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January 28, 2023, 11:50:47 pm
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FFW Future Shock S18E6

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Author Topic: FFW Future Shock S18E6  (Read 511 times)
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« on: June 23, 2015, 08:33:22 pm »

Poster Design by Cori

Femme Fatale Wrestling
A Shooting Star Production
FFW Future Shock - Season Eighteen
Season Finale
June 23, 2015

The FFW logo flashes across the screen with the world rotating behind it. From there, we open inside what looks like a convention center with a huge “Miss Future Shock” banner hanging over a stage. One by one, the seven hopefuls of the eighteenth season walk out onto the stage in evening gowns, none of which look happy about it. Karina and Isis look down to their gowns with disgust on their face, while Vivian and Eve smile brightly. Cereza is trying to adjust hers, while Clover rolls her eyes. Amanda seems proud of her dress, which has far more flesh revealed that cloth.

A man resembling something of a game show host with piano-like teeth join them on the stage before he speaks into the microphone. “I give to you the seven finalists of Miss Future Shock!” The camera shows a small crowd of about 300 watching on before the host looks back. “Ladies, next I will ask you each a question. And your answer will be judged by our judges. First up….Isis Morales!”

The crowd applauds as Isis still doesn’t look too pleased as she joins the host, looking down on him. The host flashes those piano teeth up to her before he begins. “Isis, what would you say to politicians who think your profession is barbaric?” He holds the microphone up to her as Isis glances back to the crowd, who is sitting quietly and then the other girls before she looks back….and slugs him across the face!

“Jungle” by Jamie N Commons & and the X Ambassadors begins to play. The host hits the floor as the crowd gasps in shock before Isis and the other contestants, except Amanda, pull their gowns off to reveal their ring gear underneath. Security comes in, only for Clover to catch one with a superkick as Eve and Vivian take down two of them. Cereza boots one off the stage as Karina lifts one in a bearhug and tosses them. Amanda cups her hands to her mouth as the seven finalists turn to face each other in a jungle as Isis cracks her knuckles as the seven begin tearing down the curtains and the backdrop before the “Miss Future Shock” banner begins to fall to the floor. Each of the seven face each other in a circle, and look about ready to attack before the camera sees the Future Shock Season 18 logo on the floor of the stage.

From there, we cut inside the Future Shock Center with a small but lively crowd surrounding the ringside area. The show pans the very vocal audience as we move over towards the booth and find Zack joined by one half of the Burning Star Express in Kaoru Asaka.

Zack: The journey to the season finale has been as wild and unpredictable with twists and turns seemingly from the start. But tonight, only two women remain as Isis Morales prepares to meet Karina Petrova inside a cage. And we’re expecting nothing more than the most punishing fight we’ve likely seen in Future Shock. But also, the Desirae Kain Open Challenge is on as my broadcast partner’s...partner, Andi Takata, faces herl. Kaoru, welcome to the grand finale of the eighteenth season.

Kaoru: It’s a pleasure to be here tonight, as it has been all season. Even better since Andi’s not hogging up all the screen time yet. I’ve had fun calling this season though, and tonight, it all pays off in grand fashion in the cage. And I get to call my own partner’s match! I would’ve dressed up a bit more for the occasion tonight, but I wasn’t sure if I’d be needed down by the ring or not. Guess we’ll find out soon.

Zack: I’m being told Kain is ready to go, she’s heading towards the ring and wants a microphone.

Kaoru: After hearing about her trying to weasel her way out of things last week, this should be a heck of a performance...

Desirae Kain walks out from the back to boos from the crowd. She stops halfway to the ring and glares at the hostile crowd around her for a few moments before shaking her head and saying “show some respect, will you?” She makes her way to ringside and that’s when a kid of no more than six or seven reaches out and slaps her on the arm. She stops dead in her tracks and reaches over to the grab the kid. He scurries away but she grabs the hat from his head and promptly blows her nose in it before handing it back to him as his parents do their best to cover him.

After this, Desirae hops onto the apron and gets into the ring where she grabs a microphone. The crowd boos her immediately before she even has a chance to speak.

Desirae: You people are just full of respect tonight, aren’t you?

She shakes her head disapprovingly.

Desirae: Talk about typical, slobby trailer trash……………let me guess, you must all live in the same park as Wendy Briese and her yokel husband, right?

This just gets the fans more riled up, but she shakes her head and goes on without paying much attention to the fans.

Desirae: Anyway, as you all should know tonight is the finale of this Future Shock season. And let’s face it, Karina facing Isis in a battle of the roided up, peanut brained ogres in a cage just don’t cut it in making tonight special. That’s why I took it upon myself to make this finale something worth watching and issued an open challenge to any Future Shock competitor, current or future to get into this ring and face me.

She smiles slightly as she looks around at the crowd.

Desirae: And unlike my previous challenges where I completely schooled and embarrassed much of the class of the upcoming season 19, tonight is going to be different. You see, I know who’s accepting my challenge. I’ve known for weeks who I’d be facing tonight. And it’s not a season 19 rookie. Oh, no. Tonight, I get to stand in this ring and completely humiliate one of the competitors from the season of all stars that’s coming up soon. And that woman is Andi Takata.

The crowd pops at the mention of Takata’s name.

Desirae: One half of the Boring Star Express, a team that all of you have just fallen head over heels in love with. You know what? That makes me sick to my stomach, the way you‘ve all just latched onto them and cheered for them. The fact of the matter, the truth……and that’s exactly what it is, the cold hard truth…….is that The BSX is nothing than a more overhyped, more over rated and more annoying Japanese version of the Danger Queens. And tonight, Andi, I’m going to expose you to the world. Because no matter how much hype you’ve got, no matter how cool you think you are and how loudly these idiots cheer for you……….

