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November 20, 2019, 12:48:28 pm
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FFW Future Shock S11E2

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Author Topic: FFW Future Shock S11E2  (Read 151 times)
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« on: August 10, 2013, 01:44:55 am »

(Special thanks to Anna!)

Femme Fatale Wrestling
A Shooting Star Production
FFW Future Shock
Season Eleven – Episode Two

The FFW logo flashes across the screen as we see rain soaked streets as we a man head down down a dark alley when “Ugly” by The Exies begins to play. The camera spins around as we see a woman following him down the alley with a barbed wire baseball bat, that being Kanna Haroshi before she takes a swing, causing him to spin around and show the redheaded Lollipop swing with a pair of brass knucks. He spins back, and a ninja wielding a katana in Velvet Raven is shown advancing. He takes off and turns a corner to find a shrieking woman holding a goblet that shatters at her voice in Helga before the lens on the camera breaks and he’s off and running again. From there, he runs into the petite redhead in Leah O’Quinn with a brilliant smile waving and signaling for the man to get behind her as someone taps your shoulder, causing you to turn as a camera goes off in your face held by Lana Star before she lobs the camera at his head. The man ducks and runs off, straight into a police officer with a sigh of relief before he points behind him at what he saw as the officer begins to pull off a mask, revealing the smirking form of Marla Lee. The man takes off away as the women begin to follow him as rain begins to pour as he runs past Fiona with a grin on her face. He runs past her into an abandoned building with the Future Shock Season 11 logo painted on the wall.

We see the night skyline of Los Angeles in the distance before the camera spins around and shows we are outside the Future Shock Arena before it heads inside where we see a small crowd around the ring before we find a broadcast booth not far from there where the hosts of the season are there to greet the viewers.

Mark: Hello there, FFW faithful! And welcome to the second episode of the electrifying eleventh season of Future Shock! And today, we’re pitching a double header in this special hour long edition of Future Shock! I’m Mark Horton, and joined by my co-host this season, Daniel Pollaski. And Dan, today, we’ve got some extreme dodgeball with our seven remaining hopefuls and finally a Future Shock battle royal where the winner marks her ticket to the final round at Fight Night 2 to capture the Future Shock Cup.

Pollaski: Yup, and that’s a HUGE advantage to the winner of the battle royal tonight!  You go into the Future Shock Cup well rested, while every other girl will have already wrestled a match!  I can’t believe some people are already talking about not wanting to win it. 

Mark: That one came as a big surprise to me too. But so be it! I can assure you all seven of those women are here tonight, and they will be competing in this seven person over the top rope battle royal! And just to spice this up a little bit more, earlier today, it was decided this thing was going to be staggered entrance with a new woman entering every 2 minutes! The numbers have been drawn as well.You gotta believe a match like this....this could be Rebecka Hate’s match to lose, given her recent showing in a battle royal with far more people in it than will be tonight.

Pollaski: She did.  And this is a far smaller entry battle royal too... which means less time total in the match.  It’s only ten minutes from the start to the last entrant, so you don’t need to conserve energy like you would for a longer event.

Mark: That’s still to come however. Coming up first, we’re going to see who is going to leave extreme dodgeball unscathed. On the last edition of Future Shock, your former client Helga picked up the win in the competition, but the fans voted Marla Lee as their favorite. We also found out that Fiona O’Dalaigh is gone, though she will be providing the pitches tonight in this game of dodgeball!

Pollaski: Well, you have to think that Marla Lee is going to be number one on Fiona’s hit list!  She absolutely suckered Fiona with that referee makeup trick.   I doubt Fiona was any impressed, though.

Mark: Let’s find out, we’re going to take you back to earlier today and show you what happened. And when we’re done, it’s gonna be one hellacious battle royal!

With that, we cut to video footage.

