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January 29, 2023, 01:19:23 am
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FFW Future Shock S18E4

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Author Topic: FFW Future Shock S18E4  (Read 283 times)
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« on: May 27, 2015, 12:54:56 am »

Poster Design by Cori

Femme Fatale Wrestling
A Shooting Star Production
FFW Future Shock - Season Eighteen
Episode Four
May 26, 2015

The FFW logo flashes across the screen with the world rotating behind it. From there, we open inside what looks like a convention center with a huge “Miss Future Shock” banner hanging over a stage. One by one, the seven hopefuls of the eighteenth season walk out onto the stage in evening gowns, none of which look happy about it. Karina and Isis look down to their gowns with disgust on their face, while Vivian and Eve smile brightly. Cereza is trying to adjust hers, while Clover rolls her eyes. Amanda seems proud of her dress, which has far more flesh revealed that cloth.

A man resembling something of a game show host with piano-like teeth join them on the stage before he speaks into the microphone. “I give to you the seven finalists of Miss Future Shock!” The camera shows a small crowd of about 300 watching on before the host looks back. “Ladies, next I will ask you each a question. And your answer will be judged by our judges. First up….Isis Morales!”

The crowd applauds as Isis still doesn’t look too pleased as she joins the host, looking down on him. The host flashes those piano teeth up to her before he begins. “Isis, what would you say to politicians who think your profession is barbaric?” He holds the microphone up to her as Isis glances back to the crowd, who is sitting quietly and then the other girls before she looks back….and slugs him across the face!

“Jungle” by Jamie N Commons & and the X Ambassadors begins to play. The host hits the floor as the crowd gasps in shock before Isis and the other contestants, except Amanda, pull their gowns off to reveal their ring gear underneath. Security comes in, only for Clover to catch one with a superkick as Eve and Vivian take down two of them. Cereza boots one off the stage as Karina lifts one in a bearhug and tosses them. Amanda cups her hands to her mouth as the seven finalists turn to face each other in a jungle as Isis cracks her knuckles as the seven begin tearing down the curtains and the backdrop before the “Miss Future Shock” banner begins to fall to the floor. Each of the seven face each other in a circle, and look about ready to attack before the camera sees the Future Shock Season 18 logo on the floor of the stage.

From there, we cut inside the Future Shock Center with a small but lively crowd surrounding the ringside area. The camera pans the facility before it settles in the broadcast booth, where we find Zack Hudson and both halves of the BSX standing by.

Zack: The fourth episode of the eighteenth season is underway, welcome to Future Shock! We are live at the Future Shock Center here in the City of Angels, where tonight our four remaining hopefuls look to impress, especially Clover Thomas! It’ll be a fatal four way on tap, and I’m joined by the Burning Star Express to help call all the action. Ladies, welcome back to Future Shock.

Kaoru & Andi both do a slight bow to the camera and say the same thing at the same time

Kaoru & Andi: Always a pleasure to be here!

Kaoru: Never a dull moment on Future Shock. Glad to be a part of it.

Zack: Tonight in the fatal four way, Clover Thomas is in the hot seat. She has to change the hearts and minds of almost 50% of the voting public for Future Shock, and that’s going to be one hell of a task when she shares the ring with Isis, Karina, and Amanda. And right now, as far as I’m concerned, Isis is the alpha female of the four and she’s in the catbird seat.

Kaoru: Isis is in the catbird seat if you’re looking at the competition long term, but tonight, she’s in there by herself with 3 women who all know that she’s on top. She’s going to be a huge target, and someone like Clover Thomas may need to make her mark on her tonight if she wants to have a chance to be back here again.

Andi: That’s a lot of target though! And let’s not forget about Amanda and Karina in this thing! We’ve seen Amanda look absolutely amazing so far in the ring, and I think I’m not alone when I say everyone is waiting to see Karina and Isis throw down for real!

Kaoru: No sticks this week, just straight up violence. It doesn’t get much better.

As they talk, the fans begin booing in the Center as the trio look back and see Desirae Kain heading towards the ring.

Zack: And we also can’t forget about that woman. Desirae Kain has laid out another of her open challenges tonight, ladies, to anyone in the current or upcoming seasons to take her on. And we saw how that went with Mallory Bennett.

Kaoru: Well, that’s how it goes sometimes. You step in there to take up a certain challenge and… It’s her game, it’s her rules.

