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July 16, 2019, 06:20:32 pm
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The Timeline: Part 1

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Author Topic: The Timeline: Part 1  (Read 595 times)
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« on: June 24, 2018, 02:56:14 pm »

The Unexpected

Los Angeles, California
9: 22 am

(Our scene opens up in the lobby of the Four Seasons hotel Nevaeh Summers has been residing in for the past several months. As we observe the lobby we find many people coming to and from the elevators. Some are sporting suits and briefcases, seemingly on their way to conduct business. There also seem to be families, dressed casually as if they are on vacation.

And then there’s the subject of our documentation, Nevaeh Summers herself, who is dressed in a tracksuit, her hair pulled into a ponytail through a Steph Stefano  poisoned apple baseball cap and sunglasses. A gym bag laying on the floor next to her as she had her earbuds in listing to “Hard” by Rihanna. The song actually had significance to Nevaeh as it was always the song she listened to first when getting ready to workout. As if she was getting herself locked in on what needed to get done. Plus she just loved the message of the song itself.

While slowly nodding her head along to the song Nevaeh is trying to look inconspicuous as she sits in the chair and just observes people for a moment. Nevaeh is down in the lobby awaiting the Uber she called to take her to the gym. With Steph dealing with wrestling issues and Ember handling other things it’s a solo deal for Nevaeh this time. Which means without either of them to pick her up she needs a ride to the venue. The gym in the hotel is fine, but to get what she wants she’s traveling to another part of the city to use the machines she prefers. Since getting back into working out Nevaeh has really gotten into it. She is constantly asking Ember now is she wants to go. Her body is feeling great. Nevaeh is still doing her wrestling routine everyday, though actually being in a ring is far different, but overall she is feeling productive again.

Another funny thing happened when getting back into a gym workout, and going with Ember and teaching her small things in self defense. Nevaeh found herself enjoying watching wrestling again. When she first got suspended it was hard for Nevaeh to just sit and watch, but now she’s actually been able to sit and watch a show. Observe what is going on in the ring. Try and figure out what each wrestler plans on doing, as if she was getting ready for a match herself. That isn’t happening anytime soon, but Nevaeh can still imagine. There’s even been moments she’s allowed herself to think of what she would do if she were able to get back in the ring. How would she attack, how would she strategize. Maybe even come up with a new move or two.

Again it was all dreaming, but it helped Nevaeh get rid of the issues she has to deal with mentally at times and there are many. There is the constant struggle of trying to put together her speech for her hall of fame induction for instance. An event that just keeps getting stressful by the day it seems. It was bad enough Nevaeh still had no progress on said speech. Try as she might that thing still wasn’t getting done nor anywhere close to it. Nevaeh has tried to take to heart what Ember suggested awhile back of speaking from the heart. Ember words usually help, but Nevaeh just can’t get into gear yet. Nevaeh wanted the speech to really express what and how she’s feeling. This was important to her.

Add on she still hasn’t found an outfit for the event. Nevaeh had nothing to say and nothing to wear. When this first started she kept telling herself she could put this off because “she had time”. But now the event was just alittle over a month away and she had nothing. Nothing but stress building up for Nevaeh. As much as she wanted to feel she had things under control as far as Unstoppable weekend went there was nothing she had a grasp on.

Then came Velocity this past Thursday. Being dogged comes with the territory of being a wrestler. Nevaeh knows that, and while she is suspended, Nevaeh has tried not to ruffle any feathers or start anything with anyone else. There was no point. She couldn't fight them. her words would just be words with no action. So Nevaeh has just tried not to cause a problem. Yet there was Samantha Star, in front of the world, telling everybody that Jo MacFarlane would be the centerpiece of the Hall of fame ceremony. Nevaeh wasn't gonna be upset with that. Wiht how close they were it figured that Jo would be getting attention. Nevaeh was just happy to be there and to be honored. But when Samantha called her a "substance abuser"...that really hit a nerve with Nevaeh. She responded respectfully to Samantha, letting her know that wasn't the case. There was a part of her that wanted to be more stern, but that wasn't gonna help Nevaeh any. As much as she hated it Samantha did hold her future in her hands. It wouldn't be smart of her, wanting to get back on the active roster, to badmouth the owner...even if said owner was out of control.

Nevaeh just wanted to get it across that she was not some drug user and abuser. That wasn't her. She simply made a mistake and that was it. But of course the blood was in the water and Alysson Gardner was all too happy to jump on it. Again Nevaeh wanted to curse her out something fierce, not like Nevaeh had forgotten Global Wars and what lead up to it,...but it wouldn't help her. She'd just be talking and not doing anything to shut Alysson up.

Stress was reaching a boiling point for Nevaeh. All these things coming at her all at once.

