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January 24, 2019, 12:05:30 am
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After Shock Preview for Future Shock 34

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Author Topic: After Shock Preview for Future Shock 34  (Read 76 times)
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« on: February 05, 2018, 01:56:18 pm »

Visitors to the FFW site find the latest edition of After Shock awaiting them. After clicking the play button to start the video, they find Jake Chandler sitting in front of the Future Shock logo poster on a green screen. As always, heís sat on the deep purple sofa. Also sat next to the purple sofa is an end table with a fish bowl with a goldfish. As Jake drops a couple flakes into the top, the goldfish immediately heads for the surface. The shot pulls back to see Jake sitting next to the Director of Future Shock himself, Adam Grant. Jake looks particularly happy to be joined by one of his best friends.

Jake: Hello there, everyone! Welcome to a special edition of After Shock, because I happen to have the guy in charge of the show and one of my best friends joining me. I donít think I need to introduce Adam to you guys.

Adamís eyebrows rose as he looked back to his friend.

Adam: Iíd hope not after all this time. But Iím happy to be here. This preview show was my idea, so it seems only fair that I show up on an episode. Iím glad to have the time to do it.

Jake: Me too! A lot of things went down at the last Future Shock, which I am positive you already know. So if you donít mind, Iíd like to get your response to some of them. Letís start with the tag team main event where Lydia & Gillie faced Valerie and Lacey.

The Director takes a deep breath before he begins.

Adam: Well what can I say? It was a great match until the ending came. There is a very simple rule with referees, and that is you canít call what you donít see. The referee never saw anyone hit Valerie with a chair, because it didnít happen. He made a judgment call, which was the wrong judgment. I showed him the footage after we went off the air, and he felt pretty bad about it. But the refereeís decision is final in these matters. It might be time to hire Future Shock exclusive referees, something Iíve been considering.

Jake looked a little surprised to hear that.

Jake: Well thatíd definitely be something new. Keep us posted on that. There was also the match with Angel and Celeste. Those two really beat the hell out of each other, didnít they?

Adam: You got that right. Both of them impressed me with their performance. I already let Angel know she got herself a future shot at the Aspire Ring since she was able to defeat Celeste who has an opportunity to get a shot at Genesis. Itís only fair, and she earned it. But credit to both her and Celeste on a very hard hitting match that I think delivered beyond what some may have expected.

Jake: If Celeste wins the fatal four way at Genesis, we might end up seeing a rematch with her and Angel. I wouldnít mind that, and doubt either one of them would either. What did you think about the two debuting Prospects that faced off?

Adam: Thatís another performance I was very impressed with after it was over. Gemma Pierce and Tracey Murdock have all the tools necessary to go far in Future Shock. They both showed everyone something, and that was passion. Gemma won the match, and congratulations to her. But I have a feeling this will be just the first of their meetings as time goes by. And Tracey, well she has something else to focus on which weíll get to shortly.

This prompted another eyebrow raise from Jake.

Jake: I thought it was cool to see Andi back to 100% after her match with Bianca late last year. Iím kind of a big fan, you know? I also think people were interested in your Prospects versus the World idea.

Adam: One thing at a time, Jake. Iím always happy to see Andi. Itís great sheís back in action, because she has been one of the alumni cornerstones of the show. She will always be welcome there, and it doesnít hurt that sheís got a shot at getting the Future Shock title back at Genesis against Harley. As for Prospects versus the World? Iím excited about it too. I donít think thereís much I can add to what I already said. Just keep an eye out because the matches will be starting before you know it.

Jake: Well then, letís get onto the next show! Itís the last stop before Future Shock Genesis, so I suspect itís going to be even more unpredictable than usual. I donít have the card since youíre here, so why donít you take us through it?

Adam: Gladly.

The green screen behind the guys flicked to the main event of the show, causing Jake to look a bit more excited as a result.

Adam: In our main event, youíre going to see what I think is a massive tag match. On one team, you have the #1 contenders to the Future Shock Tag Team Championship: Ascension. On the other side, two women joining forces who will be meeting for the Future Shock Championship at Genesis: Andi Takata and the champion Harley Shannon.

Jake: Well we know that Ascension is going to have plenty of chemistry and continuity. But this will be Harley and Andiís first time teaming together, that could be problematic for them. I believe in them though!

Adam: Iím sure they will get along well. Itís not like thereís any blood feud between them. Andiís history with Ascension, especially Isis, is well documented. And she couldnít ask for a better Prospect partner than the girl holding the gold.

Jake: Canít argue that. What else we got?

The green screen changed to the next match scheduled.

Adam: There you are going to have two friends going at it. Emma Haynes has had a pretty inauspicious start to her Future Shock career. On the other hand, Rose Gardner has been very successful. I know they are friends, but they will need to leave that in the locker room. And given how hard Emma pushes herself, she likely wonít treat her like much of a friend when the bell rings.

Jake: I really like Rose, sheís one of my favorite Prospects. So I think I will predict her for the victory. She has more momentum than Emma does, after all.

Adam: Donít discount Emma too much, Jake. Those losses are probably driving her to push herself harder still. And chances are if she doesnít break from it, she can learn from it and might surprise us. Good luck to both. Finally, that brings us to the next match.

The screen changes again to show the final match scheduled.

Adam: I am going to give Tracey a chance to show us what she can do again. She impressed me a lot on the last show, and sheíll get to be the welcome wagon for another new Prospect we met last week: Lilliana Leucrotta.

Jake: Yeah, she doesnít seem like a real people person to me. I think I like Tracey better, sheís more friendly. Beyond that, I want to find out what that black smudge under her eye is all about.

Adam: I look forward to seeing them both in the ring. The problem for Tracey now is that her opponent has seen a fair bit of what she can do, so that may work against her. Thereís not a lot of footage out there of Lilliana. So Traceyís essentially going into this match with an unknown quantity.

Jake: Yeah, an unknown generally unhappy quantity. Weíll see what comes out of it though. Fans, Future Shock returns February 13th, the day before Valentineís Day! Itís the last show before Future Shock Genesis two weeks later on Pay Per View. We know the card, and itís hard to guess what else we are likely to see with it being the last stop to Genesis.

Adam: Only one way to find out, Jake. They gotta watch the show. I appreciate you having me on After Shock, and I promise the guests will be far better looking to our viewers next time.

He gave Jake a half smile before the host shook his hand.

Jake: Thanks for being here! Weíll see you back in Boston February 13th at the Future Shock Arena! One more show before we head to Future Shock Genesis!

Jake and Adam start chatting as the Future Shock logo flashes across the screen and then the fade out.

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