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December 09, 2022, 12:49:16 am
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 on: December 01, 2022, 05:25:08 pm 
Started by Samantha Star - Last post by Samantha Star

The video begins in what looks to be the interior of a production truck with a wall of monitors in the background all making one big picture: that being the Shockwave logo. As the camera pulls back, there’s a pair of comfortable chairs on either side of a table with drinks on it. And sitting in those chairs? Future Shock’s River Campbell and DOC.

The main difference between now and the two previous episodes is that the set is decorated for Christmas. A tree sits behind both hosts, and DOC is sporting a Santa cap on his head. His attention though is on the lifesize cardboard cutout of Lacey that’s standing between their chairs till his attention gets diverted when someone behind the camera clear their throat.

DOC: Hi, everyone! Welcome to the third edition of Shockwave! Today, we’re gonna cover the Red Alert show this past week! You all know the 2022 Wrestler of the Year in Future Shock River Campbell!

Then he goes back to admiring the Lacey cardboard cutout of her in a short black dress.

River: Hi guys, pleasure to be here for the third ever Shockwave as we round up Red Alert….and I guess I might be doing a lot of the heavy lifting here, unless someone wants to take this out of here? Maybe send it to a lonely– I mean lucky fan who has ordered a Lacey of their own from the website? Or you’ve got a can of paint or a marker pen and we can make that dress a little longer. Maybe give her a monobrow too.

DOC: This show is sponsored today by our merchandise site, where you can get this Lacey premium cardboard lifesize cutout for your home. And she’s not the only one available, many of the FFW and Future Shock girls are all available for $49.99. So I had them bring a few of my favorites so we could show them off during the show. They also come in wall stickers if you want to liven up you and your wife’s bedroom, for example.

River: Honestly, DOC, I’m not sure what you see in Lacey. She doesn’t have anything I don’t have….she just has more of it in certain places is all.

DOC: Yeah, but that can be said for a few of the women here. You have a cutout too! Let’s go ahead and bring in the next one before we get started.

A production assistant picks up the Lacey cutout and heads off camera with it, while DOC watches it get taken away before another assistant sets up the Arabella cutout.

DOC: See there? I asked for Arabella…because look at her. And I figure that’s a good place to start with Red Alert, which was in Minneapolis last weekend on All Access. And Arabella was part of the show, right? I think she’s a little taller than you too.

River: She wears heels more often than I do. Plus, DOC, she has a boyfriend with one heck of a right hook who will fight for her honor. And you’re right, Arabella was part of the Red Alert show, she went toe to toe with our resident Weathergirl, Fiona O’Dalaigh to decide who would get to face the Nova Champion for her title next. The match seemed to go down a storm with the fans but it wasn’t a great night for Fiona. Arabella really rained on her parade, don’t you think?

DOC: It’s funny you use all those puns there, River. I did send an email to Kyle about having Fiona join us on the show today, but I never got a reply back. You’re right though. Fiona didn’t have a great night especially after having her personal property destroyed. I think that might have played a part for her, because she does like to keep her bumbershoot handy. I like that word better than umbrella.

River: As was mentioned on commentary, if she was that broken up about her … bumbershoot… she should have left it in the back. Or at least left it with Kyle to protect. That said, I’m not sure regular, run of the mill umbrellas spark when you break them in two. They might, I haven’t done any scientific research into them or asked on Reddit, but gut instinct suggests that they wouldn’t do that.  That allowed her to get distracted and she had to fight hard to get back into it. I guess a bright spot for her would be that she did come close to getting her hand raised and did cause Arabella plenty of problems throughout the match and now she’s got a month to analyze what went wrong, reset and try to correct those problems in 2023.

DOC: Congratulations to Arabella on the win though! She looked like she was in her best form that night. Wouldn’t you agree?

As he spoke, the Arabella cutout was taken off camera and replaced with one for Vee Chandler.

River: I completely agree with that. Madyson Stone is going to have a lot of issues when Arabella comes calling looking to claim that title from her. Stone will need to have all her wits about her and be at her best for her reign to continue beyond that match because Townshend looks to be in the form of her life.

The musician glanced at the cut out and rolled her eyes before she looked back to DOC.

River: Out of interest do you have a cut out for sale? I’m sure there are plenty of our female fanbase who are  of a certain vintage and would like to have a bit of DOC around.

DOC: Nah, the cutouts are of the women who work here. Maybe they thought no one would be able to focus with me in the room. Or one of the other guys like Adam or Kyle or Jake, all three of which I’m sure someone would find attractive somewhere.

River: I’m sure they would but I’m just thinking about hitting up all the demographics out there is all. I’m sure you must get whatever the modern day equivalent of fan mail is. People who watch these as soon as they go live just to see the DOC. Just saying, maybe it’s something they should be thinking about.

DOC: Well I am big on TikTok and Cameo. I never told you but I make five figures just doing those now!

River: Then I guess you can treat yourself to the Lacey and the Arabella and the Vivacious Vee cut out - have one for each room - and can pick up the tab for lunch later. Anyway, back to Red Alert. We’ve talked about Arabella’s big victory, setting up a huge start to the new year for her…where would you like to go to next? NHB and Vicious and Vivacious?

DOC: Right! See, some people are saying that was a big upset for Vee and Michelle. I’m not so sure. I’ve come to learn that Vee has a very tactical and brilliant mind, you see. I’d put her on the same level of intelligence as Napoleon…at least till he decided to go into Russia. She has a very analytical mind, a keen insight really. I think she learned a lot from when the Wicked Storm faced NHB…and put that high intellect to work.

River: It didn’t seem to work for them so well in the early stages of the match when they tried that Pearl Harbour job before the bell rang. But I guess that’s a case of losing the battle but winning the war right? I’ll give them credit, they took the best No Holding Back - one of the most experienced and decorated teams in the company - could throw at them, we saw Vee and Michelle work well as a team together and when it started to get a little chaotic and Dante made his presence known, they managed to take full advantage of it. The Midnight Storm could have their work cut out for them against these two and I personally wouldn’t bet against us seeing a change at the top of the tag division, given how the challengers thrive once it starts to breakdown and their abilities to play the referee like a fiddle.

As she finishes, the Vee cutout is replaced with one of Caitlyn Storm throwing a kick. And the way it’s positioned looks like she’s kicking River in the head to the viewers.

DOC: Speaking of the Midnight Storm, one of them got two titles now! That was another match people said was an upset since the Evolution Champion had held it for an age. But Caitlyn here…I’m proud of her! She worked hard to get this rematch, she pulled out the win in the clutch and has a title for each shoulder. Or one for her waist and the other for her shoulder. Or both around her waist stacked on top of each other.

River: It must be a nice problem to have - trying to decide how you wear your two titles when you have them. I’m sure that despite her humility, she’s probably spent ten or fifteen minutes trying out all the different combinations to try and work out what looks best on her. And she fully deserves to be one of the very few in company history to have held two title belts. She works incredibly hard, does things the right way and has never allowed herself to lose her smile or get downhearted. She trusted in the process and it paid off for her. As for this being an upset…I disagree. This has been coming for Casey since the match with Nevaeh, she’s often found herself on the wrong end of a beating and somehow found a way to win, that streak of luck had to come to an end sometime. We know Caitlyn will go on to be a fine and worthy Evolution Champion, but what’s next for Casey do you think?

DOC: I’m not sure. I don’t know her that well, but I did donate some money to her mission after the show. I made it from both of us, so that way we can both be blessed.

River: Really? I couldn’t tell the difference between now and then. Do we get like a certificate or something? Officially blessed by Casey Atherton? Maybe something we can show at the Pearly Gates to prove we’ve seen the light and be saved or redeemed or whatever it is she talks about doing? Or do we just hope and have faith you’ve made a good investment in our eternal wellbeing?

DOC: I don’t know about all that, but I did get as my reward for donating a rare Casey Atherton NFT. I don’t know what you do with a NFT, but we got one now.

River: A rare Casey Atherton NFT. I’m sure that’s worth the paper it’s printed on.

DOC: It’s of her and Jesus.

River: Then I guess you truly are blessed and are lucky enough to be able to look upon Casey and Jesus anytime your heart desires. I’m sure she’ll even give you the chance to buy her a Christmas gift too so you can both celebrate the birth of Christ.

The Caitlyn cutout was replaced by one of Lilly Arthur holding the titanium title over her head.

DOC: Next up, a successful defense of the No Surrender Championship by this lady right here. Lilly nearly had her hand crushed practically during this match, but she persevered against Valerie and retained her title. I like Lilly a lot, and remind me to show you a TikTok later NHB took of her a few months back. She really likes drummers, if you know any.

River: I know plenty. I’m not sure her husband would be happy about me introducing her to any that I’d take home to meet my mother….or the ones that I would NEVER take home to meet mom and would deny all knowledge of their existence if mom started to question me about them. And I’m pretty sure Lilly won’t be doing much with a drum kit, not this side of Christmas anyway. Valerie really went to town on her arm and her wrist in particular and throughout that match, it looked like that hand was pretty much useless to Lilly and was causing her pain with almost every movement. And you have to say, it was a masterful strategy by Valerie. There’s not many submissions you can apply when you’ve only got one hand. She came closer than anyone has to ending Lilly’s reign.

DOC: I’d agree with that! And finally, it’s the main event. A strap match for the FFW Championship between Lacey and Kelly Kincaid. I bet both of them hurt just to move at all right now, even a week later. That leather strap saw plenty of use.

River: Lacey was especially inventive in using the strap right at the start of the match. She knew that Kelly’s advantage lies in her movement and being able to use all of the ring and she stopped that from before the bell. And when the match finally got underway, you could tell that these two had a long rivalry, one that will probably never be settled. They used every single part of the ring that they could to do damage to each other. They whipped each other like they were trying to remove flesh from the bone. They were both as brutal and vicious as they were inventive and determined.

DOC: Kelly retained her title there, but she and Lacey probably don’t feel like winners even today. Good thing they both got some time off now. If you guys missed any of the show, go check it out on FFW All Access. While you’re there, you can watch the Future Shock show three nights later. After watching that show, I am hereby declaring River will never be involved in a match determined by a wheel.

River: Yeah, that was one heck of a match between Ruby and Charlotte wasn’t it? More a case of surviving than winning. But c’mon DOC. We’ll never say never. Show me the right wheel and I’ll be happy to pull the lever and face someone in whatever comes up. Might even be fun, DOC - if the right matches are on the wheel and they don’t all involve glass or fire or electricity or straps.

The Lilly cutout is soon replaced by another one, this time being Scarlett Kincaid.

DOC: The next time you’ll see us here on Shockwave will be after Crossed Out on February 25th. Two matches have already been signed for the show with V and V facing the Midnight Storm for the Unity Titles. You’ll also see “Sensational” Stacey Sky face Scarlett Kincaid.

River: I’m sure they will be two barn burners. We’ve seen what V & V are capable of and we know that Midnight Storm are certainly not the types to back down or shrink from a fight. Especially not with the titles on the line. Meanwhile Scarlett and Stacey have both attacked each other backstage mid interview and have had to be pulled apart by Security. With three months still to go till they get in the ring and with everything that happened between Scarlett and the Gold Standard in SVW, that can only get more and more heated. You know, the ring might not be enough to contain those two in February with the animosity we’ve already seen.

DOC: Seems like Stacey wants to use Scarlett as a stepladder up the card to bigger money and opportunities. And as you might suspect, Scarlett isn’t all that thrilled with the idea. Stacey has a history of not taking too kindly to Kincaids, remember everything that happened with Kelly.

River: Oh, I remember. I remember Stacey throwing her into the crowd and taking a lead pipe to her knee. And that February night will be almost 2 years since Stacey was part of the group that worked together to prevent Scarlett winning the SVW Championship from Lacey. You know that still has to be on her mind too.

DOC: A lot of history there. Crossed Out is already shaping up, not to mention your show….is kicking off the new year with Jacqui defending her Future Shock title against Angelina Fantastica. We gonna be rooting for the Shaolin Stunna that night!

River: That will be one heck of a match as Jacqui tries her best to ground one of the best high fliers and quickest women in the business. It’ll be a contest to savour and hopefully, it might well be me facing Angelina for the Future Shock Champion sometime next year

DOC: 2022 has been a landmark year for both FFW and Future Shock, and there’s no reason 2023 won’t be the same. River and I want to wish all of you happy holidays no matter what you celebrate. And if you haven’t signed up for FFW All Access, use my promo code DOC to get 2 months free on an annual subscription. And you can get a River cutout too, I personally selected the picture they used for that one and it’s very unique!

A concerned look crossed her face.

River: It’s unique…and personally selected by you….and it’s not the one from that time you tried to convince me to look more like Arabella is it? Long story people and…yeah… Or is it me and the singing gators? Are you trying to raise money for a good cause again?

DOC smiled and patted his client on the back.

DOC: You’ll have to go to the merchandise site like everyone else to find out, I guess. I promise there’s no other cutout quite like it, very candid. Anything else you want to tell the viewers before we wrap up the show?

River: Candid. Right. Okay.

There was a shake of her head.

River: Last thing everyone. It’s the end of the year and that means it’s award season for the main roster. The polls will be going live shortly, so go, vote and make sure everyone knows what you really think of them heading into 2023.

DOC: Happy Holidays and wishes for a bright new year!

DOC looks over at River as she retrieves her phone to look up what picture was used for the cutout before Shockwave fades to black.

 on: November 24, 2022, 01:38:50 pm 
Started by Samantha Star - Last post by Samantha Star
The following is the schedule of events through the end of June for both the FFW and Future Shock rosters.

FFW Breaking Point 208
Recorded from the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff, Wales
January 14, 2023

FFW Future Shock 126
Live from the Future Shock Arena in Boston, Massachusetts
January 17, 2023

FFW Breaking Point 209
Recorded from the AccorHotels Arena in Paris, France
January 28, 2023

FFW Future Shock 127
Live from the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Michigan
January 31, 2023

FFW Breaking Point 210
Recorded from the Vikingspet in Hamar, Norway
February 11, 2023

FFW Future Shock Heartbreakers - All Access Event
Live from Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York
February 14, 2023

FFW Crossed Out 2023 - All Access Event
Recorded from the Utilita Arena in Sheffield, England
February 25,2023

FFW Future Shock 128
Live from the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey
February 28, 2023

FFW Breaking Point 211
Recorded from the Hisense Arena in Melbourne, Australia
March 11, 2023

FFW Future Shock 129
Live from the Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse in Cleveland, Ohio
March 14, 2023

FFW Breaking Point 212
Recorded from the Scotiabank Saddledome in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
March 25, 2023

FFW Future Shock 130
Live from the Future Shock Arena in Boston, Massachusetts
March 28, 2023

FFW Breaking Point 213
Live from the T-Mobile Center in Kansas City, Missouri
April 8, 2023

FFW Future Shock 131
Live from the Honda Center in Anaheim, California
April 11, 2023

FFW Breaking Point 214
Live from the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans, Louisiana
April 22, 2023

FFW Future Shock Global Wars - All Access Event
Live from the Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
April 25, 2023

FFW Relentless 2023 - All Access Event
Live from the CFG Bank Arena in Baltimore, Maryland
May 6, 2023

FFW Future Shock 132
Live from the Dunkin Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island
May 9, 2023

FFW Breaking Point 215
Live from the Ball Arena in Denver, Colorado
May 20, 2023

FFW Future Shock 133
Live from the Future Shock Arena in Boston, Massachusetts
May 23, 2023

FFW Breaking Point 216
Live from the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio
June 3, 2023

FFW Future Shock 134
Live from the Paycom Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
June 6, 2023

FFW Breaking Point 217
Live from the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, California
June 17, 2023

FFW Future Shock 135
Live from the Vibrant Arena in Moline, Illinois
June 20, 2023

 on: November 23, 2022, 12:47:35 pm 
Started by Samantha Star - Last post by Samantha Star
Congratulations to the nominees and winners of the 2022 FFW Awards, as voted on by your peers and friends of the fed.

Femme Fatale of the Year

Caitlyn Storm

Face of the Year

Caitlyn Storm

Heel of the Year

Valerie McKinley

Tag Team of the Year

Midnight Storm

Match of the Year

Casey vs. Nevaeh - Relentless 2022

Feud of the Year

Rebecka vs. Mara

Breakout Star of the Year

Mara Werth

Finisher of the Year

Mara Werth's Werthwhile

Show of the Year

FFW vs. Future Shock

 on: November 22, 2022, 10:45:46 am 
Started by Samantha Star - Last post by Samantha Star

The path to the main event is shown in a video featuring Ruby’s arrival in Future Shock and making clear what she was after, as well as her path to Charlotte tonight. We also see Charlotte’s trials as well, including reclaiming the title and dealing with Sapphire Taylor up to the announcement of tonight’s fight under the rules of Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal. Then we go back to the live show and find Lexi in the ring.

Zack: We’re about to have a whole host of firsts in this one. Not only is this the first time the Anarchy title has been defended in a match like this, it’s also the first time a Future Shock title has been defended outside an arena.

Claire: It’s definitely very unique…and we might be thanking our lucky stars that they are taking it outside the arena. These two could do an awful lot of damage to each other and their surroundings. In the arena it could be thousands of dollars of damage, in a scrapheap it’ll probably be more in the tens of dollars.

Zack: Hell, it might make it more valuable since it’s all about to become part of Future Shock history, Claire. May end up being a destination point for some fans.

Claire: At least Adam won’t have much trouble buying anything the company might want to save for posterity and to mark these firsts in the Hall of Fame.

