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May 24, 2018, 12:11:52 am
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The Timeline: Part 1

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Author Topic: The Timeline: Part 1  (Read 154 times)
Femme Fatale
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« on: March 25, 2018, 11:17:33 pm »

What It’s Like

Los Angeles, California

(Our scene opens up inside a penthouse at The Four Seasons. Sunlight is peeking through closed curtains. As we travel across the room we can see a kitchen area, as well as a desk area where a laptop is open. As we keep moving along we see a couch, a flat screen tv mounted on the wall. The main living room is immaculate looking with fine couches and artwork. In the background we can also see a kitchen area that seems to have state of the art equipment.

We move around the room some more till we eventually travel down a hallway and into another room, sporting the same curtains, a smaller break of light coming through them then the main room. It’s there that we see a figure that is lying in a large bed, the blanket covering them as a bare foot leans over the edge of the bed. The room remains quiet, undisturbed for several moments till the occupant of the bed now groans and slowly rolls over, moving the blanket slightly. It is with that movement however that we can finally see it is one Nevaeh Summers laying in the bed.

Nevaeh groans more as she stretches her arms and legs out before slowly opening her eyes. Nevaeh stares up at the ceiling for a time, a blank expression on her face as she does. She eventually props herself up to reach over and grab her cellphone off the nightstand. Nevaeh tap it quickly to see what time it is. She isn't surprised in the least that it reads "1: 54 pm".

Nevaeh laid back down and stared up at the ceiling with that blank expression. Seeing that time wasn't a surprise to her at all. Waking up at this time of day has become a regular occurence in Nevaeh's life for the past several months. Ever since December of last year she's stayed up as long as she wanted. Slept for as long as she's wanted. She can do whatever she pleases now since firing and attacking Silas Mason at Global Wars.

A firing long overdue. Nevaeh has not missed having to hear that asshole bark an order at her to train. Order her when to talk or when not to. Order her to live every aspect of her life. Order her wrestle like he saw fit.

She was even more thrilled she no longer had to look at the sight of him, or the feeling of disgust she had when she had to lower her head and do as he said because of the fear he may hurt one of his friends. That was gone now. She was free from having to ever hear or see him anymore.

Yet she laid there with that blank expression because while Silas was no longer in her life he was still causing her a great amount of pain.

It’s been 3 months since Nevaeh got suspended for faking the drug test in FFW, an action she still regrets doing. It was done out of fear. She was wrong for it. She accepts the blame and responsibility, but that doesn’t mean the pain isn’t eating at her. It does. It’s taken a huge toll on Nevaeh mentally. More so than even she thought it would and Nevaeh expected this to be hard. There have been some good days for her. You can even see it when she occasionally tweets. But the bad far outweigh the good for the most part. There’s just so much more of it for Nevaeh.

During this time, which Nevaeh has alot of,  Nevaeh has had to come to grips with certain things. One was dealing with how hard it was to hear Cassandra Mason, a woman she considered such a close friend...a woman who was a lover..cry over the phone. Cassandra wanted so badly to have Nevaeh tell her that everything Silas said in that interview was a lie. That she didn’t plan that deed out to break up her and her boyfriend at the time. That Nevaeh would never do that to her. Nevaeh couldn’t lie to her, not anymore. Not after all of this. So Nevaeh gave Cassandra the truth, Nevaeh confirmed that what Silas said was true. Nevaeh and Silas did conspire to break up Cassandra’s relationship, all so Nevaeh could selfishly get her back under her finger. Nevaeh herself couldn’t help but breakdown when Cassandra asked her “How could you do that to me? I trusted you! All this time you  lied to me! Right to my face. WHY?”. Nevaeh tried to explain to her that made a horrible mistake, a huge fuck up. That she couldn’t tell her the truth before cause of the fear and regret she had over it. Nevaeh didn’t ask for forgiveness, that wasn’t gonna be easy to get after that. Nevaeh just kept repeating that she was so sorry that she hurt her, she never wanted to hurt her. But she did...she hurt Cassandra very badly. Nevaeh could hear it in Cassandra’s sob and when Cassandra told her to never call or talk to her again.

Nevaeh hadn’t called Cassandra since then. She didn’t try to communicate with her in anyway. Cassandra had every right to feel the way she did towards her. Nevaeh caused this, she’s the one who ruined their friendship...who ruined their bond from the get go when she did what she did. It was Nevaeh who now had to deal with the guilt all on her own.

Having as much time as he did was a war for Nevaeh. She dealt with that problem while also dealing with another. One she didn’t fully see coming.

Nevaeh never really quite realized what wrestling meant to her during her entire run in FFW. THis suspension has caused her to really understand just how much her life was messed up. How she had the wrong things prioritized. When Nevaeh first started it was all about winning titles and attaining fame. Those were her intentions when she first started wrestling. Why would someone put their body through so much agony if it wasn’t about all those things? It wasn’t till now that Nevaeh started to possibly understand the reasoning other people ahd for it. The love of stepping into a ring and competing. Of seeing who had the better skill on that night. To see who could endure the hardship of a match, of having someone dishing out everything they had to get a victory, just like you were. Winning was always gonna be the ultimate goal in this business. Nevaeh enjoyed winning, but right now she could only try and remember what it felt like to get her arm raised.  But this time not remembering it covered in vain, but cause on that night, in that match, she was the best.

Simply put Nevaeh missed wrestling. Not winning titles, not gloating in front of a sold out crowd. She missed wrestling itself. The whole game of it...she never thought she’d ever feel that way about the business. Then again she never thought she’d feel certain ways about alot of things.

Nevaeh had been told countless times by another close friend, Ember Carmichael, that going through these emotions were a natural reaction after enduring what she did. Ember has repeatedly told her that her phone is always on and she’ll be there for Nevaeh to talk to, which Nevaeh has done many times. So much so that she feels wrong for “bugging” Ember as much as she does. As it is Nevaeh has relied on Ember so much over the past few years, just like she has relied on Steph Stefano

Everytime she talks to either woman it ends up with Nevaeh telling them both how grateful she is for the both of them. Both Ember and Steph constantly tell her to stop doing that, that it’s not necessary, but to Nevaeh it is. She’s grateful for them. They helped get her out a situation that was getting worse by the day, that was damaging Nevaeh in so many ways. They saved Nevaeh’s life. Neither Ember or Steph want to hear that, they don’t want Nevaeh in that mindset. They both want Nevaeh to be more positive, to know that right now is hard, but there will be light at the end of the tunnel so to speak. That Nevaeh is gonna make it out of this.

But that is far from the mindset Nevaeh has. Ember and Steph may not want to have Nevaeh think it, but she can’t help it...she needs Ember..she needs Steph. As much as Nevaeh tries to act calm and make it seem like she’s getting by during all of this deep down she’s absolutely miserable about all of this. Nevaeh has talked Ember’s ear off many nights about how she’s felt. Ember has tried to reassure her that she’ll be back in that ring, but that’s hope not a certainty. Nevaeh’s life has a huge void and she has tried to find ways to keep herself busy during this time. But NOTHING can fill the void that wrestling filled in her life. Something that she never fully appreciated is now the thing she wants to do more than anything else.

Some would say why not just go somewhere else, try different things to occupy your time. Those aren’t options for Nevaeh. Not many people want to touch someone with “faked a drug test” attached to their name at the moment. Not good public relations.  Not that Nevaeh blamed them, she wouldn’t want her around either at the moment. But Nevaeh isn’t looking to go anywhere else and wrestle. For her it’s FFW. If she had her way that is where she’d be wrestling right now. She has accomplished many things in the company. Some great...some not so much...but FFW is where she wants to be. She’s also wanting to prove something in the company. She wants to show that she was her own woman and not just some worker who was good at taking orders from that cowboy hat wearing jackass.

Proving she was not a Silas pawn is a very big deal to Nevaeh. She wants to prove that in the worst way and accomplish her two goals. Those two goals are unknown to anybody but Nevaeh. Not even Ember or Steph know about them. Nevaeh bothers them enough with her troubles, bogging them down with her goals isn’t needed, especially when it comes to Steph. Steph is in the middle of a hot streak right now. It’s about her, not Nevaeh. Nevaeh is just thrilled for Steph. Happy that Steph is the belle of the ball between FFW and SVW. That helps perk Nevaeh up for a time. It’s the only real way she can watch FFW programming without falling into a deep funk. Even watching this past pay-per-view, Fury, wasn’t easy.

Seeing Abigail Lindsay in the first match wasn’t uplifting, it made Nevaeh downright surly. It has not been lost on Nevaeh everything Abigail had to say in her return to the company. How she feared for her safety cause of Nevaeh. That all was…”GOOD”...now that she was suspended. Nevaeh has sat and watched Abigail run her mouth as well as practically drug Caitlyn Storm. Nevaeh hasn’t forgotten that feeling either. It’s why she scowls whenever Abigail pops up on tv, twitter, anywhere. Even though Abigail lost Nevaeh couldn’t truly enjoy it. That wasn’t punishment enough for Abigail in Nevaeh’s mind.

Nevaeh observed many things throughout the show, how two new champions were crowned, including Kaoru Asaka winning the FFW title. A title Nevaeh still missed.  Nevaeh witnessed how so many new faces were really leaving a mark on the company. The Franchise came up short in their goal to get Savannah Taylor an FFW title match. That was sure to pep up Samantha Star and her newfound attitude. Nevaeh even watched as SVW marred the end of the show with their attack. A very weird sensation came over Nevaeh as she watched it. A mix of anger and helplessness. She felt upset watching and not being able to do anything…

..but she couldn’t do anything. She was suspended, forced by her own doing to just watch all of this happen. Not like FFW really needed her. Aside from this attack it was undeniable that FFW was doing well...really well.

Nevaeh tried to take it in stride and not trying to think so negatively. If not for Steph retaining the Evolution title she wouldn’t of gotten through it without feeling miserable. Nevaeh does fall, but seeing Steph do well helps lighten the blow of having to sit here in this place and not be able to do anything inside those ropes. Steph deserves the acclaim and recognition she is getting. But with Nevaeh’s mindset it does creep into her head how when she was the top champion in FFW she never got to truly enjoy it. Silas did, but for her it was always about training to make sure she never lost it. Hearing the threats of what could happen if she ever did. And those threats were not hollow...

More guilt runs through Nevaeh’s head when she does that. How when she tries not to think of what is happening to her, when she does try to focus on positive things her mind shifts back to the misery. It’s why she just lays there in bed, just there in the penthouse, in silence, doing nothing. As much as Nevaeh doesn’t really want to do anything she knows doing this will only make things worse. She has to try and move around somewhat. That causes Nevaeh to let out a long, deep sigh and throw the blanket off herself to show she is wearing a white t-shirt and unicorn pajamas.

Nevaeh now gets up and starts to walk around the penthouse. This room has been occupied for Nevaeh for a few months now. It’s been her residence so to speak. Ever since breaking away from Silas and that prison he called a home Nevaeh moved into the penthouse when spending time in Los Angeles. Nevaeh felt it was best for her. She had a standing offer from Ember to stay in her guest room, but Nevaeh didn’t want to impose on her or Steph. She was doing that enough. She may stay overnight at their places, but to live there? That was asking too much. So when she was here she’d stay in this penthouse. When she traveled back to Atlanta she stayed with her parents having long sold her home in the city.

Nevaeh Summers, a vagabond..she never would of thought it but here she is. She didn’t want to settle down and buy a home, not right now. Not when all of this was still going on. So the penthouse would do. She made her way over to the curtains and started to open them up, instantly greeted by the bright sunlight. Nevaeh shook her head rapidly and closed the curtains back shut.

We now cut to Nevaeh staring at a mirror and brushing her teeth, looking as stone faced as one can while doing so. After that we cut to Nevaeh in the kitchen of the penthouse. She grabs a water bottle out of the fridge and opens it up to take a drink. She still sports a blank expression on her face two pieces of bread pop up out of the toaster, the only device nevaeh can actually properly work in the kitchen. Her culinary skills are still very much a work in progress.

We now cut to Nevaeh sitting at a small table eating said toast, still looking emotionless as she does it. Nevaeh just takes abit, looking at the latest news on her phone.

We now cut to Nevaeh sitting at the desk in the main room, typing away on her laptop as she does. She’s currently looking up the newest Avengers trailer. It seems exciting but again she shows no reaction. Not even during the tense moment near the end of it. She just doesn’t seem to be reached right now.

We now cut to Nevaeh pacing back and forth in the room while “Never Again” by Breaking Benjamin plays. Nevaeh seems to be muttering softly to herself, even making gestures. One seems to look like a lock up, before stepping through.  She then acts as if someone had gone behind her and has their arms wrapped around her waist. Nevaeh proceeds to grab the imaginary arm and work her way out of the grasp of the fictional opponent, going so far as to wrench the arm. .Nevaeh reenacts these movements several times over. Again and again. Still never changing expressions.

Nevaeh keeps up the blank stare as we now see her downstairs in the hotel restaurant, this time though sporting sunglasses and a beanie on her head while wearing a black tracksuit.. She doesn’t want anybody recognizing her right now as she eats her smoked salmon . Interacting with other people isn’t something Nevaeh has wanted to do much. Talking with Ember and Steph is more than welcomed, as is with a select few others, but for the main part Nevaeh is keeping to herself. She wants it that way..it just works better.

Being alone is what Nevaeh continues to be as we now come to find her sitting on the couch and surfing through channels. She goes through each channel available to her, looking zoned out as nothing seems to catch her attention, or she’s not giving anything the chance to.

We now cut to Nevaeh laying back in bed, nightfall has taken shape as she lays there, listening to “Who You Are” by Jessie J on her phone. The song has reached its end, but Nevaeh starts it back up again, listening to the whole song through. Her face is still blank as she stares up at the ceiling. The whole song plays through again only for Nevaeh to once more start it back up. She is listening till the song cuts off and her phone tells her she has received a new text. Nevaeh looked at her phone and sees she’s gotten a text from Ember. Nevaeh is quick to open it up to read what Ember has sent her.)


