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FFW Breaking Point - September 9, 2017

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Author Topic: FFW Breaking Point - September 9, 2017  (Read 155 times)
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« on: September 11, 2017, 02:50:12 pm »

Live from the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee
September 9, 2017

The FFW logo flashes across the screen before we go immediately inside the Bridgestone Arena to a roaring crowd. And almost immediately, “Can’t Be Tamed” begins to play over the PA system to a loud pop from the crowd before the owner of FFW appears at the top of the ramp in a black business suit with the Evolution Championship underneath her arm.

Zack: Hello, everyone! And welcome to the Bridgestone Arena here in Nashville, Tennessee! You’re watching Breaking Point, and it’s clear we’re gonna start things off with a bang. If you saw the ending of Velocity, you already know what this is likely about.

Mai: Talk about ending on a cliffhanger. Let’s show’em what you are talking about, Zack.

Courtesy of FFW Velocity - August 31, 2017

Maggie: Here is your winner...ANDI TAKATA!

Zack: There you have it folks! Another main event in the bag before Global Wars, and both Unity champions have a victory over Eileen Amaro!

Mai: Oh fuckin’ yay…

As the crowd makes plenty of noise for Andi, they all notice as Samantha Star heads towards the ring. Just as the referee is about to hand Eileen her title back, Samantha tells her to give it to her instead.

Zack: Hang on a minute. Samantha Star has come to ringside, and she’s….

Mai: She’s telling the referee to give her the Evolution title!

The official hands it to the owner, who secures it under her arm before asking for a microphone.

Samantha: Congratulations, Miss Takata! Since Miss Amaro ‘feels nothing’ for this title, then she won’t mind at all if I repossess it. Effective immediately, Eileen Amaro is no longer the FFW Evolution Champion…

This draws a huge pop from the crowd.

Samantha: And right here in two weeks on Velocity, Kaoru Asaka will meet Steph Stefano for this title to crown the next Evolution champion!

Andi looks a bit surprised, to say the least. But the live crowd eats it up as Samantha heads towards the back with the Evolution Championship under her arm.

Zack: We heard Samantha say what she thought about Eileen’s actions during that interview earlier tonight, but I had no idea….

~ ~ ~

As we come back to the live show, Samantha is shown stepping through the ropes into the ring with the Evolution Championship in tow. Maggie hands her a microphone as her music begins to fade out.

Samantha: Last week on Velocity as you just saw, I stripped Eileen Amaro of the FFW Evolution Championship.

This draws quite a pop.

Samantha: For those unaware, allow me to explain to you why I did that. Eileen Amaro showed a lack of respect for a championship that is as old as this company. She said she felt nothing for it, and tossed it around like a bag of garbage. That is entirely her prerogative, and she is entitled to her feelings. But she is also entitled to suffer the effects of those actions.

Samantha lifts the title to eye level, showing it to the crowd as it shines under the lights without a nameplate attached to it.

Samantha: There are countless women from day one who have fought with all their blood, sweat, and tears to both hold and challenge for this championship. One of those people includes Miss Amaro. But she felt nothing for it upon recapturing it. I recall her saying titles always come back to you. I believe that theory has been disproven.

She tucks it back under her arm as she continues.

Samantha: On the next Velocity, we will crown a brand new Evolution Champion when Kaoru Asaka faces Steph Stefano in the main event. And when that match ends, one of those two women will hold this title with pride. Because let me be clear about this from this point forward. Any time a championship in this company is shown disrespect, the person holding it will suffer the exact same fate. Every champion in this company will show the proper respect for their title. If not, I assure you they won’t have it very long. Good luck to both Miss Asaka and Miss Stefano at Velocity. This awaits the winner of that match.

Samantha lifts the Evolution Championship to quite a pop from the crowd. Her music begins again as we head down to Zack and Mai in the booth.

Zack: You can’t be much clearer than that. The owner won’t be tolerating disrespect shown to any of FFW’s championships, and I’m looking forward to the title match Thursday.

Mai: Yeah yeah yeah. If both of them spontaneously combusted, I don’t think I’d lose any sleep. I’m looking forward to Nevaeh and the Brazilian Storm in the main event taking apart Kaoru, her loopy partner and the mocktail that is Miko. And I think--hey, look over there.

Mai pointed to one side of the ring in the crowd, where the cameras zoomed over to see a familiar face.

Zack: That’s Felicity Banks, she’s here again?!

Another quick flash of the FFW logo is shown on the screen before we go inside the Future Shock Center with a song just barely playing in the background as a young woman steps up to a dumbbell with a lot of plates. “One Woman Army” by Porcelain Black starts to pick up in volume in the background. She glances up to the TV as she takes a deep breath, with flashes of Emma MacNamara cracks her knuckles, Eileen Amaro delivering a nasty clothesline, Sophia Pike applying her Fujiwara armbar, and then the Scarborough Fair climbing both sides of a ladder. The woman in the Center tries to pick the weights up, but doesn’t quite make it before she drops them back to the floor.

Another glance to the television as Steph Stefano taps her newspaper against her hand, Mika  standing next to Karina with a smile on her face, Misty Whitmore pounding her fists into the mat, Ruby Tyler climbing the turnbuckles with a smile on her face. Isis delivering the Voyage to Armageddon, Scarlett Silver glancing over her shoulder, and finally Felicity Banks looking down at a scorpion in her hand. The woman in the Center grabs the dumbbell again, and with a scream, she pulls it up over her head. From there, Breaking Point returns to  the air inside the arena with all the requisite pyro and ballyhoo. We then head right up to ringside with Maggie.

Maggie: This is the opening contest of Breaking Point and it is scheduled for one fall to a finish.

The techno beat of Britney Spear’s “Work Bitch” hits over the speakers and out walks Angelina Fantastica in a pair of pink aviator sunglasses and a matching satin baseball jacket with “Fantastica” emblazoned on the back in white script. She struts down the ramp, high-fiving fans and blowing kisses to the crowd as she works her way toward the ring.
Maggie: Introducing from Staten Island, New York… she is Angelina Fantastica!
As she gets to the end of the ramp Angelina takes a few steps back, tosses her jacket and sunglasses to the side, and takes a running leap toward the ring, somersaulting over the top rope and landing on her feet with a bright smile, stretching out her arms to wave to the crowd before making her way to her corner.

Zack: Angelina has had issues with Isis and Ascension for some time now. Tonight she has the chance to exact a little revenge if she can get a win over the “Titaness of Destruction”.

Mai: Stranger things have happened, I guess. She didn’t fare too well against Valentina the last two times she faced her though.

The lights in the arena go out.

Just then as the intro to “Kong at the Gates” by The Misfits blares into the arena, generating a buzz from the crowd.

Maggie: Making her way to the ring…Hailing from the City Of Angels, Los Angeles, California…standing at an impressive 6 foot 6 and weighing two hundred and thirty pounds. She is the “Titaness of Destruction”…


As the music begins, and the spotlight is beaming on the stage, Isis Morales comes out of the curtain. Isis makes their way down the aisle in a slow, intimidating pace, the spotlight following her on their way to the ring.

Once she climbs up to the apron of the ring, Isis faces the crowd and looks menacingly at them. She easily steps over the top rope to enter the ring with ease and then walks towards the center of the ring to stand there, soaking up the reaction from the crowd. Isis then stomps her foot down on the mat with force and, instantly, the four corners of the ring shoot out smoke, with a booming sound, mimicking an explosion. She lets out a primal roar and then goes over to a corner where she climbs up and poses, yelling back at the crowd at every chance. She then goes toward the opposite turnbuckle and does the same thing after climbing up. Then, as she comes down, Isis takes off her coat and gives it to the ring attendant. Isis then runs herself across the ropes once to loosen herself up before settling in the corner of the ring as they wait for the match to begin.

Zack: Isis has made it clear that she is unhappy about her recent loss to Mickey Scarborough and losing the Tornado Tag Team Championship at Unstoppable. Tonight she is looking to take a bit of that frustration out on Angelina.

Mai: That was a travesty! You can’t blame her for being angry at that.

As referee Melinda Davis gives a cursory check to both women, Maggie leaves the ring. Happy that neither competitor has anything untoward, Davis calls for the bell to get the match underway. The two women meet in the centre of the ring and before Angelina has time to even stance herself, she is hit with a headbutt from the larger wrestler which knocks her back several steps. A trio of stiff forearms connect across Angelina’s chest pushing her back into the corner, but surprisingly as soon as she is there Isis steps back to allow her to come out. Angelina looks more than a little wary, but after a few moments without Isis coming towards her, she leaves the corner to approach a smiling Isis… who clocks the smaller woman with spinning back fist as soon as she is within reach. While Angelina is still reeling from that, Isis follows with a series of forearm clubs to her chest which push her back into the same corner again. Grabbing her by the hair, Isis pulls Angelina back out of the corner and tosses her halfway across the ring where she lands in a heap.   

Zack: Isis just threw Angelina across the ring without a second thought. This is when you can really see the size difference between these two women.

Mai: I wonder if Isis does that a couple more times, will Angelina get any frequent flyer miles out of it.

As Isis makes her way across the ring, Angelina pulls herself up to her knees giving her head a shake as she does. She gets back up to her feet, which earns her a massive pop from the Nashville crowd. The cheers quickly turns to boos aimed at Isis as she sends Angelina straight back down to the canvas with a big boot to the face. With Angelina on her back, Isis puts her boot on the Staten Island native’s chest and tells the referee to count. 

Zack: I think it is a bit ambitious of Isis to go for a cover at this early stage, but she is trying for it either way.


Angelina gets her shoulders up straight after the one and knocks the redhead’s boot off her chest. Isis smirks as Angelina gets back to her feet looking thunderous. Morales just laughs in her face as Angelina squares up to her, or as much as she can given the height difference anyway.

Mai: It might have been too early for a cover but she obviously had a lot of fun doing it.

Isis stops laughing and picks Angelina up into a Gorilla press. She holds her there for a moment, before she starts to lift her up and down showing her size and strength even more which earns her more animosity from the live crowd. Rather than be deterred by this it only spurs her on to do it more. Angelina starts to struggle to try and free herself from the position but before she can Isis throws her roughly into the corner. Fantastica hits back first and crumples down to a seated position against the turnbuckles. Isis backs up across the ring into the corner diagonally opposite and watches with a smirk on her face as Angelina slowly starts to pull herself together. Giving her head a shake and holding her back, Angelina gingerly pulls herself up to her feet using the ropes to steady herself.

Mai: It’s like watching a cat play with a mouse, I love it and did you see that show of strength from Isis?

Zack: It was hard not to. I think she is making a mistake by allowing Angelina to pull herself together, she would have been better capitalizing on her advantage while she was still down.

As soon as Angelina is upright on her own two feet, Isis takes over towards her looking for a corner avalanche splash but at the last second Angelina drops down and rolls under the bottom rope out of the way. Unable to stop her momentum Isis continues on her path and crashes heavily into the corner before landing in a pile on the canvas. The crowd come to their feet for this, as does Angelina on the apron. Isis doesn’t stay down for long and is quickly back to her knees. Before she can make it all the way to her feet, Angelina springboards over the top rope and catches the redhead with a dropkick to the head that sends her flat on her back on the mat.

Zack: Isis waited too long to make her move and gave Angelina chance to pull herself together. A mistake Angelina looks set to make her regret.

Mai: Does anybody else feel like somebody should have shouted “Timber” before that move? Or is that just me?

Zack: Just you, Mai.

Isis starts to pull herself up, but before she can get very far, Angelina mounts her chest and starts firing shots into the side of her head. Before Davis can reach a count of four, Angelina gets off of Isis and allows her to pull herself up into a seated position. But as soon as she does Angelina comes back quickly with an Enziguri that wobbles her but doesn’t put her down. Looking a little frustrated at that, Angelina still doesn’t allow Isis time to completely gather her marbles, before striking her with a second Enziguri. This one does the trick and flattens Isis back to the mat. Not wanting to waste the opportunity, Angelina quickly goes for the cover and Davis drops down into position for the count.

Zack: Unlike Isis earlier, Angelina is making the most of having the momentum in her favor and is taking every opportunity she can to keep Isis on the mat.



Getting her shoulder off the canvas before the two, Isis grabs Angelina by the shoulders and powers back to her feet, lifting the much smaller wrestler with her.

Mai: It’s not getting her very far yet is it, Isis is back to her feet and looking none too pleased at being down in the first place.

As soon as she is fully upright, Isis releases Angelina’s shoulders and instead wraps her arms around the Staten Island native’s body, squeezing her with a bear hug. The color starts to drain from Angelina’s face a little as Isis squeezes her harder and harder. Her feet dangling above the canvas due to the height difference. Despite it looking impossible, Angelina still keeps trying to struggle free but that only makes Isis smirk and squeeze her even tighter.

Zack: Isis has Angelina in a death grip and looks like she could do that all day. It’s going to be hard for Angelina to breath in a hold like that, and her attempts to wriggle free aren’t getting her very far at all.

Mai: Maybe she’ll just pass out, then I can go and get some alcoholic refreshment.

