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June 26, 2019, 04:06:06 pm
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 on: Today at 03:21:12 pm 
Started by Samantha Star - Last post by Samantha Star
Rose Gardner vs. The Gold Standard’s Valerie McKinley

 on: Today at 03:20:52 pm 
Started by Samantha Star - Last post by Samantha Star
The Franchise’s Jo McFarlane vs. Lilly Arthur

 on: Today at 03:20:33 pm 
Started by Samantha Star - Last post by Samantha Star
Chaotic Temptation’s O.E. Ayano vs. Lacey

 on: Today at 03:20:13 pm 
Started by Samantha Star - Last post by Samantha Star
KO/TO vs. Chaotic Temptation’s Scarlett Silver & Missy

 on: Today at 03:18:50 pm 
Started by Samantha Star - Last post by Samantha Star

FFW Breaking Point
Rogers Place in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
July 6, 2019

A pair of buildings appears as the faces of FFW stars begin blinking on them. Suddenly  a wrecking ball smashes through the buildings with the rubble covering the camera until we are taken inside the studio. A rounded video wall sits behind two leather chairs with a table between them. On the video wall, FFW stars’ faces slowly change.

In the chair on the left is the host, Christian Kincaid. To his right on the other side of the table is Zack Hudson. The commentator shakes his hand as Christian addresses the camera.

Christian: Welcome to the latest edition of Face Off as the FFW roster continues it’s road to Unstoppable 10 on July 27th in Los Angeles. I’m back here in the studio, and joined this week by the man who calls all the action around FFW and Future Shock, Zack Hudson. Welcome to the show.

Zack: Glad to be here. I’m always just that bit more amped up when Unstoppable comes rolling around every year. The news has been coming hot and heavy with two matches announced on the last Breaking Point. One is a first ever meeting between Leona Vega and Sophia Pike. The other has the COO’s job on the line when Savannah Taylor challenges Shaughnessy O’Neill for the first time for the FFW Championship.

Christian: Now apparently with the owner of the company inserting herself as the guest referee. She’s never done that before, and it kinda shows how much she wants her brother out of FFW. But we’ll get to all that when we get closer. Let’s talk about the next Breaking Point. It’ll be July 6th and we’ll be in Rogers Place in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Zack: We haven’t been to Canada in a little while, so they are long overdue for a few shows. This is just the first of a few that ares et there. But one at a time. You got the card, so let’s hear what’s on the horizon in Edmonton.

Christian: First up, it was announced at the last Breaking Point. You’re gonna see KO/TO meet Chaotic Temptation’s Scarlett Silver and Missy.

KO/TO vs. Chaotic Temptation’s Scarlett Silver & Missy

Zack: After the argument that Missy and Scarlett had last time, I’m curious if they can keep it together against Claire and Serafina. Those two seem to be constantly each other’s throats, usually because of something Scarlett said. You tell us, you manage them.

Christian: They do have a love/hate relationship at times. But that’s been the case for a long time. They seem to put it to the side for these tag matches, and I’m sure that will be the case against Serafina and Claire.

Zack: Well they can’t afford not to be on the same page as the former Unity Champions. You know KO/TO are gonna be zoned in and ready to go. I’d have to give them the edge based on that and the fact they have been a team for a long time. Plus I don’t see them wanting to strangle one another all that often.

Christian: Well I’m sure Missy and Scarlett will be happy to prove that they are just as explosive as a team as they are talking to each other. We’ll find out. Also on the card, they aren’t the only ones from Chaotic Temptation meeting. O.E. Ayano will have her hands full with Lacey.

Chaotic Temptation’s O.E. Ayano vs. Lacey

Zack: Well we saw what happened when Scarlett and Valerie faced off not long ago. I’m curious to see how this shakes out. Neither of these two are slouches. Both of them have aspects that could distract you from the fact that they are very talented in the ring. That one’s a pick’em for me honestly.

Christian: I won’t disagree with that. The fact is I’m not sure Lacey has ever met someone quite like O.E. before in a match. She tends to be pretty unorthodox in the way she does things, and it’s fouled up opponents in the past. That said, I’m sure Lacey will be prepared for her. Let’s move onto the next one. The Franchise will see Jo McFarlane taking on the former Fast Track Champion Lilly Arthur.

The Franchise’s Jo McFarlane vs. Lilly Arthur

Zack: Now that the title has been stripped off Lilly, she’s got a new world to conquer. They talked about how she’s got an upcoming date with OE for a No Surrender match. Well Jo knows something about that division too. So this will be quite a test for the Sheffielder.

Christian: Plus you gotta factor in that the Franchise probably still want to make an example of Lilly too. Those girls don’t strike me as the type to turn the other cheek. And with Jo, the only time she’s willing to turn the other cheek is because she hasn’t hit the other with that kendo stick her dad carries. Lilly will need to keep her head on a swivel.

Zack: Yeah, just as Bianca Reed about that. I think those two need one last round, and maybe Jo’s dad gets handcuffed to the ringpost or something. It feels like she’s had her number more than once, and it all fall apart because of him.

Christian: The final match we’ll discuss is gonna be another preview from the ladder match at Unstoppable to crown a new Fast Track Champion. These two spent the better of spring dealing with each other, and they will again. The only difference this time is they are trying to build themselves a wave heading into Unstoppable 10. It’ll be Rose and Valerie squaring off.

Rose Gardner vs. The Gold Standard’s Valerie McKinley

Zack: Oh yeah, she and Gillie both were dealing with Valerie and Lacey earlier in the year. And I doubt they’ve warmed up to each other since then. But like you say, the stakes are a lot higher now heading into Unstoppable 10. I doubt the One Percenter is going to be any more impressed by the Cosplay Princess than she was before. So I expect some fireworks here.

Christian: You and me both. Everybody wants that little bit of momentum going into the biggest show of the year. There’s no question about that at all. And they’ll have ample opportunity to create that in Edmonton on July 6. That’ll be the last Breaking Point before the big show.

Zack: You said it. July is turning out to be a massive month for FFW, what with Unstoppable 10 on the 27th. Then there’s Impact special on FFW All Access on July 16th featuring Future Shock versus FFW. Good reason to stay in out of the heat, and watch the fireworks from home.

Christian: Next time, I’ll be covering the card on the last Velocity before we head for the biggest show of the year on July 27th. But on the 6th, we’ll see you in Edmonton for Breaking Point. Thanks for watching!

