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June 24, 2024, 09:13:02 am
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 on: June 18, 2024, 01:39:07 pm 
Started by Adam Grant - Last post by Adam Grant
Wrestlers’ Names: Crystal Caldwell and Stephanie Sullivan

Tag Team Name: SOS  Submit or Surrender

Combined Weight: 240 lbs

Alignment Scale 1 - 100 (Face or Heel):
Crystal Caldwell  30
Stephanie Sullivan 49

Twitter Accounts, If Any?: @Crystal_Hilton   @StephSully313

Entrance Description

Baby Got Back by Sir Mix A Lot begins to blast loudly across the speakers. As it does spotlights hit the curtain and we can see the silhouettes of two females kissing through the curtain. This immediately gets the crowd cheering frantically and one girl pushes the other away we are now able to see Stephanie walking through the curtain. She grabs her robes and instantly breaks out into the Open Jacket Orgasm. She pumps her chest with her legs spread open and that’s when her partner Crystal Hilton slides through the legs. She rises up with her back turned to the audience as she begins to booty pop. The crowd begins to cheer even louder as the two gently kiss on the lips before sprinting to the ring.

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen making their way to the ring from Detroit Michigan they are Crystal Zdunich-Caldwell and Stephanie Sullivan, Submit Or Surrender!

The two clap the hands of the outstretched fans as they cater to them slapping each and every hand. Stephanie is the first in the ring and she breaks out the OJO once again leaning against the ropes while Crystal does her trademark split through Stephanie’s legs the two rise up offering smirks to the crowd. In unison they take off their Golden and Silver robes revealing very sexy matching wrestling attires. They begin to shake their ass waiting in anticipation for their opponents.

Include Link to Singles Bio for Each Wrestler On The Roster Board for Each Moveset:

Team Signatures (Recognizable Team Moves):

It’s Detroit 2004 All Over Again - Crystal smirks as she grabs her opponent and begins to make out with them... At the same time Stephanie is behind the opponent grinding against them. She wraps her arms snugly around them as Crystal gently pushes away. Crystal delivers her Flashing Lights kick to their face as Stephanie bridges backwards with a bridging German Suplex Pin.  (Kiss...German Suplex Pin...Roundhouse Kick Combo)

BPO (Booty Poppin Orgasm) Crystal smiles as she whips an opponent into the corner. Crystal then grabs Stephanie and whips her into the corner. Stephanie collides with the opponent in the corner and she remains there grinding her breasts against the opponent’s face. The opponent slumps down and Crystal runs towards the corner. She does a cartwheel before grinding with a hip attack against the opponent’s face. She then begins to dance grinding her butt against the opponent’s face causing the crowd to cheer loudly.

Team Finishing Moves (name & description):

Submit & Surrender - Crystal has her opponent locked in her Sublimation (Cattle Mutilation) as she stretches her opponent backwards she begins to shake her ass to showboat a bit. At the same exact time Stephanie has her leg in between Crystal’s legs as she cups backwards with her StephTD (Muta Lock) around opponents head. She arches upwards thrusting her chest upwards and the two keep the submission locked on tightly waiting for a Submission victory.

SOS -  (Steph Infection into Code Breaker) Stephanie lifts her opponent and looks to nail her widows peak (Widow’s Peak/Gory Breaker) As she finally drops her opponent, Crystal is right there to grab a hold of the opponent’s head and drives her knees right into their face to knock them out.

Tag Team Biography (what brings them together to FFW): They are two girls from Detroit who have been the best of friends. They had their bad moments and their good moments but at the end of the day they are really close. They both grew up in Detroit together tackling on the club life among everything else even having a child by the same man.

They are both past that and have both had successful singles runs but they want to show the world what they can do together as a tag team. They want to bring their Detroit club life to the wrestling ring and show everyone what they can do when they work together. When the two are in the same room no good can come out of it. They are massively flirty and together use their feminine ways into getting what they want... They both spell trouble together... hence one needs SOS.... Send that distress signal quickly...

