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FFW Future Shock - Episode 26

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Author Topic: FFW Future Shock - Episode 26  (Read 115 times)
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« on: September 12, 2017, 09:29:35 pm »

Live from the Future Shock Arena in Boston, Massachusetts
September 12, 2017

The FFW logo flashes across the screen before we open on a pair of legs in heels and a miniskirt as they head down a hallway. Cut inside a classroom where we find more than a few recognizable Prospects, such as Ji-Hu making a loud noise sucking her Slurpee. The girl in front of her, Harley, shakes her head and looks like she’s about to do something about it as she glances to the teacher at the front of the class writing on a whiteboard. Sitting just out of shot is a brunette playing a Sonic 3DS game with a rose across her desk. Cut back to the woman in the hallway as the camera pans up to see it’s Brianna Singer. The redhead glances both directions before she pulls the fire alarm with a smirk. “Confident” by Demi Lovato begins to play immediately. The girls in the classroom bolt out of their seats towards the door, and outside.

As they pour out, a hand is shown smacking the side of an old truck door before the camera pans up to see Mallory in the driver’s seat as she looks over to Gillie reading a book. Caitlyn & Mandy Gray hop onto the truck bed before it takes off. The camera pans left to see Valentina & Isis stepping into a limousine. We cut to clips from Future Shock itself, showing Caitlyn connecting with a savate kick, Valerie McKinley extending her arms to a very unhappy crowd, Bianca Salvador burning rubber out of a parking lot, Sienna pacing back and forth angrily in the ring, Austin MacKendrick cracking her knuckles, NHB hitting their Devastation Day Device, and finally Anna screaming at the referee to ring the bell.

The video cuts next to what looks like an old barn as all the talent approaches, with Ashleigh Powell pulling the doors open for them. Off to the side of the barn is what looks like a parked...space ship with an orange ninja inspecting it curiously. Inside we find Cereza looking up at a double ring with a cage around it, a choir singing and surrounding someone they are obscuring from the camera. The camera then shows Qilin trying to hand pamphlets to the talent as they head inside, while Carmen stands at the top of the loft looking down towards them as they enter. The final image is overlooking a woman’s shoulder as she brings her hand up to form a fist when cockroaches begin to come out of the ground before the Future Shock logo appears on the screen.

Pyro erupts throughout the Future Shock Arena as the fans in attendance make plenty of noise seeing themselves on television. The camera pans the crowd all around before it turns to Zack in the booth.

Zack: Welcome once again to the home of Future Shock here in Boston! You’re looking at and hearing the enthusiasm of the FFW faithful here at the Future Shock Arena! We got a huge card on tap, including Harley Shannon’s third Aspire Ring defense against Mandy Gray in the main event. Lacey will make her debut against Rose Gardner, and we have a grudge tag match to kick things off.

As Zack finishes, he is joined by the King of Submissions, who puts on his headset and takes a seat.

Zack: There’s my broadcast partner, nice to see you as always, Lyn! Let’s send it up to the ring for our opening contest.

The show cuts to Gaby in the ring in one of her usual short dresses before she begins with a smile on her face.

Gaby: The opening contest of Future Shock is a tag team match scheduled for one fall.

Zack: I’m curious to see how these two teams work together. I know we’ve seen first ever pairings do some amazing things like with Andi and Bianca, but I think this might be different.

Lyn: I think the phrase to use here is ‘Strange Bedfellows’.

The dark, haunting opening chords of “Liar Liar” fill the arena as it is bathed in silver strobes. As the drums and guitar kick in, the lights flash out momentarily and a spotlight comes on to show a man and a woman, The woman is Angel, and the man Christian Kincaid. Angel is down on bended knee, fist pushed into the ramp. She comes up without warning and as she does,pyro goes off around her.

Gaby: Making her way to the ring, please welcome ANGEL!

Would you pray if I said you were dying?
Would you be a little stronger, or fall down on your knees?
Would you stay with me if you knew that I was lying?
Would you walk away or turn the other cheek?

I tremble where I stand,
My wish is your command,
The nature of a truly desperate heart.
Give me something real so I can truly feel,
(Liar liar) on the wall.

As the verse and bridge are played, Angel and Christian make their way down the ramp, the platinum blond deliberately keeping as far from any fan contact that she can, looking to Christian occasionally. At the bottom of the ramp, she stops and looks out around her while Christian has headed to her corner.

Whisper, whisper in the dark,
Tell me what you see.
Poisoned by your fly-infested poetry.
Liar, Liar on the wall, give the world to me.
Wasteland or a monarchy (liar liar)
Tell me what you see…

Angel walks up the steps and through the middle rope, where she heads to her corner and waits for Christian to hop up to share some last minute things with her and the music goes out.

Zack: The only person I’ve ever seen Angel work well with in a team is her manager, Christian Kincaid. I’m not sure at all how she will gel with Casey though.

Lyn: Her name is Angel, Casey things herself a savior. THEY’RE PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER! ...Sarcasm. So much sarcasm.

The arena is plunged into darkness, punctuated only by the soft, subtle, plucking of harp strings picking out the tune from the hymn “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands” only just loud enough to be audible by the capacity crowd. As it plays a group of people start to emerge from the backstage area in the darkness, forming up in ranks on the stage quietly humming the tune as they do so. The choir finally gets all formed up on the stage in a semi-circle; the song getting louder and louder as more voices add to it only to cut suddenly as, with a fanfare of trumpets, a sudden blinding white light floods the whole building. The light narrows down to a single point high above the stage where a single figure is slowly descending from the heavens. The woman almost seems to be glowing in her bright white robes, her hair almost a flame red crown around her head. The eyes of the choir all turned towards her, singing out an awed ‘Aaaah aaaaah aaaah’ to accompany the angel’s descent only for her to become more and more recognisable as Casey Atherton the lower that she gets. As she lands in the middle of the horseshoe two members of the choir move forward to help her out of her robes, leaving her in brilliant white ring tights and smock like top. Cradling her hands together, the red haired woman begins to slowly walk down the entrance ramp; the choir following behind her as they start to sing. All the time the woman is bathed in the same bright, pure white light.

She's got the whole world in her hands
She's got the whole wide world in her hands
She's got the whole wide world in her hands
She's got the whole world in her hands

As she makes it to the ring, she extends her arms out from her body, almost in a crucifix position and two members of her choir lift her up almost reverentially onto the ring apron, while two more scurry up onto the apron and hold the ropes open for Casey to step inside the ring as the rest of the choir surround the ring, continuing to sing the song as Atherton flashes a bright smile to the crowd, circling the ring only to stop on each side of the ring and bless those in attendance.

Gaby: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome at this time...THE SAVIOR OF FUTURE SHOCK!!!

Casey finally returns to her corner, eyes turned to the heavens as she seems to be praying while she waits for the match to begin.

Zack: Just like Angel, I’ve only ever seen Casey work well with one partner, that being Starla McCloud. Angel and Starla have nothing in common other than gender though.

