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April 22, 2019, 05:59:50 am
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FFW Velocity - September 6, 2018

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Author Topic: FFW Velocity - September 6, 2018  (Read 165 times)
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« on: September 08, 2018, 05:53:43 pm »

Live from the Chesapeake Energy Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
September 6, 2018

A row of three buildings in a skyline have lights turned on inside that spell out FFW before the logo flashes past. And then, we cut inside the arena as “Money and the Power” by Kid Ink plays over the PA system to a pop from the crowd. Seth Star and Savannah Taylor head out from the back hand in hand to very loud support from the crowd.

Money and the power
Once you get a 'lil they just want to take you down (cause)
I got the money and the power
Once you get a 'lil they just want to take you down (cause)

We’ve been going hard for too long
Can’t get enough, what is you on?
Really ain’t nothing, I could drop that
Wake up in the morning, make it all back

Zack: Hello, everyone! You’re watching the 134th edition of Velocity, and we are live in the Sooner State at the Chesapeake Energy Center! As you can see, we’re being joined by the COO and his girlfriend, Savannah Taylor.

Mai: Why do we have to start the show with these two? They’re the worst, especially Savannah. She’s put herself through all this just for some nookie!

Zack: Or because she loves him.

As they approach the ring, Seth sits on the rope to hold it open for her. He then follows her in, and takes a couple microphones from Maggie. He offers one to her before he begins.

Seth: Thank you for that. It wasn’t that long ago that I made my sister a very fair offer. Either she allows me to book the Franchise in any way I deem fit without her oversight, or I press criminal charges against two thirds of her Franchise for their admitted assault on me at Unstoppable 9. The choice she made was to allow me to have what I want. And while I’m sure I would have enjoyed that criminal trial, I wasn’t thinking of me so much when I made that decision. I made that offer because I knew there were quite a few women now and likely in the future who would want to rip the Franchise apart. Chief among those women is none other than this enchanting and intelligent woman to my left.

Savannah: To say that I want to rip them apart is putting it oh so mildly. I want to end them once and for all. I don't care how long it takes, but it WILL happen.

Seth: Given that I now have this ability, I fully intend on making use of it. I’ve already booked the Brazilian Storm to face Team USA at Global Wars, but I would remind them both that that doesn’t mean I nor Savannah have forgotten them. You’ll be dealt with in due time, but you see, my captivating and brilliant girlfriend made it clear to me that she felt as though….there was unfinished business still with one Jo McFarlane.

Savannah’s eyes narrow a bit as she slowly nods.

Savannah: If Jo thought she was done with me after Unstoppable, then she really isn't as smart as she thinks. If Jo thought this was just a one-and-done situation, she couldn't be farther from the truth.

Seth: Being someone who likes to put a smile on his girlfriend’s face, I decided that if Savannah wanted another round with Josephine, who am I to deny her? Wouldn’t you all like to see that match?

Mai: No!

The crowd disagreed with Mai quite loudly.

Seth: I thought you might. That’s why I have put together a rematch at Sin & Sacrifice. That’s why Jo McFarlane and Savannah Taylor will meet one more time. And that is why, in this match, it was imperative that we make sure there was no involvement. We need to make sure the Storm stay out of it, and let this play out the way it’s intended. And that is why when I booked this rematch, I put it inside a fifteen foot high steel cage.

Savannah: Not only will it keep Mel and Bianca, as well as Jo’s father out but it is going to keep Jo from running away, which you know she's going to try and attempt. If you people thought that what we did to each other at Unstoppable was bad...you haven't seen anything yet. I'm not just going to end this thing between us…..but I'm ending your career in the process.

Seth: Throughout history, the steel cage has been the ultimate decider of issues in this business. That will be the case at Sin & Sacrifice. Inside this cage, Savannah Taylor and Jo McFarlane will settle the differences. This will not be just for Savannah. She will be taking this match for those who are not in this company who would love to be in a cage with Jo. She will be taking this match for those who think a woman who needs her father to help her fight her battles gets what’s coming to her.

Savannah: I don't need people to fight my battles for me like Jo does. I have people who support me and are in my corner, but they let me handle things on my own. I've said from the beginning that the only person who could bring an end to The Franchise was me, and at Sin & Sacrifice, I make good on that promise.

Seth: I’m going to add a little stipulation on top of that. Should Jo McFarlane win this match, I will never book her against Savannah Taylor again as long as I am the COO. I’m sure that’s something she would like after the beating she took at Unstoppable 9. But if ...or when Savannah wins, I’m going to let her book any kind of match she wants against any member or members of the Franchise she wants. You could call it an “All or Nothing” situation. And who better to make that gamble than a Las Vegas Siren?

Savannah: Who better than the best thing to come out of Las Vegas than me? WHEN I beat Jo at Sin & Sacrifice, there is only one person that I want. There is only one person left that completes the puzzle. And I've already got ideas for her.

As the camera zooms in on her face, the shot fades out to the opening video of Velocity. A woman in a tight black skirt walks out onto a track with several race cars lined up with their engines revving. “Shotcaller” by Taio Cruz begins to play in the background. She drops a flag to her side as the cars burn rubber and take off on both sides of her. In one car, we see Jo McFarlane and Savannah Taylor neck and neck as the blonde looks from her towards the road and switches gears before she pulls forward.

We then see the Brazilian Storm delivering their Tidal Wave finish for a three count. Kyle raises their hands in victory, and the shot then cuts to Mallory Bennett brawling with Emma MacNamara inside the Thunderdome. That’s followed by Jolyne Dysart unloading a flurry of punches with the crowd reacting louder with each shot.

The race continues as Andi Takata is caught between the One Woman Show in a three way race, with Shaw and Charlotte ramming her on both sides. Finally Harker slams her into the wall, causing sparks to fly until the car hits a full stop. Raven Knight is shown standing on the top of the wall as she douses the car with gasoline before Andi bolts out of it. A lighter drops on it, sending the car up in flames. Mallory Bennett swerves wide to avoid the flames in her car.

Next we find Casey Atherton leading the Choir in song backstage at a show, followed by Ruby Tyler wrapping her wrists before heading out of the locker room, and Alysson Gardner nailing a spear while Valerie watches with a smile from ringside. Artemis Kaiser lays in a loud Stockton Slap in the next clip.

The race is coming to an end as we see Scarlett Silver driving her car before “Killer B” pulls up alongside her. Reed waves to her, getting a roll of Scarlett’s eyes...before cockroaches start coming out of the seat over the brunette. She starts screaming and slapping them off as Bianca barrels ahead with a grin on her face before we head to into the live show. The crowd roars as they see themselves on television, while spotlights shine all throughout the crowd. Maggie Rourke heads for the ring with a smile on her face while “Shotcaller” starts to fade out.

The lights go out in the arena. Suddenly, while the intro of "King Of The World" by Porcelain And The Tramps blares into the arena, the lights of the stage and the ramp illuminate in gold while the spotlight focuses on the stage while the opening lyrics are being heard…

My pain-filled drama queen
Is always creeping at your bed
Get ready to buy you out
Cause we all know
What goes around comes around
You should’ve known what I was all about
Do. Not. Test. Me.

As the chorus of the song drops, Valentina steps onto the stage and stands there in a dominant pose, hands on her hips and squinching at the crowd in a look of detest.

Maggie: Making her way to the ring, accompanied by The Privileged Circle, hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing one hundred and thirty-five pounds. She is “The Latin Goddess”... VALENTINA LOZANO!!!!!!

Valentina then confidently strides her way to the ring, with the spotlight completely focused on her and the arena erupts with a thunderous array of boos from the capacity crowd showering down on her, Valentina is soaking up the reaction, even though she ignores it. Right behind her, Isis Morales and the Future Shock Champion Valerie McKinley follow her. Meanwhile, while she’s walking down, Valentina's entrance video is shown on the big screen, profiling her likeness and footage of her in action. As Valentina reaches the ringside area, two nondescript men run over and create a human stairway for her next to the ring: one man on all fours next to the ring and the other lying prone in front of him. Causally stepping on the men, Valentina walks up and walks across the edge of the ring. She then reclines against the ropes and callously looks down at the men, giving them a smirk while they get to their knees and properly grace her boots with kisses before dismissing themselves to the back. She looks around the arena, not directly seeing the crowd through the darkness, but knowing that they’re out there as she sees the consistent flashing lights of the camera and the still boisterous reaction from the crowd.

Zack: Welcome to Velocity! Big night tonight, with a blood rivalry revisited in the main event! Alongside Mai Hotaru, I'm Zack Hudson, live from Oklahoma City! Our opening contest for the night has this woman right there, Valentina Lozano, trying to live up to Artemis Kaiser's--

Mai: Aaaaand I'm gonna have to stop you right there. Do you even know who you're talking about?! Valentina doesn't need to "live up to" no stinkin' feat of Artemis Kaiser! This woman alone could represent Team Canada in Global Wars, and tonight she's going to PROVE IT!

Zack: The fact Isis Morales and Valerie McKinley, the reigning Future Shock Champion, are here, doesn't really bode well for that message. I thought Valerie was supposed to be taking a flight to Australia at any moment now?

Mai: Weren't YOU supposed to be on a plane to Australia at any moment now?!

Valentina then glares towards the referee in the ring and orders the referee to hold the ropes for her, which the referee reluctantly complies with doing. She wipes her feet on the apron and enters the ring, Valentina strides towards two opposite ring posts in where she climbs up and extends her arms out and looks on with a smirk, posing to the crowd with complete confidence. She’s taking in the atmosphere while the crowd reaction continues and the cameras flashing. After going through her ritual, Valentina climbs down and makes her way towards the referee and commands the referee to take off her robe and then leans against the ropes in a sexy, confident pose as she waits for her opponent to arrive.

Maggie: And her opponent...

The arena darkens as green, yellow and white spots focus on the entrance. The rumbling roar of a savage leopard mixes with Joyce’s entrance music as the statuesque amazon slowly saunters in the center of the swirling lights. She lifts her fisted hand up stoically as the energized crowd responds in overwhelming cheers.

Maggie: Making her way to the ring, hailing from San Diego, California... JOYCE BRENNAN!

Joyce makes her way to the ring attired in a royal blue one-piece halter swimsuit with a matching blue satin cape with faint leopard print displaying the name “LEOPARD GIRL” across the shoulders. She swiftly climbs the steps waiving to the ringside fans before sliding between the middle and top ropes. The fans continue to praise Joyce as she draws the collar string of her cape allowing it to slowly glide over and down her shoulders before handing it to a ringside attendant. After circling the ring one more time, Joyce pauses center ring under a bold white spotlight. She dips her knee, places her hand on her hip and slowly waves to the fans before blowing them all a kiss.

Zack: Joyce Brennan hasn't had the most stellar of debuts in FFW, but then again, look at the folks she's faced. But it would be one hell of a feather in her cap if she kept Valentina Lozano from scoring points for Team Canada tonight

Mai: Which we all know is not going to happen. And while I hate to think of a smiling Dante Knox, I guess Canada will stay strong tonight, and they'll have a Latin Goddess to thank for that.