Andi:  Those are some really crappy rules though, Kaoru…

Kaoru: I didn’t say they weren’t, but it’s what you sign up for when you step into an open challenge like this.

Zack: We have some pre-recorded comments recorded earlier today from Desirae. Let’s hear what she has to say.

~ ~ ~

We cut to a video that has "Earlier Today" written in the corner. Desirae Kain is standing in front of an FFW logo, wearing a Future Shock shirt with her arms folded over her chest.

Desirae: It's been a while since I've been here. Far too long, actually. But tonight that gets remedied when I step into the ring on Future Shock tonight and issue yet another one of my open challenges. I don't know which current or upcoming Future Shock competitor plans on answering the call this time around, it could be nobody. After all, it was just a few weeks back when I totally embarrassed Mallory and made her first ever match on national TV something that I'm sure she'd like to forget.

She shrugs a shoulder and snickers as she pauses for a moment.

Desirae: But I'm pretty sure there'll be someone foolish enough to answer the challenge. I'm sure that the temptation will just be too much for people to come on Future Shock and step into the ring against it's greatest competitor EVER. But to whoever it is that will be going out there and locking up with me tonight, be warned. Future Shock is my yard. I built this house, I made the Future Shock brand into what it's become. And I am not going to let some rook march into this place and beat me on the show that I am the face of. It's just not going to happen.

She shakes her head and lowers her arms to her side as her grin widens a bit.

Desirae: So whoever it is that plans on going out there tonight, be ready. Because this isn't going to be your night at all. I came here tonight to make a statement, to go out there and reestablish my dominance over this brand and that is just what I am going to do. You........whoever you are.........you're in for the worst night of your young career. So get ready and good luck, rook. Au revoir.

And with that, we return to the live broadcast.

~ ~ ~

We go back to the live show as Desirae is warming up in the ring.

Andi: I’m pretty sure she won’t have an empty dance card anytime soon for her challenge. Maybe I should take a number?

Kaoru:  I think we’ve got other things to worry about right now.

Zack: I personally hope it’s Isis… But let’s find out who is going to take up the fight tonight.

Kain waves towards the back, tapping her wrist as if to say “time is money” before the camera looks towards the doors to see who comes out. No one appears for a moment until a short, well built woman steps out as she tapes up her gloves, wearing a singlet that says “Irish Car Bomb” on it.

Zack: Another Season 19 hopeful, that’s Riley Riot. She’s from Kildare, Ireland. And she’s built kinda like a tank.

Kaoru: But can she run over Desirae over like a tank here tonight? This is a hell of an opportunity for the future Future Shocker, screwy rules or not.

Andi: Let’s hope so! I love seeing the energy of fresh faces on the scene!

The referee enters the ring after Riley does, as the Irish lass cracks her knuckles. Cory Kincaid handles the introductions.

Cory: Tonight, taking up the Desirae Kain Open Challenge is Season 19’s….RILEY RIOT!!

Cory exits the ring as referee Melinda Davis steps into the ring. She calls for the bell as Riley makes a beeline for her before Kain holds up her hand, telling the referee she isn’t ready yet. Davis gets between her and Riley, pushing the Irish lass backwards as Desirae does a couple Hindu squats, kicking her leg up onto the middle rope one after another as she stretches.

Andi: I get that hindu squats are a great exercise, but dude, you could’ve did this 20 minutes ago!

Kaoru: Already trying to get inside the mind of Riley Riot. We’ll see how she takes to it...

Zack: Kaoru’s right, that’s all this is doing, she’s trying to get under Riot’s skin. The bell’s already rang, I don’t know why Davis has to hold her back still.

Andi: Especially after she was all rush rush rush up until oh… NOW.

Kain says she’s ready to go now as Davis moves back out of Riot’s way. Kain and Riley look eye to eye for a moment as Kain offers her a handshake to start the contest. The Irish woman shakes her head as Kain looks around at the fans, annoyed that the rookie won’t take her up on it before she slaps the taste out of her mouth. Riot takes off towards her before Kain ducks her head through the ropes, causing the referee to get between them again as Kain screams that Riley needs to get back.

Kaoru: And the frog continues to sit in the pot while the water heats up.

Andi: I don’t know what the heck you’re talking about.

Kaoru: Well pay attention and you might learn something, baka!

