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April 22, 2019, 06:00:30 am
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FFW Velocity - July 5, 2018

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Author Topic: FFW Velocity - July 5, 2018  (Read 211 times)
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« on: July 06, 2018, 10:33:39 pm »

Live from the Capital One Arena in Washington, D.C.
July 5, 2018

The FFW logo flashes across the screen before we are immediately taken into the parking garage of the Capital One Arena. A black sedan pulls into a parked position before a long familiar face to FFW fans in previous years steps out from the passenger door. And that would be SVW’s Kaylee Clarke, who immediately gets nothing but boos from the live crowd watching on the video wall. As she heads towards the door, arena security stops her.

Kaylee: Excuse me, boys! But I do have some business in there. I’m not here to cause trouble...this time.

She even gives the scout’s honor hand gesture with a smile on her face. One of the guards gets on his walkie talkie making sure she’s allowed in the arena before opening the door for her.

Kaylee: You should learn to take what I say for granted.

She heads into the building, getting a few stares from production assistants and staff as she passes. Kaylee gives a few a little finger wave.

Kaylee: It’s good to see all of you too. Do any of you know where either of the people in charge of this place’s office is? No? Wow, big help.

She rounds the corner, and is intercepted by Amber Carano….who looks more than a little surprised to see her.

Amber: Kaylee?

Kaylee: Good memory. What is it with you all? You’ve never seen people from other companies show up here?

Amber: Of course, but what are you doing here? I mean the last time you were on FFW television, you kinda….caused some trouble.

Kaylee: None that anyone didn’t have have coming. But perhaps you’ve heard? One of your more loud-mouthed girls decided to throw out a challenge because she “bleeds” FFW or something like that.

Amber: You mean Angelina Fantastica?

Kaylee: That sounds right. Well guess what? She’s getting her wish. If she wants to get kicked around and made to tap out in front of a worldwide Pay Per View audience bys someone from SVW, then I’m more happy to take her up on it. I’m here to sign whatever I need to sign to do just that.

Amber: I’m not sure you’ve faced someone quite like Angelina before though. I mean you could be--

Kaylee: Oh please. One wrestler who does flippy do stuff is about as interchangeable as the next one. Are you the president of her fan club or something? Or wait, maybe you just like chanting stuff about her ass like some fans do around these parts?

Amber: Well no, but---

Kaylee: Well I’ll tell you what. I know you’ll be there, but if the fans want to chant about her ass at Unstoppable 9, I’ll give them a reason. Of course, I’m going to leave a boot in it before it’s done. But then...then they can chant about “Boots to Asses” if they want. Ohh, that should be on a t-shirt! Now point me to where someone who has some stroke’s office is, if you don’t mind. I am paying this Uber driver enough to do nothing as it is.

Amber pointed in the right direction, drawing a smile from Kaylee. A very fake smile. And as she headed off in that direction, we cut to the opening of the show, Breaking Point.

A woman in a tight black skirt walks out onto a track with several race cars lined up with their engines revving. “Shotcaller” by Taio Cruz begins to play in the background. She drops a flag to her side as the cars burn rubber and take off on both sides of her. In one car, we see Jo McFarlane and Savannah Taylor neck and neck as the blonde looks from her towards the road and switches gears before she pulls forward.

We then see the Brazilian Storm delivering their Tidal Wave finish for a three count. Kyle raises their hands in victory, and the shot then cuts to Mallory Bennett brawling with Emma MacNamara inside the Thunderdome. That’s followed by Jolyne Dysart unloading a flurry of punches with the crowd reacting louder with each shot.

The race continues as Andi Takata is caught between the One Woman Show in a three way race, with Shaw and Charlotte ramming her on both sides. Finally Harker slams her into the wall, causing sparks to fly until the car hits a full stop. Raven Knight is shown standing on the top of the wall as she douses the car with gasoline before Andi bolts out of it. A lighter drops on it, sending the car up in flames. Mallory Bennett swerves wide to avoid the flames in her car.

Next we find Casey Atherton leading the Choir in song backstage at a show, followed by Ruby Tyler wrapping her wrists before heading out of the locker room, and Alysson Gardner nailing a spear while Valerie watches with a smile from ringside. Artemis Kaiser lays in a loud Stockton Slap in the next clip.

The race is coming to an end as we see Scarlett Silver driving her car before “Killer B” pulls up alongside her. Reed waves to her, getting a roll of Scarlett’s eyes...before cockroaches start coming out of the seat over the brunette. She starts screaming and slapping them off as Bianca barrels ahead with a grin on her face before we head to into the live show. The crowd roars as they see themselves on television, while spotlights shine all throughout the crowd. Maggie Rourke heads for the ring with a smile on her face while “Shotcaller” starts to fade out.

Maggie: The opening contest of Velocity  is scheduled for one fall to a finish!

Zack: Welcome, everyone, to our nation’s capital! You’re watching the final Velocity before Unstoppable 9, and we are live in the Capital One Arena! What a great night you’ve chosen to join us!

Mai: Right? If you love the Franchise as much as I do, this is going to be a wonderful night for you! Oh yeah, and we’ve got some other matches too.

As a thumping percussion kicks off over the speakers a green strobe backlights the entrance rampway. As the intro of “Rain Of Brass Petals” grows more intense, with the sound of grinding metal interspersed throughout the lights get more intense.

Smoke shoots out from the stage as the percussion gives way to the proper drum and bass beat and out walks ‘Kumiho’ Ji-Hu Myeong as the regular arena comes back on. She surveys the crowd for a moment, soaking in jeers before she turns up her nose and starts her way down the ramp, doing her level best to stay out of reach of any of the fans reaching over the railing attempting to slap fans with her.

When the Korean woman gets to ringside she grabs the bottom rope and fluidly slingshots herself into the ring between the first and second rope and rolling to her feet.

Maggie: Hailing from Seoul, South Korea, standing five feet tall and weighing in at a-hundred-and-twenty-pounds, ‘Kumiho’ JI-HUUUUUU MYEONG!

At the Ji-Hu raises both hands - five fingers extended on her right hand and all but her thumb extended on her left - and looks skyward, after a moment of soaking in the crowds disapproval of her she lowers her arms and wanders to her corner, leaning against the turnbuckles and waiting for her match to begin.

Zack: Ji-Hu came back to FFW at Relentless, and made quite an impact after ditching her former teammate and manager...not to mention beating Andi Takata senseless after her match.

Mai: That doesn’t sound all that impressive when she had no sense to begin with. But it certainly warmed the cockles of my heart to see Ji-Hu do it. Now she can stomp the cockroach queen here in her FFW debut.

I told ya, baby
I told ya

The arena darkens as “Rockstar 101” by Rihanna begins to play before the camera takes us behind a woman with purple hair. She steps out onto the stage, raising her hand and making a fist as the camera looks over her shoulder. She tosses her sunglasses on her head out to the crowd as she heads towards the ring.

Rocking these diamonds
I'm rocking this chain
Make sure you get a picture
I'm rocking my fame

Maggie: Introducing from Atlanta, Georgia, this is the Princess of the Reed family……...BIANCA REED!!!!

Bianca climbs up onto the apron, drops into a split before sliding under the bottom rope to the inside. She brings her legs together and hops to her feet, already making eye contact with her opponent and running them down verbally while her music fades and before the bell even rings.

Zack: Bianca Reed likes stealing the show, and she’s on the main stage tonight in her roster debut! She’s already got herself a Fast Track title shot against Andi at Unstoppable 9 too!

Mai: And what exactly has she done to earn that? Not that I care. I don’t like either one of them personally. I just feel bad for poor, innocent Waldo...err...Scarlett.

Robert Valero checked both competitors were ready before he called for the bell which caused the pair to come out of the corner and size each other as Bianca continued to trash talk her opponent. Finally they locked up and Bianca sent Kumiho to the mat with an armdrag takedown that saw her roll right back up to her feet only to get caught again with a second arm drag. Once more Ji-Hu rolled through and came back to her feet and straight into a standing dropkick from Killer B. Again the South Korean wrestler pushed up to her feet and Bianca was immediately in her face, rocking her back into the corner with a series of three European uppercuts. As Myeong hit the turnbuckles, Reed grabbed hold of the top rope and began to quickly deliver side kicks into Ji-Hu’s midriff; the Atlanta native continually talking to her opponent as she delivered the blows.

Zack: Bianca opening up early with those kicks, trying to cave in Ji-Hu’s chest apparently! This is what Bianca’s best at!

Mai: I thought it was raiding bait and tackle shops for live cockroaches, but sure. If you want to give her that credit, go ahead.

Valero ordered Bianca to let her opponent out of the corner and began to count her down, the referee reaching four before Reed relented on the kicks into her opponents stomach. The Princess of House Reed gave her foe no time to recover as she grabbed hold of her opponent’s wrist and Irish whipped her across the ring into the opposite turnbuckles. Bianca followed hot on her heels, catching Ji-Hu with a splash as soon as she struck the turnbuckle. Immediately Bianca jerked her away from the turnbuckles once more and into another Irish whip, sending her back the way she came. Again she followed in behind her, leaving her feet this time to catch the South Korean grappler with a flying clothesline to her chest. Myeong grimaced as she was hit with the straightened arm and a moment later found herself flying through the air and landed on her back on the mat hard courtesy of a monkey flip from Bianca.

Zack: Bianca has a pronounced quickness advantage, and you can tell she’s aiming to impress in her first FFW match since being called up to the main roster.

Mai: Then she’s failed. Because I haven’t been impressed at all so far. You starting a fan club for her? Should probably find her a man first, heh!

As Ji-Hu rolled over and started to push upwards, Reed kipped up to her feet and encouraged the cheering crowd to get louder as she measured her rising opponent before she set off across the ring. As she neared Ji-Hu, she left her feet looking for a headscissors takedown only for Myeong to duck underneath the Atlantan before she could land on her shoulders. Reed adjusted in midair and managed to land on her feet before she turned back around to face Myeong who stopped her in her tracks with a thumb to the eye.

Mai; That’s one of my signature moves from my glorious days in the ring. I managed to get a thumb in the eye down to an artform. Look over here, and I’ll show you.

