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November 27, 2020, 03:33:05 pm
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FFW Future Shock, S1E4

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Author Topic: FFW Future Shock, S1E4  (Read 215 times)
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« on: December 13, 2010, 09:10:31 pm »

The following episode of Future Shock is sponsored by:

As the video feed comes to life, we are taken inside what appears to be the Cardiff International Arena with thousands upon thousands of seats sitting empty as we find the three remaining Future Shock rookies standing in opposite corners of the ring that sat in the center of the arena. The cameras head down to see none other than Mark Horton standing on the apron as the camera zooms in on him.

Mark Horton: Ladies and gentlemen, I want to welcome you to the latest edition of FFWís Future Shock, the show where the stars of tomorrow try to make an impact today. Iím your host, Mark Horton. And as you may have guessed, we are recording from the Cardiff International Arena where in a few hours Breaking Point will be emanating. As you watch this, that show has already aired, but it is still early Saturday afternoon at this time!

He gestured to each of the three girls all standing in different corners of the ring, wearing their wrestling gear.

Mark: On the last show, we saw a fantastic Strange Bedfellows match involving Destiny Loveheart teaming with Raven Wicked to face Rori Snyder and Mistress Wire. That match ended in a time limit draw. However tonight, we wonít be having that problem. These three are set to square off in a triple threat match with no time limit. But before we get to that, you are likely already aware that as a result of the fan voting, Mistress Wire was eliminated last week! But with her elimination, we should talk with the woman you did vote for, and Iíd like her to join me. And the person who won the competition from week three is....RAVEN WICKED!!

He glances back, waving Raven over to join him on the apron.

Raven: Did you expect any other result? It was inevitable that I would win the fans vote for the Lady smiles upon me and with her continued blessing I will be the ultimate victor in this competition. It is the Ladyís plan, Her will that I succeed and no thing like fate or Destiny can possibly prevent that.

Mark: Raven, I do want to congratulate you on winning the fan polling for week three. You finally broke the winning streak of Destiny Loveheart, and a win streak is something I never thought Iíd accuse a Loveheart of being involved in. But be that as it may, what was your make of the Strange Bedfellows tag team match we saw in Week Three?

Raven: It was enjoyable, it was the reason I came here to get involved in an actual match. Not some ridiculous rollerskate off or completely ludicrous singing competition, but to be the cause of pain and torment and to maybe, just maybe get a little bit in return. Although Destiny...I think you and I have a little bit of unfinished business after last week. I think itís my turn this week donít you, to show you exactly how it should be done.

Mark; nods in agreement, glancing over at Destiny whom seems less than caring about anything Raven says.

Mark: Final question, what do you believe is the reason that you won the fan voting on the last show? What do you believe put you over the top in their minds?

Raven: Obviously the fans enjoyed seeing some real talent in the ring, a little bit of honest to God charisma. Although that is all secondary to the influence of the Lady, everything that happens is thanks to her, is according to her plan and because of that I will carry on and win Future Shock.

Mark: Thank you for your time, Raven. Good luck tonight!

The camera turns to one seat in the front row that is not empty, that belonging to Cody Kincaid as Mark hops down off the apron and heads for him.

Mark: Cody, I know you said over Twitter that you were going to sit in this week and see the action for yourself. Welcome to Future Shock!

Cody: Thanks, Mark! Iím glad to be here and see my little idea turning into what it has become! Iím here to watch and scout talent, because to have made it this far, these girls have shown something special. And I want to see it for myself today!

Mark: Sounds fair to me! Cody, sit back and enjoy! Because we are about to kick this off!

He turns back towards the ring.

Mark: Ladies, you know the rules. No time limit. First one to secure a pinfall wins!

Referee Nick Sanders heads down towards the ring, sliding in under the bottom rope before he calls for the bell. Rori starts talking to Destiny, seemingly suggesting they work together against Wicked. Loveheart seems reluctant till Rori promises her the winning pinfall, as the classier Loveheart nods her head in agreement. Rori then heads towards Wicked, getting in her face and talking trash to her as Destiny comes up, nodding her head with a grin.

Mark: Seems like Rori Snyder has found herself an ally in this triple threat in Destiny Loveheart! Not sure this is a good idea at all.

