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FFW Future Shock S11E1

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Author Topic: FFW Future Shock S11E1  (Read 181 times)
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« on: July 27, 2013, 01:40:42 am »

(Special thanks to Anna!)

Femme Fatale Wrestling
A Shooting Star Production
FFW Future Shock
Season Eleven Ė Episode One

The FFW logo flashes across the screen as we see rain soaked streets as we a man head down down a dark alley when ďUglyĒ by The Exies begins to play. The camera spins around as we see a woman following him down the alley with a barbed wire baseball bat, that being Kanna Haroshi before she takes a swing, causing him to spin around and show the redheaded Lollipop swing with a pair of brass knucks. He spins back, and a ninja wielding a katana in Velvet Raven is shown advancing. He takes off and turns a corner to find a shrieking woman holding a goblet that shatters at her voice in Helga before the lens on the camera breaks and heís off and running again. From there, he runs into the petite redhead in Leah OíQuinn with a brilliant smile waving and signaling for the man to get behind her as someone taps your shoulder, causing you to turn as a camera goes off in your face held by Lana Star before she lobs the camera at his head. The man ducks and runs off, straight into a police officer with a sigh of relief before he points behind him at what he saw as the officer begins to pull off a mask, revealing the smirking form of Marla Lee. The man takes off away as the women begin to follow him as rain begins to pour as he runs past Fiona with a grin on her face. He runs past her into an abandoned building with the Future Shock Season 11 logo painted on the wall.

The scene opens inside the Future Shock Arena where a little over a hundred fans surround the ring as the camera pans the facility to show the gym itself and finally the ring. All eight women stand around the ring as tables are stacked up like sandbags behind them, dozens and dozens of them.

Mark: On a night when FFW inducts its first three Hall of Famers in Houston, Texas, we come to you with the future of FFW! You are looking LIVE at the Future Shock Arena here in the City of Angels! And you are watching the kickoff of the electrifying eleventh season of Future Shock! Iím Mark Horton, and joining me is none other than Daniel Pollaski! And Dan, itís a gauntlet tables match. And I think we bought out the local Home Depot for this one!

Pollaski: Thanks for having me, Mark.  Makes this trip to LA end up not being such a goddamned waste of time.  But the rules are pretty simple for this one, kids!  Two women start, and they go til one is PUT through a table.  Then the next one comes out, and they go until someone else goes through a table.  And so on and so forth, until all eight women have entered, and seven have tasted more wood than an Anthony Wiener text buddy!

Mark: And the rules are just that simple! We found out earlier today from Adam on Twitter that Lana Star would be kicking this thing off tonight! And she has a long night ahead of her if she wants to leave with the victory here. As always, itís your votes that decide who stays! But thatís still to come. I donít know what kind of gameplan you can have in a match like this, but Lanaís better be the best one. And for the first time ever, we have some Future Shock fans who will be watching on here tonight.

The camera shows the small group of fans as they sit eager and waiting for the festivities to begin.

Pollaski: Honestly, I think Lana needs to come in with the expectation sheís not going to win here.  Slamming seven women through tables is a tall order, and itís only a matter of time before she gives out, and goes through herself.  So she better be prepared for that.   THAT being said... she also has as much of an opportunity as anyone to impress the voters, because she has direct control over how long sheís out there tonight.  She she better strap up her boots, go to work, take this one at a time, and go as far as she can.

Lana slides into the ring as the referee climbs in with her, glancing around to the other six women. Wait..

Mark: Are we missing someone? Iím only counting six women around the ring and Lana inside...

The referee called for the bell as Velvet Raven slid into the ring next. Raven had her sword in hand as the referee took it from her, dropping it to the floor. And as Raven proceeded on Lana, something dropped out of Starís sleeve before she turned and crashed it into Ravenís head. The camera zoomed in to show it was a telescopic nightstick as she proceeded to bash Raven across the back with it time and time again before swinging like a pinch hitter to the back of her head and sending her to the mat.

Pollaski: Well, looking at the count, it seems like Marla is the one missing from the ringside area... although the match is more than fine to start without her.  I think this is definitely the first season of Future Shock that weíre going to be seeing pretty much every woman packing SOMETHING in that ring.

Mark: Lana managed to conceal that nightstick, and by God, sheís swinging for the fences on Velvet Raven! The ninja didnít see that one coming, I donít think!

Velvet got back to her feet, as Lana went to swing at her again, but the ninja caught the stick under her arm and countered with a spinning backfist to her jaw! Star staggered backwards as Raven took the stick and stuck it under her throat before pulling her head down with the other end of the stick into the mat. Star began gasping and choking immediately before Raven mounted her back and began to choke her out with her own nightstick.

