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June 25, 2018, 03:36:16 am
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FFW Unstoppable 8 - July 29, 2017

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Author Topic: FFW Unstoppable 8 - July 29, 2017  (Read 338 times)
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« on: July 29, 2017, 03:59:21 pm »

The show opens immediately inside AT&T Stadium with the crowd making quite a bit of noise until the camera focus on the stage. Quagliaterre recording artist Madisin Sandoval looks out over the massive crowd with a smile, and starts to sing “The Star Spangled Banner.” Much of the crowd is standing during the performance as she hits each note perfectly with a long held note at the end as the Blue Angels flight squadron fly overhead to a roar from the crowd.

As they do, we cut to a video showing the camera moving down the hall as it passes one monitor at a time playing clips from the previous seven incarnations of this event. The first monitor shows Amy becoming the first FFW Champion. The second screen shows Raven Wicked capturing the Ultraviolence Championship from Unstoppable 2. The third revisits Wendy Briese capturing the Evolution Championship at Unstoppable 3. Isabella Pazzini’s retirement match is shown from Unstoppable 4 on the fourth screen, and right into Scarlett Kincaid’s first ever match with Wendy Briese where she defeats her at Unstoppable 5. The sixth screen features the Burning Star Express ending the historic reign of the One Woman Show to capture the FFW Unity Tag Team Championship from Unstoppable 6. The seventh screen is blank though. The camera zooms in on that before we cut to a highlight package.

This night ain't for the faint of heart
For the faint of heart, for the faint of heart
This night ain't for the faint of heart
'Cause the faint of heart gonna fall apart

“Wicked Ones” by Dorothy begins to play as we see the rise of Red Dead Demolition, and the announcement of the FFW & Evolution titles on the line between Caroline & Jo. It immediately goes to the interactions between Emma MacNamara & Laurel Anne Hardy, including Hardy stopping Emma from going too far against Riley Riot. The two stare across at one another. The open challenge from Felicity Banks is shown until Miko Ayano accepts, surprising the crowd watching and sending them to a roar.

This night ain't for the holy man with the holy plan
For the promise land
This night we got the evil hand
And the evil hand gonn' raise the dead

A furious glare from Savannah Taylor is shown as Natalya Demidov stops her from relentlessly assaulting an opponent after a tag match, and then highlights from the showdown between Eileen Amaro and “The” Steph Stefano, followed by the battles for both the FFW Unity & Tornado Tag titles.

Ain't no love when the wicked run
All we do is try to lay off, lay off, lay off
We're the wicked ones, wicked ones

The camera finally shows 187 written all over a wall with Unstoppable written amongst them with the giggling of Hayley Dark before we cut to the live broadcast.

As the show goes live inside the stadium, fireworks erupt into the sky overhead as a roar of fans can be heard. The cameras pan the massive crowd, and then the huge stage with “Unstoppable” written across the backdrop in the shape of video walls and the floor and ramp with video effects. Zack’s voice is heard by the home viewers watching on Pay Per View.

Zack: It’s the biggest night of the year for FFW! Welcome to AT&T Stadium! Welcome to over 100,000 fans from some 45 states and dozens of countries around the world! And welcome to the grand spectacle that is….UNSTOPPABLE 8! You have chosen a brilliant night to join us, and thank you wherever you are! Now I understand our ring announcer has an introduction to make! Take it away, Maggie!

The camera heads up to the ring, where Maggie Rourke stands in the center and seems overwhelmed by the crowd in attendance. A bright smile and a new dress adorn her as she lifts the microphone to her lips.

Maggie: Please welcome the host of Unstoppable…..EMI YAMAMOTO!!

"Hekira no Sora e Izanaedo" by Kotoko plays across the stadium as the crowd erupts in cheers. Emi Yamamoto steps onto the stage in what could only be described as a princess dress. She is slightly overwhelmed by the large audience; the largest audience she's ever seen live, but maintaining her confidence, she carried on towards the ring with a joyous look on her face. She walks down the ramp, trying not to trip over her heels, as she waves to the fans. As Emi carefully climbs into the ring to look around at all the people, still trying not to trip over herself, Maggie gives her a hug and offers her the microphone.


The fans give her an echoed response of "HI EMI!!" This makes her giggle.


She gets a very loud response to that from the crowd.

Emi: Wow! Somebody just told me how many of you guys there are tonight. Guess how many of you there are. A whole hundred thousand of you! That's uh...that's a lot of people, right? Well I bet I'm not the only nervous one around here, but you know what? I'm super excited to be part of this. There's gonna be lots of awesome matches! I'm especially looking forward to the Unity Tag Team shiny ladder match. I mean we got the Brazilian Storm...

The crowd boos to that.

Emi: ...defending their shinies against the BSX!!

The crowd gives the BSX a mega face pop.

Emi: Yeah! We've even got Felicity Banks against Miko Ayano! Cool, right?

The crowd once more gives her a very favorable response.

Emi: It still feels weird being the host for this show, but Imma tell you what I'm gonna do tonight. So I'm gonna be covering the show through the night. Imma be talking to some of the stars before their big matches, just to make sure they're ready and not gonna be nervous or anything. I'm gonna do just that right now, but before I go, I just wanna say how super duper happy I am to be here, I really hope you enjoy the show, and I hope you're ready, because it's time to get the show started!!!

Zack: I have never felt anything like what I am experiencing right now! The biggest night in FFW’s long history is here, the night that everyone in this company awaits each year. Sit back, lock in, because Unstoppable 8 starts now!

Maggie heads for the ring as we got a video package for the first match.

Maggie: This is the opening contest of Unstoppable 8 and it is scheduled for one fall to a finish.

Zack: After the build up of the last year we have arrived at the first match of the biggest show in the FFW calendar. Starting us off we have two women who are no strangers to each other and since my usual commentary partner is accompanying one of them to the ring, for this match only I have Scarlett Silver joining me.

Scarlett: Thanks for having me, Zack. The atmosphere out here is electric and it’s just getting me even more pumped up for my own match later tonight… you know that little match where FFW is going to crown it’s new Fast Track Champion?

Zack: Indeed, that is later along with the rest of the jam packed card we have lined up for your viewing pleasure. For now, let’s head down to the ring and get this monster show on the road.

Maggie: Accompanied to the ring by Mai Hotaru.. From Kumamoto, Japan, she is The Eighth Chamber Orochi... O.E. AYANO!!
Walking towards the ring from behind the curtain is the Eighth Chamber Orochi, O.E. Ayano. Ayano is dressed in a sports jersey of a rival team to the current city the show is taking place, as well as a surgical mask. Mai Hotaru pops out of the curtain soon after and puts a hand on her client’s shoulder as “Wipe Me Down” continues to play over the sound system. Together the two women walk down the ramp as the crowd boos O.E. the entire time. She stops short of the ring and pulls off her jersey and surgical mask, handing it to Mai. Now visible in her wrestling gear, she leaps onto the apron as her entrance theme continues.
“‘Cause I’m on! (Wipe me down!) ‘Cause I’m on! (Wipe me down!)
‘Cause I’m on! (Wipe me down!) ‘Cause I’m on! (Wipe me down!)
‘Cause I’m on! (Wipe me down!) ‘Cause I’m on! (Wipe me down!)
‘Cause I’m on! (Wipe me down!) ‘Cause I’m on! (Wipe me down!)”

Ayano stands in her corner as the referee checks her, pulling a zip-tie or three from her boots and giving her a look as O.E. shrugs her shoulders, ready for the match.

Zack: This was the last match to be added to the Unstoppable line up following an incident on Velocity a few weeks back. In a rivalry that has spanned since both women were in Future Shock, tonight’s match could prove to be an angry one to say the least.

Scarlett: O.E is gonna knock her name straight outta her mouth! And as the first of the awesome group that is Chaotic Temptation to have a match tonight, she is going to start as we all mean to go on.

Maggie: Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for the next big band on the rise! From Portsmouth, New Hampshire, they are musically punking you! Their talents are against all kinds of audio laws...And yet you! Are gonna ROCK! THE FUCK! OUT! Give it up for TROUBLE CLEF!

As the fans cheer and roar we see a set up off to the side of the stage where four bodies are waiting for their cue: Guitarist Lanny Kaur, bass player Nelson Reed, drummer Carly Mack, and a fourth who has their back turned to us, holding a guitar while wearing a jacket that has the Trouble Clef “Bloody Clef” logo on it's back. The guitar strings can be heard gently humming the start for “The Pretender” by Foo Fighters, and Lily-Rose slowly turns to face the audience.

Keep you in the dark
You know they all pretend
Keep you in the dark
And so it all began

The music gets harder, louder as Trouble Clef all begins to play together.

Send in your skeletons
Sing as their bones go marching in, again
The need you buried deep
The secrets that you keep are ever ready
Are you ready?
I'm finished making sense
Done pleading ignorance
That whole defense
Spinning infinity, boy
The wheel is spinning me
It's never-ending, never-ending
Same old story
What if I say I'm not like the others?
What if I say I'm not just another one of your plays?
You're the pretender
What if I say I will never surrender?
What if I say I'm not like the others?
What if I say I'm not just another one of your plays?
You're the pretender
What if I say that I'll never surrender?
In time our soul untold
I'm just another soul for sale, oh well
The page is out of print
We are not permanent
We're temporary, temporary
Same old story
What if I say I'm not like the others?
What if I say I'm not just another one of your plays?
You're the pretender
What if I say that I'll never surrender?
What if I say I'm not like the others?
What if I say I'm not just another one of your plays?
You're the pretender
What if I say that I'll never surrender?

At this point Lily starts to head off the stage, Lanny taking the main guitar spot while Lily plays secondary, still singing on her way down the ramp.

I'm the voice inside your head
You refuse to hear
I'm the face that you have to face
Mirrored in your stare
I'm what's left, I'm what's right
I'm the enemy
I'm the hand that will take you down
Bring you to your knees
So who are you?
Yeah, who are you?
Yeah, who are you?
Yeah, who are you?

The music stops all but the guitar strum, and Lily takes her jacket off, throwing it into the audience who tries their damnedest to be the one holding onto it. Lily removes her guitar from around her as she slides into the ring.

Keep you in the dark
You know they all pretend

Standing in the middle of the ring, the music and Lily picks back up, the Fighting Rose staring hard into the hard cam as she continues to sing.

What if I say I'm not like the others?
(Keep you in the dark)
What if I say I'm not just another one of your plays?
(You know they all pretend)
You're the pretender
(Who dares)
What if I say I will never surrender?
So who are you?
Yeah, who are you?
Yeah, who are you?

Once the band stops playing, Lily raises the metal horns high, and a pyro effect goes off behind her and at the stage. Lily hands her guitar off to a ringside crewmember, then rips away her pants to reveal her fighting shorts underneath. Yup, the fighter is ready to fight as she pounds her MMA gloves together.

Zack: As the first Future Shock graduate following the relaunch, Lily likely thought she had put O.E behind her then, but tonight proves otherwise. It really is a rivalry reignited between these two women.

Scarlett: You can run, you can hide, but eventually the past is gonna catch you and bite you on the butt when it does. Especially if you keep trash talking because you think you’re safe!

As Maggie gracefully leaves the ring, referee Melinda Davis gives both women a cursory check for anything illegal before calling for the bell to get the match underway. Lily approaches the centre of the ring, while O.E makes no attempt to move at all. Instead she stays leaning against the ropes watching Lily with a smirk on her face. Lily yells at O.E to hurry up, eager to get going, but Ayano doesn’t budge an inch from her position. O.E turns around and leans over the top rope to say something to Mai, as she does, Lily loses patience with waiting and charges at her. She grabs Ayano’s wrist and fires her across into the opposite ropes. Instead of waiting for her to rebound she follows straight after her and getting her into a front headlock, Lily starts to fire right hands into O.E’s abdomen and ribs.

Zack: Lily got fed up waiting for O.E to come to her and has made an explosive start to this match. Those right hands can be lethal and O.E would do well to get out of that position as soon as possible.

Scarlett: O.E is just letting Lily tire herself out, once she has then O.E will strike! She’s just biding her time.

Davis tells Lily to break and she does straight away but only to quickly grab her arm and fire her into the nearest corner. Following her in Lily unloads another series of rights into O.E’s abdomen, before she pulls her out of the corner and stands to the side of her, locking her arms around Ayano’s waist. She lifts her up and slams her back first to the canvas. Wasting no time at all Lily rolls over to throw her arm across O.E’s chest for a cover and Davis slides into position quickly for the count.

Zack: I don’t see any sign of Lily tiring herself out and she is going for a very early pin before O.E has even had a chance to respond at all.


O.E kicks out at the one and shoves Lily away from her. Lily uses the momentum to roll up back to her feet, as O.E gets back to hers also.

Scarlett: You can have as many pin attempts as you want, they don’t count unless you keep them down for a three. My girl O.E is just playing with Lily, lulling her into a false sense of security, I bet ya!

Lily makes a beeline for O.E and again gets her into a headlock to fire rights up into her abdomen but this time, O.E forces the break by delivering a wet willy that makes Lily release her and step back in disgust. As Lily wipes her ear, O.E clocks her with a roundhouse kick that sends her head reeling and staggers her back a little, but she remains upright on her own two feet. O.E speedily grabs Lily’s arm and twists it behind her back into a hammerlock, then steps around to get her into a front facelock before she falls back to driver Lily’s head down into the mat. With Lily face down on the canvas, O.E jumps back to her feet but not for long as she delivers a knee drop to the back of the unsuspecting Lily’s neck. Flipping her onto her back, O.E goes for a cover of her own and Davis once again gets into position.

Scarlett: You see! That is ingenuity and creativity right there and now the roles are reversed. O.E is going to get the three count just like I’m going to do later, Zack!



Lily rolls her shoulder of the canvas well before Davis counts the two and as O.E pushes back onto her knees, Lily fires a kick straight into her face knocking her flat onto her back.

Zack: O.E only managed a one and a quarter and Lily has her flat on her back. There is a lot of anger showing in this match already.

Scarlett: Lily caught her off guard, that’s all. I mean really, who would expect a kick to the face when someone is trying to escape a pin?

Powering back to her feet, Lily heads straight for O.E before she can get up from the kick to the face and mounts her chest to begin firing rights into her head, rapid fire style. She only stops when Davis reaches a count of four and she storms back to her feet, pulling O.E up along with her. Lily shoves O.E back into the ropes and as she rebounds, Lily is waiting to catch hold of her. Putting her in a front facelock, Lily looks as if she is going for a DDT but before she can complete it, O.E reaches around behind her and gives her…. a wedgie?! The Arlington crowd show their disdain towards O.E extremely loudly but O.E doesn’t seem to care as Lily releases her. Ayano starts to trash talk as Lily attempts to fix her wedgie situation.

Zack: Did she really just… you know what, nevermind.

Scarlett: Yes, Zack. Yes she did! How awesome is that? It’s an effective way to avoid a DDT you’ve got to admit that and who else but O.E would think outside of the box like that? This crowd don’t know a good thing when they see it, but they are the type of people that cheer Kassidy and Tifa too.. so no surprises there.

Zack: Ummm… sure.

Taking full advantage of Lily being distracted, O.E pushes her back into the corner and starts to fire stiff machine gun chops into Lily’s chest. After a moment she steps back admiring her handy work as welts start to appear on Lily’s chest. O.E backs up a bit more and then runs at Lily, leaving her feet for a dropkick but Lily ducks to the side and O.E’s feet go straight over the middle turnbuckle leaving her sitting there with her feet dangling outside.

Zack: Lily has left O.E hanging, literally, after a dropkick gone wrong. This could be really bad news for O.E. Lily has the perfect opportunity to take back control from this position.

Scarlett: That was disgraceful, Lily should be disqualified for causing O.E to end up in that position!

Zack: The referee isn’t going to disqualify Lily because O.E missed a dropkick, Scarlett.

Scarlett: Well she should!

Stepping up onto the middle rope, Lily delivers an Enziguri and O.E falls backwards, but with her feet still through the turnbuckle she just hangs there with her head down near the mat. Lily starts to unload a vicious volley of kicks to O.E’s body until Davis orders her to break. She fires one final hard kick to O.E which knocks her to the canvas. Lily goes straight for a cover without any fuss and the crowd show their support, getting to their feet to cheer her on.

Zack: Those kicks from Lily look lethal so you can just imagine how it actually feels to be on the receiving end of them. O.E is getting the wind knocked out of her sails.




Suddenly the cover is broken as Lily slides off O.E and under the bottom rope, but not completely out of the ring. Mai looks all around her and shrugs her shoulders, saying she doesn’t know what happened, but the boos of the crowd aimed at her give a pretty good indication.

Scarlett: See what I mean about this crowd? Booing poor Mai when all she’s doing is standing there, minding her own business and offering moral support to her client.

Zack: It’s pretty obvious she did more than just stand there. Lily didn’t slide herself under the bottom rope.

Scarlett: You shouldn’t always think the worst of people, Zack. Have a little faith in them, Mai is innocent!

Lily pulls herself back under the bottom rope and into the ring. She rapidly gets back to her feet and rests on the ropes shouting down to Mai that she knows what she did. Behind her O.E quickly goes ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors, shoot’ and balls a fist which she smacks into her free hand three times. Suddenly she charges at Lily and spins her around to face her. First she pokes her in the eyes with her index and middle finger, then chops her in the jaw and finally punches her in the face. The crowd erupt in a mix of boos and displeased chants towards O.E but she just shrugs it off with a grin.

Scarlett: They just got PLAYED BY THE GAME!

As Lily raises her hands to shield her face, O.E spins her around again and wraps her arms around her waist. Lifting her up, she falls back dumping Lily on the canvas like a sack of trash. Ayano quickly throws her arm over and hooks the leg nearest to her. Davis slides into position to start the count.

Zack: A crisp German Suplex from O.E and she’s hoping that is going to be enough to put an end to the first match of this massive night.




Lily gets her foot on the bottom rope and although Mai tries to quickly knock it back off again, Davis spots it before she can. Stopping the count she warns Mai to back off, as Lily rolls towards to the ropes and pulls herself back up to her feet. O.E thumps the mat before getting back to her own feet too.

Scarlett: Oh, come on. Why does everyone have it in for Mai?

O.E charges at Lily but just as she is about to clothesline her over the top rope Lily ducks under her arm and continues on running to the opposite ropes. O.E grabs the top rope to stop herself from going over with the momentum and spins on a dime to take off at a run back towards Lily who is already on her return. This time O.E ducks under Lily’s arm and both women continue on their way to the ropes. With both rebounding off at the same time, they come back towards each other at speed, until they meet in the centre of the ring and Lily flattens O.E with a running STO. With O.E down and groggy, Lily quickly covers her and hooks both legs. Davis drops down immediately to count.

Zack: That’s EXIT LIGHT and it looks like Lily has just put O.E’s lights out!



O.E struggles but Lily tightens her grip on her legs and presses her arm down harder across her chest to keep her shoulders down.


Davis gets back to her feet and immediately calls for bell as Lily gets back to her feet to have her hand raised.

Maggie: Your winner via pinfall……………………..LILY-ROSE!

Zack: Lily has done it, she has picked up the first win of the night on the biggest FFW show of the year.

Scarlett: She just got lucky, that’s all!

Zack: Sure she did. And if like you said this is starting how Chaotic Temptation mean to go on… well…

Scarlett: I resent that implication, Zack. Lily better hotfoot it out of here, O.E looks like she is ready for a round two!

As Lily leaves the ring to thunderous cheers from the Arlington crowd, O.E storms back to her feet looking more than a little pissed. O.E shouts after Lily telling her that she wants a rematch and this isn’t over. O.E yells about getting vengeance and that she is going to break her neck and various other things not fit for a family audience. Lily just carries on walking up the ramp and the camera focuses on her before switching back to a still shouting O.E in the ring before we cut elsewhere.

Night Train Sight Seeing

The next image we see is of the Dallas Cowboys stadium store, which is obviously closed for the night. Or at least it was as somehow Night Train Ayano had gotten inside with all the jerseys and helmets and Cowboys merchandise. She had a Cowboys helmet on her head, a bottle of booze in her hand, and seemed to be helping herself to anything she could find.  


She found a collection of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders calendars, and flipped through the pages to see several of the team’s girls in their bikinis.


As it happens, stadium security stumbles across her before they head in after her to get her out. She tosses the calendars at the two guards, and bolts out of the store with what merchandise she’d found under her arm and security bolting after her before she disappeared around the corner.

Zack: I see Night Train is enjoying herself tonight, and I didn’t even know she was a Cowboys fan. Learn something new all the time.

Mai: Why was she invited again?

On that note, we head elsewhere.

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« Reply #1 on: July 31, 2017, 11:27:45 am »

Maggie: The following contest is set for one fall!

Zack: Chaotic Temptation are back in action for this one, and this particular match has been on the cards for months! I’ve got one of her colleagues in Chaotic Temptation with me, whose match isn’t for a while yet in Emma MacNamara, too.

Emma: You do. I’m greatly looking forward to this, Zack. Little “bish” as she likes to put it has had this beating coming since before Missy even left Future Shock.

The sounds of epic drama music fill the arena until we hear the beat of “No Problem” by Chance the Rapper.  Everyone in the arena gets to their feet as a pink mist begins to overtake the stage.  The song continues until that one moment.

“You don't want no problem, want no problem with me, bih!
You don't want no problem, want no problem with me”

All of the mist clears away to see Tifa Heafy standing in front of the sold out crowd with a huge smile on her face.  She stays there for a few seconds soaking up the cheers from the entire crowd.  “The Notorious T.J.H.” begins to make her way to the ring slapping all the hands that are over the guardrail.

Maggie: Introducing from Miami, Florida, she is “The Notorious T.J.H.”... TIFA HEAFYYYY!!!

The crowd roars for her introduction from Miss Rourke as Tifa stops to point to herself that’s me.  Heafy makes her way around the ring slapping more hands that stick out.  Tifa hops up onto the ring apron before making a huge fist pump that only serves to fire up the arena even more.  She leaps into the ring, landing on her feet before letting out an excited scream.  The music fades away as she backs into a corner.

Zack: Tifa Heafy has been begging for this match for quite a while, and to be honest she may have bitten off more than she can chew, with the run that Missy has been on recently.

Emma: I don’t understand how Tifa can be beg for the match when she’s the one that started it...no, wait, my own opponent did that too. Eh. In either case, she didn’t “maybe” bite off more, she definitely did. Not that she was ever that great a wrestler anyway. Or announcer.

The stage darkens as red light bathes it almost entirely before a ring of fire begins to form. “Wild Side” by Cross My Heart begins to play throughout the stadium as the circle of flames seem to grow taller in intensity.

I've been on my best behaviour
But I've heard that good girls finish last
And once you're gone they say no one can save you
But who knows,
If I go I may never want to ever come back

As the song plays on, a platform inside the ring of flames lowers and comes back up over the top of the flames. And there we find Missy in a cherry red and revealing skin tight ring attire from head to toe, including her boots. Wearing a little pair of horns on her head, she looks up to the sharp end of a pitch fork with a tap of her chin.

What's the use in fighting for my salvation
And why does it feel so damn right to want to be so wrong
I just wanna dance with the devil tonight
I want to know what it feels like

As the circle of flames start to dissipate, Missy jumps off the platform onto the stage and drives her pitchfork into it. Immediately a wall of flames shoots up behind her. And when they fall back down, her name is written in flames behind her as the stadium lights return.

Maggie: Introducing from Leeds, England, she represents Chaotic Temptation! Accompanied to the ring by her manager, Christian Kincaid, this is…………………..MISSY!!

Christian joins her as he walks in from behind her before she whispers something into his ear, and points her pitchfork towards the ring. She then tosses it behind her as they head in that direction. Christian holds the ropes open for her as she steps through, casting a long look over to her opponent before flames shoot up from each of the ringposts as she throws her arms above her head. As the music fades out, she hops up and stretches out across the top rope in the corner, licks her finger and touches her thigh and makes a sizzling noise with a grin.

Zack: To say that Missy has been on a roll since she arrived in this company is nothing shy of an understatement. She steamrollered her way through Future Shock and is not doing the same on the main roster, both on her own and alongside Scarlett Silver. She’s also accused Tifa of bodyshaming among other things.

Emma: And being a massive hypocrite. Which is true in fairness, but not the point. And everything you’ve just rattled off is nothing short of accurate, and that’s why anyone who thinks Tifa has a shot in Hell is an idiot. Besides, not like Christian has anything to do with bad wrestlers.

The bell doesn’t even finish its ring before Tifa charges across the ring towards Missy. Christian, who had been on the apron, drops down to get out of the way as Missy ducks the oncoming assault and watches Tifa rattle herself of of the corner. It doesn’t seem to fase her however as she turns around and goes for Missy again, this time with less time for the Yorkshire girl to think about getting out of the way. Missy goes down and Tifa is quick to pull her to her feet, hauling her to the middle of the ring where she’s the dropped with a DDT. Missy gets to her feet but takes an elbow to the face for her troubles, which forces Missy to take a couple of steps backwards, and  a look of annoyance to cross her face. Tifa smiles at her and this time  opens her stance, as though welcoming Missy’s shot. Missy however doesn’t move and this annoys Tifa, who tells her to move it. Missy again refuses and crosses her arms, telling Tifa she’s not stupid.

Emma: I’m really...really not sure what Tifa’s trying to do here, to be honest. I think she knows she’s annoyed Missy, but that’s about as far as it goes.

Zack: I’d wager she’s trying to play games with Missy. Which, if you asked Missy, has been the entire story of this.

Tifa grows more and more annoyed with this, and takes a step towards Missy. The American woman gets in her foe’s face and tells her what’s she going to do to her, which only brings a smirk to Missy’s face. This annoys Tifa even more and she goes for a swing at the Graduate, who blocks by catching the hand, and responds with a suckerpunch that didn’t miss the mark!

Zack: Tifa tried to force Missy’s hand and won in that, but didn’t expect what she got!

Emma: You say that like Tifa Hefy is the kind to expect anything other than...you know what, I’m not even sure what she expects. Do know she’s being an idiot mind you.

After being let go of, Tifa drops to a knee and clutches her stomach, which is the opening Missy needs to rattle her foot against Tifa’s temple, and that sends her to the mat. Missy steps back towards the ropes, where CK is giving her words of encouragement. Tifa starts to rise, getting almost up before going straight back down again thanks to a shining wizard from the Englishwoman! Missy turns on landing and brings Tifa to her feet, where, holding her in both hands by the head, she puts her knee in Tifa’s stomach.Once, twice, three times before turning the Illinois native and whipping her into the corner. Unfortunately it wasn’t the closest corner she was whipped into and it was enough time for Tifa to get her wits about her, grab the ropes as she neared the corner and use them to spring over Missy, who was charging towards her. It was Missy instead who hit the post and she turned around to receive a chop to the chest for her troubles, which the Unstoppable crowd seemed to love.

Emma: It’s actually quite sickening to know that the one who picked the fight, who did basically all of the antagonising, is the one being cheered. It’s also quite sickening to know that Tifa knows how to execute a basic chop.

Zack: Any chance Misy has been given, she’s lost so far. This is not going to work for her in the long haul, especially if Tifa keeps capitalising.

A second and then a third chop met Missy’s chest, which started to turn it a bright red in colour, and a look of pain to cross her face. Finally, Tifa relents with the chops and boots Missy in the stomach, causing the smaller wrestler to shrink into the corner a little. Tifa pulls her back to her feet and does it again, and Missy shrinks a little more than she did the first time. Rather than pull her up for a second time, the third kick meets her in the head instead. This knocks Missy to a seated position on the mat, and Tifa, taking hold of the ropes, begins to stomp for all she’s worth, catching Missy in the stomach, chest, upper legs and one might have hit her head. When she’s done with that, she pulls Missy out of the corner and dropped her this time with a swinging neckbreaker. As Missy hit the mat, Tifa dove on top of her and hooked the outside leg.

Emma: Well, that happened!



Zack: It was never going to be enough and I think even Tifa knew that.

Missy kicked out of the fall, rolling away from Tifa. Or at least trying to. Tifa glared at Missy, and carried on holding her down, while being admonished for doing so. Tifa moved around, and dropped an elbow into Missy’s stomach, which causes her to shout out. Rolling Missy to her side, Tifa maneuvered herself into a bodyscissors, squeezing on Missy’s abdomen and ensuring her hands were caught underneath. Missy’s face twisted in pain, but she refused to let anyone know that she was hurting.

Zack: Missy’s pain tolerance is famously high, but Tifa has got that locked in good and tight and it’s showing!

Emma: ...Maybe to everyone else it is, but hell if Tifa’s going to find that out any time soon.

Rocca watched her, the look on Missy’s face enough to tell her not to ask about giving up. All the same, the Englishwoman;s face turned red from everything, which only became worse as Tifa pulled the hold on tighter, and then decided to up the pressure by putting her hands around Missy’s head. This was enough to get Missy to yell, as the air that was in her mouth from trying not to shout was basically forced out. Tifa’s response to this was to tell her to tap, and on squeezing again, dug a foot in against her. Meanwhile, Missy had been fighting the entire time to free one arm, but with the oxygen being cut off, that was decidedly harder to do. Eventually, she managed to pull one arm free, which only meant that Tifa tightened the hold again, not realising. SHe did realise however when Missy’s nor freed hand came up and started prying Tifa’s own hand from her neck. She got there, but was clearly fading as she did. Out of desperation and before Tifa could apply the choke, Missy leaned down and drove an elbow into Tifa’s shin, which forced Tifa to break the hold. Still gasping for air, the Graduate rolled away, laying on her front but propped up on her elbows to get the air back in her lungs.

Emma: ...I would appear to stand corrected, but her hand was forced there.

Zack: In fairness, I don’t think many people would have reacted differently to that chain of events.

Tifa is clearly annoyed by all of this and it’s obvious as she moves towards Missy, dropping her with another elbow, this one to the back, and it forces Missy down. Missy takes advantage of being flat again and rolls towards the rope, and grabs it as Tifa chases her. Tifa stops, seeing that she has grabbed the ropes. Missy used the ropes to get back to her feet, her eyes never leaving Tifa as she gets up. She lets go of the ropes, and as she does, Tifa swings, she grabs it again, just before she’s whacked in the face with a backhand. It sends her into the ropes, and forces her to let go. Tifa then grabs her around the waist and looks to haul her overhead...and is almost successful.


Zack: Was Missy doing an odd version of possum there?

Emma: Who cares?! It worked!

Suddenly, Missy deadweights herself and the two wrestlers go tumbling to the mat, Missy landing on top of her, and raining punches into Tifa’s head. Missy, clearly annoyed now, shouts at her something about “fucking with the wrong person”. Finally, Rocca pulls Missy from her, but Missy is not okay with this. She steps forward and fires off a stiff kick into Tifa’s ribs, which makes the American flinch heavily. She pulls Tifa to her feet and fires off an uppercut as she gets there, and whips her into the ropes. On the rebound. Missy waits for Tifa to come back to her, then leaps off the middle rope and decks her with a flying clothesline! Tifa almost goes a full 360 spin, but lands on her back instead. Missy takes full advantage of that and takes from the ropes again, this time landing on Tifa with a rope-assisted moonsault.Getting to her feet, the pulls Tifa to her feet and this time drops Tifa on her front with a double-knee facebreaker. It’s then that she heads for the ropes, and stands there on the top as she waits for Tifa to move. Sure enough, her adversary gets to her feet,m and no sooner does she than Missy leaps from the top, driving her knees into Tifa again and, straddling her, brings both legs up and locks then in for the cover!

Emma: What was that you were saying about Missy losing her openings, Zack?




Zack: I also appear corrected!

Tifa kicks out, and Missy is clearly quite irritated with that. Letting go, she gets off of Tifa and pulls her up, and this time drops her with an inverted DDT. Tifa drops again, and Missy once more heads for the ropes. Again she watches as she perches herself carefully on the turnbuckle, and takes la leap!

Zack: Li’l Miss--

Emma: ...Well godfuckingdamnit.

NO! Missy crashes, both figuratively and literally as Tifa brings her knees, up, and Missy lands stomach first on them! The English wrestler rolls off, clutching her stomach and is then grabbed by Tifa who pulls her into a pin!

Emma: I swear, that was pure luck on Tifa’s part, and I don’t think she realises it.




Zack: I would argue it was more smart than luck, but sure.  In any case, Missy lives on!

Missy forces her way out at the last possible moment and Tifa looks to Rocca, who holds two fingers up. Tifa is obviously annoyed and gets to her feet, the toe of her boot meeting Missy’s back. Missy’s back arches and she tries to roll away. But as she reaches her front a knee comes down and stops that from happening. She grabs Missy and wails on her until the Englishwoman...just stops moving. Tifa, satisfied, makes her own way to the top rope, where she crouches down. Standing tall, she leaps into the air, going with a flip…


Emma: HAHAHAHAHAHA! Well deserved!

Zack: ...What? Oh for God sake!

Tifa dropped like a sack of potatoes from the air, and Missy, before she could be spotted, was seen by the camera getting rid of her chain! No sooner did she do that, she went for the cover!

Zack: Missy had the chain, got rid of the evidence and is about to walk out with the win! Tifa’s not moving!




Emma: YES! That’s my girl! See, what I tell you about us tonight, Zack?

Maggie: Your winner by way of a pinfall, MISSY!

Missy rolls off of the cover, a large smile on her face as Christian rolls into the ring. Missy’s hand is raised by both of them, and Christian applauds her after letting go of her hand.

Zack: By hook or by crook, chalk that one up as a win for Missy, and Chaotic Temptation! My partner, Missy and Christian would all call that a win, but everyone else would call it for its ending!

Emma: What ending? She fell out of the air! Not Missy’s fault she’s useless!

Zack: Right...

As Missy goes on to celebrate to the jeers of the crowd, we go somewhere else.

A Girl Worth Knowing

The next image we see is that of Jake Chandler leading a blindfolded woman through a hallway. She is clearly in good shape, and has flowing blonde hair. The camera follows along.

Jake: I know this is weird, but I wanted to put something special together since this is a big night. Plus I wanted to show you what I’ve told you all along. You’re a girl worth knowing, Veronica.

He turns the corner in a little room filled with all manner of things. Chief among them are two massive bowls of Skittles on a wooden table in front of a purple sofa. In front of that is a monitor with the live show on it. Draped across the back of the sofa are various shirts, hoodies, and argyle sock monkeys. Jake plucks the blindfold off her eyes to show her.

Jake: I set this up for you, and everything here except the furniture and TV is yours. I hope you like it.

Veronica’s eyes go wide as they scan the room, amazed at all of the gifts in front of her.

Veronica: I really dunno what to say….OH SKITTLES!

She runs up to the bowls, snatching a few Skittles in her hand before popping them into her mouth.

Jake: You can hang out in here, watch the entire show, and just let one of the PAs know if you need anything.

He presented her with a VIP guest lanyard with her picture and name on it, and hung it around her neck with a smile.

Jake: Tonight, you’ll be treated as though you are royalty. Because as I’ve said before, you’re a girl worth knowing! I hope all this that me and some of the production team put together proves that to you.

Veronica: It’s all so much…except the Skittles, they should last me the entire show.  You’re a great friend Jake.

She gives him a warm smile.

Jake: If any of those shirts aren’t the right size, we’ll change them out for the right size for you. Unstoppable is a very special night for FFW. And in this case, for one of the guests of the show. Is everything alright? Did we forget anything?

Veronica: Yes, everything is fine you big silly. Perfect even.

Jake clears off a spot on the purple sofa, freeing up some cushion space for her underneath all the merchandise.

Jake: Enjoy the show!

She sits on the couch looking up at him, before patting the space on the couch next to her.

Veronica: Only if you enjoy it with me!

Jake plops down beside her, offering one of the large bowls of Skittles before we head elsewhere.

The history of events between the three women in the upcoming triple threat is shown before we head back to the ring with a smiling Maggie waiting with her microphone.

Maggie: The following contest is a triple threat match for the vacant FFW Fast Track Championship!

Zack: You want to talk about some animosity? We got it in spades right here. There’s no better place than the grand stage here to settle it, and see who will try to follow in Kaoru Asaka’s footsteps.

Mai: I promise you likely none of these three are thinking about Kaoru right now. They just want the title, and all that comes with it, Zack.

The lights dim just before “Heavy” by The Glorious Sons starts playing throughout the arena.

Come heavy or don't come at all,
You leave your piece at home that's your call,
It never paid to be merciful,
Come heavy or don't come at all

The lights come up as the music rises and Ruby Tyler bursts through the curtain, running down the ramp and high-fiving fans along the way.

Come heavy or don't come at all,
Been here before and watched a better man fall
I smell the fear on you boy
Come heavy or don't come at all

Maggie: From Barstow, California, weighing in at one hundred thirty-five pounds, she is the Huntress, RUBY! TYLER!

Tossing her jacket aside, Ruby turns to face the crowd and pumps her fist in the air before sliding underneath the bottom rope, grinning as she heads to her corner and climbs the turnbuckle, her head bobbing as the chorus plays out. Once the music fades, she hops down and turns, waiting for her opponent.

Zack: This isn’t Ruby’s first shot at the Fast Track title. She was one of the women who tried to take it from Kaoru. But where that match had a lot of respect, I’m not sure how much of that there is to be found here.

Mai: When gold is on the line, Zack, you can take respect and shove it up your ass. If you try to maintain friendships or any of that crap in a match like this, you deserve to lose.

On a cold winter morning, in the time before the light!
In flames of death's eternal reign we ride towards the fight!
When the darkness has fallen down, and the times are tough all right!
The sound of evil laughter falls around the world tonight!

From the speakers loud guitar can be heard energetic and wild, “Through the Fire and Flames” by DragonForce signals the entrance of the raging redhead. Kassidy, the warrior lost in time rushes out, slapping hands of every fan she can possibly get to as her eyes gaze down upon the ring with fire behind them.

Maggie: Hailing from Dublin, Ireland...by way of the Faroe Islands....this is the Warrior that Time Forgot...KASSIDY!

Rushing down to the ring Kass slaps the hands of every single fan she can on other side, even running back once more to the entrance and again all the way back down to make sure she tags every hand she can. Running around the ring Kass then slides under the bottom, hair whipping back with a primal roar before rising and rushing to the ropes, shaking and headbanging to get the fans as pumped as she was. Spinning on her heels the redhead grins, ready for whatever may come her way.

Zack: You can feel the intensity...the electrifying energy that Kassidy brings with her every time she steps out onto the ramp! From Future Shock all the way to the biggest stage in FFW, Kassidy is my pick to leave with it all tonight!

Mai: Based on what exactly? It’s that wild and reckless abandon that’s caused her so many problems. Fine, you can pick her if you want. But my prediction, well...she’s on her way.

As the stage darkens, a single spotlight appears overhead and three more in a row. Under each is a very fit woman dressed in what looks to be seven veils.

Can't keep my hands to myself
No matter how hard I'm trying to
I want you all to myself
Your metaphorical gin and juice.

Selena Gomez’s “Hands to Myself” begins to play as all the girls begin to dance in synchronicity, their bodies swaying in unison with one another. As the second chorus begins, each of them remove a veil around their legs, baring them for the crowd as the song continues.

So come on give me a taste
Of what it’s like to be next to you
Won't let one drop go to waste
Your metaphorical gin and juice

The song continues as yet another veil is throw behind them, this time revealing their faces and we see that Scarlett is among them. The rhythmic dancing continues as they run their hands along their side and across their hips before a third veil comes off around their body. Each of them wearing a lacy outfit, save for Scarlett in her new ring gear.

Cause all of the downs and the uppers
Keep making love to each other
And I'm trying, trying, I'm trying, trying

As they are about to remove a fourth veil, Scarlett walks past each of them and shoves them out of their respective spotlights until all the lights converge on her. Seconds later, the lights come back up with the other girls now gone, save for Scarlett as she is joined by manager Christian Kincaid. He follows her towards the ring as she removes the last few veils and throws them behind her before slithering under the bottom rope, going into a split and popping up to her feet.

Maggie: Introducing from Los Angeles, California...she represents Chaotic Temptation and is accompanied by Christian Kincaid……’THE STAR DISTRACTION’ SCARLETT SILVER!!

The massive crowd shows her no appreciation whatsoever, booing her loudly as she looks down to her opponents on the floor staring back up at her. Hopping on the bottom rope, she leans over the top rope and gives the camera quite the display of cleavage before popping back onto her feet on the mat and propping up against the corner.

Mai: Oh God, Zack! Look at her, look at those! How can you not lust and love this woman all at once?! Not to mention she’s got massive momentum behind her...and me!

Zack: I won’t deny that Scarlett Silver has picked up quite the number of wins since joining Chaotic Temptation! But she’s not been in a triple threat with this kind of stacked competition that she is tonight in FFW, much less with a title on the line.

Mai: Oh my, she really is stacked, isn’t she?

Referee Angela Keanan already had possession of the Fast Track Championship, which she raised over her head before handing it off to Maggie as she left. The official checked all three opponents, and called for the bell. There was almost an even split between Kassidy and Ruby as far as fan support, especially as the two looked at one another and then back to Scarlett. The Chaotic Temptation member’s eyes widened as she saw them focus on her, and immediately tried to leave the ring as they advanced. But they caught her before she could, dragging her back in and dually firing her back into the corner. Kassidy unleashed a hard knife edge chop to Scarlett’s chest, only for Ruby to hit one as well. Kassidy fired another, Ruby followed that with one of her own before they both used a dual hip toss to put her on the mat.

Mai: This isn’t a triple threat, Zack! It’s a handicap match, they are all supposed to be facing one another! Not two on one!