Lexi: The following contest is a Salvage Yard Showdown for the Future Shock Anarchy Championship! The only way to win is by pinfall or submission inside the salvage yard!

The shot changes to a local salvage yard as dusk is starting to set over Las Vegas. The place is well lit though as we see wrecked cars and trucks scattered all over the lot. Then we see Charlotte handing her Anarchy title off before she heads into the lot with referee Jennifer Stringer following behind her. The champion looks to be especially cautious as she starts into the lot, looking all around for any signs of her opponent.

Zack: Charlotte is on high alert here, and I don’t blame her a bit. Ruby got a head start in getting there, and there’s no telling where she may be laying in wait.

Claire: Ruby’s had a chance to scout out the location, find herself the best place, with the best visibility and who knows what surprises she might have laying in wait for the Champion.

Charlotte didn’t go far before she heard some rustling coming from a few cars to her left. She glanced towards it, and proceeded cautiously  in that direction. She leaned down to look into the broken windshield of one car, not seeing anything before trailing between two cars and looking in the next one. She walked past them towards another row of cars before one of the trunks popped eased open behind her, and Ruby rose up with a rearview mirror in her hands, causing the fans in the arena to start buzzing. Harker stopped in her tracks just as Ruby leapt from the trunk, and caught her with a shot to the back of her head with the mirror. She quickly spun Charlotte around and started laying in right hands to the side of her head. It wobbled the champion before Ruby scooped up the mirror again and threw it at her knee to stumble her.

Claire: Tyler didn’t make her wait too long and she’s taking the fight to the Moose after getting the drop on her.

Zack: You’re right about that, and found herself someone’s side view mirror and using it like a club right now!

Harker stumbled to one knee before Tyler grabbed her head to drive knees into her face. She pulled her back to her feet and bent her over before she started slamming the trunk lid on her back repeatedly. The champion dropped to her knees just before Ruby grabbed her head, and slammed it into the dented fender. It finally broke the champion to the ground and Ruby rolled her upper body under the fender before grabbing her legs into a catapult that sent Charlotte into the undercarriage of the car.

Zack: We know that Ruby can be rather inventive when it comes to her choice of weapons, and clearly she’s spent the last hour working out how to use some of these junkers on Charlotte.

Claire: It’s like the bonus level on the old Street Fighter game…except she’s using Harker to break the vehicle down into parts. How much can Charlotte take?

Ruby dragged her out from under the car, and scooped up the mirror again. She put it behind her before leaving her feet for a senton splash that drove it into the champion’s body. It folded Charlotte into a ball before Ruby hooked both legs and went for the cover.

Zack: I’ve never seen a senton with a mirror involved, and Ruby’s ready to take the gold!



Charlotte shoved her off the cover, but held her abdomen where the mirror was driven into it. Ruby quickly headed towards the next closest car and flipped open the trunk lid. And whatever she found inside made her smile as the champion was starting to get up again.

Claire: Charlotte stays alive despite the early beating she’s taken and the last time we saw that sorta smile on Ruby’s face she pulled out a crossbow. This is only going to get worse for the USA’s representative in Global Wars.

Ruby pulled out a muffler with both hands, and tapped her boots with it like she was about to aim for a homerun. As soon as Charlotte was back to her feet, Tyler charged forward and the champion ducked out of the way as she swung it for her head. Tyler spun around to strike her, but ended up getting a drop toe hold that sent her face first into the muffler when she hit the ground. Harker was still getting herself together, but stopped Ruby from grabbing the muffler again as she tried to get up. The champion pulled her up into a bearhug before driving her back first into the passenger door of the nearest car.

Claire: Quick thinking from the Buffalo native has got her in control and she’s showing that she can use her power with the location to inflict damage on Tyler tonight.

Zack: That’s nothing but hard dirt and metal out there, fans. There’s no give to any of it, and I don’t know how long they can keep it going under these circumstances.

Charlotte slammed Ruby’s back into one car then the other and back and forth again three more times before using a spinebuster into the dirt. She hooked the leg and made the cover before Stringer dropped to count.

Zack: Ruby’s back is getting wrecked like those junkers, and Charlotte’s looking to win with nothing but pure strength.



Tyler got her shoulder up in time before the three landed in the dirt. Charlotte got to her feet, surveying her surroundings before she opened the driver’s door of the car behind her. She rolled up the window before closing it back and reached down to pull Ruby up by the head.

Claire: I don’t think Claire rolled up the window there just to make it look neat and tidy…Ruby’s about to get very closely acquainted with the glass.

Harker bounced Ruby’s head off the roof of the car before grabbing her with both hands to throw her like a dart through the window. The glass shattered as the challenger landed inside with her feet hanging over the window frame. The Anarchy Champion assessed the hollowed out car before she reached down and grabbed it. And with a roar of strength, she flipped it over with Ruby inside.

Zack: How powerful is Charlotte Harker?! I’ve never seen anyone do that! And Ruby is trapped inside!

Claire: That’s….I knew she was…I didn’t even think she was capable of doing that!!! Probably the last thing Ruby expected too. How much has that taken out of her though?!? Or is she just She-Hulk in disguise?!?

Charlotte leaned down to see where she was as the car laid on its roof. She grabbed her by the feet and started pulling Ruby out. The sound of metal creaking could be heard before she was finally freed from underneath the wreckage. A pool of blood was growing under Ruby’s head as she was face down on the ground.

Zack: Ruby’s busted open after going through that window. And Harker just yanked her out from under the car by her feet. The Anarchy Champion may have this match in the bag already.

Claire: There’s a chance of that, but I’m not going to write Ruby off just yet. There’s a reason why she’s achieved all the things that she has in these sorts of fights.

Charlotte snatched her around the waist from behind, and used a release German suplex to send Ruby flying onto the undercarriage of the overturned car. Harker moved to the adjacent car, and climbed up onto the roof of it as Ruby lay prone nearby. She jumped from it with a leg drop in mind…but Ruby rolled off the car to the ground and let Charlotte collide on it instead. The impact froze the champion in place as Ruby tried to pull herself together as quickly as possible.

Claire: Do you think that was a mark of respect from Charlotte? That she tried to do more damage to make sure rather than go for the pinfall?

Zack: I’m positive Charlotte came into this match with a lot of respect for Ruby as it is, but yeah. I can see that level of respect rising by the second…from both of them.

Ruby made it back to her feet, and grabbed Charlotte’s feet before giving a strong yank to send her to the ground with a thud. She glanced around for a moment, and then ran off camera. Harker started to sit up very slowly, one hand pressed to her back in pain from the earlier landing. The champion was slowly trying to get up very gingerly.

Zack: We can see Charlotte’s trying to get back to a vertical base, but I gotta tell you it’s Ruby I want to see right now. She took off for some reason, and I can’t imagine it’s going to be good news for the Anarchy Champion.

Claire: Either she has some of favorite toys stashed somewhere amidst this junk, or she’s trying to lure Charlotte into a trap. She might feel like one of the Wet Bandits going up against Kevin when he’s Home Alone.

Charlotte finally got to her feet, but leaned against the overturned car. The fans in the arena could be heard making noise..and they started buzzing louder when the sound of a motor running could be heard.

Zack: What is that noise? That sounds like an engine….

Claire: You don’t think…Ruby couldn’t have gotten one of these junkers running? Could she?

The referee looked around and Charlotte started doing the same before a motorbike roared towards the champion, hitting her almost full on before she flipped over to the ground. Ruby spun the motorbike around to a stop and began to rev the engine.

Claire: That was one heck of a collision between Charlotte and the bike the first time around and Ruby might be thinking about doing it again. Or perhaps even sliding it straight into her shins and doing yet more damage.

Zack: I’ve never seen anything like that in my life. Charlotte was mowed down by Ruby, and the challenger just made a U-turn!

Charlotte was very slow to get back to her feet, looking very unsteady on her feet. Ruby revved the engine a couple more times till Harker was back on her feet. Then she took off towards her. But this time, the champion sidestepped as she passed and took her off the bike with a discus lariat! Ruby hit the dirt as the motorbike kept going for a few more feet before it fell over on it’s side.

Zack: Have you ever seen a lariat off a motorbike before?! I haven’t, and I’m sure Ruby hasn’t either! Charlotte needs to end this sooner than later, because there’s no telling what else Ruby has in there!

Claire: In a ring, Harker hitting a lariat is like catching a baseball bat across the chest, it can only be ten…a hundred times worse when you’re speeding towards her on a bike!! That might have given her a severe case of whiplash!!

Charlotte stumbled towards her, clearly the worse for wear just like her bloodied opponent. Tyler rolled onto all fours, but couldn’t stay that way long before she collapsed back to the ground. When she got to all fours again, Charlotte forced herself into a short run for a curb stomp into the dirt. She dropped down to cover her with a grimace of pain on her face.

Zack: That might do it! I think Charlotte’s about to retain her title!




Ruby got her shoulder off the ground in time, and Charlotte sat up on her knees with a pained grimace on her face. She shook her head before scooping her head up to hammer right hands into her face. The champion got to her feet, but was still unstable.

Claire: Shades of the Pure Champion with the curb stomp but Tyler got her shoulder up. Strange as it is to say it, but she might be in a good position right now - just look at the agony on Charlotte’s face as she tries to stand. There’s no way she can go back to her power moves and I don’t know if there’s anything in her bag of tricks that is anywhere near as effective for her.

Charlotte pulled Ruby up with both hands, and planted her head between her legs. She reached down to grab her around the waist to go for what looked like a powerbomb, but Harker shouted in pain when she tried to get Ruby off her feet.

Zack: You called that one, Claire. Charlotte wanted to powerbomb Ruby, but she can’t even get her feet off the ground. I think she’s gonna try again anyway!

Claire: Harker might be hoping the adrenaline starts kicking in and takes the edge of the pain. Otherwise Ruby could very well pick her off and leave with the Anarchy Championship!

Charlotte let out a scream and tried to lift her again, but Ruby had time to counter and used a backdrop driver to send the champion into the dirt. She quickly rolled her over before hooking the leg to make the cover.

Zack: That’s gonna do it! Ruby’s got this!




Charlotte’s shoulder barely inched up from the dirt to stop the count, and even that made her wince. Ruby sat up on her knees, once again showing her eyes darting around the salvage yard before she made it back to her feet.

Claire: Even getting her shoulder up looks to be excruciating! Tyler’s one big move away from putting this one to bed!

Ruby reached into her jacket to pull out a small can of motor oil. She started pouring it out into a black puddle on the ground. Then she reached into her boot to produce a matchbook, striking one of them and lighting the puddle of motor oil on fire. Charlotte was still struggling to merely sit up as the flames started in the puddle.

Zack: Ruby has started a fire in the junkyard, and I don’t think either one of them has a lot left in them. Especially Charlotte, who is just now sitting up! Remember she was hit by a motorbike moments ago!

Claire: The danger has just ramped up a little more with the oil fire. Ruby’s got to have something planned but she needs to execute it before Charlotte gets too much time to recover and can counter.

Ruby grabbed Charlotte and whipped her into the rear end of the car closest to the fire. The champion let out a yell on impact before Ruby climbed up onto the trunk of the car behind her. Harker was bent over in pain with one hand pressed to her back as Ruby stood over her, seemingly measuring her for something.

Zack: I have no idea what Ruby’s looking to do, and I’m not sure Charlotte realizes she’s back there waiting to do it.

Claire: You have to assume that whatever it is she’s thinking of, it has to end up with Ruby sending the Anarchy Champion straight into those flames. I hope somebody has a fire extinguisher close by.

Charlotte finally started to stand up straight before Ruby went for her somersault cutter. But the champion shoved her forward to counter it. Ruby had to stop herself before she went into the fire, and Charlotte screamed as she rushed her from behind and scooped her up for her side slam backbreaker that sent them both into the flames. Harker couldn’t get them out of the fire fast enough before she made the cover!

Claire: Right into the heart of the flames!!! Desperation from Charlotte but if this doesn’t do it, what will???




Stringer called for the bell in the arena just as medics covered both women to put out the flames. It took a few seconds but Charlotte managed to crawl away and collapse to a seat against a fender before her title was returned to her.

Zack: Charlotte used the last bit of adrenaline left in her body for her favorite finisher, and it paid off! Though she may not feel like it, she’s won this first ever Salvage Yard Showdown!

Lexi: Your winner by pinfall……..AND STIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILL Future Shock Anarchy Champion…..CHARLOTTE HARKER!!

Charlotte laid the title across her lap as she almost seemed to melt against where she was sitting. Her mouth was wide open as she took in deep breaths, her eyes trailing down to the title across her legs.

Zack: She smells like smoke because she’s been through fire tonight….literally. Charlotte Harker can take enormous sums of punishment and still find a way! I know we’ve talked a lot about Missy, but Charlotte may be the scariest entrant in Global Wars next year.

Claire: What do you have to do to put this woman down? Ruby Tyler tormented her, tortured her, took her through the fires of Hell and damn near did everything that you can do to the human body. Yet still Charlotte survived! And is still the Anarchy Champion!

Zack: Not to mention she’s strong as hell too. Charlotte earned this one, but I gotta tip my hat to Ruby Tyler because she came to Vegas dead set on claiming that title. And I’d say she came closer than anyone Charlotte’s faced for it.

Claire: Charlotte didn’t so much win as find a way to survive tonight. Ruby showed us why she should be one of the most feared women in this company and especially in the Anarchy Division. I’m sure she’ll learn from this one and will be back to test Charlotte once more.

Zack: I’ve never seen a match like this in my life. Congratulations to Charlotte on retaining her title! Fans, it’s been an awesome year for Future Shock in 2022. We’ll see you on January 17 when we kick off the new year! Good night from Sin City!

As the medics tended to both Ruby and Charlotte in the salvage yard, the Sin City Spectacular faded off the air.

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Lexi: The following contest is scheduled for one fall to a finish with a 30 minute time limit!

Zack: Here we go, a return almost six months in the making! Two of the very best women to ever do it from Canada, much less the world, are about to meet one on one for the first time. This could easily be tonight’s main event, if you ask me.

Claire: It’s six months in the making and while there’s nothing on the line tonight except pride, that means an awful lot to the two individuals involved. And this might be a preview for a Future Shock Championship match somewhere down the line. I’m sure if that does happen, they’d both love to have bragging rights going into it.

The sound of a guitar strumming subtly begins to echo in the arena, leaving those in attendance wondering what is going on. The angelic voice of one Lzzy Hale of the band Halestorm is heard next, her voice serenely starting the opening verse of “I Am The Fire.”

Am I brave enough?
Am I strong enough?
To follow the desire
That burns from within
To push away my fear
To stand where I'm afraid
I am through with this
'Cause I am more than this
I promise to myself
Alone and no one else
My flame is rising higher.

As the song picks up the tempo, her voice becomes more intense, kicking into the chorus.

I am the fire
I am burning brighter
Roaring like a storm

Midway through the chorus, the curtains part and out walks the pride of Calgary herself, Sydney Christensen.  She steps out to the middle of the stage and juts her arms out on either side of her, tossing her head back as the fans show their appreciation. She picks her head up and slowly brings her arms in front of her, her index fingers pointing down to the ring. Dropping her arms to her side, she begins her march towards the ring, nodding at a few fans along the way. Once she reaches the ring, she hops up onto the apron and steps through the bottom and middle ropes. Almost immediately, Sydney walks over to the ropes and raises her arms above her head, encouraging the fans as they cheer on the proud Canadian. Sydney then walks over to one corner of the ring and rests her back against the turnbuckle, awaiting her opponent as her music fades out on one poignant line of the chorus.

And I am the one I've been waiting for
Screaming like a siren
Alive and burning brighter
I am the fire!

Lexi: Introducing from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, this is…...SYDNEY CHRISTENSEN!!

Zack: Sydney said on Twitter that this match was on her career bucket list. That tells me she’s been looking forward to it long before it was ever booked to happen. That means she’s been watching Shaw for a very long time. I have no doubt she’s gonna test that repaired knee that Missy nearly wrecked in July.

Claire: Shaw might be one of the most unlikable people you ever come across, but you can’t argue with her success and the way that she’s achieved it. I think it’s only natural that people will want to test themselves against her. Sydney could lay down a huge marker for Global Wars by joining the small club of people to have beaten Shaw and that knee could be the key to success for.

The crowd gets plunged into darkness. The silence gets broken by Lexi as she starts to make the introduction.

Lexi: Hailing from Sherbrooke in the province of Quebec, Canada. She weighs in at 142 lbs and stands 5’8 tall. This is the… “ONE WOMAN SHOW” SHAUGHNESSY O’NEILL!!!

Alice Cooper’s Poison begins to play as the video wall shows close ups of different parts of Shaw’s face before finally cutting to a live feed of the young woman as the spotlight hits her in the middle of the stage. Kyle joined her as she started to nod her head along to the beat of the music, the young woman headed down to the ring, the spotlight following her all the way to the ring, ignoring the boos of the crowd. Rolling under the bottom rope Shaw kipped up to her feet and stood in her corner, checking everything about her ring gear is in position as she waits to start the match. On the outside Kyle gave her some last minute advice before trying to rally the crowd behind his client.

Zack: We documented every step of the way Shaw went to get back here into the ring tonight. We saw the rehab, we saw the doctor visits, and we saw the uh…sparring session she had. As much as Sydney has apparently wanted this match, I think Shaw has just as much, if not more. She loves it under the bright lights, and she looks a little bare without any gold. And that’s something she plans to change at the first opportunity.