Valero reprimanded Myeong for her actions only to be completely ignored as the South Korean wrestler took full advantage of her temporarily blinded foe with a drop toe hold. Reed hit the mat face first allowing Kumiho floated over her back, paintbrushing slapping the back of her head before she grabbed hold of both sides of her head and began to rub her face against the canvas roughly. Valero ordered the break and used the five count; Ji-Hu milking the five for everyone millisecond she could, flirting with disqualification before she came to her feet and delivered a stiff stomp straight into Reed’s spine as she got to all fours, forcing her back down to the mat. Again Bianca tried to push upwards getting to her hands and knees one more time only to get an elbow drop to the spine this time from Kumiho. The woman from Georgia managed to stay on all fours following the elbow drop and Ji-Hu quickly locked in a side headlock, leaning into the hold with her entire weight as she looked to control her foe.

Zack: This is what Ji-Hu has to do, and that’s slow Bianca down. She already found out she wasn’t going to be able to match her speed.

Mai: Give Ji-Hu credit, this is the first time she’s been asked to wrestle a girl that has the hair of a Troll doll one on one.

Myeong continued to exert all of her weight onto Reed in the headlock as she began to slowly rise up to her feet. When the two competitors got back to a vertical base, Ji-Hu delivered a stiff closed fist shot into her opponents forehead as she released the hold causing Bianca to take a step backwards, allowing Myeong to fire her into the ropes. As Reed returned, Ji-Hu drove a stiff closed fist shot into her gut, stopping the wrestler in her tracks and doubling her over as the South Korean dropped back to the ropes that were parallel to her foe, coming back and delivered a spinning neckbreaker to take her down to the canvas. Myeong quickly made the cover.



Zack: That neckbreaker wasn’t enough to seal the deal for Myeong. I imagine Bianca is even more amped tonight, because of where she is and this being her FFW debut.

Mai: Yeah, now she’s making real money instead of chump change in Future Shock. I’m sure I still make more than her though.

Reed kicked out on the two count and found herself pulled back up to her feet by her hair only to fire her at high speed into the nearest corner. Bianca hit the turnbuckles chest first and staggered backwards into a forearm into her back from her foe. A second, third and forearm followed before Myeong lifted Killer B off her feet and dropped her down onto the canvas with a back suplex. Reed arched her back up off the canvas, a hand going to her spine before she rolled over onto her knees and began to push up to her feet where Ji-Hu fired off stiff kicks into her lower back, until she got back to a vertical base where Myeong grabbed hold of her hair and jerked her backwards into a hair pull backbreaker. Reed rolled away and onto her front only for Ji-Hu to follow after her, stomping down on her spine once more as she stepped up onto her spine before she leapt into the air and dropped down onto her back into a sitting position. The South Korean stayed sat on her back for a moment before she reached forward and grabbed hold of the arms of her opponent, pulling them upwards as she tried to apply a camel clutch.

Zack: Ji-Hu’s looking for the camel clutch, but it looks Bianca has other plans. No doubt Reed has been preparing for this match ever since she saw the card.

Bianca immediately started to fight against the attempted hold, jerking her arm away from her foe, fighting to keep it free as she scrabbled her feet against the canvas and managed to push herself forward far enough to grab hold of the bottom rope. The referee ordered the release from Ji-Hu who scowled at him for a moment before she jumped into the air and delivered another sit out splash to her opponent’s back. She rolled away and came to her feet, backing up a couple of steps before she rushed forward, leapt into the air and attempted to connect with another sit out splash to Reed’s back only for the woman from Atlanta to slither backwards to avoid the move and cause Ji-Hu to land ass first on the ring mat.

Mai: Ouch, that’s like giving yourself an atomic drop right there. But it doesn’t seem like it’s slowed Ji-Hu down all that much.

Zack: These two are no strangers to one another, fans. For those of you who follow Future Shock, you know they have butted heads in the past.

Mai: Are you saying Bianca has a butterface?

Quickly Kumiho pushed up to her feet with her back to her opponent and as she did so Bianca pushed forward, putting her head between her legs before she lifted her upwards with a grunt of effort and fell backwards into an electric chair drop. Reed sat up and forced herself to her feet; Ji-Hu beating her to a vertical base and approaching her from behind only for Bianca to leap into the air and catch her with a pele kick to the top of the South Korean grapplers head. Myeong dropped down to her knee, holding her head with one hand only for Bianca to catch her with a spinning roundhouse kick to the side of her head that sent Ji-Hu to the mat and caused her to roll away. As Kumiho pushed up to her feet, Reed darted past her to the ring ropes, leaping onto the middle rope and springboarding backwards into a disaster kick; Myeong getting her hands up in an effort to block the blow but still fell backwards to the canvas.

Mai: See how smart Ji-Hu is? She got her hands up in time. If she still had that moron manager, he’d have been trying to cop a feel and distracting her.

Once more Ji-Hu rolled to the side and tried to push up to her feet only for Bianca to jump into the air to catch her with a windmill kick. Myeong staggered, stepping to the side only for Reed to grab hold of her from behind and take her down to the canvas with a side Russian leg sweep. Killer B rolled away as she hit the canvas and out onto the apron, pulling herself upright using the ropes and raised a hand into the air, causing the crowd to get louder as she measured up Kumiho, letting her get to her hands and knees before she used the top ropes to slingshot herself back into the ring and deliver a leg drop across the back of Ji-Hu’s neck, driving her face first into the mat once more. Quickly the Princess of House Reed rolled her foe onto her back and hooked her leg as she made the cover.

Zack: Bianca with a fame-ass-er, and looking to call it a night!




Mai: I wonder if her former fiance is watching, he’s probably rooting for Ji-Hu like I am. He’s actually kinda cute...

Myeong kicked out and started to push up to her feet only for Bianca to grab hold of her arms from behind, crossing them over in front of Ji-Hu’s chest as she brought her up to her feet only to slam her back down to the canvas with a straitjacket neck breaker. The South Korean woman rolled to the side, holding her neck but got only a moment’s rest before she was once more pulled upwards and got her head hooked by Bianca who dragged her towards the nearest corner. Reed built up a head of steam as she kept hold of her opponent’s head, going for a shiranui. Myeong though telegraphed the move, lifting Bianca upwards and dropped her so that she was straddling the top rope. As Reed sat on the top rope, Myeong started to shake it, bouncing her opponent up and down like she was on a bucking bronco before Reed fell to side off the rope and into the ring. Reed pushed up to her knees and Kumiho quick-stepped forward and sent Bianca down to the canvas next to the ropes with a raised knee to the jaw.

Mai: I bet Bianca’s teeth are rolling around like Tic Tacs in her mouth right now!

Ji-Hu watched as Reed pulled herself up to her feet with the help of the ring ropes. Myeong darted forward as soon as the Atlanta native was on her feet and drove a running knee into the base of her spine. The blow sent Bianca falling forwards into the ring ropes, bouncing back off them and spinning around towards Ji-Hu who took her down to the canvas with a snapmare takedown. As Reed landed on her ass in sitting position, Myeong stepped forward and delivered a rolling snap neckbreaker to the girl, sending her back to the canvas, quickly the South Korean wrestler made the cover and hooked her foes leg loosely.

Mai: There you go, Ji-Hu! You’re doing great! Ruin her debut!!




Zack: It’s not happened yet. Like I say, I think Bianca is probably running on adrenaline even still considering it’s her first night in a FFW ring.

Reed kicked out, pushing her opponent from her only for Kumiho to pop up to her feet, delivering a kick to her opponent’s stomach and sternum. It caused Bianca to lay back down on the mat momentarily and Ji-Hu quickly followed up with a vicious stomp down on the wrist of the Princess of House Reed. Quickly the Atlanta native sat up only for Ji-Hu to grab her arm and apply a top wristlock. A look of pain appeared upon Bianca’s face as Myeong applied all the pressure that she could to her opponent’s wrist as Reed attempted to fight against it. The South Korean kept the submission hold applied with one hand as she drove a chop downwards into the side of her neck and shoulder before she reaffirmed the wristlock. As Ji-Hu continued to contort and twist the joint to maintain the control but despite this Bianca slowly pushed up to her feet. Killer B barely managed to get back to a vertical stance before her feet were swept out from under her, torquing the arm as she drove back to the canvas with a top wristlock STO. As soon as she hit the canvas, Ji-Hu made the cover, hooking the leg once more.

Mai: HOOK THE TIGHTS!! It’s not illegal unless you get caught.




Zack: Despite not taking your advice, the match is still going. It’s a good thing they can’t hear you, and it’s a sad thing I can.

Ji-Hu glared at the Valero as he showed her the two count, shaking her head slowly at him before she started to pull Reed to her feet and shoved her backwards into the nearest corner before she began to tee off on her with closed fist right and lefts into her body. The referee ordered her to retreat and let Bianca out of the corner before he was forced to use the count, Ji-Hu backing up just before the official would’ve been forced to complete the five count. Myeong held her hands in the air as Valero warned her, rolling her eyes at him before she darted forwards towards Bianca only to run straight into Reed’s raised boots. Myeong staggered backwards, holding her face before she came forward once again and got a face full of ring boot yet again. This time as Ji-Hu staggered backwards, Bianca pushed up onto the middle rope on the inside and launched herself over the top of her opponent as she rolled her up with a sunset flip.

Zack: Reed with a sunset flip!! Ji-Hu could be three seconds from hitting the showers!




Mai: It isn’t over, and why are you thinking about Ji-Hu hitting the showers? You’re a married man. But….it is kind of a hot image….

The South Korean wrestler kicked out on two and a half, causing Bianca Reed to roll away. Ji-Hu got to her feet first and advanced on Bianca as the Georgia native was pushing upwards herself and found herself jerked to her feet by the arm. Myeong looked to quickly pull her foe into a snap flatliner only for Reed to shove her backwards before she could execute the move, sending her backwards into the ropes. Kumiho bounced off the ropes and stepped towards Reed who left her feet and connected with a high knee to the South Koreans jaw. Again Myeong stumbled backwards, falling back against the ropes only for Bianca to grab hold of her wrist and irish whip her across the ring; Reed catching her on the return with a rolling koppu kick into her stomach. Myeong fell backwards onto her ass after the move connected as Bianca pushed quickly upwards to her feet and delivered a low drop kick into Ji-Hu’s chest.

Zack: This is exactly what Ji-Hu was trying to avoid. Bianca’s starting to pick up speed again, and she’s lethal when she gets rolling like this.

