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April 22, 2019, 06:53:29 am
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FFW Breaking Point - July 14, 2018

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Author Topic: FFW Breaking Point - July 14, 2018  (Read 207 times)
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« on: July 15, 2018, 10:26:09 pm »

Live from the PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
July 14, 2018

The FFW logo flashes across the screen with the Unstoppable 9 logo behind it. “Heavy” by The Glorious Sons starts playing and Ruby Tyler comes out onto the ramp, high fiving fans as she heads out toward the ring. She’s dressed in her gear, ready for her fight later against Valentina Lozano. After popping into the ring, she gestures for a microphone and is soon handed one by a member of the ring crew.

Zack: The PPG Paints Arena here in Pittsburgh is playing host tonight to the final Breaking Point before Unstoppable 9! And as you can see, Ruby Tyler is joining us who has a choice to make!

Mai: Yeah, she has to pick which partner she wants to get fan pity with after Valentina and Isis destroy her and whoever at Unstoppable 9!

Ruby: Hey Pittsburgh! Who’s ready to see me knee Valentina in the head tonight?

The crowd cheers and Ruby grins, laughing at the strong reaction.

Ruby: Good! Stay tuned for that one. But before we get to the match, there’s a little bit of business that I have to take care of. After what happened two weeks ago, Seth Star granted me a match against The Privileged Circle - the adult members, anyway - with any partner of my choosing. Didn’t even have to be a member of the FFW roster, which was kind of him. And I went through a bunch of options: Aurora Jansen, Anastasia Starling, Anna Giovanna… but as much as I like those women and admire them professionally, they weren’t quite who I wanted with me.

Ruby: And so I went back to Seth and I clarified that when he told me I could pick anyone, he really meant anyone. Now, I know that this is the premiere women’s wrestling company in the world, but in this situation, I need to have someone beside me that I trust implicitly. Someone I’ve been in a foxhole with before, someone who will have my back no matter what. We got one hell of a history, and this chapter we’ve been writing lately is the best yet. So I’m proud to announce that making their FFW debut at Unstoppable 9, my partner, The Voice of Violence, The Baltimore Brawler, and the other half of #RubyWay… Kevin Hardaway!

The Pittsburgh crowd erupts, excited at the rare opportunity to see a man compete alongside the women of FFW.

Ruby: That’s right! The reigning, defending HKW Underground Tornado Tag Team Champions are taking the #RubyWayWorldTour to MetLife Stadium on July 28th! So I hope Valentina and Isis are ready to spend the next two weeks catching up on some tape. Because while they may be familiar with me, I’m not sure how well they know Kevin – or #RubyWay, for that matter. But I can assure you all that after Unstoppable 9?

Mai: You’re gonna shake their hands and beg for your job back?

Ruby: The Privileged Circle will never forget who we are.

The FFW logo flashes across the screen. We see Kaoru Asaka sitting in a cubicle dressed in a business suit as five people stand around her pointing fingers and giving her a lot of flack. The clock hand on the wall behind her continues to spin through hours as Kaoru’s face gets more and more angry.  “One of a Kind” by Breaking Point begins to play.

The monitor behind her shows a series of clips including Steph Stefano delivering a punt kick, Scarlett Silver looking at her reflection in a full length mirror with her manager behind her, Next is an arena dance party with Rose Gardner in the ring, Angelina Fantastica delivering a hip check to the head, and Isis Morales crushing a globe in her hands.

Next we find Kaoru erupting out of her seat, and starting to throw punches at the suits yelling at her. Punches all around before she tears the suit off she’s wearing to reveal her ring attire, and then reaches under her desk to pull out a sledgehammer. She looks at it for a second, and heads out of her cubicle.

The next clip shows Valerie McKinley looking up in front of her manager as money rains down around her, bringing a wide grin to her face, Sophia Pike applying her armbar submission in the ring, Kelly Kincaid delivering her headlock driver, and Artemis Kaiser giving a Stockton Slap across the face.

Then we find Kaoru taking the sledgehammer and crashing it through a glass door into one of the offices. She brings it down across the desk, putting a hole in it before firing it at some of the pictures on the wall. One of them is a poster of her with the words “tsundere dragon”, which she takes great pride in destroying. She heads out of the office into the parking lot, leaving holes in the wall as she passes with her sledgehammer. When she finds the boss’ car parked in a handicap space, she swings the sledgehammer around and crashes it through the windshield and setting off the alarm before the Breaking Point logo appears on the screen.

We then go to a live shot as the packed crowd roars as multi-colored spotlights flash all over the arena as the theme continues to play over the PA system.

Maggie: The opening contest of Breaking Point is scheduled for one fall to a finish!!

Mai: It’s a good way to start any show when you have a member of the Franchise in action, Zack.

Zack: I’m sure they would be happy to be the beginning, middle, and closing of the show too if they could. Fortunately we have some other talent on the card tonight.

Green and blue strobe lights flood the arena as “Map of the Problematique” blasts out over the speakers. As the keyboard comes in, a spotlight shines on the curtain, through which steps Erica Horton to a pop from the fans.

Maggie: On her way to the ring, from Edinburgh Scotland by way of Spartanburg, South Carolina! Please welcome ERICA HORTON!

Erica heads down the ramp, slapping hands with fans as she goes on her way.

Fear and panic in the air
I want to be free
From desolation and despair
And I feel like everything I sow
Is being swept away,
Well I refuse to let you go!

I can't get it right
Get it right
Since I met you

Reaching the bottom of the ramp, she heads around the nearest steps to the commentators, still catching hands with fans until she gets there. She then heads up the steps and into the ring. Standing in the middle, she lifts a hand to the crowd and then heads to her corner as “Map of the Problematique” fades out.

Zack: Erica’s been trying to strike out on her own in recent singles matches, including coming close to capturing the Fast Track title at Relentless.

Mai: She’d save a lot of time if she went ahead and realized she’s the lesser of her sisters….by a long shot, and retire. But she can’t have this job back. You’d miss me too much.

“Something New” starts up over the speakers, and the jeers have almost drowned out the music before Brazilian Storm have even arrived (though in fairness, the beginning is pretty quiet). Yellow, green and blue spotlights dance around the arena, while the tron shows images of both halves of the team in action. Suddenly, the music stops and the tron cuts out...only for the sound of crashing thunder to echo loudly through the arena.

Love to hate,
Repeating my mistakes.
But there’s no one left to listen,
No one left to listen.
Take a chance, and fuck the consequence
When there’s no one left to listen,
No one left to listen.

As a curtain of dry ice smoke fills up the entrance stage, the two Brazilian wrestlers walk up to the top of the ramp together, with their manager Kyle Kilmeade right behind them in his wheelchair. Once there, they look over the booing crowd with matching smirks on their face before they stop for a pose: Bianca goes to a knee and opens her arms wide in the Witch of the Winds pose, as Mel does her own pose, twirling on her feet and taking a soft dip of a bow, also with her arms open. After a couple of seconds in that pose, Bianca lunges forth and twirls herself, as Mel swings an arm, and the best friends indulge in a loud high-five. Then, side by side, they walk down the entrance ramp, with their manager rolling behind them with a lonely round of applause.

Right now! We’re taking control!
Tired of waiting
Tired of waiting for something new!
Right now! We’re taking control!
Tired of waiting
Tired of waiting for something new!

Maggie: And their opponent, escorted to the ring by Mel Avilo and Kyle Kilmeade… From Brazil… BIANCA SALVADOR!!!

Instead of going straight to the ring though, the girls walk up to a camera, getting right up to the lens with their mischievous smirks. As Bianca flexes her biceps for the gun show, kissing the bulging muscle, Mel’s smirk becomes a grin as she gives the camera, and the viewers at home, some choice words about their opponents. After that, the best friends roll into the ring and move to opposite turnbuckles, climbing onto the second rope and staring into the booing crowd, only to wave them off and regroup, going to their corner. Bianca sits on the top turnbuckle and Mel docks herself there, as they wait for their match to begin while they strategize, Kyle speaking to them from his wheelchair in their conversation.

Mai: It just breaks my heart to see poor Kyle like this, Zack. Did you hear about his hydroplane incident earlier this week?

Zack: Yes, I did. And I think it’s safe to say there’s a lot of skepticism that he’s actually hurt at all. We have seen no documented proof either way yet though.

Melinda Davis was the referee assigned to the match and checked with Erica to make sure she was ready to begin before she headed over to Bianca’s corner and tried to get Mel to leave the ring only for Mel to ignore her as they continued the strategy session. Again the official ordered Bianca’s tag team partner, this time managing to get Kyle’s attention as the manager berated the referee for interrupting their preparations ahead of a vitally important match; how dare she try and put a Franchise member at such a disadvantage and who the Hell did she think she was to stick her nose in. Mel resumed her conversation with Bianca as she was sat on the top turnbuckle.

Mai: This referee has a lot of gall. There’s a strategy session going on, and she’s out here trying to tell people what to do!

Zack: You strategize in the locker room before you come out. This is just a tactic to get under Erica’s skin.

In her corner, Erica ran out of patience and charged across the ring, towards the duo only for Mel to cut her off with a lariat that flipped the Scottish wrestler inside out. Davis turned around and began to read Mel the riot act only for the non participating member of Brazilian Storm claim that she was defending Kyle; that she was looking out for an injured man and merely making sure that he wasn’t blindsided by an overzealous fully trained wrestler. Davis was about ready to explode as she ordered Mel and Kyle both to the back. As Mel and Kyle tried to argue their case, Davis called for security to come from the back and provide an escort as Bianca launched herself off the top turnbuckle and delivered a double axe handle to the top of a rising Erica’s head sending her back to the canvas.

Zack: I told you what this was all about, and that just proves it! It was just to get a cheap shot on Erica to start the match.

Mai: You’re forgetting the most important aspect of all that, Zack. It worked.

Erica tried to quickly push back up to her feet only for Bianca to grab hold of her head by the hair in order to ram the Scotswoman face first into her rising knee as Kyle and Mel finally left the ring and were encircled by security to escort them backstage. Salvador crashed her knee three times into her opponent’s head before she sent Erica down to the canvas with a snapmare takedown. Immediately Bianca dropped down behind her, pressing a knee into the top of her spine as she reached around and used her fingers to fishhook both sides of Erica’s mouth in a modified rear chinlock. With the referee satisfied that Kyle and Mel were on their way to the back she turned and called for the bell only to immediately reprimand Bianca, ordering her to release the fishhook as she threatened the disqualification, using the count of five to get the release on four; Bianca transitioning into a standard rear chinlock.

Zack: I hope other referees take a note from this one on how to deal with these groups that only come to ringside to cause havoc and give unfair advantages!

Mai: I didn’t know you disliked the Scarborough Fair, Zack. Hell, we have something in common, it sounds like.

Salvador wrenched back on Horton’s head as she pressed her knee into her back only for the blonde to begin to work her way back to her feet. Bianca keeping her hands locked around Mel’s jaw all the way to a vertical base and the second they reached their feet, Salvador leapt backwards and drove the back of her foe’s skull into the mat with an inverted facebuster. Mel rolled to the side and tried to sit up only for Bianca to deliver a leg drop across her body to send her back down flat against the mat. Quickly the former Future Shock Champion popped to her feet and showed off for the crowd, pulling a pose for them as she stood over Erica who was already starting to rise.

Mai: Bianca sweetie, this may not be the best time to invite people to the gun show! LOOK OUT!!

Salvador showed off her muscular torso for the fans once more as Erica got to her feet and turned straight into a front kick to her gut that doubled her over. The Franchise member wasted little time as she hooked her arm around her foes head and lifted her off her feet, holding her in a vertical suplex position for a couple of moments before dropping her back into the canvas. As they landed, Salvador floated over into a cover.



Zack: Far too early to put Erica away this quickly, she’s far tougher than that.

Mai: If she had hooked some tights though, I think that could have made the difference. See, Erica’s not that bright.

Erica kicked out and Bianca hopped over her into the mount position and began to fire off stiff shots from the mount position before she pulled the blonde upwards. As the pair got up to their feet, Salvador scooped Horton up off her feet and walked over to the ring ropes, dropping Erica over the top rope throat first. The South Carolina resident gasped for breath as she staggered backwards and fell to her knees, pushing back upright and turning around as the Brazilian wrestler bounced off the ropes, running Horton over with a shoulder tackle that sent her down to the canvas. Once more Bianca took a moment to curl her bicep for the crowd only to drop an elbow into Erica’s chest and once more Salvador made the cover, placing her hands on Horton’s shoulders to press them into the canvas.

Mai: There’s a cover I always liked to use, Zack. But I doubt Bianca’s doing it to cop a feel.




Zack: Intentions or none at all, it still didn’t work. And I doubt it was so she could feel up her opponent, as you brought up.

Horton kicked out again and was once more pulled up to her feet and into a body slam. Erica rolled and came back to her feet only to again get body slammed into the canvas. Erica rose quickly yet again and this time she got a boot in the gut from the Brazilian Storm member before she was jerked forward into a short arm clothesline. The blonde rolled to the side and was pulled back to her feet as Bianca took a handful of her hair, yanking her into position as she hooked an arm around her head and reached for her tights as though she was about to go for an Impaler DDT. Erica fought out of it though, shoving Bianca off her for a moment only for Salvador to grab the blonde by her hair, jerking her into a front facelock. She appeared to be about to snap off a suplex but the Scotswoman blocked the move and countered by falling backwards into a monkey flip to Salvador. The Brazilian though didn’t crash into the mat, managing to turn it into a handspring that saw her land feet first on the middle rope and grab hold of the top rope to steady herself.

Mai: What fantastic agility by Bianca! She could be a trapeze artist if she wasn’t already a world class athlete and Dairy Queen spokesperson.

The Franchise member played to crowd as she stood on the middle rope whilst still holding the top rope, telling them how brilliant this proved her to be. She took a look over her shoulder as Erica was getting her feet underneath her and launched herself backwards from the middle rope with a back elbow. It missed it’s target as Horton ducked underneath it and quickly wrapped her arms around Bianca’s midriff, hoisting her up and dropping her down with an inverted atomic drop. The South Carolina resident didn’t release her hold around Salvador’s waist and popped her hips to drop her on her shoulders with a release German suplex.

Zack: Bianca didn’t land on her feet that time, though I’m sure she wishes that she would have. When you play around, this kind of thing happens.

Mai: Bite your tongue. Bianca does everything for a reason, Zack. but much like the Lord, we don’t know the reason all the time.

Bianca sat up holding her lower back before she began to make it to her feet; Erica forcing herself up at the same time and quickly stepped towards her opponent, leaving her feet to deliver a step up enziguri to the side of her head. Salvador fell to the mat once more, holding her head before she started to rise. Erica cut her off before she could straighten up, grabbing her arm and snapped her backwards to the ring mat once more with a side Russian leg sweep. Bianca rolled away to the side and began to rise once more, Erica this time beating back to a vertical base by a matter of seconds before she staggered Salvador with a elbow smash straight into the jaw. As the Brazilian stumbled three steps backwards, the Scottish born wrestler skipped forward and took her foe to the mat with a spinning neckbreaker. Erica quickly made the cover, hooking her foes leg as she did so.



