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January 24, 2019, 12:11:17 am
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FFW Future Shock - Episode 34

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Author Topic: FFW Future Shock - Episode 34  (Read 189 times)
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« on: February 13, 2018, 10:53:36 pm »

Live from the Future Shock Arena in Boston, Massachusetts
February 13, 2018

Earlier Tonight…..

The cameras take us outside the arena as we see Christian Kincaid waiting for someone, at least until he spots a car pulling into the lot. After it parks, he goes to greet the woman climbing out of the driver’s seat.

Christian: Hey there, champ! I’ve been here waiting for you out in the cold. Only difference is I’m not pointing like you tend to do.

He told her with a wink and a grin. The door opens and Celeste climbs out giving Christian a look as she does.

Celeste: “Har Har Christian.”

Celeste’s tone is jovial and she even jabs his shoulder before turning around to dig into the passenger side of the car. With a slight grunt, she hefts a duffle bag out and over her shoulder.

Celeste: “I'm still sore from Sunday night.”

She says with a grimace.

Christian: That’s to be expected. I’ve arranged for a little surprise for you tonight. Come on inside before you start pointing, champ. It’s impolite to point after all.

Celeste: “You never let up, do you Christian?”

She asks as they walk into the building together. On that, we cut to the opening video for Future Shock.

A spotlight flashes over the FFW logo on the side of a building before we are taken outside the Future Shock Center in the middle of the night. A group of four men dressed in dark colors descend on the entrance, with one removing a skeleton key to unlock the main door. They all swarm in as an alarm sounds.

“Find the title and that Ring, hurry!”

One of them barks out the order as they all split up in different directions in the darkened Center with flashlights in hand. One heads towards the concession area, shining his light around before he hears a voice clearing. When he spins around, he sees Valerie McKinley lounging across a table. She gives a flip of her hair before she launches off with a clothesline. “Confident” by Demi Lovato begins to play.

It's time for me to take it
I'm the boss right now
Not gonna fake it
Not when you go down
'Cause this is my game
And you better come to play

When the lyrics begin, we are then shown clips as Gillie Barnes scampers across the ring to headbutt an opponent. Angel wraps piano wire around the neck of another opponent, followed by Rose Gardner doing her Sonic Spin attack in the corner. A flash back to the robbery finds two of the men breaking into the Arena itself, seeing the ring in place and the seats empty. As they are about to turn back and leave, a whistling noise is heard before they look up to see Andi Takata come off the rail with a plancha onto one of them. The other darts to go back outside door, and runs straight into a discus punch from Avantasia Bom, while Max cackles and Ji-Hu rolls her eyes.

I used to hold my freak back
Now I'm letting go
I make my own choice
Bitch, I run this show

A flash to more clips where we see Britt Kane and Kaya Crimson staring across the ring at their opponents. That’s followed by Lacey blowing a red mist into the camera, Christian glancing over with a grin towards Tara with her hands on her hips before the image splits in half to the next clip.. NHB are shown standing tall in London. Lydia is shown flexing her biceps, and looking over her shoulder at the camera. Mila draws a bow from a quiver on her back, and prepares to fire it. Sienna is shown retrieving a pack of toothpicks from her boot, while Elizabeth Lannister takes off a robe to reveal a bikini underneath. Isis crushes a group picture of several Prospects in her hand.

It's time to get the chains out
Is your tongue tied up?
'Cause this is my ground
And I'm dangerous
And you can get out
But it's all about me tonight

It then cuts back to the robbery, where the fourth thief has broken into Adam’s office and sees the Future Shock Championship and Aspire Ring in cases by his desk. He raises his flashlight to shatter them when cockroaches seem to come from everywhere and swarm towards him as Bianca Reed taps him on the shoulder and hits him with a roundhouse kick to the face. The scene then cuts back to the door as a security guard shuts off the alarm, then peeks out the window to see that Harley Shannon is calling the police for him as she is whistling the Demi Lovato song before we go live inside the Future Shock Arena.

The crowd makes a tremendous amount of noise as the camera pans the arena before showing Gaby as she heads for the ring. We then head down to ringside with Zack and Lyn.

Zack: Hello, everyone! And welcome back to Boston here at the Future Shock Arena. We are 2 weeks away from Future Shock Genesis on Pay Per View, a night where every title in Future Shock is up for grabs. But tonight, we got a full card and all the elements needed for a combustible experience. I’m Zack Hudson, and I have the honor of joining the “King of Commentary” Lyn Dallins as always.

Lyn: A packed go home show if ever there was one, Zack and I suspect that we’ll be seeing more than one explosive meeting here tonight.

Zack: We have a titanic tag team main event on tap tonight as Ascension, the reigning #1 contenders to the Future Shock Tag Titles held by NHB, meeting two women preparing to collide at Genesis as Andi Takata joins forces with the Future Shock Champion herself, Harley Shannon.

Lyn: Strange bedfellows if ever there was one but I suspect that Harley and Andi can put any competitive spirit away for one night where Valentina and Isis are concerned.

Zack: We’re also going to see two friends meet when Rose Gardner, also known as Poison, faces Emma Haynes. As has been the case for Rose’s matches, Executive Assistant Brianna Singer will be in the stripes.

Lyn: At this point I doubt that it surprises Rose even slightly, but one suspects that the more Brianna focuses her attention on Rose, the more Rose will push back.

Zack: We’re gonna see who, if anyone, has decided to take up the open contract against Tara Cortez at Genesis. She says anyone not booked on the Genesis card is eligible, which is a pretty bold challenge with the talent we have.

Lyn: It’s an interesting gauntlet thrown down. I have at least two people I’d like to see take that challenge but that’s just me.

Zack: Before that though, we have yet another debut in our midsts. Coming right up, Tracey Murdock has a chance to impress us all once again when she goes one on one with the debuting Lilliana Leucrotta. Lyn, we heard from her on our last broadcast. What do you make of the newcomer’s attitude?

Lyn: That I hope she makes a lot of money in her time in Future Shock, Zack. Perhaps enough to buy herself a new personality.

Zack: We’re about to find out how she handles herself. But before we get to that, Lyn, there are strange things afoot at the Future Shock Arena.

The show immediately cuts into the loading dock behind the arena where a large wooden crate is sitting. It reads “Handle with Care”, which is stamped in purple on all four sides. Three members of the security staff approach with tools in hand, and begin to try to pop it open.

Zack: Our security staff said not to try to open it till they were sure it was safe. Earlier today, it was sniffed by police dogs to make sure there was no contraband or explosives. And now….they are preparing to open this thing and see what arrived.

Lyn: Even though there’s no contraband or explosives something tells me there’s still some combustible element sitting inside of that crate.

The staff begin trying to open the crate that is actually taller than they are. Together, they start working on the box, trying to pop the front of it. After a few moments, they finally crack it open as dust flies out when one side of the crate hits the floor. Inside the crate, they pull out three large boxes stacked on top of each other. Each box has “Assemble Me” written on it, causing them to give each other a curious look.

Lyn: ...Assemble me? What the... Hell? Who ordered the giant puzzle?

Zack: If those guys can hear me, get to it! I want to see what this thing is supposed to be! We’ll leave them to it, and head to the ring for our opening match.

The show immediately heads to ringside with a smiling Gaby waiting in the ring, a microphone in her hand.

Gaby: The opening contest of Future Shock is scheduled for one fall!

The lights shift to a turquoise hue as the chorus of Kristina Maria’s “Move Like A Soldier” erupts over the PA system. Tracey Murdock emerges from behind the curtain with a bright smile, throwing both arms high into the air. When she gets to the edge of the ramp, she pumps her fist into the air three times, a firework going off for each pump, much to the delight of the crowd. The lighting returns to normal after the third firework.

Gaby: Introducing from Lanikai Beach, Hawaii….please welcome TRACEY MURDOCK!