Once more Reed rolled away and grabbed hold of the middle rope, pulling herself upwards to her feet and turned to watch as Myeong was already back to her knees. Bianca waited, one hand held against her back, as she watched her opponent rise to her feet before she bolted towards her and left her feet to snap off a headscissors takedown that sent Ji-Hu across the ring. The South Korean hit the mat and instinctively started to rise - albeit slowly - and as she did so, Bianca lined her up before she skipped forward and delivered a superkick right to the point Myeong’s jaw causing her to drop to the canvas like a rock. Bianca took a moment to hold her back before she dropped back to the ropes and came off, launching herself into rolling thunder that saw her come crashing down across Ji-Hu’s chest with a double leg drop. Reed rolled backwards out of the move onto her feet, quickly spinning around and left her feet into a standing moonsault. Bianca held her back for a second or two before she fell across Myeong’s body, hooking the leg as she did so.

Zack: What agility! Reed with a standing moonsault that couldn’t have been more perfecT!




Mai: A lot of good it did her. She still kicked out.

Ji-Hu managed to kick out at the last moment and Bianca asked the referee for confirmation of the count, getting the two count shown to her. For a moment Bianca looked down at Myeong and started to pull her up to her feet, delivering kicks to her midsection as she got her to her feet before she whipped her across the ring into the corner. As soon as the South Korean hit the turnbuckles, Reed sprinted across the ring and left her feet to catch her foe with a leg lariat across her chest. Kumiho tried to stumble out of the corner only to be sent straight back into the turnbuckles thanks to Bianca pulling her forward into a single knee facebreaker. The Princess of House Reed gave her no chance to recover as she climbed the ropes, grabbing hold of her opponent’s head and came off with a Tornado DDT, standing her on her head. As Myeong crumpled down to the canvas, Reed pushed her way back up to her feet, looked over her shoulder for just a moment before she jumped into the air and into a split legged moonsault that connected perfectly.

Zack: I think Bianca’s starting her own FFW highlight reel tonight, look at that! She may have it here!




Mai: Actually she doesn’t. What’s with all the Bianca fandom? You owe her some money?

At the very last second Myeong got her shoulder up and Valero waved off the count immediately, holding up two fingers for the crowd. Bianca asked him for the three count only to get a firm shake of the head from the referee and another display of the two fingers. Bianca looked at him in disbelief before she turned towards Ji-Hu and started to pull her upwards, only to struggle as Myeong was little more than a dead weight at the time, dropping back down to her knees as soon as Reed had her back on her feet. Once more Reed tried to pull her opponent back to her feet only for Myeong to again fall forward onto her knees, resting her head against Reed’s body. Once more Bianca attempted to bring Ji-Hu upwards, getting her to feet once more… and yet again Myeong fell to her knees. Robert Valero stepped forward to check on Ji-Hu, making sure that she was okay to continue, only for the asian wrestler to instinctively grab hold of his shirt. As Valero tried to pull free, Myeong swung her arm upwards, straight between Ji-Hu’s legs.

Mai: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! That’s my favorite move of the whole match! I think Ji-Hu has a trick knee and it seizes up at the worst times.

The South Korean released her hold on Valero’s shirt and instantly lunged forward, headbutting Bianca in her midriff before she wrapped her arms around her legs, lifted her up from the canvas and tottered backwards before she dropped her face first into the top turnbuckle with a stun gun. Bianca reeled towards the middle of the rope towards the middle of the ring. Myeong pushed up to her feet as Bianca passed her and jumped into the air, grabbing hold of her shoulders as she jerked her down into a backstabber. Reed bounced up off her foes knees and then dropped forward to the canvas.

Zack: There’s one of Erica Horton’s favorite moves right there, but she usually goes for ht ecover. Ji-Hu isn’t. I’m sure Andi is taking notes since she’s meeting them both at Unstoppable 9.

Mai: She better be thinking about Jo!

Kumiho slid backwards to sit in the corner, resting against the turnbuckles as she watched Bianca hold her back with one hand as she writhed in pain on the ring for a couple of moments before she started to push herself up onto her knees and then to her feet. As she did so Myeong used the ring ropes to pull herself to a vertical base and came out of the corner and caught hold of Bianca’s head, driving her face first into the canvas with a one handed bulldog. Again Ji-Hu rolled away to the ring ropes, using them to come to her feet as she waved her opponent to her feet. Bianca began to rise and no sooner had she gotten vertical did Ji-Hu charge forward and leave her feet driving her knees into Reed’s chest with a running Meteora, driving Bianca down into the mat. Quickly Myeong made the cover and hooked the leg of the Atlanta native.




Zack: Even after that devastating meteora, Bianca’s still got fight left in her. And she’s got a lot of people in the nation’s capital right behind her.

Mai: Figures. It is one of the most crime-ridden cities in the United States.

Reed rolled her shoulder just before the three count was made and Ji-Hu asked the referee for the three count only to have the two count confirmed to her. Ji-Hu shook her head and told him it was a three as she rose to her feet. Again Valero confirmed the two count and that the shoulder came up in time. Bianca rolled onto her front, Myeong began to stomp away at her back and her spine before she bent down to slowly pull Reed up to her feet while the South Korean caught her breath. As she managed to get the Atlanta native to her feet, Ji-Hu jerked pulled her straight into a snap flatliner that drove her skull into the ring mat. Once more Kumiho looked at her opponent, shaking her head at her as she pulled herself up to her feet and retreated a couple of steps backwards. She began to wave Reed upwards as the crowd started to boo and jeer her even louder. Bianca pulled herself upwards, only getting to one knee before Ji-Hu dropped back to the ring ropes, bouncing off them and delivered a rope rebound koppu kick into the side of her face. Reed collapsed to the canvas and Myeong made the cover, hooking the legs as she did so.

Mai; Game over, that’s it! Ji-Hu’s going undefeated all the way to Unstoppable!




Zack: No, she’s not yet! I hope you didn’t put any money on it!

Once more Myeong glares at the referee as he shows her the two count and again she asks him for the three, virtually demanding it only for Valero to shake his head and tell her it was only a two count. Ji-Hu slammed her hands against the canvas in frustration at being denied the three count before she returned to a vertical base and moved towards Bianca’s feet, crossing them over as she looked to roll her over and lift her foe’s legs up onto her shoulders in the cloverleaf stretch muffler - the Kumiho Clutch 2.0.

Zack: That’s one of her favorites, the Kumiho Clutch! And she’s used it very well to many wins during her days in Future Shock.

Mai: Well if it worked once, it will again! Tap out, Grandmaster B.

Bianca though kicked and squirmed and writhed and wriggled to try and prevent the submission hold from getting locked in, finally managing to kick Ji-Hu away from her and into the ropes. As Myeong hit the ropes, she came back and looked as though she was about to go for a knee trembler only for Bianca to push up to her feet and lunge shoulder first into her gut, lifting her up into a fireman’s carry before she flipped her off her shoulders and into a sit out facebuster. Instinctually, Reed rolled away towards the ropes and quickly pulled herself up to her feet, holding onto the ropes as she staggered along them to the ropes. The Princess of House Reed reached the corner and began to pull herself upwards, climbing to the top rope. Bianca took a moment to find her balance as she stood on the turnbuckle, waiting for Kumiho to reach her feet before she dove off looking for the Cracker Jacker - the diving corkscrew cutter - and caught her opponent perfectly.

Zack: Jesus….THE CRACKER JACKER!! Myeong never saw it coming!!

As Ji-Hu bounced on the mat and landed on her back, Bianca quickly made the cover and hooked her legs while Valero slid into position.

Mai: WAIT!!




Mai: Seriously?! I think she had some tights in there somewhere!

Killer B rolled out of the cover as the bell rang, holding her back as she sat up. The referee helped her to her feet and raised her hand in the air as Myeong rolled into the corner, holding her head.

Mai: This is revolting!

Maggie: Here is your winner, by way of pinfall, the Princess of House Reed… “KILLER B” BIANCA REED!!!!

Zack: You asked what she did to deserve a shot at Andi, well here’s your answer. She just knocked off oen of Andi’s opponents at Unstoppable! Bianca Reed has made one hell of a debut on her first night in a FFW ring!

Reed staggered towards the corner and climbed to the middle rope, raising her hands in the air and got a loud cheer from the crowd as the show cut elsewhere.

Hello, Ashleigh

The show heads to the back once again, and we find FFW’s news guy walking with someone not seen before on FFW television. As the camera moves closer, we find out who it is as they continue walking.

Jake: I’m so happy you’re here! We don’t get to hang out nearly as often as I’d like, so I’m glad you came to Velocity!

The woman in question is Ashleigh Jericho who spins around, walking backwards as she faces Jack with a smile.

Ashleigh: You’ve been inviting me for years now, I figured it was time I stopped by to see what all the fuss was about. Not that I haven’t watched from afar… even from Mexico. Just because I was out of sight doesn’t mean I wasn’t keeping a watchful eye over things.

Jake: I missed you while you were away. So when I saw you pop up again, that made my day! Though I understand why you needed some time away from it.

Ashleigh shrugs and falls in by Jake’s side.

Ashleigh: You know me, easily overwhelmed and all…. Outside of the ring at least.

As the pair keep walking, they run into Future Shock Director Adam Grant. Jake looks quite happy to do the introductions.

Jake: Adam! I want you to meet someone, this is one of my favorite people in the universe right here. Her name’s Ashleigh Jericho.

Adam: I know who she is, and it’s a pleasure to meet you, Ashleigh.

Ashleigh extends her hand and meets Adam with a firm handshake.

Ashleigh: Likewise. Thanks for welcoming me to your event.

She leans in a little closer to Adam and smirks.

Ashleigh: I have to admit it’s weird meeting you in person. All these years I was convinced that you were an actor Jake paid to spout some lines and hide that he was the true brains behind the organization.

Adam looks surprised for a moment but Jake’s quick to intercede.

Jake: She’s gonna be one of the special guests at Unstoppable 9 this year! I invited her to Velocity to check things out and give her a little tour.

Ashleigh holds her right hand in the air.

Ashleigh: And I promised him I wouldn’t break anything… or anyone.

Adam: Well you’ve got a fine tour guide, and a hell of an advocate with Jake here. I’m glad to see you, and will be interested to see what kind of impact you may have at Unstoppable.

