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January 29, 2023, 01:41:14 am
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FFW Future Shock S18E3

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Author Topic: FFW Future Shock S18E3  (Read 300 times)
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« on: May 13, 2015, 12:43:24 am »

Poster Design by Cori

Femme Fatale Wrestling
A Shooting Star Production
FFW Future Shock - Season Eighteen
Episode Three
May 12, 2015

The FFW logo flashes across the screen with the world rotating behind it. From there, we open inside what looks like a convention center with a huge “Miss Future Shock” banner hanging over a stage. One by one, the seven hopefuls of the eighteenth season walk out onto the stage in evening gowns, none of which look happy about it. Karina and Isis look down to their gowns with disgust on their face, while Vivian and Eve smile brightly. Cereza is trying to adjust hers, while Clover rolls her eyes. Amanda seems proud of her dress, which has far more flesh revealed that cloth.

A man resembling something of a game show host with piano-like teeth join them on the stage before he speaks into the microphone. “I give to you the seven finalists of Miss Future Shock!” The camera shows a small crowd of about 300 watching on before the host looks back. “Ladies, next I will ask you each a question. And your answer will be judged by our judges. First up….Isis Morales!”

The crowd applauds as Isis still doesn’t look too pleased as she joins the host, looking down on him. The host flashes those piano teeth up to her before he begins. “Isis, what would you say to politicians who think your profession is barbaric?” He holds the microphone up to her as Isis glances back to the crowd, who is sitting quietly and then the other girls before she looks back….and slugs him across the face!

“Jungle” by Jamie N Commons & and the X Ambassadors begins to play. The host hits the floor as the crowd gasps in shock before Isis and the other contestants, except Amanda, pull their gowns off to reveal their ring gear underneath. Security comes in, only for Clover to catch one with a superkick as Eve and Vivian take down two of them. Cereza boots one off the stage as Karina lifts one in a bearhug and tosses them. Amanda cups her hands to her mouth as the seven finalists turn to face each other in a jungle as Isis cracks her knuckles as the seven begin tearing down the curtains and the backdrop before the “Miss Future Shock” banner begins to fall to the floor. Each of the seven face each other in a circle, and look about ready to attack before the camera sees the Future Shock Season 18 logo on the floor of the stage.

The next image we see is that of the sun slowly setting as the evening grows near before we see a rather large outdoor pool. Situated around the pool are various chairs and and tables and lounges. And jutting from it are two tall pedestals with a ladder hanging on the side of each one. The five Future Shock hopefuls are seen around the pool as well before the camera wheels around to find Zack standing by.

Zack: Ladies and gentlemen, we welcome you to the third episode of the eighteenth season of Future Shock! I’m Zack Hudson, and I’m about to be joined by my co-host for this show. As you know, I’ve had the privilege of having the BSX with me. But they both wanted to host this one, and couldn’t agree on who….so much like our hopefuls are about to do, they decided to climb up onto the pedestals themselves and have a go at each other. Over who gets to call this show with me tonight, so let’s find out, shall we?

We go right to the pool for an unscheduled yet highly promoted match-up!

Andi spins on her platform, v-sign in front of her face with one hand, holding the pugil at her side with the other, feet firmly planted. She's wearing her white & blue striped bikini, and looking cute as ever.

Andi: Don't worry, Starlights, I won't lose to the likes of Kaoru! Ikuzo!

And on the other platform, Kaoru Asaka, in a forest green one piece. She holds the pugil stick up on one shoulder, holding her fist up in front of her in her usual pose.

Kaoru: I don't know what's going to be better, sending her into the pool, or taking her seat at commentary all nice and dry.

Andi: Not happening!

Kaoru: You're going in!

