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January 23, 2019, 11:03:15 pm
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FFW Velocity - May 3, 2018

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Author Topic: FFW Velocity - May 3, 2018  (Read 169 times)
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« on: May 03, 2018, 03:53:51 pm »

Live from the Capital One Arena in Washington, D.C.
May 3, 2018

The FFW logo flashes across the screen before we are taken not inside an arena, but into a local massage parlor. Stretched out on a table with only a towel covering her butt is the reigning Fast Track Champion. Laying on her stomach, she’s got her head propped up on her hands before Christian comes in with a very stout looking blonde woman.

Christian: Welcome to DeLuca Massage and Bodyworks here in Washington. D.C. After a very hard fought tag match last Saturday night where YOUR reigning Fast Track Champion was a MVP honestly, I wanted to treat her to a massage to help her work out whatever aches and pains could be remaining.

Scarlett tilts her head to look at the camera, being careful not to raise her upper body from the table.

Scarlett: If anybody deserves a little pampering it is of course me. I worked the hardest out of anybody in the tag match on Saturday, and so I have earned some rest and relaxation I think.

Christian: No question about it. This is Olga, the best known Swedish masseuse in the entire city from what I am told. Olga, do your magic.

Christian went to take a seat near Scarlett’s head as Olga squirted a little oil into her hands, and clapped them together.

Christian: On June 2nd when Scarlett here defends her Fast Track Championship against Erica Horton, as odd as it may sound, I feel even more confident about Scarlett retaining than I did before. Not to say I wasn’t, but after seeing the amount of effort it took two women to finally put Scarlett down, I’m not sure Erica is as good as two women...one of which is her own sister.

Olga grabbed Scarlett’s left foot, and sunk her fingers into it as she began to rub. There was the sound of a popping noise almost immediately, causing Christian to look back at the Swede.

Scarlett: Holy fu-- OWW! Are you sure you know what you are doing?!

The Fast Track Champion turned her head slightly to address Olga as she asked the question, then gave Christian a rather concerned glance.

Scarlett: Just like Fury, when I reclaimed the Fast Track Championship to be become the first ever two time Champion, I’ll be leaving Relentless with the belt firmly in my grasp. Erica is a nice enough girl I suppose but she hasn’t got anything on me. I’m not worried in the slightest… about that match at least.

She cast another concerned glance at Christian and then Olga as she finished speaking. As Olga was about to grab Scarlett’s other feet, Christian shook his head.

Christian: Olga, her feet...didn’t get hurt too much the other night. Let’s focus on the body and legs a bit. Is that cool?

Olga nodded her head, and then squirted more oil down each of Scarlett’s legs. She clapped her hands together and vigorously rubbing and digging her fingertips in Scarlett’s calves. Christian turned back to the camera as Olga’s fingertips were sinking into the champion’s legs.

Christian: That’s not to say Erica is untalented. But she’s never held a singles title in her entire career. Everything she’s accomplished has been as part of a tag team. And while she may have earned this shot at the title, I’m just not sure she’s ready for it. The problem for her, if she isn’t, is that she doesn’t have much time to prepare.

Christian glanced back to Olga, who was now up to Scarlett’s thighs and was really working them over with the deep tissue massage.

Christian: That’s good right there! Get into those aching muscles, and rub them down. You’re doing great, Olga!

Olga: Bony!

Scarlett: I am not bony!

The brunette scowled a little and then shook her head to clear her thoughts a little.

Scarlett: To be honest, Erica could have all the time in the world to prepare and it wouldn’t do her much good. The Fast Track Championship was stolen from me once before and I will not let that happen again. Nobody is getting their hands on MY title again until I have completed my required defenses and cash it in. It’s as simple as that.

Christian: What you saw Saturday was a Scarlett who was much more focused than you’ve ever seen her. She’s got her eyes set on Relentless, her mind focused on retaining her championship. Erica’s got a tough night ahead of her if she wants to even run the champion close at this point.

Finally finished with her legs, Olga squirted some warmer oil onto Scarlett’s back and plunged both hands into her ribs while pressing her thumbs against Scarlett’s spine. Another popping sound was heard before Olga started using her elbow to knead the lower half of Scarlett’s back. It made the champion almost come off the table, but didn’t since she wasn’t going to expose her chest on national television. Olga brought her elbow up high overhead as though she were about to drive it into Scarlett’s back before Christian came out of his seat. He grabbed her arm before it dropped.

Christian: You know what? You did great! That’s good enough. I don’t think she can take any more relaxation. I know I paid for a half hour, but….just keep the rest as a tip for a job well…..finished.

Olga: Yah. Too bony.

The masseuse let herself out as Christian took a deep breath. Scarlett lowered her head to the table with relief. She stayed like that for a few moments before raising it again to look at Christian.

Scarlett: Next time I pick the masseuse!

Christian: Shh, she might come back.

Fireworks erupt into the night sky as the FFW logo starts to form in the darkness. From there, the sound of tires burning rubber as it tears down a freeway with a woman driving the car. “Shine” by the Heavy Young Heathens plays on the radio. She glances up into the rearview mirror, where we see Kaoru Asaka looking down at  the FFW Championship in the reflection, Jo applying her inverted figure four leglock, Leona hitting her gutbuster finisher to a pop, Shaw standing in front of Charlotte with Kyle smiling behind them, and Miko Ayano delivering one hell of a chop to Bianca Salvador.

The car barrels down the freeway picking up speed as the woman glances down to the mirror outside her door. There we see Missy applying her Muta Lock submission, Kaoru Asaka applying her Deathclaw, Ascension standing over a fallen opponent with Valentina smiling as Isis stands stoic beside her, O.E. Ayano retrieving a muffler from under the ring, Mandy Gray & Caitlyn Storm taking off towards the ring, Lilly Arthur shaking her head as her husband is talking, and finally Savannah Taylor looking at her Ace of Spades card.

The woman driving presses the gas harder as the speedometer needle looks like it’s bouncing on the right side of the meter before the Velocity logo appears on the screen. From there, we head inside the arena as the live crowd makes a tremendous amount of noise seeing themselves on live television with the Velocity theme playing through the PA system.

Zack: Welcome to our nation’s capital, and the home of the Washington Wizards! We are live at the Capital One Arena here in Washington, D.C. for the 128th presentation of Velocity! Thank you for joining us on a night where we COULD see new Unity Tag Team Champions in the main event!

Mai: Could? How about we aren’t likely to see that at all? You’ve already underestimated the Brazilian Storm, haven’t you? You’re already showing favoritism, and we haven’t even gotten to the first match….well maybe we have. Go ahead, Magpie!

Maggie: The following match is scheduled for one fall...!

“Killin It” by Krewella hits the P.A system and the fans erupt in cheers. Pink and purple lights zoom around the arena as Antoinette Sands comes skipping out from the back. With a perky smile as ever, she jumps up and down amping the fans up before she delivers one final jump slapping her shoes down on the ground before running down the ramp. As she runs, she slaps the hands of some fans, glitter spewing from her hands as she slaps theirs.

As she makes her way down the ramp, she approaches the ring as she climbs up the ring apron she stands up and removes her sparkly jacket tossing it to the side as she enters. Once she’s in the ring, she bounces up and down, screaming out to the fans who encourage her before playfully slapping hands with the ref as she awaits the arrival of her opponent.

Maggie: Weighing in tonight at 121 pounds... This is ANTOINETTE SANDS!

Zack: Ant has been somewhat hit and miss since coming to FFW but I think that she’s could make a big splash here if she puts Valentina down tonight.

Mai: Zack, spoiler alert? She won’t and she can’t.

The lights go out in the arena.

Suddenly, while the intro of "King Of The World" by Porcelain And The Tramps blares into the arena, the lights of the stage and the ramp illuminate in gold while the spotlight focuses on the stage while the opening lyrics are being heard…

My Pain Filled Drama Queen
Is Always Creeping At Your Bed
Get Ready To Buy You Out
Cause We All Know
What Goes Around Comes Around
You Should’ve Known What I was All About
Do. Not. Test. Me.

As the chorus of the song drops, Valentina steps onto the stage and stands there in a dominant pose, hands on her hips and squinching at the crowd in a look of detest.

Maggie: Making her way to the ring, hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing one hundred and thirty-five pounds. She is “The Latin Goddess”…


Valentina then confidently strides her way to the ring, with the spotlight completely focused on her and the arena erupts with a thunderous array of boos from the capacity crowd showering down on her, Valentina is soaking up the reaction, even though she ignores it. Meanwhile, while she’s walking down, Valentina's entrance video is shown on the big screen, profiling her likeness and footage of her in action.

As Valentina reaches the ringside area, two nondescript men run over and create a human stairway for her next to the ring: one man on all fours next to the ring and the other lying prone in front of him. Causally stepping on the men, Valentina walks up and walks across the edge of the ring. She then reclines against the ropes and callously looks down at the men, giving them a smirk while they get to their knees and properly grace her boots with kisses before dismissing themselves to the back. She looks around the arena, not directly seeing the crowd through the darkness, but knowing that they’re out there as she sees the consistent flashing lights of the camera and the still boisterous reaction from the crowd.