The bells ring and the wrestlers circle one another for a short while... before Valentina once again stops for a pose at ringside, with the Future Shock Champion and the Red-Haired Goliath give her a small round of applause while the rest of the arena boos her without any care. Joyce rolls her eyes and zeroes in on Valentina, who steps away from the power player from San Diego, toying with her as she cracks her usual smirk. Brennan wants none of that as she makes a beeline to Lozano and ends up getting toed on the stomach. The 6-foot tall rough houser folds and Valentina puts her in a side headlock, taunting her with some words of choice...before Joyce reacts with a punch to the Canadian's stomach. This is enough to make Valentina loosen up on the clutch as Joyce has the chance to lead Valentina to the ropes, pressing them into the bouncers before letting her go and sending her running across the ring. As Valentina picks up speed, Joyce dashes towards her as well, and as the two meet in the center of the ring, Brennan capitalizes on her size advantage to tackle Valentina to the mat. The Canadian quickly gets up, huffing. She shakes her head and goes to the ropes again, picking up speed; now both women tuck their shoulders out for a tackle and... Again, Valentina is sent to the mat.

Zack: Joyce Brennan has a 30-pound advantage over Valentina; 30 pounds of raw power on display here tonight!

Mai: Psh, I'm sure she's going to love knowing you called her a fattie on the tape replay, Zack.

Zack: ... the heck?

Valentina quickly gets up, shaking her head... And then she reels back to throw a slap. Joyce sees it coming and grabs her by the wrist, quickly transitioning to a whip that sends the Canadian running. Valentina hits the ropes and comes back with the built-up speed, swinging her arm for a lariat. Joyce ducks under that lariat and dashes to the ropes behind Valentina. When the Elitist turns around... BUMP! Another tackle sends her right back to the mat, but instead of getting back up to her feet, she rolls out of the ring, growling and seething, as she regroups with Valerie and Isis.

Zack: Joyce is making short work of Valentina Lozano right now, and... There she is, regrouping with the Circle. Little does she know, the slower the pace of the match, the better it is for the ace technician in Joyce.

Mai: Ace, schmace. There was only ONE ace in an FFW ring, and she's not here anymore. Goes to show how hard it is to find actual aces nowadays.

Joyce waits patiently for Valentina to end her little meeting as the referee counts her out. At a 2, the Privileged Circle literally tells the ref to shut up, which throws her off for a split second before the three comes. And at a count of 5, Valentina climbs back onto the apron and passes under the ropes to get inside the ring, while Joyce just watches. The match restarts from scratch, as the two wrestlers circle one another again. They seem to have the same idea as they raise their arms and go for a lock-up... Except Valentina makes a point to sink her thumbs into Joyce's eyes, blinding her! As Joyce yelps in pain, Valentina leads her to the corner and traps her, delivering a series of raw, stiff punches and kicks to her midsection, forcing the referee to come to admonish her. The moment the referee pulls Valentina away from Joyce is the space Brennan needs to get out of the way to rub her eyes and get back into the match. When Valentina gets rid of the referee, she makes a beeline to Joyce, who throws herself to the mat and forces Lozano to bounce on the ropes as she leapfrogs over Joyce. As she hits the ropes, Joyce gets up and watches as Valentina comes running her way, striking her with a POWERFUL haymaker to the kisser that sends Valentina tumbling to the mat again! With Valentina down, Joyce begins to stomp and kick the Latin Goddess's midsection, undermining her resistance by slowly picking her apart.

Zack: HOLY SH-- That was a pow to the kisser that would make many a boxer envious! Valentina goes down and there's nothing the Circle can do about it!

Mai: She should've been disqualified! If she used a boxing punch, that means a closed fist! And closed fists are illegal!

Zack: Since when do YOU care about rules?!

Mai: Don't forget I'm a wrestling manager, Zack. I'm just short on clients right now, but if there's one thing I understand and WELL... It's wrestling and its rules.

As Valentina manages to come to her fours, Joyce deadlifts her and then drops her right down with a deadlift power slam. She waits for Valentina to come to her fours again, and this time she grabs her by the head and lifts her back to a vertical position, whipping her to the far corner. Valentina bumps into the turnbuckles and stays there, while Joyce makes a beeline to her. Grabbing Valentina by the waist, Joyce attempts to German suplex her... But Valentina holds on to the top turnbuckle for dear life. Joyce yanks Valentina off her feet again and the top turnbuckle's foam protection comes right off with her as Joyce throws Lozano over her head with a German suplex... But Valentina manages to backflip and land on her feet! Joyce turns around and Valentina dashes towards her, dropkicking her to the legs! Joyce comes down like a log, crashing near the ropes... And the referee notices the foam protection has come undone. Turning her back on the match to fix the protection, the referee is oblivious to the fact that, as Joyce slumps over the bottom rope, Isis Morales strikes her with an elbow shot to the nose! Joyce collapses and, as the two other members of the Circle notice the referee's distracted, they drag Brennan out of the ring and start stomping a mudhole into her, as Valentina recovers and smirks at the new development!

Zack: I don't know if that was what Valentina had in mind from the start, but it worked! Now the Circle is working on her favor, and the referee is distracted with something else!

Mai: And can you blame her?! An unprotected turnbuckle means an unsafe wrestling environment! Not that wrestling the Circle is by any means a safe wrestling environment, but you know what I mean!

Keeping tabs on the referee, Valentina waves the Circle off, telling them to stop right as the referee is done fixing the turnbuckle. And sure enough, when the ref turns around to watch the match, all she sees is Valentina on the apron preying over a fallen Joyce, and Isis and Valerie keeping a more than safe distance from them. Joyce uses the apron's skirt to pull herself up, but is sent right back down to the ringside pads as Valentina dashes forth and strikes her with an avalanche volley kick. Joyce again crumbles but is brought right back up by Valentina as the Canadian wrestler presses her against the corner post and delivers a stiff chop to Brennan's chest, the slapping sound echoing throughout the arena along with the referee's helpless count as she warns Joyce and Valentina to come back to the ring. Ignoring the ref, Valentina cups Joyce's head and lifts her up, only to deliver another thunderous chop to her chest.

Zack: Oof, that's gonna leave a mark. A powerful chop by Valentina to Joyce's chest and the Privileged Circle factor has worked beautifully in Lozano's favor.

Mai: And if there's one thing these women know about, is beauty! I mean, look at this lovely assortment of women.

Zack: You were doing such a good job sticking to wrestling rules, Mai. Please go back to that instead of perving over wrestlers.

At a count of 7, Valentina finally rolls Joyce into the ring and then dives in herself. She then pulls Joyce back to her feet and then wrenches her arm, lifting her leg and tuckering it between her shoulderblade and her face, dragging her down into an inverted stomp facebreaker. Joyce is sent dazed to the center of the ring, bending backwards ever so softly, which is enough for Valentina to catch her in the inverted headlock. But before she can connect with her rolling cutter, Joyce throws herself to her knees and lifts Valentina onto her shoulder, slamming her into the mat! The Circle is in shock as Joyce powers back to her feet and, hooking Valentina by the head, deadlifts her into an inverted suplex, slamming her down face first to the mat! Now both women are down, and the referee is forced to begin the double count-out!


Valentina crawls over to the nearest corner to push herself up, and Joyce powers back to her feet. When Brennan notices Valentina has trapped herself on the corner, she makes a beeline to the Latin Goddess and, clutching the mid-rope, starts driving powerful shoulder blocks to Valentina's stomach. The referee now jumps in to tell Joyce to give Valentina the rope break, which she does cleanly (after a 3-count), only to then reel back and smash Valentina's face in with a powerful forearm smash. Valentina slumps and Joyce drags her to the center of the ring, putting her in a figure-4 leg lock. Valentina quickly notices the predicament she's in as she feels her legs getting tangled up, and she starts squirming wildly to try and make it to the ropes!

Zack: And now a figure-4 leg lock... Valentina may have to tap out! Joyce Brennan doesn't represent any Global Wars team, but if that was the case, she was ready to score a fiver right here!

Mai: I don't know about that! Let's see what the Circle does next!

The Circle starts slapping the ring apron in support of Valentina, as the crowd cheers Joyce on. Valerie even attempts to push the bottom rope further into the ring to help Valentina, but the referee quickly jumps in and tells her to knock it off. Valentina is trying desperately to reach the bottom rope but she's inches away from it, and it doesn't look like she has anywhere to go... until Isis throws all caution to the wind and, throwing her upper body into the ring, she grabs Valentina's hands and drags her to the ropes! Sure enough, Valentina manages to find the rope and gets a rope break, but the referee is more interested in Isis's not-at-all discreet attempt at saving her colleague! Joyce breaks the hold and throws the Circle a disgusted look, asking the referee is she isn't going to do anything. The referee raises her arms, and ejects-- VALENTINA GRABS JOYCE'S LEG AND ROLLS HER UP!!!




THR-- NOOOOO!!! Joyce powers out!

Zack: And just as the referee was about to EJECT Isis and Val McKinley from ringside, too! It ALMOST worked!

Mai: That's what it means to be a great wrestler! You're not only faster than your opponent, you're faster than the referee!

Joyce rolls to her side to get back up and Valentina quickly powers back to her feet. Brennan swings her arm to try and catch Valentina with a lariat... But Valentina then parries her, grabbing her arm and then leading her into another inverted stomp, dazing Joyce. Lozano then hooks her head in the inverted headlock and connects with her rolling cutter finale! With Joyce slumped on the mat, Valentina makes the final cover!





Zack: Score more three for Team Canada! Tell 'em, Maggie!

Valentina rolls away from Joyce and then wipes the dust off her boots on the fallen opponent's attire, before telling the referee to come raise her hand.

Maggie: The winner of this match... VALENTINA! LOZANO!!!

Sure enough, the big screen is updated, showing Team Canada's achievement.

Zack: Team Canada takes the lead! SIX points and the Great White North is on top of the world!

Mai: Artemis should be really thankful right now for having such a competent partner! Watch as Canada wins the series once again, and it's all thanks to Valentina Lozano!

Zack: Iiiii don't know about that...

Valentina walks up to the camera at ringside and points out she got three points for Team Canada, and makes a point to refer to herself as "Team Canada's true MVP". She is then joined by Isis and Valerie in celebration, right before we fade out to something completely different.

Hype Man Adam

Velocity returns from the commercial break, while “We Own It” is playing over the PA system. The fans are already making plenty of noise as they find the Future Shock Director in the ring along with the reigning Evolution Champion Missy. Both are holding microphones.

Adam: Oklahoma City!

Cheap pop from the crowd.

Adam: I promise I won’t take a lot of your time tonight. I know there’s still plenty more left on tonight’s card, but I need your help making a decision tonight. I’ll get to that in a minute, but first let’s give your reigning Evolution Champion here a little love.

He lets the crowd cheer for his girlfriend before giving her a little applause himself, with the microphone under his arm briefly.

Adam: I bet you didn’t know that Oklahoma City was such a fan, did you?

Missy: I have a funny feeling it might be more because of you than me in that respect, but I appreciate the sentiment all the same. It’s always nice to be appreciated, and I’ll make extra sure to give these guys a good match to watch later… when me and Lilly get Team England on the Global Wars Scoreboard!