As Tracey moves down the ramp, she slaps hands with the fans, occasionally stopping to let one snap a selfie with her. Tracey quickly slides into the ring under the bottom rope and is on her feet in a split-second. She is all smiles as she climbs to the top turnbuckle. She throws up the hang-loose gesture to the crowd with her right hand, then ropewalks to the opposite turnbuckle, and throws another hang-loose gesture with her left hand. She drops to the canvas and takes her spot in the corner.

Zack: I like this girl! Tracey showed a lot of heart when she faced Gemma Pierce on our last show, and I think she has tremendous potential.

Lyn: Most definitely agreed, Zack. I’ll be honest, I think the kid’s got a high ceiling... Maybe no ceiling at all judging by talent.

There’s no music or entrance for her opponent, which is shown by the camera finding Lilliana standing in the corner already.

Gaby: And in this corner, from South Bend, Indiana... weighing one hundred sixty-five pounds... Lilliana Leucrotta!

Zack: As you can see. Lilliana isn’t interested in music or anything like that. She came out right before we took the air and has been in the ring since.

Lyn: I... This is new. No music, no entrance, no fanfare. She really is just here to fight and get paid.

Referee Melinda Davis checks both women before she calls for the bell. The crowd is already showing their support for Tracey, which brings a smile to her face before she heads for the center of the ring. She extends her hand in sportsmanship for her opponent, only getting a disinterested look from LIlliana until she jammed a thumb into the blond’s eye. She immediately began throwing punches, lefts and rights, before delivering a headbutt to her face. It wobbled Murdock for a second, giving Lilliana time to rebound off the near side and bowl her over with a running shoulder block. When Tracey tried to get up, she got two fingers in her mouth as Lilliana tore at her face like a fish hook on both sides. Davis counted to four before she let go, and Leucrotta stepped to one side and began kicking her in the ribs.

Zack: Tracey has chosen the wrong person to try to show fair play and sportsmanship towards, that’s for sure. Leucrotta’s keeping it basic here.

Lyn: Basic is the word. A nasty fish hook, trying to pull Murdock’s lips apart and then tenderizing her ribs for good measure.

Murdock shoved her backwards a step as she tried to get to her feet, only catching a knee to the body to double her over. Leucrotta went right back to throwing hands, shot after shot to her head before firing her into the corner. Murdock crashed back first before her adversary began to kick her relentlessly in the body. She backed up a couple steps, running in with a forearm uppercut that dropped Murdock to her knees. Leucrotta once more began kicking her till she fell to the canvas, and then she rolled her over to make a cover.



Zack: Tracey’s out at two, and I get the sense that Leucrotta here isn’t your classic wrestler. I’ve not seen her use a hold yet, she just likes to strike….repeatedly.

Lyn: It’s reminiscent of a mercenary. She’s trying to finish as quick as possible, put Tracey down and... Leave.

She rolled Tracey onto her back, and started raining punches again right to her head. But this time, Murdock got her hands up and deflected all of the shots before using a knee to the side of her head. It stunned Lilliana long enough for Tracey to roll away from her, and get back to her feet. The debutant got up as well, and went to grab her before she caught a kick to the body. This time, Tracey unloaded with right hands one after another. She fired her into the corner with a whip, and followed with a handspring back elbow to her jaw. Leucrotta stumbled out as Tracey hit the ropes herself this time. When Lilliana turned towards her, Tracey flattened her with a jumping leg lariat that brought the crowd back to life in her support.

Zack: While Lilliana isn’t very polished, Tracey certainly is! And this is where you don’t want to be when Murdock starts getting some momentum building behind her.

Lyn: Beautiful leg lariat. Leucrotta’s hits look nasty but that lack of polish is going to be a problem when an opponent like Tracey is in control and stays in control.

Leucrotta made it back to her feet, only to turn into a series of knife edge chops from Tracey. Each one stung across her chest before Murdock hit the ropes again, this time leaving her feet for a headscissors DDT. She quickly made the cover, and hooked the leg before Davis went to count the fall.



Lilliana kicked out at two, prompting Tracey to get to her feet for a split second before executing a double leg drop across her chest. Murdock rolled back to her feet, and took off towards the corner with the crowd solidly behind her.

Lyn: Murdock going to the high rent district here and looks like it’ll pay off...!

Zack: Murdock loves to get aerial as much as anyone, and right now, she’s feeling the wind at her back!

The newcomer struggled to get to her feet, as Tracey waited on the top rope behind her. Murdock wasted zero time though, and dove off into a bulldog before she could turn around. She pounded the mat with both hands, and got to her feet with a nod of her head. Lilliana began to crawl towards the corner, and used the ropes to help her get up. Tracey measured her, and took off with a corner clothesline in mind. But the newcomer sidestepped her, and sent her chest first into the corner instead. She spun her around, and connected with right hands once more before clawing at her face with both hands. A drop toe hold followed that before she went to apply an armbar.

Zack: I stand corrected. She does know a couple wrestling moves, it’s just back alley brawling up till now. This seated armbar may help take some of the fire out of Tracey, and give Lilliana a chance to regroup.

Lyn: The clawing at her face is a bit uh... Unique though. Yeah. Unique. That’s what we’re going to call it.

It was easy to tell how effective the armbar was, but it didn’t last very long since they were still near the corner. Tracey got her leg across the bottom rope to cause the break, to which Lilliana rolled her over and applied a blatant choke with both hands. Another four count followed that before she broke….and applied it again to another four. She finally got to her feet, and the referee immediately began admonishing her for her actions.

Lyn: Is this really the place for straight up choking your opponent? What combat sport has ever allowed that?

Zack: I don’t think she cares at all. She may be frustrated that she hasn’t put her away yet.

She ignored the official as Davis was talking, and headed back towards Tracey. The blonde Prospect was getting back to her feet as Lilliana grabbed her by the head. What she had in mind didn’t happen though before Tracey countered with a jawbreaker. With Leucrotta holding her mouth, Tracey got back to her feet and hit the near side ropes into a flying spinning heel kick to the jaw! Leucrotta fell to the mat before Tracey dove on top of her, hooking both legs this time for the cover.




Lyn: Spinning heel kick with the sole of her boot connecting annnd near fall! So close, yet so far.

Lilliana got her shoulder up, and Tracey unloaded with a few rights of her own before she got back to her feet. She headed for the corner again, making her way to the top rope while Leucrotta was starting to get back to her feet. Tracey walked the top rope to the center, only for Lilliana to kick it and cause her to straddle it instead.

Zack: Outstanding balance from Tracey, but Lilliana was definitely not impressed! Murdock’s hung up in a bad way right now!

Lyn: Lilliana fights like she kicks puppies in her spare time.

Lilliana grabbed her head, and pulled her up into a brainbuster. She held her there for nearly four seconds before she drove her head first into the mat. The crowd showed her no support whatsoever as she got back to her feet, and headed for the ropes. She spat at a young fan booing her in the front row, only drawing more boos before she turned back towards Tracey and measured her for whatever she had in mind.

Lyn: What’s she got planned here...?

Tracey got to her hands and knees before Lilliana bounced off the near side ropes, and delivered a vicious curb stomp to her head. She dropped to her knees to make a cover as the fans only booed louder now.

Zack: A devastating curb stomp after that delayed brainbuster...that might be all!




Davis called for the bell before Leucrotta got to her feet. A scowl on her face, she had her hand raised before she jerked it away.

Gaby: Here is your winner by pinfall…….LILLIANA LEUCROTTA!!!

Lyn: Simple. Brutal. Effective. I think that describes Lil--

With the fans still booing her, she turned back and dropped to her knees to choke Tracey more. The referee tried to pull her off, only to get shoved backwards before she applied both hands to choke her once more. She finally got to her feet, and spat on Murdock before she rolled out under the bottom rope to the floor. Tracey started to sit up, holding her neck and glaring daggers into Lilliana’s back.

