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November 27, 2020, 03:29:44 pm
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FFW Future Shock, S1E1

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Author Topic: FFW Future Shock, S1E1  (Read 294 times)
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« on: November 02, 2010, 03:02:22 am »

(Poster Coming Soon..)

The following is a special presentation exclusively for FFW.com

This edition of Future Shock is sponsored by:

The video feed comes to life on the FFW website as the window opens, showing the FFW logo with the world circling behind it. The logo drops to the bottom right corner, as ďInside OutĒ by Eve 6 begins to play. The opening shot is amateur footage of each girl practicing and their journey to become part of Future Shock. Their name is plastered beneath that as their video comes up. And with that, the scene changes as we see the boardwalk on a busy but beautiful day. With the music faded, we see the familiar form of Mark Horton making his way in front of the camera.

Wearing a pair of khaki shorts and a white t-shirt with the FedEx logo across his chest, Mark has a microphone in his hand as he begins to speak.

Mark: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the inaugural edition of FFW Future Shock. This is the show where the superstars of tomorrow do everything in their power to make it to the big stage that is Femme Fatale Wrestling! Here you are going to see the next generation of stars as they work their way into getting a guaranteed main event debut on either Velocity or Breaking Point! My name is Mark Horton, and Iíll be the host here each and every show.

The camera swings around to show the six women whom will be competing in the reality show, standing a few feet apart from one another. We see a quick bio pop on the screen as the camera focuses on Raven Wicked, Rori Snyder, Destiny Loveheart, Rachel Clancy, Jones McKenzie, and Mistress Wire . As the camera pans to each girl, the same holds true as a short bio of their vital statistics appears around them. Each is shown putting on their roller blades, sitting in the sand as we hear Markís voice.

Mark: And these are the six women whom have a dream of becoming part of the Femme Fatale Wrestling roster. As the weeks go by, you are going to get to know these girls and find out what makes them tick. As you can see, they are preparing for their first competition today, and that is roller blading.

The camera spins back around showing one part of the boardwalk, where a traffic cone is set up and pans to the left for some stretch to the second traffic cone.

Mark: Today in our first edition of Future Shock, these six girls will have their reflexes tested in how well they can avoid both falling and other people as they roller blade from one traffic cone to the next in the middle of a busy day here on the boardwalk not far outside Honolulu, Hawaii. The girl with the fastest time wins. But thatís only half the battle!

The camera swings back around to Mark.

Mark: Because regardless of who wins today, it is you, the FFW faithful out there, that will decide which member of the Future Shock roster continues on in this series. After you watch this, be sure and click on the button and vote for your favorite Future Shock rookie. The one with the least amount of votes will be eliminated from the competition each and every show until finally there is only one. And that is the Future Shock Season One Champion.

The camera pans back to see Rachel Clancy rising to her feet, glancing to the other girls as she slowly makes her way towards the boardwalk and standing beside the traffic cone.

Mark: It looks like Rachel Clancy will be the one to start us off here. Rachel comes from Phoenix, Arizona. Not a lot is known about her honestly, sheís rather quiet and keeps to herself. We asked her earlier what sets her apart from the rest of the girls in Future Shock.

The show switches to an earlier interview where Rachel is seen sitting on a bench along the boardwalk before speaking to the camera.

Rachel: I feel what makes me different from many of your other applicants is my experience in hostile, often violent situations. I have been shot at, threatened with knives, and attacked on multiple occasions, yet I'm still here. I wouldn't call myself an intimidating individual, but I usually get what I'm after.

The show switches back as we see Mark pulling out a stopwatch.

Mark: Not sure what kind of lifestyle Rachel is accustomed to, but letís see how she fares. On your mark, Rachel. Get set......GO!

With that, Rachel takes off down the walk, barely avoiding a few pedestrians till she builds up too much speed and ends up losing her balance, landing on her backside. She quickly gets back up, and starts towards the goal again.

Mark: You have to control your speed, Rachel got a little ahead of herself there.

And as she weaved through a few pedestrians, she smiled at the sight of the traffic cone and picked up speed before sailing past it as Mark tapped his stopwatch.

Mark: 22.7 seconds! Thatís the time to beat! I think Rachel lost her focus a bit there, but weíll see how the others fare.

