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April 22, 2019, 06:01:50 am
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FFW Relentless - June 2, 2018

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Author Topic: FFW Relentless - June 2, 2018  (Read 390 times)
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« on: June 04, 2018, 03:36:49 pm »

Live from the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
June 2, 2018

The FFW logo flashes across the screen before we see the paths of both Kaoru Asaka and Leona Vega towards the FFW Championship, including Kaoru winning the Femme for All and Leona chasing the title. “Jungle” by Jamie Commons and the X Ambassadors begins playing, and then we see the recent history of Jo McFarlane and Savannah Taylor. Each of the title matches is featured as we cut inside the arena with spotlights moving over the crowd as well as lasers dancing over the stage.

Zack: The Wells Fargo Center in the City of Brotherly Love will see no such emotion tonight! We are live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for Relentless! Thank you for joining us wherever you are watching on Pay Per View around the globe! We have over 19,000 fans on hand for what promises to be a very full night!

Mai: There’s 5 championships to be decided tonight, but the one I’m looking forward to most is when MY client O.E. Ayano becomes the new No Surrender Champion against Sophia Pike! You also got the FFW title on the line with Kaoru and Leona, and Mallory Bennett finding out if her major medical is paid up when she loses the Thunderdome against Emma Mac for the Ultraviolence Championship!

Zack: Don’t forget the Fast Track and Evolution Championships are also on the line, but I’ll tell you what I’m anticipating! Jo McFarlane and Savannah Taylor are gonna square off, and I have a feeling something is brewing in that one. I just can’t put my finger on it.

Mai: Keep your fingers off things, that’s my job!

“Can’t Be Tamed” begins to play to boos from the crowd. The cameras head to the stage as Lyla Fox steps out, giving her employer some applause as Samantha Star emerges. The redhead looks around at the crowd with her lips pursed as Lyla snaps her fingers to a production assistant before he hands up a microphone to her. She then surrenders it to Samantha.

Mai: Well now this is a pleasant surprise! I didn’t realize we were going to hear from the owner of FFW tonight.

Zack: Well it’s her show, so she doesn’t really have to give us any kind of forewarning. Let’s hear what the boss has to say.

Samantha: I cannot tell you how much I have looked forward to tonight. Not so much being here in this city with all of you, but more due to the fact that things will take place tonight that are going to mold the biggest night of the year on July 28th in a city that far exceeds this one. Unstoppable 9 is so close that I can feel it. A night where everything will be set perfectly as it should be, to say the least.

Mai: She’s right, Unstoppable 9 isn’t far away! And she’s also right about MetLife Stadium being a billion times better than this rat hole.

Zack: She didn’t say this arena was a rat hole….

Samantha: I’ve already selected my main event for the night. I’ve already chosen who will be challenging for the FFW Championship on the biggest stage in women’s wrestling. I’ve also put together other matches that you will never see anywhere else, but you’ll find out about all those in due time before this event is over. Along with that, I’ll give you my personal promise that tonight will be a night none of you forget for quite some time.

Zack: What does she mean by that exactly?

Mai: I don’t know, but I’m more excited now to find out. I hope it involves Steph Stefano getting a house dropped on her.

Samantha hands off the microphone, and heads backstage before the cameras turn their attention to the ring.

Mai: We’ll find out soon though, let’s get to the matches!

A brief video package showing the history between Abigail and Jolyne plays before the camera heads down to Maggie in the ring with a microphone in hand.

Maggie: The following contest is the opening match of Relentless and it is scheduled for one fall to a finish.

The lights in the arena die down a tad, as a figure in a hoodie can be seen stepping up onto the entranceway. Over the speakers a drum begins to beat, as a man speaks.

"They say that nobody changes
But I'm living proof that they do
Because I've found the answer, and you can find the answer too!"

The figure starts to set off down the ramp, head nodding along with the music as it swells, seemingly singing along with the man as he continues on.

"They made me think I was crazy
And that the pain was here to stay
But now that I've found the answer
I'm never ever gonna lose my way..."

The figure stops suddenly halfway down the ramp, the lights shooting on and their hood being thrown back, revealing Jolyne Dysart as she pumps a fist into the air along with the proud cry.


As the music kicks into high gear Jolyne takes off at a run down the ramp, the fans cheering propelling her on as Maggie sets off her introduction.

Maggie: Introducing from San Diego, California, weighing in at 150 Lbs, this is JOLYNE DYSAAAAAAAART!

She easily jumps on the ring apron. In another fluid motion, she jumps over the ropes. From the ropes, she goes onto the middle turnbuckle, ascending it. She then stretches her arms to allow the singer to reiterate her thoughts. “EVER AGAIN!” Jolyne shouts with the singer as she leaps off the turnbuckle and goes over to her corner, a wide smile apparent on her face.

Zack: Jolyne has put up with Abigail’s attacks and taunting for a while now and you can bet that she will be looking to put a stop to it all tonight.

Mai: Who in their right mind would want to turn down an offer to take Abigail’s hand and let her make them whole again?! Jolyne is just ungrateful, she should be thanking Abigail or grovelling at her feet.

A loud purrrrrrrrrring engine can be heard from somewhere in the arena. The chorus of "Wreak Havoc" by Skylar Grey begins the play. Suddenly, a motorcycle burst from backstage. It stops at the top of the ramp, the person driving the motorcycle briefly takes off her helmet, revealing herself to be Abigail Lindsay.

Maggie: From Los Angelos, California, weighing in at one hundred and fifty five pounds, Abigail “Serenity” Lindsay.

She places the helmet back on and drives down to the ringside area. She circles the ring twice. The bike comes to a halt. Serenity slides off, takes off her helmet. She hops on the apron apron, proving how flexible she is she lifts one leg off, then drops down in a full split. she slides under the bottom rope. She slumps down into the corner waiting for the match to start.

Zack: Abigail seems to like to pick her next target or victim, depending on how you look at it. She chose Jolyne Dysart, but that might be about to come back to bite her tonight.

Mai: She can bite me… I mean. Wait, that is what I meant.

The camera pans around the live crowd inside the Wells Fargo Center to show them all still on their feet and making a lot of noise. As they start to settle for the start of the match the camera heads to the ring as Referee Jennifer Stringer is completing her checks on both women and Maggie is making her way out of the ring. As soon as she is fully clear Stringer calls for the bell to get the match underway. Jolyne comes straight out of her corner to a massive pop from the crowd, whereas Abigail is slower out of hers; watching Jolyne closely with a smirk on her face.

Zack: Abigail has been a thorn in Jolyne’s side for a while now, and it seems she isn’t through toying with her yet.

Mai: She likes to play with her prey before she goes in for the kill obviously. Nothing wrong with that.

Jolyne doesn’t take her eyes from Abigail as the blonde makes her way to meet her at a leisurely pace. As soon as she reaches the centre she offers Jolyne a handshake, but Dysart shakes her head. Abigail keeps her hand out and Jolyne looks like she is about to accept, but at the last second she grabs Lindsey by the wrist instead and whips her across into the ropes instead. Abigail rebounds off quickly and before she knows what is happening Jolyne catches her with a clothesline that takes her off her feet and sends her back first to the canvas. The blonde pops straight back up to her feet and tells Jolyne that was very sportsmanlike, but Jolyne pays her no attention. Instead she grabs her arm and pulls her into a short-arm clothesline to send her back to the canvas. Keeping hold of the arm she pulls her up into a second, and then again into a third before she releases Abigail’s arm.

Mai: Abigail’s right! That wasn’t very nice of Jolyne. Abigail was offering her a sign of good sportsmanship and Jolyne threw it back in her face!

Zack: After everything Abigail has done to Jolyne lately, making friends is not high on her agenda obviously.

Abigail gets back to her feet and again Jolyne fires her into the ropes. When she rebounds Jolyne catches her with a spinning backfist that wobbles her but doesn’t knock her down. Before Abigail can regain her balance, a drop toe hold from Jolyne sends her to the canvas bringing another massive pop from the live crowd. Jolyne takes off towards the ropes herself, as the blonde gets back to her feet, slower this time. Just as she reaches a vertical base Jolyne comes off the ropes and leaves her feet to connect a dropkick square to Abigail’s chest. Abigail goes down like a sack of bricks and Jolyne moves in for the cover as Stringer drops into place for the count.

Zack: Abigail may have been toying with Jolyne, but Jolyne isn’t repaying the favor. She’s trying to get this put to bed as quickly as possible.



Lindsey gets her shoulder up before the two and Jolyne rolls straight back up to her feet. She starts to pull Abigail up to hers with her, but the blonde surprises her with a headbutt that staggers her backwards a couple of steps.

Mai: I wouldn’t mind putting Abigail to bed just not in the same way as Jolyne is trying to!

Before Jolyne can fully regain her balance, Abigail grabs her arm and pulls her into a short-arm clothesline of her own. She keeps her grip and pulls her up, only to drop her with a second while asking her how she likes it with the shoe on the other foot. Abigail pulls her up again, but this time she pulls her into a forearm smash across the jaw then fires her across into the ropes. Dysart rebounds straight into a spinning heel kick that flattens her. She gets straight back up to her feet, but Abigail is waiting with a matching pair of forearms to her jaw which knock her backwards. Another two follow in quick succession, and another two, pushing the YGC winner back into the corner.

Mai: She doesn’t like it very much now the tables have turned does she?! You go Abigail, show her who is boss!

Zack: I’d hardly say she is showing her who is boss, but she has managed to find a much needed opening to get herself some respite from Jolyne’s offense.

A spinning heel kick from Abigail sends Jolyne’s head into the top turnbuckle, before the blonde starts to unload with a series of right hands into the side of Dysart’s head. Stringer orders Abigail to let her out of the corner but Abigail pays her no attention and carries on raining blows down onto Jolyne. At a count of four she steps back with her hands up, stopping Stringers count. Jolyne starts to make her way out of the corner, but Abigail doesn’t let her get far before she connects a high knee into Jolyne’s ribs which bends the brunette in the middle. A knee to her face stands her back upright, and a discus clothesline from Abigail then sends Dysart back into the corner with a thud, and gains Lindsey a massive boo from the Philadelphia crowd.

Zack: Abigail is really pushing the referee’s five counts as much as she can. Without chance to recover, Jolyne is getting the brunt of Abigail’s annoyance.

Mai: Jolyne should have just taken Abigail’s offer and laid down for her so that she can show her the error of her ways.

The boos only grow as Abigail starts to unload with a combination of right hands again, with added forearms for good measure. Stringer reaches a count of four again before Abigail steps back allowing her stagger from the corner. As Jolyne starts to regain her composure, Abigail comes off the ropes to a deliver a springboard DDT that drives Jolyne’s head into the canvas. Lindsay immediately goes for the cover, as Stringer slides into position beside them for the count.

Zack: A vicious DDT from Abigail, but I’m not sure it is going to be enough to but Jolyne down just yet.




Mai: If it had of been anybody with something inside their head except air, that would have worked!

Dysart gets her shoulder up just after the two and starts to push back up to her feet. Before she can get there under her own steam, Abigail begins to pull her the rest of the way. Jolyne doesn’t reach a fully vertical base before she begins to fire shots into Abigail’s mid section. The blonde releases her grip on Jolyne and the brunette goes straight on the offensive. She hits Abigail with a series of rapid elbows, keeping her on the back foot. A spinning back fist follows before she spins her around and locks her arms around Abigail’s waist. She moves to lift her up but Abigail quickly starts to fire elbows back into Jolyne’s ribs, forcing her to release her grip.

Mai: Ha! That didn’t work out so well for Jolyne, did it?

Zack: Jolyne looked like she was going for a German Suplex, but whatever it was Abigail was having none of it.

Abigail spins on a dime to face Jolyne, but she is met with an uppercut from the brunette that lands with such force that the blonde is almost taken off her feet. The crowd reward Jolyne with a massive pop, as she quickly spins Abigail back around, this time managing to snap of the German Suplex before Abigail can escape. Jolyne takes off towards the ropes as Lindsay starts to get back to her feet, before she can fully get back up, Dysart comes off the ropes to deliver a springboard leg drop that flattens her. She gets into position for the cover, as Stringer drops back into place for the count.

Zack: A nice combination from Jolyne and Abigail is about to eat a three a count!




Abigail kicks out before the three and Jolyne wastes no time in rolling straight back up to her feet.

Mai: That’s where you’re wrong, Zack. I never doubted that Abigail would kick out of that. Jolyne should just admit defeat now and save herself the disappointment.

She pulls Abigail up to her feet with her and fires her across into the ropes. As she rebounds, Jolyne comes off the opposite ropes to deliver running dropkick to Abigail’s chest that wobbles her on her feet. Somehow she manages to keep her balance as the Philadelphia crowd show their support for Jolyne. The YGC winner spins Abigail around to face away from her, and then immediately gets her into a straight-jacket position before dropping her with a double knee backbreaker. Abigail writhes in pain on the canvas, as Jolyne gets back to her feet. Straight away, she lands a double knee drop into Abigail’s body to flatten her, before going for another cover.

Zack: NIGHTBREAKER and then an extra double knee drop for good measure. Jolyne has this in the bag!




Stringer stops counting and Jolyne looks to her with confusion as Abigail hasn’t moved. The referee points out her foot across the bottom rope. Jolyne slaps the canvas with frustration before getting back to her feet.

Mai: Do you ever get bored of being wrong, Zack?

Lindsay starts to pull herself together and shakes off the cobwebs. She rolls onto her front and then pushes up to her knees. Jolyne takes off towards her looking to connect a knee to her head but Abigail catches her leg and yanks it towards her to send Jolyne crashing backfirst to the canvas. Abigail quickly gets back to her feet and leans against the ropes as she watches Jolyne start to move. Jolyne gets to her knees and as soon as she does Abigail takes off towards her with a running knee of her own, but unlike Jolyne’s it hits the target perfectly. Jolyne collapses to the canvas like a sack of potatoes.

Mai: Jolyne should take pointers from Abigail on how to hit the target. She landed her shot perfectly. There should be some kind of reward for her.

Zack: It was a running knee, not the cure for the common cold. Calm down.

Rather than go for a cover, Abigail gets back to her feet and takes off towards the corner. She takes a moment to compose herself before heading up to the top turnbuckle. Once there she takes another moment to steady herself before launching herself off with her shooting star press, looking to land on Jolyne’s body.

Zack: SERENITY NOW! This could be… no… WAIT!

At the last second, Jolyne pulls her knees up and Abigail crashes heavily into them. She bounces off onto her back and holds her ribs in pain. With both women down, the crowd get behind Jolyne, encouraging her to get back up. She does just that after a moment and gives her head a shake, as Abigail also starts to get back to her feet. The second the blonde is back to a fully vertical base Jolyne catches her with her spinning superman elbow that drops her like a rock. Without skipping a beat, Jolyne gets into position for the cover. She hooks both of Abigail’s legs for good measure as Stringer slides into place.

Zack: Jolyne blocked Abigail’s shooting star press and hit her own POWER OF WILL! This has to be all she wrote!




Stringer immediately gets to her feet and calls for the bell as Jolyne rolls off the cover, looking tired but pleased.

Mai: No, baby no!

Jolyne gets back to her feet to have her hand raised by the referee as Abigail pulls herself into a seated position. She looks at Jolyne with a disappointed expression, but Jolyne pays her no attention as she leaves the ring. Under a hail of cheers from the crowd Jolyne makes her back up the ramp as the camera cuts elsewhere.

Where’s My Spotlight?

The show heads to the back again, garnering nothing but boos from the crowd as they see Kyle Kilmeade as well as one half of the Brazilian Storm, Mel Avilo, at his side.

Kyle: As Bianca is getting ready to go take on Artemis Kaiser, it’s not lost on me that this woman right here deserves a little spotlight herself. After all, while she is one half of one of the best teams in FFW history, she’s not just a tag team wrestler. She’s a talented...and frankly gorgeous, not that that matters in the ring...athlete herself.

Mel can only nod her head as Kyle speaks, a small smirk forming on her face.

Mel: It has been of note, that for almost as long as our team has existed, that only one of us is ever shown to be capable in all disciplines. Something that I had obviously mentioned to Kyle before this moment...and it’s been agreed that it is in dire need of rectification. Which is, of course, what’s about to happen.

Kyle: We’ll certainly be supporting Bianca as she faces Artemis for some reason. I’m not entirely sure the purpose of that match, but hey...that’s how it rolls when you date the COO, I guess. But this Breaking Point, you’ll get to see this woman back in singles action for the night. Mel will be given the spotlight against someone that I think….honestly….is someone who Mel here would find annoying anyway. Endlessly peppy, like some kind of Mary Poppins in a cheerleader’s body. That’d be….Caitlyn Storm!

Mel grins.

Mel: I...could find Caitlyn’s attitude annoying, but she reminds me of me as a teenager. A little too hyper, a little too bubbly, outgoing, et cetera. You get the jist. So finding her annoying isn’t as much as thing as what actually does annoy me about her. And that would be the fact that people race to rally around her, acting as though she’s this wonderful specimen and not deserving of anything that she ever gets. Though I never did work out why Abigail had an issue with her...

Kyle: My guess is she thought she’d be an easy target to restart her FFW career, turns out that wasn’t the case for her. But that’s neither here nor there. Another claim to fame is she’s the partner of a woman whose sister was pretty much the biggest irritation of your FFW career...who just happens to be long gone doing God knows what.

Mel: I once heard the term “career rival” used to describe our dislike of each other...it’s hard to be someone’s rival when you trounce them at almost every chance you get to do so. But that claim to fame falls to pieces when you then remember that twice they’ve attempted to get the Future Shock Tag Titles and twice they’ve failed. Be it in tournaments or actual title matches. And one of those losses was against the Ascension--sorry, the Privileged Circle. Or whatever they’re calling themselves these days. Not much a claim to fame, really.

Kyle: Long story short, you get to see Mel handle business like she always does. In this case, it’s just pummeling Caitlyn into a blonde pulp at Breaking Point. Now if you’ll excuse us…

He checked his watch for a moment before looking back to Mel.

Kyle: We should head for the curtain, your tag partner is facing Savannah’s chosen opponent for her tonight…

Mel nods.

Mel: She got this one in the bag, and we both know it. Gods of Anger don’t stand a chance against her.

The pair head off before we cut back to ringside for the aforementioned match. [/color][/b]

Maggie: The following contest is scheduled for one fall to a finish.

Sounds of thunder and lightning cast out, setting the atmosphere of the incoming Conqueror. The lights in the arena die out to allow for the spontaneous bursts of light that reflect the internalized storm.  As the silence takes hold, the startling opening guitar screech of Rammstein’s “Sonne” overtakes everything. It is followed by the infamous countdown.


Darkness falls over the entire arena, only broken by the miniscule twinkles of camera flashes in the crowd. A threatening violin floods the airwaves, with smoke collecting on the stage. As another section of the orchestral livens up, a sudden spotlight blasts onto the stage with a jet of pyro flying high up into the air. As it does, the Orchestra of Justice truly comes into its beautiful existence. On the stage, Artemis Kaiser appears, donning a new set of entrance apparel. Embroidered with many shimmering designs, Artemis’s military trench coat lightly moves as she rises onto the stage with her arms outspread. Bearing fangs fashioned onto a facemask and her eyes hidden behind shining red shades, Artemis steps down from the platform and into the smoke.

Maggie: On her way to the ring...fighting out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada by way of Mt. Pearl, Newfoundland, Canada...weighing in at an 135 pounds...she is the Last Empress...ARTEMIS KAAAAAAAAAISER!

Artemis marches down to the ring with her arms behind her back, not breaking her forward gaze. As the call concludes, the shot shows Artemis revealing her face to the camera and the audience. She removes her glasses, tucking them into the breast pocket of the coat. When she raises her head, the red streak, her scowl, and her stern expression completes all she wishes to do at her entrance. She continues to the western side of the ring, scaling the apron to stand on. She unbuckles the different pieces of her coat and politely hands it off to the stagehand. Showing her finesse, Artemis dips over the top with a rope-assisted backflip. She lands on her feet, giving the audience another pensive glare.

After which, she hits the mat again, rolling backward onto a knee. Her head rises to scan the audience as she remains in the dead center of everything, of her personal universe. The Last Empress rises off the mat, tugging on her black gloves. She pops each of her knuckles by pressing her index finger over them. After that and with her theme dying out, she turns her head to back to reality. She walks over to her corner, and gives the turnbuckle a brisk kick and stretches out.

Zack: You have to wonder what is going through the mind of Artemis Kaiser. She got put into this match by Savannah Taylor for unknown reasons after all.

Mai: Oh please, she should just be happy to be part of Relentless. Otherwise she would have felt...short-changed. HA!

“Something New” starts up over the speakers, and the jeers have almost drowned out the music before Brazilian Storm have even arrived (though in fairness, the beginning is pretty quiet). Yellow, green and blue spotlights dance around the arena, while the tron shows images of both halves of the team in action. Suddenly, the music stops and the tron cuts out...only for the sound of crashing thunder to echo loudly through the arena.

Love to hate,
Repeating my mistakes.
But there’s no one left to listen,
No one left to listen.
Take a chance, and fuck the consequence
When there’s no one left to listen,
No one left to listen.

As a curtain of dry ice smoke fills up the entrance stage, the two Brazilian wrestlers walk up to the top of the ramp together, with their manager Kyle Kilmeade right behind them. Once there, they look over the booing crowd with matching smirks on their face before they stop for a pose: Bianca goes to a knee and opens her arms wide in the Witch of the Winds pose, as Mel does her own pose, twirling on her feet and taking a soft dip of a bow, also with her arms open. After a couple of seconds in that pose, Bianca lunges forth and twirls herself, as Mel swings an arm, and the best friends indulge in a loud high-five. Then, side by side, they walk down the entrance ramp, with their manager following them with a lonely round of applause.

Right now! We’re taking control!
Tired of waiting
Tired of waiting for something new!
Right now! We’re taking control!
Tired of waiting
Tired of waiting for something new!

Maggie: And their opponent, escorted to the ring by Mel Avilo and Kyle Kilmeade… From Brazil… BIANCA SALVADOR!!!

Instead of going straight to the ring though, the girls walk up to a camera, getting right up to the lens with their mischievous smirks. As Bianca flexes her biceps for the gun show, kissing the bulging muscle, Mel’s smirk becomes a grin as she gives the camera, and the viewers at home, some choice words about their opponents. After that, the best friends roll into the ring and move to opposite turnbuckles, climbing onto the second rope and staring into the booing crowd, only to wave them off and regroup, going to their corner. Bianca sits on the top turnbuckle and Mel docks herself there, as they wait for their match to begin while they strategize, Kyle joining in their conversation.

Zack: This match was put together by Bianca’s fellow Franchise member, Savannah Taylor. It seems to be a very odd request of Savannah, to put her ally in the path of Artemis.

Mai: Bianca didn’t seem phased by facing Artemis at all when it was announced so I don’t see what the big fuss is about.

Referee Malcolm Parks completes his checks of both competitors as Maggie makes her exit from the ring. As the crowd start to settle a little and he has waited for Maggie to be completely clear, Parks calls for the bell to get the match underway. Both Bianca and Artemis head straight for each other. They reach the centre of the ring at the same time, and as soon as they do Artemis cracks Bianca with a Stockton Slap straight across the face. Bianca’s head reels from the impact but before she can respond, Artemis follows with a high roundhouse kick that connects square on her jaw and sends her head spinning again. A second roundhouse follows immediately to the same spot which sends Bianca down to the canvas.

Zack: I think they might have heard that slap all the way in the parking lot and if Bianca hasn’t got whiplash from those kicks I’m gonna be surprised.

Mai: Bianca’s made of stern stuff, she’ll shake it off!

Bianca pops straight back up to her feet looking thunderous as Artemis aims a spinning backfist at her jaw. Salvador bends backwards to dodge it, before springing back with an uppercut that connects perfectly on target underneath Kaiser’s jaw. An elbow to the side of the head quickly follows, before Bianca pulls Artemis into a short-arm clothesline. Rather than pull her back up, Bianca dives straight onto Artemis, driving her fist into the side of her head rapidly. Parks orders the break, but Bianca disregards him and continues with her onslaught. Only at a count of four does she get back to her feet, and Artemis follows a few seconds behind.

Mai: Am I the only one who found that hot?

Zack: I’ve never seen a slap end well for anyone and tonight is no different. Bianca just unleashed a vicious stream of right hands in retaliation.

The two competitors start to circle each other, both looking for an opening to make their move. After a few moments they both step towards each other to lock up with Artemis managing to knock Bianca back into the corner. Parks calls for a clean break but it takes Artemis until a count of three to step back with her hands up. The two go to lock up again, but rather than tie up, Artemis grabs Bianca by the wrist and whips her across into the ropes. Bianca rebounds off and ducks under a waiting clothesline from Artemis, before continuing onto the opposite ropes. Salvador comes off that set of ropes and straight into a basement dropkick from Artemis that takes her off her feet. She lands on the canvas on her back with a thud and Artemis goes straight into position for a cover.

Zack: Artemis is not getting paid by the hour! She is trying to end this but Bianca has plenty left in the tank.



Bianca kicks out strongly well before the two and shoves Artemis off the cover with force. Artemis uses the momentum to roll back up to her feet in one fluid motion, and Bianca follows just a few seconds behind her.

Mai: Good! I could watch these two roll around all night.

Salvador pushes Artemis away into the ropes with a two palm shove to her chest. She grabs Kaiser by the head and drags her forward and down to hit her with a knee to her face. Artemis tries to free herself but Bianca follows with another knee into her ribs. A second knee to her face follows that, and then another knee to her ribs. She continues with the combination of knee strikes until she scoops Artemis up to drop her with a rib breaker. Bianca stands up and walks to the ropes, throwing out her arms for the crowd. They shower her with nothing but animosity, but she soaks it in like it was adoration.

Mai: The crowd wouldn’t know a good thing if it slapped them around face! There’s an idea… Bianca should slap each and every one of them.

Zack: If she is waiting for the crowd to applaud her we could be here for a very long time.

Artemis gives her ribs a rub and takes a deep breath, wincing a little as she gets back to her feet. She tries to straighten herself up, but Bianca takes hold of her head again. With her held in place, Bianca starts to fire a rapid fire succession of knees up into her ribs. Artemis tries to shield herself from the blows, but Bianca just keeps on with them… until Artemis sweeps her leg out from under her and they both go tumbling to the canvas in a heap. The two tussle on the canvas, with Parks asking for a break. He reaches a count of four before the two separate and get back to their feet. Bianca tries to catch hold of Kaiser’s head again, but Artemis moves quickly and grabs Bianca’s arm. She moves quickly to put Bianca into a hammerlock, then applies a front facelock and positions Bianca’s other arm over her head. She lifts Salvador up for a suplex from there, driving her back first into the canvas with her trapped arm bent behind her back.

Zack: A picture perfect Hammerlock Suplex from Artemis and you know that Bianca’s arm has to be in pain in that position.

Mai: No, really? Talk about stating the obvious!

Holding her ribs tentatively, Artemis starts to get back to her feet, at least until she sees Bianca starting to slowly pull herself up into a seated position. Kaiser speeds up her rise to her feet, as Bianca cradles her arm to her body and gets to her knees. Before she can get any further, Artemis comes at her and connects a big boot to her face that flattens her back to the canvas. Without hesitation Artemis gets into position for a cover as Parks gets into place beside them.

Mai: No! Don’t end it yet. I’m enjoying watching this.




Bianca gets her shoulder up before the three and shoves Artemis away from her to free herself to roll towards the ropes.

Zack: Looks like you got your wish. Neither of these two look like they are ready to give up just yet.

Both women get back to their feet, with Bianca using the ropes to steady herself a little as she does. Seeing Artemis getting ready to come towards her, Bianca makes her move first and before Artemis can react, the ‘Typhoon’ grabs her by the arm and pulls her into a short-arm clothesline. The ‘Last Empress’ hits the canvas hard, and Bianca keeps her grip to pull her back up and into another one. She yanks her up to her feet for a second time, but this time she fires her across into the corner. Artemis hits back first and Bianca follows her in. Dropping her shoulder she connects a shoulder thrust that bends Artemis in two. A high knee from Bianca into Kaiser’s face stands her back upright. A trio of elbows into the side of Kaiser’s head knock her a little off balance before Bianca uses a backdrop to dump her unceremoniously on the canvas. Hooking the outside leg, Bianca goes straight for the cover.

Zack: Bianca is going for her first cover of the night, but I don’t think Artemis is going to stay down.



Artemis gets her the foot of her free leg across the bottom rope, stopping the count just as Parks was about to complete the two. The ‘Last Empress’ shoves Bianca away from her and starts back to her feet.

Zack: Great ring awareness from Artemis. She knew where she was and made advantage of the bottom rope to stop the referee’s count in plenty of time.

Bianca makes it back to her feet before Artemis. As soon as Artemis makes it back to a fully vertical base, Bianca unloads with a brutal assault of shots into the side of the brunette’s head. Finishing up with an Uppercut that almost lifts Artemis off her feet, Bianca spins her around and  shoves her face first into the ropes. The ‘Last Empress’ bounces off and doesn’t get time to turn around before the ‘Typhoon’ hooks her arms. She delivers a Tiger Suplex, bridging it into a pin attempt as Parks slides back into position.

Mai: That is a thing of beauty. I could look at Bianca in that position all day long!




Kaiser starts to struggle so much that Bianca can’t keep the bridge in place and the pin attempt breaks up before Parks has chance to count the free.

Zack: Artemis obviously didn’t share the sentiment. A two count for Bianca and both women look exhausted as this point!

With both women down and taking a moment to gather themselves. Mel starts to pound on the canvas, trying to rally Bianca. After a few moments it works as Bianca starts to get back to her feet. Seeing that Artemis is getting to her knees, the ‘Typhoon’ takes off towards her looking to deliver a knee to her head, but Artemis sees it coming and drops down to her stomach. Bianca stumbles, but somehow manages to hop on one leg for a few seconds until she gets her balance back.

Zack: Bianca very nearly ate a face full of canvas after missing that knee shot, but a few hops later and she has managed to avoid that.

Mai: I bet she will be hopping mad now though! Get it? See what I did there?

Zack: ….

While Bianca is righting herself, Artemis rolls back up to her feet and silently closes the gap between the two. Bianca turns and Artemis straight away grabs her and uses a DDT to drive her head into the canvas. Not hanging around, Artemis gets straight back up to her feet. As Bianca starts to stir Artemis takes off towards the ropes. Bouncing off them she comes back at speed as Bianca is just reaching a fully vertical base. She delivers her superwoman punch that flattens Bianca to the canvas. Artemis pulls Bianca groggily back to her feet. Salvador somehow manages to stay on her own two feet despite looking rather wobbly.The ‘Last Empress’ spins 360 to deliver her rolling elbow which drops the ‘Typhoon’ to the canvas like a rock. Artemis goes straight for the cover and hooks both of Bianca’s legs as Parks gets into position.

Zack: FALCON PUNCH and THE FIRST CRUSADE in quick succession. This has to be all she wrote!




Parks gets straight back up to his feet and immediately calls for the bell.

Maggie: Your winner……..via pinfall……………..ARTEMIS KAISER!

Artemis gets back to her feet looking a little dazed and still rubbing her ribs a bit. Mel and Kyle get straight into the ring to check on Bianca and to help her sit up.

