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February 22, 2018, 03:42:16 pm
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Jolyne Dysart

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Author Topic: Jolyne Dysart  (Read 20 times)
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« on: February 13, 2018, 03:42:40 pm »

Wrestler’s Real Name: Jolyne Dysart

Pic Base Name & Link for Picture: Katrina Law http://blog.mrzach.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/Katrina-Law.jpg (Note: for any GFX purposes, please try not to use pictures of Katrina with her right shoulder uncovered, please)

Alignment: Face

Height & Weight: 5’7, 150lbs

Birthdate: April 6th, 1993

Entrance Theme: “Ever Again” by Andrew W.K. (starting at 0:51)

Entrance Description
(Please include ring announcement from Maggie as well, how you want them called out for their match):
The lights in the arena die down a tad, as a figure in a hoodie can be seen stepping up onto the entranceway. Over the speakers a drum begins to beat, as a man speaks.

"They say that nobody changes
But I'm living proof that they do
Because I've found the answer, and you can find the answer too!"

The figure starts to set off down the ramp, head nodding along with the music as it swells, seemingly singing along with the man as he continues on.

"They made me think I was crazy
And that the pain was here to stay
But now that I've found the answer
I'm never ever gonna lose my way..."

The figure stops suddenly halfway down the ramp, the lights shooting on and their hood being thrown back, revealing Jolyne Dysart as she pumps a fist into the air along with the proud cry.


As the music kicks into high gear Jolyne takes off at a run down the ramp, the fans cheering propelling her on as Maggie sets off her introduction.

Maggie: Introducing from San Diego, California, weighing in at 150 Lbs, this is JOLYNE DYSAAAAAAAART!

She easily jumps on the ring apron. In another fluid motion, she jumps over the ropes. From the ropes, she goes onto the middle turnbuckle, ascending it. She then stretches her arms to allow the singer to reiterate her thoughts. “EVER AGAIN!” Jolyne shouts with the singer as she leaps off the turnbuckle and goes over to her corner, a wide smile apparent on her face.

Champion’s Entrance
(Include ring announcement from Maggie, the match writer will edit in whatever title they are holding at the time).
The familiar drum beat of Andrew W.K's "Ever Again" begin to sound out. The fans are in a flurry, cheering as Jolyne appears on the stage, the crowd beginning to chant along with W.K's declaration.

"They say that nobody changes
But I'm living proof that they do
Because I've found the answer, and you can find the answer too"

She unclasps from around her waist her championship and hefts it up into her hands. She raises it up, cradling it in both arms. She looks down at it, kissing it gently, the happiness and pride apparent in her, before setting off down the ramp as the crowd continues along with the words.

"They made me think I was crazy
And that the pain was here to stay
But now that I've found the answer
I'm never ever gonna lose my way..."

She stops midway down the ramp, hefting her championship up for all to see as the crowd and her both exclaim the proud cry.


Maggie: Introducing from San Diego California, weighing in at 150 Lbs, she is the FFW [INSERT NAME HERE] CHAMPION, THIS IS JOLYNEEEEEE DYSAAAART!

With an energetic headbang, Jolyne wraps her belt around her waist before sprinting at the ring. Like many times before, she leaps onto the ring apron. The fluid motions follow: over the ring ropes and onto the middle turnbuckle. She hangs back for a moment, truly enjoying herself. She then ascends it completely, taking off her belt. She raises it up as she sings along with the statement proclaimed by the singer: “EVER AGAIN!” She then gets off the turnbuckle, smiling widely, as she awaits the match to begin.

If your character uses Twitter, list the username here: @DysartsMight

Wrestler Type (Brawler, Technical, High Flyer, etc.): Speed Fighter

In-Ring Personality (Showboat, Focused, Antagonistic, Etc.): When the bell rings Jo is completely focused, preferring to be the one to control the pace and keep pushing forward.

Known Affiliates & Relationships (Include pic base of those characters. Only characters who appear on camera):
Wulf Erikssen/GRENDEL (Arik Cannon) @RealBarRoomHero: Wulf was important. When Gray left, Wulf was still there, helping her to improve and get better, even when she hated his methods. He was her mentor, the one who believed the most in her. And then he fell. The mad plans of Anderson Cobalt, the phantom from Jolyne’s first days in wrestling, hurt those closest to Wulf and caused him to become the one thing he never wanted to, GRENDEL the destroyer, giving up every lesson and moral he tried to instill in her just to destroy. It’s hard to quantify just how much this loss hurt her.