Valentina then glares towards the referee in the ring and orders the referee to hold the ropes for her, which the referee reluctantly complies with doing. She wipes her feet on the apron and enters the ring, Valentina strides towards two opposite ring posts in where she climbs up and extends her arms out and looks on with a smirk, posing to the crowd with complete confidence. She’s taking in the atmosphere while the crowd reaction continues and the cameras flashing.

After going through her ritual, Valentina climbs down and makes her way towards the referee and commands the referee to take off her robe and then leans against the ropes in a sexy, confident pose as she waits for her opponent to arrive or for the match to begin.

Mai: Valentina came within an eyelash of booting the taste out of that miscreant whale Stefano’s mouth the other night...

Zack: She did come close, and one can bet that the Latin Goddess has not just had her say of getting her hands on that Evolution title quite yet.


Valentina takes one look around at this D.C. crowd in the Capital One arena before she turns her attention towards Sands. Apparently taking that second to regard the peasants was a mistake as Antoinette catches Valentina with a headscissor takedown, dropping her on her back... Before catching her with a second one. She follows up with a hat trick of them, dropping Lozano on her back before Ant claps her hands once, and tries to execute a standing moonsault. Valentina rolls out of the way of that one, causing Sands to curl up and land on her feet as Lozano gets into the corner. Ant follows her, looking for a monkey flip and launching Valentina on her back as referee Kevin Fisk regards over this match. Antoinette quickly slides into the cover and hooks the leg, her own legs kicking out!



Lozano shoots up after the one and Sands seems to realize she’s gotta throw down much, much more to keep the Latin Goddess down. She grabs her by the wrist and attempts to irish-whip her into the corner but Valentina reverses it and sends Antoinette running towards the turnbuckle as hard as she can, smashing back first. Before Sands can get out of the corner she takes a nasty boot to the ribs to put her sliding down to the ground in a crouched corner, as Lozano begins stomping a hole into Sands for her trouble, continuing to pound her boot away at her, grinding her heel against her throat for good measure before continuing to stomp away. She grabs Ant by the legs and drags her into the center for the pin.





Zack: Near two on Valentina’s part but Antoinette wants to win this like no one’s business with that kick out. She needs to try and overwhelm Valentina again with her speed as she did only a few moments ago. That’s going to be the answer.

Mai: Puh-lease, Zack. There’s no answer here except for a Priceless Kiss and “King Of The World” playing over the sound systems. You wanna know how I know? Because after that last match you can see a renewed hunger in Lozano... And the first course is looking to be this young belle of the Sands family!

Sands suddenly kicks up at Lozano and begins rushing at her with jumping kicks, one after the next, coming from both the left, causing the Latin Goddess to have to block with her forearms and her knees and even then it looks as though there’s a bit of a struggle to be had here. She brings her knees up, blocks one kick and catches Ant’s leg under her arm. Suddenly Sands gets jerked forward on one leg into a nasty spinning spinebuster, dropping her to the ground. She looks down at Sands before grabbing her by the legs and bringing her towards the nearest corner before sliding out of the ring. Fisk begins yelling at Valentina, asking her what she thinks she’s doing but before he can stop her she’s got a figure four leg lock around the ring post applied as the Capital One crowd watches. Antoinette writhes, punching at the ropes and trying to break the hold in pain but there’s little anyone can do about it besides Fisk counting out Valentina since she’s not only outside but the hold is illegal in these circumstances!





...Valentina lets it go, rolling away from Antoinette... Before she goes out of her way to reapply the figure four around Sands’ legs, continuing to erase her speed from her, and slowing her down utterly. Fisk gets ready to count again but this time around Valentina breaks the hold of her own volition and rolls right into the ring, getting far in distance from Sands, measuring her up for a bicycle kick.

Mai: Here it is, Zack! It’s time for a Priceless Ki--


At the last moment, Antoinette dodges the bicycle kick, getting right out of the way from getting hit by the maneuver, ducking and letting it whiff, but she never gets to turn around as Valentina catches herself, turns and starts running towards Sands, her back still turned to Lozano in that split second. She gets hit from out of nowhere with a somersault cutter, which Lozano immediately transitions by rolling on her stomach as well as kicking off the mat until she has Sands latched onto a bridging arm triangle choke! Fisk bends down to ask Sands if she wants to continue and to her credit she’s trying, sincerely trying to break out of the hold but there’s only so long she can hold on in Valentina’s Last Chancery before she begins tapping out!



Maggie: Here is your winner... “THE LATIN GODDESS” VALENTINA LOZANO!!!!!!

Mai: It’s just as I said Zack, this ended with “King Of The World” after a a Priceless Kiss....... Attempt.

Zack: Uh-huh... Sure. Be that as it may, Antoinette tried her best here tonight but Valentina just proved to be too much for her and even scored a tapout.

As “King of the World” plays, Valentina wipes her boots of the mat, as though kicking dust off her shoes. Fisk raises her hand as she smirks wide before making a motion around her waist for gold. She takes a pose as we go to commercial.

Are You Listening, Jolyne?

The pre recorded scene opens on the Washington Monument in all its pristine glory. Leaning up against the monument is none other than FFW’s own Abigail “Serenity” Lindsay. For a woman who has been on a rampage as of late, the vibe Abigail gives off is one of serenity... pun intended. With a graceful smile, unabashed sociopath speaks.. 

Abigail: “There is a lot of talk going around. Do you hear the whispers everyone? Silly people have the audacity to question my decision to go after Jolyne. OMG, she won the Young Gun Cup, wow, Jolyne is a big deal. Every time she is slated to compete, Young Gun Cup this, Young Gun Cup that. Young Gun Cup. Young Gun Cup. Young Gun Cup. Ok. She won the Young Gun Cup. So what? Does that make Jolyne special? Does that mean Jo is going to become a certified success in FFW? Has her Young Gun Cup honor protected her from lil ole me?”

Abigail shakes her head.

Abigail: “OMG Abigail, you’re poking the bear. You’ll regret your decision..”

Abigail giggles.

Abigail: “I won’t. I don’t fear Jolyne. If Jo was the same Jo from the Imperium days when she put a fellow wrestler on the shelf. Maybe... She doesn’t like The Imperium sage of her life. I showed her the symbol of her past, I saw the fire in her eyes. I could tell she wanted to punch me in the face. You’d think poking the bear would warrant more of a response. Not the response I was looking for.  You want to be Peaceful Zen Jolyne? What that taught me sweetie is you lost your edge.”

Abigail frowns slightly. 

Abigail: “When I tell you sweetie to remove the mask, I’m asking you to peel back the layers, drop the zen. Forget your outdated moral code. Be the woman you truly are. Your pride will convince you you have found the light. That being this new version of yourself is what brings your happiness. You’re living a lie. We all have a darkside. Some embrace the darkness, others, deny it, winning one tournament isn’t validation you are on the right path. The Young Gun Cup gave you false hope.”

“The more you drown in these shark infested waters of FFW, the day will come you’ll come crawling, begging me to show you The Way. In your darkest moment  you’ll admit I’m right. When that day comes I will show you the way. But we’re not there yet, sweetie. Trust the process. We will make beautiful music together... for now, at Relentless. I will relentlessly drill into your skull what the future will look like for the fraud known as Jolyne Dysart.

Abigail blows a kiss.

Abigail: “Ta ta for now.”

Abigail skips off screen as the scene fades to black.   

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Velocity returns to ringside as Maggie Rourke steps between the ropes, joining new referee Ashley Pruitt in the ring.

Maggie: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

Zack: From one member of Chaotic Temptation to another, Andi’s about to square off with Missy, who is preparing for a match at Relentless with Valerie Lamb.

Mai: How is one woman gonna try to topple a four woman group? That’s a suicide mission, or what do they call it? Harakiri?

The lights in the arena go off before a single purple spotlight hits the stage. As the opening bars of Wild Side by Cross My Heart Hope To Die starts to play Missy appears at the entrance way. Missy stands perfectly still, as her head stays bent, looking towards the ground and her manager Christian Kincaid walks out to stand behind her.

I've been on my best behavior
But I've heard that good girls finish last
And once you're gone they say no one can save you
But who knows if I go I may never want to ever come back
We've all fell victim to temptation
It seems that I'm the last one holding on
What's the use in fighting for my salvation
And why does it feel so damn right to want to be so wrong

At the side of Missy purple lights flash on and off, looking almost like fireworks, causing a wave of oohs and cheers to escape from the crowd. As the lights subside, Missy raises her arms up to the air and a single white spotlight accompanies the move.

I just wanna dance with the devil tonight
I wanna know what it feels like
I wanna close my eyes, put my hands in the sky
I wanna walk on the wild side

Maggie: Introducing at this time…. Hailing from Leeds, England and weighing in at One hundred and twelve pounds… she is MIIIIISSSSSY!