~ ~ ~

The footage opens up in what looks like a parking garage with a deep indentation not far from the wall about seven feet across and about three feet deep, filled with thumbtacks before the camera spins around to see each of the seven women making their way to stand in front of the trench. Dressed in a full body suit of armor and moving exceptionally sluggishly is Helga, followed by the other six women though there is one peculiarity.

Mark: One round of extreme dodgeball is coming up, and we’re just waiting on our pitcher, Fiona, to join us. As you can see,we have all seven of our.....hang on...

The camera pans across as it goes from left to right with Helga, Lana, Velvet Raven, Leah, Kanna, Lollipop, and ….Leah. The two Leahs give each other rather curious looks as they stare across at one another, each pointing to the other as if they don’t agree with the other being there.

Pollaski: Uh, okay then.  Well, you have to give Marla credit for an especially... convincing disguise here.  But I know the solution here.  *ahem*   VEGEMITE SUCKS!

Neither girl responds as the camera finds Fiona on her way towards the set. A huge vat of volleyballs await as she places a leather glove on her hand before one of the assistants starts retrieving one of the dodgeballs. They all seem doused with lighter fluid as it is lit and handed to Fiona.

Mark: Well Fiona has decided to join us, and as you can see, she has on a fireproof glove. Our production crew is nothing if not crafty at finding the props for these things. There’s three Office Depots in town right now who have absolutely no thumbtacks left for sale.

Pollaski: Now remember, you don’t have to go into the pit- just have to be hit by a dodge ball to be eliminated.  But if Fiona has a good enough cannon for an arm... or you mess up and take a step backwards, you’re gonna be a pincushion to add injury to... well, insulting injury!

Lollipop begins bouncing up and down on her feet, screaming at Fiona to throw it at her incessantly. Fiona glances at her and lobs the first ball at a pretty fast clip right at Helga. The ball is swatted away with a metallic clang of her wrist before Lollipop begins booing and blowing raspberries at Fiona.

Mark: A swing and Helga was good enough to get that meat hook up and swat it away. You can deflect them if you want, but if they hit your body, game over and...hope you don’t go backwards. And Lollipop is apparently offering commentary.

Pollaski: That rule has GOT to favor Helga- she’s not dodging anything any time soon, and I’m not sure how well you can catch in armor.  But for the six NON-armored ladies out there, that’s still going to hurt to swat at a flaming ball!

Fiona gets the next flaming ball, looking at the two Leahs for a moment and lobbing one straight at the first one. She manages to duck her head as it flies over her and lands in the tack pit. Lollipop boos again, bouncing up and down and chanting “Fiona sucks” at the top of her voice before O’Dalaigh scoops up another ball and lobs it straight for her. Lollipop drops down as it misses before she pops back up, turning around and wiggling her butt in Fiona’s direction as the pitcher gets another ball.

Pollaski: It seems to me that a good strategy would be to NOT entice the woman with the flaming balls with taunts.  But apparently Lollipop has the attention span of a gnat, and wants all the attention on her, no matter what the cost.

Mark: That is an intriguing strategy, I’m sure there’s a point to this. I just....don’t know what it is!

The taunts continue from the redhead as Fiona waits to see the ball engulfed in flames before she sneers and launches another shot straight at Lollipop. The redhead steps aside and pulls Lana Star into her spot. Star glances at her just as the ball catches her flat on the chest and down into the pit of tacks. The girl screams in pain for a moment as Lollipop grins.

Mark: Lana got a little surprised right there, and Lollipop just got her eliminated!

Lana is doused with a fire extinguisher before being helped out of the pit as the six remaining line back up again.

Pollaski: What was that you were screaming about, Lana?  You want your... mommy?

Fiona is handed another flaming dodgeball as the girls line back up again and she fires another shot, this time at the first Leah in line. She easily ducks it before Fiona lobs another straight at her, this time the first Leah left her feet as the ball sailed between her legs. A third shot was fired next, once more at Helga. But the massive woman managed to swat it away like she did the last one, causing it to nearly hit the women at her side.

