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January 29, 2023, 01:26:20 am
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FFW Future Shock S18E5

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Author Topic: FFW Future Shock S18E5  (Read 293 times)
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« on: June 10, 2015, 12:00:19 am »

Poster Design by Cori

Femme Fatale Wrestling
A Shooting Star Production
FFW Future Shock - Season Eighteen
Episode Five
June 9, 2015

The FFW logo flashes across the screen with the world rotating behind it. From there, we open inside what looks like a convention center with a huge ďMiss Future ShockĒ banner hanging over a stage. One by one, the seven hopefuls of the eighteenth season walk out onto the stage in evening gowns, none of which look happy about it. Karina and Isis look down to their gowns with disgust on their face, while Vivian and Eve smile brightly. Cereza is trying to adjust hers, while Clover rolls her eyes. Amanda seems proud of her dress, which has far more flesh revealed that cloth.

A man resembling something of a game show host with piano-like teeth join them on the stage before he speaks into the microphone. ďI give to you the seven finalists of Miss Future Shock!Ē The camera shows a small crowd of about 300 watching on before the host looks back. ďLadies, next I will ask you each a question. And your answer will be judged by our judges. First upÖ.Isis Morales!Ē

The crowd applauds as Isis still doesnít look too pleased as she joins the host, looking down on him. The host flashes those piano teeth up to her before he begins. ďIsis, what would you say to politicians who think your profession is barbaric?Ē He holds the microphone up to her as Isis glances back to the crowd, who is sitting quietly and then the other girls before she looks backÖ.and slugs him across the face!

ďJungleĒ by Jamie N Commons & and the X Ambassadors begins to play. The host hits the floor as the crowd gasps in shock before Isis and the other contestants, except Amanda, pull their gowns off to reveal their ring gear underneath. Security comes in, only for Clover to catch one with a superkick as Eve and Vivian take down two of them. Cereza boots one off the stage as Karina lifts one in a bearhug and tosses them. Amanda cups her hands to her mouth as the seven finalists turn to face each other in a jungle as Isis cracks her knuckles as the seven begin tearing down the curtains and the backdrop before the ďMiss Future ShockĒ banner begins to fall to the floor. Each of the seven face each other in a circle, and look about ready to attack before the camera sees the Future Shock Season 18 logo on the floor of the stage.

From there, we cut inside the Future Shock Center with a small but lively crowd surrounding the ringside area. The camera pans the facility before it settles in the broadcast booth, where we find Zack Hudson and both halves of the BSX standing by.

Zack: With only one challenge left tonight before we get to the season finale, welcome to the next chapter of the 18th season of Future Shock. Iím Zack, and as always, Iím joined by the Burning Star Express. Ladies, we got another double header tonight. Karina Petrova and Amanda Richardson are in a must-win situation tonight as they try to sway the fans to send them to the finals. But you have to figure in the wild card, Isis Morales will be in charge of the action as she is our guest referee for that contest.

Andi:  Isis seems to have held all the cards this season. I can only hope that she calls it down the middle tonight and doesnít try anything crazy. Itís not like she doesnít already have all the advantage and momentum.

Kaoru: Youíre kidding, right? I bet she takes full advantage to whatever extent she choosesÖ sheís as in control of her destiny as one could be, and what that means for this match tonight, only she knows. I am looking forward to the matchup though.

Andi: More surprises from Amanda? Theyíve gotten her this far. Can they get her to the final? Or will Karina finally put the dream of the porn queen to an end? KEEP WATCHING AND YOUíLL FIND OUT!

Zack: Also tonight, itís another Desirae Kain Open Challenge. Kain claims she is undefeated in these, having gone 3-0 including the one from Relentless. And you can take that with a grain of salt, but Iíll be curious to see who steps up to try to hang that first loss in what is clearly a rigged competition.

Kaoru: Rigged as it is, thereís sure no shortage of people waiting to take a shot and BE that loss for Desirae Kain.

Andi: Of course thereís a queue! At this point, who doesnít wanna tell her to stick it? A win over her, at her own game? That goes far in my book.

Zack: We donít know who it is that will be taking her up on it, but--

The sound of very loud booing is heard as the team turns back to see Kain heading towards the ring. She flips a few of the fans off before she slides in under the bottom rope, and kicks her leg up onto the top rope, stretching a bit.

Zack: Well that booing must mean that Kainís ready to goÖ

Kaoru: Doesnít look overconfident at all, does she?

Andi: I think she could use some PR consulting as far as thatís concerned. I know some people!

She rolls out to the floor again, this time observing some of the fans. One of them tries to take her picture with her cell phone as Kain moves into the shot with her for a selfie. And before she can snap the picture, Kain jerks the phone out of the teenagerís hand and lets it slip from her hands with an ďoopsĒ and steps on it before she heads back into the ring with an amused grin on her face. She starts waving towards the back, tapping her wrist once again as if to say ďtime is money.Ē

Andi: What?! Thatís the worst! The absolute worst!

Kaoru: I hope that kid got insurance on the phone.

Andi: I donít think they cover Ďstomped by cheaterliarfaceí in the user insurance agreement! And itís wrong anyway! She should be so lucky someone wants to take a picture!