Claire: It’s a weird look for her, isn’t it? We’ve spent so long seeing her with gold around her waist. She’s looking to get in the hunt for the Future Shock Championship off the back of this match tonight but she’s got to still have question marks over the knee, doesn’t she? Sparring and training are different beats to actually stepping into that ring and competing.

Zack: Do you think part of her is annoyed that it’s Charlotte, her former tag partner, in tonight’s main event in Vegas instead of her? I think that could be poking her ego.

Claire: I think there’s a long list of things that annoy Shaw and are probably eating at Shaw right now. From Charlotte being in the main event, to not challenging for the Future Shock Championship tonight, to having had to sit out for six months while she rehabbed, to losing her last match to Missy. Again. And that’s probably just the tip of the iceberg for her. She has to ignore all that and be the laser focused Quebecois we know she’s capable of being.

Referee Melinda Davis called for the bell to start the match, and neither of the two women left their corners. Instead they were looking across at one another for several seconds before they finally met in the center of the ring. They continued to stare into one another’s eyes as Sydney pointed down to her knee, letting her know she’d find out how well she’s rehabbed it before the end of the match. Shaw shrugged her shoulders and stepped back and offered Sydney her other leg to start.

Zack: A little bit of mind games maybe there, trying to psych the other out maybe. But look what we got now, Shaw’s offering the rehabilitated leg to Sydney. She’s telling her to go for it!

Claire: We all saw that Shaw got cleared by at least three doctors. Admittedly, I’ve not checked their credentials but I’m sure if she wasn’t fully fit, she wouldn’t be wrestli– okay she probably would. It’s Shaw, she probably things she can beat most people with one leg regardless.

Sydney smiled back at her with a Cheshire grin…and then gave the brunette a headbutt in the face when it looked like she was about to take her up on the offer. The blonde hammered a trio of right hands into her head, sending her backwards a couple steps before Sydney swept the leg to take her down to the mat. She quickly grabbed Shaw’s foot and dropped an elbow into the knee followed by two more before getting back to her feet. Davis quickly moved towards Shaw to make sure she was still wanting to continue out of caution. But Shaw got back to her feet, giving the official a look as if to ask if she was serious. Sydney turned back to see her on her feet as Shaw did a couple jumping jacks for her.

Zack: Some who don’t know that well might think Shaw’s trying to get under Sydney’s skin with this. Not at all, that’s just how confident she is in herself. If it annoys Sydney, so be it in her mind.

Claire: You’re right, this is Shaw being Shaw. Sydney need to ignore this and focus on beating her - whether by targeting her bad leg or through some other means.

The pair began to circle this time, and locked up a second later. Sydney quickly overpowered her and pushed Shaw against the nearest corner. Davis called for a break, but instead Sydney lowered her head and began driving shoulder thrusts into her body. Four quick thrusts landed before the blonde landed a trio of back elbows to the side of her head. A beal followed that, sending Shaw out of the corner to the canvas. The Hall of Famer barely had time to sit up before Sydney rushed her with a punt to the spine that froze her up for a moment, allowing her to deliver elbow after elbow into her right shoulder. She followed that up with an overhand keylock.

Zack: A lot of feeling out to start this match, and Shaw learned quickly she’s not going to overpower Sydney at any time. There’s not many in FFW who I think could, honestly.

Claire: Shaw has never been considered a powerhouse, but she always finds a way to pull out victory. Sydney has to stay on top of her and try her best to dominate this match from bell to bell.

Shaw was already starting to get back to her feet in the hold, and Sydney transitioned into a hammerlock instead. The brunette tried to catch her with a back elbow to the head, but the blonde avoided it and ran her into the corner chest first. It knocked the wind out of Shaw for a second, and Sydney snatched her into a full nelson. When O’Neill tried to get her foot in the ropes for a break, Sydney dragged her towards the center of the ring and started shaking her in the full nelson. It disoriented her enough to allow Sydney to deliver a full nelson facebuster.

Zack: Kinda like we were talking about in the last match, Claire. Like Alessandra did, Sydney’s imposing her will and using her power to her advantage. I know Shaw’s been training for this, but there’s no substitute for being in there with someone who actually is trying to win.

Claire: Exactly. Six months is a long time to be away from the ring and this might be the best time to face her; the best time to pick up a victory over her - while she is still rusty and trying to get back into ring shape.

Sydney looked pleased with herself as she reached down to grab Shaw’s rehabbed leg. But as soon as she had rolled the brunette over, Shaw used her free foot to start stomping at Sydney’s knee instead. Three shots caused the former Future Shock Champion to let go, and Shaw got back to her feet. Christensen came towards her, and caught a straight right hand between the eyes that staggered her. Shaw pulled her head down into a double underhook DDT. Shaw got back to her feet after that, and bounced off the near side with a leg drop across the back of Sydney’s head.

Zack: Shaw wasn’t going to give her much of a chance to test that knee, and why should she? If she can keep Sydney on the mat, she’s far less dangerous and so is that power advantage she has.

Claire: It’s sensible from Shaw. Whether she’s fully confident in the knee or not, you don’t allow someone to just go after it if you can stop them. Especially not when they are as skilled a technician as Sydney Christensen.

She dragged the blonde to her feet into a standing side headlock. The Brunette hammered punches to the top of her head before she used a corner bulldog to drop Sydney to her knees in that same corner. Shaw showed some strength as she muscled Sydney up with a rear waistlock, only to turn around and use a release German suplex into the corner. The powerhouse hit the buckles hard before slumping against the corner as Shaw took off for the far side. She came back quickly with a running hip attack to her head before yanking her out by the foot to make a cover by sitting on her chest.

Zack: That buckle bomb may have done the most damage…but this cover certainly won’t!



Sydney easily kicked out, and shoved Shaw off her seat on her chest. The Hall of Famer got back to her feet, and pulled her opponent up with her. She whipped her into the ropes and caught her on the rebound with a side slam backbreaker, a la her former tag partner. When she got to her feet, she told the camera ‘Charlotte, that’s how you do it.”

Claire: A message sent to her former partner and I think I can hear Harker rolling her eyes from here. Shaw might want to focus more on earning her Future Shock Championship spot, Sydney is still dangerous while ever this match is going.

When she spotted Sydney starting to get to all fours, a running punt to her ribs stopped that before Shaw stomped a foot into her spine. She pulled up on her arms, applying a standing surfboard for a few seconds before turning it into a series of stomps to the back of Sydney’s head. She hit the ropes again, this time returning with a curb stomp to Sydney’s head and once again addressing the camera to say “I do it better, Missy.”

Zack: Starting to feel like this is as much about winning her comeback as airing some grievances as she goes about it. A little message for the Pure Champion there.

Claire: I guess we’re seeing that she has certainly learned something from her defeat - even if that was how to do a pretty good curb stomp. Still, she’s giving Sydney a chance to recuperate and it’s not something I’d be doing in there.

Shaw pulled Sydney back up, planting her head between her legs. It looked as though she were going for a Pedigree, but Sydney drove her backwards into the corner. Shaw slammed into the turnbuckles a second before the blonde Canadian started throwing hands. Hard rights to the body landed in succession before a left uppercut snapped Shaw’s head back, causing Sydney to scoop her up and spin around to deliver a stun gun across the top rope. O’Neill clutched her throat as she tried to breathe before Sydney rebounded off the near side with a lariat .

Zack: You warned her, Claire! Shaw spent a little too much time sharing her thoughts, and it allowed Sydney to get a foot in the door.

Claire: Sydney is not letting herself get fixated on the knee and with testing it out. She’s experienced enough to know that the win is more important thing tonight to help build momentum for Global Wars.

Shaw struggled to get back to her feet when Sydney snatched her up with both hands around her neck, lifting her off her feet for a Rydeen bomb before rolling through with both legs hooked for the cover!

Zack: Sydney with power for days and a Rydeen bomb to send Shaw to the showers!




The Hall of Famer got her shoulder up as the two hit the mat, and Sydney kept a grip around her legs before she catapulted Shaw into the corner. The brunette got driven back into the corner before Sydney sat her on the top turnbuckle. She climbed up with her, and delivered a superplex.

Claire: Shaw’s getting rag-dolled around the ring and I’m not sure how much more of this she’ll be able to survive!!

The brunette tried to get to the ropes to pull herself back to her feet. Sydney watched her as she did so, and started to move in behind her cautiously. Kyle shouted to his client that Sydney was coming from behind. And as soon as she got close enough, Shaw surprised her with a Pele kick to the top of the head that dropped her where she stood. The Hall of Famer leaned against the ropes, trying to pull herself together before turning around to go after her opponent.

Zack: It’s been a while since Shaw has been able to have Kyle in her corner since she was Pure Champion for so long, Claire. Right there, he proved how invaluable he can be.

Claire: He’s managed to buy her an opening and I think it’s fair to say that they have repaired their relationship after he threw in the towel in her last match.

Sydney began to get back to her feet, only for Shaw to rebound off the far side to deliver a one-handed bulldog to put her down again. Shaw was still feeling the effects of everything she had endured so far, and pulled Sydney back to her feet. She planted her head between her legs, giving the signal she was going for her flip piledriver. But Sydney hooked her arm around the middle rope, stopping her from executing it. The brunette hammered ax handle blows across her back, trying to force her to let go. But it didn’t work, and Sydney escaped it with a simple back body drop that dumped Shaw on the mat. The blonde Canadian moved away from her as Shaw got back to her feet. She went for a running kneelift, but Sydney caught her leg and countered with a dragon screw leg whip. Shaw was snapped to the canvas and clutched her knee as Sydney dropped to her own knee to pull herself together.

Zack: That might have been it right there! Sydney saw that kneelift coming, and that was the leg Shaw had to rehab! We’re about to find out just how good of a job all those trainers and doctors did.

Claire: This could be a big moment in the match. A huge moment in Shaw’s career and could well see Sydney earn a huge win over an FFW Hall of Famer and one of the most consistent in this business.

The referee moved quickly towards her as Shaw clutched her knee with her teeth gritted. Kyle moved around to the side of the ring closest to her as the referee asked her if she was okay to continue. The brunette looked to her manager, telling him she felt something snap. Sydney got herself together and started towards her. But Davis told her to stay back. Shaw’s other hand pounded the mat in seeming frustration with her other hand.

Zack: This isn’t a good sign at all. Shaw told her manager she felt something snap, and they may be thinking about stopping this match too. All those months of rehab…may have just proven to be worthless!

Claire: That could be the case Zack, but remember the match with Missy? Shaw absolutely refused to submit - her competitive spirit wouldn’t let her.

Sydney watched for a moment and went to get her again, but the referee pushed her away. This time, the blonde picked the referee up and stood her in the corner. She moved towards Shaw and reached down to grab her before Shaw yanked her into a small package!

Zack: I think they may be—WHAT?! SHE WAS GOLDBRICKING!




Davis didn’t get to the three before Sydney kicked out. Shaw sat up with a grin on her face and spryly got back to her feet. Meanwhile, an irate Sydney popped to her feet behind her.

Claire: Shaw’s happy that she got one over on her opponent, but Sydney isn’t so pleased and is right behind her! This is going to go very, very badly for her!

Sydney snapped her arms around Shaw’s waist, delivering a German suplex before she rolled through and delivered a second…a third….a fourth….a fifth…pulled her up again for a sixth and a seventh and an eighth before Sydney let go. The blonde got to her feet looking pissed off as she stared down at Shaw.

Zack: That was a mistake, Claire! That was a massive mistake! And eight…count’em EIGHT German suplexes later…Sydney looks incensed!

Claire: Usually those suplexes take almost as much out of the person delivering them as receiving them. In this case they only look to have energised Christensen!

Kyle looked very concerned from ringside as Sydney pulled Shaw back to her feet. She fired her into the far corner with such force that it took her off her feet after she did it. Shaw’s back hit the corner just before Sydney launched out of a three point stance for a corner clothesline that lifted Shaw off her feet. She scooped her up with ease and darted out of the corner with a running powerslam.

Claire: Shaw’s getting the beating of a lifetime!! Sydney’s using her power to absolutely dominate her and she might be just a few moments away from putting the record holding FFW Champion away!!

Zack: Sydney was insulted and infuriated by Shaw trying to trick her a few seconds ago, and she’s damn sure paying for it now. I’ve never seen Sydney like this in a match.

Shaw rolled onto her stomach and started crawling towards the ropes with Sydney walking along behind her step by step. The brunette made it as Kyle warned her Sydney was right behind her, and the blonde nearly caught him with a kick to the chest before he darted out of the way. Sydney gave him a look of warning seemingly before she leaned down to pick Shaw up again. But the Hall of Famer surprised her with a jawbreaker that staggered her backwards. But Shaw didn’t make it up in time before Sydney was coming towards her again. The brunette spun around, delivering a palm thrust to her face that stopped her in her tracks, giving Shaw another couple seconds.

Claire: Shaw’s buying herself some time but that might be all it is at this point. Sydney’s like the Terminator here - she just keeps on coming at her foe.

Zack: You aren’t kidding! This is an incredible showing by both of them, including Shaw’s ability to absorb pain like she has been in the last few moments.

Shaw turned away from her to head for the corner but Sydney went to grab her from behind again. That’s when O’Neill countered with a jumping cutter! It made major impact before she threw herself on top of her for the cover!

Zack: A cutter with a little extra something on it! Shaw’s gonna pull it out right here!!




Sydney got her shoulder up in time, and Shaw looked at the referee as though she had grown a second face. She held up three fingers, and Davis only showed her two. Kyle shouted at ringside to finish it and forget the referee!

Claire: Shaw can’t believe Christensen kicked out! I think that might have been purely driven by Sydney’s anger!! And Kyle’s right, she needs to finish this off.

Shaw struggled to get back to her feet, clearly worn down after everything she’d endured. When she spotted Sydney starting to get up as well, she planted her head between her legs and delivered her flip piledriver immediately. The brunette rolled her over and made the cover with both legs hooked before Davis dropped into position.

Zack: That’s what she was looking for! That’s gotta be all!!




Davis called for the bell before Shaw sat up and moved to let the corner hold her up as she took in deep breaths. Kyle entered the ring next as the referee raised Shaw’s hand in the corner.

Lexi: Your winner by pinfall……………….SHAUGHNESSY O’NEILL!!

Claire: That move has put away so many people! Shaw picks up a big, big win on her return to action and gets her journey to the Future Shock Championship underway.

Kyle helped her to her feet, and also raised her hand as Shaw continued to try to get her breath back. She bent over, taking in big inhales of oxygen for a moment before standing up straight and leaning into him.

Zack: I doubt she’d admit it, but I think Shaw came into the match a little bit rusty after that long layoff, Claire. But as the match went on, she started getting back into the Shaw we’ve always known and she got herself the win. But I think we can also both agree Sydney beat her senseless practically and was that close to notching one of the biggest wins she’s had.

Claire: Sydney was mere moments away from picking up the victory tonight on more than one occasion. I’m absolutely certain, despite what she might say publicly, this is not a match that Shaw would like to revisit any time in the near future. She was absolutely battered tonight and will know that she was in one of the toughest matches of her life.

Kyle held the ropes open to help her out of the ring before he joined her. He praised her and raised her hand again before we cut to a video package detailing the backstory of tonight’s main event.

Princess Privilege

The show returns from the video package highlighting the main event before we revisit Zack and Claire in the broadcast booth.

Zack: Fans, there’s only one match left on the show and that’s the main event for the Anarchy Championship in a local salvage yard. So let’s…

Zack stops talking when the show cuts to the back somewhere inside the MGM Grand Garden Arena and we see a dummy with a tiara resting on top of it. A red cape hangs below that and that’s when Sara arrives and checks it out.

Zack: For the love of… Sara, let me guess, this is from the Princess of Future Shock, is that right?

Sara inspects the cape and finds a card inside.

Sara: That’s going to be my guess, yes.

Claire: Do we know whether or not she’s here? Or is that another apology….but we get to see her cape this time around? What’s next? Will she send us her crown? Maybe she’ll leave a glass slipper and expect us to try it on every woman in the arena?

Zack: Let’s not give ideas here. What does the card say, Sara?

Sara: It reads as follows: I regret to inform you that I could not attend tonight’s event, because a show headlined by a barbaric contest like the one likely to be seen is not befitting a princess. But I assure you that I will be at the first Future Shock of the new year on January 17th, where I promise to make my presence felt as only a princess would. Until then, please enjoy a replica of my actual tiara and cape. You have my consent to take pictures with it so that you can show your future generations. Sincerely, the Princess of Future Shock.

Sara looks back at the camera as everyone in the arena is beyond sick of this princess, showing it by their very loud booing.

Claire: It’s start to feel like she very much doesn’t want to be here. And brutal, barbaric contests…what did she think Princesses did for fun way back in the day, if they didn’t watch jousts and knights fighting each other? I bet Princess Leia wouldn’t have shied away from watching the Salvage Yard Showdown…

Zack: I’m beyond caring what this woman likes or doesn’t. I’ll be even more surprised if she shows up in January, because we’ve been going through this with her for how long now?

Zack shakes his head dismissively before a quick commercial advertising the Global Wars series and Future Shock merchandise airs.

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Lexi: The following contest is scheduled for one fall to a finish with a 20 minute time limit, and the winner will receive a Future Shock Championship match.

Zack: I’ve been looking forward to this since it was announced several weeks ago, but I don’t envy either of these two when they set foot into the ring with Jacqui next year, considering how things went for her against Missy on the last show.

Claire: This could well be a classic. We’ve got something of a clash of styles between these two and it’ll be a real struggle between them to see who can impose themselves on this contest to take the upper hand. You might be right about Jacqui though. After her last match, she will almost certainly want to reassert her dominance.

