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July 16, 2019, 06:38:52 pm
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FFW Future Shock S6E5

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Author Topic: FFW Future Shock S6E5  (Read 193 times)
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« on: April 07, 2012, 02:15:24 am »

The following presentation is sponsored by:

Femme Fatale Wrestling
A Shooting Star Production
FFW Future Shock
Season Six, Episode Five
Season Finale!

The FFW logo flashes across the screen. “Coming Home” by P. Diddy begins to play as the opening video shows an empty gymnasium with a ring in it, as the image flashes back and forth to a sold out arena and back to the empty ring. We then see each of the Future Shock rookies looking around as though they are looking at a crowd that isn’t there. The camera closes in on each of them as each flash to a live crowd flashes back to one of the rookies till the final rookie is looking up into bright lights and the Future Shock logo appears.

The show then opens in the familiar confines of the state of the art gymnasium located in FFW headquarters. A ring sits prepared, with various ladders stood up around it near all the corners. Gabrielle Crimson is loosening up in one corner, bouncing up and down as Serafina Reynolds sits in the opposite corner, looking to be deep in meditation.

The cameras swing round to the broadcast table where we find Ryan Mackenzie alongside the voice of Velocity, Leander Apollo.

Ryan: FFW faithful, tonight's the night! It’s been one tumultuous ride since we began, but tonight Future Shock’s sixth season comes to its long-awaited conclusion! I’m Ryan Mackenzie, and I’m joined by the man whose voice you hear on Velocity..well one of them...”The Red Comet” himself, Leander Apollo. Unfortunately my two co-hosts had some personal matters to attend to. Leo, you got to call the last season, and tonight we get to be here to see the grand finale of the rollercoaster ride that has been this past season.

Leander: Oh man, do we got something big here. Ladder matches are familiar ground for Future Shock, as we once saw Sophie Richards and Payton St. Pierre go at it four seasons ago. But tonight, we wrap up the sixth season and if this is anything like what Cara Stone and Melanie Avilo brought to the tables - literally - in last season’s finale...oh boy, are we in for a treat, Ryan!

Ryan: You’ll get no argument from me. You, the FFW faithful, sent those two women on a date with Fate, so to speak! Tonight in a match probably sponsored by Home Depot, Gabrielle Crimson and Serafina Reynolds will put their bodies and their dreams on the line to climb a ladder, and reach the prize! The Future Shock Season Six Championship, as well as a guaranteed shot against either the Ultraviolence or the No Surrender Champion!

The camera shows the title already hanging over the ring, pulling back as the two continue to prepare in their own ways.

Ryan: Gabrielle said this is her kind of match, that she loves ladder matches! And she will stop at nothing to make sure that the fans didn’t send her here tonight to let Serafina leave with that title. But Serafina surprised a lot of people, she’s been doing it a lot lately. Tonight, if she can do it once more, she can join a class of an extremely small group of women that call themselves Future Shock Champion.

Leander: It takes an extra level of clutch to become a Future Shock Champion and with the prize of a possibly Ultraviolence or No Surrender title match, well...this ladder match is definitely going to let us know who is ready to climb at the top and who’s still going to be at the rungs climbing by the time it’s all over.

The camera focuses on Gabrielle as she bounces in the corner, loosening up. A graphic frames her, reading off her stats.

Ryan: Let’s take a look at the two girls! Gabrielle Crimson, who had a professional debut in 2008. 5’7, 123 lbs. and only 22 years of age! Almost breaking into the business from the day she was old enough to sign a contract! She says the ladder match is right up her alley!

Leander: She’s got speed and the fact that her girlfriend is the current number one contender for the Ultraviolence title and who has been a known commodity in the hardcore divisions of the companies she has been with - well, it does seem to give Gabby a bit of a boost. She’s seen the type of environment she’s getting put on and could very well use it to her advantage.

The view then switches to the other corner as Serafina sits against the corner, her legs folded in the lotus position with her eyes closed. The graphic on the screen surrounds her.

Ryan: And Serafina Reynolds. Who many have called the Buddhist Warrior. With a strong background in Muay Thai kickboxing and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, she’s been training in the same gym that gave us Claire Black! 26 years old, 5’6, and 118 lbs!

Leander: I know a thing or two about those from my trainers over the years and yeah, Serafina knows a thing or two about impact and about countering moves to place herself in a more advantageous position. But Serafina’s gonna have to learn how to put the ladder to use as a weapon as well in order to put herself in equal footing to Pinky here - this is rather unusual territory for the one they’ve called “Cupcake” through this season.