Zack: Scarlett’s instigated a lot of this, and she has it coming! I know one thing, there’s no way she’s going to withstand both of them for very long.

They pulled her back to her feet, and sent her across to the far side. Silver rebounded and caught two knees into her abdomen before Kassidy launched her with a belly to back suplex. Ruby followed that up with a leaping elbow drop to her chest. Both women pulled her up by the arms back to her feet, and then took turns firing front kicks into her chest and body. They fired her into the far corner, with Ruby catching her with a running elbow to the mouth. She quickly got out of the way as Kassidy followed up with a stinger splash. Silver didn’t even get out of the corner before they both hoisted her up overhead for a stalling vertical suplex.

Mai: This is disgusting! What do Kassidy and Ruby think? Do they think they can share the Fast Track Championship?!

Zack: I’m positive they don’t, but if they can neutralize one of the people in this match, they can settle it between them. And are they ever neutralizing Scarlett!

The devious brunette was in clear pain as she tried to crawl towards the ropes, but her two opponents didn’t let her get that far. Ruby pulled her up to her feet from behind, and fired a few shots into her lower back. She pulled her head backwards, and executed a reverse DDT and went for the cover as Keanan dropped to count.


Zack: Scarlett’s getting the stuffing beat out of her, and Ruby was looking to hit the showers!

Mai: Yeah, but Kassidy wants to be champion too! I hope Ruby wasn’t expecting her to just sit back and watch. Ohh, I have a feeling this is about to get good!

Keanan never even got to two before Kassidy pulled Ruby off the cover. Tyler got back to her feet as Kassidy shook her head. They both glanced down to the fallen Scarlett for a moment, and then back to each other….and started trading blows! Kassidy and Ruby unloaded with right hands, to which Kassidy was getting the better of the exchange. The orange haired warrior ducked a right, and scooped Ruby up for a stun gun across the top rope! Tyler staggered and coughed heavily, to which Kassidy caught her with a bicycle kick to the head to put her down. Kassidy made the cover on Ruby as the referee dropped to count.

Mai: Ruby got her head kicked in, and now Kassidy’s going for the win! C’mon Scarlett!!




Tyler kicked out before the three came down, and Kassidy got back to her feet. As Tyler tried to do the same, Kassidy began to drive forearm strikes into the side of her head. She backed her up a few steps, and then hoisted her up high for a military press slam.

Zack: There’s no question Kassidy is the powerhouse of this trio. And right now, the Warrior That Time Forgot is running the table!

The warrior shouted to the massive crowd, which returned the favor before she took off towards the ropes. A rolling thunder senton landed onto Ruby’s chest before Kassidy got back to her feet again. She yanked Tyler back to her feet, and fired her into the nearby corner. The brunette hit chest first against the turnbuckle, and Kassidy followed her in with shoulder thrusts into her lower back. Five of them in a row connected before she sat her up on top rope facing the crowd. Kassidy crawled up behind her, and executed a back suplex to the mat! She went to roll over her to make the cover until a rake of her eyes from Scarlett blinded her. Then Silver went for the cover instead!

Mai: That’s how you do it!! Let Kassidy do all the work, and you take the reward!




Ruby got her shoulder up, but it was clear she was still stunned. Silver got to her feet with a smile on her face, not realizing the angry orange haired woman behind her. Kassidy tapped her on the shoulder, causing Scarlett’s eyes to widen as she felt behind her...and slowly realized Kassidy was back to her feet.

Zack: It’s not gonna be that easy, Scarlett! Yeah, you got someone waiting on you who can see now!

Scarlett turned as Kassidy pounded her chest, and screamed into the crowd. Silver tried to get away from her, nearly tripping on Ruby in the process. But Kassidy snatched her around the waist for what looked to be a German suplex. But Scarlett fired back elbows repeatedly into both sides of her head. It took a few, but it finally sent Kassidy reeling. Silver darted for the ropes behind as the Warrior turned around, and used the middle rope for a springboard into a disaster kick to the mouth! Kassidy dropped like a rock as Scarlett dove on top of her for the cover!

Mai: YES!! Kick that ugly face all you want, and take that title!!




With ease, Kassidy shoved her off the cover. Silver finally stopped rolling, and looked back to see Kassidy beginning to get up. The brunette immediately got to her feet, and caught her with a knee trembler to the head as she was starting to rise.

Zack: You can see the sense of urgency on Scarlett’s face! She wants this over as soon as possible, and for once, you can’t blame her!

Silver took off towards the ropes closest to Kassidy, and looked for a Lionsault off the middle. But as she was in the air, Ruby pulled Kassidy out of the way so Scarlett could crash land on the mat instead! Silver hit hard as Ruby was back to her feet, and cracking her knuckles. She jerked Scarlett to her feet, and started peppering her with kicks to the body in rapid succession. It doubled the brunette over as Ruby rebounded off the near side, and delivered an axe kick to the back of her head to drop her to the mat. She immediately darted to the corner, and made her way up top. Tyler wasted no time as she launched herself into the air, delivering a big elbow drop off the top rope to Scarlett before making the cover!

Zack: Michael Jordan-like hang time off that big elbow from the top! Ruby’s on the Fast Track to the title right here!!




The referee stopped the count when she saw Scarlett’s leg under the bottom rope. What she didn’t see was Christian putting it there during the count.

Mai: I don’t know what percentage Christian gets, but I swear he deserves a raise!

Ruby shook her head, and yanked Scarlett to her feet. She shoved her back into the corner, and sat her up on the top rope before climbing up with her. Tyler put her head under one arm for a superplex, but Kassidy popped up about that same time. She ducked between Ruby’s legs. And as Tyler executed her superplex, Kassidy powerbombed Ruby at the same time! All three hit the mat, and the crowd roared!

Zack: The tower of doom!! I haven’t seen that in ages! Kassidy has inhuman power to do that!

Kassidy dragged herself towards Ruby, throwing an arm across her chest to make the cover before the referee fell into position to count!




Tyler’s arm popped up before the three came down, and Kassidy dragged herself to Scarlett instead and went for the same cover on her. Keanan slid into position immediately!

Zack: Ruby got the shoulder up barely in time, but I don’t think Silver will!




Zack was wrong as Scarlett’s shoulder popped up too, causing a very worn down Kassidy to pound the mat with her fist before she started to crawl towards the ropes.

Mai: Wrong again, Zack! Kassidy can’t---no no no no, why do we have to have ropes for Kassidy’s matches?!

The orange haired warrior made it to the ropes, grabbing the bottom rope and beginning to shake it more and more violently. The crowd started getting louder as well when she grabbed the second rope, and began shaking it! When she got to her feet and shook the top rope, it shook all around the ring!

Zack: Oh my God….she’s been recharged! Scarlett and Ruby are down….Kassidy is gonna be the Fast Track Champion! You CAN FEEL IT!!

Mai: Why hasn’t she been tested for illegal substances yet?! No on pure air acts like this!

Kassidy pounded her chest, screaming like a banshee into the crowd...at least until Ruby rose behind her and slapped on her rear naked choke! Kassidy’s eyes widened as Tyler fell backwards with her, and wrapped her legs around her waist as she tightened the hold!

Zack: Ruby with a rear naked choke, one of her favorite moves!! Kassidy is in huge trouble already!

As Ruby tried to tighten the grip against a straining Kassidy who was finally starting to slow down, Scarlett scooped up Kassidy’s legs to pin her down on top of Ruby, whose shoulders were pressed into the mat! Silver kicked her feet up onto the middle rope for even more leverage after the referee dropped to count.

Zack: Silver’s rolled up Kassidy, Ruby’s trapped underneath and can’t get free!!




As the three came down, Ruby finally got herself free but it was a split second too late. Keanan hopped to her feet to call for the bell as Scarlett immediately dove out of the ring to get away from Ruby, who was back up to her feet and heading for her.


Zack: That was horsesh--

Maggie: Here is your winner…..AND NEW FFW FAST TRACK CHAMPION……...SCARLETT SILVER!!!

Silver collapsed to the floor as Christian went to help her up. The referee joined them, awarding Scarlett the Fast Track title which brought a wide grin to her face. She raised it high overhead to boos from the crowd as Christian had to hold her up.

Mai: Scarlett using her wits and found a way to use Kassidy’s body and Ruby’s own submission against her! That was fantastic!

Zack: Scarlett Silver got pounded pillar to post since the bell rang, but like a thief in the night, she has the Fast Track title! And she’s gonna have to contend with one angry Huntress!

Christian helped Scarlett up the aisle, still helping her stand up as Ruby glared daggers at her from the ring.

Zack: I have a feeling Scarlett Silver is gonna have a Huntress on her tail for that title! But Silver steals the gold here tonight at Unstoppable!

Scarlett raised the title overhead when she saw Ruby staring at her in the ring. The agitated expression of Ruby Tyler is the last thing we see before the show heads elsewhere.

Mandy & Her Biggest Fan

The next thing we find are what looks to be a quite happy couple walking along a hallway in the upper deck. That would be Mandy Gray and her boyfriend, Brandon. (Not that you’ve seen him on camera often. But they are holding hands).

Brandon: Adam said a lot of the spots up here were reserved for the Prospects to come see the show, he got them separate boxes since...well some of them don’t get along too well.

Mandy: Same could be said for the alum, as well. Though the less I need to deal with any pf the prospects bitching about how one doesn’t like the other and...other things that basically sum up wrestling.

She shrugs.

Each of the doors has a window near it with blinds on it. Some of the blinds are drawn shut, others are open. Being a fan that he is, Brandon peeks into each window as they pass. He smiles as he sees the BNB Wrecking Crew together in one.

Brandon: I really like those two, my picks after you and Caitlyn to become the first Future Shock tag champs!

Mandy: They’re also good people! Even if it’d be nice to see Gillie’s head out o a book for more than 50% of a session...

The pair continue down the hallway, and the next window with blinds open causes him to stop and look for a moment. There he sees Angel talking with her manager before Christian lets himself out and walks past them with a wave.

Brandon: Probably should keep moving, I’d rather not get choked out with piano wire tonight.

Mandy: Sometimes, Angel’s like a bee. She only goes for you if you rattle her. Other times she’s a hornet...wait, most of the time she’s a hornet. Never mind. But yes, let’s keep moving.

Brandon: Hope no one gets mad. I mean if the window is open, I hope it’s not like they think I’m some peeping tom. Oh God, hopefully no one is having sex and forgot to close the blinds!

He smacks his forehead as they continue along to another window with the blinds open. A peer inside shows the Max Sato Experience...and Brandon immediately keeps walking. Mandy, not questioning his motive, follows after him.

Mandy: Bad enough I gotta face those two in that tag tournament.

As they approach one door, it’s actually opened. And the lights are on. Brandon stops and studies it for a moment, listening for noise before he looks inside to find a room filled with wilted flowers. Several of them. He glances back to Mandy.

Brandon: Dead flowers…. You think it’s whoever is in those videos on Future Shock?

Mandy: Knowing this company...very, very possibly. But why would you leave dead flowers lying around?

Brandon: You got me. I thought girls liked live flowers.

As the camera takes in the room full of wilted petals, we head elsewhere.

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The roaring crowd welcomes us back inside the stadium itself as Maggie stands front and center of the ring with her microphone.

Maggie: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall!

Zack: Isn’t it fitting that the Change of Heart will go out of FFW in a rematch against the last team the Pistols faced in their last tag match? Some seriously serendipity there.

Mai: No big loss to me. You have one team that I really don’t like, and another I’d whipped cream off their bodies while their men watched.

As the sad piano chords of “Nemo” by Nightwish begin to play, two figures rise from under the stage, holding their hands together as the crowd cheers on for them. They make it out to be Chrysta and Shizuka, who are wearing all white versions of their ring and entrance attires, with one small addition; a bridal veil over their faces, which they lift up before they head down to the ring.

Maggie: Making their way to the ring, from Thousand Oaks, California, they are “The Ice Queen” Chrysta...”The Golden Fury” Shizuka Miyamoto...for one last time here in FFW, please give it up for the CHANGE! OF! HEART!

Chrysta and Shizuka head down the ramp, which is covered in something resembling snow, with icy arches hanging overhead, made to look quite bridal in their style. At the bottom they give a few fans a high five, Shizuka giving one in particular a hug while Chrysta heads up the stairs to the apron. The Ice Queen sits atop the middle ramp, allowing Shizuka to step into the ring before her. Once inside Chrysta removes her robe, the Golden Fury her jacket, and they give one last look out to the crowd as they see the standing ovation being given, their minds reflecting on the last two and a half years they've spent within the company. Standing in the middle of the ring the two remove their veils, hold their hands together, and give a stage bow to the hard camera. Once the bow is broken Shizuka gives Chrysta a peck on the cheek, the girls heading to their corner as they prepare for their last match.

Zack: Chrysta and Shizuka chose FFW’s biggest stage to end their wrestling careers on here at Unstoppable. Part of me wonders what lies ahead for them both.

Mai: Probably being the most mundane lesbian couple ever, and I’d say they have a pretty good head start on that. Meanwhile, I think it’s about to get….really loud.

All eyes go back to the ramp as we see the bubbly Kelly Fury step out onto the stage. A grin on her face as she hears the crowd, she quickly goes solemn in her two piece black suit and sunglasses. The opening sound effects from the “Men In Black” theme begin to play (no lyrics though) as both Leah and Lizzy rise from the stage dressed just like Kelly. The girls look back at one another before Kelly squeezes a little device that causes a flash before the girls tear off the suits and show their ring gear underneath. They toss the sunglasses behind them with a grin before the live crowd erupts.

Kelly: AT&T Stadium…..hailing from London, England and Las Vegas, Nevada respectively…..LIZZY TAYLOR…...LEAH BELLE…...FFW fans worldwide, welcome back…...THE PISTOLS!!!

“Gunfight” by Sick Puppies blasts throughout the stadium before pink and purple flashlights hit the entrance. Once the chorus kicks in, Leah Belle and Lizzy Taylor make a gun signal with their hands as they point towards the crowd. A quick bump of their hips and a fist bump follow that.

As they make their way down the ramp, they slap a few fans hands before running and sliding into the ring together. Once they are back on their feet they each stand at a corner in the ring doing a ‘Pistol Salute’ to the fans as their music dies down.

Zack: I’ve been to title fights and championship games where I haven’t heard a roar like this one we are experiencing thanks to Lizzy and Leah!

Mai: WHAT DID YOU SAY?! I can’t hear a damn thing!

Leah and Lizzy hop down off the corners, and shake hands with Chrysta and Shizuka before both teams head for their respective corners. Referee Melinda Davis checks all four, and calls for the bell. Shizuka and Lizzy decide to start the match as their partners step out to the apron. They all look around at the massive crowd around for a moment before the two in the ring lock up. Lizzy immediately uses a leg sweep to take Shizuka down, and apply a standing armbar. When she tries to get up, Lizzy steps on her calf to bring her back down before driving a pair of elbows into her shoulder. Shizuka makes it back to her feet ultimately, only to get scooped up and slammed from a hammerlock. As the brunette tries to rise again, Lizzy stays behind her and scoops her up for an atomic drop that sends her into the Pistols’ corner. The Japanese wrestler barely stops herself from hitting the corner, but turns into a running knee to the gut from Lizzy that backs her into the corner. She makes the tag to Leah, who heads for the neutral before Lizzy drops to all fours. Leah darts towards Shizuka, using Lizzy’s back for a springboard into a hurricanrana that snaps Shizuka over Lizzy to the mat. Leah pops back to her feet, giving her partner a smile as she steps out to the apron.

Zack: It’s easy to see how much the Pistols have prepared for this match, they are already showing us some of that all important continuity.

Mai: Hm? I’m sorry, I was watching Leah’s chest, and hopping someone forgot to tuck and tape tonight.

Shizuka was slow to get up as Leah hit the near side ropes, delivering a running senton across her back to her put down again. Belle utilized a double knee drop into her back as well before pulling her back to her feet. She moved around behind her, firing forearms into her back before leaving her feet to execute a backstabber that sent Shizuka forward onto the mat. Belle quickly crawled towards her, and planted a knee in her back while applying a rear chinlock at the same time.

Zack: Leah and Lizzy have done an excellent job of isolating Shizuka, and keeping her in their half of the ring. She’s in need of a tag right now in the worst way.

Mai: You don’t think Shizuka and Chrysta thought the Pistols would come in here, and take it easy on them since it’s their last match, do you? I wouldn’t be surprised if they did.

With Leah’s knee firmly planted in her back, Shizuka used her hand to try to reach the bottom rope. It wasn’t too far away, and she finally managed to get a couple fingers across it to cause the break. Leah released the hold, and got back to her feet. When Miyamoto began to push up to her hands and knees, Leah clasped her hands together and began hammering shots down across her back relentlessly, driving her back down into the mat. When she finally reached down to grab her, Shizuka managed to roll onto her back and catch her with a palm thrust to the throat that choked Leah on impact. The Japanese star rolled to her feet, and immediately clinched her back in pain until she saw Leah coming towards her. She caught her coming in with a European uppercut and then scooping her up to fall back into a fallaway slam. But as soon as she sat up, it was clear that it hurt her almost as much as it did Leah.

Zack: Your back is the center of all your movement, and you can see that the Pistols have done a number on Shizuka’s spine. Every move she attempts seems to hurt her.

Mai: See, that’s smart tag team wrestling. Take away something from the opponent you know they need to have a better chance of winning. Everyone needs their backs. The problem with Shizuka is you can’t tell which side is her back and which is the front.

Miyamoto got to her feet, glancing to see Leah starting to do the same. She immediately rebounded off the near side ropes, and caught the Pistol with a high knee that staggered her backwards. Shizuka scooped her up over one shoulder and darted for the corner to deliver a snake eyes. Leah’s head hit the top turnbuckle before Shizuka spun her around, and dropped her with swinging neckbreaker. She immediately went for the cover as Davis dropped to count.

Mai: Just don’t bruise the girls, Zook!



Leah was quick to kick out on two, causing Shizuka to sit up on her knee and rain elbows down into her head before she got back to her feet. She headed for the corner, and tagged in Chrysta.

Zack: Only a two for Shizuka, but she made the right decision. Here comes the power hitter for the Change, and this will give Shizuka’s back a break too!

Leah started to get back up as Chrysta charged across with a punt kick to her ribs. It lifted Leah off the mat for a moment before Chrysta scooped her up with ease, snapping off a German suplex to the mat. She quickly got back to her feet, and moved in position as Leah started to sit up. Belle barely got there before Chrysta caught her with a running yakuza kick to put her right back down again. A leaping leg drop across her chest followed that before she hooked the outside leg for the cover. Davis dropped to count the fall.

Zack: Chrysta’s feet are lethal, and Leah’s catching them from all angles right here! We got a cover!




Once more, Leah kicked out just after the two struck the mat. Chrysta got back to her feet, and pulled Leah up by the arm. She headed for the corner, and climbed up to the top rope. A quick glance to the crowd, she then walked down the top rope for an Old School shot to Leah’s shoulder that drove her to her knees.

Mai: She was smart not to walk down the other rope for that, because that was on Lizzy’s side. And I have a feeling it wouldn’t have had the same success in that direction.

As Leah began to stir on the canvas, Chrysta moved towards the ropes and seemed to be measuring for something. When Belle made it to her feet, Chrysta went for her leaping axe kick! But Leah ducked underneath it. Chrysta landed on her feet, and turned in time to catch a Pele kick from Leah when she went to grab her from behind. The Ice Queen dropped like a rock, and Leah collapsed to a knee to try to get herself together.

Zack: I think Chrysta was looking for the FALLING ICICLE right there, but Leah saw her coming and was able to avoid the contact.

Mai: Of course, she did! Why stand around and get caught with that Brontosaurus thigh when you see it hurtling towards you?

Both women started to get back to her feet, with Leah slightly ahead of her adversary. As Chrysta rose, Leah went into a handstand into a tilt-a-whirl headscissors to snap Chrysta back to the mat. Belle immediately dove across her to make the cover before the referee dropped to count.

Zack: That’s the SPINNING CHAMBER!! We haven’t seen that in ages, and Leah’s going for it all!




Chrysta got her shoulder up in time before the three came down. Leah sat up on her knees, looking around for her partner and found Lizzy with her hand out ready for the tag. Belle rose to her feet, and was about to make the tag when she saw Chrysta starting to move as well. Leah lunged for the tag, and Lizzy darted into the ring and told her to get up.

Mai: Chrysta’s had her bell rung pretty good right there, and Lizzy has something in mind. Unfortunately it doesn’t involve me and bed with Egyptian cotton sheets!

Lizzy dragged Chrysta towards the center before Leah got to her feet, only to hit a standing shooting star press. She immediately rolled out to the apron before Lizzy connected with a leg drop to make the cover herself! Davis fell to count once more.

Zack: SHOOT’EM UP! Lizzy’s smelling victory!




Chrysta kicked out, but Shizuka also made the save with a baseball slide to send Lizzy rolling off the cover. Shizuka immediately grabbed Lizzy, and executed a Northern Lights suplex right into Chrysta’s knees before she finally exited the ring.

Mai: Shizuka just put Lizzy ON THE ROCKS, but I’m not sure how much Chrysta can capitalize on that right now.

Chrysta rolled onto her stomach, and started to head for the corner. She tagged in Shizuka back into the match, who immediately went to the top rope. She left her feet with a top rope elbow drop to Lizzy’s chest. The Japanese star moved around in position, waving for Lizzy to get back to her feet. When the blonde Pistol did just that, she immediately grabbed her head into position for her headlock driver. But before she could execute, Leah came back in and pasted her with a superkick to the chin. Shizuka collapsed in a heap, and Lizzy landed on her hands and knees.

Zack: Shizuka had a little INHERITANCE on her mind, but Leah says she can break up moves just as well as Shizuka can!

Mai: Lizzy isn’t in that good of a shape herself, luckily she has all that padding over her heart from the elbow drop!

While Lizzy recovered, Shizuka was doing the same. Miyamoto moved towards the ropes to try to help her get her balance before Lizzy popped her head between her legs. She rose to her feet, and fell backwards with an electric chair drop that planted Shizuka. Taylor immediately rolled through for the cover, with the referee dropping to count the fall.

Zack: LONDON’S FALLING!! And Shizuka may be done!




Miyamoto got her leg across the bottom rope before the three came down. Lizzy looked up with a shake of her head, and headed towards Leah to make the tag. Belle stepped back through into the ring, and pulled Shizuka back to her feet. The Pistols sent her across for the ride, and caught her on the rebound with a dual Spanish fly before Leah dove into the cover!

Mai: That’s the PISTOL WHIP! She won’t get up from that, Zack!




Chrysta came back into the ring, and yanked Leah by the leg off the cover. Belle rose to her feet, and started trading right hands with the powerful brunette. Chrysta got the better of that exchange though, ducking one shot and scooping her up for a Samoan drop! And as soon as Chrysta got back to her feet, she turned into Lizzy, who grabbed her head and planted her with an Ace Crusher!

Zack: Chrysta made the save for her partner! And while she put one Pistol down, she took her eyes off the other!

The referee tried to get Lizzy out of the ring, since she wasn’t the legal woman. Meanwhile, Shizuka was getting to her feet. She quickly surveyed the situation, and pulled Leah up to execute the headlock driver she was looking for a moment ago! She got it this time, and went for the cover! Davis turned to see it, and went to count!

Mai: She got the INHERITANCE that time!! The Pistols are going to be firing blanks tonight, Zack!




This time, it was Lizzy’s turn as she jerked Shizuka off the cover. Miyamoto rolled onto her back, and started to kick at Lizzy to let go of her foot. She finally did, and popped back to her feet. She went for a wild right that Lizzy ducked, but Shizuka grinned as that was what she wanted when she grabbed Lizzy’s head for the same move she had just hit on Leah!

Mai: Lizzy’s gonna get an INHERITANCE of her own!

As she was about to connect, Shizuka looked up to see Leah leave her feet overhead and come down with a rolling Yoshi Tonic on Miyamoto!





Chrysta caught the referee’s hand coming down, stopping the three as Lizzy caught her with a kick to the face to make her let go. She and Leah both got to their feet, and as Chrysta started to rise, they caught her with dual superkicks that toppled her over the top rope to the floor!

Mai: Chrysta caught the referee’s hand before the three, and then caught a pair of superkicks to wash it all down!

Lizzy pulled Shizuka up into a running Samoan drop, while Leah waited on the top rope to connect with a shooting star press! Lizzy hopped up to the top next, and came down with a senton splash! Taylor went to intercept Chrysta as Leah went for the cover!

Zack: REVOLVING REVOLVER!! Lizzy’s gonna stop Chrysta!!




Davis called the for the bell as Lizzy headed back towards her partner. She pulled Leah up to her feet, and gave her a massive hug to a pop from the crowd.

Mai: Both these teams pulled almost everything from the playbook, and the Pistols pick up the win in the rematch from their last encounter ages ago!

Maggie: Here are your winners…..Leah Belle….Lizzy Taylor……….THE PISTOLS!!!

Zack: There’s not too many teams who shine brighter on the big stage than the Pistols have done over the years! And tonight for the first time in over a year, they did it again!

The referee raised both their hands to a pop from the crowd before the girls gave each other another hug, and then helped Shizuka and Chrysta to their feet. They raised the hands of both women, who also got a pop from the crowd.

Mai: I’ll go ahead and say it. The Change of Heart made their last tag team match one to remember. I thought they had it several times!

Zack: So did I, Mai. The Change of Heart will head off into the sunset to begin a new chapter of their lives, and they leave behind a lot of memories for FFW fans. Memories like what we just saw right here!

Both teams shook hands again just like they had at the start of the match. The Pistols rolled out to the floor, leaving the ring to the retiring team as the fans showed their respect. With tears on in their eyes, Chrysta and Shizuka thanked the fans before the show headed elsewhere.

McCloud Consulting, LLC

The next image we see is of the recent Hall of Fame inductee, Dr. Starla McCloud, in the back with her Hall of Fame plaque and platinum Rolex ladies’ watch  joined by Amber Carano. The crowd in the arena seems very delighted to see her. Her Hall of Fame image is shown on the monitor behind the pair.

Amber: I’m here with Dr. Starla McCloud, who has joined the FFW Hall of Fame in this year’s class. We are going to be joined by Cody Kincaid shortly for some news regarding Dr. McCloud. But while we wait, I wanted to give you a chance to talk about what all of this means for you.

Starla: This plaque is going to take pride of place on my mantelpiece, that’s for certain. I feel truly honoured Amber. The Hall of Fame is an elite group; the very best of the very best to have ever been part of this company. To be invited to join them; to be feted alongside them and to be mentioned in the same breath as the Scarlett Kincaid’s, the Isabella Pazzini’s, the BSX’s of this world… it’s one of those indescribable things; one of those things that in my professional life will never, ever be topped; a treasured moment. And it’s one that still sinking in.

Amber: Congratulations to you on that. I think it’s safe to say that you pio---

Amber was cut off as the COO approached. Cody glanced to the image on the monitor with a smile before looking back to both women.

Cody: You were about to say she was one of the pioneers in the No Surrender division? If so, I agree. Might even go so far as to say a matriarch. That’s why I’m here, Amber.

Amber: Do tell!

Cody: Starla here is more than just a Hall of Fame member of FFW. As a woman who holds the record for the most reigns as the No Surrender Champion and someone who has been part of this company in some fashion since the first show, she’s a cornerstone really. And that’s why I’m looking to hire Starla as what I am going to call the No Surrender Consultant.

Amber: No Surrender Consultant, what’s that?

Cody: Well we’ve seen what happened in the past when someone was put in charge of a division. Isabella’s reign in charge of the Ultraviolence division is considered by most to be slightly less problematic than Amy’s run taking charge of the No Surrender division. So what I am establishing with this role is that Starla will oversee the entire division and make recommendations to I or Samantha about who she feels deserves the next opportunity at the championship currently held by Savannah Taylor. She’ll decide challengers, and make recommendations for matches within the division as well. And given that she was subjected to Amy’s reign in charge of the division, I’m sure she will be keenly aware of how not to help continue to build this division as much as she is how best to do it.

There’s a large smile on Starla’s face at Cody’s explanation of the role being offered.

Starla: I’d like to believe that I’m not as power hungry as Isabella. I mean, I know her and I have a history from a long time back and...and I kinda did some stuff that I wasn’t all that proud of. But as I said, that was a long time ago. As for Amy, I think it was pretty obvious that she either wasn’t playing with a full deck or someone had mixed in some Uno and Monopoly Chance cards in there. As for the No Surrender Division, my record speaks for itself, people go to war for that title and want it so badly thanks to the foundations laid down by Wendy Briese and Caroline and myself. I’d be thrilled to be able to offer my insight to both you and Samantha, Mr. Kincaid.

Cody: No time like the present. I need a deserving name to challenge for the title at Sin & Sacrifice. What do you think?

The good Doctor looks thoughtful for a couple of moments.

Starla: There are a couple of competitors that have caught my eye and have shown that they might have the required skills and focus to be a No Surrender Champion. Two names who are very, very near the top of the list; who have shown a love of submission wrestling and an excellence in execution meet tonight - Vanessa Cade and Sophia Pike. I’d give the winner of that match a chance to unseat whoever holds the titanium title belt at the end of tonight.

Cody: Sounds like an idea to me. Consider it official. Sophia or Vanessa will challenge the No Surrender Champion at Sin & Sacrifice. As a matter of fact…

He glances to his watch.

Cody: That match is up next, so we won’t have to wait long to see which one, will we?

He gives the doctor a handshake as the show heads back to the ring.

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The lights suddenly go out all over the arena, the lights beginning to swirl all around the arena for a few moments, as confusion seems to set inside of the ring and not a movement is made inside of it while the familiar lead-in to House of Pain’s “Jump Around” plays over the PA before stopping and the following words being screamed out:


Smoke begins to engulf the entire top of the entrance area from each side of the ramp before Vanessa Cade bursts out from the smoke, a great big white spotlight surrounding her as she slowly stretches out her arms out, a confident grin on her face before turning and spinning in a 360 motion with her right elbow out, letting out a war cry to a surprising amount of approval from the FFW Faithful before she begins to strut her way down to the ring, swaying her shoulders back and forth before jumping up on the apron.

Maggie: Introducing first…from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada…weighing in at a one hundred and fifty pounds…SHE IS THE “GOLDEN ELBOW”…VANESSAAAAAA…CAAAAAAADEEEEEE!!!!!!

Vanessa then turns and hooks the ropes with both of her arms, looking at the crowd before entering the ring and doing a one-eighty spin with her arms extended as the crowd boos her, bringing her hands together to flash her own personal logo that’s imprinted in her gloves. After that, Vanessa slowly goes toward the other side of the ring closest to the entrance and leans back against it, waiting for the start of the match.

Zack: I don’t think the animosity between either of these women needs much in the way of introduction, but after Sophia helped in assisting Eileen Amaro with nearly bludgeoning Anna Giovanna, it was a very big straw that broke across Vanessa’s back!

Mai: Maybe if Cade weren’t such a fussy short-fused bitch these things wouldn’t keep happening.

There's a period of stillness, an anticipatory murmur starting to fill the arena as the iconic melody of the Rains of Castamere start to fill the PA system. Onto the stage come four people of various heights, two men and two women, all platinum blonde and dressed in red. Over the melody, two women’s voices can be heard.
"It is not survival I offer...it is your heart’s desire…”
"And what is my heart's desire?"
The lights cut to black as the opening to Voodoo Johnson's "Dirty Angel" starts to play, and a male voice speaks out over the guitar.
Unlike the usual emerald green lights that accompany the song, as the lights slowly raise, they're more of a sandy brown color. From behind the curtain steps a figure in a very distinctive dress--particularly, under the lighting, it almost seems like only one breast is covered. Over her head, she lifts a golden spear. With a quick thrust, she takes out the smaller man, and the taller woman. A short, but far more fluid fight ends the life of the bigger man, until all that's left is the smaller woman. 
The warrior spins her spear briefly, tucking it under her arm with the point facing the sky…and for a moment, the two women just stare at each other. Then, the warrior shares a kiss with the red-clad woman, who abruptly collapses. A spotlight kicks on, and in center stage stands Sophia Pike, a sly smirk on her face as a trail of blood drips from the corner of her mouth.
Zack: It was a little over 4 months ago, at SVW’s Criminal Intent pay-per-view, that Vanessa Cade and Leander Apollo became the SVW Tag Team Champions--a shot that Sophia Pike and Sensitivity Training had won, and never actually received the one-on-one shot. Ever since, the Emerald City Siren has been intent on proving that her team, not Cade and Apollo, should be the SVW Tag Team Champions--and that bitterness has carried over to FFW as well.
The change in costume does nothing to change the reception the Emerald City Siren receives from the FFW faithful: a chorus of boos, which only grow louder as she lifts her spear over her head, shrieking into the sky as the spotlight focuses on her so she’s little more than a black outline in the light.
Zack: Sophia Pike, reinvented as Ellaria Sand tonight, and it couldn’t be more appropriate--bitter, vindictive, and one-track-minded on getting revenge. She sees Cade as a thief, she sees Cade as an obstacle, and she’s going to do everything in her power to prove her point here tonight.
She slings the spear over one of her shoulders, smirking as she moves down the ramp; one fan starts to shoot his mouth off at the Siren, and she actually points the tip of the spear at him, security getting in between the Siren and the fan before the situation can escalate, though. Sophia chuckles to herself and turns back to the ring, in no particular hurry to actually get there. She rounds the corner of the ring, hopping up onto the apron and settling back against the ropes, again lifting the spear over her head to a chorus of jeers.
Maggie: Introducing next, from Seattle, Washington, by way of Dorne, and weighing in at 137 lbs, she is the Queen of King County, the Sole Survivor, the Tamer of Hounds and Breaker of Arms...she is Unbowed, Unbent, and Unbroken...this is SOPHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIA PIIIIIIIIIIIIIKE!
Zack: Let it never be said that Sophia Pike’s not a hell of an athlete, and a hell of a competitor. Think what you want about her methods, you can’t deny the results--but she’s going to have a mountain to climb tonight. Vanessa Cade may just be one of the best in the world. Sophia’s gonna need to have her A-Game on tonight if she expects to prove that point.
Sophia discards the spear as she climbs through the ropes. She winks at Maggie and grins, asking her something away from the mic...then turning around, FFW’s ring announcer nodding and giggling as she undoes the zipper on her dress. The Queen of King County lets the costume fall to the mat, nudging the dress out of the ring with the end of her boot, before climbing up onto the second turnbuckle and stretching both arms out, bending just a little bit at the waist and leaning herself forward. She shouts something at the sections of fans she can see, but again it's mostly unheard.
The smirk rises on the self-proclaimed Queen’s face as she climbs off the turnbuckle, settling back into the corner and just...waiting.

The bell rings, and both women...aren’t moving from their corners. Both Sophia and Vanessa are simply staring down one another, their heads and eyes not moving, no muscles twitching...no blinking. The fans are on the edge of their seats, waiting for the first move to be pulled.

Mai: This could take a while.

Zack: After everything both women have gone through with one another, you would think they’d be rushing to the center of the ring, trying to rip one another’s arms off. But they’re both waiting for the other to move a muscle before they even claw at the other.

Mai: We’re literally watching the Waiting Game here. This...sucks.

Eyes are fixated on the other, neither one budging from their positions at their corners...until Vanessa takes one step forward. It’s all Sophia needs to jolt at the Golden Elbow, and the two begin to trade stiff punches with the other, but with Vanessa so close to her corner she loses the advantage, Pike forcing her back into the turnbuckles. Pike gets one hard jab to Cade that distracts her long enough to allow the Siren to tackle her shoulder into Vanessa’s abdomen, then grabs her arm and falls back for a double knee armbreaker! Cade is grabbing her arm, yelping from the pain while Sophia makes the motion for breaking it.

Zack: There’s what everyone was coming here to see! Sophia blasted out of her corner, and while Vanessa might have been ready for her Pike still managed to weigh heavy on the offense!

Mai: I think Sophia wants to break Cade’s arms off too. Not like she needs them or anything.

Vanessa gets herself back to her feet, while Sophia rears back for a chop across Cade’s chest. The split second Pike is ready to hit the chest, Cade is already chopping at the Siren, roaring out with each palm that connects with Pike’s chest. Sophia feels her chest, her skin turning a bright shade of red. Vanessa chews Pike out before slapping Pike twice on each side of the face, then falls back for a Russian leg sweep! Cade grabs Pike by the leg and twists around it, causing Pike to yell from the pain.

Zack: Pike is now locked into a spinning toe hold from Vanessa, and it’s surely going to be hard to-

Just before that sentence could be finished, Pike uses her other leg to kick at Vanessa’s back, until she forces it against the Golden Elbow and straight up shoves her off. Cade goes stumbling forward, but grabs the ropes in the nick of time. However as she turns around Cade is met with a clothesline from a now standing Sophia, who takes herself over the ropes with Vanessa, causing the action to spill out onto the floor!

Zack: It’s anyone’s game at this point, but Sophia connected that cactus clothesline with Vanessa, and now the match is happening outside the ring! We remind you that while the winner can be determined by submission, there’s still the possibility of winning by disqualification or even countout.

Mai: Well then what’s the point?! If the match ends in submission then END IT IN SUBMISSION! Don’t wussy out like that!

Zack: Really glad to see you’re taking this from a professional stance, Mai…

Sophia and Cade are again trading blows between one another, the ref starting the count from within the ring. Sophia breaks the punching game between her and Vanessa by kneeing Cade in the stomach, then throwing her stomach first into the apron! Cade wasn’t moving, but Sophia assisted her from the apron, grabbing her from behind and lifting her overhead with a German Suplex!




Zack: Cade has the advantage right now, but it looks like Sophia is doing her best to break Vanessa enough that she won’t have any choice but to tap out!

Mai: Cade’s a tough cookie, Zack, we all know it. But Sophia’s got the touch of a motherfucking python!

Picking Vanessa back up before she could rub any part of her body, Sophia puts her into a headlock and drags her over to the steps, and hitting the Golden Elbow with a modified snapmare that causes Cade to land backfirst onto the steps!




Cade, upon hearing the ref’s count getting higher, pauses to roll back into the ring long enough to break the count, then comes back out to climb onto the top turnbuckle, grinning wickedly as she stares down the Elbow.

Mai: What the FUCK does Sophia have in mind?!

Zack: Whatever it is, this could be dangerous to both opponents…

Once Pike is in position, she hops off the top of the ring post, looking to stomp down on Vanessa as she’s laying out on the stairs...but Cade rolls off just in time! Sophia’s feet land hard on the top step, and Vanessa grabs Pike’s feet from under her, causing the Siren to hit her face onto the steel steps! Pike can be seen bleeding from her nostrils after that, but Vanessa isn’t worried as she immediately grabs Sophia and whips her into the barricade! Vanessa hits repeated chops to Pike’s chest before grabbing her by the head and tossing her back into the ring!

Zack: Cade moved just in time before Pike could stomp her stomach flat on the steps, and Vanessa’s looking to take it back in the ring!

Mai: Kind of a shame. Cade looks like she needs to turn bulemic.


Mai: What? WHAT? I’m a woman, I can tell her she needs to lose weight!

Cade rolls in after Sophia, who’s grabbing at her chest. Cade picks Sophia up off the floor and twists her into a wristlock. Pike is still able to reach the ropes, and Vanessa lets go after a count of three. Cade backs away from Pike, who is quite angry with the Golden Elbow. Pike delivers a kick to Cade, then goes for another before Vanessa grabs it, and rolls it into a leg lock. The crowd is roaring for her to make Pike tap, but Sophia manages to slither to the ropes, grabbing them again for yet another three count before Vanessa lets go. Cade flips her hair back, watching as Sophia uses the ropes for leverage, shaking the aching feeling out of her leg.

Zack: Cade wants to use a submission hold to end this once and for all, but everytime she has it locked in there’s Pike ready to get out of it.

Mai: I think Cade’s taken one too many hits if she thinks Pike is in any condition yet to tap out.

Pike wipes the blood from her nose again, knowing that Vanessa was once more behind her, waiting to pounce her with yet another submission hold. Indeed even before the Siren lets go of the ropes, Vanessa is trying for a full nelson lock, but Pike uses the ropes to bounce back off, sending Cade stumbling and rolling back halfway across the ring. With Vanessa now in a seated position, Pike comes at her with a diving European uppercut, sending Cade onto her back. Pike comes to her feet once more, bringing Vanessa up with her. Pike tries to apply a dragon sleeper to the Golden Elbow, but Cade hits her with a back elbow that sends Sophia stumbling back. Pike’s back is now to Vanessa, and Cade puts her into a half nelson before turning it into a bulldog! With Pike down on the mat, Cade grabs her elbow...signaling that it’s time.

Zack: Sophia just tried to apply that Sleeper in Seattle, but Vanessa was just a little too quick for her to get it in. And now it looks like Vanessa wants to deliver that Golden Elbow before applying any last submission holds onto Sophia!

Slowly Sophia rises to her feet, unaware of Vanessa ready to strike. Cade spins for the discus elbow...but Pike ducks underneath! Sophia catches Vanessa off guard and applies the Emerald City Flowsion in the middle of the ring! Vanessa tries her best to reach out for the ropes, but Pike leaves her with no choice but to tap!


Maggie: Here is your winner...SOPHIA! PIKE!

Zack: Well...it can’t be said Vanessa didn’t put her heart into this, but her heart must really be sinking right now…

Mai: Who cares?! Sophia won! And so far she’s the most successful FS graduate, so take THAT rest of you! HA!