Pollaski: Well, that backfired in about the worst way imaginable.  And remember, folks, itís all legal here!

Mark: Star may have had her larynx crushed right there, and Raven didnít take kindly to her actions at all!

Rising back to her feet, she tossed the nightstick down and rolled out on one side before setting up a table. As she climbed back up onto the apron, Lana got back to her feet and took off towards her with a running clothesline. It stumbled Raven, who had to grab onto the rope as she began to dangle backwards over the table. Star took off for the far side of the ring this time and left her feet with a flying shoulderblock! But Velvet stuck her elbow out and Lana crashed right into it face first!

Mark: Lana Star smelling blood in the water there, and almost put Velvet Raven through her own table right there! She needs to get back in the ring!

Pollaski: Thatís one of the problems you have during a table match- it takes valuable recovery time to get that table set up.

Lana began to get to her feet again, shaking off the cobwebs as Velvet went to step back into the ring. Star surprised her by kicking the middle rope up between her legs, causing her to land on her knees on the mat. Lana hit the far side and sent her out of the ring with a baseball slide. Star rolled out after her, pulling her masked head up and bouncing it off the apron before firing her into the steps. Star set up a second table on the other side of the ring with a little smile on her face. She pulled Raven back up and shoved her into the ring before grabbing a third table and sliding it inside. And then a fourth. Lana re-entered the ring and set one up in the corner. Heading back to Velvet Raven, she moved with her back to that table and grabbed her feet, setting her up for a catapult!

Pollaski: If Lana hits this, and Velvet goes through, sheís fourteen percent of her way to actually making it out of here tonight!

With Velvet in position, Lana fell backwards into the catapult but as Raven went up, she stopped and landed flat of her feet over Star. Lana looked up in shock as Velvet reached down and pulled her up with both hands into the air with her feet dangling beneath her in a choke before she drilled her with a sitout powerbomb!

Mark: Raven is nothing but power, Iíve never seen someone stop themselves in a catapult before! And I bet Lana hasnít either!

Pollaski: Some sheer power there from Raven... but itís kept her in the match, and now Lanaís the one whoís in trouble!

Velvet dragged her thumb across her neck as she reached down, scooping Lana up onto her shoulder and pointing towards the corner. The ninja took off at top speed with a running powerslam, but Lana slid out the back door as they approached the corner! And as Raven turned, Star caught her with a standing dropkick that sent her backwards through the table in the corner! The referee signaled she was eliminated, though Raven popped right back up. Lana raised her hand in victory as she looked back to the referee. Raven spun her around and kicked her in the gut before scooping her up and driving her into the mat with a Michinoku driver!

Pollaski: Lana pulled off a huge coup there, taking out the ninja, but unfortunately, when you eliminate someone and donít incapacitate them, there is a risk of that happening!

Velvet rolled out of the ring as Lana wasnít moving too much on the mat as a result. The next one into the ring was Kanna Haroshi. But before she did, she removed her barbed wire baseball bat from under the mat. A sick grin formed on her face as she looked down to the fallen Lana Star.

Mark: Apparently Kanna drew number three, and this shouldnít take much at all! Lanaís still flat on her back, and Haroshi brought Mercy with her!

Pollaski: Poor Lana.  But I have a feeling weíre going to be seeing a LOT of that in the Ultraviolent 11th Season of Future Shock!

As Star began to move, Kanna brought the bat down across her abdomen with a fierce strike. After that, she began to press it into her head, leaning on the other end of the bat before she began to rake it across back and forth. A gash formed on Lanaís face as Haroshi pointed to the table set up outside earlier. She pulled Star up into the scoop position, much like Velvet had done a moment ago. And as they approached the ropes, Star raked her eyes and landed on her feet. Haroshi was blinded for a moment as Star went for a clothesline to send her over, but Kanna ducked and back body dropped her over the top rope to the apron. And as Lana popped back up, Fiona and Lollipop grabbed her legs from the floor and jerked her off the apron through the table, eliminating her!

Pollaski: Well, that was completely uncalled for!  They should have let Lana stay in a bit longer, and wear Kanna down!

Mark: Well one canít grieve forever, and look whoís coming in next! The WillCorp weather girl, Fiona!

The brunette hit the ring, and took off towards Kanna. A Thesz press took her down to the mat as OíDalaigh began to unload with furious right hands to her head. Haroshi shook her off with a monkey flip, and as Fiona rose to her feet, she got whipped across into the corner. Fiona hit chest first as Kanna scooped up the bat and caught her stepping backwards with a shot to the side of her head! Fionaís hair stuck to the barbed wire bat as she fell to the ground, causing some of it to be pulled out of her head when Kanna jerked the bat away!