Mai: C’mere Bianca, I’ll kiss it better for you!

Zack: This match really could have been either woman’s to take, but after that last sequence from Artemis, Bianca would have had to be superhuman to have kicked out.

Parks raises Artemis’ hand and once he releases it, she makes her way out of the ring and back up the ramp. On that image the camera cuts elsewhere.

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The show heads back to the ring as Maggie Rourke makes her way inside, her microphone in hand as she does.

Maggie: The following contest is scheduled for one fall.

Zack: You can call this the Open Contract match of the show. Valentina Lozano left one for tonight here at Relentless, and she got a bite!

Mai: Typical too. Kelly can’t just stay away from the big shows, can she? But that’s alright, I’m sure Valentina is gonna show her the error of her ways.

The lights go out in the arena.

Suddenly, while the intro of "King Of The World" by Porcelain And The Tramps blares into the arena, the lights of the stage and the ramp illuminate in gold while the spotlight focuses on the stage while the opening lyrics are being heard…

My Pain Filled Drama Queen
Is Always Creeping At Your Bed
Get Ready To Buy You Out
Cause We All Know
What Goes Around Comes Around
You Should’ve Known What I was All About
Do. Not. Test. Me.

As the chorus of the song drops, Valentina steps onto the stage and stands there in a dominant pose, hands on her hips and squinching at the crowd in a look of detest.

Maggie: Making her way to the ring, representing The Privileged Circle, hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing one hundred and thirty-five pounds. She is “The Latin Goddess”…


Valentina then confidently strides her way to the ring, with the spotlight completely focused on her and the arena erupts with a thunderous array of boos from the capacity crowd showering down on her, Valentina is soaking up the reaction, even though she ignores it. Meanwhile, while she’s walking down, Valentina's entrance video is shown on the big screen, profiling her likeness and footage of her in action.

Mai: You know Valentina has been on top of the world? The Circle dominated at Future Shock against their worthless opponents, and now she’s going to continue the trend.

Zack: Worthless opponents? I don’t know what show you were watching, but you are right in that the Circle had a very good night at Future Shock last week.

The arena falls dark as the opening of “Blonde, Bad and Beautiful” by Airbourne plays, Kelly explodes upward out of the middle of the stage as though shot out of a cannon, landing a perfect front somersault in a shower of blue sparks. The girl is joined by Christian Kincaid on the stage. Turning to face her husband, she turns to face him, giving him a big hug as she plants a kiss to his lips. As the music starts to pick up pace once more she starts to run toward the ring, performing a quick cartwheel into a handspring before sliding into the ring underneath the bottom rope. Using the momentum to her advantage, the former acrobat forward rolls to her feet and leaps onto the middle rope. She springboards off the ropes into a backflip and heads towards the corner. The former acrobat runs straight up the pads. Stopping on the top turnbuckle she blows a kiss to the fans and corkscrew flips back to the mat, facing the middle of the ring as she lands.

Maggie: From Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York, 5’5” tall, weighs 115 lbs and is accompanied to the ring by Christian Kincaid. Please welcome...KELLY KINCAID!!!

Zack: The last time Kelly and Valentina was during an international visit to South Korea. And you gotta believe Kelly’s looking to show it wasn’t a one off for her that night.

Mai: Valentina was suffering from massive jet lag that night, Zack. Do you know how long a flight to that hellhole is?

Referee Kevin Fisk checks both women as Maggie leaves the ring, and then calls for the bell to start the match. Kincaid bounces up and down on the balls of her feet as Valentina meets her in the center finally. Lozano tells her she made a mistake taking up the contract, and Kelly rolls her eyes at the comment. The brunette piefaces her backwards to embarrass her, only for Kelly to respond with a dropkick to her chest. It sends her back a couple steps before Kelly fires a trio of kicks to her body that cause her double over slightly before a roundhouse drops her to a seat on the canvas. Kincaid takes off for the far side, and comes back with a diving dropkick to her chest that puts her on the mat. She quickly gets back to her feet, taking for the next set of ropes before executing a rolling senton across her chest, about to go for a cover before Valentina shoves her off.

Zack: Valentina should know that you aren’t going to intimidate Kelly in the ring, and trying to embarrass her like that wasn’t going to work any better either.

Mai: Some people are just too dumb to know when they are in the ring with their betters, and they have to be shown. Valentina will do that.

Lozano got back to her feet, only to catch a forearm to the jaw from Kelly as she did. A hard whip into the corner caught her in the chest as Kelly bounced off the ropes closest to her to catch her stumbling out with a flying shoulder tackle to drop her on the mat. A cartwheel into an elbow drop followed that before she grabbed the leg for a cover when Fisk dropped to count.

Zack: Kelly with a little ground and pound here, and now she’s looking for the win!



Valentina kicked out before the two struck, and Kelly responded by applying a side headlock as she sat up on the canvas. The former acrobat grinded her arm against her head for a moment before Lozano got back to her feet, still trapped in it.

Mai: If the referee wasn’t watching her, now would be a brilliant time for Valentina to give her a low blow. That’s always one of my favorite offensive maneuvers.

The “Latin Goddess” tried to shoot her off into the ropes, but didn’t get very far as Kelly wouldn’t release the hold. She tried a second time without much success until she landed a hard kidney punch into Kincaid’s back. It froze her up long enough for Valentina to scoop her up off her feet, and drive her down with a back suplex. She rolled a couple feet away, shaking her head and growing an angry glare as Kelly started to move. Valentina closed the gap, and hammered double axe handle blows across her back. She grabbed a rear waistlock, and hoisted Kelly up into a German suplex followed by two more. Lozano rose back to her feet, and used a double knee drop into her back to keep her on the mat.

Zack: Valentina is doing her best Bane impression as she goes to work on Kincaid’s back, and that’s a great way to slow down someone like Kelly.

Mai: Bane? This isn’t Batman, Zack. This is real life, and if she puts Kelly on the shelf with a back injury after tonight, I won’t be upset about it.

Kelly tried to roll into the ropes, but Valentina was right behind her. She stepped on her back as she grabbed the ropes, and then began stomping her head repeatedly into the canvas before she finally stepped off with a delighted expression. The referee made her get back, and Kelly finally made it to her feet. But it didn’t last long before the “Latin Goddess” grabbed her and executed a Samoan drop before going for the cover.

Mai: A little bit of the ol’ Goddess Stomp-down right there into a Samoan drop! I told you Valentina would make her regret this decision.




Kelly kicked out as the two struck the mat, and Valentina immediately got back to her feet. She pulled the blonde up with her into a fireman’s carry before dropping her back across her knee, standing up, dropping her again, standing up and finally transitioning into a powerslam on the canvas.

Zack: Valentina can do this kind of thing all night. She’s definitely stronger than Kelly, and throwing the former Fast Track Champion around isn’t going to break a sweat for her.

Kelly was then pulled into a front facelock before Valentina hoisted her up for a triple vertical suplex: 1 regular, 1 stalling, and the final being a slingshot suplex to the mat. Once more, she went for the cover with a loose hook of the leg before the referee dropped to count.



Zack: That’s one of Valentina’s favorite offensive moves, and she’s punishing Kelly’s back with impunity here.

Mai: Kelly’s getting what she deserves from Valentina. Imagine the gall to think she’s ready to take on the “Latin Goddess” on such short notice!

Lozano got back to her feet, looking down with a smirk on her face at Kelly before she pulled her back to her feet. She hoisted her up over her shoulder for what looked to be a running powerslam. But Kelly slid out the back onto her feet. Valentina stopped herself and spun around towards Kelly. The blonde went for a roundhouse, but Valentina used a Matrix style evasion as she fell backwards into a bridge. Kelly switched gears, and delivered a leaping double stomp into Lozano’s body to drive her down to the mat. The former acrobat stumbled backwards against the ropes, rubbing at her lower back as Valentina started to rise.

Zack: That evasion was a thing of beauty, but it also left her wide open for the double stomp too. Kelly’s regained control, but for how long with her back clearly hurting her like it is?

Mai: Not very. Valentina will be asserting her dominance in this match in a matter of moments, just you wait and see, Zack.

When Lozano started to get to her feet, Kelly launched forward with a running neckbreaker to put her back down on the mat. She headed for the corner, pausing again as her back was clearly hurting. She made it to the top rope, perching herself as she awaited Valentina to get back to her feet. When the Global Wars co-winner did just that, Kelly came off the top rope and caught Valentina with a lungblower that flattened her! But Kelly shouted in pain as well as she rolled onto her side, clutching her back in pain before she crawled towards Lozano to make a cover.

Mai: That was stupid! If your back is hurting, you don’t do a lungblower from that height! Or any height honestly!




Lozano’s arm came up in time, and Kelly rolled off the cover. She still held her back in pain as she leaned over on her knees.

Zack: Kelly lives for aerial maneuvers just like the one we saw right there! But she may be only adding to the damage Valentina’s already done to her back in the process.

She made it back to her feet, as Valentina was doing the same. She took off towards her, grabbing her head and looking for a tornado DDT. But Valentina caught her and tried to throw her over the top rope to the floor. Kincaid managed to land on her feet on the apron. Lozano turned around to see where she was before Kelly used the top rope for a springboard into a hurricanrana that spiked the top of her head into the mat. The former acrobat rolled away, and headed for the corner with a pained expression on her face.

Mai: She’s got her down, but she’s too blonde to go for the cover! Instead she’s going up top again to further hurt herself!

Zack: Kelly’s back is crippling her here, but she’s drawn to the top rope like a moth to the flame! I’m not sure what she has in mind, but it better be to end this match!

Kelly perched herself quickly, and immediately launched into a frog splash. But Valentina rolled out of the way, and she caught nothing but canvas. The “Latin Goddess” slowly made it back to her feet, shaking her head with a grimace. She shouted at Kincaid to get up. Kelly began to do that very thing before Valentina launched out of the corner at top speed to connect with both feet in her trademark bicycle kick! Kincaid dropped like a rock before Valentina immediately made the cover with Fisk moving to count.

Mai: YAAASSSS, the PRICELESS KISS! IT DOESN’T MISS, ZACK! Sucks to be you, Kelly!




Kelly’s shoulder came up at the last second as Valentina’s face grimaced again. She grabbed the blonde’s head, and started driving the back of her head against the mat like a basketball. When she got back to her feet,

Zack: Kelly’s head is being treated like a basketball off the parquet floor here in Philadelphia! I think she senses victory is close, and is ready to put Kelly away here.

She grabbed Kelly by the hair to pull her to her feet before she whipped her across into the far corner. Kelly stuck back first before Lozano bolted in after her with what looked to be a running shoulder tackle. But Kelly hopped up and over, surprising Lozano with a sunset flip before the referee dropped to count! Valentina hit the ring post with a thud before she got pulled down.

Mai: Valentina….hit the post! That wasn’t how that was supposed to go! Kick out!!




Lozano rolled her shoulder as Kelly started back to her feet. Her face winced in pain as she clutched her back once again, while Valentina held her head in pain.

Zack: I think Valentina’s head hit the ring post as well as her shoulder. She must have had a helluva lot of momentum behind her!

Lozano tried to get to her feet before Kelly grabbed her head into position, and delivered her headlock driver into the canvas. She reached across to make the cover before the referee dropped to count.





Fisk called for the bell as Kelly rolled off the cover. She sat slumped over on the mat, one hand on her lower back before she struggled to get back to her feet. The referee raised her hand accordingly.

Zack: Kelly pulled it out in the end off a big mistake on Valentina’s part, and sometimes that’s all you need to get the job done!

Maggie: Here is your winner by pinfall…………….KELLY KINCAID!!

Her husband joined her in the ring, helping her remain upright before gently raising her hand in victory. Kelly leaned into him, one hand pressed against her back as she did so.

Mai: That was a cheap victory, Zack. She had to use the post to help her win!

Zack: Kelly never touched the post, that was all Valentina! Like it or not, Mai, she’s won this match fair and square!

Christian helped her out of the ring to quite the ovation from the crowd. He raised her hand once more halfway up the aisle before the show headed elsewhere.

She’s Always Been Fantastic-a

The show heads to the back, and there we find Amber Carano alongside a woman who immediately gets a chant from the live crowd in the arena.

Amber: I’m here alongside a woman who many could say has more heart than anyone on the roster, and they would very likely be right. Angelina Fantastica, welcome to Relentless!

Angelina: Thanks Amber! What a show we’ve had so far, am I right? Even if I’m not on the card tonight, it’s spectacular to be here.

Amber: The reason I’ve asked you to join me is that I have heard you have put together a team here in FFW with someone on the roster. Tell the fans about it, please.

Angelina: Sure! I’m here to announce to the FFW Universe that there’s a new tag team in town, the MiscreANTs, featuring myself and the one and only Antoinette Sands! It’s an exciting new opportunity for both of us, and it’s a privilege to make this reveal a part of Relentless.

Amber: You must be awfully hyped then, because you and Antoinette will make your team debut on the next Velocity against Missy and Scarlett Silver of Chaotic Temptation. A win there could certainly supercharge your standings, and move you right up the ladder.

Angelina: Oh absolutely! I’m no stranger to Chaotic Temptation, and drawing them as our debut opponents means that we’re going to give the fans one hell of a show at the next Velocity. I definitely can’t wait to get in the ring against Scarlett and Missy. After all, they’re two of FFW’s most successful wrestlers - not that I always agree with the tactics they use, but their combined win-loss record speaks for itself.

Amber: Finally, Can you give us some insight into how you and Antoinette came to know each other? Where did that friendship begin?

Angelina: It really started when Antoinette came to FFW. I’d kept my eye on RISE for awhile, where she was one of their standout talents. And when she first arrived backstage here, we hit it off and began talking about working together someday. She may be a bit quirky, but she’s an absolute sweetheart and I think we have a lot in common. Both of us have a lot to bring to the table and we’ve both had a bit of a rocky time lately, so this is our chance to shake up some things and get ourselves into a new groove. There’s nowhere for us to go but up, Amber.

Amber: Thanks for talking with me, Angelina! And good luck at Velocity.

The pair start chatting before the show heads back to the ring for the next match.

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A clip from the match between Andi Takata and Valerie McKinley at Future Shock Anarchy is shown before we head back to the ring. Maggie awaits in the ring.

Maggie: The following contest is scheduled for one fall.

Zack: It’s not often that you see someone make their FFW debut on Pay Per View like this, but that is the case for the most recent Future Shock call-up, and as you saw, it’s a rematch from Anarchy.

Mai: It’s obvious that the owner of this company likes Valerie a lot. She welcomed her to FFW on Twitter a few days back, and she doesn’t really do that often.

[CUE THE SOUNDCHIP! An 8-bit version of the song from the Goonies start playing as the main lights dim down in the arena, with small star spotlights in a variety of colors flying around the crowd. 8-bit stars fill the videoboards, right up until the words start and Andi Takata comes sprinting out of the back to hit her mark. ]


[Andi hops into place, already in her Magical Girl pose, with blue and white sparkling pyro popping behind her, and the videoboards all exploding into pixellated color madness! The bassline kicks in and Andi dances for a moment before she starts to head for the ring, taking her time to enjoy her 'Starlights'!]

#Here we are, Hanging onto strains of greed and blues
#Break the chain then we break down
#Oh it's not real, if you don't feel it
#Unspoken expectations
#Ideals we used to play with
#Finally taking shape for us.

[By this time, Andi has reached the ringside fans, and cues them up for the dance party!]

#What's good enough (good enough)
#For you is
#Good enough (good enough)
#For me it's good enough (good enough)
#It's good enough for me
#Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!!!

[And when Pacman whirrs down, Andi punches the air above her and makes her way back around the ring to get to the rest of her Starlights, before heading up the steps and into the ring....]


#Now you'll say You're startin' to feel the push.... and pull
#Of what could be and never can
#You mirror me... stumblin' through those
#Old fashioned superstitions
#I find too hard to breaaaak
#Maybe you're out of place whaaaat's

[The song builds up again, and Andi, after running the ropes by this point, stops in the middle, to rally EVERYONE up to join her in a big ol' Caramelldanse! And most do!]

#Good enough (good enough)
#For you is
#Good enough (good enough)
#For me It's good enough (good enough)
#It's good enough for me
#Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!!

[Andi runs up the turnbuckles for one last go! Keep dancing everyone!]

#Good enough (good enough)
#For you Is
#Good enough (good enough)
#For me.. It's good, it's good enough
#It's good enough for me
#Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!!!!

[Andi finally hops down as the song fades away....]

Zack: Andi Takata was surprised a few weeks ago after her match with Missy when Valerie McKinley jumped her, and revealed she was one of the first two call-ups from Future Shock. You can bet the Space Princess is eager to get some payback tonight.

Mai: That’s because she can’t back out of it. It was booked by FFW, so she can’t backtrack and try to weasel out of it like she does when she picks fights on Twitter, Zack.

The lights in the arena sharply cut off, leaving everything in complete darkness. The chiming of a clock is heard echoing in the darkness, followed by a chipper, circus like chime tone. As the tone chimes on, a vibrant gold spotlight shines down on the top of the stage. The circus chimes are soon replaced by the opening chorus of “Villain” by Wild Fire.

"Tic tic toc, the time bomb clock
Ticks grinning ear to ear here baby
Tic Tic Toc, the time bomb clock
ticks counting down...
tic, tic stop!"

At the exact moment “stop” is sung, the song kicks into full gear, setting off a series of shimmering gold strobe lights going off on either side of the ramp. A few seconds pass before the controversial redhead, Valerie McKinley makes her way out from behind the curtain and stands in the immediate center of the stage, standing in the gold spotlight. Coming out behind her and standing next to her was her manager, one Kyle Kilmeade.

"You know I speak in riddles,
And I’m plotting to destroy
Villain as I always was
Crazy is as crazy does"

Clad in a mid-thigh length leather jacket worn open over her gear, Valerie looks around at the crowd showering her with a rousing chorus of boos. She looks over at Kyle and the pair simply shake their heads. The strobe lights begin to lessen in intensity as the pair makes their way down the aisle, her arms at her side and a focused look on her face. As she makes her way to the ring, the fans on either side of the aisle make their displeasure at her appearance rather noticeable, which Valerie simply dismisses with an arrogant flip of her hand.

"My sanity's in short supply
Mad as a hatter, hey surprise!
T-T-T-Ticking bomb on the inside
Livin' with the villain pacing in my mind."

Maggie: Ladies and gentlemen, making her way down to the ring, being accompanied by Kyle Kilmeade…..from Providence, Rhode Island…….Valerie McKinley!!
The boos grow louder as Kyle hops up onto the apron and climbs into the ring. Valerie hops up onto the apron and spins around so her back is resting on the ropes. With her head bowed, she lifts both arms up towards her head and has her pointer finger and thumb on both hands close to her head. She lifts her head up and extends her arms out, her fingers pointing out at the crowd like pistols. She then makes a motion like she was firing her finger guns at the crowd before turning around to see Kyle already holding the ropes open for her. She steps through the open ropes and into the ring.

"I'm blowing up the mystery
And all the pretty things you see
Light flame to fuse
And Sparks will fly
You said goodnight
Now say goodbye."

Once in the ring, she walks around with her arms extended outward, reveling in the heat from the crowd. She walks over to the corner and peels off her jacket, letting it drop to the apron as the lights return to normal and her music fades out. She rests her back against the turnbuckles and brushes a few stray strands of hair out of her face, awaiting the start of the action.

Mai: I was so happy when Valerie showed up on Velocity, Zack. It’s time FFW had even more class and sophistication. Plus you know Valentina and Isis were happy to see her.

Zack: I’m sure they were, and I know you stay awake nights wanting those two to be happy. Just to give you a heads up, none of them are likely to ever give you any money.

As Maggie leaves the ring, referee Ashley Pruitt checks both women and calls for the bell. Andi’s fans immediately begin showing her their support as Andi hypes herself up, and makes a beeline for Valerie. But the redhead ducks under the top rope, prompting the referee to intercept Andi and push her back. McKinley ducks her head back in, and comes up behind the referee to poke Andi in the eye. Pruitt gets pushed out of the way as Valerie starts hammering right hands into the side of her head, pushing her back into the corner. But as soon as she does, Andi reverses and shoves her back into it to unload some blistering rights of her own. Takata whips her across to the far side, catching her on the rebound with a mule kick to the stomach that doubles her over. The Hall of Famer grabs her head, and delivers a facebuster to the canvas to a pop from the crowd.

Mai: That was disgusting, Zack! Here Valerie was trying to reach over the referee to shake Andi’s hand, and she just attacked her for no reason.

Zack: I could almost respect this commentary if you were getting kickbacks, but I know that she barely knows you’re alive.

A leaping leg drop to her chest followed that when she tried to get up, followed by Andi hitting the far side ropes once again. McKinley got to her feet, only to get driven back down with a Thesz press before Andi laid in more right hands. Valerie finally managed to shove her off, and rolled out to the floor to get away from her. Andi got back to her feet, and started pacing around before sitting on the middle rope and inviting her back into the ring. Valerie moved towards her manager, listening to him for a moment before she told the referee to get Andi away from the ropes.

Zack: Valerie McKinley made the smart move right there by getting out of the ring. Andi was already starting to build momentum, and she had to break it.

Mai: Now Andi doesn’t want to let her back into the ring. This is disgusting. Valerie deserves to be heralded, not attacked upon arriving in FFW.

The referee encouraged Andi to move away from the ropes, which she did as Valerie climbed up onto the apron. As soon as she did though, Andi sidestepped the referee and went to grab her. But the redhead surprised her by grabbing her head and dropping down to the floor, snapping Andi’s neck across the top rope. The space princess began coughing and holding her neck as she stumbled away, giving Valerie her opening before stepping back inside and connecting with a high knee to the back of Andi’s head. It dropped her to the mat, and allowed Valerie to deliver a knee drop to her head after that. McKinley fell to a knee to spike Andi’s face into the mat repeatedly before getting back to her feet with a pleased smile on her face.

Mai: It’s a pleasure to watch Valerie do what she does best, she’s honestly my favorite Future Shock call-up...besides O.E., of course.

Zack: Of course. I’ll give Valerie her due. She’s very methodical, and cerebral in the ring. And when she finds an opening, she wastes no time going after it.

Andi started to get to her feet again, causing Valerie to circle around behind her. As soon as the Hall of Famer was to her feet, Valerie applied a full nelson. Kyle shouted to lock her fingers, which it took her a moment to do, because of Andi’s hair. She finally did that though, and the referee moved around in front of Andi to check for a submission. Takata’s chin was being shoved into her chest, while the crowd was starting to get loud for her again. Valerie stepped on the back of her knee to try to bring her down, but Andi got back up straightaway. The redhead’s face showed more intensity when she kicked her in the calf to bring her down again, then leaned into her to try to keep her there.

Zack: Valerie’s got those fingers locked tight, and Andi’s in trouble! She better find a way out of this sooner than later, or she’ll be unconscious shortly.

Mai: I’d be okay with Andi going unconscious, I would find it enjoyable actually. If this match were based on points, Valerie’s already hundreds ahead of Andi anyway.

Pruitt asked again and again, getting the same negative response from Andi. Her face started to change color though, causing her to struggle even more. She dropped to both knees now, and began trying to move both of them towards the ropes. Each forward movement was a struggle though, but as Andi was about to reach them, Valerie pulled her back to her feet and planted her with a full nelson slam. She quickly dropped down to make the cover before the referee started counting.

Zack: Smart move by Valerie right there! Andi was close to getting a break, and she transitioned into that full nelson slam. Let’s see if it gets her the victory!




Andi kicked out, and rolled away from the redhead. Valerie got back to her feet, and went to get her. Takata used the ropes to help her get up as Valerie grabbed her from behind in a rear waistlock. But Andi surprised her with a headbutt to the face before she slid behind Valerie this time.

Mai: That may be the first time Andi’s used her head in ages, and I hope she didn’t tarnish Valerie’s pristine face.

Takata applied her own full nelson this time, and swayed Valerie back and forth to the amusement of the crowd. She followed that up with her dragon suplex, driving the redhead into the mat before Andi climbed back to her feet. The 1 Percenter began to rise to her knees before Andi shouted into the crowd.


And she laid her out with a shining wizard to the head. Valerie faceplanted down on the mat before Andi used the nearby ropes for a springboard into a guillotine leg drop. She quickly rolled her over, and went for a cover with a tight hook of the leg.

Mai: Andi’s calling her shots again, Zack!




McKinley got her shoulder up in time before the three, Andi got back to her feet, and headed for the corner. She made sure Kyle wasn’t nearby before she headed to the top rope. However, he did climb up on the apron on the far side. Pruitt went to get him down as Andi watched before Valerie rushed the corner, and shoved Andi off the top rope to a sickening thud on the floor.

Zack: The bottom dropped out for Andi, and she plummeted to the floor right there! She may be out cold right now!

Mai: We should be so lucky. She needs to quit making googly eyes at Kyle. I know he’s attractive, but she should pay attention to her opponent.

Pruitt doubled back to check on Valerie, who pulled her to her as she was getting to her feet. Andi slowly stirred on the floor, and was starting to pull herself up with the help of the apron. As she climbed back up, Kyle passed her and pulled her feet out from under her. She smacked her face on the edge of the ring, and collapsed back to the floor while Kyle headed around the corner before the referee turned back.

Mai: You know, if Andi can’t even stand up on the apron during a match, she might should be tested for alcohol. She probably drinks cheap stuff too.

Zack: If she did, you’d have something in common. But you know as well as me that Kilmeade caused that entirely. There is no low he will not stoop to for his clients, Valerie no exception.

Andi slowly pulled herself back onto the apron again before Valerie yanked her to her feet. She hoisted her up for a vertical suplex to bring her back inside, but Takata landed on her feet behind her. And before the 1 Percenter could turn around, Andi caught her with a codebreaker that flipped her over onto the mat. She quickly scrambled into the cover as Pruitt dropped to make the count.





Valerie got her shoulder up in time before Andi got back to her feet. Takata leaned against the ropes, trying to collect herself. Her toe began tapping on the mat as she moved around to one side of Valerie, waving her to get up.

Zack: I have a feeling Valerie’s about to get a personal invitation to Andi’s SUPERKICK PARTY!!

The 1 Percenter started to rise, along with the crowd’s anticipation. As soon as she did, Andi went to launch towards her. But Kyle grabbed her foot and held her in place to stop her. The referee went to get him to let go as Andi tried to stomp him away.

Mai: Look at that, Kyle thought Andi was going to fall and saved her! Is he a prince or is he a prince?!

Andi finally got her foot free, only to get clobbered with a forearm to the back of her head. It caused the space princess to stumble forward as Valerie tried to pull her into position for her finisher. But Andi surprised her by grabbing her head instead, and delivering her RKO that bounced Valerie off the mat! Takata immediately made the cover from there, and the referee  dropped to count.





Pruitt called for the bell to a pop from the crowd, and Andi used the ropes to get back to her feet.  A smile formed on her face, and only got wider when the referee raised her hand in victory.

Zack: You want to talk about overcoming the odds? That’s exactly what we saw here from Andi, who had to contend with Valerie and her snake in the grass manager too.

Mai: How dare you say that about Kyle?!

Kyle helped his client out of the ring as Andi celebrated inside. She gave a few fist pumps, and even made a crying face to Kyle and Valerie on the floor.

Zack: Andi Takata shows us once again why there’s no obstacle that she can’t overcome, and much to Valerie’s chagrin, no amount of money can change that.

The cameras caught three people racing towards the ring though, and the crowd immediately recognized them as they stepped through the ropes.

Zack: Are you kidding me?! Why is...Why is the MAX SATO EXPERIENCE here?!

Avantasia catches Andi with a boot to the face before she plants her head between her legs, and delivers a powerbomb. Ji-Hu takes the chair, and starts wailing away on Andi with it to deafening boos.

Mai: I’m not a fan, but I certainly like the way they are making an impact….on Andi’s body! This is great, Zack!

Zack: Someone get out here right now!

As soon as the trio sees Kaoru heading down the ramp, they immediately throw Andi out of the ring towards her. Asaka goes to check on her partner as the trainers join her, also keeping a wary eye on the group in the ring as well.

Sato yells to Avantasia to grab him a microphone, the muscular woman gets one to him in short order while Ji-Hu lounges against the ropes, a steel chair held limply in one hand while she observes her nails disinterestedly. Max takes hold of the mic and looks out to the crowd with a bright, boisterous grin gracing the front of his likely-empty head.


Zack: That’s gonna be a no.

At that the crowd LEVELS the Fresno County native with boos, a couple pieces of trash and bottles getting thrown into the ring.

Max: Well TOO BAD you racist fucks, because despite everything this company and their whitey overlords have tried, we KEEP COMING BACK! You can’t defeat our JAPANESE FIGHTING SPIRIT-OOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Ji-Hu rolls her eyes while Ava keeps a wary crowd fixed on Max as he slides out of the ring to the floor. Getting right in the face of a particularly displeased Andi Takata fan.

Max: You there, you look just stupid enough to have thought we were gone for good this time. You and Andi and management and every other moron in this crowd keep hoping, keep praying that ‘Gee! I hope this time those uppity Japanese folk stay gone!’. Well guess what?

The fan fakes a swing at Max and the bleach-blonde Japanese man lets out a shriek. He bales back into the ring and nobly, bravely hides behind Ava. After a second he peers around the hulking woman as he continues to speak.

Max: We will NOT be scared off. Not by you, not by ANYBODY. EVERY roadblock this company throws in MY way, in best-waifu Ji-Hu’s way…

Mai: Okay, even I’m a little disgusted by Max Sato in general, Zack.

Zack: Finally, something we agree on. That holding down part is because they got suspended, but let’s not let the facts get in the way of a good story.

Ava’s face visibly drops as Max fails to mention her… once again. Regardless she stands firm as more trash thrown by the fans bounces off of her instead of her manager. The Fresno County Ronin slowly steers his ‘hired muscle’ to the middle of the ring, using her as a shield as he walks closer to the woman known as Kumiho.


Ji-Hu’s gaze rises up to meet Max’s, looking almost bored as her manager animatedly points at her.

Max: She is TOO GOOD to not be main eventing FFW right now. Too good to not have gold around her waist and a laundry list of accolades behind her name. She’s more talented than ANYONE on the roster. Better than Sophia Pike, better than Bianca, and - obviously - better than that RACE traitor Andi Takata!

A can of soda nearly hits Max and Ava walks over to the ropes, glaring into the crowd as though she spotted whoever it was that had thrown it.

Max: MISSED ME AGAIN! Anyways, despite Ji-Hu’s obvious talent, despite the fact she should be the franchise player in this company, you all still have the gall to suspend her, to drive her away, to punish her for not falling in line and I’m here to say, definitively, that she has had en-AUUUUUUGH!

Zack: Would someone shut him----WHAT THE?!

The crowd reaction is a bizarre mix between a cheer and shock as Max lands flat on his face, Ji-Hu wastes no time gloating in satisfaction and is ready as Ava turns to discover whatever the crowd was reacting to- BAM! Ji-Hu smashes Ava across the face with the chair, laying the muscular woman out flat on her back. Holding the now dented chair loosely in her right hand Ji-Hu walks over to where Max is stirring slightly and kicks him over onto his back, grabbing the mic he dropped moments prior.

