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April 22, 2019, 06:02:03 am
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FFW Breaking Point - June 30, 2018

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Author Topic: FFW Breaking Point - June 30, 2018  (Read 160 times)
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« on: July 01, 2018, 06:23:02 pm »

Live from the PNC Arena in Raleigh, North Carolina
June 30, 2018

The FFW logo flashes across the screen before we go live inside the arena to a very loud crowd responding to the lyrics of “Money and the Power” by Kid Ink. The Chief Operating Officer of FFW, Seth Star, emerges on the stage as the Raleigh crowd gives him a loud reception.

Money and the power
Once you get a 'lil they just want to take you down (cause)
I got the money and the power
Once you get a 'lil they just want to take you down (cause)

Zack: Welcome to Breaking Point, and we are less than a month away from the biggest night of the year in women’s wrestling, not to mention FFW! I’m talking about Unstoppable 9, of course. We are live in the PNC Arena in Raleigh, North Carolina. And it looks like we are starting the night off with the COO of FFW.

Mai: Best leader since Saddam Hussein, Zack. He should be ashamed of himself for all the trouble he’s caused his sweet and loving sister lately.

Martin had a dream, I’ve been dreamin’ ’bout gold
Tell ‘em I just wanna shine, and I gotta let it show
Show up on the scene, walk right through the door

Seth heads to the ring, greeting a few of the fans along the ramp before he heads up the steps into the ring. Maggie hands a microphone up to him as he turns to address the crowd, while his music starts to fade out.

Seth: Ladies and gentlemen, Unstoppable 9 is less than a month away. It’s the most important and biggest night of the year for FFW. For years, I was relegated to watching it from the corner, usually in the corner of Jodie Gray. But this year, I have the privilege of being able to do far more than watch from the sidelines. This year, I have the ability to ensure a level playing field. Granted, that’s not something I have been known for doing. But better late than never, right?

Mai: I hate people who are reformed, Zack. Being mean is so much more fun.

Zack: Go up there, and tell him how you feel about him. Let’s see how that works out for you.

Seth: In that capacity, I am also afforded the opportunity to make things right. And that is precisely what I have in mind tonight. Not too long ago, Cody Kincaid visited Velocity. While he and I have had our disagreements in years gone by, I think we’ve moved past that now. As a matter of fact, I’ve not told many people this but he has also given me some advice since I took this job in how to be as effective as possible. How he was treated by my sister was not something I was proud of, not in the slightest. Her newfound pet, Jo McFarlane, might have enjoyed it. I don’t know about that personally, but I certainly didn’t. And that’s why with the 9th annual Unstoppable right around the corner, I wanted to take an opportunity to allow a particular Hall of Famer to be part of it.

Zack: I know who this is! He’s been talking about it on social media for some time now.

Mai: Ugh.

Seth: And that woman, albeit a deserving member of the FFW Hall of Fame, is also a record-setting 5 time FFW Champion. Raleigh, would you join me in welcoming back to Breaking Point for the first time in quite some time…...SCARLETT KINCAID!

The lights go out, leaving the crowd in silence for a moment before “Into The Sun” by The Parlor Mob kicks in, all the lights in the arena stuttering on and off. As the guitar opening slows down the lights die and are replaced only by a bright white spotlight shining down onto the middle of the entrance ramp like a golden sunbeam slicing down from the heavens and illuminating where Scarlett Kincaid, head bowed, in a black jeans, high heels and a checked shirt. As the first verse is sung, She stands there, breathing deeply and composing herself for a long couple of seconds before she starts to head toward the ring. On her way down the entrance ramp she high fives as many of the fans on both sides of the entrance ramp as she possibly can on her way to the ring.

As she gets to the ring she climbs onto the apron and stands in the middle of the ropes, leaning backwards over the top rope as she pumps her fist. The red haired wrestler pauses for a couple of seconds as she allowed a huge smile to cross her lips at the reaction she was getting from the crowd. Finally she stepped inside the ring, heading towards the nearest ring corner where she climbed to the middle rope and raised her hands in the air, getting another cheer from the crowd. The Cajun dropped down to her feet and took a microphone from Maggie before she joined Seth in the middle of the ring.

Scarlett: Good evening Raleigh! Good evening FFW! Hey, what do you know? I managed to get in the building and I’ve not been thrown out… Yet!

She lowered the microphone, laughing to herself for a moment.

Scarlett: It feels real good… amazing in fact to be back in front of you all once more. I’ll be honest with you all, I was a little surprised when Seth Star here reached out to me and invited me to not only come and be a guest of his here on Breaking Point but also to come on out to Unstoppable 9 and have a role in the event. Because there’s been more than one occasion throughout the years that for one reason or another, I’ve wanted to take his head off.

As she gave Seth another small smile, her left thumb absent-mindedly played with her wedding ring.

Scarlett: But I’m pleased to say that’s behind us now.

Seth: No one is happier about that than me, I assure you. You see, I had a very special role for you in mind at Unstoppable, Mrs. Kincaid. I think I already know the answer to this question, but am I correct in assuming you watched Relentless?

The red head nodded in response.

Scarlett: You would be correct. You spend seven years of your life and you help build something up, you don’t just walk away. Besides, it’s always good to be able to scout out the competition. Maybe learn a thing or two. So, yeah, I’ve kept on watching and I saw Relentless.

Seth: Then you’ve seen the recent change that has taken place with one of our Hall of Fame inductees this year, Jo McFarlane. You saw how she has become, not to mention her trying to intimidate the referee during her match with Savannah on that show.

Scarlett: I did indeed. Jo seems to have changed a lot recently - I’ve even been on the receiving end of this new outlook that she has.

Seth: So I’ve seen. Well then, this offer may interest you greatly then. With the rematch between Jo McFarlane and Savannah Taylor set for Unstoppable 9, I want to make sure someone is in charge of that match who isn’t going to be intimidated. Someone who isn’t going to be worried about the repercussions from my sister if they don’t tow the line. And that’s why, Mrs. Kincaid, I’d like you to be the special guest referee in the No Holds Barred match at Unstoppable 9.

The Louisiana native nodded her head.

Scarlett: I can understand why you’d want someone who won’t be pushed around be either competitor, someone who knows the rules and what to watch out for and may - if she absolutely has to - push back. No free passes whatsoever for either Jo or Savannah. You’ve picked the right woman Mr. Star. I’m honoured and happy to be part of Unstoppable 9 as the special guest referee for the No Holds Barred match.

Mai: When has Jo ever been anything but wonderful to a referee?! What edited copy of Relentless did they watch that I didn’t see?

Zack: The same one you saw, though you might have remembered it differently given your drinking regimen. In any event, that’s one hell of a referee to keep things as they should between Jo and Savannah.

Seth offered the Cajun a handshake, which she returned to a pop from the crowd. A smile formed on his face as the image faded from there.

The FFW logo flashes across the screen. We see Kaoru Asaka sitting in a cubicle dressed in a business suit as five people stand around her pointing fingers and giving her a lot of flack. The clock hand on the wall behind her continues to spin through hours as Kaoru’s face gets more and more angry.  “One of a Kind” by Breaking Point begins to play.

The monitor behind her shows a series of clips including Steph Stefano delivering a punt kick, Scarlett Silver looking at her reflection in a full length mirror with her manager behind her, Next is an arena dance party with Rose Gardner in the ring, Angelina Fantastica delivering a hip check to the head, and Isis Morales crushing a globe in her hands.

Next we find Kaoru erupting out of her seat, and starting to throw punches at the suits yelling at her. Punches all around before she tears the suit off she’s wearing to reveal her ring attire, and then reaches under her desk to pull out a sledgehammer. She looks at it for a second, and heads out of her cubicle.

The next clip shows Valerie McKinley looking up in front of her manager as money rains down around her, bringing a wide grin to her face, Sophia Pike applying her armbar submission in the ring, Kelly Kincaid delivering her headlock driver, and Artemis Kaiser giving a Stockton Slap across the face.

Then we find Kaoru taking the sledgehammer and crashing it through a glass door into one of the offices. She brings it down across the desk, putting a hole in it before firing it at some of the pictures on the wall. One of them is a poster of her with the words “tsundere dragon”, which she takes great pride in destroying. She heads out of the office into the parking lot, leaving holes in the wall as she passes with her sledgehammer. When she finds the boss’ car parked in a handicap space, she swings the sledgehammer around and crashes it through the windshield and setting off the alarm before the Breaking Point logo appears on the screen.

We then go to a live shot as the packed crowd roars as multi-colored spotlights flash all over the arena as the theme continues to play over the PA system.

Maggie: Ladies and gentlemen, this is the opening contest of Breaking Point and is a Tag Team Contest!!

Zack: We’re kicking things off with some tag team action, and the main roster debut of one of Future Shock’s most popular tag teams facing the Privileged Circle.

Mai: So easy win for the Circle then? That’s what you mean to say, isn’t it?

The opening guitars of Muse’s “Supermassive Black Hole” comes out through the speakers, which gains a pop from the crowd in attendance. As the guitar changes briefly to cite the drums starting up as well, the two women of The Next Generation, Caitlyn Storm and Mandy Gray, emerge from behind the curtain. The two girls turn to each other and fistbump before heading down the ramp.

Maggie: On their way to the ring, hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina and New York City, New York, they are Mandy Gray and Caitlyn Storm, THE NEXT GENERATION!

With Maggie’s intro out of the way, the girls pick up speed and all but throw themselves under the bottom rope and push themselves to their feet. Together still, they head for the turnbuckles. Mandy stands on the second rope while Caitlyn on the top one next to her. The two girls pose for a moment before jumping down and retreating to their corner, where they discuss something between them as the music fades out.

Zack: Caitlyn and Mandy have been on the hunt for the Future SHock Tag Titles recently, and are still pursuing them. But tonight, they begin their FFW journey as a tag team.

Mai: Remember the rule of King Midas, Zack. He who has the gold makes the rules. They have no gold, so call me when they do.

The opening chords of “Destroy & Conquer” by Future World Music begin to rattle through the arena, the curtains start to move as Valentina Lozano & Isis Morales slowly steps out onto the ramp. They are unfazed by the boos from the crowd as Valentina bends her right knee and angles her left leg, her right arm shooting up into the air with a cocky smirk with Isis standing behind her, raising her fist in the air with a cocky smirk, standing in a unified domineering pose while basking in the negative heat of the crowd. Valentina gets back to her feet and then begins to walk side by side with Isis down the aisle.

Maggie: Making their way to the ring…at a total combined weight of three hundred and sixty-five pounds....”The Latin Goddess” Valentina Lozano and “The Titaness” Isis Morales... They are...


At the ringside area, Valentina and Isis walk around the ring once, gracing the crowd with sneering glares before entering the ring, Valentina then glares towards the referee in the ring and orders the referee to hold the ropes for her, which the referee reluctantly complies by doing what she says. She then wipes her feet on the apron and enters the ring. Meanwhile, Isis enters the ring by stepping over the top rope with ease. The ladies then go to opposite ring posts in which they climb up and pose to the crowd with complete confidence, taking in the atmosphere while the crowd reaction continues and the cameras flashing.