Just as it looks like Angelina might actually pass out, she musters every last bit of energy and starts to kick out at the redhead’s legs. She manages to catch her in the knee which brings a grunt of pain from the Titaness. It doesn’t make her loosen her grip though, until Angelina catches her again in the exact same spot. Realising it is starting to work Angelina keeps kicking at Isis’ knee, until a final kick forces Isis to release her hold as she drops down to her knees. Angelina falls back onto the canvas, gasping to try and refill her lungs of the breath she lost.

Zack: Looks like you’ll have to wait for that refreshment, Mai. Angelina refused to give up and it paid off for her. A series of kicks to the knee cap and Isis had no other choice than to release Angelina from that bear hug.

Mai: It’s a conspiracy against me, I know it is.

Angelina pulls herself together as she sees Isis get back to her feet. As the redhead bends down to pull Angelina up, Angelina swings and catches her square in the jaw with a European uppercut that causing the Titaness to hold her jaw in surprise. Using the larger wrestler’s shock to her advantage Angelina scrambles to her feet and scales to the top turnbuckle. She pauses at the top to check the redhead’s position, luckily, as Isis is right behind her. Isis tries to grab hold of Angelina but the brunette luchadora is quicker on her feet and jumps down to the apron out of her reach.

Zack: Angelina headed to the top, but thankfully she double checked before she made a move. I’m sure turning around to find a 6ft 6 redhead standing right behind you is not something anybody wants to see when they’re in that kind of position.

Mai: It could have been another chance for her to earn some frequent flyer miles!

Isis tries to reach over the top rope to grab Angelina, but Davis quickly admonishes her and tells her to back away to allow her to re-enter the ring. Isis doesn’t pay any attention at first, but Davis tells her again and she reluctantly takes a couple of steps back and waves her arms as if inviting Angelina to come back. Angelina watches the redhead for a second and just when it looks like she isn’t going to come back she moves speedily with a springboard hurricanrana that surprises Isis and flattens her to the canvas.

Zack: That’s FANTASTICANRANA and Isis did not see that coming. Angelina has a real chance to steal this win tonight, if she can make the most of this advantage and keep Isis down on the canvas.

Mai: Are you surprised she didn’t see it coming? Angelina’s barely a blip to someone the size of Isis. 

The crowd are on their feet again and showing Angelina all the love, as Isis starts to pull herself up to her knees. Her reaction to Angelina very different to the one the brunette is receiving from the Nashville crowd. As she reaches her knees, Angelina takes off towards the rope for a handspring straight into a tornado DDT which flattens Isis back to the canvas again. Fantastica moves quickly to deliver a double knee drop to the head of her downed opponent, and then gets to her feet again, to deliver a second for a good measure before finally throwing herself almost completely over Isis for the cover. Davis slides into position quickly for the count.

Zack: A tornado DDT and two double knee drops to the head from Angelina and I think she has done it! This could be the three count right here.




Isis gets her shoulder up a fraction of a second too late as the referee has just completed the three. Davis gets back to her feet and calls for the bell as Angelina rolls off Isis looking a little shocked. 

Mai: That shouldn’t be possible… how did.. Oh, nevermind. At least I can have a drink now.

Zack: Angelina refused to give up and it paid dividends for her. Isis managed to get her shoulder up but only after the three had already been counted. Angelina walks away the winner tonight.

Angelina has her hand raised by Davis, still looking fairly shocked, before she rolls out of the ring and makes her way to the back. She pauses to look back at the ring with a smile on her face. On that image, we cut elsewhere.

Adam Uninterrupted

The first image we see as we head to the back is the bright and shining Future Shock Cup as it sits on a pedestal alongside the Future Shock Director himself. Adam, dressed in his usual suit, looks it over a moment before turning to the camera to begin.

Adam: This right here is the Future Shock Cup, which is a tradition here in FFW since 2012. Previous winners include Jo McFarlane, your current and reigning FFW Champion. So that should give you some idea as to what it can do for those who manage to win it. This coming Tuesday on Future Shock, I’ll reveal the full field of six Prospects who will have a chance to earn a shot at it, with the winner either receiving a Future Shock Championship match or immediate graduation here to the main roster of FFW. That’s their choice.

The camera pans the trophy top to bottom for a moment before turning back to Adam.

Adam: I’ve already revealed five of the six women you’ll see compete: Gillie Barnes, Sienna Moore, Valerie McKinley, Caitlyn Storm, and Ji-Hu Myeong. The reason I haven’t revealed the last name is because I’m waiting to see who on this week’s card impresses me most. After their matches, I’ll select either Rose Gardner, Lacey, Kaya Crimson, or Britt Kane for the final slot. So I encourage those girls to leave it all in the ring win or lose, and one of them will complete the field of six.

All five of those announced and a sixth shadow appear on the monitor behind him as Adam continues.

Adam: I’ll also reveal how they are going to win it this year. It’s not going to be your usual style tournament at all. We’re about to wrap one of those up with the Future Shock Tag Titles, and I’d rather do things a little differently. So you’ll find out, along with the girls involved, how they can become the 2017 Future Shock Cup winner.

A rather solemn look comes over his face finally.

Adam: Finally, it’s no secret that as this show goes on, there is a nightmare scenario playing itself out in Florida. Hurricane Irma is punishing the entire state of Florida as we speak, likely leaving record numbers without power and stranding others. As you know, I took Wipeout to Tampa for our last Pay Per View. And I am quite fond of the state of Florida, as many live there who work here as well as many of our fans. The fact is we, Future Shock in conjunction with FFW, want to help. That’s why, for the next week, we are going to be auctioning off autographed merchandise of many FFW and Future Shock stars, with every penny going towards what I am sure will be much needed relief efforts in the Sunshine State.

He shakes his head just thinking about it.

Adam: There is no way we can change what is happening there right now, but we certainly intend to do our part to help the fans and residents in Florida try to pick up the pieces of their lives after this catastrophic hurricane. I encourage you to visit the FFW site, and check out the auctions this coming week. All proceeds will go towards disaster relief, and I assure you I will be bringing Future Shock back to Florida soon and we’ll have one hell of a fundraiser that night too. On behalf of FFW and Future Shock as well, we wish everyone in the path of Hurricane Irma godspeed and safety. We’ll see you soon.

The screen fades to images of just some of the items currently up for auction with a web address to visit before Breaking Point goes to commercial.

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« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2017, 02:51:54 pm »

Breaking Point heads up to the ring with the bright and smiling Maggie Rourke, as always armed with her microphone.

Maggie: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is part of the Global Wars series!

Zack: And so it begins, fans! The first match in the Global Wars series is about to take place with a showdown between Team Scotland and Team England. As has become customary in Chaotic Temptation matches, I’m joined by the reigning Fast Track Champion Scarlett Silver.

Scarlett: Admit it, Zack. I’m growing on you aren’t I? As usual I’m happy to be here for the best view to watch Missy kick butt. I wish she’d let me fix her hair before she comes out, but she never does.

“She's Got Legs” plays over the PA system, and Siobhan walks out proudly, a smile on her face as she waves out to the crowd. Heading down the ramp she begins to slap hands with the audience.

Maggie: Making her way to the ring, from Aberdeen, Scotland...Siobhan! MCADAMS!

Once she reaches the ring, she takes to the stairs and walks up on the apron, bending over to enter between the ropes. Once inside, she raises a fist high as she faces the hard cam. Once the cheering dies down, Siobhan heads to her corner, stretching her legs out before the fight.

Zack: Siobhan here has her eyes set towards Sin & Sacrifice when she and her partner challenge for the Tornado Tag Titles against the Scarborough Fair in an Irish Pub Brawl. But she’s hoping to pile points up for Scotland to kick off the series.

Scarlett: There’s nothing wrong with hoping. It’s not gonna happen obviously, but it’s always good to hope.

The lights in the arena go off before a single purple spotlight hits the stage. As the opening bars of Wild Side by Cross My Heart Hope To Die starts to play Missy appears at the entrance way. Missy stands perfectly still, as her head stays bent, looking towards the ground and her manager Christian Kincaid walks out to stand behind her.

I've been on my best behavior
But I've heard that good girls finish last
And once you're gone they say no one can save you
But who knows if I go I may never want to ever come back
We've all fell victim to temptation
It seems that I'm the last one holding on
What's the use in fighting for my salvation
And why does it feel so damn right to want to be so wrong

At the side of Missy purple lights flash on and off, looking almost like fireworks, causing a wave of oohs and cheers to escape from the crowd. As the lights subside, Missy raises her arms up to the air and a single white spotlight accompanies the move.

I just wanna dance with the devil tonight
I wanna know what it feels like
I wanna close my eyes, put my hands in the sky
I wanna walk on the wild side

Maggie: Introducing at this time…. Hailing from Leeds, England and weighing in at One hundred and twelve pounds… she is MIIIIISSSSSY!

Missy makes her way down the ramp to the ring keeping her eyes straight ahead, focussing on the ring, with Christian following a few steps behind. When she reaches the ring she slowly climbs the steel steps, building the crowd to fever pitch with anticipation, she climbs elegantly between the bottom and middle rope and climbs up onto the middle rope. She smirks before blowing a kiss out to the crowd as her theme music ends.

Zack: Missy is going to be the busiest member of your group throughout September, with a date with Mel Avilo at Sin & Sacrifice. She teams with Cereza at Velocity, and now Siobhan tonight.

Scarlett: Missy does a very good Tazmanian devil impression at times like this. She whizzes about like a little whirlwind. I get tired just watching her.

Referee Kevin Fisk checks both women quickly for any foreign objects, and then calls for the bell to start the match. The fans immediately begin to get behind Siobhan, which brings a smile to her face as she hears them. The pair head towards the center before Missy offers the redhead a handshake, telling her she has no ill will towards her. Siobhan looks a bit skeptical as she stares down at the outstretched hand before finally returning the handshake. Missy says again she has no ill will towards her at all, which brings a nod from Siobhan before Missy blindsides her with a back elbow to the mouth. A trio of forearms follow that before she yanks her head down, and drives knees into her face and finishes off the flurry with a bulldog. The brunette gets to her feet, now telling Siobhan that that doesn’t mean she won’t knock her out.

Scarlett: Siobhan made that extremely easy for Missy. You’d think she would have guessed that just because Missy doesn’t have a problem with her, doesn’t mean she won’t still do everything she can to win.

Zack: Keep in mind, fans. You earn points for your country in Global Wars one of three ways. It’s 5 points for submission, 3 for pinfalls, and 1 if it’s a disqualification or a countout.

As the redhead tries to get up, Missy starts putting the boots to the back of her head before dropping down to the canvas to apply a headscissors. She immediately rolls onto her stomach, and bounces McAdams’ head against the mat like a drum with her legs. The brunette seems amused as she drops a leg across the back of her head, then rises to her feet to plant her foot in her lower back and pull back on her arms in a standing surfboard.

Zack: Missy was using some hip action there to drill Siobhan’s head like a railroad spike. And now, she’s clearly looking to put England up by 5 with the first submission attempt of the match.

Scarlett: In this series anybody would be silly not to at least try for a submission finish. Obviously a win's a win and any points matter, but you want to try and get the most you can.

With Missy pulling back on her arms, the referee dropped down to check for a submission. But Siobhan wasn’t interested in that. Missy continued to pull on her arms more, this time crossing them into a X behind her back as she dug the heel of her boot into Siobhan’s lower back. The referee checked again, getting a similar response even if it was clearly more pained. The brunette arched back almost as if she were trying to look behind her, causing the redhead considerable more pain as the leverage intensified.

Zack: Missy could be watching the video wall up the ramp behind her as she increases the pressure multiple times over in this surfboard. Siobhan may be a couple inches taller after all this stretching she’s getting.

Scarlett: You know, I think she probably is. She’ll be trying to check out what she looks like from behind… or am I the only who does that?

Still applying the pressure, she realizes Siobhan isn’t going to give up just yet. Instead she pulls her arms apart, and stomps her face with the boot that was in her back. She quickly circles around behind her as the redhead starts to get up, and then grabs her around the waist for what looks like a suplex. But Siobhan catches her with a headbutt from the back of her head to Missy’s face. It stumbles the brunette backwards for a moment, and gives Siobhan the chance to mow her down with a short arm clothesline. This brings the crowd back to life as McAdams rubs her lower back in pain. When Missy starts to rise, McAdams bounces off the ropes behind her and delivers a running shoulder tackle when she turns around.

Zack: That’s one way to create an opening with a headbutt right in the face. Siobhan’s starting to get out of the blocks here, and Missy may not be seeing clearly at the moment.

Scarlett: Missy was nice enough to release her hold and that’s the thanks she gets. Charming. She should have just kept stretching until she snapped!

As Missy began to rise again, Siobhan grabbed her head and sent her into the corner with a whip. The brunette crashed chest first as Siobhan moved in behind her, grabbed her head again, and counted off ten strikes to the top turnbuckle that the fans counted with her. Missy staggered out of the corner as Siobhan hopped up to the second turnbuckle from the inside, and came off with a tornado DDT and then into a cover!

Zack: I don’t know of any submissions Siobhan has, but she’s clearly going for a knockout! Scotland could be up by 3!



Missy kicked out after the two, and Siobhan wasted little time before getting to her feet and dropping an elbow across the back of her head.

