick to the side in an attempt to gauge his reaction as she said the words.

Jake pulled his sunglasses from between their seats, and slid them on as they pulled into the parking lot of the library. “Oh wow, I hope she doesn’t think I’m expecting anything just because I helped her out at Wipeout. I didn’t do that thinking it’d get me anywhere. Just give me a second, gonna run this in and back out.” After he parked, he grabbed the book out of the backseat and headed inside. He was away less than a minute before he came back, and buckled himself in once more. “I’m not the kind of person who helps a girl out expecting you know… anything.” His eyes were hard to read, due to the sunglasses.

Harley bit her bottom lip for a moment. “I don’t think that was exactly what she was thinking.” There was a moment's hesitation. “I think it’s more a case that she thinks you’re sweet and cute and she likes that you treat everyone the way you wanted to be treated. I actually think she might’ve been a little bit nervous about even doing it - asking you out I mean, not… anything else. So I don’t even know if she went ahead and did it or not. If she didn’t then I’ve probably said wayyyyyyy too much already and she’ll probably kill me when - if she finds out…”

“She won’t hear a word from me that you said anything, promise.” He smiled as he told her. As they stopped at the redlight,he leaned across and buckled her seatbelt. “You weren’t bucked in, gotta keep you safe.” He leaned back, continuing to wait for green. “She hasn’t said that to me yet. She did say she wanted to talk with me about something and treat me to dinner tomorrow night.” He fished his phone out of his pocket, opening the text messages and showing her pictures of Mara in different dresses. “She sent me those, and wanted to know which one I liked best.” Each dress looked almost like a cocktail dress in different colors.

Harley tried to hide a small smile. “Well...okay… dinner tomorrow night. And she looks nice in each of those dresses. Definitely looks like she’s trying to impress you a little bit. Even if she is taking away a little bit of the mystery with the pictures.”

“I guess you told her about our sushi date, and she wants to treat me to sushi.” He added with a smile. “Same place I took you to after you moved here actually.” He tapped the picture of her in a black dress. “That’s the one I picked. I think all girls look great in a little black dress. Just like the one you wore the first time we went out while Lilly and Colin were spying on us. Remember?”

She nodded as a wide grin crossed her face. “Oh I remember. Every girl looks great in a little black dress...should be a staple of every woman’s closet - goes with virtually everything and suitable for almost every occasion.” There was another nod. “Same sushi restaurant too. Be a little different getting taken there by a girl and not having her near crazy friends spying on you. Plus, hopefully, you’ll not get hit by a door this time either.”

“Here’s hoping!” He said with a lift in his voice. “But other than that, I think we still had a pretty good time together. Or at least I did. I tried not to let it affect our date, I hope you enjoyed it too.” He finally pulled into the parking lot of the Japanese restaurant, and began looking for a good space.

“It’s definitely a night I’m never going to forget - and not just because of Colin and Lilly or because it was one of the more eventful date nights I’ve ever been on.” For a moment a laugh escaped her. “No. The company was amazing… I had a really great time, definitely something I’d like to try again without all the extra shenanigans and over protectiveness.”

Jake parked the car, and leaned over to unbuckle Harley’s seatbelt. “That’s not what Mara said when I told her about it. She said she wouldn’t have been surprised if you didn’t want to see me again, because of all the bad memories of it.” He said with a shrug. “Ready to go in?”

Did she now? Harley thought to herself, and narrowed her eyes for a moment. She looked back to him with a smile, and nodded before the pair headed in for lunch. Now she didn’t feel as bad about what she planned to do next.

 on: November 18, 2019, 06:26:14 pm 
Started by Nevaeh - Last post by Nevaeh


6: 54 pm
Los Angeles, California

(Our scene opens up at a gas station, it doesn’t take long to see Nevaeh Summers and Steph Stefano leaving the store, each with their hands occupied with goodies.