Zack: Desirae destroys that girlís cell phone. Sheís all class, and all of it low. But who is it gonna be?

The camera pans towards the  doors as out walks a top heavy Japanese woman in a singlet as she heads towards the ring. The crowd watches her as she heads up towards the ring, climbing inside as Kain points at her and starts cracking up. Referee Melinda Davis hits the ring next as Kain is still laughing.

Zack: Thatís Manami Kokoro, also of Season 19. And yes, she may be a bit thick up top, but she does have significant wrestling experience. Sheís been part of two promotions over the last five years. And Kain thinks sheís hilarious.

Kaoru: Does she really? Or is she just trying to get in Manamiís head before the bell even rings?

Andi: Itíll be no laughing matter if she gets smothered to sleep by Kokoro-chan, weíve seen that before.

Kain pulls herself together as Kokoro looks a bit confused then hurt by her laughter. Desirae moves towards the corner, waving someone out and shaking her head. She shouts sheís not facing cartoon characters tonight, asking for the real challenge. The fans immediately resume booing the French beauty, especially the girl who got her cell phone destroyed.

Zack: Kain is asking for someone else. She doesnít take Kokoro seriously at all, and she is asking for someone else to take the challenge. And I think itís annoying Kokoro a little, if not hurting her feelings.

Andi: Well itís terrible when you get in the ring and your opponent thinks youíre just some kind of joke!

Kaoru: Thatís a very dangerous game to play, Desirae doesnít know how Manami is going to react to all of this. I know in Andiís case, it just makes her hate the opponentÖ

Andi: No well trained athlete that steps in between those ropes should be treated as a joke. Itís insulting and wrong and Kain is gonna get it for this!

Kain continues waving towards the back for someone else, and never sees Kokoro charge towards her and splash her against the corner. This brought the fans to their feet as Davis called for the bell to start the challenge. Kain gets squashed chest first into the corner before the Japanese woman spins her around and begins to unload with knife edge chops across her chest. Seven connect before she whips Kain across to the far side. Desirae hits the far corner hard, only for Kokoro to take a running start and fire a roaring elbow across her jaw that crumples her in the corner. And the fans respond quite positively to this as Kain rolls out to the floor and collapses to her knees after trying to take a couple steps, clutching her jaw.

Andi: And there you go! Thatís what you get for taking someone that lightly!

Kaoru: I guess it wasnít all headgames, but if it was, I think Desirae just got her gameplan changed by that elbow in a hurry.

Zack: Kain got her jaw jacked, courtesy of Kokoro! And that will definitely change your plan for the match.

This brings a smile to Kokoroís face as she rolls out to the floor after her. Kain gets back to her feet and moves away from around the corner. The Japanese hopeful goes right out after her as Kain slides back into the ring. Kokoro follows in after her as Kain catches her with an elbow to the back of the head as she moves under the ropes. The boos in the crowd resume again as Kain unloads with rabbit punches to the back of her head before she takes off for the far side ropes. She rebounds quickly, using a baseball slide to send Kokoro back to the floor. Manami starts to get back up, reaching up to the ropes to pull herself back on the apron before Kain hits the ropes against her and puts her right back on the floor with a smile, telling her to get back in the ring.

Kaoru: Well, it was nice while it lasted. Veteran instincts have kicked in and thereís Kain just taking control right back with some smart timing.

Andi: Kokoro-chan is gonna be so mad when she gets back up and in that ring. Desirae can talk all she wants while sheís on the outside, but Manimi might just slap it out of her in a minute!

Zack: Kain wonít let her back into the ring. Look at her expression, she thinks this is hilarious. And Kokoro canít do anything about it right now.

Manami rose up onto the apron again as Kain caught her with a running knee lift to the abdomen that sent her back to the floor. She landed on her feet as Kain backed up and told her to get back into the ring. Kokoro glanced around at the fans who were starting to get behind her again. She looked more annoyed now. She headed for the apron again as Kain went for a baseball slide. But Kokoro jerked the ring apron out and Kainís legs slid right into them, getting caught between the apron and the ring on the floor. The veteran glanced down to see she got caught, and Kokoro nailed a spinning backfist to her jaw! But Kain couldnít fall down, instead her head bounced off the ropes behind her and Kokoro nailed her again. And again. And again.

Zack: Desiraeís like a ping pong ball with those big right hands, she canít fall down! And Kokoroís unloading!

Kaoru: Sheís fighting fire with fire! A little bit of tactics to draw Desirae into her trap. Not sure if thatís more impressive than these backfists though!
Andi: Who wants to get back in the ring now, huh?! Sheís sure not talking a lot with her head bouncing around like a bobblehead now is she?

Kaoru: So much for the unbiased commentary from Andi Takata.

Andi: Sorry. It canít be helped!

The cheers though turned to boos as the fans spotted Arianna Manning heading towards the ring. Kokoro spotted her as the blonde waved at her. Manning had a bottled water in her hand, which she took a sip from as she approached. Desirae slid back into the ring as Arianna moved closer to Manami.

Zack: Thatís Arianna Manning, we saw her at Relentless when she helped Desirae screw over Mandy Gray in the 2 out of 3 falls match. Kainís back in, but Kokoro just spotted Arianna!