Scarlett: Did you really think that would keep Missy down? It’s almost like you’ve never watched her matches before, Zack.

Siobhan showed some agility as she nipped to her feet, dropped another elbow, nipped up, dropped another, nipped up, dropped another and finally finishing it with a leg drop. McAdams rolled back to her feet with a proud smile on her face as Missy was face down on the canvas. The redhead bolted for the ropes, using them for a springboard into an Asai moonsault that landed across Missy’s back. She rolled her back over again, hooking the leg for another cover.



Again, Missy kicked out before the three. Siobhan sat up on her knees, glancing towards the corner for a second and then heading in that direction.

Zack: Siobhan’s agility is fantastic, and as you can see, she’s looking for those 3 points every chance she gets!

Scarlett: It’s the smart thing to do, you’ve got to try and get them when you can. Missy needs to do something to get herself back in this. Two pinfall attempts and she’s had no answer for them yet.

Siobhan headed for the top rope, measuring her opponent as Christian shouted to Missy what was going on. McAdams dove off the top rope with a diving headbutt, only for Missy to get her boot up and catch her flush on the jaw. Siobhan collapsed on the canvas in a heap next to her opponent as the referee began his ten count.

Scarlett: I think she heard me… or maybe Christian at least. She saved herself from a world of pain there.

Zack: Whoever she heard, it paid off. But the problem now is that she can’t capitalize on it. Now it’s a race to see who gets up first.

Fisk only made it to six before both women began to rise to their feet about the same time. Siobhan started unloading with right hands, backing Missy up a step with each shot before she got sent across for the ride. The brunette rebounded off the ropes as McAdams caught her with a clothesline that sent her over the top rope to the apron. Missy started to rise again, only to catch a dropkick to the chest that sent her backwards...only to be caught by Christian who stood her back up on the apron. Siobhan looked back with an annoyed expression, then to the referee as Missy grabbed her head and snapped her neck across the top rope when she dropped to the floor.

Scarlett: Christian is a very good catcher! It’s starting to become like a match tradition now, I think secretly he’d get bored if he didn’t have to catch one of us. I don’t know why sour puss is looking so annoyed though, there’s nothing in the rules saying you can’t catch somebody outside the ring!

Zack: You almost had a trust fall right there with Missy going backwards. And per usual, Kincaid was there to keep her from hitting the floor with a smack. I imagine Siobhan thinks managers shouldn’t touch anyone in a match.

With McAdams trying to catch her breath, Missy slid back into the ring under the bottom rope. As the redhead turned around, Missy used a rope rebound clothesline to mow her down to the canvas. A little more sinister look on her face now, she backed up against the ropes and waited for Siobhan to rise….only to flatten her with a curb stomp followed by a cover.

Scarlett: There’s Missy making Mischief. No matter what she said though, I think I did it better, or at least I looked better while doing it. Have you seen the state of her hair?!



Siobhan got her shoulder up in time, which Missy used her arm to pull her to her feet into a cobra clutch submission. Siobhan immediately tried to make it to the ropes, only for Missy to start trying to pull her back.

Zack: Right back to submissions, Missy’s got this cobra clutch locked! And if McAdams doesn’t find a way out, she’ll pass out!

The brunette kept trying to step on the back of her leg to bring her down, but Siobhan wasn’t going for it. Realizing she wasn’t going to make it to the ropes, Siobhan switched gears and drove Missy backwards into the corner. It stunned the brunette enough to get her to let go before Siobhan used the middle rope for a disaster kick to the back of her head. Missy crumpled in a heap before Siobhan made the cover!

Zack: That was a knockout shot! Scotland’s kicking off the series with 3 points!



Just as the referee’s hand was coming down for a three, Missy’s leg found itself across the bottom rope as Christian immediately pointed it out to him to stop the count. Siobhan sat up, looking over at her leg and then her manager with a shake of her head.

Scarlett: Thankfully Missy was close enough to the ropes for her leg to go over the bottom rope. I had a bad feeling that was going to be a terrible start to Global Wars for her. Somebody may want to check what color the tweety birds she’s seeing right now are!

McAdams headed for the far corner, and began to swing her leg like she was kicking a football. She leaned down, telling Missy to get back to her feet as Siobhan let the crowd knowing what was coming with a ‘GOOOOOOOAAAAAAALLL” yell.

Zack: I know what that means! Siobhan loves using that punt to the head, and if she hits it, Missy’s head may be in the fourth row while her body is covered for a three!

Missy began to stir on the mat as her manager was steadily talking to her, clearly more excitedly since he saw what was coming. As soon as Missy was about to rise to her hands and knees, Siobhan took off with the punt kick in mind. As soon as she went for it, Missy sat up and Siobhan only kicked the middle rope. Before she could even bring her leg down, Missy ducked her head between her legs and raised her up on her shoulders before falling backwards with an electric chair drop to the mat. Siobhan bounced off the canvas before Missy went for the cover!

Scarlett: I’m pretty sure that will have been a shocking experience for Siobhan… do you get it?! Do you see what I did? Anybody… no... ?!



However, as Fisk’s hand was about to strike, McAdams rolled her shoulder in time. Fisk showed Missy two fingers, who was starting to get a little irritated with her opponent.

Zack: Sherwin Williams couldn’t have gotten a paint job between the referee’s hand and the canvas! Siobhan got the shoulder up, and I think Missy’s had about enough of this!

Scarlett: She is starting to look annoyed, that’s not usually a good sign. It’s the face that normally has me making excuses to be somewhere else!

Siobhan rolled over to get up, but it wasn’t meant to be before Missy grabbed her arm and locked in a crossface submission. McAdams’ eyes widened as Missy locked her hands under her chin. Fisk dropped to her side to check for the submission as Siobhan’s face was wracked with pain.

Zack: There’s the PAIGE RIPPER, and Missy’s gonna make Siobhan tap out if she has her way about it. How long can Siobhan hold on?!

Scarlett: If she’s got any sense of self preservation not very long! Missy tried it on me in training once…. It’s not nice.

Siobhan’s hand wavered over the pain, raising up and down but never touching the canvas for a few seconds before she dug her elbow in and pulled them with her good arm to grab the bottom rope. Fisk called for the break as Missy broke on four, now getting a bit irritated as a result while Siobhan clutched her neck on the canvas.

Zack: Siobhan is showing all kinds of heart and determination here, she just won’t stay down or give in! I think Missy’s gonna have to knock her out at this point, it’s the only way!

Scarlett: If she actually knocks her out now, I’m telling Siobhan to blame you for putting ideas in her head, Zack!

Missy headed for the corner as Siobhan rolled away from the ropes to get away from her. The brunette headed to the top rope, and perched herself.

Zack: There may be a frog splash in Siobhan’s future!

Scarlett: It’s certainly looking likely!

Missy launched herself into the air, and connected with her frog splash on target! She immediately hooked both legs into a tight cover as Fisk dropped to count.





Fisk called for the bell as Missy rolled off the cover. Christian entered the ring, and helped her to her feet as she looked down with irritation at Siobhan. Both the referee and her manager raised her hands.

Scarlett: The first points of the Global Wars series and Missy picked them up! She’s gonna be on cloud nine… once she calms down a bit.

Maggie: Here is your winner by pinfall………………...MISSY!!

Christian glanced back to the scoreboard on the video wall, and showed it to Missy as England picked up 3 points for their total. He congratulated her, and raised her hand once more.

Zack: Missy puts 3 points on the board for England, and boy did she have to work hard for them! Siobhan showed all kinds of toughness tonight, that was a tremendous effort on her part.

Scarlett: She did ok, I guess… but Missy still got the win in the end… and the points!

Christian held the ropes open for Missy to exit before joining her on the floor. She pointed up to the updated scoreboard, and dusted off her hands as she headed towards the back. On that, the show heads elsewhere.

Silas For COO?

Our scene opens up with a shaking image of a large group of people wearing burnt orange shirts and holding up picket signs off in the distance. They can heard chanting something very loud as other people stop and look, seemingly trying to figure out what they’re doing. but at the moment it’s indistinguishable. As we keep approaching the group Allison Marx soon appears to the side of the shot, looking back at the camera as she places an earpiece  into her ear. Her microphone is in her hand as she motions with her hand. She soon nods her head and raises the microphone to her mouth.

Allison: Hello ladies and gentlemen I’m Allison Marx bringing you this breaking video as we seem to be having a commotion here outside the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville where Breaking Point will be taking place. It’s by no means hostile, but more surprising as this group we are approaching are supposedly holding a rally to support one Silas Mason for COO. We’re hoping to get a word and understand just why it is they are holding this rally...and why for him.

Allison keeps on walking as they get closer to the group. The chant now is heard properly as we hear “We Want Silas”. On their signs as well as their shirts, they even have stickers that read “Choose Silas for FFW COO”. Allison is cautious to approach the group before holding her hand up.

Allison: excuse me! Excuse me I can I get a word with one of you? I’d like to understand why this rally is going on here today?

A woman, looking to be in her 50’s and diminutive in stature now departs from the group and makes her way over to Allison.

Woman: Yes, how can I help you?

Allison looks at the woman with befuddlement

Allison: Well ma’am could you explain what is the meaning of all of this? Do you know who put this all together?

Woman: I’m the one who put this all together. And we’re here because we want to support the right person to be put in charge of our favorite wrestling company.

The group responds enthusiastically as the other fans attending the show still look on. Allison still seems taken aback by it all.

Allison: I see. Ma’am what is your name and are you from here in Nashville?

Woman: My name is Gertrude Thompson and yes I’m born and raised here in Nashville.

Allison: Well it’s nice to meet you gertrude. You say that you and all these other people are here to support the person you want as COO. You really want Silas Mason as the new COO? May I ask what about him rings true to you as him being the right person for the job

Gertrude: Oh why there are many things. He’s a got a sharp mind for wrestling. He has been successful has he not? He is about being the best and only the best. That’s something I, and all these people feel FFW has been lacking for quite some time. Plus he’s a good southern boy and ya can never go wrong with a good southern boy. But above all else he seems to have a very defined plan about what he wants to do for the company. After that video that went online last night  I felt compelled to do something so I got on my Facebook and talked with others in my group chat and we went about getting this all done for today.

Allison now seems confused

Allison: So after the video last night that got posted you got together with these people and got all these signs and shirts made? That seems rather quick, doesn’t it?

Gertrude calmly gestures over to the group.

Gertrude: Alex over there owns a printing shop and got right to work once we all agreed to do this. That’s the thing about us Southerns. When we are determined to do something we get it done. And another thing there more than just us who want Silas as COO. There people all over this great country who’d like to see Silas in charge. We really feel he’d bring change to FFW, a change for the better.

Allison is still frazzled by what she is hearing.

Allison: I respect your opinion ma’am, but I must ask. You want a man who has a less than sterling reputation in FFW in charge of it? He’s been at the center of some of the biggest controversies we’ve seen the past few years. Yet you say you, all of these people here, as well as others around the country want him as COO?

Gertrude: We are but of flesh and blood child. All sinners in our own ways. Has Silas made his mistakes? Indeed he has, but he’s been human enough to admit them. The other individual never seems to accept responsibility for his. Silas is a good man, that’s why he and his client have prospered the way they have. They would not achieve what they have if there was not a great working relationship correct? Now imagine him doing that for the entire roster instead of just the ones he preferred? It make FFW better which is why…

Gertrude holds her sign back up and along with the rest of the group starts loudly chanting “We Want Silas”. They peacefully hold their rally as Allison stand there dumbfounded.

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Maggie: The following match is scheduled for one fall to a finish, and is part of the Global Wars series

Zack: We got more to come in the series tonight, but this will feature a battle between the USA and Canada.

Mai: I feel kinda weird. I don’t mind either country, but I really dislike the bitches who are in this match. Why couldn’t it have been Valentina?

The lights suddenly go out all over the arena, the lights beginning to swirl all around the arena for a few moments, as confusion seems to set inside of the ring and not a movement is made inside of it while the familiar lead-in to House of Pain’s “Jump Around” plays over the PA before stopping and the following words being screamed out:


Smoke begins to engulf the entire top of the entrance area from each side of the ramp before Vanessa Cade bursts out from the smoke, a great big white spotlight surrounding her as she slowly stretches out her arms out, a confident grin on her face before turning and spinning in a 360 motion with her right elbow out, letting out a war cry to a surprising amount of approval from the FFW Faithful before she begins to strut her way down to the ring, swaying her shoulders back and forth before jumping up on the apron.

Maggie: Introducing first and representing Team Canada…from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada…weighing in at a one hundred and fifty pounds…SHE IS THE “GOLDEN ELBOW”…VANESSAAAAAA…CAAAAAAADEEEEEE!!!!!!

Vanessa then turns and hooks the ropes with both of her arms, looking at the crowd before entering the ring and doing a one-eighty spin with her arms extended as the crowd boos her, bringing her hands together to flash her own personal logo that’s imprinted in her gloves. After that, Vanessa slowly goes toward the other side of the ring closest to the entrance and leans back against it, waiting for the start of the match.

Zack: Vanessa would probably tell you there are plenty of other people she’d rather be partners with in this, but tonight she doesn’t have to rely on Valentina.