The two start talking with each other as a quick set of graphics shows us the card for the next Breaking Point before Face off fades to black.

 on: June 24, 2019, 08:53:02 pm 
Started by Samantha Star - Last post by Samantha Star
Luna Cortez vs. Vivi Robichaud

 on: June 24, 2019, 08:52:36 pm 
Started by Samantha Star - Last post by Samantha Star
Target Acquired's Nadia Beaulieu vs. Laurie Jane Experience's Jane Strode

 on: June 24, 2019, 08:51:54 pm 
Started by Samantha Star - Last post by Samantha Star
Katie Hanley vs. FemDOOM's Jacqui Minogue

 on: June 24, 2019, 03:11:57 pm 
Started by Samantha Star - Last post by Samantha Star

Kat: The following tag team match is your main event of the evening, and it is scheduled for one fall to a finish.

Zack: We’re about to see the first match back for Emma Mackenzie since she made an unexpected return at Relentless during the Evolution Championship match. Coincidentally, I’m joined by one of the women who was in that match and will be teaming with Scarlett Silver two weeks from tonight: Missy!

Missy: I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else for Emma’s return match back. I don’t think that her and O.E have ever teamed up before so I’m really looking forward to watching them in action together.

The opening chords of “Destroy & Conquer” by Future World Music begin to rattle through the arena, the curtains start to move as Valentina Lozano & Isis Morales slowly steps out onto the ramp. They are unfazed by the boos from the crowd as Valentina bends her right knee and angles her left leg, her right arm shooting up into the air with a cocky smirk with Isis standing behind her, raising her fist in the air with a cocky smirk, standing in a unified domineering pose while basking in the negative heat of the crowd. Valentina gets back to her feet and then begins to walk side by side with Isis down the aisle.

Kat: Making their way to the ring…at a total combined weight of three hundred and sixty-five pounds....”The Latin Goddess” Valentina Lozano and “The Titaness” Isis Morales... They are...


At the ringside area, Valentina and Isis walk around the ring once, gracing the crowd with sneering glares before entering the ring, Valentina then glares towards the referee in the ring and orders the referee to hold the ropes for her, which the referee reluctantly complies by doing what she says. She then wipes her feet on the apron and enters the ring. Meanwhile, Isis enters the ring by stepping over the top rope with ease. The ladies then go to opposite ring posts in which they climb up and pose to the crowd with complete confidence, taking in the atmosphere while the crowd reaction continues and the cameras flashing.

After the ladies taunt the crowd, Valentina then goes to one of the corners to lean against.  After giving Valentina a few words and patting her on the shoulder, Isis smirks and stretches a little as they await for their opponents to come out.

Zack: You’ve been in the ring with both of these women, Missy. So you have a pretty good idea of what OE and Emma are about to face. Do you think the Circle has the advantage because they team together so often, unlike their opponents?

Missy: You can say what you want about the Privileged Circle, but there’s no denying that they’re as tough as old boots. I don’t think that they’re going to have an advantage over O.E and Emma though, just because they don’t team together usually doesn’t mean they can’t work well together.

Some like beautiful, perfect and pretty
I see the good in the bad and the ugly.
I need the volume one louder than ten,
Put the pedal to the metal, needle to the red.

Halestorm’s “I Like It Heavy” plays over the speakers, bathing the arena in blue and black lights. From the back emerges Emma Mackenzie, attired as always in her denim shorts and black and blue top. Behind her is manager and husband, Ryan Mackenzie. Together they stand on the stage, at the top of the ramp while the woman takes in the reaction from the crowd.

Kat: On her way to the ring, from Glasgow, Scotland, weighing 135 pounds and accompanied by Ryan Mackenzie, please welcome EMMA MACKENZIEEEEEEEEE!

If the windows ain;t shakin’,
Makin’ my heart race,
If I can’t feel it in my chest I’m in the wrong damn place.
I got a demon in my soul, a voice in my head
Singing “go, go, go”
I can sleep when I’m dead.
There’s a sonic revelation, bringing me to my knees.
And there’s a man down below who needs my sympathy.
I got a ringin’ in my ears, getting ready to burst,
Screaming “hallelujah, motherfucker, take me to church”

The pair begin their walk down the ramp, with Emma moving to the beat of the music. She doesn’t catch any of the hands of fans reaching for her, either because she isn’t entirely aware they’re doing it...or habit. Reaching the bottom, Ryan pulls himself onto the apron while Emma climbs the stairs, and he allows her in.

The song promptly hits its chorus, and a much heavier, harder beat, which the blue-haired wrestler uses to dart across the ring and up onto the top turnbuckle, extending her arms which gets a pop from the crowd. With a grin, she jumps back down, meeting Ryan in her corner. The two discuss something while the music fades out.

Zack: One question that I’m sure many were curious about is if you knew Emma here was going to be at Relentless, or were expecting her to do what she did while you were having your title shot. Can you shed any light on that?

Missy: It was all kept pretty hush hush to be honest. You don’t want to spoil a surprise like Emma Mac coming back after all. And honestly, I don’t think even she was expecting to end up in the ring that night. She just had enough of watching what was going on in the match, knowing that we couldn’t do anything about it without repercussions.

Kat: And her tag team partner……………

“Whoooa-whoa-whoa, yeah-yeah-yeah... (A disciple...)
Whoooa-whoa-whoa, yeah-yeah-yeah... (Shaolin here!)
People say, love is just a energy! (Don’t resist!)
Dealing with the claim baby! (Oh baby!)”

Kat: Accompanied to the ring by Christian Kincaid.. From Kumamoto, Japan and representing Chaotic Temptation as one half of your FFW Unity Champions... “THE OROCHI” O.E. AYANO!!

Walking towards the ring from behind the curtain is The Orochi, O.E. Ayano. Ayano is dressed in a sports jersey of a hometown team to the current city the show is taking place, as well as a surgical mask and her championship belt slung around her neck like a necklace. Christian pops out of the curtain soon after and whispers something in his client’s ear as “People Say” continues to play over the sound system. Together manager and wrestler walk down the ramp as the crowd cheers on the champion. She stops short of the ring and pulls off her jersey and surgical mask, handing it to Christian. Now visible in her wrestling gear, she leaps onto the apron as her entrance theme continues.

Zack: Both you and OE have been irregular tag partners with Scarlett, obviously they proved how well they can get the job done. But what do you think makes them work better than you two do together? Unless I’m not seeing it, I don’t see Scarlett getting under OE’s skin as much as she does you.