Riley picks up Davis gently and sits her on the top turnbuckle before she turns around and takes off towards Kain. Desirae exits the ring to the floor just as Riley makes it to the ropes, telling Davis to get her back so she can get in the ring. Davis slides back to the mat, trying to pull Riley back from the ropes as Kain waves her backwards.

Zack: Riley is already pretty well warmed up….mentally and physically. And it’s the referee who is keeping her from going out after Kain. Desirae is demanding that Davis restrain her so she can get in the ring.

Andi: These are unreasonable demands! I wanna see these two go at it already!

Kaoru: Well, hopefully once she gets back in the ring, we’ll have some of that, but right now Kain is gonna make her work for every bit of it. Oh wait, she’s coming this way now?

Andi: The match is over there, you know!

Desirae takes the microphone from Cory, holding it at her side as the fans continue to boo her. She then pulls a chair out from under the ring and slides it into the ring. Riley immediately goes to grab it as Kain rolls back into the ring. Riot goes to nail her with it, but Davis jerks it away from her and goes to drop it back to the floor as Desirae clocks Riley with the microphone behind her back. It stumbles the lass as the referee turns back around before Desirae begins throwing punches and uses a snapmare to send Riot to the mat. She hands the microphone back to Davis, telling her to get rid of it before Riley tries to use it against her. Davis gives a curious look, leaning through the ropes and handing it back to Cory while Kain unwraps wrist tape around her wrist and begins choking the life out of Riot before covering it up with her arm like a headlock when the referee turns back. Meanwhile, Riley is gasping for breath as Kain works the “headlock.”

Andi: The level of absolute filth Desirae is using here is astronomical! How is the ref missing all of this?!

Kaoru: Kain is good at what she does, and she’s using the oldest tricks in the book against someone who just doesn’t have the experience to counter all of this….

Zack: This is a farce, most people don’t choke from a headlock and Kain is doing just that with the help of her wrist tape!

Desirae released the hold, throwing the tape to the floor as Riley tried to get her breath back, coughing heavily before Kain bounced off the near side and caught her with a low dropkick to the side of her head. The veteran started to stomp away at the back of her head before she pulled the Irish woman to her feet. A pair of chops across the chest landed before she whipped her with velocity into the far corner. Kain asks Davis what the official time is as the referee asks Cory on the floor, meanwhile Desirae punts Riley between the legs to drop her to her knees before she moves behind her, applying an armbar when the referee comes back.

Andi: It’s like she’s using the referee as a weapon! This is madness!

Kaoru: She’s well within her legal means to ask for a time check, and… well, it’s hard to catch a low blow when you’re talking to the timekeeper! And right back into a nice and legal armbar too.

Zack: If there’s a dirty trick, Kain’s used it against this woman! Riley is getting a lesson in cheap shots, if she ever needed one.

Riley started to get back to her feet as Kain stayed behind her, paintbrushing the back of her head to annoy her. Riot turned into the armbar, and turned it into an Irish whip. Kain reversed it and sent her in for the ride, using a leap frog to jump over Riot’s head and land behind her. As soon as Riley turned around, Kain hit a standing vertical dropkick to her chest and rolled to her feet, looking at the fans as she dusted her hands off. But Riley was still standing behind her, shaking her head as the fans began to get behind Riot loudly, while Kain seemed to think they were behind her.

Zack: Hey Desirae….look who’s not down! And no….they aren’t cheering for you!

Kaoru: It was a nice dropkick, but yeah, I don’t remember the last time a dropkick from anyone got that kind of reaction.

Andi: Well we’re about to get a reaction! Check this out!

Kain turned back around as Riley ducked down, scooping her up onto her shoulders and nailing a Samoan drop. Riot rolled back to her feet, jerking Kain up and beginning to unload with rapid right hands to the head one after another before she rolled her arms and dropped a big elbow across the top of her head. Kain faceplanted on the mat as Riley nodded her head. She reached down to grab her, but the French woman started crawling towards the corner. Kain pulled herself up with the help of the turnbuckles, and as she turned around, Riot took off and hit a massive avalanche style splash, crushing her into the corner. Kain collapsed to the mat, only the corner holding her up!

Zack: A little flip, flop, and fly with that big elbow and one nearly 200 lb. splash to follow!

Kaoru: She ran her over like a tank after all! But can she capitalize on this?