Mai: The more talented and better looking half of Team Canada, Valentina would have been far better for this match than this bottle blonde.

“A little wicked... That’s what he calls me... ‘Cause that’s what I am...
...That’s what I am.”

The arena is bathed in green spotlights as Christian Kincaid stops after coming through the curtain at the top of the ramp. He smiles slightly, looking back behind him as Stephanie Stefano emerges shortly after him in her ring gear with a leather jacket as she stares out at the crowd over her newspaper. She continues to stand with Kincaid who takes the now rolled up newspaper from her that she has in hand. Finally the two of them walk to the ring, dead set as Steph finishes up wrapping her left hand.

“No one calls you honey when you're sitting on a throne,
No one calls you honey when you're sitting on a throne.
Beware the patient woman, cause this much I know,
No one calls you honey when you're sitting on a throne.”

Maggie: Her opponent, representing Team USA. From Berkeley, California and weighing in tonight at 170 pounds... She is THE WITCH OF WALL STREET... THIS IS *THE* STEPH STEFANO!


The wicked witch of wall street stands in the center of the ring, wrists crossed and head bowed  as the green spotlights bathe her while CK is leaned in the corner with a smirk before her song fades out and the lighting returns to normal.

Zack: This is the second time we’ve seen CK tonight, he’s the multinational manager in this thing. But Steph has her game face on, and is likely thinking about Velocity as well.

Mai: She’s probably thinking about where the nearest Arby’s is for after the match. She may have already been, judging by the bloat I’m seeing.

Malcolm Parks calls for the bell as Christian Kincaid leaves the ring and takes up his place on the outside as Steph stretches out for a moment, pulling on the ropes before she moved back towards the middle of the ring and came face to face with her opponent. The pair stood there for a moment, measuring each other up before Steph raised her hand, offering a test of strength to her foe. Vanessa stared at the hand for a moment before she tentatively raised her hand to meet the powerhouses. Steph raised her other hand...and get a kick in the gut from her opponent who used her grip on the first hand to jerk Stefano into a wristlock, moving to her side as she applied as much pressure as she could in the hold. Steph allowed the start of a grimace to show on her face as Cade increased the pressure of the hold before she fired off stiff kicks to the back of the Californian’s legs, using the blows to hack her down to her knees.  

Zack: Vanessa’s using those legs of hers to chop down Stefano here in the early going.

Mai: Vanessa could easily pass for a lumberjack anyway, so that’s fitting.

As soon as Stefano landed on her knees, Cade turned applied more pressure as she transitioned the hold into an overhead wristlock, leaning into the hold, bending the hand backwards as she tried to force Steph further down towards the canvas only to meet resistance. Vanessa brought her knee upwards, driving it three times into her spine as she continued to try to force her downwards. The shorter powerhouse gritted her teeth and suddenly forced her way upwards, shoving her foe backwards, knocking her off balance temporarily. Cade caught herself and glared at Stefano, stepping towards her and looked to feinted a collar and elbow tie up, ghosting behind Stefano and applied a rear waistlock. The Californian threw an elbow backwards missing as the Manitoban pressed herself against her back. Steph threw another back elbow but again found herself unable to find her target so she moved her hands to Cade’s wrists and began to pull them apart.

Zack: There’s no question who has the power advantage in this match, you’re seeing it right in front of your eyes.

Mai: She also has the cellulite advantage too, though that probably isn’t helping at the moment.

As she did so, the Canadian delivered a headbutt to the top of Stefano’s spine, followed by a second before she stepped forward and took Steph to the canvas with a side Russian legsweep. The Californian tried to roll away from her opponent only for Vanessa to follow after her, Cade grabbing hold of her by the ankle as she tried to rise and drove her knee cap into the canvas with a leg DDT. The Winnipeg native didn’t release Stefano’s leg, instead she rolled, grapevined the limb with her own legs and twisted the ankle into an ankle lock. Stefano’s eyes went wide and she scrambled quickly to the side and grabbed onto the bottom ropes. Parks called for the release and started the count only for Cade to rise to her feet, ankle still trapped in the submission and deliver a stomp to her shoulder before she dragged the Berkeley born woman back across the ring before she went for the ankle lock once again. Before she could lock it in though, Stefano brought her knees into her chest as she started to sit up a little bit and caught Cade’s head, pulling her downwards and into an inside cradle.


Mai: Inside cradle that barely got a one count. You can’t call it a small package when it’s Stefano, Zack.

Vanessa kicked out almost immediately and the two women came back to their feet almost immediately and Vanessa started to fire forearms into her opponent’s face, Stefano returning fire with closed fist shots into the blonde’s body. Thanks to her greater power Stefano gained the advantage, forcing Cade backwards until the Witch of Wall Street knocked her back to the mat with a vicious throat thrust. As soon as the blonde hit the canvas she rolled to the side, gasping only to get a knee driven into her spine before she was jerked upright and backwards into a hair pull backbreaker. The American pulled her straight back upwards and into a headbutt before she scooped her upwards and delivered a body slam; the blonde immediately getting back to her feet as the Wicked Witch prowled around behind her, grabbing hold of the back of her body suit and drove four quick forearms into her lower back before she jerked backwards once more, lifting her up and into a back suplex.

Mai: Did you see how Steph tried to be all stealthy? I heard she does that at the buffet too.

Zack: Vanessa has to find a way to negate Steph’s power base, much like I’m trying to find a way to ignore my broadcast partner.

Cade grimaced as she rolled to the side and began to push upright only for her foe to bounce off the ropes and deliver a knee to her jaw that brought her to her feet. The former Evolution Champion grabbed hold of Vanessa’s wrist and used all of the power in her frame to Irish whip the Winnipeg born wrestler into the nearest corner. Cade hit the turnbuckles hard back first and Stefano chased in after her, catching her with a clothesline in the corner before she fired off hard right hands into the side of her head. The referee used the five count as he ordered the Team America representative to allow her opponent to leave the corner; Steph pulling her away from the pads and firing her across the ring and catching her on the return with a Thesz press.

Zack: Steph left her feet, and look at those piston-like right hands to the dome!

Mai: Hooves, I think you meant to say.

As Stefano landed on top of Cade she began to rain down vicious looking closed fist shots to her body that saw Vanessa cover up for a moment. She took the blows on her forearms as she began to wiggle, finally shoving the bigger woman off of her, grabbing her arm as she did so, looking to roll into a Fujiwara armbar only for Steph to pull her arm out of her grasp. Stefano came to her feet only to be sent quickly back to the canvas with a chop block from the Canadian. As her opponent sat up, Vanessa Cade grabbed hold of her arm and applied an arm wrench, twisting her arm in the socket. Steph started to rise slowly to her feet only for the hold to be converted into a hammerlock that saw Vanessa drive her elbow down into her collarbone before she used her strength to lift the American upwards and slam her down with a hammerlock suplex. The blonde Canadian kipped up to her feet as soon as she had delivered the move and began to stomp away at the arm that moment’s ago she had caught in the hammerlock; driving her boot downwards into her arm and shoulder repeatedly as Stefano pushed up onto all fours, Cade finishing off her onslaught with a stomp to Steph’s hand and fingers.

Mai: Cade’s stomping away at those sausages she calls fingers. Ugh. Is it too late to root for the giant meteor?

The Wicked Witch held her hand against her chest as Cade pulled her up to her feet and whipped her into the corner, following in behind her to deliver a running elbow as the American tried to step away from the pads. Stefano fell backwards against the turnbuckles and the Golden Elbow planted her feet, spun and left her feet to deliver an enzugiri to the side of Stefano’s head. This caused the former Evolution champion to stagger away along the ropes only for Vanessa to grab her by the head and drag her away from the ropes and slam her face into the canvas with a running bulldog. Steph bounced back up onto her knees and shook her head, forcing herself to try and get back to her feet only for Cade to take hold of her head and jerk her down, driving the shoulder of the arm that she’d been working on into her bent knee. The Berkeley born wrestler rolled onto her back, holding her shoulder and the blonde made the cover, hooking the leg as she did so.




Zack: Cade with a near fall right there, and Steph is showing just how much it takes to keep her down. You can bet Kaoru is somewhere taking notes.

Mai: She better be preparing for the main event later, instead of watching Shamu here.

Steph kicked out just after the two count, pushing Cade off of her and sat up only for the Winnipeg native to take her arm before she can get upwards, locking in a hammerlock as she fell to a seat behind her opponent and also locked in a body scissors. Cade forced the arm as far up behind Steph’s back as possible. The Californian wrestler held her shoulder for a moment as her face turned into a grimace before she tried to find an escape, attempting to push apart Cade’s legs with her free hand, finding her ankles tightly locked and once more she held her shoulder as Cade applied more pressure. Steph shook her head and this time she attempted to throw a back headbutt into her foe’s face only for Cade to see it coming and lean back out of the way. Stefano let out a cry that was as much pain as it was frustration and slowly began to use her power to push upwards. Slowly she got her feet underneath her - Cade still holding on with the hammerlock, a body scissors and with one arm hooked around Stefano’s chest. The brunette stayed on her feet for just a couple of moments, assessing her options before she jumped into the air and fell backwards, driving Vanessa into the mat.

Zack: That’s one thing I have always appreciated about Steph, she’s a quick thinker. She’s good at thinking on her feet.

Mai: She is? Well that’s the only quick thing about her. I hate fat people.

Cade released the hold on impact and Stefano rolled away, holding her shoulder but forced herself up to her feet and rounded on the rising Cade, catching her with right hand jabs before she pulled her upwards and into a snapmare. Vanessa landed in a sitting position and Stefano drove a kick into her spine before she could roll to her side and start to push her way up to her feet. Steph dropped back to the ropes as Cade got to her feet and came back off them with added momentum and knocked Vanessa straight back to the mat with a shoulder tackle. The Golden Elbow hit the canvas and immediately began to rise to her feet again only to get three knees driven into her chest before Steph scooped her upwards onto her shoulders and in one smooth movement fell backwards into a Samoan Drop. Again the Blonde submission expert sat up as soon as her opponent rolled away from her and tried to get to her feet only to once more get scooped up onto Stefano’s shoulders. The American carried her opponent on her shoulders towards the corner, building up speed as she did so before she threw herself into a rolling firemans carry slam. The former Evolution Champion used the momentum to come quickly to her feet, hopped up onto the middle ropes in the corner and launched herself backwards into a corner slingshot splash that the brunette land across her opponent’s chest and hook the leg for the pinfall.




Zack: Near fall for Stefano there. So tell me, what is your problem with Steph exactly?

Mai: I already told you, I don’t like fat people, Zack. Look at me, and then at her. Which one would you rather bang?

Cade kicked out, Parks showing the two count to Steph who was already bringing the Winnipeg born grappler to a vertical position and fired her across the ring. As Vanessa came back towards her, the financial guru dropped her head looking for a back body drop that was telegraphed; Cade diving over her and into a sunset flip attempt. Stefano windmilled her arms as she tried to prevent herself from toppling backwards while Vanessa’s hands moved up her legs, trying to get better purchase to roll her backwards. Steph won the battle, finding her balance and went to deliver a straight right hand into Vanessa’s face between her feet but only got mat as Cade slid out of the way at the last moment, coming to her feet and, as Stefano turned, took to the air to catch the brunette with an overhead kick to the arm that she’d been working over earlier. Steph let out a grunt of pain as her hand went to her left shoulder and Cade grabbed hold of her left wrist, applying an arm wrench that she used to jerk her foe downwards into a double knee shoulder breaker.

Zack: Now we’re getting into Vanessa’s wheelhouse here. This is what she needs to do, as well as keeping Steph on the canvas.

Mai: She could put a burger down there, it’d keep her there just the same.

Stefano jerked her arm away as she rolled around on the mat, holding her left shoulder with her hand and finally tried to push upwards. Steph made it to all fours before Cade approached, grabbing hold of the American’s left hand, applying a wristlock and placing her boot on the shoulder as she raised the hand into the air, suddenly curbstomping Stefano’s shoulder into the canvas. Cade instantly dropped down onto her opponent’s back and locked her arm into a fujiwara armbar, pulling backwards as she did so. Parks dove down in front of Stefano, asking her if she wanted to quit and getting a shake of the head as the camera shows Steph’s face to be a mask of pain. Steph reached for the ropes, finding them well out of reach before her hand came and pulled at her hair; still she refused to quit as the referee asked her the question. Again she reached for the ropes, not finding them any closer than last time. Her hand wavered over the canvas as she let out moans and groans of agony. She looked to be on the verge of quitting as she ignored the referee asking the question of her.

Mai: Go ahead and give up, Steph! We expect it of you, it’s alright!

Zack: Steph’s not known for being a quitter, and it certainly isn’t the case right here. Look at the determination on her face.