After the ladies taunt the crowd and their opponents, Valentina then goes to one of the corners to lean against.  After giving Valentina a few words and patting her on the shoulder, Isis smirks and stretches a little as they await for the bell to ring.

Zack: We’ll also be seeing these two women, along with Valerie McKinley, in a six woman tag team main event at Future Shock Tuesday.

Mai: Would you quit flapping your gums about Future Shock? This is the big leagues, this is FFW. Who cares what a bunch of rookies are doing?!

Stephen Wilson asked the teams to decide who was starting the match with Isis stepping out onto the apron while Mandy Gray started the match off for the Next Generation, prompting the referee to call for the bell. The pair stepped out of their respective corners, heading straight towards each other in the middle of the ring where Valentina fired off a forearm towards her foe catching her in the side of the face. She followed it up with a second forearm to the face. Mandy stumbled backwards only for Valentina to grab hold of her wrist and jerk her forward into a clothesline that sent her down to the canvas.

Mai: Neither half of Next Generation match up well at all with the Circle, so this is probably going to be embarrassing for them before it’s said and done. Mandy’s already getting it!

Mandy sat up and tried to rise to her feet only for the Global Wars Winner to deliver two quick kicks to the spine. Gray rolled over onto her knees only to get another kick to her body from the Canadian wrestler, followed by another kick as she got to her feet before Lozano tagged the Next Generation member with a European uppercut to the jaw, followed by a second European uppercut before she took hold of Gray’s wrist and sent her barrelling the short distance into the Privileged Circle’s corner. Isis held up her hands as she stepped away from Mandy and Lozano charged in to drive a knee into her stomach. Immediately Val followed that up with a series of raised knees into her abdomen as Wilson ordered her to let her opponent out of the corner and started the count.

Mai: So enlighten me here, Zack. Why do you like these two nerds so much? Do you owe them money or something?

Zack: Geeks are cool these days. I realize you may not know that, because you haven’t found one at the bottom of a tequila bottle, but still...

Lozano backed away from Mandy on the four count, retreating to the middle of the ring before she measured up the Next Generation member. As the Privileged Circle member charged in, Gray leaned back in the corner and kicked her feet upwards, catching her foe in the face. Lozano staggered backwards holding her jaw as Mandy launched herself backwards, catching Isis with a furious back elbow into her chest that surprised the Titaness, causing her to step back off the apron. Valentina recovered and started to step forward only for Mandy to take a quick step forward and launch herself into a high knee to her chest forcing her opponent to step backwards. Mandy stepped back into the corner as she weighed up her foe once more and as she took a step forward, Isis reached underneath the bottom rope and jerked a foot out from underneath the Next Generation member, sending Mandy Gray falling face forward to the mat.

Mai: Boy, that Mandy reminds me more and more of her sister everyday, Zack. She spent a lot of time face down on the mat too.

The woman from North Carolina immediately started to push up to her feet only for Lozano to deliver a leg drop across the back of her neck driving her face first into the canvas once more. Quickly Valentina pulled Mandy up to her feet with her, hooked hold of her arm before she drove her face first into the canvas with a forward Russian leg sweep. Lozano rolled her opponent over and made the cover.



Mai: Just give up, Mandy. This is getting very humiliating for your team. What on Earth were you two thinking signing for this?

Zack: We go through this regularly, where you downplay someone’s ability and they show you up before the match is over. Don’t you get tired of looking ridiculous?

Mandy kicked out and found herself quickly pulled up to her feet by Valentina who quickly delivered a German suplex to the Next Generation member. The Global Wars winner came to her feet and quickly made the tag to Isis. The Red Haired Goliath stepped quickly into the ring and the two members of the Privileged Circle pulled Mandy back up to her feet and the pair of them delivered a double suplex to her. Valentina rolled to the outside and Isis once more pulled Gray up to her feet only to send her back down to the canvas with a vicious headbutt. Quickly Mandy sat up and tried to get to her feet only for Isis to grab hold of her hair in one hand, yanking her back to a vertical base where she backed her up towards the ring ropes with a stiff forearm shots, finishing off with a spinning backfist that saw Mandy fall backwards against the ropes. As Mandy staggered forward, Isis took hold of her wrist and whipped her across the ring into the ropes and caught her with a spinebuster. As she delivered the move, she pressed her hands down on the North Carolinan’s shoulders to make the cover.

Mai: Finish her off, Isis! It’s hard for Isis to respect someone she has to get down on all fours to even see, Zack.



Zack: I doubt that’s true. But if it is, she’ll regret that choice before the match is over.

Mandy kicked out once more and again found herself pulled up to her feet by Isis who used a handful of hair to drag her towards the Privileged Circle corner and made another tag to Valentina who started to climb to the top rope. As she did so, Isis stepped forward and drove her knee into Mandy’s stomach, doubling her over before she jerked her into a standing headscissors. Wilson started the count on the red haired woman as Isis attempted to lift Mandy onto her shoulders for a powerbomb only for Gray to block the attempt. Once more Morales attempted to lift her upwards, but again found it blocked and this time the Next Generation member countered with a back body drop that sent her over to the canvas. Gray fell towards the top rope as Lozano was perched on the top rope; the Canadian leaping over her opponent and landing on her feet before she had a rough landing on the turnbuckle.

Zack: Mandy’s starting to fight back more, but what impressive agility from Valentina right there!

Valentina spun around quickly and advanced on Grey, getting close to her before she threw a heart punch towards her chest only for Mandy to drop to a knee, ducking underneath the blow before she swept Lozano’s leg out from underneath her. Lozano immediately tried to get back to her feet only to be sent back to the canvas once more with a dropkick. Again the Canadian tried to rise only to found herself sent down to the canvas once more with an arm drag that sent her back towards the Next Generation corner. As Valentina rolled through and came to her feet, Gray caught her with a running knee into her gut before she shoved her roughly back into the turnbuckle pads, grabbing the top rope and started to fire off sidekicks into her midriff.

Mai: Would you look at that? Jodie Jr. is starting to get some offense in. Not that it’ll do her any good, but it’s a valiant effort.

Zack: The Gray sisters are nothing alike. For one, Mandy is quicker on her feet. Just ask Valentina after the match is over.

Wilson called for the break and used the five count that saw Mandy relent on four as she grabbed hold of Lozano’s wrist and jerked her forward, out of the corner and into a raised knee to her gut. As Valentina doubled over, Mandy hooked the former Tornado Tag Team Champions head and planted her into the canvas with a DDT. Mandy took a moment before she sat up, finding Valentina already starting to push upwards spurring Gray into action as the Next Generation member moved quickly to apply a side headlock to Lozano. As the Canadian continued to return to a vertical base, Mandy rose with her and used the headlock to pull her into the corner where she reached for the tag, slapping her partner’s hand as Valentina lifted her up off her feet and dropped her with a back suplex.

Zack: There’s a blind tag! I’m not sure Valentina saw it. But she’s about to find out the hard way very shortly.

Lozano started to rise back to her feet only for Caitlyn to drive her back down to her knees with a roaring elbow. The Canadian began to push up once more; Caitlyn immediately firing off stiff kicks into her opponents rib cage and then to her legs, landing five to her upper thigh before she caused her to stumble with a front kick straight to the kneecap. Before Lozano could regain her balance, the New Yorker grabbed hold of her by her ring attire, spun her around and sent her to the canvas with a judo like throw. Quickly the Future Shock Graduate followed it up with a knee drop into her body before making a cover.

Mai: Look, even Caitlyn with those fat ankles of hers thinks her team will lose, she’s trying to win by surprise.



Zack: It was unlikely that was going to work, but you can’t fault anyone for going for the win at most any time. That is how you get the bigger end of the purse.

The Latin Goddess kicked out of the pinfall attempt and started to push upwards only for Caitlyn to catch her from behind with a Full Nelson, pulling her upright and backwards to the Next Generation corner. Lozano struggled against the hold only to find that Storm had locked her fingers behind her head to lock the hold in tight. As they got to the corner, Mandy made the tag to her partner and stepped through the ropes once more as she started to fire off a series of kicks into the Toronto born wrestlers stomach. The official started the count on Storm after ordering her to leave the ring and on four, Caitlyn suddenly jerked Valentina upwards and backwards, off her feet and into a Full Nelson slam. The New Yorker headed towards her corner as her partner leapt onto the ropes, springboarding off them and into a lionsault that landed across Lozano’s chest. She hooked her leg and went for the pinfall.

Mai: This will not work.




Zack: Very nice moonsault from Caitlyn, and she got a little closer that time to putting Valentina away here in Raleigh.

Valentina kicked out once more and started to push up to her feet only to find Amanda already on her feet and heading towards the ropes; the Next Generation member hitting the ropes and bouncing back towards the Canadian as she made it to one knee and delivered a shining wizard to the side of her head. Lozano, though, managed to get her hand up to block the force of the blow to knock her to the side. Valentina took a moment before she started to rise once more, Amanda letting her get to her feet before she grabbed hold of her arm and sent her the Privileged Circle member to her back with a flying mare takedown. Gray rolled through into the mount position and began to deliver a series of open handed slaps to her face. The official ordered Mandy to let her opponent up from the mat, using the count and getting to four before she rolled away. Lozano rolled the other way, under the ropes and out of the ring.

Zack: If you want to see a fired up Mandy Gray, here she is! Valentina wanted nothing more to do with her!

Mai: It’s called breaking momentum, Zack. You’d know that if you were ever a major wrestling star like myself.

As Valentina got to her feet, Wilson tried to get Gray to back up only for Amanda to refuse as she headed towards the ropes near Valentina and hurled herself over the ropes with a corkscrew plancha. The Charlotte native landed across Valentina’s chest causing her to crash into a heap on the floor. Quickly Mandy pulled her foe up to her feet and rolled her back into the ring before she pulled herself up onto the apron. Gray waited, waving Lozano back to her feet only for Isis to move down the apron towards her. Wilson intercepted the Titaness, ordering her back to her corner as Mandy watched her, ready to defend herself. Isis paused only for a moment before she stepped down the apron once more, causing Wilson to stick his body through the ropes to get between the wrestlers.

Mai: That’s not his job. If I was Valentina, I’d deck him and teach him right away about what he’s supposed to be doing.

Zack: It’s called assertive refereeing, and we should see more of it. If Valentina wants to be disqualified, go ahead and take your advice.

As he did so, Mandy turned her attention back to the ring just in the nick of time to duck underneath an attempted running forearm from the recovered Valentina, driving a shoulder thrust into her stomach in answer. Lozano doubled over and Gray used the ropes to launch herself into a baseball slide through her opponents legs. Isis continued to argue with the referee as Mandy got to her feet and moved towards Valentina who lashed out with a mule kick towards Gray’s stomach only for the North Carolinan to catch hold of her foot and yank the Canadian backwards away from the ropes, causing her to faceplant into the mat. Isis retreated back to her corner and as she did so, Amanda Gray grabbed Lozano by the arms and locked in a surfboard submission hold, rocking to build up momentum before she fell onto her back, hoisting Lozano up into the air, applying pressure to her spine.

Zack: Mandy’s using a very smart strategy in trying to wear down Valentina’s back. But as strong as she is, that could take a while. But she’s got all night in this surfboard.