Mai: To borrow one of your tired comments, it’s much too early to think she has Bianca in a compromising position this soon.

Zack: She is a former Unity Champion for a reason, and it’s not because she can’t take a thumping in the ring.

Bianca kicked out, shoving Erica away from her and sat up with a look of disdain on her face. The Scotswoman didn’t see it as she pushed to her feet, setting off across the ring. She bounced off the ropes as the Brazilian got back to a vertical base and Erica left her feet, hooked Bianca’s head and spun around her body twice before she planted her into the ring mat with a DDT. As the move landed, Bianca stayed laid face down, which allowed Erica to roll over on top of her, hook her legs and grab her arms before she rolled backwards and into a seated surfboard submission hold, pulling back on the Brazilians arms as far as possible, putting as much pressure as possible on her spine.

Mai: She’s not gonna quit, referee. You might as well tell Erica to break the hold now, she’s wasting all our time.

Zack: It’s amazing more people don’t hire you for this sage wisdom you like to share during matches.

Mai: Isn’t it though?

Davis got down in front of the Franchise member and asked her if she wanted to quit, getting a shake of the head as she looked to be in pain; Erica pulling back on her arms and leaning back further to add additional pressure while she caught her breath. Again the referee asked the question but got a ‘No’ from the former Future Shock Champion who was trying to struggle and shake her arms free from Erica’s grasp. Horton’s grip proved to be vicelike as she continued to torture Salvador’s back. Again the referee asked her the question and once more she got a shake of the head. Finally Erica released the hold, sending Bianca face first into the canvas. Horton made it to her feet as Bianca pushed up onto all fours only for the Scot to drop back to the ropes, bouncing off them and delivered a double knee drop into the Brazilians spine, forcing her back down to the mat.

Zack: Win or lose, Bianca’s gonna be looking to see a chiropractor after the show is over. A double knee drop from Erica isn’t going to do her any favors.

Mai: It’s alright, they grow strong back in Brazil. Look at Mel, that girl is strong as an oxy. But luckily, much better looking…...unless you’re from Arkansas.

Erica took a moment knelt over her foe before she moved into position on top of her once again, hooking her legs and head before she shifted her weight, rolling backwards as she locked in a bow and arrow submission hold that again put all the pressure she could upon Salvador’s back. Once more Davis asked the combatant if she wished to submit only to get a ‘No’ from the Brazilian. Erica bounced her up and down on her knees, pulling downwards on her chin in the bow and arrow submission. Bianca still refused when she was asked again by the official, though she looked to be in absolute agony. Horton continued to increase the pressure in the hold; Salvador didn’t answer the referee when she was asked if she wanted to quit this time - the Franchise member looking to be on the verge of tapping out only for her to grab hold of Erica’s hand and try to pull it away from her chin. Bianca only managed to move it slightly, just enough for her to sink her teeth into Erica’s finger causing her to release the hold.

Mai: Bianca was so busy being awesome today, Zack, that she didn’t have time to go to lunch, I think.

Zack: Oh yeah, sure!

Erica got to her feet, holding her hand as she checked for teeth marks in her finger while her opponent came back to one knee holding her back. Horton looked to go back on the attack as she pulled Bianca upwards only for Salvador to catch her in the gut with the Hadouken double palm strike. Horton doubled over as she did so, the tag team wrestler grabbed her head and sent her stumbling backwards with a single knee facebuster. As the Scottish wrestler found her balance, Bianca raked her nails down her face and over her eyes, temporarily blinding her before she applied an arm wringer that she used to jerk her downwards into an armbreaker.

Mai: I hope she twists it off, Zack. Erica doesn’t need both arms to get pinned or tap out, after all. We know that’s going to happen anyway.

Zack: Are you angling to get a cut of the Franchise’s money here? Because I doubt it’s going to happen.

Horton was holding her arm as she came to her feet only to receive a running knee into her gut that again doubled her over and allowed Bianca to deliver a second arm breaker. Once more Horton rolled away in pain, clutching at her arm before she managed to push up to all fours - an opening Bianca took full advantage of as she drove a punt kick into her foes ribs and then grabbed hold of her wrist before Salvador rolled her over into a cross armbreaker. Bianca pulled back on her opponent’s arm, arching up slightly to apply more torque and pressure in the submission hold. The Scottish wrestler let out a cry of agony but she refused to submit to the hold, even as Bianca jerked back her arm further as they were in the middle of the ring.

Zack: You got to admire Erica’s resiliency in this hold. Bianca’s been working that arm for a while now.

Mai: I bet even Sophia Pike would be proud. And I don’t have to admire anything on Erica, thank you very much.

Bianca continued to torque on the arm in the hold, threatening to snap the limb like a twig. It only seemed to steel the Scotswoman’s resolve as she refused to quit when the referee asked her the question. Erica started to roll towards her foe and into the hold, forcing her way up to her knees and then to one knee as she forced Bianca’s shoulders flat against the mat. Davis slid into position.

Zack: Look at that! Erica’s gonna pin her in her own hold!




Mai: No, she isn’t! You think Bianca’s some newb fresh out of wrestling school?!

Bianca released the hold as she kicked out, sending Horton staggering backwards into the ring ropes. As Erica bounced off them and came back towards the Brazilian, Salvador caught her and delivered a cutter that drove Erica down into the mat and saw her roll onto her back. Quickly Bianca dove into a cover, hooking her leg as she did so.

Mai: Wow! Bianca does that move even better than Andi does it! Ring the bell!




Zack: If she did it better, she’d have gotten the three. Which she didn’t. Your next thought bubble?

Horton kicked out and rolled over onto her front, forcing herself up onto her knees only for Bianca to skip forward and deliver a low dropkick to the side of her head that saw Erica roll onto her back. Salvador had a huge smile on her face as she came to one knee and pulled another fitness model style pose that got her showered in boos from the capacity crowd while her foe again rolled onto all fours. This time the Brazilian approached Erica and put her in the dreaded - the infamous Rest Hold, sitting on her back for a moment as she shouted to the crowd that she was so much better than all of them and that was why she was a founding member of The Franchise and one of Samantha’s chosen ones.

Mai: Bianca’s so strong and confident, she’s a true role model to all the little girls out there. If they work hard and pay their dues, they too can be nowhere near as good as Bianca.

With the shit eating grin still plastered across her face, the Brazilian Storm member stood up and headed towards the corner, quickly climbing to the top rope and flew off the top rope with a clothesline as soon as Erica got to her feet and turned to face her. Erica started to rise to her feet once more, Bianca moved around behind her and quickly locked in a Full Nelson on the Scottish woman. Erica tried to fight out of it only for Salvador to lift her up off her feet and delivered a Full Nelson bomb. Salvador didn’t waste any time at all in pulling Erica back up to her feet and this time she delivered a Tiger Suplex that she bridged for the pin.




Zack: I thought that might have been all for Erica! Bianca got some serious impact off the full nelson spike there.

Mai: Don’t worry, it’ll be over soon. Erica’s just not smart enough to realize when she’s outclassed in a match. Never has.

At the last second Erica’s shoulder popped up from the canvas to stop the count before the three count. Bianca glared at the referee, demanding the three from the official. Melinda Davis showed her the two once more, explaining that the shoulder came up ahead of the three count. The Brazilian Storm member accused her of slow counting the fall; of it being another example of the referee’s bias against her betters before she reminded her who signed her paychecks. Davis rolled her eyes at Bianca and told her she should focus on the match as Erica was rising to her feet.

Zack: See, if Bianca focused on the match instead of arguing with the referee or talking to the fans, she might have gotten the win by now. But she keeps giving Erica openings….and she’s gonna take them.

Mai: Oh please, it’s Erica! It’s not like she’s facing someone important.

Salvador cast a glance behind her and saw Horton back to one knee which caused her to spin around and attempt to catch her with a discus punch that caught her on the side of the jaw. Erica wobbled and fell back down to a knee as her opponent spun around behind her and grabbed hold of her arms in an attempt to set up for the Typhoon Driver… that Horton countered with a scorpion kick to the side of her foes head. A second scorpion kick connected; Bianca stepping away from her opponent who quickly straightened up and left her feet to connect with a pele kick to the top of Bianca’s head. Salvador staggered backwards as Horton forced herself to pop back to her feet and immediately fired off a superkick that caught her foe right on the point of her jaw. Bianca fell backwards to the mat as Erica also fell, landing on her butt.

Mai: I hope that was spit I saw flying, and not one of Bianca’s beautiful teeth! Jesus!

The Franchise member slowly rolled over onto her front and began to crawl towards the ropes, using them to pull herself to her feet. As she was pulling herself upwards, Erica rolled out to the apron and got her feet underneath her. She waved her opponent towards her and as Bianca staggered across the ring towards Erica, the Scot leapt onto the top rope and into springboard that saw her fly towards Bianca as she snapped off a 720 DDT that drove Bianca into the mat. Erica quickly hooked the leg as she made the cover.




Zack: It doesn’t get much closer than that right there! Erica was a heartbeat away from making tonight a bad one for the Franchise.

Salvador kicked out and rolled over to the side as Horton confirmed the two count with the referee and forced herself back up to her feet and headed towards the nearest corner which she climbed to the top rope. The South Carolina resident perched there, waiting for Bianca to push up to her feet before she dove off and caught her square in the chest with a missile dropkick. The momentum of the move sent Bianca rolling backwards and up onto her knees. Slowly she continued to push up to her feet only to find that Horton was waiting for her once more as the Scottish wrestler launched into Bubbly - her series of MMA kicks to the Franchise members body, finishing it off with a devastating roundhouse kick to the side of the head. Bianca fell into the ropes and rebounded back into Erica’s grasp; the Scottish woman flipping her over and slamming her into the canvas with a snap powerslam. Horton immediately made the cover and hooked Bianca’s leg.

Zack: Erica with a fantastic powerslam! I’m amazed she still can use that arm like that!




Mai: Be amazed by Bianca, who kicked out with ease! WITH EASE!

Bianca kicked out a moment before the three count and rolled away towards the ring ropes, using them to pull herself upwards. Meanwhile Erica looked to the referee, getting confirmation of the two count causing the Scot to look up at the heavens before asking Melinda Davis for the three count. The official showed her the two once more and got a nod from Erica as she came to her feet and moved towards Bianca, picking up speed as she got close and left her feet as went for the Backstabber. Salvador though grabbed hold of the top ropes to counter the move causing Erica to crash the back of her head against the canvas. Horton rolled over holding the back of her head before coming to her knees and Bianca took the opportunity to pull her the rest of the way and into a double pumphandle before she slammed her into the canvas with a Typhoon Driver.

Mai: TYPHOON DRIVER!! Turn out the lights, the party’s ovah!




Melinda Davis called for the bell as Bianca rolled into a sitting position, holding her back for a couple of moments before a large smile appeared on her face and she came up to her feet, still holding her back until the referee raised her hand in the air.

Zack: There aren’t too many who get up from the Typhoon Driver, and unfortunately for Erica, she won’t be added to that list tonight.

Maggie: Here is your winner, by way of pinfall, representing The Franchise…”THE TYPHOON” BIANCA SALVADOR!!!!!

Mai: What a wonderful way to start off Breaking Point, Zack! I’m already positive gushing, and will need to change during the break.

As the crowd booed her heavily, Bianca headed towards the corner, climbing to the middle turnbuckle and threw her hands in the air before posing for the crowd who booed even more loudly than before as the show cut elsewhere.

Hold the Gold

When Breaking Point returns from commercial the focus of the camera fades in on the main plate... Of the Femme Fatale Wrestling Evolution championship. The camera pans to the left very slowly and finds on one side of the championship... A Unity Tag championship. The camera slowly pans to the right and focuses in on... The other Unity tag championships. The camera, surveying this trifecta of gold slowly zooms out and finds looming over the three championships are Christian Kincaid and three of his clients, the quartet looking down at the collected gold. “The” Stephanie Stefano, competing later tonight is actually already dressed for competition, while Mickey Scarborough is wearing a ‘Laddercliq’ Scarborough Fair tee, while Raquel Fair is wearing a ‘All’s Fair In Love & Ladders’ hoodie with her hair pulled back. Stephanie taps the main plate of the Evolution title with a single finger.

Stephanie: ...This... This is the culmination of this group... This faction... Going down in history as one of the most capable that FFW, that the other--

Mickey: SVW.

The Witch of Wall Street blinks rapidly, as Raquel watches Mickey from over the Evolution champion’s shoulder as if to say ‘now’s not the time’. The Evo champ breathes in and seems to just decide to start over.

Stephanie: ...This faction is going to go down in history as one of the most capable that this company has ever seen. Now of course... I’m not taking anything away from your other clientele here Christian…

Christian: None taken. The money all spends the same.

Stephanie: Even though I’m about to go to blows with one and she can’t stand me because... I won’t get into it, but I’m looking forward to clashing with Missy. A round two if you will for this prize. All I’m saying though is two-thirds of this group met with Franchise 1.0... And brought it down on Franchise 1.0...

Raquel: So does that mean this Franchise 2.0 comes with parity? Error correction?

The Witch of Wall Street continues to push on through with her speech. One can spot a small stack of cards on a back table, raising the assumption that she practiced this before hand.

Stephanie: And the three of us together met three-fourths of Chaotic Temptation and beat them as well. When I say we will go down in history as--

Mickey: The Privileged Circle.

Stephanie: ...What?

Raquel: Yeah Twinkletits, you can’t forget the Privileged Circle. They’re like... You know. Totes there.

The Evolution champion silently glanced at Mickey... Silently glanced at Raquel, and then looked at Christian for all of a beat. With a bitter grumble, she simply cut to the chase.

Stephanie: Unstoppable Nine is our chance to cement a legacy forever. Forever, ever, ever... It is my chance to prove one more time... One more time that when I go head to head with one of the most capable wrestlers, pretty much an FFW champion and Hall of Famer waiting in the wings in time in Missy... That one more time I can beat her and continue this reign into the next year. Three-hundred and sixty-five is what I’m looking at. It is the chance of you two... You two... To meet Claire Black and Serafina DeCaro and in your wheelhouse, in your... In your fortress, your specialty... Beat them and be the first... The only... Tag team to hold both the Unity and Tornado Tag titles at the same time. You may have never gotten a crack at One Woman Show when they were at like, peak gamesmanship-reign-of-terror, and we missed the Trios titles by a smidge... You guys never got to be among the first Tornado Tag champs and it may have taken you a while to get those... But come Unstoppable you can finally say something... Is yours.

Mickey and Raquel silently look at each other...

Stephanie: Well... Nothing to say. At all?

Mickey holds up a ‘7.9’ sign and Raquel lifts up a ‘7.7’.

Raquel: Fine speech Twinkletits, but leave the hyping to the manager. Like... This ‘rah rah glorious leader’ stuff just doesn’t suit you.

The Witch of Wall Street stared at the numbers in silence... And began to darkly mutter something under her breath before crossing her arms and stepping aside.

Christian has a wide smile forming on his face before he begins.

