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April 18, 2019, 08:21:07 pm
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FFW Unstoppable 9 - July 28, 2018

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Author Topic: FFW Unstoppable 9 - July 28, 2018  (Read 385 times)
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« on: August 01, 2018, 01:22:53 am »

Live from Met Life Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey
July 28, 2018

The show opens on a live shot as the camera pans the massive crowd, who are all making a roar as we head to the stage and see the Marine Color Guard lined up single file from one end of the stage to the other. Next we see Future Shock Prospect Kaya Crimson  glance behind her at them and her band before she takes a deep breath when the national anthem’s music begins to play.

Oh, say can you see by the dawn's early light
What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming?
Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight,
O'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming?
And the rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air,

The Marine Color Guard stands at attention with their flags held firmly, while Kaya continues her performance.

Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.
Oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

The crowd gets louder as many of them are singing along. Kaya hits the final notes, hitting every pitch as she finishes. She turns back to salute the Color Guard, looking up to the sky as the Blue Angels streak through the sky to a roar from the live crowd. Fade to black before a video package begins with “All I Do (Is Win)” by DJ Khaled starts to play.

All I do is win win win no matter what
Got money on my mind I can never get enough

Unstoppable 1

as Amy turned, Kitty hit a handspring, going for a Frankensteiner. Amy managed to avoid the contact as Kitty landed on her feet, crying in pain with the impact and damage done to her leg already. Kitty turned to face Amy, whom grabbed her by the neck, raising her up and nailing a double choke Rydeen bomb!!

Erica: What the fuck do you call that?!


Erica: I think she’s about to be called something else!!




The fans booed uproariously as Tiffany got to her feet, calling for the bell. The look on her face showed how little she wanted to do it, but took the title from the timekeeper and handed it to Amy.

Ben: The winner of this match....AND NEW FFW CHAMPION.....’THE KILLER BLONDE’ AMY!!!

Unstoppable 2

CCM: Robbyn counters it into a pinfall...she’s fighting it!! It just goes to show how much this title means to her!!

Erica: She found a counter, but Colleen countered straight back and that hold is still locked in tight! Robbyn needs an escape...

Wendy comes back in the ring now, hustling to try and break up the hold, but JUST before Wendy manages to slam an axe handle into Colleen’s back and break up the hold, we see Robbyn slap the mat, finally submitting to the crossface!  The ref calls for the bell as Colleen rolls out of the ring and Wendy stares on in frustration and disbelief.

CCM: Robbyn tapped! I can't believe it!!

Ben Johns: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match and STILL FFW Evolution Champion, COOOOLLLLLLEEEEEEENN!!!!

“Cracks” plays over the PA as Wolf walks around the ring, Colleen’s championship in hand.  He gives his client the belt at the bottom of the ramp as the fans cheer in ovation for the spectacular match they just saw.  Wendy and Robbyn stare at Colleen, who holds her belt in the air to another pop from the crowd.

And every time I step up in the buildin'
Everybody hands go up
And they stay there
And they say yeah
And they stay there

Unstoppable 3

Caroline grabs Eileen by the head and slaps her before lifting her up to her feet.  She tries to scoop her up, but Eileen suddenly comes to life and wriggles out before sliding down C’s back into a sunset flip!




Mark: She almost caught her with that surprise and Eileen somehow still has life left in her!

Leo: But the surprise wasn’t enough!  Can she capitalize on the momentum shift though?

Both wrestlers back to their feet again quickly and Caroline runs Amaro, going for a superkick of her own, but Eileen dodges and goes for a roundhouse kick, but Killer C ducks that.  Suddenly, Caroline grabs Eileen and lifts her up again into a Gory Special, trying to hook her arm for a second IN COLD BLOOD...but Eileen wriggles free and lands beside Caroline, managing to lock in a full nelson before jumping out and hitting the bulldog this time!!!!

Mark: WIPE-OUT!!! WIPE-OUT!!!!!!

Eileen hooks the leg and lays her back over her Dallins.




Leo: THE TSUNAMI WINS! THE TSUNAMI WINS! SHE TOOK EVERYTHING CAROLINE HAD, AND STILL KEPT GOING! The Mackenzie Mafia suddenly looks a WHOLE lot stronger and much more prepared, Mark.

Unstoppable 4

Mark: How much more can she take?! She’s been in this for well over a minute now!! This is nothing but torture for the Diva of Extreme!!

Isabella continued to shriek in pain as Stringer continuously asked her if she wanted to quit. She reached towards the nearest rope, but it wasn’t near enough. And with one final scream, Isabella tapped out!!

Stringer immediately called for the bell as Wendy released the hold.


CCM: Listen to this place!!

Wendy sat up, leaning now against the ropes as Stringer raised her hand in victory. The redhead looked back to Isabella as the Hall of Famer rolled to her side in pain, the pair locking eyes as she said something to her that the cameras didn’t pick up.

Cory: The winner of this match.......WENDY BRIESE!!!

The fans in the Reliant Stadium roared with approval as Wendy managed to get to her feet, a smile on her bloodied face. Isabella sat up as well, holding her lower back as she looked around at the sold out crowd. Tears began to stream down her face.

Mark: Wendy’s picked up the win, and look at Isabella’s face. Tears pouring down her face, because I think it’s finally dawned on her....this was it!

CCM: It’s not often I’ve seen Isabella cry, but I think you’re right. She knows that was the end of her wrestling career...

Isabella looked down to the mat as her tears stained the canvas before Wendy got to her feet, pulling Isabella up to hers and nodding her head. Isabella’s lips quivered as the chants broke out once again of “Thank You Bella!” over and over again.

Mark: Last night, Isabella Pazzini was inducted into the FFW Hall of Fame. She said she wanted to leave a memory, she’s left a career of them! It’s been one hell of a journey for that woman!

CCM: I spent most of my career not liking her at all. I still don’t like her. But I still respect her. Thank you, Isabella!

Wendy stepped out of the ring as Stringer joined her, raising her hand one last time as Camilla and Ryan made thier way down to ringside, both of them embracing her before they were joined to an ovation by the owner of FFW. Samantha and Isabella hugged as the redhead also had tears in her eyes as she raised Isabella’s hand.

CCM: Her husband, her sister, and her best friend.... All paying respect to a legend.

Mark: Congratulations to Wendy, but whether you loved her or you hated her, Isabella Pazzini will always be one of a kind! Thank you for the memories, Isabella!

It was obvious even CCM and Mark had a bit of a lump in their throat as the fans continued their chant.


The camera showed the blood and the sweat and the tears on the mat before showing Wendy watching on from the ramp as the chants continued.

Mark: They broke the mold when they made Isabella Pazzini, there will never be another like her! You gave them everything you could, you got nothing left to prove! You’ll never be forgotten! Thank you, Isabella!




Up down, up down, up down
'Cause all I do is win win win
And if you goin' in put your hands in the air
Make 'em stay there

Unstoppable 5

Wendy wrapped her body around Mika, but the champion reversed it and drove her head and neck first into the canvas, sitting on top of her chest as she hooked one of her legs behind her! Stringer dove into position as Mika reached with the other hand and grabbed the middle rope.

Mark: Mika caught her…..LOOK AT THE ROPE!

Scarlett: OH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!! NOT like this. Please, God. NOT like this!!!




Stringer called for the bell as Mika released the middle rope and rolled off her to the mat. The fans in Staples Center was livid as the referee lifted Mika’s limp arm in victory before it fell back to the mat.

Scarlett: That’s...Out of all the ways to...take it from me, that’s the worst.

Mark: Son of a b--

Cory: The winner of the match...AND STILL FFW CHAMPION…..’THE RED STAR’ MIKA DEMIDOV!!!

Stringer gave Mika the title as the champion rolled out of the ring, stumbling backwards as she couldn’t even stand up before her manager approached from behind to help her to her feet. Leaning on Kyle, he raised Mika’s hand as the Red Star cackled maniacally and thrust the FFW Championship high into the air.

Ludacris goin' in on the verse
Cause I never been defeated and I won't stop now
Keep your hands up get 'em in the sky for the homies
That didn't make it and the folks locked down

Unstoppable 6

Charlotte rolls Meteora off of Ravyn with a kick, and kneels to cover Taylor, who’s clearly out.  She pauses as she looks up, however, and sees the ref is already diving into position, her vision elsewhere- on Shaughnessy O’Neill’s outstretched hand suddenly draped nicely over Meteora’s chest.  

Mark: ...Oh you’ve got to be KIDDING me…





The boos are thunderous as the referee calls for the bell, and Cory Kincaid makes it all official:

Cory: Your winners of this match… and STILL FEMME FATALE WRESTLING UNITY CHAMPIONS… SHAUGHNESSY O’NEILL AND *microphone feedback*  THE ONE… WOMAN.,.. SHOW!!!

I never went no where
But they saying Luda's back
Blame it on that Conjure
The hood call it Luda-Yac

Unstoppable 7

Caroline began firing elbows into the side of Nevaeh’s head though, causing Summers to drop her to her feet. Stark got her into position and into the Gory Special and then into a Texas piledriver!


Scarlett: Summers got spiked into the mat!! I think I can hear a Fat Lady warming up right about now!

Stark hooked both legs tightly for the cover as Stringer dove into position for the count. The fans came to their feet to count along with her!




Stringer called for the bell as Stark sat up, looking up to her to make sure it was over as the referee nodded her head and raised her hand in victory. The Orlando crowd erupted as a result!

Scarlett: She’s done it!!! Caroline Stark has overcome all the odds and everything Silas could throw at her! Let’s hear it Anita!!!

Anita: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner of this match….AND STILL FFW CHAMPION…..’KILLER C’ CAROLINE STAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARK!!!

Mark: In one of the most volatile FFW Championship matches I’ve ever seen, Caroline Stark has overcome “The World’s Finest” and retains the title it took her so many years to earn!

Last time on a Khaled remix, now I'm on the original version
Can't never count me out
Y'all better count me in
Got twenty bank accounts, accountants count me in

Unstoppable 8

Caroline desperately tried to grab the ropes, but none were within reach. She tried to pull them towards them instead, but the strength wasn’t there before she collapsed down on the mat. Dallins clawed her face in agony, tears rushing down her face before she pushed up to try to get up again. Caroline screamed with defiance as the crowd came to its feet until she dropped back to the mat….and tapped!

Mai: Holy…..shit…….

Zack: It’s over, Caroline tapped out!!

Stringer called for the bell to an eruption from the crowd. Jo immediately broke the hold, and her jaw fell open as she looked up to the referee when she got her hand raised.

Zack: Can you believe that?! Jo certainly can’t!!


Jo got back to her feet as the referee handed her both titles. Fireworks erupted from the rafters of AT&T Stadium as a deafening roar from the crowd followed it. Jo looked down at both titles in her hands, and dropped them to a X on the canvas before dropping to her knees and falling over them!

All I do is win win win no matter what
Got money on my mind I can never get enough
And every time I step up in the buildin'
Everybody hands go up
And they stay there
And they say yeah
And they stay there
Up down, up down, up down
'Cause all I do is win win win

The clips fade out, and we dozens of monitors playing moments from the 8 previous iterations of Unstoppable before they all flick off to show the number 9. From there, we head back live inside the stadium as the crowd is deafening. Fireworks shoot up from the rafters into the night sky.

Zack: In the shadow of New York City, welcome to MetLife Stadium! Welcome to the biggest night in women’s wrestling! Welcome to the grand spectacle! Welcome to the biggest stage of them all, and welcome to UNSTOPPABLE 9!!

Mai: The one night of the year that everyone in FFW looks forward to most, the biggest night of the year, like you said!  The energy here is incredible!

Zack: Fans from all 50 states and some 57 countries around the world have descended on MetLife Stadium! There’s 81,553 people who have filled this structure to see the biggest night of the year for FFW! Championship matches and grudges will be decided, and there’s no telling what else we may see before the night is over!

Mai: For God’s sake, let’s get it going then!

Zack: Maggie, they’re all yours!!

Maggie: The opening contest of Unstoppable 9 is scheduled for one fall to a finish.

The familiar opening from “Paint It Black” by the Rolling Stones begins to play, causing a chorus of boos from the crowd as Kaylee Clarke appears at the top of the stage. She tugs on a small leather jacket before jerking it off, and heading towards the ring. Her path to the ring is illuminated by four purple spotlights before she slides on her belly under the bottom rope into the ring. Hearing the crowd response, it brings a little smile to her feet before she pushes up to her feet and climbs up onto the middle turnbuckle to inform the crowd that someone’s about to get evicted.

Maggie: Introducing from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, ladies and gentlemen…..this is KAYLEE CLARKE!!!

She hops down to the mat from there, crouching in her corner with her hands on the middle rope looking across with a grin at her opponent.

Zack: Kaylee is a former FFW star and a current SVW one. She accepted Angelina’s open challenge to SVW, and would no doubt love to get a win for SVW on FFW’s biggest stage.

Mai: Do you think she’ll kick you again? I’d love to see that, I didn’t have a camera ready last time.

It doesn’t matter if you love him
Or capital H-I-M
Just put your paws up
Cause you were born this way, baby…

As the beat of “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga hits, Angelina Fantastica comes out, trailed by a diverse assortment of people in a conga line, all dancing to the music. Angelina is in a rainbow tie-dyed top and matching pants that sparkle as the arena lights hit her. She has a baseball jersey worn open over her gear, white with purple pinstripes. On the back, in glittery purple lettering, is “La Corazon” and the number 16. In a nod to the venue, she also wears a white snapback backwards with the New York Giants logo on it.

Angelina dances her way down to the ring with her girlfriend Kyla, her boyfriend Emilio, and her brothers Diego Fantastico and Eclipse right behind her. Also in the conga line are drag queens, leather daddies, salsa dancers, and a number of people in crazy colorful costumes, including a large black man in cheeseburger suit.

Maggie: From Staten Island, New York, she is La Corazon de FFW, Angelina Fantastica!

The conga line circles the ring and Angelina ends up back at the bottom of the ramp. She grins and backs up, running and executing a front flip over the top rope into the ring.

No matter gay, straight, or bi
Lesbian, transgendered life
I'm on the right track baby
I was born to survive
No matter black, white or beige
Chola or orient made
I'm on the right track baby
I was born to be brave

Angelina gestures to Maggie, who hands her the microphone. The Staten Island luchadora ascends one of the turnbuckles and puts her fist in the air.

Angelina Fantastica: Come on Jersey, you know how we get down! Let’s see those fists pumping!

The crowd cheers and starts fist pumping along with Angelina, who is dancing in the middle of the ring. Two confetti guns go off, showering Angelina and her entourage in sparkly confetti. As the song winds down, she takes her hat off and flings it into the crowd, revealing that her hair is in two French braids, with rainbow ribbon threaded through them. She sets her jersey aside and settles into her corner, blowing a kiss to Kyla and Emilio as the conga line makes its way backstage.

Zack: With mounting tensions between FFW and SVW, Angelina made a point of letting the world know that she bleeds FFW. She issued the challenge and now she has Kaylee to contend with.

As Maggie makes her way out of the ring, referee Malcolm Parks calls for the bell having already completed his checks on both competitors. Both women make their way to the centre of the ring, with Angelina a little quicker than Kaylee. Angelina takes in the capacity crowd’s reaction, which is solidly behind the Staten Island native, while Kaylee does not seem at all impressed with any of it. Angelina heads towards a tie up but Kaylee instead shoves her with both palms in the chest and starts trash talking about how SVW is better than FFW. Angelina steps straight back to Kaylee again and gets in her face, but ducks quickly to avoid a forearm from Clarke. She narrowly avoids a second attempt and steps back rapidly to miss an attempted elbow to the head from Kaylee.

Zack: Kaylee is trying to throw Angelina off her game with her trash talk, but if anything it seems to have had the opposite effect. She is completely focused and Kaylee can’t get a shot to hit.

Mai: She’s avoided a couple of forearms and an elbow, it’s hardly a major win. Kaylee’s just toying with her anyway, you can see that.

Angelina steps back suddenly and unloads a flurry of right hands into the side of Kaylee’s head getting her a massive pop from the MetLife crowd. She keeps the strikes coming until she has Kaylee backed up against the ropes. As soon as she is, the Staten Island native grabs her arm and whips her across into the opposite side. Kaylee rebounds straight into superkick from Angelina that drops her like a rock. Clarke gets straight back to her feet, only to find herself on the receiving end of a second superkick that flattens her to the canvas again. She gets back to her feet a second time, but a little slower this time and Angelina traps her head in a front facelock. Kaylee immediately starts firing shots at Angelina, but she bends out of the way of them, before delivering a knee into Kaylee’s ribs. A second knee strike follows before Angelina uses a DDT to plant her on the canvas.

Mai: I’m sure Kaylee is just letting Angelina tire herself out. Any minute now it’ll start working.

Zack: Angelina has energy for days, if she is trying to wear her out she is going to be in for a very long and painful wait!

Fantastica paces around Kaylee and tells her to get up, but the Canadian wrestler takes no notice of her. As Angelina gets more and more impatient, Kaylee starts to slowly pull herself to a seated position. But obviously this is too slow for Angelina’s liking as she takes matters into her own hands by pulling her up to a vertical base. As soon as she is back on her feet, Kaylee takes the fan favourite by surprise and delivers a kick to her abdomen which bends the Staten Island native in half. Grabbing her by the head to keep her in that position, Kaylee delivers another trio of knees into her ribs and then uses a double knee facebreaker to take her to the canvas. Wasting no time, the Canadian wrestler kicks Angelina in the ribs while she is down, and then gets into position for neckscissors, locking her legs tight around Angelina’s head.

Zack: Kaylee has managed to slow Angelina down, because she was realising rapidly that she couldn’t match her at her own pace.

Mai: Now this is something worth watching. Do you know how many people would pay to be in that position right now?!

The crowd show the SVW wrestler nothing but disdain, as Angelina starts to try to pry her legs away from her throat. Kaylee doesn’t make this easy for her as she simply tightens her grip, prompting Parks to drop down beside the pair to check if Angelina wants to give up. Fantastica gives him a very definite no as the crowd start to rally behind her. Their chants get louder for her which spurs the Staten Island native on as she tries to get her hand between her throat and Kaylee’s legs. She finally manages it and buys herself a little breathing room in the process, but Kaylee still keeps the hold locked in. After allowing herself to catch her breath a little, Angelina uses her free hand to start hammering blows on Kaylee’s leg. The shots hit wildly, until Clarke gives a yell of pain as Fantastica manages to get her square on knee. Keeping up the shots to that spot, Angelina manages to force Kaylee to release her grip as she pulls her leg away to rub her knee with a grimace.

Mai: Ahhh c’mon. I was enjoying watching that. But it needed more writhing!

Zack: Angelina found the perfect spot to target and would not let up until Kaylee had no other choice than to release the hold. I would imagine, that it is hard to keep your legs locked when your knee is being hammered on.

Both women lay on the canvas for a moment, Angelina trying to get her breath back fully, while Kaylee rubs her knee. They each start to move at the same time but it is Angelina who reaches her feet first. The two start to circle each other, not taking their eyes off of each other as they do. Kaylee makes the first move, but Angelina manages to avoid the strike and spins to end up behind the Canadian wrestler. She spins on a dime just in time to see the European Uppercut from Angelina, but not quick enough to be able to dodge it. The impact sends Clarke’s head reeling. Before she can recover from the surprise shot, Angelina uses the ropes for a handspring into a Tornado DDT. She immediately goes for the cover, prompting Parks to get into position.

Zack: Angelina almost took Kaylee’s head off with that Uppercut and she is about to make a statement to SVW with a win over Kaylee!




Kaylee rolls her shoulder off the canvas just as the two completes and Angelina nods to the referee to signal that she knows it was only a two, before rolling back up to her feet.

Mai: It’s not over until the fat lady sings, and I don’t see Caitlyn Storm out here, do you?

Angelina starts to pace around Kaylee again, and again Kaylee uses that to antagonise the Staten Island native. The SVW wrestler takes her time as she rolls onto her front. Slowly she starts to push up until she is on her knees. She doesn’t stay there for long as Angelina uses the nearest ropes to step up and deliver an Enziguri that flattens the Canadian to the canvas. This time she starts to get up faster with annoyance clearly on her face now. The crowd however are loving it and chant loudly for the asstastic one. Kaylee makes it to her feet but a kick to the back from Angelina sends her sprawling to her knees with her body hanging over the middle rope.

Mai: Hitting her from behind, that should be a disqualification!

Zack: She hasn’t done anything to be disqualified for. And that is not a position that Kaylee is going to want to stay in! This crowd know what’s going to come next if she does.

Kaylee stays draped over the second rope and Angelina runs to the ropes beside her. Her Tiger feint kick follows that sends Kaylee back into the ring to land back first on the canvas with a thud. Fantastica gets straight into place for the cover and hooks one of Kaylee’s legs as she does.

Zack: FANTAST-KICK! Angelina is three seconds away from a win on the biggest stage that FFW has!




Clarke gets the foot of her free leg over the bottom and Parks immediately stops the count, pointing it out to Angelina when she looks at him with some confusion. She sees the foot and gets a little frustrated as she rolls back to her knees.

Mai: And that is why you avoid covers near the ropes. So that they can’t get their feet on the bottom rope like that.

Kaylee rolls away from Angelina and straight under the bottom rope to the apron where she uses the ropes to help her raise to her feet. Angelina tries to follow her out, but Kaylee complains to the referee and Parks tells Angelina to backup to allow her to re-enter the ring. The Staten Island native rolls her eyes but holds up her hands in front of her and backs up a few steps. Kaylee starts to climb through, but then stops suddenly complaining that Angelina has moved closer, even though she hasn’t moved a muscle. The MetLife Stadium crowd show Kaylee nothing but disdain as the referee turns to tell Angelina to stay back, then turns back to Kaylee to tell her to get in the ring or be counted out.

Mai: The referee should make her stand on the other side of the ring to give Kaylee plenty of room to get in without the worry of being attacked!

Zack: She shouldn’t have left the ring in the first place and Angelina is far enough back and hasn’t moved a muscle.

The Canadian wrestler starts to climb through again, but stops suddenly again complaining that Angelina has come forwards. The referee doesn’t believe her but turns to check and as soon as he does, Kaylee dashes into the ring. She uses Angelina being distracted by Parks as an opportunity to blindside the Staten Island native with a running single leg dropkick. Angelina wobbles but manages to stay on her feet, and Kaylee grabs her arm and fires her into the opposite side ropes. Angelina rebounds off and straight into a back heel kick from Kaylee. Again Fantastica manages to stay on her feet… at least until Clarke uses a pendulum backbreaker to take her down to the mat. She gets into position for a cover.

Zack: I knew she was up to something! Kaylee used Angelina’s supposed moving as a distraction to catch her off guard and now she could be about to steal the win right from under her nose.




Angelina gets her shoulder up and Kaylee looks frustrated before she rolls away from the fan favourite and tells the crowd to shut up, as they hurl abuse loudly at her.

Mai: That was a slow count! That should have been three! She had it there.

Zack: No it wasn’t, it was the same speed as every other count. Angelina got her shoulder up and has kept herself in this match. She is too determined to let this match to slip away from her.

Angelina starts to make a move to get back to her feet, but Kaylee mounts her chest before she can. She starts to fire lefts and rights into the side of her head rapidly, dazing the Staten Island native slightly. The referee orders the break and gets to a count of four before Kaylee throws one last shot and gets back to her feet, pulling Fantastica by the head back up with her. Kaylee immediately lifts Angelina up in a fireman’s carry, then applies a headlock before twisting the opposite way and quickly switching back, throwing Angelina’s legs out backwards and dropping down to force her to fall face first to the mat. Kaylee rather than going for the cover, pops straight back up to her feet.

Zack: An almost textbook Fireman’s Carry Bulldog from Kaylee. Although I’m sure Angelina is feeling many things other than impressed with it.

Kaylee cups her hands and shouts “She Doesn’t Belong….In My House!!” which earns her a massive amount of animosity from the crowd, she drinks it in as Angelina begins to stagger back to her feet. Before Angelina can get back to a fully vertical position, Kaylee takes off for the ropes. She bounces off them to deliver her running corkscrew neckbreaker that plants Angelina unceremoniously on the canvas. The Canadian wrestler goes straight into position to cover her and Parks drops down for the count.

Mai: That’s the move that Kaylee calls EVICTION NOTICE! And it’s glorious!




Angelina manages to get her shoulder up just in time before the three which causes Kaylee to slam her fist against the canvas in frustration.

Zack: Angelina obviously isn’t interested in being evicted and she has kept herself in this match, much to Kaylee’s displeasure.

Angelina rolls back up to her feet and starts towards Kaylee, but the SVW wrestler spots her out of the corner of her eye and powers back to her feet. She spins on a dime but Angelina is right behind her and hits her with a kick to the gut which bends her double, and she follows up quickly with a DDT that plants her with such force that she almost bounces back up again. Angelina takes another second to compose herself and get her faculties about her before she runs to the corner and scales to the top turnbuckle. She measures to make sure Clarke is still in place before launching herself off for her corkscrew shooting star press which she lands perfectly across her downed opponent. As Angelina stays in place for the cover, the MetLife Stadium crowd come to their feet.

Zack: AVENGING ANGEL! This has to be all she wrote. Angelina is going to win in her first appearance at Unstoppable and she’s going to do it for the honour of FFW!




Parks immediately calls for the bell as Angelina rolls off the cover looking a little disorientated still.

Maggie: Your winner, via pinfall……………………….ANGELINA FANTASTICA!

Mai: Calm down. She won a match not the Nobel peace prize!

Angelina gets back to her feet a little unsteadily, but breaks into a wide smile as Parks raises her hand to an eruption of cheers and chants from the crowd for her. The camera focuses on her smiling face as she tells the crowd that she bleeds FFW before cutting elsewhere.

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Jake’s Special Guest

The next image seen is that of Jake Chandler walking through a hallway with two full cups of what looks like Coke. He walks very slowly, trying his best not to spill either one of them as he heads through the hall. He sees his invited guest, Ashleigh Jericho, waiting for him several feet ahead in a doorway.

Jake: I’m coming! I ended up pouring more than I thought….

Ashleigh laughs while shaking her head.

Ashleigh: Good thing you work for FFW because you’d make the world’s worst waiter.

As he crossed another hallway, he almost ran into Ryan Mackenzie. Jake froze in his place, more concerned about not spilling it. And he didn’t.

Ryan: What the fuck? Why don’t you watch where the hell you’re going?! You almost spilled that shit on me!

Jake: But I didn’t. I stopped in time. I didn’t get any on you.

Jake looked over to make sure, not finding even a drop on Ryan before he looked back up to Emma’s husband.

Jake: See? There’s nothing on you. Sorry if I startled you.

Jake was about to start moving towards his friend before Ryan hit the bottom of both cups with his hands, causing it to spill and pour all over Jake’s shirt.

Ryan: Watch where you’re going. Accidents happen.

Ryan passed him with a smile on his face as Jake looked down to his soaked shirt before Ashleigh joined him, her eyes narrowing as she watched Ryan fade into the distance.

Ashleigh: What a jerk!

Jake: I’ll get you another Coke in a second. I think I should go change though.

Ashleigh: Yeah, no rush.

Her tone lowers a little.

Ashleigh: In fact, take your time. I’ve got to take care of something.

Jake headed back in the direction he was coming from, while Ashleigh waited till he was out of sight and started to follow after Ryan. Her eyes steeled as she started down the hallway.

The show heads back into the arena, where once again, Maggie Rourke is standing in the ring with her microphone.

Maggie: The following contest is scheduled for one fall.

Zack: What a way to make your main roster debut! Rose Gardner was voted to graduate to FFW, and the Cosplay Princess is getting to make her main stage debut on the biggest stage of them all!

Mai: That’s just good timing, Zack. It’s not like she deserves it or anything, it’ll probably give her the big head.

“Something New” starts up over the speakers, and the jeers have almost drowned out the music before Brazilian Storm have even arrived (though in fairness, the beginning is pretty quiet). Yellow, green and blue spotlights dance around the arena, while the tron shows images of both halves of the team in action. Suddenly, the music stops and the tron cuts out...only for the sound of crashing thunder to echo loudly through the arena.

Love to hate,
Repeating my mistakes.
But there’s no one left to listen,
No one left to listen.
Take a chance, and fuck the consequence
When there’s no one left to listen,
No one left to listen.

As a curtain of dry ice smoke fills up the entrance stage, the two Brazilian wrestlers walk up to the top of the ramp together, with their manager Kyle Kilmeade in his wheelchair right behind them. Once there, they look over the booing crowd with matching smirks on their face before they stop for a pose: Bianca goes to a knee and opens her arms wide in the Witch of the Winds pose, as Mel does her own pose, twirling on her feet and taking a soft dip of a bow, also with her arms open. After a couple of seconds in that pose, Bianca lunges forth and twirls herself, as Mel swings an arm, and the best friends indulge in a loud high-five. Then, side by side, they walk down the entrance ramp, with their manager following them with a lonely round of applause.

Right now! We’re taking control!
Tired of waiting
Tired of waiting for something new!
Right now! We’re taking control!
Tired of waiting
Tired of waiting for something new!

Maggie: Introducing first/…from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, by way of Craigleigh, accompanied by Bianca Salvador and Kyle Kilmeade...MEL AVILO!

Instead of going straight to the ring though, the girls walk up to a camera, getting right up to the lens with their mischievous smirks. As Bianca flexes her biceps for the gun show, kissing the bulging muscle, Mel’s smirk becomes a grin as she gives the camera, and the viewers at home, some choice words about their opponents. After that, the best friends roll into the ring and move to opposite turnbuckles, climbing onto the second rope and staring into the booing crowd, only to wave them off and regroup, going to their corner. Bianca sits on the top turnbuckle and Mel docks herself there, as they wait for their match to begin while they strategize.

Zack: Mel Avilo is no stranger to Unstoppable, and she has her whole entourage out here with her as usual too. She doesn’t need Bianca or Kyle ringside.

Mai: They are there for moral support. Besides you should cut poor Kyle some slack. The man is in a damn wheelchair! Have some compassion.

The dance beats of DJ Cutman's "I"m The Boss" blare through the sound system as lights blink in white, baby blue and purple. Skipping and bopping to the beat, Rose Gardner comes out from the back, opening her arms in an airplane stance as she reaches the top of the ramp, stopping and staring into the crowd. She then makes her way down the ramp, highfiving as many fans as possible in the way. As the chorus of the music approaches, she darts to the ring and hops onto the second rope, showing off for the crowd, pointing to herself with her two thumbs as the lyrics say...

I'm the boss!
I'm the boss!
I'm very, very sorry for your loss!
I'm the boss!
I'm the boss!
And just in case I didn't get the point across

Maggie: And her opponent, from World 8-8, standing at 5'4"... ROSE GARDNER!!!

Poison then removes her sunglasses and throws it into the audience for some fan before hopping down to the ring and bouncing on the balls of her feet.

Zack: There are few women I can think of who went through Future Shock with the popularity of Rose Gardner! You can bet your money she’ll win over FFW fans who haven’t seen her just as quickly.

Mai: I hope someone checked under the ring for boxes of nerd wear, because that’s usually what happens with her matches. What? I keep up with Future Shock, even if they have subpar commentary.

Referee Melinda Davis checks both women for anything illegal, and finds nothing before she calls for the bell. As soon as Maggie leaves the ring, Rose looks around at the massive crowd in awe. Many of them are already cheering for her, which brings a wide smile across her face….at least until Mel gets her attention by charging her into the corner. Rose lands against it back first before the powerhouse begins unloading with shoulder thrusts into her ribs. She yanks the gamer out of the corner with one as though she’s going to use and Irish whip, but instead yanks her right back into a knee to the lower back. It stumbles Rose forward before Mel scoops her up with ease into a sidewalk slam.

Mai: What an idiot! She deserved that for staring at all these people rather than the woman across the ring from her.

Zack: Rose has never competed in front of a crowd anywhere close to this. It’s only natural she be in awe. I know I am, and I’ve been to Unstoppable many times!

The cosplayer starts to get up, and Mel makes her pay for it with clubbing blows into her back to drive her down to her knees. Avilo scoops her up around the waist with a deadlift before driving her back into the mat again, this time with a German suplex. Gardner tries to rise once more, only for Avilo to scoop her up into a front carry and drop her across her knee. She didn’t let her fall to the mat though, instead doing it three more times before she fell forward into a powerslam. Mel got back to her feet, dusting her hands as she looked back to her partner and manager with a smile on her face.

Mai: This is like shooting fish in a barrel for Mel, isn’t it? She probably feels like she’s facing Jodie Gray: The Next Generation.

Zack: It’s pretty easy to be dominant in a match when you blindside your opponent as soon as the match starts. Be that as it may, she’s certainly got this match in firm control so far.

The Brazilian beauty pulled Rose towards the center of the ring, and then slapped on a Boston crab. She arched backwards, trying to add as much pressure to Rose’s lower back as possible. Bianca applauded her partner from ringside, much like her manager as Kyle encouraged her to lean back even more. Mel did just that, practically pulling Rose’s body into a circle with her feet dangling over her back. Davis moved around in front of Rose, looking to see if she wanted to stop the match. But Gardner showed no interest in doing that.

Mai: Just give up, Rose. Give up and go back to Future Shock. Some fish aren’t meant for the big pond, and Mel the hammerhead is eating this guppie alive here, Zack.

Zack: I’ve never seen Rose quit during a match, and I’m not convinced she’s going to do it tonight. Not on a stage like this, I just can’t see it. Mel may just have to try to knock her out.

Rose tried to pull herself towards the ropes, but Mel was too strong for that. The former Unity Champion didn’t budge an inch, despite Rose’s best efforts. The referee asked again, but Rose once more made it clear she wasn’t quitting. Mel finally let go of the hold, shaking her head as she looked down to the aching cosplayer on the mat. She pulled her up by her head, only for Rose to surprise her with a jawbreaker. It rocked Mel backwards as Rose made it back to her feet, holding her lower back in pain. Mel came forward to grab her, but Rose ducked behind her. And as soon as Avilo turned towards her, Rose caught her flush with a Pele kick that dropped them both to the mat.

Zack: Rose’s speed has certainly been slowed, but that Pele kick will stop you dead in your tracks every single time. I think Mel started taking Rose a little too lightly in this match.

Mai: Mel doesn’t take any FFW opponent lightly, bite your tongue. It’s not her fault that the only way Rose can be successful against her is by catching her with cheap shots.

Rose was slow to get up as she rubbed her lower back, but she did make it to her feet before Mel did. She started laying in right hands to her head one after another, and deflecting the shots Mel was firing back at her. When Avilo tried to nail her with a haymaker, Rose grabbed her head and left her feet with a facebuster to the mat. But the impact made her back hurt more when she landed. The live crowd was solidly behind her though as she struggled to get back to her feet. She raised her hands above her head, and drew them beside her as if she were about to release a fireball. When Mel made it to her feet, Rose caught her with a double palm thrust to the chest that put her down.


Mai: What the hell is a hadouken anyway, Zack?

Zack: Clearly you’ve never played any of the Street Fighter 2 games.

Mai: No, I was probably having sex. Don’t I feel like I wasted MY time?!

The crowd got very noisy now, starting to get behind Rose all over again. As she was about to grab Mel again, Bianca climbed up onto the apron. It got Rose’s attention as the “Typhoon” seemed to be challenging her to a fight. Rose waved her forward until Bianca shook her head. The cosplayer turned around, only for Bianca to grab her by the hair and pull her towards the ropes. The referee went to make her let go before Mel mowed Rose down with a roaring elbow right to the jaw. Bianca grinned as she got down to the floor again.

Zack: This is where things start getting hairy for Rose. She’s out here alone, and she’s got more than just Mel to deal with! All that was designed to do was give Avilo a chance to recover.

Mai: Duh! And you know what? It worked! What’s Rose gonna do about it? Nothing! And as for Bianca, well she----wait a second. What’s SHE doing here?

Heading down the ramp was Sylvia Crowley, who had an aerosol can in one hand and was playing with her hair with the other. She got a strong response from the crowd as she headed around the ring towards Bianca. The blonde glanced towards her unimpressed as Sylvia produced a lighter in her other hand. She held the lighter in front of the can, aimed it skyward, and shot a massive fireball into the air before it burnt out...then she aimed it towards Bianca.

Mai: What the hell is she doing?! Did she just make a damn fireball?!

Zack: Yes, she did! Sylvia Crowley is no fan of the Franchise, and it looks like she came to even the odds! I don’t think Rose knew she was coming, but is probably glad she’s here!

Sylvia began heading right for Bianca, who took off towards the ramp with Sylvia running behind her trying to catch her with the fireballs as they disappeared backstage. Mel watched this for a moment in disbelief before Rose popped up behind her, and tried to surprise her with a backslide pin attempt! Davis dropped into position to make the count.

Mai: Someone get that nutcase out of the---MEL, NO!!




Zack: Damn, that was close!! Rose nearly upset Avilo with that backslide!

Mel kicked out in time before the two, giving the referee a glare as she started back to her feet. Rose was up to greet her with a discus elbow to the mouth that rocked her backwards. She fired Mel across to the far corner before following her in with an avalanche splash. Avilo collapsed to a seat against the turnbuckles before Rose took off for the far side. She came back with a hip check to Mel’s head, dropping her down on the mat and reinvigorating the live crowd.

Zack: Mel was distracted like the rest of us by Sylvia Crowley looking to make a Bianca barbecue, and nearly got pinned for it! Gardner is back in this now!

Mai: I hope someone backstage arrests that lunatic! She has no business being at this show, she doesn’t even work here!

Mel used the ropes to try to get back up again, but Rose headed for the adjacent corner. She measured her for a moment, and then bolted towards her into a handspring enzuigiri that dropped Mel where she stood. Rose dragged her away from the corner, and fell into the cover as Davis followed.

Zack: There’s the SONIC SPIN!! And the Franchise’s night isn’t starting off well at all, is it?!




Mel got her shoulder up in time before the three as Rose climbed to her feet. She waved towards the back before a production assistant used a hand truck to roll a…...phone booth down to ringside.

Mai: What is that for?!

Zack: Maybe Rose wants to make a phone call?

Mai: A million comedians out of work, and I have to sit here and listen to you!

Rose rolled out to the floor, and stepped into the phone booth. The windows were all painted over, making it impossible to see inside. Meanwhile back in the ring, Mel was beginning to get up to her feet. She glanced around looking for Rose until she noticed the referee was counting her out. Avilo spotted the phone booth with a curious look.

Zack: Mel just spotted that phone booth. I haven’t seen one in forever, but Rose is in there!

Mai: Maybe she’s calling for a cab to get out the arena before Mel goes out there and gets her.

Mel stepped out onto the apron to get her before the door to the booth opened. Rose emerged from it, wearing a red skirt and blue top with her midriff exposed along with red boots and a cape! As Mel rounded the corner towards her, she took off out of the phone booth with a…..Supergirl punch to the brunette! And the crowd roared in approval!

Zack: She’s able to leap small buildings in a single bound. She’s faster than a pizza delivery boy! And she’s more powerful than your average cosplayer, it’s SUPER-ROSE!!

Mai: What a load of crap! Does she do this all the time?!

Rose struck a Supergirl-esque pose before she pulled Mel up, and rolled her back into the ring. The cosplayer headed up to the top rope, perching herself as she waved for Mel to get up. The Brazilian beauty was slow to do so though. But when she did, Rose dove off into a high cross body….but Mel caught her in midair and planted her with a spinebuster! She hooked the outside leg, and rolled through for the cover!

Mai: Mel’s gonna beat Supergirl, this is the greatest Unstoppable moment!




Rose got her shoulder up in time, and rolled to one side clutching her back in pain. Mel slowly got back to her feet, and looked down with irritation towards her opponent.

Zack: A spinebuster just put Rose down with that bad back one more time! And I think Mel’s ready to hit the showers sooner than later!

Mel jerked Rose to her feet, and immediately cinched her up into her gutwrench driver. Shaking her head, she pulled her up and delivered it a second time for added damage before she made the cover with a hook of the leg.

Mai: She must have really annoyed Mel, that was TWO MEL-BOMBS!!




Davis called for the bell as Mel rose to her feet, stepping over Rose before she got her hand raised in victory. The crowd showed her no love at all, though Kyle applauded her profusely from his wheelchair.

Maggie: Here is your winner by pinfall…………………..MEL AVILO!!

Zack: Mel Avilo had had enough of Rose’s games, and put one hell of an exclamation point on this match! A very game performance from the cosplay princess though!

Mel rolled out under the bottom rope, and was joined by Kyle as he congratulated her. She raised her hand again, eliciting more boos from the crowd.

Mai: Not even Supergirl and Sylvia Crowley could stop Mel from taking the win tonight. That match is a keeper right there for the highlight reel.

As the pair headed up the ramp side by side, the show cut elsewhere.

The Hall is Calling

Zack: Throughout the night, we are going to be showing you the speeches from the Hall of Fame just two nights ago in New York City at the Javitz Center. Let’s start with none other than Nevaeh Summers, and look back to 2 nights ago.

We now shift to Nevaeh Summers standing behind a podium, dressed in a business suit, her hair pulled into a bun. She looks apprehensive as she looks out towards the crowd. Nevaeh remains silent for several more moments ashe takes in the entire audience before speaking

Nevaeh: It’s really here, huh? I’ve been thinking alot about what this moment would be for a long time. Ever since the announcement was made that I’d be given the honor of going into the FFW Hall of Fame I’ve been trying to figure out what I was gonna do once I was up here in front of you all and speaking to the world. It’s one thing to send out a tweet here and there, but to stand here and look out to all of you is far, far different. To see your faces and have all of you staring right back at me...oh boy. I tried for months to put together a speech that would hopefully explain how I’ve been feeling. To tell you all just what I’ve been going through and what it’s like to receive this honor. But I never could get that. I tried, but I couldn’t because it never felt right. Nothing I’d write down felt it was explaining what I wanted you all to know. Does that make sense? I have a tendency to..not make sense at times, to me atleast. I just wanted to feel true, to have you know everything. So after talking it over with some friends I’ve decided to just let things flow and talk from the heart tonight. So I apologize in advance if this comes off incoherent. If I ramble endlessly….if I bore you.  Basically if I seem a mess it’s because quite frankly I am. I’m nervous right now. That’s the truth and tonight all you will get from me is the truth.

Nevaeh now paused as she kept looking over the entire building. She took in a big breath before exhaling., showing the nerves the moment was giving her. She slowly started to nod her head as she stood up straight.

Nevaeh: Let’s start out with the obvious shall we!? I screwed up big time last year. Granted it started way before that, but I made a stupid, stupid mistake by faking that drug test. I realize that I made a situation worse by doing what I did. Not just for me, but for the company. I was dumb and I did it out of fear. I own that and while comments have been made that make me seem ungrateful for what I am being allowed to take part in it, that’s simply not true. I am very grateful to be able to stand before you all today as a part of this hall of fame class. There’s alot of great talented woman who have been inducted before me. I’m a part of that now. I do not take it for granted. I do very much appreciate it. So with that I say to you Samantha Star that I’m sorry for putting you through that whole ordeal and what you had to deal with with the drug testing services. I do mean that. I meant it when I said it back to you in December and I mean it now. But for the record I have NEVER been a substance abuser...and I NEVER will be. It was a mistake, not a theme. I have not touched anything of that nature since last year. I’m clean. I want everybody to know that.

Nevaeh looked rather serious finishing her statement, driving home how she felt in regards to the comments made against her. Nevaeh still looked firm, but spoke with a somber tone.

Nevaeh: Being suspended gives a person alot of time to think and reflect. And believe me I’ve done alot of that these past few months. I’ve pretty much been wrestling from 2013 all the way through 2017. I had some injuries here and there,missed some time, but nothing too severe. I was always involved in something, most of you know that was….not with good intentions. The point being for four straight years I was pretty much in the ring all the time. I was fighting..and scheming, to try to be the very best. First in GCW and for the past few years here in FFW. I lived a life that was fast paced, that was..selfish. It was all about me and only me. Nevaeh Summers did what was best for Nevaeh Summers and damn to hell what happened to anybody who got in the way of Nevaeh Summers not getting what she wanted.

Nevaeh remained somber as she paused once more. She was looking down, but not focused on anything. Just seeming lost for a moment till she spoke back up

Nevaeh: Greed causes people to do some very dumb things and you all know what my list of dumb things are. The biggest being thinking aligning myself with some Texas Jackass was a smart idea. It wasn’t, I knew it wasn’t, but I allowed myself to think I’d be different then everyone else he ever tore down. I wasn’t thinking right when I brought him on. My own selfish needs to become a champion were clouding my judgement. I thought I knew what I was doing, but one person was always telling me not get in business with him….

Nevaeh’s voice momentarily broke as she brought herself to a stop. Nevaeh stood at the podium in silence, seeming to try and calm herself. The capacity crowd all had their eyes focused on her as Nevaeh spoke up once more.

Nevaeh: There was someone who told me that aligning myself with him wasn’t right, but I didn't listen to her. I...I took her for granted. That person was Cassie Mason. It’s become public knowledge how things between me and Cassie have gotten. Of what I did to her.

Nevaeh once again stopped as she gripped the podium tight with her hands. Nevaeh remained looking downward for few more moments till she lifted her head and looked at the camera. Nevaeh seemed emotional as she resumed talking.

Nevaeh: I was so terribly wrong for doing what I did to you Cassie. I know that and I regret it everyday. I planned on telling you that here tonight to your face. I planned on giving you the apology you have been wanting. Not because I’m here to show I’m not a coward or because I need to woman up. But because you deserve an apology. You do. I’m not here to say you don’t. I hurt you. So when I got here I knew I had to find you and do what was right.

Nevaeh stopped once more, now seeming confused as she kept looking at the camera.

Nevaeh: But when I found her and went about trying to give her that apology Cassie….I guess didn’t want to hear from me at that moment in time and walked away. I don’t know Cassie. I’m trying. So again I’m sorry for what I did and for not listening to you when I should have. I don’t know what else to tell you, what else to do. I’m sorry.

Nevaeh stared right at the camera as she again wanted to drive home her sentiment. She again nodded her head.

Nevaeh: I wish I had listened and not been so damn ignorant. That cost me dearly. For the past two years all I ever got allowed to think and worry about was wrestling. That’s it. No life, no fun. Couldn’t even step outside without permission. All I was allowed to do was wrestle. Just go out there an do whatever it took to win.  I went about trying to win at all costs, at the expense of many of you. I tried to severely injure some of you...I crossed lines with you. LInes that should of never been approached. It wasn’t all just him, my mindset wasn’t right either. But as time wore on I wasn’t feeling that anymore. Not to the degree it got to, but by that time it was too late. My mindset when I first got into this lead me down the road I did. I use to think winning was all that mattered. That if you didn't win what was the point in doing this? Championships, money, notoriety. That’s all wrestling was about to me. I never loved this, I just did it cause of the material things.

Nevaeh shook her head now as we could hear her let out a sigh. She stood there in her thought for a moment.

Nevaeh: When I first got suspended I didn’t really want to watch wrestling. It was too hard. I was embarrassed. If I did keep tabs it was to see how my friends did. But as time passed, and as I was shown that you have to step out in order to grow, a funny thing happened. I found myself watching wrestling and actually enjoying it. I watched it, studied it. I finally started to understand how others approached it. Who enjoyed the competition of it all. Of testing yourself against another person. As I watched it with new eyes I found myself really missing it. I can not tell you how much I have missed being in that ring and competing. Of the rush I get to see you guys competing and doing the impressive things you can. It makes me want to get back in the ring and test myself against all of you. I don’t say that in vain. I say that as a competitor. As a woman who looks at this roster and sees a tremendous roster full of talent. FFW is growing, it’s just feels so much bigger now. The company has new faces that I’d love to go against as well as some old ones I’d like to see again.

Nevaeh now stopped and shifted her head to the side of the stage. She looked back out to the crowd.

Nevaeh: One of those faces is a woman who I’m being inducted with here tonight. Me and you don’t have great history Leona, that’s all because of me. In my drive to get to the top me and you develop some real bad blood, the biggest of which happened last year at Unstoppable. I slammed a car door on your leg. I...I didn't want to, but I followed an order. Because I was scared. But you showed that warrior heart and you beat me even with the damaged leg. That’s why you have the respect of every person who laces up a pair of boots….it’s why you have my respect. We’re not gonna be galpals anytime soon, I’m not asking for that. But to you Leona I apologize for the crap I put you through. For trying to end your career. You deserve this honor tonight more than anybody. Congratulations to you and hey maybe if I ever get the chance maybe we can go one more round.

Nevaeh put her hands in the air as if to signify “who knows”.

Nevaeh: But before I can make any plans I know I have to actually get reinstated and I know I got an unknown road back to getting in an FFW ring. I realize it could be a long time till I get the chance, but I’m committed to it. My goal is to once again wrestle in FFW, to show what I am made of, to show that Nevaeh Summers is deserving of being in the Hall of Fame. To show a woman who believes in herself and wants to show that what she was able to accomplish was not just because of somebody else’s doing. I have goals I still want to accomplish here in FFW. I’m not finished here, I refuse to be. I will be back someday! That’s what I’m determined to do. I gotta wait, I’m fine with that. But you have not seen the last of Nevaeh Summers in FFW!

This drew a positive reaction from the crowd as Nevaeh seemed very relieved by it. As if it meant something to her. Nevaeh again looked out amongst the crowd.

Nevaeh: I realize I’ve spoken about some heavy stuff here tonight. I’ve tried apologizing to people. I’m trying to tie up things, but understand that I am happy to be here. I am happy to be a hall of famer. I’m happy that I get to be a part of this whole deal after wondering if I’d ever see get to be part of all this again. I’m happy to be able to go to the show on Saturday night., to see you ladies tear it up and have that big ass stadium rocking.  I’m happy to be at Unstoppable...even if I’m 1-3 at the event.

There was actually a small smile on Nevaeh’s face as a loud chuckle echoed throughout the crowd. Nevaeh shrugged her shoulders.

Nevaeh: But you know who’s keeping count right? Trust me I tried very hard to make it 4-0, but I faced some real tough competition at those shows. I was up against the best that have ever come through the wrestling business. That’s the truth I do take solace that that one win came against your ass though Alysson Gardner.

The crowd lets out a collective “OH” as we now cut to Alysson Gardner sitting in the crowd, staring nonchalantly at the stage as if she wanted nothing with that event. The French redhead shakes her head and rolls her eyes at the overall reaction and just crosses her arms. Nevaeh was staring her direction the whole time, a wry smile on her face.

Nevaeh: What that didn’t entertain you? Don’t feel like chiming in with another label for me?

The Outlaw now smirks, again shaking her head as she is suddenly the center of most attentions during Nevaeh’s induction speech no less. She looks at her wife, Valerie Lamb, right beside her, before she casts the new Hall of Famer a dirty look and shrugs softly, almost asking her if that’s what she wants to see happen. Nevaeh smirked back at her.

Nevaeh: Yeah, I don’t forget. I’m making changes, but some feelings just don’t go away ya know? But this is supposed to be a positive experience. I’ve tried to express myself as best I can here tonight. To stand up and address any questions about me. There’s alot more work to be done, but I like to think this is a checkpoint in my progress. Overall I am honored to be here, I’m happy to be a part of all this, even if just a for a few days. I’m good with that. But like I said I will be back for good one day. Hopefully soon….waiting really does suck...like really sucks. Thankfully I have a great support system. My parents are here tonight. They’re great parents. What I was was not because of them. That was my doing. They’re loving, caring people and thank you Fredrick and Martha for being here tonight and for always being there for me. There is also a certain member of the FFW management team I want to thank and that would be Adam Grant. It was Adam who first contacted me about joining FFW. Who really went about trying to get me signed here and wouldn’t relent till I did. You felt I had something to offer FFW and that I had the skills to make a name for myself here. Thank you for believing in me the way you did.

The crowd gave a loud round of applause in recognition of the Future Shock director. Nevaeh joined in as well before speaking again.

Nevaeh: I also want to thank my friends and they hate me saying this but thank you Ember, Steph, Fujiko, Valentina, Isis. Thank you for helping me get to this point. Thank you for supporting me and not giving up on me when I give you all every opportunity to do so. Because of all of you I’ve been able to get out of where I was and stand here today. So please give them a round of applause.

Nevaeh began applauding as did the capacity crowd. Nevaeh looked out to certain areas of the crowd and started grinning.

Nevaeh: Oh I’m so gonna hear about that later. It’s time I wrap this up though. I’m sure I rambled on long enough. I don’t really have anything nice to finish this with. Which sucks. Just...well I guess there is one last thing I should address. And that is to a certain somebody who is watching this. Who no doubts feels he is the reason I’m standing here right now. Who feels he is the reason I ever had any success in this business. To you I would simply say to kiss my ass, but quite frankly you don’t deserve the honor you baby back bitch. Ya’ll have a good night!