Isis grabbed hold of the tag rope in her corner and tried to rally Valentina as Wilson quickly turned back to the action and started to ask the Torontonian if she wanted to submit. Valentina refused, shaking her head from side to side as Gray continued to pull back on her arms. Still the Privileged Circle refused to quit and found herself quickly released from the hold as Isis entered the ring, marching over and stomping down on Gray’s face, following it up with a second before she jerked her upwards and threw her down to the canvas with a Gorilla Press Slam before the referee got in the face of the red head and backed her up to the corner once more, reading her the riot act as she did so.

Mai: Ahahahaha! Mandy probably feels like she got run over by a train, and this referee is seriously getting on my nerves.

Valentina rolled to the side and grabbed hold of the ropes, pulling herself up to her feet before she began to stumble towards her corner only for Mandy to push up to her feet and dive towards her partner, making the tag. Caitlyn came in and rushed towards Lozano; stopping her in her tracks she spun the Canadian around to face her and delivered a European uppercut to her jaw. A second European uppercut followed before Storm grabbed hold of her opponent’s wrist and sent her across the ring, catching her on the return with a spinning heel kick. Lozano landed on her back and sat up, holding her jaw as she tried to rise only for Storm to begin to throw kicks towards her body. The stiff kicks staggered Valentina backwards as a step as she managed to get her feet underneath her; Storm continuing to throw her boot towards Lozano’s body… right up until Valentina managed to catch her foot. Caitlyn hopped up on one leg and was about to leave her feet for an enzugiri but was beaten to the punch as the Toronto born wrestler sent her down to the canvas with a vicious looking dragon screw leg whip.

Zack: That’ll tear your knee in a heartbeat! Caitlyn loves using her feet as a major part of her offense, and that will slow her down greatly.

Mai: I hope Valentina didn’t pull a muscle having to lift those Brontosaurus thighs to hit the move.

Caitlyn grimaced in pain as she landed on the mat and reached for her knee before she began to get back to her feet only for Valentina to greet her with a front kick to the same kneecap, then another kick driven into her stomach. Caitlyn leaned forward and Valentina hooked her head before lifting her off feet and into a series of three suplexes - a regular suplex, followed by a stalling vertical suplex and then finally a slingshot suplex. Lozano took a couple of moments to recover, rising to her feet simultaneously with Storm and before the New Yorker could react, Lozano drove her fist into her chest for a heart punch that she followed up with an enzugiri of her own to put her down on the canvas. Again Lozano took a couple of seconds before she rose to her feet, pulling the rising storm up to her feet only to lift her onto her shoulders with a Samoan drop. Lozano pushed up quickly to her feet and headed towards the ring ropes, rebounding off them and into a knee drop. Quickly Lozano hooked the New Yorker’s leg and made the cover.

Mai: Thanks for coming, girls! Next match, head for the curtain!




Zack: Caitlyn is far from done. Storm has a lot left in the tank.

Storm kicked out on the two count and Lozano jerked her upwards as she shook her head at the referee for the speed of his count. She kept hold of Caitlyn’s hair as she pulled her towards the Privileged Circle’s corner and made the tag to Isis. As Isis stepped into the ring, Valentina yanked Storms head downwards into a single knee facebuster, causing her to stagger back to the middle of the ring where Isis caught up with her, applying a rear waistlock that became a German suplex as Lozano skipped forward and drove a superkick into Storm’s jaw. Isis bridged upwards as she landed the move to make the pinfall.




Mai: Too dumb to know when to quit, that Caitlyn. But it’s alright. Valentina doesn’t mind brutalizing her a little longer. I think she enjoys it.

Storm rolled her shoulder at the final moment and once more found herself pulled up to her feet and raised high into the air for a stalling suplex that once more saw her driven back first into the canvas. Again Isis didn’t waste any time at all, bringing Storm back up to her feet and wrapped a hand around her throat, lifting her off the mat and into a single handed chokeslam. Storm arched her back up from the canvas in agony, only for Isis to stomp down on her stomach, forcing her back down to the mat as she stepped over her. Storm curled up holding her stomach for a moment before she once more hauled up to her feet by Isis Morales who pulled her into a standing headscissors. The Titaness held her there for a moment as she raised her hands into the air and brought them down with a double axe handle smash to her spine that dropped the blonde to her knees. Again Isis jerked her upwards and this time lifted her up onto her shoulders only to drive her down to the mat with a sitout powerbomb, holding it for the cover.

Zack: Good Lord, that could do it! A massive powerbomb from Isis may put the Circle in the winner’s column!




Mai: Would someone throw Mandy out a window or something?! Seriously.

Before the referee could complete the three count, Amanda came in and made the save, darting forward and delivering a running boot into Isis face to break up the pin. Gray quickly retreated to the corner, taking up the tag rope and began to slap her hand on the top turnbuckle, the crowd beginning to get behind Caitlyn Storm as Morales brought her up from the canvas and into a bear hug, shaking the blonde back and forth as she squeezed the life out of her. Storm refused to submit as the referee asked the question. The crowd were getting louder and louder behind the Next Generation as Isis shook the blonde once more, arms tightening around her waist. Storm refused to submit once again and this time before Morales could shake her again, Caitlyn clapped her arms together against Isis ears. The Titaness kept the hold applied and Storm bell clapped her once more...and then a third time that got her a release. Caitlyn landed on her feet and quickly dropped Isis to the canvas with a drop toe hold.

Zack: This is what you have to do against Isis, try to keep her off balance and use your speed. And speed is something Caitlyn has in abundance.

Mai: Not to mention cellulite.

The crowd got even louder for the blonde, who appeared to be getting her second wind thanks to the roar of the crowd, coming back to her feet and heading towards the ring ropes, bouncing off them and catching Isis as she was still rising with a bicycle kick to her jaw. Isis staggered backwards and Storm shook her head as she stared at her, leaving her feet and delivering a lungblower to the big red haired wrestler. Isis bounced back up onto her feet and fell back against the ropes but didn’t go down. Storm shook her head once more and headed towards the nearest neutral corner, climbing up onto the middle rope and dove off to grab hold of Isis by the head and drove her down into the canvas finally with a diving DDT.

Mai: Time to stop toying with these two idiots, girls! They are starting to think they can win, and we can’t have that.

Zack: I don’t think the Circle is going to get a choice in the matter.

Storm rolled away towards her corner and made the tag to her partner as Isis was already rising to her feet. Gray entered the ring as Morales became upright and started to move towards the two Next Generation members only for them to step forward to meet her, both of them going low, grabbing a leg each as they dropped Isis to the canvas with a double flapjack. The official asked Storm to leave the ring only to see the blonde first deliver a knee drop to the back of Isis’ skull as the redhead pushed up to her knees. Mandy followed that with a knee drop of her own to their opponents skull as Caitlyn left the ring. Gray quickly rolled Isis over and hooked both legs as she made the cover.




Zack: A near knockout knee strike right there almost put Isis away, but it takes so much to keep her down.

Mai: It’s like trying to hold down a Buick.

Isis pushed Gray off of her and sat up only for Gray to kip up to her feet in response. Mandy circled around Isis letting her get up to one knee before she delivered a super kick to her jaw. Morales rocked backwards but somehow stayed on one knee; her opponent quickly ghosting around behind her to hook her head and drive her down into the mat with a reverse DDT. The Next Generation member wasted no time at all in heading to the apron and quickly climbed to the top rope where she launched herself into a 450 splash that landed perfectly on The Titaness. Quickly she hooked the legs once more as she made the cover.




Zack: Another near fall, and Next Generation are getting closer to putting down the Titaness! You can feel it!

Mai: I can’t.

At the last moment Isis kicked out of the cover and rolled to the side, holding her head with one hand, her ribs with the other. Mandy checked the count with the referee and nodded her head as the two count was shown before getting to her feet and making the tag to Caitlyn. The pair exchanged words as they watched Isis push up to her knees before Mandy darted across the ring, bouncing off the ropes and leaving her feet to land on Isis’ shoulders as she got to one knee attempting the Bath’let spiked hurricanrana into a bodyscissors only for Isis to shove Gray away from her.

Mai: Mandy is like the buzzing of flies to Isis! Did you see her shove her off without any trouble whatsoever?

As the Californian rose to her feet, Mandy get back to hers and both Next Generation members lunged towards their opponent taking her down to her knees with low dropkicks. The pair quickly sprung back to their feet and before Isis could recover they both hooked her head and lifted her upwards for a suplex. Isis blocked the attempt. They went for another double suplex but again Isis blocked it and this time countered with a suplex of her own that saw her slam both her foes into the canvas with a roar.

Zack: What power! Isis manhandled them both at the same time, and the Titaness is already getting up again!

Isis sat up almost immediately, slowly rising to her feet before she set off across the ring and came back with a double clothesline to both Next Generation members. The Titaness quickly turned her attention to Mandy, scooping her as she rose and sending her towards the ropes with a fallaway slam. Isis quickly got back to feet in time to connect with a spinning discus forearm to Storm that knocked her back to the mat. Again Isis was quick to her feet and ran the ropes, coming back with a big boot aimed at the face of Mandy Gray; the girl getting her hand up in the nick but still hit with enough force to send tumbling backwards over the top rope to eventually land on her ass on the floor. Again Isis switched her attention, turning it back to the legal member of the Next Generation. Caitlyn was just getting back to her feet when she found herself scooped off her feet and slammed into the canvas with a Michinoku driver. Isis held on after delivering the move for the pinfall.

Mai: Game. Set. Match. Go back to your Star Trek movies, nerds.




Zack: Every time you see Caitlyn, it’s like she gets better and better. Tonight, we are seeing an indomitable spirit on full display!

At the last second Storms shoulder came up from the canvas, causing Wilson to wave off the count and show the two. Isis glared a hole through him, demanding the three count but he stood firm in his decision, even as the anger spread across Isis face. Again the referee told her it was a two count because of the shoulder coming up, that saw Isis shake her head once more but turn back to Storm anyway as the New Yorker was pushing up to her knees. Isis took hold of two handfuls of her hair that she used to hurl Caitlyn across the ring to the Privileged Circles corner. Storm started to pull herself back to her feet only to get all the air driven from her body thanks to a running knee from Isis. The Titaness then made a tag to the Latin Goddess.

Mai: Now Valentina will finish off whatever Caitlyn has left in her, which can’t be all that much honestly.

Valentina stepped through the ropes with a snug look on her face as she immediately reared back and slapped the taste out Caitlyn’s mouth, snapping her head to the side and immediately causing a red handprint to form. As Storm turned her head back to face Lozano, the Canadian brought her boot up, pressing it against her throat as she snarled at the blonde, telling her she'd soon be kissing that boot. Stephen Wilson demanded the release and started his count that Valentina milked for every second before she dropped her boot to the mat. As Storm gasped for air, Lozano jerked her forward with a handful of hair into a single knee facebreaker that caused Storm to slump backwards against the turnbuckles; her arms over the ropes just holding her upright.

Zack: Caitlyn’s lucky she landed near the ropes right there, because they are the only thing holding her up after that facebreaker.

Mai: Don’t forget her cankles.