Lyn: I’m sure if I sit here long enough I can come up with another thing in common... But we don’t have that kind of time.

People get to their feet as “”Burn” by Alkaline Trio fills the Future Shock arena. From the back comes “Reckless” Britt Kane with a focused look on her face. She slaps a few hands that stick out over the rails.

Gaby: And coming to us from Syracuse, New York, she is “Reckless” Britt Kane!

By the time Gaby finishes her announcement, Britt is wiping her boots on the ring apron and enters the squared circle. She stretches using the ropes as the music fades off.

Zack: The last time we saw Britt in the ring, she came up a little short against Mila Martin. But this is yet another new experience for her, working as a team.

Lyn: Every drop of experience helps, that much is for sure. Let’s hope that this one leads to victory.

The opening to “Our Truth” by Lacuna Coil kickstarts, feeling the arena with Cristina Scabbia’s symphonic wail. Its unique beat results in Kaya Crimson making a steady walk from behind the curtain. Chewing on a piece of bubblegum, she scans the crowd methodically. After her initial scan, she blows a bubble before heading down the ramp. A black hood shrouds all but her excited smile. Her walk down the ramp itself represents that as she throws her hands out to the crowd, smacking the hands of outstretched fans. She stops and points outward to Gabrielle Crimson, beckoning her to start her call.

Gaby: Making her way down to the ring...weighing at a 143 pounds...she is the Rockstar Revolution...KAYAAAAAAAAAAA CRIMSOOOOOOOOOON!

Only taking a few more steps down the ramp, she stops on the end of the it. From there, she takes a “break” on the barricade, allowing some lucky fans to get some up close and personal selfies and interactions with the Rockstar Revolution. She leaves them with a playful air, putting up the devil horns with her fingers while she saunters towards the ring.

When she ascends the ring apron, she shows a small usage of her athleticism, front-flipping over the top rope. With a roll to recover, she stays on one knee. The hood naturally falls off, revealing the full features of herself. The bright eyes of Kaya Lovelace displays her competitive glee as she points out to Gabrielle Crimson. She blows her a kiss and mouths “thank you” to her fellow Crimson. She heads to her designated corner, keeping her back turned to whatever. Lowering her head to the top turnbuckle, she begins her mental preparations. Most of which involves her rolling her wrists around in, garnering focus in the action.

Zack: This will be the first time we’ve seen Kaya in the ring since she arrived in Future Shock, and you know who she wants to get her hands on standing across the ring.

Lyn: She wants herself a piece of Casey and she’ll tear through every single choir member to do so.

Referee Kevin Fisk checks all four women before calling for the bell. Kaya and Britt play rock, paper, scissors to start, which Kaya wins. On the other side, Casey has long since stepped out of the ring when Angel looks around to find her. Angel glares back at the redhead as Christian tells her to look back, just as Kaya bolts across and catches her with a running forearm to the head. It rocks her backwards, and she eats two more of them before Kaya catches her with a back heel kick to the abdomen that doubles her over. She follows that up with a gutwrench suplex that finally puts Angel down. Crimson rolls to her feet, asking Casey if she wants a tag. But Atherton demures, so she drops an elbow into Angel’s chest.

Zack: You don’t see that often, Lyn. Kaya just made Casey an offer to tag in, but Future Shock’s self-appointed Savior wasn’t interested.

Lyn: Atherton trying to play it crafty here, but one senses she doesn’t want a piece of Kaya.

As Angel started back to her feet, Kaya caught her with a short knee to the ribs before she shoved her back into the nearest corner. She followed Angel in with a knee to the ribs before taking a step back, and unloading with a flurry of kicks to the body. As Angel finally got away from her, Kaya came in from behind with a half nelson suplex into a cover.



It was only a two before Angel kicked out, and Kaya glanced up to Britt who wanted a tag.

Zack: An early two count, and Kaya is doing a damn fine job of taking the fight right to Angel here in the early going.

Lyn: Angel doesn’t know what to do with her at this point and that knee to the ribs... That was an impact!

Crimson got to her feet, dragging Angel with her to the corner before she tagged in Britt. The pair joined forces as they whipped Angel across for the ride, and caught her with dual back elbows into the chest. Britt followed that up with a facebuster to the mat. As Kaya stepped out to the apron, Britt jerked Angel to her feet with an angered expression. A few forearms to the head followed that before she fired the veteran across into the corner. Angel struck back first before Britt barreled in with a running knee to the head that dropped her to her knees. She pulled Angel into a front facelock, and started what appeared to be a DDT. But the veteran countered with a double leg sweep into a catapult that caused Britt to strike the corner face first. It took Angel a few seconds to get her bearings, but she finally rose to her feet and followed up with a corner clothesline.

Zack: I think experience is going to be the biggest disadvantage in this match for Britt and Kaya. Angel and Casey have years of ring experience behind them, after all.

Lyn: Too true Zack but the other side of that, experience is the death of creativity and these two can work wonders that neither veteran may expect.

Angel struck her face into the top turnbuckle several times before bringing her back to the mat with a side Russian leg sweep. She quickly floated over for the cover as Fisk slid into position.



Britt got her shoulder up in time, causing Angel to mount her and began choking her with both hands until the referee got to a four count to break.

Zack: Angel can’t use her piano wire here, but she can certainly use her bare hands! She just enjoys hurting people, it’s as simple as that.

Lyn: It is hard to tell though... Her facial expressions never change.

Angel got to her feet, and went over to tag in Casey. The redhead stepped through, and stopped Angel from leaving just yet. Atherton hit the far side ropes...and caught Kaya with a clothesline off the apron to the floor. Crimson landed on her feet, and was about to get into the ring before the referee went to intercept her. Meanwhile, Casey and Angel pummeled Britt with boots to the body. They pulled her back to her feet, and shoved her into the ropes for a double flapjack to the canvas. Angel rolled out as Casey made the cover right as the referee had gotten Kaya restrained.

Lyn: Britt goes down and there’s the pin!



Britt got her shoulder up yet again as Casey pulled her to her feet. She locked in a front facelock, and then went for a slingshot suplex that dropped Kane back to the mat.

Zack: Britt needs to make the tag in the worst way right now. Casey has cut the ring in half with aplomb here.

The redhead turned the rookie over, and applied a camel clutch in the center of the ring. The referee moved into position to check for the submission, but none was forthcoming. Britt’s face was tensed in obvious pain though, pounding her foot into the mat and trying to get the crowd behind her. It was working too as Britt began trying to get her arms free. She got one free before Kaya came into the ring with a kick to the side of Casey’s head that knocked her to the mat. Fisk went to get her out, and it gave Britt a chance to get back to her feet. Casey wasn’t far behind her though, only for Kane to connect with a discus punch to the mouth. Two more shots landed against her jaw before Britt fired Casey across to the far side. As soon as Atherton rebounded, Britt left her feet with a Thesz press to unload shots into Casey’s head.

Zack: I think Britt’s found her second wind, and Casey’s catching all the hands she could ever possibly want!

Lyn: Kane giving Atherton those hands! ALL. OF. THOSE. HANDS.