Jennifer Stringer heads towards the ring, as Serafina grabs the top rope and pulls herself up to her feet. Both girls look up at the championship belt that hangs above the center of the ring as Stringer checks them both.

Ryan: We are here at FFW headquarters in Los Angeles, the site of every Future Shock Season Finale since we started this show. Our referee is Jennifer Stringer, and while she is checking the girls, I’d be very surprised if she found anything she wasn’t supposed to! These two don’t have the strong fanbases they do for operating outside the rules.

Leander: This is true - much like last season when it was Mel and Cara going at it, Stringer doesn’t have to worry about any odd shenanigans occurring here. Even so, this is a ladder match, after all...I wouldn’t be surprise if they do a few things they wouldn’t normally do in a controlled environment.

Stringer calls for the bell as the two move to the center. Serafina bows in deference to Gabrielle, offering her a handshake. Crimson takes it, and as they do, both of them look up to see the Future Shock Championship hanging directly over their heads. The pair look back to one another and lock up in the center of the ring. Crimson slides around into a go behind, which Serafina counters into the same hold herself. A few back elbows causes Serafina to let go of the hold as Gaby spins around with a roundhouse, trying to catch her on the side of the head. But Reynolds ducks the contact, only for Gaby to attempt an ax kick while she’s down there. Serafina avoids that too, sliding to her feet. She charges Crimson, whom goes for a hiptoss but Reynolds blocks it. A few shots to the abdomen, she doubled Gaby over and went for a hiptoss of her own. But Gaby blocked that, grabbing her arm and firing her in for the ride. Pinky ducked under as Serafina rebounded, the brunette landing a leap frog. She bounced off the far side as Gaby went for another hiptoss, but Serafina blocked it and went right back into a go behind. She went to throw her with a belly to back, but Gaby wiggled free and landed on her feet. And the pair looked across at one another after that exchange.

Leander: Fast-paced exchanges with counter after counter. Oh, we’re gonna have some fun calling this, Ryan...

Ryan: These two girls are showing us what they can do! Gaby proving she has some solid counter wrestling skills, but Serafina may be the most surprising of the two, given her background and the fact she’s relied heavily on her martial arts to this point. Her training at Lucky Lonergan’s in Boston is paying off!

Leander: Absolutely. Lonergan’s is making its reputations for making some very capable wrestlers out of people with different skill sets given Claire Black’s track record and it’s only bolstered further with Serafina’s performance so far in Future Shock.

The pair lock up again, with Serafina sending Gaby for the ride. Crimson tried to sidestep her, but Serafina caught her with a drop toe hold as she passed by, causing her to go face first onto the canvas. Reynolds rolled over onto her back, pulling her head up and then applying a camel clutch as she sat on her lower back. Gaby pounded the mat for a moment as Serafina had her hand locked under her chin as she pulled her arms back over her knees before using both hands for the hold.

Ryan: Not often you see a camel clutch in a ladder match, but this is a wear down hold. Serafina is working on Gabrielle’s back to start this off, and given the kind of impacts we see in these matches, that’s some sound strategy.

Leander: Indeed. It halts her from climbing the ladder with as much speed as she could and most importantly, stamina. This ladder match could go a while but if Serafina can drain Gabrielle out of energy early, this gives her an advantage if this match goes the distance.

Reynolds pulled back on the move as the referee stood in the corner, watching. There was little she could do anyway. Pulling with greater determination, Gaby’s face began to turn a little bit red as the blood rushed to her head. Reynolds finally let go of the hold, climbing to her feet. Gaby began to get up to her hands and knees before Serafina jumped into the air, and came down hard on her back with all her body weight. Crimson tried to get up a second time, but Serafina did it again and sent her right back to the mat. Stepping over to one side of her, she dug her knees into Gaby’s back. She then crossed her feet and held them with one hand as she grabbed Gaby’s head with the other before falling backwards into a submission hold. Gabrielle’s body was bent backwards over Serafina’s legs as she pulled her against her knees.

Leander: Bow and arrow submission maneuver and Serafina’s got a bull’s eye on Gabrielle Crimson’s back!

Ryan: I’ll give the devil her due. I don’t think this is a case like we had last season where someone was holding back, so it appeared. I just think this is the first time we’ve had the chance to see just what Serafina can do. And she definitely has a very sound ground game to her arsenal.