She motions around at the crowd with a look of disgust on her face.

Desirae: You will NEVER be better than me. And the BSX will NEVER be better than Pink Inc. Myself and Arianna aren’t just tag team pioneers in this company, we’re tag team gods. We’re the greatest team not just in this company’s history, but in the annals of this sport’s history. People like you and every other team in this company from Change of Heart to the One Woman Show to even Nightmare Inc. should be getting down on your knees and kissing our feet for what we’ve done for tag team wrestling and how we basically saved FFW’s tag division at a time when it desperately needed it. If it weren’t for Ari and I, there would be no Unity Tag titles out there right now and there’d be no Tornado Championships getting injected into the mix because tag team wrestling in this company would have been dead without us.

The crowd starts a loud “shut the fuck up” chant that Desi doesn’t even take time to acknowledge. She just rolls her eyes and goes on.

Desirae: Andi, you call yourself the Lucky Star. Well, I'm sorry about your crappy luck. Because tonight, right in this ring in just a few moments you're going to get you a cold, hard dose of reality. So get out here and let’s get this show on the road because unlike what I've heard about you, I don't get paid by the hour.

She turns to the entrance area and motions for Takata to come on out.

Desirae: Come on! Get your ass out here so I can smack you around and make you my burning star bitch!

Kaoru: Well, that’s certainly a change in attitude. We’ll see how long that lasts once Andi goes upside her head a few times. Oh by the way, I might be a bit biased for this match. Kind of like the rules.

Zack: Kain sure is full of confidence this week, but I wonder if she knows what I know. After her stunt on the last show, here’s a little something I was shown right before we came on the air.

We cut to security footage showing Arianna and her attorney not being allowed inside the Center as they are stopped outside. Neither of them seem happy about it, but are turned away. From there, we go back live to the ring.

Zack: I’m not sure if she knows her partner and her attorney aren’t even in the building tonight, but Kain is going to have to fight this one on her own.

Kaoru: Well if Plan A is to get out of the match, and Plan B is to have backup that isn’t there…. I think Plan C for Kain tonight is going to be cosmic punishment.

The “Andi” chants began from the crowd before the space princess herself headed towards the ring, making sure to greet the fans and even taking a picture with the one who got their hat filled with Kain’s nose blowing. She rolls into the ring as Kain smiles and shakes her head, waving her hand towards the back. And unsurprisingly to the viewers at home, no one came.

Zack: That answers that question.

Kaoru: We’re sorry, the helpline you are trying to reach is not in service. Please hang up and try again.

Referee Kevin Fisk calls for the bell as Kain shouts for Arianna to come out, but doesn’t get her request. Andi moves in behind her, tapping her on the shoulder. Desirae turns and finds the space princess waiting as Andi starts landing straight right hands into her head one after another. She backs her up into the ropes and starts unleashing a furious number of kicks to her body before she whips her across to the far corner. Kain strikes chest first, turning around as Andi charges in with a running elbow strike right across the jaw that sends Kain to the canvas...and out to the floor, holding her jaw.

Kaoru: Now that’s how you come back from a loss! Where the hell was that on Thursday? Andi’s all over Desirae from the get-go!

Zack: I think Kain’s gotten under her skin more than Chrysta ever did, and if she thinks Andi won’t go out after her, well….I have a feeling she’ll have that realization right about…..

Andi bounced up onto the middle rope, up and down and up and down before Kain turned back towards the ring. Takata sailed over with a suicide dive on top of her as soon as she did, much to the delight of the crowd. She quickly rolled to her feet, dragging Kain to her feet. She pulled one of her arms away from her before she began unloading with knife edge chops across her chest before she dropped onto her back and used a monkey flip to send the French beauty up and over her onto the floor as the “Andi” chants only got louder.

Zack: Andi is nothing but offense, and Kain is catching a beating which the fans here at the Center are loving! To a nicer girl it couldn’t have happened.

Kaoru: I know my partner talks a lot about doling out justice in the name of whatever universe her mind is in, but this is actually pretty awesome. Kain can’t even get to her gameplan, Andi’s not giving her the room to cheat! I’m kinda proud of her right now.

Andi pulled the veteran to her feet and shoved her back under the bottom rope. Takata rolled in after her as Desirae crawled towards the corner. Kain pulled up to her feet before she was spun around, only for Andi to grab the top rope with both hands and proceed to blast her with about ten stomps to the body, causing Kain to collapse to a seat against the turnbuckles. The blue-haired princess took off for the far corner, spun on a dime and charged back with a low dropkick into her chest as she leaned forward.

Kaoru: This is getting scary, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her this focused on a match before! And it’s not even official! I knew she took the loss kinda hard, but damn.

Zack: Takata’s running the table right now, and Kain’s had no answer to any of it!

Andi grabbed Kain’s feet, dragging her out of the corner on her back before she connected with a double leg drop between her legs. Kain clutched her lower regions before she started crawling for the ropes again, only for Takata to grab her from behind in a rear waistlock. And with a snap, she flicked off a German suplex. Into another. Into another. Into another. Into another with the last one sending Kain sliding across the mat. Andi nipped up to her feet, enjoying the very loud reaction from the fans in the Center.

Kaoru: Wow! She just chained together all of that?!  Maybe she has been paying attentiona ll this time…. I need to stand up for this and clap, just…

We can hear a bit of shuffling, and then clapping, as Kaoru does just that.

Kaoru: Good job, Andi! Keep going!