”Hey Nev, just checking up on you. A text a day keeps the doctor away, or something.”

(Ember did like to check up on Nevaeh, which Nevaeh didn't mind at all. She enjoyed the conversations. It was a bright spot in her day. She typed away as fast as she could...)


Hello Giraffe. How are you? I’m ok. Just relaxing. Have you come inside after working out naked in the snow already? Lol

(Nevaeh was still stonefaced, throwing in the “lol” to have Ember at ease. Though Nevaeh was concerned with what she saw earlier.. Ember had become a real workout fiend the past few months. It was like she practically lived in the gym nowadays. Nevaeh did wonder why that was. And to see her doing the things she was like working out in the snow were extreme. PLus working out still wasn’t something she thought much of. After the experience of the past year she didn’t want to be in a gym. She had only really done one full workout and that was because Ember dragged her to it. The Good doctor was persistent, and it was unfair she was so much smarter than Nevaeh, it really was. But Nevaeh loved her. Another text from Ember soon followed.)


”Hey now! I wasn’t naked, but apparently the cold gives you more motivation. That or my trainer was just being a jerk...really not sure atm. Relaxing today, too. Just thinking about you, keep in touch ok. I won’t charge you by the text!”

(And for the first time today Nevaeh let out the shortest of giggles. That was Ember, even when Nevaeh didn't really find joy in anything Ember could still get it out of her. Just like Steph could do with her unique view on the world. Both on and off the red wine. Nevaeh shook her head as she fired a text back)


I’m good Em. Thank you for the consideration and thought. It’s why you’re the best….and you better not charge me. I’d be broke by now if ya did…...also tell the jackass that he better watch out who he is messing with. Not to push you or you’ll kick him in the head...last giraffe joke I swear. But really you don’t need a trainer. You should be a trainer yourself by this point.

(Ember really should be. She probably had a better routine then Nevaeh at this point. Ember sent a text back…)


”Well if it’s that important I could always use a training buddy. Hmmm...if only I knew a world class former champion friend who could come with me and show me a few things. HMMMM IF ONLY....”

(This had been something Ember had really been on Nevaeh about. She was always wanting Nevaeh to come join her, claiming it be fun. Working out was not seen as fun to Nevaeh. Not to make this awkward or flat out reject Ember, Nevaeh gave a generic response.)


There’s nothing I could show you. You’re in way better shape then I am anyways. Looking like a toned, agile gazelle. You got everything handled nicely. I’m gonna call it an early night Em. Woke up real early today, real tired now. Gonna get my beauty rest to try in vain to catch up to ya. Good night sweetie.

(Nevaeh was joking about that, half meant it. Ember had a grace and elegance to her that Nevaeh could only dream of having. Of course the Good Doctor always deflected it. Nevaeh was sure she’d do so in this text she had just sent.)


”I’m like a coordinated giraffe. Tongue Just remember it’s an open invite. Rest well hon, nightie night.”

(But Nevaeh never did fall asleep. Instead we now find her at three in the morning of March 23rd messing around on her phone playing Fortnite Mobile. After the hype Drake gave it she figured why not give a game a try. Getting destroyed instantly lead to her uninstalling quickly...what the hell is a chug jug anyways? Stupid game, utter waste of her time...

..We now find Nevaeh again on her laptop eating breakfast at 6 in the morning at the kitchen table. She used postmates to get her scrambled eggs and sausage with wheat toast. She was now watching tutorials on how to get better at Fortnite...competitiveness did still linger in there after all.

After all that time we now found Nevaeh walking into her bedroom, cellphone in hand. She’s been up nearly twenty-four hours now. Just doing menial things, trying to kill time as she could. She plopped herself down in her bed and just laid there. It wouldn’t take long till she passed out for another 12 hour sleep. Only to wake up and...do this all over again. That was her daily process. How she was to spend life for the time being.

Nevaeh rolled over on to her back and closed her eyes. She could feel herself drifting away into slumber. Mr. Sandman bring me a dream….

Well he was till she felt her phone ding in her hand. Nevaeh opened one eye and shifted it towards her hand. She was thinking whether or not she should check what it was. It was probably nothing really important….but may be it might be interesting. Curiosity got the better of Nevaeh. She brought the phone to her face and checked what it was. It was a tweet from Jake, handler of FFW’s twitter account. He was tweeting out welcoming a new signee to the company. That person being…

Nevaeh threw the phone to the other side of the bed as she got off it and quickly got to her feet. She stared at it with a look of disbelief. She didn't see what she just did. There was no way she just did. Nevaeh stood there trying to process it before slowly making her way around the bed towards the phone. She grabbed it and turned it around. As she gazed at the screen she looked very troubled as she saw Cassie….Cassandra Mason was now a part of FFW?! Was this real? Was this some sort of hoax?

When she saw Cassandra tweet confirming the news soon after she stood there with a growing anxiety inside of her, as if she was...scared….

...the scene abruptly went black….
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« Reply #1 on: March 26, 2018, 11:34:26 pm »

Don’t Turn Back

10:43 am

(Our scene opens up back in the main room of the penthouse Nevaeh Summers has been staying in. The current view is shooting the back of the couch as well as the room. But unlike the last time we saw it where the room was in pristine condition it is anything but that now. Littered around the room are plates and boxes from various restaurants. As well as many different water bottles.

As the camera pans around the room we see more garbage on the counters in the kitchen. The camera comes around the couch, now facing the seats and we come to find Nevaeh passed out on it. She is sleeping soundly on her side, mouth ajar as strands of her blonde hair lay strewn over her face.

Nevaeh has remained inside this room for the past couple of days since finding out Cassandra Mason had joined FFW. Her phone is somewhere here in this room, not having been touched in some time.. The same goes for her laptop. Nevaeh has cut off all communication with the outside world. She’s only used her phone to order food. Other then that she has refused to see what has been going on or answer any phone calls or texts.

Which she has received many of, mainly from Ember Carmichael and Steph Stefano. Both women have been wanting to see how she is feeling, but Nevaeh ignores the calls and texts. She doesn’t listen to the countless voicemails they have left. She doesn’t want to talk to anybody right now.

Instead she sits here, listens to her music, eats when she’s hungry….that’s it. Just trying not to think about what’s going on outside these walls . And right now she’s totally out of it. All is quiet, Nevaeh is knocked out cold.

But we do soon start to hear a door handle being messed with. It doesn’t take long for the front door to the room to start to shake from a few hard knocks before a long exhale.)

”Nevaeh I swear to God I will break this door down. You know I can! You can’t be doing this all over again, c’mon! We went through this before already, open the door!”

Steph made an impassioned plea, but they fell on deaf ears, literally. Nevaeh was still passed out on the couch. Another knock was soon heard as Steph spoke up once more.)

”Fine. You asked for this. I’ll pay for the damages, whatever!”

There was silence... And then the sound of the lock clicking before the door opens as the brunette pushed her way through the doorway, her eyes narrowed as she began looking around. A moment later Ember soon followed, the doctor looking around curiously and glancing outside before shutting the door behind them. Both seemed less then pleased with what they were currently seeing. Steph looks down, and around but seems too quick to actually be seeing things or trying to get a proper clue. She stares down the hall at the bedroom door...

”Maybe she’s in the bedroom... I’ll toss it about if I have to.”

She immediately took off for the bedroom, stomping down the hall half the way through before she pushed open the door as though it was an action movie, the doorknob making a loud smack against the wall before the sound of the bed being slowly raised... And flipped over was heard, as well as a loud clatter of a nightstand being knocked over.

The ruckus did seem to finally get to Nevaeh as she slowly stirred on the couch. Her eyes briefly opened as she tried to process if she had actually heard those loud noises. Meanwhile Ember took a look around floor level, gingerly eying the place. Ember was tall, so she got a good look around but even then it took her a few moments to notice the stirring blonde on the couch. Furrowing her brow and pulling a face at the sight before her she let out a sigh. This was not good at all. )

”She’s in here Steph”

(Upon hearing actual voices in the room other then her own startled Nevaeh, who jumped up out of the couch and stumbled, knocking over a box and water bottle in the process. She clenched her fists and looked ready to defend herself till she started to make out the tall, slender figure she was staring at through groggy eyes.

Was that really Ember? Before Nevaeh could even ask such a question verbally Steph came storming back into the room. She proceeded to spot Nevaeh and looked as though she would have tipped over the couch had the blonde not popped out of it already. She put a hand over her face before the brunette looked between her fingers at the woman who they had gotten into her penthouse.

”Won’t answer to emails. Won’t answer to calls. Won’t answer to texts. Why... Why do you keep doing this?”

(It was a hardhitting and direct question. One that was to be expected out of them considering how Nevaeh has acted the past few days. Nevaeh understood why they felt the way they did. She, unfortunately, had done this too many times to them before.  Steph practically looked ready to strangle her. Ember, always calm in the face of the storm, looked at her with a measured expression.

Nevaeh rubbed her eyes quickly to try and wake up before answering in a firm tone herself.)

’I didn’t feel like talking to anybody. It’s that simple, ok? I just wanted to be here by myself. There’s nothing to worry about. You can see for yourselves that I’m ok. So stop worrying and..showing up here and scaring the shit out of me. Everything is fine.”

(It was a poor excuse she was giving. One Ember seemed to see right through)

”Not wanting to talk isn’t the same as disappearing off the face of the earth Nev. After everything that has happened...you said this wouldn’t happen again. We had no idea if you were even still here, or kidnapped or I dunno. We were worried!”

(Guilt. That was what was coming over Nevaeh right now. She tried not to show signs of it. Guilt was all she was feeling the past few days and here she was facing it again. She tried to hold firm as she responded back.)

”I..this isn’t like it was...look this is ridiculous. It’s only been what a day? I’m sorry, I am. I won’t do it again. Can we just relax, ok? I’m not kidnapped or any other crazy thing. I’m right here. It’s me, Nevaeh. In the flesh. Nothing to worry about so relax.”

(Nevaeh now started to make her way into the kitchen area, where she reached the fridge. She opened it up acted as if she was looking for something. The truth was she just wanted to temporarily avoid looking at Steph and Ember. Steph in particular looked to just be locked in on her. She silently walked towards Nevaeh before peering inside of the fridge...)

”I’d really believe you were actually trying to find food in this fridge if you weren’t staring at the shelf that only has condiments, Nevaeh. There’s plenty to worry about when you shut down on us.”

(Nevaeh could feel the tension radiating off of Steph right now. She knew this was a losing battle, but she pressed on anyways. Grabbing a bottle of water from the bottom shelf before closing the fridge. She turned and stared Steph right in the eyes, seeing in them an upset woman. Guilt panged her again, as she looked past Steph now and saw Ember carefully making her way behind Steph. She alternated looks at them)

’I know you care and that you’re upset, but I’m telling you both that there’s nothing to be worried about. I get past history caused it. I should of known better. Again I’m sorry for worrying you. I don’t mean to do it,I just….I need time to myself sometimes. That’s all. You know it’s nothing to do with you. It never will be. I just needed time to myself. Can we relax now?!”

(Nevaeh went about opening the bottle and went to take a sip. But before she could Steph grabbed her hand. It was a firm grip, but not a painful one.. Nevaeh looked down at her hand and then looked up at Steph.)

”I get it, okay. I do. Wanting to be alone... But this? This is a lot of shit coming down on you... It doesn’t matter if it has nothing to do with us, we still have to make sure you’re okay and when you can’t even answer any texts or emails to say ‘hey, I just need a little time and then we’ll talk about this later’? Then we have to come and check on you. But you didn’t... So here we are.”

(Guilt. It hit Nevaeh hard again as her upper lip twitched and she looked away from Steph. She didn't say anything back. She just stood there quietly, feeling nothing but guilt running through her. Ember now came a bit closer, arms crossed but not tense. Instead the doctor took a few moments to speak, not wanting to approach this incorrectly.)

”We care, Nev. I mean if all of a sudden Steph or I stopped replying and vanished we know you’d worry too. But when you just poofed we had to come see for ourselves, just in case. I don’t know what the trigger was, but going by the takeout filling this place I get the feeling it isn’t just passing through.”

(Nevaeh was still looking away from the both of them. Her emotions were clearly visible to the both of them. She didn’t want this to happen, to have this sort of conversation again. Nevaeh wanted to just ignore what was bothering her, to not talk about what the cause of the issue was. But she realized that neither of them were going to leave and she didn’t want to really kick them out. Why was she even acting the way she was to them right now? Nevaeh had no answers, all she could do was remain standing there silently for another moment as her guilt was consuming her even more. Nevaeh remained looking away before speaking softly)

...’I can’t go back to FFW. Not like there’s been any signs of them wanting me back anytime soon...but yeah I can’t. ...Wrestling...maybe I my career is just over. Maybe I’m just wasting time waiting for a pipedream to come true. I’m some dumb bitch who hired an asshole, got popped for a fake drug test. I fuck up, it’s what I do. I hurt people….I hurt people I care for. I should just drop this. Why wait, there’s no point in it anymore. What I do know for sure is that FFW is no longer an option. The door closed on that.”

(Stephanie grimaced slightly. She didn’t understand how nevaeh could say that or where it came from.)

”You don’t know that. Okay? You don’t know that you’ll never be able to come back to FFW. They’ve forgiven more for less. Yeah, you fucked up. There’s absolutely no erasing that, that’s the truth but you learned your lesson. You can’t fix the past but you can deal with your future and this... All of this is not dealing. What you just did? That’s not dealing. That’s hiding and fuck me, sometimes hiding is great... But not all the time Nevaeh.”

(Nevaeh again just stood there. She didn’t know what to say, she just felt helpless right now. That nothing could change what has happened. Ember took another step forward, those eyes both kind and stern at the same time.)