Still On The Loose

The next time we manage to catch up with special guest Night Train Ayano still in her Cowboys merchandise, we find her at the gorilla position backstage along with some of the production people. She moves around behind the tables, looking at the monitors as the crowd watches her on the big screen. When she finds a control panel on one of the tables, she seems interested in all the buttons and presses one. Just then, a huge pyro blast erupts from the ringposts that delights the crowd.


Still entranced by the panel, she presses another button at random and ends up cutting the stadium lights…..until she hits it again to restore the power.  Then she does a little dance.


Another button press. This time, fireworks shoot out of the stage with a big bang. She’s about to press another before stadium security and some production people find her. She immediately hops over the table, and bolts in the other direction with them chasing her.


Mai: Someone get her before she figures out where the electrical grid is!

As she is once again chased off, we head to a commercial for Future Shock Wipeout.

A quick recap of events shows the viewers how the following match came about, primarily through Ascension dominating the Scarborough Fair in multiple matches. From there, we head back to the ring with Maggie standing by.

Zack: This one’s been a long time coming! I’m not sure there’s been a more heated feud over the Tornado Tag titles than what we are about to see culminated.

Mai: That all sounds good. But the underlying truth, Zack, is the Fair are out of their league with the champions. And we’ll close the door on that tonight.


Maggie: From Berkeley, California... At a combined weight of 246 pounds and accompanied to the ring by Christian Kincaid... Mickey and Raquel... THE SCARBOROUGH FAIR!!

“Every single day, things get in my way. Someone has to pay, for the little things.”

As the chords of “The Little Things” screech, the entire arena gets filled with cheers. Spotlights of yellow and pink flicker through the crowd and the arena darkens as the music plays. Mickey and Raquel emerge from the top of the ramp with a ladder in tow, holding it up together. Raquel and Mickey put down the ladder and high-five after coming down while Christian watches on with a smile. Fair and Scarborough roll into the ring before climbing opposite turnbuckles, soaking in the cheers with wily grins before talking strategy in the corner as their music fades out.

Zack: The Scarborough Fair have been shafted time and again when it comes to the champions tonight. But you can bet they have never been more ready than they are tonight.

Mai: Preparation is fine, it’s just not enough against the two we are about to see, Zack.

On the large screens in the stadium, the following video plays…

In an abandoned desert, a man wearing a hooded cloak and carrying a cane is walking across the sand. He makes his way towards a mountain, to which he begins to climb.

After a period of climbing, the man makes it towards the summit of the mountain. With his hands extended outwards, he screams out into the open air.


Suddenly, the sand below the mountain begins to rumble and then rises to form to a sandstorm, filling the air as it moves across the desert.


An aerial view of a metropolitan city in at mid-afternoon is shown. The sun is beaming down its glorious rays on the city, which is filled with the sights and sounds of a normal busy day. From the traffic of the cars on the street to the traffic of people walking about, the scenery more than exemplifies the marvel of the city.

As “Destroy & Conquer” by Future World Music starts to play, a rumbling of the ground interrupts this scene, shaking the city from its very core. The people try to keep their bearings from the shaking ground, which is at this point steadily increasing with its intensity; the same intensity that’s causing the vehicles to briefly lose ground, making windows explode instantly, and making even the largest buildings mildly shake.

The people in the city frantically look around in panic, wondering what is causing all of this disruption.

Could this be an earthquake?

Then, the people are exposed to another unusual situation as the entire city is covered enormous shadows, completely deprived from the sun.

The people see this with complete confusion, not knowing what to make of it.

Could this really be the end of the world?

Then, a few people look onto the horizon and their eyes open in complete shock at what they are seeing. They are completely frozen as they direct their attention to the sight as well, which amazes them as well. The people shows obvious signs of fear, but their look of astonishment completely absorbs them.

The people leave the city and walk toward the sight, almost as if they were in a trance. Thousands upon thousands joined the city people as they ventured into their intended destination…the open desert.

The heat from the sun would have drained them out, but the unusually large shade kept them all covered as they moved on. Just then, the people stopped their movement and simultaneously look up at the skies. And without explanation, the people drop to their knees and began to bow continuously, worshipping the skies.

But as we will find out, they are worshipping something, but it’s not the skies…

It’s human beings…

Two GIGANTIC human beings.

And when a closer look was rendered…their identities were more than recognizable: Valentina Lozano & Isis Morales! The ladies are standing tall in their wrestling gear and their FFW Tornado Tag Team Championship belts in possession, with Valentina wearing hers around her waist and Isis holding hers over her shoulder. Both are standing with domineering poses and displaying sexy, devilish smirks of power as they look down at the masses of people that are worshipping them, truly enjoying the attention and fear they‘re getting from the people.

Then, as the ladies look ahead, the ground they are standing on suddenly begins to rise, causing another sandstorm to form beneath them and carrying them upward….

….and ending up on the stage of the stadium, in the centerpiece of a life-sized exhibit of a metropolitan city landscape, towering over everything around them. They kick down two buildings that are in their way and begin to walk side by side down the long ramp, which shows a video image of masses of people running away and various types of destruction taking place around the ladies as they are stepping on the ramp.

Maggie: Making their way to the ring…at a total combined weight of three hundred and sixty-five pounds....They are your reigning, defending FFW Tornado Tag Team Champions ”The Latin Goddess” Valentina Lozano  & “The Titaness” Isis Morales...They are...


At the ringside area, Valentina and Isis walk around the ring once before entering the ring, with Valentina making her way to a waiting human stairway next to the ring: one guy on all fours next to the ring and one guy lying prone in front of him. Causally stepping on the men, Valentina walks up and walks across the edge of the ring. She then reclines against the ropes and callously looks down at the men, giving them a smirk while they get to their knees and properly grace her boots with kisses before dismissing themselves to the back. Valentina then glares towards the referee in the ring and orders the referee to hold the ropes for her, which the referee reluctantly complies with doing. She wipes her feet on the apron and enters the ring. Meanwhile, Isis enters the ring by stepping over the top rope with ease. The ladies then go to opposite ring posts in which they climb up and raise their title belts in the air with complete confidence, taking in the atmosphere while the crowd reaction continues and the cameras flashing.

After coming down, Valentina and Isis walk up to Mickey & Raquel and raise the belts in front of them, clearly taunting the duo. This prompts all four ladies to move closer in an attempt to get at each other. Thankfully, the referee manages to hold them back and orders them to their corners.

Mai: Look at that, Valentina and Isis are hardly worried about these two. They’re just reminding them who’s the champions, and who still won’t be after tonight.

Zack: You’re welcome to do it, but I am very reluctant to discount the Scarborough Fair so quickly as you have. But you’re right about the champions looking primed and ready.

Malcolm Parks takes the title belts from the Ascension and presents them to the Scarborough Fair before holding them high for the crowd then passes them off to a ringside attendant before calling for the bell. Both members of the Scarborough Fair high five before they charge across the ring towards the challengers only to find the Ascension ready for them as Isis comes to meet them, catching them both with a clothesline that takes both members of the Fair to the mat. As both members of the Fair rise to their feet Isis spun towards them, catching Mickey with a backfist to her jaw that knocked straight back down while she brought her boot up and caught Raquel in the chest.

Mai: You know, it doesn’t really matter what pairing gets put together in this match. One of them still has to deal with isis, and well...that’s never going to end well.

Zack: Normally I’d agree, but you may recall Mickey found a way at the last Breaking Point. No reason she can’t do it again, or Raquel for that matter.

Mickey was the first to rise only to receive a clubbing double axe handle blow to the top of her head causing her to drop back down to one knee while the Red Haired Goliath turned her attention to Fair, grabbing her by the wrist and whipped her across the ring into a neutral corner. As Raquel hit back first, Scarborough was back vertical and skipped towards Isis as the Tornado Tag Team Champion turned back towards her, unloading with a superkick. As her foot was about to connect with the red haired woman’s stomach, Scarborough found her foot caught by her; the limb being used to jerk her forward and into a headbutt. Mickey took a step backwards but before she could go any further, Isis sent her barrelling across the ring and into Raquel in the corner. Valentina applauded as she stood in the corner, watching her partner dominate proceedings.

Zack: Valentina might as well be a spectator for this match, she’s got the best seat in the house as Isis dominates the Fair by herself.

Mai: Hell! If I had Isis for a partner, I’d camp out more often too. Someone get Valentina a soda!

The crowd booed them as Isis set off towards both of them, leaving her feet for a stinger splash into both. Scarborough staggered forward before she flopped forward to the mat, rolling to one side. Isis stepped to one side and invited her partner to join in the fun as the Canadian charged forward, bringing her boot up and crashing it into Fair’s face. Raquel dropped to her knees in front of Valentina who tried to push Raquel’s head downwards, trying to squish her face against her boot, making her kiss it only to see Fair fight back. Suddenly bringing her hand up, slapping away Lozano’s hand as she came upwards and caught her with a jawbreaker. Valentina sprung backwards and fell to the mat as Isis moved forward quickly and began to tag Fair with forearm strikes to her jaw only to be cut off as Mickey flew from the top rope with a missile dropkick to the chest. Isis stumbled backwards after taking the move and both members of the Fair followed it up with stereo dropkicks to her knees that caused them to buckle and saw Isis drop down onto her knees.

Zack: There we go, that’s what the Fair have to do! It is tornado rules after all, and they are chopping down that big redwood one leg at a time!

Mai: How dare you call Isis a redwood?!

The Red Haired Goliath was already pushing up to her feet as both members of the Fair kipped up to their feet and Raquel began to tee off on the former Future Shock Champion with forearms of her own before she snapmared her to the mat and began to deliver vicious kicks to her spine. Before Mickey had a chance to join in the action, Valentina had spun her around and delivered a kick right between her legs. As Mickey began to fold up and collapse to her knees, Lozano fired off stiff forearms to her jaw before she fired her into the ropes and caught her on the return with a clothesline. Scarborough tried to rise, pushing upwards and found Valentina’s arms wrapped around her waist before she was sent down to the mat with a German suplex.

Zack: Neither member of the Fair want to go hold for hold with these two. Ascension has a power advantage in spades, and Mickey’s feeling the effects of it right now!

Raquel delivered two stiff kicks to Isis spine before the Titaness began to rise to her feet; prompting Fair to take off towards the ropes, leaving her feet as she came back towards the much bigger woman, wrapping an arm around her neck as she tried to bring her down into a DDT. Isis caught her before she could pull her downwards, wrapping her arms around her and charged towards the corner, driving Fair into the turnbuckle pads. Isis didn’t release her grip on her opponent, pulling her back out of the corner and delivered a spinebuster slam.

Mai: That spinebuster from that high up… Well if I liked Raquel, I’d feel sorry for her.

In the middle if the ring Mickey began to rise after being on the receiving end of the German suplex only to be sent face first into the mat with a forward Russian legsweep from the Canadian. Lozano quickly got back to her feet and attempted to keep Mickey on the canvas by stomping down repeatedly and quickly on her stomach only for Scarborough to catch her foot after the fifth stomp, pushing up to send Lozano off balance. Valentina quickly recovered though and drove a knee into Scarborough’s chest as the Berkeley native mad made it to her knees. Quickly she hooked her head and lifted Mickey into the air, attempting the scoop brainbuster only for Scarborough to wiggle out of it, landing on her feet before she jumped forward and jerked Lozano down into a code breaker that saw Valentine go down holding her chest.

Zack: Valentina might have held her up a second too long! Mickey got free, and just caved in Lozano’s chest.

Mai: Val’s chest is wonderful, and don’t say such things about it.

Raquel meanwhile had rolled over, trying to get away from Isis following the spinebuster slam only for the Future Shock Champion to pull her upwards, hooking an arm around her head as she lifted her off her feet and into position for a slingshot suplex but never got a chance to deliver the move as Mickey took Isis knee out from behind her with a chop block; Raquel landing across Isis chest before she rolled away and to her feet. The two members of the Fair looked at each other, nodding their heads before they take off across the ring and caught Lozano with a double cactus clothesline that saw all three of them go over the top rope - Valentina landing on the floor as Mickey and ‘Quels grabbed the top rope and landed on their feet on the apron. They turned around to find Isis charging towards them and both dropped their shoulders to catch her in the gut as she reached the ropes. Isis bent double and stepped backwards, Mickey taking the chance to leap onto the top rope with a standing jump and stomped down on the top of Isis spine as she walked over her and landed on her feet behind her and set off across the ring.

Zack: I like this strategy, keep Isis on the mat. And if you can do that, your job gets a lot easier and probably a lot less painful.

Mai: Don’t give the people false hope. Isis never stays down long.

As Scarborough was walking along Isis spine, Fair had used the ring ropes to catapult herself through her legs with a baseball slide, turning onto her stomach as she did so. Fair pushed upwards and as she did, she jerked Isis feet out from underneath her, the Titaness landing chest first over the top rope as Mickey returned, leapfrogging her partner and coming down butt first on Isis spine. Scarborough bounced off Isis back to her feet, Fair adjusting her grip on the big woman’s legs and with a loud grunt of effort she used her grip to send her over with a wheelbarrow suplex, driving Isis into the mat. Mickey had landed on her feet and glanced down at the rising Valentina before she grabbed hold of the top rope and sent herself flying over the top into a crossbody block that caused Valentina to crash to the floor.

Zack: Crash and burn for Lozano on the floor ringside in AT&T Stadium! There’s nowhere out there that’s soft, trust me.

Isis was already rising to her feet at the same time as Raquel, Fair catching the bigger woman with a throat thrust before she grabbed hold of her head and sent her down to the mat with a bulldog. The former Future Shock champion immediately attempted to push up to her feet only for Fair to grab hold of her arm and roll her over into a majistral cradle pinfall attempt while Mickey pulled herself up by the ring ropes and to the apron.



Mai: Stupid mortal! You’re not going to keep her down like that!

The Big Red Goliath kicked out with authority, sending her flying through the air; Fair landed on her hands and knees and pushed upwards as Isis did likewise. As Isis got vertical she found herself facing Mickey Scarborough who was on the top rope and took that as her cue to jump off, causing the much bigger woman to stumble as she tagged her square in the face with a brogue kick from the top rope. Fair took off past the larger half of the Tornado Tag Team Champion, hitting the ropes and came flying back towards her with a spinning heel kick that caught her in the chest. Isis still stayed on her feet but staggered another step backwards and Scarborough took the opening as she skipped forward and delivered a superkick straight to Isis kneecap. It buckled her leg and that saw both member of the Fair to attack, hooking Isis’ arms and in perfect synchronicity they sent her to the canvas with a double hip toss following it up with Mickey connecting with a front dropkick to Isis head as Fair drove a forearm into the back of the skull, completing the double hit from the bong.

Zack: Isis is getting her skull rattled here, and the Fair are surging! I think these two thrive more in tornado tag matches than regular tag matches!

Mai: Of course, everyone looks more effective when they are DOUBLE TEAMING one person!

Isis rolled away and tried to push up to her feet only for Fair to catch her in the jaw with a running knee lift. The Big Red Goliath pushed up to her feet, holding her jaw as Mickey came charging in a moment later and left her feet to drive bother her knees into Isis’ jaw. Once more the red haired wrestler stumbled and staggered, The Scarborough Fair taking full advantage, hooking her head and drove her skull into the canvas with a DDT in front of the corner. Both members of the Fair were quick to their feet and Raquel jumped up onto the top rope, delivering a split legged moonsault. As she rolled away Mickey was also on the move, leaping up onto the top rope and delivering a split legged moonsault of her own. She held it for the pin as Lozano grabbed hold of Raquel’s ankle, jerking it out from under her, causing her to faceplant into the mat before Valentina jerked her out of the ring. Parks slid into position to count the fall.



Zack: I’ve called a great many Isis matches, and it always takes a massive effort to keep her down for two….let alone three! Mickey knows it too!

Isis kicked out again as Fair landed on her feet on the outside only for Lozano to drop her shoulder and rush the challenger back first into the ring post, Fair’s head snapping backwards into the steel post. As Raquel stepped forward, Valentina caught her in the chest with a heart punch, watching as her opponent dropped to one knee for a second, pushing straight back to her feet and into an enzugiri from the brunette half of the Tornado Tag Team Champions. Isis kicked out of the pinfall and Mickey rose to her feet, pulling her opponent up with her, peppering her body with knees before she sent her across the ring into the corner with an Irish whip. Mickey took a moment to measure Isis before she set off after her, bringing her boot up for a face wash which got her nothing but air as Isis stepped out of the way at the last moment. As Mickey was about to bring her leg back over the top rope into the ring, Isis darted forward, placing her head underneath Mickey’s arm as she lifted her straight upwards and dropped backwards to the mat, slamming her down with an angle slam.

Zack: Big time Olympic-like slam from the Titaness! And Mickey is in the crosshairs of the most dominant woman in Future Shock history.

Mai: Couldn’t have happened to a dumber girl.

Scarborough tried to quickly get to her feet only to find herself caught by the Red Haired Goliath who lifted her high into the air before she dropped her face first into the canvas with a Gorilla Press Drop. Again Mickey rolled and started to quickly to push upwards only to get caught once more by Isis, the taller woman wrapping a hand around her throat before she lifted her upwards and sent her down to the ring mat with a chokeslam. Valentina rolled back into the ring, leaving Raquel face down on the outside and patted her fellow tag team partner on the back. Mickey began to push upwards slowly getting to her knees only for her Canadian-Latina opponent to step forward at Isis invitation and slap her across the face before she began to fire off a series of kicks into her body. Five kicks landed to Mickey’s chest before Valentina pulled her upwards and delivered three suplexes in a row - the first a regular suplex, the second a stalling vertical suplex and completed the trio with a slingshot suplex. Mickey immediately sat up following the third only for Isis to bounce off the ropes in front of her and deliver a running soccer style kick to her sternum. Mickey dropped backwards to the mat, holding her chest and Lozano dove into the pinfall.

Mai: Mickey had whatever passes for a chest collapse right there, I told you Zack!




Zack: She’s not out of this yet! Do you know how long the Fair have waited for this?!

Mickey kicked out on the two and a half count only for Lozano to pull her upright, driving knees into her body before she lifted her onto her shoulders and drove her back first into the ring mat with a Samoan Drop. Kipping up to her feet, Lozano ran towards the ropes as Isis delivered a big leg drop across the Berkeley born wrestlers throat, rolling away as Valentina returned and delivered a knee drop to her chest. Once more Lozano made the cover as Fair had started to pull herself up on the outside with the aid of the apron only for Isis to charge forward and catch her with a baseball slide.




Zack: A near fall for Valentina, and a massive baseball slide from the Titaness!

Mickey again kicked out, Malcolm Parks confirming the two count to Lozano and as she pulled Scarborough up to her feet inside the ring, Isis was pulling Raquel upwards on the outside. The red haired wrestler lifted Fair up onto her shoulders only to slam her down into the floor with a powerbomb before she walked up the steps and over the top rope to re-enter the room. She was just in time to see her partner deliver a double knee facebreaker to Scarborough. The brunette stumbled before she fell backwards to the mat and Valentina and Isis had a short conversation before Isis stepped forward and began to pull the former Tornado Tag Team Champion to her feet, lifting her onto her shoulders in a powerbomb position. The powerful woman moved to the corner where Valentina had climbed to the top rope where she launched herself into a leg lariat as Isis spiked Mickey into the mat with a powerbomb. Isis kept hold of Mickey’s legs, pulling her towards her before she stacked her legs over her shoulders, dropping to her knees to fold her up for the pinfall.

Zack: Powerbomb, and Isis is stacking’em up like Jenga blocks.




Mai: Oh come on, does this referee have a stake in this match? That should have been three!

The shoulder came up before the three count could be completed only for Isis to stand up, Mickey’s legs still caught in her grip and step forward, over her smaller opponent as she transitioned the move into a Boston Crab, sitting down low on her back. Scarborough cried out in pain but refused to submit as the referee asked her. The referee asked Mickey once again as Isis pulled further back on her legs, bending her spine unnaturally, but no answer came due to an elbow drop to the top of her spine from Valentina. The Torontonian Latina stayed where she landed and applied a chinlock to Mickey as she hooked her arm with her legs for a crippler crossface. Mickey’s scream of pain was muffled by Valentina’s hands, her free hand raised in the air above the mat as it looked like she was about to tap out only to refuse as she formed a fist and tried to drag herself forward, moving bare millimetres. Throwing out her hand she stretched for all that she was worth and just barely managed to hook a fingertip over it. Malcolm Parks called for the break but didn’t get it and started to use the count.

Mai: That’s right, Valentina. Get ALL of that hold that you can! Make her suffer!

As he got to four, Valentina released and rolled away only for Isis to straighten up and used her impressive strength to jerk Mickey’s grasp free, pulling her to the middle of the ring before she sat down again in the Boston Crab. Lozano smirked in joy as she walked over to the pair, stopping right in front of Scarborough and told her to kiss her boots before she got her spine broken. Mickey only spat on Lozano’s boot, causing the Latina to look enraged and take off towards the ring ropes...where she promptly fell over the top of them thanks to a low bridge by a still woozy Raquel Fair. Lozano landed on her back on the floor on the outside. Raquel pulled herself back up with the top rope and stepped through the ropes, taking a moment to get her balance before she skipped forward and delivered a superkick straight into the back of Isis head; the big woman collapsed forward, releasing Mickey from the hold as she did so while Fair stumbled and had to regain her balance. She did so as Isis began to push upwards, getting to all fours and Fair charged at her, leaving her feet and curb stomping Big Red face first into the mat.

Zack: A big time curb stomp introduces Isis’ face to the canvas! And where’s all that domination you thought we would see again, Mai?

Mai: It’s not over yet, and shut up.

Fair checked on teammate, Mickey telling her that she was okay as Isis began to push upwards once more, getting as far as her knees before Raquel hit the ropes and came back with a shotgun dropkick straight into her face. Isis rocked backwards and Raquel grabbed hold of her by the head and snapped off a DDT with such ferocity that it almost stood the big woman on her head. Instead though, Isis flopped down face first on the mat, Fair dropping down to her knees next to her and with a cry of effort she forced her to roll onto her back and made the cover on her.




Mai: You’re gonna cry a lot more than that, Raquel, before this is done. Isis is nowhere near defeated, you dumb twat.

Isis kicked out of the pinfall and started to get to her feet only for Mickey to have returned to her feet and join in the attack with her partner; the pair of them driving their boots into the Titaness’ abdomen. As she bent forward the two girls from Berkeley grabbed her hair, screaming in her ears before both members of the Fair swept out her legs and slammed her down into a facebuster. Isis landed but almost immediately started to push back up to her feet, getting matching stereo roundhouse kicks, one to each side of her head as she got to her knees. Despite this the bigger half of the Tornado Tag Team Champions continued to rise, getting to her feet only for Mickey to drive a superkick into her knee. Isis fell to one knee and Raquel stepped up and slammed a shining bionic elbow between her eyes. Isis fell, catching herself on her hands and tried to push up only to have to catch herself on her hands once more. Steadying herself the Red Haired Goliath started to push upwards again but again she didn’t get further than her knees before Fair rushed her, darting towards her and leaving her feet for a headscissors takedown. Isis refused to allow herself to be sent down to the canvas with the move, stopping Fair right in the middle of the My Fair Lady and pushed upwards, getting her feet beneath her at which point Mickey launched herself shoulder first into her knees. Isis landed hard on her back with Fair knelt on her shoulders for a pinfall, Mickey turning on a dime and grabbing her legs, pushing them forward so that Fair could hook them as Scarborough laid across them, forcing them into Isis body in an effort to keep her down for the three.




Zack: Now that’s an innovative way to try to hold Morales down. It just didn’t work, but an A for effort! They’re getting close, Mai.

Mai: Close to what? Defeat? I’ll go along with that.

Isis powered out of the pinfall at two and seven-eighths, causing Mickey to roll away from the pair as Fair checked with the referee, getting the two count confirmed. Fair looked up to the heavens before she pushed back to a vertical base and measured the rising Isis, looking to deliver a knee trembler to her as she bounced off the ropes and came back towards the woman only for Lozano to cut her off with a spear that almost broke Fair in half. The Red Haired Goliath continued to push up to her feet, getting upright as Mickey breezed past her and fired a superkick towards Valentina’s jaw; the Torontonian getting her hands up and taking the force of the blow on her hands, yet still fell to her knees. As Scarborough turned, Isis sent her spinning to the canvas with a running forearm to the side of her head.

Mai: I think you’d get hit less hard just slamming your head against the steering wheel in a car accident than when Isis hits stuff like that.

Zack: I hope to never find out in either case.

Weakly Mickey pushed upwards and Isis caught her once more, jerking her towards her. As she took deep breaths she lifted her upwards and into a Michinoku driver. Isis looks towards Valentina, giving her a signal as she pulled Mickey back up by her head and lifted her onto her shoulders. She held her there, giving the crowd the sign for the Voyage To Armageddon, getting a loud booing from the eighty thousand plus crowd. The Big Red Golaith didn’t care as she flipped Mickey off her shoulders, bringing her down into a massive DDT while Valentina positioned herself to also drive her knees into Scarborough’s gut. On impact Mickey rolled to her side, curling up into the foetal position holding her abs. Isis pulled her onto her back and made the cover, hooking both of Mickey’s legs as she did so, while Valentina climbed to the middle rope, celebrating her victory.

Mai: Attagirl, Valentina! What’d I tell you, Zack? WHAT DID I TELL YOU?!




Zack: Someone may want to get Valentina off the corner, because the Fair are STILL in this Tornado Tag title match!

At the very last possible moment, Fair crashed her hands down on the back of Isis’ skull with a double axe handle to break the pinfall. Scarborough rolled to the side, holding her middle and Fair continued to tee off on the Titaness, firing right and left hands and throwing kicks into her rising body, not letting her get all the way to her feet before she snapped Isis back down to the mat with a codebreaker. Fair came back to her feet quickly after delivering the move to the big woman only for Lozano to clatter into her with a clothesline from behind. Fair tried to rise once more only for Lozano to pull her upwards and drop her with a spinning facebuster. Again Lozano was quick to bring Fair to her feet, sending her in for the ride before she caught her on the return with a spinning spinebuster. Rolling over, Valentina made the cover while Mickey was still cradling her gut on the canvas and Isis rose to a vertical base.




Zack: Nothing but raw bone power from Ascension, and Valentina nearly brought the Tornado Tag titles back home from Arlington!

Fair’s shoulder came up before the three count could be completed and Valentina glared at the referee as he confirmed the two count. She asked for the three but again got the two confirmed as she rose to her feet shaking her head. She looked towards Isis with a smile and told both her and the crowd that it was time to end it. Reaching into her top she pulled out a pair of handcuffs, throwing them towards her red haired partner before she dove on top of Fair, driving right hands into her head before she pulled her upwards at the referee’s insistence and hurled Raquel towards Isis. The Titaness dragged Fair over to the ropes and attempted to attach the handcuff to her wrist only for Raquel to quickly start to squirm and fight, finally launching herself into the air, catching Isis by surprise with a twisted pele kick that connected with her temple. The red haired woman staggered backwards and Valentina charged at Fair, running gut first straight into the Berkeley woman’s boot. Before Isis could recover Raquel had one side of the handcuffs around her wrist and the other around the top rope.

Mai: Hang on a minute! That’s not fair!! Isis has been handcuffed!

Zack: Yeah, wonder where Raquel learned that little trick?

Fair turned back towards the smaller half of the reigning Tornado Tag Team Champions just in time to find Lozano had regained her composure and was charging towards Raquel who sidestepped and spun at the last moment. Valentina put on the breaks and as she did, Raquel left her feet, grabbed her head and jerked her backwards, bouncing her skull off the canvas with Steph Stefano’s Walk of Shame. Fair quickly grabbed the Latina’s legs for the pinfall as Isis pulled at the handcuffs.

Mai: Now they’re using Shamu’s WALK OF SHAME?!




Zack: Don’t worry, I doubt Steph will mind! Just a shame it didn’t get that three!

Lozano’s shoulder comes up at the last moment and Fair moves towards Mickey, helping her to her feet and checking that she is okay as they plan out their next move. Valentina begins to rise and as she does so, Scarborough and Fair move back towards her, Raquel stalking around behind Lozano and tying her up the moment she was vertical with a double chickenwing that she used to lift her into the air. Mickey breathed deeply before she began to run towards the ropes, screaming “NNNNAAAAIIIIIILLLLLLL!” before she left her feet, springboarding off the ropes and into a leg drop across Valentina’s neck as Fair drove her down into the canvas with the Super Kami Guru Buster. Fair made the pin, hooking the leg as Isis roared and with one huge yank broke the chain on the handcuffs freeing herself and causing her to stagger.

Mai: She just….Isis just broke those handcuffs! Is she gonna be pissed!

Mickey saw the former Future Shock Champion and launched herself into a superkick, catching her on the jaw before she could steady herself causing her to fall back through the ring ropes.




Zack: THEY DID IT!! The Fair did it!!

Parks counted the three count and called for the bell as Fair rolled away from Lozano and Scarborough collapsed to her hands and knees, holding her gut.

Maggie: The winners of this match and NEW FFW TORNADO TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!! The team of Mickey Scarborough and Raquel Fair...THE SCARBOROUGH FAIR!!!

Mai: …..This is the darkest timeline. Everything is terrible forever!

Zack: The Scarborough Fair have finally knocked off Ascension after months of trying, they finally proved they can do it!

Raquel slowly pushes up to her feet, gasping for breath and helps Mickey to her feet as Parks returns to the ring with the Tornado Tag Team Championship belts and presents them to Scarborough Fair. Valentina rolls out of the ring and regroups with Isis as Parks raises the hands of the Fair; the two women from Berkeley holding the titles aloft as the crowd cheer loudly for them.

Zack: You can tell all of these 100,000 plus are happy to see the Fair back on top of the Tornado Tag division again!

Mai: I’m not!

Just as the Fair are ready to leave the ring from their celebration, "An Irish Pub Song" plays over the PA system, and out walks Muirne Butler and Siobhan McAdams, the Irish redhead touting her Pick Your Poison contract about as she and her partner stare from atop the ramp.
Zack: Well it's been more than half a year since Muirne won her half of the prize for Global Wars, and it looks like she's finally decided to cash it in on the new tag champions! But they definitely aren't dressed for a fight tonight.
Muirne, showing she has a mic in her other hand, speaks to the new champions.
Muirne: Mickey, Raquel, congrats to ya lasses fer such a spectacular win. Couldn' have expected anyone else to beat the Ascension like ya have. But Sheev an' meself, as it's been said quite a bit, are next in line fer the contendership at the Torndao tag belts. So I've decided when we have ourselves that lovely rematch, with the score tied up 1-1, we settle it once an' fer all, the Tornado belts on the line...in what I like to refer to as a good ol' fashion pub brawl!

There Muirne and Siobhan stand, waiting for a response from the Fair as the crowd is roaring for them to accept it. After Mickey and Raquel exchange glances with one another, they turn to Legs & Arse...and give a solemn nod.
Zack: Welp! There you have it! Next time we see these two teams face off, it will be for the Tornado tag titles in a pub brawl!
Mai:...Whatever that'll be.

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Emi Meets The BSX

The show heads to the back, and there we find the Unstoppable host herself with the Hall of Fame team, the Burning Star Express. Andi and Kaoru stand on either side of her.

Emi: So uhh...hey guys...so umm...how does it feel being in the FFW Hall of Fame this year?

Andi: First, let me just say hi to you in person finally! You're one of my favorite people to follow on twitter, and we're so glad to see you here for such a great occasion like this!

Kaoru: Yeah, they can't go wrong with having someone like you hosting a party like this hear in Texas tonight!

That gets a rise from the gigantic crowd in attendance!

Kaoru: In all seriousness, though, Emi, there's no greater honor than to be put in a Hall Of Fame. It's made all the better by it being in a company as great as FFW. One look up and down the list of names in the Hall here, and to be among those names is truly to stand among some of the greatest talents this industry has ever seen. It's truly one of the greatest accomplishments we'll ever have as a team, and to have it happen so quickly is mind-blowing, even now.

Andi: It's really the best feeling in the world, to be appreciated by your peers, and having your talents recognized on a great scale. To the haters that think we don't belong, it's too bad for them, because we made it! Years of hard work, dealing with the pain, the travel, and some of the scummier aspects of the wrestling business, it's great that the BSX has someplace to call home, and it's even greater that we'll never be forgotten in the history of Femme Fatale Wrestling.

Emi: Ok ummm...so who do you think has the advantage going into this ladder match? I mean it's a ladder match, so anything can happen, right?

Kaoru: Anything and everything, there are no limits except for the sturdiness of steel and our bodies. We've competed in this match once before, but Bianca is no stranger to this, having recently won one of these. This kind of match, it's not something we do often, but I think we have the motivation and the passion to give it our all.

Andi: If there's one thing that the Brazilian Storm do really well, it's use the environment and any advantage they can get. They might think that the ladder is their best friend in this match, but we're not coming to make friends, we're coming to take back our Unity Championships and show the whole Cosmos why we're Hall Of Famers. They may have an advantage in knowing how to better use a weapon, but we know how to win at the highest level of competition, and we're gonna do that here tonight!

Emi: So what's the strategy guys?

Kaoru: Strategy? It's pretty simple. Survive. This is going to be brutal.

Andi: We have no plans on losing this war to the likes of the Brazilian Storm. We're going to beat them down, we're going to send them crashing down to Earth, and we will ascend to the heavens to get back what's ours. It's impossible to knock a star out of the skies, and it's sure as heck not going to happen here.

Emi: Ummm ok, thankies...for your time I mean. Good luck in your match.

Andi: Thank you for being here, Emi! Stay shiny, everyone! We'll see you soon!

On that note, the show follows Emi’s direction and heads back to ringside.

Maggie: The following contest is for one fall, and is for the FFW NO SURRENDER CHAMPIONSHIP!

Zack: Coming up, fans, you can bet Sophia Pike is somewhere watching this match with eagle eyes after winning her opportunity against Vanessa Cade earlier tonight. We’re about to find out who she’ll be meeting at Sin & Sacrifice for the titanium title, and Erica has joined me to help call it all.

Erica: I wouldn’t miss this one for the world. I’ve been looking forward to it since it was announced. Also...yeah, I’m surprised Sophia isn’t actually down here right now.

The dirty drums of Imagine Dragons' "Gold" hits the sound system, and as a soft whistle joins the percussion, Natalya walks through the entrance gate. First with her head low, she brings her chin up and stares straight into the ring, nodding to herself in reassurance before proceeding to walk down the entrance ramp.

Maggie: Introducing first, the challenger! From Saint Petersburg, western Russia... "Nature’s Mistake"... NATALYA DEMIDOV!

Natalya nods softly to the audience and the reactions coming her way as she tracks down the way,  before she climbs into the ring by hopping onto the apron and passes over the top rope, entering the ring and waiting for the competition, without any kind of flair.

Zack: This is not Natalya’s first opportunity at the No Surrender Championship. But this is certainly her biggest stage to try to take it tonight. And if you look at the stats, she has every possible advantage on Savannah.

Erica: The stage does not get any bigger than this! Or do the wrestlers in FFW! Of course by he fact this isn’t her first crack and her name isn’t on the past champions list, we know that the stats don’t always make the match.

The fans inside of the AT&T Stadium are just coming down off of their wave of excitement after witnessing the previous entrance. Just as soon as they begin to come down from their high, the entirety of the arena is suddenly plunged into darkness. Low murmurings of the people can be heard as they wonder what is happening. Their murmurings continue for a moment before the crackling of the video wall coming to life is heard, diverting their attention. The static is replaced by the image of the ruins of the once prosperous capital city of Midgar, capital region of the world Gaia. The city is deserted, it’s buildings all in various stages of ruin and disrepair. There is but one figure clinging almost desperately to the ledge of a particularly high up building, part of the ruins of the Shinra Headquarters. That figure being the oft arrogant Kadaj. Kadaj turns and watches as his Souba falls from above his head and hurtles down towards the ground below. As Kadaj watches, footsteps can be heard landing on the ledge right above where his hands are clinging. Staring down at him was the formidable figure of reluctant hero, Cloud Strife. Cloud stares daggers down at Kadaj, his famed Buster sword pointing down as if he could strike the fatal blow at any moment. A tense staredown between the two ensues until Kadaj looks down at the container in his arms, s the container which contains the remains of the calamity known as Jenova. Kadaj takes the container and hurls it upward, slicing it open against Cloud’s blade. The container flies up in the air and immediately is opened, the contents starting to seep out. Cloud’s eyes widen as he watches Kadaj push himself off of the ledge and fly up to grab the open container, clutching it tightly against his chest. It isn’t long before the remains are absorbed into his body and the container floats away. Kadaj looks up at Cloud as he is floating down, a small grin forming on his face.

Kadaj: My reunion…...bet you’re dying to watch….

Cloud watches as Kadaj floats down towards the same sport where his Souba had fallen. He wastes no time in leaping off the building towards Kadaj. The effects of absorbing Jenova’s remains are starting to take their effect as he begins to writhe and contort in pain. As the pain begins to subside, he lands somewhat gracefully down on the pipe below, Cloud in hot pursuit. Having been reunited with his Souba, Kadaj takes the sword in hand and lifts his arms in the air in an attempt to stop the incoming Cloud. The second Cloud and his Buster sword make contact, the visage of Kadaj became no more, instead transformed into the methodical bane of Cloud’s existence, Sephiroth. The Souba is replaced by the massive Masamune.

Sephiroth: Good to see you….Cloud.

Sephiroth slowly raises his head and smirks at Cloud, who audibly gasps upon seeing his nemesis. Sephiroth draws his Masamune and strikes Cloud twice, the second blow hurling him upward towards the ledge that was just above where he once stood. He lands on his feet and watches Sephiroth fly up after him and land on a platform higher up.

Sephiroth: Your Geostigma is gone. That’s too bad.

Cloud: Sephiroth. What do you want?

Sephiroth: The last thoughts of the Geostigma's dead. Those remnants will join the Lifestream and girdle the planet. Choking it... corroding it. What I want, Cloud, is to sail the darkness of the cosmos with this planet as my vessel, just as my mother did long ago.

With the simple flick of his wrist, Sephiroth turns the somewhat sunny yet somewhat barren landscape surrounding the Shinra HQ runs into a near pitch black and stormy atmosphere.

Sephiroth: Then one day we'll find a new planet. And on its soil, we'll create a shining future.

Cloud: What about this planet?

Sephiroth: Well, that's up to you, Cloud.

Cloud gazes at Sephiroth for a moment before getting his Buster sword in the ready position. Sephiroth does the same with Masamune and it isn’t long before the two eternal enemies are flying at each other. As soon as the clang of their blades meeting occurs, the video is suddenly ed cut off. A blood red spotlight shines down on the right side of the stage, where the renowned University of Texas Symphony Orchestra is shown assembled in a traditional semi circle. On the risers right behind them are the equally renowned University of Texas Chamber Singers. A few seconds pass before the orchestra starts to play the well known piece “One Winged Angel” by Nobuo Uematsu. As the song starts to play, another blood red spotlight hits the left side of the stage. A platform with a silver railing on the front is highlighted, shown to be at the top of the video wall. Standing on top of the platform is the reigning FFW No Surrender champion Savannah Taylor. Savannah is clad in an ankle length black leather jacket with silver pauldrons, black leather pants worn over her black wrestling boots and a black leather crop top. Her No Surrender championship is worn firmly around her waist. Her blonde hair is covered by a long silver wig with the bangs parted on either side of her head. Black leather gloves cover her hands and in her left hand is a plastic replica of Sephiroth’s Masamune. She rests the blade of the sword gently over her left shoulder as the platform slowly begins to descend. Blood red fog fills the stage around the left side as an image of a roaring inferno is playing on a loop behind Savannah. Savannah keeps her eyes dead ahead of her at the ring as she descends towards the stage. It isn’t very long before Savannah finally makes her arrival at the stage. It is at this point where the orchestra is building it’s tempo to a climax. As the drums and cymbals crash together in perfect synch, a loud bolt of lightening like pyro shoots down from the lighting setup just above the ramp. The resulting lightening sets off a wall of fire that frames each side of the ramp. Savannah walks from the left side of the stage, through the fog, and stands in the center of the ramp, like a beacon standing amid the flames. She walks to the ring slowly and methodically as the Chamber Singers begin to sing out.

“Estuans interius
Ira vehementi
Estuans interius
Ira vehementi

“Estuans interius
Ira vehementi
Estuans interius
Ira vehementi

Savannah ignores the fans surrounding her as she keeps her gaze on the ring. The only thing she pays attention to is the wall of fire on either side of her, which is kept a healthy distance away from the fans.

Maggie: Ladies and gentlemen, making her way to the ring, from Las Vegas, Nevada. She is the REIGNING and DEFENDING FFW No Surrender Champion…..Savannah Taylor!!

Savannah is making her way past the halfway mark in the longer than normal entrance ramp. It is here that she takes the faux Masamune from her shoulder and points it directly at the ring, her eyes narrowed.

“Sors immanis
Et inanis
Sors immanis
Et inanis”

“Estuans interius
Ira vehementi
Estuans interius
Ira vehementi

Savannah reaches the ringside area, where she pauses before looking into the ring and where her opponent stood. She turns and climbs the steel steps, where two stagehands are waiting, holding the bottom and middle ropes open for her to step through with ease. Once she is inside the ring, the same stagehands step in the ring and stand on either side of the No Surrender champion. She hands the stagehand to her left the faux Masamune and slides off her gloves, handing them to him as well. She reaches up and carefully peels off the silver wig and hands it to the stagehand on her right. Shaking out her blonde hair, watching as it falls over her shoulders, she carefully undoes the snaps on her leather jacket and slides it off, handing it to the stagehand on her right.