Adam: I’m sure they’ll appreciate it. But what I came out here tonight to do was talk about what’s going down this coming Tuesday. Because on that night, Future Shock will have its second annual Sydney Supershow. Last year, this show was voted as the Best of the Year by the fans. So no pressure there, but I think we got a card that may rival that one. Look at the main event! On the Sydney event last year, Harley Shannon became the very first Prospect to call herself the Future Shock Champion. And one year later, she has the chance to do it again. She has the chance to capture lightning in a bottle one more time. This time though, it’ll be against the Gold Standard’s Valerie McKinley. So...Oklahoma City, who do you like in this match?

A “Harley” chant begins to rumble through the arena as Adam nods his head in agreement.

Adam: Can’t say that surprises me too much. Missy, who are you predicting to leave Sydney with the Future Shock Championship? We all know what a fan of the Gold Standard you are.

Just the mention of the group draws boos from the crowd, which seems to amuse the Director as he listens to them.

Missy: Oh yes, I’m a massive fan... of watching them get beat! I’m predicting Harley is going to put Valerie in her place and reclaim the Future Shock Championship!

Adam: That sounds pretty unanimous to me. How many of you are fans of “10 Star” Tara Cortez?

More boos.

Adam: Ouch. How many of you would like to see her in a strap match in Sydney with the “Lucky Star” Andi Takata?

That gets a very positive response.

Adam: That’s what I thought. All of you will have that chance come Tuesday at the Sydney Supershow. You don’t have to order it on Pay Per View either. Just tune in the same time as always for Future Shock, and you’ll be treated to a two hour special event. You’ll even see Lydia Charisma defend the Aspire Ring against Gemma Pierce, and well...that’s where your help is needed. We all know Mara Werth is the next in line for a shot at it. But I’m looking to get a group consensus on who should be next! So what I am going to do is throw out a few names, and whoever gets the loudest response….well, she’s gonna get it. You think that’s fair, babe?

The Evolution Champion gives a nod of her head.

Missy: I think that’s extremely fair. Future Shock is all about the fans, so it’s only right that they get a chance to give you their thoughts on who they’d like to see next. Plus, as I learned when I was up for Graduation, they have pretty good taste in these matters usually.

Adam: Well then, let’s get it started. I’ve got 3 names in mind, so let’s go through them and see which one appeals to you guys most. The first choice is the twin sister of this woman right here. How about….CASSANDRA STEEN?

Nothing but boos rain from the crowd. Adam grits his teeth as though he touched something hot all of a sudden.

Adam: Well I guess that rules her out.

Missy: Oh wait a shame… but see, I knew they had good taste!

Adam: Now we’re down to two. So I’m curious to hear how you all feel about…’THE LIONESS’ ELIZABETH LANNISTER?

The boos continue, causing Adam to shake his head as he looks to his girlfriend.

Adam: Man, I’m really way off base tonight, I guess. Looks like they don’t want to see Elizabeth get a shot either.

Missy: The Gold Standard are coming in bronze tonight it seems. Oh, well… what a shame. Hopefully your third option will go over better with these guys.

Adam: Let’s find out together then, shall we? My third option is someone I think you all may be a little bit more favorable towards though. You guys like the outdoors, right? Hunting and fishing and all that?

The crowd gives a very positive response to that question.

Adam: Well what do you say to….’MIDNIGHT’ MILA MARTIN?

That gets a much louder response as Adam leans towards the crowd as though he’s having a hard time hearing them as they get louder.

Adam: I think we have ourselves a definite frontrunner here, what about you?

Missy: It definitely sounds like these guys prefer your third option, without a doubt.

Adam: See, I knew you guys would help me make this decision. I know she’s already en route to Sydney, so when she lands and watches the show, won’t she be in for a surprise! Thank you all for helping me make this very important decision tonight. And you know what else? Now this part is a secret, alright? Just between all of us and...the millions watching at home. So mum’s the word, alright?

He raises his finger to his lips as if to say “shhhh” to the crowd.

Adam: There MAY be a surprise on the show. But you didn’t hear that from me. We’re heading to Sydney, and I’d love all of you to see what the Future of FFW looks like. Thanks for hearing me out, and to this gorgeous woman right here for her assistance.

Adam raises her hand, and shares a kiss with her before the show heads to commercial.

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Maggie: The following match is scheduled for one fall to a finish!!

Zack: For those of you who also follow Future Shock..and if you don’t, you should….you know the match we are about to see has some history to it.

Mai: Yeah, the history is Angelina can’t stand to hear the truth about the hellhole she calls home. It’s like a homeless woman fighting because someone insulted the bridge she lives under.

The techno beat of Britney Spears’ “Work Bitch” hits over the speakers and out walks Angelina Fantastica in a pair of pink aviator sunglasses and a matching satin baseball jacket with “Fantastica” emblazoned on the back in white script. She struts down the ramp, high-fiving fans and blowing kisses to the crowd as she works her way toward the ring.
Maggie: Introducing from Staten Island, New York… she is Angelina Fantastica!
As she gets to the end of the ramp Angelina takes a few steps back, tosses her jacket and sunglasses to the side, and takes a running leap toward the ring, somersaulting over the top rope and landing on her feet with a bright smile, stretching out her arms to wave to the crowd before making her way to her corner.

Zack: Angelina’s coming off a major win at Unstoppable 9 to show how much being part of FFW means to her.

Mai: We call that ass kissing, and I hate people who do that. Speaking of which, I adore her opponent!

The lights in the arena sharply cut off, leaving everything in complete darkness. The chiming of a clock is heard echoing in the darkness, followed by a chipper, circus like chime tone. As the tone chimes on, a vibrant gold spotlight shines down on the top of the stage. The circus chimes are soon replaced by the opening chorus of “Villain” by Wildfire.

"Tic tic toc, the time bomb clock
Ticks grinning ear to ear here baby
Tic Tic Toc, the time bomb clock
ticks counting down...
tic, tic stop!"

At the exact moment “stop” is sung, the song kicks into full gear, setting off a series of shimmering gold strobe lights going off on either side of the ramp. A few seconds pass before the controversial redhead, Valerie McKinley makes her way out from behind the curtain and stands in the immediate center of the stage, standing in the gold spotlight. Coming out behind her in his wheelchair next to her was her manager, one Kyle Kilmeade.

"You know I speak in riddles,
And I’m plotting to destroy
Villain as I always was
Crazy is as crazy does"

Clad in a mid-thigh length leather jacket worn open over her gear, Valerie looks around at the crowd showering her with a rousing chorus of boos. Her championship is slung over her right shoulder as she looks over at Kyle and the pair simply shake their heads. The strobe lights begin to lessen in intensity as the pair makes their way down the aisle, her arms at her side and a focused look on her face. As she makes her way to the ring, the fans on either side of the aisle make their displeasure at her appearance rather noticeable, which Valerie simply dismisses with an arrogant flip of her hand.

"My sanity's in short supply
Mad as a hatter, hey surprise!
T-T-T-Ticking bomb on the inside
Livin' with the villain pacing in my mind."

Maggie: Ladies and gentlemen, making her way down to the ring, being accompanied by Kyle Kilmeade…..from Providence, Rhode Island...she is the reigning FFW Future Shock Champion…….Valerie McKinley!!

The boos grow louder as Kyle hops up onto the apron and climbs into the ring. Valerie hops up onto the apron and spins around so her back is resting on the ropes. With her head bowed, she lifts both arms up towards her head and has her pointer finger and thumb on both hands close to her head. She lifts her head up and extends her arms out, her fingers pointing out at the crowd like pistols. She then makes a motion like she was firing her finger guns at the crowd before turning around to see the referee already holding the ropes open for her. She steps through the open ropes and into the ring.

"I'm blowing up the mystery
And all the pretty things you see
Light flame to fuse
And Sparks will fly
You said goodnight
Now say goodbye."

Once in the ring, she walks around with her left arm extended outward,her right hand hoisting her title aloft, reveling in the heat from the crowd. She walks over to the corner and peels off her jacket, letting it drop to the apron as the lights return to normal and her music fades out. She rests her back against the turnbuckles and brushes a few stray strands of hair out of her face, awaiting the start of the action.

Zack: Valerie always has that air of confidence about her, and it’s only grown since becoming Future Shock Champion several weeks ago.

Mai: Of course, it has. Having a title is like a shot in the arm, not that Valerie needed it. She’s clearly the most intelligent Future Shock Champion that place has had.

Melinda Davis checked both competitors, getting an okay from both before she called for the bell. McKinley leaned back in her corner for a couple of moments as it sounded as Fantastica stepped towards the middle of the ring and got a pop from the crowd as she waved the Future Shock Champion forward. It brought a grin to McKinley’s face and an almost laugh before she finally left her corner, stepping towards her opponent as she began to once more trash talk Staten Island. Valerie didn’t let up as she walked straight up to Angelina and slapped her across the face. Hard. Hard enough that it caused Fantastica to take a step to the side as her hand came up to her cheek and McKinley immediately followed it up with four quick fire European uppercuts to the jaw, forcing the New Yorker back to the ropes.

Mai: See there? Valerie’s already letting her know where she belongs, and it’s under that bridge we talked about.

Zack: Slapping anyone in the face rarely works out in the long run, and I’m not sure that it’s going to prove a good idea for the champion here.

The red haired wrestler kept her foe against the ring ropes as she began to bring a series of four quick knees up into her midriff while Davis told her to let her away from the ring ropes and used the count, getting to four before McKinley whipped Fantastica across the ring into the ropes. As Angelina rebounded from the opposite side, Valerie charged towards her and took her down to the canvas with a clothesline. Fantastica sat up quickly only for McKinley to drive a kick into her spine, freezing her in place for half a second as Valerie delivered another kick into the spine. It caused the Staten Islander to roll to the side as she pushed upwards to her feet only to be jerked forward into a raised knee into her midriff before the Future Shock Champion wrapped her arms around Angelina’s torso and delivered a German suplex that she bridged for the pinfall.

Mai: Look at that bridge! That’s a thing of beauty!



Zack: Well executed as it might be, it wasn’t enough to keep Angelina down barely for even a two count.

Fantastica kicked out before the two count was made and Valerie wasted no time at all as opponent sat up, rolling to a knee and applying an armbar to her foe, using all of her weight to try and keep Angelina on the canvas. Despite that the New Yorker slowly pushed upwards, getting her feet underneath her only for the Future Shock Champion to grab hold of her hair with one hand as she kept the armbar locked in, pulling her head backwards. Davis told McKinley off for using the hair, starting the five count, only to see the red head sweep the high flyers feet out from under her to send her back down to the mat once more. McKinley kept hold of her arm as she hit the canvas and followed up with a leg drop across her chest, keeping her leg across her chest as she re-applied the armbar, raising her hips for leverage as she pulled back on the arm.

Zack: This is a strategy as old as they come. Valerie wants to keep Angelina grounded, and not let her get her speed behind her.

Mai: It’s an old strategy because it works. Otherwise it wouldn’t be anything at all.