Kane got back to her feet, and headed towards the corner to tag in Kaya. The newcomer couldn’t wait to get into the ring, and looked across at Casey who began to back away on her butt with a hand up, asking for mercy. Kaya darted to grab her feet, but was kicked backwards into her team’s corner. Casey grabbed the referee to ask him something as Angel wrapped the tag rope around Kaya’s neck behind him. She also pelted her with right hands in the process before Casey let Fisk go, and blasted Crimson with a palm strike that dropped her to her knees. Casey looked rather pleased with herself as she encouraged the crowd to give to the choir, only for Kaya to surprise her with a jawbreaker!

Zack: That might not have been the best time for a fundraiser, Kaya’s coming back again!


Crimson began to unload with shots as she got to her feet, hammering Casey with both hands. With Atherton reeling, Kaya took off towards the ropes and rebounded into a leaping forearm smash that flattened the “Savior” to the mat. Kaya jerked her to her feet, hoisting Casey up for a vertical suplex into a double knee backbreaker that ignited the crowd.

Zack: She calls that LOVE HURTS, Lyn! And trust me, there’s no love at all here! Kaya’s waited on this for weeks!

She dropped into the cover as the referee went to count.



Just as the three was about to strike, Angel came in and dragged her off the cover. Crimson got back to her feet, and started walloping Angel with rights now. Casey slowly began to get her wits about her as Britt charged into the ring again!

Lyn: Angel barely breaks up the hold and now we’ve got chaos everywhere!

Kane seemed to be measuring Casey for something, and was about to take off towards her when one of the Choir yanked her feet out from under her. It caused her to faceplant on the mat, while the referee was trying to get Angel out of the ring. Kaya had driven Angel back into the corner, and climbed up to the middle to hammer shots.

Zack: This tag match has devolved into nothing more than a brawl!

Lyn: The ref’s trying to get things back on track!

Casey swooped in behind Kaya, setting her up and immediately dropping her with her Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex! She immediately made the cover as Angel went to intercept Britt, who was starting to get up again.





Fisk called for the bell to the dismay of the crowd as Casey immediately got to her feet. Fisk raised the team’s hands in unison to louder boos as Britt went to check on her partner, who was even more angry now.

Gaby: Here are your winners…………..ANGEL & CASEY ATHERTON!!!

Zack: It took a lot more than these two women to secure this victory, but Angel & Casey picked up the win. And I don’t think this settled a thing!

As the pair started towards the back with the choir in pursuit, Kaya rolled out to the apron and dove off onto several choir members with a Superman punch. Britt followed suit with punches to anything in a robe before the other team disappeared to the back, and security managed to get the girls off the choir.

Lyn: These two are ready for blood here!

As Britt and Kaya were clearly looking for more of a fight, Future Shock heads to commercial.


Future Shock cuts to a video, whereupon we find a beautiful young girl with raven hair seemingly staring at herself in a full length mirror. Standing just off to the side of her is Christian Kincaid, as he looks over her shoulder a moment before addressing the camera.

Christian: How often do women around the world do this? They stand in front of a mirror, looking to make sure everything is just right. No hairs out of place. Makeup perfect. All that to give themselves the confidence to go out and do whatever it is they do in life: whether it be for a formal dinner, a date, whatever. But not everyone of them can look into a mirror and be quite happy with what they see each and every day. Confident that the woman looking back at them is the same one who is going to be there when the chips are down.

He gives the girl a pat on the shoulder as the camera moves around in front of her.

Christian: Future Shock fans the world over, I want you to meet Tara Cortez. To look at her, you’d think she was just some gorgeous 19 year old girl. And you’d be right, but there’s a lot more to Tara than meets the eye. She’s worked twice as hard for months in the Future Shock Center in Los Angeles, preparing herself and getting herself ready to make the step up here...to Future Shock. I’ve never seen anyone pick up things as quickly as she does, honestly she’s twice as fast at it as any of my past students. And I couldn’t be prouder of her as she gets ready to invade Future Shock itself.

The slender brunette, Tara, smiles as the camera now faces her.

Tara: Because it takes the hardest work to be better than the average wrestler. Twice as fast, twice as strong, twice as enduring… Twice as good. And I’m the one woman who can do it all, that much I can assure you. I’m the ultimate learner and the ultimate performer, just because I know exactly what to do, when to do. And if I don’t know… Give me half the time it takes your average bright mind to do it, and I’ll be there.

Tara now looks at Christian with a smirk and nods.

Tara: Of course it takes a manager like CK to recognize that. And as soon as you see me in action… You’ll realize why you’ll need more than 5 stars to talk about me. You’ll need 10.

Christian: Tara here is definitely the most unique talent I have ever come across in all the years I’ve been training and managing. There’s practically no one like her, and I think Future Shock is in for a big surprise when they see her do what she does best. Don’t get me wrong, there’s some tremendous talent on the Future Shock roster, but I can’t hardly think of anyone like Tara here. But before you guys start wondering…

He moves around behind her again, putting a hand on her shoulder.

Christian: You don’t have to worry about someone who doesn’t care about the rules. If there’s one thing Tara knows, it’s what’s right and wrong. What’s fair and what isn’t. And I think you will find her to be someone you can look up to. Someone you can try to emulate. Future Shock’s first #TenStarProspect is almost here, and I can’t wait for you all to see her.

Tara: Because it’s too easy to call yourself good when you’re an exploiter and an opportunist. No. Not me. I’m great within the boundaries of the sport. And I expect to dazzle Future Shock with the classiest wrestling style you could EVER expect from someone. And as soon as I enter the ring, it won’t take long for you to notice that.

Tara then looks at Christian with a smirk.

Tara: Maybe I could be a champion in half the time the majority of these guys take to make a name for themselves. Look forward to that.

Christian: It’s getting close. Future Shock’s first and only #TenStarProspect is going to leave everyone seeing all those stars we’ve talked about.

Her name flashes across the bottom of the screen as the pair walk away from the mirror, as does the reflection. On that, we head back to the live show.

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« Reply #1 on: September 12, 2017, 09:31:45 pm »

The show heads back to the ring, with the “Wildcat” standing front and center as she usually does at this point before a match.

Gaby: The following contest is scheduled for one fall.

Zack: Coming right up, we are about to see the in-ring debut of one of Future Shock’s newest Prospects. That’s not to say she didn’t make her presence felt at Wipeout.

Lyn: Just ask The Six String Sinner.

The dance beats of DJ Cutman's "I"m The Boss" blare through the sound system as lights blink in white, baby blue and purple. Skipping to the beat, Rose Gardner comes out from the back, with her arms open in an airplane-like stance before she stops right at the top of the ramp, staring into the crowd. She then makes her way down the ramp, highfiving as many fans as possible in the way. As the chorus of the music approaches, she darts to the ring and hops onto the second rope, showing off for the crowd, pointing to herself with her two thumbs as the lyrics say...

