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April 22, 2019, 06:23:03 am
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Author Topic: Bent  (Read 92 times)

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What's the scene?

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« on: July 10, 2018, 11:39:40 pm »


Thomas-Jefferson University Hospital
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
June 3rd, 2018 - One Day After FFW Relentless

“Friends? The both of of you? ...She’s in here. Come with me.” The attending nurse leading the two women down the hall. He reached upward as he came towards the door, grabbing the clipboard. He was about to open it before he stopped to look back at them. His hand rubbed the dark blonde stubble of five o’clock shadow as he looked a little uneasy.

“There’s already one visitor in there and she hasn’t... Been making things easy at all. Especially when we’re trying to get the patient to rest. To update you... It’s a miracle she didn’t come to us with a grade three concussion. She looked a mess, and we had to change her linens once over before actually getting her down in bed. Her arm... Well, that’ll be a month minimum and the doctor was being generous as a nun. He was convinced more like three to four months but he went on muttering about how he knows you ‘athlete types’. He doesn’t expect her to properly rehab it. Anyway, that’s... All I have. Do you want to see her?”

“No, we came here just to see you. Of course we want to see her.” Scarlett Silver said with more than a small hint of sarcasm to her tone. Usually she might have flirted, like most every other time but today she was more concerned with seeing O.E. Her fellow brunette beside her in the form of Paige Steen gave a roll of her eyes to at the question from the nurse.

“Sorry, we’re both tired. Yes, please. We’d like to see her. We would have been here sooner but this was the earliest we could get here with one thing and another after the show yesterday.”

The male nurse looked slightly apologetic and nodded, opening the door.

O.E. Ayano was indeed laid up in her own bed, and looking quite like the victim of a mugging more than a wrestler. She had gauze over her head, likely where the on-site medics had to stitch her up after Relentless. The offended arm was wrapped heavily in a cast, bent at a ninety degree angle. The only visible part of said arm were O.E.’s fingers, wiggling warily once and every while as if her making sure she still had movement in it. The Japanese wrestler looked in a daze, the only immediate acknowledgment given to her visitors were eyebrow raises and a dulled smile that quickly faded.

She parted her lips, probably to say something smart mouthed like ‘Yeah, but did y’all see the other bitch?’ or ‘They ain’t even fluff my pillows’, but her mouth closed and her shoulders slumped.

Matters not made better by Mai in the room, obnoxiously rolling a cocktail shaker in her hands and having claimed O.E.’s table for food trays for her own. There was a small jar of maraschino cherries, a wine glass, a tumbler, and two airplane carry sized bottles. One of vermouth, one of gin.

“Can I interest either of you in a drink?” Mai asked.

The nurse stared at Mai and muttered flatly, “Ma’am, we told you before. This is a hospital. You can’t--”

“Uup uup uup... They don’t pay you enough to tell me one thing or the other, puppy. You did your job. Off with you. I am here for my client like they’re here for their friend. No shoo. Women talk. Go... I don’t know, take someone’s blood pressure.”

“Thanks, we’ll take it from here.” Paige said quickly to the dismissed nurse, partially to actually thank him, but also to give herself a minute to calm down and not tear strips of Mai for her attitude towards him. She completely ignored Mai’s offer of a drink, instead walking to one side of O.E’s bed. “Jesus, girl. You look like you’ve been hit by a freaking truck.” She gave her  head a shake. She knew that she herself could go a little overboard sometimes, like at Global Wars with Cereza, but she was still shocked at the unnecessary overkill from Sophia. “No offense.”

“That was rude.” Scarlett piped up. She looked like she was about to accept a drink from Mai, but shook her head to signal no at the last second as she thought better of it. “You know injuries are a great way to get guys. The sympathy card works wonders, deep down they all want to feel like the protector, so nursing you back to health would be a huge draw.” She had never actually tried that method herself, but it sounded reasonable enough.