The stage is bathed in pink light as “Raise Your Glass” by Pink starts playing. After a moment, Angelina Fantastica comes out in a pair of baggy black pants and a pink cropped tank top, her hair tied back in two French braids, threaded through with silver ribbons. She makes her way up to the ring, bopping to the music and grinning at the fans in attendance. Using the bottom rope, she pulls herself up onto the apron and smiles for the camera before gripping the top rope and backflipping easily into the ring.

Lexi: Repping Staten Island, New York, it’s the Shaolin Stunna, the OG, the prodigal daughter of Future Shock, the one and only Angelina Fantastica!

Angelina looks at Lexi and then climbs the turnbuckle, raising her fist in the air while facing the crowd before jumping down, turning to face her opponent.

Zack: I learned a long time ago to never count out Angelina Fantastica. We saw her tag partner at Red Alert three nights ago looking to earn a title shot, and Angelina can do the same. Except it’s the richest prize on this roster she wants, which she’s never challenged for in all her time here.

Claire: Angelina Fantastica is one of the best, most ferocious competitors in all of wrestling. She’s proud to be part of Future Shock and I’m certain there’s nothing more that she wants than to be the face and the leader of this brand. She can take a big step towards achieving that goal with a victory tonight.

As the intro to ‘Don’t Know How To Stop’ starts to play around the arena, the sound of engine revving can be made out over the top of it. It gets louder and louder until the sound of tires screeching is heard just as the lyrics begin.

Head lights, red lights, got it in my sights
Nothings in my way, No sound, hush now
Push the pedal down, got no time to waste
It's a long way home, You just crossed a borderline
When I say go, You know you better hold on tight

Alessandra appears through the curtain wearing a pair of black leather look tights with silver studs around the waistband and matching bralet with the same silver studs around it. She looks out across the crowd with a smirk before taking off at a run towards the ring.

I don't know how to stop, I give it all I've got
It's like my brakes are shot, I gotta have too much
I don't know how to stop, Gets crazy but so what
You know it's what you want so give it up
And Don't be scared of how good it feels

As she reaches the ring, she jumps up onto the apron and stands facing the stage, reaching back to hold onto the top rope with both hands. She leans forwards and scans the crowd on either side, then kicks her legs up to almost backflip over the top rope, landing on one knee in the ring with her head lowered.

Lexi: Introducing at this time, from Naples, Italy………………………..ALESSANDRA ESPOSITO!

One speed, full speed that is all I need
They can eat my dust, hell yeah, rock on
Will you come along, Do I have your trust?
It's a long way down, If you're getting this high
When I say now, you had better hold on tight

As the word Now! is said in the lyrics, Alessandra leaps up with her fist in the air and then lands on both feet. She heads to her corner to await the start of the match as her theme music fades out.

Zack: I’m gonna apply the same logic I mentioned earlier about Jacqui here. Alessandra and Nadia lost their tag titles on the last Future Shock, and that may make her even more hellbent on getting a shot at the Future Shock title tonight. I think it may drive her even harder, what about you?

Claire: It’s one of the things that separates the good from the great Zack. You have to look to bounce back from any setbacks or losses that you might suffer in the biggest and best way possible. There is no bigger and better way for Alessandra to bounce back than to put herself in contention for the Future Shock Championship.

Referee Stephen Wilson called for the bell before the two women met in the center of the ring to shake hands and wish one another good luck. The pair circled briefly before locking up in the center of the ring. Being the stronger of the two, Alessandra didn’t have much trouble pushing Angelina backwards into the ropes. As soon as she gave a clean break, Fantastica used her speed to duck behind her and deliver a headbutt to the back of her head before she could turn around. It sent the former Future Shock Champion forward into the ropes before the New Yorker started hammering forearms into the back of her head and brought her down with a side Russian leg sweep.

Zack: Angelina’s already starting to use some of her speed right at the outset. That’s a great way to avoid Alessandra’s strength advantage.

Claire: It is and if she was in any doubt at the start, the lockup proved that Alessandra has a definite strength advantage over Fantastica. She can’t allow her to grab her and use that too often if she wants to taste victory.

But Esposito didn’t take long at all before she started to get back to her feet. Angelina beat her to it though, and pulled her arm out to start firing kicks into her ribs. Six quick shots landed before Fantastica pulled her back to her feet and shoved her chest first into the ropes so she could drive a short running knee into her lower back. It worked very well before Fantastica delivered a wheelbarrow facebuster before rolling through with a leg hook.

Zack: Angelina’s looking to hit the showers by pitching a shutout!


Esposito kicked out as soon as the one landed on the mat, causing Angelina to hammer forearms into her head before pulling her back to her feet. She whipped her across to the far side before following her in with a stinger splash followed by a butterfly suplex.

Claire: There’s still a lot left in Alessandra’s tank; she’s one of the toughest women in Future Shock and I’m sure Angelina didn’t expect to put her away this early.

Angelina stayed on the attack as she pummeled her opponent with a pair of knee drops to the back of her head. Esposito began to get up again, and Angelina responded to that by hitting the far side ropes to deliver a running neckbreaker. She headed for the nearest corner and climbed onto the second rope from the inside. She waved Esposito to get up. And when she got what she wanted, Angelina came off the middle rope with a leg drop in mind….but Alessandra dodged out of the way and let her crash on the mat instead.

Zack: Angelina made a calculated error there and effectively gave herself an atomic drop. Alessandra needs to follow up quickly.

Claire: Esposito saw it coming. It’s the problem when you take even small risks this early on against a former Future Shock Champion - it can all too easily come back to bite you.

The powerhouse gathered herself for a second before she began firing kicks into her opponent’s chest as she sat up on the mat. Four stiff kicks landed before Alessandra took off for the far side to come back with a sliding clothesline to put the New Yorker down on the mat.  Esposito’s face showed she was still feeling some of the offense she had felt earlier, but she pulled Angelina back to her feet anyway. She drove her back first into the corner and followed up with a series of shoulder thrusts to the body. A fireman’s carry slam brought her out of the corner and down to the mat.

Zack: This just shows you a major difference between these two women. One wants a lot of space, she’d rather fight on a football field. Whereas Alessandra likes close combat and rather fight in a photo booth.

Claire: I think the ideal situation in most any match for Alessandra would be to never let her opponent get further than an arm’s length away from her. When they’re in close, she can control the situation a lot easier.

Alessandra grabbed her hands to pull her up enough to start stomping her chest repeatedly before the last stomp was to the side of her head to drop her back to the mat. The fiery New Yorker rolled away from her to try to get back to her feet, only for Esposito to watch her as she did before charging her with a running shoulder block that sent her backwards into the ropes. Alessandra whipped her to the far side and met her as she rebounded with a discus lariat that mowed Fantastica down before Esposito went for a cover.

Zack: That’s like getting hit in the chest with a 2x4! Alessandra’s ready to book her shot at Jacqui!



Fantastica kicked out as the two was about to land, and shoved Alessandra away from her. The powerhouse got back to her feet and cinched up Angelina with a gutwrench suplex. She didn’t give the high flier much time to get up before she hoisted her up in both arms to deliver a backbreaker across her knee.

Claire: That’ll take the stuffing out of the Shaolin Stunna. Much more of that and it’ll be a lot harder for her to take to the air the way she’s used to doing.

The former Future Shock Champion grabbed her feet and flipped her over into a Boston crab, putting more pressure on Angelina’s lower back as she dropped down into the hold. The referee knelt down next to her to see if she wanted to quit, but Fantastica shook her head. She tried to reach for Alessandra’s boots behind her, but couldn’t get a very good grip on them. As a result, she tried to push up. That proved to be no help either.  That’s when the former Unity Champion crossed her opponent’s legs to make the hold a Texas cloverleaf submission.

Claire: Alessandra’s showing off her technical prowess here as she continues to work over and soften her opponent’s lower back. This could be a match winning strategy from the stronger woman.

Zack: Angelina’s assessing all her options at the moment, and so far has come up with nothing she can do to escape the hold. It may be a case of trying to get to the ropes instead.

Angelina’s face showed the effect of the hold, causing her to grimace as she started looking around again. She ended up stretching as far as she could with her right arm and got her fingers under the bottom rope. As soon as the referee saw it, he called for the break and Alessandra gave it. She got back to her feet, and was about to grab Fantastica again. But she rolled under the bottom rope, prompting Wilson to keep Alessandra away from her.

Zack: Angelina just gave herself a time out, Claire. Alessandra isn’t allowed to do much when she’s in the ropes.

Claire: These are vital seconds of recovery for Angelina. She can hope that some of the ache in her lower back starts to fade as she plots how to turn this back in her favour - the whole match could turn on these brief seconds.

The high flier pulled herself up to her feet on the apron, and that’s when Alessandra went to get her. But the speed of the New Yorker caught her by surprise when Alessandra got close and caught a shoulder block to the body between the ropes. It stunned the Italian powerhouse before Angelina vaulted over the top rope by rolling over Esposito’s back to land on her feet. The former Future Shock Champion spun around into a headbutt to the face. That sent her back against the ropes before Angelina grabbed her head and ran up the corner for a sliced bread!

Zack: You were right on the money, Claire! That little trip under the bottom rope was exactly what Angelina was needing because here she comes again!

Claire: We are seeing why these two are battling it out for an opportunity to face Jacqui Minogue for the Future Shock Championship. The smallest opening is all they need to take control and now Alessandra’s on the back foot and in danger of losing here.

Alessandra was clearly dazed as she used the corner to help her get back to her feet. Meanwhile, Angelina was on a run as she circled the ring before coming back with a running boot to Esposito’s chin that snapped her head back. She did it a second time, picking up a little more speed before the second kick to the jaw and the final trip around the ring ended with her leaving her feet for a double knee facebreaker that flipped Esposito out of the corner before she made the cover!

Zack: Fantastica’s got her track shoes back on and that may be the end of the night for Alessandra!




Esposito got her foot across the bottom rope, causing the referee to wave off the count. Angelina got back to her feet and started rallying the crowd before she headed for the nearest corner.

Claire: That sense of ring positioning is instinctual. It’s so difficult to teach and hone that level of awareness and its saved Alessandra on this occasion. For now at least.

Angelina quickly ascended to the top turnbuckle, and launched herself into a 450 splash…only Alessandra rolled out of the way. The New Yorker…managed to land on her feet though. As she got her balance, she ate a bicycle kick from Alessandra that sent her through the ropes to the floor. Esposito dropped back to the mat almost immediately as well.

Zack: Did you see that? She landed on her feet like a cat!! And then ate another foot from Alessandra!

Claire: It’s the shots you don’t expect that do the most damage. Angelina might have been saved by falling through the ropes to the floor.

Alessandra began to get her bearings in the ring when she sat up a few seconds later. She glanced around looking for her opponent, but didn’t find her since Angelina was still ringside. The former Unity Champion made it back to her feet, starting to check one side of the ring as Angelina was pulling herself back up onto the apron around the corner. She was about to use the ropes to springboard back inside before Alessandra ran the ropes, causing her to straddle them. The New Yorker froze in place before Alessandra scooped her onto her shoulders and headed back towards the center of the ring. The fans came to their feet as they knew what was coming next.

Zack: I know this setup, and so does all of Las Vegas! I’ve seen Alessandra win a lot of matches using this move!

But as she was about to throw her, Angelina started hammering elbows into the side of her head. It caused Esposito to drop her to her feet before Angelina spun her around into a stunner! The powerhouse bounced off the mat before her opponent literally threw herself on top of her to make the cover.

Claire: Angelina knew what was coming too and that is a devastating counter!! Three seconds from a new number 1 contender!!




The powerhouse barely got her shoulder off the mat in time before the three, and Angelina sat up shaking her head as she looked from the referee to the downed Alessandra.

Zack: Angelina thought she had it! I thought she had it! All of Las Vegas thought she had it!

Angelina forced herself back to her feet and pointed towards the corner as she headed towards it. The Vegas crowd came to their feet as the high flier ascended to the top turnbuckle. Fantastica launched herself into a moonsault…that missed when Alessandra rolled out of the way. She crashed into the canvas as Esposito slowly got back to her feet. Instinctually Angelina tried to get up quickly but got scooped upside down by Alessandra into a tombstone piledriver before she made the cover!

Zack: Alessandra planted her head first, and we’re gonna see a rematch with Jacqui in January for the Future Shock title!




The New Yorker shot her shoulder up off the mat, causing the referee to show Alessandra two fingers as Fantastica’s fans were very loud now. Alessandra looked at the referee as if to confirm it was only two before she shook her head and slowly got to her feet.

Claire: Neither of these two are prepared to go quietly into the night! They’re fighting with every breath and sinew they’ve got in their body. They both want that match with Jacqui so very badly!

Alessandra reached down to pull Angelina back to her feet, but it was clear the high flier was worn down considerably when she dropped to her knees in front of her. Esposito scooped her onto her shoulders once again as Angelina seemed to offer no resistance this time.

Zack: That tombstone did it! Angelina’s out like a light, and it’s academic now as to who’s gonna be the new #1 contender!

Just as Alessandra was about to deliver the move, Angelina seemed to jolt to life and countered with a crucifix driver and rollup no one saw coming!

Zack: Where the hell did that come from?!




The referee called for the bell as Angelina rolled away from her opponent. She sat up on her knees and got her hand raised, which brought a smile to her face.

Lexi: Your winner by pinfall…and the #1 contender to the Future Shock Championship…..ANGELINA FANTASTICA!!!

Claire: That came out of nowhere!! Angelina surprised Alessandra just as she was looking to end this. It was a ferocious crucifix driver and she managed to hold on for the pinfall!! That was hugely impressive.

She rose slowly to her feet, looking elated that she got the win and propped up against the nearest corner to collect herself. Her fans gave her nothing but love and support as she did.

Zack: Mark it down, fans. January 17 on the first Future Shock of 2023, Angelina Fantastica will challenge for the Future Shock Championship for the first time in her career against Jacqui Minogue! The champ’s got a long night at the office ahead of her.

Claire: Angelina’s speed is a force to be reckoned with. It will cause an awful lot of problems for the Champion who has to have been making notes tonight and will need to find some way to negate and counter that. And on this showing, Alessandra might be the next in line after that and she can cause a lot of problems too.

Angelina stepped out to the floor, greeting many of her fans along the barricade. As soon as she made it up to the ramp, that’s when she spotted Jacqui waiting for her. The Future Shock Champion patted the title over her shoulder and thrust it into the air, reminding Angelina who it belonged to as the show went to a commercial for the Global Wars series starting in January.

Doomsday Attack

The show returns to the back where there looks to be nothing but chaos as trainers are attending to Nadia Beaulieu as security is pushing the Doomsday Sisters out of the room. Both Sienna and Victoria can be heard telling the blonde that’s what she gets for losing THEIR tag titles to Latina Heat.

Zack: THEIR tag titles? Of course, they’d do this when Alessandra was having a match!

Both sisters are escorted out before the shot changes back to the ring where Alessandra sees what’s going on backstage. She takes off towards the back before the show goes to a hype package for Sydney versus Shaw.

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The history between Serafina and the LJE with the Maidens is shown with footage dating back to the pool party last summer. Then the show returns to the ring, and finds Lexi waiting to begin the introductions.

Lexi: The following contest is a six woman tag team match scheduled for one fall with a 30 minute time limit.

Zack: I think the biggest benefit for Serafina and the Experience here is that all the Maidens are in this match, Claire. They don’t have to worry about anyone jumping them from behind like Serafina’s been dealing with for months. All three will be right in front of them tonight.

Claire: You’re right about that. After all, it’s a shock to most people that any of the Maidens have two friends…or at least two people that are prepared to tolerate their inanity and their bullshit without getting paid. Against Serafina and the Experience, this could be a very, very bad night for them.

The lights go out for a couple of moments before “Paradise Circus” by Massive Attack begins to play, causing the lights to flicker on and off randomly over the crowd. After a couple of seconds of this, a single spotlight appears on the entrance ramp to illuminate Laurie Jane; the brunette stood there in glittering metallic blue, tights and matching top with the initials ‘LJE’ emblazoned down the leg and across the chest in gold lettering. A step behind her, taking up the exact same pose is her partner - in matching ring gear but with an all black hooded sweatshirt covering her torso.

Lexi: Ladies and Gentlemen… Please welcome… THE LAURIE JANE EXPERIENCE!!!

The pair slowly made their way down to the ring, climbing the ring steps one after the other as Laurie entered the ring and stood in her corner. As Laurie performed a couple of last minute stretches, Jane stayed on the apron and removed her sweatshirt before she gave Laurie a final pep talk; the brunette trying to subtly shrug off and ignore the blonde behind her as she looked to be trying to focus on the match in front of her.

Zack: The Experience have been on top of Future Shock’s tag division in the past. But what I’m curious to see tonight is how they work with Serafina. They’ve been very successful despite their chemistry together. I mean Laurie already pretty much ignores Jane at the best of times, but I’m interested to see if adding Serafina to the mix changes anything about their dynamic.

Claire: They’ve had success before with a third person in the mix, but Raven Knight and Serafina are very different people. If anyone can work with these two then it is Serafina, regardless of any chemistry issues. Though like you said, those differences haven’t stopped the LJE enjoying a lot of success already in Future Shock.