Andi beamed at the response as Kain stumbled towards the ropes, leaning against them. The space princess turned, squatting a moment and then taking off after measuring her. Takata left her feet for a flying clothesline, but Kain dropped and pulled the top rope with her. Andi sailed out of the ring, and crashed onto the floor ringside. She bumped the barricade on the way down before she landed as Kain crawled away from the ropes, waving the referee to count her out.

Zack: Andi got some serious height off that clothesline, but Kain wasn’t there to take it. And one big crash and burn on the floor….and Kain wants a countout!

Kaoru: Do you blame her at this point? She better take what she can get. Andi may have been sloppy on that move, but she couldn’t have landed that hard out there, right? Even if she did kinda nail the barricade.

Fisk only got to six before Andi started to get back to her feet. Kain cursed (in French) and rolled out under the bottom rope after her. She pulled her up by the long blue hair and bounced her face off the barricade before she jerked a chair out from under the ring and slid it inside. Fisk immediately picked it up and moved it the other side, giving Kain the opportunity to grab her head and use a bulldog into the ring steps. Andi crumpled against them as the referee came back to see what was going on, and Kain scooped her up and shoved her back into the ring. After following her in, she asked Fisk for the official time. And as he went to check, she exposed the bottom turnbuckle nearest to where Andi was quickly.

Kaoru: Oh, here we go. I wonder if she has sheet music for these refs the way she’s able to play them in there… C’mon Fisker, catch up!

Zack: I’m not sure what she has in store here, but I guarantee it won’t be good for Andi. And I don’t think Fisk’s noticed that the bottom turnbuckle there is exposed.

Kain dragged Andi by the feet this time, sliding her head under the bottom exposed turnbuckle. And as she positioned herself, it was clear what she had in mind...a catapult face first into the metal buckle.

Kaoru: No no no. Wait a minute, this is NOT okay. Fisk’s gotta see that thing!

Zack: She’s gonna crack Andi’s skull right here!

Indeed, the referee did notice it but by the time he was in position, Andi pulled her knees up and sent Desirae face first into the top turnbuckle instead. Kain staggered backwards, holding her face as Andi started to move away from the turnbuckle slowly, but still in pain. Fisk picked up the turnbuckle pad from the floor and began to reattach it as Andi started to get back to her feet in the ring. Kain moved around behind her, and punted her between the legs and dropped her like a rock. Fisk finished with the turnbuckle and returned his attention to the ring.

Kaoru: That’s just low! Literally and figuratively low! But boy, we sure got that turnbuckle back in place, didn’t we?!

Zack: Andi’s in trouble, and Kain is enjoying herself at the moment. But you’re right, she knows how to put the referees right where she wants them.

She pulled Andi back to her feet, hooking her head for a suplex. She hoisted her up, using the top rope for a slingshot. But Andi countered in the air and landed on her feet behind her. And as Kain turned around, Andi caught her with a codebreaker that sent her backwards against the ropes and stumbled forward face first into the canvas when Andi rolled out of her way.

Kaoru: There you go, Andi! Put a stop to it!  Jump on her right now before she pulls another trick!

Zack: Kain’s her own worst enemy right now, and Andi’s using the entire ring like a tag partner at this point. Fair to note she is doing a damn fine job of it too.

Kaoru: That’s what all that time training is for, and she knows the ring and the ropes as well as anyone in wrestling. Damn glad she showed it there.

The space princess began to stir, getting back to her feet as was her opponent. Desirae lunged forward to grab her, only for Andi to grab her arm, plant a boot against her jaw and fall backwards onto the mat (a la Gail Kim’s Eat Defeat).’ Kain collapsed to the mat as Andi threw an arm over her chest for the cover.




Kain got her shoulder up right before the three as Andi pushed up to her knees, still feeling the effects on her back from earlier as she clutches at it with her hand.

Zack: Near fall for Andi, but Desirae got the shoulder up. You can tell that spill earlier is still bothering her though, she’s not able to capitalize on having Kain down.

Kaoru: When she goes back to watch this later, she’ll see why she didn’t get the three, you’ve gotta hook a leg on someone like Desirae Kain, or she’s going to find a way to stay alive. Bad cover, and now it’s looking like it could swing either way.

Andi crawled forward, grabbing Kain in a front facelock and beginning the Katamari death roll. She rolled Kain over and over in every direction all around the ring for at least fifteen seconds before she went for another cover. Fisk dove into position.




He happened to notice Kain’s leg under the bottom rope, calling the count off as Andi sat up to see what stopped the count. He pointed out her leg, which was luckily under the rope still as Kain was literally flat on the mat, seemingly out of it.

Kaoru: Almost had the win but just a bit out of place after that roll. I’d be surprised if Kain actually knew where she was after that, let alone where the ropes were!

Zack: Call that dumb luck right there, but Andi is close. You can feel it, so can the fans here in the Center.

Kaoru: If they’re getting her that amped, that could only mean one thing!

She glanced from Kain to the corner, back to Kain and then the corner again before crawling towards it. She began her ascent, perching herself on the top rope as she watched Desirae, as if she were trying to decide something.

Zack: I believe we’re about due for a shooting star, Andi may be taking just a little too long. I think she’s trying to decide if Desirae is really out...or trying to sucker her.

Kaoru: Hit her first and decide later! What the hell is she doing?

Andi looked as though she were about to jump, and Desirae immediately rolled out of the ring to the floor. Andi nodded her head and hopped down off the turnbuckle as Desirae crawled towards the ring announcer….and rang the bell herself.

Zack: I think Andi had a feeling she was going to move, so she kinda...faked her out there. And that’s a good thing since it would have been disastrous...and now what?!

