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FFW Future Shock Wipeout - August 14, 2018

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Author Topic: FFW Future Shock Wipeout - August 14, 2018  (Read 229 times)
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« on: August 15, 2018, 12:30:42 am »

Live from the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida
August 14, 2018

The ocean surf laps the shore, and as it pulls back, we see FFW spelled in seashells in the sand. Next we see a figure approaching. It looks like he’s coming through the desert practically. And as the shot gets closer, it’s Flava Flav with his signature gold clock on a chain. He stumbles forward, licking his dry lips as he moves forward.

Flav: Where the mini bar, dawg?

He continues walking….walking…..walking. The effects of being dehydrated cause him to stop as he thinks he sees someone: Mars Whimsey eating a doughnut. He wipes his eyes, and keeps going another couple steps, and then...Vivi Robichaud enjoying a maitai. He rubs his eyes again, and sees that also is a mirage. He thinks he sees Elizabeth Lannister sunbathing with a fruity drink in her hand. Flav starts smiling and heads toward her as she disappears.

Flav: It’s hotter than shii--

He stops mid-sentence when he sees a lagoon not far away. A quick rub of his eyes, and….it’s still there. Joy fills him as he musters the strength and takes off towards it. As he reaches it, he falls face first into it on purpose and starts splashing the cold water on his face. He sits up and looks around, find a few shapely figures sunning themselves a few feet away. Flav hops back toh is feet, and heads towards them.

Four of them are sat on large boulders, each in a different color bikini top….and their lower bodies in the shape of a fish. Lacey, Tara Cortez, Angel, and Cassandra Steen (all mermaids) size him up for a moment, while Tara seems to be picking her teeth with something.

Flav: Ohh damn! I just found the land of milk and honnneeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyssss!! Yeaaaaaaaah, boooyyyy!!!

Flav looks a little closer to see what Tara’s picking her teeth with, and realizes it’s a skeletal bone, much like a finger.

Flav: Is that...a….finger?

As he asks, all four girls look at him with a devilish grin. As you might suspect, Flava Flav is terri-terrified! He spins on his feet, and bolts towards the lagoon. As he dives into the water, he sees three more women waving him towards them in a hurry. He glances behind him to see where the mermaids are, and doesn’t see them before he starts swimming for his life.

Flav: Girls...we gotta get out of here! There’s some crazy fish bitches eating folks! Let’s go!

Mila, Katie Keller, and Harley Shannon don’t seem too bothered about it.They try to calm him down as he looks back to see where the mermaids went….before the four pop up all around. His eyes widen as he looks at them all, and then into blue water to see….they are all mermaids. He lets out a screen as he’s pulled under the water with all seven of them diving into the murky depths with him. Seconds later, only a red liquid begins to stain the water.

Voice: Jake!! Jake!!

The shot changes as we find Jake Chandler asleep on a lounge chair as Gillie and Mallory try to wake him up. He sits up, and looks around.

Jake: Sorry I feel asleep. I was having the weirdest dream.

Mallory: What about?

Jake: Well Flava Flav was being eaten by cannibal mermaids.

Gillie: Well that’s silly. Come on, it’s time for the show!

The girls pull him to his feet as the trio take off. And as the camera pans down, we see a gold clock on a chain under his chair. The Future Shock logo flashes across the screen as “Good Feeling” by Flo Rida begins to play. A highlight package shows the ascent of “Killer B” Bianca Reed as she claims victory after victory with the Aspire Ring to earn herself a shot at the Future Shock Championship, as well as Gillie and Valerie’s long standing issues that lead to the 1 Percenter becoming champion.

Next we see the war of words between Tara Cortez and Andi Takata, including many of Tara’s rather shady wins over the last year. A face off culminates the package before we see Lacey and Lydia Charisma’s issues. Lacey holds her fist in front of Lydia’s face with the Aspire Ring on it, and gives the Ring a kiss as Lydia seems to be seething. We then hear the roar of the crowd as we go live inside the arena on a wide shot as thousands of fans make a thunderous amount of noise.

Zack: There are 19,884 fans who have sold out the Amway Center here in gorgeous Orlando, Florida! And the reason is because Future Shock is in town for Wipeout! There’s bad blood and opportunities up and down the card! Zack here, alongside Lyn Dallins, to bring you the action. Lyn, Many of these matches feel like a long time coming, but none are bigger than the triple threat for the Future Shock Championship!

Lyn: ....But why did ya’ll do Flav like that, Zack? He made ‘Fight The Power’. ‘Fight The Power’.

Zack: Look, I’m not involved in the creative process on these opens.

It still manages to make Zack smile for a second before he gets back on point.

Zack: One I’m particularly looking forward to is the showdown between the “Lucky Star” Andi Takata and “10 Star” Tara Cortez! Tara won’t hesitate to remind you she’s been undefeated for a calendar year since joining the Prospect roster, but as we both know, there’s some asterisks to that. Who do you give the inside track to tonight?

Lyn: Look man, when there are ‘10 Stars’ it is much less special than one, and if Super Mario and Rose Gardner have taught me anything, one star you find in a question box that makes you invincible is more worthwhile than ten stars in the background.

Zack: The Aspire Ring is on the line when Lacey looks to put her second defense in the books against her most vehement detractor, not to mention your protege! Lydia Charisma wants to leave a red stain on the mat with Lacey’s body, and she might pick up some hardware if she can do it!

Lyn: Not since Casey and Ignis have I seen two Future Shock stars more intent to killing each other... And I’m even counting that one rivalry! You know the one! Yeah! That one!

Zack: The Gold Standard is in action as well, not just counting the champion. Both Elizabeth Lannister and Stacey Sky have caused a whole lot of problems for Celeste and Nora Harris. They’ll settle it one on one tonight!

Lyn: Settle? Zack. Homey. Bro-ham. My brother... We ain’t settling nothing by the time these four women are done with each other.

Zack: Not to mention we’ll see Harley Shannon and Isis Morales collide in a titanic battle of former Future Shock Champions! Brianna Singer has decided she will be referee for that match as well!

Lyn: Yes, absolutely nothing at all is wrong with this picture. At all. There’s gonna be more red in that ring than you can paint a picture with.

Zack: Also fans, Kaya Crimson had to be pulled from tonight’s card against Gemma Pierce. We’ll hear about her future from Kaya herself tonight, but Gemma will now meet Jessica Anderson! Who do you like in those?

Lyn: I’m kind of favoring the World Piercer here tonight though Anderson ain’t no slouch as the no-nonsense style of Gemma is about to find out.

Zack: There’s also some go-kart action tonight for an Aspire Ring shot. Mars Whimsey, Mara Werth, Vivi Robichaud, and Mila Midnight will all be competing to get in line for a shot at that Ring.

Lyn: I asked Vivi and Mila earlier today if they had done any custom jobs to their go-karts. Then I realized I accidentally walked into the women’s locker room and promptly ran out of there.

Zack: All that, and we’ll see Katie Keller for the first time….and the witches are here tonight too! There’s no telling what all we may see before it’s over, but let’s send it up to the ring with Gaby for the opening contest.

Gaby: The opening contest of Future Shock Wipeout is scheduled for one fall.

Zack: This match was originally scheduled to be the rubber match between Kaya Crimson and Gemma Pierce. But due to Kaya’s health status, it had to be changed. Gemma’s now facing a veteran and former FFW star. I’d like to welcome HELL Lucha Libre’s Sydney Christensen to the booth, who was part of our pool party recently.

Sydney: Thank you for having me here. And might I say, it is GOOD to be here.

The lights go out in the arena, an anticipatory murmur filling the arena. A moment or two passes in silence before a slow-tempo guitar begins to play through the PA system, accompanied by an electronic vibration effect, kicking off All Good Things’ “For the Glory.”

Better back down, you’re in my domain
Got the whole crowd screaming out our name
It’s a blowout, it’s a hurricane
It’s over, before you know it

An aggressive guitar chord strikes as red lights begin to swirl through the arena. The curtain is pushed aside, and a dimly lit figure stands in the middle of the entrance ramp. While not much of her is clearly visible, she turns her head to face either direction of the crowd.

Why you shaking? We’re a dynasty
In the making, We’re the royalty
Now we're breaking down the enemy
Move over for the soldiers

After a moment, a single white spotlight turns to the ramp, revealing a red-haired woman in a leather jacket, glaring toward one side of the crowd, chewing a piece of gum with a smirk on her face.

Gaby: Introducing first, from Liverpool, England, weighing 147 pounds…this is “The World Piercer,” GEMMA...PIERCE!

Gemma turns to stare at the other side of the audience, lips curling into even more of a smirk as the fans react to the introduction with boos. She stuffs her hands into the pockets of her leather jacket, pacing down the ramp slowly. For the most part, she ignores the crowd, although one person toward the end of the ramp seems to get the “World Piercer’s” attention. The smirk on her face only grows as she gets into a bit of a jaw-jacking competition with the fan, even holding her arms out and seeming to invite some kind of confrontation--when nothing comes of it, though, she just grins even more.

She circles around the ring, taking her sweet time before deciding which side she wants to enter on, swinging herself up onto the apron. She grips the top rope and grins, pulling herself up to her feet, staring out into the crowd for just a moment. She steps through the ropes, moving straight into the center of the ring and stretching her arms out wide, curling both hands in a “bring it” sort of gesture, as the boos only increase. The Merseysider chuckles to herself, shrugging her leather jacket off her shoulders and tossing it out of the ring, moving to her corner and leaning herself back against the turnbuckles.

Zack: Tell me, Sydney. How big of a difference does it make for a wrestler like yourself when an opponent is changed in a match on fairly short notice? Does it affect your strategy at all? Or does it even make a difference? How much do you think this change will affect Gemma?

Sydney: You pretty much have to be prepared for anything. Last minute changes are part of the game, and if you aren’t ready for anything, you’re going to sink like a rock. That being said, I don’t think it will affect Gemma all that much.

"I wish I was tall, I wish I was fast
Wish I could show up with a bag full of cash"

Jessica Anderson emerges from behind the curtain with a scowl plastered upon her features. She places her right hand on her hip and tilts her head slightly, smiling brightly as she looks out at the Sydney crowd.

"I wish I had style, I wish I had flash
I wish I woke up with a butt and a rack
'Cause if I want you, I gotta have that"

Gaby: Making her way to the ring, from Worcester, England and weighing in at 119 pounds... JESSICA ANDERSON!

Jessica begins to make her way briskly down the ramp, slapping hands with the fans along the way . She reaches the ring and scales one step at a time, before straddling the middle rope. She pauses for a brief moment, mouthing a ‘thank you’ in the direction of the crowd, before pulling her body into the ring. She scales the turnbuckle and raises both hands aloft before she hops down from the turnbuckle, once again adopting the appreciative look as she looks around.

Zack: The last time we saw Jessica Anderson was as a guest at Unstoppable 9 competing against Valerie Lamb. But she’s always had a fondness for Future Shock, and loves being part of it.

Sydney: Well, can you really blame her for that? I get her love for it.

Referee Stephen Wilson checks both women and calls for the bell. Jessica meets her opponent in the center of the ring, and offers her a handshake out of respect. Gemma seems hesitant for a split second before she returns it. They lock up from there, and Jessica surprises her with a short knee to the stomach. Two more follow that before she uses an armdrag takedown to snap the redhead to the mat. Gemma pops up, and gets caught in another armdrag. She pops up a third time, and Jessica grabs her by the head for a monkey flip that sends her up and over to the mat. The veteran looks pleased as Gemma sits up, taking a deep breath before she slowly rises back to her feet.

Zack: Gemma is giving up years of ring experience to Jessica. There’s not too much Gemma’s gonna throw at her that Jessica Anderson hasn’t seen before.

Sydney: There is something to be said for having a wealth of experience behind you. Gemma is going to have to come up with something fast if she hopes to make it out of this.

Pierce locks up with Jessica again, but this time, she pushes her back into the corner. The referee calls for a break, which he gets before Gemma delivers a back elbow to the side of ehr head. She follows up with forearm shivers before firing her across to the far side. Anderson strikes chest first before Gemma barrels in behind her with a corner clothesline, crunching her against the corner before snapping off a release German suplex. The wily veteran starts to get back to her feet as Gemma looks to grab her head, but Anderson surprises her with a savate kick as she comes forward. It stops her for just a moment before Anderson rebounds off the near side with a hip check to her head that causes Gemma to drop to a seat on the mat. A side headlock is applied after that as the crowd shows Jessica plenty of support.

Zack: I don’t know about you, Sydney, but so far, it feels like Jessica is a little more prepared than Gemma. She and Kaya don’t have similar styles, and that may be what is throwing Pierce here. What say you?

Sydney: Being more prepared comes with the experience factor. Maybe Gemma was expecting a Kaya clone? Who knows? I have a feeling she’ll learn on the fly, though.

Gemma didn’t stay grounded for very long though, and began to rise to her feet. Jessica kept the hold applied before Pierce turned into her, and started firing elbows into her abdomen. Each shot loosened her grip a bit more until the Prospect clocked her with a right hand before she pulled her into an inverted Russian leg sweep to send her down to the mat. Gemma wasted no time in pulling the brunette back to her feet, and planting her with a belly to belly suplex. She hooked the outside leg as Wilson dropped to count.

Zack: Gemma with all kinds of snap on that belly to belly, and looking it call it a night!




Jessica kicked out well in time, causing the redhead to drag her to her feet. She whipped her across for the ride before taking off for the adjacent side herself to catch Anderson coming back with a jumping neckbreaker.

Sydney: She damn near took Jessica’s head off!

Jessica was slow to get up before Gemma circled around behind her, and applied a full nelson. She locked her fingers behind her head, and shoved her chin into her chest. The referee moved around in front of her to check for a submission, but Jessica made it clear she wasn’t going to do that. The veteran began to pull both of them towards the ropes to try to get a break, but Gemma tried to step on the back of her leg to get her down instead. Jessica, however, used her feet to pivot off the top rope and roll over on top of Anderson, who was still holding her in the full nelson. Wilson slid into position to make the count as the crowd came to it’s feet!

Zack: Gemma’s gonna get pinned in her own hold!




She managed to kick out after releasing the hold, and shoving the brunette off her. Pierce sat up, looking at the referee to confirm it was just a two.

Sydney: I know math was never my strongest subject in school, but the look on Gemma’s face suggests the same.

As soon as she got the nod, Jessica had already bounced off the far side and caught her with a dropkick to the back. Pierce almost bounced her head off the mat before Jessica was back to her feet again. Pierce started to rise as Jessica used the middle rope for a springboard into a disaster kick! She dove on top of her for the cover as the referee was quickly in position.

Sydney: Gemma is going to be feeling THAT one in the morning




Gemma kicked out in the nick of time as Anderson headed for the corner. The crowd was solidly behind her as she made her way to the top rope. And without a second’s hesitation, she launched herself into a moonsault! But Gemma rolled towards the ropes, and Anderson crash landed on the mat instead.

Zack: Jessica was feeling a sense of urgency, thinking she had Gemma in a compromising position! And I thought she did too, but not yet!