Leander: That is indeed true. I’d say more here, but I got myself into more trouble than it was worth last time around, so I’m just going to nod and we can move on...

Crimson managed to get her feet free of Serafina’s grip, kicking up and off her knees onto the mat. Holding her back in pain, she watched as Serafina climbed to her feet, looking around and heading towards the floor. Folding up one of the ten foot ladders but having considerable difficulty with it being a fair bit taller than her, she finally did so. Gabrielle got to her feet in the ring, and as Serafina went to come back in, Crimson hit the far ropes and delivered a baseball slide into the ladder which then crashed into Serafina, sending them both to the floor. Pinky still clutched at her back, her face making a pained expression as she tried to stand up straight in the ring. Serafina stirred slightly on the floor, pressing the ladder into the floor as she went to get to her feet. Crimson took off again for the far side ropes, and cleared the top rope on the other side before delivering a huge legdrop that drove Serafina back into the steel ladder!

Leander: And that’s exactly what Gabrielle needed to do to get back in this - use the ladder in whatever way possible to bring in the hurting. It’s the one advantage she has over Serafina.

Ryan: And Serafina Reynolds is learning what steel tastes like! This is what she can’t afford to let happen! You give Crimson room, and this kind of thing will take place! But I can tell her back is giving her problems, and understandably so.

Gaby pushed Serafina off the ladder and slid it into the ring. Sliding in after it, she picked it up and set it up towards the ropes. Looking behind her for a moment and seeing Serafina beginning to get back up again, she folded the ladder up and slid it partially over the second rope like a ramp. And with a smile on her face, she took off towards the far side. She left her feet and began to run up the ladder, only for Serafina to grab the other end of it and pull it straight down. And Crimson got catapulted over the top rope and crashed into the floor some five or six feet from the ring!!

Leander: OOF! Gabrielle went high risk but Serafina yanked that opportunity from right under her feet.

Ryan: High risk can mean high reward, but it certainly wasn’t the case! Gaby went feast or famine, and all she ate was the floor!

Gabrielle barely moved on the floor, holding her ribs where she landed on the floor where there was no ringside mat. Serafina got back to her feet, shoving the ladder back into the ring and sliding in after it. Looking up to the championship and back to Gaby, she set the ladder up underneath it.

Ryan: Serafina has a clear path to the Future Shock Championship right now!

Leander: Unless Gabrielle can pull herself together, it is indeed Serafina’s title to grab.

Serafina began to climb, as Gaby happened to see her. Willing herself to her feet, she grabbed a four foot ladder and folded it up. Moving around the ring to behind Serafina’s point of view, she climbed up onto the apron. She shouted her name, and as Serafina looked behind her, Crimson launched the ladder and caught her dead on with it to the body. Cupcake fell to the mat as Gabrielle dropped to her knees on the canvas in pain.

Ryan: Like a lawn dart, Gabrielle used that small ladder like a homing missile! And she may have just saved herself from leaving Future Shock as the runner up.

Leander: Let’s put it this way...that was probably the most creative way of getting somebody off a ladder I have seen in my years as a pro wrestler. And given Crimson’s current situation, it was a last gambit...

Crimson dropped back down to the floor, staggering towards one of the other ladders and folding it up. She carried it around to the broadcast table, and laid one end on it and the other under the bottom rope. She pushed on it a few times to make sure it was stable, and slid back into the ring. She pulled the ladder in the ring towards the ropes, and jerked Serafina to her feet. Bouncing her head off the rung, she shoved her back into the ropes and began to climb up. With the title not in reach, she seemed to be setting up for something but stopped when Cupcake headed towards the ladder, climbing up after her on the same side. Gaby tried to kick her back down, but Reynolds dodged her. Crimson then climbed up and over onto the other side of the ladder with Serafina in hot pursuit, Both now at the top, they began trading blows with the Future Shock Championship hanging behind them!

Leander: And we’ve got a brawl on the ladder and well, that’s gotta favor Serafina!

Ryan: These two women are at least fifteen feet from the floor and a little less from the ring! The Future Shock Championship is hanging behind them!

Serafina went for a hard strike with a right hand, but Gabrielle ducked and bounced her head off the top of the ladder, causing her to stumble down a couple steps. And then Pinky began to climb, perching herself on the top of the ladder and then launching herself! She grabbed the other end of the championship, hanging in midair and trying to jerk the title down with her! But the wire it was attached to began to swing with her body weight with Gaby trying to kick her feet to free it!