Rachel heads back to the bench as we see Mistress Wire making her way towards the traffic cone now, people staring at her small size and her choice of clothes.

Mark: Next up is Mistress Wire, easily the smallest member of the Future Shock rookies. We asked her what set her apart from the others earlier.

The show goes to the earlier interview as we see Mistress Wire spitting on the cameramanís shoe as she looks up to him, as though he were stupid.

Mistress Wire: I'm Mistress fucking Wire. The hottest fucking bitch in the motherfucking world. Men & women beg at my knees and yearn to taste my sweet flesh. I own you. I control you. You are nothing in this world but my fucking bitch, and I promise you will love every fucking minute of it.

The show returns back to the event itself as Wire stares at Mark.

Wire: Iím ready, bitch!!

Mark: Mistress Wire comes from Vancouver, a fact Iím sure Canada is so proud of! On your mark, get set.....GOOOO!!

Mark tapped the stopwatch as Wire took off as fast as she could.


People on the boardwalk dove out of the way as Wire screamed her head off, racing down the path free and clear and sailing across the finish line as Mark tapped the watch again.

Mark: Well thereís no law that says you canít scream like a banshee while you skate! 12.9 seconds! Good time for Mistress Wire.

Wire cackles as she heads back for the bench as the other girls stare at her for a moment before Jones McKenzie hops to her feet and glides towards the starting point.

Mark: This is Jones McKenzie, she comes to us from the country of Algeria. From my chats with her, I get the sense she loves this kind of stuff! We asked her why she should be part of FFW.

The scene changes to earlier in the day as Jones addresses the camera.

Jones: I'm a very physical person on top of being somebody focused on an audience and all of us having a good time, an' this is a type of programming very about those things.  I can bounce back from an ass whuppin' faster than you can imagine.  I'm like a pitbull when I see something I want, and I say what I think, an' this place is full of women just begging to hear what I got to say about 'em.

We go back to the regular show as Jones is ready to get going at the starting line.

Mark: I have a good feeling about this one! She looks ready, so letís go! On your mark, get set....GO!!!

Mark tapped the watch and Jones took off, spinning around people as she passed them. Skating facing the other direction, she put her hands behind her back blowing a bubble with her bubble gum as she sailed effortlessly across the finish line as Mark hit the watch.

Mark: Jones is a bit of the showgirl, she obviously likes to excel at what she does and give you a little extra on top of that! Wow, now thatís a great time! Jones clocks in at 13.1 seconds! Good job to Jones McKenzie!

Jones smirks as she heads back, and we see Rori Snyder getting up. She turns a few heads as she heads for the starting point, a smile on her face.

Mark: Now we see Lorelai ďRoriĒ Snyder making her way to the start position. Rori comes to us from Manhattan. She has a bit of a connection to the business, being the cousin of one Robbyn Helmsley.  Letís see how Supergirlís cousin fares.

Mark hits the stopwatch, signalling for Rori to go. And that she does, taking off in a beeline for the finish. She turns some male heads as she whizzes past them, a smile on her face as she does so. Several people stop and watch her fly by as she sails and weaves around the public effortlessly before slipping across the finish line.

Mark: I gotta admit Rori is more than a head turner, she got a lot of attention and I donít think it was because of her roller blading. A charming girl, letís hear why she wants to be part of FFW as recorded earlier.

The show switches to earlier, where we see Rori stretching a bit as she looks to the camera.

Rori: I want to be part of the best show in the business, I want to be surrounded by talent that can keep up with me, and give me somewhat of a challenge. Thereís nothing I wouldnít do to get to the top of the business, and Femme Fatale Wrestling is the top.

The show goes back to the competition as Rori is making her way back to the bench.

Mark: Charming girl, like I said! Roriís time wasnít the best, but very impressive. 14.2 seconds for her! Great effort!

Destiny Loveheart was next to go as she headed for the starting line. She seemed to be looking around for something, finding Mistress Wire was holding it and jerking it out of her hand. She headed for the starting line as Wire grinned with evil glee, looking down to the batteries for it in her hand.

Mark: Now Destiny is taking a slightly different tack to this competition, using technology to help her. Again, not against the rules. Letís hear what she had to say about this competition.

The show goes to a clip from Destinyís on camera promo for this competition.

