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January 23, 2019, 11:39:33 pm
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FFW Global Wars - December 2, 2017

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Author Topic: FFW Global Wars - December 2, 2017  (Read 369 times)
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« on: December 05, 2017, 04:31:42 pm »

The FFW logo appears and fades out as the world rotates behind it, before we hear commentators in multiple languages calling many of the matches in the Global Wars series. Each team’s path to tonight is quickly higlhighted with their country’s flag faintly seem in the background. “Valley of the Stones” by the Black Star Riders can be heard in the background before we cut to highlights from the Femme for All, showing Leona and Kaoru’s ultimate meeting. And then, the trilogy between Miko Ayano and Felicity Banks is highlight with a cage seen behind them. On that, we cut inside on a live shot as the crowd in Los Angeles roars seeing themselves on Pay Per View.

Zack: Welcome to the third annual Global Wars, and to the final FFW Pay Per View of 2017! FFW has come home to the Staples Center to cap off the biggest series of the year, Global Wars!

The camera pans the crowd, where we can also see the flags of all six countries hanging from the rafters.

Zack: Thank you for joining us on what promises to be a memorable night in FFW history! Three championship matches and the first ever defense of the Aspire Ring on a FFW Pay Per View, not to mention the one that brought them all here: the Global Wars battle royal!

Mai: Six teams, twelve women, and only one country can win that match. But with some of the matches we have on tap, teams could get shut out of potentially winning before we even get to the battle royal! One match I am especially looking forward to is the steel cage match between Felicity Banks and Miko Ayano!

The cage is shown hanging over the ring with several colored spotlights passing over it at the same time.

Zack: I’m with you on that one! The Ultraviolence, Fast Track, and No Surrender titles will be decided as well, two of those with major potential implications for Global Wars.

“Can’t Be Tamed” begins to play over the PA system to quite a pop from the Los Angeles crowd before the owner of FFW steps out onto the stage. Dressed in a black business suit and skirt, Samantha pulls a microphone from under her arm as the music starts to fade out.

Samantha: Los Angeles, California… FFW….is home.

Cue another pop from the crowd as Samantha looks out among the fans before she continues.

Samantha: Tonight is going to be a night that I think FFW fans will be talking about for some time. I don’t just mean because of tonight’s card, or because of only Global Wars itself. But tonight, the future of FFW will be formed and take shape. Tonight, the new COO of this company will be revealed, replacing Cody Kincaid.

Zack: I walked past the office of the COO that was set up, and security is tight. No one is allowed in that office without permission, though I did hear a familiar voice talking to someone when I walked by. I couldn’t quite place it.

Mai: Well it wasn’t mine. I didn’t apply for the job, it might interfere with my drinking, you see.

Samantha: With 2018 approaching, the course direction of FFW will change with it. The playing field will be reset, and opportunities will be earned from this point forward. No more will they be given just because it seems like a good idea at the time. Everything will be quantitative. If an opportunity is wanted, that woman will EARN it. This isn’t a charity, this is a business. Most importantly of all, I will introduce my Franchise tonight as well. I will introduce the women who I feel exemplify FFW, and will be the calling cards for this company going into the future. As I said, change is coming. Change can be swift. Change can be sudden. But most of all, change hurts. Enjoy the show.

She gives a small smile before she turns on her heel, and returns to the backstage area.

Mai: Change hurts?

And on that, we cut to a video package featuring the two women competing in the Aspire Ring spotlight match from Future Shock.

The show heads to ringside with the beautiful Maggie Rourke standing in the center with a microphone in her hand.

Maggie: The opening contest of Global Wars is a Future Shock spotlight match, and it is for the Aspire Ring.

Zack: We’re starting things off tonight with a couple of Future Shock’s brightest Prospects with the Aspire Ring on the line. Each year, Future Shock gets a spotlight at Global Wars, and we should be in for a treat. I’m being joined by a very rare visitor to the broadcast booth in the Director of Future Shock, Adam Grant.

Adam: I may not be very good at this. But there’s nowhere else I’d be when any of my Prospects are about to have their first match on a FFW show, much less Global Wars.

The opening to “Our Truth” by Lacuna Coil kickstarts, feeling the arena with Cristina Scabbia’s symphonic wail. Its unique beat results in Kaya Crimson making a steady walk from behind the curtain. Chewing on a piece of bubblegum, she scans the crowd methodically. After her initial scan, she blows a bubble before heading down the ramp. A black hood shrouds all but her excited smile. Her walk down the ramp itself represents that as she throws her hands out to the crowd, smacking the hands of outstretched fans. She stops and points outward to Gabrielle Crimson, beckoning her to start her call.

Maggie: Making her way down to the ring...weighing at a 143 pounds...she is the Rockstar Revolution...KAYAAAAAAAAAAA CRIMSOOOOOOOOOON!

Only taking a few more steps down the ramp, she stops on the end of the it. From there, she takes a “break” on the barricade, allowing some lucky fans to get some up close and personal selfies and interactions with the Rockstar Revolution. She leaves them with a playful air, putting up the devil horns with her fingers while she saunters towards the ring.

When she ascends the ring apron, she shows a small usage of her athleticism, front-flipping over the top rope. With a roll to recover, she stays on one knee. The hood naturally falls off, revealing the full features of herself. The bright eyes of Kaya Lovelace displays her competitive glee as she points out to Gabrielle Crimson. She blows her a kiss and mouths “thank you” to her fellow Crimson. She heads to her designated corner, keeping her back turned to whatever. Lowering her head to the top turnbuckle, she begins her mental preparations. Most of which involves her rolling her wrists around in, garnering focus in the action.

Zack: Kaya Crimson impressed a lot of people when she upset Casey Atherton, the first Future Shock Champion, back at our last Future Shock event, Resistance. It impressed you so much, Adam, that you gave her this opportunity, am I right?

Adam: Anytime you can knock off someone as accomplished as Casey, you’ve earned a chance like this. She’s also been picking up quite a number of fans, and is becoming a favorite with our audience.

I told ya, baby
I told ya

The arena darkens as “Rockstar 101” by Rihanna begins to play before the camera takes us behind a woman with purple hair. She steps out onto the stage, raising her hand and making a fist as the camera looks over her shoulder. She tosses her sunglasses on her head out to the crowd as she heads towards the ring.

Rocking these diamonds
I'm rocking this chain
Make sure you get a picture
I'm rocking my fame

Maggie: Introducing from Atlanta, Georgia, this is the Princess of the Reed family……...BIANCA REED!!!!

Bianca climbs up onto the apron, drops into a split before sliding under the bottom rope to the inside. She brings her legs together and hops to her feet, already making eye contact with her opponent and running them down verbally while her music fades and before the bell even rings.

Zack: This is Bianca’s first defense of the Aspire Ring, and she already knows the gauntlet she’s going to have to run if she manages to make it past Kaya.

Adam: There is quite the lineup of women who would love to be in this position, but I think it’s best to focus just on Kaya if you’re Bianca. And I’m sure that’s what she is doing.

Referee Melinda Davis checks both women, and then takes the Aspire Ring from Bianca to place in her pocket. She calls for the bell as the two meet in the center, both looking around at the capacity crowd in the Staples Center. Kaya offers her a handshake, which Bianca uses to yank her forward into an elbow to the head. Reed immediately opens up with rapid right hands one after another, causing Crimson to reel backwards a moment. Reed fires her across to the far corner chest first, and follows her in with a running forearm to the back of her head after she collides with the turnbuckle. The Ring bearer used a monkey flip to send Kaya up and over face down on the canvas. Bianca rolled back to her feet, and cracked her knuckles.

Zack: Bianca isn’t too interested in good sportsmanship tonight, is she? She’s laser focused on getting the job done at Kaya’s expense.

Adam: I think a lot of fans may mistake Bianca as someone who wants their support. She doesn’t feel she needs them for her to be successful. They just happen to like her.

Crimson starts to push up to her feet, and Bianca rewards that with a running high knee into the side of her head as she rises. It sends Kaya staggering backwards into the ropes, and the champion fires her across for the ride. As soon as Crimson rebounds, Bianca leaves her feet with a standing dropkick to the chest that drops the challenger on impact. She quickly rolls through with a leg hook before the referee drops to count.



Zack: Kaya has a lot more left in the tank, and Bianca’s hopes for a quick defense have been dashed.

The referee’s hand hadn’t come down for two before Kaya kicked out of the cover. The champion pulled her up by the head, raining forearms across the back of her neck. She whipped her across into the corner again, this time causing Kaya to crash back first. Bianca bolted in with another high knee in mind aimed at her head. But Crimson stepped out of the way, and she caught the turnbuckle instead. She stumbled on her feet for a moment before Kaya spun her around, and began to pepper her with right and left hand combinations to the body. Each shot rocks Bianca in the corner before Kaya connects with a stiff jumping uppercut that causes her opponent to faceplant to the mat.

Adam: Kaya may not be the most technically sound Prospect we have, but she knows how to brawl and throw hands. Sometimes that’s all you need.

Zack: Does she ever? That SHORYUKEN connected perfectly, and the Princess of House Reed may have some looser royal molars right now.

The crowd was already chanting for her, but got a bit louder as Kaya snatched Bianca to her feet. She fired her across to the far side, and gave her a big boot to the chest on the rebound. It dropped Reed where she stood, and was followed up by a standing fist drop to her head. When the champion began to stir, Kaya snatched her into position for an O’Connor roll followed up by a German suplex bridge as Davis dove to count!




Adam: That’s one of Kaya’s favorite moves right there, and she’s really starting to get her offense rolling. Just like Bianca, I think her 2018 in Future Shock is going to be very bright.

Bianca kicked out this time, and Kaya quickly got to her feet. The Aspire Ring challenger rose long enough to leave her feet with a diving double knee drop into Bianca’s back. She reached down to grab her, only for Bianca to start firing kicks into her from her back. Three of them caught Kaya in the chest, and sent her backwards a couple steps. Reed started to her feet as Crimson bolted towards her, only to get countered into a drop toe hold that sent her neck first across the middle rope. Reed took a moment to collect herself before she took off for the other side of the ring. She rebounded back, and connected with a 619 to Kaya’s head that shot her back to the canvas. Now Bianca’s fans began to get much louder as she started talking trash to the downed Kaya.

Adam: There’s nothing politically correct about Bianca Reed, and the worst part for an opponent is she’s able to back up everything she says more often than not.

Zack: I’ve said it before. I think Bianca wakes up talking smack to the alarm clock, and it only builds throughout the day. She’s definitely feeling that confidence rising again.

As Kaya began to rise to her feet, Bianca grabbed her head and ran up the turnbuckles for a shiranui that planted the challenger! She quickly floated across, and hooked the leg for the cover.




Zack: Bianca with that stunning shiranui, but Kaya isn’t ready to call it a night yet! She’s resilient as hell, Adam!

Crimson got her shoulder up in time, causing Bianca to sit up on her knees and rain forearms down onto her head before she finally got up. Reed headed for the corner, and made her way to the top rope. She peered between her legs at the prone Kaya, and then vaulted into a moonsault! Flashbulbs blinked throughout the Staples Center as Bianca sailed through the air, and came down...across Kaya’s knees. It sent the champion rolling into the ropes, clutching her abdomen as Kaya lay on the canvas a few feet away.

Adam: Bianca might have waited a second too long there, but this has really become a spotlight match for Future Shock, Zack. This is what FFW fans who may not be following Future Shock are missing.

Zack: You’re not kidding! Kaya managed to get those knees up, and Bianca’s being reminded why they call the top rope the high rent district.

Davis began to count them both on the canvas, but both finally began to get up. Kaya was up just a moment before Bianca, and darted towards her with a clothesline. It sent Reed back into the ropes, only to get shot across to the far side. Bianca rebounded with a clothesline in mind, but Kaya ducked her head and scooped her up onto her shoulders. Without a second of hesitation, she dropped her across her knee with a gutbuster that folded Reed in half. Kaya made a tight hook of the leg as she rolled into a cover.




Zack: Shades of Leona Vega with that gutbuster, not something I’ve seen Kaya use too often. But unfortunately for the rock star, it wasn’t enough to translate into the win!

Bianca’s shoulder popped off the mat in the nick of time. Kaya rolled off, and made it back to her feet slowly. With her fans getting louder behind her, she yanked Bianca to her feet and hoisted her up for a vertical suplex. But Reed scratched her eyes, and landed behind her to pull Kaya down into a dragon sleeper. Crimson immediately began flailing her arms in an attempt to find the ropes, while Bianca kept a very tight grip with the submission hold.

Zack: I think Kaya was looking for LOVE HURTS, but Reed blinded her and now she’s got her in big time trouble with this dragon sleeper.

Adam: Bianca will do whatever she has to do to win, Zack. It’s like I said earlier. The fans can cheer her all they want, but it’s not going to change who she is.

Davis dropped to ask if Kaya wanted to stop the match, and got a definitely negative answer to that. But her movements began to slow the longer the move was held, until finally Kaya became fairly lethargic and stopped answering the referee’s question. Davis began to raise her hand, and let it drop. It did once, and then again. When she raised it a third time, Kaya brought both arms up and boxed Bianca’s ears. It stunned the Aspire Ring bearer enough for Crimson to get free of her grip. She rolled to her hands and knees on the canvas, while Bianca regained her equilibrium. She stormed towards her to grab the challenger until Kaya surprised her with a headbutt in the face. Reed staggered a moment before Kaya hooked her into that same vertical suplex and dropped her across her knees. The crowd came to its feet as Kaya went for the cover immediately.

Zack: She got it that time! LOVE HURTS!! Kaya’s taking the Ring!!




Bianca got her leg across the bottom rope before the three came down, causing the official to show Kaya two fingers. Crimson looked at Davis and then around at the crowd with her mouth agape, and finally rose back to her feet.

Adam: Bianca always knows where she is in the ring, and that will save you in matches, Zack. She has the same instincts that her family are known for as well.

Kaya got back to her feet, and plucked Bianca’s head between her legs. Reed collapsed to her knees for a moment, causing her to pull her back up again.

Zack: I know what this is gonna be! And I know we’ll have a new Aspire Ring bearer if she hits it, Adam!

After pulling her back up, Kaya was surprised when Bianca countered into a backdrop driver instead. Kaya hit the mat hard as Reed lunged for the corner. She had a bit of a struggle getting her balance for a second. But when she did as Kaya was getting up, Reed came off the top rope with her corkscrew stunner that erupted the crowd. She dove on top of her with a hook of the leg for the cover.

Zack: CRACKER JACKER!! Crimson never saw it coming!!




Davis called for the bell as Bianca rolled away. She sat up to lean against the bottom rope, trying to collect herself as the referee went to raise her hand.

Adam: I know this was billed as a Future Shock spotlight match, but I think both women shined brightly. It was just Bianca’s night to shine just a little brighter.

Maggie: Here is your winner…...AND STILL…..Aspire Ring bearer………….’KILLER B’ BIANCA REED!!

The referee gave her the Aspire Ring back, which she promptly slid right back into place on her finger before rolling out to the floor. She thrust her fist into the air, and held it up one finger to signify the first defense was done.

Zack: Bianca’s letting them know she’s one step closer to what she wants. She and Kaya put on one hell of a performance in the process, now Mila and Elizabeth Lannister await!

Adam: She is indeed a step closer, and neither of those two opponents are going to be any easier for her. But knowing Bianca, she’ll encourage them to bring it on.

As Reed heads towards the back looking down at her Ring she retained, the show heads elsewhere.

Don’t Let the Pretty Face Fool You

The show cuts to a video package showing Sienna Moore from her days in Future Shock, including her usage of toothpicks and electrocution to chasing the Future Shock Cup for two years. As it concludes, we go to a video where we see her and her boyfriend laying on a sofa with the 2017 Future Shock Cup sat on the coffee table in front of them. Cory lays behind her, and has an arm around her waist.

Cory: It looks really good right there, doesn’t it? That’s the 2017 Future Shock Cup, for those of you who may not follow Future Shock. And see that name?

The camera zooms in on the engraved nameplate, with Sienna’s name in bold lettering.

Sienna: The absolute best place in the whole entire world for it. And it’s finally mine. All mine. After two years it’s mine.

The brunette pushed up a little bit, keeping his arm around her and her eyes on the Cup, right up until the final moment before she turned to place a kiss on his lips, her eyes swivelling back to the cup the instant it broke.

Sienna: Mine.

She settled back down.

Sienna: My crowning achievement in Future Shock. Achieved on the day I found out that I was graduating to the main roster. Who would’ve thought that all of this could happen to lil ol’ me. That a girl from Lansing, Michigan could achieve so much and find herself on the main roster of the biggest female wrestling company in the whole wide world.

Cory: For what it’s worth, I think this one is ten times better looking than the one last year. And the best part is you managed to top yourself. You defeated TWO people and a lot of managers to get that Cup, and now it’s all yours forever.

Sienna: Of course it looks better. It’s got my name on it and it’d being properly looked after and cared for. It’s not been given to someone who was so careless that they would allowed an accident - any accident - to befall it. And yes. It’s mine. All mine. Forever. It’s something that can never and will never be taken away from me. I’ll forever have overcome the overwhelming odds that I came up against; recorded in history and in the archives for all to see. Me triumphing in a glorified handicap match to take home that gorgeous, beautiful amazing trophy; made all the better by having Sienna Moore upon it.

Cory: Plus no one is going to be eating any cereal out of it either. You want to tell the fans of FFW what they can expect in 2018 when you arrive to the main roster?

The brunette nodded her head eagerly.

Sienna: Those who have seen me on Future Shock already have a pretty good idea of what to expect in 2018 when I debut on the main roster. Those that haven’t seen me...well, I’ll level with you - I may not be the finished article just yet. I’m still young, I’ve still got an awful lot of things to learn and develop. But I’m a pretty quick learner and I’m still pretty damn good. I’m talented, I’m skilled, I’ve got a LOT of heart and an ability to think on my feet. I can adjust and innovate to do things you’ve never ever seen inside a wrestling ring before. I don’t quit. I don’t back down, I keep on coming at my opponents over and over again. Every single time out, I’ll give you my absolute best and I promise you that I’ll do absolutely anything that I can to win a match.

She nodded at the camera.

Sienna: Don’t let my pretty little face fool you any. I’m as driven and determined as anyone on this roster; more than capable of holding my own and taking the fight to absolutely anyone on this roster. Just sit back and watch me go.

The reflection of the pair off the Future Shock Cup is seen before we cut elsewhere.

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« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2017, 04:34:50 pm »

A clip shows the recent events surrounding Angelina’s injury at the hands of Ascension, and then her return to face Ascension. We then see her partner arrive to surprise of a packed Scotland crowd, Artemis Kaiser. After that, we head back to the live show with Maggie standing in the ring.

Maggie: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall.

Zack: I’ve been looking forward to this one, especially after we found out who was going to be Angelina’s partner tonight.

Mai: Leave to someone like Artemis to stick her nose into something that had nothing to do with her. No one asked for her, and no one wants to see her. I’d have been happy with Angelina going into this handicap style against the Tornado Tag Champions.

The opening chords of “Destroy & Conquer” by Future World Music begin to rattle through the arena, the curtains start to move as Valentina Lozano & Isis Morales slowly steps out onto the ramp. They are unfazed by the boos from the crowd as Valentina bends her right knee and angles her left leg, her right arm shooting up into the air with a cocky smirk with Isis standing behind her, raising her fist in the air with a cocky smirk, standing in a unified domineering pose while basking in the negative heat of the crowd. Valentina gets back to her feet and then begins to walk side by side with Isis down the aisle.

Maggie: Making their way to the ring…at a total combined weight of three hundred and sixty-five pounds....They are the reigning FFW Tornado Tag Team Champions…..”The Latin Goddess” Valentina Lozano and “The Titaness” Isis Morales... They are...


At the ringside area, Valentina and Isis walk around the ring once before entering the ring, with Valentina making her way to a waiting human stairway next to the ring: one guy on all fours next to the ring and one guy lying prone in front of him. Causally stepping on the men, Valentina walks up and walks across the edge of the ring. She then reclines against the ropes and callously looks down at the men, giving them a smirk while they get to their knees and properly grace her boots with kisses before dismissing themselves to the back. Valentina then glares towards the referee in the ring and orders the referee to hold the ropes for her, which the referee reluctantly complies with doing. She wipes her feet on the apron and enters the ring. Meanwhile, Isis enters the ring by stepping over the top rope with ease. The ladies then go to opposite ring posts in which they climb up and pose to the crowd with complete confidence, taking in the atmosphere while the crowd reaction continues and the cameras flashing.

After the ladies taunt the crowd, Valentina then goes to one of the corners to lean against.  After giving Valentina a few words and patting her on the shoulder, Isis smirks and stretches a little as they await for the bell to ring.

Zack: Ascension have been hitting on all cylinders of late. They regained the Tornado Tag Titles, and Valentina has been packing points on the Global Wars scoreboard along with her replacement partner, Shaw.

Mai: I think Shaw should join Ascension. Do you know what an amazing crew that would be? And then they could get Isis a honorary Canadian citizenship too!

The techno beat of Britney Spear’s “Work Bitch” hits over the speakers and out walks Angelina Fantastica in a pair of pink aviator sunglasses and a matching satin baseball jacket with “Fantastica” emblazoned on the back in white script. She struts down the ramp, high-fiving fans and blowing kisses to the crowd as she works her way toward the ring.

Maggie: Introducing from Staten Island, New York… she is Angelina Fantastica!

As she gets to the end of the ramp Angelina takes a few steps back, tosses her jacket and sunglasses to the side, and takes a running leap toward the ring, somersaulting over the top rope and landing on her feet with a bright smile, stretching out her arms to wave to the crowd before making her way to her corner.

Zack: Believe it or not, this is Angelina’s first main roster Pay Per View since joining FFW. And you can bet she has every intention of making it a successful outing.

Mai: Maybe if she’s lucky, someone will yank her arm completely out of socket this time and she won’t be able to pop it back into place like she did in Future Shock. Then she can sit out till next Global Wars, if we’re lucky.

Zack: What an asinine comment, but….here we go!

Sounds of thunder and lightning cast out, setting the atmosphere of the incoming Conqueror. The lights in the arena die out to allow for the spontaneous bursts of light that reflect the internalized storm.  As the silence takes hold, the startling opening guitar screech of Rammstein’s “Sonne” overtakes everything. It is followed by the infamous countdown.


“Blacklands” by Castle blasts the arena with its heavy, thrashing instrumentals as the lights in the arena fluctuate through a rapid cycle of dark blues and neutral colors. From the darkness of the entranceway, the shine of a metallic mask catches the camera’s attention. Artemis Kaiser, garbed in her striking entrance piece, steps onto the stage with her head lowered. She stands there, a pensive essence radiating from her short and stocky frame. She raises her head for the crowd to see past the shadows her hood casts. She starts to make her way down the ramp, further casting out her overall serious personality. Each step is methodical, made to set the atmosphere. She stops at the center of the ramp, lowering her head for the announcer call. As it comes, she lifts her hands to her hood and mask, removing both.

Maggie: And her partner, she hails from Mt. Pearl, Newfoundland, Canada…...please welcome back……’THE LAST EMPRESS’ ARTEMIS KAISER!!!!

As the call concludes, the shot shows Artemis revealing her face to the camera and the audience. The red streak, her scowl, and her stern expression completing all she wishes to do in her entrance. She continues her way down the ramp, taking off her jacket. She throws it nonchalantly onto the ground and ascends the ring apron. She steps around it, taking a fine look around the arena until she rests on the side of the ring. She raises her arms up beside her and leans her head back. As she emits a determined roar,  the camera zooms back on command. It starts to come back in as she lowers her head, glaring into the camera lens. She enters the ring through the second rope with a stylish roll.

She lands on a crouched knee, and starts to rise from the position slowly. She climbs the nearest turnbuckle, giving a full look around the expansive setting. She proclaims to everyone about who is she is and that all the eyes are on her. Artemis’s attention turns to the ring, where she seats herself on the second turnbuckle, propping her legs on the ropes. Her focus gathers itself to a point while she awaits for the opening bell.

Zack: We haven’t seen Artemis Kaiser in a FFW ring competing in quite some time, and it sounds to me like she’s been well missed! The Staples Center is giving her a rockstar ovation!

Mai: I haven’t missed her. I told you I hate short people. She even has short hair. Everything about her is short, and I’m looking forward to watching Isis and Valentina make Artemis-kabobs.

Referee Jennifer Stringer checks all four women for foreign objects, and then calls for the bell to start the match. Isis heads for her team’s corner, while Artemis and Angelina confer briefly before Fantastica starts. Angelina beams ear to ear as she looks out over the packed crowd, and wastes zero time in rush Valentina. She surprises Lozano with a double leg takedown before she begins to unload with furious right hands from the mount position. Lozano manages to roll her off, and Angelina gets back up quickly. Lozano barely has time to do the same before Angelina pastes her with a discus elbow to the jaw, and then unloads with rapid fire kicks to the body that double her over in pain. With the crowd solidly behind her, Angelina rebounds off the near side and delivers a tornado DDT. She pops back to her feet, and shouts into the crowd.

Zack: Angelina seems like she got shot out of a cannon, and she’s taking the fight right to Valentina. I’m not sure Lozano was expecting all of this.

Mai: Of course, she wasn’t. She expected a sense of fair play, not jumping someone before they were ready. Ascension never does things like that, Zack.

As soon as Valentina had started to rise, Angelina hammered a trio of European uppercuts into her head. Lozano was rocked backwards before she got fired across to the far corner. She struck back first before Angelina darted towards her, running up the ropes at her side and snapping off a hurricanrana to spike her onto the canvas. Fantastica nipped up to her feet, and hit the ropes again. This time, she caught Isis unaware with a flying forearm that sent her off the apron to her feet on the floor. The redhead’s eyes flashed as she immediately climbed back up onto the apron, and was trying to get in when the referee went to intercept her.

Mai: Why in the name of God would you specifically try to piss that woman off?! Seriously! Are we sure it was just an ankle injury? There had to be head trauma!

Zack: Angelina is one of those types who doesn’t care how big the opposition is. And besides that, she’s proven she can beat the Titaness before!

Stringer managed to talk Isis back into her corner as Angelina pulled Valentina to her feet. She sent her into her team’s corner, and followed her with a Stinger splash. With Valentina leaning against the wrong team’s corner, Angelina lowered her shoulder and delivered a trio of shoulder blocks into her ribs before asking the crowd if they wanted Artemis. They gave a resoundingly positive response to that, and Artemis got the tag. Kaiser stepped into the ring, nodding her head as she listened to the very loud crowd chanting her name. And when she turned back to Valentina, she struck her with a Stockton slap!

Zack: Los Angeles is ready to see Artemis throw hands for the first time in a while, and...OH MY! That slap ECHOED through the Staples Center!

Mai: Don’t take that shit, Valentina! Break her damn neck! How dare Artemis do something like that to a woman of Valentina’s stature?!

Valentina’s eyes widened as she held her face, and Artemis started firing right hands right to her head. Kaiser shoved her back into the corner when she tried to leave, and then unloaded with a torrent of knife edge chops to the chest. She snapped off a belly to belly suplex onto Valentina before grabbing her head into a gator roll. Kaiser rolled them all around the ring before she pulled her to her feet, and laid in repeated knees to the head. With Lozano staggered, Kaiser put her down with a spinning backfist prior to tagging Angelina.

Zack: I have to tell you I am more than a little surprised with how well these two are working together. They’ve never teamed together before, but you wouldn’t know it!

Mai: We call that dumb luck, Zack. It’s not as though Ascension had any tape to study of the team together, this is really unfair for them honestly.

Angelina immediately headed up top, and came down with an elbow drop to the chest. She shooked Valentina’s leg into a cover as Stringer moved to count.



Mai: Clearly Angelina is a religious woman, Zack. Because only by prayer could you hope to put Valentina away that quickly!

Lozano kicked out as the two came down, and Angelina popped right back to her feet. She jerked the Tornado Tag Champion up to her feet, hammering a few shots in before she took off for the far side. She left her feet on the rebound, only for Lozano to grab her around the waist and fall backwards into a stun gun. Fantastica’s neck landed across the top rope, causing her to stagger and cough heavily. Valentina got back to her feet, and only made matters worse with a German suplex into the corner. Angelina’s head and neck hit the top turnbuckle on the way down before she collapsed on the mat.

Zack: Angelina had things well in hand till that stun gun derailed everything. You know as well as I do that Valentina is going to show zero mercy now.