Past Achievements (only real feds): One time Tag Champions together

 on: June 18, 2024, 12:58:44 pm 
Started by Adam Grant - Last post by Adam Grant

 on: June 18, 2024, 12:58:21 pm 
Started by Adam Grant - Last post by Adam Grant

 on: June 18, 2024, 12:57:58 pm 
Started by Adam Grant - Last post by Adam Grant

 on: June 18, 2024, 12:57:32 pm 
Started by Adam Grant - Last post by Adam Grant

 on: June 18, 2024, 12:57:08 pm 
Started by Adam Grant - Last post by Adam Grant

 on: June 18, 2024, 12:56:41 pm 
Started by Adam Grant - Last post by Adam Grant

 on: June 18, 2024, 12:56:15 pm 
Started by Adam Grant - Last post by Adam Grant

 on: June 18, 2024, 12:53:11 pm 
Started by Adam Grant - Last post by Adam Grant

 on: June 18, 2024, 12:47:31 pm 
Started by Adam Grant - Last post by Adam Grant

The show returned from the break to a darkened arena before Lexi began to speak in the center of the ring bringing it back to full illumination.

Lexi: The following contest is scheduled for one fall to a finish with a 20 minute time limit! And it is part of the Race to Go Nova series!

Zack: One of the two women we’re about to see will move within one win of being the first challenger for Jamie Winters’ Nova Championship. Who do you give the edge to between Luci and Delilah?

Claire: Luci has enjoyed a lot of success since her return and making it known that she had her eye on the title. But Delilah has certainly bounced back from the disappointment of Global Wars with a big win over River. I think it’s just about even but if you’re going to push me and twist my arm, I think Luci might have the slightest of edges.

The lights in the arena go dark, then turns back on, only with red lighting. Then, as the intro of “Zombified (Instrumental)” by Falling In Reverse blares into the arena, smoke emerges from under the stage prompting the crowd to react accordingly to mixed reaction as they focus on the stage, for they knew who was coming out…

As the song officially starts, Delilah comes out of the curtain, her arms extended outward to greet the crowd and then stands on the stage for a few seconds, with her hands on her hips and scanning the crowd before looking directly at the ring and/or her opponent in the ring, all with a confident demeanor. She then makes her way down the ramp towards the ring.

Lexi: Making her way to the ring, from Manchester, England, weighing in at 128 pounds, she is “The Gaijin Assassin", DELILAH CAMERONNNNNNNNNN!

Delilah walks around the ring once and then jumps up to the apron. From the outside, she goes up to a nearby corner and poses to the crowd. Soon after, Delilah comes down and goes towards the middle area of the ring, where she wipes her feet on the apron and then enters the ring by flipping over the ropes and rolling into a cross-legged seated position. (NOTE: If her opponent is already in the ring, Delilah will enter the same way, only in the direction of her opponent, still keeping her eyes on her with a calculated smirk on her face.)

She then immediately gets to her feet and heads toward the corner, taking off her jacket and doing her pre-match stretches, readying herself for the match or waiting for her opponent to appear.

Zack: The last time we saw Delilah in the ring, she scored a cheap countout win over River after attacking a senior citizen from behind, namely DOC. She also made the case for herself before that match that she was the biggest news story coming out of the Global Wars event last month. And well….she was nowhere on that show.

Claire: I guess it’s always good to have a high opinion of yourself and be confident to take such a leap of logic that you were the best thing about a show you weren’t on. As for her win last time out…I’m sure she’d tell you Zack that it all counts and puts her one step closer to the Nova Championship. A position that she could cement with another big win here.

“All of the kings have their queens on the throne
We will pop champagne and raise a toast
To all of the queens who are fighting alone
Baby you’re not dancing on your own”

Ava Max’s “Kings and Queens” comes out over the speakers, bringing a cheer from the crowd in attendance. The Australian wrestler steps out from behind the curtain. She stops in the centre of the stage to take it in, looking around her with a smile on her face.

Lexi: On her way to the ring, for Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, please welcome LUCIIIIIII!