I'm the boss!
I'm the boss!
I'm very, very sorry for your loss!
I'm the boss!
I'm the boss!
And just in case I didn't get the point across

Gabrielle: Introducing first/And her opponent, from World 8-8, standing at 5'4"... POISON!!!

Poison then removes her sunglasses and throws it into the audience for some fan before hopping down to the ring and bouncing on the balls of her feet.

Zack: Rose Gardner, Future Shock’s pop culture waifu, has won over the Future Shock fanbase since she arrived. But that isn’t going to help her a whole lot with the woman she’s about to meet.

Lyn: If one could find two wrestlers more different.

The lights dim as the opening bars of “Turn You On” by Stitched Up Heart hit the speakers around the arena.

Are you awake, You're gonna have to hear the words I say
Don't you try turn away, I'm everything you ever dreamed I'd be
I'll make you wish that you never talked, Back to me
I can't wait to watch your ego bleed
Your pain will set me free

A red spotlight hits the curtain and Kyle Kilmeade walks out and proceeds to hold it open for Lacey to walk through. Stepping onto the stage in front of Kyle, Lacey wears a green and black one piece, which has a deep vee cut all the way to her navel, black fishnet tights and matching green and black boots. She runs her hands down her curves, while giving a little sway of her hips and then stands with her arms folded across her chest and her head lowers.  

I'd bite I'd scratch I'd hold you down, Just to turn you on
I'd leave you waiting tied and bound, Just to turn you on
Close your eyes, And come with me tonight
I'd burn this whole room to the ground, Just to turn, just to turn you on

She snaps her head up and flings her arms out at the sides of her in one fluid motion, almost as if someone has just pulled the strings on a puppet. Keeping her gaze straight ahead she slowly smirks before lowering her arms to her sides and making her way down the ramp with Kyle walking beside her.

I'll make you beg, I'm gonna teach you things you won't forget
Don't you try turn away, I'm everything you ever dreamed I'd be
I'll make you wish that you never talked, Back to me
I can't wait to watch your ego bleed
Your pain will set me free

Gaby: Making her way to the ring at this time….from parts unknown…..LAAAAACEEEEEY!!!

I'd bite I'd scratch I'd hold you down, Just to turn you on
I'd leave you waiting tied and bound, Just to turn you on
Close your eyes, And come with me tonight
I'd burn this whole room to the ground, Just to turn, just to turn you on

Completely ignoring the crowd at either side of the ramp, Lacey speeds up as she reaches the ring and jumps up onto the apron. Taking hold of the top rope with both hands, she slowly and seductively sways her hips and wiggles her way down and back up, almost like a serpent, before springboarding over the top rope. When she lands in the ring she immediately drops down into the splits and stays there for a moment with her arms outstretched. After getting back to her feet, she climbs up onto the top turnbuckle facing the outside. Pulling something from her top she opens her palm and blows the contents into the crowd.

I can't wait to watch your ego bleed
And all the pain you feel will set you free
If you behave this night will never end
Turn off the lights and start again

The lights shut off completely for a second at the end of the theme, when they come back on, Lacey is standing in her corner sharing some last minute words with Kyle.

Zack: Lacey certainly made an impression on Lydia Charisma at Wipeout. And I’m positive the Rawk of Ages is watching closely somewhere in the back.

Lyn: I can see why Kyle’s taken such a shining on Lacey. Knowing him, he sees large talent in her future. Himself.

Referee Kevin Fisk checked both women for weapons before calling for the bell. But as soon as he did, Kyle climbed onto the apron to ask a question. And as soon as Rose looked over towards him, Lacey went on offense as she darted across with a shoulder tackle that drove Rose back into the corner. Her manager hopped back down as Lacey lowered her shoulder, and thrust it repeatedly into Rose’s abdomen. A monkey flip out of the corner sent her to the canvas in a heap, and Lacey stayed right on top of her with ax handle blows across her back as she tried to get up. She caught Rose with an elbow to the gut that doubled her over before a running knee lift to the face put Rose back on the mat again. Lacey began to smirk as she looked down to the brunette, while her manager applauded from ringside.

Lyn: The redhead popping Rose with an elbow after that flurry of ax handles and a flip.

Zack: Lacey is certainly not short of confidence. That’s one thing I have noticed about the women Kyle manages. Self-confidence is never at a shortage.

She dragged Rose’s face along her boot laces when she tried to get up, then hooking her head into a bulldog position. She quickly rammed her head first into the middle turnbuckle, causing Rose to stagger backwards a couple steps. Lacey used the middle rope for a springboard into a high crossbody for the cover.



Zack: Lacey’s learning new skills all the time, and Rose hasn’t even gotten out of the blocks.

Rose kicked out at the two count, and Lacey mounted her chest and began to stroke her cheek. She threw her arms out for a moment to bask in the crowd disdain before Rose surprised her with a rollup!



Lacey kicked out as well before both women rolled to their feet. The redhead made a lunge for her, but a discus elbow from Rose caught her flush on the jaw. It rocked her backwards before Rose delivered a standing dropkick to her chest that dropped her.

Lyn: Elegant dropkick from Rose there and down goes Lacey!

The brunette darted past her, hopping onto the second rope and falling backwards with an elbow drop across her chest. Lacey made it back to her feet finally, but turned around at the wrong time as Rose left her feet and planted her with a headscissors takedown. But she was far from done there. Rose rolled to her feet, and hit the ropes again. This time, she rebounded into a rolling thunder senton before hooking the outside leg for the cover.



Lacey kicked out after the two, causing Rose to quickly nip back up to her feet. Gardner spun on her heel, and left her feet for a leaping double knee drop. But Lacey rolled out of the way, and Rose landed on her knees instead.

Zack: They’re letting it all hang out here in this one, these two women are showing incredible stamina. But Rose’s knees paid the price for that.

Lyn: That’s going to be where this overt opportunist lays into Rose. She’s proven that taking opportunities is where she revels. Hmm. Not a bad nickname. The Redheaded Reveler.

Lacey tried to gather herself quickly as Rose lay on her side, clutching her knees. The redhead immediately descended on her, grabbing those legs and spinning her around to apply a figure four leglock. Lacey made sure to lay back out of Rose’s reach as the brunette tried to take a few swipes at her. None of them connected as Lacey pulled on her foot, trying to increase the pressure as the referee dropped down next to Rose to ask for the submission.

Zack: Lacey seized on the opening she created for herself when Rose’s knees hit the canvas. And now, “Poison” is going to have her knees tested like never before, Lyn.

Lyn: She’s picking at her legs. Lacey has been doing her homework, knowing that Rose’s legs are all part of her better offensive moves.

The crowd was solidly behind Rose as Lacey cranked all she could on the hold. She then leaned back, and reached out her hands which Kyle took and started to pull her arms. It caused Rose even more pain in the process till Fisk looked back to see Lacey propped up on her elbows. When he looked back to Rose, Lacey reached for Kyle, who grabbed her hands and began to pull again. Fisk looked back a second time, finding her in the same position as before when the crowd started cheering at the sight of Lydia Charisma as she headed down the ramp. Both Kyle and Lacey spotted her, causing the manager to move away.