“Veni, veni, venias,
Ne me mori facias
Veni, veni, venias,
Ne me mori facias"

"Veni, veni, venias,
Ne me mori facias
Veni, veni, venias,
Ne me mori facias"

"Veni, veni, venias, Gloriosa
Ne me mori facias Generosa
Veni, veni, venias, Gloriosa
Ne me mori facias Generosa"

"Veni, veni, venias, Gloriosa
Ne me mori facias Generosa
Veni, veni, venias, Gloriosa
Ne me mori facias Generosa"


Standing up tall, Savannah waits as the orchestra and chamber singers finish up their beautiful Latin singing and the playing of one of the most recognizable songs in all of video games. The fire that surrounded the ramp had been extinguished the moment Savannah climbed into the ring. The lights slowly start to return to normal as Savannah unhooks her title belt from around her waist and hands it to the referee.

Zack: Wow, what an entrance for the No Surrender Champion! Savannah Taylor has sat atop the No Surrender division for 238 days since she won the title back at Global Wars! She ended the fourth reign of Starla McCloud to do it, but the challenges don’t come any bigger...in any sense...than tonight.

Erica: She’s been dominant since she came into the company, especially since taking the belt with the exception of only a couple of losses, so it all looks good on paper, too. Just that little thing I said a few minutes ago about paper and practice.

Kevin Fisk takes the belt as it is handed over to him by Savannah, and shows it to the giant, who nods her head. He then stands in the middle of the ring and holds it high, gaining a pop from the fans. Just outside the ring, Maggie is waiting to take the belt from him and leaves for the timekeeper’s area on receipt. Fisk then calls for the bell and the two women walk into the middle of the ring. Savannah eyes Natalya, as though trying to get the measure of her. Natalya looks down at her, takes a step backwards and plants a boot straight into Savannah’s abdomen, taking her down in one swift blow. Savannah lands on her backside and scrambles to get to her feet, only to meet a knee as she’s about halfway up. She goes down again, and this time decides that moving away from the mammoth wrestler would be a better idea to get up. She does this and is outside of Natalya’s strike zone before getting up, and charges at the larger woman, leaping into the air and landing a jumping roundhouse on the Russian wrestler, which almost works. It moves Natalya, but it doesn’t move her very far. Savannah, landing on her feet, spins so that this time she can put a heel strike in Natalya’s knee in hopes of bringing her down. Once again Natalya stumbles but that’s about as far as she goes. A second heel strike to the knee hits its mark, but it still isn’t quite enough to get what she wants, and the No Surrender Champion is very clearly becoming annoyed with this.

Zack: Savannah has never faced anyone in FFW like Natalya. And you can call this learning on the job, because making her submit is hard enough. But it’s a whole other kind of challenge to get her off her feet.

Erica: Not half! We’ve seen her come off her feet, but the task of doing so never, ever gets any easier.

Natalya turns slowly to ace Savannah - even now as not out to destroy, “Nature’s Mistake” would still be a very imposing form to look upon. She glares down at Savannah and raises an eyebrow, and then, in one hand, lifts the champion high and drops her with a chokeslam! Savannah, once again, bounces on the mat and rolls away so that she might get to her feet, though she is rubbing her throat as she gets up.

Erica: Savannah tried to just...get Natalya down there, and while I don’t blame her for that, it very rarely works this early on in the match. What can you do though.

Zack: That’s where Savannah wants to avoid. She is not going to be able to go toe to toe with Natalya. And I’d also add coming at her head on is going to be a long, painful experience for the champion.

Natalya steps towards her, just as Savannah is getting to her feet. This time, Natalya kicks her in the stomach and lifts her high, this time looking for a powerbomb. Suddenly aware of what might happen to her, Savannah wriggles a small amount of freedom from the hold and uses that to start wailing on her, sending elbows and fists into the challenger’s head, which is definitely working to weaken her. Natalya tries to shake her off, but Savannah, to her credit, his holding on and trying to make her way around the Russian’s neck, towards her back. Finally, she makes it there and, wrapping her arms around Natalya’s neck, goes for the sleeper/scissors combo!

Zack: Now you know how King Kong felt trying to climb the Empire State Building. Savannah’s doing everything in her power to get Natalya down, and it seems like she might be onto something here.

Erica: If there’s a promised way to get your opponent down in wrestling, it’s choke ‘em! Lack of oxygen is gonna do you in eventually!

The bodyscissors part of the hold more resembles a chest scissors more than anything because of Natalya's height, but it’s doing the job all the same. In fact, possibly better. Natalya goes towards the ropes, but a digging heel into just beside her bust is enough to stop that from happening. Savannah pulls the hold in tighter, determined to squeeze the air out of her challenger’s lungs. It definitely appears to be working, as evidenced by the fact Natalya wobbles, and is essentially forced to drop to one knee, raising her free hand to try and pull Savannah off of her. The smaller blonde however sees the hand coming and is able to move enough that she can get out of its way, and goes back to trying to force the submission.

Erica: It’s unorthodox, but hell if it’s not working! In this scenario the whole neck of leg thing seems to apply tenfold.

Zack: The one area that Savannah may have Natalya beat is speed. Demidov isn’t the fastest woman by far, and Savannah saw that meathook coming and was able to avoid it.

Natalya’s resolve seems to be wearing thin, as she looks to be struggling for air and it forces her down to all fours now, which brings a smile to Savannah’s face, and she pulls just a little tighter. Natalya lets out a strangled yell, and with a last push of energy, she forces herself upwards and right over, backwards and almost crushing Savannah in the process!

Zack: Savannah got plastered into the canvas right there, and that’ll give Natalya an opening she needed. It’s clear the champion is stunned after that.

Erica: That was...well, it was different. Also, ow. Sore. So much pain. And I’m sitting over here with you.

The giant rolls off of her opponent and to all fours, this time to get her breath back. Savannah is flat on her back, stunned and breathless herself. The two wrestlers start to get to their feet, and Savannah, despite being almost crushed by Natalya, is there first. She runs at Natalya, looking for a kick, but Natalya pushes herself upright in the nick of time and all Savannah catches is air. Natalya smirks as this happens, and as Savannah steadies herself, she picks Savannah up into a bearhug! The sheer size of Natalya’s arms is enough to get a monstrous grip (that was intended!) and she begins to squeeze the No Surrender Champion. A shot of Savannah’s hand of all things shows it turn red very quickly thanks to the restricted blood flow, and then the twisted face from the hold itself.

Erica: I hate bearhugs normally...but I really can’t imagine what that would be like coming from someone of Natalya’s size. All I got is they definitely hurt when dad did them in training.

Zack: Every breath the champion takes, Natalya manages to squeeze a little harder. And Savannah will either find a way out of this….or collapse over her shoulder.

Savannah seems to contemplate a headbutt, but Natalya has deliberately positioned the hug low enough that she couldn’t reach the bridge of her nose. She could reach her chin however, and she decides to try that instead, It doesn’t work, mostly because Natalya moves her head so that once, again, all Savannah hits is air. She does almost hit the crook of Savannah’s neck and shoulder however, and as she’s about to try again, with that explicit aim, she doesn’t get that far because there’s a sudden surge of pressure on her back! Savannah shrieks, a mix of pain and surprise, which would normally have brought a grin to the Russian’s face, but this time she ignores it. She wrangles Savannah in her grip and, perhaps realising that Savannah is probably not going to quit in a bearhug, adjusts the hold and body slams her to the mat! Once again Savannah finds herself flattened, but can’t do a great deal about it as Natalya has rolled her to her front and goes to lock in a camel clutch!

Zack: Natalya’s throwing Savannah around without too much trouble, and she’s looking to punish her and maybe get her second wind with this camel clutch. Savannah’s never had over seven feet of womanhood sitting on her lower back like that.

Erica: I’ve had more trouble throwing balls to my nephew than she has with Savannah, and I wish I was kidding. A camel clutch rarely ends a match, but if this goes in, it just might. That’s a lot of person pushing down on you.

...Well, she almost does. Savannah, as though sensing what’s coming, forces her way out of the hold before it’s in and scarpers for the ropes, in need of a break, not that you could blame her for that. She pushes herself to her feet, favouring her lower back as Natalya comes towards her. As she does, Savannah loops the ropes in her arms and forces herself upwards, catching Natalya with two feet to the chest! Natalya goes backwards, and it’s just enough for Savannah to then hop onto the ropes and use them to dropkick Natalya in the same place! It brings Natalya down, and Savannah reels back and delivers a kick into her face, with enough force to bring her the rest of the way down, so that the massive blonde is on her back. Savannah then awaits Natalya getting back to a seated position, takes the leg and drops her with a screw leg whip!

Erica: ...Well that’s a different way of doing a dragon screw!

Zack: The No Surrender champion hoping to take out or dislocate that knee, and keep Natalya down for the rest of this match. It’s like I’ve said with Isis’ matches. If you can get her down, you’ve taken away the majority of her offense and power.

The move appeared to have caught Natalya by surprise as well, but that surprise turned when she found that Savannah was actually going to keep a hold on it and torque the leg! Natalya let out a yell, but her face showed a different story. Fisk was right in there, making sure that the hold was in and checking Natalya for signs of tapping, which got him a shake of the head in response. The refusal made Savannah pull harder, trying to bend Natalya’s shin in ways that it wasn’t supposed to go. Natalya gave a yell and stamped her free foot hard on the mat, causing it to vibrate heavily, which seems to startle Savannah a little.

Zack: Savannah must feel like a Lilliputian trying to hold down Gulliver right now, and that thunderous sound you heard was Demidov stomping the mat.

Erica: Anything to try and get your head back in it, though I’m not entirely sure she meant to give Savannah a fright like that.

It was the look of surprise on Savannah's face that seemed to set the lightbulb off in Natalya’s head, so she did it again, and this time she let out a massive roar to go along with it. Sure enough, it seemed to work and it was enough that Natalya could sake her leg free. Of course, her roaring got one back from the approving fans as well. However, when Natalya tried to stand, she found it difficult due to the twisting that had been done on her leg. Savannah got up and watched her foe, smirking at the sight. However, Natalya pushed to her feet, and Savannah came at her again. The smaller woman leapt into the air...only to be caught by the challenger! Natalya swung her around and then dropped her with a wheelbarrow facebuster!

Erica: Shades of Jo there, but much more powerful! Did that break Savannah’s nose?

Zack: That’s gotta feel like falling off the side of your house. Natalya is pure raw power, and there’s not much Savannah can do about it right now.

With Savannah on the ground and in position, Natalya wasted no time and locked in the inverted cloverleaf!

Zack: Demidov’s got some feeling back in her knee, and now it’s the champion’s turn to suffer. Can you imagine the strength she can put into that hold? It’d probably hurt less just to take the leg off!

Erica: I wouldn’t want to find out! In any case, Savannah’s finding out first hand why she calls it Torture!

It was clear as day that the pressure on Savannah’s back was getting to her, especially with the massive Russian sitting on it. Of course, Natalya steadily adding pressure helped none at all. Attempting to push up a little, the champion made to start towards the ropes, and it almost seemed like Natalya was letting her do it. But once she was almost in arm’s reach of them, Natalya put the brakes on that and pulled her back into the middle of the ring! Savannah looked around wildly, the pain mounting in her face as she tried to find a way out, it all she could think to do was try and get back to the ropes she had just been pulled away from. And that’s what she did, once again almost making it before Natalya pulled her back.

Erica: The Torture Alpha is in good and tight, and I can’t help but get the feeling that Natalya is just playing with her now.

Zack: Savannah’s looking for the exit here among this 100,000 plus in AT&T Stadium, but the long arm of the law...in the form of Natalya Demidov….says she’s not leaving yet!

This time, Natalya pulled a little off centre, ensuring that the ropes Savannah was trying to reach was the furthest one away, and without much an exit to any of the other three as she now bore right down on Savannah’s back. It was then, with one final cry of pain and tears in her eyes, her hand began to slap the mat, and Fisk called for the bell!


Zack: It was nearly 4 years ago Natalya Demidov arrived on the main roster of FFW, and tonight she’s picked up her very first title! The 238 day reign of the Las Vegas Siren has been ended by the most physically dominating woman to ever call herself the No Surrender Champion!

Erica: It’s been a damn long road for Natalya and I’m glad to see that all the work and dedication she’s put in for the whole time she’s been here has finally paid off. This won’t be the end of anything for Savannah though!

Natalya released the hold on hearing the announcement, very clearly shocked at what had just been said. Fisk was handed the belt from outside and he presented it to the new champion, who took it and hugged it against her chest. Standing, her arm was raised to cheers from the crowd, and she held the title in the air as well.

Zack: Boy, is it ever going to be a long night at Sin & Sacrifice for the Emerald City Siren when she tries to take a title from that woman right there! I don’t envy Sophia at all!

Erica: Me either as it happens! But you can bet your bottom dollar that she’ll be glad to not have to deal with Vanessa and Mileena for a while as she moves on to the shot she’s been clamouring for since she got here! That’s going to be one hell of a fight!

As Natalya took to a corner, holding the belt high for all to see, we go somewhere else.

This May Not End Well

Allison Marx is shown heading down the hallway, glancing back over her shoulder from where she was going. As she rounded the corner, she nearly ran into Ryan Mackenzie. Emma’s manager and boyfriend gave her a cross look when she looked to see him.

Ryan: It helps if you look ahead when you’re walking, not behind you.

Allison: Oh, I was making sure that….you know what? It doesn’t matter. What I found out has a lot to do with you and Emma anyway.

Ryan: If it’s about tonight, I’m not going to be out there for the match with Laurel Anne Hardy. That’s between her and Emma. I’ll be watching it, so if it’s some ridiculous stipulation barring me, then you don’t--

Allison: No no, nothing to do with that at all. There’s just...a rumor going around. Did you know that Isabella is here tonight?

Ryan: I’d heard something about that, but it wasn’t anything I was going to go investigate. I’m a little busier preparing the Ultraviolence Champion to shut down Laurel later.

Allison: Well that’s what the rumor is about actually.

Ryan: There’s a rumor she’s here? Why is that a rumor? She’s a Hall of Famer, and they are all able to come to FFW events.

Allison: That’s not the rumor, Ryan. She’s definitely here, I’ve seen her. It’s WHY she’s here.

Ryan: To see a show she helped build through her in-ring career?

Allison: Not JUST that…

Ryan: Would you get to the fucking point? I’m not interested in playing guessing games. What’s the rumor?

Allison glances behind her again, and then back to Ryan.

Allison: She’s here...for Emma.

Ryan’s eyes widen at that, and then replaced by a bit of confusion as well.

Ryan: For Emma in what regards?

The reporter looks at the camera, and instead of telling the crowd, she leans up to whisper it into Ryan’s ear. This causes his eyes to widen again. He then immediately heads off as Allison heads in the other direction away from him.

Zack: What the hell is that about?!

Mai: You’re asking me? I’m sitting here with you, and Allison never whispers in my ear. She could…

On that, we head elsewhere.

Kelly Answers’Em All

The show returns to the back, where for the first time in nearly a year, we find Kelly Kincaid live on FFW television. Standing behind her would be her husband, as both are joined by Robby Reynolds.

Robby: I suppose the first thing that should be done is to say welcome back, Mrs. Kincaid. It’s been almost a year since we’ve seen you in person on a FFW show, much less Unstoppable. How does it feel to be back on FFW’s biggest stage in what may go down as the biggest Unstoppable so far in FFW history?

Kelly smiles at the interviewer.

Kelly: Hi Robby and… yeah, last time I was live on FFW television was back in December. It’s good to be back. Feels pretty much natural for me to be back here on FFW’s biggest night on the year; possibly the biggest night of it’s history, to watch it all happen and see how it all goes down. Plus I figure I should be here to get an idea of the lie of the land coming out of tonight; see where the chips fall before I step back into that ring.

Robby: The last time we heard from you was when you spoke with Allison Marx on a recent edition of Velocity. You made clear that you had your eyes up and down the card, but seemed to indicate that the Fast Track was going to be your first goal. That’s been a division that your husband has already been around for some time, as he has managed Scarlett Silver earlier tonight against Ruby Tyler and Kassidy. Do you feel like that may create a conflict of interest for either you or him?

Christian: What conflict of interest? Were you not present when Leona Vega and Steph faced off for the Evolution Championship a few months ago? I happen to manage them both. And what did I do? I didn’t get involved, I sat ringside and watched it with Zack. And when it was over, I congratulated the winner. Just because Kelly is looking at that title in a division Scarlett Silver already occupies means nothing. It’s certainly not a situation I’ve not been in before. I think you may be trying to stir things up that aren’t there.

Kelly nodded her head in agreement.

Kelly: Look, Robby, it’d be disingenuous of me to say that I’m not stood here wishing that I was in a locker room getting ready to participate in tonight’s main event. But, it’s also unrealistic of me to expect to waltz back in her having not been on TV since December and just expect it. I’ve got to prove that I deserve that spot; I’ve got to earn the right to be stood here next year with you asking me if I’m ready to go and win the FFW Championship in a couple of hours. That’s the nature of this business; it’s a ‘what-have-you-accomplished-here-lately’ thing and the Fast Track Championship is a good place to start.

The blonde former acrobat paused for a moment.

Kelly: And the other reality is that Christian is an incredibly successful manager and trainer. One that is much sought after. If I face one of his clients, then it’s win-win for him. While for me and whoever it might be in that ring, it’s a case of whoever is best on the night, whoever makes the fewest mistakes or finds that extra edge to their game on that night and picks up the win. CK and I are both experienced and both professionals; we both know how wrestling works and were both adult enough to accept that. Also, it won’t be the first time I’ve met a wrestler that Christian has managed and trained - look back at the Chase for the Crown that I was in for just one example of that - and it’s never been a conflict of interest or an issue before, it won’t be this time either.

Robby: Well that’s good to know. How do you feel about the fact that he’s been a target in the division? We’ve seen Kassidy go after him more than once, for example. And as you plan to enter the division, it’s entirely possible you’ll have to come across Kassidy as well.

Kelly: CK has never laid a hand in anger on anyone in the Fast Track division. That’s a fact. That’s indisputable. If it comes down to it, if no one else can… or if they’re not willing to do it, then I will step in and I will get myself involved to make sure that he doesn’t get hurt - no matter who it is. And if it’s Kassidy, then it’s Kassidy. It really is that simple.

Christian: Why are we talking about her anyway? This is about Kelly. We already had the Fast Track Championship match. We crowned a new champion, and that’s Scarlett Silver. Did I put a hand on Kassidy or Ruby? No. I never do. I appreciate you trying to dig up dirt, but you’re only going to find concrete, Robby.

Robby: Fine. I only have one more question. When one looks back over your FFW career through the years, it’s apparent that you have had an issue at times getting over a hump. One need only look at the Television Championship you chased for some time or appearances in the Femme for All. My question is how do you feel you have changed or learned from those experiences going forward so that you don’t potentially find the same issues as you climb the ladder all over again? In other words, what’s different about the Kelly then from the one here now?

The blonde nodded her head.

Kelly: Congratulations Robby, you’ve finally hit on a difficult question. You’re right, I struggled in the early part of my career; I had opportunities and I whiffed on them. Three attempts at the TV title and a Chase for the Crown final all slipped through my fingers before I finally grabbed won it at the fourth attempt. If you go back and watch the tapes, I think you can see that there was a pretty massive change there. You could even say that I had an epiphany before that fourth chance if you want and I finally got it to all to come together and I ran with it. I defended the title successfully; I was the first person to beat Nevaeh Summers in FFW. Then I lost the FFW Television title, after having a record setting title reign. Don’t you think that shows that I must have learned something there, Robby? And then two Femme For All’s… the first I ran into Killer C in the semi’s… how many people are there in the world that can say they’ve beaten Caroline Dallins? How many can say they’ve beaten her when she’s had that laser like focus locked in on something? I don’t think there’s any shame at all in losing to Killer C - and if there is Robby, feel free to search her out later and tell her that.

The girl paused for a moment, rolling her bottom lip between her teeth before she continued.

Kelly: Then a year later. Eileen in the final. At least I got a step further this time around.

She broke into a smile only for it to quickly fade.

Kelly: One of those nights. One night. One match. Eileen was the Eileen that dominated the Evolution Championship division and she damn near had to kill herself to beat me. Everyone has one of those nights...where everything goes...and yet... And you know something Robby? That might be the one night in a hundred that she beats me. Since I turned that corner; since I won the FFW TV Title, my record in big matches is as good as any of the elite of this industry. I continued to win big matches; to beat champions and former champions and prove myself every single time I’ve entered that ring. The Femme For All...one match, one night, one big disappointment, sure. But I’m not dwelling on it and I’m not here demanding I get the chances that other Femme For All runners up have had in recent years. That match is done and dusted and it’s behind me now. I start again. I climb the ladder. I pay my dues over again. And that’s the difference Robby. I’m wiping the slate clean. I’m putting the pressure on me. I’m putting the burden of proof on me to show that I should be taking a place on the biggest stage on the biggest night of the year. And I WILL do it.

On Kelly’s tone and determined expression, the show heads elsewhere.

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The tron comes to life. Walking through a darkened hallway, flamed torch in hand, is Valerie Lamb. A deep red cloak surrounds her body. As she walks closer, she is joined by a man; Vincent Belmont, who himself is not dressed as usual. In a ghillie shirt, leather trousers and a longcoat - so long it comes halfway down his thigh. The two head down the cave, with only their torches to guide them. Finally, they approach the exit, and drop their torches in a barrel of water on exiting the cave. Before them stands a large metal gate, and their approach gains the attention of the men guarding it.

Man: Who goes there?

Valerie: The keeper of the gate. I received word that my presence is required.

Man: Yes, m’lady. It seems there is one who feels that they should be granted access to what lies beyond.

Valerie nods solemnly.

Valerie: Of course. There are always those who believe that this is their time. Tell me, good sir, where might I find this wanderer?

The soldier gives no answer, but points in the general direction.

Man: My lady, I should warn you that this one does not travel alone, and her one may well be at her side. We have heard stories of this man, it may be wise to take another.

Valerie nods.

Valerie: Thank you for the warning, sir. Now, do excuse me...I have business to take care of.

Looking to Vincent beside her, the two start to head off, and chains holding the gate shut can be heard turning. The pair begin to move forwards, but being called on again by the soldier stops them.

Man: My lady?

Valerie: Yes?

Man: She believes herself to be demigod...and likely seeks to make you bow before her.

Valerie nods again.

Valerie: Of course she may. But who are those around us...who are they to make me bow?

The redhead turns and gives a nod to the camera. The video then turns to a blank screen. After a moment, the image of a Lion Rampant comes onto the tron, and the lights outside turn red, buzzing the crowd in anticipation.

And who are you, the proud Lord said,
That I must bow so low?

The fans in attendance who catch the reference (of which there appear to be many) begin to stir, the association with the song as the red lights fall to the curtain.

Only a cat of a different coat,
That’s all the truth I know.
In coat of gold, in coat of red,
The lion still has claws.
And mine are long, and sharp, My Lord.
As long and sharp as yours.

The deep vocals not accompanied by a violin, Valerie now steps out from behind the curtain, attired in a red version of her ring gear...only the jacket she wore has been replaced by a longcoat that comes to below her knees. Vincent Belmont follows out behind her, and the two share a look before she makes her way down the ramp.

And so he spoke, and so he spoke.
That Lord of Castamere.
But now the rains weep over his hall,
With no one there to hear.
Yes, now the rains weep over his hall,
With not a soul to hear.

The two walk down the ramp together, and as they reach the bottom, Valerie’s hand stretches out and brushes against the fans’ own as she heads towards the ring. Reaching the ring, Vincent pulls himself onto the apron while Valerie climbs the stairs, and through the ropes that her manager has opened for her.

And who are you, the proud Lord said,
That I must bow so low?
Only a cat of a different coat
That’s all the truth I know.
In a coat of gold, a coat of red
A lion still has claws.
And mine are long and sharp, My Lord.
As long as sharp as yours.

Valerie takes to her corner, where she stands atop the middle turnbuckle and bows to the fans, before straightening and removing her coat, and dropping it down to an attendant at ringside.

Maggie: The following match is a fifteen minute time limit! On her way to the ring, from Edinburgh, Scotland! Weighing in at 145 pounds, please welcome VALERIE! LAMB!

As the announcement is made, Valerie drops back down and stands in her corner, where Vincent is awaiting her. The two talk between themselves as the music fades out.

Zack: I think that entrance speaks for itself. Valerie knows where she is in this match, and she knows her role-


Zack:...thank you for that...

The opening riff from Coheed & Cambria’s “Welcome Home” rips through the speakers as the arena goes dark. In a flash of light Team Kyle’s Athena stands at the top of the ramp with Kyle Kilmeade by her side, her arms outstretched and her back turned as bright colored lasers whip around from the ramp.

You could've been all I wanted
But you weren't honest
Now get in the ground
You choked off the surest of favors
But if you really loved me
You would've endured my world

Rhea slowly makes her way down to the ring, rolling her shoulders a bit as she makes her way down the ramp as Kyle has a smirk on his face.  Rhea stays solely focused on the ring, ignoring the crowd for the most part as she climbs into the ring only stopping to say something to Kyle.  The Modern Day Amazon climbs the turnbuckle and looks out at the crowd, her face calm as she gazes upon the masses before hopping down. The powerfully built Greek Amazon rolls her neck from side to side and stretches, pulling on the ropes as her music stops.

Maggie: She hails from Tripoli, Greece! Accompanied to the ring by Kyle Kilmeade, please welcome….’THE MODERN DAY AMAZON’ RHEA LASKARIS!!

Zack: And Rhea is here to break through the gatekeeper and her gate, and-

Mai: Whoa, whoa! Zack! What the double entendres! We have kids watching this.

Zack:...Mai only you would turn that into a...let’s just start the match.

The bell rings, and stuff begins to happen as Rhea approaches Valerie just as the redhead turns from Vincent and her corner. Laskaris pokes at Valerie, telling her that she’s going to break through the gate, whether Valerie likes it or not. Valerie just stands there, arms folded while Rhea talks herself up before finally asking, “Are you done yet?” Rhea nods, and without missing a beat Lamb slaps her palm across Rhea’s face, which was enough to catch the Amazon by surprise with. Laskaris pauses, rubbing her cheek, and straightens out her jaw...which is more than enough time for Valerie to hit some knee strikes into Rhea, causing the Amazon to back away from the eldest McFarlane until she loses her balance and falls to a knee. Lamb prepares a spinning heel kick to Rhea’s face, but Laskaris has enough time to duck underneath, grab the leg on the return, and hold it up until she’s standing. Once to her feet Rhea grabs Valerie by the throat, Kyle yelling for her to lift her in the air. Rhea lets go of Valerie’s leg and lifts her up for a chokeslam, but Valerie reaches out for Rhea’s face, her fingernails barely making it to Laskaris’ face for the snake eyes and leaving her temporarily blind!

Zack: Rhea is having a hard time keeping things to her face, as Valerie is playing a pretty sneaky game.

Mai: Yeah, clawing Rhea’s eyes counts as sneaky. The gatekeeper is really trying to play keep away with those keys.

Valerie staggers as she tries to keep to her feet after Rhea drops her, and Lamb runs to the ropes as she looks to hit a springboard moonsault. Laskaris regains her vision and grabs Lamb over her shoulder, shifting Val’s body onto both shoulders before she moves forward with a rolling Samoan Drop! Kyle cheers her on as Rhea hooks the leg for the first pin of the match.



Valerie gets the shoulder up, which doesn’t please Rhea. Laskaris moves to the ropes, dragging Valerie with her. The Amazon hops off the middle rope, dropping her knee down onto Valerie’s chest, causing McFarlane to grab at it after the impact. Lamb curls up, but only for a moment before Rhea stomps down at her body. Lamb rolls over to a corner, trying to use the ropes to get herself up, but Rhea grabs her by the head and headbutts her against the turnbuckles. Vincent is yelling for Valerie to get up, while Kyle yells for him to do something that can’t be repeated for television audiences. Rhea backs up a bit from Valerie, snorting as she charges at Lamb before hopping up and sending Valerie flying with a monkey flip! Valerie is grabbing her back in pain while Rhea flicks her thumb against her nose.

Zack: Valerie is trying so hard to get into this fight, but Rhea just isn’t having any of it.

Mai: Hey maybe if Val weren’t so distracted with Vincent nearby she’d be doing better.

Zack: Well by that logic Kyle shouldn’t be here either, as he could distract Rhea.

Mai: Hey, you tell me what Kyle’s done for Rhea to make her fuck up the focus and I’ll agree with you.

Zack: No you won’t. You never do.

With Valerie down on the ground, Rhea comes at her from behind and wraps Valerie into a seated Full Nelson lock, Lamb immediately kicking her legs out as she tried to reach for the ropes with her foot. The crowd was booing Rhea as she tightened her hold on Valerie, while the redhead was kicking her foot out to try and reach the ropes. The ref asked Valerie if she wanted to give up, to which the Scot shook her head no, gritting her teeth as she tries to fight through the pain.

Zack: Valerie needs to reach those ropes, or that Full Nelson could be the end of her.

Mai: Good. We could use more peeps to get through that gate. You never know when Zuul’s gonna show up.


After another minute in the lock, Valerie’s kicks begin to move the redhead forward, while Rhea it trying to keep the hold locked into her. Lamb’s boot is nearly within reach, and the heel is ready to land on that bottom rope…

Until Kyle pulls back on it, causing her heel to hit the apron! Valerie cries out while Rhea manages to pull Valerie back, finally standing her up for the Full Nelson. Vincent points at Kyle, who pretends to act innocent in the matter. The ref once again asks Valerie if she wants to give up, again shaking her head no as Rhea flailed her about nearly like a ragdoll. Valerie is trying her best to make it to the ropes, now able to stand up for a proper break. Vincent gets to their spot on the outside, looking at Kilmeade to make sure he doesn’t pull anything else like it for Laskaris, while Kyle is yelling at Vincent to keep an eye on him.

Zack: Rhea has had that Nelson in for a while, and Vincent’s making sure Kyle doesn’t pull anything else in this match. But Kyle’s acting like Vincent’s the bad guy here. What’s he going to do, pull the ropes away from his own client?

Mai: He could.


Mai: What, stranger things have happened! It could happen!

Valerie struggles to get to the ropes, Rhea doing her best to hold the redhead back. Val does all she can, sticking her boot out to wrap it around the ropes, but Laskaris is holding her away. Another minute, and Valerie decides to be abrasive. She reaches for the top rope by leaning her upper body forward, and Rhea continues to try to hold her away. Thirty second pass by until Valerie’s arms try to reach out for the ropes, and by miracle she wraps her hands around them to the roar of the crowd! With a brave move in mind Valerie uses the ropes to slingshot over the ropes, her body rolling over and taking Rhea for the ride with her! Laskaris is taken by surprise as she rolls over Valerie, letting go of the Full Nelson and landing back first onto the floor! Vincent backs away now that the trouble is gone, but is conscious to move towards Kyle to ensure he stays on the sidelines. Valerie is still holding onto the top rope, taking a moment to climb onto the apron before catching her breath.

Zack: That was a bold move by Valerie! But it paid off with Rhea landing on the outside.

Mai: Cowardly gatekeeper, trying to break the lock…

Zack:...do you even know what you’re saying anymore?

Rhea gets her bearings back, getting to her feet from the crash, only for Valerie to run off the apron and leap off with a seated senton that floor Laskaris once more! With both Val and Rhea out of the ring, the ref begins to make the count.



Zack: An impressive senton by Valerie, but now both women need to get back inside of that ring before they’re disqualified through countout.

Valerie, not wasting time, grabs Rhea by the head and hits her knee into the amazon’s face. Another knee to Laskaris, and as the amazon shoves Valerie away from her we can see that her nose has been busted open. Rhea wipes away the blood, but it distracts her from the eldest McFarlane, who kicks Rhea’s midsection to keel her over, then hits a straight up DDT to the floor again! Laskaris goes limp from the impact to the floor, and Valerie pulls her up as she tries to roll Rhea back into the ring.




Zack: One DDT later and Rhea is out like a light! But Valerie needs to get Rhea back in the ring before the ref counts to ten! Can she-

Mai: Of course she can! God, why do you need to add some unnecessary drama?!

Zack:...Back to the match…

Valerie does her best to roll Rhea back into the ring, Rhea still out while Vincent keeps Kyle out of the way. Valerie flips her hair back and rolls into the ring, shoving Rhea on her back in order to hook the leg for the pin.




Rhea gets her shoulder up.

Zack: For only the second pinfall this match, it’s getting very intense! A lot of the fans thought Laskaris was done for after that DDT!

Valerie herself is looking surprised at this, while Rhea rolls onto her side. Valerie decides that now is the time to give Rhea back what she gave her, and rolls Rhea onto her back to apply the STF. The crowd roars while Rhea tries not to tap out, but Valerie locks the move in tightly. There’s an instance where Rhea is about to tap, but Kyle climbs onto the apron, distracting the referee as Laskaris lands her palm down on the mat!

Zack: That’s it! That should be it! But the ref is too busy yelling at Kyle to notice Rhea just tapped out!

Mai: No she didn’t! She just noticed an ant on the mat and she’s trying to squash it-


Valerie hears Rhea tapping, but doesn’t hear the bell ringing. She looks up to see why that is, and lets go of the Rapturous Descent to get the referees attention. But it turns into a shouting match between her and Kilmeade until Vincent has enough, and yanks Kyle off the apron, his face hitting the edge of the ring and his nose starts bleeding! Vincent barks at Kyle, while Valerie turns around to face Rhea...who’s up and at’em and grabs Valerie’s arm, pulling her in for the Calydonian Revenge! Valerie is down, and the ref slides into position to make the count!



Zack: No not like this-


Zack: Saved by the bell.

Maggie: Ladies and gentlemen, this match has reached it’s set time limit, and has been wrestled to a draw!

Most of the fans are cheering that Valerie didn’t lose, but the others are upset that this match didn’t come to a conclusion of any kind. Rhea just flips them off, kicking Valerie once more before she makes her way out of the ring, checking Kyle before she helps him up. Vincent meanwhile goes into the ring, checking on Valerie to make sure she was alright.

Zack: The match was almost Rhea’s due to Kyle and his scumbaggery, but we won’t know for sure who actually won that match after coming to a draw.

Mai: Oh you know who won-

Zack: It wasn’t Rhea, Mai. Just admit it wasn’t Rhea.

Night Train’s Snack Time

Once more, we find special guest Night Train Ayano peeking around the corner to see if the stadium security is still after her. Not seeing them, she heads into catering where she finds all kinds of food and drinks on display, including candy. She immediately starts shoving her mouth full of various foods, caught on camera for comedic effect such as eating a banana while winking at the camera and then chowing down on a peach.

Night Train:  ME CAN EAT A PEACH FOR HOURS!  (winking at the camera again and making a phone gesture)  CALL ME!

Before she manages to swallow it all, she sees several coolers, one of which has her favorite (non-alcoholic) drink: Cherry Coca Cola. She immediately takes out three cans, opens them and pours them over her face and mouth (a la Stone Cold).

Zack: Well she’s had a busy night, so it makes sense if Night Train needs a little refreshment.

Mai: A little refreshment? She’s chugging Cherry Coke, is she on some kind of sugar high or something?!

After she’s emptied the cans, she throws them onto the floor behind her and sees a vending machine full of candy bars. Night Train has no change, of course, and then picks up one of the coolers. She closes the lid and hurls it at the glass window, shattering it and then quickly beginning to scoop up as much candy as she can.


Once more, stadium security finds her as she scoops up as much candy in one arm as she can, fills her mouth with another Cherry Coke and spits it at them like a mist before she takes off out of catering with the members of security (who aren’t doused with Coke) chasing after her.

Mai: Worst. Guest. Ever.

As Night Train is shown taking off down the hall with the crowd clearly enjoying her antics, the show heads elsewhere with security hot on her heels.

Spectators & Suffering

After a commercial for the upcoming Future Shock Wipeout Pay Per View next month, we cut down to ringside with Zack and Mai in the booth, as you might expect.

Zack: August 19th is the date you need to circle, fans. That’ll be the night Future Shock returns to Pay Per View for Wipeout with “Typhoon” Bianca Salvador getting her rematch for the Future Shock title against the reigning champion Anna Giovanna.

Mai: It’ll be a short-lived reign for the Salty Dog, if you ask me. But you didn’t, so…

As they talk, the camera begins to pan through the crowd. It zooms in on a skybox, where the fans can see Ashleigh Powell watching the show. They give her quite the pop as she beams, and waves to the crowd.

Zack: We have a lot of wrestling luminaries and guests here tonight. There’s Ashleigh Powell, truly a Future Shock standout for her brief time.

Mai: Sounds like they haven’t forgotten here. I might have sat her behind a column or something if it were left to me.

The camera journeys around again, this time zooming in on a dark haired woman who also gets a bit of a reaction from the crowd who sees her on the video wall. She grins at the camera as her name is shown on the screen: Elanora Harris.

Mai: Who’s this little weasel? You keep up with these people better than me.

Zack: That’s Elanora Harris, one of Adam’s invited guests. She’s in her rookie year, and doing quite well for herself. Maybe we’ll see her one day in a Future Shock ring.

Another quick pan of the crowd, and we zoom in to see Artemis Kaiser. She regards the camera as the crowd gives her a nice reaction when they see her on the wall.

Zack: Artemis Kaiser needs no introduction at all. You know what she’s here to see. I am positive she is eager to see if Jo McFarlane makes history tonight.

Mai: If she spent a little more money, she could have gotten better seating than over the--

Zack: Fans, I’m being told there’s been an incident in the back!

Mai: It’s not Night Train again, is it?

The cameras immediately go backstage, and Sylvia Crowley on the bathroom floor with a broken mirror surrounding her in pieces. Hayley Dark is kneeling next to her, rubbing her finger in the open wound on Crowley’s head and writing on the wall: HAYLEY WAS HERE.

Zack: Hayley’s attacked Sylvia in the bathroom, someone get some medical assistance back there! Look at her, she’s writing on the walls with Sylvia’s blood!

Mai: Well it’s not as though Sylvia came with magic markers, so what do you expect the Murder Machine to write with?

Hayley, pleased with her artwork, got to her feet and looked down at the fallen Sylvia before letting herself out of the restroom. It was only a few seconds later before a medical team poured inside to help Crowley.

Zack: We knew she was here tonight, and I almost expected some kind of altercation! I didn’t expect her to ambush her like that though!

Mai: Just think what would have happened if she brought a pet! We’d be getting picketed by PETA before Hayley was through.

The cameras watched the medical team helping Sylvia before we fade to a commercial for Sin & Sacrifice.

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The whole of AT&T Stadium goes dark for a moment, promting the fans in attendance to start turning on their glowing light cylons. The sound of wind and rain emerges, along with representations of sakura trees being blown about in a storm on the stage's video wall and around the staduim, droplets and cherry blossom petals floating in the digital winds.

then, the main video screen int he center of the staduim comes on with a flash of lightning and the crack of thunder, as a scene is played out in a feudal Japanese setting. A three story pagoda, surrounded by walls and guards walking around, keeping a watchful eye during the storm. Upon hearing footsteps, a few look out into the torch-lit darkness, stopping a small group of soldiers at the large red gate. Let the subtitles begin.

Guard: Stop right there!

Soldier: You must let us through, we have news from the front line for the General! Please, this is of utmost importance!

After a quick check over of the small group of soldiers, the guards nod and let them pass, as they head right for the pagoda, and right for the room of the general. Inside the tatami lined room, we can hear the approaching footsteps before the wood and paper door slides to the side hurriedly, with the soldiers rushing in, only to drop down to a knee.

Soldier: General, we have come to deliver news from the front! I am afraid it is not good.

As the head soldier hands over a scroll from his pouch, the camera pans around to see who he's giving it to. And there, clad in full samurai armor, sans the mask, is their very disgruntled General. Kaoru Asaka. Upon accepting the scroll, she immeditely unrolls it and read through the contents.

Kaoru: So then, they've finally come. It has been months since they've stolen the Titles Of Unity. They've tried to cast dishonor on us. Together, they have cause chaos in the reason, and vanquished nearly every foe!

Kaoru begins pacing through the scene, looking over her troops and guards and anyone who would listen.

Kaoru: I've managed to catch them myselves a few times, primed to end them once and for all, but they always find a way to escape somehow. They've brough shame upon this house time and time again! They bring shame upon the Titles Of Unity they hold! They demean the very spirit of them! The demean everyone who has dared to stand up to their treachery!

Kaoru casts the scroll into a large metal plate where there was a fire burning, letting the flames destroy it whole.

Kaoru: And now... now they have come back for us... to try and finish the job for good. All attempts to stop their group have failed. Our numbers have been decimated. Our allies have all fallen at their hands... I fear the worst may happen for us as well. But we will fight! We must fight! We must do what we can to take these villains down once and for all! Even if it means sacrificing ourselves to do it, we will not let them win!

A grunt of affirmation by the gathered troops echoes throughout the room, but then so does the sound of a Shinobue flute, its tune wafting through the air. As Kaoru looks around to see where the sound is coming from, even going so far as to look through the door, once she turns back, she sees a young mystic sitting in the corner, flute in hand, dressed in the most formal and most beautiful silken kimono, and a veiled hat on her head, all in light blue... to match her hair.