Valerie continued to exert as much torque as possible in the hold as Angelina grimaced in pain and began to beat her hand against the ring mat. The fans started to get behind the New Yorker as she began to use her power and flexibility to bridge upwards and slowly start to rise to her feet, forcing McKinley to alter her grip as she too returned to a vertical base. With the fans chanting for her, Fantastica began to fight her way out of the hold as she used her free hand to drive a fist into Val’s gut. A second fist followed it before Angelina was able to free her arm and the Luchadora quickly delivered three stiff kicks into McKinley’s body. She set off towards the ropes but barely made it two steps before the crowds cheers turned to boos once more as McKinley managed to grab hold of her opponent’s hair once more and jerked her backwards, causing the high flying wrestler to land hard on the back of her head.

Mai: It’s like she’s mind-screwing the crowd here. Angelina just starts to get something going and make these idiots shout...and Valerie shuts her down.

The Future Shock Champion raised her hands in the air to get further boos from the crowd as she began to stomp away at her downed opponent’s body, forcing her onto her back before she pressed her boot down across her throat. Immediately Fantastica kicked her feet against the canvas as she sputtered and gagged for air, trying to shove the boot off her windpipe; McKinley more intent on playing to the crowd and getting jeered further than listening to the referee as Davis demanded that she move her foot. The Rhode Islander only did so when the count reached four. Angelina sat up as she gasped for air and McKinley dropped in down behind her and applied a rear chinlock, talking down to her as she wrenched the hold on tighter.

Mai: Valerie is doing a magnificent job of taking all the wind out of Angelina’s sails. Look at her gasping like a goldfish in there.

Zack: No one is going to say Valerie isn’t talented between the ropes, Mai. She wouldn’t be Future Shock Champion if that were the case.

Slowly Fantastica began to fight her way upwards, getting her feet underneath her before she began to fire and elbow off into Valerie’s gut, landing two before the Rhode Islander loosened her grip enough for Angelina to reach behind her, grab hold of her foe’s head and drop down into a seated jawbreaker. McKinley reeled backwards, holding her jaw for a moment before she recovered and advanced on the New Yorker who roll backwards from her sitting position into a handstand that saw her drive her feet upwards into her opponent’s jaw, causing the red head to fall backwards onto the canvas as the brunette returned to her feet.

Zack: Now Angelina’s starting to put some offense together, and Valerie’s getting her molars checked as a result.

Immediately Angelina set off across the ring, bouncing off the ropes and came back towards McKinley, delivering a running European uppercut to her jaw as soon as the Providence native had returned to her feet. The Gold Standard member tottered as she managed to stay upright, allowing the luchadora to follow up with three more European uppercuts that continued to stagger her backwards into the ropes. Fantastica took hold of her wrist and fired her across the ring into the far side ropes, catching McKinley on her return with a leg lariat that caught her across the chest and sent her straight back down to the canvas once more. As soon as her back hit the ring mat, Valerie rolled to the side and pushed up to her feet only to get caught straight away with a deep arm drag that sent her rolling across the ring.

Zack: Like I mentioned at the outset, these two have met before and it was hardly a cordial affair. They don’t get along, and I doubt they ever will.

Mai: That’s only because Angelina is jealous of her. She wishes she grew up with Valerie’s upbringing.

The Future Shock Champion quickly attempted to pick herself up and almost immediately regretted it as Fantastica snapped off four stiff kicks in quick succession to the redhead’s stomach before she spun around and drove a spinning back kick into her gut to complete the combination. McKinley dropped to her knees and cradled her gut, but it was only a momentary respite thanks to Angelina spinning back around to face her opponent, grabbing hold of her hair and jerked her head upwards and then back down into a single knee facebreaker that saw Kilmeade’s stumble backwards into the corner. As soon as she hit the turnbuckle pads, Fantastica skipped forward and drove a raised knee into her midriff that she immediately followed up with a high kick across the bridge of Val’s nose. The referee barely got a chance to ask Angelina to let her opponent out of the corner before the luchadora yanked her away from the pads and sent her charging across the ring with an Irish whip.

Zack: It’s hard to stop a runaway train, and that’s the territory we are getting into right now with Angelina. She’s actually going to be part of the Future Shock Cup soon.

Mai: I can’t believe this girl defeated Kaylee. Did she have a headache that night?

Fantastica immediately set off behind her opponent, catching her mere milliseconds after she struck the turnbuckles with a high knee strike to her jaw. The New Yorker immediately backflipped onto her feet and took off towards the ropes as her opponent staggered forward out of the corner; Angelina quickly heading towards the ropes and into the Fantasticanrana - a springboard hurricanrana - reaching back to hook McKinley’s legs as she landed the move and held for the pinfall.

Zack: FANTASTICANRANA! Valerie may be out cold!



Mai: Please! You think that’s all it’s going to take to put the Future Shock Champion down?

McKinley’s shoulder came up from the mat and Fantastica nodded her acceptance of the referee’s count as she pulled the Rhode Island native back up to her feet only to plant her back onto the mat with a snap DDT. Fantastica kipped straight back up to her feet and made for the nearest ropes, springboarding off the middle rope into a moonsault that saw her crash down onto Valerie’s back. The Future Shock rolled away in pain, holding her back and tried to sit up only for Angelina to bounce off the ropes again and this time come back with a low dropkick into Valerie’s spine that caused the red head to cry out in pain. Fantastica quickly pulled her foe up to her feet and into a reverse DDT, slamming her head down into the mat before she went for the cover and hooked the leg once more.

Zack: It’s a good thing the title isn’t on the line, because I don’t think we are too far from a win here for Angelina!




Mai: I do. Seriously, this woman defeated Kaylee?!

Valerie kicked out of the pinfall only to be pulled up to her feet by Angelina and once more forced back into the ring ropes by a series of knees from the Luchadora. Fantastica delivered two additional knees into McKinley’s breadbasket before she sent her across the ring, jumping up into a leapfrog only to find it unnecessary as the Gold Standard member didn’t return, stopping her momentum by grabbing hold of the top rope. Fantastica glared at her opponent as she landed back on her feet, getting up on the tip of her toes and quickly sprinted forward to catch the red haired woman with a spinning heel kick that took her over the top rope. McKinley flipped over and landed on her feet on the floor and staggered while Angelina landed on the apron; the crowd loudly behind her.

Mai: Talk about catlike grace! Did you see Valerie land on her feet right there, Zack?

Zack: I did, but she’s still been knocked loopy by Angelina. You can be dizzy on your feet as much as on your back.

Quickly the New York born luchadora measured up McKinley, waiting for her to turn around before she darted forward into a baseball slide into her foes face. Valerie stumbled and fell into the barricade once more only to receive a running boot into her stomach from her opponent to double her over, allowing Fantastica to hook her head and pull her away from the guardrail into a bulldog. McKinley held her face with both hands as she came to her feet, allowing the wrestler from Staten Island to bring her back to her feet and roll her into the ring underneath the bottom rope as the referee demanded the action is returned to the ring. The Luchadora clambered up onto the apron and catapulted herself over the top rope into the ring to deliver an elbow drop into Valerie’s chest as she tried to sit up, driving her back to the canvas and Fantastica made the cover, hooking the leg as she did so.

Mai: This isn’t gonna work! This isn’t gonna work!




Zack: That was the closest fall of the whole match so far! Angelina came with all the fight she could ever want, and she’s close to upsetting the champion here!

McKinley kicked out once again before the referee could complete the three count, Angelina looking towards Davis who holds up two fingers to her to confirm the count. Fantastica rolled away to her feet and measured up her foe, watching her as she rolled to the ropes and began to pull herself upwards. As she got to her knees, the Future Shock Champion rested on the middle rope, prompting Angelina to take off across the ring and came back to deliver the Fantast-Kick as Valerie brought her arms up in front of her face. Despite this the Gold Standard member reeled backwards, spinning around as she came to her feet and Angelina darted across the ring once more, hitting the ropes and came back towards McKinley, leaving her feet as she went looking for a wheelbarrow DDT. The red haired woman, however, countered the move and drove Angelina face first into the canvas with a sit out wheelbarrow facebuster.

Mai: Look at that brilliant counter, Zack. That’s what Harley Shannon is in for at the Sydney show on Tuesday.

Zack: I’m sure Harley is watching closely with a notepad in hand. But that’s Tuesday on Future Shock, there’s a whole other challenge right now for Valerie.

Fantastica rolled away and held her face as she came to her feet only to skip forward with a superkick attempt as Valerie returned to a vertical base… getting nothing but air as McKinley dropped down to one knee and used her arm to sweep out her opponent’s standing leg, causing her to crash backwards onto the canvas. Quickly the Future Shock Champion pushed up to her feet once more and delivered an elbow drop into the luchadora’s stomach. Angelina curled up slightly as she cradled her arms over her midsection which saw her opponent quickly grab hold of her legs as she attempted to turn her over into an elevated Boston crab. The New Yorker though, fought against being turned over, McKinley delivering a stomp into her stomach, followed by a second before she tried again. Still Fantastica fought against the attempted submission move, finally pulling her legs into her chest to kick McKinley away from her.

Zack: Angelina’s doing everything in her power to avoid any kind of submission, and that’s pretty damn smart.

Mai: Even a blind squirrel will find a nut once in a while, Zack.

The Providence native caught herself against the ropes with a shake of her head as she stared daggers towards Angelina, watching as she almost returned to a vertical base before she charged at her and took her down to the canvas with a sling blade. Once more Fantastica started to push upwards and once more found herself put back down on the canvas as McKinley snapped off a swinging neckbreaker. Angelina held her neck with both hands as she forced herself back up to a sitting position and Valerie took full advantage of the opening to drop to her knees behind her opponent and locked in a Full Nelson, interlocking her fingers behind Fantastica’s neck as she did so.

Zack: I’m not entirely sure Valerie has the leverage advantage enough to get the full effectiveness of this full nelson.

Mai: Who asked you? Has Angelina gotten out of it? No.

Davis dropped down in front of Fantastica, asking her if she wanted to submit and getting a ‘No’ from Angelina who began to kick her foot against the canvas as she grimaced in pain. McKinley leaned into the hold to increase the pressure as she kept her foe sat on the mat. Still the New Yorker refused to quit, her hands opening and closing into fists as her face was still contorted into a mask of pain; her foot continuing to kick against the mat, becoming more rhythmic with the crowd beginning to rally behind her, urging her to break the hold. As the chants spread throughout the crowd, Angelina planted her feet on the canvas, leaning backwards as she slowly began to rise back to a vertical base causing Valerie to do likewise. As they both stood up Angelina stomped down on Valerie’s foot that caused her to scowl in anger and pain momentarily before she jerked the luchadora upwards and backwards into a Full Nelson slam. Quickly Valerie made the cover and hooked the leg as she did so.

Mai: I always did like a good full nelson slam, and Valerie clearly does too!




Zack: She’d have liked it more if she had gotten the three with it, but Angelina’s still in this match.

Fantastica rolled her shoulder to stop the count before it could reach three and Valerie verbally chewed out the referee as Melinda Davis showed her the two count while. The Gold Standard member pulled her opponent up to her feet with her, driving raised knees into her middle before she scooped her upwards and slammed her into the canvas with a sidewalk slam. McKinley rose to her feet and backed up to the ropes only to charge forward and slammed a knee trembler into the side of Angelina’s head, causing her to drop backwards onto the canvas. Quickly Valerie grabbed hold of the luchadora’s legs and this time managed to roll her over onto her front as she locked in an elevated Boston crab, forcing her knee into Angelina’s spine.