Valentina stared smugly at the blonde as she slapped her viciously across the cheek once more before pulling her out of the corner by the wrist. Lozano kept hold of her hand as she pushed her back against the ropes and fired her across the ring, catching the New Yorker with the priceless kiss bicycle kick to the point of the jaw. Storm dropped to the canvas like a sack of rocks, unmoving and seemingly out cold. Lozano took a moment to taunt the fans before pressing her foot down on the middle of Caitlyn's chest, telling Wilson to count the fall.




Zack: What a stupid cover! Those never work, and we aren’t going to break the trend tonight either!

Storm’s shoulder popped up a moment before the three count that caused Valentina to look perturbed, staring at the official who confirmed the two count to her. Lozano shook her head at him as she went to her corner and made the tag to Isis, telling her to finish this. The Titaness moved towards Caitlyn and pulled her up, lifting her up onto her shoulders before she flipped her forward into the Voyage to Armageddon DDT. Isis fell on top of Storm, hooking her legs for the cover.





Zack: Not if Mandy has her way about it! Fantastic save by Mandy Gray, but she still has to find a way to get Caitlyn to her corner to make a tag.

Before the referee could make the three count, Amanda Gray entered the ring and dove on top of Isis, driving her forearms into the back of her head to break up the pin count. As Mandy got back to her feet, Valentina exploded out of her corner and caught Gray with a perfect spear to her midsection, driving her back down to the canvas. Lozano quickly scurried into the mount position as Isis rose to her feet, pulling Storm upwards with her as the girl was little more than a deadweight. The Titaness used her power to lift Caitlyn onto her shoulders once more and while Valentina and Mandy were still fighting on the canvas, Isis drove Storm into the mat yet again with another Voyage to Armageddon and made the cover once more.

Zack: Another Voyage! And there’s no way Caitlyn gets up from two of them!




Mai: You called it! She wouldn’t have gotten up from one if it wasn’t for her annoying tag partner that Valentina had to sort out.

Wilson called for the bell a moment after Mandy managed to break free and dive towards the cover only to get there a moment too late. Isis knelt up over Storm and glared at Gray for just a moment before she drove a forearm into her face while they were both on their knees. Amanda rocked backwards and as she did so, Valentina grabbed hold of her hair, jerked her upright and into an inverted stomp facebreaker that she followed up with a rolling cutter to complete Divine Intervention and left Mandy laying out on the canvas next to her partner.

Maggie: Here are your winners, by way of pinfall… the team of Valentina Lozano and Isis Morales, THE PRIVILEGED CIRCLE!!!

Mai: A little something for Mandy there too, for being a pain in the ass when this match was over when the bell rang for these two nerds.

Zack: An outstanding performance by Next Generation, but Isis and Valentina are a load to deal with! I don’t envy Harley Shannon and NHB this coming Tuesday at Future Shock.

Stephen Wilson raised their hands in the air to boos from the crowd before the two Privileged Circle members placed a boot on the bodies of their opponents and raised each others hands high in victory. The crowd booed them even louder as the show cut elsewhere.


“Work Bitch” hits the speakers as Angelina Fantastica walks out toward the ring, dressed in tight-fitting blue jeans, spike heeled boots, and a black tank top. She waves to the Raleigh crowd, foregoing her usual entrance theatrics in lieu of stepping between the top and middle ropes with a microphone in her hand.

Angelina Fantastica: Hello North Carolina! How y’all enjoying the show so far?

The crowd cheers in response and Angelina grins widely.

Angelina Fantastica: Now, I know lately the subject on everyone’s mind has been loyalty. Specifically, loyalty to Femme Fatale Wrestling. It’s been on the minds of everyone, from Samantha Star on down to people like me, who come out here night after night to make sure you guys are entertained. Now, I’m not gonna come out here and pretend like I know the intricacies of what’s going on between FFW and SVW. There’s bad blood with the higher ups, okay. But that bad blood is starting to filter down to us here on the roster - I mean, look at what just happened with Savannah Taylor and the Franchise.

There’s mostly boos from the crowd, though a few people cheer at the mention of Savannah’s violent expulsion from her faction.

Angelina Fantastica: But I’m not here to talk about Savannah Taylor. Since I started down in Future Shock, I may not have been the most successful wrestler, or the most talented. But what I have shown, week after week, month after month, year after year, is that there is no one on this roster who can beat me for heart. I have been exclusive to FFW since I started with the Future Shock relaunch back in 2016. I’ve done guest matches here and there, but there’s only one company that can say they have a contract with Angelina Fantastica, and that is Femme Fatale Wrestling!

The crowd gives a big cheer and Angelina waves her arms up, encouraging them to get louder and louder.

Angelina Fantastica: So in light of that fact, I am issuing an open challenge to the entire roster of Sex & Violence Wrestling! If you guys want to pick a fight with FFW, then I challenge you to send one person from your roster to face me at Unstoppable 9 and I promise to everyone sitting here in this arena, everyone watching at home… that I will prove why I am, and will always be, the beating, bleeding heart of FFW! Let them send one person from their roster, any one. It can be Misty Whitmore all the way on down to Wilma Iris Napier. Consider yourselves on notice, SVW. And when your challenger meets me at Unstoppable 9? I promise it’s gonna be fantastica.

With that, Angelina exits the ring, strutting confidently up the ramp with a smile on her face.

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We head back to the ring for the next match as Maggie Rourke steps inside with a smile on her face.

Maggie: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is No Disqualifications!

Zack: With a new Ultraviolence Champion, there’s a lot of jockeying in the division to get a crack at Mallory Bennett. We’re about to see two women who would love to do that very thing.

Mai: That’s because Ruby doesn’t know any better than to WANT a No DQ match like this with someone like Sienna. But...she’ll learn.

As the guitar riff, clicked finger intro of Gin Wigmore’s “Kill of the Night” kicks in the arena gets plunged into darkness only for flames to start to rear up from the stage.

The street's a liar
I'm gonna lure you into the dark
My cold desire
To hear the boom, boom, boom of your heart

As the first verse gets played Sienna Moore is raised up from underneath the stage to appear in the middle of the fire. There’s an evil smirk on her face as she holds a toothpick between her teeth. The flames shoot higher on each of the boom’s before dying down at which point she’s joined by Cory Kincaid; prompting her to throw away the toothpick and press a very passionate kiss to his lips.

The danger is I'm dangerous
And I might just tear you apart
Oh, ah, oh

As she breaks the kiss the woman moves confidently and quickly down to the ring, pulling her boyfriend along behind her. Smirking and laughing at the crowd, happy at the reaction that she is inducing in them.

I'm gonna catch ya
I'm gonna get ya, get ya
Oh, ah, oh
I wanna taste the way that you bleed, oh
You're my kill of the night

Now you're mine
But what do I do with you, boy
I'll take your heart
To kick around as a toy

Reaching the ring she pulls herself up onto the apron, leaning back against the ropes as the songs chorus hits on more time, singing along with it as she waits for Cory to climb the ring stairs and hold the ropes open for her to enter the ring.

The danger is I'm dangerous
And I might just tear you apart

The girl pulls her man into another kiss before retreating back to her corner, leaning against it and waiting with a confident looking smirk on her face for the match to begin.

Maggie: Hailing from Lansing, Michigan, weighing 131 1/4lbs and accompanied to the ring by Cory Kincaid...SIENNA MOORE!!!

Zack: Sienna Moore is a very dangerous woman. She may look like the girl next door, but all you have to do is watch some of her matches from her days in Future Shock.

Mai: We’ll both agree on that. I wouldn’t want to be in a match like this with her, I don’t care what the stakes are.

The lights dim just before “Heavy” by The Glorious Sons starts playing throughout the arena.

Come heavy or don't come at all,
You leave your piece at home that's your call,
It never paid to be merciful,
Come heavy or don't come at all

The lights come up as the music rises and Ruby Tyler bursts through the curtain, running down the ramp and high-fiving fans along the way.

Come heavy or don't come at all,
Been here before and watched a better man fall
I smell the fear on you boy
Come heavy or don't come at all

Maggie: From Barstow, California, weighing in at one hundred thirty-five pounds, she is the Huntress, RUBY! TYLER!

Tossing her jacket aside, Ruby turns to face the crowd and pumps her fist in the air before sliding underneath the bottom rope, grinning as she heads to her corner and climbs the turnbuckle, her head bobbing as the chorus plays out. Once the music fades, she hops down and turns, waiting for her opponent.

Zack: Matches like this are how Ruby Tyler made the name she has in this business. And if there’s anyone who is capable of throwing down with someone like Sienna, she definitely fits the bill.

Mai: You say that, and somewhere in the match, she’s probably gonna have a dozen toothpicks under her nails and a few other places.

Referee Melinda Davis doesn’t bother checking for anything illegal as Maggie leaves, and then calls for the bell. Sienna heads towards the center, offering Ruby a handshake out seeming good sportsmanship. When Tyler joins her, she looks very skeptical at the idea and slaps her hand away. Sienna shrugs her shoulders, and then surprises her with a headbutt to the face. It stuns Ruby long enough for Sienna to pull her head down, and drive repeated knees into her face as well. Moore sends her headfirst into her corner’s turnbuckle...which has no padding on it. Sienna begins driving her face into it repeatedly before using a bulldog to bring her out to the mat.

Zack: What the hell happened to the turnbuckle pad?! It was there when Sienna came out, she must have removed it while Ruby was coming to the ring.

Mai: Why not? She can do it, and there aren’t any rules in a match like this. So take whatever advantage you can get. I’d have hit her with a crescent wrench.

Sienna dragged Ruby’s head across her bootlaces before she rolled out of the ring. She made a beeline towards Maggie, who immediately hopped up and went in the other direction. Sienna snatched her microphone, and headed back into the ring. Ruby checked her head to see if she was bleeding, and realized she wasn’t. But as she looked up, Sienna smacked the microphone into her head, causing it to make a loud sound throughout the arena since the microphone was still hot. Ruby shoved her away, and tried to get to her feet. But Sienna only bounced off the near side, and ran towards her to drive it into her head again. Another loud noise was heard through the arena before Moore hooked both her arms behind her for a DDT to the mat. She rolled Ruby over, and hooked the leg for the cover.

Mai: I’m not sure this is gonna be enough to put Ruby away, but no harm in trying, Zack!



Ruby kicked out as the two struck the mat, shoving Sienna off the cover who then proceeded to roll right out of the ring of her own accord. She pulled up the apron, and pulled out a couple chairs and threw them into the ring. She also pulled out a pillowcase full of something, and laid it on the mat too.

Zack: Not even close to enough, and now Sienna’s looking for some additional accessories to bring into this match. I’m sure Mallory and Charlotte are watching closely!

Sienna slid back into the ring, and scooped up one of the chairs As Tyler was starting to get up, Sienna rushed her and went to nail her with it. But Ruby scooped her up off her feet, and dropped her with a flapjack to the canvas. This brought the crowd to life as she began to get to her feet again. Sienna went to grab the chair she had, but Ruby put her foot on top it before delivering a knee drop into the back of her head. She then slid the chair around Sienna’s wrist, and took off for the far side before coming back with a curb stomp to the chair. It snapped around her wrist, and Sienna shouted in pain as she pulled her hand to her body. Ruby pressed her arm to the mat, and began dropping knees into the same area. Each one caused Sienna tremendous pain.