Lyn: Charisma coming down to be a casual observer... And if you believe me, I’ve got beach front property in Wyoming for you.

Zack: I knew Lydia was here, but apparently she’s had just about enough of Kyle helping Lacey try to steal this win.

Lydia stopped at the foot of the ramp, and crossed her arms over her chest. Lacey immediately broke the hold, and told the referee to get her out of here. Charisma turned her back on the ring, showing everyone (including Lacey) the lash marks on her back from Wipeout that were still healing. She turned back around, and shook her head to Lacey’s request. The redhead demanded her exit, but the referee told her she wasn’t doing anything. Lacey fumed, but turned back to the ring to find…..Rose had vanished. Just as she noticed that, the camera picked up a pair of feet sliding under the apron of the ring.

Lyn: We’re about to get a new Rose and Charisma is grinning ear to ear from that distraction.

Zack: Lacey has no one but herself to blame. She started this vendetta with Lydia, and Charisma is more than happy to give as good as she gets.

Lacey began to look around for her, asking Kyle where she was. He only pointed underneath the ring as the redhead went to each set of ropes to look down for her. The referee had already began his mandatory ten count when someone crawled out from the other side Lacey was looking. Dressed now in white gloves, a red & green dress, and pulling out a big plastic sledgehammer was…..

Lyn: Amy Rose! ...Is a PIKO PIKO HAMMER legal in this instance? I mean I’d allow it personally.

The crowd roared as they saw her, including a blonde guy in the row behind her wearing a Sonic shirt. “Amy Rose” rolled into the ring, and slammed the hammer against the mat. Lacey spun around to see her before the plastic sledge hammer was thrown in her direction. Lacey caught it with ease, glanced down to it, back up as “Amy Rose” darted towards her and caught her flush with a bicycle kick! She picked up her hammer again, resting it over her shoulder as the crowd ate it up.

Zack: Rose..err.. Amy Rose with one giant plastic sledge hammer! And the fans in the Future Shock Arena love it! Lacey’s in trouble!!

Lyn: This is why you don’t mess with a pink hedgehog wielding a giant hammer.

As Lacey started to get to her hands and knees, “Amy Rose” bounced off the far side into a rolling cannonball that plowed into the redhead. She climbed back to her feet, setting the hammer against the ropes before connecting with a standing frog splash into a cover!



Zack: Beautiful standing frog splash, but just a two!

Lacey kicked out just before the three, causing Rose to roll to her feet. She waved the redhead to do the same, causing Lacey to grab the ropes to help her. Kyle tried to give her some advice as she got up.

Lyn: Kyle giving his client any pointer he can but this may be the end!

Rose snatched Lacey into position, and landed her back hook swinging reverse STO that planted her on the mat. She quickly made the cover as Fisk dropped to count.





Fisk called for the bell to a roar from the crowd, and Lydia gave an approving nod from the floor. Rose got back to her feet, and had her hand raised in victory.

Gaby: Here is your winner………’POISON’ ROSE GARDNER!!!

Lyn: Someone tell Sonic and Sally Acorn we have a new member for the Knothole Freedom Fighters.

Lydia joined Rose in the ring, raising her hand as well. Rose beamed ear to ear as she scooped up her plastic hammer over one shoulder before handing it to Lydia. She then climbed up to the middle rope, rallying the crowd before blowing a kiss down to the blonde guy in the Sonic shirt.

Zack: Rose picks up one hell of a win here tonight, that was impressive! This girl has a massive following, and her stock just keeps rising.

Lyn: I don’t expect Lacey will take this laying down...

As Lydia and Rose head out to the floor, Future Shock heads elsewhere.

All The Announcements

Future Shock returns from the commercial break before we find a familiar form in the booth alongside Zack, who isn’t Lyn Dallins. And that would be Missy putting on a headset.

Zack: We’re expecting to hear from the Director himself here in just a moment about all sorts of things he has on the agenda for Future Shock. And joining me is certainly a familiar face who comes to Future Shock long after she graduated, not to mention she’s dating him. Welcome to the booth, Missy.

Missy: I just can’t stay away, and not purely because I’m dating Adam.. although that is a very good reason to be here. Future Shock is always a great show, and watching it on TV just doesn’t compare with actually being here.

“We Own It” from 2 Chainz begins to play over the PA system before the live crowd gives the Future Shock Director a very warm reception as he heads out from the back in his usual suit and tie. He heads up the steps, and takes the microphone from Gaby before looking out over the people filling the Future Shock Arena while his music fades out.

Adam: Boston! How’s it going?

Cheap pop.

Adam: Alright, guys, I got a lot to get through here, so we’re gonna blow through all this. Because there’s a lot of big dates coming up in Future Shock. I’m gonna start with that right there!

He points back to the stage where the silver and gold Future Shock Cup sits off to one side, shining with a lighted pedestal underneath it.

Adam: Every year since 2012, we’ve had the Future Shock Cup. A trophy that has meant a lot to everyone who has won it, granting them privileges unlike anyone else. And this year is no different with the winner receiving a Future Shock Championship match OR instant graduation to the FFW roster. Now if you’re thinking we’re having a tournament this year, you’d be wrong. Not this time. No, this year, it’s only for the Prospects. And each of the six of them are going to have to EARN their way into the series. Starting right here in two weeks, qualifying matches begin.

Missy: Adam really does like to keep the fans and roster on their toes with changing things up. It keeps things interesting. I’m kinda sad I’m not a Prospect anymore, I would have loved to have had a shot at that beauty.

Zack: I think any Prospect would have been happy to be part of it, even Sophia Pike if she were still here because she could have used it to get out of Future Shock, which she despised.

Missy: It still baffles me how anyone can despise Future Shock. It’s a unique experience and one a lot of new wrestlers would give their right arms to be a part of.

Adam: Here’s the breakdown. We’re gonna start with Valerie McKinley going one on one with Caitlyn Storm in one qualifying match. And given the success both have experienced in singles matches, they better plan for a long night in two weeks.

Zack: Caitlyn has had one of the best singles records of all the Prospects, and now she’s slated to meet the undefeated Valerie McKinley with Kyle Kilmeade no doubt in her corner. He’s right about that being a long night for both girls.

Missy: Valerie has been impressive so far, but it’s easy to be undefeated after so few matches. It could be interesting to see what happens when those two go one on one. I do expect it to be a tough match for both though. Neither girl is going to make it easy for the other.

Adam: Another qualifier you are going to see will be the Max Sato Experience’s Ji-Hu Myeong going one on one with “Old School” Gillie Barnes. And if she wants her, Gillie is welcome to have either Mallory or our security ninja, 4 Loko Ayano, in her corner for that match!

Gillie’s name gets a pop from the crowd..

Missy: I have a lot of respect for Gillie, as most Future Shock fans will know. She is the only person to beat me this year, after all!

Zack: If I’m Gillie, I’d definitely take Adam up on one of those two options when she meets Ji-Hu one on one.