Mai: What do you want her to do? Throw her a tea party? Angelina wanted some payback, well...now she’s getting what always comes along with that: a beating.

Lozano pulled her out by the feet, and then catapulted her head first into Ascension’s corner. She landed across the top turnbuckle before Valentina tagged Isis. The former Future Shock Champion stepped in, and jerked Angelina into a powerbomb position. Lozano headed up top, and snapped her down with a diving leg drop. She rolled out to the floor while Isis planted a boot on Angelina’s chest for a cover.

Zack: They call that CRASH AND BURN! And there’s Isis with a terrible cover!



She shoved Isis’ foot off her chest as the two struck. The redhead looked down at her with a shake of her head. She pulled her to her feet, and into a fireman’s carry. Morales walked to the center of the ring, and repeatedly dropped Angelina across her knee. Six times she connected with it before a fallaway slam nearly sent Angelina rolling out of the ring.

Mai: There you go, Isis. Break her back! No one will miss her. She and her whole family are useless anyway, you know. I heard they all went to school by getting out of the same trunk.

Angelina began to try to move towards her corner with Isis circling around behind her. She let her crawl fairly close before she yanked her to her feet. Repeated blows to Fantastica’s lower back landed before Isis scooped her up high into a gorilla press. She held her there for a couple seconds before walking out from under her. Fantastica plummeted to the mat with a smack, and Isis moved to the corner and piefaced Artemis off the apron. Kaiser landed on her feet, and bolted into the ring before Stringer could intercept her.

Mai: Look at Artemis over here trying to cheat! She’s not the legal woman in this match, she needs to stand in the corner and look up the middle rope like she’s been doing.

Zack: You do know she will listen to this commentary back when she watches the match later, right? In any event, Isis is enjoying herself at Angelina’s expense.

This brought a tiny smile to Isis’ face before she pulled Fantastica up, and put her into position for a powerbomb. Stringer finally got Artemis back to the apron as Isis hoisted Angelina onto her shoulders. As soon as she did though, the New Yorker began firing right hands into her head repeatedly. The crowd came to their feet as she countered out of the move with a 720 degree DDT that dropped Isis right on top of her head. The crowd began to chant her name as Angelina started looking for her corner. When she found it, she began to make progress towards it while Valentina shouted to Isis to stop her. The redhead sat up with a dazed look on her face just as Angelina lunged into her corner, and made the tag. Kaiser stepped through the ropes, and immediately bolted towards Isis with a knee trembler to the head before she could get up. Artemis hit the far side ropes, and came back with a handspring enzuigiri as Isis was getting up. It put her right back down!

Zack: Artemis had been waiting on that tag for quite a while, and now she’s taking the measure of the most dominant woman in the history of Future Shock!

Mai: Yeah, while she’s down! Where was all this bravado when Isis was fresh? I’ll tell you where, standing on the apron and wishing she could see over the middle rope. That’s where!

Artemis doubled back to the corner, and crouched for a moment as she watched Isis begin to get back to her feet. When the redhead was almost there, Kaiser bolted towards her and connected with a Superman punch! But it didn’t put her down, as Isis merely staggered backwards on her feet. The brunette took off for the far side again, and rebounded quickly. Isis tried to back body drop her, but Kaiser caught her with a kick to the chest instead as she was popped into the air. The redhead staggered still, and finally Artemis hit the ropes and came back with a second Superman punch that floored the Titaness! The crowd came to its feet as she fell, and Artemis made the cover!

Zack: Two FALCON PUNCHES and a CHESTBURSTER has put the Titaness down, and Kaiser with the cover!




Valentina pulled her off the cover by her feet, causing Artemis to roll to her back and start kicking her with both feet in the chest like a bicycle. She popped back up, and hoisted Valentina onto her shoulders for what looked to be a Death Valley driver but a boot in the face from Isis stopped that.

Mai: That was fun to watch! And the best part about kicking Artemis in the face is you can’t possibly make her any uglier, so that’s gotta be consoling for Webster there.

Isis yanked Artemis to her feet in a rear waistlock before Valentina caught her with a superkick. Morales immediately used the momentum, and drove her into the mat with a vicious German suplex. The Titaness immediately went for a cover as Angelina came back, making a beeline for her partner before Valentina intercepted her.

Mai: There’s the SUPERKICK-PLEX! Li’l Napoleon’s gonna lose!!




Artemis popped her shoulder up in time before the three, causing Isis to glare at referee Jennifer Stringer. Angelina and Valentina were unloading on one another against the ropes as Ruby Tyler headed towards the ring.

Zack: This match has completely disintegrated into nothing more than a brawl! There’s Ruby Tyler, and I have a bad feeling why she may be coming out right now!

Valentina caught Angelina with a headbutt to the nose that sent her through the ropes to the floor. Isis got back to her feet as Ruby snatched the ring bell from the time keeper. Isis yanked Artemis to her feet, and held her up for Ruby while Valentina kept the referee occupied.

Mai: There you go, Ruby! Take her little head off with the bell! I’ll tell you what, she’s really growing on me, Zack!

Ruby stared at Artemis in Isis’ grip, and muttered something to herself. She then shouted to the referee, who turned around to see her kick Artemis in the stomach. Stringer immediately called for the bell as Isis and Valentina looked thunderous.

Zack: What the hell?! Ruby…..she got the referee’s attention so she could see her kick Artemis, and--

Maggie: The winners of the match by disqualification………..ARTEMIS KAISER AND ANGELINA FANTASTICA!!

Mai: She did that on purpose! Good help is so hard to find these days, Zack!

As Ruby glanced over to Valentina, Isis blasted her with a boot to the head. She yanked her up into a full nelson as Valentina slapped her across the face, shouting at her that she worked for her now. A full nelson slam from Isis planted Ruby on the canvas as Lozano told her she wouldn’t tolerate anything like that again. The pair left the ring amid a chorus of boos.

Mai: See, that’s how you keep the help in line, Zack. You treat them like migrant workers, and sometimes you have to slap them around a bit.

Zack: Did she say Ruby works for her now? I don’t….I don’t understand this at all. Artemis and Angelina get a moral victory here tonight, but there’s….a lot more to this story than we’re getting.

Angelina and Artemis check on Ruby and help her to her feet. As they do that,  the show cuts to a commercial for the merch site.

Maggie: The following match is part of the Global Wars series and it is scheduled for one fall to a finish.

The lights in the arena go off before a single purple spotlight hits the stage. As the opening bars of Wild Side by Cross My Heart Hope To Die starts to play Missy appears at the entrance way. Missy stands perfectly still, as her head stays bent, looking towards the ground and her manager Christian Kincaid walks out to stand behind her.

I've been on my best behavior
But I've heard that good girls finish last
And once you're gone they say no one can save you
But who knows if I go I may never want to ever come back
We've all fell victim to temptation
It seems that I'm the last one holding on
What's the use in fighting for my salvation
And why does it feel so damn right to want to be so wrong

At the side of Missy purple lights flash on and off, looking almost like fireworks, causing a wave of oohs and cheers to escape from the crowd. As the lights subside, Missy raises her arms up to the air and a single white spotlight accompanies the move.

I just wanna dance with the devil tonight
I wanna know what it feels like
I wanna close my eyes, put my hands in the sky
I wanna walk on the wild side

Maggie: Introducing at this time…. Hailing from Leeds, England and weighing in at One hundred and twelve pounds… she is MIIIIISSSSSY!

Missy makes her way down the ramp to the ring keeping her eyes straight ahead, focussing on the ring, with Christian following a few steps behind. When she reaches the ring she slowly climbs the steel steps, building the crowd to fever pitch with anticipation, she climbs elegantly between the bottom and middle rope and climbs up onto the middle rope. She smirks before blowing a kiss out to the crowd as her theme music ends.

Zack: With the Global Wars Battle Royal within touching distance now, Missy will be trying to make up some points to pad the Team England score beforehand.

Scarlett: Can we just go ahead and start calling it Team Missy already? That seems to be what everyone else is calling the team.

“Something New” starts up over the speakers, and the jeers have almost drowned out the music before Brazilian Storm have even arrived (though in fairness, the beginning is pretty quiet). Yellow, green and blue spotlights dance around the arena, while the tron shows images of both halves of the team in action. Suddenly, the music stops and the tron cuts out...only for the sound of crashing thunder to echo loudly through the arena.

Love to hate,
Repeating my mistakes.
But there’s no one left to listen,
No one left to listen.
Take a chance, and fuck the consequence
When there’s no one left to listen,
No one left to listen.

As a curtain of dry ice smoke fills up the entrance stage, the two Brazilian wrestlers walk up to the top of the ramp together, with their manager Kyle Kilmeade right behind them and their championship belts across their shoulders. Once there, they look over the booing crowd with matching smirks on their face before they stop for a pose: Bianca goes to a knee and opens her arms wide in the Witch of the Winds pose, as Mel does her own pose, twirling on her feet and taking a soft dip of a bow, also with her arms open. After a couple of seconds in that pose, Bianca lunges forth and twirls herself, as Mel swings an arm, and the best friends indulge in a loud high-five, using the breastplates of their titles. Then, side by side, they walk down the entrance ramp, with their manager following them with a lonely round of applause.

Right now! We’re taking control!
Tired of waiting
Tired of waiting for something new!
Right now! We’re taking control!
Tired of waiting
Tired of waiting for something new!

Maggie: And her opponent, escorted to the ring by Mel Avilo and Kyle Kilmeade… From Porto Alegre, Brazil… She’s the FFW Unity Tag Team CHAMPION… BIANCA SALVADOR!!!

Instead of going straight to the ring though, the girls walk up to a camera, getting right up to the lens with their mischievous smirks. As Bianca flexes her biceps for the gun show, making sure that it’s the arm holding the belt as she kisses the main plate, Mel’s smirk becomes a grin as she gives the camera, and the viewers at home, some choice words about their opponents while pointing to her own belt, reminding the fans who the champions are. After that, the best friends roll into the ring and move to opposite turnbuckles, climbing onto the second rope and staring into the booing crowd with their titles held high, only to wave them off and regroup, going to their corner. Bianca sits on the top turnbuckle and Mel jumps out of the ring. The blonde then hands her championship belt over to Kyle and waits for her match to begin while strategizing with her manager and her best friend.

Zack: This is Bianca’s first time in the ring since her brutal last woman standing match against Andi Takata over in Future Shock.

Scarlett: I want to think that means she will be rusty, but I think it will just have her more fired up to get some more points for Brazil instead.

Referee Melinda Davis gives the girls a cursory check for anything untoward as Maggie leaves the ring, before calling for the bell to get the match started. Both women look as if they were going for a collar and elbow tie up, but Bianca changes her mind and grabs Missy by the head, and drags her forward to deliver a knee straight into her face. Bianca follows with a short knee aimed towards Missy’s ribs, but the Leeds native jumps back quickly to avoid it. Undeterred, Bianca aims another one to the same spot, and it catches Missy in the stomach as she tries to avoid it. Grabbing Missy by the shoulders, Bianca fires three more in quick succession hitting her ribs with each, the final one freezing Missy in place for a moment with a pained expression.

Scarlett: I hate being right sometimes! Bianca is making up for her time away, and Missy is on the receiving end.

Zack: If you didn’t know, you wouldn’t be aware that Bianca had been away at all. There’s nothing lacking in her offense.

Capitalizing on that straight away, Bianca grabs Missy by the wrist and uses a short-arm clothesline to knock the English wrestler to the canvas. Keeping her grip she pulls her back up, just to knock her straight back down again. Another follows, and another, only after the fifth in a row does Bianca release Missy’s arm to leave her laying on the canvas. Pulling her back up to feet by the head, Bianca fires Missy across into the ropes and catches her on the rebound with a swinging DDT that flattens the Leeds native.

Zack: Bianca almost turned Missy inside out and the Team England member still hasn’t had a single chance to respond yet.

Scarlett: She’s just biding her time, she’ll bounce back!

Bianca steps between Missy's legs, grabs both of them, and twists them into a knot around their leg. Holding them in place, she steps over and turns Missy over, to lock in a sharpshooter. She leans back into it to apply as much pressure as possible to the Missy’s legs. The Leeds native yells out, which just makes Bianca smile and lean further back into the hold. Davis drops down in front of Missy to asks if she wants to give up but she gets a very definite no in response.

Scarlett: Missy doesn’t give in too easily, so I hope Bianca is ready to have to hold that position for a while.

Zack: There’s only so long that you can go being twisted in that position though. It is clearly already taking it’s toll on Missy’s leg. You can see it on her face.

Scarlett: That’s probably just indigestion.

Realising her position Missy reaches out in front of her and grabs hold of the bottom rope, prompting Davis to call for the break. Bianca waits until the count of four before complying and only then releases Missy. Hopping back to her feet with a smile on her face, Bianca looks to Mel and Kyle on the outside who give her some words of praise. The Leeds native slowly gets back up to her feet, using the ropes to steady herself. Just as she reaches her feet, Bianca charges and clotheslines her over the top rope, but instead of hitting the floor she lands in her manager’s arms who gently sets her back on the apron with a couple of words of encouragement as he does.

Zack: Christian really should consider just wearing a giant catchers mitt when he comes out for Missy’s matches.

Scarlett: I think she owes him a muffin basket at the very least.

Spotting her back on the apron and talking to her manager, Bianca takes off towards Missy going for a baseball slide, but at the last moment Christian spots her and warns his client. Missy reacts quickly, grabbing hold of the top rope and leap frogging over it to land back in the ring, avoiding the slide and leaving Bianca’s legs to slide under the bottom rope. Turning back, Missy grabs the top rope and uses it to steady herself as she starts to unleash a barrage of kicks into Bianca’s back. She manages to get five off before Davis orders her to break, she gets another three stiff shots into the centre of the Typhoon’s back before finally breaking on the four count and backing up away from her.

Scarlett: Yes! Missy is finally getting her chance to respond and those kicks are a nice way to warm herself up.

Zack: It would have been better if she had started warming up before the match, or at least sooner than this. Bianca is fully warmed up already as we’ve seen from the way she took Missy to task early on.

Before Bianca can pull herself fully back from under the bottom rope, Missy takes off towards her with a shining wizard that flattens her to the canvas. Pulling the Brazilian away from the ropes, Missy guides her to her feet by the head, before taking off towards the ropes. She uses them to rebound off, heading back towards Bianca at speed. Bianca drops down to her stomach to avoid the English wrestler. Missy corrects herself in time and jumps over the prone Bianca to continue on to the opposite set of ropes. Rebounding off those she comes back as Bianca gets back to her feet, and just as the Brazilian turns, Missy leaves her feet for a dropkick that connects with Bianca’s ribs and puts her on her back with a thud. Without skipping a beat, Missy floats over for the cover and Davis drops down into position for the count.

Zack: Missy is going for a cover. With both of these women in the Battle Royal later, neither are going to want this match to go longer than absolutely necessarily.



Bianca gets her shoulder up and Missy rolls straight back to her feet and heads to the nearest corner. As the Leeds native eyes her fallen opponent, she squats down in the corner with her hands together and elbows between her legs. She then springs up to her feet, and heads for the top rope.

Scarlett: We all know what that means! LI’L MISS MISCHIEF is on her way.

The English wrestler steadies herself and prepares to launch herself off with her top rope frog splash, but before she can the rope wobbles underneath her foot and she crashes to the canvas. She pulls herself up tentatively and looks behind her to see Kyle on the apron. He shrugs his shoulders to say he doesn’t know what happened and Missy takes off towards him looking furious.

Scarlett: …. Or at least it was on it’s way before that crash landing courtesy of Kilmeade airways.

Kyle steps back out of her arms reach when she reaches the ropes, and Davis makes her way over to stop Missy from leaving the ring. With the referee distracted by the furious Missy trying to reach Kyle, Bianca gets back to her feet and comes behind Missy using a shoulder tackle to knock the Leeds native into the ropes. Missy bounces off and as she turns around, Bianca grabs her and uses a DDT to drop her on her head. Quickly flipping her onto her stomach, Bianca sits on Missy’s back and grabs her arms, crossing them under her chin to lock in her Straightjacket choke with one foot forcing against the back of Missy’s neck.

Zack: ELEGANT DECADENCE from Bianca and we could be about to see Missy’s first loss since she arrived on the main roster.

Scarlett: Don’t discount her just yet, she is pretty resilient you know.

Zack: There’s not much resilience can do for you when you have somebody like Bianca strangling you with your own arms and stepping on your neck!

Missy immediately starts to struggle against her own arms, but Bianca just pulls tighter, applying more pressure and starting to cut off Missy’s air. Davis crouches in front of the English wrestler to see if she wants to give up, but she shakes her head no and then looks as if she is gesturing towards the rope behind the referee. It takes Davis a moment to realise and when she turns around she sees nothing.

Scarlett: Wait.. Missy got her foot on the bottom rope then. Kyle knocked it off before the referee turned around!

Zack: She needs to do something soon, there is only so long a person can stay awake while being choked, she either needs to escape, give in or pass out.

Davis asks again if Missy wants to give in, this time she doesn’t get a response straight away. After asking again, Missy gives a weaker response to say no. Christian tries to offer Missy some encouragement to keep her going, but she barely responds. Missy manages to get her foot on the rope for a second time, but Kyle dashes straight to knock it off. Spotting Kyle and Missy’s foot, Christian takes off towards him, but Mel stands in his way, slowing him down as he has to sidestep the Brazilian wrestler. Davis looks behind her, but Kyle has already knocked Missy’s foot of the rope before she does.

Zack: Missy is running out of options, if she isn’t passed out already, it won’t be long before she is.

Scarlett: I think she’s already out, she’s not struggling against the hold anymore.

Still getting no response from Missy, Davis raises her hand and then lets it go, it drops straight to the canvas. Davis repeats the process for a second time and again her hand drops straight to the canvas. From the outside Mel and Kyle watch with a smile as the referee lifts and drops Missy’s hand for the third time. As it hits the canvas Davis gets back to her feet and calls for the bell.

Maggie: You winner via submission………………. ‘The Typhoon’ BIANCA SALVADOR!

Zack: Bianca Salvador has just added five points to Team Brazil’s total and broken Missy’s undefeated streak…. With some help from her manager and tag team partner.

Kyle and Mel get back into the ring, with Mel raising one of Bianca’s hands, while Davis raises the other. Kyle directs both girls to look at the Global Wars scoreboard where five points have just been added to Brazil’s total.

Scarlett: I… am.. actually kinda speechless right now.

Christian climbs into the ring to check on the still passed out Missy, as Bianca, Mel and Kyle leave the ring and make their way to the back. The camera focuses on their smiling faces before cutting elsewhere.

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Caitlyn's Wax Ambitions

We cut to a video showing us the exterior of Madame Tussauds Hollywood Wax Museum. From there, it cuts inside and we see several famous figures immortalized in wax. First, there’s the Kardashian girls, including Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian. As the camera keeps panning, there’s a very familiar blonde….who is not a Kardashian at all. When the camera spins around to see her face, the LA crowd gives Caitlyn Storm a very warm reception as she walks through with one of her friends in Jake Chandler. The words “Recorded Earlier Today…” appear in the top left corner of the screen.

Jake: So what do you think? Would you want to be immortalized as a wax figure like the Kardashians?

Caitlyn: I think it would be pretty cool to be immortalized in wax! Although, I think they might need a little less wax in certain areas for me than they would for the Kardashians!

Jake: Plus you probably wouldn’t want to become famous the way Kim did. I think doing so through FFW is a lot less scandalous.

Caitlyn: The biggest scandal that I’ve been involved in was the mystery of who left the cap off the toothpaste when I was ten. It was a whole big investigation in my house… turned out it was my brother!

As the pair kept walking, they came across the wax figure of Nicki Minaj on her hands and knees wearing very little. Jake’s eyes widened.

Jake: If I were going to be a wax figure, I’m not sure this is the pose I’d want the artist to create of me. Wow, you can imagine the pictures people take with her like that.

Caitlyn looks a little puzzled for a second.

Caitlyn: The pictures they take.. Ohhhhhh…. I see. Ewwww. No, I would never want a wax figure of me in this kind of pose. What’s wrong with just standing or sitting down?

As they discuss it, another visitor does exactly what they were thinking. He drops to his knees behind Nicki and grabs her hair while his friend takes a picture. Jake and Caitlyn move on quickly from there.

Jake: Are you ready and amped to begin your FFW career in 2018? I mean it was just a year ago at Global Wars where you first popped up, and look where you are now.

Caitlyn: I’m more than amped, Jake! I’m super excited. I still can’t believe that I’m going to be a little fish in the big pond. It’s kinda scary honestly, but I can’t wait to get stuck in. I had loads of fun in Future Shock this year and learnt so much, so I wanna keep doing that on the big stage too.

Jake: I’m sure Mandy will be glad to have you, so maybe you could unify the Unity and Future Shock tag titles! You could be the first ever to hold both.

Caitlyn: Oh my… just the thought alone is enough to get me goosepimpley! That would be a dream come true, although even just holding one or the other would make me happy. And more chances to work with Mandy is never ever a bad thing!

Jake: Or maybe you go chasing your first singles title. What do you think of FFW Fast Track Champion Caitlyn Storm? How does that sound?

Caitlyn: I think that sounds pretty awesomesauce to me! There’s so much more for me to learn and do, it’s going to be a big change from Future Shock I think. But I’m gonna be ready for it!

As the pair turn to head back, they see an old man with his mouth open to the Nicki Minaj wax figure’s butt. The two give each other a wide-eyed look before they head out. A quick hype package of Caitlyn’s Future Shock victories is shown before we head back to the live show on the words….


Maggie: The following contest is an Anything Goes match and it is scheduled for one fall to a finish.

The mad guitar of Trivium’s “To The Rats” assaults the PA, as glitched images of the open roads are shown in the big screen. When the drums kick in, a single volley of red fireworks shoot up from the stage, and the sound of a roaring engine can be heard as well. On her motorcycle, Alysson shows atop the entrance ramp wearing a full biker gear, holding her crowbar on one hand, forcing the engine so to make a loud roar noise, as if it could drown out the crowd’s boos. After that, she jumps off the bike and removes her helmet with her free hand, looking over the crowd and shaking her head, and smashing the crowbar into the ground a couple of times before opening her arms wide and letting out a loud war cry.

Maggie: Introducing first, from the Open Road... "The Outlaw" -- ALYSSON GARDNER!

After that, the Big Red walks down to the ring, removing her biker jacket and leaving it in the way along with her crowbar, before she rolls into the ring under the top rope. She then kipups back to her feet and starts showing off for the crowd, climbing the nearest turnbuckle, throwing more cross-arm horns and smirking at the booing crowd. Alysson then jumps down and takes shelter on her corner, eyeing her opposition directly in the eyes.

Zack: Alysson seemed more than a little amused at Nevaeh being placed in this match after already being beaten by the Shades just a couple of weeks back.

Mai: It’s called tough love, Zack. Don’t you know that by now? Sometimes you have to take off the kid gloves when you’ve become as useless as Summers?

As “City on Lockdown” by Yellow Claw Ft. Lil Debbie (FFW Edit)  plays a large cloud of mist begins to spray up from the stage. It's a thick cloud that keeps building up on the stage as we also see the arena lights blinking in sync with the beat of the music. The lights don't stop blinking till we start hearing the first lyrics of the song

“Roof is blazing for me
Let that Motherucker Burn now...”

It's then that we see Nevaeh Summers eventually make her way through the mist with her arms spread out wide. Nevaeh is wearing black sunglasses as well as a Poisoned by Ivy military jacket with platinum trim. As we keep looking at Nevaeh we also spot her wearing platinum colored leather pants running down her leg. The side of each leg is laced up with black fabric, showing of her skin. On her feet we see black furry boots and kickpads. On the front of each kickpad appears her logo as there is a globe and a “NS” in the center of it while “World's' scrolls on the top and “Finest” scrolls on the bottom as she waltzes onto the stage.

Her manager Silas Mason is right behind her wearing his customary black suit, but a platinum tie to go along with what Nevaeh is wearing. He makes his way to the center of the stage while Nevaeh looked around the building with a smug expression.

Nevaeh makes her way to the center of the stage as now her logo appears right under her feet. She stands with her back to the ring as Silas stands by her side. Nevaeh begins shaking one arm slowly than the other. She rolls her neck slowly as Silas starts talking to her, but to where we can't hear a word shared between them. She begins nodding her head, getting more animated as the beat of the music picks up. She hears the lyrics...

Bitch I'm on fire, we bout to burn the fucking club down”

When Nevaeh hears it she suddenly snaps around, arm stretched out wide, her head tilted up as she looks up at the ceiling. As she strikes this pose three large white flames shoot up on each side of her on the stage The flames reach high into the air, till they turn into smaller flames bursting out of the stage out of the stage every other second.

With flames bursting around her we still see Nevaeh in her pose, her head tilted up towards the ceiling of the large stadium. The camera began running up towards where she and Silas stood till they were up close. Nevaeh now lowered her head back down and looked towards the ring and began walking down the ramp.

Maggie: Making her way to the ring at this time, accompanied by Silas Mason, she resides in Los Angeles, California and weighs in tonight at 120 pounds. She is “The World's Finest” Nevaeh Summers

As they make their way down the ramp we switch to an overhead view of Nevaeh and Silas walking down the ramp with the logo following along under them, the globe actually spinning as they do.

Nevaeh reaches the bottom of the ramp and stops, stretching her arms out to the side. Silas now goes about removing her jacket for her as we see Nevaeh is wearing a leather Platinum and black strapped top. Nevaeh is also wearing platinum colored fingerless gauntlets.

Nevaeh stands there for a few moments before slowly removing the sunglasses and tossing them off to the side. She then quickly runs to the ring, sliding in under the bottom rope and gets back to her feet. Nevaeh then approaches the middle of the ropes facing the hard camera and climbs up them, hooking a leg over the top rope and straddling it as Silas makes his way into the background.. She now sits there and looks out to the capacity crowd. She eventually lowers her head and after a moment snaps her head back and her arms out. Multiple spotlights soon shift down onto her, basking her in the light as Silas stands resolute behind her.

Nevaeh keeps striking the pose till she sees fit. Once she has she gets off the ropes and makes to the opposite side of the ring where she puts one foot on the bottom rope and the other on the middle. She bounces on them while looking out to the crowd and stretches her arms out yet again.

She then waves her arms wildly at the crowd before heading to a corner. Silas gets on the ring apron and begins whispering to her as Nevaeh rolls her shoulders.

Zack: Nevaeh hasn’t had the best of runs lately, but that isn’t stopping her at all. She will need all of her resilience and more tonight against Alysson, in the match that Silas placed her in.

Mai: Silas is just trying to help her improve. You don’t break a losing streak by sitting on the sidelines, you know.

As soon as Maggie is clear of the ring, referee Angela Keanan calls for the bell to get the match underway. Nevaeh comes straight out of her corner to the centre of the ring, but Alysson hangs around, putting her crowbar down on the apron in her corner, she then leans on the top rope with a smirk on her face and watches Nevaeh closely. Summers calls to Alysson telling her to ‘come on’ but Gardner holds her spot, still just smirking. Summers calls again for Alysson to come on and Alysson fakes a yawn, telling her she is not entertained. Getting visibly fed up with her, Nevaeh charges at Alysson, but as she reaches her, Gardner ducks down and grabs Summers around the legs. Standing up again she uses the momentum to throw her over the top rope. Nevaeh lands unsteadily on the apron, but Alysson spins around and kicks between the middle and top rope to connect with Nevaeh’s gut and send her toppling off the apron to the arena floor.

Mai: I bet Nevaeh’s wishing she had waited for Alysson to come to her now, isn’t she?

Zack: I am sure she wasn’t expecting that, but I don’t think anybody was. Even Alysson looks like it was a spur of the moment decision.

Nevaeh lands in a heap and Alysson casually leans over the top rope, looking down at her and laughing. Nevaeh pulls herself up to her feet and glares back at Alysson, but Alysson just laughs more. Alysson backs up a little inviting Nevaeh to come back into the ring, but the second she is back on the apron, Alysson charges towards her. Nevaeh is ready for her this time and as soon as she is in reach, Nevaeh sweeps her legs out from underneath her and as the redhead falls she lands on her throat on the top rope. She falls backwards and holds her neck as she tries to get her breath back.

Zack: I’ve never landed on my throat on a rope, but I can imagine it is not a pleasant experience to say the least. Alysson looks like she is struggling to breathe a little after that, and with good reason.