But nothing matched the stress that she felt when it came to the issue with Cassie Mason. It was bad enough when there was an ice wall between them, put up by Cassie. But a week or so ago Cassie tore down the wall and Nevaeh in the process. A simple reminder of her hall of fame induction caused Cassie to begin to tweet about demanding Nevaeh apologize to her face to face at the hall of fame.

When Nevaeh first saw the statements she felt wounded. Cassie had a coldness to her tweets. Like she was simply talking to somebody she didn't have a care for. The youngest Mason was demanding an apology and demanding when it would be. Feeling Nevaeh didn't deserve to have her hall of fame moment without “atoning for your sins”. The exchange Nevaeh and Cassie had was uncomfortable for Nevaeh. 

Cassie, or “Cassandra” as she wanted Nevaeh to refer to her by, wasn’t willing to hear Nevaeh out in any form. Cassie didn’t even begin to realize how awful Nevaeh felt about what she did. She never allowed Nevaeh to properly do so. Nevaeh respected Cassie’s wish of not speaking to her, even though Nevaeh did want try and repair the damage she had done between them. But cassie simply took that as Nevaeh not “womaning up” and doing what was right. Above anything else that was what ate at Nevaeh. She was responsible for all of this. She knew that and accepted it. But she wasn’t keeping anything from Cassie due to being a coward. Not anymore atleast.

That was the only thing that irked Nevaeh. Cassie had the right to be upset, to be angry. Nevaeh wasn’t gonna argue that. It was something she had to deal with and try and fix. But to have Cassie constantly talk about her being a coward, “woman up”. That just cut Nevaeh so deep, especially how Cassie said it as such a fact. Nevaeh didn't realize all that would follow. How Cassie would have such a cruel attitude, even as Nevaeh tried to reason with her it just didn't seem to get through to Cassie. But there had to be away to get through to Cassie, to get her to be reasonable. Atleast Nevaeh hoped so. Unstoppable weekend was going to be a big one and the stress was high even as she sat here in this hotel lobby.

Since that moment with Cassie,  Nevaeh has done her best to stay busy. With getting back into a gym routine Nevaeh has her outlet now. Some would say too much. Nevaeh ahs been going to the gym five times a week now.  When Silas was in control Nevaeh dreaded seeing any sort of gym equipment. But she has seemed to get back into enjoying the experience again. It’s as if she sees why Ember spends so much time in it. It can be fun. Nevaeh does push herself very hard at times, but it helps her feel better. Let’s her escape. It’s a better alternative then staying up in that penthouse all the time.

It’s also why Nevaeh started getting agitated as to why her ride wasn’t here already. Since leaving Silas’s clutches Nevaeh has not gone about finding a home nor a vehicle of her own. Why buy such expensive things when you’re crammed up in a hotel penthouse? But there is another reason as to why Nevaeh has refrained from driving. Nevaeh has refused to get behind the wheel of a vehicle ever since nearly getting into an accident while driving high in July of last year. Nevaeh had a frightening 2017, but that was something that shook her to her core. Seeing that 18 wheeler nearly colliding with her. Nevaeh made a stupid mistake that night, another she has gone about learning from.

And thus Nevaeh calls on Uber to get her places when her friends are unavailable. It also means she has to wait out till they arrive. It’s a mostly decent experience. They show up, Nevaeh tells them where to go, simple and easy for the most part. But this has been by far the longest she has ever had to wait on one. So much so she was about to look into canceling all together and finding another one. This “Fanny Foxworth” she was waiting on really seemed to be lacking in professionalism. Her rating wasn’t the highest and Nevaeh was beginning to understand why.

Nevaeh had never used this driver before, she didn’t really have a set driver for this. She just usually went about getting the closest person in her area to take her somewhere and be done with it. Yes Nevaeh would give the rating a glance, the car they drove, but for the most part she just wanted to get where she was going as quick as possible. She thought Fanny, being only two miles out, would be here quick, but that was far from the case. Nevaeh hadn’t even gotten a text from her other then confirming she’d be here.

Having had enough of this wait Nevaeh opened up the Uber app on her phone and was getting ready to cancel the deal, that was till she got a message from Fanny, now telling her that she was outside the building. A mix of relief and annoyance filled Nevaeh. Atleast she was finally here. Just get to the gym and you’ll be alright Nevaeh told herself.

Nevaeh now grabbed her bag and got to her feet, making her way to the building's entrance and out into the street. As she passed through the doors she looked forward and saw nothing, Nevaeh was looking for a Nissan Altima, that’s what this Fanny had listed as her vehicle. She turned to the left and again nothing. As she started to wonder where her diver was Nevaeh turned to right and saw a woman, looking to be in her mid 40’s,  there holding up a notebook with the words “Nevaeh Summers” written on it. Nevaeh just stared in her direction as she saw the woman standing next to a Prius.