Instead her hand formed into a fist that she slammed into the canvas and she began to use all the power packed onto her 5’4” frame to force herself upwards, getting her knees underneath her, forcing Cade onto her knees and loosening the hold slightly. Stefano continued to push upwards, Vanessa keeping her arm trapped as she got to her feet and suddenly delivered three stiff kicks across the Italian-American’s chest and jaw before she stepped over her arm and rolled her over, sending her back to the canvas and into a cross armbreaker. Steph lets out a cry of pain as she finds herself in another submission hold, her arm getting jerked backwards in an unnatural position and she ignores the match official as she stretched out, reaching for all that she’s worth to try and find a set of ropes and while they’re nearer than they were a moment ago, they’re still a ways away from her fingertips.

Zack: Steph is having that resiliency of hers supremely tested by the “Golden Elbow” here as she’s been snared again.

Stefano lets out a cry of pain, still stretching for the ropes, staring towards them and willing them closer as she uses her foot to inch closer to them. CK moves around the ring, getting in her eyeline as he claps his hand against the ring apron, encouraging his client even as he looked to be on the verge of tapping out to the submission hold. Stefano seems to nod her head in his direction, eyes welling up with tears of agony before she started to roll towards Cade, pushing upwards as she did so. Stefano let out an agonised cry of pain as she finally got to her knees and used the submission hold to force Cade’s shoulders against the mat. Parks checked them and started to count the pinfall.

Zack: Look at that counter! Steph’s gonna pin her in her own submission!




Mai: No, she isn’t! Vanessa may be a bottle blonde, but she’s not THAT stupid.

At the last second Cade kicked out and released the submission hold, Stefano scrabbling away on her knees to the ropes, holding her shoulder and started to slowly come to her feet as Cade beat her to a vertical base and charged towards her only for Stefano to leave her feet and catch the girl in the chest with a high knee. Vanessa staggered backwards and Steph charged at her, using her good arm to send her down to the canvas with a stiff clothesline. Once more the Manitoban rose to her feet quickly only to find the brunette had beaten her to a vertical base and came forward quickly to deliver a high boot to her face, knocking Cade back down to one knee. The American turned quickly and jerked her foe up to her feet, sending her into the ropes and caught her on the return with a one armed snap powerslam. The Golden Elbow arched her back upwards of the canvas as she landed and rolled to her side, starting to come to her feet only for Steph to beat her upright once more, grabbing hold of her head and drove the top of her head into the middle turnbuckle in the nearest corner with a bulldog.

Zack: A bulldog into the corner, there you saw Steph making Vanessa her own personal battering ram.

Mai: Don’t worry, it’s not going to mess up too many brain cells. She’ll still be the same ol’ Vanessa.

Cade dropped backwards, holding the top of her head as Steph held herself up on the top rope, breathing deeply as she shook out her injured arm, trying to get a little bit more life into the limb. Vanessa rolled and got to her feet with her back to her opponent where she began to stagger away. Stefano watched her for a moment, waiting till she got closer to the middle of the ring before the master of the back breaker charged out of the corner and drove her right shoulder through her legs with a chop block that took her down to the canvas, allowing the American to follow it up with a knee drop to the spine. She stayed there with her knee in Cade’s spine and reached forward, interlocking the fingers of her hand underneath her foes chin and started to lean backwards, pulling Vanessa up with her as she applied a modified seated surfboard submission hold of her own, pulling back on her head with her hands as she pressed both of her knees into her opponent’s spine. Parks instantly got down in front of Cade and asked her if she wanted to quit, getting a refusal.

Mai: He’s not going to hear Vanessa quit yet. She’s too dumb to know when to do that. Probably have to hear something snap first.

Stefano pulled back more, leaning backwards as far as she could and bringing a muffled cry of pain from Cade. Another refusal to quit came from the blonde as Parks asked. Still Steph kept the hold applied, screwing up her face as she attempted again to increase the amount of pressure that she applying in the submission. Parks asked once more and got another refusal before Steph finally released the hold, falling onto her back holding her left shoulder with her right hand as she drove her feet into Cade’s back to send her falling forward; Vanessa catching herself on her hands and from all fours began to rise to her feet. Stefano did likewise and before her opponent could turn around the Wicked Witch left her feet and into a backstabber to the Winnipeg wrestler, sending her back to the mat and Steph lunged across her chest to hook her leg for the pinfall.




Zack: Another near fall for Steph, but Vanessa’s definitely got the wind knocked out of her, if nothing else.

Mai: That’s all there is to knock out, Zack.

Vanessa rolled her shoulder to break up the pinfall and rolled away from the American who nodded her head in acceptance of the referee’s call as she slowly pushed her way up to her feet and advanced towards her foe only to get surprised as she was taken down to the canvas with a rolling leg lock. Stefano’s eyes went wide in shock as Cade caught her foot and twisted it into a heel hook. Steph wasted no time at all, lunging towards the ring ropes and caught hold of them tightly, keeping her grip tight even as her opponent attempted to yank her backwards and away from the ropes towards the middle of the ring. Parks ordered the break and began to use the five count to get the release and got it on four, the Golden Elbow holding her hands up as she backed up a step. Stefano slowly started to use the ring ropes to come up to her feet before Vanessa charged to the far ropes, coming back off them and caught the Wicked Witch with a driven double footed dropkick into her stomach. Stefano released the ropes to cradle her gut as she fell to her knees. She started to rise to her feet but as she did so, the Canadian wrestler hooked her arm from behind into a half nelson that she used to deliver a bulldog. Once more Vanessa rolled to her feet, measuring her opponent as she waved her upright and when the Berkeley born woman sat up, Cade drove the Golden Goal soccer style kick into her chest and fell on top of her to make the cover, hooking the leg as she did so.





Mai: Didn’t get the job done. Just finishing your sentence for you.

Stefano rolled the shoulder at the last moment and got pulled to her feet by her foe who grabbed hold of her hand and applied a wristlock. She held it for a moment before she jerked Steph forward and into a short arm elbow strike - the Gold Rush. The American collapsed backwards to the mat and the Canadian fell on top of her, hooking both of her legs, rolling her up tightly.




Zack: There went the GOLD RUSH! And it still wasn’t enough to put Steph away!

Mai: Well she is Canadian, they tend to have much harder heads.

Steph’s shoulder popped up at the last moment and Cade shook her head in disbelief as she checked with the referee, getting the two count shown to her. The blonde rose to her feet, shaking her head once more and checked with the referee getting the count confirmed to her one more time before she moved away from her opponent. The Golden Elbow pulled down her elbow pad, slapping the joint as she held her arm aloft in front of the crowd before she waved the Wicked Witch upwards. Slowly Steph began to rise to her feet, eyes glazed as she used the ropes for assistance while CK was stood right nearby, talking to his client who continued to rise - showing no signs of hearing or understanding her manager. Finally the brunette got her feet underneath and staggered away from the ropes, turning towards Cade who skipped forward, spinning around and into the Golden Elbow discus strike...that only got air as Stefano ducked underneath it, catching Cade and lifting her onto her shoulders into an argentine rack backbreaker. She held it for a moment before she flipped her forward and drove her down into a double knee backbreaker and rolled away.

Mai: Both of them are down, the only one standing is the referee. And Parks may be asking Steph for her phone number.

The referee checked on both wrestlers who were slowly starting to move, rising to their feet. Vanessa got to a vertical base first and lunged towards Stefano with a flying forearm strike that saw her get caught; Steph dropping her head as she stepped forward and delivered an atomic drop. Cade held her groin as she spun away gingerly turning her back on Stefano and the Wicked Witch bounced the back of her head off the canvas with the Walk of Shame jumping reverse bulldog. Quickly Steph leaned forward to grab hold of her opponent’s leg to make the cover.




Zack: They don’t get much closer than that, but Vanessa Cade is showing you what she’s made of tonight.

Mai: Yeah, peroxide!

Vanessa’s shoulder came up to the last moment and Steph rolled away once more, using the ropes to help her come to her feet. She measured up the Canadian who had managed to roll onto her front, holding the back of her head. Slowly the blonde began to rise, pushing herself up to her hands and knees when Steph charged towards her looking for The Headline punt kick to the side of the head. Cade jerked her head out of the way at the last second, popping up to her feet and shoved Stefano in the back, sending her into the ropes. Steph bounced backwards towards Cade, spinning around to face her only for Vanessa to grab hold of her arm and crash her down into the canvas with a double knee armbreaker. As soon as they landed, Cade went for the Fujiwara armbar, barely getting it locked in before Parks was ordering her to release it as Stefano instantly grabbed hold of the bottom rope.

Zack: That’s some expert ring awareness right there. Steph felt that armbar coming, and immediately got to the ropes!

Vanessa shook her head and pulled the American up to her feet, pushing her back against the ring ropes before she looked to fire her across the ring, Steph put the brakes on though and countered the Irish whip attempt, jerking Cade towards her where she scooped her up and delivered The Witchmade lifting side slam. Steph lay across her for the cover, hooking the leg as she did so and Parks dove into position to make the count.

Mai: Oh, not the WITCHMADE!!




Zack: She went through one hell of a fight, but Steph picks up a massive win heading into her Evolution title match Thursday on Velocity!

Parks called for the bell, Cade’s shoulder coming up and pushing Stefano off a moment too late; the Italian American rolling away and breathing heavily. Three points were added to the scoreboard showing on the video wall for Team USA.

Maggie: Here is your winner, by way of pinfall and representing Team America….”THE” STEPH STEFANO!!!

Mai: What a terrible representative for this country, Zack!

Zack: Steph puts three points on the board for the USA, and looks to double Thursday when the Evolution title hangs in the balance!

Parks helped Steph to her feet, Christian Kincaid joining them in the ring and also helping to bring her to her feet before they both raised her hands in the hair in victory. Stefano leaned against her manager for a moment before she raised her hands once more and began to stand tall as she started to celebrate her victory, to loud cheers from the crowd before the show cut elsewhere.

100% Emma

A series of images shows the less brutal moments from the Texas Deathmatch from Unstoppable 8 between Emma MacNamara and Laurel Anne Hardy. As they conclude, we find the reigning Ultraviolence Champion along with her manager and boyfriend, Ryan, standing in the back.

Ryan: There’s been a severe lack of Emma Mac...hey, I rhymed...since Unstoppable 8. And those pictures you just saw don’t do justice the reason why after the first ever Texas Deathmatch in FFW history took place between her and Laurel Anne Hardy. But here’s two questions for all of you. Who won the match? And who’s still here to talk about it? The answer’s the same either way.

Emma: Of course it is. Laurel may have actually come to the match running on more than fumes - for that alone I am impressed - but she still came to realise what we all knew when it comes to it; she’s not cut out to stand in that ring with me. Something I’ve been making a point of for quite some time now. But Ryan is right...there has been a major lack of my presence, mostly because of a rather deep cut I acquired. It’s amazing how little things can keep you down for longer than you’d like. In either case, I’m still here and you lot are just going to have to deal with that.

Ryan: But with Unstoppable gone, that means a lot of new mountains to climb for the longest reigning Ultraviolence Champion in FFW history. I’ve heard that Riley suffered a training injury that will keep her from being able to use her PYP contract till after the expiration date. So if I had a kazoo, I’d blow it because I know I was sick of seeing her going after Emma again and again.

Emma: There is a part of me that was sad to hear about that...but it’s a very small part and I’d go bigger than a kazoo, mostly because the idea of having to stand in the ring with her again makes me want to vomit. I mean seriously, how often do you need to prove your point against someone before they finally take the hint? Much like her partner for last year though...probably until the end of time because of how ridiculously hard headed they are.

Ryan rubbed his hands together with a smile.

Ryan: So with the past where it belongs, that brings up two things I’ve been hearing. One I’ve heard from fans going through airports and the like, and the other from a little birdie outside management’s office. Let’s start with the ridiculous theory I’ve heard fans circulating that Emma here is the leader of Chaotic Temptation, the most successful group in years, I might add. The rumor that she gives the other girls their marching orders. I’ll defer to YOUR Ultraviolence Champion to squash that bug.

Emma snickered at the mention of leadership and shook her head.

Emma: I know we’ll need to say it until the cows come home, and that Scarlett and Missy have both said it in the past, but seeing as I’ve been assigned role of “leader” by people who refuse to pay attention; there is NO leader in Chaotic Temptation. I am not the leader of a band of three rookies. I am one of four successful wrestlers who banded together in a common interest. It is feasible to argue that actually Missy is the most successful out of the four of us, at least in the much shorter time that she has been wrestling. But that is not the point. There is no leader. We are on equal footing. The creation of a hierarchy is  absolutely ridiculous and obviously created by fans who want to create tension in a group for the sake of it. It is not my group. They approached me. It is our group. I cannot spell this out any more than I have, and if you still do not have the message in your pea-sized brains, perhaps you should see a doctor about your abysmal short-to-long-term memory conversion.

Ryan: And finally, the little birdie I heard from management’s office. There is also a rumor floating around that the upcoming fight between Mallory Bennett & Raven Knight at Sin & Sacrifice may put the winner in line for the next shot. There’s also the rumor that Miko Ayano  may be looking to get into it. Again, I defer to YOUR Ultraviolence Champion on both of those rumors.