Ji-Hu: You know what Max? You’re right, I HAVE had enough. Of the suspensions and hiatus periods in my career. In having countless opportunities stamped out before I can grasp them, in being passed over for other considerations because - goddammit - they just don’t like me, and even MORE honestly…?

She puts her foot on Max’s chest as the dazed Fresno Country resident tries to sit up and shoves him back down.

Ji-Hu: … getting passed over for opportunities because they… everyone, from the management to goddamn catering… HATES you Max.

Mai: Well she’s not wrong about that.

Zack: No, she’s not. I’m just a little surprised that this is happening! These three were a holy terror in Future Shock all the way up until Ji-Hu graduated.

Kumiho lazily raises the chair over Max’s face and drives the lip of the weapon down onto the bridge of Max’s nose. We can hear Max cursing as he clutches his no bloody nose.

Ji-Hu: I put up with you, USED you, far past the point of usefulness and really, Max? That’s on me, I should have noticed exactly what a detriment you had become far, FAR sooner. It was fine when I wanted to make an impact in Future Shock, I was just the faceless Korean - NOT JAPANESE, Fuckstick - woman, but I had you. You stand out, no matter how much the world wishes you didn’t. You put the spotlight on you, and all I needed to do was stand in your shadow, biding my time until the fans and the locker room and the goddamn company noticed that I should be taken seriously, that I was money.

She spits on Max.

Ji-Hu: That I deserved all the attention that you garnered so effortlessly.

Mai: You tell’em, Ji-Hu! If she needs an agent, I’m happy to help her with that.

Zack: That comes to the shock of absolutely no one.

Max shoves Ji-Hu’s foot off of him and rolls onto his stomach to crawl away. Kumiho visibly lets out an exasperated sigh before raising the chair high and bringing it down several times onto her manager’s back. She takes a moment to compose herself before raising the mic back up to her lips.

Ji-Hu: Well that just never seemed to happen, did it, Max? Your name on everyone’s lips while I was just… that woman you enterred with. Never mind it was me getting the wins, and doing all the fucking work. Never mind that YOUR actions were constantly setting me back. I was an afterthought in the Max Sato show and because of that… I went from being elevated by your presence… to being anchored by it. One moment Max…

The Korean woman drops the mic beside Max as she spots Avantasia struggling to her feet, the hulking woman manages to get two wobbly steps towards her tag partner before Ji-Hu blasts her in the leg with a chairshot. Ava goes down with a shout, but rather than lay off, Ji-Hu targets the knee and starts slamming the dented steel down on the woman’s knee repeatedly.

Mai: I’ve never seen Ji-Hu like this! It’s…..kinda hot!

Zack: Ji-Hu is brutalizing her tag partner and manager….I guess former is the more accurate description now.

Myeong steps back, smoothing her hair back with a free hand as she catches her breath before grabbing the sides of the chair, she anchors the larger woman who struggles vainly against the assault by stepping on Bom’s ankle. Ji-Hu then quickly snaps the lip of the chair directly onto Ava’s kneecap, earning a collective groan from the crowd while the larger woman writhes on the ground, clutching her knee and screaming.

Satisfied that her former ‘Muscle’ was no longer going to keep her from Max, Ji-Hu stalks back over to her now-former manager and blasts him once more with a chair across the back. She scoops the mic back up.

Ji-Hu: You are right though, nobody in this company likes you… save for poor, unfortunate Ava over there. You’ve made NO friends and that’s why there isn’t a soul in that locker room is gonna come out to stop this… and when I get backstage I highly doubt I’m gonna get reprimanded by anyone in management because I just did Femme Fatale Wrestling a favor by getting rid of a cyst like you.

Mai: Yeah, Max is a cyst! No one likes a cyst, Zack.

The slight woman looks up to the crowd finally.

Ji-Hu: And so I have, from this day forward Max, you and Ava are gone, leaving me, just me… to finally get what I’ve always deserved in this industry. The fame, the money, the accolades… all of it, and to top it all off, it’s all in writing too. Did you REALLY think I was cutting you into the pie when I was renegotiating my contract without you?

Her face breaks out into a wide grin.

Ji-Hu: I haveta admit, Max… this feels even better than I always imagined it would,

She bends down, her face hovering just over her former manager’s head.

Ji-Hu: Now do something right for the first time in your life, and stay gone you piece of shit.

Zack: This...this was entirely unexpected! Ji-Hu has laid out her former partner and manager, and the fans are like us in that...well, no one saw this coming!

Mai: It was a pleasant surprise, and God bless her heart because I don’t think anyone is going to miss Max or Muscles McGee either.

With that Kumiho straightens up, setting her foot on the back of Max’s head as her music plays. She surveys the crowd happily before dropping the mic and exiting the ring. Ignoring the boos and reactions of the crowd, a genuinely happy smile gracing her features as she makes her way up the ramp, not looking back once. From there, we cut to a commercial for Unstoppable 9.

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A clip of their previous match is shown as Scarlett handcuffs Erica to a beam under the ring, and wins by countout. It also shows Erica chasing after her when she got free. From there, we head back to the ring with Maggie Rourke waiting.

Maggie: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the FFW Fast Track Championship!

Zack: In the first of our championship matches tonight at Relentless, Erica Horton will get her first ever singles title opportunity since joining FFW in 2015.

Mai: Well she can blame herself for being in her sisters’ shadows, can’t she? It doesn’t matter since Scarlett is going to defeat her….again.

Green and blue strobe lights flood the arena as “Map of the Problematique” blasts out over the speakers. As the keyboard comes in, a spotlight shines on the curtain, through which steps Erica Horton to a pop from the fans.

Maggie: On her way to the ring, from Edinburgh Scotland by way of Spartanburg, South Carolina! Please welcome ERICA HORTON!

Erica heads down the ramp, slapping hands with fans as she goes on her way.

Fear and panic in the air
I want to be free
From desolation and despair
And I feel like everything I sow
Is being swept away,
Well I refuse to let you go!

I can't get it right
Get it right
Since I met you

Reaching the bottom of the ramp, she heads around the nearest steps to the commentators, still catching hands with fans until she gets there. She then heads up the steps and into the ring. Standing in the middle, she lifts a hand to the crowd and then heads to her corner as “Map of the Problematique” fades out.

Zack: I’ll tell you what. I think Erica has it in her tonight to capture the first singles title she’s ever held. And to top it all off, it’s one none of her family has held before her. She could blaze her own trail starting tonight!

Mai: That’s a big big if. There’s a reason her opponent is the uber successful woman she is, and part of that is smacking around pretenders like Erica.

“Hands To Myself” by Selena Gomez starts to play through the speakers around the arena.

Can't keep my hands to myself
No matter how hard I'm trying to
I want you all to myself
You're metaphorical gin and juice

So come on give me a taste
Of what it’s like to be next to you
Won't let one drop go to waste
You're metaphorical gin and juice

As the opening verse ends and the tempo starts to increase Scarlett Silver walks through the curtain onto the stage with her manager, Christian Kincaid. The lights dip for a moment before she steps forward and a red spotlight shines down on her.

Cause all of the downs and the uppers
Keep making love to each other
And I'm trying, trying, I'm trying, trying
All of the downs and the uppers
Keep making love to each other
And I'm trying, trying, I'm trying, but I

Can't keep my hands to myself
My hands to myself
Can't keep my hands to myself
My hands to myself

Scarlett struts down the ramp acknowledging the crowd with a smile, with Christian following a few steps behind. Pausing halfway down she sways her hips in rhythm with the music and slowly blows a kiss out to the crowd.

Maggie: Introducing at this time… Hailing from Los Angeles, California….Your FFW [insert title] Champion, Scarlett Silver!

Scarlett reaches the ring and slides under the bottom rope before jumping to her feet and climbing onto the turnbuckle facing the stage. She raises her arms up high then jumps down to join Christian in her corner, for a last minute, pre-match discussion.

Zack: The first ever two time Fast Track Champion, Scarlett Silver would be well-advised not to take Erica lightly tonight. If she does, I’ll predict a new champion crowned!

Mai: I think she can take her lightly, and will predict she retains the title anyway. You should have more faith in your Fast Track Champion….twice over!

Referee Melinda Davis checks both women as Maggie leaves the ring, and then calls for the bell to start the match. Erica looks as though she’s psyching herself up in the corner a bit as they head towards the center. Scarlett holds up both her hands, and apologizes to Erica for what happened in their first match...and then offers her a handshake. Erica looks down at her hand, and takes it. But instead of shaking it, she pulls her forward into a left cross to the mouth. Horton turns into her and jerks her forward again, this time in a volley of elbows to her head before putting her down with a short arm clothesline to the canvas. Still holding her hand, she leaves her feet with a leg drop across Scarlett’s chest.

Zack: I guess that means Erica’s not interested in Scarlett’s apology. Something tells me she wasn’t buying it anyway.

Mai: What a terrible sport Erica is! Scarlett gives her a sincere apology, and this is what she gets? Fine! Scarlett should be given free reign the rest of this match.

Scarlett started to get back to her feet, only to get pulled into a Russian leg sweep by the challenger. She quickly mounted her from there, and rained right hands into her head. The blonde rolled back to her feet before Scarlett tried to get to hers as well. But Erica helped her up long enough to fire her across into the far corner. Silver struck back first before Erica used a handspring back elbow to the jaw that sent her stumbling out of the corner. Erica hopped up onto the second turnbuckle from the inside to deliver a blockbuster when Scarlett turned around to find her. A hook of the leg followed that as Davis dropped to count.

Zack: Erica’s pitching a shutout, and the Fast Track title could be 3 seconds from a new home!




Scarlett kicked out as the two struck the mat. Erica got back to her feet, and quickly applied a rear chinlock on the champion.

Mai: I don’t get what Erica’s problem with Scarlett is, Zack. She saved her the humiliation of getting pinned in the ring the last time. You’d think she would be appreciative!

Erica brought Scarlett down to the mat, and started trying to pull her head back even further to cause more damage. But the champion didn’t stay down very long, and began to rise to her feet. Erica transitioned into a standing side headlock instead, causing Scarlett to try to shoot her off into the ropes. But the challenger only went a couple steps, grabbed Scarlett by the hair, and pulled her right back into the standing side headlock. The brunette didn’t seem happy with that at all, and reached up to pull her hair. The referee made her let go, and Scarlett countered out of the hold with a back suplex.

Mai: There you go, Scarlett! Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire! Besides that, I figured Erica’s hair might come off. It looks like it’s not real.

Zack: She’s had that same hair color since the day she came here. What the hell are you even talking about anyway?!

She went for a fist drop when Erica started to sit up, and began delivering knee drops into her head one after another. Scarlett pulled her up into a front facelock, and began to fire knees into her face and body next and then a drop toe hold sent her neck first across the middle rope. The champion began to grin a bit as she stepped onto Erica’s back, using the rope to choke her as the referee started counting. She stepped off at the four count, and then right back on. This time though, she started bouncing up and down to make it worse. Another four count, and she got back to her feet again. Silver took off for the far side, and rebounded quickly with a baseball slide under the bottom rope in front of Erica, whom she then nailed with a palm thrust to the throat that sent her back onto the mat.

Mai: Scarlett’s showing us some new offense tonight, Zack. Is that enough to show you that she’s not taking her opponent lightly?

Zack: I never said she was. I said she shouldn’t. But so far, she’s shown good focus and no signs she thinks Erica is a pushover. The match isn’t over yet though.

The champion rolled back into the ring, and got back to her feet. Erica was starting to get up as well when the brunette swooped in behind her, and immediately applied a cobra clutch. She pulled Erica back from the ropes as the blonde struggled to get free as soon as she felt it sink in. But Scarlett kept the hold tight, and began to try stepping on the back of her leg to get her down to the mat. It took a couple tries, but she finally managed to do it as she brought Erica down onto her side and then wrapped her legs around her body. Scarlett locked her ankles, and began squeezing with both her arms and her legs.

Zack: Now that’s new, and very smart of the champion. I don’t recall the last time I’ve seen a cobra clutch with a bodyscissors too. If Erica doesn’t do something, she won’t be conscious much longer.

Mai: She’s already half out now! You know how much money I’d pay for Scarlett to wrap her legs around me? Good Lord, I’m jealous of Erica! Ugh.

Davis kept asking Erica if she wanted to stop the match, but didn’t get an answer finally. The referee began to raise her hand, and let it drop. She did it a second time, and it fell again. But then it seemed to bounce off the mat as Erica’s hand came up. The crowd came to life behind her as she began to slowly try to push up to her feet. The blonde finally made it with Scarlett still attached to her before she ran backwards, and crushed the champion in the corner. Silver let go on impact, and Erica stumbled forward. She tried to revive herself when Scarlett lunged towards her, only to get rewarded with a spinebuster from the challenger. The crowd gave her a pop for that as she crawled towards the ropes, and leaned against them to try to shake off the effects of the cobra clutch.

Zack: You can tell how much damage was done by the champion. Erica’s still trying to get her marbles together!

Mai: That’s what happens when you’re not too quick to begin with. Scarlett has this under control, she’s just relaxing on the mat for a moment. That’s all.

Both women began to rise, but Erica was up just a moment quicker. She moved in behind Scarlett, catching her with a forearm to the back of the head. Silver wobbled forward before Erica scooped her up for an atomic drop. Scarlett ricocheted into the corner, striking her head on the top turnbuckle before Erica snatched her into a German suplex into a bridge! Davis immediately dropped to make the count.

Zack: The champion’s head was like a pinball off the top turnbuckle, and Erica’s got her in a bad way here!




Scarlett rolled her shoulder in time, causing Erica to shove her off to the mat. As the challenger got to her feet, Scarlett rolled right out of the ring and onto the floor. Erica shook her head, and went out after her.

Mai: See how dirty Erica is? She wants to fight on the outside, and she knows she can’t win it out there! What a desperate woman!

Christian helped Scarlett to her feet as Erica rolled out around the corner. The #1 contender took off, rounding the corner and looking for a clothesline. Scarlett turned around, and ducked her. Horton stopped herself in a couple steps, turned, and went for her again. But Silver scooped her up instead, and delivered a flapjack that saw Erica’s head and body strike the ring steps on the way down. It made a loud smack on impact before she collapsed in a heap to the floor. Scarlett got back to her feet, still trying to catch her breath when she looked over to see Erica face down on the floor.

Zack: Erica….she may be out cold right here! A flapjack right onto the steps! I don’t think Scarlett even realized they were there, but that’s a moot point now!

Mai: Throw her back in the ring, pin her, and call it a night, champ! She’s out like a light right now, there’s no way she can’t be!

The champion pulled the limp Erica up, and rolled her back into the ring under the bottom rope. She slid in after her, and immediately went for the cover before the referee dropped down to the mat to make the count.

Mai: Thanks for coming, Erica!




Erica’s shoulder came up at the last second, reinvigorating the crowd as Scarlett looked up to the referee with a confused look and asked for it to be three. Davis only held up two fingers as Scarlett got back to her feet with a little pout on her lips.

Zack: Erica’s still alive in this championship match! But I don’t know how much she has left in the tank at this point! She may not even be sure what city she’s in right now!

Scarlett headed for the corner, and made her way to the top rope. She came down with a knee drop to Erica before bouncing up, and then delivering  a second! Silver rolled to her feet, and made a screwing motion with her thumb.

Mai: Ohh, we know what’s coming next! Erica’s gonna choke for real as much as she does in her career! Give it to her, Scarlett!!

Erica slowly made it to her feet as Scarlett stalked behind her. When the challenger turned around, Scarlett caught her with the thumb to her throat before immediately pulling her down into a small package! Davis dropped to count!





Davis called for the bell as Scarlett rolled off the cover. The champion got back to her feet as Christian joined her in the ring to help her to her feet.

Mai: Are you happy now, Zack? Scarlett retained her title...fair and square! You nor Erica or anyone else can say a damn thing!

Maggie: Here’s your winner by pinfall….AND STILL FFW Fast Track Champion….’THE STAR DISTRACTION’ SCARLETT SILVER!!

Zack: I can’t argue with that. Scarlett Silver showed us she can get it done any way she wants, and tonight it just so happened it wasn’t with controversy! Well done to her, and a hell of an effort from Erica!

Davis gave Scarlett her title back, which brought a wide smile to her face as she raised it up to check her hair and makeup in the reflection.

Mai: And look at that, Zack. Not even a hair out of place! That’s a champion girls can look up to right there!

Christian and the referee raised her hand in victory at the same time, the same smile beaming across her face when the lights went out.

Mai: What the…?!

Zack: The lights have gone out in the Wells Fargo Center! As for why, your guess is as good as mine right now! There’s a buzz in this arena!

I told ya, baby
I told ya
Zack: Wait a minute!

“Rockstar 101” by Rihanna begins to play before the camera takes us behind a woman with purple hair. She steps out onto the stage, raising her hand and making a fist as the camera looks over her shoulder. She tosses her sunglasses to the crowd as she heads down the ramp with a wide grin on her face.

Rocking these diamonds
I'm rocking this chain
Make sure you get a picture
I'm rocking my fame

Zack: I guess we don’t have to wonder who the second call up from Future Shock was! There’s no mistaking who that is! “KILLER B’ BIANCA REED is here at Relentless!

Bianca holds out her arms, inciting the crowd to get much louder. They did just that as she headed down the ramp to a roar. Reed hopped up onto the apron, making eye contact with the champion before pointing at the Fast Track Championship. The champion looked down at it, and back to her.

Mai: Does she think she can just walk in here and get a shot at a title?! Who the hell does this woman think she is?!

Zack: She thinks she’s Bianca Reed, and “Killer B” has arrived in FFW and made her intentions clear!

Bianca hopped back down to the floor, giving the champion some light applause before she pointed to the crowd chanting her name. A wide smile formed on her face as she pointed to the title and down to her waist. With the crowd still chanting her name, we head to a commercial for Unstoppable 9.

Maggie: The following contest is a chain match, and the winner will get a shot at the FFW Ultraviolence Championship!

Zack: Later tonight, Emma Mac and Mallory will face off in the Thunderdome, and they won’t have to wonder who’s coming for the winner. We’re about to find out.

Mai: And this one is going to be awesome! While most people are rooting for the giant meteor here, I’m rooting for one of them to strap me to them and whip me.

“Start Me Up” by the Rolling Stones begins to play as Charlotte Harker comes out of the back and bounces on the balls of her feet, taking a moment or two to soak in the atmosphere of the crowd while talking a couple of deep breaths. Shaw joins her, applauding her partner and rallying the crowd behind her, getting only boos before Harker raised her hands in the air. They were joined by Kyle Kilmeade who stood at the back

Maggie: Please welcome, standing 6’2” and weighing 157 lbs, accompanied to the ring by Kyle Kilemeade and, her tag team partner, the “One Woman Show” Shaughnessy O’Neill….CHARLOTTE HARKER!!!

Finally she begins to head to the ring, peacock strutting Mick Jagger style all the way there. Climbing up the ring steps between the ropes, only to find Shaw already there. O’Neill drags her into the ring and holds her arm aloft, dragging her around the ring and telling the crowd that they’re looking at the winner...thanks to Shaw’s help. As the match gets ready to start, the referee tells O’Neill to leave the ring only to get into argument as Shaughnessy tells the official that they can’t tell a premier athlete like Shaw or Charlotte what to do. As the referee finally wins out, Shaw leaves the ring and takes her place on the floor in her partner’s corner as Harker stretches out and makes last minute preparations for the match.

Zack: Charlotte Harker’s been putting together an impressive singles resume, showing she’s more than just a tag team star. But her opponent...that’s another kind of challenge.

Mai: Oh ye of little faith. Charlotte’s a specialist in dealing with adversity. I expect nothing short of a master class in resiliency by her tonight.

The lights go out completely as the opening guitar riff of ‘Is this the way you get to hell by Stitched up heart’ starts to play. A red spotlight hits highlighting a handbasket sitting on the otherwise empty stage.

Is this the way you get to hell?
Is this the way you get to hell in a handbasket?
You will tear me apart.
You will tear apart my mind, My simple mind.
It's just cause you hurt so bad,
That you end up blind, You end up blind.
Is this the way you… Is this the way you...
Is this the way you…

A second spotlight hits at the entrance to see Raven Knight standing with her arms raised above her head making the bottom of her top raise enough to show part of her taut abdomen. Boos erupt from the crowd which just bring a smirk to the resident firestarter’s face.

Dripping from bloody fingers,
Running from the palms of my hands.
Dripping from bloody fingers,
I didn’t even have a chance.
Dripping from bloody fingers,
Running from the palms of my hands.

Maggie: Introducing at this time...from Providence, Rhode Island,--weighing in at one-hundred twenty pounds, she is the “The Dark Raven:” RAVEN KNIIIIGHT!

I will tear you apart.
I will tear apart your mind, Your simple mind.
It's just cause I hurt so bad,
That I end up blind, I end up with a simple mind.
Is this the way you… Is this the way you...
Is this the way you…

Raven walks out onto the stage and approaches the handbasket with the smirk still in place on her face, suddenly she kicks out sending the basket toppling down the ramp and scattering black rose petals in its wake and down the ramp.

Dripping from bloody fingers,
Running from the palms of my hands.
Dripping from bloody fingers,
I didn’t even have a chance.
Dripping from bloody fingers,
Running from the palms of my hands.

Raven walks down the ramp towards the ring with her arms raised either side of her and her middle fingers extended towards the crowd. She speeds up as she nears the ring and jumps up onto the apron, sliding under the bottom rope and jumping to her feet in a quick fluid sequence. She raises her middle fingers to the crowd again before going back to her corner and laughing at the animosity she is getting from the crowd.

Zack: I don’t think the fans are going to be too enthusiastic for either one of these two, but I also don’t think Raven or Charlotte care.

Mai: Like I said, between them and the giant meteor, I want to be strapped to them! Look at all the hotness in the ring right now and tell me you’re not excited for this, I DARE you!

With both wrestlers in the ring, the referee brings in the strap: two belts that are to be strapped to the girls' waists, linked to one another by a sturdy chain link, that barely covered the horizontal length of the ring rope-to-rope.

With her hands firmly clutching the chain linking the two contenders, the powerhouse in Charlotte starts to yank the cable, trying to pull Raven towards her. Raven plants her feet down and tries to fight Harker's power and keep the distance, but this effort seems to have no effect, as Charlie pulls as hard as she can, bringing Raven off-balance. As Knight stumbles, Harker smacks her with a short arm clothesline, and Raven meets the mat. Raven gets up and doesn't get a chance to react properly, as Charlotte pulls the chain again and brings the Dark Raven to her knees, and then a buzzsaw kick brings the arsonist to the mat again. The formerly silent powerhouse then shakes her head and grabs Raven by the head, forcing her to her knees again... But Raven smartly dives between Harker's legs and pulls the chain, tangling the bigger wrestler in what would otherwise be quite the unorthodox low blow. Charlotte tries to untangle herself but ends up getting tripped by Raven and falling to her knees. Proceeding to wrap the chain around Harker's neck, Raven then grabs her head and nails her on the mat with a DDT. Raven quickly rolls back to her feet and places a foot on Charlotte's back, pulling the chain upwards and proceeding to choke Charlotte with it!

Zack: This is the first time either one of these two have been in a match like this one, but they aren’t letting that stop them from going full tilt.

Mai: And look at Raven quickly making the best use of the chain right off the bat!... I have to admit asphyxiation is kinda hot when administered properly during a good SM sesh.

As Shaw starts pounding the ring apron in support of her tag partner, Raven taunts the Québecois by shaking her head at the Canadian, who's none at all amused. Charlotte struggles and squirms as she's being choked, but ultimately manages to move the chain so she's not being choked anymore. The powerhouse then proceeds to roll over and shake free from Raven's clutch. Raven is temporarily taken off-balance, but that doesn't last long, as Charlie is gasping and coughing. The arsonist quickly grabs Charlotte by the head and brings a hacking Harker to her feet, but Charlotte draws in her breath and connects with a hook to Knight's stomach, causing her to move away. Charlie rises and again grabs the chain, yanking on it and bringing Raven closer to her. This time, though, Harker lifts Raven off the mat and then quickly slams her down with a powerslam onto the chain's length. Knight screams in pain as the chain links dig into her skin and poke her bones, but Charlotte is clearly not interested in stopping there, as she leaps and connects with an elbow drop across Knight's chest that makes the smaller wrestler squirm in pain. After that, Charlotte pulls the chain from under Raven's body and makes her way to the closest corner, lighting the first blue beacon up.

Zack: Remember, folks. You have to touch all four corners consecutively to win the match without interruption. And the powerhouse of the Show is looking to do that right now.

Mai: Each wrestler has a colored beacon she has to light up, and if the ring is surrounded by blue lights, Moose here is the winner!

Zack: … Moose?

As Charlotte makes her way to the second corner, Raven gets up and grabs the chain, stopping Charlotte on her tracks. Charlie tries to power her way to the other corner, but Raven puts all of her weight on the chain, and pulls the blonde away from it. Seeing as she still has the advantage of the first beacon being lit up, she turns around to see Raven and dashes towards her... But Raven welcomes her with a big boot to the stomach and, as Charlotte folds, the blue beacon is turned off. Using the length of the chain like a whip, Raven starts smacking it into Charlotte's back. With the first one, Charlotte screams in pain and surprise, and Raven keeps at it to the point it's very easy to see Harker's back becoming red and swollen. Charlotte goes to her knees in pain, arching her spine, as Raven finally lets go of the chain and moves to the corner closest to her, slapping the button and lighting the first red beacon up.

Zack: Raven and Charlotte both want a shot at either Emma or Mallory, and they are tearing each other apart with the chain to get there.

Mai: And just another go at the rules here, Zack: if one wrestler can’t light all four beacons up in a single go, they have to start over. There will never be two different light colors up. Now Raven has the advantage.

Raven then looks at Charlotte at the center of the ring and she's still there, arched and frozen in place. Knight decides to keep running the corners, making her way to the one to the right of the entrance ramp... But just as she's about to smack the button to light the second red beacon up, Harker YANKS the chain, and Knight's brought off balance HARD. Charlotte slowly pulls the chain, and Raven tilts her body towards the beacon to hinder Charlotte's reaction... And just like that, Charlotte lets go of the chain, and Raven's effort works against her as she throws herself into the corner, hitting the beacon system face first. As she staggers backwards, she turns to Charlotte and is welcomed back to the center of the ring with a Lou Thesz press, and the red beacon goes out.

Mai: Oh my god, she just yanked her chain like a bad dog being kept on a leash!... You know, now that I said it, that’s… Kinda hot.

Knight tries to push Charlotte away from her, but Charlie grabs a handful of her hair and starts punching her face relentlessly, making her head bounce on the mat. After a couple of well delivered smacks, Raven seems to be completely out of it. Charlotte then sees fit to get back up, folding up the chain and then smacking it into Raven's fallen body as hard as she can, making sickening noises of a body being punished with almost disproportionate prejudice, while Shaughnessy eggs her on by taunting Knight. This seems to give Charlotte ideas, as she kneels by the fallen Knight and wraps the arsonist's neck with the chain, proceeding to choke her, not by stepping on her chest but by using the sheer power on her arms. Shaw laughs raucously by ringside as Raven tries to break loose. When Charlotte finally lets go, a pale Raven coughs as she catches her breath.

Zack: There’s no rules in a match like this. They can use that chain all they want, and it’s easy to see neither are shy about it. Raven’s trying to find some air right now.

Mai: She’s basically repeating what Raven did to her earlier in the match, because turnabout is fair play, I guess!

Harker gets up and grabs Knight's arm, forcing her to stand up before she pulls her straight to the corner with an Irish whip. Raven is sent running to the corner and crashes into the turnbuckles. Charlotte then runs towards her opponent and arrives with a turnbuckle clothesline... except NOT! Raven dodges out of harm's way and Charlotte bangs her chest into the turnbuckles! Raven capitalizes on that as she makes a hook with the chain and hooks Harker's neck again, but doesn't choke her this time, instead pulling her into a neckbreaker! Charlotte crashes to the mat and Raven decides not to light up her beacons again, grabbing Charlotte's head before she stands up and connecting with a cravate knee to her skull. Charlie seems to be taken out of consciousness for a moment, as she gets up but doesn't seem to know where she is. That's when Raven hooks her head to connect with a reverse DDT... But Charlotte reacts, throwing elbows into Raven's waist until she lets go! And then, Charlie spins out and clobbers Raven with a spin-out lariat, and Raven collapses again.

Zack: I’m not sure Raven has faced anyone with the power advantage of Charlotte Harker in FFW. She nearly decapitated her with that lariat.

Mai: Charlotte has a good 30 pounds of strength over Raven, and those arm and forearm blasts of hers are WMDs on their own!

Charlotte won't allow Raven to stand up as she grabs the chain and immediately yanks her opponent towards her, smacking her with a clothesline. Raven crashes again and, as she rolls over and brings herself to her knees to try and get up, Harker delivers an axe handle to her back to send her right back down. Raven brings herself up again and Harker lifts her arms for another axe handle... But changes her mind. Allowing Raven to get up, Charlotte shoves her into the ropes, and Raven almost trips over the chain before she hits the ropes behind her. Knight runs back towards Charlotte, and is immediately received with a powerslam. Raven is now making a great effort to bring herself back up, and Charlotte just watches in stoic amusement as her opponent keeps trying to get up on her own terms. But the show doesn't last long, as Charlotte makes her way to the closest set of ropes, building up her own momentum, only to strike her with a Yakuza kick that seems to take her out of commission entirely. Raven collapses and NOW Charlotte decides it's time to light up the beacons. Making her way to the closest corner, she slaps the button and the first blue beacon is lit up.

Zack: And here we go again as Charlotte’s ready to start touring the four corners again. One down, three to go.

Mai: I don’t think so, look at Raven...

Making her way to the other corner, to the left of the commentary table, she slaps another blue beacon on. And then she makes her way to the corners facing the ramp aaaaand... The chain stretches?

Mai: Aaaaand she goes nowhere! Pay attention to your surroundings, baby!

Charlotte realizes that Raven has rolled out of the ring, and she won't get anywhere past the center of the ring while the arsonist is out there. She then proceeds to pull the chain, walking up to the ring apron to see if she can FORCE Raven to enter the ring again. And when Raven is within arm's reach, Charlotte bends over the top rope and grabs a handful of Raven's hair... and doesn't see it coming as Raven swings the chain INTO HER FACE! Charlotte lets out a LOUD howl of pain as she immediately clutches at her left eye, and Knight back into the ring. With Charlie incapacitated because of her eye, Raven starts to run around the ring lighting up her beacons, and as the blue ones go off, she starts lighting up the red ones! First the one to the right of the commentary table, then the one to the left, all while Charlotte is still struggling to get her sight to work again, as she's smack dab in the center of the ring!

Zack: This may be Raven’s best shot right here, she’s already two corners towards the goal and that Ultraviolence title shot.

Mai: That was a NASTY shot to the eye, I think she’s incapacitated!... Raven needs to take advantage of this, Charlie doesn’t know where she is!

Raven looks at Charlie again and decides it's time to go for the home stretch, making her way to the corners overlooking the entrance ramp and... Lighting up the third red beacon, to the left of the access ramp! The crowd is on their feet as Raven takes off to the last corner aaaaand Harker pulls back the chain, preventing the Raven to race to the last beacon, as the brunette almost collapses as she misses a step. Capitalizing on that, Charlotte makes a beeline to her and strikes her with a running double ax handle! Raven folds and Charlotte slaps the corner that Raven had yet to light up, and... all three red beacons go out, and the first blue one is lit up.

