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April 22, 2019, 06:22:53 am
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After Shock Preview for Future Shock 41

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Author Topic: After Shock Preview for Future Shock 41  (Read 103 times)
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« on: June 10, 2018, 06:16:14 pm »

After clicking play on the video on the FFW site, there we find After Shockís host Jake Chandler. But this time, he isnít in the studio. Nor is he dressed all that much. Instead we find him on the beach sitting in a lounge chair poolside. He and his guest are sat at a table with an umbrella over it, both of them with a fruity looking drink. Jakeís got on board shorts and an opened looud Hawaiian style shirt.

Jake: Hey there, everyone! Thanks for watching After Shock! As you can see, we arenít in the studio today. We went on a little field trip! And given the theme of the next show, it seemed only appropriate to find a pool too. Iím here with Erica Horton, who was front and center for Future Shockís visit to Glasgow! Welcome to After Shock, Erica!

Erica gives a grin to the camera, before pulling her hair off her face and tying it back in a ponytail.

Erica: Thanks for having me, Jake! Always a pleasure to be on this. Iíll tell you what though, that was certainly a show and a half we gave Glasgow. Almost like they know what that crowd likes.

Jake: Absolutely. Before we get started, we should thank the Omni Hotel here in Los Angeles for letting us shoot After Shock poolside. They even brought us drinks. Erica, ever been to a pool party before?

As if to make the point, Erica holds up the glass of clear liquid sitting in front of her.

Erica: Actually, I havenít! We donít get that kind of weather in Scotland usually. And none of my sisters are sociable enough these days to have one...and Carys lives in an apartment block anyway. Have you?

Jake: Not recently, but that will change very soon. Before we dive in...heh...letís quickly talk about all the news out of Glasgow. Future Shock made itís third international trip, this time to Scotland. And it was the second highest rated episode since the Sydney event, which won the Show of the Year by the fans. What were your highlights from getting to head back to Scotland, much less being part of a Future Shock show?

Erica: From being in Scotland? I got a couple days in Edinburgh with my maternal grandparents, who I donít see much for obvious reasons. But from the show...too many, to be honest. So much went on that was good itís hard to pin it down. Iím gonna give a particular feel good moment to Rose though. Not everyday someone gets proposed to on worldwide television!

Jake: Not to mention finds out sheís heading to the FFW roster. That was probably the biggest night of her career and life thus far, and she didnít even have a match. I noticed quite a few of the female fans in attendance were moved by it too. Congratulations to her on both getting engaged and heading to FFW. Were you at all surprised how close the vote was with Angel?

Erica: ...Yes and no. Yes because Rose is just so popular. As Angel herself said, she knew she had a mountain to climb so to not be washed out was quite the surprise, probably to everyone. What got me most about it was how...unbothered she seemed to be by it. Like yes we know it was going to be a long shot but at the end of it, having hopes dashed like that sucks for everyone. But no because, as Christian himself pointed out, there are a lot of fans out there who are more purist than anything else. And yes, I feel purist is the best adjective here even with the way Angel behaves herself because she is, at the end of it, here to wrestle.

Jake: Both the Aspire Ring and the Future Shock Championship were on the line in Glasgow, and neither title changed hands. Gillie and Andi had a great match, where Andi found out, among other things, how hard of a head Gillie has. And Lacey retained against CelesteÖ.through little fault of her own doing, I think we can agree.

Erica: I still donít understand why Andi decided to try that twice. I think dad had the best reaction it after Andi herself. Though it does beg the question of whether or not your roommate actually does eat concrete. But Iím very happy for Gillie, that was well worked for. Sure that wonít be the last of Andi though. And Lacey...she doesnít get much done without someone giving her a hand, really. Which is a bit of a shame, to be honest. And like Andi before, Iím pretty sure that wonít be the last time we see Celeste getting a shot at the ring after that.

Jake: We also know the order of Laceyís next set of challengers to the Ring. She said sheís going to be going for five matches, and be the first to graduate with the RIng. Gemma Pierce overcame Kaya Crimson, and Lydia Charisma won a triple threat to get her shot. So Laceyís got her work cut out for her against Gemma, Kaya, and then Lydia! I donít envy her a bit, and she may need all the help she can get.

Erica: Iím actually glad to hear her say she wants to be the first to graduate with the ring. And Iím not saying that because I want her off the roster. Iím saying it because itís been two sodding years and no one has gotten brave enough to do it. Thought Reed might have, but turned out no. Of those three though, Iím not sure who Iíd wager would be most likely to take it off her, or most likely to be a successful defence. Lydia would be her hardest match, probably, but we know enough here to know how wrestling works. Besides, she might not get past Gemma.

Jake: Time will tell. And because sheíll probably complain if we donít, I suppose we should bring up Tara Cortezís win. Sheíll be meeting Andi Takata at Wipeout after a rather heated exchange on Twitter not too long ago. But she has a win over Tracey Murdock in the rematch of the original that never got to take place.