Christian: These three women are as excited for Unstoppable 9 as I am, just for different reasons. You got the longest reigning Evolution Champion in all of FFW history looking to do what she did once before already against Missy. A woman who sits on top of another promotion as its flag bearer. A woman who has turned back the challenges of so many Hall of Famers that we are going to have to build a second wing just to cover all those wins…..probably on top of the wing where the rest of them are. The Witch of Wall Street herself, capitalism’s favorite wrestler, THE Steph Stefano! Because if anyone has proven she lives up to the name of this event, Steph truly is ….Unstoppable.

He glances to the Evolution Champion, almost asking how that was.

Stephanie: I want ‘Capitalism’s Favorite Wrestler’ on a shirt now. Where’s that merch guy?

Christian: Then you got these two right here. There’s no match more suited to Raquel and Mickey. It was like manna from heaven...booking heaven. No shame in KO/TO’s game, but there’s no question in my mind who’s leaving MetLife Stadium as the first ever unified FFW Unity Tornado Tag Team Champions. Four titles, two girls, one ring, a thousand ladders. The lights are on bright, the spotlight never brighter. They aren’t just the Ladder-Fu Lolitas, because Lolita had a thing for old, these two only have a thing for gold. You can call them the Home Depot Harlequins. You can call them the Ace Hardware Aces In the Hole. I can tell you from personal experience nobody gets higher than the Scarborough Fair. No knockouts. No tapouts. Just climbing to the sky, where that’s the only limit for Mickey and Raquel.

Another expectant look to the girls as he finishes. Raquel is dabbing the corner of her eye with her shirt before she lifts up another scorecard, this one with a ‘9.7’ and Mickey is outright sobbing... With a ‘10’. Somehow, a single rose flies at Christian, and then another... And then another. The camera pans to Lydia Charisma and Future Shock champion Gillie Barnes as they throw a few roses from a bucket.

Gillie: They’re paying us for this cameo right?

Lydia: ...We’re getting PAID!?

...And the camera cuts back on the quartet.

Christian: Don’t worry, Lyds. I got you covered. Now let me tell you why I am excited. Do you realize that by the time we are all packing our bags to leave MetLife Stadium in 2 weeks that I could be managing….the FFW Champion, the Evolution Champion, the Fast Track Champion, the Unity Tag Champions, the Tornado Tag Champions and maybe even the damn No Surrender Champion since I don’t know who Starla is picking?

He counted all the titles off on his fingers before he looked to Steph.

Christian: Been browsing yachts.

Stephanie: Have you considered a Tania T? I was actually on one during Spring Break one year and--

Raquel: Stephanie no one wants to hear about your freaky-deaky frick-a-fracking spring break stories! We all know how it ends!

Mickey: We totes do though.

Stephanie: FFffffiiiinnnneee. If you didn’t get all of that from our illustrious manager, the mission statement for The Scarborough Fair is simple. This view...

The trio raised their championships up high, staring into the camera with Christian centered in the middle of them.

Stephanie: ...Won’t be changing anytime soon. Not if we can help it. Missy. KO/TO. Anybody who wants it.

Raquel: Come if you dare.

Mickey: Step up to The Scarborough Fair.

On that image we head elsewhere.
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Maggie: The following contest is scheduled for one fall to a finish!

Zack: After what we heard earlier tonight about Ruby’s partner at Unstoppable, I’m sure Valentina is probably not in a great mood as a result. Andi Takata, welcome to the booth. I know you got double duty in 2 weeks, but always happy to have you on hand.

Andi: The fun doesn’t end when I’m around, that’s for sure! Glad to be out here as always to spread some space dust on the microphones with you though! Looking forward to this match and Unstoppable both! Make way for RubyWay!

The lights dim just before “Heavy” by The Glorious Sons starts playing throughout the arena.

Come heavy or don't come at all,
You leave your piece at home that's your call,
It never paid to be merciful,
Come heavy or don't come at all

The lights come up as the music rises and Ruby Tyler bursts through the curtain, running down the ramp and high-fiving fans along the way.

Come heavy or don't come at all,
Been here before and watched a better man fall
I smell the fear on you boy
Come heavy or don't come at all

Maggie: From Barstow, California, weighing in at one hundred thirty-five pounds, she is the Huntress, RUBY! TYLER!

Tossing her jacket aside, Ruby turns to face the crowd and pumps her fist in the air before sliding underneath the bottom rope, grinning as she heads to her corner and climbs the turnbuckle, her head bobbing as the chorus plays out. Once the music fades, she hops down and turns, waiting for her opponent.

Zack: The COO told Ruby she could pick any partner she wanted, and she decided to join forces with the partner she knows best. It’s not often we see men compete in FFW, but for a special occasion like this, I think she made the perfect choice.

Andi: And really, is there a more special occasion than Unstoppable? I’ll answer that. NO, no there isn’t. And if you’re going to choose a partner, of course you choose the one that you know best of all! And the big plus for us is we get to see something we wouldn’t see otherwise! They still have to deal with the Privileged Circle, and that’s not as easy a task as it may seem sometimes.

The lights go out in the arena.

Suddenly, while the intro of "King Of The World" by Porcelain And The Tramps blares into the arena, the lights of the stage and the ramp illuminate in gold while the spotlight focuses on the stage while the opening lyrics are being heard…

My Pain Filled Drama Queen
Is Always Creeping At Your Bed
Get Ready To Buy You Out
Cause We All Know
What Goes Around Comes Around
You Should’ve Known What I was All About
Do. Not. Test. Me.

As the chorus of the song drops, Valentina steps onto the stage and stands there in a dominant pose, hands on her hips and squinching at the crowd in a look of detest.

Maggie: Making her way to the ring, representing The Privileged Circle, hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing one hundred and thirty-five pounds. She is “The Latin Goddess”…


Valentina then confidently strides her way to the ring, with the spotlight completely focused on her and the arena erupts with a thunderous array of boos from the capacity crowd showering down on her, Valentina is soaking up the reaction, even though she ignores it. Meanwhile, while she’s walking down, Valentina's entrance video is shown on the big screen, profiling her likeness and footage of her in action.

Valentina suddenly stops across the edge of the railing, where she comes across some men waving their hands up and down in front of her in a bowing motion. With her hands on her hips, Valentina seductively places her foot on the rail in front of them and orders one of them to kiss her boot. As he bends over to kiss it, Valentina pulls it away from him and extends her hand out to him, insulting and dismissing him before she leaves the area and continues to the ring.

As Valentina reaches the ringside area, two nondescript men run over and create a human stairway for her next to the ring: one man on all fours next to the ring and the other lying prone in front of him. Causally stepping on the men, Valentina walks up and walks across the edge of the ring. She then reclines against the ropes and callously looks down at the men, giving them a smirk while they get to their knees and properly grace her boots with kisses before dismissing themselves to the back. She looks around the arena, not directly seeing the crowd through the darkness, but knowing that they’re out there as she sees the consistent flashing lights of the camera and the still boisterous reaction from the crowd.

Valentina then glares towards the referee in the ring and orders the referee to hold the ropes for her, which the referee reluctantly complies with doing. She wipes her feet on the apron and enters the ring, Valentina strides towards two opposite ring posts in where she climbs up and extends her arms out and looks on with a smirk, posing to the crowd with complete confidence. She’s taking in the atmosphere while the crowd reaction continues and the cameras flashing.

After going through her ritual, Valentina climbs down and makes her way towards the referee and commands the referee to take off her robe and then leans against the ropes in a sexy, confident pose as she waits for the match to begin.

Zack: The business relationship between Lozano and Ruby Tyler came to quite the half a few weeks ago when she got involved in their match with the Scarborough Fair. But if you ask me, they brought it on themselves by treating her like a whipping mule the last few months.

Andi: I can understand taking a gig to help eliminate student debt, because it can really get out of hand, but I’m not sure I’d have signed up for Lozano duty to be honest. It seems like it wouldn’t be worth it. Apparently it wasn’t! And now we have this. As long as the checks cleared though...

Stephen Wilson calls for the bell and the two women came out of their corners and moved towards each other, meeting in the middle of the ring where Lozano immediately opened proceedings as she caught Ruby with a stiff forearm shot to her jaw. Three more forearms followed it up before Valentina stepped towards her opponent and brought her knee up into her gut that doubled her over and allowed the Latin Goddess to send Tyler face first into the canvas with a hair pull mat slam. The Huntress quickly tried to push up to her feet only to receive stiff kicks to the midsection and rib cage before Lozano brought her up to her feet only to jerk her head downwards into a raised knee that gave Valentina the perfect opening to deliver a pumphandle slam to her opponent.

Zack: How much would Valentina love to send Ruby to Unstoppable injured or at the very least hurting? I fully expect her to do her worst tonight before she brings the Titaness along to finish the job at MetLife Stadium.

Andi: I’d think that would be at the top of her agenda, right above getting her boots shined by someone she can call a peasant. She’s off to a good start about it too.

Tyler immediately started to rise back to her feet following the slam only for Lozano to drop back to the ropes, bouncing off them and delivering a lariat to the Huntress as she got her feet underneath her, sending her back to the mat. The Barstow native was only down for a moment before she quickly got back to her feet getting a forearm smash from the Privileged Circle member for her troubles. A second forearm followed it before the Latin Goddess grabbed her opponent by the wrist and fired her into the corner with an Irish whip. Ruby hit the corner turnbuckles and immediately got a running knee to the gut from Valentina. Lozano stepped away from her opponent and grabbed hold of the top rope as she kept Tyler pinned against the turnbuckles with a series of sidekicks into her midriff. The referee ordered Valentina to let the Huntress out of the corner and began to use the count as Lozano continued to drive her boot into her body until the referee’s count got to four. The Toronto native stepped away, holding her hands up as she complied with the referee’s instruction for the briefest of moments before she grabbed hold of the top rope once more and lifted her boot up and pressed it against Ruby’s throat, choking her out.

Zack: There’s no question where the power lies between these two. Lozano has immense strength in her body, but then you have someone like Ruby. She’s been in some of the most violent matches in her career, and she’s built up one hell of a pain threshold.

Andi: She looks like she needs that right now, because Valentina is dishing out the pain! She’s really taking it to Ruby here, isn’t she? She seems like she’s got her focus set for Unstoppable 9 for sure.

Wilson ordered an end to the choke only to be forced into the count again and once more reached four before he got his instructions heeded by Valentina who dropped her foot to the canvas for a moment only to once more deliver a series of side kicks into Ruby’s stomach. Again the official counted to four before Lozano relented. Tyler immediately tried to walk out of the corner only for Valentina to springboard up off the middle rope into a roundhouse kick to Ruby’s jaw that caused her to fall backwards into the corner onto her ass. Quickly the Privileged Circle member began to drive her boot into the Huntress’ midsection with a mudhole stomp. Again the referee called for separation before getting forced to resort to using the count, getting to four before Valentina stepped back from her opponent. The referee told the Privileged Circle member to let Ruby out of the corner only for Lozano to step forward and finally grant Stephen Wilson’s wish as she grabbed hold of the Huntress, pulling her up to her feet and out of the corner by her hair before she scooped her up off her feet and delivered a sit out sidewalk slam. Lozano leaned lazily across Tyler’s body for the cover.



Andi: Ugh, that’s the worst when she does that. Since when has that cocky cover ever worked? You’re just trying to piss off Ruby with that, Valentina, and you might not want to do that.

Ruby kicked out a moment after the one count was made, pushing her opponent away from her as she sat up. Valentina rolled to her knees and started to pull Tyler upwards to her feet, delivering a couple of forearms into the side of her head as she brought her upwards. Lozano hooked her head and looked to lift Tyler off her feet into a brainbuster only for Ruby to block the attempt. She tried again and again Ruby blocked the move and this time the Huntress delivered a closed right hand into her foe’s side. Another right hand followed, driven in just underneath Valentina’s rib cage, followed by a third causing Lozano to step backwards as she released the hold and Tyler grabbed the Toronto wrestler’s head, dropping to her knees with a jawbreaker that sent her down to the canvas.

Zack: I’m not sure Ruby’s faced someone quite like Isis. As someone who has multiple times, what advice can you offer her and Kevin as they head into Unstoppable?

Andi: Do a lot of what she just did. Stay tough, and attack where you can, because it’s hard to get a good clean shot when your opponent is that much bigger than you. Also, don’t try to pull her around in a wagon. It doesn’t end well. In fact, maybe hit her with a wagon. A station wagon.

Lozano rose quickly only for Ruby to catch her with a combination of punches to her body and jaw that quickly put Valentina on the back foot, giving the Huntress the opportunity to sent her opponent into the ropes. As the Latin Goddess returned towards the middle of the ring, Ruby left her feet and caught her flush on the jaw with a single leg dropkick to her jaw, sending her down to the mat. Valentina rolled away and came up to one knee only for Ruby to step towards her and deliver multiple stinging knife edge chops to her chest. Lozano pushed upright only for the chops to drive her back into the ring ropes where she got fired across the ring by the Barstow native who once more caught her on the return with a jumping side kick to send Valentina back down to the canvas. Tyler landed on her feet only to snap off a stiff kick to her opponent’s chest  as she tried to sit up before she began to stomp away at her body rapid fire. Wilson this time asked the Californian based wrestler to allow her foe to get to a vertical base only to see Tyler drop back to the ropes and come back off them into a baseball slide into Lozano’s body.

Zack: I think Ruby’s got the right idea here. Valentina’s not gonna match her speedwise, and she’s using that to keep her off balance.

Andi: That kind of tactic has served me well in many a match with Valentina and her Circle of Privilege. Smart of Ruby to use it here, it may very well keep her in the thick of things tonight and in two weeks with her partner! Gotta stay on Lozano though!

Valentina rolled away and started to come to her feet as Ruby bounced off the ring ropes behind her and left her feet to deliver a one handed bulldog to take her back to the canvas once more. As soon as they landed, Ruby quickly applied a front facelock to her foe, keeping it locked in tightly as they started to rise. When Tyler managed to get her feet underneath her, she began to raise her knees, driving them alternately into Lozano’s body before she altered her grip on the Canadian wrestler into a double underhook that she used to drop Valentina into the mat face first with a DDT. Once more the Huntress took off to the ropes, bouncing off them and came back into a baseball slide catching Lozano in the chest as she rolled to her side, causing her to roll onto her back. Ruby quickly made the cover, hooking the leg as she did so.

Zack: I don’t think she’s got Valentina worn down nearly enough yet, but there’s no harm in trying.



Andi: Not quite yet, but now it’s in Valentina’s head that she’s been pinned down by Ruby, and her ego won’t like that much. Not that it takes much to poke at her ego. And once things start crumbling for her, it’s a downward slide!

Lozano kicked out as the two count was completed by the referee; the Barstow native rolled away from her and came up to her feet. She waited for the Global Wars winner to push back to a vertical base before she charged towards her, taking her down to the mat once more with a Thesz press. As soon as they landed Ruby launched into a series of stiff forearm and elbow shots into her head and chest. The Huntress rolled away at the officials instruction only to pop back up to her feet and begin to stomp away at Valentina’s body, only to be backed up Stephen Wilson. The Privileged Circle member tried to push up to her feet once again only for Tyler to come forward as the referee stepped aside and took her foe back down to the mat with a leg sweep, the she followed up with a fist drop into Lozano’s forehead, then rolled over and made the cover, hooking the leg once more.