Nevaeh gave a smile as she backed up from the podium and gave a wave to the audience.
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The familiar sound of Nintendo's coin accompanies an image of chibi Andi and a message on the video board that reads "How to use your Nakamura LED Light Stick!"

"Step One: Acquire Nakamura LED Light Stick! (You've already done this!)"

Video is shown of Takata herself, outside the arena, coming through security, and once on the other side, being handed the LED Stick with a smile on her face. She makes a V-sign before...

"Step Two: Turn it on! Make sure it works!"

So Andi is seen backstage doing just that. One stick. Two stick. Red stick. Blue Stick. They even change color, slowly cycling through the options, since the programming for them isn't really set up at this point in the show.

"Aren't they pretty?"

Andi once again V-signs.

"Step Three: Be safe! Things you should not do!"

At this point the list of things just scrolls by way too fast to even read. All kinds of health and safety warnings, disclosures, and Nakamura not accepting any responsibility in the long text. Probably a few privacy policy updates as well that the EU demands you know about. Things Andi demonstrates in the instructional video though are letting you know not to beat the people next to you in the head with them, not throwing them into the ring, unless you want to get painfully tackled by the fine security forces at MetLife, making sure not to put the battery in backwards, lest you want to set things on fire, not sticking them in your eye, mouth, ear, nose, or in your pants at all.

"Don't be naughty!"

Andi shakes her finger at the camera.

"No, seriously, don't."

Andi nods, seriously. Don't.

"Step Four: Have fun! And get ready to use them, because it's time!"

Andi gives a thumbs up?

"Are you ready?!"


"I can't hear you! ARE YOU READY?!!!"


"Good! Enjoy the show and your new Nakamura LED Light Stick! Make sure you turn them on now because heeeeeeeeeeeere's Andi!"

The coin sounds once more as Andi v-signs, and the scene closes in a circle around her with the familiar Stage Fadeout sound.

As the first few notes of 'Caramelldansen' light up the sound system, different areas of the crowd and their Nakamure LED Light Sticks light up with all kinds of different colors, bit by bit, throughout the stadium

#Yeah yeah yeah yea-aaaah

As the song builds up before the beat drops, the rest of the sticks light up quickly, as people put them up in the air beneath the setting sun in MetLife.

And then when the beat drops... all the light sticks and video boards go wild with color and rainbows! Andi Takata springs up from under the stage on cue, landing on a knee and popping up into her V-Pose! She waves hello to everyone in attendance, and then immediately gets to dancing to the lyrics!

#We wonder, are you ready to join us now?
#Hands in the air, we will show you how
#Come and try
#Caramell will be your guide (be your guide)

Andi runs over to the other side of the stage, copying her motions from a moment before, and continuing to teach the world to Caramelldanse.

#So come and move your hips, sing
#Look at your two hips do it
#La la la
#You and me can sing this melody

#Oh whoa-o ah-ah-o!

Takata keeps clapping her hands above her head in time with the song, moving over towards the center of the stage at the top of the ramp for the chorus to dance for the whole Cosmos!

#Dance to the beat, wave your hands together
#Come feel the heat, forever and forever
#Listen and learn, it is time for prancing
#Now we are here with Caramelldansen!

And then it's time for fistpumping with the MetLife Staduim crowd! It is in Jersey, after all.

#Ooh-ooh-ooh-eh-oh-ah! (Woop woop woop woo!)
#Ooh-ooh-ooh-eh-oh-ah! (Woop woop woop woo!)

Our Fast Track champion continues to shake her hips side to side as she danced down the ramp and towards the ring, encouraging the 80 thousand fans to dance along with her, even posing for a selfie on the side with a fan while she does!

#From Sweden to UK, we will bring our song
#Australia, U.S.A., people of Hong Kong
#They have heard
#This means it's all around the world


The Space Princess rolls her arms around as she cha-chas closer to ringside, the Nakamura LED Light Sticks continiung to be like a rainbow road of colors for her to find her way!

#So. Come. And move your hips, sing
#Look at your two hips do it!
#La la la
#You and me, can sing this melody

Takata hops up on the ring apron, given the extra moment in the song, leading the crowd from there!

#So. Come. And. Dance to the beat, wave your hands together
#Come feel the heat, forever and forever
#Listen and learn, it is time for prancing
#Now we are here with Caramelldansen!

Andi crosses the ring to the apron on the other side, encouraging the far side fans to join her as well!

#Dance to the beat, wave your hands together
#Come feel the heat, forever and forever
#Listen and learn, it is time for prancing
#Now we are here with Caramelldansen!

More fistpumping with everyone from the middle of the ring after she climbs back in!

Maggie: Hailing from the Great Cosmos, she is the Intergalactic Idol, your Space Princess, and the current FFW Fast Track Champion....


#Ooh-ooh-ooh-eh-oh-ah! (Woop woop woop woo!)
#Ooh-ooh-ooh-eh-oh-ah! (Woop woop woop woo!)

Andi runs up a set of turnbuckles, not even worried about the precarious perch as she dances full out on top for everyone! Sparkling pyro falls from the structure above the ring!

#So come and dance to the beat, wave your hands together
#Come feel the heat, forever and forever
#Listen and learn, it is time for prancing
#Now we are here with Caramelldansen!

And then again, she crosses the ring to the opposite corner, the pyro continuing to fall as the lightstick rave goes on outside in the crowd with everyone dancing along!

#Dance to the beat, wave your hands together (Woop woop woop woo!)
#Come feel the heat, forever and forever
#Listen and learn, it is time for prancing (Woop woop woop woo!)
#Now we are here with Caramelldansen!

And then Andi Takata backflips into the ring, before getting up to take a bow, and a breath, before the start of the match.

Mai: This owman's going to give me the diabetes with this presentation alone.

Zack: The Fast Track Champion has just turned New Jersey and the MetLife Stadium into a massive rave! Look at all these light sticks waving in the air for her!

Mai: Remember, this is just her FIRST match tonight. Imagine that, wasting all that goddamn budget only to get her ass handed to her by Kumiho!

As a thumping percussion kicks off over the speakers a green strobe backlights the entrance rampway. As the intro of “Rain Of Brass Petals” grows more intense, with the sound of grinding metal interspersed throughout the lights get more intense.

Smoke shoots out from the stage as the percussion gives way to the proper drum and bass beat and out walks ‘Kumiho’ Ji-Hu Myeong as the regular arena comes back on. She surveys the crowd for a moment, soaking in jeers before she turns up her nose and starts her way down the ramp, doing her level best to stay out of reach of any of the fans reaching over the railing attempting to slap fans with her. When the Korean woman gets to ringside she grabs the bottom rope and fluidly slingshots herself into the ring between the first and second rope and rolling to her feet.

Maggie: Hailing from Seoul, South Korea, standing five feet tall and weighing in at a-hundred-and-twenty-pounds, ‘Kumiho’ JI-HUUUUUU MYEONG!

At the Ji-Hu raises both hands - five fingers extended on her right hand and all but her thumb extended on her left - and looks skyward, after a moment of soaking in the crowds disapproval of her she lowers her arms and wanders to her corner, leaning against the turnbuckles and waiting for her match to begin.

Zack: Now, Ji-Hu and Andi have an old score to settle tonight, and Kumiho is still trying to prove she can prevail without Max Sato's help. #StopJiHu2018, anyone?

Mai: God, you normies and your stupid hashtags. Of COURSE she can do it without Sato or Avantasia. She was the heart, soul and muscle of that group, she can do ANYTHING she wants.

Zack: Okay, I know you wanna root for your fellow naughty Asian, but... "The muscle"? I'm pretty sure-- You know what, nevermind. I'm not even going to go there.

And as the bells ring, both women move to the center of the ring, and Kumiho wastes no time mouthing off at Andi, who shakes her head and bounces on the balls of her feet, waving at Ji-Hu to come wrestle her. The Korean wrestler suddenly dashes forward and starts clobbering Andi with punches and handles to the head... forcing the FasT Track Champ to react by kicking her stomach, forcing her to fold over. With the advantage, Andi grabs her by the head and drags her opponent to the ropes. Before Takata can use the ropes though, Ji-Hu presses the Hall of Famer into the ropes, forcing her to release her head and dash across the ring thanks to the ropes' impulse. Andi builds up her momentum and comes back at full speed, but Ji-Hu quickly realizes that's the wrong strategy to deal with Andi and throws herself to the mat, forcing Andi to leap over her. She doesn't miss the beat, as she goes across the ring and hits the ropes across from where she came from as Myeong gets up. This time, Andi tucks her shoulder out, and Ji-Hu leapfrogs over her. A now slightly miffed Andi keeps running, hitting the ropes once more, but this time, Ji-Hu strikes her with a dropkick to the chest, sending the Space Princess to the mat immediately.

Zack: A fast paced start to this match, as expected, as Ji-Hu manages to get the first knock-down offense in this match.

Mai: Five feet of fury and feistiness, that Kumiho! Expect a lot of that ofense from our resident Judoka!

Soaking in the boos of the raucous audience, Ji-Hu gets up and then rushes to the ropes, building up her momentum as Andi rolls under her, forcing her to jump over Andi asshe hits the opposite ropes. Andi gets up and Ji-Hu turns around to get back at the Space Princess. This time, Andi leapfrogs over Ji-Hu by jumping with an AMAZING height, but instead of dashing across the ring, Myeong hits the brakes IMMEDIATELY, and as Andi lands on the mat, Ji-Hu spins out and strikes Andi with a roundhouse kick to the head!

Mai: As I was saying!

Zack: That was not a Judo move, but regardless, Ji-Hu has some solid offense right off the gates, and she's proving she can match Andi's speed and athleticism no problem!

Andi crashes to the mat and rolls over to the corner closest to her, but Ji-Hu has her eyes on the prize as she makes a beeline to the Princess and starts stomping Andi's back while she's trying to move to the turnbuckles. Once andi finally powers her way to the corner, Ji-Hu drags her away from the ropes before the referee can come enforce the rope break, priceeding to wrench her left arm. Knowing that an arm breaker will follow, Andi smartly reaches for the ropes anyway, forcing the rope break. Myeong presses Andi into the ropes and sends her running across the ring instead as she changes her plans. Andi dashes across the ring and as she comes back, she notices Ji-Hu bending into a back body drop position... and capitalizes on it, as she hits the brakes right before Kumiho and then kicks her chest, forcing her opponent to stand up straight. Andi then connects with several elbow shots to the smaller opponent's head, but then she takes a step back to strike her with a superkick... NOPE! Ji-Hu ducks it, using her own small height to its best use. Takata notices the kick has missed and repositions herself, only for Ji-Hu to leap for her head, locking in a sleeper-esque head lock.

Zack: Early headlock, and Kumiho's strategy of wearing her opponents out comes into play.

Mai: It's not like she has many options to try and neutralize Andi's speed. Right now, putting an alien to sleep would be her best option. She wins the match, and Andi gets to get a rest before her second match tonight. Everybody wins!

Ji-Hu tries to put all the torque she can on Andi's head, tugging as hard as she can. Andi reacts with a couple of elbow shots to Ji-Hu's stomach, to which Kumiho reacts with a Japanese snapmare, still holding her neck, with the advantage that Andi is now seated on the mat. Andi growls as she makes the best of her flexibility to bring herself to her knees... and then another elbow shot to Ji-Hu's stomach that strikes her in the sweet spot! Ji-Hu pulls back a bit, but quickly moves to grab Takata's head again. Andi powers back to her feet, forcing Ji-Hu to stand up with her, but that's when Myeong grabs one of Andi's arm, lets go of her head and spins her out, pulling her into a lariat... NOPE! Andi ducks and rolls away from Myeong, getting back to her feet by the corner! Ji-Hu turns around and makes a beeline towards Andi, only to eat a pendulum kick by the Fast Track Champion. This dazes Kumiho for just enough time for Takata to hop onto the mid rope, and then leaps into her opponent with a slingshot body splash!

Zack: Andi's fast paced offense is kicking in! She's feeling it!

Mai: Feeling what? The effects of her diabetes?

Andi gets up pumping her arms and working the crowd as Ji-Hu begins to rise, clutching at her stomach. She turns to Andi while still folded over a bit, and the Space Princess dashes to the ropes, building up her momentum, only to run into Ji-Hu, leaping over her and executing a half somersault, grabbing her waist and putting Myeong through a sunset flip that she keeps held for the first pin attempt of the match!


TWO-- NOOO!!! Kumiho powers out!

Andi doesn't miss the beat as Ji-Hu powers out, quickly spinning around and grabbing her ankle, getting up with her opponent's leg in clutch and connecting an ankle lock! Ji-Hu starts struggling to make her way to the ropes ahead of her, but Andi maintains the pressure by planting her feet down. Without much of a way out, Ji-Hu uses her free leg to trip Andi, smashing her heel into the back of Takata's knees. Andi falls on her ass, and Myeong quickly pops back to her feet and uses her better foot to stand as the other one superkicks the back of Andi's head. Andi crumbles forward, and Ji-Hu sits down to get the blood flowing back into her ankle before getting back ot her feet, grabbing Andi by the head and pulling her to her feet with some effort. Ji-Hu then starts softening Andi's arm up with elbow drops and knees to her forearm, making the Space Princess yelp in pain while the Korean wrestle mouths off at her and keeps punishing her upper limb. Then, she extends Andi's arm for her arm breaker sequence, but Andi spins out and clobbers Ji-Hu with a spinning forearm to the face! Andi shakes her arm back to a proper functioning state before making a beeline to a rising Kumiho, who is still bent over. Takata wraps her arms around her waist, pulling her close and then putting her in a full nelson and then shaking her around for a while... that becomes a longer while when a subsection of the fans start singing:

Crowd: Dance to the beat! Wave your hands together! Come feel the heat! Forever and forever! Listen and learn! It is time for prancing! Now we are here with CARAMELL-PLEXIN'!

And in the climactic verse of the otherise Swedish song, Andi bends backwards in her trademark Dragon Suplex... NOPE! The crowd's singing allows Kumiho to telegraph that, and she manags to backflip and land on her feet, shaking free from Andi's grip! Andi sits back up and Ji-Hu immediately dives for her, grabbing her waist and twisting around in a perfect Judo maneuver that pins Takata's back to the mat!



THR-- NOOOOO!!! Andi powers out!

Andi quickly rolls out of the pinning predicament, and as Ji-Hu gets up, she immediately eats a superkick by Andi! She doesn't collapse, but she does spin out, allowing Andi to lock her in the full nelson once more, and then without the dancing, she snaps backwards and slams Kumiho into the mat with her Dragon Suplex!

Zack: If at first it doesn't succeed, try again! Andi connects the Caramellplex, albeit with some delay.

Mai: I officially hate this crowd.

The Fast Track Champion shakes her head as Ji-Hu makes an effort to get back up to her feet, eventually collapsing to the corner. Andi makes a beeline to her and hops onto the bottom rope, inviting the crowd to count with her as she starts: 1 punch, that becomes, 2, 3, then 8, 9... and on the tenth, she "winds up" and throws a punch that... finds nobody home as Kumiho dives between Andi's legs and comes back up behind her! Takata looks behind her to try and measure the power to attack with a booty attack, and then she springs backwards... RIGHT INTO JI-HU'S BACKSTABBER!

Mai: BACKSTABBER!!! I think we'll have a new Fast Track Champion later tonight, Zack, and they can thank Kumiho for that!

Zack: Ji-Hu's knees are solid diamonds and she can do one hell of a damage with them! Andi's feeling it right now, and this doesn't bode well for her... In this match AND her next one!

While Andi brings herself to her feet, a way beyond annoyed Kumiho makes her way to the corner. With Andi in position, Kumiho begins climbing the ropes, slowly but surely. Noticing that, Andi rushes to the ropes and nudges the top rope, making Ji-Hu lose her footing. The Korean manages to hold on to the top rope and land on the apron before a harder, more disastrous crash. She then capitalizes on her position to leap, still holding onto the 3rd rope for leverage, connecting with a gamengiri kick that strikes Andi's head. Andi staggers to the center of the ring, and Ji-Hu crumbles to one knee due to some exhaustion. She eventually powers back to her feet, before she hops onbto the second rope, then the third, springing herself into Andi... IMMEDIATELY EATING A DROPKICK BY ANDI WHO BACKSTEPS AND LEAPS JUST IN TIME!!!


With both women down, the match cools down for a moment, and the crowd claps in a rhythm as Andi begins to crawl over to Ji-Hu... Eventually making a cover!



NOOOOO!!! Ji-Hu's shoulder pops out of the mat!

Andi pounds the mat in frustration before getting up, looking around and thinking of her next move. Eventually, when she eyeballs the top rope, the crowd cheers her into doing exactly what she's thinking. Staring over the crowd, she makes the "spinny thing" with her hands, as if asking them if it's time, and they say it is! Andi then moves to the corner and climbs the ropes, hoisting herself up there and looking for the best footing. Once there, she leaps, executing her picture perfect spinning body splash... LANDING RIGHT ON JI-HU'S RISEN KNEES!!! With a scream, Andi BOUNCES off of Kumiho, clutching at her stomach as the Korean wrestler rolls away from her with a smirk, looking for the ropes for leverage.

Zack: Holy-- Andi went for the Low-Orbiting Varial Explosion and explode it did... Right on Ji-Hu's knees!

Mai: What did you say they were again, Zack? Solid diamonds? I'd say they're more like weapons of mass destruction! Bianca Reed and Scarlett Silver can start making plans for their championship reigns!

Kumiho then gets up to her feet and makes her way to a still struggling Andi, cupping her chin and making fun of the Space Princess, before she forces her to stand up and whips her across the ring... Except Andi plants her feet down and won't move. The Idol grimaces at Ji-Hu, who tries again, and... nothing! With a groan, Ji-Hu attempts a third time, and this time Andi moves, but she plants her feet down as soon as she runs past the Korean wrestler and sends Myeong instead. Ji-Hu hits the ropes and comes back with the boost, and Andi immediately dashes to the ropes to her side, bouncing on the second rope and springing her into Ji-Hu, connecting with a hurricanrana, sending Ji-Hu across the ring. Andi then collapses once more, clutching at her stomach thanks to the failed L.O.V.E. that's still bothering her. This down time gives Myeong the chance to breathe and get up faster than Andi. The Korean wrestler gets up and rushes up to Andi, connecting with a Codebreaker just as the Princess is getting up! After that, Kumiho crawls on top of her to make a cover!



THREE-- NOOOOO!!!!! Andi kicks out!!!

Ji-Hu is nothing short of shocked as Andi crawls towards the corner to her side, using the ropes for leverage. Myeong then angrily stomps the small of Andi's back, making the Space Princess yelp in pain, and then with a mini-dragon screw, Ji-Hu flips Andi over. She then takes hold of her two legs, kicking the inside of her knees to bend them and set her up for the Kumiho Clutch 2.0... but Andi immediately pistons her legs out and shoves Myeong away from her! Ji-Hu takes a few steps back, but decides to dash in to try again... And that's when Andi kip-ups back to her feet and...!


Mai: Oh goddamnit, are you serious Andi's gonna pull this one out of her ass?!

After that, the Fast Track Champion immediately covers!





Andi then gets up to her knees still clutching her stomach, while the referee points to her as the victor, and "Caramelldansen" hits the PA again.

Maggie: The winner of this match... ANDI! TAKATA!!!

Zack: Now I will agree with you on one thing, Mai: Andi doesn't look good for her second match! She has to fend off against both Bianca Reed AND Scarlett Silver later tonight, and her Fast Track Championship will be on the line! She will have no more than two hours of rest between now and that other match!

Mai: I'd offer to give her a massage with warm oil or something, but I have this policy of not touching aliens in that way. But yeah, I think Queen B and the Star Distraction are in a great position right now, because the champion could as well be a non-factor now!

Ashleigh’s Revenge

The cameras find Ryan Mackenzie for the second time of the evening as he leaves catering with a bottled water. When he twists off the cap, he takes a swig. The fans show him no love seeing him on the video wall, at least until they see Ashleigh Jericho round the corner coming up from behind him.

She quickly starts to catch up with him, and taps him on the shoulder. When he turns around, he rolls his eyes at the sight of her.

Ryan: Something I can do for you?

Ashleigh: For me? Nah. There’s something you could do for yourself though. Something that would benefit you in the long run. Something that might even stop you from getting hurt. You should stop bullying Jake. You never know who might be watching.

As soon as he was about to respond, Ashleigh upturns the bottled water in his hand. It douses his shirt well before she turns it over completely to catch the front of his pants too. It looked like he had wet himself.


Ashleigh: Watch where you’re going, boo… accidents happen.

As Ryan heads off to go change amid laughing from some of the production assistants, the camera follows Ashleigh as she catches back up with Jake. He has a clean shirt and two cups in his hands, one of which he offers to her.

Jake: Here you go!

She takes the cup with smile.

Ashleigh: Ever the gentleman Jake.

Jake: What were you up to while I was gone?

She shrugs innocently.

Ashleigh: You know me. Keeping my nose clean. Staying out of trouble.

She winks before adjusting his shirt for him, then the pair head off in the other direction before we head elsewhere.

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The massive crowd makes quite a bit of noise as Maggie Rourke steps through the ropes into the ring with a smile etched across her face.

Maggie: The following contest of Unstoppable 9 is scheduled for one fall!

Zack: You can feel the electricity in the air tonight, fans! Nothing like this energy!

Mai: Of course not, it’s Unstoppable. There’s never been a ho-hum or missable Unstoppable in FFW history, Zack.

The stage darkens to almost complete black, before a soft pink light bathes it. As the light gets a little brighter the stage becomes visible and on it, what looks like a giant child’s bedroom setting. A bed with a pink and white cover and pillows is positioned to one side of the stage, and an oversized rocking horse to the other. At the very centre of the stage sits a massive jack-in-the-box, and either side almost like they are keeping guard are two man sized teddy bears. Each propped against one side of the box. As the opening bars of “Just a Little Girl” by Amy Studt starts to play, a quite large pop erupts from the live crowd.

Sometimes I feel you’re not listening
Sometimes I feel you don’t understand
But I think I’ve got the answer
Already know what you’re gonna say

The teddy bears suddenly move from their positions which causes the crowd to jump a little. They get to their feet and pad around the setting a bit, like they are looking for something before the turn to face the jack-in-the-box.

Cause I’m just a little girl you see
But there’s a hell of a lot more to me
Don’t ever underestimate what I can do
Don’t ever tell me how I’m meant to be

The two teddy bears reach the box, one of them starts to wind the handle on the side of the box as the other watches on with his head tilted. As the tempo of the song increases, the bear winds faster and faster, until the lid flips open and Caitlyn Storm pops up in place of a jack. Dressed in a brightly coloured ring gear, she has her blonde hair in low pigtails hanging over her shoulders, and her trademark wide smile in place on her lips.

You say I’m just a little girl, just a little girl
How can I compare? What do I know?
What have I got to share?
But there’s nothing in this world, nothing in this world
That could hold me down, can’t you hear me?
Don’t you understand?

Caitlyn extends her arms out to the side of her and the teddy bears take one arm each to lift her up and out of the box, setting her gently onto her feet in front of it. She gives each of them a kiss on their cheek in turn, and then takes off down the ramp at a run.

That I want to be myself, want to be the girl,
Want to be the one that you can rely on
How I wish that you could see all there is of me
How I long to hear that you take me
For who I am

Maggie: Introducing at this time…. Hailing from New York City, New York…. She is Caitlyn Storm!

On reaching the ring, Caitlyn jumps straight up onto the apron. She turns her back to the ropes to face back towards the stage and the crowd surrounding the ramp. She raises her hands to give the fans surrounding the ramp a bright cheery wave. She turns to her left and does it again to those fans; then the same again on the right. Finally she turns back to face the ropes, and repeats the action again to wave to the fans on the opposite side of the ring.

Cause I’m just a little girl you see
But there’s a hell of a lot more to me
Don’t ever underestimate what I can do
Don’t ever tell me how I’m meant to be

She grabs hold of the top rope with both hands and leapfrogs over it to land in a crouch in the ring. She jumps up into the air and lands on her feet. She raises her hands above her head getting another pop from the crowd before she heads to her corner, as her music fades out.

Zack: Caitlyn Storm is about to compete for the first time at Unstoppable! She’s been to this event before, but never like this! And you gotta believe she’s got butterflies in her stomach.

Mai: Butterflies? More like condors. I fully expect her to lean through the ropes, and start puking up the catering before the match is over.

The lights went down inside the MetLife Stadium.

“In the beginning there was Adam and Eve and the pair lived in paradise… till the Serpent tempted Eve into eating from the Tree of Knowledge and opened their eyes. Since then humanity has been beset on all sides by temptation and by evil.”

The video screen came to life playing a short cartoon to illustrate this; Adam and Eve eating from the apple as the snake coiled up nearby. It was followed by the pair getting tossed from the Garden of Eden into a barren wasteland. There were crossfades from that to people celebrating their religion in secret; to knights fighting infidels and medieval peasants building churches.

“For generations this was held in check. For generations the rising tide was held at bay. But as time passed, the path became harder and harder to follow. It became more and more dangerous; more and more treacherous.”

This time the screen came to life to show a montage of grainy footage from TV news shows and movies; a mix of war footage, of celebrities snorting cocaine or injecting themselves; of scantily clad men and women and heaps of cash. Interspersed by shots of murder victims as cops try to force the cameras away; of drunken brawls and riots; of homeless people found lifeless on a bench; a middle class couple robbed at gunpoint; a young girl struggling as she was dragged into an alleyway as people walked on passed turning away from the events happening in front of them.

“Never have we found ourselves more and more in the wasteland, forsaking our brothers and our sisters. Never have we valued human life so low. Never have we been picked off so easily by the creeping rising forced of insidious evil; by the devils and demons that move amongst us; the satanic vultures that swarm around.”

As the voice speaks the camera pans around the crowd, shrouded in darkness as neon painted “creatures” stalk amongst the crowd, similarly painted drones swooping over the crowd.

“Never have we been more in need of a spark...of a shining guiding light. A shepherdess to take us through the dark to the promised land”

As if on cue a single spark floats up the video wall towards the rafters where it suddenly turns into a blindingly bright white light, that scans across the whole crowd; causing the monsters to howl and shrivel up as it falls upon them. The source of the light focuses into one bright star that begins to lower towards the stage; one bright star that is none other than Casey Atherton, her white robes literally glowing and shining white. The red head blesses the crowd as she descends to the stage.

When she finally gets there, the Choir are there with a brilliant golden chariot to greet her. As Casey steps aboard the Choir line up in front of her, two of the Congregation’s larger member take up the chariots yoke and they set off towards the entrance ramp.

She's got the whole world in her hands
She's got the whole wide world in her hands
She's got the whole wide world in her hands
She's got the whole world in her hands

As the choir slowly make the way towards the ring they, continue to sing, proffering collection bowls to the audience as they crowd the barrier against the entrance ramp, requesting generous donations from the people in New Jersey. They continue to sing and request tithes from those in attendance. The Chariot stopped at the bottom of the entrance ramp and Casey held out her arms to the side as the robe continued to shine and shimmer with white light as the two men who had dragged the chariot out to the ring, lifted her reverentially onto the apron. Two more members of her church held the ropes open for Casey as the red haired wrestler stepped into the ring, moving from to each side of the ring, Casey thanks those in attendance for their generosity and blesses them even as they boo her.

Maggie: Ladies and Gentlemen… she is sent to us by a Higher Power, to be an inspiration and a role model to all of us. She has been sent to save us from ourselves; to protect us from evil and to usher us to safe haven. She is a Guardian Angel to each of us. Please welcome a Modern Day Prophet.... “THE SAVIOUR” CASEY ATHERTON!!!

As she returned to her corner, her choir members helped her out of her robe, revealing her pure, brilliant white wrestling attire underneath as Casey dropped to her knees and turned her eyes to the heavens in prayer.

Zack: This is far from Casey Atherton’s first Unstoppable though! She’s been on this stage before, and she knows what the pressure is like! But this may be the weirdest lead up I’ve seen to a match though.

Mai: What’s weird about trying to help Caitlyn, taking her under Casey’s wing to become just like her?! Caitlyn shouldn’t be having this match, she should be bowing to Casey and thanking her for taking interest in her as she has. I know I’m moved by it all.

Maggie leaves the ring as Melinda Davis checks both women, and casts a wary eye to the choir at ringside. She calls for the bell before Casey heads to the center, and holds out her hand for Caitlyn. The blonde looks a little perplexed as she slowly heads towards Casey, and then very cautiously takes her hand. Casey extends her other hand towards the referee, causing Davis to give a very confused look before she takes it. And then, Casey bows her head as does the Choir in unison as well as the referee and Caitlyn.

Mai: Zack, we are having a prayer meeting! Put your head down! What a terrific way to start Unstoppable!

Zack: This is ridiculous, and I don’t buy for one second that Casey is really gonna---

As their heads were all bowed, Casey let the referee’s hand go before turning into Caitlyn with a discus elbow to the jaw. The fans began booing immediately as she hammered more elbows to her head before she whipped her across into the far corner. Storm landed against it as Casey followed her in at a high rate of speed with another elbow to the mouth. It rocked Caitlyn where she stood before Casey snapped her arms around her waist, and brought her down to the mat with a belly to belly suplex. Atherton rolled to her knees, and pressed her hands together with a smile on her face as though she were about to pray again.

Zack: I told you it was all a setup! Casey was trying to suckere everyone in, and unfortunately it worked. Now she’s got an opening, and you don’t see any of that crap about helping Caitlyn now!

Mai: What are you talking about? Caitlyn said some pretty horrible things about her mother while Casey was trying to pray with her! You’d be upset too! And she is trying to help her….to a loss.

Atherton raked Caitlyn’s face across her boot laces before she pulled her up to her feet in a front facelock. Storm tried to shove her off, but caught the redhead responded with a kick to her chest that knocked the wind out of her. Storm was fired across to the far side, and caught a back leg heel kick to the jaw on the rebound. The would-be faith healer then threw her through the ropes to the outside. And while the referee was admonishing Casey, the Choir surrounded Caitlyn and began to put the boots to her. The fans got even louder with their boos before Davis turned back to start her count, and found the choir standing idly by watching.

Mai: Caitlyn needs to curb all that trash talking she does when she’s outnumbered like this. Did you hear what she said to the choir outside the ring there? She must have Tourette’s, Zack.

Zack: What a load of horseshit! Casey’s choir are nothing but lowlifes and degenerates, if you ask me. And they prove me right almost every time they get into the ring.

Caitlyn was slow to get up, and used the ropes to help her get back onto the apron. Casey pulled her head through the ropes, leaving her feet to dangle on the middle before she snapped off a hangman’s DDT. She quickly dragged Caitlyn away from the ropes, and then dropped across her with a hook of the leg for the cover.

Mai: I hope the next match is ready to go, because this one isn’t going to last very long! Casey Atherton is our wrestling Jesus, Zack!




Storm kicked out after the two came down. Casey rose back to her feet, and headed for the corner to deliver a knee drop off the middle rope.

Zack: I think she’s a con artist, and an insult to actual religious people who are trying to do good in the world.

The redhead rose to her feet, and pulled Caitlyn up with her. She planted her head between her legs for what looked like a piledriver, but extended her arms as though she were basking in the love of the crowd (of which there was none). As she did this though, Caitlyn rose up with Casey hanging over her back for a second before she brought her down with an Alabama slam! The redhead’s body bounced off the mat as Caitlyn stumbled backwards, holding the back of her head. The crowd began to get louder in support of Storm.

Zack: That’s what you get for wasting time! No one in this stadium, save for these ex-cons seh calls a Choir, was interested in showing Casey support!

Mai: What a dirty trick, Zack! Casey was trying to bring everyone in this cesspool of a city closer to the Lord, and Caitlyn had to be a Jezebel like that!

After getting her bearings as Casey was starting to get up, Caitlyn charged towards her with a running shoulder block that sent the redhead back into the corner harder. The blonde stepped to the side, and began to unleash a torrent of kicks to her body with quickening speed. Atherton practically doubled over after she finished, and Caitlyn hopped up onto the middle rope to bounce off into a guillotine leg drop across the back of her head. The fans began to get even louder for Caitlyn now as she took off for the far side ropes. Casey started to get to her hands and knees, only for Storm to leap over her back and used the ropes for a springboard into a moonsault double knee drop to her back.

Zack: Wow! Look at Caitlyn here! She’s breaking out some new offense, and Casey’s catching it every which way she turns! You can tell Storm didn’t come to Unstoppable unprepared!

Mai: There’s still time to repent, Caitlyn. There’s still time to join Casey, and let her be your mentor and bring you closer to the blessings of the good Lord! REPENT, CAITLYN!!

Caitlyn popped back to her feet, and took off for the ropes again. She picked up quite a bit of speed on the rebound, and drove Casey back to the mat with a scissor kick to the back of her head. She dropped on top of her after rolling her up for the cover.

Zack: There’s a move we know well, and Casey does too now! STORM FORCE may give Caitlyn her first Unstoppable victory!




Casey got her shoulder up in time, but that didn’t seem to deter Caitlyn. She got back to her feet, and headed for the corner this time. Making her way to the top rope, she stopped halfway up as one of the choir hopped onto the apron.

Mai: I think one of Casey’s choir is trying to show her the light before it’s too late! God gives second chances, Caitlyn! He’s a loving and forgiving God!

Zack: He’s trying to distract her is what he’s actually doing! And what does a binge-drinking nymphomaniac know about the Lord?!

Caitlyn shoved the choir member off the apron, and was about to continue her ascent when Casey’s head popped up between her legs. Atherton brought her down off the middle rope with an electric chair drop. The redhead sat up, trying to pull herself together as she glanced behind her to see Caitlyn on the mat holding the back of her head. Casey headed for the corner herself this time, and made her way up top. Once more, she looked out over the crowd with a beaming smile before she left her feet with a top rope elbow drop in mind. But Caitlyn rolled out of the way, and Casey got nothing but mat.

Zack: Casey wasted time again, and she ended up getting all the mat she wanted off that elbow drop! The tide in this match has swung a half dozen times, it feels like!

Mai: That’s only because Caitlyn keeps trying to fight the inevitable! She keeps trying to refuse the love and support of Casey, and our Savior will not be denied so easily.

The blonde struggled to get back to her feet, watching Casey starting to do the same holding her elbow. Storm moved in behind her, and pulled her into position before striking with a cobra clutch bulldog to the mat. She quickly rolled her onto her back, and made the cover with a hook of the leg before Davis dropped to count.

Zack: What a fantastic move, and not one I see Caitlyn break out often! I think Casey’s about done right here!




Casey kicked out after the two, and Caitlyn started to get back to her feet again. The redhead started to roll towards the ropes to avoid further damage as one of Casey’s choir climbed up on the apron again. Storm glanced over her shoulder, and used a superkick to send that choir member down to the floor to a pop from the crowd.

Mai: Caitlyn, what are you doing?! Why are you attacking these beautiful souls who want to help you become closer with the Lord?!

Zack: I think Caitlyn’s had enough of this crap with Casey, and especially these losers on the outside! Who else wants to get up on the apron?!

The blonde pulled Casey back to her feet, and fired her across into the far corner. Atherton struck chest first before the former fitness instructor barreled in behind her to deliver a backstabber that flipped her over to the canvas. She bounced up onto the middle rope for an Asai moonsault that landed perfectly. She hooked the outside leg for the cover before Davis dropped into position to make the count.

Mai: How can anyone want to hurt this selfless woman of God?!?

Zack: It’s not hard to do, trust me! Caitlyn’s looking for the win on the biggest stage of them all!




Casey’s arm popped up just in time, and Caitlyn checked to make sure it was only a two count. She pushed up to her feet, and started to stretch her leg on the top rope. She looked back to Casey, encouraging her to get up.

Zack: I know this setup! Caitlyn may be seconds away from a career-defining moment on the biggest stage of them all!

Mai: Don’t get up, Casey! She can’t hit that move if you don’t get up!

Casey struggled to her feet as Caitlyn used a springboard off the ropes...or at least she tried before one of the Choir pulled the rope out from under her. She landed awkwardly on her feet, and tried to get her balance before Casey spun her around, scooped her up, and dropped her with the falcon’s arrow.

Mai: Zack, the Lord has intervened!! He has delivered Casey right here in MetLife Stadium...and that was THE PASSION!!

Casey quickly dropped into the cover, hooking both legs tightly as the referee fell into position to make the count.




Boos began to come from all sections of the crowd as Casey rolled off the cover. It was clear she was pretty well out of it before members of the Choir helped her to her feet. The referee raised her hand in victory.

Zack: If you’re talking about that little troll who pulled the rope out from under her, he doesn’t look like the Lord to me! Be that as it may, Casey Atherton returns to Unstoppable with a win tonight!

Mai: Oh, Zack! I’m going to have to make a donation to the ministry after the show is over tonight. I heard a few of the Choir were into Jose Cuervo…

Casey was lifted onto the Choir’s shoulders after they left the ring, singing as they carried their spiritual leader up the ramp. On that image, the show heads elsewhere.

Maggie: The following contest is scheduled for one fall to a finish!

The lights in the arena die down a tad, as a figure in a hoodie can be seen stepping up onto the entranceway. Over the speakers a drum begins to beat, as a man speaks.

"They say that nobody changes
But I'm living proof that they do
Because I've found the answer, and you can find the answer too!"

The figure starts to set off down the ramp, head nodding along with the music as it swells, seemingly singing along with the man as he continues on.

"They made me think I was crazy
And that the pain was here to stay
But now that I've found the answer
I'm never ever gonna lose my way..."

The figure stops suddenly halfway down the ramp, the lights shooting on and their hood being thrown back, revealing Jolyne Dysart as she pumps a fist into the air along with the proud cry.


As the music kicks into high gear Jolyne takes off at a run down the ramp, the fans cheering propelling her on as Maggie sets off her introduction.

Maggie: Introducing from San Diego, California, weighing in at 150 Lbs, this is JOLYNE DYSAAAAAAAART!

She easily jumps on the ring apron. In another fluid motion, she jumps over the ropes. From the ropes, she goes onto the middle turnbuckle, ascending it. She then stretches her arms to allow the singer to reiterate her thoughts. “EVER AGAIN!” Jolyne shouts with the singer as she leaps off the turnbuckle and goes over to her corner, a wide smile apparent on her face.

Zack: Jolyne and her opponent tonight see a lot of things similarly when it comes to wrestling, so Jolyne can be sure of a clean match tonight. Which will be a nice change of pace for both women I’m sure.

Mai: You say clean, I say boring. Is there any paint drying that I can watch instead?!

The lights go out around the MetLife Arena but only for a moment before a bright red, orange sun starts to rising, poking it’s way from the bottom of the video wall as “Circle Of Life” from the Lion King plays. The orange light of a new day spreads all around the stadium on the video boards that encircle the screen before it turns to a bright blue sky over a beautiful African savannah. Meanwhile the video wall plays shots from The Lion King movie; animated animals harmoniously sharing the wide open plains. The footage continues until the first chorus of Circle of Life only for the song to fade out as the camera begins to pan quickly upwards and into the inky void of space.

Quickly it finds its way on board a spaceship where strings build a sense of mounting tension and impending doom as a group of rebel soldiers hustle down a corridor away from an enemy - unseen but instantly recognisable thanks to both the signature heavy breathing and the single short shaft of a red lightsaber. As they come to partially open door, they try to force it open, meeting little success as the breathing and the red glow get closer; the urgency of the string musical increasing. A body of Rebel soldier hits the partially open door and slumps lifelessly down next to his comrade who implores his brother in arms on the other side of the door to take the disc proffered; which he does as he turns to run; the red bolt of light spearing through the body of his friend and through the door causing it open wide.

There’s a quick cut away to another corridor, lined with the fallen bodies of Rebel soldiers; the camera shooting from the floor as we see a woman dressed in white, face obscured by a hood frogmarched past the the camera by two Stormtroopers. The camera spins around to follow them at waist height only them to stop when they come to an opening. The strings begin to rise again; embellished by the stomp of marching boots as an honor guard of Stormtroopers approaches from the opposite direction, the sound of steady, even breathing scything through the music periodically as it gets closer and closer, finally revealing Darth Vader. The black outfitted character walks straight up to the camera, blacking it out entirely as a spotlight falls upon the stage area where it finds James Earl Jones stepping out from the back, wearing a simple black suit and a button up shirt open at the neck. He raised a microphone to his mouth as the iconic voice boomed through the sound system.

James Earl Jones: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my honor to be here at FFW Unstoppable 9, live from MetLife Arena, New Jersey!!

The living legend got a cheap pop from the crowd.

James Earl Jones: It is my privilege and my pleasure at this time, to introduce to you, coming all the way from Sheffield, England by way of New York City, New York. She weighs in at 144bs, stands 5’7” tall. Please give a warm New Jersey welcome to…. LILLY!!! ARTHUR!!!

As the fanfare from the opening of Star Wars theme began to play Lilly Arthur stepped out onto the stage, wearing a white robe, with her hair done up in buns on the side of her head imitating Princess Leia. She gave a grin to the crowd and a hug to James Earl Jones, thanking him for the introduction before she made her way to the top of the entrance ramp. As the song reached its first climax, it faded into the opening beats of Status Quo’s “All Stand Up (Never Say Never)”; Lilly shrugging the robes from her body to reveal her ring attire before she set off down the entrance ramp, high fiving fans on both sides of the aisle. As she reached the bottom of the ramp, she rolled into the ring and kipped up to her feet, throwing her hands into the air and getting a cheer from the crowd before she dropped back down to her feet and waited for the match to start.

Zack: What an entrance Lilly has made into this match tonight! After the fanfare of having James Earl Jones personally introduce her, winning this match and a shot at the Fast Track Championship would no doubt be the cherry on top for her.

Mai: I’m betting that entrance is going to be the best thing about this match so we may as well just call it a draw right here and head to the bar!

Referee Kevin Fisk completes his checks on both women as Maggie makes her way out of the ring. As Fisk calls for the bell to get the match started the MetLife Stadium crowd are still on their feet, the excitement of the night evident in the atmosphere. Lilly and Jolyne quickly make their way to the centre of the ring and share a handshake as a sign of good sportsmanship before they lock up. The two women struggle back and forth for a few moments before Jolyne starts to get the upper hand. She breaks the tie to hit Lilly with a forearm, but Arthur catches her opponent's hand and goes straight into an arm wringer, that she next transitions into a hammerlock. Keeping that locked in tight, Lilly starts to deliver a series of knee strikes into Jolyne’s lower back and side. She manages to catch a kidney shot that momentarily freezes Dysart in place with the pain.

Zack: Lilly has come hot out of the gate and is wasting no time in trying to wear Jolyne down. She has full control at the moment but it’s still early days.

Mai: Unfortunately, because that means we still have more of this tedium to go.

Keeping the hammerlock held, Lilly delivers another trio of knee shots into Jolyne’s kidney area, before she uses a legsweep to send her crashing face first to the canvas. A knee drop into Jolyne’s lower back follows from Arthur, before she gets back to her feet and takes off to the ropes. As Jolyne rolls onto her back to stop it from being impacted again, Lilly comes off the ropes with a leg drop that she lands straight across Jolyne’s chest. The Sheffield native goes straight for an early cover as Fisk gets into position for the count.

Mai: Maybe we won’t have to watch this for too long after all! There is a God!


Fisk barely has time to count the one before Jolyne shoves Lilly off the cover and scrambles back up to her feet. Lilly follows just a fraction of a second later.

Zack: An early cover from Lilly, but much too early as Jolyne has just proven. She has plenty left in the tank yet.

Lilly closes the gap between the two and immediately makes a move to go for Jolyne’s arm again. Dysart pulls it back out of Lilly’s reach though and uses her other arm to fire an elbow into the side of the Sheffield native’s head. Lilly’s head reels a little from the impact, and Jolyne capitalises with another two elbow shots to the same spot which knocks her slightly off balance. Before Arthur can fully regain her composure, Jolyne clocks her with a spinning back fist and then fires her across into the ropes. Lilly rebounds off and Jolyne catches her and traps her head under one arm, then proceeds to fire shots into the Yorkshire girl’s ribs with the other arm. Lilly struggles against the hold, but Jolyne keeps her head trapped and moves around to start firing knees into her ribs instead. She delivers ten in a row and then releases Lilly’s head. She fires a final knee into Arthur’s face to stand her upright and then spins her around to use a German Suplex to dump her onto the canvas.

Zack: Jolyne is showing exactly why she won the YGC and why both her and Lilly are in the running for a Fast Track Championship shot if they can pull off a win here tonight at Unstoppable.

Mai: Neither of them deserves a shot, they’re both as dull as each other.

Jolyne pulls Lilly back up to her feet and immediately grabs her by the head to pull her forwards again, so that she can deliver another series of knee shots into her ribs. Again she punctuates the series with a knee to her face to stand her upright. With her upright this time, she fires her across into the ropes. Arthur rebounds and as she approaches Jolyne she drops to the canvas to avoid a waiting clothesline. She pops back up to her feet behind the YGC winner and hits her with a chop to the chest as soon as she turns to face her. Two more follow before Jolyne dodges a fourth, but as she moves to dodge, Lilly kicks her feet out from under her and sends her stumbling into the corner. Dysart manages to stop herself from actually hitting the turnbuckle and spins on a dime. She ducks down just as Lilly aims another chop at her chest and the Sheffield native ends up hitting the middle turnbuckle instead.

Mai: Ha! I bet that hurt. Serves her right for making us watch her.

Zack: A quick evasion from Jolyne and Lilly has found out what it feels like to chop a turnbuckle. An experience I’m sure she won’t be in a rush to try again.

Lilly pulls her hand back quickly and cradles it to her body. Jolyne takes the opening and uses the ropes beside her to step up and deliver an Enziguri that sends Lilly reeling. Somehow the Sheffield native manages to stay on her feet. A standing dropkick from Jolyne hits Lilly square in the chest and sends her crashing backfirst to the canvas. Then the Californian uses the ropes for a springboard to land a leg drop across the chest of her downed opponent. The crowd come to their feet split evenly between cheers for Jolyne and support for Lilly as Jolyne goes for a cover.

Zack: Jolyne could be about to earn herself a shot at the Fast Track Championship!



Lilly kicks out before Fisk can complete the two and as Jolyne rolls back to her knees, Lilly rolls away, still holding her hand a bit.

Mai: Nope. We still have to endure these two. Will somebody just win already so we can get onto something more interesting. Like a tax audit.

Jolyne gets the rest of the way up to her feet before Lilly has made it to her knees. She watches the Sheffield native for a second and as she makes it to her knees, the Californian charges and hits her with a soccer kick to the back. She hits her with another trio of them before she pulls her up to her feet and fires her into the nearest corner. Lilly hits back first and Jolyne follows her in with a shoulder thrust that almost lifts her off her feet. Before she has chance to recover from that, Jolyne pulls her back out of the corner and fires her into the opposite corner. Another shoulder thrust follows from the YGC winner before she again pulls the Sheffield native out, and straight into a forearm smash to the jaw.

Mai: Watching Lilly be used like a pinball is at least halfway entertaining. If she could keep doing that for a bit, it would be something.

Zack: Lilly mustn’t know whether she’s coming or going at the moment with the way she’s being tossed about like a rag doll.

The Californian fires Lilly across into the ropes, and as she rebounds Jolyne comes off the opposite ropes. She aims a running dropkick at the Sheffield native, but misses her target as Lilly side steps at the very last second. Jolyne crashes to the canvas awkwardly and Lilly takes a second to gather herself, before heading to the top rope. The MetLife crowd comes to its feet with cheers for her as she measures her downed opponent. Seeing that Jolyne is still down, Lilly launches herself off with a moonsault…. And lands on Dysart’s knees as she pulls them up at the last second.

Zack: Lilly went high but it didn’t pay off for her. Jolyne has bought herself a little breathing room as Lilly is winded at the very least after that.

Mai: If she’s stupid up enough to go up top then she deserves whatever she gets. She should have just stomped on her.

With both women laying on the canvas, the crowd get louder in support for them both to spur them on. Jolyne makes it back to her feet first and pulls Lilly up to hers. She fires her into the ropes again, this time as she rebounds she catches her with a spinning back fist that sends her reeling. The Sheffield native stays on her feet and Jolyne spins her around to face away from her. Immediately she gets her into a straight-jacket position before executing her double knee backbreaker. Lilly lets out a yell of pain, and kicks her feet on the canvas as Jolyne staggers back to her feet. The YGC winner takes off for ropes and scales to the top. She measures Lilly’s position before landing a diving double knee drop into Lilly’s body to flatten her. She hooks one of the Sheffield native’s legs for a cover as Fisk gets back into position.

Zack: NIGHTBREAKER and then a diving double knee drop for good measure. Jolyne is three seconds away from an Unstoppable victory!




Arthur gets her shoulder up stopping the count before Fisk completes the three. Jolyne looks at him wide eyed. She asks for the three, but he holds up two fingers to confirm that it was only a two count.

Mai: Oh c’mon. Will one of you end this. I’ve had dental visits that were less painful than this.

Neither woman is quick back to their feet, with Lilly using the ropes to steady herself as she gets up. Jolyne looks around as if wondering what it will take to keep Lilly down, while Lilly takes a moment to gather her faculties about her. Jolyne closes the gap and clocks Lilly with a running knee to the ribs. She goes to spin her around again, but before she can lock in the straight-jacket position, she receives a back elbow from the Sheffield native. Lilly keeps them coming rapidly until Jolyne backs away from her. Arthur spins on a dime to face Jolyne again, and hits her with a European Uppercut as soon as she does. Jolyne is taken slightly off her feet for a second from the impact and Lilly waits for her to get her feet again before she uses a side Russian legsweep to send her crashing to the canvas.

Zack: I’m not sure Lilly could have kicked out from a second NIGHTBREAKER so she did well to save herself from having to try!

Jolyne rolls onto her front and starts to push up to her knees, until Lilly uses a knee drop into her lower back to flatten her again. The Sheffield native watches then as Jolyne again pushes up, albeit slower than previously. She doesn’t make a move as Jolyne reaches her feet but instead stalks her from behind. As soon as the YGC winner is upright, Lilly leaps and hooks her head to deliver her combination of a double knee backbreaker and a reverse DDT.  She gets back to her feet but only long enough to leave them again to land a moonsault across Jolyne’s chest. The crowd come to their feet as she stays in position and hooks both of her legs as Fisk slides into position beside them.

Zack: WATER LILLY! This is it, Lilly’s done it and on FFW’s largest stage!




Fisk completes the three count and gets back to his feet, immediately calling for the bell as he does.

Maggie: Your winner, via pinfall…………………. LILLY ARTHUR!

Mai: I’m just glad it’s over. Can we move on now please.

Zack: Lilly has just won herself a shot at the Fast Track Championship and her face says it all!

Lilly gets back to her feet and a smile appears as it sinks in that she’s won. She soaks in the cheers from the crowd as Fisk raises her hand. And on that image the camera cuts elsewhere.

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Leona is the one seen atop the Hall of Fame stage this time, receiving a standing ovation from most of the present crowd. She wears a simple green dress as she waits for her moment to speak.

Leona: You know, when I met that woman over there in a wrestling show 10 years ago, I would never... NEVER have imagined that, one day, I would be standing in front of you all, some of the best wrestlers in the world today, accepting a Hall of Fame induction. And I certainly didn't see myself becoming no Hall of Fame material back when I was kicking my manager in the nuts way back then, but hey, them's the breaks!

There's laughs from the crowd, as CK is seen wincing playfully in the crowd.

Leona: I promise I'll never, EVER do that again, Chris. But... Anyway... Cast your minds back to 2007. I know some of you may not have any memories from 11 years ago, or maybe you have a milestone achievement that you'll forever carry with you... And I'm in that last group. 2007 was the year that I made my official debut as a professional wrestler in Monterrey, Mexico. And back then... Not unlike any other second-generation wrestler, I had some big shoes to fill. I've talked about my father at length during my pre-match messages, I'm sure you've all heard of him, but I think it's only fair that I mention him now, seeing as most of what I know came from him. And I don't mean the wrestling moves; these are to be perfected every day, as we keep evolving as fighters and as performers. No, what... What David de la Vega taught me was... most precious. He taught me to fear, and he taught me how to battle fear. He taught me how to be courageous in face of adversity, how to be defiant in the face of negation. He taught me how to turn certain no's into yes'es. "A 14-year old skinny-ass greenhorn like you can't wrestle in a major company!" Oh yeah? We'll see if she can't!

Some laughs scattered in the crowd as Leona puts up her brave face.

Leona: He taught me how to fly. And that's why it's so hard to forget the words he told me right before my debut match... When I was 14 years old in Monterrey. "Never... EVER let someone tell you the sky is the limit. For those who know how far they want to go... The horizon is just the start of the way." I've taken those words to heart, and those who follow me since my beginning here in America will remember that one of my first matches in FFW, 5 years ago, was a ladder match... in which I said something to that extent. "The sky is NOT the limit". And once you understand that, how far are YOU willing to reach? How high into the horizon can you take flight to? How close to the Sun can you go?

She lowers her head and stays silent for a couple of seconds, before whispering...