”You know I’m not one to live by assumptions and ‘what it looks like’, but Nev...does this possibly have anything to do with a recent hire FFW has made? I mean it was kind of coincidentally at the very same time, or immediately after that this happened. Is this, possibly, having to do with some remaining guilt over your past?”

(Nevaeh did not respond. If anything she turned away from them completely and walked towards the  a kitchen counter. Nevaeh placed her hands on the counter and elabed on it. Ember and Steph watched her closely as Nevaeh’s body language was dour.. She had her back to the both of them, her head hung low. Things remained silent in the kitchen for several moments till Nevaeh spoke up…)

”...Her actions dragged my name through the mud. Having your name known in FFW because a friend decided to play God with your life... not exactly looking forward to seeing her face if her suspension is lifted”……… I’ve replayed those words in my head over and over. You don’t know how many times I’ve done it. And you don’t know how much it hurt to see her say that in public. This hurts more then when Silas told the world about it. It hurts cause it’s from her….and she’s right. She is absolutely right.”

(Nevaeh now turned and looked at Ember & Steph. Her eyes looking bloodshot now. She was no trying to act defiant or persuade them that things were fine. She was a mess in front of them now as she tried to explain how she felt. This was guilt getting to her.)

”I used her for my own needs. I didn't care about her. I wasn’t a friend to her. You know what she did to deserve what I did to her? She was my best friend. That’s what she did. She only cared about me. She thought her friend had her back no matter what...and I used her. How could I ever look her in the face after seeing that? Obviously she doesn’t want to see me around. How can I ever go back there with her there now and be confronted with it constantly? I can’t. I can’t. Ever since she was signed I’ve felt horrible. Like..like everything is over. And she is right. She has the right to continue her career. I don’t deserve it. Not after what I did.

”That’s guilt Nev and if that’s true you are right to feel it. But that wasn’t all you, and no I’m not going to make excuses. But you have a choice. Wallow and be a shell of the woman we all know you are, or face your fears. Face your sins.”

(Nevaeh started to shake her head. The guilt, the pain of it all was too much to deal with. It was as if she was crippled by the emotions. This was why she allowed herself to be dictated to by Silas. Why she was willing to do as he said for all those years. To make sure that secret never got out cause of how it would feel if Cassie ever knew. It hurt even worse than nevaeh expected. She couldn’t face her...she couldn’t face Cassandra and the public after this.)

’I can’t..she trusted me Ember….she trusted me…..I lied to her for years. I looked her in the face and told her that he never deserved her. That she was better off without him...but she was really better off away from me. I just can’t deal with it. It’s too much.”

(Steph now approached Nevaeh, more calm, more serene this go around.)

”You made stupid choices, Nevaeh. Out of passion, out of lust, out of whatever it was at the time. You don’t think we don’t all have lies, have things we’re guilty about... But they come back and we deal with them. You have to deal with what is here in front of you... You have to face it, regardless of the guilt, regardless of the misery because that’s the only way you make peace with it. Instead of hiding away constantly, instead of walling up and waiting for the world to just forget you. You don’t want to be forgotten. You shouldn’t want to be forgotten, especially if you want to get back to what you love the most. What I love watching you do the most. I don’t just want you back in the ring. I need you back in the ring. Ember needs you back in the ring. Nevaeh.”

(Stephanie put a hand on her cheek, making sure that that they met, eye-to-eye in an odd bit of affection...)

”You need you back in that ring.”

(It was hard for Nevaeh to deal with all of this, but Steph was right. She did need and want to get back in the ring. She wanted to wrestle, she wanted it badly...but the idea of seeing Cassandra there. Of being reminded of what she did. Of having to hear it from the public. That was still tough for Nevaeh to deal with. It must’ve been visible as Ember now approached her, placing her hand on Nevaeh’s shoulder and rubbing it.)

”Guilt is important. But there’s a difference between dealing with it, and letting guilt drive you. You can’t let guilt make your decisions for you, to throw your career and dreams aside. You can deal with it, you can overcome it. And Nev, despite how you wanna hole up, you’re not alone. Never will be. And understand dear that the reason this guilt is affecting you so much is because you realize the error. You realize what you did was wrong. Back then you didn’t care, but you care deeply now. That says something about how far you’ve come as a person Nevaeh. You’re a work in progress, as we all are. But together we can all deal with our problems. And you will deal with yours, I promise you you will”

(Nevaeh stood there, surrounded by Ember and Steph, and while still unsure of what she was gonna do..it did feel somewhat good to know they were there for her. She felt even dumber that she had gone quiet on them. They were the only ones she could rely on. Realizing her mistake she nodded her head)

’You’re usually right giraffe…..I really hope you are this time. I...we’ll see if I can...but it…”

(Nevaeh realized she was rambling, that another excuse was about to come out. Neither Ember or Steph deserved to hear that. Not after they had come all the way here to check on her. They were her friends, they cared. If anything she did have to try. Whether it was gonna work was a different story. For now though she needed to atleast put an effort forward. Not to mention...this whole thing she upset her more.)

”..I’m sorry for being so stupid. I just...”

”...Could use a shower? We know but we won’t hold it against you. Go take a hot one because we have lunch to get. Probably pho. No, no... Definitely pho. Anyway, go on. Shoo. Shower. Soap. Water. Shampoo.”

(Nevaeh just stared at Steph. This was par for the course with her. Still Nevaeh looked at Ember, who nodded her eha din agreement and gestured towards the hallway. Nevaeh let out a sigh and took a step in that direction before pausing and turning back to look at them)

’Wait, real quickly. How did you two end up getting in here? The door was locked.”

”Nevaeh I opened a tech firm full of former criminals, hackers, and small time thugs. I think I know how to break into a penthouse sui--”

”She bribed the guy a hundred bucks. Like literally a hundred dollar bill, not even a handful of twenties.”

(Nevaeh just stared at Steph with a blank expression on her face. She then raised her index finger and pointed it in Steph’s direction. It looked like she was going to speak, but could never form the proper words. Eventually she just settled for tapping Steph on the tip of her nose. Nevaeh began walking towards her bedroom as we stayed on Steph and Ember..until)

’What the hell happened to my bedroom!?...STEPH!?

(Stephanie eyed the penthouse door and quietly began to inch her way towards it...Ember however just laughed and turned to Steph flexing her much thinner arms with a funny face)

”Enjoy your shower Nev! See ya in a bit!!!  Go go, door now...”

(Both Ember and Steph departed the penthouse as quickly as they could as the scene came to an end)
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”Everyone Prays In The End”

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11:32 am

(Our scene opens up once again inside the main room of the penthouse Nevaeh Summers is residing in. Unlike the previous few times we've seen it the room is full of noise as we flat out see Nevaeh is actually up and wide awake this early in the day. Waking up in the afternoon still happens now and then, but Nevaeh has tried to change that.

For the past few weeks Nevaeh has tried to take a more...positive approach to her life. Having the talk she did with Ember (Carmichael) and Steph (Stefano) did resonate with the blonde. She saw how much her going awol on them had upset them. And they were not hesitant to share those feelings with her. That talk was a hard one for Nevaeh. Having to express her emotions are a hard thing for her, especially on a matter such as the one they talked about. But now she could see how much she needed it.

Nevaeh was acting a negative manner. She was only hurting herself by cutting off communication with her friends. That was so stupid of her. But fear does weird things to us all. This is not to say that she is fine with the whole Cassandra Mason situation. She is still very much troubled by it, but she can’t let it cripple her either. That was what Ember and Steph tried to get through to her when they went out that day. Nevaeh can not let her past dictate her present, no matter how hard it may be.

For Nevaeh that still was gonna be a challenge. She tried to again show her remorse for what she did by congratulating and apologizing to Cassandra. The response she got back was to be expected. Nevaeh did wish she had a conscience back then. That she didn't go the route she did. That she….

We could see Nevaeh shake her head, as if not trying to dwell on things as she kept up her routine She didn't need that right now. Right now she needed to focus on this routine. Nevaeh is wearing black track pants and a white t-shirt, her hair pulled into a ponytail, currently moving about the room. Nevaeh has her hands up and is staring ahead as if she's looking at someone. This is due to her once more going through a routine of wrestling moves.

It's a routine Nevaeh does everyday, just to try and keep the mental awareness of what it was like to wrestle. Nothing can simulate that experience, and each day that passes brings on more proverbial rust. Nevaeh is trying not to let herself get too outta shape. She could always go to a gym and workout with Ember, but she’s still not ready to get back in that grind. So here she goes, trying to make sure she doesn't lose what she at once prided herself so much on. It was also to help her stay sharp in case she did get to return. She wanted to try to make sure she had her core basics always in place, waiting to see if the day came she got reinstated.

Steph was right when she told Nevaeh she needed to get back in that ring. Nevaeh indeed wanted to step between those ropes, but that wasn't her call.  That was up to FFW management and considering Samantha Star just had her brother arrested things seemed chaotic with that group. It made Nevaeh doubt her career was even a blip on the radar at the moment.

Nevaeh also had another issue on her mind, that being the assault Steph endured at the hands of Emma MacNamara at Aggression the other night. Watching your best friend get beaten and bloodied would make anyone upset, but for Nevaeh she found it very hard to deal with. Not just cause Steph has now been the one to go quiet. Nevaeh understood how she felt now when she did the same to her. Steph probably needed her time. Nevaeh had texted her that when she was ready she was here for her.  but for Emma. Emma is one dangerous woman. She’s held the Ultraviolence title in FFW for a year and a half now, making her arguably the toughest woman to ever step foot in the company.  A former FFW Champion to boot. Emma is a threat to Steph’s title. Not that Nevaeh didn’t have full belief Steph could beat her, but it was also how Emma acted during the assault that worried Nevaeh. That was exactly how Nevaeh would have reacted in the past if she felt she had been wronged. Nevaeh would have plotted to injure, maim,cripple whoever she felt had done her wrong. Nevaeh understood why Emma did it and it made her feel even worse that she had those kind of motivations. Sitting here on the sidelines, unable to do anything was a miserable experience. Sure she could tweet something out, but what would that do? Not like she could have a match with anyone anytime soon. It just be hot air at most. That was the punishment of doing what she did.

That attack on her best friend weighed heavily on Nevaeh’s mind, matched only by the other significant news Nevaeh found out about a couple of days ago. Today is Thursday, April 5th...Velocity will be taking place in Wichita, Kansas with a usual packed card. But all Nevaeh has thought about was the announcement Cassandra Mason made that she’d be partaking in a Q&A session. Nevaeh couldn’t help but feel she was gonna be brought up, though she hoped more that it somehow slip people’s minds to. To have Cassandra talk about her in such a way was hard for Nevaeh to deal with. So much so she didn’t want to watch Velocity tonight..but she did at the same time. She almost wanted to know if Cassie would maybe have a change of heart...but what if she didn’t? Want if she was still cold, which she had the right to be. Nevaeh hurt her so bad...now it’s Cassie hurting Nevaeh. Did Cassie know it? Did she know just how much it was affecting Nevaeh? Possibly, the real question was...could she ever get cassandra to forgive. To somehow, someway be friends again..or did Nevaeh do too much damage? That was Nevaeh hoped could be the end result of all of this. How?...

Nevaeh could be seen shaking her head a she went through the routine. She was in a perpetual state of flux with no damn stop in sight. Nothing was going the way it should have. Everything seemed so fucked up….

Life is a fucking drag indeed...

For Nevaeh all she could do was try and stay focused, hope Steph would be ready to talk soon, and maybe help her in someway get ready for the match. Hope her name would stop being the topic of conversation for awhile. Nevaeh had no real clue if any of that would come true. 

Negativity was abound, Nevaeh couldn’t let that happen, not right now. She knew she couldn’t let it get to her like it as at this very moment.

So here she was doing her routine. She did it repeatedly now, all in order to strive for the two goals she set for herself. Those goals were very much a driving factor in why she was doing this. She wanted to get back and accomplish them.

Nevaeh looked very focused on her routine, but that's not the only thing Nevaeh is doing at the moment. A song is playing loudly on her phone as she "wrestles" as if she's dancing to the slow, beat. The song is "Pray" by Sam Smith and Logic. Not only that it seems Nevaeh is also lip synching to it as she goes through her routine.

Nevaeh started off by going for a traditional lock up, but quickly transitioned it into a headlock. She started grinding it in more, slowly, as she backed up against the wall. Once there Nevaeh looks as if she's about to simulate being pushed off the ropes, but seems to now act like her opponent has grabbed her around the waist. She then does a quick go behind before getting the headlock once more.)

...."I've been thinking lately will the devil take me or will God protect me?
I know I ain't perfect but you should respect me.
They don't want me happy, they don't wanna let me live

(Nevaeh grinds the headlock again, going so far as to act out tossing her opponent over and to the floor. Nevaeh stays on the floor for a moment till she suddenly changes things up by acting like she's grabbing her opponent's arm and getting them back to their feet. Nevaeh holds the arm out and wrenches it.)

I'm young and I'm foolish
I make bad decisions,
I block out the news, turn my back on religion.
Don't have no degree
I'm somewhat naive
I made it this far on my own

(Nevaeh now goes to mime irish whipping her imaginary opponent  to the ropes, but has it countered. She now skips, trying not to make too much noise for the person below her. She takes the steps, turns and comes right back, ducking a clothesline attempt she saw coming. As she turns back she delivers a phantom kick to the gut, followed up by a hard swinging kick upward, possibly connecting into the chest of her opponent.)

But lately that shit's been getting me higher
I lift my head up and the world is on fire
There's dread in my heart and fear in my bones
I just don't know what to say

(Nevaeh now motioned like she was going to jump, before we heard her mutter "dropkick". Nevaeh now acts like she's watching her opponent get back up. She eyes them wide wide, eyt focused eyes. She goes to grab them ina  double underhook, possibly looking for "The Grand Finale”, but struggles. The opponent breaks free and  causes Nevaeh to take a few steps back. She seems to avoid another attack...by rolling across the top portion off the couch. That seemed to snap Nevaeh out of her trance like state as she looked at the couch and wondered why she just did that....