Still smiling widely, Luci heads down to the ring, high fiving fans on her way down. Once at the bottom, she pushes herself onto the apron and uses the top rope to vault herself over, landing on her feet. Once there, she goes to her corner and hops onto the middle turnbuckle, throwing her hands into the air and grinning. As she comes back down the music fades out.

Zack: This woman was, however, a part of the Global Wars event last month. It’s where she made her return to FFW on the Future Shock roster and began her climb towards the Nova Championship not too long after. I’ve always felt Luci is a world class athlete, and she might be about to take a big step forward to facing Jamie here.

Claire: She’s always been very impressive every time that she has stepped into the ring and competed. She picked up a win over Allison Sullivan in the first round of the Race To Go Nova which has kept that momentum from Global Wars rolling. Whoever wins tonight will be in prime position to win this race and meet Jamie.

Referee Jennifer Stringer called for the bell to start the match as Luci kept her eyes firmly focused on Delilah as she limbered up in her corner. Finally, the social media darling headed out of the corner. She offered Luci a handshake as she approached, but it was pretty clear that the Aussie didn’t trust Delilah for a second. She glanced down to her hand, and instead of reaching for it…she kicked her in the stomach and started teeing off with right hands to the head. That brought the crowd to life as Luci grabbed her head and drove her face first into the corner repeatedly before using a fireman’s carry takedown to drop her on the mat.

Zack: I wouldn’t have taken that handshake either, Claire. Luci’s far too seasoned to let Delilah trick her like that.

Claire: Yes she is and she’s seen that story too many times before. Delilah needs to come up with something a lot more cunning and conniving than that to outwit Luci.

Cameron sat up, but not without incident as Luci fired a stiff kick into her back. Two more landed before she pulled her up from behind with a rear waistlock followed by a release German suplex. She tried to get up again, but Luci beat her to it as she pulled her up from behind a second time for a second release German suplex. The starlet started back to her feet again, trying to catch Luci with a mule kick as she approached from behind. But the Aussie grabbed her foot instead, causing her to turn and hop on the other foot before Luci used a dragon screw leg whip to snap her to the mat. She started to grab her knee before the former Nova Champion snatched up her foot, and flipped her over into an ankle lock. Delilah’s eyes widened as she couldn’t get to the ropes fast enough, walking on her hands quickly and getting there before Stringer asked for a break. Luci obliged her as soon as she did.

Zack: I don’t think I’ve seen Luci use the ankle lock before, and it seems like she’s been adding to her arsenal to help her win this Race. I always say when you stop learning, you start stagnating in this business.

Claire: In a company this competitive, you’ve got to continuously look to try and give yourself whatever edge that you can in an effort to stay ahead of your competition.

Cameron rolled to the apron and back to her feet on the outside of the ring. She wanted the referee to keep Luci back, but she made the mistake of grabbing the top rope with both hands. That prompted the Aussie to do the same and slingshot her back inside to the canvas. Luci had the crowd solidly behind her as she bridged the gap. Delilah got to her feet, starting to complain to the referee before Luci interrupted that by taking her down with a Russian leg sweep.

Zack: I’m not sure what Delilah was going to complain to the referee about there, but maybe she should focus on Luci, who so far has done nothing illegal. All I can accuse her of is being very effective.

Claire: I can only guess that Delilah wanted her to do a better job and be quicker at moving Luci back to a neutral corner. Though once the boat had sailed, she should know that she has to focus on the opponent.

Delilah started to get to her feet again, aided by Luci who tried to suplex her again from behind. But this time, the Instagram influencer grabbed the top rope to prevent that. Luci measured a trio of headbutts to the base of her neck before hooking her head and bringing her down with a neckbreaker anyway. It was when she went to grab her foot again that Cameron rolled out of the ring, prompting Stringer to begin her ten count.

Zack: As I was saying, Luci has been nothing but effective since the bell rang and that’s continued since. I’m sure River is enjoying watching this as she waits to get a second round with our Instagram darling.

Claire: I’m sure part of her is praying that Delilah doesn’t get hurt tonight and delay her chance at getting revenge. In fact, I’m kinda surprised that she’s not already come down here to try and get her pound of flesh - after all she’s in no worse place if Delilah or Luci move to two wins in the race.

