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FFW Future Shock S13E5

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Author Topic: FFW Future Shock S13E5  (Read 186 times)
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« on: March 29, 2014, 02:29:39 am »

(Thanks To Sarah!)

Femme Fatale Wrestling
A Shooting Star Production
FFW Future Shock
Season Thirteen - Episode Five
March 28, 2014

The FFW logo is shown with the world revolving behind it. From there, we see the six Future Shock hopefuls in orange jumpsuits being loaded into the back of a paddywagon before an officer climbs in behind them. The vehicle starts up and begins driving down the street as the driver turns on the radio, where we hear “Get Back” by Ludacris start to play. Each of the six women glance around to one another with a smile before Nessa delivers a front kick to the guard’s head sending backwards against the wall before Laura starts raining punches on him. Lightning is shown lifting the guard’s handcuffs. The driver hears the noise and immediately pulls over, rushing around to the back of the van and pulls the door open before Willow and Hope catch him with a flying shoulder tackle to the ground. Nessa holds up a pair of handcuffs with a smirk and attaches them to his wrist as she signals for the other girls to follow as all of them take off into the night, leaving Sunny with her mouth agape at what just happened. And as the guard inside gets up, she catches him with a superkick and takes off after them. As the camera spins around, we see the Future Shock Season 13 logo on the side of the paddywagon.

From that, we cut inside the Bell Centre as many fans are gathered, with the Future Shock flag hanging over the ring.

Mark: What a ride it’s been this season! But tonight, we’re going to make history when we crown the thirteenth Future Shock Season Champion! And you want to talk about a star studded finale, two champions will collide to add one more title to their trophy case and a shot at one of three titles on top of that! I’m Mark, joined as always by Rebecka Hate!

Becka: It has been an incredible season so far and tonight we get to watch as Sunny and Lightning beat the hell out of each other for the right to be called a Future Shock champion.  I can’t wait to see the action.

Mark: Becka, one half of the Unity champions will meet one third of the Trios Champions. But you know, Lightning will have to be a marathon woman tonight and tomorrow. Sunny isn’t scheduled to compete at Chaos Theory, but Lightning is. That could play a factor here in Montreal for Lightning.

Becka: Mark, I have seen the look in Lightning’s eyes every time that someone mentions Chaos Theory.  I think that she could go down to the wire tonight and still be fired up enough to beat the hell out  of that idiot child.  But that is tomorrow and Lightning is not one to overlook one of her opponents when the prize is so high.

Mark: And tonight, they are going to be competing here in the Bell Centre with the crowd who will be right back tomorrow to see Chaos Theory!

The camera shows the Season 13 championship sat on top of a velvet stand. The title is white leather with a red 13 in the center, surrounded by the words ‘FFW Future Shock Champion’ as well as pure gold plates.

Mark: There’s the prize, the Season 13 Championship! And with it, a shot at any of three titles either woman could want!

Becka: Both women would consider that title a boon to their career.  Ultraviolence, No Surrender, and Evolution champions should be worried after tonight about either of these two breathing down their necks.

We head up to the ring as we see Cory Kincaid standing by.

Cory: The following contest is a 2 out of 3 falls match for the FFW Future Shock Season 13 Championship! The winner of this match will have their choice of a title shot against either the No Surrender, Evolution, or Ultraviolence Champions at a later date!

Referee Kevin Fisk is standing in the ring as the camera turns back to show a Future Shock setup at the top of the ramp.

The lights shut off entirely and there is the sound of Sunny Kyoun giggling before Abracadabra by Brown Eyed Girls hits the speakers.  There is a sudden flash from pyro on the top of the stage and the lights come on, revealing Sunny standing with an ear to ear grin as the crowd begins clapping to the beat. Sunny bounces on her feet, clapping as well to get the fans nice and pumped.

Sunny starts skipping (yes skipping) down the ramp, waving and slapping hands of the fans as she makes her way to the ring. Sunny climbs up the apron then hops over the top rope with ease, running to far corner and waving to all the fans, blowing kisses and giggling. She hops down and claps her hands excitedly, ready for the match.