Andi: Ruby’s really sticking to the gameplan and pressing the attack full speed and full power here! Not three yet, but she’s making progress for sure! If she can stick with it she may yet get that three!

Valentina kicked out once more, rolling away from her opponent and forced herself up to her feet. Tyler followed her, tagging her jaw with a European uppercut, followed by a second and a third that caused the Canadian to step backward and attempt to throw a right hand of her own in reply. Ruby though saw the shot coming and dodged out of the way of the attempt, countering the move into an armdrag takedown. Lozano rolled through and used the momentum of the move to come to her feet. As soon as the Canadian came to her feet, Ruby sprinted towards her with a slingblade attempt that missed as the former Femme For All finalist leaned backwards in a Matrix evasion. Tyler stopped herself only for Lozano to hook her around the leg and roll her up into a schoolgirl pinning combination.




Zack: Near fall for Lozano there. She has ridiculous flexibility to be able to do those evasions the way she does. A woman built like that, you don’t expect that from.

Andi: Valentina is just full of surprises, isn’t she? None of them good for anyone else though. Even if it is impressive. The surprise factor wasn’t enough to keep Ruby down though, there’s no way either one wants to lose the momentum going into the match at Unstoppable!

The Huntress kicked out, sending Valentina sprawling into the ropes; the Canadian catching herself against them and pushing herself forward to deliver a running big boot into the face of the American as she got her feet underneath her. As Ruby returned quickly to a vertical base, Lozano delivered a heart punch to her opponent that she followed up with an enzugiri to the side of the head that dropped the Californian to the mat once more. Tyler didn’t stay down for long before she started to push back up to her feet only to receive a knee to the gut. As the Huntress doubled over, Valentina hooked her head and quickly lifted her up into a suplex, keeping hold of her as she landed the move and pulled her foe straight back up into a stalling vertical suplex. Again the Canadian pulled her opponent upright with the front facelock still applied, pulling her towards the ropes before she lifted her up once again into a slingshot suplex. As the Torontonian wrestler landed the last of the triple suplex she floated over and made the cover.



Zack: There goes that pain threshold we’ve talked about with Ruby. It takes so much to keep her down, and she’ll be even more amped in a couple weeks on the biggest stage in women’s wrestling.

Andi: And that combo really does take a lot out of you, so it’s good to see Tyler still has some gas left in the tank to keep fighting. Valentina looks like she’s not thrilled with this development, and if she’s not happy about it now, she certainly won’t be when Ruby’s got her partner to help things too.

Tyler kicked out after the cover, Lozano glared at the referee as he showed her the two count before she pulled the American up to her feet and Irish whipped her into the nearest corner. As Ruby hit the turnbuckles, Valentina charged in behind her and caught her with a corner clothesline before she backed up a moment and brought her boot up across Tyler’s throat to choke her out, telling her to kiss her boot while the referee counted to four before he got the release for a moment before Lozano brought her boot up across her throat once more. Again the Latin Goddess told Tyler that she would kiss her boot as the official counted to four. Ruby tried to step out of the corner only to be driven down into the canvas with a facebuster from Valentina who slithered out of the ring as Tyler rolled onto her back. Lozano grabbed hold of both of her foes feet as she stood on the outside, holding one leg on either side of the ring post before she jerked her backwards groin first into the steel. Wilson read her the riot act as the Huntress gasped in pain and Valentina completely ignored the official as she kept hold of her opponents leg and applied a figure four leg lock around the ring post.

Andi: Those boots are the worst, and nobody should kiss them, especially after something like that! Ruby’s in deep trouble with that hold on though, that’s a lot of leverage on those legs, and she’s not only got to worry about tonight, but being in good enough shape for the big match! The ref’s gotta get on Valentina about this and there he is!

Ruby writhed in pain as the hold took immediate effect and the official quickly ordered the break, reprimanding Lozano for applying the hold while in the ropes and started the count as he threatened the disqualification. Valentina started to release the hold on four and the referee helped to separate their legs. The Privileged Circle member sneered at the official as she got back to her feet, telling him that he should feel honoured to be able to get that close to the Goddess and should kiss her boots for laying his hands on her.

Zack: I’m sure the referee is awed by being that close to Lozano. I also have a bridge she can buy in New York, if she’s interested.

Andi:  I have a bridge she can jump off in New York is she’s interested. And New Jersey too. Right into the middle of I-90.

As Wilson rolled his eyes at her, Valentina played to the crowd getting relentlessly booed by the audience before she turned back to the ring, using the ring ropes to pull herself back up onto the apron before she stepped through the ropes. Tyler was already starting to get back to her feet as Valentina stepped towards her and grabbed her arm, locking in an arm wringer as she fired off stiff kicks into her body. Lozano connected with five blows before she jerked the Huntress towards her, lifting her onto her shoulders and slammed her down into the mat with a Samoan Drop. Quickly the Latin Goddess rose back to her feet, bounced off the ropes and delivered a knee drop to Tyler’s body before she made the cover, hooking the leg as she did so.





Ruby kicked out of the pinfall and rolled away onto her front and slowly pushed up to all fours as Lozano looked at the two fingers held up in front of her by the referee, slowly nodding her head as she rose to her feet. Valentina stood over her opponent and used her boot to shove her head to the side, she did it a second time and a third time to send her back down to the canvas. Ruby pushed back up to all fours as Valentina presented her boot to her underneath her face, telling her to kiss it. When Tyler didn’t acquiesce to the demand, Lozano bent down, grabbing the Huntress by her hair and forced her face against her boot, washing it back and forth across the leather of her footwear. As the Valentina released her grip, the American rolled away and tried to push upwards quickly. She only managed to get to her knees before Lozano grabbed hold of her wrists from behind her, applying a straitjacket hold that she used to yank Tyler up to her feet and drive her downwards into the mat with a straitjacket neckbreaker.

Zack: I can’t imagine what that must feel like with someone like Lozano’s power behind it. And it’s only going to be worse come Unstoppable when the Titaness inevitably gets the tag.

Andi: That’s really something that if I was Ruby, I would try to avoid completely. Easier said than done though, as being shown by Valentina right now. She’s really feeling herself tonight in the match, she must really want to show up Ruby to the highest degree for mucking up her plans. Doing a heckin’ heck of a job of it too.

Valentina didn’t bother going for the pinfall, choosing instead to press her boot down on Tyler’s throat once more, telling her to kiss her boot all over again as the referee threatened the disqualification once more and counted to four before Lozano pulled her foot away. The Latin Goddess smirked confidently as she bent down to pull her opponent up to her feet only to drive her downwards into a double knee facebreaker. Ruby rolled away holding her face and again Valentina played to the crowd for a couple of moments, getting loudly booed by the crowd that she seems to revel in as Tyler began to use the ropes to get back to her feet.

Andi: Just so cocky about it. You have the upper hand and instead of just winning the match, you’re playing games. This is why you get kicked in the face and rolled up by the likes of me, girl… You might get the same from Ruby if you do it too long.

Valentina turned towards Ruby as the Barstow native was using the top rope to bring herself to a fully standing position and Lozano darted forward, bouncing off the ropes and delivered a facewash big boot to the side of Tyler’s head. The Huntress leaned back against the ropes. The Global Wars winner turned quickly after delivering the move and grabbed hold of her opponent’s hair, yanking her away from the ring ropes, pulling her head downwards, ramming her face first into her knee, following it up with a swinging neckbreaker. Lozano quickly got back to her feet and delivered two leg drops in quick succession across her former employees chest before she rose to her feet once more and delivered a knee drop to Tyler, completing the Peasant’s Demise, before she hooked her leg and made the cover once more.

Zack: That’s the PEASANT’S DEMISE! She may be sending Ruby to MetLife on a loss right here!




Andi: THE RUMORS OF HER DEMISE HAVE BEEN GREATLY EXAGGERATED! For now, anyway! Ruby’s in a lot of trouble now though!

Tyler’s shoulder came up from the mat at the very last moment possible, causing Valentina to pop to her feet as soon as the referee showed her the two and started to get to his feet and demanded the three from him. Stephen Wilson shook his head, telling her it was only a two count while Valentina continued to chew him out. Ruby took the opportunity to roll to the ropes once more and started to pull herself upwards with their assistance yet again, only for Lozano to finish up with the referee before she could get fully vertical and stop her in her tracks with a running knee to her gut. Ruby doubled over and Valentina scooped the American wrestler off her feet, dropping her face first with a stun gun into the top turnbuckle. The Huntress landed on her feet and staggered backwards, stumbling around as Valentina bounced off the ring ropes and delivered a spear, driving the Barstow native into the canvas.  Lozano returned quickly to her feet and delivered a stomp to Tyler’s face before she dropped down to her knees and made the cover, hooking her foe’s leg as she did so.




Andi: No showy pin there! She even hooked the leg and it’s still not enough to keep Ruby down for the count! That toughness really shining through right now but how much can she have left?!

Ruby’s shoulder came up at the last moment and Stephen Wilson immediately waved off the three, confirming the two to everyone involved. Lozano stared at him angrily as he showed her the two fingers, causing her to shake her head and tell him that it was a three count. Once more he told her it was a two count and that the shoulder came up before the three was completed. Valentina gave him another cold, hard disdainful stare before she turned her attention back to her opponent, stepping up onto Ruby’s chest as she walked over Tyler to the corner and climbed to the top rope. Lozano threw her hands in the air and got booed loudly by the crowd before she launched herself backwards into a moonsault.

Zack: That’s always been a flaw in Valentina’s game. She can’t just be in control of a match, she has to antagonize the crowd! Sometimes it bites her in the backside….but not this time!

Andi: That’s just how she is, and-- Ruby’s knees! They bit her in the backside after all! Or frontside! You know what I mean!

And came down across Ruby’s knees. Valentina rolled away holding her gut in agony before she started to push upwards, getting back to her feet as Ruby was using the ropes to try and get upright. Lozano was the first to a vertical base and started towards her foe only for the Huntress to catch her with a drop toe hold that sent the Latin Goddess face first into the middle turnbuckle. Valentina tried to push up to one knee only for Tyler to grab hold of the back of Lozano’s head and started to bounce her face off the middle turnbuckle. She rammed her into the pad five times before she pushed up to her feet, wrapping her arms around her waist and with a warcry, the Huntress yanked the Privileged Circle member upwards into a German suplex that drove her into the canvas.

Zack: Amazing that Ruby still has enough back strength to pop off that German suplex, isn’t it? She must be running on adrenaline and the crowd response right now.

Andi: Sometimes that’s all you need, as long as it doesn’t wear off before the match ends, it might be enough to pull her through this! What a showing though by Ruby Tyler though!

Valentina rolled over onto her knees and started to push upwards only for Ruby to seem to get a second wind as she saw her foe beginning to rise and exploded up from one knee and into a sling blade clothesline that drove Lozano down to the canvas. Lozano tried to push quickly back to her feet only for Ruby to catch her with a headbutt across the bridge of her nose. Valentina reeled backwards and the Huntress grabbed her by the wrist and jerked her forwards into a raised knee to the gut before she spun her around and fired her across into the corner. As Valentina struck the turnbuckle and stumbled back towards the middle of the ring only for Ruby to sprint forwards and deliver a leg lariat that sent her down to the canvas. Tyler landed and rolled to the ring ropes, pulling herself upwards and moved towards the corner where she climbed quickly to the top rope and immediately launched herself forward into a forearm smash to the jaw of a rising Lozano.

Andi: She’s pulling this power from an otherworldly place right now! Look at her go! Look at the speed! From the brink of defeat to rocking Lozano like a hurricane! What great fighting spirit!

The Latin Goddess held her jaw and found herself pulled upwards by a rising Tyler who delivered European uppercuts to Valentina before she Irish whipped her into the nearest corner. As Lozano struck the turnbuckle, Ruby moved in behind her and started to deliver an alternating chop/punch combination to her foe in corner, speeding up with each blow. The referee asked for separation and to let the Privileged Circle member out of the corner before he started the count, getting to four before Ruby jerked Lozano out of the corner and into a kick to the gut to double her over before she hooked her head and delivered a DDT to her foe. Ruby quickly made the cover and hooked her opponents leg.




Zack: Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, but that was still damn close to a win for Ruby! I guess Valentina just has a really hard head.

Andi: I could add to that comment but I think it speaks volumes on its own, Zack. I will just agree completely with that statement. And not in the Gillie Barnes kind of hard-headed way. Ruby’s really giving everything she has though!

Lozano kicked out of the pinfall and Ruby rolled away, pushing slowly up to her feet, watching and measuring as Valentina rolled to her front and began to push upwards. As the Latin Goddess came to her knees, Tyler sprinted towards her and left her feet, landing on her shoulders and delivered a hurricanrana to a kneeling Valentina. Once more Ruby made the cover, hooking both legs as she did so.




Zack: You couldn’t have gotten a Sherwin Williams paint job between Wilson’s hand and the mat right there! Ruby’s so close she can practically taste it!

Andi: I don’t know who Sherwin is or why he’s painting our canvas, but it sure was close! This match could really go either way on just a move or two at this point! Both women really giving each other their best tonight, I just hope they save something for two weeks from now!

Lozano rolled her shoulder at the very last moment. Ruby looked up to the heavens as the referee showed her the two count before Tyler asked the referee for the three count. Wilson, though, showed her the two count once more and explained that the shoulder rolled before the count. The Huntress stared at him for a couple more seconds before she nodded her head and pushed up to her feet. Valentina started to rise from the mat, holding her head as she did so. Ruby took that as her prompt to sprint across the ring, coming back off the ring ropes and went for the Dead Aim running knee to her temple...that saw Lozano pull her head backwards out of the way of the strike. The Californian spun back around as Lozano made it back to her feet and leapt into the air with a Priceless Kiss bicycle kick to her jaw as Tyler got her hands up.

Zack: PRICELESS KISS….and it was blocked!! Ruby blocked it!

Andi: Even blocking it has to take its toll on your arms, but better that than your face!

Ruby staggered backwards and fell into the ropes, bouncing forward towards the Canadian. Valentina quickly grabbed Tyler by the arm as she brought her foot up, setting up for the inverted stomp facebreaker. Before she could deliver the opening move of Divine Intervention, Ruby managed to shove Lozano’s boot away from her jaw, causing her to spin around as Tyler jerked her hand free. Lozano spun around to face her and out of nowhere, the Huntress left her feet and delivered the Crimson Kiss double knee facebreaker. Valentina flipped over and fell to the canvas. Tyler took a couple of moments before she rolled and dove into the cover, hooking the legs as she did so.

Zack: THAT’LL DO IT!! CRIMSON KISS….you can count to 30!!




Wilson called for the bell as Valentina rolled her shoulder too late and Ruby slowly sat up, breathing deeply.

Andi: One good kiss deserved another there, and what a heck of a way to finish off Valentina tonight! Well done, Ruby!