....she thought it was pretty cool even if it didn't fit. Still she shook her head and looked ready to get back into the routine when the song cut off and her phone began to ring. Nevaeh turned and looked at it brefuly before heading over to the coffee table where it rested. As she looked at the screen the name “Ember” appereed. Nevaeh picked the phone off the table and took the call..)

’Yes Good Doctor, how may I help you today?”

(The calm tone of Ember Carmichael soon spoke back)

”Hey hon, how’s things? I was in the neighborhood and thought I’d give you a call, see what’s up.”

(Nevaeh’s attitude took a positive spin as Ember was one to do to her. Her affection could be heard as she spoke up)

”How considerate of you. I’m just here with my music. Moving around abit, keeping the legs loose. Not trying to get that couch potato bod now.”

”Could always hit the gym again if you want, no better way to workout than with friends.”

(Nevaeh’s eyes went wide a she looked taken aback by what she heard. Ember trying to get her to go workout was not new, but even this was surprising.)

’Wow Giraffe that has to be a new record. Barely a minute in and already trying to get me to go the gym with you. I’m kinda impressed.”...but I think you know the answer already.

”Hey you’re the one who mentioned not wanting to get a potato bod. And the answer is ‘totally sure Em, I’d love to hit the gym with you!’”

(Ember chuckled on the other end. Nevaeh herself couldn’t help but flash a small smile as she shook her head)

”It’s all good, already had my workout this morning. But if you ever get the urge you know I’ll be there, if I’m in the same city...or state...or country.”

’Oh yes I do know this Ember. You remind me every time we talk nowadays. And truth be told that “Totally sure Em” deal is true. Just replace “gym” with anything else."

”Okay, okay. Just trying to be supportive and all that, I know I’m not always around. But since I am around, we could always hang out. Maybe watch a show or whatever.”

(Nevaeh now began to act very subdued... )

”I know you are Ember. That’s why I care about you so much. That’s why I love being around you. You’re always full of optimism. You believe everything will turn out for the best. You’re a great person and even better friend. You know what the best thing about you is though?  You let me pick on how much of a giant you are and you haven’t stomped on me yet.”

(There was a long silence between them now. Nevaeh could practically see the glare she was getting on the other end of the line, which caused her to chuckle)

’You know I’m joking. I kid cause I care. We can hang out, for sure, whatever you want to do..as long as it’s not the gym…”

(Neaveh was still chuckling till soemthing came to mind. That brought on a more serious tone..)

”Maybe we can try calling Steph and see if she’ll answer? I haven’t gotten anything from her the past few days. How bout you?”

”Nothing. I was gonna storm into her place or something, but I’m afraid she’d throw me out the window like the hulk...”

(Nevaeh could hear Ember had a half-hearted attempt at humor with that line. She too seemed worried over Steph. It was a dour moment right now between the two.)

”Yeah I was thinking of that too. I get it now, how you two felt when I did it. Plus she may not even be there. Could be in (insert other place lol). It suck, but hopefully she is feeling better soon. I just hated seeing that….but she’ll bounce back. She’s a fighter...and stubborn as all hell.”

”Sent her a few voicemails, and she’ll come back to us. Worse case I’ll risk damage and hunt her ass down...risk cuz she’d kick my skinny ass, but still. She’ll be okay.”

”Hey if need be we could work together. Try and corral her. Do what we gotta do for her own good.”

”In the meantime, perhaps we can hang out? If you wanna get out of that penthouse we could always go to my place, order in or I can make something. Just chill friends time.”

(This actually sounded pretty good to Nevaeh. She had been doing her routine for quite some time and with how her mind worked she might still be doing it. Getting out with Ember might actually do her some good. All part of that not shelling up and cutting off people process.)

”Yeah..yeah I’d like that. Let’s make a day of it. Just see where the wind takes us. I’m gonna just have fun. I know how much you want me to try and have as much of that. I gotta freshen up first, but yeah let’s do something.”

”Sounds great! I’ll be over in a few, maybe grab coffee on the way.”

{Nevaeh agreed and soon ended the call. She went to go get ready now for the day out..)

Several Hours Later

(We now found Ember and Nevaeh arriving back at Ember’s home. Both are walking through the door, each holding a bag in their hand. Today has been quite the impactful day for the two of them. They started off by going out and grabbing a bite to eat. They followed that up by going to visit a boutique store..which in turn lead them to traveling to several others Ember knew of it. Let it not be said the Good Doctor did not know her fashion trends. Both are laughing as they walk through the house and enter the kitchen. Each put their bag on the island in the middle of the kitchen as Ember heads to the refrigerator and opens it up. She reaches in and grabs two bottles of what look to be green tea. Ember puts one on the island and slides it across to Nevaeh.) Nevaeh swipes it up quickly and looks at the bottle before looking back at Ember,

’What’s with this? On a green tea phase now or something?”

(Ember’s smile grew wider..)

”Little something I got in the works. Trust me on it, just like I told you to trust me today. I told you I knew somewhere you could get a better deal, and here you thought you found all the boutiques. Tsk, silly Nev.”

(Nevaeh did have to admit she had been shown up. Another trait she was beginning to learn)

”I stand corrected, you were right...which is something I find myself saying alot. Why it makes me think you know what you’re talking about. Yeah you got all those degrees, supremely intelligent, a bastion of reasoning and great advice...but needed just alittle bit more verification, ya know?”

(Nevaeh smirked as she gave Ember a wink before taking a drink of the green tea. Ember simply shrugged her shoulders, acting as if what she has done wasn’t something to harp about.)

”I just took a different direction with my life. Plaques, degrees, none of that makes anyone better than anyone else. Just different. Like you and Steph, you’ve done so much, experienced so much, at times I’m a little jealous I won’t lie. We all have our strengths, or at least our habits.”

(Nevaeh let out a chuckle and gestured her hand to Ember.)

”Case in point. So well put. But trust me Ember you chose a better path. Look at me and Steph. We’re in a line of work where we put our bodies at risk. Have people gunning for us, Have split our blood all to be a champion. Which I will admit is a glorious feeling. But you have it pretty good. You definitely chose the better path to live.”

(Ember simply shrugged, sipping from her water and letting out a little sigh.)

”Better isn’t the word I’d use. You two love wrestling, why else would you put your bodies on the line time and again. Why else would you choose a life as hard as this when there are other options? Not better. Just different.”

(Nevaeh was left momentarily speechless. Ember had put that quite well that she couldn’t argue it even if she wanted to. On the other side of the island was a cookie jar. Nevaeh began to make her way to it as she spoke to Ember.)

”I do love it….miss it...but right now I just..bide my time. Like shopping with you. I do like this dress I got. Haven’t bought anything fancy in some time. Certainly nothing like the leather pants you got. I’m sure you’re man won’t mind seeing you strut around in them.”

Nevaeh giggled as she reached the cookie jar and began to reach her hand into it. her back to Ember. Ember smiled but it was a blank one, a practiced one as she visibly lost her spark for a moment as Nev’s back was turned. Em glanced down the hallway to where the shut door to their bedroom was, or rather HER bedroom was. There hadn’t been a man sleeping here in over half a year now.)

”What can I say, sometimes it’s nice to wear something hot, y’know?”

(Nevaeh nodded her head as she bit the cookie. It was something she was use to experiencing. Of course her reasoning were for selfish needs. Nevaeh really didn’t like that person the more she thought of her. She just assumed Ember liked keeping a spark in her relationship. Nevaeh wasn’t aware there wasn’t one anymore. Nevaeh began to turn back to face Ember, whose head was still facing the hallway)

’Do what you gotta do, but as lovely as you are I’m sure sweats and a sweater would do.”

(Ember was smiling again as she turned back to face Nev, as if nothing had happened., chuckling as she replied.)

”Surely are far more comfortable!”

(Ember chuckled as did Nevaeh, though Nevaeh found it amusing how much Ember did it. Must be some insider deal she had with her fiance she thought. Nevaeh kept smiling)

”Not gonna argue that. So what do we do now? Got anything else we could do in that brilliant mind of yours or is this the end of the road good doctor? What’s it gonna be?”

(Nevaeh was acting silly at this point. She was totally comfortable right now, something she hadn't felt in quite some time. It was a good feeling to have again.)

”Could watch a movie, or...I think Velocity is on tonight. Of course there’s also movies playing nearby we could hit a theatre...”

(Ember knew Nev was likely interested in watching wrestling, but she didn’t want to make the pitch obvious either, so she tossed it in amongst the other ideas. Nevaeh’s good mood was now halted as she caught what Ember said. She stared at Ember closely. That wasn’t by accident, that's not Ember’s style. Nevaeh kept looking at her, studying her, as if she was looking for an answer.)

”Velocity? If I know you the way I think I do Ember I feel that didn’t just come to you out of the blue right now. Then again I haven’t been accurate much with my tells lately. So am I off...or am I right? Which is it?

”Got the feeling lately they you’d be interested in watching, and with all that’s gone on and such...wouldn’t hurt to have company. Right?”

(Nevaeh stared at Ember, this time with a more softened glare)

’I really worried you last time didn't I?”

”To put it bluntly? Yes it did. Cassie’s words seemed to have a strong, powerful effect on you. And knowing you like I do there’s no way you won’t watch tonight, so why not be here with you when you do. No matter what happens.”

(Nevaeh lowered her head some, as she was now the one standing in this kitchen unsure of what to do. There was silence between the best friends as Ember watched Nevaeh. For her part Nevaeh was trying not to let this overwhelm her so much. But that was always the struggle. Nevaeh took a breath and raised her head back up to look at Ember.)

”I’ve been trying to figure out what I wanted to do tonight. There’s a part that says to watch, but there’s another that says to avoid it. To avid more pain. I mean look at what's been going on. I tried to apologize to Cassie. I did. I meant it. You know how horrible I feel about it. I've cried on air over it. I’ve cried privately over it. I get on the verge of crying when I even start thinking about it. It..consumes me at times. I'm sorry for what I did. I wish I could take it all back. But...you see how much I hurt her. No matter how much I say it, no matter how much I try and show how much I regret it....”

(Nevaeh paused, trying to figure a way, find a reasoning...but she only lowered her head down. A realization hitting her hard at the moment.)

”..she isnt gonna forgive me is she? I lost her forever. She hates my guts and...maybe I just have to accept it. Maybe I just need to deal with her hating me from now. She does have that right after all. I hurt her. Why do I deserve forgiveness? I don’t. Why am I even holding out the hope that maybe somehow, someway me and her can find a way to talk about all of this. To..find ...I sound so stupid right now don’t I?”

”Stupid? Not in the slightest. You sound like someone who is, for lack of a better term, going through the grieving process. Except it’s almost reversed. What was once buried has resurfaced and in turn brought back feelings you may have buried along with it. And I think maybe this bothers you even more because this isn’t something you can just blame on Silas. This isn’t something he had full control over, it’s something you have a good amount of blame for. And that feeling, when you think about her, that sadness and pain. It’s guilt, and the emotions you’ve possibly tried to hide for so long. Hide behind the mask of the wrestler, the champion, the persona...now it’s personal. It’s real, and Cassie is not going away. Will she forgive you? Maybe one day, but as it sounds it won’t be anytime soon. And that’s something you are going to have to deal with.”

(Ember was right, about all of it. This was real of an issue as Nevaeh has ever felt. Living in hell with Silas was extremely rough, but this was a different beast. This was something she lost control of and could not get back. She was trying everything she knew to show her remorse, but got nowhere. Dealing with it was so hard for her You could hear it so in her voice as she spoke).

” It’s all on me. If I never told him about..no..if I never allowed this to happen everything would be fine. It was my fault, I accept that. I’m trying to make up for it. I want to. But she won’t give me the chance. She’s so angry at me. Can’t blame her, but it’s like she wants to hurt me now. Look what she tweeted Leona about me. Now there’s someone else who can’t stand me. I pissed off Leona awhile back too. I swear I wasn't trying to backhand compliment her. I meant what I said. I was trying to her the due I should have. She's tough. All those matches we had she could of won. Not like I won all of them straight up. She’s a great wrestler. I wasn’t trying to cause a problem.”

”You have to remember despite leaving Silas behind you didn’t exact have the best interactions with a lot of these people. I mean look at Leona. You slammed a car door on her leg going into Unstoppable. You nearly cost Leona her career. Not to mention all the stuff prior. You can’t just think one or two good deeds undo what has gone on. Hell look at Steph, she has long since given up the path of destruction she was on but a good number of people still haven’t forgiven her or moved on. Everything that had gone on prior to you dumping Silas to the curb, that was a big dish for people to swallow. And that after taste still lingers. It’s gonna take time to change those opinions.”

(Ember hit a chord with Nevaeh. She actually opened her eyes to see the bigger picture. Nevaeh was aware of her past transgressions and how she treated people. She just got wrapped up and couldn’t see it at the moment. It was hearing Ember say this that caused Nevarh to pause and really reflect. To see what was going on. Nevaeh stood there and processed it all. It took several moments till she spoke up again)

”You’re right….I know that. I know I did very bad things. I know. I know this….I’m trying not to be that person anymore Ember. I swear I am, but there are times I….I won't lie. When Leona snapped back at me….. there was a slight moment of me wanting to react harshly. To just snap back at her. It just hit me….but that doesn't help me. That doesn't help her, it doesn’t help anything. So I took a step back and realized that wasn't what needed to be done. What does me yapping at anybody do? It’s just the suspended wrestler talking hot air.  Like you said I did cause her an injury. I didn't want to slam the car door on her. I really didn't. I tried not...but I had to. I was still having to follow orders at that point in time. I fucked up then and added to it later.”