Missy makes her way down the ramp to the ring keeping her eyes straight ahead, focussing on the ring, with Christian following a few steps behind. When she reaches the ring she slowly climbs the steel steps, building the crowd to fever pitch with anticipation, she climbs elegantly between the bottom and middle rope and climbs up onto the middle rope. She smirks before blowing a kiss out to the crowd as her theme music ends.

Zack: I’m not sure that Andi is going to help get Missy ready for Valerie, since they don’t really have similar styles. But Missy has always seemed prepared for any challenge.

Mai: No one ever actually accused Andi of being intelligent. At least no one has that I think is intelligent. I’m sure Missy will dispose of her quickly.

[CUE THE SOUNDCHIP! An 8-bit version of the song from the Goonies start playing as the main lights dim down in the arena, with small star spotlights in a variety of colors flying around the crowd. 8-bit stars fill the videoboards, right up until the words start and Andi Takata comes sprinting out of the back to hit her mark. ]


[Andi hops into place, already in her Magical Girl pose, with blue and white sparkling pyro popping behind her, and the videoboards all exploding into pixellated color madness! The bassline kicks in and Andi dances for a moment before she starts to head for the ring, taking her time to enjoy her 'Starlights'!]

#Here we are, Hanging onto strains of greed and blues
#Break the chain then we break down
#Oh it's not real, if you don't feel it
#Unspoken expectations
#Ideals we used to play with
#Finally taking shape for us.

[By this time, Andi has reached the ringside fans, and cues them up for the dance party!]

#What's good enough (good enough)
#For you is
#Good enough (good enough)
#For me it's good enough (good enough)
#It's good enough for me
#Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!!!

[And when Pacman whirrs down, Andi punches the air above her and makes her way back around the ring to get to the rest of her Starlights, before heading up the steps and into the ring....]


#Now you'll say You're startin' to feel the push.... and pull
#Of what could be and never can
#You mirror me... stumblin' through those
#Old fashioned superstitions
#I find too hard to breaaaak
#Maybe you're out of place whaaaat's

[The song builds up again, and Andi, after running the ropes by this point, stops in the middle, to rally EVERYONE up to join her in a big ol' Caramelldanse! And most do!]

#Good enough (good enough)
#For you is
#Good enough (good enough)
#For me It's good enough (good enough)
#It's good enough for me
#Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!!

[Andi runs up the turnbuckles for one last go! Keep dancing everyone!]

#Good enough (good enough)
#For you Is
#Good enough (good enough)
#For me.. It's good, it's good enough
#It's good enough for me
#Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!!!!

[Andi finally hops down as the song fades away....]

Maggie: And her opponent, representing the Burning Star Xpress, please welcome…’THE LUCKY STAR’ ANDI TAKATA!!

Zack: Andi’s riding high off her recent victory at Anarchy, and if she wants a crack at Scarlett’s title, a win over Missy can certainly help her case.

Mai: She’s not good enough to defeat either one of them. She should just go buy one of those replica titles FFW sells on the website.

Referee Ashley Pruitt checks both women for anything illegal, and then calls for the bell. Andi begins by stirring up a chant from the crowd by hammering the top turnbuckle with her hand. As soon as she has them in her favor, she turns back to Missy. They meet in the center, and lock up. Andi begins to push Missy backwards before the brunette breaks the hold, and delivers a kick into her abdomen. A pair of uppercuts follow that before Missy utilizes an arm wringer into a hammerlock. Andi tries to grab her with her free hand to no avail before she heads towards the ropes. Before she gets there, Missy snaps off a hammerlock suplex to drive her into the mat. Andi barely has time to get back to her feet before Missy grabs her into a side headlock.

Mai: See what I mean, Zack? It’s barely a minute into this match, and Missy is outclassing her at every opportunity.

Zack: The match has barely begun here. You make it sound like it’s practically over, and Missy has been dominant start to finish.

Andi tries to shove Missy off, but doesn’t have much success. Instead, she lifts her up and delivers an atomic drop. It sends the Leeds native forward precariously before Andi darts towards her, grabbing her by the head as she passes for a running bulldog. Takata nips back to her feet as Missy is getting up, and starts to hammer forearms into the side of her head. Four shots connect before she whips Missy across for the ride, and scoops her up on the rebound into a sidewalk slam. She wastes no time in getting to her feet, and taking off for the ropes once again. As Missy begins to get up as well, Andi rolls into a ball and then springs forward with a clothesline to take her back down again. The crowd is loudly behind her at this point.

Zack: Andi’s picking up speed and momentum here, and that blowout you were calling for Missy at the bell has already gone south.

Mai: She’s just lulling her into a false sense of security, you see. I’m pretty sure that’s what it is, yes.

Missy gets to all fours to get up before Andi grabs her around the waist, and then snaps off a wheelbarrow suplex. A leg drop across the back of Missy’s head follows that before she darts for the corner. Climbing up onto the second turnbuckle from the inside as Missy tries to get back to her feet, Takata leaps over her into a sunset flip short powerbomb! She quickly hooks both legs as she leans into a cover, and the referee drops into position to count.

Zack: A nicely done sunset flip there from the space princess, let’s see if it’s enough!




Missy gets her shoulder up as the two comes down, and Andi rolls off the cover to her feet. She grabs Missy by the head, and uses the ropes for a springboard bulldog into the canvas.

Mai: Missy should have a five minute rest period after kicking out in this match, Zack. Besides that, I think Andi had the tights on that cover.

The space princess stayed on the attack as she bolted towards the ropes again, this time looking for a frog splash. But Missy brought her knees up, and folded Andi up on the canvas after impact. Christian shouted encouragement to his client as Missy sat up, and started trying to pull herself together. She pulled Andi up, and then delivered a gutbuster to her ribs that put her right back where she was a moment ago. The former Future Shock Champion headed towards the ropes, but didn’t get very far before Missy pulled her up to her feet and applied an abdominal stretch.

Mai: Look how talented Missy is. She saw the opening she made with her knees there, and now she’s going right to work on Andi’s body. The plus side for her is this offense is going to work even better when your opponent has the build of a 12 year old boy.

Zack: Not everyone drinks like a fish and has a body built of silicone, Mai.

Mai: What’s your problem with Missy?!

Andi’s face was wracked in pain as Missy kept the hold applied, even using her free hand to drive home fists into her rib cage. The referee dropped down to see if Andi wanted to quit, and got a very definite no to that question. Missy punished her for it by then driving her elbow into Andi’s body, grinding it in for a moment after each and every blow. The crowd in attendance once more began chanting for Andi, trying to will her out of this hold. The Hall of Famer tried to free herself by lunging towards the ropes. She made it after a couple tries, and grabbed the middle rope. It wobbled Missy enough for Andi to spin away, and counter out with a hip toss to the mat. The space princess tried to stand up straight, only for Missy to deliver a running knee to her ribs, then drop her with a Russian leg sweep.

Mai: Oh, a big hip toss that helped absolutely nothing there, Zack. Missy was right back on the attack, like a pitbull.

Zack: She’s not gonna like it when she hears you comparing her to a dog.

She dragged Andi to her feet, driving her into the corner back first. She lowered her shoulder to drive a series of thrusts into her ribs before scooping her over one shoulder as she walked out of the corner. With a snap, she drove her into the mat with an Alabama slam that bounced Takata off the canvas before she dropped into a cover. Pruitt dropped as well to make the count.

Zack: Devastating impact off that Alabama slam! Missy may have it right now!




Andi’s shoulder came up in time before the three. Missy sat up on her knees, and began pelting her with knee drops into her ribs before she finally got back to her feet.

Mai: She’s just relentless, isn’t she, Zack? And I don’t mean the Pay Per View in this case either.

The brunette delivered a series of stomps to her back after she got to her feet, then stepped over her to apply a camel clutch. Andi’s body was bent backwards, her face awash in pain as Missy tried to slowly increase the pressure. Once more, the referee dropped down to see if Andi wanted to quit, and still got a negative answer from the space princess. That only caused Missy to lean back further, causing Andi’s face to tense immensely.

Mai: Go ahead, and pull her head off, Missy! She won’t miss it! If she’s a real alien, she’d probably grow another anyway that is just as unattractive.

Zack: You can tell the damage being done to Takata’s ribs and back with his camel clutch. She may not quit, but her body is ready to call it a night, I’m sure.

Once more, the crowd started trying to get behind Andi as they chanted her name. Missy showed no signs of letting up though, trying to lean back further until Andi’s body was at a 90 degree angle practically. But the space princess managed to slip her arms free. And with a great show of perseverance, she dragged them both to the ropes and grabbed onto the bottom to cause the break. Missy held on till 4 before she let go, and rose back to her feet. A glance over to her manager saw him share some advice, to which she dragged Andi back to the center and was about to apply it again. But Takata rolled onto her back, and caught Missy with a palm thrust to the throat.