Leander: Crimson’s going for all or nothing again!!!

Ryan: She’s hanging above the ring, and she can’t get the title free! Pinky is dangling like a pinata above the ring right now! And Serafina....where’s she going?!

Reynolds moved around to the other side of the ladder, climbing up from that end and making it to the top. She watched as Gaby swung back and forth, as Pinky kept trying to turn and see what was going on behind her. Serafina climbed over to the second rung on the other side. And as Crimson swung back, Reynolds delivered a roundhouse kick off the ladder to the back of Gaby’s head and both of them crashed onto the mat!

Leander: HOLY CRAP!!!

Ryan: My God....I’ve never seen anything like that in my life! A Muay Thai kick to the back of Crimson’s head! And if she’s still conscious, paint a S on her chest!

Gabrielle didn’t offer to move as Serafina writhed in pain, holding her back for obvious reasons. Grabbing the ropes, she pulled herself up and leaned against them to hold her up. Pain etched in her face, she headed for the ladder as the Future Shock Championship continued to swing, just slower now.

Ryan: The only thing holding her up is the ropes! And Crimson hasn’t budged a muscle!

Leander: And Serafina’s nowhere near in good shape either after that fall.

Dropping to her knees in pain, she crawled and dragged herself towards the ladder and dragged it back into position. Glancing over to see Gabrielle still not moving, she crawled to the opposite side of the ladder and grabbed it. She began to climb, taking every rung in agony. At points, she laid against it, trying to will herself back up it. She continued her ascent as Gabrielle started finally to stir on the mat, raising her head and looking at her surroundings. She happened to see what was happening, and crawled towards the ropes on Serafina’s side. Reynolds continued to climb as Gaby willed herself to her feet. Glancing up to Serafina, she turned back to the ropes and used the second rope for a springboard and landed halfway up the ladder under Serafina. She snapped her arms around her waist and launched her with a belly to back suplex! Reynolds cleared the top rope and literally bounced off the ladder set up between the ring and the table! The metal made a sickening clang as her body crashed into it and bounced off to the floor!


Ryan: Gabrielle Crimson just put Serafina out..possibly permanently! Reynolds literally bounced from the ladder set up over here to the floor!

Pinky hit the mat on the way down, dragging herself back towards the ladder and using it to pull herself up. She climbed up two steps, falling back to her knees on the mat as she clutched her lower back in pain. Her face awash in agony, she pushed back up to her feet and began to climb again.

Ryan: Crimson has a clear path to the title right now! But her body and especially her lower back are in absolute agony!

Leander: Given the damage done to it earlier along with the falls she’s taken, it’s not surprising.

Meanwhile on the floor, Serafina began to stir now. Crawling towards the ring, she dragged herself under the bottom rope behind Crimson. Looking up to her, she collapsed to the mat. And Gaby looked down at her.

Ryan: Serafina somehow made it back to the ring, but her body has gotten to be destroyed. She can’t stop her, I don’t think.

Leander: Serafina’s going on pure adrenaline right now...this is not the kind of punishment a human body takes and just stands up from without reason and it just goes to show you how important this match is to her.

Serafina looked to be starting to get up as Gaby shook her head. Turning around with her back to the ladder, she told her to get up. And Serafina, with the help of the ropes, began to do just that. Leaning against the corner, Serafina hung there as Gaby launched herself into what appeared to be a big splash! But Serafina fell out of the way, and Gaby landed like a cat on the middle and top rope. Taking a moment to correct her balance, Serafina grabbed the four foot ladder from before and as Gaby turned, she hurled it straight at her. It caught her well enough to knock her over the top rope to the apron. Reynolds got to her feet and charged at her, delivering strikes with both hands over the top rope to Gaby. Pinky staggered backwards for a moment till she caught a Muay Thai kick to the side of the head! And the French beauty fell backwards, hanging onto the top rope with just three fingers.

Leander: Gabrielle is hanging on for dear life here!

Serafina stepped out onto the apron after her, and pulled her back up. Crimson shoved her backwards, and as Serafina went for a lunge. Gaby managed to sidestep her and end up behind her. Glancing quickly to see where she was, she hopped onto the middle rope and turned 180 degrees in midair. Serafina caught her in flight and drove her from the apron to the floor with a huge spinebuster!