“None taken,” O.E. murmured with a rasp before looking at her hand. She sounded like she’d lost her voice, speaking not above a hoarse mutter. Her eyes slowly went from Paige’s face to Scarlett’s and her mouth cracked a slight smile. “Yeah, them dudes really tryna hit up the crippled. Ha... Can finally say I’m a crip. The street cred is real...”

“That was not a truck. That was a champion.” Mai said without so much as a care. Any traces of cheer that seeing the two girls had brought the young Japanese wrestler seemed to die once Mai opened her mouth. One could get the feeling that she had been doing that a lot since she had come to find her client.


“A champion you should beaten with my full proof strategy but nooo... You join the dubious ranks of Demidov, Taylor, Savage, your best friend for life, Lily-Rose. I mean I thought that one hit wonder did a number on you but color me surprised.” Mai finished shaking up her cocktail before pouring herself a glass. All so suddenly it felt as though the air was being drained from the room as O.E. looked to be an increasingly foul mood.

“We have a lot of work to do after you get discharged. To hell with the rehab. You need to get back into action first show back.”

“You have to be bloody kidding.” Paige’s expression darkened a little as she stared at Mai as though she had just announced the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy were coming for tea. “O.E is in no shape to be back in action. She needs to take as long as it takes to make sure she is 100% fit.”

Scarlett didn’t say a word as she stared at O.E’s manager, trying to work out if she herself had taken a knock to the head. “Don’t listen to her, you did great. I don’t know what got into Sophia, but it wasn’t any reflection on you.” She almost whispered the words to O.E, with a glance to Paige who nodded her head in agreement.

“Have you ever had an injury like this Mai?” Paige asked her, not giving a chance for her to answer before she continued. “Getting hurt like this in the ring is no joking matter, and it’s not something you take lightly. Not if you want to get back to fully fit anway. If you’ve never been in this position you wouldn’t know what’s like.”

“I could show you though if you keep talking like that. Maybe then you’d be a bit more sensitive.”

“Hey! I’ve been hurt plenty of times in the ring. Emotionally mostly but hurt and it still counts! All I’m saying is this...” Mai held her hand up before all but her index finger closed and she began pointing around the room. “One person left with the Fast Track championship. One person left with another shot at the Evolution championship. One person left with a concussion, a broken arm, and no memory of the last... What, five minutes of the match? You okay with that, Otose?”

That was actually the first time either girl had ever heard O.E. addressed by that name. It had the visible effect however, of her face going red from anger and staring mutinously at the cast and then down... Ashamed as Mai only continued to go on for her client, likely thinking she was somehow helping matters.

“You could have made good on your little promise... And you didn’t. In fact not only did you not but you don’t even remember what that woman did you! How she unloaded on you, how she stained the ring with your blood and worse? She did it with a smile. She was proud of it. Proud! All that talk about how she couldn’t even imagine everything you went through or walk a mile in your shoes and you were right! She walked a mile in your ass! Are you going to take that? Huh? Are you proud... Or are you gonna march RIGHT back to that ring and pick yourself up? ...Or are you just gonna roll over on your back?”

“Seriously, Mai. Shut the fuck up.” Paige’s face was starting to redden with anger and her fist clenched at her side. Mai’s words were riling her up, so heaven only knew what they were doing to O.E.

“I think you should listen to her, you know. I’ve seen her when she gets like this. She’s not kidding.” Scarlett for a change was trying to play peacekeeper rather than antagonise things more. If it had been any other situation she would have poked the fire, then sat down with popcorn to watch it all explode… but she didn’t think it would be best for O.E to have those kind of fireworks right now.

“Why doesn’t everybody just calm down, we can see if we can stream a movie or something. Or just have a nice chat.” Scarlett suggested hopefully. And wished she’d taken the offered drink now. She needed it.