(Nevaeh was of course making mention to the faked drug test she conspired with Silas with. This was turning into a very negative mood right now as Ember saw Nevaeh slipping.)

”Nev. You made mistakes, you made poor or bad decisions. Doesn’t make you a bad person, however. And you’re right, ‘yapping’ at a wrestler for not being a fan of you or having a poor opinion based on things you did does nothing. What will do something is showing them that their opinion of you is wrong. That you are NOT that person, that you are not what Silas wanted you to be. You are your own person, now completely free of his control. This won’t be easy, not at all, but if you fight then it will be the beginning of a new era for you. For everyone. And let’s be honest, sometimes it takes getting your hands dirty and picking yourself back up to really show how tall you stand. Trust me I know a thing or two about standing tall from up here. Good thing this giraffe isn’t going anywhere, and is more than happy to sit with you, have a drink, eat some good food and watch Velocity.”

(Ember was hitting Nevaeh with the truth today. It wasn’t all easy for Nevah to hear...but Ember was being a friend telling her this. The journey sure as hell hasn’t been easy. Ember believed in her, even if Nevaeh had her own doubts about the person she was trying to be nowadays. There was at least that for her to rely on. Nevaeh just hoped more would come along the way.)

”Thank you Ember. This is why I tell you the things I do. Because you, for some absurd reason, will not let me go down on my own..thank you.”

”Something about being your friend I guess. And helping people rationalize their thoughts and personal dilemmas for a living. Plus I kinda like your company and all that, so yeah. Always got your back.”

(Ember was softening Nevaeh up some, lifting her spirits. Nevaeh raised her head up and looked at the good doctor, giving her the shortest of small smiles)

”Always got yours too. I’ll umm...I’ll keep trying to do what you said. I will, but promise me something. Don’t make fun of your height again...that’s my gimmick.”{/b]

(Nevaeh tried some humor of her own, if anything to help Ember know she was taking her words seriously. That she wasn’t deep in the pits at the moment. Ember smirked as she shook her head)

”Well go on to the den, make yourself comfortable. I’ll grab drinks and some food, join you out there in a sec.”

(Ember had been persuasive enough. Nevaeh nodded her head to all of this and now started to make her way to the living room. Hopefully this wouldn’t be as bad as finding out Cassandra had signed with FFW. Hopefully this was all about nothing. Nevaeh kept telling herself that so as not to freak out. That it didn’t do her any good to stress herself out before anything happened. That..what is that?

Nevaeh caught something out the corner of her eye. It was colorful and caused nevaeh to turn her head and look at it. It seemed to be a drawing left on a cabinet in Ember’s hallway. Nevaeh innocently made her way to it and picked it up. It seemed to e a sketch of a designer outfit. Nevaeh couldn’t make out what for exactly though, but the drawing style seemed familiar to her.

Curious about it Nevaeh yelled out to Ember)

’Hey Em, what’s with this drawing here? You an artist as well as doctor and fashionista now or something?”

(Nevaeh was still studying the sketch as she waited for a reply from the good doctor. Ember’s reply took a little longer than normal, but likely was just due to her being busy in the other room. Yeah, totally that.)

”Drawing? Oh! Just something for an upcoming show, some new fashion being designed with me as the model that’s all. Just concept stuff, probably not going past the concept stage anyway.”[/b]

(Nevaeh kept studying the sketch. The attire didn't seem like it was for a fashion show, but hey maybe Ember was trying something way out the box.)

’Oh..ok then. Well good luck with it. It looks different for sure. Hope all works out. I’ll leave it here on the table where you had it. See ya in the den”

(Nevaeh placed the sketch back on the table and made her way to the den. A moment later Ember, cautiously came into the room and grabbed the sketch. She looked at it, then towards the den as she seemed to breath a sigh of relief.)


(We now found Nevaeh and Ember sitting on a couch, the bowl of popcorn seated between them. Ember was casually eating some while also on her phone. Meanwhile Nevaeh just stared at the tv during a commercial break

They had seen Abigail Lindsay, the loathsome bitch that she is, seemingly taunt Jolene Dysart. Abigail was eccentric and always poking the proverbial bull, but Dysart was her supposed playmate? That was who she was referring to all this time? Oh how Nevaeh hoped Dysart would cave Serenity’s face in soon.

They also observed as Sienna Moore got another win on her record. Sienna was a vicious thing. Her Future Shock resume spoke for itself, but her means were hideous. The exuberant Antoinette Sands showed alot of promise in the ring. It was clear she had tremendous agility by what she was able to do in the ring. It soon come together for her.

There was also the Brazilian Storm speaking of themselves. Something they had no problem doing. Nevaeh wasn’t sure how to feel about them. They had been well functioning tag partners. She knew how good they were. But something just didn't feel right. There was also the issue Caitlyn Storm was having with Casey Atherton. Poor girl. All she wanted to do was wrestle, but one weirdo after another seemed to be haunting her. Casey preached the gospel, but that woman was anything but holy.

All in Velocity had been noteworthy so far, but in a good way, atleast for Nevaeh. No Cassandra yet. She would be appearing..but maybe she got sick and cancelled last minute. Hey it happens Nevaeh thought to herself. She just kept watching the commercials when Ember spoke up.)

”So, how are you feeling so far? Been a while since I’ve watched wrestling, such a colorful cast of characters, eh?”

”Certainly some new blood in the mix. Some old faces for sure..some faces I wish would fall off the edge of a cliff.”

(Nevaeh caught herself as she turned and looked at Ember)

”..sorry. Old habit popped up there...actually I’m sorry you heard, not that I said it. Screw Abigail.”

”I get the slight feeling you’re not going to be buying her t-shirt...”

”The only way I’d ever buy any sort of merchandise for her is if I’d lost a bet. That woman, no that bitch,  as far as I’m concerned can go play in traffic. Seriously I…”

(Nevaeh stopped in mid-sentence as Velocity came back on the air. We saw Amber Carano..and next to her was Cassandra Mason. Here it was, the moment Nevaeh was hoping wouldn't come. Ember sat upright, herself getting ready for whatever was about to come.

Nevaeh did her best to remain calm as she watched the interview. It was easy going. Just questions you'd expect a newcomer to get. Keep it that way. Just go this path Amber. Don't bring her name up. Don't do it...but that wasn't gonna happen. Amber did bring up Nevaeh's name. Not only that she brought up what Silas said happened and what Nevaeh confirmed was true.

Nevaeh felt herself getting upset. She sat there staring as she watched how Cassie's whole demeanor changed. It got worse when she spoke.)

Cassie: I wanted desperately for Nev to tell me he was lying. All she needed to do was tell me Silas was being vindictive. That’s all it would have took for me to believe Nev. That’s how much I trusted her. When we were... involved... my father died. I was so mad at my brother for taking our father off life support, I didn’t hesitate relocating to Georgia to live with Nev. That’s how much I trusted her,  that’s how much I loved her.  It's ironic, there was a point in my career I wanted to be the Princess of Scandal. My family can’t keep themselves out of Page Six. If my brother can be scandalous, I can do it better. Never in a million years did I expect the scandal that rocked the FFW world a year ago to involve me. All because of my supposed best friend

(Nevaeh felt a sharp pain in her heart after hearing that. It was bad enough with the twitter potshots she took...but hearing this from Cassie. Full disclosure of how they lived..it was upsetting. To hear Cassie say she loved Nevaeh, in such a public forum, after it was said privately many times was a fresh, deep wound for Nevaeh. It didn't help seeing the scowl on Cassie's face now. And Cassie was far from done)

Cassie: Nev’s lies didn’t just break my heart four months ago. Her treachery changed my life. In many ways my life is better. I’m stronger. I am dating Cindy Todd, who is astronomically more of a woman than Nev can dream to be. None of that negates having my heart ripped out by my best---  former best friend. Having it revealed in front of the entire world that a woman I trusted played God with my life, for what? To get me back into bed?

(Nevaeh watched on, her sadness more evident. Cassie did have every right to be angry...but Nevaeh didn't want to hurt her. It wasn't what was suppose to happen. Nevaeh was a horrible selfish person at that time and this moment right here it clear as day as to how horrible she was. At first it was about having Cassie under her thumb once more...but..it...This was becoming very hard for Nevaeh to sit and watch as she saw Cassie stand up and throw her chair in anger. Anger that was as clear as day to the woman next to her, Ember chewing her lip as she watched her best friend react. Nevaeh shifted her head downward and looked at the floor, but heard what Cassie said next)

Cassie:  She had her chance! I didn’t want to be her dirty little secret. I wanted to share with the world who I thought we were to each other! That bitch wanted to keep me a secret, probably so she could have her little side pieces on the road. Nev was a coward then, nothing has changed, she is a coward now!  I swore to myself after Nev confessed her sins in her interview, I wasn’t going to allow another human being to dictate my life the way she manipulated mine. Do I believe she’s sorry, yeah, I do. She’s sorry she got caught. She’s sorry I am not waking up in her bed. And she is damn sorry I am here in Femme Fatale Wrestling.

(Nevaeh instinctively shook her head, even muttering something under her breath Ember was the only one who could hear it, but it's not who Nevaeh wanted to have hear it...)

'That's not why I'm sorry. It's not..."

(Nevaeh kept looking downward as Cassie could be heard speaking again)

Cassie: I have no clue if her suspension is going to be lifted. I hope it is. I want Nev to look me in the eye. I want that woman to woman up for the first time in her life, admit to my face how sorry she is. I don’t want her hiding in her apartment wherever she lives now. I don’t want her to pretend I don’t exist. I don’t need a tweet or a phone call. I want Neveah Summers to WOMAN UP. ...

....I might not get the opportunity. That’s ok by me. She needs to absolve herself of her sins. In the meantime Amber, I am here to do one thing, succeed. I’m a Mason. I am proud to say I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth, that doesn’t negate the fact, no matter what my haters in the past have said about me, I EARNED every accomplishment I secured in this business. Same thing will happen in FFW, I will EARN my accomplishments. By the time I am done with my FFW career, I won’t be remembered as the poor girl Nev betrayed. I will go down in history as the most lethal, brutal, successful and glamorous women FFW was blessed to have. No one plays God with my life anymore--

...I am God!

(As she heard Cassie finish up her statement Nevaeh kept her head facing the floor. That was all a tough pill to swallow for Nevaeh...and she couldn’t It hurt even more then what she said previously. Nevaeh remained there, just staring at the floor in silence. Ember watched her with sadness in her own heart, those were some of the most vicious words Ember had heard in a while. And she had heard people at their worst. Without thinking Ember simply draped an arm over her best friend’s shoulders, just a reminder she was not alone. Nevaeh quickly reached  hand up and held Ember’s hand tightly. The two just sat there, no words needed to be said nor wanted to be said. Ember was right though, if she wasn’t here right now Nevaeh would have crawled up into a hole again. Atleast for now she had a fighting chance to get through this.)


(Our scene now shifted back as we saw Nevaeh entering her penthouse. Ember had insisted she stay the night at her place. That they could have coffee and go over whatever it was Nevaeh wanted to. Nevaeh was open with Ember, but she told her she wanted to come home. That she wouldn’t fall into old ways. A lamp was the only light illuminating the room at the moment. Nevaeh put her keycard and phone down next to a table and walked around the main room. Try as she might, as much as Ember talked to her, Nevaeh couldn’t shake what Cassandra said tonight. The words “Woman up” kept ringing vibrantly.

A face to face apology would show cassie what Nevaeh was all about now. That she wouldn’t be a coward anymore if she did this? Nevaeh for her part just stood there, unsure of what to do with herself. The words kept replaying in her head as she tried to find the a way to make this all come to a peaceful end. How was she ever gonna see Cassie? She wasn’t gonna be back in FFW anytime soon.

It was all just one big headache for Nevaeh, who now turned back and went to the table where she put her things. She grabbed her phone and scrolled through, playing “Pray” once more. Nevaeh paced around the room slowly, still thinking over what cassie said. That was till a certain few lyrics made their way through to her..)

I ain't perfect, but I'm worth it
I'm alive, I deserve it
I've been praying, I ain't playing
I don't think you hear the words that I'm saying
I don't think you know the weight on my shoulders
That gets heavier as I get older
Calling anybody, calling anybody
Can you hear me?
I pray that you hear me, I pray that you hear me

(Nevaeh paused in her tracks momentarily an soaked them in. They seemed to resonate with her.She just pondered for a moment more till taking in along breath followed by letting out a long sigh. She placed her hands on her hips and just stared forward with an stoic look on her face. Here she was, stuck as always, battling her emotions. A best friend who wanted her to stop being a coward….a coward? No career, no nothing. This was Nevaeh Summers life at this point in time. Nevaeh eventually plopped herself down on the couch and just stared off, the song still playing as the scene came to a close)
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What Now?

Los Angeles, California
3:21 pm

(Our scene opens up in a very area, that being the main area of the penthouse occupied by Nevaeh Summers. At the moment we see Nevaeh sitting on her couch, her laptop in her lap, as she stares at the screen. Her fingers are on the keyboard, bt they're not moving. As we scan around behind Nevaeh we see she has a word doc open, but nothing has been written down aside from "My Speech".

Nevaeh stares at the screen, seemingly trying to figure out what to put onto the screen. Working on a speech isn’t something she’s used to. When she was an active wrestler she usually had an idea of what she was going to talk about, but never fully wrote things down. She usually just spoke, which didn’t always lead to the best of things, theme of her life it seemed.

But this is different.

It’s still surreal to Nevaeh that she was selected to go into the FFW Hall of Fame. To say she was stunned would be an understatement. She was watching Breaking Point, doing her best to not to let any words or actions crumble her down, like last time. There was no Ember around for comfort that night, the Good Doctor being out of town on business.

Nor Steph Stefano who is handling her own business. The obligations of being a champion in two different companies keeps a woman busy.