Zack: A vile woman is Lilliana Leucrotta! Winning isn’t enough, she wanted to do more damage and a little humiliation too! Look at Tracey’s face. I’m not sure this is over yet….

Lyn: Leucrotta’s just made an enemy and judging by Murdock’s expression... That was not the enemy she should have made.

As the camera focused on Tracey’s angry expression, Future Shock took it’s first commercial break of the night.

The music starts playing with a series of hazy looking technicolor clips that slowly meld into black and white clips of professional wrestling, both women and men of days long past...

Gillie: Welcome to Future Shock’s “This Week In Wrestling” With Gillie Barnes... Brought to you by Plunder Pack. Plunder Pack comes filled with all sorts of shirts, toys, and memorabilia from your favorite brands. We’re in the middle of January, but that won’t stop you from getting your Plunder Pack! This month’s theme is TELLTALE!! In association with Telltale Games and inspired by FFW Future Shock: Road To Stardom, Season One: Champion of the Cosmos available for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and Steam...

Gillie takes a deep breath. That was a mouthful!

Gillie: We bring to you the Telltale Pack! Promo codes for previous Telltale games like A Wolf Among Us, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Tales of Monkey Island, Poker Night 1 & 2, and so much more. Along with potential promo codes classic games, you’ll get shirts, Funko POP, and every single pack is promised to have a limited edition Champion Of the Cosmos poster of the game’s boxart! Only of course if you happen to use the promo code TWIWTELLTALESTARDOM... Yes that’s all one word. Plundering, its not just for space pirates anymore!

“Old School” Gillie Barnes has her hands in her black jeans with a small grin, looking particularly proud of herself for this month’s Plunder Pack. Striking while the iron is hot and cross-branding and what have you. She’s got a Future Shock Redemption tee on... Circa 2016?

Gillie: The date is February 12th, 2015. A very humble beginning to a... titanic, dare I even say cosmic clash that even to this day Future Shock is feeling. On a Velocity show, it would be Adam Grant joined along Casey Atherton announcing a preview match for Future Shock Season 18. That of course would be one Clover Thomas... Versus the eventual winner of Future Shock Season 18 and making her first appearance in a wrestling match on Future Shock at that time... Isis Morales. As you can guess, that match against “Lucky” Clover went exactly how you imagined it would.

We jump to the footage courtesy of the Future Shock archives. Isis started to get her wits about her as Clover charged forward, catching her with a front kick to the chest. It staggered her enough before she went for a roundhouse, but Isis shoved her foot away, spinning her around. And as soon as Clover spun back to face her, Isis hoisted her up onto her shoulders into a fireman’s carry facebuster! We hear Zack Hudson speaking up as Isis gets the pin.

Zack: That’s what she calls VOYAGE TO ARMAGEDDON!

Gillie: Zack had no idea at the time, but from that single pinpoint in history, he would be saying the words ‘Voyage To Armageddon’... A lot. By Isis’s first appearance on a Future Shock pay-per-view? She would win her first match. By her second at Future Shock Malice 2015 in late October? She would win the Future Shock championship proper even when faced up against Rhea Laskaris, Amanda Richardson, and then champion Ignis. What would follow was one of the most unspeakable reigns of terror imaginable. Many would try to put an L in the Titaness’s column, but no one could withstand her. Again and again and again the result was always the same. A voyage to armageddon.

We roll through a short clip show of Isis’s greatest hits, among victims such as Amanda Richardson, Karina, Echo, and others. Many a time the story is still the same, Isis jerking her opponent on her shoulders before swinging them about and dropping them viciously on their front only to roll them over and score the pinfall.

Gillie: Not one single person could pin Isis... Until someone else with “Lucky” in there name happened to show up, and at the one year anniversary of Isis’s first appearance, Future Shock Redemption 2016. So would be the start of a rivalry that’s... Well, still a better love story than most things in professional wrestling...

Valentina waves Andi from the floor towards the champion as the space princess charges towards the ring. She rolls under the bottom rope, nipping up to her feet as Isis looks to take her down with a clothesline! Takata uses a Matrix evasion as she bridges backwards onto her hands, nips back up to her feet, and as Isis turns back around, Takata catches her with a superkick in the jaw! The champion stumbles backwards a moment and lunges forward again, this time Andi avoids the contact and turns it into a victory roll as she clutches Isis’ legs tightly!


As the fans counted the fall, Andi slid out under the bottom rope as Isis sat up with a thunderous expression!

Caroline: .....................................Isis just got pinned by Andi. ISIS JUST GOT PINNED BY ANDI TAKATA!

Zack: Look at her face! The Future Shock Champion is FURIOUS!!

Morales got to her feet, lunging towards the ropes to grab Andi who had already escaped to the floor. Takata backed up a few steps as the Dallas crowd roared in approval.

Caroline: I’m not sure how the Titaness will recover from this embarrassment, except for talks of Coliseums of Doom.

Andi kissed her fingers and gave Isis the peace sign as the fans in the arena roared her name repeatedly!

Fans: AN-DI! AN-DI! AN-DI!

Zack: Caroline, the BSX will meet Isis and Kimmi at Relentless….and by the time we get there, the Space Princess could be the Future Shock Champion!!

Gillie: Which of course... She would be. Yet it was this moment right here that solidified Isis Morales and Andi Takata to be enemies forever more. Isis has had her lion’s share of opponents and rivalries but it would be Andi to be what some might describe as her first true major challenge. Both of them the opposite in every way, form, function and reality as you suspect. As we take a look at our upcoming main event, Harley Shannon as our Future Shock champ joining alongside Andi to face the Ascension... One has to suspect that Andi and Isis may be doing this forever. Who’s to say that Unstoppable X for instance may not see the two fighting for the FFW championship. Perhaps then again, Isis may find herself facing another member of the BSX who is coming on upon becoming champion. Though Kaoru has her own rivalries to speak of but that’s for another day...

Gillie reaches down and scoops up a framed photo of Isis Morales’ first Future Shock Pay-Per-View match side by side with her staring a hole through the “Lucky Star” giving her a peace sign as she heads out of Dallas.

Gillie: Isis Morales, Andi Takata. For what would serve as a premiere rivalry in Future Shock and a pillar even to this day... We salute you! My name is Gillie Barnes and this has been This Week In Wrestling... UNTIL NEXT TIME FAITHFUL!

Fade to black.


Fade back to color.

Gillie stares in silence at the camera with a determined stare on her face.

Gillie: One last thing. Valerie McKinley. You have fourteen days.

Fade to black.

No Excuses

After the break, we head back inside the Future Shock Arena where we find Adam along with the reigning Future Shock Tag Champions, Angela and Jem of NHB. All three are standing outside his office.

Adam: I had a couple things I wanted to discuss with you both. First,  I wanted to wish you girls luck in your first title defense in two weeks against Ascension. They’ll be pretty warmed up before that with the main event tonight, no doubt. And given how your last meeting with them went, I wanted to assure you there will be no special referees this time around. They were pretty sour about the job Lizzy Taylor did in the tournament.

Jem shrugged her shoulders, raising her hands as she did so.

Jem: Of course they are. We’ve all heard the song before. We were robbed, the special referee was biased, we woulda, shoulda, coulda squished ‘em like bugs and made them kiss our boots. With an added chorus of ‘Look at me, I’m a Goddess, she’s a Titaness’. Not to give them ideas, but maybe Valentina could dig down behind the cushions of her sofa and hire The Rockette’s, get them to give us a special showing and a lil bit’a razzamazzatazz when they talk about Genesis.

Angela:  My dad always used to say a bad workman blames their tools… or in wrestling I guess the referee is the next best thing. It’s fine. They can complain about Lizzy Taylor all they want. We beat them in London fair and square. They’ve earned themselves a shot at Genesis and we are more than happy to give it to them and we are more than happy to proof the referee had nothing to do with anything when we beat them all over again, proving that we just happen to be the better team.

