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November 20, 2019, 12:33:50 pm
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FFW Future Shock S11E6

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Author Topic: FFW Future Shock S11E6  (Read 213 times)
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« on: October 05, 2013, 01:00:05 am »

(Special thanks to Anna!)

Femme Fatale Wrestling
A Shooting Star Production
FFW Future Shock
Season Eleven – Season Finale

The FFW logo flashes across the screen as we see rain soaked streets as we a man head down down a dark alley when “Ugly” by The Exies begins to play. The camera spins around as we see a woman following him down the alley with a barbed wire baseball bat, that being Kanna Haroshi before she takes a swing, causing him to spin around and show the redheaded Lollipop swing with a pair of brass knucks. He spins back, and a ninja wielding a katana in Velvet Raven is shown advancing. He takes off and turns a corner to find a shrieking woman holding a goblet that shatters at her voice in Helga before the lens on the camera breaks and he’s off and running again. From there, he runs into the petite redhead in Leah O’Quinn with a brilliant smile waving and signaling for the man to get behind her as someone taps your shoulder, causing you to turn as a camera goes off in your face held by Lana Star before she lobs the camera at his head. The man ducks and runs off, straight into a police officer with a sigh of relief before he points behind him at what he saw as the officer begins to pull off a mask, revealing the smirking form of Marla Lee. The man takes off away as the women begin to follow him as rain begins to pour as he runs past Fiona with a grin on her face. He runs past her into an abandoned building with the Future Shock Season 11 logo painted on the wall.

We immediately go to a video package highlighting many of the events that took place throughout the entire eleventh season from the premiere to the cage match from two weeks ago, with a final graphic appearing that shows the three women tonight. The image then cuts to a close up as the camera moves around the exterior of a cage that surrounds not only just the ring but also the ringside area. Fans are shown looking up at the cell from their seats as we see the cage has no roof but extends well above the ring by some several feet. We also see the TV-MA rating in the top corner of the screen.

Mark: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the eleventh season finale of FFW’s Future Shock! As always, I’m Mark Horton and tonight we are about to bring you what I am sure will be the most violent edition of this show since it began over two years ago. We are live here at the Future Shock Arena in Los Angeles, California. And this arena will play host to FFW’s first and possibly last airing of a match inside the Thunderdome.

All three of the women enter through the cell door before it is locked behind them and then the humming sound of a generator can be heard as the electricity applied to the cage walls comes to life.

Mark: Tonight, Lana Star, Velvet Raven, and Marla Lee will collide inside the Thunderdome cell. That noise you hear is the power supply that is sending pure electricity through every part of that cell. The only way to win this match is by pinfall or submission. There are no rules. There are no disqualifications. It is literally anything goes inside the Thunderdome.

Lana immediately enters the ring as Marla trails along the floor around the ring. Standing at the gate is Velvet with her veil on and her long flowing blond hair framing her face.

Mark: I encourage you to put your children to bed. I would not let them watch this match. Parental discretion in this environment is strongly advised. Because for the first time in FFW history, we give you….the Thunderdome!

Referee Kevin Fisk calls for the bell as Velvet immediately storms the ring. As soon as she slides in, Lana is there to greet her as Star begins to put the boots to her back as she tries to get into the ring. This doesn’t slow Velvet down much at all as she starts to get to her feet before Lana pulls her up and peppers her with forearm shots to the head. She whips her across to the far side, bouncing off the near side and going for a clothesline that only seems to stagger the blond. Star backs up again and takes off towards her with a flying shoulder tackle that drives her back into the ropes. Raven once again seems to shake it off before Lana rakes her fingers across her eyes and hooks her head. And with one fluid motion, she drives her into the mat with a DDT. Star rises to her feet, looking down at Velvet for a moment as she turns and finds Marla standing behind her. And as Lana looks, Lee crashes a chair shot across the side of her head!

Mark: It started with wrestling, and it didn’t take three minutes before the weapons came in! Lee with a violent chair shot, and Star never even saw it coming!