Nevaeh just stared in the woman’s direction, as the woman kept looking around. Wanting to get verification of is this was really happening Nevaeh now approached the woman. The woman saw her coming, and looked to be getting defensive. Nevaeh herself was cautious as she spoke up. Nevaeh took off her sunglasses, pining them in the woman’s direction as she spoke)

’Are you my Uber ride? Fanny Foxworth?”

(Fanny’s face light up like a Christmas tree as she saw who was standing there)

”Hey whoa! Really? When I saw the name “Nevaeh Summers” I was like the wrestler? No way it could be, but then I was like “well how many other chicks walking this rock can be named “Nevaeh Summers”. But hey it’s really you? That’s cool! Yeah I’m Fanny and I will be your driver!”

(Fanny now stuck out here hand for a shake. Nev reluctantly did so while now looking at the Prius. Nevaeh gestured to it as she looked back at Fanny, seeming unsure of this whole situation.)

’I thought you had an Altima?”

(Fanny now looked at her car then back at Nevaeh with slap of the head)

Oh yeah about that. Altima is in the shop, so having to borrow my Mother’s car. Just forgot to update that in the bio. She runs well though and gets the job done. It’ll be alright, I promise.”

(Fanny flashed a big smile while Nevaeh assessed the situation. This whole ordeal was giving her doubts as to whether she really wanted to go through with this. But did she really want to have to wait on another ride as well. Nevaeh looked back at fany, who was awkwardly smiling at her now. Letting out a small sigh Nevaeh began to nod her head)

’Very well. You know how to get to the gym I asked for yes?”

(Fanny waved her hand nonchalantly at Nevaeh)

”Oh of course I do. It’s gonna be the easiest, smoothest trip of your life Nevaeh. You’re in good hands with Fanny Foxworth.”

(Nevaeh forced a smile onto her face as Fanny now went about opening the backdoor for her. Nevaeh slowly made her way to the vehicle and made an apprehensive mood inside. It looked clean. That was a positive. Nevaeh was getting herself comfortable when she was startled by how hard Fanny shut the door. Nevaeh tensed up as she now stared out the window as Fanny made her way around the vehicle and into the driver’s seat. Fanny now got the car started and pulled into the street, beginning the journey.

The ride began peacefully enough. Nevaeh looked at hr phone as Fanny managed the vehicle, though we could see Fanny looking into the rear view mirror at her client. She seemed giddy about it, eventually expressing it verbally)

”Can I just say how cool it is that I got Nevaeh Summers in my car right now? Cause it’s pretty cool. Umm if you don’t mind me asking how is the whole..umm...well you know…the whole can’t wrestle cause the company doesn’t want me to cause of a huge mistake I made, but I feel bad for it deal?”

(Nevaeh looked up from her phone at Fanny, astonished as she had to admit she never heard a suspension described like that before. As for answering it she didn’t really feel like going into detail, it was a private matter after all. Nevaeh remained cordial as she gave a basic answer)

’Overall it sucks, but nobody to blame but me. I’m working through it and hopefully I get to step back into the ring again. Take it you’re a wrestling fan?”

(Fanny nodded her head as she alternated her glare from the road and the rear view mirror)

”You could say that. Been watching since I was a kid. Me and my mom have really. We’ve come across different promotions and whatnot. FFW is pretty good stuff. Badass women doing badass things.”

(Fanny now showed a hint of apprehension on her face as she paused. Nevaeh could sense something was up with her, but wasn’t sure what it could be. Fanny looked at the road then back in the rear view mirror before speaking back up)

’Umm I don’t want you to take this the wrong way, but umm...ya know...I kinda rooted against you during your time there. You were umm...how do you say it...a rude ass? But I thought it was great when you beat the Cowboy’s ass. I was there live actually. Like it was awesome. Then all that stuff came out and it kinda made sense why you did some of the things you did. But yeah wasn’t a fan of yours,like at all, but hey it’s still really cool to meet you and be driving you around. And yeah I’m sure that sucks you can’t wrestle.”Gotta stay ready though right? Never know when the call is gonna come. That’s why you’re going to the gym? It’s kinda like an Uber driver, gotta stay sharp and focused. This and wrestling are practically the same thing.”

(Nevaeh again was left trying to figure out how to respond to that of that. There was no denying she had been a “rude ass” in her time in FFW. That was the truth, but to have a stranger flat out tell her this and in such a casual manner threw Nevaeh off. It also somewhat made Nevaeh start to feel she knew why Fanny’s rating might of been where it was. This conversation was awkward to say the least for her, but Nevaeh again went about answering, trying to be cordial as she could be. Just get to the gym is all she kept telling herself.)

’Well..I’m um...I’ve never been an Uber driver so can’t really say. But I’m sure being a driver has its own difficult tasks. And umm...yeah I..I wasn’t real pleasant to be around in my time there. I didn’t have my head on right. But taking this time to try and figure things out. Do things differently if I get to go back.”