Andi: She’s got her shot now! Get this cheater while you can, Riley!

Riot glanced back to the far corner and took off, spinning on a dime and bouncing off that corner before she rolled into a cannonball and plowed right into Desirae as she sat in the corner. The fans were quite loudly in favor of her now as Riot rolled back to her feet. Kain lay slumped in the corner before Riot hit the far corner again, turning around and delivering a face wash with her boot across Kain’s jaw that sent the French beauty laying over the bottom rope!

Andi: Riley Riot is using Rollout and it’s super effective! One shot more devastating than the next!

Kaoru: Kain looks in a bad way now, Davis should check if she’s knocked out! How terrible would that be to get knocked out by an unsigned up-and-comer in your own challenge?!

Zack: I”ll tell you what, the corner is the last place you want to be with Riley! This is like shooting fish in a barrel for her.

Riley began to feel it as the fans were getting more behind her before Kain started to stir in the corner. She went to drag her away from it, pulling Kain backwards before the French woman countered and ended up behind her. She went for a rollup, but had significant trouble as the nearly 200 lb. Riot wasn’t budging too much. Riley shook her head, and clocked Kain with a pair of dueling back elbows to the head that sent her staggering into the ropes.

Zack: Kain wanted a small package, but there isn’t much small on Riot other than her height!

Kaoru: Riot has quite the troublesome point of gravity on her with that build, I know what Kain was thinking, but it just wasn’t going to work out….

Andi: Those elbows are working out pretty well for Riot though! Desirae is not enjoying the taste of them!

Kain staggered backwards as Riley scooped her up by the neck with both hands before Kain raked her fingers across her eyes. Desirae grabbed her head, delivering a tornado DDT onto the newcomer. She quickly pulled her up, going for a roundhouse right. But Riot ducked it as Desirae ducked behind her into a backslide! Riot toppled right over as Davis dove into position before Kain kicked her feet up onto the middle rope behind her.




Kain rolled out to the floor, took a couple steps and collapsed to her knees as she raised her arm in victory, much to the chagrin of the fans.

Andi: I guess Desirae had to check ‘feet on the ropes’ off the list too! Did she miss anything?

Kaoru: She didn’t pull the tights at least.

Cory: The winner of this Open Challenge…..DESIRAE KAIN!!

Zack: Kain with a backslide and the help of the middle rope actually wins a Challenge not by time limit. But look at her, she’s exhausted!

Andi: She should be exhausted! Riley Riot came to bring some fight to Desirae Kain and she did just that! She should still be fighting right now!

Riot tried to tell the referee about her feet on the ropes before Davis told her she didn’t see it before rolling to the floor and raising Desirae’s hand.

Kaoru: The ref’s decision is final, Andi. It’s as clean as a Clinton e-mail server, but it’s a win for Desirae via backslide.
Andi: Well, it’s a stupid win and I don’t like this challenge. Or Desirae. Damned dirty cheater.

The camera goes back to the booth with the hosts.

Zack: Desirae Kain goes onto Relentless to face Amanda Gray in a 2 out of 3 falls match this Saturday night. And because she’s convinced it won’t be much challenge, she’s promised another open challenge at Relentless.

Andi: After that match, she should feel more lucky she’s going to make it there in one piece. I still think I should take a number.

Kaoru: We’re kind of busy that night, Andi. You know, having to face Nightmare Inc.?

Andi: Well then fans should totally buy the pay per view to see that! And then stick around for Desirae Kain getting beat 3 times maybe!

Zack: With that piece of business resolved for now, we turn our attention to the fatal four way about to take place. Clover, Isis, Karina, and Amanda are looking to impress tonight. And in Clover’s case, she has to make a statement! Isis still has the amnesty card, and hasn’t even needed it with her level of dominance to this point. Ladies, you want to give a prediction as to who leaves tonight with the win?

Kaoru: I think the numbers game comes into play and after Isis is dealt with, Karina will pick up the win.


Kaoru: It’s going to take a super miracle to come back from the pit she’s in, but you never know.