Kaoru: And just like that, this challenge just got a lot more open. We knew Kain had something up her sleeve, and now itís all coming into play.

Andi: Yeah, this isnít good for KokoroÖ fight your hardest, Manami! Donít take any crap from these two!

Davis began her ten count after Kain returned to the ring, laying on the mat and clutching her head. Arianna moved closer to Manami as she was about to get back in, causing the Japanese hopeful to drop back down to the floor and not take her eyes off Arianna. The blonde taunted her, making fun of her chest before she took a swig of the water and then spat it in her face. Manamiís face grew more angry as she glared at Arianna, starting to move towards her while Davis continued to count.

Andi: How disrespectful! Is nothing sacred around here when it comes to Kain & Friends? Thatís so unnecessary!

Kaoru: What is necessary is Manami realizing thereís a count on the floor whether Desirae has her friends there or not, and she needs to get her butt back in the ring!

Kokoro turned back towards the ring before Manning moved around behind her. Manami climbed back down to the apron as Ariann taunted her, asking her what she was going to do about it. Desirae was propped up in the corner watching as Davis continued a very deliberate count as she told the wrestler to get back into the ring, trying to give her every chance.

Zack: Davis is giving her every chance on this count, she realizes whatís going on. But Kokoro wonít take her eyes off Manning, and I donít blame her a bit. Look at Desirae, sheís sat against the corner watching the world go by.

Kaoru: At least hop in and then back out again if she tries something stupid, make them work for it if theyíre gonna try and trick their way to a win.

Andi: Youíre right, but if someone spit water on you, do you think you could just let it go so easily? In the middle of a match?

Kaoru: Probably not, but Iíd work the count myself to make sure I had the most time to kick the crap out of someone to pull off such a stunt.

Kokoro climbed up onto the apron, glancing back to Arianna before Davis glanced to see where Kain was. And as the referee looked back to the sitting Desirae, Arianna jerked Kokoroís feet out from under her and caused her to smack her face on the apron. The blonde took off around the corner as Davis looked back to see where the Season 19 hopeful was. And Kokoro held her head for a moment and pounded her fists into the mat and took off after Arianna!

Andi: Sheís had enough! And I donít blame her! That was blatant as ever!

Kaoru:  Itís part of the plan!

Andi: Screw the plan, this is a sham anyway! Get you some, Kokoro-chan!

Kaoru: Thatís kind of a fair point there.

Kokoro gained ground chasing Arianna, reaching forward and grabbing a fistful of her long blonde hair. This brought the fans to their feet as they begged her to hit Manning. Manami wound up to lay into her as Davis called for the bell, with Desirae propped up on the top rope like she was stretched out. She was shaking with laughter as Davis pointed towards Kain and signified her the winner. And the boos immediately resumed, with Kokoro diving back into the ring and letting Arianna go. Desirae slid off the top rope as Kokoro charged her and began landing wild right hands!

Kaoru: Sham or not, Kain wins via countout, but this fight isnít over yet!

Andi: Damn right itís not over! Manamiís had enough crap and Desirae canít scramble her way outta this one!

Kokoro shoved her back into the ropes before Desirae stumbled forward, getting scooped up and driven into the mat with a belly to belly suplex. She rolled back to her feet, pulling Kain back to her feet. The fans were quite happy to see it before Manning slid into the ring behind her, catching her with a chop block that put her on her knees. A sidekick to the side of her head connected and sent Manami down to the mat before Arianna helped her friend to her feet. Davis raised Kainís hand before she jerked it away and locked a Boston crab on Kokoro while Arianna applied a camel clutch on her upper body at the same time.

Zack: Thatís Kainís favorite submission, and look at Manning joining in!

Kaoru: Iím looking real carefully right now at these two dangerous women. Thatís a hell of a move they've got Manami locked inÖ Kinda like something that they could use in a tornado tag match.

Andi: Or they could use it now and just doubleteam people when thereís not even a match anymore! Not that there was a match anyway! Nothingís official and itís all bad right now!

Kokoro shouted in pain as both women stretched her body in directions it wasnít meant to go. Arianna cranked on her head, pulling harder as Manami continued to shout in pain. The fans booed even louder as Davis tried to pull Kain off without much success. Manami tried to get free herself, but it was to no avail before Arianna snapped her head back with a solid jerk and the Japanese hopeful was no longer moving. Her arms slumped to the side before both let go, and Kokoro collapsed face down on the canvas.

Andi: AH! That looked terrible! Iím sure it felt even more terrible!

Kaoru: Iím not sure Manami even felt that last bit, she looks like sheís pretty well out after that!

Andi: At least they let her go, she was in that hold for a good long while there. So sad to see that happen to Kokoro-chan. Damn you, Desirae!

Arianna and her ally raised their hands to a chorus of boos before they looked down to the unconscious Manami. Arianna headed towards the ropes as Kain shook her head, and told her to wait up. Kain rolled out under the ropes, pulling the apron up and snatching out a chair before she slid it back into the ring.

Zack: Oh, theyíre not done! They want to send her to the hospital apparently, these two were once one of FFWís most popular tag teams. You can kiss that goodbye! Kainís got some steel!