Missy: O.E has a lot more patience than I do for starters...plus, have you ever seen Scarlett try and adjust O.E’s cleavage? I haven’t. And that is enough to get anybody annoyed I think. They do work great together, which could be down to just how close they are outside the ring as well.

Referee Ashley Pruitt waits for Kat to be completely clear of the ring before she calls for the bell to get the match underway. The two teams share a few words to decide who is going to start for each side before Valentina and Emma stay in the ring and O.E and Isis make their way to the apron in their respective corners. Valentina heads straight towards Emma, but the blue haired wrestler speeds up to meet her as she does with a clothesline that staggers Lozano backwards towards her corner. Before she reaches it, Emma grabs her arm and fires her across into the Chaotic Temptation corner instead. Valentina hits back first and Emma follows her in with a corner clothesline that pins her back against the turnbuckles. A trio of kicks to the Canadian’s midsection follow which knocks the wind out of her before Emma fires her across into the neutral corner opposite. Valentina hits back first for a second time but this time as she starts to stagger out of the corner Emma gets her into a side headlock and then spins around drops into a seated position, driving Valentina face-first into the canvas and earning her a massive pop from the live Connecticut crowd.

Missy: That was a glorious spinning bulldog. It’s clear to see that Emma hasn’t missed a step in her time away.

Zack: I think there’s something to be said for the fact that when you’ve been doing this as long as Emma has, it takes a lot more time away than she took to worry too much about ring rust.

Valentina starts to push up to her hands and knees with a furious look on her face that is only further increased when Emma comes off the ropes with a leg drop to drive her back down again. The Chaotic Temptation team member starts to pull Valentina up by the head and fires her across into her team's corner again before running in after her with a high knee into her ribs. She grabs hold of the top rope beside her and starts to lay another series of kicks into Valentina’s midsection. The crowd count along and as they reach a count of ten Emma reaches out and tags O.E in. The Japenese wrestler bounds into the ring and both her and Emma grab a hand each to fire Valentina into the ropes. She rebounds off at speed and the Chaotic Temptation duo drop her with a double clothesline. Pruitt orders Emma out of the ring and she obliges immediately while O.E gets into position for the cover. The referee spins around in time to see it and drops down for the count.

Zack: Ayano and Emma are already working well in tandem, and maybe the Circle didn’t expect it! There’s a cover!



Lozano gets her shoulder up at the two and O.E gets up to her feet basking in the love from the crowd while Valentina gets back up to a vertical base behind her.

Missy: O.E needs to be careful not to let the crowd’s attention distract her or it could wind up biting in her the butt.

Ayano turns around just in time to avoid an oncoming forearm shot from the ‘Latin Goddess’ sending her slightly off balance. The Japanese wrestler tries to capitalise by grabbing her by the arm and sending her across into the ropes, but Valentina plants her feet and instead pulls O.E into a short-arm clothesline. O.E hits the canvas and Valentina starts heading towards her corner where a waiting Isis has her arm outstretched. Emma encourages O.E to get up which she does almost immediately and takes off towards Valentina. The Canadian wrestler reaches out for the tag but before she can make it O.E catches up to her and wraps her arms around her waist. She attempts to lift her up for a belly to back suplex but Valentina immediately starts throwing elbow backwards. Ayano side steps to avoid them and releases her grip to spin Valentina around and deliver a chop to her chest. A second one follows quickly after it, but on the third Valentina catches O.E’s arm and fires her across into the ropes. Ayano rebounds off and Lozano catches her with a big boot that puts her on her butt.

Missy: Well the distraction of the crowd might not have bitten O.E in the butt, but that big boot definitely put her on it! I’m pretty sure she’s going to have a Valentina sized shoe print on her face after that!

Zack: OE impresses me as someone who can be distracted without too much effort, but it’s not like it’s hurt her success rate. She is half of the Unity Champions, and that wasn’t a fluke.

Emma calls for the tag and O.E starts to get up looking in her direction but before she can make a move in that direction Valentina spears her back into the neutral corner. Almost the second she hits she pulls her back out and fires her across into the Privileged Circle corner where a waiting Isis catches her with a massive forearm to the back of the head when she hits. Valentina charges in with a shoulder thrust to the Champion’s ribs. She backs up a step and then drives her shoulder into O.E’s ribs again. The Canadian wrestler delivers a third shoulder thrust before she tags in Isis. The red haired goliath steps into the ring and the two Privileged Circle team members take it in turns to lay kicks into O.E’s body. The referee orders Valentina out of the ring, and she delivers a final kick to O.E before she makes her way out.

Zack: This isn’t a fun way to spend a Saturday night if you’re OE Ayano. I keep expecting her to pull out some of that unorthodox offense she likes to use. You’ve seen her twisting nipples and things like that, but the Circle has neutralized her well.

Missy: I’d imagine it’s hard to try and twist anybody nipples while they’re kicking you the way those two just were. Not that I’ve ever tried though, so I could be wrong!

Isis pulls Ayano out of the corner and into a massive forearm to the jaw that staggers her back a step, but it doesn’t stop the Japanese wrestler from pulling herself together and squaring up to the much bigger Isis. Morales stances herself and looks down at her and makes a swipe to grab her by the throat, but O.E drops down to the canvas and slides between her legs to pop up behind her. She hits the red haired Goliath with a chop block to the back of her knee and then a stiff kick to the same leg. Another kick to the same spot follows and brings Isis to one knee before O.E glances to her corner to see Emma with her arm outstretched for the tag. 

Missy: I think that might have been the kind of unorthodox offense or at least defense that you were talking about Zack. That scramble under the legs might not have been graceful but it saved her from whatever Isis had in mind!

O.E makes it to her corner for the tag before Isis gets back up to her feet. She spins around just in time to see Emma bolting into the ring. The blue haired wrestler heads straight for her and catches her with a running big boot to the knee cap that rocks Isis slightly. A second big boot though manages to actually knock her back a step before Emma dashes behind her and connects a chop block of her own to the same knee O.E had which brings her down to the opposite knee again. Taking off to the ropes, Emma comes back with a running knee to the head which rocks Isis, before she comes off the opposite set with another knee to the head that rocks her the opposite way.

Missy: Emma was off like a rocket there, anybody would think she’s missed being in the ring! I’m guessing Isis isn’t sharing the sentiment though with her head being used like a pinball.

