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FFW Future Shock S18E2

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Author Topic: FFW Future Shock S18E2  (Read 271 times)
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« on: April 29, 2015, 12:30:10 am »

Poster Design by Cori

Femme Fatale Wrestling
A Shooting Star Production
FFW Future Shock - Season Eighteen
Episode Two
April 28, 2015

The FFW logo flashes across the screen with the world rotating behind it. From there, we open inside what looks like a convention center with a huge “Miss Future Shock” banner hanging over a stage. One by one, the seven hopefuls of the eighteenth season walk out onto the stage in evening gowns, none of which look happy about it. Karina and Isis look down to their gowns with disgust on their face, while Vivian and Eve smile brightly. Cereza is trying to adjust hers, while Clover rolls her eyes. Amanda seems proud of her dress, which has far more flesh revealed that cloth.

A man resembling something of a game show host with piano-like teeth join them on the stage before he speaks into the microphone. “I give to you the seven finalists of Miss Future Shock!” The camera shows a small crowd of about 300 watching on before the host looks back. “Ladies, next I will ask you each a question. And your answer will be judged by our judges. First up….Isis Morales!”

The crowd applauds as Isis still doesn’t look too pleased as she joins the host, looking down on him. The host flashes those piano teeth up to her before he begins. “Isis, what would you say to politicians who think your profession is barbaric?” He holds the microphone up to her as Isis glances back to the crowd, who is sitting quietly and then the other girls before she looks back….and slugs him across the face!

“Jungle” by Jamie N Commons & and the X Ambassadors begins to play. The host hits the floor as the crowd gasps in shock before Isis and the other contestants, except Amanda, pull their gowns off to reveal their ring gear underneath. Security comes in, only for Clover to catch one with a superkick as Eve and Vivian take down two of them. Cereza boots one off the stage as Karina lifts one in a bearhug and tosses them. Amanda cups her hands to her mouth as the seven finalists turn to face each other in a jungle as Isis cracks her knuckles as the seven begin tearing down the curtains and the backdrop before the “Miss Future Shock” banner begins to fall to the floor. Each of the seven face each other in a circle, and look about ready to attack before the camera sees the Future Shock Season 18 logo on the floor of the stage.

From there, we cut inside the Future Shock Center in Los Angeles with a small crowd filling the training facility around the ring for tonight’s match. They are making plenty of noise before we go down to the booth with Zack and the other half of the BSX, Kaoru Asaka!

Zack: You are looking live at a jampacked Future Shock Center as the the eighteenth season rolls on with Capture the Queen tonight! Thank you for joining us. I’m Zack Hudson, and am honored to be joined by Kaoru Asaka, the other half of the Burning Star Express. We had Andi at the race track, tonight we got Kaoru. Welcome to the booth!

Kaoru: Glad to be here, Zack, I even got all dressed up for the occasion. And while that race was insane from what I saw, I’m glad I showed up tonight. 3 V 3, Capture the Queen, and this should be a great match to call.

Zack: The question is whether or not Eve Cross’ team can co-exist with all the bad blood boiling between Cereza and Amanda. And if they can’t get along, Eve is in for one long night here at the Future Shock Center! Only Eve and Clover can be pinned for their teams, and if I’m Eve, I’m going to use my decided speed advantage to full capacity with two partners who’d rather beat each other than their opponents.

Kaoru: If I’m Eve, I’m very worried. Amanda Richardson has shown some real… surprising moments in the past, but I don’t know that she can be relied upon to really stand up to the team on the other side of the ring. Cereza…. is Cereza. And the team on the other side of the ring? Clover, Isis, and Karina Petrova? As much as people might like Eve and may even feel bad about her pairing for this match, Karina said it herself. "You have talent and you are quick, but you are doomed." That team is scary. I’m glad I’m out here with you.

Zack: I’m glad to have you too. Let’s get it underway! Capture the Queen starts now!