They’re walking to a car as they have made a quick pit stop on their way to the movies. Steph called Nevaeh and asked her if she’d liked to go. Steph reasoned that she hadn’t seen her friend in a while and nated to hang out. Steph also understood that Nevaeh was coming off a rough outing at Breaking Point. Losing to Lilly Arthur was one thing, having Tara Cortez do what she did was another.

And that was true, what Tara di had annoyed nevaeh a great deal. She showed that by kicking the young woman in the face after rating her match and making her comment. Tara was certainly unapologetic with her behavior. She loved rubbing in her success in everybody’s face. For Nevaeh is extra annoying knowing she suffered a loss to her, even if the world saw what happened.

Nevaeh has had to deal with her emotions in that regard. Of how Tara was embarrassing her in public. Mocking her rut. Nevaeh was frustrated knowing she hadn’t won a match in sometime. It was eating at her, but for Tara to come out and pull that? It had the blonde livid. Kicking Tara in the face made her feel a tad better, but once Nevaeh thought it over more she became restless.

It’s why when Steph called she figured she’d take her up on the offer. It was better she got out, Kiana was always telling her to get her mind off work. With Steph she knew she’d have fun. But as usual Nevaeh would let work slip into her mind. She wanted to know how she could fix this problem she was going through. Make no mistake this losing streak was a problem. To go through such a down period was uncomfortable for Nevaeh. It made her feel inadequate.

Nevaeh and Steph approach Steph’s vehicle. Steph pushes a button on her keys that unlocks both doors as both women now get inside and comfortable. Nevaeh is still sporting a rather unbothered expression on her face. She was deep in her thoughts.

Nevaeh sat in her seat and put a few Reese’s Pieces in her mouth and munched. Even put her seatbelt on. She now just waited for the car to start...yet she realised it hadn’t. Once it became very aware to her she turned to look at Steph, who was staring right back at her. Surprised and feeling awkward Nevaeh spoke.)


”...So are we gonna talk about it or are you gonna make me ask? Because I could just pester you for the next twenty minutes on the way to the movies.”

(Nevaeh just looked at Steph with a blank expression)

’You pestering me till you get to the bottom of something that is bugging me? I thought I’d never see the day.”

This caused the brunette to raise an eyebrow. The silence in the car remained until Steph was going to open her mouth. The blonde held up a hand)

’You don’t have to pester. You know what it is. You saw it, the whole world saw it. I lost, again. I keep losing. It’s...grating at this point. I’m putting in the work. I’m working very hard at that. I study tape, I’m lifting weights. I’m doing everything I should be..and I lose. It’s one thing if I was slipping, but I’m on the ball. Yet I lose. I know I am facing some great talent in the ring, but I’m just as good. How can it keep going out of my favor? What am I doing wrong? You being a world class wrestler yourself  you know how frustrating this can be. That is what is bugging me right now”.

(Nevah looked exasperated. She was in every sense of the word. Losing..she knew it was part of the deal. But to be in this sort of rut was getting to her. Stephanie seemed to outright choose to ignore being called a world class wrestler. Instead she simply tore into her box of milk duds and popped one into her mouth. She took a slow chew and leaned back in the seat.

”I see it you know. I see you’re struggling and keep seeing it yet you haven’t done anything different in all the time when you were winning all the time. It’s as if you’ve been cursed or something. Yeah you can say it’s great talent here or people as good as this and that, and hey that’s the truth... But it doesn’t remove the frustration. I get that, I know that. I just... Don’t know what to offer for good advice anymore. Especially because the last time I got in the ring, I lost. The time before that, I lost. It’s not even that either losses bothered me that much either... I was just... I am just... Over it all. Maybe that’s you too. Subconsciously.”

(Nevaeh sat in her seat and mulled over what Steph had laid out. It had the blonde deep in her thoughts. For the past few days she had been considering everything under the sun that could be leading to her current state. Nothing could be dismissed. But the answer? What was it?)