Zack: This is just the beginning for her too. This coming Thursday, she’ll be back in singles action in the main event of Velocity facing Casey Atherton. What do you make of Casey?

Missy: She’s a bloody delusional nutter. Plain and simple.

Mackenzie grabs hold of the rope beside her to steady herself as she starts to lay stiff kicks into her chest. The crowd count along and she gets to a count of nine, but she connects the tenth one harder to Isis’ head. Morales falls backwards from the impact and Emma leaves her feet to land a standing moonsault across the redhead’s chest before she stays in place for a cover prompting Pruitt to drop down into position for the count.

Zack: Emma’s just as agile as she’s ever been, and Isis just ate a moonsault and possibly a three count to follow.



Isis powers out before the two and knocks Emma off her with a force that sends her rolling off the cover towards the ropes.

Missy: Isis’ strength is a bit daunting sometimes. It can feel like you’ve been hit by truck, but thankfully Emma is made of stern stuff.

Morales looks furious as she storms back to her feet and Emma is doing the same across the ring. Isis closes the gap with a couple of strides and pulls Emma the rest of the way back to her feet and hoists her up into a bear hug. She grips the blue haired wrestler tightly and starts to shake her like a rag doll. The crowd get behind the Chaotic Temptation team member and she starts to kick her legs, a few of the kicks land but not enough to force Isis to release the hold. She keeps going kicking out harder until Isis loosens her grip just enough for Emma to wriggle her way free. She lands on the mat but before she can fully right herself, Isis grabs her by the throat and lifts her up so her feet are dangling off the mat. The redhead holds Emma for a moment before she slams her down to the canvas.

Missy: I think the crowd being behind Emma the way they are must be a fairly new experience for her, but well deserved I think. But I might be a little biased anyway.

Zack: There’s no one on this roster who can stand toe to toe with the Titaness, including Emma. She was the most dominant champion in Future Shock history for a reason.

Before Emma can get herself back up, Isis comes off the ropes with a running leg drop straight across the Scottish wrestlers chest. She gets back to her feet and takes off towards the opposite side. She comes off those ropes with a second running leg drop but this time she stays in place and hooks one of Emma’s legs for the cover.

Zack: What a landing! Emma’s gonna have a pirate’s dream with that sunken chest!




The count stops as O.E bounds into the ring and delivers a baseball slide to Isis’ head that knocks her off the cover.

Missy: Nice timing O.E! That was a great bit of teamwork and a perfect save. It doesn’t look like Isis agrees though.

Isis gets back to her feet rubbing the side of her head and glaring towards O.E as the referee orders her out of the ring. O.E holds her hands up and heads back to her corner but Isis charges her and knocks her face first into the turnbuckles instead.

Zack:There’s nothing that Isis does in there that doesn’t hurt, and now it’s almost ike she’s playing pinball with the Orochi’s body.

Missy: Isis isn’t helping herself by going after O.E though, she’s not the legal woman, and you can’t really expect a tag team partner to stand by and not help when there’s a cover going on.

Pruitt goes to intercept as Isis starts laying into the Japanese wrestler in the corner, while Emma starts to pull herself up to her feet behind them. The referee warns Isis that she will be disqualified so the redhead reluctantly steps back away allowing OE to climb out onto the apron. Isis turns to head back to Emma only to find herself on the receiving end of a running shoulder tackle from the Scottish wrestler that knocks her backwards into the ropes. She stumbles forwards again only for Emma to use the momentum to deliver a tornado DDT to drive her head into the canvas.

Missy: See! She gave Emma time to regroup while she went after O.E and it’s got her nothing but likely a headache from hell!

Zack: Focus can be the enemy of most anyone in this business. You know that well enough from your times teaming with OE’s usual tag partner. And I know she paid for that too many times.

Isis stumbles back to her feet looking a little disoriented as Emma comes off the ropes behind her to use a running bulldog to faceplant the red haired Goliath on the canvas. She starts to lay the boots into the downed redhead until she uses her foot to roll her over onto her back and gets into position for the cover.




The count stops short of the three as Valentina connects a big boot to the back of Emma’s head knocking her off the cover. The blue haired wrestler gets back to her feet and goes toe to toe with Valentina until Pruitt orders Lozano back to her corner.

Zack: Now Emma’s doing what you were advising against earlier. She’s getting into Lozano’s face, and that’s only giving Isis time to get her marbles together.

Missy: Yeah, it’s easy for me to say from here that you should focus on the legal person, but it is a lot easier said than done. Especially when someone’s just booted you in the back of the head.

O.E calls to Emma for the tag and she glances back there before she sees Isis rising to her knees. She takes off towards the redhead and delivers a kick to her head that wobbles her back on her knees, before she heads towards O.E in the corner. Valentina calls to Isis for the tag and the redhead starts to head to her corner too. Emma makes the tag first and O.E dives into the ring and straight towards Isis to try and stop her from tagging. Isis spins around to face O.E and grabs her by the throat then reaches over to tag in Valentina. The ‘Latin Goddess’ joins Isis in the ring as the redhead gets O.E into a belly-to-back position. Valentina backs up and measures before aiming a superkick at Ayano’s chin….that catches Isis square in the chest as O.E manages to slip out of the redhead’s grasp, much to the crowd’s delight.

Missy: AHAHAHA! O.E is more slippery than butter! I think that’s going to be one SUPERKICK-PLEX that won’t make the Privileged Circle highlight reel.

Valentina apologises to Isis as the referee tells them the non-legal person needs to leave the ring. Behind them O.E quickly goes ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors, shoot’, balling a fist and smacking it in her free hand three times. As Isis makes her way onto the apron, O.E suddenly rushes at Valentina and chops her in the jaw. She follows that with a punch to the face and then finally she pokes her in the eyes her index and middle finger.

Missy: They just got PLAYED BY THE GAME!

Zack: That is one of O.E’s favorite moves, and I doubt very much that Valentina is in the mood for playing any kind of games right now.

The crowd pop for the Unity Champion and she takes a little bow for them as Valentina covers her eye. The Chaotic Temptation team member drops down into a three point football stance as she waits for Valentina to find her feet fully. As soon as she does she boosts forward and runs the ‘Latin Goddess’ down with a full on football tackle. Valentina hits the canvas with a thud and O.E folds her almost fully in half to go for the cover.

Zack: That’s KUSANAGI and I think O.E is about to take this home for Chaotic Temptation.