Kaoru: And weíve seen this before. Lately too.


The headset is heard dropping at the table before the fans come to their feet as Andi Takata took off towards the ring. As Kain raised the chair behind her head, Andi jerked it down from behind her. Arianna pointed behind her partner as Kain spun and just barely ducked a shot from Takata and rolled out to the floor. Arianna was quick to join her as the space princess tossed the chair down and invited them back in.

Zack: My broadcast partner, well one of themÖ.Andiís inviting them back! Kain and Arianna want nothing to do with this!

Kaoru: Not too bad for a cartoon character, I guess! Is this the Andi Takata PR Consultancy, Demolition and Open Challenges group? Or was that too much of a stretch, even for me?

Kain and Arianna raised their hands together on the floor, backing up the ramp as the fans chanted for the space princess. Andi watched them like a hawk as trainers came to the ring to help Kokoro on the canvas. With the fans chanting her name, she snatches up a microphone.

Andi: Open Challenge? IíM NEXT! IKU ZO!

And the live crowd roared at that as Kain shook her head.

Zack: Technically Andi can take the next challenge, sheís part of the All Star season! And that is an upcoming season of Future Shock! And you can tell Desirae isnít interested in that at all!

Kaoru: Sheís opening a can of worms here, I just hope she knows what sheís getting herself into. Itís one thing when youíre on this side of the table with all these tricks, itís another when youíve got Desirae Kain, with backup, pulling them in front of you in the ring. And out of the ring, like we saw here tonight.

Zack: Iím...being told that Kain has another open challenge scheduled for the season finale, Kaoru. And itís official! Two weeks from tonight in the season finale of Future Shock along with the cage match between Isis and either Amanda or KarinaÖ.Andiís got next!

Kaoru: I didnít think Andi was going to wait until her season to get herself involved in the ring on Future Shock. But I really didnít think it was going to be 3 seasons early. Bad news for Desirae though. And I get to sit here and call it with you! How great is that?

The trainers helped Manami to her feet as Andi left the ring after talking to her a moment. From there, we cut to pre-recorded comments from the special referee for the next match.

~ ~ ~

We cut backstage to FFW correspondent, Kendra Barton, who is standing by in the interview area decorated for Future Shock.

Kendra: Ladies & Gentlemen, please welcome at this time Ö.Isis Morales.

The beautiful & imposing Red-Haired Amazon then makes her way to the set, as always clearly commanding the space the camera occupies as she stands close to Barton, towering over her as she looks ahead into open space. The unique thing about Isis is she is wearing a refereeís shirt.

Kendra: Isis, first of all, congratulations on making it to the finals of Future Shock. And it has been revealed that you will be competing in the final match inside a 15 high steel cage. And tonight, you have the assignment of officiating a match between Karina Petrova and Amanda Richardson; two women you have vested interest in, although in different scenarios. There are a lot of people thatís saying you have the power in determining the opponent that youíre facing in that cage. What do you say to that?

It is then that Isis looks down at Kendra and sees the correspondentís anticipation for her answerÖone to which she is less impressed about.

Isis: What are you implying, Kendra? You think Iím going to be some bias referee? You think my emotions will get the better of me tonight? What are you exactly trying to stir here, little girl?

Kendra looks a little nervous in response, but she was more than confident in asking that question.

Kendra: No, Iím just putting out there that there are people out there have their viewpoints andÖ

Isis gives Kendra a funny look and then rolls her eyes. She has about enough of Kendraís ďprobingĒ.

Isis: There you go, other peopleís viewpoints. You should be focused on my views, Kendra. And itís simply this: Tonight Iím going out there and doing what I am assigned to do. Be the third person in this match and make sure this match is looked upon fairly. I donít have any favorites. And those two know better if they try to put something past me in that ring tonight.

Then she looks at the camera with a menacing glare.

Isis: There will be a definitive winner tonight, Kendra. And in the finale, inside that steel cage, whether it is Amanda or Karina, neither of you donít stand a chance against me.

Isis then turns to look down at Kendra and keeps her glare intact, putting her on notice.

Isis: And THATís the viewpoint you better be focused on.

Isis then pats Kendra on the head and then leaves the area. Kendra is none too pleased by the gesture, but was smart enough not to voice anything against it.

~ ~ ~

From there, we cut back to Zack and the BSX in the booth, now with Andi having returned.

Zack: Welcome back, Andi. We just heard from Isis, who says she is going to call it down the middle for the fact that it doesnít matter who wins. She will decimate either one of them.

Kaoru: Itís a healthy attitude to have, but Iíll believe it when I see it. And even if she does, sheíll have two spent women in front of her after the matchÖ and I donít see her not taking advantage somehow.

Andi: Well, letís hope not. I think weíve seen enough of that stuff already tonight. And I apologize for my lack of broadcast professionalalalism a few minutes ago.

We head back to the ring, where all three women are already standing inside with Cory in the center.

Cory: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, the special guest referee...Isis Morales!

The camera looked up to the statuesque redhead as she had her arms across her chest with a stoic expression.