The two get into position, and when the ref declares they're ready, blows the whistle! Andi pokes the stick out at Kaoru, just as a test. Kaoru bats it away with her hand, keeping the end of her stick back for now. Andi then rears back and takes a big swing, which Kaoru avoids. Kaoru drops the stick into a defensive position as Andi swings back the other way, stopping her momentum. This alone almost takes Andi off the platform, but Kaoru whacks her on the top of the head with the stick, sending her down to a knee, and forcing her to lose control of her stick for a moment. Kaoru starts to try and not hit her partner too much in the head as she begins to swing carefully but forcefully, but with Andi on her knees, it’s not sending her off. Andi manages to regain a good grip on her pole and thrusts it forward into Kaoru’s stomach, which knocks her back a dangerous amount, but not enough to get her off. It does give Andi enough time to get back to her feet, but it also gives Kaoru enough time to recover and swing a power shot right into her partner’s side, that lifts Andi off her feet, off the platform, and into a very lovely full body dive into the water below!

Kaoru: YES!

The ref blows his whistle as Andi re-emerges from the deep end, splashing the surface in frustration, before crossing her arms and pouting.

Kaoru: Don’t look so sad, Andi, I warned you what would happen!

Andi: I’m more mad that my mask is wet!

Andi shakes her fist, and Kaoru just mocks her with a ‘victory pose’ of her own. The camera follows Kaoru on her way down as she joins Zack at the booth, who offers her a congratulatory handshake.

Zack: Well done, Kaoru. That was some mighty fine stick swinging up there, but you know..we do have an extra headset so you both could have joined in..

He holds up the spare headset to show her and the camera.

Kaoru: I’m sure someone will let her know. I just wanted to knock her into the pool. I don’t mind us both being here. Someone might want to get her a towel though...

The camera shows members of FFW’s staff helping the Lucky Star out of the pool, and handing her a pair of towels to dry off before pointing her towards the broadcast position. Then we go back to Kaoru and Zack.

Zack: Either way, you picked up the win much in the same way your team has been since arriving in FFW. But tonight, it’s gauntlet style jousting for our Future Shock hopefuls. Two will start, and when one falls, another climbs up till there is only one left standing at the end. Any predictions on who will win?

Kaoru: You’d think Isis, who’s so big, would be an easy pick, or someone like Eve Cross, who manages to get herself out of trouble a lot thanks to her size and determination, but I think they could both be taken out, and I think that Karina Petrova might have the right mix of size and power to get this done tonight here at the Omni Hotel.

Zack: We do want to thank the Omni Hotel here in Los Angeles for allowing us to use their pool for tonight’s event. It’s a beautiful night setting in, and we’re about to get underway. Earlier, our five hopefuls drew straws to find out the order of entrants from start to finish. And starting us off on one pedestal…..Clover Thomas, who has quite a fear of heights, which she has discussed at length. How much do you think that’s going to work against her? These pedestals are only about 8 feet above the surface of the water.

Kaoru: She could jump right off out of fear, or she might summon the will to stay up there by any means. Either way, she’s facing her fear. There’s worse things to fall into than a nice clean pool though.

As Zack was about to speak, they were then joined by the losing half of the BSX, Andi Takata, towels draped over her shoulders

Andi: There’s worse things, but it still sucks!

Kaoru: You would know.

Kaoru laughs a bit, as Andi puts a towel down on her chair, puts her headset on proper, and stares daggers at Kaoru for a moment. From there, we cut back to the pool as we see Clover very slowly climbing up the ladder, stopping at every step to look down beneath her. She made it to the top on her hands and knees on the pedestal, holding it with both hands as though she were afraid she were going to fall.

Zack: Clover’s starting us off, and she’s got a death grip on that pedestal. She is terrified of heights, but she’s going to have to stand up on it to defend herself.

Andi: There’s only one way down once you’re up there. If she doesn’t want to fall in the water, she’s gotta beat everyone!

Kaoru: That’s going to be quite a challenge. I hope she can swim.

One of the staff hands her the pugil stick, which is over a yard long with blunt ends. Clover looks down at it, still clutching the pedestal as the staffer tries to give it to her. Meanwhile, Eve Cross begins to climb up on the other side in a rust colored one piece swimsuit, stark contrast to Clover’s pink bikini.