Adam: I’m looking forward to it. I also wanted to inform you both as well as Ascension that the winner of your tag title match at Genesis already has a number one contender awaiting them. Given their performance during the tournament, either you both or Ascension’s next defense will be against Next Generation.

The mention of the team gets a pop from the crowd.

Adam: Caitlyn and Mandy should provide a totally different kind of challenge for either team. And if you both retain at the very least, the fans can be promised a match where shortcuts and underhanded tactics won’t be a concern.

Angela: Next Generation are an incredible team. I’ve seen Caitlyn in action, it looks like she kicks like a mule.

Jem: Educated feet. One went to Harvard the other to Yale… as one of our promoters used to say.

Angela: And in no way is she a slouch technically speaking… those kicks are just complimentary to all the other things that she can do to you. While Mandy is more than capable of digging down deep and pulling out a surprise or two from her bag of tricks and that unpredictability makes her kinda hard to prep for.

Jem: But if we retain against the Ascension, then we’ll be ready to face them and do all we can to mount a second successful defence of these Tag Team Titles. Ten years to get them, we’re not about to let them slip away without one Hell of a fight.

Adam: I’m sure of it. Just wanted to let you know the road ahead. Good luck at Genesis, ladies.

He gives both women a handshake before the show cuts elsewhere.

Chalking It Up

The next image we see takes us way outside of the Future Shock Arena into what looks like a pool hall. A couple guys are playing, with two more waiting for their turn. All of them keep glancing over to a table, where we see Lacey rubbing her hand up and down a pool cue. This proves rather distracting to the players. Seated next to her is her manager, Kyle.

Kyle: In case you’re wondering why Lacey didn’t come to the Future Shock Arena tonight, there’s a very good reason. She has three women looking to get their hands on her in a glorified handicap match they are calling a fatal four way at Genesis for an Aspire Ring shot. And as her manager, I’m all about risk management. There’s no point in risking anything tonight, so we’re here at a local watering hole.

Lacey: Let’s face facts, who wouldn’t want to get their hands on me? Have you seen me?

The redhead gestured down her figure covered in a tight black dress, split at the front almost to the navel.

Lacey: But still, trying to call my match at Genesis a Fatal four way is nothing short of ridiculous. It’s blatantly obvious that Mr Grant is trying to keep me from getting an Aspire Ring shot by feeding me to three women who all have their panties in a twist.

Kyle: See, if I were the Future Shock Director, there wouldn’t need to be a fatal four way. If he wants all four to have a shot, you book two one on one matches. And the winners meet to see who gets the shot. It’s that simple. If I were the Future Shock Director, that’d be what happens because I know one on one Lacey can take any of them. Hell, she proved she can outsmart Lydia in the tag team match last show. She’s done the same to Kaya, and Celeste….well apparently she’s having a party tonight for….reasons.

Lacey: You would make a much better Future Shock Director than the current one. I mean, I’m sure you wouldn’t punish me because Lydia couldn’t contain herself when I faced Kaya. I didn’t see her getting any punishment for that. Noooooo just target the redhead. None of the other three in the match even come close to me on any level. No doubt Celeste’s little party is to celebrate her finally learning to count to two, or some equally mundane milestone.

Kyle: Long story short is that there’s three women who aren’t even hardly talking about each other, just Lacey. I can’t blame them, she’s the one worth talking about of the whole group. But what you may not understand is….she loves being the center of attention. She adores it. The fact all three of these women have tunnel vision? That’s what is going to be their downfall at Genesis, and what ends up getting Lacey here….to put a ring on it, so to speak.

He looked slightly amused at his Beyonce reference.

Kyle: You three can make “Grrr!” faces all you want tonight, but at Genesis, you’ll have the best reason of all to be angry. That you couldn’t get the job done, and the Center of Attention slides right into the Aspire Ring shot against whichever of the three have it afterwards.

Lacey: It doesn’t matter who walks out with Aspire Ring after Genesis, because they’re simply going to be a placeholder. I’ve already decided it is going to be mine so the sooner everyone else understands that, the better it will be for all of you.

Lacey gets a little smirk on her face before she leans over to whisper something into her Manager’s ear. He gave a nod with a smile, and immediately headed away as the show cuts back to the arena.
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The show heads back to the ring, whereupon we find the “Wildcat” Gabrielle Crimson once again standing front and center.

Gaby: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Please welcome our guest referee for this match….BRIANNA SINGER!!

Gaby points to the Executive Assistant, who gets very little but boos from the crowd in her tailored referee’s uniform.

Zack: Funny, isn’t it? Brianna gets about the same reaction as Adam does, but in the opposite direction. I’m still trying to work out what her issue with Rose is.

Lyn: I was running under the assumption that she just doesn’t want us to have nice things.

“Call You Out” begins to play over the speakers before we see Christian Kincaid walk out from behind the curtain followed by Emma Haynes who has a cocky grin on her face. Christian gives her a few words at the top of the ramp as she nods at him before making her way to the ring with him beside her. Once the two get to the ring, Christian climbs up the steps first, followed by Emma as she looks out at the crowd soaking up their reaction. Christian sits on the middle rope, holding it down for Emma before she climbs into the ring and heads to the corner climbing up it and striking a quick pose before jumping down and heading to the corner where Christian is standing to receive a few last minute strategic suggestions.

Gaby: Ladies and gentlemen, hailing from Portland, Oregon, Emma Haynes!

Zack: Emma has been on the hunt for her first victory now for quite some time. She hasn’t found it yet, and I imagine it’s eating a hole in her. Friend or not, I expect no quarter given to Rose.

Lyn: There’s a level of desperation when you find yourself on a losing streak. Suddenly friends, foes... It’s all the same.

The dance beats of DJ Cutman's "I"m The Boss" blare through the sound system as lights blink in white, baby blue and purple. Skipping to the beat, Rose Gardner comes out from the back, with her arms open in an airplane-like stance before she stops right at the top of the ramp, staring into the crowd. She then makes her way down the ramp, highfiving as many fans as possible in the way. As the chorus of the music approaches, she darts to the ring and hops onto the second rope, showing off for the crowd, pointing to herself with her two thumbs as the lyrics say...

I'm the boss!
I'm the boss!
I'm very, very sorry for your loss!
I'm the boss!
I'm the boss!
And just in case I didn't get the point across

Gabrielle:And her opponent, from World 8-8, standing at 5'4"... POISON!!!

Poison then removes her sunglasses and throws it into the audience for some fan before hopping down to the ring and bouncing on the balls of her feet.

Zack: Rose is absolutely one of the most popular Prospects we have, and that seems to be a problem for Brianna Singer who has tried to curb part of what makes her so popular at every turn.

Lyn: It might well be all that popularity. Perhaps Brianna sees Rose as taking away from other Prospects, maybe Prospects she thinks should be more appreciated by the crowd.

Referee Brianna Singer checks both women, and Rose with a bit more scrutiny before the camera picks up her telling Gardner if she goes under the ring, she’ll be disqualified. “Poison” asks her what her problem is, but the redhead steps back and calls for the bell with a knowing smile on her face.

Lyn: Ouch. From off the bat Singer is telling Gardner she can’t head under the ring for her bag of tricks.

Rose and Emma meet in the center, giving each other a slight handshake before they lock up in the center. Emma pushes the shorter Rose back into the ropes, and buries a knee into her abdomen. Two more follow that before a snapmare brings her out to the mat, followed by a low dropkick to the back. Emma immediately starts firing kicks into her spine before bouncing off the near side with a diving elbow drop as well.

Zack: Emma’s taking the fight right to Rose, isn’t she? She seems focused on her back, at least that’s where all the offense has been targeted so far.

Lyn: She might be hoping to neutralize Rose as quickly as possible, weakening moves like the Poison Buster or Oceanic Rose Driver. Can’t land either of those to their most effective with a worked over back.