Zack: I think Christian told her to pull her back, and slap on that camel clutch one more time! But clearly, the space princess had other ideas.

Mai: That was dirty right there! If I had to grab the ropes to escape a hold, I’d just quit and save myself the humiliation, Zack.

Missy clutched her throat as she began coughing, trying to get her wind back as Andi got back to her feet. The Hall of Famer was clearly sore as she was much slower moving now, but snapped Missy into a release German suplex that saw the back of her head hit the turnbuckle. The brunette crumpled to the mat as Andi got back to her feet again, favoring her back in clear pain. Takata went to the opposite corner, and delivered a cannonball splash into Missy before dragging her out of the corner to the center of the ring. Once more, she had to pause as she clutched her ribs. She then darted for the ropes, using them for a springboard into a moonsault! She hooked the outside leg in the process as Pruitt dropped to count.

Zack: Bad ribs or not, Andi’s gonna give you everything she’s got! Missy’s in big trouble right here!




Missy’s shoulder came up before the three struck, causing Andi to roll off the cover. She held her hands to her ribs, her face tensing again in pain before she got to her feet.

Mai: See, this is where if Andi had any technical wrestling knowledge, she’d just work holds on Missy rather than jumping onto her constantly. Instead, everything she does is only making the pain worse for her. Not that I care, mind you.

She watched as Missy began to sit up on her knees, trying to pull herself together. Andi shouted into the crowd what was coming next with a ‘SHINING STAR’ that connected against the brunette’s skull. Missy collapsed back down to the mat, and Andi headed for the corner. It was a slow climb though, as she stopped more than once thanks to the rib pain. She finally made it up top, and looked down at Missy stirring on the mat.

Mai: This is the LAST place you want to be with sore ribs! It’s going to be either feast or famine here for this morong!

Zack: Andi’s in the high rent district where she loves to be! And for once, you may be right! She better hit whatever she has in mind!

Andi immediately launched herself into another frog splash from much higher up this time! It connected perfectly as the crowd came to their feet. She hooked both legs for the cover with the crowd making plenty of noise. The only problem was that the referee wasn’t counting. Christian had climbed up onto the apron, seemingly asking a question before Andi pounded the mat to get her attention. Pruitt spun around, and dove in to make the count!




Missy’s shoulder came up in time, and Andi sat up in a huff. She pounded the mat with her fist, and looked over to Missy’s manager with a scowl.

Zack: Christian took advantage of our new referee, and he may have just saved this match for Missy in the process!

Mai: What’s the issue? He’s allowed to ask questions, that’s what officials are for in matches. She’s there to enforce rules, and he was merely inquiring about them. He’s only been in the business for about 9 years, Zack!

Christian shrugged his shoulders from ringside as Andi glared down to him. Meanwhile, Missy was starting to get up behind her. The space princess saw it out of the corner of her eye, and went to nail her with a superkick. But as soon as she leaned over, she winced in pain and wasn’t able to connect before Missy yanked her forward. She drilled her with a brainbuster to the mat before sitting up on her knees to collect herself.

Mai: That may have been the greatest thing I’ve seen tonight! Andi couldn’t do the superkick because of her ribs! She lives and dies by those!

Zack: There’s no question that it has been a brilliant strategy for Missy, and Andi’s fighting through the pain as best she can.

Missy headed for the corner at Christian’s behest, making her way to the top rope. Andi was still writhing on the canvas as Missy perched herself. She immediately flew into a frog splash of her own!


She landed it perfectly, and hooked both legs into a cover before the referee slid into position like a baseball player to make the count!




Pruitt called for the bell as Missy sat up off the cover. Christian rolled in to join her, and help her to her feet.

Maggie: Here is your winner………………….MISSY!!

Zack: A massive win for Missy as she heads into Relentless to meet Valerie Lamb for an Evolution Championship shot!

Mai: Damn straight it was! I’m proud of her! And if she needs someone to give her a tongue bath celebration, all she has to do is call me! I’ll DM her my number now!

Missy leaned on her manager as he raised her hand. The referee did the same as well before Christian held the ropes open for her to leave.

Zack: I hope whatever percentage Chaotic Temptation pays this guy is enough for all the distractions he’s caused recently.

Meanwhile as Christian and Missy headed to the back, the referee tried to help Andi back to her feet before familiar music started to play.

Mai: Who’s music is playing, Zack?

"Tic tic toc, the time bomb clock
Ticks grinning ear to ear here baby
Tic Tic Toc, the time bomb clock
ticks counting down...
tic, tic stop!"

Zack: Wait a minute, I know that music! That’s--

As Andi hopped down to see what was going on, a redhead hit the ring and mowed her down with a clothesline to the back of her head. She shoved Andi into the ropes, and dropped her with a spinebuster before the redhead’s manager joined her.


Mai: Oh, and there’s Kyle too!!

The live crowd booed loudly as Valerie looked over to Kyle, who was applauding her and getting a smile in return. When Andi started to get up, Valerie jerked her into position and delivered her reverse STO!


Mai: I like this girl, Zack!

Zack: This must be one of the women the COO signed from Future Shock! Valerie McKinley has been brought to FFW, and has left Andi laying!

Mai: All the more reason to like her!

Valerie planted her foot on Andi’s chest as Kyle raised her hand, causing a bright smile from the redhead.

Mai: Welcome to FFW, Valerie!

The demure smile of Valerie McKinley is shown before Velocity heads to a commercial break.

Hand in Hand

Kid Ink’s “Money and the Power” begins to play over the PA system to a pop from the crowd before the COO of FFW emerges on the stage, hand in hand with his girlfriend, Savannah Taylor. He looks towards her with a smile before they head towards the ring, where he opens the ropes for her before stepping in after her.

Zack: The ban has been lifted, and the COO of FFW is back here on Velocity. And this time, well...he brought his girlfriend.

Mai: She should know better than to be seen in public with him. What on earth will Samantha think?!

Seth thanks Maggie for a pair of microphones, one of which he offers Savannah as his music starts to fade out.

Seth: Washington, D.C…..

Cue the cheap pop, which brings a smile from Seth.

Seth: Not too long ago, I was arrested on FFW television and sent to jail for criminal trespass….for being at a show where I am second in command. This woman right here immediately went to take care of it, and I am infinitely grateful to her. Then I was banned from appearing on all FFW programming by my sister….until she saw I was offered a position with SVW as their new vice president.

Savannah: What happened that night was one of those moments in life that you have to step back and do some thinking. I’m well aware of the comments made on social media and in the locker room. I honestly could care less what people have to say on the matter. I did the only right thing to do, and that was free an INNOCENT man from jail. So really, you all can thank me for that.

Mai: I’m sure that didn’t do Samantha’s nerves any better. He really is more trouble than he’s worth, I’m starting to think.

Seth: And as embarrassing as that was, there was one upside. And that was getting to travel with this woman right here. I was able to go with her everywhere she went. I was able to move in with her, and all of that I owe to being banned.

Savannah’s face turns up into a smile, one that few in FFW have seen from her.
Savannah: When you have someone that you feel so strongly for, you take risks. You learn to trust you heart over your head. That moment of clarity led to Seth moving all the way to New York City to be with me. This next chapter in both of our lives is all thanks to the decision, however rash it may be, of our fair owner.

Seth: Two weeks ago on this show, my sister gave me an ultimatum. It was either to quit as the COO of FFW or refuse to be considered for the job as the new vice president of SVW. Samantha dear sister, that answer is simple. I wouldn’t quit this job no matter what.

This gets another pop from the crowd as Seth looks back to his girlfriend.

Seth: The fact is I can do so much more here. Honestly, I’m not needed in SVW. I AM needed here. So while I thank SVW for extending an opportunity like that, I respectfully decline. Now with that said, allow me to tell you a little story. Not long after this magnificent woman and I started dating, we were on a sofa one night watching something. I don’t remember what. But we made an agreement. And that agreement was due to the friction between myself and my sister. I didn’t want to put Savannah in an awkward position, thus we would keep our personal lives and our business lives separate. And we tried to do that. But that was not in my sister’s plans. She started talking about my mother, her history. She has tried to humiliate and embarrass me in front of a television audience again and again. As a result of all those things, it was also this woman here who asked me a simple question. Why are we pretending that we aren’t together? And for that, I had no answer anymore.

Savannah: I remember being asked, sometimes more than once, what I even saw in Seth. How could I even become involved with him. The answer is actually quite simple. What I see in Seth is someone who is willing to look past everything that I have said and done in the past and present. I see someone who is willing to take a chance and see me for ME, not what you people may see on television and whatnot. To me, that is worth its weight in gold. I will do everything that I can to protect what we have.