Mai however, as befitting being... Well. Mai did not listen. In fact, it seemed to be made worse by Paige speaking up. She might have listened if it was Scarlett alone, but somehow this only made her continue. The Ayano however was reaching for her cast, gripping it... Digging her nails into it before staring at one that had been bruised during the match, black and spotted under the nail.

“It’s bad enough that you weren’t good enough to beat her. It’s worse that she made you look unlike anyone else she ever faced. Everyone else at least left the ring on two working legs. You... You had to be carted out. You weren’t even worth letting to be conscious to her, O.E. You weren’t even--”

“I’LL FUCKING KILL HER!” She bellowed, furious and trying to pull herself out of bed, IV and cast and all. Mai smiled slightly as though she felt she had accomplished something profound while her client, barely able to stand, wobbling once she actually did, shook it off and physically grabbed her IV.

“What is the--holyshitshe’supagain! Orderlies! ORDERLIES!” The male nurse poked his head inside as O.E. seethed, trying to use the IV as a walking stick, and looking quite like she didn’t even have any equilibrium. He muttering was rabid, almost frantic as she stumbled about in her nightgown.

“Kill I’ll... I’ll kill her! She ain’t seen the fucking last of me. YOU FUCKING HEAR ME PIKE! MY HEART IS STILL BEATIN’ BITCH! I’MSTILLFUCKINGAALLLIIIVVEEE!” She swung her IV at... Literally nothing. Neither Scarlett nor Paige were in any danger here, but Mai looked quite pleased with herself, as though she had motivated someone to get to a morning workout. That didn’t stop two orderlies, larger than the nurse coming in before one nearly got his head taken off with the IV’s wheels.

“Mike for god’s sake get the shot! Get the Ziprasidone!”

“O.E Stop!” Scarlett tried to reason with her, but she wasn’t sure if she could even hear what she was saying with how worked up she was. “You need to lie down. You’re going to make yourself worse and then you’ll take longer to heal!”

While Scarlett was more concerned with trying to calm O.E, Paige was staring daggers at the reason for O.E potentially doing herself more damage. “Are you fucking happy now? Look what you’ve done, you stupid bitch. I swear if she hurts herself more because of this, you’re not going to like me very much… or at all.”

“Someone just I don’t know! Calm her down! DO SOMETHING! ANYTHING!”

O.E. took another swipe at an orderly, only half answering Scarlett as she screamed. “SHE MADE ME AN EXAMPLE! AN EXAMPLE! SHE HAS TO PAY! YOU FUCKIN’ HEAR ME PIKE!?” She snarled again, swinging at air and then pointing the top of the IV drip at nothing. Maybe it was painkillers or the daze from so much blood loss the night before but it was obvious she was not well...

...Made worse by...


The metal bed pan rattling off the back of the Ayano’s head as she collapsed in a heap. You could only hear a pin drop in the room as Mai held up the now bent hunk of metal as the nurses and the girls... Everyone stared at her as she looked back at Paige with a literal eyeroll.

“There. I took care of it. Jeez. She can’t hurt herself anymore. I don’t even know how you get any success in your career with that attitude.”

“What the fuck?!” Paige almost screamed as she lunged across the room to Mai. Grabbing the bent bed pan from her hand, she smacked her upside the head with it. The impact rang throughout the room. “How do you fucking like it, eh?”

She didn’t stop at just once, she managed to get another shot off before Scarlett grabbed her arm and depanned her.

“She’s not worth it, Paige.”

“No. But it serves her right.” Paige took a deep breath to calm herself a tiny bit, then grabbed Mai by the arm to march her to the door. “Get the fuck out. O.E would be better if you weren’t here. So piss off.”

As the male nurse and the orderlies circled around the wrestler who had been put down unceremoniously by Mai she rubbed her mouth. She stared insolently at Paige for a few moments before stepping out of the hospital room, the door closing right in her face.

She glared before dusting her business dress off.

“Hey! Where’s my cocktail mixer!?” She screamed indignantly... And hightailed it once she realized the door was opening again.

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