Luci wasn’t interested in waiting as she leaned through the ropes to grab her by the head to pull her back inside. That’s what Delilah wanted as she dropped down to the floor and snapped her neck across the middle rope. It choked her up a great deal before Delilah rushed back into the ring, catching her with a running kneelift to the face to send her staggering backwards followed by a DDT. She glanced at the camera asking where her good luck charm, DOC, was before delivering a double knee drop into Luci’s back. After that, she scooped her legs up and applied a sharpshooter submission.

Zack: She got what she wanted there. Delilah wanted Luci to go out after her, but through the ropes works too. And it’s gotten her foot in the door to help get her into this cloverleaf.

Claire: I’m not sure antagonizing River any further is a good idea for Delilah. You’d think those would cross paths sooner rather than later.

The problem for Delilah was that she was close enough to the ropes that Luci was able to start reaching for them. She had to claw and stretch a bit, but she managed to get her hand across the bottom rope. Stringer immediately began a count to break the hold as Delilah held till the four count and finally dropped her legs. She reached down to grab her feet to try for it again, only to get two boots to the chest from Luci that sent her stumbling backwards. The Aussie got back to her feet as Delilah charged her from behind, pushing her into the ropes before she went for an O’Conner roll! Stringer quickly dropped to count.

Zack: I don’t think she’s done nearly enough to pin Luci for three, but there’s a rollup!


Luci kicked out with both legs and propelled Delilah forward. She stopped herself before she ran into the ropes, but didn’t turn around fast enough to prevent her opponent from kipping up and catching her with a dropkick to the back that sent her through the ropes out to the apron.

Claire: Delilah mounting some offense there and it was much needed, but now she’s back in trouble already.

She got back to her feet on the apron as Luci charged her this time, but she caught her coming forward with an elbow smash to the jaw. Then she hooked Luci’s head over the top rope and slid her legs over the middle around her waist for a standing guillotine choke on the ropes. Stringer immediately started counting as Delilah argued she wasn’t choking Luci..the rope was. But at four, she finally let go and slipped back into the ring as Luci spun around coughing and trying to get her wind back.

Zack: I don’t think I’ve ever seen a guillotine choke like that before! Delilah’s reasserted her control here, and needs to stay on Luci and worry less about debating the referee’s calls.

Claire: Nice try from Delilah to attempt to stop the count and make more out of the choke but Stringer is one of our most experienced referees and was wise to it from the very start.

A full nelson facebuster put Luci on the mat before she rolled her over for the cover with the far leg hooked.

Zack: This cover might be more successful!



And it was, but Luci still got her shoulder up. She rolled the Aussie onto her stomach and applied a straitjacket submission by sitting on her back and pulling her arms around her neck. The referee dropped into position as Delilah informed her this was how she put River to sleep, which the referee ignored to do her job.

Claire: Delilah has to keep her mind on this match and not worry about what she did last time out. Luci isn’t River and what worked against the musician might not necessarily work tonight.

The influencer leaned back, trying to make the hold as tight as possible. She also kept talking to the camera, River, in particular. She asked her if she remembered this. The Madison crowd was trying to rally Luci back as the referee checked for a submission. Luci didn’t give one though. It was at this point that the crowd began murmuring. The sound got louder as Delilah looked over her shoulder onto the stage to see River Campbell making her second appearance of the night. She immediately let go of the hold and told the referee to stop her as the musician was heading towards the ring.

Claire: Like Beetlejuice….mention her name three times and she will appear. And Delilah is probably going to wish that she hadn’t.

Zack: We saw River competing at the top of the show, and it looks like she’s ready for another match right now judging by that look on her face and her body language.

River made it to the ring before the referee headed towards her. Delilah made sure to stay right behind Stringer as the referee politely asked the musician to return to the locker room. It didn’t help matters that Delilah was mocking her over Stringer’s shoulder, prompting the guitarist to climb onto the apron. All the while, Luci was getting her breath back and starting to make it to her feet.