We head back to the ring as referee Kevin Fisk asks all if they are ready. Clover’s team nods as Eve and Amanda nod, leaving Cereza with her arms crossed and not responding. He asks her again, but she seems to be ignoring him as she complains about Amanda being her partner. He asks a third time. Ithavoll throws her hands up, bickering at the referee before Fisk asks a fourth time and she finally screams “Fine!” when he calls for the bell. Amanda tells Eve to stay behind Cereza, and turns around into a dead sprint as she launches herself right at Isis! Amanda starts unloading with right hands to the titaness as Clover and Karina head towards Eve.

Kaoru: And just when you think it’s already started to break down, there goes one of those surprises from Richardson! Right after Isis!

Zack: Look at her lay those forearm shots into that huge woman! But Amanda isn’t going to win a fist fight with Isis! And Clover and Karina are coming after Eve!

Kaoru: Well let’s see if Cereza can protect her queen here! She did seem really excited about playing defense for the little one… at least I think that’s what she was inferring.

Amanda fired shot after shot into Isis’ chest before the redhead snatched her by the neck and threw her into the ropes. Richardson rebounded off the near side as the redhead mowed her down with a huge lariat! The giant reached down, picking Amanda up with hands around her head before she drove her into the mat with a faceplant. Meanwhile, Eve glanced up to her other partner as Cereza still looked annoyed. Clover lunged towards her to grab her, but Cross ducked out of the way. Karina glanced over to see her, trying to grab her herself but Cross sidestepped her before Cereza tapped Petrova on the shoulder. The Russian turned back as Ithavoll slapped her across the face, causing Karina to smile for a moment before the two started unloading with right hands!

Kaoru: You do NOT slap a Pitbull. That’s a good way to get your face taken off, Cereza! She really is that dumb!

Zack: Eve is doing what she has to do, and that’s getting on her bicycle and riding as fast as she can! She can’t rely on Cereza for anything!

Kaoru: She can rely on Karina taking a few moments to take care of Cereza at least! But Clover is still hunting her down!

Eve tried to dart past Clover, but the blonde caught her from behind. Cross began firing back elbows at her head one after another as Thomas tried to take her to the mat. Eve connected with a few of them, causing her to let go as she stumbled backwards. The pint sized cutie took off towards the ropes, coming off with a springboard into a back elbow right to her jaw! The fans immediately got behind Eve as she rolled to her feet, hitting the near side and catching Clover with a senton back splash as she tried to sit up. Cross reached over to hook the leg, but Clover shoved her off before Fisk even had a chance to get into position. A chant for Eve began as she got back to her feet, glancing over to see Cereza and Katrina trading hard rights in the corner. Cross backed up a few steps, waving for Clover to get back up to her feet. And right behind Eve was the redhead giant.

Zack: Eve’s got the offense rolling, and she’s waiting for Clover to get up, but look what’s behind her!

Kaoru: Remember that doom I was talking about before? She’s showed up. Look behind youuuu….

Clover started to get back up to her feet as Eve went to take off towards her. But she didn’t get far as Isis’ arms wrapped around her waist, and launched her with a belly to back suplex that sent the back of Eve’s head into the top turnbuckle before she collapsed on the mat. Isis spun around to pick her up before Amanda jumped onto her back, hammering more shots into her chest and head as it looked like Isis was giving her a piggyback ride.

Kaoru: WHAT A SICK SUPLEX! THE QUEEN IS DEAD, GOD SAVE EVE CROSS. Yikes…. Amanda is the only thing keeping Isis from ending this right now!

Zack: Isis a monster! A living, breathing monster! And Cross got folded up like origami...but Richardson….she doesn’t give a damn! She’s hammering on Isis!

Cereza and Karina were still trading shots before Karina went for a haymaker. Ithavoll ducked and used a back body drop to send her over the top rope to the floor. The stripper shouted down to the Russian as Clover got back to her feet, and took off towards the corner. She grabbed Eve’s leg, jerking her away from the corner and going for a cover. Fisk dove into position.

Zack: Clover’s going to end it right now!


Kaoru: Eve still looks like she’s out!