Mark: Leah #1 there showing some excellent agility, and Helga is pretty much playing batter here tonight in this thing.

Pollaski: I’m wondering, like I said at the top of the show- Fiona probably wants Marla out.  So is she just going to throw at Leah’s for the most part, and hope the one she nails turns out to be the real Marla?

The second Leah looks on from the other end as the next flaming ball is fired in that direction, directly at Velvet Raven. The ninja, wearing gloves herself, strikes the ball with her fist and sends it flying right back towards Fiona. The pitcher picks it up and lobs it right back with authority. Raven unsheathes a sizable knife and plunges it straight into the flaming ball before shoving it off and throwing it into the pit behind them. Kanna and the Leah #2 look at her and especially that dagger as she replaces it in the sheath.

Pollaski: Well, now we have a couple ladies getting medieval on this game!  Hopefully Raven keeps it on the balls though.  Otherwise things might get messy.

Mark: Velvet Raven may be one big target, but she definitely has serious hand speed. I suppose that makes sense if you’re a ninja.

Another ball is fired at a high rate of speed straight towards Kanna, Haroshi dodges it easily with a simple duck, and as she raises back up, another one is lobbed straight at her head. She barely misses that one as it whizzes over her head. And as she raises back up to a standing position, the third ball catches her flush in the stomach and sends her back into the pit. The camera zooms around to see that Kanna wasn’t on fire, but was making snow angels with a smile on her face in the tacks. One of the assistants tries to help her out, but she is reluctant before being helped out.

Pollaski: Well, it’s good to see that Kanna is handling the disappointment rather well... on a very creepy level, but rather well nonetheless

Mark: No kidding, she was making snow angels in that pit of tacks...

Fiona is served with another ball, and with an apparently good arm, she rockets it right towards Leah #2. She dodges out of the way before another is lobbed straight at her head. As a matter of fact, Fiona seems to have gone into a windmill mode as she lobs ball after ball after ball towards the second Leah. She manages to dodge each, but as one nearly hits Raven, Fiona fires again and this one catches Raven on the hip as she’s turning around. But her reflexes stop her from going backwards into the pit before she is escorted away.

Mark: Do you think Fiona has found which of the Leahs she thinks is Marla Lee? Also she has a rocket for an arm....

Pollaski: Well, she does give it a workout pointing to invisible maps on a daily basis.  And giving Todd handjobs, probably.  Also, yes. 

Helga, Lollipop, and the two Leahs remain as they move closer to one another. The twins stare at one another as one points to the other one’s ear as Fiona lobs another ball towards the slightly shorter Leah. She easily dodges it, ducking underneath it before the Leah beside her taps her ankle with her foot to send her off balance as Fiona fires the second shot and catches her as she tries to get her balance. The shorter Leah catches it on the leg, stopping herself from going in before the other Leah kicks her in the butt and sends her in anyway. Producers immediately rush over, helping the pin-stuffed Leah up from the pit as she is in obvious pain. The other Leah pulls out her earplugs with a smile, tossing them behind her.

Pollaski: Earplugs?  YOu have to admire Marla’s dedication to the role.  Also, VEGEMITE STILL SUCKS!

Mark: Marla definitely playing her role well here, and you should probably stop saying that....

Marla’s eyes square on Pollaski for a moment as Lollipop is bouncing up and down and on the balls of her feet when Fiona fires another shot that misses Helga barely. A second one is fired straight at her but Helga manages to grasp it between her metal hands. And as Lollipop is bouncing up and down, she bounces it off the top of her head, sending her to the ground quickly. Hopping to her feet, she looks none too happy as an assistant with a small extinguisher aims it at the top of her head just to be safe before she is escorted away.

Pollaski: Wait... THAT COUNTS?!

Mark: The rules state that if you get hit by the ball, you’re out. Helga taking advantage of a loophole here.... Either way, we’re down to two!