Leona: ... Pinche hombre, desearía que estuvieras aquí.

The Aztec Warrior then shakes her head and continues.

Leona: I'll try to keep it short and simple, because you're gonna get enough of me this week. I want to thank God, first and foremost, for the blessing of life and the opportunity to live each one of these days with the lot of you. It's been a magical road of learning and evolving, and I couldn't do it without His providence. And then I want to thank... That man over there.

She points at her husband, Sebastian Labbett, on the crowd. Needless to say, the barista has quite the smile on his face.

Leona: All the nights we miss away from one another. All the weekends that we've communicated via Facetime only. All the sleepless nights, all the... needless fights and the eternal process of learning how to truly love someone while being far away from him for so damn long. Sebastian is... My rock. My compass. Even if we have different daily schedules, even if he works nights and sleeps days, even when I'm across the country from him more often than not... I don't think... I... I don't think I would be where I am as far as my mind and my heart go if it wasn't for him. I love you... I need you every single day of my life... And I'm... I'm sorry. For making you go through all the nights you sleep alone, and then wake up and I'm not there. For making you have to be so patient with my personal struggles, my moods and my life as pretty much a nomad. I'm so blessed to have you, and I thank God every single day of my life for having put you in my life.

The crowd aww's and cheers as Leona blows her husband a kiss, before moving to someone else...

Christian Kincaid... I'm sorry for having low-blown you five years ago...

More laughs, as CK is again in focus, waving the entire thing off.

Leona: ... but my career wouldn't be anywhere near where it is today if it wasn't for your guidance. Even if I was always the ugly duckling of Club CK, even if I've never talked or seen eye-to-eye with most, if not ALL the other women you manage. If it wasn't for you letting me know exactly what to focus on... I mean, I've learned so much from you, it's not even worth making a list. And I'm thankful for all the experience you've given me every single day of my life.

Another short pause.

Leona: Gabrielle Crimson... I'm sorry for not having heard your advice earlier, and I'm thankful for having you as a friend. Heck, everyone that's been through my life taught me a lesson, even people like Bianca Salvador, Mika Demidov and Kyle Kilmeade...

And out of instinct, the crowd begins to boo. Cameras on the Franchise, as they shake their head. The Typhoon rolls her eyes and huffs.

Leona: No, guys, no. Really. Don't boo them. They have their methods, but there's a fire to them that's not easy to emulate. And I learned a bit from them too. Mostly what not to do, honestly, but, y'know...

Soft laughter follows.

Leona: And... I know this is a cop-out but... I wanna thank all of you. The FFW Faithful. For believing in me. For forgiving me. For holding me when I fell from grace, for bringing me back up when I needed. There's... absolutely no reason to do this if not for you guys. Well, there's also the money, it's pretty damn good... but nothing -- absolutely NOTHING -- pays better than to watch a child's eye sparkle, a man's fantasy come true, a dreamer's dream come to fruition whenever I perform for you guys. I'm so thankful for the fact I'm able to truly inspire you guys... And flattered that some of you have me, a simple woman who came from below the border, as an idol and a role model. It's mind-blowing to think of it that way, and I cannot say thank you enough times. And... With some luck... In two nights, I may be able to inspire you even further. Because as I always say... If I can do it...


Leona: Damn right. Because every last one of us has a flame burning within! Everyone of us has a fight! Every single one of us is a warrior! AND WARRIORS DON'T FEAR EVEN DEATH ITSELF! SOUND!...


And as Leona raises her arm in victory, "Animal" hits the sound system.

Maggie: The following match is scheduled for one fall to a finish and is a triple threat match for the FFW Fast Track Championship!!!

Zack: It’s time for the first of our championship matches tonight here at Unstoppable! And this match has some interesting additions. If Andi wins, this counts for two defenses. If Bianca or Scarlett wins, it counts for the first defense.

Mai: Seems fair to me, and Andi won’t win. So I wouldn’t worry about that happening. She’s not 100% at this point, and she needs to be against Scarlett…...she could be at 40% and be fine against Bianca.

“Hands To Myself” by Selena Gomez starts to play through the speakers around the arena.

Can't keep my hands to myself
No matter how hard I'm trying to
I want you all to myself
You're metaphorical gin and juice

So come on give me a taste
Of what it’s like to be next to you
Won't let one drop go to waste
You're metaphorical gin and juice

As the opening verse ends and the tempo starts to increase Scarlett Silver walks through the curtain onto the stage with her manager, Christian Kincaid. The lights dip for a moment before she steps forward and a red spotlight shines down on her.

Cause all of the downs and the uppers
Keep making love to each other
And I'm trying, trying, I'm trying, trying
All of the downs and the uppers
Keep making love to each other
And I'm trying, trying, I'm trying, but I

Can't keep my hands to myself
My hands to myself
Can't keep my hands to myself
My hands to myself

Scarlett struts down the ramp acknowledging the crowd with a smile, with Christian following a few steps behind. Pausing halfway down she sways her hips in rhythm with the music and slowly blows a kiss out to the crowd.

Maggie: Introducing at this time… Hailing from Los Angeles, California….Scarlett Silver!

Scarlett reaches the ring and slides under the bottom rope before jumping to her feet and climbing onto the turnbuckle facing the stage. She raises her arms up high then jumps down to join Christian in her corner, for a last minute, pre-match discussion.

Zack: Scarlett Silver has every intention of leaving Unstoppable 9 with her third Fast Track Championship reign in tow. She proved at Unstoppable last year that triple threats aren’t an issue for her.

Mai: She did, that’s where her first reign began too. And I’d say her opponents last year were more of a challenge than they are this year, especially since one already wrestled tonight and the other is Bianca.

I told ya, baby
I told ya

The arena darkens as “Rockstar 101” by Rihanna begins to play before the camera takes us behind a woman with purple hair. She steps out onto the stage, raising her hand and making a fist as the camera looks over her shoulder. She tosses the sunglasses on her head out to the crowd as she heads towards the ring. She is dressed in an oversized shaggy fur coat, dyed purple and black, and she pulls another pair of shades from the pocket of her coat - diamond-studded gold stunner shades, matching the black, white, and gold ring gear peeking through her coat.

Rocking these diamonds
I'm rocking this chain
Make sure you get a picture
I'm rocking my fame

Maggie: Introducing from Atlanta, Georgia, she is Bianca of House Reed, First of Her Name, Princess of the Petty and the Savage, the Rock Star, and the Killer B!

Bianca pauses in the center of the ramp and holds her hands out to either side of her, looking straight ahead as two white tigers come out from either side of the ramp. The tigers stop beside her and she puts a hand on each one’s back, walking slowly with them toward the ring.

Bianca climbs up onto the apron, drops into a split before sliding under the bottom rope to the inside. She brings her legs together and hops to her feet, already making eye contact with her opponent. Two handlers come out and escort the tigers out as Bianca sheds her jacket and shades and moves toward her opponent, running them down over the referee’s shoulder as she’s reminded to stay in her corner until the bell rings.

Zack: Bianca brought some much larger pets with her tonight, didn’t she? But don’t let the gamesmanship fool you, folks. She has been a force in Future Shock, and you underestimate her at your own peril.

Mai: Not me. I can underestimate her all I want, it’s fun. And the best part is I don’t have to do anything to back it up.

Backstage, we find Andi Takata, just finishing up putting on a fresh uniform after her earlier match. And then there is beeping, as she straightens out her tie. Andi looks around the room, looking for the item that's going crazy, before finding it in her locker, and clipping it onto her tie before touching it is such a way to activate it.

Andi: "Takata here."

Huh: "Phase one is complete, princess. Phase two is ready on standby. We await your command. "

Andi: "Good. Good. You know, some people wondered if I would ever make it back here to this stage. To stand at an event like Unstoppable 9 on the outskirts of New York City, not only in one piece, not only as a competitor, but as a champion, a solo champion at that. We have proved every doubter and every hater wrong. we have achieved a part of the dream, and tonight, we follow along that path. A Fast Track to our glorious future. I want each and every one of you to know that the mission ahead is dangerous. I ask you all to embrace that. I ask you all to enjoy the journey. Let us have fun as we ascend, and begin our takeover of MetLife Stadium tonight, and soon, the Cosmos as we know it! The best part is... not one person, not a single soul can say that they were not given fair warning.

I've been telling you all for almost 8 years. And now the time has truly arrived for all....





You will all... Beware. The. Invasion."

The transmission from the back cuts out to static.


Bit by bit, the lights all seem to shut down. Video boards. Scoreboards. Even the Nakamura LED Light Sticks all seem to turn off at this moment. The summer twilight is the only illumination in the entirety of the stadium, sans the people who whip out their cellphones. But most of them will end up dropping them, as EVERYTHING lights up blue at once, lights swirling everywhere as the klaxons sound out.

A lone white hot spotlight appears at the entranceway, as it would appear that Andi Takata has arrived. But then she... turns into three. And there are more behind her. The guitar starts playing and all of a sudden, there are other packs appearing to the left and right of the entrance. More guitars, more packs.


#Amanojaku batta
#Kokoro no kage kara
#Amanojaku batta
#Pyon to tonda
#Amanojaku batta
#Mendoukusai yo ne
#Amanojaku batta


And now we see from the original entrance, the true leader appears, with the Fast Track championship on her shoulder, as the non-stop stream of Andi closes come out from everywhere! As they march towards their destination, they all seem to copy the REAL Andi Takata's movements as she dances at the top of the stage! The Nakamura LED Light Sticks are times to have the swaths of neon blue light circle around the crowd!

#Benkyou benkyou shinasai
#Totan ni yaruki ga naku naru
#Heya no naka wo katadzukenasai
#Chirakashitaku naru naze darou?
#Sumaho ijiru no wo yamenasai
#Asa made LINE yatte yaru
#Juku wo yasun ja ikemasen
#Itta furi wo shite tomodachi to aou

As Andi begins to hop forward, bouncing on her heels, holding up the Fast Track belt, her clones follow suit. Even the Nakamura LED Light Sticks seem to pulse in time with the hopping!

#Pyon! Pyon!
#Pyon! Pyon!
#Pyon! Pyon!
#Pyon! Pyon!
#Ha-en-ta-i ni to-n-de-ru

Andi spins around, along with the hundreds upon hundreds of 'clones' that have appeared and swarmed the staircases and aisles and along the way to the ring itself, before slowly making her way down herself, the clones mimicking her every move along the way.

#Ikutsu ni natte mo
#Watashi wa chunnibyou
#Hottoite! Hottoite!
#Itori demo ikite yukeru
#Otona ga iu koto subete ga urusai
#Shishunki wa muzukashii
#Hanashite mo wakaranai yo

Takata starts breaking out into her Caramelldanse once again as she stops along the long path forward, all of the clones immediately immediately following suit for one strange dance party, the Nakamura LED Light Sticks continuing to pulse to the beat.

#Kimi ni suki da to iwarete mo
#Sunao ni taido ni dasenai
#Mitsumeraretara se wo mukeru
#Honto wa watashi mo suki yo

Even as Takata alters her dance, swaying from side to side before doing another hop, every last one of 'her' seems to be in lockstep. Even when she DABS, they all DAB with her. This is truly frightening.

#Magyaku no koi na no ni!
#Migi wa hidari hidari wa migi
#Ue wa shita de shita wa ue yo

When Andi stops at ringside during the solo break of the song, she shows off the belt again, raising it above her head with both hands, and this causes the clone army to all salute her at once in time with the music, before Takata puts the belt back over her shoulder, with those that came from the concourses coming through the barricades and lining ringside and up the aisles. Takata makes her way around the ring as she normally would, except for the fact there's a LOT of her out there doing the same.

Maggie: Once again, making her way to the ring in her second match of the night, accompanied by The Space Invaders, she is the Intergalactic Idol, your Space Princess, and the reigning and defending FFW Fast Track Champion in her first defense...


#Seifuku wo chanto kinasai
#Sukatto mijikaku shitaku naru
#Okeshou nanka wa ikemasen
#Aipuchi wo shitaku naru naze darou?
#Mongen kuji wo mamorinasai
#Juuji made asonde kaerou
#Oya no iu koto kikinasai
#Gamigamii warete hankou shitaku naru

The Space Princess jumps up onto the apron, with ringside filled with the clone army, and once again the hopping begins.

#Pyon! Pyon!
#Pyon! Pyon!
#Pyon! Pyon!
#Pyon! Pyon!
#Ma-as-su-gu ni tobenai

Andi then steps through the ropes, her clones continuing to circle around the ring and creep the ever-living shit out of Mai Hotaru and probably a few others.

#Wakatte iru kedo
#Gomen ne "hankouki"
#Shou ga nai! Shou ga nai!
#Dare ni demo, kitto aru wa
#Otona ni naru made dou ni mo naranai
#Sensai na wo toshigoro
#i ko ni wa naritaku nai

And then everything stops. Andi, the Clones, the Nakamura LED Light Sticks. Everything. All the lights go out again, save for the now neon blue spotlight on our Glorious Leader Space Princess, and her loyal following, as they begin to sing.

#Kimi ni suki da to iwarete mo
#Sunao ni taido ni dasenai
#Mitsumeraretara se wo mukeru
#Honto wa watashi mo suki yo

And then everything comes back to life! The song starts pounding through the speakers again, the Nakamura LED Light Sticks are going crazy, and a dancing princess and her clone army going at it again. Andi's dance varies as she spins and twirls and points outward towards the crowd, the rotating clones shuffling along their set pattern not only around the ring but about halfway up the aisle.

#Kimi ni suki da to iwarete mo
#Dou iu kao sureba ii no?
#Ureshii kedo nigedashisou
#Honto wa suki to iitai

When Takata climbs up on the turnbuckle to show off the title belt, the clones seemingly speed up in their circling of the ring, the rest of the ones in the aisle having moved to fill any space left at ringside, completely taking over the area. Beware the invasion indeed!

#Ryouomoi na no ni!
#YES wa NO wa NO wa YESu
#Suki wa kirai kirai wa suki


Andi comes back to the center of the ring after shaking it on the top rope, as all of her 'followers have stopped moving around so much, all of them focused on doing the exact same moves at their leader, starting with the caramelldanse, and pointing their arms skyward with every leap they make with every Pyon! they yell out, and trying to get the capacity crowd to follow along!

#Amanojaku batta
#Kokoro no kage kara (Pyon!)
#Amanojaku batta (Pyon!)
#Pyon to tonda (Pyon!)
#Amanojaku batta (Pyon!)
#Mendoukusai yo ne (Pyon!)
#Amanojaku batta (Pyon!)
#Pyon to nigeta (Pyon!)
#Amanojaku batta (Pyon!)
#Tenohira no ue de (Pyon!)
#Amanojaku batta (Pyon!)
#Pyon to tonda (Pyon!)
#Amanojaku batta (Pyon!)
#Kimochi wo tsukamaete (Pyon!)
#Amanojaku batta (Pyon!)
#Wakatte agete


The siren sounds, and they all come to a stop with one last...


...before they all make their way back up the aisle, and Takata kisses the Fast Track championship, and hands it off to the official.

Mai: Is it over yet?! Jesus…

Melinda Davis took the title from Andi Takata and presented it to Bianca and then to Scarlett Silver who told the referee to be careful not to get her dirty fingerprints or destructive oils all over her title. The official ignored the brunette and held the title above her head for the crowd to see before she handed it off to a ringside assistant and checked that each of the wrestlers were ready for the match to begin and getting confirmation from each of them she called for the bell.

Zack: You didn’t enjoy that? Well ain’t that a shame! In any event, what a night this could be if Andi Takata successfully defends her Fast Track title after knocking off Ji-Hu earlier.

Mai: I already told you that’s not happening. Weren’t you listening at all, Zack?

The trio stayed in their corners for a couple of moments before Andi and Bianca began to make a move, stepping forward and circling… while Scarlett stepped out through the ropes and dropped to the floor, asking Christian if he was sure her makeup was okay, that her hair was in place and that she looked good in her ring attire. Her manager assured that everything was fine as she got a roll of the eyes from both of her opponents as she grabbed hold of her make up bag and started to check out her reflection in a compact mirror.

Mai: You want to look your best at Unstoppable, Zack. No hair out of place, makeup on point. I think they should give her this time.

Zack: I’m sure you do, but I have a feeling her opponents aren’t going to wait idly by till Scarlett feels like she’s ready to start the match.

In the ring, Andi and Bianca suddenly decided to dart towards each other and both began to throw stiff kicks at each other. Takata started to get the upper hand on Reed and left her feet to send Killer B flying backwards with a monkey flip… only for Bianca to counter the move into a forward roll towards the ring ropes that saw her spring upwards. Reed landed on the middle rope and springboarded backwards into a back elbow. That Andi ducked underneath. The Lucky Star spun around and came face to face with Killer B and yet again the pair began to unload on each other with stiff kicks laying each one into their opponent’s legs only for Bianca to spin suddenly and catch Andi with a spinning roundhouse kick to the side of her head. The Space Princess took a step backward and Bianca delivered two more quick kicks to her thigh before she stepped forward and delivered a knee into her midsection. She then took hold of the defending Fast Track Champion’s hand and whipped her towards the ropes.

Zack: You’d find it difficult to determine which of these two is the quicker, but right now, it’s Bianca who is making it happen at the moment.

Mai: This is all preliminary stuff till the true champion gets back into the ring, Zack.

Only Andi didn’t hit the ropes as she instead countered the Irish whip with a handstand up against the ropes before she came back down to her feet and let loose a mule kick that caught Bianca in the midsection. It doubled Reed over and allowed Andi to flip backwards over her challenger, landing on her feet behind her and quickly locked in a rear waistlock that she used to send Bianca down to the canvas with a German suplex, bridging as she landed to make the pin.


Zack: Andi’s got some technical abilities too, but we are way too early into this for her to pick up the win, not tonight on this stage.

Bianca rolled her shoulder as the one count was made to break up the pin as she rolled up onto her feet. Andi immediately kipped up to her feet as well and threw a forearm that caught Reed to the side of the jaw, following it up with a second forearm and a third and a fourth. Bianca staggered backwards and was sent collapsing back to the canvas courtesy of a palm strike to her jaw from the defending Fast Track Champion. Bianca hit the canvas and tried to push upwards only to get to all fours before the Lucky Star sent her crashing face first into the mat with a double knee drop to her spine. Quickly Andi attempted to lock in a camel clutch on Bianca Reed only for the Atlanta born wrestler to fight against the attempt and finally managed to shove Andi away from her.

Mai: See, that’s stupid. You don’t go for submissions in a match like this. It takes too long. Andi should be going for three counts.

Zack: She just did like two minutes ago! If you’re going to be hypocritical, at least do it well.

Andi regained her balance as Reed came to her feet and Takata skipped forward to deliver a superkick to Killer B’s jaw. Bianca dropped to the canvas and started to sit up only for Andi to drop back to the ropes, bouncing off them as she built momentum to launch herself into a seated senton that drove Bianca back against the canvas as the Space Princess made the pin.



Zack: Look, another pin attempt. Are you gonna give her credit for taking your advice now?

Mai: No, because I’m not getting paid by her. Pay me, then I’ll put you over on commentary. Sleeping with me helps too.

Reed kicked out once more and Andi rose up to her feet, measuring up the rising Bianca before she set off towards the ropes, leaving her feet as she came back towards her. As she hooked her head, Takata spun around and around Bianca’s head before she planted her into the mat with a tilt-a-whirl DDT. As Reed hit the mat, Andi came to her feet quickly and headed towards the corner, climbing to the top rope before where she measured her opponent. Before she could leap into the air, Scarlett Silver hopped up onto the canvas and surprised Andi by shoving her from the top rope to the floor on the outside. Silver quickly took her place on the top rope, watching as Bianca began to get back to a vertical base before she launched herself into a hurricanrana, snapping Killer B down to the canvas where Scarlett made the cover, hooking her leg.

Zack: I guess her makeup and hair were ready, and Silver’s looking to steal one!



Mai: That was very intelligent by Scarlett! I’d camp out and let these two beat the snot out of each other too. If Andi were smart, she’d have come up with this strategy!

Bianca kicked out once more and got pulled to her feet by Silver who immediately began to fire right hands into her jaw before she shot her across the ring. Reed bounced back and ran straight into a jumping knee from Scarlett. Killer B staggered backwards and got herself a boot to the midsection from the former Fast Track Champion to double her over before she was driven face first into the mat with a sit out facebuster. As Bianca rolled over onto her back, Scarlett delivered an elbow drop to her chest and once more Scarlett made the pinfall, hooking the leg as she did so.



Mai: Scarlett’s not here to stay under the lights all night. She came back to get her title, and she’s happy to do so in as quick a time as possible.

Again Reed kicked out of the pinfall and Scarlett pulled her upwards only to find Andi back in the ring and heading towards her; Takata leaving her feet and delivered a dropkick to the Californian’s chest. As Silver hit the mat, she rolled out underneath the bottom rope to the outside once more as Takata took hold of the top rope and was about to catapult herself into a plancha on the outside only for Bianca to roll her up from behind into a pinfall.




Zack: Quick thinking by Reed, and she nearly got herself her first title in FFW as a result! You have to have your head on a swivel in matches like this.

The Lucky Star kicked out the pinfall and rolled up to her feet where she got a bicycle kick to her face, sending her down to the mat. Andi was quick to rise to her feet once again only for Bianca to deliver a windmill kick to her foe’s face. Takata spun around and dropped to one knee as Reed’s boot connected with the side of her face and Bianca left her feet to deliver a backstabber to the Space Princess that sent Andi falling forward to her knees. Andi tried to push up to her feet but as she did so, Reed reached around her to grab hold of her hands, tying her up into a straitjacket that she used to drop Takata to the canvas with a neckbreaker. Andi rolled to the side and started to push up to her feet only for Reed to cut her off with a running knee trembler to the side of her head. The Space Princess extended her hand to steady herself only for Bianca to bounce off the ropes and come back with a koppu kick that sent Andi collapsing backwards to the canvas.

Mai: The only time I even remotely like Bianca is when she’s beating up Andi, but then again...I like anyone who beats up on Andi.

Zack: I’m sure that will warm the far reaches of Bianca’s heart to know that. She’s here to win a title on the grand stage, not earn your fanfare. Besides you’ve read how she feels about managers.

Andi rolled to one side and slowly began to push upwards from the canvas, Killer B waving her up to her feet. When Takata did make it to a vertical base, Reed left her feet and snapped off a headscissors takedown that sent Takata sprawling to the mat in the corner. Bianca quickly rose to her feet and sprinted after the Fast Track Champion, leaving her feet to deliver a double foot stomp to Andi’s gut before she jumped into the air and used the top rope to flip backwards into a split legged moonsault. Bianca quickly hooked the leg and made the cover as Davis slid into position and started to make the count.



Mai: See there? That’s why Bianca could use a manager, to help her keep abreast of what’s going on around her.

Zack: You think she could hear someone talking to her from outside the ring with all the noise in this stadium?

Before the three count could be made Scarlett jerked Bianca out of the ring by her foot. Reed landed on her face on the outside and immediately began to rise, getting to one knee only for Scarlett to deliver a Shining Wizard to the side of Reed’s head. As Bianca fell back to the floor, Silver slid into the ring and pulled the rising Takata the rest of the way up to her feet only to double underhook her arms and drill her into the canvas with a DDT. Quickly Scarlett rolled Andi over onto her back and made the cover. Davis slid into position and checked on Andi’s shoulders as Scarlett kicked her feet up onto the middle rope.




Mai: Why are we even going through all this? Let’s just award Scarlett the title, she already looks the best of these two. Of course, that’s like winning prettiest mutt at the shelter.

At the very last second Andi managed to get her shoulder up and kick out of the pinning combination. Scarlett glared up at the official and demanded the three only for Davis to show her the two count, explaining  that the shoulder came up before the count could be made. Scarlett shook her head as she pulled Andi up to her feet and shoved her backwards into the corner where she brought her knees upwards, driving them into her gut as the referee asked her to let the Champion out of the corner. Silver gave the official exactly what she wanted as she Irish whipped the Lucky Star across the ring. The Space Princess crashed back first into the turnbuckles and a moment later she caught a running knee with her abdomen from the Californian challenger. Quickly Scarlett hooked hold of Andi’s head and climbed the ropes behind the Champion before she flipped forward and delivered a diamond dust. Once more Silver quickly made the cover and hooked both of Andi’s legs.



Zack: I like Scarlett’s strategy for the most part. She’s looking to get in and out as quickly as possible, and regain the Fast Track Championship.

Mai: Getting in and out too quickly reminds me of a lot of guys I’ve taken home.

The three count never came as Bianca Reed slid back into the ring and delivered a hesitation dropkick to the side of Scarlett’s head to break up the cover. Scarlett tried to roll away and pushed up to her knees near the ring ropes only for Bianca to step out onto the ring apron and slingshot herself straight back into the ring with a leg drop across the back of Silver’s neck driving her face first into the mat. Reed showed her little mercy as she pulled Scarlett up to her feet by her hair and began to deliver kicks to her legs and body, alternating between her right and left feet before she finished off the combination with a jumping spin kick to her jaw. Silver fell back against the ropes, bouncing back off them towards Bianca who spun her to the side and quickly took her down to the canvas with a side Russian leg sweep. The Atlanta native used the snap of delivering the legsweep to roll to her feet and took off across the ring, hitting the ropes and came back into a Rolling Thunder that saw her pop into the air and come crashing down on top of Silver with a splash. Immediately Bianca hooked the leg and made the cover.

Zack: What offense from Reed! She’s 3 seconds from making history!




Mai: Actually she was 2 seconds from doing jack, because she didn’t pin Scarlett at all. I guess we know who YOU are supporting.

Scarlett kicked out and Bianca once more jerker her up to her feet by her hair and shoved her back into the ring ropes with a series of knife edge chops before she began to bring drive knees into her breadbasket. Five knees connected before Reed fired the Californian across the ring into the opposite ropes and met her in the middle of the ring with a spinning heel kick that put Scarlett down on the mat once more. Bianca quickly nipped to her feet and leapt into the air to connect with a backsplash across Scarlett’s chest before she reached back and hooked the leg once more.




Zack: If we’re going by near falls, I’ve got Bianca in the lead on points here. She wants to be champion so bad she can taste it!

Mai: If she wins, we’ll have to have the belt dry cleaned whenver she loses it after she has all those cockroaches crawling all over it.

Again Scarlett kicked out and again as Davis confirmed the two count to the competitor Bianca was already pulling the brunette back to her feet and looked to send her in for the ride once more. This time though, Silver managed to stop her momentum as she hit the ropes by grabbing hold of the top rope. Bianca charged towards her only for Andi to cut her off with the Flying Andi hip check to the side of the head, knocking Reed off balance and sending her down to the mat. Quickly Scarlett dropped down to the canvas and rolled out of the ring once more, running her hands through her hair before she adjusted her top to her liking as she walked around the ring back to her corner and her manager.

Mai: I think Scarlett needs an intermission. The referee should stop counting falls until she’s ready to get back in the ring.

Zack: That’s NOT going to happen! This is where those focus issues that have plagued Silver come into play.

In the ring, Reed had scrambled back to her feet as Andi breezed past her leaving her feet as she approached the corner and jumped onto the middle rope, then to the top rope before she launched herself back towards the Georgia born wrestler, twisting in mid air to catch her with a flying clothesline that took Reed back down to the canvas. Reed started to push upwards as Andi rolled through to her feet and instantly took off across the ring, bouncing off the ropes once more and delivered a shotgun dropkick into Bianca’s chest, knocking her straight back to the canvas. Immediately Andi went for a double knee drop only for Bianca to roll out of the way and came back to her feet at the same time as Andi who caught her with a kick to the gut that bent Reed over and allowed Takata to dive over her and roll Bianca up with a sunset flip.

Zack: Wow! The referee didn’t even have time to get in position before Bianca kicked out. She’s absolutely laser focused tonight, isn’t she?

Bianca kicked out before Davis could get into position to make the count - which saw Andi roll backwards to her feet only to launch herself forward and deliver a double knee strike to Bianca as she sat up, driving her back to the canvas and allowing Andi to make the cover as she hooked the leg for the victory.

Zack: Speed kills, and it’s nearly impossible to separate these two on that basis! But Andi’s close to going 2-0 tonight!




Mai: Close only counts in horseshoes and handjobs, Zack.

The challenger from Georgia kicked out at the final moment and held her chest as she started to rise. Andi was already back on her feet and as Bianca made it to one knee, Takata screamed out “SSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHIIIIIIIINNNNNNNIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGG SSSSSSTTTTTTTTAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRR!!!” As she darted forward and went for the shining wizard only for Killer B to duck underneath the move. Andi adjusted in midair and spun around to face Reed as she got to her feet and Takata delivered a headbutt to the Atlantan. Reed staggered backwards for a moment before she replied with a headbutt of her own that caused Andi to stagger backwards. Again Andi struck with a headbutt that saw Bianca take a step backwards and fall to one knee just for a second before she came upright and yet again she replied like for like with a headbutt of her own - which saw Andi take a step backwards, dropping to one knee as the Space Princess held her head for a moment and raised up a hand towards Bianca as if asking for a moment.

Zack: Andi’s had some bad luck with headbutts recently, can you tell?

Andi pushed up to her feet, still holding her head before once more holding her hand up as she talked to Bianca for a moment then looked over towards Scarlett Silver, pointing at her. Reed seemed to now as Silver seemed to realise they were talking about her and started to back up a step. As she did so both Andi and Bianca charged across the ring towards her, both of them looking to have the same intent in mind. Takata launched herself over the ropes into a tope con hilo that saw her crash into Scarlett and take her down to the floor in a heap. Meanwhile Reed had pulled up in the ring before the ropes. The  Atlanta native tapped the side of her head to tell the crowd that she was smart as they cheered loudly for the defending Fast Track Champion.

Zack: That was pretty smart thinking from “Killer B”, and it looks like a car crash out here on the floor with Andi and Scarlett.

Mai: I agree Andi always looks like she’s been in a car crash. She’s the mostly brightly dressed crash test dummy I’ve ever seen.

As Andi and Scarlett began to rise on the outside, Takata looked up at Bianca Reed in the ring; Killer B shrugging her shoulders at her before she took hold of the top rope and catapulted herself over the top rope and into a plancha that took both Scarlett and Andi back down to the floor in a heap. Bianca was the first back to her feet and turned to watch as Andi tried to pull herself upwards only getting to her knees before Reed grabbed hold of her head from behind, wrapping an arm around her neck and used the crowd barricade to drive the Space Princess into the floor on the outside with shiranui.

Zack: Good Lord, what impact! I’m telling you this may just be Bianca’s night right here! She is outdoing herself in all the matches I’ve seen right here!

Mai: Well then, she has a long way to go to hang on the main roster. This isn’t Future Shock, it’s a lot bigger!

Quickly Killer B rolled over and came back to her feet, stooping down to pull Scarlett up and rolled her underneath the bottom rope. Bianca hopped up onto the apron and headed towards the corner where she climbed up to the top rope. Silver was pushing up to her feet, getting them underneath her before she turned to face the Atlanta born wrestler who dove off with a meteora that drove Silver down to the canvas, her legs coming up on impact and Reed hooked them both as she got low and stayed knelt upon her shoulders for the pinfall.




Zack: We almost crowned a new Fast Track Champion right there, but somehow Scarlett found a way! This triple threat continues.

Scarlett managed to kick out at the very last second and was pulled upwards by Bianca who slapped the taste out of her mouth before she followed it up with a knee to Scarlett’s gut, doubling Silver over before she took two handfuls of hair that she used to spin her around and hurl her towards the corner with a biel throw. Scarlett pulled herself up using the ring ropes and Killer B charged towards her, throwing herself into a forward roll that she exploded out and into a shoulder thrust into Scarlett’s midsection. A second, third and fourth shoulder thrust followed that before Reed straightened up and jerked the former Fast Track Champions face down into a single knee facebreaker. Scarlett popped upwards and slumped back against the turnbuckles. Bianca quickly spun on her heel and launched herself into the air where she caught Silver with a pele kick to the top of her head that saw the Californian slump all the way down to a seated position in the corner.

Mai: Poor Scarlett, she’s gonna need a moment to fix her hair again….when she realizes what the hell just happened.

Zack: Bianca’s impressing the hell out of me! She’s looking to be a double champion both here and in Future Shock on August 14th!

Reed came back up to her feet and quickly retreated back across the ring only to charge forward yet again, leaving her feet and drove a two footed dropkick straight into Scarlett’s chest. Scarlett looked to be in agony and Bianca tried to rally the crowd behind her before she grabbed hold of Silver around the thighs, pulling her out of the corner, spun around and then fell backwards catapulting Scarlett chest first into the turnbuckle pads. The former Fast Track Champion staggered backwards and found herself rolled up into a pinning combination by Bianca.




Mai: Scarlett’s just so good, Zack. She can’t help but be awesome, and there she goes saving the match once again!

Zack: She has refocused well, which is to her credit. The question is how long does it last?

At the very last second Scarlett rolled her shoulder to stop the count and Davis immediately called off the three count and held up two fingers. Bianca shook her head at the referee and asked for the three count only for the two to be confirmed once more. Bianca looked up to the heavens in disbelief and then down to Scarlett Silver before she asked for the three count once again… and got the two count shown to her once more. Reed pulled Silver upwards only to snap off a DDT to the Californian before she headed towards the corner. Bianca climbed up the inside of the turnbuckles as Silver held her head and slowly tried to push up to her feet. Reed raised her hands in the air, her supporters in the crowd getting behind her loudly while Christian Kincaid pounded his hands against the ring apron trying to get Silver’s attention. Scarlett continued to rise, slowly getting her feet underneath her before Bianca launched herself from the corner into the Cracker Jacker diving corkscrew stunner… only for Silver to push her off, causing her the Atlanta native to atomic drop herself on the ring mat.

Mai: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I bet Bianca’s got a bad headache now, because she talks out of her ass a lot!

Silver didn’t waste any time as she laid into Reed with three sharply delivered stiff kicks to Reed’s spine followed by a one handed bulldog as Bianca tried to rise to her feet. Scarlett looked over to her right where she saw Andi trying to re-enter the ring by stepping through the ropes only for Scarlett to quick step across and kick the ring rope upwards between Andi’s legs. Takata froze in position and Scarlett followed up with a spinning kick to the side of the Space Princesses head to knock her back to the outside. The Californian looked back across towards Killer B who was pushing herself upright and Scarlett moved quickly towards her, leaving her feet and delivered an axe kick across the back of Reed’s neck sending her down into the canvas. As Bianca rolled over onto her back, Scarlett moved towards the ring ropes and came off them with a lionsault that connected perfectly across Reed’s body enabling Scarlett to hook the leg for the pinfall.

Zack: Scarlett is showing her opportunistic side, and it could get the title back right here!




Mai: Yeah, but Bianca’s not bright enough to know when to quit. But don’t worry, it’s gonna happen.

Reed’s shoulder rolled a heartbeat before the three count and Scarlett shook her head as the two count was shown to her and asked for the three count from the referee who once more remained firm in her decision. Scarlett stared at the two fingers for a couple of moments before finally nodding her head and pushing up to her feet and heading for the corner. Scarlett climbed to the top rope and threw her hands into the air, getting boos from the crowd that she completely ignored as she caught sight of herself on the big screen over the entrance ramp and started to tousle her hair for a couple of moments before the shot cut away to the rising Bianca. With a pout Silver looked over her shoulder letting Reed get to her feet before she flew off into a Phoenixrana, holding on for the pinfall.

Zack: I’ve never seen her hit that before!! Scarlett’s gonna get the title back!




Mai: I want Bianca tested for PEDs, this is ridiculous! Hit her with a car, Scarlett! It’s legal ina  triple threat!

Again Davis waved off the count as Bianca’s shoulder popped up at the very last moment breaking the count. Scarlett looked imploringly at the referee, asking, begging - nearly pleading for the three count. The referee though shook her head, telling her it was a two and the shoulder popped up a moment before the count could be completed. Scarlett couldn’t believe it; asking again if the referee was absolutely certain. When Davis said she was, Silver asked her to double check her decision using instant replay only for the official to once more tell her it was definitely a two as Reed rolled underneath the ropes. Scarlett shook her head but once more came to her feet and once more found Andi trying to enter the ring by sliding underneath the bottom rope. Scarlett though cut her off with a baseball slide into her side that kept her on the apron.

Mai: No one wants you in the ring, Andi. Just stay out, for God’s sake! We’ve seen enough of your blue-haired ass tonight!

Silver pulled herself up to her feet using the ring ropes and took hold of the top rope as she kicked repeatedly at Andi’s body as she lay on the apron. After seven of eight quick kicks had found their mark Scarlett leaned through the roped and took a hold of Andi’s hair. The Californian pulled the defending Champion upwards, pulling her head through the ropes and into the Star Stopper rope hung DDT that planted the Lucky Star in the canvas. Scarlett shook her head and rose to her feet rather than go for the cover, heading towards the corner and quickly climbed to the top turnbuckle before she came off with a knee drop to Takata’s chest. Immediately Scarlett popped back up to her feet only to deliver a second knee drop to Andi’s chest, completing the Boom Boom and this time she hooked the legs to make the cover.

Mai: I love the name, and I love seeing Scarlett hit the BOOM BOOM! Get your title back, sweetie!




Zack: Not yet, says the champion! Andi’s running on fumes, just like her opponents at this point! But she’s got something left in the tank.

Andi rolled the shoulder to keep the match alive Scarlett pounded the mat in frustration with the official as a two count was shown to her once more and she looked at the referee with disdain. Silver once more pushed up to her feet and waved Andi upwards. As Takata began to rise, Silver moved towards and started to pull her into position for an inverted overdrive only for Andi to fight it off and shove Scarlett away from her. As the former Champion regained her balance she came face to face with a risen Bianca Reed who fired off a superkick to her jaw. Scarlett reeled back around towards Andi who grabbed hold of her head and took the Californian down to the mat with the Space Crusher. Scarlett bounced on the mat as she ate all of the move and rolled away underneath the ropes and landed on the floor.


Mai: Shut up!

In the ring Bianca measured up Andi as she rose to her feet before she charged forward and left her feet, springboarding off the ropes into reverse springboard frankensteiner - the Reed ’Em & Weep. The Lucky Star though managed to hold onto the top rope to block the move, causing Bianca to crash on her back. Reed scrambled to try to get to her feet only for for Takata to bounce off the ropes and catch her the Georgia born wrestler with a knee to the temple that caused her to drop to one knee. Bianca immediately pushed once more only for Andi to catch her with a superkick perfectly to her jaw. Reed crumpled backwards and Andi quickly moved into position to leap upwards and into a standing shooting star press. Quickly she hooked both of Reed’s legs for the fall.





Mai: No, she’s not! I told you to shut up anyway!

At the last second Bianca’s shoulder came up from the canvas and Andi looked to the referee asking for three only to have the two count confirmed to her once more. Takata shook her head as she looked at Reed with added respect before she started to pull her upwards only for Bianca to drop back down to her knees. Andi pulled her upwards once more and hooked her head before she attempted to deliver a Space Crusher to her. Bianca though had it scouted as she jerked her head out of Andi’s grasp and quickly countered with a back suplex that dropped Andi on her head. Quickly Killer B moved towards the corner and climbed onto the middle rope as the Lucky Star was already starting to rise. As Andi got to her feet, Reed launched herself off the turnbuckles and took Andi down to the canvas with the Cracker Jacker. Immediately she dove into the cover, hooking both legs as she did so.

Mai: I hate the name CRACKER JACKER….Bianca CAN’T WIN!!



Mai: Oh look, Scarlett wanted to share her perfume with Bianca! Does she have a big heart or what?!

Zack: Oh yeah, right! What the hell was that? Hair spray?

Before the referee could make the three Scarlett pulled herself upright using the ring apron and dove into the ring in front of Bianca and sprayed something straight into her eyes that temporarily blinded her and caused her to roll out of the cover as a can of hairspray rolled out of the ring. Scarlett rose to her feet as Bianca did likewise - Reed trying to clear her eyes only for Silver to pounce, lashing out with a high speed thumb to the throat - the Silver Spike - before she jerked Reed downwards into a small package pinning combination. Davis quickly slid into position and started to make the count.





Zack: And so it is! She did it again! Just like last year, Scarlett Silver is leaving with the Fast Track Championship for a record third time!

Davis called for the bell after making the three count and Scarlett released the small package and rolled to her knees, throwing her head back as she looked up to the heavens and held her jaw for a moment or two before she started to push up to her feet while the referee retrieved the title belt from the attendants.

Maggie: Ladies and gentlemen here is your winner by way of pinfall, representing Chaotic Temptation...and NEW FFW Fast Track Champion… SCARLETT SILVER!!!!

Mai: If I didn’t have to sit here and carry you the rest of the show, I’d go in there and celebrate with Scarlett myself!

Zack: Please help yourself! Scarlett squeezes out a victory to become a three time champion with the Fast Track title! Lilly Arthur has her work cut out for her when they meet! If I have any say, I think Bianca deserves a rematch.

Mai: You don’t, shut up.

The referee presented her with the title belt and raised her hand in the air as Christian rolled into the ring and raised her other hand. The crowd’s boos and jeers were deafening as Scarlett began to celebrate her victory before the show cut elsewhere.

Raven Hates Commerce

The next shot we see takes us out to the concession stands inside MetLife Stadium. Several booths are set up throughout the area selling Blu-rays and DVDs, shirts, hats, argyle sock monkeys, and one booth is specifically selling all manner of BSX merchandise.

Vendor: Come get your brand Andi Takata socks! Adorn your feet IN THE NAME OF THE COSMOS!

More people are attracted over at the announcement, while one such visitor is hardly a customer as she looks back to the booth with annoyance. She watches as the people flock around, picking up all manner of what is essentially crap to her and hand over their money.

Raven: If people want to throw their cash away, they can throw it in my direction. I’d put it to much better use than socks with some blue haired freaks face on! I could write one of the fan favorites names on a used napkin, and probably sell it to these losers for a couple hundred dollars. It’s ridiculous.

Another customer leaves the booth holding a pair of BSX texting gloves, which causes an even more irritated look from her.

Raven: What in the name of blue fuck are texting gloves?! I knew the fans were morons, but seriously. Do any of you have a brain cell between you?!

Another fan leaves the table, leaning down and putting something on the toes of her shoes. When she stands up and walks past, it’s...little umbrellas over her shoes as she shows what seems to be her mom.

Girl: Look, now my shoes won’t get wet on top anymore!

Raven: I… seriously?! Parents allowing their children to buy such stupid items. This is what’s wrong with the world. We have people scared of getting their fucking shoes wet. Oh boo hoo. Get over it. It’s not gonna hurt ya! Girls like that grow up to the be the fucking Caitlyn Storm’s of the world.

Finally, Raven’s had enough as she starts shoving through the crowd and moves around behind the booth. The vendor gets thrown into the wall before Raven removes a bottle of lighter fluid and starts dousing everything on display. She opens a book of matches and strikes all of them against her boot and throws it on top of the items. Everything immediately begins burning as the crowd gets away quickly.


Arena security pour in the concession area, and quickly begin putting out the fire as Raven exits with an amused look on her face before we head elsewhere.

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As the camera returns to ringside, we see a band of men surrounding the ring, all of them wearing royal servant outfits. They are standing in wait as people are curious as to what is going on...but they didn’t have to wait long.

On the large screens in the stadium shows real time footage of a large, luxury helicopter making its way towards the stadium. After a while of being in the air, the helicopter safely lands in an vastly open area in the stadium’s parking lot. Within moments, the rear door of the helicopter comes down and out comes six white horses, lined up by twos, pulling a solid gold Royal carriage. The carriage has tinted windows and two men standing behind the carriage as it makes its way inside the stadium.

In the arena, the opening chords of “Destroy & Conquer” by Future World Music begin to rattle through the stadium, prompting the sold-out crowd to fill the stadium with thunderous reactions. Then, from the side entrance to the stadium, comes the horse drawn carriage making its way the long pathway towards the ringside area, trampling upon a red carpet that was placed there.

Maggie: Making their way to the ring…being accompanied by the Future Shock Champion Valerie McKinley…at a total combined weight of three hundred and sixty-five pounds....”The Latin Goddess” Valentina Lozano  & “The Titaness” Isis Morales...They are…


As the horses stop within distance of the ringside area, one of the men standing on the carriage shouts out instructions to the servant men and almost within in sync, the men motion to their position; creating a human runway from the start of the ringside area to the ring.

Just then, the two men come down from the carriage, from opposite sides, and make their way to the door. They open it and reach their hand inside to graciously help whoever is inside to come out. Before long, Valentina Lozano and Valerie McKinley emerge from the carriage and is helped out of there by the men with Isis Morales being helped out soon after. The crowd’s reaction intensified at the sight of these three women, who could care less. Valentina & Isis are wearing their regular wrestling gear, but catered in a white & gold ensemble with their outfits (with white pads) & boots in gold and wearing white robe (Valentina) & white duster coat (Isis). - Valerie is wearing a short gold sheath dress and matching gold open toe heeled pumps. Over the dress, she wore a pristine long sleeved white jacket that reached past the hem of her dress. The jacket was a beautiful brocade pattern and the hem, sleeves and sides were all trimmed in the same color gold as her dress. Comfortably propped over her shoulder is the Future Shock Championship belt.

After briefly walking the red carpet, the trio then begin their walk to the ring, causally stepping on the men’s strong backs, showing no regard to who they’re stepping on. The three ladies then walk up to the ring and walks across the edge, looking around the stadium as they see the consistent flashing lights of the camera and the still boisterous reaction from the massive crowd.

The ladies wipe their feet on the apron and Valentina & Valerie enter the ring through the ropes, while Isis easily steps over the ropes. They stride towards three opposite ring posts in where they climb up and pose to the crowd with complete confidence, taking in the atmosphere while the crowd reaction continues and the cameras flashing.

After going through their ritual, they all come down and make their way to a corner, with Valentina makes her way towards the referee and commands the referee to take off her robe, which is executed with minimal resistance. The ladies then engage in a discussion before bringing their focus towards the ramp as they wait for their opponent to arrive.

Zack: Alright, folks, it's time for some payback! Valentina Lozano hired Ruby Tyler to be her personal Huntress, and that... Well, that went south quick. Now the Privileged Circle has to deal with Ruby and a partner of her choice... Who turns out to be none other than her hunting partner, Kevin Hardaway! A wrestling legend of his own!

Mai: And quite honestly, I think it's a disaster! This is Unstoppable, this is FFW! This is a show for women!... Though with a wrestler like Isis Morales, I don't think I can fault Ruby for wanting to seek out the help of another man for this one.

Zack: Interestingly enough, Isis is taller than Kevin Hardaway by 5 inches and-- wait, did you just say "ANOTHER" man?!

The lights immediately go out in the arena and a single spotlight shines down on top of the ramp. The sweet dulcet tones of one Mr. Freddie Mercury can be heard as he starts singing the first few lyrics of “Don’t Stop Me Now” as more shafts of light appear, all centering on ramp.

Tonight I'm gonna have myself a real good time
I feel alive and the world it's turning inside out, yeah!
I'm floating around in ecstasy
So don't stop me now don't stop me
'Cause I'm having a good time, having a good time

It’s when the song kicks into the second gear and it’s faster tone that Ruby Tyler and Kevin Hardaway run out onto the ramp, their HKW Tornado Tag Team Championships prominently displayed around their waists. The two of them are color coordinated for once, both in black pants and boots with white wrist tape. Ruby wears her signature cutoff olive green tank top, while Kevin rocks a vintage Queen shirt.

Blue and red lights flicker around the arena, surrounding #RubyWay as they make their way down the ramp toward the ring, giving fans high fives. Pyro goes off behind them, much to their apparent delight.

As the song picks up, Kevin unbuckles his championship belt and begins using it as an air guitar, playing an epic solo as the two make their way to the ring. They slide in underneath the bottom ropes and climb opposite turnbuckles, encouraging the crowd to cheer and sing along as the song begins to fade out.

As the music winds down the two return to the ring and meet in their corner, dropping their belts. By the time they turn to face their opponents’ corner, the two of them are laser focused and centered.

Ready for war.

And so is the Circle.

As soon as the referee gives them a modicum of space, Isis goes RIGHT after Ruby, and Valentina jumps Hardaway, as the two teams start brawling madly on top of the ring!

Zack: AND WE'RE OFF TO A HOT START!!! All hell's broken loose!

Slowly but surely, RubyWay begin to take control of the match by landing more blows to Valentina and Isis, dazing the two women just enough to buy themselves some space. Kevin then warns Ruby that he'd rather take Isis since she's bigger; Ruby counter-offers to perform a tandem move, and then they lace their hands and rush towards the Circle with their arms out... Only for Isis to smash each of her forearms into Ruby's and Hardaway's noses. Both collapse to the mat as the Titaness snickers. The referee is desperately trying to get some control going on, while Isis moves her arm around as if cracking her joints ready for another one, and the RubyWay pair gets up fairly quickly. Isis and goes right for the attack, aiming this next one at Ruby alone, and then dashes towards the Huntress... Only for Hardaway to notice that, shove Ruby out of harm's way and get smacked himself. Hardaway crashes... And then promptly gets up, brushing his clothes, and then mouths of at Isis: "Try a little harder next time!"

Mai: He just... ate Isis' tackle and got up like it was nothing. I think I like him.

Zack: Like I said, Mai, he's a wrestling icon in his own terms. I think we're going to see a great fight here.

Isis growls and immediately goes after Hardaway again, being goaded by Valentina to "show these maggots their places". Noticing that, Ruby aims for Isis' knees, delivering a dropkick to her knees, sending her offtrack as her massive frame crashes to the mat. A shocked Valentina immediately stiffs Ruby with a forearm to the head. Hardaway joins the party by stiffing her right the ungodly fffffuck back with a lariat that almost flips the Latin Goddess inside out. The bells FINALLY ring, as Ruby and Isis roll out of the ring, and K-Hard and Valentina are the legal members of the match.

Zack: Finally, some order in this contest, as Kevin Hardaway starts for RubyWay and Valentina Starts for the Circle.

Hardaway proceeds to grab Valentina by the head to pull her up to her feet, but the Latin Goddess answers quickly by striking his midsection with several elbow shots, weakening his grip on her head. Kevin doesn't budge though, as he presses again, almost putting Valentina through a sleeper using sheer force. Realizing she should change strategy, she tilts her gravity center backwards, leading Hardaway to the ropes and pressing him there. She then attempts to send him running, but he plants his feet and sends her running instead. Making her way across the ring, Valentina hits the ropes and comes back with the built momentum, sticking her arm out for a clothesline... Nope! Hardaway ducks under her arm and watches as she runs the entire length of the ring. She turns around, finds the ropes again, runs towards him aaaaand is immediately caught in an STO as he throws Valentina to the mat without falling with her. Lozano seems to be nothing short of pissed, while K-Hard shakes his head, right before grabbing her head again and shoving her to hte nearest corner. Valentina bumps into the turnbuckles, and Hardaway opens half a ring of distance between them, before he dashes towards her and jumps for a corner spear... NOPE! Valentina grabs the top rope and pulls herself UPWARDS and out of harm's way, and Hardaway crashes shoulder first into the corner post! Valentina then jumps from the top of the corner and grabs Kevin's waist, diving forward and pining his shoulders to the mat with a sunset flip roll-up!

ON-- NOPE! Hardaway kicks out with PLENTY authority.

Hardaway rolls to his side and gets back up, rubbing his right shoulder, while Valentina proceeds to mouth off at the referee, telling her to count faster, completely thrown off that she didn't even get an one-count. Meanwhile, outside the ring, Ruby, who's already on her corner, shares some words with her partner, oblivious that Isis is slowly sneaking up on her...

Zack: K-Hard kicks out before an one-count... Certainly one hell of a business card delivered to the Circle's door right now.

Mai: He's a tough cookie alright. Let's see if Valentina and Isis have it in themselves to chew it properly.

Rotating his shouder to show it's nothing at all, Hardaway gets right back in the action, making a beeline to Valentina and throwing the first punch... which Lozano parries, grabbing his arm and immediately pulling him into a Fujiwara armbar! Lozano puts all of her weight into bringing Kevin to the mat while yanking his arm backwards, clearly making an effort to weaken his shoulder even further! Throwing caution to the wind though, Kevin uses his free hand to pull upwards and spin on the mat, sending Valentina tumbling backwards in a faux-arm drag. Hardaway gets back up and immediately delivers a sound kick to Valentina's spine that arches the Rich Bitch's back in pain. Ruby has her hand out for him as she knows he has a bull's-eye on his shoulder already, calling him out for a tag. He turns to Ruby and makes a beeline to his partner... WHOOPS! Isis sneaks up from behind and grabs Ruby's legs, yanking her legs off the corner! Tyler crashes face first into the apron, and Isis smirks at him with a shit-eating grin and a shrug.

Mai: She was there the entire time! The ENTIRE time! Bahahahah, down goes the Huntress!