Seth: If seeing Savannah with me is an issue for my sister, well that is entirely her problem. And I encourage her to get over it. Because the simple fact is she doesn’t have another choice. I do not intend to end this relationship for anyone, least of all my sister’s wishes. I took this job to make sure the women in this company got what they deserve. And I am far from done. I also want to let Jo McFarlane know something. Booking you against Savannah at Relentless was not my idea. That was my sister’s doing. And you should know she’s likely using you to try to teach Savannah a lesson. I don’t teach lessons, I give people what they deserve. Be that as it may, I am definitely looking forward to seeing this match at Relentless.

Her blue eyes narrow ever so slightly.

Savannah: Jo, not too long ago, you tried to bestow upon me some sage advice about not getting involved in this sibling civil war or making this personal. I hate to break it to you, but I’m more involved than you realize. I know my relationship with Seth does not sit well at all with our mutual friend Samantha. I can handle whatever she wants to throw at me, including you. I’ve learned more than a thing or two since our last encounter. I dare say…..I’ve gotten better. Come Relentless, you are going to find out first hand just how good I’ve gotten. You’re going to find out just how far I am willing to go in order to win. See you then.

Savannah’s expression is shown in a close up as Velocity heads to a commercial break.

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Velocity returns from the commercial break back to ringside as we find Maggie Rourke standing in the center of the ring with a smile on her face.

Zack: It’s main event time, and the most coveted tag titles in FFW are on the line! This shot was earned at Relentless, and now’s the time!

Mai: One fluke win at Relentless hardly guarantees that the Fair are going to leave with the Unity titles tonight.

Maggie: The following match is scheduled for one fall to a finish and is for the FFW Unity Tag Team Championship!!!


Maggie: From Berkeley, California... At a combined weight of 240 pounds and accompanied to the ring by Christian Kincaid and Stephanie Setefano... Mickey and Raquel... THE SCARBOROUGH FAIR!!

“Every single day, things get in my way. Someone has to pay, for the little things.”

As the chords of “The Little Things” screech, the entire arena gets filled with cheers. Spotlights of yellow and pink and green flicker through the crowd and the arena darkens as the music plays. Mickey and Raquel emerge from the top of the ramp with a ladder in tow, holding it up together. Raquel and Mickey put down the ladder and high-five after coming down while Christian watches on with a smile and Steph has her arms crossed. Fair and Scarborough roll into the ring before climbing opposite turnbuckles, soaking in the cheers with wily grins before talking strategy in the corner as their music fades out while Steph keeps an eye on the ladder.

Zack: Mickey and Raquel have never been Unity Champions in all the years they’ve been part of FFW. But that could very well change tonight in a matter of moments.

Mai: There’s a reason they never have held them, because they aren’t good enough to be the Unity Champions. This is a formality, Zack: a formality.

The lights in the arena go almost out, allowing yellow and blue strobes to take effect as the quietly intense opening of Rev Theory’s “Something New” starts over the speakers. On the sound of the notes, the crowd jeers and from under the stage, The Brazilian Storm, Bianca and Mel, are lifted. The SVW Tag Team Championship belts can be seen around their waists.

Love to hate, repeating my mistakes
Now there's no one left to listen...
No one left to listen...
Take a chance, and fuck the consequence
When there's no one left to listen...
No one left to listen...

The two friends look to each other, grin and fist bump. Looking out around them, they continue to grin at the reaction they’re getting. From there, they begin their walk towards the ring.

Right now! We’re taking control!
Tired of waiting! Tired of waiting!
For something new!
Right now! We’re taking control!
Tired of waiting! Tired of waiting!
For something new!

Ignoring the outstretched arms of fans who want a high-five, the Brazilians make their way to the ring, where Mel pulls herself onto the apron using the ropes, and Bianca stops right under her, where the two rogues strike a pose, with Mel taking a soft dip of a bow, and Bianca unhooking the belt from her waist and holding it up high.

Maggie: And their opponents… From Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre, Brazil, the FFW UNITY TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS… MEL AVILO… BIANCA SALVADOR… THE BRAZILIAN STORM!!!

Mel then steps into the ring and Bianca rolls under the bottom rope right afterwards. The two of them then make their ways to opposite turnbuckles, both climbing on the second rope and staring at the booing crowd, diminishing the negative welcome they’re getting from the crowd their own way as they taunt the crowd exposing their championship belts, before they hop back to the ring and meet once again in the center of the ring, sharing another fist bump, before they retreat to their corner to strategize.

Mai: Look at YOUR Unity Champions, Zack. Look at the best tag team in all of FFW, and you will see that after this is over, they will still be YOUR Unity Champions.

Zack: I’m sure you’ll get promoted in the fan club with all the propaganda you’re throwing out, but let’s just see what happens if you don’t mind.

Jennifer Stringer took the title belts from the Brazilian Storm, showing them to both members of the Fair before she held one high above her head, presenting it to the sold out crowd before passing them both to the ringside attendant. The official asked both teams who was starting the match and got no answer from the Storm as they continued to strategize in their corner while Mickey and Raquel fist bumped before Fair stepped through the ropes to the outside. Stringer moved towards the Storm in an attempt to get one of them out of the ring but before she could get there, Mickey charged past her and caught both Brazilian wrestlers with a split legged dropkick.

Mai: That’s when you know your opponents are terrified that they aren’t good enough to win when one of them attacks you before you’re done strategizing.

Zack: The Storm have had the better part of two weeks to discuss their strategy for this match. Mickey’s ready to go whether they are or not.

Scarborough rolled back to her feet only to charge forward once more as the Storm advanced towards her, ducking underneath their attempt at a clothesline before she leapt onto the middle turnbuckle, pushing herself off and hurling into a crossbody block that took both of the Unity Champions down. The Unity Champions were quick to start to rise to their feet only for Mickey to land three quick kicks into Mel’s stomach, doubling her over. As she landed the third kick to the gut, she was about to be spun around by Bianca only for Raquel to intercept the former Future Shock Champion, stopping her in her tracks with a vicious right hand delivered to the jaw, followed by a second before she lifted her up off her feet and into an inverted Atomic drop, that Fair followed with a discus forearm into Salvador’s jaw that saw her fall backwards into the corner. Meanwhile Mickey took hold of Mel by her ring attire, spun her around and sent her through the ropes to the outside.

Zack: The Fair are starting off strong, and Mel just got her personal ‘thanks for coming’ toss to the outside!

Mai: There’s no reason to put your hands on Mel. Bianca’s the legal woman in the match. This is already starting off unfairly.

In the Storm corner, Fair had delivered four quick knees into Bianca’s middle before she was joined by Mickey. The two challengers jerked Salvador out of the corner and sent her across the ring with an Irish whip. As she hit the turnbuckles, Fair took her partners hand and sent her barrelling towards the member of the Storm with an Irish whip of her own; Mickey leaving her feet to deliver a splash to the Porto Allegre born wrestler before rolling out of the way as Fair came flying in with a running splash of her own. Bianca stepped out of the corner as Raquel stepped backwards only to find herself grabbed by the hair, pulled out of the corner only for both of the challengers to scream in her ears before they drove her face first into the mat with a pull of the hair as they kicked her feet out from under her. Raquel left the ring as Salvador started to push upwards, holding her ears.

Zack: Bianca may not be hearing things to well for a few minutes at this point, not to mention developing one hell of a headache.

Mai: Why are you enjoying this so much? Do you think this is funny? It’s not, and it’s certainly not treating the champions the way they deserve.

Mickey watched as the Brazilian rose to her feet before she took off across the ring, building momentum as she bounced off the ropes and breezed past the rising Salvador before she leapt onto the ropes nearest to her and into a springboard hurricanrana that sent Salvador crashing into the middle of the ring. Bianca tried to rise quickly but as she did so, she was charged once more by the legal half of the Scarborough Fair who caught her as soon as she got to her feet and sent her flying back towards Raquel in the corner with a monkey flip. Bianca landed hard but tried to rise once more, only to get cut off when she got to her knees courtesy of a running knee to the jaw. Salvador collapsed backwards onto the mat and Scarborough tagged her partner as she scaled the turnbuckles and dove off into a corkscrew elbow drop that connected perfectly. The Franchise member tried to sit up only for Fair to slingshot herself over the top rope and into a leg drop across Bianca’s chest before she made the cover.

Zack: Man, the Fair are giving the Storm all kinds of trouble! And we may have new champions right here!



Mai: I knew she’d kick out! You aren’t going to upset the Unity Champions that fast.

Salvador kicked out of the pinfall just before the two count could be completed and found herself hauled up to her feet by Raquel who shoved her back into the Scarborough Fair corner, where she drove a knee into Salvador’s midsection and made the tag to Mickey. Scarborough hopped over the top rope and landed on her feet in the ring as Bianca received another two knees in quick succession to her breadbasket from Raquel before Fair stepped out to the apron, allowing Mickey to step forward. As she did so, the Berkeley native unloaded with a knife edge chop that resounded throughout the venue. She followed it up with a second and a third and a fourth that saw Bianca try to cover up. Mickey shushed the crowd before she reared back and drove another knife edge chop into her chop - this one the most vicious of the bunch. Bianca tried to stagger out of the corner as Mickey tagged to Raquel before she delivered a dropkick to Salvador’s chest, sending her down to the mat.