Zack: Referees donít get much bigger than that, and Isis can basically pick her spot tonight with these two. Iíll be curious to see how adherent to the rules she will stay.

Andi: Even in chaos, thereís some order. I hope she does what she says and calls it clean.

Kaoru: As much dominance as sheís shown, she probably wants the best of these two anyway, just to show that much more dominance on her way to possibly winning the season.

Cory: Introducing first, at 5í7 and 135 lbsÖ..please welcome...AMANDA RICHARDSON!

Amanda is shown warming up in the corner, never taking her eyes off of Karina and Isis as she limbers up with a determined look on her face.

Zack: Amanda looks focused as she can be right now, not taking her eyes off those two monsters in the ring with her. And I donít mean Cory.

Kaoru: I wouldnít take my eyes off of them either. Everyone in that ring knows the stakes tonight.

Andi: And sheís got a lot of backers here tonight too! If sheís going out tonight, sheís going out with a bang!

Kaoru: Iím not even gonna touch that.

Cory: And her opponent, at 5í7 and 144 lbsÖ..this is ĎTHE LITTLE STARí KARINA PETROVA!!

Zack: Make no mistake, fans. Just because these two are close in height and weight, this is a mismatch from a power perspective. Karina is all muscle, and weíve seen her crack ribs with nothing more than a bearhug. Amanda MUST stick and move tonight, she cannot stand in front of Karina.

Kaoru: Itís hard to pull a miracle out of your ass when youíre knocked out. Stick and move seems sound, but eventually Karina will catch her, and she better be ready for it when it happens.

Andi: I think thatís why she was the favorite coming in, but if weíve learned anything over these past few shows, itís that Amanda can take a real pounding and still come back.

Kaoru: And Iím not touching that one either.

Andi: Whaaaat???

Isis moves towards the corner, and calls for the bell. Karina glances over towards the mammoth referee, and turns back towards the actionÖ.only to catch a superkick right on the jaw immediately that floors her from Amanda! The fans come to their feet as the Russian hits the mat.

Zack: GOOD LORD!! The bell barely rang...and Amanda may have won this already!

Andi: Thereís the stick now move and cover!

Kaoru: It caught her flush andÖ. wow this could be!

The brunette dove on top of Amanda as Isis fell into position to make the count.

Zack: Weíre gonna set a record right now, Amanda is going for it!




Amanda was military pressed off the cover as Karina shot her off with both hands. The porn star looked back as Karina sat up, rubbing her jaw as she looked over her shoulder with a shake of her head. It sounded as if someone let the air out of the crowd as the Russian got to her feet.

Kaoru: And that seems about right. Gonna take a lot more than one superkick to take Petrova out for sure, and if you didn't believe it before, you know it now.

Andi: That press was impressive.  Or out-pressive. It was good!

Karina rose to her feet as Amanda charged right at her, unloading with wild lefts and rights to the head and the body, taking the fight to her. It managed to stumble Karina backwards before Richardson whipped her across for the ride. Amanda bounced off the other side and left her feet, hitting a flying clothesline to try to take her down. It just staggered the Russian as Amanda got back to her feet. Richardson hit the ropes again and delivered a second. It also staggered her backwards, but Karina didnít go down. The fans immediately began chanting for the porn star as Amanda nodded her head and hit the ropes a third time. She rebounded quickly and left her feet with a flying shoulder tackle...and that only dropped Karina to one knee.

Zack: I said she better not stand in front of her, but thatís exactly what sheís doing! Richardson is trying to take the big woman down, and two clotheslines and a shoulder tackle later...sheís only got her to one knee.

Andi: I know these feels. Itís not easy taking down someone like this! But sometimes you gotta keep throwing yourself at the wall until you break through!

Kaoru: Or get a concussion.

Andi: Or that. But we try to not have that happen, ne?

Amanda pointed towards the corner, darting towards it and climbing up to the top rope. Karina started to get back to her feet and turn before Richardson came off with a high cross body block. But the Russian caught her in midair, backed up a few steps, and threw her away with a fallaway slam that sent her through the ropes and crashing onto the floor at ringside. Amanda hit violently as Karina got back to her feet, the Russian looking none too pleased with how things had started.

Kaoru: So much for throwing yourself at the wall. Amanda got thrown OVER the wall.

Andi: So maybe it wasnít the best plan! But what else can you really do? And look at how scary Karina looks right now!

Petrova rolled out to the floor after her as Amanda clutched her back in pain. Karina pulled her up, glancing to the barricade surrounding the ring before she scooped Amanda in a bearhug before she rammed her back into the post. She turned and then drove her into the barricade, and back into the post..and then the barricade...and the post...and then a spinebuster to the floor before she sat up on her knees, looking down at the porn star.

Zack: From pillar to post to pillar to postÖ.and a spinebuster to the floor! This may be the shortest match in Future Shock history!

Andi: Again?

Kaoru: Yes, again.

Andi: Well then Karina should get her back in the ring and get the pin then, sheís not going to win outside!

Karina pulled the limp body of the brunette up, another military press before she lobbed her back into the ring through the ropes. Petrova slid under the bottom ropes, and pressed her hands into Amandaís chest for the cover. Isis fell into position.