Emma: So far as Mallory and Raven goes, I haven’t heard anything to say that it is or isn’t. If it is, fine. Bring me some challengers, and maybe a couple that are in with half a chance; it’d be nice to have that for once this year. Not that they’d have much of a hope in hell, but worth it to think that they might, yeah? And far as Miko goes? It’s not surprising in the slightest that she would want to find herself in my yard: as Mel Avilo pointed out in her own piece for the main event, she’s been in matches that I would have been proud of.  In some circles her hardcore matches are stuff of legend. I’d be a fool to ignore that. Except there’s the small thing about the fact I have a win over her from when she was arguably at her best. It’s a funny feeling that, knowing your addiction is when you were at your best. In any case, I’m all for any challenges that come my way, Lord knows I could do with them.

Ryan: Luckily for all of you, you won’t have to wait long to see Emma back in the ring. And it MIGHT ...emphasis on MIGHT….be a champion versus champion main event. On the next Breaking Point, she’ll meet Kaoru Asaka, who could be the next Evolution Champion.

Emma: Rematch, anyone? Minus ladders, of course. And ankle shots that require unconventional first aid. I would be all for this. Especially if it means she’s the champ. Nothing against Steph, but I’d take great enjoyment out of being able to remind her how long it took her to think she mattered again after me and then Storm in such a short space of time.

Ryan: Ahh, I’m pretty sure you could take them both personally. Either way, let’s hope she brings the title with her to Breaking Point. After all, after this record setting reign ends, that’s another little trophy to add to Emma’s already massive case full of them, isn’t it?

He gave the camera a wink before the pair headed off. And the show went elsewhere.

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The lights dim, allowing for purple, green and black strobe lights to pulsate around the arena as “Veil of Elysium” thunders out into the system, and the stage is doused in a fog of dry ice. Through the fog, two figures emerge, their forms still clouded by what has  risen around them.

Maggie: Introducing first, hailing from Edinburgh Scotland! She weighs in at 145 pounds, please welcome VALERIE LAMB!

Hear my promise of blistering light,
Sewing a rose of obsidian.
My dear I promise death comes to all,
In a heartbeat...only silence.
Let’s play with the fire that burns in our veins,
Trust in the might of a miracle.
Now winter has come and I stand in the snow,
I don’t feel the cold,
And it’s all I will ever need to believe.

The haze clears, revealing Valerie Lamb and Vincent Belmont stood together. The crowd pops, and Valerie raises her hands with a smile on her face while Vincent simply smiles, his hands by his sides. The pair begin their descent towards the ring, Valerie slapping hands with the fans on her way down, and Vincent just behind her.

One day I know we will meet again,
In the shade of a life to die for.
Watching the world through the eyes of a child
In Elysium
Will I know you then?
Will I know you then?

During the chorus of the song, Valerie takes off, sprinting around the ring before grabbing hold of the middle rope about three-quarters of the way around the ring, using the momentum to pull herself up. She steps in through the ropes and heads towards her corner, where Vincent is waiting for her. The two share words as the music dies out, and Valerie stretches as they speak.

Two sea eagle cries are heard before "Rise" hits the sound system. Accompanied by her manager Kyle Kilmeade, Mika Demidov walks through the entrance gate when the song makes its halt to come back with a stronger beat. Right before the entrance aisle, she raises her right hand in the air with the index, middle and ring fingers fully extended upwards, and white, blue and red pyros shoot behind her back, and her manager presents her to the crowd.

Maggie: And her opponent, escorted to the ring by Kyle Kilmeade... From Saint Petersburg, western Russia... "The Red Star"... MIKA DEMIDOV!

She then walks down the entrance aisle, scowling at the crowd and ignoring the outstretched hands who wish for a high-five, before she's offered a hand by Kyle to climb the steel steps leading into the ring. She enters the square passing between the mid and bottom ropes and, once inside, she climbs a random turnbuckle, taunting the crowd by basically screaming smack at them. After soaking in the boos, she shakes her head and leaps back into the ring and prepares for her match.

Zack: These two women, former FFW Champions, have gone at one another’s throats twice before, and tonight the returning Mika Demidov looks to make it three for three against the gatekeeper that is Valerie Lamb.

Mai:...There’s got to be another name to call Valerie. How about awful? Yeah, awful. That works.

After the bell rings, Mika and Valerie stare down one another, Mika with a smug look on her lips while Lamb keeps her eye focused on the Red Star. Gleefully Demidov raises her hand to Valerie, raising up one finger...then another...and then another. She then points her thumb behind her, as if to tell the eldest McFarlane that one more win and she’s out.

Zack: Mike is, of course, reminding Valerie of those two victories she has before, and Valerie doesn’t look happy with that reminder. But the Lamb stays determined!

Mai:...I didn’t know Mika got baseball references.

Demidov mockingly blows a kiss to Valerie before backing away from Valerie, who stands there while Mika plays up wanting to start off with a lock up between them.  Valerie sighs, accepting the invitation to the lock up...but before Mika could pull off whatever dirty tactic she had in store, Valerie grabs Mika’s raised hand and spins it into a hammerlock behind the Russian, putting it in tightly as a reminder to Mika who she’s dealing with! Mika tries to elbow the redhead in the head, but Valerie cranes her neck back to keep away from the shots the Russian has in mind for her. Valerie twists the arm again until she’s in front of Mika, then pulls her forward into a short-arm clothesline! Mika’s on the ground, and Valerie folds her arms, shaking her head at a distance while she laughs at the Russian.

Zack: Mika got a little cocky to start off, and that gave Valerie the excuse she needed to go ham on the Empress!

Mai:...Don’t say ham again. Even if you’re talking about the food product.

Mika gets back up, feeling her chest where Valerie clotheslined her as she leers at the redhead. Lamb decides to egg Mika on for that, suggesting a lockup of her own. Mika just continues to leer at her as she slowly steps towards Lamb, then raises her hand up, only for Valerie to swing it back into a jab to Mika’s face, hitting knee strikes into the Russian’s legs until she sweeps a leg underneath, knocking Mika on her back! Valerie goes for the cover as the ref slides into place!



Zack: Just a two count for Valerie, but Mika got in a good hit on the Lamb!

Mika shoves her shoulder up, getting a good forearm shot in on Valerie’s face as she turns. It distracts Lamb long enough that Mika gets to her feet first, kicking Valerie’s ribs while she’s still getting up. Mika grabs Val by the head and pulls her up while she’s still grabbing her ribs, smashing her elbow into the redhead’s face before swiping with a southpaw! Val lands back on the ropes, which Mika gleefully uses to her advantage by kneeing the ribs again! Demidov continues to plant her knee into the midsection until the ref has to step in, warning Mika not to overdo it while Val was on the ropes. Mika just tells him where to stick it before she grabs Valerie by the head and hits a running bulldog headlock to the more experienced woman! Demidov rolls her over and hooks the leg for a pin!



Zack: Still not enough to keep Valerie down!

Mai: Oh c’mon, freakin’ BOW to your Empress already! You’re just delaying the inevitable!

Mika grabs Valerie by the arm to stand her up to her feet, then whips her into the nearest corner. Val lands back first, and Mika rushes with a clothesline to her throat against the turnbuckles before raising her leg and forcing her boot against the throat, not giving the Scot a moment to breathe until the ref counts to four. Mika then lets go, backing away...only to come back at Val and choke her boot against her throat again! The ref counts again, and Mika lets go at four, the referee yelling at her again for that!

Zack: The referee isn’t happy with Mika choking out Valerie twice in a row like that, and I can’t blame him!

Mai: I can. Let the Empress have her way, she deserves it!

Zack:...That...didn’t sound right.

Mika blows him off, as well as the crowd booing her for her actions, and she goes back to work on the redhead, chopping her hand across her chest. As if taunting everyone around her, Mika yells something to the crowd before grabbing Valerie’s hair to pull her out of the corner. Mika then climbs the turnbuckles, and hops to the outside while holding the large clump of red hair. Valerie’s throat lands on the top rope, and the bounce back causes Valerie to fly off her feet and onto the mat! Mika show boats while Valerie is grabbing at her throat, and the Russian slides back into the ring and bears a grin before leaping onto Valerie’s fallen body, stomping both feet down on the gatekeeper. Mika keeps one foot on Val’s chest for a cover while posing to the crowd’s boos.



Valerie reaches for Mika’s leg and yanks it off of her, causing Demidov to land squarely on her backside! While Mika processes what just occurred, Valerie is slowly getting to her feet, and before Demidov can get up Lamb is running to the ropes, bouncing off with a dropkick to Mika’s chest! Demidov falls to her back in response, and Valerie runs to the ropes again, springing off with a lionsault. Mika rolls out of the way in time, but Valerie lands on her feet, spinning to the now standing Russian to hit a knee strike to the gut, following it up with an enziguri to the blonde’s head! Mika collapses and Valerie goes for the cover again!




Zack: Valerie felt a bit of a surge for a come back, but it’s not enough to keep Mika down!

Mai: You don’t keep royalty down, yo!

Zack: For the last time, MIKA ISN’T REAL ROYALTY!

Mika kicks out! Valerie grabs Mika by the legs as she looks for a Boston crab, but Mika is able to kick Lamb off of her, Valerie stumbling back. Mika rolls to her feet again, and with Val having taken so much throughout the fight, decides to go with her ultimate move...a hiptoss! But it does leave Val floored!

Zack: With all that Valerie’s gone through, that hiptoss alone was enough to keep Valerie down!

Mai: But it’s a hiptoss of DOOM, Zack! DOOM!

Mika taunts the crowd, raising both hands as she raises the appropriate fingers for the Russian Victory sign as she signals for the Russian Burial! Demidov picks Valerie up, then hoists her up for a powerbomb, but as Mika takes a step back Valerie manages to land on her feet, then tackles Mika down! Valerie gets her legs in the appropriate position, then locks Mika in for the Encore! The crowd is going wild, awaiting the moment where Mika gives in to the pain Lamb is putting on her! It takes a moment, but Mika’s hand is eventually seen tapping out!


Maggie: Here is your winner...VALERIE LAMB!

Mika simply rolls out of the ring once Valerie lets go, the Russian falling to a seated position by the apron while Valerie stands up, grabbing her ribs while the referee raises her hand!

Zack: A good welcome back from Mika, but it’s not the warmest of returns after Val gets the win off her!

Mai: Big whoop. The score is still 2-1, Zacko Warner, and our TRUE Queen Supreme is in the lead!

Starla’s Position

The show heads to the back, where we find the outgoing COO Cody Kincaid along with his consultant for the No Surrender division, both standing around Amber Carano.

Amber: I’m here with Cody Kincaid & Starla McCLoud, who have some news to share with us relating to the No Surrender division. But before we get to that, Cody, I do have a question for you. Do you know who will be replacing you yet, and what will happen to the position you created for Dr. McCloud here?

Cody: No, Amber. I’m not aware of who might replace me, and I don’t expect to know either. It’s not a decision that has to be discussed with or run past me. All I know is that I’m still here through the end of the month doing my job just as focused and diligent as I ever did. As for Starla here, the only thing that changes for her is that she’d report to Samantha until a replacement is named. She could even be in consideration. There’s been plenty of people wanting the job, even Silas Mason has been lobbying about it.

Amber’s eyes widened a bit.

Amber: Silas Mason wants to be second in command of FFW? I’m not sure he’d be the best possible choice. What do you think, Dr. McCloud?

There was a hesitation from the red haired woman; a pause for thought and contemplation.

Starla: I think Silas Mason would be a very interesting choice. A marked departure from Mr. Kincaid in almost everyway that I could imagine. He strikes me as a man that is perhaps a little too much… bluff and bluster and given his interactions with some members of the roster, a very difficult man to get along with. I’m not certain that he and I would be able to foster a good working relationship at all.

She looked towards Cody.

Starla: As for me being in consideration for the role? It’s a mighty big role for any single person to take on - some big shoes to fill. I’d be honored if my name appeared on the shortlist for the position, though I figure I’d probably be a dark horse in any conversation. Though, Samantha is always capable of surprising people. Until she makes a decision, I’m more than happy to help in any way that I can - be it with the No Surrender division or more wide ranging and as a sounding board to bounce ideas off of.

Cody: We’ll see what happens there. But this isn’t what we are here to discuss. Starla and I have been discussing some of her ideas as it pertains to the No Surrender division. We’ve worked out a few things, and I have already put my stamp on what she’s about to tell you.

Amber turns her attention back to Starla.

Starla: First of all there’s the issue of Savannah Taylor, the former No Surrender Champion who lost her title belt to Natalya Demidov at Unstoppable 8. As I’m sure you are aware, she is owed a rematch for that title belt. And she will get that at Global Wars - no matter what happens between then and now or at Sin & Sacrifice, Savannah Taylor will be the mandatory challenger and face whoever the Champion is at FFW’s final PPV of the year, Global Wars.

The former No Surrender Champion turned consultant took a deep breath before she continued.

Starla: The second of my suggestions that Mr. Kincaid has approved pertains to the Submissions Count Anywhere match at Sin & Sacrifice between Lily-Rose and OE Ayano. I know first hand how tough that particular match stipulation is; I know the level of sacrifice that is required just to compete in those matches and how dangerous it can be. It’s an out and out war and it’s being fought between two women who already don’t like each other - as we’ve seen in recent weeks. Therefore, whoever, survives this match with their hand raised in victory will also be given a shot at the No Surrender Championship.