Zack: I bet Bianca’s having flashbacks to when she faced Miko Ayano with those devastating chops to her chest!

Mai: If she needs someone to rub some lotion on her chest after the match, I’m offering my hands or tongue either one.

Bianca quickly rose to her feet as Fair entered the ring and sent the member of the Storm back to a sitting position with a snapmare takedown followed by a dropkick to the back of her head, jarring it forward before she fell to the side. Raquel quickly pulled her opponent up to her feet, hooking her head and snapped off a suplex. She kept her arm around Salvador’s head as she popped her hips and rolled back up to her feet, bringing Bianca to a vertical base in position for a suplex before she hooked her leg and snapped off a Northern Lights Suplex. As she landed the move, Fair bridged and kept the hold applied for a pinfall.




Mai: Bianca needs to make a tag sooner than later here, Zack. All this cheating by the Fair is taking a toll on her gorgeous body.

Zack: We must be watching different matches.

Bianca kicked out of the hold and rolled away onto her knees, looking around and spotting Mel before she attempted to crawl towards her only for Fair to quickly stop her in her tracks as she dropped down beside her and locked in a side headlock. Salvador kicked a foot against the mat in frustration before she fought her way up to her feet. All the way back up, Fair kept the hold locked on - wrenching her grip tighter as they made it back to a vertical base only for the Brazilian wrestler to begin to fire elbows backwards into the Berkeley resident’s midriff. Two blows landed before Fair released the headlock only to grab Bianca by the wrist and twist her arm into a standing armbar accompanied by a wristlock. Confident that she had it firmly applied the challenger kept it locked in with one hand while she used the other to deliver a stiff haymaker shot into Bianca’s ribs. A second haymaker into the ribs followed the first with a third hot on its heels before she dragged her back towards the Scarborough Fair corner where she made the tag to Mickey.

Zack: Look at these quick tags from Mickey and Raquel! They are giving a master class tonight for any aspiring teams who want to make it to this level.

Mai: Poor Bianca. This wouldn’t have happened if the Fair didn’t jump them before they were ready at the start of the match.

Scarborough climbed up to the top rope after receiving the tag and dropped into the ring with a double axe handle smash into Salvador’s back. Bianca dropped to her knees as Fair released the hold, only for Raquel and Mickey to jerk her back to her feet and into a double hiptoss that sat her down on the mat. Stringer ordered Fair to leave the ring and began her count as the two challengers took off in opposite directions before they came back towards Salvador and connected simultaneously - Mickey with a dropkick to her chest while Fair drove a forearm smash into the back of her head. Raquel rolled out of the ring as Mickey dove on top of the Champion and hooked her leg as she looked for the pinfall.




Zack: Another near fall for the challengers, and I’m starting to believe that this is definitely the Fair’s night!

Mai: No one cares what you are feeling, Zack. You’re supposed to call moves like a robot. I’ll handle the insight.

Bianca kicked out on the two and a half count and rolled towards the ring ropes where she started to pull herself to her feet. As the Franchise member made it to her knees, Scarborough took off and as she approached the far side ropes, Mel stepped down the apron and fired off a kick that caught Mickey in the small of the back as she looked to bounce off the ropes causing her to take two steps and come to a halt. Quickly she turned towards Avilo and lunged towards her with a forearm shot that missed as Mel dropped off the apron to the floor, getting a scowl from Mickey as she got a terse comment from the Scottish Brazilian wrestler. Scarborough turned her attention back towards the ring and found Bianca back on her feet. The challenger advanced towards the champion, catching her in the gut with a front kick that doubled over the Brazilian before she looked to set her up for the hammerlock DDT. Before she could get it locked in though, Bianca managed to shove her away and as she straightened up she caught Scarborough with a thumb to the eye.

Mai: Mickey had that coming with all the shady and underhanded tactics the Fair have been using! She should feel free to cheat as much as she wants.

Zack: The Storm will likely take your advice without you even needing to say it, trust me. This thing is far from over.

Mickey stepped backwards, temporarily blinded and Salvador wasted little time in pressing home her advantage as she stepped towards Mickey driving a boot into her groin - a decidely low blow. Stringer was already reprimanding Salvador for the thumb to the eye and got even angrier as she saw the blatant low blow from the Brazilian… but all it prompted was Salvador challenging the referee to disqualify her and then fetch her her Unity Tag Team Championship. The official relented but still read Salvador the riot act, getting ignored as Bianca wrapped her arms around Mickey’s waist, spun her around and then sent her flying across the ring with a release belly to belly suplex. Bianca slowly got back to her feet, putting on a short gun show for the crowd before she unleashed a roundhouse kick that caught Mickey to the side of the face, causing the Californian to spin around and drop to her knees, landing over the middle rope. Salvador moved forward quickly, driving her knee into the spine of her opponent to force her throat against the rope to choke her out, pulling another pose for the crowd as she did and only getting boos for it.

Mai: Isn’t that lovely of Bianca to welcome all these morons to the gun show? She’s such a giving person!

The official began the count, Bianca stepping back at four and as the referee told her off once more Salvador started to argue with her, distracting her as Mel moved down the apron and delivered a facewash to Mickey’s face sending her sprawling backwards to the canvas. Mel made her way back to the corner as Bianca dropped down on top of Mickey and delivered a series of mounted punches to the high flyer before she pulled her to her feet and yanked her into a short arm clothesline. Mickey rolled over and tried to rise only for Bianca to jerk her to her feet and into a snapmare before she made the tag. As Mel entered the ring, the two members of the Brazilian Storm began to unload on the seated Mickey; Mel driving kicks into her chest while Bianca kicked away at her spine, the pair milking the five count for all it was worth before Salvador stepped through the ropes to the apron…. Where Mel made the tag to bring her back into the ring.

Mai: Where’s all your compliments on the champions’ tag team expertise? You were sure high on the Fair.

Zack: The Unity Champions don’t need to be told they are effective, those two gold titles at the table prove it for them.

Once more they used the five count to their advantage as Mel pulled Mickey up to her feet, applied a rear waistlock and sent her flying with a high angle release German suplex into a lungblower from Bianca. Mickey rolled away, holding her back in agony before Salvador rolled her onto her back and made a cover.

Mai: That was fantastic! Back of the line, Scarborough!




Zack: A near fall for the champions, but the Fair aren’t ready to call it a night in their opportunity to become the new Unity Champions.

Mickey kicked out of the pinfall and started to try and rise quickly to her feet only for Bianca to slap the taste out of her mouth, snapping her head to the side as she did so before she took her down to the canvas once more with a spinning DDT. Rolling to the side, Bianca sat up and once more she tagged in her partner before coming to her feet, pulling Mickey up with her. As she got the Scarborough Fair member back to a standing base, Salvador whipped her foe into the ropes, lifting her up off her feet on her return into an alley oop for Avilo to bulldog her down into the canvas. Scarborough rolled onto her back as Mel got back to her feet and elbow dropped Mickey. Quickly she rose to her feet once more and delivered a second quick elbow drop and then a third into her spine as Mickey rolled to her front. Scarborough rolled away once more and pushed up to all fours before she was pulled up to her feet by her opponent and into a neckbreaker. As she was dropped to the canvas with the move, Mel made the cover on the Berkeley born wrestler.

Zack: A neckbreaker well executed, and the Storm are ready to call it a night!




Mai: That was a three, Zack. Any idiot could have gotten to three rightt there!

Mickey kicked out of the pinfall and rolled away trying to get to her feet only to get sent straight back down to the canvas thanks to a stern headbutt from Mel. Again Mickey picked herself up from the canvas and got her feet underneath her only for Mel to bounce off the nearest ropes and deliver a running big boot into her face. Mickey rolled over and flapped her arms towards the ring ropes, finding them out of reach before she began to slowly and unsteadily rise to her feet as Mel posed for the crowd right in front of Raquel, getting a loud series of boos. The Franchise member rolled her eyes at the response from the crowd and turned her attention back to her opponent, circling around behind her before she grabbed the back of her tights, holding her in place as she launched three forearms into the base of her spine before she released her. Mickey stumbled forward two steps as the last blow landed, arching her back in pain before she was spun around, lifted off her feet and driven into Mel’s bent knee for a back breaker.

Mai: Now you see the brilliance of letting Mel come in second. She’s the powerhouse, and look how devastating she is in there!

Zack: What’s surprising about that? Me usually comes in second during tag matches. It’s not like they just started doing that tonight.

Once more Scarborough rolled away holding her back and tried to get back upright only to be helped by the Scottish-Brazilian competitor who brought her to her feet before she scooped her up onto her shoulder, carrying her their as she circled around the ring before powerslamming her down into the middle of the mat. Mel immediately made the cover, hooking the leg as she did so.