Claire: As much as I don’t want to distract security from the potential Williams problem, we might need one or two out here just to take River out of here before she does something to Stringer she regrets and to Delilah that she’ll relish.

Zack: Agreed on all counts. And while Delilah is focused on River, a certain Aussie blonde is back on her feet!

Luci turned to see what was going on, surprising Delilah with a backstabber as she was looking the other way. She clearly asked River to leave her be till the match was over before she took off for the far side. Cameron was rising up, only to get put down again with a fameasser from the Aussie. However, River was still on the apron as the referee was trying to reason with her. Delilah started to stir again until Luci connected with her spinning knee strike! It crumpled the blonde before she went for the cover!

Zack: SHATTERED!! That’s Luci’s favorite! She’s about to be one step closer to challenging Jamie!

But the referee was still tied up with River, demanding she leave before the musician glanced over to see Luci with the cover and hopped down. Stringer turned around and dove into position to make the count.




But Delilah got her shoulder off the mat before the three count landed, and Luci had a very irritated look on her face as she sat up. Then Jake was on the way down as he got River’s attention before approaching her.

Claire: River might just have given Delilah the few precious seconds that she needed to get her shoulder up.

Luci dragged Delilah to her feet, and whipped her across to the far side. She followed after her on the rebound with a running knee to the midsection that doubled her over. A gutwrench powerbomb followed as another camera got close to overhear what Jake was saying to River.

Jake: If you leave ringside right now and let this match finish, I’ll make the match with you and Delilah in two weeks.

He told her as the fuming guitarist looked back to the ring, catching a sidelong stare from Luci before she looked back to Jake.

Zack: That sounds like a fair deal to me, Claire.

Claire: It does…and if Delilah can turn this one around and find a way to win, she could well win the Race by beating River in two weeks. How much would she love that for her Instagram followers?

Jake: But you have to go now.

He pointed towards the stage as River was still staring a hole through the blonde on the mat, but finally nodded her head and told him he had a deal before she headed up towards the back. Jake touched his earpiece, hearing something before he took off as well around the stage. Luci watched as River headed up the ramp as the referee kept a watchful eye…not seeing Delilah use a low blow to drop the Aussie to her knees before she turned back around.

Claire: Even as she leaves, River provides a distraction and an opening for Delilah. How much more angry do you think she’ll be if Delilah wins this one because of her?

Zack: Probably no more irate than Luci will be, because I think she’s had her dead to rights already in this match. River is now heading to the back, and Jake took off too. I bet I know what that’s about!

Cameron made it back to her feet with Luci kneeling over on her knees in pain. The influencer pulled her up to her feet, and delivered a stalling brainbuster before going for the cover with the far leg hooked.

Zack: If Delilah wins this match….




But Luci got her shoulder up again, much to the delight of the crowd. Delilah’s face scowled a bit that she didn’t get the job done, but rose back to her feet and glanced back to see River was no longer in eyesight.

Claire: It was close but Delilah still needs something else to end this and move one step closer to winning the Race To Go Nova, but she’s too busy checking to see if River’s watching or not.

Delilah pulled Luci back to her feet, hooking her head before she scooped her up into position for her muscle buster. But the Aussie wiggled free, landing on her feet beside her…only to spin her towards her and onto her shoulders into a Samoan drop. Both women lay on the canvas at that point as Stringer began her ten count.

Zack: Luci had one of Delilah’s favorites well scouted, and credit to her. Meanwhile, there is all manner of chaos going on in the back. I think Luci just needs to hit that knee strike one more time, and put this to bed!

Claire: One more Shattered and that could be the knockout shot! Whoever gets up first though, will be in prime position.

Stringer got to a six count before Luci sat up finally. Delilah did the same at seven. The influencer started to get up as Luci circled behind her, seemingly following Zack’s advice as she measured Delilah.

Zack: I doubt she heard me, but I think we’re on the same wavelength here! Luci’s in position!