Mai: Valerie’s got her own version of the Boston crab. Look where that knee is right now.

Zack: That’ll definitely help with the leverage and pressure she’s looking for. Angelina needs to find an answer quick.

Davis dropped back down in front of the woman from Staten Island, asking her if she wished to quit and getting a very definite ‘No’ from the luchadora. Valerie pulled back a little further, adjusting her stance to push her knee deeper into her foes back to increase the pain. Still Angelina refused to quit even as her hand wavered over the canvas. Instead of tapping out the New York resident began to drag her body towards the ropes, scrabbling and clawing at the canvas in an attempt to find an escape. Valerie shook her head, straightening up and began to drag her opponent more towards the middle of the ring. Angelina making full use of the opportunity present to her to fight and struggle against the hold being locked in once more and free her legs from the grip of the Future Shock Champion. Valerie leaned in in an attempt to affirm her grip and Fantastica grabbed hold of her head and jerked her downwards into a small package.

Zack: Where did that come from?! Angelina with a small package!!




Mai: The small package is the same as saying you can’t beat someone without trying to sneak up on them. The only difference is when people I like use them.

McKinley kicked out a moment before Davis completed the three count. Angelina rolled backwards to her feet and immediately dropped back to the ropes, bouncing off them and diving into a handspring and into a tornado DDT. The Rhode Island native shoved her opponent away from her before she could get her head planted on the canvas. Fantastica spun around and darted towards her foe. McKinley brought her boot up and drove it into Angelina’s midsection, doubling her over. Quickly Valerie applied a wristlock to Fantastica before she yanked her forward into the Crown Jewel short arm lariat. Quickly Valerie dropped down and hooked both of her foe’s legs as she made the cover.

Mai: The CROWN JEWEL, Zack! Thanks for coming, Angelina! Actually, no thanks.




Zack: It doesn’t get much closer than that right there! All the credit in the world to Angelina for getting out at the last second!

At the very last heartbeat of the count, Angelina managed to get her shoulder up and stop the count. Valerie glared daggers at the referee, slapping her hands together three times as she demanded the three count only to see the official show the two count once again, pointing to the shoulder that came up from the canvas. It only caused the One Percenter to give Davis a dirtier, more disgusted stare, slapping her hands together three times once more before she finally turned her attention back to Angelina who had made her way to all fours. McKinley pulled her upwards, talking constantly as she looked to continue to get underneath her opponent’s skin. The Future Shock Champion pulled her opponent towards her and set her up for the Divine Providence reverse swinging STO only for Fantastica to suddenly come to life, kicking her legs upwards to hook them around McKinley’s arm and drag her down into a crucifix pinning attempt.

Mai: She’s going for DIVINE PROVI---WHAT?! NO NO NO!!




Zack: Was that three?! No, it wasn’t! Valerie nearly had her whole night ruined, and Kilmeade’s sweating bullets!

Valerie kicked out in the nick of time and immediately looked to the official who was showing the two count to all concerned. With a look of slight relief on her face, McKinley switched her focus back to Angelina who was trying to quickly get back to her feet and tagged her on the jaw with three quick European uppercuts. Fantastica staggered back three steps and Valerie once more grabbed hold of her hand, applying a wristlock as she jerked her forward looking to connect with a second Crown Jewel. Fantastica sees the lariat coming though and ducks underneath it, slipping her hand free of the wristlock and continued to run towards the ring ropes, leaping onto the bottom rope and springboarding backwards into the Staten Island Expressway, driving a handspring back elbow into the side of Valerie’s jaw. As the Future Shock Champion held the point of impact and staggered backwards, Fantastica spun around and caught her flush to the side of the head with an enzugiri, sending McKinley down to the mat.

Zack: Concussive force enzuigiri right to the dome of the Future Shock Champion, and Angelina’s smelling victory!

Mai: It’s probably just the scent of whatever budget deodorant she’s using that she is smelling.

Valerie lay back on the mat, barely moving as Angelina slowly got back to her feet and moved towards her foe, stepping over her and into the corner. Fantastica looked back towards her still unmoving opponent and quickly climbed up to the top rope before she launched herself off the top into the Avenging Angel corkscrew shooting star press.


Mai: Yeah, and she got nothing out of it! What a sucker!

And landed on nothing but mat as Valerie rolled out of the way at the last moment. McKinley quickly pushed her way up to her feet and as Fantastica pushed up to her knees, holding her ribcage with both arms, Valerie unleashed a stiff spinning roundhouse kick to the side of her head. Angelina slumped to the side only; Valerie jerked her opponent upwards quickly and drove her straight back down into the canvas with the Divine Providence reverse swinging STO. McKinley made the cover and loosely hooked Angelina’s leg as Davis slid into position.

Mai: That’s what she went for earlier, and got all of it too! DIVINE PROVIDENCE for Angelina!




Zack: Nobody gets up from that one, and unfortunately for Angelina, she wasn’t going to make it either!

Davis called for the bell as Valerie sat up, raising her arms in her air in celebration while the official retrieved the Future Shock Championship. Angelina rolled away to the ring apron as Valerie slowly began to push up to her feet.

Maggie: Here is your winner, by way of pinfall, representing The Gold Standard, the Future Shock Champion!… VALERIE MCKINLEY!!!

Mai: If it’s humanly possible, Valerie has even more momentum heading into her title defense in Sydney. I’d feel bad for Harley if I liked her.

Zack: Angelina came within an eyelash...I mean an eyelash of putting this match away. And---look who’s out here again.

Lyla Fox was seen standing at ringside with her arms crossed over her chest. As Angelina rolled out of the ring, she began talking to her and telling her something before offering her a hand.

Zack: I’d love to know what exactly Lyla Fox has to do with Angelina, or why the owner’s PA has been watching her matches.

Mai: Probably offering her a job cleaning out Samantha’s bathroom. That’s about what she’s good for. What matters is Valerie McKinley is on one hell of a streak!

The One Percenter snatched her title away from the referee and raised it high above her head, getting booed loudly by the crowd as Davis raised her hand in the air. With a huge smile on her face, Valerie rolled out of the ring to join Kyle, raising her title in the air once more as she continued to celebrate her victory before the show cut elsewhere.

Old School Saves The Day

We cut to a scene somewhere in the woods, and find a single car parked along a dirt road. Inside is a couple making out until the girl in question hears a limb snapping, and immediately pulls away from her fairly horny boyfriend.

Girl: What was that? Did you hear something break?

Guy: I think it was my zipper….

She gives him a stare, and listens a bit longer before she finally getting back to what she was doing before it happened: playing tonsil hockey.

Ki ki ki ki ma ma ma ma

The tongue slithering continues until more breaking sounds are heard. Once more, the girl pulls away from her horny boyfriend.

Girl: There it is again! You can’t tell me you didn’t hear that this time.

Guy: I really didn’t. I think the blood has gone well past my ears. Now...where were we?

Girl: I don’t think we should----WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?!

Her boyfriend joins her gaze as a man carrying a machete is standing a few feet from the car. He’s wearing a mask, of course.

Girl: We gotta get out of here! I’ve seen enough horror movies to know how this ends.

Guy: Goddamn cockblocking son of a---

As the masked man proceeds towards the car, a pair of arms snaps around his waist and he gets a German suplex into the dirt. The couple in the car watch curiously as he starts to get up again until something scampers into him with a headbutt. Two more of them follow that before the figure gets to her feet, and piledrives the masked man into the dirt and then drags him out of sight.

Gi gi gi gi Ba ba ba ba

Guy: Who was that girl?

Girl: I’m not sure, but……

“What’s Golden” by Jurassic 5 begins to play out of nowhere on the car radio. Both of them look down to the console as it plays.

Girl: I think…..I think we’ve just been saved by Old School.

As the shot fades out, the following words appear on the screen.



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A quick recap shows the altercation at the end of the Fast Track Championship match at Breaking Point before we head back to the ring with Maggie and her microphone in her hand to begin.

Maggie: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is part of the Global Wars series!

Zack: After what we saw at Breaking Point, I can’t tell you how much I’ve been looking forward to this match. I’ll soon be joined by the manager of three of the women involved, Christian Kincaid.

Maggie: Introducing first…..Team England!

The lights in the arena go off before a single purple spotlight hits the stage. As the opening bars of Wild Side by Cross My Heart Hope To Die starts to play Missy appears at the entrance way. Missy stands perfectly still, as her head stays bent, looking towards the ground and her manager Christian Kincaid walks out to stand behind her.

I've been on my best behavior
But I've heard that good girls finish last
And once you're gone they say no one can save you
But who knows if I go I may never want to ever come back
We've all fell victim to temptation
It seems that I'm the last one holding on
What's the use in fighting for my salvation
And why does it feel so damn right to want to be so wrong

At the side of Missy purple lights flash on and off, looking almost like fireworks, causing a wave of oohs and cheers to escape from the crowd. As the lights subside, Missy raises her arms up to the air and a single white spotlight accompanies the move.

I just wanna dance with the devil tonight
I wanna know what it feels like
I wanna close my eyes, put my hands in the sky
I wanna walk on the wild side

Maggie: Introducing at this time…. Hailing from Leeds, England, the FFW Evolution Champion… she is MIIIIISSSSSY!

Missy makes her way down the ramp to the ring keeping her eyes straight ahead, focussing on the ring, with Christian following a few steps behind. When she reaches the ring she slowly climbs the steel steps, building the crowd to fever pitch with anticipation, she climbs elegantly between the bottom and middle rope and climbs up onto the middle rope. She smirks before blowing a kiss out to the crowd as her theme music ends, and her manager returns to the back.

Zack: Of all the things Missy ever expected to be part of, I’m sure a tag match against her Chaotic Temptation partner was not amongst them. But here we are!

“All Stand Up” by Status Quo starts to play as the young lady runs out onto stage, heading to one side she urges the crowd to their feet, clapping her hands above her head. Skipping across to the other side, she waves them to their feet as she once more claps her hands over head. Quickly moving back to the ramp, she sprints down to the ring, sliding underneath the bottom rope and getting to her feet quickly. Bouncing off the ropes she powerslides across the ring on her knees before hopping to her feet and continuing to rally the crowd by stomping on the mat and clapping as she heads for her corner.

Maggie: The young lady approaching the ring comes from Sheffield, England by way of New York City, New York. She is 5’7” tall and weighs 144 lbs….LILLY ARTHUR!!!

Zack: Many would agree that Lilly Arthur was close to becoming the new Fast Track Champion at Breaking Point. I have been informed a rematch will take place very soon though.

The arena falls dark as the opening of “Blonde, Bad and Beautiful” by Airbourne plays, Kelly explodes upward out of the middle of the stage as though shot out of a cannon, landing a perfect front somersault in a shower of blue sparks. The girl is joined by Christian Kincaid on the stage. Turning to face her husband, she turns to face him, giving him a big hug as she plants a kiss to his lips. As the music starts to pick up pace once more she starts to run toward the ring, performing a quick cartwheel into a handspring before sliding into the ring underneath the bottom rope. Using the momentum to her advantage, the former acrobat forward rolls to her feet and leaps onto the middle rope. She springboards off the ropes into a backflip and heads towards the corner. The former acrobat runs straight up the pads. Stopping on the top turnbuckle she blows a kiss to the fans and corkscrew flips back to the mat, facing the middle of the ring as she lands while her husband heads to the back one last time.