”Well that’s good to know.”

(And that was as far as Fanny’s response with, which was fine with Nevaeh. She wasn’t look to really chat. Just get to the gym and workout was the goal. Maybe now would be the time she got it, that’s what she thought till fanny spoke up)

”So seeing anybody? Any lucky guy in your life...or woman? You have remarked that you are into women right? I mean when the Cowboy went out and spilled the beans and then the really angry young lady talked about your past…. she really trashed you. Like she just seems angry. Like really, really, I wish you’d fall off a cliff into a black hole type angry at you. Just seems..messy”

(Nevaeh was stunned that this woman just had the gall to ask her those questions. She wasn’t about to answer any of this, especially anything related to cassie with a complete stranger. Nevaeh was now starting to get very uncomfortable with this ride, her demeanor showing as much as she spoke in a firm tone)

”That’s a very personal question you’re asking. Aside from what has been said I’m not really looking to discuss my personal life and I don’t appreciate the questions asked. Didn’t realize Taxicab Confessions had been renewed.”

(This actually brought out a look of fright from Fanny, She held up a hand as she looked at Nevaeh in the rear view mirror)

”Meant no disrespect by it. I mean it’s 2018, you do you girl. Just trying to get to know you some is all. I like to try and connect with my clients, passengers, whatever you feel yourself to be. Don’t just want this to be robotic and cold. That’s boring. Nobody likes boring, right?”

(“Why doesn’t she ever stop talking” was what Nevaeh wondered to herself. She tried her best to remain calm during this. Though part of ehr did want to take her chances of jumping out this moving vehicle. Nevaeh took a breath and answered her.)

”Boring isn’t bad sometimes Ms. Foxworth. Let’s just get to the gym shall we? That would really help make this all better, for the both of us. Let’s accomplish our goal, yeah?”

(As Nevaeh wrapped up her statement the air between her and Fanny became silent once more. Nevaeh really wasn’t looking to have anymore of a conversation. She hoped that fanny would finally get the what she was hinting at. She just wanted to get to the gym and get her workout in. Nevaeh figured it was time to put her earbuds back in and block everything out.

Fanny though seemed to be trying to figure out her next approach. As she saw nevaeh going for the earbuds she started speaking up)

’Say you have that hall of fame thing to do right? Now I’m sure you get this alot, but you’re a very striking woman. I’m sure you’re gonna look lovely when you’re out there giving your speech…”

(Nevaeh was about to respond, trying cordially to avoid talking about that subject. Nevaeh didn’t want to express her thoughts about that matter either with someone she didn't even know. Nevaeh planned on thanking her for the compliment and changing the subject, but she never got the chance as Fanny spoke back up..)

”BUT, I think I got something that will really have everybody unable to take their eyes off of you. That will just leave everybody in awe.”

(Nevaeh was left momentarily speechless. She could tell Fanny was serious about this. Nevaeh was almost curious as to what Fanny was referring to. The rest of her was trying not to scream.)

’You do?”

(Fanny nodded her head as she now reached over to the passenger seat. She then raised her arm as we now saw a bottle in her hand.)

”This is some wonderful skin creme I’m selling. It will help revitalize your skin while also giving you a nice looking glow. And the best part? It’s only twenty bucks. Can you believe it?”

(Fanny was sporting a big smile while Nevaeh just seemed puzzle. Was this real life right now? Was she actually being solicited to buy this product in the middle of her Uber ride? Who and what was this woman about right now?)

”You’re trying to sell me health care products right now? Why? How? That...”

(Fanny once again cut her off, still seeming chipper as can be)

”Well to go along with being a fine Uber driver if I say so myself, I also happen to be an Avon saleswoman. A very respected one might I add. You look like a woman who likes to take care of and pamper herself. I figured why not suggest something that can help maintain that beauty as well as get you ready for that big night. Not that you need it, but always staying ahead of the curve never hurt did it?”

(Nevaeh just remained silent. An AVON saleswoman slash Ubr driver was trying to double dip in business right now. As they approached a red light the thought of just getting out did pop into Nevaeh’s head. This was getting to be abit too much for her. As nevaeh contemplated it a Mustang now pulled up next to them at the light. The driver was a young male, looking to be in his 20’s. Quite handsome. Fanny looked over and did a double take. She stared at the man for several seconds before actually speaking to him, Nevaeh, hearing this shifted her pupils towards the corner of her eye socket. Was fanny actually about to speak to a stranger while she was in the middle of work? With her in the backseat?)

’Hey I just had this weird feeling. I think I just saw your future. You want to know what it is?”

(The young man, unsure of what Fanny was referring to, seemed hesitant to even respond.)

Young Man:. Wh-what’s that?"