Emma applied a read chinlock after that, planting a knee into her back as she pulled back on her chin at the same time. Rose’s face showed the pain she was feeling as she started stomping her foot onto the mat, getting the crowd to do the same. She rolled into her, turning it into a side headlock for Emma as they were now standing. She shoved Emma off into the ropes, causing the redhead to rebound with what looked like a clothesline. But Rose ducked the contact. Emma stopped behind her and went to grab her, only to catch a mule kick to the stomach that doubled her over. Gardner spun around, and grabbed her head into a codebreaker that sent Emma backwards into the ropes. Rose nipped up to her feet, and caught her stumbling forward into a facebuster.

Lyn: Rose showing that she doesn’t exactly need to costume change to be effective and Haynes’ jaw should be aching her.

Zack: Emma looked like a pinball getting bounced off one move into the ropes and right into another! Rose is handling business right now!

Rose rolled her onto her back, and reached forward to hook a leg before Brianna dropped into position to make the count.



Emma kicked out as the two struck, and Rose immediately bounded back to her feet. Emma started to do the same before she got whipped into the far corner. Haynes struck back first before Rose delivered a handspring into an enzuigiri to the back of Emma’s head that dropped her face down on the mat.

Zack: Rose breaking out the SONIC SPIN early, and Emma’s night may be over as soon as it started!

Lyn: Rose not looking for the cover however, she’s going upward!

Rose immediately headed for the corner to climb up top. But as she perched herself, Emma rolled out to the floor.  The redhead stumbled a bit on the outside, trying to pull herself together. Rose shrugged her shoulders, and hopped to the mat. She bolted for the far side ropes, and rebounded into a suicide dive over the top rope. Emma dove out of the way, and Rose hit the floor instead.

Zack Rose with a suicide dive….and that’s what it ended up being! Gardner hit the floor like she fell off a building!

Lyn: That one misstep may change the entire complexion of the match from herein, Zack!

Haynes leaned against the apron to pull herself together before she pulled the lifeless Rose up and tossed her back into the ring. She slid in after her, and went for the cover.




Rose barely got her shoulder up in time before Singer’s hand struck three. Emma got back to her feet as Rose managed to push up to her knees. Emma put her right back down with a shining wizard to the back of her head.

Lyn: Haynes with a stiff shining wizard and you could hear the impact on it! Rose might be off her feet.

Emma headed to the corner this time, making her way to the top rope before coming off with a double knee drop into Rose’s back as she tried to get up again. The redhead hooked her head, and pulled her back to her feet before ricocheting off the ropes into a tornado DDT. She hooked the outside leg to make the cover once more when Singer dropped to count.




Her shoulder came up in the nick of time, causing Emma to sit up on her knees with a shake of her head.

Zack: Rose has been extremely lethargic ever since she missed that suicide dive! And I think Emma may be closer to the win than she has in her last two matches right now.

Lyn: One corkscrew shooting star press away from her first victory... Just one.

Emma got back to her feet, dragging Rose into position before heading back to the corner. She made her way up top, and executed a moonsault...that missed entirely when Rose rolled out of the way. The crowd began getting back into the match as they started chanting Rose’s name. She rolled out to the floor, trying to pull herself together as she pulled the apron up. But she stopped herself from going under when she saw Brianna raising her arm ready to call for the bell.

Lyn: Singer has completely neutralized Rose’s second gear and--

The crowd began booing as Rose looked rather unhappy, but the mood changed as...the Juggernaut stormed down the steps through the crowd with a bag in his hand.

Lyn: --and it’s the JUGGERNAUT, BITCH! ...I’m not calling you a bitch at all Zack, that’s just the phrase.

Rose grinned as she rolled into the ring and back out the other side to meet him at the bottom of the steps. She gave him a kiss, took the bag and dropped down behind the barricade. Bri started calling for security which headed down the ramp, causing the Juggernaut to shout “I’m the Juggernaut, bitch!” at them and then take off up the steps. Emma was beginning to get back to her feet, looking around for Rose. Brianna immediately began counting before Rose’s oversized body suit flew over the barricade to ringside. Emma rolled out to go get her.

Zack: Security is chasing the Juggernaut out of the Future Shock Center, and there’s Rose’s body suit that just hit the floor ringside. I’d be careful if I was Emma….

Lyn: She has no idea what she’s going to get here and that’s the most worrying thing.

Emma headed around the corner, kicking Rose’s body suit out of the way before she popped up with her back to her. A back heel kick to the mouth sent her backwards into the apron as Rose hopped up onto the barricade in a pair of black leather pants and a matching cutoff top. She screamed into the crowd as claws adorned her gloved hands.

Lyn: Weapon X-2-- Actually I misspoke. Weapon R-23, or R-23 for short! Claws on her hands, a claw on each foot. She slices, she dices, and let’s not even talk about what happens when she gets into a berserker rage...

Zack: Looks like we’re visiting the Marvel Universe tonight….and and Rose-23 is cleaning house!

Rose launched off the barricade into a Superman punch with those claws out, made obvious quickly they were foam on contact. She pulled Emma up, and threw her back into the ring before Rose slid in after her. Gardner began making swiping motions with her hands.

Zack: Rose looks like she’s going into one of those rages you mentioned, and I’m also glad those claws were foam. This would have gotten lethal in a hurry!

Lyn: You’re glad, and so is Brianna probably... Well she looks more annoyed than anything. ...Even better!

Emma struggled to her feet as Rose came in from behind, grabbing her into position and connecting with her back hook swinging reverse STO! She dove into the cover,  hooking the outside leg in the process.





Singer reluctantly called for the bell as Rose hopped to her feet with a grin. Brianna had to raise her hand with a look of disdain on her face. With one hand raised, Rose used the other to scratch the top of her head with one of her foam claws.

Zack: You gotta believe this is the last result Brianna Singer wanted tonight, but that falls under the category of too damn bad.

Gaby: Here is your winner by pinfall………….’POISON’ ROSE GARDNER!!

Lyn: We’re agreed Zack but I don’t think Brianna quits here. She is going to find a way to make it that our favorite cosplayer here never has another transformation again.

Rose rolled out to the floor, taking a few selfies with some of the fans on their phones. Brianna merely stared in irritation from the ring.

Zack: Another win for Rose, she’s on one hell of a roll right now! As for Emma, well….back to the drawing board, I guess.

Lyn: Rome wasn’t built in a day, so I’ve been told.

As Rose headed towards the back, the show heads to commercial.

Party Crasher

When next we check in on Celeste and her manager, the pair are heading through the locker room hallway of the arena before he brings her to one door in particular.

Christian: Now as your manager, I wanted to help commemorate you winning the Bloodlust title over in HKW. So I arranged a little something for you. I hope you’re hungry.

Celeste: “I'm always hungry.”

She says, hoping nothing derogatory can be gleaned from such a statement. Her eyes examine the door before them. Christian pops the door open for her, and flicks on the lights to show a “Congratulations” banner hanging as well as various members of the production team and a few Prospects waiting inside. There’s cake, there’s pizza, there’s all manner of junk food on the tables.


Christian: It’s a bit of a ragtag surprise party, but I wanted to do something for your first title. Show you how proud I am of you.

Celeste’s mouth drops open and she lets the duffle bag slip from her shoulder to hit the floor. There is excitement dancing in her bright blue eyes.

Celeste: “Oh my gosh! This is wonderful Christian!”

She turns around and grabs her manager to give him a big hug. He happily returns it before pointing over to a giant plush Teletubby in the corner.

Christian: That’s yours too. But I’m glad you like it. I thought about just taking you out for pizza and cake, but decided to bring it all to you, champ.

Celeste shakes her head at the Teletubby in the corner but there is still a smile on her face.

Celeste: This is great Christian, thank you.

With that, Celeste walks over and happily greets the other prospects that came with hugs and smiles. They all soon start in on the cake and pizza as Christian looks on. They are soon joined by Kyle Kilmeade, who stands in the doorway looking around. Christian looks back at him as he holds up his hands.