Ashleigh just shrugs innocently before miming zipping her lip and throwing away the key.

Jake: She’ll be great. We’re going to go see Seth about getting her something to do that night like he did with Jessica Anderson.

Adam: That’s the man to talk to. Have a good time.

Ashleigh nods before grinning mischievously.

Ashleigh: I always do.

Adam gives Jake a pat on the back as he passes them. And as the pair head off in the other direction, the show heads elsewhere.

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Maggie: The following contest is scheduled for one fall to a finish.

The lights in the arena die down a tad, as a figure in a hoodie can be seen stepping up onto the entranceway. Over the speakers a drum begins to beat, as a man speaks.

"They say that nobody changes
But I'm living proof that they do
Because I've found the answer, and you can find the answer too!"

The figure starts to set off down the ramp, head nodding along with the music as it swells, seemingly singing along with the man as he continues on.

"They made me think I was crazy
And that the pain was here to stay
But now that I've found the answer
I'm never ever gonna lose my way..."

The figure stops suddenly halfway down the ramp, the lights shooting on and their hood being thrown back, revealing Jolyne Dysart as she pumps a fist into the air along with the proud cry.


As the music kicks into high gear Jolyne takes off at a run down the ramp, the fans cheering propelling her on as Maggie sets off her introduction.

Maggie: Introducing from San Diego, California, weighing in at 150 Lbs, this is JOLYNE DYSAAAAAAAART!

She easily jumps on the ring apron. In another fluid motion, she jumps over the ropes. From the ropes, she goes onto the middle turnbuckle, ascending it. She then stretches her arms to allow the singer to reiterate her thoughts. “EVER AGAIN!” Jolyne shouts with the singer as she leaps off the turnbuckle and goes over to her corner, a wide smile apparent on her face.

Zack: Jolyne will be facing Lilly Arthur at Unstoppable 9 in just over three weeks time, for a shot at the Fast Track Championship. Tonight though she has a very different challenge on her hands.  

Mai: The only challenge she’s going to have tonight is picking herself back up after Charlotte wipes the floor with her!

“Start Me Up” by the Rolling Stones begins to play as Charlotte Harker comes out of the back and bounces on the balls of her feet, taking a moment or two to soak in the atmosphere of the crowd while talking a couple of deep breaths. Shaw joins her, applauding her partner and rallying the crowd behind her, getting only boos before Harker raised her hands in the air. They were joined by Kyle Kilmeade who stood at the back

Maggie: Please welcome, standing 6’2” and weighing 157 lbs, accompanied to the ring by Kyle Kilmeade and, her tag team partner, the “One Woman Show” Shaughnessy O’Neill….CHARLOTTE HARKER!!!

Finally she begins to head to the ring, peacock strutting Mick Jagger style all the way there. Climbing up the ring steps between the ropes, only to find Shaw already there. O’Neill drags her into the ring and holds her arm aloft, dragging her around the ring and telling the crowd that they’re looking at the winner...thanks to Shaw’s help. As the match gets ready to start, the referee tells O’Neill to leave the ring only to get into argument as Shaughnessy tells the official that they can’t tell a premier athlete like Shaw or Charlotte what to do. As the referee finally wins out, Shaw leaves the ring and takes her place on the floor in her partner’s corner as Harker stretches out and makes last minute preparations for the match.

Zack: Charlotte has a future shot at the Ultraviolence Championship after her victory at Relentless, and no doubt she is going to want to keep her momentum going with a victory over Jolyne tonight.

Mai: There should be chains again, that was hot.

Referee Kevin Fisk checks both women for anything untoward, and then after checking the Maggie is clear of the ring, he calls for the bell to get the match underway. Both women make their way to the centre with no hanging around. As soon as the meet, Charlotte clocks Jolyne with an uppercut that catches her off guard. Another quickly follows, before Charlotte buries her knee into Jolyne’s mid section bending her double. Another two knees follow, bending Jolyne further forward before Charlotte cracks her with a couple of forearm shots across the back of her shoulders. Jolyne tries to stand back upright but Charlotte rains down blows across the back of her neck and shoulders, finally forcing her down to one knee. As soon as she is there, Charlotte hits her with a knee to the side of her head that puts her down on the canvas.

Zack: Charlotte clearly isn’t getting paid by the hour and is on the way to possibly make this a very early shower for Jolyne.

Mai: I’ll drink to that! Though I could watch Jolyne pound on her all day.

Jolyne makes it back to her knees as Charlotte comes off the ropes with a running big boot to the head, that puts her straight back down again. Harker takes off towards the ropes again, as Jolyne again gets back to her knees, although a little slower this time. Just as she is about to get to her feet, Charlotte comes off the ropes with a second running big boot that flattens Dysart back to the canvas. Straight away Charlotte makes a move to grab one of Jolyne’s legs, but as she goes to do a spinning toe hold to grasp the other leg, Dysart uses her free leg to kick Charlotte. The impact wobbles Charlotte just enough for her to release Jolyne’s leg and she rolls away from Harker and up to her feet, holding her head a little as she does.

Mai: That wasn’t supposed to happen! Jolyne isn’t following the script. Charlotte was going to make her tap then!

Zack: It’s impossible to make someone tap when you haven’t even got a hold locked in. Jolyne saw the figure four leglock coming and made sure she didn’t get caught with it.

The two women both make their way back to the centre and start to circle each other. Neither making the first move immediately, as they watch the other. They make as if to go into a tie-up, but just before they lock up Jolyne catches Charlotte with an elbow to the side of the head. A second elbow shot follows which pushes Charlotte back a step. A rapid fire series of punches directed at Charlotte’s head and shoulders follow, which push the UV Championship hopeful all the way back to the ropes. Jolyne quickly grabs her by the arm and whips her across into the opposite ropes. Charlotte rebounds off and Jolyne meets her with a spinning back fist that knocks her off balance a bit. Before she can recover her balance, Jolyne takes Charlotte by the arm again, this time firing her into the corner. Harker hits back first and Jolyne follows her in with a dropkick to the chest that knocks her down to a seat on the canvas, and earns Dysart a massive pop from the Washington crowd.

Zack: Jolyne’s found her opening and is making full use of it. Charlotte’s early advantage has all but been erased now.

Mai: It’s only a matter of time, Charlotte is just lulling her into a false sense of security.

Zack: What match are you watching?

Charlotte gets back to her feet, using the ropes to steady herself. As soon as she is upright, Jolyne clocks her with a series of rapid elbows that visibly disorientate the UV Championship hopeful. A knee lift from Jolyne almost takes Charlotte completely off her feet, before Dysart hits her with a forearm to the mid section that bends Harker double. A knee to her jaw stands her back upright again before Jolyne pulls her out of the corner again and fires her into the ropes. Charlotte rebounds off and ducks under a waiting clothesline from Jolyne. She continues onto the opposite ropes. Rebounding off those she comes back and takes Jolyne off her feet with a running clothesline of her own.

Mai: I told you! Charlotte was just waiting for the perfect moment to knock Jolyne out of her shoes!

Zack: I think we may need to check that Jolyne’s head is still attached after the impact of that clothesline from Charlotte.

Dysart rolls back up to her feet looking a little shell shocked from the impact, and Charlotte is waiting for her as she does. Harker takes her by the back of the head and takes her across the ring for a running bulldog that plants her face first on the canvas. Charlotte ignores the boos from the crowd as Jolyne gets back to her feet. As soon as she does, a discus forearm from Charlotte sends her into the ropes. Dysart bounces off and Charlotte catches her and uses a snap suplex to plant her on the canvas. She goes for the cover as Fisk slides into position.

Zack: A ring shaking suplex from Charlotte and she’s three seconds from putting this match to bed.




Jolyne kicks out before the three and Charlotte rolls straight back up to her feet. Dysart tries to roll away from Charlotte, but Harker has other days. The crowd erupt in boos towards the UV Championship hopeful as she stomps down on Jolyne’s back stopping her from going anywhere.

Mai: I’m glad she kicked out, now we get to watch Charlotte stomp her down to size!

Charlotte stomps another couple of times for good measure, before pulling Jolyne up to her feet. The UV Championship hopeful kicks her opponent in the gut and then grabs her by the head to drop her to the canvas with a DDT. Rather than go straight for the cover, Charlotte takes off towards the ropes. She springboards off them looking for a moonsault, but Jolyne rolls just out of reach and Charlotte lands chest first on the mat with a thud.

Mai: No! Her poor chest. C’mere Charlotte, I’ll rub it all better for you!

Zack: That could potentially have been what Charlotte needed to get a three count, but instead she got a serving of canvas. And Jolyne got herself a brief moment of recovery time.

Dysart takes a couple of deep breaths, gathering her bearings as Charlotte starts to gingerly pull herself up to her knees. Resting against the ropes, Charlotte uses them to steady herself as she starts to rise, until Jolyne closes the gap between them and pulls her fully back up. She unleashes a volley of rapid fire elbows into Charlotte’s head and shoulders to daze her. Jolyne fires the dazed UV Championship hopeful into the ropes and catches her with a dropkick to the chest as she rebounds. Harker manages to stay on her feet barely, as she reels backwards from the impact. With the Washington crowd cheering her on, Jolyne rains another stream of vicious elbows down on Charlotte. Just as Charlotte is about to fall to one knee, Jolyne punctuates the stream with a spinning backfist that drops her like a rock. Wasting no time, Jolyne goes for the cover, hooking one of Charlotte’s legs in the process.

Zack: Jolyne has exploded back into this match, and Charlotte likely doesn’t know if she’s coming or going right now!




Charlotte gets her shoulder up before Fisk can count the three, and Jolyne rolls up to her knees and then back up to her feet.

Mai: It’s going to take more than that for Jolyne to keep Charlotte down for a three count.

Zack: There’s still time, Jolyne doesn’t look like she’s finished with Charlotte yet!

She pulls Charlotte up to her feet a moment later and fires her into the nearest corner. Jolyne follows Charlotte in at speed, connecting a shoulder thrust that almost lifts Harker off her feet. The California native grabs Charlotte before she can get her bearings back and pulls her out of the corner. She spins her around and grabs her arms from behind. Jolyne pulls them around Charlotte’s neck before falling backwards to deliver her double knee breaker. For a moment, she looks like she might go for the cover, but instead Jolyne takes off towards the ropes. She springboards off them to deliver a leg drop across Charlotte’s chest. Getting into position, she hooks a leg as Fisk drops down into place.