Richardsonís arm came up before the three as Karina shook her head down at her opponent, seemingly disappointed in her.

Kaoru: Couldíve taken too long there, Karina. Richardson lives to fight on.

Andi: Thatís a heck of a way to get someone back into the ring though. The Little Star throwing her size around for sure.

Zack: The resiliency of Amanda Richardson is being sternly tested already.

Karina got back to her feet, stomping her boot into Amanda before she pulled her back up. The brunette collapsed to her knees, leaning against the legs of the powerful Russian. Petrova tried to get up her again, but she only collapsed back to her knees. So instead she planted her head between her legs, and hoisted her up for a powerbomb...and drove her back into the mat. But she didnít release the hold, pulling her back up and doing it again. And one last time, she pulled her up and finally drove her into the mat with a release powerbomb this time. Richardson bounced off the mat on impact.


Kaoru: She even let her go on the last one andÖ man, thatís gotta suck! That might be it for the porn princess!

Karina dropped to her knees, loosely hooking the leg of Amanda as Isis moved into position to make the count.




Amandaís shoulder popped up off the canvas again, much to the surprise of the crowd as Isis held up two fingers. Karina looked over to the referee with a narrow glare, telling her it was three. Isis held up two fingers again.

Zack: I donít know how Amandaís still in this match, but she is! And now Karina is giving Isis the stinkeye, because she says that was three. This isnít a fight she wants to pick right now.

Kaoru: And Morales has been pretty consistent with her count so far tonight. Take the two and move on, Karina.

Andi: It has been fair, hasnít it? Kinda refreshing to see.

Karina glared at Isis for a moment before turning her attention back to Amanda. She reached down, pulling her back to her feet again. Or trying before she collapsed back to her knees once more in a slump. Petrova planted her head between her legs and got her into position for yet another powerbomb.

Zack: Good Lord, again!

And as soon as she brought her up on her shoulders. Richardson came to life and began firing right hands into her head rapid-fire! The fans came to their feet as the porn star landed repeatedly, causing her to stagger backwards before she drove an elbow into her face and countered with a huracanrana that spiked Karina head first into the canvas!

Andi: And thatíll turn some tides!

Kaoru: Amanda with momentum has been dangerous every time out, Karina needs to cut this off before it gets out of control!

Andi: Iím not sure sheís in any position to do that right now! Unfortunately, Richardson isnít staying on her!

Kaoru: Itís more amazing sheís still alive after getting powerbombed so much.

Amanda couldnít follow up, clutching her back in agony as she slumped forward to the mat. The pain was obvious on her face as the brunette looked behind her towards Karina. The fans began to get behind her again, chanting her name as she crawled towards the ropes and used them to help her get back to her feet. She started pumping her fist as the fans got louder. Karina was beginning to stir as well, sitting up on her knees before the porn star took off towards her and caught her with a shining wizard to the back of the head. Petrova face-planted onto the mat as Richardson hit the ropes, bouncing off and delivering a senton back splash onto her opponent. But as well as it connected, it hurt as well as Amanda shouted in pain on contact, clutching her lower back!

Zack: Instinct, nothing much more than that. Any other time, she could hit that senton all night long. But with the damage done to her back thanks to Karina...that was a mistake.

Kaoru: And thatís why Karina targeted her back from the very start, sheís done her homework, and brains plus brawn equals Richardsonís going to be peeing blood tomorrow.

Andi: That doesnít sound pleasant at all.

Kaoru: Itís not.

Richardson clutched her back in agony as Karina began to get back up again, much more slowly this time. Amanda fought back to her feet again, this time with the help of the ropes again before she bounced off them and went for a cross body. But Petrova caught her, snapping her arms around her waist and holding her off the mat as she locked in her bearhug. Amandah cried out in pain as Petrovaís arm tightened around her body, her muscles flexing as she applied the pressure.

Zack: And this hold right here, this is how Karina ended the season for Jeannie Rose before the season even began. She literally cracked her ribs and put her out of Future Shock.

Kaoru: So it makes perfect sense to do it now with so much on the line! She might send Amanda packing the same way right here!

Andi: That hold isnít doing any favors for her back either! I donít know if she can stand this. Maybe Amanda has finally run out of miracles?

Isis asked Amanda if she wanted to quit, but the brunette shook her head. Karina began to shake her violently, causing her body to rattle back and forth like a rag doll in her arms before Amanda slumped over her shoulder with her arms hanging down. The Russian kept the hold applied, still showing those biceps flexing and contracting.

Andi: Sheís fading, and fading fast! Isis may want to check the arm...

Kaoru: Remember how I said you canít pull a miracle out of your ass if youíre out cold? Amanda may have passed out here!

Isis asked Amanda again, but this time got no answer. Morales raised her harm, and let it drop across Karinaís shoulder. Petrova shouted one. Isis raised it a second time, and it fell limp across Karinaís shoulder again. Petrova shouted two. The red-haired giantess raised the arm a third time, and let it drop, but only halfway as part of her arm hit Karinaís shoulder but her fist rose up before Petrova dropped her completely. Petrova shouted three and dropped her, but Isis shook her head.

Kaoru: Thatís it! Itís over!

Andi: Itís not over!