Mai: If you want to try it out, let me know. I’ll be happy to assist you!

Alysson rolls onto her front and then pulls herself back up to her knees, as Nevaeh climbs back into the ring. With a couple of deep breaths, Alysson pulls herself together and gets back to her feet, but not for long as Nevaeh takes off towards her and uses a one handed bulldog to plant her face first into the canvas. Alysson quickly gets back to her feet, but as soon as she does Nevaeh uses a Russian leg sweep to put her straight back down again. Alysson gets back up to her feet for the third time and Nevaeh is again waiting, this time with a hip toss to send her back down. Before she can get back to her feet again, Nevaeh jumps into the air and hits a knee drop straight into Alysson’s back. Without wasting a second, Nevaeh rolls Alysson over and throws her arm over for the cover as Keanan drops down into position for the count.

Zack: Nevaeh is quick off the mark with an early cover, but it may be more than a little early to be hopeful of Alysson staying down.



Alysson gets her shoulder up before the two can come down and shoves Nevaeh off her angrily.

Mai: Uh oh… Alysson doesn’t look happy. Nevaeh may want to take herself for another dive over the top rope!

Nevaeh is first back to her feet but Alysson’s follows not far behind, before Nevaeh can do anything, Alysson cracks her with backhand across the face that sends the blonde’s head reeling. She follows that with a short knee to Nevaeh’s ribs which bend her double and a knee to the face stands her back upright again. Another knee to the ribs follows from the redhead which pushes Summer’s back a couple of steps, another follows quickly which keeps Nevaeh on the back foot, before Alysson uses a bell clap to make her lose her balance completely.

Mai: Just like I thought, she would have been better going for a dive while she could!

Zack: Alysson seems to have taken offence to Nevaeh’s pin attempt, and she is making Nevaeh pay for it.

The blonde hits the ropes and the second she does, Alysson grabs her and whips her across to the opposite ropes. She rebounds off them straight into a vicious clothesline from Gardner that almost takes her head off. Nevaeh lands back first with a thud, and Alysson straight away lands a double knee drop into her ribs. Mounting her, the redhead starts to fire stiff right hands into the side of Nevaeh’s head forcing her to raise her hands to cover up. Not being able to get the shots in passed Nevaeh’s hands, Alysson changes tacks and instead grabs the blonde by the hair and starts to hit her head off the canvas like she was bouncing a basketball.

Zack: Alysson is using Nevaeh’s head for dribbling practice and meanwhile her manager seems to be preoccupied watching someone in the crowd approaching ringside.

Mai: Can you blame him? She is a tall drink of blondey goodness, I’d be preoccupied by her too.

Zack: He doesn’t seem to share your enthusiasm, in fact he looks positively annoyed.

While Silas looks stunned and fairly upset by the appearance of the mystery, tall, blonde woman approaching ringside, Alysson stops slamming Nevaeh’s head, but keeps hold of her hair, pulling her up to her feet by it. Once she is back to a vertical base, the redhead gets her into a side headlock and starts to fire shot after shot, rapid fire style into Nevaeh’s gut. Releasing her head, Alysson pushes Nevaeh back a little and then hits her with a spin kick that drops her like a rock. Alysson gets into position for a cover as Keanan drops down beside them for the count.

Zack: I think Nevaeh may still be feeling that well into the middle of next week. Alysson had some force behind that kick.




Mai: I thought we were gonna see an exorcist full 360 spin. Kinda disappointed we didn’t.

Zack: I’m sure you’ll get over it.

Nevaeh kicks out before the three, not that her manager notices as Silas casts glance back to the mystery blonde, still looking fairly perturbed by her presence.

Zack: You would think that Silas would be more concerned by his client right now than by the people in the crowd.

Alysson rolls straight back to her feet and moves to pull Nevaeh up to hers again.. but the blonde surprises her with a headbutt that makes the redhead’s eyes water. Alysson staggers backwards from the impact and Nevaeh rolls away towards the ropes, using them to steady herself as she gets back to her feet. Clearly a little disorientated from the early head shots, Nevaeh takes a moment to compose herself as Alysson is giving her head a shake and the bridge of her nose a rub.

Zack: Nevaeh might just have busted Alysson’s nose! It’s definitely giving Nevaeh a chance to pull herself together.

Mai: Well it’s hard to do much when you’re eyes are watering that much. Just ask anyone who plucks their bikini line!

Spotting the opening, Nevaeh pulls herself together and takes off towards Alysson, catching her with a knife edge chop to the chest. Another follows in quick succession, and another, and another until Alysson’s chest is starting to redden. Another two follow before Nevaeh uses a jumping neckbreaker to send the redhead down to the canvas. Alysson bounces up off the canvas and Nevaeh catches her, pulling her up to her feet. With Gardner slightly dazed, Nevaeh gets her into position for a snap suplex and manages to execute it perfectly. Nevaeh hooks one of Alysson’s legs as Keanan gets back into position for the count.

Zack: Nevaeh looks like she is about to make up for that loss against the Shades with a win over Alysson!




Alysson kicks out in the knick of time and Nevaeh looks to the referee for clarification. Keanan holds up two fingers confirming it was only two and the blonde rolls back to her feet. Summers pulls Alysson back up and starts getting her into position for her snap double underhook ddt but Silas starts shouting some instruction at her, Nevaeh ignores the advice so he climbs up onto the apron trying to get her attention and the two start to argue…. until Alysson comes from nowhere and uses a dropkick to knock Nevaeh face first into the ropes and knock Silas off of the apron in the process.

Mai: I wish I’d brought some popcorn now, or at least some more booze.

As Nevaeh looks down at Silas, Alysson dashes back to her corner. Nevaeh turns back to the ring and drops like a rock as Alysson hits her in the face with her crowbar. Alysson gives a little bow to the crowd, shouting that this is ‘Quality Entertainment’ but is only met with disdain. She ignores that completely as she casually goes down for the cover. Keanan drops down into position beside them.

Zack: Nevaeh was all set to go for THE GRAND FINALE but her argument with Silas gave Alysson the only opening she needed to grab that crowbar of hers.




Alysson gets back to her feet as Keanan calls for the bell and then raises the redhead’s hand.

Maggie: Your winner via pinfall………………….."The Outlaw" -- ALYSSON GARDNER!

Alysson makes her way out of the ring as Silas now stands up at ringside. He stares at Alysson with disdain before turning to the ring and glaring a hole through the slowly moving Nevaeh. He bends over to pick up his cowboy hat and puts it back on his head. Off to the side the mystery blonde stands up and seem concerned now as Silas storms up the steps and gets into the ring.

Nevaeh is barely able to move onto her side after the crowbar shot to the face. The referee begins to check on her to see if she hasn’t suffered a severe injury. Silas gets in the ring and starts stomping his way towards her, eventually standing over Nevaeh.. His anger is beginning to boil over as he now starts to yell at Nevaeh

Silas: WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM?  Ya do what I tell ya ta do! Ya don’t argue with me. Ya don’t talk back at all!  What I say goes! Ya happy, huh? This what ya wanted? Ya lost again! Ya lost because ya don’t listen ya dumbass!

The crowd starts to get on Silas as the referee looks up at Silas, surprised. The ref begins to order Silas to back up. Nevaeh now made her way onto ehr hands and knnes. She tried to push herself up, only to crumble to the mat. Silas was fuming now at the ref as he barked back

Silas: Shut yer mouth! Ya don’t tell me what ta do! I run this shit around here. I’m telling my client that she screwed up for the one hundredth time.

Silas turned his attention back to Nevaeh, who was crawling towards the ropes near the timekeepers area. He stalked over her as she did, again yelling at her.

Silas: Great job Nevaeh. Ya really came through this time ya idiot! Yeah don’t listen ta the guy who made ya what ya are. Ya enjoy being a loser don’t ya? Well I don’t Nevaeh. I ain’t no damn loser. Yer makin me look bad! Yer embarrassing me! Show me some good damn respect when yer out here dammit!

The crowd was booing Silas even louder now as Nevaeh finally crawled her way into the corner. She still looked to be in a daze from the crowbar shot, but she did look up at Silas. He was snarling down at her, shaking his head.

Silas; Ya make me sick right now. What happened ta ya? I’m done with the losing Nevaeh. Ya know what happens what ya lose? Do I got ta push things huh? Do I got ta show how serious I am huh? That bitch over there, do I got ta make an example out of her?

Silas now gestured over to the mysterious blonde woman now. Nevaeh was still trying to gather herself as Silas kept berating her.

Silas: Keep trying me. Keep losing and I swear losing will seem like a cakewalk once I’m done. See who really has yer back then.

Silas now turned around and walked off to ehavy boos. He glared once more at the mysterious blonde he made his way through the ropes and out of the ring. He barked at the blonde that “she ain’t worth it, you’ll see soon enough”. The blonde looked furious at him as he straightened out his coat and began heading up the aisle. He was half way up it when a faint voice was heard.


Silas now paused and turned towards the ring, as did everyone, as Nevaeh had a microphone in her hand. She was trying to use the ropes to get to her feet as Silas seemed taken aback. He stood there watching her as Nevaeh clung to the ropes. She was in pain, spent from the grueling match she just went through.

Nevaeh: I...I...I need you..to get back..in here.

The crowd softly cheered this request while Silas tilted his head. He seemed confused as to what was going on right now. Nevaeh kept clinging to the ropes, but grimaced in obvious pain. She was trying to get to her feet as she spoke back up, grunting as she did.

Nevaeh: Please...get in here.

Nevaeh had an arm wrapped around the top rope, using it to prop herself up at the moment. Silas just kept staring at her, looking to slowly become annoyed by this whole thing. He now began to make his way back to the ring and up the steps. He soon entered the ring and arrogantly stormed over to Nevaeh.

Silas: What the hell do ya want? What could ya possibly have ta say? Ya done already ruined everything. Unless yer gonna say yer sorry I don’t want ta hear anything ya got ta say.

Nevaeh slowly nodded her head as she righted herself in the corner. She was in obvious pain as she held an arm across his abdomen. She looked at him in discomfort for several moments before raising the microphone back to her mouth.

Nevaeh: I know what you want me to say... and… I’m gonna...I’m gonna ...gonna tell you what you deserve to hear.

The crowd groaned, but Silas seemed surprised. He even started nodding his head, yelling out “Bout damn time”. Nevaeh leaned in the corner, stared right at him, and nodded her head as well.

Nevaeh: ..Silas.....you’re an asshole!

The crowd suddenly cheered loudly. Silas was now sporting a blank expression on his face as he stared at Nevaeh, who glared right back at him. She was still in pain, but looked to be getting angry as well.

Nevaeh: Not just an asshole though...you..you’re a douchebag. You made me stand out here for months, not saying a word, and made me look like an idiot. You tried to ruin everything about my career. You’ve tried to ruin my life. You’re not some great manager, you’re a bastard. You’re a waste of oxygen you no good son of a bitch

The crowd seems downright euphoric upon hearing Nevaeh lay those these words upon Silas. For his part Silas is still in shock at what he is hearing for several moments. He eventually starts to get riled up and yells back at Nevaeh.

Silas: Am I now? Ya sure ya feel that way? Ya sure I’m all that?

Silas now began to reach inside his coat pocket and pulled out his cellphone. He started moving it as he looked at Nevaeh. He then looked over his shoulder at the blonde, then back at Nevaeh. Nevaeh looked at the blonde who was staring back at her firmly, giving her a nod of the head. Silas now started scrolling through his phone as he talked.

Silas: Ya sure she’s gonna appreciate ya calling me all these names? Ya sure I deserve ta be called all of that? Ya better start saying ya got dinged in the head and that yer sorry Nevaeh. Ya better start apologizing ta me in front of all of these people or else..

Silas paused as he glared back at his phone and seemed troubled. He kept on scrolling, looking more panicked as he did. He began to look worried as he peered up. He looked at Nevaeh, who was glaring at him now. He looked back at the mysterious blonde, before looking back at Nevaeh with a worried stare.. Looking to be getting fired up Nevaeh, still holding her abdomen, now began to walk out of the corner and towards Silas. She looked him right in his eyes..

Nevaeh: You deserve everything I just called you. You tried to do so much stuff behind the scenes….you tried to ruin people’s lives. You deserve to be called alot more, but the thing you deserve to hear the most  in the entire world Silas is two words. Two words I should of said three years ago. Silas, you worthless sack of shit, ….you’re fired!

The crowd cheers loudly as Nevaeh now drops the microphone and stares at Silas. Silas is looking at her with concern. Tension could be felt between the two as Nevaeh’s eyes seemed to zeroed in on him. Getting defiant Silas now started to point his finger at her.

Silas: I made ya! Ya can’t fire me! Ya think ya can get away with this?

Silas was starting to get louder as Nevaeh stared a hole right through him. We could see her hand starting to ball into a fist the more Silas stuck his finger into her face. She was beginning to seethe as Silas

Silas: Oh no this ain’t over. You don’t fire me. You don’t win, I win. I’m gonna ruin everything you love and care about! I’m gonna…

Silas went and jabbed his finger in Nevaeh's face, causing Nevaeh to now pounce on him. Nevaeh and Silas fell to the mat, his cowboy hat flying into the air, as Nevaeh now started swinging lefts and rights at his head. The mysterious blonde was cheering Nevaeh on as the crowd was just as rabid. They were stunned this was actually happening, but happy nonetheless. The only two people not happy where Silas, who was covering up as best he could, and Nevaeh, who seemed possessed as she swung her fist as hard as she could at his head.

Nevaeh now got off of him, holding her abdomen still, grimacing, but furious at the same time. The crowd was just cheering as Nevaeh had a wide eyed look on her face. She looked out to the crowd and just seemed lost in the moment. She even kicked Silas’ cowboy hat far into the crowd. Silas meanwhile was holding his face and trying to get to his feet.

Nevaeh slowly turned and just watched him. Her eyes were full of intensity, her arm still holding her abdomen. Silas got up and in his daze turned back to face Nevaeh. Once he did Nevaeh charged forward and delivered a swift kick between his legs, causing Silas a great amount of pain. So much so his mouth was ajar as he just stood in place momentarily till crumpling to his knees. He remained on his knees as Nevaeh stood in front of him. Nevaeh just stared out to the crowd.

Silas was in pain while Nevaeh began to tremble in place. Her eyes were still wide, but we could start to see her demeanor change. She seemed very upset as she slowly lowered her head to look at him. The more she stared at him the more upset she got. We even noticed her begin to mouth "three years" over and over.

Silas was still on his knees, but not for much longer as Nevaeh now sprung into action. She grabbed his arms, bringing him to his feet and putting him in a double underhook. The crowd quickly knew what was coming next. Nevaeh stared ut to them for a moment before planting Silas right on the top of his head with The Grand Finale.

The crowd was universally happy as Nevaeh now sat on the mat, holding her abdomen, with her back to Silas laid out body. She sat there for several moments as sher anger subsided and a more somber feel overcame her. She now started rolling towards the ropes and exited the ring. She stood there conflicted now as she raised her head and stared at the mysterious blonde. Nevaeh didn't seem sure of herself now as she stood there as the mysterious blonde applauded her.

Nevaeh just stared at her as the crowd gout very loud. Steph Stefano was now seen making her way out from the back and walked down the ramp in a hurry. She walked right to Nevaeh and wrapped her up in a big hug. Nevaeh hugged Steph back as Steph patted her on the back. We could hear her telling Nevaeh that "it's over now".

Nevaeh could be seen nodding her head as they now separated it. It was Steph who now turned her head and started ordering security to let the mysterious blonde over the guardrail. Doing as they were told they let the blonde over as she now embraced Nevaeh in a hug. All three women gathered in a circle and seemed to be in a discussion. The blonde telling Nevaeh she "did the right thing".

Nevaeh again nodded her head. They remained there for another moment till Steph and the blonde began leading Nevaeh up the ramp. The crowd was still happy over seeing Silas get beat down that they were actually cheering Nevaeh on her way up the ramp.

Nevaeh still seemed conflicted as she reached the top. As she did she came to a stop. She looked at both Steph and the blonde then out towards the crowd. They were still cheering while Nevaeh seemed confused. She now turned her attention towards the ring and the still laid out Silas Mason. It was staring at him that she sported a look of anger and concern on her face.

Eventually Nevaeh nodded her head again and turned back to the two women, they all going through the entrance area and disappearing backstage.

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Maggie: The following contest is scheduled for one fall to a finish and is for the FFW No Surrender Championship!!!

Zack: Coming up next is the last of our championship matches tonight, the No Surrender title on the line. I’m joined by a woman who would love to call it her own as much as the two we are about to see, Chaotic Temptation’s O.E. Ayano!

OE: I’m here scoutin’ my dude. I’mma get there watch but for the time being I gotta just keep my eyes peeled.

There was silence; the lights began to fade away slowly. A soft instrumental echoes out across the audience. It starts slowly, a beautiful sound that contrasts the heaviness of the world. Like feathers, it glides among the waiting audience. The lighting fixtures produce a gentle spotlight upon the stage, offset by the occasional flash here and there. As 'Just Close Your Eyes' by Waterproof Blonde continues to play, a woman’s words begin to come through. Her voice is tender, not raising upon a whisper.

Deceived by my eyes and all I was told I should see
Opinions not mine, the person they taught me to be
One night in the dark, a vision of someone I knew
And in the darkness I saw, a voice say, I'm you.

On the stage, a feminine figure appears. Her head lowered to everything. People cannot make out who it is. As she stands there, the flashes briefly illuminate her figure. It only gives small clues on who stands at the gate. She stands in the spotlight, her shadow cast large and proudly among the stage.

Inside me a light was turned on…

The instrumental picks up again. An electric guitar now joins the progressively exciting instrumentals of before. The singer’s voice suddenly intensifies.

Then I was alive!

In the light, it is revealed that it was Savannah Taylor. She stands at the gate, a robe of obsidian and ivory hues. The hood of it shadows her eyes, but the intensity of the final EXODUS World Champion remains clear as day. She starts off down the ramp, with a serious aura radiating from her body.

Maggie: Ladies and gentlemen, making her way down to the ring....weighing in at one hundred twenty pounds.....from Las Vegas, Nevada.....Savannah Taylor !!!

If you close your eyes your life,
A naked truth revealed
Dreams you never lived,
And scars never healed

Savannah makes her way up the ring steps. She looks out towards the audience for a moment before entering the ring. From there, she heads for a turnbuckle. She stands there, taking in everything. She then lifts her up on top of it. She peers out in nothing, then takes off the hood with a flashy flourish. Her blonde locks fly up in the air. They descend, shaping her face as they famously do.

In the darkness, light will take you to the other side
You'll find me waiting there you'll see, if you just close your eyes

While she stands in her corner, she closes her eyes and takes a heavy breath. When her bright eyes open, Taylor is completely composed. There is nothing more than the heat of battle awaiting her. She takes off her robe, giving it to a stagehand. She stretches her wrists before devoting her mind to the war upon the horizon.

Zack: So tell me, OE. We both know Savannah has another match tonight in the Global Wars battle royal. Do you think she might try to conserve energy or look to end this as quickly as possible? Or do you think she goes all in?

OE: Bottle blondie would be dumb as fuck to try and rush headlong into a match with Pike. Make mistakes and all that, so she prolly gonna hit some strategy. Wait her out. Pick her a part... Hope Pike ain’t got the same game plan.

The arena goes dark for just a moment, the funky opening chords to Voodoo Johnson's "Dirty Angel" playing through the PA, before the white lights are replaced by swirling green replacements, bathing the arena in the favorite color of the Emerald City Siren. A few seconds pass, though, before Sophia Pike actually makes her way out through the curtain, met--immediately--by a chorus of boos, which she largely brushes off with a flick of of either wrist. She pauses at the head of the ramp, hooking her thumbs under the strap of the No Surrender title belt, chewing a piece of gum fairly obviously, and shaking her head at the collective audience, for whatever reason.

Clearly in no particular hurry, judging by the utter lack of pace, Sophia makes her way down the ramp. About halfway to the ring, one fan is able to get past the practiced apathy of the Siren, and she actively gets in his face, shouting...something, that for the most part can't be heard over the music playing in the arena. Whatever the fan says back to her seems to amuse the self-proclaimed Queen of King County, who just smirks and waves him off, making the shorter trip down to the ring and climbing up onto the apron. She leans back against the ropes, grinning with a little more joy than one should probably get out of being almost unanimously booed. She unstraps the title from around her waist, raising it up with one arm, using the other to beckoning the crowd to get even louder--which they happily do. Sophia holds her pose, her title in the air, for a couple more seconds before climbing into the ring.

Maggie: And her opponent...from Seattle, Washington, weighing in at 137 lbs, she is the "Emerald City Siren," and the reigning, defending FFW No Surrender Champion...SOPHIA PIIIIIKE!

Sophia winks at Maggie and grins, climbing up onto the second turnbuckle and stretching both arms out, bending just a little bit at the waist and leaning herself forward. She shouts something at the sections of fans she can see, but again it's mostly unheard. Eventually, she hops off the turnbuckle and pulls her Queen of King County shirt off, tossing it out into the crowd. She scoops the title back up off the ground, draping it over her shoulder as she waits for the match to begin.

Zack: Sophia may be playing the role of spoiler in trying to keep Team USA from pulling in 5 points heading into the battle royal. If she doesn’t, more than just Scotland will be mathematically eliminated from winning the series.

OE: The hopes and dreams of a coupla teams is riding in on Pike. Here she look like the type to crush all of those.

Robert Valero took the title belt from Sophia Pike and showed it to the challenger then raised it into the air for the crowd who suddenly got loud as Sophia sprinted out of her corner and left her feet to deliver a running two-footed dropkick to Taylor’s chest, knocking her backwards into the corner. Valero handed off the title to a ringside attendant and called for the bell as Pike got to her feet and began to pepper her foe’s stomach with rapid fire kicks to keep her foe back in the corner. Savannah covered up and as she did so Sophia grabbed hold of her wrist, feeding it over and under the top rope and jerked her arm as though trying to pull it from the sock, using the ring rope for additional leverage. Pike jerked on the arm once more before she stood up on the bottom rope, pulling Taylor’s wrist up and began to fire elbows downwards into her shoulder. Valero called for the break only for Sophia to deliver one final elbow strike into the shoulder before she let go of her opponent’s wrist and brought her out of the corner with an armdrag into an armbar.

Zack: Sophia’s wasting no time getting right to work on her favorite appendage. Once she gets started, she can be relentless in her assault.

OE: Worse is her rep. Every victory she picks up keeps messin’ with the minds of folk in there. Thinkin’ in their head they can hang a one-on-one loss on the bitch but in the back of they mind they like ‘damn why won’t she go down’?

The Queen of King County quickly looked to increase the torque of the armbar as she had Taylor on the mat and the referee asked the Las Vegas native if she wanted to quit only for Savannah to fix him with a withering stare as she began to push upwards. Taylor got to her feet and began to fire off closed fists shots into Pike’s midriff, landing three blows before she was able to pull her arm out of the Champion’s grasp, yanking her towards her and into a raised knee into the gut. Pike cradled her gut with one arm and Taylor turned to set off across the ring but only made it two steps before she was violently pulled backwards and slammed to the mat thanks to Sophia grabbing a handful of hair. As soon as Taylor hit the canvas the reigning No Surrender Champion left her feet and delivered a knee drop to her shoulder.

Zack: Savannah was starting to get some offense going, but Pike put an end to that sooner than later.  What’s your strategy if you’re Savannah tonight, OE?

OE: Personally I got a whole other strategy in mind if I ever face the champ but uh... Taylor probably figure she can out nasty and out fight Pike.

The former No Surrender Champion rolled away, holding her shoulder as she did so and pushed upwards to her feet only for Pike to grab hold of her arm again and twist it into an arm wringer. Pike rotated the arm in the shoulder socket once more before she bent it at the elbow and then violently snapped the arm straight causing Taylor to drop to one knee. Sophia rotated the arm once more in the socket before she twisted her opponent’s arm up her back and into a hammerlock. Taylor grimaced for a moment, her free hand reaching across her to hold her shoulder as Valero asked her the question and got an agitated ‘No’ in response from the blonde that only saw her arm get pushed further up her back. The Nevada grimaced once more before she threw an elbow backwards causing Pike to lean to one side; a second elbow causing her to take a quarter step to the side and out of range. As she did so, Taylor lashed out with a back kick that caught the Champion square on the kneecap. A second back kick caught her in the same place and got Taylor the break. As Pike staggered backwards, Savannah left her feet and surprised her with a pele kick to the top of the head - though Taylor landed on her back and shoulder as she landed.

Zack: Savannah’s not really known for her kicks, but she’s clearly been working on them! That Pele kick dimmed Pike’s running lights, but she’s getting up before the challenger.

OE: Nah but look fam. Look how she landed. Congratulations. You just played yaself.

Pike was quick to her feet and looked to advance on Taylor only for her to suddenly drive herself upwards and forwards, driving her shoulder into the midsection and allowing her to lift Pike up off her feet and fall backwards, dropping her face first into the canvas with a flapjack. The pair rose to their feet simultaneously and Sophia immediately made to grab hold of the arm that she had been working over only for Savannah to cut her off with a kick to the gut, followed by a second and then a third before Taylor swept Pike’s legs out from under her and sent her crashing down to the mat. Sophia rolled away to begin to rise to her feet getting to one knee before she received a running knee to the jaw from the challenger that brought her up to her feet and caused her to reel away towards the ropes. Taylor went after her, turning the Champion back towards her and straight into a European uppercut followed by three haymaker right hands that all struck the brunette wrestler on the side of the jaw and caused her to stagger backwards into the ropes.

OE: Savannah beatin’ on her face like a drum, givin’ her that two piece, that three piece, that four piece special with the biscuits.

Zack: …..Yeah. She’s doing the wise thing too, and not giving her an inch. She has to stay on Pike, you can’t waste time in the ring with her.

Savannah followed her every step of the way and as Sophia’s back hit the ropes Taylor was there to bury her knee into her middle three times before she shot her across the ring. On her return the reigning No Surrender Champion found herself scooped off her feet by the Las Vegas born wrestler and dropped across her knee with a backbreaker before she was pushed off her knee and landed on the canvas on her front. Taylor didn’t waste any time at all, leaping forward and onto her back, planting her knees on her lower spine, paintbrush slapping the back of her head three times before she hooked a hand underneath her chin and pulled backwards for a modified camel clutch. As she kept the hold applied, Savannah shook out the arm that Pike had been working over, trying to get the blood flowing through it once more. Valero slid into position to ask the Champion if she wanted to quit only to get a ‘No’ from her and Taylor leaned back to pull back a little further on her head, bending her spine more.

Zack: Savannah’s trying to get some blood flowing in that arm again, and this camel clutch gives her a chance to do that and maybe plan a few moves ahead. Where do you think Sophia’s weakest from a physical standpoint?

OE: Her lower body. Think about it. All her shit, the armbar, the suplexes, the nasty shots. All of it is arm based. She ain’t do much with her legs besides to lift. Never really do ish wit’ ‘em offensively. That and the base of her back seem like the way to go to me.

Pike still refused to quit as the official asked her the question and instead planted her hands on the mat and with a grunt of effort started to push upwards. She got one knee underneath her before she threw herself to the side and rolled them both over. As Taylor landed on her back, she quickly wrapped her legs around the body of the Seattle born wrestler and attempted to lock in a Coquina clutch only for the reigning Champion to fight against it and deliver a back headbutt that saw both wrestlers roll away from each other. The pair returned to their feet simultaneously only for the blonde challenger to dart forward and catch the Champion with a high knee to her chest, forcing Pike to take a step backwards and allowing Savannah to catch her with a spinning roundhouse kick to the side of her head. Pike spun away after taking the kick and found herself lifted off her feet as Taylor grabbed her from behind and into a slingshot backbreaker. The Queen of King County rolled away, pressing her hand against the small of her back and Savannah measured her up and took the opening, leaping into the air and connected with a backsplash to Sophia Pike.

Zack: As much as Sophia is relentless, I’d call Savannah surgical. Everything has a purpose, a point to it. There’s rarely a time when she hits a move just for the sake of hitting a move.

OE: All them shots to the head, to the chest... Seems to me Taylor is plottin’ for that. What she call it? Ace of Spades?