Zack: Isis waited for the exact right time to neutralize Ruby Tyler, and Kevin Hardaway will have to hold on for a little longer before activating his partner!

Hardaway seems more than ready to go after Isis, but Valentina comes from behind and grabs him by the hem of his pants, pulling him backwards into an atomic drop. Isis runs to the corner of her team, climbing on the apron, calling her partner out. Valentina quickly dashes to her corner before Kevin can react and manages to make the tag. Kevin turns around in time to see Isis coming, and the two big wrestlers stand in the center of the ring. Hardaway is slightly shorter than Isis, but they've basically the same body constitution. "You're one big motherfucker, aren't you," Hardaway comments, before throwing the first punch. Isis parries that, throwing a punch of her own, which is also blocked. the two wrestlers then end up in a collar-and-elbow, measuring strengths. Isis makes the best use of her slight advantage, slowly pushing Hardaway towards the ropes... Which allows Ruby to stretch the tag rope as much as she can, managing to tap Kevin's shoulder and tag herself in! Isis barely has the time to push Hardaway away from her before Ruby jumps in and starts to connect with several kicks to Isis' lower midsection!

Zack: Ruby tags herself in, and did she stretch herself for that! Time for the Huntress to get some action!

Mai: THIS is what FFW is all about! Girl on girl action! Though it's Isis Morales, so--


Isis parries as many of the kicks as she can, but she has to take some of them, given Ruby's speed. Eventually, Isis gets fed up with this dynamic and shoves Ruby away from her. Ruby bounces into the ropes behind her, and smartly leaps for a dropkick right to Isis' stomach when she comes back, folding the giantess! Isis growls as she straightens up again, and Ruby barely has time to power back to her feet before she's grabbed by the head and hurled to a neutral corner. She then stares at Hardaway and taunts him ("Watch how WE deal with cockroaches!") before she rushes to the corner and squishes Ruby into the turnbuckles with a body splash. A quick tag with Valentina, who repeats the motion, except she strikes Ruby with a Yakuza kick... NOPE! Ruby dives out of the way! Isis, who hasn't left the ring yet, makes a beeline to Ruby, which makes Hardaway go "NOPE" instantly as he hops onto the top rope and springs himself towards Isis, bringing her down with a headscissors takedown! Isis is sent rolling out of the ring ("AND FUCKING STAY THERE!", says K-Hard) and as Kevin turns around... Valentina makes him eat an enzuigiri that sends him right back down to the mat!

Zack: Enzuigiri by Valentina, Hardaway ate all of it!

Mai: No matter how larger than your opponent you are -- a kick to the temple will knock ANYONE down.

With Kevin down, she brings her attention back to Ruby scraping her boot into her face before she grabs her by the head and lifts her back to her feet. Ruby acts quickly and shoves Lozano to the ropes behind her. Valentina hits the ropes and comes back running for Ruby, but she could NEVER see RubyWay's tandem coming: Ruby and K-Hard join one another in the center of the ring and crouch, grabbing Valentina's legs and lifting her into an alley-oop! Valentina collapses face first into the mat, and as the referee starts admonishing Kevin for still being in the ring, he bails, dashing to his corner and extending his arm out to Ruby. She gladly makes the tag, allowing Kevin to hop onto the top rope and dive onto Valentina with a double foot stomp to her stomach! Valentina gasps for air as Kevin makes a cover!



NO!!! Valentina kicks out!

"Well, crap," Kevin mouths off before grabbing a handful of Valentina's hair, bringing her up to her feet as he does the same. Valentina reacts quickly, throwing punches to Kevin's midsection, trying to make him loosen his grip on her hair. Eventually, she slaps his hand away and connects with a knee lift, slightly folding him over. In order to get the advantage back to her side, Valentina dashes to the ropes to build up momentum, but as she comes back... K-Hard grabs her by the waist and launches her upwards, connecting with a back body drop. Hardaway then turns around and grabs Valentina's head from behind, deadlifting her into an inverted suplex, making Valentina crash face first into the mat again. By this time, Isis is finally getting up at ringside, rubbing her head before climbing onto the apron. Inside the ring, Valentina begins to stand up slowly while Kevin towers over her like a bird of prey ready to peck its food. When Valentina is on her knees Hardaway dashes right past her, building up momentum right before meeting her with a double knee strike to her chest. Valentina hits the mat hard, and Hardaway crawls over his opponent to make the cover.



NO!!! Isis invades the ring and throws himself onto Hardaway, pushing him off her partner!

The referee IMMEDIATELY admonishes Isis for the invasion, and while she's distracted, with her back turned away from Hardaway (who's nowhere close to his corner) and Tyler, Ruby CLAPS!

Referee: TAG!

Mai: Wait-- The fuck?! what the hell did Ruby just do?!


Hardaway casts Ruby a funny look before they join in the center of the ring! Morales is now LIVID that the referee didn't even look at her opponents' corner to see if the tag was made properly as RubyWay make a beeline to Valentina, her up to her feet and then shoving her to the ropes! Valentina hits the ropes and comes back running, and RubyWay connects with a double hip toss backbreaker! Hardaway nods at Ruby for her quick thinking and exits the ring, while Ruby leaps and connects with an extra frog splash, staying on top of Valentina for a cover. The referee, still holding Isis back, doesn't see it happen, and by the time she does, Valentina has already powered out of it. Ruby casts the ref a dirty look before she gets back to her feet and leaps again, this time connecting with an elbow drop across Valentina's chest. Lozano gasps for air while Ruby makes her way to a neutral corner, climbing up to the top rope and getting ready for her signature forearm smash, waiting patiently for Lozano to get up. And when she does, Ruby leaps, forearm out for her patented move... And Valentina sidesteps, pushing Ruby ever so slightly and watching as she crashes face first into the mat.

Zack: OUCH! Crash and burn! Bet she didn't expect Valentina to react like that, and now the Circle wants to claim the drivers' seat again!

Valentina makes her way up to Ruby and grabs a handful of her hair, forcing her to stand up, before she starts throwing knees upon knees to her face. She then looks at Hardaway at the corner and decides against the Peasant's Demise combination, proceeding to put Ruby in the Killswitch position. But instead of connecting with the impaler, Valentina watches as Ruby makes an immense effort to lift her onto her shoulders! Ruby screams to get that discharge of adrenaline to lift Valentina onto her back, but Lozano has enough time to adjust, backflipping and landing behind Ruby safely. Ruby turns around, and as Valentina throws an enzuigiri, Ruby connects with a POWERFUL headbutt to her chest, and both women collapse!


Mai: That's a pity, I WAS enjoying the girl on girl action!

Zack: As you do.

Valentina is now gasping for air while Ruby is on her stomach, both women crawling over to their corners, the crowd encouraging them to go for that hot tag... AND THEY DO! Kevin hops onto the third rope while Isis enters the ring hovering over the mid rope, watching as he dives onto her with an arm out for a clothesline! She dodges, and he rolls to safety, getting back to his feet! But when he turns around, Isis is coming towards him like a bat out of hell, her arm out, connecting with a forearm that knocks him down! Hardaway quickly powers back to his feet, and is met with a kick to the stomach that folds him over. Isis then dashes to the ropes behind her, building up momentum to catch him with the Titaness Stomp... RUBY TYLER HOPS ONTO THE TOP ROPE AND SPRINGS HERSELF TOWARDS ISIS, CATCHING HER HEAD AND SENDING HER OFF THE RAILS WITH A HURRICANRANA!


Valentina promptly invades the ring and leaps at a still rising Ruby, connecting with her rolling cutter signature! Ruby is knocked out and rolls out of the ring, but she never sees K-Hard coming,a s he smacks her up the head with a short arm lariat that almost flips her inside out! Valentina crashes, and Kevin proceeds to put her head between his legs and pull her arms in the double underhook, setting her up for the Williams Driver! Except...


Mai: HOLY BALLS, if that wasn't the MOTHER of all clotheslines!

Zack: Isis Morales almost turned Kevin Hardaway inside out with a Clothesline From Hell!

Kevin flips out in the air with the clothesline before he collapses to the mat, right before Isis forces him to stand up, lifts him onto her shoulders and then throws him in the air, grabbing his legs so to spin him midair and make him crash face first to the mat! With K-Hard down and out, Isis flips him over and makes the cover!


Mai: Thanks for coming, Hardy! We barely knew ye!




Isis brings herself up to her knees and beats her palms clean as the Circle's music hits the PA again.

Maggie: The winners of this match... THE PRIVILEGED CIRCLE!!!

Zack: Despite Tyler and Hardaway's best efforts... Isis Morales pulls off another victory for the Circle, and they're on quite a roll!

Mai: Let's be honest here, Z: Isis was always right. Ruby never deserved a spot in the Circle. Leave that to the rich and powerful.

Nevaeh Faces The Jury

The camera pans around now as we see the capacity filled stadium awaiting the next match of the evening. We even find Nevaeh Summers looking towards the entrance ramp to see what is about to go down next. Nevaeh seems enthused as she sits in her chair, but her mood changes as “All Grown up” by Jacki-O starts to play throughout MetLife Stadium. Everyone seems surprised by the sound of Cassandra Mason’s theme music, none more than Nevaeh.

Cassandra doesn’t waste much time storming down to the ring. She is wearing blue denim jeans, a black t-shirt with the FFW logo emblazoned on it. She reaches the steel steps, once at the top of the steps she grabs the microphone that was conveniently there. Cassandra enters the ring. She notices where Nevaeh is sitting, that’s not where her attention is focused immediately. Her back is turned to Nevaeh as she begins to speak. 

Cassandra: I would like to thank the trailblazing Samantha Starr for allowing me to be here tonight. I’ve been asked why I haven’t been on FFW television lately. Quite simple. I don’t technically work here anymore. I wasn’t as ready to return to the world of wrestling as I thought. It happens. Sam didn’t have to allow me to appear before you all tonight. I did promise I was going to confront Nev. Here I am, live and in living color...

It is in this moment that Cassandra Mason turns her attention to Nevaeh Summers. Nevaeh looked at her with a befuddled expression, all the while Cassandra stared at her with a serious look upon her face

Cassandra: Hi! Did you really think approaching me backstage at the Hall of Fame would be enough? Doesn’t shock me at all. You wanted what we shared years ago to stay behind closed doors. Thought you changed, Nev. No. You haven’t. Still cloak and dagger with you. Unable to face the problem that you yourself created. Time to put your big girl pants on. Our falling out happened in a very public, real manner. You don’t get to hide anymore. Get your ass in the ring, give me exactly what I deserve, on my terms this time. I am not playing by your rules, anymore!

 Nevaeh just stared up at Cassie, not sure what was happening right now. There were light boos as people didn’t seem to appreciate Cassie’s approach. Nevaeh just looked at the woman in the ring we could overhear her say: “I wasn’t hiding. I tried to give you what you wanted. Why are you…”

Cassandra: You don’t get it! It is not enough that you say, “Cassandra, I’m sorry.” You’re going to give me an apology in front of everyone here, tonight. In front of the entire world. It’s only fair. I was humiliated in grand fashion by a scumbag you basically chose over me. You choose becoming a Hall of Famer over a woman you claim to feel such remorse for hurting. Do as I ask for the first time in your life. Come in this ring. Face me like a woman.

Nevaeh could see how firm Cassie was in her demand. Everyone turned to look at Nevaeh and what she was gonna do. Nevaeh now slowly got out of her chair and to her feet, which brought a rush from the crowd. Nevaeh stared at Cassandra before turning and walking over to a security guard. Nevaeh was in a discussion with the man, before she was eventually allowed to pass through. Nevaeh was now ringside as she walked towards the steel steps. Nevaeh began to look around the ring and seemed to take on a very somber expression. She slowly made her way up the steps and onto the ring apron. Nevaeh looked at the ropes, seemingly taking where she was in for a moment. This didn’t sit well with Cassie

Cassandra: Hurry up!! Stop stalling!!!

Nevaeh glanced over to Cassie. Still sporting a somber look Nevaeh slowly made her way between the ropes and into the ring. Nevaeh didn’t look comfortable at all as she looked at the mat, than up at Cassie. Nevaeh again tried to talk to her: “I made a mistake. I didn’t want to hurt...…”

Cassandra: Stop! You’re going to need a microphone for this. They can’t hear you.

Cassandra now made her way to the ropes and snapped her fingers at Maggie Rourke, wanting a microphone. Maggie reluctantly did so as Cassandra walked back in front of Nevaeh and put the microphone out to her. Nevaeh looked down at it and then up at Cassie. Cassandra, insisted she take it, which Nevaeh did. Nevaeh held the microphone up to her mouth.

Nevaeh: I’m trying to tell you that I made a mistake...

Cassandra: On second thought, this would work a lot better if you dropped to your knees.

Cassandra smirks. She motions for Nevaeh to drop to her knees. The crowd obviously boo cause they believe Cassandra has taken this to a level that isn’t warranted. Nevaeh is flabbergasted by Cassandra’s cruel approach to asking for an apology. Nevaeh just stared at her for several moments before speaking back up

Nevaeh: ...is this what you want to be now? Is this what you’ve been thinking about since last December? Is this right here what you wanted Cassie?

Cassandra rolls her eyes.

Cassandra: Don’t call me Cassie. You lost that right years ago. It is Cassandra now. And no, this is not how I initially saw this playing out. Days before I made my FFW debut against what’s her face, FFW decided to give you a spot in their Hall of Fame. Not saying you don’t deserve it. Come on, you were the story, not my debut. Again I had to be smacked in the face with everyone talking about how great a wrestler you are. How awesome your moment was. It’s like all the crimes you committed, especially the one to me, was swept under the rug. Your being in the Hall of Fame is a slap in the face. All it is is a reminder to me that you sold your soul for all the riches you accumulated over the course of your time here, which came at my expense.

The venom in which Cassandra drove that point home is self evident. A scowl forms on her face. The daggers she is staring at Nev is not subtle in the least bit.   

Cassandra: So an apology is not enough. I want to humiliate you. I don’t want you leaving Unstoppable with a grand feel good moment. I want you to feel exactly how I feel! Now, on your knees.

The crowd boos even louder as Nevaeh seems an emotional wreck as she stares at Cassie. Nevaeh has taken in what was said, every letter spoken has hit her hard. Nevaeh just keeps staring at Cassie till she lowers her head. Nevaeh just stands there before taking in a big breath. Her head is still down as she brings the microphone to her mouth and speaks softly.

Nevaeh: I didn't want to believe it. All this time I could hear what you were saying, but I didn’t want to believe it. It couldn’t be. No...it couldn’t. Not you….I knew you...I knew you better than anybody...but now I know..

Nevaeh paused as she raised her head back up. Her eyes were bloodshot as she stared at Cassie. Nevaeh looked her up and down, saddened

Nevaeh:...you want your apology….I’ll give it you...Cassandra

The crowd audibly realizes what Nevaeh just said. Nevaeh now takes a step towards Cassandra, to where they are almost nose to nose. Nevaeh is looking Cassandra right in her eyes.

Nevaeh: I’m gonna give you your apology, but I’m gonna look you in the eyes cause I want you to finally see and know that I mean every word of it. I’m sorry, Cassandra, that I caused all the pain and agony I did to you. I never wanted to hurt you, I didn't. I was a horrible person all those years ago. I still might be, but I never wanted to be towards you. I did sell my soul for my career, that part is true, and I have been trying to get it back. You want me to feel how you felt? I felt it every day these past few years. The guilt has eaten me alive more than you know Cassandra. I wanted to tell you that, I just wanted to try and talk to you and apologize all these months...but every time I tried to talk to you..you pulled this. You cut me off and talk down to me. And you had that right because I hurt you. I accepted that. I’m sorry for that Cassandra. The company didn’t try to steal your moment, I sure a shell didn’t want to steal your moment. It was just a coincidence Cassandra. That’s all it was. But I’m sorry it made you feel that way. I never brought up anything about the hall of fame or talked about myself at your expense. I didn’t want things to be about me. I wanted you to succeed to the highest degree here in FFW. I really did cause whether you believe it or not I still cared for Cassie. That’s why when she told me not to talk to her I respected it. When she would call me a coward or told me to woman up I bit my tongue. Because I knew I had hurt Cassie and that destroyed me.

Cassandra stands there. She doesn’t say a word. All she does is narrow her eyes. For the first time she is left relatively speechless. She doesn’t give the impression she is going to speak. Nev continues on as she keeps her eyes locked on Cassandra’, looking more firm as she spoke

Nevaeh: But it wasn’t Cassie saying all those things was it? No it was you, Cassandra. You’re the one who wants to be seen as all grown up now, don’t take crap from anybody. You want your respect and what you feel you deserve. Well ok. I’m sorry for everything. I’m sorry and you know when you look into my eyes that I mean it. Not for you Cassandra, but for the woman I hope is still in there somewhere. Because above all else I’m sorry that what I did caused this..

Nevaeh motioned her hand up and down next to Cassandra.

Nevaeh:..to happen. I’m sorry Cassandra for causing you to become what you are today. I’m sorry! Now if you still want me to get on my knees well there’s a way that can happen. You can force me to do it. But understand something very clearly. I would never harm a hair on Cassie’s head...but you Cassandra….I’m not so sure...

Cassandra: Fine. Have it your way.

Without taking her eyes off Nevaeh, Cassandra balls up her fist. She rears back giving off the impression she is going to strike her down with all the fire and venom she has been unleashing ever since she made it her mission to get an apology out of Nev. Cassandra brings her fist forward but her fist stops a inch from Nevaeh’s face. Nevaeh looks at Cassandra, then her fist near her face. Nevaeh’s body looks to be getting tense as she looks back at Cassandra. Cassandra drops her arm, unable to go through with a potential knockout blow. Drawing the microphone to her lips, with a resigned look on her face..

Cassandra: I... accept your apology.

Cassandra sighs. She turns her back to Nev. Feeling there was nothing left to do, she walks towards the ropes without so much as looking back at her former friend. She stands there for what feels like an eternity.  Nevaeh’s eyes never leave Cassandra, she watches her closely. Finally, Cassandra exits the ring. She drops to the floor. She walks up the ramp without bothering to look up to the big screen to gauge the look on Nev’s face. The crowd is left stunned by what just happened, they were expecting things to escalate physically, that moment never came. Cassandra stands at the top of the ramp, giving the impression perhaps she would change her mind, or possibly look back in Nev’s direction. That moment never comes. She walks backstage leaving Nevaeh and the crowd to process what just happened. 

Nevaeh watched as Cassie walked away, till she was out of view, leaving Nevaeh in the middle of the ring, surrounded by thousands of people. Nevaeh sported a somber expression on her face as she now looked down at the mat. A fan went about shouting at her to keep her head up, but Nevaeh wasn’t finding that easy to do. Instead she slowly raised her head up and slowly started to shake it. Nevaeh looked out to the filled stadium and then at the ring. Nevaeh now began to make her way towards the ropes.

Zack: That was certainly a very tense situation we just witnessed here tonight ladies and gentlemen. This ordeal between Nevaeh Summers and Cassandra Mason has taken another turn. Cassandra seemingly got her apology, but things still seem unsettled between the two.

Mai: The plot thy thickens. What do you think’s gonna happen next? More dirty laundry to be aired?

Zack: I’d hope not. This has gone on long enough. Hopefully for them both things will calm down.

She made her exit by jumping to the ringside pads, and then walking up the entrance ramp towards the main gate. As she did, the crowd could only applaud and encourage the World’s Finest as she kept her head down for most of the trip up the ramp. Once atop the main stage, she turned around and looked into the packed arena, soaking in the support of the fans who were once on the other side from her perspective.

And that split second’s distraction was enough.

Oblivious to what was coming from the gorilla, Nevaeh could never see someone coming for her, someone that would ultimately clobber her up the head with a weapon.


Mai: BAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! This is BEAUTIFUL! Nevaeh taunted Alysson two days ago at the Hall of Fame, and THIS is her answer!!!

As Nevaeh collapses onto the ramp in a heap we see Alysson standing tall over her, clutching her crowbar. The same crowbar she hit Nevaeh in the face with back at Global Wars. She stands on top of the blonde staring down at her as the whole arena boos her raucously, mouthing off at the former FFW Champion.

Alysson: Just because you were on the stage at the Hall of Fame it doesn’t mean you’re allowed inside the ring again, Li’l Miss Pothead!

And with that, the redhead proceeds to kick Nevaeh’s prone body as if it was a football, without any form of technique, right in the ribs. Nevaeh slowly groaned a she moved an arm to her midsection. Alysson’s truly out to hurt Nevaeh in any way possible.

Alysson: Where are your white knights now though, huh? WHERE ARE THEY, BITCH?!

And another punt to Nevaeh’s ribs. The blonde screeches in pain as the redhead clutches her crowbar. Nevaeh can barely defend herself as she is reaching out to try and grab Alysson. The drowsy,  glazed over look on Nevaeh’s face showed everyone that nobody was home right now. Gardner seemed to have fun with it as she grabbed a handful of Nevaeh’s hair and lifted her head, staring into her empty eyes.

Alysson: None of them are here! But YOU are… And I am!

Alysson now lifted the crowbar above her head, her face scowling, as she looked to smack Nevaeh right in the face with the weapon. Alysson reared back, but security and referees now swarmed around her, getting her back and away from Nevaeh, who slumped back onto the stage. We could see Nevaeh’s face staring in the direction of Alysson who seemed annoyed her fun was interrupted. Alysson began yelling at them while pointing in Nevaeh’s direction.

Alysson: Stop it? If you want me to stop you better do your job. That piece of trash doesn’t work here. She shouldn’t be here at all. Get her off my stage and out of my company!

Security and referees continued trying to get Alysson to the back as medical personnel started to tend to Nevaeh, who was still staring in Alysson’s direction the whole time.

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Maggie: The following contest is scheduled for one fall to a finish!

"I wish I was tall, I wish I was fast
Wish I could show up with a bag full of cash"

Jessica Anderson emerges from behind the curtain with a scowl plastered upon her features. She places her right hand on her hip and tilts her head slightly, smiling brightly as she looks out at the Sydney crowd.

"I wish I had style, I wish I had flash
I wish I woke up with a butt and a rack
'Cause if I want you, I gotta have that"

Maggie: Making her way to the ring, from Worcester, England and weighing in at 119 pounds... JESSICA ANDERSON!

Jessica begins to make her way briskly down the ramp, slapping hands with the fans along the way . She reaches the ring and scales one step at a time, before straddling the middle rope. She pauses for a brief moment, mouthing a ‘thank you’ in the direction of the crowd, before pulling her body into the ring. She scales the turnbuckle and raises both hands aloft before she hops down from the turnbuckle, once again adopting the appreciative look as she looks around.

Zack: Jessica is joining us as a guest tonight especially for Unstoppable. She’s said it’s always been a dream of hers to be part of the biggest show in FFW’s calendar and tonight she’s getting her wish.

Mai: You need to be careful what you wish for, Valerie is going to turn her dream into a nightmare!

The lights in the arena dip, almost going out. Rather than going out entirely however, they are replaced by red, white and gold.

And who are you, the proud Lord said,
That I must bow so low?
Only a cat of a different coat,
That’s all the truth I know!
In a coat of gold, or a coat of red,
A lion still has claws.
And mine are long, and sharp my Lord,
As long as sharp as yours!

The metal version of one of the most famous songs from Game of Thrones thunders from the speakers, which brings a chorus of jeering from the crowd. From the back walks Valerie Lamb, which only heightens the jeering. A step behind her is Vincent Belmont. She stops just before the ramp, where she widens her stance and looks around her as Vincent joins her. Suddenly, she claps her hands above her head, which sends a stream of coloured pyro across the stage.

And so he spoke, and so he spoke,
That Lord of Castamere.
But now the rains weep o’er his home,
With no one left to hear.
Yes, now the rains weep o’er his home,
With not a soul to hear.

The redheaded wrestler undoes her longcoat, showing off the scarlet coloured ring gear she wears. A smirk on her face, she looks to her manager, they nod to each other and start off down the ramp. Despite the pace of the song, their walk is not slow, but certainly methodical.

Maggie: And her opponent, from Edinburgh, Scotland, weighing 150 pounds, this is VALERIE LAMB!

Maggie’s announcement comes as the pair are about halfway down the ramp. As a momentary solo is played, the pair reach the bottom of the ramp, where Vincent takes her coat from her and hands it to an attendant.

And who are you, the proud Lord said,
That I must bow so low?
Only a cat of a different coat,
That’s all the truth I know!
A coat of gold, or a coat of red,
A lion still has claws.
And mine are long and sharp, my Lord,
As long as sharp as yours!

Valerie enters the ring, and walks to the centre, where she stops dead for a moment, a solitary white spotlight shining on her. She spins in a circle, almost in a pirouette and as she comes full rotation, drops down to one knee and leaning forward to face the mat. A camera closes in on her face, where she looks into it and tells us that on their knees is where her opponents belong. Standing up, she walks to her corner, where Vincent awaits her. The pair speak between themselves as the music dies, and the lights return to normal.

Zack: Valerie has had a match on every Unstoppable since the very first one back in 2010, and she wasn’t about to let this year be any different.

Mai: And tonight she gets to give Jessica a crash course in Unstoppable etiquette. Emphasis on the crash!

With the excitement almost palpable throughout the MetLife Stadium, the crowd start to quieten a little as referee Jennifer Stringer completes her checks of both women and calls for the bell to get the match underway. Neither woman wastes any time in making it to the centre of the ring, and Jessica looks around a little awestruck as she drinks in the atmosphere of the capacity crowd. Valerie who is taking it all in her stride, rolls her eyes a bit at this. Jessica finally focuses on Valerie in front of her and offers her a handshake. Lamb looks at the hand for a second, before she shrugs and gives a quick handshake… which she quickly turns into an opportunity to pull Anderson towards her. The redheaded former FFW Champion smacks the visiting brunette with a forearm across her jaw and then fires two elbow shots into the side of her head.

Zack: Jessica is on her retirement tour at the moment before she settles down to start a family with her husband, and you can see that the excitement from this crowd might have caught her a little by surprise. Which gave Valerie a perfect opportunity to find an opening.

Mai: She should forget about the fans and concentrate on the match.

Still holding onto her hand, Valerie pulls Jessica into another forearm to the jaw, and then bends her forwards to start hammering her forearm across the brunette’s back. Several shots land before Valerie pulls Jessica up and fires her across into the ropes. Anderson rebounds off and ducks down to avoid a waiting clothesline from the redhead. She keeps going to the opposite side and comes off those ropes with a clothesline of her own, that Valerie narrowly dodges to the side to avoid. Jessica keeps onto the first set of ropes again, this time when she comes off them, Valerie catches her square on the chin with an Uppercut that almost lifts her off her feet. Another forearm smash follows before Valerie fires her into the ropes again, this time Jessica doesn’t manage to avoid the clothesline and it flips her to land on her back on the canvas with a thud.

Mai: Did you see that?! Valerie almost turned Jessica inside out with that clothesline!

Zack: Jessica did well to avoid the clothesline the first time, but there was no way she was avoiding that second one.

Jessica gets quite a bit of encouragement from the crowd as she gets back to her feet, supporting her back a little as she does. She gives herself a little shake and meets Valerie back in the centre of the ring. This time the two go into a collar and elbow tie up. Valerie starts to get the upper hand and manages to push Jessica back a step, but as the tie up breaks, Jessica manages to clock the former FFW Champion with an elbow to the side of her head. It catches Valerie off guard and Jessica takes the opening to drive her knee into the redhead’s ribs. Grabbing her by the head, Jessica pulls Valerie forward to deliver a knee into her face and then a second and a third. Releasing her head, Jessica uses an Uppercut to stand the hall of famer upright and then a one-handed bulldog follows to face plant Lamb on the canvas.

Zack: The crowd support for Jessica spurred her on there, no doubt. She found her own opening and she’s showing that she isn’t just going to be a walkover for Valerie.

Mai: She doesn’t need to be a walkover, she just needs to lay down for three seconds. Even she should be able to manage that.

Valerie gets straight back up to a vertical base, and Jessica hits her square in the chest with a standing dropkick that knocks her backwards, but she manages to stay on her own two feet barely. A spinning heel kick from Jessica puts paid to that though and it knocks Valerie down to one knee. Keeping the pressure on, Anderson hits her with a shining wizard to flatten her to the canvas, before she goes for the cover prompting Stringer to get into position for the count.

Zack: Jessica is going for the first cover of this match, but I think this is going to be way too soon to keep Valerie down for any length of time.



The hall of famer kicks out just after the one and Jessica gets straight back to her feet, soaking in the love from the crowd a little bit after she has.

Mai: She was lucky to even get a one there, and the way she’s soaking in this attention you’d think she’d just won the match!

The crowd’s chanting alerts Jessica, and she turns around but not in enough time to dodge the knee that Valerie buries into her gut. She unleashes a series of knee strikes after that, one after another into Jessica’s ribs and side until the brunette is forced to bend forwards from the impact. A standing elbow drop from Valerie into Jessica’s back drops her down to her hands and knees. Anderson tries to get back to her feet, but another elbow drop driven into her lower back by Valerie flattens her to the canvas. Jessica starts to push back to her feet and Valerie drives her elbow into the same spot on her back to push her down again. Again, Jessica tries to get up only to have Valerie’s elbow driven into her back once more, earning the redhead a massive amount of disdain from the capacity crowd.

Mai: Valerie is having some fun with this. She knows she could do more, but she’s enjoying watching Jessica keep trying to get up.

Zack: She’s not going to win the match this way, but she will be taking her toll on Jessica’s back. And likely frustrating her quite bit in the process.

Jessica makes another attempt to push up to her knees, and rather than stop her, Valerie pulls her the rest of the way up to her feet from behind. She hits her with a trio of forearm smashes across her back and then locks her arm around her waist. Lifting her up, Valerie uses a German Suplex to drive her into the canvas. She pulls her straight back up to her feet for a second. And then a third. And a fourth before she finally leaves Anderson laying on the canvas. A standing moonsault from the hall of famer follows before she hooks one of Jessica’s legs for a cover. Stringer immediately slides into place beside them to make the count.

Zack: After the elbow strikes that Jessica’s back has already taken, four German suplexes in a row are really going to be causing her some trouble.




Jessica’s shoulder comes up just after the two and Valerie powers straight back to her feet, pulling the brunette up to hers a moment later.

Mai: She should have saved herself from any more pain and just stayed down for the full three!

Valerie locks her arms around Jessica’s waist again, but the brunette quickly starts to fire elbows backwards. She manages to catch Valerie with a couple of shots to the side which force her to release her grip on Jessica’s waist. The redhead spins Jessica around and grabs her by the arm to fire her into the corner. She hits back first and Valerie follows her in with a baseball slide that takes her feet from under her and sends the brunette sprawling face first to the canvas. Jessica is quick back to her feet again and as soon as she is Valerie grabs her by the head and makes her way up to the top turnbuckle. The crowd show her a fair amount of disdain as she comes off with a Tornado DDT to plant Jessica on the canvas. A cover follows as Stringer gets back into position.

Mai: What a thing of beauty! And the Tornado DDT wasn’t half bad either.




Jessica kicks out just in the nick of time and pushes Valerie off her enough to allow her to roll away from the hall of famer.

Zack: Jessica saves herself at the last possible moment and she’s done the wise thing to create a little distance between herself and Valerie, to give herself a moments breather if nothing else.

Lamb gets back to her feet as Jessica uses the ropes to support herself as she rises. She barely makes it back to a vertical base before Valerie closes the gap between them. She aims a forearm at Jessica, but the brunette manages to dodge to the side to miss it. Valerie regains her balance quickly and shoves Jessica face first into the corner. The redhead charges in after her with a shoulder thrust, but gets nothing but turnbuckle as Jessica grabs the top rope either side of her. She uses them to support herself as she leaps up and over to land behind the hall of famer.

Zack: Jessica pulled that from nowhere and saved herself from meeting Valerie’s shoulder at high speed!

Mai: Never mind her, Valerie’s shoulder was introduced to the turnbuckle. I wonder if she wants someone to rub it better for her? I’d volunteer!

As Valerie spins around to face Jessica, the brunette grabs her by the arm and whips her into the opposite corner. She hits with the same shoulder that impacted the previous corner with a thud. Valerie turns again and is met with a dropkick to the chest that pins her back against the turnbuckles and knocks the wind out of her. Jessica doesn’t waste a minute and starts to deliver high knees into Valerie’s ribs one after the other. She lands five in quick succession before she pulls the redhead out of the corner and fires her across into the ropes. Valerie rebounds and Jessica catches her to execute a swinging snap DDT to drive her into the canvas. Anderson goes straight for the cover, hooking a leg as she does.

Zack: Jessica is looking to make an impact on her first ever Unstoppable appearance with a win over a woman who has been on every one of them!




Valerie hooks her free foot onto the bottom rope before Stringer can complete the three which makes her stop the count immediately. Jessica looks at her confused until she has it pointed out to her. The frustration is clear on Jessica’s face as she nods her head and rolls back to her knees.

Mai: Well, she’s going to have to keep looking isn’t she. Valerie’s ring awareness stopped a travesty from occurring then!

With the crowd fully behind her, Jessica gets back to her feet. She starts to pull Valerie up, until the redhead surprises her with a headbutt to the underside of her chin. Jessica freezes in place and Valerie takes the opening to get back to her feet fully. She clocks Anderson with an Uppercut to keep her off balance and then uses both palms to shove her into the ropes. Jessica bounces off and Valerie hits her with a roundhouse kick to the head that drops her like a rock to the canvas.

Mai: Now this is more like it! Valerie is showing Jessica exactly how it’s done.

Zack: I think Jessica might want to check her teeth are all in place still after that headbutt to the chin. They’ll have received a good rattling if nothing else.

Jessica scrambles back to her feet to find Valerie waiting for her with a chop to the chest. Several more follow which start to push the brunette backwards. More chops follow getter more rapid in speed until Jessica is pushed back into the corner. Once there, Valerie steps up the ropes beside her and uses an Enziguri to send her back out of the corner. Anderson stumbles but manages to stay on her feet, until Valerie comes off the top rope with a flying dropkick to her back that faceplants Jessica on the canvas. She starts to push up to her hands and knees, and makes it back to her feet barely, before Valerie rains down forearm smashes across the back of her neck and shoulders to bend her over. As soon as Jessica is bent forward, Valerie executes her gutwrench powerbomb to drive Jessica into the canvas. The redheaded hall of famer hooks both of Jessica’s legs as Stringer slides into place.

Zack: LAMB TO THE SLAUGHTER! Valerie is about to walk out of Unstoppable with the win.




Stringer immediately gets back to her feet and calls for the bell.

Maggie: Your winner via pinfall………………………..VALERIE LAMB!

Mai: It was always a foregone conclusion, Jessica should have just laid down for Valerie from the start.

Zack: Jessica got to fulfil a wish before she retires of having a match at Unstoppable and she put on an admirable performance. But tonight was Valerie’s night to have her hand raised.

Valerie gets back to her feet to have her hand raised by Stringer as Vincent joins her in the ring to raise her other hand. Once her hand has been lowered the two leave the ring and make their way back up the ramp as the camera cuts elsewhere.

A Little Time With The UV Champions

We hope in backstage at the MetLife center once more, this time with the FFW Ultraviolence champion “Malicious” Mallory Bennett and FFW’s end all-be all of news coming and going of the company, Jake Chandler. As Mal lets out a whistle from the last match, the skunk haired brawler shakes her head, taking a sip of water.

Mal: I’m kinda sad I didn’t get to see any action here tonight, but so far the show’s been packed with action. Here me and Harker coulda shook the stadium but that can wait for a little bit longer I guess. How you been enjoying the show so far, honey?

Jake: Watching this show reminds me over and over again why I never want to get in the ring, and will never ever have that urge. Also because well...I mean...maybe it’s just me but I think girls are more vicious in the ring than the guys on average.

Mal: ...Mmm. You think? I don’t really see it.

There’s some laughter back at the stadium for those watching that exchange on the video wall, as the Ultraviolence champion looks actually perplexed at the idea that women could be much more violent in the ring than men. She is about to say something else when a man with a backwards hat and a Hawaiian shirt that looks about one or two sizes too small for him peeks his head into the shot, waving at the camera before pulling his head back away...

...Then he does it again.

...Not before waving at the camera however. With a long pause and an even lengthier sigh, the Ultraviolence champion looks at the man poking his head in and out of the shot and finally addresses him.

Mal: Kenny what are you doing? Shouldn’t you be with Mom?

The man finally stands up straight in and the camera shot, straightening his backwards hat and running his thumb along his tongue. He then goes about rubbing out the mustard stain on his Hawaiian shirt... Which only makes the stain bigger and wet at that. With said hand that just tried to rub dry mustard out of the shirt, he pats Jake on the shoulder and ruffles Mal’s head.

Kenny: Mal, as yer older brother I have to keep an eye on you y’know. You and Jake both in fact. Mom said so. She doesn’t want any grandkids before her time.

He looks at the camera and winks, pointing nonchalantly at Jake and Mal before mouthing ‘because they’re doing it’.

Mal: …

Jake looks up to Kenny with a curious look.

Jake: You’re the first brother I’ve ever met who was interested in his sister’s sex life. I’ve never asked about my sister. I just always assumed she was asexual, and kinda prefer it if she was.

Kenny: Oh you and me both Jake, but you’re proof that she isn’t so I’m fresh outta luck.  

Jake: If it helps at all, a few people think I’m dating Gillie!

Kenny: Really? You know you could do much worse. I’m sure you’ve noticed but that girl’s got donk. I mean how does EVERY pair of jeans look like they’re painted on. Shouldn’t be possible.. And there’s something about that accent. I really dig Scottish chicks.

Our Ultraviolence champion, while her face is a mask of annoyance feels the need to interject.

Mal: She’s British.

The older brother of Mallory Bennett looks absolutely taken aback.

Kenny: Y’mean there’s a difference!? This has completely blown my mind.

Jake: You’re easily amazed then.

Jake looks back to Mallory.

Jake: I feel like somewhere in this building that the McFarlanes are going to be annoyed, at least it will be at him and not us.

Mal: ...Yeah. I don’t need them to hate me just because if what I’m related to.

Kenny blinked.

Kenny: You mean ‘who’ right?

There was a pause of silence before the Ultraviolence champion blinked slowly. After that entirely awkward pause, she gave one look back at Jake before looking back at her brother.

Mal: I think you should go find your seat Kenny. How did you even get back here anyway? I didn’t ask for anyone to give you a backstage pass for the show. I just got you guys tickets... For increasingly good reason.

Kenny: Oh that’s easy! There was this Aussie lady walking around asking for you by the stands. I told her I knew where you were and would help her find you if she’d let me have her pass. I kinda want to see if I can get that Isis chick’s number. That’s her name right? Isis? You think she likes Burger King? She looks like she can ea--

Jake snaps his finger as though he forgot something looking back to Mallory.

Jake: If my phone battery wasn’t nearly shot, I’d take him to see her and put that on my streaming channel. And maybe YouTube.

The Ultraviolence champion looked at Jake curiously before glancing back at her brother.

Mal: Yeah but then I’d have to save him from her wrath... If only because mom would be a bear to deal with at Christmas if I let him die. Kenny, this Aussie chick, what did she look--

The FFW Ultraviolence champion only gets about so far in her though before rushing right past her brother and SPEARING Mallory clean out of one of her heels is the SVW Chaos champion! “The Dread Wolf” Marla Lee drives the Ultraviolence champ upward and into the nearby production crate before bringing her down and beginning to drop fists down on her head. The loose blue heel in the air does a few rotations in the air before landing harmlessly in background as the wife of Sylvia Crowley tees off on the company’s hardcore champion.

Marla: Dunno who’s more witless, your brother or you! Now give us a nice pose for those watching at home!

The Chaos champion pulls Mal by her blonde streaks in the hair, lifting her face before elbowing her across the side of the head and dazing her. The Chaos champ proceeds to reach out of her back pocket for a can of spray paint, shaking it up and lifting up the Ultraviolence championship. She makes a tch-tch-tch sound.

Marla: Shame I never put m’name on this... Well. I think the locker room back home could still appreciate SVW’s name on it, yeah? The wheel has come full circle. King Lear.

Marla begins shaking the spray can, flicking off the cap with her thumb. She’s about to put an ‘S’ on the title when Mallory steps upward, catching her in a nasty uppercut and sending belt and can in the air before she powers a staggered Chaos champion upward and drops her into one of the wooden tables full of cables and wires! As Marla tries to wrap cord around Mal’s neck and arms, the Ultraviolence champ snaps her head forward, smashing Marla in the nose before pounding down her.

Mal: You! Were! Not! Good! Enough! To! Touch! That! When! You! Were! Overpaid! By! This! Company! What! The! Hell! Makes! You! Thihuuurrggkkkkk!!

The Dread Wolf hoops the wiring around The Malicious One’s throat and begins pulling, choking her. Still red in the face and turning purple but with the superior positioning, Mal keeps dropping fists downward. Finally security begins barreling through the corridor and begins pulling the two apart... Though it takes some doing as Marla will NOT let go of the cable wrapped around Mal’s neck, pulling as hard as she can until security has pinned her to the ground like a rabid dog. Still, The Chaos champion is grinning ear to ear, even though she’s been bloodied by Mallory’s punches. Mal on the other hand is being restrained, screaming a number of obscenities and trying to push through the security to get her hands on Marla, being roughly pulled down the other side of the corridor. As the situation is slowly quelled, Kenny looks at Jake.

Kenny: You think Mal would be mad if I asked for the other one’s autograph? She was kinda hot in that crazy chick way.

Jake: I think when she finds out that the Australian girl you mentioned was Marla that I’m going to have to go identify the body later.
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The lights go out completely before a solitary purple spotlight highlights the stage. “Wild Side” by Cross My Heart begins to play throughout the stadium as the light transitions to pure white and seems to brighten to almost a blinding level. As the light lessens it converges into one beam, which becomes noticeable as being a headlight from a motorbike. On the bike sits a leather clad, obviously male rider, though a full helmet, complete with a set of devil horns on top, covers his face. The rider revs the engine and then takes off down the ramp.

I've been on my best behaviour
But I've heard that good girls finish last
And once you're gone they say no one can save you
But who knows,
If I go I may never want to ever come back

The rider completes a lap of the ring and makes his way back up to the stage to find Missy dressed in black leather ring gear, standing  tapping her foot with one hand on her hip and the other at her side holding a long leather whip. She flicks her wrist and cracks the whip, landing it on the stage in front of her. The ride slides the bike to a stop right where the whip had landed. He uses his foot to knock the kickstand down to stabilise the bike, then dismounts it and walks to Missy.

What's the use in fighting for my salvation
And why does it feel so damn right to want to be so wrong
I just wanna dance with the devil tonight
I want to know what it feels like

As the lyrics reach ‘I just wanna dance with the devil tonight’ the rider supports Missy’s lower back and dips her, spinning her around as he does. He pulls her back up to stand upright and she puts both palms on his chest, then smirks at him before shoving him backwards to land on his butt in front of her. She steps over him and heads to the bike, swinging her leg over it and starting it up again.

I wanna close my eyes put my hands in the sky
I wanna walk on the wild side.

She looks behind her and signals to someone before starting to ride down the ramp. Christian Kincaid comes out and walks past the rider with a grin, before following the bike down the ramp towards the ring.

On a clear day I can see the ocean
I can almost feel the breeze
I’m gonna tap out all of my emotion
You gotta let a young girl dream

Maggie: Introducing from Leeds, England, she represents Chaotic Temptation! Accompanied to the ring by her manager, Christian Kincaid, this is…………………..MISSY!!

I’ve never been, but I’d like to go
Make ‘em search for me high and low
We all sin for a price you know
But you ain’t gonna win if the dice ain’t rolled

Missy laps the ring once as Christian hops up onto the apron to wait for her. She pulls the bike to a stop in front of the ring, just as the original rider reaches the ringside. Missy dismounts it and pushes the side to topple it towards him, and he catches it to stop it crashing to floor. Christian holds the ropes open for her as she steps through, then does a cartwheel into the splits. As her music fades out, she jumps up to her feet and makes her way to her corner. She hops up to sit on the top turnbuckle, crossing one leg over the other and watching the stage for her opponent to come out. Christian then quickly takes off up the ramp of course...


The MetLife stadium awaits for the FFW Evolution champion to make her way to the ring just as Missy finishes her entrance. The ravenous crowd seemed to be rumbling, waiting for the longest reigning Evolution champion in Femme Fatale Wrestling history. Signs were waving wildly for the Witch of Wall Street, but still there was no sign of her or whatever Unstoppable entrance she had cooked up. The crowd continued watching... Waiting... A coven of witches? ‘Ballin’ playing like the year before? Nothing. Finally the crowd seems to begin breaking into a chant for the champion.


...Suddenly the arena goes black.



A video package begins playing with the crowd momentarily cheering as they watch on the video wall... “The” Stephanie Stefano. Steph is dressed in her ring gear, and she’s standing outside of... What looks like the MetLife Stadium. The crowd begins cheering again, assuming that she’s right outside of the arena, and staring at a sign advertising FFW’s Unstoppable IX... The Evolution champion, the title slung snugly on her shoulder is looking at the sign, the FFW logo the most outstanding thing. She taps her chin as a voice starts speaking.

“And during the few moments that we have left, we want to talk, right down to earth, in a language that everybody here can easily understand...

A sound bite quote from Malcolm X can be heard. For some... It’s very confusing, for others in the crowd who recognize the beginning of the incoming song... They know what’s coming.

Suddenly Stephanie slips a hand behind her back and pulls out... A can of neon green spray paint. With a wide smirk, the Witch of Wall Street shakes it wildly and sprays a giant ‘$’ over the first F... Turning the sign into ‘$FW’ or as one can best assume... $teph Fatale Wrestling. Suddenly the camera  pans on Stephanie’s face directly as the Witch of Wall Street grins when the guitar riff hits of the familiar Living Colour song...

Cult of Personality.


Back in the MetLife arena, the crowd is hit with the loud riffs and green spotlights passing through from the ceiling of the arena onto the crowd below as the lyrics of the song play along with... What can best be described as a music video on the video wall.


Suddenly the music video of sorts takes us backstage at the FFW pay-per-view, showing us the many wrestling stars but there is something... Very decisively off about every single wrestling star employed at FFW. The camera pans to for example, Isis Morales... Or actually I$I$ Morales rather, that being Stephanie dressed up entirely as Isis from a red wig in place of her hair, long sleeves ala Isis’s actual ring gear without actual attachment to her attire, and riding boots. As one of the backstage hands tries to speak to her, “Isis” or I$I$ rather grabs him by the throat and shoves him into... Stepentina Lozano, grabbing the “cretin” by the throat also before raising her leg and shoving him away with the sole of her boot...

He stumbles away into the shot of...

The FFW champion $toru Asaka. $toru or “Kaoru” (whichever you prefer) helps him up and the stagehand has to do a double take at her, VERY convinced that this is NOT the actual FFW champion. Step-- err, “Kaoru” scoffs at him, shaking her head and pointing at her toy FFW championship belt, proof that she’s the FFW champ. When the stagehand shakes his head, refusing to believe that this is the actual champion, she points to her tag partner... Stephi Takata. Yes. You see that right. Cyan giant pigtails, a hastily drawn ‘01’ on her arm and throwing... Literally THROWING merchandise at the stagehand... All the while screaming as loud as she can “IKU ZZZOOOOO!!!” followed by “IN THE NAME OF THE CCOOOSSSSMOOOSSS~!”

He pulls it out of his face as, getting ready to run away...


...Stianca $alvador catches one of the merchandise items and tears it with her bare hands in disgust at the space alien. Uh, $pace alien. You get the picture. The “$pace Princess” glares at the Brazilian Typhoon... Before superkicking her RIGHT out of the screen. The camera follows $alvador as she stumbles into her other cohorts of the Fran¢hise. $o M¢farlane and Stel Avilo. $alvador begins stomping around in fury, snarling that she hates little baby whiny space aliens and nearly goes back to wring Takata’s neck, before Stel stops her, pulling her back and whispers something. $o whistles and nods in the other direction, lifting a kendo stick as the stagehand tries to catch up to the... “Fran¢hise”.

Unfortunately he gets pulled into another locker room. Meanwhile “Cult of Personality” continues playing.


The poor stagehand gets pulled into the locker room of... Starlett $ilver. The $tar Distraction (and bless Steph for trying, but she couldn’t fit into one of Scarlett’s actual outfits if she tried, with a waist trainer to boot) pulls the poor male stagehand up before she begins dabbing some blush in a case and tapping his face. She shakes her head with a sigh before throwing the case away, before shoving him out of her locker room... Deciding that he won’t help matters of her testing out any makeup tonight. He stumbles out and lands in front of a pair of VERY... Very exquisite looking heels.

The stagehand gulps and begins to slowly look upward...


At Stevannah Taylor. She looks halfway between nonplussed and exasperated at the stagehand, wearing her obsidian and ivory robes, her hood down before with a sigh, she extended her hand and helps him up. She dusts him off and mutters, “Don’t let Stemantha catch you looking like this.” Before motioning him on his way. She’s suddenly pulled by the waist by... Seth Star? ...No, actually it looks to be the SVW’s news guy Kevin, dressed up... Or well, as best as he can be dressed up as Seth Star; hair stylized and everything. He plants one on “Stevannah” and she grins as the stagehand looks as though he... Feels he’s imposing on something before he stumbles away, down the hall.

He runs headlong into $tasey Atherton.

$tasey has her... Well... Flock behind her. Okay, not really a giant flock, played by Mickey Scarborough and Raquel Fair in robes. They all make a motion of blessing the poor stagehand, but not with the ‘father, son, holy ghost’ as would have you, but in the shape of a ladder. He stares at them for a second, looking between $tasey, and then her converts before she dips her finger into a water bottle and dots his forehead as though she’s blessing him. One more glance... And he’s running in terror for his life as though he only has one to live.


He runs smack dab into $tephia Pike... The Kween of King County, the Breaker of Arms, the No $urrender champion, the Emerald City $iren, wearing green and black and looking at the stagehand as though she could add his arm to her collection. She calls out to him. “Hey. I need to test something. Hold still.” He bolts in the other direction, running past a door that he quickly slides into and closes behind him. Not before he passes Miko Ayano... Or rather Stephanie dressed as Miko Ayano with a large sign that says ‘REJOI¢E’.



He turns to see Stephelina Fantasti¢a changing into her ring gear. Luckily she was almost done entirely as the Angel of $haolin stares a hole into him and he... Blinks before smiling weakly and trying to explain what he’s doing here. A second later switches to outside of “Fantasti¢a’s” dressing room before seemingly one running hip sends the stagehand stumbling, rolling out of the dressing room and landing straight into...

Stephemis Kaiser. The Last Empress herself............ Sort of, dressed in more comandante fashion tells him to ‘sshhh’ as she points ahead.

Staring a hole at a “Nevaeh Summers - Hall of Fame’ poster is Killer $... Snarling, grumbling, glaring a hole at the poster... She looks around bitterly before reaching upward and... Tearing down the Hall of Fame poster... Only to get kicked in the gut, bent over and spiked head first into the cold floor by... Steveah $ummers. Blonde hair, N$ stylized ring gear as she looks down at the fallen Killer $ and shakes her head.

Kaiser at this point walks by, looks down at a fallen Killer $ and mutters, “not much of a fight on you after all” before she simply begins walking away, uninterested, unimpressed, uninspired.

By now the stage hand has had it.



Too much.

He begins SCREAMING, running his way to the office of the boss, likely the only person to see any vestige of sanity, or anything from this. He kicks open the door to Miss $tar’s office and finds...



Stemantha $tar looking over her papers, looking at the stagehand with a very annoyed, “Speak.”

...Too which the stagehand, who has seen too many versions of the Evolution champion begins laughing crazily and drops to the ground as the many FFW... Uh... $FW stars huddle around him.


By now the arena lit up as Maggie announces the arrival of the champion! This hasn’t stopped the crowd however, even more ravenous than ever.



Parting a sea of followers... Of all shapes, ages, sizes, races, wearing ‘Poisoned Apple’ shirts all the way down the ramp is “The” Stephanie Stefano, taking a long bow.... Suddenly she’s slapping hands with her “followers”, hugging them, kissing babies in the “cult” stopping just in front of the riotous mass of followers with a smirk. They cant along with the crowd, “Steph Stefano, Steph Stefano, Steph Stefano!” as the Evolution champion puts a hand on her heart and mouths, “Aaah... I feel the love.” to Christian Kincaid who looks at her with a laugh and a shake of the head, saying “You are ridiculous” in a friendly way... To which she responds very earnestly, “Oh I know. I know.”

She runs towards the ring, sliding in with ease on all fours, the Evolution championship hanging around her neck. She suddenly jumps up as she raises the Evolution title... Getting as up close and personal in her challenger’s face, a shit-eating grin written all over her face.


Stephanie raises her Evolution championship belt high in the air as she steps back, the final quotes coming from FDR and Kennedy... As Steph takes the most dramatic bow...