Adam: Now here’s the thing about the third qualifier. I know I said I’d give it to whoever impressed me most in tonight’s first two matches. But….I’m kinda torn between “Poison” Rose Gardner and Britt Kane. So you know what? I’m going to put them in the ring here in two weeks and let the winner EARN that qualifier match against Sienna Moore. And whichever one of you wins….well….good luck against Sienna.

Missy: That sounds pretty fair to me. Both Rose and Britt have shown themselves to be strong competitors and both have a lot of enthusiasm not to mention skill, so that will be an interesting match. I don’t really envy them having to face Sienna though, she’s nu-- a little unpredictable.

Adam: Now you say, “Adam, what happens after the qualifiers?” Well that’s easy. The three girls who qualify to get into the series will meet in a triple threat match that will take place November 14th in Sydney, Australia for the 2017 Future Shock Cup. No matter which three it is, they will all have earned their way into the match and can say at the end they DESERVE to take home that Cup in Sydney.

Zack: Well we now know another match signed for the Sydney Supershow on November 14th, we just don’t know who will be part of it. But that journey to find out begins here next episode.

Missy: That is going to be an awesome match, no matter which three are in it. And if the atmosphere is anything like the UK show, whoever wins will be even more ecstatic than they would winning it on a normal show, or even on a PPV.

Adam: Speaking of Sydney, it just goes to show you how popular you guys have made this show since its inception. Why? Because we don’t even have the full card yet, but the Qudos Bank Arena is sold out already. We got all kinds of special guests coming that night. You already know two who will meet one on one for the first time. Jessica Anderson, who was part of the London show, will meet the hip shaking Kelly Fury in Sydney!

Both women get quite the pop as their images appear on the video wall.

Missy: Two women I am very familiar with. I’m not surprised the fans like them so much, and I know they are both looking forward to that match themselves. At least going by what they’ve both said on Twitter.

Adam: We’ll see Season 14 Champion Marla Lee come home to Australia, and step foot into a Future Shock ring for the first time in years. You’ll also see the return of Elizabeth Lannister that night as well, who has issued a challenge to Bianca Reed to meet her that night.

Zack: I saw him mention that earlier on Twitter. I’m not sure why the Lioness wants to face Bianca in Sydney, but I doubt the Princess of House Reed is going to duck her November 14.

Missy: I doubt she’ll decline the challenge… I also doubt she’ll beat Elizabeth, but we all know my personal feelings on Bianca Reed given our history.

Adam: But you know what? I got one more show to tell you about. I told you I had a lot to cover. And that’s Future Shock Resistance on October 21st on Pay Per View. It’s Future Shock’s last Pay Per View of 2017. And well, you guys know well enough I like to make those shows extra special. This will definitely be one of those. Let me tell you a little about this card you’ll see October 21st when we return to Providence, Rhode Island. First and foremost, we are going to put an end once and for all to the war that’s been raging between Andi Takata and Bianca Salvador. Once AND for all! And for the first time in Future Shock history, it’ll be a LAST WOMAN STANDING match!

This creates quite a buzz from the crowd.

Zack: Bianca and Andi have despised each other for a long time, and it only got worse after she unmasked the “Lucky Star” at Unstoppable. Last Woman Standing….they better double up on the medical staff that night.

Missy: Resistance holds a special place for me, since it was last year’s Resistance where I made my Future Shock debut. It’s about time that Andi and Bianca settled this thing between them, I really wouldn’t want to be a fly on the ring ropes for that one. It’s going to be… intense. To say the least.

Adam: You’re also going to see Britt Kane go one on one with Angel finally at Resistance, as well as Kaya Crimson meet Casey Atherton after the tag team brawl we saw earlier tonight. And I’m positive both Britt and Kaya will be thrilled to hear that news, it gets settled at Resistance.

Missy: I always find there’s nothing more satisfying.. Or at least, not much that’s more satisfying than finally getting your hands on someone who has been a thorn in your side for so long. I’m sure both Britt and Kaya will have plenty of issues to take out in the ring that night.

Adam: And we’re gonna make a WHOLE lot of history that night too, because we will crown the FIRST EVER Future Shock Tag Team Champions when the Max Sato Experience meets No Holding Back!

Zack: The tag title tournament comes to an end at Resistance with a tag title match for all the marbles and the right to call one team the first ever Future Shock Tag Champions!

Missy: I still think Next Generation would have made great champions, but unfortunately they’re not in the finals! I think the hashtag that was going around on Twitter at one point was - anyone but Sato. Or something to that effect.

Adam: But here’s fair warning to the new tag champions, whoever leaves with the gold at Resistance. We’ll have a #1 contender match also on the card to determine the first challengers. In one corner, it will be Next Generation, Mandy Gray & Caitlyn Storm. In the other corner after they complained of the “biased” officiating in London will be Ascension’s Valentina Lozano & Isis Morales! Whoever wins that match will be the first challengers to the newly crowned tag champions!

Missy: Maybe I spoke too soon. It looks like Next Generation could still have their chance to become Champions, albeit not the first. Ascension are pretty damn big hurdle for them to get passed though. I don’t envy them that task.

Adam: You can expect at Resistance that I’m ready to announce now. It’ll be our very own working class “Old School” Gillie Barnes in a match that COULD be a partial preview of the Cup final in Sydney. Because “Old School” will meet the 1 Percenter Valerie McKinley one on one at Future Shock Resistance.

Zack: The announcements just keep piling up for what is looking to be a very stacked Resistance Pay Per View. Missy, how do you feel about Gillie and the 1 Percenter in their first ever meeting? Though it may not be the last one.

Missy: I think if Caitlyn hasn’t already managed to end Valerie’s undefeated streak by then, Gillie very well might do. She has a habit of doing things like that… I would know.

Adam: One last match you’ll see at Resistance I’m going to make tonight. Lydia Charisma will make her Future Shock in-ring debut against Lacey in Providence!

Missy: Ooooh…. Now that one could be interesting. Lydia has a very big bone to pick with Lacey and with good reason. I wouldn’t want to be in Lacey’s shoes that night.

Adam: As you can tell, there’s plenty to come on the horizon for Future Shock. Thank you so much for your continued support of this brand, and believe me when I tell you...we’re just getting warmed up! Harley and Mandy….lace’em up tight, because the main event….is coming up!

Zack: Adam has STACKED the upcoming Future Shock Resistance card on October 21st when we return to Providence, Rhode Island. Between that and Sydney in November, there’s plenty to look forward to.

Missy: As usual Adam knows exactly what the fans want to see and delivers it and more! Always excitement to see what’s going to happen next on these shows.

Adam’s music begins to play again before he steps out of the ring to the floor, greeting a few fans along ringside before he heads for the back with Missy. From there, we cut elsewhere.

Caitlyn the Qualifier?

As Adam’s announcement comes to an end, we head to the back and find Sara along with one of the mention qualifying for the Future Shock Cup, the ever bubbly Caitlyn Storm.

