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November 27, 2020, 02:24:16 pm
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FFW Future Shock, S1E3

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Author Topic: FFW Future Shock, S1E3  (Read 226 times)
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« on: November 29, 2010, 11:30:52 pm »

The following episode of FFW Future Shock is sponsored by:

As the video feed comes to life, we see the interior of the Reliant Astrodome. And itís obvious that the entire arena is for the most part completely empty. As the camera pans through the empty building, it finally zooms down ringside where we see the Final Four from the first season of Future Shock, standing by the entrance ramp. And then joining them, walking into the shot is the host, Mark Horton.

Mark: Hello there, Future Shock fans! This is Mark Horton, Breaking Pointís play by play guy! And as you can see, we are recording here in the Reliant Astrodome! As this is being taped, it is early in the afternoon on Saturday where later tonight, the superstars of Femme Fatale Wrestling will leave it all in the ring at the Violent Night Pay Per View. The fans havenít yet been allowed entrance, because on this edition of Future Shock, we are going to give the final four competitors the chance to shine when they square off in a Strange Bedfellows tag team match.

The camera spans the ring, showing the set pieces and construction for the show later that night as Mark looks back to the four girls.

Mark: But before we see what they can do in the ring, we already know Rachel Clancy was eliminated as well as Jones McKenzie. On the last edition of Future Shock, the girls competed in a karaoke competition. And you, the FFW fans, voted for who you thought won! And Iíd like to ask the winner to join me for a moment, so I can get some thoughts from them.

The girls await to find out who won as Mark continues.

Mark: And for the second competition in a row, Destiny Loveheart.....you won! Come on over here.

The other girls seem less than impressed by the voting as Destiny makes her way towards Mark.

Mark: Destiny, first of all, congratulations! You have won two competitions in the eyes of the fans now, first with rollerblading and now the singing competition. First question, why did you choose ďBaby Got BackĒ as your song on the last show?

Destiny: Well, Mark, when this competition started, I promised myself that I am not looking for anything fancy here! When I come out here to compete in whatever it is, win, lose, or draw, at the end, everyone will know that Destiny Loveheart made it! So, the reason for the song is simply this, ďJust to get noticed!Ē And, I do believe that I got noticed! Donít you agree?

Mark nodded in agreement, eyes wide as he did so.

Mark: Iíd say so! Itís obviously working as you did win the fan voting for a second week in a row. How does it feel to win both competitions so far, and what is it about you that you think makes the fans vote for you?

Destiny: It feels great and I believe that the fans know that Destiny is the next woman to take the FFW by storm! Even though that I am a Loveheart, I believe that the fans and everyone in the FFW know that Destiny is here to give them what they want, and I tend to do just that!

Mark: Fair enough!

He gestured all four of the women to head towards the ring as Melinda Stringer came down in her refereeís outfit. They each took their respective corners as Mark looked up to them from the floor.

Mark: Ladies, one of you wonít be here on the next edition of Future Shock! You are standing right now in very special territory. An FFW ring, the place each of you have come to compete in. And today, you have a chance to show the fans watching what you can do! You have the chance to show the fans what makes you the best in this match! This match is one fall to a finish with a ten minute time limit.

Melinda slid into the ring, checking each of the girlsí for hidden weapons as Mark headed around towards the timekeeperís table and gave the bell a ring.

Both teams seemed to discuss a bit of strategy as Raven and Rori stared off, tying up in the center of the ring. Raven pushed her back into the ropes, the referee calling for the break as Raven stepped back. A grin on her face, she said ďHit me...Ē Rori looked at her like she was stupid, throwing a hard right hand to Ravenís jaw, sending her staggering back. Wicked grinned as she held her jaw, giving Rori a sinister grin. The blond bombshell bounced off the ropes, going for a clothesline but Raven ducked under, grabbing her by the hair and dropping her with an inverted face buster!

Mark: Raven apparently enjoys a little painful motivation at times.

Wicked began to drive fists home into Roriís head, pulling her back to her feet and delivering a kick to her ribs before firing her into the corner. Raven took a few steps back to the opposite corner, seeming to set up for something as Destiny tagged herself in just as Raven was about to take off. Wicked gave her an evil glare as Destiny came into the ring, stealing her thunder as she took off towards Rori. Loveheart went for a big splash, but Rori got out of the way, causing Destiny to splash the turnbuckle instead.