Zack: And Eve is on her way up, Clover hasn’t taken the pugil stick yet. Eve had a standout performance on our last challenge, as you two may recall.

Andi: Eve’s looked good in every event so far, hasn’t she?

Kaoru: Yes she has, but she’s also come up short to Isis both times.

Andi: Was that a height pun?

Kaoru: What? No.

Eve takes her pugil stick as Clover reaches down, grabbing hers and still remains on her knees. Shaking her head, she closes her eyes and starts to stand up. She is clearly taking deep breaths before she opens her eyes, looking across at Eve who waves to her with a smile. The referee in the pool asks if they are ready. Eve gives the affirmative, Clover doesn’t. He asks again, and Clover is still trying to calm her nerves.

Kaoru: Can she really be this scared over an 8 foot drop? That’s like a top rope move.

Andi: She’s already up there!

Andi shuffles herself up from her seat to yell to Clover


Clover glances over towards the desk, looking down to the referee next and giving the nod. The whistle blows, and Eve immediately begins swinging. Cross begins jabbing at her with it as Clover manages to sidestep it in a couple directions before she swings hard with a shot of her own. Eve ducks underneath it, causing Clover’s stick to hit Eve’s pedestal and slightly taking her off balance. Thomas shuffles a little, dropping to her knee to grab the pedestal to keep from moving too much. This provides an excellent opening for Eve, who begins hammering her with clubbing blows from the pugil stick onto her back repeatedly! She nearly pounds Clover onto the canvas with the repeated shots, causing the blond to lean towards the edge before she screams.

Zack: Clover went to grab the pedestal to keep from losing her balance, and is Eve ever just wailing away with that stick! Thomas is seeing the water below her, and she’s freaking out.

Kaoru: It’s hard to knock her off from that position though, with her center of gravity being so low!

Andi: But she’s got to counter attack or something or Eve is going to beat her silly with that stick! Just out of survival!

Eve continued to hammer shots until Clover dropped her stick, and grabbed the other end of Eve’s before she started to try to stand up. Cross began trying to jerk it away from her, but as Clover got to her feet, she tucked it under her arm and spun a quarter circle to the right...jerking Eve holding the other end off her pedestal before Cross splashed into the water.

Kaoru: How’s that for a counter! Let me grab your stick, Eve, and escort you right off the side!

Andi: I wish I would’ve thought of that before! Either way, the Pint Sized Cutie meets… a lot of gallons of water!

Clover clutches the pedestal again as we see Karina Petrova climbing up the ladder onto the other pedestal. Thomas glances over to her as Petrova plants her legs, dressed in a pair of jean shorts and a tied off t-shirt. She quickly gets handed the pugil stick, spinning it in her hand and waving Clover to get back up as the referee asks if they are ready.

Zack: Well that strategy might have worked on Eve, but I don’t think Clover is going to have that luxury afforded her against Karina. Petrova has her feet planted, and she’s swinging that pugil stick like she was born with one in her hand.

Andi: And how much confidence is she showing wearing those jean shorts up there?! Wet jeans are terrible!

Kaoru: She doesn’t plan on going down. I don’t know if she’ll be keeping her outfit dry, but she sure looks like she’s got a good shot here at least.

Clover slowly got back to her feet, picking up the stick again as Karina stood with a stoic expression. Thomas stared across at her, trying to calm her nerves again before the referee blew the whistle. Clover began to lunge at her with the stick as Karina sidestepped them, spinning her own stick in a circle before she spun around and connected with one to Clover’s ribs. It stunned Thomas as Karina swept her legs out from under her with the next shot, driving Thomas to her back. She raised it like a guillotine and went to drive it into Clover’s face, but Thomas rolled out of the way….and nearly off the pedestal, causing her to scream as she saw the water and clutch the pedestal again….as Karina picked up where Eve left off, hammering shots into her body and the back of her head.