Sara: First of all, let me congratulate you on making the Future Shock Cup qualifiers, Caitlyn. I’m sure you are very enthusiastic about being part of this series. I mean, look what it’s done for so many before who’ve won it, including the current FFW Champion Jo McFarlane.

Caitlyn beams a massive smile towards Sara.

Caitlyn: I am so excited I don’t think there are enough words in the English language! I couldn’t believe it when I first heard I was going to get to be a part of it. I had to pinch myself quite a few times before it really sunk in, I think I might even still have a little bruise from that.

Sara: I can imagine. The qualifiers begin next Future Shock, and we just heard Adam mention the matches he’s put together so far. I have to tell you that I don’t envy you. We found out to make it to the Cup series, you’ll have to get past the undefeated Valerie McKinley. I’m sure you’ve seen what she can do since she arrived in Future Shock, haven’t you?

Caitlyn: I don’t envy me much either to be honest. It’s been hard not to see what Valerie can do since she arrived, she’s flown through her competition and to be undefeated… especially in Future Shock, is not an easy task to accomplish. I do like a challenge though, and I think this definitely falls under the category of a massive challenge.

Sara: In her short time here, she has scored victories over your tag partner and even a two time Future Shock Champion in Gabrielle Crimson. Plus her manager has certainly been far from quiet in his praise of her, that being Kyle Kilmeade. How do you feel about someone who considers herself a 1 Percenter and tends to look down on those who didn’t grow up with the advantages she has?

Caitlyn: As long as her manager doesn’t carry a taser… I’ve had enough of those. I’ve never really been someone who has a lot of time for people who look down on anyone...for any reason. Especially for a reason as silly as that. People can’t help what advantages or disadvantages they grow up with. I think people should be seen for their own merits, not how they grew up.

Sara: What do you make of one of the other matches he announced in the qualifiers? Ji-Hu Myeong will meet Gillie Barnes one on one, and that won’t be an easy match for either one of them. Especially Gillie, when you take into account who is going to be in her corner.

Caitlyn: Gillie is awesome, I love her! Both of those two are super talented in the ring, so it really won’t be easy for either of them. I do think that Gillie is going to need to keep her head on a swivel, or grow an extra set of eyes in the back of her head though to keep look out for the other two who make up Sato Experience.

Sara: Let’s speculate for a moment, and say you win the Future Shock Cup in a few weeks. Which prize would you want as a result? Would you rather cash it in for a shot at the Future Shock Championship, or would you want to graduate to the main roster with your tag team partner we’ll be seeing later tonight?

Caitlyn: I think since Adam has already said that I am going to be in the next graduation poll, I’d probably go for the Future Shock Championship shot. It’s a shot that everybody on the Future Shock roster would love to have, so I would be silly not to at least try for it… but of course that’s a very big if. I’d need to win the Cup first and that in itself is not going to be easy. Not by a long stretch.

Sara: Thanks for talking with me, Caitlyn. And good luck in the qualifier next show.

We see a quick graphic for the qualifier between Caitlyn and the 1 Percenter before the show heads to commercial.

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A video package shows the last two defenses of Harley Shannon’s Aspire Ring reign, including her submission victory over Caitlyn Storm as well as the shortest match in company history against Freya. From there, we head back to the ring with Gaby.

Zack: You can bet Harley Shannon is feeling the pressure right here! She’s at tenth and goal, and one win from getting a shot at the Future Shock title. I’ve been joined by Kyle Kilmeade for whatever reason.

Kyle: I’ll gladly explain why I’m out here, and for once, Zack, you get to answer some questions I have while we watch this match.

The gentle opening of AFI’s “Killing Lights” strums over the speakers as the lights turn red and blue. A cheer comes from the crowd as Mandy Gray steps out from behind the curtain, bowing to the fans in attendance with a wide smile on her face.

Gaby: On her way to the ring, from Charlotte, North Carolina, she weighs in at 140 pounds, please welcome MANDY GRAY!

Mandy begins her walk to the ring, catching hands with fans on one side on her way down. She then heads to the nearest stairs where she walks up them and looks around the arena before hopping down and to her corner, waiting for the music to die out.

Zack: Mandy Gray knocked off the former Future Shock Champion Bianca Salvador several weeks ago, and Adam deemed that worthy of an Aspire Ring shot.

Kyle: Oh, we’re gonna get into that before this match is over. Personally, I wouldn’t have put Mandy into this match, but then again, I tend to look at things slightly more objectively.

As Seven Notes in Black by the Vince Tempera Orchestra begins to play, Harley Shannon appears on the stage wearing a leather jacket over her ring attire, with her tied up in a bun, held in place with a pair of chopsticks. Harley stands quietly in the spotlight as the song stops playing.

Gaby: Weighing in at 122 lbs, standing 5’6” tall and coming from Hanover, New Hampshire...HARLEY SHANNON!!!

After a couple of moments of silence the song starts up once more - with a more eerie tone and at that moment Harley starts off down the ramp, shedding her leather jacket before reaching back and pulling the chopsticks out of her hair and shaking her head to let her bright, flame red hair fall down around her shoulders. As she got to the bottom of the ramp, the girl picked out a young fan at ringside, giving the chopsticks to the fan before she slides into the ring and pops to her feet. Heading for the corner, Harley climbs to the middle rope, throwing her hands up in the air to get cheers from the fans before she drops back down to the canvas and waits for the match to begin.

Zack: In her second run, Harley Shannon is on the cusp of getting what she wants: a shot at the Future Shock Championship. But the last hurdle could be the one she can’t clear in a very game Mandy Gray.

Kyle: Can we just call this what it is? This should count as a second defense, because that second one was a joke. It shouldn’t even count, but whatever.

Referee Kevin Fisk checked both women quickly, and then placed the Aspire Ring in his pocket before he called for the bell. Harley and Mandy moved towards the center, shaking hands with a smile on their face. They then locked up in the center with Harley immediately using an armdrag takedown to bring Mandy down. She turned it into a top wristlock before Mandy could get up, starting to twist her arm in the process. It caused a tensing of Mandy’s face as she started to get up, and then drove her elbow into Harley’s abdomen before she got her hand free. Mandy began to pepper her with forearms to the side of the head, backing her into the ropes before she fired Harley across for the ride. Shannon ducked under a leap frog when Mandy left her feet, popping up behind her and taking her down with a bulldog into a side headlock on the mat.

Zack: About the only place these two differ is Mandy’s experience advantage. Otherwise, their attributes are almost exactly the same in all the metrics you could use.

Kyle: Yeah yeah, they are a lot alike in the ring. Cool. Now I have a very good question for you, Zack. You tell me why Mandy Gray got this shot over say….Valerie McKinley?

Harley grinded the headlock as she sat on the canvas, causing Mandy to finally to get back to her feet still trapped. She tries to shoot Harley off into the ropes twice, but the Aspire Ring bearer wasn’t budging. Gray then fired a pair of kidney punches into her lower back, and finally got herself free before dropping Harley with a back suplex to the mat. Gray immediately got to her feet, and took off for the far side. As Harley started to get up, Mandy caught her with a running kneelift to the face. It stood her up briefly before Gray grabbed her head into a front facelock, and then snapped off a vertical suplex into two more before nipping back up to her feet.