Gemma made it back to her feet with a scowl on her face. Jessica laid in pain on the canvas before Pierce yanked her her to her feet, and drove her into the mat with an impaler DDT. She quickly got back to her feet, and paced briefly as the crowd was trying to rally Jessica. Gemma shook her head no at them before she pulled the brunette back up, and connected with her lifting single underhook DDT.


She made the cover, and hooked the outside leg before Wilson dropped into position to make the count.




Wilson called for the bell as Gemma sat up, catching her breath for a moment. When she got back to her feet, she had her hand raised in victory.

Gaby: Here is your winner by pinfall…………..’THE WORLD PIERCER’ GEMMA PIERCE!!

Sydney: What a match that was. The experienced Jessica gave it her all, but it wasn’t enough to topple the tenacity of Gemma. Bravo to both ladies.

Gemma gave her opponent a nod of respect before she rolled out under the bottom rope. She let the camera know she was ready for her Aspire Ring shot as she backed up the ramp.

Zack: Gemma Pierce is back on form after that performance! And she’s letting Lydia and Lacey both know what she’s coming to get for herself.

Sydney: If Gemma keeps this up, she could very well find herself facing off for the Future Shock championship before long.

As the referee helped Jessica to her feet and Gemma disappeared behind the curtain, the show cut elsewhere.

What You Deserve

The boos in the arena began as the fans saw the wheelchair-bound Kyle Kilmeade with Cassandra Steen behind him with her hands on the handles to push it.

Kyle: Tonight, I’m actually glad all of you are here to see this show. Everyone here in Orlando and all of you watching on Pay Per View, I want you to bear witness to a night that is almost entirely about this collective, my Gold Standard. An integral part of Future Shock, and if you need proof of it? Look at the Aspire Ring match. Look at the Future Shock Championship match. Tonight, you’ll see Stacey, Elizabeth, Lacey, and Valerie continue to do what they do best: dominate. The only woman who isn’t on the card is this beautiful creature here, Cassandra Steen. And while she may not be on tonight’s card, she has a very important role. And beyond that, she will be part of a very special event next month when Future Shock returns to Sydney, Australia.

Cassandra: These people did not deserve to have the entirety of your Future Shock clients on the card. They are already being spoiled as it is with what they have been blessed with. The hate that your Gold Standard receives says it better than any of us ever could. People hate what they cannot have, or cannot be. Their hate just shows how much they know the truth; that we personify excellence. Each and every one of us. Including our esteemed manager. I am greatly looking forward to Sydney. Surprisingly, given the travel I have done, Australia is a place I have never visited as yet.

Kyle: Well then, you’ll get to see it and perform there as well. It was the sight of the Future Shock Event of the Year last year, and I’m positive with your inclusion, it can be again. Maybe not so much with your opponent, because well….like one or two around here, she can’t seem to learn her lesson the first time around….or the second. I’m referring to a woman Stacey will handle shortly, but apparently can’t get enough. So you’ll meet Nora Harris once more in Sydney on September 11th.

Cassandra: The result will be no different than our last meeting. As you say, she does not seem to have the capacity to learn a lesson. Or to differentiate between opponents. I suppose that is to be expected when we keep beating her. I would imagine that all the people who outshine you start to roll into one after a while. I wouldn’t know personally, since it is yet to happen.

It’s at this point that they are both joined by Nora’s opponent tonight. Kyle extends a hand towards her with a smile.

Kyle: Ready to finish the job you started?

Stacey: I was born ready. I’m always happy to knock Princesses like her off their pedestals.

Kyle: You’re about to see what happens when you call someone a wench, Nora. See you in a moment.

He gives a wink to the camera before Cassandra starts to push him towards the gorilla position with Stacey alongside him. We head back to the ring from there.
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« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2018, 12:33:35 am »

A quick video package shows the history between “Sensational” Stacey Sky and Nora Harris dating back to when Harris stopped her from abusing a referee. After it concludes, we go right back to the ring with Gaby.

Gaby: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and there must be a winner!

Zack: We tried to settle this at the last Future Shock event, Lyn. And absolutely nothing was put to rest. In fact, it only deteriorated more. Tonight, we must have a winner one way or the other.

Lyn: One way or another, Zack. That’s almost the most foreboding statement. Might just be this man’s opinion.

As the opening of ‘Pour Some Sugar on Me’ by Def Leppard starts to play, Kyle Kilmeade steps through the curtain and holds it open. Stacey Sky steps out onto the stage wearing her ring gear which consists of a black bra-style top, with gold trim. A black and gold cheerleader style skirt, and black boots with a gold trim.  

Pour some sugar on me
Ooh, in the name of love
Pour some sugar on me
C'mon, fire me up
Pour your sugar on me
I can't get enough

She stops at the start of the ramp and runs her hands down her sides until she reaches her hips and then stands with her hands on hips for a moment, before she starts moving towards the ring with Kyle rolling along slightly behind her.

I'm hot, sticky sweet
From my head to my feet, yeah

As the line hot, sticky sweet plays, she raises her finger to her mouth and tilts her head to one side. Then she sways her hips, lowering herself down at the same time, before popping back up and blowing a kiss from one side to the other.

Gaby: Making her way to the ring, hailing from Anaheim, California and accompanied by Kyle Kilmeade…………….“Sensational” Stacey Sky

Listen! red light, yellow light, green-a-light go!
Crazy little woman in a one man show
Mirror queen, mannequine, rhythm of love
Sweet dream, saccharine, loosen up
Loosen up

She takes off at a run towards the ring and then jumps up onto the apron, where she immediately drops down into the splits. She leans forwards and grabs hold of her foot, lowering her head so she can roll under the bottom rope, still in the splits. Once in the ring, she moves up to her knees, throwing her head back as she does. She licks her lips and gives a devilish smile out to the crowd.

You gotta squeeze a little, squeeze a little
Tease a little more
Easy operator come a knockin' on my door
Sometime, anytime, sugar me sweet
Little miss innocent sugar me, yeah, yeah
Give a little more.

As her music starts to fade she gets to her feet and goes to her corner, climbing up, she sits on the top turnbuckle with her legs crossed and shares a few last minute words with her manager from his seat on the floor as she awaits the start of the match.  

Zack: Stacey Sky was once a college cheerleader, but as you might have suspected from her time in Future Shock, she didn’t stay one very long. She also has the temper of a rattlesnake, Lyn.

Lyn: That’s being kinda disheartening to rattlesnakes, don’t you think?

I won’t give up, no I won’t give in
Till I reach the end
And then I’ll start again
No I won't leave
I wanna try everything
I wanna try even though I could fail

Gaby: From Chicago Illinois, weighing in tonight at 103 pounds... she is Nora Harris!

The bouncy music of Shakira's Try Anything plays and out comes Nora, bouncing on the toes of her boots as she waves to the fans and then she cartwheels into the aisle before she sprints down to the ring, slides under the bottom rope and pops up to wave at the fans again.

I won’t give up, no I won’t give in
Till I reach the end
And then I’ll start again
No I won't leave
I wanna try everything
I wanna try even though I could fail

She smiles at the referee and respectfully waits for the start of the match.

Lyn: Nora WAS victorious in Glasgow against Stacey... It just so happened to be by DQ... Not the way I imagine she wanted that to go but she will be looking to fix that here tonight.

Zack: Yeah, that match turned into more of a melee by the time it was over. Tonight as was stated though, there must be a winner!

The cameras spot 4 Loko in the rafters looking down over the ring, while Stephen Wilson checks both women and calls for the bell. Nora makes a beeline for her opponent before Stacey ducks her head between the ropes, wanting Wilson to hold her back. As he begins to restrain her though, that’s when Stacey ducks back into the ring and delivers a thumb to her eye over his shoulder. Wilson starts admonishing her as Stacey ignores him, and begins driving right hands into her head. She pulls her to the ropes, and drags her face across the top rope. That causes Nora to clutch her face until Stacey pulls her head down, and fires a kneelift into it. She quickly sweeps her legs for a takedown, and unloads with mounted punches.

Zack: That’s one thing you can say about Stacey. She’s never short of aggression in the ring, and you can tell she seriously dislikes Nora Harris.

Lyn: Point a Kyle Kilmeade client out to me in Future Shock who LIKES anyone that isn’t a... Well, a Kyle Klimeade client.

Nora finally manages to flip her off to the canvas, and try to get back to her feet. The blonde is right on her though, and tries to grab her from behind. Nora surprises her with a pair of back elbows to the side of her head, which stuns Stacey for a second. Harris fires a spinning heel kick to the mouth, sending her backwards further before a dropkick to the chest sends her through the ropes to the floor. The crowd shows support for the brunette as Nora waves Stacey to get back into the ring.

Zack: If Stacey wants to throw strikes, the Future Shock Pixie is happy to oblige! Stacey might be rethinking things after getting dumped to the outside like that.

Lyn: These fans however are only welcoming Harris to work Sky over like there’s no tomorrow!

Stacey doesn’t take the invitation at first though, instead getting back to her feet and looking even more agitated till Kyle wheels around to talk with her. 4 Loko is shown once again keeping  watchful eye from the rafters, as Stacey nods her head and starts to get back into the ring. She tells the referee to keep Nora back as she cautiously slides up onto the apron. Nora quickly heads to grab her, only for Stacey to catch her with a palm thrust to the throat as she approaches. She then grabs her head and drops down to the floor, snapping Nora’s neck across the top rope. Harris doubles back clutching her throat as Stacey rolls back into the ring, and mows her down with a sling blade clothesline. Several stomps to the body follow that before she heads for the corner.

Zack: Stacey’s showing some veteran tactics in this match. I guess that’s one thing you can say about Kilmeade’s clients. He has them trained very well.

Lyn: ...Well I mean likely indirectly. Probably hiring them the best fitness trainers and veteran wrestling instructors money can buy.

Sky leaned against the corner, shouting at Nora to get back to her feet. The brunette is slow to do so when Stacey bolts towards her with a running high knee. But Nora steps out of the way, and grabs the elevated knee into a dragon screw leg whip. The crowd comes back to life as Stacey hits the mat, and Nora grabs her foot and begins spiking her knee against the mat like a hammer. She drags it across the bottom rope before leaving her feet, and coming down with her weight across Stacey’s neck. She sets it up, and does it twice more.

Lyn: Nora is quite literally picking Sky apart, neck first!

Zack: She’s got a lot of pent up frustration with this woman, and the fact she’s dissecting her like she is proves that in spades.

Nora drags Stacey by the leg away from the ropes, and drops down to the mat to apply an Indian deathlock. Propped up on her arms, she applies increasing pressure as Stacey’s face shows the pain she’s feeling in her knee. The referee moves around into position, checking to see if the blonde wants to stop the match. Sky shouts a very definitive “NO!” at him as Nora continues to slowly increase the pressure of the hold.

Zack: After everything that has gone on between these two in recent months, Lyn, I have to believe Nora wants to make Stacey suffer as much as she can. This Indian deathlock is certainly a means to that end.

Lyn: Can we really be surprised though? It isn’t as though Sky has endeavored to make herself pleasant to Nora... Or... Well much of anyone else.

Stacey clawed her fingers through her hair, and had a tortured expression on her face before she began trying to claw her way towards the ropes. She didn’t have far to go before she finally made it, pulling Nora with her before she grabbed the bottom rope. Wilson called for the break, and Nora got back to her feet. Sky rolled under the bottom rope as Nora was about to get her, causing the referee once again to intervene and keep Nora at bay. Stacey slowly got to her feet on the apron, trying to put some weight on her leg for a moment until Nora went to get her. She grabbed her into a front facelock, and went to suplex her back into the ring. But Stacey countered into a codebreaker that flipped Nora over to the mat. She lunged across her for the cover before the referee dropped to count.

Lyn: That double knee facebreaker came from out of literally nowhere! I think... That’s one of Nora’s own maneuvers! There’s the pin!




Nora kicked out, and Stacey rolled away from her. The former cheerleader got to her feet, still favoring her hurt leg. Nora rose as well, and took off towards her. But Stacey caught her with a boot to the jaw that wobbled her backwards before Sky left her feet with a tornado DDT.

Zack: Stacey’s still trying to work some feeling back into her leg again after the punishment it’s taken, and it seems to be working. Nora got dropped like a bad habit right there!

Stacey doubled back towards the ropes, still walking with a little bit of a limp. Her face creased into anger as she used the middle rope for a springboard into a moonsault. It landed perfectly with Stacey almost going for the cover again but deciding against it. Instead, she headed for the corner and started to make her ascent. She climbed up to the top rope, and looked between her legs to see where Nora was. And...she wasn’t there. She glanced around just as Nora connected with a superkick between her legs to Stacey’s head that dropped her to the mat. Harris dove on top of her for the cover.

Lyn: That’s a cheeky superkick if I ever saw one.




Stacey rolled her shoulder at the last second, causing the referee to stop the count. Nora climbed back to her feet, and brought her finger to her lips to let the crowd know what was coming next.

Zack: I think Nora just told us what she has in mind right now! And I’m not sure Stacey’s alert enough to even know where she is at this point!

Lyn: If you think she’s not alert now...!

The brunette pulled Stacey to her feet, but Sky surprised her with a headbutt to the face. Stacey gathered herself for a second, and then scooped Nora up for a sitout scoop slam piledriver! Harris stood on her head for a split second before she hit the mat, and Stacey laid across her for the cover.

Zack: Where the hell did that come from?! SENSATIONAL SUFFERING!!



Nora got her foot across the bottom rope before Kyle shoved it off from the floor.


Lyn: ...Because of course he did.

The referee called for the bell as Stacey got back to her feet, demanding her hand be raised more than once. The crowd clearly wasn’t happy with the decision though.

Gaby: Here is your winner by pinfall…………….’SENSATIONAL’ STACEY SKY!!!

Zack: Stacey Sky has picked up an impressive win here tonight, albeit with an asterisk after what we just saw. So far, the night is going well for the Gold Standard, Lyn.

Lyn: The Basic Brigade.

Sky rolled out to the floor, getting a round of applause from her manager. That brought a smile to her face as she ignored the boos and headed up the ramp with him.

Keep On Rockin’

“Our Truth” by Lacuna Coil starts to play, bringing the fans to their feet. From behind the curtain comes the Rockstar Revolution, Kaya Crimson. She stands there on the stage, looking sheepishly around the packed arena. She gives them a queen’s wave before she cracks up, yet she heads down the ramp towards the ring. It’s not too long before she makes it, even while she smacks the hands of every outstretched fan prior.

Kaya: This is going to be the hardest thing that I’ll ever have to do.

When she goes silent, she only hears the crowd cheering for her. She spots signs of fans giving her support and she smiles a little. However, she releases the energy upon knowing what she came out to say.

Kaya: As I stand here, I see people who were on my side, people who were trying their damnedest to rally me on. Here before me, I see people that I’ve let down and now I can’t help but feel as if tonight is the night where I’ll disappoint you all the most. So, I want to preface anything that I want to say with...a thank you from the tip of my heart down to the bottom of it.