Kyle: I heard there was a party, and I was curious. I even came with one of my own after I heard who it was for.

Celeste turns around and raises a brow at Kyle.

Celeste: “Well...the more the merrier.”

She says, unsure of herself. The smile on Kyle’s face widens as he starts to reach into the pocket of his jacket.

Kyle: As Lacey’s manager, she asked me to send her regards since she really...didn’t have any interest in attending this thing. But she did send along a present, to keep her fresh in your mind as we head towards Genesis in a couple weeks.

Christian gave him a leery stare before Kyle had something in his fist. He looked from Celeste to Christian, and then down to his hand before he opened it. Inside was a red powder which he both blew and threw into her face. Christian was about to grab him before he bolted out of the door, and instead grabbed a couple napkins to help her clean it off.

Celeste coughed and gagged a bit as she waved her arm in front of her face. She calmed a bit as Christian wiped her off and when he was done Celeste looked over at him.

Celeste: “I can't wait to get her in the ring.”

With red powder still on parts of her face, the camera focuses on the anger on Celeste’s face before Future Shock heads to commercial.

Midnight Preparations

The night sky of Boston is seen overhead, with a few clouds amidst quite a sea of stars. The camera pans down to see the street several feet to the ground before it swings around to show we are now on the roof of the Future Shock Arena. It also shows that “Midnight” Mila Martin is sitting up there looking out over the city.

Mila: It’s hard to get back to nature when you are in the city. The hustle and bustle just doesn’t do it for me. Up here I get to see the stars. Feel the wind through my hair. It’s the closest I am going to get to the great outdoors.

The wind begins to pick up as we can see her hair starting to blow. But she’s not overly bundled up, unlike most who would be out here.

Mila: The peace and quiet up here helps me to clear my mind. Especially after things like my Aspire Ring match against Bianca Reed a couple of Future Shock show’s ago. That match was one I had a good chance of winning. In no way easy of course, but anything worth having never comes easy… but then just as I’m starting to be accustomed to now, somebody interfered. Somebody decided that they would influence the outcome.

The camera pans down to the street below once again, and then back to the subject herself.

Mila: Elizabeth Lannister. For reasons only known to herself decided that she would ensure that it was Bianca she would face for her shot at the Aspire Ring. Logic would dictate as the less experienced wrestler that I would have been an easier target… but either way, her plan didn’t quite go as she envisaged.

She started to rise to her feet, and finally addresses the camera for the first time.

Mila: The great thing about a Triple Threat match is that there has to be a winner. Neither Bianca or Elizabeth have proven that they can beat me… and I am going to make sure they don’t at Genesis either. I have the Aspire Ring in my sights, and my aim is one thing I have never had a problem with.

A graphic for the Aspire Ring triple threat is shown before we cut to commercial.

Blank Contract

With the Future Shock Genesis logo behind them, we find Christian Kincaid joined by the “10 Star Prospect” Tara Cortez. He glances behind them at the logo and holds up a clipboard for the camera.

Christian: This right here is the open contract to meet Tara Cortez, the 10 Star Prospect, at Genesis. I want you to take a close look at it.

He held it close to the camera, at least the bottom of it as he tapped a blank line before letting the camera focus on the pair again.

Christian: It’s still blank. No one has signed it, and maybe….maybe the videos we’ve been showing you and the matches in the last few weeks are putting some of the girls off. I can understand that. It’s not everyday you are asked to match up with a woman that is twice as good as anyone else you are going to find. I get that! But this is Future Shock Genesis, the first major event for this show of 2018. And nobody...NOBODY...wants to roll the dice and see how they do? Are you all convinced it’s just coming up snake eyes?

Tara lets out a long, somewhat exasperated sigh. Her million-dollar smile is nowhere to be seen, as she has her arms crossed in front of her chest. She moves her head around as if she was cracking her neck joints before speaking up.

Tara: If I’m honest, I’m slightly disappointed. Because I came to FFW and to Future shock to prove that someone as young as I am was twice as good as anyone else. I have proven it over and over against all the hungry up-and-comers that have been put ahead of me inside the ring. I have shown how capable I am by opening up my personal life to the general public showing the vignettes of me in action. And then, nobody steps up to the plate? That’s rather sad! Because I expected the Future Shock roster to be a little bit more proactive when it came to this kind of things! Christian and I came up with the open contract idea to make sure anyone, ANYONE who wanted to be on Future Shock’s first PPV of the year would have their chance, and against a talent such as myself, no less! But alas… It’s still blank.

Christian gives his protege a side hug to comfort her before patting her shoulder.

Christian: There’s still two weeks to Genesis. Still 14 days for someone to--

Voice: Perhaps I can be of assistance.

Carson Black steps into the shot next to Christian, who gives him a curious look.

Carson: I believe I have someone more than willing to take up such an opportunity. I have a rising Prospect by the name of Mara Werth, who has said she would be happy to accept the challenge.

Christian gave Tara a look, then squinted a bit as he thought it over. Tara herself looked thoughtful, as she pouted and furrowed her brows as CK spoke up.

Christian: You know, that’d be an idea for sure. But see, here’s the thing. We’re looking for established talent. Mara’s had one match, and she won a dodgeball challenge. Besides that, how do you know she doesn’t still have that prison life in her? She might try to pay the referee off with a pack of smokes!

Tara: Look. We’re looking for the big names, the ambitious ones, you know? No “happy to be here” folks, no. Because if one’s just “glad to be here,” they might as well just make like a carpet and lay down for the kickin’. If someone wants to take on this challenge, all they have to do is step right up!

Carson looked a bit skeptical at this point before he continued.

Carson: I see. Well then, I happen to have a very established talent that isn’t doing anything for Genesis as well. As a matter of fact, she was one of the most recent graduates. And as the agent for her, I’d be happy to put forward...Caitlyn Storm!

Tara blinks.

Tara: … excuse me? Caitlyn Storm isn’t doing anything for Genesis?! Okay, now that’s just just preposterous! We have laid a condition, and that’s that whoever wants to take this challenge should have absolutely no duty during Genesis!

Carson: … but I just said, she--

Tara: I know for a fact there’ll be a Star Trek marathon during the course of Future Shock: Genesis, and we all know how Trekkies are with their series, so you can cross that name right off of the list. No, no, no, I want someone who will have their full focus on me! Nothing and nobody else! Because we will not accept any excuses when I, the 10-Star Prospect, win this challenge!

Christian: Tell you what, Carson. You let us know if anyone else comes to mind out of your client list. Until then, I think Tara and I will go plan her next highlight video in case we don’t find a suitable opponent who meets the criteria for Genesis. Thanks though, man!

He gave Carson a nudge before he and Tara headed off camera, leaving a perplexed agent as we head elsewhere.

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The sound of the bell ringing brings the crowd’s attention back to the ring as Gaby steps through the ropes with her microphone.

Gaby: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is your main event!

Zack: A titanic tag team main event is on tap, where all four women in this match have huge championship matches at Genesis two weeks from TONIGHT!

Lyn: Future Shock tag titles are the prize the Ascension are hunting for and our other team? Well, something something strange bedfellows.

The opening chords of “Destroy & Conquer” by Future World Music begin to rattle through the arena, the curtains start to move as Valentina Lozano & Isis Morales slowly steps out onto the ramp. They are unfazed by the boos from the crowd as Valentina bends her right knee and angles her left leg, her right arm shooting up into the air with a cocky smirk with Isis standing behind her, raising her fist in the air with a cocky smirk, standing in a unified domineering pose while basking in the negative heat of the crowd. Valentina gets back to her feet and then begins to walk side by side with Isis down the aisle.

Gaby: Making their way to the ring…at a total combined weight of three hundred and sixty-five pounds....”The Latin Goddess” Valentina Lozano & “The Titaness” Isis Morales... They are...