Pollaski: Looks like thereís a 100% chance of raining weathergirl locks tonight!

Mark: Fionaís hair getting ripped out by the root! That had to hurt as much as that damn bat to the head did!

A smirk formed on Kannaís face as she walked around Fiona, standing over her as she raised the bat above her head like a guillotine. But Fiona fired a kick straight up between her legs that stopped that. Scratch marks stained blood on Fionaís cheek as she managed to get back up to her feet. And as Haroshi staggered out, Fiona took off and hit a running bulldog! A vengeful look on her face, the Irish lass retrieved the other table that was left in the ring and began to set it up.

Mark: Fiona is not happy at all, and Kanna wonít be enjoying any post match festivities for a day or two! These two have been going back and forth on Twitter for a while now, and itís obviously bubbled over here tonight!

Pollaski: This is definitely the bloodiest season premiere weíve had on Future Shock, and weíve only had half the girls in the ring!

Fiona pulled Kanna back up, hooking her head under her arm as she lined herself up with the table. She hoisted her up with a vertical suplex, but Haroshi slid out the back and landed behind her. She quickly wrapped her arms around her waist and went for a release German suplex. Fiona managed to grab the rope to stop her momentum before using a mule kick once more to Kannaís groin that stopped that. A savate kick to the side of her head sent her the rest of the way down. She quickly scooped her up and stretched her out across the table before climbing up to the top rope!

Mark: Fionaís going airborne, and Kannaís a sitting duck!

Pollaski: Weíre going to be looking at one humble Japanese woman on Twitter tonight if this connects!

Fiona went for an elbow drop off the top rope and connected beautifully. Except the referee pulled Kanna off the table and Fiona crashed through it instead. The fans around ringside were shocked as the official began to peel off makeup attached to her face to reveal it was Marla Lee!!

Pollaski: Ö.......Thatís the greatest makeup job Iíve ever seen...

Mark: It was MARLA all along!!

Lee kicked Fiona out of the ring with the broken table as she went to help Kanna up. Haroshi nodded her head as Marla patted her on the back. She gave her a smile before she quickly scooped her up and sent over the top rope through the other table at ringside with a Death Valley Driver!

Pollaski: Fionaís out... AND Kannaís out!   Marlaís cleaning fuggin HOUSE!  But did she reveal herself too soon?!

Mark: This crowd is still in shock, and so is Fiona and Kanna, Iím thinking!

Lee took a moment to appreciate the damage she caused before Leah slid into the ring behind her. And as Marla turned around, Leah exploded out of the corner with a spear that folded her in half on the mat. OíQuinn hopped back to her feet with a smile as she rolled out under the bottom rope to retrieve another table and slide it into the ring. Propping it against the ropes, she pulled Marla up and drilled her with a DDT into the canvas before hooking her head for a bulldog as she pointed towards the table. The crowd responded very well to this.

Mark: Leah caught Marla unaware there, and now sheís going to bulldog her through that table.

Pollaski: The crowd is solidly behind her, and cheering her on, too!  Not that it does her much good, mind you.

As Leah was about to run, Marla scooped her up and hit an atomic drop as a counter before she jerked her around. She then snatched her up into a tilt-a-whirl side slam into the canvas. Marla pushed back up to her feet, shaking off the cobwebs as she headed for the table against the ropes. She set it up to a standing position in the ring and doubled back for Leah. As she reached down to grab her, Lollipop jerked the one girl deaf revolution out of the ring and rammed her head first into the ring post. She scooped up Lanaís nightstick from before and went to crack it against Leahís head, but OíQuinn ducked the contact and the nightstick broke against the post. Leah caught her with a dropkick and climbed back up onto the apron, checking behind her to see where the redhead was. Marla stomped the mat, a grin on her face as she knew Leah didnít hear her behind her.

Pollaski: Lollipopís definitely a bit on the hyper side... thatís the second time sheís jumped the gun!  And this time, it may have cost Leah dearly!

Leah glanced down to see Lollipop down on the mat before turning back around, only to eat a flash kick to the head from Lee that sent her flying off the apron to the floor in a heap at Helgaís feet. The mammoth woman looked down at her as Leah began to use her to pull herself up.

Mark: Talk about the wrong part of town, and....Helga is dressed like a flower! Thatís the biggest damn daffodil Iíve ever seen!

Pollaski: Actually, sheís dressed like a bird.  Sheís going the Papagena route tonight, I see.  Thatís a character in the Magic Flute.  Good opera.  You should watch it.  Itís far better than the view Leah has right now.