Zack: NIGHTBREAKER and a beautiful springboard leg drop and I think Jolyne has this in the bag!




The crowd let out a loud sigh as Charlotte pops her shoulder off the canvas before the referee can finish the three. Jolyne looks to him with frustration, which doesn’t get any better as he holds up two fingers to clarify.

Mai: You thought wrong didn’t you, Zack! Charlotte isn’t going to stay down for Jolyne!

Jolyne makes a move to get back to her feet, but before she can, Charlotte suddenly makes a lunge towards her and pulls her down into a rollup. Fisk immediately drops back down for the count.

Mai: Ha! That’ll teach Jolyne to take her eyes off her opponent. C’mon Charlotte you got this!




Dysart kicks out just in the nick of time and pushes Charlotte away from her.

Zack: Charlotte almost got the three with that surprise roll up. You can bet that Jolyne will be on the lookout for something like that happening again.

Both women get back to their feet with Charlotte slightly ahead of her opponent. As soon as Jolyne is upright, Harker unleashes a flurry of right hands to the side of Jolyne’s head, before punctuating the shots with an uppercut that sends Jolyne off balance. Grabbing hold of Jolyne’s head, the UV Championship hopeful makes her way to the top turnbuckle. Jolyne tries to free herself by aiming elbow shots into Charlotte’s body, but Harker grits her teeth against them, and keeps her hold. She clocks the Californian wrestler in the side of the head before executing a Tornado DDT to drive Jolyne into the canvas. Rather than go straight for the cover, Charlotte goes for another springboard moonsault, this time landing it perfectly across Jolyne’s body. Fisk drops back into place as Charlotte hooks a leg.

Zack: Charlotte has stolen this right from under Jolyne’s nose with that combination. She’s heading into Unstoppable with a win under her belt.




Fisk stops counting as he spots Jolyne’s leg across the bottom rope and the crowd erupt in cheers of support from her, which just adds to Charlotte’s frustration.

Mai: Oh come on! Just pretend you didn’t see it referee! That was a three!

Harker gets back to her feet, and pulls Jolyne up with her, not giving her a chance to even attempt to rise under her own steam. She gets into position at the side of Jolyne and slightly behind, facing the opposite way to her. She reaches around Harker’s torso with one arm across her chest and under both arms, as the crowd get loud with boos, sensing what’s coming next. The UV Championship hopeful lifts Jolyne up to deliver her side slam backbreaker, making the crowd even louder with disdain. Harker gets into position for another cover, this time hooking both legs for good measure.

Mai: Yes baby! CHARLOTTE’S CRUCIFIX! There’s no way she’s getting up this time.




Jolyne gets her shoulder up after the three has already been counted and Fisk is back to his feet calling for the bell.

Maggie:  Here is your winner via pinfall…....CHARLOTTE HARKER!!

Charlotte gets to her feet to have her hand raised by the referee as Shaw slides into the ring to raise her other hand.

Zack: It was close, and there was a couple of times it looked like Jolyne might take the win, but Charlotte has just managed to pip her at the post.

Mai: Pip her? She destroyed her! It was a complete whitewash!

Zack: Again.. What match were you watching?

The referee releases Charlotte’s hand, and she follows Shaw out of the ring. Completely ignoring the animosity from the Washington crowd, the two make their way up the ramp to the back as the cameras cut elsewhere.

No Scarlett Left Behind

The next image we see is that of the Chief Operating Officer backstage talking to one of the production assistants as they look over something on a clipboard. As the assistant moves away, Seth is about to go in the other direction till he is cut off by Scarlett Silver and her manager, Christian Kincaid.

Seth: Well..good evening to you both. I’m going to guess this isn’t a social call or for chit chat?

Scarlett: No, not a social call. It’s a matter of utmost importance! There is about to be an absolute travesty, but I know that you are just the man that can fix it.

Seth: Well far be it from me to allow a travesty. What’s on your mind that I can do for the two of you?

Scarlett: Well, as you’ve made clear since you became COO you are all about giving people what they deserve.. And I deserve to be on Unstoppable 9! It would be a travesty for me not to be there. Completely unthinkable. It just can’t happen.

Christian: You can’t blame her for wanting to be part of the show, with it being FFW’s biggest event of the year and all. So we were kinda hoping that you had something in mind for her.

Seth: I’m afraid the card is all but finalized at the moment, but there may be something I can do for you. You may not want to do it though, because it may be a better arrangement. But what I can do is give you your title rematch when Andi Takata defends against the Fast Track Championship against Bianca Reed. I was going to wait and let you have your rematch against the winner at a later date.

Christian seemed to think about that one for a moment.

Christian: Well one on one would be easier than a triple threat for the championship. But Scarlett here doesn’t want to watch the show from the locker room. She wants to be out in front of 80,000 plus in MetLife Stadium.

Scarlett: Could you imagine how disappointed they would all be to be denied the chance to see the Star Distraction?! It doesn’t even bear thinking about. It would break so many hearts. Plus, I’m quite adept in threeway situations. It is how I won the Fast Track Championship for the first time, after all.

Christian: She did it at Unstoppable last year. Normally I’d see your point, but Scarlett tends to thrive, like she said. So in this case, I think we should do the rematch then, if that’s alright.

Seth: Well then, have it your way. Your Fast Track Championship rematch will be at Unstoppable 9 against Bianca Reed and Andi Takata. Is that suitable for you both?

Scarlett: Perfect! Thank you. The sooner I get my title back out of the Space Cadet’s hands, the better.

Christian: Thanks a lot. We appreciate it.

Seth gave a nod of his head as he headed off in the direction he was going before he was interrupted. Christian gave his client a smile, who was now in a better mood as we head elsewhere.

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Velocity heads back to ringside with Maggie Rourke once again standing front and center with her microphone in hand.

Maggie: The following contest is scheduled for one fall.

Zack: I’ve been looking forward to this ever since it was announced. I doubt we’ll see a catch as catch can classic here, fans. There’s just some straight up animosity here. I’ll be joined by Kyle Kilmeade unfortunately in just a moment.

“Something New” starts up over the speakers, and the jeers have almost drowned out the music before Brazilian Storm have even arrived (though in fairness, the beginning is pretty quiet). Yellow, green and blue spotlights dance around the arena, while the tron shows images of both halves of the team in action. Suddenly, the music stops and the tron cuts out...only for the sound of crashing thunder to echo loudly through the arena.

Love to hate,
Repeating my mistakes.
But there’s no one left to listen,
No one left to listen.
Take a chance, and fuck the consequence
When there’s no one left to listen,
No one left to listen.

As a curtain of dry ice smoke fills up the entrance stage, the two Brazilian wrestlers walk up to the top of the ramp together, with their manager Kyle Kilmeade right behind them. Once there, they look over the booing crowd with matching smirks on their face before they stop for a pose: Bianca goes to a knee and opens her arms wide in the Witch of the Winds pose, as Mel does her own pose, twirling on her feet and taking a soft dip of a bow, also with her arms open. After a couple of seconds in that pose, Bianca lunges forth and twirls herself, as Mel swings an arm, and the best friends indulge in a loud high-five. Then, side by side, they walk down the entrance ramp, with their manager following them with a lonely round of applause.

Right now! We’re taking control!
Tired of waiting
Tired of waiting for something new!
Right now! We’re taking control!
Tired of waiting
Tired of waiting for something new!

Maggie: Introducing first…from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, by way of Craigleigh, accompanied by Bianca Salvador and Kyle Kilmeade...MEL AVILO!

Instead of going straight to the ring though, the girls walk up to a camera, getting right up to the lens with their mischievous smirks. As Bianca flexes her biceps for the gun show, kissing the bulging muscle, Mel’s smirk becomes a grin as she gives the camera, and the viewers at home, some choice words about their opponents. After that, the best friends roll into the ring and move to opposite turnbuckles, climbing onto the second rope and staring into the booing crowd, only to wave them off and regroup, going to their corner. Bianca sits on the top turnbuckle and Mel docks herself there, as they wait for their match to begin while they strategize, Kyle joining in their conversation briefly before he heads to the booth to  join Zack.

Zack: The powerhouse of the Brazilian Storm, as well as the Franchise, was instrumental in a brutal and savage mauling at Relentless spearheaded by Jo McFarlane. Tonight, she will face the woman she assaulted, just like Jo will at Unstoppable. Hello, Kyle.

Kyle: I think you’re making way too much of all this, Zack. Savannah made a conscious choice to turn her back on her friends and the owner of this company. She could have dated absolutely anyone, but she chose the one person Samantha doesn’t like. So...a decision had to be made.

There was silence; the lights began to fade away slowly. A soft instrumental echoes out across the audience. It starts slowly, a beautiful sound that contrasts the heaviness of the world. Like feathers, it glides among the waiting audience. The lighting fixtures produce a gentle spotlight upon the stage, offset by the occasional flash here and there. As 'Just Close Your Eyes' by Waterproof Blonde continues to play, a woman’s words begin to come through. Her voice is tender, not raising upon a whisper.

"Deceived by my eyes and all I was told I should see
Opinions not mine, the person they taught me to be
One night in the dark, a vision of someone I knew
And in the darkness I saw, a voice say, I'm you."

On the stage, a feminine figure appears. Her head lowered to everything. People cannot make out who it is. As she stands there, the flashes briefly illuminate her figure. It only gives small clues on who stands at the gate. She stands in the spotlight, her shadow cast large and proudly among the stage.

"Inside me a light was turned on…"

The instrumental picks up again. An electric guitar now joins the progressively exciting instrumentals of before. The singer’s voice suddenly intensifies.

"Then I was alive!"

In the light, it is revealed that it was Savannah Taylor. She stands at the gate, a robe of obsidian and ivory hues. The hood of it shadows her eyes, but the intensity of the final EXODUS World Champion remains clear as day. She starts off down the ramp, with a serious aura radiating from her body.

Maggie: Ladies and gentlemen, making her way down to the ring....weighing in at one hundred twenty pounds.....from Las Vegas, Nevada.....Savannah Taylor !!!