Maggie: From Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York, 5’5” tall, weighs 115 lbs and is accompanied to the ring by Christian Kincaid. Please welcome...KELLY KINCAID!!!

Zack: Kelly Kincaid was not happy about being left off Unstoppable 9, thanks to the owner’s attempt to pit her against her sister. So you can bet she’s got some frustration to work off here tonight.

“Hands To Myself” by Selena Gomez starts to play through the speakers around the arena.

Can't keep my hands to myself
No matter how hard I'm trying to
I want you all to myself
You're metaphorical gin and juice

So come on give me a taste
Of what it’s like to be next to you
Won't let one drop go to waste
You're metaphorical gin and juice

As the opening verse ends and the tempo starts to increase Scarlett Silver walks through the curtain onto the stage with her manager, Christian Kincaid. The lights dip for a moment before she steps forward and a red spotlight shines down on her.

Cause all of the downs and the uppers
Keep making love to each other
And I'm trying, trying, I'm trying, trying
All of the downs and the uppers
Keep making love to each other
And I'm trying, trying, I'm trying, but I

Can't keep my hands to myself
My hands to myself
Can't keep my hands to myself
My hands to myself

Scarlett struts down the ramp acknowledging the crowd with a smile, with Christian following a few steps behind. Pausing halfway down she sways her hips in rhythm with the music and slowly blows a kiss out to the crowd.

Maggie: Introducing at this time… Hailing from Los Angeles, California….Your FFW Fast Track  Champion, Scarlett Silver!

Scarlett reaches the ring and slides under the bottom rope before jumping to her feet and climbing onto the turnbuckle facing the stage. She raises her arms up high then jumps down to join Christian in her corner, for a last minute, pre-match discussion prior to him heading over to the broadcast booth.

Zack: Scarlett and Kelly are hardly friends, and I doubt they get along all that much. But they’ll need to tonight in order to put some points on the board for the USA. Welcome to the booth, Christian.

Christian: Thanks for having me back once again. I never dreamed I’d see this particular match, but that’s what happens in Global Wars, isn’t it?

Referee Kevin Fisk checked all four women for foreign objects, and then called for the bell. Both teams shared a few words before Scarlett and Lilly chose to start the match. The pair looked across at one another, and locked up in the center of the ring. Lilly started to push Scarlett back into the ropes, and gave her a clean break that she quickly transitioned into an armdrag take down. Lilly drove elbows into Scarlett’s shoulder as she got to her feet, and then fired a few kicks into her back as she was trying to get back to her feet. The champion finally made it, and was immediately pulled into a rear waistlock into a German suplex. The Fast Track Champion started to get to her feet, and caught a short knee to the back from Lilly. Another rear waistlock into a German suplex followed that, sending the champion back onto the mat again.

Zack: We’re picking up right where we left off at Breaking Point, Christian, and Lilly must feel like she has a point to prove against the Fast Track Champion.

Christian: In fairness, she does have reason to feel that way since she didn’t get to finish the title match. But she’s getting another one, so I suspect tonight is more about making a point.

Lilly headed for the neutral corner, and climbed up onto the second turnbuckle from the inside. When Scarlett started to get up again, she came off with an ax handle blow to her back. It sent the champion stumbling forward as Lilly rebounded off the near side for a one handed bulldog. Scarlett’s face struck the mat just as Lilly hit the near side again for a cannonball onto Scarlett’s back. The Fast Track Champion clutched it in pain, and immediately rolled out to the floor just as it looked like Lilly was about to strike again.

Christian: It’s like I’ve said before, Zack. Scarlett is a bit of a slow starter in matches, it’s always been that way. Don’t assume that this means Lilly has some great advantage already.

Zack: I wasn’t going to say so. But I was going to say that she has definitely maintained control of this match since the bell rang. And wisely, she’s not going out after her either.

Scarlett walked around the corner, clutching her back for a moment as the referee was up to a four count. Lilly remained in the center, letting him count, before Scarlett started to climb up onto the apron again. The Brit went to get her, but Scarlett lowered her shoulder and caught her with a thrust between the ropes. It doubled Lilly over for a half second before Silver grabbed her head, and dropped back to the floor to snap her neck across the middle. Arthur began coughing and trying to get her breath before Scarlett rolled back into the ring. The British brunette started to rise, and Scarlett was quickly there to greet her with a knee trembler to the side of her head that doubled her over to all fours. Silver used the ropes for a guillotine leg drop across the back of her head before rolling her over to go for the cover.

Christian: If you can’t tell, I’ve been teaching my clients some new stuff lately. That’s one Scarlett has perfected.




Lilly kicks out as the two comes down, and Scarlett quickly gets back to her feet. She drags her towards her team’s corner, and makes the tag to Kelly. The acrobat enters the ring by jumping onto the top rope, and crashing down with a senton across Lilly’s body before she can get to her feet.

Zack: You can expect the speed and tempo of this match to pick up now. Kelly’s not wasting any time in bringing out the high impact, just like that!

Arthur starts to get up again, and Kelly catches her with a spinning heel kick to the body. She fires her across to the neutral corner, and follows her in with an avalanche splash. Lilly stumbles out of the corner as Kelly hops up onto the middle turnbuckle. She waits on her to turn around, and plants her with a missile dropkick to the chest. As soon as Lilly tries to get up again, Kelly starts laying in European uppercuts that rock her backwards. Another whip across for  the ride sees Kelly pop Lilly up into the air and back down for an elevated facebuster! She quickly rolls her over, and makes the cover as Fisk drops to count.

Christian: And that would be something I recently showed Kelly to add to her arsenal. That’ll knock you out right there, Zack!




Once more, Lilly manages to kick out in time. Kelly hammers elbows into the side of her head before she gets up again. She pulls Lilly with her, and hooks her head into position for what looks like a DDT. But before she can execute it, Lilly drives her backwards into the corner. Five shoulder thrusts follow that before a back body drop puts the former acrobat on the mat.

Zack: Kelly might have taken a little too long to hit that DDT, and Lilly was ready with a counter in mind. The thing is I’m not sure how long Kelly’s gonna stay down compared to a very worked over Lilly.

Lilly started to her feet at the same time as her opponent. When Kelly went to get her, Lilly caught her with a mule kick to the ribs that stopped her in her tracks. She made her way to the top rope as Kelly started to stand up straight, and drove her into the mat with a blockbuster! Kincaid almost bounced off the mat before Lilly made the cover with a hook of the leg.

Zack: That’s one hell of a blockbuster, and Lilly’s getting back into control of this match. She could do with a tag though, IF Kelly isn’t done.




Kelly rolled her shoulder in time, and Lilly started back to her feet. The brunette was up to her feet a bit quicker, and bolted towards the ropes. Kelly got to her feet next, and turned into a springboard back elbow from Lilly that sent her staggering backwards and down to the mat.

Christian: I have to give Lilly credit. That was a very impressive chain of moves right there. But you’re right, she definitely should be thinking about making a tag here.

Lilly got back to her feet, and was about to head for her corner when she spotted Kelly beginning to get up again. She stopped and took off towards her with a clothesline, but Kelly ducked the contact. As soon as Lilly turned around, they caught each other with bicycle kicks to the chest that dropped them both where they stood. Fisk started to count both women down at this point.

Zack: Both women had the same idea right there with those bicycle kicks, and now we’re at a stalemate in this match. Both need a tag, who’s gonna make it first?

Christian: Well Kelly’s closer, so if it turns into a race, I’d have to go with her. Lilly should have made the tag when she had the chance instead of going after Kelly one more time.

Both women began to head for their team corner, with Missy keeping her arm outstretched for the tag and trying to encourage her partner to move faster. Scarlett was doing similarly as Kelly finally lunged in her direction. She made the tag as Scarlett stepped through the ropes as Lilly was about to make it….and she did to tag in Missy. The Evolution Champion stepped through, and looked across at Scarlett as a buzz began to rumble through the arena.

Zack: I was wondering if we were going to see this happen, and it looks like we are! The Evolution and Fast Track Champions, both members of Chaotic Temptation, have checked in!

Christian: Listen to the crowd, they want to see it too! And to be honest, they need to get this out of their systems. And judging by the thousand yard stares in the ring, we’re not far from that.

Scarlett and Missy shared a few words with one another, none of which seemed to help the matter before they went straight at each other. Right hands from both women began unloading on one another in a flurry as the crowd ate it up. Missy began to get the better of the shots though, rocking Scarlett backwards with a few more punches topped off by an elbow to the top of her head. She whipped her across for the ride, and caught her on the rebound with a Thesz press before raining more right hands to her head. Scarlett managed to flip her off to the canvas, and get back to her feet before Missy grabbed her in a rear waistlock for a belly to back suplex to plant her on the mat. The Evolution Champion took off for the near side ropes, and connected with a double knee drop to her body.

Zack: They’re picking up right where they left off at Breaking Point, and Missy is certainly getting the better of it right now! We are seeing half of Chaotic Temptation implode before our very eyes!

Christian: I don’t think that’s the case personally. I think they just need to get this out of their systems, like I said. And don’t ask me who I think is better. This is Global Wars, you can call me Switzerland.

Missy yanked Scarlett to her feet, and whipped her hard into the far corner. Scarlett landed back first as Missy took off towards her with an European uppercut. But the Fast Track Champion sidestepped her, causing Missy to stop herself before she hit the turnbuckles. As soon as she turned around, Scarlett poked two thumbs into her eyes, pulled her out by the hair, and dropped her with a DDT. She sat up, trying to catch her breath, as she looked down to Missy stirring beside her. A look of anger formed on Scarlett’s face, talking some smack to her as she got back to her feet.

Zack: Neither one of these two women are happy with each other, and I won’t repeat what I think Scarlett just said to Missy right there.

Christian: Yeah….that’s probably for the best honestly. She didn’t invite her to an ice cream social, if the fans at home missed it.

Scarlett pulled Missy to her feet into a front facelock, and drove repeated knees into her face. She scooped her into a fireman’s carry before dropping her across her knee to collapse to the mat. The 3 time champion headed for the corner, making her way to the top rope for a knee drop followed by one more. A cover was made there, but as the referee was about to drop into position...Scarlett shook her head and got back up again.

Zack: Scarlett nailed the BOOM BOOM right there, and could have gone for the cover! But….I don’t think she’s done yet!

Christian: Yeah, that…..that’s a mistake. I get they are angry with one another here, but if you got a chance to pin any champion in FFW, you go for that.

Scarlett waved Missy to get up, wiggling her fingers as she propped up against the ropes. The Evolution Champion started to do that very thing before Scarlett bolted towards her. Missy sidestepped her coming in though, and shoved her chest first into the ropes. Scarlett bounced backwards off the collision, and Missy planted her with a reverse hurricanrana. The Evolution Champion sat up on her knees with a look of irritation on her face.

Zack: Look at Missy’s face! You can tell that this has been building between them. They didn’t used to be friends, and it looks like we’ve come full circle now.

Christian: No, they were hardly friends for many years. It wasn’t until they got here together, and started talking that things started to smooth out. But you’re right, that’s not a face you want to see coming home.