Cory: Introducing first, she hails from South Korea! She is one half of the FFW Unity Tag Team Champions! Representing Witches Brew, this is…...SUNNY KYOUN!!!

Becka:  Sunny hits the ring with the same enthusiasm that she has always showed.  That will only get her so far tonight before it starts to wear on her.  That would be her one weakness in a match like this.

Mark: One thing she has in her favor is the fact she knows Lightning well. These two have faced more than once for the Unity titles in the past. It was against Lightning’s tag team that Sunny & Steph became Unity Champions actually!

The soft chanting that begins “Revolution” by Brand-X Music can be heard over the PA. The strings kick in and Lightning walks out, clad in a white robe, and as the music breaks, she lifts her arms aloft to the heavens as a lightning bolt strikes the stage in front of her.


Lightning walks slowly down to the ring, stopping in front of the apron, before removing her robe, revealing her white ring gear. She climbs the steps and steps through the ropes.


Lightning walks across to the turnbuckle, climbing onto the second rope and raising her arms up once more, before residing to her corner.

Cory: And her opponent, she hails from Llanfair, Wales! She is one third of the FFW Trios Champions! Representing Elemental Fury, this is…..LIGHTNING!!

Becka: Lightning looks like a woman that is on a mission tonight.  

Mark: I’m glad to see she found time to join us tonight amidst her Welsh ambassadorship duties. But Becka, she’s behind the eight ball. She may not be as focused on tonight as she is tomorrow night. And if so...that could cost her.

Becka: I am more impressed with the fact that Lightning helped tear down the Berlin Wall.  That is definitely a huge accomplishment.

Mark: Especially at the tender age of four….

Fisk calls for the bell as Sunny begins rallying the crowd, fist pumping in the air and even giving a little booty shake for their amusement. Lightning takes this opportunity to kick her in the butt, sending her into the corner before she grabs her by the tights and hair, firing her between the turnbuckles into the steel post. She drags her out from behind, scooping her up and dropping her with a slam to the mat. She quickly mounts her back, driving her knee into that same shoulder from a moment ago. Rising back to her feet, she jerks her back to her feet and over her shoulder into a shoulder breaker.

Becka: Sunny needs to remember that Lightning will have no problem ending this quickly.  Lightning took advantage of the distraction to get the upperhand.

Mark: Sunny might have rallied the fans with that “booty shaking”, but it gave Lightning an opening and you don’t want to give her many of those at all.

Lightning delivered a few stomps to her back, measuring and driving an elbow into her back before she rolled her over and hooked a leg.



Sunny got her shoulder up right at two as Lightning mounted to one knee, driving right hands into her head one after another with a fury. Sunny crawls towards the ropes, creating distance as she tries to get to her feet. Lightning snaps her arms around her waist from behind, looking for a German suplex. But Kyoun holds onto the top ropes with her eyes wide. Lightning tries to do it a second time to the same effect. Sunny lets go of the rope and shoots her upper body between the middle and top rope, causing the top rope to catch Lightning with a clothesline. The Welsh beauty staggers backwards before Sunny looks back behind her, using the second rope for a springboard into a moonsault that connected perfectly! She quickly hooked her leg on impact as Fisk fell for the count.



Lightning shoved her off at two.

Becka: Sunny was able to smartly use her surroundings to her advantage but it is going to tak more than a short flurry to keep Lightning down for the count.

Mark: Not to mention she has to do it twice! Beating either one of these ladies once is a feat in and of itself.

Sunny got to her feet and took off towards the ropes as Lightning was starting to get up. She caught her with a high knee to the side of the head as she rebounded. Lightning stumbled to her knees on the mat before Kyoun measured and fired with a shining wizard to the back of her head. Lightning fell forward face first onto the mat as Sunny dove on top of her for a cover!

Mark: That was a knockout shot! That could do it!




Lightning kicked out in time as Sunny held up three fingers to Fisk, who shook his head and held up two.

Becka: Sunny is doing a good job keeping Lightning on her heels.  She just needs to keep her head about her and not let anger get the better of her.