Mark: Anything would be!

As Leah climbed up to her feet by using Helgaís limbs to help her, the mammoth woman grabbed her head and delivered a thunderous headbutt that staggered her against the apron before she was hoisted with ease back into the ring. Marla waved her to turn around with the table behind her. And as she did, Kanna and Lollipop climbed back into the ring. Lollipop delivered a superkick to Leahís jaw and Kanna with a codebreaker almost in sync as both women crashed through the table behind them!

Pollaski: Kanna gets some revenge!  And Lollipop just jump-started Leah into oblivion!  Weíre down to two!   And... oh fuck me...

Mark: They went through the same table, and both are eliminated! Ohh, Lollipop...I donít envy you at all!

The redhead hopped to her feet, picking up a shard of the shattered table as Helga rolled slowly under the bottom rope. Lollipop wasted no time as she descended on her and hit a double stomp on her stomach as she rolled onto her back! Helga let out a rather unflattering gurgle as Lollipop grabbed the ropes and drove her knee into her head as she tried to sit up.

Mark: Lollipop is definitely trying to keep Helga down, and that beached whale hasnít offered much response yet! But....I just donít see how she can put her through a table!

Pollaski: Nope.  She better hope that Kanna and Marla and company want to be involved in this, because it could take multiple ladies to lift her fat ass up!  

Helga rolled out under the bottom rope to the apron, reaching up to the ropes to help her get back up and really pulling them almost all the way to the mat as she did. Lollipop whistled for something as her manager Nicole Rossi took off towards the ring. She quickly pulled down one of the tables and set it up behind Helga. And as the huge woman got to her feet, Lollipop lined her up with the table.

Mark: Thatís Lollipopís manager, Nicole Rossi! And sheís got the table lined up right behind her!


The pint sized dynamo took off into a spring, going for a huge spear but as her head and body connected with Helgaís bulbous midsection, Lollipop landed on her hands and knees. But Helga didnít budge!

Mark: It was like a noodle hitting a wall! No effect!

Pollaski: I knew I shouldnít have given her that pizza...

Lollipop hopped back to her feet, immediately unloading with big right hands to her head one after another after another. Helga was shaken a bit at this as Lollipop rolled out of the ring and grabbed a steel chair. Helga collected herself and went to step back into the ring before the redhead charged at her and crashed the chair across her back! Helga reeled on the apron again as Nicole grabbed her foot and tried to pull her down with little effect! Lollipop lined up again and dropkicked the chair into the large womanís chest. Helga began to teeter backwards with just one hand grabbing the top rope!!


Pollaski: To the people of Los Angeles- thatís not an earthquake youíre about to feel.  Unless this leads to one... in which case, Iím so so sorry.

And once more, Lollipop lined up and headed for the far ropes! The dynamo took off into a high cross body block, but Helga ducked and sent her over her back and landing onto the table behind her! Rossi tried to catch her to limit her impact, managing to do that as Lollipop landed on the table finally but it didnít break.

Mark: Rossi with a late inning grab there, just saved her client from going through the table!

Pollaski: ..I just be damn.

Mark: Wait a minute... Nicole....look up!!

As Rossi checked on her client, she turned back around as Helga lunged forward and belly flopped down on top of Lollipop and Nicole at the same time! The table imploded and feathers from Helgaís outfit flew everywhere!


Mark: Lollipop and Nicole have been...decimated! And Helga...has won the gauntlet!!

Helga began to get to her feet slowly, looking down to see Lollipop and Nicole on the floor before she thrust her gelatinous arm into the air.

Mark: I donít think she ever hardly got into the ring, but Helga...with the help of gravity....has eliminated Lollipop...possibly from existence! Iíd call that an impressive debut, but....

Pollaski: Itís something none of us ever want to see again...

Mark: Ladies and gentlemen, thatís going to do it for us here from Future Shock! Helga has won the gauntlet tables match, and now itís your turn. Head to the FFW website and cast your vote for your favorite out of all this! And weíll find out next week who won, and whoís heading home! Who you voting for, Dan?

Pollaski: Probably Lollipop.  She was the most active, I thought, and she just had way too much of a hill to climb with Helga being the last one in.  Marla too impressed me with her amazing deceit.  And Helga... well she did win.

Mark: That she did! Fans, meet us back here next week! And donít you dare forget the biggest show of the year, Unstoppable 4 will be LIVE from Houston tomorrow night! Donít be shut out, order it now! And weíll see you in Houston!! Dan...we got a plane to catch!

Helga noticed the destruction of part of her outfit and was in the midsts of a tantrum as the FFW logo flashed across the screen as Future Shock faded off the air.

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