Andi: The Cosmos itself will not let you lose. This I know. They have seen the atrocities of man. They know the wrong that has been done, the imbalance in the world we live in.

Kaoru: How did you get in here?

Andi: It matters not. Your men could not have stopped me even if they wanted to. Nor will the evil forces from the south be able to stop me at all. This too, I know. They have done wrong to the people, your people and mine as a whole, but when they took the Titles of Unity, they also took upon themselves the property of the Cosmos, and this will not stand.

Andi begins playing a quick, feverish, almost angry tune on her flute, all but one flame, the one witht he burning scroll going out, leaving only the faintest bit of light by which she again speaks on the large screen. Kaoru looks about, confused by the happenings arund her, hand on her sword, ready if needed.

Andi: The spirits of the Cosmos will see you well! They shall not allow us to fall on this day! For it has been foretold by space and time itself, a climb to the highest peaks of battle, and once there, only good can truly prevail. This too, I know, for I will be in battle besides you. And we will not be alone on this day. We shall have the blessing of the Fox God upon us, and with them, a hundred thousand strong to bring the fight to our enemies!

Kaoru: Then... it is time. Let us stand up against our foes, let us reclaim what is ours! For this... is our road of resistance.

Andi plays the flute again for a moment, the high pitched tones echoing throught the AT&T Stadium sound system, before the final flame goes out. But as that happens, once again, lightning strikes again! This time, directly down onto the entrance stage, the boom coming shortly after, a larce cloud of smoke eminiating from the spot that had been struck... and then...

Guitars. As the preamble to Road Of Resistance plays, coming up from the smoke, as if summoned by the Cosmos themselves, the physical manifestation of the Fox God Itself, three young women, clad in black and red kimono, wearing kitsune masks and holding flags emerge. Each of the flags has a very simple symbol of a heart, surrounded by a star, engulfed in flames, and a letter on each to spell out B S X. As the preamble plays, the three perfomers from BABYMETAL get into position, waving the flags from the stage before the preamble winds down. For another moment things go dark, the simulated storm continuing to blow through the video screens and audio system.

And then a horn. The sound of a Horagai echoes, as bright white lights beam out from the stadium tunnels! The image on the stage's screen scrolling upwards, of the large red gate coming into view, and opening up slowly, with what would appear to be an army behind it, with torches and pikes at the ready. The horn blows a few times,  and as the last of the concourse tunnels is lit up, surrounding the stadium in light, Kaoru & Andi appear on the stage video screen, on horseback, in front of said army. Takata turns to her partner, her tessen fan spread open to hide her face in front of the veil...

Andi: General, on your command.

Kaoru raises up her gunbai war fan, giving a smirk.

Kaoru: Let us win this battle or die trying! IKU ZO!

As Kaoru drops the fan to a dead forward position, CHAOS ERUPTS. The screens go dark and lights flash everywhere! Drums! Guitars! And a flurry of troops coming out of every entrance possible, with the same torches and pikes! Along with BABYMETAL dancing on stage, the performance begins!

#Higashi no sora wo
#Makka ni someru
#norishi no hikatiga

#Kodoku no yami no
#Owari wo tsugeru
#arata na michishirube

#Kujike temo, nando demo
#Kokoro no honoo wo moyase

As the hundreds(!) of troops make their way down through the crowd, through the backstage, and down to the ring and aisleway, finally from the back, on horseback, are the fully armored BSX, riding into battle! They stop at the top of the stage, as the soldiers and the BSX themselves all raise their weapons and flame in time with the song's call & response.

#Well it’s the time! (It's time!)
#It’s the time! (It's time!)
#Ima kono shunkann wo

#It’s the time! (It's time!)
#It’s the time! (It's time!)
#Tomo ni ikuru

#Just now’s the time! (It's time!)
#It’s the time! (It's time!)
#Ashita no kimi ni utau yo
#Sah toki wa kitaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

About this point in the song, the pair dismount the horses, leaving them to be led off by a couple of the soldiers. Andi joins Su-metal to sing along with her on the net few lines as Kaoru starts making her way down the long aisleway, being hailed by her troops and a hundred thousand plus fans strong along the way.

#Go for resistance! (Resistance!)
#Resistance! (Resistance!)
#Wowowow, kokoro wa hitotsu
#Kimi ga shinjiru nara
#Susume michi naki michi demo

#Forever! (Forever!)
#Forever! (Forever!)
#Kokon kon Wow
#Kokoro no oku ni
#moeru atsui hahto
#Sore ga bokura no resistance!

With that, Andi takes off in a dead sprint, like a ninja down the aisle, not only catching up to, but passing her partner, who as the guitars pick up speed, does as well, joining her partner up on the apron as BABYMETAL continue on.

#Whoa-o-a-o... Whoa-o-a-o... Whoa-o-a-o-oh-aoh-oh-a-o...
#Whoa-o-a-o... Whoa-o-a-o... Whoa-o-a-o-oh-aoh-oh-a-o...

Su-metal: SING IT!

The crowd, instintively jumps in where they're supposed to, which is good, because the music stops playing for a moment, as it should. Those lucky enough to get a Nakamura Global Glow Light Cylon wave them side to side in harmony as the BSX themselves encourage the massive record crowd by doing the same!

Crowd: Whoa-o-a-o... Whoa-o-a-o... Whoa-o-a-o-oh-aoh-oh-a-o...
Whoa-o-a-o... Whoa-o-a-o... Whoa-o-a-o-oh-aoh-oh-a-o...

Then Su-Metal and the tune itself begin again, singing with the crowd, as BABYMETAL themselves head down towards the ring, waving the flags representing the BSX proudly along the way.

#Whoa-o-a-o... Whoa-o-a-o... Whoa-o-a-o-oh-aoh-oh-a-o...
#Whoa-o-a-o... Whoa-o-a-o... Whoa-o-a-o-oh-aoh-oh-a-o...
#Whoa-o-a-o... Whoa-o-a-o... Whoa-o-a-o-oh-aoh-oh-a-o...
#Whoa-o-a-o... Whoa-o-a-o... Whoa-o-a-o-oh-aoh-oh-a-o...

With the BSX and BABYMETAL all in the ring at once, Andi joins in the backup dancing, as Kaoru wisely stays the hell out of the way, leading the crowd in chanting the parts that need chanting with her war fan.

#Inochi ga
#tsuzuku kagiri
#Kesshite se wo muketari wa shinai

#Kyou wa ashita,
#wo tsukuru nda
#Sou, bokura no mirai
#On the waaaaay


#Resistance! (Resistance!)
#Resistance! (Resistance!)
#Stand up and shout! (Shout!)
#Shouting forever!
#Kimi ga shinjiru nara
#Susume kotae wa koko ni aru

#Forever! (Forever!)
#Forever! (Forever!)
#Kokon kon Wow
#Kokoro no oku ni
#moeru atsui hahto

Andi finally breaks away from the dance, to join her partner up on opposite turnbuckles for the final bit of lyrics, singing along herself with great passion and energy!

#Bokura no...

All the troops raise up their weapons and salute the BSX (and the now properly hyped up gigantic crowd) to the beat of the drums, soloing their way through the ending , as the BSX raise their arms in celebration of this night!

Su-metal: WE ARE!

BSX: Burning Star!

A flaming arrow shoots up from a ringside archer (on a wire, for insurance reasons), setting off a bunch of fireworks!

Su-metal: WE ARE!


Another firey arrow goes up, from the other side, seemingly igniting a giant star sparkler set, which shines bright underneath the giant scoreboard!

Su-metal: WEEEEE AAAAARE!!!!!

Everybody, even YOU: BURNING STAR!

One last arrow hits its predestined target dead in the middle of the star, igniting one last explosion of fireworks in the shape of a heart, whch expands out past the star itself, as the song comes to a close, and with that, the troops go to head back, as the BSX begin to remove the samurai armor and get back down to ring gear as they await The Brazilian Storm.

The lights in the arena go all out, and the stage remains in darkness for a while, as if there had been a blackout. The murmur of the crowd gives way to a weather siren going off... Then another one... Then yet another one, as a symphony of alarms goes off in the arena. The boos are already off the charts as the guitars of Rev Theory's "Something New" hits the speakers.

Love to hate, repeating my mistakes
Now there's no one left to listen...
No one left to listen...
Take a chance, and fuck the consequence
When there's no one left to listen...
No one left to listen...

Under two white spotlights, The Brazilian Storm, Bianca and Mel, walk into the main stage, looking over the booing crowd. The FFW Unity Championship belts can be seen around their waists. The two friends look to each other, grin and fist bump. Looking out around them, they continue to grin at the reaction they’re getting, before raising the championship belts up high in the air... which is when a massive fireworks show begins around the arena, and even outside (as heli cams can show!), as blue and yellow pyro can be seen in the sky and on the stage. Light strobes of the same colors flash throughout the arena.

Right now! We’re taking control!
Tired of waiting! Tired of waiting!
For something new!
Right now! We’re taking control!
Tired of waiting! Tired of waiting!
For something new!

From there, they begin their walk towards the ring. Ignoring the outstretched arms of fans who want a high-five, the Brazilians make their way to the ring, where Mel pulls herself onto the apron using the ropes, and Bianca stops right under her, where the two rogues strike a pose, with Mel taking a soft dip of a bow, and Bianca unhooking the belt from her waist and holding it up high. Mel docks her head on top of Bianca's belt as the two friends smirk for the cameras.

Maggie: And their opponents… From Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre, Brazil... They're the REIGNING AND DEFENDING FFW UNITY TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS… MEL AVILO… "THE TYPHOON" BIANCA SALVADOR… THE BRAZILIAN STORM!!!

Mel then steps into the ring and Bianca rolls under the bottom rope right afterwards. The two of them then make their ways to opposite turnbuckles, both climbing on the second rope and staring at the booing crowd, diminishing the negative welcome they’re getting from the crowd their own way as they taunt the crowd exposing their championship belts, before they hop back to the ring and meet once again in the center of the ring, sharing another fist bump, before they stare a hole into their opponents, once gain raising the championships up high before handing it over to the referee for them to be hung over the ring.


The moment the match begins all four women are throwing hands on each other. Kaoru and Mel are at each other’s throats, Andi and Bianca are playing a kicking contest as the troops from the BSX’s entrance has disappeared and the only thing left around the AT&T Stadium is at least six different ladders standing tall and of course the FFW Unity Tag Team championships dangling over the ring. Andi tries for a spin kick but Salvador catches her with a backdrop over the ropes before she takes off and leaps on top of her through the ropes and mounting Takata before she drops fists on the Lucky Star, cradling blue hair as she grabs her by the wrist and irish-whips her towards the nearest ladder! Unfortunately for Bianca, Takata simply runs up the stairs, turns around and hits her with a corkscrew body press from the ladder!

Zack: We’re already underway with one of the nastiest rivalries we’ve seen leading up to Unstoppable and Andi just wiped out Bianca with a press!

Mai: She hurt Bae-nca! She should pay! That’s quite the opposite of what’s going on in the ring however!

Back inside of the ring, Kaoru Asaka irish-whips Mel towards the turnbuckle and runs after her, getting a boot to the jaw for her trouble before Avilo runs after her, catching her with a running bulldog for her trouble before stomping her in the head to keep her down. Mel quickly slides out of the ring, taking a more business-like approach as she slides out of the ring and closes up a ladder before lifting it up. The Atomic One does not have any interest in that, baseball sliding and dropkicking the ladder into Mel’s face, causing her to stumble back into the barricade!  She tries to pull herself up and Kaoru headbutts her back into the barricade before she beats him with the back and the front of her hand, vicious knife-edge chops before Kaoru devolves into stomps!

Zack: The BSX are taking it to the champions without a hitch in their step right now! Kaoru is stomping a hole in Mel, and Bianca’s about to--SUPERKICK!!


As Zack was trying to explain, Bianca was working her way up and trying to hit Andi with a knee trembler after the corkscrew press, but the Lucky Star nimbly dodges out of the way before superkicking Bianca stiff in the jaw and sending her barreling into the ladder! Security tells the crowd to back up as the ladder bumps against the barricade, sending Bianca to stand back up only to catch another superkick in the face to put her down on the ground. Takata looks to see Kaoru whistling to get her attention and sliding a ladder into the ring as Andi slides in after her. The duo of the BSX immediately set up the ladder rather quickly and begin to lean it up in tune with the shadow of the swaying Unity Tag titles and the two begin to climb!

Zack: Kaoru and Andi might be on their way to the quickest Ladder match win of all time...!

Mai: Not is Mel has anything to say about it!

Mel is watching as the BSX climb up near the top of the ladder before she rushes against the ladder and gives it a nasty shove, sending both women to hang over the ropes, quite literally garroting themselves on the landing! Mel quickly folds and picks up the ladder before smashing Andi across the jaw with it, before turning it around and smacking Kaoru for good measure as well. With a look of fury, Avilo quickly lifts it upward and drops it into Andi’s ribs, again and again and again and again before she turns on Kaoru just straight up drops it down on her before she runs to the opposite turnbuckle. She comes back and does a running senton, crashing on her back in pain but smushing Kaoru under the ladder and her own weight! As Kaoru rolls out, Bianca rolls in with both women’s eyes on Andi.

Mai: ...Can I just say that Bianca & Mel on Andi action is about to be the hottest thing I’ve seen all year?

Zack: I don’t think it’s going to be the way you’re thinking Mai.

Mai: No Zack... I think it is.

Bianca and Mel seem to discuss things before Mel waist locks Andi and lifts her up before dropping her face first on the mat. It looks as though she’s about to execute a deadlift German suplex. She lifts Andi half-way and makes her stand before she flings her with a high angle German Suplex into the waiting knees of Bianca’s double knee backbreaker! Andi rolls around in agony as the Lucky Star grits her teeth and looks as though she’s going to push herself right back up. Bianca however quickly steps forward and catches Andi in the jaw with a Savate Kick and it looks as though Mel had the same idea, stereo savate kicks for The Lucky Star who flumps to the side, ragdolling for a second.


Mai: This is turning out better than I’d hoped.

The Unity Tag champions seem to almost be taking pleasure in pummeling Andi, now the two of them picking at her carcasse with stomps on her arms, on her legs, on her wrists, not even bothering with the Unity Tag titles still dangling up and over the ring. They want to dismantle Andi quite obviously, damage her, pick her apart, tear her in twain. This attention takes them away from Kaoru for a moment or the ladder still in the ring as Kaoru lifts up the ladder on her shoulder and stares between the two women trying to tear apart her tag partner. It’s just a moment’s hesitation of deciding if she should decapitate Mel or Bianca before she makes her decision. The tag champs pick up on the sound... Turn around...


Bianca gets hit SO hard with the head of the ladder in her face that she does a backflip before landing on her knees and lays on the mat, blood seeping on the mat very quickly as Kaoru drops the ladder, looks at Mel straight in the eye and mouths ‘Let’s go.’ Amidst the ‘Holy shit’ chant of The Typhoon being temporarily incapacitated, Mel sneers before she rushes Kaoru who quickly ducks her and on the rebound and lifts her up into a Double A Spinebuster that is shifted right into a double knee backbreaker! Mel rolls around in pain as Kaoru drops the ladder on top of her to keep her in place as she rolls on her stomach. Kaoru quickly sprints up the turnbuckle and takes aim before hitting a textbook Asakasault and lands on the ladder, hugging her ribs as Mel hugs her back!

Mai: Nnnnnooooo! Why Mel!? Damn you Kaoru! Stupid sexy Kaoru.

Zack:Tell her how you really feel Mai and Andi is sliding out of the ring to get another ladder and climb up to the titles.

The Lucky Star is getting her wits about her before sliding another ladder into the ring before she lifts it up and seems as though she’s about to start climbing before she sees Bianca finding herself, pulling herself together. Instead of deciding that she’s just going to go for the titles, Andi turns the ladder into a ramp and lays it on the turnbuckle to the outside that she sees Bianca who has recently rolled out of the ring after getting battering ram treatment. The Lucky Star takes aim and leaps high to land on Bianca with a Shooting Star Press... But she comes down right into a Hadouken. Nothing like Sunny’s stronger variation but it’s a double palm strike into the chest of Andi Takata that provides the perfect counter as Andi rolls around on the ground in pain. Bianca grins wide and reaches down, taking the blue-haired space alien in her grip before hitting her with a Snake Eyes into the turnbuckle pole!

Mai: Would you like some red with that blue, Andi?

Zack: Takata’s face getting busted open with that Snake Eyes to the pole and now she can turn her attention to the titles.... But Kaoru’s already climbing her way up there!

Asaka has set up the ladder on top of Mel, unfolding it right on top of her before she begins climbing to the top of the ladder and more importantly to the Unity Tag titles. Not one to waste time, Salvador is right after her and climbs on top of the opposite side of the ladder, quickly moving and climbing before she is face to face with Asaka. Right off the bat the two women answer each other with lefts and rights, lefts and rights, before Kaoru headbutts her in the face, causing Bianca to look a little glazed over. Kaoru begins climbing up higher and reaches for the titles...



...But Kaoru was wearing a sports bra under her ring gear.

Bianca seems to realize a second later that this isn’t going to end well for her as she opens her mouth, a moment to laugh and then a moment to realize she’s fucked as she mouths an ‘Oh, fu--’ but doesn’t get to finish as Kaoru facepalms her and JERKS her off the ladder, hitting her with an explosive STO that puts both women down off the ladder! Salvador’s back is in flames and Kaoru hugs her ribs, pulling up her wrestling top over her sports bra.

Mai: DAMN IT! DAMN IT! DAMN IT! Kaoru with a top of the ladder #FACEPALM! I thought Bianca had her!

Zack: I figure ever since Bianca won the Future Shock championship, everyone in the locker room has been making sure to wear a second layer of clothing under their wrestling gear.

Kaoru stands up warily and looks up at the ladder, a little better off and planning to climb and get the Unity Tag titles... Until Mel explodes out from under the ladder and hits Asaka with a northern clothesline, trying to decapitate her from behind! Asaka goes over the ropes, hugging her head in pain as Avilo mouths a mix of Portuguese and Scottish, all cursing the name and house of Asaka before she looks up at the tipped ladder. She sets up the ladder as Bianca rolls over into the corner and apron to recover while Andi slides into the ring... A cut above her head and red running half down her face as she motions at Mel mouthing ‘Come at me, bro’. Mel’s eyes narrow and she takes off towards Andi who braces for impact before elbow strikes and forearms meet each other in the middle of the ring, the two women no fans of each other.

Zack: Bianca took that vicious top ladder STO and Kaoru’s still recovering from hitting her with it, leaving Andi and Mel to lay into each other and they really are.

The two women keep hammering on each other until Mel irish-whips Andi towards the ladder that’s been set up, running a few steps on it before turning around and roundhouse kicking Mel across the jaw... Except Mel blocks the brunt of of it, catching Andi instead on her shoulders and running towards the turnbuckle and powerbombing Andi into it. She lets out a groan of pain as Mel lifts her up and tries to Snake Eyes Andi as Bianca had... But Takata this time latches onto the ladder and begins moving towards the titles! Mel is quite literally like “No fuck that” and when Andi is a step away from reaching for the titles, Avilo grabs her by the leg before running up after her and wrapping her arms around Andi’s waist...



Avilo hits Takata with a Super German Suplex from off the top of the ladder, both women laying there motionless after the landing as Mel is staring up at the lights in pain, wondering potentially why she had made that choice just seconds ago. Meanwhile, Andi? Blue screen. Come back later. SpacePrincess.exe incurred a problem. Must restart, load BIOS. While both women are laying about in abject agony, Bianca rolls back into the ring, wiping her own blood away from her face after that battering ram goings on and sees Kaoru back up as well. Salvador however doesn’t have the time for this... She has Unity Tag titles she wants to make sure captures again. The pain of being busted open is not important right now in comparison to the titles that are hanging up over the top. Bianca chops Kaoru across the chest and gets one right back. Back and forth the two women go, but certainly more exhausted than they had in the beginning of the match.

Zack: These four women have been going breakneck from beginning to end here and with seemingly no end in sight. Kaoru and Bianca are almost leaning on each other just to get another hit in.

Mai: That matters not, Brazilian Storms will be the Unity champs forever! FOREVER I SAY!

Bianca catches Kaoru into a short-arm clothesline into the corner before slapping Kaoru against the chest... Then slapping her again and again! The Typhoon’s smile is wide and mad even worn out as The Atomic One seems to be staring at something amazing behind her as Andi single leg dropkicks Mel in the face, forcing her to stand in the corner. Suddenly Andi’s rushing as Kaoru grabs Salvador by the neck switched positions, forcing Bianca to lean against the turnbuckle JUST as Andi Yakuza Kicks her in the face! What’s Mel doing?! Well she just caught her own Yakuza Kick in the face by Kaoru... The BSX rush back, as Mel gets a second Yakuza Kick to the face while Bianca gets her own! Then comes the third round of them...

Zack: The BSX has a clear opening to the Unity Tag titles! This is all theirs with a brutal INTERSTELLAR DEATH ARRAY!

On the third Kaoru does Yakuza Kick Mel but Andi doesn’t get as lucky as Salvador slumps forward and ducks Andi before back body dropping her over the ropes! Takata however does a tuck and roll rather than spilling out and wiping out on the ground as Mel has slumped in the corner. The Atomic one looks as though this might be a cause for celebration until Bianca Swinging DDTs her into the ladder! Kaoru goes down as Salvador shifts the ladder and stares up at the titles though she’s not looking so good (or seeing straight) from the two Yakuza KIcks she ate... She begins to make the climb but...


Andi is on the other side.


Zack: The rivalry of these two teams coming down to where it all started! With Bianca and Andi making a climb for the Unity Tag titles!

Bianca and Andi meet at the top and start throwing hands. No decency, no prettiness about it, just opened palm slaps, closed hand fists, forearms, uppercuts, just random slaps and chops and attacks with back and forth before Andi headbutts Bianca in the mouth! Salvador begins to lean back and looks for a moment as though she’s about to fall over... But she grabs Andi’s mask as she does so! She holds on and looks to pull it over and off of Takata’s face but Andi continues hammering her away!  

...Finally Bianca falls backward as Andi grabs the titles... But as Salvador drops on her back she has Andi’s mask in her hands while Takata grabs the belts!




Mai: Pfft, so what, Bianca got Andi’s mask! They may have the titles but the Storm isn’t leaving here without a trophy!

Salvador rolls out of the ring with Mel in tow as she has Andi’s mask clenched in her fingers! Takata for her part is about to celebrate before she looks down at Bianca and looks in shock before she covers her face with the title belts as Kaoru rolls in with a towel! She whistles for Andi to drop down to which the Lucky Star does as Asaka throws the towel over her tag partner’s head in trade for one half of the Unity Tag titles.

Mai: BWHAHAHAHAHA! No real point trying to hide your face now Takata! Well this is a memorable moment at Unstoppable if only for half the right reasons!

As the new Unity champs glare (well, we can assume Andi’s glaring through the towel) at the Storm, Bianca dabs her face with the mask as though wiping a tear away before handing it to Mel... Who blows her nose in Andi’s mask as they head back up the ramp, beaten but not broken...

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A quick video package shows the viewers the rise of Felicity Banks as well as her open challenge, which was ultimately accepted by the returning Miko Ayano. On that, we cut back to the live broadcast with the crowd buzzing as they know it’s coming up next.

Zack: There’s not many times or many places where you can say you’re about to see a first ever meeting between two of the most well known veterans in the sport, but that’s what we are about to see.

Mai: Not to mention that Banks is done after tonight, Zack. She said her deal was up, so this is probably the last time we are going to see her.

The lights dim and shine in and out as green lasers point and shoot all throughout the arena as the Arlington fans get live cheering once they hear that one familiar bass drop. “She’s A Bitch” by Missy Elliott plays and within seconds a spotlight is dropped near the ground floor near the entrance of the stage where an all green 2017 G-Wagon comes through slowly with the money signs all over it. The driver of the luxury SUV stops, steps out and opens the back passenger side to allow Arkia Fisk to get out of the Benz. She gets out decked with her black and white fedora on her head, a v-cut black and white ref shirt tightly formed to her body allowing her curves to pop as she always loves to do with all black pants on underneath. Going into the pocket of her pants she nonchalantly hands the driver a stack as a tip and smiles as she makes her way to the ring making sure she slaps as many fans hands as possible as her theme plays. She smiles taking the moment in at ringside just looking around seeing all of Arlington and walks toward the steps making her way up those before bending to step into the ring to increased amount of cheers and whistles because of course, dat ass tho. With a full award winning smile she claps to the fans and for the moment itself excited about the match. She tells Arlington to get hype joining in her excitement over the upcoming match. She gets them rowdy and ready to watch two of the best throw down as her theme fades.   

Maggie: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, the special guest referee for this match………….ARKIA FISK-JONES!!!

Mai: She doesn’t even need to be here. When has Felicity done anything to require a special referee? She’s been the model employee since arriving.

Zack: One day, I hope to see the matches that you have been watching.


"Malevolence" by New Years Day fills the arena speakers, the crowd greeting the worldwide wrestling star a with a thunderous mixed reaction. The lights in the arena dimmer down and a gold sparklers fall onto the entrance ramp, as the audience waits in anticipation. The arena lights fade away until the only sources of light are the titantron and the pyro.

"Nothing's gonna save meeeee!
The evil that I see! Has taken over mee!
No one's gonna save meeeeee!
The damage has been done! I'm writing all the wrongs!"

The lyrics to Felicity's theme song echo throughout the arena as the Supreme comes out onto the stage with a smug smile on her face, the crowd nearly blowing the roof off the arena with cheers and jeers! Felicity makes her way through the golden sparklers, her arms extended to her sides and a Blowpop in her mouth. She pulls the blowpop out of her mouth as she slowly paces down the ramp, turning her back to show the camera the "Supreme" writing on the back of her sweatshirt. Once halfway down the ramp, Felicity glances at the fans at ringside and smirks once she sees them bowing down in her direction.


Felicity has a short exchange with the bowing fans then walks up the steps. She continues pushing forward until she reaches the middle of the apron, turning around to soak in the energy from the crowd. She enters the ring and spins around in circles until the lights in the arena begin getting brighter, not stopping until the arena was fully lit. Felicity unzips her sweatshirt, walks toward the nearest corner and climbs up to the middle turnbuckle. She stares out at the hundreds of bowing and booing fans, a smirk coming over her face as she glances back at the other side of the arena. She hops off the ropes and turns around, sliding her back down against the corner until she was fully seated on the mat. Finally, she jerks her neck from side to side and patiently waits for go-time.

Zack: In what is possibly the final time we’ll see Felicity Banks in a FFW ring, she’s got one massive challenge ahead of her before her contract expires. I don’t envy her a bit.

Mai: She doesn’t need your envy or anything else you have. She’s a legend who probably has more in her bank account than you see in a year.

The entire arena goes dark as the sound of wind blows through the PA, after a moment a strange whine kicks on, slowly getting louder and drowning out the wind as blue and white light starts to slowly creep along the stage.

The silhouette of a woman walks out, shaded by the increasingly intense lights she comes to stand center stage before hunching over at the waist slowly as the sound and the light dim slowly. The sound turning down to nothing and the lights going so dull as to barely be perceptible.

A moment passes.



The stage erupts with blue fireworks as the tron rains down white sparks just behind the now revealed Miko Ayano!

Maggie: Introducing from Saga, Japan. Standing five-foot-six-inches tall and weighing in at one-hundred-eighteen-pounds, “THE WARP-DRIVE DRAGON” MIKO AYAAAAAAAAANOOOOOOOOOO~!!!

The Japanese woman surveys the crowd as the vocal droning of Anneke van Giersbergen heralds the Ayano’s arrival. After a moment Miko starts her trek down the ramp.

“Now we’ve arrived in a new time and world,
And elements are we of gold,
How many times are we able to see,
In the infinite void of the soul”

Miko arrives at ringside, she hops up onto the apron on a knee then comes to a stand, resting her forehead on the top rope for a moment.

“All that way,
Gonna give it away?
You’re gonna give it away to some muscle?”

With that she bolts to the corner from the apron, standing with one foot on the top buckle bracket and her other on the middle buckle bracket she raises surveys the crowd again.

“Long, long way,
Til the pain is at bay-”

Miko lifts her arm then with the scream of Devin Townsend-


- and pumps her fist-








BOOM! White sparks start falling from overhead as Miko leaps into the ring. The music twisting into a medly as the crowd is split between cheering and screaming along with Anneke’s backing vocals.



This world seems arrogant,
Sick and demented!”


“SOOO you bet your body and soul?”

Miko comes to a stand dead center of the ring as the chorus arrives, she slowly bends at the waist to rest her palms to the mat, the lights of the arena dimming as she lowers.


A blue strobe light pulsates with every word Townsend belts out.


At this Miko starts to rise slowly to a stand.


At this white spotlights star to spin around in dizzying patterns, highlighting the crowd in the darkened arena.


The entire arena starts flashing blue and white, just as-


White and blue pyro explodes from each corner of the ring as Miko stands dead center of it, arms spread wide and head tilted back as powerful white floodlights illuminate the ring to an almost painful degree. The crowd roars and hucks several blue, silver and gold streamers into the ring for her as the lights slowly go back to normal and the music fades out. Freeing herself from the streamers, Miko walks over to her corner to await the opening bell.

Zack: What an experience! What a moment! Miko Ayano, formerly known as Whiskey, returned to FFW weeks ago, and tonight it’s her first match back! And there’s no better place or time than right here at Unstoppable 8!

Mai: I need someone to explain to me why people love this woman. I drink as much as she used to, and they boo me and call me a slut. But she gets treated like a rock star!

Both women took in the crowd, who was solidly behind Miko. That brought a tiny smile to her face which hardened considerably as she looked across at Felicity. Arkia checked both women for anything foreign, and then called for the bell. Fisk took a couple steps back, and told them to go as Miko and Felicity went nose to nose in the ring. Banks had already began running her mouth to Miko, getting right up in her face. Ayano stood mostly stoic until Felicity used her hand to pieface her backwards. Ayano took a step back as Felicity got back in her face again. Continuing to run her mouth, she shoved her backwards a second time. Miko looked at where she got shoved and back up to Felicity. And as Banks started in on her again, Miko unloaded with a knife edge chop to the chest that echoed through the stadium. A second one and a third and a fourth connected across her chest before Ayano fired her into the corner. Miko followed her in with a corner clothesline before licking her fingertips and firing off another loud, stinging chop that caused Banks to shout in pain. Miko leaned back, and unloaded with another before letting loose with rapid fire chops with both hands. When she finally relented, Felicity clutched her chest in pain and dropped to her knees.

Zack: You could hear the sound of those chops ringing through AT&T Stadium, and Felicity Banks is getting lit up courtesy of the Warp Drive Dragon!

Mai: I hope Felicity hasn’t had any implants in her life, because they are going to ruptured after all those chops. Damn!

Arkia watched from a neutral corner as Ayano fired a front kick into Banks’ chest as she sat on her knees. She shouted “HAI” and fired another and another. The crowd began to chant “HAI” with each kick. LIke the chops, the kicks intensified and sped up until Felicity fell forward on the mat in obvious pain. As Banks rolled onto her back, Miko bounced off the near side ropes into a rolling knee stomp to her chest. She pulled her head up with one hand, and unloaded with hard right hands with the other.

Zack: If you like hard-hitting smash mouth wrestling, Christmas came early tonight! Miko is absolutely relentless, and Banks hasn’t had an answer for any of it!

Mai: Why isn’t Arkia doing anything about this?! Shouldn’t she be pulling Miko off the top of her here or something?

Fisk only watched from the corner, while Miko got back to her feet. She pulled Banks with her, firing her into the corner chest first. As the veteran stumbled out, Ayano hit the nearby ropes and used them for a springboard into a hurricanrana. She popped back to her feet, and pounded the mat with both hands before yelling into the crowd, who was solidly behind her. When she turned back around to get her opponent, Felicity rolled out of the ring to the floor. Miko glanced over to Arkia, who looked down and started her ten count. Felicity was still clutching her chest in agony as she got to her feet and waved it off to head towards the ramp. Miko shook her head, and went out after her. Banks only made it a couple feet up the ramp before Ayano bolted past her, and used a bulldog to spike her head into the ramp. She got back to her feet, shaking her head and pointing back to the ring as the crowd supported that decision as well.

Zack: Banks was talking a walk out of AT&T Stadium, and Miko had other intentions! No one wants to see a countout, not after all of this!

Mai: I’d have been alright with it. Felicity has nothing to prove here, and if this is her last night in FFW, then she really has no reason to take this!

Miko dragged Felicity by the head towards the ring, but Banks surprised her and ended up shoving her into the ring post. The Japanese star crashed into it, stunning her briefly before Banks fired a roundhouse kick that crashed against the back of her head and crunched it against the ring post as well. Fisk shouted down to get it back in the ring before Banks gave her the finger. She looked down to Miko leaning against the post, while Banks rubbed her chest still. She pulled her up to her feet, grabbed her arm from the other side and yanked Miko into the post again.

Mai: I dare you to count her out, Arkia! Go ahead, and you better have a secret tunnel to get out of this stadium before the end of the night! Felicity knows she isn’t going to do it!

Zack: She may very well not, but what I do know of Arkia Fisk is that she isn’t above taking matters into her own hands if necessary.

Felicity scooped Miko up, and rolled her back under the bottom rope. Banks slid in after her, and mounted her chest before she began trash talking her again. She yanked her head up, and fired closed fists of her own repeatedly until she got back to her feet. Felicity sat her up, applying a rear chinlock and started trying to cover her nose and mouth with her hand. Arkia pulled her hand down as a result, causing Banks to give her a few choice words in the process as she kept the hold applied.

Zack: Arkia’s not gonna let Felicity try to smother Miko in this chinlock, and the Queen doesn’t like it a damn bit. I’m telling you she’s gonna regret pushing Fisk around sooner or later.

Mai: It’s her right to speak her mind, Zack. It’s a free country after all, she has freedom of speech. And besides Arkia’s done a terrible job so far anyway.

Banks kept the hold applied until Miko began to turn to get up. She tried to transition it into a side headlock, but that didn’t work for long. Ayano shot her off into the ropes with Felicity coming back to counter with a clothesline. But Miko ducked underneath it. Felicity stopped herself and turned around into a ‘HAI” and another knife edge chop to Banks’ chest. Two more connected in fast succession before Ayano fired her into the corner. Banks didn’t make it all the way, and fell to her knees against the middle turnbuckle, still clutching her chest. Miko headed for the opposite corner, measuring her opponent for a moment before she darted across after her. Whatever she had in mind didn’t happen though as Felicity caught her coming in with a drop toe hold into the bottom turnbuckle….which was missing the padding! Ayano struck headfirst against the exposed steel, and collapsed to the mat as Banks crawled about a couple feet away rubbing her chest. When Arkia saw it, she immediately began reading Felicity the riot act.

Mai: Don’t you hate it when those turnbuckle pads go missing?! I bet Miko does, if she remembers it happening after the way her head hit it!

Zack: Banks must’ve taken it off in the corner, because it was certainly there before the match started. And oh no...Ayano’s busted open!

Miko tried to push up to her hands and knees, while blood dripped from her forehead onto the mat beneath her. Banks got back to her feet with Arika warning her, only for Felicity to shove her backwards and Fisk stopping herself before she was about to do something. The Queen noticed the blood with a little smile on her face before she took off, delivering a knee trembler into the side of her head to put her back down. Ayano’s head struck, and her blood stained the mat as Felicity dragged her away from the ropes. She looked out at the massive booing crowd before she waved Miko to get up again.

Zack: I don’t know what Banks has in mind, but seeing Ayano busted open seems to have really inspired her courage all of a sudden.

Mai: It’s not her fault if Ayano’s a bleeder. She had the option of not going headfirst into the corner, she just didn’t make the decision fast enough. This is tremendous!

The Warp Drive Dragon was slow to rise again, making it up to her knees before Felicity caught her with a superkick to the head and followed it up with a second one before Miko collapsed back to the mat. She immediately went for the cover as Arkia dropped to count.

Mai: That’s the BANK SHOT, Zack! And that’s also the end of the match too!




Miko’s arm jerked off the mat, causing Arkia to break the count and show Felicity two fingers. Banks gave her an irritated look as she got back to her feet, still rubbing her chest. She rose back to her feet, and headed for the corner to climb to the top rope. Banks pulled down her elbow pad before coming off with a top rope elbow drop. But the Dragon moved, and Banks drove her elbow into the canvas with a shout of pain.

Zack: Felicity was taking it to the high rent district to try to put Miko away, but no one was home! She may have cracked her elbow right there, and now the Warp Drive Dragon has to pull it all together.

A quick crowd shot showed the fans beginning to chant for Miko as she stirred on the mat. It also showed an enthralled Laurel Anne Hardy sitting at the timekeeper’s table watching as well. Miko finally made it back to her feet, wiping some of the blood from her forehead as she looked back to Felicity. Her opponent had began to rise when Miko darted towards her, catching her with a hard bicycle kick that sent her back into the corner. The crowd only got louder as Ayano looked more angry, and began to fire more knife edge chops to Felicity’s chest rapid fire! Banks staggered out of the corner, her hands clutched to her chest as Miko hopped up onto the second turnbuckle from the inside. As Banks turned around, Miko came off with a blockbuster that planted her adversary! She crawled across to make the cover, and Arkia was into position quickly.

Zack: Look at the welts on Felicity Banks’ chest! She looks like she’s been pistol whipped, but it’s all Ayano’s chops! And she may have the win right here!




Felicity’s shoulder came up, and Miko got back to her feet. Banks rolled to her stomach, only to have Ayano snap her arms around her waist and yank her back to her feet. A few headbutts into the back of her head followed before a trio of rolling German suplexes snapped her to the mat. But Banks didn’t let go before she hoisted her back up, spun her around, and dropped her with a leg sweep sidewalk slam.

Mai: After all this, I’m fairly positive more than just her chest is covered in black and blue marks, Zack.

Felicity started to head towards the ropes again, only for Miko to pull her back to her feet. She hooked her arm into position, and then snapped off a Saree Suplex into a bridging pin! Fisk slid into position to count.

Zack: That’s CLARK’S FINAL LAW, and Ayano’s three seconds from the win!




Banks managed to get her shoulder up in time before the three. Miko slowly returned to her feet, once more wiping some of the blood from her view.

Mai: You can tell her head’ss till bothering her. But she’s an Ayano, so needing her full faculties has never been an issue for her, now has it?

Felicity began to try to get up again with Miko stalking her. The aggressor’s face was all business as she pulled Banks back to her feet. She went behind her to pick her up, but Felicity caught her with a back elbow to the side of the head. It stunned her before Banks spun into her with a discus elbow. Ayano was wobbled back further into the ropes before she bounced back into Banks, who retaliated with a spinebuster to the mat. She got back to her feet, jerking the slow moving Miko with her. She finally got her up, and planted her with a crucifix driver! She immediately made the cover as Arkia dropped to count.

Mai: FELONY 2! Someone let Laurel over here ring the bell!




Miko’s arm popped up though, and Felicity got back to her feet and started going nose to nose with Arkia, letting her have it as the special referee was clearly getting her fill.

Zack: I’m telling you she’s gonna go too far with Arkia! That woman right there has a short tolerance for BS! That was a fair count whether Banks thinks so or not!

As Banks got in Arkia’s face, the referee started giving the verbal static back just as well as she started shouting her down. She grabbed her shirt, and reminded Felicity who was in charge of this match. Meanwhile, the crowd was getting much louder as Miko began to get back to her feet behind her opponent. The crowd reaction got Felicity’s attention, causing her to turn around as “HAI!” was heard before another knife edge chop to the chest made Banks scream in pain. Miko fired two more that literally opened up Bank’s chest as blood started forming.

Zack: There is no one in this business who chops harder than Miko Ayano! She’s actually opened up Banks’ chest with those hard HARD shots!

Mai: I don’t think I’ve seen someone’s chest bleed from chops, Jesus!

Ayano looked out to the crowd, and began to roll her fists in a circle. The crowd responds in kind as Felicity starts back to her feet. Miko takes off for the far side ropes, and rebounds with a flying forearm! But Felicity yanks Arkia in front of her, and she catches it instead. Ayano’s mouth fell open when she landed, and realized what she had done. As she got back to her feet and turned, Felicity spat a blue mist into Miko’s face blinding her!

Zack: What the hell was that?! When did Banks start using mist?!

Mai: Mist is big in Japan, Zack!

Ayano was clearly blinded as Felicity took off towards the ropes, catching her with a running boma ye knee strike to the head! Ayano crumpled to her knees before Banks yanked the pad down on her knee, and hit it a second time before making the cover!


Zack: This is ridiculous!!

Felicity made the cover, hooking both legs as Arkia began to stir. She crawled towards them, staring daggers at Felicity before she began to count.





Even though she hesitated, Arkia finally struck three as the live crowd booed to a nearly deafening level. Banks got to her feet finally, looking down to her bleeding chest a moment and demanding her hand be raised. Arkia called for the bell.


Zack: At least one person besides Banks is happy with it!

Maggie: Here is your winner…………………….’THE QUEEN SUPREEEEEEMAAAHH’ FELICITY BANKS!!!

The special referee reluctantly raised her hand as Felicity made a crying gesture to the live crowd. She then wanted her hand raised again as Arkia was leaving the ring. She stopped her, and yanked her back inside. Fisk looked back at her with a smoldering stare before she raised her hand again.

Zack: Whether we like it or not….and only 2 people seem to…..Felicity Banks has won this match! She needed mist to do it though!