Cody: I’m looking forward to seeing both of those matches when they take place. Starla here has been an excellent consultant since she took the position, and I think she’s an asset in any role she occupies.

Amber: Well that certainly raises the stakes for both Lily-Rose and O.E. Ayano coming up at Sin & Sacrifice. Thank you both for talking with me tonight.

As Amber concludes, the show heads to a commercial for Sin & Sacrifice.

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Breaking Point returns from the commercial break, and heads back to ringside with a spotlight over Maggie before she begins to speak.

Zack: Fans, we’ve taken our last commercial break of the evening. And it’s just in time for what promises to be a wild main event, to say the least. And you can color me thrilled that I have my favorite former broadcast partner joining me, Erica Horton.

Erica: And you can colour me thrilled that I’m back beside you for this! Global Wars continues, and while Scotland didn’t score points tonight, more are on the board for Japan and Brazil. A lot of history coming back to us right now, which makes this the wild main event Zack just mentioned.

Maggie: The following six woman tag team match is your main event of the evening, and it is part of the Global Wars series!

The lights in the arena go almost out, allowing yellow and blue strobes to take effect as the quietly intense opening of Rev Theory’s “Something New” starts over the speakers. On the sound of the notes, the crowd jeers and from under the stage, The Brazilian Storm, Bianca and Mel, are lifted.

Love to hate, repeating my mistakes
Now there's no one left to listen...
No one left to listen...
Take a chance, and fuck the consequence
When there's no one left to listen...
No one left to listen...

The two friends look to each other, grin and fist bump. Looking out around them, they continue to grin at the reaction they’re getting. From there, they begin their walk towards the ring.

Right now! We’re taking control!
Tired of waiting! Tired of waiting!
For something new!
Right now! We’re taking control!
Tired of waiting! Tired of waiting!
For something new!

Ignoring the outstretched arms of fans who want a high-five, the Brazilians make their way to the ring, where Mel pulls herself onto the apron using the ropes, and Bianca stops right under her, where the two rogues strike a pose, with Mel taking a soft dip of a bow, and Bianca opening her arms wide.

Maggie: Introducing first… From Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre, Brazil… MEL AVILO… BIANCA SALVADOR… THE BRAZILIAN STORM!!!

Mel then steps into the ring and Bianca rolls under the bottom rope right afterwards. The two of them then make their ways to opposite turnbuckles, both climbing on the second rope and staring at the booing crowd, diminishing the negative welcome they’re getting from the crowd their own way before they hop back to the ring and meet once again in the center of the ring, sharing another fist bump, before they retreat to their corner to strategize.

Zack: The former Unity Champions, and two women hellbent on getting those back sooner than later. Mel & Bianca complement each other well, and are currently the #1 contenders to the Unity titles. They will also be looking to add to the scoreboard for their country as well.

Erica: They certainly do, in ways both good and bad. Getting points behind them as England and America did earlier is basically paramount for those two right now, and maybe the only goalposts they’re seeing. Other than kicking the heads off the Express...

As “City on Lockdown” by Yellow Claw Ft. Lil Debbie (FFW Edit)  plays a large cloud of mist begins to spray up from the stage. It's a thick cloud that keeps building up on the stage as we also see the arena lights blinking in sync with the beat of the music. The lights don't stop blinking till we start hearing the first lyrics of the song

“Roof is blazing for me
Let that Motherucker Burn now...”

It's then that we see Nevaeh Summers eventually make her way through the mist with her arms spread out wide. Nevaeh is wearing black sunglasses as well as a Poisoned by Ivy military jacket with platinum trim. As we keep looking at Nevaeh we also spot her wearing platinum colored leather pants running down her leg. The side of each leg is laced up with black fabric, showing of her skin. On her feet we see black furry boots and kickpads. On the front of each kickpad appears her logo as there is a globe and a “NS” in the center of it while “World's' scrolls on the top and “Finest” scrolls on the bottom as she waltzes onto the stage.

Her manager Silas Mason is right behind her wearing his customary black suit, but a platinum tie to go along with what Nevaeh is wearing. He makes his way to the center of the stage while Nevaeh looked around the building with a smug expression.

Nevaeh makes her way to the center of the stage as now her logo appears right under her feet. She stands with her back to the ring as Silas stands by her side. Nevaeh begins shaking one arm slowly than the other. She rolls her neck slowly as Silas starts talking to her, but to where we can't hear a word shared between them. She begins nodding her head, getting more animated as the beat of the music picks up. She hears the lyrics...

Bitch I'm on fire, we bout to burn the fucking club down”

When Nevaeh hears it she suddenly snaps around, arm stretched out wide, her head tilted up as she looks up at the ceiling. As she strikes this pose three large white flames shoot up on each side of her on the stage The flames reach high into the air, till they turn into smaller flames bursting out of the stage out of the stage every other second.

With flames bursting around her we still see Nevaeh in her pose, her head tilted up towards the ceiling of the large stadium. The camera began running up towards where she and Silas stood till they were up close. Nevaeh now lowered her head back down and looked towards the ring and began walking down the ramp.

Maggie: Making her way to the ring at this time, accompanied by Silas Mason, she resides in Los Angeles, California and weighs in tonight at 120 pounds. She is “The World's Finest” Nevaeh Summers

As they make their way down the ramp we switch to an overhead view of Nevaeh and Silas walking down the ramp with the logo following along under them, the globe actually spinning as they do.

Nevaeh reaches the bottom of the ramp and stops, stretching her arms out to the side. Silas now goes about removing her jacket for her as we see Nevaeh is wearing a leather Platinum and black strapped top. Nevaeh is also wearing platinum colored fingerless gauntlets.

Nevaeh stands there for a few moments before slowly removing the sunglasses and tossing them off to the side. She then quickly runs to the ring, sliding in under the bottom rope and gets back to her feet. Nevaeh then approaches the middle of the ropes facing the hard camera and climbs up them, hooking a leg over the top rope and straddling it as Silas makes his way into the background.. She now sits there and looks out to the capacity crowd. She eventually lowers her head and after a moment snaps her head back and her arms out. Multiple spotlights soon shift down onto her, basking her in the light as Silas stands resolute behind her.

Nevaeh keeps striking the pose till she sees fit. Once she has she gets off the ropes and makes to the opposite side of the ring where she puts one foot on the bottom rope and the other on the middle. She bounces on them while looking out to the crowd and stretches her arms out yet again.

She then waves her arms wildly at the crowd before heading to a corner. Silas gets on the ring apron and begins whispering to her as Nevaeh rolls her shoulders.

Zack: I shudder to think of what things would be like if Silas Mason actually gets the COO job after Cody’s departure. I know he wants it, and I’m sure Nevaeh would love it too, but still...

Erica:  ...Why the hey do you need to put thoughts in my head like that, Zack? I already can’t stand the sight of him. In any case, Team Brazil have teamed with Nevaeh before, and it worked out well for them. And she’ll be using this as a platform to get back to the FFW Championship, as well as that target on Andi.

Maggie: And their opponents…


[Cue the chiptunes and 8-bit sprites! Coming dashing out from the back is Andi Takata, hopping about excitedly, while her partner Kaoru Asaka follows behind at a more reasonable pace....]


[As Kaoru crouches at the top of the ramp, Andi takes off towards the crowd to get them dancing along with her, side to side!]


[Asaka springs up with her fist high in the air, and walks down to the ring, past...]


[Asaka tries to get past Andi to get to the ring, as she's hopping around and excited to be here!]


[Andi positions herself! Step out, arm up.]


[POSE! Crowd loves it! Then both girls slide in under the bottom rope, and make their way to opposite turnbuckles.]

Maggie: TOGETHER... THEY ARE.....

[Wyld Stallyns? NO! The girls ascend the turnbuckles!]

Maggie: They are the reigning FFW Unity Tag Team Champions…... THE BUUUURNING STAAAAAAR EXPREEEEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!

[And they climb down from the turnbuckles and get ready for their match as the music fades down.]

Zack: The most popular team in FFW history, the Burning Star Express, don’t go anywhere without all kinds of fanfare! Plus they have experience teaming with Miko, and like the Storm, Kaoru would LOVE to put points on the board for Japan.

Erica: You’re damn right she would, and doing it against the Storm, who like to make a big deal out of not pinning them as a team, would be the icing on that cake.

The entire arena goes dark as the sound of wind blows through the PA, after a moment a strange whine kicks on, slowly getting louder and drowning out the wind as blue and white light starts to slowly creep along the stage.

The silhouette of a woman walks out, shaded by the increasingly intense lights she comes to stand center stage before hunching over at the waist slowly as the sound and the light dim slowly. The sound turning down to nothing and the lights going so dull as to barely be perceptible.

A moment passes.



The stage erupts with blue fireworks as the tron rains down white sparks just behind the now revealed Miko Ayano!

Maggie: Introducing from Saga, Japan. Standing five-foot-six-inches tall and weighing in at one-hundred-eighteen-pounds, “THE WARP-DRIVE DRAGON” MIKO AYAAAAAAAAANOOOOOOOOOO~!!!

The Japanese woman surveys the crowd as the vocal droning of Anneke van Giersbergen heralds the Ayano’s arrival. After a moment Miko starts her trek down the ramp.

“Now we’ve arrived in a new time and world,
And elements are we of gold,
How many times are we able to see,
In the infinite void of the soul”

Miko arrives at ringside, she hops up onto the apron on a knee then comes to a stand, resting her forehead on the top rope for a moment.

“All that way,
Gonna give it away?
You’re gonna give it away to some muscle?”

With that she bolts to the corner from the apron, standing with one foot on the top buckle bracket and her other on the middle buckle bracket she raises surveys the crowd again.

“Long, long way,
Til the pain is at bay-”

Miko lifts her arm then with the scream of Devin Townsend-


- and pumps her fist-








BOOM! White sparks start falling from overhead as Miko leaps into the ring. The music twisting into a medly as the crowd is split between cheering and screaming along with Anneke’s backing vocals.


This world seems arrogant,
Sick and demented!”


“SOOO you bet your body and soul?”

Miko comes to a stand dead center of the ring as the chorus arrives, she slowly bends at the waist to rest her palms to the mat, the lights of the arena dimming as she lowers.


A blue strobe light pulsates with every word Townsend belts out.


At this Miko starts to rise slowly to a stand.


At this white spotlights star to spin around in dizzying patterns, highlighting the crowd in the darkened arena.


The entire arena starts flashing blue and white, just as-


White and blue pyro explodes from each corner of the ring as Miko stands dead center of it, arms spread wide and head tilted back as powerful white floodlights illuminate the ring to an almost painful degree. The crowd roars and hucks several blue, silver and gold streamers into the ring for her as the lights slowly go back to normal and the music fades out. Freeing herself from the streamers, Miko walks over to her corner to await the opening bell.

Zack: Miko Ayano returned to FFW at Unstoppable 8, and you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who has had more spotlight about them as a result.

Erica: Like the Express, Miko has a lot behind her in terms of support and fanfare, as we hear every time she steps into the ring. She’s come good since taking that fall to Felicity though, with a rather impressive win over Freya.

Referee Jennifer Stringer checks all SIX women for any foreign objects before she calls for the bell, while both teams decide who will be starting.

Zack: Let me tell you who I don’t envy for this match: senior referee Jennifer Stringer who has been tasked with keeping this all under control.

Erica: That makes two of us. And likely everyone else around here. This is going to be interesting just because of that.

Miko tells the BSX to let her start before they both head to the corner. Bianca decides to start for her team, while Miko starts pumping her arm to get the crowd going. It works pretty well as the pair head towards the center, with Bianca already talking some smack as she pokes her finger into Miko’s chest while she does. Miko stares down at that finger as Bianca starts flexing a bit, welcoming her to the gun show as Miko tilts her head and watches her for a brief second. And while she does this, Miko shrugs her shoulders and shouts “HAI!” before laying into her with a knife edge chop across the chest. Bianca’s jaw falls open before Miko starts firing them off rapidly one after another before she backs her into the ropes. Ayano fires her across to the far side, and catches her on the rebound with a chop from both arms this time that makes the blonde shout. A leg sweep takes her down to the canvas, followed by a double leg drop as Miko rolls to her feet. The crowd does the same as Bianca lays on the match clutching her exposed chest.

Erica: If Miko Ayano is known for one thing, it’s how sodding hard she hits people! Bianca’s chest is going a hell of a shade of red and we’re not even a minute into the match!

Zack: This might not have been a good time to welcome everyone to the gun show! Miko’s lighting up Bianca’s chest like a Christmas tree, and the “Typhoon” is gonna be purple tomorrow.

Bianca rolled towards the ropes, still holding one arm against her chest as she got to her feet. Miko moved in behind her, and tapped her on the shoulder. When she turned around, Miko shouted another “HAI!” and started firing those chops across Bianca’s chest once more. Salvador pulled both arms to cover her chest in pain, which only gave Miko the opening to start firing kicks into her thighs with both feet. Salvador couldn’t move fast enough though, before she got spun around again for three more knife edge chops. The last one sent her through the ropes to the apron, where she hopped down to the floor and rubbed her chest. A small trickle of blood could already be seen, courtesy of those chops.