Her words draws the crowd into a louder frenzy, to which she goes to shush them. When she fails, she relaxes on the turnbuckle with a hint of pain on her face. When they do finally calm down, she gets off and raises the microphone to her face.

Kaya: They say wrestling is a solo act, but I can’t say that ever. There are the people in the back, my fellow wrestlers, and the crowd that comes to each and every show that does their part in making this well-oiled machine of a business work. You don’t owe me or anyone else anything, but you prove yourselves to be some of the best fans in the world by giving any of us your support. For me to stand in this ring and hear the cheers and chants of every single one of you does my heart good. It keeps me going, or ratherKaya takes a sharp breath, steadying herself from the ocean of emotions obviously behind her calm demeanor.

Kaya: You know what, it’s my fault.

She shakes her head.

Kaya: I guess I ought to tell everyone the truth about my injury. Firstly, I need to tell everyone that it happened way before the match with Angel. The doctors say that it came during my match with Gemma, the second one. In that one, I was taken to the back to check on me and the results came up with a back spasm. Oh yeah, it hurt, and it sucked, but it was something that I could walk away from and get back in the ring with.

Another pause, where Kaya stares down at the mat.

Kaya: However, sometimes, doctors search for one thing and they don’t search for anything else. My symptoms were not presenting themselves, and everyone thought it was fine.

She drags the back of her hand across her face.

Kaya: I cannot go into the full details, but there was some damage to my neck and back that would only get worse as I continued to wrestle. I started to get sick recently, things were not all there. So, I’ve decided to head back and get another look. The end result is obvious. I’m out here to formally tell you all that… Kaya takes a moment to look up, swallowing her fear and finding her bravery to confront the crowd’s concerned gazes.

Kaya: I’m hereby departing from wrestling. Retirement is a word that I detest, but it might be the closest thing to the truth. I spoke to a lot of people and they say that it’s...a blessing in disguise. I went out to seek the help that I really needed, but man, does it hurt to know that there’s nothing else I can do. It’ll be a shame to leave behind all of this, to never really get that shot. But that’s why I’m not saying goodbye. Hell, not even “see you later.” She smiles gently.

Kaya: I’m leaving the door cracked for me to come back one day, but I’m also looking towards another place. Maybe you’ll hear my obnoxious voice elsewhere. On tour with my music career. Or… Her eyes fall on the commentary table, getting a rise from the crowd.

Kaya: Yeah, maybe there, I had fun that time I was there. Anyways, I just know that this opportunity that I had to wrestle has really let me get to know myself. So, I won’t hold you up any longer. There’s a show needing to happen.

Kaya bows to the audience.

Kaya: Until next time, everyone.

With the roar of the crowd behind her, with tears welling in her eyes, Kaya gives everyone the devil horns before saying her last piece.

Kaya: Keep on rockin’.

She steps out of the ring to the sound of her theme, shaking her head as she hears the chants of the crowd behind her. As she reaches the curtain, she turns one last time, tears fully streaming down her face and blows kisses to everyone. A final bow comes from her before she disappears behind the curtain.

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The history between Celeste and Elizabeth is shown, dating back to her costing Celeste the Aspire Ring as well as the pool party. Altercations are shown since that point before we head back to the ring.

Gaby: The following contest is scheduled for one fall.

Zack: It’s going to be a busy night for the Gold Standard, Lyn. This is the second of four matches we’ll be seeing tonight after Nora Harris and Stacey Sky went at it earlier.

Lyn: We’re really going to call them the Gold Standard? Not The Basic Brigrade? Not Kyle’s Angels? Not Team Kyle 2.0? I mean you know what, I’ve heard worst names but...

As the fans sit in their seats in anticipation of what is to come, they are greeted by the somewhat subtle opening riff of ‘Massive Addictive’ by Amaranthe. A few seconds pass before the song kicks into full gear, causing the curtains to rustle a bit before the dapper figure of one Kyle Kilmeade emerges from the back in a wheelchair pushed again by Cassandra Steen. He rolls out onto the stage and glances at either side of the stage at the crowd before stepping to the side, holding out his hand to the curtain. Out from the back emerges the beautiful Elizabeth Lannister. Stepping out onto the stage, she takes Kyle’s outstretched hand and promptly twirls around slowly, showing off the intricate work on her robe. Dropping his hand, Elizabeth nods and starts to walk down the aisle, Kyle rolling along next to her.

Gaby: Ladies and gentlemen, making her way to the ring, being accompanied by her manager Kyle Kilmeade…..from Scottsdale, Arizona…’THE LIONESS’ ELIZABETH LANNISTER!!

Once she reaches the ring she begins to climb the steel steps, with Kyle hopping up onto the apron and holding the ropes open for her. She carefully climbs through the opened ropes and steps into the middle of the ring, flipping her hair over her shoulders and sticking her arms out to the sides, her head tilted back, a confident smirk etched on her angelic features. She then returns her head to it’s normal position and unclasps her robe, shrugging it off as Kyle reaches forward to carefully hand it to a nearby stagehand. She then moves her arms back and forth to loosen up as the music begins to fade out.

Zack: I guess we know why Cassandra Steen wasn’t booked tonight, she’s on wheelchair duty. In any event, the “Lioness” looks as confident as she always does.

Lyn: As rich as a Lannister they say... I suppose wealth of self-confidence is a sort of richness.

Strobe begins to flicker in tandem with the techno intro of "We’re in This Together Now" by Nine Inch Nails. The words begin to screech over the arena as Celeste makes her way out.

I've become impossible
holding on to when
when everything seemed to matter more
the two of us…all used and beaten up
watching fate as it flows down the path
we have chose…

She walks down the ramp with her focus on the ring ahead. After jumping up onto the apron she heads over to the nearest turnbuckle and climbs it. When the chorus hits, Celeste raises both arms up and out to take in the sounds of the crowd as she closes her eyes and tilts her head skyward.

you and me
we're in this together now
none of them can stop us now
we will make it through somehow
you and me
if the world should break in two
until the very end of me
until the very end of you

At the end of the chorus, Celeste hops into the ring from the turnbuckle and cracks her knuckles in preparation for the fight ahead while her theme fades out.

Gaby: Hailing from Miami, Florida…weighing 120 lbs…CELESTE!

Zack: If anyone has ample motivation to want some payback tonight, it’s certainly Celeste. She’s been dealing with members of the Gold Standard for some time now.

Lyn: I’m sure if Celeste has anything to say about it, there’s going to be a Heaven’s Cloud in this lioness’s future.

Referee Kevin Fisk checks both women as Gaby leaves the ring, and calls for the bell. It’s barely sounded though before Celeste charges across the ring. Elizabeth barely has time to respond before the brunette begins unloading with furious right hands to her head. Rights and lefts with knee strikes sends Lannister back into the corner before Celeste connects with a spinning backfist to the mouth. The crowd eats it up as she fires Lannister across to the far corner, only to be followed in with a Superman punch to the mouth. The blonde stumbles out of the corner as Celeste bounces off the far side into a Thesz press, and resumes unloading furious right hands.

Zack: Is Celeste pissed off or what?! She’s waited for this for months, Lyn! And she’s putting knuckle knocks upside Lannister’s head right now!

Lyn: You can look up and down this pay-per-view, Zack. EVERY single woman facing one of Kyle’s clients... Ehem, one of the Gold Standard... Has a list of vendettas a mile long.

She finally rolls off her back to her feet before Lannister tries to get to the ropes. But Celeste grabs her feet, and drags her back to the center. She pulls her legs apart, and raises her foot as if asking the crowd about stomping in a very delicate place. Elizabeth holds up a hand as if to ask her not to, but Celeste instead delivers a double leg drop there instead. It folds the “Lioness” in half on the mat before the brunette takes off for the ropes again. As Lannister starts to get up, she eats a guillotine leg drop across the back of her neck to put her down again.

Zack: This match has been all Celeste since the bell rang, and it doesn’t seem like there’s anywhere Elizabeth can go to get away from her so far!

Lyn: Unless a lioness can fly, I don’t think there’s gonna be any escape here!

Elizabeth starts heading for the corner on all fours. But as soon as she’s to her feet, Celeste follows her with a corner clothesline. She heads up to the middle turnbuckle, and rains down ten fists to her head that the crowd counts out for her. Lannister wobbles out of the corner, and eats a roundhouse kick to the head that drops her where she stands. Celeste drops over her to make the cover.

Lyn: You could hear the impact of that kick from Kissimmee!




The “Lioness” kicks out in time, which doesn’t seem to bother Celeste in the slightest. She pops back to her feet, and yanks Lannister with her by the arm. A series of short kicks to her body double her over until Celeste transitions into a straightjacket lungblower! Lannister bounces off the mat, and immediately gets pulled out of the ring by Cassandra.

Zack: Elizabeth may want to buy Cassandra dinner after the show, because she just saved her from an onslaught by Celeste! She’s get---OHH MAYBE SHE WON’T!

The crowd popped as Celeste took off from the far side, clearing the top rope with a suicide dive that took out both Cassandra and Elizabeth. She got back to her feet, pounding the mat as the crowd was getting louder still. The brunette pulled Elizabeth back up to her feet, and shoved her back in the ring. Celeste hopped back up onto the apron, looking as though she were about to do something as the referee checked on Elizabeth….until Cassandra pulled her feet out from under her. Celeste’s head smacked the apron before Cassandra pulled her into a facebuster on the floor.

Lyn: Someone tell Missy the lesser sibling is acting up again...

Zack: I’m positive she’s somewhere in the back gnashing her teeth seeing all this, just like us.

The “Lioness” managed to pull herself together in the ring as the referee turned back to start counting out Celeste. Cassandra pushed her manager to safety around the corner. Fisk got to 5 before Celeste started to get back to her feet. The brunette was clearly dazed as she climbed back up onto the apron. Lannister pulled her head through for a rope-hung DDT. She then pushed her away from the ropes, and went for the cover.

Zack: Celeste could be out cold, and this match may be over!




Lyn: There is no quit in Celeste! No quit, no chance, no choice!

The brunette’s shoulder popped up off the mat in time. Lannister drove elbows into the side of her head before she got back to her feet. The blonde headed for the corner, and made her way to the top rope, waving her fingers at Celeste to get up. She was slow to do so, but when she got to her feet, Elizabeth came off the top rope with a missile dropkick. Celeste staggered backwards into the ropes, which kept her from falling. As she lumbered forward, Elizabeth immediately applied a sleeper.

Zack: The ropes were the only thing that kept Celeste from going down off that missile dropkick, and now she may not be far from taking a nap in a matter of seconds.

Lyn: One of the most simple maneuvers and conversely... One of the most dangerous.

It didn’t take long for her to get Celeste down to her knees, and the “Lioness” leaned into her with the hold still applied. Celeste’s head was tilted to one side as Lannister was almost doubled over her. Celeste reached out for the ropes while her eyelids seemed to be growing heavier with each passing second. The brunette stretched her arm out for the rope, still not finding it before her hand finally dropped to her side. Kyle shouted from the floor for her not to let go.

Zack: I think she’s as close to being unconscious as you are going to get, Lyn. Celeste’s arms are at her side, and her eyes are closed.

Lyn: Fisk has no choice but to count her out and Kyle is telling the Lioness to keep that golden grip on tight.

Fisk dropped down to a knee, and lifted her arm. It fell with ease, and then again after he raised it a second time. Elizabeth told him to check faster as he raised her hand a third time. The crowd was getting much louder as they chanted her name. When it started to fall a third time, she grabbed onto the referee’s sleeve. Elizabeth’s eyes flashed anger as she seemed to try to tighten her grip, while the referee was busy getting his sleeve free.

Lyn: And Celeste says NO, I will continue to fight with everything I am.

Zack: After everything she’s gone through, I’m not sure Lannister could get a submission out of her. Celeste is that hellbent on leaving with a victory tonight.

The crowd continued to chant her name as Celeste reached above her head, grabbing a fistful of Elizabeth’s hair. She gave it a hard yank, causing the blonde to shout in pain and loosen her grip. As soon as she did that, Celeste rose to her feet and countered out of the sleeper with a stunner that bounced the “Lioness” off to the mat! Celeste made a short crawl towards her, and collapsed on top of her for the cover before the referee was in position to count.

Zack: What a stunner!! Lannister bounced like a rubber ball off the mat, and Celeste may be about to put this one to bed!




Kyle shouted at the referee as he looked to see Cassandra pointing to Elizabeth’s foot across the bottom rope. Celeste looked up to see it too, casting a cold stare to Cassandra, and telling her she put her foot there.

Lyn: I really need Kyle to just... Not be a thing. Celeste has Cassandra in her sights and that might not be the best idea!

Celeste got back to her feet, shaking her head a bit to regain her senses as she headed for the corner. Elizabeth started to sit up as Kyle tried to help her come around by talking to her. Meanwhile, Cassandra was on the move. Celeste waved for her opponent to finally get up as she crouched in the corner.

Zack: I think Celeste is about ready to put down a “Lioness” in a matter of seconds!

Lyn: I’m thinking it’s looking a little cloudy!

When the blonde is up to her feet again, Celeste TRIES to take off but has her foot caught by Cassandra under the bottom rope. The Miami native leans down between the ropes to grab her, much to the delight of the crowd.

Lyn: Celeste has had about enough of Cassandra as she can stand!

Elizabeth stumbles towards her as the referee is trying to get Celeste to let go. Lannister catches Celeste with a low blow kick before grabbing her head and executing her jumping swinging DDT to the mat. The “Lioness” makes the cover as Fisk finally turns back around to count.





The referee calls for the bell to the dismay of the crowd before Cassandra steps thorugh the ropes to congratulate Elizabeth. She helps the blonde to her feet, and raises one hand as the referee does the other.

Lyn: God...Damn it. Just... Damn it.

Gaby: Here is your winner by pinfall…………….’THE LIONESS’ ELIZABETH LANNISTER!

Zack: It took the combined efforts of Kyle, Cassandra, and the “Lioness” to pull it off, but Elizabeth Lannister is leaving Orlando a winner tonight!

Cassandra picks up Celeste and tosses her through the ropes to the floor, smiling as she heads back to her colleague to raise her hand. Lannister looks back to her manager, who is applauding from the floor which puts a smile on her face.

Lyn: Throw one in the bank for the Basic Brig... Ehem. The Gold Standard tonight.

Lannister soaks in the ire of the crowd as the show heads elsewhere in the Amway Center.

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A quick shot takes us to the booth with Zack and Lyn briefly before the show cuts to footage shot previously.

Zack: Fans, it’s time for some go kart action! We want to thank Andretti Indoor Karting & Games here in Orlando for providing the track for today’s race. Lyn, you up for some racing?

Lyn: As long as there’s at least one koopa shell. Just one Zack. A man can dream... Just one.

When the footage cuts to the track, there we find Missy with a green flag in one hand as she steps out onto an indoor track. She’s surrounded on both sides by the racers, including: Mars Whimsey, Vivi Robichaud, “Midnight” Mila Martin, and Mara Werth.