Kaoru: Itís not over? Itís not over. No bell! Isis says no! I could have sworn that arm dropped!

Zack: Richardsonís arm didnít drop completely, and Isis is ruling it not done yet. Karina thinks sheís won!

Andi: That moment of fighting spirit saved Amanda! See, Kaoru? Miracles can happen whether youíre awake or not!

Petrova shot her arms into the air in victory before Isis jerked them down. The Russian spun around on her heel, looking up with anger at the titaness as Isis told her that her arm didnít drop completely on the third time. The Little Starís face was growing more furious as she shoved Morales backwards with both hands.

Zack: Isis told her it didnít fall all the way, andÖ.ohh boy!

Andi: It would seem thatís not the answer she was looking for. And thatís the wrong ref to push around about it!

Kaoru: It was a questionable call for sure, I can see Karinaís point of view on this, but this is not going to help her argument one bit!

Isis looked down to where Karinaís hands shoved her before she shoved her back in return. It sent Petrova stumbling backwards a few steps, but the Russian quickly regained her balance and got right in front of the titaness, glaring daggers up at her as Isis returned the stare herself.

Zack: I said it before, and it bears repeating. This is not the time to pick this fight, but we may get it anyway! Petrova is not backing down at all, and Isis is almost begging her to do something!

Kaoru: After all this, imagine being on the edge of a disqualification? Tread carefully, Little Star.

Andi: Thatís the worst way for this to end, I donít think even Isis would want that, but she IS the official for this match, and you canít fight the ref!

Karinaís face was thunderous as Isis stared back at her. And seemingly from nowhere, Amanda darted between them and caught Karina by the head for a RKO! Petrova crashed into the mat as the fans roared with approval! Amanda scrambled across her this time, and hooked the far leg with both arms as tight as she could!


Kaoru: Where did she even come from?!!

Andi: From out of nowhere! Pay attention!




Karina grabbed the bottom rope with her hand just before the three as Isis pointed it out to Amanda, whose face drained of its color!

Kaoru: And thatís as fair a call as Petrova could get! Isis not even letting the shoving match affect the result, as close as it was!

Zack: Look at Amandaís face, and I donít blame her a bit! She looks like she just got sucker punched, and thatís probably how it feels to be that close and nothing!

Andi: Itís a wonder how sheís even back in this after all the punishment sheís taken, but she was a few threads away from winning this! She can still do it if she tries! This crowd in the Future Shock Center is trying to pump her back up!

Amanda stared at the clenched hand before it dropped to the mat, pushing up to her feet with the fans solidly behind her. The porn star crawled towards the ropes, leaning against them as she held her hand against her back yet again. She pulled herself back to her feet, looking behind her as Karina began to stir. Richardson listened to the crowd, nodding her head as they were chanting her name louder and louder. And as Karina got up to her knees, Amanda bounced off the near side and superkicked her right in the side of the head. The Russian collapsed to the mat in a heap!

Zack: Another superkick...right in her ear almost! Petrova has to be out cold, Amanda Richardson is going to do it after all!!

Richardson dove across her, hooking the far leg again as Isis fell into position.




Karinaís arm popped up and right back down to the mat. Isis held up two fingers as Amanda looked like she was about to cry.

Kaoru: It didnít end it the first time, and even now, even placed better, that kick will not finish off Karina Petrova!

Andi: But sheís not pressing Amanda off the mat anymore, she barely got that shoulder up!

Zack: If youíre Amanda Richardson, you gotta be asking yourself what do I have to do to put Karina Petrova away?! Weíll either find out the answer before we leave the air, or the answer is nothing!

Andi: Sheís been asking herself all night, maybe all season. Now is the time, Amanda!

Amanda pushed back up to her feet, still favoring her back as she pulled Karina back up with her. She wrapped her leg around Karinaís neck and delivered her split leg drop across the Russianís head!

Zack: Thatís her finisher, she hit it! Surely to God, thatís gotta be all!

Andi: Itís gotta be!

Kaoru: I donít know she has anything left if itís not!

Richardson hooked the leg for the cover.




Amanda rolled to her knees with a smile as Isis was about to call for the bell before she saw Karinaís leg under the bottom rope. Amanda climbed to her feet, thrusting her arm in the air as Isis waved off the count.

Kaoru: Was that it?! No?

Andi: Karina got under the ropes! I donít know how but she got in there and Morales saw it!

Kaoru: Well, here we go again! Amanda thinks sheís won! The crowd thinks sheís won! But thereís no bell ringing!

Isis pulled Amanda towards her, shaking her head as she told her Karinaís leg was under the bottom rope. The porn star looked back to see it for herself and back to Isis, telling her she counted three. The titaness nodded her head, but reminded her about the leg again. Karina began to stir at this point as Amanda looked crestfallen, still saying she counted three.

Zack: All credit to Isis, sheís called this down the middle despite being given more than one reason not to do it. But with that said, Richardson says she heard her count to three, which she did, butÖ.

Andi: Itís unfortunate but itís fair. You canít get any closer to a win only to have it taken away like that.

Kaoru: If she was smart sheíd realize instead of arguing about it she could be taking advantage of Petrova, before itís too late! And it will be too late if she doesnít move soon!