The cameras cut back to the ring as we see all four women now standing inside, one in each corner as referee Kevin Fisk stands in the center. The fans are mostly behind Amanda and Clover by crowd support before Fisk calls for the bell. All four of the women look across at one another as Isis folds her arms across her chest. And Amanda breaks the stalemate when she takes off towards Karina as Petrova is glancing towards Isis. Richardson begins to unload with right hands to her head and body, soon joined by Clover as the two work over the Russian in the corner. They each grab one arm and whip Karina into the far corner. Amanda takes off and delivers a handspring back elbow to her jaw...followed by one from Clover….followed by another from Amanda...and one more from Clover before the Russian staggers out. They each grab her, and deliver a double vertical suplex while Isis watches from the corner with her arms crossed.

Zack: Amanda does not like Karina one bit, and I’m pretty sure it’s mutual. And she and Clover are just unloading on the powerhouse with this high speed offense!

Kaoru: I’m pretty sure none of these four actually get along, and even this temporary show of unity here is not going to last.

Andi: They’re trying to make the most of it though, going right after Petrova!

The pair take turns dropping elbows across Karina’s chest before Amanda runs the ropes, rebounding off two sets of ropes into a springboard into a legdrop...but Clover pulls Karina out of the way as Amanda lands on the mat. Thomas takes off behind her, delivering a knee trembler across her jaw as she tries to get up. The blonde jerks the porn starlet to her feet, lacing into her with a pair of knife edge chops before she whips her into the far corner. Clover takes off behind her, hitting her with a stiff corner clothesline. But Amanda starts to fire back, catching her with a chop that Clover returns...and Amanda returns...and Clover returns before Thomas snaps her arms around Amanda’s waist and sends her flying with a belly to belly suplex! And as Karina starts to get to her knees, Thomas catches her with a legdrop across the back of her head to spike her face back into the mat before she rolls her over for a cover.

Zack: You were right, that teamwork didn’t last three minutes and Clover is covering Karina with Amanda!




Karina shoots Clover off the cover with authority as Fisk holds up two fingers.

Andi: Even if Clover would have won the match there, I don’t know that she would’ve done enough to get votes!

Kaoru: The votes are probably the least of her problems right now, as she’s pissed off Amanda now, Karina is not going to take well to being pinned, and Isis… Isis has just stayed out of the way and watched these three beat each other up!

Karina got back to her feet, stalking towards Clover before the blonde nipped back up to her feet and began to take the fight right to her. Forearm shots connected one after another to Karina’s face before Clover caught her with a short knee to the ribs that doubled her over. Thomas took off towards the far side and went for a lariat. But Petrova ducked the clothesline. And as Clover stopped herself and turned around, Karina caught her with a spinning backfist right to her jaw! It staggered the blonde backwards before Petrova scooped her up high overhead in a gorilla press. Clover realized she was off her feet, and her eyes widened before Karina walked out from under her and let her faceplant on the canvas. Petrova looked over shoulder at the downed Clover, while Amanda was starting to get back to her feet.

Zack: Clover really does not like heights, but it’s not the fall that kills you….it’s the sudden stop at the end! And Amanda…..she’s already getting back up!

Kaoru: If the sudden stop don’t kill you, I’m sure Karina will find another way, like she’s been doing so far in this match.

Andi: She’s dealing pretty well with what’s been 2 on 1 for the entire match! Even if they’re not on the same page, it’s still rough!

Amanda took off past her, once and then again, causing Karina to try to catch her each time. She passed by her a third time, stopping on a dime behind her and connecting with a lungblower on the Russian! Karina hit the mat as Amanda dove on top of her, hooking the far leg for a cover.




Again, Karina shot her off the cover just like Clover. And as the Russian started back to her feet, Amanda was already back up and charging straight ahead. Petrova caught her in a goozle as Clover joined the fray….before she got caught by Karina with the other hand and both were driven into the mat with stereo chokeslams! Petrova’s face was none too happy as she looked down at both women.

Zack: Chokeslams in stereo! Amanda and Clover ran right into them, and going straight ahead full bore at Karina seems like a bad strategy to me.

Kaoru: Being across the ring from Karina seems like bad strategy at this point, but they don’t really have a choice in that either.

Andi: I can’t even chokeslam ONE person! She’s doing it to two! Maybe I should call her personal trainer.

Karina looked down to the blonde and then to the brunette, nodding her head till she rolled her neck and looked back into the other corner and locked eyes with the redhead. Karina stared across at Isis, who smiled back to her before she cracked her knuckles. The fans in the Future Shock Center got to their feet at this point.