Zack: So much for that attempt. Charlotte’s back at square one….or blue light one. Remember, you have to touch all four without interruption.

Mai: And if there’s anything we can call an interruption, it’s that. Even with only one eye, Charlotte made short work of her, and we’re back to the start!

Charlie's reaction, however, proves to be out of desperation, as she immediately stops to nurse her eye again. Raven straightens up and bounces on the ropes right by them, smacking Harker with a shoulder thrust. As the blue beacon that had just been lit up goes out, Charlotte hunches over by the center of the ring, and Raven decides to add injury to... well, injury, as she hooks Charlie's head and delivers her signature facebreaker knee shot that sends Charlotte to the mat in agony. Knight brings herself to her knees and again shakes her head at Charlotte, before she powers back to her feet and starts her job of lighting the red beacons up from the start, beginning with the one to the left of the ramp. She then walks up to the corner to the left of the commentary table and the second red beacon is lit up.

Zack: You’re seeing how bad they both want this title shot. I wouldn’t want anything to do with the Ultraviolence division, but they both know title opportunities don’t grow on trees here.

Mai: You have to be a special kind of crazy to want to be a part of this. These two are violent and resilient women, and it shows!

Unbeknownst to Raven though, Charlotte starts to get up, just as her opponent approaches the corner to the right of the commentary table. With only her right eye open, Charlie takes off towards Raven, who notices it a second too late: before she understands it, she's being catapulted into the corner as Harker strikes her with a powerful forearm smash/tackle. The two lit up red beacons go out, and Harker grabs Raven's head, pulling her out of the corner and then onto her grasp, quickly disposing of her with a side slam backbreaker, knocking all the air out of Raven's lungs. Dispensing Raven to the side, Charlie watched as she arched her back, her eyes wide open in pain, before she started pacing around the ring to light up the blue beacons one by one.

Mai: CHARLOTTE’S CRUCIFIX!!! With only ONE eye! I think this is Charlotte’s BEST chance!

Sure enough, Charlotte power walks towards corner to the left of the commentary table while still clutching one eye, hitting the contraption to light up her first blue beacon. Then, the corner to the right of the commentary table: two blue beacons. As Raven doesn't react in the center of the ring, Charlotte reaches the corner to the left of the ramp, and it's three blue beacons on. And then... She approaches the final corner and, without flair or fanfare, she slaps the contraption and the final blue beacon is lit up. The bells ring and it's now official!

Zack: That’ll do it! Charlotte lit all four corners, and whoever leaves with the Ultraviolence title later tonight….well the powerhouse of the One Woman Show is waiting for you!

Maggie: Here’s your winner of the match…….CHARLOTTE HARKER!!!

Mai: Even half incapacitated, she did it! She powered through the pain and made the right move at the right time to light up all beacons for her victory! Now all she has to do is strap herself to me and we’re gonna be PEACHY!

Shaw and Kyle enter the ring to celebrate with Charlotte, as the blonde is STILL covering her eye from the chain shot. She looks none too amused as her free arm is raised, and Shaw smacktalks Raven out of the ring.

Lilly Looks Ahead

The next image we see as we head backstage is that of Lilly Arthur, along with her aspiring filmmaker husband, Colin, as they are approached by the COO of FFW, Seth Star.

Seth: Thank you both for joining me. I had some news you will find most interesting, I think, as it pertains to the 9th annual Unstoppable.

Lilly nodded her head eagerly.

Lilly: We’ve got some big plans in the works for Unstoppable, hopefully we’ll be able to go ahead and confirm them. I mean, like huge. One of the biggest and most recognisable celebrities on the planet...or in a galaxy far, far, away. I’m all ears, what’s the news that you’d like to share?

Seth: Yes, I recall your agent telling me about these plans earlier today. As it pertains to the show though, I wanted to let you know that you’ll--

Colin: DUDE! This is huge, man! Everyone’s gonna see and hear what we are arranging, and it’ll be captured for all eternity!

Seth: Yes, I’m sure that it will! But what I--

Colin: We’re gonna need like a private dressing room for the dude though. Best spot in the stadium preferably!

It was clear that Colin was more than excited by the news, even if he was starting to annoy the COO with his interruptions.

Seth: Thank you, it’ll be taken care of. May I finish?

Colin: Sure thing, dude! Go ahead.

Seth: I wanted to let you know that your recent successes have not gone unnoticed. And I think they are worthy of a reward. So I’m thinking we should have a #1 contender match for the Fast Track Championship at Unstoppable 9 involving you. How does that sound, Mrs. Arthur?

Lilly: That sounds amazing, thank you Mr. Star. I can’t wait to step into that ring, show what I can do and walk out of there as the number one contender to the Fast Track Championship. So, what exactly are you thinking of for the match? Who will I be going up against?

Seth: Another woman who I have found to be equally impressive, and has had quite a year. She won her match earlier tonight, as a matter of fact. In front of over 80,000 people in MetLife Stadium and a worldwide Pay Per View audience, you’ll be meeting Jolyne Dysart at Unstoppable 9.

There was a nod of her head.

Lilly: You’re right, Jolyne’s had one Hell of a year so far, been really successful and looked amazing in her match earlier tonight. She’s going to be a real test for me.

The Englishwoman took a moment to run her hand through her hair, almost absent mindedly.

Lilly: She’s proven herself time and time again inside the ring since she made her debut and has quite a reputation for her toughness and as a really talented up and coming wrestler.  I mean, I’m pretty good myself, so this has all the hallmarks of being one Hell of a match - show stealer; one that could make it onto both of our highlight reels, because in front of 80,000 fans and the biggest show of the year… One of those sort of nights where you dig down even deeper than normal. I promise the fans are going to be in for a treat when Jolyne and I step into the ring.

Seth: I’m sure that will be the case. Good luck to you.

As Seth walks away, we see a graphic on the screen advertising the match just announced between Lilly Arthur and Jolyne Dysart for a shot at the Fast Track Championship. And then, we head elsewhere.
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Maggie: The following contest is scheduled for one fall to a finish.

The dirty drums of Imagine Dragons' "Gold" hits the sound system, and as a soft whistle joins the percussion, Natalya walks through the entrance gate. First with her head low, she brings her chin up and stares straight into the ring, nodding to herself in reassurance before proceeding to walk down the entrance ramp.

Maggie: Introducing first... From Saint Petersburg, western Russia... "Nature’s Mistake"... NATALYA DEMIDOV!

Natalya nods softly to the audience and the reactions coming her way as she tracks down the way,  before she climbs into the ring by hopping onto the apron and passes over the top rope, entering the ring and waiting for the competition, without any kind of flair.

Zack: After the last match that Natalya and Isis had the ring has been reinforced for tonight’s meeting. Natalya lost out on the victory by just a fraction of a second, so she will be even more determined tonight to right that.

Mai: Doesn’t matter if it was a fraction of a second or ten minutes. She lost and she will again tonight. Isis is far superior to her.

The lights in the arena go out.

Just then as the intro to “Kong at the Gates” by The Misfits blares into the arena, generating a buzz from the crowd.

Maggie: Making her way to the ring…representing The Privileged Circle…Hailing from the City Of Angels, Los Angeles, California…standing at an impressive 6 foot 6 and weighing two hundred and thirty pounds. She is the “Titaness of Destruction”…


As the music begins, and the spotlight is beaming on the stage, Isis Morales comes out of the curtain. Isis makes their way down the aisle in a slow, intimidating pace, the spotlight following her on their way to the ring.

Once she climbs up to the apron of the ring, Isis faces the crowd and looks menacingly at them. She easily steps over the top rope to enter the ring with ease and then walks towards the center of the ring to stand there, soaking up the reaction from the crowd. Isis then stomps her foot down on the mat with force and, instantly, the four corners of the ring shoot out smoke, with a booming sound, mimicking an explosion. She lets out a primal roar and then goes over to a corner where she climbs up and poses, yelling back at the crowd at every chance. She then goes toward the opposite turnbuckle and does the same thing after climbing up. Then, as she comes down, Isis takes off her coat and gives it to the ring attendant. Isis then runs herself across the ropes once to loosen herself up before settling in the corner of the ring as they wait for the match to begin.

Zack: It was a countout victory for Isis in the last meeting she had with Natalya, no doubt she will be wanting to get a pinfall or submission victory over her tonight in this battle of the giants!

Mai: It doesn’t matter how she does it, as long as she does. Which c’mon, Isis outclasses Natalya on every level.

Both women glare at each other from opposite sides of the ring as Maggie makes a quick exit. Referee Melinda Davis gives a quick cursory check of them both and once happy calls for the bell to get the match started. Isis makes a beeline straight for Natalya, aiming a knee at her gut. Demidov has different ideas though and clocks Isis with a big boot that knocks her back a step. Isis barely looks bothered as continues to glare at Natalya and then charges at her, delivering a headbutt that staggers Natalya backwards a couple of steps. The blonde recovers quickly, but walks straight into a spinning back fist from Morales that stuns her. The redhead tosses Natalya into the corner and follows her with a shoulder thrust that visibly knocks the wind out of her.

Zack: Natalya is the only person in FFW that Isis has to actually look up to, but that isn’t stopping her from cutting her down to size.

Mai: Only literally. Isis is far superior to Natalya.

Before the Russian wrestler can move Isis delivers a chop to her chest that echoes throughout the arena. Another follows, and another, and another, all the way up to ten leaving a red mark across Natalya’s chest. Natalya doesn’t get much chance for respite before Isis begins to unload with clubbing forearms to the same spot as the chops. After delivering a dozen of those, she pulls Natalya out of the corner and using a release spinebuster sends her to the canvas. Natalya gets back to her feet holding her back a bit, and finds herself eating a forearm across the jaw from Morales. The Privileged Circle member charges Natalya and knocks her back into the ropes before pulling her out into a short-arm lariat. Demidov crashes to the canvas and Isis puts a boot on her chest for the cover.

Mai: Isis has made short work of the Russian weeping willow! This is great.


Natalya grabs hold of Isis’ ankle and shoves her backwards off the cover just after the one. The redhead stumbles but keeps her feet underneath her. 

Zack: I’ve never seen a cover like that be successful, and tonight is no different.

Demidov gets back to her feet rapidly and the two giants meet in the centre of ring. Circling around each other neither makes an immediate move. Finally Isis lunges forward directing a forearm short towards Natalya’s chest, but the Russian wrestler dodges out of the way and spins behind Isis. She grabs the slightly smaller woman by the back of the head and runs her face first into the corner. Isis puts out her foot at the last second to stop her face from hitting the top turnbuckle, but that doesn’t prevent the elbow shot that she takes into the centre of her back.

Zack: Isis almost got her face rearranged against the turnbuckle, if it hadn’t of been for her quick reflex with her foot.

Mai: That would have been an absolute travesty and a disservice to the world!

Grabbing hold of the top rope, Natalya starts to deliver a volley of kicks straight into Isis’ back. Davis admonishes the Russian wrestler, and tells her to break. As the referee reaches a count of four, Natalya steps back to stop the count. Before Isis can moves Demidov goes straight back in. She connects another five kicks before wrapping her arms around the redhead’s waist. The blonde lifts her up and over, dumping her head first on the canvas. Rolling through, Natalya pulls Isis up, only to do the same thing again. And again. And again. After dumping Isis on her head for the fifth time, Demidov throws her arm over for the cover as Davis slides into place.

Zack: Five German Suplexes in a row and Natalya is looking to end this right now!




Isis gets her shoulder up before the three and Natalya starts to fire right hands into the side of her head in quick succession, until Davis orders her to break. Natalya obeys and gets back to her feet before Davis even starts a count against her.

Mai: It’s gonna take more than that to keep Isis down!

Natalya drags Isis back to her feet and tosses her into the ropes. When she hits, Isis quickly grabs hold of the top rope with both hands to stop herself from rebounding off. This doesn’t deter Natalya and with the crowd supporting her, she takes off towards Isis at speed. As she reaches her target, Isis suddenly spins around and ducks down. Grabbing hold of Natalya around the calves, Isis stands up quickly and throws Natalya over behind her. The Russian wrestler hits the apron with force and then bounces straight off to the arena floor.

Mai: That’s it Isis! Get her counted out again. Deja Vu!

Zack: Another countout really isn’t going to solve anything between these two. Isis would be better to get her back into the ring.

Isis gives her head a shake, still feeling the effects of the multiple German Suplexes. After she has gotten herself together, she rolls out of the ring, just as ‘Nature’s Mistake’ is starting to get to her feet. Davis starts a count for both women as Isis charges and spears Natalya back first into the barricade, where she unloads with a vicious series of shots into the blonde’s head. Natalya covers up, but when that doesn’t stop Isis, she gives her a double palm shove with such force that she sends Isis staggering backwards. It doesn’t give her much respite as Isis comes straight back at pulls her away from the barricade to fire her into the ring apron. Natalya hits back first with a thud that shakes the ring.

Zack: If one or both of them don’t get back into the ring soon, we could be looking at a double countout!

Mai: Isis won’t let herself get counted out, she knows what she is doing!

As Davis reaches a count of six, Isis wraps her hand around Natalya’s throat. With a bit of effort and a lot of disdain from the crowd she lifts ‘Nature’s mistake’ off her feet and slams her down onto the ring steps. Natalya rolls off onto the floor clutching her back in pain, as Isis picks her up and rolls her under the bottom rope. She follows in herself, managing to get back inside the ropes just in the nick of time as Davis reaches a count of nine. Leaving Natalya on the canvas, Isis takes off towards the ropes. She bounces off them and comes back to the Russian at speed before leaving her feet to land a leg drop across Natalya’s chest. She floats over for the cover, hooking one of Natalya’s legs as she does.

Mai: Did you see that chokeslam on the steps?! That was a thing of beauty!




Natalya kicks out and shoves Isis off of her before Davis can complete the three.

Zack: You can see how frustrated Isis is. She really thought that was the three, but the referee is confirming that it was only a two.

Mai: That was a slow count, it should totally have been a three!

Isis gets back to her feet and goes toe to toe with the referee, telling her that she wasn’t counting properly and that should have been a three. Davis stands her ground, even though she has to look up to Isis, and tells the Privileged Circle member that it was only two. She looks like she is going to continue arguing, until a massive pop from the live crowd in the Wells Fargo Center causes her to turn around….straight into a running clothesline from Natalya that flips her over to land heavily on the canvas.

Mai: That almost took Isis’ head off her shoulders. She shouldn’t be allowed to do that! Natalya needs to learn her place is below her betters!

‘Nature’s Mistake’ pulls Isis back up to her feet and clocks her with an elbow to the side of her head, then spins her around. With the redhead facing away from her, Natalya hits her with another elbow shot to the side of the head, and then a second into her back to bend her forwards. She pulls the redhead’s arm between her legs and hooks the other arm to lift her up before delivering a pumphandle slam to plant Isis on the canvas. She delivers a pair of kicks into the side of Isis’ body, before leaving her feet to deliver an elbow drop into the centre of Isis’ chest. Straight away without wasting a minute, she throws her arm across the Privileged Circle member for the cover, prompting Davis to drop into position.

Zack: Pumphandle Slam, Natalya is going to right the countout victory Isis has over her from their last meeting!




Just before Davis can complete the three Isis gets her shoulder off the canvas. Natalya rolls back to her knees and looks to the referee for clarification. When she holds up two fingers, Natalya smacks the canvas in frustration then gets back to her feet.

Mai: Not so fast, Zack. Natalya doesn’t have the class to put someone like Isis away.

While Natalya is getting clarification Isis gets back to her feet with a growl. She grabs hold of Natalya and attempts to lift her up into a fireman’s carry position, but Natalya starts raining blows down into her head and shoulders until Isis abandons her attempt. Natalya drops down to her feet and aims a shot at the Privileged Circle member’s head. Isis ducks and wraps her arms around Natalya’s legs to send her crashing back to the canvas.

Zack: Isis didn’t get to do what she was looking for there, but the double leg takedown has proven to be effective.

Mai: That’s adaptability and quick thinking for you. Lesser beings can’t compare with the Privileged Circle, you know.

Isis stands straight back up. Natalya gets up herself a few seconds later, looking a little dazed from banging her head on the canvas. Morales quickly starts firing clubbing blows into the side of Natalya’s head, making the blonde sway to the side from the impact. Natalya raises her hands to protect her head and Isis switches to driving forearms across the back of the blonde’s neck and shoulders. As soon as ‘Nature’s mistake’ moves her hands to try and protect that area, Isis goes back to firing elbows into the side of her head. She attempts again to lift Natalya up in a fireman’s carry across her shoulders and this time she manages it. With Natalya in position, Isis complets her fireman’s carry facebuster and then goes straight for the cover.

Zack: VOYAGE TO ARMAGEDDON this is going to be all she wrote.




Natalya rolls her shoulder of the canvas just as Davis is about to complete the three. Isis storms to her feet and yanks Natalya back up with her.

Zack: Natalya somehow found it in her to break the cover, but Isis is not looking happy about it!

Mai: Why should she be happy about it? The referee has been slow counting her all night.

Zack: No she hasn’t.

With the crowd booing her and Natalya groggy, Isis growls and lifts her back up into position on her shoulders before planting her with a second of her fireman’s carry facebusters. The Privileged Circle member goes straight for the cover, hooking both of Natalya’s legs for good measure as she does.

Zack: Another VOYAGE TO ARMAGEDDON. Natalya isn’t going to get up this time.




Davis gets back to her feet and calls for the bell as Isis rolls off the cover and back up to her feet.

Maggie: Your winner……………..via pinfall………………...ISIS MORALES!

Mai: I knew she would do it! I never doubted not even for a second!

Zack: What do you want, a medal?

Mai: A drink will do.

The referee tries to raise Isis’ hand but ends up holding her around the elbow/forearm instead because of the size difference. Isis snatches her arm back with a disgusted look at the referee and then makes her way out of the ring. The camera shows her making her way back up the ramp before it cuts elsewhere.

The lights in the arena go off before a single purple spotlight hits the stage. As the opening bars of Wild Side by Cross My Heart Hope To Die starts to play Missy appears at the entrance way. Missy stands perfectly still, as her head stays bent, looking towards the ground and her manager Christian Kincaid walks out to stand behind her.

I've been on my best behavior
But I've heard that good girls finish last
And once you're gone they say no one can save you
But who knows if I go I may never want to ever come back
We've all fell victim to temptation
It seems that I'm the last one holding on
What's the use in fighting for my salvation
And why does it feel so damn right to want to be so wrong

At the side of Missy purple lights flash on and off, looking almost like fireworks, causing a wave of oohs and cheers to escape from the crowd. As the lights subside, Missy raises her arms up to the air and a single white spotlight accompanies the move.

I just wanna dance with the devil tonight
I wanna know what it feels like
I wanna close my eyes, put my hands in the sky
I wanna walk on the wild side

Maggie: The following is set for one fall, and the winner of this match earns an Evolution Championship shot! Introducing at this time…. Hailing from Leeds, England and weighing in at One hundred and twelve pounds… she is MIIIIISSSSSY!

Missy makes her way down the ramp to the ring keeping her eyes straight ahead, focussing on the ring, with Christian following a few steps behind. When she reaches the ring she slowly climbs the steel steps, building the crowd to fever pitch with anticipation, she climbs elegantly between the bottom and middle rope and climbs up onto the middle rope. She smirks before blowing a kiss out to the crowd as her theme music ends.

Zack: Big match for Missy right now, as the Mischief Maker is out to get a win over the Gatekeeper and earn herself an Evolution Championship shot!

Mai: Not so fast, Zacky, my dude. Valerie Lamb is the measuring stick of pro wrestling, and Missy... Well. Missy's been enjoying quite the skid in her career. So much for 9 wins in a row last year!

The lights in the arena dip, almost going out. Rather than going out entirely however, they are replaced by red, white and gold.

And who are you, the proud Lord said,
That I must bow so low?
Only a cat of a different coat,
That’s all the truth I know!
In a coat of gold, or a coat of red,
A lion still has claws.
And mine are long, and sharp my Lord,
As long as sharp as yours!

The metal version of one of the most famous songs from Game of Thrones thunders from the speakers, which brings a chorus of jeering from the crowd. From the back walks Valerie Lamb, which only heightens the jeering. A step behind her is Vincent Belmont. She stops just before the ramp, where she widens her stance and looks around her as Vincent joins her. Suddenly, she claps her hands above her head, which sends a stream of coloured pyro across the stage.

And so he spoke, and so he spoke,
That Lord of Castamere.
But now the rains weep o’er his home,
With no one left to hear.
Yes, now the rains weep o’er his home,
With not a soul to hear.

The redheaded wrestler undoes her longcoat, showing off the scarlet coloured ring gear she wears. A smirk on her face, she looks to her manager, they nod to each other and start off down the ramp. Despite the pace of the song, their walk is not slow, but certainly methodical.

Maggie: And her opponent, from Edinburgh, Scotland, weighing 150 pounds, this is VALERIE LAMB!

Maggie’s announcement comes as the pair are about halfway down the ramp. As a momentary solo is played, the pair reach the bottom of the ramp, where Vincent takes her coat from her and hands it to an attendant.

And who are you, the proud Lord said,
That I must bow so low?
Only a cat of a different coat,
That’s all the truth I know!
A coat of gold, or a coat of red,
A lion still has claws.
And mine are long and sharp, my Lord,
As long as sharp as yours!

Valerie enters the ring, and walks to the centre, where she stops dead for a moment, a solitary white spotlight shining on her. She spins in a circle, almost in a pirouette and as she comes full rotation, drops down to one knee and leaning forward to face the mat. A camera closes in on her face, where she looks into it and tells us that on their knees is where her opponents belong. Standing up, she walks to her corner, where Vincent awaits her. The pair speak between themselves as the music dies, and the lights return to normal.

Mai: Now, imagine that. Valerie wins this match right now. And then, Alysson Gardner becomes Evolution Champion. Yanno what happens? Wife versus wife for the belt. C'mon, Zack, you have to admit, that's hot.

Zack: As far as wife versus wife goes, uh... I don't know. But both Valerie and Alysson love the sport and they'd put an amazing show. But for that to happen, Valerie needs to get over Missy first. The Shades of the Sun do have a victory over the team of Missy and Scarlett Silver, but singles competition is a whole new ballgame.

The bells ring, and the two wrestlers immediately go for a lock up. They end up tangled and struggling for advantage, before Missy wrenches Val's arm and proceeds to whip her across the ring. Valerie plants her feet down and sends Missy running instead, towards the far corner. Missy hits the brakes before hitting the corner, as Lamb makes a beeline for her anyway. Bouncing on the bottom rope, Missy flies up and over Valerie, as the redhead reaches the corner and almost crashes into the turnbuckles. Landing safely behind Val, Paige waits for the Hall of Famer to turn around, and then delivers a low dropkick to her knees, forcing Valerie to crash face first to the mat. She powers up really fast though, while Missy rolls to the apron and hastily climbs up to the top rope. Val stands and turns just as Missy leaps from the corner, wrapping her legs around the redhead's neck and sending her flying across the ring with a hurricanrana... NOPE! Val plants her feet down and suddenly Missy is in a very bad position!

Zack: Uh-oh! Val's veteran wiles working right off the bat, and Missy is going nowhere with her fast paced offense for now!

Mai: Which goes to show how savvy Valerie is! She's everything a more experienced woman needs to be to achieve perfection! Quick wits! Fast on her feet! One hell of a MILF!

Sure enough, Val deadlifts Missy and then SLAMS her into the mat with a powerbomb! Missy arches her back in pain but quickly rolls over to get back up, as Val gives chase to her and positions herself behind the brunette. As Missy get up, Val hooks her arm and connects with a Russian legsweep, sending Missy right back down to the mat. Lamb stands up, watching as Missy rolls over to power back up to her feet again, and decides to "help" her by lifting Missy off the mat and then connecting with a fallback gutbuster. Missy gasps for air as she collapses, and Valerie quickly dives on top of her to make a quick cover.

ONE-- NO! Missy kicks out with authority!

Valerie gets up with a smirk as she watches Missy try to get up. The veteran has other plans though, as she delivers a powerful stomp to her stomach, making Missy roll across the mat in pain, clutching at her midsection. She eventually rolls over to the ropes to use them as leverage to get up, and as she does, she ends up leaning (read: trapping herself) on the corner. Val approaches Missy and then throws a series of elbows to her opponent's head, and Missy can hardly bring her defense up given how effective Val's close quarters melee technique is. And after that, Valerie grabs the second rope around Missy and starts delivering shoulder thrusts to her midsection. Missy complains but so does the ref, who walks up to the regal Scot and tells her to knock it off. By a count of 3, Valerie lets go of the ropes and grabs Missy by the waist, hoisting her on the corner...

Zack: Uh-oh, they're going to the top rope, and it's never a safe idea. They're not being paid by the hour, we may see something big here!

Lamb then starts climbing the ropes, leaning on Missy. When she eventually reaches the mid rope, Missy grabs the ginger by the head and defends herself at last, connecting with a headbutt. Val teeters, but doesn't let go of the ropes. Missy then takes the chance to start punching Val away from her, and only then does Valerie fall from the ropes, even if she's still on her feet. Missy now stands up on the second rope as she balances herself, shoving Val away and buying herself just enough space for her to bounce on the ropes, take a somersault and then strike Lamb with a full rotation leg lariat! She connects in full with Val's head and both women crash to the mat, before Missy gets up, still clutching her stomach, and dashes towards the far ropes, building up momentum and coming back in time to meet a standing Valerie. Lamb attacks first with a clothesline, but Missy bends and goes right past and under the redhead's arm, heading for the ropes across from where she came. Missy then jumps on the second rope and launches herself in the air, connecting with a springboard dropkick! Valerie collapses, and Missy scrambles to make the cover, hooking both of her legs as she does!

ONE-- NO! Valerie easily powers out!

Zack: both wrestlers are going for the quick covers to sap one another's energy. Smart strategy, but so far it's gone nowhere.

Mai: Maybe they just want to feel one another's warmth when they're prone on the ring, Zack, think about it. Totally something I'd do if I were in their place.

Missy stands, still feeling her stomach, as an amused Valerie begins to rise. The two wrestlers share some wordless communication as far as quick covers go, before Missy grabs her opponent by the arm and wrenches it. Valerie defends herself by throwing a quick flurry of punches to Missy's midsection, and the brunette's forced to drop her hooked arm as she clutches at her stomach again. Lamb then dashes towards Missy and raises her arms for a double ax handle, but Missy surprises Val by throwing herself to the mat and trapping her foot, sending Val through a drop toe hold. Val is knocked down face first, barely able to protect her face as she crashes. Missy then rolls her over and makes another quick cover.



THREE-- NO! Valerie kicks out! Not even a surprising late kick-out too, seeing as that's the game now.

Zack: Valerie is aware of the game now and will take all the time she can to preserve energy when she's covered. Missy may have to find a new strat.

Valerie quickly brings herself back to a sitting position, as Missy stands up and blasts toward the ropes. With the built up momentum, Missy returns and swings her leg to try and strike Val with a bicycle kick, but Valerie rolls out of the way, bringing herself to her knees, a position from which she jumps back to her feet and swings HER leg, connecting with a roundhouse kick to the back of Missy's skull! Missy collapses to her knees, and Valerie grabs her by the head, ready to pin her down with a DDT... NOPE! Missy acts quickly and leaps, putting her feet on Val's stomach and flicking her away with a monkey flip! Valerie falls seated across the ring, amused at Missy's spirit, as Paige sits up, still clutching at her stomach.

Zack: Beautiful monkey flip by Missy, saving herself in the nick of time!

Mai: She was about to get nailed to the mat like a stray skewer, and that wouldn't be pretty!

While Missy gets up slowly, Valerie kipups right back to her feet and makes a beeline to the English wrestler, and just as the brunette gets up, Lamb throws a big boot to her stomach again, and Missy coughs as she clutches even harder at her stomach now. Clutching Missy's arm, Valerie pulls her over her shoulders on a fireman's carry... But Missy quickly reacts with quick elbows to the skull, and Valerie eventually lets go as she's taken off balance. Missy safely slips to the mat, and Val shakes her head, turning to her back to see where the brunette is. The ginger then tries to catch her with a lariat, but Missy grabs her by the waist and falls backwards, connecting with an alley oop. Valerie crashes face first into the mat, and now it's the redhead who's having a hard time getting up. Trying to capitalize on that, Missy rolls to the apron, and climbs onto the top rope...

Zack: Missy's feeling it! We may see the end now! Here comes the LI'L MISS--

The crowd follows Missy's movements with a growing "ooooo~" chant, before she jumps from the top rope and into Valerie with her five-star frog splash... RIGHT ON VAL'S LIFTED KNEES!


Mai: And if Valerie had been targeting Missy's stomach before, now there's a target painted in fucking neon there!

Missy lets out a sharp gasp of distress before she rolls away from Val and squirms wildly on the mat in extreme pain! This gives Val more than enough time to get back up to her feet and build up speed, coming back for Missy and connecting with a goal kick to her chest. Missy collapses, still gasping for air, and Valerie shakes her head before she forces the brunette to stand up before trapping her on the corner. Cupping Missy's chin and lifting her head ever so softly, Val then throws a powerful, NASTY-sounding knife edge chop to her chest, and Missy coughs and gasps again. Val then grabs her wrist, pulling Missy out of the corner and whipping her across the ring. Missy ends up crashing into the opposite set of turnbuckles, and Val then dashes towards her, with her arm out for a forearm smash... but Missy walks out of the corner, and Valerie crashes horribly into the corner, staggering to her back as all the air in her lungs is knocked out of her. Missy then supports herself on the top rope and lifts her legs, capting Val's head and then hurling her away with a poisonrana! Valerie is sent rolling out of the ring as the crowd comes alive!

Zack: Poisonrana by Missy! Simply beautiful!

Mai: Who, Missy? Yes. The attack? Yes. The victim? Yes. Everything about this match is beautiful.

Outside the ring, Valerie can only bring herself to her knees, while Missy waits impatiently inside. Seeing as Valerie doesn't react, the referee starts to count the Hall of Famer out. At a count of 3, Missy has had enough with waiting, as she rolls to the ring apron. Missy then prepares to run, aiming for Val's head... And then dashes, trying to catch Val's skull with a goal kick-- NOPE! Val didges and sweeps Missy's base leg, and the brunette crashes back first on the ring apron, letting out a howl of pain as her skull meets the hardest part of the ring!

Still outside the ring, Val capitalizes on the apron working as a counter as she grabs Missy's head and starts delivering elbows to her head, just to daze her. The ref is at a count of 6 now, as Val rolls back into the ring, taking shelter in a corner. When Missy is finally up, Val dashes and jumps for Missy's head for a DDT... NOPE! Missy plants her feet and now Val is oh so awkwardly latched onto her! Missy does the obvious as she rushes back to the corner and squishes Val into the turnbuckles, forcing her to let go. Val lands on the mat, and Missy throws a kick to her shin, making Val yelp in pain as she nurses he leg. Opening a bit of distance, Missy proceeds to dash towards Valerie and connects with a stinger splash that sends Val staggering out of the corner. Missy quickly hops onto the second rope and leaps for Val's head, docking her knees behind the ginger's head and bringing her down with a double knee takedown. After that, Missy rolls Val over and covers!