Kaoru: Here we go again! I don’t know if this is going to work out a second time for Clover Thomas.

Zack: Look at those shots from Karina, and she’s got a lot more power behind them than Eve did. Clover’s getting pummeled by the protege of the Red Star!

Andi: Karina doesn’t even have the slightest bit of remorse about it either, she’s really laying those shots in! Oh, no, Clover!

Clover dropped her stick again, causing it to fall into the water as she deflected a few shots and once more caught Karina’s stick as she did with Eve. Thomas got back to her feet with it under her arm before Karina jerked it from her, leaving her unarmed. Clover glanced down to her pugil stick before Karina spun on her foot with a spinning shot into the side of her head. Clover stumbled forward before Petrova caught her with an uppercut to the face that sent her backwards into the water. Thomas shrieked before she hit the water.

Zack: And there goes Clover! Karina used that pugil stick, and just used an uppercut into her face with it!

Andi: Clover sure did fight to stay up there though. Maybe a bit too hard, and it cost her. But Karina looks like she’s scary good at this, and she doesn’t have that many more people to beat!

Kaoru: It’s not going to get any easier for Petrova, that’s for sure. But speaking of ‘easy’...

Amanda Richardson shucked off a black robe, and was seemingly topless as she climbed the ladder. She was wearing covers over her nipples and only red bikini bottoms as she reached the top. Richardson beamed from ear to ear as Karina rolled her eyes, clearly disgusted with her.

Zack: Is she…? No, she’s got flesh colored pasties on her breasts…. Well she tried to show off in her video too….

Andi: That video was definitely not PG. Neither is this!

Kaoru: And Karina’s having none of it and just wants to knock her into the pool.

Andi: Amanda’s been good about pulling miracles out of her butt, we’ll see what she pulls out here!

The referee blew the whistle as Karina’s face flashed to annoyance as she began swinging for the fences at Amanda. Richardson swiveled in every direction out of the way before she began to fire back with shots of her own. Richardson began handily blocking each of her shots with her own pugil stick. Karina fired shot after shot, only for Amanda to parry or block it with her own. This began to annoy Karina more before Amanda caught her flush with a shot to her knee. It stumbled the powerhouse as Amanda stabbled forward at the other leg, taking Karina down to both knees before using a backspin to connect with a shot to her jaw. Petrova tumbled over the side, but held on with her hands, dangling from the side of the pedestal before the powerhouse literally pulled herself up by her hands back onto the pedestal, which caused Amanda’s jaw to drop.

Zack: Look at that!! Petrova went over the side, but she literally with the power of those arms….just pulled herself back up. Even Amanda’s impressed!

Kaoru: She should be less impressed and start swinging again, that might have been her best chance to win this thing!

Andi: It really is amazing how much she doesn’t want to get those shorts wet.

Kaoru: I’m sure that’s not it at all, Andi.

Karina got back up, taking her pugil stick back with an angry look on her face before she began firing wild shots at her. She connected with a pair of shots to Amanda’s ribs, causing the porn star to wobble as Karina unloaded with shots to her body. It sent Richardson backwards, falling onto her back on the pedestal. Karina raised the pugil stick up and went to impale her with it, but stopped short as Amanda nipped back up to her feet. It was Karina’s turn to be surprised as Richardson began to pepper shots back at her, firing at her legs again trying to take her down.

Andi: Sugoi! And there goes Amanda pulling the thing from her-

Kaoru: We get it!

Andi: She’s doing really well, look at her go!

Kaoru: And attacking the base of Petrova, those powerful legs, maybe she actually has the right strategy here!

Karina caught a few of the shots flush but began to fire back with a few of her own, before the blocking returned as Amanda used her stick to block and parry away. Petrova looked to be getting more annoyed as she plunged the stick towards Amanda’s lower body. Richardson jumped up and the stick landed on the pedestal. Richardson landed back on her feet just as Karina brought the pugil stick up...hard between her legs! Amanda’s mouth fell open again as Karina jerked the stick back, measuring her as Richardson leaned forward in pain!