Erica: There are not many people who could make another person actually bleed from chops, but Miko Ayano is definitely one of them. Bianca’s really gonna feel that in the morning.

Zack: Bianca Salvador is getting the key to Chop City, and I don’t think Miko’s even nearly tired of it yet!

Mel hopped down off the apron to check on her partner, seeing the trickle of blood brought on by Miko. But Ayano immediately rolled out to the floor. Mel pointed her out as Miko grabbed the blonde’s head, bounced it off the apron and threw her back inside. Ayano followed in after her as Bianca sat up on her knees, holding up one hand and covering her chest with the other. Miko moved towards her, shaking her head and connecting with a low dropkick to her chest. She quickly mounted her, raining punches to her head before she rolled off to one side and started bringing those same chops down with both hands like a drum across her chest with Bianca on her back. She finally managed to roll away towards the ropes again, but Miko wasn’t about to let her leave a second time. As she came in behind her, Bianca used a drop toe hold to send her neck first across the middle rope. Salvador got back to her feet as Miko was trying to get her wind back, while the Typhoon looked down at her extremely bright exposed chest and seeing the cut brought across one breast from those chops.

Zack: Bianca finally got Miko down, using her own momentum against her. But I’d focus less on my chest right now, if I was her. Miko won’t stay down long, but look at that cut!

Erica: I can see why Bianca might be somewhat infatuated with it, but Miko will be perfectly happy to make it that much bigger if she’s not careful!

A scowl formed on the Typhoon’s face as she took off for the far side, and landed a leg drop across her back with Miko still leaning over the middle rope. She pressed her throat into the rope, trying to choke her more as the referee counted to four before she stopped. Salvador jerked her to the canvas by her feet, and executed a fist drop to her head. She then grabbed her feet, and used a catapult to send Miko into the corner chest first. Salvador hit a corner clothesline to crunch her against it before tagging in Mel. The other half of the Storm moved around behind Miko, and sent her flying with a release German suplex to the canvas. As Ayano started to rise, Mel scooped her up with ease and planted her with a running powerslam.

Zack: Now you got the power half of the Storm in the ring. Mel’s gonna punish Miko, and have a great time doing it. And maybe part of it is for turning her partner’s chest into a red light.

Erica: I imagine a lot of it is for turning Bianca a shade of red. That and the fact Mel seems a lot more...angry, recently.

With the Warp Drive Dragon starting to get up again, Mel bounced off the near side with a running knee lift to her face that put her right back down. Avilo connected with a single knee facebreaker before making the cover. Stringer was immediately in position.

Zack: Nothing but power, and Mel’s looking for a knockout win right here!



Miko kicked out at the two, causing Mel to rise to her feet and start to pull Ayano with her. She got her to her knees before Miko used a headbutt into her stomach to stop her for a second. Miko made it back up to a vertical base when Mel went to clock her, only for it to get blocked with a “HAI!” and a knife edge chop from way back to the chest!

Erica: Mel’s power game doesn’t work too well when you’re as quick as Miko, apparently. She’ll be looking to do to Mel what she did to Bianca!

With Mel holding her chest now, Miko bolted past her and used the middle rope for a springboard into a spinning wheel kick that flattened Avilo. Miko rebounded off the near side again for a rolling leg drop before she headed to her corner and tagged Andi. With Mel starting to get to her hands and knees, Andi didn’t step up as much as climb up to the top rope and come off with a guillotine leg drop across the back of her head. Takata rolled through to her feet, and took off towards the ropes on the far side. Mel began to rise again before Andi left her feet for a flying headscissors that saw Takata spinning around for about three revolutions before snapping Mel to the canvas. Andi kipped up to her feet with a smile as the crowd showed their approval.

Erica: Heeeeeere’s Andi! And Mel isn’t quite sure what hit her! She’s about to become all too aware of it though!

Zack: If Mel didn’t realize Andi had got the tag, she knows now! By far, she is the quickest member of this team!

Andi made the tag to Kaoru as Mel was getting up, but Takata caught her with a superkick before Kaoru delivered another. Mel staggered the other direction, ate another from Andi, and another from Kaoru before a pair of them caught her flush on the chin at the same time! Kaoru dove for the cover!

Zack: Mel’s been invited to a SUPERKICK PARTY! And Nevaeh may not even get a tag tonight!



Mel’s arm popped up just in time as Kaoru got back to her feet. She snatched Mel to her feet ina  bearhug as Andi came in illegally to bounce off the ropes with a blockbuster and roll back out. Mel collapsed again before Kaoru went for the cover once more.

Zack: That’s the SOLAR FLARE!!



Bianca kicked Kaoru in the ribs, breaking up the cover before getting back to ringside. Mel looked around as though she wasn’t sure where she was.

Erica: Mel doesn’t have a clue! And not a soul in this place can blame her! That’s one hell of a beating she’s taken, all thanks to one Express!

Asaka started to pull Mel to her feet, firing shots into her abdomen to double her over. When she did, Asaka took off for the far side and left her feet as Mel was starting to stand up. Avilo snatched her out of midair for a spinebuster that no one saw coming. Both women lay on the mat as Mel was the first to start moving. The brunette sat up finally, looking around for her where both Bianca and Nevaeh had their hands out for a tag. Avilo shook her head, and tried to get her bearings before she crawled towards them and made the tag to Nevaeh. The “World’s Finest” stepped through, and connected with her springboard moonsault onto Kaoru for a quick cover.

Zack: She calls that the BEST MOONSAULT EVER! Nevaeh looking to pick the bones!



Asaka got her shoulder up before the three, and Nevaeh immediately went to a side chinlock, grinding it in as tightly as she could with Kaoru on the mat.

Erica: She might call it that, but it certainly wasn’t enough to keep Kaoru down. So might as well do the logical thing and wear her down first.

Nevaeh continued to grind her arm around Kaoru’s head, talking to her the whole time as she did it. When Asaka started to try to get up, Nevaeh transitioned into a front facelock on the mat and began to roll around in all directions with her. Asaka was rolled considerably before Nevaeh went right back to the side chinlock again.

Zack: Nevaeh is playing this smartest, she’s trying to slow the pace of this match down. She borrowed that gator roll from Caroline, and right back to grinding that side chinlock.

Erica: Well if Caroline took what Nev believed to be hers, make sense she takes something back, I guess. In any case, it’s always a good idea to grind down someone like Kaoru.

It certainly seemed to take some of the fire out of Kaoru as she started trying to get up to her feet again, this time much slower. As soon as she did, Nevaeh fired a few punches into her face and brought her back down with a side Russian leg sweep. When Asaka tried to get up again, Nevaeh cinched her around the waist for a German suplex before pulling her back up into a wheelbarrow facebuster. Once more, she went for the cover!

Zack: And there’s the HEATWAVE! Nevaeh looking to call it an early night here in Nashville!



Asaka popped her shoulder prior to the three as the crowd began chanting her name. Nevaeh got to her feet with an irritated expression. She pulled Kaoru with her, planting her head and taking off for a running powerbomb. But Asaka surprised her by rolling through into a pin!



Erica: Well Nevaeh certainly didn’t see that coming, and the near fall proved it!

Nevaeh barely kicked out before the three, and rolled away from Kaoru. However, the would-be Evolution Champion immediately started heading for her corner for a tag. Nevaeh got her bearings, and went to stop her by grabbing her foot when she got up. Asaka hopped on one foot as the smug Nevaeh asked her what she was going to do….before she ate an enzuigiri to the back of her head! Both women collapsed to the mat, and Kaoru started for the corner again.

Erica: Kaoru gave out what might have been the last of her strength with that kick, and she could really do with the tag as a result. So could Nevaeh mind you, who’s definitely down.

Kaoru made it to the corner, and tagged Andi back in. And as soon as Takata stepped through, she started bouncing on her feet as she looked across at Nevaeh. The blonde glanced towards her corner with both partners reaching for a tag, and then back to Andi with a hateful glare and got back to her feet, encouraging Andi to come at her!

Zack: Can you believe that? Nevaeh had an opening to make a tag, but with Andi in...she wants to fight! Andi’s been waiting on this, and Sin & Sacrifice is about to get a hell of a preview!

Erica: It isn’t half! And I seriously doubt they’re gonna be able to get it all out in just this once sitting either!

Andi took her up on the invitation as the two went straight at each other, and began to trade right hands in a fury! Takata wasn’t getting the better of it though as Nevaeh pounded her back into the ropes. She whipped Andi across to the far side. And as Takata rebounded, Nevaeh went for a spinwheel kick...to which Andi cartwheeled around and landed back on her feet. When Summers turned back to face her, Andi lunged forward with a Thesz press and began unloading with more right hands that brought the crowd to their feet!

Zack: I think Nevaeh should have made the tag when she had the chance, because Andi is the freshest woman in this match! And she’s got energy to burn!

Erica: She really should have, but that was her mistake to make. One that she’s really, really paying for right now mind you.

Takata rolled to her feet, and bounded towards the ropes...just to shoulderblock Bianca off the apron. She turned back around as Nevaeh was starting to rise, and bolted at her. She left her feet for a hurricanrana that snapped Summers down into a rollup! Stringer dove into position for the cover!




The count never finished when Mel caught Andi with a yakuza kick to the head that sent her off the cover. Stringer went to get her out of the ring as Bianca came in behind her. As soon as Andi popped up, Bianca snatched her up and connected with her….


She dragged Nevaeh for the cover, and exited the ring with Mel. Stringer moved back into position to count.




Nevaeh was yanked off the cover by Miko before the three came down. Summers made it to her feet as the referee ushered Miko back out. When Nevaeh berated her for doing so and then turned back, Andi rolled her up in a small package! The referee was still getting Miko out as Mel came in and rolled the small package over with Nevaeh on top. The referee went to get her out as Kaoru came in and rolled it back. Finally the referee made the count!!




Nevaeh kicked out in time before the three, making sure it was just a two as the referee held up two fingers.

Erica: Nevaeh would do well for herself if she could focus more on what she’s supposed to be doing rather than what everyone else is doing.

Summers got back to her feet, grabbing Andi’s head in the process. But Takata surprised her with a jawbreaker that rocked her backwards into the corner. It gave Andi a chance to pull herself together before she darted towards the corner, leaving her feet for a monkey flip that sent Nevaeh flying up and over to the canvas. Takata pulled herself to her feet, and started to head up to the top rope.

Zack: That’s the last place anyone on the other team wants Andi to be, because the Lucky Star is about to take flight!

Zack was right as Andi launched herself into a shooting star press….only for Bianca to pull Nevaeh out of harm’s way. Takata crashed into the canvas hard, causing many boos from the crowd. Stringer went to get her out, but Kaoru headed into the ring and took her down with a double leg sweep and started trading punches with her on the mat. Andi started dragging herself towards the corner, while Nevaeh went towards her own with a fistfight on the mat between Kaoru and Bianca.

Erica: Bianca doing what most people would do for their teammates and might have started a war while doing so! ...Not that anyone’s surprised, it is Bianca after all.

Kaoru and Bianca continued, still throwing punches as Nevaeh made the tag to Mel as Andi tagged in Miko back into the match. As the referee was trying to get Bianca and Kaoru out of the ring, Mel stepped in. Miko was about to when she got pulled down off the apron….by Felicity Banks, who had been sitting ringside for the show. Ayano was spun around as Felicity crashed a beer bottle upside her head that busted her open, and dropped her to her knees.

Erica: What the hell?! Fel isn’t part of the roster anymore, but here she is battering people anyway!

Banks pulled her head back and pinched her nose before pouring the contents of another beer bottle down her throat, enough to make her gag and choke before she hurled her back into the ring. Mel took advantage quickly, and hoisted her up for her gutwrench driver! Avilo made the cover as the referee saw it and went to count.

Zack: MEL-BOMB!!




Stringer called for the bell as Bianca managed to break away from Kaoru, who looked up when she heard the bell. The referee raised Mel’s hand as she got to her feet as Bianca joined her and then helped Nevaeh up as well.

Zack: Banks shattered a beer bottle against her head, and then poured it down her throat! Miko’s a recovering alcoholic too! But all that’s moot now, because Nevaeh and the Brazilian Storm pick up the win….and three points for Brazil!

Felicity seemed amused by her handiwork before security headed down from the back. She immediately hopped back over the barricade, and darted up the steps to leave the arena. Mel raised both of her partners’ hands to boos from the crowd as Miko lay on the canvas, choking and trying to catch her breath.

Erica: Felicity out here completely and utterly messing with people for...reasons, I guess, not that the Storm or Nevaeh seem to care! Important thing for them is three points on the board for Brazil!

Andi and Kaoru went to help Miko on the mat as Nevaeh and the Storm exited the ring. Bianca grinned as she looked at the video wall, seeing the scoreboard go up by 3 for Brazil.

Zack: There you see it! All six countries had a chance to score tonight, and we have a three way tie with 3 points for England, the USA, and now Brazil!

Erica: That we do! GLobal Wars carries on with Velocity, where we should start to see a lead opening up!

Zack: This Thursday, more points are up for grabs as well as Evolution gold when Kaoru and Steph meet for the title!

Miko continued coughing up beer on the canvas as Breaking Point faded off the air.

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