Maggie: Here is your winner, by way of pinfall… “THE HUNTRESS” RUBY TYLER!!!

Zack: What a momentum wave Ruby Tyler is bringing to Unstoppable 9 in just two weeks from tonight! But she won’t be alone! She’ll have Hardaway there too! The Circle better have one hell of a gameplan in MetLife Stadium!

Andi: If they don’t, I have a feeling it won’t be the last time we have this scene in front of us, it’ll just be in front of 80 thousand strong at the biggest show of them all! I’ll see you all at Unstoppable!

As she came to her feet, Stephen Wilson raised her hand in the air as the crowd cheered her and Valentina rolled to the apron, holding her jaw. Ruby took a moment before she raised her hands in the air once more to celebrate her victory, getting another loud cheer from the crowd before the show cut elsewhere.


Breaking Point heads to the backstage area to find...not one of the roster members. The camera pans up from the floor as we see someone holding a red-stained machete in their hand, and upon getting to the face is wearing a hockey mask. The guy was breathing heavily as he stalked towards an office door, causing a few of the production staff to go the long way around him till he got where he was going. Staring at the door, he took a deep breath and tried to walk through it...but only ended up running into it before he was joined by a very familiar face. When he pulled the mask up, it was clear it was Rose’s fiance, Alex.

Alex: I’ve seen him walk through doors in the movies…

Alex told her as he gave the door a knock. He then ran his finger along the machete that looked like it was bloody, and put some of the red stuff in his mouth.

Alex: There’s always room for Jell-O.

Rose: Wait, that’s Jell-O?!

The camera pans out to show FFW’s newest and youngest roster member, Rose Gardner, who leans into Alex’s machete and takes a good lick at the “bloody” blade.

Rose: Heh, who’d-a thunk, blood that tastes like cherry! I could get used to this.

Rose, not unlike Alex, is also cosplayed, but one wouldn’t be able to tell because she isn’t using her counterpart’s mask: she wears a dark blue mechanic’s suit, while she holds the leathery Michael Myers mask from Halloween in her hand. (What? It’s a hot mask, and it’s tough to see where you’re walking with that crap.)

Alex: Somewhere horror fanboys are either raging or getting boners right now…

It was at this point that the door finally opened, and the COO stepped out. Seth looked them both over with a quirked eyebrow.

Seth: Oh wait, yesterday was Friday the 13th… Though I don’t recall Michael Myers having quite the same figure as you.

Alex: She’s the hotter version. Ya know, if Myers was a gorgeous brunette into video games. Anyway, we came to find out who Rose here is facing at the big show!

Rose: YES! Detective Rosalina and Detective Price have been open the case for a while now, and we’ve come to the conclusion that the last clue…

Alex and Rose then point their machetes at Seth in a coordinated movement… before realizing they’re holding the machetes, switching hands, and pointing at the boss using just their fingers.

Rose: … lies with YOU sir!

Seth: Well you came to the right place. While I had one opponent in mind, I have been overruled by my sister and she has selected another opponent.

Rose’s playful demeanor cracks and the Cosplaying Princess pouts.

Rose: Welllll, poop! All that investigative job for naught!... Hey, that doesn’t mean I’m not gonna debut at Unstoppable anymore, does it?

Seth: No, you’re still booked for the show but she has selected Mel Avilo as your opponent that night.

Alex: There’s a bruiser of a debut!

Rose blinks.

Rose: … so I’m gonna face a member of the got-damn FRANCHISE? In my DEBUT?!

Poison seems to be shocked… But then cracks a massive smirk.

Rose: Well if THAT ain’t a kick to the head. Tell you what, Mr. Star: I’m gonna make sure whoever you picked to be my original opponent pays close attention to my match with the Brazilian powerhouse, because by the time Unstoppable rolls on, I’mma give the FFW Faithful no other choice than to recognize that Rose Gardner…

Rose lifts two fingers. Alex joins her in completing the hashtag. You know what comes next.

Rose: … is really good!

A graphic shows us the match just added to the show before Breaking Point heads to commercial.

Temptation of Gold

The next time we head to the back, we find half of Chaotic Temptation standing on either side of their manager, Christian Kincaid. Behind them is the backdrop for FFW’s biggest show of the year, Unstoppable 9.

Christian: Two weeks away, just 2 weeks away. I’ve been part of every single Unstoppable, and the fact we are at the 9th annual….where has the time gone?! But July 28th in MetLife Stadium in front of 80,000 plus, we’re gonna see a lot of changing of the guards that night. And these two ladies right here will be at the forefront of it. On the one hand…

He glances towards Scarlett.

Christian: You will have your first ever 3 time Fast Track Champion when Scarlett Silver does what she did at last year’s Unstoppable: walk into a triple threat match for the Fast Track Championship and walk out with it. Same kind of match, just two different opponents. One thinks she’s a space princess, the other….she’s into cockroaches.

Scarlett: As much as I would have liked Unstoppable to have been another defense for me, I do like the sound of me being the first and only three time Fast Track Champion. And it’s very fitting that it will happen in a triple threat. It’s like fate or destiny or something.

Christian: Andi said recently on Twitter that I like ruining her plans. I’d like to correct that. It’s not that I like doing it, I’m just good at it. And what took place when she won the title? Well every blind squirrel finds a nut sooner or later. We’ll correct that in front of a massive crowd in 2 weeks. And then….then she can be there to console her partner when she loses her title later that night. But be that as it may…

He turns his attention next to Missy.

Christian: You’ll never hear me say a negative thing about Steph Stefano, FFW’s longest reigning Evolution Champion. I’m looking forward to this match, and will be there to raise the hand of whoever wins it. This is Missy’s second Unstoppable, and I’d say she’s done a damn sight better this year than facing someone like Tifa last year.

Missy: There’s no need to say anything negative about Steph. She is and has been an amazing Evolution Champion… but all good things must come to an end. I missed out on taking it from her the last time we met, I won’t let the opportunity slip through my fingers a second time.

Christian: But that’s not to say she’s looking past her match tonight. I got nothing bad to say about Artemis Kaiser either. And I fully expect Missy here to leave sore as hell all over her body, probably her back if most of her previous matches are anything to go by. Artemis asked her the other day on Twitter if Missy was going to hit her. Tonight...that answer is yes.

Missy: Only a fool would even think about looking past Artemis. And since you brought it up… do I have a sign or target on my back or something? Everybody always goes for my back. I swear they’re trying to cripple me! But.. back to topic, I’m not expecting an easy night. I’d never want one either. I always prefer a challenge and Artemis definitely falls into that category.

Christian: What matters most is Unstoppable 9 though. The biggest night of the year for women’s wrestling, much less FFW. Do it there, there’s no bigger spotlight all year long. And both of these girls look to leave with some gold We’ll see you soon. Roll on, Unstoppable!

The girls give each other a smile as we see the graphics for both matches before the show cuts to commercial.
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Breaking Point returns from the commercial break, and immediately heads back to the ring with Maggie Rourke waiting with her microphone.

Maggie: The following contest is scheduled for one fall.

Zack: I’ve been looking forward to this confrontation since it was announced, and you can bet both of the women we are about to see are already thinking about Unstoppable 9 two weeks from tonight! I’ll be joined by Missy’s manager in a moment.

Sounds of thunder and lightning cast out, setting the atmosphere of the incoming Conqueror. The lights in the arena die out to allow for the spontaneous bursts of light that reflect the internalized storm.  As the silence takes hold, the startling opening guitar screech of Rammstein’s “Sonne” overtakes everything. It is followed by the infamous countdown.


Darkness falls over the entire arena, only broken by the miniscule twinkles of camera flashes in the crowd. A threatening violin floods the airwaves, with smoke collecting on the stage. As another section of the orchestral livens up, a sudden spotlight blasts onto the stage with a jet of pyro flying high up into the air. As it does, the Orchestra of Justice truly comes into its beautiful existence. On the stage, Artemis Kaiser appears, donning a new set of entrance apparel. Embroidered with many shimmering designs, Artemis’s military trench coat lightly moves as she rises onto the stage with her arms outspread. Bearing fangs fashioned onto a facemask and her eyes hidden behind shining red shades, Artemis steps down from the platform and into the smoke.

Maggie: On her way to the ring...fighting out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada by way of Mt. Pearl, Newfoundland, Canada...weighing in at an 135 pounds...she is the Last Empress...ARTEMIS KAAAAAAAAAISER!

Artemis marches down to the ring with her arms behind her back, not breaking her forward gaze. As the call concludes, the shot shows Artemis revealing her face to the camera and the audience. She removes her glasses, tucking them into the breast pocket of the coat. When she raises her head, the red streak, her scowl, and her stern expression completes all she wishes to do at her entrance. She continues to the western side of the ring, scaling the apron to stand on. She unbuckles the different pieces of her coat and politely hands it off to the stagehand. Showing her finesse, Artemis dips over the top with a rope-assisted backflip. She lands on her feet, giving the audience another pensive glare.

After which, she hits the mat again, rolling backward onto a knee. Her head rises to scan the audience as she remains in the dead center of everything, of her personal universe. The Last Empress rises off the mat, tugging on her black gloves. She pops each of her knuckles by pressing her index finger over them. After that and with her theme dying out, she turns her head to back to reality. She walks over to her corner, and gives the turnbuckle a brisk kick and stretches out.

Zack: Artemis Kaiser called her shot, so to speak, for Unstoppable 9. She wanted to face “Killer C” Caroline Dallins, and she’s getting her wish! And that right there is a Pay Per View main event in my book. But first things first, a very agitated Missy awaits.

The lights in the arena go off before a single purple spotlight hits the stage. As the opening bars of Wild Side by Cross My Heart Hope To Die starts to play Missy appears at the entrance way. Missy stands perfectly still, as her head stays bent, looking towards the ground and her manager Christian Kincaid walks out to stand behind her.

I've been on my best behavior
But I've heard that good girls finish last
And once you're gone they say no one can save you
But who knows if I go I may never want to ever come back
We've all fell victim to temptation
It seems that I'm the last one holding on
What's the use in fighting for my salvation
And why does it feel so damn right to want to be so wrong

At the side of Missy purple lights flash on and off, looking almost like fireworks, causing a wave of oohs and cheers to escape from the crowd. As the lights subside, Missy raises her arms up to the air and a single white spotlight accompanies the move.

I just wanna dance with the devil tonight
I wanna know what it feels like
I wanna close my eyes, put my hands in the sky
I wanna walk on the wild side

Maggie: Introducing at this time…. Hailing from Leeds, England and weighing in at One hundred and twelve pounds… she is MIIIIISSSSSY!

Missy makes her way down the ramp to the ring keeping her eyes straight ahead, focussing on the ring, with Christian following a few steps behind. When she reaches the ring she slowly climbs the steel steps, building the crowd to fever pitch with anticipation, she climbs elegantly between the bottom and middle rope and climbs up onto the middle rope. She smirks before blowing a kiss out to the crowd as her theme music ends. Christian heads for the broadcast booth, and takes a seat.

Zack: Missy has not had a good week, as many of you may already be aware. And she’s been hitting the heavy bag a lot as a result. Tonight, she has her work cut out for her. Welcome to the booth, Christian.

Christian: Glad to be here. Artemis doesn’t go for nonsense during her matches, so I don’t necessarily need to be at ringside. This should be damn good, especially with how Missy’s feeling.

Referee Melinda Davis checks both women as Maggie leaves the ring, and then calls for the bell. Artemis and Missy head towards the center of the ring, with Kaiser resuming their conversation from Twitter asking Missy if she’s going to hit her. Missy doesn’t respond, but instead goes to do just that before Artemis blocks it and catches her with a knee to the stomach instead. She bends her over, and fires in three more knees in quick succession before using a kneelift to the face. It stands Missy up briefly before a discus clothesline sends her backwards into the ropes. Kaiser follows her in, and delivers a Stockton Slap across her face. That seemed to incite Missy, who fired a right cross to her jaw before she shoved her back into the corner. The Brit began driving shoulder thrusts into her body.

Christian: If Artemis wanted to fire up Missy, I think she’s got her wish. But then again, anytime you slap someone….it’s going to bring a pretty harsh reaction.

Zack: That’s one thing that pretty much anyone who knows her will tell you, and that’s the fact Artemis can take it! She has a high resiliency factor, which is part of what’s made her so successful through her career.

After a few of those shoulder thrusts, Missy took a step back and fired a palm thrust under her chin that snapped her head back. She quickly grabbed her head, and went for a bulldog. But Kaiser shoved her off before they got too far away from the corner, then snatched her back by the hair into a side Russian leg sweep to put her down on the mat. Before Missy could get up, Artemis applied a front facelock on the mat and began utilizing a gator roll. She spun Missy in several directions before she pulled her back to her feet in that same facelock, and put her down with a swinging neckbreaker.

Zack: Artemis is showing us her technical skills, which I’d say may be a little more advanced than Missy’s. Or at least, it’s certainly working better for her thus far.

Christian: Well she riled Missy up with that slap across the face, and it probably got her off her game plan for a moment. Missy has had a bit of a short fuse this week, given all that’s happened.

Once more, Missy began to move before Artemis hammered elbows into the side of her head. She finally pulled her to her feet, and hoisted her over one shoulder before taking off with a snake eyes in the corner. It stumbled Missy backwards a few steps before Kaiser spun her around and sent her flying with a leg hook Saito suplex. As soon as the Brit landed on the mat, Kaiser made the cover with a hook of the leg.

Zack: Missy’s head and body are taking one hell of a pounding, and Artemis has victory on her mind right now!




Missy kicked out as the two came down, and Artemis repaid that with more elbows into the side of her head. She rose back to her feet, and bounced off the near side with a guillotine leg drop when Missy got to all fours.

Christian: Usually opponents tend to work on Missy’s back. It’s like she has a bullseye on it or something, but Artemis is looking for knockouts with all these shots to the dome.

She pulled her back to her feet again, looking for what seemed like a DDT until Missy drove her back into the corner. It briefly stunned Kaiser before Missy stepped back, hopped onto the middle rope and drove a knee into the side of her head. The only thing holding Artemis up was the ropes until Missy scooped her up over both shoulders, and dropped her with a Samoan drop to the canvas. The Brit sat up, quickly trying to collect herself as Artemis was doing the same on the mat. Missy was up to her feet first, and pulled Kaiser down into a reverse DDT.

Zack: Missy found her opening finally, and she’s really staying on top of Artemis right now. But that’s what she has to do, and what Caroline Dallins must do when those two meet for the first time ever at Unstoppable 9 in just 2 weeks.

Christian: Missy and Caroline don’t have a great deal in common as far as ring styles go, but they will both give you everything they have without any showing off. They are there to win, end of.

The Brit quickly transitioned into a rear naked choke when Kaiser rolled onto her side to start to get up. Missy applied the hold tightly, and then wrapped her legs around her body. Artemis pulled at her arm to try to loosen her grip without much success. The referee dropped down into position to see if Artemis wanted to submit, and was flatly told no to that question. Missy’s face tensed as she tried to apply more pressure.

Christian: This is one of the moves I’ve been working with Missy on in recent weeks. As much as she knows how to knock someone out, moves like this give her a chance to refocus and maybe get a submission too.