Plus...they weren’t supposed to be holding her hand every day. They were here for Nevaeh for support, but as Ember constantly tells her the only way she’ll ever grow is if she takes the steps to do so.

So it was Nevaeh alone watching that show. She figured why not. Let’s see what happens. If things went south..try and deal with them..even if they cause you to sit in this room in silence for several hours, trying to figure out who the hell you are and how you let things get this way.

It didn't take long for her to be stunned. Truly she was walking back into the main area from the kitchen when she saw Seth Star make the announcement that she was going into the hall of fame. Nevaeh was so taken aback she spilled her green tea on the carpet. That was a bitch to get out, but a worth it effort.

From that night on to the present Nevaeh has kept replaying that moment in her head. She was going into the FFW Hall of Fame. Nevaeh Summers was being inducted into the FFW Class of 2018 Hall of Fame. That still didn’t seem real to her. She was going to be a hall of famer….

When Nevaeh heard the news, and came out of her momentary comatose state, she was happy. Pure happiness enveloped the blonde. She broke out in a big smile...she did cry. Nevaeh couldn’t believe this was happening. She didn’t ever think THIS was going to happen to her, not after what went down. Nevaeh was totally caught off-guard with this news.

It was a whirlwind of emotions for her. Nevaeh was excited about this, but she did start to feel another way. To see many of the other FFW wrestlers wish her well was...weird. Not cause they sent her congratulatory messages on making the hall of fame, but because Nevaeh didn’t know how to accept them. Many of the women who wished her well on the Hall of Fame..she didn't have the best of relationships with when she was on the roster. It’s safe to say she only got along with a handful of the women. Some of them Nevaeh caused alot of stress and grief. For them to do that, after what she did, was humbling for Nevaeh.

But it also brought back alot of the other emotions Nevaeh had been feeling in her time away. The biggest being the feeling of “Do I deserve this?”

The more Nevaeh thought about the more she wasn’t sure. She did believe herself to be a great wrestler, she believed in her abilities. But she wasn’t relying on just her skills during her time in FFW. There was another loud, obnoxious force alongside her, helping her cause problems. Helping her advance her career. In many people's minds Silas Mason was just as vital to the success of Nevaeh Summers as the namesake was.

That was undeniable and Nevaeh knew it. There was even a part of Nevaeh that still had to wonder if it were true. Not like she’s had the chance to show it since she beat his ass at the ring in Global Wars. Nevaeh was undefeated in FFW before Silas came into the picture, but she was never a champion. There was always gonna be that looming over her.

It’s why she was sitting here, not sure what to type on this word doc at the moment. Did she deserve to be going into the hall of fame with how she went about her business? Was she worthy of being given of this honor? Did she deserve anything from anybody? Nevaeh wasn’t sure. How could she begin to write a speech when she wasn’t sure if she belonged there? Nevaeh has tried for the past several days to start this process, but the words just don’t come or they don’t seem genuine. She just doesn’t seem to know how to even begin to put this speech together, not to mention that she will be standing in front of many of her peers when doing so.

That’s a part Nevaeh has been weighing heavily as well. It’s one thing to exchange a text or tweet with people. It’s another to have to look them in the face. Before it never really mattered but this ain’t then and this ain’t that Nevaeh anymore...atleast she hoped it wasn’t. Nevaeh wasn’t ignorant anymore to what she had done or how she had hurt people in her path to get to the top. It was all very much real and they were still wrestling, competing for titles and acclaim, while she was here sitting on her couch all these days later struggling to find words to type.

That was the case even with the Hall of Fame induction as Samantha Star let it be clearly known. Nevaeh had expected this to always be the result. Though she had a sliver of hope things could change. But Nevaeh understood what she had done to the company with the faked drug test. She can still remember how upset Samantha was in the meeting they had. And with her attitude nowadays it didn’t seem like she’d be in a forgiving mood anytime soon. But she did allow her the honor still and with Nevaeh being at fault she would still accept her suspension. Even if she desperately wanted to wrestle again. Guess it be more time to go through her routines even more...yay!

Nevaeh now did have something to look forward to atleast for the coming future. Till the announcement was made she was just here, trying to get by. There had been talk of how she would wow in the outfit she was gonna wear. Nevaeh hadn’t looked into that either. Not yet. She just wanted to take her time with this. The way this speech was going sure showed she was gonna need alot of time. Looking elegant...that wasn’t on her mind. She wasn’t really worried about how she looked that night, that night wasn’t about having all eyes on her. Nevaeh just wanted to be able to get through her, currently non-existent, speech.

The hall of fame did pep Nevaeh up, so much so she actually turned into the following Velocity with optimism, even if she was worried of potential disappointment.

Nevaeh wanted to see Velocity for one reason only, to see the FFW debut of Cassandra Mason. Even after hearing what Cassie had to say about Nevaeh being a coward, that she needed to “woman up” and apologize to her face…

Nevaeh still took those words hard, but she knew she couldn’t let them cripple her either. She had to stay strong, or atleast give an effort to. Nevaeh wanted to see how Cassie did and she’d be lying if there wasn’t a strong part of her that was...rooting for Cassie to win. That was not a slight against Antoinette Sands. Nevaeh actually found her to be a fun presence. Antoinette was a positive force for the FFW roster and Nevaeh wished her well in her career.

But Nevaeh had the deep history with Cassie. They were best friends...lovers...Even after what has happened, with how angry Cassie has seemed and the remarks she’s made... Nevaeh cared for her still. Nevaeh cared a great deal. There were times nevaeh wished she didn’t, so she wouldn’t feel the pain as bad, but that wasn’t the case. She just wanted to try and work this all out between her and Cassie. Nevaeh just wanted the opportunity at it. But Cassie seemed to make a declaration on what the limits were.

Nevaeh couldn’t argue them. In the end Cassie was right and she was wrong. Nevaeh just wanted this to work out for the best...which was debatable what that was exactly. Nevaeh had her vision of it. That being able to sit down and talk this all out with Cassie and somehow mending things.  She wanted Cassie to be happy and this was causing anything but that. So Nevaeh watched Cassie’s match and at times found herself sad, but there were moments she was thrilled just to be seeing Cassie wrestling again. She did find herself on her feet near the end, hoping Cassie could find a way.The investment was that strong for Nevaeh. Unfortunately for Cassie the match didn't go her way. Antoinette was the better wrestler that night.

Nevaeh watched as Cassie looked annoyed, how angry she seemed in that ring. That wasn’t anything like the woman she had grown to know so well. But people change...or change is brought upon them. With the hall of fame Nevaeh knew she and Cassie would be together in the same area. That she may look out into the crowd and spot her looking at her while she gave her speech. That worried Nevaeh on many levels. How would she handle seeing Cassie there? Would she keep her composure or would she start to falter?

And then there was the matter of Cassie wanting her apology face to face….”coward”..”woman up”...all the secrets they shared now public knowledge. That was gonna weigh heavily all throughout this process till the day Nevaeh gave her speech...who was she kidding. This weighed heavy no matter what and it always would till this issue between Nevaeh and Cassie was resolved.

Nevaeh eventually had enough of this and closed the laptop. She still had months to go to get the speech in order. There was time She grabbed her phone and started scrolling through it till we heard “Nice For What” by Drake start to play. Nevaeh got to her feet and started stretching out. Routine time it is.

She started rolling her shoulders, before swinging her arms back and forth. She had a quick bounce and closed her eyes. She started nodding her head along to the beat and looked ready to lock up. Nevaeh took a step forward, showing a more aggressive approach to the routine this time. The speech would get done later.
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8:27 pm
Atlanta, Georgia

(Our scene opens up traveling down a long, barely lit road. We're in a cab as we see a driver behind the wheel, making sure the ride is going as soon as possible. We're out in the hill country of Atlanta. As we keep panning we soon find Nevaeh Summers riding in the backseat. She currently has one headphone in her ear as she listens to “”Friction” by Imagine Dragons on a low volume.

This is home for Nevaeh, or to be more specific the ride to her parents home. Nevaeh has arrived here in Atlanta tonight unbeknownst to her mother and father. What has brought her back home? Tomorrow is Mothers' Day.

This decision came about a week ago when Nevaeh had gone on a hike with one of her best friends, Ember Carmichael. During the hike Nevaeh found herself actually enjoying being outdoors. It was rare that she had been out of her penthouse for  a prolonged period of time doing such an activity. She only went because she was bored out of her mind. A person can only look up videos so often before feeling jaded and considering Nevaeh had been doing it for months..well she hit her point.

But in the end...Nevaeh actually had fun like Ember said she would. It surprised Nevaeh, but it was fun to just get out and walk in nature. Not text or check anything on the internet, just her and Ember talking. Not even about the negative things going on. Nevaeh didn’t want to focus on how she felt in regards to the hall of fame, the feeling of not being deserving of the honor still lingered. As did the blank word doc she opened up weeks ago that still didn't have anything written down on it. Nevaeh figured it be hard to write a speech to describe how she felt about her career, she just didn't think it would be this hard to do. It was like Nevaeh didn’t know how to express herself. There was even a feeling of not wanting to do the speech due to how uncomfortable this was all becoming. But that would be running away, that could not happen. Nevaeh did want to go there and accept the honor. But damn if her head wasn’t still messing with her.

Putting those issues aside for now Nevaeh has come here at the behest of Ember. When they were talking on the hike Nevaeh started talking about things she hadn’t done in the past few years cause of the slimy snake who controlled her life. But she is able to partake in new activities. And get back to living the way she wants to. She has to, she can’t keep letting herself be controlled...if only it were that easy for Nevaeh however. But during the course of the talk Nevaeh brought up how seeing her parents again a few months ago after two years was a very

It was Ember who then brought up that Nevaeh should go see them again, what with Mother’s day on the horizon. Nevaeh was never one to argue with Ember...for the most part...the Good Doctor usually did have the right answer….ok she always had the right answer. But this one resonated with Nevaeh. It felt..right. Nevaeh had been thinking of spending more time with her parents, which in of itself was a departure from how she use to think.

The Nevaeh of a few years ago didn’t have the best relationship with her mother. Nevaeh after all felt she knew better than anybody. Her mother, a strong willed woman herself, wasn’t fond of Nevaeh’s behavior and that was not even knowing how deep Nevaeh’s behavior went. Nevaeh and her mother did find some common ground, but Nevaeh still wasn’t around much...then add on the past few years and Nevaeh having to lie about why she couldn’t come home for holidays...it ate at her.

Nevaeh wanted to fix many things and this was on the list. Ember just helped push her to come back sooner than she thought she would be. So here Nevaeh was, flying in tonight, nobody knowing she was doing it. Nevaeh was eager to see how everyone at the house would take to her being there. It was still early enough to where some staff members had to be around. And traveling at this time almost meant...Nevaeh was currently missing Breaking Point..and a certain somebody wrestling her match against Ruby Tyler. It was for the best that Nevaeh not see her right now. The last thing she’d need is to get deep into her feelings right now. This was to be a positive trip. She’d get back to facing that soon enough…

Nevaeh sat back and just stared out the window before the cab reached a large front gate with a “S” in the center of it.  The driver asked Nevaeh if she wanted him to call the house to open the gate. Nevaeh declined and said she’d walk the rest of the way…

Nevaeh paid him his fare and went about putting in the code to open the gate. Nevaeh now began the one mile walk from the gate to the house on the finely paved road. As we could see her fully now we saw Nevaeh was dressed in blue jeans white sneakers, and a violet t-shirt.   Nevaeh wasn’t worried walking this at night. It was secure and she had snuck out plenty of times when she was younger that she knew there was nothing to be worried about. A positive from a a past life?

Nevaeh walked toward the large, dimly lit brick home down the way, pulling her suitcase behind her. Walking was something she enjoyed doing..was good for burning calories after all. Nevaeh was talking about health, sounding like Ember. Nevaeh eventually reached the house and pulled her luggage up the steps to get to the door. Nevaeh now dug into her purse and procured keys. She had her own to the home. Nevaeh entered the home as we now saw a lavish main room. Nevaeh brought her stuff into the home and closed the door behind her.

She hadn’t made too much noise, but she did hear a set of footsteps approaching. Was this her mother? Nevaeh wasn’t sure, that was till an elderly grey haired woman turned the corner. She seemed taken aback by the sight of Nevaeh standing there.To Nevaeh it was Marge, longtime keeper of the house. Nevaeh couldn’t remember a day that Marge wasn’t helping run the house. For many years it was her and a man named Jasper who made sure the home stayed in pristine condition. Jasper though had moved on. Coming off the sudden emotion Marge began to speak.)

Marge: “Oh Ms Nevaeh you’re here? I wasn’t told you’d be coming this evening. I thought it was your father returning home from the factory.”

(Nevaeh held up a hand  gently in the direction of Marge, walking towards her now)

”Nobody knew Marge. I wanted this to be a surprise. I’m here to see my mother this weekend.”

(Marge now seemed pleased to be hearing this news)

Marge: “Oh well now that’s very sweet of you to do Ms. Nevaeh. I’m sure you’re mother will be just tickled when she finds out. With all that has happened it’s good that you’re taking the initiative to be around your folks more.”

(Nevaeh showed a small, awkward smile on her face. Hearing Marge say those words did hit hard for her. The time away, as well as the things that have come out about her,  did have an effect on not just her parents but everyone around here. It was public knowledge what Nevaeh had done, what she had gotten herself into. That was uncomfortable for her to deal with, but such was life now for the blonde.)

’I’m trying to be better in that regard Marg.e You said daddy was still at the factory? What about my mother?”

Marge: “She is over in her office looking over some paperwork. You make sure she ate the sandwich I made her as well. She’s been so focused on this big fundraiser that she’s not taking care of herself properly. She worries me.”[/b][/color]

’I’ll make sure she does Marge.”

Marge:” Good. You go on and see her. I’ll take your bag on up to your room. It’s good to see you Ms. Nevaeh.

”’It’s good to see you as well Marge and thank you.”