Sunny got back to her feet, looking to see where Lightning was behind her before she left her feet. Sunny went to springboard off the middle rope, but Lightning kicked it with her foot and Sunny missed, sliding through the ropes and dropping hard to the floor with a thud!

Becka: Lightning used a telegraphed move to send Sunny to the outside as she attempts to collect her wits about her.

Mark: And look at Lightning, she’s telling Fisk to count. She wants to end this match sooner than later, she doesn’t mind a countout at all!

Lightning sat up and got to her feet, watching as Fisk began his ten count. She headed for the far corner, and began to remove the top turnbuckle and toss it to the floor. She glanced back to see Fisk was at six, with Sunny pulling up onto the apron. The Trios Champion bounced off the near side and caught Sunny with a baseball slide that knocked her off the apron, causing her head to bounce off the apron on the way down.

Mark: Lightning making use of every part of the ring, she got that turnbuckle pad removed. And now...Sunny’s head just smacked the apron!

Becka: That exposed turnbuckle could come back to bite Lightning if Sunny make any type of reversal.  Right now, Sunny needs to get back into the ring.

Lightning rolled out under the bottom rope, pulling Sunny up and smacking her head off the apron again before she rolled her into the ring. She slid in after her and hooked her leg for a cover.




Sunny kicked out before the three as Lightning mounted her chest and began bouncing her head off the mat repeatedly like a basketball.

Mark: Sunny must be having one hell of a headache as Lightning seems to be focused on just knocking her out here tonight! Like I said, I think she wants to end this match sooner than later as she has another match tomorrow night!

Becka:  What Lightning is doing to Sunny reminds me of the first title match that I won.

The Trios Champion rose to her feet as Sunny reached for the ropes to help her get up. Lightning pulled her up from behind in a rear waistlock. She looked to deliver a suplex, but Sunny once more grabbed the ropes to stop her. Lightning tried again, this time Sunny countering with a headbutt backwards into Lightning’s face. This staggered the Welsh beauty, but she didn’t let go. Sunny did though as Lightning went to throw her again with another suplex. Kyoun flew up and over, landing on her feet with a smile as Lightning sat up, not realizing Sunny landed on her feet. Kyoun bounced up and down on her feet with a smile, waving the Trios Champion to turn around!

Mark: Sunny…..landed on her feet! And Lightning doesn’t know it!! I have a feeling she’s about to!

Lightning turned around as Sunny unleashed a vicious superkick right to her jaw that flattened her to the mat! The fans roared as Sunny glanced from Lightning to the top rope, as if to ask the fans if she should go for it. And she got a positive answer as the Korean cutie climbed to the top rope!

Becka: I would be surprised if Lightning even knows where she is right now after that kick.  However Sunny is wasting too much time playing it up to the fans.

Mark: I think I’d have gone for a cover right there, Becka! I believe she could have had her!

Sunny perched herself and launched herself into a shooting star!


Lightning rolled out of the way, but Sunny yet again...landed on her feet. And as Lightning turned, she ate another superkick right to the jaw! Kyoun dove on top of her for a cover!




Fisk called for the bell as Cory made it official.

Cory: The winner of the first fall……...SUNNY KYOUN!!!

Becka: Sunny learned from what could have been a catastrophe and went for the quick reward and it paid off with a pinfall.

Mark: Sunny goes up to one fall to none! All she needs is one more, and we got a Future Shock Champion! And look at that….she’s going for another cover! There’s no rest period!

Sunny hooked Lightning’s leg again as Fisk fell back into position.




Lightning kicked out this time as Sunny got back to her feet. She reached down to grab Lightning, but she caught a knee to the head when she did. That staggered the Unity Champion for a moment before Lightning caught her coming towards her again with a drop toe hold. She reached for the ropes, trying to get her feet back under her as she looked a little glassy eyed.

Mark: Lightning managing to get back to her feet, but I don’t think she has pulled it together that quickly. She may not know if she’s in Montreal or Mississippi.

Becka: Right now her instincts are guiding her through the match as she tries to shake the cobwebs that are currently in her brains.  Sunny might not be in better shape right now.

Sunny started to get to her feet as Lightning doubled back, grabbing her in another rear waistlock in the center of the ring.