Ryan: Gaby’s spine literally just got busted!! What a sickening sound! Gaby’s back met the floor, and only the floor won!

Leander: And the question starts to arise here, Ryan. How much more punishment can these two take?

Ryan: These two women, they are damn near destroying themselves to be the Future Shock Champion!

Both women lay on the floor side by side, and Crimson didn’t budge at all. Serafina writhed in pain, grabbing the apron and pulling herself back to her feet. She slid into the ring, moving at a snail’s pace as Crimson also began to move on the floor. Serafina crawled towards the ladder, looking up in agony at the Future Shock Championship that hung above her. Pinky climbed up finally to the apron, and grabbed the corner ring post. She began to climb it herself, as Serafina glanced over to see her doing so. She rolled out to the apron to go get her, delivering a few weak shots into Gaby’s ribs to try to take her back down. A kick to the chest sent Serafina stumbling backwards almost halfway down the apron away from her. Gabrielle glanced up to the ladder and then the title and back to Serafina whom was beginning to get back up. Shaking her head, she leapt from the top rope to the ladder in the ring. Barely making it and almost losing her balance, she grabbed on and began to climb! Serafina rolled under the bottom rope, making it back into the ring and began to climb on the other side. The two moved at a snail’s pace on each side, making it to the top and staring at one another. And the right and left shots began wailing away, haymakers all around!

Ryan: Both of them are on the top of the ladder, trying desperately to knock the other one off! It’s another slugfest!

Leander: At this point, it’s a battle of who wants it the most!

Serafina went for a haymaker, but Gaby ducked it and instead delivered a shot into Reynolds’ leg. This caused the Buddhist’s leg to slip through the opening between the rungs and fall backwards, hanging upside down with her foot caught! Crimson slid back down the ladder as Serafina tried to pull up to get her foot free! Pinky headed for the ropes, and Serafina finally began to free her leg before Crimson charged the ladder and began trying to tip it over! Serafina finally freed her leg at the top of the ladder as Gaby used all her strength and shoved the ladder as hard as she could! And the ladder started going in that direction, toppling over as Serafina immediately grabbed onto the Future Shock Championship! The ladder hit the ropes, leaning against them as Gaby looked up to see Serafina now hanging over the ring!

Leander: Serafina’s got it!!!! But her position is anything but good right now!

Ryan: She’s a sitting duck! I want to know what the hell they got that title hooked to up there!

Gaby pulled the ladder back to a standing position, shoving it towards the ropes. She began to climb up rung by rung as Serafina dangled over the ring. Reynolds began kicking her feet to get the title to start swinging again, but in the direction of her opponent. It seemed to work as she began to swing and then grabbed onto the ladder as she passed it. Correcting her balance, she met Crimson at the top of it again and launched herself. Gaby ducked the contact, but Serafina grabbed her waist in the flip and threw her forward into a powerbomb! But Crimson missed the ring and with catlike agility, landed on her feet on the ladder bridge between the ring and the table. Serafina darted for the corner, climbing up with Gaby running the ladder back to the apron and going up after her! The two met on the middle turnbuckle, once more exchanging right hands before a shot to the abdomen doubled Serafina over. Hooking her head under her arm, she looked behind her and Crimson delivered a superplex off the top rope to the floor! Pinky the floor hard, but Serafina’s back crashed against the ladder bridge and the ladder broke!


Ryan: And the ladder snapped! Serafina’s back may be snapped too!! But Gaby...her body hit the floor with thunderous velocity! And I don’t care who wins this thing, because whoever does damn sure earned it!! I’ve never seen anything like this in my life!

Leander: It is perhaps the most violent match we have seen as of yet for a Future Shock championship...if any of these ladies are looking to go toe-to-toe with Godzilla herself - and I mean that as a term of endearment - then this a hell of a good practice for them!

Neither of them were hardly moving on the floor as Gaby laid face up, and Serafina in the remnants of the broken ladder.

Ryan: I hope the medical team is standing by in the back. Because neither one of these ladies is walking out of here tonight under her own power.

Leander: That goes without saying.

Miraculously both women began to stir on the floor, each rolling away from one another as Crimson moved a little quicker but just barely. She reached up for the apron, coughing heavily as her own blood seeped from her mouth.

Ryan: There’s blood coming out of Gaby’s mouth, and I’m not surprised! With the abuse these two have taken, there has to be internal injuries!