Zack: I think Karina planned on her jumping...and boy, did she make her pay for it! I’ve never seen a low blow in one of these!

Kaoru: Of all the things to finish her off with though….

Andi: She’s not done yet, Kaoru, Karina still hasn’t knocked her off, but she’s definitely looking to with this one!

Richardson started to raise back up as Karina connected with a side swing to the side of her head….as a second pugil stick caught Amanda too, sending the porn star into the water. Karina looked confused, glancing to the side as Cereza Ithavoll appeared, diving into the pool and swimming towards Amanda and hammering her with right hands!

Kaoru: Are you kidding me?! What is this?! Who let her in?!

Zack: Ithavoll got eliminated by the largest fan vote in Future Shock history, and she’s facing Amanda at Relentless! She is trying to beat the hell out of her in the pool right now, Richardson’s eliminated!

Andi: She just won’t go away! Not even the fan vote record will keep her from trying to get a piece of Amanda!

Cereza pounded away at Amanda, who began to fight back. The Wiccan stripper traded blows with her before she escaped her grasp, heading for the deck. Ithavoll pulled herself up onto the ground as Amanda swam towards her. Cereza headed towards the entrance back into the hotel before Amanda got to her feet and broke into a dead sprint towards her. Cereza never made it to the door before Amanda hit her with a spear from behind, literally bending her backwards before taking her down and unloading with shots of her own!

Kaoru: WHOA, what a tackle by Richardson! She’s all kinds of pissed and has every right to be, and she’s just letting it all flow out on Cereza!
Andi: That looked a lot more painful than landing in the pool! This is what it’s going to be like at Relentless with these two! It’s chaos! Look at them go go goooooo!

Security poured into the poolside area, pulling the two women apart finally as hotel guests were watching from their balconies. Amanda broke free of three guards, launching herself at Cereza and tackling her back to the ground to rain more fists on her.

Zack: Amanda broke away from the security, and she’s not done yet! The guests at the Omni are getting one hell of a preview right here of Relentless!

Kaoru: Cereza has had this beating coming for weeks, it’s no wonder Amanda is going off like this! She’s had all she can take from this crazy stripper!

Andi: I think everyone has had all they can take, except Amanda, she wants more right now!

More security emerged and pulled them apart, finally separating them as they took them through separate doors back inside the hotel.

Zack: They better keep them separated the rest of the night, or we’re going to have a brawl inside the Omni at this rate! Karina’s still standing tall, and you know who’s last?

Karina looked back to the other pedestal as Isis climbed up the ladder, staring across at her.

Andi: Oh. My. Stars. Would you look at these two right now!

Kaoru: This is what I came to see, this is why I wanted to make sure I was calling this tonight, because this right here might end up being your final. Two of the biggest and toughest in this competition, and right now they’re staring each other down something fierce.

Andi: They’re gonna beat the crap out of each other aren’t they?

Kaoru: That’s prettly likely. It’ll either be an epic battle, or be over before anyone realizes what happened with the power behind those swings.

Zack: Have you ever wondered what would happen when the unstoppable force met the immovable object? We’re about to find out!

Isis takes her pugil stick, never breaking the stare between her and Karina as the referee looked up from the water. Karina’s face grew more resolute as Isis laid down her pugil stick on the platform. The referee blew the whistle.

Zack: She just laid down her pugil stick--

Karina began firing shots towards her as Isis swatted them away with her hands. Petrova went for a back spin, as Isis batted it away. Another swing before Isis grabbed her stick with both hands and shoved it away again, telling her to hit her!

Kaoru: I don’t know that this is the best of strategies from Isis. She’s huge, and she’s blocking everything, but this is not how you win...

Andi: I can’t believe she’s doing this like this either! It’s almost like she doesn’t care about winning!

Kaoru: She doesn’t have much to lose at this point, does she?