The two competitors are finally pushed backwards slightly, Missy and Stephanie watching each other as their mutual manager at ringside plays the corner man for... Well, both of them. Referee Malcolm Parks takes the Evolution championship before folding the straps behind the main belt. The MetLife crowd cheers as they watch the title raised high as challenger rolls her neck and the champion rolls her wrists. The two women look up at the championship before Parks walks towards the ropes and hands the title over.


The two women slowly get close to one another and begin the feeling out process, not yet about to break out into full bore quite yet. Stephanie reaches out to grab a wrist of the Leeds native but Missy is immediately wise to the old ground game, and snaps her hand away before reaching for Steph’s own. Steph wrenches back and snaps a hand at Missy’s wrist but the quicker wrestler gets behind the champion, grabbing her by the wrist for a tie-up from behind and quickly working the ligament. Steph begins to side step with her, slowly making a half circle as Missy continues to press the advantage, circling around with her and trying to pull her wrist back, before turning it from a hammerlock and then back to a wrist lock, sending Stephanie onto her side with perfect arm control before putting a boot to her neck and pulling at her wrist, working and torquing that arm from the socket while getting at her real target, the neck of the Witch of Wall Street.

Zack: Mai already these two women are going ground with Missy pressing the advantage. She isn’t going to want to let Steph use her strength advantage here.

Mai: Tell me how two women are the same height and their styles couldn’t be vastly different and it’s STILL boring! Wake me when something hot happens.

The champion slowly begins to work to her feet now, slowly rising but her arm and more importantly wrist are still very much the captured toy of one Missy, trying to slowly get back to a base. She licks her lips and slowly begins to pull her arm away but Missy simply will not allow it, keeping on an iron grip. Steph nods and begins swatting at her shoulder before she grunts and does a short hop over Missy, breaking the hold and immediately catching the Leeds native in a standing side headlock. She squeezes it on, trying to crush Missy’s head in the pit of her arm but Missy pushes Stephanie towards the ropes and the champion comes rushing back, nearly shoulder checking Missy before she leaps out of the way, running towards the ropes, on a rebound, kicking off the second rope and hitting a flying clothesline as Steph goes for a shoulder check. The two women meet in the middle, neither one staggered down as they watch each other. The second however that they do, Missy LIGHTS Stephanie across the chest with a big time chop across the chest. Stephanie has to take a step back, blinking in pain and shaking it off... Before she runs a hand across Missy’s neck and then claps her right back with an even harder, stiffer knife edge chop!


The Berekley native mouths at her Leeds counterpart, “You don’t want to get into this with me” to which Missy answers “Oh yeah?” before she suddenly answers right back a stiff chop across the chest that makes the Witch of Wall Street lean back slightly, bracing on that one and letting out an exhale.

Mai: Oh good, now they’re trying to give each other welts. This won’t be looking unslightly at all when they’ve got the colors of the rainbow under their necks. Yellows and purples and reds and blues.


Zack: Ooh... I think the Evolution Champion felt... All of that one.

Missy gets struck with a chop back from the Evolution champion but the member of Chaotic Temptation immediately CLAPS the leader of The Scarborough Fair across the chest, SO hard that Stephanie has to lean forward in pain, hugging her chest with her eyes nearly bulging out of her head in disbelief that Missy hit her that hard. In that single moment of stagger, Steen is already towards the ropes, rebounding back as the Evolution champion raises her neck up, getting a big time backflip kick that staggers Stephanie down to one knee before Missy follows it up with an immediate shining wizard across the back of the head! Unfortunately for Missy however Steph begins rolling a little farther than anticipated, so as not to let the challenger actually get her with the first pin of the match. She just keeps rolling, and rolling, finally rolling out of the ring to catch a breath and put a hand on her chest. Her eyes go wide and she shakes it off but the moment she turns around, Missy is already flying up and over the ropes, ready to overwhelm the champion, LANDING on Stephanie’s shoulders before hitting her with a flying headscissors that spikes Steph head first into the apron! The Evolution champion goes down, eyes rolling in the back of her head before she drops in a seated position as she mouths “fuck me” and Missy grabs her by the hair as she rolls her in, muttering very quickly “not my type”.

Zack: BIG time diving hurricanrana by Missy and the Witch of Wall Street just ate all of the apron! She may be seeing stars right now!

Mai: Better than the eclairs and crullers she’s usually seeing!

The Leeds slides into the ring after the Evolution champion and drops on top of her, hooking the leg!




Stephanie shoots an arm up and rolls on her side as Missy quickly kips up before hitting a standing somersault leg drop, dropping the back of her thigh across the back of the Evolution champion’s neck, putting her back down on the mat and laying to the ground. Missy makes a motion for the Mischief Maker, taking a few steps back and looking down at the Witch of Wall Street, daring her to get herself up.

Zack: This match has been all Missy so far and it looks as though she’s coming in on keeping that promise of not leaving Unstoppable without the Evolution championship. We’re looking at a curb stomp coming!

When Stephanie is on all fours, looking bleary eyed at the ground... the Leeds native takes off to hit the curb stomp. The Witch of Wall Street however at the last moment as Missy jumps, uses her momentum against her and catches her in her arms  before dropping her to the hard mat below with a brutal looking spinebuster. The Evolution champion suddenly finds her second wind before she shakes off the recent drops to the head that she’s taken. She reaches down and grabs the challenger by the back of her head. Missy tags Stephanie in the side of the thigh with a stiff side kick but Steph blows her out right back with a ruthless forearm strike to the jaw that rattles the Leeds native. Steph suddenly lifts her up with what looks like a German Suplex, only to let go at the last second and drop her knees into Missy’s back, hitting her with the first backbreaker of the night. Before Missy can recover or roll away however, Stefano wraps her arms around her waist and forces her up again in a deadlift before shoving her towards the ropes, letting her stumble backwards into a jumping version of an Inverted Headlock Backbreaker! Missy snaps back and writhes, a hand on her back as the Evolution champion stands up, wiping the side of her lip with a thumb as though she thought Missy has broken her mouth earlier.

Mai: You can always tell when Stefano is enjoying herself in control. She savors every single backbreaker... And as she’ll remind us in the ring, she has a lot of them.

Zack: It looks as though she’s going to bring this match back down to an even slower pace here... I think Stephanie’s planning for a Bow & Arrow hold!

Indeed in front of the MetLife Stadium, the Witch of Wall Street drops her knees into the back of a prone Missy laying on her stomach. She begins to hook her left arm around the knees of Miss Mischief, but when she attempts to go for her throat, Missy isn’t trying to have any part of it. She tries to fight the Evolution champion off but the challenger is struggling from the positioning she finds herself in. Her neck eventually gets a hand coiled around it and Stephanie completes the Bow & Arrow Hold going as she rolls backward, bending Missy over her knees and pulling, wrenching Missy’s back over her knees. The Leeds native looks to be in pain but Parks’ inquiry if she wants to quit or not goes all but ignored by Missy. Instead she just grits her teeth, shaking her head and refusing to say die. Stephanie rolls back, beginning to lose her grip on Missy and lays her her stomach first back on the mat. She clenches one arm around her knees again but before she can latch onto Missy’s neck once again, the Leeds native jerks her head back as suddenly her legs coil around Stephanie’s left wrist... Then swallow up her arm as suddenly she gets arm-trapped...

...Before Miss Mischief completes the maneuver with a neck crank in the middle of the ring with Steph having NOWHERE to go!

Zack: PAIGE RIPPER! The champion is trapped in the middle of the ring! Missy broke that Bow & Arrow hold and latched the crossface on but her back has to be killing her after that quick flurry of attacks to the back!

Mai: I’m sure it’s nothing her back hasn’t suffered under Adam. Hiyo!

The Evolution champion indeed looks like she’s seen better days... That of course being the fact that she has been clapped into a crippler crossface in the middle of the ring. She has to use her free arm and legs to wheel about towards the ropes, inching along slowly with Missy’s body weight and though the champion has certainly carried bigger on her back, the overall positioning that the more technically solid wrestler has on her is taking her down a peg. She continues inching along, inching along again and comes near the ropes. The Evolution champion is about to throw her arm around the ropes and force Missy to get the break... But Miss Mischief suddenly raises her legs, kicking the ropes and forcing both women to roll backwards and into the center of the ring once again. The Evolution champion snaps in frustration, seething as Missy tries to pull her neck and her arm from her shoulders! Stephanie grunts and kicks her legs under her waist as Missy’s eyes widen... Before Steph uses her free arm to link around Missy’s legs with her other arm caught between! A moment later the Witch of Wall Street deadlifts the challenger up and the Leeds native gets DROPPED on her head with a sheer drop backdrop!

Zack: BIG time counter from Stephanie, finally escaping that crossface but the damage has to be done there Mai! The champion is in such a bad way after that crossface and for so long at that.

The damage however is done as Steph’s head is buried against the mat, gritting her teeth and headbutting the mat repeatedly! Miss Mischief begins to rise and suddenly Steph is back up as well... Running towards Missy and shotgun dropkicking her so hard that that her back rattles into the turnbuckle! The Leeds native writhes in pain and when her eyes open there’s the Evolution champion coming in on hot her, hitting her with an explosive Stinger Splash, smashing more of her weight onto her back! Stephanie isn’t done yet however, sidelocking Missy’s head before she takes off running for the opposite corner of the ring, hitting her with a bulldog into the second turnbuckle! The challenger tilts before falling back as Stephanie drops on her, hooking the leg!

Zack: Stephanie exploding with the offense and I don’t think Missy knew what hit her! Big time corner splash and then a meeting of the minds between Missy and the turnbuckle!

Mai: The two of them and that buckle have so much in common with the mental capacity of that padding.





Missy gets the arm up and the Evolution champion only nods in response, completely and entirely okay with this situation as it unfolds, rolling on the mat and quickly standing over the challenger. She drops down on her knees, getting a front face headlock on Missy and forcing her to slowly stand to her feet. Getting a good lock on before she puts a hand on the back of the Leeds native. She launches her towards the ropes, sending her running before Steph pops her up in the air and looks for that lariat but Missy catches her from out of nowhere and spikes her head into the mat with a Tornado DDT! Stephanie goes down to the ground after going quite literally prone before collapsing on the ground. Missy looks to the top rope, before looking back at Stephanie laying prone and slowly beginning to roll over, getting a gasp of air as the Leeds native climbs up on the top rope and takes aim. With perfect execution she hits a beautiful moonsault... But at the VERY last second, Steph raises her legs and lets Missy come down hard on her knees! The Witch of Wall Street pushes herself upward, huffing before she grabs Missy by the wrist and launches her once more towards the ropes...

...Only to ripcord her right back, popping her up in the air and lariating Miss Mischief so hard she does a flip before landing on her front. The Witch of Wall Street licks her chops and goes to force Missy up before she stops...


And begins walking backwards into the corner. Christian’s eyes go wide as he looks from one client to another!

Zack: Stephanie finally hits the DEBT COLLECTOR but... It looks as though she has something worse on her mind. The Evolution champion is looking at the challenger with only a punt to the head on her mind!

Mai: I hope they’re ready to catch Missy’s head in the nosebleeds... And then Stephanie’s when that giant meteor I’ve been asking for finally comes down on this match. ANY MINUTE NOW, GOD!

The Evolution champion watches and waits to see Missy eventually forcing herself up on all fours, looking a little dazed. The Witch of Wall Street takes aim... And takes off, running full length towards Missy, getting ready to punt her head off, but at the VERY last moment Missy half-circles out of the way and lets Steph send herself running chest first into the corner, hugging her ribs in pain as she stumbles backward...




Mai: Someone pour some water! We have a beached whale! Can someone bring a truck?

The Evolution champion barely rolls over onto her back, but she’s there about spread eagled, arms and legs splayed as she’s laid out after the curb stomp. The challenger takes one look down at her opponent before she turns to the corner she’s in front of. One squat later she’s up on the top rope and as thousands of cameras and more flash photography go off catching the moment, Missy is sailing through the air with a pumping motion into a perfect frog splash! The Witch of Wall Street hunches up as though trying to sit up but she’s a moment too late from trying to get away as Missy comes down on her, bouncing off of the Evolution champion from the impact! For a brief moment the Leeds native hugs her ribs before she lays on top of Stephanie, hooking the leg as the referee slides into position!









Zack: You wanna talk about a emphatic victory ladies and gentlemen! You will have to look no further than the new Evolution champion tonight! Missy had a game plan and stuck to it, working Stephanie’s neck over... That leapfrog into a curb stomp however had to be the beginning of the end!

Mai: Yeah... Congratulations to Missy butgodihateyoubothsodamnmuchyoufrigginfattiesoughtabeashameddonthurtme.

Zack: ...What?

“Wild Side” begins to play through the stadium as Missy has her hand raised by the referee in front of a capacity crowd of appreciation. Christian begins applauding both his clients, nodding with pride. Stephanie however has began to sit up, taking a few moments to look around as the crowd begins cheering for Missy. She stands up a little wobbly... Before asking the referee for the Evolution title... Stopping him from handing it over to Steen. Missy watches her actions but Stephanie only takes the title from Malcolm Parks...


So she can put it around the new champion’s waist herself. With one nod, the former champion rolls out of the ring, wobbly and a hand on her head as she walks up the ramp... Passed by Scarlett Silver, Emma Mackenzie and O.E. Ayano who begin walking down the ramp. They’re also followed by Adam, quietly applauding for his girlfriend. Meanwhile Christian takes a turn of raising his client’s hand after Parks, and just as streamers begin to fall from fans throwing them in the ring.

Mai: Oh ooh... Ooh come the hell on guys don’t do this! This is... This is just disgusting. STOP!

Zack: Chaotic Temptation coming down to show their respects for their sister in arms and I have to say this is quite a feel good moment. Missy has finally captured the Evolution championship!

With everyone rolling in the ring, Adam gives the new champion a kiss to some whistles amidst the crowd cheers. Emma and Missy share a hug, as well as all the girls, though Scarlett seems to whisper something to Missy that no one else hears. Christian and O.E. (using her good arm) hoist the new champion up on their shoulders as Missy takes a moment to bask in the crowd response... Before lifting her new Evolution championship high overhead.


On that lovely scene we cut elsewhere, the final shot on the Evolution title in Missy’s grasp.

Future Endeavored

We hit backstage at the MetLife where the smiling face of... Mai Hotaru is the first thing caught on camera. As to be expected, the fans watching on the video wall are all about booing the ‘dissenting opinion’ from the voice of FFW, Zack Hudson. Mai has a women’s power suit in the vein of the New England Patriots... Because of course you wear a New England Patriots colors business suit in the MetLife... Complete with a little pin. Standing next to her and with her arm held in a small sling is O.E. Ayano. The Orochi is wearing a throwback D'Brickashaw Ferguson NY Jets jersey as the two stand by the interviewer who Mai has... So graciously scheduled for her client. That being of course... Allison Marx.

Allison: The last time we saw O.E. Ayano of Chaotic Temptation was at Relentless when she was overcome by the reigning No Surrender Champion Sophia Pike. Miss Ayano, I think the first question should be an update on your condition.

The wildcard of Chaotic Temptation nods silently to Allison and starts...

O.E.: A few weeks... I’ll be y’know, down to ride again. I wanted to be on Unstop--

Mai however interrupts her client, a hand over her mouth.

Mai: What my clients means to say is that she was SUPPOSED to be at Unstoppable, she was supposed to be competing after the complete brutalizing that Sophia Pike so rightfully laid upon her.. But she could not pull herself together in time. Unfortunately Allison, you know how it is. Sometimes people lack the work ethic. Fortunately for my client she has ME to pull her back from the brink of mediocrity, overweight living and complacency... Personally, if she actually listened to me, she would be competing tonight instead of her...

Mai stops to look around as if trying to make sure Miko Ayano is as far out of earshot as possible before leaning in to whisper very softly into the microphone.

Mai: ...Shamu-sized...

She quickly leans back and continues speaking at normal volume.

Mai: ..Cousin! Yet instead apparently to the heeding of her stablemates, she is waiting until she is cleared. Just understand I spoil you O.E. and you are very much welcome.

Mai jabs The Orochi in the shoulder... The offending shoulder. O.E. stares in silence at her arm... And then back at her manager. Allison looks a little annoyed with Mai’s comments, like so many that listen to her every week.

Allison: The next question, given all that, is what’s next for O.E. Ayano?

The Orochi looks a little frustrated, but she shakes her head in silence.

O.E.: Couldn’t tell you fam. I mean ey, I was tryin’ you know. Was doin’ my thing but I wanted that No Surrender championship. I still want it. Still convinced I coulda been that champ but... Doubt I’mma be anywhere near it anytime soon. Maybe I dunno, might get a shot at--

Mai: --nothing and like it! Allison as you can plainly see my client just was not going meant to be No Surrender champion. Ever. As a matter of fact, I have been considering and re-considering her role in this company and I’ve been putting together a proposal that I think both she and... Samantha Star will find most interesting... The... Are you both ready for this? ...The Franchise’s Water Girl.

It was about now that O.E. turned her full attention to her manager, her knuckles tensing and turning white as Mai continued speaking.

Mai: Once we have... Removed her from the influences that happen to be certain girlfriends of Future Shock directors and family members of some ill repute, as well as some FFW champions likely to be dethroned tonight... and put her around some people she can really learn from... Learn to get their refreshments, their drinks... A rebuilding can take place. Brilliant, no?

Allison turned her attention, sensing the expression and body language of the 8 Chamber Orochi, looking a little nervous all of a sudden.

Allison: Is that….what you want to do, O.E.? You want to be a gopher for the Franchise? I mean...if we go by what they did to Savannah Taylor, joining them could end up poorly.

O.E.: You know... It’s funny, I ain’t exactly feeling that too much.

Mai: Hold on, what you feel is--

O.E.: Mai.

The Orochi suddenly stopped her manager, putting a hand... Her good hand on her shoulder and put on the most pleasant of airs in her voice.

O.E.: Fam. Check me... You interrupt me again, and I’mma leave you in an alley somewhere off East Saddle? Nah nah nah... If you... Interrupt me again, do not think for one hot sec ya chick won’t hesistate to cut a bitch... Got me?

Mai suddenly seemed to understand her predicament, as the Ayano’s fingers dug into her shoulder and she began yelping not unlike a small dog. Pleasant as can be while her manager began yelping, O.E. spoke to Allison.

O.E.: As far as the Franchise goes, they can kick rocks. Chaotic for life, word? That assbeating taught me some shit Allison. I had a lot of time in the hospital to think about some shit and real talk... I ain’t got nowhere else to go but up now. Nowhere. You get embarrassed like that... Yo some people could bow out, bitch up, never come back... But that ain’t me Allison. Ey I mean... People see me as a lot of shit... But you wanna know what I ain’t? What no one can call me? A coward. A bitch made coward tucking tail between the legs just because I got that ass whooped. As long as there is air in my lungs I’mma keep throwing the elbows and keep going until I make that dream a reality.

There’s some small cheers from the MetLife crowd watching that back on the video wall.

O.E.: But... Gotta make some changes. Gotta shift some shit... Which leads me to this. Mai. My compadre. Trench buddy. Advisor.

Pause for good measured.

O.E.: You’re fired.

And all so suddenly, Mai doesn’t look the least bit interested in putting on the airs.


Stepping into the shot behind O.E. is the manager of Chaotic Temptation at large. Christian looks like he just had to deliver some bad news. He got quite a pop from the live crowd.

Christian: How’s it going?

Mai: ............Oh come on. Have I ever poached your talents!?

The Orochi interjects.

O.E.: I mean actually, my mans here shouldha been my manager from jump when I was given that CT nod. If anything /you/ kinda poached /him/. I just ain’t wanna say anything because you know... You all sad and lonely and shit. Was like tryna put down a puppy. An angry, drunken puppy peein’ all over your couch but... You get what I mean.

Mai stares at her now former client for a moment... Before looking back at Christian in disbelief again.


Christian: I didn’t poach anyone from you. O.E. came to me, this was her decision. It’s nothing personal...at least on my end. You have treated her like garbage honestly, and if I did that with the women I manage, I’d expect them to let me go too.

Mai seemed to just stare at Christian and then O.E. for a few moments longer... Before she stared into space as if realization swept.

Mai: I have no clients again. No. Fuck, I can’t hide behind anyone to protect me from Miko again. I have no clients and no protection.

She began to walk away quietly by the eyes of Allison, CK, and O.E. as she repeatedly muttered to herself over and over that she had no clients or protection. After a small pause, The Orochi spoke up.

O.E.: Well... You heard it, Allison. So uh... New manager, or uh... Solo manager. What do we do now?

Christian: We start helping you rehab that arm, so we can heal it up faster and get you back to what you do best in the ring. Until then though, Miko’s about to go out there in a second. What say we go find a monitor and watch it?

O.E.: Yeah... I want a good seat when I see Pike catch it. Might shave a few weeks off this rehabbing joint. Catch you, Allison.

With that the Orochi follows her new manager off the camera.


The camera follows the two as they walk past ring crew and other wrestlers. For a brief moment, former Future Shock champion Gillie Barnes is spotted backstage, looking down at her cell. Gillie and O.E. glance at each other in silence...



Before O.E. nods once and continues following CK. “Old School” nods back once and goes back to her phone.
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“Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap”, or at least Joan Jett’s version of it, comes out across the speakers. Despite everything, the redheaded inductee gets a somewhat respectable response from those in attendance as she emerges, attired in an emerald green, knee-length, sleeveless gown, and her hair in quite the fussy-looking do. Stopping in front of the podium, she shuffles papers in her hands, looking around her with a smile on her face.

Jo: They always say “when you’re nervous, open with a joke”. The problem with that is that I don’t actually know any good jokes. Or at least, I don’t know any good jokes that would work with an audience quite like this one.

She chuckles to herself, and rests her forearms on the podium.

Jo: But then again, I never gave it a lot of thought. I never quite...expected to be up here. Doing this. I always kinda figured that with Valerie in the Hall here and Carys in the Hall in SVW, that was that. Erica and I wouldn’t need to have our names in lights for something like this. As it happens however, it’s now just Erica who waits to hear. But I didn’t expect it because I spent so long being nothing more than their sister. The underachiever. The one who...I don’t know, to be honest. All of that feels like a lifetime ago, yet at the same time it feels like only last year I was sitting down at the front, watching the first tag team be inducted, as a pair, into the same place. That feels like yesterday. It’s funny what time does to you, isn’t it?

We get a quick pan to the women Jo is talking about - The BSX.

Jo: I’m going to hear it said a lot between now and forever that I’m not here because I deserve to be. Because I’m friends with Samantha and when Cody was here, the same applied. Because my oldest sister is still held in some of the highest regard possible. And that’s okay. I can’t stop people thinking that and I’m not going to try, because the harder I try, the more desperate I look, and I refuse to look desperate.

But tonight isn’t about what everyone else thinks. It’s about celebrating the achievements of three women who have worked themselves to the bone to be where they are. And while my opinions of both Neveah and Leona might not be the best, or the nicest, I’m not about to stand here and tell you that they don’t deserve it for what they’ve done in that ring, for this company. And I am, for that reason, proud as hell to stand with them as we go into this together. But this moment is not about them either. It’s about me.

She smirks.

Jo: I’m all too aware of what was not expected of me. It was joked when I was announced for Season Three of Future Shock, seven years ago, that the whole season was just everyone’s little sisters. A straight half of us were someone on the roster’s sisters. But nothing was expected of me as I was the first to go. And to be honest, until that point, it had been the story of my life. Doing the best you can but still always, always being overlooked. Always. Didn’t matter how hard I pushed back against it, it didn’t work. I could have given up. I could have walked away and carried on working for little companies in Europe, never wrestling for more than a few hundred at a time. But as you’re all aware...I don’t back down. I don’t give up. It’s not my style. So I pushed. I ignored being called everything from useless to a whore, after an incident involving a person who hasn’t been associated with FFW thanks to his sister for some years, and my ex. That nonsense doesn’t define me. What defines me is that I have fought back against harder, more gruelling challenges than a couple of people who think they know better because reasons. It’s not my job to take everyone’s thoughts and feelings into account...and if I had ever done that, my father would have murdered me on sight. Not that he wasn’t tempted to on a few occasions anyway!

She grins.

Jo: I’m not here entirely by myself, and I’m not going to pretend that I am. Insofar as this roster and people under employ goes...my first port of thanks would be to my best friend, my partner in crime and a woman who I hope will still stand beside me when Lapdance by NERD hits the PA system. I don’t think anyone actually understand what this woman has done for me over the years, and how many times we’ve had each other’s shoulders when we couldn’t go to anyone else. She remains the one person who doesn’t judge me no matter what, and I could never be more grateful for that. There are also my sisters. All of them. We know that, within wrestling, we are a rarity. We don’t always get on, we fight like cat and dog sometimes, for all people seem to think we have this perfect relationship because we’re not the Leavenworth Sisters. But we’re not just sisters. We’re each other’s biggest fans, built-in support, and biggest critics. We’re the first to tell each other when we screwed it up, and how badly we did. Just the same as how a year ago, Valerie and Erica were the first to tell me they were proud of me. Carys was behind the curtain and about jumped me. We did the same for Carys when she did it. We’ll do the same for Erica when her time comes. And we all know that no matter what happens in this ring, no matter who we piss off, we will always, always have each other’s backs. And do you know what? That’s the best feeling I could ever ask for.

We could talk about my dad, but my dad’s contributions are all rather obvious. But all the same, I’m grateful for him. Even when he makes everyone want to smack him in the face with a chair. But there’s two more, and I want to talk about them together.They are Cody Kincaid and Samantha Star. And I mention them together because without them and their support and belief in me, I would not be where I am right now. They knew my past, and they didn’t care much. They just saw the potential, and worked to make it happen. Yes, they are or were among the staff that I had to show respect, but it was never forced. For their friendship, their belief and never giving up, I’m eternally grateful.

There’s a smile on her face. A genuine, happy smile.

Jo: I am proud to represent this company. Of what it was, and what it has become. What it will become as the years go by. This is the ninth Unstoppable. Here’s to the next nine. And to many, many more years of being part of the greatest women’s wrestling company that you could ever hope for!

“Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” hits again, and Jo takes a step back, then to the side where she takes a small bow.

A video package shows us the recent promotion of Starla McCloud to Commissioner of the No Surrender division before she names the next challenger to Sophia. PIke’s reign as No Surrender Champion is also spotlighted before the war of words with the returning Miko Ayano that closed Breaking Point. From there, we head back to the ring with the crowd buzzing.

Zack: We’re in for one hell of a treat here, fans. I’ve been looking forward to it since it was announced at the last Breaking Point. Grab your favorite beverage and strap in, we’re gonna be in for a ride here.

Mai: I hope Sophia breaks both of her arms, like she should have done that ungrateful piece of shit that fired me earlier tonight! Seriously, OE is a horrible wrestler and I hope she gets hit by a bus.

Zack: Bitter?

Maggie: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the FFW No Surrender Championship!

The entire arena goes dark as the sound of wind blows through the PA, after a moment a strange whine kicks on, slowly getting louder and drowning out the wind as blue and white light starts to slowly creep along the stage.

The silhouette of a woman walks out, shaded by the increasingly intense lights she comes to stand center stage before hunching over at the waist slowly as the sound and the light dim slowly. The sound turning down to nothing and the lights going so dull as to barely be perceptible.

A moment passes.



The stage erupts with blue fireworks as the tron rains down white sparks just behind the now revealed Miko Ayano!

Maggie: Introducing from Saga, Japan. Standing five-foot-six-inches tall and weighing in at one-hundred-eighteen-pounds, “THE WARP-DRIVE DRAGON” MIKO AYAAAAAAAAANOOOOOOOOOO~!!!

The Japanese woman surveys the crowd as the vocal droning of Anneke van Giersbergen heralds the Ayano’s arrival. After a moment Miko starts her trek down the ramp.

“Now we’ve arrived in a new time and world,
And elements are we of gold,
How many times are we able to see,
In the infinite void of the soul”

Miko arrives at ringside, she hops up onto the apron on a knee then comes to a stand, resting her forehead on the top rope for a moment.

“All that way,
Gonna give it away?
You’re gonna give it away to some muscle?”

With that she bolts to the corner from the apron, standing with one foot on the top buckle bracket and her other on the middle buckle bracket she raises surveys the crowd again.

“Long, long way,
Til the pain is at bay-”

Miko lifts her arm then with the scream of Devin Townsend-


- and pumps her fist-








BOOM! White sparks start falling from overhead as Miko leaps into the ring. The music twisting into a medly as the crowd is split between cheering and screaming along with Anneke’s backing vocals.


This world seems arrogant,
Sick and demented!”


“SOOO you bet your body and soul?”

Miko comes to a stand dead center of the ring as the chorus arrives, she slowly bends at the waist to rest her palms to the mat, the lights of the arena dimming as she lowers.


A blue strobe light pulsates with every word Townsend belts out.


At this Miko starts to rise slowly to a stand.


At this white spotlights star to spin around in dizzying patterns, highlighting the crowd in the darkened arena.


The entire arena starts flashing blue and white, just as-


White and blue pyro explodes from each corner of the ring as Miko stands dead center of it, arms spread wide and head tilted back as powerful white floodlights illuminate the ring to an almost painful degree. The crowd roars and hucks several blue, silver and gold streamers into the ring for her as the lights slowly go back to normal and the music fades out.

Freeing herself from the streamers, Miko walks over to her corner to await the opening bell.

Zack: Miko Ayano came back just 2 weeks ago, and did she ever make an impact or what?! The “Warp Drive Dragon” has a tall task ahead of her tonight if she wants to dethrone one of the most dominant champions in FFW history.

Mai: Yeah, and we’ve seen what happens when she runs up against superior talent! I mean look at what that old washed up Felicity Banks did to her last year.

The arena lights dim to almost completely shut off, as small pieces of silver confetti fall from the ceiling. A melodic twinkling plays through the PA, as a couple white lights circle the stands.

Diamonds are Forever
They're all I need to please me
They can stimulate and tease me

The beginning lyrics of “Diamonds are Forever” are accompanied by more of the silver confetti falling, shining in the crowd against the spotlights.

They won't leave in the night
I've no fear that they might
Desert me...

The confetti falls and the lights swirl, eventually changing from white to emerald green, as the funky opening chords to Voodoo Johnson's "Dirty Angel" playing through the PA, the entire arena bathed in the favorite color of the Emerald City Siren.

Zack: Since February of last year, Sophia Pike has been a woman on a mission--she's wanted to prove there's no question who the best wrestler in FFW is. Almost 18 months since debuting on the main roster, she hasn't suffered a single defeat, and she's faced some of the best FFW and the world have to offer.

Mai: Everything this woman does is violent, but maybe nothing more so than her...assault, because there's no better word, of O.E. Ayano back at Relentless, that led to the 8 Chamber Orochi being stretchered out of the building, and to this point, we haven't heard from O.E. since. And you know Sophia’s not satisfied with that--FFW’s biggest stage, she’ll want to send her biggest message.

A few seconds pass before Sophia Pike actually makes her way out through the curtain, met--immediately--by a chorus of boos, which she largely brushes off with a flick of either wrist. Standing in the light, the most striking thing about the No Surrender Champion is that she's painted from head to toe in a silvery-blue hue.

Mai: Lately, she’s been calling herself Harder Than Diamond, and take a look--it's like she's encased in diamond!

Sophia pauses at the head of the ramp, hooking her thumbs under the strap of the No Surrender title belt, staring out at the collective audience, a smirk on her face for...whatever reason. She stands stock-still, just staring down at the ring like a statue, as the camera takes in the full sight of the Breaker of Arms--a flawless diamond adorning her black top, trimmed in green, a stark contrast to the paint on her skin. As she begins to move toward the ring, her pace is stiff and bulky, as if she were struggling for flexibility in her diamond armor, while every stomping step she takes rings out through the arena.

About halfway to the ring, one fan starts screaming at the Siren, but rather than give him the usual satisfaction of an argument, Sophia barely reacts--instead, she almost mechanically makes her way to the ring, climbing up the stairs rather than hopping into the apron, each step heavy to cause a louder impact with the steps. She moves to the middle of the apron, leaning back against the ropes, that smirk still on her lips as she unstraps the title from around her waist, raising it up with one arm. Sophia holds her pose, her title in the air, for a couple more seconds before climbing into the ring.

Maggie:  And her opponent...from Seattle, Washington, weighing in at 137 lbs...

For a split second, Maggie glances from her card, to Sophia herself, who admittedly isn’t looking back. With a laugh, she raises her mic back up

Maggie:  She is the Emerald City Siren, the Queen of King County, the Pride of the Puget Sound, and the Sole Survivor; she is More Precious than Gold, More Violent than the Ultraviolent, she has Cleaned Out Banks, Waged Land Wars in Russia and Won, and Bankrupted Vegas. She is the Tamer of Hounds, the Breaker of Arms, and now...she is Harder Than Diamond!

Sophia's armor-clad facade cracks for a second as her typical smirk rises to her face. She steps into the ropes, winks at Maggie and grins, Maggie mimicking being out of breath after all of Sophia's various nicknames.

Maggie:  She is the reigning, and defending FFW No Surrender Champion...SOPHIA PIIIIIKE!

The No Surrender Champion slowly climbs up onto the second turnbuckle and stretches both arms out, keeping the illusion of the diamond armor restricting her motion by being “unable” to fully extend both arms. She shouts something at the sections of fans she can see, but again it's mostly unheard. Eventually, she steps off the turnbuckle, draping her title over her right shoulder and starting across the ring at her opponent, waiting for the bell.

Zack: It’s hard to bet against Sophia Pike. She claims there’s no one better in the world than her at what she does. And until someone proves her wrong, I think I believe her!

Mai: You better, because I’m pretty sure she could break your arm without even blinking twice about it. I’d be fine with that.

The ref calls for the bell and the two ladies size each other up for a moment, the crowd roaring at a fever pitch as they stare across the ring at one another. Sophia flips the interminable Ayano off, a shit-eating grin gracing her features, but shockingly Miko doesn’t take the bait and charge right in, instead grabbing the top rope and stretching for a second before, almost in sync, both women crouch and start circling each other around the mat, Sophia adopting a crouched shooter stance while Miko keeps her hands up and bounces on the balls of her feet. The two close in, Miko shooting in for a collar and elbow but Pike just turns and walks out of the way, back over to the ropes, laughing as the crowd boos her. Miko goes to follow her but Sophia ducks her head out between the second and third rope, telling the ref to get her opponent away from her.

Mai: Sophia’s not ready to start the match just yet. That’s what you call champion’s prerogative, Zack. I say we give her a couple minutes, maybe a soda.

Zack: She’ll just have to get over that then, won’t she? When you come to the ring, you better be ready. Besides this is just her trying to get under Miko’s skin.

Miko backs off, visibly trying not to let the champion fluster her, the champion herself untangles herself from the ropes and walks back out to the center of the ring once again. Miko shoots in for another collar and elbow but Sophia ducks low, pivots off her knee and catches the Japanese woman’s waist with a go behind. Rather than work the hold though she shoves Miko to the ropes. The Warp-Drive Dragon turns around, ready to engage, but this time Sophia rolls out to the floor casually to take a powder. Miko shouts for Pike to stop screwing around and gets flipped off for her words as the Emerald City Siren leans casually back against the barricade. She steals a handful of a front row fans’ popcorn and pops a few kernels into her mouth, ignoring the fans’ protests before walking back over to ringside, where the ref has started administering the 10 count.

Zack: I’ve never seen Sophia try to stall this much. She usually gets right down to business, and that’s far from what we’re seeing now.

Miko starts to rush the ropes, looking for a plancha, spotting it Sophia’s eyes widen and she dives out of the way, but luckily Miko handsprings against the ropes and backflips dead center of the ring, kneeling as the champion comes to s stand on the outside, glaring daggers at the challenger as the crowd cheers on Miko’s show of athleticism. Noting the ref getting close to the end of his count, Sophia hops up onto the apron, telling the ref to keep Miko away from her as she gets back in. Once again Ayano gives her the courtesy, but doesn’t look pleased in the slightest about it. Sophia walks out to meet Miko, only this time she reaches out to challenge for a Greco-Roman knuckle lock, the Japanese woman obliges, both women lowering their vertical bases as the handfight for a moment, Sophia manages to lock Miko’s right hands first, then starts fighting for an advantageous grip of her left hand.


Mai: There you go, Sophia! What a brilliant way to get your opponent’s attention! Not that I think Miko was ignoring her, but that made a great sound!

The crowd pops at the noise as Sophia fakes the challenger out and slaps the Warp-Drive Dragon across the mouth instead of going for the hand. With Miko stunned Sophia shifts her right arm into a top wrist lock. Applying pressure and having a superior strength advantage, Pike presses the advantage, forcing Miko to arch back… further… further… and finally Miko’s into a textbook neck bridge! Sophia laughs before - while still holding Miko’s arm in the wristlock - leaping up and coming back down with her knee in Miko’s sternum, breaking the neck bridge. Sophia quickly looks to bend Miko’s right arm into an Americana but the Japanese woman uses her free hand to pull the champion’s head back far enough to bring her left leg up and pull Sophia’s head into a textbook leg scissors. Sophia rolls over to her knees, hands braced on her opponent’s thighs to try and alleviate the pressure of Miko’s strong legs crushing her head. She starts to work to loosen the hold, raising up slowly into a handstand as she hopes to shoot out, but Miko sits up and shoves the Champion over onto her knees again. Again Sophia tries to handstand and shoot herself out of the hold, but once again Miko shoves her back down.

Zack: Sophia’s learning early on that Miko can go hold for hold with her, and is just as talented in the ring as the champion.

Mai: Trying to get a date with her?

The champion doesn’t try for a third attempt, this time planting her feet and shoving herself bodily over onto the challenger, planting her feet and bridging! Both Miko and Sophia bridge up off the ground, breaking the pin while they spin around, Miko clutching around Sophia’s waist before grabbing the Seattle native’s wrists and spinning around for a backslide, but Pike fights it! The two women struggle, one to break the grip, the other to bring her opponent over into a pinning combination! As the two struggle Miko gets forced into a corner, thinking quickly the Japanese woman walks up the turnbuckles and floats over, driving Sophia’s head down into the Warp Slide!

Zack: There’s the WARP SLIDE, and I’m starting to see why Sophia wanted to stall so much. Miko’s doing very well early on in this match.

There’s no count in a No Surrender match though! The ref informs Miko who breaks the pin attempt! Sophia rolls back to her feet before Miko does and absolutely BLASTS the Warp Drive Dragon with a superkick while the Japanese woman’s still on her knees! Miko falls onto her back, stunned as Sophia takes the top mount, looking to do some damage with elbows from the top. She lands one before Ayano snaps to her sense and brings her arms up into a guard. Pike hooks an arm around both of Miko’s and uses her free hand to slap the challenger across the face solidly, getting a pop from the crowd. After two or three, Pike grabs the right wrist of Miko, stands briefly and shifts over into a cross armbar! Miko, thinking quickly, uses her left hand to interlock her knuckles and keep Sophia from drawing back and doing some proper damage to the limb. Pike fights for the limb, trying to straighten her body out and force the Japanese woman to tap!

Mai: Go ahead and quit, Miko! No one will be upset! We don’t have any expectations of you anyway.

The Only Sober Ayano rocks back and forth while maintaining her grip, after a moment of getting her momentum she comes up to a stand, and promptly breaks Sophia’s hold on her arm by flat-out stomping on the champion’s face! Yanking her arm free, Miko rotates her arm, stretching the muscles while Sophia rolls over to the far side of the ring, clutching her jaw and glaring daggers at the Warp Drive Dragon, at their stare down the audience roars in approval for the two women’s collective efforts. The two stalk up to each other and finally lock up in a traditional collar and elbow, they jockey for momentum for a moment before Sophia’s power advantage comes into play once again, this time driving Ayano back into the ropes, the ref calls for the break, counting to four when Sophia breaks makes to break the hold, the two women glaring at each other before Sophia spits into Miko’s face and then lambasts the Asian woman with a European uppercut!

Mai: I always enjoy spitting, especially if swallowing isn’t an option! But that’s a story for another time, Zack.

Zack: Wait till no one is here to hear it, then tell it. Sophia rattled some molars right there!

Ignoring the ref’s admonishments, Sophia steps back, pulling Miko by her right arm straight into a nasty forearm! Quickly Sophia twists with Miko’s arm, wringing it tightly before driving and elbow into the challenger’s bicep, then a second! A Third! A Fou- no! Miko rolls forward onto her back, alleviating the pressure before snapping a kick smartly overhead which catches Sophia flush! Sophia looks dazed, but shakes it off quickly before a second kick can find it’s mark and - still holding Miko’s arm - rolls with the Challenger, wrenching the arm anew before slowly dragging Miko back up to her feet! Sophia drives her foot into the back of Miko’s knee, causing the slightly taller woman to kneel and immobilize before Pike drives several more elbows into the challenger’s arm. Switching tactics, Sophia steps under Miko’s wrenched arm, hooks her head, and flips her into a seated position with a snapmare. The Emerald City Siren gives a saucy “Field Goal” sign before stepping in and cracking her opponent with a spinal tap kick!

Mai: OOOH! That one even gave me a tingle up and down my back. Do it again, Sophia!

Zack: You could hear the snap of leather against flesh and bone right there.

The crowd echoes through the arena with the sound, but then starts to buzz anew as the camera zooms in on the face of the Warp Drive Dragon, who looks far more annoyed than pained by the champion’s kick. Sophia remains oblivious and delivers a second kick to her seated opponent!



This time Miko gets to her feet in a flash, turns and Teep Kicks a surprised Sophia in the face! Miko grabs Sophia’s by the head and goes to flip the Champion with a snapmare of her own, but Sophia rolls through and comes back to her feet sprinting, she runs the ropes, but Miko quickly rushes forward, hip tossing Sophia and catching her with a solid kick on the way down! Sophia arches after the impact, but the challenger doesn’t give the Seattle native a reprieve, Miko quickly lifts Pike up into a seated position before taking a step back and delivering a blistering Spinal Tap Kick of her own!

Mai: Hey, how dare you copy Sophia?! That should be a disqualification right there!



Miko yells at the Champion “That’s how you do it!” while trying to get the knots out of her right arm. After a second of rotating her arm, and obviously miffed, Miko raises Pike into the seated position once again, this time holding her there as she delivers one! Two! Three more kicks to the Champion’s spine!

Zack: I’m positive there’s plenty of good chiropractors in the area, and I know a future patient or two for them come Monday morning.

Huffing, Miko kneels down and pulls Sophia into a side headlock, the champion quickly shifts over onto her side to try and get herself to a vertical base, slowly she rises up and wraps her arms around Miko’s waist before backing the Japanese woman into the ropes and shooting her off, Pike looks for a roundhouse as Ayano returns but the Japanese woman rolls beneath the strike, the Emerald City Siren manages to slap Miko’s returning Bicycle Kick and wraps her arms around Miko’s waist. Miko manages to block the German Suplex attempt before breaking Sophia’s grip and slipping behind the Seattle native with a go-behind! The Warp-Drive Dragon tries for a German of her own but Sophia lowers her base to block the suplex before in turn breaking Ayano’s grip, spinning and arm dragging the Japanese woman over, maintaining wrist control Sophia looks to once again transition into and armbar attempt, but Miko gets her feet up to the Champion’s chest and shoves the submission specialist off of her!

Mai: Somewhere I bet Lyn is enjoying this technical match, and if he is, I hope he gags on whatever malt liquor he’s drinking.

The crowd roars in approval as Miko kips up to her feet! Sophia rushes the challenger but Miko ducks low and shoots her into the ropes, following behind looking for a forearm, Sophia senses it coming and ducks beneath the strike! Miko turns quickly but still walks into a hiptoss! Before the Japanese woman can regain her base though Sophia delivers a dropkick to Miko’s right shoulder blade! With her opponent clutching her shoulder, Sophia quickly fish hooks her opponent’s mouth and yanks her head back into a seated rear chinlock. The ref yells at her about the fish hook, causing the Seattle native to issue the most half-hearted of apologies before distastefully wiping her now droll covered finger off in Miko’s hair. Miko reaches back to try and get a hand on the champion’s head, but Sophia quickly seizes the limb, wresting control of the Warp Drive Dragon’s hand, Pike gives a sick grin to the crowd as she takes hold of the Challenger’s digits!



Mai: Okay, that doesn’t give me a tingle. But at least Sophia’s having a good time in there. That warms my heart.

The audience collectively groans as Miko shouts in pain at the brutal finger snap! Sophia appears to be quite pleased with herself as she goes back to applying the chinlock. The ref quickly goes to check on Miko, who’s clutching her hand in agony but still waves the ref off. The challenger starts to stomp her feet on the mat, rallying the audience to start clapping in support for her, Sophia shakes her head at this, telling the crowd this isn’t going to help, but Miko still swings over onto her side and starts to fight her way up to a vertical base as Sophia transitions into a side headlock. Miko wraps the Champion’s waist before backing into the ropes to shoot Sophia off, but Sophia keeps a grip in the Warp Drive Dragon’s locks and yanks her right back into a side headlock!

Mai: Sometimes all you need is a good Greco-Roman hair pull, Zack. That’s what that was.

Zack: Call it what you want, but it got the desired effect for the champion.

The ref’s warning goes ignored as Sophia mugs to the crowd, frustrated, Miko tries to swing her injured hand at the Emerald City Siren, who responds by raising a swift knee into the challengers’ captured head, then another, and a third that leads Miko to slump down onto her knees, Sophia lowers as well, using the leverage to really wrench in the headlock. The crowd starts clapping again as the ref grabs Miko’s hand and raises it, it drops once! The ref lifts her hand once again, it drops a second time! The ref lifts Miko’s arm for the third time, but this time Sophia snatches the limb from the ref to keep it from dropping, mouthing that she’s “Not done with her yet”! The ref starts to protest, but no sooner does Sophia open her mouth to respond does Miko come to life, yanking her hand free from Sophia’s grip, she starts throwing frenzied punches into the Emerald City Siren’s abdomen before back the Champion into the ropes and shooting her off, breaking her grip but Miko reaches up, grabs Sophia’s skull from behind and yanks the No Surrender Champion off her feet into a Headpull Backbreaker!

Zack: it’s a good thing Pike doesn’t wear extensions, or they would have come off right there.

Mai: Everything about Sophia is natural, Zack. She doesn’t need anything to enhance what genetics already gave her.

Sophia rolls along the mat, clutching at her neck while Miko stumbles back to lean against the ropes, clutching her right hand against her chest while she takes several deep breaths to get her wind back. She waves the ref away after a moment before dragging herself back to her feet using her left hand. She spots Sophia on her knees and elbows and quickly runs in, using one arm to handspring into a kneedrop across the back of the Emerald City Siren’s neck! Miko frowns as she sits back on her knees after the move, rubbing tenderly at her right shoulder which is visibly bothering her. After a moment she sits Sophia up and leans the Champion’s back along the bottom rope. She measures her opponent before delivering a duo of sharp kicks across Pike’s chest, after the kicks Miko turns and darts across the ring, shooting the ropes and coming back with a blistering low dropkick to Sophia’s face, the momentum carrying both competitors to the outside!

With both women stunned on the outside mats, the ref leans out to start the count.




Miko is the first to show signs of life, she manages to slide over to the barricade and grab the top of it with her good hand.



Sophia has started to stir now, she’s slowly crawling hand over hand to the ring steps.



Zack: They need to get back sooner than later. No one in this stadium wants to see a countout.

Now back to a vertical base, Miko measures where the Champion is going and quickly slides into the ring.



Zack: Excellent timing by Miko there. A countout would resolve nothing.

Miko runs the ropes as Sophia pulls herself up to her feet, the Emerald City Siren seems to notice her opponent charging in with a baseball slide a little too late-- NO! Sophia lifts the ring apron and catches the Warp Drive Dragon underneath it! Laughingly the Seattle native throws several forearms into the Japanese woman’s unprotected head! The ref being forced to restart the count gives Sophia a chance to try and shake the cobwebs loose, clutching her neck, the Emerald City Siren takes a moment to truly appreciate how vulnerable her opponent is, dazed and caught up under the ring apron. Sophia slides into the ring, she quickly reaches out through the ropes and grabs hold of Ayano’s right arm, yanking it in between the second and third rope, she puts a foot to the second rope and falls backwards, using the rope for leverage as she wrenches the limb awkwardly against it! The ref gets to 4, forcing Sophia to break the hold, which allows Miko to slump down painfully to the outside mats. Pike follows her out, dragging Miko to her feet, she hammerlocks the challenger’s arm behind her before running her shoulder-first into the ring steps!

Mai: I like that move! Might as well use the steps. I mean they aren’t just there to get in the ring, are they? Oh...they are?





Not letting up, Sophia takes hold of Miko’s arm and pulls it between the ropes and the ring post, she slaps the Japanese woman across the face before yanking her shoulder first into the ring post, once! Twice! Three times! Four Time!




Zack: I’ll give Sophia one thing. She doesn’t want a countout either, even though it’d save her title. She wants a submission from Miko, nothing else will do.

Realizing how close the ref’s count is getting Sophia breaks to roll under the ropes then roll back out to the floor. She watches Miko crawling across the mat, right arm hugged tightly to her chest, with satisfaction before she tosses away the top portion of the ring steps. The crowd boos their disapproval as Sophia grabs Miko by the hair and drags her over to the lower ring steps, yelling out to the crowd “Remember, she wanted this!”




Mai: You’re damn right she did, Sophia!

Sophia takes a moment to steady herself before lifting Miko up into a scoop slam position, the crowd going into a panicked frenzy when they realize that Sophia plans to drop the challenger on the ring steps with the Emerald City Flowsion!




Miko starts to kick and struggle! Sophia tries to hold fast but the Warp Drive Dragon slips over her shoulder behind her! Thinking quickly the Emerald City Siren throws a back elbow into Miko’s face, then two more into her injured shoulder which absolutely withers Miko.



Mai: Hit her again with that elbow! It can’t make her any uglier!

Sophia pulls Miko in for a Saito Suplex but Miko leaps up, driving a stiff knee square into Pike’s mouth and stunning her before Miko throws caution and reason to the wind, leaping over the Champion with a Sunset flip powerbomb off the steps and to the floor! The crowd groans at the sound of Sophia’s head smacking off the mats! The ref abandons his count to slide out of the ring and check on the women!

Zack: I appreciate the referee for giving a lot of leeway in this match tonight. Everyone wants to see a winner one way or the other.

Miko manages to seat herself against the lower half of the ring steps, grimacing as she clutches her arm, but otherwise lucid, the ref meanwhile lowers down to where the Champion lays, balled up in the fetal position and clutching her head. The ref looks over to the medical team on standby and looks ready to raise his hands up to signal them but the Emerald City Siren grabs his shirt to stop him, causing the crowd to let out a cheer of appreciation, however begrudgingly. Against the steps Miko nods in something akin to approval. The Warp Drive Dragon rises up first, motioning for the ref to back away from the champion so the match can continue. The Challenger waits patiently as Pike uses the ring apron to painfully drag her way back up to her feet. Her head gets snapped forward as Miko darts in and Bicycle Kicks her in the back of the skull!

Zack: Bicycle kick well executed, and that’s what Miko needed right there.

Her opponent dazed and laid out on the ring apron, Miko shoves Sophia the rest of the way under the ropes before climbing up onto the ring apron, Miko waits out there, clutching the top rope and waiting for Sophia to get to a vertical base again. Seeing the Emerald City Siren rising up, Miko leaps up, only using her left hand to propel her to a stand on the top rope, but Sophia must have known something was coming as she stumbles back into the ropes causing the Warp Drive Dragon to miss her footing and land bodily on her bad right shoulder! Sophia leans against the ropes getting her bearings, her hand clutching the back of her head and neck as she glares daggers down at where the challenger lay clutching her arm. After a second Pike walks over to Miko and stomps down bodily on her bad shoulder, drawing a ragged scream from the Warp Drive Dragon, Miko responds by rolling onto her side and lashing out with a few ineffectual kicks but Sophia stays on the attack, wrenching Miko’s hurting arm free, she drags the Warp-Drive Dragon back to her feet, before wrenching the arm around and transitioning into a hammerlock.

Zack: Right back to wrestling 101. That’s part of what makes her so dangerous. She doesn’t need a lot of sizzle, it’s all steak for the Siren.

Mai: I think Miko is quitting! I’m pretty sure I heard her quit.

Pike yells for the ref to check on Miko, saying something about the challenger “Not being good enough to warrant the Space Needle!”, Miko waves the ref away with her good hand before driving a few elbows backwards, Sophia leans out of range of the strikes, but that gives the Warp-Drive Dragon enough leverage to drag the champion over to the ropes, rather than hang onto them and let the ref split them apart though, Miko takes a decidedly British Grappling tactic and steps between the second and third ropes to the outside apron, the odd angle loosening Sophia’s grip, Miko takes the opportunity to break the hold, reach over the top to grab the Emerald City Siren’s head, and hotshot her throat-first across the ropes!

Mai: I always hated that move. If someone wants me to gag, they should at least buy dinner first.