(Both women now head in different directions. Marge grabs the luggage and starts heading for the stairwell. Nevaeh takes a left and heads down a hallway. As she approaches a closed door she starts to try and hear anything coming from the room. All she gets is silence. With that Nevaeh grabbed the door handle and knocked, before opening the door up. As she entered the room she saw her mother,Martha Summers a slight, long blonde haired woman herself, going over a file.

Martha Summers was well known throughout the city of Atlanta. She was a philanthropist, always contributing to some sort of charitable endeavor. She was out front in many community projects, a board member of the Boys & Girls club. Needless to say Martha Summers liked to help people, which is what brought on the disconnect her and Nevaeh had for some time.

Nevaeh just observed her, noticing an empty plate next to Martha, who now spoke in a measured tone while still staring down at the file.)

”Relax Marge, I ate the sandwich like you asked. All is well. Delicious as always ma’am. Thank you for our concern, but I’m dandy, I assure you.”

(Nevaeh was fully in the room now, staring at her mother. A smile came across her face as she spoke)

”She was wondering if you had. She’ll be thrilled with the news”

(Martha snapped her head up and was surprised to hear the voice, but actually see her daughter standing in the room with her. The surprise soon wore off as she stood, a smile spreading across her face, and started making her way towards Nevaeh with outstretched arms)

”My baby!”

(The Summers women embraced, Martha really clutching on to Nevaeh. Nevaeh chuckled and hugged her mother )

’Easy on the squeeze there Momma. Still got a life I’d like to live ya know.”

(Martha eventually did ease up and backed away, but only slightly. She still had her hands on Nevaeh’s arms, staring at her with joy)

”Sorry, just so happy to see you. Those Faceskype deals just ain’t the same. What are you doing here? Nobody told me you were dropping in like this. Did your father know? Oh I’m gonna get him good for holding out on me.”

(Nevaeh laughed more as she shook her head)

”No Momma nobody knew. This was meant to be a surprise for you. I’m here to spend Mother’s day with you.”

(Martha now seemed in awe of the statement Nevaeh just made. Nevaeh herself wondered what was coming over her mother. Martha could be seen getting emotional as she placed a hand on her chest)

”You’re here for me? That’s so sweet Nevaeh”

(Martha really seemed to be overcome with emotion at the moment. Nevaeh now grabbed her mother’s free hand and tried to ease the situation.)

’Oh don’t cry momma. C’mon keep it together now. I didn’t come home for you to get all misty eyed on me. I came to make this weekend special.”

(The irony was not lost on Nevaeh that she was telling someone to keep it together considering how emotional she has been the past few months. Martha shook her head)

’It’s joy dear. That’s what I’m feeling right now. I...I really appreciate the thought. It makes me feel very nice. It means alot that you’re here.”

(Martha rubbed her hand to her eye, sniffing as she did. Nevaeh thought Martha be happy to see her, but she didn’t expect this reaction. It showed Nevaeh how much not being around had affected her. Nevaeh nodded her head softly as she took a serious approach)

’Yes well the past few years haven’t been the easiest. I haven’t been around as much. I’m trying to change that. I’m gonna try and be around. I’m...trying to change quite a few things about me in this year Momma. Of course it’s easier said than done, but I am gonna try. I didn't interrupt you in middle of something important did I?”

(Martha went about collecting herself now. She heard her daughters words, once again shaking her own head this time as she rubbed Nevaeh’s arms.)

’”Nothing that can’t wait for a moment. It’s a proposal to invest in a new business starting up in town. But like I said it can wait and yes “trying” is always a good start my dear. If you don’t try you never know if you can succeed. There have been some negative issues you have come across. Some that are your own doing, some that are not. And what that man put you through is not something I nor your father, have forgotten. You father still wants to wring his neck. Someone like him will get what he deserves in time Nevaeh. But you can decide how you are viewed. Right now it’s not the best. That is obvious, but you can change it Nevaeh. That’s if you want it bad enough”

(This was Martha Summers. A determined woman who never settled. If she set her mind to a goal she was gonna fulfill it. Nevaeh had it in her, though she took different paths then her mother would to fulfill her goals. This wasn’t how Nevaeh wanted to send her time, it was gonna have to be dealt with, but right now it wasn’t supposed to be to her.)

”He will...but he...he’s not something we should be wasting our time on. And I do want it bad Momma. I want to change things a lot. I’m gonna work towards it, but I didn't come here to talk about him or me. I came here to spend the time with you and daddy. I want this to be a  fun time. Ok?”

(Martha looked as if she wanted to say something, but eventually seemed to be in agreement with Nevaeh’s statement. )

’Yes, yes fun is the name of the game .You’re right. We need to have a positive mindset. This weekend will be pleasant, it already is. My baby girl is home. Maybe we can get on a call and get Delilah to come home as well.”

(Delilah Summers, the eldest of the Summers children. A freelance journalist in New York City. Delilah herself was always busy with work, always chasing a story. Her parents understood she was passionate about her work, and Delilah always did stay in contact

Nevaeh wasn’t exactly the same. But again she was gonna try and change that from now on)

’We could try, but you know how she is. Delilah may be busy, but we’ll still make things work somehow.”

(Martha was about to speak when a strong, deep voice could be heard from down the hall)

”Martha ya in your office? Marge said you were and that ya had a surprise for me.”

(The voice belonged to Fredrick Summers, Nevaeh’s father.

Fredrick was thead of the Summers family business. He headed the produce company as well as oversaw the day to day operations. Nevaeh and her father had a very close relationship., shew as a daddy’s girl. Nevaeh and her father enjoyed many things. Martha didn’t really like watching wrestling, but Fredrick was fully invested in his daughter’s career. Not being able to wrestle, as well as all the scandalous things that have come out, affected him just as much as Nevaeh. It’s affected the whole family.

Nevaeh remained standing next to her mother, looking subdued now. Martha held a single finger to her lips, imploring Nevaeh not to make a peep)

”Yes I’m in my office honey. I may have something that might pep you up abit.”

(Martha giggled as Nevaeh smirked. They both waited till Fredrick walked through the door, sporting a befuddled look. He sported short brown hair with a goatee. He was dressed in grey slacks and  white dress shirt, with a grey vest over it. He didn’t notice the surprise at first )

”What’s going on Martha? What is...”

(It was now that Fredrick noticed his daughter was also in the room. He now sported a huge smile as he stormed over and gave his daughter a big hug. Nevaeh couldn’t help but laugh as she hugged her father back)

”My little girl! What are you doing here? Why ain’t nobody tell me you was coming home? Why ya’ll keeping secrets from me?”

(Martha  was the one to answer him first)

’The only who knew she was coming was herself. She wanted to surprise us for the weekend. She came home for Mothers’ day.”

(Fredrick now looked at Nevaeh with a look of pride on his face)

’Is that so now? Well that’s a damn good reason to come on back home. Tomorrow I was gonna take your Ma out for dinner, but our little girl is home now. We can do a big ol’ BBQ here. Not too late to hire caterers and tables and chairs. We can make this work here.”

(It was Nevaeh’s turn to speak up. This family positivity was wonderful, but may of been getting abit out of hand. Nevaeh came to see them, not have to mingle with a whole bunch of other people. Being around large groups wasn’t exactly something Nevaeh wanted to do right now.)

’You don’t have to change your plans for me. You take Momma out, have fun. I’ll be here for a few more days afterwards anyways. You don’t have to get all these different things catered. Besides this is for Mom, not me.”

”Yes, the day is supposedly for me, but I like your Father’s idea. It’s been a long time since we’ve done something like that. We have the opportunity. Why not take it?”

(Fredrick, while looking at Nevaeh, pointed his finger feverishly at his wife)

”You heard your Ma, Nevaeh. You know darn well she’s always got a great idea. If she thinks the idea is good then how could we possibly not go through with it?”

(Nevaeh eyed both of her parents, Martha smiling while Fredrick looked to be visibly pleading with his daughter to go along with this. Seeing the writing on the wall Nevaeh threw up her hands.)

”Ok, fine. Let’s do it, but I’m telling you now if people starts conversations with me that I’m not really wanting to talk about. I’m heading inside. That ok?”

(Martha and Fredrick understood why Nevaeh had that request. They looked at one another with a knowing exchange before looking back at Nevaeh, Martha being the one to speak.)

”Yes, we understand. I don’t think there will be an issue, but we understand where you are coming from dear. Thank you for partaking in this, you will have fun Nevaeh. Me and your father will see to it.”

’You’re mother is right Nevaeh. It’s gonna be a real fun time tomorrow. As a matter of fact I think I got something n my office that will get your spirits right. Come with me young lady. Martha could you look in to see if we can get the tables and chairs?”

(Nevaeh looked at her father with an inquisitive look. He had something for her that would lift her spirits? Nevaeh wasn’t sure what he was talking about as Martha answered)

”I can do that. I’ll be in the kitchen. I believe Marge made Buttermilk pie today. I’m sure you’ll both want a slice.”

(Fredrick seemed pleased to hear this news. Nevaeh was as well, Buttermilk pie was  a favorite of hers as a kid. She stopped eating it once she started caring about her diet and whatnot. But..a slice tonight couldn’t hurt. Not like there was a match she needed to be ready for anytime soon. Yet Nevaeh was still wondering what it was her father was referring to.)

”Sure will. We’ll be with you soon my beloved. C’mon Nevaeh let’s hop to it.”

(Fredrick now started to make his way out of Martha’s office. Nevaeh followed behind, but did look back at her mother, who gestured for ehr to keep following her father. Nevaeh did so, now walking across the hall to her father’s office. As she did Fredrick now stood next to a coat rack. On it hung items inside a clear plastic wrap.

Nevaeh recognized what they were. The items being a black military jacket, as well as platinum colored leather pants. They were her wrestling gear. After cutting lies with Silas, and not having a place to live, Nevaeh had everything she did own sent back to her parents home for sake keeping. Nevaeh figured she wouldn’t be seeing this thing for a long time, yet here it was, out in the open.A Nevaeh wondered why did her father have this out anyways?

Fredrick beamed as he gestured to it)

’Well, ain’t this a sight for sore eyes?”

(nevaeh didn’t answer immediately, still puzzled by what was going on. Nevaeh eventually gestured to the attire herself.)

”Why do you have this out for? I don’t get it. I don’t...need it. I’m not gonna be wrestling anytime soon Dad. Why do you have this out for?”

(Fredrick’s smile started to dissipate, but his enthusiasm was still intact.)

’Now that may be true, for now, but I think the opportunity is on the horizon. That’s why I have it out of storage. When I saw you were being inducted into the FFW Hall of Fame I felt that was a step in the right direction. Next step is you getting back into the ring.”

(Nevaeh started to feel a sense of disappointment. Her father seemed to have high hopes, much more then she did about getting in the ring. Maybe because she knew better? Having to have this talk wasn’t gonna be easy.)

”Daddy...it’s not the next step. It has been made clear, very publicly mind you, that I’m only being allowed to do the Hall of Fame. I’m not allowed to return to wrestling. That’s not in the cards at the moment. Samantha Star isn’t exactly feeling that charitable, especially after what I did to the company.”

(Nevaeh lowered her head to the ground, her hands clasped in front of. Fredrick could see his daughter turning into a negative space. He wasn’t going to let that happen. )

”Yes, what you did was a very big problem. As owner of a company I do understand why she did it. I’d probably do the same thing to my employee, if not worst. But YOU are not my employee. YOU are my daughter, who I love very much. I know you messed up, we have talked some about it before. But I still support ya. I still want to see you do well young lady. And that means getting back in that ring. Right now it might just be hope, but that’s fine with me. I’ll keep hoping to see it. You might not have that same hope right now, but again that’s fine. I got enough hope for the both of us.”

(Fredrick was a persistent man. Legend has it Martha turned him down any a time for a date, but he never gave up pursuing her. It’s also helped when it came to business. Nevaeh got that trait from him. Still, Nevaeh wasn’t feeling her chances were all that great about getting into the ring again. But hey maybe if her father hoped for it enough it might happen.

Nevaeh looked back up at him and could see this man was serious. She looked back at her attire, which only had a few matches before she got put on the shelf. Nevaeh had sent the other attires here as well, all different incarnations of “The Wo...no...no don’t go over it.

Nevaeh instead stared at before looking back at him..)

’I know you will Daddy, thank you. I love you. But I have to ask this. Were just gonna have that hanging there the whole time till I was reinstated? That’s, no disrespect, kinda weird.”

(Fredrick waved his hand at his daughter as he let out a chuckle)

”No I wasn’t gonna leave this here hanging the whole time. It’s not mine, it’s yours. I was gonna send it to you out there in LA, that way you’d have just in case.”

(Nevaeh immediately put a hand up and shook her head)

”I don’t need it Daddy, besides it’s better left here. I don’t even have an actual place to live yet. I haven’t decided where I want to buy a place. Something like that needs to be somewhere safe. With me...that just ain’t the case.”

(Fredrick now approached his daughter, wrapping an arm around her shoulders. His embrace was warm  and supporting. As he spoke to her it was in a calm, yet reaffirming tone of voice.)

”Right now you have doubt. I get it, but the storm will pass Nevaeh. You just gotta believe it. I think you should take it. Sort of as a symbol to know what you’re fighting for. What harm could it do?”

(Nevaeh had to think about that. What was the harm? Maybe seeing it could drive her up the wall of not being to do what she really wanted? Or maybe it could keep her going? Nevaeh wasn’t sure of the answer, but she felt sure of was her father was not going to drop this. So Nevaeh tried her best to find a compromise at the moment.)

”...I’ll think about it. That’s all I can give you right now”

(Fredrick, smiling again, rubbed his daughters arm)

”And I’ll accept that, for now. Let’s go to the kitchen ok. Some pie will do us some good.”