Leander: And yet, both of them are willing to go at it to grab that title hanging above...we’re seeing something special here, Ryan.

Gaby pulled herself up to the apron and rolled back into the ring. She looked up to the ladder, a gleam of hope in her eyes till she looked across the ring and saw Serafina pulling herself into the ring on the other side. The Buddhist warrior stared up at the title as well, then back to Gaby as they each used the ropes to help them get up.

Ryan: And all that’s between them, it’s almost poetic! The ladder of success, the Future Shock Championship! An opportunity of a lifetime, there for the taking!

Leander: What makes matters worse? Both of these girls DESERVE to be champion...but there can only be one.

Pinky advanced towards Serafina, unloading with straight right hands as the two began to trade blows yet again. Pinky got the better of the exchange at first, knocking Serafina back into the ropes. And with her left foot bouncing on the mat under her, she unleashed a furious roundhouse kick aimed straight for Serafina’s jaw. But the Buddhist ducked under and Gaby’s leg landed on the top rope. Reynolds grabbed her foot and jerked it back under the bottom rope and wrapped the second rope around it before tossing Gaby over the top! Crimson hung upside with her foot caught between the ropes as Serafina dashed for the ladder!

Leander: Serafina avoids the kick and she’s got Crimson trapped!!!

Ryan: Gaby’s hanging upside down from the ropes! And Serafina is heading for the ladder!

The brunette almost fell into the ladder, grabbing onto it and beginning to make her ascent! Crimson dangled and wiggled in midair, trying to work herself free but the grip on her ankle was tightening! She pulled herself up, doubled over and trying to get the ropes out from around her foot as Serafina was now halfway up the ladder!

Leander: And Serafina Reynolds is only a few rungs away from putting her name in the history books!!

Ryan: Gaby is trying desperately to get her foot free! Her hopes of winning Future Shock hang in the balance, no pun intended!

Serafina continued her ascent, making it to the top and reaching for the title. Trying to jerk it free, it wasn’t working as Gaby kicked back up again and managed to finally free her leg. But she fell to the apron and then to the floor after she did so!

Leander: Gabrielle has freed herself! But she’s nowhere near the ladder now!

Serafina continued to jerk the title, trying to free it from the hook and having no success. She turned it around to face away from her as she grabbed the leather strap of it and began unsnapping the buttons one by one. Pinky appeared on the ring apron finally, grabbing the top rope and using it for a springboard as she launched herself into a spear! Reynolds had both hands on the title when Pinky speared her off! But the title came down with her as both of them collapsed to the mat, the title in Serafina’s hands!!



Both women lay on the mat as the title clutched in Serafina’s hand. Stringer called for the bell, and raised her own hand before pointing down to Serafina.

Ryan: Serafina Reynolds and Gabrielle Crimson walked through hell to get here, and then took a round trip one more time tonight! I have never seen any two women in Future Shock history put forth the absolute fight we saw tonight! And you can go back to any season you want. Show me anyone who went to this level that we saw!

Leander: There’s no doubt in my mind that these two have set the standard for seasons to come! And now, the choice is in Serafina Reynolds’ hands - will she challenge Camilla Pazzini for the Ultraviolence title or Dr. Starla McCloud for the No Surrender championship? We’ll find out eventually...

Ryan: No matter who it is, I think it’s going to be a little while before we see either of these two women compete in a FFW ring. Gabrielle moves onto meet Caroline Dallins in her debut at Conviction, and I think she’ll need every minute of that time to recover from what we just witnessed!

Leander: Very true - but one thing we know for sure is that for these two women...the sky is the limit. And at Conviction, there’s going to be some tests for these two...but for now, they need all the medical attention they can get.

Medical personnel headed towards the ring as both women lay on the mat, each of them receiving attention from the trainers.

Ryan: Gabrielle Crimson and Serafina said they were going to leave it all in the ring, and they certainly did that! If I had a hat, I’d take it off to both of them. Hell...

The camera catches Ryan in the background get to his feet, and start applauding both women as the medical teams began to work on them.

Leander: An amazing display by both women here tonight and thus, we conclude the sixth season of Future Shock. For Erica Horton, Sophie Richards and Ryan Mackenzie, I’m Leander Apollo and we will see you at Velocity this next Thursday! Good night everybody!

Leo stands up from his chair as well, following suit with Ryan and applauding both women as the medical teams continue to attend to them. And Future Shock’s sixth season fades off the air.
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