(Fanny seemed fixated on the man as she answered)

”I see you being Mr. Fanny Foxworth”

(Fanny followed that up with a smirk and a wink as she kept glaring at the young man. The light turned green as the young man now peeled out. Fanny was left smirking and resuming the ride as Nevaeh rolled her eyes and was beginning to regret her mistake of ever getting in this car. Nevaeh was still trying to figure out what it was she has gotten sucked into. She just wanted a ride to the gym and now here she was dealing with a driver, who was late to begin with, has asked her some inquisitive questions, and is now trying to hock this product to her. Nevaeh was ready to cut this short as they remained at the red light.)

”Ms. Foxworth this ride has been quite the journey, but I think…”

(Fanny cut Nevaeh off abruptly)

’But as I was saying there is nothing wrong with being a trendsetter am I right?. How about we negotiate here huh? How about I let you have this bottle here as a free sample. In return when you like it, and you will trust me, you possibly give an endorsement to ol’ Fanny and her reps? It’s a win-win and...WHOA!”

(Fanny was fully focused on trying to secure a deal till she looked up in the rear view mirror and saw the car behind them at the light. It was honking it’s horn repeatedly now as the light had turned green while Fanny was trying to pitch this product to Nevaeh. Nevaeh had looked over her shoulder to look at the car when Fanny abruptly went about turning into the next lane. Nevaeh was wide eyed, her heart was racing as she was surprised by the action. She had called an Uber to try and avoid such a situation as this. The car behind them was now picking up speed next to them. Nevaeh was going about regaining her bearings as Fanny kept looking next to her, seemingly grinding her teeth. This whole deal had gone on too long in Nevaeh’s eyes. It was time to end it, but before she could Fanny rolled down her window and started yelling at the car next to them.

”What an asshat! Hold on one second."

(Before Nevaeh could even protest Fanny started honking her horn repeatedly, even holding it down for several seconds. Nevaeh looked to be getting embarrassed as she looked around and spotted other drivers as well as people walking on the sidewalks all turning to see what was causing the commotion. The vehicle next to them was still keeping up pace, but the driver was an elderly man who didn't seem all that pleased with Fanny. So much so he started to speed up. This only seemed to be annoying Fanny more)

”This prick is gonna nearly bump us and then drive like he’s got the road to himself? Oh you got some gumption on you buddy. Well you decided to mess with the wrong kitty cat today.”

(Nevaeh was again try and intervene as she started to lean forward, this whole ordeal had gone on long enough, but Fanny put the pedal to the medal. This caused Nevaeh to whip back into her seat as Fanny was keeping up with the other car. Nevaeh could see through the rear view mirror a fierce look in Fanny’s eyes as she eyed the car. As they got even Nevaeh could now see the driver behind the wheel was an elderly man. Yet that didn’t deter Fanny)

”Watch where you’re going Father Time. You’re not the only one on the road. Either stay up to date or get off the street turdsniffer!”

(Surprisingly the older man just waved Fanny off dismissively. This only brought on a more physical response from Fanny as she now flicked her hand under her chin.

Nevaeh remained stunned by all that was going on around her. Fanny now drove faster and took the turn they needed to to get to the gym. Fanny, once calming down, looked in the rear view mirror)

”Can you believe the damn nerve from that douchenozzle? He cuts me off and then acts like WE are bringing some sort of annoyance to him. I got respect for my elders, but when they start acting out of pocket you got to reel them back in you know. I had a good mind to cut him off and really give him a piece of my mind, but I’m too classy for that. I’m sorry you had to endure that. Are you alright?”

(It all made sense to Nevaeh why Fanny’s rating was what it was. It actually surprised her that it wasn’t lower with what she had just seen. As for is she was alright...Nevaeh figured the answer would be obvious at this point.)

’NO..no I’m not alright. We nearly got in a humiliating situation right there. You then started getting into it with the driver, while still driving this car. Did you hear that part? Do you understand what I just said? You got into it while still driving the car!? I’m in the backseat of said car you are driving! You tried to sell me products, you started asking me personal questions. So no Ms. Foxworth I am not alright. I’m actually very annoyed at the moment. I think it’s best if you pulled over and I’ll just walk the rest of the way to the gym. This ride has gone as far as it needs to.”

(Fanny now seemed to become panicked as she alternated between looking over her shoulder at Nevaeh and at the road. That act only infuriated Nevaeh more as Fanny began to plead her case.)

”Hey wait hold on now. You’re emotional right now. We just dealt with a case of road rage from an elderly man, I’m in the same state of mind too. I’m angry and upset. I want to lash out at the world. I acted the way I did in defense of my customer here. I am well aware of the high priority clientele I am escorting to the gym, which might I add we are only five minutes away from. You’re emotional. You can’t be walking around anywhere in that state of mind. Let’s just finish this drive to the gym. The least I can do for you. It’s just a few minutes away by car. If you got on foot you got to go even longer. You know this to be true.”