”I don’t know. I still have passion for this. Like I’m over here in my head, wondering if I’m just cementing what Jo said about me even more. Am I a byproduct of some cowboy hat wearing douche? I know I’m not. I fucking know I’m not. But right now I’m not making a good case of it. So that’s bugging the hell out of me. I want nothing more then to make every motherfucker talking shit about me to eat their words. I want to shove the words down their throat..but I can’t. I feel like I’m making them stronger.

Lilly is great, Pike is great. Jo and her bitch ass daddy, annoying as fuck, but they are great in the ring. The list goes on Steph. I’m not expecting to blow through these people. But I’m not expecting to be in this state. So I got to wonder what is it about me that is lacking. Self-evaluation. I don’t know what the answer is. And THAT is scary, not knowing how to fix this. We can support one another all we want, try and keep our spirits up,but it doesn’t remove the feeling. I want to change this, I got to change it, but fuck... ”

(Nevaeh shook her head, disappointment written across her face. Steph only shrugged coldly at the idea of Jo offering a summarization of Nevaeah’s success.)

“Right well, Jo is also the best friend of the owner of the company so that has offered her opportunities and certain placements that we can’t exactly ignore. If you’re the byproduct of Silas Mason, then Jo’s the byproduct of her sisters’ many successes, her father’s last name, and the near-infinite chances that Samantha Star has thrown her over the way even when she was eating losses left and right and yet still seemed to be put in shots for titles. I’m not saying Jo isn’t one of the best wrestlers around, I’m not saying anyone you’ve faced isn’t great, but let’s remember context here. Very few people get to the dance without one step or another without someone giving them a hand or being in their corner. That’s the hard reality. Winning a title, any title might dispel the feeling you’ve got but maybe that wouldn’t even do it. I dunno. Bah.” “

(Hearing Steph make her statement made Nevaeh scoff and look at her best friend with an over dramatic expression.)

”But Steph, that would be facts getting in the way of their narrative. Bad Steph!”

(Nevaeh batted her index finger to Steph for a moment before resuming speaking.)

”I just want to prove I’m my own woman. I’ll admit it, I really want to show everybody that it was me. It’s like a driving force for me. To not be able to do it is tough. I get upset with myself. For the most part I’ve gotten really down. You, Ember, Kiana, you guys see it most. I hate bringing the mood down, but as you have seen over the years this shit hits me really hard. I care. I just need to snap this funk and build something positive. If not I’m gonna lose my mind.”

“You’re not going to lose your mind and if you DO lose your mind I will shake you until you stop it. I can’t promise there won’t be a crowd forming watching you get shaken given uuuuhhhhhh reasons, but hey, if it’s anything to keep you grounded, I will do it.”

(It was the blonde now turning and raising an eyebrow at the brunette.)

’The worrisome part is I know you’d actually do it too.”

(There was a deviant grin on the face of Stephanie as she leaned back in her chair.)

“As long as you know I would, that’s all that matters. The threat can remain and you can be entirely aware of it. It could happen at any time or any place and it will be something you can linger on. Regardless of that, we’re here for you. We’re here for you when you have all your successes and we’re here for all your low points. That’s what people who love you do. As for how to fix this problem? The simplest thing is to just keep moving forward. No magic wand we can wave, wish I could for ya, but no. it’s gotta be you and I believe you can change it. I’ll never stop believing in ya”

(Nevaeh couldn’t help but chuckle at one statement, and ponder another...)

’Trust me Steph, I know you’re here for me at the low points. Your friendship is never in question. And if there is any consolation I’m upset about this, but I’m not walking around, down in the dumps sad about it. Well not as much as usual. This time..this time is different, for the sole fact, that annoying cunt came down to ringside and started rating my match? Who does that shit? Tara Cortez hasn’t been on the main roster for all of two minutes and now wants to start rating things? I get the bitch is superfacial and has her head in the clouds, but what the fuck? What kind of bullshit was that?”

(The reference to Tara had changed Nevaehs mood entirely. Her antics during Nevaeh’s match with Lilly had really gotten under Nevaeh’s skin. It was clear how upset Nevaeh was by it as she stewed in her seat. Steph though was calm.)