Zack: This was recorded earlier this afternoon. The rules are pretty simple. It’s three laps around the track, and the winner gets in line for as Aspire Ring shot. With these four, I don’t expect much in the way of shenanigans. How about you, Lyn?

Lyn: Nope, just some breakneck racing, perhaps a little cart turning...

Missy raises the green flag over her head as the engines start revving around her. And she quickly drops it to her side as all four karts start speeding past her down the oval shaped track. Vivi and Mara immediately go side by side for the lead, while Mila looks to go to the inside to try to get around them. Mars keeps up right behind the former mistress as they round the first corner to the opposite side of the track. Mara begins to pull ahead until she notices Mila moving to the inside and starting to gain ground. The former convict tries to cut her off by pulling in front of her, but that causes her to slow down slightly and gives Vivi the lead.

Zack: Halfway through the first lap, and Mara’s trying to keep Mila from gaining any ground on her. But unfortunately for her, that gave Vivi her opening to take the lead.

Lyn: Ehem.... Martin hugging the inside, Werth gaining the lead, Whimsey bringing up the pack but hereeeeee comes Robichaud!

As Mara tried to cut Mila off though, Mars began to pull ahead. As soon as Werth noticed, she pulled away from Mara to try to keep up with Whimsey before she claimed second place. The colorful Prospect made it up behind Vivi coming around the corner, bumping her rear end. She did it twice more, and got on Vivi’s nerves when she went into reverse and bumped Mars in return. As the bump fest continued, Mara came around the outside of the lane and was close to passing before Mila slid past them and took the lead as they completed the first lap.

Zack: I think Mars is a bit more of an aggressive driver behind the wheel. That little bump party there cost them both the lead, and now Mila’s in the pole position.

Lyn: Whimsey making a sideswipe and Martin leads the pack!

Mila really started to pull ahead as Mars and Vivi battled it out for third now. Mara lapped them both, and was starting to gain ground on the former officer as they headed into the first turn on the oval track. Both Mars and Vivi saw this, and cut short their aggressiveness towards each other and started taking different paths to get back to them. Vivi went to the inside lane, and Mars on the outside. The race was a stalemate coming into the second turn, until Mars rammed Mara into Vivi. With both karts slowing down as a result for a second, Whimsey caught up and was running neck and neck with Mila coming around the turn to end the second lap.

Lyn: It’s Whimsey! It’s Martin! It’s Whimsey! Martin! Whimsey! Martin! Martin! Whimsey! It’s neck and neck here at the Future Shock Go-Kart Grand Prix!

Zack: You may have missed your calling as a race commentator, Lyn. But that’s alright, I like having you here.

Mars looked quite pleased with herself as she began to take the lead, but Mila certainly didn’t look too happy about it. She leaned into the wheel, and tried to get the kart to go even faster. But first, she rammed Mars’ bumper to send her off course a bit. She pulled back up alongside her going into the first turn of the final lap. Mara and Vivi picked up some speed and were practically behind them as all four finished the turn.

Zack: We’re in the home stretch now, Lyn! They got half a lap to go for one of them to earn themselves a shot at the Aspire Ring! Who’s got your bet? I’ll bet on Vivi, and you can buy dinner after the show if she wins. If yours wins, I’ll pick up the tab. If neither wins, well we’ll let FFW pay for it!

Lyn: Putting my money down on Martin but Werth or Whimsey may see to it that FFW pays our way!

The revving of the engines was easy to notice as all four drivers had a straight path to the finish line. They lined up almost side by side in a four way tie for first as Missy was waving the checkered flag not too far away.

Lyn: It’s going to be a photo finish!

Mara managed to get a burst of speed, and pull ahead by a nose for first place as the other karts zoomed in a second behind her. The priestess started slowing down, and raised her arm in the air for victory.

Lyn: Mara picking it all up for what its werth! ...Looks like FFW is footing the bill.

Zack: Congratulations to Mara! She finally gets another crack at the Ring. And well..FFW can afford dinner.

As the former convict began to head off the track as she continued to slow down, we head to a commercial for Future Shock’s return to Sydney.

Sydney Bound

The next shot takes us to the back with Future Shock’s Director Adam Grant standing alongside Sara in front of the Wipeout logo.

Sara: Adam, thanks for joining me. Let’s start with what we heard from Kaya Crimson earlier. I’d like to get your thoughts.

Adam: It’s always a shame when injuries force people out of what they love doing. That’s the case in any field where you enjoy what you do, this is no exception. I’d rather Kaya take care of herself first and foremost. I know she has a lot of support from fans and friends alike, and they will all be rooting for her. Maybe I’m an optimist, but I think she’ll be back in a ring somewhere one day. Look at Ashleigh Powell, for example. She thought her career might be over too, and she ended up returning to the ring. I think she and Kaya are cut from the same mold of tough as nails women who like defying the odds, and will be seen again somewhere doing what they love.

Sara: We can certainly hope so. Next up, our next major event for Future Shock won’t be on Pay Per View. Would you like to tell everyone about it?

Adam: Absolutely. Our next event is the 11th of September when we head back to Sydney, Australia for a supershow that’s going to be on cable television just like last year. The Future Shock fans voted last year’s Sydney event as the Show of the Year for Future Shock. So no pressure there, right?

Sara: Do you have any announcements you want to make for that show?

Adam: Well the biggest one is the main event. Whoever leaves tonight with the Future Shock Championship will be giving Harley Shannon her rematch for the title in Sydney. I think, in Harley’s case, Sydney is a special place. That’s the night she made Anna Giovanna tap out to become the Future Shock Champion. So it’s easy to see why Sydney might actually be the perfect place for her to get her shot. I know she’s looking forward to it.

Sara: Can you tell us about the upcoming charity show, FFW Taps Out Cancer, coming up on October 11th?

Adam: No problem. That will be a co-promoted event with FFW and Future Shock all on the same card for one night on a special edition of Velocity. No matter how much these girls may or may not like each other at times, I think we can all agree that pediatric cancer is something we can all rail against. And I’m thrilled to have Future Shock involved with it. That’ll be one of the very few nights you’ll see Prospects alongside the FFW roster putting on a show, where the proceeds will go to benefit an extremely worthy cause.

Sara: The last thing I wanted to--

Sara gets cut off as a production assistant immediately approaches Adam, whispering something in his ear before both of them dart from the set. Sara and the camera follow behind to see what’s going on until they round a corner down the hallway, and find Stacey Sky over a downed 4 Loko Ayano. Trainers and security separate them immediately before the blonde starts to walk away.

Sara: 4 Loko Ayano has been assaulted backstage here in the Amway Center! And I’m going to assume she’s not going to be able to keep an eye over the rest of the Gold Standard’s matches tonight. If we get more information, we’ll pass it along.

As the trainers and Adam check on the fallen 4 Loko, the show heads back to the ring.

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« Reply #4 on: August 15, 2018, 12:39:22 am »

The history between Lydia and Lacey is shown in a video package dating back several weeks before we head to the ring with Gaby, already armed with her microphone.

Gaby: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is an Aspire Ring defense!

Zack: As is tradition practically for Future Shock events, I’m joined by Missy for this match. Pardon me, I should say the new Evolution Champion Missy. I know you aren’t going to be joining any Lacey fan clubs anytime soon.

Missy: Thanks, Zack it’s good to be back again. And you are right there, I am not a fan at all of hers. I’m not sure I know many people that actually are to be honest.

“Charisma” by W.A.S.P. fills the arena as up near the top of the ramp a fine smoke begins to pour out from both sides. Fragments of code begin running on the ground, but they slowly transform into... Music notes. The notes of green and purple begin to appear on the ground of the ramp towards the ring.

“I've a breath in minds of men with the lies I breathe!
No man's ever ruled the world not knowing the curse of me!
I'm some of the seven sins, vanity in the lust of men!
I'm the Alpha-Omega man, I'll show you who I am!
Ohhhhhh, hypnotic charm, mesmerizing face, my soul has a dark embrace!

A magic tongue, I'll seduce you all ‘till I'm your king, ‘till ya know my...!

Walking backwards through the smoke is Lydia Charisma with her back to the crowd. She raises her hands up over her head and turns around, doing a little air guitar! Charisma continues to play an invisible guitar halfway down the ramp. She stops to look through the crowd and spots a young man in the audience on the way to the ring. Lydia taps her cheek, telling him to kiss it... Before doing the same to the girl nearby him.


“I'm a liar blinding your vision, vatican man!
Preachin' fear and using religion, with the Bible and Koran!
I wrap myself in the American flag, and tell people I'm for which it stands,
I'm comin' back till you know I'm God, ‘till you believe, till you know my...!


With unfettered confidence she slides into the ring before stopping to crouch down and seemingly check her kneepads. Suddenly Lydia springs up and runs against the ropes, stopping in the center to crouch once more and flex her bicep. She kisses each once, posing for the crowd as her song fades out.

Zack: Lydia Charisma has been wanting to get Lacey one on one for a long time, tonight’s her chance! And if she pulls it off, she’ll have a little bauble to take with her. On paper, this is gonna be a mismatch of quite sizable proportions.

Missy: Lydia has a lot of advantages over Lacey in terms of strength and size. Not to mention she is far less annoying, since she isn’t at all. I don’t think it’s hard to tell that the fans are going to be behind her in this one.

The lights dim as the opening bars of “Turn You On” by Stitched Up Heart hit the speakers around the arena.

Are you awake, You're gonna have to hear the words I say
Don't you try turn away, I'm everything you ever dreamed I'd be
I'll make you wish that you never talked, Back to me
I can't wait to watch your ego bleed
Your pain will set me free

A red spotlight hits the curtain and Kyle Kilmeade rolls out in his wheelchair pushed by Cassandra Steen, and proceeds to hold it open for Lacey to walk through. Stepping onto the stage in front of Kyle, Lacey wears a green and black one piece, which has a deep vee cut all the way to her navel, black fishnet tights and matching green and black boots. She runs her hands down her curves, while giving a little sway of her hips and then stands with her arms folded across her chest and her head lowers.  

I'd bite I'd scratch I'd hold you down, Just to turn you on
I'd leave you waiting tied and bound, Just to turn you on
Close your eyes, And come with me tonight
I'd burn this whole room to the ground, Just to turn, just to turn you on

She snaps her head up and flings her arms out at the sides of her in one fluid motion, almost as if someone has just pulled the strings on a puppet. Keeping her gaze straight ahead she slowly smirks before lowering her arms to her sides and making her way down the ramp with Kyle rolling along behind her.

I'll make you beg, I'm gonna teach you things you won't forget
Don't you try turn away, I'm everything you ever dreamed I'd be
I'll make you wish that you never talked, Back to me
I can't wait to watch your ego bleed
Your pain will set me free

Gaby: Making her way to the ring at this time….from parts unknown…..LAAAAACEEEEEY!!!

I'd bite I'd scratch I'd hold you down, Just to turn you on
I'd leave you waiting tied and bound, Just to turn you on
Close your eyes, And come with me tonight
I'd burn this whole room to the ground, Just to turn, just to turn you on

Completely ignoring the crowd at either side of the ramp, Lacey speeds up as she reaches the ring and jumps up onto the apron. Taking hold of the top rope with both hands, she slowly and seductively sways her hips and wiggles her way down and back up, almost like a serpent, before springboarding over the top rope. When she lands in the ring she immediately drops down into the splits and stays there for a moment with her arms outstretched. After getting back to her feet, she climbs up onto the top turnbuckle facing the outside. Pulling something from her top she opens her palm and blows the contents into the crowd.

I can't wait to watch your ego bleed
And all the pain you feel will set you free
If you behave this night will never end
Turn off the lights and start again

The lights shut off completely for a second at the end of the theme, when they come back on, Lacey is standing in her corner sharing some last minute words with Kyle on the floor with Cassandra.

Zack: Well not surprising at all, Lacey didn’t come alone! Lydia’s gonna have her work cut out for her as it is, especially with your sister pushing that wheelchair...that’s motorized, so he shouldn’t need it pushed at all.

Missy: It’s just a convenient excuse for them to up the numbers game at ringside. Lydia is pretty switched on, but that might not do her much good if she is outnumbered.

Referee Melinda Davis checks both women, and finds a packet of red power in Lacey’s boot...and another in the other boot. She also finds a pair of brass knucks in her knee pad, and then finally takes the Aspire Ring from her. The referee shows it to Lydia as Gaby leaves, and then calls for the bell.

Zack: Wow, Lacey brought all kinds of tricks with her tonight, didn’t she? Plenty of powder and some knucks to go with it.

Missy: The referee might want to check her again, just to make sure she doesn’t have the kitchen sink in there somewhere too!

Lydia cracks her knuckles and wastes no time going straight for the redhead, but Lacey ducks out to the floor. The referee tries to keep Lydia at bay as Lacey tells her to keep her back, while she props her foot up on the apron and stretches forward. She switches legs, and does it again as Lydia paces back and forth in the ring. Lacey then squats down, stretching out one leg from her body before pulling it back in and then stretching the other.

Missy: Most people do their stretching before they come out to the ring, not after the bell has already rung to start the match!

Zack: Better late than never, I suppose! But I don’t think the “6 String Sinner” is gonna put up with this very long.

Lacey got back to her feet, and stretched her back against the apron. Meanwhile, the Orlando crowd was getting irritated with her stalling tactics...at least until Lydia reached over the top rope with both hands and picked her up by the head. Lacey’s eyes widened as she was lifted off her feet, and lobbed into the ring with a snapmare. She immediately began scooting backwards on her butt as Lydia walked towards her, with the crowd getting very loud now. Charisma lunged forward to grab her before Lacey rolled out on the other side of the ring to get away from her

Zack: Lacey got picked up by the head, and brought back into the ring...and off she goes again! You know, she’s gonna have to get in there sooner or later and deal with Lydia. She’s only delaying the inevitable.

Missy: Eventually she will have to face the music, but it is so amusing to watch her look like she is a deer caught in the headlights. You can almost smell the fear from here.

Lacey waved off the ring, and headed up the ramp as the referee had began counting again. This got loud boos from the crowd before Lydia held up a finger to Davis, and rolled out after her. The redhead had already gone past the curtain with Lydia in hot pursuit. There was nothing for a second until Lacey looked as though she were slammed through the curtain down to the ramp. She slowly got back to her feet as Lydia re-emerged. As soon as she saw her, Lacey bolted towards the ring with Lydia right behind her. She was about to turn the corner when Charisma got hold of her hair, yanking her to turn around before she began lighting her up with left and right hand combinations. Each shot rocked her backwards before Lydia scooped her up for an atomic drop, but instead sent her into the ring post. The post hit her in the chest and on the way down before she collapsed back to the floor. The fans roared in approval as Lydia pulled ehr up by the face, and tossed her back inside the ring before following after her.

Missy: Lydia wasn’t about to let Lacey escape that easily. She hasn’t waited far too long to get the chance to have her one on one in the ring, and she looks like she is going to enjoy every minute of it!

Zack: Jesus, an atomic drop into the post! And if that doesn’t slow Lacey down, nothing will! Now...NOW it’s back in the ring and Lacey may be seeing her life flash before her eyes!