Fisk didn’t finish the count as Amanda climbed up Isis’ back and jumped off her shoulders with an elbow drop into Clover’s back to break up the count. Isis spun around to try to grab her as Richardson pulled Clover up from behind.

Kaoru: That’s some wild way to break up a pin! I’m starting to think she’s got a horseshoe shoved up her…. ring gear. She’s got herself in a bad spot now it would seem.

Thomas grabbed Amanda’s head, driving down into the canvas with a stunner that sent Richardson to the canvas. When she turned back around to grab Eve again, Cross had rolled out to the floor on her knees. Isis was about to follow after her when Cereza came up behind her, snatching her around the waist and lobbing her with a German suplex. Isis landed hard as Ithavoll rolled to her feet, dusting off her hands as Isis popped right back up behind her, shaking her head!

Kaoru: Cereza, that was one pretty okay suplex. But that was one. Okay. Suplex. And Isis can’t eat just one.

Cereza spun around as Isis screamed in her face, causing the stripper to stumble backwards. Morales grabbed her by the head before Cereza kicked her between the legs, dropping her to her knees. Ithavoll hammered with right hand shots to her head, trying to drive her down to the canvas. Morales rocked back on her knees a bit as Cereza took off for the near side, coming back with a front kick into the side of her head to put her down before she went for a cover. But Fisk shook his head, telling her he can’t count it.

Kaoru: That’s one way to take down a monster! Kick’r where it counts and keep firing!

Zack: Cereza forgot who the Queen was, but in fairness, per her own video, she had it wrong anyway! Fisk isn’t going to count that, and Eve is on the floor, but….that may not be a good idea either.

Kaoru: You owe me a drink, Andi! And this bad idea for Eve is about to get a lot worse...

Eve started to get back to her feet on the floor before she saw  Karina in front of her. She turned to go the other direction, but found Clover on the other side. Both of the women closed in on her as Eve was trapped...before she darted back into the ring! Both Clover and Karina started in after her, getting to their feet just as Eve ducked under a high cross body off the middle rope from Amanda!

Zack: Look at that! Eve got the hell out of Dodge, and here comes Richardson again! Clover and Karina just got a faceful of the porn star, so to speak!

Kaoru: Some actual teamwork being shown here and it’s paying off!

Her feet caught Clover, but Karina caught her in her arms and drove her into the mat with a tilt-a-whirl suplex. Clover regained her composure quickly, and as Eve looked back to see what had happened, Clover mowed her down with a big boot to her face that dropped her. Thomas pulled her to her knees, driving a series of knee strikes into her face before she scooped her up onto her shoulder. Clover took off for the corner, delivering a nasty Snake Eyes as Eve’s face bounced off the turnbuckle. As Cross stumbled backwards out of the corner, Clover scooped her up into a sidewalk slam. She quickly reached across for the leg to make the cover.

Kaoru: Cross’ head keeps meeting that turnbuckle in a bad way, and this slam might be enough!




Kaoru: Or maybe not! Eve is taking some major fire as the queen here, but was still able to get her foot on the ropes!

Eve got her leg across the bottom rope before the three as Clover mounted her chest, hammering rights into her head as a result. She only landed a few shots before Cereza jerked her off Eve, scooping her up and lobbing her with a gorilla press slam to the canvas.

Zack: Cereza didn’t save the pin, but she’s getting Clover off Eve, which is a good thing! Meanwhile back at the ranch, look who’s getting up!

Isis got back to her feet as Karina pulled Amanda back to her feet. Petrova picked her up and sent her flying with a fallaway slam! But Isis caught her in midair before dropping forward with her into a powerslam!

Kaoru: They just threw Amanda around like a ragdoll and slammed the implants out of her! What amazing power from both women!

Eve started to crawl away from the action as Cereza hammered Clover. Cross held the back of her head as Karina and Isis spotted her, circling around her as she got to her feet. Eve was stuck between the two powerhouses, her eyes widening considerably as she looked up to them both.

Zack: Eve keeps finding herself in the wrong part of town, now she’s trapped between Isis and Karina!