Zack: Big time impact, and that’s what Mel brings to the table! But it wasn’t enough to keep Mickey down, and retain the Unity titles just yet.

Mickey kicked out once more and Jennifer Stringer showed the two count to Mel who glared at her for a moment before she pulled Mickey up to her feet and used all of her power to launch Scarborough towards the nearest neutral corner with an Irish whip. The challenger hit the turnbuckles hard and flipped upwards, over the top and landed on her feet on the apron where she almost instinctively started to walk forward towards Bianca. Salvador measured her up for a moment before she charged forward and took her down to the ring apron with a leaping clothesline that saw Bianca land on her feet on the outside. As Mickey’s back hit the apron she bridged upwards on her toes, hand going to the bottom of her spine as she let out a silent scream of agony before she rolled back into the ring underneath the bottom rope as Bianca played to the front row, getting booed as she showed off her muscle definition then headed back to her corner.

Zack: If anyone came to Velocity tonight to see Bianca pose, they’ve gotten their money’s worth twice over. Though I don’t hear a single one of them here in the Capital One Arena.

Mai: You’re sitting next to one, you buffoon! I love to see Bianca show off as much as watching Mel crush people.

In the ring, Mel wrapped both of her hands around Mickey, jerking her upwards and off her feet causing Stringer to start to count the chokehold. Avilo held her there till the last moment of the count before she hurled the high flying member of the Fair backwards into the Storm’s corner. Mel backed up to the middle of the ring and measured up Mickey before she charged forward looking to land a running big boot facewash in the corner only for Mickey to kick up and outwards with her feet, driving them into the jaw of her foe. Avilo staggered backwards as Scarborough launched a back elbow into the jaw of Bianca, before turning to catch her with a haymaker to the jaw before she leaned back against the turnbuckles one more time and again she caught an onrushing Avilo with a double foot kick to the chest. As Mel staggered backwards, Scarborough pushed up to the middle rope, delivering another back elbow to Bianca for good measure before she launched herself off into a flipping seated senton that saw her catch Mel across the chest, sending her down to the mat. Mickey managed to hold on to make the pinfall.




Zack: A picture perfect senton, and Mickey nearly brought the Unity titles home to Berkeley right there!

Avilo kicked out with authority, sending Scarborough off balance face first into the ring mat. The Californian pushed up to her hands and knees and looked around as she started to crawl around in a circle looking for Raquel. Fair was stomping away in the corner, beating her hand against the top turnbuckle as the crowd joined in with her, rallying Mickey who finally got her bearings and began to head towards her partner. Only for Mel to have already gotten to her feet and made the tag to Bianca. Salvador rushed into the ring and before Mickey could even get close enough to try and dive, the Brazilian caught Fair with a low dropkick to the knees, sending her off the apron before she turned to Scarborough and locked in a front facelock that she used to manhandle her to her feet and force her backwards to the Brazilian Storm side of the ring before she transitioned the front face lock into a snap suplex.

Mai: Look how wonderfully they’ve managed to isolate Mickey, she’s about two minutes from being done out there, if that long!

Zack: Mickey is definitely being tested tonight, and she can look forward to possibly more of this at Breaking Point when her team and Jo McFarlane meet all three members of the Franchise!

Mickey sat up holding her back and immediately tried to get back to her feet only for Bianca to catch her in her midsection with a savate kick. Mickey doubled over, cradling her gut with her arms only for her opponent to grab hold of the back of her head, jerking her downwards into a single knee facebreaker before she pulled yanked backwards on her hair as she swept her legs out from under her causing Mickey to crash backwards onto the canvas, driving all the out of Scarborough. Bianca played to the crowd once more before she moved back towards Mickey as she gave a sign to the crowd for the Typhoon Driver. With a confident smirk on her face she pulled Mickey upright, feeding her arms between her legs only for Scarborough to suddenly counter the move as she pushed up off her feet, jerking her arms forward and sent Bianca rolling to the mat. Scarborough nipped up to her feet and began to stagger to her corner only for Salvador to quickly chase after her. As the Brazilian Storm closed to within a step of the challenger, Mickey surprised her as she leaned backwards, grabbing hold of her head and dropped her to the canvas with a cutter.

Mai: That’s…..not good! Bianca!! Move towards your corner! Can you hear me?!

Zack: If she can’t, she’s the only one! You sound like a harpy out here! Both women are down, it’s a race to see who gets back to their feet first!

Both wrestlers lay on the mat unmoving - but only for a moment before both seemed to come back to life; Mickey rolling onto her front and pushing up to her hands and knees as Bianca sat up and started to make to her feet. Mickey crawled towards her corner as Salvador got back to a vertical base and staggered towards her partner and made the tag. Mel entered the ring and charged towards Mickey, grabbing hold of her foot and starting to pull her back only for Scarborough to fight it, rolling onto her back and bringing her knees into her chest, causing the Franchise member to lean in as she tried to keep hold of the ankle and for her troubles got a face full of the Jager Bomb purple mist that stopped her in her tracks just long enough for Mickey to kick her off.

Mai: DISQUALIFICATION!! How’s that fair?! You haven’t seen the Storm do that! The match should be over!

Zack: Well it’s not, so build a bridge and get over it! Mickey needs the tag, and she’s almost there now!

Once freed from Mel’s grasp, Scarborough spun onto her front, pushed upwards and dove towards her corner making the tag to Raquel. Avilo managed to clear her vision and charged towards the Fair corner as the tag was made and ran straight into Fair as the woman catapulted herself into a flying shoulder tackle that brought her into the ring. Immediately the Berkeley resident rolled through and came to her feet only to launch herself into a spinning heel kick that knocked Bianca back down to the canvas. Raquel was quickly back to her feet and charged towards the legal member of the Storm catching Mel with a high knee to the jaw that saw her fall backwards into the ropes then stagger forward and get taken down to the mat with an arm drag takedown. Fair rose back up to her feet and skipped towards Bianca as she made it to one knee only to drive a savate kick into her jaw that caused her to topple backwards to the mat one more time and lay sprawled on the canvas. The challenger turned her attention back to the other half of the tag team champions as the Scottish-Brazilian rose to her feet; Fair spinning her around to grab her wrist and yank her forward into a flapjack that saw her head land right between Bianca’s legs with a low blow.

Zack: Oh my! Bianca’s gonna be walking funny for a day or two after that!

Mai: Hurry! Let me kiss it and make it better!

Fair shrugged her shoulders at the referee, seeming to say ‘oopsie’ in response to landing the low blow on the Franchise members as she got to her knees. Raquel came to her feet with a grin on her face as both of her opponents also got their feet underneath them only for Fair to clatter both of their heads together. Bianca stumbled backwards and fell through the ropes to the ropes to the outside as Mel took a couple of steps backwards, holding her forehead. Fair wasted no time in following up the move as she flashed out her head with a throat thrust. Avilo gasped for breath, holding her neck as she fell backwards into a seated position in the corner. Raquel quickly backed up to the middle of the ring before she darted forward and into a bronco buster. She bounced up and down on top of her opponent’s chest as Stringer ordered her out of the ropes, watching as she used all of the count she could to get the maximum out of the move. On her feet once more, Raquel moved back towards the middle of the ring as Mel was dazed in the corner and the challenger sprinted forward, leaping onto the middle rope and into a springboard as she grabbed the top rope and came down with a pendulum dropkick straight into Mel’s chest. Fair rolled backwards and grabbed her foes foot, pulling her away from the bottom turnbuckle before she dived on top of her and hooked the leg for the cover.

Zack: A heart stopper of a dropkick from Raquel! New champions in three!



… THR-

Mai: SHUT UP, ZACK!! There are no new champions here!

Mel kicked out and Fair nodded as Stringer showed her the two count before she pulled Mel upwards, lifting her onto her shoulders for a fireman’s carry for a moment before she lifted her up into the air and caught her on the way down with a european uppercut to the jaw. The Franchise member landed on her back in the corner and Fair gave her no time to recover as she jumped into the air and came down upon her stomach with a double foot stomp that saw Avilo curl up into a ball, dry heaving in response only to get straightened out and forced to lay back flat on the canvas thanks to a couple of stomps from her foe before the Berkeley native leapt into the air and came down across Avilo’s body once more with a split legged moonsault. As she landed she made the cover on her, hooking the leg.

Zack: I’m telling you it’s gonna happen! Avilo’s in big trouble!




Mai: No, she isn’t! What the hell is wrong with you now?!

Mel rolled the shoulder before the three count and once more she found herself pulled upwards as Raquel reluctantly accepted the referee’s count. The challenger scooped her opponent up off her feet and into a fallaway slam that sent the Scottish-Brazilian wrestler rolling away to the middle of the ring. Fair pushed up to her feet and waved Mel upwards, waiting for her to get to her knees before she charged forwards into a shimmering witch, driving the shining bionic elbow into the top of Mel’s skull causing her to collapse backwards. Raquel Fair dived on top of her and hooked both of her legs for the cover.