Nicholas Gray (Matt Ryan, the actor) @RiderKickGray: The man who discovered Jolyne and first trained her, instilling in her the beliefs about justice that Wulf would later enforce. The owner of EXODUS Pro built Jolyne up to be his heir, a lynchpin in his Imperium. But the Imperium died with EXODUS and all it did wrong, and Gray departed the wrestling world to be a family man and to soothe his mental health, though even that would turn out to be a lie as he returned to wrestling, after it was revealed that he had manipulated Jolyne in EXODUS to do his dirty work, and was the root cause of Wulf’s fall from grace. Hopefully they never see each other again because she may straight up stab him.

Li Chen (Su Yung): The prize student of the then-latest class of the South Street Gym, a wrestling school owned and endorsed (though not actively run) by Wulf. She didn’t speak, as per the rules of the school, and instead communicated entirely in emojis. She and Jolyne did not get along well, as Jo felt threatened by Wulf immediately taking 6 under his wing. Though, after having to team together and 6’s gift of ring gear, she had managed to reach some respect for her. And then she hung Jo and tortured her. So you could probably safely say they’re not friends.

Alex Kaiser: The man that tortured Coyote until she turned into Li Chen, a man that only brought Jolyne anger and trouble..and now her boyfriend. It’s complicated, to say the least.

Actual Wrestlers Your Character Wrestles Like (for match writers): Finn Balor, Katsuhiko Nakajima

Movesets (No less than 6 for each):
Knee Lift
Rapid Elbows
Soccer Kick
Spinning Backfist
Springboard Legdrop
Just fucking punch them

Calf Branding
Corkscrew Inverted Neckbreaker
Double Underhook DDT
German Suplex
Inverted Snap DDT
Jumping DDT
Leaping Reverse STO
Running DDT
Snap Suplex
Trapped Headbutts
Wheelbarrow Suplex

Signatures Moves (Named Moves fans would recognize):
1. Rolyne - Rolling Koppu Kick
2. Nightbreaker - Straight-Jacket Double Knee Backbreaker

Finishers (Include Move Name & Description):
1. Power of Will - Spinning Superman Elbow
2. Dream Come True - Sankakugeri

Wrestler’s Strengths:
1. Run and run and then run - Jolyne's quite quick and has spent her career learning how to best use that speed to her advantage, combining it with her striking ability.
2. Reference To “These Hands” Here - Jolyne’s got some impressive striking ability, long having experience in fights before wrestling started to shape her into something usable, and now she’s advanced to the point of being able to knock out Anger Gods, so they’re pretty good.
3. Sponge - Jolyne's greatest gift is her ability to pick up on things. She soaks up knowledge amazingly well, and can learn things quickly. She’s always altering and improving her gameplan for subsequent matches with people.

Wrestler’s Weaknesses:
1. Anger’s Still There: Despite how much more calm and peaceful she’s become over the back half of 2017, the intense anger that often gripped her and left her blinded to what she was doing still rests under her, waiting for a moment to break out.
2. GET YOUR SHITTY STRONG HANDS OFF OF ME - If someone strong gets their hands on her, she's not in a great place, and it's easy (and fun!) to throw her around like a ragdoll.
3. Morals Always - After what happened to her mentors Jolyne has made a choice to stick to her morals unshakably, even when it would put her in danger to uphold them. Putting herself into danger willingly is not smart, but if that’s what it takes she’ll do it without hesitation.

Wrestler’s Biography (Their history and what brings them to FFW.): Much about Jolyne is still unknown. What is known is that she was discovered by Nicholas Gray the owner of EXODUS, who found her suitable enough to be his first student, eventually drafting in his old friend Beowulf to assist in training her once her fighting skill became obvious. They'd been training her for months as they also built up their Imperium, but did not plan on actually debuting Jolyne the same night the Imperium destroyed Christum Furor but, for reasons related to Gray’s shadier dealings in trying to save EXODUS, Jolyne took it upon herself to show she was ready by assaulting RW wrestler Anderson Cobalt with a chair, taking him out of action for a considerable amount of time due to the concussion suffered. Gray, aggravated with what she did, sent her to RW to season herself and hopefully learn some restraint, him and Wulf asking Wulf’s then-girlfriend Stacey-X to go with her to keep her safe. With a superior attitude and having just brained a popular wrestler, Jolyne strolled into RW. Obviously it would go great.