Rori continues to run her mouth, seemingly to enrage Raven more and more till she takes a step back. And while Destiny has her eyes on Wicked, Rori shoves her into Raven whom begins to go ballistic on her. Firing right hand shots into Destinyís head over and over, she whips her into the ropes and comes off with a clothesline that sends Loveheart to the mat.

Mark: I knew that wasnít a good idea. Destiny just got hosed by Rori. This girl is sneaky as hell! I like it!

Wicked begins putting the boots to Destiny, dropping elbows into the small of her back before pulling her back up and firing her into the far corner. She takes off at top speed, and buries her shoulder into Destinyís body, lifting her feet off the mat as the dark Raven steps back, letting Destiny hit the mat. And then her attention goes back to Rori.

Mark: Rori outsmarted Destiny already, letís see how she can hold up against Raven herself now!

Rori kept her distance, watching Raven like a hawk before the two locked up. Rori buried a knee into Ravenís midsection and sent her to the mat with a snapmare. She then applied a rear chinlock, cranking back on her neck as Raven grunted in pain. Her fist hit the mat again and again as she began to get back to her feet. Snyder turned it into a side headlock, only to have Raven begin to throw elbows into her body to get her to let go. Rori indeed released the hold, firing her into the ropes. As Raven rebounded, Rori went for a flying headscissors. But Raven caught her.

Mark: The headscissors didnít work, Rori got caught!! Whatís Raven gonna do with her!!

Raven headed straight for the corner, dropping Snyder face first onto the turnbuckle with a dull smack of her flesh against the padding. The beautiful blonde fell to the mat, in a heap as Raven looked proud of herself. She nodded in approval at her own actions, turning to see where Destiny was and finding her right in her face with a huge splash that sent Raven back into the same corner.

Mark: She forgot about Destiny, I think Wicked was taking too long patting herself on the back.

Pulling her out, Destiny fired a few kicks into her body before bouncing her head off the turnbuckle and then scooping her up for a body slam. Wicked hit the mat as Destiny stood over her and performed a double stomp right into her abdomen. A grin on her face, Destiny then pulled Wicked up by the hair and hoisted her up for a vertical suplex. As soon as Raven was in the air, Destiny was about to bring her down when Rori left the top rope, spearing Raven to the mat while Destiny had her up!


The look of shock on Loveheartís face was obvious as Rori rolled to her feet, Destiny immediately dove into the cover as Nick Sanders dropped to make the count!




Before Nickís hand could strike three, Rori bounced off the ropes and land a back splash onto Destiny, breaking up the pin. The princess pulls Destiny back to her feet, pushing her back into the corner with a grin on her face as she hoists her up onto the buckle. Snyder climbs up with her, hooking her head under her arm.

Mark: Rori Snyder looking to capitalize!! Superplex coming up!!

Rori climbs now onto the top rope, standing up as she glances behind her, not seeing Raven on the mat. She didnít have to look long as Raven came up between her legs. Rori went backwards immediately going for the superplex as Raven grabbed her legs and brought her down simultaneously with a powerbomb!!


Raven leans down to cover Rori, whom springs to life and wraps her up in a small package as Sanders drops for the count!!





Nick immediately called for the bell as Raven looked up in shock, with Rori rolling out of the ring holding the back of her head with a smile on her face. Nick stepped through the ropes, raising her hand in victory.


Rori bounced up and down with a grin on her face as Raven looked furious.

Mark: Ladies and gentlemen, Rori Snyder won the triple threat! Now itís your turn! This is the last week for the fan voting! Pick your favorite from this show, who do you think should win the Week Four Competition?! Because next time on Future Shock, weíre going to have one last match! And the last two remaining Future Shock rookies will go one on one with the winner becoming Future Shock Champion!!

Cody rose from his seat, applauding Rori with a smile on his face and nodding his head.

Mark: But it wonít be any kind of match! Because in the final episode of Future Shock Season One, itíll be the last remaining two women facing off...in a CRIMSON MASKS MATCH!! Winner takes all!! I canít wait for this!! Fans, go vote for your favorite Future Shock rookie and come back for the final episode when we find out whoís going to the main event and who will be crowned Future Shock Champion!!

Cody hopped the barricade, giving Rori a hug as Raven shook with anger. And with that, Future Shock faded off the air.
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