Delilah turned into the perfect position, and caught a second spinning knee strike to the temple that folded her like a house of cards to the mat. Luci dove on top of her for the cover as Stringer slid into position.

Zack: SHATTERED…once more with feeling! It’s academic now!!




Stringer called for the bell to a pop from the crowd as one of the cameramen took off towards the back next. Luci made it to her feet, and got her hand raised in victory.

Lexi: Your winner by pinfall and advancing in the Race to Go Nova…..LUCI!!!

Claire: Luci picks up a huge win and has all the momentum behind her right now as she needs just one more win to get to three and claim the Nova Championship shot.

Luci’s music started to play as she listened to the fan response, bringing a smile to her face before she told the camera it was two down and only one to go.

Zack: Right, you are! Luci puts away Delilah and takes a step ahead of the rest of the pack. You gotta think she’s now the favorite to win this Race, Claire.

Claire: She pretty much controls her own destiny in this competition. She knows that one win is all she needs and in some respects, the pressure is off a little because she can afford a slip up. For the others in the Race, though, they desperately need her to falter at the finish line for them to still be in with a chance.

The scene immediately switched to a long hallway as the person holding the camera was running at top speed towards an exit door. As soon as they got to the door and went through, there was a mob of security guards all around in the parking area as both of the Belles were sat against the wall in pain as Jenny, Emily and Brittany stood a few feet away. There was debris on the ground which had clearly been used on the Hall of Famers.

Zack: Good Lord….they weren’t inside the arena. They were in the staff parking area. I’m being told this started mere moments ago!

The Belles made it back to their feet with a scowl on their faces, taking off towards the trio again as the fight began anew with security trying to separate them…and getting hit by the Dynasty for their troubles.

Claire: Security have got their work cut out for them here and they’re taking their licks trying to keep these girls separated!

Zack: We’re only a week and change away from Forsaken, and the Dynasty came to Future Shock to take one of the three women here out of that match!

But the sides were soon evened as the Future Shock Champion came out of another door with a chain wrapped around her ist. She made a beeline for the trio of Williams women, and started slugging away and hitting anything that moved. Missy and the Belles were getting the better of the brawl though, much to the delight of the fans watching in the arena. One of the car doors opened as Sofia stepped out with an aluminum baseball bat in her hand as she maneuvered around behind the trio..particularly Missy.

Zack: There’s Sofia…slithering like the snake she is! I don’t know if Missy realizes she’s coming up behind her with that Louisville Slugger! I bet she hid the whole time and let her flunkies do the fighting!

Claire: I hope Missy does realise for her own good. Otherwise the Belles and Vivi might be looking for another partner for Forsaken!

She leaned back with the bat aimed for Missy’s head as she wasn’t facing her when the sound of tires squealing could be heard and headlights flooded the parking area. A car stopped several feet away as Vivi Traeger stepped out, taking off towards the melee. The fans popped at the sight of her.

Zack: I didn’t even know Vivi was in town, but if it’s a brawl the Dynasty wants, I think we got the sides pretty even now!

Claire: All eight members of the tag match are here and none of them seem to be holding anything back for Forsaken!

And as soon as the sides were even, the Dynasty bolted for two other cars and sped out of the parking lot. Angelina and Arabella looked between their tag partners as Missy found the Louisville Slugger Sofia dropped, taking in deep breaths with a thunderous expression.

Zack: To the surprise of no one, Sofia and her flunkies want nothing to do with a fight if the sides are even. Forsaken is a week from Saturday, fans, only on FFW All Access. Title versus title in the main event and nothing but grudge matches besides that! Including that 8 woman elimination tag match that we just got a live preview of when we get to Boston! And I don’t love the Dynasty’s chances against the Belles, Vivi and Missy!

Claire: They’ve been poking four of the most talented and vicious bears in the forest. Missy, Vivi and the Belles are going to maul them. And if Missy takes along that Louisville slugger it could well be a bloodbath.

Zack: TD Garden. June 29th. Forsaken. You got that right! We’re coming home, Boston!

The foursome exchanged looks as the fans in the arena watching were wholly in support of them as Future Shock faded off the air.

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