"If you close your eyes your life,
A naked truth revealed
Dreams you never lived,
And scars never healed"

Savannah makes her way up the ring steps. She looks out towards the audience for a moment before entering the ring. From there, she heads for a turnbuckle. She stands there, taking in everything. She then lifts her up on top of it. She peers out in nothing, then takes off the hood with a flashy flourish. Her blonde locks fly up in the air. They descend, shaping her face as they famously do.

"In the darkness, light will take you to the other side
You'll find me waiting there you'll see, if you just close your eyes."

While she stands in her corner, she closes her eyes and takes a heavy breath. When her bright eyes open, Taylor is completely composed. There is nothing more than the heat of battle awaiting her. She takes off her robe, giving it to a stagehand. She stretches her wrists before devoting her mind to the war upon the horizon.

Zack: You can spin it however you want, but the fact is that this woman right here is on a mission. And she’s looking to take apart the Franchise piece by piece starting with Mel here tonight.

Kyle: She can look to do whatever she wants, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. I mean she LOOKED to retain the No Surrender Championship a while back. How’d that work out, Zack?

Referee Kevin Fisk checked both women for anything illegal, and then called for the bell after Maggie left the ring. Savannah remained in her corner, not taking her eyes off Mel as the brunette headed towards the center of the ring. Taylor remained in her corner, and Mel glanced back to her partner on the floor. When she turned back, Savannah charged towards her with a running shoulder tackle that sent her back into the corner. She immediately began to unload with straight right hands one after another, causing Mel to bring her hands up to deflect most but still getting caught with the first few. She shoved Savannah backwards, and went to get her before she got a kick to the stomach. Savannah grabbed her head for a one armed bulldog, and hopped back to her feet as Mel began to do the same. She rebounded off the near side, and came back with a Thesz press to hammer right hands into the former Unity Champion’s head.

Zack: It was like someone flipped a switch inside the head of Savannah Taylor, and she’s exploded here on Mel! Avilo tried to cover up, but it didn’t help for long!

Kyle: Mel knew she was going to likely have to weather a storm from Savannah, this isn’t new to her at all. Let Savannah gas herself out.

The blonde got back to her feet, pulling Mel up by the head and sending her shoulder first into the middle turnbuckle. As Avilo stumbled backwards a step, Savannah put her down with a Russian leg sweep. Mel got to her feet when Savannah started firing Muay Thai kicks to her back rapid fire before she took off for the far side. A running knee to her lower back followed that, and then a corkscrew neckbreaker to put her down.

Zack: Savannah’s a blur in this match, she’s hitting Mel from practically every angle! And there’s the GAMBLE!!

Kyle: Mel is one of the toughest women in this company, Zack. Savannah’s nowhere near close to having this win locked up.

The “Las Vegas Siren” hopped back to her feet, telling Mel to get back up again. The brunette was slow to do so before Taylor pulled her up the rest of the way. She shoved her chest first into the ropes in order to fire kidney punch into her lower back. A belly to back suplex followed that before Savannah left her feet with a diving elbow drop to her head. She rolled her over, and looked to be about to apply her Muta lock, but Mel immediately kicked her off and rolled into the ropes. Savannah got to her feet, and was about to get her as the referee intercepted her since Mel was under the bottom rope.

Zack: It’s obvious that Mel has one of Savannah’s favorite submissions well scouted tonight, and she got the hell out of there before it could be applied.

Kyle: What do you expect? They used to work together. Who do you know better in this business than women you team with?

Mel took her time to gather herself before she got back to her feet. Savannah was impatient, and went to get her before Avilo used a drop toe hold to send her neck first across the middle rope. She got back to her feet, and took off for the far side. Before Savannah could get up, Mel left her feet and came down with all her body weight across her back. As the referee pushed her back and told her to let her off the ropes, Bianca reached up and pulled her throat down across the rope to choke her briefly before the official turned back to the ring.

Kyle: Aren’t they a great tag team? They work just like machinery. And just like I assumed, Savannah let her emotions get the better of her and now look what’s happened.

Zack: You mean Bianca choking the life out of her while the referee isn’t looking? Because that’s what I just saw, I don’t know about you.

Mel shoved past the referee and pulled Savannah up and back against the ropes, trapping her between them before she drove straight right hands into the side of her head. She snatched her into a rear waistlock, and jerked her back into the ring before sending her flying with a release German suplex to the mat. After stalking towards her, she began a Garvin stomp on every part of her body before she applied a camel clutch near the center of the ring. The referee slid down in front of Savannah to check for a submission, though it was clear she had no intention of giving one. It didn’t deter Mel as she cranked back on the hold, telling her she could do this all night long.

Zack: Mel’s right about that. The camel clutch, while torturous for the victim, is a hold that can be kept on without much energy expenditure at all.

Kyle: Mel won’t mind doing it either. She’ll hold onto it as long as she wants, and if it does severe spinal damage to Savannah, sucks to be her.

The referee continued to ask Savannah if she wanted to stop the match, but kept getting the same response. Mel leaned back, trying to increase the pressure and pain on Taylor’s back in the process. At least she did until Savannah shoved one of her fingers in her mouth, and bit into it as hard as she could. Mel immediately let go, and jerked her hand away. She shook her hand in pain as Savannah started to crawl towards the ropes. The Siren made it, and began to get to her feet as Mel closed the gap behind her. She went to grab her, but Taylor surprised her with a mule kick in the stomach that stopped her in her tracks. It stopped Mel in her tracks, and gave Savannah an opening to spin into her and plant her with a facebuster to the mat.

Zack: Savannah got out of the clutch, but you can tell it’s slowed her down quite a bit. Not that Mel’s gonna be moving any quicker after getting her face introduced to the mat.

Kyle: I’m just gonna go back to what I already said. You have to pound on Mel for a while to put her away. I’m not sure Savannah has the stamina to keep it up long enough.

The blonde got back to her feet, pulling Mel up with her before dropping her with a double underhook DDT. She headed for the corner, stopping briefly as her back was bothering her. She finally made it to the top rope, and waited for Mel to get up. When she finally did, Taylor caught her with an avalanche shiranui that drove her into the mat before she hooked a leg tightly for the cover.

Zack: A little SNAKE EYES from the Las Vegas Siren right there, and she may have Mel in a compromising position!




Mel kicked out in time, and Savannah slowly got back to her feet. She rolled Mel onto her stomach, and applied a standing surfboard with one foot firmly planted in her back while she cranked on her arms.

Kyle: This might be the smartest move Savannah’s tried since the bell rang. She can get herself together and decide how she wants to get beaten by Mel before the match is over.

Fisk went to check on Mel next, seeing if she wanted to stop the match. She made no indication that she did, and Savannah pulled back even further on her arms. Mel’s face was awash in pain as Taylor pulled. Again, the referee checked and got a similar answer to before. Finally, Savannah ended the hold with a facewash boot across her jaw. A double knee drop into her back followed that, and Savannah pulled her to her feet. She went to scoop her up for a sidewalk slam, but Mel raked her fingers across her eyes. It sent her backwards a couple steps as she tried to regain her vision. Mel used the opening to snatch her forward, and drive her into the mat with a package piledriver. Bianca applauded her from the corner as she went for the cover.

Zack: Wow, Mel landed a package piledriver! Not something she uses too often, but she may have Savannah in a bad way here!




Savannah’s shoulder came up before the three, and Mel slowly got back to her feet. She favored her lower back as Bianca cheered her on from ringside.

Kyle: Savannah screwed up there, Zack. She had Mel caught in that surfboard, but got impatient again. And now, it’s backfired all over again for her. She could use a manager, not that I’m offering.

Avilo pulled Savannah up, and over her shoulder for a running powerslam to the canvas. She didn’t let her stay down long though before she hoisted her up again, and then connected with a Samoan drop. Avilo hammered forearms across the back of her head before she made it back to her feet. The Siren started to get up again, only helped by Mel before she sent her across to the far side. She caught Savannah on the rebound with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker that nearly doubled her over in pain on the mat before she dropped down to make another cover.

Kyle: You can tell that one did some damage! Look at Savannah doubled over on the mat right there, almost looks like she’s wilted in front of us. Put her away, Mel.




Once more, Savannah gets her shoulder up in time before the three. Mel gets back to her feet and makes a breaking motion across her knee.

Zack: I have a feeling we’re about to see a MEL-BOMB on express delivery! I’m not sure Savannah’s gonna be able to survive that at this point.

Kyle: Spoiler alert: She won’t.

Mel pulled Savannah to her feet, and got her into position for the gutwrench driver. But Savannah shoved her off. Avilo lost balance as she stumbled backwards, only for Taylor to give her a knee strike to the side of the head. Savannah pulled her head down, and spun away after hooking her arms before she lifted her up and spiked her with a vertebreaker! She immediately went for the cover as the referee dropped to count.

Kyle: What the fu--

Zack: A damn vertebreaker!! I’ve never seen Savannah use that!




Bianca had tried to get in to break it up in time, but didn’t make it. As soon as she did get into the ring though, Savannah rolled out to the floor. The referee joined her and raised her hand in victory.

Zack: Savannah Taylor put one hell of an exclamation point on this match! And if she hits Jo with that move right there...or anyone, they’re not getting up!

Maggie: Here is your winner by pinfall……………….’THE LAS VEGAS SIREN’ SAVANNAH TAYLOR!!

Kyle: I’m sure Jo will be ready for it. Savannah’s lucky she got out of the ring when she did, otherwise Bianca wouldn’t have let her even get to Unstoppable 9.

Savannah held her lower back, keeping her eyes on the ring as Bianca looked angry all the while helping her tag partner get back to her feet. Savannah looked at the camera, telling it Jo was next before Velocity headed elsewhere.

Starla’s Surprise

As the show heads to the backstage area, we find Allison Marx in between two of FFW’s management staff in the form of the COO Seth Star and the consultant to the No Surrender division, Starla McCloud. Allison looks a bit curious as to what’s going on.

Allison: I had scheduled this time to talk with Dr. McCloud, but as you can see, we’ve been joined by Seth Star. Mr. Star, this is a surprise.

Seth: What I have to say should be said publicly, and to Dr. McCloud here. I promise you’ll have a chance to ask her whatever you like though.

He turns his attention to the redhead as Allison watches with an expectant look etched across her face.