Kaoru: I don’t know what, but my bullshit meter is in the red right about now. I’m surprised Andi doesn’t just dive on everyone over there.

Kain told something to Cory as the ring announcer gave her a very perplexed look. She yelled at him as she started back up to her feet.

Cory: Ladies and gentlemen, Desirae Kain has disqualified Andi Takata from this match for using closed fists, which are illegal. Therefore your winner…..DESIRAE KAIN!!!

Kaoru: CLOSED FISTS?!! Are you kidding me or what?! Where the hell was there a closed fist?!

Zack: That was at the start of the match, at least ten minutes ago…. I’ve never seen someone get disqualified for using one though.

Kaoru: Even… as stupid and as crazy as it is to DQ someone for that… Where the hell was that call 10 minutes ago then?! Did it take her that long to think up an excuse to get out of this?! Really?!

Desirae used the barricade to help her stay up, raising her hand in victory till Andi rolled out to the floor after her. Kain scrambled around the corner and took off towards the back as the space princess watched her leave, shaking her head as the fans resumed their chant for her anyway. This ultimately brought a smile to her face as she listened to them, yelling “IKUZO!” to the crowd as they celebrated her as though she won anyway. Takata tries to get them to follow her in her Caramelldanse, and quite a few do go along with her. From there, we cut back to Zack and Kaoru in the booth.

Zack: She may not have won the Open Challenge through the most ridiculous means yet, but it doesn’t matter because she still has the crowd support she thrives on. And if nothing else, did she ever put a beating on Desirae?!

Kaoru: She did good tonight. I didn’t think she’d look this good though. And for me to tell Andi I was impressed, that takes some effort. Just like it’s gonna take some effort to go and find that closed fist, but we all see who’s standing tall tonight.

As Zack was about to speak, the space princess joined them at the desk.

Andi: Unbelievable! Can you believe that?! It’s so unbelievable, I can’t even believe it! Of all the dirty, stupid things….

Kaoru: You knew there would be those things…

Andi: I lost 2 in a row because of some fist? What? I’m on the top rope! What the hell is she going on about a fist?! If Desirae wants a fist, I’ll give her a fisting! I’ll fist her all she can freakin’ handle, and--


Andi: What? Why?! She deserves a good fisting!

Kaoru: Yeah but that’s not…. it’s really not meaning what you think it means.

Andi: Well you tell me what it means, then! And someone get me a towel!

Kaoru: It means your fanfic writers have a lot more ammunition.

Andi: Well, let them have it, and let’m write this in their notepad! Yes, I lost to Chrysta on Velocity. Yes, I lost tonight. But I will not give up! I will continue to give my best and kick the faces of every jerk that tries to cheat like this dodo did tonight! Nightmare Inc and Echo are gonna get it next, then that team from that place, and then everyone else! I’m getting sick of people thinking they can take advantage and push me around! NO MORE! From this point forward, everyone’s getting fisted whether they like it or not!

Zack: For what it’s worth, you only really lost once. These Open Challenges by Desirae aren’t actual matches, and besides that, she makes up the rules as she goes along. Like this match went far longer than the time limit she called in the first one, so….

Andi: Even so, I don’t like losing. Losing sucks. Especially when I could’ve won. But you know what? That’s okay. Tonight is not about me, it’s not about this damn challenge, it’s about the finals! The cage! Isis and Karina with the entire season on the line! And that matters a hell of a lot more than Desirae Kain and the Pink Incorporated L-L-C-L-T-D.

Zack: And that’s what is coming up next, folks. The season finals, the match you picked, it’s basically She-Hulk and the Juggernaut going one on one inside fifteen feet of steel. No escapes, only by pinfall or submission….for that.

The camera cuts over to the Season 18 Championship, a white leather strap with gold plates featuring the season logo in the center with the FFW and Future Shock logos on the side plates. Sitting below it are two nameplates, one with Isis Morales and one with Karina Petrova written on them.

Zack: The Season 18 Championship is up for grabs, and the winner goes onto face the reigning Future Shock Champion as well, currently that being Ignis. And no matter which of the two it is, I don’t like Ignis’ chances. Ladies, give us your predictions. Who do you feel will leave tonight as the Season 18 Champion?

Kaoru: She’s got size. She’s got power. She’s got the brains, she’s got the backup, and from the start of this season until now, there has been noone who can seemingly put a dent in the chances of Isis Morales. And now that the Ascension has uhhh… ascended, I see a lot of momentum behind her right now, and she may just do what she thinks in that cocky mind of hers, and run of Karina Petrova tonight. You’d have to be crazy to pick against her.

Andi: Well then, call me crazy!

Kaoru: You’re crazy.

Andi: Okay. But I’m still picking Karina Petrova. Noone’s expecting her to win this match. Even Kaoru, you’ve seen her all season, has she at any point really not looked impressive?

Kaoru: Her swimming form was a little sloppy. Nothing in the ring though.

Andi: But yet, here we are with Isis as a favorite going in. I tihink Karina takes it to heart, I think she shows up, and I think she might just shock the world here tonight, simply because noone thinks she can. That’s a very strong driver for some people, and I think Petrova responds and gives Isis all she can take.

Zack: Alright, we got a split here. So you both tell me, what’s the strategy for each of them? What does Karina need to do and avoid? And the same for Isis.

Kaoru: If the past few weeks have shown us anything, it’s that there won’t be a lot of avoiding from Karina. She seems to like to stand in the pocket and trade shots, and against someone like Isis Morales, that won’t cut it. She’s got to be mobile, and she’s got to take Isis out of her gameplan if she’s going to have any shot. I’m not sure if Karina’s the type to stick and move, but she needs to figure something out or it’s going to be one long night.