Valentina kicks out just in time and shoves OE away from her in disgust then pulls her legs up to drive her knee into the Japanese wrestler’s face.

Missy: I’m surprised Valentina didn’t knock a couple of OE’s teeth loose with that knee shot, I could almost hear a crunch from here I think.

O.E rolls back to her knees as Valentina gets to her feet and drags the Unity Champion up to hers. She fires the Chaotic Temptation team member across into the ropes and then catches her on the rebound for a Samoan drop. Valentina takes off towards the ropes and rebounds off them herself and then leaves her feet to land a knee drop….right onto the canvas as O.E rolls out of the way getting her another pop from the Connecticut crowd. Valentina comes back to her feet, or one foot to be precise as she gingerly tries to put weight on the other leg. Ayano moves around behind her and locks her arms around her waist before using a deadlift German suplex to deposit her on the canvas. She pulls the Canadian back up to her feet, only to use a second German suplex to dump her head first into the canvas again. Without wasting time, O.E gets into position and hooks both of Valentina’s legs for the cover.



Isis starts to climb into the ring only to be intercepted by Emma who spears her clean off the apron to the arena floor.


Pruitt gets to her feet to call for the bell as O.E rolls back to her knees and then up to her feet as Emma joins her.

Kat: Your winners………………………………………..EMMA MACKENZIE AND O.E AYANO………...CHAOTIC TEMPTATION.

Missy: I think there might be a ton of ice needed after that but worth it! The girls did great, and worked really well together, not that I expected any different from them.

Zack: A hell of a return for Emma Mack and another successful night at the office for OE Ayano, but Emma’s not done! She’ll meet Casey this Thursday at Velocity! We’ll see you there.

Both O.E and Emma have their hands raised by Pruitt as Christian and Ryan join them in the ring, with CK raising O.E’s other hand and Ryan raising Emma’s. Christian hands O.E her title back and she raises it high into the hair and then hugs Emma as the show comes to an end.

 on: June 24, 2019, 03:11:04 pm 
Started by Samantha Star - Last post by Samantha Star

The bell sounds a few times to direct attention back to the ring, which is where Kat Grayson waits ready to go with her microphone in hand.

Kat: The following contest is scheduled for one fall to a finish. 

Zack: You could call this one blonde ambition as two of the six women who will be competing in the ladder match at Unstoppable 10 to become the next Fast Track Champion are set to meet for the first time. Strangely, I’ve been joined by the manager of one of the women that will be in that ladder match, Kyle Kilmeade. 

Kyle: It’s called scouting, Zack. And if I had come out to ringside during the match to do this, you’d have been calling for my head. Besides Mai thought watching these two might make her ill. 

As the opening bars to Just A Little Girl by Amy Studt hit the speakers Caitlyn Storm appears from behind the curtain, getting quite a large pop from the live crowd.

Sometimes I feel you're not listening
Sometimes I feel you don't understand
But I think I've got the answer
Already know what you're gonna say

The lights go out and a simple white pyrotechnic flashes making it look like lightning. As it does Caitlyn raises both of her hands above her hand. As she brings them back down again another flash like lightning has struck again.

Cause I'm just a little girl you see
But there's a hell of a lot more to me
Don't ever underestimate what I can do
Don't ever tell me how I'm meant to be

As the lights come back on Caitlyn makes her way down the ramp, smiling and tagging the fans hands as she passes and even stopping for a few fans to take selfies on their mobiles.

Kat: Introducing at this time....Hailing from New York City, New York and weighing in at One Hundred and Twenty-Six pounds...She is Caitlyn Storm!

You say I'm just a little girl, just a little girl
How can I compare? What do I know?
What have I got to share?
But there's nothing in this world, nothing in this world
That could hold me down, can't you hear me?
Don't you understand
That I want to be myself, want to be the girl,
want to be the one that you can rely on
How I wish that you could see all there is of me
How I long to hear that you take me
For who I am

She runs the rest of the way to the ring and jumps up onto the apron. She raises both hands to wave to the fans and then grabs onto the top rope with both hands.

Cause I'm just a little girl you see
But there's a hell of a lot more to me
Don't ever underestimate what I can do
Don't ever tell me how I'm meant to be

She leapfrogs over the top rope to land in a crouch in the ring. She jumps up to her feet and raises her hands up waving to the fans, before she heads to her corner as her music fades out.

Zack: This will mark Caitlyn’s first opportunity at a title in FFW at Unstoppable 10. She’s long deserved one, as far as I’m concerned. And there’s no bigger stage to do it. 

Kyle: She lacks a very important asset in matches, and that’s killer’s instinct. When you’re more interested in being friends with everyone, you aren’t going to get very far. She’s living proof.

As “Rise” by Sixx A.M. we see the arena lights blinking in sync with the lyrics of the music. Nevaeh Summers eventually storms her way onto the stage before stopping at the top of the ramp and looking out at the crowd. Nevaeh is wearing black sunglasses as well as a Poisoned by Ivy military jacket with platinum trim. As we keep looking at Nevaeh we also spot her wearing platinum colored leather pants running down her leg. The side of each leg is laced up with black fabric, showing of her skin. On her feet we see black furry boots and kickpads. On the front of each kickpad appears her logo as there is a circle with “NS” in the center of it while “The" scrolls on the top and “Finest” scrolls on the bottom.

Nevaeh looks around the building, nodding her head, as she starts feeling the crowd. Nevaeh goes about pointing her left hand out to the crowd and moves it around as if she was conducting them. She then points to the crowd with her right hand, urging that side of the building on the same way. Nevaeh lowers her head, her hands still swaying to the crowd till she raises her head up and snaps her arms out to the side.

As Nevaeh strikes her signature pose three large white flames shoot up on each side of her on the stage The flames reach high into the air, till they turn into smaller flames bursting out of the stage out of the stage every other second. Nevaeh now lowered her head back down and looked towards the ring and began walking down the ramp.

Kat: Making her way to the ring at this time she resides in Los Angeles, California by way of Atlanta, Georgia. She weighs in tonight at 120 pounds. She is Nevaeh Summers!!!