The champion barely had time to get to her feet before Lydia fired a right into her jaw. She whipped her into the corner, and followed her with a corner clothesline. A series of body shots to the abdomen lifted her off the mat before Lydia scooped her up into a gorilla press. Up and down repeatedly over her head Lacey went before Charisma walked out from under her to let her faceplant on the mat.

Zack: Like a child! Lydia Charisma can do damn near anything she wants to Lacey, and the Aspire Ring bearer is getting her clock cleaned!



Missy: The fans are enjoying seeing this as much as Lydia is enjoying delivering it, I think. I’ve got to admit, I’m not hating see Lydia teach her a lesson either. Lacey will be looking for the number of the truck that hit her at this rate!

Lacey crawled towards the ropes to get up and out of the ring, but Lydia snagged her by the back of her tights and shook her head. She snapped her arms around her waist, and launched her with a German suplex that sent Lacey rolling into the corner on the other side of the ring. Charisma turned back around, and welcomed Lacey to the gun show before she darted towards her with a knee to the head as she was trying to get up. Two handfuls of her head pulled the redhead back to her feet before Lydia scooped her over one shoulder, and darted out of the corner with a running powerslam that nearly bounced Lacey off the mat.

Zack: Good Lord! Nothing but power, and Lacey doesn’t have an answer for it! Kilmeade’s sweating through that Brooks Brothers suit, and with good reason! This isn’t gonna last long if something doesn’t change!

Missy: Lydia looks like she could keep this up all night, but Lacey is already looking ropey. This must be feeling pretty good for Lydia after everything she’s had to put up with.

Lydia shouted at Lacey to get up, and then backed up a couple steps to wave her back to her feet. Lacey clutched her back in pain, looking around with a bit of a glassy eyed look on her face as she got back to her feet. She turned and laid a right cross into Lydia’s head, but the powerhouse only smiled back at her. A second right cross landed on her chin before Lydia flexed her biceps with a growl that made Lacey’s eyes widen. She almost screamed before she bolted towards the ropes, once more getting caught by Lydia from behind by her tights. Charisma shook her head, and shoved Lacey into the ropes. She bounced back into a double handed sitout chokeslam! The fans were eating it up!

Zack: Two shots to the face, and all she got was a smile! Lydia Charisma is absolutely dominant, and we’re gonna see a new Aspire Ring bearer before this is over!

Missy: Lydia is just completely decimating Lacey. The fact she smiled after two shots to face, says all we need to know. Lydia is enjoying this!

She was about to go for the cover when she spotted Cassandra hop up onto the apron. Charisma popped up to her feet, and headed straight for her. Steen was about to hop back down before Lydia grabbed a fistful of brown hair to stop her. She turned her around, and lifted Steen off her feet in a chokeslam position. The Orlando crowd was on their feet now!

Zack: I think I’d have stayed on the floor if I was Cassandra! Look at her face, that was a bad decision! Lydia is a one woman wrecking crew! What are ya gonna do with her?!

Missy: I’m glad she didn’t stay on the floor, this is great! I’m gonna get a copy of this watch it over and over and over again.

Zack: Kilmeade’s under her, and he may think it’s starting to rain right about now….

Davis tried to get Lydia to let her go, working on getting her to let go without much success. She finally did when Lacey delivered a punt between Lydia’s legs that the referee didn’t see. It dropped Charisma to her knees, and allowed Cassandra to get back to ringside. The redhead told the referee to disqualify Lydia, but Davis refused. So Lacey started untying the middle turnbuckle. She threw the pad to the floor, and started driving Lydia’s head into it repeatedly while Cassandra was trying to convince the referee to disqualify Lydia after she got back up on the apron. Lydia’s head was smacked repeatedly against the exposed steel till she slumped against it. Lacey took a step back and used a sidekick into the back of her head to drive it forward again.

Missy: This is disgusting! Lacey knows that she can’t do anything to Lydia under normal circumstances so she’s resorting to this. Lydia is going to be lucky if she knows what day of the week it is after having her head smashed like that.

Zack: It may be worse than that. I think….yeah….Lydia’s been lacerated. There’s a cut on her forehead, and Lacey’s bludgeoning her!

Charisma finally collapsed to the mat as Cassandra hopped down off the apron. Lacey stood on her throat with one foot, using the ropes to keep her balance as she stomped away at her head with the other foot. She finally broke on a four count, and headed to the opposite corner of the ring. She stretched out across the top rope with her head propped up on one hand, and started checking her fingernails with a confident smirk across her face.

Missy: That is a sickening display from Lacey, she needs that smirk smacked off her face!

Zack: She’s got the advantage here, albeit unfairly so. I’d stay on her and get this match out of the way. The longer she lays around, the longer she gives Lydia a chance to recover.

When Lydia began to move again, Lacey popped back to her feet. Charisma sat up on her knees before Lacey shouted “KNEEL BEFORE ME!” and caught her with a shining wizard upside her head. Lydia fell over onto her side like a tree before Lacey laid back across her with a hand in the air to count with the referee.

Missy: Covers like that rarely work. It’s lazy and it’s arrogant and I hope that it bites her in the butt!




Lydia’s shoulder came up as Lacey rolled her head back to see it. A look of anger grew across her face before she mounted the challenger to fire punches into the cut on her head. The cut looked to have opened up more by the time Lacey got back to her feet, and used the referee’s top to wipe Lydia’s blood from her hand, much to the referee’s chagrin.

Zack: She’s trying to make that cut even bigger, and those closed fists certainly got the job done. I’m not entirely sure Lydia knows where she is right now.

As the referee tried to fix her top back, Lacey kicked her feet as though she were kicking dust onto Lydia before she took off towards the ropes. She rebounded quickly, and went for a leaping knee drop to her head. But Lydia rolled out of the way, and Lacey drove her knee into the mat. The fans got back behind Lydia as Lacey clutched her leg. Charisma climbed to her feet, but staggered as though she were on uneven ground. She tried to grab the top rope to steady herself, but seemed to be having trouble doing that as her hand waved around as if it were being moved away from her.

Missy: Lydia doesn’t look to be in good shape at all, and it’s no surprise after the way Lacey has been targeting her head. It’s a small comfort to see her back on her feet though…

Zack: There’s a far away look in the powerhouse’s eyes right now, and that’s not a good sign. She may be seeing double or triple right now, and it’s not getting better with Lacey already back up.

Lacey rubbed her knee for a second, and then shouted at Lydia. The powerhouse turned with a dazed look, and caught a superkick to the chin that collapsed her on the mat. Lacey dropped to the mat to make the cover, propping her head up on her hand across Lydia’s chest as she pointed to the mat. Davis dropped into position to count.

Missy: Lydia doesn’t look like she’s in any fit state at all to get out of this. Lacey might be about to retain in an sickeningly arrogant cover.




The referee waved off the count when she saw Lydia’s foot make it across the bottom rope. The challenger had a blank expression with her mouth open as she looked up at the lights, making Lacey pound the mat in frustration and shout at the referee.

Zack: I think that was just instinct on Lydia’s part right there. That’s a….that’s a disturbing look on her face right now! The referee may want to consider stopping this. I can’t believe I’m saying that about Lydia, but here we are.

Lacey got back to her feet, leaning over Lydia to mock her as the referee asked Charisma if she was alright to continue. Lacey pushed the referee away, and dragged Lydia to her feet. But the powerhouse fell to her knees and slumped against Lacey’s legs. The redhead grinned as she looked out to the crowd and extended her arms as though she were waiting for applause. She didn’t get any, only boos from the crowd except for Kyle at ringside.

Zack: She can’t stand on her own feet. The only thing holding up Lydia Charisma is Lacey right now, and the Aspire Ring bearer is looking for adulation.

Missy: This is disgusting! I’m really worried about Lydia right now, the referee needs to do something. Lydia might need medical attention.


But the challenger didn’t return with her usual response. Lacey dragged Lydia to lean against the corner sitting up. She climbed up onto the middle turnbuckle, extending her arms with a grin as she replied.


The boos only intensified as Lacey was highly amused, laughing as she stood on the middle turnbuckle.

Missy: How can she find this in slightest bit amusing?! She’s a freaking sociopath!

As Lacey did this, Lydia began stirring where she sat in the corner. Her hand reached up, and started slapping herself across the face. Then she did it with both hands.


Lacey cupped her hands to her mouth to shout again as Lydia looked up to her standing over her.


Zack: I don’t believe it…...Lacey doesn’t either!! Lydia’s back up!!

Lydia got to her feet with Lacey on her shoulders, and bolted out of the corner with a running powerbomb that bounced the redhead off the mat. The live crowd erupted as the challenger struggled to get to her feet, and replied.


Missy: I’d say her name is bloody superwoman! Where the hell did she just pull that from?!

Charisma staggered in place, still trying to pull herself together as she looked down with anger towards Lacey. She pulled her up, and snapped off double rolling gutwrench suplexes. She sat up again, still looking glassy eyed before shouting to the crowd again.

Zack: She calls that TWO OF A KIND!! And Lydia’s coming back! I don’t know how, but I’ve never seen anything like this!



The powerhouse got back to her feet as Cassandra was on the move on the outside, looking for something as Kyle was giving direction. Lydia pulled Lacey to her feet with that same angry look on her face.

Missy: I don’t like the look of this, what is Cassandra up to?! Keep your eyes peeled Lydia!

Lydia hoisted Lacey up, and immediately delivered her spinning double leg facebuster! The fans responded loudly on impact before she collapsed on top of her for the cover. A hook of the leg followed as the referee slid into position.





Davis called for the bell to a loud pop from the crowd as Lydia rolled off the cover to the mat. She sat up slowly, catching her breath before she got her hand raised.

Missy: Yes! New Aspire Ring Bearer and boy did Lydia earn that!

Gaby: Here is your winner…..AND NEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWW Aspire Ring bearer………’THE SIX STRING SINNER’ LYDIA --



The referee handed her the Ring, which she slid onto her finger and raised her fist overhead to show the crowd.

Zack: She came back from what looked like a concussion practically, and Lydia Charisma has finally captured her first piece of hardware! Charisma is the Aspire Ring bea---


The celebration was short-lived as Cassandra crashed a chair across her back, dropping to her knees. She put the chair on top of her head, blew a kiss to her sister in the booth, and connected with a curb stomp onto the chair. Lacey got back to her feet, pulling up Lydia’s lifeless hand and taking the ring back.

Missy: I knew that she was up to something! She needs a chair wrapping around her bloody head. The match is already over there was absolutely no need for that!

Zack: We need some trainers out here on the double, I’m not kidding! Lacey just took the Aspire Ring back, and Lydia’s out cold!

Trainers rushed towards the ring as Cassandra and Lacey headed to the floor. The redhead put the Ring back on her finger as Cassandra smiled, pushing their manager back up the ramp before we head to a commercial for the merchandise shop.


The show heads somewhere deep inside the bowels of the Amway Center, and there we find a pentagram drawn on the floor in chalk. Candles are set all around the symbol. As the shot pulls back, we see three brunettes standing around it and looking at the camera. One of them, who looks a little older than the other two begins to speak.

??: Allow me to introduce myself. I am Melody Stone, and these are my younger sisters Mikayla and Madyson.

Melody indicates to the youngest looking one first and then the middle sister as she introduces them by name.

Melody: There has been some speak of us already, although you did not know our names. We’ve made our presence felt over the last couple of shows, but with no malice intended. That was just a little fun we were having until we made ourselves known. We know that fear of the unknown comes easily to most people and it is a commonplace reaction that we encounter. Depictions of witches are usually not the most flattering. They usually entail conical hats and facial warts. Cackling and tales of turning people into toads.

Madyson: There are a few people I’d like to turn into toads.

Melody: Please excuse Madyson. She is the middle of us sisters, and she can be quite hot-headed at times. But she means no harm really. Unless it is warranted.. And then I am afraid you would be well served to get as far away as fast as possible.

Madyson scowls a little and folds her arms across her chest, while the youngest of the three stifled a giggle.

Melody: Mikayla is the baby of our family.

Mikayla: I’m so not a baby though.

Melody: Merely a figure of speech, Mikayla. I will rephrase. Mikayla is the youngest of our family, but she is still not one to be taken lightly. Although she doesn’t have quite the hot temper of Madyson, she can be stubborn when pushed. And that leaves me.

Mikayla & Madyson: Yeah, the bossy one.

Melody chooses to disregard her sister’s comment as she continues.

Melody: I am the oldest of the sisters. I am the level headed one. The mature and patient one. But you do not want to test the limits of my patience, that would not end well for you. And as a word of advice here and now, if you mess with my sisters you are taking on the whole family. Believe me when I say, I will bring the fires of hell down on anybody who hurts one of my sisters. That is not a threat, but a promise.

The three sisters join hands and speak in unison.

Sisters: We are Trinity and Future Shock be prepared, something Wicca this way comes.

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The show heads back to the ring, with Gabrielle Crimson yet again waiting patiently with her microphone ready to begin.

Gaby: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

Zack: We’re about to see 2 former Future Shock Champions collide for the first time. They’ve been in the ring together in tag matches more than once, but never like we are about to see.

Lyn: If ever there were combustible elements to be had in a match.

Gaby: Introducing the special guest referee for this match…...BRIANNA SINGER!

Zack: We found out via her Twitter account this week that Brianna Singer has inserted herself as the guest referee for this match. We’ve seen this movie before, Lyn.

Lyn: Yeah... And I hate the ending.

The lights in the arena go out.

Just then as the intro to “Kong at the Gates” by The Misfits blares into the arena, generating a buzz from the crowd.

Gaby: Making her way to the ring…representing The Privileged Circle…Hailing from the City Of Angels, Los Angeles, California…standing at an impressive 6 foot 6 and weighing two hundred and thirty pounds. She is the “Titaness of Destruction”…


As the music begins, and the spotlight is beaming on the stage, Isis Morales comes out of the curtain. Isis makes their way down the aisle in a slow, intimidating pace, the spotlight following her on their way to the ring.

Once she climbs up to the apron of the ring, Isis faces the crowd and looks menacingly at them. She easily steps over the top rope to enter the ring with ease and then walks towards the center of the ring to stand there, soaking up the reaction from the crowd. Isis then stomps her foot down on the mat with force and, instantly, the four corners of the ring shoot out smoke, with a booming sound, mimicking an explosion. She lets out a primal roar and then goes over to a corner where she climbs up and poses, yelling back at the crowd at every chance. She then goes toward the opposite turnbuckle and does the same thing after climbing up. Then, as she comes down, Isis takes off her coat and gives it to the ring attendant. Isis then runs herself across the ropes once to loosen herself up before settling in the corner of the ring as they wait for her opponent.

Zack: Isis Morales is a force of nature, Lyn. No one has enjoyed the success at the top of Future Shock quite like her, and she’s been the main event of many events here. Give us Isis’ keys to victory tonight in your mind.

Lyn: Isis is not dealing with a wrestler like anyone else. Harley’s legs are one of the most dangerous things I’ve ever seen in this ring. She’s gonna want to hit hard and dodge low if she wants to impose her will on Shannon.