Lana clutched the side of her head as Marla put her boot against her neck to hold her in place before she began to unleash a flurry of chair shots to her body again and again and again. Virtually any part of her body that moved, Marla unloaded with shots till she lifted her foot. Lana rolled to her back as Marla stood over her with the chair above her head like a guillotine. As she brought the chair higher, she happened to look up as Velvet ran straight past her and hit the ropes, catching her with a spear that folded her in half and caused the chair to fall to the mat. Velvet mounted her chest and began to unload a torrent of right hand shots to her head before she got to to her feet, looking down to Lana and pointing to the cage.

Mark: Velvet Raven wants to introduce Star to the Thunderdome, I’m telling you, folks! This won’t be for the weak of heart! This is gonna get a lot worse!

Velvet pulled her to her feet, dumping her over the top rope to the floor before she stepped through the ropes and hopped down to the floor behind her. Waving her hands for her to get up, Raven stalked Lana as she began to crawl away. With the help of the apron, she pulled herself to her feet as Velvet grabbed her head and went to drive it into the steel. But Lana put her boot against the wall, blocking it as she hammered elbows into her ribs to try to break the grip. Raven tried a second time, only for Lana to shove her backwards to keep her away from her. The ninja took off towards her before Lana used a drop toe hold to send her face first into the ringside steps. Star rose slowly back to her feet, looking warily at the cage wall for a moment.

Mark: I’ll give Lana credit. She may not have known what she was talking about in her video for this match, but she knows damn well to keep away from that cage wall. She’s just lucky those boots are steel toe at this point!

Lana watched as Velvet began to push up to her hands and knees on the floor. A sick smile began to form on Star’s face as a result. And as she leaned down to pull her up, a baseball slide from the ring by Marla caught her right in the chest and sent her into the cage. Sparks erupted from the cage as Star immediately bounced off, shrieking as soon as her body touched the steel.

Mark: My God, a baseball slide into the cell wall and the Thunderdome is just getting warmed up! And Marla Lee looks happy about it! Big brother Gilray must be somewhere smiling!

Marla rolled out to the floor, jerking Lana up with a smile on her face. A scoop and a slam sent her back to the ringside floor as Velvet reached for something under the ring. Rising to her feet, she produced a pair of kendo sticks. And as Marla looked up to see her as she was about to grab Lana, the two women locked eyes for a moment before Marla took a step back and reached under the ring for something. And that was her shield she had created some weeks ago. She waved Velvet forward as Raven began to swing the kendo sticks with deadly accuracy as Marla managed to block most of them with the shield. Ducking her head behind it, the shield absorbed many blows till the shots stopped coming. Lee peered up over the shield as Velvet stood right in front of it and cracked one of the sticks across her back. Lee shouted in pain as Velvet jerked the shield out of her hand, tossing it to the floor before she grabbed Marla’s hair and went to drive her into the cage wall. Lee hooked her arm around the bottom ring rope as she tried, stopping her from using the cage against her.

Mark: Marla got her arm wrapped around that bottom rope, and she’s just saved her own life there practically!  The cage wall is unforgiving electrified steel, it doesn’t care who touches it!

Lee unwrapped her arm and caught Velvet with an uppercut that rocked her for a moment before the Liar of Liars bounced her head off the canvas. Slipping around behind her and grabbing her into a rear waistlock, she utilized a belly to back suplex that sent Velvet into the steel cage! Electricity crackled as her back and arms touched the steel, causing the ninja to scream in pain before she fell forward to her knees. A bit of smoke also began to rise from the parts of the cage her body touched. Marla stepped over her, picking up her dented and well used shield off the floor.

Mark: Do you see the smoke rising off that cage? That’s from human flesh being cooked from the contact with that cage! And Lee’s got the shield, and no telling what she has in mind! She’s a Gilray after all!