Karina finally made it to her feet before the porn star darted for her. Richardson began to hammer forearms across her back before Petrova shoved her backwards. Amanda stumbled for a moment and came right at her again, running right into a flash kick to the face from the Little Star! Richardson dropped like a rock on impact!

Zack: Amandaís not the only one who can throw a kick...a flash kick right to the face!

Kaoru: Thatíll ruin your day and your dental!

Andi: And it stops Amanda cold there, just when she had it all going her way...

Petrova staggered in place a moment, still feeling the effects of Amandaís assault earlier. She pulled the brunette up, hoisting her over shoulder into a side slam backbreaker that crunched Amanda into the mat with Karina on top of her. She kept the far leg hooked as Isis made the count.





Richardson rolled her shoulder at the very last second as Karina began shaking her head angrily. She saw it herself, but was in disbelief.

Zack: SheÖ..she did it again. Amanda escaped the fall againÖ..Theyíre fighting like the finals are tonight!

Andi: Every week is like a final in Future Shock! Itís do or die, win or go home, all the time! For these two, this is a final, because one will be done!

Kaoru: Petrova went right back to working the back. She knows sheís close, I canít imagine Amanda, miracles and all, can take too much more punishment there.

The Russian got back to her feet, shaking her head angrily as she jerked Amanda back up. She planted her head between her legs and hoisted her up for yet another powerbomb. Amanda came to life again, driving rights into her head repeatedly and causing the blonde to stagger backwards!

Zack: Look at this, Petrova was going to plant her again...but Richardson found her fourth wind at least! Look at her fire those right hands!

Andi: She knows sheís done for if Petrova hits that powerbomb! Sheís gotta do all she can right now to stay alive, and thatís what sheís doing!

Kaoru: People can say what they want about Richardson, her career choices, and whatever else, but she has fought and fought and fought until the tank finally runs dry, sheís doing it here tonight again, I just wonder if it will be enough!

Amanda fired a few more shots into her head and snapped around for another huracanrana. But Karina didnít budge this time as Amanda ended up hanging upside down. And with a short leap, Karina delivered an inverted spiked tombstone piledriver!

Zack: I have neverÖ..an inverted spike tombstone! You could see Amandaís face as her head and body crunched into the mat. ThatÖ..Iíve never seen anything like that.


Kaoru: That was brutal! She canít possibly kick out of that?!

Karina fell forward, Amandaís legs limp over her own body. Isis dropped into the position for the cover.




Isis called for the bell this time as Amanda fell into a crumpled heap with her legs limp at her side. Karina got back up, a thunderous expression as Morales raised her hand in victory.

Zack: You were right, Kaoru. There was no wayÖ.no one was going to kick out of that! And Karina Petrova has won this match!

Andi: Iím stillÖ yeah, that was a terrible terrible terrible move...

Kaoru: Itís okay, Andi, nooneís hit you with it.

Andi: Even just seeing itÖ head injuries are no fun, and thatís a good way to get one.

Karina raised both hands in victory as the crowd showed her very little love at all, boos raining down from the Future Shock Center. Petrova demanded her hand be raised again.

Zack: Karina wins, but you gotta give a world of credit...and heart...and desire to Amanda Richardson, who just kept taking it...and taking it. And you know the wild part about this? The fans are still gonna make the call for who goes to the finals! Karina won, but Clover won last time and they sent her packing!

Andi: Clover won twice, and sheís still gone! The fans have the power! Who do YOU want in the Future Shock season finale to face Isis Morales in the 15-foot high steel cage? The power is in your hands! Use those hands! Grab your mouse, your phone, your tablet, and go vote! Choose the future! Be the future! Tell us the future!

Kaoru: But the question is WHO? Do we give it to the winner? Or the one who gave it all she had in a losing effort? Itís a tough call.

Karina demanded her hand be raised again as Isis took her wrist and raised it high above her head. The boos were still heavy as Karina went to walk away, only for Isis to keep her grasp on her wrist. Petrova turned back around as Isis hoisted her up onto her shoulders...and delivered a massive F5!! And the fans in the Center roared!

Zack: HOLY SH----

Andi: The match is done, sheís not a ref anymore!

Kaoru: Karina never saw it coming! But she sure saw it going! Straight to the mat!

Isis pounded her chest with both fists before she looked down at both women. She screamed into the camera that she didnít care who the fans sentÖ.the result would be the same!

Zack: Isis is making it clear, she doesnít give a damn who the fans pick! She is ready to step inside a fifteen foot high steel cage, and woe betide whoever the fans send in there with her!

Kaoru: Sheís held the cards from episode one, literally and figuratively, and she just played another one here tonight.

Andi: And who knows what sheíll have up her sleeve for the final. No matter who it is, itís going to be a rough night.

Zack: Two weeks from tonight, either Amanda Richardson or Karina Petrova will have to pin that woman..or make her submit inside the steel! And I donít envy either of them. But who will it be? Head to the FFW website and cast your vote, and in two weeks, the season finale will be one we wonít forget! Thank you for joining us, and good night from the City of Angels!

Isisí determined face is the last image seen before Future Shock fades off the air.

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