Pollaski: And I think the FFW Faithful at home are probably hoping they both somehow fall onto the spikes!   Neither of these women are very loved!

As Fiona reloads, Marla starts to pull the makeup off her face, revealing her actual face, save for the mask still covering parts of it that makes it look like her face melted off. Helga glances over to her, trying to swat her with an arm to send her back into the pit anyway. Marla ducks that and kicks her in the leg, but Helga doesn’t budge and Lee turns back to see Fiona aiming right for her head! She quickly ducks under that as Fiona fires another shot straight at her. Lee once more avoids the contact when Fiona aims and fires right at her again. Miss. Another shot. Miss. Another shot. Miss. Fiona lets out a scream of anger at this.

Mark: I think all Helga has to do at this point is stand there, because Fiona’s all but forgotten about her at this point.

Pollaski: Then again, I wouldn’t get too comfortable.  Just as she screwed Lollipop, so can Marla screw her.

Fiona fires two more at her, but she manages to avoid both. She then turns her attention to Helga, lobbing one straight at her chest. And by sheer dumb luck as Helga was reaching up for something, she caught it between her hands. Lee took this chance and punched the ball out of her hands into her chest as the whistle was blown as Helga let out a very angry cry. Marla quickly backed away as she had her hand raised.

Mark: Now that was ….one way to do it! Helga caught the ball, and Marla made it hit her in the chest anyway! She didn’t feel a thing, but she just got eliminated!

Pollaski: Told ya.  And I would have seriously cried if the five hundred pound woman in a suit of armor won DODGEball.

Marla grins as Helga tries to stomp towards her before the Liar of Liars strolls away casually since Helga is hardly moving at a fast clip.

Mark: Congratulations to Marla! Now is your turn, fans! Go to the FFW site and vote for your favorite this week! Who impressed you most? Dan, who’s getting your vote this week?

Pollaski: I hate to say it, but Marla.  She got two women eliminated, and won it all.  Anything goes in Ultraviolence, so you have a woman with the right mentality.

Mark: And in one week, we’ll find out who you voted as the favorite...and who’s going home! When we come back, it’ll be a Future Shock battle royal with Fight Night implications coming up! Stay tuned!

With that, Future Shock cut a commercial break

~ ~ ~

Future Shock returns from the commercial break as we are taken back inside the Future Shock Arena in Los Angeles with Dan & Mark. The fans around the ring are making a little noise as they know what’s coming up.

Mark: Marla Lee definitely outmaneuvered her opposition there. I’ll be curious to see who the fans pick as their favorite next week. But now, Dan...it’s time for the second half of this show. Someone’s going to the finals tonight in the Future Shock Cup!

Pollaski: Yup!  No voting here, folks.  TOnight is pretty much the first round of the second annual Future Shock tournament.  Win, and you’re heading to the finals of the tournament where all you have to win is a four-way match.  Lose?  You’re to the qualifiers, where you have to win to stay in.  That’s a big, BIG advantage.

The bell rings near the ring as we see the first entrant making her way down in the form of the “Queen of Games” Jodie Gray, who slides into the ring with a mixed reaction from the crowd.

Mark: Jodie drew #1 in this, but luckily it won’t take a great deal of time to wade through all the contenders in this thing.

Pollaski: It’ll be interesting to see how Jodie approaches this match.  She’s been a bit... weepy in the past couple of weeks, and seems to think that winning and getting a bye is some sort of weakness.

The next entrant makes her way towards the ring to a resounding chorus of boos from the fans as Laura Steele enters. She bows her head towards Jodie as Gray looks none too interested before the bell rings.

Pollaski: Laura said she’s gone as soon as this match starts, if so, Jodie’s about to have a lot of spare time on her hands.