Andi: For Isis, it woudl seem to be a little more simple. The key for her tonight is to stay focused and keep doing what she’s been doing. Don’t worry about refs, don’t worry about counts being fast or slow, don’t let Karina get in your head. Straight ahead like the express train she is and anything on the tracks should get obliterated pretty quickly. Whether or not the Ascension comes into play…. well, let’s just hope they don’t. She didn’t need them to get this far, she doesn’t need them to win, and I’m sure after the previous DQ earlier tongiht, any shenanigans will be accounted for and taken care of by our referee. Even if it is… way later.

Kaoru: Not bitter about that finish at all, are you?

Andi: Not one bit!

The cameras cut back to the ring, where we see the cage is fully erected as both women stand in opposite corners. We then see Cory doing the ring announcements from the floor.

Cory: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the Future Shock Season 18 Championship. And it will be contested inside this fifteen foot high steel cage.

The camera pans up the cage, and then back into the ring to look up to Karina.

Cory: Introducing first, she hails from Moscow, Russia. She’s 5’7 and weighed in tonight at 144 lbs. This is…..KARINA PETROVA!!!

Karina stands with her arms across her chest, a stoic look on her face as she looks down to the camera.

Zack: If you haven’t seen her in action, don’t let the size fool you. Petrova is a powerhouse of a woman, and her bearhug cracked the ribs of one hopeful who never even made it to the season.

Kaoru: As good as Isis has looked, Karina has been quite the workhorse throughout the competition, not backing down one bit from anyone, and really turning some heads with just how strong she is, and just how well she’s been trained by former champion Mika Demidov.

Andi: They say big things come in small packages… well, Karina is packed into that package about as much as she can be, and it’s about to explode all over Isis here in a moment.

Kaoru: Are you sure you’re not reading notes from her match against Amanda again?

Andi: What?

Kaoru: Never mind.

The camera shoots over next to Isis, her hands placed at her hips as she stares ahead at her opponent.

Cory: And her opponent, she resides here in Los Angeles, California. At 6’6 and 210 lbs, this is…..ISIS MORALES!!!

Zack: Isis is quite simply a wrecking machine. She’s almost a foot taller than Karina, and has about 70 lbs on her as well. But don’t think that’s body fat, Isis is possibly the most powerful woman I have ever seen.

Kaoru: And she’s not stupid. She knows how to compose herself in the ring, she’s alligned herself with some powerful friends, and she made it all the way here with nary a scratch on her. I really don’t know that there’s much more to add to that except future Future Shock winner.

Andi: Well, we’ll see about that, that’s why we have the matches. Maybe the cage will be her downfall! Maybe Karina will dominate and surprise everyone! We’re just moments away, I can’t wait anymore!

Zack: The Future Shock Center is packed, and I know Cody and Samantha are here tonight watching as well, so is the FFW Champion and several roster members. They didn’t all come here tonight for the catering, this is what they came to see.

Kaoru: Even I came to see this, and I usually am here for the catering.

Andi: Don’t be silly!

Referee Melinda Davis calls for the bell as the door to the cage is padlocked shut with a chain wrapped around it. Both women stare across at one another from their respective corners, neither moving at first.

Zack: And when they said no escape, they meant it. The door is padlocked, the only way out of this match is pinfall or submission. And the tension is rising, because they know like we do….these two powerhouses are about to lock up for the first time!

Andi: I don’t know that the cage can hold these two, even with a lock. They might just knock it all down!

Kaoru: That wouldn’t surprise me one bit the way these two have been throwing their weight around this season. It probably wouldn’t slow them down a bit either. These two don’t care about an escape, they want to knock each other’s blocks off, and now they get their chance.

Isis moves towards the center of the ring, holding up her hand for a test of strength. Karina moves in with her, raising her hand as Isis raises hers higher out of reach with a smirk on her face. Karina looked back up to her hand then slapped the redhead across the face. This brought a grin to Isis’ face as Karina stared up at her. And as if someone fired a starting pistol, the fight began as both women began to trade hard right hands one after another to each other’s heads as the fans in the Center came to their feet already. Isis began to get the better of the exchange, rocking Karina backwards. But Petrova fired back anyway, wild right hands to her head before Isis piefaced her backwards. Petrova went right back into her chest, staring up at her and popped her again before the fist fight resumed. Isis brought up a short knee into her abdomen before she grabbed her by the head and sent her face first into the steel pole in the center of the cage wall. Karina held her head for a second and turned around, getting right back in front of her again.

Kaoru: karina struggling a bit early here. Isis already showing signs of being the biggest, stronger, faster monster we know she is. Karina’s not showing any sign of backing down though.

Andi: She knows the moment she does, it might just be over. She’s gotta be in Isis’ face and in her head from here until the bell, and try not to get her own bell rung!

The redhead grabbed her arm and fired her into the corner. And as Karina spun around on impact, Isis followed her in with a massive corner clothesline. Isis scooped her up with both hands around her neck and tossed her like a javelin to the mat. Karina struck the canvas hard, and began to get back up only for Isis to barrel out of the corner with a kick across her jaw to put her back down. The Russian hit the mat again, only for the redhead to scoop her up from behind into a release German suplex that literally sent the Russian back and head first into the cage wall.

Zack: Not only is Isis powerful, but she’s pretty well sound as well. And when you’re the size, even basic moves hurt a lot more. And it didn’t help that Karina just bounced off the cage with that German suplex.