Zack: She’s got it expertly applied, and Artemis has a trek to make it to the ropes no matter what direction she goes. I’m not sure Kaiser will ever quit though.

Davis asked again as Artemis’ movements began to slow down considerably. Missy kept the hold applied tightly, but Artemis began to use her hands to try to drag them both towards the ropes. The Brit arched her back, trying to make the reach that much further away until Kaiser kicked one of her feet out and landed it across the bottom rope. Davis called for the break, which Missy wasn’t too quick to give until she got to a four count. Then she rolled away, and got back to her feet. Artemis lay on the mat, trying to gather her faculties before Missy yanked her back to her feet. She hoisted her upside down, and drove her into the mat with a brainbuster before she went for the cover with a leg hook.

Zack: What a devastating way to follow up off the rear naked choke! Missy may have the win right here!




Kaiser got her arm up off the canvas after the two struck, causing her opponent to get back to her feet again. Artemis used the ropes to try to steady herself as she got up, only for Missy to duck below and scoop her onto her shoulders before falling backwards into an electric chair.

Christian: I love that move! And believe me when I tell you, it works like a charm practically every time. Missy could go for the cover right here, I think.

The British brunette used a double stomp to Artemis’ back before she took off towards the ropes. Kaiser made it to her feet, and caught Missy coming in over her shoulders before she followed up with a Death Valley Driver. Missy bounced off the mat on impact before Artemis hooked the outside leg for the cover.

Zack: Just like that, Artemis has changed the tide in this match! Missy’s in trouble!




Christian: Nope! It’s hard to hit one move out of nowhere and put Missy down, especially when she was in charge seconds before.

She got her shoulder up in time, and Artemis sat up on her knees to collect herself. She then headed for the corner, measuring Missy as she attempted to get back to her feet. When she finally did, Artemis bolted towards her with a powerful Superwoman punch that decked her where she stood. Kaiser went for another cover this time.

Zack: FALCON PUNCH!! That could be a knockout shot!!




Once again, Missy managed to get her shoulder up in time. Kaiser got back to her feet, dragging Missy up with her by the head. She whipped her across for the ride, and caught her on the rebound with a pop-up into an European uppercut that flattened her to the mat.

Christian: It’s like I said, she’s looking for knockouts in there. And she may not be far from her goal with shots like that!

Kaiser took off for the far side ropes, and built up some speed as Missy was getting to her feet. She leapt into the air to go for a tornado DDT,  but Missy countered by bringing her down into an inverted atomic drop. Kaiser’s knees nearly touched when she landed right before Missy blasted her with a heel kick to the jaw. It put the veteran on all fours on the mat before Missy bounced off the near side, and connected with her curb stomp! Artemis’ face smacked the mat before Missy could roll her over, and go for the cover.

Christian: Speaking of knockouts, that’s what the MISCHIEF MAKER will give you! She may well have the win right here!




Kaiser managed to get her shoulder up just in time, and Missy got back to her feet. She was a little wobbly after all the offense she’d taken so far, but headed for the corner. She glanced behind her to see where Artemis was before she headed up to the top rope.

Zack: I’m not sure this is the right place to be when you don’t have your legs under you entirely. But it looks Missy is looking for her frog splash right now!

Artemis remained largely motionless on the mat before Missy launched herself off the top rope. Kaiser rolled towards the corner as the Brit managed to land on her feet. She staggered briefly before Artemis popped her up into the air with a kick to the chest! As soon as she landed on the mat, Kaiser rolled her over and went for the cover!

Zack: Kaiser had it scouted! No frog splash, but one hell of a CHESTBURSTER!!




Missy barely managed to get her shoulder up in time. Kais sat on both knees trying to pull herself together before she rose back to her feet. She looked down to Missy, pointing her finger like a gun towards her.

Christian: Artemis thinks she’s close to putting this match to bed. And after that kick, she might well be. But I don’t count my clients out until they are actually out of it. I’m not sure that Missy is at the moment.

Missy started to get to her feet as Artemis adjusted her elbow pad. When the Brit turned towards her, Kaiser went for her rolling elbow to the jaw! But Missy blocked it, and countered into a stunner! Kaiser bounced off the mat as Missy lunged for the corner again. She wasted no time heading to the top rope, and perching herself!

Zack: This is gonna be feast or famine right here! Kaiser’s down, Missy’s in the launch position!

Christian: Your guess is as good as mine right now, Zack.

Missy launched into a frog splash that landed perfectly on target before she hooked the outside leg and rolled back to make the cover. Davis slid into position to make the count.

Christian: LI’L MISS MISCHIEF!! She got it that time!!




Davis called for the bell as Missy rolled off the cover, laying on her back to catch her breath before she sat up finally. When she made it to her feet, the referee raised her hand in victory.

Zack: Missy used that frog splash to perfection, and she has picked up one hell of a win heading into her Evolution title match at Unstoppable 9!

Maggie: Here is your winner………………..MISSY!!

Christian: She certainly did, and she knows what kind of a fight Artemis gave her too. She had to dig down deep for that one. Excuse me, Zack.

Christian left the booth, and joined his client in the ring to congratulate her. Missy was still trying to catch her breath when her hand was raised again, this time by her manager.

Zack: I think Missy is ready for Steph! I think she’s ready to be Evolution Champion! But she’s gotta pass one hell of a test in MetLife Stadium two weeks from tonight!

Christian helped her out of the ring before the show headed to a commercial for the 9th annual Unstoppable.

Three The Hard Way

The show cut to the ring where Maggie was waiting patiently with a microphone, finally raising it to her mouth.

Maggie: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome at this time, a record breaking former FFW Unity Champion, the winner and MVP of Global Wars 2017 and the Number One Contender to the FFW Championship. She hails from Sherbrooke in the Great Province of Quebec, Canada… “THE ONE WOMAN SHOW” SHAUGHNESSY O’NEILL!!!!

Alice Cooper’s “Poison” began to play as Shaw stepped out from the back wearing, naturally a One Woman Show Shaughnessy O’Neill t-shirt and a knee length skirt; the girl soaking in and revelling in the loud boos from the crowd both she started to head down towards the ring. As she walked down the ramp, the French Canadian completely ignored the crowd, grinning widely from ear to ear as she climbed up the ring steps and entered the ring through the ropes. The girl blew a kiss to the crowd, getting louder boos from them before she took a microphone from Maggie and dismissed the ring announcer. She looked around at the crowd once more with a grin still on her face.

Shaw: You see what happens Pittsburgh? You see what happens when you let a Quebecois walk away and put all your hopes on Crosby and Murray - two guys from Ontario - and a Russian. You see what happens when you let your natural born winners walk away and join Vegas?

The girl shook her head in disgust.

Shaw: It’s just like I’ve always told you - told all of you again. And again. And again. And again. Quebecois are natural born winners. We elevate all those around us to greatness and without us… they fall back into the pack. They return to mediocrity. Don’t believe me? Just look at Valentina…

The grin hadn’t left her face as their boos got louder, a USA! USA! USA! Chant starting up amongst them.

Shaw: Congratulations. You know where you live.

A roll of her eyes came from the French Canadian.

Shaw: Now in two weeks time. I’ll prove that yet again, I’m simply… Better. In two weeks time at Unstoppable 9, coming from MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. On FFW’s biggest show of the year - the BIGGEST show in its history, yours truly, gets to walk into the Main Event, where I will face Leona Vega and Kaoru Asaka--

The brunette gets interrupted by cheers from the crowd at the mention of their favourites, but she continues on undaunted, getting louder as she talked over them.

Shaw: AND WILL CHALLENGE FOR THE FFW CHAMPIONSHIP!!! And you can mark July 28th 2018 in the calendar now. You can mark it all down as the day that I step up to the plate and become the face of FFW. The day that I, one of the most dominant wrestlers in FFW history, become its biggest name and take my place in history as the new FFW Champion!!!

There were more boos from the crowd at the statement.

Shaw: Oh I know. I know you all hate the sound of that. You all are out there hoping and praying that Leona can FINALLY get over the hump and stop me. You’re begging Kaoru to re-discover whatever magic she has and do whatever she has NEVER been able to do in an FFW ring - pin my shoulders to the canvas for three seconds. Desperate that I’m getting over confident; that my arrogance will be my undoing; that I’m too conceited to actually do what I say I will and leave with the FFW Championship. Hell, it’s the reason that you’ve all ordered the PPV - because you want to see me come up short and get egg on my face. You want to see me humbled and beaten.

She shook her head.

Shaw: It’s simply not going to happen. You’ll see me stood in that ring, holding the title aloft. And that’s not arrogance. It’s confidence. It’s the same confidence that I’m showing right now in coming out here and facing all of you while my opponents at Unstoppable 9 skulk around in the back. Because they don’t have the confidence in their abilities to beat me. Because they don’t have the courage to come out and admit to you that they don’t know how to beat me; that they don’t know how to make your dreams come true. They don’t want to look you in the eyes and say that they have no idea have to overcome a true Quebecois; how to overcome a member of the greatest race on Earth, one of nature’s born winners. A woman who has proven herself time and time again to be the best wrestler on the planet.

The crowd, growing weary of the talk from this Quebecois, join together as on to request Shaw “SHUT THE F**K UP!” before clapping 5 times and repeating said request to “SHUT THE F**K UP!”. It only caused the brunette to laugh out loud as she held the microphone at her side.

Shaw: I can’t help it that I speak the truth and none of you can handle that. I can’t help that you can’t accept the evidence laid before you - that Quebecois athletes are the finest in the world. That we are natural born winners and at Unstoppable 9, I’m going to continue our dominance and take the FFW Championship back to Sherbrooke. Who’s going to stop me? Your heroes Kaoru and Leona? Your heroes who are currently agonising in the back? Fretting and losing sleep trying to come up with a way to beat me; to do what they’ve NEVER done before?

“Let’s go.”

The Pittsburgh crowd erupts in glee as the “Fallout 4 Theme” begins to play in the arena, as finally someone has come to put an end to Shaw’s proclamations to the world, much to her dismay, as the FFW Champion appears in a Theoren Fleury Golden Knights jersey, walking out from backstage showing the back of the jersey first. After turning back around, the music dies down, as she already has a microphone in her hand as she walks towards the ring.

Kaoru: I”m sorry to interrupt, but I wanted a little bit of clarification here. I was in the back just now and I heard the fans request something but I couldn’t quite make it out. Could you guys repeat that for Shaw again?

Without missing a beat, most of the crowd gets right back to it, reminding Shaw to “SHUT THE F**K UP!” before clapping once more… then repeating the feat twice more before Kaoru tries to cut them off.

Kaoru: That was your hint, Shaw. Next time, take it. But since i’m out here..

Kaoru climbs up onto the ring apron, keeping a close eye on O’Neil, trying to shoo her backwards; the French Canadian obliged her, stepping backwards.

Kaoru: Don’t try anything stupid, or anything you think is smart. It’ll be the last thing you do in this ring.

Kaoru steps between the ropes and begins walking towards one of her upcoming opponents.

Kaoru: Now I’d like to think you’d know better than to come out here, and just spew a bunch of nonsense to this crowd here in Pittsburgh, talking about who has cups and who doesn’t… BUt since you’re here, could you just answer a question for me? When was the last time a team from Quebec won the Cup? Superior in all forms right? Surely it hasn’t been a quarter of a century since then, has it? I’m not even sure the Habs could beat a Japanese team at this point. I know you’ve got an excuse for that. Nobody cares. Just like nobody’s going to care in two weeks when you follow their example and end up in last place, pinned to the mat, just like you want it, by me, right in the middle of MetLife Stadium. Your excuses for that should be pretty legendary. You know, like the ones you had after we put the stop on that clock of yours at 428 days… at Unstoppable. I wonder why the hell you’re even in this match, Shaw. Because you were chosen by Samantha Star? She was all too happy to trot you out there after the match at Relentless, just to try to show up whoever won that night. Apparently the boss thinks you’re the one worthy of a shot, and thinks things like honor, respect, and actually having a fair winner for a championship match is in her words, ‘stupid’.

An oooh from the crowd, which Asaka tries to put out of her mind.

Kaoru: Leona deserved the chance more than you ever did. She was still fighting when that match ended, or was trying to at least. And unlike you, she didn’t need to have her manager smack me upside the head with a bell to give it her best shot. I’ve TAKEN, your best shot Shaw! More than once! And you know what? Your best shot isn’t good enough to take this title from around my waist, and you’re going to learn that again in two weeks at Unstoppable 9.

Asaka starts to laugh, right in Shaw’s face.

Kaoru: Do you really think that I was backstage, skulking around, scared of you? For one second, did that thought actually cross your mind? Even if it was you AND Charlotte, I wouldn’t have blinked, I wouldn’t have hesitated, but after those first few comments, I just felt it was only appropriate to take the time to fish this jersey out of my gear bag before coming out here to tell you the same thing these 18 thousand people told you tonight and what people have been telling you for years. SHUT THE F**K UP, SHAW!

I’m going to take great pride, Shaw, in shutting you up, just like I’ve been saying I would. You go ahead and doubt me. Have your friends, all two of them, mock me online for saying I’m going to do it. But when it comes time, Shaw, there’s only going to be one winner at Unstoppable, and it WON’T BE YOU.

The French Canadian was strolling back and forth on the opposite side of the ring, twirling the microphone for a moment before she raised it to her mouth once more.

Shaw: One…. the Habs suck because they’ve only got a handful of Quebec born players on the roster. When they were all Quebecois… 10 cups in 16 years. Two… I work in facts, not excuses - this time two years ago, our ‘referee’ was out here attacking me and begging, pleading you and Andi for a shirt with your signatures on it. Three… Damned right Samantha believed I was deserving of getting a title shot. Look back at my record. Tell me that I’m not one of the most successful, most consistent wrestlers to have ever graced this roster. And to top that off, I’m one of FFW’s biggest success stories. Love me or loathe me but you can’t argue with the fact that I entered this company in Future Shock as an unheralded rookie. A complete and total underdog - no family history, no mommy and daddy or brothers, sisters and uncles… teaching me the ropes before I could walk. And here I am, a supposed tag team specialist walking into the biggest show in FFW history to challenge for the BIGGEST prize in all of wrestling.

There was another grin.

Shaw: And while we’re talking about the difference between Leona and I… yeah she was still fighting… but the referee - an honest to God REAL, fully trained and licenced referee - counted to three. And it wasn’t the first time that she’s experienced that was it? The other difference between Leona and I? I’ve beaten you one on one, right here in the middle of this ring. In fact I was the LAST person to face you one on one and beat you. And the reason you’re out here desperately telling people I don’t deserve this chance, that the reason Leona Vega does is because you know that if this was one on one history would repeat at Unstoppable 9. At least this way, with Leona involved, you’ve got yourself an easy way out.

And that’s when “Aztec Temple” hits the sound system. All attentions are brought back to the entrance stage as Leona Vega walks past the gorilla gate and stops right before the ramp, also holding a microphone. The Mexican wrestler’s confident smile is not there, as she seethes and stares into the Canadian and the Japanese wrestlers inside the ring.