Laura immediately heads for the ropes to head out before Jodie waves goodbye to her with a dismissive shake of her head. Steele glances down to the floor as the fans seem to want Jodie to go after her regardless. Laura looks to be deciding the best way to go over the top rope as Jodie approaches her and pulls the rope down for her with an eyeroll. Steele jabs her in the eye with her thumb as she does, which makes her rather proud for a brief second before Gray starts unloading with right hands to her head one after another. Steele gets backed up into the corner as Jodie literally beats her down to a squatting position on the mat, grabbing the top rope and unloading with a series of kicks to her body as she covers her head in almost a fetal position.

Mark: Laura seemed to be deciding the easiest way to leave, and got cute! And good Lord, Jodie’s unloading!

Pollaski: That might have been a very, very dumb decision by Laura Steele.  Jodie’s seemed on the verge on teeing off on SOMEONE for the past fortnight, and Laura just volunteered.

Jodie pulled her up by the hair, hooking her head and driving her down with a vertical suplex. Quickly mounting her, she began to unload with straight right hands before Laura managed to monkey flip her off of her. Steele’s eyes were wide with fright as she crawled towards the ropes, grabbing the top rope to get out before Gray rolled to her feet and snapped her arms around her waist from behind. Steele reached for the ropes but got nailed with a German suplex, and Jodie held on. She rolled through and nailed it a second time, and then up and back down for a third. Laura’s eyes were glassy after the impact before Jodie rose back to her feet.

Mark: Laura made a terrible terrible mistake right there, and Jodie is just abusing her! And for the first time in a while, some of our fans are cheering her on!

Pollaski: Hell, I’m cheering her on!   Laura’s had this coming for damn near two months now! 

Jodie pulled Laura up to her knees, only to catch a low blow between her legs that stopped her in her tracks. Laura wobbly got back up to her feet, delivering a pair of kicks into Jodie’s body one after another before she grabbed her head and hit a running bulldog. She got back to her feet, thrusting her arms into the air as though she had just done something incredible, only to be pelted with boos from the live crowd.

Mark: I’m guessing she’s changed her mind about eliminating herself.... Or she just learned how to do a bulldog and she thinks she’s won.

Pollaski: Well, I’m not surprised Laura didn’t keep her word.  BUt I am surprised she’s actually looking kind of... competent.

As Laura looked back to Jodie briefly as she started to get up, the buzzer went off to reveal it was time for number three. And the fans erupted as Rebecka Hate dead sprinted towards the ring and slid right into it. Laura’s eyes widened as she immediately rolled out under the bottom rope. Hate rolled right out after her as Laura took off with Rebecka in hot pursuit! Laura screamed bloody murder as she did with Rebecka catching up finally when she had to maneuver around the ring steps!

Pollaski: Oh, boy.  For those of you following at home, this is the first ever recorded case of one tag partner murdering another in the middle of a match.

Mark: It’s a footrace on the floor, and Jodie’s in the ring taking it easy! Hey, where did Hate go?

As Laura made a lap around the ring and kept looking behind her to see where her partner was, she turned back around when she made another corner and ran right into a lariat from a crouched Hate on the outside. The fans loved it as Rebecka rose to her feet, shaking her head before she grabbed her partner by the head and bounced it off the mat with authority. Laura staggered for a moment before Rebecka scooped her up and drilled her with a spinebuster on the floor. Steele shouted in pain as her back struck the ground before Rebecka jerked her back up, hoisting her overhead with a military press and walking right out from under her as she face-planted on the floor.

Pollaski: When Laura wakes up tomorrow unable to move, all she will be thinking is ‘if only I hadn’t thumbed Jodie in the eye.”

Mark: Rebecka Hate is destroying Laura ringside, and these people love it! She’s gotta get her in the ring. I don’t think it’ll be a problem eliminating her at all now!

Rebecka scooped her up and shoved her inside. Steele looked very much the worse for wear as Rebecka climbed in. Laura got onto her knees and apologized to her partner and asked her half coherently to stop. Hate shook her head as Laura got up and threw herself over the top rope to the apron. She almost lost her balance on the way down, grabbing the top rope and pulling herself up to stop her fall. She looked down at the floor for a moment with wide eyes before looking back to Hate and offering her her hand for a shake.