Erica: I feel like youíre mentioning that match just to keep her happy...and annoy me. I didnít mind that match too much, for all Tara grinds my last nerve. That said...whatever the hell that was that went on at the end was some amount of bull. If youíre a fan of that, I want to know what skee-wiff nonsense is going on in your head!

Jake: Iím just trying to save a lot of complaining about not recognizing her streak rolls on. Anyway, letís switch gears. Because on June 19th, Erica, Future Shock is hosting its first all challenge episode! And even better, itís going to be a pool party! Weíll have Prospects and special guests as well all coming to enjoy the water and sun next Future Shock!

Erica: You know, Iím actually really looking forward to this. A big part of Future Shock as the early fans know it is challenges, and we donít see as much of them now that itís its own show. Which makes sense, and I understand that entirely and the reasons for that. Iím just really happ to see that itís going to be happening for an entire show!

Jake: Me too, I think it could be a lot of fun. Iím sure the girls wonít mind having a night without having to take bumps and bruises, and can relax a little. Adamís put together a few challenges for them, and weíll have some visitors as well. One guest will be joining us from HELL Lucha Libre, Sydney Christensen. Another guest will be SVWís Luci!

Erica gives an appreciative smile.

Erica: Iíve never heard of Sydney, so Iíll withhold there. Luci on the other hand Iím not sure I expected. She hasnít been to a FFW show of any kind sinceÖ.2010, at least so far as I know, and Iíve been to almost every show that FFW has ever produced. But she seems like the kind to just want to have fun, so it canít be all bad!

Jake: Of course not. Letís talk about some of the challenges you will get to see. One was already announced in Glasgow. Jessica Anderson, another guest returning to Future Shock, will face Missy by request. Theyíll meet in water joust, and the winner there will face Cassandra Steen. Cassandra insists anything her sister does, sheíll do better. And she kindaÖ.shoehorned herself into this one.

Erica: I always found that Jessica Anderson being involved in Future Shock as a wrestler to be a bit odd, given she was a main roster competitor for a while. But that first match will be a good one...Cassandra deciding to be the embodiment of ďanything you can do, I can do betterĒ however is...why is that a thing? Might be my own family dynamic, questionable as that might be these days, doesnít allow for that kind of thing.

Jake: Weíre also going to have dodgeball! With a bridge over the pool, the girls will be looking to avoid getting caught in the crossfire. Executive Assistant Brianna Singer will be throwing, and itís quite a crew on the ledge. Youíll have Luci, Sydney Christensen, Mara Werth, Celeste, and Lacey involved in the game. Iím not sure those last two are going to get along at all though.

Erica arched an eyebrow.

Erica: Keep Celeste and Lacey on opposite sides of the bench and weíll be fine. Unless they end up being the last two, in which case everyone duck and cover. Thatíll be interesting though, and maybe for the first time weíll see Brianna involved in something that she doesnít pick a side in!

Jake: Also thereís going to be a brand new challenge weíve never seen in Future Shock. To be a Prospect, you have to be pretty quick on your feet and have a good sense of balance. Weíll put that to the test in a log rolling competition. Several logs will be decked from one end of the pool to the other, spinning around at different speeds. Whoever makes it across fastest without falling in the water wins! What do you think of that?

Erica: I think Adam might have been watching Ninja Warrior and decided to adapt it a bit! But thatíll be a really good challenge for the girls, I reckon. As you said, speed and balance are key in wrestling, and Iím certainly not opposed to seeing them do that in more unorthodox ways.

Jake: Wait till you hear the competitors. Youíll have Andi Takata, Mila ďMidnightĒ Martin, Lydia Charisma, ď10 StarĒ Tara Cortez and MisÖ.sorry, Vivi Robichaud! You couldnít find a more diverse group, I donít think.

Erica: This actually sounds like the kind of thing Andi and Mila especially could excel in. Mila because of her military training and Andi because sheís already so notably nimble. But yeah, this could be a very, very interesting challenge to watch, especially with that group of people.

Jake: Itís gonna be a packed hour full of challenges. We expect most of the Prospect roster to be there, as well as guests and who knows who else! Iíd suggest to the girls that they try to stay out of trouble, because I mean...getting into a fight in swimwear seems like an idea designed to cause a problem. Itís not really built for much other than swimming or tanning.

Erica: It wouldnít stop some of these girls though, would it? Thereís more than a few on the roster, and potentially from the guests who really just want an excuse to fight with each other.

Jake: I also know that the FFW Champion will be on hand as well. Kinda shows you how much interest this show has drawn when the champion herself wants to be part of it. Kaoru Asaka will be there on the 19th.

Erica: I like the sound of this! It also makes sense, given that her partner is involved in the show. Long as itís nothing but good attention!

Jake: Iím looking forward to it! Future Shock throws itís first pool party on the 19th with plenty of challenges, guests, and who knows what else! Make sure you join us, and donít forget your sunscreen! Special thanks to my co-host today, Erica, and weíll see you poolside on the 19th!

A wave graphic washes over the screen before the video cuts out.

~ ~ ~

OOC: This show will be 100% completely angled. You still will post for your challenges like normal though. Have fun with it!
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