Marla brought the shield down across her back as Raven tried to get back to her hands and knees, raising it back up and driving it into her spine again. She took a couple steps back as Lana had made it to her feet. And as soon as Marla stepped into range, Star used a lungblower into her back that catapulted Marla forward. Lee tried to stop herself before she hit the wall but Lana shoved her the rest of the way as the shield connected with the electrified cage and Marla’s body was pressed into the shield as a result. The metallic weapon conducted electricity very well as Marla screamed in pain while Lana pressed her foot against her back, keeping her pressed against her own shield and against the wall. The fans around ringside grimaced as Marla’s body began to shake and convulse against the shield.

Mark: The shield saved her once, and it’s destroying her now! Lana is trying to take Marla out once and for all! Let her go! Lee’s body….it’s being tortured!

Lana moved her foot finally as Marla dropped to the floor, her limbs twitching a bit as she laid on the floor. Star pulled the lifeless and seemingly convulsing Marla up and slid her into the ring before she covered her. Fisk dropped for the cone!

Mark: That’ll do it! SLee’s has been battered and fried by Lana Star!




Before Fisk’s hand came down for a three, Lana was pulled off the cover by her foot by Velvet Raven from the floor. Star clawed at the mat, trying to pull herself back into the ring before Raven spun her around and scooped her up onto one shoulder. And with one Alabama Slam, Lana’s body was sent into the steel back and head first as the electricity crackled against her flesh before she let out a short shriek of pain and hit the floor. Smoke rose off Lana’s head from the shot as Velvet’s chest rose and fell with quiet fury.

Mark: I think Lana would have won that match right there, but she forgot about Velvet Raven! And Raven hates Lana Star, and the cage doesn’t give a damn!

Velvet began to lift the top half of the ringside steps up on that side of the ring, jerking them free of their connections and shoving it to the floor as she picked up a pair of manacles. Looking down to her gloves, she attached one half of the manacles to the cage as it hung in place.

Mark: What is she thinking about? Velvet’s glove protecting her the electricity, but those handcuffs attached to a steel cage with pure unadulterated power to it…..

She glanced down to Lana on the floor and then back in the ring to Marla, who had begun to stir slightly on the canvas. Nodding her head, she slid in after her, grabbing her by the arm and pulling her towards her and attempting to drag her out of the ring. Lee was pulled under the bottom rope and dropped to the floor on her knees, where she fell forward against Velvet’s legs. The ninja grabbed the other end of the cuffs as she reached down to take Marla’s hand.

Mark: She’s gonna bind her to the cage! Marla’s gonna be cooked like a damn roast, with nothing between her flesh and the steel but air and opportunity!

As Raven was about to snap the other half of the cuff around her arm, Marla surprised her with a jawbreaker out of nowhere. The ninja staggered backwards, holding her hands to her veiled mouth as Lee rose to her feet slowly. Electrical burn marks were already forming on her flesh as she took three steps back and took off, delivering a flash kick that sent Raven spiraling onto the bottom half of the steps where she had hid the manacles from before! The smack of her flesh hitting the steel was loudly audible throughout ringside.

Mark: Marla literally saving her own skin right there, and Velvet just met the steel steps she disassembled a moment ago. I doubt she’ll ask for a second date.

Lee stepped over the ninja’s fallen form and began to bounce the back of her head off the steps again and again violently like a basketball. She glanced over to the manacles Raven had attached to the steel cage, nodding her head as she grabbed her gloved wrist and began to pull her towards the steel. She snapped the handcuff around her gloved wrist, though the electricity caused  no damage thanks to the glove. She grabbed her head and began to pull her back up and throw the rest of her body into the steel when a bloodcurdling shriek was heard. Marla was about to spin around when a steel chain wrapped around her neck from behind as Lana began to pull on both ends of it, literally trying to decapitate Lee apparently!

Mark: Marla Lee has had no luck when it comes to chains, and look at Star! She’s using that chain like piano wire across Marla’s neck! And with Raven locked to the cage, she’s got a free shot!

Velvet began to come to, trying to jerk her hand free of the cage wall as Lana continued to pull on the chain around Marla’s neck. Lee’s face began to change colors as Lana choked the life out of her.

Mark: Look at Marla’s face turning red! Lana Star is literally trying to choke her out right here! And it’s working and there’s nothing Raven can do about it! Lana Star is going to be the Future Shock Champion in a matter of moments!