Zack: A curb stomp to the chair from Ruby, and she might have fractured Sienna’s wrist in the process too!

Mai: Sienna still has another hand. All she really needs is one, and Ruby’s just digging her own grave deeper and deeper honestly.

Sienna tried to get away from her, and headed to the ropes. As soon as she got to her feet though, Ruby caught her with a running forearm to the back of her head. She then applied an overhand hammerlock, and started trying to bend her wrist in the wrong direction in the process. Sienna shouted in pain as Ruby’s hold was excruciating as she was pulled back to the center of the ring.

Zack: It’s not often you see someone considering tapping out from a hammerlock, but that’s probably what’s going through Sienna’s mind right now.

Mai: She’s not gonna tap out! When have you seen her have ENOUGH pain? Ruby just better hope she doesn’t get out of it.

The referee asked Sienna if she wanted to quit, and was immediately told no in a very loud voice. Sienna’s face, though, showed the agony she was feeling as Ruby tried to increase the pressure. Sienna’s teeth gritted as she reached behind her with her free hand, and managed to claw at Ruby’s face. It gave her the opening she needed to break the hold, and get away as she clutched her left wrist to her body. It didn’t stop Ruby long though before she came to get her. Tyler caught her with a kick to the gut, and then brought her down with a hammerlock suplex with her left hand pinned behind her back. Moore grimaced again in pain before Ruby hooked both legs to roll her up for the cover.

Zack: Everything is targeting that wrist, and Ruby’s looking to put Sienna away right here!




Moore’s shoulder popped up right after the two, and Ruby got back to her feet. She glanced around, and picked up the chair from earlier. She stepped on Sienna’s left arm, and went to nail her with the chair. But Moore maneuvered around, and caught her with a low blow kick. Tyler fell to her knees as Sienna jerked her arm free.

Mai: What’d I tell you, Zack? It was only a matter of time before Sienna was able to turn the tide. And there’s nothing anyone can do about it either!

Moore clutched her left wrist to her body as she got up, and retrieved the chair Ruby had picked up. With a sinister glare on her face, she hoisted it up and drove it across Ruby’s back. She did it three more times, each shot causing Tyler to writhe in pain. A smile began to form on her face, as creepy as it was. She then set the chair up on the canvas, and pulled Ruby back to her feet. The “Huntress” was fired across to the far side, and scooped up and spun around into a spinebuster across the chair! The seat warped and bent on impact as Ruby couldn’t lay still on the mat before Sienna covered her.

Mai: Look at that chair, Zack! It’s warped from Ruby’s back getting driven across it! That may be the end of this one!




Sienna rolled off the cover with a scowl on her face. Ruby was pushed onto her stomach before the Michigan native left her feet with a double knee drop across her back. She stepped over her, and applied a camel clutch to bend her backwards.

Zack: Sienna’s like a shark in the water, and Ruby’s back might as well be covered in blood. She’s gonna see how much more Ruby can take with this camel clutch applied.

Davis moved around in front of the anguished Ruby, asking her if she wanted to stop the match. Tyler had no such desire to do so, and made that clear as Sienna leaned backwards. She tried to get even more torque, causing Ruby’s face to tense in agony. As Sienna pulled back though, Ruby pushed a couple of her fingers into her mouth and bit into them. The Future Shock graduate shouted in pain and jerked her hand free, also breaking the hold in the process. Tyler held her lower back as Sienna rubbed her fingers, and then glanced over to the pillowcase she had left earlier in the match.

Mai: If I had to resort to biting in a match, I think I’d just go ahead and consider myself a beaten woman, Zack. That was pathetic.

Zack: It’s only pathetic when it isn’t  your favorites doing it, you mean. Besides, there are no disqualifications as you have mentioned.

Sienna picked up the blue pillowcase, and turned it over as Legos fell out and dumped all over the mat. It brought a grin to her feet as she glanced over to see Ruby starting to get back to her feet. She moved towards her, grabbed her by the head for a bulldog. But before she could execute it, Ruby scooped her up for a belly to back suplex across the warped chair from earlier. Sienna screamed on contact before Ruby headed for the corner. She made her way up to the top rope, pulled her elbow pad down, and dove off with an elbow drop to her chest.

Zack: LOOK OUT BELOW, SIENNA!!! Though it’s a little late now! I think Ruby Tyler may be closing in on a victory here!
Mai: Maybe...but I think Sienna has a higher pain threshold than you are giving her credit for personally. Though…..that did look horrible.

Ruby hopped to her feet, letting the crowd know she was about to put her away. It was short-lived however when Isis stepped over the top rope with Valentina joining her. The crowd began booing as Ruby looked at them...and then down to Sienna. She seemed frozen, unsure what was going on….at least until Valentina caught her with a bicycle kick to the face. The boos only got louder as she and Isis began pounding away on Ruby relentlessly, while Sienna had rolled towards the ropes to pull herself together.

Zack: This is payback!! This is retribution for Ruby costing these two a shot at the Unity titles when they faced the Fair last week!

Mai: I have a feeling Ruby’s deal with Valentina has reached it’s end.

Isis pulled Ruby to her feet, and scooped her up over her shoulders into a F5 into a DDT...into the Legos. Ruby bounced off the mat, little cuts opened from landing on the hard edges of the Legos. Both Valentina and Isis badmouthed her before they exited the ring. Sienna glanced around, having watched all this and crawled towards the unconscious Ruby to make the cover. Davis reluctantly slid into position to make the count.

Zack: It’s no DQ, and the referee has to count this! This is a travesty!




Davis calls for the bell to a din of boos from the crowd. Sienna got to her feet, pressing her injured left wrist against her body before the referee raised her right hand.

Mai: What a hard-fought victory for Sienna! And the best part is she did it all on her own, and didn’t need anything but Cory’s support!

ZAck: That’s a load of crap!

Maggie: Here is your winner by pinfall……………..SIENNA MOORE!!!

Zack: The Circle left Ruby laying, and no doubt have put an end to whatever business arrangement these women have had for some time!

Mai: I don’t blame them. She costs them matches again and again, and they returned the favor. She’s not too bright, is she?

Sienna rolled out to the floor, embracing Cory and holding her arm against her body in pain as he helped her towards the back. The show cuts backstage from there.

Hello There, Jessica

The show heads backstage, and there we find the Director of Future Shock standing in the hallway talking with a very familiar brunette standing to his side. That would be Jessica Anderson.
Adam: Jessica, welcome to your first FFW show in a while. They do things a little bigger than I do on Future Shock, as you have seen.

Jessica: Indeed. I’d almost forgotten what it feels like to be involved in one of these shows. It’s wonderful to be back!

Adam: Now I was told that you were going to be part of Unstoppable 9 on July 28th. Congratulations on that, there’s no bigger show FFW does or in women’s wrestling in general.

Jessica: Thank you so much. I’ve never been part of an Unstoppable event before, so I’m really excited!

Adam: Have you had a chance to meet with management to talk about what you would be doing at the show?

Jessica: I haven’t, actually. I’m just beyond grateful to have been invited, no matter what capacity that entails.

Adam: Well then, let’s go find Seth and see about making some concrete arrangements then. His office is just--

Adam is cut off as they are joined by one of Jessica’s best friends and favorite people when Missy approaches and gives her a hug.

Jessica: Missy! Love ya, girly!

Missy: Ya know that feeling’s mutual, lovely. I’ll even prove it by sharing the stash of cookies I have hidden in the locker room.

Adam: Or you can hang out with Missy for a while first too.

He added with a wink as the girls chatted.

Jessica: How are your ribs? I’ve not seen you since the pool party.

Missy: Much better now, thank you. Although the forced rest was mind numbingly boring, so I’m glad to be able to be back training and everything as usual now.

Adam: I have an idea. Why don’t you both come with me to talk with Seth about what all Jessica here can get into at Unstoppable 9? How’s that sound?

Jessica: That sounds like a wonderful idea!

Missy: That sounds like a plan to me. I’m more than a little curious about what Jess will be up to come the big night.

Adam heads off as the girls follow, and resume chatting with one another before the show cuts elsewhere.

Call Me What You Want

We're sent backstage once more, as the blonde third of the Franchise, the "Typhoon" Bianca Salvador sits on a production crate. She has a scowl on her face, as she sepaks up softly.

Bianca: Call me a thug. Call me a bitch. Call me whatever the fuck you wanna call me. But don't call me a liar.

The Typhoon shakes her head.

Bianca: When Samantha Star reached out to me to invite me to be part of her Franchise, it was because she knew what to expect from me. She knew about the approach I had towards my detractors. She saw what I did to Mallory Bennett. To Andi Takata. She saw how I became a star of a different shine through my own means. And you can call it "gang mentality" if you want. That's how I always worked before the Franchise, and that's how I'd continue to work if the Franchise were to end today. And while I don't expect any credit for this, if there's something I've always took pride in doing was being honest in how much of a bitch I can be.

She snickers softly.

Bianca: It's been like this since Future Shock. People didn't so much bat an eye before turning their backs on me because of what happened between myself and Leona Vega. And I swear I was trying to separate the things. I swear I was working towards being no more than a fellow competitor. And then... And then I got that which I thought was the rudest wake-up call I could ever get...... until Relentless.

She lets out a soft growl as she balls up a fist. Her nose scrunches up a bit before she looks into the camera once more.

Bianca: Weeks before Relentless, Savannah Taylor decided to put on her big girl pants and convinced everyone that, "for the good of the Franchise", I should wrestle Artemis Kaiser. And you know what? I did see it as a gift and an opportunity. Because I'm not afraid of anyone in the FFW roster. ANYONE. And I stand by every last thing that I told Artemis. I do think she's a weekend warrior as far as FFW is concerned. And I do think I have no reason to think she's a threat to my greatness. Regardless of all of that, I lost that match. And all would be just fine and dandy. Losing happens, and it's my mission to make sure that happens as rarely as possible. But then...

She stops and snickers again.

Bianca: But then I learned the truth. And that... THAT was the rudest wake-up call I could ever get. Because I learned... Savannah Taylor was LAUGHING. AT ME.

Let THAT sink in for a moment.

Bianca: You must think you're sssssooooo smart, Savannah. You must think you're sssssooooo savvy, and that everything went exactly according to plan. Because shortly after my match with Artemis... I was told... By Samantha Star herself... That you didn't set up the match to showcase the Franchise's power. You didn't set up the match to show FFW that the Franchise-- no, that Bianca fucking Salvador was a force to be reckoned with.

Again bianca shakes her head.

Bianca: You set up the match so that Artemis could "teach me a lesson".

The blonde then opens her arms in a "WTF?" motion.

Bianca: A lesson. Yeah. What lesson, Savannah? What fucking lesson? What fucking lesson did you expect her to teach me? Did you really think I'd be intimidated? Did you think I'd-- I'd break down or something? But more importantly... What fucking kind of woman do you think I am that winning or losing a match against Artemis Kaiser or ANYONE in this goddamn roster would break me? BITCH, ANDI TAKATA ALMOST KILLED ME, AND HERE I AM!!!