The Las Vegas native rose to her feet and set off towards the ropes, building speed as she rebounded off the ropes, crossing the ring as the brunette slowly started to push up to all fours and leapt into the air to deliver a curb stomp that drove the No Surrender Champion straight down into the canvas. Immediately Taylor dropped down next to her and locked in an arm trap crossface submission, leaning backwards to pull as far back on her head and neck as she possibly could. The referee slid into position in front of Sophia Pike and asked her if she wanted to quit, only to get a muffled ‘No’ from the woman. Taylor began to jerk her head back and forth a couple of times before she leaned back once more and again the official asked but got another refusal from Pike who started to use her feet and free hand to drag them sideways with a loud grunt of effort. Once more Savannah tried to pull backwards further in an attempt to wring as much pain out of the hold as possible and make the hold as effective as possible. Pike’s hand wavered over the mat in response.

Zack: Sophia’s thinking about it, OE! She’s in that much agony! If she does, Team USA is gonna shut out more than one team in Global Wars later tonight!


Robert Valero asked her again if she wanted to quit, Sophia not replying as her hand still hovered over the mat. Finally it fell but didn’t tap; Pike curling it up into a fist and punching the mat before she let out a loud primal roar and threw herself to the side as best she could, dragging Taylor with her. Stretching out her arm, Pike reached for the bottom rope and found herself scraping it with her fingernails. She stretched out a little further and just managed to hook her fingers over the top. Immediately Valero called for the break and when it was immediately forthcoming he pulled on Savannah’s hands and broke up the submission.

Zack: I don’t think it’s the referee’s job to put their hands on a competitor, you can run into a lot of pain doing that. But Valero broke the hold, and he’s already getting the look from Savannah.

OE: She looks hot. By that I mean pissed. I ain’t Mai.

Taylor glared at him from a sitting position and began to rise to her feet as Pike began to use the ring ropes to get back to a vertical base before she was pulled away by Savannah and into a spinning neckbreaker. Sophia held her neck and kicked her feet against the canvas in pain only for the former No Surrender Champion to pull her upwards and into a snap DDT. Taylor pushed up to her feet and pointed to the top turnbuckle as she gave a sign to the fans and began to climb to the top rope, perching herself on the top turnbuckle as she set up for the Welcome To Sin City dragonrana, waiting for Pike to get to her feet and turn to face her. Slowly the Seattle native pushed upwards, looking a little unsteady as she did so and flung herself to the side, catching hold of the top rope and causing Savannah to lose her balance and land hard on the turnbuckle arm.

Zack: There is no soft landing anywhere in that ring, least of that metal arm. I’m not sure that was intentional, she kinda fell into it. Either way, Sophia’s got herself an opening.

OE:  Opening? Fam, that ain’t no opening. That’s a wide open space. That’s rental property.

Pike grinned as she turned and made towards the corner, where she climbed up to the second rope and grabbed hold of a handful of Taylor’s hair to pull her head forward and into a series of seven rapid fire forearms to her face. As she finished up the series Sophia hooked her opponent’s head and brought her down from the top rope to the mat with a snapmare. Taylor’s eyes went wide as a hand went to the base of the spine and another to her neck only for Sophia to skip forward and deliver a stiff penalty kick into her spine. Savannah rolled away and began to rise only for Pike to grab hold of her head and bring a knee up into her face before she moved around her, grabbing hold of her attire and sent her shoulder first between the turnbuckle pads and into the steel ring post. Taylor held her shoulder and tried to step backwards towards the middle of the ring only for Sophia to again shove her forward into the ring post, earning her a reprimand from the referee.

Zack: Sophia using the ring post like a tag partner, and drawing the ire of the official. If he disqualifies her, she’d keep the title and she may break his arm for doing it.

OE: He got life insurance? He might need it, the way Pike and Taylor been eyeing him up every time he get a little too fresh.

Pike rolled her eyes at the official as she pulled Savannah back away the corner, hooked her and snapped her backwards into the mat with a side Russian leg sweep. Sophia grimaced on impact, her hand momentarily going to her back as she rolled over and then used both of her hands to pin her opponent’s arm against the canvas and went straight back to work on the shoulder she’d been targeting throughout the match as she kicked up into the air and drove both her knees into the joint and upper arm. She did it a second time and a third before she stayed knelt on the limb and began to fire off forearm strikes into the Las Vegas native’s face, forcing her to cover up.

OE: That is absolutely gross. Look at the impact of all of them hits. Hey! Hey! This ain’t no MMA contest!

Zack: Sophia’s treating Savannah’s face like red meat, and her arm is the tenderizer. Taylor is just getting pummeled here.

The referee demanded the break only to see the No Surrender Champion deliver one final forearm to the face before she acquiesced, pulling Taylor upright before she scooped her off her feet and delivered a shoulder breaker to the same arm. Savannah tried to roll away only for Pike to follow and deliver three vicious stomps to the shoulder before she pulled her upwards once more and into a hammerlock that she used to bum rush Taylor shoulder first straight into the top turnbuckle. Savannah held her shoulder as she stepped slowly backwards only for Pike to step out to the apron, where she reached over the top rope, grabbed the Nevadan’s wrist and dropped to the floor, snapping her arm against the top rope. Savannah spun away, holding her shoulder in agony as she let out a cry of pain and dropped to her knees as Pike slithered into the ring underneath the bottom rope, grabbed her head and delivered a low angle DDT.

Zack: This match has seen action in and out of the ring, OE. Savannah’s really gonna be in rough shape come Global Wars win or lose. How do you feel about her calling your stablemate ‘spank bank material’ heading into tonight?

OE: I’d say don’t be salty just cuz every dude who prolly smashed you moved on so you gotta take it out on my girl like that. Then again if I looked like how seasickness feels, I’d be mad at Missy too.

As soon as they hit the mat, Pike moved around her foe and continued to target the arm as she locked in a figure armlock. Savannah’s face was a mask of agony as she looked up and found Valero asking her if she wanted to quit, Taylor shaking her head and repeatedly told him ‘No’. As she refused Sophia screamed at her to quit as she torqued the submission hold further but only saw Taylor continue to shake her head and repeat ‘No’; even as her free hand pulled at her hair and face in pain. Pike continued to scream at her to submit as the former No Surrender Champion gritted her teeth and began to inch backwards across the mat, kicking her foot behind her as she sought the rope. She managed to move her body back another couple of millimetres, screaming out as it temporarily increased the pain created by the submission hold. She still refused to quit as Valero asked the question of her while Pike demanded that she give up. Kicking her foot out once more Savannah managed to hook her foot over the bottom rope.

Zack: I’ve never seen a case where an opponent gave up because they were told to by the opponent. And that streak won’t end tonight. It’s clear to me Savannah is giving this match everything she has, she’s not even thinking about the battle royal later. I don’t think so, at least. What about you?

OE: Ey, easier time for the rest of us, no doubt. Whoop on her ass, jawjack Fake Titties her partner and the rest of the teams can actually proceed to go at it.

The referee called for the break and didn’t get it as Pike upped the pressure that she was applying and screamed at her opponent to give up. The official again asked for the break and was about to intervene to pull Sophia away from her opponent when she rolled away and came to her feet, leaving Savannah rolling about the mat, holding her shoulder in pain. The Seattle native played up to the crowd who booed her only for her to give them the middle finger before she turned back to face her foe and grabbing hold of her wrist to pull her back to her feet and jerked her into a shoulder block. Taylor dropped to one knee with a grimace on her face only to be yanked back upwards and into another shoulder block that sent her to her knees. The Nevada native was dragged again to her feet and this time Sophia whipped her into the ropes only for Taylor to leave her feet as she bounced off them and catch Pike with a Thesz press knocking her down to the mat. Savannah took up the mount position and began to fire off heavy blows with one hand only for Sophia to roll her off of her.

Zack: Look at those piston-like shots with Savannah on top! These two flat out do not like each other, and I think it’s only gotten worse as this match wears on.

OE: I mean you heard ‘em on their promotional videos and shit. Pike sees that tag match with Taylor as the only stain since she got on the roster, and Taylor sees Pike as a pretender to the No Surrender pantheon. Like we was all on some Greek Mythology shit.

Taylor rolled away and pushed up to one knee as the Seattle native got her feet underneath her and began to advance on the Nevadan who suddenly exploded into her with a spear that drove the brunette back first into a mat. Taylor landed on her knees and grabbed Pike’s ankles as she forced her way back to a vertical base and held her legs apart to deliver two kicks to the back of her knee followed by two stomps into the No Surrender Champions lower abdomen and then wasted no time at all in stepping through and locking in a figure four in the middle of the ring, as she favoured her shoulder. Pike let out a cry of pain as the hold quickly took effect but refused to quit as the referee asked the question. Sophia’s hands ran through her hair and across her face before she stretched first to one side and then to the other and then behind her in an effort to reach the ropes only to find herself stranded in the middle of the ring before she tried to force Taylor’s legs away from hers but found the hold locked in tight. In frustration Sophia slapped the mat with the palms of both hands but refused to quit as Valero asked once more.

Zack: Sophia’s pounding the mat, she better be careful about that. Valero could call it a submission! I tell you what, there are teams watching this in the back who are begging Sophia Pike not to give up!


The woman from Seattle, Washington took a couple of moments to lay back on the mat and tried to refocus, ignoring the referee who asked her if she wanted to quit. Slowly Pike began to rock from side to side, building up momentum as Taylor tried to stop her using her one good arm. The Emerald City Siren though continued to build momentum before she finally managed to roll over onto her front, reversing the pressure. Savannah’s eyes went wide and she shook her head, immediately stretching out in front of her and grabbing the ropes, prompting the referee to ask for and then facilitate the break by separating out their legs. Taylor dragged herself to the ropes and used them to start to pull herself upwards as Sophia forced herself upright, and hobbled slightly as she momentarily favoured one knee and darted forward in an attempt to catch Savannah while she was on her knees with a superkick to her jaw. But the blonde swayed out of the way and as Sophia tried to adjust, she grabbed her around the waist, came up to her feet and hurled her backwards with a German suplex straight into the turnbuckles.

Zack: You can see Sophia’s face, and know without a doubt how much that hurt her! Savannah is very close to becoming a two time No Surrender Champion!

OE: Nasty German suplex in the corner, I think Taylor just Megamann’d Killer C.

Sophia’s face was screwed up in excruciating pain as she sat against the corner pads, while Taylor rolled onto all fours, staring at her for a moment before she lunged forward and delivered a forearm to her jaw. Savannah used the ropes, pulling herself to her feet and delivered a series of boots straight into the Emerald City Siren’s midsection. Again Valero intervened asking for separation which only saw Taylor pull her opponent up to her feet, driving a knee into her middle before she whipped her across the ring. Sophia struck the opposite turnbuckles hard chest first and Taylor measured her up and took off after her, delivering a yakuza kick into the middle of her back that saw Sophia fall forward, her face striking the top turnbuckle. Once more the Nevadan tried to get life back into her arm as she rose to her feet and grabbed Pike around the waist, lifting her up and placing her on the top turnbuckle in a sitting position. Quickly Taylor stepped through the ropes and joined Pike on the top rope, hooking her head with her good arm before she launched them both backwards, driving her back first into the canvas with the Snake Eyes avalanche shiranui.

OE: SNAKE EYES!! Roll them bone... We comin’ up on the end again?

Zack: It certainly looks that way. I think Taylor can see the promised land! And she’ll roll into Global Wars sore, but she’ll have the titanium title in her bag when she does!

Sophia rolled onto her front and started to slowly push up to all fours as Taylor got her feet underneath and used the bottom rope to springboard into the air and delivered a double foot stomp into Pike’s spine. The Seattle native collapsed back down to the mat and Taylor quickly moved to her feet, trapping them around her leg before she bridged backwards and locked in the Ace Of Spades double leg muta lock, pulling on her head and neck as Sophia let out a screech of pain that she quickly silenced by biting her own bottom lip. The referee asked the No Surrender Champion if she wanted to quit and Pike refused, telling Valero there was no way in Hell that she was quitting. Taylor kept the hold applied with her fingers interlocked under Pike’s chin pulling back further and grimaced slightly as she did so. Again the referee asked Pike if she wanted to tap out but got another refusal as Sophia grabbed hold of Taylor’s arm and started to pull on it, trying to free herself.

Zack: ACE OF SPADES!! Savannah Taylor could be seconds away from regaining her title, and making Global Wars moot for a few in the back! Pike’s trying to find a way out though!

OE: Pike got a nasty little grip though on Taylor’s arm. I’m sayin’ man, her upper body strength is what she’s nastiest with.

Savannah kept the hold locked on, her teeth gritted as she continued to try and keep her arm in place and fingers interlocked underneath Sophia’s jaw despite the Champions efforts to free herself. Still Pike refused to tap out or submit as she moved her grip further up Taylor’s arm and began a series of short vicious tags that seemed to make the Nevadan grit her teeth even more as she tried to keep the Ace of Spades applied only to finally roll away holding her injured shoulder.

OE: Too much work Pike put in on that shoulder. Taylor couldn’t keep it together.

Taylor rolled away and came to her feet, cradling her arm as she rose before she tried once more to get the blood flowing through the arm and started to advance on the Emerald City Siren who was holding her back with one hand as she sat in the corner. As Savannah got close, Pike lunged towards her, grabbing hold of her opponent by her gear and fell backwards into corner once more, sending Taylor crashing shoulder first into the turnbuckle. Immediately Savannah reeled away towards the middle of the ring as Pike pulled herself up to her feet and darted towards Taylor, grabbing the back of her head and driving her down into the mat. The Las Vegas native pushed back up and quickly found herself pulled the rest of the way to her feet only to be sent flying with a butterfly suplex. Savannah landed hard and almost immediately began to rise to her feet only for Sophia to grab hold of her injured arm, twisting into a hammerlock that she used to drive the former No Surrender Champion into the mat with a hammerlock DDT.

Zack: Devastating impact right there, and Sophia is back in the driver’s seat! She’s gonna spoil Team USA’s plans after all!

OE: Take ‘em home, Pike! The rest of us teams in the back gonna be relaxin’ a bit!

As soon as they landed Sophia floated over Taylor’s back, grabbing hold of her injured arm once more and attempted to apply the Space Needle. Savannah had the move scouted though and pulled her arm back against her body before Pike could get a tight grip on it. Pike slapped the mat in frustration as she bounced back to her feet and turned towards her foe, finding her on her knees and skipped forward delivering a superkick to her jaw. The blonde rocked back to sit on her heels after getting her jaw jacked, her eyes glassy only for Pike to jerk her back to her feet by her injured arm, pulling her off balance and spinning her around to the middle of the ring before yanking her arm downwards into a double knee armbreaker. As Taylor landed on the mat, Pike rolled over her and locked in the Space Needle, causing her opponent to immediately grab for her shoulder as she cried out in excruciating agony.

Zack: There it is, the SPACE NEEDLE! How much of this can Savannah take?! Somewhere in the back of her mind, she has to be thinking she needs to be able to fight later tonight! How much pain is too much to risk everything?!

OE: Shit. You’d think some chick from Vegas woulda known better to go all in.

Valero dropped down to ask the Nevada native if she wanted to quit, Taylor shaking her head even as she pulled at her hair and cried out again in pain; all the while the Emerald City Siren was shouting at her to quit. Valero asked once more as Savannah reached desperately for the ring ropes, finding them out of reach and then tried to find a way - anyway at all to get Sophia off of her - tears starting to run down her cheek. Pike pulled back further. Savannah cried out once more and tapped the mat urgently. Immediately Valero called for the ring bell, Pike keeping the hold locked in tight until it finished ringing before she realised it and slowly pushed up to her feet, raising her hand in the air as she held her back while she looked down emotionless at Taylor who was rolling away clutching at her shoulder in agony.


Zack: Sophia just keep turning them away! Savannah was in absolute agony, and no one can take away the effort she displayed. But Sophia Pike continues to be too damn good!

OE: Lemme see Team Japan win tonight. She’ll go from hearing she’s too damn good, to ‘it’s too damn bad’.

Valero retrieved the No Surrender Championship and presented it to Sophia Pike before raising her hand in victory then went to check on Savannah Taylor who was still holding her shoulder and arm against her body.

Zack: If I’m Steph Stefano right now watching in the back, I just realized which one of the team is going to have to carry the load after this. Taylor better hit an ice bath as soon as possible.

OE: Yo Taylor can just stay in back if she wants. It’ll be over quicker that way.

Pike moved towards the corner, holding her back and climbed up to the middle rope, holding the belt aloft before the show cut elsewhere.

Honor Bound

After a quick commercial for the new FFW video game with variant covers, the show returns inside the Staples Center as “We Own It” by 2 Chainz starts to play. The crowd immediately recognizes it, and gives the man heading out onto the stage quite a warm reception. Adam looks pleased as he listens to them a moment before being handed a microphone.

Adam: Thank you, it is a pleasure beyond words to be back home in Los Angeles tonight for Global Wars. Before I get started on what I came to talk about, I want to congratulate Bianca Reed on retaining her Aspire Ring earlier tonight against Kaya Crimson in what I thought was an outstanding example of what Future Shock is all about.

Both Kaya and Bianca’s mention gets quite a loud response from the crowd, causing Adam to nod in agreement before he continues.

Adam: 2017 has proven to be a groundbreaking year for Future Shock. We’ve crowned our very first tag champions in No Holding Back. We took the show overseas to both London and Sydney this year, another first for the brand. We crowned the first ever Prospect to hold the Future Shock Championship, Harley Shannon. And I’d go so far as to say the show has a tremendous amount of buzz around it with all the new Prospects we’ve been seeing and will be seeing. With 2018 approaching, I have been giving a lot of thought in what new ground we are going to break next year.

Mai: I hope it’s a wet bar at the arena, then I might come in and lend my talents in place of Lyn for you, Zack.

Zack: Please don’t put yourself out. Well….anymore than you already do.

Adam: I’ve already come up with a few ideas that I’ll be exploring further. But one idea I want to tell you about is something I find very unique. Obviously, we are all here tonight to see Global Wars and how six teams will represent their countries. And I wanted to bring...something like that to Future Shock. And as a result, I’ve come up with exactly what I think fits best. And it’s called Honor Bound.

Mai: If it’s anything like an honor bar, I’m in.

Zack: Could you just stop talking, please?

Adam: In Honor Bound, Prospects won’t be representing their country. I’m not trying to copy FFW after all. The Prospects will be representing someone they choose. It could be a trainer, it could be someone on the FFW roster, it could be a manager. But they will be competing in honor of the person they choose. They will earn points in their name the same way as FFW does in Global Wars. 5 points for submission, 3 points for a pinfall, and 1 for a win by disqualification or countout. That person that each Prospect will choose will be in their corner, guiding them as they progress through the series. In essence, they will be honor bound to the person they chose because they obviously don’t want to let them down. Each Prospect involved will have 3 matches in the Honor Bound series. The Prospects with the most points after all the matches are complete will meet, and the winner will have their opportunity at the Future Shock Championship against whoever is holding the title at that time.

Zack: This sounds like an interesting concept. I’m curious who will sign up, and who they will be representing in the series.

Adam: I’ll be looking to pick six Prospects to compete in the Series. They will have to decide who they are going to be Honor Bound to, and that individual will need to be present for their matches as well as helping guide them towards the ultimate goal of them challenging for the Future Shock Championship. And to the person they chose to be Honor Bound, he or she will receive a Hall of Fame style ring that they can wear. So to all the Prospects, the question is yours now. To whom will you be Honor Bound?

Adam’s music begins to play again as he heads to the back, while we see a promotional teaser for Honor Bound coming in 2018 to Future Shock.
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The show returns to the ring with Maggie standing front and center with a microphone in hand before she begins.

Maggie: The following contest is a triple threat elimination match for the FFW Fast Track Championship!

Zack: This is the first of our championship matches tonight at Global Wars. Unlike most triple threats, this is elimination rules. That means someone has to pin or submit Scarlett to take her title, and that makes it a level playing field. I’m joined by Team England’s Missy, who I suspect will be cheering for Scarlett over her partner later tonight in the battle royal.

Missy: Thank you for having me here, Zack. And I think that goes without saying, even if circumstances were different I’d be cheering for my fellow Chaotic Temptation girl.

As the lights dim down to show off a strobe effect on the stage “Death By Glamour” plays over the PA system as a silhouette rises from underneath the stage, making a seductive pose until the platform is level with the stage. The spotlights shine down to reveal the figure to be Cereza, who breaks the pose and waves out to the crowd before she struts down the ramp towards the ring.

Maggie: Making her way to the ring, from Liverpool, England...CEREZA!

As Cereza reaches the ring she stops in front of the apron, bringing her leg up high and stretching it out onto the mat. Then after grabbing the bottom rope she hops up to bring her other leg on for a split that allows the former stripper to slide under the ropes. Slowly and seductively she rises from the mat, standing in the middle of the ring to do a short kick dance before heading to her corner to rally the crowd behind her as she waits for the bell.

Zack: Cereza has been in quite the slump of late, and has provided zero points for Team England outside of a tag match with you, Missy. That’s not the kind of momentum you want going into a title shot like this.

Missy: It’s not the greatest of ways to enter into a title match. Thankfully one of us has been keeping the points adding up for Team England or we would have been written off long before now.

The arena falls dark as the opening of “Blonde, Bad and Beautiful” by Airbourne plays, Kelly explodes upward out of the middle of the stage as though shot out of a cannon, landing a perfect front somersault in a shower of blue sparks. The girl is joined by Christian Kincaid on the stage. Turning to face her husband, she turns to face him, giving him a big hug as she plants a kiss to his lips. As the music starts to pick up pace once more she starts to run toward the ring, performing a quick cartwheel into a handspring before sliding into the ring underneath the bottom rope. Using the momentum to her advantage, the former acrobat forward rolls to her feet and leaps onto the middle rope. She springboards off the ropes into a backflip and heads towards the corner. The former acrobat runs straight up the pads. Stopping on the top turnbuckle she blows a kiss to the fans and corkscrew flips back to the mat, facing the middle of the ring as she lands. Christian darts to the back for the next entrance.

Maggie: From Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York, 5’5” tall, weighs 115 lbs and is accompanied to the ring by Christian Kincaid. Please welcome...KELLY KINCAID!!!

Zack: As far as I’m concerned, this woman right here is the biggest threat to Scarlett’s title tonight. Kelly defeated her recently in a non-title match, and the champion would be wise not to do anything other than focus on her opponents, instead of her hair and anything else.

Missy: I think it is pretty safe to say that Scarlett needs to pay the most attention to Kelly. She is talented, obviously since Christian doesn’t manage anybody who isn’t!

“Hands To Myself” by Selena Gomez starts to play through the speakers around the arena.

Can't keep my hands to myself
No matter how hard I'm trying to
I want you all to myself
You're metaphorical gin and juice

So come on give me a taste
Of what it’s like to be next to you
Won't let one drop go to waste
You're metaphorical gin and juice

As the opening verse ends and the tempo starts to increase Scarlett Silver walks through the curtain onto the stage with her manager, Christian Kincaid. The lights dip for a moment before she steps forward and a red spotlight shines down on her.

Cause all of the downs and the uppers
Keep making love to each other
And I'm trying, trying, I'm trying, trying
All of the downs and the uppers
Keep making love to each other
And I'm trying, trying, I'm trying, but I

Can't keep my hands to myself
My hands to myself
Can't keep my hands to myself
My hands to myself

Scarlett struts down the ramp acknowledging the crowd with a smile, with Christian following a few steps behind. Pausing halfway down she sways her hips in rhythm with the music and slowly blows a kiss out to the crowd.

Maggie: Introducing at this time… Hailing from Los Angeles, California….Your FFW Fast Track Champion, Scarlett Silver!

Scarlett reaches the ring and slides under the bottom rope before jumping to her feet and climbing onto the turnbuckle facing the stage. She raises her arms up high then jumps down to join Christian in her corner, for a last minute, pre-match discussion.

Zack: It was at Unstoppable 8 that Scarlett Silver defeated two women to capture the title she’s carrying tonight. But unlike that match, this one is elimination rules. And like I mentioned at the start, she can at least be satisfied that she won’t lose the title without being involved in the decision as she would be if this were your standard triple threat.

Missy: Elimination rules tend to make it better in terms of having to actually pin the Champion to win, but it also means if by any chance Scarlett doesn’t… she will have nobody to blame but herself.

Referee Kevin Fisk checks all three women for foreign objects, and finds none. He then takes the Fast Track title from the champion, holds it up high and hands it off to Maggie as she leaves. The bell sounds with all three looking at one another from their respective corners. Cereza makes eye contact with Scarlett, seemingly asking her about something as they start to move closer together. Cereza continues talking, and points over to Kelly before Scarlett nods in agreement with her. The pair then turn their full attention to the blonde in the other corner.

Zack: Huh. I think Cereza has worked out some kind of deal with Scarlett about maybe getting Kelly out of the match first. There’s an alliance I wasn’t expecting.

Missy: Logically it does make sense and shows what kind of threat they deem Kelly to be. It’s not something I would choose to do, but when has Scarlett ever thought alike with me?!

The two continue to discuss a bit of strategy with Cereza pointing to Kelly’s legs, apparently deciding they should target that. Scarlett nods in agreement and tells her ‘let’s do it” before they trap Kelly in the corner. Cereza takes the lead before Scarlett shoves her into Kelly, who immediately starts unloading with right hands to the former stripper’s head. Cereza backs up and covers a bit, only for Kelly to catch her with a kick to the gut. It doubles her over before Kincaid grabs her head, and rams it into the second turnbuckle. With the brunette dropping to a knee, Kelly catches her with a standing sidekick to the ear that drops her to the mat. Meanwhile, Scarlett has stretched out across the corner on the top rope.

Missy: I should have guessed Scarlett had something else up her sleeve. She is quite happy to take it easy and let the other two go at it.

Zack: It’s a wise strategy, and she suckered Cereza pretty well there. But I have a feeling that’s not the place she wants to stay…

Cereza starts back to her feet as Kelly goes to grab her. But she surprises the former acrobat with a jawbreaker that sends her backwards. She quickly yanks Kelly forward, and drives repeated knees into her abdomen before whipping her across for the ride. She catches Kincaid on the rebound with a sidewalk slam, and hooks the far leg in the process for a cover.


As soon as Fisk’s hand hits the mat the first time, Kelly shoves her off as Cereza gets back to her feet. Cereza looks back at Scarlett, asking her if she was going to help or not. The champion remains stretched out on the top rope, running her fingers through her hair and waves her to go ahead.

Zack: I think Cereza would be well served to not expect any help from Scarlett, she has no reason to after all. And that was WAY too early to try to put Kelly away right there.

Missy: Calling that cover ambitious would be an understatement. Nobody is going to stay down after that, especially not Kelly. It’s like Cereza’s a rookie in her first match with things like that… and trusting Scarlett to form an in-match alliance.

The Liverpool native pulled Kelly to her feet, and fired her into the far corner. The blonde struck back first with Cereza bolting in behind her with a corner clothesline. She spun her around, and climbed up to the middle rope. She shouted to the crowd to start counting before Kelly grabbed her around the legs, walked out three steps and fell backwards to let Cereza faceplant against the top turnbuckle! Her head snapped back as she collapsed to the canvas, and Kelly nipped up to her feet.

Missy: That’s gonna leave a mark! Cereza is going to have to start paying attention, Kelly is wiping the floor with her… or turnbuckle and canvas anyway.

Zack: Cereza’s head reminded me of a Pez dispenser the way it snapped backwards off that stun gun in the corner. And Kelly’s just getting warmed up now!

The brunette was slow to get to her feet before Kelly caught her with a running kneelift to the face that doubled her over. She quickly grabbed her head into position, and connected with her headlock driver! As she was about to go for the cover, Scarlett caught her with a baseball slide that sent her rolling out of the ring so she could make the cover!

Zack: CLIPPED WINGS!! And---wait a minute!!




Fisk signaled the elimination as Scarlett got back to her feet, raising her hand in victory already. She even headed for the corner to climb up and do it again as Kelly slid back into the ring with an unhappy expression.


Missy: I suppose it is good that Scarlett finally remembered she is in a match.. Although she has probably just made a rod for her own back by pissing off Kelly, and now she is going to be getting all of Kelly’s attention on her.

Christian shouted up to her that there weren’t any rest periods. And when she looked down at him from the corner, Kelly ran up the ropes beside her and threw her off with a massive German suplex to the mat. Silver skidded across the mat a few inches, and grabbed the ropes to stop herself. She used them to pull herself to her feet with a dazed expression before Kelly took off behind her, connecting with a reverse hurricanrana that dropped her right on her head!