Lee’s face went from a light shade of red to a darker one before it began to resemble purple in nature before the ring apron flew up on the other side of the ring. Two masked figures crawled out from underneath, one wearing a silver mask and one wearing a golden one.

Mark: Wait a damn minute!! That’s the two we saw in Lee’s promo for this match! How the hell did….

Both of them took off around the corner and blindsided Lana, unleashing forearm shots to her back as Marla fell forward onto the floor. As Raven tried to pull her wrist free, one of them began to deliver a pair of kicks into her body again and again with violent intent. The gold masked figure pulled Lana up  and powerbombed her into the cage wall...and held her there! The gloved hands pressed Lana against the cage wall as electricity coursed through her body, causing it to shake and convulse, her limbs twitching. Star shrieked like a banshee until something that resembled foam began to come from her mouth till she was allowed to fall to the floor.

Mark: Marla had this planned all along! Lana Star needs medical attention...right now!! Her body’s twitching and ...I...I don’t like what’s coming out of her mouth…

The golden masked man tossed Lana’s form into the ring as he helped Marla to her feet. Lee was coughing violently as she tried to get her breath before he shoved her into the ring with her. Lee crawled forward and collapsed on top of Lana, while the silver masked figure teed off with shots to Velvet. Fisk dropped for the count.




Fisk calls for the bell as the masked figures look towards the ring. The referee raises Marla’s limp hand to signify her as the victor before the electricity to the cage is shut off. The cage door is opened as Fisk is handed the ceremonial Future Shock Season 11 Championship, draping it next to a barely lifeless Marla Lee. Both masked figures applaud as they look towards the ring.

Mark: And Marla Lee...is the Future Shock Champion!! In the most brutal and vile encounter I have ever seen on Future Shock!

Medical personnel filtered into the cell, checking on both Marla and Lana on the canvas. As the masked figures watched, neither noticed as Velvet finally got her hand free. The ninja shook with anger as she grabbed up Marla’s shield off the floor. She spun one of them around and cracked it across their head, sending them staggering backwards before a second shot sent them to the floor. The silver masked figure took off towards her as Velvet fired the shield towards them like a boomerang that caught their midsection. The figure doubled over as Velvet hooked their head and drove it into the floor!

Mark: Velvet didn’t get free in time, but she’s damn sure taking it out on these two masked hooligans at ringside!

Marla began to sit up, shoving the medics away from her as she jerked the Future Shock Championship to her body, clutching it. Velvet hit the ring, staring down at her as Marla looked up to her standing not far from her.

Mark: We...we may not be done just yet! Raven’s furious, Marla’s got the Future Shock Championship, and got an Ultraviolence Championship shot in her future!

As Marla stared up at Velvet, the ninja ripped off her veil to reveal her face before she slashed her thumb across her throat.

Mark: That’s…..That’s Natalya Demidov! Velvet Raven….is Natalya Demidov!!

Marla’s eyes widened a bit as she quickly rolled out under the bottom rope, staggering towards the cage entrance and through it as Natalya stood tall in the ring with an angry glare. Lee raised the title over her head before falling to her knees, while Natalya shook her head in the ring with her teeth gritted. Her lips were read “Judge….Jury….and Executioner” as she glared at Marla.

Mark: Mika’s sister...Natalya….has a death glare on Marla Lee, and the Future Shock Season Eleven Champion’s life may have just gotten a whole lot worse! Lee can thank her two flunkies, because they were damn sure instrumental here tonight!

Marla stared back at Natalya through the cage wall as she gave a sidelong glance towards her as she kissed her new title.

Mark: I don’t know when and where, but I want to be there when these two meet again! Marla Lee has made Future Shock history here tonight, and leaves as the champion of Season Eleven! But this right here is far far from over! The eleventh season of Future Shock has come to a violent and brutal ending, but not one without surprises! Enjoy your prize, Marla. I think you just became the hunted!

The show goes to split screen on both Marla and Natalya’s faces as the eleventh season of Future Shock faded off the air when the FFW logo flashed across the screen.

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