Nevaeh reaches the bottom of the ramp and stops for moment. Nevaeh now goes about removing her sunglasses and just casually tosses them out towards the crowd. Nevaeh than quickly runs to the ring, sliding in under the bottom rope and gets to a knee. Nevaeh just looks out for a moment before getting to her feet and approaches the middle of the ropes facing the hard camera. Nevaeh climbs up them, hooking a leg over the top rope and straddling it. Nevaeh now sits there and looks out to the capacity crowd. She eventually lowers her head and starts motioning her arms as if she's conducting them again. After a moment Nevaeh snaps her head back and her arms out. Multiple spotlights soon shift down onto her, basking her in the light.

Nevaeh keeps striking the pose till she sees fit. Once she has she gets off the ropes and makes her way to the opposite side of the ring where she puts one foot on the bottom rope and the other on the middle. She bounces on them while looking out to the crowd and stretches her arms out yet again, encouraging them to get louder.

She then waves her arms wildly at the crowd before heading to a corner.

Zack: Well what about Nevaeh? You think she hasn’t got any killer instinct in the ring? She’s won every title she’s ever challenged for, and is a Hall of Famer.

Kyle: No, I don’t think that about Nevaeh at all. I do think she sticks out like a sore thumb in this match. You got a bunch of women who don’t have half her experience or achievements, but maybe she doesn’t have the confidence she used to have. 

Referee Melinda Davis checks both women, and calls for the bell as Kat leaves the ring. Nevaeh and Caitlyn meet in the center, and the veteran offers her a handshake. This makes Caitlyn smile before she returns the gesture. Just as Caitlyn lets go of the shake, Nevaeh retakes it and jerks her forward into a belly to belly suplex. Storm pops back up, and gets snared in a second and then a third before Summers catches her with an elbow drop to the back before she can get up again. She was about to go for a second, but Caitlyn rolled out of the way and back to her feet. The Hall of Famer surprised her before she could turn around with discus punch to the jaw, and then fired her with velocity into the far corner. She charged in after her, but Caitlyn ran up the corner and landed on her feet behind her. When Summers stopped herself and turned around, Caitlyn sent her through the ropes with a dropkick to the chest. 

Kyle: See, that’s what is always going to work against Caitlyn. She got her little handshake and all that, but Nevaeh showed her up after it was over. 

Zack: What you call showing up was totally legal. And yes, she did get the better of Caitlyn but we got a way to go yet. And Nevaeh’s the one on the apron right now after that point blank dropkick. 

Nevaeh started to get back to her feet on the apron, and Caitlyn grabbed her head from behind. She started firing forearms across her chest repeatedly, causing her to double over a little when she let go finally. Caitlyn spun her around, and scooped her up for a slingshot suplex off the ropes back into the ring. Nevaeh barely had time to sit up before Storm used the ropes for a springboard into an Asai moonsault that landed flush. She hooked the outside leg for the cover, and Davis dropped to count it.

Zack: Caitlyn’s looking for what can only be an upset after that moonsault!



Nevaeh kicked out as the two struck, and shoved her off the cover at the same time. The veteran got back to her feet, only for Caitlyn to meet her with chops to the chest. Each one stepped her back, causing her to lean over and hold her chest. Storm took off for the far side, and came back at top speed. Nevaeh scooped her up into a stun gun across the top rope.

Kyle: See, that was a mistake. You don’t try stuff like that this early with your opponent still on their feet. Nevaeh’s seen it all, and Caitlyn isn’t going to show her anything she hasn’t.

Caitlyn began coughing heavily as Nevaeh pulled herself together. Summers spun her around,, and landed a vertical suplex. She rolled through twice more to make it a trifecta. The former FFW Champion popped up to her feet with Caitlyn still in tow. She didn’t stay there long though before Nevaeh dropped her with a falcon’s arrow in the center of the ring. Storm was given no time at all before the veteran took off with her running bulldog leg drop that was followed up by a leg hook for the cover. 

Zack: GOLDEN STATE OF MIND, and Nevaeh’s about ready to call it a night! Caitlyn never saw that coming!



Storm kicked out as the three was coming down, and Nevaeh sat up on her knees. She took a deep breath, and pulled the Future Shock graduate up with her. She fired Caitlyn into the far corner, measured her, and charged in after her. It looked like she was going for a corner clothesline, but Storm brought both knees up into her face. It wobbled her backwards and allowed Caitlyn to hop up onto the middle turnbuckle and drop her with a blockbuster.

Kyle: I’ll give her credit there. That was a good counter. And she followed up quickly too. Sometimes these girls try to get the crowd’s permission first, which isn’t bright.

Caitlyn leaned against the ropes, trying to get her wind back briefly. That was until she saw Nevaeh starting to rise again. Then the Future Shock graduate bounced off the near side, and caught her with her scissor kick that dropped her again. She immediately dove on top of her to make the cover. 

Zack: Now Caitlyn’s getting in some of her favorite offense. That was STORM FORCE, and Nevaeh’s jaw may be detached from the rest of her skull!




Summers popped her shoulder off the mat, and Caitlyn quickly transitioned into a gator roll. She rolled them both in multiple directions all over the ring till she pulled her up over her shoulders into a Death Valley driver.

Kyle: Looks like Caitlyn’s been watching some of Caroline’s old match footage. Now that was a woman with a killer instinct. 

She bounced back to her feet, and pulled the Hall of Famer with her. A hard Irish whip sent her across to the far side, only for Storm to pop her up into the air for a lungblower on the way down.  Then she stepped over her back, and applied a camel clutch. The referee moved around in front of Nevaeh to check for a submission, but didn’t get anything other than a pained expression on her face. 

Kyle: Caitlyn needed this camel clutch. She’s been going full tilt since the bell rang, and sometimes you need to catch your breath or blow yourself up.

Zack: We can agree on that. Caitlyn’s getting some time to rethink her strategy for the rest of this match, and is keeping Nevaeh reeling at the same time. 

The referee checked again, still getting no such response from Nevaeh about stopping the match. Caitlyn tried to add more pressure by leaning back farther, causing Nevaeh’s face to redden in pain. Another check from the referee got the same response, which is to say none at all other than pain etched across her features. Storm continued trying to lean back further and further, contorting Nevaeh’s body in the process. 

Zack: If Caitlyn pulls back too much more, Nevaeh’s body is gonna be a 90 degree angle. She’s trying to get every single thing she can out of this hold. 

Kyle: Why not? I’m half surprised she hasn’t let her go to ask her if it was alright to keep the hold applied. Maybe I was wrong, maybe that killer instinct is in there somewhere. 