NO! Valerie pushes Missy away!

Missy quickly stands up, growling as she measures the fallen Val up, connecting with an elbow drop across her chest. Val groans as she rolls towards the ropes, using them as leverage so to stand back up, with her back turned to Missy. The English beauty is having none of that as she drags Val to the center of the ring and puts her in her crippler crossface lock!

Zack: PAIGE RIPPER! Dead in the center of the ring, Valerie has nowhere to go! She only has her veteran experience to bail her out now!

Mai: Which is more than enough! Watch as she saves herself right now!

Valerie is well aware she's nowhere near the ropes to pull off a rope break, so she defends herself the only way she can: by throwing elbows to Missy's ribs. One, two, three, five, seven of them, until Missy finally lets go thanks to the pain administered to her rib cage. The English brunette rolls over in pain as the Scottish ginger rises with difficulty, proceeding to force Missy back up to her feet. Val then sends Missy running the ropes, and when she comes back, Val lifts her by the waist and sends her face first into the top turnbuckle with a snake eyes. Missy is sent sprung back first to the mat. After that, Val makes a cover!



THR-- NOOOOO!!! Missy powers out just in time!

Valerie groans loudly in frustration, getting up slowly while she stares at Missy's prone body, overtaken by rage. Missy eventually begins to rise, as Val towers over her and reminds the brunette who she's dealing with: a Hall of Famer, an FFW Champion, and the measuring stick of professional wrestling! After that, Val dashes to the ropes closest to her and leaps onto the second ropes, springing herself backwards and executing a beautiful moonsault, ready to connect with the Ragnarök double stomp... NOPE! Missy rolls around and Val finds nothing but mat! Lamb's knees scream in pain as the ginger is paralyzed in place, as Paige gets up in a three-point stance and tackles Val's LEGS, making the redhead crash face first! As she rolls over, Missy makes her way to the top rope as fast as she can, and this time she manages to leap and connect perfectly with her frog splash! She's sent flying away from Val still clutching her stomach, but eventually crawls over to the former champion and makes a cover!

Zack: LI'L MISS MISCHIEF! Now it connected perfectly, and it's all but academic!




Missy then rolls away from Valerie and clutches hardest at her stomach, but smiles as it's her music playing over the sound system.

Maggie: The winner of this match... MISSY!!!

Mai: Win with a capital W by Missy and-- wait. Oh no. Oh no! This means we don't get to see Valerie and Alysson Gardner going to war with one another!

Zack: If anything, this may only fuel the Outlaw further to dispose of the Evolution Champion with prejudice. And whoever walks out of the blood feud between Stephanie Stefano and Alysson Gardner... Faces Missy next!

Cementing A Legacy

Carson Black is shown pushing open the door into the locker room of the reigning Tornado Tag Champions since it was already open anyway. As soon as he steps inside, he gets Claire and Serafina’s attention with a knock on the door behind him.

Carson: Ladies, there’s big news to share! Could I have a moment of your time, please?

Serafina: Hi Carson, sure, please come on in and make yourself comfortable. Can I get you a drink or anything while you’re here?

Claire: Big news? Really big news I bet. You’ve found out who our next challengers are going to be for the Tornado Tag Titles?

Carson shook his head at Serafina’s request before he moved towards them.

Carson: After a few days of discussion with management, I have been able to put together the biggest match of your tag team career. There has been none bigger, and may never be.

Claire: The biggest match of our career? That’s got to be one huge match, cause we’ve been in a couple of big ones. You’re not just saying that right? The whole none bigger thing? It’s not you taking a leaf out of Barnum and Bailey and trying to really generate a whole lot of hype and hoopla?!?

Serafina: I’m sure if Carson says that it’s the biggest match of our career and possibly, probably the biggest ever, it’ll be exactly that. The sort of news you’ve got to sit down to hear.

Carson: I assure you I am not using hyperbole here. You two are going to have the opportunity to cement your legacy as one of the best teams in the history of FFW in one night...at Unstoppable 9….in a ladder match to unify the Tornado and Unity Tag Titles against the Scarborough Fair. Winner takes all.

This gets a pop from the live crowd.

Serafina: You’re right, that is huge. On FFW’s biggest stage, we’re going up against one of the most popular and decorated teams in FFW history. Definitely one of the best - if not the best to have ever competed - with both sets of tag team titles on the line in a Ladder match.

Claire still seemed to be digesting the news as she started talking.

Claire: Definitely going to go someway to improving our standing and could definitely cement our legacy. If we can go out there in front of 80,000 people and beat the Ladder Lolitas in their own favoured match type. It’d be more than huge, it’d be massive… it’d be enormous. I mean, Jesus, there’s not a lot of teams that can say they’ve beaten the Scar Fair in a ladder match.

She paused for a moment.

Claire: When we do it; when we claim both sets of titles… that’d be one Hell of a statement to make.

Serafina: And we’d certainly have made a major piece of history too...

Carson: The winner of this match would not only collect all four titles between their team, but they would also be the FIRST ever to do so. There’s not a lot of people who can say they were the first to do something, and this will certainly be the pinnacle of either your or their tag team careers. That’s something no one can ever take away.

Claire: Definitely be a story to tell future kids and grandkids. And being able to take that back to Dad too, going back to the Gym and telling him we’ve unified all the main roster titles - that it’s like a boxer winning the WBC, WBA, WBO and IBF titles. Herculean feat but he’d be so proud!

Serafina: It’s probably going to be the roughest, toughest match of our career against a team that we’ve never, ever faced before. But we’ll be ready. We’ll give Mickey and Raquel the fight of their lives, give them everything that we’ve got and then some. Then at the end of it all, we’ll shake their hands and everyone will know that the best team on the night manage to eke out the hardest fought victory of their careers.

Carson: Most likely, but there is no better place for it.

A graphic pops up showing us the historic unification match set for Unstoppable 9 before we head elsewhere.
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Maggie: The following match is scheduled for one fall to a finish and is for the FFW No Surrender Championship!!!

Zack: This is going to be a very tall order for O.E. Ayano, to say the least. She’s got a stiff challenge ahead of her against the “Emerald City Siren”. I’m joined by Christian Kincaid, one of the managers of Chaotic Temptation.

Christian: How’s it going, Zack: Mai asked me to fill in since she’s gonna be ringside for O.E.’s big match.

Zack: Thank goodness for small favors.

“Whoooa-whoa-whoa, yeah-yeah-yeah... (A disciple...)
Whoooa-whoa-whoa, yeah-yeah-yeah... (Shaolin here!)
People say, love is just a energy! (Don’t resist!)
Dealing with the claim baby! (Oh baby!)”

Maggie: Accompanied to the ring by Mai Hotaru.. From Kumamoto, Japan and representing Chaotic Temptation... “THE OROCHI” O.E. AYANO!!

Walking towards the ring from behind the curtain is the The Orochi, O.E. Ayano. Ayano is dressed in a sports jersey of a rival team to the current city the show is taking place, as well as a surgical mask. Mai Hotaru pops out of the curtain soon after and puts a hand on her client’s shoulder as “People Say” continues to play over the sound system. Together the two women walk down the ramp as the crowd boos O.E. the entire time. She stops short of the ring and pulls off her jersey and surgical mask, handing it to Mai. Now visible in her wrestling gear, she leaps onto the apron as her entrance theme continues. Ayano stands in her corner as the referee checks her, pulling a zip-tie or three from her boots and giving her a look as O.E. shrugs her shoulders, ready for the match.

Zack: One thing I’ve noticed is that many of OE’s allies don’t seem to have a lot of faith in her ability to succeed tonight.

Christian: I wouldn’t go that far, Zack. They just know how good Sophia is and what kind of a streak she’s been on, it’s not for lack of belief in OE though.

The arena goes dark for just a moment, the funky opening chords to Voodoo Johnson's "Dirty Angel" playing through the PA, before the white lights are replaced by swirling green replacements, bathing the arena in the favorite color of the Emerald City Siren. A few seconds pass though, before Sophia Pike actually makes her way out through the curtain, met--immediately--by a chorus of boos, which she largely brushes off with a flick of of either wrist. She pauses at the head of the ramp, hooking her thumbs under the strap of the No Surrender title belt, chewing a piece of gum fairly obviously, and shaking her head at the collective audience, for whatever reason.

Clearly in no particular hurry, judging by the utter lack of pace, Sophia makes her way down the ramp. About halfway to the ring, one fan is able to get past the practiced apathy of the Siren, and she actively gets in his face, shouting...something, that for the most part can't be heard over the music playing in the arena. Whatever the fan says back to her seems to amuse the self-proclaimed Queen of King County, who just smirks and waves him off, making the shorter trip down to the ring and climbing up onto the apron. She leans back against the ropes, grinning with a little more joy than one should probably get out of being almost unanimously booed. She unstraps the title from around her waist, raising it up with one arm, using the other to beckoning the crowd to get even louder--which they happily do. Sophia holds her pose, her title in the air, for a couple more seconds before climbing into the ring.

Maggie: And her opponent...from Seattle, Washington, weighing in at 137 lbs, she is the "Emerald City Siren," and the reigning, defending FFW No Surrender Champion...SOPHIA PIIIIIKE!

Sophia winks at Maggie and grins, climbing up onto the second turnbuckle and stretching both arms out, bending just a little bit at the waist and leaning herself forward. She shouts something at the sections of fans she can see, but again it's mostly unheard. Eventually, she hops off the turnbuckle and pulls her Queen of King County shirt off, tossing it out into the crowd. She scoops the title back up off the ground, draping it over her shoulder as she waits for the match to begin.

Zack: Sophia Pike has more than ample reason to be confident. She’s been a force to be reckoned with ever since she captured the No Surrender Championship back at the end of September at Sin & Sacrifice.

Christian: She really has. There’s not a lot of flaws in her game, and she’s turned challengers away left, right, and sideways.

Melinda Davis took the title from the defending champion, presenting it to OE Ayano and then to the crowd before handing it off to Maggie on the outside of the ring and called for the bell. As soon as it started to ring, Sophia Pike looked to get the upperhand straight out of the gate by charging towards OE attempting a running dropkick only for the challenger to side step out of the way of the move. Sophia immediately rose back to her feet as OE measured her up and backed her up into the corner with incredibly stiff machine gun chops to the Champion’s chest that caused bright red welts to appear - clearly visible to all when the referee forced Ayano to backup a step. Davis only got her to retreat a single step with her hands raised in the air before Ayano brought her boot up and drove it into Sophia’s gut, followed by three more kicks into her midriff that kept her in the corner before OE went straight back to lighting up her chest with those stiff machine gun chops.

Christian: I think those chops are like an Ayano family trait or something. I don’t know anyone who fires them off with the kind of snap they do.

Zack: Sophia’s chest is getting lit up like a Christmas tree, and O.E showing zero signs of slowing down at all.

Again Davis forced OE to step backwards but again only got the bare minimum of compliance from the Japanese wrestler before seeing her step forward once more towards the Champion. This time OE brought her opponent - who had her arms crossed over her chest in pain - away from the turnbuckle pads, leading towards the middle of the ring with a nose grab that she followed up by chopping downwards across the bridge of her nose. Pike immediately brought her hands to her nose and found herself jerked backwards, slammed to the mat thanks to Ayano using a double handful of hair to snap her backwards. Immediately the Chaotic Temptation member began to stomp away at the Queen of King County, using her boot to drive her back down to the canvas everytime she tried to sit up. Finally OE reeled away with a grin on her face as she circled around the rising Pike, moving behind the Champion as she got to her knees and bent down as she gave her a wedgie to try and pull her to her feet.

Zack: That’s one thing about O.E., isn’t it? She definitely employs some unique offense in the ring.

Christian: No lie. I guarantee you no one else has tried to use a wedgie on Sophia in a match before. Just waiting for the purple nurple to happen now.

Pike came quickly to her feet with a flash of anger on her face and immediately spun around, catching OE to the side of the jaw with a forearm smash. She followed it with a second and a third forearm that forced Ayano back into the ropes before Sophia grabbed hold of her right wrist and jerked her forward into a short arm clothesline. Pike kept hold of her foe’s wrist as OE hit the canvas and immediately turned towards her, dropping down to a knee as she drove the point of her elbow into the challengers shoulder. Five more elbows were driven downwards into the joint before she pulled Ayano upright and into an arm wringer that she combined with further five elbow strikes - this time targeting her opponent’s arm. After the fifth blow landed, Pike shifted her position and brought her knee upwards into OE’s midriff, keeping the arm wringer locked in as her opponent doubled over, using the hold to jerk her around and send her shoulder and arm first through the ropes and into the steel ring post.

Christian: It never fails in a Sophia match, she starts trying to take an arm back to the locker room with her. I’m sure Mai prepared O.E. for this strategy.

Zack: Have you met Mai? The only thing she’d prepare O.E. for is alcoholism.

Ayano stepped backwards, clutching her arm which allowed the Emerald City Siren to wrap her arms around her waist and hurl her backwards through the air with a German suplex. OE rolled onto her front as she hit the canvas and quickly pushed up to her feet only to turn straight into an armdrag, the No Surrender Champion transitioning the move straight into an armbar, quickly trying to put as much pressure as possible on the arm. The Japanese wrestler grabbed hold of her shoulder as she grimaced in pain but refused to quit as she kicked her feet against the mat in frustration before she began to fight her way upwards. Pike kept the armbar locked in tight as Ayano got back to a vertical base and reached across to rake her fingers down Pike’s face, getting the release from the armbar.

Christian: That’s a good way to break a hold. You can hang and bang in the gym all day, but you can’t train your eyes and face.

Zack: O.E. did what she had to do to break that armbar, and it’s hard to fault her for it.

Sophia tried to clear her vision as she stepped away from her opponent only for Ayano to go after her and deliver a low blow to the No Surrender Champion that the Japanese superstar followed up with a single knee facebreaker that sent Pike sprawling backwards onto the canvas. The Queen of King County immediately rolled and tried to push up to her feet, only getting to one knee before OE bounced off the ropes to catch her firmly in the temple with a knee trembler that again saw the defending Champion collapse to the canvas. Pike took a couple of moments on the canvas before she started to push up to her knees as Ayano took the opportunity to shake out the right arm that Pike had been targeting. OE allowed her opponent to get almost all the way up to her feet before she wrapped her arm around Pike’s head and took two steps forward to drill her face first into the canvas with a bulldog. Immediately Ayano attempted to transition the move into an armtrap crossface; Pike fought to stop the submission from getting locked in, only causing OE to grin as she took a moment to suck on her finger before giving up on the submission and giving her foe a wet willie instead, followed up instantly by a side headlock that saw her grind Sophia’s face against the canvas.

Zack: This will give O.E. a chance to regroup, and plot her next few moves. Plus it’s bound to irritate Sophia in the process.

Christian: Also a good way to end up with cauliflower ears in the long run too.

Pike pushed up to her feet and immediately back to fire elbows backwards into her opponent’s gut, forcing her to loosen the hold and allowing Sophia to lift her up off her feet and drop her to the canvas with a back suplex. The two wrestlers began to push up to their feet only for Pike to strike first, catching OE with a European uppercut, followed by a second and then a third before she grabbed hold of Ayano’s right arm and jerked it downwards into a double knee armbreaker. Ayano clutched her arm against her body as she rolled around on the mat only for Sophia to pull her to her knees, twisting her right arm up behind her back in a hammerlock before scooping the Japanese wrestler off her feet and into a modified backbreaker - dropping the hammerlocked arm across her knee.

Christian: That right there will do some serious damage to those tendons in your arm. That’s the thing with Sophia. She’s predictable with what she does, but only because it works so well for her.

Ayano rolled away from her opponent again, holding her arm against her body yet once more found herself yanked back up to her feet with a handful of hair. Again she was lifted off her feet by the defending No Surrender Champion who delivered a shoulder breaker to the challengers right shoulder, once more dropping her to the mat. Pike straightened up as Ayano clutched her shoulder and began to stomp away at the joint, showing a laser like focus upon her arm before she once more pulled her up to her knees only to deliver a low angle DDT. As soon as they landed on the canvas, Sophia transitioned through the move and applied a lebell lock to the Japanese wrestler, pulling back on her head as she told her to quit, to save herself a lot of pain and keep her arm attached and submit.

Zack: After all the doubters she’s had, I’m not sure O.E. is going to quit under her own power. I think she’s trying to prove this to herself as much as her naysayers.

Christian: No one in Chaotic Temptation thinks she can’t win, so if you’re going to push that narrative, you should name whoever it is you think is doubting her.

Davis slid into position and asked the question of Ayano, getting a pained ‘No’ from her as Sophia continued to tell her to quit, pulling back further on her head, putting more pressure on her neck and spine. Davis once more asked OE if she wanted to give in while Pike demanded that she say ‘yes’ but once more the Japanese wrestler gasped out a refusal as she used her free hand to try and separate Sophia’s interlocked fingers, but only managed to push them upwards, over her mouth...that allowed her to bite down on them hard. Pike yelped in pain and released the hold, choking her fingers as she rolled away and came to her feet. There was another scowl of anger on her face as she got back to her feet and began to stomp away at OE’s back and head, forcing her to roll towards the middle of the ring.

Zack: You can tell by Sophia’s face that she’s getting aggravated by the fact this match isn’t over yet. That may be her biggest weakness, her temper.

Christian: Maybe. I don’t know if I’d call it a weakness. If anything, I think it brings out more of her killer instinct.

Finally Sophia seemed to calm down ever so slightly - or at least enough to allow Ayano to push up onto all fours. But only so that she could reach down, grab hold of her right wrist and flip the challenger over into an attempted cross armbar. OE fought against the hold, locking her fingers to prevent Pike from fully extending her arm that only caused the Washingtonian to bring her leg down repeatedly across the face of the member of Chaotic Temptation as she continued to jerk on the arm. Finally she managed to fully lock out Ayano’s arm causing OE to let out a yelp of pain. Davis got into position as Sophia arched her back slightly, pulling back even further on the arm as she told Ayano to quit and save herself from a broken limb. OE refused to quit, even as she cried out in pain and reached for her shoulder. Pike once more jerked on the arm, applying more pressure, causing another cry from Ayano who still refused to quit.

Zack: You can hear the anguished sounds of the #1 contender to the No Surrender Champion, but she refuses to quit.

Christian: That’s because she knows chances like this don’t grow on trees, Zack.

Slowly OE began to roll into the hold with a look of pained determination on her face as she still refused to quit and pushed upwards onto her knees and then onto her feet; her arm still tightly caught in Pike’s clutches as the Seattle native continued to tell her to quit. Ayano still refused as she reached down to her foes chest with her free hand and used a vicious titty twister on the No Surrender Champion to finally secure her release. Ayano dropped to her knees, holding her right arm against her body while Sophia rolled away, rubbing her chest before she came to her knees with a look of anger upon her face. Immediately she looked to go back on the attack as the pair came back to their feet, Pike zeroing in on the arm once more as she attempted to go for a Kimura only for OE to grab hold of Pike by the back of her top and quickly run backwards, driving the Seattle native face first into the top turnbuckle before she stepped forward and repeated the move a second time, then a third. As Pike released her hold on OE, the Japanese wrestler stepped away from the turnbuckle pads as she grabbed Pike by the back of her head and the Chaotic Temptation member proceeded to introduce her to top turnbuckle ten more times in quick succession.

Christian: Now that’s how you break a hold! You pound their head into the closest thing you can find. In this case, the turnbuckle will do nicely.

Zack: And more importantly, it got her free of the hold. I’m just not sure how much usage O.E. has in that arm right now.

Sophia stumbled out of the corner, only making it two steps before OE shoved her backwards against the pads once more only for the Japanese superstar to step up onto the middle rope and crash her boot into the side of Pike’s skull. Sophia staggered forward a couple of steps before she flopped forward face first into the canvas. Ayano reached for the ropes, pulling herself up to her feet before she leaned against the turnbuckles, as she tried to massage some life back into her right arm that was hanging limply at her side. She watched her opponent and as Sophia pushed up to one knee, Ayano pushed herself upwards, climbing the inside of the turnbuckles to the middle rope. She waited, waving the Washingtonian to turn around and when she did, OE dove towards her, hooking her head with her left arm and planted her into the mat with a tornado DDT.

Zack: O.E.’s starting to turn the tide here, and introduced the champion head first into the mat right there.

Ayano immediately floated over to Pike’s feet and hooked her legs underneath her armpits in a reverse Boston Crab only to then lean forward and wrap her hands underneath Sophia’s chin before she started to pull back, locking in a leg trap camel clutch. Davis dropped down in front of Pike, asking the woman if she wanted to quit getting a ‘No’ from the champion as she wiggled and squirmed to try and break the hold. Ayano grimaced as she kept the hold locked in, pulling back further on her foe’s head. Davis asked once more, getting another ‘No’ before OE’s grip gave way and she dropped Pike face first to the canvas. The Japanese wrestler took a moment to hold her right arm before she dropped down on top of Sophia and applied a side headlock before sliding her finger into her mouth to pull on her lips to turn it into the Kiss the Ring.

Christian: I’ve never used that move, nor do I remember it being used on me. But I can certainly say it doesn’t look enjoyable at all.

Zack: You’re not kidding! Ayano is giving Sophia all she wants right now.

Sophia shook her head to try to dislodge the finger from her mouth as she started to force her way back to her knees with a look of anger on her face. Slowly she continued to rise, getting her feet underneath her and she walked her foe back into the ropes to fire her out of the headlock and across the ring. Ayano hit the far side ropes and came back towards Sophia, ducking underneath her arm and came back once more to surprise the Washingtonian with a sling blade. Pike rolled to the side and started to come to her feet once more only for Ayano to lock in a sleeper on the No Surrender Champion. Immediately Pike reached for the ropes, finding them out of reach and started to throw elbows backwards towards OE’s body that only caused the Japanese wrestler to send the Seattle native flying with a sleeper suplex. Ayano grabbed hold of her right shoulder as she rolled over onto her front and pushed up to her feet, and immediately headed towards Pike  sending her face first into the mat with a mushroom stomp to her shoulders. OE quickly stepped back onto her foes spine and stooped down to grab hold of her arms by the wrist, pulling upwards as she leaned back to lock in a standing surfboard submission.

Christian: Now that’s something Mai would have suggested there, Zack. I think you underestimate her value as a manager.

Zack: That’s funny, I think you overestimate it personally. But to each their own.

Davis slid into position and asked Pike if she wanted to quit, getting a definite ‘No’ from the defending Champion. Ayano pulled back further on her arms, trying to increase the pain, causing Sophia to grimace and grit her teeth but once more managed to gasp out a ‘No’ when Davis asked her if she wanted to quit and began trying to wriggle from side to side and jerk her arms free of her foe’s grip. OE shook her head as she held on for all she was worth before finally released the hold with a head stomp to the Washingtonian. Pike slumped to the mat for a couple of moments before she tried to push upwards once more only getting as far as all fours before Ayano wrapped her arms around her midsection, deadlifting her upwards to her feet as she spun around, pulled her backwards and then hurled her overhead with a release German suplex that crashed the back of her head against the middle turnbuckle.

Zack: A devastating German suplex from the Orochi there, but it’s not doing her arm any favors right now.

Christian: Nope, but she has to fight through it. She can ice it down later, she’s got a title on the line right now though.

Ayano grasped her right arm and shoulder once more as she slowly pushed up to her feet, backing away a couple of steps as she waited and watched as Pike reached up for the top rope and began to pull herself to her feet. No sooner did she get there and OE sprinted towards her, catching her square in her chest with a running dropkick. Ayano rolled quickly back to her feet and fired off another couple of stiff machine gun like chops to the chest with her left hand, that saw a thin line of blood appear on Pike’s chest. Ayano let out a roar to the crowd as she delivered her final chop and this time jerked Sophia away from the corner by the wrist. As she yanked her forward, Ayano spun around her foe, tying her up in a cobra clutch that the Japanese wrestler held for a couple of moments before she swept out the Seattle woman’s legs out from under her into the Black Mamba cobra clutch face buster. Ayano immediately transitioned this into the Snake Pond anaconda vise - cobra clutch combination.

Christian: Anaconda vice, Zack. That’s a perfect hold for OE, because you don’t have to tap for it to work. It’ll put you out if she can keep it locked.

Zack: I’m not sure she’ll be able to, if you look at her expression. But only time will tell at this point.

OE grimaced as she kept the hold locked in, obviously favouring her right arm as she tried to tighten up the hold as much as she possibly could even as Pike used her free hand to pull at the arm pressing against her throat. The Chaotic Temptation member let out a cry of pain and determination as she looked to tighten the hold even further and force the submission victory. The No Surrender Champion though refused to quit, continuing to tug at the arm, testing out OE’s arm at every opportunity she had, wiggling as she did so and stretching out behind her with her leg as she still refused to submit. Still Ayano did all she could to keep the hold locked in and got rewarded as her opponent’s movements started to slow as she faded. Davis checked on Sophia, getting only the briefest of responses before Pike wiggled a little more, throwing her outstretched leg backwards and managed to hook her foot over the bottom rope.

Zack: Expert ring awareness on display right there from the No Surrender Champion. She knew exactly where she was.

Christian: I’d call that more observational skills, otherwise she would have gotten there quickly rather than suffer in the hold.

Davis saw the foot and called for the break, giving Ayano the five count. The Japanese wrestler looked at the referee in disbelief, releasing at four and looking back at the foot on the ropes with a shake of her head. OE stared at the foot for a couple of moments before Mai got her attention, telling her not to let up and Ayano nodded as she pushed up to one knee only to lunge forward and drive Pike face first back into the canvas with a double axe handle blow to the back of her head. She followed it up by delivering three quick forearm smashes with her left arm to the back of the Queen of King County’s head. Sophia tried to cover up and protect the back of her head which only caused OE to grab hold of her wrist, pull her hand away from her head and told the crowd to shush as she picked the index and middle finger, bending them away from each other until there was a snapping sound. Pike rolled away in agony, clutching her hand to her chest as Ayano sat on the mat laughing maniacally.

Zack: Look at her hand, that’s….that’s hard to watch!


Christian: Hard to watch? Imagine how it is to feel. It’s actually kinda brilliant if you think about it.

The Japanese wrestler came to her feet and gave the crowd a bow with a theatrical flourish before she turned her attention back to the No Surrender Champion. Ayano looked at her for a moment as Pike began to push upwards to her knees; OE moved towards her and stomped down on the opponent's hand that had recently fallen victim to Pointin Fingers. She followed it up with an elbow drop to Pike’s spine forcing her back to the canvas before. OE rolled over, bringing her face close to Sophia’s as she told her that she was going to tap and the title was coming to Chaotic Temptation. After delivering her message, OE floated over and grabbed Pike’s hand by the hand, grabbing hold of her middle and ring fingers for another Pointin’ Fingers to the same hand while simultaneously attempting to lock in the champion’s very own Space Needle.

Christian: O.E.’s going for Sophia’s favorite move….I’m not sure this is a good idea. Any good submission wrestler knows how to get out of their own move above all else.

The Emerald City Siren though recognised her own move immediately, jerking her arm free desperately as she pushed upwards and sent OE sprawling forward to the canvas. OE rolled and pushed up to her feet, spinning to find the Queen of King County on one knee, a look of thunder on her face as she launched herself at the challenger and took her down to the canvas with a spear. Immediately Sophia floated over into the mount position and began to rain vicious elbow strikes down upon OE’s face. As soon as the Japanese wrestler began to cover up, Pike dragged her up to her feet with a handful of hair and delivered a vicious knee lift into her gut, following it with a second and a third that doubled her over and allowed Sophia to send the Chaotic Temptation member through the air and into the canvas with a butterfly suplex.

Zack: Sophia finally created some offense there, and it looks like she’s switching into second gear now. I’m still trying to get that image of her fingers out of my head.

Christian: She’s trying to get the pain out of her body, so I’d say she’s worse off than you.

Pike seemed to have found a second wind as she rose quickly to her feet once more, measuring Ayano up as she pushed up to her knees before she darted forward and drove a running big boot straight into her face. Ayano collapsed backwards to the canvas and Sophia quickly stepped between her legs, bending down to grab her around the thighs before she fell backwards into a catapult that saw OE strike the ring post head first. Ayano landed on her feet, glassy eyed and stumbled around in a circle, straight back into Sophia’s clutches as the Seattle native lifted her upwards and drove her down into the mat with a spinning spinebuster. OE’s body convulsed on impact - almost sitting straight up only to fall back down to the canvas once more, before she rolled to the side, blood beginning to appear where her head had struck the ring post.

Christian: That’s never a good sign, Zack. When you start bleeding, bad things tend to get worse.

Sophia didn’t appear to be in any mood to wait for her opponent to start to rise as she bent down over her and pulled her upwards with a handful of hair to her knees. Ayano rocked backwards slightly as the No Surrender Champion released her hold and backed up, only to skip forwards and deliver a superkick to her kneeling opponent’s jaw. The blow caused Ayano to collapse backwards to the mat and roll onto her front, Pike looked down at her right arm for a moment before she shook her head and instead headed towards the nearest corner where she went to work on the top turnbuckle pad, loosening the knot that held it in place until she could pull it away. She tossed the pad to the outside before she turned back to OE, finding the Chaotic Temptation member back on her knees with the aid of the ring ropes.

Zack: Sophia’s got bad bad intentions in mind for O.E. now. She’s managed to get that turnbuckle pad off.

Christian: If she had it in her, I’d suggest getting out of the ring and trying to keep away from her for a few seconds.

Sophia charged towards her and delivered a soccer kick that would’ve got her into the Sounders team no questions asked straight into her foe’s midsection before she pulled her upwards and pressed her forehead against the top rope, grinding the skin against the cable as she walked her towards the exposed turnbuckle bolt. Melinda Davis tried to get in her way to stop her but the No Surrender Champion shoved the referee to the side and immediately drove Ayano’s forehead into the metal, repeating the action five times until OE’s legs gave way underneath her, causing her to fall to her knees. Pike shook her head as she lifted her opponent back up to a vertical base and off her feet, dropping her forehead first into the metal in the corner once more. Ayano collapsed straight backwards, the cut on her forehead having gotten a lot wider with more blood flowing.

Zack: That gash has only gotten worse, and O.E. Ayano has turned into a bloody mess here tonight in Philadelphia.

Christian: I hate to say it, but Mai might want to consider stopping this match.

The crowd booed Sophia loudly, not that she was paying them any attention because Ayano appeared to be acting purely on instinct as she rolled to the side and began to pull herself very slowly upwards with the aid of the ropes. Pike let her get to her knees before she swooped down upon her, trapping her right arm and putting an immense amount of pressure on her shoulder as she caught her in a crossface chickenwing, hissing in her ear telling her to tap about but before OE could even realise what was happening to her, Pike and jerked upwards and spun her away from the ropes towards the middle of the ring. She was still hissing at her to tap out even while Ayano barely seemed to know where she was, using her free hand to paw and pull at Sophia in an effort to find an escape. Her movements quickly started to slow to the point where she looked to be almost non-responsive to the referee’s questioning. Davis raised OE’s arm and watched as it fell limply to her her side. She raised it again and for a second time it dropped. She raised it a third time…

Zack: All it takes is one more drop, and Sophia’s got another title defense in the books!