Missy took off for the far side, and rebounded quickly to look for her curb stomp. But Scarlett rolled out of the way, which didn’t seem to slow Missy down as she turned on a dime with a running kneelift into her face. It rocked her backwards before Missy ducked low, scooping Scarlett overhead into an Alabama Slam. She immediately dove into the cover with a hook of the leg before Fisk dropped to count

Zack: Silver damn near bounced off the mat with that impact, and Missy’s not going to waste an opportunity to get the win!




Christian: I think Scarlett has Missy’s favorite moves well scouted, and has learned some of her tendencies. I mean they’ve known each other for years after all.

Scarlett got her shoulder up in the nick of time, and Missy got back to her feet. She circled around to the other side, watching her opponent like a hawk. As soon as Scarlett got to all fours, she darted towards her again with another curb stomp in mind. But again, Scarlett had it scouted and avoided the contact. But when Missy turned around, Scarlett caught her with a dropkick that sent her backwards into the ropes and got her arms caught.

Zack: That’s not a good place to be right there. Missy’s stuck in the ropes, and I don’t think Scarlett’s going to show a lot of mercy.

Christian: You’re absolutely right about that. Scarlett’s not showing her any kind of favoritism because they are in the same group. Hell, you’d think they were blood enemies.

The Evolution Champion tried to get free until Scarlett rushed her with a knee trembler to the side of her head. She then rained right hands down into her face as the referee told her back up so he could get her out.  Scarlett bounce off the near side ropes, and barely avoided catching the referee with a boot across Missy’s jaw. She leaned over her, grabbing her by the chin to talk some more smack before slapping her across the face.
Christian: That….that was a mistake. A really big mistake.

Zack: You’re telling me! Missy looks like she’s been possessed! And there goes Scarlett!

That slap seemed to ignite something in Missy as her eyes went wide, and she finally managed to free herself without the referee’s help. She darted straight for Scarlett, who bolted towards her corner and tagged in Kelly. The blonde looked down at Scarlett, who was standing on the floor. Missy shouted at her to get back into the ring as Kelly stepped in behind her with a schoolgirl roll up for the cover!

Zack: Kelly from the blindside looking to pick up the win!




Missy manages to kick out in time, and quickly gets back to her feet. Kelly greets her with a knife edge chops across the chest, which Missy returns. A chop comes back from Kelly, causing Missy to turn away from her. When the blonde goes to grab her, Missy surprises her with a Pele kick to the head that drops her where she stood.

Christian: Remember what I said about showing them new stuff? Missy really took to the Pele kick, as you can see. Scarlett may want to stay out until Lilly comes back...or if Lilly gets back into the match.

Kelly rose to her feet with Missy circling around behind, and slapping on a full nelson. As soon as she felt it sink in, Kelly tried to make it to the ropes. But Missy dragged her back to the center of the ring. Fisk moved around in position to see if Kelly wanted to stop the match, and was clearly told she didn’t. Kelly once again began to make her way towards the ropes step by step. This time, Missy wasn’t able to pull her back before Kelly grabbed the top rope with both hands. Fisk called for a break. And as soon as Missy let go at four, Kelly grabbed her head, and planted her with a stunner!

Zack: I don’t know who got the worst of that exchange, but both women are down in the middle of the ring. Whoever moves first will give us our answer.

Christian: I’m going to guess Missy got the worst. Kelly felt the full nelson coming, and Missy didn’t see that stunner at all. It’s the ones you don’t see that hurt the most, Zack. And uh….well...suddenly a chair.

Scarlett had slid a steel chair into the ring as both of the women were starting to get back to their feet again. The referee scolded her for it, and went to get it. Missy used the ropes to help her get up. And while the referee was getting the chair out, Scarlett clocked her in the back of the head with the Fast Track title and then tossed it to the floor. Missy stumbled forward into Kelly’s grasp, and right into her headlock driver.

Zack: Good Lord, that shot to the head from Scarlett! I don’t think Kelly----CLIPPED WINGS!!



Scarlett intercepted Lilly as she was coming into the ring during the count.


Fisk called for the bell as Scarlett scurried out of the ring to collect her title off the floor. Kelly looked around for a moment as she climbed to her feet, and got her hand raised in victory.

Christian: Yeah…….I have a feeling that didn’t resolve anything with them….especially the way it ended.

Maggie: Here are your winners….KELLY KINCAID and SCARLETT SILVER…..TEAM USA!!

Zack: Team USA adds three points to Global Wars, and Kelly can give an unknown assist to the Fast Track Champion clocking Missy with the title!

Christian: Scarlett may want to leave the arena early tonight. Matter of fact, let me go pass on that bit of wisdom.

Christian left the booth as Scarlett headed up the stage anyway. Kelly rolled out to the floor as he explained what happened, while Missy glared daggers towards Scarlett and held the back of her head. On this image, the show headed to commercial.

Raven’s Choice

A clip shows us the recent triple threat between Mallory Bennett, Raven Knight, and Charlotte Harker where the winner got to pick the stipulation for the Ultraviolence Championship match at Sin & Sacrifice. We see Raven picking up the victory to earn her way into the match, as well as getting to pick the match type as well. From there, we go back to the live broadcast and find her with the COO.

Seth: I have to tell you, Miss Knight, I was very impressed with your victory in that triple threat. I can appreciate someone who seizes an opportunity, and that’s precisely what you did. Job well done. Consider yourself officially added to the Ultraviolence Championship match at Sin & Sacrifice.

Raven: What can I say? I found the thought of messing up the plans of Mallory and Charlotte extremely motivating. The looks on their faces was almost reward enough for me… but not quite. That will come next, now I’ve got my ticket into the Ultraviolence match.

Seth: Indeed you do. You also get a chance to go one on one with Mallory again next week at Breaking Point. I had booked that, but I saw that my sister had added Miss Harker as the referee for the match. She may look to return the favor as far as messing up plans.

Raven: I dare her to. It’ll only make me more determined to cause her extra pain at Sin & Sacrifice. With her being the referee she’ll get a good view of the damage I cause to Mallory. I’m not worried about either of those two.

Seth: I had a feeling you wouldn’t be. But as per the rules of that triple threat match, I am going to need to know what it is you have in mind for Sin & Sacrifice. What kind of match type suits you to challenge for the title?

Raven: I’m sure everyone thinks that I’m going to choose something fire related. Because apparently that’s the only thing in my arsenal…

The firestarter rolls her head across her shoulders and gets a wicked glint in her eyes.

Raven: Just because I like playing with fire, doesn’t mean that’s the only thing I’m good at. So, contrary to popular belief, there is no fire involved in my match of choice. My choice is… Prison of Punishment. I do like to have plenty of toys at my disposal and no way for my vic-- I mean, opponents, to run away from the fun.

Seth nods his head as he hears her choice.

Seth: Well it’s been a little bit since we have had one of those, but no time like the present. It will be a Prison of Punishment for the Ultraviolence Championship at Sin & Sacrifice. That roofed cage with weapons hanging all around seems like a perfect battleground for all three of you. I look forward to seeing it, Miss Knight.

A graphic shows the match now confirmed for the title at Sin & Sacrifice before the show heads to a commercial for the upcoming Sydney Future Shock event.
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Maggie: The following contest is your main event of the evening and it is scheduled for one fall to a finish.

The mad guitar of Trivium’s “To The Rats” assaults the PA, as glitched images of the open roads are shown in the big screen. When the drums kick in, a single volley of red fireworks shoot up from the stage, and the sound of a roaring engine can be heard as well. On her motorcycle, Alysson shows atop the entrance ramp wearing a full biker gear, holding her crowbar on one hand, forcing the engine so to make a loud roar noise, as if it could drown out the crowd’s boos. After that, she jumps off the bike and removes her helmet with her free hand, looking over the crowd and shaking her head, and smashing the crowbar into the ground a couple of times before opening her arms wide and letting out a loud war cry.

Maggie: Introducing first, from the Open Road... "The Outlaw" -- ALYSSON GARDNER!

After that, the Big Red walks down to the ring, removing her biker jacket and leaving it in the way along with her crowbar, before she rolls into the ring under the top rope. She then kipups back to her feet and starts showing off for the crowd, climbing the nearest turnbuckle, throwing more cross-arm horns and smirking at the booing crowd. Alysson then jumps down and takes shelter on her corner, eyeing her opposition directly in the eyes.

Zack: Alysson had a successful outing against Mickey Scarborough on the last Velocity, and she is preparing to face the returning Nevaeh Summers at Sin & Sacrifice, but first she has one of Nevaeh’s best friends to contend with - the former Evolution Champion.

Mai: It’ll be a good warm up for her, and a small preview for Neveah of what’s to come for her at Sin & Sacrifice.

“God money I'll do anything for you. God money just tell me what you want me to.
God money nail me up against the wall. God money don't want everything he wants it all.
No you can't take it! No you can't take it! No you can't take that away from me!
No you can't take it! No you can't take it! No you can't take that away from ME..!”

The strange wails of “Head Like A Hole” begin to sing out as fog begins to envelope the top of the ramp and a green spotlight begins to try and cut through the haze of the fog. The hands of the many fans begin to reach through the fog, giving the image similarity to the souls of the damned reaching up through the abyss. Suddenly two figures begin to emerge through the thick green smog and make their way down to the ramp. The Witch of Wall Street is reading a newspaper as she walks to the ring, joined by Christian Kincaid.


Maggie: Accompanied to the ring by Christian Kincaid... From Berkeley, California and weighing in tonight at 170 pounds... She is THE WITCH OF WALL STREET... THIS IS *THE* STEPH STEFANO!

Steph rolls her newspaper up and talks with Christian a few moments. After nodding she rolls into the ring, and runs to the nearest turnbuckle, one foot on the top and the other on the second. Look out to the cheering crowd among green spotlights she taps her wrist before hopping down as the lights return to normal.

Zack: Steph was the longest reigning Evolution Champion that FFW has seen and even without the title now, she will be just as dangerous. If Alysson is expecting a walk in the park, Steph will be ready to show her the error in that thinking.

Mai: Alysson won’t think it’s going to be a walk in the park, but that doesn’t mean that she isn’t going to walk all over Steph anyway.

Referee Jennifer Stringer finishes checking both women and waits for Maggie to be completely clear of the ring before she calls for the bell to get the match underway. Neither woman hangs around in coming out of their corner. They meet in the centre and immediately unleash a series of right hands into the sides of the each other’s heads. Steph starts to get the better of the exchange and pushes Alysson back towards the ropes, but before she actually hits, Alysson clocks Steph with an uppercut that freezes her in place for a split second. Using that moment to her advantage, Alysson connects an elbow into the side of the former Evolution Champion’s head and then fires her across into the opposite ring ropes. Steph rebounds and Alysson meets her with a stiff clothesline that flips her off her feet to land heavily on her back on the canvas.

Zack: Both women came out explosively there, but it’s Alysson with the upper hand after that clothesline that nearly turned Steph inside out.

Mai: If she was smart she would just stay down there on her back now and not delay the inevitable!