“I mean it’s nothing I haven’t seen before to be perfectly honest. Kelly used to do something like that way back in the day, coming to the ring with scorecards as well. Then years later Fiona Williams did the similar schtick of rating people mid-match. Tara is just well... A follow-up in a long line of arrogance beyond reasoning and logic. What’s old is new again... She said, not being even the tent best wrestler to be all about money.”

(Nevaeh just kept stewing, her body getting tense as she kept thinking over the new main roster wrestler.)

”The arrogance is a different kind. Going back to that Impact Special she just has a delusional view of herself. Holds a win over me thanks to her sisters. Really proud of that, like she has been the majority of her career. Now she wants to come pull this? Naw..naw Steph. That’s not gonna fly with me. That’s why she got my boot to her face. Didn’t see her rating shit then, did we? Ask me when am I gonna win a match again? Should be thankful all I did was that kick. She should be thankful she isn’t booked in another match with me again. It’ll be different this time.”

(Steph reached over and started massaging Nevaeh’s shoulder.)

“Don’t get too mad. At the end of the day? She’s still capable. You let her cloud any good judgment, she’ll catch you low, and then brag endlessly about it. Then again, if you face her again and beat her and she’s gonna do everything she can to not give you the satisfaction. At least with Casey, you guys’ interaction has almost become... Funny. Reminds me of Luther terrorizing me all the time.”

(When Nevaeh gave her an exasperated look, Casey and her are funny? Steph gave a lopsided grin and held her hands up in apology.)

“I said almost. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’ll stop. Uh... New topic since we’re here and I can actually turn on this car to drive. How’s you and the wifey?”

(Nevaeh was now caught off-guard by the “wifey” comment. Atleast that was a happier topic, even if Nevaeh was still processing Kiana telling her she loved her. But overall everything was great, but Nevaeh felt guilty in a  way. She still hadn’t tld Kiana she loved her back. It’s not that she didn’t have feelings for her. She did, alot. It was just saying that worked to her had Nevaeh hung up.

But Nevaeh wa shere with somebody who had know that feeling, to different degrees. Maybe Steph could help her understand why she was doing this. Worth a shot in Nevaeh’s mind.)

’We’re doing well, all good there. The one thing I got going that is great. She has to listen to me like you do, but she always is trying to help. She actually suggested I try some different stuff like conventions. I actually have started to look into them.Seem like a big thing right now. Interesting enough, I am thinking of doing one soon. She also suggested acting classes to me.”

(Steph seemed surprised herself hearing the suggestion.)

”Acting classes? Well that is different. She say why?”

’She just figured it could be another outlet to get my mind of work at times. Maybe I’d enjoy it and it leads into other things. That was her reasoning, but I’m not sure.”

’Well she’s not wrong in the aspect of maybe it could lead to other things. There just classes. What’s the harm? Like she said keep it in mind. Not like you don’t like being overdramatic anyways”

(Nevaeh stuck her tongue out at Steph as the brunette gave her a wink)

”I am keeping my mind open, thank you very much, but as you can see she likes to keep me busy, which shows just how much she does pay attention to me and my neurotic ass. She’s always doing that for me. Though she said something to me the other day that had me...lost for words.”

“Oh...? What did she tell you? Heh, she tell you she wanted to pick out matchi--”

(Nevaeh cut her off...)

”She told me she loved me”

(Steph’s eyes instantly went wide. She stared at the blonde as it sunk in. Steph spoke with a soft tone)

“Oh. Oh holy shit, Nevaeh she... She said she loved you? Like dropped the full on ‘L’ bomb?”

’She dropped it, but she wasn’t full on “I love you”, but the intent was very clear. She made sure I was aware of it.”

“...And you said to her...?”

(Nevaeh sported that guilty feeling as she sheepishly and quietly responded..)


(Stephanie stared at her in silence. A dull, blank stare of confusion as if she was trying very HARD... Exceptionally hard to process that.)

”Nothing... Except...?”

