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January 23, 2019, 11:38:31 pm
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Future Shock's Keys to Success

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Author Topic: Future Shock's Keys to Success  (Read 179 times)
Samantha Star
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« on: January 24, 2018, 05:42:11 pm »

Future Shock relaunched in FFW in May 2016. And when it did, a lot of the things that I would advise people on how to succeed changed with it. Then, it was about getting your character over so that they donít get eliminated. With eliminations now no longer part of the showís format, I felt like it was time to offer some advice on ways to really help yourself and your character in the current format. Below youíll find some things I think will help your character get everything out of Future Shock that they want. This is for the all characters that come into the show.

If you havenít already, you really should familiarize yourself with the rules of Future Shock. You can find those by clicking here the following link:


* The first thing you must keep in mind is when you write your on cameras, part of the criteria is relevance AND entertainment value. So many times I have read tremendous shoots in Future Shock, and thatís great. But Future Shock is such that part of this is your character is trying to either make the FFW fans love them or hate them. You can have a great shoot, but a great shoot is not always going to score points for entertainment. Ask yourself if you watched this on television, would it make you want to see the character at a show? Did the character talk you into the building, so to speak?  If it doesnít, itís probably not going to do the same for others.

* There is only one judge in Future Shock, including all shows and itís Pay Per Views. Thatís me. And I am also the one who decides who gets put into the graduation votes that take place every few months. But with that said, itís not me who decides who gets promoted to the roster in those votes. The roster (IC fans) make that call. So while you are trying to win challenges and matches, you are still mass marketing your character in a sense. If your character has a strong personality or something unique about them, thatís going to help you. Not always, but it will certainly help you with them when it comes time to make those all-important promotion votes.

* Donít do off cams leading into your on camera stuff. It doesnít happen often, but it does happen from time to time. I will not read off camera anything in a Future Shock roleplay. I will skip past it, because Future Shock girls live in front of the camera while they are on the show. If the IC fans canít see what they are doing, Iím not going to look at it either. I plan and read Future Shock as if this is the only way I will ever know these characters or anything about them. Because it is that way until they graduate.

* Always keep in mind that that results, aside of the winner, are angled to help build feuds within the show. If your character comes in dead last in a challenge or a multi-person match, that doesnít mean I thought you had the worst roleplay at all. Everything, short of the winner, is angled for booking purposes. It has been and always will be that way.

* Many of the girls on this show are newcomers or rookies in wrestling with little experience. And unless they are obscenely wealthy, they shouldnít be having elaborate and over-produced on cams for their matches. There shouldnít be special effects, there shouldnít be a lot of hoopla. If a girl in her first year has all kinds of special effects, it makes it look less like she should be on Future Shock and more like she should be doing video production for Pixar. Long story short, keep it simple.

* Exposure is super important. Whether your girl is booked or not doesnít mean they canít have a presence on the show. The girls who have the most consistent presence tend to get over with the readers better. If sheís not booked, well she can still be on the show. You can still have her interact with another character, cut a promo, be part of the show in whatever way. Twitter doesnít count as much here, because not everyone is going to read your character tweets but everyone in Future Shock does read the show.

These are just a few things that stand out to me to help you get your creation in a good place with the readers and me. I may add to this list from time to time. But these tips should be useful at helping you get the most out of being part of Future Shock. I hope you will heed them, and thank you immensely for being part of something like this that means so much to me. Your support is absolutely everything to this fed and this show.

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