As “Time To Say Goodbye” starts the video wall comes to life to show Serafina as she exits the locker room dressed in a back hooded sweatshirt with the FFW logo and a couple of other combat clothing manufacturers and energy drink logos on it. Walking through the corridors toward the ring she is accompanied by Jonathan DeCaro. As she moves she bounces on the balls of her feet, shaking out her arms and loosening up a little. Finally she walks out through the curtain and onto the stage area, firing off a combination of kicks, forearms and elbows, finishing off with a 360 roundhouse kick followed by a jumping kick and a jumping splits as she moves down the ramp.

Walking the rest of the distance to the bottom of the ramp, she tops and removes her hooded sweatshirt, leaving her in a tight long sleeved black t-shirt and tight shorts. She gives the taping on her wrists and ankles quickly. Giving her husband a kiss, she takes a tub of petroleum jelly from him and with her fingers applies a streak over each eye and across her cheeks. Finally she walks up the ring steps and steps between the ring ropes and moves along the ropes and back to her corner continuing to stay loose.

Lexi: Introducing from Encinitas, California via Boston, Massachusetts, at a height of 5’6” and a weight of 127 lbs….SERAFINA DECARO!!!

Zack: The 2022 Future Shock Cup winner with a Pick Your Poison contract ready and waiting to be used, it’s safe to say tonight has nothing to do with that contract. This is just a pure grudge match because the Maidens have tried to stop Serafina again and again with blindside attacks and even trying to keep her from winning the Cup. I know Serafina doesn’t hold grudges, but I’d say she has damn good reason to with the three we’re about to see.

Claire: It’s fair to say that she hasn’t been best pleased with what has been happening with the three that she’s about to face. She’s undefeated since returning to Future Shock and she’s already got victories over two out of these three, despite their best efforts to play the numbers game against her. I’m sure she’ll make them regret targeting her in this contest too.

“Pour It Up” by Rihanna begins to play loudly all throughout the arena. As it does we are able to see Fiona walking from the back joined by Kyle Kilmeade. Fiona is holding an umbrella in her hand and she pops it open. As it does, 100 dollar bills begin to flow from the ceiling.

Lexi: Ladies and gentlemen making her way to the ring being accompanied by Kyle Kilmeade weighing in at 130 pounds from Belfast, North Ireland, she is “The Weather Girl” “The Self Proclaimed Innovator of Moonsaults” Fiona O’Dalaigh!!

She uses the umbrella to keep them from hitting her. Fiona twirls her umbrella in circles and laughs at the fans booing her as Kyle tells her to ignore them.. She slides into the ring and gives Kyle her umbrella. She pulls down on her booty shorts a bit, spanking on her ass as she waits for her partners to arrive.

Lexi: And her partner, making her way from Los Angeles, California, by way of Detroit Michigan, ….. the “Dancing Machine” Allison Sullivan!

She comes out to the roar of boos but she flips the crowd off as she instead begins to shake her ass to the music.  She twerks before she slowly makes her way down to the ring. The fans all stick their hands out but she turns her nose up to them as she slowly bounces her way to the ring. She does a cartwheel and lands into a handstand. She leans her feet against the turnbuckles. She grins as she pushes herself upwards and into the ring. She blows a kiss to the cameras before she stands up on her feet. She hits the nae nae for the crowd before she lands in a perfect split. Kyle helps her back to her feet and the pair move to the corner for a little pre-match discussion.

Lexi: And finally, making her way to the ring from Detroit Michigan, she is "Simply Scandalous" Stephanie Sullivan!

She is clad in a long black robe and written on the back of the robe in glow in the dark white lettering is the word Scandalous. The front has 3S interlocked with one another. The crowd begins to shower her with a welcome of boos alike. She blows a kiss to the crowd which draws an even bigger negative reaction, and she taunts them as she struts her way down to the ring. Stephanie makes her way down to the ring, she grins as she makes her way inside the ring. She grabs her robe and breaks out into the open jacket orgasm. She shakes her ass as she tosses her robe to the side.

Lexi: Together they are the MOTOR CITY MAIDENS!!

Zack: What a tandem, Claire. One’s a weathergirl, one’s a dancer, and the other considers herself a submission expert. The Maidens have caused nothing but havoc since they arrived in Future Shock. They’re disruptors, and you could make a case for calling them thugs too. And the scary part is Fiona could be challenging for the Future Shock Championship if everything goes her way in Global Wars next year.

Claire: And if that happens it would surely be dark times. And probably only because of the interjection of the two nitwits that came here with her. The referee will have their work cut out for them keeping these three in line and then there’s the Kyle Kilmeade factor at ringside too. With the blatant disregard for rules and the usual tactics this trio rely on, this match could quickly descend into chaos.

Zack: Right after this match, fans, we’re gonna spin the wheel and find out what kind of match our main event is going to be for the Anarchy Championship. I’m sure Charlotte and Ruby can’t wait to see that…me either, for that matter.

Claire: It’s certainly something to look forward too. There are a lot of deadly, career shortening matches on that wheel and I’m sure that the competitors are in equal parts are dreading and eagerly anticipating what it lands on.

Referee Ashley Pruitt calls for the bell to start the match as the Maidens all remain in the ring discussing strategy with Kyle on the apron. On the other side of the ring, Laurie is listening to Serafina intently before the blonde decides to start things for her team. Allison starts for her team as Stephanie and Fiona go to the apron. The redhead is in constant motion as she seems to be bopping to music, though there is none playing.

Zack: Laurie and Allison are starting for their respective teams, and Laurie certainly seemed very receptive to what Serafina had to say to start the match.

Claire: That’s just good common sense, really. Serafina is a very talented and intelligent wrestler with a lot of knowledge to pass onto the next generation. Laurie won’t go too far wrong taking advice from the Buddhist warrior.

The pair lock up in the center of the ring, and Laurie immediately turns it into a standing armbar that causes Allison to lean over to alleviate the pressure. The blonde gave a full twist of the arm, causing Allison to drop to a knee for a second and rise back up again. The former tag champion transitioned into a hammerlock, causing Allison to start hammering back elbows aimed at her head. But Laurie kept her head out of range. That’s when the redhead bent over and pulled Laurie’s leg out from under her, causing her to break the hold. She popped back to her feet, and Allison cartwheeled out of the way when she tried to grab her.

Zack: We’ve only gotten to see Allison in her recent tag match with Stephanie, so I’m still not totally sure what she brings to the table. So far though, she’s shown she knows how to escape a hold…and dance.

Claire: At least the ability to escape from a hold is useful in a wrestling ring. The dancing…well, maybe if it makes her more elusive to her opponents, it could give her an edge.

As Laurie lunged to grab her again, Allison returned fire with a backhand to the jaw that was quickly followed by a discus elbow to the other side of her mouth. Sullivan started landing several shots in a row before she tried to whip Laurie in the Maiden corner…but the blonde stopped herself before she got there. Both Stephanie and Fiona invited her in, and Allison caught her with a shotgun dropkick to the chest when she turned back around. It only put Laurie down for a half second before she got back to her feet again and caught Allison with a deep armdrag takedown followed by another armbar as she sat on her knee.

Zack: Laurie was still too alert to let Allison send her into the corner with her partners there waiting for her. I don’t blame her, I’d do everything I could to stay out of the Maiden corner too.

Claire: It’s the last place their opponent’s want to be. You know they’ll embrace every opportunity they get to make the numbers game work in their favour.

The blonde got to her feet, still keeping the armbar in place and keeping Allison leaning over to alleviate a little of the pressure.. The redhead got to her feet again, and used a standing sidekick to the body to get Laurie to let go of her wrist. The dancer used a short running forearm to the side of her head before whipping her into a neutral corner this time. Laurie stopped herself again before she collided, but didn’t turn around fast enough before Allison surprised her with a backstabber! She rolled over on top of her in a seated pin as Pruitt dropped to count.

Zack: Allison might be a hair quicker than Laurie, and already looking to—LOOK AT HER HAND!!

Allison grabbed the middle rope with her hand as the referee started to count. But Laurie kicked out just as the referee spotted it, causing her to let go and get back to her feet. Pruitt warned her about cheating, to which she feigned ignorance as to what she was talking about. Laurie was back to her feet during all this and caught Allison with a running high knee that sent her into the corner.

Claire: Allison got caught red handed and just found out how pointless it is to argue with the referee - it’s only going to give your opponent a chance to hurt you.

Zack: Of course, Allison acts like she has no idea what the referee was talking about. What else would you expect from any of the Motor City Maidens?

Laurie quickly mounted the corner and the fans counted off ten punches to her head. She hopped down and let Allison stumble out of the corner. The blonde hopped up onto the second turnbuckle from the inside with a bulldog. When Allison started to get up, Laurie darted for the corner as both of her partners had their hand out for a tag. She chose Serafina before they each grabbed the top rope. When Sullivan was back to her feet, Laurie used the top rope to slingshot Serafina over into a flying shoulder tackle onto the former cheerleader.

Zack: Here comes the Buddhist Warrior. Serafina isn’t known for leaving her feet all that often, maybe she’s picked up a thing or two from the Experience as well.

Claire: I don’t think that she’s about to turn into the second coming of Kelly Kincaid or Stacey Sky, but if she can get an advantage with something low risk, I think she’ll take that opening.

They both pulled Allison to her feet and used double armbars on her, each of them twisting a full turn in synchrony and then back the other direction. Allison was fired into the far side ropes, only to get scooped up with a double flapjack from Laurie and Serafina. The referee ushered Laurie back to the corner as Allison started to get up a bit more slowly. She didn’t make it far before Serafina went to grab her foot…and Sullivan lunged towards the ropes before she could get a good grip.

Zack: More tandem offense from Serafina and Laurie, and look at that. Allison saw her life flash before her eyes when Serafina went for her foot and bolted.

Claire: Who knew Laurie was capable of working with a partner like that. And you’ve got to hand it to Allison, it seems like she was paying attention all those times Serafina was beating her sister and their ring leader.

Allison got back to a vertical base and kept herself closer to the ropes  Serafina went to get her, and the redhead stepped forward to lock up with her. Then it became a bit of a stalemate as neither seemed able to move the other one despite their best attempts. As a result, Serafina dropped to her back and sent Allison over with a monkey flip before rolling on top of her in the mount position. And that’s when the blistering right hands started landing upside the dancer’s head. Serafina hopped back to her feet and took off for the far side. Sullivan hopped back to her feet and went for a roundhouse kick on the rebound, but DeCaro used a baseball slide to avoid it and back to her feet behind her. When the redhead was bringing her leg back around, Serafina snatched it out of the air for her, causing Allison to hop on one foot.

Zack: Normally I’d never suggest holding an opponent’s foot like Serafina is right now, but she seems to have Allison’s number since she stepped in.

Claire: And this is the last place Allison wants to be caught. Serafina’s got a hold of a limb and knows more ways to inflict pain when she does than just about anyone in this industry. This could be a quick tap out scored by the former No Surrender Champion.

Serafina swept the other leg out from under her, and immediately went for her ankle lock. But Allison used her hands and tried to dart for her corner. She got closer though, causing Serafina to try for a better grip on her foot…until spit landed on her face. The Buddhist looked towards the corner to see it came from Fiona. Allison got to her feet, and was shoved into her corner before Serafina wiped her face and told her to tag Fiona.

Zack: Did Fiona just spit on her? She did, and look at that face! Serafina just shoved Allison to her corner and wants her to make the tag!

Claire: Can you blame her? If I’m Fiona, I think I’d go take a powder right about now. How many more times does she want to tangle with ‘Fina and end up on the wrong end of things?

Allison held out her hand for either of her partners, and Fiona looked to Stephanie who made the tag instead. Serafina let out a long exhale as the woman she wanted didn’t step in, and she immediately went after Stephanie as soon as she was through the ropes. The right hands started flying again, catching the brunette with furious shots before she sent her across for the ride. Serafina met her on the rebound with a running Superman punch to the jaw that sent her into the ropes. That’s all that kept her from falling down before the Buddhist looked to be measuring her for something as she backed up step by step. But it was all a ruse as she instead lunged to the side and tried to grab Fiona! But the weathergirl hopped down to the floor to avoid the contact.

Claire: Fiona was wise to it. I don’t blame Fina at all for going after the girl who spat on her, but this could’ve left a huge opening for Sullivan to do what she’d never be able to otherwise - get the upper hand.

Zack: She’s gonna get her hands on Fiona one way or another if she has her way, and–Allison’s got her foot!

Allison dropped to the floor too, but she grabbed Serafina’s foot with both hands. When the Buddhist reached down to get her, that’s when Stephanie went on the attack and caught her with a running kneelift to the face that dropped her to a knee. Stephanie followed up by choking her against the bottom rope. The referee counted to five to get her to let go. And when she backed up, that’s when Fiona and Allison went on the attack from the floor. Both women battered her with right hands before choking her together on that same rope…at least until the referee turned around and it looked like they were having a chat with Kyle. Stephanie dragged Serafina away from the ropes, and scooped her up into a gutbuster across her knee. Her partners climbed back onto the apron. Sullivan hit the near side ropes to deliver a scissor kick to the Buddhist as she started to get up again.

Claire: It took all three of them to do but they’ve finally managed to stop the unbeaten Buddhist Warrior in her tracks. Now they have a chance to isolate her and pick her apart.

Zack: I feel bad for the referee. She’s gotta try to keep order with those three in the match, and it’s already starting to work against her.

Fiona and Allison dropped to the floor again and pulled Serafina to sit against the corner. The referee started counting them down, but it didn’t take long for Stephanie to connect with a face wash boot across her jaw. That’s when they let go before Stephanie tagged Allison back into the match. The pair joined forces to choke Serafina in the corner with two feet pressed to her throat as Fiona taunted her. Another four count took place and Stephanie stepped out to the apron, only to get tagged back in again. Allison used a backbreaker over her knee to drape Serafina across it while Stephanie came off the middle rope with a guillotine leg drop. Allison returned to the corner as Stephanie fishhooked Serafina’s mouth to talk trash in her ear before letting go after another four count.

Zack: You know, I think there’s more than a solid chance Fiona camps out on the apron this whole match. She hasn’t made one sign she wants into this. She’s also probably still a bit banged up from her match with Arabella, you think?

Claire: The match with Arabella might be part of the reason. She might also just want to pick the bones after her help has done the dirty work of wearing down their opponents.

Stephanie glanced up to Fiona, and got a nod before the redhead told Allison and Stephanie to hold her in place. Allison came back into the ring as they both grabbed a handful of the Buddhist’s hair after Stephanie tagged the weathergirl into the match. As the sisters held her head up, Fiona told her she was gonna do what she should have done from the start. And that’s when she turned around and told the Sullivan sisters to have Serafina kiss her ass.

Zack: You’re kidding me…. In the middle of a major match, she’s gonna try to humiliate Serafina like this?!

Claire: I really wouldn’t advise they do this. I know Serafina tends to be good and honorable…but I can’t say that she wouldn’t do things you wouldn’t expect her to do in the name of karma.

Fiona smacked her ass as she looked out at the crowd, and the Sullivan sisters pushed Serafina’s head towards it. But the Buddhist started shaking as she got within inches, and rose back to her feet. A spinning round of right hands to both of the sisters landed that sent them reeling before her attention went back to Fiona. Kyle tried to warn her before she turned around to see the shaking form of the Buddhist Warrior staring at her.

Zack: Do you still want her to kiss your ass, Fiona? Go ahead and ask her to do it.

Claire: Fiona might want to get out of there while she still can.

DeCaro lunged to grab her, only for Kyle to pull Fiona out of the ring by her feet. The redhead landed on her feet and thanked him until she saw Serafina roll out to go get her. She took off around the ring at top speed before rolling back inside at her corner. Serafina slid in after her, and Fiona tried to stomp her head as she did. But the Buddhist was wise to that and slid back to her feet on the floor. She darted back into the ring again as Kyle tossed Fiona her umbrella, which she pointed at the Buddhist as she backed up into her corner with the Sullivans. Pruitt told her to drop it immediately as Fiona reached behind her for a tag, which Stephanie obliged her.

Zack: Jesus, you never know what those things have in them! That’s the only reason Fiona still has a head on her shoulders, I think. She wants NOTHING to do with Serafina at all!

Claire: Yet we still let her bring them out with her and still let Kyle stand here at ringside at feed them to her just so she can save her hide. At least for now.

As Stephanie stepped into the ring, Serafina kicked the middle rope between her legs and dragged her the rest of the way with repeated knees to the head. She yanked her up again and again just to drive her knee into her face. This went on four times before the Buddhist yanked her to her feet for the fifth time into a belly to belly overhead suplex. And before Sullivan could hardly move, DeCaro grabbed her foot and dropped to the mat in a grapevine ankle lock! Stephanie was in agony quickly as Serafina quickly applied as much pressure as she could. The Buddhist glared at Fiona, telling her to come save her. That she dared her to do it. Pruitt dropped down to see if Stephanie wanted to quit, but the brunette was desperately trying to claw her way to the ropes for a break. She wasn’t having a great deal of success when Fiona stepped into the ring to save her partner. That’s when Serafina let go, and took off towards her. The weathergirl bolted for the ropes….but she didn’t make it as the fans came to life again!

Claire: Fiona’s either a lot braver than I suspected or a lot more stupid. Either way, she might just be about to regret trying to get Serafina to kiss her ass and several other life choices she’s made in the last twelve months.

Zack: And everyone in Vegas wants to see it happen! Fiona’s got a bad case of the ‘wherever you go, there you ares’ right now!

Fiona tried to grab the ropes to no avail before Serafina spun her around, and started unloading with piston-like right hands to her head. The fans responded to each and every shot before the Buddhist scooped her over one shoulder for a snake eyes in both neutral corners. The redhead stumbled out before DeCaro caught her with a bicycle kick to the jaw that sent her to the canvas. Pruitt tried to get between the two before Serafina pushed her out of the way when Fiona was starting to get up again, this time dropping her with a leg drop bulldog.