And before she could release Ayano’s wrist, Pike jerked her opponent away from the referee and let go of OE who stumbled forward and fell with her arms over the top rope. They were the only things keeping the Japanese wrestler upright as Pike advanced quickly towards her, before the referee could get involved, the Washingtonian pulling the challenger away from the ropes by the nape of her neck and the waistband of her wrestling attire. Sophia built up a head of steam as she dragged her opponent across the ring and launched her shoulder first through the turnbuckle pads and into the steel ring post once more - this time with such velocity that Ayano bounced off the post and fell through the ropes, hitting her head on the ring apron as she tumbled down to the floor.

Christian: I’m serious here. Mai really needs to think about stopping this match. I know she wants to manage the champion, but….

Zack: What makes you think she’d bother doing that? Sophia is outright dissecting O.E. here, and it doesn’t look to be changing anytime soon.

Davis quickly slid out after the Japanese wrestler and started to check on her only for Pike to pull the referee away from her foe as she once more bent down and pulled Ayano upwards. As the Queen of King County managed to get the deadweight of OE back to her feet, she applied a hammerlock that she used to drive not once, not twice, but three times into the ring post before she released her. Ayano slumped against the metal, Pike moving around to face her and one more she grabbed hold of her opponent’s right forearm and used it to smack her arm against the ring post three more times causing OE to howl in pain before she automatically tried to get away. Sophia stopped her in her tracks, pulling her around the corner and Irish whipped her down the side of the ring; the girl dropping to her knees as she crashed right arm first into the ring steps. The Seattle native followed in behind her, once more taking her by the right arm and extended it out across the top step, pinning it there as she walked up the steps and jumped into the air, coming down with a double foot stomp to the limb.

Zack: This is getting harder and harder to watch, and Sophia’s enjoying herself at this point. O.E. has really seemed to gotten under her skin.

Christian: Mai….MAI! I don’t think she can hear me, but….

Ayano jerked her arm away as she fell to the side, clutching her arm against her body. Sophia shook her head and pulled OE upwards, lifting her up onto her shoulder before she slammed her into the top of the steel steps with the Emerald City Flowsion. Pike still wasn’t done though as she pulled OE off the steps, ignoring the referee’s pleas and delivered a second Emerald City Flowsion, driving OE’s body into the steel once more. Again Pike dragged her opponent away from the steel and rolled her into the ring. OE Ayano was unmoving as Sophia followed her into the ring and immediately dropped down and locked in the Space Needle. Davis immediately called for the bell and signalled to the back for assistance. As Pike heard it sound though, she only seemed to pull back more on OE’s arm. Davis ordered her to release it, but Pike kept it locked in as the referee once more ordered her to let go. Finally Pike did so, rising to her feet and got her arm raised.

Zack: Sophia’s won the match, but she wanted to make a bigger statement by trying to cripple O.E. Ayano here!

Christian: She made it.

Maggie: Here is your winner and STILL FFW No Surrender Champion… “THE EMERALD CITY SIREN” SOPHIA PIKE!!!

Melinda Davis went to retrieve the title belt only for Pike to immediately drop back down onto OE’s body and apply the Space Needle once more, picking up where she left off as she pulled back as far as possible on her foe’s arm. Davis returned with the title, dropping it to the canvas as she tried to pull Sophia away from the downed Ayano, only getting her wish when the Emerald City Siren heard a small pop from her foe’s shoulder. Finally Pike came back up to her feet, dropping OE’s arm limply and lifelessly to the mat as she did so. The No Surrender Champion scooped up her title and holding it high in the air, standing over OE getting roundly booed by the crowd. Slowly the Japanese wrestler started to push upwards but as she did so, Pike dropped back to the ropes, bounced off them and delivered a huge curb stomp to the back of her head. Pike moved to the corner, climbing to the middle turnbuckle and held the title aloft while EMT’s checked on OE. The show cut away to a ‘Do Not Try This At Home’ message.

Zack: Sophia Pike used O.E. Ayano to send a very direct message to anyone who dares come after her title!

Christian: I think she did. I’m gonna go check on O.E., and leave you to it, Zack.

As the show returned to the ring, the boos from the crowd were deafening as Pike dropped down to the canvas and left the ring, holding the title on her shoulder, looking satisfied with her nights work. As they found the Japanese star unresponsive they worked carefully to roll her over to her back onto a board, fastening a neck brace into position before easing her out onto a stretcher. As they began to push OE on the gurney up the ramp, the show cut to a commercial for Future Shock in Glasgow.

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Maggie: The following match is scheduled for one fall to a finish. It is a Thunderdome match…

Zack: For only the third time in FFW history, we are about to see a Thunderdome match! I’ll tell you what, there’s no way I’d step inside this thing.

Mai: You have to have a few screws loose just to compete in this division, Zack. But for what it’s worth, I’m with you there.

There was a slight shudder from the ring announcer before she continued, the camera focusing upon the cell that surrounded the cage with Malcolm Parks also looking slightly nervous in the middle of the ring.



The sound of a car horn resounding through the arena echoes as a fairly sized custom truck begins to roll in next to the entrance ramp. The hood of the truck has a business name and phone number of a local garage and custom shop painted on for all to see. Driving the vehicle is none other than Mallory Bennett with a grin on her face. She puts the truck in park and shuts it off before stepping out to the cheers of the crowd. Mike O’Phee continues to rip through the sound system as Mallory bangs her head to the beat.


Maggie: Making her way to the ring from Tampa Bay, Florida... Weighing in tonight at 140 pounds... This is “MALICIOUS” MALLORY BENNETT!

Zack: It’s do or die time for Mallory! This is her last chance as long as Emma Mac is the Ultraviolence Champion!

Mai: She’s held it forever, and --OOH, Emma doesn’t need your entrances!

As Mallory headed down the rest of the entrance ramp towards the ring, Emma MacNamara sprinted from out of the back; Mallory turned in the nick of time, raising her hands up in front of her face as Emma drove the title into her face. Bennett fell backwards to the floor and the Scottish wrestler fell on top of her and began to throw fists into her face only for the Tampa native to cover up. Immediately the champion began to bounce the back of her opponent’s head off the steel ramp as she told her there was no way that she was going to beat her.

Mai: You know when Emma says there’s no way she is going to lose, I’m inclined to believe her, Zack. How long has it been since she captured the Ultraviolence Championship again?

Zack: It was September 27, 2016 at Sin & Sacrifice when the record-breaking reign of Emma MacNamara began! And she’s been nigh unstoppable ever since that point!

Quickly Emma popped up to her feet and began to drive her boot into Mal’s stomach, managing to land three shots before Bennett rolled away from her. Quickly Emma pulled the Floridian back to her feet, delivering a facebreaker knee smash. The Malicious one staggered backwards and got a boot to the gut from the Scot who proceeded to grab her challenger by the hair, dragging her down the entrance ramp, building up a head of steam as she threw her into the cage. There was a rattle of steel as Mal hit the cage wall face first, landing on her feet and staggered backwards a step only for Emma to grab her by the hair, jerking her backwards head first to the floor. MacNamara stepped around Mal and stooped down, grabbing hold of her around the legs and dropped backwards firing her into the cage wall once again with a catapult.

Mai: It’s reasons like this that Emma has been the champion as long as she has. There is nothing she won’t do to win a match, Zack.

Zack: That’s the hallmark of the Ultraviolence division. You have to go even further to be able to win this title, much less against a woman like Emma Mac.

Bennett dropped onto her knees against the cage wall after she hit the steel, Emma staring a hole through the back of her head before she stepped forward and left her feet to catch her in the side of the head with a shining wizard. Bennett fell to the side, catching herself on her hands and began to crawl along the cage wall towards the door. As soon as she reached it, Emma wrenched the door out of Kevin Fisk’s hands and slammed it against the side of Mal’s head. It bounced back and Emma tried to slam it close again, but again caught the side of her opponent’s head. With a shake of her head, Emma pulled her opponent up to her feet and drove her face first into solid metal door frame, sending the Floridian staggering into the cage. Emma followed her, taking hold of her head and sliding her underneath the bottom rope into the ring and followed in behind her. Malcolm Parks called for the bell to start the match as Kevin Fisk closed and locked the door and there was the faint hum of a generator, electricity starting to flow through the steel structure, Fisk proving it by using a rubber gloved hand to hold a ball of steel wool against the cage wall, seeing it burst into flame.

Mai: Can….can you hear that, Zack? That’s electricity, ladies and gentlemen! That cage is crackling with electricity!

Zack: There’s not enough money to get me in that cage, and that sound will haunt me for days. Someone’s going to feel that through their body tonight!

Inside the ring, Mal rolled and started to rise to her feet only for Emma to charge towards her, catching her with a running big boot to the face. Mal staggered backwards into the ropes, Emma grabbed hold of her wrist, sending her foe across the ring, catching her on the return with a spinebuster. As she drove her down into the canvas, Emma floated over and made the cover.



Zack: First near fall there for the champion, and I certainly hope this match stays in the center of the ring.

Bennett kicked out on the two count and rolled away, trying to get back to her feet only for Emma to hit the ropes behind her and come back towards her to plant her face first into the canvas with a bulldog as Mal got her feet underneath her. Rolling over, the Glaswegian locked the challenger into a front facelock and began to manhandle her up to her feet only to deliver a snap suplex. Again the Ultraviolence Champion rolled over and rose to her feet, jerking Mallory up to her feet with her and began to drive raised knees into her chest and face before she scooped up her off her feet and dropped her over the top rope with a stun gun. Bennett landed on her feet and took three off balance steps backwards only for Emma to hook her head from behind and drop her to the canvas with a reverse DDT. Quickly the Glaswegian floated over and went for another pinfall.




Mai: Emma isn’t big on electricity at all, this may have been the one match type that actually phased her a little.

Zack: No question. We all saw her reaction when she found out that this is what the COO had in mind for this defense.

Mallory kicked out a moment later and Emma didn’t even bother looking at the referee as she pushed into a mount position and began to drive forearms into the skunk haired mechanics face. Once more the Floridian covered up, trying to protect her face only for Emma to pull her arms away with one hand and started to scrub the point of her elbow across Mal’s eyes before she drove her elbow down into her forehead. MacNamara pushed up to her feet circled around her opponent, waving her upwards, letting Bennett get to her knees before she came forward and again drove the point of her elbow into her forehead trying to bust her open. Mallory swayed backwards, sitting on her heels and got another elbow to the forehead before Emma looked across at the cell and with a nod of her head, she pulled Bennett up to her feet and rushed her towards the ropes, building up momentum as she threw her towards the metal walls...only for Mallory to hook the middle rope with her arm, landing awkwardly on the apron. Emma looked down at her foe with a scowl before she set off across the ring, bouncing off the ring ropes and came back into a baseball slide that sent Mallory off the apron to the floor.

Mai: Emma’s hellbent on sending Mallory into that cage, isn’t she? She wants to see Mallory fry here in Philadelphia.

Zack: The biggest threat in this match isn’t the women in it, it’s that damn cage! That buzzing you hear at home? That’s hundreds of volts of electricity coursing through it, fans!

The Chaotic Temptation member followed the Malicious one to the outside and pulled her up to her feet with a handful of hair that she used to spin her around and tried to introduce her face first into the cell. Bennett though brought her foot up and braced herself against the steel, her rubber soled boot proving to be non-conductive and allowed her the chance to fire an elbow backwards into Emma’s stomach. A second elbow followed that got MacNamara to release her grip on Bennett who quickly grabbed hold of the Champions head and dropped to the floor with a sit out jawbreaker. The Pretty Lil Psycho fell backwards against the ring rope, holding her jaw as Mallory rolled over and drove her shoulder into Emma’s midsection slamming her back into the edge of the ring apron. She did it again and again and again before straightening up once more and took the opportunity to hurl Emma face first into the cell wall. There was a bzzztt!! Of electricity as it momentarily flowed through Emma’s flesh; the woman immediately reeling away.

Zack: That was sickening! Just sickening! Emma was being electrified, and there’s no way to protect yourself from that, folks!

Mai: That sounded...horrible. I’d be okay if we didn’t book anymore of these going forward.

As she turned around Mallory tagged her with a stiff jab that was merely the first shot of what turned out to be a rapid fire combination of punches delivered by the mechanic to her foes face and body. Bennett finished it off with an absolutely vicious European uppercut that caused Emma to stumble backwards into the cell wall once more. For half a second MacNamara’s body tensed up as her skin touched the electrified steel before she stepped forward once more and straight into Mallory’s grip. The skunk haired girl wrapped her arms around the Scotswomans waist, spun around and hurled her with a release belly to belly suplex that sent the Ultraviolence Champion flying into the steel ring steps. The Tampa Bay born grappler held her head for a couple of moments, trying to clear the cobwebs before she dropped down into a three point stance as Emma picked herself up, holding her back only for the mechanic to dart forward as soon as the Ultraviolence Champion was on her feet and caught her with a clothesline that flipped her inside out as it knocked her to the floor, Emma landing on her front.

Zack: Some hard impact on the floor ringside, and there’s that cage just waiting for someone to suffer it’s wrath!

Mai: The cage doesn’t care which one of them hits it, only the fans do. It’s an equal opportunity electrocutioner.

MacNamara held her back as she lay on the floor, but only for a couple of moments before she began to push up onto all fours. Bennett pulled her the rest of the way up and rolled her back into the ring before she walked up the ring steps and climbed to the top turnbuckle, measuring Emma as she got her feet underneath her and then jumped off to bring a double axe handle blow crashing into the top of her skull. The Chaotic Temptation member fell to her knees and her opponent quickly circled around to face her and caught her with a right cross and then a left cross to the jaw that saw the tough Scotswoman rock backwards but stay on one knee. Quickly the Mechanic hooked her head and pulled the girl upwards, lifting her off her feet as she used the top rope for a slingshot into a falcon arrow, slamming her back first into the canvas and immediately made the cover, hooking both legs as she did so.



Zack: Textbook falcon’s arrow from the #1 contender to the title, but not enough to keep the champion down, unsurprisingly.

Emma kicked out on the two and a half count causing Mal to pull her upwards into a military press that she used to drop her to the canvas. Once more MacNamara landed and tried to instantly push up to her feet only for for Mallory to once more hook her head - this time in a side headlock - and took off, delivering a bulldog into the corner turnbuckle to the Scot. Emma staggered backwards, holding the top of her head only for the challenger to line her up and charge forward, catching her on the side of the jaw with a superman punch that dropped her to the canvas. As soon as the Ultraviolence Champion hit the mat, Mallory headed towards the corner, climbed up to the middle rope and came off with a diving leg drop that caught her foe square across the throat. Immediately Bennett made the cover, hooking Emma’s leg.

Mai: That’ll crush your throat right there! Just stay away from the cage, girls!




Zack: Still not enough! Emma is possibly the toughest woman I’ve ever seen in this kind of environment!

Emma kicked out of the pinfall and rolled over onto her front as Mal looked at the referee’s fingers held in the air and nodded her head as she rolled out of the ring, underneath the bottom rope and to the floor where she started to root around under the ring apron. A few moments later the Malicious wrestler pulled out a kendo stick and rose to her feet, there was a slight look of disappointment on her face, followed by a near imperceptible shrug as she slid back into the ring with the weapon in tow. She twirled it in her hand as she got to her feet and advanced on MacNamara as the Scottish woman pushed up to her knees before she swung the Kendo stick straight across her back and shoulders. The Chaotic Temptation member let out a short cry of pain and Bennett swung the stick again and again and again. Over and over and over, the Mechanic slammed the weapon against her foe’s back and chest.

Zack: Listen to those snaps of that kendo stick on another human being’s body! It’s sending chills through me each time!

Mai: Hey, I’d take the kendo stick shots before that damn cage.

Despite the blows Emma continued to rise to her feet only to drop back down to her knees thanks to a vicious kendo stick shot delivered to the top of her skull. Bennett dropped the stick to the side as she quickly moved around behind the Chaotic Temptation member, wrapping her arms around her waist and jerked her upwards into a German suplex that sent Emma into the corner turnbuckles. A look of agony shot across the Scotswoman’s face as she hit the thin pads and dropped down to a sitting position in the corner.

Mai: The only way to hang with Emma is take yourself down to her level of violence, and amazingly….I think Mallory’s doing it!

Mallory was immediately back to her feet and showed no mercy as she started to drive her boots into Emma’s stomach as she sat in the corner as she begun “These boots were made for stomping”. Her foot was moving in rapid fire fashion as she mudhole stomped her opponent’s stomach and then backed up along the ropes to the adjacent corner before she charged in and caught the Pretty Lil Psycho with a running facewash big boot. Quickly Bennett pulled Emma away from the ropes by her foot before she stepped onto her stomach as she stepped over her, grabbed hold of the top rope and sprung off the middle one to come down across MacNamara’s body with a splash. Quickly she hooked hold of her leg for the cover.




Zack: Another near fall for Mallory, but Emma just keeps on coming back. She’s the most resilient woman in FFW, as far as I’m concerned.

Mai: Mutually agreed. There’s no one who can take what Emma can seemingly.

Emma kicked out and immediately rolled towards the ropes, grabbing hold of the bottom rope and pulling herself underneath it and half way out of the ring as the challenger had the two count showed to her by the referee. There was no argument from the American as she went to drag the Ultraviolence Champion away from the ropes once more...only Emma appeared to be holding onto something underneath the ring for dear life. Mallory tried yet again to jerk her back into the ring, but was still unable to move MacNamara. The Tampa Bay native began to stomp away at the Ultraviolence Champions back and tried again to no avail. With a shake of her head the skunk haired wrestler turned her attention back to the kendo stick picking it up and giving it another twirl before she returned to Emma and swung the weapon into her back another three times. She kept hold of the wooden sword in one hand as she grabbed her foes ankle in the other, attempting to jerk her back into the ring and this time she managed to get some traction.

Zack: Those kendo stick shots from Mallory are absolutely lethal! Emma’s not gonna be walking normally for a while!

Mai: Walking? She’s not going to be standing up straight for a while, and she just got married recently too!

As she pulled Emma backwards into the ring the blue haired wrestler rolled to her side and as a long stream of fire exploded from her body into Mallory’s face. Bennett reeled away, cupping her hands to her face as the cameras caught Emma dropping a can of hairspray and a lighter back into what appeared to be Scarlett’s make up bag. With a grin on her face, the blue haired wrestler reached her hand into the make up bag once more and this time came out with a length of chain that she wrapped around her fist as she came to her feet. She approached the temporarily blinded Mechanic, pulling her hands away from her face and clocked with a stiff chain wrapped fist to the jaw. The challenger hit the mat, rolled to the side and started back to her feet, getting to her feet only to catch another vicious chain wrapped fist to the jaw knocking her straight back down to the canvas. Once more the skunk haired wrestler came back to her feet and the moment she did she was popped in the jaw with that loaded fist.

Mai: This chained fist is starting to remind me of Missy. I guess we know where Emma got the idea.

Zack: There’s plenty of good dentists here in Philadelphia, and I’m positive Mallory will be visiting at least one of them.

Again Bennett tried to rise only for Emma to begin to stomp away at her head and body, holding her own back as she did so. Each boot drove Mallory back to the canvas, laying her out flat, her boots started to be delivered faster as she moved and started to stomp away at Mallory’s head as the crowd booed her loudly. She sneered at the sold out crowd, looked down at Bennett and then delivered a fist drop straight into the center of her forehead, slamming the chain into her skull and busting her open. As soon as Emma saw the first traces of blood appear on her opponent’s forehead she didn’t waste any time at all in going after it, cradling the back of her head in one hand while driving her chain wrapped fist into the cut with the other. She rained down the blows, opening the cut up more and more at glared at Malcolm Parks as he begged her to let up, delivering one more stiff shot to Mallory before she half granted the official wish and grated the chain against her skull instead.

Zack: There’s nothing pretty about this match, and it seems to get more and more violent. And that’s hard to believe, considering the environment.

Mai: I already told you. To beat Emma, you have to go to a dark place in your own mind! And Mallory’s done that, not to mention paying for it too.

Finally Emma came up to her feet and raised her hands in the air, getting loud boos from the crowd, while Mallory rolled onto her front, holding her head with both hands. As the Floridian began to push upwards, the camera saw her face was quickly turning red with blood; the white streak in her hair turning pink. The Pretty Lil Psycho began to unwrap the chain from around her fist only to wrap it around Mallory’s throat from behind as the mechanic made it back to her knees. The Scot looped the chain around her neck, choking her foe out as she pulled back on both ends of the chain yanking her opponent up to her feet. As Mallory returned to a vertical base, Emma rushed her forwards and threw up over the top rope to the outside, keeping a tight grip on the chain while Mallory’s feet dangled in midair as she found herself getting hung by the Chaotic Temptation member.

Mai: She’s hanging Mallory! Literally hanging her with that chain around her neck! Who needs the cage?!

Zack: This is absolutely brutal! I’m not sure the Ultraviolence Championship is worth all this. It’s not worth taking months off your career!

Parks pleaded with the Scottish wrestler to let go as Bennett gasped for breath and tried to pull the chain from around her throat only for the Scottish woman to look focused upon the task in hand. A grimace began to form on her feature as she continued to pull backwards, suspending Mallory in mid air while the Tampa Bay native kicked and squirmed, starting to get desperate. Finally Mallory got herself a release as Emma let out a cry and dropped the chains as she fell to a knee holding her back in pain. On the outside Mallory landed on her knees and slumped forward, pulling the chain away from her neck as she gasped in huge lungfuls of air. Emma shook her head and crawled forward, slithering underneath the bottom rope to the side and immediately took off into a mushroom stomp that saw her drive both of her feet into the mechanics shoulders driving her face first into the thin matting surrounding the ring.

Mai: Now they are both on the outside again, and once more way too close to that damn cage!

Zack: I hope they get it back in the ring soon, nothing but horrific pain is waiting for them outside near this still buzzing cage.

Emma took a moment to lean against the ring apron, arching backwards as though trying to stretch out her back a little bit. After taking a moment, the Pretty Lil Psycho pulled her opponent upwards, scooping her up of her feet and a sneer engraved upon her features, held Mallory in her arms and charged towards the cell wall, driving her opponents back into the steel structure and held her there, pressing both her opponent and her own arm against the electrified structure. Mallory’s body shook and spasmed as the electricity coursed through it, quickly creating a burning smell. After what was probably less than thirty seconds but seemed like a whole lot longer, Emma pulled Mallory away from the steel, turned to the side and sent her flying into the perpendicular cell wall with a fallaway slam. Bennett struck it and immediately rolled onto her front, the camera getting sight of the bright red burn marks that were already forming on her back from the cell wall.

Zack: JESUS! Look at those burns already starting on Mallory’s body! The electricity seared her own flesh, and the scary part is...Emma likes it!

Mai: I’m starting to agree with you, Zack. I’m not sure the championship is worth all this, any championship!

Emma grinned at her handiwork as she moved to gather up her discarded chain, doubling it up in her hands and whipped it down across Mallory’s back three times in quick succession before she pulled Bennett upwards with a handful of hair and rolled her into the ring underneath the bottom rope. Emma followed in behind Mallory and made the cover, hooking the leg as she did so.




Zack: A near fall for the champion! If falls counted outside the ring, I think Emma might have already retained her title. But Mallory got a second’s reprieve.

Mallory’s shoulder popped up at the very last moment and rolled onto her front her face showing that she was in absolute agony underneath the blood. Emma glared daggers at the official as he told her that it was only a two count and the shoulder came up in time. MacNamara shook her head at him before she headed towards the corner, climbing to the top rope and perched there, watching as Mallory very, very slowly began to get her feet underneath her. Emma waved the mechanic upright, grinning as she stood on the top rope, diving off as the Floridian turned to face and spiked her head into the canvas with the Playing With Scissors headscissors DDT. Emma held her back for a couple of moments, wincing in pain as she landed before she started to move towards Mallory and made the cover once more.

Mai: PLAYING WITH SCISSORS! Emma’s reign rolls on!!




Zack: No….no, it doesn’t! I don’t know how, but it doesn’t yet!

Before Malcolm Parks could make the three count, Mallory’s body spasmed and brought her shoulder up from the canvas. Emma gave the referee a death glare as he told her it was just a two count, the Scottish woman asking him for the three count only to shake her head as the official remained firm in his original decision. Mallory was writhing in pain on the canvas, holding her back as Emma argued with the referee before she pulled Bennett upwards and straight into an impaler DDT. As Bennett lay flat face down on the canvas, Emma kicked her in the side, forcing her to roll to her back. The Mechanic immediately arched her back upwards away from the canvas as MacNamara headed towards the corner once more, climbing to the top rope where she set up for the Fall From Grace reverse high angle senton bomb.


...And landed back first across the Challengers knees.

Mai: Forget walking or standing up straight, Emma’s gonna have to be in a damn wheelchair when this match is over!

Emma started to spasm like a fish out of water as she landed on the mat. Mallory rolled away, slowly making it to the ropes where she started to pull herself upwards, getting to her feet at the same time as Emma and Mallory forced herself to dart forward and catch the Scotswoman before she could turn around with a jumping reverse bulldog. Bennett let out a loud yelp as she landed on her back and immediately rolled to the side, finding the ropes and pulling herself up once more as the Ultraviolence Champion also began to rise. Barely wasting a second, Mallory nodded to herself and darted forward catching Emma with a cactus clothesline that sent them both over the top rope to the outside, their boots hitting the cell wall on the way down.

Mai: And we’re back on the outside again. We’ve seen fire and weapons in Ultraviolence matches, but electricity….that’s on a whole other level!

Quickly Mallory forced herself to get back to one knee, using the ring apron for support before she flicked it up and a large smile crossed her lips as she pulled out another kendo stick...except this one had a cloth wrapped around the top three quarters of it. The Malicious One used the weapon to push herself up to her feet and then held it out towards the cell, pressing the cloth against the electrified steel. After a couple of moments the cloth burst into flame.

Zack: That’s how much power is coursing through every inch of this damn cage! Look at that!

There were no theatrical twirls this time as Mallory advanced on the rising Champion and brought the flaming kendo stick down upon her shoulders, then her head and then jabbed the end of the flaming blade into her midsection, driving it in and holding it there for a couple of seconds, causing Emma to cry out. Mallory jerked the Kendo stick away from MacNamara who fell forward onto all fours, cradling her gut with her arms and  Bennett showed no mercy or remorse as she wailed away wildly on Emma’s back with the burning blade, giving every shot everything she had and never seeming to land on the exact same spot twice. She only stopped when the quickly burning flammable cover had been consumed - though even then she took a moment to examine the slightly charred Kendo stick. Then brought it down over the back of Emma’s head as the Ultraviolence Champion finally dared to look up; Mallory snapping the damaged Kendo stick in two as she did so.

Zack: Right across the head! Right across Emma’s head! Neither one of these women will ever be the same after this!

Mai: This is definitely going to put a damper on Emma’s honeymoon.

Mallory tossed away the remnants of the weapon as Emma had some managed to stay on all fours despite the repeated shots to her spine. Mallory grabbed hold of her slightly singed blue hair and jerked her forward, putting her head between her legs before she flipped her up onto her shoulders into a powerbomb position. She held the pretty lil psycho on her shoulders for a moment before she slammed her backfirst into the walls of the cell, holding her there for a second before she used it as a kinda slighshot and completed the Merry Malady slingshot powerbomb by driving Emma into the top of the ring steps, dropping to her knees as she did so.


Mai: How is anyone getting up from this? They are both...either superhuman or crazy as hell, Zack.

The Floridian took a moment before she pushed up to her feet and reached for Emma’s hair once more, pulling her off the ringsteps and rolled her underneath the bottom rope into the ring. Bennett followed her in once more, pulling Emma up from the canvas and into position for another powerbomb, driving her downwards into the ring mat in front of the corner. Mallory stumbled back into the corner, holding her back as she took a moment, Emma’s back arching off the mat in agony before she collapsed back down to the canvas. Mallory made her hand into the shape of a gun, pointing it at her opponent and flicked the trigger twice before she forced herself quickly to the top rope and dove off into a Frog Splash pump into a double knee drop - the Muy Mal - that caught Emma perfectly. Mallory slumped over MacNamara’s body and reached to hook the leg as Malcolm Parks slid into position to make the count.





Mai: …………..She did it. I don’t…..Mallory has defeated Emma!!

Parks called for the bell as Mallory rolled away from Emma onto her back only to instantly sit up and grab hold the rope in agony as there was a large burn mark on her flesh.

Maggie: Here is your winner... and NEW FFW ULTRAVIOLENCE CHAMPION!!! “MALICIOUS” MALLORY BENNETT!!!!!!!!

Zack: She doesn’t look like a winner, but Mallory Bennett has ended the historic reign of Emma MacNamara! Nearly two years with the title, and Tampa’s favorite mechanic has done what seemed like the impossible.

Mai: Good for her...let’s get these two to the hospital sooner than later. You feel like more of a winner when your body doesn’t feel like it’s falling apart.

EMTs were already on their way down to the ring as the hum of the generator fell silent, Park retrieving the title from Kevin Fisk on the outside of the cell. Parks rolled back into the ring and helped Mallory back to her feet, presenting her with the title as he held her hand aloft. She grimaced slightly before it turned into a smile as she held the title aloft to the cheering crowd. As a couple of the EMTs tried to offer Bennett help, she pushed them away, gingerly placing the belt on her shoulder as she headed towards the turnbuckles and began to celebrate her win before the show cut elsewhere.

A Gift for Scarlett

A quick recap shows us the closing moments after the Fast Track Championship match earlier in the night before we find the champion and her manager in the Chaotic Temptation locker room with reporter Kendra Barton.

Kendra: I’m here in the locker room for Chaotic Temptation, which has been a pretty mixed bag for the group tonight as a whole. But one member who has emerged with her title intact is Scarlett Silver, still the reigning Fast Track Champion. Congratulations on your first successful defense, Miss Silver.

Scarlett: My first successful defense in this run. If it hadn’t of been for that little blip, this would have been my fourth and I would be cashing it in. But, oh well. Only three more to go now, which will go exactly as tonight did.

Christian: I think it’s important to mention for all the naysayers that Scarlett here won on her own merit tonight. She didn’t do anything other than outperform her opponent, and proved why no one who wants to chase this title should overlook her or think it’s going to be an easy night at the office. And that’s why…

Christian attaches the first of the four pieces to the front of the title to signify her first defense is complete.

Christian: One down, three to go!

Scarlett: Nobody should have been overlooking me anyway. The fact that I have captured this title twice now and had three successful defenses across the two runs, should have spoken for themselves. You know, I actually don’t mind when people underestimate me. It makes their facial expressions even funnier when I show them how it’s really done.

Scarlett gives a smirk to Christian.

Scarlett: But just to shut everybody up, I didn’t even touch up my makeup in this match. I hope you’re all grateful!

Kendra: At the end of the match, we all found out who the second call up from Future Shock is. And it seems that “Killer B” Bianca Reed has already set her sights on that title. Your thoughts on her arrival during your victory celebration?

Scarlett: They’re really scraping the bottom of the cockroach barrel aren’t they? And her showing up during my celebration was just plain rude. She can set her sights on my title all she wants, but it doesn’t mean she is ever going to get any closer than that.

Christian was about to add something when he heard a knock at the door. He headed to answer it, only to find nobody was there. But when he glanced down to the floor, he found a jar with a lid over it. Both he, Scarlett, and Kendra looked down to see it was at least a dozen cockroaches crawling all over each other. Kendra looked back to the champion.