Mark: Lightning is hellbent on hitting a suplex tonight! No ropes to grab this time for Sunny!

Lightning cocked her hips and delivered a German suplex. She held on and rolled through, delivering a second. A third. A fourth….... A fifth……….. A sixth………... A seventh…………………... An eighth! Both of them were collapsed on the mat at this point as Lightning still had her hands clasped around her waist.

Becka: Looks like Lightning wanted Sunny to have her fill of suplexes, giving her a total of eight in a row and she migh be looking for more.

Mark: Good Lord! Sunny’s been beaten, battered, and suplexed to death! Is she going for another?!

Lightning fought back to her feet, lining up and launching Sunny with a release overhead German suplex! The back of Sunny’s head cracked the exposed turnbuckle Lightning set up earlier, and she crumpled into the corner in a heap!

Mark: Did you see…...Sunny’s head hit that turnbuckle! I think Fisk just noticed it was missing!

Becka: I believe that Fisk is more upset with himself for not noticing earlier that it was missing.  Now for Lightning to make use of a KO’d Sunny.

Lightning dragged herself towards Sunny, hooking her far leg for a cover as Fisk was not happy when he dropped to make the count.




The referee called for the bell to end the second fall as Lightning started to get to her feet slowly with the help of the ropes. He immediately began giving her the riot act!

Cory: The winner of the second fall…………...LIGHTNING!!!

Becka:  Oh boo hoo, she used a distraction to get the upperhand.  If the ref had been paying more attention earlier he would have noticed that it was missing and had it fixed.  Leave Lightning alone, Fisk, and let her make another cover.

Mark: Like it or not, I’m pretty sure if she goes for another cover, it’s over! Sunny has to be out cold after having the back of her head strike the corner like that! We’re tied up at one fall a piece!

Lightning ignored him and dove onto Sunny again, making another cover.




Fisk pointed at Sunny’s leg under the bottom rope, waving off the count as Lightning looked at it too with an annoyed look on her face.

Mark: That might have been instinct...or sheer luck that Sunny’s leg made it under the bottom rope right there.

Becka: I don’t remember seeing Sunny move an inch during the entire time which might mean that the leg was already there and the ref didn’t notice it the first time.

Lightning rose to her feet, giving the signal for her finisher as she dragged Sunny towards the center of the ring. She pulled the Korean beauty to her feet, and hooked in her full nelson.

Mark: She’s looking for Fully Enlightened...the full nelson slam! If she hits it, this is over!

Lightning pulled Sunny up, but Kyoun wrapped her foot around Lightning’s ankle to block her from being able to execute it. She managed to free one of her arms, hooking Lightning’s head before she countered into a tornado DDT! Lightning was stood straight up on her head for a second as Sunny stood up and immediately collapsed back to the canvas.

Becka: Sunny had the move well scouted and was able to reverse it into a DDT.  The question I have is if neither of these wrestler can answer the ten count, is the match a draw?

Mark: There can’t be a draw! We have to have a winner!

Sunny began to crawl towards the corner again, pulling herself up on the turnbuckle as she began to ascend to the top rope.

Mark: Sunny is going to the high risk well once again, Becka. I don’t think this is a good idea, she’s had her bell rung more than once...and Lightning has had time to get it together somewhat!

Becka: Sunny should think back to the first time she did this in the match and what she almost ate as a result.  I know she was to establish herself as a high risk taker but this is poor judgment here.

Sunny gave a weak sign for the shooting star. And with a swanlike grace, she sailed through the air into a corkscrew. Lightning jerked Kevin Fisk in front of her, as the referee ate the entire brunt of the move. Sunny and Fisk’s heads cracked together as well before Lightning rolled to her knees, seeing what happened.

Becka: That was good ring awareness by Lightning except that now there is no one to make the pinfall count.

Lightning yelled for another referee as Sunny rolled to her stomach and then her knees, clutching the back of her head as she looked down in shock at the fallen official. She asked him if he was okay as Melinda Davis took off towards the ring.

Mark: I guarantee Sunny didn’t mean to hit the referee right there, and she’s checking on him! Here comes Melinda Davis….