“Seven Notes In Black (Sette Note in Nero)” by The Vince Tempera Orchestra

As Seven Notes in Black by the Vince Tempera Orchestra begins to play, Harley Shannon appears on the stage wearing a leather jacket over her ring attire, with her tied up in a bun, held in place with a pair of chopsticks. Harley stands quietly in the spotlight as the song stops playing.

Gaby: Weighing in at 122 lbs, standing 5’6” tall and coming from Hanover, New Hampshire...HARLEY SHANNON!!!

After a couple of moments of silence the song starts up once more - with a more eerie tone and at that moment Harley starts off down the ramp, shedding her leather jacket before reaching back and pulling the chopsticks out of her hair and shaking her head to let her bright, flame red hair fall down around her shoulders. As she got to the bottom of the ramp, the girl picked out a young fan at ringside, giving the chopsticks to the fan before she slides into the ring and pops to her feet. Heading for the corner, Harley climbs to the middle rope, throwing her hands up in the air to get cheers from the fans before she drops back down to the canvas and waits for the match to begin.

Zack: Harley has never faced a challenge like Isis in her Future Shock career, there’s no question about that. There’s no challenge like Isis in Future Shock, and our self-taught Prospect has her work cut out for her tonight. Her keys to victory, Lyn?

Lyn: If Isis is a redwood, then Harley is going to have to chop her down to size. She’s not like your average force of nature. She can move quicker... And keep an eye on Brianna. She does mean business... But not any good business for you.

Referee Brianna Singer checks both women as Gaby leaves the ring, and then calls for the bell. Harley lets out a deep breath as she looks at the redhead across the ring from her. They both meet in the center with Harley looking up to the Titaness before Isis surprises her with a short knee in the ribs while she was looking up at her. Morales rains forearms across her back repeatedly before scooping her into a fireman’s carry and dropping her across her knee with a gutbuster. Harley barely has time to get up before Isis begins stomping away at her lower back until the Prospect rolls away into the ropes. She uses the ropes to help her get back to her feet before Isis uses a clothesline to send her over the top rope to the floor. She heads back to the center, and crosses her arms silently as the referee begins her count.

Lyn: Isis playing her usual king of the mountain... Well, Queen of the mountain strategy. She always likes doing that, always making someone expend energy getting back in the ring while she can just watch them over and send them back out.

Zack: This is old school Isis. I’ve seen her use this against dozens of opponents through the years, and it also gives her a chance to plot her next move.

Singer gets to a four before Harley climbs back up onto the apron. Isis is there to meet her, swatting her back over the top rope into the ring again. She leans down to scoop her up again, this time into a fallaway slam that nearly sends her across the ring. The redhead sits up, dusting off her hands before she rises back to her feet and waves for the Prospect to get up. Harley tries to pull herself together as much as she can before she gets to her feet, and gets right back in front of Isis looking up at her.

Zack: You gotta love that spirit, Lyn. Harley isn’t backing up a step, and she’s right back in Morales’ grill letting her know she’s far from done yet!

Lyn: Apparently said strategy is not about to work on Harley!

The Titaness shakes her head, and leans down to give Harley a free shot. She tells her to give her everything she’s got as she taps her chin. Harley glances to the crowd for a moment, and takes her up on the offer...but with a jawbreaker. It wobbles the redhead before Harley starts unloading with furious right hands one after another. She takes off for the far side, and leaves her feet with a knee strike to the head that drops the powerhouse to her knees. Harley pulls her head down, and snaps off a DDT that gets the crowd motivated. She drops across her, and tries to hook one of Isis’ massive legs for the cover.

Zack: Harley looking for the quick victory right here, and I don’t blame her a bit!



Lyn: Big time DDT and that was a one and a half fall!

The Circle’s powerhouse shoves her off the cover as the two is about to strike. She sits up, while Harley quickly gets to her feet. Shannon bounces off the near side with a running dropkick to her chest. It teeters her backwards for a half second as she tries to get up, only for Harley to hit the ropes again. This time, she leaves her feet for a hurricanrana. But Isis grabs her legs in place, leaving Harley hanging upside down.She steps over Harley’s arms, and delivers a massive Styles Clash!

Zack: Jesus Christ! Where the hell did Isis learn that?!

Lyn: Belly-to-back inverted mat slam... Where she learned it? Your guess is as good as mine. Maybe Death? Famine? War? Pestilence?

The Titaness got to her feet with a little bit of a smile on her face, while Harley remained face down on the mat motionless. Once more, she dusted off her hands as she looked down to her opponent with a smile still on her face. She nudged her with her foot, but got no response from her. She finally dropped to a knee, rolled Harley onto her back, and placed a hand against her chest to make the cover. Singer fell into position to count.

Lyn: That’s equal parts intimidating and arrogant.




Harley’s shoulder came up, and flopped back down to the mat. Isis’ face grew darker as she got back to her feet.

Zack: She took too long, Lyn! Isis was too busy enjoying her handiwork. And coupled with that lazy cover, Harley managed to survive.

Lyn: She’s taking her too lightly. Isis needs to remember Harley has BEEN a champion for a reason.

Isis nudged Harley with her foot again, and then reached down to grab her by the head. She easily pulled her up, and over her shoulder before delivering a running powerslam into the turnbuckles. Shannon’s feet were tied up in a tree of woe as Isis stepped back for a moment to measure her. She backed up a couple more steps, and then charged in with a running knee. But Shannon sat up on the turnbuckle, and Isis drove her knee into the corner instead. She winced in pain, holding it for a moment before Harley rose to her feet, grabbed her head, and came off with a bulldog to the canvas.


Zack: She’s taking Harley way too lightly here tonight, and the flame-haired former champion’s making her pay for it!

Isis started to stir on the canvas, and looked to be pushing up to her feet before Harley pulled her foot up into an ankle lock submission. Isis’ face froze in pain as Harley started twisting the hold tightly. The redhead pushed up on her hands to try to power through to the ropes, but the Prospect drove her knee into the mat before applying it yet again. She then dropped down to lay on the mat, further trying to twist the ankle as Isis’ face was wracked with pain.

Zack: I have no memory of Isis Morales ever tapping out, but this right here….this is brilliant! If nothing else, this will keep Isis off her feet and make Harley’s job a lot easier, Lyn!

Lyn: She is literally wrapping her entire frame on the mat. First it was a grapevining ankle lock but now it’s a straight ankle lock or ashi-hishigi! That transition was smooth as butter.

Singer checked with the redhead if she wanted to stop the match, and Isis clearly said no to him immediately. Her foot wracked with pain, she pushed up on her hands again and dragged Harley with her to the ropes. The referee called for the break, and Harley did as she was asked. She headed for the corner, and made her way to the top rope quickly. Little time was wasted before she came off with a double stomp….to the injured ankle! Isis grimaced in pain, rolling away from her. Harley followed behind her, and applied a single leg Boston crab, sitting on her lower back into an ankle lock again!

Lyn: Wow... I have... Zack I have NEVER seen someone working over Isis like that. Bringing her down, and just... Onto the Boston Crab... And then another transition!

Zack: She’s really been studying for this match. I haven’t seen Harley use a lot of her offense tonight. She definitely planned to keep Isis guessing.

Isis’ face clenched in pain as Harley leaned back this time, almost laying on Isis’ back as she twisted at the ankle. The Titaness shouted, and started trying to pull them towards the ropes again. It didn’t take long, thanks to her height, before she got her hand on the bottom rope again. Once more, the referee called for the break and Harley did as she was asked. The powerhouse rolled to a seated position against the ropes, clutching her ankle in pain until she looked up to Harley with almost a growl. She used the top rope to pull herself to a vertical base just as Harley went for the leg again. But Morales caught her with a big boot instead. It dropped her to her knees, and Isis collapsed to hers as well.

Zack: I think Harley has effectively taken Isis’ power game away from her, Lyn! The Titaness can’t stand up with her ankle in the condition it is! You just saw her go down off her own move!

Lyn: As I said. Isis was taking her too easy... Way, way too easy and now she’s been put down. You think she can even hit a Voyage this way?

Morales used the ropes to get back to her feet again, trying to put some weight on her foot to be able to stand. But Harley was back up not long after that, as she immediately went for the leg one more time. Isis caught her with a short knee to the body, doubling her over before she hoisted her up on her shoulders with a scream of anger.

Zack: Uh oh…..that’s the launch position, Lyn!!

Lyn: ...Well. Shit.

As soon as Isis had her up though, Harley began to wiggle free of her grip and slide down her back. She landed on her feet, and hit a baseball slide to Isis’ ankle. The powerhouse dropped to the canvas again, and this time, Harley locked in a heel hook!

Zack: Shades of Serafina DeCaro!! Harley with a HEEL HOOK!!

Lyn: Huh. Not her usual Harley Headlock but if it works!

Isis bellowed in pain, trying to pull herself towards the ropes until Harley dropped down to the canvas to force her to have to pull her with her. Singer moved around in front of the redhead, checking to see if she wanted to stop. Shannon twisted a little more, adding even worse pressure before Isis slapped the mat with her hand. Singer called for the bell to a roar from the crowd. Harley broke the hold, and sat up with a look of shock on her face.


Lyn: .....She made... Isis. Tap.

Gaby: Here is your winner...by submission……………...HARLEY SHANNON!!!

Zack: Harley Shannon has made Isis tap here tonight in Orlando! And the Titaness is

Lyn: ...She’s... She submitted.

Singer looked a little dismayed as she raised Harley’s hand in victory. Isis looked none too pleased at all as she held her ankle in pain. Even Harley looked to be in a little bit of shock.

Lyn: We... Okay. I don’t. This entire crowd, Harley, Singer... I mean I knew Harley could be victorious but you know... A knockout. A pin... A submission? Didn’t see that one coming.

Zack: You or me either one, Lyn. Harley Shannon is ready to head back to Sydney and regain the Future Shock Championship! This is the most impressive victory of her career, I think.

Isis’ face was thunderous as she leaned against the ropes before she almost toppled over again, and Harley rolled out of the ring.

Zack: I’m not sure what Isis is angrier about, how this ended or the fact that ti was Harley Shannon who made it all possible...even with Brianna as the referee.

Lyn: Well she’s taking it better than I exp--

Trainers came out to help the Titaness before she started firing shots at them. Right hands all around landed before a boot to the face connected with one who was trying to help her.

Lyn: --ected.

As Isis finally rolled out to the floor, she pointed at Harley and dragged her finger across her throat. From there, the show headed to a commercial for the next Future Shock event.

Meeting Miss Katie

The show heads to the back, where we find Future Shock’s own reporter, Sara, standing alongside a brunette the fans haven’t seen before (at least in person).

Sara: There’s already been a lot going on tonight, but one thing we knew coming was taking place was the first appearance of the newest Prospect. Please welcome Katie Keller.

Katie: Thank you so much for having me Sara! It’s great to be here tonight.

Sara: Tell us about yourself and your background, and things you think make you stand out from others, please.

Katie: Gladly. I’m a second-generation wrestler, on both my mom and my dad’s side. My mom retired in the mid-90s and used to be the CEO for ECWF, but she’s sold her stock I’m told and she’s moved on back to California. My dad never retired.. He kept going until he passed away last year. I like to think I’m pretty well-rounded and that it comes through in my ability in the ring. I’ve been pro for about 8 years now, but growing up so close to the business it kinda feels like I’ve been part of it for so much longer than that.

Sara: What caught your attention about Future Shock, and what brings you here among other promotions I’m sure would have loved to have you?

Katie: Yanno.. I’ve been quite a few places and I’ve made some friends, a couple enemies, but I honestly don’t feel like I’ve ever had that one… you know? That one feud, that one rivalry that really underscores a career. Maybe it sounds silly, but part of me wanted to come to somewhere like Future Shock, somewhere that’s established and grounded, to find that other person to be the x-factor in my career.

Sara: The Director of Future Shock, Adam Grant, seems to be very high on you. And it seems like, at least from Twitter, that you two get along fairly well already. I’m going to assume he was largely instrumental in bringing you to Future Shock?

Katie: He really was. I took a sort of sabbatical from competition for a while, prolonged by my dad’s passing, and when I felt like I was ready to come back I sorta tested the waters out. I’ve always been vocal about the companies I work for, and honest with the people I’ve interacted with. I think Adam really liked the idea of bringing me in just to see what we could throw at the wall and see what sticks, yanno?

Sara: This is hardly your first time in the business as a wrestler. What inspired you to join Future Shock as a Prospect rather than look to join the main roster of FFW?

Katie: I think its about 50/50, that sort of candid honesty that I think a lot of new prospects to this industry just don’t quite get from the people they surround themselves with… and the fact that because I took this hiatus from competition, I knew that immediately jumping in face first wouldn’t be the smartest, or safest, decision for me. Adam and I discussed my current obligations, and where we both thought I’d be the best fit for FFW, and we agreed that Future Shock would be it.

Sara: And finally, what goals have you set for yourself now that you’re here?

Katie: Honestly? I want to warm myself back up to the compete level I know I can maintain, give some new prospects a bit of perspective on the business and what it can do to a person, and for a person, and hopefully one day I’ll be able to make that step up from Future Shock to the main roster of FFW and find my someone.

Sara: I appreciate you talking with me, Katie. And welcome to Future Shock.

Sara offers the newcomer a handshake, which Katie grasps and she smiles warmly.

Katie: Absolutely, thank you Sara!

And on that image, we head back to the ring.

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After a clip package detailing the history between Andi Takata and Tara Cortez, we head back to the ring with Gaby waiting patiently with her microphone.

Gaby: The following contest is scheduled for one fall.

Zack: This one has been a while in coming, Lyn. I think we are very likely to see Tara Cortez’s year long undefeated streak come to an end tonight.

Lyn: Andi Takata is looking to put the same number of Tara Cortezes in that loss column. One.

CUE THE SOUNDCHIP! An 8-bit version of the song from the Goonies start playing as the main lights dim down in the arena, with small star spotlights in a variety of colors flying around the crowd. 8-bit stars fill the videoboards, right up until the words start and Andi Takata comes sprinting out of the back to hit her mark.


Andi hops into place, already in her Magical Girl pose, with blue and white sparkling pyro popping behind her, and the videoboards all exploding into pixellated color madness! The bassline kicks in and Andi dances for a moment before she starts to head for the ring, taking her time to enjoy her 'Starlights'!

#Here we are, Hanging onto strains of greed and blues
#Break the chain then we break down
#Oh it's not real, if you don't feel it
#Unspoken expectations
#Ideals we used to play with
#Finally taking shape for us.

By this time, Andi has reached the ringside fans, and cues them up for the dance party!

#What's good enough (good enough)
#For you is
#Good enough (good enough)
#For me it's good enough (good enough)
#It's good enough for me
#Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!!!

And when Pacman whirrs down, Andi punches the air above her and makes her way back around the ring to get to the rest of her Starlights, before heading up the steps and into the ring....


Gaby: Now on her way to the ring, from The Great Cosmos by way of Akibahara, Japan... She is The Lucky Star... Andi Taaaaaakataaaaa!!!