Andi: Bouncing off the cage hurts. Landing on your head on the mat because your body has been stopped by that same cage from following the law of gravity? That hurts a lot too.

Kaoru: It sure doesn’t look like much fun. If you’re Karina, anyway. I’m sure Morales is having a ball in there.

Isis watched briefly, starting towards her and pulling her back to her feet again. She shoved her back into the corner, fully extending her fingers on her hand before she delivered a thunderous clap against her chest that caused Karina to shout. She raised her hand up again, licking the fingertips this time before she struck her hand across her chest a second time. Petrova staggered out of the corner, clutching her chest before the redhead scooped up her overhead in a gorilla press, raising her up and down before she walked out from under her and let the Russian faceplant into the canvas.

Zack: I can guarantee you that very few times has Karina left her feet, much less being gorilla pressed about seven feet up and dropped like she just was!

Kaoru: Karina’s usually on the other end of something like that! we’ve seen her throw multiple people at once, but Isis… it’s almost like she’s showing off still, not that she needs to impress anyone at this point.

Andi: Sometimes people are just naturally impressive, like me, or like Isis.

Kaoru: When you’re able to throw someone around like that, I’ll believe you’re that impressive. For now, you just… stay at the desk where it’s safe.

Isis scooped her back up, throwing her over her shoulder and then taking off towards the cage. Karina struck face first into the mesh wall, but Morales didn’t let her go. Instead she turned and drove her into the other wall. And again, not letting her fall before one last run, this time face first into the steel pole again. Petrova collapsed to the mat as Isis used a double stomp onto her abdomen before stepping off.

Zack: It’s gotta feel like someone dropped an anvil across your guts when Isis uses that double stomp, I don’t care how big you are. And Karina’s getting as much cage time as she ever wanted.

Andi:  Here’s the good news at least… Isis isn’t getting too much air under those stomps. It’ll hurt, but it shouldn’t be completely devastating to Karina… yet.

Kaoru: Certainly not good for her wind… or her karma balance for breaking someone’s ribs with a bear hug… and the bad news is, Isis is still looking to kill her, so there’s that.

Isis pulled the Russian to her feet, driving a pair of short knees into her stomach before she whipped her across to the corner. Petrova hung in place before Isis charged, looking for a big boot to her jaw. But the Russian ducked out of the way and Isis’ boot rattled the cage door where it struck. She managed to turn around just as Karina spun back, and began firing those right hands again right into her jaw. Seven rights connected without answer before Karina pulled her head down, delivering a swinging neckbreaker. She collapsed against the ropes, trying to catch her second wind as Isis started to stir on the canvas. Petrova delivered a series of stomps into her lower back before dragging her away from the corner. She stepped over her, and sat down to apply a camel clutch. It only lasted about a second before Morales grabbed her legs and started to rise back up to her feet with the Russian on her back. Petrova’s eyes widened considerably.

Kaoru: And just when you think it’s safe to take a seat and catch your breath while robbing your opponent of her own...

Andi: Isis is not your bench and she will not be treated as such, clearly! I’d be amazed by the power and guts shown here, but we’ve almost come to expect it from her at this point!

The blond raked her fingers across her eyes, blinding her and letting Karina drop to her feet behind her before she delivered an inverted headlock backbreaker that sent Isis back to the mat again. Morales was on her hands and knees now as Karina got back to her feet finally. Petrova hit the near side ropes and caught Morales with a running knee lift into the jaw that flattened her out on the canvas. And Mika’s apprentice dove across her for the cover.

Zack: Karina may have knocked her goofy, and we got a cover!




Isis launched her off the cover with a military press as Karina looked back to see her starting to sit up.

Kaoru: Karina getting some more of her own medicine used against her… How many times did we see her throw someone off of her with that much ease over the past weeks?

Andi: That’s got to sit in the back of her mind, knowing that Isis can do to her, what she can do to a lot of people. At some point she’s gonna have to figure out how to do something about it, before it’s too late.

Isis sat up, only for Petrova to dive onto her and drive clubbing blows across her chest repeatedly. She pulled the redhead to her knees, and took off for the far side. She came back in a sprint and with a kick to the jaw that sent Isis over onto the canvas again. Petrova then measured and delivered a fist drop into Morales’ face. She slowly got back to her feet and rolled Isis onto her stomach. She grabbed both of her legs and went for a Boston crab this time, sitting down with the hold in deep before Morales pushed up with her hands and extended her legs to send Karina rolling away from her. The Russian looked back to her again in disbelief as the redhead started to get up yet again.

Zack: It was like she got shot out of a cannon! Isis’ legs are as powerful as they come, and she sent Karina rolling, and Petrova has never been in the ring with someone like this, I guarantee it!

Andi: She’s got all the fight she can handle in front of her, that’s for sure, but she’s been staying on Isis ever since she got her opening!

Kaoru: That’s what she’s gonna have to do, just keep trying to break her down bit by bit until there’s nothing left. Isis has power and energy to spare though, so this is going to be one hell of a long and painful process!

Petrova stormed across the ring, grabbing Isis’ face and delivering a facebreaker across her knees. Morales flopped on the mat as Karina rolled her back over again, hammering knees into her lower back and even using ax handle blows as well. Petrova rose to her feet, cranking her arms at her side as she gave the sign for what she wanted to do next. And on that note, she pulled her up from behind and used some considerable power to hoist Isis onto her shoulders in a torture rack! Karina’s face went almost blood red as she tried to keep the massive woman in position!

Zack: A torture rack, Karina’s looking for a submission but look at her face! She’s got over 200 lbs. on her shoulders, and that’s not dead weight either.