Zack: That’s what I was talking about! You don’t want to spend time goofing off on the turnbuckles, especially when the match isn’t over yet! And if Scarlett wanted to put Kelly in a bad mood, mission accomplished!

Missy: I don’t know whether to face palm or roll my eyes… maybe both. You would have thought Scarlett might have learned something about focus by now, but apparently not.

As Scarlett tried to get to her feet, Kelly grabbed her head and looked to be going for another headlock driver. But Silver shoved her off, and rolled out of the ring to the floor. Holding the back of her head, she leaned against the apron and tried to collect herself. Unfortunately, Kelly rolled out around the corner behind her and hopped up on the apron, waiting for her to turn around. Scarlett looked in the ring, and didn’t see Kelly anymore and then over to Christian. The crowd was much louder now as she asked him where she was. He pointed behind her. And as Silver turned around, Kelly ran down the apron with a phoenix splash that drove her into the floor.

Missy: I’m gonna call it early.. I predict that one of Christian’s clients will win!

Zack: If you don’t see your opponent, they are almost always behind you! And remember, there’s no countouts. This is still triple threat rules, there must be a winner!

Kincaid pulled the champion up, and rolled her back into the ring. She slid in after her, and popped back to her feet. Scarlett sat up, a glassy look in her eyes as she was incredibly dazed. Kelly took off for the far side, and rebounded with a basement dropkick into her chest that put her back prone on the mat. The former acrobat hopped to her feet, and took off towards the ropes. She used them for a moonsault that landed perfectly, and immediately hooked the leg for a cover!




Scarlett kicked out just as the two landed, and Kelly immediately got back to her feet. The blonde headed for the corner as the champion was trying to get up.

Zack: We were that close to a new Fast Track Champion! Kelly Kincaid is giving Scarlett all she can handle, and a fair bit more! I don’t think Scarlett is quite sure where she is right now.

Missy: She needs to figure it out and quickly or she’ll be out before she has even realised she is in a match.

Kelly began to climb up to the top rope, and Scarlett made it to her feet and darted towards her. She shoved her off the top rope to the floor, and turned back towards the ring...unaware that Kincaid landed on her feet ringside! Kelly turned back towards the ring with a glare, and hopped up onto the apron behind her. Scarlett tapped her head with a smile as her manager rubbed the bridge of his nose.

Missy: At least Christian has one client in the match who is focused. Better than none, I guess….

Kelly hopped up onto the top rope, and vaulted towards Scarlett. The champion turned towards her, grabbed her head and countered with a facebuster to the canvas. Kelly’s face spiked off the mat, and Scarlett rolled away to her knees to pull herself together.

Zack: Scarlett….well...she must have seen her coming! Because that was one hell of a counter right there! She needs to stay on her though, you can catch your breath in the locker room.

Missy: You have seen Scarlett in a match before, right? When does she ever do what she should, the girl’s about as focused as a blurry photograph.

Silver got back to her feet, pulling Kelly up into a front facelock and beginning to drill knees into her face repeatedly. She followed that up with a swinging neckbreaker. The champion made it back to her feet, darting towards the corner and connecting with a succession of knee drops off the turnbuckles. She popped back to her feet, the confidence returning as well as her smile as she teased her hair a bit.

Zack: Silver hitting the BOOM BOOM, as she calls it! And she’s definitely starting to feel like she’s in charge now.

Missy: Well, I never… she waited until after the move to tease her hair. I think that might be progress… slow, snail’s pace progress.. But still. Every little counts I guess.

She began to stomp away at the back of Kelly’s head and back before stepping over her. She grabbed both of the arms and pulled them around her neck into a seated straitjacket on Kelly’s back. The blond’s own arms were being used to choke her as Scarlett pulled back on her hands, causing the referee to drop down to see if Kelly wanted to submit. Kincaid was instead trying to breathe at the moment.

Zack: Now that’s a smart move, and one I’ve seen CK’s other clients use before as well. Scarlett’s using Kelly’s own arms to choke her out. She can’t tap out like this, but she can certainly pass out.

Missy: Why can’t we see this side of Scarlett in all of her matches? I’ve always said that when she is focused she is a damn good wrestler, as she is showing now.

Kelly’s face began to darken as her air supply was being cut off. Scarlett leaned back in the hold, pulling on her hands with determination etched across her face. The challenger’s movements were slowing to a stop as Scarlett leaned back. She leaned back so far that she saw herself on the video wall at the ramp, made a bit of a face, and let one hand go to fix her hair. And that was all that Kelly needed as she jerked her other hand free, toppling the brunette over backwards to the mat. Kincaid fired rapid kicks into her body repeatedly before she took deep breaths and started back to her feet.

Missy: And there we have it… the Scarlett we’re all used to! I swear I’m gonna shave her hair off one day, see what she finds to play with then.

Zack: Scarlett saw herself on the video wall, and apparently wasn’t satisfied with her appearance. And all you have to do is give Kelly an inch, she’ll take it every time!

Kincaid was still trying to get her breath as she rose to her feet. Scarlett started to get up as well, until Kelly launched towards her. She left her feet with a headscissors DDT, hooking the outside leg in the process as Fisk dropped to count.




Silver kicked out in time, and shoved Kelly off the cover. The challenger hopped to her feet, and took off for the ropes again. This time though, Scarlett caught her on the rebound with a spinebuster when Kelly left her feet to hit something.

Zack: I’m not sure what Kelly had in mind, but Scarlett with an excellent counter right there. She does have flashes of brilliance in her matches, the biggest problem is it’s just flashes.

Missy: Flashes are better than nothing… but just imagine what she could do, if she kept that up for a full match?! Actually.. That is quite a scary thought.

Scarlett began to sit up, finally collecting herself as Kelly started to roll towards the ropes. When the blonde began to rise on the outside, Scarlett grabbed her head and pulled her to hang over the mat before delivering her rope hung DDT. She rolled Kelly onto her back, and laid backwards across her for a cover before the referee went to count.

Zack: Scarlett with the STAR STOPPER, but that cover though...




Kelly surprised her by turning it into a crucifix rollup with Scarlett kicking her feet in the air. Fisk started counting again!

Missy: Why she couldn’t just go for a normal cover like everybody else… Kelly spotted the opportunity and it might be about to cost Scarlett her championship.




Silver managed to get one arm free and roll away in time. Her eyes were wide as she made sure it was just a two by double checking with the referee.

Missy: Talk about close… my heart almost jumped out of my throat there, so I can only imagine how Scarlett is feeling.

Scarlett hopped back to her feet, charging towards Kelly as she was getting up as well. The champion planted her head between her legs, and dropped her with a piledriver. Silver didn’t go for the cover, instead she headed for the corner and made her way to the top rope. She looked at her elbow pad, and pulled it up to expose her elbow.

Zack: Scarlett likes to use that top rope elbow drop, and she wants to leave one hell of an impact! The pad is down!

Missy: It looks like it’s about to start raining! And I don’t think Kelly remembered her umbrella!

Scarlett launched into the air for the elbow drop, and Kelly rolled towards the corner. Silver showed amazing agility as she landed on her feet! And when Kelly went to grab her, she spun into her with her thumb to Kelly’s throat! Kincaid clutched her neck, and fell through the ropes to the floor. Scarlett grumbled since she was looking to go for the win.

Zack: Scarlett’s agility is off the page, and I’ve never seen her like that! SILVER SPIKE!! But Kelly...she fell through the ropes!

Missy: It actually looked like Scarlett was focused on getting the cover for a change, but luck was favouring Kelly more than her it seems! I think it’s karma for all the times she hasn’t bloody concentrated!

Scarlett got back to her feet, looking down at Kelly on the floor still trying to get her breath. Silver headed back up top yet again, looking at her exposed elbow and down to Kelly with a scornful expression. Christian checked on his wife, and stared to back away when he saw Scarlett up top again. He shook his head at her as she glanced from him down to Kelly.

Zack: Scarlett is looking to hit that elbow to Kelly here ringside, and Christian’s shaking his head. I think he’s telling her it’s not a good idea!

Missy: Christian would never steer a client wrong, so hopefully she will pay attention to him… but this is Scarlett we’re talking about. The only thing that keeps her attention is herself most times.

Scarlett seemed to heed his advice as she glanced back to him. And as she did that, Kelly hopped up onto the apron and shoved her feet out from under her. The champion straddled the top turnbuckle the hard way as Kelly stepped back inside the ring.

Zack: I don’t need to describe how that feels, I think we can all sympathize. This match has went back and forth like a pendulum.

Missy: That was… hmmm. All I can think for Scarlett right now is ouch… and pull yourself together quickly no matter how much pain you’re in.

Kelly climbed up to the top turnbuckle with her, hammering fists into her head before she wrapped her arms around her waist.

Zack: Uh oh….I know what this is!!

Kelly came off the top rope with Scarlett into her moonsault belly to belly suplex! The champion literally bounced off the mat before Kelly hooked both legs tightly in a cover!

Zack: CRASH AND BURN!! Kelly with a cyclorama!!




Fisk called for the bell as Kelly rolled off the cover to the mat, flat on her back as she was trying to get her breath and pull herself together.

Missy: I know I should probably be upset on Scarlett’s behalf right now, but that is some move! Kelly definitely earned this win tonight.

Maggie: Here is your winner…..AND NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWW FFW Fast Track Champion…..KELLY KINCAID!!!!

Christian entered the ring as Kelly was starting to get up. Fisk handed her the title to a roar from the crowd. Christian raised her other hand as she beamed ear to ear. She climbed the turnbuckle to show it to the crowd as her husband knelt to check on Scarlett on the canvas.

Zack: We saw moves out of Scarlett we haven’t seen before, but tonight it wasn’t meant to be! Kelly Kincaid has captured the gold, and now begins her journey towards four defenses. But I seriously doubt she’s heard the last from Scarlett, who I suspect will want her rematch sooner than later.

Missy: There were some less than stellar moments from Scarlett tonight, but all in all I’m proud of her. She’s shown what she can do when she focuses, so Kelly may want to be prepared. Scarlett can be like a dog with a bone when she really wants something.

As Kelly hops down to the mat again and admires her new championship, the show heads elsewhere.

Maggie: The following match is scheduled for one fall...!

The entire arena goes dark as the sound of wind blows through the PA, after a moment a strange whine kicks on, slowly getting louder and drowning out the wind as blue and white light starts to slowly creep along the stage.

The silhouette of a woman walks out, shaded by the increasingly intense lights she comes to stand center stage before hunching over at the waist slowly as the sound and the light dim slowly. The sound turning down to nothing and the lights going so dull as to barely be perceptible.

A moment passes.



The stage erupts with blue fireworks as the tron rains down white sparks just behind the now revealed Miko Ayano!

Maggie: Introducing from Saga, Japan. Standing five-foot-six-inches tall and weighing in at one-hundred-eighteen-pounds, “THE WARP-DRIVE DRAGON” MIKO AYAAAAAAAAANOOOOOOOOOO~!!!

The Japanese woman surveys the crowd as the vocal droning of Anneke van Giersbergen heralds the Ayano’s arrival. After a moment Miko starts her trek down the ramp.

“Now we’ve arrived in a new time and world,
And elements are we of gold,
How many times are we able to see,
In the infinite void of the soul”

Miko arrives at ringside, she hops up onto the apron on a knee then comes to a stand, resting her forehead on the top rope for a moment.

“All that way,
Gonna give it away?
You’re gonna give it away to some muscle?”

With that she bolts to the corner from the apron, standing with one foot on the top buckle bracket and her other on the middle buckle bracket she raises surveys the crowd again.

“Long, long way,
Til the pain is at bay-”

Miko lifts her arm then with the scream of Devin Townsend-


- and pumps her fist-








BOOM! White sparks start falling from overhead as Miko leaps into the ring. The music twisting into a medly as the crowd is split between cheering and screaming along with Anneke’s backing vocals.


This world seems arrogant,
Sick and demented!”


“SOOO you bet your body and soul?”

Miko comes to a stand dead center of the ring as the chorus arrives, she slowly bends at the waist to rest her palms to the mat, the lights of the arena dimming as she lowers.


A blue strobe light pulsates with every word Townsend belts out.


At this Miko starts to rise slowly to a stand.


At this white spotlights star to spin around in dizzying patterns, highlighting the crowd in the darkened arena.


The entire arena starts flashing blue and white, just as-


White and blue pyro explodes from each corner of the ring as Miko stands dead center of it, arms spread wide and head tilted back as powerful white floodlights illuminate the ring to an almost painful degree. The crowd roars and hucks several blue, silver and gold streamers into the ring for her as the lights slowly go back to normal and the music fades out.

Freeing herself from the streamers, Miko walks over to her corner to await the opening bell.

Zack: We are looking at the final match in the trilogy with both women at one a piece and you have to believe that Miko wants to put Fel finally behind her after one barnburner of a finale!

Mai: WHO CARES WHAT MIKO WANTS... Please don’t tell her I said that. It’s all about what the sssuuuppprreeemmmeee-ah wants.

"Malevolence" by New Years Day fills the arena speakers, the crowd greeting the worldwide wrestling star a with a thunderous mixed reaction. The lights in the arena dimmer down and a gold sparklers fall onto the entrance ramp, as the audience waits in anticipation. The arena lights fade away until the only sources of light are the titantron and the pyro.

"Nothing's gonna save meeeee!
The evil that I see! Has taken over mee!
No one's gonna save meeeeee!
The damage has been done! I'm writing all the wrongs!"

The lyrics to Felicity's theme song echo throughout the arena as the Supreme comes out onto the stage with a smug smile on her face, the crowd nearly blowing the roof off the arena with cheers and jeers! Felicity makes her way through the golden sparklers, her arms extended to her sides and a Blowpop in her mouth. She pulls the blowpop out of her mouth as she slowly paces down the ramp, turning her back to show the camera the "Supreme" writing on the back of her sweatshirt. Once halfway down the ramp, Felicity glances at the fans at ringside and smirks once she sees them bowing down in her direction.


Felicity has a short exchange with the bowing fans then walks up the steps. She continues pushing forward until she reaches the middle of the apron, turning around to soak in the energy from the crowd. She enters the ring and spins around in circles until the lights in the arena begin getting brighter, not stopping until the arena was fully lit. Felicity unzips her sweatshirt, walks toward the nearest corner and climbs up to the middle turnbuckle. She stares out at the hundreds of bowing and booing fans, a smirk coming over her face as she glances back at the other side of the arena. She hops off the ropes and turns around, sliding her back down against the corner until she was fully seated on the mat. Finally, she jerks her neck from side to side and patiently waits for go-time.

Mai: Have you ever seen a more magnificent body... Of work from a wrestler?

Zack: I don’t think she’s going to want anything you’re selling Mai... Or even giving away free. Felicity intends to put finish this year in FFW strong and that comes with beating Miko. No tie. No one a piece.


Both women walk right into each other but Miko comes right off bat with a double hand overhead chop across Fel’s chest, echoing across the Staples Center as Fel literally rolls backwards into the corner, her hands on her chest and staring at the Warp-Drive Dragon as though she would put a gun to her head if she could. She sits in the corner now... Staring at Miko.

Just staring after that explosive double hand overhead.

There’s no stretching, there’s no doing a little bit of strolling around the ring, we’re just going right into the action. Miko tells Banks she’s here to win tonight and Banks retorts that Miko may be here to win, but Whiskey actually WOULD. That Miko beating Fel again is like lightning striking twice. Miko’s eyes narrow in slight annoyance and she goes to get Banks... Before Fel answers back with a knee kick to the side of Miko’s hips before going for an arm as she jumps up to stand, but the Warp-Drive Dragon grabs the Supreme by the wrist and wrenches it behind before teep kicking her in the back and sending her to the corner. Fel looks slightly annoyed and goes running for Miko... Before she stops halfway through and just rolls out of the ring, leaning against the apron before she begins walking around the ring as referee Kevin Fisk begins to count.

Referee & Crowd: ONE! TWO! THREE!

Zack: Fel is literally standing outside of the ring and just... Waiting to get counted out. She’s looking about as relaxed as anything and Miko is looking back at her and then looking back the ref. It has to be a trick!

Referee & Crowd: FOUR! FIVE! SIX!

Mai: What trick!? If anything Fel is just taking her sweet time, getting her bearings. Wrestlers like the Supremaaah pace themselves. Unlike these other poor bastards who don’t understand a simple concept like stamina control.

Referee & Crowd: SEVEN! EIGHT! NI-!

...And Fel reaches inside of the ring to break the count as the crowd boos this, not at all entertained by Banks’ tactics here, not... Illegal, at least not entirely so. Kevin Fisk goes right back to restarting the count (ONE!) as Miko has enough of this and goes running for Fel, baseball sliding to kick her in the head! Banks however jumps onto the apron and the moment that Miko turns her head, she eats a superkick to the jaw, sending her crouching down before Fel jumps down and superkicks her a second time in the back of the head! (TWO!)


Fel continues mouthing off at Miko, asking how superior she really thought she was, reaching down and forcing her to stand before rolling into the ring. She looks back at crowd and Banks says ‘you may now bow, peasants’, which only earns her boos. She rolls her eyes (THREE!) and finally rolls back into the ring before covering Miko in short order...




The Warp Drive Dragon of course kicks out, two superkicks in a row or not in the early going. Fel looks slightly annoyed by this and gets Ayano up before feinting for a knee strike, and then hitting an actual high knee to the jaw, sending Miko into the corner. Fel takes off to the opposite corner and starts going for a dead heat run, jumping for a double knee in the corner. Miko however has that scouted from a mile away and immediately strafes to the side! Fel catches herself fortunately, feet on the second rope, hands on the top and looking out to the crowd, but Ayano grabs one of Fel’s legs in the corner and lifts it while she hits a modified leg catch dropkick, kicking the other one out from under her and sending her going head first into the turnbuckle before bouncing backward and rolling on her back. The Supremaaah rubs her jaw, cussing Miko out about her dentist will sue Ayano, only for Whiskey to catch her with a leg sweep fed into a sidewalk slam! Fel’s fingers clench as she drops on her back and sits up...

Only to catch a stiff as fuck toe kick right into the base of her back! Banks lets out a snarl of pain as the Warp Drive Dragon drops on top of her for the pin and Fisk slides into place.




Zack: Miko is letting loose on Fel here and from the moment she went for that corner double knee things have suddenly been all Miko! Banks may be getting more where that came from here!

Mai: It’s nothing she can’t handle, Zack! ...Just don’t tell her I said that. Okay? Okay.

Fel rolls over onto her stomach, rubbing the back but already Miko is rebounding off the ropes and bounding back, applying a rolling neck wrench in the smoothest fashion. Banks tries to get herself free but the Warp Drive Dragon isn’t budging, even standing on her tiptoes to apply the leverage. Banks suddenly rubs her wrist tape in the eyes of Miko, dragging them across to free herself of Ayano’s grip! Miko tries to keep the hold applied but her face getting grated over and over isn’t helping matters with those wrist-wraps and Banks finally gets herself free before screaming that the Old Whiskey ehem... Miko woulda actually put a stop to that! Ayano’s face contorts in annoyance and she goes for another double handed overhead chop but Fel isn’t about to get flung back like she was shot out of a cannon again and sidesteps the fuck out of that before making the Warp Drive Dragon eat a bicycle kick to the side of the head for her trouble, sending her hanging between the first and second ropes, her head outside! Fel quickly follows up by standing on the apron and hitting the back of Ayano’s neck with a leg drop... With her bouncing and continuing to hang so Fel hits her with a knee drop to the back of the head, sending her rolling back to the ring. Then she follows up that with a jumping stomp to the face! She forces her to sit up and then a chinlock is applied... Squeezing on the nose.

Zack: Fisk telling Fel that using wrist tape does not a ‘supreme’ wrestler make. That wrench was locked in tight but now Fel back on the offensive.

Mai: Fel is all offense. She’s offensive with those hands. She’s offensive with that mouth. Just all attack all the time. I think she just offered Miko that they can go for drinks after this.

Banks doesn’t just stop with the nose, putting her entire hand over Miko’s mouth so she can’t breath out of there either. The Warp Drive Dragon begins to turn red until Fel pulls her hands away with a grin before putting it back. She asks Miko if she’s thirsty. Maybe she could ask one of these peasants in the second row to bring a beer for her. Miko still refuses to respond, to give into Banks’ verbal battering, at least in answering back. She lets go of Ayano and proceeds to slap the back of her head, telling her its okay to stay so long on her knees in her presence but they have a match to wrestle... And then she proceeds to kick her in the base of her spine as Ayano had done to her earlier. The Warp Drive Dragon lets out a snarl of pain from that penalty kick but when Fel reaches down to raise her back up, Ayano gets onto her shoulders in a crucifix position! Banks is half-way in between yelling at her that this is the move she made famous, the Felony II not some bullsh--


She doesn’t get that far in speaking as Miko momentarily shuts her up by spiking her head into the mat with the crucifix, transitioned into the pin!







Zack: Mai you have to keep in mind that these two women are world traveled, phenomenal athletes with accolades to their names. There’s going to be a little overlap in maneuvers that are tried, proven and given the impact of that crucifix bomb, or driver if you prefer... Effective?

Mai: I hate how you professional and knowledgeable you sound all the time. Do you know how that makes me look?

Zack: Lyn never seems to have that problem.

Mai: Lynneverseemstohavethatproblem--hush.

Fel gets the shoulder up and Miko shakes her head, lifting her up... But Banks runs her into the corner, shoulder into her stomach and trying to hold her in the turnbuckle. Less to try and run her over and more buying herself some time. Ayano however has none of it and immediately slips behind Fel and hits her with a nasty looking dragon suplex that she immediately rolls into another dragon suplex bridged out into a pin!




Fel kicks out again and when she’s standing up she gets a running bulldog for her trouble, sending her dropping on her face to the mat before she rolls over on her back, looking at the lights after all those impacts. The Supremaaah is staring up at the lights, mouthing something that only Miko can hear but her face tells a tale as she suddenly drops a rolling knee stop to the back of Fel’s had as she tries to roll onto her stomach and stands up on all fours before she takes off, springboards on the ropes, bounces on the corner and comes down with a double jump moonsault and lands flush on the back of Banks... Or she would if Banks didn’t roll away a second ago! Miko lands on pure mat and bounces before flipping over as both women are down but Fel is quickly gaining strength, forcing herself up to stand before she heads to the corner and makes the motion that she’s about to shoot the shot and go for a Boma Ye knee strike. Ayano slowly begins to rise to her knees and Fel heads out of the corner... Only for Ayano to duck it and catch her in an STF from out of nowhere!

Zack: FTL! Miko’s got the FTL locked in from out of nowhere! Truly faster than light!


Miko’s four inches of height on Fel helps for quite literally bending the Supremaah over the Warp Drive Dragon, but luckily that closeness in weight allows Fel to try and actually start dragging Ayano and herself towards the ropes as Fisk watches each and every inch that Banks is forced to keep pulling herself towards the ropes... Inching... Inching... Inching along. Every desperate second as she keeps on reaching and nearly gets a hand on the ropes but Miko gets up and drags her back right to the center. Fel however scouts it and rolls on her back before using both feet to shove Ayano off but as she rolls onto her stomach, Miko is right back on her with a rolling neck wrench again, putting her right back in similar straits! Banks shakes her head when she’s asked if she wants to tap, more and more reaching for the ropes before... She suddenly swings for the fences, driving an elbow into the temple of Ayano and getting her off...! Both women go up then Miko catches a sidekick to the gut, a spinning backfist, and a jumping uppercut knee, sending Miko down before... Fel rolls into the nearest corner and jerks her kneepad down...

Zack: It’s time for a Jersey City Bedtime Story...!

Mai: ...And I think I see Miko’s pillow right now...

The moment Miko pops her head up she gets Fel from the corner coming at her with a full contact boma ye to the head! The Warp Drive Dragon leans backwards, eyes rolling in the back of her head as Fel goes for the cover!








Zack: After this amazing trilogy of matches, it is Felicity Banks who emerges victorious after all is said and done but I have to wonder what does the future hold for both women, Mai? You have to believe that there’s already a few opponents in mind who may be looking at both women... And a few of them might have some gold.

Fisk raises the hand of Fel as she tells the fans that they may now bow accordingly... Which, a few do and a few more do not quite obviously but Fel looks down at Miko and mouths, waving down at her... “Superior”... Before Felicity Banks motions to herself. “Supremaaah.”

We head elsewhere.

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Unfinished Business

The show cuts to the back, and there we find Allison Marx. She looks quite enthusiastic about something, and we don’t have to wait long to find out.

Allison: Allison here with some late breaking news. We all know that the new COO of FFW will be revealed sometime tonight. While we don’t know who that is, I do know that the former COO signed a tag team back to FFW as one of his last acts in the job. So with that said, I’m sure the FFW fans here in Los Angeles at Global Wars will join me in welcoming…..Claire Black and Serafina DeCaro!

Serafina: Good evening Allison. It’s a pleasure to be here and good to see you looking so well.

Claire nodded her head in agreement.

Claire: It’s good to have hammered out the details, signed the paperwork, cleared the medicals and finally be back in FFW. Have you guys missed us? I hope you’ve all missed us, because we’ve certainly missed all of this and we’re ready and raring to get back in the ring. We can’t wait to get in the ring, do what we do best and rise up through the tag ranks once more.

Allison: Ladies, thank you for joining me. As I mentioned, your return was the last official act of the former COO of this company. In a way, you two are kind of like Cody’s legacy.

Before Allison can continue, the women are joined by Carson Black who moves to stand behind his tag team clients.

Carson: That could well be true, Allison. But the return of Serafina and Claire had been under negotiation long before he left. It just so happens that the execution didn’t finish till closer to Cody’s departure. But I think we are missing the bigger picture here. Serafina and Claire are not her for someone else’s legacy, they are here to better their own.

Allison: I’m going to assume this has something to do with the Unity titles?

Claire: You’d be spot on the money there Allison. Of course we want the same thing pretty much every tag team in FFW want - to be in the hunt for the Unity titles. Or the Tornado Tag Team titles.

Serafina: One at a time...I mean, we’re not greedy.

Claire: Just hungry. We want the Unity titles back. We’ve held them once before and we know that we can win them again. We know that we can be two time Champions. That we can make anyone tap out or knock them out; that between us we’re a double threat to every single team in this company - one they’ve got to take seriously.

Serafina: We might be Cody Kincaid’s last act here but that was solely due to timing, nothing more and nothing less and there’s nothing else to read into that. Regardless of when the contracts got processed we’d still want to be the best tag team that we can be; the best wrestlers we can be. We’d still want to walk out to that ring for every match and prove exactly how good and talented we are. We still want to give every team that stand opposite us the fight of their careers.

Carson: After all, there’s still plenty of history to be made by these two ladies. I’m confident they will pose problems to either the Tornado Tag or the Unity Champions. There’s no question in my mind about that. They are more than ready to get started, Allison. And come 2018, I think the other tag teams in the division have a very important choice to make.

Allison gives the agent a quizzical look for a moment.

Carson: Would they prefer to be knocked out...or tapped out?

This comment brings a bit of a smile to both Serafina and Claire before we cut to a video package highlighting the Femme for All tournament.

Maggie: The following match is set for one fall and is... The finals of the 2018 FEMME FOR ALL!!

The thumping war drums and the mysterious flute of "Aztec Temple" hit the sound system. The crowd comes alive as the Aztec Warrior Leona Vega comes through the main gate, looking over the cheering crowd, soaking it in for a bit. She points at two random spots into the audience before letting out a loud roar, which is followed by a lion's roar echoing through the sound system. She then slowly makes her way down the entrance ramp, sharing a high-five with the fans in attendance with their arms out for her.

Maggie: Introducing first, from Monterrey, Mexico... LEONA VEGA!

She then stops a couple of steps before the ring, backtracking a little bit and then sprinting towards it, hopping onto the ring apron, and then immediately vaulting over the top rope, landing in a three-point stance inside the ring. Soaking in the crowd's cheers, she gets up and climbs the nearest turnbuckle, staring into the crowd with a big smile, raising her arms, with her fists closed, saying a quick prayer to herself before slapping the top turnbuckle and jumping back down into the ring, cracking her joints in the sequence.

Mai: Well ladies and gentlemen, here to scout out her next opponent and potentially another to come down the line is the FFW champion herself.

Jo: You’re damn right that’s what I’m here for! I know Leona well and have watch Kaoru through her career but there’s nothing better than being right up close to it.