But as Caitlyn leaned back, Nevaeh was able to work her arms free. She got her hands onto the mat, and started to push up on her knees. Summers grabbed her legs, and fought her way back to her feet with Caitlyn in a piggyback ride before she ran backwards. Storm’s back struck the corner, and shook her loose from the hold. Nevaeh stumbled forward holding her back, only for Caitlyn to start following after her. She caught a kick to the gut for her efforts, and Nevaeh nailed a jumping reverse bulldog that planted Caitlyn before she went for the cover!

Zack: You can call that an ode to Steph, but it’s better known as a WALK OF SHAME!! Nevaeh’s got the cover!!!




Caitlyn managed to get her shoulder up in time, and Nevaeh rolled off the cover. She popped back up to her feet, looking the worse for wear after everything she had been through so far. She headed for the corner, and made her way up top before coming off with her spaceman moonsault plancha that ignited the crowd. 

Kyle: Nevaeh hit the LiFT OFF there, but I’m not sure she got all of it she wanted. She’s still feeling the effects of everything Caitlyn has thrown at her. 

Summers struggled to get to her feet, but seemed to be getting more motivated by her fans. She pulled Caitlyn to her feet into a double underhook. It looked like she was going for her finisher, but Caitlyn broke her grip and freed her arms before surprising her with a jawbreaker. It staggered her backwards a couple steps, but only for a second before she came back to get her. Summers walked into a superkick to the jaw that flattened her, and Caitlyn stumbled forward to the corner to make her way up top next. 

Kyle: See, this is a mistake that a manager would tell her about. You got her down, you go for the cover first. THen if she kicks out, try something like that. 

Zack: We’ll find out shortly if you’re right. Caitlyn’s heading up to the high rent district, and these two have thrown everything at each other! The title’s not even on the line!

Caitlyn finally made it to the top rope, and launched herself into a frog splash. But Nevaeh rolled out of the way, and she crashed into the canvas instead. Summers struggled to get back to her feet before connecting with her standing moonsault into a leg hook for the cover. Davis dropped down to make the count. 

Zack: A picture perfect moonsault, and Nevaeh’s leaving Hartford with the win!




Storm’s arm popped up off the mat before the three came down, and the veteran looked at the referee to see if she was sure that wasn’t a three count. Davis told her it was just a two, and Nevaeh looked down to Caitlyn with growing respect. 

Kyle: Valerie wouldn’t be having this problem that Nevaeh is having. She’d already have or be in the process of putting either one of these two down for the count. 

She pulled Caitlyn to her feet, but the former instructor was wobbly. Summers went for a wristlock, then jerked her forward into what was supposed to be a knee strike. But Caitlyn ducked the knee, and spun Nevaeh back towards her, and into a spinning backfist that staggered her. She followed up by planting her head, and drilling her with a powerbomb before rolling through for the cover! 

Zack: Where is Caitlyn getting it from?! That was one hell of a powerbomb, and we’re three seconds from an upset!




Nevaeh began to bridge up underneath her, lifting them both off the mat. Davis’ eyes widened as she watched Summers spin Caitlyn around into a double underhook position. 

Kyle: I’ll give her credit for that. That takes a serious amount of strength to bridge out of a cover like that. And Caitlyn’s about to pay for it big time!

She immediately connected with her snap double underhook DDT that practically bounced Caitlyn off the mat. Summers rolled her over with a hook of both legs this time as Davis dropped to count. 

Zack: THE GRAND FINALE!! Nobody gets up from that!




Kyle: And Caitlyn didn’t either. Gotta hand it to them, that was incredible. It wouldn’t have happened with Valerie, but here...good job, I guess.

Davis called for the bell as Nevaeh struggled to her feet. She got her hand raised in victory, bringing a smile to her face before helping Caitlyn up too. 

Kat: Your winner by pinfall……...NEVAEH SUMMERS!!

Caitlyn was still very dazed as Nevaeh raised her hand, and complimented her on their match. It brought a smile to Storm’s face, even if she looked a little vacant still. 

Zack: They put on one hell of a show for us tonight. Caitlyn and Nevaeh...one of these two women could be the next Fast Track Champion!

Kyle: And if my aunt had balls, she could be my uncle. But that isn’t likely to happen either. You’ll see at Unstoppable.

As the crowd gave both women a roaring applause throughout the arena, Breaking Point headed elsewhere in the XL Center.

All These Champions

We jump in backstage at the XL Center in Hartford where the crowd immediately begins booing the two women on the video wall. That being of course the No Surrender champion “The Typhoon” Bianca Salvador and the Ultraviolence champion “Malicious” Mallory Bennett. Curiously there’s also a large, rather heavy looking pane of glass leaned against the wall.

It looks as though it would take at least some level of force to smash it. Mal breathes in deeply before the member of the Franchise glances at her sister-in-arms and back to the camera.

Mal: Wake up merch-monkeys and cheering sheep. I have a message to give to you and Adam’s pube receptacle Missy. Now Missy... Your beloved British export, the shame of Leeds because Cassandra’s the only good thing to come out of there... She named the match that she has decided to add to my number of successes with this Ultraviolence title. Metal Mayhem. Now I know this pane of glass ain’t metal or nothin’ but I’ve brought it and asked Bianca to help me cuz she knows somethin’ about me better than anyone.

The Ultraviolence champion cleared her throat and glanced at the No Surrender champion.

Mal: Bianca I’m askin this because of our respect for each other and friendship... I want you to smash that glass as hard as you can on my head.

The cameraman filming this can be heard asking an audible, if not flat, “What?”. The Typhoon, on the other hand, didn’t even think twice before picking up to glass pane (with some effort, due to its sheer size), testing it before warning Mallory…

Bianca: I’ll count to three.

Under comments of “is she really going to DO IT?”, Bianca watched as Mallory nodded.

Bianca: Here we go then. One… THREE!

And skipping the count of two like the good asshole she is, Bianca swings the glass pane with full force into Mallory’s skull, the thing exploding into shards all over the place. Shouts of “oh FUCK!” and the like are heard from the filming crew, while Bianca laughs as if she had just witnessed something amazing. The Ultraviolence champion is down on her knees, hands on her head as blood dyes the roots of her bleach blonde streak red.

Mal makes a sound somewhere between one of agony and... Disturbing excitement as the Typhoon kneels beside the Malicious One, stroking her FS19 classmate and playfully grabbing a handful of her hair.

Bianca: That was fun, wasn’t it?