(Nevaeh was aware it be longer on foot then if she stayed in the car. It ruffled her feathers that Fanny pointed it out. All Nevaeh wanted was to come workout and get away from the stresses in her life. Yet stress still found her. In the form of this woman named Fanny. Nevaeh really wanted to walk the rest of the way to the gym. It probably be easier on her. But by car it just take a few extra minutes. Was that worth spending a few extra minutes with Fanny?

Nevaeh had to really ponder this as they kept driving down the road. Fanny could still be seeing eyeing Nevaeh in the rear view mirror nervously. They were now approaching another red light. This was the moment. Get out and walk or just try and stick it out. The desire to get there quicker won out, Neveh just hoped it was worth it)

”Ok, fine. I’ll finish the ride. But if it’s alright with you I’d like for there to be silence the rest of the way. I just want to be with my thoughts.”

(Fanny nodded her head incessantly)

”Not a problem at all. The ride will be smooth as silk the rest of the way. You have my word.”

(Nevaeh was skeptical on that front, but held out a sliver of hope it be true..)


(The Prius now pulled into the gym parking lot, much to the relief of Nevaeh. All Nevaeh cared about was this ride being over and not having to be around this woman any longer. Nevaeh got to the gym like she wanted to which meant she could get lost for an hour or two, try and get Cassie, the Hall of Fame, and fanny out of her mind and just find some sort of peace.

Nevaeh reached for the door handle and was in the process of opening it as she spoke.)

’Well that was certainly a ride unlike I’ve ever been on. You have a good day Ms. Foxworth and…”

(As what seemed to become all too common during their time together Fanny again cut Nevaeh off. She no longer seemed in a lather like she was earlier dealing with the elderly man. Fanny now seemed more reserved and contrite as she leaned on the headrest of her seat and stared at Nevaeh with a somber face.)

”Before you go Nevaeh I want you to know something. I realize our journey here today may not of been the smoothest. I may have gotten a tad temperamental with that old man, though he was in the wrong. But I quite enjoyed it. I know you weren’t happy, but that’s why I’m gonna ask you to consider a deal I have. It’s worth your wild too!”

(Nevaeh sighed at the thought. What could Fanny possibly have to offer her that Nevaeh would take her up on. Nevaeh started to shake her head)

”Ms. Foxworth I’m sure you’re deal is nice, but I’m simply just trying to go about my day at this point. Thank you for the ride and..”

(Again Fanny cut her off)

”How bout I stay here and give you a ride back to your hotel? Free of charge!

(Nevaeh now just stared at Fanny with an inquisitive look. How could that happen? And why would Fanny think Nevaeh would take her up on it? Nevaeh tried to be civil)

’That’s awfully generous of you to do Ms. Foxworth., but how exactly would that work? You’re on the clock are you not? Wouldn’t this all come out of my pocket considering I’m paying with my card? Add on I’m not sure how long I’d actually be working out for, that could mean you missing out on other paydays. Why would you give that up? Is this about trying to get a good rating out of me? You have to understand….”

(Fanny once more cut her off...)

”It’s not about the rating….I mean I’d like a great rating, but it’s more than that. Like I said, you didn’t have that good of an experience. Alot of things happened, out of my control mind you, but I take my job seriously. I want my customers to have a good time. I don’t mind the wait and I’ll calculate how much money you’d would be spending while in the gym and pay you back out of pocket. I’ll even throw in the skin creme. Besides wouldn’t it be easier to get done with your workout and have a ride waiting for you instead of having to call another Uber and waiting? You never know how long some of these drivers will take. There’s alot of strange ones out there too.”

(The irony of Fanny saying such a thing was not lost on Nevaeh. Everything told her to decline this offer and just go the the gym. To never see this woman again. But she did have a point. It would be easier to have her here waiting for her instead of getting another driver and waiting. But was dealing with fanny Foxworth actually worth the hassle?

Nevaeh had to struggle with this choice as she studied Fanny….)

’...if I agree to this deal I want something to be understood. When I get out we are to just get back to my hotel. No more personal questions, no more flipping off old men. Just be a nice, easy ride. Can you guarantee me that will happen Ms. Foxworth?”

(Fanny now held one hand up and the other on her chest)

’I solemnly swear to it Nevaeh. You have my word that everything will be just fine when you get out of there.”

(Nevaeh let out a sigh as she actually sat there and wondered why she was about to do this. Was the ride really worth all the possible outcomes?)

”Very well. I’ll see you in a few hours. And remember you gave your word!”