Zack: …………………………..

Miko holds onto Sophia’s head for and extra moment to keep her slung over the rope before taking a step back and delivering a brutal Bicycle Kick to the side of the Champion’s skull, Sophia bonelessly slumps down onto the second rope, Miko looks out to the crowd and raises her left hand, finger pointed, calling for “ONE MORE!”. The Warp-Drive Dragon reaches over the ropes to pull the Emerald City Siren to her feet only to be absolutely gobsmacked but a solid open hand slap across the face. Seemingly running on instinct Sophia grabs Miko’s arm and leaps up into a hanging armbar over the ropes! The crowd screaming in surprise as Miko kicks desperately on the outside apron!

Mai: Rip it off, Sophia! What good is a one armed Miko, Zack?! Not much, she can go back to Japan and teach handicap wrestlers after this is over!

The ref counts the rope break, which Sophia naturally hangs onto until the last possible second before letting go and rolling to the center of the ring. She scopes out the Challenger who’s currently kneeling on the outside apron, still clutching her arm. Sophia stumbles up to her feet and runs the ropes, looking to boot Miko off the apron to the outside, but Miko spot it coming and springboard into the ring with a crossbody! Miko bounces awkwardly while Sophia gets flattened, leaving both women laid out!

Zack: Both Sophia and Miko are exhausted. They’ve taken a tremendous amount out of each other, and I’m impressed they’ve been able to keep up the pace.





Sophia slowly sits up, cradling her head and neck, where the crux of damage has been done to her,, across the ring Miko is trying to get her knees under her, her right shoulder braced awkwardly against the mat.



The Champion slowly starts to scoot backwards to the nearby set of turnbuckles, obviously hoping to use them to get back to her feet.


Mai: Sophia’s starting to get back to a vertical base. The Year of Our Pike is far from over, Zack.

Miko has planted her left hand and is struggling to push herself up from the mat.


9- Count is broken!

Zack: Count’s up just in the nick of time again! It’s been a battle of inches since the bell rang seemingly.

Sophia gains the advantage as she’s gained her footing first, and no sooner does she do so that she stalks over to Miko and grab her right arm, she looks to press the Challenger down to lock in the Space Needle but Miko flips forward onto her back to avoid the Emerald City Siren’s patented submission… only for Sophia to fall back and apply a cross armbar instead! Sophia manages to pull it back before the Japanese woman can use her left hand to lock her fingers together and block the move. She screams for Miko to tap, the crowd screaming out in support of the challenger as the ref slides in to keep an eye on the submission.

Mai: Quit, Miko! Maybe Sophia will spare you, and let you go as soon as the bell rings. It’s your only hope!

Miko tries to reach over but Sophia smartly extends her powerful legs out, driving the attempt to alleviate the hold away and wrenching it on even tighter. Miko responds by scrabbling out with her feet. She misses the ropes! Sophia is red in the face at this point, screaming for Miko to tap or she’d take the limb home with her! Miko screams out in turn before kicking out and… she does it, she manages to loop her foot over the bottom rope! The ref makes the Champion break the hold. Sophia rolls onto her hands and knees and starts pounding on the mat in frustration! She gets to her feet and storms over to Miko, shoving aside the protesting official that was checking on her before delivering a series of sharp, brutal stomps on the former Whiskey’s head and shoulder. After a few more the ref bodily drags the champion off of Miko, warning her to follow his direction. That warning is pretty much immediately ignored as the Emerald City Siren stalks right back over to Miko and delivers a few more stomps.

Mai: Who does the referee think he’s talking to? That’s the No Surrender Champion, and she doesn’t listen to scrubs!

After being seemingly stomped out for the moment, Sophia lifts the Warp Drive Dragon up by her chin, she slaps the challenger twice before dragging her in for an STO… but Miko fights back, driving several sharp elbows into the back of Sophia’s neck. Sophia relinquishes her grip a moment, dizzied by the continued blows to her head and neck and Miko stumbles back into the ropes. After a second though she snaps back around and rushes Miko against the rope before shooting her off-

Zack: Miko being sent for the ri---MAYBE NOT!
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- but Miko hangs on to Sophia’s wrist and leaps blindly into the air, cracking Pike with a thunderous no-look Pele Kick that finds its mark! The crowd comes to life as the Champion stumbles a moment before toppling over like a Cedar! Still holding onto Sophia’s wrist, Miko comes back to a stand, she then starts stomping down on the Champion’s unprotected head several times before pulling up Pike’s head, and falling backwards into a Triangle choke!

Mai: No no no no!! That’s not how this is supposed to go! C’mon, Sophia! Punch her in the taint!

The ref goes in to check on Sophia, the ringside camera zooming in to capture her face starting to turn red as the Challenger increases the pressure, pulling on the back of the Emerald City Siren’s head to sink it in deeper, but seeming to have some trouble given the state of her right arm. Sophia gets her knees under her, and then slowly comes to a stand… she hunches over, stacking the Japanese woman high up on her shoulders, she slowly steps over Miko, rotating her onto her stomach before kneeling on the small of her back and pulling her head free! With a smile on her face, she grabs her opponent’s ankles  and falls back into the Queen Anne’s Revenge!

Zack: Sophia’s pulling out everything in her arsenal, and now Miko’s the one in trouble. Neither one of these two will be the same after this match is over.

The camera zooms in to reveal Miko’s face, twisted in pain as she tries to plant her hands to push out of the submission, but keeps having her right arm fail to provide any real power. Sophia meanwhile is leaned back as far as she can go! Miko keeps shaking her head at the re as he continues to ask her if she can continue. Sophia leans forward, attempting to adjust her grip so she can add leverage to the stretch, unfortunately Miko manages to free one leg. Sophia continues to hang onto the one leg, visibly frustrated she lost her grip but determined to hang on and wear the Warp Drive Dragon down!

Zack: The frustration levels inside the champion are rising! I’m not sure she thought Miko was going to give her this much trouble.

The crowd starts a “MI-KO!” chant, trying to will the Japanese woman on, as she’s seemingly at a loss as to how to get out of the stretch, after refusing the ref’s inquiry again, and with her body slowly being contorted into a pretzel, Ayano throws caution to the wind and rolls outward on her bad right shoulder, Sophia’s visibly surprised as she finds herself on her side and staring down the sole end of her opponent’s free foot as it connects with her face once! Twice! On the third stomp she lets go and falls back, clutching her face. The Warp Drive Dragon takes a few moments to nurse her back and her arm, which in turn gives Sophia a chance to get her bearings. After a second, the two make eye contact as the crowd starts to buzz. The ref foregos starting a count as both woman rise to their feet, glaring daggers at each other as they come face to face, forehead to forehead as the buzz turns into a rumble, and then into a roar that drowns out any attempt to hear what both women are saying to each other.

Mai: I think we’re about to go into overdrive right now! Look at those expressions, Zack. I’m kinda scared. Hold me.

Zack: No.

Sophia delivers a European uppercut, and Miko responds with a snapping kick to the thigh! Uppercut! Thigh kick! Uppercut! Thigh kick! Uppercut! Thigh kick! Sophia grabs Miko by the head and slams a trio of solid forearms to the Challenger’s jaw! Miko stumbles back a few steps  before coming back and leading with a nasty overhand chop to the side of Sophia’s neck before following up with another thunderous thigh kick! Wincing Sophia drops to a knee with a grimace, she gets up after a moment and back into the ropes before coming back with with a forearm but Miko leaps high and takes her over with a hurricanrana that she quickly transitions into a cross armbar, the crowd roaring as the move gets locked in outta nowhere!

Mai: Forget it, Miko! You’re not gonna make Sophia tap! No one in FFW has been able to do it, least of all a pipsqueak like you.

Unfortunately for Miko, the idea seemed better in theory than in practice given the condition of her right arm, Sophia grips the challenger’s injured right hand and methodically pries it away to break the submission, she quickly spins around onto her knees in the Japanese woman’s full guard and starts raining down those vicious elbows. Her right arm basically useless against guarding from the blows of the Emerald City Siren, Miko’s bell gets rung a few times as the elbows rain down on her. The ref looks concerned as a few of them bounce the Warp Drive Dragon’s head off the mat, but after a few seconds the challenger comes to life with a plan, looping her left arm around the back of Sophia’s head and dragging it to her chest to cut off the angle of her strikes, Miko takes a moment to rest - as does the seemingly winded and frustrated Sophia - before she tries to “walk” backwards out of the mount, shifting weight between her left and injured right shoulder.

Zack: Both of these women have to be running on fumes at this point. Miko needs a moment for herself.

Mai: Tell her to eat a Snickers. She’s not her when she’s hungry.

Sensing what’s going on, Sophia gets her feet under her to pin the slimmer woman down with her weight, but unfortunately gives the former Whiskey Ayano the gap she need raise her foot up to the Emerald City Siren’s thigh and shove the more natural grappler off of her! Sophia gets back to her feet to see Mikogaining her own in the corner, she rushes atthe challenger, who spots her coming and ducks low to pop the Emerald City Siren of the ropes! NO! Sophia adjusts mis air to land on the apron! She gives Miko a quick forearm to the back of the head before grabbing the tag rope hanging off the turnbuckle pad and loops it around the Japanese woman’s throat.

Mai: There you go, just choke her out! That works as well as anything else!

She holds onto it until the ref counts four before grabbing Miko’s right arm, obviously looking for another hanging armbar… but no! Miko grabs her head and falls back, throating the champ on the top rope and sending her staggering to the outside mats! Miko falls to a knee, trying to catch her own breath after the choke, she notices Sophia powders around the side of the ring, obviously hoping to get her own wind back after having her larynx driven into the rope for the second time this match, a moment later the Warp Drive Dragon throws caution to the wind and darts across the ring to the far corner, leaps onto the second rope and hits the Paradigm Shift - a lateral Asai moonsault Plancha to the outside - onto Sophia! The ref looks to the outside where both women are laid out before starting the count!





Miko gets back up on her knees. A look of exhaustion on her face. A second goes by and she painfully gets to her feet.



Zack: I think we’ve crossed the threshold into the longest No Surrender Championship match we’ve ever had in FFW. And yet...they still keep going.

The Champion is barely stirring as Miko grabs her hair and forces her to a vertical base. She drapes Sophia on the apron before rolling her under the ropes and into the ring. The challenger follows the No Surrender title holder into the ring, Miko seems almost lost for a moment, looking down at the near out of it Sophia. After a second her eyes trail over to the turnbuckle and a switch gets set off in her head, the crowd cheering in approval. Miko scales the ropes slowly, she casts one last look over her shoulder before throwing caution to the wind and leaping off with the Dyson Sphere Phoenix Splash… SOPHIA WAS PLAYING POSSUM AND SPINS ON HER BACK, CATCHING MIKO AYANO INTO A TRIANGLE CHOKE AS SHE SPLASHES DOWN!

Mai: AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Miko’s such a sucker! Now choke her out, Sophia, and come get your platinum title back!

Miko looks stunned, the air having been drained from her as the rest of her body at nothing but mat, Sophia wraps her hands around the back of the Japanese woman’s head and drags her deeper into the submission, pretty much cutting off all of Miko’s airways by smothering her face with her lower abdomen. Seeing how close they are to the corner, Sophia quickly shuffles backwards on her shoulders, but not getting enough distance quickly, she relinquishes her hold on Miko’s head so she can use her arms to try and drag them further away from the ropes. Miko gets her knees underneath her, spotting her opponent trying to get to a vertical base Sophia foregos anything fancy and drops several sharp elbows into the top of Miko’s head. Miko tries to persevere as she makes it to a stand, the camera picking up the crimson color of her face, but a final, sharp elbow buckles her, causing her legs to collapse as she falls over onto her injured right arm!

Mai: I love watching Miko get hit in the head. Could I get a highlight reel of just moves like that for my collection at home?

Landing on her bad arm might have been the only thing that kept the Warp Drive Dragon conscious. Being too far from the ropes and feeling the black close in, the Japanese woman hauls off and throws a desparate kick into Sophia’s fully bared spine. Sophia shakes her head and keeps the hold locked in, reaching down to grab Miko’s head again. Miko responds with a seconds kick, and a third, and a fourth! AGAIN AND AGAIN until FINALLY !Sophia lets go of the triangle choke. Miko rolls onto her back, gulping in breaths or air while Sophia rolls onto her stomach, hands clutching at her neck and back. The ref looks between them and starts the count.

Zack: Here we go again. Both of them are exhausted, and we’re back to another ten count by the referee.







The crowd starts to join in the chant as both women remain still for a moment more.


Sophia grabs the nearby rope and starts to work her way back up.


Miko sits up, cradling her arm against her chest she slowly gets one of her knees underneath her.


Mai: Whoa, they got up at the same time! I wasn’t expecting that, just Miko to maybe die right then and Sophia to retain.

Almost simultaneously, both champion and challenger get to their feet to the approving roar of the crowd. The two exhausted competitors stagger over to each other, this time Miko’s quicker to fire with an overhead chop, once again catching the champion along the side of the throat, Sophia winces and thinks better than exchanging blows with the Warp Drive Dragon and instead flat out boots her in her injured shoulder, the first few rows can audibly hear Miko shriek as she falls to her knees in pain.

Zack: Both Miko and Sophia are gonna need a while to recover from this, especially Miko who hasn’t been as active as Sophia in recent months.

Taking advantage, Sophia hooks Miko’s head, and drives her into the mat with a DDT! Pike sits up holding the back of her neck, the stinger from earlier still affecting her. Shaking the cobwebs loose, she lifts Miko up and grabs around her head, lifting her up into a Dragon Sleeper, before she can fall back and lock in the body scissors, Miko leaps upwards, flipping backwards in an attempt to get out of the Sleeper In Seattle but SOPHIA SITS OUT, driving Miko down with the Emerald City Flowsion!


After taking a second to process what she just did, Sophia looks out to the crowd before flipping them off, a manic grin on her face before she sits Miko back up and loops her arm around her face, pulling her back into the Dragon Sleeper! Sophia gets to her feet, struggling to force Miko up with her, she makes a cut-throat motion with her hand before falling back to lock in the bodyscissors of the Sleeper In Seattle… but Miko uses the momentum from falling backwards to roll through the move before Sophia can lock her legs around her waist! Miko tries to get to his feet, but the earlier Flowsion buckles her legs and sends her stumbling backwards! Sophia sits back up and turns to rush at the challenger but Miko somehow bursts forward with a Bicycle Kick… NO! Sophia steps to the side, hooks Miko’s waist and tosses her with a Saito Suplex! WAIT! Miko rolls through and comes back to her feet, clutching her head with her left hand she charges at Sophia, grabs the surprised Champion around her waist - left and clinging to her right wrist instead of interlocking her fingers - and brings Pike over with a release German suplex!

Zack: I don’t know where they keep getting it from honestly. How bad do these two want to be No Surrender Champion?

Mai: Uh, pretty fucking bad.

Sophia lands high on her shoulders, the momentum carrying her over onto her stomach, to the surprise of the fans she immediately slaps the mat angrily before getting back to her feet, which is when the landing catches up with her and her knees buckle. She barely manages to keep from falling over by hanging onto the ropes while Miko remains flat on her back from all the energy she blew through German Suplexing the Champion, her injured right arm being clutched by her left. It takes her a moment to become cognizant of the fact that Sophia is still standing, she rolls over to her stomach and slowly pushes herself to her feet, she gets cut off by the champion as Pike hooks Miko around the waist and hefts the Japanese woman bodily off the ground. The crowd pops big as Miko desparately delivers elbow after elbow into Sophia’s head, staggering the Champion, but she. Does. Not. Let. Go! Shaking the blows off the Emerald City Siren takes two steps and brings Miko’s right shoulder down onto her knee with an elevated shoulderbreaker! Sophia shoves Miko off her knee to land face down on the mat, she yanks out Miko’s name before dropping double knees on the challenger’s injured arm, drawing screams from the Japanese woman. Sophia leans in real close to the Warp Drive Dragon, before screaming something the mics can’t quite pick up, she comes to a stand before rolling across Miko’s back, looking to finally apply the Space Needle!

Zack: I don’t know what Sophia said, but I guarantee you it wasn’t anything complimentary right there. And there’s the SPACE NEEDLE!

Miko screams, shaking her head no as the ref asks her if she’s giving up. Sophia meanwhile is braced on the balls of her feet, torquing back while screaming at the challenger that she was going to tear her arm off if she didn’t give up right now. A few more desperate seconds go by while Miko tries and fails to grasp the nearby ropes, her body effectively pinned down by the dominant Pike. The ref asks her again if she submits and this time Miko’s hand hovers above the mat.


Mai: Don’t listen to these idiots, TAP! TAP! TAP!

Hearing the crowd start to chant we see Sophia roll her eyes, even despite her exhaustion. She leans back a little farther, drawing another cry from Miko. Her hand shaking… the Warp Drive Dragon looks seconds away from tapping out but instead bites down on her left hand to keep from either slapping the mat OR screaming out the words ‘I quit!’. Pike starts screaming anew, accentuating every words by rocking back while clutching Ayano’s injured arm. Finally Sophia leans back and yells out “You’re about as useless as your fucking cousin!” Miko, biting her own hand hard enough to draw blood, manages to drag a knee underneath her, the challenger shoves off, rolling with Sophia the Emerald City Siren suddenly finds herself seated on the mat, with her opponent directly behind her! Miko wastes no time and quickly scissors her legs around Pike’s hips before leaning in and grabbing her right wrist with her left hand and falling back, bringing her right forearm under Sophia’s chin to lock in a rear naked choke! The crowd roars as Sophia flails in surprise, feetplanting on the ground and attempting to scrabble for purchase on the mat.


Zack: They know what they want! This sold out crowd is begging Sophia to quit, and it’d be the first time I’ve seen her do it in FFW if she does!

The crowd starts to chant at Sophia, who continues to struggle to shake the Warp Drive Dragon off her back. She reaches out to the ropes but finds they’re about two feet out of her reach. Pike tries to close the distance by shoving  both herself and Miko along the mat with her feet. Ayano senses this and unhooks one of her feet to plant on the mat and roll Pike away from the ropes!


Mai: Tell all these nimrods to shut the hell up! She’s not gonna tap, damn it!

Feeling the black close in Sophia starts to resort to slugging aimlessly at Miko’s injured right arm that’s been pulled under her chin. Her hand slapping against the bruised and battered limb repeatedly, causing the challenger to grit her teeth against the pain and try to bear it. The ref leans in, asking if the Emerald City Siren wants to give up. Sophia responds with several strained four letter words and pie faces the ref out of her way!


Mai: These people are giving me a goddamn headache, Zack! Do something about it!

Zack: What do you want ME to do?!

The chorus seems to anger the fading Sophia, who puts her hands to the ground and pushes with everything she has, rolling back overtop of her challenger to land right beside the ropes! The crowd responds with shock as the Emerald City Siren reaches out for the ropes… but comes up just a few inches shy! Sophia tries to rock forward by Miko screams against the pain in her own arm and wrenches backwards, pulling up Sophia’s hand just short! A few seconds go by and suddenly the champion’s hand falls to the mat, limp.

The ref takes a quick check of Sophia before calling for the bell!

Mai: ……………………….What?


Maggie: Your winner, and NEW FFW No Surrender Champion, ‘The Warp Drive Dragon’ MIKO AYAAAAAAAAAAAAANOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Zack: I don’t believe it….MIKO JUST MADE HISTORY!!

Mai: ……………………………………………….WHAT?

Miko relinquishes the hold and rolls onto her back, clutching at her arm as her music starts to play, the crowd roaring in approval. The referee brings her the title, kneeling down beside her and waiting for the Warp-Drive Dragon to sit up and accept it. After a few seconds she sits up, setting her left hand on the face plate before turning and looking to where Sophia lay, the ringside physician checking on the passed out Seattle native.

Zack: I’m glad we always have medical personnel at every FFW show, because these two women desperately need it.

Mai: ……………………………………………………………………...SERIOUSLY, WHAT?!

With the ref’s assistance, the battered Ayano gets to her feet, she grabs her newly won championship belt from the ref and holds it up high to a round of applause from the FFW faithful before yelling over to Sophia’s prone form “That was for O.E.”.


Zack: Still bitter, huh?

The Warp Drive Dragon doesn’t stick around to showboat, instead rolling under the ropes to the outside, draping the title over her shoulder as she walks up the ramp, occasionally slapping hands with a fan using her left hand, but otherwise just cradling her right arm. After a few more moments the camera pans back to Sophia, whose been roused by smelling salts by the ringside physician. Momentarily incoherent, she pushes away the doc, sitting up the ref goes over to explain exactly what happened. There’s a flash of anger in the Emerald City Siren’s eyes, as she finds herself squared up with the official, even to the point of grabbing the ref by the collar of the shirt--and for a second, it looks like a second match might happen, as the Queen of King County clenches her fist tightly around the fabric, visibly grinding her teeth…

Zack: The Year of Our Pike just came to one hell of an end! Miko Ayano captures her very first title in FFW, and one hell of a victory on top of that! Congratulations, champ!


Then pushes the official away and rolls out of the ring, backing up the ramp with a sneer, even as the fans in the first couple rows give the dethroned Siren grief--which Sophia is very aware of, turning to get in the face of one of the fans, as a small “where’s your title?” chant breaks out. The chant visibly gets under the former Champion’s skin, which only encourages the fans to keep it going until she backs the rest of the way up the ramp, and back through the curtain.

Harker’s Fate

The show cuts to the backstage area inside MetLife Stadium and we find the Chief Operating Officer standing with the #1 contender to the Ultraviolence Championship Charlotte Harker. Seth shakes her hand as he arrives. Standing between them is Allison Marx.

Allison: As you can see, I’m here with not only Charlotte Harker but also the COO of this company. I was told there was going to be some news to be shared. First things first, Charlotte, welcome back to Unstoppable! This is hardly an event you are unfamiliar with.

Harker nodded her head.

Charlotte: Yeah, there’s a lot of memories… like getting screwed over by Felicity Banks. Having a record shattering title reign ended by a screwball and her sidekick. That’s the most recent one. The year before that we took down Rudo Galactica and the highly overrated Dark Fantasy, giving everyone another taste of what the next year was going to be like. It’s good to be back on the biggest stage once more.

Allison: Well Mr. Star, you said you were going to share some news with Charlotte here. What’s that all about?

Seth: As you may recall at Relentless, Miss Harker here earned herself the top contender slot for the Ultraviolence Championship. And then a few weeks later, Mallory Bennett ended the historic reign of Emma MacNamara to capture that title. For one, Miss MacNamara has elected not to use her rematch clause, which means the playing field is wide open once again.

Allison: That makes sense to me. I don’t think there’s anything else that Emma has to prove in the Ultraviolence division. Would you agree, Charlotte?

Charlotte nodded her head.

Charlotte: She’s already the longest reigning Ultraviolence Champion in company history; a record that’s likely to stand for a while yet and we all watched as she took down some of the toughest, most dangerous and most resilient women not just in FFW but in all of wrestling to do so. It wouldn’t surprise me if she wanted to move on to other things and to new challenges.

Seth: The other bit of news is that I’m going to do something that is a bit unprecedented in this division. I’m going to allow someone else to decide what kind of title match it will be when Charlotte Harker challenges Mallory Bennett.

Allison: Who is going to decide it?

Seth: One of the women involved. You see, the championship match is set for Sin & Sacrifice in September. But before we get there, I’m booking a triple threat between Miss Harker, Miss Bennett, and Raven Knight. If Miss Harker or Miss Bennett wins that match, they will pick the match type they prefer. But if Miss Knight picks up the win in that match, she will be added to the title match and get to decide it herself.

The number one contender nodded her head as she absorbed that information.

Charlotte: That’s definitely an interesting twist that’ll make for a very interesting triple threat before we get to Sin & Sacrifice. Could certainly give the winner a pretty big advantage going into Sin & Sacrifice if they pick their match type wisely. Very unique idea. Definitely gives us all a little extra motivation going forward too - if any was needed.

Allison: Both Mallory and Charlotte here have faced Raven before, so they know what they are getting into in this triple threat. And I’m sure somewhere Raven is going to be quite happy to hear about this news.

Seth: If I don’t miss my guess should Miss Knight win, I would guess that the title match will be very flammable in nature.

Charlotte: Yeah. IF Raven wins and manages to crowbar her way into the match as Sin & Sacrifice then I guess I’d better spend some time getting friendly with fire and prepare myself mentally to get burnt. Badly. If Mallory wins… I’m sure that she’d love to get very inventive, set up her own legacy and look to outdo Emma - or at least set down a standard going forward that anyone who wishes to challenge her will have to live up to. Me? I guess you’ll just have to wait and see what I come up with if I win.

Charlotte’s expression is the final thing seen before the show heads back to the ring for the next match.

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Maggie: The following contest is a ladder match for the FFW Unity and FFW Tornado Tag Team Championships!!!

Zack: We’re about to make some history right there with this one, and I expect it to be one for the highlight reels. It’s even better Mai has taken a powder, and I’ll be joined by a guest in a moment.

The MetLife Stadium begins... Buzzing for the arrival of the Unity Tag champions. Then one by one the lights of the outdoor stadium begin cutting out, one after the next. All the immediate lights around the ring and on the ladders, all the lights on the crowd, all the lights but those around the video wall begin cutting off... And then those cut off as well. A strange, chopped and screwed up version of ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’ by Nancy Wilson begins playing... A sampling as a matter of fact before a sound bite of a crowd is heard yelling at the top of their lungs, as if to give the New York crowd an idea of what to sing along with.




One spotlight falls on Mickey Scarborough on one side of the video wall, at the top of the platform leading down to the ring. Mickey’s wearing a yellow and black version of her outfit, more yellow than black. Kickpads, wrestling shorts that go down to her knees, made of faux leather and a half top that criss-crosses up the shoulders. Her hair has been dyed with two streaks of yellow, the rest of her hair cut. She holds the microphone to her mouth and points upward.



Raquel now gets a spotlight of her own on the opposite side of the platform under the video wall and her ring gear happens to be more black than her signature color of pink. Her own matches Mickey’s almost to a tee, kickpads, wrestling shorts, the half criss-crossing top but the ends of her hair have been tinged with pink, though she hasn’t cut her hair at all. She lifts up her own mic and yells.

Raquel: Y’all just made out entrance... Let’s do this Scarborough.

Mickey: Yes’am!

Crowd & Chorus: "DIS IZ FOR ALL MY SMOKERS!"

The Unity Tag team champions begin a performance of their own version of ‘Dis Iz 4 All My Smokers’ by Method Man & Redman as they begin to slowly walk down the ramp, the lights over the stadium and along the ramp beginning to slowly fade in and out as smoke begins to rise around the ring and down the ramp with every step they make.

Mickey: Ayo, ‘Quels what’s up chica?

Raquel: Mickey, what's really good?
Got that ladder and that Backwood, light up in any hood,
Yup, I'm that good, my sister, love me some Cali kush!
Never thought that a ladder would have me hooked,
I'm a highflier, everyone look, and point your cameras,
At the chicks who fly, with the moonsaults and starry eyes!
Huh, fuck it, I'm that high, I'm blowing smoke clouds,
Got my head in the clouds, fuck it, I'm that fly!
Mickey, what's up, chica?

Mickey looks at the ring ahead, the four tag team titles hanging over the ring as she begins high-fiving all the fans on her way down. She takes a few steps backward, looking at Raquel as she answers back.

Mickey: Yo, you know how I bust,
Find me lit, fucked up at the Future Shock Cup!
For those who don't fly, get the middle finger up,
You get higher than me, bitch, it's beginner's luck!
My ladder, jump with 80-K eyes on it!
It's like the blunt, when you ain't got five on it!
I challenge any opponent, who wanna go?
We can puff til we smooth like Bel-Biv-Devoe, like!

Mickey & Raquel: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!

Mickey: Ain’t nobody gets higher than Raquel Fair here...!

Raquel: Bump this match, you about to see five stars here ‘cuz...

Crowd & Chorus: "DIS IZ FOR ALL MY SMOKERS!"

Mickey & Raquel: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!

Raquel: Ain’t nobody gets higher than Mickey Scarborough here...!

Mickey: Bump this match, you about to see five stars here ‘cuz...

Crowd & Chorus: "DIS IZ FOR ALL MY SMOKERS!"

The Unity Tag champions high-five and fist bump as Raquel whispers something to Mickey that causes Mickey to look at Raquel in a pause of disbelief before she quickly seems to switch back to what they were doing. Oddly however, the two seem to perform a bit more... Fluidly, less stiff and suddenly having much more fun with this Unstoppable 9 entrance. The two Unity tag champions stop in front of the ring and the apron as Mickey continues.

Mickey: Yo, I'm like oh my God, oh my God!
I start doing shooting stars on my home rooftop,
Now chicks on the block, say I'm actin’ too easy,
Cuz now I rock more chains than Miss Missy,
This my 'Terror Squad', ain’t no Fat Joe,
Any bitch see me, she like, oh there she go!
You can fucks with Raquel, if you got ass and the nice bits!
But don’t come at me, with that, I'm 'high off of life' shit!’

Raquel smirks and mouths ‘nice one,’ with her best friend giving her a humorous bow before the begin continuing to walk around the ring, both having not entered nor has Maggie actually gotten a chance to announce them.

Raquel: They tried to make me go to rehab, no!
Tell my S.O. that I’m too busy tryna catch some tail, yo.
You can catch me in the whip, pushing the seats back slow.
Mickey’s cheesin’, that mean she on that Colby Jack, though!
Look ma, I'm eating, cuz when it's time to get that dough!
I leap off the ladder, and turn around and go hi-lo!
They call me Beasting, I ‘X’ the men, so in the ring,
I leave 'em bleeding, ‘Canada rep', with a dash of Cali for season!

As the two begin doing the chorus all over again, Maggie begins to read a specialized entrance that she was given earlier in the show. Mickey and Raquel slide inside of the ring in mid pause for breaths.

Mickey & Raquel: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!

Mickey: Ain’t nobody gets higher than Raquel Fair here...!

Raquel: Bump this match, you about to see five stars here ‘cuz...

Crowd & Chorus: "DIS IZ FOR ALL MY SMOKERS!"

Mickey & Raquel: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!

Maggie: At a combined weight of 410 pounds and your REIGNING FFW UNITY TAG CHAMPIONS... The team of...

Raquel: Mickey Scarborough!

Mickey: Raquel Fair!


Crowd & Chorus: "DIS IZ FOR ALL MY SMOKERS!"

Maggie looks a bit humored by the exact specifications at how this was supposed to work before Mickey and Raquel continue with their song. Raquel takes over this time, tapping her microphone as she leans up against the ropes.

Raquel: I got ladders, I Scriven, baby, send in the scoops...!
That Raquel Fair ya, leave dashes in your wrestling boots,
Can't fuck with haters, just mad I got a harem to scoot,
I'm chasing skirts, ya'll try'nna be a rock in my shoe,
I'm a wifey, I don't mess with gits, these girls thinking they hard,
I laugh harder than they think they is
I'm about as proper as my English is, and hope I did my thing!
Before I die, for the things I did!

Mickey: Everybody light it up and fly with the fam!
And powerhouse wrestlers, change ya game plan
Cuz this is for all my, highflying rollers!
cruiserweights, luchadoras, and pot smokers!
Yeah, I jump off the top, as smooth as money!
Cuz I get high, like everyday 420!
You know what else funny, my superkick’s killer,
I'm ‘Quels and Steph’s sister, just got different misters!

Mickey & Raquel: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!

Mickey: Ain’t nobody gets higher than Raquel Fair here...!

Raquel: Bump this match, you about to see five stars here ‘cuz...

Crowd & Chorus: "DIS IZ FOR ALL MY SMOKERS!"

Mickey & Raquel: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!

Raquel: Ain’t nobody gets higher than Mickey Scarborough here...!

Mickey: Bump this match, you about to see five stars here ‘cuz...

Crowd & Chorus: "DIS IZ FOR ALL MY SMOKERS!"

With that final adulation of the crowd... Mickey and Raquel reach forward and drop the mics in the center of the ring, turning this match on its head with a pre-rap performance before they look at each other and fist bump. Christian joins Zack at the broadcast booth.

Zack: Welcome to the booth, Christian. You’ve got a lot of oars in the water tonight, to say the least.

Christian: You got that right. So far, my clients have been snatching victories left, right, and sideways. Let’s see if we can keep the streak alive!

With the stadium in pitch black, a single spotlight follows a man out from the backstage area before he is quickly recognized when he looks out to the crowd. Sports fans everywhere know who Michael Buffer is, after all.  
Michael: Ladies and gentlemen here in MetLife Stadium...and watching around the world on Pay Per View, are you ready? MetLife Stadium, I said...ARE YOU READY?
The live crowd gives quite a roar as Michael continues.  
As the crowd roars in response again, another spotlight shows up on the stage where we see a makeshift boxing ring with a woman throwing punches with someone inside it. She connects with a right cross, and sends him to the mat before throwing off a ring robe to reveal it is none other than Claire Black. She steps out of the ring, and heads towards Buffer.
Michael: From the ring to my right, hailing Boston, Massachusetts and weighing in tonight at 126 pounds……’TKO’ CLAIRE BLAAAAAAAAAAAAACKK!!!
A spotlight on the left shows an octagonal shaped cage as a brunette catches a kick, and brings a man down to the floor into a heel hook before a referee calls for the end of the fight. The brunette nips up to her feet, and raises her hands as she exits the cage to join the world famous ring announcer.
Michael: From the cage to my left, hailing from Encino, California...and weighing in tonight at 127 pounds…….’THE AVENGING ANGEL’ SERAFINA DECARO!!!
Claire and Serafina bump fists as lasers appear behind them to spell the name of their team as Buffer finishes.
Michael: Together they are your reigning and defending FFW Tornado Tag Team Champions of the woooooooooooooooooooooooorld...K OOOOOOOOOO T OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
“Can’t Stop’ by the Red Hot Chili Peppers begins to play as the girls head towards the ring. Each of them start removing the Tornado Tag Titles from around their waists before they step through and climb up to opposite corners and raise them aloft. They then show them to Mickey and Raquel, who hold up their titles before both teams hand them off the referee as the crowd makes plenty of noise.

Christian: I got nothing but respect for what Claire and Serafina have done as a tag team, Zack. They keep talking about a legacy, and I think they’ve already forged one of their own.

Zack: That’s a fair point. There’s no bigger match than this one for either of these teams. Only one will leave with the unified titles.

The four women stay in the middle of the ring, starting each other down as Robert Valero raises one of each of the title belts in the air for the fans in attendance before he chose one of each of the title belts and fastened it around the steel ring hanging in front of him. He gave the belts a tug to make sure they were secure and gave a signal for it to be raised high above the ring. As it rose the four wrestler glanced up towards it then fistbumped each other before they returned to their respective corners for a moment. The two teams talked between themselves for a moment and when Valero was happy the titles were in position he called for the bell.

Zack: Four titles all hooked together, and we’re gonna find out which team wants them more! I think we’ll both agree this is the Fair’s pick match.

Christian: Absolutely. But that just makes the prize all the sweeter if you’re KO/TO. You can say you beat them at their own game to become unified champions!

Immediately the four women came out of their corners, Claire immediately going towards Raquel with her hands raised, getting a small nod from Fair who raised her hands, mimicking the boxers pose. The boxer immediately started to throw a combination of fists towards her opponent who bobbed and weaved out of the way out of the hands only to leave her feet as the combination came to an end and caught Black with a high knee into her chest causing her to take a step back. Immediately Raquel followed up on the opening with a series of stiff side kicks into her stomach before she left her feet and delivered a jumping DDT to the boxer. Claire tried to immediately push upwards to get to her feet, getting to a vertical base only for Raquel to catch her on the jaw with a bicycle kick. The Bostonian staggered back to the ring ropes as Fair backed up and charged forward to catch her with a cactus clothesline that sent them both over the top rope to the floor. Fair was quick to pick herself up and slid back into the ring underneath the bottom rope where she came to her feet, sprinted across the ring and came back with a suicide dive that crashed into the rising Claire sending her back down to the floor.

Zack: This isn’t how KO/TO wanted to start this match, to say the least. If they can’t keep the Fair from doing things like that, this could be a short night for them.

Christian: Speed is what the Fair will almost always have on their side. Claire and Serafina are more technical, which isn’t totally suited to a ladder match.

Meanwhile, Serafina and Mickey had circled for a moment or two before they engaged in a collar and elbow tie up that saw the Buddhist take Mickey down to the canvas with an armdrag that she transitioned into an armbar. Immediately Scarborough began to push upwards, getting back to feet where DeCaro wrenched on the armbar a little more. The Berkeley native shook her head as held her shoulder for a moment before threw herself forward into a flip that was followed by a cartwheel as she relieved the tension on her arm. Quickly the Buddhist looked to take Mickey down to the mat once more - this time with a hip toss. The Unity Tag Team Champion blocked the attempt, countering it with a knee to her opponents midsection before she jumped into the air, flipping backwards to free her arm. Serafina turned around and immediately Scarborough grabbed hold of her head and delivered an RKO that saw the former No Surrender Champion bounce off the mat before she landed again on her face. The Buddhist started to push upwards as Mickey ran to the ropes and came back to deliver a low big boot into her face.

Zack: There’s a big boot to the chops from Mickey right there.

Christian: Mickey has small feet, so you could easier say it’s a medium boot at best.

Raquel slid back into the ring as Mickey delivered the low big boot to the face and moved to high five her as Serafina began to stir on the mat, pushing upwards. The Unity Champions exchanged words with each other, nodding their heads in agreement and as Serafina got up to her knees, both members of The Scarborough Fair skipped forward and delivered a stereo superkick to the Agent of Karma, causing her to collapse to the canvas once more. Mickey pointed up at the title belts hanging above the ring, getting a cheer from the crowd while Raquel was already on her way through the ropes to retrieve a ladder; Scarborough quickly followed after her while Claire managed to pull herself upwards and back into the ring.

Zack: The Fair are after some hardware, and Claire’s getting back into the ring as she should. It’s hard to stop a climb from the floor.

Christian: Hard? Damn near impossible. But as they say, teamwork makes the dream work.

The Scarborough Fair selected a tall ladder, brought it back towards the ring and attempted to slide it in over the middle rope. As they did so, Claire dropped back to the ropes opposite the ladder and came back with a shotgun dropkick to the top rung, looking to drive the ladder into her opponents. However, both Raquel and Mickey saw the dropkick coming and dropped the ladder which meant its feet only slid backwards on the mats outside of the ring but stayed propped up against the middle rope. As the Boxer came back to her feet, the two Scarborough Fair members nodded their heads as they grabbed the ladder once more and jabbed it upwards into Claire’s jaw. Black staggered backwards and Mickey continued to feed the ladder into the ring over the middle rope, holding onto the bottom rung to suspend it in mid air as Fair slid into the ring. As Claire found her balance, Raquel made it to her feet and struck immediately with a drop toe hold that caused the boxer to fall face first into the top rung of the ladder suspended in mid air.

Zack: Jesus, Claire’s face hit that ladder at full force! And we may have an unconscious prize fighter right here.

Christian: Nah, I don’t think so. She’s moving a little bit, but she definitely had her running lights dimmed.

Claire rolled to the side and slumped to the mat, holding her jaw as Raquel pulled the ladder into the ring and stepped to the side, lining it up over her opponents body before she delivered a sit out facebuster to the ladder, driving the steps into Black’s body causing her to let out a cry. Before the Boston native could roll away, Mickey - who had entered the ring - picked up the foot end of the ladder, turned it on it’s side and delivered her own version of a sit out face buster to drive the solid steel side of the ladder into Claire’s body.

Christian: There’s no team I know that knows how to better utilize ladders than the Fair. Kinda makes me glad I never have to get in the ring with them.

Zack: You and me both.

As the boxer rolled away to the ropes cradling her body with her arms, both members of the Fair picked up the ladder and started to set it up in position beneath the two tag team titles. As they set up the ladder, they started to climb - one up each side of the ladder. As Mickey made it halfway up the ladder, Serafina had managed to get up to her feet and charged towards the ladder, leaving her feet to catch Scarborough by the head, jerking her off the ladder with a swinging neckbreaker as Raquel watched for a moment before she continued to climb. She made it another rung or two before Claire had used the ring ropes to pull herself to her feet, arms across her chest before she charged forward and shoulder barged into the ladder, causing it to topple over; Fair tried to jump clear but only managed to land straddling the top rope. The ladder followed, hitting the top rope, causing it to bounce slightly. As Raquel rode the top rope, DeCaro pushed back up to her feet, saw the ladder resting on the top rope; the Buddhist wasted no time, running up the ladder, bouncing the top rope with every step before she launched herself from the steel and caught Fair with a disaster kick to the side of the head that knocked her from the top rope to the outside, while a recovered Mickey caught Claire with a codebreaker, driving both of her knees into her chest.

Christian: Mickey just took care of Claire for the time being, but someone better go take a look at Serafina! She landed on her feet!

Zack: Amazing agility from the Buddhist right there, to say the least.

As DeCaro landed on her feet in the ring, she turned back around only to find Mickey was springboarding off the middle rope, landing on the Buddhist’s shoulders to snap off a perfect hurricanrana. Mickey rose back to her feet but as she did so, Claire drove a forearm smash into the top of her spine. She followed it up with a second forearm smash to the same target before she wrapped her arms around her body and hurled her backwards with a release German suplex. Mickey began to rise to her feet only for Claire to mow her back down with a clothesline. Again Scarborough tried to rise to her feet only for Black to begin to fire off closed fists into her body, finishing off with an uppercut to her jaw that dropped her to the canvas.

Christian: That’s what Mickey needs to avoid. When Claire gets those hands working, she can knock pretty much anyone out.

Zack: After that uppercut, Mickey may be seeing stars and twelve titles hanging above the ring here in MetLife Stadium.

Scarborough rolled away as she immediately started to come to her feet only to come face to face with DeCaro who began to unleash a series of stiff kicks to her body that she finished off with a roundhouse kick that sent the Berkeley resident stumbling towards Claire who scooped her up off her feet and delivered a spinebuster, driving her opponent into the canvas. Mickey tried to sit up only for Claire to begin to stomp away at her body as Serafina moved towards the ladder that was still in the ring, picking it up and moving it towards the corner where she set it up against the turnbuckle pads. Claire pulled Mickey up to her feet and with a series of left and right hands driven into her body, forced Scarborough backwards into the corner. As soon as she hit the turnbuckle pads, Black continued to pepper her foes rib cage with closed fist shots, throwing five more as Mickey tried to cover up.

Zack: It’s hard to prepare for this kind of offense, I’m sure. I don’t know anyone who has the hand speed of Claire Black.

Christian: It’s definitely difficult to find people to train with that can match her, that’s for sure. Mickey’s holding her own as best she can though.

Serafina came back across to join Claire and together the Tornado Tag Team Champions took hold of a hand each before they whipped Scarborough across the ring. Mickey crashed back first into the ladder that DeCaro had set up in the corner, eyes going wide as she hit the metalwork. As the Unity Champion leaned back against the ladder, Serafina charged forwards and left her feet to deliver a splash to Mickey. DeCaro spun away after landing the move and a moment later Claire delivered a splash of her own to once more squish the girl against the metal. Scarborough staggered forward away from the ladder and found herself slammed face first into the mat with a bulldog from DeCaro. Mickey rolled over onto her back only for Claire to grab hold of her legs around the thighs before she fell backwards, sending the Ladder Lolita face first into the ladder once more. Mickey bounced off, staying on her feet as she retreated back towards the centre of the ring where Claire cut her off with a side Russian Leg Sweep. Serafina climbed up to the rope behind the set up ladder and as the Side Russian leg sweep was executed by her partner she shoved the ladder over towards Mickey before she leaped after it, adjusting her feet as the ladder landed on her fellow Californian and drove it home with a double foot stomp.

Zack: The Fair aren’t the only ones who know how to use that ladder to its fullest! I think Serafina’s been watching some matches in preparation.

Christian: Wouldn’t surprise me at all. You don’t get as successful as those two, and NOT have done your homework heading into a match.

Mickey’s body spasmed as she rolled away from underneath the ladder towards the ropes; Serafina pulling the ladder to lay next to the writhing Scarborough while Claire bounced off the opposite set of ropes and delivered a baseball slide, slamming the ladder into Mickey’s spine causing her to roll out to the apron. Claire got back to her feet and double high fived Serafina as they retrieved the ladder and this time KO/TO brought it upright and set it up underneath the two title belts hanging above the ring. The Tornado Tag Team Champions began to climb the ladder only for Raquel to slide into the ring with a short step ladder in her hand. Immediately Fair came to her feet, lifted the ladder upwards and drove the ladder into Fina’s body just underneath her ribcage. Another shot was delivered straight into Fina’s body, causing her to fall off the ladder and land on her feet only to be knocked off them as Raquel charged forward and used the step ladder to clothesline DeCaro down to the mat.

Christian: I don’t think Raquel gets enough credit for how fast she can be when she needs to, but there you see it. Mickey’s not the only one who is fleet of foot when necessary.

Zack: They all want to make history! They all want to be able to say they unified FFW’s two tag titles!

Claire climbed back down the ladder and moved around the ladder only for Fair to drive the step ladder into her gut. She followed it up with a second and third blow to her midsection before she swung the ladder upwards into Black’s face causing her to fall backwards into the ring ropes. Fair dropped the ladder to the floor and advanced on Claire, driving a boot into her middle, doubling her over. Quickly Fair, hooked her foes head and snapped off a suplex that sent the boxer spine first into the ladder that was still set up underneath the title belts before she slumped down the rungs to land on her shoulders at the base of the ladder.

Christian: Sometimes you have to hurt yourself to do that much more damage to your opponent. The important thing for Raquel there is she kept Claire from going up.

Fair quickly came to her feet and found ‘Fina was beginning to rise, Raquel darting towards her and leaving her feet to catch her with a high knee strike to her face before the Buddhist could react. DeCaro staggered a little only for the Berkeley resident to grab hold of her by the wrist, jerking her back towards her and lifting her into the fireman’s carry on her shoulders before she flipped her off and completed the Meteor Hammer. DeCaro struggled to stay upright as her legs turned to jelly underneath her as the European Uppercut connected. Once more she found herself pulled forward and lifted up onto Raquel’s shoulders who took a couple of steps backwards before she delivered a Samoan Drop that drove her down into the steel of the small stepladder that she’d brought into the ring.

Zack: Jesus Christ, Serafina’s not gonna walk right for a month! When bone meets steel, steel always wins!

Christian: It shows you how much they want it, how much they want to make history like you said. I have nothing but admiration for both teams honestly.

As this was going on Claire rolled away from the ladder onto her knees and tried to pull herself upwards that prompted Raquel to close the ladder that was standing in the middle of the ring underneath the title belts and charged towards the boxer, catching her with a perfect big boot to her jaw. Claire reeled backwards and received a haymaker to the side of her jaw that sent her staggering along the ring ropes towards the corner. Another haymaker crashed into the boxers jaw, sending her the rest of the way into the corner before Raquel lowered her shoulder and drove forward into her midsection. Three more shoulder thrusts followed before Fair backed up away from her opponent, heading all the way across the ring to the opposite side before she came sprinting across and delivered a Helluva kick straight into the face of the boxer.Claire dropped down to a sitting position in the corner. Fair looked down at her with a small smile on her face before she went to retrieve the small stepladder that she’d brought into the ring earlier. She rested it upside down against Claire’s body and head before she retreated across to the opposite corner of the ring once more, giving a quick look up at the titles before she charged forward and flung herself into a cannonball senton, driving the ladder into Claire’s body. Raquel rolled away, holding her back and kicking her feet against the canvas in agony.

Christian: There’s gonna be a lot of ice baths set up backstage tonight for all four of these women. And I think Raquel may call dibs on the first one available.

On the outside, Mickey was back on her feet and had ducked underneath the ring apron, sliding out a three more ladders from underneath the ring. She chose two at random and began to set them up side by side to form a bridge between the ring apron and the announce desk at ringside. In the ring, Raquel began to move, holding her back as she crawled towards the big ladder in the ring and started to pull it upwards, bringing herself to her feet as she did so. Fair began to set up the ladder in the middle of the ring, taking her time to ensure that it was set up correctly before she moved around the ladder and started to climb only getting one rung up before Serafina caught her with a roundhouse kick into her spine.

Zack: Serafina’s feet should be classified as lethal weapons, and I’m sure Raquel would sign that petition right about now.

Christian: She’s just devastating with her strikes, man.

Fair’s eyes went wide and Serafina delivered a second roundhouse kick to Raquel’s back before she leapt into the air and jerked Raquel from the ladder backwards into a backstabber. Fair rolled away to the ropes and immediately pulled herself upwards only for the Buddhist to jerk her into a Muay Thai clinch that saw her throw knees into her opponent’s chest, following it up with an impaler DDT that planted her into the canvas. Mickey completed setting up her ladder bridge on the outside and slid the third ladder into the ring underneath the bottom rope.

Christian: I’m not 100% sure what Mickey is thinking here, but it’s like watching a Lego building get put together….only with ladders.

Zack: Whatever she’s thinking won’t be good news for either member of the Tornado Tag Champions!

‘Fina rolled over onto her front and crawled the short distance to the ladder, using the rungs to pull herself up to her feet before she began to climb. She made it barely halfway up before Mickey slid into the ring beside her and started to climb up behind her, driving forearms into her spine before she introduced the Buddhist face first into the rungs. Once more she drove her face into the steel of the ladder before she fed her head underneath ‘Fina’s arm and fell backwards, to send her down into the mat below with a back suplex.

Zack: I’ll give all four women credit! They are putting each other through one hell of a torture test with these ladders.

Christian: That they are. But as someone who has retired titles myself, there’s something about the feeling knowing you were the last one.

Mickey pushed the tall ladder away as she started to push upwards, DeCaro trying to do the same and as they got to their feet. Scarborough fired off a superkick towards her jaw; Serafina’s hand coming up to try and take some of the force out of the blow yet still she fell to the canvas. Scarborough checked on Fair, helping her up to her feet before they turned their attention back to the Buddhist warrior was trying to push up to her feet. The Unity Tag Team Champions helped her come to her feet before they both screamed deafeningly in her ears before sweeping her legs out from under her to complete the Dulcet Duet. DeCaro clasped her hands against her ears as she rolled around the canvas in pain for a couple of moments before she started to try and rise, Mickey and Raquel both waving her upwards before Mickey skipped forward and delivered a superkick to her knee. Serafina dropped to her other knee, immediately pushing upwards only for Fair to land a bionic elbow to her forehead that sent DeCaro falling through the ropes, landing half on the ladder bridge, half on the announce desk where she laid unmoving.

Zack: HOLY SHI---

Christian: I think we’re gonna need some help out here sooner than later! There’s no way Serafina is in any condition to continue, I don’t think.

The Scarborough Fair looked at each other...then to the titles above the ring and then to the ladder before they started to slowly climb upwards. As they began to climb, Claire pulled herself up to her feet and set up the smaller step ladder near the taller one, backing up a couple of steps before the boxer came forward and used the smaller ladder to launch herself into a step-up enzugiri to the back of Raquel’s head causing her to fall backwards off the ladder. On the opposite side, Mickey was looking up at the titles as she continued to climb. Claire forced herself back up to her feet and began to climb up the ladder herself, forcing herself upwards as quickly as possible only for Scarborough to reach the top of the ladder and reach up for the titles only to find them out of reach due to the poor positioning of the ladder. Claire joined Mickey at the top of the ladder and fired off a right to her jaw before she reached up for the title belts and just got her fingertips to them before Mickey caught her with a right hand to the rib cage.

Zack: Claire’s so close! Her fingers are touching the gold!

Christian: Not for long! Mickey’s right there to greet her! I don’t know where any of them are getting it from!

Claire delivered another right to Mickey’s jaw that saw her sway backwards, almost falling but managed to keep a tight grip on the ladder as the boxer reached up once more trying to retrieve the titles. As Scarborough secured her place on the ladder once more she suddenly spat out the Jager Bomb purple mist into Claire’s face. The boxer quickly tried to clear her vision only for Mickey to grab hold of her hair and yanked her head forward into a headbutt. A second headbutt followed before Mickey slammed the Bostonian’s forehead into the top rung of the ladder that caused Black to fall backwards off the ladder and crashed into the canvas. Mickey climbed up the last final rung on the ladder and reached forward and across, trying to get hold of the titles only for her fingertips to tantalisingly stroke the faceplates. With a shake of her head the Berkeley native looked down at the mat… and then spotted Serafina DeCaro starting to sit up. Mickey outstretched her arms on top of the ladders.

Christian: Serafina...is getting up?!

Zack: You have got to be kidding me?! She must be made of spring steel!!

A moment later and with flash bulbs going off amongst the audience, Mickey launched herself from the top of the ladder in the ring with a swanton bomb. It landed perfectly upon the Buddhist’s chest as the announce desk collapsed underneath the two wrestlers. Mickey rolled away holding her back in agony as Serafina laid back, unmoving in the wreckage - the referee immediately moved around to check on both of them.