Mark: Raven had this match well in hand, but Destiny got a little overzealous.

Raven began to search for her coin, fishing it out as Rori dragged Destiny towards the corner, lacing into her with some chops before Wire tagged in. Mistress Wire cackled like a mad woman, and headbutted Destiny straight away in the crotch, crumpling her to the canvas.

Mark: Headbutt to the vagina! Well thatís one move I donít get to call very often.

Wire pushed Destiny onto her back, doing a double stomp onto her stomach before heading for the turnbuckle. She climbed up it finally, rubbing her hands over her body and shouting some expletives before she left her feet! She sailed through the air, going for a frog splash only to have Destiny put her foot up and catch her coming down with a boot to the jaw.

Mark: Now that was impressive! Destiny showing great ring presence! She knew where Wire was the whole time!

A little woozy, Destiny began heading for her corner as Wicked flipped her coin, catching it in the air and landing it on the back of her hand. She looked down at it, a grin on her face as she slid it into her top and reached out her hand. She tagged Destiny, casting an evil grin as she stepped through. She hoisted Wire onto her shoulder, and dropped her with a Snake Eyes in the corner. Bouncing off the ropes, she drove an elbow into her abdomen before moving to the opposite corner.

Mark: Iím not sure what Raven is setting up for here...

Wire had barely gotten to her feet as Wicked took off, running straight past her and knocking Loveheart off the apron with a flying shoulder block!

Mark: Wicked just took her own partner out, that must be the receipt for what happened earlier!

As Wicked turned around, Wire went for the corner as Rori came back in off the tag. The blond bombshell took off, taking Wicked down with a clothesline and then another after she got up from the first. She pulled her to her feet, firing her into the ropes and planting her with a Thesz press and rained right hands on Wickedís face!

Mark: Rori is a house of fire in there!! Good lord!!

Rori got to her feet, her body animated with adrenaline as she pulled Raven back up. She hooked her head under her arm, and went for a DDT. But Wicked shoved her backwards, causing her to lose her balance! Wicked kicked her in the gut, and then pulled her in for a piledriver!

Mark: Wickedís got control, but Wireís heading for the top rope!!

As Raven leaned down to pull Rori back up, Wire took flight and caught Wicked with a huracanrana, driving her into the mat!!

Mark: A thunderous huracanrana! Mistress Wire isnít the legal person in the ring though!!

Rori scrambled towards the cover, rolling Wicked into a small package. As the referee went to get Wire out of the ring, Destiny came back in under the bottom rope and delivered a punt to Roriís head, breaking up the three count before it even started. Wicked got back to her feet, a smirk on her face as she sensed victory was near.

Mark: Destiny is back in this, and she may have just won the match for her team!!

A grin on Ravenís face, she leaned down to grab Rori up as Destiny surprised her. She scooped her partner up into position for a Death Valley Driver and then planted her with a tombstone piledriver!


As Ravenís body impacted with the mat, Destiny rolled out under the bottom rope as Rori managed to crawl into the cover!!




Mark: Raven got the shoulder up, and I canít tell if Destiny is happy or sad about it!!

Wire finally got out of the ring as Loveheart climbed back onto the apron. Rori began to get to her feet, heading for her corner as did Raven. As Rori tagged her partner, so did Raven as Wire and Destiny Loveheart stepped through the ropes!

Mark: This thing is heating up! Destiny and Wire are in the ring, and these two donít like each other a damn bit!!

The two made a beeline for each other as Destiny slammed Wire to the mat as referee Melinda Stringer called for the bell.

Mark: What the hell?!

Stringer leaned down, telling Mark what happened as the two women were still fighting in the ring.

Mark: The referee informs me that we have hit the time limit for this exhibition!!

Stringer tries to separate the girls as Mark shakes his head in disbelief.

Mark: I gotta tell you fans, I wasnít expecting this! I expected to see four rookies try and do what they could, but these four women came to fight!! I think we may have to settle this once and for all. But we are out of time! Fans, time for you to come in! Time for you to log into the FFW website and vote for your favorite out of these four women! And on the next edition of Future Shock, we will be down to three! Who do you think performed the best, fans? The choice is yours!  Because next time right here on Future Shock......hell....we are going to have a triple threat match with NO time limit!! Fans, itís up to you now though!! Whoís staying? Whoís being eliminated? Weíll find out in two weeks!!

Stringer is still trying to separate the girls as the show fades out.
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