The Ultraviolence champion continues to bleed... Shaking before she looks at Bianca wide-eyed like she just woke up and smiles before motioning as though she might bite the No Surrender champion.

Mal: I wish I could quit ya, darling.

As blood begins to dribble down the head of Mallory Bennett she begins to stand up, shakily.

Mal: You do it for punishment. You do it like that final step of where ya gotta teach a bitch a lesson. Missy... I do it for fun. I do that shit because I enjoy it and if ya don’t believe me, you can ask her. Because Bianca’s tried to run me over with a car, smash bottles on my head, cripple me. This? This was foreplay. This was light flirting... And you’re gonna do what exactly? Show me consequences? Bring the Ultraviolence title back to Chaotic Temptation? Bull. Shit.

She spat out blood.

Mal: Fuck all four of y’all.

Bianca, on the other hand, notices her hand is coated with Mal’s blood. She makes a point to smear her Franchise teammate’s face with it, in what would almost be a slap, if it wasn’t… so weirdly charged with an almost sexual energy. Mal makes a motion to “bite” the NS Champion’s hand, and the blonde just snickers.

Bianca: This is the kind of thing that makes US the Franchise, the faces of this company. The pain and punishment you all say you have in store for us? We’ve been through that before. We’ve grown past the childish jabs, and we dish out and take in pain for fun. If you REALLY want to sound like a challenge to us… Words ain’t gonna cut it, no. Because we not only have the scars…

And then the two champions of the Franchise show off their belts. Sure, Bianca’s is not a hardcore championship, but the Ultraviolence belt and the No Surrender belt sure look good together.

Bianca: But we also have the hardware to back us up. And all you got are words.

Mal: Words... Words and Unity Tag championships that let’s be honest, are like one match away from being in the property of an actual deserving team like Valerie and Lacey. God help us y’all we might actually have Unity Tag champs that don’t make me dry heave! First there’s you to focus on Missy... Cuz I want ya to listen to me close, doll. Really nice and close like.

The camera slowly zooms in on Bennett for a second.

Mal: Go as far as ya want. Sign whatever the fuck you think is gonna make it seem like yer going whole hog. This ain’t pain to me, Missy. This is enjoyment. This is is pleasure. You better bring all that gumption and all that talk bullshit to Unstoppable cuz if you don’t? After I’m done with you? I’mma help pick off everyone of them you run with. Ayano can worry less about Bianca and more about some dark alley one night. Scarlett? Well that’s easy enough. She’s just like me. Put some pretty thing in front of her and her attention wavers long enough that I can put her out permanently. As for Emma... Well, there’s only so many times you can get run down by a car before it sticks.

With a bloody face and pulling a shard of glass from her forehead, the two champions give each other a belt high-five.

Mal: Count down yer days and give yer warnings all ya want, Missy. It’ll be you first... Then them dumb cunts to follow afterward until there ain’t nothing left between the Franchise... And running roughshod all over the rest of ya.

The two champions smile and wave to a very hateful crowd as we cut to commercial.

All Or Nothing

The show returns to the back, and finds the owner of the company standing alone. No one in the arena gives Samantha any appreciation, only boos as she’s seen on the video wall. 

Samantha: The wonderful thing about our relationship is all of you pay money to see and hear me, not vice versa. Now if you’ll permit me, I have an announcement to make as it pertains to Unstoppable 10. I have heard the comments and wishes of Sophia Pike for several weeks now, and I am fully aware that she wants to be in the FFW Championship picture. So too does every woman who comes through the door, but they don’t all have her success. So at Unstoppable 10 on July 27th only on FFW All Access, I’m going to give her the chance to prove to me she deserves to be in that conversation. Because on that night for the first time ever, she will face a woman who has been FFW Champion more than once: Leona Vega.

This gets a pop from the fans, obviously due to their love for the Aztec Warrior. 

Samantha: Which leaves me to the main event, and I have a feeling that will be announced in a matter of….

Seth joins her in the shot, also getting a positive reaction from the crowd. And for once, Samantha looks like she’s happy to see him too.

Seth: You had something you wanted to talk about with me? A gamble, I believe, you were interested in making?

Samantha: You’re right. I’ve been thinking about this for a while now, and it occurs to me that we both have something we would love. For me, it’s to be rid of you from FFW. And for you, I’m guessing….it would be to see your traitorous wife get the opportunity of a lifetime at the FFW Championship.

Seth rolls his eyes at the adjective. 

Seth: Would I love to see Savannah challenge for the FFW Championship? Of course, I would. But do I plan on quitting my post that you gave me? Absolutely not. But you have my interest, so please go ahead.

Samantha: What I propose is a little wager. I’m going to give Savannah a shot at the FFW Championship on FFW’s biggest stage of all time Unstoppable 10, against Shaw. 

Another pop from the crowd, and Seth looks more than a little surprised.

Seth: I sense a but coming.

Samantha: Perceptive. But if I do that and give her and you the chance at what you both want most, you have to be willing to give up something. I’ll make the match. And if she wins, you’re both happy and I continue to suffer you because of past misdeeds. But if she loses, you quit. You will no longer be the COO of this company, and you will resign permanently. That’s the deal. I guess the question for you to really answer is how confident are you that your wife can get the job done? And knowing you as I do, is it worth risking everything you have?

Seth doesn’t respond for a moment, so Samantha continues.

Samantha: You’ve always been a self-serving ingrate. Everything has always been about ‘what’s in it for you/” since the day I knew you existed. How much do you really love and care for your wife? And are you willing to put everything on the line for her? 

Seth still seems to be pondering the decision before finally turning his attention back to his half-sister. 

Seth: For some time now, you have failed to see the changes I’ve tried to make within myself to become a better person. I’m tired of trying to show that to you. Do I have faith that Savannah can become the FFW Champion? Without question. Am I willing to put my job on the line to prove it? 

Samantha’s eyebrows rose as she awaited the answer. 

Seth: Without question.

This gets another pop from the crowd. 

Samantha: Just like I thought you would. For your sake, you better hope that faith is well placed. Because if I know Savannah and you don’t have that COO job after Unstoppable, something tells me her interest in you….romantic or otherwise….will come to a screeching halt. And then you will really have absolutely nothing. We’ll find out at Unstoppable 10, won’t we?

Samantha turns on her heel, and walks away leaving Seth to think about the decision. A graphic for the main event of Unstoppable 10 is shown before we cut to commercial. 

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