Zack: It’s like a car wreck on the Jersey turnpike out here! Except it’s not cars, it’s some of the toughest women on the damn planet!

Christian: I don’t mind telling you, Zack. I’m more than a little concerned right now! If it means the titles, so be it! But I don’t want to see anyone get hurt to the point of shortening their careers.

In the ring, Claire started to recover, rolling over onto her hands and knees and crawled towards the ladder. She used the steps to help herself get to her feet, taking a moment to try and recover before she pulled the ladder back towards the middle of the ring, looking up at the titles still hanging high above her head and trying to line it up underneath him. When she was finally happy with the positioning, Claire began to climb - at the same time Fair was also beginning to move, pushing upwards to her feet as she stumbled towards the ladder. As the boxer climbed upwards, Raquel began to follow her. As Black got near the top of the ladder, she reached up towards the titles only to be able to reach the bottom of the belts, causing them to start to swing. Claire took another step upwards and again reached for the title belts, causing them to swing and sway out of her grasp.

Zack: Claire’s so damn close! The titles are swaying high over the ring, and Claire Black is a fingertip from making history!

Christian: She’s the only one who can do it at this point! I can’t see Serafina having anything left at all.

The boxer didn’t get another chance to reach up for them as Raquel joined her on the top of the ladder and the pair started to exchange fearsome right hands. The pair alternated shots three times before Fair got the upperhand with a throat thrust that caused Claire to grasp for air and take two steps down the ladder. Fair quickly reached up for the tag team titles, grabbing hold of them to stop them swinging and spinning in mid air and started to try and unhook them.

Christian: Raquel’s got them now! She’s stopped them from swaying, just grab them and fall down!

Zack: That’s what she may be trying to do! But I’ll be damned...here comes Claire again!

As Black saw this she took a step back up the ladder before she launched herself from the rung, bringing her arm back and in midair crashed a superman punch into the side of Raquel’s jaw. Claire landed awkwardly after landing the move, crying out loudly in pain, her leg buckling underneath her, causing her to fall into the corner and immediately she reached for her ankle. On top of the ladder, Fair’s eyes glazed over before they rolled back in her head and almost in slow motion she fell backwards from the ladder and landed on her shoulders and outstretched arms on the canvas. Claire looked at the unmoving form of the Unity Team Champion as the referee slid back into the ring and instantly went to check on Raquel.

Christian: I….I don’t think it’s meant to be for the Fair! Claire is just adamant, and will not stay down. I’m not sure it’s worth all this, to be honest.

Zack: Years are being shaved off the careers of all four of these women, all for the sake of saying they made history tonight as the unified FFW tag team champions!

The Bostonian member of the Tornado Tag Team Champions tried to step out of the corner and immediately let out an anguished cry as she tried to put weight on her ankle. Black forced herself to ignore the pain as she assessed the situation and made her way towards the ladder, stepping over Raquel’s body as she grabbed hold of the ladder and began to try and hop her way one footed up the ladder. On the outside, Scarborough had managed to crawl towards the ring and started to slowly use the ring apron to drag herself upwards, rolling underneath the ropes and towards the ladder. Mickey began to climb, holding her back as she did so and began to catch up with the former boxer. Claire saw her coming and waited for her to get near the top of the ladder before she tried to catch her with an elbow shot to the top of the head. Mickey though saw it coming and was able to move her head out of the way. Claire tried again and this time the Berkeley born wrestler managed to grab her arm and slam it down into the top of the ladder. Claire let out a slight cry of pain and flashed out her hand to slap Mickey across the jaw… which Scarborough returned in kind.

Zack: It’s a slugfest right now, and that’s not a battle Mickey’s gonna win with Claire Black, who has to be the MVP tonight win or lose!

Christian: I won’t argue that at all. She and Serafina have been on another level tonight.

As Mickey caught up with Claire and the pair began to duke it out, Raquel started to come around, slowly coming to her hands and knees and crawled towards the ropes only for her hands to alight on the other long ladder Mickey had slid into the ring earlier. Fair pulled the ladder towards her, pushing it upwards as she started to set it up next to the first ladder. Slowly Raquel began to climb on the same side as Claire. Black kicked out at Raquel to try and slow her down only to cry out in pain due to the injury to her ankle. Mickey took full advantage as began to connect with forearms to Claire’s jaw; the former boxer reeled but managed to stay on the ladder before she lunged forward and delivered a devastating headbutt to Scarborough that caused her to lean backwards on the ladder. Again the Boston native lashed out with a kick into Fair’s side to again try and stop her in her tracks, grimacing in agony but didn’t let it distract her as she threw three quick stiff forearms into Scarborough’s face. As Mickey leaned to the side from the repeated blows the ladder began to rock slightly. Claire shook her head as her eyes went wide and  she held on for all she was worth as the momentum of the rocking built.

Zack: That ladder’s rocking back and forth, there’s nowhere it’s going to land that is going to be good for anyone! Look at Claire’s eyes, she knows it too!

As the ladder started to topple, Mickey managed to regain her grip on the ladder and reach out her leg, stepping onto the top rope to stop the ladder from falling and pushed away as she tried to right the ladder underneath the title belts once more. Meanwhile Fair took the opportunity to make it all the way to the top of the ladder. As she did so, Serafina DeCaro managed to make it back into the ring and slowly began to climb the second ladder opposite Raquel. Fair looked at the Buddhist climbing the ladder as she reached up for the title belts, only to think again as she moved her feet on the ladder rung and began to throw kicks around the ladder towards Serafina’s head. The Buddhist raised her hand to deflect the shots and take some of the poison out of them as she continued to ascend the ladder. Finally ‘Fina made it to the top of the ladder as Mickey and Claire’s ladder finally righted itself.

Zack: I don’t believe it…..I just don’t believe it!! Where the hell does Serafina keep finding it in herself?!

Christian: She’s an amazing athlete, and no one will ever convince me otherwise!

All four defending Tag Team Champions were on top of the ladder and were slugging it out between them. First Claire got the upperhand over Mickey and reached for the belts, grabbing hold of one of them; then Raquel fought off Serafina’s attack and reached up to grab hold of a title belt before Scarborough and DeCaro also reached up and grabbed hold of the title belts. All four of them refused to relinquish their grasp on the two belts as they began to fight each other off one handed. Blow after blow after blow was thrown and landed, causing the four wrestlers to reel and sway on top of the ladders, while they kept their tight grips on the titles. Mickey and Claire’s ladder began to sway back and forth once more and as they did so; Claire tried to hook her leg around the other ladder to try and steady there own only for Raquel to drive an elbow into her face. It caused Claire to let go but not before her grip had caused the other ladder to also begin to rock. Still the four exchanged blows on top of the ladder. Only for the ladders to finally topple over and all four wrestlers and both titles fell to the middle of the ring.

Christian: Everything is down on the canvas, Zack! The titles, the ladders, and both teams! But who won?!

Zack: I’m not sure yet!

As the camera zoomed in on the wrestlers in the ring, the referee checking on all four of them then found that Mickey had hold of the Unity Tag Team Championship while Raquel had managed to jerk the Tornado Tag Team Championship from Serafina’s hands. The referee called for the bell.


Zack: History has been made!! Tell’em about it, Maggie!!

Maggie: Here are your winners...they are STILL FFW Unity Tag Team Champions and NEW FFW Tornado Tag Team Champions… The team of Raquel Fair and Mickey Scarborough… THE SCARBOROUGH FAIR!!!

Christian: I gotta give credit to KO/TO, they gave the Fair the greatest challenge of any team I’ve managed against! Those girls are phenomenal, but I couldn’t be prouder of Mickey & Raquel!

Zack: You have every right to be! The Scarborough Fair have made history on the biggest stage of them all in one of the best ladder matches I’ve ever seen! I believe we have an early candidate for Match of the Year! Congratulations to Mickey and Raquel!

The referee helped both of the winners to their feet, raising their hands in the air before he presented Mickey and Raquel with all four title belts. The pair began to celebrate their victory to the cheers from the crowd before they turned their attention to their opponents who were slowly sitting up. They helped KO/TO to their feet and gave them a hug before Claire and Serafina raised their hands in the air, and gave them a round of applause before leaving the ring. The Scarborough Fair continued their celebration in the ring, to the cheers of the crowd before the show cut to a commercial for Future Shock Wipeout.

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Maggie: The following contest is set for one fall to a finish!!!

Zack: Are we in for a treat?! You wanna talk about a dream match, you’re about to get it right here. This could close a Pay Per View, as far as I’m concerned.

Mai: Not me. Caroline has lost her aura with me. Plus she’s a Dallins, so that already makes her high on my shit list.

The somber orchestral piece “Blood and Guts” fit the image of a silhouette walking down a corridor. The sound of armor clashing against the ground sounds out as the lights begin to shine brighter. As it does, a video package of Artemis’ career thus far in FFW plays. Her rampage against the Ascension, her victories over many, alongside some of her best actions all correlate with the approach of the oncoming figure. The package eventually retreats away as the stage fills with light.  A roar of fire accompanies them as the lights take the color of a brilliant blaze. In the fog, the figure stands centerstage.

As the music ramps up, the fog starts to fade away, allowing only the glint of bright red to shine from the head of the figure. When the fog finally clears, darkness falls over the arena. The figure within the darkness can only be seen through the two bright illuminations of red. The loud sound of metal clashing against the ground signals for the fog to fade. The two red lights still shine until the lights in the arena begin to reveal the figure standing there.


Artemis Kaiser, clad in the Berserker Armor of Berserk lore, stands in the center. Red lights reveal themselves to be the eyes of the bloodthirsty wolf. Its maw is her helm, but it doesn’t last long. She reaches up to it, taking hold of its fangs. She peels it off, stretching the metal until it snaps off. The helmet falls to piece onto the ground, revealing her face to a passionate roar of the crowd. She rests Dragonslayer, the large slab of metal fashioned into a blade, on her shoulder. The black cape attached to the armor blows gently in the atmosphere. Artemis lowers the blade down beside her, striking it into the ground.

Through the intensity of the orchestral piece, Artemis remains stony calm. The lights begin to fall on her as the song fades out.

And only then does the famous countdown come through.

“ᴇɪɴs, ᴢᴡᴇɪ, ᴅʀᴇɪ, ᴠɪᴇʀ, ғᴜɴғ, sᴇᴄʜs, sɪᴇʙᴇɴ, ᴀᴄʜᴛ, ɴᴏɪɴ, ᴀᴜs.”

Artemis comes out of the gate, wearing a wrestling-variation of the Berserker Armor. Her trunks bear the demonic wolf that torments Guts. Her face bears the same mark and her eyes matches. She strolls down the ramp with the intensity that many are known for. She stops to take in the immense nature of the arena, standing now in an immeasurable capacity. She narrows her eyes before continuing into the ring. As she stands up, hearing the full volume of “Sonne”, she cannot help but let out a small, confident grin.

She ascends a turnbuckle, taking the time to scoop the audience. She lowers down to the mat, heading for her respective corner. She shadowboxes the air and kicks the bottom turnbuckle. Artemis closes her eyes to the noise, throwing herself into deep focus for the arrival of Caroline Stark. She opens her eyes, taking a glance at the hard cam. Her back is to the entranceway, which looms over her—a truly iconic snapshot for those who truly loves their photography. Artemis arches her head up when she hears the theme music of her opponent start up.

Maggie: Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome...fighting out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada by way of Mt. Pearl, Newfoundland, Canada...weighing in at an 135 pounds...she is the Last Empress...ARTEMIS KAAAAAAAAAISER!

Zack: I got nothing but respect for Artemis. It takes a lot of guts to call your own shot, and that’s what she did when she laid down the gauntlet to Caroline for Unstoppable.

Mai: She probably sees her as a weak target, even if she won’t admit it. Kaiser could shut her down in record time.

The MetLife Stadium awaits for the emergence of “Killer C” Caroline Dallins... The crowd begins to slowly begins to get into a rolling chant, first “Killer C” followed into “Kill Her C” and variations thereof, waiting for the Instant Classic herself. However... Instead of getting one Dallins, the crowd is a bit confused when they get another... The retired King of Submissions looks around with a smile at the top of the ramp down towards the ring, standing under the video wall. Wearing slacks, multiple rings, a purple tie and waistcoat combo with his sport jacket on his shoulders, Lyn Dallins looks more like a mob boss than anything. He holds the microphone up to his lips, leaning slightly on his cane.

Lyn: Tonight ladies and gentlemen... There’s no Instant Classic. Tonight ladies and gentlemen... We’re taking it back. You don’t come throwing hands against the Last Empress, a literal deity like Artemis Kaiser unless you’re in tip top shape. Now... I’m sure everyone’s aware... Caroline’s been through some noise in the last few months... But uh... She wasn’t going to give Artemis anything less than one hundred percent, and perhaps... Perhaps you’ve gotta go backward to go forward. At least in this case. So...

Lyn turns his head towards the ring with a slight grin.

Lyn: ...I think what we have tonight is a... ‘In Case of Emergency, Break Glass’ situation. Techs in the back, if you would please.

The former King of Submissions looks down as suddenly a platform begins to rise from a square shaped hole right next to him. The crowd watches as a large glass container slowly rises next to him... The container has spray painted on the side in white paint, ‘IN CASE OF ARTEMIS KAISER (OR EMERGENCY)...BREAK GLASS’. Inside of the container? A large mannequin.



Wearing a bulletproof tactical vest.

The vest has been customized slightly with a white crow on the side seemingly exploding at the end into feathers. Lyn taps the glass container as the crowd realizes what is occurring and many of the older fans let out a loud... “OOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!” The King of Submissions taps it again with the tip of his cane. He looks thoughtful... Grabs the cane on both ends and gets ready to swing... Before pausing again.


Finally the arena goes black.

...And the sound of glass shattering echoes.

By now the familiar instrumental of “Made You Look” by Nas begins playing as in real time, there’s the sound of many male voices slowly chanting along with the song.


“Uh, uh, uh, now let's get it all in perspective,
For all y'all enjoyment, a song y'all can step wit'.
Y'all appointed me to bring rap justice,
But I ain't five-O, y'all know it's Nas yo.
Grey goose and a whole lotta hydro,
Only describe us as soldier survivors.
Stay laced in the best, well dressed with finesse,
In a white tee lookin’ for wifey...
Thug girl who fly and talks so nicely...!”

The lights in the arena return to a slight glimmer, but the mannequin inside of the glass case is now naked. Lyn Dallins eyes the shattered glass he caused in silence. As he stares, the camera pans to his immediate left to show...

A female figure wearing a hood over a mask that looks like a combination of a crow’s skull and a gas mask, the filters looking specifically built into the back of the back. A visible purple bandana is hanging underneath the mask. Worn over a wrestling singlet of white is the tactical vest once on the mannequin, a throwback to the days gone by. After the leggings of the singlet are white and purple kneepads as well as kickpads in matching colors, fashioned to look slightly like the segmented legs of a bird. The wrestling boots are designed to look more like bird talons, at least as art design from the sides and top. Lyn does a double take before nearly jumping out of his gators as the woman in the crow mask looks back at him. She points ahead and he watches as a massive group of men and women in throwback urban gear from the 2000’s begin pouring out, leaping over the barricade.

Long tees with some of the women having them tied up into a knot from the front or the back.

Baggy jeans or hip huggers.

Sweatbands, bandannas. All as they swarm the ring and begin moving, bouncing, two-stepping as they wrap around the ring, all the while the music continues playing. All the while, this throwback incarnation of Killer C begins walking silently towards the ring, flanked by Lyn Dallins  before she stops just in front of the crowd.

“Put her in the coupe so she can feel the nice breeze,
We can drive thru the city no doubt, but don't say my car's topless.
Say the titties is out, newness here's the anthem!
Put your hand up that you shoot with, count your loot wit',
Push the pool stick in your new crib, same hand that you hoop with!
Swing around like you stu-pid, king'a the town, yeah I been that!
You know I click-clack where you and your men's at,
Do the Smurf, do the Wop, Baseball Bat!
Rooftop like we bringing '88 back!”

Suddenly the entire squad wrapped around the ring point their fingers, index and middle with thumbs stuck out, free hand hooking into the pants as they yell along with the chorus.


“--Aw made you look!
You a slave to a page in my rhyme book
Gettin' Big/"big" money, playboy your time's up
Where them gangstas? Where them dimes at?”


“--Aw made you look!
You a slave to a page in my rhyme book
Gettin' Big/"big" money, playboy your time's up
Where them gangstas? Where them dimes at?”

Killer C begins to walk through the squad as they part for her, before she slides into the ring. Lyn joins the mass of people; leaning on his cane for support. They continue to mob it out, shoulder to shoulder, knocking together for Caroline as the crowd who know the words to the song begin rapping along as they can. Meanwhile the lights have turned back to normal but that hasn’t stopped the riot around the ring. Caroline has not moved from her corner in the ring, standing in silence with that hybrid crow-gas mask still on her face as Maggie introduces her in between the lyrics of the song.

“This ain't rappin, this is Street-Hop,
Now get up off your ass like your seat's hot!
My live niggaz lit up the reefer!
Trunk'a the car we got the streetsweeper,
Don't start none, won't be none!
No reason for your mans to panic.
You don't wanna see no ambulances!
Knock a pimp's drink down in his pimp cup!”

Maggie: From Tampa Bay, Florida by way of San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago... She weighs in tonight at 155 pounds and is representing’ on behalf of the whole Caribbean and the West Indies--

“That's the way you get Timberland'd up,
Let the music diffuse all the tension!
Ball or convention, free admission!
Hustlers, dealers and killers'a move swift!
Girls get close, you'ca feel where the tool's kept!
All my just-comin' homies, parolees,
Get money, leave the beef alone slowly!
Get out my face, you people so phoney,
Pull out my waist, the eagle fo-forty...!”

At this time... ALL... EVERY... SINGLE... ONE... of the people around the ring reach into their pockets or under their shirts and pull out flags. Jamaica. Trinidad. Barbados. Haiti. Saint Lucia. Cuba. Grenada. Cayman. From Antigua to Venezuela everyone is representing as Maggie continues her announcement just as Caroline pulls her mask down...



Caroline is visibly wearing a Trinidad & Tobago bandanna tied around her mouth as she drops back against the turnbuckle corner, staring a hole in silence as the music comes to an end. The massive group begins to make their way up the ramp, over the barricade and back into the crowd, save for Lyn Dallins... In her corner.

Zack: You can talk as much trash on her as you want, but there doesn’t exist the time I will ever bet against “Killer C” in a big match environment. And the matches don’t get any bigger than this stage right here.

Mai: Fine, I’ll take you up on that. How much you wanna bet? I’m willing to put down $500 that says she chokes tonight.

Malcolm Parks checks with both wrestlers; neither of whom seem to respond as they stare across the ring at each other prompting the referee to call for the bell. Neither wrestler moves as it sounds, the crowd starting to get louder; offering their support to both wrestlers. Finally the pair begin to move, heading towards the middle of the ring where they continued their staredown for a couple of moments  before Artemis raised her hand and delivered a Stockton Slap across Caroline’s jaw. Dallins took a half step backwards as the blow struck home and Kaiser immediately followed up the blow with a uraken spinning backfist that caught Caroline on the side of the jaw, causing her to take another half step backwards. Again Kaiser continued her offence by grabbing hold of her foe by the tactical vest and used a judo throw to take her down to the canvas.

Mai: About time someone made Caroline regret wearing that stupid vest to the ring. Who does she think she is, a SWAT team member or something?

Zack: Artemis loves her strikes, they are her bread and butter. Caroline’s finding that out firsthand right now.

Caroline quickly sat up and Kaiser drove three stiff kicks into her spine causing the Caribbean wrestler to roll to the side onto her hands and knees only for Artemis to deliver another stiff kick - this time into her ribcage. Dallins grimaced slightly as she pushed up to her knees only to find her opponent waiting for as she measured her up and crashed a ferocious side kick into her jaw. Dallins toppled to the side and landed on her back on the canvas, barely getting a moment to recover before she was caught with a fist drop to her forehead and the Canadian woman made the cover.



Zack: Very early near fall right there for Artemis. Catching a fall on Caroline isn’t easy, even if you’ve been in there 20 minutes with her, much less this short lapse of time.

Caroline kicked out with the referee’s hand rising for the two count and tried to sit up only to receive a stiff forearm strike to her jaw that kept her on her back as Kaiser floated over into the mount position and continued to throw stiff forearms into the Caribbean wrestlers face. Parks called for the break, asking Artemis to allow Caroline to get back to her feet only to have to use his count to get Kaiser to roll away on four. Dallins held her jaw as she rose to her feet where she received a running knee to the gut from the Canadian woman, doubling her over. Instantly Artemis hooked her opponent’s head in a front facelock and lifted her up off her feet, slamming her down into the canvas face first  as she dropped to her knees. Kaiser stretched out as she adjusted her grip in the front facelock and began to gator roll her opponent back and forth across the mat, accompanying it with grounded knee strikes to Caroline’s body. As she finished the gator roll, Artemis quickly flipped herself forward to lock in a bridging arm triangle choke.

Mai: Caroline likes using that gator roll too, and now Artemis showed her how it’s done correctly.

Zack: If you want to correct Caroline on her moves, I’m sure she’ll happily let you get into a ring with her and show her how it’s done.

The referee checked on Caroline who refused to quit as she forced herself to move the short distance across the canvas and managed to grab hold of the bottom rope. The official called for the break only for Kaiser to keep the hold locked in until the four count before she finally broke the hold. Quickly Artemis came to her feet and stomped down on Dallins back as she tried to pull herself upwards. Again Parks called for the break with Caroline still in the ropes, using the count once more before Kaiser sprinted across the ring, hit the ropes and delivered a basement dropkick into Caroline’s side as she got to her hand and knees, sending over the bottom rope and out onto the apron. Reaching through the ropes the Canadian began to pull the Tampa Bay resident upwards from the apron, bringing her to her feet and back into the ring with a snap suplex. Immediately Caroline sat up and began to rise to her feet only getting as far as her knees thanks to Kaiser dropping back to the ropes, bouncing off them and drove a big boot into her face. As Dallins hit the mat, her opponent dropped an elbow into her chest and made the cover, hooking the leg as she did so.

Mai: Artemis doesn’t get paid by the hour, Zack. She’s ready to take it to the locker room.



Zack: Another near fall for Kaiser, and she’s really doing an excellent job of keeping the Hall of Famer on defense tonight.

Caroline kicked out once more and Artemis grabbed a handful of her hair, pulling her upwards into an almost sitting position as she started to drive closed right hands into her face. The referee once more called for the break, and began to use the count, once more getting to four before Artemis stopped delivering right hands and pulled Caroline upright with the handful of hair only to snapmare her straight back down to the mat. Dallins sat on the mat for a moment before the God of Anger grabbed hold of her head and delivered a flipping neckbreaker, rolling through it to her feet and running towards the ropes, bouncing off them and came back into a hesitation dropkick aimed at Caroline’s head...that missed as Killer C threw herself to the side at the last moment. Quickly the Caribbean representative rolled to her feet and managed to grab Artemis from behind with a rear waistlock that a second later turned into a German suplex. Caroline didn’t release her grip as she landed the move, pulling Kaiser back up to her feet and threw her over head with a second German suplex. Again her arms stayed around her waist, pulling her upwards once more and this time Caroline let out a loud shout as she hurled her over her head with a release German suplex this time.

Zack: Now we’re starting to get into Caroline’s wheelhouse. These suplexes will take the starch out of you in a hurry.

Mai: You don’t think Artemis has been suplexed before? She’s tiny, she probably gets suplexed out of bed in the morning.

The pair came to their feet at the same time and Kaiser went straight towards the Crow Regent who caught her with a European uppercut, followed by a second and a third before Caroline grabbed hold of her foe’s wrist and jerked her forward into an overhead belly to belly suplex. Again Killer C forced herself to her feet, holding her jaw as she still felt the shots that Kaiser had laid into her and charged towards the rising God of Anger, catching her in the midriff with a running knee strike. Quickly Caroline followed it up with a second raised knee and a third all targeted at her stomach, driving the air out of foe and causing her to bend over only for Caroline to straighten her up with a fierce knee into her chest. The Instant Classic didn’t give Artemis a moment to recover before she yanked her forward by the wrist into a short arm clothesline. Caroline kept hold of her foes wrist as she hit the mat, Artemis quickly sitting up as Dallins spun around and drove a kick into her chest sending her back down to the canvas once more. Immediately Caroline delivered a leg drop across Kaiser’s chest before she attempted to lock in a cross armbreaker.

Zack: Caroline’s looking for a submission here, and---oh, Artemis is way too wise for that just yet!

Mai: It doesn’t take much to outsmart Caroline, Zack. You could trick her into playing 52 card pickup if you wanted.

Artemis was alive to the submission attempt, using her free arm to grab hold of her other arm and interlocking her finger to prevent Caroline from being able to fully extend the trapped arm. Dallins tried to jerk the arm free but Kaiser’s grip was tight, causing the former FFW Champion to slam her leg down into her body as she continued to pull on her arm. Still the Canadian’s grip refused to budge, causing Caroline to release her grip and roll away from her opponent and to her feet. As the Last Empress rose to her feet, Killer C advanced on her and delivered a knife edge chop to her chest. She delivered a second, then a third, lighting up her chest as she forced her backwards into the corner with another three chops to her chest that caused Kaiser to start to cover up. Dallins didn’t waste the opportunity to fire off a side kick into her middle before she once more took hold of her wrist and Irish whipped across the ring to the opposite corner.

Zack: We’re picking up speed now! Dallins with a hard Irish whip, and follows her in with a corner clothesline to boot!

Mai: Good thing she lowered her arm, Artemis’ head barely reaches the top turnbuckle.

The Instant Classic took off right behind her, catching Artemis with a corner clothesline before she immediately sent her back the way she came. Once more Dallins followed hot on her heels, leaving her feet and delivering a splash in the corner. Kaiser took a step forward and quickly found herself caught in a wristlock by the submission specialist who dragged her towards the middle of the ring before she executed a wristlock takedown, keeping the hold locked in as the Instant Classic used all her weight to increase the pressure in the hold. The Last Empress grimaced slightly as her wrist was bent and twisted in unnatural ways before she started to rise to her feet. The Crow regent kept the hold locked in even as Artemis rose to her feet and as soon as Kaiser got her feet underneath her she delivered a stiff closed fist shot to her jaw with her free hand. A second and third followed it to secure the release only for Dallins to duck down and put the God of Anger on her back with a single leg takedown.

Zack: Caroline’s showing Kaiser that she’s not the only one who has a strong striking game and right back to the mat.

As soon as she hit the mat, Caroline tried to flip her over onto her front in an attempt to lock in a Boston crab but Artemis fought against it, bringing her legs up to her chest to kick the Trinidad And Tobago wrestler away. Caroline stumbled backwards into the ring ropes, bouncing off them and coming back towards the rising Last Empress who she caught with a shotgun dropkick into her chest. Kaiser fell backwards to the canvas once more and rolled to the side before she tried to rise only for Dallins to roll backwards onto her feet and quickly moved towards Artemis, wrapping her arms around her body once more as she hoisted her upwards with a karelin lift that she transitioned through into slamming her onto the canvas. Killer C followed that up with a leg drop across her chest before she floated over and made the cover, hooking Kaiser’s leg as she did so.

Mai: When has anyone won a match with a big leg drop, brother? I mean Zack.



Zack: It’s not happened yet, but there’s no harm in trying. You gotta believe both of these women are geared beyond belief for tonight.

Kaiser kicked out on the two count and found herself pulled up from the canvas as the Instant Classic ignored the referee’s confirmation of the count as she delivered a series of knees into her opponent’s midriff before she scooped her up off her feet and delivered a table top suplex, sending rolling away across the ring. The Last Empress used the momentum to roll over onto her hands and knees as she started to push upwards. Again Dallins didn’t give her time to recover as she closed the distance between them; stepping forwards and driving a knee into her side. She followed it with a second knee while her opponent was still on all fours; Kaiser using her arm to cover up her ribs as she defiantly pushed up onto one knee and then to her feet where Caroline once more took her down to the canvas with a neckbreaker.

Zack: Caroline loves her matwork, and she’s doing an outstanding job of keeping Artemis grounded right now.

Mai: Yeah, the only person she couldn’t keep down was her husband, huh?

The God of Anger held her neck as a look of slight pain crossed her face while Caroline once more got back to a vertical base and methodically walked around her foe’s body on the canvas, Garvin stomping on her forcefully as she did so. As she delivered the final stomp, Artemis sat up and the Crow Regent pulled her upwards to her feet, looking over her shoulder to check her positioning as she got her back to a vertical base and into another rear waistlock, setting herself for a moment before she sent her flying backwards into the turnbuckles with a German suplex. Kaiser hit the middle turnbuckle with the small of her back and collapsed onto her butt in the corner. The Last Empress sat there, with a look of pain etched onto her face only for Caroline to grab hold of the top rope and began to stomp a mudhole in her chest and walk it dry, only reeling away from her opponent as the referee’s count reached four.

Zack: Kaiser’s gonna have Dallins’ boot size imprinted on her body for a couple days!

Mai: I hope it’s a small size, otherwise Artemis won’t be able to see it all.

Dallins instantly headed back towards Artemis, pulling her up to her feet and spun her around before she lifted her upwards to sit her on the top turnbuckle before she jerked backwards into a tree of woe, stomping twice at her stomach before she retreated across the ring. The crowd got loud as Caroline measured up Kaiser and darted forward to deliver a dropkick into her body while she was hung upside down. One of Artemis’ feet came free from the tree of woe and kicked in pain even as she stayed hanging upside down in the cover. There was a small nod of Caroline’s head as she pulled Artemis upwards, resting her legs on the top ropes as she kept a grip on her head before she jerked her away from the corner as she delivered a hangman’s neckbreaker. Rolling over Caroline grabbed both of her opponent’s legs and made the cover.

Mai: She’s not gonna keep Artemis down like this!




Zack: Another near fall for “Killer C”, and notice how there’s no wasted motion. Caroline is all business tonight.

Artemis kicked out on two and a half and forced herself to sit up, Caroline acknowledged the referee’s two count before she moved in behind the God of Anger and locked in a seated bearhug, wrapping her arms and legs around her opponent’s torso and tightened her grip up as much as she possibly could. The referee asked the Last Empress if she wanted to give up, getting a shake of her head and a determined ‘No’. It only caused the Tampa Bay Resident to squeeze that little bit harder. Again Parks checked with the Canadian wrestler who refused to quit to the submission and continued to try and force her opponent’s limbs apart. She continued to find little success in her attempts to power her way out of the hold, Artemis gave a little shake of her head before flinging it backwards; the headbutt catching Dallins across the bridge of the nose. A second backwards headbutt followed it, causing the Instant Classic to loosen her grip enough for Kaiser to power out of it and back to her feet only to fire a mule kick backwards into Dallins body.

Mai: I love a good mule kick, Zack. Caroline may not be too fond of them right now.

Zack: Artemis is starting to get back into this, and that striking game I mentioned is coming into play once again.

Caroline held her chest as she rose, making it to one knee before Artemis spun around and caught her with a back heel kick to the temple. The Instant Classic wobbled for a couple of moments and Artemis used the opening to her advantage as she unleashed a vicious European uppercut that brought Killer C upwards onto unsteady legs. Just as it looked like Caroline was finding her balance, Kaiser struck again - this time using a drop toe hold to send her face first into the middle turnbuckle. Dallins held her nose in pain, kicking her feet slowly against the ring mat as her forehead resting against the padding; the God of Anger meanwhile grabbed hold of Caroline by  her singlet and fired off a quick series of three stiff forearms into the small of her back. Dallins arched her back in pain and tried to push up to her feet only for Artemis to spin her around, scoop her up off her feet and drop her with a snake eyes across the top turnbuckle. The Caribbean wrestler held her nose once more as she landed on her feet and stepped backwards only for the God of Anger to lock in a hammerlock that quickly turned into a hammerlock suplex.

Zack: Look at the explosiveness of Kaiser’s offense, Mai! She’s a lot stronger than you’d guess just looking at her.

Mai: Yeah, she’s a regular Mighty Mouse….if he was a girl……….and not a mouse.

Caroline rolled away and started to push up to her feet only for Artemis to slam a side kick into her chest, followed by a second before she brought her up to her feet and sent her in for the ride. As Dallins bounced off the ropes towards her foe, the Last Empress scooped her upwards into a tilt-a-whirl Argentine backbreaker slamming her down in the middle of the ring. Caroline lay face down on the canvas, holding her back as Kaiser pushed back to her feet, leapt into the air and came down upon her spine with a double knee drop. She stayed knelt upon Dallin’s spine as she reached to trap her feet with one hand, grabbing hold of her underneath the jaw with the other hand and started to rock back, pulling Dallins into a bow and arrow submission. The Last Empress pushed up with her knees while pulling down on Caroline’s head, bending her spine more and more with each passing second. The FFW Hall of Famer refused to quit in the submission hold.

Mai: This is a great submission for Artemis, because it requires very little energy to keep locked, which lets her catch her breath while Caroline feels like she’s getting her appendages plucked off.

Zack: That is remarkably cogent and sound analysis, Mai. I’m impressed.

Still the God of Anger pulled back on her foes head, determined to cause as much pain and torment as she could to the former FFW Champion who refused to quit every time the referee asked her the question. Kaiser pulled back on Dallins’ head again; but still got no joy as she still refused to quit. Artemis attempted to adjust her grip on her opponent’s head only for Caroline to fight her off before she could once more cinch it in; the technical wrestler able to roll off her foes knees and onto all fours.

Zack: If anyone knows how to get out of virtually any submission, it’s gonna be Caroline who is an expert, to say the least, in the field.

Mai: Everybody has at least one thing they are good at.

Artemis pounded the mat in frustration for a moment only to push upwards onto one knee where she fell forward to drive an elbow into the back of her foe’s head. She followed it up with a second elbow to the back before she hooked in a half nelson hold and began to pull Caroline upwards, continue to drive elbows into the back of her head and spine before she used the half nelson hold to pull Dallins backwards and into a backbreaker. Once again Caroline held her back in agony for a couple of moments before Artemis pulled her up to her feet and whipped her quickly towards the corner. Dallins struck the turnbuckles chest first and began to stumble backwards only for Artemis to charge at her, leaving her feet and delivered a running single leg dropkick - the Falcon Kick -into the middle of her back. Caroline fell forward, her jaw striking the top turnbuckle and Artemis left her feet, grabbing hold of Caroline’s head and jerked her backwards to spike her back first into the mat with a leaping reverse bulldog. Artemis floated over and made the cover, hooking the leg as she did so.

Mai: Drop her on her ugly head! Count it, referee!




Zack: Not just yet! Caroline still has some gas left in the tank. She’s gonna have to knock her out, because I don’t think she’s going to catch her off guard.

Parks waved the count off as the representative of the Caribbean rolled her shoulder before the three count. Artemis nodded her head as she pulled Killer C up to her feet and took her wrist in order to pull her forward into a number of swiftly delivered sidekicks to her gut before she finally sent her in for the ride. When Dallins bounced off the ropes and returned to the middle of the ring, Kaiser caught her, popping her up into the air in order for her to deliver a devastating Chestburster kick to her chest - though Dallins saw it coming and was able to cross her arms across her chest to take most of the blow on her forearms; landing on one knee and then reeled away. As Caroline turned back around Artemis darted forward, leaving her feet and caught her opponent with a Falcon punch right to the jaw. Dallins tried to stay upright as her legs turned to spaghetti underneath thanks to the blow, finally falling backwards through the ropes and onto the apron. Parks tried to stop Kaiser from following the Crow Regent only for the Last Empress to push him out of the way and step through the ropes regardless.

Mai: Artemis is in the zone, and she could go ahead and bitchslap that referee if she wanted. I didn’t see a thing.

Dallins was trying to pull herself up with the help of the ring ropes but as she did so, Artemis backed into the corner and came forward quickly to drive a low big boot into Caroline’s face causing her to fall backwards onto the apron. Kaiser didn’t waste any time as she bent down to pull her opponent upwards, scooping her off her feet and onto her shoulder before she slammed her down into the apron with the Holy Gold Death Valley Driver.

Zack: HOLY GOLD!!!! We could be seconds away from Kaiser picking up a huge win!

The Last Empress re-entered the ring and reached down to grab hold of Caroline’s arm and leg, using them to pull her back into the ring and away from the ropes before she fell into the cover, hooking both legs as she did so.




Mai: So much for that! Sometimes Caroline doesn’t know when she’s beaten. That also makes her fairly unintelligent….like most of the Dallins honestly.

At the very last possible moment Caroline managed to roll the shoulder to prevent the three count. Kaiser glared at the referee who showed her the two count and explained that Caroline managed to get her shoulder up in the nick of time. Kaiser kept her eyes trained on the referee for a couple more moments more, not saying anything before she turned her focus back to Caroline who had rolled over and was starting to pull herself up by the ring ropes. Artemis moved towards her and brought her the rest of the way to her feet, locking in a Muay Thai cinch that she accompanied with knees to the body before she sent Killer C flying back towards the middle of the ring with a capture suplex. As she landed, the Crow Regent forced herself to sit up as Kaiser watched, measuring her up before she pointed a finger gun at the rising Caribbean wrestler and pulled the trigger. As Dallins got to her feet, Kaiser skipped forward and looked to take her head off with the First Crusade rolling elbow only for Caroline to duck down underneath the attempt, grabbing hold of the arm as it flew over her head and she kicked up her legs to hook her opponent’s opposite arm as she pulled the Last Empress down into a Crucifix pin attempt.

Mai: Only washed up veterans fall for a crucifix!




Zack: Man, that was close! Artemis just barely got her arm free, or we’d be hearing the bell right now.

Artemis just managed to free her arm and get her shoulder up from the canvas at the last moment. Kaiser quickly came to her feet and looked to catch the rising Instant Classic with a knee to her chest but found the strike countered by Dallins who caught hold of her leg and sent her across the ring with a dragon screw leg whip that wrenched on her knee. The Last Empress held her knee for a moment as she used the momentum to roll up to her feet and hit the ropes, coming back towards Caroline with an attempted sling blade that was telegraphed by Killer C as she stepped towards Kaiser and drove down into the mat with a fierce STO that bounced the Canadian against the canvas. The Tampa Bay resident staggered into the ropes using them to keep herself upright as she watched her opponent push upwards to her feet once more, letting her get only so far before Killer C stepped quickly away from the ring ropes and used a swinging neckbreaker to take Artemis down to the mat once more, Caroline dropping to her knees as she did so and fell into a cover.

Mai: She didn’t make the cover fast enough, this isn’t going to get the job done!




Zack: I’m not sure if the time played a factor like you talked about, or it was more Artemis being absolutely in the zone tonight.

The God of Anger kicked out once more and Caroline rolled away from her holding her back with a look of pain on her face. Slowly the Instant Classic began to move as Kaiser pushed up to her feet. The pair got to their knees at the same time and began to take turns to throw haymakers at one another. Artemis slugged Dallins in the jaw, turning her head to the side only for Dallins to reply with a bomb in kind as she turned her head back to face her foe. The pair continued to throw venomous punches as they came to their feet only for Artemis to get the upper hand as she stopped throwing haymakers and lashed out with a thrust to her opponent’s throat. Caroline stumbled backwards towards the ropes gagging for breath as the Last Empress let out a war cry and charged at Caroline, lowering her shoulder for a spear.


Zack: Oh, maybe not! Dallins avoided it! Artemis almost went through the ropes!

Killer C though spun out of the way at the last moment and the God of Anger stopped herself with her body hanging through the ropes and Caroline quickly pulled her head upwards, tying her up between the top and middle rope and started to deliver the Murder Of Crows forearms to Artemis’ head. The crowd counted down as Killer C delivered ten blows to her head while the referee used his count to try and get them out of the ring. As she finished delivering the blows she pulled Kaiser back into the ring only to drop her on her head with a Dragon suplex that she bridged as she made the pin.

Zack: I think that might be all! Kaiser dropped right on her head, and Caroline’s gonna seal the deal!




Mai: No, she’s not! Artemis isn’t going to fold tonight! She called her shot, and she’d never live it down if she didn’t follow through on it.

Once more Artemis managed to roll her shoulder before the referee could complete the three count and rolled over onto her front. Caroline nodded her head in immediate acceptance of the referee’s count and came to her feet before she moved towards the nearest corner, stepping out onto the apron and climbed to the top rope. She perched there as Kaiser slowly got back to a vertical base, turning towards Killer C who launched herself like a cruise missile with the 187 top rope clothesline. Artemis arms immediately went to her chest as she hit the canvas, taking a couple of moments to try and get her breath then rolled over onto all fours.

Zack: There’s the 1 8 7! Caroline got every bit of it too! But she can’t follow up as quickly as she’d like!

Mai: Well that’s her own dumb fault for doing a move like that that takes the air out of her. I told you she’s not bright!

The Caribbean wrestler advanced upon her foe before she get any further and launched into her Lightning Strike as she pulled Artemis upwards with a Karelin lift that caused her to grimace in pain. Caroline held her back for a moment before she dropped back to the ropes behind her and bounced back to deliver a European uppercut to the back of her seated opponent’s head. She followed it up with another European uppercut and then manhandled Kaiser into a gator roll/front chancery neckbreaker, rolling her back and forth across the ring mat before she dragged her back up to her feet finished off the combination with a spinning Fisherman’s buster. Again Caroline took a moment or two to hold her back with a slight look of pain on her face before she moved and made the cover, hooking both of her foes legs.

Mai: She’s wasting time when she should be covering! You can scratch your back after the match is over, you dumb twat!




Zack: Sherwin Williams couldn’t have got a paint job between Parks’ hand and the mat right there, but Kaiser kicked out!

Artemis kicked out at the very last possible second, causing the former FFW Champion to stare at the referee in disbelief. As Parks showed her the two count, the Caribbean wrestler asked for the three but got the two count shown to her again, causing her to shake her head and look down at Kaiser who was trying to make her way back to her feet although was doing so very slowly. Caroline shook her head again as she came to her feet and this time it was her turn to make a gun out of her fingers, point it at her opponent and pull the trigger twice. The crowd cheered the Instant Classic loudly as she moved towards Kaiser, pulling her the rest of the way to her feet and attempted to lock in a Full Nelson. Artemis immediately started to fight against the hold, trying to pull her arms away from her opponent. Caroline struggled to get the hold locked in as Kaiser bent her knees and suddenly pushed backwards, driving Dallins backwards into the nearest corner. As Dallins hit, Artemis stepped forward and drove backwards once more squashing Caroline against the turnbuckle once more.

Mai: I’m not sure what Artemis is angling to do, but she’s got Caroline sucking wind in the corner. And--

Zack: Jesus, what an elbow right on the button! And I believe we’re about to see the Hate Parade kick off!

The Last Empress did it once more and as she got the break she spun around and unleashed a heavy elbow strike to Dallins, beginning the Hate Parade. The elbow was followed up by four alternating elbow strikes that all found their mark as they were driven into Caroline’s head. Several puroresu chops followed that and then a number of ruthless kicks slammed into her body Dallins body with tremendous force as Kaiser let out loud war cries. The referee ordered her backwards, finding himself forced to use the count and as he got to four, Kaiser delivered one more stiff kick to Dallins body before she backed up and darted forward yet again to deliver a high knee to her opponent. Caroline slumped down in the corner as Artemis circled back around to the middle of the ring, measured the former FFW Champion up and charged forward to deliver a devastating running face wash boot.

Zack: I don’t think Caroline could have a clue where she is after that! Artemis is absolutely relentless!

Mai: Good, that’s what she has to do!

The Instant Classic dropped all the way down in the corner but wasn’t allowed to stay there as Artemis immediately grabbed hold of her wrist and with a grunt of effort jerked Caroline out of the corner, back to her feet and into the Second Crusade ripcord elbow. Dallins fell to one knee, slumped over following the elbow; Kaiser still gripping her by the wrist, not letting her collapse to the mat just yet as the God of Anger shook her head at the Hall of Famer. With another grunt of effort she pulled Killer C back upwards, letting her get her feet underneath her, though she looked incredibly unsteady as she was constantly struggling to find her balance. A moment later, Artemis caused her to collapse backwards to the canvas as she drove the First Crusade rolling elbow into her jaw. Kaiser fell to her knees, hooking both of Dallins legs as she went for win.

Mai: THE FIRST CRUSADE!!!! Cover that skank!!




Zack: And SHE DID IT!! Artemis Kaiser just won the biggest match of her FFW career!

As Malcolm Parks called for the bell, Artemis Kaiser rolled away onto her back breathing deeply before she started to push herself up to her feet. The referee helped her the rest of the way.

Maggie: Here is your winner, by way of pinfall… “THE LAST EMPRESS” ARTEMIS KAISER!!!

Mai: I told you Caroline wasn’t the same woman she once was. And it cost her big time against a woman who is clearly on the rise in FFW.

Zack: Artemis Kaiser pulled out one hell of a victory! And like Babe Ruth when he called his shot, Kaiser knocked it out of the park tonight! Well done to the Last Empress!

The referee raised the Canadians hand in the air before she leaned forward still breathing deeply before a smile came across her face. Artemis began to celebrate her victory while Caroline slowly rolled away to the apron where Lyn helped her to her feet and checked she was okay as her face was contorted in pain and she held her jaw. The camera focused on Kaiser as she considered her celebrations in the ring before the show cut elsewhere.

Lighting the Fuse

The exterior door to the office of Samantha Star is shown deep inside MetLife Stadium, and standing outside it is Kelly Kincaid and her husband, Christian. The manager looks warily towards the door as the camera approaches.

Christian: I guess you’re wondering what exactly we are here for. That makes all of us. If you didn’t notice, there’s a very important piece of this show that’s missing. And that’s Kelly here, but we have a reason to believe we know why she was left off...if what I’ve heard and read is true. And that circulates around the special guest referee for tonight’s No Holds Barred match between Jo McFarlane and Savannah Taylor.

There was a thunderous look upon Kelly’s face at the mention of the special guest referee.

Kelly: Apparently it was her or me and a certain member of management decided that having a guest appear for one night only doing a job that plenty of people in this company are already paid for and qualified to do is more important than someone who is here week in and week out. Than someone who gets the crowd on the edge of their seat; who excites them and steals the show and is one of the best wrestlers employed in this company.

There was a disgusted shake of her head.

Kelly: So, yeah, she’s got a dressing room to put on her stripes and relax before she has her big moment in the spotlight on the biggest show of the year. And me, the hometown girl… The Coney Island born and bred, New York Jets supporting FFW superstar is sitting out the night in catering and stood here in front of Samantha Star’s office door.

Christian: The thing is one of the two women we’re talking about is going to be at the next FFW show, while the other probably won’t be back till next year. So yeah, this is all a little--

Christian stopped talking when the door opened, and Samantha pulled it back for the former acrobat.

Samantha: Come in, Kelly. There’s much to discuss.

Kelly headed into the office as Christian was about to follow her, only for Samantha to put her hand against his chest.

Samantha: I didn’t ask for you. Move along, this is an A-B conversation. I don’t need a C.

Samantha closed the door in his face, leaving Christian a little bewildered before we head back to a commercial for Sin & Sacrifice in September.

When the show returns to the door leading into Samantha’s office, we find Christian Kincaid heading back to the door with the camera. He checks his phone for the time as he leans against the wall.

Christian: I see the door’s still closed. Must be one hell of a conversation going on in there.

As he starts to look for a seat to wait again, that’s when the door pops open and out walks Kelly. She barely stops as she starts heading in the other direction before Amber Carano catches up with her. The reporter tries to walk as fast as Kelly, with Christian bringing up the rear.

Amber: Can you tell us about your meeting with Miss Star? Where are you going?

Kelly shoots a look towards the reporter, and picks up speed before leaving her behind. Amber nearly bumps into Christian.

Amber: Do you know where she’s going? Or what was said?

Christian: I don’t have a clue.

Amber: Well...maybe we’ll find out! Fans, the No Holds Barred match is coming up next!

Christian: ……...I know exactly where she’s going then!

He bolts past Amber as the reporter finally puts two and two together with an alarmed look on her face before we cut back to the ring.
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A video package shows the history of the Franchise’s formation at Global Wars all the way through to Relentless, when Savannah Taylor was brutally beaten by Jo McFarlane who replaced her in the group. The war of words is shown before we head back to the live show, and the crowd is already buzzing loudly as they see what’s next.

Zack: I’ve been waiting for this one right here! And judging by this crowd of over 80,000 fans, I’m in good company! You may want to put the kids to bed for this one.

Mai: Nah, let them watch it! They can see what happens to ungrateful twats who let their significant others think for them!

Maggie: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is NO HOLDS BARRED!!

The show cuts to the back as we see special referee Scarlett Kincaid heading towards the gorilla position before Kelly blindsides her with a shot to the back of the head. The former acrobat grabs two handfuls of her hair, and drives her head into the wall. It sends the redhead reeling backwards before Kelly drops her with a double leg takedown, and unloads with right hands before security ushers in.

Mai: Hey, we’re getting a bonus match, Zack! This is great! Samantha must have really lit a fire under Kelly!

Zack: What the hell?!

Security and Christian manage to pull the blonde back as Seth appears, checking on the special guest referee who was not moving much. He got back to his feet, waving over a trainer. In the background, Samantha is shown smiling.

Mai: I guess we’re not having a special referee after all, Zack. Just as well, no one came here tonight to see Scarlett! Let’s do this!

Zack: Kincaid’s in no condition to do the job, and I think you’re right. Samantha didn’t want a special referee for this match, and she’s saw fit to take out the assigned one.

The arena darkens, bringing with it a large quantity of dry ice. In the ring, the green, white and orange lights pulse until they form the Irish Tricolour in the centre of the ring. It’s this sight that brings about jeering from the audience. As the lights settle, a drumbeat hits the speakers, soon to be followed by a well-known riff that doesn’t quite sound as people would know it to be. It is then that a woman steps out on the stage; Jo McFarlane. Not that you can tell right away - her face is obscured by a white bandana covering her mouth and nose, and she wears a green beanie on her head, which appears to be entirely covering her hair. She is also dressed in camouflage; traditional green colours, a long-sleeved jacket and trousers. Through the fog as the crowd begins to jeer, standing by her side, is her father.

If you’re havin’ trouble with the high school head,
He’s givin’ you the blues.
You wanna graduate, but not in his bed,
Here’s what you’re gonna do!
Pick up the phone, I’m always home
Call me anytime.
3624-360, I lead a life of crime.

Maggie: Introducing first/And her opponent, from Derry, Northern Ireland, weighing one hundred and twenty seven pounds, she is “THE REBEL CHILD” JOOOOOOOO MCFARLAAAAAAAAANE!

During the verse and Maggie’s introduction, Jo first taps the stick on the floor, then starts off down the ramp, towards the ring. Tommy remains a step behind her the whole time...though it’s difficult given the massive height difference. She moves quite quickly, and stops at the bottom. Moving towards a corner at ringside, she drops the kendo stick in her hand against the barricade, making sure the referee sees that she did, giving him a pointed stare.

Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap!
Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap!
Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap!
Dirty deeds, and they’re done dirt cheap.
Dirty deeds, and they’re done dirt cheap.

As the chorus plays and the solo starts up, Jo ascends the stairs, removing the jacket she wears, revealing a similarly coloured top. The beanie soon follows and she steps through the ropes. She then heads towards her corner, where she stands on the middle turnbuckle, looking around her before jumping down. Her father joins her in the corner, and the two exchange words as the music fades out.

Zack: Longtime fans of Jo McFarlane don’t recognize the woman she’s turned into, but I guess being at the boss’ sid has its perks. Either way, the look on her face tells me everything we need to know. She came to hurt and possibly cripple Savannah Taylor tonight in MetLife Stadium.

Mai: Savannah has it coming! Jo is a testament to what true friendship is all about, standing beside someone without letting relationships get in the way. She’s a role model for girls everywhere!

Zack: Imagine that. A horny boozehound is advocating against sex basically! Not that that’s what this is about….

The fans gathered in the sold out MetLife Stadium are murmuring amongst themselves, eagerly anticipating the start of the next match. They are excitedly talking amongst themselves when all of a sudden, the entire arena is plunged into darkness. The video wall shows a brief picture of static before it comes to life. Two pairs of feet are shown trudging through the muck and mud deep in the woods. The hems of two dresses, one a dazzling shade of red and the other a pale shade of green, drag in the mud. Zooming out, the girl in the red dress, which has a fitted bodice and unique bell sleeves trimmed in white, has her flaming red hair pulled back at the sides walks ahead of her companion in the green dress, who has her black hair curled simply and falling down over her shoulders. The redhead marches on in a confident manner, with her friend trailing behind.

Brunette: We shouldn’t be out here alone.

Redhead: Why not?

She says in a distinct Scottish brogue.

Brunette: If your father hears about this…

Redhead: He’ll never know we’re gone.

Brunette: But if he finds out.…

The redhead rolls her eyes as she turns to her friend, taking her friend’s hand in hers.