Seth: For the better part of the last year, you have done what I feel is an impressive job as management’s consultant to the No Surrender division. And I feel that deserves both recognition and reward. That’s why, as of today, I am giving you a promotion. You are no longer the consultant to this division, you are it’s Commissioner with the full ability to make matches and determine contenders. Congratulations, Dr. McCloud!

The red haired former wrestler beamed at the pronouncement.

Starla: Thank you Mr. Star. I’m honoured to become the Commissioner of the No Surrender Division and you can rest assured that I won’t let this go to my head the way some previous Commissioners have when placed in charge of the other divisions of this company. After all, the No Surrender division is very near and dear to my heart. It’s just going to be a continuation of the last year’s worth of work and I’ll continue to reward those I believe have earned an opportunity.

Seth: I have every confidence.

Allison: Congratulations, Starla! That’s pretty big news. And with what I wanted to discuss with you, there seems to be no better time. The title you are now in charge of hasn’t been scheduled for a defense at Unstoppable 9. Is Sophia Pike getting the night off on the biggest show of the year?

Starla shook her head.

Starla: Thank you Allison. No. I can confirm that Sophia Pike will not be getting the night off at Unstoppable 9. Like you said, it’s the biggest show of the year and it would be wrong if we didn’t showcase not only the No Surrender Championship on the show but also if we didn’t shine a bright, bright spotlight on a wrestler as impressive and as dominant as Sophia Pike. I’m sure she’d agree with me on that count and I’d also hate to short change our fans by not giving them the chance to see her compete on what promises to be the biggest night in FFW history.

Allison: Okay then, well who is Sophia going to be defending the No Surrender Championship against at Unstoppable 9 on July 28th?

The smile on Starla’s face grows even bigger.

Starla: That’s an excellent question Allison. The $64,000 question in fact. Who is Sophia going to face at Unstoppable 9 on July 28th - live on PPV; order as soon as Velocity goes off the air, if you haven’t already - who will she be defending the title against? Whose arm will she be looking to add to her collection… who will try to do what no-one else has done and make her tap out to dethrone her?

The red headed woman nodded as she talked, pausing for dramatic effect.

Starla: The woman I’ve chosen to face Sophia Pike for the No Surrender Championship on July 28th, on the biggest show of the year… Will be revealed next week at Breaking Point.

Seth: Now that should raise a few eyebrows. I look forward to finding out who this woman is, Dr. McCloud.

The only image we are left with as the show cuts elsewhere is the smile on Starla’s face.

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Velocity returns from the commercial break, and we head back to the ring with Maggie already waiting with her microphone in hand.

Maggie: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is your main event of the evening!

Zack: We’ve taken our last commercial break, and just in time too! I’m joined by one half of the BSX and the reigning FFW Champion Kaoru Asaka, no doubt here to watch her partner’s back given recent events with herself and the Franchise.

Kaoru: And where there’s The Franchise, there’s the Storm, and we all know how that’s gone since they’ve come together. Kind of scary when you think about that paired with someone like Jo Mcfarlane. But it is what it is and now we’ve got to deal with it. All of it.

CUE THE SOUNDCHIP! An 8-bit version of the song from the Goonies start playing as the main lights dim down in the arena, with small star spotlights in a variety of colors flying around the crowd. 8-bit stars fill the videoboards, right up until the words start and Andi Takata comes sprinting out of the back to hit her mark.


When the music kicks in full, Takata takes her [CHAMPIONSHIP] belt and raises it high above her head with both hands, with blue and white sparkling pyro popping behind her, and the videoboards all exploding into pixellated color madness! The bassline kicks in and Andi Caramelldanses for a moment with the title, before she starts to head for the ring, taking her time to enjoy her 'Starlights'!

#Here we are, Hanging onto strains of greed and blues
#Break the chain then we break down
#Oh it's not real, if you don't feel it
#Unspoken expectations
#Ideals we used to play with
#Finally taking shape for us.

By this time, Andi has reached the ringside fans, and cues them up for the dance party!

#What's good enough (good enough)
#For you is
#Good enough (good enough)
#For me it's good enough (good enough)
#It's good enough for me
#Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!!!

And when Pacman whirrs down, Andi punches the air above her and makes her way back around the ring to get to the rest of her Starlights, before heading up the steps and into the ring....


Maggie: Now on her way to the ring, from The Great Cosmos by way of Akibahara, Japan... She is your reigning FFW Fast Track champion...

The Lucky Star... Andi Taaaaaakataaaaa!!!

#Old fashioned superstitions
#I find too hard to breaaaak
#Maybe you're out of place whaaaat's

The song builds up again, and Andi, after running the ropes by this point, stops in the middle, to rally EVERYONE up to join her in a big ol' Caramelldanse! And most do!

#Good enough (good enough)
#For you is
#Good enough (good enough)
#For me It's good enough (good enough)
#It's good enough for me
#Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!!

Andi runs up the turnbuckles for one last Caramelldanse, waving the [CHAMPIONSHIP] around proudly! Keep dancing everyone!

#Good enough (good enough)
#For you Is
#Good enough (good enough)
#For me.. It's good, it's good enough
#It's good enough for me
#Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!!!!

Andi does her V-pose on the middle rope before she hops down to hand her championship to the referee.

Zack: Andi’s been on cloud nine since capturing her first singles title last Saturday night at Breaking Point. It’s not on the line tonight, that’ll be at Unstoppable when she has 2 matches in one night. But she’s definitely got her work cut out for her, which you’d know well having faced Jo more than once.

Kaoru: If there was anyone more capable of smacking somebody off a Fast Track, it would be Jo. It’s a good thing for Andi it’s not on the line, though I don’t see Unstoppable being much easier for her. It’s what she wanted though, she wanted to fight Ji-Hu, she wanted the Fast Track title, and now… she’s going to get it all. At least what’s left of her after Jo tries to have her way here tonight.

The arena darkens, bringing with it a large quantity of dry ice. In the ring, the green, white and orange lights pulse until they form the Irish Tricolour in the centre of the ring. It’s this sight that brings about jeering from the audience. As the lights settle, a drumbeat hits the speakers, soon to be followed by a well-known riff that doesn’t quite sound as people would know it to be. It is then that a woman steps out on the stage; Jo McFarlane. Not that you can tell right away - her face is obscured by a white bandana covering her mouth and nose, and she wears a green beanie on her head, which appears to be entirely covering her hair. She is also dressed in camouflage; traditional green colours, a long-sleeved jacket and trousers. Through the fog as the crowd begins to jeer, standing by her side, is her father.

If you’re havin’ trouble with the high school head,
He’s givin’ you the blues.
You wanna graduate, but not in his bed,
Here’s what you’re gonna do!
Pick up the phone, I’m always home
Call me anytime.
362-4360, I lead a life of crime.

Maggie: And her opponent, from Derry, Northern Ireland, weighing one hundred and twenty seven pounds, she is “THE REBEL CHILD” JOOOOOOOO MCFARLAAAAAAAAANE!

During the verse and Maggie’s introduction, Jo first taps the stick on the floor, then starts off down the ramp, towards the ring. Tommy remains a step behind her the whole time...though it’s difficult given the massive height difference. She moves quite quickly, and stops at the bottom. Moving towards a corner at ringside, she drops the kendo stick in her hand against the barricade, making sure the referee sees that she did, giving him a pointed stare.

Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap!
Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap!
Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap!
Dirty deeds, and they’re done dirt cheap.
Dirty deeds, and they’re done dirt cheap.

As the chorus plays and the solo starts up, Jo ascends the stairs, removing the jacket she wears, revealing a similarly coloured top. The beanie soon follows and she steps through the ropes. She then heads towards her corner, where she stands on the middle turnbuckle, looking around her before jumping down. Her father joins her in the corner, and the two exchange words as the music fades out.

Zack: Jo McFarlane’s got a No Holds Barred date with Savannah Taylor on FFW’s biggest stage, now with 5 time FFW Champion Scarlett Kincaid as the referee. This match won’t be much of a warm up for Savannah though, that’s two totally contrasting styles.

Kaoru:  Yeah, Andi & Savannah don’t share too much besides an area code these days, and a severe dislike of the Franchise. It’s a more unique challenge for Jo than what she’s had lately. Probably a lot closer to having to go up against a Leona Vega than a Savannah Taylor. She probably hopes to have as much success tonight as she had as she had against one of my opponents at Unstoppable.

Maggie leaves the ring as referee Melinda Davis checks both women. As she goes to check Andi in the far corner, Tommy hands his daughter her kendo stick. Jo begins to twirl it in her hand as Andi immediately points it out to the referee. Davis moves towards Jo and tells her to leave it ringside.

Kaoru: Yeah, go ahead and flaunt it, Jo. Not like you need the thing. Not like some of us haven’t already felt this up close, or that Andi wasn’t at ringside the other night. How arrogant has she really gotten, Zack?

Zack: This is what happens when you let entitlement go to your head. McFarlane thinks she’s untouchable in FFW, and I guess she thinks the referee is gonna let her use that. She couldn’t be more wrong.

Jo nods her head as the referee tells her to leave it, and then turns to call for the bell. As soon as Davis does turn though, Jo cracks it across the top of the referee’s head. It drops the official to her knees before Jo begins striking it repeatedly against her until the referee seems to be unconscious. She uses her foot to kick her out of the ring as a pair of trainers race out to check on her. Jo looks back to Andi with a grin on her face.

Kaoru: What the shit is that?! It’s a DQ for one thing, and I”m not talking about any Typhoon treat from the drive through! You can’t just go around smacking up officials!

Zack: The referee is out cold, and this match hasn’t even started yet. Davis has been bludgeoned with that kendo stick, and now it’s just Jo and Andi.

Andi looked over to the referee as the owner of FFW appeared on the video wall, diverting her attention as well as the crowd’s. Samantha got nothing but boos from them before she began to speak.

Samantha: Due to the unfortunate accident suffered by our referee, I’m going to take a page from my brother’s playbook and immediately announce a special guest referee for tonight’s match.

She disappeared off the video wall, leaving the crowd buzzing at the announcement before the special guest referee appeared at the top of the stage. In a modified striped top and her ring gear on her body under that was….