Bianca: What happened at Relentless, Savannah... When Jo, Mellie and I made sure you left the arena carried by trainers... I don't know what was Jo's or Mel's motivations. I have no idea what was going through their minds. But I knew what I wanted to do. It... It started with that punt to your ribcage. And I didn't just want to score a goal with you. I wanted to break you. I wanted to make sure you'd have no breath left inside your fucking lungs to laugh again. And then... I watched with ENORMOUS glee as Jo snapped TWO kendo sticks across your back. Because I wanted you broken. I wanted you defeated. I wanted you to STOP. LAUGHING.

She stops, breathing in deeply... Before she cracks a smirk.

Bianca: But you didn't learn, did you? I know what's in everyone's minds, what's in your mind. You got ganged up by the Franchise because you were kicked out, is what you think. Oh, no, no, no. We wouldn't be so shallow. You, Savannah, got ganged up by the Franchise because YOU LIED TO THE FRANCHISE. You got ganged up because you thought you could have a kick out of us. You got ganged up because you thought you were smarter than us. And you know what the worst part is? Even without being your friend prior to the Franchise's formation... I decided to trust you, because you were chosen by Samantha Star just like all of us were.

And as the camera pans out a bit, we see a kendo stick sitting on Bianca's lap. Boianca stares down at the bamboo sword before picking it up and clutching it fiercely, the veins on her knuckles popping out as she scowls into the camera.

Bianca: Watch your back, bitch.
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Maggie: The following contest is scheduled for one fall to a finish.

As “Time To Say Goodbye” starts the video wall comes to life to show Serafina as she exits the locker room dressed in a back hooded sweatshirt with the FFW logo and a couple of other combat clothing manufacturers and energy drink logos on it. Her title belt is fastened around her waist. Walking through the corridors toward the ring she is accompanied by Jonathan DeCaro. As she moves she bounces on the balls of her feet, shaking out her arms and loosening up a little. Finally she walks out through the curtain and onto the stage area, firing off a combination of kicks, forearms and elbows, finishing off with a 360 roundhouse kick followed by a jumping kick and a jumping splits as she moves down the ramp.

Walking the rest of the distance to the bottom of the ramp, she stops and removes the title belt, handing it to her husband as she removes her hooded sweatshirt, leaving her in a tight long sleeved black t-shirt and tight shorts. She gives the taping on her wrists and ankles a check quickly. Giving her husband a kiss she, takes a tub of petroleum jelly from him and with her fingers applies a streak over each eye and across her cheeks. Finally she walks up the ring steps and steps between the ring ropes taking her title belt back from her husband. The Buddhist moves along the ropes and back to her corner with the championship held above her head, handing it to the referee while she continues to try and stay loose.

Maggie: Introducing to the ring from Encinitas, California via Boston, Massachusetts, at a height of 5’6” and a weight of 127 lbs. One Half of The Tornado Tag Team Champions….SERAFINA DECARO!!!

Zack: This is the first time that Serafina has faced Mickey and with their tag team date at Unstoppable 9 set, she is bound to want to go into that with a win under belt.

Mai: Well of course she will, who actively wants to lose?


Maggie: From Berkeley, California she weighs in tonight at 120 pounds and is accompanied by Raquel Fair and Christian Kincaid... This is one half of your REIGNING... Unity Champions... Mickey Scarborough!

“Every single day, things get in my way. Someone has to pay, for the little things.”

As “The Little Things” plays throughout the stands, the crowd begins cheering like crazy. Under the haze of yellow and pink lights flooding the arena, Mickey steps out at the top of the ramp, laughing maniacally and bouncing on the balls of her toes. She’s joined by Raquel who carries a ladder to the ring and Christian. Mickey stares into the camera and yells “I can’t count but count on me!” with the title around her neck like bling. Scarborough rolls in the ring as her theme song continues. She bounces against the ropes, ready for her match and giggling the entire time. She leans up against her corner and licks her lips wickedly before handing the championship belt to the ref.

Zack: This is somewhat of a preview for the title unification match coming up at Unstoppable 9 and just like Serafina, Mickey will be wanting to have the momentum of a win under her belt heading into that.

Mai: This is one of those giant meteor matches for me. I don’t give a crap about either of these two.

With the Raleigh crowd on their feet and making a lot of noise for the upcoming match, referee Malcolm Parks checks both competitors while Maggie makes her exit from the ring. As soon as she is fully clear, Parks calls for the bell to start the match. The two head straight for the centre of the ring and exchange a handshake, before they head into a collar and elbow tie up. After a brief struggle between the two, Mickey starts to get the upper hand. The tie up breaks and Mickey aims an elbow at Serafina’s jaw but the KO/TO team member dodges her head to the opposite side to avoid it. Mickey looks like she is going to attempt a second, but as Serafina makes a move to avoid it again, Mickey changes tack and catches her with a chop to the chest instead. Two more follow which succeed in pushing DeCaro back a step, and then a Russian Legsweep from Mickey puts her down on the canvas.

Zack: That was a case of dodge me once, shame on you, dodge me twice.. Not going to happen. A nice feint from Mickey and Serafina is on the canvas.

Mai: She could do us all a favor and stay there.

Mickey almost looks for a second like she is considering a cover, but Serafina pops up to her feet quickly before she can. Instead, Mickey catches the former No Surrender Champion with another chop to the chest which only rocks her slightly on the balls of her feet. A second and third follow again in quick succession, but as Mickey aims the fourth, Serafina catches her arm and pulls her into a forearm to the jaw. Keeping hold of her arm the submission specialist spins Mickey around to push her arm up her back in a hammerlock. Scarborough wastes no time in using her free arm to fire elbows back, trying to catch DeCaro in the body. Serafina steps to the side to avoid them, before using her own free arm to start raining blows down onto Mickey’s back, forcing her to her knees.

Mai: Go on, break her arm. She has another one. Not like she really needs two is it?

Zack: Serafina has turned the momentum around into her favor and she has Mickey in a position she doesn’t want to be in.

Serafina pushes Mickey’s arm further up her back getting a yell of pain from her as she does, until Mickey grits her teeth and starts pushing back up to her feet. The crowd pop massively as Mickey reaches a vertical base, but Serafina keeps the hammerlock tightly in place and starts to hammer blows into Mickey’s back again. Scarborough tries to hit DeCaro with a back elbow again, but finding it fruitless, she instead runs backwards to squash Serafina into the corner. Still Serafina holds the hammerlock, so Mickey runs forwards and then backwards to squash her a second time. It takes another twice of doing that before Serafina finally releases her hold and Mickey pulls her arms to her body cradling it for a moment, before giving it a shake to get the blood flowing again.

Zack: Mickey’s succeeding in getting her arm free from Serafina’s vice like grip, but you can see it’s paining her.

Mai: I wanted to see Serafina rip it from the socket. That woulda been fun and made this whole thing less boring.

Pulling herself away from the corner, DeCaro gives her back a rub and straightens up before going straight back on the offensive. She closes the gap quickly between herself and Mickey, but as soon as she is within reach of her opponent, Scarborough snaps off a superkick that lands perfectly on Serafina’s jaw. The submission specialist rocks backwards on her feet and Mickey capitalises with a succession of haymakers. Under the barrage of left and rights, Serafina is knocked back into the ropes. Mickey pulls her away and fires her across into the opposite side. She rebounds off and straight into another superkick from Mickey that drops her like a rock. A standing fist drop from Mickey follows before the Scarborough Fair team member goes for a cover.

Zack: Mickey has given Serafina’s head a pounding between those haymakers and superkicks but it’s fairly ambitious to think she is out for the count yet.



Serafina kicks out fairly easily and Mickey rolls straight back up to her feet, keeping her eyes firmly on the KO/TO team member.

Mai: There isn’t enough alcohol in the whole arena to make me care any less about these two.

DeCaro gets back to her feet and shakes the cobwebs off, encouraged largely by the Raleigh crowd. She ducks quickly as Mickey almost connects a running clothesline, and turns just in time to see Scarborough coming off the ropes for a second attempt. Narrowly avoiding that one, Serafina wobbles slightly from the loss of balance and Mickey capitalises with a legsweep to send the KO/TO team member back first to the canvas with a thud. Taking off towards the corner, Mickey jumps up and splits her legs onto the ropes either side of the top turnbuckle, she flips herself over to aim a moonsault at the downed Serafina… and gets nothing but canvas as the former No Surrender Champion rolls out of the way.

Mai: This is why you don’t go high unless you have to. Although a face full of mat might improve things for Mickey.

Zack: If Mickey had of landed that split legged moonsault as she had intended, that could very well have been a quick ending to this match, but Serafina saw it coming and got the hell outta dodge.

With Mickey curled up holding her chest, Serafina gets back to her feet and shakes herself off again. Mickey starts to make a move on the canvas but only gets as far as her knees before Serafina pulls her up the rest of the way. A pair of knees from the KO/TO team member hit Scarborough in the mid section and bend her forwards, but only until a knee to the underside of her jaw stands her back upright again. Serafina repeats the process with knees to Mickey’s gut to bend her and then a knee to her jaw to stand her upright, before she fires the Scarborough Fair team member across into the ropes. Mickey rebounds off straight into a waiting clothesline that flips her over to land back first on the canvas.

Zack: That looked like it almost turned Mickey inside out, and at the very least it has winded her quite a bit.

Mai: She was full of hot air anywhere, she won’t miss a bit of it.

Zack: …

Serafina moves quickly to hook each of Mickey’s legs in one of her arms, then turns her face down, stepping over the Scarborough Fair team member in the process. She leans back into the hold getting a yell from Mickey as she does. Parks drops to his knees besides Mickey and asks if she wants to give in, which he gets a very definite no in response to. Looking around her, Mickey grits her teeth and stretches her arm to try and reach the ropes, but she finds them out of reach. Serafina leans into the hold more, getting another yell of pain from Mickey and prompting the referee to ask again if she wants to give in. The response is slower to arrive this time, but still Mickey shakes her head in the negative.

Zack: Serafina has that Boston Crab locked in tight, and the agony is already showing on Mickey’s face.

Mai: It actually improves her face, Serafina is doing her a favor. She should make it hurt even more.

With the crowd cheering her on, Mickey gets onto her elbows and starts trying to pull herself to the ropes. Serafina leans back further, causing her more pain and stopping her in her tracks. Parks asks for a third time if Mickey wants to give in. For a moment Scarborough looks like she might be considering it, until the crowd led by Raquel start a chant to encourage her on. The Scarborough Fair team member gives a defiant no in response, and then resumes her attempt to reach the ropes. Realising that she’s nearing them Serafina stands up to adjust her position and pull Mickey back into the centre of the ring, but as she does Mickey manages to free one of her legs and kicks DeCaro in the back of the leg, sending her forwards to her knees.

Mai: Oh great. She escaped. The match can continue. Aren’t we all just so lucky?!

Zack: Mickey’s determination and the encouragement of the crowd and her tag partner gave her the opening she needed to free herself. And with the addition of a little respite as Serafina gets herself back to her feet too.

Mickey makes it to the ropes and uses them to steady herself as she gets back to a vertical base, just a moment after Serafina has gotten back to hers. Scarborough rests against them for a moment and gives her legs a shake, still with a pained look on her face. She turns around to face back into the ring, and moves away from the ropes. As soon as she does, Serafina hits her with spinning heel kick which sends her back into the ropes. Mickey bounces off to be met with a roundhouse kick from Serafina that drops her like a rock. DeCaro gets straight into position for cover as Parks gets into position for the count.