Redhead: You don’t have to be afraid of my father.

She says with a smile as they walk hand in hand further into the woods. They walk at a uniform pace until they slow down to carefully cross a series of rocks spanning across a stream. The fog that blankets the entire woods makes the trek across the rocks somewhat perilous, but the two girls make it across unscathed. They walk a short ways further into the woods until they come across a wood hut that is overgrown with moss, vines and various ferns, giving the vibe of a place that should not be visited. The two girls stop a few feet in front of the hut, the redhead with an awestruck look on her face, which is more than can be said for her friend.

Brunette: Are you sure?

Redhead: Yes.

Brunette: We shouldn’t go in.

Redhead: Of course we should.

She states matter of factly as she grabs her friend by the hand and pushes her way to the hut. Sweeping the moss, ferns and vines aside, the redhead entes the hit first, followed by her friend. Upon entering the hut, the girls are immediately hit with the smell of the various herbs and spices, ranging from saffron to cinnamon, to lemongrass. A fire crackles away, illuminating various glass bottles and decanters, each containing various liquids. As the girls search the hut, the redhead’s attention falls on a shape along the back wall. Her head cocks to the side as she moves closer, her eyes brimming with determination. She continues to move towards the shape when the redhead’s friend bumps into a cage containing a rare and wild bird. The second she bumps into the cage, the bird squawks, causing the girl to let out a shriek. The shriek startled the redhead and caused the shape to wake up. The shape, it turned out, was the old crone who called this hut her home.

Crone: Get out.

She sits up straighter and leans forward. The fire illuminates the mysterious crone, her black eyes shining, her black hair slightly tangled and spilling down her shoulder and the front of her simple grey raggedy dress.

Crone: GET OUT!

The brunette, clearly frightened, grabs her friend’s arm.

Brunette: Let’s go!

Redhead: No.

The crone cocks her head to the side as she looks at the redhead.

Crone: Listen to your friend.

The redhead rolls her eyes as she stands defiantly.

Redhead: They said that you were terrifying, with cats teeth and three eyes. You’re not terrifying. You’re boring.

Crone: You don’t know what I am.

Redhead: I know you’re a witch and you can see the future. Tell me mine.

She says forcefully, a move that the crone doesn’t ignore.

Crone: Everyone wants to know their future, until they know their future.

Redhead: This is my father’s land….MY land. Tell me my future or I’ll have your two boring eyes gouged out of your head.

The crone simply laughs as she shakes her head, amazed at the amount of bravado that the girl is showing. She turns her head and picks up a knife, twirling it in her hands.

Crone: Your blood….

She looks down at the knife then up at the redhead.

Crone: Give me a taste.

She turns the knife around and holds it out to the redhead, who looks at it for a second before taking it in her hand. She hesitates for a second before drawing the blade across her thumb, wincing as it makes contact and the warm red liquid starts to come out. She looks at her thumb for a second before she lowers the knife. The crone reaches out to grab the redhead’s wrist, jerking her towards her and pops the redhead’s thumb in her mouth, her eyes never leaving the girl’s face. A few seconds pass before the crone takes the girl’s thumb out of her mouth and leans back.

Crone: Three questions you get. You won’t like the answers.

The redhead pauses for a second before she asks her first question.

Redhead: I’ve been promised to the prince. When will we marry?

Crone: You won’t wed the prince. You’ll wed a king more fair a brave than any prince who will treat you like the Queen you think you are…...and you’ll treat him like the dirt under your shoes.

Redhead: Will we have children?

Crone: You will not feel the joy of your womb quickening with a child inside of you. You will not know the joy of holding a newborn babe in your arms. That is your own doing.

The redhead looks down at her shoes before looking back at the crone.

Redhead: But I will be Queen, won’t I?

Crone: Oh yes. You’ll be queen…

A smirk comes across the redhead’s face.

Crone: ….for a time. Then comes another, younger and more beautiful, to cast you down and take all you hold dear.

The crone sits back in her chair as she watches the expression on the redhead’s face change to utter disbelief. The crone begins to cackle, tossing her head back as the redhead begins to shake her head. The cackling can be heard fading out as the video wall suddenly cuts off. A low bass violin fills the arena, being joined by a more pleasant sounding violin, starting off a familiar score by famed composer Ramin Djawadi. The music starts out low, but gradually picks up tempo and intensity. Around the twenty three second mark, the first movement of the song reaches it’s crescendo. At the time the song reaches its first crescendo, the fans look up to see a fairly large black and red holographic dragon begin to fly overhead. The dragon flaps its wings as it slowly circles above the crowd, many of whom are taking out their cellphones to record the sight.The dragon makes one impressive loop around the upper decks of the stadium before perching itself at the top of the stadium closest to the stage. About the same time as the dragon came to rest, the tempo of the score changes from orchestral to more drum laiden, almost tribal. The lights also became a vibrant shade of crimson. With each beat of the drum, chanting begins to pipe through the soundsystem in perfect time with the drums. As the song continues, two columns of about ten men, each dressed in a sort of ancient military uniform, complete with helmets that cover their heads completely, save for their eyes. In their left hands they carry a large circular shield, and in their right, they carry a large yet effective spear. The two columns of soldiers march down either side of the ramp in perfect lockstep as they come to a stop at the end of the ramp. In perfect synch, they turn around so they are facing each other, holding their spears tightly as if they are ready to head into battle at a moment’s notice. A few seconds pass before the curtains part once more. A team of six of the same soldiers make their way out slowly, carrying a large throne, made to look like it was made of iron, on a pedestal. Seated on the throne is none other than Savannah Taylor. Savannah sits ramrod straight on her iron throne, her gaze never leaving the ring ahead of her. She is dressed in a black ankle length long sleeved coat in solid black. Going from her left shoulder to her right hip is a silver chain, with an intricate three headed dragon pin on her left shoulder. Attached to the pin and hanging down her back is a crimson cape in the pattern of dragon scales. Black gloves cover her hands, with rest on the arms of the iron throne. On either side of the throne and walking out in front are three men dressed in brown leather pants and vests, with different animal like skins around their shoulders. Each one is carrying a replica of a different weapon, all in service to the woman being carried to the ring.

Maggie: Ladies and gentlemen, making her way down to the ring, from Las Vegas, Nevada…...Savannah Taylor!!

The fans show their appreciation, but Savannah pays them no attention as she is too focused on the ring. Her caravan approaches the ring, and the three gentlemen who were accompanying the caravan hop up onto the apron. The lead warrior climbs into the ring first, while the other two offer their hands to Savannah, who has stood up from her throne. She takes their hands and they hold the ropes open for her, allowing her to climb through. Once she is inside, the three warriors stand behind her as she looks out over the crowd. She slowly removes her gloves and hand them to the warrior standing to her left. Reaching up, she unclasps the dragon pin, which allows her coat to be opened fully. The remaining two warriors step up and take a shoulder of the coat, helping Savannah slide out of it. Gone is her usual pink and black gear. Instead, the pink is replaced by a deep crimson color, and the designs at each of her hips is of an impressive three headed dragon. She gives a nod to the three warriors, who all exit the ring and give a salute to Savannah before they head up the ramp, the entire caravan of soldiers following behind. Savannah walks over to the corner and takes a few breaths as she waits for the entourage to disperse and the lights to return to normal and the music to cut off. In short, she is ready for war.

Zack: Is Savannah Taylor ready for war or what?! She hasn’t taken her eyes off Jo McFarlane since she walked out here!

Mai: She’s jealous, Zack. She is having buyer’s remorse about her decision, and she should beg Jo to let her back into the group, and promise to lick boots as much as necessary.

It was barely a second after the music ended that Savannah took off towards Jo. The pair met in the center of the ring, and began throwing right hands at one another. The crowd responded with each shot from Savannah, who started backing Jo up towards the ropes. She whipped her across to the far side, and left her feet for a Thesz press into mounted punches in a flurry. Taylor rolled off to her feet, going straight for the redhead as she started to get up. A running kneelift to the face rocked Jo backwards before Savannah delivered a high knee to the face. Jo dropped to a seat on the mat before Taylor bolted behind her, and came back with a sliding bulddog that smacked Jo’s head against the mat between her own legs.

Zack: It’s starting off as fast and furious as I thought it would! Savannah’s got a whole lot of bad intentions on her mind, and I’d like to remind our staff we don’t have a referee!

Mai: Who needs a referee, Zack? Let them get this out of their system, it’s therapeutic after all. Besides Savannah jumped her from behind anyway, otherwise this would be reversed.

Taylor headed for the corner, and knelt down to remove the bottom turnbuckle pad. She tossed it to the floor, and headed back to get her opponent. She grabbed Jo’s feet under her arms, and swung her underneath the exposed turnbuckle before falling backwards with a catapult. Jo’s face struck the metal, and Savannah nipped back to her feet. She looked back to see Tommy halfway into the ring before she kicked the middle rope up between his legs. A standing sidekick to the head sent him back to the floor.

Mai: Why did she attack poor Tommy? He hadn’t done anything...yet! I think he was coming in to dry up a wet spot on the mat. Wrestlers sweat, after all.

Zack: Oh yeah, sure! I’m positive that’s what he was going to do! Taylor just put him back on the floor, where he belongs! And again if anyone in the back is listening, we need a referee! They’re fighting for free right now!

Jo clutched her face in pain, while Savannah rolled out to the floor on the other side. She pulled up the apron, and produced a small pink and black baseball bat. The crowd responded loudly as she rolled back into the ring. Savannah tapped her boots with it as Jo was trying to get to her feet. As soon as she was vertical, Savannah drove the blunt end into her midsection to double her over. A shot across the back put her down on the mat. She stepped back, and moved around in front of Jo with the bat in hand, waving her hand for her to get up.

Mai: What’s wrong with Savannah anyway? All Jo did was stand up for her best friend and employer! Is that such a crime?! Savannah’s gonna behead her for that?!

Zack: She also beat her senseless with a kendo stick, alongside the Storm and had her have to be carried out of Relentless! I’m gonna say this again, and hope somebody in the back is paying attention..we need a referee!

Jo started to sit up on her knees as Savannah raised the bat overhead. She was about to bring down across Jo’s head, but the redhead caught her with a low blow. Taylor’s knees went together as she lurched forward, and Jo hooked her head for a DDT. A cut had opened above Jo’s nose, and blood was slowly seeping out. She made it back to her feet, and took Savannah’s bat before she began wailing away on her body with it repeatedly. The crowd showed no appreciation whatsoever for her as she rolled Savannah onto her back, and then drove the business end of the bat between her legs.

Mai: Oh…..that hurt. A lot. I guess there won’t be any celebrating or pity sex tonight for Savannah and Seth. Or for a few days, at least.

Zack: I’m not surprised that’s where your mind has gone already. I’m only surprised it took this long. I have been told we do have a referee on the way, they can’t get here fast enough.

Jo kicked Savannah onto her stomach, and started spiking the bat into her back before she tossed it aside. The former FFW Champion rolled out to the floor, pulling up a chair from beneath the ring. She climbed back inside as Savannah was starting to get to her knees before Jo leaned back. She struck the chair across her back, sending her face forward onto the mat. A scowl was cast to the booing crowd before she began to slide the chair around Savannah’s neck with her head protruding. She then headed for the corner, and immediately ascended to the top rope.

Mai: That’ll teach her! Break her neck! We could do with one less hypocrite around here! This is what happens, Zack, when you cross the boss.

Zack: There’s not gonna be an official match with these two, it’s just gonna be legalized manslaughter! Jo’s up top, and Taylor’s neck is about to be snapped!

She measured, and was about to come off when the crowd began cheering. It caught her off guard as she looked behind her to see what was going on, finding the new referee was on the way, and it was someone she knew well……

Mai: What?! Why is MISTY WHITMORE in a referee’s uniform?!

Misty bolted towards the ring, and got between Jo and Savannah on the mat. She told her she wasn’t going to let her end someone’s career as Jo shouted at her to move. Whitmore refused though, to the delight of the crowd.

Zack: Misty’s not gonna let Jo end Savannah’s career like she was planning! Just like the original guest referee, Misty won’t be intimidated by Jo either!

Savannah managed to remove herself from the chair, and then rush the corner as Jo and Misty argued. Jo landed straddling the top turnbuckle, freezing her in pain. McFarlane delicately tried to climb down onto the apron, but Savannah stepped out around the corner after her. She pulled her back onto the turnbuckles, and hooked her head in a front facelock. Savannah glanced behind her for a second as the crowd came to its feet.

Mai: Wait, she’s not in the ring for this!! Is she gonna……


And with a scream of anger, Savannah executed a superplex off the corner that sent her to the floor and Jo THROUGH the announce table. The crowd erupted as Jo lay in the wreckage of the table, and Savannah was on the floor near her. A “HOLY SHIT” chant began to rumble throughout MetLife Stadium.

Zack: My God…..Jo’s body decimated this table, but not nearly as bad as it had to have done her body! Taylor hates her so much that she put herself in more pain just to hurt Jo more!

Mai: That’s stupid! She landed on the floor, and these mats are hardly that thick. Poor Jo, we may need to give her a rest period right now.

Savannah was the first to move, slowly sitting up to the delight of the crowd before she looked over her shoulder with anger towards Jo. Fighting back to her feet, she pulled Jo up and rolled her under the bottom rope back into the ring. She followed her in, and sat up on her knees as Misty called for the bell to officially start the match. Savannah crawled towards her, raining punches into her head and causing the blood to continue seeping before she got back to her feet.

Zack: There went the bell! This No Holds Barred match is officially underway, but I’m not sure it’s going to have a long life at this point! I’ve never seen Taylor like this….ever!

Mai: She’s not very smart, Zack. Stupid people act like this! She could have just done what Samantha wanted, like we all should. And none of this would have happened! This is all her own fault.

Savannah rose back to her feet, and took off for the far side ropes. As soon as she rebounded, Tommy struck a kendo stick across her back that dropped her to her knees. Misty immediately got onto his case for it before he slid it into the ring right into Jo’s hand. The redhead climbed back to her feet, looking at the weapon briefly before she struck it across Savannah’s chest. Three more shots landed after that, causing the blonde to fall forward. She dragged her towards the center of the ring, and locked in a camel clutch using the kendo stick against her throat to hold her in position. Misty dropped down in front of Savannah, asking if she wanted to stop the match. The answer was a definite no.

Zack: Have you ever seen a camel clutch with a kendo stick? No? Neither have I, but it is No Holds Barred! I don’t think Savannah is gonna quit though.

Mai: Of course, she can quit. She’s a born loser anyway. Comes with sleeping with loser COOs, and turning your back on your best friend for some dick.

Jo arched back, trying to use the stick to choke her out as Savannah freed one of her arms and began trying to pull the stick away from her neck. The Hall of Famer only pulled back further, causing the blonde’s face to darken as the air was being cut off. Misty checked again for the submission, and didn’t get one before Savannah got her other arm free finally. Jo quickly got to her feet, and leaned down to press it against her throat till Taylor kicked her in the side of the head. That didn’t deter her though, but gouging her fingers into Jo’s cut did. The Hall of Famer stumbled backwards, clutching her face in pain as Savannah gasped to catch her breath again.

Zack: Savannah’s trying to get some air back in her lungs, and did what she had to do to get Jo off of her.

Mai: If Jo did that, you’d be reading her funeral speech. Why is it alright for Savannah to use disgusting means in this match?

Jo managed to pull herself together and turn to fire the kendo stick again. It caught her in the ribs, stopping the blond in her tracks. McFarlane moved around behind her, and immediately delivered a wheelbarrow facebuster. She rolled her onto her back, and hooked the leg for the cover as Misty dropped to count.

Mai: BANG! Goes Savannah! This one’s done, Zack!




Taylor got her shoulder up in time, and then propelled herself out of the ring to the floor. Jo gave Misty a cold stare before she followed the Siren. McFarlane stood on the apron, watching Savannah as she tried to get up.

Zack: I don’t know what Jo’s got in mind, but that’s the first pin attempt we’ve seen since this brawl began! That tells you how much they despise each other!

The blonde slowly made it to a vertical base. When she turned to find Jo, the redhead darted down the apron and went for her spinning headscissors. But Savannah caught her, and countered into a running powerbomb into the barricade! Jo’s back struck the wall, and she slid down to the floor in agony. Savannah staggered backwards against the apron, trying to pull herself.

Zack: A barricade powerbomb!! Jo went for her finisher, but Taylor countered it in the most devastating way possible!

Mai: It doesn’t mean anything, because she can’t pin Jo outside the ring!

Zack: Savannah hasn’t tried to pin or tap Jo out once, she just wants to hurt her more. And I don’t like that look on her face.

She headed for the next corner, and began to struggle with the top half of the ring steps. She finally managed to unhook them as Jo was beginning to get up again. With all her strength, she threw them at Jo! They struck hard and sent her down to the floor before her opponent moved towards her. She scooped Jo up, and used a spinebuster to the top of the steps. The sound echoed through the stadium before Jo slid backwards on her back down to the floor. Taylor dragged the steps towards the ring post, and pushed it just short of the location before she grabbed Jo and pulled her by the legs towards it. She hooked Jo’s foot over the top of the steps before she shoved it against the post. Satisfied with that, Savannah headed for the other corner of ringside.

Mai: What is she doing now?! Jo’s leg is stuck between the ring post and those steps! What is she gonna do?!

Zack: She’s gonna break her leg, that’s what she’s going to do! Savannah Taylor is livid! She didn’t come to win this match, she came to cripple Jo! She said as much in her promo, and she meant it!

Savannah measured Jo before Misty rolled out to the floor, telling her no and she wasn’t going to let anyone be crippled. Savannah told her to move out of the way, and was quickly blindsided by Tommy McFarlane. He mowed her down with a clothesline, and began putting the boots to her against the barricade!

Mai: Thank you, Tommy! That was going to be a tragedy if she got to do what she had in mind@ Savannah is a sick woman!

Zack: They should have banned him too! I know the Storm are banned, but Jo’s father is just as much of a pain in the ass! Oh, Misty’s going right after him!

Misty pulled Tommy off Savannah, and started shouting at him. She pointed towards the back, telling him to leave immediately or she was going to stop the match and give it to Savannah. The patriarch looked quite angry now as Misty went to Maggie before the ring announcer got to her feet.

Maggie: Ladies and gentlemen, special referee Misty Whitmore has informed me that if Tommy McFarlane doesn’t leave ringside area immediately, she will award this match to Savannah Taylor!


Zack: She’s the referee, that’s who! And it’s within her power to do exactly that!

The crowd roared in approval at that as Misty pointed towards the ramp. Tommy continued to argue with her before Misty raised her hand to call for the bell. He held up both hands, and began to head towards the ramp. Tommy was almost to the ramp when he heard his name shouted, only to look back as Savannah darted past him with a cutter into the ramp. She got back to her feet to a roar from the crowd, glaring down at him as Misty tried to encourage her to get back into the ring.

Zack: What a running cutter from the Las Vegas Siren! And they loved it! Taylor is fighting a war on two fronts, and--LOOK OUT!!!

A steel chair cracked across Savannah’s back as Jo was back to her feet. She stumbled forward before Jo grabbed her head, and bolted into the ring post with a bulldog. The Siren fell to the floor in a heap as Jo clutched her back in agony. Misty watched as Jo struggled to pull Savannah up and roll her back into the ring. The Hall of Famer followed after her with the chair in hand before she got back to her feet.

Zack: Jo wants to finish this match, and I don’t blame her a bit! Taylor hasn’t gone for a cover or submission once all night!

Mai: Finish her off, Jo! And then get out of here! She’s out of her damn mind anyway! Feel fre to give Misty a shot too!

Jo set the chair up in the center of the ring, and headed for the corner. She finally made it to the top rope, still favoring her back heavily as she waited on Savannah to get back to her feet. Savannah was extremely slow to move, and finally started to make it to her feet.

Mai: I know where this is going! Say good night, Savannah!!

Savannah was finally vertical. But before Jo could move, she rushed the ropes and cost Jo her balance on the top rope. She landed again straddling the top turnbuckle before Savannah climbed up with her, and this time, she sent her flying with a belly to belly overhead that sent Jo back first through the chair. The redhead shouted in pain as Savannah grabbed her bat.

Zack: Look at the chair, it broke where Jo’s back landed across it! And now...and now, Savannah Taylor has her favorite weapon: that pick and black baseball bat!!

Mai: Just leave her alone, Savannah. If you quit now, we’ll understand. I’ll even buy you a drink after the show!

Savannah hooked her feet in position, grabbed her bat and fell backwards into a double leg Muta lock with the bat across Jo’s throat. Misty dropped into position immediately as Jo was in absolute agony. The Hall of Famer’s face began to darken as she gasped for air, all the while her back was being tortured. Misty asked two more times before Jo finally tapped the mat. Misty called for the bell to a roar before she had to physically break the hold because Savannah wouldn’t.

Zack: I’m amazed it took this long with everything they’ve done to one another, but Savannah Taylor made Jo McFarlane tap out!

Mai: Neither one of them is going to be right for a long time physically, Zack. There’s no way of that happening!

Savannah got back to her feet, using the ropes to keep her upright before Misty raised her hand in victory. She glared down to Jo, looking as though she were about to go after her again before Misty got between them.

Maggie: Here’s your winner by submission……………’THE LAS VEGAS SIREN’ SAVANNAH TAYLOR!!

Mai: I hope you’re happy with yourself, Savannah. You threw away a beautiful friendship just for a man!

Zack: You’re ridiculous! Savannah Taylor looks like she may want to keep going, but Misty did her job on very short notice! She’s trying to deter this from going further.

The video wall came to life as we see the Brazilian Storm walking out of an office with Jacob Stryfe on his phone. The camera sees the COO laying face down on the floor. As soon as Savannah sees this, she darts out of the ring and storms past the trainers towards the back.

Zack: Not again….this is what they did to Stryfe in SVW! And they’ve done it again!

Mai: You don’t have any proof of that, Zack! Savannah’s taking off to her rental car to get out of here before the Storm finds her.

Zack: Oh shut up!

As Taylor disappeared into the back, the trainers go to help Jo in the ring before we head to a commercial for the FFW merchandise site.

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A video package shows the history of Kaoru Asaka’s reign as FFW Champion, dating back to Fury where she won the title. It also shows Leona’s chase for the gold, as well as Shaw being added to the match after victories over Kaoru in the lead up to her title shot. Then we head back to the ring with Maggie Rourke standing in the center with a spotlight over her.

Maggie: The following triple threat match is your main event, and it is for the FFW CHAMPIONSHIP!!

Zack: The richest prize in women’s wrestling is about to be on the line, and if you’re the champion, it’s gotta be eating at you that you could lose the title without even being involved in the decision.

Mai: That’d be fitting. I mean Kaoru’s reign has been pretty….lackluster honestly. She couldn’t beat Leona, she fluked a win over Jo, and then she wanted to face both Leona and Shaw? She’s a damn moron. And I’m positive this reign will be a footnote in FFW history after tonight.

The camera cut to the stage area in the MetLife Arena where it found a group of assembled musicians all dressed in the traditional red jacket and uniform of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Stood in front of them was a brunette, with a thin smile upon her face.

Maggie: Ladies and Gentlemen, at this time please welcome the RCMP Marching Band and Quebecois Singing Sensation Marie-Mai.

There was a slight pause as the brunette raised her hand in the air in acknowledgement of the announcement.

Maggie: Please be upstanding as they perform “Ô Canada”!

The band allow the crowd a couple of moments to rise to their feet before they strike up into the recognisable tones of the Canadian National Anthem; Marie-Mai raising the microphone to her lips and began to sing the original French-Canadian lyrics of the Quebecois hymn.

O Canada! Terre de nos aïeux,
Ton front est ceint de fleurons glorieux.
Car ton bras sait porter l’épée,
Il sait porter la croix.
Ton histoire est une épopée,
Des plus brillants exploits.
Et ta valeur, de foi trempée,
Protégera nos foyers et nos droits.
Protégera nos foyers et nos droits.

There was a moment of silence when they came to the end of the song that was punctured by a shredding of a power chord on a guitar as Nita Strauss stepped out from the back and straight into the spotlight. The blonde guitarist was wearing a Shaughnessy O’Neill t-shirt and stepped forwards towards the middle of the stage as the power chord began to die down.

Maggie: Ladies and Gentleman… NITA STRAUSS!!!

The blonde guitarist immediately launched into a solo as she walked back and forth across the stage, rallying the crowd to come to their feet as she kept the impressive guitar solo playing. The camera pulling in close to watch her perform with a grin on her face. Marie-Mai approached the guitarist with a massive grin on her face as the singer was now wearing a Shaughnessy O’Neill, One Woman Show t-shirt; the Quebecois rocking out with the blonde as the solo built to its climax.

As Nita reached the end of the solo, the lights cut out suddenly and the music transitioned into the start of Alice Cooper’s “Poison”. The video screen began to show close ups of different parts of Shaw’s face as Marie-Mai began to sing her entrance theme. Finally the video screen feed cut to the stage where it found the young French Canadian stood in her ring gear, flanked by two mounties, each one carrying the flag of Quebec. Shaw waited for a moment, soaking in the boos from the crowd before her and the two Mounties marched down to the ring. As they got there, the trio walked up the ring steps, the Mounties holding the ropes open for Shaughnessy O’Neill to step through them and into the ring. The boos only got louder as the two law Mounties entered the ring and began to wave the flags as Shaw climbed to the middle rope, throwing her hands into the air and making a title motion around her waist before she dropped back down to her feet in the ring, checking her ring gear was in position for the match ahead as Nita and Marie-Mai came to the end of their performance.

Maggie: Hailing from Sherbrooke in the province of Quebec, Canada. She weighs in at 142 lbs and stands 5’8” tall. Please welcome the… “ONE WOMAN SHOW” SHAUGHNESSY O’NEILL!!!

Mai: What a beautiful performance, Zack! Leave it to Shaw to bring class to Unstoppable with an entrance like that! The Quebecois nation’s favorite daughter is going to be your next FFW Champion!

Zack: She hasn’t won it yet! There’s no question that Shaw has a legit claim to facing Kaoru, and she’ll gladly remind you of it if you want to ask her. But she has, without question, the toughest challenge of her career tonight on the biggest stage of them all.

As all the lights of the arena go dark, a story begins to be told on the big screen. The story, enacted by proper artists, is that of an Aztec god's transformation. Leona Vega's voice can be identified as the voice-over narration, as the newly minted Hall of Famer speaks softly, almost in a whisper.

Voice-Over: Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli. Lord of the Morning Star. Associated to Quetzalcóatl, the Feathered Serpent, ruler of Venus. A happy, cheerful god... That was once made irritated by an arrogant decision by Tonatiuh, the Sun. The Sun demanded blind allegiance and obedience from the other gods before he could move again and continue the cycle of the day. Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli, a skilled archer, aimed at Tonatiuh and shot an arrow aimed at his head.

The reenactment shows that the Sun God was too far away from the Morning Star, and the arrow lost power before reaching its target.

Voice-Over: The archer missed. But his actions were enough to infuriate the Sun, who shot back. A lightning-speed arrow, aimed at the Morning Star's head.

The arrow shot by Tonatiuh pierces Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli right through the head. The black beam burrows right through the Morning Star's skull and comes out clean at the opposite side. The cheerful god collapses, and a transformation begins.

Voice-Over: From that attack, born from the anger at the Sun and an unquenchable thirst for justice, Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli became Itztlacoliuhqui. The god of cold... And the god of justice. The wielder of the curved obsidian sword.

The reborn god emerges, an aura of frost surrounding him. His head and face are covered by a hard, curved obsidian helmet pierced by an arrow.

Voice-Over: Justice is cold. And the path to justice is scorching. But for the sun to set, something must change. One must dare to challenge the status quo. One must dare to stand up to the most shining of the stars. In other words...?

As the image focuses on the covered face of the Frost God, it slowly fades into the piercing eyes of Leona Vega.

Leona: I have reborn. And I've come to serve justice.

And then everything cuts to black.


"Have you ever thought that maybe you were lost?"


"Well, how do you know you're walking in the right direction?"

"I walk by faith, not by sight."

The anticipation in the arena is palpable as the crowd is already cheering... And these cheers are cranked up to 11 as the unexpectedly HARD beat of Lazarus' "Walk by Faith" assaults the sound system. No video on the big screen, no lights in the arena... Except for one spotlight shining atop the entrance ramp. From the back comes Leona Vega, dressed as Itztlacoliuhqui, the Blind Justice. She's covered in white, silver and blue robes, wearing a hard black and white mask over her face with a golden ring where her nose would be. She also wears a black helmet pierced through the hood by an ornate golden arrow. She holds a straw broom on her left hand. Her steps match the hard beats as she makes her way into the light like a body possessed by some spirit... Before she removes the mask and reveals that the helmet is a condor warrior helmet. Her face is also painted in silver and white as she stares into the ring, the crowd cheering madly for the newly minted Hall of Famer.

L-A-Z, Crazy,
Eyes on Hov, I ain't talking bout Jay-Z
They be trying to hold me back, can't break me, shake me
Empowered by the King, blood washes me clean daily.
You on a fast route, straight pacing, hasty
You only get one shot, watch where you’re aiming
I am for the sky, get high, yea I'm spacing
For God alone, we zone-zone out, KB

Leona stars power-walking down the entrance ramp, holding the straw broom high as she soaks in the crowd's cheers.

Maggie: Introducing her opponent... From Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico: she is... THE IMMORTAL WARRIOR... LEONA! VEGA!!!

I'm not afraid, let 'em finish me
Long as the Christ is exulted, let His glory diminish me
Every day, stay praying for humility
Even if it means being bruised by the enemy
Walking through the valley of the shadow of death
Nothing to fear cus He's here nonetheless, yes
And If I die, than Heaven is where I rest
Father, accept my spirit, when I take my last breath

Upon arriving at the ring, she makes a beeline to the steel steps, climbing them and then entering the ring, where she moves to the center of the ring and goes to her knees. She bends so that her forehead touches the mat as she makes a prayer, and she stays in that position for a small while before she slaps the mat and rises, opening her arms and letting out a loud war cry, that's matched by the sound system as the loud roar of a lion is heard. The arena is once more showered by lights as she gets up to her feet and makes her way to one of the turnbuckles and climbs onto the second rope, staring into the cheering audience as she raises her hand up high.

Breastplate on, helmet on straight
Boots laced up, we walk by faith
Let's go!
Let's go!
And they can take our lives, kill our flesh
But can't take our salvation, we welcome death
Let's go!
Let's go!

Zack: Leona Vega has to be the sentimental favorite for this one. She’s been chasing this title for such a long time, and what a night it would be to FINALLY capture it in front of over 80,000 fans here in MetLife Stadium.

Mai: She’s lost so many times, Zack. I don’t think she’s got it in her win. She doesn’t have what it takes, and she should be glad just to be here honestly.

Leona then comes down from the turnbuckle and makes her way to a neutral corner, eyeballing the smirking Shaughnessy as she starts to remove the entrance attire and the obsidian helmet, revealing her all white ring attire for this night. As she bounces on the balls of her feet, she waits for the entrance of the defending champion.

Mai: Look hard all you want, Leona. That’s your next FFW Champion, and there’s nothing you nor Kaoru can do about it. Speaking of which, it’s time for the fluke!

Darkness. All the lights but the floods on top of MetLife stadium have gone out.


As the voice of Ron Perlman comes over the speakers, the words 'A Shooting Star Production' slowly emerge from the darkness on the big video screen, before fading away into dust almost as quickly as they came.

"War Never Changes."

Once again, white text slowly appears on the other side of the screen, the words 'The FFW Championship' appearing and fading just as the other words had only a second before, while the music, The Fallout 4 Cinematic Intro theme by Sam Yung starts.

"For thousands of years, people have fought for the honor to be called a champion."

Shots of ancient reliefs, paintings of the first era of refereed combat.

"Not just on the battlefield, but in the name of sport, since the beginning of time..."

Artwork in sculpture, two Greeks in an upright grapple is shown.

"From the palé and pankration of the ancient greeks.... to the gladiators that have done deadly battle in Coliseums..."

Again, the image shifts ahead to Roman times, showing said Coliseum, filled with people who watch two warriors clash in bloody war.

"...people have always fought to prove themselves the best."

More art is shown. Statues. Sculpture. Paintings. Drawings. Historical wrestling manuals from the 1500s.

"Even throughout the Middle Ages and Reinassance, wrestling was practiced and celebrated, even as others had moved more towards armored battle."

Now, into old films. Two men in a ring coming together to grapple. As Perlman continues on, the footage gets newer, coming through the 30's... 40's... 50s'..

"It has come through time, testing all who would practice it. And the prgress of time marched on, so did the showcase of it. Television brought it to audiences everywhere.

Some of the earliest champions of the era are shown. Pomp. Circumstance. Large men and small, fans cheering, fans throwing things. From black and white to color. From color to high-definitiion.

"In more modern eras, the crowds were just as large, if not larger, and now today it stands as a spectacle, a sport practiced by many, now including women of sport, and yet mastered by few."

The footage now comes up through to FFW. Starting with the first FFW Champion, Amy, and following with many more after, showing them all in their crowning moments.

"In Femme Fatale Wrestling, there have been many to call themselves Champion, at the highest level. 23 separate reigns. 15 of the finest women's athletes in the istory of the sport. Names that will be etched into time. MacNamara. Mackenzie. Pazzini. Stryfe. Briese. Kincaid. Demidov. Lamb. Easter. Stark. Summers. McFarlane... and currently... Asaka. "

A shot of the best 8 seconds of Kaoru Asaka's life flashes on screen, the moment after finally pinning Jo McFarlane's shoulders to the mat for three. It then shifts into what has come after. Other contenders. Highlights from the match with Leona Vega. The evil grin of Shaughnessy O'Neil. And a locker room full of women who all would love the chance.

"There will never be and end to the battles. The challengers. The battles waging on forever, in the pursuit of the one thing they all fight for... the right to be called... Champion. And the fights will always continue... because war.... war... never changes."

One last shot of Kaoru Asaka, standing proudly with the title around her waist, hands on her hips, a spotlight behind her. She says only two words.

"Let's go."

The video screen goes black again as the music comes to an end as well. A buzz goes throughout all of MetLife Stadium in the moment of nothingness. And then...

Strobe lights begin to flash in time with the guitars as the sound blares out of every speaker in the stadium, and 8 seconds later as the drums kick in behind them, the first signs of life from backstage come through from the entrance. Large suits of T-51 Power Armor, seemingly armed to the gills, two by two come marching out in time to the song, each getting to the end of the stage before breaking off into a left and right flank. Once their are five on each side, they all turn and salute as the words kick in, and Kaoru Asaka emerges from the back, wearing a Vault 21 Jumpsuit, the FFW Championship buckled around her waist.

#Can't you see, I'm easily,
#Bothered by persistence
#One step from lashing out at you
#You want in, to get under my skin, and call yourself a friend
#I've got more friends like you? What do I do?

Kaoru undoes the clasp on the title belt, running up between her Power Armor army, lifting up the strap with one hand as she screams along with Dimebag.

#Is there no standard anymoooooorre!?!!?
#What it takes.
#Who I am.
#Where I've been. Belong?
#You can't be something you're nooooot....

Kaoru points to the left flank, then the right flank, then raises her other hand to hold up the FFW Championship belt with both hands. The Power Armor all drop their salute, and turn to mobilize once more.

#Be yourself.
#By yourself.
#Stay away from me....
#A lesson learned in life,
#Known from the dawn of time

And as 80 thousand plus sing along to the chorus, Kaoru drops her hands, bringing the belt back down over her shoulder, and starts on her way down the ramp.


To which Kaoru also responds with the music.

#What did you say??!?

And the mass of fans repeat the line, with the stadium shaking in it's swampy footprint.


Kaoru points at the ring and her awaiting opponents... and then back at herself.

#Are you talking to me?
#Are you talking to me?

Kaoru slowly makes her way around ringside, the Power Armor crew breaking off into flanks again around the ring, as Kaoru slaps hands with the fans crazy enough to lean out over the barricades.

#Run your mouth, when I'm not around
#It's easy to achieve...
#You cry to weak friends that sympathize
#Can you hear, the violins, playin' your song?
#Those same friends tell me your every word

Asaka climbs up onto one of the announce tables, once again lifting up the FFW Championship with one hand and screaming the line from the bottom of her soul.

#Is there no standard anymoooooorre!?!!?
#What it takes.
#Who I am.
#Where I've been. Belong?
#You can't be something you're nooooot....

Kaoru Asaka hops down again, catching a few more hands from fans as she makes her way further around the ring before climbing inside.

#Be yourself.
#By yourself.
#Stay away from me....
#A lesson learned in life,
#Known from the dawn of time

Her suited army turns towards the crowd as they throw up their fist in time with the chant-along.


Asaka puts her hand to her ear in the middle of the ring, asking for it again.

#What did you say??!?


Kaoru seems to laugh to herself as she asks again.

#Are you talking to me?!
#Are you talking to me?!!
#No way, punk!

And then the solo, one of the best done by Dimebag Darrell in his lifetime. It serves as the soundtrack as the Nuke Apparel model does something unexpected and starts to unzip the Vault suit in a bit of a striptease, stopping to air guitar along once the zipper has been pulled down far enough, before pushing the jumpsuit down off her shoulders, revealing her ring gear underneath,  and pushing the rest down past her boots, stepping out of the outfit and kicking the Vault 21 jumpsuit into the crowd, never to be seen again.

Maggie: Now currently in the ring.... From Vault 21 in New Vegas, Nevada, by way of Akasaka, Tokyo, Japan....


Her battalion of Power Armored soldiers aims up at the rig above the ring, firing green lasers up at it, causing a piece of pyro to drop down, and once it hits the floor behind her, it explodes upwards into a mushroom cloud as she thrusts the belt up into the air once more!


As the solo ends, the main chorus kicks up again, and she runs up to a set of turnbuckles to chant along with everyone one more time, and showing off the FFW Championship to all.


#What did you say??!?


#Are you talking to me?!

She runs dead across to the opposite corner to repeat the action with the other half of the crowd, the atmosphere being, as Pantera would say 'fucking electric'. The group in T-51 Power Armor turns and makes their way back up away from the ring and towards the back, fists high in the air.


#What did you say??!?


#Are you talking to me?!
#Are you talking to me?!
#Walk on home, boy!

And after a few moments of standing in the middle of the ring in her usual ring gear, with the song playing itself out, Asaka hands the FFW Championship belt off to the referee, already sweaty and hot from the entrance and the summer weather, and makes her way to a corner to stretch out for the war to come... because war never changes.

Mai: I’m glad Kaoru feels the way she does about war, because her feelings are like her title reign: irrelevant. She’s a hypocrite, Zack. Oh, she doesn’t like what’s going on, but she will happily still cash her checks, won’t she?

Zack: That is one of the most asinine logic jumps I think I’ve ever heard. Kaoru has some very salient points in what she’s been saying. Whether you agree with them or not, that’s what is actually irrelevant. Besides, you’re just pissy because O.E. canned you.

Referee Jennifer Stringer takes the FFW Championship from Kaoru, and shows it to both Leona and Shaw before she lifts it over her head. Maggie takes the title with her as she leaves, and the referee calls for the bell. Shaw cracks her knuckles in the corner as Leona and Kaoru look at one another. They exchange a few words, and then turn their full attention on Shaw. The Canadian’s eyes widen as both of them take off straight towards her with forearm shots in bunches before they start pounding away with right hands to her head and body. The live crowd eats it up as they fire her across to the far corner. Shaw crashes back first before Kaoru fires Leona into the corner with her, catching the brunette with a big avalanche splash. Vega stays there for a half second until she hears Kaoru coming, who leaves her feet with a high knee to Shaw’s head. She stumbles out of the corner before both women scoop her up for a double flapjack to the mat.

Mai: What the hell is this?! It’s a triple threat, not a handicap match! How is this fair to Shaw at all?!

Zack: Pretty sound strategy to me! If they can take her out of the equation early, that makes things a little easier for Kaoru and Leona to pick up where they left off at Relentless.

Leona and Kaoru pull her to her feet, and whip her across again. This time, a pair of back elbows to the jaw sends her reeling before the two hit opposite sides of the ring. Leona goes high with a leg lariat to her head, while Kaoru uses a chop block to flatten Shaw to the mat. The fans make loads of noise as the two shake hands, and then drop dual elbows into Shaw’s chest. Vega pulls her to her feet as Kaoru ducks underneath her, and picks Shaw up onto her shoulders. Leona heads for the corner, and ascends to the top rope to deliver a blockbuster that drove Shaw into the mat. Vega immediately went for the cover with a hook of the leg.

Zack: An elevated blockbuster, and Shaw doesn’t know if she’s in MetLife or Milwaukee! Leona with the cover!



Shaw got her shoulder up, but it was after Kaoru pulled Leona off the cover by her feet. Vega got back up, and Kaoru shook her head. The pair stared at one another for a second before they hit the near side to deliver stereo baseball slides that sent Shaw rolling out to ringside. They got back to their feet in the ring, and locked eyes again.

Mai: It looks like they are about to pick up where they left off, like you said. What did Leona think? Kaoru was gonna clap for her like a seal when she tried to go for the cover! Poor Shaw!

The two fan favorites looked long at one another before they began trading blows all of a sudden. Right hands landed from both women, with Leona getting the better of the exchange. She wobbled Kaoru back a step, and unleashed a knife edge chop across her chest. That only seemed to fire Kaoru up, and she returned it with a hard chop of her own. Leona didn’t back a step before she fired back with a second chop before Kaoru surprised her with a double leg takedown followed by mounted punches. The Hispanic star used a monkey flip to roll her off, and quickly get back to her feet before Kaoru caught her with a running knee to the stomach. It doubled her over long enough for Asaka to connect with a double underhook DDT. She rolled Leona onto her back, and hooked the outside leg before the referee dropped for the count.

Mai: Ha! Leona’s gonna need a nose job after that one! Someone get Shaw back into the ring, please!




Leona kicked out as the two came down, and Kaoru made it back to her feet. She jerked the challenger up by her arm, and started firing kicks into her body repeatedly. Each shot kept her doubled over until the champion bounced off the near side to deliver a running kneelift to her head that dropped her to her knees. The champion measured and connected with a shining wizard that sent the challenger face down on the mat.

Zack: You can tell Kaoru’s looking for a knockout here! Submissions don’t lend themselves well in triple threat matches, and the FFW Champion knows that!

Asaka let Leona start to get up again, and then applied a front facelock followed by Muay Thai knees to her head and body. She fired her across to the far side, and scooped Leona up on the rebound to fall backwards into a stun gun across the top rope. Leona clutched her throat, coughing heavily as she staggered backwards until Asaka nailed her with a running spear that practically folded her up on the mat. She followed up with a hook of the leg as Stringer fell into position to make the count.

Zack: BROKEN ARROW!! And Leona nearly got disemboweled right there!




Vega’s shoulder came up in time, and Kaoru headed for the corner next. She stretched her fingers and made a fist, watching and waiting for the challenger to get up. When Leona was finally back to her feet, the champion went for a spinning backfist that landed right on the jaw.

Mai: SATURNITE FIST to the mush, and Leona’s not going to look any more attractive after that. Not that she was before.

She backed up to the corner, and hopped up onto the second turnbuckle from the inside. She was about to come off with a second rope leg drop, but Shaw pulled one of her feet out from under her and she faceplanted on the mat instead. The fans began to boo as Global Wars co-winner rolled back into the ring with an angry look on her face. She began to put the boots to Kaoru in the corner, stomping the back of her head a few times. When she saw Leona getting back to her feet, she raked her eyes with both hands and then jerked her up into a vertical suplex...or what looked like one before she sent her into the mat with a brainbuster.

Mai: Yay, Shaw’s back! Kaoru needs to stay away the ropes! With the stubby legs, she tripped off the middle! What a clumsy oaf the FFW Champion is!

Zack: Or if you want to be accurate, Shaw pulled her foot out from under her! Either way, Quebec’s favorite daughter is the only one standing in the ring at this point.

She glanced between both her opponents, and saw Kaoru starting to get up again. That didn’t last long before she nailed her with a running knee to the side of her head. It sent the champion falling backwards into the corner before Shaw unloaded with forearms in bunches to the side of her head. She scooped her up to sit on the top rope before climbing up with her. And with one swift motion, Shaw brought Kaoru back to the mat with a superplex. A quick floatover into a cover followed that as the referee went to make the count.

Mai: Do they have swans in Quebec?! Because Shaw had the grace of one with that superplex! That was a thing of beauty!




Kaoru kicked out in time, causing Shaw to sit up on her knees and spike elbows into her face. She finally got back to her feet, and pulled the champion up with her. She scooped her up over her shoulders, and ran a short distance to deliver a Samoan drop.

Zack: You can’t tell me Shaw didn’t come with a plan tonight! I don’t think it involved getting ganged up on at the start though, but it seems like she’s in control now.

Asaka tried to get away from her, and headed towards the ropes to help her get up. The Quebecois challenger rushed in behind her, and shoved her into the ropes. The champion bounced chest first into them and stumbled backwards until Shaw executed a backstabber that flipped her up and over to the canvas. O’Neill darted for the corner, and made her way to the top rope. With zero wasted motion, she immediately came off with an elbow drop into Kaoru’s heart. She was about to go for the cover when she saw Leona had made it back to her feet. Shaw changed her mind, and went to grab Leona from behind into a rear waistlock. But Vega grabbed the top rope with both hands, and fired a headbutt into Shaw’s face. It staggered the French-Canadian before Leona used the middle rope for a springboard into a disaster kick to the jaw! O’Neill collapsed on the mat, and Leona went for the cover herself!

Zack: Good Lord, I think that was a knockout! Vega damn near sent Shaw’s chin into the fourth row of ringside!




Shaw’s shoulder came up in time, and Leona made it back to her feet. She glanced around at the crowd, who was solidly behind her at the moment as she nodded her head. Vega glanced over to see Kaoru starting to get up, and she went to greet her by delivering her orbit DDT!

Mai: Who pulled Leona’s chain anyway? No one asked her to get up, I was enjoying Shaw cleaning clocks!

Zack: Vega’s got this crowd behind her now, and that orbit DDT  landed beautifully! Could this be the night that the Aztec Warrior finally accomplishes her dream of being FFW Champion?!

Leona headed for the corner, and quickly made her way to the top rope. With both Kaoru and Shaw within striking distance, Vega launched herself into a tope suicida onto the FFW Champion. She quickly rolled to her feet, and took off for the far side. She rebounded quickly into a rolling thunder style senton, nipped up to her feet, and executed a springboard off the middle rope into a moonsault! She hooked both legs this time on the champion before the referee dropped to make the count.

Zack: What a display of athleticism from the Hall of Famer right there! Kaoru is in big trouble, and we may be 3 seconds from a new champion!!




The count never finished when Shaw pulled her off the cover by her feet. She tried to drag her farther away until Leona rolled onto her back, brought her knees up, and shot Shaw backwards like a pinball. Vega nipped up to her feet as Shaw landed against the ropes, and was brought to the canvas with a hurricanrana from Vega! She got back to her feet, and pounded the mat with both fists to a roar from the crowd.

Mai: Where the hell is she getting this from?! She shouldn’t have this much energy after all the offense she’s taken, Zack!

Zack: I think it’s her night! I think Leona Vega is a woman of destiny, and Unstoppable may well be the night she reaches the top of the mountain!

Vega leaned against the corner, watching both of her opponents as they started to get back to their feet. She darted across behind them, and then ran between both of them for a double bulldog that drove them into the mat. She darted back to the corner to head up top. As both of her opponents began to rise, she caught them both with a headscissors DDT combo using her arms on Kaoru and legs on Shaw that spiked them both into the mat. The challenger lunged across Kaoru for the cover with the crowd on its feet.

Zack: Vega’s running the table! It is her night!! I think we’re about to crown a new champion!!




Kaoru managed to get her shoulder up in time before the three, causing Leona to roll off the cover. She headed for Shaw next, pulling her to her feet and scooping her over both shoulders into position for her finisher.


Zack: Vega’s looking for her gutbuster! DO IT, LEONA!!

As Leona was about to do exactly that, Kaoru caught her with a superkick on the chin. Both Vega and Shaw hit the mat at the same time as Kaoru nearly lost her balance off the impact. The champion staggered backwards into the ropes, trying to pull herself together. Both Shaw and Leona were very slow to get up as the champion tried to recuperate quickly. She measured and went for a reverse roundhouse kick to Shaw, but the Quebecois avoided it and she caught Leona with it instead. Kaoru was about to turn to grab Shaw, but she got a low blow from her instead before Shaw dove on top of Leona to make the cover herself.

Zack: Kaoru hit the VATS BLASTER, and Shaw’s gonna steal the FFW Championship as a result!




Vega got her leg across the bottom rope, causing the referee to stop her count. Shaw glanced over to see it, gritting her teeth as she pushed up to her feet. She was a little wobbly though, having to lean against the ropes to get her equilibrium.

Mai: GODDAMNIT!! Who made rope breaks legal anyway?! That should be a three, and Shaw should be the new FFW Champion!!

Shaw made a beeline for Kaoru, her face full of anger as she pulled the FFW Champion’s head between her legs. O’Neill followed up with her flip piledriver, planting Kaoru on her head and causing her to collapse to the mat. Shaw dropped down to make the cover before Stringer slid into position like a baseball player to make the cover.





As the referee’s hand was coming down for three, Leona grabbed her arm and stopped it from happening. Shaw had a seething expression as she looked at Leona holding Stringer’s wrist!

Zack: Can you believe that?! Leona caught Stringer’s hand coming down for three, and Shaw is apoplectic about it! Look at her face, she thinks she had this match won!

Mai: There’s a DAMN GOOD reason she feels that way! She did have it won! Curse you, Leona!!

Leona and Shaw rose to their feet, and began to trade punches with the crowd solidly behind the Hispanic star. Vega got the better of it as she pounded Shaw back into the corner before climbing up to the middle rope, and raining ten punches down on her head. The crowd counted along with her all the way to ten, and Leona followed up with a bulldog back to the mat.

Zack: Leona’s back in control again! She has turned it up to 11 tonight, and she’s closing in on making history as our next FFW Champion!

Mai: Please! Shaw doesn’t need a dozen matches to win titles, Zack. She only needs one, and you’ll see that soon enough!

Leona pulled the other challenger to her feet, and hoisted Shaw up onto her shoulders. She let out a scream to the crowd, letting them know what was next….at least until Kaoru hit her with a facepalm into a STO. Shaw hit the mat, and Leona did the same a second later. Kaoru began to pull Shaw to her feet, and set her into position for her favorite finisher.


Zack: You know what’s coming!! Shaw’s about to feel the ATOM’S GLOW!!!

She hoisted Shaw skyward, and connected with her inverted facelock brainbuster! The crowd came to it’s feet as she went for the cover!





Leona yanked Kaoru off the cover in the nick of time, causing the champion to get to her feet and the two start trading rights at a fast clip!

Zack: I think Kaoru had successfully defended her title right there! But Leona stopped her, Shaw hasn’t budged an inch!

The pair traded blows with Leona getting the better before she fired Kaoru off to the far side. The champion rebounded, looking for a lariat until Vega ducked underneath her. Asaka stopped herself before she hit the ropes, and caught a high knee to the mouth when she turned around. Vega scooped her up over her shoulders as the crowd came to life once more!

Mai: Good thing for Kaoru that a knee to face won’t make her less attractive, but wait!!

Leona quickly transitioned, and connected with her gutbuster! Asaka bounced to the mat as the Hall of Famer dove on top of her hooking both legs for the cover!





The fans in MetLife Stadium erupted as the referee called for the bell. Leona sat up on her knees, mouth agape as she cupped her hands over it in shock. When she had her hand raised, she roared in enthusiasm!

Mai: Seriously?! Leona…..Leona Vega? She’s the….

Maggie: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match……..and NEEEEEEEEEEEEWWW FFW Champion…….LEONA VEGA!!!

The referee handed Leona the title as tears welled up in her eyes, a huge smile covering her face before her manager joined her in the ring. She took a running leap into a hug before Christian raised her hand himself!

Zack: On the biggest stage of them all on the grandest night of the year in women’s wrestling, Leona Vega has achieved her destiny! She’s achieved her dream! She’s on top of the world, and she’s got the FFW Championship!

Leona leaned against the corner, looking at her reflection in the title. It was obvious she was still in disbelief. Fireworks began to erupt into the sky as Vega’s tears dripped onto the championship.

Mai: This makes me sick, Zack.

Zack: Tell someone who cares! A historic night on the grand stage has culminated in a new FFW Champion! Congratulations to Leona Vega! You earned it!!

Vega raised her title to the roaring crowd in MetLife Stadium, who showed nothing but support as they chanted her name.

Zack: I’ve seen every edition of Unstoppable, and this one may well be my favorite of them all! Leona Vega truly proved tonight that she is UNSTOPPABLE!!

As the fireworks continued to erupt around the stadium, the 9th annual edition of Unstoppable faded off the air.
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