Kaoru: Not yet it’s not! But if she stays up there long enough, that big back might end up in a really bad alignment!

Andi: She’s almost like a superhero the way she has Morales up like that! Which one was she, She-Hulk or Juggernaut?

Isis bounced up and down on Karina’s shoulders as Petrova tried to make her quit. But the redhead caught her flush with an elbow across the top of her head with her free arm. Petrova let her go as Isis landed on her feet into a stumble. But before she could capitalize on it, Petrova snapped her arms around her from behind and used an Angle slam to drive her into the mat. She quickly floated over for a cover.




Zack: Two count, and Karina may feel like she’s starting to wear the monster down!

Isis got her shoulder up as Karina started back to her feet, favoring her lower back. Petrova moved towards the corner, squatting into position as she waved for Isis to get up.

Andi: Karina looks like she’s got something in mind here! She’s looking to take a big chunk out of the bigger Morales right now!

Kaoru: The pendulum has swung her way, it’s time to get it done if you can! She’s not going to get a lot of chances, that’s for sure!

Karina kept her eyes on the redhead as Isis started to get back up to her feet. Petrova nodded her head, waving her to turn around. And as Isis did just that, Petrova launched out of the corner for a spear….but Isis put her boot up and Karina went face first right into it. Petrova’s head snapped back before she collapsed on the canvas. Isis shook her head, though it was clear she was in pain.

Zack: Did you see...Karina’s head snap? She went for the spear, but caught that massive foot in her face instead!

Kaoru: Unstoppable force? Meet immovable object. Guess we know who won that one.

Andi: My stars…. I…. man that looks scary! Her head, her neck, her everything could have been shattered right there! Wow! I’m getting those chills again. Ugh...

Isis pulled Karina up to her knees, planting her head between her legs before she hoisted her up and took off in a run. And Isis connected with a running powerbomb that sent Karina’s head and back into the turnbuckle on the way down.


Kaoru: Not one scrap of mercy being shown by Isis Morales! Headfirst into the corner goes Petrova! That is a very bad way to land! Hopefully our ref can get a look and make sure that Karina is still alive, let alone conscious after that!

Isis shook her head, pulling her back up again and into the same position before she used a jack knife to send her into the cage wall this time! Karina crumpled to the canvas, her head laying on her shoulders as Isis pounded the mat, and shook her head again.

Zack: A powerbomb...another one….this time into the cage wall!

Andi:  I understand the stakes, I know this is within the rules, but this is just brutal! As someone who’s taken some trauna to the head, that’s….

Kaoru: That’s what Isis came to do tonight, and every night, and it’s what she’s been doing the whole time. Being brutal and dominating whoever’s in front of her, with no remorse whatsoever. And she’s doing a hell of a job, too!

Isis scooped her up into a powerslam position, running straight into the wall. She backed up and did it again...and again….and again…...before backing up across the ring and driving Karina into the same spot again. The cage wall looked like it was being pulled out from the other side before Isis let Karina drop to the mat.

Zack: Look at the cage wall right there, it looks like it’s being warped. And the warping is because of Karina’s body being driven into it over and over and over again!

Kaoru: And if the cage is getting to be like that, you can only imagine what Karina Petrova’s back feels like right now!

Andi: Not unless she really is a superhero and her body is made out of titanium or something, because… I mean, they really are going to tear this cage apart! They may end up destroying the Future Shock Center and parts of Los Angeles before this is done!

Isis dragged her towards the center of the ring, hooking the far leg for the cover as Davis moved into position to make the count.

Zack: This is it right here, Isis is going to be Future Shock Champion.




Karina’s shoulder came up before the three as Isis glared down at her. The redhead rose back to her feet slowly, the match clearly having taken its toll on her thus far. And this time, Isis headed for the corner, crouching and waiting for Petrova to start to move.

Kaoru: I can hardly believe Karina was able to get her shoulder up there! She’s not throwing Isis off of her at all though, that was very much a struggle!

Andi: You’d struggle too if you just got your tamago scrambled with a few powerbombs.

Kaoru: That’s a fair point. But scrambled egg or not, Karina’s about to get caught dead in the crosshairs of a very deadly giant.

Karina was very slow to get up as Isis watched her from the corner. Petrova reached out for the ropes to help her do that, and as she did, Isis screamed at her to turn around before she launched across the ring with a devastating lariat that flipped the Russian in the air before she collapsed to the canvas. Isis dragged her thumb across her throat, and glanced over to the weakened section of the cage wall with a nod of her head.

Zack: Wait a minute….I don’t know what she has in mind here, but I have a bad bad feeling about this.

Kaoru: There is definitely some bad intentions here. Isis isn’t just trying to win here, she’s looking to completely crush Petrova and completely sweep this season and she might just do it!

Andi:  But what could she be… wait…. no, she can’t be about to do this, this is gonna be terribad! Ref!

Kaoru: The ref can’t do anything about it, Andi!

Isis pulled Karina towards her, planting her head between her legs and raising her fist into the air. She hoisted her up onto her shoulders in another powerbomb position and took off for the weakened cage wall.

Zack: Not another one!!

But as soon as they got close to the wall, Karina came to life and countered with massively powerful huracanrana that drove Isis headfirst into the wall….and through it as the wall section collapsed on the floor in that section with Isis on top of it and Karina on the mat in the ring. The fans in the Future Shock Center began a “Holy Shit!” chant!

Zack: THROUGH….THROUGH THE WALL…..The fans….they’re saying it for me! I have never seen anything like that in my life!