Zack: The submission didn’t work for Serafina but she’s not letting that stop her. A cover and she could be about to get the three count instead.




The count stops before the three as Mickey gets her shoulder up off the canvas. Serafina looks a little frustrated but accepts the two from the referee and gets back to her feet.

Mai: If the referee had counted a little faster this would be over now and I’d have time for a couple of shots.

Zack: Nobody’s stopping you from going and getting them now.

Mai: And leave you on your own to call the match? You’d miss me too much.

Zack: I really wouldn’t.

Mickey starts to get back to her feet and Serafina pulls her the rest of the way. She whips the Scarborough Fair team member into the corner, and she hits face first. Serafina follows her in at a run, but as she is about to impact, Mickey grabs the ropes on either side of her and leaps up and over to land on her feet behind Serafina. Unable to stop her momentum DeCaro hits the turnbuckles face first. The former No Surrender Champion turns around and straight into a monkey flip that brings her out of the corner to land on her back in the middle of the ring with a thud.

Mai: Monkey see, monkey do.

Zack: That makes no sense. How much have you had to drink already?

Mai: Not enough.

Taking off for the corner again, Mickey jumps up and splits her legs onto the ropes either side of the top turnbuckle, she flips herself over to aim a moonsault at the downed Serafina, this time landing it perfectly across DeCaro’s chest. She stays in position for the cover as Parks slides into place for the count.

Zack: The second time's the charm for the split legged moonsault that Mickey attempted earlier, and this could be all she needs to take the win and the momentum heading towards Unstoppable 9!




Serafina gets her shoulder up before three and Mickey slaps the canvas in frustration before rolling to her knees and then back up to her feet.

Mai: Nope. The torture continues.

DeCaro starts to pull herself up, as Mickey takes off towards the ropes. Just as the submission specialist is back to a vertical base, Mickey springboards off the ropes into a hurricanrana which flips Serafina straight back to the canvas. Without wasting a second, Mickey takes off to the corner and scales to the top turnbuckle. She measures to make sure that Serafina hasn’t moved before launching herself off with a shooting star press, which she lands exactly as intended. The Scarborough Fair member hooks a leg as Parks gets back into position.

Zack: THE FLIGHT PATH and her manager must be pleased with how well she cleared that landing.




Mai: How is this match still going?! That was three, just call it so we can move on!

Parks stops the count as Serafina gets her shoulder up just before he can complete three. Mickey sits back off the cover and stares at him wide eyed. He holds up two fingers to confirm it was only two, and Mickey argues that it was three. He shows her two fingers again, and she storms back to her feet with a large sigh.

Mai: Oh stop your belly aching and get on with it. She’s still on the canvas, what do you want? Gift wrapping? A written invitation? Just get on with it!

Mickey looks from the corner to the downed Serafina and back again before heading back up to the top turnbuckle she was just on. She measures again, before launching herself off looking for a second shooting star press. She flips in the air and lands, straight onto Serafina’s knees!

Mai: Hahahahahah! Serves her right for wasting time arguing with the referee about the last count.

Zack: Mickey was looking for a second FLIGHT PATH but all she got was a bucket load of Serafina’s knees. And luckily for Serafina, if Mickey had landed that, that surely would have been a three count.

Scarborough bounces off Serafina’s knees and holds her chest in pain. The crowd come to the their feet to support both women on the canvas. DeCaro wins the race of who is going to get back to their feet first. She closes the gap between herself and Mickey and makes an attempt to grab the Scarborough Fair team member’s legs. Before she can get a proper grip, Mickey kicks out with both feet sending Serafina backwards into the ropes.

Zack: I’m not sure what hold Serafina was going for there, but whatever it was, Mickey wanted nothing to do with it!

Serafina comes off the ropes rubbing her chest as Mickey pulls herself up to her knees. Before she can get any further, DeCaro reaches her and starts to unleash a torrent of kicks into the side of her body. The crowd count along as she hits each one, until a count of ten when Mickey stumbles up to her feet trying to move away from the onslaught. Changing track Serafina catches Mickey with a knee into the ribs to bend her, before using a knee to the side of her head to stand her upright and wobble her on her feet. Without hesitation, Serafina punctuates the series with her 360 roundhouse that drops Mickey like a rock. The crowd get even louder, split between cheers for Serafina and encouragement for Mickey as DeCaro hooks both legs for the cover.

Zack: That roundhouse is one of Serafina’s favorite moves and Mickey is out! This has to be all she wrote now.




Parks immediately gets to his feet and calls for the bell.

Maggie: Your winner………………...via pinfall……………...SERAFINA DECARO!

Mai: Whoop de doo!

Zack: Serafina has to be pleased with that result, after such a close match. It really could have gone either way. And what a preview for the match to come at Unstoppable between these two and their respective partners.

Serafina gets to her feet still holding her ribs a little. As Raquel and CK get into the ring to check on Mickey behind her, who has already pulled herself up to a seated position. Parks raises Serafina’s other hand and a smile appears on the Californian’s face as her win registers with her. After her hand has been released, Serafina checks that Mickey is alright, then despite being a little wobbly on her feet, the KO/TO member rolls out of the ring and makes her way up the ramp towards the back as the camera cuts elsewhere.

Rose Battles The Empire

We cut to a video of the Death Star...or at least someone holding it up in front of a black background. The next thing we see is what looks like the interior of someone’s garage before an individual dressed very much like Darth Vader walks into the shot with a toy lightsaber in his hand. His voice sounds very much like the fiance of Rose Gardner, even though he’s saying “Hopah” every few seconds.

Darth Alex: Princess Rose, I knew this day would come. You have fought long and hard to get here, but today, I must stop you. Even though I find you pretty hot, I must give you the choice of joining me in and embracing the dark side. Know that if you do not, Princess Rose, I must...stop you by any means necessary.

Darth Alex taps a button on his lightsaber that lights it up as the camera swings across to see none other than Princess Rose with her hair in two buns on each side of her head and dressed a bit more provocative than Leia ever did. She shakes her head and smirks.

Princess Rose: Oh, Darth Alex, how foolish of you to ever think someone such as yourself would be able to stop the rise of yours truly!... Though I gotta commend you on your opinion of me. But if it’s a battle you’d like… A battle you’ll have!

Rose then breaks out her own lightsaber (where was she even HOLDING one before that?!) and lights it up, the laser beam-like energy erupting from her device.

Princess Rose: For my kingdom and my followers fear nothing and no one!... Except for public bathrooms. I mean, fuck ‘em, am I right?

Darth Alex: Now hold up a minute, Princess Rose. Maybe we can sort this whole thing out over dinner, a movie…. I mean there’s no rule that says the dark side requires you to be struck down by my lightsaber. Besides I heard you were on your way to FFW, and well….that’s pretty damn cool by itself. But...you seem itchy for combat! So I’ll make you a wager. If I win, you join the dark side and….uh, we go for dinner. If you win, I’ll be your love slave!  What do you say?

He swings his toy lightsaber around, almost dropping it in the process before he gets it under control. Switch to Rose, with a squint.

Princess Rose: … I don’t quite see a downside here.

Darth Alex then gives it a light shrug… before Princess Rose does the same.

Princess Rose: Either way, yeah! I’m itching, and I’m ready for combat! And FFW will never be the same after I arrive! So come forth, you ruffian, and let’s do battle!... Whatever that means.

Darth Alex: Right!

He raises his lightsaber as Rose immediately strikes hers into his body. Darth Alex drops his and snaps his fingers.

Darth Alex: Well damn. I guess I will have to spend life as your love slave. Ah well, you’re way cuter than the Emperor anyway. Besides--

He doesn’t get to finish his sentence before a cell phone starts ringing. Darth Alex pulls it out from under his cap and holds it up to his helmet.

Darth Alex: Hello, this is Darth Alex.

We can’t hear what’s being said on the other end, but he nods his head and hangs up before looking back to Princess Rose.

Darth Alex: Holy shit….you’re going to debut at Unstoppable 9!!!

And again, Rose is squinting.

Princess Rose: … how the heck did you hear it through the helm-- Psh, nevermind. Unstoppable 9! A debut befitting of the Cosplay Princess! FFW’s pro roster, you better hold on to your badonkadonks, because here comes… Princess Rose!!!

Darth Alex: I probably should have asked who against, huh?

On that, we cut to an image of Rose being advertised in her debut for Unstoppable 9.

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Breaking Point returns from the commercial break, and immediately returns to ringside as Maggie steps inside for the final time this evening.

Maggie: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the FFW Fast Track Championship!

Zack: This could end up being a second successful defense of the Fast Track Championship by Scarlett Silver, or we are going to crown a new champion before we leave the air. It’s a pick’em, fans.

Mai: Not for me. I don’t think Andi stands a chance in hell, and she should be happy about that. At least she won’t have to compete twice at Unstoppable 9 that way.

CUE THE SOUNDCHIP! An 8-bit version of the song from the Goonies start playing as the main lights dim down in the arena, with small star spotlights in a variety of colors flying around the crowd. 8-bit stars fill the videoboards, right up until the words start and Andi Takata comes sprinting out of the back to hit her mark.


Andi hops into place, already in her Magical Girl pose, with blue and white sparkling pyro popping behind her, and the videoboards all exploding into pixellated color madness! The bassline kicks in and Andi dances for a moment before she starts to head for the ring, taking her time to enjoy her 'Starlights'!

#Here we are, Hanging onto strains of greed and blues
#Break the chain then we break down
#Oh it's not real, if you don't feel it
#Unspoken expectations
#Ideals we used to play with
#Finally taking shape for us.

By this time, Andi has reached the ringside fans, and cues them up for the dance party!

#What's good enough (good enough)
#For you is
#Good enough (good enough)
#For me it's good enough (good enough)
#It's good enough for me
#Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!!!

And when Pacman whirrs down, Andi punches the air above her and makes her way back around the ring to get to the rest of her Starlights, before heading up the steps and into the ring....


Maggie: Now on her way to the ring, from The Great Cosmos by way of Akibahara, Japan... She is The Lucky Star... Andi Taaaaaakataaaaa!!!

#Old fashioned superstitions
#I find too hard to breaaaak
#Maybe you're out of place whaaaat's

The song builds up again, and Andi, after running the ropes by this point, stops in the middle, to rally EVERYONE up to join her in a big ol' Caramelldanse! And most do!

#Good enough (good enough)
#For you is
#Good enough (good enough)
#For me It's good enough (good enough)
#It's good enough for me
#Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!!

Andi runs up the turnbuckles for one last go! Keep dancing everyone!

#Good enough (good enough)
#For you Is
#Good enough (good enough)
#For me.. It's good, it's good enough
#It's good enough for me
#Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!!!!

Andi does her v-pose on the middle rope before she hops down and the song fades away.

Zack: Andi Takata is hyped to capture her first singles title in FFW, much like her FFW Champion tag team partner. The BSX could be adding more to their resume tonight.