[The arena cuts to darkness, except for the video screen, which flickers up the 'Indian Head' Please Stand By test pattern, and for a moment the PYOO~ of the test tone. As the 'slide' that was shown on gets pushed to the side by a blank one, we hear the voice of our star.]

"Let's go."

[The opening riff of the "Fallout 4 Theme", redone by Evil Ducky starts. Timed with the 3 bass notes, 3 hot yellow lights shine down on center stage, forming a 'radioactive' symbol. Standing in the center of the light, is Kaoru Asaka, in her ring gear and a long pine green ring jacket, crouched and facing the entrance, watching her first name also come on screen, and standing up as the next line plays. When it gets to the next set of 3 bass notes, the lights turn off one by one, and her last name comes onto screen a syllable at a time. Then as the main melody and drums kick back up, Kaoru turns around, throwing her fist into the sky. The lights behind her one the stage all beaming bright yellow as she yells out to the crowd, and starts to head for the ring... even stopping to rock out and headbang with a group of fans along the way...]

Maggie:Coming to the ring..... Hailing from New Vegas, Nevada and weighing in at 65 kilotons of power, she is the Nuclear Explosion of the Burning Star Express....

[Asaka runs and hops up onto the apron, hard cam side, climbing up the turnbuckles and raising up her arms upwards and then outward, like an explosive cloud.]

Atomic! Kaoru! Aaaaaaasaka!

[Kaoru pumps her fist again to the crowd before she hops down into the ring, running the ropes a few times before taking off her ring jacket and handing it to a ringside attendant.]

Jo: This is the biggest singles match of Kaoru’s life right now. She’s also had the year of her life too; being the first person to make four successful defences of the Fast Track Championship and even though she narrowly missed out on becoming Evolution Champion, that worked out well for her!

Mai: it just goes to show you that even in defeat you can come out on top. Everyone likes being on top.


Angela Keanan presides over the match motioning for the two women to begin. They begin to slowly encircle each other before they finally lock up, but Kaoru breaks it to let loose a resounding chop across Leona’s chest that echoes throughout the Staples Center. The Aztec Warrior however takes it in stride, gritting her teeth through the pain before she wrenches her hand back and answers right back with a chop of her own that resounds through the arena. That only gets another big time slap across the chest for Leona and she shakes her head in pain, swallowing it up and answering with a high kick for Asaka’s trouble... But Kaoru catches it under her arm and swats it away with a forearm, causing Leona to flip forward before wrapping her legs around the neck of Kaoru and trying to send her away towards the ropes. She lands between the second and top rope, hanging out to dry as Leona takes off for the ropes and rebounds back, hitting a leapfrog body guillotine on Kaoru before hopping on the apron and hitting a drive by kick to the side of the Atomic one’s head!

Mai: A nice little chop fest but all of a sudden that speed of Vega’s seems to be overwhelming Asaka. Nasty apron dropkick and already Asaka is on her back laying down! ...I promised Samantha Star I would treat this match with some degree of dignity... Else my paycheck will be docked.

Jo: Well it’s either that or it becomes a complete and utter hate-fest on your end, and no one wants to see that. Ahem. It is definitely for documentation that Leona is the faster of the two, and it’s definitely showing right now!

Leona is quickly sailing up to the top but Kaoru is wiping her mouth and flings herself over the neighboring rope, and letting the Aztec Warrior straddle herself on the ropes. Asaka quickly climbs up after her, standing on the second rope... Before she shakes her head. Nope. We can do better. She immediately stands on the apron... And then climbs the ropes, turning Leona around to face the outside as the Staples Center gasps as the two finalists begin tagging each other with legs and rights, Leona wanting no part of a superplex to the outside and Kaoru wanting to send her up, over, and out. She hooks her head in a front facelock and tags Leona’s kidney before going to lift her up but Vega hooks her legs on the ropes, refusing to take the ride. A forearm to the kidneys this time and goes to lift again... No... Leona refusing to go! Kaoru wrenches once more with feeling but this time Leona knees Kaoru in the chest and shoves her backward! The crowd gasps, watching Kaoru fall...


But Asaka tucks and crouches and lands on her feet before she stands up, successfully landing! Of course that doesn’t help that Vega’s already perched and leaps from the top, flying with a frontflip crossbody and landing on Kaoru! Both women are down as Angela watches helplessly as Leona forces Kaoru up before irish-whipping her so hard that she goes into the barricade before she takes off after her, looking for a superman punch! The Atomic one however counters her and spears her out of the air!

Jo: Koaru is not a flyer by any stretch of the imagination, but that was some move on her part! We’re all down here in this rather explosive match as far!

Mai: it’s going to be high impact after high impact after high impact with these two. Like a menage a trois there’s not going to a lot of pretty.

Keanan & the crowd: ONE! TWO!

The referee has began to count both women out, as if just remembering that both women are for whatever reason out of the ring and both finding or needing to get things back inside. (THREE!) Kaoru is the first to rise to her feet, given that she gave the brunt of the damage rather than took it with her shoulder, only suffering the impact. She reaches down to get an arm hooked around the neck of Vega before pulling her towards the ring. (FOUR!) She gets about halfway towards the ring before Leona shoves her towards the pole and Kaoru takes it to the shoulder. Leona quickly wraps her arms around the waist of Kaoru and sends Asaka’s shoulder there for a second time but it’s a near miss as they sideswipe the pole and Kaoru rolls inside. (FIVE!) She turns right around and goes for a roundhouse but Leona follows the motion with a roundhouse of her own into the gut of the Nuclear Explosion. With her bent over, she tags her with another kick to the head, and another and another and another, spinning on her heel and finishing with a volley kick across the side of Kaoru’s jaw, sending her slumping forward before Leona shoves her over!

Mai: EL MOLINILLO! There’s the cover!






Asaka’s shoulders shoot up, both of them and Leona looks around to meet Keanan’s eyes and look at her expectantly. When explained that it was just a near two count, Leona decides to go right back to the well for another pinwheel kick as Kaoru sits on her knees. Vega goes for the initial roundhouse kick but Kaoru has none of it and catches her leg before falling backward into a kneebar! Asaka keeps it applied and furiously as Leona tries to escape, reaching outward for the ropes but Kaoru wraps her legs around Leona’s thigh and becomes like deadweight in the near middle of the ring. She keeps holding on for dear life as Vega has to navigate on her side to get towards her ropes but only has one leg and an arm to do so. She puts her boot on the ground and pushes, sliding herself slightly... Her fingers only barely graze the ropes before Kaoru’s up and drags Leona back into the center... But Vega does a headstand to kip up and jumps on Asaka’s shoulders, look for a headscissors...


Only for Kaoru to say ‘NOPE’ on that, hitting a sitout powerbomb onto the ground and immediately transitioning it back into a kneebar as The Aztec Warrior lets out a savage yell not unlike a lioness and tries to escape from her predicament... Yet again. She tries to pull her leg free from Kaoru’s kneebar but Asaka once again wraps herself around Vega’s entire leg like a vice. She wants no part of The Aztec Warrior getting free as the Staples Center seemed split down the middle here.

Jo: This went from high impact to savage in a matter of seconds! Leona’s minor mistake might see her tap, especially with the damage she’s taken to that knee in the past! ...I would know, I caused some of it.

Mai: You submissionist types and your debilitating holds. You’re a menace to ligaments and muscle tissue everywhere.

Once again Leona Vega is trying to escape the kneebar and once more she’s forced to drag herself and Kaoru along for the ride towards those ropes, lot of good that it seems to be doing. She gets closer and closer still, her fingers grazing the ropes... Grazing the ropes again. For a moment the Aztec Warrior looks as though she may even go as far as tapping before she shakes her head in pain and finally throws a pair of fingers on the bottom rope. Kaoru finally lets go of the kneebar, but the hyperextension of the knee join and subsequent tissue damage and strain may already be done. Leona gets lifted up to her feet, a little wobbly by the Atomic one but the moment she rises she turns around and has her back facing Kaoru before catching her with a mule kick, and then executing a backflip handspring kick with the other leg... That however doesn’t seem so wise as Leona drops to the mat and hugs her leg in agony, punching the mat and trying to fight through the pain shooting up her leg. She pushes herself up and forces Kaoru to stand before irish-whipping her towards the ropes and then heading towards the opposite one. Even on a bum knee she takes off, hitting a jumping clothesline that crushes Asaka in the corner before she collapses to the ground...

Vega climbs to the top, looking down at Kaoru’s prone form... She leaps downward and comes looking or a top rope senton, landing all of it...

...But Kaoru quickly counters it with a rear naked choke! She takes the brunt of the Aztec Warrior coming crashing down on her ribs only to slap on the chokehold!

Jo: Kaoru doesn’t want to win the Femme For All, she wants to make Leona quit! This is probably the fastest way of doing it too!

Vega’s eyes go wide and she’s reaching for air at first as Kaoru begins throttling her, cutting off her air supply. The Aztec Warrior tries to push backwards but one leg isn’t enough to cause a hook near the ropes and the other isn’t doing so well while her hands aren’t near close enough. With precisely half the crowd behind her Vega shakes her head when Keanan asks if she wants to quit but her face and movements are quickly growing slower and her eyes are looking glassy. Kaoru continues holding on for dear life, even going as far as body scissoring Vega to make sure she can’t get anywhere. This however opens up a perfect situation as Leona simply... Forces herself and Kaoru backwards. It isn’t the most extravagant but she’s on top of Asaka and both of Asaka’s shoulders are down on the mat!

Mai: There’s the pin, brilliant counter by Vega! What a move! What a pair of legs!







Jo: ...How? Just...HOW?! The sheer element of surprise alone would be enough to take most people down!

Vega is a few centimeters from picking up the win there but Kaoru immediately pivots forward and pushes up, forced to let go of the sleeper and eating an elbow to the jaw for her trouble. The moment both women are on their feet Kaoru grabs Vega’s wrist and gets ready to irish-whip her towards the ropes but Leona pulls off something big, sliding on her knees under Asaka’s arm on the rebound when she attempts a palm strike, likely leading into the #facepalm, and bouncing up even on one good leg to deliver a beastly superman punch to the jaw of Asaka, making her stumble back right into a big time spear of her own! Asaka folds up nicely and Leona starts beating... Beating the mat like drums while at least a good group of the crowd begins to whistle in tune with Vega’s rhythmic beating. It’s no Aztec death whistle, but it sounds as though it’ll spell the end for Kaoru regardless as begins to sit up, looking glossy eyed and not realizing Leona is behind her... She’s standing up, she’s focusing... She turns right around and finds herself in a fireman’s carry position on Leona’s shoulders. It looks as though a pair of knees to the gut are coming in her future but suddenly Kaoru drops behind her and takes off for the ropes before flying towards Leona with a single leg dropkick! She takes it in the chest and drops to her knees in pain before Kaoru takes her head off with a roundhouse kick, the heel of her boot catching Leona on the back of the head!








Jo: AGAIN, HOW! Just...the beating Leona has taken in this match! I know how resilient she is, but this is madness!

Leona gets a shoulder up and then a hand following it as Keanan tells Kaoru it was just barely there... Just barely a three count. Kaoru falls backward, gripping her head and staring at the lights in frustration as Vega lays on her back, breathing in gulps of air as both grapplers are trying to draw themselves air. They have to both sit up but as they do they start tagging each other in the head, slowly raising to their feet and still hitting each other. It’s a slow back and forth at first but it increases speed before both women are kicking at each other, Leona using her good leg to stand and before she scores a high knee and follows it up with a nasty spinning side kick! Kaoru not to be outdone HEADBUTTS Leona in the ribs and as Vega’s fingers clench and she begins to walk around, Asaka kicks her stiff, square in the back before turning her around and start slapping, slapping the crap out of her chest, before giving Leona a big time two handed slap that puts her on her knees! Asaka takes off again to the ropes, rebounds and a flying knee strike that tees Leona’s head off!




Leona physically pushes Kaoru off, and kips up and even stumbling on one leg she looks like he’s suddenly hit a spike of adrenaline. Even The Nuclear Explosion of FFW doesn’t know what to make of it!

Jo: I’ll give Leona all the credit for how hard she’s working right now for this, and all it’s telling me is that no matter what, I’m going to have one hell of a job on my hands.

Mai: You’d think with her leg killing her and getting dropped on her head would slow her down but nnnnnooooo...

The Aztec Warrior begins slapping her own intensely red chest, telling Kaoru to give her another! Asaka instead locks her into a Muay Thai clinch that Leona only happily answers back and the two women locked in each other’s grip begin teeing off on each other’s sides, on each other’s legs, on each other’s hips with knee kicks and high kicks. Leona however looks as though she’s weakening with every time her knee meets Kaoru’s but Asaka keeps on pushing and keeps on pushing as Vega’s back finds itself against the ropes, literally and figuratively. Another headbutt breaks the clinch as the Aztec Warrior leans against the ropes staring at the lights. Kaoru puts a hand on her chest before she takes off for the ropes and rebounds, coming back only for Leona to suddenly jump on Kaoru’s shoulders and hit a standing frankensteiner that sends Kaoru to the floor in a crumpled heap. Leona looks out to the Staples Center who begin rallying behind her... Rallying louder... Louder. The adrenaline is still running in her system. She looks at the ropes, looks back at Kaoru struggling to her feet... She punches on her knee as though trying to will it back into place before she runs....


And FLIES through the ropes, catching Kaoru in a front facelock as she lands and the two begin spinning... And spinning... And spinning... Revolution after revolution after revolution after revolution after revolution... Before Kaoru Asaka’s dome gets dropped into the ground in front of the ring!


Mai: ORBIT DDT! Kaoru Asaka cannot know where she is right now! All’s Vega has to do is roll her back in the ring and that’s... Well that’s the end of it.

Jo: ….I’m not sure that’s going to be possible right now. It wasn’t just Kaoru she made dizzy doing that! Mighta made me dizzy too.

“Atomic” Kaoru Asaka is not moving. (ONE!) That should be obvious given how hard she was being spun around by Leona Vega followed by the DDT that sends her to the ground. Keanan looks beside herself and puts her hands on her face as Leona is much less dazed but likely used to the usual spins. She rattles her head about and stands up, pulling herself up thanks to the nearby barricade and reaches down to get Kaoru up but... Asaka is literal deadweight (TWO!) ...And Keanan has began counting. Cursing herself for being a bit too overzealous, the Aztec Warrior tries to pull Kaoru up by the arms but she’s still looking like she’s not exactly home. Vega finally drops down before she pulls Kaoru onto her shoulders in a fireman’s carry before depositing (THREE!) Kaoru into the ring and watching her roll lifelessly to the center of the ring. She takes aim and for the second time of the night Leona Vega comes down on Kaoru Asaka with a top rope senton, making her flop around and lay on her front. Her hand throws upward before dropping down to the mat. Leona... Nudges Kaoru to roll back on her back before collapsing on top of her, both arms over frame as Keanan begins the count...!




Kaoru gets her shoulders off the mat and exhausted as she is, adrenaline has her back up on her feet as both women now are forehead to forehead, sweaty, exhausted, in more pain than they realize thanks to adrenaline and just staring at each other as though they could do this for another thirty minutes or so. The crowd accordingly is...


Jo: No, don’t fight forever! We still got other matches goddamnit! Also, I can’t say I'm too shocked Kaoru kicked out, given how much time she had to recover from it.

Kaoru headbutts Leona in the chest but she... Answers back with a headbutt of her own to Kaoru’s head. Vega then snaps her leg off and kicks Kaoru to the side of the head, making her stumble backwards... Lean on the ropes rocked before she hauls of and roundhouse kicks Vega across the side of the head... Leona leans up against the ropes, glassy eyed before she sucks it up and stumbled back forward and then kicks Kaoru in the side, before she begins to spin, ready to go for another pinwheel of rapid kicks, but Kaoru ducks through and chop blocks Leona at the knee, forcing a primal roar from Vega’s mouth as she drops on her back!  She works her way back up to a standing position but Kaoru’s got her in an inverted facelock and lifts her up... It’s looking like the Atom’s Glow but Leona reverses it with an inverted facelock of her own, looking for the Warrior’s Wing... But Kaoru reverses THAT... Or tries to only to end up on Leona’s shoulders in a fireman’s carry position and ready to get dropped with the El Pilote... To which Kaoru slips from behind and lashes her arms around the throat of Leona as she tries to escape... But it doesn’t look like Kaoru squats and a look of realization hits Leona’s face.


Jo: A WHOLE MELEE OF FAILED FINISHING ATTEMPTS IS WHAT IS GOING ON! And Leona’s just clicked that this might not end as she hoped!

The Aztec Warrior is a second too late to counter as she gets her head driven into the mat with a half-nelson sleeper suplex. She is... Quite literally out by a Nukaplex, laying motionless as Kaoru, foggy eyed slowly pulls herself on top of Leona and wearily hooks both legs with one arm, her eyes closed...







Mai: She did it. I... I don’t believe it, I never would have imagined it but she... She did it. Go ahead Maggie. This is bittersweet for me. First ever Japanese wrestler but... Argh. And three points for Japan... I guess. Wait. OH FUCK ME KAORU’S GOT THE BATTLE ROYAL LATER TONIGHT!


Jo: ...And the penny dropped for Mai. But seriously though, I am more than okay with this outcome. Kaoru and Leona put everything out there for this match and they should be proud of themselves. But for now...after Global Wars...I’ll be standing in ring with with the first Japanese woman to contend for the FFW Championship.

Neither woman has so much as moved even though Kaoru’s theme plays throughout the Staples Center. Kaoru however begins to at least try and stir up, sitting up and looking like she almost regrets it rather than staying down on the mat. She sits up, arms sitting on her knees as Keanan reaches down to raise Asaka’s arm as Leona has her arm covering her face, but the rest of her is sprawled out from weariness.

We cut Jo’s FFW championship in the foreground with her hand on the main plate and Kaoru sitting in the ring in the background before heading to a commercial about FFW 2018.

The camera cuts back to the ring where we see Angela Keanan stood next to ring announcer Maggie Rourke who raised the microphone to her lips as she got her cue from the production truck.

Maggie: The following match is scheduled for one fall to a finish and it is a Street Fight for the FFW ULTRAVIOLENCE CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

Zack: I’ve been joined by Emma MacNamara’s fiance for this match, Ryan Mackenzie. Welcome to the booth.

Ryan: Thanks. Normally she prefers I stay in the back for her Ultraviolence matches, but I got the okay to do commentary.


The crowd turned expectantly towards the side of the entrance ramp waiting for the sound of a car horn to resound throughout the arena and the fairly large custom truck to roll into view… only to get nothing as Mike O’Phee continued to rip through the sound system.

Zack: Well….that’s Mallory Bennett’s music. I know she’s here, I saw her earlier today with her boyfriend backstage. But…

Ryan: Maybe she realized what a futile effort it was, and decided to head home early. I certainly wouldn’t blame her, shows there’s some brains underneath that skunky hair.

Maggie and Angela Keanan exchanged a look between each other and the unasked question was answered as the screen above the entrance ramp came to life showing Emma MacNamara and Mallory Bennett already exchanging right and left hands beside Mallory’s truck. Keanan immediately slid out of the ring and bolted up the ramp and out through the entrance Mallory’s truck should’ve used as Emma got the upperhand in the fist fight with a rake of her opponent’s eyes. Bennett take a step backwards, temporarily blinded and Emma grabbed hold of her head and slammed her head face first into the door of the truck. She then did it again. And then a third time as Mallory tried to stagger away only for Emma to grab her head once more and look to send her into the truck door once more only for Mallory to stop her with an elbow into her gut, followed by a second elbow before Mallory grabbed hold of the Ultraviolence champion’s head and dropped to ass as she delivered a jawbreaker.

Zack: Good Lord, they’re already fighting! This is supposed to be a street fight for the Ultraviolence Championship, and they aren’t far from the street right now!

Ryan: No wonder she didn’t mind me sitting out here with you, Zack. She was going to mow Mallory down in the parking garage.

Mallory rolled into a three point stance as Emma took a couple of steps backwards following the jawbreaker and Bennett exploded forward into a clothesline that sent Emma straight back down to the floor. Mallory quickly spun back around and skipped forward, delivering a kick to the ribs as MacNamara was quickly to all fours. The Champion continued to rise to her feet only to receive a series of quickly snapped off jabs to the jaw from Mallory that saw her foe take a half step back and then threw a shot of her own; Bennett easily avoiding it by swaying out of the way before catching her arm, sending her to the asphalt once more with a hip toss. The Scot grimaced ever so slightly as she sat up and began to rise, only getting as far as her knees before Mallory caught her with a running knee to the jaw that brought MacNamara to her feet, staggering backwards. Mallory measured her up and launched towards her, catching her with a Thesz press.

Zack: The last thing Emma wants to do is throw hands with Mallory, because things like what you are seeing are likely to occur! Bennett is unloading with those right hands.

Ryan: I’ll give you that. Mallory’s probably a better puncher than Emma, but this isn’t boxing and Emma’s the most resilient woman I know.

Bennett landed on top of the Ultraviolence Champion and wasted little time as she began to hammer away with heavy, hammer like right and left hands; Emma covering up to protect herself from the blows. Mallory rolled away from Emma and moved away from her opponent as she measured the rising Champion. As Emma got to one knee, Mallory moved forward quickly and delivered a bionic elbow into the top of her skull that sent the Ultraviolence Champion to the floor yet again. Bennett dropped to her knees and hooked the leg to make the cover as Keanan dropped into position to make the count.



Zack: Big time elbow from downtown Tampa from Mallory, but not enough to keep the champion down this early in this Ultraviolence title match.

Ryan: It’s going to take…...WAY MORE than an elbow to the head, Pepe LePew.

Emma kicked out of pinfall and rolled away before she started to push up to her feet only for Mallory to follow her. As Bennett get side by side with the champion she applied a headlock to her and started to drag her forward, picking up momentum as she drove Emma head first into the window of nearby car with a running bulldog. MacNamara tottered backwards following the impact but managed to stay on her feet; Mallory moving around behind her and sent the Scottish wrestler flying with a German suplex. Emma’s back arched up as she landed on the ground and rocked from side to side in agony as Mallory rolled back to her feet and advanced on the champion, delivering a series of three quick stomps into her gut before she fell into a fist drop aimed straight at Emma’s forehead… but only got the hard floor of the parking lot thanks to the Glaswegian rolling out of the way at the last second.

Ryan: That’s a good way to crack your hand right there. Emma’s done a great job of weathering the storm, now it’s time for her to take over.

Zack: You’re not kidding. Mallory could have done some serious damage to one of the biggest parts of her arsenal.

Mallory held her hand in pain as she got back to her feet only for Emma to deliver a raised knee into her gut, followed by a second and then a third before she dropped momentarily to one knee; coming straight back up with a vicious European Uppercut. As the Floridian staggered, Emma grabbed hold of her wrist and jerked her back towards her, dropping her shoulder and sent her up and over with a back body drop onto the trunk of the car. Emma turned around and started to rain down elbows into Mallory’s face before grabbing hold of her head, bouncing it off the trunk of the car three times and as the American’s head was released she rolled to the side, falling off the vehicle and to the floor. As she landed Emma shook her head and climbed up onto the car, measuring Mallory and as the challenger pushed up to all fours, the Scottish wrestler jumped into the air and crashed down with a double footstomp to her shoulderblades, driving her face first into the asphalt. As Bennett rolled over, Emma made the cover.



Zack: Barely a one for the champion, but we both know Emma likes this. It doesn’t bother her that Mallory kicked out at all.

Ryan: Likes it? She loves it, Zack. And if you don’t believe me, look at the record books for how long she’s had a grip of that title.

Mallory kicked out of the hold and started to rise to her feet only for Emma to grab her head, jerking her downwards into a raised knee before yanking her head backwards and sweeping her legs out from under her; sending her crashing back first into the parking lot floor. The Ultraviolence Champion moved quickly to grab hold of Mallory’s ankles, spreading her legs and began to deliver three quick stomps to lower abdomen before she adjusted her grip and fell backwards, catapulting Mallory into a half open roller shutter door that saw her land on her knees. Emma grinned as she quick stepped forward and delivered a stiff kick into the back of Mallory’s head; the mechanic falling forwards onto her face. Emma moved to the side of the shutter and used the controls to lower it before she returned to Mallory, grabbing hold of her ankles once more and rolled her to her back as she looked to be about to catapult her throat first into the lowered shutter only for Mallory to counter it by pulling her knees up into her chest, sending Emma face first into the metal of the door before she reeled backwards.

Zack: If you were hoping for a technical classic, you may want to go for a walk. Because this is every bit the street fight it was promoted to be.

Ryan: I am just glad they managed to stay away from my rental. I didn’t pop for the insurance, you see.

Mallory rolled back onto her front and started to crawl away. Emma dropping to her hands and knees and followed her as she also rolled underneath the shutter with Keanan not far behind. As the shutter door rose back up the camera found Mallory on her feet, staggering away onto the street with Emma charging towards her, leaving her feet as she grabbed hold of her head and delivered a running bulldog that sent her face first into the sidewalk as the camera moved quickly to catch up with them. The Ultraviolence Champion was quick to her feet as her opponent pushed up to her knees and the Glaswegian started to unload on her with five rapid fire stiff kicks into her gut and ribs before she pulled her up and straight into a snap suplex. Mallory rolled to the side holding her back only for Emma to jerk her back upright grabbing hold of the American’s wrist and Irish whipping her into the side of the Staples center.

Ryan: I can’t recall the last time I saw someone use the arena as a weapon. This place is going to have a lot of memories for Mallory, mostly involving headaches.

As Bennett hit the wall, Emma charged towards her and caught her perfectly with a high knee into the chest. MacNamara landed on her feet and took two steps backwards then fired off a kick into Mallory’s gut, doubling her over before she hooked her head once more and jerked her downwards with a sitout facebuster. Emma rolled Mallory onto her back and made another cover, hooking her leg.



Zack: Emma with a near fall right there, and that’s nothing but the ground that Mallory’s face just hit.

Mallory kicked out once more and rolled over to the side, holding her nose and face while MacNamara gave Angela Keanan a glare, the official confirming the two count to her. Emma got to her feet and waved her opponent upwards to join her only to stalk around behind the mechanic as she got to her feet and delivered a short, sharp closed fist shot straight into her kidney area. Another followed that froze Bennett as she grabbed at her side before the Glaswegian left her feet and grabbed hold of her foes shoulder, yanking her backwards into a reverse jumping bulldog, grabbing her legs as they flew up, looking for the pinfall one more time.



Ryan: Mallory’s just too dumb to know when to call it a night, Zack. This is Emma’s element, this is her playground. What does a mechanic think she knows about it?

Again, Bennett’s shoulder came up on the count of two and Emma again shook her head at the referee, slapping her hands together to show the official how to count to three. Keanan though showed her the two count once more. Emma came to her feet and backed up as she waited for Mallory to get her feet only for the Ultraviolence Champion to hurl herself and into a koppu kick that caught Bennett on the side of the head before she could straighten up. The Floridian took a couple of steps backwards after receiving the kick, MacNamara once more coming up to her feet, taking a moment to measure up Mallory and charged forward, looking for a Tornado DDT..but found herself caught by the skunk haired wrestler before she could snap it off and dropped down into an atomic drop counter. Emma’s hand went to her lower back in pain, Mallory dropped to one knee and didn’t even take a moment to get her bearing before she lunged forward, putting her head between Emma’s legs and pushing up to her feet. Before the Ultraviolence Champion could counter out of the Electric Chair position, Mallory moved forward quickly, building up a little momentum in just four quick steps as she slammed Emma’s face and the top of her chest into a street sign before she fell backwards to complete the Electric Chair.

Ryan: I hope FFW has some security nearby out there, because they are getting close to the freeway out there.

Zack: They’re out there practically on South Figueroa Street here at Staples Center, and for their own sake, I hope they head back to the ring!

Emma’s body spasmed like a fish out of water, her legs kicking up and down as she held her back on impact with the sidewalk and began to crawl away while Mallory took a moment to regain her bearings. Emma started to rise as Bennett also made it back to her feet and with a cry she forced herself forward, clattering into the back of Emma with a flying forearm shot into the base of her skull. MacNamara stumbled forward, turning around to face Mallory only to find the Tampa Bay born wrestler was darting towards her once more to drive her foot into her chest with a yakuza kick. The kick connected perfectly causing Emma to fall backwards, holding her sternum as she did so, but quickly the red headed woman rolled back onto her knees and started to come to her feet. Bennett bell clapped her arms around her head as soon as she was vertical and then hurled her backwards towards the arena doors with a release overhead belly to belly suplex. Emma sat up and began to pull herself upwards using the handle on the door for support and turned towards Mallory who exploded into a spear, driving her backwards into the door that swung inwards and into the floor of the concourse in the building. Mallory pushed up to her knees and threw herself across Emma to make the cover.