Karina went for a head shot, as Isis ducked it and scooped up her stick at the same time. As Petrova’s shot missed her, Isis began to fire stabbing blows into Karina’s body repeatedly. It wobbled Petrova, but Karina began firing back as the two traded stiff shots, neither of them trying to block anything. Karina knocked Isis with a shot to the chest, Isis returned fire with a matching shot to her hip.

Zack: Neither one of them are trying to block it, they’re just taking it from each other! And are they ever laying into each other too!

Andi: They’re both showing tremendous fighting spirit here! It’s a battle to see who will budge first!

Kaoru: That’s assuming one of them actually budges! I don’t think either one of them is getting moved too far up there, even if those shots are as hard as they are!

Karina clocked Isis with a shot to the head, waving her to get back up as Petrova stared daggers at her. Isis did just that, as Petrova offered her a free shot. And Is is took it, hammering a right cross to her jaw that wobbled her. Karina got back up, and drove the stick right into her face, dropping Isis to her knees but the redhead rose back to her feet, shaking her head.

Kaoru: Each swing of the stick for these two just gets more vicious! Karina really leaving nothing on the table here, but it might just be making Isis angry!

Andi: I wouldn’t want to make either one of these two angry! I don’t even think these two dislike each other that much and they’re doing this!

Zack: You got Future Shock’s two alpha females up there, and it’s a war of attrition! This is the most violent joust I’ve ever seen in Future Shock….and I’ve seen them all!

Karina held out her hands, giving Isis a free shot as she had done earlier. And Isis took it, driving the stick right into her abdomen, doubling the Russian over as Isis drove another shot across her back. Karina shook it off, dodging a guillotine shot to the back of her head, and drove the stick into Isis’ calf, putting the redhead on her knee. The camera showed a trickle of blood from Karina’s lip from one of Isis’ shots.

Zack: They aren’t trying to block anything, they are just taking and absorbing and trying to give more back! I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone bleed in a joust!

Andi: I’m not even sure they’re trying to put each other into the pool anymore! I think they’re just trying to beat the hell out of each other!

Kaoru: Well they’re doing a damn good job of that!

Karina hammered blows across Isis’ back, causing the redhead to spin around away from her. Petrova continued to hammer blows across her back until Isis jerked the ladder up that hung from the pedestal, spun around and hurled it at Karina. Petrova ducked out of the way as the ladder hit the deck, causing a few staffers to duck and over!

Zack: Did you see that?!

Kaoru: She just ripped the ladder right off the set and threw it at her! While getting hit!

Andi: WAH, SHE’S SCARY AS HELL WITH THAT THING! Isis is doing everything she can though and it’s still not enough!!

Isis’ pugil stick fell onto the pedestal as a result, while Karina spun back around and caught her with more shots, rapid fire. Isis began to teeter backwards towards the edge. Petrova stepped to the edge of her pedestal to be able to reach her as she measured a shot, seeing Isis’ stick on the pedestal. Morales tried to get her balance as Karina waved the pugil stick like a pinch hitter measuring a baseball from the pitcher!

Zack: Isis is teetering, and Karina’s all loaded up and ready to knock her out of the park...into the pool!

Andi: How is she going to strike here and will Isis have an answer for it with no stick?!

Kaoru: I don’t know, but she better do it fast and not give Isis the chance!

Karina gave a giant swing of the stick with all her strength, catching Isis under the arm with it, causing it to rock the redhead but Isis wrapped her arm around it, and held it under her side. Karina tried to jerk it away from her as Isis regained her balance on top of the pedestal.

Zack: Isis got her ribs cracked with that stick from Karina, but she used it to get herself back on balance! And Karina better not let go of that stick….or she’ll be unarmed up there!

Kaoru: If they both lose the stick at this point they’ll probably just start trading elbows on the platforms! I don’t see these two slowing down for anything except H2O at this point!

Andi: We’ve already seen Eve get dropped by holding onto the stick too long too, I don’t know what’s going to happen here!