Andi: Neither have I! Neither has anyone! Until just now when THAT ACTUALLY JUST FREAKING HAPPENED!

Kaoru: And it’s not entirely clear just what happened, except that Isis Morales’ momentum just sent her through that cage and they really are about to tear this place to pieces tonight, along with themselves!

Andi: It looked like Karina managed to get enough of a scissors on to rana her over! And with that much power…. I”m sure the people at home can see the replay, and believe me, that will be replayed a billion times on highlight reels! That cage can’t hang with the Future Shock!

With one part of the cage wall missing on that side, Karina pushed up to her knees and looked over to see Isis still on the floor with the wall under her. Petrova crawled towards her, rolling out to the floor and weakly trying to pull her up to get her back in the ring.

Zack: Karina’s spent….and how could she not be?! But she can’t win on the floor, she has to drag Isis back into the ring and cover that woman!

Andi: Every inch right now must seem like miles, very rough miles, with her back in the shape it’s gotta be in. I don’t even know how she pulled that move off, but she’s got a hell of a shot right now if she can power through!

Kaoru: This whole match, this whole season has been about powering through for both of these women. This is what it’s culminated in, and only one of these two is going to emerge from this wreckage as the winner!

It took all her strength to finally pull the redhead up and shove her back into the ring under the ropes. Karina slid in slowly after her and dropped her arm across her chest finally for the cover. Davis, still in shock, fell into position for the cover.

Zack: Karina’s done it!!




Isis’ arm popped up and fell back to the canvas limp as Karina looked up the referee, who held up two fingers.

Zack: Look at her face...I don’t blame her! It took too long to get her back into the ring, I think. But Isis is about as close to done as I’ve ever seen her….same goes for Karina!

Kaoru: As messed up as Isis was, Karina had a hard time, took too much time, and Isis’ in-ring instincts kicked in in just the nick of time.

Andi: I don’t know if it’s going to get closer than that for Karina! That may have been her one big chance, and Isis is still here! You’ve hit her with everything, you’ve sent her through a cage! We’ve asked all season, what the heck is it going to take to keep Isis down?!

Karina stared down at her opponent, and crawled towards the cage door. Shaking her head as though she was still in disbelief over all this, she used the ropes to help her get up. Glancing down at the door, she wrapped her fist around the chain on the padlock. Gritting her teeth, she pushed her foot against the door and pulled backwards.

Zack: What is she doing?! Is she….

And with a loud scream, Karina broke the chain off the door and collapsed to the mat...where she began to wrap it around her fist.

Andi: That might be the answer to what it’ll take to keep Isis Morales down, but I hate to see it come down to this after everything!

Kaoru: Karina probably thinks she’s fighting for her life at this point, I don’t think she gives a damn about what you or anyone else thinks! It’s all legal in the cage, or what’s left of it!

Karina wrapped the chain tightly around her fist, waving at the redhead to get back to her feet. Morales started to stir, moving extremely slowly as she had a glassy look on her face. Karina pounded her chained fist into the mat, focusing on Isis as the redhead got up.

Kaoru: If she blasts Isis here, we could be looking at one hell of an upset to close the season!

Isis turned towards the Russian as Karina charged out with a Superman punch. But Morales ducked her fist, and scooped her up on her shoulders. The chain fell out of Karina’s hand just a split second before Isis connected with a devastating F5! The fans came out of their seats again on impact!

Andi: OH MY STARS! Isis saw it coming! Karina just got obliterated by gravity on her face!

Morales made the cover as Davis moved into position.




Davis immediately called for the bell as Isis pulled herself to the ropes to hold her up as she sat against them. The referee raised her hand in victory.

Zack: Isis Morales did it!! The red haired Goliath has won the Season Championship!

Kaoru: And freaking how. Just straight up scary scary dominance, and look at the wreckage, look at the carnage since week 1, and then look at who’s still standing.

Andi: She might not be standing quite as tall as she was before the match, but Isis would not be denied tonight, not by anyone or anything it would seem.

Cory: The winner of this match….and FFW FUTURE SHOCK SEASON 18 CHAMPION…..ISIS MORALES!!!!

Isis continued to lean against the ropes as the referee handed her the Season 18 Championship. She stared at it for a moment and laid it across her chest before she pounded her fist against it.

Zack: I have never seen a cage match like what I have seen here tonight. Isis Morales never needed her amnesty card, all she needed was a spotlight. And she took it! And I’ll tell you what. If I’m Ignis and I know now I have to defend my title against that woman, I’d be having a whole lot of sleepless nights starting now.

Andi: I may have to adjust my sleeping patterns just knowing she’s around. I wouldn’t want to get caught napping by her.

Kaoru: That would be the definition of a very rude awakening for sure. I don’t think anyone will be sleeping on Isis Morales, or the Ascension, anytime soon.

Isis finally got to her feet, raising her title high above her head before she was joined by the COO himself. Cody raised her hand as well as Isis stood tall.

Zack: Cody kept his word. He said he’d raise the hand of the winner, and Isis earned it. It was what I thought this match would be….and a lot more. But the story of Season 18 is right there in that woman….and the FFW roster is about to get a lot scarier.

Kaoru: I’ve seen the FFW roster, that’s not an easy thing to pull off.

Andi: If anyone can though, I think we’ve learned for sure, it’s that woman right there.

Zack: Fans, that’s gonna do it for us here from the Future Shock Center. We thank you for joining us for the 18th season, and what a damn finale we got! For Andi and Kaoru of the Burning Star Express, good night from the City of Angels! ISIS HAS ARRIVED!!

Isis standing with the title draped across her shoulder is the final image seen as Season 18 fades off the air.

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