(Fanny gave Nevaeh an exuberant thumbs up as she turned back into her seat. Nevaeh still didn’t understand why she was doing this. Nevaeh shook her head and started heading towards the gym...when she heard “My Neck, My Back” by Khia blasting from the car. Nevaeh turned and looked to now see Fanny singing along and dancing to the song in her seat. Nevaeh just stared and rolled her eyes before resuming her walk to the gym.


(Two Hours had now passed as we found Nevaeh, glistening as she was cooling down from her workout at the front counter as she awaited her protein shake. As she waited she looked at her phone to see if she had any missed messages. There was a text from her Mother, asking once more when the hall of fame date was. Nevaeh’s parents were coming to the event in support of their daughter.

There was a light for the event for Nevaeh. Her parents would be there, her closest friends would be there. She would have everything possible to have a good evening. She just had to manage to look Cassie in the eye and go through with this apology. Nevaeh was determined to do it, even with the comments. To Nevaeh her friend was in there. But all of this was easier said than done….

Nevaeh answered her Mother back with the information and put the phone down on the counter. She looked at the gym employee making her shake, hoping it go a tad bit faster. But as she did this Nevaeh realized something. If the employee went faster that meant she’d get to her ride quicker. This caused Nevaeh to now turn her head towards the exit as she looked out the gym window and saw Fanny waiting in the car, still dancing and singing.

Nevaeh just stared at her. It shouldn’t be that bad of a ride. They discussed this already. Fanny gave Nevaeh her word that everything would be alright. Nevaeh though just kept thinking that it wasn't. Her trance like state was broken when the employee finally did come over and give her her shake. Nevaeh went about paying for it and grabbed the drink and her phone off the counter. Here we go. Time to get back to the penthouse.

Nevaeh began making her way to the exit. A muscular man had already exited and was walking past where fanny was parked. Nevaeh had just reached the outside as he passed Fanny’s line of sight. Fanny, like a lion in the Serengeti quickly had her eyes locked on him. She lowered her window, never breaking sight as she now barked out towards the man.

”My oh my. You don’t look like a snack you look like a whole damn seven course meal and I’m starving!.”

(The man seemed startled by the declaration. He looked over his shoulder and hurried up his pace. Nevaeh looked dumbfounded as she stood there while Fanny followed up…)

”The squats are doing you good!”

(Fanny grinned like a Cheshire cat as she kept watching the man walk away. Nevaeh stood in place, sighing, as she realized she was gonna have to get back in this car. But as Nevaeh stood there a man in a backpack, backwards cap, and cellphone in hand came up on her. He basically had his phone in Nevaeh’s face as he started to ask her a question)

Man: “Nevaeh Summers! When do you plan on getting back into the ring? Has there been any traction with FFW as far as that goes? Why not try anywhere else in the meantime?’[/b][/color]

(Nevaeh was bewildered by the sudden confrontation. The cellphone was right in her face as Nevaeh moved backwards and  put a hand up to push it away, but the young man moved it around to make sure he could keep seeing her as he recorded. Anger could be heard in Nevaeh’s voice as she spoke.)

”Wait, what? Who are you? How the hell did you know I was here

(Nevaeh was still trying to get away from the young man, but he stayed on her, cellphone still being put in her face.)

Man:”I’m Devin, have my own news channel on the “Tube. Got tipped off by somebody who saw you in there. I’m here trying to get the answers the people want to know, that’s all.”

(That didn’t ease Nevaeh at all. If anything it only caused more annoyance to this situation.)

’Yeah well I don’t feel like answering any questions right now from a complete stranger.I gotta go.” Get that fucking cellphone out of my face.

(Nevaeh now tried to brush past the young man and get to Fanny and the car. But Devin would constantly dart in front of her to stop her from doing so. Fanny had finally stopped looking at her man and now turned around. She now started to looking at the young man constantly moving. It wasn’t till nevaeh darted that fanny saw what was going on. She sat in her seat and kept observing.)

Man: Are you still addicted to drugs? Still partaking in it or have you cleaned up your habit finally?”

(Nevaeh now stopped moving momentarily as she was appalled by what she was just asked. She looked at the young man with a scowl and pointed her index finger at him. Her voice going higher as her anger started running through her.)

”I never was addicted to it. That’s bullshit and you’re an asshole for coming here and bothering, you’re an even bigger asshole if you try and sell this shit as anything else. Get the fuck away from me. Get the fuck out of my way before I call the cops.”

(Nevaeh was now just trying to move past the young man, but he again was moving in front of her. Nevaeh was now getting physical with him, pushing him, but the young man kept shoving his cellphone into her face. Fanny was now getting upset the more she watched this.)

Man:”Just answer the questions and set the record straight than. You’re former manager said you had drug problems. The owner of FFW did as well.  Where there's smoke there's fire. Any truth to the rumors that you and Silas were closer than alleged? Do you plan on giving Silas Mason credit for your career at your hall of fame induction? Why did you keep Cassie Mason a secret?”