(Fredrick now began to lead Nevaeh out of the room. Nevaeh did instinctively look back over her shoulder to the hanging attire on the coat rack. She kept glancing at it till they were out fo the room entirely and headed towards the kitchen.)


(Our scene now transferred to the kitchen where we found Nevaeh, Martha, and Fredrick sitting around the kitchen island. Each had a slice of buttermilk pie in front of them on a plate. Martha was on the phone, while Nevaeh and her father seemed very occupied with finding out how good the pie was. By the way they were eating it they seemed to be in favour, again, of Marge's recipe.

Nevaeh had forgotten just how much she missed this delicious treat. Nevaeh was nearly done with her slice when her mother got off the phone and put it down, smiling as she looked at her husband and Nevaeh)

"That takes care of that. They will have the tables and chairs here at eight in the morning. The caterers will be here at noon. Already put out the word to the staff as well as people we know that were having the BBQ at four. I’ll make some more calls later just to make sure they’re all aware.”

(Nevaeh, while knowing how her mother could always get things done quickly, sat in surprise of what she just heard.)

”Really? You got all that done in thirty minutes? This late at night?”

(Fredrick, finishing a bite of the pie, spoke up)

”You know how your momma operates Nevaeh. She can get things done that other people can’t. Like getting the city council to initiate the health program for the schools here in the county. Should of seen her before all those people, ferocious, was like Roquan Smith chasing down Baker…”Bama got lucky the following week”

(Fredrick grumbled some more, clearly not over the Dawgs defeat in the national championship. Martha meanwhile just had a small smile on her face)

’They were moving very slow on the issue. The kids need to be safe. As for all of this I just called in some favors. Don’t like making things happen on such short notice, but this is a special occasion. They do us this favor, we send some fruit baskets in appreciation.”

(Fredrick nodded his head as the boss had spoken. Nevaeh seemed to accept the answer as well.)

”Some things never change around here it seems. Well we’ll make the best of tomorrow. Wasn’t expecting to have a huge BBQ, but I guess I can indulge like I am with this pie.. Schedule is free so why not.”

(Martha's demeanor changed when she heard that comment from Nevaeh. Her eyes shifted towards Fredrick, who also seemed to catch it, as they stared at one another with a knowing glance. Nevaeh took a bite out of the pie as Martha soon shifted her attention back to Nevaeh as she spoke to her in a calm tone.)

”Is there anything you want to talk about sweetie?”

(Nevaeh was in the middle of chewing as she raised her head up to look at Martha. Seeing the look on her mother’s face made nevaeh wonder why Martha was looking at her like that. Nevaeh turned her head to look at her father and found the same look on Fredrick’s face. As Nevaeh alternated looking at them she tried to figure out what caused all of this. Nevaeh swallowed what she was chewing and addressed it)

”What’s with the looks? Something happen?”

’You tell us. After you talked about indulging on BBQ and pie you said your “schedule is free so why not”. Something bothering you?”

(Nevaeh soon realized she may of let something she didn’t want slip out. She put her fork down on the plate and knew she was gonna have to explain what the comment meant, even if her parents might of had a hunch as it was.)

”...that’s a umm...interesting question to answer. You both know what has been bugging me for the past several months. It hasn’t really changed much from the last time we talked. I’m not as deep down in the hole as I was the suspension first happened. That’s due to my friends giving me support. I’m doing better in dealing with not being able to wrestle...kinda. But it’s still a struggle to keep myself busy. To have my mind stay occupied and not focus on that negative stuff. The ‘schedule” comment is true. I don’t have anything lined up, I have time to eat more freely and not worry about getting in a gym the next day. Truth be told it’s been months since I’ve actually been in one doing a full workout, though I have someone constantly asking me if I want to join her in doing so. Bottom line is I’m suspended, I’m not getting reinstated anytime soon. I’ve...I’m dealing with it as best as I can. It sucks, but..it’s what I let happen. It’s my fault. I just gotta deal with it as best as I can.”

(Nevaeh began to take a downtrodden turn as she now started to fiddle with her fork, slowly messing with the remaining piece of pie on her plate. Fredrick took a deep breath as it seemed something was on his mind. He just stared at the kitchen island for a moment as Martha reached her hand out to grab Nevaeh’s.)

”You know me and your father hope this whole drug test ordeal gets sorted out soon and you are allowed to continue your career. I’m not much of a watcher, but it does seem to make you happy. And by all accounts you’re good at it. You need to keep positive in that regard sweetie. It does please me to hear that you’re dealing with the situation better than you were before. That you got a support system away from us. That’s great. But is there any other issue you’d like to talk to us about? Something that may be troubling you on a more personal level lately?”

(Nevaeh didn't understand what her mother was asking her at first as she raised her head up and stared at Martha.. “Something troubling her on a more personal level lately?”. The only thing that fit that description was….

...Martha was aware of the nature of Nevaeh and Cassie’s relationship. She had come home and told them everything about it once the Silas interview, as well as her own, had aired.. That conversation was a long and hard one for all of them. Nevaeh having to explain the lies and her motives for why she did what she did was tough. Her parents were upset with her, for how could she keep that from them, as well as how could she go about hurting someone like that? There were many tears shed by all three of them that day, but they talked it out and cleared the air on the issue. They had an understanding, which is far from what Nevaeh could say she had with Cassie.

But it still didn't explain why Martha was asking about this right now. Why would she bring it up? Fredrick soon spoke up, his voice very firm as she sported a serious look on his face. Nevaeh could see and hear he meant business...)

’ I’ve told your mother about the comments Cassie has made about you on the programs. Now let me say this first and foremost. You know I adore Cassie. She was a nice young gal, respectful whenever you brought her around here. I thought you had made a really good friend. Granted I didn’t realize how good a friend to you she was, but she was becoming family in that year. However the person I see on the tv here of late, saying those things publicly about you and her...that wasn’t the young woman I remember sitting in this kitchen having dinner with us. There was a different look in her eye and I didn’t appreciate her revealing more details like that on national tv. How she was calling you a coward and telling you to woman up. You have apologized to her publicly already. For her to make those comments were out of line. I didn't appreciate it one bit.”

(As Nevaeh kept looking at her father she could see how admant he was in his remarks. Fredrick truly was supportive of his daughter. He understood what she had done, but Nevaeh was his child and this was a parent feeling hurt. Nevaeh was hurt by cassie’s comments as well, but there was a helplessness as well. Even coming to Atlanta she seemingly couldn’t escape the control Cassie had over her.

Nevaeh’s head srared to elan downward once more as she contemplated all that had been going on. Martha saw all of this. Martha heard Fredrick’s statement, but she had one of her own on the matter.)

”But in her defense this was brought on Cassie.  Cassie did not ask for this grief.  Cassie did not ask to have her name dragged through the mud. This is a casualty of building up so many lies over time. People you care about get hurt Nevaeh, something I’m sure you’re aware of. Which leads us to why you feel the way you do, right? The guilt. You seem to be sporting at the moment.  Why Cassie has decided to make the comments she has..she does have a right to let out her frustrations…”

(Nevaeh didn’t look up. She hard Martha clear as day. This wasn’t Martha trying to make her feel worse, no this was Martha being fair. It’s how she always approached things. Martha wanted her children to always see both sides of the argument. To understand why things were going the way they were.

Nevaeh didn't need to understand it, she already knew it quite well. The guilt was rampant inside Nevaeh. This talk right now only intensified it. Nevaeh kept her head down, not saying a word, but Fredrick soon had some. He looked at his wife with disbelief, his tone matching.)

’She went about insulting and humiliating our daughter on national television Martha. She deserves the right to do that?…”

(Martha, remaining calm, raised a hdn up softly towards Fredrick as Nevaeh kept looking down. This was becoming very uncomfortable for her.)

’I’m not saying I condone it. But you have to look at it from Cassie’s side as well and understand why this is happening. Our daughter is not innocent here.”

(Nevaeh slightly grimaced. She knew she wasn’t, but hearing that from her mother still stung. Marhha quickly turned her attention to nevaeh, gripping her hand tighter)

’It does hurt me to hear these things about you darling. To have your personal issues laid out in front of the world. As your mother I worry about you so much, but she cared for you as well. We saw it for ourselves. We didn’t realize what it was you two had then, but we do understand how deep it was now. You did break that trust. The question now is what do you want to make out of this with her? Because it is clear with how you sit here that it affects you deeply. If you want to know what I think...well...I feel you do owe her that face to face apology.”

(Nevaeh remained looking down, soaking in what Martha just said to her. It was something Nevaeh had been rumbling in her head ever since cassie made the statements of how she wanted her apology. Now her mother is seemingly suggesting she do the same thing. That carried alot of weight. Fredrick, meanwhile, became animated, not believing what he just heard. His voice rose)

”Martha! You can’t be...”

(Martha turned back to look at him, just as animated, but still speaking calmly)

”It’s to make it right Fredrick. To give both of them closure over this issue and who knows maybe Cassie will come to her senses once she has Nevaeh looking her eye to eye and seeing how remorseful she is. Cassie needs it and honestly I think Nevaeh does as well.”

(Nevaeh kept thinking over everything said so far. It was as if Nevaeh was in a deep trance trying to figure out what was the best thing to do. The road seemed to go in one direction. As Nevaeh kept mulling it all over Fredrick began to shake his head)

”That’s for her to decide Martha. And only her. We shouldn’t be telling her what she needs to do, especially for someone else. Nevaeh has apologized already as it is. What else…”

”..Momma’s right…”

(Both Fredrick and Martha turned to look at Nevaeh, who still had her head down. As painful as it was...Nevaeh had to travel that road. She had to give cassie what she wanted, and maybe it would help get this tension between them settled. If this was going to help Cassie, and possibly her, then yes...she’d do this…

Nevaeh raised her head up and looked at her father. He was gonna be hard to convince, truth be told Nevaeh still might of needed some convincing herself. But here she went)

”I do owe her that apology face to face. After everything I...I need to give her that. This deal between me and her is super awkward, for the both of us. I broke our friendship...our...thing. Maybe once I do apologize she will calm down and...maybe we can talk this out. That's what I'd like to happen atleast. But until I apologize to her she won’t give me the time of day….and that hurts alot Daddy."

(Fredrik let out a sigh as he pinched the bridge of his nose. Martha quietly observed everything for now. Nevaeh eyed her father who seemed to be processing all this in his head as quick as he could. He eventually looked at his daughter, in a contemplative manner)

'Are you sure you want to do this Nevaeh? Maybe you should take your time to mull this over and see if it's what feels right. Don't do something you're not totally sure should be done. Don't do something you ain't comfortable doing  for anybody."

(Nevaeh had those feelings before, long ago. This time though she was doing what she felt was right for her.)

'I know Daddy, but it' is something I've been thinking over for some time as it is. You have no idea how much I’ve been thinking this over for. I feel I should do this..and I even know the time to do it."

(Indeed Nevaeh did. It seemed settled now, she was going to apologize to Cassie face to face. That would happen when it did, but right now Nevaeh looked at both her parents and could still feel some tension in the air. She didn’t want that happening, not here.)

'I'm sorry for all this. Please don't be mad at one another. I didn't come home to cause a fight between you two. I didn't. I wanted this to be a good trip, we'd all have fun. I’m sorry for causing all of this"

(Martha soon reached out with her other hand and held Nevaeh’s hands in hers. She shook her head as she spoke to her daughter)

'We will Nevaeh. We're just having a conversation were we see things differently. Nothing wrong with that, but rest assured what we do agree on is wanting the best for you. We want you to be happy again Nevaeh. We want you to have peace of mind. We’ll be fine for tomorrow, we’re gonna have fun. Everything is fine.”

(Nevaeh didn't’ seem fully convinced. She turned her head to her father, wanting to hear his response. Nevaeh could see on his face that he still didn’t like this whole idea. Yet he looked back at her and started to slowly nod his head.)

”You’re a grown woman...if you truly feel this is best..then alright. I just want the best for you Kiddo. I NEED the best for you. I love you and I hope it all works out the way you want.”

(Nevaeh wanted to believe him, she really did, but she could feel he was still unsure. But this had gone on too long as it had. Nevaeh wanted this to stop and thus didn't push her father on it. Martha could feel it as well and spoke up)

’Nevaeh you had a long flight, you have to be tired from it. Why don’t you go on up to your room and get you some rest. We all now have a long day tomorrow. Some sleep will do us all some good.”

(Nevaeh nodded her head, she was feeling tired now, and maybe being alone in her room would allow her to decompress after this talk. But not before one last check...)

”Yeah I am feeling worn out. But are we ok here? There’s no issue…”

(Fredrick was the one cutting her off now as he spoke in a calm manner)

”Everything is fine Nevaeh. Go on and get some rest, we’ll see you in the morning for breakfast and then all you can eat BBQ. We’re gonna have a great time tomorrow, I promise you..”

(Nevaeh felt some relief at this point. She went about nodding her head before getting up and walking over to her father, giving him a big hug. She soon followed suit by walking over to Martha and giving her a hug as well.

Nevaeh now made her way out of the kitchen and headed towards the stairs. Martha watched nevaeh the whole way till she walked up the stairs and out of sight. Martha now turned her attention back to Fredrick, who was staring right back at her. Seeing the look of discomfort on his face, The Matriarch of the Summers family took a breath before speaking)

’They both need it Fredrick. Nevaeh needs it. No matter what the outcome is she needs to atlreast do it so she has peace of mind over the whole situation. You saw how she was. It’s affecting her deeply. If she does it, she atleast gets it off her shoulders.”

Fredrick slowly nodded his head)

’I do see how much Cassie and this whole ordeal is affecting her. It affects us just as much. I want the best for my little girl. I just don’t want her doing something she may regret later on is all. Especially when she’s been trying to make it right. I hope you are right about this Martha. I really do.”

(Martha herself nodded her head, sporting a concerned look on her face)

”..so am I..”

(Both Martha and Fredrick now sat in the kitchen in silence as the scene slowly faded to black)
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