Becka: Whatever Mark, it is obvious that Sunny thought Fisk wasn’t being fair early on but Fisk being hit has to lay on both wrestler’s conscious.

Sunny apologized to Davis as Lightning circled around behind her, grabbing her in the full nelson. And with one motion, she drove her into the canvas with the full nelson slam!

Mark: FULLY ENLIGHTENED!!! Sunny didn’t even see it coming!

Becka: Lightning is just trying to help Sunny find her Zen along with a lot of zzzz’s.

The Welsh champion dove on top of her, hooking her leg. Davis fell into position.





Sunny’s arm shot off the canvas right before the three as Lightning looked incredulous at Davis.

Mark: She…..She got the shoulder up!! Sunny survived the full nelson!! This isn’t over!!

Becka: I can’t wait to see the replay later of this as I think that Sunny was a hair late but Davis didn’t realize it.  Davis saw the shoulder start to move and called it up.

Lightning got to her feet, holding up three fingers to Davis as she told her again and again it was three. The referee disagreed, and Sunny began to get to her feet behind them. She tapped her foot on the mat.

Mark: Lightning’s giving Davis the business, Sunny’s up….. You know what she’s looking for….one more superkick!

Becka: Let’s hope that Lightning doesn’t see it coming or we are going to have another ref on the ground.

Lightning turned as Sunny charged out towards her with a superkick. The Trios Champion ducked as Davis dove out of the way. Sunny tried to get her balance when she turned, catching a kick to the gut as Lightning hooked her head and drove it into the mat with an implant DDT!!

Mark: THE ENLIGHTENMENT!! Lightning nailed it!!

Becka: Davis saw what was coming at the same time as Lightning as both got out of the way of the kick only for Lightning to lay Sunny out.

She lunged across Sunny’s body, hooking the leg!




Davis called for the bell as Lightning sat up, checking to make sure it was three this time as the referee nodded her head.

Mark: Lightning did it!! The Trios Champion is…FUTURE SHOCK CHAMPION!!

Becka: It was a hard fought match all around and there were times that I thought Sunny had it but Lightning showed why she is the Top Dog for this season.  When Fisk comes to, he might not agree with Lightning not being DQ’d for making him eat the move from Sunny.

Cory: The winner of this match...and THE NEW FUTURE SHOCK SEASON 13 CHAMPION…..LIGHTNING!!!

Lightning got a mixed response from the fans as she got to her feet as Davis handed her the Season 13 Championship. She looked down at the title and clutched it to her chest.

Mark: Six women wanted a Second Chance, and it was the Leavenworth amongst them that seized it! Lightning has captured the prize, and now she has a choice to make! But you know after everything she was put through this season, it’s gotta feel good right now to be able to say she proved the critics wrong in Season Five! That it wasn’t all for naught!

Becka: I agree, Lightning has been through a lot this season and to come out on top has to feel good.  However, she doesn’t have time to savor the win right now as she needs to get ready for the thorn in her side at Chaos Theory.

The cameras catch Adam standing at the top of the ramp, applauding her as Lightning climbs the turnbuckle and raises her trophy high above her head.

Mark: In 24 hours, that woman will go one on one with Laura Steele because of her hideous actions to start this season! And you gotta believe Lightning is ready! I just wonder how much she can have left in the tank after this match tonight! She better got one hell of a night’s sleep tonight!

Becka: Don’t underestimate Laura in that match.  That was my mistake and it came back to bite me.  Laura does everything she can to get under people’s skin.  She did it early this season and if she can get away wit it she will try again at Chaos Theory,  Anything for a win.

Mark: We thank you for joining us for this season of Future Shock! Season 14 kicks off on April 18, and you’ll get to meet the class tomorrow night at Chaos Theory! Ten Femme Chaos 3 and the Elimination Chamber for the Evolution Championship! For Rebecka Hate who was an outstanding host all season, I’m Mark Horton saying good night from Montreal! We’ll see you at Chaos Theory!

Lightning kissed the title and held it up to show Adam on the ramp as the thirteenth season faded off the air.
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