Zack: Ohhh boy….Karina just locked eyes with the one woman who’s been watching the world go by! And the match we wanted to see after the joust two weeks ago…..I think we’re about to get it!

Andi: Someone’s about to get it!

Kaoru: I was starting to think Isis was getting bored watching these three wear each other out, but I think Karina has the solution for Isis’ slow night!

Karina and Isis remained in a staredown before the redhead stepped out of the corner and got right in front of her. Petrova looked up to her as the fans were buzzing with anticipation.

Zack: Karina is 5’7 and about 140 lbs. Isis….6’6 and over 200 lbs! Petrova look like a midget in front of her!! These people are standing!

Kaoru: She’s 5 foot 7 but she fights like she’s 6 foot 7, and with some pretty darn good results, and I’m about ready to stand and watch these two get after it!

Andi: Neither one is backing down at all! This thing is about to blow wide open here on Future Shock!

Karina nodded her head, a stony expression on her face as she looked up to Isis….until Amanda jumped on her back and started raining forearms across her chest and causing her to stumble backwards. This drew a few boos from fans who wanted to see the two fight. Isis turned around as Clover went for a superkick...that only brushed her collarbone due to her height. Isis dusted her chest, staring back at Clover with a grin on her face before the blonde started backing up.

Andi: I know Amanda likes to jump in and create miracles out of nowhere, but that was probably not the best choice of time! And that superkick needed to be way more super, Clover!

Kaoru: I’m not even sure Isis even cared that Clover threw it! Heights nothing, that redhead is a lot scarier than any height!

Clover looked back at the fans briefly and then took off at Isis, raining blows at her chest with every ounce of strength she had. She had to reach up to catch her with shots to the jaw, backing her up into the ropes. Thomas whipped her across for the ride, but Isis didn’t budge. She tried again, but Isis put the brakes on and grabbed her by the throat with both hands, lifting her high into the air in a double choke. Clover screamed, and caught her with a knee to the abdomen that caused Isis to drop her back to her feet. Thomas took off towards the ropes and went for a double leg takedown to bring Isis to the mat, but it didn’t work as Isis’ powerful legs didn’t even wobble. The redhead picked her up by the face…..and with her free hand, she leaned back and delivered a devastating left hook that sent Clover face down on the canvas.

Zack: I’ve never seen someone get picked up by the face….and what a left hook! Isis brought that one from Denver!

Andi: It’s no wonder they just left her alone in the corner! Who the hell would want to face this?!

Kaoru: I’ve been watching her on this show for weeks now, and I’m not sure there’s much anyone can really do about this. Not a plan, an attack, anything.

Andi: It’s scary.

Meanwhile, Amanda had shoved Karina into the corner and was delivering a series of stomps into her body, kicking her repeatedly before the Russian collapsed to a seat against the turnbuckles. Richardson smiled as she took off for the ropes and doubled back, connecting with a bronco buster as she bounced up and down on her chest. The brunette rolled back to her feet as Karina used the ropes to try and get up, Richardson leaped onto the middle rope and began to hammer ten fists into her head as the fans counted along with each shot. The porn star hopped down as Karina staggered a few steps out of the corner before Richardson climbed up to the top rope behind her. And as the Russian turned back around, Amanda came off with a huracanrana! And Karina caught her on her shoulders and countered into a sitout powerbomb! Amanda bounced off the mat violently!

Andi: Those shots in the corner didn’t do enough to keep Amanda from getting caught there!

Kaoru: Caught and planted! That’s why it’s called high-risk offense!

Karina hooked the near leg, going for a cover as Fisk slid right into position.




Richardson got her leg across the bottom rope before the three as Fisk pointed it out to Karina.

Zack: There was no way she was kicking out, Amanda somehow realized where she was after that, and Karina...it’s only two!

Kaoru: I don’t know if that was instinct or if Amanda had the ring awareness to know where she was there, but whatever the case, she’s still alive.

Andi: Sometimes you just have to be a little lucky like that!

Amanda rolled out of the ring, collapsing to the floor ringside as Karina got back to her feet. Petrova glanced across, locking eyes with Isis again as she made a beeline right for her. Isis nodded her head, waving her forward to come at her. And as she did, both of them happened to look across and see Clover was back up to her feet. And they both stared at her instead.

Andi: Uh-oh. Can i take back my super miracle comeback prediction now?