Steph gets back to her feet fairly quickly and shakes herself off, before quickly ducking down to avoid an oncoming running clothesline from Alysson. Gardner stops herself short of hitting the ropes face first and spins on a dime to face her opponent again. Steph catches her by the shoulders and drives her knee up into Alysson’s ribs, getting a cheer from the Oklahoma City crowd as she does. A second knee shot to the ribs hits its target perfectly, before the brunette pulls Alysson towards her for a forearm smash to the jaw. An elbow to the side of her head follows before Steph whips the redhead across into the corner. Alysson hits back first and Steph follows her in with a shoulder thrust that lifts her off her feet for a moment. As Alysson gets her feet back underneath her, Steph pulls her forward to drive her knee into her face as Stringer asks Stefano for a clean break. Steph delivers one more knee into her face and then uses a hip toss to bring her out of the corner to the canvas as the referee reaches a count of three.

Mai: Alysson’s being generous and letting Steph think that she has a chance to win, that way it’ll be sweeter for her when she rips the rug out from under her.

Zack: Suuuuure, if that's what you want to think. Both women are giving as good as they got so far, and neither is giving an inch to their opponent.

Alysson starts to rise and Steph is straight on her to pull her up the rest of the way back to her feet. The brunette starts to hammer forearms across Alysson’s jaw as soon as she is upright, as the redhead raises her hands to try and deflect the blows. As soon as she does, Steph grabs her arm and fires her across into the ropes. Alysson rebounds off and Steph catches her immediately delivering a back body drop to deposit Gardner heavily on the canvas. A double knee drop into Alysson’s chest follows from the former Evolution Champion before she gets into position for a cover, prompting Stringer to drop into place beside them for the count.

Zack: A nice sequence from Steph and she is trying to put this match away early.



Gardner gets her shoulder up before Stringer can complete the two and as Steph rolls back to her knees, Alysson strikes quickly with a headbutt to the face that sends Stefano backwards to the canvas.

Mai: She had no chance of keeping Alysson down for three then. She should be thanking her now, since Alysson just gave her a free nose job. She’d have had to pay a fortune for that at her plastic surgeon.

Steph rolls with the momentum of the shove, but it is Alysson who is back to her feet first, with a look of disgust on her face. Steph gets to a vertical base just a few seconds after her, but Alysson has already closed the gap between them. She unleashes a flurry of elbows into the side of the brunette’s head and then fires her across into the nearest corner. Completely ignoring the disdain from the Oklahoma City crowd, Alysson charges in after Steph and takes the wind out of her sails with a shoulder thrust into her ribs. Grabbing her by the head, Alysson starts to bounce it off the top turnbuckle, and as Stringer asks for a clean break, she pulls the former Evolution Champion out and sends her across into the opposite corner. Stefano hits back first again at speed, and another shoulder thrust from Alysson winds her again. Alysson backs up a few steps and then charges in again with a running dropkick, managing to hit the same spot as the shoulder thrust again. Steph starts to stagger out of the corner and Alysson catches her as she does, unloading a flurry of forearm shots to her head.

Mai: Steph should have just stayed down when she had the chance earlier. I hope Nevaeh is paying attention, because Alysson is going to give her even worse!

Steph tries to catch hold of Alysson’s arm to prevent further shots from landing, but Alysson avoids the move. She plants her feet and grabs Steph’s arm instead to whip her across into the ropes. Stefano bounces off at speed and Alysson leaves her feet for a standing dropkick to push her back into the ropes for a second time. Steph rebounds off again and this time Alysson catches her with a kick to the gut to bend her forwards. She reaches around the brunette’s body and lifts her up before spinning her around and using a DDT to drop her unceremoniously to the canvas. Stringer slides into place as Alysson hooks a leg for a cover.

Zack: A nice tilt-a-whirl DDT from Alysson and she is going for a cover of her own.




Before Stringer can complete the three, Steph gets her shoulder up to a massive pop from the Oklahoma City crowd.

Mai: This crowd would cheer the opening of envelope. She got her shoulder up, not developed a cure for the common cold.

Steph pushes Alysson off her and gets back to her feet. She gives herself a shake as the crowd cheer her. Gardner rolls her eyes at the crowd support of Steph as she gets back to a vertical base of her own. The two women go toe to toe in the centre of the ring and Alysson makes the first move towards an attack. Steph dodges the oncoming attack and counters by driving her knee into Alysson’s gut forcing her to bend forwards. Another knee into Alysson’s face follows before Steph spins around to the back the redhead and backs up a few steps. She charges at her with a chop block to the back of the knee, which brings the ‘Outlaw’ down to the opposite one. Steph drives her knee into Alysson’s back forcing her face first into the canvas. Stefano follows with a knee drop into Alysson’s spine getting a grunt of pain from the redhead, before she gets back to her feet again. She uses her foot to roll Gardner onto her back and then hooks each of her legs in one of her arms. Steph falls backwards to slingshot Alysson into the ropes. She stays on the mat, still holding the ‘Outlaw’s’ legs and raises her knees so that Alysson rebounds and trips to fall backwards onto them.

Zack: When Steph gets started on someone’s back, she doesn’t let up, and with that catapult backbreaker on top of everything else, Alysson is going to be feeling that at this point.

Mai: At least with Steph targeting their backs, there’s less chance of them having to look at her.

The former Evolution Champion gets back to her feet, quite a bit slower than before and takes a second to compose herself before she pulls Alysson back up to her feet. Christian calls out something to the brunette as she does, and she acknowledges him with a nod before she delivers a matching pair of elbow shots into the side of Alysson’s head. She spins Gardner around to face away from her and then stands diagonally behind her. She leaps up and grabs Alysson’s head and pulls backwards to deliver her jumping reverse bulldog, sending both women heavily to the canvas.

Zack: WALK OF SHAME from Steph, and she has hurt herself almost as much as Alysson with that I think. It’s a matter of who gets up first now, but with the amount of damage Steph has inflicted to Alysson’s back, she might be the slower of the two.

With both women down on the canvas, Stringer takes a moment to check on both. Steph starts to move first, and with Alysson still on her back and not having moved much at all, the former Evolution Champion wastes no more time and goes straight for a cover, hooking one of her legs, as the Oklahoma City crowd and her manager spur her on.




Alysson kicks out before the three is complete and then uses both her feet to kick Stefano in the chest, forcing her away from her roughly.

Zack: Alysson had too long to recover then. If Steph had been able to move a bit quicker she might just have gotten the three count.

Mai: Shoulda woulda coulda. She didn’t get it did she, so there’s no point speculating. Alysson is still very much in this and that is what matters.

Steph rolls with impact until she hits the ropes behind her. Holding onto them she uses them to steady herself as she gets back to her feet, giving her chest a rub as she does. Across the canvas, Alysson is also rising back to her feet. Seeing this, Steph takes off towards her, but as she goes to deliver a kick to the ‘Outlaw’s’ head to flatten her again, Alysson catches the brunette’s foot. Keeping hold of it, she gets back the rest of the way to her feet, and pushes Stefano back into the ropes. Struggling to keep her balance on one leg, Steph hits the ropes side on, and Alysson releases her leg to deliver a series of shots into the brunette’s side. Grabbing her by the shoulder, Alysson changes track to deliver a series of kicks into her body instead.

Mai: That’s it Alysson, use her like a punchbag! Or a kick bag I guess now…

Zack: Do you ever think before you speak, or are you as surprised as the rest of us by what comes out?

Alysson stops her kicks as Steph turns to face her, and instead delivers a European uppercut with such force that she almost lifts Steph off her feet. Alysson puts the brunette into a headlock and then starts to pound away at her head with her free hand. Pausing that the ‘Outlaw’ takes off towards the ropes, still with Steph in the headlock. She runs up the ropes, spinning off them to plant Steph on the canvas. Alysson gets back up to her feet and pulls Steph by the head up to hers as well. As soon as she releases the former Evolution Champion’s head though, she falls back down to her knees. Leaving her there Gardner takes off towards the corner. Ignoring the animosity from the Oklahoma City crowd, she climbs up to the top turnbuckle. Steadying herself she waits and watches as Steph pulls herself up to her feet. As soon as she is fully vertically, Alysson launches herself off and catches Steph with a hurricanrana to flip her straight back to the canvas. Without skipping a beat the ‘Outlaw’ goes for the cover as Stringer gets back into position for the count.

Zack: TORNADO SCREAM from Alysson and this could be it for this match. I’m not sure that Steph can get up from that.




Steph manages to get her foot across the bottom rope and Stringer spots it just before she completes three. The referee stops the count immediately and Alysson pushes back to her knees asking her what she thinks she is doing.

Zack: Excellent ring awareness from Steph, she’s managed to get her foot across the bottom rope and stopped the three count in its tracks.

Mai: The referee should have just ignored it and kept counting!

The referee points Steph’s foot out to Alysson to explain why she stopped the count, but Alysson is having none of it. Getting back to her feet she goes toe to toe with Stringer, telling her she was counting slow and that it should have been three anyway. The referee stands her ground and shakes her head, showing the ‘Outlaw’ two fingers to confirm the count.

Mai: Don’t waste your breath on her Alysson, this referee is obviously as moronic as the clapping seals in this crowd.

Steph quietly and slowly gets back to her feet behind Alysson, but the cheers from crowd alert the ‘Outlaw’. She spins on a dime, but not quick enough to avoid the pair of right hands that connect with the side of her head from Steph. A forearm across the jaw follows from the former Evolution Champion to keep Alysson off balance, before she is fired across into the ropes. Gardner rebounds and Steph puts her hands under the redhead’s arms and pops her off the canvas. She leaps forwards then and hits the ‘Outlaw’ with a stiff lariat as she descends. Steph wastes no time in going for a cover as Stringer slides into position again.

Zack: DEBT COLLECTOR! And Steph could be about to put this match to bed.




Alysson gets her shoulder up in the nick of time, causing a look of frustration to appear on Steph’s face as she pushes back to her knees. She doesn’t bother checking with the referee, instead just getting straight back to her feet with a little sigh.

Mai: Alysson isn’t going to let her end it that easily! C’mon red, up you get!

Alysson rolls onto her front and starts pushing up to her knees, prompting Steph to immediately land a double knee drop into the centre of her spine pushing her back down to the canvas again. Gardner grits her teeth and starts to push up again, only for Steph to land another double knee drop into the same spot again. For a third time Alysson starts to push up and again Steph responds with a double knee drop into the exact same spot, this time yelling at Alysson to stay down. The redhead pays her absolutely no attention as she starts to push up again, and this time Steph changes track. She surprises Alysson by pulling her quickly up to her feet and straight away grabbing her and lifting her to deliver her lifting side slam. Gardner hits heavily and Steph straight away goes for a cover, hooking both legs, as the Oklahoma City crowd erupt with cheers of support for her.

Zack: WITCHMADE! This has to be all she wrote now.




Stringer gets back to her feet and calls for the bell as Steph rolls off the cover and to her knees.

Mai: I demand a recount!

Zack: Demand as many recounts as you want, it won’t change the result. Steph has managed to get the three count after a close match.

Maggie: Your winner…………..via pinfall………………….*THE* STEPH STEFANO!

Steph gets back to her feet to have her hand raised by Stringer, as her manager rolls in to join her giving her a little applause before raising her other hand. On that image the show comes to an end.  
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