Mark: Laura’s thrown herself over the top rope, and she wants to make peace before she drops down to the floor, I’m guessing!

Pollaski: Please tell me Rebecka Hate isn’t dumb enough to fall for this.  PUNCH HER, BECKY!

The buzzer rang out as Serafina DeCaro entered the ring next. She glanced over to see what was going on with the tag team partners before Jodie came straight towards her. Reynolds caught her coming in with a straight right hand to the head and unleashed a pair of martial arts kicks into her body before she fired her hard into the corner. Serafina followed her in, unleashing a pair of knife edge chops into Jodie’s chest. Meanwhile on the other side, Rebecka looked about to take her hand when she instead delivered a big boot that sent Laura off the apron to the floor. She staggered back into the retaining wall as the fans cheered.

Pollaski: And, just as Laura promised, she’s the first out of the match!  About four minutes overdue, though!

Mark: Rebecka has eliminated her tag team partner, and now what? Laura’s getting back onto the apron again. And Serafina and Jodie are going at it in the far corner!

Serafina administered a pair of knife edge chops to her chest before Jodie reversed it and returned fire with a few chops of her own. She whipped DeCaro across and used a leap frog to avoid the contact. And as the forner No Surrender Champion rebounded, Jodie used a mule kick that caught her right in the gut as she came back. Serafina doubled over before Jodie grabbed her head and went for a DDT. But DeCaro grabbed the top rope and Jodie landed on the back of her head. Laura had returned to the apron and was asking for a truce between her and her partner, once more offering her hand out.

Pollaski: What the hell is Laura doing?  You’re out of the match, idiot!  Get backstage! 

Mark: She’s still trying to get a handshake out of Rebecka Hate! And we got a fight going on over here too with Serafina and Jodie. Gray went for a DDT, but she was too close to the ropes.

Rebecka turned around to ignore her partner as Laura grabbed her shoulder, causing her to spin back around with a less than pleased look on face. Steele extended her hand again, asking for a handshake between them. Hate growled as she grabbed her hand and looked about to drag her back in when Serafina hit the far side ropes and caught Rebecka with a clothesline from behind. Hate staggered into the ropes as Laura pulled the top rope down to stop herself from falling. Hate stumbled over the top rope and landed on the apron next to her partner. Laura apologized profusely as she offered Rebecka her hand to help her get her balance. And as she did, both Serafina and Jodie took off towards them and caught them both with a pair of double dropkicks that sent them back to the floor!

Pollaski: Rebecka Hate is eliminated!   But... Laura Steele is dead.   She’s not even going to make it to the Future Shock Cup.

Mark: Laura Steele got her own partner eliminated! That meddling moron cost Rebecka everything!

Hate got to her feet, letting out a primal scream of rage as Laura took off past her and through the crowd, dashing out of the exit of the Future Shock Arena with Rebecka right behind her. Meanwhile back in the ring, Jodie and Serafina were trading blows with right hand shots before Jodie fired Serafina in for the ride. As she rebounded, she landed a back body drop on her before dropping an elbow into her chest. Gray climbed up to the second turnbuckle from the inside and delivered a leg drop across Serafina’s back as she tried to get up.

Mark: Laura Steele has literally ran out of the building, and now we got two left in the ring! Jodie is taking the measure of Serafina, and I just heard the buzzer!

Trinity hit the ring next, sliding under the bottom rope and crouching in the corner and telling Jodie to go right ahead.

Pollaski: Trinity going to play the waiting game here, and that’s not a bad strategy.  Only the Witches Brew members remain... and I think either one of those would be more than happy to give Trinity a workout!