Kaoru: And we just saw what they did to Richardson! Eve is a lot easier to throw, but I’m sure she’s getting sick of that!

Eve’s eyes widened, and suddenly the pint sized cutie began throwing fists in every direction, spinning around on her feet as she caught one with a shot, then the other, then back around again like a whirling dervish. Both women staggered backwards after the flurry before Eve took off for the far side. Cross rebounded quickly and left her feet, grabbing both of them by the head and executing a stereo tornado DDT on the two powerhouses! And the fans roared!

Kaoru: Where is Eve Cross getting this from?! She goes from damn near knocked out to taking out two of the toughest women in the competition!

Zack: Eve Cross is the living definition of a clutch hitter, she thrives under pressure! And it doesn’t get much more pressured than that, Cross with a tornado DDT and it’s a shame she can’t cover one of them!

Kaoru: Maybe, but she can buy herself some time at least to get her head right!

In the other corner, Clover had managed to flip Cereza off of her, getting back to her feet. She caught Ithavoll with a back heel kick as she started to get up, bouncing off the near side to catch her with a running high knee that put the stripper down. The blonde got back to her feet, catching Eve as she darted past her to get away from the other two. Clover caught her with a superkick right to the jaw that flattened her on the canvas. Thomas went to grab her, but Cereza caught her in a full nelson from behind, dragging her away from Eve as Thomas struggled to get free. Amanda was back up, telling Cereza to hold her as Thomas was kicking and trying to get free. Richardson took off for the far side, and rebounded with a running yakuza kick...but Clover dropped out of the way and she caught Cereza with it instead.

Kaoru: Just when they were starting to kind of co-exist! I don’t expect Cereza is going to take this well!

Zack: That was clearly an accident, Amanda missed the yakuza kick and took out her own partner. She’s actually apologizing to her….

Amanda did apologize to Cereza, telling her she was aiming for Clover….who was back up behind her. A quick leg sweep brought the porn star down to the canvas as Clover grabbed her feet under both arms...and fell backwards into catapult that sent Amanda into the turnbuckle. Richardson hung over the corner, clutching her chest where she landed. Meanwhile, Clover headed back towards Eve, as Isis and Karina were circling her again. Both of them tried to get at her, but Eve rolled into a ball away from them….and between Clover’s legs behind her. The blonde spun around as the powerhouses came towards her. Cereza was beginning to get up as Amanda slid off the turnbuckle, both of them behind Eve as the two teams stared across at one another.

Kaoru: Eve Cross is getting everyone crossed up! Even me! Noone can keep up with her speed and once again it saves her ass for the moment! And now this team might actually look like a team here!

Zack: Eve isn’t quick...she’s sudden! We got a staredown! These two teams have beat the hell out of each other, and we got a stalemate! Who’s gonna blink first?

Eve never took her eyes off her opponents as Cereza rubbed her chest, an angry look on her face. The stripper glanced to the three across from her and hit a discus clothesline on Amanda! Richardson hit the mat as the stripper mounted her chest and unloaded with shots on her own partner. Cross’ face sunk as she looked behind her...and turned back around as two hands wrapped around her throat from Karina and Isis….who used a double chokeslam onto the pint sized cutie!

Kaoru: Oh, what in the fuck! For a moment I thought she could let that go, I don’t know what the hell I was thinking!

Zack: Cereza’s snapped….Richardson hit her by accident, and she nearly beheaded her! These two won’t get along...it’s not possible and Eve got  PLANTED!! Cross finally got caught!

Kaoru: Terrible. Just terrible. This is academic now, just a matter of who’s going to pick up the fall!

Karina pressed her hands to Eve’s chest for the cover, glancing over to see Cereza still hammering Amanda as the referee dove into position.

Zack: That’ll do it! Karina’s got this!




Eve’s shoulder popped up before the three as the two powerhouses looked to each and then down to Eve.



Kaoru: I admire her fighting spirit but… save yourself at this point, Eve! Because they’re not going to stop until you do!