Mai: Arkia, keep that hand up! You’re the referee after all! Felicity wants it held up high so EVERYONE in AT&T Stadium can see it.

The boos only grew as Felicity’s hand remained high in the air. When she dropped her hand and went to walk to the corner, Arkia held onto it. The Queen looked back at her as Arkia yanked her forward, and dropped her with a massive stunner that erupted the crowd!

Mai: What the hell was that for?!

Zack: There’s AN OFFER YOU’LL NEVER REFUSE!! Banks had it coming! She pulled Fisk into the line of fire, and Arkia’s giving her a receipt!

Fisk headed up the ramp, looking back over her shoulder as trainers headed down to help both women, including cleaning the mist from Miko’s face. And on that, the show heads to a commercial for Sin & Sacrifice.

Look Who’s Here

As the crowd eagerly awaits the next match at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, there is a commotion coming through the crowd. People stand up as someone stands at the barricade explaining to security to let them through. Security steps aside for the mysterious person with a hoodie. The crowd is confused, murmuring among one another. A microphone is yanked out of Maggie’s hands before she’s shoved back down into her chair. The mystery person shakes their head and enters the ring.

Mystery person: So this is Unstoppable? This is what everything has built up for all year long. The money you people paid for these tickets makes me question your sanity. The people who spent a year salary for a front row ticket, why? Why would you spend your hard earned money on such an event? You could be at home, sitting with loved ones, watching this same show for pennies on the dollar. Every single one of you sitting in this crowd, yeah, you pay my salary, but face the facts, you’re all sheep!

Naturally everyone boos.

Mystery person: Every single one of you booing this, booing me right now, are following what they want you to follow. The same people booing right now enjoyed so many things for the wrong reasons. I want to know why you boo this, why you boo the truth. As I said before, and as I’ll tell every single one of you again.

The hood flips back.


More boos as a “28 seconds” chant begins to flair up. Freya stomps around the ring screaming insults with the microphone down to cut down on potential FCC fines despite being on pay per view.


More boos as the chant keeps going and gets louder and louder. She brings the microphone back to her face but the “28 seconds” chant stops her from speaking.


The sour expression creeps on Freya’s face as she keeps shaking her head in disgust.

Freya: And let me tell you, those 28 seconds, they made me a lot of money. They made me a lot of friggin’ money. So to that neckbeard sitting in the front row? How does it feel to know I made more money then it took you to give yourself a tug lookin’ at photos Adam Grant posts at night?

More boos. Freya flips the guy off as he responds back in kind.

Freya: When I said there was a plan B, I meant it. After I was pinned in such a short amount, and despite their claims to the contrary, fast amount of time, I went to Miss Samantha Star. I told her how I felt and I wanted back on the main roster. She had a few clauses in my new contract. The biggest, to avoid a situation like with what happened with that barrel of dicks Adam, if anyone can pin me in this company from here on out?

She pauses.

Freya: They will get my trip to the pay window that night. No more of this Twitter contract bullshit. You pin me, you get my check, so there’s your incentive, as if you needed any, to beat me in the middle of this ring.

The crowd cheers and starts a “BROKE ASS!” chant. Freya ignores it and continues on.

Freya: But we all know that’s not going to happen. Now that I’m past dealing with the shit pack of rookies in Future Shock, I have to be here to save it from there. We cannot allow the prospects to come up here. I cannot allow these disrespectful rookies to come up and shit all over this business. We have blue haired whores runnin’ around in all over the world acting like they’re a princess to a family that doesn’t mean shit to this company.

More boos.

Freya: And then I look at this main roster. I look at everyone up here that I’ll be wrestling night in and night out and I don’t see the big deal anymore. How many special guests do we have here tonight? Does that not tell you that FFW needs someone like me to save them? Does that not tell you that FFW needs Freya to help this company out. And I get booed by every single person in the back, in the crowd and everywhere I go for speaking the truth.

“Shut the fuck up” chants begin to echo.

Freya: You can tell me to shut the fuck up all I want, but I have this microphone and you don’t. I’m sure there’s a line forming in the back to come out here and break my leg. If anyone wants to do it, come on out, and if not, I’m ready to beat some respect into all of your asses. I was winning world titles before this company opened and I DESERVE YOUR FUCKING RESPECT FOR HELPING PAVE THE WAY FOR WOMEN’S WRESTLING!

The crowd begins to turn their back to the ring.

Freya: You will learn to respect me. The fans, the wrestlers, shitheads in power in this company, they’ll all learn to respect me. This company might not want me around, but the contract I signed proves different. I’d tell you to enjoy the rest of the show, but let’s face it, I don’t give a shit. The only thing that matters is me.

She drops the microphone and exits the ring. Freya hops back into the crowd and leaves with security standing around her the entire way. Soda, beer and food is thrown at her until she exits the arena.

Come At Me

The show returns backstage again, and the cameras have caught up with Ryan Mackenzie as he heads into the locker room of the reigning FFW Ultraviolence Champion Emma MacNamara. It’s quite clear that her match is imminent, given she was about to head out the door herself.

Ryan: Before you go out there, figured I should tell you about something I heard earlier in the show. But if you want, it can wait till after this match.

Emma gives Ryan a look, shuffling the belt on her shoulder.

Emma: Well you’re here now, and I might not be in much of a state to hear what you have to say after this match...you know how this ends with me by now. So...might as well just spit it out and ask me if I don’t get up if I know what you said.

Ryan: Apparently Isabella is here, and she’s not here just to watch the show. According to Marx who couldn’t actually confirm this because she didn’t hear it herself, Isabella’s here trying to get some booking power over you for a little while. Unconfirmed, because Marx only heard it second hand. But that’s what she told me.

If anyone had expected a concerned look to cross the Ultraviolence Champion’s face, they were wrong. Instead, she smirked.

Emma: Do you ever just feel like two people are destined to fight forever? Because I’m really starting to get that impression about her. I know I said it about Riley too, but Isabella and I have had issues almost as long as I’ve been wrestling. But it’s fine. It’s unconfirmed, though I don’t doubt its accuracy on the basis of who it is. Also, it’s an attempt. And as much as some of Samantha Star’s decisions leave one to scratch their head...I doubt she’d go and do that.

Ryan: I plan to go talk to either her or Cody before the night is over, so I’ll know something one way or another. You go take care of business with Laurel, that’s most important tonight.

Emma: Of course. And if it turns out it’s true...why should I worry? My track this year is too good. There are very few people she could put in front of me that would have a chance. But since she’s here…

The smirk becomes a grin, and she removes the belt from her shoulder to place it on the floor. Then, placing a hand on his neck, she pulls him in and kisses him, still grinning when she pulls back.

Emma: Mine.

Zack: Well now….

Mai: I guess we are getting an idea about why Isabella is here then…

On that, we cut to a video package of the history of events with Emma & Laurel Anne Hardy.

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Maggie: The following match is scheduled for one fall... And is a TEXAS DEATH MATCH! The rules are as follows. All pinfalls and submissions can be counted anywhere in the arena... After a pinfall or submission has been counted and the wrestler who scored the fall is back inside of the ring, the wrestler who has taken the fall will have ten seconds to return to the ring and stand. If they have not, the wrestler standing in the middle of the ring is declared the winner!

Mai: Ladies and gentlemen, joining me at this time for the incoming bloodbath and being nice enough to have brought popcorn since he knows both these wrestlers well... “The War Machine” Chris Strike!

Strike: This is very much like old times, Mai. Well, minus the whole your tongue being stuck down Lyn’s throat thing. But mostly like old times. Happy to be on hand to help call this one.

Multicoloured lights strobe the arena, and starting at the same time (but far from synchronised with them), the fractured beat and dissonant screeches of Michachu's "56565656" slink across the PA. The fans who recognise the tune from its use in other wrestling companies begin to cheer; everyone else joins in when a burst of white light flashes around the entranceway, and right in the middle of it, a brighter sparkle flares as the glitter-coated form of Laurel Anne Hardy takes a theatrical bow.

Maggie: Introducing first...

Laurel holds up one finger and disappears backstage for a second, then re-emerges with a pink sports bag over her shoulder, overflowing with weapons, each of them painted in psychedelic hues and decorated with trails of sequins! In her hands, meanwhile, she holds a similarly vibrant cake carrier. She leans into the nearest camera and winks before heading towards the ring. With her free hand she tags fans' outstretched palms along the way and gives out a few one-armed hugs.

Maggie: From Rhyl, Wales, weighing one hundred and forty-nine pounds... she is "Your Favourite Wrestler's Favourite Wrestler", LAUREL! ANNE!! HAAAARRRRDYYYYYY!!!

Once she reaches the ring Laurel sets her loads down then swings in under the ropes and jogs across to the opposite corner where she climbs up to the top and pulls some shapes. With camera light flaring all around her, she bows again, then moonsaults down to a standing position in the centre of the ring.

Strike: Laurel Anne Hardy is going to be an absolute treat for the FFW Faithful to watch. She’s zany, she’s quirky, she’s the actual, legitimate definition of an “unique” professional wrestler and all of that has made her one of the absolute best at her craft. But in the world of deathmatches that she profoundly loves, she might be meeting her biggest challenge yet...

Mai: You know there’s something to be wary about a woman who could best be described as ‘The Final Boss’... And I mean look at those legs.

The lights in the arena turn black and blue, the familiar colours of the Ultraviolence Champion, and before the music starts the crowd is heavy in their disapproval of the woman. A familiar beat comes over the system, clearly not the music Emma had been using before. Dry ice pours from the stage and begins to move down the ramp as the stage open up, where we then see a pole rise from the ground. Sure enough, the UV Champion has attached to said pole. First, she is spinning around the pole, holding with just her hands, angled out and shins and feet out behind her. Then, mid-spin, she flips herself backwards. One leg wraps itself around the metal, while the other reaches over her back towards her head. With one arm also supporting her against it, both hands grab the foot that’s at her head and causing her body to contort, placing herself in a pose that gains wolf whistles from the male crowd, and likely some of the women too. But while all this had been going on, the music stopped. A camera shows the Ultraviolence Championship on the floor beside the pole. It then cuts to the curtain, looking for Ryan, who doesn’t appear.

The arena comes to life as Christina Aguilera's “Dirrty” strikes up fully, at which point the Scottish wrestler dismounts the pole, landing in a perfect box split with her back to the crowd, and then pushes herself to her feet. Picking up her championship from the floor, Emma takes the strap in both hands and throws her hands in the air, causing a stream of pyro to go off around her. It’s as it clears we see the change in her gear. Absent are her usual MMA gloves, so her hands are bare. She is also wearing a leather jacket over her gear, and her usual shorts have been replaced with a very...very short skirt. Let’s just say we should be grateful she’s wearing underwear.

Maggie: On her way to the ring, from Glasgow, Scotland! She weighs in at one hundred and forty pounds, she is your FFW Ultraviolence Champion, please welcome “The Pretty Little Psycho” EMMA! MACNAMARA!

The Scot makes her way down the ramp after the announcement, slinging the belt over her shoulder. She sticks to the middle of ramp, avoiding people touching her as much as she can, but swats away a few hands that almost make it that far. Once at the bottom, the UV Champion turns to the barrier and looks to be trying to find someone. She finds them, and reaches over the barrier, to be handed a large bag, Looking in it, a grin crosses her face and she turns, throwing it into the ring. She then heads for the steps nearest the announce table. Placing one foot on the middle step, she makes eye contact with Mai at the desk and quite openly winks at her before heading the rest of the way up the steps. She walks to the middle of one side, and dips at the waist so that she can step through the ropes, and into the ring.

Once inside, she heads for her corner,where she sits the belt on the top buckle to remove her leather jacket, which gives way to a top that bares a lot of cleavage and a lot of stomach. Dropping the jacket to someone outside the ring, she then hops the middle turnbuckle and holds the belt aloft once more, to more jeers from the fans. Smirking, she jumps back down and hands the belt off to the referee, before leaning in her corner and awaiting whatever comes next.

Mai: Emma MacNamara is now the longest reigning Ultraviolence champion of all time. Look at the history of that belt Chris and you can’t tell me that’s impressive... Also hard to imaging who is actually going to remove it from... ...She winked at me. I love her.

Strike: OK but...are you sure that was aimed at you now? Either way, Emma MacNamara is dangerous in every sense of the word. Not to mention, Chaotic Temptation’s looming around tonight and Emma isn’t one above using numbers to get the results she want. This is a clash between the undisputed greatest Ultraviolence wrestler in FFW against arguably the greatest deathmatch wrestler in the world. ...Let’s watch some good old fashioned violence, shall we?


The match starts... Not exactly how you might expect it to. The two women stare at each other for a few moments as Emma drops that bag she carried with her down right in the center of the ring, though Laurel doesn’t bother looking at it or what might be inside. She instead throws her own sports bag over the ring ropes to her end.

They acknowledge the other’s existence standing, right in front of each other and then at the same time both of them slide out of the ring from opposite sides before flinging the apron covers over. They begin dragging out chairs, tables, a ladder, a tool box, ring tools, cables, nails, bags of god knows what. Laurel unzips her bag and drops out kenzans, lawn gnomes, firecrackers, a strange pink metal can that she heaves under the ring, possibly for later...

The camera begins to pan around the ring to see a few strange items, very large items that have been strewn around the ring and covered in tarps. Laurel seems to finally pick out a weapon she likes (though she seemingly slides something back in the ring that looks long and glittery... She hefts up a weed whacker of all things before giving it a swing. Emma picks out a good old fashioned pool stick.  

Mai: Emma left the bag she came to the ring with and instead of laying into each other they just... Went to go find weapons. Am I... Am I missing something or have they both just done so much of this that they already know how this goes?

Strike: I think the both of them understand that these weapons are going to get used sooner rather than later. Why not just try to dismantle one another right off the bat? In matches like this one, the quicker you can finish and the less blood you lose out of it, the better for your long-term health.

They return to each other, or rather are walking near to each other before Emma winds up and cracks Laurel across the jaw with the pool stick, but Laurel in response swings the weed whacker to the Pretty Little Psycho’s head and thumps her on the crown of it, before swinging it upward, Shaolin Masters style and using the heavier end to butt her in the mouth, sending a tooth flying. Emma doesn’t seem to care that she’s bleeding from the mouth and just lost one of her canines on the underside of her mouth. The Final Boss thrusts forward with the metal bar that attaches the gasoline powered piece to the actual weed whacker proper! Hardy smacks the metal proper against the Emma’s wooden stick and a particular crack is heard in the Stadium, as it seems Emma’s pool stick is giving way, before another thrust with the weed whacker’s metal bar breaks it in half in Emma’s fingers! Not to be outdone, MacNamara twirls the pool stick shards in her fingers, butts Hardy in the eye with the rubber end and then sharply smashes the other part against her nose, causing her to drop the weed whacker!

Strike: ...Laurel Anne Hardy, the FFW Faithful. FFW Faithful, Laurel Anne Hardy. She does this kind of shit just about every time weapons are involved...but even I never expected her to use a weed whacker like she’s a damn Shaolin monk!

Mai: You don’t see many people swinging around a weed whacker like a Shaolin Spade.

MacNamara grabs Laurel by the head and attempts to hit her with a bulldog into the barricade, but Laurel puts a leg up to stop before using her flexibility to grab the barricade with both hands and boot The Pretty Little Psycho in the back of her head with the heel of her boot, smacking her head against the barricade. She then wraps her arms around the Ultraviolence Champion’s neck with a full nelson before she steps forward with a split legged bulldog, smashing Emma’s mouth (and getting rid of that other pesky canine tooth on the underside of her row of teeth) against the barricade and putting her on her knees as The Final Boss completes her patented Dragon’s Breath. Laurel rolls away from Emma, only to kick up and grab her by the hair, but Emma drives a fist into her gut and then another, before she steps up, bloody mouth and all and headbutts Laurel under the jaw before smashing her face in the barricade. The two women go back and forth, beating each other’s head into the barricade before Emma gouges Laurel’s eyes to create space...

Emma reaches to a tarp and jerks it off to reveal a light tube log cabin that god knows how many production assistants put together carefully. It’s about the height of both women, as Emma grabs Laurel by the back of the neck and gets ready to fling her into it, but Laurel physically leapfrogs over Emma, to dodge that! The crowd thinks for a moment that Laurel just escaped danger here but the Ultraviolence champion dropkicks Laurel in the back and sends her smashing through the light tube log cabin. It’s a flicker of white powder and tubing as a few people in the crowd scream and the crowd breaks out...


Mai: Bwahaha Emma just put an exclamation point with A LIGHT TUBE LOG CABIN ON... On... On... How? HOW THE FUCK!?

...Laurel emerges from the half-shattered light tube log cabin, bloodied on the arms and face, wiping herself off as she glances at the Ultraviolence champion who stared back at her, neither woman really seemingly shocked by the fact that Laurel pulled herself from the wreckage.

Strike: That woman gets up for nothing short of a four star match or above, Mai! SHE LIVES, DIES AND THEN LIVES AGAIN FOR THIS SHIT!!! AND EMMA KNOWS IT, TOO!

There isn’t a moment for either woman to take a breather here, as they begin to square off right again. The blood dripping off of them seeming not to bother either woman as Hardy checks MacNamara with stiff southpaw forearms, one after the next and Emma answers back stiff forearms of her own. The start with the back and forth before they hook an arm around the back of each other’s head and just start beating on each other’s head as they begin to walk around to where Laurel’s weapons had been found, Hardy ‘seemingly’ meeting her match on the strikes before she mule kicks Emma right into the abdomen and bends her over so she can check her in the head with a knee! The Pretty Little Psycho is left on all fours as Laurel steps around her and lifts MacNamara upward before hitting her with a deadlift german and ringing the back of her head with the back of the turnbuckle pole!

This slows down the Ultraviolence Champion as Laurel seems to remember there’s actually a match to win here. She drops down and lifts Emma like a sack of potatoes before sidewalk slamming her back into the pole and going for a pin!




She slides back into the ring and stands at her feet as the referee begins counting. Does she figure Emma’s probably going to get back up and into the ring? Yes. Will Emma come swinging her harder? Yes.




MacNamara is up again!


Emma grabs her by the ankles and jerks her down before she slides into the ring! The count is off as the two women begin brawling BACK out of the ring where they were.

Strike: I’m pretty sure both of them are getting at least ONE black eye out of this exchange, my God!

Mai: Do the words ‘defensive measures’ mean ANYTHING to these women? Laurel with the first pin but fat lot of good it does!

The Five Star Match Machine leaps upward and headscissors the Ultraviolence champion, looking to hit her with a sudden takedown but Emma hooks her arms around Laurel’s legs and bends her knees to stop Laurel’s momentum. She denies it furiously and shakes her head angrily before Emma begins to lift her upward and swing her head first into the barricade, smacking her face against it. Emma huffs as Hardy’s legs loosen around her neck before lifting her up and flinging her over the barricade. MacNamara looks down and picks up a metal wrench, twirling it in her fingers before she waits for Laurel to pop her head up. On the first sign of motion Emma swings the wrench... And begins to writhe as Laurel deftly blocks the swing with a stun baton and then sends the juice UP Emma’s wrench and through her body! The Ultraviolence champion shakes and drops the wrench, dropping on her knees and hands as Laurel leaps back and executes a step off senton, landing on MacNamara’s head and sending her face first into a kenzan, or as can best be explained, a heavy lead plate with brass spikes jutting outward!


Emma’s face is pockmarked with tiny wounds across her forehead as Laurel turns around and looks out to the crowd for a moment before looking to climb BACK into the ring.

Mai: ANUS HORRIBLIS! ...Emma’s down and Laurel is about to... Oh come on.

Strike: Laurel is getting back into the ring...but she isn’t the only one making it back to her feet!!!

Laurel doesn’t take more than two steps before The Ultraviolence champion is already standing up, wiping her own blood off her eyes and not really bothering with her face. The Final Boss glances back at the Pretty Little Psycho before Emma uses her own blood on her fingers to smear it in Hardy’s eyes, temporarily blinding her before she grabs that fallen stun baton and JAMS it in Laurel’s neck before turning it on and shocking Hardy! Laurel is woozy on her feet as MacNamara drops the stun baton for the wrench and hits her with a one-two combo, right across the temple and then the other before she finally goes down as Emma huffs, going to roll Laurel up... But instead pressing the stun baton against her throat for another few seconds, leaving a nasty burn mark before clocking her down in the head with the wrench and then pinning her!




Mai: Second pin of the night, now Emma is leaving Hardy laying and rolling in the ring but for how long!?

Strike: Not very long, I feel. That stun baton has been doing its fair share of damage but that’s the thing with Texas Deathmatches...sure, you might get pinned or submitted but having the ten count to answer to in order to continue means that you have got to thoroughly incapacitate your opponent to ensure victory. ...That’s not gonna be easy with these two.




Laurel stands to her feet, but there’s... A thousand yard stare on the face of The Final Boss. The Pretty Little Psycho stares back at her from inside of the ring,



Laurel slides back in the ring and stands face to face with The Pretty Little Psycho as the two women, bloody as they already start hammering each other. Emma irish-whips Laurel but on the rebound MacNamara catches a Gáe Buide Spear from The Final Boss, sending her through the ropes on the other side of the ring. Emma is hugging her ribs before she rolls up and wipes the blood from her face again before Laurel steps forward and double foot stomps her on the back of the head! She reaches down and grips the back of MacNamara’s head, dragging her towards one of the tarped objects. She grabs a tarp and jerks it off to reveal...

...And to the gasps of a few members of the crowd...

A pyramid of glass. A wooden base with a bunch of glass panes leaned up against one another to look as though it were a great fixture.



...And there Emma goes through it. Laying in a pile of broken glass. Yet as Laurel drags her out of it, she doesn’t go for the pin. She doesn’t even give the fans a chance to be shocked. She just heads for that weed whacker.


The Final Boss comes back as Emma seems to be moving about now, her back and the back of her legs bloodied on surface cuts thanks to the glass. Hardy puts a boot on the ankle of MacNamara to keep her from standing up before she revs the weed whacker. She revs it again... She revs it again! The weed whacker gets started and without missing a beat Laurel brings it down on Emma’s marked forehead! Then she brings it down on her throat... Then along the cuts of her arms and then her legs! Emma reaches up in agony, but her face is a mask of agony and equal parts fury yet Laurel continues to do it, finally pressing the weed whacker against her throat to repay Emma for the electrical burn marks she left Laurel with on her’s. A number of line bruises quickly appear on Emma’s throat... She begins to reach the weed whacker ot her eyes...

As Hardy all too quickly realizes what she’s doing and throws down the weed whacker, looking at her hands as though she’s realized what she was a second from doing.

...Which becomes her mistake as Emma CUNT PUNTS Hardy right between the legs so hard she drops on her knees as Emma sits up, The Pretty Little Psycho wide-eyed and panting.

Mai: Emma goes from one second of being blinded to CUNT PUNTING Hardy so hard I think she went cross-eyed.

Emma goes to pin Laurel... But not before unfurling a table and wearily unfolding it... While her back is turned, Laurel reaches under the ring weakly and grabs a pink metal can, tilting it and taking a mouthful of some liquid before The Ultraviolence champion drags her and forces her up before laying her over the unfolded table. Emma begins to climb to the top turnbuckle and turn her back to Laurel, just as Hardy weakly begins to rummage in her pocket for something... She holds a lighter in hand as she brings it up over her face... And flicks.

Emma executes her Reverse High Angle Senton Bomb, but halfway through she gets a face full of fireball on the way down and puts Laurel through the table, but with her shoulder, letting out a roar of agony with the way she landed.







The pin is counted but both women are still down... Laying there motionless, all the pain and agony seemingly finally catching up to them. Emma slowly begins to roll up with Laurel hugging her frame and trying to shake things off. The Ultraviolence champion blindly reaches for ring ropes and pulls herself up through the ring ropes into the ring. She has to shakily stand thanks to the ropes... Looking back to that bag she had brought to the ring at the beginning of the match and grabbing it.





Hardy by now has sat up through the wreckage and begins to weakly pull herself to stand back on the apron...



Hardy pulls herself onto the apron as Emma swings the bag from behind her back, a nasty crunch being heard from the bag as Laurel falls backward onto the ground.




The Ultraviolence Champion looks down at Laurel on the ground, glazed eyes and being hit from whatever Emma had in the bag as MacNamara snorts.



...Before Emma slumps forward against the ropes, dropping the bag as it spills its contents, letting herself drop now that the whole damn thing is done. Medics already begin pouring out through the entrance ramp to check on both women.


Mai: Emma walks out of here tonight with a victory over Your Favourite Wrestler’s Favourite Wrestler! ...What the hell was in that bag. Can we get a close-up?

The camera zooms in to check the inside of the bag... It’s a mess of wood and glass but one can barely make out... ‘It reads ‘Hall of Fa’ ‘me’ and looks to be a broken wooden plaque. It’s hard to tell just who’s plaque Emma might have found and decided to use.

Strike: ...Someway...somehow...Emma pulls this one off. It doesn’t matter whose plaque for her that might have been, so long as it got her what she came here for...what a match, Mai.

We end on both women being checked on and helped to the back.

Hostess with the Mostess

Yet again, we return to the backstage area, and find Cody Kincaid standing alongside Emi Yamamoto with something in a silk bag over his shoulder. Emi, seemingly exhausted from a whole night of activity, has her heels in her hands as Cody gives her a side hug before beginning to speak.

Cody: Emi, you have been doing a fantastic job all night. And I’m very thrilled to have you hosting. For your first hosting job, you’re doing great!

Emi takes a deep breath as she puts her heels back on the floor.

Emi: Thankies...phew...I didn't think it would be so hard though. I think it's this dress...it's so hot in here…

Cody: Well you've made it look easy tonight. But now, if you recall, the last time we spoke, I promised you a big surprise. And after doing such a great job tonight so far, I think it’s time to give it to you.

This perks her up by a great deal.

Emi: Oh?

Cody pulls the silk bag off his shoulder, and removes a gold championship belt with a black strap. Among the markings, it reads “Unstoppable 8 Hostess Champion” and has her name written on the nameplate. He offers it to her with a smile, but she just stands there frozen in shock.

Cody: What do you think? I know how much you always wanted a "shiny", so here's one you can keep forever.

Her gasp hasn't stopped as she takes the title belt from Cody's hands. She holds it closely to her chest like a newborn baby as she can no longer contain her excitement. She begins hopping up and down embracing her present.


Cody: You deserve it. Like I said, you did a fantastic job tonight. I’m very happy with how great you did, and you’re welcome back to any show anytime you want.

Emi: Thankies Cody. I mean...I don't know...

Emi begins tearing up, but she tries to hide it as she takes a good look at her new title.

Emi: ...just thankies.

The camera zooms into Emi’s new title before we cut elsewhere.

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A quick highlight package shows us the history of both Eileen and Steph as it pertains to the Evolution Championship as well as their interactions in recent weeks. From there, we go back to ringside.

Maggie: The following match is a 2 out of three falls match and is for the FFW Evolution Championship!!!

Zack: This is gonna be one of the most grueling matches all night, fans. One of these women will hold the coveted Evolution Championship after tonight. Time to find out who.

Mai: A guaranteed new champion among the others we already have crowned tonight.

The house lights dim inside of the arena as multiple red lights begin to swirl and flash around the arena while a 16-bit chiptune whistle echoing across the PA before the words to “The Stand (Man or Machine)” by The Protomen begins to play at its 1:23 mark while the LCD screen comes alive with the images of a young figure walking towards the screen in a blue hoodie, sweatpants and boxing gloves, walking slowly and forward with a purpose…

Tell me now. Is there a man among you here? Is there no one who will stand up and try to fight?
Tell me Man, is there not one in all your ranks? Is there not one who values courage over life?

As the words “EILEEN AMARO” appear on the screen amidst the ruins of a forgotten, dystopian city, Eileen Amaro walks out of the curtain and onto the entrance stage to a deafening amount of boos from the FFW faithful, her eyes shifting and glancing over at the audience alongside the reaction she is receiving, before she takes in a deep breath and her right hand moves down, gradually removing the hoodie off of her head with a stone-faced expression on her face while Bobby B. Barabbas emerges from the curtains behind her, cane in hand and dressed in all black as he joins Eileen Amaro at her side before the two of them begin to make their way down the ramp.

Maggie: From Chicago, Illinois by way of Ocean City, Maryland…weighing in at one hundred and forty-five pounds…she is EILEEEEEEEEEEN...AMAAAAAAROOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

They looked to me once. Now they turn to you. Do you understand now?
Do you see that the truth is they don't want to change this?
They don't want a hero. They just want a martyr, a statue to raise!

Eileen takes in a deep breath, beginning to strafe left and right with short hops. She begins to shadow box with her wrapped fists before she begins to make her way across the ramp, as she practically ignores the very existence of those sitting close to the barricade even as they boo, throw the thumbs down or hurl curses at the duo, Amaro’s focus remaining on the squared circle and nothing else as she watches Bobby B. Barabbas go on ahead, getting the curious body bag itself inside of the ring first with some effort before climbing up the steel steps, sitting onto the middle rope and opening it as Eileen hops onto the apron and enters the squared circle while “The Stand (Man or Machine)” reaches its chorus:

They looked to me once. Now they turn to you. Do you understand now?
Do you see that the truth is they don't want to change this?
They don't want a hero. They just want a martyr, a statue to raise!

Eileen Amaro takes center stage, the lights beginning to swirl around the entire arena rapidly again as the boos grow louder while the red spotlight embraces her once again - a defiant stare in her features even as the hatred pours down onto her. Barabbas places a hand on her shoulder, almost as if to assure her that everything will be alright and in return, she simply nods as she then extends her arms out to soak in the hatred, inhaling and exhaling slowly while receiving it all.

I’ve given everything I can…
There are no Heroes left in Man...SO IT BEGINS!

From that point, Eileen Amaro makes her way to the nearest neutral corner, rolling her neck from side to side before returning to bouncing up and down to keep herself in rhythm, throwing a few more shadow punches in for good measure; getting loose and limber for the fight that was ahead of her while Bobby B. Barabbas makes his way to the outside of the ring, giving his client some last minute advice in the process.

Zack: Whether you are a fan or you don’t like her at all, there is no one who can take away the abilities and skills of Eileen Amaro. She is, in my opinion, the definitive Evolution Champion to have ever held that title.

Mai: Yeah, I’d agree with that. She earned this shot some time ago, but was trying to get the FFW Championship first. But that didn’t quite work out for the Scion, did it?

The  arena turns black, barely lit thanks to the evening sky before the crowd watches one by one... Witches of some sort of order begin come out, two by two.. They’re dressed in flowing black robes, some in pointed hats and others long hoods. They begin their march along the metal ramp, the clicking of their heeled boots in sync with each other as they form a great circle with only two openings left. One open towards the curtains leading backstage from the ramp and one leading down the ramp to ringside. The lights brighten by a mere fraction and many of the witches seem to have curious designs all over their robes and their hats, odd little runic symbols that are the same color black as the robes but shimmer in the light.

At this time, in the giant circle of witches a large cauldron begins to rise from the center of them... It is black and gives off a white steam and light that gives a bit of a more shine in the circle made by the coven. They begin whispering and murmuring to each other before they look back to the curtain expectantly. There is another witch that appears from behind the curtain, but this one appears to be of much more importance, and a bit obvious with who she is: Cereza, the Wiccan stripper, who approaches the cauldron with intent in her eyes.

Cereza: My sisters...tonight! We begin our resurrection! Upon this evening, we shall breathe life back into our sect, and life will begin anew! Bring me that which we shall need to cast the spell for this magnificent occasion!

The witches began to excitedly chatter before they closed in and joined hands, forming a slightly tighter circle as one of the witches in question began to step forward by Cereza’s side, bowing her head demurely with a large bag. She rummages into it and hands the Wiccan stripper an old looking bone as the witches chant.

Witches: Bone of the mother, unknowingly given, you will renew your daughter!

Dramatically, Cereza holds the bone up high, dropping it into the cauldron, which causes the contents to change colors within.

Cereza: Bone with which to create a skeleton to build upon!

Witches: Flesh of the servant, willingly given, you will revive your mistress!

The witch beside the former Future Shock champion looks around weakly before muttering, ‘Shit, why me?’ before she... Fearfully reaches out, handing Cereza a curved looking dagger with one hand and holding out her (fake plastic) hand over the cauldron. Not breaking character in the slightest, Cereza raises the dagger high before slicing the (fake) hand off of the witch, and holding it over the cauldron as she let out a shriek.

Cereza: Flesh, with which to hold your organs and bone in place!

Again she drops it into the cauldron, the color changing slightly as she awaits the next ingredient.
Witches: Blood of the foe, forcibly taken, you will revive your foe!

The now handless witch, hugging the bag with her arm and using her only hand to reach inside pulls out... A very old pair of wrestling tights from Eileen Amaro. How old? The letters ‘TSUNAMI’ are still written on one pant leg with tidal designs on the other... Notably the camera zooms in on old, faded brown spots... Easy enough to assume what made those stains. The witch weakly hands Cereza the last item. Cereza, now breaking character, side glances as she takes the tights as if to say ‘This wasn’t in rehearsal’. She still takes the tights, quite disgusted with what she holds over the cauldron.

Cereza: Blood...eugh...among OTHER things...so that your vessel may live, to fight the glorious fight upon this GLORIOUS NIGHT!

Turning her head away Cereza tosses the tights into the cauldron, recomposing herself once the tights are no longer in her hands...save for one witch who offers the Wiccan stripper hand sanitizer, which Cereza accepts.

Cereza: Now...Arise, sister, ARISE! Come to us this evening and ACCOMPLISH YOUR PROPHECY!
The stripper holds her hands up high, the other witches doing so in response…

The cauldron begins to bubble and hiss, smoking more and more as well as seeming to turn a bright green... And a brighter green... Brighter... Before everything goes black once more....

“A little wicked... That’s what he calls me...
Because that’s what I am... That’s what I am...”

As “A Little Wicked” by Valerie Broussard plays through the sound system, the lights return to a degree as the cauldron has stopped smoking but a figure is standing in the middle of it. She silently steps out of the cauldron before stepping right in front of the former Future Shock champion. The figure with a tall witch’s hat and scarf around her neck as well as the robes tips her hat to the Wiccan stripper with a smile. Cereza, still smiling herself, holds her hands low as she announces the figure.

Cereza: Sisters...welcome back to mortal life, from the sect out in Berkeley, California...a former FFW Unity Champion, a former Evolution Champion...THE WITCH OF WALL STREET, AND THE SEDUCTRESS OF YOUR ENDEAVORS...THE! STEPH! STEFANO!

On that note Cereza and the other witches start to leave the area, giving Steph her moment. Steph watches the witches leave as they came, now following Cereza out before she turns her head, still hidden for the most part though her fingers seem to be... A bright shade of green. She begins to walk down the ramp as her music continues to play, not long after Christian Kincaid emerges just as the last witch disappears.

“No one calls you honey when you're sitting on a throne,
No one calls you honey when you're sitting on a throne.
Beware the patient woman, cause this much I know,
No one calls you honey when you're sitting on a throne.
One of these days a-coming, I'm gonna take that boy's crown,
There's a serpent in these still waters lying deep down.
To the king, I will bow, at least for now,
One of these days a-coming, I'm gonna take that boy's crown...”

The Witch of Wall Street walls all the way down the ramp and up the stairs to the apron before jumping over the ropes rather than stepping through them so she can keep her witch’s hat in place. She stops short after standing in the middle of the ring as CK takes his place in her corner before she shrugs off the robes, showing a complete black version of her ring gear, with the highlights being a more shiny, PVC black to reflect the light. Notably, her arms, her chest, hands and fingers are all a bright green color with her nails being painted black. She reaches for her hat still on her head as the chorus finally kicks in.


On the last ‘Wicked’ Steph tips her hat off and tosses it into the crowd, revealing that her skin has been completely painted green, from the top of her forehead to assuming down to her feet judging by her legs disappearing into her ring boots. Looking like the Wicked Witch in truth, Steph bows and leans into her corner... A thin-lipped smile on her face.

Zack: You want to talk about some mind games?! Steph Stefano is giving Eileen something to get worked up over before she even makes it to the ring.

Mai: Look, that was cute and all of Shamu Stefano. But the last thing I’d want to do is upset Eileen more, speaking personally.

Angela Keanan asks both wrestlers if they are ready - the two competitors staring at each other, not answering the referee as they keep their eyes locked causing the official to ring the bell. The combatants don’t take their eyes off each other as they come forward quickly and Steph immediately begins to fire off quick forearms into Eileen’s cheek while Amaro stands toe to toe with her, firing back with a stiff hooks to Stephano’s body. Stefano begins to get the upperhand as she puts all of her weight advantage and power behind the shots. Eileen begins to inch backwards before she finally stops trying to match power with her opponent, throwing her hands up, shoving her backwards a step before she caught her with a lightning fast thrust to her throat. Stefano gasped for breath and as she did, Amaro grabbed her by the hair and jerked her downwards into an inside cradle pin attempt.




Mai: Now see, that’s smart even though it didn’t work! Both of them know they have at least two falls to get through, maybe three. And no one’s getting paid by the fall here.

Zack: The first round is a standard rules match, just like most any Evolution title match would be. The sooner you can get it done, the better if you’re either Eileen or Steph.

Stefano kicked out before the three count could be completed and rolled back to her feet, getting to them at the same time as Eileen; the former Tsunami instantly leaving her feet to drive her knee into the point of Steph’s jaw that she followed with a spinning roundhouse kick keeping Stefano on the back foot before she grabbed hold of her hand and jerked forward into a spinning back elbow. The Wicked Witch stumbled but managed to stay on her feet as Eileen moved quickly towards her, lifting her up from behind and delivered an atomic drop. Steph showed the effects of the move on her face and turned to face Eileen as the girl was bouncing off the ring ropes and had launched herself into a clothesline that took the green skin painted woman down to the mat.

Zack: You gotta believe that every time Eileen looks at Steph in this getup, it just fires her up even more.

Mai: Of course, it does. That’s why I say Steph is stupid. Why would you want to make her angrier? She’s already at 9 most of the time anyway.

Quickly Stefano rolled to the side and rose back to her feet only to find herself on the receiving end of a number of stiff kicks into her body as she took her arm and twisted it into an arm wrench, continuing the kicks as she did so. Finally she finished off the volley of blows with one final kick into her gut that doubled her over and allowed Eileen to hook her head as well as her arm and drive her downwards into the canvas with a DDT. The Berkeley native lay there for just a moment before she pushed upwards and rolled into a sitting position only for Eileen to move behind her quickly and lock in a sleeper hold, leaning forward into her; using her frame to add pressure to the hold and used her weight to force her to the side and down to the canvas. The Witch pulled at the Chicago residents arm around her throat, only to find it tightly secured and she kicked a boot against the canvas before she started to use her strength to rise to her feet. The Berkeley native rose to a vertical base, carrying the former Tsunami all the way up with her before Eileen quickly transitioned out of the sleeper hold, keeping it half applied as she snapped Steph quickly backwards and to the mat with a side Russian legsweep. Immediately Amaro made the cover, hooking one leg.

Zack: Amaro with another cover, looking to get this first fall in the bank!




Mai: As dumb as she is, I don’t recall too many times Stefano has been caught off guard for an early pin.

Steph kicked out on two and a half and Eileen took up the mount position, firing off right and left hands into the side of her head. Keanan tried to get separation between the pair with a request only to find herself forced to use the count; Amaro rolled away at four and came to her feet. Stefano slowly followed her upwards only for Eileen to measure her up and not let her get any further than her knees as she hit the ring ropes and came back with a knee trembler straight to the point of her foes jaw causing her to pop straight up to her feet. The Wicked Witch staggered, trying to find her balance but before she managed to achieve that, Eileen had kicked her in the gut, hooked her head and lifted her into the air before slamming her downwards with a rotating suplex neckbreaker. The Californian holds her neck as she kicks her feet on the mat only for Eileen to land on top of her with a running senton. Leaning backwards she made the cover, hooking the leg once more.




Zack: Eileen isn’t wasting time on these covers. She’s trying to conserve as much energy as she can for the next round, which is going to be submission rules.

Mai: I think that round is going to be the hardest for them both. But with that said, both of them would love to be one up going into it too.

Once more Steph kicked out of the pinfall and Eileen quickly pulled her up to her feet by the hair, double underhooking her arms as she did so and began to bring her knees up into her chest and face, landing eight blows before she released the hold and dropped down to one knee in front of her foe only to explode upwards with an uppercut. Stefano held her jaw as she reeled away unsteadily on her feet. With her back turned, Steph found herself with an arm around her waist as Eileen lifted her up and dropped her backwards with a side suplex. Amaro was quick to her feet, only to leave them and drive a double knee drop into Stefano’s gut, the Italian-American sputtered and gasped for air, forcing herself up to her feet only for the former Tsunami to charge at her, leaving her feet and hooking her head as she spiked the Witches head into the canvas with a leaping DDT. Steph rolls over onto her back and Eileen makes the cover once more, hooking her leg again.

Mai: Steph planted with a DDT, that’s like throwing a baseball at a brick wall. Doesn’t do much damage.




Zack: You can tell how much much these two want this, they are not taking hardly risks at all

Another kick out from Steph and Eileen rolled away to a sitting position, glaring at the referee as she asked for three but got the two confirmed by Angela Keanan. Amaro shook her head as she pulled her foe up to her feet and quickly landed a one-two combination to her before sending her in for the ride. As Stefano rebounded Eileen lined her up and delivered a high angle backdrop. Steph landed hard and instantly sat up, rolling over and onto one knee. The Chicago resident nodded her head as she saw her opponent in that position and stepped up onto her knee, looking for a shining wizard but as she swung her leg, the Witch ducked down underneath it before she popped upwards, catching Amaro on her shoulders as she rose to her feet and instantly fell backwards to drop Eileen with a flapjack.