Jodie pulled Serafina back up to her feet, keeping a watch on Trinity as she slammed the Buddhist back to the mat. She got back to her feet and hit the near side ropes to go for a senton back splash. But Serafina rolled out of the way and Jodie landed on her back instead. DeCaro slowly got back to her feet, and as soon as she spotted Trinity, the nun took off towards her. A look of anger formed on DeCaro’s face as she and Trinity traded blows in the center of the ring. Trinity whipped her across for the ride, and as Serafina rebounded, the nun caught her with a discus punch that staggered her. She quickly pushed her back against the ropes and screamed at Jodie. Gray rose to her feet slowly as both of them began to work together, each grabbing one of Serafina’s legs and trying to dump her over the top rope.

Pollaski: Both of these women would love to take Serafina out!  Especially Trinity- there is a serious rivalry there, ironically dating back to Future Shock!

Mark: If they work together, they will definitely have a better shot of it, that’s for sure! Serafina’s legs are caught, it’s just her arms now!

They managed to dump her over, but Serafina’s hands gripped the top rope firmly, causing her to hang on and start to skin the cat back up onto the apron. The buzzer sounded in the midsts of this as Jodie and Trinity turned back to see Serafina wasn’t out yet. And the fans cheered as Stephanie Dallins hit the ring like a house of fire! Both Trinity and Jodie turned around and caught a pair of clotheslines that sent them back to the mat. The fans roared as Stephanie got into a three point stance almost in the corner, and as soon as Jodie rose up, Steph hit a shoulder block that flipped her overhead to the mat. Trinity raised both arms to try to catch her with a double axe handle, but Dallins snapped her arms around her waist and hoisted her up into the air in a bearhug where she began to shake her like a rag doll in her arms.

Mark: Serafina got a little bit of a reprieve right there, thanks to Steph’s entrance! And Trinity is being shaken like a martini by the powerhouse that is Stephanie Dallins!

Pollaski: Trinity disavowed anything to do with the Rudos, but I don’t think that made the Brew any quicker to forgive her!  And look at Stephanie go!

Trinity shouted in pain, finally grabbing Steph’s head and biting her nose with a shark bite to cause her to let go. She shoved her back into the ropes, unloading with blows as she called out to Jodie again. Gray got to her feet and took off towards her, catching Stephanie with a hard clothesline that nearly toppled her. Dallins shoved them both away as she staggered forward before Jodie hit the far side and left her feet for a high cross body as Steph cleared the ropes. Dallins caught her in both arms and tossed her over the top rope to the floor before Trinity jumped on her back and applied a sleeper hold!

Pollaski: Jodie’s a goner, and what Power By Steph!  And now Trinity wants a piggy back ride!

Mark: She’s trying to put that woman out the best way she can. Steph’s got blood coming out of her nose from Trinity biting her face earlier! She may be having trouble seeing here!

Trinity kept the hold locked in as best she could as Stephanie began to falter, her nose continuing to bleed as Trinity rode her back in an attempt to add more pressure. Dallins began to drop, first to one knee as Serafina rolled back in under the bottom rope. Trinity continued to pour on the pressure as Stephanie dropped to her other knee now. Dallins began to slump forward before a chant in her name began to be heard through the arena. It seemed to spur her to life as Stephanie began to rise up, grabbing the ropes slowly as she did and got back to her feet.

Mark: These fans are trying to keep Stephanie Dallins in this thing, and it’s working! She’s getting up!

Pollaski: And here comes the Calvary! 

The buzzer sounded as the final entrant hit the ring, that being Sunny. She immediately went right after Trinity, jerking her down off her partner’s back. As Trinity was spun around, she caught a kick to the gut and then another and then another before Sunny fired her into the corner. Kyoun took off into a cartwheel before connecting with a handspring elbow into her head. She quickly climbed the corner and let the fans count ten as she drove fists into Trinity’s head. Serafina came up from the blindside and shot her over the corner to the apron. Sunny managed to hang on to keep from falling to the floor. And as Trinity staggered out of the corner, she walked into a thunderous clothesline from Steph!