(Nevaeh momentarily paused. He had the nerve to insinuate her and Silas were something deeper? He brought up Cassie to her? Nevaeh locked in on him and seemed to have bad intentions in her eyes. Beating somebody up in public wasn’t gonna be a good look for Nevaeh. But she was so angry and embarrassed right now she ddin’t care. Nevaeh began to clench her fist, no doubt about to go viral once she punched this dude in the face. But like all day she got interrupted...)

”Didn’t you hear her huh!? She said get the fuck outta her face fuckface!”

(Nevaeh seemed to snap out of her anger as she and the man both now turned and saw Fanny storming there way. Fanny looked like she was ready to maul somebody as the man seemed confused. Nevaeh was trembling with her anger, but just watched as Fanny approached the man, scowling at him as the man seemed appalled)

Man: “Huh? Who are you?”

(Fanny was now in the man’s face, her finger right in his cheek with aggression. Nevaeh just  continued to watch it all go down in front of her.)

”I’m someone you better listen to or else! Now get the hell out of here pissant! Go bother a Kardashian or some shit!”

Man: “Hey it’s a free country I have every right to….Gah”

(Before the man could finish Fanny had now reached and grabbed his phone from his hands. She then threw it on the floor and stomped on it multiple times.Nevaeh and the man were in shock, but for vastly different reasons. Nevaeh almost seemed in awe of what was going on right now. But why was fanny doing this for her? After everything that happened today? Though she had to admit she enjoyed as fanny destroyed this pricks phone. The man however wasn’t so pleased...)

Man: “Hey that’s my phone! You’re gonna pay for that you bitc…. Hey whoa chill out.”

(Fanny had now approached the man and started kicking at him. The man now took off as Fanny chased after him for a moment. Nevaeh just kept watching it all as Fanny huffed and puffed)

”And don’t you ever come bother her again or else the only frank and beans you’ll know of is your Momma’s recipe!” YOU GOT!?

(Fanny looked like a raging bull as Nevaeh, who was still stunned. Looked at her. Did that really just happen? Did Fanny just handle business like that? Fanny herself was shaking her head as she now turned back and looked at Nevaeh)

”You ok? He didn’t rough you up or anything did he?

(Nevaeh slowly shook her head)

’No, no he didn't. I’m ok. That asshole came out of nowhere and just started hounding me with all these different questions, so much bullshit. I….I almost was close to punching him in the face. Till you intervened. Why did you do that?”

(Fanny just went about shrugging her shoulders and than gestured towards where the man ran off to)

”I could see he was bothering you. I heard the last couple of questions I asked. He crossed a line. Figured I should step in. That way he doesn’t get you reacting and make a profit on it. That’s what he was gunning for there. So I did what you wanted to in a sense. Drastic, but hey it got the job done right?

(Fanny looked very sincere in her explanation. Which was something Nevaeh wasn’t expecting, certainly not after the day they’ve had.)

”Yeah, it seems it did. Thank you for doing that Ms. Foxworth. I appreciate the thought and action. He was gonna get what he most likely wanted out of me. I was gonna punch him right in the fucking face, I swear I was. You saved me from an embarrassing situation to deal with. That’s the last thing I need right now.. So thank you for saving my ass there.”

(Fanny seemed elated by Nevaeh’s response as a grin appeared on ehr face. A grin that went ear to ear.)

”Hey glad I could help. I did tell you things would be smoother this go round and Fanny Foxworth keeps her word! Just glad to be of service to you.”

(Fanny kept smiling as Nevaeh now went about giving her a small smile back. THis did seem to work out better than how it started. Nevaeh ahd to admit that maybe there was more to Fanny than she had thought there to be. With the crisis averted Nevaeh was ready to get home, that was till Fanny himed back in.)

”Say you want to grab something to eat real quick? We can hit up Pink’s Hot Dogs. it ain’t too far from here. They’re delicious!”

(Nevaeh, while grateful for Fanny’s assistance, wasn’t exactly looking to eat right now. She just wanted to get back to her place. There was also the fact of what she just got done doing.)

”You want to go eat hot dogs? I’m not really a hot dog person Fanny. Plus I just got out of working out. You want me to go eat a hot dog right after that?”

(Nevaeh hoped Fanny would see where she was going with this. She was trying to be nice about this. Fanny seemed to contemplate Nevaeh’s logic.)

”Yeah good point. You can cut it in half. Eat half now, eat the other half later. Boom!  Problem solved! Let’s get going before the line gets longer”

(Fanny now brushed right past Nevaeh and headed for the car, leaving Nevaeh once more dumbfounded. It seems like she was going to a Hot Dog stand, or whatever this place was, no matter what.

Nevaeh seemed resigned to her fate as she now started to head back to the car.)
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