#Old fashioned superstitions
#I find too hard to breaaaak
#Maybe you're out of place whaaaat's

The song builds up again, and Andi, after running the ropes by this point, stops in the middle, to rally EVERYONE up to join her in a big ol' Caramelldanse! And most do!

#Good enough (good enough)
#For you is
#Good enough (good enough)
#For me It's good enough (good enough)
#It's good enough for me
#Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!!

Andi runs up the turnbuckles for one last go! Keep dancing everyone!

#Good enough (good enough)
#For you Is
#Good enough (good enough)
#For me.. It's good, it's good enough
#It's good enough for me
#Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!!!!

Andi does her v-pose on the middle rope before she hops down and the song fades away.

Zack: The “Lucky Star” has some---where’s she going?

Andi rolls out of the ring, and heads over to the timekeeper’s table, where Gaby hands her a floodlight from behind it. The space princess heads back to the ring, lifts up the apron, and shines the floodlight underneath the ring. She checks all four sides with a nod of her head, and returns the light to Gaby before getting back in the ring.

Lyn: Andi didn’t have much success at Unstoppable but she’s looking to change those fortunes here tonight.

Zack: Smart move by Andi to use that floodlight under the ring too. She’s not taking any chances tonight.

The otherwise quiet intro to Family Force 5's "Drama Queen" starts on the sound system, and lights start blinking in random colos as Tara Cortez struts onto the entrance ramp, with her manager Christian Kincaid right there with her. She stops right before the descent and pulls off a short dance move, crouching down only to get back up, running her hands over her slender body and then bringing them above her head, only to then open her arms... and then wave off the booing audience. Blowing raspberries, she then starts strutting down the entrance ramp, shaking her head at the fans in attendance as she makes her way to the ring.

Gaby: Introducing first/And her opponent, escorted to the ring by Christian Kincaid... From Fort Worth, Texas... "10-STAR" TARA CORTEZ!

When Tara climbs into the ring, she makes her way to the ropes facing the hard camera, leaning onto them and posing for the audience, moving her arms much like in the same way she did earlier with her starting dance. She then waves the crowd off once again before she hops back down to the ring, making her way to her corner and sharing some last minute strategy with Christian.

Zack: There’s not too many in this business with more confidence than Tara Cortez. And now that we know for a fact there’s no one under the ring, we might just get a fair match here, Lyn.

Lyn: ‘Might’ is still not one hundred percent, Zack. That’s the part that worries me.

As Gaby exits the ring, referee Melinda Davis checks both women and then calls for the bell to start the match. The fans immediately get behind Andi as they start chanting her name, causing the space princess to slap the turnbuckle to get more of them involved. None of this seems to impress Tara in the least as the pair meet in the center of the ring to tie up. Andi gets pushed back into the ropes, and gets a clean break before she blows a raspberry at Tara. As Cortez rolls her eyes at the childish antic, Andi lowers her shoulder and drives Tara back into the corner before unloading with shoulder thrusts into her stomach. Takata takes a step back to deliver a hip toss to send the brunette to the mat. Cortez is up quickly, and Andi surprises her with a short running knee into her lower back. It sends her forward for a moment until Takata grabs her arms for a little Caramelldansin. Tara’s arms wave over her for a moment until Andi puts her down with a dragon suplex.

Lyn: CARAMELLPLEXIN’ in short order and the 10-Star has gotta be feeling that one.

Zack: That little dance might be the only fun Tara Cortez has tonight, and even that was short-lived.

Cortez gets up again, only to catch a running forearm from the space princess. It sends her reeling into the ropes before Andi sends her across with an Irish whip. As she rebounds, Andi goes into a handstand that stops Tara in her tracks...until Takata snaps her legs around Tara’s head and brings her down with a hurricanrana. She quickly rolls to her feet, and takes a seat on the middle rope checking her nonexistent watch. The crowd eats it up as Tara gets to her feet, and looks none too pleased.

Zack: Andi Takata is just running circles around ol’ “10 Star” in the early moments, and I think it’s getting under Cortez’s skin, just going by her facial expression.

Lyn: I think Cortez thought this was gonna be a bigger cake walk than this... Someone shoulda told her.

Tara storms towards her to grab her, but Andi rolls over the middle rope and out onto the apron. When Tara reaches for her, Andi lowers her shoulder and catches her with another thrust to the midsection. Takata then springs over the top rope into a sunset flip before the referee drops into position to make the count.

Zack: Andi is just 2 steps ahead of Tara at every turn here, and there’s a cover!



Lyn: Cortez is getting everything she can handle from Andi and more! If uh... She wants to show us why 10 Stars are better than one lucky one any day now...

Cortez kicks out by clapping her legs around Andi’s head. It dazes her for a half second before Cortez nips to her feet, and connects with a shining wizard to the back of her head. The former Future Shock Champion collapses backwards onto the mat before Tara steps onto her throat and uses the ropes for balance. Davis gets to a four count before she steps off...and back on again for another four count.

Lyn: Well... Ask and you shall receive.

Tara pulled Andi’s neck over the bottom rope before stepping onto her back to choke her once again. She stepped off at a four count from the referee, and dragged her back to the center. Cortez took off for the far side, and came back with a double stomp to her lower back. She stepped on the back of her head to crush her face into the mat before dropping an elbow to her lower back. Andi started to get to her feet again before Tara scooped her up into a double arm lifting facebuster, and then rolled her over to make a cover.

Zack: Look at that! Tara’s a little stronger than she looks, and that may do it right there!




Andi gets her shoulder up in time, and Tara immediately transitions into a Muta lock submission, bridging her back at the same time in the center of the ring.

Lyn: That Muta Lock is a perfect stamina drain, perfect to put Andi at Cortez’s pace and slow her down as the match goes.

Andi’s face showed obvious pain as Tara locked her fingers under her chin. The referee moved around to Andi’s side to ask if she wanted to stop the match. But the space princess showed no interest in doing so, though it was clear how much pain she was enduring. Tara told her to tap repeatedly, but Andi didn’t follow those orders. Davis continued to check, still getting a no from the space princess. Andi started to reach for the ropes, finding herself not close enough before she tried to start pulling them both in that direction.

Lyn: Even more effort and energy expended as Takata is forced to drag her own frame and Tara’s to the ropes.

Zack: She refuses to let go, and that’s a smart strategy! Tara’s continuing to drain Andi’s energy every second, and this effort by Andi only is doubling it.

The Orlando crowd got louder and louder, trying to rally Andi to the ropes. The Hall of Famer continued to drag them towards the ropes as Tara fought against it. She was having trouble stopping it though before Andi finally made it, and wrapped her hand around the bottom rope. Davis called for a break, to which Tara wasn’t interested in giving until the referee finally broke the hold.

Zack: Tara wanted to get every last second of that Muta Lock in that she could, and may have been flirting with a DQ in the process. Nothing is stopping her from slapping it on again though.

Lyn: Don’t be surprised if she does but she looks... Well. Irritated. As if Andi has the audacity to not tap out and actually continue to fight.

Cortez got back to her feet with an angry look on her face. She grabbed Andi’s feet, and started to try to pull her back to the center. As soon as she did though, Andi rolled onto her back and brought her knees to piston Tara backwards. The brunette stumbled back a few steps as Andi struggled to get to her feet. She finally made it. And as Tara went towards her, the space princess surprised her with a superkick on the chin that dropped her where she stood! The crowd came to life again, and Andi dropped to her knees.

Zack: Andi dug down deep for that superkick, and it landed right on the button! If her back and neck weren’t hurting so bad, Lyn, I think she’d have gone for the cover by now.

Lyn: Yeah but she spent so long in that hold it can’t be helped.

She pushed back up to her feet, seeing Tara still down on the mat. Andi headed for the corner, and began to make her ascent. She made it up top with a pained look on her face before she launched herself into a shooting star press that landed perfectly! The fans came to their feet as Takata hooked the outside leg for the cover before Davis dropped for the count.

Zack: A picture perfect shooting star press from the “Lucky Star”, and the streak dies tonight!!




Lyn: SSOOO CLOSE! Millimeters off the canvas I tell you!

Tara’s shoulder popped up off the mat at the last second, and Andi rolled off her. She climbed back to her feet with a grimace before heading right back to the corner again. With the crowd behind her still, Andi launched herself into a 450 splash before Christian pulled Tara’s legs to drag her out of the way. Takata crashed face down onto the mat as Tara’s manager looked to be trying to revive her.

Zack: Andi with a 450….and got nothing but mat, thanks to CK! He must think Tara’s in big trouble, and we know there’s no one under the ring to save her, Lyn!

Lyn: I imagine Andi has grown sick of seeing Christian’s face at this point. Between one client or the next.

Tara finally began to move, and started to get back to her feet. The Orlando crowd was none too happy about it though as she leaned against the ropes, trying to collect herself. Takata was extremely slow to start back to her feet before Cortez bolted past her with a running neckbreaker to put her back down. She crawled across her to make the cover before the referee fell into position to count.

Lyn: Big time running neckbreaker and even more damage to Takata’s neck!




Andi’s shoulder came up in the nick of time, and Tara sat up on her knees with her teeth gritted as she stared at the referee. The Prospect slowly rose to a vertical base, grabbed Andi’s arms behind her, and planted her foot across her face with a stomp.

Zack: Tara’s getting more and more aggravated that she hasn’t put Andi away, and she’s pulling out things I’ve never seen her use before!

The brunette pulled Andi up again, this time planting her head between her legs before she hoisted her upside down. She left her feet to deliver a spike piledriver that crumpled Andi up like a sheet of paper on the mat. Cortez rolled her onto her back, and went for the cover again with a hook of both legs this time.

Lyn: Good God Almighty what a carcinogenic piledriver! That woman is beginning to have a screw loosen!




Again, Andi’s shoulder popped off the mat and Tara pounded the canvas with both fists in frustration. She rose back to her feet, and looked down to her manager  who said something to her that the cameras didn’t pick up. She looked back down to Andi, and then….rolled out to the floor.

Zack: Tara’s frustrations are at an all time high right now, and you can see it all over her face! She can’t find a way to put Andi down for three, and I don’t know if she’s looking for a weapon or…..SHE’S LEAVING!

Tara staggered towards the ramp, and headed towards the curtain as Andi was beginning to rise to her feet. Christian remained at ringside though, watching as Tara finally made it to the top and disappeared through the curtain. The referee had already began counting her out as Andi realized what was going on, and then rolled out after her.

Zack: Tara Cortez has walked out of the Amway Center, and she’s out of eyesight now! But Andi’s going after her, Andi wants to finish this!

Lyn: There is no quit, no ‘say die’ in the Lucky Sta—

Andi took off up the stage towards the back to go get her. And as the referee got to six, a woman in the front row pulled off her jacket and a pair of sunglasses and bolted into the ring behind the referee’s back. She was dressed exactly like Tara as she got to her feet.


Davis did a double take looking behind her at the woman, recognizing the ring attire obviously and hesitantly continued counting. Finally, the referee got to ten and called for the bell to a din of boos from the fans.

Zack: Wait a minute! I think…..

Gaby: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner by countout…….’10 STAR’ TARA CORTEZ!!!

Davis raised her hand in disbelief as Christian rolled into the ring with her. He also raised her hand as the woman grinned ear to ear.

Lyn: —OOOOOOOOO!! I don’t even believe... One Tara Cortez. Gimme a break.

Zack: Where the hell does the referee think she came from?! The first one went through the curtain, and this one came out of the crowd behind her!

The cameras cut to the back, where they found Andi Takata handcuffed to a door handle, trying to get free as members of the security team were working to free her.

Lyn: I don’t know but someone tell Fisk and Stringer they need to have a LONG talk with Davis after we get Andi free.

Zack: The other woman didn’t even look like she broke a sweat! What a load of crap!

As Christian raised the woman’s hand in the ring, we cut to a commercial for the upcoming Future Shock show in Sydney, Australia.

Movin’ On Up

The live crowd only boos as they see the owner of FFW strolling through the hallways with her personal assistant, Lyla Fox, at her side. She arrives outside the door of the Director of Future Shock just as Adam is coming out.

Adam: Oh! I was just coming to see you.

Samantha: That won’t be necessary since I’m already here. I came here tonight to see your progress in person, and to bring a Prospect up to the main roster.

Adam: I remember. I’m pretty proud of where Future Shock is right now, and think it’s in excellent positioning to grow even further going forward. I hope you agree.

Samantha: Mr. Grant, I consider Future Shock like a stock. If you buy a stock, you want a return on your investment. And if you buy more of that stock, you expect bigger returns to go with it. The only difference is I’m the only shareholder in Future Shock. As for your performance so far, you wouldn’t still be in this position if I didn’t think it were going well.

Adam: Well...thanks. So who exactly did you have in mind to bring to FFW?

Samantha and Lyla exchange looks before the redhead glances back to the camera.

Samantha: That is something we can discuss in your office. Miss Fox has the paperwork ready, and all you need to do is bring them to me. But let’s discuss that...away from the cameras.

Adam pulls the door open to his office, letting both of the women  head inside. He takes a deep breath, and follows them before closing the door. On that image we head back to the ring.

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The show heads back to the ring for the final time this evening, and there we find the smiling Gaby standing front and center ready to go.

Gaby: The following triple threat match is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the FFW Future Shock Championship!

Zack: This is what they came to see tonight here in Orlando. And you can call it a pick’em, because I couldn’t predict a winner at gunpoint for what we are about to see.

Lyn: I’d sooner pass up gunpoint for the guillotine. At least it’s quicker.


Check it out now... I work the pen to make the ink transform
On any particular surface the pen lands on!
Zaakir is hands on, what's the beef?
The Cooley High cold chief high post techniques,
I drape off poetic landscapes and shapes.
Illustrate the paper space off the pens that paint,
Then design what have a National Geographic a magic,
With Taylor made status and plus flavor that's automatic...”

As “What’s Golden” plays, the Future Shock Prospect walks down the ramp with a grin on her face. Although the music is now playing through the sound system, she stills goes through the familiar motions of coming to the ring with a boombox i.e. ghetto blaster on one shoulder.  She nods to the music and high-fives a few fans with a smile before putting down the boombox.

Gaby: Introducing first from Sheerness, England... “OLD SCHOOL” GILLIE BARNES!!

“We're not balling, or shot calling,
We take it back to the days of yes y'all-in',
We holding onto what's golden...
On the stage I rage and I’m rollin’!”

Gillie leans up against the ropes and “Old School” flips herself backwards inside of the ring. She looks out to the crowd as “What’s Golden” finishes playing.

Zack: There’s no question that Gillie Barnes has fans around the country and across the oceans, and in many people's minds, she may well be the odds on favorite to reclaim the Future Shock Championship tonight!

Lyn: Barnes wants to enter the hallowed grounds of few who have come before her, another multi-time Future Shock champion.

I told ya, baby
I told ya

The arena darkens as “Rockstar 101” by Rihanna begins to play before the camera takes us behind a woman with purple hair. She steps out onto the stage, raising her hand and making a fist as the camera looks over her shoulder. She tosses her sunglasses on her head out to the crowd as she heads towards the ring.