Mai: Or she could come up short again, like Kaoru will do at Unstoppable 9 when she has to face two people she hasn’t been able to beat. Both members of the BSX are some of the dumbest women I’ve ever known.

“Hands To Myself” by Selena Gomez starts to play through the speakers around the arena.

Can't keep my hands to myself
No matter how hard I'm trying to
I want you all to myself
You're metaphorical gin and juice

So come on give me a taste
Of what it’s like to be next to you
Won't let one drop go to waste
You're metaphorical gin and juice

As the opening verse ends and the tempo starts to increase Scarlett Silver walks through the curtain onto the stage with her manager, Christian Kincaid. The lights dip for a moment before she steps forward and a red spotlight shines down on her.

Cause all of the downs and the uppers
Keep making love to each other
And I'm trying, trying, I'm trying, trying
All of the downs and the uppers
Keep making love to each other
And I'm trying, trying, I'm trying, but I

Can't keep my hands to myself
My hands to myself
Can't keep my hands to myself
My hands to myself

Scarlett struts down the ramp acknowledging the crowd with a smile, with Christian following a few steps behind. Pausing halfway down she sways her hips in rhythm with the music and slowly blows a kiss out to the crowd.

Maggie: Introducing at this time… Hailing from Los Angeles, California….Scarlett Silver!

Scarlett reaches the ring and slides under the bottom rope before jumping to her feet and climbing onto the turnbuckle facing the stage. She raises her arms up high then jumps down to join Christian in her corner, for a last minute, pre-match discussion.

Zack: Scarlett has been adamant that there will be no title change tonight, and if that’s true, she’ll go onto Unstoppable 9 to meet “Killer B” Bianca Reed on July 28th!

Mai: I believe Scarlett. She and I are a lot alike after all. The only difference is that she maybe doesn’t drink as much as me.

Scarlett gives the title a kiss before she hands it to referee Kevin Fisk. He raises it overhead as Maggie leaves the ring, and then shows it to Andi. The space princess takes it, and climbs the turnbuckle to raise it overhead to a pop from the crowd. That only brings a scowl from Scarlett who darts towards her with a clubbing forearm to the back. It dropped Takata back to her feet on the mat as Scarlett hammered a few more forearms into the back of her head, causing Andi to drop the championship on the mat. She fires Andi across for the ride, and lowers her head for a back body drop. But Andi stops just short of her, and plants her with a DDT. She nips back up to her feet with a smile as the referee collects the Fast Track title and calls for the bell.

Mai: How rude! Andi hasn’t won the title, and she’s already posing with it?! And now this sneak attack on Scarlett!

Zack: Did you blink during the attack Scarlett launched while Andi’s back was turned? Who am I asking? Of course, you did.

Scarlett starts to get up before Andi grabs her into a full nelson, and begins dancing with her before snapping off a full nelson suplex. She rolls back to her feet as the champion begins to get back to her feet. A running knee to the ribs doubles her over before Andi scoops her up for a belly to back suplex. The challenger then heads for the ropes, using them for a springboard into an elbow drop to chest before hooking the far leg for a quick cover. Fisk slid into position quickly.

Mai: Does she really think that….SHE DOES!!




Zack: Scarlett is nowhere near ready to cough up the Fast Track title, as you can see by how she broke that cover.

Scarlett shoves her off the cover, and Andi wastes little time getting back to her feet. She pulls the champion up with her into a front facelock, almost as though she were going for another DDT. But Scarlett drove her backwards into the corner. It stunned Andi long enough for her get free, and Silver to grab her head for a jawbreaker. Takata stumbled out holding her mouth before the champion darted past her with a swinging neckbreaker. She took a moment to collect herself before she began stomping away furiously at Andi.

Zack: I think Andi taking that title for a moment at the start of the match really lit a fire under Scarlett. We haven’t usually seen her this irritated with an opponent.

Mai: It was totally disrespectful. Raise the title when you’ve won it, not a moment before. It’s almost like she thinks it’s a foregone conclusion or something.

Scarlett pulled Andi to her feet, and scooped her over one shoulder before darting towards the ropes with a snake eyes. Her head smacked the top turnbuckle, causing her to stumble backwards into a leg sweep that put her down on the mat. The champion headed up to the middle rope with a knee drop followed by a second off the top rope, then hooked both of her legs for the pin! Fisk dropped to count immediately.

Mai: There’s the BOOM BOOM!! Suck it, Takata!




Andi gets her shoulder up in time, and Scarlett quickly transitions to a mount position to unload elbow strikes into her head until the referee starts counting her.

Zack: This is about the most focused Scarlett I’ve seen in all the matches I’ve called. She hasn’t stopped to showboat once, which isn’t her usual pursuit.

The brunette moves around, stepping onto Andi’s hair and then pulling her arms up to make the space princess shout in pain as her hair was being torn out seemingly. Scarlett was counted down again by the referee before she finally let go. Another knee drop to Andi’s head followed that before she grabbed both of her feet under her arms. The champion fell backwards into a catapult that sent Andi flying towards the corner. But Takata landed on the middle rope as Scarlett sat up with a smile on her face. Andi shook her head as she headed to the top rope, and shouted Scarlett’s name to get her to turn around. As she did, Takata came off the top rope with a meteora, two knees into Silver’s chest to drop her where she stood.

Zack: Scarlett thought she had everything well in hand, but a rain of knees from the cosmos above proved her wrong!

Mai: That’s because the only way Andi can get anything accomplished against Scarlett is by surprising her. Straight in front of her, she always fails.

Takata took a couple seconds to recuperate, and got back to her feet. She headed for the ropes, crouching for a moment as she waved for Scarlett to get up. She didn’t have to wait long as Scarlett began to rise, rubbing her chest. When she turned, Andi launched towards her with a superkick that caught her flush on the jaw. It staggered her backwards where she stood, and Andi came forward with a second superkick. She vaulted for the ropes, using them for a springboard into a hurricanrana that brought the crowd to its feet as she got up! The smile on Andi’s face faltered as she turned back to see Christian had pulled Scarlett out of the ring by her feet.

Mai: That’s why you pay that money to hire a manager! Christian just pulled Scarlett out of a potential pin attempt there after Andi hits the only move she knows well.

Zack: It’s not technically illegal for a manager to touch their own client during a match, but we both know what would have happened if it hadn’t been for Christian.

This only serves to raise the crowd’s ire as Andi’s face turns a bit sour. She takes off for the far side as the referee begins counting out Scarlett, and rebounds quickly into a Superman dive aimed at both Scarlett and Christian. But he pulls his client (and himself) out of harm’s way, and Andi crashes head first into the barricade instead. Christian starts trying to revive Scarlett, pointing out what had happened as the champion looked more than a little glassy-eyed. Takata slumped against the retaining wall before Scarlett bolted towards her with a knee trembler into her head, crushing it against the barricade.

Zack: Andi went airborne, but no one was home! She tried to take them both out, and Christian moved himself and Scarlett out of harm’s way!

Mai: What did you expect him to do? Hang around and take it? He’s not stupid. If Andi wants to make a stupid move, she should pay for it. And now she may have been knocked cold for it.

Scarlett dragged Andi towards the ring by her feet before pulling her up, and tossing her back inside under the bottom rope. She slid in after her, and made a hook of the leg for the cover as Fisk dropped to make the count.

Mai: I’m telling you she’s out, Zack! Scarlett’s second defense is in the bag!




Andi’s arm popped up at the last second, and Scarlett looked up to the referee to confirm it was only a two count. Scarlett headed for the corner, and climbed up to the second turnbuckle from the inside. She came off with an ax handle, but Andi caught her by getting her foot up in time. It caught Scarlett on the chin as she fell backwards, only the ropes holding her up as Andi started to rise.

Zack: Where’s she getting it from?! Andi Takata jacked Scarlett’s jaw, and the “Lucky Star” is summoning the power of the Cosmos now!

Andi got back to her feet, still a bit unsteady as she launched forward with a running forearm to Scarlett’s jaw. It rocked her against the corner before she sat her up on the top turnbuckle. Andi followed her up, and came off with a superplex that bounced Silver off the mat. The blue-haired space princess sat up, still trying to get her bearings before she headed back for the corner again. Takata made it to the top rope, and launched herself into THE shooting star press! It landed on target before she grabbed the outside leg to make the cover.

Zack: One of Andi’s favorite moves, THE shooting star press! New champion!!





Scarlett’s arm popped off the mat just as the three was about to touch, causing Andi to sit up on her knees and check with the official. She made it back to her feet, and moved around behind Scarlett as she was starting to get to her knees. A quick glance to the people was followed up by her shouting…


Mai: Ha, a swing and a miss! That’s what happens when you shout your next move, and your opponent is cognizant enough to know what you said!

She aimed and went for her shining wizard, but Scarlett arched backwards and Andi’s foot whiffed over her head. Andi brought her leg back to the mat before Scarlett got upright again. The champion seized the opportunity, and applied a cobra clutch almost instantly. Andi began struggling to grab onto the ropes as Silver began dragging her back to the center of the ring. Andi struggled against her, and began trying to pull them back to the same ropes as Scarlett continuously tried to step on the back of her knee to get her down. Scarlett began to see she was losing that fight, and transitioned into a full nelson facebuster before falling face forward to drive Andi’s head into the mat. The challenger was quickly put on her back as Scarlett hooked the outside leg tightly.

Mai: That was FANTASTIC!! I think there’s a blue smear on the mat where Andi’s head hit it! Good job, Scarlett!!




Andi got her leg across the bottom rope before the three touched the mat, and Scarlett’s face looked positively agitated now. She pounded the mat with her fists, almost as though she were throwing a tantrum before Christian got her attention and tried to instruct her.

Zack: Scarlett can’t find a way to put Takata down for three! And it’s getting to her! You can see the frustration and that aggravation etched across her face, she looks like she’s about to throw a fit!

The champion made it back to her feet once more, and pulled Andi back to her feet. But as soon as she went to grab her head, Andi shoved her backwards and bolted past her before grabbing her head and connecting with a…..


Mai: What the everlovin’ fu--?!

Andi fell into the cover, hooking both legs tightly as the referee dropped to make the count.




Mai: …………….WHAT THE EVERLOVIN’ FU---?!!

Zack: We got a new champion, that’s what!!

The crowd erupted as Andi got to her feet, a smile slowly forming on her face when she had her hand raised.

Maggie: The winner of this match…...AND NEEEEEEEEEEWWWW FFW Fast Track Champion……’THE LUCKY STAR’ ANDI TAKATA!!!

Andi clutched the title against her after it was handed to her, and darted towards the corner to show it to the crowd.

Mai: But….does that mean Scarlett isn’t even going to Unstoppable now?!

Zack: I’m not sure, but for now...we got a new Fast Track Champion! “The Lucky Star” is ont he Fast Track!!

Andi rolled out of the ring, running around the barricade and celebrating with her fans before she hopped up onto the announce table, once more rallying the crowd. Christian had slid into the ring to check on his client, who looked more than a little pissed off at the moment. Andi started dancing on the table as her music played.


Zack: Andi Takata’s going to Unstoppable, and she’s packing her first singles title in FFW! Congratulations, Andi!

Andi hugged the title tightly, and gave it a kiss as Breaking Point faded off the air.

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