At the ringside area, Valentina and Isis walk around the ring once before entering the ring, with Valentina making her way to a waiting human stairway next to the ring: one guy on all fours next to the ring and one guy lying prone in front of him. Causally stepping on the men, Valentina walks up and walks across the edge of the ring. She then reclines against the ropes and callously looks down at the men, giving them a smirk while they get to their knees and properly grace her boots with kisses before dismissing themselves to the back. Valentina then glares towards the referee in the ring and orders the referee to hold the ropes for her, which the referee reluctantly complies with doing. She wipes her feet on the apron and enters the ring. Meanwhile, Isis enters the ring by stepping over the top rope with ease. The ladies then go to opposite ring posts in which they climb up and pose to the crowd with complete confidence, taking in the atmosphere while the crowd reaction continues and the cameras flashing.

After the ladies taunt the crowd (and/or opponents), Valentina then goes to one of the corners to lean against.  After giving Valentina a few words and patting her on the shoulder, Isis smirks and stretches a little as they await for their opponents to come out.

Zack: FFW’s reigning Tornado Tag Champions could be the first team to ever hold two tag titles at once if they capture the Future Shock Tag Titles at Genesis against NHB. And after winning Global Wars, there’s not much I’d put past Valentina being able to accomplish, much less Isis!

Lyn: Many would do well to keep that in mind, but Angela and Jem have never struck me as the type to sleep on their opponents.

[CUE THE SOUNDCHIP! An 8-bit version of the song from the Goonies start playing as the main lights dim down in the arena, with small star spotlights in a variety of colors flying around the crowd. 8-bit stars fill the videoboards, right up until the words start and Andi Takata comes sprinting out of the back to hit her mark. ]


[Andi hops into place, already in her Magical Girl pose, with blue and white sparkling pyro popping behind her, and the videoboards all exploding into pixellated color madness! The bassline kicks in and Andi dances for a moment before she starts to head for the ring, taking her time to enjoy her 'Starlights'!]

#Here we are, Hanging onto strains of greed and blues
#Break the chain then we break down
#Oh it's not real, if you don't feel it
#Unspoken expectations
#Ideals we used to play with
#Finally taking shape for us.

[By this time, Andi has reached the ringside fans, and cues them up for the dance party!]

#What's good enough (good enough)
#For you is
#Good enough (good enough)
#For me it's good enough (good enough)
#It's good enough for me
#Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!!!

[And when Pacman whirrs down, Andi punches the air above her and makes her way back around the ring to get to the rest of her Starlights, before heading up the steps and into the ring....]


#Now you'll say You're startin' to feel the push.... and pull
#Of what could be and never can
#You mirror me... stumblin' through those
#Old fashioned superstitions
#I find too hard to breaaaak
#Maybe you're out of place whaaaat's

[The song builds up again, and Andi, after running the ropes by this point, stops in the middle, to rally EVERYONE up to join her in a big ol' Caramelldanse! And most do!]

#Good enough (good enough)
#For you is
#Good enough (good enough)
#For me It's good enough (good enough)
#It's good enough for me
#Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!!

[Andi runs up the turnbuckles for one last go! Keep dancing everyone!]

#Good enough (good enough)
#For you Is
#Good enough (good enough)
#For me.. It's good, it's good enough
#It's good enough for me
#Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!!!!

[Andi finally hops down as the song fades away....]

Gaby: And their opponents, with one half representing the Burning Star Express, please welcome….’THE LUCKY STAR’ ANDI TAKATA!!

Zack: We saw Andi’s first match back at Breaking Point. She hasn’t lost a step since coming back, and is eager to reclaim the Future Shock Championship at Genesis. But she’ll need to work together with the champion tonight.

Lyn: Well as Gillie went over earlier tonight, she is no stranger to Ascension... I imagine there’s a struggle between honor and pragmatism however.

There’s a short silence as the arena falls dark, building up the tension before “Seven Notes in Black” by The Vince Tempera Orchestra starts to play and a single spotlight falls on the middle of the stage, straight onto the flame haired Future Shock Prospect with the Future Shock Championship held high above her head. As the crowd cheer wildly for her, Harley holds the pose for a couple of moments, until the song stops playing for a couple of seconds. The girl was wearing a leather jacket over her ring gear; her head tied up in a bun, held in place by two chopsticks.

Gaby: Weighing in at 122 lbs, standing 5’6” tall and coming from Hanover, New Hampshire. She is the reigning FFW Future Shock Champion...HARLEY SHANNON!!!

After a couple of moments of silence the song starts up once more - with a more eerie tone and at that moment Harley starts off down the ramp, shedding her leather jacket before reaching back and pulling the chopsticks out of her hair and shaking her head to let her bright, flame red hair fall down around her shoulders. As she got to the bottom of the ramp, the girl picked out a young fan at ringside, giving the chopsticks to the fan before she slides into the ring and popped to her feet. Heading for the corner, Harley climbed to the middle rope, holding the title high into the air to get cheers from the fans before she dropped back down to the canvas in the corner. She held the title up in front of her, giving the faceplate a kiss before she surrendered the championship to the referee and waited for the match to start.

Zack: Harley Shannon accomplished something in Sydney I wasn’t sure I’d ever see. She made Anna Giovanna tap out to claim the Future Shock Championship, and I think her stock went through the roof as a result.

Lyn: Dangerous to a tee with vicious kicks to boot but as I was saying, Zack... Both Harl and Andi are good people, good wrestlers... But one has to ask if they both want to end this match quick so they can reserve their energy for each other... Or prolong it.

Referee Melinda Davis checks both teams before she calls for the bell. And in a switch, Isis starts for Ascension. Andi and Harley look at one another before the Hall of Famer says she’ll handle this before Harley steps out. Andi goes (as close to) nose to nose with Isis, only for the redhead to catch her with a short knee to the ribs. She tries to bring down a clubbing blow across her back, but Andi rolls between her legs and pops up behind her. Morales turns to grab her, only for Andi to do it a second time. And when she turns again, Takata grabs her head and delivers a jawbreaker that stuns her. The crowd immediately gets into it as Andi fires punches upwards to the side of her head before she pulls it down into a front facelock. It looks as though she were going for a tornado DDT, but Isis rises up with her on her shoulders. She grabs her head into position for the Voyage, causing Andi’s eyes to widen like saucers as she hammers elbows into the side of her head to get free. She manages to do so, sliding down to her feet behind her and using the middle ropes for a springboard into a Pele kick that drops Isis to a knee.

Lyn: Takata has been in position for that ending blow of Isis’s more times than she probably wants to count. She probably counters it in her sleep by now.

Zack: No kidding there! These two know each other so well, that I’ll be surprised if either one of them catches the other early on with any of their favorite moves.

The crowd only gets louder, causing Andi to hit the ropes again and rebound into a blockbuster that snaps the redhead over backwards to the mat. She hits the ropes once again, rebounding into a double foot stomp to Morales’ body. Andi looks quite excited to this point as she reaches down to grab her. But Isis’ hand shot up from the canvas around her neck, choking her as the redhead got to her feet. She scooped her up overhead into a gorilla press before launching her across the ring with ease. The space princess lands hard, and uses the corner to help her get up until a running corner clothesline crushes her against the turnbuckles. Morales pushes her head back, raises her hand, and brings down a massive slap across her chest. Andi’s body freezes in pain before Isis raises that hand again, and brings another clap across Andi’s heart. She steps back, and delivers a boot across her jaw to drop her in the corner.

Zack: You could hear those thunderous shots right to Andi’s heart throughout the arena! And I think Isis has put on a little more muscle since last we saw her!

Lyn: ...More muscle!? AS IN, IN ADDITION TO!?

Andi writhed on the canvas before Isis stepped over her, causing her to double over afterwards. She pulled Andi back to her feet, and scooped her up into a backbreaker across her knee. The space princess barely had time to process the pain before Isis scooped her up into a bear hug, and then rammed her into the corner back first. She turned on her heel, and took off again to the other side, driving Andi’s back again into the corner. Still not letting her go, she drove her into the mat with a spinebuster.