Zack: If they gave points for near falls, we’d already have new champions! And if it weren’t for Bianca, I’m sure that would have been it right there!

Mai: I’m not! And even if it was, that’s what your tag team partner is supposed to do, Zack! That was a brilliant save.

A moment before the referee’s hand could connect for the three count, Bianca Salvador dove into the ring and onto Fair’s back with a double axe handle blow to break up the count. Bianca rolled off and to her feet, catching Raquel with a soccer style kick to her jaw that brought the challenger up to her knees and Salvador jerked her forward into position for a piledriver but before she could deliver the move, Scarborough was in the ring and skipping towards with a superkick locked and loaded. Bianca shoved Fair away from her and ducked out of the way of Mickey’s threatened superkick only for Scarborough to drive the strike into her knee cap instead, taking the leg out from under her and causing Bianca to fall flat on her face. Salvador pushed up to her knees quickly only for Mickey to finish the Medicine Hat Mixer, driving a big boot into the Brazilians face. Bianca came to her feet and staggered backwards into the ring ropes, holding her jaw as Scarborough charged towards her, leaving her feet for a crossbody block...as Bianca dropped down, pulling the top rope with her so that Mickey sailed over the top rope and landed hard on the floor on the outside.

Mai: Ahahahahaha! Did you hear Mickey hit the floor out here? It sounded like a cartoon when Wil E. Coyote falls off the cliff! That was amazing!

As the referee was dealing with Mickey and Bianca in the ring, Kyle retrieved one of the Unity title belts from the timekeeper facepalming him back into his seat as he headed towards the ring and slid the belt into the ring in front of Mel. The Scottish-Brazilian pulled the belt underneath her as she started to slowly push up to her feet while Fair rolled out underneath the bottom rope and pulled herself up to her feet. She waved Mel upwards to her feet, waiting till she gets upright with her back to her. As the Franchise member began to turn Fair readied herself to leap onto the top rope and come off with a flying forearm only for to never get the chance thanks as Stefano and Kincaid rounded the ring, chasing Kilmeade back to his corner. As Bianca complained to the referee about getting jumped by Scarborough and what did the senior official think she was doing allowing the illegal woman to get involved in the match and assault her like that… Stefano had hopped up onto the apron and grabbed hold of the bottom of the title belt, trying to jerk it free of Avilo’s grasp.

Mai: Someone kick Shamu there in the babymaker! She has no reason to put her hands on anything out here, least of all tag titles that aren’t hers!

Mel held tight to the title, lashing out at Steph to try and get her to release it...which Stefano did suddenly, causing Mel to spin as she jerked backwards on it and tried to turn her off balanced spin into a lunge that would drive the title into Raquel’s face only for Fair to duck underneath the blow and counter with a shoulder thrust through the ropes. Mel dropped the belt and doubled over, allowing Fair to slingshot over her, land on her feet behind her and quickly pull her away from the ropes and slam the back of her head into the ring mat with a reverse DDT. Quickly she floated over into the cover with both legs hooked.

Zack: That may be all! Stick a fork in Mel, she’s done!


Mai: Attagirl, Bianca! This is one of the reasons I love these girls so much!

No count was forthcoming however, as Bianca still had the referee tied up, now arguing about whether or not she had to leave the ring - though that became a moot point as a recovered Mickey yanked her ankles out from underneath her, pulling Salvador out of the ring. Stringer turned around and saw the pinfall and slid into position to make the count as Mickey sent Bianca to the floor with a haymaker.

Mai: No no no no no!!




Zack: It was that close, it was less a heartbeat from new Unity Champions! This is the damnedest Unity defense I’ve seen in a while!

Mel’s arm came up before the three count to break the pinfall. Stringer waving it off as Raquel looked at her wide eyed, pulling at her hair and almost begging for the three count only for Stringer to confirm the two count to her. She shook her head asking for the three once more but had the two confirmed along with a mime of the shoulder coming up from the canvas. On the outside Bianca had risen quickly to her feet only to receive a second haymaker and then a third as she rose again before she managed to block the fourth and counter with a lungblower that saw Mickey land hard, gripping hold of her ribs. In the ring,  Raquel shook her head again but seemed to accept the count as she rose to her feet and headed towards the corner. She climbed to the top turnbuckle as Mel began to rise and started to measure her up only for Avilo to suddenly dive for the top rope, shaking it as she landed her arms across it, causing Raquel to lose her footing and land hard on the turnbuckle arm. Mel made her way to the corner and began to climb the ropes, getting to the middle rope and delivering a head butt to Fair that caused her to rock backwards. Avilo continued to the top rope and delivered another headbutt to Fair as she held onto the top rope before she pulled her upwards, hesitated for just a moment than delivered a superplex that drove Raquel back first into the canvas. Mel took a moment after landing, a look of pain on her face, before she moved, throwing herself on top of Fair and reaching to hook her leg.

Mai: Yeah, that’s right! Screw Raquel, this is over! Count, Stringer!!




Zack: Not just yet! Raquel got the shoulder up, and the fans in the Capital One Arena paid for these seats and have only used the edge in this one!

At the last moment Fair rolled her shoulder to break up the count and then onto her front as Avilo knelt up; Stringer showed the Storm member the two count that had Mel shaking her head in disbelief. The referee showed it to her once more and again mimed Raquel’s elbow coming up off the mat. Mel shook her head as she came up to her feet and stumbled backwards into the ropes, holding her head. Mel watched as Raquel slowly started to move; as she slowly pushed up onto her hands and knees while on the outside Mickey started to come to her feet only for Bianca to shove her face first into the ring post from behind that caused her to crumple to the floor. Mel advanced on Raquel as she finally made it to all fours and wrapped her hands around her waist, taking a couple of deep breaths before she lifted her up with a roar of effort and drove her backwards into the canvas with the Mel-Bomb gutwrench driver. Avilo took a couple of moments after delivering the move before she rolled over and threw her arm over Fair’s body before she reached for her leg to hook it for the pinfall.





Zack: Wrong again, Mai! It’s not over! How much longer can they keep going at this pace?!

Fair’s shoulder popped up from the canvas and fell straight back down, Mel glaring at Stringers two fingers and then down to Raquel like she simply wasn’t human. Slowly Mel rolled away, still shaking her head and used the ring ropes to pull herself up to her feet before she looked over at Bianca as Salvador pulled herself back up to her corner. The two friends exchanged words as Mel watched their opponent slowly roll over onto her hands and knees and slowly the Scottish-Brazilian nodded her head as she staggered towards her corner and made the tag to her partner. Bianca moved down the apron till she was level with the rising Fair inside the ring and waved her upright. Fair granted their wish as she got her feet underneath her, looking like she was on spaghetti legs and at that point Mel jumped up onto the second rope before Bianca jumped upwards and tried to use her best friend as an extra springboard into the Tidal Wave volley kick.

Mai: There’s the TIDAL WAVE, Zack!! That’s--------------damn you, Mickey!!

Zack: Quick thinking by Mickey! That would have been all she wrote!

Only for Mickey to leap up and jerk Mel’s foot off the rope at the last vital second causing Avilo to land on the back of her head as Salvador crashed face first into the ring mat from a great height. As Bianca pushed back up to one knee, Fair came forward quickly, leaping onto her shoulders and snapped off a spiked hurricanrana before she fell on top of her, hooking her legs for the pinfall. While Mickey grabbed hold of both of Mel’s ankles to stop her from breaking up the pin.

Mai: Let her go, Mickey! Bianca….BIANCA!!





Stringer called for the bell and as it sounded, Raquel rolled out of the pinfall as Mickey slid into the ring and hugged her partner tightly on the mat as Maggie made the official announcement.

Maggie: Here are your winners, by way of pinfall… and NEW FFW UNITY TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!!!! The team of Raquel Fair and Mickey Scarborough… THE SCARBOROUGH FAIR!!!!!

Zack: For the first time in their careers, the Scarborough Fair are packing the Unity titles! Mickey and Raquel make history here in DC!!

Mai: This is the worst ever, Zack! Everything is terrible forever!

Stringer retrieved the titles as Mickey and Raquel helped each other to their feet as they were joined by Christian and Steph; the official presenting them with the belt before she held their hands aloft. Christian Kincaid and Steph Stefano raised them arms again as the deafening roar of the crowd got almost impossibly loud for the duo. As Mickey and Raquel hugged in the ring once more, the camera cut to show a regrouping Brazilian Storm at the foot of the ramp, glowering at the jubilant scenes in the ring.

Zack: Congratulations to the new Unity Champions! Well done, Mickey and Raquel! Don’t forget Future Shock this Tuesday, and we’ll see this match revisited when these teams join up with Jo McFarlane and Savannah Taylor! For my broadcast partner, thank you for joining us! And good night from the nation’s capital!

Mai: This sucks!

The show cut back to the Fair as they continued their celebration in the ring with their manager and best friend, before they headed to the turnbuckles, climbing up them and raising the titles high before the show faded out.

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