Zack: Serafina’s getting all she wants of Fiona, but the problem is Fiona isn’t the legal woman in the match! I think that’s what the referee is risking her own well being trying to get across!

Claire: Do you blame Serafina for not caring whether she’s the legal woman or not at this point? After everything she’s been through at the hands of the weathergirl and her two jackals?

Serafina went to grab her leg for her heel hook until Stephanie got involved again. She spun her around into a jawbreaker that stunned her for a moment, and allowed the elder Sullivan sister to spring forward with an inverted foot jawbreaker to send DeCaro back into the neutral corner. Fiona crawled to her corner in pain as Stephanie fired kicks into the Buddhist’s body before yanking her out of the corner with a single arm DDT followed by the cover.

Zack: Stephanie had a chance to get herself together, and she’s gonna try to put Serafina away right here. I’m not loving her chances!



The former No Surrender Champion kicked out and sat up, and Stephanie began raining forearms to the back of her head to keep her down. Stephanie quickly went to tag her baby sister as Serafina was already starting to get up again. Allison bolted towards her with another of her shotgun dropkicks that sent DeCaro into the ropes close enough for Jane to tag herself into the match.

Claire: Jane’s been a spectator since this match began and this is when she  loves getting into the action, when she can make a difference and act as a clean up hitter.

Jane sprinted across the ring, darting past Allison who spun around to follow after her before the blonde used the middle rope for a springboard forearm to the jaw. She rolled back to her feet as Allison started to get up again, and caught her this time with a single knee facebreaker that spiraled her into the neutral corner. Jane pounded the mat with both fists and let out a yell before she took off at top speed with a handspring back elbow to the jaw.

Zack: Look at Jane go! She’s been getting more and more amped up watching everything that transpired in this match, and she’s overflowing with adrenaline right now!

Claire: And Allison is feeling the full brunt of it. If she can keep this up the Experience and Serafina will be getting their hands raised tonight.

Jane pulled her out of the corner and whipped her across to the far side, but Allison reversed it and sent her instead. The blonde hit the ropes just as Sullivan caught her with a clothesline over the top rope. She turned around with a smirk on her face, but Jane held onto the top rope and skinned the cat back into the ring. The dancer turned around into a hopping superkick to the jaw from Jane before she dove into the cover!

Zack: What agility by Jane! That superkick landed right on the button that says ‘Good night!”




Fiona broke up the cover by yanking her off the cover by her foot. Jane rolled onto her back and used both feet to piston the redhead into the ropes before she nipped up to her feet to catch her as she rebounded into a scoop slam.

Claire: Fiona buys her team a lifeline. But for how long? Jane is taking down anyone who comes at her tonight!

Fiona headed back to her corner as Jane watched her for a moment. So was Allison, who was heading towards the corner. But…Jane didn’t stop her. As soon as she made the tag to Fiona, the redhead came back into the ring with the blonde backing up seemingly very cautiously….till she got to her team’s corner to tag Serafina back into the ring. Laurie hit the ring next as they both took off towards the Maidens’ corner, spearing the Sullivan girls to the floor and starting to throw punches. Fiona went to tag, but there was no one in her corner and her eyes fell back on Serafina.

Zack: In the immortal words of Admiral Akbar, Claire….IT’S A TRAP!! And Fiona’s been snared!

Claire: Yes she has! She can either run and hide or stand and take her medicine! I don’t like her chances if she chooses to run.

Fiona wasn’t given much choice as Serafina took off towards her, leaping onto her with a Thesz press for a flurry of mounted punches to her head. The weathergirl tried to cover up like a boxer as she was stuck on the mat, and finally managed to shake Serafina off her. Fiona hopped back to her feet, and turned into a spinning backfist from the Buddhist that wobbled her where she stood. DeCaro scooped her up for an inverted atomic drop and grabbed her head before using the ropes for a springboard bulldog.

Zack: I haven’t seen someone get leaped onto like that since the raptors in Jurassic Park! And Serafina’s letting the months of being attacked by the Maidens out of her system on the ringleader of them all!

Claire: Fiona thoroughly deserves this. Karma’s being a bitch and it’s taking the form of Serafina DeCaro. She might just want to play dead and take the fall here.

Fiona crawled towards the ropes before Serafina darted past her with a baseball slide to the outside and stopped in front of her. She shook her head, and connected with a palm thrust to her throat that sent the redhead choking as she rolled away. Serafina slid in after her, snatching her around the waist and yanking her to her feet. She was about to deliver a German suplex, but Fiona grabbed the referee by the shirt, which stopped Serafina. The redhead pulled the referee into her on the hesitation, and used a mule kick between Serafina’s legs to stop her. The referee was too close to Fiona to see, but she did see Serafina crumple to her knees in pain. The redhead stumbled forward, trying to get herself together as Serafina was trying to get back to her feet.

Claire: C’mon referee, what do you think happened? How do you think Serafina ended up dropping to her knees?

Zack: Pruitt got a little too close to the action, and it allowed Fiona to use her like a tool out of her toolbox.

Fiona turned back around with a grimace on her face, seeing Serafina starting to rise before grabbing her head for a sitout facebuster.  She made it back to her feet as Kyle encouraged her to finish her as quickly as possible. The redhead nodded as she got back to her feet, dragging Serafina up with her to scoop her into a turnbuckle powerbomb. She dragged the brunette out of the corner a few feet and headed towards the corner. She headed up facing the crowd.

Zack: I know this setup! Fiona’s looking for her split-legged moonsault! She calls it TODAY’S FORECAST!

Fiona immediately launched off the corner into that exact move….only Serafina rolled towards the corner and let her hit the mat instead. The Buddhist snatched her foot and dropped into her heel hook with Fiona in the center of the ring. The Sullivan sisters tried to get back into the ring, but couldn’t shake the Laurie Jane Experience as Fiona pounded the mat in agony.

Claire: Serafina’s got that hold locked in tightly. At any moment she could apply just a little bit more pressure and well, maybe not snap her ankle like a twig but tear apart ligaments like an eager child going through wrapping paper on Christmas morning.

Zack: The Experience are keeping the Sullivans busy on the outside, and Fiona has NO ONE left…and I seriously doubt Kyle’s going to go in there!

O’Dalaigh tried to claw toward the ropes but Serafina’s grip was far too tight. And after a few seconds, the redhead had no other choice left but to tap out to a pop from the fans in Las Vegas. Pruitt called for the bell immediately as the fans roared in approval.

Lexi: Your winners by submission………….SERAFINA DECARO and the LAURIE JANE EXPERIENCE!!

The Experience hit the ring after hearing the bell as Serafina didn’t show much sign of letting go at this point. Laurie tried to calm her down while Jane began forcing her to release her before the referee reversed the decision. Serafina finally relented and was helped to her feet before all three had their hands raised.

Claire: Serafina secures the submission, getting Fiona to tap out and she keeps on rolling with that Future Shock Cup contract still in her back pocket too. You think this group might have finally learned their lesson and might decide to stop poking the Buddhist?

Zack: I’d certainly think so. If they haven’t, I’m sure Kilmeade will tell them to leave her be for the foreseeable future. That was one hell of a six woman tag match that was more melee than wrestling at times. Congratulations to the Experience and Serafina!

The girls headed out to the floor with both of the Experience raising Serafina’s hand. The smile slowly began to return to her usual calm demeanor as the show went to a commercial for Crossed Out early next year.

Wheels & Deals

The show returns to the arena and finds Sara on the stage with the Anarchy Champion as they stand in front of the wheel.

Sara: Fans, it’s time to find out what kind of match that you’re going to see tonight when the Anarchy Championship is on the line. A coin was flipped backstage, and Charlotte got the right to spin the wheel. Charlotte, your very own future is in your hands here. How do you feel?

Charlotte took a deep breath, letting it out slowly.

Charlotte: Pretty good. I guess what will be, will be. It’s not like there’s any particular science or technique that I can use to try and affect the outcome. Whatever it is that comes up, I’ll be ready for Ruby and I’ll do everything I can to make sure that when tonight is over, I’ll still have the Anarchy Championship in my possession.

Sara looked back to the wheel.

Sara: We’ve talked about some of the matches on this wheel already. But here’s one called Buried and Burned where you put your opponent in a coffin and light it on fire in order to win the match. That’d be a first for Future Shock. We’ve seen TLC matches before in Future Shock. There’s the electrified Thunderdome and the Night of 1,000 Light Tubes. I don’t think I’d look forward to any of those, Charlotte.

Charlotte: C’mon Sara, you’re not seeing the upside in some of these. Buried and Burned for example - at least it’s the coffin on fire and not you. To start with any way. TLC matches can be pretty brutal and career ending, but I’d feel pretty confident of walking away from that one. Thunderdome match I might get electrocuted. Sure. But I have a strength and power advantage and could probably make it a whole lot worse for Ruby. Unless she has jumper cables and can turn that pocket crossbow of hers into something like a taser. That’s the thing I can’t legislate for in any of these matches - Ruby’s inventiveness and some little surprises she might have packed away.

Sara: Well let’s find out what it’s gonna be. Charlotte, all you have to do is pull the lever and let fate decide!

The Anarchy Champion gave the wheel another long look before she grabbed the lever with both hands and yanked it forward. The wheel began spinning like a top at first, moving so quickly that you could hardly read what was on it.

Sara: Good spin, Charlotte. It’s like a game show but with violence as the prize.

Charlotte: There’s no chance of it coming up with three cherries and fifty thousand dollars pouring out of that thing, is there?

As Charlotte spoke, the wheel began to slow down finally to where it was almost creeping along.

Sara: I think it’s gonna land on those light tubes……

But the wheel instead stopped on the match next to that.

Sara: It’s gonna be a Salvage Yard Showdown! We’ve commissioned a local salvage yard filled with junk vehicles if it were to land on that, which means you and Ruby will square off at the salvage yard where you can use anything you find to win by only pinfall or submission!

Charlotte: It’s certainly something a little bit different, something that Future Shock hasn’t seen before. Maybe it might play into Ruby’s hands just a little given the things she did to Mallory Bennett way back when for the Ultraviolence Championship. But I think I can probably give her a much tougher time and probably roll out a couple of surprises of my own. It’ll be fun and I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of watching it, Sara.

Sara: I’m being told that a production crew is already on the way to the salvage yard to get it ready for your title match tonight. I’m also being told…Ruby’s already left the building to head there too. So you may end up getting a welcoming party by the time you make it.

Charlotte: Ruby really doesn’t waste any time does she? I hope she makes herself comfortable and picks out just which cars she wants me to bounce her head off of and which windshields she’d like to be put through. Like I said, I’m sure we’ll have a great time out there in the junkyard and we’ll make sure that this is one to remember.

The camera cuts to the parking area to show Ruby getting into her rental car and heading out onto the street before we cut back to Zack and Claire in the booth.

Zack: This is definitely going to be a first for FFW. I’ve never seen a fight in an auto salvage yard, and it certainly looks like Ruby is eager to check it out well ahead of the match.

Claire: That might not bode well for Charlotte. We know Ruby is capable of being inventive and can come packing surprises. Who knows what booby traps she might lay for the Anarchy Champion.

Zack: There’s no telling, honestly. I think we’re gonna see one of the wildest Anarchy title matches in Future Shock history in our main event.

The camera quickly cuts back to the wheel showing where it landed for a moment once again before we return to the ring.

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Live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada
November 22, 2022

The Future Shock logo is shown in glittering lights before we head inside a casino where a small band is warming up and someone dressed as Frank Sinatra is on the stage. He gives the band the sign as “Luck Be A Lady” starts getting played.

They call you Lady Luck
But there is room for doubt
At times, you've had a very unlady-like way of running out

As the song continues, we see the highlights from both Ruby Tyler and Charlotte Harker. Ruby’s rise through her opponents as well as Charlotte’s matches throughout 2022. Their interactions are shown as well before we finally see the announcement of Spin the Wheel Make the Deal.

You might forget your manners
You might refuse to stay
And so the best that I can do is pray

The next thing we see is the havoc wreaked by the Motor City Maidens since their arrival in Future Shock this year, including their multiple attacks on Serafina DeCaro as well as when the Laurie Jane Experience came to her rescue.

Luck be a lady tonight
Luck be a lady tonight
Luck if you've ever been a lady to begin with, luck be a lady tonight

The training and rehabilitation of Shaughnessy O’Neill is shown next, including the visits to doctors around the country as well as her meeting with Charlotte. We also see the training she’s been undergoing before tonight’s match with Sydney Christensen is announced. Sydney’s tweet about this being a bucket list match for her as well as a smirk on her face  is shown.

Luck let a gentleman see
How nice a dame you can be
I know the way you've treated other guys you've been with
Luck, be a lady with me

Then we cut live inside the arena to a roaring crowd as the stage was shown, looking like a casino with slot machines lined up all paying out one after another. As the coins start coming out, the camera pans the sellout crowd and then we head down to Zack and Claire as the Frank Sinatra song continues playing over the PA system.

Zack: From the home of some of the biggest fights in sports history, welcome to the MGM Grand Garden Arena right here in Las Vegas, Nevada! Welcome to Future Shock’s Sin City Spectacular wherever you are watching us on FFW All Access. I’m Zack Hudson, and this is Claire Black. You know better than anyone about all the historic fights that have taken place right here, especially in the boxing world throughout the years.

Claire: This arena has played host to some of the biggest names and biggest fights in boxing, from Holyfield - Tyson to Oscar De La Hoya, Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. all fighting each other. Heck, it was this building where Tupac watched Tyson face Seldon just before he was gunned down in a drive by. Tonight, though, it plays home to the best that Future Shock have to offer and some of the biggest matches that we can put on. When we say Spectacular we mean SPECTACULAR!!

The show cuts briefly away from the pair to the stage where the wheel to determine the Anarchy title match is spinning slowly.

Zack: Our main event will be decided by that right there! Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal for the Anarchy Championship between Charlotte Harker and Ruby Tyler. We’ve seen some of the options the wheel could land on, and none of them look like those two women are going to have an easy night at the office.

Claire: Not at all. They are some of the most brutal, barbaric and gruesome matches that you can think of. Depending on what the wheel lands on we could see fire, electric shocks and more blood than you get in an Eli Roth movie. And as much as some of them might cause concern for the combatants, that slight trepidation might make them fight even harder and go even further in an effort to make sure they can walk away from this one.

Zack: Shaughnessy O’Neill makes her return to the ring after nearly six months of rehab since we last saw her compete at FFW vs. Future Shock in July against Missy. They didn’t lay out the welcome mat for her return either as she’ll be facing Sydney Christensen. Just like Shaw, she wants to be in line for a shot at the Future Shock title and tonight will be their first ever meeting.

Claire: Kyle and Shaw have gone to great lengths to prove that Shaughnessy has fully recovered from her injury, showing her going to three doctors. But, if there are any questions at all over the health of her leg Sydney will expose them and could pick up one of the biggest wins of her career before the Global Wars series starts next year. Shaw’s going to have a real tough time tonight in her quest to challenge for the Future Shock Championship.

Zack: Speaking of Global Wars, we’re gonna hear from the reigning Pure Champion and who many believe is the odds on favorite in the series. England’s own Missy will be joining us fresh off a big win two weeks ago at the throwback show against the Future Shock Champion.

Claire: It’ll not be easy for Missy in Global Wars, there are four other competitors who will be hell bent on beating her and claiming the medal ahead of her, but it’s really hard to bet against someone who has beaten Hall of Famer after Hall of Famer after Hall of Famer this year and hasn’t lost since dropping the FFW Championship to Kelly Kincaid.

Zack: Also tonight, it’s an all out grudge six woman tag team match. The Motor City Maidens will face the Laurie Jane Experience along with Future Shock Cup winner Serafina DeCaro. This issue has been ongoing since the pool party this past summer and now Serafina has some backup after being victim to the numbers game more times than she probably wants to remember.

Claire: I think we all know where my allegiances lie in this one. It’s long past due that the Motor City Maidens get their comeuppance after spending months exploiting the numbers game. When it’s been a fair fight, none of them have been able to put Serafina down and I don’t see that changing tonight. The Buddhist Warrior and the Experience have got this one.

Zack: We’ll see a number one contender match for the Future Shock title between Angelina Fantastica and Alessandra Esposito. One woman knows what it’s like to sit on top of the mountain here, the other is just now getting her first shot ever at potentially challenging for it.

Claire: Two technically sound wrestlers, one with a distinct power advantage, the other with a definite speed edge. There’s a clash of styles here and that could make for an instant classic between two of the most fierce competitors in the industry. It’s a pick ‘em and the fans are definitely the winners when they step into the ring.

Zack: That’s not the only number one contender match though. Nadia Beaulieu’s Diamond title and a shot at it awaits the winner of Aviva Miller and Nessa Wall in the rubber match of their series. Who do you like here, Claire?

Claire: I think this is a real tough one to pick. Nessa took the first despite her condescending attitude towards her opponent, Aviva learnt from that to take the second. Wall has all the experience but we’ve seen that Miller is getting better with every match and her talent is more and more evident.

Zack: There’s a lot of questions to be answered tonight as Future Shock wraps up the 2022 calendar here in Las Vegas. Let’s send it up to a woman who could easily be a Vegas showgirl. Take it away, Lexi.

The show cuts to the ring where the blonde bombshell is in a black sequin dress as she begins the introductions for the opening match.