Zack: From one corner to the other, Andi is getting her spinal column rearranged courtesy of the most dominant woman in the history of Future Shock. I’m not sure Isis even realizes just how strong she is.

Lyn: Well don’t anyone tell her. I’m not sure even FFW could afford that much life insurance.

Morales pulled her up by the arm back to her feet, and then shot her across for the ride. She caught her on the rebound into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker before pressing her hands into Andi’s chest for a cover. Davis immediately dropped to count the fall.




Andi got her shoulder up in time, and Isis got to her feet. She dragged her by the leg towards the corner to make the tag to Valentina. The “Latin Goddess” seemed pleased as she pulled Andi back to her feet, and immediately into an abdominal stretch.

Zack: Isis couldn’t have set Andi up better for Valentina’s preferred target in a match than she has. And if you need proof, that abdominal stretch was the first thing she applied!

Lyn: Say what you will about their attitudes, in-ring Valentina and Isis compliment each other perfectly.

The referee moved around in front of Andi to see if she wanted to submit, but that was definitely not the case when she shouted no. Lozano leaned back, trying to increase the pressure. It worked, as Andi’s face began to wrench in pain more than it was already. The Tornado Tag Champion raised her fist, and began to drive clubbing shots into Andi’s ribs with her free hand, telling her to give up.

Zack: She can tell her to quit all she wants, Lyn. But I don’t think Andi’s gonna give up, it’s not part of her vocabulary.

Lyn: That and hossenfeffer. Never heard Takata use either and Lozano with those carcinogenic right hands. The Future Shock champion wants in this one bad.

Harley began to pound the top turnbuckle in her corner, rallying the crowd. It seemed to inspire Andi a bit as she used her free hand, and punched Valentina in the face. It stunned the “Latin Goddess” long enough for Andi to counter out of the hold with a hip toss. Takata stumbled away with one hand on her back, and Lozano wasted little time in getting back up. She snatched her around the waist from behind, and dropped her with a hammerlock suplex. Andi writhed on the canvas in pain before Lozano executed a double knee drop into her back. She rose back to her feet, taking in the disdain of the crowd for a moment with a smile on her face. Lozano leaned down to grab Andi, only to catch an uppercut that sent her backwards. Valentina stumbled back as Andi got back to her feet, bolted towards her and dropped her with a facebreaker. Andi immediately rolled onto her stomach, and began to head towards her corner.

Lyn: That was all the opening she needed and the most Fire Redhead of 2018 is about to pop off!

Zack: Andi needs to get there sooner than later though. Valentina isn’t going to stay down very long, she never does.

Valentina was slow to move, not realizing yet that Andi was on her way to the corner. Harley was practically bent over the top rope as Andi lunged forward to make the tag. The Future Shock Champion hopped over the top rope, and took off for the far side as Valentina was getting up. Lozano turned as Harley delivered a discus elbow into her jaw that wobbled her backwards. An Irish whip sent the Tornado Tag Champion across for the ride, and Harley caught her coming back with a running European uppercut. Lozano bounced of the ropes in a stagger, only to get brought down with a swinging neckbreaker by the champion, who immediately went for a cover.

Zack: The Future Shock Champion checks into the match, and has nothing but hard strikes for Lozano! There’s the cover!




Valentina kicked out in time. Harley got back to her feet, and darted towards the corner. She immediately ascended to the top rope, and waited on Lozano to get back to her feet. The “Latin Goddess” was slow to do so, and turned right into a missile dropkick to the chest from Harley.

Lyn: Lozano is looking like she’s not sure what hit her but Shannon keeps coming!

Shannon circled around, and crouched near the ropes as she waved for Valentina to get up to her feet again. She got her wish just as Isis grabbed the champion by the hair. Harley struggled to get free, only to catch a running bicycle kick to the jaw from Valentina that dropped her to the mat. Lozano immediately went for a cover!

Zack: PRICELESS KISS! Lozano may have knocked her out, and is three seconds from pinning the Future Shock Champion!




Harley kicked out, which Valentina pummeled her with elbows to the head for doing. She rose back to her feet, and made the tag to Isis. The Titaness stepped over the top rope, looking down at the reeling champion on the canvas with a shake of her head.

Lyn: Now here’s a sight we might not have ever seen otherwise. Isis. Harley. Hoo boy.

Morales pulled her up to her feet, and drove an uppercut into her abdomen that bent her over in pain. She planted her head between her legs, and then delivered a powerbomb across her knee. The redhead watched the champion writhe on the canvas before pulling her back to her feet by the throat. Isis shook her head, and delivered a chokeslam on the champion before hooking the outside leg into a cover.

Lyn: Big time chokeslam and there may be no tomorrow for Harley tonight!




Once again, the champion managed to kick out. Isis sat up on one knee, extending her hand back to her partner as Valentina tagged back into the match. Lozano taunted Harley as Isis stepped back outside. And when the “Latin Goddess” decided to antagonize the crowd, Harley surprised her with a headbutt to the stomach followed up by an impaler DDT.

Zack: Ascension are showing excellent continuity here, but Valentina needs to focus on the woman in the ring rather than the crowd here in the Future Shock Arena!

Harley struggled to her feet, and was about to head for the corner when she saw Valentina rising as well. She grabbed the Tornado Tag Champion, and sent her flying towards Harley’s corner with a t-bone suplex. The Future Shock Champion followed after her, and made the tag to Andi. Takata headed immediately to the top rope, and came off with THE shooting star press into a cover!

Zack: Andi’s back, and there’s THE shooting star press! It could be over right now!!




Valentina got her leg across the bottom rope, causing the count to stop at two. She got back to her feet...and turned into the waiting hand of Isis. The Titaness had her by the throat, looking to deliver a chokeslam before Harley came off the top rope with a missile dropkick to her chest. It stumbled Isis backwards before Harley and Andi high fived and connected with stereo superkicks to the redhead!

Lyn: To hell with what I said about pragmatism, the main event of Genesis are out her to take names and beat Ascension!

The crowd started chanting “one more time” as Harley pulled Valentina up, and held her in position. Andi responded to the crowd as she measured Lozano.

Zack: Two for Isis, one for Valentina coming up!

Andi darted across the ring, and went for the superkick. But Valentina ducked, and she caught Harley instead. The champion went through the ropes to the floor as Andi’s mouth fell open, realizing what she had done. When she turned back around, she ate a PRICELESS KISS from Valentina.

Zack: Andi missed big time, and superkicked Harley right out in front of us!

Lyn: Accidents will happen but that... That’ll cost ‘em.

Lozano catches Andi with an inverted stomp facebreaker followed by a rolling cutter. She dives into the cover, and hooks the leg as Davis drops to count.





Davis calls for the bell to boos from the crowd. Lozano gets back to her feet, joined by Isis, as the pair get their hands raised in victory.

Lyn: Big. Big time cost.

Gaby: Here are your winners by pinfall……………..VALENTINA LOZANO AND ISIS MORALES…….ASCENSION!!!

Zack: I’ll tell you what, Lyn! If these two show this level of continuity at Genesis, I think we’re gonna see new tag champions! Valentina and Isis have picked up a big win and massive momentum tonight!

Valentina and Isis looked very pleased with themselves as they soaked up the disdain of the live crowd. Harley managed to get back to her feet on the floor, and look at the video wall to see what had happened. Both members of Ascension looked down at her from the ring with amusement.

Lyn: Shannon seeing what and how that superkick came to her but that isn’t stopping the Ascension’s smug parade.

Zack: Fans, Future Shock Genesis is two weeks from tonight! You gotta order it, because history is gonna be made one way or another! Could we be looking at the next Future Shock Tag Champions?!

The proud expressions of Valentina and Isis amid a chorus of boos is the final image before Future Shock fades off the air.
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