Kendra: I believe those could be in your future, Miss Silver.

Scarlett: Ewww. Dirty, disgusting things. They come anywhere near me and there’s gonna be hell to pay.

The camera zoomed in on the cockroaches as they crawled all over one another and towards the lid to try to get out. On that, we head back to ringside.

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Maggie: The following match is scheduled for one fall to a finish and is for the FFW Evolution Championship!!!

Zack: There’s not a title match on the card with more animosity and bad blood between the two women involved than this one right here.

Mai: Well Steph causes that in people, you see. Alysson did nothing to deserve Steph’s ire, and she should be the next Evolution Champion.

The mad guitar of Trivium’s “To The Rats” assaults the PA, as glitched images of the open roads are shown in the big screen. When the drums kick in, a single volley of red fireworks shoot up from the stage, and the sound of a roaring engine can be heard as well. On her motorcycle, Alysson shows atop the entrance ramp wearing a full biker gear, holding her crowbar on one hand, forcing the engine so to make a loud roar noise, as if it could drown out the crowd’s boos. After that, she jumps off the bike and removes her helmet with her free hand, looking over the crowd and shaking her head, and smashing the crowbar into the ground a couple of times before opening her arms wide and letting out a loud war cry.

Maggie: Introducing first, from the Open Road... "The Outlaw" -- ALYSSON GARDNER!

After that, the Big Red walks down to the ring, removing her biker jacket and leaving it in the way along with her crowbar, before she rolls into the ring under the top rope. She then kipups back to her feet and starts showing off for the crowd, climbing the nearest turnbuckle, throwing more cross-arm horns and smirking at the booing crowd. Alysson then jumps down and takes shelter on her corner, eyeing her opposition directly in the eyes.

Zack: These two have met before for this championship at Unstoppable some time back, but the roles have certainly changed since then.

Mai: Yeah, the fans got stupid and started getting behind Shamu here. And they also got a bug up their ass for reasons I’ll never get and started not liking this delicate flower in the ring.

“God money I'll do anything for you. God money just tell me what you want me to.
God money nail me up against the wall. God money don't want everything he wants it all.
No you can't take it! No you can't take it! No you can't take that away from me!
No you can't take it! No you can't take it! No you can't take that away from ME..!”

The strange wails of “Head Like A Hole” begin to sing out as fog begins to envelope the top of the ramp and a green spotlight begins to try and cut through the haze of the fog. The hands of the many fans begin to reach through the fog, giving the image similarity to the souls of the damned reaching up through the abyss. Suddenly two figures begin to emerge through the thick green smog and make their way down to the ramp. The Witch of Wall Street is reading a newspaper as she walks to the ring, joined by Christian Kincaid. Around her waist is her title belt secured snuggly.


Maggie: Accompanied to the ring by Christian Kincaid...  From Berkeley, California and weighing in tonight at 170 pounds... She is THE WITCH OF WALL STREET AND YOUR FFW EVOLUTION CHAMPION... THIS IS *THE* STEPH STEFANO!

Steph rolls her newspaper up and talks with Christian a few moments. After nodding she rolls into the ring, and runs to the nearest turnbuckle, one foot on the top and the other on the second. Look out to the cheering crowd among green spotlights she removes her title from her waist and raises it to the cheering crowd before hopping down as the lights return to normal.

Zack: Steph already knocked off Alysson’s wife when she came calling for the Evolution Championship. Now she has to deal with the far more violent half of that union.

Mai: What’s your problem with Alysson? She’s done nothing to you. Steph has had this coming for ages, and now karma’s coming to collect.

Stefano’s eyes didn’t leave the Outlaw as she handed the belt off to Robert Valero. The official showed the title to Alysson then held it aloft for the crowd to see before he handed it off to the ringside attendant and called for the bell which was like a starter’s pistol to the Champion who charged across the ring and delivered a running forearm to the jaw. A second followed it, then a third, a fourth and a fifth driving Gardner back against the turnbuckles with a grin forming on the red haired wrestlers face. As Steph looked to tag her once more, the Outlaw raised her arm to block the shot and returned fire with a headbutt that caused the Californian wrestler to take a step backwards.

Mai: I never cared much for headbutts in my wrestling days. I never wanted my face to be that close to people I found unattractive.

Zack: Thank you for that insight. Let’s focus on the two women in the ring looking to leave with the Evolution Championship, shall we?

It was all the opening Gardner needed to grab hold of Steph with both hands around the back of her neck and spun her around forcing her back into the corner where she delivered five forearm shots of her own to Stefano’s jaw in rapid fire fashion. Immediately, Alysson followed the forearm shots with four quickly raised knees into her midsection before she followed the referee’s instruction and jerked Stefano out of the corner and to the canvas with an armdrag that she transitioned straight into an arm wrench as she quickly came to her feet. Steph tried to follow her up to a vertical base only for Gardner to unleash a series of side kicks into her midsection. As the Evolution Champion got to her feet, Alysson grabbed hold of her head looking for a snap DDT only to get shoved away.

Zack: Steph still has too much wherewithal this early in the match, and it’s clear Alysson still has a lot more work to do.

Mai: That’s only because it’s hard to hold onto a head the size of Jabba the Hutt. Poor Alysson’s arms are only so long Zack.

As Gardner refound her balance, Stefano straightened up and launched herself at the Outlaw with a Thesz Press, landing on top of her and immediately began to hammer away at Alysson with right and left hands, driving her fists into her forehead as she looked to bust her open. Valero ordered Steph to let her opponent up from the mat and got his wish granted as Stefano grabbed hold of Gardner’s hair and as she rose, she jerked her up to her feet and delivered a front kick to her middle as Valero reprimanded the Evolution Champion for the hair pull, only for the Berkeley native to spin the Outlaw around by the hair and into a biel that sent her across the ring. The Berkeley native immediately followed her opponent, measuring her up as she got to her feet and caught her with a vicious throat chop.

Zack: That’ll take whatever wind you have in your body out in a hurry, and you can bet Steph enjoyed doing it after all that’s gone on too.

Mai: The last thing I want to think about tonight is what Steph Stefano enjoys or doesn’t, if you don’t mind.

Gardner choked and gasped for breath as she stepped backwards, handing coming up to her throat only for Stefano to grab hold of her hand and sent her in for the ride. As Alysson returned, Steph caught her and spiked her back first into the canvas with a huge spinebuster, dropping to her knees as she delivered the move. Steph immediately pushed straight back up to her feet as her foe rolled to her front and started to push upwards. Gardner was only allowed to get to all fours before the Witch of Wall Street left her feet and delivered a double foot stomp to Gardner’s spine. The hardcore wrestler crashed to the mat, her face looking pained - even with a smile on her face as she began to push straight back up to her feet. Stefano helped her opponent to her feet only to wrap a hand around her throat and attempted to lift her upwards as though going for the Witchmade...only for Alysson to block the attempt as she caught the Evolution Champion with two elbows to the side of her head.

Mai: Look how well Alysson knows Steph’s tendencies! Just a shame those elbows didn’t bust anything open on that Hutt-sized head.

Gardner once more looked to gasp for breath as she was released, Stefano quickly recovering and as she did so delivered a front kick to the Outlaw. As the challenger bent over, Steph grabbed hold of her head and jerked her downwards into a facebreaker knee smash. Gardner reeled backwards from the blow and pretty much immediately the Wicked Witch wrapped a hand around her throat, hooked her into the air and drive her down into the mat with a lifting side slam - the Witchmade. Stefano dropped to her knees after Alysson landed and the Evolution Champion made the cover, hooking the leg as she did so.




Zack: She got all of it that time, WITCHMADE! But Alysson is far from ready to call it a night with the stakes as high as they are.

A moment before Valero could finish the count Gardner’s shoulder came up from the mat to break up the pinfall and Stefano shook her head at the official as he showed her the two count. Steph looked down at her opponent as she rolled to her front and was already starting to push upwards once again, getting to her knees as the Witch of Wall Street bounced off the ring ropes behind her and delivered a running knee to her spine. She followed it up with a second knee to the spine as Gardner continued to rise, pushing up to one knee where Stefano hooked her head from behind, locking in an inverted headlock that she used to yank her backwards into a backbreaker. The defending Champion pulled the challenger back upright only to grab hold of her wrestling tights, lift her up off her feet and send her back down across her knee with another backbreaker.

Mai: Can’t she do anything else besides backbreakers? I mean really?!

Zack: Steph’s doing what Steph does best, and she knows a thousand ways to execute those backbreakers. And I’m sure we are going to see a lot more of them before she’s done.

Again the Queen of the Backbreaker pulled Alysson back up to her feet, spinning her around as she released her from the inverted headlock and tagged her underneath the jaw with a European uppercut. Gardner staggered backwards only for her wrist to get caught again and she was once more sent barrelling into the corner by the Evolution Champion. The woman billed as from the open road hit the corner pads hard and stumbled forward only for Stefano to charge in and leave her feet to drive a shotgun dropkick into her chest that sent her falling back into the corner. Steph came quickly back up to her feet and as she did so, she immediately drove her shoulder into Alysson’s midriff. Three more followed that as each drive brought Gardner up off her feet with each blow before she backed off at the referee’s instruction.

Zack: Look at the impact from those shoulder thrusts! Gardner was getting lifted off the mat by the Evolution Champion.

Mai: She’s probably wearing steel shoulder pads or something. I don’t think that’s normal.

The Outlaw leaned forward and Stefano hooked her head as she pulled her out of the corner and set off across the ring, looking to deliver a bulldog into the opposite corner turnbuckle. As they neared the opposite corner, Gardner put on the brakes and shoved Stefano off of her, sending her chest first into the corner instead. The Evolution Champion staggered backwards and as she did so, Alysson bell clapped her, slamming her arms against her foe’s ears before she lifted her off her feet and dropped her on the back of her head and shoulders with a side suplex.

Mai: Now you’re seeing Alysson regain control here, Zack. Isn’t it a lovely thing!? Boxing Steph’s ears though….there’s gotta be something between them for that to work.

Alysson sat up and reached forward, using the ropes to pull herself back to her feet as Stefano rose to hers and Gardner fired off a mule kick into her middle, following it up with a second before she spun around and took her down to the canvas with a discus clothesline. Stefano was quick to push up to her feet once more as Gardner held her back for a moment with a small smile upon her face as cut off Steph when she got to one knee, grabbing hold of her head and jerked her forward into a facebreaker knee smash. Stephanie reeled away, facing the crowd as she staggered into the corner only for the hardcore wrestler to grab hold of her head and began to slam Stefano face first into the top turnbuckle. Gardner drove Steph’s head into the turnbuckle ten times before she released her grip on the Californian.

Mai: Steph’s head was reminding me of those punching bags going back and forth off the turnbuckle.

Stefano staggered away along the ropes. Alysson didn’t let her get too far before she scooped her off her feet and dropped her throat first over the top rope. The Wicked Witch landed on her feet, gasping for breath as she turned around and came face to face with her opponent who drove a boot into her middle, doubling her over and which allowed the Outlaw to bring her forward and into a pulling piledriver. As Steph landed on her head, she fell to the side and Gardner rolled over on top of her, hooking the leg to make the pinfall.

Mai: That’s what I’m talking about! Crack some vertebra, and get yourself some gold in the process!




Zack: She’s not out of the woods yet. Steph worked too hard to recapture the Evolution title just to let it go that easily.

Stefano kicked out of the pinfall on two and a half, pushing Gardner off of her as she did so. Alysson ignored the referee’s display of the two count, choosing instead to head towards the corner, climbing up the inside to the middle rope where she waved Steph up to her feet. The Wicked Witch obliged her foe, getting back to a vertical base before she turned to face the Outlaw who launched herself into a flip as she delivered a blockbuster to the Evolution Champion. As they hit the canvas Gardner held her back for a moment before she rolled over, grabbed hold of Stefano’s legs and stacked her up for the pinfall once more.




Zack: Alysson had tremendous leverage right there, and Steph was having trouble getting out of it! She just made it though.

Mai: Big girls have trouble getting out of tight spaces, Zack.

Throughout the count Steph was kicking her feet finally managing to wriggle through of the fall just before the three count. This time Alysson looked at the referee and acknowledged the two count that she was being shown before she pulled Stefano up with a handful of hair, trash talking her as she brought her to her feet only to jerk her backwards and into a hair pull backbreaker. She kept her grip on the brunette as she pulled her upright once more, releasing her hair so that she could deliver a combination of stiff right and left hands into the Wicked Witch’s spine before finishing it all off with a raised knee that she drove into her kidney area for good measure. The final blow temporarily caused Steph to freeze, her mouth opening up in an ‘O’ of pain as Gardner darted past and into a springboard off the middle rope that saw her grab hold of Stefano’s head as she spun her around and delivered a Tornado DDT that almost stood the Berkeley born wrestler on her head before she fell to the canvas, landing on her knees with her head slumped forward.

Mai: I loved that! Is there any way we can get an instant replay of just that moment right there?

Slowly Steph began to move, pushing up onto all fours only for Gardner to bounce off the ropes and leap into a basement dropkick to the side of her head that caused her to roll over towards the ropes. Again Alysson got to her feet and took off across the ring, this time catching her opponent with a baseball slide into her side that caused her to roll underneath the bottom rope. Alysson smirked as she looked at her foe. laid on her back on the ring apron and took hold of the top rope, pulling down on it as she leaned back and used it to launch herself up and over the rope into a mushroom stomp straight to Stefano’s gut before she bounced off and landed on her feet on the outside. Steph wretched and dry heaved as her body spasmed, arms cradling her gut in agony as Alysson climbed up on the barricade in front of the fans, asking for their adulation but only getting loudly booed - which still caused her to smile as she stepped backwards and dropped to the floor.

Mai: Do these idiots really think that Alysson cares what they think of her? She couldn’t give a crap about them, it’s about making money, winning gold, and hurting people for her.

Zack: They paid for their ticket, they have the right to express themselves how they choose. And they choose to let Gardner know exactly how they feel about her.

Gardner turned back towards Steph who was still feeling the effects of the mushroom stomp, the challenger grabbing hold of her by the leg and delivered a Mandara Twist bringing Steph flying off the apron and spine first into the crowd barricade, hanging in mid air against it for a moment before she slowly slid down to the floor. Alysson immediately began to put the boot into her opponent’s gut, stomping away at the downed woman, trash talking her all the while before she bent down and manhandled Steph up to her feet and threw her back into the ring underneath the bottom rope. Gardner quickly pulled herself up onto the apron, measured Stefano up once more and then used the top rope to catapult herself back into the ring and into a Senton that saw her land back first across her opponent’s chest. Alysson held her back in pain for a couple of moments before she turned over, rolled Stefano onto her back and made the cover on the Evolution Champion.




Zack: Still too soon for the Evolution Champion to pack it in. Alysson may have met someone who’s as resilient as she is.

Mai: C’mon, Zack. Get on the Alysson Gardner bandwagon. There’s still time to say you were a fan before she wins the title tonight.

Steph’s shoulder shot up at the last moment and Gardner glared a hole through Robert Valero as she got to her feet, asking for the three count and got a shake of the officials head instead and the two shown to her once more as he pointed to Stefano’s shoulder. Gardner shook her head at him, asking him if he knew how to count to three before she returned to Stefano who had already started to rise and helped the American wrestler upwards, only to pepper her chest and face with knee strikes before letting her fully straighten up at which point she whipped Steph with all her strength into the nearest corner. Stefano hit the turnbuckle pads hard and slumped in the corner, only for Gardner to follow her in, stepping up onto the middle rope as she drove her knee into the side of Stefano’s head, throwing up the devil horns to boos from the crowd as she held the pose with her knee still up against Steph’s skull.

Zack: Now is definitely not the time to pose for the crowd in the middle of an Evolution Championship match.

Mai: There’s always time to pose, Zack. Always.

As the Outlaw dropped back down to the canvas Stefano dropped down into a sitting position in the corner, prompting the red haired wrestler to back up to the middle of the ring before she charged forward and launched herself into a bronco buster. She bounced up and down several times on Steph’s chest before she rolled away, holding her back for a moment before she grabbed hold of Steph by her feet and dragged her away from the corner, before she stepped over her and into the corner. She looked down at the prone Evolution Champion for a moment before she leapt up into the air and delivered a split legged moonsault that saw her crash down on top of Stefano. She knelt over her for a moment before she leaned forward, hooked the leg and made the pinfall.




Mai: The weird thing is that I think Alysson likes it when Steph avoids a three count, because it means she gets to beat the snot out of her more.

Zack: I wouldn’t be. I’d be more preoccupied with capturing the title as soon as I could.

Again the Evolution Champion managed to get her shoulder up at the very last minute, Gardner glaring at the referee as he waved off the three count and showed her the two count. Alysson slapped the mat three times in frustration - and even then Steph’s shoulder popped up off the mat before the third slap connected. Gardner stared at her for a moment before she quickly bounced into the mount position and started to tee off on Stefano’s head. The Evolution Champion covered up which caused the challenger to grab hold of her head and start to bounce the back of her head against the mat. Valero ordered her to let the Berkeley born wrestler to her feet only for Alysson to ignore him until the officially eventually pulled Gardner away.

Mai: Now see, that right there deserves to get him dropped on his head. As a referee, he has no right to put his hands on a wrestler.

Zack: Just like these people here and everyone watching, they want a winner by pinfall or submission, not by disqualification. He did the right thing.

The red haired woman came to her feet and shoved the referee away from her as Stefano rolled to the side and grabbed hold of the ropes using them to pull herself upwards to a sitting position. Valero told Gardner to stay back as he quickly stepped in front of her and went to check on Stefano who nodded her head to confirm she was okay as she continued to use the ropes to pull herself upwards. As the Evolution Champion got to one knee, Alysson Gardner darted forward and stepped up onto her bent knee, throwing her foot out with a shining wizard...that the Californian ducked underneath, bringing her arm up to hook Gardner’s leg as it flew over her head and jerked it downwards, causing the Outlaw to faceplant into the canvas.

Zack: Wow! Steph just introduced Alysson’s face to the mat like a pancake right there! The Evolution Champion could be turning the tide here.

Mai: She’s big enough to cause the tide actually. Her and the moon.

The Witch of Wall Street reached out for the ropes once more and used them to pull herself back up to her feet as Gardner made it to all fours only to be sent sprawling forward to the canvas once more as Steph delivered a front kick into her ass, shoving her forward. Stefano held her head for a moment before she bent down and grabbed hold of Gardner before she could start to rise from the mat. With a roar the Berkeley powerhouse deadlifted her opponent upwards and sent her flying backwards with a wheelbarrow suplex that saw Gardner crash back first into the turnbuckle pads, her eyes going wide as agony flashed across her face.

Zack: Alysson’s back has to feel like it’s being tortured, and her face is mute testament of that fact.

Mai: She can take anything Steph can dish out. This is a woman who has competed in hardcore matches for years, Zack!

Stefano stayed laid flat on the mat, breathing heavily for a couple of moments before she rolled over, pushing up to her knees before she grabbed hold of Gardner’s wrist. As she pushed further upwards she jerked Gardner towards her, lifting her up onto her shoulders and immediately falling backwards into a Samoan drop. Again Steph rolled onto her knees and made her way to the ropes, pulling herself upwards once more as Gardner came to her feet, holding her back and Stefano charged at her, catching her with a sling blade that took her to the canvas. The Witch of Wall Street spun around and slowly pulled Alysson back to her feet, sending her across the ring into the ropes, catching her on the return with a back body drop.

Zack: Nice bit of offense there. Steph may be the stronger of these two, because she’s certainly been throwing around the #1 contender tonight.

Gardner sat up, holding her back as soon as she landed and Stefano drove a stiff kick into her spine. Alysson rolled to the side and started to push upwards once more only for Stefano to scoop up into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, Steph pushing her off her knee as she delivered the move. The red haired woman tried to rise once more and this time as she did so Steph pulled her forward and lifted her up onto her shoulders for a powerbomb which she delivered after taking three steps forward - hurling her into the corner as she did so. As her back connected with the turnbuckles agony flashed across Alyssons features as she stumbled forward and again found herself lifted onto Stefano’s shoulders and into an Argentine backbreaker rack. Steph held it for a couple of moments, walking with the biker on her shoulders to the middle of the ring before she dropped down into a sitting position, allowing Alysson to fall off her shoulders. Gardner held her back, kicking her feet against the canvas in pain. The Wicked Witch pushed upwards and took off towards the ropes, coming off them and delivered a running senton to Gardner’s back. Rolling her over, Stefano made the cover and hooked the leg.

Mai: Good Lord, a senton from Steph! That’s like dropping an anvil on your ribs….with a whale sitting on top of it!




Zack: But Alysson’s still very much in this match, and Steph’s gonna have to see about doing more damage to keep her title.

Gardner rolled her shoulder at two and a half to break up the count, Robert Valero showing the two count to the Evolution Champion. Stefano nodded her head as she accepted the count and rolled Alysson onto her back quickly moving into position to apply a seated surfboard submission hold to Gardner. The official dropped now in front of the challenger, asking her if she wanted to submit only for Gardner to let loose a pained laugh in response to his question. It only caused Stefano to pull back further on her arms. Gardner threw back her head and seemed to be smiling in pleasure even though she was in agony from the pressure being exerted on her back, still refusing to submit to the hold, no matter how far Steph leaned back and pulled on her arms.

Mai: I can’t decide what’s worse for Alysson. The submission itself or having Shamu on her lower back at the same time.

Still Alysson refused to quit in the submission hold, causing Steph to release her. Gardner fell forward and seemed to have a wide grin on her face as she began to rise to her feet. Stefano waved her upwards to her feet, letting her get to a vertical base before she left her feet and jerked Gardner back to the mat with the Walk of Shame jumping reverse bulldog. As they landed Stefano floated over and into the cover, hooking both of her legs for the cover this time.





Mai: Or it couldn’t do it, there’s also that possibility.

At the very last second Gardner’s shoulder came up from the canvas to stop the count before the three count. Robert Valero instantly waved off the three count and held up two fingers for the audience to see, making sure that Stefano was aware that it was just a two count. Stefano shook her head at him in disbelief, questioning his count once more only to have the two count confirmed again as she returned to her feet. She looked over to Christian in her corner who clapped his hands on the mat in encouragement getting a nod of her head as she accepted the referees count and turned her attention back to the challenger who had managed to make it to her knees.

Mai: It’s just a two count, Steph. The buffet table is gonna have to wait a little longer.

Steph pulled her the rest of the way to her feet and immediately attempted to go for the Witchmade lifting side slam once more… but again, before she could deliver it, Alysson began to fire off elbows into the side of her head. Stefano took a step to the side as Gardner stumbled backwards into the ropes, catching herself against them. As the Master of the Backbreaker started to regain her balance, Gardner darted towards her and as she did so Stefano caught her underneath the armpits, lifting her into the air for the Debt Collector pop-up lariat only for the Outlaw to bring her knee up, catching Steph right on the point of the jaw with a vicious blow. Steph stumbled backwards as Alysson landed on her feet and took two quick steps forward before she leapt into the air and delivered a jumping DDT to her foe.

Zack: Concussive impact off that DDT! Alysson was looking for it earlier, and she finally got it just now!

Mai: See, that’s another thing you should admire about her. She’s a very persistent girl, and doesn’t give up easily.

Both women lay on the mat unmoving following the exchange, prompting Valero to check on both woman before he started a count on them. As he reached five, Alysson began to stir, sitting up and getting to her feet with Stefano a count and a half behind her. As soon as she was vertical Alysson ran towards the corner and climbed the turnbuckles without breaking stride before she dove back towards the Evolution Champion, landing on her shoulders and snapped off a hurricanrana as she completed the Tornado Scream. Again the pair ended up laid out on the mat only for Gardner to start to stir before Valero could begin his count. She got to her feet as the Evolution Champion only managed to make it up to her knees and Gardner pulled her the rest of the way to her feet only to hoist her up onto her shoulders. A smile appeared briefly on her face before she let out a cry of pain that she didn’t let slow her down before she moved forward and slammed her down with the Red Tide.

Mai: There’s the RED TIDE, Zack! I think we’re closing in on a new Evolution Champion right now!

Zack: We may very well be, but this match isn’t over yet!

Gardner rolled through the move and pressed a hand to her back as she forced herself to her feet and walked unsteadily towards the corner. Slowly the red haired woman pulled herself up the turnbuckles to the top rope, looked back over her shoulder and came off with a moonsault that landed perfectly. Alysson quickly made the cover and hooked both of her legs as she did so.

Mai: Steph’s done, Zack! NEW CHAMP!!




Zack: Oh no, we don’t have one yet! I don’t know how, but Steph is still got some fight left in her tonight in Philadelphia.

At the very last second Stefano’s shoulder popped up from the canvas and Gardner looked in shock at the referee as he confirmed the two count to her and to the timekeepers. The red haired woman demanded the three count but Robert Valero stood firm in his decision that it was only a two count. Still Gardner argued with him only for the official to stand firm, putting his foot down and telling her that it was a two count and the shoulder came up and that she should focus on her opponent. With one last lingering death stare, Alysson finally turned back towards Steph, finding her getting to her feet and skipped forward, catching the brunette on the point of the jaw with a bicycle kick. Stefano spun to the side and dropped to one knee and as she did so, Alysson darted past her towards the ropes, springboarding off them and came back into a disaster kick that knocked Stefano down to the canvas, despite her hand coming up to block the shot. Gardner immediately headed towards the corner, pointing upwards and looking back at her opponent as she did so. Gardner climbed to the top rope and looked down at Stefano, flipping her the bird before she leapt off into the G-Effect Shooting Star Senton.

Mai: THE G-EFFECT!! Steph can bite--

And only got mat as Stefano managed to roll out of the way at the very last moment.

Zack: Maybe not! Stefano moved out of the way, and Gardner got nothing but canvas right there!

Alysson arched her back, hand immediately going to her spine as she rolled to her side, propping herself up on her free hand as she froze in pain. Finally she started to push up to her feet as Steph had pulled herself upright with the aid of the ring ropes and was already heading towards Gardner. As the Outlaw managed to get her feet underneath her, Stefano once more went for the Witchmade lifting side slam, getting Gardner off her feet only for Alysson to jab a thumb into her eye. Stefano dropped her back to her feet and stumbled backwards only for the challenger to come forward and leap onto her shoulders as she looked to deliver the G-Spot frankensteiner facebuster… but as she went to snap it off, the Witch of Wall Street managed to grab hold of the top rope to block the move.

Zack: What great ring awareness by the champion! She felt it coming, and hooked the rope! Alysson planted herself!

Mai: What a loser! If you have to grab the rope, you should just go ahead and give up.

Gardner managed to adjust in midair and land on her feet but as she did so, Steph charged forward and drove a knee into her stomach. The Outlaw dropped down to one knee, holding her middle and as she did so, Stefano wrapped her arms around Gardner’s midriff, jerking her upwards and drove her down into the mat with the Lamb To The Slaughter gutwrench powerbomb. Stefano collapsed on top of the challenger as she delivered the move, hooking the leg as Valero slid into position to make the count.

Mai: She’s stealing Val’s finisher! That’s trademark infringement!




Zack: It’s also a successful retention!! Steph’s done it again!

Valero called for the bell, Steph rolling away as it sounded and laying flat out on the mat and breathing deeply as the official went to retrieve the title and CK slid into the ring.

Maggie: Here is your winner… and STILL FFW EVOLUTION CHAMPION!... “THE” STEPH STEFANO!!!!!

Mai: This is disgusting! Can’t she stop stealing other peoples’ moves? Is she that bereft of talent?!

Zack: Oh shut up. Steph put the punctuation mark on this rivalry, and now looks ahead to facing Missy who earned her shot earlier tonight! Congratulations, Steph, on another successful title defense!

As the Witch of Wall Street sat up, Christian helped her up to her feet and she took the belt from the referee who then raised her hand in the air as Christian did likewise, Stefano holding the belt high to the cheers of the crowd. As they released her hands, Steph fell to her knees, holding to the title to her chest before she pushed up to her feet once again, raising the title in the air as Kincaid raised her arm into the air once more, getting her another loud cheer from the crowd. As she moved towards the corner to continue her celebration the show cut elsewhere.

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The show heads back to the ring as there’s already a buzz among the crowd as they see the graphic for the  next match on the video wall. Maggie gets their attention as she begins in the ring.

Maggie: The following contest is scheduled for one fall.

Zack: Oh boy, have I been looking forward to this one! There’s a lot of questions surrounding both of the women in this match, and I hope we get some answers tonight!

Mai: I...I have to agree with you. I’ve had the feeling there’s something bigger going on than we may realize, and this match may hold the key.

The arena darkens, with only strobe lights which pulse gently giving any kind of light to the arena. Lights on the ramp pulse in pink and white, while in the middle of the ring, spotlights form the Irish Tricolour, all of this while dry ice is coming up from the stage and ramp, generating a buzz from the crowd. It’s then that the dark, sweeping entrance of Ronan Hardiman’s “Warriors” comes in, and a spotlight focuses on the stage, to which Jo McFarlane comes out from behind the curtain, to the cheers of the fans.

Maggie: Introducing first, hailing from Edinburgh Scotland, by way of Derry, Northern Ireland, weighing one-hundred-and-twenty-seven-pounds, she is “The Living Firework” JOOOOO MCAFAAAAARLANE!

With the announcement out of the way, and the song underway, the redhead starts her way down the ramp, high fiving the fans as she heads down. Reaching the bottom of the ramp, she then turns to go around the ring, and carries on with the fans until she has gone full circle. Then, standing at the steps, she reaches across herself and removes her dress, handing it to an attendant. As the music picks up pace, she moves quickly towards and up them, her shoes clacking off of the steps, and she spins around, using the ropes until she gets to dead centre between them. From there, she bounces over the rope and lands on her feet, taking off towards her corner and vaulting herself onto the middle turnbuckle, posing briefly for the fans. She then hops down, waiting for what may come next while the music dies down.

Zack: Well that answers the first question! After she left before her tag match at the last Velocity, part of me wondered if Jo was gonna be here for this match.

Mai: Of course, she was going to be here. I’m still not sure what happened at Velocity, but I’m sure Jo wasn’t going to miss this match for anything.

There was silence; the lights began to fade away slowly. A soft instrumental echoes out across the audience. It starts slowly, a beautiful sound that contrasts the heaviness of the world. Like feathers, it glides among the waiting audience. The lighting fixtures produce a gentle spotlight upon the stage, offset by the occasional flash here and there. As 'Just Close Your Eyes' by Waterproof Blonde continues to play, a woman’s words begin to come through. Her voice is tender, not raising upon a whisper.

"Deceived by my eyes and all I was told I should see
Opinions not mine, the person they taught me to be
One night in the dark, a vision of someone I knew
And in the darkness I saw, a voice say, I'm you."

On the stage, a feminine figure appears. Her head lowered to everything. People cannot make out who it is. As she stands there, the flashes briefly illuminate her figure. It only gives small clues on who stands at the gate. She stands in the spotlight, her shadow cast large and proudly among the stage.

"Inside me a light was turned on…"

The instrumental picks up again. An electric guitar now joins the progressively exciting instrumentals of before. The singer’s voice suddenly intensifies.

"Then I was alive!"