Leona: It’s really adorable to hear you of all people say that Kaoru Asaka wanted an easy way out. Wasn’t it you that built your career on leeching off of Charlotte Harker’s heavy work and Kyle Kilmeade’s distractions and then hogging all the credit? Shaw, corazón, that’s not being a prodigy, that’s just stupid.

The Aztec Warrior then starts walking down the ramp and makes her way towards the ring, shaking her head.

Leona: But I will give you credit for something. Yes, the referee that counted the three in my last match against Kaoru IS a trained, licensed professional. A trained, licensed professional that MADE A MISTAKE. Far be it from me to want to cry my way into a rematch, though, especially when I never really ASKED for one; sometimes it just is what it is. And, hey, I’m not the one known for haranguing my way into being in the talks for whatever accolade I wanted to run for, no -- that’s YOU, Shaw.

By this time, the Lioness is finally inside the ring, as the FFW Champion and her two contenders stare down one another in the center of the mat.

Leona: But whatever. Knock yourself out, feel free to overstate your importance to your heart’s content, call yourself the greatest thing that ever lived, stick that to a wall and see how long it takes to peel off. But on paper, Shaughnessy, you’re only here because you’re a crook with luck. Bra-vo, you defeated Kaoru Asaka before -- add an asterisk to that and let the world know it’s a plural “you”. Not like it’s been any different from the rest of your career, right? C’mon, we’re all waiting for your best hits, like the 428-day Unity reign!... And then put that beside my 447-day, 13-defense TV and Evolution reign, and I dare you - I freaking DARE YOU - to say anyone in this company would EVER have an “easy out” by facing ME.

By now, Shaw and Leona are pretty much nose to nose, staring one another down, and the crowd is on their feet as the two contenders’ animosity thickens. But that’s when Shaw takes a step back and kicks Leona’s left knee - the one injured by Nevaeh Summers back when - and the Aztec collapses to one knee with a yelp of pain. Kaoru reacts immediately by jumping Shaw, but the Quebecois reacts quickly by kicking the FFW Champion’s stomach, folding the Japanese wrestler over. From there, Shaw puts Kaoru in a double underhook and flips over Asaka, planting her down with a Canadian Destroyer!


Reacting quickly, Leona grabs the FFW Championship belt by the strap, drags it closer to her and gets up, attempting to clock Shaw with the center plate. The Canadian notices it just in time before she rolls out of the ring and hightails up the entrance ramp, smirking at the Mexican and the Japanese wrestlers inside the ring. As “Poison” hits the sound system, the brunette from Québec makes the “belt around my waist” motion while Leona growls, holding Kaoru’s championship belt, and the champion powers back to her feet while clutching at her skull. When the champion realizes someone else is holding the belt, she yanks it from Leona’s hands, pulling the Mexican’s attention to her. And then, there’s a three-way staredown contest between Kaoru, Leona and Shaughnessy, as the tension gets as thick as they come.

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Maggie: The following contest is your main event of the evening and it is scheduled for one fall to a finish.

Black and blue lights douse the arena as “The Great Pandemonium” starts up on the PA system, and dry ice begins to rise from beneath the stage. As the softer beginning of the introduction plays, Ryan Mackenzie walks out from the back, bringing a chorus of boos from the crowd.

On a silent shore, I confronted fear.
I spoke to God, but he wasn’t there.
The sun is down and the war begun.
Assemble the great pandemonium!

The song truly kicks in at this moment, and as it does, Emma MacNamara comes through the curtain, raising the jeering from the crowd. Emma stands beside Ryan and the two look at each other, grins on the faces as they apparently enjoy the reaction they’re getting. Turning to face the ring, the pair begin their walk to ringside.

One more down by the book of Babylon.
One more down, in accordance with my fate.
One long drift ‘cross the lake of Avalon.
One more trip that I must create.

And my…
Eyes sweep a shore that was always there,
A blood red line in the Sonisphere.
I can’t resolve where it’s coming from,
I sense it’s the great pandemonium!

Maggie: Introducing first, from Glasgow, Scotland! Weighing in at 140 pounds, please welcome “PRETTY LITTLE PSYCHO” EMMAAAAAA MACNAMARAAAAAAAAAA!

The pair walk down, occasionally having to shift themselves as fans try to touch them. Reaching the bottom, Emma removes her jacket and hands it to a ringside attendant, while Ryan has moved to the apron, where he reaches down to help Emma up, and then allows her through the ropes.

One more day by the pits of Hell.
Just one more, when even yesterday was too late.
One more thought that I had to sell.
One last trick that you can’t debate

Emma walks over to her corner, where she pulls herself onto the middle turnbuckle. For only a moment, she looks around, disdain on her face at the sight of the crowd before she jumps back off and Ryan joins her in the corner. As the word “debate” is sung, the music cuts out and the lights return to normal.

Zack: Emma was the longest reigning UV Champion in FFW history and you can bet that she will be wanting to show that losing the title hasn’t taken anything away from her winning nature.

Mai: Emma doesn’t need a title to show how good she is, you can see it every time she steps into the ring. Just look at her, she has superior written all over her!

“God money I'll do anything for you. God money just tell me what you want me to.
God money nail me up against the wall. God money don't want everything he wants it all.
No you can't take it! No you can't take it! No you can't take that away from me!
No you can't take it! No you can't take it! No you can't take that away from ME..!”

The strange wails of “Head Like A Hole” begin to sing out as fog begins to envelope the top of the ramp and a green spotlight begins to try and cut through the haze of the fog. The hands of the many fans begin to reach through the fog, giving the image similarity to the souls of the damned reaching up through the abyss. Suddenly two figures begin to emerge through the thick green smog and make their way down to the ramp. The Witch of Wall Street is reading a newspaper as she walks to the ring, joined by Christian Kincaid. Around her waist is her title belt secured snuggly.


Maggie: Accompanied to the ring by Christian Kincaid...  From Berkeley, California and weighing in tonight at 170 pounds... She is THE WITCH OF WALL STREET AND YOUR FFW EVOLUTION CHAMPION... THIS IS *THE* STEPH STEFANO!

Steph rolls her newspaper up and talks with Christian a few moments. After nodding she rolls into the ring, and runs to the nearest turnbuckle, one foot on the top and the other on the second. Look out to the cheering crowd among green spotlights she removes her title from her waist and raises it to the cheering crowd before hopping down as the lights return to normal.

Zack: Steph has a date at Unstoppable in just two weeks time with Emma’s fellow Chaotic Temptation member, Missy. Tonight though, she has her hands full with the former UV Champion.

Mai: Lucky Steph, a lot of people, including me would love to have a handful of Emma.

Steph hands off her title to Christian as Maggie makes her way out of the ring. Referee Stephen Wilson performs a check of both women to ensure they have nothing untoward on them. Happy that they don’t, he calls for the bell to get the match underway. Neither woman hangs about coming out of their corners and they both reach the centre at the same time. Steph looks like she might possibly be going for a tie up, but Emma doesn’t seem interested in the slightest with that. The former UV Champion clocks Steph with a right hand to the side of the head, and then quickly follows up with two more, knocking her back a step. Steph steps forwards again quickly, only to receive another two shots to the side of her head, this time followed by a knee into her gut that bends her forward slightly. Stefano tries to straighten up, but before she can Emma gets her in a side lock. With her head trapped, Emma delivers a pair of knees into her face and then connects a facebreaker on her knee which drops her unceremoniously to the canvas.

Zack: Both women were quick out of the gate but it's the former UV Champion who has taken an early advantage.

Mai: Emma always has an advantage no matter what point of the match it is, because she's just that good.

The Evolution Champion gets back to her feet quickly, and ducks even quicker to avoid another right hand from Emma. The ‘Pretty Little Psycho’ stops herself quickly so that she loses no balance from the missed shot, but as she does Steph catches her with a chop to her throat. The blue haired beauty goes to cover up, but Steph sneaks another throat chop in before she can. Grabbing her by the hair, Steph pulls Emma forwards to bend her over, then drives her elbow into the the top of her back. She drives her elbow into Emma’s back again, before getting behind her for an Inverted headlock backbreaker. Emma starts to get to back to her feet, holding her back as she does. As soon as she is vertical, Steph is waiting with a running bulldog into the turnbuckle which earns her a pop from the Pittsburgh crowd.

Mai: Emma’s lulling her into a false sense of security, letting her think she’s got the upperhand for a moment.

Zack: Steph found an opening and is showing Emma that this match isn’t going to be a walk in the park. Although I’m sure neither woman ever really thought it would be.

Emma puts her foot on the bottom turnbuckle, stopping Steph from smashing her face into the top one for a second time, but getting her an elbow into her spine instead. Stefano narrowly dodges a flurry of back elbows from Emma, but gets hit square in the nose with a headbutt from the back of Emma’s head. The former UV Champion spins around to face her opponent quickly and clocks her with a pair of right hands to the side of the head. She follows with a string of them, before punctuating the flurry with a kick to Steph’s gut.  Emma starts to deliver kicks one after the other into the side of Steph’s body, before grabbing her and firing her across into the ropes. Stefano rebounds off and Emma catches her for a back body drop to send her crashing to the canvas. The Evolution Champion starts to pull herself up to a seated position but before she gets very far, Emma flattens her back down with a double foot stomp to her chest. A standing moonsault from the former UV Champion follows, before she gets into place for the cover.

Mai: See! I told you it was a false sense of security. Emma is showing why she was the longest reigning UV Champion.



Steph gets her shoulder up with relative ease before the two can complete and the crowd spur her own as she pushes Emma off the cover and rolls away from her.

Zack: And Steph is showing why she is the longest reigning Evolution Champion. A kickout before two and Emma is going to have to do more than that if she wants to keep Steph down.

Getting back to her feet just a second after Emma, Steph covers up to block on an incoming shot. But Emma changes track and grabs her arm. She tries to get Steph into a hammerlock but the Evolution Champion counters with a volley of forearm smashes. Each one hits their target until Emma releases Steph’s arm. Acting quickly, Steph hits Emma with a facebreaker knee smash that stuns her. Before she can recover, Steph whips the former UV Champion into the ropes. She catches her on the rebound for a Samoan drop that drives Emma into the canvas. The ‘Witch of Wall Street’ drops to a seated Senton across Emma’s chest, then hooks a leg for a cover of her own.

Zack: A nice avoidance of the attempted hammerlock has lead to Steph having a cover of her own.



Emma kicks out strongly before the two can finish, and grabs Steph by the head with one hand, firing shots into the side of her head with the other hand.

Mai: Emma’s trying to knock some sense into Steph, we could be here a while!

As the two start trading blows on the canvas, Wilson calls for a break, much to the dismay of the crowd who are getting loud with a mixture of cheers and boos for the two women. The referee gets to a count of four before the two women seperate. Emma gets back to her feet first while Steph has made it back to her knees. At least until a Emma’s boot connects with the side of her head to flatten her back to the mat. The former UV Champion pulls the brunette up to her feet, only to receive an Uppercut that takes her by surprise. Using the advantage it brought her, Steph fires Emma into the corner and then follows her in with a shoulder thrust to the ribs that almost lifts the blue haired beauty off her feet. Steph drives her shoulder into Emma’s ribs again, and again, one shot after another lands as Emma tries to grab at Stefano’s head to prevent the shots. But Steph manages to narrowly avoid being caught before she whips Emma across into the opposite corner.

Mai: C’mon Emma rip her head off! Boy is Steph gonna be in trouble when Emma inevitably catches her.

Zack: Steph is trying to keep the match on her terms and at the moment is doing a pretty good job of it.

Emma hits back first, and Steph drops her shoulder to follow her in again. This time, before she can connect another shoulder thrust, Emma dodges to the side. Stefano hits the turnbuckle face first at speed and bounces off to land on a seat on the canvas. Emma pulls her up to her feet and connects her knee to the brunette’s face as soon as she is upright. A second knee follows to the same spot, before she secures a hammerlock and pushes her face first into the turnbuckles again.

Mai: You were saying, Zack? Do you ever get tired of being wrong?

MacNamara bounces the Evolution Champions face off the turnbuckle rapidly, until Wilson calls for her to break. She pushes to a count of four before pulling her out of the corner with the hammerlock still secured tightly. Steph fires elbows back trying to free herself, but Emma keeps herself out of reach of them. The Scottish wrestler runs Steph into the opposite corner and again starts to bounce her face off the turnbuckle until Wilson reaches a count of four. This time when she honours the break, she releases the hammerlock and locks her arms around Steph’s waist. A German suplex follows to send Steph to the canvas. She starts to get up almost immediately, and Emma comes off the ropes behind her to deliver a bulldog that faceplants the ‘Witch of Wall Street’ back on the canvas again.

Zack: It looks like Emma is trying to rearrange Steph’s facial features with the amount of times she’s bouncing her off the turnbuckles.

Mai: She’s doing her a favor. Anything that could change her looks would be an improvement. And it’s saving her money in plastic surgery fees!

As Steph starts pushing up to her hands and knees, Emma starts to lay her boot into the side of the brunette’s body. She only stops her kicks once Steph falls back down to the canvas. As Stefano tries to roll away from the shots, Emma stomps down on her back and then lays her boot into Steph’s face as she again tries to get up. A double knee drop into the Evolution Champions back follows before Emma tries to lock in a camel clutch. She tries to cup her hands under Steph’s chin, but the brunette starts firing her head backwards. Emma isn’t deterred and keeps trying to get the hold locked in, until Steph manages to catch Emma in the chin with the back of her head. She knocks the former UV Champion off balance enough to allow her to push up to her hands and knees, and then up to her feet.

Zack: Steph was determined not be caught in that Camel Clutch and headbutting Emma was a very effective way to prevent it. I think it almost knocked her silly!

Mai: What do you expect with a head as thick as Steph’s?!

Emma gets back to a vertical base herself, giving her head a little shake as she does. She manages to gather herself, just in enough time to see the clothesline from Steph that mows her back down to the canvas. Steph hooks each of MacNamara’s legs in one of her arms, then falls backwards to slingshot Emma into the ropes. Steph stays on the canvas, still holding Emma’s legs and raises her knees. As the former UV Champion rebounds she trips falling backwards onto Steph’s knees.

Zack: An almost textbook catapult backbreaker from Steph! She has probably forgotten more about backbreakers than most people will ever learn.

Steph gets back to her feet and takes a second to pull herself together, before she pulls Emma up to her feet. With the crowd getting loud in support of the Evolution Champion, she looks to her manager on the outside who offers her some advice. She gives a nod of her head before she lays a couple of right hands into the side of Emma’s head, then whips her into the ropes. Emma rebounds and Steph puts her hands under the former UV Champion’s arms and pops her off the mat. Then she leaps forward and hits the Scottish wrestler with a stiff lariat as she descends. Steph wastes no time in going for a cover as Wilson slides into position.

Zack: DEBT COLLECTOR! And Steph is looking to end this match with another win over the former UV Champion.




Emma gets her shoulder up just after the two and Steph looks frustrated for a moment, before she gets back to her feet.