Ryan: Mallory seems to think Emma’s some fly by night champion who doesn’t have a lot of resiliency to keep going for these covers like this.

Zack: The goal is to win the match, going for pins is how you can accomplish that! What do you expect her to do?

Emma kicked out of the pinning combination and once more rolled away before pushing to her feet. No sooner was she vertically than she found herself staggering backwards as Mallory clocked her in the jaw with a discus elbow strike, followed by a second and then a third. The Ultraviolence Champion still managed to stay on her feet despite spaghetti legs, Bennett looking at her in disbelief for a second or two before she cracked her knuckles and then threw a right cross a heavyweight prize fighter would be proud of, snapping the Glaswegian’s head to the side and spit flying out of her mouth as she collapsed to the floor on her front.

Zack: What a shot!! Was that spit or Emma’s tooth I just saw flying out of her mouth?

Ryan: It was a lucky punch, and that was spit.

Immediately Emma started to push upwards Bennett nodding her head, seemingly in approval as MacNamara got to her feet with her back to the Floridian who threw a combination of right and left hooks straight into her spine. Emma arched her back and tried to get away from her foe as she stumbled forward towards a merchandising kiosk but never reached it as Mallory spun her around hoisted her up off her feet and slammed her down with a spinning spinebuster. Emma's back arched up off the floor in agony as her skunk haired foe quickly returned to a vertical base and dropped an elbow into her chest before rolling over to make another cover.




Zack: Another near fall for the challenger. This is Mallory’s first big championship match on the main roster, and she’s giving us everything she has in her body.

Ryan: I hope she tells herself that to make her feel better after this is over.

MacNamara rolled her shoulder and Mallory nodded her head in acceptance of the count as she pushed herself back up to her feet and started talking to the guy behind the merchandise stand. He looked wary for a moment before he shrugged his shoulders, seemingly convinced by her and passed her a t-shirt over the counter. Mallory picked it up and held up for the camera showing off the Chaotic Temptation logo on a shirt that was almost big enough for the mechanic to camp in. Quickly the Tampa Bay born wrestler advanced on her opponent, wrapping the t-shirt around her neck as she got to her feet and used it to throw Emma across the concourse and into a hot dog stand, causing it to rock from side to side and knocking the condiment bottles off the side of the cart. MacNamara’s mouth going wide in pain as she struck the side back first and landed on her hands and knees. Mallory sprinted forward and delivered a punt kick into her ribs that caused her to kneel up only for Bennett to send her sprawling back onto her face with a roundhouse kick across her shoulders. As soon as the Ultraviolence Champion hit the floor, Mallory stepped over her, sat down on her lower back and looped the t-shirt around her neck once more as she pulled back on it in a modified camel clutch; Keanan sliding into position to ask Emma if she wanted to quit.

Zack: Smart move by Mallory. She needs a moment to get herself together, maybe change up her plan of attack.

Ryan: Emma’s not gonna give up to a camel clutch. What you mean to say is Mallory is desperate, and is trying everything she can think of to try to slow Emma down.

The Scottish wrestler refused to quit in the submission hold, causing Bennett to pull back further, using the t-shirt for extra torque as Emma started to gasp for air, pulling at the garment to try and loosen it off enough for her to suck air into her lungs. The challenger pulled back further and further on the t-shirt. Keanan asked Emma again if she wanted to quit, getting no answer this time as she was starting to turn blue put her hands and arms were still moving. One hand pulled on the t-shirt again, trying to pry it away from her throat as her other groped blindly across the floor, finally finding something that she brought back towards her, discovering that it was the mustard bottle from the upset hotdog cart and squirted it over her shoulder wildly, catching Mallory in the mouth before the nozzle jerked upwards and caught her across the eyes causing Bennett to release her hold on the t-shirt and roll away, starting to use the garment to wipe her eyes. Emma pulled herself upright with the help of the cart, snatching up the square metal napkin holder. She punched her fist against the napkins, enabling her to get a grip on it as she turned around to find Mallory on her feet and finishing up clearing her vision. Emma charged towards her, cocking her fist holding the napkin holder back as she left her feet and caught Mallory on the side of the jaw with a superman punch.

Ryan: Now what was that you were saying about Emma not being to trade punches with Mallory? I think she just traded with her right there, and which one of them is reeling?

Zack: I never said she couldn’t trade punches, Ryan. I said it wasn’t in her wheelhouse basically, and that’s more Mallory’s domain.

Bennett staggered backwards towards the door to the seating area and Emma followed her, grabbing hold of her top as she delivered another three blows with the napkin holder to her jaw. Mallory was looking very much punch drunk as the Ultraviolence Champion shook the napkin holder from her hand, grabbing Bennett by her top in both hands and with a roar she lifted her up off her feet and charged her back first through the door and into the midst of the crowd. Before they reached the top of the stairs, Emma spun around and leapt into the air to deliver a monkey flip that sent  her opponent down the steps where she landed hard in a heap. Bennett lay there for a moment before she finally managed to sit up and received a drop kick into her back of her head, snapping it forward as the Glaswegian followed her down the stairs, holding her back in pain. Emma pulled Mallory upwards, waving the fans away before she scooped the Tampa Bay born wrestler off her feet and dropped her over the guardrail with a snake eyes.

Ryan: I don’t think the guardrails were designed for that, but they do make excellent stationary weapons.

Zack: This is the first street fight I’ve seen that practically started in the street, and seems to be working its way back to the ring.

Mallory landed on her feet and staggered down the steps and through the crowd towards the barricade where she collapsed for a moment. Emma followed her once more, grabbing a bottle of water from a fan who she face palmed back into the rest of the crowd and like a baseball pitcher throwing a fastball hurled the bottle of water into Mallory’s body, causing her to cover up. Emma continued to come forward, picking up the bottle that she had thrown at Mallory and emptied the contents over Mallory’s head before she threw the empty bottle at her once more as much to add insult to injury as anything. Bennett started to push upwards, Emma running her hands into Mallory’s hair, establishing her grip and yanking her upwards only to again scoop her off her feet and drop her belly first over the barricade. As Mallory hung over, Emma headed down the front row, pushing the fans out of the way before she scooped up one of their folding metal chairs. With the folded up chair in her hand, MacNamara tightrope walked along the top of the barrier and left her feet, placing the chair under her leg in midair as she executed a guillotine leg drop to her opponent’s head bringing her into the ringside area. Emma made the cover on Mallory as Keanan climbed over the barricade and scampered her way into position to make the count.

Zack: Mallory just snapped to the floor, and Emma may be seconds from retaining her title!




Ryan: You gonna talk about her heart or something? Because this isn’t heart we’re seeing, Zack. This is a girl out of her depth, and struggling to survive against the greatest Ultraviolence Champion in FFW history.

Mallory’s shoulder came up before the three count and Emma glared at the referee once more, demanding the three count but only got the two confirmed once more. The Scottish wrestler nodded her head and pulled the chair into position then rose to her feet, pulling Mallory up with her and into a standing headscissors. She looked out at the fans who booed her loudly that only seemed to bring a grin to her face as she breathed deeply, grabbed hold of Mallory by her bottoms and looked to be about to jerk her into a pulling piledriver only for Bennett to drop to her knees and fall backward, pulling Emma off balance and sent her face first into the ring post. Emma reeled after striking the metal and turned back towards the Floridian who caught her with a drop toe hold that saw her skull bounce off the chair that she had set up. Rolling over her opponent, Mallory’s torso disappeared underneath the ring and a moment later a couple of kendo sticks, another chair, a Stop sign and a cookie sheet seemed to be dug out and flung behind Mallory before she wiggled her way out and pushed up to her knees, smile on her face and a wrench held aloft over her head. She got to her feet behind the Ultraviolence Champion who was checking her forehead for blood and Mallory swung the wrench like a bat, driving it into Emma’s kidney region before she spun her around and delivered another swing of the wrench into her midsection followed by a second and was about to land a third when Emma lashed out with her foot to stop her in her tracks with a kick to her groin. Bennett folded up and looked to be about to drop to her knees as Emma slid into the ring to try and get away from her foe.

Zack: It took a good ten minutes, but this Ultraviolence Championship match has found its way to the ring where it belongs. And Emma’s on the backfoot!

Ryan: Backfoot? By what standards? She’s making Mallory come to her, that’s brilliant strategy.

Mallory kept the wrench in the hand that she was using to hold herself and grabbed hold of the stop sign and the cookie sheet, sliding them into the ring before she followed them. Emma had managed to crawl to a corner, cradling her middle with her arms as she sat against the corner and Bennett charged towards her, catching her with a hip check to her head. Bennett circled slowly around the ring, holding her head and grabbed the stop sign and the cookie sheet, positioning the stop sign against the Ultraviolence Champions’ body before she reeled away once more, returning to the middle of the ring before she came forward and delivered the Malcontent cannonball senton into the stop sign, forcing it into MacNamara’s gut.

Zack: MALCONTENT! That STOP sign had to have driven the wind and possibly a lot more out of the champion.

Ryan: That’s the most obvious call all night, Zack. Of course, it did! She’s human after all. I suppose next you’ll tell me they are both girls.

Rolling back to her feet, Mallory began to stomp a mudhole through the sign and Emma’s midriff. Finally satisfied with her handiwork, Bennett walked away from her, turning back to face her as she had the cookie sheet and the wrench in her hands and charged towards the Ultraviolence Champion, giving her a cookie sheet assisted face wash to complete These Boots Were Made For Walking. Emma slumped in the corner and Mallory dragged her out of the corner and dropped down to make the cover.





Ryan: Just not getting three counts though, right?

Emma’s shoulder came up at the very last possible moment and Mallory stared disbelievingly at the referee and then at the Champion as the two count was confirmed to her. She asked the official once more to confirm, getting two fingers held up to her by Keanan. Mallory pulled at her hair as she slowly came to her feet and began to wave her opponent upwards. Emma began to push up, very, very slowly getting to all fours and then to her knees that saw Mallory come sprinting forward leaving her feet for the Malicious Intent bicycle high knee that saw Emma pop suddenly up to her feet and crash the dented stop sign into Mallory’s face. Mallory staggered backwards and as she did so, Emma left her feet and delivered the Playing With Scissors headscissors DDT.

Ryan: THAT’S IT, ZACK! PLAYING WITH SCISSORS! That’ll be game, set, match.

Zack: Maybe, but Emma can’t make the cover! Look at her, she’s in a bad way right now.

MacNamara collapsed to the mat after delivering the move, breathing deeply as Mallory was laid on her front unmoving. Slowly the Glaswegian pushed upwards, moving onto her hands and knees before she rolled Bennett over onto her back and slumped on top of her, reaching limply for the leg as she made the cover.

Ryan: There’s the cover, and another title defense in the books!




Zack: There’s the cover, and Emma Mac is gonna...NOOO!! Mallory got the shoulder up after all!

Mallory’s shoulder popped up and the Floridian rolled onto her front at the last possible moment. Emma punched the mat in frustration as Keanan showed her the two once more and refused to budge in the face of the Scot’s protest that it had to be a three. The Ultraviolence champion got to her feet and moved towards the corner, pulling at the pad covering the top turnbuckle bolt and finally managed to strip the protective covering away from the metal underneath. The Glaswegian turned back towards the mechanic and pulled her up to her feet, walking her over to the exposed turnbuckle and slammed her forehead into it five times. Spinning her around, Emma lifted Mallory up into an inverted atomic drop then shoved her backwards causing the back of her head to strike the turnbuckle bolt as the camera saw that she was busted open. MacNamara slid out of the ring and slid the chair into the ring, setting it up in position before she headed back to Bennett in the corner and climbed to the top, hooking her head and diving off into a Tornado DDT that drove Mallory head first into the chair. Bennett sat up for a couple of moments before she fell back to the canvas.

Ryan: She’s out cold right now, there’s no other possibility! I think she hit that chair so hard that the dye came off her hair.

Emma glared at her and returned to the corner, climbing to the top rope and measured up her opponent on the mat before she launched herself backwards into the reverse high angle senton bomb - the Fall From Grace which she landed perfectly. Leaning back she hooked Mallory’s leg and Angela Keanan slid into position to make the count.

Ryan: Stick a fork in her, Zack. Mallory’s FALL FROM GRACE...and contention is here!




Zack: Emma Mac has done it again! Emma Mac has retained the Ultraviolence Championship against a very game Mallory Bennett!

Keanan called for the bell as Emma stayed leaned back across Mallory for a couple more seconds before she began to move, Ryan Mackenzie sprinting down the entrance ramp towards the ring.

Maggie: Here is your winner, by way of pinfall...and STILL FFW ULTRAVIOLENCE CHAMPION…”THE PRETTY LIL PSYCHO” EMMA MACNAMARA!!!!

Zack: Is there anyone who can take the Ultraviolence Championship from Emma MacNamara?!

Ryan: Allow me to answer that. No.

Ryan reached the ring and slid underneath the bottom rope as Emma sat up. He helped her to her feet and both he and Angela Keanan raised her hands in the air. The official presenting her with the Ultraviolence Championship that Emma clutched close against her body for a couple of moments before she held it aloft as Ryan raised her other hand and the show cut elsewhere.

She Has Risen

As the Ultraviolence Championship match concludes and we are about to head elsewhere, Zack’s question gets answered as the arena goes to a blackout. A single spotlight emerges on the stage, as a group of men and women all in choir robes head out. They line up on both sides of the spotlight.

Zack: I have a feeling I know what this is about...and I do.!

All of the Choir members are wearing headsets with a microphone attached, and begin to sing lyrics very familiar to Future Shock fans.

She’s got the whole world...in her hands
She’s got the whole wide world... in her hands
She’s got the whole world….in her hands

The live crowd immediately begins booing as they see the Choir and hear their singing before Casey emerges to stand in the single spotlight, also wearing a headset.


She paused with a grin on her face.

Casey: Do not be afraid. I have good news for you and you and you and you and EVERYONE. For all the people here in attendance. For all the people watching around the world. I bring Good News and Glad Tidings. For her, today, in the Staples Center in the City of Angels… A Saviour has come unto you. A Saviour now walks amongst you and you are all truly blessed.

The red head extended her arms out to her side as she smiled thinly, staring straight towards Emma as she stood in the ring.

Casey: A Saviour has arrived to bring peace to all men and women and children all over the face of the World; to show them the way and the path; to bring guide them out of the dark and into the light. A saviour has come amongst you, protected and guided by her Lord; that with the power of her belief she shall come to no harm - no ill will befall. She comes with a shield of faith, with a sword of righteousness. Inside of her has been lit a fury and an anger and she will, with the support of her choir and her congregation, smite down the idolatrous, the false prophets and the fake Goddesses that walk amongst you; that stand dead centre and right in front of you.

Zack: You know, I had hoped we might get a reprieve for a little while from Casey and her minions. But nope….Casey’s return is imminent to FFW. God help us all…..and that’s not me looking to make a donation.

Casey’s choir began to sing again, as she threw her arms out with a bright smile. The LA crowd only booed louder before the show cut to a commercial for the next FFW Pay Per View, Fury.

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A quick highlight package shows us moments from the previous matches in the Global Wars series before tonight, and finally the scoreboard as it stands now. The show then heads back to the ring with Maggie standing in the center.

Maggie: The following contest is your main event, and it is the GLOBAL WARS BATTLE ROYAL!!

Zack: The biggest battle royal FFW does every year is about to take place, and the prizes awaiting the winners are gonna be worth their weight in gold….or titanium. Tell’em about it, Maggie.

Maggie: The rules are as follows. Two teams will start, with a new team added every three minutes. When any member of a team goes over the top rope with both feet on the floor, that whole team is eliminated. The winning team will receive 8 points, and the second place team will get points. The team with the highest overall score will receive their choice of a title shot at either the Ultraviolence, Evolution or No Surrender Championship!

Zack: Those are prizes that could very well open a lot of doors for whoever wins the Global Wars series tonight. And we already know who’s starting the match. The stage is set, and it’s go time! I’m joined by the recovering Andi Takata.

Andi: And how great it is to be sitting here under the big lights with the cameras on and Global Wars about to have a big, explosive ending here for 2017! I’m as happy to be here tonight as the fans were to see me come out for this during the video package just now! Just one more step closer to getting back in the ring myself, but tonight is not about me, it is about these six nations and one goal! World domination.

The lights in the arena go almost out, allowing yellow and blue strobes to take effect as the quietly intense opening of Rev Theory’s “Something New” starts over the speakers. On the sound of the notes, the crowd jeers and from under the stage, The Brazilian Storm, Bianca and Mel, are lifted. The FFW Unity Tag Team Championship belts can be seen around their waists.

Love to hate, repeating my mistakes
Now there's no one left to listen...
No one left to listen...
Take a chance, and fuck the consequence
When there's no one left to listen...
No one left to listen...

The two friends look to each other, grin and fist bump. Looking out around them, they continue to grin at the reaction they’re getting. From there, they begin their walk towards the ring.

Right now! We’re taking control!
Tired of waiting! Tired of waiting!
For something new!
Right now! We’re taking control!
Tired of waiting! Tired of waiting!
For something new!

Ignoring the outstretched arms of fans who want a high-five, the Brazilians make their way to the ring, where Mel pulls herself onto the apron using the ropes, and Bianca stops right under her, where the two rogues strike a pose, with Mel taking a soft dip of a bow, and Bianca unhooking the belt from her waist and holding it up high.

Maggie: Introducing first… TEAM BRAZIL… From Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre, Brazil, the FFW UNITY TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS… MEL AVILO… BIANCA SALVADOR… THE BRAZILIAN STORM!!!

Mel then steps into the ring and Bianca rolls under the bottom rope right afterwards. The two of them then make their ways to opposite turnbuckles, both climbing on the second rope and staring at the booing crowd, diminishing the negative welcome they’re getting from the crowd their own way as they taunt the crowd exposing their championship belts, before they hop back to the ring and meet once again in the center of the ring, sharing another fist bump, before they retreat to their corner to strategize. Bianca shoots a cold stare towards Andi at ringside.

Zack: With their titles not on the line in this match, Mel & Bianca are still going to have go to the limit if they want to win. They’ll have to survive five teams, but given they are the champions, they should likely have the most chemistry.

Andi: Battery acid has a lot of chemistry, too, but that doesn’t mean anyone should drink it. But yes, they ARE the champions, and they ARE very good.. Maybe if Bianca can keep her eyes WHERE THEY BELONG, they might have a chance tonight. I’m not bitter or biased at all, Zack, can you tell?

Maggie: Now introducing TEAM SCOTLAND….

Green and blue strobe lights flood the arena as “Map of the Problematique” blasts out over the speakers. As the keyboard comes in, a spotlight shines on the curtain, through which steps Erica Horton to a pop from the fans.

Maggie: On her way to the ring, from Edinburgh Scotland by way of Spartanburg, South Carolina! Please welcome ERICA HORTON!

Erica heads down the ramp, slapping hands with fans as she goes on her way.

Fear and panic in the air
I want to be free
From desolation and despair
And I feel like everything I sow
Is being swept away,
Well I refuse to let you go!

I can't get it right
Get it right
Since I met you

Reaching the bottom of the ramp, she heads around the nearest steps to the commentators, still catching hands with fans until she gets there. She then heads up the steps and into the ring. Standing in the middle, she lifts a hand to the crowd and then heads to her corner as “Map of the Problematique” fades out.

Zack: Erica and her partner haven’t had the best of luck in this series. They are not going to be anything but spoilers tonight. However, Erica has been awarded a Fast Track title shot in the near future.

Andi: It’s rough for Team Scotland knowing they have to compete in a match for something they can’t ultimately win, but sometimes spoiler is good enough if you spoil the right person’s day. I can think of two that spoiled last year that could use some of that…  BUT at least Erica has that Fast Track shot to look forward to, and we’ve seen just how far a chance like that can take you. Worked for my partner!

“She's Got Legs” plays over the PA system, and Siobhan walks out proudly, a smile on her face as she waves out to the crowd. Heading down the ramp she begins to slap hands with the audience.

Maggie: And her partner...making her way to the ring, from Aberdeen, Scotland...Siobhan! MCADAMS!

Once she reaches the ring, she takes to the stairs and walks up on the apron, bending over to enter between the ropes. Once inside, she raises a fist high as she faces the hard cam. Once the cheering dies down, Siobhan heads to her corner, stretching her legs out before the fight.

Zack: It’s not been a good few weeks for Siobhan MacAdams. She and her partner dropped the Tornado Tag titles in their last match, making Ascension the 2 time champions. Plus I get the sense Erica hasn’t been totally thrilled with her in general.

Andi: The fans don’t seem to mind, but there’s definitely been a little bit of friction between the two of them. Maybe a bit of that is Erica, who’s got a bit of a short fuse, but surely Siobhan hasn’t helped much…

Referees Melinda Davis and Jennifer Stringer head to the floor as both teams look across at one another. The bell sounds as the two teams circle a bit, with Erica saying something to Siobhan who instead takes off towards the Storm. Bianca is quick to intercept her as the two start exchanging right hands. Salvador gets the better of that as she manages to push the redhead back into the corner. A couple of quick knees to the body double her over before a snapmare brings her to the mat. Erica shakes her head as Mel descends on her. The brunette catches her with a kick in the gut that stuns the blonde before firing uppercuts into her body after that. Mel whips her across to the far side, and lowers her head before Erica uses a leap frog to hop behind her. When Avilo raises up, Erica catches her with her jumping double knee backbreaker and sends Mel hurtling into the ropes.

Zack: Mel ducked her head, and Erica hit the BACKSTABBER! The Unity Champions may be going out right now!

Andi: Spoil away, Erica! That’s great position! What a quick start they’d be off to, and what an upset it would be to knock out Brazil this early!

Erica darted towards Mel as she leaned against the ropes, and leaned down to grab her legs to dump her over. Avilo was extremely stunned after the move, and offered little resistance as Erica got both of her feet and dumped her over the top rope. But she didn’t go to the floor. Mel caught herself on the apron, and started to get back to her feet as Erica bolted for the far side. She rebounded quickly making a beeline for Mel, but was intercepted with a lariat from Bianca that put the blonde down. Mel rolled back into the ring under the bottom rope, and made it back to her feet before the champions put the boots to Erica. They each grabbed her arms and legs, and threw her into the air just to let her drop back to the mat. Bianca asked her partner if she was alright, getting an affirmative response before the “Typhoon” pointed over to Siobhan getting up in the corner.

Zack: That’s teamwork right there! I think Mel might have went out right then, but Bianca was there to stop that. And now Siobhan is looking like red meat in the shark tank for the Storm.

Andi: It was good thinking on Erica’s part to stay right on top of her to try and get Mel out, but, as usual, you have to watch out for Bianca sticking her nose into things. Or an arm. And now Siobhan is gonna be in trouble.

As the Storm started to surround her, Siobhan started firing shots at both of them. Right hands to both women connected before Bianca piefaced her back into the corner. Mel followed it up with a shoulder block to her ribs. She drove three more in, taking some of the fire of out of the redhead. The pair fired her across for the ride with an Irish whip, and caught her with two back elbows to the face on the rebound. It stumbled her backwards a couple steps before the girls rebounded off opposite sides of the ring to hit a clothesline and a chop block at the same time to put her down.

Zack: You gotta respect Siobhan’s moxie there, she was trying to take them both on. But there’s not one woman in FFW who is going to be able to withstand the Unity Champions together.

Andi: That is very unfortunately true. A very painful truth at that. Luckily she’s not out here alone, but there’s always these kinds of moments, and Erica can’t help her right now.

Mel dragged Siobhan to her feet with Bianca’s help, and they started to pull her towards the ropes. Being the stronger of the two, Mel scooped her up onto her shoulders, and looked to try to dump her over the top rope. Siobhan grabbed the top rope, and locked her arms trying to stop her. Bianca attempted to break her grip with right hands to the head before she was suddenly launched with a German suplex into the turnbuckle. Salvador hit hard and collapsed to the mat as Erica was back to her feet. Mel spotted her just as Erica rebounded off the near side with a spear to the champion that dropped her to the mat. MacAdams landed on her feet, trying to catch her breath as Erica grabbed Bianca up by the head. She and Siobhan started to work her over in the corner before Erica shot her into the ropes. Bianca rebounded into a reverse clothesline into a big boot from Siobhan that sent her into the ropes. Both girls descended on her quickly.

Zack: That’s the HAGGIS DUMP! Mel’s still down, and Scotland is close to eliminating the Unity Champions again!

Andi: YES! Do it, do it, do it! You’re not going to get many chances against Team Brazil, you need to take it now! Lift!

Siobhan and Erica each grabbed a leg, and began trying to lift Bianca up and over. They got her feet off the ground, but Bianca fought back with shots to either one she could in an attempt to get free. She jammed a thumb in Erica’s eyes, causing her to let go and stumble backwards. Siobhan made the mistake of looking over to her partner, and Bianca gave her a headbutt before she let go. The “Typhoon” made it back to her feet, and went to get the blinded Erica. Siobhan gathered herself quickly, and went to get her when Mel caught her from behind into a rear waistlock. The redhead’s eyes widened as she started firing back elbows repeatedly. Mel avoided most of them before launching Siobhan over the top rope to the floor with a German suplex! The redhead practically smacked off the floor as Erica broke away from Bianca. The “Typhoon” grinned as she saw Siobhan in a heap on the outside, while Erica rolled out to the floor.


Zack: WHAT A GERMAN SUPLEX FROM MEL! Siobhan took her eyes off the ball for a half second, and that’s all it took.

Andi: I remember one of the first times I sat and did commentary, was a Mel Avilo match and she showed that kind of strength. All this time later, and as much as she may have changed? That didn’t change. And you can’t take your eye off these two for even a moment, because they can be too much to handle, like they were here. Hopefully Siobhan is okay, she looks like she hit super hard out here.

Zack: We still have a few seconds before the next team is set to arrive, and this is going to give Mel & Bianca a little recovery time.

Andi: As good as they think they are, maybe they don’t need it? Let’s speed up the clock a bit so they can have some competition. It sure beats them looking to get these LA faithful to boo.

Both halves of the Storm look up to see the clock beginning to tick down to the next team. It finally makes it to zero before the buzzer goes off. All eyes turn to the stage as Kaoru Asaka and O.E. Ayano step out onto the stage. Both members of Team Japan rush the ring, and go right into a four way fight with Mel and Bianca.

Maggie: Now entering at number three….TEAM JAPAN’S KAORU ASAKA AND O.E. AYANO!!!

Zack: Team Japan is heading towards the ring at top speed, and you gotta wonder how much Kaoru has left in the tank after her Femme for All match with Leona Vega.

Andi: That tank is most definitely not full, she and Leona went real hard out there just a few moments ago! But if I know Kaoru, and I sure do, she will go until she cannot go anymore, and she’s got someone with her that’s got her back and sometime, that’s all you need! Let’s go Team Japan! Even if Nakamura Global is not presenting you this year!

Kaoru lowers her shoulder, and drives Mel back into the corner to knock the wind out of her. She begins to unload with combinations before connecting with a spinning heel kick to the abdomen that doubles her over. As Avilo stumbles out, Kaoru scoops her up and plants her with a pumphandle slam. Meanwhile, Bianca and O.E. trade blows, but Ayano dodges an uppercut. She whips Bianca across for the ride, causing the “Typhoon” to look for a clothesline. But Ayano ducks under that as Bianca stops herself, turns around, and gets...two fingers in her eyes. With Salvador blinded, O.E. launches her with a t-bone suplex that sees her bounce off the ropes upside down before she collapses the canvas.

Andi: She’s doing it! Apparently all she needed was a moment backstage and she’s already tearing into Mel! This is great, and O.E… well, that was dirty. I personally wouldn’t have made that choice, but it seemed very effective, and the end result was Bianca on her head. I find it hard to argue with those results in a match like this!

Zack: I don’t think I’ve seen someone bounce off the ropes upside down before like that, but Bianca can tell us how it feels later! That was ugly impact right there.