Destiny: You all know me, seeing that I am a Loveheart, but I am calling Destiny! I don't know a whole lot about things but what I love truly is WRESTLING! I have seen my brother, Jason, and my sister, Traci, compete, back in EWC! But, what is different from me than from them is really this? I know that I am BETTER than them and I know that I won't act stupid like my family! You see, for years, both Traci and Jason has DISRESPECTED the Loveheart name! Hell, Jason already did that when he changed his name to Belmont and back to Loveheart, you just don't do that! So, Future Shock is my way in, and I am going to show the world that Destiny Loveheart will be here to stay!

Mark: If you didnít catch the rest of that promo, give it a watch and youíll see why Iím not sure if Destiny is going to survive in these skates of hers! But letís find out! On your mark, get set....GO!!!!

Destiny hit the button once, nothing happened. She tapped it twice, nothing happened. She quickly checked for the batteries, as Wire cracked up laughing at her. Loveheart gave Wire the finger, and removed a second pair of batteries from her pocket and put them in. Wire grumbled in anger as Destiny hit the button and took off finally!


People ran out of her way as Destiny flew down the boardwalk across the finish line and kept going out of sight!


The camera watches as Destiny is long since gone as Mark looks a bit bewildered before the camera swings around to see Raven Wicked making her way towards the line.

Mark: And last but not least is none other than Raven Wicked. Bismarck, North Dakotaís contribution to Future Shock! Raven has a very intense personality about her. If she can beat Destinyís time, the ACME catalog must have had a buy one get one free sale!

Raven limbers up a bit as someone bumps into her, not watching where they are going. She glares at them, flipping a coin and cursing to herself.

Mark: I asked Raven earlier what she thought of her competition and whom she thought would be her biggest challenge.

The show goes back to earlier as we hear from Raven.  As the shot cuts to Raven, she is crouched down as she rolls the dice, leaping upon them as soon as they stop rolling and is standing up straight within a heartbeat as though nothing had happened.

Raven: Firstly I'm really excited to be here and have been told to say thank you to FFW management for giving me this opportunity. As for the other competitors, well we seem to have a stripper with delusions of grandeur simply because of her name. A girl who thinks the worst that can happen is to be threatened with death - she will realise her mistake if she gets the misfortune of crossing paths with me, the blonde sob story from New York looking for the sympathy vote. But then we have possibly the biggest obstacles on my path to ultimately being successful. First is the only girl who could stop me today,the skater girl, the one who probably spends all her time wearing these ridiculous things, but I guarantee this is the only place she could achieve victory over me. The second is the Mistress, the yin to my yang, the only person who poses a major threat to me winning...and the woman I'll enjoy facing the most. She can bring all the pain she wants and every second of it will be sheer ecstasy to me, then when she's finished it'll be my turn and it'll be even more exquisite experience for both of us.

The show returns to the competition as Mark gives her the signal, as Raven leans forward and kicks off. She keeps her body in perfect alignment, leaning forward just slightly and using her foot to pick up speed more and more. She manages to maneuver past most of the pedestrians till she closes in on the finish line, not managing to avoid a man walking by eating a hot dog, whom she collides with, sending them both to the ground as she scrambles across the finish line as fast as she can.

Mark: Tough luck for Raven, she was doing great!

Raven gets to her feet, flipping a coin as the man gets up. She grins as she picks the coin back up and punches him straight in the face, mounting him and unloading a series of punches.

Mark: HEY!! STOP HER!!

A few members of the production team drag Raven away, as the camera watches her smiling a bit as they do so. Mark shakes his head.

Mark: 16.1 seconds! I'd disqualify her for that if I could!

The production team goes to check on the man on the ground as the camera goes back to Mark.

Mark: That was uncalled for! Well folks, this round, Mistress Wire wins the first competition of Future Shock by virtue of her time. I'd like to get a few words with Destiny whom came very close, but hell she could be half way to Poughkeepsie by now. As for the winner, weíll talk with her next time. Now itís up to you, fans! Go vote in the poll, which of our girls impressed you most? Who was your favorite Future Shock rookie? Weíll find out who goes on and who is going home, next time right here on Future Shock! Aloha from Honolulu!

Mark hands the microphone off to the cameraman as he goes to check on the fallen man as the first edition of Future Shock goes off the air.
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