Mai: Well, she can keep looking can’t she, because she is isn’t going to find one tonight!

Steph lets Emma get to a seated position, but as she starts to rise from there the Evolution Champion locks in a cobra clutch. Wilson makes a move to drop down and check for submission, but before he can Steph lifts Emma up while keeping the hold locked in and turns her in mid-air so that she’s horizontal. The brunette drops to one knee and brings Emma down so that she impacts across her knee, still with the cobra clutch locked in, which she shows no signs of releasing.

Mai: Now she’s just showboating, and these morons are eating it up. Idiots!

Zack: Showboating or not, that was an impressive cobra clutch backbreaker from the Evolution Champion, and she doesn’t look like she is going to release that hold anytime soon.

Wilson checks Emma for signs of submission but gets a definite and angry no from her in response. The crowd come to their feet as Steph keeps the lock held, while Emma tries to pry her hands apart. When then doesn’t have any effect the former UV Champion tries to make her way to the ropes. Finding herself out of reach doesn’t stop her attempt and she keeps trying. Steph pulls her further away from the ropes and tries to readjust her position. As she does, Emma manages to pry the Evolution Champion’s hands apart, bending one of her fingers back so far that it gets a yell of pain from Steph as she does.

Zack: I think Emma was trying to break Steph’s finger then! Either way it proved effective and Emma is free of the hold.

Mai: She should break her face nevermind her finger.

Steph gets back to her feet giving her hand and finger a shake, checking that it wasn’t broken, as Emma starts to rise, holding her back to support it as she does. Emma makes it back to her feet and as soon as she does, Steph scoops her up for a spinebuster, before going for the cover.

Zack: I’m not sure how much more Emma’s back could take, but that might not be a problem now, this looks like it could be the end.




Emma kicks out just at the last possible moment and Steph looks to the referee in surprise. Wilson holds up two fingers to clarify and Steph shakes her head with disappointment.

Mai: Again, you’re wrong, Zack. You should just give up while you’re… well, you’re not ahead, but you should still just give up.

Steph gets back to her feet, but from out of nowhere Emma grabs her by the waist and pulls her back down to the canvas. Wilson drops down expecting a rollup but instead Emma mounts the Evolution Champion’s chest and starts unloading with vicious lefts and rights into the side of her head. Steph covers up to protect herself from the blows, so Emma gets back to her feet and yanks Steph up to hers too.

Mai: You go, Emma! Go to town on her to your heart’s content!

The former UV Champion starts laying blows into the side of Steph’s head again, and then fires her into the corner to continue unloading shots. While the referee orders the break, Ryan hops up onto the apron at the opposite side. Christian spots him and makes his way towards him, but Ryan drops back down before he reaches him. Kincaid stops in his tracks and heads back to rally his client, as Emma finally lets her out of the corner on a four count.

Zack: It looked like Ryan had something in mind then, but maybe spotting Christian on his way around made him think better of it.

Mai: Or maybe he just wanted a better view of his wife pounding on Stefano, ever think about that, huh?

As Stefano rests against the ropes, Ryan offers Emma some advice which brings a smile to her face. She makes a beeline towards Steph and starts to bury her knee into the Evolution Champion’s ribs, before pulling her up onto her shoulders in position for a Snake Eyes. She charges towards the opposite corner where Ryan was not long before, and delivers it perfectly…. to the exposed metal of the turnbuckle. Steph crumples to the canvas, as Emma tells the referee the pad must have fallen off, under a shower of boos from the Pittsburgh crowd.

Mai: Emma wasn’t even anywhere near that corner, so there’s no way the referee can blame her for that!

Zack: That explains what Ryan was doing, he removed the pad and Steph just ate a face full of metal!

Emma pulls Steph by the leg closer towards the centre of the ring and then lands a knee drop into her chest. The former UV Champion heads for the corner next and scales to the top. She comes off with a moonsault which she lands perfectly across Steph’s body. She hooks one of her legs for the cover as Wilson drops down into position.

Mai: Yes baby! Take it home!




Steph gets her shoulder up just in the nick of time and Emma looks furious as she pulls the Evolution Champion up to her feet again.

Zack: Steph somehow manages to keep herself in this match, and Emma does not look happy about that at all.

MacNamara tosses Steph face first into the ropes, but rather than let her bounce off she follows her in. She hits Steph in the back of the legs to bring her to her knees, and then grabs the top rope and uses it to support herself as she stomps away on the Evolution Champion’s back. Wilson orders Emma to break but she keeps stomping away until Steph is slumped forward between the middle and top rope. The Scottish wrestler uses her foot on the back off Steph’s neck to choke her against the middle rope until the referee reaches a count of four. As soon as he does, she pulls Stefano to her feet and gets her into a standing headscissors position, then delivers her headscissors DDT. She hooks both legs as Wilson gets into position.

Zack: PLAYING WITH SCISSORS and I think this is going to be all she wrote.




Steph gets her shoulder up but it is already too late as Wilson has counted the three and is back to his feet calling for the bell.

Mai: Yes! Tell ‘em who won, Maggie. Go ahead and tell ‘em.

Maggie: Your winner, via pinfall…………………...EMMA MACNAMARA!

Ryan gets into the ring to raise one of his wife’s hands while the referee raises the other. The crowd boo the pair heavily but that doesn’t seem to phase them at all.

Mai: I don’t know what they are booing for, that is a glorious sight to behold!

Zack: Steph put up a great effort and it looked like she was going to take the win at a few points, but that Snake Eyes to the exposed turnbuckle was the turning point for Emma.

Mai: It was always going to end with Emma winning, Steph just prolonged the inevitable.

Christian slides into the ring to check on Steph and help her out of the ring. Meanwhile in the ring, Ryan raises Emma’s hand again to the still booing crowd.

Zack: Don't move a muscle, fans! We're gonna find out who Sophia's facing for the No Surrender title at Unstoppable 9 right after the break!

Breaking Point then heads to a commercial break.

Sophia Wants to Know

The arena goes dark for just a moment, the funky opening chords to Voodoo Johnson's "Dirty Angel" playing through the PA, before the white lights are replaced by swirling green replacements, bathing the arena in the favorite color of the Emerald City Siren. A few seconds pass, though, before Sophia Pike actually makes her way out through the curtain, met--immediately--by a chorus of boos, which she largely brushes off with a flick of of either wrist. She pauses at the head of the ramp, hooking her thumbs under the strap of the No Surrender title belt, chewing a piece of gum fairly obviously, and shaking her head at the collective audience.

Zack: Oh boy, I’ve been waiting all night on this right here! The No Surrender Champion has a date for Unstoppable 9 with the titanium title on the line, but we don’t know against who!

Mai: That’s because Starla is a grandstander, and couldn’t just say it last week at Velocity. She’s such a camera hog!

Clearly in no particular hurry, judging by the utter lack of pace, Sophia makes her way down the ramp, taking more than a couple opportunities to jaw-jack with the fans, one in particular seeming to get under the skin of the $50,000 Woman, as a sneer forms on her face and she unstraps the title from around her waist, raising it up in the fan’s face--to a chorus of jeers. She drapes the title over her shoulder, chuckling to herself and turning to the ring, climbing up the stairs and stepping through the ropes.

Maggie: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome...the FFW No Surrender Champion...SOPHIA PIIIIIKE!

Sophia winks at Maggie and grins, but she’s not exactly in a playful mood--she just beckons for the mic, which Maggie eventually relinquishes to the Queen of King County and steps out of the ring, Sophia idly playing with it as the music dies down, but the fans’ jeering does not; in fact, when they keep going, the Siren is pretty happy to hop on the nearest turnbuckle and take a seat, checking her (non-existent) watch. It’s more than a few more moments, but eventually, the fans’ noise does die down.

Zack: Looks like the champ is tired of waiting to find out, and has something on her mind.

Mai: Well shut your mouth and let’s hear what she has to say.

Sophia Pike: It’s funny...

Well. It tried to die down. But then Sophia started talking. And no sooner does she open her mouth than the fans all open theirs again, and a sneer forms on the face of the self-proclaimed Wrestling Goddess.

Sophia Pike: It’s funny that Starla McCloud had to go and find a surprise opponent for me, for Unstoppable. It’s funny that she had to go outside FFW’s normal challengers, and find someone who was stupid enough to take a match with someone like me, someone that shortens people’s careers...it’s funny that she had to go dig someone up out of obscurity, because there’s no one left in this company that’s stupid enough to try...

Sophia Pike: And normally...I’d let it slide; normally, I’d be nice, and let her have her way, do her little surprise reveal at her own pace, whenever she feels like it...I mean, let’s be honest, it’s not like it matters anyway, whoever she’s found from whatever corner of the universe needs all the fucking help they can get if they want to even pretend to have a chance in this match. She could hold off on this reveal until Unstoppable itself, and give her champion no time to prepare...

Sophia glances down at the title on her shoulder and chuckles a little bit.

Sophia Pike: And I’d still walk out with this belt.

The fans once again start jeering the Emerald City Siren, who lowers her mic and actually starts laughing at them, shouting at one fan in particular that “you fucking know it’s true, too!” Eventually, she settles back down, and raises her mic back up.

Sophia Pike: BUT...I’m a stickler for promises, you see. I make promises, I keep them--and I expect other people to do the same. So when Starla McCloud said we’d find out who this mystery opponent is at Breaking Point...I had to be at Breaking Point.

Sophia Pike: And yet...here I am, and...where, exactly, is...

Jace Everett’s “Bad Things” starts to play over the PA, interrupting the No Surrender Champion as Starla McCloud, in a black trouser suit, white blouse and flat pumps, appeared on the stage with a look on her face that was all business; the red haired woman staring coolly at Sophia Pike in the ring from the stage arena before she started to head down to the ring. As she descended down the ramp she shook hands with some of the fans at the barrier and as she got to the ring, she circled around to the timekeepers area and collected a microphone from Maggie before she climbed up the steps and entered the ring. Her music died down as she smiled to the crowd and paced back and forth for a couple of moments before she finally stopped and fixed her smile on the Emerald City Siren.

Starla: You know something Miss Pike, I’ll be the first to admit that you’re an outstanding No Surrender Champion; that you’ve been arguably the most dominant No Surrender Champion in a long while and you’ve achieved a lot with that belt around your waist. As you’ve knocked down all the challengers that have been lined up for you, as you’ve beaten them one after another after another, you’ve certainly managed to make my job more… interesting.

She nodded her head and continued.

Starla: And I’ve spent my time running a fine tooth comb over a list of potential challengers to face you at Unstoppable 9. I’ve spent night and day looking for the person with the right qualities to join you in the ring at Unstoppable 9 - at FFW’s biggest show of the year; the biggest show in history - and steal the show. I’ve been looking for a woman who, along with you, could showcase the absolute best of the No Surrender Championship and what makes it such a prestigious and difficult Championship to win and defend. Obviously they needed to have a certain set of skills, a certain attitude, experience and the necessary desire to go through Hell and back.

She flashed a grin at Sophia.

Starla: I found someone who matched each part of that criteria. Ladies and Gentlemen, at Unstoppable 9, Sophia Pike will defend the No Surrender Championship against….

The entire arena goes dark as the sound of wind blows through the PA, after a moment a strange whine kicks on, slowly getting louder and drowning out the wind as blue and white light starts to slowly creep along the stage. The silhouette of a woman walks out, shaded by the increasingly intense lights she comes to stand center stage before hunching over at the waist slowly as the sound and the light dim slowly. The sound turning down to nothing and the lights going so dull as to barely be perceptible.

A moment passes.



Mai: Oh dear.

The stage erupts with blue fireworks as the tron rains down white sparks just behind the now revealed Miko Ayano! The Japanese woman surveys the crowd as the vocal droning of Anneke van Giersbergen heralds the Ayano’s arrival. After a moment Miko starts her trek down the ramp.

“Now we’ve arrived in a new time and world,
And elements are we of gold,
How many times are we able to see,
In the infinite void of the soul”

Miko arrives at ringside, she hops up onto the apron on a knee then comes to a stand, resting her forehead on the top rope for a moment.

“All that way,
Gonna give it away?
You’re gonna give it away to some muscle?”

With that she bolts to the corner from the apron, standing with one foot on the top buckle bracket and her other on the middle buckle bracket she raises surveys the crowd again.

“Long, long way,
Til the pain is at bay-”

Miko lifts her arm then with the scream of Devin Townsend-


- and pumps her fist-








BOOM! White sparks start falling from overhead as Miko leaps into the ring. The music twisting into a medley as the crowd is split between cheering and screaming along with Anneke’s backing vocals.


This world seems arrogant,
Sick and demented!”


“SOOO you bet your body and soul?”

Zack: Look at this! You want to talk about a moment?! This is it!! Miko Ayano has returned, and she’s staring down the No Surrender Champion! They’re gonna meet at Unstoppable 9!

Mai: Oh dear!

Miko comes to a stand dead center of the ring as the chorus arrives--only to find herself face to face with the scowling No Surrender Champion. In stark contrast to Sophia herself, Miko has a brilliant smile on her face at first--until Sophia says...something to her, long since discarding her microphone. Whatever was said, the smile fades from the Warp Drive Dragon, and Champion and Challenger find themselves forehead to forehead, staring into each other’s eyes, seemingly daring the other to make the first move.

Starla steps in to try to separate the two, and while Miko seems mostly willing to get away from the No Surrender Champion, Sophia...doesn’t, so much, and blasts Miko with a forearm to the temple, buckling the Warp Drive Dragon’s legs momentarily. Stage-hands and security dive into the ring to hold the Emerald City Siren back from doing anything more, while Starla and a handful of security keep Miko on the other end of the ring.

Zack: You can cut the tension with a knife! The No Surrender Commish is trying to keep them apart, along with this security contingent!

Mai: I…..don’t think it’s gonna work!

While Sophia may have been happy not being heard at first, she practically shrieks at her newly revealed challenger that she’s going to “snap your neck like your worthless cousin,” which...as one might imagine, doesn’t go well with the former Drunken Joshi, who pushes past Starla and her security, diving over the ones holding Sophia back and socking the Queen of King County right between the eyes with a Superman Punch.


Zack: Miko and Sophia are going at it!! In 2 weeks, it’ll be for the No Surrender title! But it’s free tonight! Starla, what have you done?!

Taking advantage of the chaos, Miko lands several forearms to the grounded Champion before she’s physically lifted off Sophia and pulled out of the ring, security keeping the Emerald City Siren pinned to the ground in the meantime. Starla leaves the ring to guide Miko back up the stage, as the Warp Drive Dragon stays focused on her Unstoppable opponent, whose only just scrambling out from under the security--and laughing, maniacally, as she stares back up the ramp, repeatedly screaming threats at her Challenger.

Zack: What a situation! Sophia’s challenger is gonna be Miko Ayano! Unstoppable is in 2 weeks, you gotta see this!! It’s the biggest night of the year!

Mai: This…this is gonna be a dogfight...and Sophia’s laughing!

Zack: Laugh now, champ! In 2 weeks, she may be crying! MetLife Stadium, we definitely have a problem here!

Breaking Point then fades off the air with a commercial for Unstoppable 9.

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