”No, I mean nothing. Not a word. Not cause I didn’t want to, but I was shook. I didn’t expect her to say that. I couldn’t even process it. There’s still a part of me that can’t. I just sat there and stared at her. She said she knows my issues with this and all that, but that she feels that way and that I shouldn’t keep her waiting too long basically. I mean...I..I…”

(Nevaeh ahd to pause and rub the bridge of her nose. She needed to do a better job of explaining herself. Steph sat there and gave her her time. She could see how Nevaeh was trying to go about this. Nevaeh took a breath and let out  along sigh. She looked at Steph and spoke earnestly.)

’..i don’t want to be with anybody but her. She’s magical Steph. She is. And I want to be with her. But...that word. I can say it to you and Ember. I mean it but this is different. To me this is a huge step and..I’ve never taken that step. I suck at taking that step. Of admitting that to somebody in that way. I want to be with her, but I’m scared that if I say it, what if things change and I’m not able to be what she needs. To me this is a huge step… .and I’m scared. But I’m worried that I’m screwing up already. We’ve been talking the past few days and see seems more hesitant with me. Like something is bothering her. Has to be this. See already screwing up”

(Steph looked through the window for a moment and she seemed to be thinking through something. Maybe hoping that she could put Nevaeh at ease. She suddenly broke into a small smile.)

”I think you’re exactly what she needs. I think she’s exactly what you need. I’m going to tell you something but you promise not to get all weird about it, okay? Don’t overthink it.”

(Nevaeh could see the sincerity Steph had in her eyes. The blonde silently nodded her head)

”With Kiana... With Kiana, Nevaeh you seem... So fucking happy. I just... You glow when you talk about her, you gush. Buddy. Bestie. Best pal of mine... Nevaeh, when you speak about her, meet me after just spending a weekend with her or whatever... You smolder. Now I don’t know what your definition of love is... But I think you’re already there.”

(Hearing that made Nevaeh feel abit better, but she still had concerns. Now was the time she figured she’d just go for it...)

”I ask this knowing you’ve already been married. But how do you know when you’re there? Is there just something you notice, what is that feeling? I’m basically asking for a guide that is unique to each person..but still”

”You know when you know. That’s all. I’m saying I think you are already there but I should qualify my statement with ‘you just haven’t realized it yet’. So just tell that to yourself when you realize the right moment to tell her, to say it to her. ‘I’ll know when I know’.”

(That seemed reasonable enough to Nevaeh. She nodded her head.)

I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks Steph”

(Nevaeh leaned over and gave the brunette a big hug. Nevaeh held her tight, thankful for the advice as well as the sounding board.)

”You’re the best. Like a wise, jacked, eccentric guardian angel looking out for me.”

(Nevaeh had a big smile on her face, Steph only gently patted her on the shoulder from the hug)

”Yeah yeah, thank me when you two are running into each other’s arms and “Kiss From A Rose” comes on or something.”

(Nevaeh laughed a she pulled away and got comfortable back in her seat)

”Will do. I’ll know when I know, she does deserve the best. Ok, we have a movie to get to, right? Lets get to it. What are we seeing anyways?”

(Steph now looked at Nevaeh was a blank expression)

”...I have no idea, I thought you knew?”

(Nevaeh was dumbfounded)

”But you asked me if I wanted to come to the movies.”

”Yeah, but I said we can watch whatever you want”

’I don’t know what to chose”

”Me either”

(Both the blonde and brunette looked at one another, unsure of what to do...when suddenly they both seemed to come to the same conclusion.)

Nevaeh & Steph : Ask Ember

 on: November 12, 2019, 05:35:39 pm 
Started by Samantha Star - Last post by Samantha Star
Mikaela Demidov, “Typhoon” Bianca Salvador, Angelina Fantastica and Jo McFarlane
The Franchise


Savannah Star, Scarlett Silver, Missy, and O.E. Ayano
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The Privileged Circle’s Valentina Lozano vs. Luci

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“Lucky Star” Andi Takata vs. Abigail Lindsay

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