Pollaski: This could be an odd situation here- I’d wager that the Witches Brew are going to work together until it’s just them.  Would... Trinity and Serafina actually do the same thing?

Mark: Good question! I’ll give Trinity credit, she can take a beating in there and she’s still in this thing! So is Serafina!

Steph still was having trouble seeing as blood flowed from her nose. She reached down to grab Trinity, but got a kick right in the face from Trinity. Steph’s nose squirted blood again as Trinity slowly got to her feet. Sunny pulled herself back onto the apron but caught a clothesline from Serafina that nearly put her back on the floor. But Kyoun managed to hold on. Trinity made a beeline for Sunny as she tried to skin the cat back in, but Sunny caught her head and pulled her over the top rope to the floor.

Mark: Trinity tried to finish the job on Sunny, but it didn’t work! Kyoun is still on the apron, Steph’s down, and Serafina is walking tall right this moment!

Pollaski: And Trinity’s sent packing!  We’re down to three!

Sunny got herself onto the apron before Serafina grabbed her head and dropped her throat first across the top rope. Sunny bounced off the edge of the mat and stopped herself as she grabbed the ring post after hitting the steps. Kyoun held her ribs in pain as she lay across the steel. Meanwhile in the ring, Serafina pulled Stephanie to her feet, sending her for the ride. A drop toe hold sent her into the mat with reckless abandon, leaving a bloody stain on the canvas. DeCaro moved towards the corner, watching as Stephanie slowly rose to her feet. And as Dallins tried to wipe the blood from her face, Serafina took off and hit a lungblower that sent Steph staggering backwards! The fans came to their feet as Seraphina lined up and took off with a flash kick that sent Stephanie over the top rope to the apron.


Pollaski: It’s a two on one situation, but if she can knock Stephanie out, the odds are even!

Mark: That’s true, Sunny never hit the floor! She hit the steps though..hard!! Steph’s in trouble!

Serafina took a few steps back and as Steph rose to her feet on the apron with blurred vision, DeCaro charged towards her with a flying shoulder tackle that sent her backwards to the floor. DeCaro began to get back to her feet as Sunny had climbed back into the ring. And as the Buddhist turned around, Sunny caught her flush with a superkick to the chin that sent her right over the top rope and down to the floor when the bell rang!!


Pollaski: Now that’s what I call grabbing the Snitch, Kyoun! 

The bell rang as Sunny cupped her hands to her mouth in absolute shock, her mouth agape as the fans cheered in unison for her! Kyoun bounced up and down on her feet as the official raised her hand in the ring.

Mark: And ohh at Fight Night, does Sunny Kyoun have what could be the easiest job of all! She’s going straight to the grand finale, fresh as a daisy! The smallest woman in this battle royal has defied the odds and sure as hell won it!

Pollaski: Entering last doesn’t hurt, but what a run by Sunny Kyoun!  And now she stands as the odds-on FAVORITE to win the Second Future Shock Cup! 

Serafina got to her feet on the floor, smiling up to her with some applause as she helped Stephanie up as well. Dallins looked up to her partner with a smile on her face as Sunny bounced up and down enthusiastically.

Mark: What a night! Congratulations to Sunny Kyoun on one hell of a performance! She might have been last, but she damn sure had a fight on her hands! And there you see her partner and even Serafina showing their admiration and respect. They got nothing to be ashamed of...

Pollaski: Yeah, but I don’t think there’s a single person in this arena tonight who has a problem with Kyoun walking out the victor, and that includes her opponents!   Sunny’s got some serious heart and determination! 

Mark: Thank you for joining us on this special edition of Future Shock! Make sure you tune in tomorrow night for Breaking Point, from Portugal! Dan and I have a plane to catch actually. Don’t forget to cast your vote in the poll to see who stays and who goes next week! And once more, this is definitely Sunny’s night! We’ll see you at Breaking Point!

Sunny’s beaming smile as she looks around at the crowd cheering for her is the last thing we see as Future Shock fades off the air.
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