Kaoru: No.

Andi: Oh. This isn’t good then. Not at all.

Kaoru: It’s a lot worse on the other side of the table, Andi.

Zack: Clover might want to rethink calling herself Lucky….

Clover looked to both women as they advanced on her. She darted towards them again, but this time, she ducked around their reach before she rebounded on the far side, catching them with dual chop blocks that dropped them to their knees side by side. Thomas gasped for breath, glancing around at the fans who were solidly supporting her now as she took off towards the ropes again, this time hitting dual bulldogs and driving them face first into the mat. And for the first time in the match, Clover was the only woman standing which brought a smile to her face!

Kaoru: Clover’s finally got everyone down, but what can she do with this?

Andi:  Anything she wants! As long as she does it quick, because this won’t last!

Both of them began to sit up, Karina first before Clover connected with a low superkick to her jaw and flattened her. And as Isis started to sit up, Thomas delivered a shining wizard to the back of her head and dropped her. Clover rolled Karina over, hooking one leg with both arms for the cover!




Karina got her shoulder up in time before the three as Clover dove on top of Isis, making another cover.




Isis’ shoulders came up off the mat when she wrapped her hands around Clover’s neck with a thunderous look on her face as she sat up!

Zack: For the love of….

Kaoru: Not fast enough, I guess. And Clover’s already had that hand wrapped around her throat tonight, she’s getting a lot more of that than she wanted!

Andi: She’s trying everything though!

Isis rose to her feet, shoving Clover backwards before planting a big boot across her face that flattened her. Karina began to get up as well, and as the two turned, Amanda Richardson came off the top rope, catching in a headscissors and hooking the other’s head before driving them both headfirst into the mat with a flying headscissors/DDT combo that brought the fans to their feet!

Andi: And there’s some high-risk turning out the high-reward! Amanda Richardson taking out the big guns!

Kaoru: It paid off for the moment, perhaps she can get some momentum going here and take these two powerhouses down a peg!

Zack: That was absolutely amazing, just amazing! And now it’s Amanda standing tall! I swear each of these women have had the spotlight in this match!

Karina stirred slightly as Amanda shook her head, jerking her to her feet and shoving her back into the corner. Richardson put her on the top turnbuckle and began to climb up with her, hooking her head. It was clear what she was going….then Clover climbed up beside her and hooked her as well!

Zack: It may take two, but one big superplex is coming up!! I’m surprised Clover is up there, but she’s far too exhausted and spent and probably thinking it’s going to take this kind of offense!

Kaoru: Desperate times call for desperate measures, and right now, Clover Thomas is in need of some desperate measures!

Andi: These superplexes look so much more fun when you’re not in them! Twice the ride, half the price!

And together, the two women delivered a ring-shaking superplex that planted Karina on the canvas. The mat shook on impact as Amanda rolled over, draping an arm across Karina’s chest!





Amanda was jerked off the cover as after someone hopped the barricade in a hoodie, and pulled her out of the ring to the floor. The hood fell down to reveal Cereza as she pounded on Richardson, to a chorus of boos from the crowd!

Zack: AGAIN?! CEREZA AGAIN?! This is ridiculous!

Amanda fired shots back weakly before Cereza began to back off, diving into the ring and taking off for the other side as Richardson chased after her. The pair brushed past Isis as Clover covered Karina, while the redhead got caught between Amanda and Cereza!

Zack: LOOK…..




Fisk called for the bell as Isis spun around, seeing what had happened. Her face was incensed as Fisk raised Clover’s hand. Amanda and Cereza continued to brawl on the floor as Isis face flashed furious. Thomas rolled out to the floor, nearly out on her feet.

Cory: The winner of this match……….CLOVER THOMAS!!!

Zack: Good Lord, she did it!! Thomas, by the skin of her teeth, pulled it out! And she better get the hell out of Dodge! Look at Isis’ face!

Security pulled Cereza away from Amanda on the floor as Isis let out a furious scream of rage that their issues just cost her the win.

Zack: Security is trying to pull those two apart! Clover picked up the win and took a beating doing it! The question now is was it enough?! The polls are open! And we’re out of time! For the BSX, this is Zack Hudson! And I can’t wait for this fan vote! Isis is beside herself!

Isis’ angry expression is the final image before Future Shock fades off the air.

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