Lexi: The opening match of the Sin City Spectacular is scheduled for one fall with a 20 minute time limit! And the winner of this match will receive a Diamond Championship match.

Zack: Not only that, fans, but this is the rubber match between Aviva and Nessa. They’ve gotten the best of each other and are 1-1 now. Both of them have been in the ring with Nadia as well, so this third round has all kinds of stakes on the line.

Claire: It’s a grudge that has grown and become more and more vitriolic with every encounter between the two - all starting when Nessa made her debut and treated Aviva like she was a child; like she was in her first week at wrestling school. Tonight, in Las Vegas, everything is for grabs between these two.

The lights fade to a pale pink, and the screen comes to life with heavy static, showing a silhouette of a woman moving slowly towards the foreground. Mocking feminine laughter erupts over the speakers, bleeding into the driving guitars of Jet's "She's a Genius". The images on the screen shift, melting away as though doused in acid. Images flash, showing a petite blonde woman dominating both men and women in the wrestling ring. Some of these scenes are very blurry and it's hard to tell if the woman is even Nessa or someone who just vaguely resembles her.

My girl is ready to take control
She just blows my mind
She only listens to the radio to see who's alive

Lexi: Making her way to the ring now, hailing from Toronto, Canada... she is the woman you LOVE to hate... the one and only "AMBITCHOUS" NESSA WALL!

Nessa steps out at the top of the ramp and stands there for a moment, staring straight ahead at the ring while a series of pink and purple pryos explode along the ramp. She then begins to stride towards the ring, sunglasses over her eyes to protect them from pyros, flashbulbs and prying eyes.

She wakes up scared of getting old
She don't feel no shame
She knows so many pretty boys
but they are all the same

Tossing her hair over her shoulder, she seems completely oblivious to the attention of the few supporters she does have in the crowd. She knows every eye is on her, and she loves every minute of it. The rain of pyros follows her down to the ring as Nessa pauses to talk trash to fans along the way.

They said "Oh, hey there girl, tell me what do you do"
She says "um, nothing but I'm damn sure it's more than you"

That girl is a genius
Who o o o o ohw
I think she's serious
Who o o o o ohw

As the driving rock beat of Jet continues to assault every ear drum in attendance, Nessa climbs into the ring and immediately comes to life, sprinting across and jumping up on the turnbuckles in the corner. Thrusting her fist in the air with one hand, she presses her palm to her lips and blows a kiss towards her hecklers as the music begins to fade out.

Zack: The last time Nessa faced Nadia was in the Future Shock Cup series, and I think she came as close as anyone has to pinning Nadia since she became the Diamond Champion. If she can get that shot again, I’m positive she’d give the champion even more problems with the gold on the line.

Claire: Nessa always shows up for the big matches with her A game and there’s one thing that you can say for the self proclaimed genius - she always learns lessons from her defeats and comes back better and better every single time. Next time she faces Nadia, she’ll be a whole different problem for her.

The beat of “Black Sheep” by Metric kicks in and Aviva Miller busts out onto the ramp with her fist held high in the air, her head bobbing to the music. As the bass drops, she heads down the ramp and slaps hands with every fan she can reach. Instead of going right to the ring, she takes a trip around it and gives out more high fives before finally swinging herself onto the apron.

Lexi: From Los Angeles via Jerusalem, this is Aviva Miller!

Aviva grins and ducks between the ropes into the ring, but then turns back and balances herself with one foot on the bottom rope and the other on the middle, waving her hand in a circle to get another loud cheer from the crowd. With the fans sufficiently hyped up, Aviva heads to her corner and waits for the match to begin.

Zack: Aviva gets up for the big matches, that much I’ve learned about her since she arrived in Future Shock earlier this year. When it’s the big shows on the big nights, she tends to thrive. If that holds true again tonight, she’ll get a rematch with Nadia at the same time as she represents Israel for the first time ever in Global Wars. If all the stars align here and in Global Wars, she could become the Diamond Champion and Future Shock Champion in 2023.

Claire: That’s certainly not an outrageous proposition either. After all, we’ve seen two countries represented for the first time take the crown in the last two years and both have gone on to claim the Future Shock Champion. Aviva has shown that she’s got all the tools to join them and with every match, she’s stringing it all together; those flashes of potential are becoming longer and longer and we’re seeing more complete performances. There’s no doubt she’ll make it at the next level and beyond.

Referee Stephen Wilson called for the bell, and Aviva was first out of the corner after loosening up for a few seconds. Nessa rolled her eyes watching her opponent, and did some mock stretches like she had done. The pair circled for a few seconds before they locked up in the center of the ring. Being the taller of the two, Aviva started pushing Nessa backwards without a lot of trouble. They got to the ropes before Miller was asked to let her go, which she did. She took a step back with her hand up, giving Nessa the opening she wanted to slap her across the face. Aviva’s eyes flashed immediately, and Nessa ducked through the ropes to cause the referee to keep the Israeli beauty at bay.

Zack: I see Nessa is taking a new tack from her previous rounds with Aviva. She’s not patronizing her now….she’s trying to piss her off.

Claire: I’m not sure that’s the smartest thing for Nessa to do. I’m not sure she’s going to bait Aviva into making a mistake that easily.

Miller pushed Wilson aside to get to Nessa, who now stepped out to the apron and told the referee to keep her back or she wasn’t getting back in the ring. The official stepped in front of Aviva, reminding her that this was for a Diamond title match. The brunette was already fired up, but started nodding her head as she listened to him. Nessa got one leg through the ropes and was very cautious as she was about to get back in fully.

Zack: The referee’s reminding Aviva what’s at stake here: a rematch with Nadia for the Diamond Championship. And Nessa isn’t getting in any rush about getting back in, is she?

Claire: Not in the slightest and Aviva is managing to control herself enough to let her back in and make sure that she can gain the victory she wants, with no question marks or asterisks against it at all.

Nessa started to get the rest of her body back through the ropes as Aviva moved towards her, only for the Canadian to shove the referee into her. The two bumped into each other, and Aviva pushed him aside and went after her all over again. Wall stepped back out again, and dropped down to the floor. The referee leaned through the ropes and told the veteran not to push her luck by shoving him, to which she responded that Aviva was about to attack her again. By this point, the Vegas crowd was booing louder for the Snarktopus.

Zack: Sooner or later, she’s gonna have to start the match. We’re already about a minute in since the bell sounded, and the only action is that slap and shoving the referee into Aviva.

Claire: Nessa is testing the patience of these fans and already pushing the referee. I’m sure the genius has a plan for this to all work in her favour, though she won’t be able to hide out there forever. At some point Miller will go get her.

The referee asked Aviva to move back, who did as she was asked by moving all the way to the center. Wilson turned back and started a count on the veteran, while Aviva rolled out on the other side and took off around the corner after her. Nessa bolted around two corners, and rolled into the ring. As Aviva slid in after her, she caught a punt to the ribs from Wall who proceeded to grab her hair with two hands and start spiking her face into the mat repeatedly. She quickly rolled her over and grabbed the outside leg for the cover.

Zack: Nessa’s looking for the fastest win in Future Shock history!


Aviva kicked out and shoved Nessa off her at the same time. She sat up with a scowl on her face, but Wall was on top of her again with repeated kicks to her back to keep her down.

Claire: Way too soon for Wall to be expecting to get a pinfall on Aviva and she might want to stay on top of the Global Wars contestant or this could turn against her quickly.

The kicks worked well, and stopped Aviva from getting up so quickly. She finally pulled her back to her feet and shoved her chest first into the nearest corner. A running knee to her lower back froze the newcomer up and was quickly followed by a pair of kidney punches. Wall pinned her arm behind her back, and snapped off a hammerlock slam. Aviva tried to get up, but Nessa grabbed both of her feet and applied an inverted Boston crab, facing Aviva rather than facing away from her.

Claire: Nessa’s taken control and she’s looking to soften up her opponent as quickly as she can. She doesn’t want this to last a long time tonight.

Zack: This is some new offense I haven’t seen Nessa use, at least not since she got back. She’s got great positioning too.

The problem was they were fairly close to the ropes, but Nessa positioned herself to stand in front of them. Aviva looked all around to see where the ropes were, and tried to turn them around so she could reach them. Wilson asked Aviva if she wanted to stop the match, but the brunette showed no such intent. She started quickly shuffling on her hands to get a grasp on the bottom rope. Wilson got to a four count before Nessa let go, and dropped an elbow into her back as she was trying to get back to her feet. She scooped Miller around the waist into a gutwrench suplex and went for the cover again.

Zack: Here we go again, Nessa looking to book that title shot right here!



Aviva kicked out again, causing Nessa to get back to her feet quickly. A smirk formed on her face as she pulled the newcomer to her feet. She landed a pair of forearms before whipping her into the far corner back first. Miller landed hard before Nessa charged in after her…only to catch a big boot to her jaw as she closed the gap.

Claire: Nessa gave her opponent a little bit too much space here. Aviva’s stopped her for a moment but can she launch some offense of her own off the back of that big boot?

Wall stumbled backwards, and had a whole other problem as Aviva came out of the corner starting a flurry of chops to her chest. Each one seemed louder than the last as she got her to the ropes. The brunette whipped her across to the far side, and hit the near side herself before connecting with a running lariat. It almost flipped Wall in mid air before Aviva pounded the mat with both fists, and started waving her to get up again. Nessa started to do just that before the chops began again, making Nessa’s chest redder with each shot. She yanked her by the arm into a t-bone suplex and took off for the far side. Wall started to rise again, only to eat a corkscrew neckbreaker from Aviva.

Claire: Miller’s starting to use her speed and Nessa doesn’t have a clue where the next shot is coming from. Almost impossible to defend against when you're on the wrong end of a quickfire barrage.

Zack: Truer words never spoken. Aviva’s not even bothering to go for a cover either, she’s got a little payback for how this all started to dish out first!

Aviva pulled her back to her feet, and fired her chest first into the corner. She followed after her before sitting her facing the crowd on the top rope. Miller turned and took her arms before connecting with a crucifix powerbomb before hooking a leg and rolling through for the cover!

Zack: Wow! A crucifix powerbomb that even Luther Thunder would admire!


Nessa got her shoulder up as the two hit the mat, and immediately started rolling towards the ropes to get out of the ring. She almost made it before Aviva caught her by the boot.

Claire: Aviva is really on a roll now and she’s not letting Nessa slow her down any by escaping to the outside. Smart move from Miller.

Aviva pulled her towards the center of the ring by her foot, causing Nessa to roll over to try to break her grip. But that only allowed Aviva to grab both feet, and Nessa brought her knees up to her chest and jammed a thumb in Miller’s eyes. It bought her a little time as she made it back to her feet, and started landing hard rights to Aviva’s head. It sent her backwards a couple steps before Wall hoisted her over her shoulders into a running Samoan drop. She sat up, shaking her head and trying to catch her breath.

Zack: There’s those veteran instincts that only come with years of experience. She’s back in charge for the moment, and neither one of them can afford to let the other rest too long.

Claire: There’s nothing Aviva can do to protect against a thumb to the eye, she can only do her best to recover as quickly as possible and try to stop Nessa from building up momentum right now.

Nessa got back to her feet, keeping a watchful eye on her opponent as she was beginning to get up as well. When Miller was vertical again, Nessa moved in from behind her and applied a full nelson. With Aviva being taller, she stepped on the back of her leg to get Miller on her knees before she leaned over to apply more pressure as she was trying to quickly lock her fingers behind Aviva’s head. All of the brunette’s hair was making it a little more difficult.

Claire: This is good work from Nessa, using her weight to try and force her opponent’s chin into her chest, restricting her breathing. If she can just get her fingers locked to make it even more effective and difficult to escape, she might earn the submission.

Zack: I’ve found this hold is more difficult to lock in against women, due to most of them having long manes of hair that your fingers have to navigate through. Aviva is clearly no exception, but Wall’s trying.

Nessa shook her back and forth like a bear with a fish for a moment before Wilson knelt down in front of Aviva to check for a submission. The Israeli beauty didn’t submit though. Wall was making progress as her fingers were getting closer to locking as Aviva was wearing down. The referee checked again, still not getting the sign to stop the match. The brunette’s eyes darted around looking for the ropes, not finding them nearby. The fans began chanting her name and she began trying to get back to her feet. Nessa tried to stop her, but wasn’t having a lot of success before Miller was vertical again. Wall backed up to the ropes and stepped onto the bottom rope to be able to stand taller than her. She used a headbutt to the back of her head to disorient her further, and finally got her fingers locked…..but Wilson started counting her down for being in the ropes and Nessa was forced to release it at four.

Claire: Nessa finally got the hold locked in but she needed the ropes to do it and only got a few precious seconds. Will that be enough for her to put the final nail in the coffin and put Aviva away?

Zack: A good question. If it isn’t, there’s nothing stopping her from slapping it on again to finish Aviva off. It’s pretty much Nessa’s prerogative right now.

Nessa moved to the corner and crouched down with a grin on her face. She glanced down to her knee, and started waving for Aviva to get back to her feet. The crowd was still trying to get Miller back into the ring, but they started booing again. It was due to Kyle Kilmeade heading down to the ring. Nessa glanced over to see him as well.

Zack: This feels familiar. Kyle came out to seemingly lead Nessa’s last opponent against her. I know for a fact Aviva hasn’t hired him as a manager.

Claire: I’m sure he must have some reason for being out here, maybe all will be revealed tonight?

Nessa didn’t look thrilled to see him either, shouting at him as he approached. He didn’t answer her, but by the time she looked back towards the match, Aviva charged her with a Stinger splash in the corner. The fans got behind her again before Miller yanked her by the arm into a ripcord elbow to the jaw that dropped her where she stood. Aviva dove into the cover as Wilson dropped to count.

Zack: Nessa was looking at Kilmeade and got her jaw jacked! Aviva’s getting a title shot!




The referee sat up and raised his hand to call for the bell…until he saw Nessa’s foot across the bottom rope. Kyle was standing not far away, causing the referee to look between them. Meanwhile, Aviva got to her feet with her hand raised as the referee waved off the count.

Claire: I’m not sure if Kyle had anything to do with that or if it was merely good fortune that Nessa happened to land there. Given Kyle’s reputation though, the referee’s right to look suspicious.

Wilson headed towards Aviva to explain the match wasn’t over. She looked distraught as she told him he counted to three, to which he agreed but he pointed towards the ropes where Nessa’s foot was still laying. Aviva looked from her foot to Kyle to the referee.

Zack: Aviva has a real solid point here, he did count to three. I think she thinks Kilmeade had something to do with it too, but he’s hardly been helpful to Nessa at any point.

Claire: True. There are better ways he could’ve helped her tonight that let her get laid out with the ripcord elbow. But…with the foot on the ropes and him being so close…can you blame anyone for wondering?

Aviva headed towards him and started shouting at the manager. He had his smartphone in his hand, and glanced up to her. He told her he had nothing to do with it. Meanwhile Nessa was beginning to get back to her feet.

Zack: Aviva’s giving Kilmeade a piece of her mind, but she has to realize very quickly that the Snarktopus is back on her feet!

Claire: I don’t want to say this is inexperience but Aviva needs to realize that she can shout at Kilmeade as much as she wants AFTER the match.

While Aviva was looking at Kyle, Nessa bolted out of the corner with her boma ye knee strike in mind. But Miller ducked the contact and let her hit the corner instead. It hobbled her on contact before Miller snatched her up and delivered her falcon’s arrow finisher with a tight leg hook!

Zack: Oh! She saw her coming, Claire! Wall just got brought back DOWN TO EARTH!!




Wilson called for the bell on the three count this time, and Aviva looked up when he called for the bell to be sure. She started to smile after she heard it, and it only got wider as she got her hand raised.

Lexi: Your winner by pinfall and the new #1 contender for the Diamond Championship…..AVIVA MILLER!!!

Claire: Nessa made one final, fatal mistake with that missed knee strike and Aviva Miller, with shades of the former Evolution Champion made damn sure that she picked up the victory and the number one contendership - richly deserved too in my opinion.

Kyle shook his head as he stuffed his phone back into his pocket, and headed towards the ramp to return to the back. Aviva got a very warm response from the crowd as she climbed the corner and let them know she was ready for her rematch with Nadia.

Zack: Aviva gets a rematch with Nadia for the Diamond title in the new year, and it looks like she’s ready to do it tonight if she could. Nessa gave her plenty of trouble, but she still managed to overcome it and get the win you could argue she should have had a couple minutes ago.

Claire: Aviva picked up the victory tonight and I’m sure Nadia was watching this match intently and recognizes that Miller is getting better and better, asking more and more questions in every match. Whoever leaves with the Diamond Championship though…they could very well have to deal with Nessa again in the future.

Miller rolled out to the floor and greeted fans along the barricade as she headed to the back with a big smile on her face. The show then cut to a video package for the six woman tag team match coming up next.

England’s Finest

Sara is seen backstage and she’s joined by the reigning FFW Pure Champion Missy and her manager. Christian shook Sara’s hand as he joined them.

Sara: I’m here with Missy, the woman who seems to have the world on a string right about now. Two weeks ago, she was selected by the fans to face Jacqui at the throwback show in Boston. And what’s more, she got the win. Now you can say you finally got to meet a Future Shock Champion. I’m sure that felt good.

Missy: Every win feels good, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that one really did feel good. Especially since it was the fans who chose to see me in that match.

Sara: That’s what I was about to bring up. Did you expect to be chosen? You were up against two of Jacqui’s biggest rivals after all. Did it come as a surprise?