Karina jerked the stick, trying to get it free but Isis snatched it away from her. And the redhead held Karina’s pugil stick...and then picked up her own in the other hand, looking down at each of them and back to Karina.

Kaoru: Oh this is not good for Petrova. Isis has the size, the strength, and now she’s got your sticks. What do you do, Karina?!

Andi: A triple lindy?

Kaoru: That’s not the worst idea.

Karina pounded her chest, seemingly steeling herself as Isis began hammering her with both sticks, one in each hand. Isis rained the blows down from above, catching Karina with both and driving her to her knees before she extended her arms to her side and boxed her head with both sticks to each ear!

Zack: I’ve never seen anything like this! Karina’s getting hammered….and Isis with a headshot with both of those pugil sticks! How tough is Karina Petrova?!

Andi: And she’s just taking it! What amazing willpower!

Kaoru: She can’t keep this up for much longer though! Isis is just a monster and she’s got the weapons!

Karina rose back to her feet as Isis put one stick over her shoulder and launched it like a dart towards her! Petrova ducked under it, looking as it sailed past her into the wall of the hotel and hit the ground. And as the Russian powerhouse turned back, Isis caught her flush with the other stick in the jaw...and sent her into the water with a splash!

Zack: Good Lord! The most violent joust I’ve ever seen is over, and Isis is the last woman standing!

Kaoru: Call me crazy, but I’m sensing a pattern here with Isis. It’s called winning everything.

Andi: And what a way to win too! She may have gotten a little lucky with drawing the last spot, but Karina gave her as much fight as she possibly could.

Kaoru: Petrova gave everything she had up there, but it just wasn’t enough to take down Isis. I’m starting to wonder if anything can take down Isis at this point!

Zack: I don’t know about you two, but I want to see these two one on one in the ring! No pugil sticks, no pool. I want to see Isis and Karina go to war, and we may get that before this season is in the books! Isis Morales took a hell of a beating, but Valentina Lozano’s bodyguard is a monster!

Kaoru: I’d pay money to see that, and I work here so I get to see it for free anyway. This is just what they did with sticks and water! Imagine what they’d do to each other with their bare hands? I get chills just thinking about it.

Andi: I can’t even imagine it. That’s how crazy this is!

Isis pounded her chest, letting out a primal scream from the top of the pedestal before the cameras went back to Zack and the BSX in the booth.

Zack: Fans, now it’s your turn. Head over to the FFW website and vote for who you want to see eliminated. You got five to pick from, but if you ask me, the two most impressive performances tonight were what we just saw. And I was informed that was the longest round of joust in Future Shock history up there between Isis and Karina!

Andi: You know who impressed me tonight too was Clover Thomas! She got up there, and conquered her fear tonight! Kind of.

Kaoru: If by conquering your fear you mean ‘clinging onto the platform for dear life’, then yes. She did beat Eve Cross too, who’s been doing well so far. And let’s not forget how good of a fight Richardson put up against Karina, only to have Cereza try and screw everything up, and she’s already voted out! Maybe we can vote her out again.

Zack: It’s a shame we can’t vote Cereza Ithavoll out again after her actions tonight….which led to a hellacious brawl between her and Amanda earlier tonight.

Kaoru: Are you sure we can’t vote her out again?

Andi: One vote per person!

Zack: Make your votes, and we’ll be back here one week from tonight to see who you decided to send out of Future Shock. This won’t be anywhere near as easy as last round, but it’s definitely the most memorable joust we’ve ever had! The fans asked for it, they got it!

Kaoru: And so did Andi. Got everything she came for tonight! What a great show.

Andi looks unimpressed.

Andi: Yeah, yeah….

Zack: For the BSX, I’m Zack Hudson saying good night from the CIty of Angels here at the Omni Hotel! We’ll see you Thursday night for Velocity’s presentation of Indomitable!

A few highlights from tonight’s show are shown before Future Shock fades off the air.
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