In the light, it is revealed that it was Savannah Taylor. She stands at the gate, a robe of obsidian and ivory hues. The hood of it shadows her eyes, but the intensity of the final EXODUS World Champion remains clear as day. She starts off down the ramp, with a serious aura radiating from her body.

Maggie: Ladies and gentlemen, making her way down to the ring....weighing in at one hundred twenty pounds.....from Las Vegas, Nevada.....Savannah Taylor !!!

"If you close your eyes your life,
A naked truth revealed
Dreams you never lived,
And scars never healed"

Savannah makes her way up the ring steps. She looks out towards the audience for a moment before entering the ring. From there, she heads for a turnbuckle. She stands there, taking in everything. She then lifts her up on top of it. She peers out in nothing, then takes off the hood with a flashy flourish. Her blonde locks fly up in the air. They descend, shaping her face as they famously do.

"In the darkness, light will take you to the other side
You'll find me waiting there you'll see, if you just close your eyes."

While she stands in her corner, she closes her eyes and takes a heavy breath. When her bright eyes open, Taylor is completely composed. There is nothing more than the heat of battle awaiting her. She takes off her robe, giving it to a stagehand. She stretches her wrists before devoting her mind to the war upon the horizon.

Zack: There’s a steely resolve resting on the face of the “Las Vegas Siren”, and she hasn’t taken her eyes off Jo McFarlane since she got out here.

Mai: Neither has Jo stopped watching her, if we’re going to keep track of that. There is...there’s something brewing here, Zack. And I’m looking forward to seeing it.

Referee Kevin Fisk checked both women as Maggie left the ring. He called for the bell as both women remained in their corners staring across at one another. They moved towards the center, going almost nose to nose before they started exchanging words. The camera wasn’t able to pick up what was being said before they both stepped back with Jo offering Savannah a handshake. Taylor slapped her hand away before Jo used a headbutt to her face as soon as she did. The redhead’s face tightened as she raked her eyes. Closed fists to the face followed that as she pushed Savannah back into the ropes. An European uppercut rocked her backwards before Jo whipped her across for the ride. The blonde barely was able to rebound before McFarlane took her down with a leg lariat. She dropped down to her knees, and pelted her with closed fists to the face before the referee finally got her to get off Savannah.

Mai: There’s a new viciousness coming out of Jo here, and damn if I don’t like it. I don’t know what Savannah did to her, but she’s living up to the name of this Pay Per View.

Zack: Relentless is right, just look at her face. It seems like Savannah’s insulted her or something, but hell if I know what she did. Jo’s assaulting the Siren with no remorse though.

When Savannah rolled onto her stomach to start to get up, Jo caught her with a punt in the ribs. She dragged her towards the ropes and rolled her onto her back. Pulling her feet under both arms, she fell backwards into a catapult that sent Savannah’s neck across the bottom rope. It caused the blonde to start gasping for air, and Jo rolled out to the floor. Pulling her head to hang over the apron, she climbed back up onto that apron and came off with a guillotine leg drop to snap Savannah’s head on impact. McFarlane dropped back to the floor, measuring and delivering an elbow across Savannah’s face.

Mai: If I didn’t know better, I’d think Jo was trying to decapitate Savannah here. Those elbows are right on target.

Zack: Jo McFarlane is trying to rearrange the supermodel features of Savannah Taylor. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but this wasn’t it.

Jo backed up to the corner as Savannah’s head was still hanging over the apron before she ran towards her with a big boot to the side of her head. Once more, Taylor’s head snapped as the referee ducked his head through the ropes and became more adamant about her getting back into the ring. The redhead looked up to him, and dared him to disqualify her before she measured more closed fists into Taylor’s face. She finally climbed back up onto the apron, and stepped back into the ring.

Mai: Did you hear what she said, Zack? She dared the referee to disqualify her. I’ve never seen Jo like this. Ever.

Zack: Jo McFarlane is showing us a cold-blooded, ruthless side that we haven’t seen in her years in FFW. I really don’t know where this is coming from.

The redhead dragged Savannah back into the ring, and dropped down to apply a choke with both hands. Fisk started counting her down, and she got back to her feet to stomp her in the face. The crowd had started to turn on Jo for her actions, boos beginning to filter through the arena as Jo looked around at their response. It only gave her pause for a single second before she dropped a knee into the side of Savannah’s head. She grabbed the top rope, and stepped onto Savannah’s throat to once again choke her. At the four count, she stepped off and told the referee to keep his mouth shut if he wanted to keep his job.

Zack: What...in the hell...has gotten into Jo McFarlane?! I know I keep saying it, but I have never seen her like this.

Mai: The fans are booing her too, that’s not something I’m used to hearing. They don’t like her tactics in the match….but I do!

When she turned back towards her opponent, Savannah was starting to get up. Jo went to grab her, and caught a shot in the stomach instead. Two more followed that before the blonde got to her feet, and was returning the right hands she got earlier to Jo’s jaw. The crowd responded with each shot before Savannah fired Jo into the far corner. The redhead struck back first as Savannah came in after her with a jumping knee strike to the head. McFarlane stumbled out of the corner, only to get snatched from behind by Savannah into a German suplex into the turnbuckles behind them. The crowd got louder in response as she sat up, holding her neck and looking at them briefly.

Mai: Now they are cheering for Savannah? Have we slipped into Bizarro World or something? We’re not in Canada!

Zack: They certainly are, and Savannah looks almost as surprised by it as Jo was earlier. It’s a good thing she started getting some offense though.

Savannah got back to her feet, pulling Jo up as well before shoving her into the corner. A series of knife edge chops landed across Jo’s chest before Savannah pulled her head down. She dragged her out of the corner to hammer a few Muay Thai knees to the face before hoisting her high up and driving her down with a stalling vertical suplex. Taylor rose to her feet, and hoisted Jo over her shoulder into a Michinoku driver before hooking her leg for the cover. Fisk dropped to count immediately.

Mai: There are better ways to spend a Saturday night than that, if you’re Jo McFarlane!




Jo kicked out at two, and Savannah repaid her by crashing her leg down across her chest repeatedly. She finally made it to her feet, and headed for the corner as Jo began to stir on the mat.

Zack: First near fall of the match, and Savannah is giving Jo back all that offense she unleashed on her to start this match. And these Philadelphia fans are getting behind her!

Jo rolled towards the ropes, and used them to help her get back to her feet. Savannah caught her with a forearm to the back of her head that sent her through the ropes to the apron. The “Las Vegas Siren” pulled her up and underneath the top rope, letting her feet hang on the middle before pulling a swinging neckbreaker that drove the redhead into the mat. She then headed for the nearest corner, and made her way up to the top rope. Taylor came off with a diving elbow drop that landed perfectly before she hooked the leg for another cover. The referee slid into position.

Zack: Savannah taking things to the high rent district, and did she ever hit paydirt!




Jo’s shoulder came up in time before Savannah got back to her feet. Jo started to get up as well with Savannah hooking her head for a DDT. But Jo grabbed the top rope before it connected, causing Savannah to land on the mat with a thud.

Mai: Jo may be the worst end of this at the moment, but she’s still aware enough to know where she is in the ring.

McFarlane took a moment to pull herself together, and then dragged her boot across Savannah’s face. She took off for the far side, and came back with a baseball slide that rocketed Taylor out of the ring and rolled her into the barricade. She rolled out after her, still feeling the effects of what Savannah had done to her already. She watched Savannah briefly before she started to pull up the ringside mats to expose the concrete floor. Savannah was pulled her to feet as Jo planted her head in position for a piledriver.

Mai: She’s going to give Savannah a concussion with this piledriver...on the floor! All that’s under there is ice!

Zack: The home of the Philadelphia Flyers is gonna be remembered for something else, and that’s the night Savannah Taylor got her skull cracked open on the floor!

Jo went to lift her up, but Savannah resisted. The former FFW Champion rained forearms across her back to try and take the fight out of her. When she went to lift her again, Savannah rose up instead with Jo over her back. Taylor bolted towards the far side of the ring to deliver a backdrop driver where the mat had folded up. She leaned forward, trying to pull herself together as Jo laid on her side, holding the back of her neck. The referee shouted at them both to get back into the ring. Savannah started to heed his advice as she began to crawl towards the apron. As she pulled herself up to her feet to get back inside, boos began to filter from the fans as they saw the Brazilian Storm heading towards the ring.

Zack: The referee is giving these two a whole lot of latitude, he knows we want to see a winner. But now we have company!

Mai: Yeah, Mel and Bianca. This could be bad news for Jo, you know. The Franchise tends to run together in these situations.

Savannah looked towards them as the referee moved in their direction, wanting to know what business they had at ringside. Meanwhile, Jo was crawling after Savannah. And as the blonde was pulling herself up onto the ropes, Jo gave her a low blow that folded her up on the canvas while the referee was looking away. McFarlane rolled back into the ring, and headed for the corner where she started to unfasten the top turnbuckle pad. She tossed it to the floor, and went to get Savannah. She scooped her over her shoulder, and took off for the cover to deliver a snake eyes. Taylor’s head struck the exposed turnbuckle before she collapsed on the canvas. Jo dropped into a cover a second before the referee looked back and dove to make the count.

Mai: Savannah’s face hit that exposed turnbuckle, Zack. She’s gotta be out cold after that! I think it may have busted her open.




At the last moment, Savannah got her shoulder up. Jo shook her head and drove fists into the wound that had opened on her forehead from the shot. The referee happened to see the exposed turnbuckle, and started to reprimand her for using it. Jo got in his face, and once again dared him to disqualify her.

Zack: I don’t know what’s happened with Jo McFarlane, but this is not the woman we know! She’s flat out daring the referee to do something about it!

Jo headed for the next corner after staring down the referee, and made her way to the top rope. She came off looking for a double stomp, but Savannah rolled out of the way. The redhead stumbled as she tried to correct her balance, only for Savannah to spin her around and connect with her corkscrew neckbreaker! She grabbed the outside leg for the cover.

Zack: There’s THE GAMBLE! And the odds were in her favor right there!!




Jo’s shoulder came up in time, causing Savannah to get back to her feet. She looked the worse for wear as she made a spade symbol with her hands, and rolled Jo onto her stomach to apply her double leg Muta lock.

Mai: ACE OF SPADES! She’s got Jo in the center of the ring too, there’s nowhere to go!

The referee moved around into position as Jo’s face was wracked with pain. Savannah had the hold expertly applied, and her fingers were locked tightly under Jo’s chin. The redhead’s hand waved over the mat as the crowd came to its feet.

Zack: I think Jo’s gonna tap out right here! Look at her hand, she’s definitely thinking about it right now!

Jo’s hand continued to bob over the mat as the referee kept asking if she wanted to stop the match. He didn’t get an answer to his question before the Brazilian Storm entered the ring, and Bianca delivered a punt to Savannah’s ribs that rolled her off to the mat. She and Mel both began to pound away on Savannah with raining right hands before the referee called for the bell. The Storm pulled Savannah to her feet, and fired her across to the far side. They scooped her up on the rebound with a flapjack to the canvas.

Mai: What….what is going on here?! Why are the Storm...attacking Savannah?! Did I miss something?

Zack: I think we all did!

Jo rolled out to the floor, still aching from the submission hold’s effects before she pulled up the ring apron to retrieve a kendo stick. Mel shoved Savannah out to the floor with Jo as the Storm pulled the blonde up and handcuffed her wrists over the top rope to let her hang. Jo looked down at her kendo stick, and struck it across Savannah’s body. It made a sickening snapping sound before she leaned back, and fired another shotr as well.

Zack: Savannah’s hanging by her hands here, and Jo is driving that kendo stick to any part of her body she wants!

Mel and Bianca retrieved a kendo stick for themselves from under the ring before the trio began to take turns as they struck Savannah’s body one after another. Jo’s shot struck so hard that it snapped the stick in half as Savannah hung lump off the top rope. She pulled her face up to look into her eyes. She told her that the Franchise sends their regards before she took Bianca’s stick, and struck it across her head to deafening boos.

Mai: I...I think Savannah’s been removed from the Franchise…

Zack: And replaced by Jo McFarlane! Get some people out here!

It was clear that Savannah was unconscious as she hung from the top rope by her wrists. Jo threw the kendo stick down, looking at both halves of the Storm before offering them a handshake. Mel and Bianca returned it each, and raised her hand before they started to head towards the ramp. They passed several trainers as they headed towards the ring.

Mai: The Franchise is like a gang. You don’t leave without getting the holy hell beaten out of you.

Zack: Is this because of Savannah’s relationship with Samantha’s brother? It has to be! They need to get Savannah medical attention right now!

Mai: You don’t step out of line with Samantha, Zack. Because that’s what you get! Savannah got what she deserved!

The trainers managed to get Savannah down from the ring, and started to help her out with the crowd chanting her name.

Zack: The Franchise has a new member, and has left another in a bloody unconscious state! She may not realize it, but Savannah Taylor has everyone in the Wells Fargo Center chanting her name.

Mai: A lot of good that did her.

As the “Las Vegas Siren” is helped out of the arena, we cut to a commercial for Unstoppable 9.

Blessed Are The Meek

The next image we see returns us to the backstage area as the door outside Caitlyn Storm’s locker room is blocked. As she approaches, she finds religious items on the floor against the door, including a cross on the door itself, a Choir robe hanging from the front of it, and boxes of tiny Bibles with Casey Atherton’s picture on the front of them. As she sees it, she’s passed by reporter Allison Marx, who stops in her tracks.

Allison: Wow, Caitlyn! I don’t think I’ve ever seen all this at a show before. Looks like Casey and her Choir have really taken a liking to you.

Caitlyn looks at every wide eyed and open mouthed for a moment before she turns her attention to Allison.

Caitlyn: I really don’t know why. I haven’t done anything to encourage them.. They just keep giving me stuff. I mean, I don’t want to sound ungrateful but I haven’t asked for any of this!

Voice: Charity begins at home, my child.

Eve joins them in her full Choir robes. Casey’s disciple gives Caitlyn a hug, and even pats her on the cheek.

Eve: It’s your pure heart, your giving nature, Caitlyn. These are the things Miss Casey admires about you. She sees you as someone she can mold into being a woman like herself. The Lord has smiled upon thee, be grateful.

The blonde former Future Shock Prospect scrunches up her eyebrows a little.

Caitlyn: I really don’t want to be molded though, I’m quite happy with the shape I am. Despite what Mai says every time I have a match!

Eve: Look at all Miss Casey has bestowed upon you. She has helped you increase your funds by winning matches. She has given you her attention, and showered you with her appreciation. And...what’s this?

Eve reaches into one of the boxes, pulling out the small Bible and showing it to Caitlyn and the camera. It turns out it isn’t the Bible at all, it’s…

Eve: She’s given you the Book of Casey! Oh my! What a treasured gift this is! Do you know how few copies of this there are in the world?

Allison looks over the boxes for a second.

Allison: Looks like about 200 here…

Eve: Quiet, philistine!

Eve smiles back to Caitlyn, embracing her again.

Eve: I’m so happy for you. A gift like this is a sign from above. He and Casey are pleased with you, and they will guide your path.

Caitlyn: As generous as all of this is, and as nice of a gesture… I really can’t accept it! It wouldn’t be right. I didn’t ask for any of this, or the… help.. In my matches. I appreciate the thought though, really. But…

Caitlyn looks around again at everything and raises her eyebrow at the Book of Casey.

Caitlyn: … I just really can’t accept this.

Eve: It is yours. The Lord does not bestow a gift, only to take it away, Caitlyn.

As she says this, Allison taps Eve on the shoulder.

Allison: Tell me, how does the Lord feel about the fact that FFW management has put Casey into a match with Caitlyn here at Unstoppable 9? That’s...what I was coming by to tell her.

Eve: Oh my, they want us to have a prayer meeting on the biggest show of the year! I think that’s wonderful! I’ll go let Miss Casey know!

Eve hugs Caitlyn a third time, and heads off quickly. Allison looks back to Caitlyn.

Allison: Your first Unstoppable, Caitlyn. How about that?

Caitlyn: It’s so exciting to get to be on Unstoppable! It’s the biggest show of the year.. And my first one! But… I’m still wondering what to do with all this, I don’t know the return address to send things back to the ‘Lord’!

Allison: Well we can go find you a hand truck, and I know where there’s a dumpster.

Caitlyn: That seems a little mean… but the hand truck is definitely a good idea!

Allison encourages her to follow as the pair head off to find a hand truck. On that, we cut back to ringside.

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We head back to the ring for the last time tonight, and find a spotlight over Maggie Rourke ready and waiting with her microphone.

Maggie: The following contest is scheduled for one fall to a finish, and it is for the FFW Championship!

Zack: Relentless has already seen plenty of events they will be talking about in the days to come, but it’s main event time now! I’m joined by Christian Kincaid, Leona Vega’s manager. Welcome back to the booth!

Christian: Happy to be here! I promised Leona I’d be behind her 100% tonight, and I am a man of my word. I believe in her, and I think she’s more ready than she’s ever been.

The thumping war drums and the mysterious flute of "Aztec Temple" hit the sound system. The crowd comes alive as the Aztec Warrior Leona Vega comes through the main gate, looking over the cheering crowd, soaking it in for a bit. She points at two random spots into the audience before letting out a loud roar, which is followed by a lion's roar echoing through the sound system. She then slowly makes her way down the entrance ramp, sharing a high-five with the fans in attendance with their arms out for her.

Maggie: Introducing first/And her opponent, from Monterrey, Mexico... LEONA VEGA!

She then stops a couple of steps before the ring, backtracking a little bit and then sprinting towards it, hopping onto the ring apron, and then immediately vaulting over the top rope, landing in a three-point stance inside the ring. Soaking in the crowd's cheers, she gets up and climbs the nearest turnbuckle, staring into the crowd with a big smile, raising her arms, with her fists closed, saying a quick prayer to herself before slapping the top turnbuckle and jumping back down into the ring, cracking her joints in the sequence.

Christian: I have spent more time with Leona in preparation for this match than any match that I can recall she’s had. She is as determined as I’ve ever seen her.

Zack: As well she should be. The FFW Championship has been eluding her for sometime, and tonight she’s right back into position to finally capture it tonight.

The arena cuts to darkness, except for the video screen, which flickers up the 'Indian Head' Please Stand By test pattern, and for a moment the PYOO~ of the test tone. As the 'slide' that was shown on gets pushed to the side by a blank one, we hear the voice of our star.

"Let's go."

The opening riff of the "Fallout 4 Theme", redone by Evil Ducky starts. Timed with the 3 bass notes, 3 hot yellow lights shine down on center stage, forming a 'radioactive' symbol. Standing in the center of the light, is Kaoru Asaka, in her ring gear and a long pine green ring jacket, crouched and facing the entrance, watching her first name also come on screen, and standing up as the next line plays. When it gets to the next set of 3 bass notes, the lights turn off one by one, and her last name comes onto screen a syllable at a time. Then as the main melody and drums kick back up, Kaoru turns around, throwing her fist into the sky, with the FFW Championship  hanging from it. Kaoru points to the title proudly, and the lights behind her one the stage all beaming bright yellow. She yells out to the crowd, and starts to head for the ring... even stopping to air-guitar along to the song with a group of fans along the way...

Maggie: Coming to the ring..... Hailing from New Vegas, Nevada and weighing in at 65 kilotons of power, she is the Nuclear Explosion of the Burning Star Express....the reigning and defending FFW Champion…..

Asaka runs and hops up onto the apron, hard cam side, climbing up the turnbuckles and raises the FFW Championship belt high above her head, showing off her accolade to the crowd at ringside.

Maggie: Atomic! Kaoru! Aaaaaaasaka!

Kaoru pumps her fist again to the crowd before she hops down into the ring, handing the FFW Championship and her ring jacket to a ring attendant before running the ropes a few times.

Zack: Is Kaoru amped or what?! It was Fury where she became the FFW Champion in one hell of a match with Jo McFarlane! And as she’s learning, being the champion doesn’t make the job any easier.

Christian: Jo had a long reign with that title. And the fact Kaoru got the win over here was super impressive. But I think she’s got her work cut out for her with Leona.

Referee Jennifer Stringer takes the title from Kaoru, and shows it to Leona who taps her hand against it. The referee holds it high overhead before handing it to Maggie before she leaves. The bell sounds from there as both women meet in the middle, and shake hands. As soon as that was over, they immediately locked up. Leona wasted no time in transitioning into a rear waistlock and brought her down to the mat with a side suplex. Asaka quickly got away from her as she got to her feet, turning into Leona who caught her with a standing sidekick to the stomach to bend her over for a second. Vega scooped her up onto her shoulders in position for her finisher before Kaoru immediately landed on her feet and backed away.

Zack: Leona damn near had that gutbuster ready to go, and Kaoru got the hell out of town! It was that close to crowning a new champion potentially!

Christian: Leona isn’t here to get paid by the hour. If Kaoru gets caught and stuck in five minutes, so be it! This is purely about the FFW Championship, a title I’ve never really got to manage.

Leona held up two fingers to show her how close she was, and Kaoru closed the gap into another lock up in the center of the ring. She started to push the challenger backwards into the ropes before the referee called for a break. Kaoru gave a clean one as Leona lowered her head, and drove Kaoru into the nearest corner. A series of shoulder thrusts connect in a flurry before a back body drop sends her down to the canvas. Kaoru starts back to her feet as Leona grabs her head, and drills her with a DDT. Before Kaoru can get up, she rains elbows down on her abdomen until Kaoru manages to shove her off and roll away. The champion was barely back to her feet before Leona went to grab her again, and caught a kneelift to the head for her troubles. It sent the brunette backwards before Kaoru began unloading with knife edge chops to the chest. Each shot drove Leona backwards another step until Kaoru fired her across to the far side, scooped her up and fell backwards into a stun gun across the top rope. Vega gasped for her air as Asaka grabbed her head into an inverted facelock…..before Leona bolted away from her, still catching her breath.

Zack: We almost saw Kaoru use her finisher right there, and Leona has it as well scouted as the champion has her offense.

Christian: Kaoru’s trying to show Leona she can pull out her favorite move pretty quickly too. I’ve went over all of Kaoru’s favorite moves again and again with Leona. She knows what to be looking out for in there.

The two women locked up again, once more with Kaoru starting to push her back. But Leona slid around behind her into another rear waistlock. Kaoru was ready this time as she started firing back elbows with both arms into Leona’s head. It sent the challenger stumbling backwards before Kaoru left her feet with a Pele kick to the temple that dropped Leona where she stood. She immediately dropped down to make the cover with Stringer right behind her to count.

Zack: What a Pele kick! Kaoru caught her flush, and is looking ahead to Unstoppable already!




Leona kicked out as the two struck, and shoved Kaoru off the cover. Vega got back to her feet, shaking her head as she did so. And when she turned around, Kaoru snapped both arms around her waist and sent her flying with a belly to belly overhead suplex.

Christian: Kaoru loves suplexes as much as some people love chocolate. Leona hasn’t gotten her head cleared yet off that kick, and now she’s got a whole other set of problems.

Kaoru got back to her feet, and pulled Leona up with her into a front facelock before she began to deliver knee strikes into her face. She quickly struck with an impaler DDT, spiking Leona into the mat. She rose back to her feet, and pulled Leona with her before shoving her back into the corner. The joshi kicks came into play as she pelted the challenger with them until Leona stumbled out of the corner. Asaka climbed up onto the second rope from the inside, and delivered a dropkick to the back of her head to put her back down on the mat. The FFW Champion dropped down with an elbow to the back of her head following that.

Zack: Kaoru’s doing everything she can to keep Leona grounded. Vega’s more of a striker, and I’d say Kaoru may have the better ground game of the two.

Christian: She might have a slight edge on that side, but Leona’s quicker, I think. And while you might catch her, holding her there for very long is another kind of challenge.

Asaka slid into position for a gator roll, but Leona made it back to her feet before she could start rolling. With Vega’s head still trapped in her arms, Leona swept her legs out from under her and grabbed both of her feet. A double leg drop to the abdomen followed that before Vega got back to her feet. She took off for the ropes as Kaoru was starting to get up, catching her with a running forearm to the mouth that sent her backwards. Vega hit the near side ropes this time, grabbing Kaoru’s head in the process for an orbit DDT. A hook of the outside leg followed before Stringer dropped to count.

Christian: What’d I tell you, Zack? Catching her is one thing, keeping her is another!




Kaoru got her shoulder up in time, and Leona quickly rolled to her feet. She headed for the ropes once more, and dropped Kaoru as she got up with a running neckbreaker.

Zack: The pace has definitely picked up here, and Kaoru’s having a hard time keeping up with the #1 contender to the FFW Championship!

Vega back to her feet, and headed for the ropes. She glanced behind her to see where the champion was before using the middle rope for a springboard. Kaoru ducks as Leona lands behind her. The champion didn’t get a chance to turn around before Leona connected with a codebreaker that flipped Asaka over onto the mat. She quickly got to her feet, and took off for the far side. A baseball slide sent the champion rolling out of the ring to the floor before Leona got back to her feet inside. She glanced around to the crowd, who was getting louder for her as she took off for the far side. Kaoru finally made it to her feet, only to see Leona with a tope suicida over the top rope landing on top of her to a pop from the crowd.

Christian: Kaoru may need a Snickers, Zack. I don’t think she’s herself when she’s getting overwhelmed by the next FFW Champion!

Zack: A breathtaking suicide dive just blitzed Kaoru, and Leona Vega is absolutely on a tear right now with the richest prize in women’s wrestling hanging in the balance!

With the crowd loudly in her favor now, Leona pulled the champion up and rolled her back into the ring. She quickly slid in after her, and headed for the nearest corner. Vega climbed up to the top rope facing the crowd. She glanced between her legs to see where Kaoru was...right before the champion caught her with a superkick between those legs right to the face that sent Leona collapsing to the floor. Kaoru dropped to her knees, trying to collect herself in the ring.

Zack: I think Leona may be unconscious, Christian! Did you see that superkick between her legs?! Vega hit the floor with a splat!

Christian: That definitely wasn’t part of the game plan. The only saving grace here is Kaoru isn’t able to follow up quickly, and it’s good that Leona is out here instead of in there where she might get pinned.

Kaoru finally started to move, and rolled out to the floor. She pulled Leona up, and shoved her limp body back under the rope before sliding in after her to make a cover. Stringer dropped into position to make the count.

Zack: Asaka is three seconds from her first retention right here! Leona’s not moved a muscle!




Vega’s shoulder came up in the nick of time, causing Kaoru to check with the referee to make sure. The FFW Champion struggled back to her feet, and started to pull Leona up with her. She pulled her into position for an inverted facelock.

Christian: We went over this, Leona! Don’t let her pull this off! C’mon!!

Asaka called for her move and hoisted Leona up into the air. But the challenger managed to break free, and counter by landing on her feet behind her. She shoved Kaoru into the ropes, and exploded into a spear that folded her up on the rebound. Leona collapsed on the mat next to her for a moment before she raised her head to look for her, and then throw an arm across her chest for the cover!

Zack: Leona was in position for the ATOM’S GLOW! And that was one hell of a counter into a spear! Vega looking for the gold!!




Kaoru’s shoulder came up, and Leona pushed up to sit on her knees. She seemed to still be out of it a bit, and was shaking her head as she got back to her feet. The challenger headed for the far corner, and sat in a crouch as she watched Kaoru like a hawk while she started to rise.

Christian: She could be looking for another spear here. I’m not sure what she’s thinking, just that she hasn’t taken her eyes off Kaoru for even a second!

As soon as Kaoru was vertical, Leona took off in a sprint with a leaping Superman punch! But Kaoru caught her head, and countered with an ace crusher that caused the crowd to shout “SPACE JAM!” before Asaka fell to the mat across from her.

Zack: Jesus! Leona looking for a Superman punch, and Kaoru…..my God, what a counter! This is over! Andi’s put away damn near everyone with that move, and I’m sure Kaoru is about to be able to say the same!

The referee began her mandatory ten count as both women lay on the mat until Kaoru began to move finally at the five count. She made it over to Leona, and dropped across her to make the cover. Stringer slid into position immediately as the crowd came to their feet.

Zack: A Space Jam’s gonna send Kaoru home with the gold!




Stringer looked up as she was about to call for the bell, and saw Leona’s leg across the bottom rope. She immediately waved off the count, causing a confused look from Kaoru until she too saw the leg.

Christian: My heart was in my throat right there, Zack! Good job, Leona! She knew where she was enough to get her leg over the rope! Thank you!

The champion slowly made it back to her feet, taking in deep breaths as she leaned back against the ropes for a moment. Leona started to rise to her knees, her head hanging in front of her before she started to push up to her feet. Kaoru spun her around, and snatched her up into a leg hook Saito suplex that bounced her off the turnbuckles to the canvas. The champion rose again, and took off for the far side. Leona started to rise slowly once again, only to catch a dropkick to the face that dropped her again. Kaoru grabbed her by the arm and leg to drag her towards the center and into a cover!

Zack: RADAWAY!! Right on the damn button too! Kaoru’s reign rolls on!!




Vega’s shoulder popped up off the mat, and Kaoru immediately rolled off to the mat. A slight look of frustration began to form on her face as she looked over to the lifeless Leona laying on the canvas.

Christian: She’s not going to be denied tonight, Zack! Leona’s been to this point too many times! Kaoru can’t put her away no matter how hard she tries.

Kaoru got back to her feet, nodding her head as she seemed to have something in mind. She pulled Leona up with her, but the challenger collapsed against her legs. Asaka leaned down and picked her up to her feet, and applied her inverted facelock! The crowd came to its feet as she hoisted her up into the air!

Zack: There’s only one thing left to do! Vega’s about to feel the ATOM’S GLOW!!

As soon as she got her up, Leona was spiked into the canvas with Kaoru’s brainbuster variation. She immediately rolled through with a tight hook of both legs.

Zack: She got it that time! ATOM’S GLOW!!




Christian: …..Wait a minute

Zack: That’s it! Kaoru’s done it again! The Atomic Age will carry on!

Maggie: The winner of this match…..AND STILL FFW Champion……’ATOMIC’ KAORU ASAKA!!!!

Christian: No….No, she isn’t!

Zack: What are you talking about?

Christian: Can we get a replay, please?

At his request, the show cuts to an instant replay as Kaoru hits her finisher and makes the cover. And then we see Leona’s leg stretch across the bottom rope.

Zack: Wait a second...is that what you’re talking about? The referee...she obviously didn’t see it, but Leona Vega’s leg is over the bottom rope!

Christian: Yeah, Kaoru didn’t beat her. Excuse me!

Christian left the booth, and headed for the ring to talk to the referee.

Zack: There it is plain as day, Leona got her leg across the bottom rope. But Stringer didn’t see it! I’m not sure what good telling the referee is going to do though...her decision is final!

Christian helped Leona to her feet as he continued to explain what happened. Kaoru didn’t see it because she was distracted by someone on the stage. She looked towards the ramp to see Shaw standing there with a smile on her face.

Zack: Was that who Samantha was talking about? Is...Is Shaw the next challenger for the FFW Championship?! What about Leona?! We’re almost out of time! Relentless ends in controversy! Kaoru nor the referee saw Leona’s leg across the bottom rope, and Shaw’s seemingly going to Unstoppable! There’s a major problem here!

Kaoru hopped down, and turned to see the discussion going on in the ring. As she went to investigate it, Relentless faded off the air.
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