Kaoru: You’ve gotta be kidding me. This is a rib. Tell me this is a rib, Zack. One left over from yesterday’s barbecue. Of all the bullsh-

Bianca grinned as she jogged towards the ring. Andi spotted her, and was immediately unhappy about it. As soon as Bianca stepped through the ropes, Andi began getting on her case...at least until Jo struck the kendo stick across the back of her head. It dropped the champion to her knees before another shot put her down on the mat, and Jo rolled her onto her back to press it against her throat. Meanwhile, Bianca had her foot up on the middle turnbuckle with her back to the ring and looked to be retying her boot laces.

Kaoru: This is nonsense. Absolute nonsense.  A Franchise farce, for sure.

Jo tossed the stick to the outside as she got back to her feet. Bianca turned back towards the ring, and called for the bell to start the match. The former FFW Champion dropped down to make a cover with a loose hook of Andi’s leg. Salvador was quick into position to make the count.

Zack: This is gonna be the shortest main event in FFW history right here! Andi’s gotta be done, and here comes...Salvador for the count!



Andi got her leg across the bottom rope on instinct, and Bianca sat up with a shrug of her shoulders as she told Jo she hadn’t had enough yet. Jo got back to her feet, pulling Andi up by the arm and firing kicks into her body repeatedly. She shoved her back into the ropes as Tommy climbed up onto the apron to hold her arms in place before Jo measured and caught her with a roundhouse kick to the jaw before Tommy let her fall to the mat.

Kaoru: I’m not sure this is the time to be so stubborn, Andi! Although I’d probably do the same thing myself. This is frustrating to no end, and just… a set-up. It’s a set-up all the way through from the top.

Zack: You got that right! This was never set to be an actual match, it’s a mugging! It’s also turning into a handicap match between Jo’s father and the crooked referee!

Jo used a short baseball slide to send her out of the ring to the floor. When she got to her feet and looked to be going out after her, Bianca intercepted her and shook her finger at her while Tommy put the boots to Andi. When she tried to get up, he punted her in the ribs and threw her back into the ring. Bianca then turned back towards the ring as Jo passed her by, using the ropes for a springboard into a double stomp on Andi’s chest.

Kaoru: Look at this. Look at the nonsense, they’re having so much fun with this. Bianca really holding Jo to the rules here. GIVE ME A BREAK. And there goes Jo with a flying stomp. Lovely. I’d be more impressed if I didn’t want to rip the red right out of her head right now.

Zack: Jo McFarlane is a changed woman, and not for the better. I guarantee you this won’t be the case at Unstoppable 9, because Scarlett will be on the lookout for this crap and Savannah will damn sure be ready for it!

Jo dragged her towards the center of the ring, putting the boots to her again before she darted over her towards the ropes. She left her feet for the middle rope again, this time into an Asai moonsault...but Andi got her knees up. It brought the crowd to life as Jo fell to the canvas clutching her ribs, and Andi started to get up. Jo wasn’t far behind her as she tried to rise as well. But as she went to grab Andi, the space princess turned into her and started unloading with right hands to her head. The crowd got much louder as the Fast Track Champion unloaded with shots! She fired Jo across for the ride right into the corner chest first. Andi darted right pat her, hitting a disaster kick that floored the “Rebel Child” where she stood!

Zack: Jo missed the moonsault, and that was all the opening Andi needed! And if she wanted a pissed off Fast Track Champion, well she’s getting her heart’s desire now!

Kaoru: It may not be a fair fight, but Andi’s going to give whatever fight she has here, I know that much! And now that she’s got an opening, look out because here she comes and nobody in that ring or out is going to stop her! Look at her go!

Tommy hopped up on the apron, only for Andi to charge him and send him back to the floor with a dropkick to the chest. She hopped back to her feet, intercepting Jo as she was starting to get up again with a running kneelift to the face. It popped her head up long enough for Andi to grab her head, and start swinging around into an orbit DDT that spiked the redhead into the mat. She made the cover with a tight hook of the leg, and Bianca had turned to adjust the turnbuckle pad.

Kaoru: Great set of moves to get Jo down but this…. This is NOT going to get you anywhere in this environment! Twist her leg or something! Don’t just lay there in a pin that’ll never get counted!

Zack: She’s more likely to get struck by lightning in a house she won from a sweepstakes than she is to get a count out of the “Typhoon” right now!

Andi finally broke the cover, and made a beeline for Bianca. She began shouting at her as Bianca caught her with a back elbow to the mouth. The blonde turned around, making an “Oops!” face as Andi staggered back a step. Meanwhile, Jo had made it back to her feet and caught Andi with a German suplex, which she rolled through into four more. She bridged up on the last one as Bianca was immediately in position to count.

Zack: Boy, Bianca sure is quick on the trigger when the right woman is making a cover, isn’t she?!




Andi got her shoulder off the mat in time. Bianca told Jo she wasn’t done yet, and the redhead hopped to her feet with a shake of her head.

Kaoru: Damn it…. Andi’s too stupid to just lay there and maybe escape this in one piece and the Franchise don’t want this to end at all, do they? I’m surprised Jo’s even trying to pin her at this point. What IS the point?! Message sent, we get it, you’re in control. They won’t be at Unstoppable though, will they?

Andi tried to roll into the ropes to get away before Jo pulled her up to her feet on the apron. A quick snap of her head saw Andi hanging by her feet over the middle rope before she was driven into the man with a hangman’s DDT. McFarlane pulled her knee pad down before measuring a knee drop into Andi’s head. She slowly got back to her feet to louder boos from the crowd, and Jo responded by stepping on her throat while leaning on the ropes. Bianca began her five count, and she was off to a start with a one while Jo continued choking Andi.

Kaoru: This. Is. The Worst. And I can say those words before Bianca will ever get to TWO on this count. Jo going right after Andi’s head too. Normally I’d think that’s smart, but she’s just doing it because she can now.

Zack: Meanwhile, Andi’s getting the life choked out of her! Just stay down, Andi. There’s no way you’re winning this.

The two followed that before Jo picked Andi up, but she collapsed to her knees in a slump against her. This brought a smile to Jo’s face as she reached down to pull her up again, but once more Andi collapsed to her knees in a slump against Jo’s legs.

Zack: I think Andi’s had enough. Jo can’t even get her to stay up long enough to do whatever it is she has in mind to do. Just pin her, and be done with it! Andi’s----GOT A SMALL PACKAGE!!!

When Jo pulled her up again, Andi surprised her by pulling her into a small package. Bianca rolled it over though so Jo was on top before she dropped down to make the cover. Then she dropped into position to count!




Andi kicked out in time, and Bianca helped Jo to her feet. The “Rebel Child” started stomping her again before pulling her back to her feet. She planted her head between her legs, and hoisted her up for a turnbuckle powerbomb before Andi collapsed against the corner in a heap.

Kaoru: Even when she has her beat she doesn’t have her beat! If nothing else, Andi’s showing everyone just how big of a pain in the ass she can be when she wants to! She’s crazy enough to think she has a chance still. And that is crazy. She needs to get the hell out of there.

She dragged her out of the corner by her foot towards the center of the ring before she dropped down into a cover. Bianca was in position before Jo could even make the cover, and immediately began counting the fall!

Zack: Stay down, Andi! There’s no point in continuing this!




Andi got her shoulder up again as Jo exchanged looks with Bianca. A glance towards Tommy saw him produce a pair of handcuffs, which he slid into the ring.

Kaoru: Oh what in the hell are they up to now? No. No, no, no, I don’t care how corrupt this has become, they cannot let this happen, somebody needs to step in here, an official, security, something!

Jo snatched them up and opened the manacles as she circled around behind Andi, who was trying to simply get to her knees. Bianca moved around in front of her, and held her in place while Jo leaned down to apply the handcuffs...until the lights blinked out.

Deceived by my eyes and all I was told I should see
Opinions not mine, the person they taught me to be
One night in the dark, a vision of someone I knew
And in the darkness I saw, a voice say, I'm you.

The crowd roared as they saw Savannah Taylor bolting towards the ring with a kendo stick of her own. Tommy went to intercept her before she cracked it across his ribs, and dropped him to the floor. Taylor rolled under the bottom rope as Bianca went for her, also getting the same treatment but this time upside her head. It sent Salvador to the mat, and then Jo and Savannah stared across at one another with Taylor twirling the kendo stick this time. The live crowd was roaring!


Zack: You can cut the tension..the hatred...with a knife! And I think we’re gonna get a preview of Unstoppable 9….right about...NOW!!

Savannah tossed the kendo stick to the mat, and the two went right for each other. Wild right hands began getting exchanged with Taylor getting the better of the shots. Jo fired her across into the far side, and only received a Thesz press on the rebound as Savannah wailed away at her with right hands. She climbed back to her feet, snatched up her kendo stick, and blasted it into Bianca’s ribs again. Then her attention went back to Jo, glancing over to her kendo stick and nodding her head.

Zack: Savannah’s brought her own weapon, and it’s her and Jo now! They are on their feet in this arena, and Jo’s got one hell of a beating coming her way from the “Las Vegas Siren!”

Kaoru: I’d hope she takes her head off with the stupid stick but then I wouldn’t get to see her take Jo apart at Unstoppable, and nobody wants to miss that! Give’r enough to let her know you’re there though, Savannah!

Savannah tapped it against her boots as Jo started to sit up on her knees, trying to get her bearings. The blonde moved around in front of her, leaning back like she was in the batter’s box with the North Carolina crowd almost deafening!

Zack: Taylor winding up like Jose Altuve! Jo’s got it coming, and they want her to do it! This entire damn crowd is 100% behind Savannah!

She went for a hard shot before Tommy pulled his daughter out of the ring by her feet to the floor. The shot missed entirely, causing nothing but boos as Andi finally made it back to her feet. Savannah moved towards the ropes, pointing the stick down to her opponent as they backed up the ramp.

Kaoru: And there’s her father stepping in to save Jo from getting smashed to bits…. Again! She’d have cleared the barricade for sure with that swing, we’d need to get the analytics people on that. She’ll have nowhere to run to soon, but not soon enough!

Zack: There’s only one more detour on the way to MetLife Stadium! One more stop on the road to Unstoppable! And that’s Breaking Point! Don’t miss it, and if you haven’t already, you gotta get Unstoppable on Pay Per View!

Bianca joined her allies on the ramp as Savannah glanced over to Andi, bumping fists with her as they turned their attention back to the ramp to make sure they weren’t coming back. The expression on Savannah’s face was the last image before Velocity faded off the air.
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