O.E. signals for Kaoru to join her before they pull Bianca back to her feet, and shove her into the corner. Ayano lays in a stinging knife edge chop to Bianca’s chest, and then dares Kaoru to do it better. Asaka shrugs her shoulders, and lays in another chop. She steps back, and O.E. licks her fingertips and strikes a third, causing Bianca to shout in pain. Kaoru seems to agree she did it better before they fire her across to the far side. As soon as she rebounds, they scoop her up for a double flapjack to the canvas.

Zack: Bianca must be having flashbacks to when she was in the ring with Whiskey with those knife edge chops! They are working extremely well together!

Andi: It’s like a secret Ayano family recipe… instead of 11 herbs and spices it’s a bunch of fingers and palms and pain. Even Kaoru looked impressed there, and she’s not easy to impress! And now they’re impressing Team Brazil into the mat!

Team Japan rose to their feet, giving each other approving nods until Mel catches Kaoru with a low blow that drops her to her knees from behind. Ayano looks back to her, letting her know that was well done...before she starts trying to kick Mel in the body. Avilo caught her foot as she was getting up though, spinning her around and delivering an atomic drop that ricocheted O.E. into the corner. She bounced against it into Mel’s waiting arms, who sent her flying with a German suplex nearly halfway across the ring. Avilo rolled into a three point stance, waiting on her to get up before she charged across with a tackle that flipped O.E. to the mat. Mel got back to her feet, seeing Kaoru starting to get up before snatching her around the waist. Asaka’s eyes widened before she got the same treatment with a release German suplex that sent her on top of her partner before sliding to the mat.

Zack: Mel Avilo is a one woman wrecking crew! That’s three massive German suplexes, and the powerhouse of Team Brazil is holding court in Global Wars!

Andi: She’s certainly handing out the frequent flyer miles so far! Except everyone seems to be crash landing on these flights! Even Kaoru looked like she landed weird on O.E, I hope she’s doing alright… THEY. They. Not just Kaoru.

Bianca started to rise to her feet, rubbing her chest as she saw her partner joining her. They pulled O.E. to her feet, with Mel holding her arms while Bianca unloaded with free rights and lefts. Salvador returned the favor from a moment ago, and fired knife edge chops across her chest one after another. Mel shoved Ayano towards her before Bianca scooped her up in a fireman’s carry, and headed right for the ropes. She started to dump her before O.E. began hammering elbows into the side of her head. It wobbled Salvador a moment before she dropped her to her feet. Ayano hooked Bianca’s head for what looked like a DDT until Mel caught her with a bicycle kick to the face that dropped her hard on the mat. The buzzer went off mere seconds later.

Zack: I’ll give O.E. credit for avoiding the elimination, but she forgot about Mel. She also nearly got her head kicked off because of it.

Andi: I don’t know so much that she forgot as much as she couldn’t do much about it. Smart of her to do enough to stay in the ring, but that kick was hard and right on target. Brazil being Brazil, they’re just everywhere at all times. But now they’ve all got to deal with who’s coming out next!


Andi: Aw, nuts.
Both halves of Team Canada didn’t charge the ring at all, they instead strolled causally to ringside. Valentina was about to get in as Shaw went around the corner to talk to Maggie. Lozano didn’t go in after all before Maggie announced them again.


Andi: Yes, we got it… now entering, Team Canada-slash-province-that-doesn’t-want-to-be-Canada. That means you enter! What next, are they going to make her say it in French too?

Shaw, almost as though she heard it herself, snatches the microphone from Maggie.

Zack: I….think she heard you.

Shaw: Tais-toi pendant que je mène le Canada à la victoire suprême!

Andi: I don’t know what she said but it didn’t sound all that intelligent. Possibly could’ve been racist. Or Spacist! I’m offended, Zack.

Shaw moved around to Valentina still on the outside, pointing at some of the competitors. This caught the attention of Kaoru and O.E., which gave the Storm a blindside advantage when they attacked them from behind. Mel caught O.E. with a chop block, and began pounding clubbing blows across her back. Meanwhile, Bianca clobbered Kaoru from behind with a clothesline into the ropes. She quickly grabbed her legs to hoist her up and over with Kaoru immediately wrapping her arms and legs around the top rope, clutching it for dear life as Bianca unloaded with repeated body shots. Kaoru’s body swung back and forth where she hung, giving Salvador free shots as much as she wanted. Meanwhile, Team Canada remained on the floor.

Andi: HEY, ENTREZ VOUS, TABARNAK! Latin Goddess, entrar el ring! I mean I don’t know what else they want at this point, but they’re making a decent enough distraction to cause Team Japan some problems.

Zack: Look at Kaoru, she’s hanging onto that top rope like a spider monkey. And Bianca’s got open season on the #1 contender to the FFW Championship!

Andi: Hold on, Kaoru! This is certainly not going the way I had expected or hoped so far… and anyone but her.

Mel fired O.E. across, and planted her with a spinebuster before Bianca called her over to point out Kaoru still hanging onto the top rope. Then the pair of them began to unload with kicks to the body one after another. Bianca drove elbows into her ribs as Mel hammered shots to her head. Still Kaoru managed to hold on though. The referees on the floor went around to get Team Canada in the ring. Asaka absorbed more blows as O.E. began to  reach into her top for something as she was getting back to her feet.

Zack: I don’t know how much more of this Kaoru can take, she’s holding on for dear life! And the Brazilian Storm are beating the hell out of her! Team Canada is debating with the referees on the other side of the ring.

Andi: I don’t know what the debate is, it’s a match, you’re here to wrestle! Get to it! Although now that I think about it, I don’t think they’re going to help Kaoru at all… Where’s O.E?

O.E. had produced a pair of brass knucks from her top, sliding it onto her hand before she shouted at Mel. When Avilo turned around, Ayano clocked her with the knucks twice and sent her stumbling backwards into the corner. She barreled in after her with a Superman punch that rocked her in the corner. Bianca glanced up to see what was happening when Kaoru unwrapped a leg, and caught her in the side of the head. Two more shots staggered the “Typhoon” before Asaka finally landed back inside the ring on her feet. The crowd got much louder at this point. Bianca stumbled against the ropes before Kaoru caught her with a discus lariat that sent her over the top rope to the floor to a roar from the crowd! Kaoru saw her partner bludgeoning Mel with brass knucks, and shook her head….while Bianca slid back into the ring under the bottom rope. Both referees were still arguing with Team Canada, and didn’t see the elimination.

Andi: There’s OE! There goes Mel! Here comes Kaoru! There goes Bianca! YES! YES YES YES! SHE DID IT! WOOOOO! KAORU, YOU ARE MY HERO! I KNEW IT!

Zack: Wait...Bianca has gone back into the ring! The referees are still arguing with Team Canada, Andi. They didn’t see any of that, and Kaoru doesn’t realize Bianca is behind her!


Kaoru shouted at O.E. to get rid of the knucks as Bianca circled around behind her. She caught her with a forearm to the back of the head, and then spun her around. A quick yank put her into position before Salvador landed her TYPHOON DRIVER! She hoisted the lifeless Kaoru over her shoulders, and headed towards the ropes while O.E. continued pummeling Mel in the corner as the fans on that side of the ring were trying to get her to look in the other direction.

Andi: THAT DAMN STUPID…. AGH! I know it’s fun to punch Mel in the face but come on O.E., pay attention and help the team!!

O.E. finally seemed to get the message from the crowd when she turned around, and saw Bianca loading Kaoru over the top rope. She immediately bolted across the ring, dropped to one knee, and attached a claw hold….between Bianca’s legs. The blonde froze in pain, and dropped Kaoru to the mat while O.E. squeezed.

Zack: Well….I guess you call that a vaginal claw! Bianca’s in agony right now, and Kaoru needs a little recovery time after the Typhoon Driver!

Andi: I know Kaoru likes to use a claw but I don’t think she’s quite used that one, but it’s super effective for sure! Kaoru could probably use more than a little time too, she’s taken so much tonight and that was way too close to being way too much for even her.

Bianca finally managed to break O.E.’s grip when she raked her eyes, causing the Chaotic Temptation member to stumble backwards. Salvador went to grab her until O.E. grabbed the cups of her top, and punched her right on the breast. Bianca clutched for a moment before Ayano connected with a lungblower that sent Bianca over the top rope to the apron. O.E.’s eyes widened as she saw her starting to get up, and shouted ‘BITCH GO DOWN!’ and took off for the far side ropes. Meanwhile, the buzzer sounded.

Andi: Oh stars, if O.E. can manage to pull this off and eliminate Bianca, I swear I will never make fun of her rhymes again. Just one time, Ayano!

As O.E. hit the far side ropes, Shaw and Valentina pulled up onto the apron by grabbing the rope. Ayano fell over backwards to the floor as a result.

Zack: Shaw and Valentina….they pulled the rope down! O.E. didn’t even see it coming! Don’t tell me….


Thumping is heard as a small fist pounds the announce table.

Andi: Are. You. FREAKING. KIDDING ME? Of all of the… I’m shocked, SHOCKED, but not really…. Because look at who it was. At least Kaoru can finally call it a night, but it’s just so disappointing it ends like this for Japan. 

Maggie: Now entering at number five……..TEAM USA!!!

Steph and an obviously sore Savannah started down the ramp as O.E. got to her feet. The Orochi was furious as Shaw and Valentina shrugged it off. And as they were climbing onto the apron to finally get in the ring, O.E. yanked Shaw down by the waist and began unloading with furious right hands to the head. She whipped her across into the barricade back first, before barreling in with a running lariat that flipped her over into the crowd. Valentina seemed slightly amused as she watched O.E., at least until Ayano turned back around and went straight for her. Lozano was halfway in the ring before Ayano had her foot, and yanked her back out to the floor. Rapid-fire headbutts into Valentina’s face followed that before she spun her around into an inverted atomic drop that catapulted Valentina head first into the ring post. And the crowd roared!!

Andi: And O.E. has had enough too! These two wanted to play games and exploit a loophole, and now O.E. is sending people on loops on her own! Look at Shaw fly! Even Valentina has nothing for her and down she goes too!

Zack: O.E. Ayano has flipped out at Team Canada! And they may not get in the ring, but they are damn sure catching a wholesale beating courtesy of the 8 Chamber Orochi!

Andi: It may not count for much now, but it sure does make me feel better. Probably O.E. too, you know her therapist totally approves of this. And now would you look at this as USA USA USA has arrived… That usually doesn’t go well for too many other countries when that happens.

Steph and Savannah made it to the ring, with Taylor using a baseball slide to send Kaoru rolling to the floor since she was still laying on the mat in pain. Bianca had long since gotten back into the ring as she and Mel eyed Steph. Savannah made eye contact with the two, sharing some words with them not picked up by the camera. Meanwhile, O.E. threw Valentina under the bottom rope into the ring. Shaw climbed over the barricade, and remained ringside. Mel and Bianca went right after Valentina instead, descending on her as they began to pound away with clubbing blows. Savannah rolled out under the bottom rope, helped Shaw to her feet, and bounced her head off the apron before rolling her inside with her partner.

Andi: I think I know what Savannah was talking about. She was letting everyone know that Canada actually invented basketball, and now she’s showing everyone how to use proper dribbling techniques, using a Canadian. And I think Team Brazil here is trying to copy her form, but it’s not quite the same.

Zack: Savannah went through one hell of a war earlier tonight for the No Surrender title, she can’t be anywhere near 100%. But with this late of a draw, she may not have to be. There’s only one team left, Andi.

Andi: Every moment counts, that extra moment of downtime backstage can sometimes be the difference on nights like this! Hopefully for her sake she can make the most of it.

Savannah rejoined the fray as Shaw was getting to her feet. Steph pulled the Quebecois to her feet into a front facelock with repeatedly knees to the head. It dropped Shaw to her knees before Stefano yanked her back to her feet. She whipped her across to the far side, and caught her on the rebound with her pop-up lariat. That brought the crowd to its feet as Steph glanced around to see where Mel and Bianca were. They were hammering Valentina in the corner now. Mel hoisted her up on her shoulders before Bianca bounced off the near side ropes to snap her down with a running neckbreaker.

Zack: I’m not sure why Brazil didn’t go after Steph, who is the freshest woman in this match right now. But I’m sure she doesn’t mind, and Valentina’s getting her clock cleaned with the Storm picking up where O.E. left off!

Andi: Valentina doesn’t have many friends around here. At all. I’m not all that surprised by the choice, especially after that time they teamed up. Not all on the same page, I guess! And if I’m Steph, I’d pull up a seat and enjoy the view.

Savannah pulled Shaw back to her feet, and sent her into the turnbuckle at a high rate of speed. Shaw connected back first before Savannah whipped her own partner towards her. Steph barreled in with a running shoulder tackle, but Shaw sidestepped her. Steph hit the corner post instead. Savannah lunged to grab the brunette in a rear waistlock, but Shaw used a mule kick between her legs to drop the blonde where she stood. O’Neill tried to pull herself together, only to find the Storm now eyeing her. As soon as they went to grab her, she rolled out under the bottom rope to the floor. This gave Valentina an opportunity to get back to her feet. And before the Storm turned around, Lozano bounced off the ropes with double bulldog to drive Team Brazil into the mat.

Zack: The Storm were about to go get Shaw, and that’s all the time Lozano needed to put them down. I don’t see how they can have much more left in the tank, they started this match! Shaw’s on the outside, and Valentina is the only woman standing!

Andi: Bianca had that match earlier too, and we know she couldn’t have come into the night feeling all that great int he first place. But even Mel is in trouble now too, and we might finally see them on the floor soon! Valentina sure does have her moments, friends or not. And since I don’t see Isis Morales out here, thankfully, it’s more not!

Valentina got back to her feet, and locked eyes with Savannah. The former No Surrender Champion scowled at her as the two went straight for one another, and began trading rights and lefts with reckless abandon. The crowd was definitely into it, while Lozano was getting the better of the exchange. She worked Taylor back into the corner, and then fired her across chest first into the far side. Taylor stumbled out backwards as Lozano hit the ropes on the near side with a Clothesline from Hell that mowed Savannah down. Shaw slid back into the ring, seeing everyone but her partner was down.

Zack: Savannah and Valentina have a LONG history in FFW, and they damn sure don’t like each other! Lozano nearly took her head off with that clothesline, and right now Team Canada is walking tall in Global Wars!

Andi: At least they’re finally walking! And punching! And you know things are going well for them because O’Neil has finally decided to join Lozano. This is bad news for everyone.

Shaw and Valentina turned their attention on Steph, who was slowly removing herself from the corner. Both women scooped her up for a back suplex that crashed her into the mat. Lozano moved back towards the corner, waving Steph to get up. The Evolution Champion was slow to do so. But when she did, Valentina launched out of the corner with a bicycle kick to the face that dropped her where she stood! Shaw dragged the Evolution Champion towards the ropes, shouting at Valentina to help get her out.

Zack: One big PRICELESS KISS from Lozano, and Steph may not know where she is! But Team Canada knows where they want her, out here on the floor! Shaw’s asking for some heavy lifting from her powerful ally.

Andi: Of course she is, as much weight as she pulls. Valentina probably a bit more used to calling the shots, but i’m pretty sure she doesn’t mind the goal here. Steph looks like she’s out from that  Priceless Kiss though. I’ve felt that move and it’s way worse in person than it is sitting here.

Valentina joined her quickly, hoisting up Steph from behind around the waist. Shaw clobbered her with forearms to the head, but Steph fired elbows back into Lozano’s head. She dropped Steph to her feet, who gave Shaw a spinebuster. Lozano fired her back into the corner. Steph hit chest first before Lozano grabbed her into a rear waistlock. She tried to throw her, but it didn’t work. Valentina delivered a trio of headbutts into the back of her head before she tried again….until another set of arms wrapped around her waist. Lozano glanced down for a half second before Mel Avilo delivered the biggest German suplex of all when she threw them both!

Zack: HOLY HELL, LOOK AT THAT!! That was the biggest German suplex I’ve ever seen! Avilo LAUNCHED Lozano and Steph with an unbelievable power display!

Andi: WHERE DID SHE GET THAT FROM?! It’s that freaky Avilo strength, I tell you! It’s unreal! But she may have just saved Steph from elimination there!

Mel struggled to get back to her feet, obviously using up a great deal of her energy to pull it off. She leaned against the ropes for a moment, looking down at the floor before a dropkick from Shaw to the back sent her over the top rope to the floor. Avilo tumbled head over heels to ringside as Shaw ducked her head under the middle rope and waved at her.


Andi: And there goes Shaw as sneaky as ever just waiting for her moment to strike! And being as Shaw as ever by taunting Mel afterwards! She may be smart, but boy is she the WORST.

Shaw got back to her feet, helping her partner up as Bianca saw what happened and rolled out to check on her partner. Shaw dragged Savannah to her feet, and planted her head between her legs, which the crowd recognized what was coming just as the buzzer sounded.

Zack: There’s a flip piledriver in Savannah’s future, Andi! Team Canada has eliminated the Brazilian Storm, and I think Team Canada may win Global Wars!

Andi: After that garbage they pulled coming down to the ring, now that they’re here, they’re actually in a hell of a position! Wave Brazil goodbye and say hello to the final team! And Savannah Taylor is in a very bad position for the US!

Maggie: Now entering at number six…………...TEAM ENGLAND’S MISSY AND CEREZA!!!

Shaw connected with her flip piledriver, and got back to her feet to await the final entrants. They both watched from the ring as Cereza came out first with Missy right behind her. The Leeds native caught Cereza by the shoulder halfway down, spun her around, and clocked her with a right hand to the jaw. The camera zoomed in to see a chain wrapped around her fist as Missy mounted Cereza, and pummeled her with that fist repeatedly in the face.

Zack: Missy told Cereza not to bother coming to the ring, and she meant it! We haven’t seen that chain in a while, and England is IMPLODING before they even get into the ring!

Andi: If it’s come to this, there was an implosion before even this for sure! Waiting until right now with so much on the line, and Missy has had a great run throughout Global Wars, and this is how it ends for England?! And Shaughnessy is having a nice laugh about this for sure!

Missy hammered blows into Cereza’s head before she was finally flipped off to the floor. Cereza had been busted open as she struggled to get to her feet. She only made it a few more feet closer to the ring before Missy was already back up. She grabbed her by the head and the tights, and then drove her head first into the ringside steps. The Leeds native pulled the ring apron up, and grabbed herself a chair while Shaw and Valentina watched from the ring. Savannah and Steph were trying to pull themselves together still, and the Brazilian Storm hadn’t left yet.

Andi: She needs a chair too?! Isn’t a chain enough?! This is bad, very bad for Cereza right now, and would you look at these two just enjoying what’s going on? It’s like Missy’s putting on a show for Team Canada right now!

Zack: I’ve never seen anything like this in the history of Global Wars! England has exploded before our eyes, and Missy has snapped!

Missy aimed with the chair for her head, but Cereza rolled out of the way and dove into the ring to get away from her. Shaw and Valentina descended on her as soon as she got inside, stomping away at her as Missy tossed the chair down and hopped into the ring herself.

Andi: Now the vultures are swooping in. Of course. This is so terrible… way to be an example for the world, Canada.

With that chain still wrapped around her wrist, she patted Shaw on the shoulder. When she turned around, Missy clocked her with a right cross that sent her to the canvas. Valentina turned around to see Missy with her chained fist, stained with Cereza’s blood. Lozano lunged for her, only to catch a back body drop from Missy to put her on the mat. Lozano stumbled to her feet as Missy took off towards the ropes, and rebounded with a Superman punch to flatten the Latin Goddess! Lozano collapsed in a heap as Missy turned her full focus back on Cereza again, looking at the bloody chain and telling her to get up.

Andi: And now it’s all gone out the window! At least Missy isn’t discriminating here, EVERYONE is getting some of this outlash from her tonight, just like it’s been the case for all of Global Wars! No common bond in the commonwealth here!

Zack: This has been the wildest Global Wars battle royal I’ve ever seen, and Missy’s wanting to do more damage...to her own partner!!

Andi: It’s almost like she’s beating up Team Canada from taking away from her beating up Cereza herself! This is crazy!

As Missy waved her to get up, Savannah rose behind her and caught her with a forearm to the back of the head. The brunette stumbled forward, and spun around with a vicious glare on her face. Cereza used the ropes to help her finally get to her feet, blood covering her face after the attack. She unfortunately stumbled into Steph, who scooped her up and dumped her over the top rope without much trouble. She collapsed to the floor, and Missy dove out after her instead.


Zack: That’s the call of the night, Maggie! I thought Missy and Savannah were about to go at it over some comments made by Taylor, but no...she’s not done with Cereza! And I’d love to know why the Storm are still out here!

Andi: They’re still out here?! Again?! After they screwed us last year, I wouldn’t put anything past them!  I was going to say it was lucky for Cereza that Steph tossed her out at this point but NOPE! This is not the case and it’s two teams left in the ring and who the heck even knows what’s going on outside anymore?!

Shaw and Valentina made it back to their feet in one corner as Savannah joined Steph in the other, with both teams staring across at each other. Security came out, and began pulling Missy off Cereza and trying to get them to the back.

Zack: You could call it the battle of North America! Canada and the USA are staring across at each other. One of these teams will win the battle royal, and you can feel the tension rising in the Staples Center!

Andi: I’ve never wanted to start a USA chant more than I do right now looking at this picture, Zack! But I’m not gonna because I’m an unbiased professional! That’s not going to stop this sell out crowd here at the Staples Center though!

Security finally managed to clear Missy and Cereza from ringside as the two teams stared across, while the crowd began a very loud USA chant. The Brazilian Storm were stood ringside watching it all. And without a second more of hesitation, both teams charged at each other in the center of the ring. Shaw and Steph traded blows, while Savannah and Valentina did the same. Steph got the better of the exchange with Shaw, rocking her backwards with right hands before she rolled her fists and delivered a bionic elbow to the top of her head. O’Neill staggered backwards before Steph darted past her with a jumping reverse bulldog!

Zack: WALK OF SHAME all for you, Shaw! O’Neill is never gonna win a fistfight with the Evolution Champion!

Andi: Probably not her first and it won’t be her last either! Steph showing superiority over Shaw here as this is where it all comes together for one of these teams! It’s not over yet though!

It was a slightly different story on the other side though as Valentina was getting the better of Savannah as they traded blows. Taylor tried to bring her down with an arm wringer, but Lozano caught her with a kick to the gut that stopped that. She snatched Savannah off her feet, and drove her back first into the turnbuckle. Valentina scooped her up over one shoulder, and took off out of the corner with a running powerslam that drove Taylor down onto the canvas. Steph turned back to see Valentina rising to her feet, the two locking eyes for a moment.

Zack: Shaw and Savannah are down, and these two are the only ones standing. Two champions of FFW are gonna put whatever feelings they have aside, because the prize is too big for anything else!

Andi: If there were any two women in this company who would gladly put aside any feeling, any friends, foes, or anything else to get a chance to win Global Wars, get those medals, and win the big one, it would be those two right there! And there they go!

Steph took off towards her as the punches broke out again, but Valentina spun her around. She caught her with a forearm to the back of her head before she scooped her up into her chickenwing facebuster! Lozano got back to her feet, and hoisted Steph up onto her shoulders amid a chorus of boos from the LA crowd. She headed towards the ropes, about to dump her before the owner of FFW headed down the ramp. Samantha made a beeline towards the ring, and then around it as she began telling the Storm something.

Zack: Now what? That’s the owner of FFW, and I have no idea why she’s out here!....Or why she’s giving orders to the Storm!

Andi: I know she’s the boss of things around here, but that seems really, really suspicious and I don’t have a clue what’s going on anymore except Stephanie is moments away from Valentina dropping USA out of this thing! And if I don’t know and you don’t know…. WHO KNOWS?!

As soon as she finished speaking, Mel and Bianca went into action and started to head towards the apron. Valentina spotted them, and dropped Steph to the mat. Mel and Bianca climbed up onto the apron, locking eyes with Lozano. Meanwhile, Savannah was beginning to rise to her feet. The Storm looked at her, causing Valentina to glance behind her as well. As soon as she did, Savannah charged her with a kneelift and into a corkscrew neckbreaker that sent her hanging over the top rope off the impact! And then, Mel and Bianca pulled her the rest of the way down to the floor! The bell rang immediately!

Andi: The Brazillian Storm… Just screwed Canada?! But why? What the heck is going on? I’ve been fighting these two all year and I don’t even get this!

Zack: One thing is for sure, and that’s Team USA has won the Global Wars battle royal! But I’ll be damned if I know what is going on here!

Mel and Bianca slid into the ring as Samantha headed up the stairs as well. Savannah climbed back to her feet, looking across at them as Steph sat up with a very confused look on her face in the corner. The Unity Champions …...scooped Savannah up onto their shoulders as fireworks erupted around the arena.

Maggie: Ladies and gentlemen, the winners of the Global Wars battle royal…...SAVANNAH TAYLOR AND STEPH STEFANO…...TEAM USA!!!!

They put her down as the Storm began to head towards Steph in the corner until Savannah seemed to ask them not to. The trio raised their hands in unity as Samantha applauded them.

Andi: Team USA has won, but… what the heck is this I”m looking at Zack? Even Stephanie doesn’t look like she has any idea, apparently the only people here tonight that do are The Brazillian Storm, a victorious Savannah Taylor and…. Samantha ‘Yes I Sign Your Checks’ Star?!!

Samantha asked for a microphone, which Maggie quickly gave her as she gave Savannah a hug. Steph slowly got to her feet, making sure not to take her eyes off the trio.

Samantha: I said weeks ago that I was looking for a Franchise. Ladies and gentlemen, this is MY FRANCHISE!!

Zack: That’s why the Storm didn’t go after Steph earlier, Andi! They needed her in case they got eliminated so Savannah could win this match with her! Savannah and the Brazilian Storm are part of Samantha’s FRANCHISE!!

Andi: WHAT?!! THIS IS WHAT SHE HAD IN MIND?! This is… this is not at all what I thought it was! This isn’t what anyone thought it was! This… Zack, I think I’m gonna be sick.

Samantha: Allow me to introduce the new COO of FFW…..

Samantha looked as though she were choking on the words, not at all thrilled with what she was about to say before her brother headed down the ramp towards the ring.

Samantha: My brother…..SETH STAR!!

Zack: But….I didn’t think she liked him at all! It looks like FFW just became the family business!

Andi: Business can make a lot of people who don’t like other people come together over a common cause. Like, money, or power, and… well, there’s no lack of that here now!

Seth headed towards the ring, and stepped through the ropes to quite a few boos. Samantha gave him a begrudging glare, though it was Savannah who would welcome him more warmly as she wrapped her arms around his neck and began to kiss him.

Zack: Ohhh, well then. That might be why he got the job. Savannah is Samantha’s best friend, and it looks like….Seth is getting more than the COO position!

Andi: They should get a room… and don’t put it on the company card either. Zack, this just reeks of bad, terrible, horrible, wonderfully pain inducing news for everyone… I hope I’m wrong, but look at this and tell me you don’t feel the same way.

Valentina joined Shaw on the floor as the trio in the ring glared down at them, while the referees raised their hands. The final points were added to the scoreboard as Team USA was now at 24 points...but Team Canada…..25.

Maggie: However, the winners of the Global Wars series and the Pick Your Poison title contracts…..VALENTINA LOZANO AND SHAUGHNESSY O’NEILL….TEAM CANADA!!

Zack: Talk about a come from behind victory! Canada squeaked it out by one point, and now Valentina and Shaw have a pair of contracts to use for a title shot!

Andi: Great…. Just great. Just what those two need, more things to try and rub in everyone’s faces. But hats off to them for coming back from not just the brink of not being in this, but not even having 2 people at one point! It’s a long hard road and no easy feat for anyone.

Savannah gave Seth a devilish smile as Samantha prided the Brazilian Storm in the ring. Steph still looked dumbstruck with what she was seeing unfold before her. The “Witch of Wall Street” looked down to Team Canada on the floor, who looked more than proud of themselves.

Zack: What a way to end the year! There are lot of questions, and far too few answers as FFW closes 2017! The Franchise is formed, Savannah and the Brazilian Storm! Seth Star is the new COO of this company, and Team Canada has won the Global Wars series and the contracts!

Andi: Congratulations to Kaoru, Congratulations to Team USA for winning the final match. Congrats to Team Canada for winning the whole darn Global Wars  and everyone hold onto your butts because things have flipped on their rear for the new year. Oh. My. Freaking. Stars.

Zack: 2018 can’t get here quick enough!

The crowd began to boo the trio in the ring as Global Wars faded off the air.

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