Missy: There’s never any guarantees when it comes to fan votes, but I do have a pretty good history with them. They’ve voted for me in the past, and I was pleased to keep up that record.

Christian: I think they wanted to see the match they had never seen before. You’re right about River and Sydney both being major rivals for Jacqui, but I think the curiosity of seeing her face Missy was too much to ignore.

Sara: That makes sense. Next up for you, Global Wars. When it was part of FFW, England had a habit of dominating Global Wars, not counting the year you were paired up with a…uh…

Christian: Useless dumbass partner, I believe is the term.

Sara: But since it came to Future Shock, more often than not, it’s been won by countries debuting in the series that year. Do you think that’s coincidence or does it give you a bit of pause?

Missy: That’s nicer than I would have called her…. But anyway. To answer your question, Sara, no it doesn’t give me pause. I think it's a coincidence that it’s been won by countries debuting. If I go into the tournament thinking that way, I may as well not go in at all. Doubting yourself, or thinking along those lines is going to throw you off your game and then you’ll make it a reality.

Sara: Is there anyone of the other four women that has caught your interest in particular? Maybe because you have respect for them or just someone you’d like to test yourself again?

Missy: Since I’m going to be competing against them, they’ve all caught my attention. It’s the smart thing to do to pay attention to your competition, don’t you think?

Christian: Exactly right. Missy won’t be going into any of those matches overlooking anyone. Besides since she came back to Future Shock, they are all women who I’m sure would love to face Missy, if for no other reason than maybe they would like a crack at winning the Pure title. So I suspect she will have a bullseye on her every time she competes in the series, no matter who it is she’s facing.

Sara: The last question is one that I think people are really curious about. If you win Global Wars and earn that shot at Jacqui or whoever is holding the title, would you prefer to have the match immediately and potentially have to give up one or the other title should you win? Or do you plan to bide your time if you win?

Missy: If I win Global Wars and I’m still Pure Champion… then I’ll likely bide my time. I’m not going to choose to put myself in a position where I potentially have to give up a title like that. I have too much respect for both titles to treat them that way.

Sara: Fans, the Global Wars series kicks off in January on Future Shock. Stay tuned for more on the opening matches as the days go by. Thanks to Missy for joining me, let’s send it back to the ring.

The show cuts back to ringside for the next match.

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FFW.com Blogpost of Valerie McKinley

Women’s soccer legend Mia Hamm once said that it is more difficult to stay on top than to get there. While that is certainly true for most cases, especially in wrestling, I can’t help but wonder something. If getting to the top is not seen as hard as staying on top, why is the hard work seen as second fiddle? I mean no disrespect to Mia Hamm, but she’s full of shit.

I am officially tired. I am tired of seeing opportunities slip through my fingers. I am tired of busting my ass in the lead up to something big, only to come up short. It’s damn frustrating to come up short time and time again. The thing that grinds my gears is the disrespect shown to me when I come up short.

So here we go again. Once again I’ve busted my ass and put in the work for yet another shot at the FFW No Surrender championship. It has been in my line of sight for the longest time. I could sit here and tell you that this was going to be the night where I finally get what I have been chasing for months on end. I could sit here and tell you that in the frigid cold of Minneapolis, I was finally going to be No Surrender champion.

Only….I’ve seen this story happen before. I’ve said the same things, whether it be chasing the No Surrender championship of the Unity Tag Team championships. And we all know how THOSE stories have ended.

I wish I could say that I like you, Lilly, but I don’t. I wish I could sit here and say that I respect you, but that is up in the air right now. Wait, I partially take that back. I respect what you have managed to accomplish as No Surrender champion.That is about as far as that goes. Everyone seems to love you. Everyone is blinded by your skills and enamored by your posh accent. They see you as someone who can be nice and respectful to someone, but give them hell inside of the ring.

I must have been absent when they handed out the memo about you respecting opponents. But that is okay, Lilly. I’m used to people not giving a shit.

I want you to think back, Lilly. I want you to think back to Unstoppable of last year from Wembley Stadium. You know that night very well. It was the night you won the No Surrender championship from the then Cassandra Steen, now Cassandra Sheffield. How very lovely it all was. You overcame every single challenge that your now sister-in-law threw at you, and you overcame it to win the Titanium championship, triumphant in your home country.

What a Lifetime Movie moment.

Let’s look at the OPPOSITE side of the coin, the agony to your ecstasy. The match before yours? It was my match. It was myself and Elizabeth versus No Holding Back for the Unity Tag Team titles. Elizabeth and I gave EVERYTHING we had, we laid it all on the line. Did we come out on top as Unity tag team champions? Of course we didn’t. Once again, we were left on the outside looking in, so to speak. So you see, while that night was a career high for you, for us? Not so much. But let me tell you what losses like that do to a person…we’ll use me for an example. For someone who is so used to getting everything that they have ever wanted, to find themself coming up short time and time…..and time again, it has a way of wearing you down mentally. It has a way of making you question your very existence within this company. It makes you take a solid look around, see how things are happening, and make you want to just pack it up and call it a day. Trust me, this is just some of what I’ve been dealing with for months on end. But one morning,I woke up and something felt different. I didn’t feel so melancholy. For the first time in a while, I felt the confidence creeping back in. Know how I did it?

I took a look in the mirror and reminded myself just who the fuck I am.

I’m more than just an Ivy League educated American aristocrat. I am more than just the only daughter of two prominent doctors. I am a damn good wrestler, and I have the credentials to prove it. Future Shock Champion? Done it. Future Shock Tag Team champions? Done it with the ever-so-gorgeous, not to mention future FFW Champion Lacey. Unity Tag team champions? Done it with Lacey. The one thing that I haven’t had in FFW thus far is singles gold, which is a damn shame. It’s a damn shame because I should be a double champion by now. I should already be a two time Unity tag team champion, this time with the beautiful yet dangerous Elizabeth Lannister. And we all know that I should have already been No Surrender champion, but alas that was not to be.

Minneapolis, Minnesota. Red Alert. I finally take what has eluded me for the longest time.

Say whatever you want, Lilly. Tell me that I’m delusional. Tell me that I’m full of myself and I’m in over my head when it comes to not just you, but winning championship matches as of late. I’m a grown woman who can handle it. This match coming up at Red Alert is going to be the exact opposite of that fateful night in London when you won that. Hell, the fortunes are going to be reversed because I’ll be damned if I let this streak of disappointment and mediocrity continue. I’m coming for everything that I should have had in the first place. I am coming for MY place in the history books. I am coming for the No Surrender championship. But most of all, I am coming for you, Lilly. I’m taking your place at the top and I will usher in the new year as the NEW No Surrender champion.

To paraphrase a popular fictional saying…..Mine is the fury. And you had best be prepared to feel it, Lilly.

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On Camera

The scene opens up inside a ballroom; Lilly Arthur is the sole individual on the dance floor and is dressed in a 1920’s style flapper dress that is absolutely covered in sequins and glass beads, sparkling like jewels in the light shining down upon her. Her high heeled feet are moving quickly as she dances - possibly inspired by the Charleston - around the floor with a smile upon her face while ‘Anything Goes’ plays in the background. As it reaches the climax, Lilly drops into the splits, still smiling, her hands waving with the near traditional jazz hands as the music ends. She gives it a second for the final notes to die away before she pushed up and stepped backwards, finding the edge of a low stage and sat down, the No Surrender Championship coming into view.

The Englishwoman reached behind the faceplate of the title, picking up a bottle of water and taking a long swig as she tried to catch her breath. “Hi guys.” She gave a little wave to the camera as she took another swig of water from the bottle. “FFW heads into the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota for Red Alert. The final show of the year for the main roster and while Kelly Kincaid and Lacey are in the main event for the FFW Championship and Caitlyn Storm will be challenging Casey Atherton for the Evolution Championship, looking to end her reign that is already longer than any other singles champion in FFW history…I’m facing an old foe and defending the No Surrender Championship against Valerie McKinley.”

“So why am I here inside a dance hall, looking like I’m auditioning for a part in the next adaptation of the Great Gatsby? Or trying to get a guest spot in the next 1920’s set episode of Doctor Who or an Agatha Christie adaptation perhaps?” She took another swig of water before finally putting the bottle down.

“Truthfully, it’s because of Callum deVillier.” She paused for a moment. “That name doesn’t mean anything to you, does it?” There was a nod of the head from the English woman. “Okay, so, I’ll be honest with you…and I don’t mean to hurt any feelings here…but back home the only people who dream about visiting Minnesota are die hard Minnesota Wild or Viking fans who want to go see their favourite sports teams in action and soak in the game day experience. For most, when you talk to them about places in the US they want to visit they’ll mention Disney. Or New York. Or LA. Or Chicago. Or Vegas and the Grand Canyon. So, getting to work for a company like FFW, where we tour the world and go all around the US, we go to places that we’ve never really thought of going before.”

“In a way that’s a blessing because there are so many hidden gems to discover. But what I like to do when we come to places that maybe aren’t all that tourist-y, that don’t have all those attractions that a place like New York or Los Angeles does, is to search out the unusual, the weird, the off-beat places that are unique to that particular place. Just about everywhere, these days, has a modern art gallery, or an independent shopping district or an area where you can experience foods from around the world.” Lilly nodded her head and smiled. “Which brings me back to Callum deVillier.”

The smile grew bigger. “Lakewood Cemetery, the final resting place of the inventor of Snickers, Franklin C. Mars and the 1960’s ukelele playing, singing sensation Tiny Tim…in section 11 is a pal red tombstone that reads ‘deVillier - World Champion Marathon Dancer 3780 Continuous Hours.’ In 1933, after five months of dancing, he and his partner were the last pair standing at a Massachusetts dancing competition. Apparently during the Great Depression these things were exploitative entertainment rackets - for a small fee, people could come in and watch competitors as they danced and swayed across the dancefloor; they could watch as they slept in their partner’s arms and as they shaved and ate while staying in constant motion. For this particular contest, Callum won the princely sum of $1,000 - which is about $23,000 dollars today. As well as five months of food and shelter.”

“Which explains why I’m here and dancing, trying to get some sense of what it was like for Cal, how exhausting it must have been to continue for 157 days. But how does this tie into Red Alert? To the No Surrender Championship? To Valerie McKinley and to myself?” There was a momentary pause. “It’s because for Callum it was all about grit and determination and drive and desire and desperation.”

“Which is the same for you isn’t it, Valerie?” Lilly nodded her head. “You and I first met for this title two years ago - at the first ever Crossed Out with Cassandra waiting in the wings to immediately take on whoever won between us. You spent the months building up to that moment. Months proving yourself as a technician, as a submission expert and as one of the most dangerous women in the world by facing the likes of Emma Mackenzie, Alysson Gardner and Jana Rikar. You and Kyle between you spent months trying to show the world and prove that you, the One Percenter, had been trained by some of the best in the world; that you deserved to be considered amongst the best in the world - the best that money could hire. And I’ll admit that you pushed me. I bent but I didn’t break…and you lost control, you lost the discipline that is so critical and crucial to breaking a wrestler down and winning the Titanium title. You struck with me a chair. Over and over and over again. You crashed that steel into that body, you got disqualified for it and you handed the title to your former best friend Cassandra as a result.”

The Sheffield native nodded her head. “And the last two years have been a tale of grit and determination and desire and drive. Not just for this title, but in chasing down the Unity Championship titles with Elizabeth Lannister. A one on one match with Cassandra Sheffield for this title saw you come up short, a one on one match with me to become the number one contender to face Cassandra at Unstoppable 12…you came up short.” There was a momentary pause. “But things have started to turn around for you of late, haven’t they Val? After beating the Wicked Storm earlier this year, you’re right at the heart of the Unity Tag Team Championship discussion. You’ve beaten Rebecka Hate, you’ve beaten Ruby Steele and you’ve tapped out Diamond Steele to earn yourself this shot. You’ve been impressive and deadly and every bit the woman who has spent the best part of two years as a tag team champion alongside Lacey; this year you have been every bit the Gold Standard and one of the finest in the world.”

“I know when you step into that ring at Red Alert, you’ll bring that determination with you. I’m sure you’ll bring everything that has made you so deadly throughout 2022, that has brought you to within touching distance of the summit of the Unity division and has brought you to within touching distance of the summit of the No Surrender Division. I know you’ll have your teeth bared and that mean streak will be on full display. Hell, maybe you’ll be even more motivated by the fact that earlier in the night you could’ve watched yourselves get overtaken in the Unity rankings by either No Holding Back…who beat you with the titles on the line at the same Unstoppable I beat Cassandra to win this title. Or by Vicious and Vivacious…one half of which you beat back at Fury and the other was a manager on the outside only a few months ago. And they might move ahead of you and Lannister, two dedicated, tenacious and talented full time wrestlers with a proven pedigree into pole position to meet Midnight Storm. They might jump ahead just like that.” She snapped her fingers. “Maybe the fact we might also see Caitlyn Storm become a double Champion at Red Alert - something you’ve been trying to do for a while, whether you’ve meant that or not - will motivate you further.”

She shrugged her shoulders. “Still, just like with Callum deVilliers, I’m sure you won’t let anything or anyone stop you from being the last person standing in our match at Red Alert. That you’re determined to right the wrong from two years ago at Crossed Out and that you’ll want to make all that hard work you’ve put in pay off.”

“I respect that Valerie. I respect that you’ve not given up and that you’re still fighting to achieve your goals after two long years; that you’re still coming after the No Surrender Championship…and that despite splitting your focus between this and the Unity Championships, despite trying to serve two masters and spreading yourself thinly, that you’ve made it into this position. It’s a testament to how good you are. It’s a testament to how impressive you’ve been forcing yourself back into this position and to earn this opportunity to face me on the big stage.” Lilly nodded her head. “I applaud you for that Valerie. And I know there’s every chance that on the night where your former tag team partner, could win the richest prize in the business, you’ll be right there, hot on her heels, claiming one of the most prestigious titles in all of FFW.”

“I welcome that Val. I welcome you coming at and throwing everything that you’ve got at me. I want you to be mean, to be vicious, to just be a Bitch but THE Bitch. Come and prove that you’re superior to me. Come and prove that whoever and whichever people have trained you and taught you the science and the art of submission wrestling truly are the greatest in the world and that they are better than our own Buddhist Warrior, Serafina DeCaro, a woman who has been undefeated in Future Shock this year and the current Future Shock Cup holder. Show me and the world that you are a gold standard; that you are a true One Percenter - and not just when it comes to you bank balance but also when it comes to wrestling; when it comes to submission wrestling. Show us all that you are the cream of the crop.”

Lilly nodded her head. “I’m throwing the gauntlet down, Val, because I want you to step up to the plate. I want to see the best of you and I want you to do everything that you can to torment and torture me; everything that you can do to cause me pain and agony. Not because I like it.” She let out a half laugh and shook her head slightly. “No. But because Valerie, that’s what you’re going to need to do. As much as you talk a good game, you need to walk an even better one - just as Belichick can take a Patriots team regardless of skill level and still have them competing in the AFC East and for a playoff wildcard at the minimum.”

“You’re going to have to do that Valerie. You’re going to have to be your best - your very, very, very best. You’re going to have dig down deep and be more ruthless and more vicious and more laser focused on this title and on me than you’ve ever been before. You’re going to have to be like Mary Poppins and empty the entire carpet bag of tricks if you’re going to beat me and you’re going to claim this title.” As she spoke she lifted the title up, holding up in front of the camera as she slapped her own chest with her other hand.

“I don’t say that Valerie because I’m arrogant or overconfident. I say it Valerie for the simple fact that the only person to have held this title more than I have is Starla McCloud. Because there isn’t a single person in the history of the No Surrender Championship or in FFW history that has held this title for more days than I have. Because I haven’t been beaten one on one since you hit me with a chair and left me for Cassandra to pick up the pieces two years ago. Hell, she’s the ONLY person to have beaten me in three years; since Areum Jijang in October 2019. It’s a run that’s seen me take down the like of Valentina Lozano, Jo McFarlane, Lacey, Bianca Salvador, Savannah Star and Mila Martin.”

“That’s the challenge you’re facing Valerie.” Lilly nodded her head. “That’s the challenge you’re facing. You’re stepping into the ring with one of the best submission wrestlers in FFW history; a woman who has proven herself time and time and time again to be the best submission wrestler, the best tactical and technical wrestler in FFW today. A woman who can choose a body part and chip away at it, dissect it with near surgical precision and destroy it. A woman capable and willing to make her opponent cry out in pain and keep on applying pressure until she finds their breaking point, until they tap out. It’s what I’ve been doing for almost three years since I won the No Surrender Championship for the first time; it’s what I did for the two years leading up to that moment against the likes of O.E. Ayano and Angelina Fantastica and all the way back to when I was racking up my defences of the Fast Track Championship; when I was becoming only the second person in FFW history to win Global Wars twice.” There was a nod of her head. “I’ve proven that I can dance for 3780 hours straight and claim the grand, life altering prize and no-one will care, Valerie if you can go for 3779 hours; they’ll only care if you go for that additional hour. Then go again.”

Lilly once slapped her chest and held the No Surrender title aloft and towards the camera. “I’ve proven I can do that Val and I’ve got the Titanium here in my hands to show for it. At Red Alert, I’ll do it again. I’ll put on my dancing shoes and I’ll push through the pain. I’ll show that the heart, the grit, the determination and the desire remains undimmed.” There was a nod of her head. “In the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, live on FFW All Access. I’ll do everything that I can to make sure that I beat you, that I make you tap out and to ensure that I leave with the No Surrender Championship.”

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