Rocking these diamonds
I'm rocking this chain
Make sure you get a picture
I'm rocking my fame

Gaby: Introducing from Atlanta, Georgia, this is the Princess of the Reed family……...BIANCA REED!!!!

Bianca climbs up onto the apron, drops into a split before sliding under the bottom rope to the inside. She brings her legs together and hops to her feet, already making eye contact with her opponent and running them down verbally while her music fades and before the bell even rings.

Zack: Bianca Reed has been waiting on this night for some time now! She cashed in the Aspire Ring after turning back challenger after challenger, and tonight it could culminate in the biggest win of her Future Shock career!

Lyn: The only woman of the three who has not held that gold but I will be damned if we don’t see the rise of Killer B tonight and beating the former and current champions to do it!

The lights in the arena sharply cut off, leaving everything in complete darkness. The chiming of a clock is heard echoing in the darkness, followed by a chipper, circus like chime tone. As the tone chimes on, a vibrant gold spotlight shines down on the top of the stage. The circus chimes are soon replaced by the opening chorus of “Villain” by Wildfire.

"Tic tic toc, the time bomb clock
Ticks grinning ear to ear here baby
Tic Tic Toc, the time bomb clock
ticks counting down...
tic, tic stop!"

At the exact moment “stop” is sung, the song kicks into full gear, setting off a series of shimmering gold strobe lights going off on either side of the ramp. A few seconds pass before the controversial redhead, Valerie McKinley makes her way out from behind the curtain and stands in the immediate center of the stage, standing in the gold spotlight. Rolling out behind her was her manager, one Kyle Kilmeade.

"You know I speak in riddles,
And I’m plotting to destroy
Villain as I always was
Crazy is as crazy does"

Clad in a mid-thigh length leather jacket worn open over her gear, Valerie looks around at the crowd showering her with a rousing chorus of boos. Her championship is slung over her right shoulder as she looks over at Kyle and the pair simply shake their heads. The strobe lights begin to lessen in intensity as the pair makes their way down the aisle, her arms at her side and a focused look on her face. As she makes her way to the ring, the fans on either side of the aisle make their displeasure at her appearance rather noticeable, which Valerie simply dismisses with an arrogant flip of her hand.

"My sanity's in short supply
Mad as a hatter, hey surprise!
T-T-T-Ticking bomb on the inside
Livin' with the villain pacing in my mind."

Gaby: Ladies and gentlemen, making her way down to the ring, being accompanied by Kyle Kilmeade…..from Providence, Rhode Island...she is the reigning and defending FFW Future Shock Champion…….Valerie McKinley!!

The boos grow louder as Kyle is pushed into her corner by Lacey. Valerie hops up onto the apron and spins around so her back is resting on the ropes. With her head bowed, she lifts both arms up towards her head and has her pointer finger and thumb on both hands close to her head. She lifts her head up and extends her arms out, her fingers pointing out at the crowd like pistols. She then makes a motion like she was firing her finger guns at the crowd before turning around to see the referee already holding the ropes open for her. She steps through the open ropes and into the ring.

"I'm blowing up the mystery
And all the pretty things you see
Light flame to fuse
And Sparks will fly
You said goodnight
Now say goodbye."

Once in the ring, she walks around with her left arm extended outward,her right hand hoisting her title aloft, reveling in the heat from the crowd. She walks over to the corner and peels off her jacket, letting it drop to the apron as the lights return to normal and her music fades out. She rests her back against the turnbuckles and brushes a few stray strands of hair out of her face, awaiting the start of the action.

Zack: Valerie McKinley LIVES to be Future Shock Champion! It’s an euphoric high for her to walk around with that title, but she’s got her work cut out for her tonight against two women who cannot and will not ever be able to stand her!

Lyn: Love her, or hate her you will never feel apathy towards this woman... And the most dangerous thing about the 1 Percenter tonight Zack is she KNOWS it. She knows Bianca Reed cannot stand her. She knows Gillie Barnes cannot stand her... And she revels in it, Zack.

Referee Jennifer Stringer makes sure all three women aren’t hiding any weapons, and then takes the title from Valerie. She holds it high overhead before handing it off to Gaby before she leaves. The bell sounds from there as the three women look across at one another from their respective corners, while the crowd already starts their chants. Bianca and Gillie make eye contact, and begin a dialogue of some sort before Bianca points to Valerie. Gillie seems to agree with what she is hearing before the pair go straight for the champion. Valerie barely has time to do much before she’s caught in the corner as a flurry of punches and forearms start flying aimed at her. The crowd loves it as Bianca begins kicking her in the ribs as Gillie hammers shots down upside her head. The two use a double Irish whip to send her into the ropes. McKinley rebounds into dual back elbows to the mouth before both women scoop her up for a vertical suplex to the mat.

Zack: If there’s one constant in this match, it’s the deep dislike those two women have for Valerie! And the champion’s getting all the attention she’ll never want now!

Lyn: I suppose this is what McKinley might call a peasant uprising.

Bianca pulls the champion to her feet, and executes an atomic drop that propels her into Gillie. The brunette scoops her up high overhead, and uses a gorilla press slam to put her down on the mat. Valerie starts to get up before they both hit opposite sides of  the ring, catching her with a Hi-Lo: a chop block and clothesline. Bianca pulls the redhead back to her feet, and whips her across into the Sheerness native, who immediately flattens her with a spinebuster.

Zack: Valerie McKinley’s learning what it feels like to be on the opposite end of one of her manager’s clients! Gillie and Bianca are cleaning her clock, and Orlando loves it!

Lyn: After watching the Gold Standard doing... Everything tonight, you cannot help but feel like this is a ttiiiiinnnyyyyy bit cathartic.

Gillie and Bianca each grab a leg, look around at the crowd and tell Valerie to make a wish before they jerk her legs apart as hard as they can. Reed gives Gillie an idea, and takes a running leap into her arms. Barnes catches her and powerslams her down onto Valerie before Bianca rolls to one side and unloads with furious right hands to Valerie’s head. Gillie dragged the Future Shock Champion to her feet, and the pair of them dumped her over the top rope to the floor. And before Gillie could turn around, Bianca caught her with a double knee lungblower that flipped her over to the mat, and immediately went into a cover!

Lyn: Call that a backstabber and call that an end to a very short lived alliance!




Zack: Bianca is equal opportunity about whoever she has to pin to become Future Shock Champion! I think the union has dissolved.

Gillie kicked out after the two count, and Bianca got back to her feet. Gillie wasn’t far behind her as the former champion and Bianca began trading shots in the center of the ring. The fists were flying as Gillie started getting the better of the exchange, sending Bianca reeling before “Old School” snapped her up into an exploder suplex. Gillie dropped down into a three point stance near the ropes. And as Reed began to rise, she blasted through her and sent her down to the mat.

Lyn: The Princess of House Reed getting launched with an exploder and than a three point stance spear for her troubles. I hear she’s been teaching that to someone up on the main roster.

Zack: With the NFL season due to start very season, Gillie’s giving us all a taste of things to come! And she also plastered Bianca in the process.

Before Bianca could sit up, Gillie took off towards the ropes and came back with a rolling thunder senton across her body. Barnes rolled to her feet, shouting “OLD SCHOOL!” to the crowd. They responded in kind as Bianca started to get back to her feet. Gillie started throwing right hand jabs to the mouth one after another, keeping Bianca stumbling. Barnes rolled her hands, spit into one of them, and gave Bianca a bionic elbow that flattened her.

Zack: Bianca might have picked the wrong one to pick a fight with here, Lyn! Big time bionic elbow right to the dome with a little English on it!

Lyn: Putting a little pepper on those jabs and Reed may be seeing stars at the moment. Barnes has to keep the momentum going however.

Barnes hopped to her feet, and took off for the far side. She came back with a lot of steam behind her, and came down onto Bianca with an avalanche splash. A leg hook followed that before Stringer slid into position to make the count.

Zack: Gillie’s on fire right now, and she’s 3 seconds from reclaiming the Future Shock Championship!




Bianca kicked out before the three came down, and Gillie got back to her feet. She scooped the former Aspire Ring holder onto her shoulders, and began an airplane spin. The crowd counted all the revolutions all the way up to 12 before both of them hit the mat.

Lyn: Big time Airplane spin that Barnes calls DAZED & CONFUSED!

Gillie sat up, but she hardly seemed steady as she weaved back and forth for a few seconds. She tried to crawl towards the ropes but ended up just rolling towards them instead. Leaning against them, she shook her head and rubbed her face for a moment before she finally got to all fours. “KIller B” started to stir and tried to get up before Gillie scampered across the ring on all fours with a headbutt to Bianca. It sent Reed rolling away before she tried to get up again, only to catch another headbutt from the scampering Gillie before she wagged her bottom, and hopped back to her feet.

Lyn: Barnes with the THUMP and we’ve never seen someone find a proper answer to one of the most... Well, unique bits of offense “Old School” has ever pulled from history.

Zack: I’m not sure there is much of a way to counter it by the time she employs it. Plus we already know how hard-headed Gillie is...physically.

She popped back to her feet...but only for a second before they were jerked out from under her. Gillie faceplanted on the mat before she was dragged out of the ring by Valerie. The champion fired right hands into her head, and then fired across into the ring steps. Barnes connected back first, and slid down to a seat against them. Valerie charged in after her, delivering a knee strike to her head that struck it against the steps making a crashing noise on impact! The redhead was like a banshee as she grabbed Gillie’s head, screaming at her as she bashed her skull into the steps repeatedly. She backed up a couple steps, and used a low sidekick to crash her head into the steps again. Valerie took a deep breath, and rolled back into the ring with disgust on her face towards Bianca.

Zack: Valerie was like a woman possessed, Lyn! I’ve never seen her like that before, and I’m not sure if Gillie’s gonna make it back anytime soon.

Lyn: Gillie Barnes may have been busted open and the 1 Percenter don’t give no damn no how! Anything that stands between her and her title will be destroyed. The beatings will continue until the morale improves!

Bianca had gotten to all fours, starting to get up again when Valerie charged across the ring with a curb stomp to the back of her head. She dropped to a knee and started pulling at both sides of her face with her hands. Bianca’s face was dragged across Valerie’s boot next. The redhead then headed for the corner to detach the top turnbuckle. It was tossed to the floor, then Valerie grabbed Bianca’s feet into a catapult position. She fell backwards to send her into it, but Bianca landed on the ropes and stopped herself. Valerie rose to her feet with a pleased smile before she turned around into a blockbuster from “Killer B” before she got back to her feet. The Princess of House Reed starting shaking her head, and talking some smack.


Zack: McKinley never saw it coming, but she damn sure felt it right there! Reed should go for the cover!

She headed right back for that corner, and made her way up top. Still talking trash down to Valerie on the canvas, she came off with a corkscrew moonsault that crushed the champion into the mat. Reed hooked the outside leg for the cover before the referee dropped for the count.

Zack: That could be the best corkscrew in Future Shock, and it may be netting Reed the gold right now!




Valerie’s shoulder came up off the mat right before the three struck, and Bianca got back to her feet. She fired a few right hands into her head before she got up though. She dragged Valerie up with her, and into a vertical suplex. But instead of bringing her down, she dropped her to straddle the exposed turnbuckle instead. Valerie’s face frozen in pain before Bianca headed up to the top rope with her.

Lyn: Live by the sword, die by the sword and Bianca has no problem with skewering the champion on her own blade so to speak.

Bianca hooked her head under one arm as the crowd came to their feet. It was at this point that Gillie rolled back into the ring. “Old School” popped up between Bianca’s legs, and powerbombed her to the mat as she was bringing Valerie down for the superplex! The Brit collapsed to her knees exhausted as her opponents were laid out practically from one corner to the next.

Zack: HOLY…..GILLIE WITH THE TOWER OF DOOM!! AND IT TOOK EVERYBODY OUT! Gillie would make the cover if she didn’t use up everything she had in her body right there!

Lyn: Barnes is struggling to get herself up but damn if she isn’t looking for a pin... Reed is the closest!

Finally, the Brit started to propel herself forward and made the cover on Bianca before the referee dropped to make the count.




Bianca’s shoulder came up before the three, and Gillie dragged herself towards Valerie. She did the same thing by dropping onto her and loosely hooking a leg in the process.

Zack: If it didn’t work on Bianca, it may work on Valerie! It better work, because I think Gillie’s shot her load, so to speak!




The count never finished when Lacey pulled Valerie out from under her opponent. Gillie flopped onto the mat for a half second before she looked up to see what Lacey had done. Stringer read Lacey the riot act as Gillie made it to her feet. She climbed up onto the middle rope and swiped to grab Lacey’s head when Bianca came from underneath her. An electric chair drop sent Gillie into the canvas before Bianca made the cover.

Lyn: Lacey owes a VERY timely save to Bianca Reed, and down goes Gillie from Bianca! NEW CHAMP!?





Valerie pulled Bianca off the cover. Reed climbed to her feet, and the two started trading furious right hands just like they had never stopped. McKinley was getting the worst of it though before Reed whipped her into the far corner. Valerie struck back first as Bianca darted towards her with a handspring back elbow. But Lacey pulled Valerie out of the way, and Bianca hit the exposed turnbuckle back first instead.

Zack: The referee needs to throw Lacey out of here! I know it’s a triple threat, which means there are no disqualifications, but this is ridiculous!

Lacey grinned to the crowd as she stood on the apron...until Bianca lunged forward and dragged her into the ring. Reed started unloading on the redhead, firing furious right hands as Valerie circled around behind her.

Lacey shoved Bianca backwards, and threw red powder into her face. It blinded her before Valerie spun her around, and dropped her with her swinging reverse STO! She rolled her over for the cover as Lacey darted across, and punted Gillie in the ribs as she was trying to get up!





Lyn: Oh for God’s Sake just... Just... Just ring the damn bell.

Stringer called for the bell to deafening boos as Lacey shoved Gillie and Bianca out of the ring. The referee raised Valerie’s hand, while Lacey did the other. The 1 Percenter was handed the Future Shock Championship.

Gaby: The winner of this match….AND STILL FFW Future Shock Champion…..VALERIE MCKINLEY!!!

Zack: Bianca was seeing red, and it was all Lacey when she went after her! But I guess that was the damn plan! In any event, Valerie McKinley is still the queen of Future Shock!

Lyn: And the whole of the Gold Standard will be celebrating this tonight. Anyone in the back you may just wanna stick to your hotel rooms.

Both girls exited out to the floor, surrounding their mutual manager as he applauded his champion. Valerie pressed a kiss to her title, and embraced Lacey like a long lost sister.

Lyn: Man... This... This is a rough ending, Zack. Rough. Like your uncle in-law drinking at the family reunion rough.

Zack: The Gold Standard is still packing the hardware in Future Shock, and it was nothing but a Wipeout to those who tried to stop them!

Valerie took a seat on her manager’s lap showing him her title as Wipeout faded off the air from Orlando.

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