Zack: That’s the opening Steph needed, and she planted Eileen with one hell of a flapjack!

Mai: Don’t say flapjack, you’ll make her think it’s time for breakfast.

The pair rolled in opposite directions, Eileen pushing up to her feet as the Wicked Witch only made it to her knees and exploded towards Amaro, catching her around her waist as she lifted her upwards, spun and drove her back first into the ring with a spinebuster. Again the pair rolled away from each other with the scion of professional wrestler holding her back as she started to rise, forcing herself to her feet quickly and charged at Stefano as she was still rising only for the Witch to catch her, lifting her up and flipping her over with a back body drop. The Californian stumbled forward as Amaro hit the canvas, sat up holding her back once more as she got to her feet and Stefano bounced off the ropes in front of her, mowing her down with a clothesline. Eileen rises again quickly and got scooped up off her feet and slammed down. Again Amaro rose and again she found herself body slammed to the mat. Again Eileen looked to get back to a vertical base quickly only to again get cut off by her foe who lifted her off her feet once more and into a backbreaker. Rolling off her knees, the former Tsunami lay on her front, holding her back and kicking her feet in pain...and Steph jumped into the air and came down with a double foot stomp to Amaro’s spine causing her to cry out in agony before she quickly rolled away to the ring ropes.

Mai: I’ll get Eileen a few chiropractor phone numbers after the show. She’ll need them after Free Willy there double stomped her back like that.

Zack: Steph is going right to her wheelhouse here this offense, and we are starting to see some of that green paint crack as well.

Steph shook her head as Eileen reached the ropes, quickly walking back over to her, pulling her to her feet and lit up her chest with six vicious knife edge chops to the chest; each one sounding like the crack of a whip as she lit up her chest; Amaro reeling backwards against the ropes. Angela Keanan ordered Stefano to allow her foe to come away from the ring ropes, Steph duly complying as she locked in a side headlock, dragging Amaro towards the middle of the ring and drove a fist into her face as she released the headlock. Eileen stepped backwards after receiving the blow and then got sent to the mat with a drop toe hold; Stefano quickly floating from the drop toe hold into an STF, pulling back on her opponent’s head as far as possible to stretch out her neck, back and knee. The referee reminded Steph that the first fall was pinfall only...but still the Californian leaned back, pulling back further on her head, causing Amaro to grimace in pain and look for an escape. The hold was locked on tightly though as she clawed at Stefano’s hands and arms, refusing to give her the pleasure of hearing more than a pained groan; still she tried to find an escape, eventually forcing Steph’s hands upwards and Amaro was able to bite down on her finger, getting her to release the hold. The moment the hold was released and Eileen rolled away to the ropes once more, holding onto them tightly as Steph checked her finger and came back to her feet, looking thunderously at her opponent.

Zack: That is one scary look from the “Witch of Wall Street”, and something tells me this is about to get a lot more angry!

Mai: She’ll get over it.

Eileen began to rise only for the former Unity Champion to drive a running knee into the base of her spine, sending Amaro into the ropes who staggered backwards, straight into a reverse headlock that The Steph Stefano used to jerk her backwards and into her knee for another backbreaker. The Italian-American pulled her foe straight back up to a vertical base, Irish whipping her across the ring and into a Lou Thesz Press, landing on top of her and Stefano brought both of her hands together as she began to club away at the Marylander born wrestlers head. Amaro covered up prompting Steph to roll away and began to come to her feet, getting to a vertical base and immediately advanced on Eileen as she had only managed to get to her knees, taking her head and slammed her down with a sitout facebreaker slam. Eileen rolled over onto her back and Stefano made the cover, hooking her leg.

Zack: Eileen could have a broken nose right there, and Stefano’s closing the first round!




Mai: Oh please, that didn’t stop Eileen for three. And I see no signs of a busted nose. Where did you get your medical degree anyway?

Eileen’s shoulder came up to break up the pinfall and Steph pushed upwards, pulling her foe up to her feet and began to drive knees into her midsection, landing five, doubling her over and then sending her down to one knee. The Wicked Witch dropped back to the ropes and came back off them, bouncing off the ring ropes and drove a shotgun dropkick that causes Amaro to flop to the side to the canvas. Eileen rolled and tried to push back up, getting to her hands and knees only for Stefano to pull her forward into a standing headscissors, wrapping her arms around her waist as she flipped her up onto her shoulders and drove her back down into the canvas with a sit out powerbomb, holding for the pinfall.

Mai: No no no no….




Zack: You could hear and feel the impact off that powerbomb, and Eileen’s still got something left even so!

Eileen’s shoulder came up forcefully before the three count, causing her to roll over and onto her front. Steph nodded her head as Keanan showed her the two count and Stefano pulled Amaro up to her feet, staying behind her as the Wicked Witch began to drive her forearm into her lower back three times before she dropped down to her knees and drove her shoulder into the back of the former Tsunami’s knee with a chop block. Amaro stumbled and fell forward to the mat only for The Steph Stefano to dive forward, driving a knee into her lower back once more. Once more the Chicago billed wrestler was pulled upwards by her opponent and sent her with a vicious Irish whip into the corner. Stefano followed in behind her, leaving her feet and caught Eileen with a stinger splash. Instantly the Wicked Witch stepped backwards and took off across the ring once more, hitting the ropes and coming back as Amaro came out of the corner and knocked her back to the mat with a shoulder tackle.

Mai: Steph has the body weight to do some damage with those shoulder tackles, kinda like a big bull. I bet she even snorted!

Zack: There’s no question in anyone’s mind who this crowd in AT&T Stadium is here to support tonight.

Stefano threw her arms up into the air, getting a cheer from the fans as she went back towards her recovering opponent, pulling her upwards and into a Bear Hug, shaking her back and forth as she squeezed her tightly. Eileen’s face became a mask of pain as Steph applied tremendous pressure on her back and was only tightening her grip - like a boa constrictor squeezing life out of its prey. The last scion of professional wrestling struggled and squirmed, trying to free herself only for the Berkeley born wrestler to drop her to the mat momentarily before she really wrenched in the bear hug tightly. Eileen let out a strangulated cry of pain as she pushed Steph’s head backwards with one head and began to drive closed fists into her skull. A second and third closed fist were driven home but it brought the trapped woman no relief as Stefano kept her arms locked. Amaro let out another cry as her shots sped up only to find herself shook and when the Italian-American stopped rag dolling her around, Eileen jabbed a thumb into her eye. Stefano released Amaro who staggered backwards holding her back and before the Wicked Witch could recover, Eileen left her feet to drive a double knee strike into her opponent’s face. Stefano dropped back against the ropes only to bounce forward into her foes clutches who rolled her up into a small package pin.

Zack: Small package, Eileen’s gonna take the first round by surprise!




Mai: You need to figure out another name for that when Steph’s involved. There’s nothing small on that body to package.

At the very last moment, the Californian managed to kick out; Keanan instantly waving off the three count and showed the two to Eileen who asked for the three but got told the escape came in the nick of time. Nodding her head Eileen jerked Steph upright and shoved her backwards into the corner, driving a series of six knees into her abdomen before she reeled away and came back towards her with four quick shoulder thrusts into Steph’s midsection. The referee asked for her to let her out of the corner and Eileen straightened up, pulling Steph forward by the wrist and sent her across the ring into the opposite corner. As Stefano hit, Amaro measured her up and charged in after her, lowering her shoulder as she launched herself forward, absolutely drilling her right in the stomach with a massive shoulder thrust driving all the air out of her opponent. The former Tsunami stepped backwards, holding her back for a moment before she climbed up to the middle rope and wasted no time at all in driving ten fists into Stefano’s forehead.

Zack: Eileen is dishing out bad intentions with those hard rights straight to Steph’s dome!

Mai: You wouldn’t guess this is still the first round of this match, you’d think it was the only round!

Dropping back to the mat, Eileen took a couple of steps backwards, waving Steph forward and as she staggered forward, Amaro caught her with a crescent kick to her face, dropping her down to her knees. Stefano rocked backwards, sitting on her heels before she started to push upwards; Eileen lying in wait for her, letting her get her feet underneath her before she caught her with the Proto Buster lariat into a backbreaker that drove Stefano into the mat. Instead of making the cover, Amaro shook her head and pulled Steph back to her feet, bringing her more towards the middle of the ring before she delivered the Getsuga Tensho lifting hammerlock cradle into a sitout side powerslam. Eileen held her back for a couple of moments - the exertion of lifting the stocky powerhouse taking it’s toll on her back following Steph’s earlier attack -  finally throwing herself on top of Steph.




Zack: What does it take to keep Steph down?! Eileen still hasn’t found the answer.

Mai: Usually a couple guys and happy hour, from what I’ve heard.

Yet again Steph’s shoulder comes up at two and ninety-nine hundredths; just beating the count and Keanan shows the two count. Amaro shaking her head and demanding the two but Keanan stays resolute in her decision that it was just a two count. Eileen looked at the referee in shock before she glared at Stefano who had rolled away onto her front. Amaro came to her feet and circled her downed foe, delivering a Garvin stomp, making sure to grind her heel into her hand when she stomped down on those. Despite the stomps, Steph continued to rise, holding her hands to her chest as she got to her knees and received a pair of stiff hooks to her face, followed by a European uppercut. Amaro gave the sign for the Riptide to the crowd as her opponent got to one knee. Eileen took her by the hand, pulling it away from her chest as she applied a wristlock to her using her firm grip to push her away and then yanked her back towards her and the short arm lariat only for Steph to duck underneath it, spinning back towards her and before Amaro could turn, Stefano left her feet and delivered the Walk of Shame reverse jumping bulldog. The Chicago based wrestler hit the mat hard, her feet flying up and Steph grabbed hold of them as she made the pinfall.

Mai: That stupid WALK OF SHAME!!




Zack: Eileen gets the shoulder up again! There’s not gonna be anything left for the next round with these two women!

Eileen managed to get her shoulder up and Steph rolled away from her, pushing herself upwards as Amaro did likewise and the Wicked Witch caught her with toe kick into her midsection, following it up with a spinning neckbreaker. Again the pair both rise to their feet slowly and again the powerhouse wrestler reacts first, spinning around to catch Amaro with a backfist to her jaw before she lifted her up off her feet and dropped her across her knee for another backbreaker, keeping hold of her as she stands up and hurls her back across the ring with a fallaway slam. Eileen rolled all the way across the ring to the ropes and started to pull herself upwards with the ring ropes only for the Witch of Wall Street to come up behind her and in a flash she locked in the Full Nelson, jerking her away from the ropes before she lifted her upwards and sent her crashing down into the canvas with a Full Nelson bomb. Eileen bounced on landing, holding her back as she spasmed on the ring mat for a couple of seconds before Steph pulled her backwards, forcing her shoulders to the mat and made the cover before she hooked the leg; Keanan sliding into position.





Mai: THANK YOU! They aren’t conserving anything in this first round, they’re letting it all hang out!

Zack: You got that right! This match is a war of attrition if I’ve ever seen one!

The referee waves off the three count instantly as Amaro’s arm popped up and fell straight back to the mat. Stefano looked at the referee, asking for the three count but saw a shake of the head as Keanan held up two fingers and pointed to Amaro’s shoulder. Stefano asked once more and again had the two count confirmed for her. Eileen rolled away and started to push upwards slowly as the Wicked Witch rose to her feet and again asked Keanan if she was absolutely sure and the referee nodded her head as she confirmed the two count. Steph pulled Amaro the rest of the way to her feet and into a side headlock before she charged across the ring towards the corner, looking to send her into the turnbuckle with a running bulldog. Before she could drive her head first into the padded bolt, Eileen dropped to one knee, shoving her opponent chest first into the turnbuckles. As she staggered backwards the last scion of professional wrestling put her head between Stefano’s legs, quickly rising to her feet and fell backwards for the electric chair drop. Eileen letting out a cry and holding her back as she did so. Not letting it slow her down, Amaro rolled to her knees and pushed upwards to her feet, taking hold of Steph’s legs around the thighs before she falls back and catapults her into the corner; Stefano’s middle hitting the top turnbuckle as her head struck the ring post. She landed on her feet and staggered backwards on spaghetti legs, the camera seeing the tell tale thin red bead of a cut appear on her forehead.

Mai: AHAHAHAHAHA!! I knew it, Steph doesn’t bleed actual blood. That looks more like Ragu!

Despite getting her bell rung on the ringpost, Stefano managed to keep her feet underneath her, turning to face Eileen who immediately caught her and delivered a facebreaker knee smash. Steph staggered backwards once more; Eileen continuing Hope Rides Alone with two kesagiri chops and then a flapjack kneebuster, flipping her foe towards the middle of the ring. Stefano pushed upwards but only got to one knee before Amaro stepped off her leg and drove her boot into her face, finishing off her five moves of doom with the shining kenka kick. Stefano spun and landed on her back as she got kicked in the face and Amaro dove on top of her, hooking both her legs as Keanan dove into position.




Keanan calls for the bell and Maggie makes the official announcement.


Maggie: The winner of the first fall...EILEEN AMARO!!!! The second fall will take place under Submission rules!

Zack: There’s only a one minute break between falls, and after all this, I’m not sure a minute is going to help either of them.

Amaro rolled away from the cover towards the opposite side of the ring and sat up, breathing deeply as the referee told her there was a minute recovery period between falls. Amaro nodded her head and pulled herself to her feet by the ring ropes. While Steph rolled onto her front and started to push up onto her hands and knees and Amaro charged forward towards her and left her feet to deliver a curb stomp, driving her face first into the mat before she dropped onto her back and began to pepper the back of her opponent’s head with left and right hands. Keanan ordering her backwards, telling her to let Stefano get up as she reminded her there was a recovery period. Eileen held her hands up and moved backwards, her eyes focused entirely on Stefano and as the bell rang to announce the end of the rest period, Amaro charged forward once more and drove a double knee drop into Steph’s back.

Zack: Eileen’s going right to work, she knows she has to stay right on top of Steph and try to ride this wave of momentum into a clean sweep.

Mai: Why’s the referee wanting her to let Steph get up? Knock her out too, Eileen!

Keanan again tried to get Amaro to let Steph get up to her feet only to once more see Eileen deliver another knee drop into her foe’s back before she pulled her up to her feet and set her back to the canvas with a snapmare takedown. Immediately Eileen followed up with a series of snapped off kicks into her spine. Steph tried to roll away, rising to her feet and as she did so, Eileen stalked around her and charged her leaving her feet and delivered the Stefano’s own Walk of Shame jumping reverse bulldog. The last scion of professional wrestling pushed up to her feet, holding her back for a moment before she advanced on the rising Witch and deadlifted her off the mat with a roar and into a German suplex. Amaro once more held her back and floated over, taking the mount position on Stefano and began to drive her fist into the cut on her forehead, looking to open it up further. Once more the official ordered her back; Amaro ignoring her as she delivered two more shots to the cut before taking a handful of Steph’s hair and pulled her up to her feet, lifting her off of her feet before she dropped her throat first over the top rope.

Zack: Amaro with a stun gun, and Steph’s got all new problems with not being able to breathe right now in addition to the damage Eileen’s already inflicted!

The Wicked Witch of Wall Street spun away, gasping air and Eileen wrapped her arms around her head as she locked in a sleeper hold, keeping it applied as she swept her legs out from under her and sent her to the canvas. She pressed all her weight down on top of her opponent, looking to maximise the effect of the hold as she tightened her grip further. Stefano refused as Angela Keanan asked her if she wanted to submit, the woman pulling at her opponent’s arm in an effort to find an escape. Eileen wrenched on the hold, tightening it up and Steph began to fade, pawing at the arm around her throat till her movements started to slow and finally stop. Keanan raised Steph’s hand and released, watching it drop to the mat. The official raised it once more and again it fell to the canvas.

Mai: Very smart idea on this sleeper! It exhausts Steph further to the point of passing out, and even lets Amaro get a second wind, if needed.

Zack: She may not have to worry about that! Steph is fading fast here. One more drop, and Eileen’s got a clean sweep.

Once more the referee raised Stefano’s hand by the wrist then dropped it, watching as it stopped halfway down; the hand opening and closing into a fist before she slammed it into the mat and very slowly began to push upwards. Slowly Stefano rose to her feet, Eileen taking her back and wrapping her legs around for a body scissors. Stefano began to stagger and stumble backwards towards the nearest corner, carrying Eileen with her. Before Amaro gets driven into the turnbuckles she released the hold and spun out around in front of Steph, leaving her feet and delivered a dropkick to her chest, knocking her back into the corner as the camera saw that blood was still flowing from the cut on her forehead. Quickly Eileen rolled to her feet, grabbed hold of her foe and pulled her back towards the middle of the ring where she sent her face first into the mat with a bulldog. Stefano attempted to push her way back to her feet but only she only managed to get to her hands and knees before Amaro dropped a leg across her neck, sending her into the mat face first once again before she rolled down her body and locked in a single leg Boston crab, holding it as she began to stomp to the back of her head.

Zack: Eileen is so close that she can taste it, and you can bet there’s as much venom behind those kicks now as there were at the outset.

Mai: I feel bad for the ring crew, who are going to have wipe off all this green paint after it’s over. Who cares about Steph?

The referee got into position to check with The Steph Stefano, asking her if she wanted to quit and getting a definite no as the Italian-American began to pull herself across the ring to the bottom rope, only to get her progress stopped by more stomps to the back of her head from Amaro before she pulled her back to the middle of the ring. Eileen looked to settle back down in the single leg crab only for Stefano to twist and turn her body before kicking her off, causing her to fall through the ropes. The former Tsunami grimaced in pain as she hit the apron back first, laying there for a couple of moments before she came back up to her feet. As she got vertical so did Steph who charged towards her and caught her on the side of her face with a running forearm shiver, knocking Amaro back down. Stefano stepped out onto the apron with her opponent and retreated to the ringpost as Amaro began to rise, letting her getting to her knees before she charged and caught her with a running knee lift to her jaw that rocked her back onto her haunches. Before she could recover the Wicked Witch pulled Eileen upwards and lifted her into a vertical suplex, holding her upside down for a good twenty seconds before she fell backwards, sending her back first into the hardest part of the ring.

Zack: Right on the apron, and Amaro’s back has to be in agony right now! Steph must feel a sense of urgency!

Mai: And probably the want of a few Big Macs. You can’t tell me she hasn’t put a few away.

Once more the Wicked Witch forced herself to rise, using the ring ropes for help as her opponent did likewise; Stefano stepping back into the ring and pulled the Chicago resident back inside over the top rope, resting her feet on the middle of the rope before she dropped down to deliver a rope hung neckbreaker. Eileen held her neck in agony kicking her feet against the canvas, her body spasming. The Witch pushed herself back to her feet, breathing deeply - the effects of the match evident - but still she advanced on the rising Eileen, pulling her upwards and into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Eileen held her back in pain, arching it upwards away from the mat only for Stefano to jerk her upwards and march her over to the corner, introducing her face first to the top turnbuckle ten times in quick succession before she herself dropped to her knees and Steph drove her head ten times into Eileen’s spine. Amaro leaned forward against the turnbuckles, holding her spine with both hands only to be pulled backwards and lifted up into a seated position on the top rope.

Zack: I’m not sure this is a good idea. There’s too much at stake to be going up top at this point in this 2 out of 3 falls battle.

Mai: No one asked you, luckily.

Looking upwards, Stefano began to drive stiff closed hands into the bottom of her opponents back as she began to climb up to the top rope. As she got to the top, Steph applied an inverted headlock on Eileen and looked to the heavens before she womanhandled Amaro upwards, grabbing hold of her tights and leaped backwards as she came off with a inverted headlock back breaker. As she landed from the top rope, Eileen’s body contorted in searing agony, her mouth opening in a silent scream as her back came up from the mat and she rolled onto her side. The blood was getting more and more smeared across Steph’s head as she checked the cut while she rose to her feet and glared a hole through Eileen and dropped down to lock in a seated surfboard, pulling backwards on her arms as she stretched out her spine.

Mai: C’mon, Eileen! Suck it up, you don’t want to tap out to this trick.

Amaro screamed in pain as her back was stretched out by Stefano but refused to submit when asked by the referee. Eileen continued to refuse, shaking her head at the referee as Stefano told her to quit. Amaro still refused even as Steph pulled back further, testing Amaro’s flexibility as she moved from gripping hold of her arms to applying a reverse chinlock further increasing the pain of the hold. Amaro refused. Stefano kept the hold locked in a little longer, Amaro refusing to quit once more.

Zack: I don’t see how Eileen can stand this, but that’s what we are seeing! Steph may need to switch game plans.

Mai: Look, she’s already given up on it.

Steph released the hold, Amaro fell forward onto her front, her face screwed up in absolutely agony and Stefano made the sign to the crowd for the Dead Precedence submission hold as she moved towards her foe, grabbing hold of her legs and looked to lock in the sharpshooter only for her to kick her feet and squirm, preventing her from getting a good grip and allowing her to scurry away. The Wicked Witch went after her as Eileen was pulling herself up using the middle rope and grabbed hold of her hair to guide her back to her feet but as she did, Amaro grabbed hold of her head and dropped her with an ace crusher. Steph bounced on the mat as she hit and rolled away, pushing back up to her feet and Amaro used the ropes to pull herself up, using them for support and brought her feet up, driving the soles into Steph’s face as she advanced. Steph stumbled backwards and Eileen grabbed her wrist, applied a wristlock and jerked her forward into a short arm lariat -  the Riptide - Stefano dropping to the canvas unmoving.

Zack: That’s the old Riptide right there, and normally she might go for a cover! But that’s useless right now!

Mai: Trust me, she could easily pin Steph again right here. She’s maxed out like her credit cards.

Eileen landed next to her, breathing deeply as she held her back. The referee checked on them both and after a couple of moment they both started to move, Stefano rolling to her side… false starting a couple of times before she finally rolled over. Eileen meanwhile pushed upwards, getting her feet underneath her and as the Wicked Witch got to her hands and knees, Amaro grabbed her arm and flipped her over into a cross armbreaker, pulling hard on the arm as she looked to pull it from it’s socket. The referee asked Steph if she wanted to quit and got a ‘No’ from her. Amaro pulled back further; Stefano let out a cry of pain and Amaro arched her body upwards, pulling the arm backwards more, trying to wrench it out of it’s socket and make pain unbearably, excruciatingly painful. Steph’s face was screwed up in complete agony, pain shooting through her arm and continued to refuse.

Mai: We don’t always need to describe things. Looking at Steph’s face tells you enough.

Eileen jerked on the arm, pulling it back further and further with each pull. The Wicked Witch continued to refuse as she slowly rolled into the hold, pushing up onto her knees as the former Tsunami did everything she could to stop her; to slow her down and keep her on the mat. Slowly, relentlessly, Stefano continued to rise, lifting Eileen up off the mat with the submission hold locked in and she used all her power to hoist Amaro into the air and drive her down into the mat with a modified powerbomb, dropping to her knees.

Zack: I have no idea where the hell Steph found that powerbomb, but she couldn’t have used it at a better time than right now!

Stefano’s arm was freed as they landed and Steph held it again her body for a moment before she shook it out, trying to get a little bit more feeling into it before she staggered up to her feet. The former Tsunami had rolled over onto her front, holding her back once more and this time the Californian wasted no time at all, grabbing hold of Eileen’s legs to lock in an inverted sharpshooter that she combined with a double chickenwing for the Dead Precedence submission hold. Slowly Steph stood up, lifting Eileen upwards into the air, twisting and stretching out her back as gravity also played a part in making the hold more painful. The referee checked on Eileen who refused to give in. Finally Steph straightened up completely and lifted her arms upwards, using the chickenwing to stretch out the back further and as Angela Keanan asked Eileen once more, she submitted to the hold and Keanan called for the bell.


Maggie: Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of the second fall….”THE” STEPH STEFANO!!! The third fall is No Holds Barred!

Zack: Steph locked in Dead Precedence, and we’re all tied up at Unstoppable! There can’t be much left in either of them, there just can’t!
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The referee tells Steph to release the hold, only for the Berkeley born resident to keep the hold locked in. Again the referee tells her to release the hold, trying to free her and Stefano dropped Eileen to the mat. The Chicago resident held her back, burying her head against the canvas as she did so. Steph backed up across the ring to a neutral corner, watching Amaro who started to crawl towards her manager in the corner and pulled herself upwards by the ring ropes. She stood there, head rested against the turnbuckle pad, holding her back as she did so. The bell rang as the rest period finished and Amaro turned and came out of the corner….barely getting two steps before she got a boot driven into her jaw thanks to a Stefano superkick. Amaro’s eyes rolled back into her head as the kick connected and she stumbled backwards, falling through the ring ropes and back to the outside.

Mai: Good thing Eileen went through the ropes, because I’m not sure she would have kicked out after that boot.

Zack: They are digging down deeper and deeper still, there’s no telling where they are finding these reserves.

Eileen started to pull herself upwards using the ring apron for support only to receive a baseball dropkick straight to the face causing her to fall backwards into the crowd barrier where Steph unloaded on her with a series of side kicks into her midsection. Finally the Italian-American pulled her foe away from the crowd barrier and hoisted her onto her shoulders, carrying her towards the ring steps, stopping next to them before she flipped her off her shoulders and sent her back first into the top of the ring steps as she transitioned out of the fireman’s carry into a kneeling takeover. Amaro laid across the steel steps, her mouth a big wide ‘O’ of pain as Stefano moved around the ring, coming to one of the corners where she flicked up the ring apron and pulled out the rolled up Wall Street Journal business section. She moved back towards the former Tsunami as Eileen had rolled off the steps, onto her knees and began crawling along the floor coming to a ringpost and walked her hands up it as she used it for support to come to her feet. Stefano measure her up and swung the paper towards her head getting the ring post as Eileen ducked out of the way of the move.

Zack: Amaro almost had her head cracked open! She’s lucky she ducked that newspaper, because you know what’s in it!

Steph dropped the paper wrapped around the lead pipe, shaking her hand in agony and spun to face Amaro who caught her with a stiff right handed shot aided by a pair of brass knuckles. Stefano stepped backwards and got another two stiff right hands into her ribs before Eileen shoved her into the steel ring post, bouncing the back of her head of the steel. The Witch of Wall Street staggered forward, getting her hair grabbed by Amaro who used it only to bounce the back of her head off the ring post once again. Stefano was about to fall forward to her knees only for Amaro to catch her and slide her back into the ring underneath the bottom rope. Amaro followed her into the ring and rose to her feet, pulling Stefano up with her and lifted her into the air, dropping her on her head with the Happy Easter jackhammer before she made the cover.




Mai: That reminded me a little of Aimee Easter, and just like her, it didn’t get the job done either!

Steph’s arm came up at the last moment and Amaro shook her head as Keanan showed her the two count and the former Tsunami pulled the Wicked Witch to her feet, pushing her back into the corner and began to deliver a series of right hands into her ribcage. Finally Amaro pulled her out of the corner and straight into a piledriver that dropped her on her head. Stefano fell to the side and Amaro made the cover, hooking the leg as she did.




Zack: Eileen is pulling out everything she can think of, but Steph just will NOT stay down.

Yet again Steph’s shoulder popped up at the last second and Eileen rolled on top of her, cradling her head with one hand as she drove the brass knuckles rapidly straight into the cut on Stefano’s head, opening it up once more and making it even bigger. Having seemingly punched herself out, Amaro rolled away, looking down at Stefano and shaking her head before she rolled out of the ring and collected the fallen Wall Street Journal from where it had fallen. The former Tsunami re-entered the room carrying the paper, holding it against her forearm as she brought the rising Steph to her feet and into a wristlock only to get jerked forward, lifted up off her feet and Alabama slammed into the mat. Eileen rolled away holding her back and after a couple of moments she started to push to her feet; Stefano raised with her and delivered a front kick into Amaro’s middle, causing her to step back, doubled over and allowed Steph to pull her into a single knee facebreaker. Amaro stepped backwards as the Witch scooped up the lead pipe and swung it at Eileen’s spine. It connected with a solid thud, Straightening Amaro up and causing her to yell out in pain, giving the Witch the perfect opening to jerk her back by the hair and into another backbreaker. The Berkeley native made the cover.

Zack: Eileen’s back is so screwed up right now, it’s amazing she is even able to sit upright! Now she’s three seconds from hitting the showers!




Mai: THANK YOU! You’re gonna have to do more than that, Wide Load!

Eileen’s shoulder popped up a heartbeat before the three count is made and rolled away as Stefano checked the count with the official, making it all the way out of the ring. Steph followed after her, grabbing hold of her by the hair only to receive a mule kick low blow from the Chicago based grappler who then elbows her in the face and sends her back into the ring. Steph rolls across the mat as Eileen gets into the ring and pushes up to her feet, advancing on Steph. Grabbing hold of her hair she pulled her upwards only to get the lead pipe driven into the back of her knee, causing her to fall backwards, hitting the mat hard. Instantly Amaro rolled onto her front, pushing up to her hands and knees as Steph was back on her feet, measuring her up and charged at with her Headline punt kick. Amaro jerked her head out of the way at the last moment, the kick missing her head. Steph spun around to face her foe and received a grazing uppercut to the jaw as Amaro forced herself to come to her feet. Stefano stepped backwards only for Eileen to kick her in the gut, doubling her over and with a grunt of effort caused by the pain shooting through her lower back, the last scion of professional wrestling scooped her foe upwards and delivered the Sheer Heart Attack package piledriver, keeping her legs hooked for the pinfall.

Zack: She calls that the SHEER HEART ATTACK! I think that’s gonna do it!!




Angela Keanan called for the bell and Eileen rolled away onto her back, breathing deeply as she held her head.


Maggie: Here is your winner of the third and final fall; the winner of the match and NEXT FFW EVOLUTION CHAMPION…EILEEN AMARO!!!

Zack: I have never seen two women go as far and as hard as both Eileen and Steph did tonight! But the Last Scion is now the next Evolution Champion!

Mai: Apparently she’ll be presented with the title at the next Velocity. Good for her, someone go euthanize Shamu and get it over with!

Eileen slowly sat up then began to rise to her feet, Maggie helping her upwards before she raised her hand into the air. The realisation began to sink in as Amaro dropped to her knees looking both shocked and elated before she came to her feet, celebrating her victory, getting loudly booed by the crowd.

What Awaits

When the broadcast cuts to the back, there we find the COO heading down the hallway of locker rooms for many of the talent on the show. Finally stopping at one, he gives a knock and when the crowd reads who it belongs to on the door, they give quite a cheer that only gets louder when the door opens to see her as well.

Cody: Just the girl I’m looking for. Got a minute?

The girl in question is Evolution Champion is seen to give a nod to the COO, stepping over the threshold of the locker room and closing it behind her. She’s not quite ready for her match yet; we can see a pair of green shorts but what is quite clearly the top she’d been wearing during the day. Also, she looks very, very nervous.

Jo: I’ve always got time for you. What’s up?

Cody: Two things. One, I just came from seeing Caroline. And I’ll tell you what I told her. I wish you the best of luck tonight. You deserve to be where you are, regardless of what people like Eileen may say. In Caroline’s case, this isn’t her first Unstoppable main event. But it is yours, and I have total confidence you’ll be more ready than ever before heading into this match tonight. And regardless of what happens, I’m proud of you.

Jo: ...Thank you, Cody. I don’t think I can make it clear how much I needed to hear that right now. Remember a while ago my sisters were betting on how many times I said I feel sick before the match? Let’s just say one’s a definite winner. I’m just...I’m just so grateful that I get my Unstoppable main event against someone I love and respect as much as I do Caroline...though at the same time, that might be why it’s so daunting, beyond all the obvious. I’ve worked for months for this, and all I can do now is give it everything, just as I always do.

Cody: That’s right. Nothing more anyone can ask of you. Regardless of who wins tonight, the next defense will be at Sin & Sacrifice against the winner of Leona Vega and Nevaeh Summers. I’m sure you’ve noticed the stink Nevaeh’s been making for weeks now that you are in her spot challenging Caroline.

Jo: I noticed. I noticed everything that’s gone on with her and Leona and all this petulant whining she’s done about the world supposedly being against her. I don’t get it. If she thinks eh deserves it then maybe she should have won the match against Caroline, and I’ve said that before. To then take it out on Leona is weird as it comes, but that’s just life. I am however glad to see that Leona is fit enough to make Unstoppable. But I don’t want to think about whether it’s Nev or Leona yet...I want to try and get through tonight. The odds are not in my favour. I’ve lost to C before.

Cody: I remember. I think the last time you two had a match was on a Future Shock Pay Per View a couple years back. But I also remember you giving each other everything you had in your bodies, and it being a razor thin match.

Jo: All of it true. I was No Surrender Champion at the time as well. That feels like forever ago, do you know that?

Cody: Just shows how far you’ve come. I know your family is all proud of you, and so are all your friends. You’ll do great tonight, and have over 100,000 people here to cheer both you and Caroline forward. They came to see you after all!

Jo gives her friend a look.

Jo: Did you have to tell me how many people are sitting out there?!

As she speaks, she motions to the camera and the crowd watching on the wall.

Cody: Well there’s a lot more than that watching at home on Pay Per View. You and Caroline are a primary reason they are watching and here tonight. You’ll do fine. What’s that they say about pressure makes diamonds?

He asks rhetorically before giving her a tight hug, which she returned just as tightly, a smile on her face.

Jo: As long as you’ve got faith in me, I will be.

As he lets himself out and closes the door behind him, the show heads elsewhere.

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Maggie: The following the match is scheduled for one fall to the finish!

“Yellow Flicker Beat” by Lorde begins to play as the arena goes dark and a crimson hue comes over the stadium. As we gaze at the trons on the stage they take on ancient Roman buildings. The first lyrics begin to start up but then cut out momentarily. The song keeps playing but soon cuts out entirely as does the crimson hue. We are just left with a darkened AT&T Stadium.

That is till we shift to the huge video board hanging over the ring and crowd as a video begins to play. As the video starts the first thing we see is Nevaeh Summers picking up a win in her debut match, as we then hear two voices accompany it.

Erica: Nevaeh with a dominating debut here tonight!

Zack: She keeps this up and she has a bright future ahead of her.

As soon as the voices are done the image burns into away till we now see Nevaeh winning her first title in FFW, that being the Television championship. That image then burns away as we now watch Nevaeh attaining her second title, The Evolution Championship. That image soon burns as we now see Nevaeh moonsault off a ladder and send her and Caroline Dallins through the ring. The image then shifts to show Nevaeh crawling out from hole and winning the FFW Championship.

That image then burns away as we now get a montage of Nevaeh’s other glorious moments, but this time we hear Nevaeh’s voice over them

“I told you all when I stepped onto the scene I was gonna set the wrestling world on fire. I’m a woman of my word and tonight marks the next step in that chapter. Tonight I show who is truly The World’s Finest”

The video keeps playing till it comes to a stop on a  close up of a smirking Nevaeh.

The image begins to burn away as we are brought back inside AT&T Stadium.  We now see a symbol begins to form on the stage trons. A large grey globe begins to circle around a black backdrop as the words "World's" and Finest" encapsulate the globe. We remain looking at the image till “City on Lockdown” by Yellow Claw Ft. Lil Debbie (FFW Edit) soon begins to play as a large cloud of mist begins to spray up from the stage. It's a thick cloud that keeps building up on the stage as we also see the arena lights blinking in sync with the beat of the music. The lights don't stop blinking till we start hearing the first lyrics of the song

“Roof is blazing for me
Let that Motherucker Burn now...”

It's then that we see Nevaeh Summers eventually make her way through the mist with her arms spread out wide. Nevaeh is wearing black sunglasses as well as a Poisoned by Ivy military jacket with platinum trim. As we keep looking at Nevaeh we also spot her wearing platinum colored leather pants running down her leg. The side of each leg is laced up with black fabric, showing of her skin. On her feet we see black furry boots and kickpads. On the front of each kickpad appears her logo as there is a globe and a “NS” in the center of it while “World's” scrolls on the top and “Finest” scrolls on the bottom as she waltzes onto the stage.

Her manager Silas Mason is right behind her wearing his customary black suit, but a platinum tie to go along with what Nevaeh is wearing. He makes his way to the center of the stage while Nevaeh looked around the building with a smug expression.

Nevaeh makes her way to the center of the stage as her logo slides down from the stage tron and to right under her feet. She stands with her back to the ring as Silas stands by her side. Nevaeh begins shaking one arm slowly than the other. She rolls her neck slowly as Silas starts talking to her, but to where we can't hear a word shared between them. She begins nodding her head, getting more animated as the beat of the music picks up. She hears the lyrics...

Bitch I'm on fire, we bout to burn the fucking club down”

When Nevaeh hears it she suddenly snaps around, arm stretched out wide, her head tilted up as she looks up at the ceiling. As she strikes this pose three large white flames shoot up on each side of her on the stage and a well as several on the stage behind her. The flames reach high into the air, till they turn into smaller flames bursting out of the stage out of the stage every other second.

With flames bursting around her we still see Nevaeh in her pose, her head tilted up towards the ceiling of the large stadium. The camera began running up towards where she and Silas stood till they were up close. Nevaeh now lowered her head back down and looked towards the ring and began walking down the ramp.

Maggie: Making her way to the ring at this time, accompanied to the ring by Silas Mason, she resides in Los Angeles, California and weighs in tonight at 120 pounds. She is “The World's Finest” Nevaeh Summers

As they make their way down the ramp we switch to an overhead view of Nevaeh and Silas walking down the ramp with the logo following along under them, the globe actually spinning as they do. While on there way to the ring Nevaeh yells out to the crowd, while pointing to herself, that “I'm the reason you're all here tonight. You all damn know it too. Watch and see what you wish you all could do scrubs”.

Nevaeh reaches the bottom of the ramp and stops, stretching her arms out to the side. Silas now goes about removing her jacket for her as we see Nevaeh is wearing a leather Platinum and black strapped top. Nevaeh is also wearing platinum colored fingerless gauntlets.

Nevaeh stands there for a few moments before slowly removing the sunglasses and tossing them off to the side. She then quickly runs to the ring, sliding in under the bottom rope and gets back to her feet. Nevaeh then approaches the middle of the ropes facing the hard camera and climbs up them, hooking a leg over the top rope and straddling it as Silas makes his way into the background.. She now sits there and looks out to the capacity crowd. She eventually lowers her head and after a moment snaps her head back and her arms out. Multiple spotlights soon shift down onto her, basking her in the light as Silas stands resolute behind her.

Nevaeh keeps striking the pose till she sees fit. Once she has she gets off the ropes and makes to the opposite side of the ring where she puts one foot on the bottom rope and the other on the middle. She bounces on them while looking out to the crowd and stretches her arms out yet again.

She then waves her arms wildly at the crowd before heading to a corner. Silas gets on the ring apron and begins whispering to her as Nevaeh rolls her shoulders.

Zack: A fine entrance from The World’s Finest but Mai that doesn’t remove the fact that tonight may finally be the night that Leona puts down Baby Peach.

Mai: I didn’t realize they legalized marijuana in sports event. Zack, sweetie what are you smoking? This is going to be yet another loss in Vega’s win column handed to her by Leona.

Atop the main stage near the entrance gate, we see a gathering of Latinos dressed like indians around a bonfire. Some of these indians start playing the drums and the pan flutes, starting quite the tribal celebration. The children and the adults danced around the bonfire without a care in the world, as the tribal drums became stronger and faster. From the group, an older member emerged -- apparently a shaman, by the loks of it -- holding a skull in hand. Then a group of warriors followed the shaman, with helmets and shoulder pads rich in feathers and dye, their faces and bodies painted for war, as they started chanting to the music and stomping their feet. And as the shaman brought himself to his knees, the warriors reached for a necklace they all wore: a skull-shaped necklace they rose up in the air, much for the audience's delight.

Soon, they'd open the way for their main warrior: as they split in two, like the waters of the Red Sea, "Animal" by Kat DeLuna blared through the sound system, bringing the crowd to their feet, as they had heard that theme before. And in came the master of arms, dressed in a hawk-shaped helmet that covered her entire head; arm and ankle bands covered in feathers, and her face painted in red and black entirely as she stared into the ring. As she opened her arms, the fellow warriors helped her out of the helmet, finally revealing her face.

Maggie: The following context is set for one fall! Intrducing first... From Monterrey, Mexico... THE DAUGHTER OF THE SUN... LEONA! VEGA!!!

Despite the loud cheers coming from all sides, Leona didn't lok at the crowd. Powerwalking down the ramp in a lonely road to the battlefield, she was encouraged by her fellow warriors who blew into their skull whistles as she walked ahead. Slithering into the ring like a snake, Leona crawled her way to the center of the ring and sat on her knees, seething, staring into the entrance ramp as her music died down slowly, waiting for her opponent to come out.

Mai: Did you see that slight hobbling? Did you see how she almost stumbled on those hops?!

Zack: ...No, No I didn’t Mai and I’m not entirely sure that you did either.


The two women are about to immediately about to lock up but Nevaeh immediately goes for a baseball slide to kick Leona’s right knee out from her but the Aztec Warrior lifts her leg up and nearly stomps down on Nevaeh’s head! Summers kips up just as Leona runs towards the ropes and rebounds, catching Summers with a running knee to the head before sending her up and over the ropes with a standing hurricanrana, sending Nevaeh tumbling down and looking both angry and embarrassed as Silas begins yelling at her to get back in there and not to show him... Err, us, up. Leona wipes her jaw and crouches down, motioning Nevaeh to come get some more as The World’s Finest grabs the ropes and pulls herself onto the apron only to get drop kicked in the ribs and go right back down!