It didn't.

Though she showed plenty of potential, she found herself eating more losses than she wanted and, when Anderson returned, eating more chair shots than she'd ever want. In what would be the last show under the RW banner, Jolyne was spared from Anderson's retribution, who spared her for reasons only known to him. This was followed a night later by the killing of EXODUS and, as a result, the death of ®W, leaving Jolyne with no job. And, as it turned out, without her mentors directly near her, as Nicholas Gray went radio-silent while Wulf moved to Hawaii. With her place of work gone, without her mentors to rely on, with the Imperium she believed in so much dead, it wouldn't have been surprising if Jolyne's career suffered.

Surprisingly, it was the exact opposite.

Entering SSWA's Young Guns Cup tournament, Jolyne went on a tear no one saw coming, turning into a darkhorse of the tournament, even overcoming one of ®W's best in Elizabeth Lannister, managing to make it to the quarterfinals before losing to eventual tournament finalist Jackie Fowler. And this taught Jolyne an important lesson in not letting disappointment drag her down.

From there Jolyne continued to end up in tournaments. Wulf, without consulting her, entered her with two of his South Street Gym’s graduates in SSWA’s Titans of Trios tournament. Jolyne, who had no love for either Coyote and Markus, found herself in the position of being the sensible one, trying to make the two hateful SSG students work together. During this, Coyote gifted her ring gear, causing Jolyne to turn around on her opinion of the emoji woman. Surprisingly, the dysfunctional trio did well, reaching the semifinals before Markus abandoned them during a match, causing their loss. She was then GRENDEL’d. Immediately afterwards Jolyne and Wulf, as Justice Riot, entered into the FGA Dynamic Duos tournament, where they managed to get past the first round only to lose in the next to eventual tournament finalists Le Pacte de Immortels.

Now, with more experience under her belt, Jolyne ended up setting her sights on SVW, finding it a suitable place to hone her craft. And it turns out Coyote and Markus thought the same thing. This will end well.


Jolyne feuded with Markus, while Coyote had an unfortunate runin with Alex Kaiser that left her...off. On January 1st, 2017, Coyote assaulted Jolyne, hanging her from a winch and torturing her as she took on her new name: Li Chen. Immediately following that, an angry Jolyne entered the 2017 Young Guns Cup, which saw her fall in the third round to Dom Harter. Unable to even replicate her previous success in the tournament, this month set the tone for her 2017: it sucked. She began to be stalked by a mystery man that she still doesn’t know, and was drawn into feuds that took a lot out of her with people like Vivienne Robichaud and Misha LeCavalier, as Jolyne tried desperately to keep her hands on a Pride title shot long enough to get it. And then came the one-two punch. Her mentors, Gray and Wulf, both changed. She found out Gray had manipulated her in her earliest days to try and remove an obstacle he had, and that obstacle named Anderson Cobalt attacked Wulf’s family, causing Wulf to suffer a fall from grace into the monster known as GRENDEL. These events shook Jolyne severely, driving her even deeper into despair.

And from there, that low point, came a change. Slow but sure, Jolyne began to change. The angers she held in her heart started to evaporate, and slowly her worldview changed. She started to strive to understand herself, to break away from everything that once defined her, and in that she became a different person. A loss to Sophia Pike with the Pride title she had worked so hard to get did not depress her, she accepted the loss. And entered the 2018 Young Guns Cup. Catapulted by her desire to prove to herself that she had changed, she ran the gauntlet, defeating tough name after tough name. FFW and SVW’s own Sophia Pike, Elizabeth Lannister, Elijah Carlson, Tyler Storm, Kendall Kingham. Suddenly she was in the finals, with only the God of Anger herself Artemis Kaiser in front of her. And Jolyne, riding the wave of change and newfound peace within herself, the will that had kept her going for so long, she did it. She defeated Artemis Kaiser to win the Young Guns Cup.

Jolyne Dysart finally knows who she is, and she is truly happy for the first time.

Past Achievements (tournaments or title wins in real feds or here in FFW. No made up feds, please): SSWA Young Guns Cup 2018 Winner
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