The fans were on their feet as Isis shook her head, pulling Cross up and throwing her into Clover, who delivered an Olympic slam onto the brunette. Karina delivered a standing sidekick into the side of Cereza’s head, knocking her to the floor through the ropes. Isis scooped up Eve onto her shoulders and delivered a F5!!

Zack: Good God...she calls that the Voyage to Armageddon! She won’t get up from this!

Kaoru: I hope so for her sake!

Isis made the cover as Fisk dove into position to make the count.




A low dropkick from Amanda sent Isis rolling off the cover as the porn star fought back to her feet. Richardson broke into a run, hitting the far side ropes and leaving her feet for a huracanrana as she wrapped her legs around Karina’s head...but the Russian caught her and used a sitout powerbomb on the porn star!

Kaoru:  Richardson able to save the pin out of nowhere! She hasn’t given up either despite the odds, but Karina has the answer for that with a powerbomb!

Clover tried to pull Eve up, but Cross was limp and collapsed against her legs, leaning against her. She tried it again, but the Pint Sized Cutie collapsed again.

Zack: Eve can’t even stand up, Kaoru… She’s been destroyed, and the tank is empty!

Kaoru: And you’ve got to think this is going to affect her in the weeks to come, this is one hell of a beating she’s taking! And Clover, Karina and Isis all seem to be having a lot of fun doing the destroying!

Clover tried to pull her up again, but this time, Eve surprised her and caught her in a small package. The fans came out of their seats!





Clover kicked out before the three as she sat up with an amazed look on her face. Eve crawled towards the corner, trying to drag herself away from the team.

Kaoru: AGAIN! Eve Cross does it again! She’s got to be driving these three up a wall that they can’t find a way to cap the queen! What is it going to take to keep Eve down for 3 seconds?!

Eve pulled herself up against the corner, listening as the fans roared her name. A tiny smile on her face formed as she turned around...into a pair of superkicks to the head from Isis and Karina. Cross crumpled to the mat as Clover dove into a cover, hooking both legs!

Kaoru: That might just be the answer!



Amanda lunged towards the cover, but Cereza grabbed her foot and jerked her out to deck her with another right!


Fisk called for the bell as Clover got to her knees, catching her breath as the referee raised her hand...and then her partners.

Kaoru: It took a hell of a lot of work to do it, but Queen Eve has finally been captured! And not a moment too soon. Cereza stopping Amanda there may have been for the best….

Zack: Amanda was about to save the match again, but Cereza….she couldn’t stop herself! And as much as Eve impressed me, I’m glad she doesn’t have to take any more of this punishment.

As the three stand triumphant, we cut back to Zack and Kaoru in the booth.

Kaoru: And Eve was definitely impressive, she knew she had the target on her, she knew she didn’t have the best team tonight, and yet, she still managed to stand in there and keep fighting until it was finally just too much weight to bear.

Zack: Kaoru, I don’t know how many matches like this one you’ve seen, but give me your analysis. The fans have a choice to make, who to send home! Who impressed you, and who do you think deserves to get the boot from the fans?

Kaoru: I think everyone looked impressive tonight, in some regard. Even Cereza managed to show…. something. But let’s be honest, we’ve got a pretty good idea on who the fans are going to boot, and it’s not Amanda Richardson after showing the fight she did, it’s not Eve Cross, and it’s certainly not any of the 3 women that showed some real dominance in that win. You’re going back to the pole, Cereza!

Zack: Fans, the choice is yours! Head over to the FFW website, cast your vote for who you want sent out of Future Shock! And we’ll be back one week from tonight to find out who you picked, and what lies ahead for the five remaining!

Kaoru: We’re gonna have to do this again sometime, Zack.

Zack: Good night from Future Shock!

As the image fades to black, we instead open again. This time on a room with a wooden table, a shaft of light behind it as we see the silhouette of a woman throwing back a shot of something. She’s obscured in the shadows before she slams the half empty shot glass and walks away. The only thing seen on the table is the half empty glass with the words “Relentless” before we close out on that image.

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