Zack: Leona has quickly claimed this ring is the den of the Aztec Warrior and I don’t think Baby Peach knows how to deal with this.

Mai: That is a lie and you’re a liar. Vega certainly has this early lead and bit of intimidation but she won’t keep this up for long with her right knee as it is.

Vega goes for a baseball slide this time when she sees Nevaeh poking her head out... But Summers catches her off guard by pulling the apron here and letting Leona get captured between the ring and the apron! Stringer begins yelling at Nevaeh while Silas starts yelling at Stringer to pipe down. The two begin to get heated as Christian on Leona’s side rolls his eyes. Meanwhile Vega tries to protect herself as Nevaeh catches her with forearm shots, one after the next to the side of the head and treating this less like a wrestling match and more like an all out mugging. She pulls away as Leona tries to pull herself free with some arm strength and grip of the ropes but Nevaeh is not having that, kicking her in the bandaged knee and causing her to scream in agony and bend over hugging her knee through the apron!

Nevaeh takes this fine moment in time to back up before running forward and checking Leona in the head with a running single legged calf kick, causing her to slump over. Silas nods slowly, stopping his argument with Stringer as Neveah grabs Leona by the hair and rolls her back into the ring before slithering after her and putting a boot on her chest in the mother of all cocky pins.


...C’mon man, you know that’s a KICKOUT!

Zack: That pin was more psychological than anything. Just an attempt to irritate the fans in the AT&T Stadium. Obviously it didn’t work much.

Mai: What are you talking about? These fans are outright discombobulated emotionally. Like me whenever I see Nevaeh in a bikini!

Leona gets her shoulder up before Stringer even makes an actual count of one which makes Nevaeh immediately drop down as she hooks a side chinlock and licking her lips as she attempts to throttle Vega. The Warrior tries to those arms away but Nevaeh keeps the squeeze on as she tells Stringer, or starts to tell Stringer that Leona wants to quit. She doesn’t get farther than “Hey, Stringer Vega wants--” before Silas snaps at Nevaeh to stop horsing around! The World’s Finest stops speaking and just continues to hold her grip tight. Leona reaches out for the ropes before she tries to catch Summers with a hard elbow. With that Nevaeh takes a knee up. Leona hits another elbow and now both women are standing... Before Nevaeh pulls her back down into the chin hold.

Mai: Leona really thinks she’s going to escape his!? She’s not the absolute master of every style, of every manner of ring generalship that The World’s Finest is!

Zack: I wouldn’t speak so quickly as that Mai! Look at that!

Vega begins to fight again to a standing base with Nevaeh coming with her. Before Nevaeh can drag her back down, Leona hops and wraps her legs around Summers’ waist while looking forward before turning the move into a body scissors that launches Nevaeh into the ropes and hanging between the second and third ropes!  Vega leaps through the ropes, hitting Nevaeh with a leapfrog body guillotine before she turns around and jumps, doing a backflip handspring kick and smacking Summers across the jaw and causing her to drop spread eagled on the mat, looking up at the lights... Unfortunately Vega used her right leg to do is and is ssllloooowww to get back in the ring!

Zack: Vega scoring a beautiful handspring kick but she’s taking a while to capitalize... Wait there’s the pin!





Vega only gets a one and a half before she hops up and runs towards the nearest ropes, wincing slightly but leading with her left leg so she can try for a springboard moonsault! Nevaeh sits up on her knees however and CATCHES Leona on her shoulders. The World’s Finest buckles on her knees for a second as Leona tries to tag her in the head but as she does Nevaeh takes off and runs, hitting her with a turnbuckle powerbomb that absolutely shakes Vega! She stumbles out of the corner and drops to her front, a hand on her back as Nevaeh puts a boot on the back of Leona’s knee before stomping down... And then stomping again and again as Leona digs into her hair in absolute agony. Stringer begins telling Nevaeh off but she ignores her and slips through the ropes, grabbing Leona’s right leg and smacking it against the turnbuckle pole!

Mai: TURNBUCKLE POWERBOMB! So what was this about being a warrior huh? What was this about Nevaeh being afraid of Leona huh? I don’t see it, Zack. You know what I see beside hot girl-on-girl action waiting to happen? I see dominance. I see pummeling!

Zack: Nevaeh has had a target this entire match and she isn’t letting up for anything. She’s going to do everything to end Leona Vega’s career if she can and convince her she made the worst mistake of her life.

Summers rolls back into the ring and reaches down, grabbing Leona by the hair before forcing her into the corner. She presses a forearm against Leona’s jaw and bends her back before she tells the crowd to ‘ssshhhhh’. She takes aim and snaps off a vicious knife edge chop, causing Vega agony before she steps on her foot and pushes her back and claps her with a knife edge chop! Vega lets out a hiss of agony before hitting her with one more knife edge chop as she then leaves Vega leaned up against the turnbuckle before Nevaeh runs towards the opposite turnbuckle. She flashes a mad grin before she takes off towards Leona... But Vega pushes forward, crouching down and launching The World’s Finest upward and letting her go ribs first into the top turnbuckle! Nevaeh hugs her ribs in agony as Leona pants, all fours but grinning.


Zack: There was no cheating there Mai, as Leona uses Nevaeh’s own momentum against her. Summers was likely looking for an enzuigiri and it didn’t pan out for her!

Leona gets up and doesn’t let up now that she’s created a target of sorts on the former FFW Champion, catching her with a series of kicks in the ribs, that slowly devolves into stomps as Nevaeh melts into the corner, trying to protect herself. Silas yells at Neveah to keep her guard up, but Baby Peach is having a shit time as Vega runs in a half circle as Summers pulls herself up only to get a left-shoulder leading spear right into the abdomen, knocking all the wind out of her! Summers pushes Leona aside, stumbling out of the corner but the moment she turns around Leona’s up on the top and soaring through the air into a flipping senton, forcing Summers to catch her and crash back first onto her ribs!  Summers writhes under Vega as her legs get hooked!





Nevaeh shoves Leona off, and kips up... RIGHT into spinning... Spinning... Spinning... Spinning... Spinning... Spinning... (Almost done!) Spinning... Spinning... Spinning... Spinning... SPINNING DDT THAT SPIKES Nevaeh’s head onto the mat before Leona goes BACK into the pin.

Zack: ORBIT DDT! Leona got so many rotations there Nevaeh may not know Arlington from Abu Dhabi!

Mai: No! This is not the end of Nevaeh! The former FFW Champion has been through a thousand worse situations than this!






Silas yells from where he’s standing over the groans of the crowd (who were hoping Leona just put Nevaeh down for the three) that Nevaeh needs to pick that goddamn knee apart. Summers nods at him before she grabs Leona by the ankle and lifts her leg up before driving it down to the mat! The bandaging seems to lessen the blow but Leona does roll around in pain, gripping her hair as Stringer asks Leona if she wants to throw in the towel. Silas can be heard telling Stringer that Leona wants to quit, just ask her manager... While Christian stares at Silas from the other side of the ring, seemingly debating that how hard it would take kicking Mason to send his hat up into the nose-bleeds. She puts a boot on the back of Leona’s knee, grabs her hair and demands Leona to “Say I’m The Finest” ...


Zack: Mai... Mai, she was talking to Leona.

Silas doesn’t take too happy to this as he tells Nevaeh to “stop horsing around!” The World’s Finest nods curtly before she lifts Leona up to a standing position before getting her lifted with a front facelock and springing her off the ropes in what looks like a slingshot suplex, but she instead hangs Leona stomach first over the ropes, leaving her to dry before leaping forward from the side and catching Vega in a jumping corkscrew neckbreaker off the ropes! Vega is motionless as Nevaeh huffs and then looks back at Silas who motions for her to push Vega over and go for the Flight of An Angel! ...The moonsault Nevaeh has since pulled out of her repertoire.

Zack: We haven’t seen Nevaeh use The Flight Of An Angel in a long time, but Silas is telling her to hit Leona with it and put an end to this.

Mai: Well, he’s her manager Zack, he knows best.

The camera cuts to Christian Kincaid, curiously observing this as Nevaeh rolls Leona over, stomping on her abdomen for good measure before Nevaeh takes off with excellent athletic ability and leaps to the second rope with ease, bouncing to the third and flying through the air with a picture perfect moonsault, crashing on top of Leona with ease! Vega rolls around on the mat, The Aztec Warrior looking in pain as Silas applauds Nevaeh for the landing... Or for listening to him, whichever you prefer as Nevaeh hooks the leg and pins Leona while Silas calls out to Christian if he liked that!






Christian affirms with a vigorous nod and mouths ‘Yes, yes I did’ which only serves to piss off Nevaeh’s manager. The World’s Finest shakes it off and reaches down, lifting Leona up off the mat before she irish-whips her towards the turnbuckle. She races after her, looking for a corner forearm smash but she doesn’t get the chance as Leona flies out of the corner and spears the living daylights out of Summers’, causing her to do a front flip and land, face down, rear in the air, knees hunched and with a wide, far off stare in her eyes. Leona kips up, hurting her leg slightly in the process but it seems as though the Aztec Warrior has gotten her second wind and begins yelling at Nevaeh to come get her some! Vega begs Summers’ to get herself up and the second she does... Butterfly kick to the ribs!

Zack: Even with one knee at less than one-hundred percent and being targetted, Leona has turned Nevaeh’s ribs into a target of her own. Another vicious spear and then an insane butterfly kick! Baby Peach doesn’t know what hit her!

Mai: That’s nothing! Nevaeh’s had worse! Nevaeh’s felt worse! She’s a damn former FFW Champion! What’s Leona done besides gone on such a win streak she indirectly created a title, won countless awards, and combined the Television and Evolution championships? Nothing more or less!

Zack: ...

Leona points down at Nevaeh and lifts the blonde to her feet, before she puts her in a ¾ facelock... The AT&T Stadium is getting ready to explode in cheers and The Aztec Warrior is about to yell ‘SOUND THE WHISTLES!’ ...Before Nevaeh grabs her wrist, and ripcords her into a vicious double-arm hook front-facelock. With eyes of fire and a blazing, mad look on her face, The World’s Finest outright SPIKES Leona’s head into the mat with velocity! The way Leona’s body goes straight in the air, the way her legs seem to stay straight and her body turns stiff as a board before she drops to the mat is... Gut-wrenching to be sure before Nevaeh looks as absolutely triumphant, with Silas looking just the same.








Nevaeh looks.. Disbelieving. Silas looks disbelieving. Yet Leona still got her shoulder up. She shakes her head. She refuses... Refuses to believe that Leona had gotten herself back up from that. The World’s Finest DRAGS Leona towards the corner and shoves her boot against her throat, throttling her, choking the life out of her as Stringer begins to make the count to disqualification. She does it until Stringer makes it to four before she removes her boot and then begins stomping away at Leona recklessly before running towards the rope and coming back to facewash Vega... But Leona moves at the last second and Summers staddles the second rope in pain, going cross-eyed as she clings to the third. Leona quickly springboards into a double knee smash on Nevaeh’s ribs that make Baby Peach shriek in pain as she hugs her chest.

Zack: Nevaeh seemed to have thought it was going to be over but Leona’s still fighting, through the pain, through the ache and for every three attacks Nevaeh seems to get in, Leona comes back with a big one that evens up the score!

Mai: Even up what score? There’s nothing even about this! Leona just cheated with an illegal double knee strike only seen in underground fighting pits. In Peru. Disqualify her ref!

As Zack calmly explains to Mai that he’s not even sure Leona’s ever wrestled in Peru, much less underground fighting pits, Leona begins to climb to the top, taking aim and looking like she’s going for an avalanche leg drop bulldog. Neveah is dazed here as she rolls up on her knees, still hugging her ribs as she bends over just as Leona takes the leap. Silas yells as Nevaeh to move and at the last second  she side steps, letting Vega land on her rear end! She gets up, a hand on the base of her spine only for Nevaeh to sweep her up on her shoulders in a fireman’s carry... One second later? The crowd groans in frustration as Leona has a meeting of the minds with Nevaeh’s knee!  Leona lands back on her feet but her eyes roll back in her head before she sails backward and collapses on the mat. Spread eagled. Nevaeh lands on her, hooking the legs.












The question seems to be one Nevaeh and Silas are both asking as Summers’ wrenches away from Leona’s near unconscious form to get in Stringer’s face as Mason is on the apron, screaming down at the ref and telling her that it was three. Informing her that it was three. Stringer for her part shakes her head and holds her hand up, explaining Vega’s arm snapped up just as Stringer’s hand nearly hit the mat. Nevaeh just stares into space as Silas continues trying to argue but Stringer will hear none of it and tells him that if he continues she will eject him. By now Silas is fuming, dropping back down and telling Nevaeh to finish the job. The World’s Finest though? She... She looks lost. She slowly turns back to Leona who... Has rolled onto her stomach and through the pain, through the agony, through it all is pushing herself back up, legs wobbly, face sweaty before she stands up and stares daggers into Nevaeh and screams “COME ON!”

Nevaeh just... Stares at her. By now the crowd has kicked up...


Zack: Nevaeh Summers looks as though she just doesn’t know what she can do. She looks absolutely lost in her own head.

Summers’ seems to wake up now and rushes at Leona who stands her ground as the two women begin teeing off each other with forearms, back and forth as the crowd ‘boos’ and ‘yays’. A yay for Leona when she tags Nevaeh, a boo for Nevaeh when she tags Leona! Back and forth before the yays outweigh the boos! Leona hits her with eight unanswered forearms to the head, knocking Nevaeh loopy. The World’s Finest makes a wild swing that Leona ducks easily... Catching her in her own fireman’s carry and dropping her on her knees with a double knee gutbuster!

Zack: EL PILOTE! Leona’s going for... She’s... She’s not going for a pin, Mai.

Mai: No... Leona no! Show some mercy to a hurting opponent! Nevaeh would show you some if you were in her position!

Vega winces but pushes herself back up as Nevaeh is hugging her ribs in agony, curled up. The Aztec Warrior though shows no mercy after all that has happened and hoists Nevaeh up on her shoulders... Before bringing her down with a SECOND fireman’s carry gutbuster! Nevaeh lands spread-eagled this time, the pain literally too much for her as she’s looking up at the lights in a daze as Leona hooks the leg!






Maggie: Here is your winner... LEONA VEGA!!

Zack: She did it Mai! Through all the brutality on her knee, through the pain and suffering and nearly having her career taken away from her, The Aztec Warrior has finally beaten Nevaeh Summers! She took EVERYTHING that Leona threw at her and still was victorious!

Mai: (Loud sobbing sounds for Baevaeh.)

Christian rolls into the ring to help Leona up to her feet with a wide smile before he raises one arm while Stringer raises the other as the crowd embraces her warmly. CK points to the turnbuckle and Leona, weakly but proudly smiles wide and climbs to the second turnbuckle and embraces the fans who would cheer her.

Nevaeh is still down, her mouth opening and drawing breath as Silas Mason has his head down and his hat covering his face but his hands... Gripping the apron and turning white from his grip. Finally he looks back up, just... Staring at Nevaeh’s prone form.

The last image is Leona’s smiling face with the background of the Unstoppable banner showing the FFW championship behind her.

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A video package shows us the history of the friendship and partnership of the team known as Red Dead Demolition. We also see Caroline reclaiming the FFW Championship as well as Jo capturing her first Evolution Championship in their respective matches, and finally their comments to one another on the recent Breaking Point. On that, the show heads back to the ring with a spotlight shining bright over the head of the ring announcer.

Zack: I got goosebumps for this one! Fans, there has never been a higher stakes match in the long, storied history of this company than what we are about to see.

Mai: It’s a match you’d only ever see on FFW’s biggest stage on what’s been a freakin’ wild night, if I do say so myself.

Maggie: The following contest is your main event of Unstoppable 8, and it is title for title! It is for the Evolution & FFW Championship!

Zack: Here. We. Go.

An already darkened outdoor arena loses any artificial lighting that it had, plunging it into almost total darkness, save for the star-like pricks of light that make up the torches on people’s phones. Suddenly, the stage fills with spotlights, each of them adjoining with each other as Ronan Hardiman’s “Spirit Of The New World plays; the soft music just enough to create a suspense in the crowd thanks to the almost warbling male vocalist. Lights in green, orange and white move around the arena, before settling in the centre of the ring to make the tricolour Irish flag. While this is going on, dry ice is coming from the stage and ramp, hiding anything else that might be going on in that area.

Finally, Spirit of the New World ends and the arena falls into...well, it should be silence but there is a murmuring cheer in the crowd. Through the now-clearing dry ice, the crowd cheers upon the sight of the Evolution Champion, Jo McFarlane, with one arm by her side and the other high above her head, holding the Evolution Championship just before the plate; attired in a sleeveless version of what could only be an Irish dancer’s dress, emerald green in colour with gold and white Celtic patterns over it, and her hair unusually tied back. Even her boots are different, and look as though they’re actually modified dancing shoes. Through the cheering her head snaps up to look straight in front of her, a large smile on her face but a hint of nerves in her eyes. Lowering her hand, she places the championship on her shoulder and holds it below the plate.

The moment the plate touches the Evolution Champion’s skin, “Warriors”, also by Ronan Hardiman, strikes up over the system. Jo makes her way down the ramp, watching it come closer. Her steps are not slow, but they are certainly methodical. Reaching the fans near the end of the ramp, Jo’s hand comes out and she high fives fans as she passes them, and then stops at the bottom for a moment.

Maggie: Introducing first, from Edinburgh Scotland, by way of Derry, Northern Ireland, weighing one-hundred-and-twenty-seven pounds, she is the reigning and defending FFW EVOLUTION CHAMPION, please welcome “THE LIVING FIREWORK”, JOOOOOOOOO MCFAAAAAARLANE!

Maggie finishes her announcement, and no sooner does she than the music gains speed very quickly. Jo heads for the steps, walking up them and through the bottom and middle ropes. She then turns 180 and stands on the middle turnbuckle, holding the belt aloft once more to another pop from the fans. Coming down from that corner, she then heads to her own where she repeats the process. Back on the floor, she places the championship on the top turnbuckle, reaches around one side and opens the dress she’s wearing, and reveals her attire of a crop top and shorts in a similar design. Warriors comes to an end then, and the Living Firework stands in her corner, awaiting the arrival of her tag partner, friend and FFW Champion.

Zack: Now that’s one hell of an entrance for the Evolution Champion! Jo McFarlane must have butterflies the size of condors floating around inside her stomach! This is absolutely the biggest match on the biggest stage of her entire career.

Mai: You got that right. Sure, she’s held titles in other companies past and present. But she has never been in a situation like this, with everything to gain and everything to lose!

Jo doesn’t have long to wait however as once more the artificial lighting of the outdoor arena seems to cut out completely. For those who have seen past entrances of Killer C, one comes to expect some full moon rising on the video wall, the sound of crows, plague doctors, the whole nine yards and the creepiness factor turned up to eleven and past that. This year however, instead we get on the video wall... Literal dawn. A video image of dawn breaking over a village mountaintop horizon. Drum beats and electronic sounds begin to pick up on the sound system as the sunrise continues to peek out over the hills, stretching a beautiful shot of Trinidad San Fernando valley as the voice of Bunji Garlin can be heard repeating himself.

“We ready, we ready, yeah we ready, ready, ready, ready, ready, ready,
We ready, we ready, yeah we ready, ready, ready, ready, ready...”

As the dawn finally reaches its peak over the mountain and the sun emerges, the lighting returns in full in the arena and people begin to emerge from out of the curtain. It is a miniature parade of men and women dressed in bright colors and feathery headdresses, some dressed in odd striped costumes or purple and orange with cricket bats and great crests on their chests. Some of the men are dressed as sailors, throwing white powder at each other and clapping their hands, while some of the women have giant headgear of feathers, boas, gold lacquered masks, and all manner of things on them as they walk on stilts. All the while some of the small parade seem to stop and grind on each other, holding plastic cups in hand and partying as though it’s the last night or carnival. Bunji Garlin’s “Differentology” continues to play on the sound system louder now but the FFW champion is nowhere to be found.

“So lemme see yuh hands up so...
Everybody now put yuh hands up so...
If yuh ready for the road let yuh fren dem know...

On the first ‘road’, the crowd of carnival goers has parted to surround the ring to show the FFW champion in a red headdress with a gold lacquered mask that until now had been hiding her in plain sight with the crowd. Instead of a singlet as usual she’s opted to show off her figure a bit with a tight wrestling top and matching shorts that look to be patterned after the Trinidadian flag. Wrestling boots and kick pads aside her hips began to shake and swerve to the music that one might think this was a different wrestler entirely. She takes off the headdress and mask, rolling into the ring with the FFW title before holding it up as Maggie announces her while the carnival goers begin to head back up the ramp as the music continues.

“We ready, we ready, yeah we ready, ready, ready, ready, ready, ready,
We ready, we ready, yeah we ready, ready, ready, ready, ready...”

Maggie: And her opponent... From San Fernando, of the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago... Now Residing in Tampa Bay, Florida... Weighing in at one hundred and fifty-five pounds... She is the reigning and defending FFW Champion... This is “THE INSTANT CLASSIC”... KILLER C!!

Caroline raises the FFW championship along with Maggie’s words, a small grin on her face as she faces her opponent as her own music has come to an end and the arena is at a fever pitch for the fight between the two champions.

Zack: For my money, there is no one better in big match situations than that woman right there! Caroline Dallins, much like her opponent, is a big money player in this company! She knows what this feels like, she put down Nevaeh Summers on this stage last year! But tonight, it’s her best friend she has to overcome to make history!

Mai: Caroline has a sickeningly good record in title matches, and she’s held the FFW Championship on more than one occasion. But my question to her is simple. Is the wolf at the top of the hill still as hungry as the one climbing it? We’ll find out tonight.

Senior referee Jennifer Stringer collected both titles, and raised them aloft in each hand. She then handed them off to Maggie before the ring announcer left, and called for the bell. Jo and Caroline moved towards the center, looking at one another and then in opposite directions to the massive crowd in the stadium. They exchanged views again, seeing the other side of the stadium before looking back at one another.

Zack: You can feel it! 100,000 fans from all points around the world can feel it! I wish you were here, this is indescribable!

The camera zoomed in on the two as Caroline held up her hands for a fist bump before telling Jo “No regrets”. Jo replied with the same as the two bumped fists, and looked out at the standing crowd once more. Jo surprised her though with a spinning backfist on the mouth as Caroline looked away at the fans, and immediately began to unload with shots to follow. Caroline got her balance, and started firing her back repeatedly as the two traded blows. Dallins got the better of the exchange until Jo ducked one shot, and came back up with an uppercut courtesy of her elbow to Dallins’ chin. That really stumbled the FFW Champion before Jo slipped behind her, snatching her around the waist and looking for a German suplex. But Caroline blocked it, and countered behind her to go for one of her own. She launched Jo into the air, but the redhead landed on her feet! Dallins popped back to her feet, and turned right into a bicycle kick to the mouth that flattened her! Jo lunged on top of her for the cover before Stringer dropped to count.

Mai: Caroline never even saw that coming!



Dallins immediately kicked out as the two hit the mat, shoving Jo off her. The two got back to her feet, and locked up in the center of the ring with both women jockeying for position. Dallins started to push the Evolution Champion backwards until Jo dug in and pushed her back instead.

Zack: Look at this tie up, they are both trying to control this thing. I think Jo’s starting to win this struggle of wills though.

Caroline immediately turned it into an armdrag takedown, snapping the redhead to the mat before she turned that into a top wristlock. Jo sat on the canvas, wincing as ther tag partner twisted her arm from the standing position. She didn’t stay that way long though as Jo rolled onto her back, wrapped her legs around Dallins’ arm and snapped her down into the canvas. She almost had a cross armbreaker applied before Caroline yanked her arm free. The two popped back to their feet, staring at one another as the crowd was getting louder.

Zack: And right back to start once again! This has been counter after counter, and we’re early still in this history making match!

Mai: Jo nearly locked in a submission right there, but Caroline has seen that move before and she wasn’t going to wait around to see how Jo’s version felt.

They looked out at the crowd for a split second and locked up again. Caroline turned Jo around, and drove her into the corner. The referee called for the break, which “Killer C” gave before lowering her shoulder and driving thrusts into the Evolution Champion’s body. Five of them connected, driving the wind out of Jo before the FFW Champion scooped Jo over her shoudler. As the redhead tried to get free, Dallins backed away two steps and connected with a back to belly piledriver. She held onto the leg for the cover before the referee fell to count.



Mai: I don’t think I’ve seen Caroline use that before, but she’s doing a good job of trying to take some of the fire out of the Living Firework. She wants to slow this match down after all.

Zack: I expect we are going to see a lot of things out of both of these women in this match before it’s said and done. They’ll have to, because they know each other so well, Mai.

When Jo kicked out, Caroline immediately applied a body scissors. She locked her ankles. And as Jo tried to turn over, she began to drive forearms into the back of her head and neck. The shots only slowed her down for a moment though before Jo tried to roll in the other direction. Dallins was ready for that though when she grabbed her into a full nelson where she sat on the mat. The camera could see Caroline’s muscles in her arms tensing as she tried to press Jo’s chin into her chest. Stringer dropped to check for a submission, though the Evolution Champion didn’t have one to offer at this point.

Zack: A body scissors with a full nelson is doubly dangerous for Jo. Dallins can squeeze the air out of her, and put her out at the same time with this!

Mai: She’s got her all tied up, except for her legs. But Jo better find a way out of this and quickly, because it’s not going to take long for it to really sink in fully.

Caroline tried to increase the pressure, causing the Evolution Champion’s face to darken slightly before she managed to roll them over and get her foot across the bottom rope. Stringer called for the break, which Caroline gave almost immediately. The FFW Champion got to her feet as Jo tried to shake off the effects and make it back to her feet. Dallins dragged her away from the ropes, and hooked Jo’s arms over her knees into a camel clutch. Once more, Stringer fell down in front of Jo to see if she wanted to submit. But the redhead made it clear she didn’t while her tag partner tried to pull back on her neck in the process.

Zack: Right from one hold to another, you were right about Caroline’s strategy. She’s trying to sap the energy out of Jo’s body, and is doing an excellent job.

Mai: Plus she got her away from the ropes. So to get there now, Jo’s going to have to use a lot more energy that she may be losing quickly. Meanwhile, Caroline’s thinking two or three moves ahead.

Jo’s face showed clear pain as Caroline tried to lean back to add more pressure. But the redhead managed to bite into two of Caroline’s fingers. Dallins shouted in pain before Jo finally let go, and caused the FFW Champion to release the hold. She shook her hand in pain, and delivered a guillotine leg drop across the back of Jo’s head. Dallins climbed back to her feet, and headed for the corner. She immediately made it to the top rope, and perched herself. She watched as her tag partner began to get up. And when she did, Dallins came off the top rope with a clothesline that mowed Jo right back down. She immediately went for the cover with a count to follow.

Mai: That’s the 187!




Jo kicked out after the two, and Caroline wasted little time as she got back to her feet. She yanked Jo up to her feet, grabbed her around the waist and executed a German suplex to send Jo into the nearby turnbuckles before she collapsed to the mat.

Zack: We are right in Caroline Dallins’ wheelhouse now! And Jo’s head and neck are getting sternly tested in the biggest match of either of their careers.

The FFW Champion pulled Jo to her feet, and leaned her facing the crowd against the turnbuckles. She went to the next corner to measure her, and then took off. The brunette looked to be going for a big boot, but Jo dropped to the mat and her leg cleared the top rope. She grimaced in pain only for a moment before Jo grabbed her foot from off the rope, and snapped her down with a dragon screw leg whip. The FFW Champion was in obvious pain, holding at her knee before Jo connected with a double stomp to her left leg to further the damage. Dallins tried to pull herself away on her elbows, but Jo dragged her back to the center again and applied a figure four leglock.

Zack: Sometimes you create the opening, sometimes your opponent does! Either way, Caroline missed what I think was going to be a boot to the back of Jo’s head, and the Evolution Champion was zeroed in on that left leg and knee as a result.

Mai: Caroline shouldn’t have been giving Jo a second to figure out what was going on. Anytime you used the ropes or the corner for a move, you are teetering on a disaster, Zack.

Caroline clutched at her left leg in obvious pain as Jo made sure to stay prone on the mat, not sitting up where she could be reached. Stringer dropped down to ask Caroline for the submission, but didn’t get one at all. The FFW Champion’s face showed the pain she was experiencing. The referee checked again, still getting a negative answer. Dallins checked to see where the ropes were, and tried to pull them both towards them with her hands and scooting backwards. Jo couldn’t do much to stop her, only pulling on her already hurt leg in the process. As soon as they got to the ropes finally, Jo started scooting this time as she pivoted under the bottom rope, and then hung upside down with Caroline’s legs caught in the figure four. Dallins screamed in pain as the referee told Jo to break the hold since she was under the ropes. McFarlane did just that, and dropped to the floor. Dallins clutched her left knee to her body as the referee dropped to check on her. Tears on the FFW Champion’s face formed as she told the referee she felt something snap.

Zack: Caroline made it to the ropes, but Jo rolled under them and turned the pressure on that figure four up to 20! She just told Stringer something snapped!

Mai: I heard that too, but what does she expect the referee to do about it? I’m positive she doesn’t want her to stop the match here.

Jo got back to her feet, looking up at the referee as she asked Caroline that very question. Dallins said no, and Jo grabbed her foot and snapped the back of her knee across the apron. Caroline clutched it to her body again, and rolled back into the ring to get away. The Evolution Champion rolled in after her, grabbing that same left leg and holding it up to drive kicks into it. She dragged Caroline back to the ropes, and rolled her partner over. She fed her leg under the bottom rope and hooked her foot across the middle. Jo glanced back to her partner, and left her feet to deliver a double stomp to her thigh that snapped her leg back down to the mat.

Zack: They agreed that there’d be no regrets after this was over, and Jo is certainly holding up her end of the deal! She is relentless on Caroline’s left leg.

Mai: Of course, she is. This isn’t just some match, this is for the two biggest titles in all of FFW….hell, women’s wrestling!

Jo draped her leg across the bottom rope before leaving her feet, and coming down across it with her body weight. It snapped back to the canvas again, only for Jo to do it a second time. Dallins tried to pull herself away on her hands and elbows, but only made it so far before Jo grabbed that same leg, and fell backwards into a kneebar submission. The FFW Champion nearly came off the mat in pain. The referee knelt to check again for a submission, but Caroline didn’t have one. Instead she clawed her hands through her hair with a tortured expression on her face.

Zack: Only Caroline Dallins knows the condition her knee is in right now, and it doesn’t look good to me! And this kneebar from the Evolution Champion isn’t going to help.

Mai: Jo’s doing what anyone would do in her position. Caroline made a mistake, and Jo is going to spend the rest of the night making her regret it.

Caroline used her free leg, and tried to stomp at Jo to get her to release the hold. It didn’t work very well, but it also gave the FFW Champion a chance to pull herself towards the ropes as Jo recovered. She rolled over to her side, increasing the pressure as a result and finally grabbed the bottom rope to cause the break. Jo released it, and got back to her feet. Caroline kept her hand on the rope in order to keep the referee from letting Jo get too close. The brunette grabbed the middle rope to try to pull herself back to her feet. She finally made it up, but collapsed right back to the mat.

Zack: Look at the damage Jo has done to that left leg and knee, Mai. Caroline can’t even stand!

Mai: Then she’s gonna lose!

Jo bypassed the referee, grabbing Caroline’s foot and trying to drag her away from the ropes. Dallins used her other foot to kick up at the redhead, one shot caught the Evolution Champion on the side of the head and put her back a couple steps. Dallins rolled to her hands and one knee as she tried to get up. Jo doubled back after her, and scooped up the FFW Champion before dropping her with a kneebreaker back to the canvas. McFarlane grabbed her leg, and began to spike her knee into the mat repeatedly. Dallins shouted on impact with each shot before her tag partner rolled her back over again and stepped through for a sharpshooter. But when she turned around, Caroline got her other foot free and booted Jo off and through the ropes to the apron. McFarlane just barely stopped herself from hitting the floor, while Caroline gritted her teeth and tried to get back to her feet.

Zack: Look at the grit...the determination of Caroline Dallins! She can’t even put any weight on that left leg, but she’s gonna fight one way or another!

Mai: A perfect example, Zack, of someone being too dumb to quit. The longer she endures this, the more damage Jo is gonna do to that leg and possibly put her on the shelf….if not worse.

Jo got back to her feet on the apron, and stepped back through the ropes. The redhead darted towards her, lunging to grab her leg. But the FFW Champion caught her head on the way, and planted her with a DDT. Dallins pulled her knee to her in pain again as Jo was slow moving on the mat. Caroline started to try to get up again, with Jo not far behind her. McFarlane spun her around and grabbed her leg, only for the brunette to counter with an enzuigiri to the back of her head. Jo dropped like a rock as Caroline dragged herself to the ropes, and started to try to get to her feet again. She delicately tried to put some weight on her leg, causing her to shout at the gentlest pressure. A quick glance back to Jo saw the redhead starting to get up, and Caroline willed herself into a short gallop, and connected with a running kneelift to Jo’s head that stood her up for a second. Dallins quickly grabbed her head, and planted her with an Ace Crusher that brought the crowd to its feet!

Zack: Where’s she finding all this, Mai?! That was a knockout shot!!

Dallins dragged herself towards her partner, and made the cover before Stringer fell to make the count.




Jo got her shoulder up in time, and Caroline rolled to sit up on the canvas. She slapped her left knee a few times, seemingly cursing it. And as her partner started to sit up, Caroline brought her legs up, and managed to apply her….

Mai: What? That’s NEWS AT ELEVEN!! She can’t possibly be able to put enough pressure on to make it count!

Jo’s chin was once more being shoved into her chest as Caroline locked her ankles behind the Evolution Champion’s head. The fans of Killer C rose to their feet as the hold seemed to be doing as much damage to Caroline as it was Jo, causing the FFW Champion to grimace in pain as she applied the pressure. Stringer dropped down in front of Jo, looking for a submission as Caroline propped up on her hands to maintain an upright position.

Zack: Have you ever seen Caroline actually in pain using her own favorite submission? I can’t remember a time, but exerting the pressure she needs looks like it’s killing her!

Mai: This is stupid, Zack. She’s only doing worse to herself than she is her opponent. And like I said, she can’t possibly be putting the pressure needed for it to be effective.

Stringer continued to check for the submission as Jo’s face began to darken. Her hand started to wave over the mat, seemingly thinking about it as Caroline pushed up on her hands to try to make it tighter. But as soon as she did, Dallins shouted in pain and fell back to the mat clutching her knee to her body again. The hold was broken, and Jo fell to the side parallel to her partner. With that, the referee began her ten count on both women.

Mai: I told you it was stupid to go for that move. Caroline caused herself all that pain, and she couldn’t hold it long enough for Jo to give up.

Zack: They are both down, they are both beaten and battered! And they’re doing it to make history...to become the first ever FFW & Evolution Champion simultaneously!

The fans in the arena were split down the middle, some chanting for Jo while others were solidly behind Caroline. As the referee got to seven, they both managed to sit up and look across at one another. A staredown between them happened before Caroline told her “No Regrets” again. Jo repeated it before they started throwing hands at one another just like at the start. Caroline got the better of the exchange of blows with the crowd responding loudly, but Jo stopped her in her tracks when a kick to the side of her head put the FFW Champion back down. Jo laid back on the mat for a moment, clutching the back of her head before she nipped up to her feet with a shout!

Mai: I’ve not seen too many matches where opponents are just throwing bombs sitting across from each other!

Zack: Me either, and Jo’s back up! Jo McFarlane found her second gear, and the Living Firework is damn sure back to her feet.

Caroline started to rise as well, hobbling on her feet though. As Jo went to grab her, she caught her head again and surprised her with a double knee facebreaker that planted the redhead. McFarlane collapsed on the mat as Caroline dragged herself over to make the cover. The referee dropped to count, as the fans were counting too!

Zack: Caroline with a facebreaker that may have done more damage to her own knee, but it may not matter!




Jo’s shoulder popped up in time before the three, causing Caroline to double check with the referee. Killer C shook her head, and started to push back to her feet again. She still couldn’t stand on her left leg hardly though. She made a gun with her fingers and flicked the thumb twice as she pointed down to Jo.

Mai: Caroline’s about ready to put this thing to bed, and make history! I know what that sign means right there!

Dallins limped over to Jo as she was starting to get up. She grabbed her in the full nelson to start the move, but Jo caught her with a back elbow to the head. It stumbled her as Jo moved around behind her, and scooped her up for her wheelbarrow facebuster! The crowd came to its feet again as Jo went for the cover!

Zack: There’s the BANG!! NEW CHAMPION!!




Caroline’s shoulder came up in time as the crowd hung on every second. Jo looked to her partner, and started back to her feet.

Mai: I’ll give her one thing, Zack. There is no lack of fight inside Caroline Dallins. None at all, but I don’t think there’s much in Jo either.

Jo rolled her hands, and waved for Caroline to get back up again. Dallins was extremely slow to do so. But when she managed to get stable on one leg, Jo took off and connected with her spinning headscissors….until Caroline countered with Jo upside down and dropped her with an inverted  tombstone piledriver on top of her head. Dallins shouted on impact, thanks to her leg before she hooked the outside leg for the cover!

Mai: Jo went for the Josephine Wheel….but got a tombstone instead! I’m gonna see Jo’s face in my nightmares from when she hit! Caroline’s about to make history, Zack!




McFarlane’s shoulder popped up off the mat, and fell right back down. Caroline looked back to Stringer with a look of disbelief. But the referee only held up two fingers.

Zack: I thought it was over! I can’t believe it! This crowd can’t either! And neither can the FFW Champion! What more is there left to do?!

Caroline rubbed her knee, trying to coax it back to some semblance of normal. She rolled over, and gently tried to get back to her feet. Her leg was not cooperating though. She stumbled into the ropes, and looked back to see Jo was starting to get up again. Dallins gritted her teeth, and let out a scream before she hobbled back to Jo. She planted her head between her legs, looking with gritted teeth towards the crowd for a moment.

Mai: She’s going for REASONABLE DOUBT! There’s no way!!

Caroline hoisted Jo up on her back with a shout, but her leg gave out as Jo slid to her feet behind her. A chop block to the back of her left knee put her down before Jo rolled her over onto her back. The Evolution Champion grabbed her feet, and applied an inverted figure four leglock! Caroline shrieked in pain as Jo dropped to the mat for the hold.

Zack: You can almost hear the cartilage tearing! Listen to Caroline scream! I’ve never seen Jo use this, and it’s gonna tear Caroline’s leg to shreds!

Mai: It already is!

Caroline desperately tried to grab the ropes, but none were within reach. She tried to pull them towards them instead, but the strength wasn’t there before she collapsed down on the mat. Dallins clawed her face in agony, tears rushing down her face before she pushed up to try to get up again. Caroline screamed with defiance as the crowd came to its feet until she dropped back to the mat….and tapped!

Mai: Holy…..shit…….

Zack: It’s over, Caroline tapped out!!

Stringer called for the bell to an eruption from the crowd. Jo immediately broke the hold, and her jaw fell open as she looked up to the referee when she got her hand raised.

Zack: Can you believe that?! Jo certainly can’t!!


Jo got back to her feet as the referee handed her both titles. Fireworks erupted from the rafters of AT&T Stadium as a deafening roar from the crowd followed it. Jo looked down at both titles in her hands, and dropped them to a X on the canvas before dropping to her knees and falling over them! She sat up with tears streaming down her face, looking at the crowd and the two titles beneath her.

Zack: It was over 6 years ago that Jo McFarlane came to FFW! She fought for damn near every title the company has to offer! But on this night….July 29, 2017…..that the Living Firework….that Jo McFarlane went through an EVOLUTION...to become the CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS!! Jo’s made history at Unstoppable!!

Valerie, Erica, Samara, Leah and Lizzy of the Pistols, and Cody hit the ring next. Jo embraced all of them as they congratulated her. She broke away from them to go to her partner, helping Caroline to her feet and holding her up. Dallins looked at her as Jo held her up before Cody came to help her as well. Caroline told Jo “No regrets”, to which Jo responded in kind. Jo retrieved her two championships before her sisters hoisted her up on their shoulders to a roar from the crowd.

Mai: There’s nothing I can say that is going to make this moment any sweeter for her, Zack.

Zack: This is a moment! The crowning moment of Jo McFarlane’s career! She now has the two most prestigious titles in all of women’s wrestling, as far as I’m concerned! At Unstoppable 8, the Living Firework went SUPERNOVA!

Jo, while sat on her sister’s shoulders, looked down at her two titles with tears on her face. Soon her father and mother joined her in the ring to which she embraced both of them. Artemis Kaiser hopped the barricade, joining the others in the ring as well.

Zack: What a magical night this has been! And no headline bigger than what you’re looking at right now! Thank you for being part of it all with us! On this night in AT&T Stadium, Jo McFarlane is UNSTOPPABLE!!

Samantha Star was shown standing at the top of the ramp applauding as well, locking eyes with the new champion. McFarlane mouthed a “thank you” to her. Jo then climbed the corners to raise her two titles to another pop from the crowd. We then fade to still images from each of the matches before coming back to Jo raising her titles over her head and looking up into the sky as fireworks erupted once more. Unstoppable faded off the air.

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