Kyle: Well I’m waiting! Here, let me do your job for you. Mandy with triple vertical suplexes there, and is in control. Now what’s the answer to my question?

Zack: When did I become the one who makes decisions on who gets Aspire Ring shots around here, Kyle? Adam obviously felt like she deserved a shot after defeating Bianca, like I said.

As Harley tries to get up, Mandy puts her down with a leg sweep back to the canvas. She immediately takes off towards the ropes, and connects with a Lionsault right on target before hooking the outside leg for the cover. Fisk slid into position to count.



Shannon kicked out before the three came down, and Mandy then drove elbows into the side of her head before she got back to her feet. A double leg drop across her chest followed that before Gray looked to be going for a crossface. But Harley pulled away, and rolled to the ropes.

Zack: Beautiful moonsault off the ropes for Mandy, but not enough to get the three. Harley wasn’t going to wait around for that crossface.

Kyle: You’re dodging the question, Zack. Why does Mandy get this shot BEFORE Valerie? Didn’t Valerie defeat her in her last match before she beat a two time Future Shock Champion?

Mandy quickly got back to her feet, and made tracks for Harley as she was getting up. But the Ring bearer surprised her coming in with a palm thrust to the neck that backed Mandy up just as quickly. With Gray stumbling backwards trying to catch her breath, Harley used the ropes for a springboard into soccer kick upside the head. It dropped Gray on impact, and Harley darted for the corner. She scrambled up to the top rope, and came off with a diving elbow drop to the chest. She made the cover immediately, with Fisk right into position to count.



Mandy’s shoulder came up in time before the three, and Harley rose to her feet. Before Mandy could sit up, a double foot stomp to the body curled her in half before Harley drove a knee drop into her head.

Kyle: Near fall for Harley. You gonna answer me now? Why did Mandy get the shot before Valerie, who has defeated her before this?

Zack: Maybe it’s because she has only had like 3 matches? You keep asking me these things like it’s my decision. I just call the match with Lyn….who I’m really missing right now.

Harley was first to her feet, though Mandy wasn’t far behind her. Gray went for a spinning backfist as Harley came towards her, but Shannon ducked it and countered with a t-bone suplex that sent Mandy flying to the canvas. Gray rolled into the ropes to help her get up after a moment, and as she did, Harley darted towards her with what looked like a spear. But Gray dropped to the mat, and Shannon sailed over the middle rope to the floor with a thud. Mandy laid on the mat, trying to get herself together before she rolled out to collect a clearly dazed Aspire Ring bearer.

Zack: My God! Harley went for a spear, and got nothing but the floor of the Future Shock Arena! She may be out right here, Mandy’s going out to get her.

Kyle: That’s what happens when she tries to play to someone else’s strength. Clearly Mandy is quicker upstairs, or just has dumb luck.

Mandy pulled the very slow moving Harley up, and rolled her back into the ring. Gray slid in after her, and headed for the corner. Shannon remained very slow on the mat, eyes wide as she was trying to focus while her opponent was heading up top. Gray perched herself, and came off with a shooting star press reminiscent of Andi Takata that landed perfectly! She quickly made a lateral press for the cover as Fisk dove into position to count.

Zack: Takata couldn’t do it better! Harley’s road to the title shot ends tonight!!




Harley just got her leg across the bottom rope as the three was about to strike. Fisk pointed it out to Mandy, whose face fell before she got back to her feet.

Kyle: Valerie wouldn’t have made that mistake, Zack. She knows about hooking a leg for the cover. Mandy whiffed it that on her own.

Mandy got back to her feet, patting her elbow pad as she waited for Harley to get up. She turned it over (very much like Vanessa Cade), and crouched in the corner. Shannon was still pretty slow to move, but when she did, Mandy launched out of the corner with the Golden Elbow aimed right for her head! The crowd came to its feet as she did, but Harley ducked underneath it. When Mandy caught herself and spun around, Harley caught her head with a stunner that bounced her off the mat! Shannon collapsed to the canvas as well, but dragged herself for the cover!

Zack: STUNNER!! I’ve never seen Shannon use that, she’s going to Sydney! She’s going to the title match!




Mandy’s shoulder popped up in time, causing Harley to check with the referee before she rolled off the cover. Shannon was clearly very sore at this point as she pushed herself to her feet.

Kyle: You really are terrible at predicting these endings, aren’t you?

Harley pulled Mandy to her feet, firing a trio of forearms into the side of her head before she fired her across to the far side. But Gray reversed it, and sent her chest first against the corner instead. Shannon hung against them for a moment as Mandy fought back to her feet. She caught Harley as she turned towards her with a pop-up lariat that flattened the orange haired beauty! Gray dove for the cover immediately.

Kyle: Straight out of Steph Stefano’s playbook! She might actually win with that!




Shannon’s arm popped up, and fell back to the canvas before the three touched. Gray moved into the corner, shaking her head….and starting to pound her fists into the mat like a drum.

Zack: There can’t be much left in either of them, they are going for broke now! And Mandy’s pounding the drums just like my usual broadcast partner! Harley won’t survive this!!

Harley stumbled and staggered before she finally got to her feet when Mandy rocketed towards her. Gray left her feet for the mid-air knee strike, but Harley ducked underneath it! Mandy landed on her feet just as Harley caught her with a flash kick to the jaw, followed by a roundhouse kick that took her to her knees. A back leg thrust kick to the jaw dropped Mandy as Harley dove on top of her, hooking both legs this time as Fisk went to count.

Zack: That’s THE ERUPTION!! And she hit it out of nowhere!! THIS HAS TO BE ALL!!




Kyle: Well...I’ll be damned.

Fisk called for the bell to an eruption from the crowd. Harley sat up on her knees, her eyes wide as she got her hand raised and let out a scream! Shannon pounded the mat, and got to her feet with exuberance.

Zack: Harley Shannon did it! Harley Shannon made her third defense! And Harley Shannon’s going to Sydney as the first Prospect to ever challenge for the Future Shock title!


Fisk raised her hand as she got to her feet, and then handed her the Aspire Ring back. She stared at it with wide eyes, and started pumping it into the air on her fist.

Kyle: It’s just a shame that the first Prospect to get the shot is gonna be her. Really and truly, when there are so many more deserving I could name. You know who.

Zack: Do me a favor and shut up. Harley’s been through hell and back with a very hard fought defense, but now….she has what she wants. A Future Shock Championship match. In Sydney. And aside of this guy beside me, there’s no one in this arena who isn’t happy for her!

Harley rolled out to the floor, hugging a few of the ringside fans sharing in her excitment as she pulled her fist down and pressed a kiss to the Aspire Ring.

Zack: Thank you for joining us here tonight! Congratulations to Shannon, who is now on the stage of history in Sydney! Congratulations to her, and good night from Boston!

The camera zoomed in on the shining Aspire Ring on Harley’s hand as Future Shock faded off the air.
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