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April 22, 2019, 06:55:30 am
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Welcome to the Family

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Author Topic: Welcome to the Family  (Read 62 times)

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« on: September 09, 2018, 10:51:50 am »

It’s been a couple of months since I first discovered that Riley a.k.a Mouse could potentially be my half-sister. It’s something that’s been on my mind for a long time and not to mention I thought it was going to be impossible to find the truth since I have no idea where my biological father is, not that I care because as far as I’m concerned, that rotten scumbag can burn in Hell for walking out on my Mom and I not once but twice.

Had it not been for Riley contacting Cass Baumer to help track him down, this day probably would have never come. It’s funny to think that the young, shy woman I met a few months ago, who I took pity on when I discovered she was living in her van and just getting by on a job cleaning the equipment at my local gym could be my half-sister.

I walk up to the front door of my Mom’s house, dressed in a pair of black sneakers, a pair of skin tight plain black leggings, a black Nightwish Imaginaerum T-shirt and a light blue denim jacket. Knocking on the door three times, I stand there waiting before the door opens and there stands Riley, dressed in a sleeveless black Motorhead T-shirt, a pair of black denim jeans and a pair of black boots.

“Hi, Mouse…”

“Hi, Stace… come on in… your Mom and Dars are just washing up after breakfast.”


She steps aside and I enter the house as Riley closes the door behind her before we both make our way into the lounge just as Mom and Dars leave the kitchen. My Mom is dressed in a pair of blue denim jeans and a plain black blouse while Dars is dressed in a pair of blue denim shorts and a plain white T-shirt.

“Hello, sweetheart.”

“Hi, Mom.”

We both embrace one another for a couple of moments before breaking away and I turn my attention to Dars.

“Hi, honey…”

Dars smiles back at me quite pleasantly.

“Hey, y’all.”

Turning my attention back to Riley, I smile.

“So then… today’s the big day. You ready to go and pick up the DNA results from the hospital?”

Looking down at the floor, she folds her arms across her stomach.

“I… I dunno, Stace… I’m kinda nervous about going. What if there are a lot of people there? What if there are people there who will judge me for picking up DNA results? I… I can’t do it… I just can’t… I’m sorry…”

Before anyone else can say anything, Dars walks over to Riley and hugs her, cradling the young girl’s head against her own shoulder.

“Heeeyy… it’s alright, Sugar. You ain’t gotta do nothin’ if you ain’t wanna. Maybe me and Stace can go get ‘em for ya. Whatchy’all think?”

Riley looks up to me with pleading eyes as I give her a reassuring smile and nod.

“Of course. I don’t mind doing that at all.”

My Mom makes her way over to the other side of Riley and places her hand on her shoulder.

“Why don’t I make us another cup of coffee and we can just both relax here while they go to the hospital?”

“That sounds nice, Marie. Thank you.”

Marie then escorts Riley into the kitchen as I turn to Dars.

“Shall we get going then, Dars?”

Dars nods to me.

“Let’s rock n’ roll!”

And with that, we both make our way towards the front door and leave the house to make our journey to the local hospital.

Pulling up in the parking lot of the Asheville Specialty Hospital, I park the car and switch off the engine. Sitting there for a few moments, I slowly breathe in and breathe out, trying to calm my nerves before unbuckling the seatbelt.

“Okay then, here goes. Thanks for coming with me, Dars.”

“No problem. This means a lot to both of y’all and…”

She trails off long enough to shrug, seemingly touched.

“Y’all been so nice to me…”

“Well you deserve it. And if this DNA test shows that Riley is my half-sister, that means you’re going to be an even bigger part of my family than you already are… and family means a lot to me.”

Taking another deep breath, I open the car door.

“Well then, let’s get to it, shall we?”

We both exit the car, closing the doors behind us and we begin to make our way into the hospital. As we make our way up to the reception, I suddenly freeze at the sight of the one person I didn’t want to see.

“Fuck. What the Hell is he doing here?”

“Well, ain’t he party to the test?”

“Yeah but he told Cass that he’d sent his DNA test to the hospital weeks ago, I thought he would have fucked off back to whatever Hell hole he crawled out of so we never had to see him again.”

I feel my blood begin to boil and my fists clench tight.

“Whatever, let’s just pick up the results and get the fuck out of here.”

We both make our way up to the reception desk as the receptionist looks up to me and smiles.

“May I help you, ma’am?”

“Yeah, I’m here on behalf of Riley Jay, I’m here to pick up her DNA results. My name is Stacy Jones, her potential half-sister.”

I feel him staring at me and from the corner of my eye I see a smirk on his face as a light chuckle escaped his lips. Not putting up with his staring anymore, I turn to face him.

“Can you stop staring at me, please? Why are you even here anyway?”

“I came to collect a copy of Riley’s DNA test myself, after all, it’s only right that I know if I have another daughter.”

“Oh, really? And why do you even care? You walked out on me not once… but twice! You planning on wrecking her life by promising you’ll be there for her as well before then running away like the piece of shit coward you are?!”

As my voice rises, it begins to attract the attention of the other people in the hospital.

“Now, now Stacy… no need for this hostili--”

“Shut the fuck up, Jeremy! You wanna know something about Riley? She’s scared! Hell, she couldn’t even bring herself to come here to collect her results herself because of how scared she is! She’s also very timid! And if it turns out that you are her father, you better stay the fuck away from her because if you come into her life and pretend that you’re going to be there for her like you did with me, it will kill her! And I refuse to let that fucking happen!”

Dars gently places a hand on my shoulder.

“Stace… let’s just get what we came for and leave him here to whatever. If that says what you think it might say, she’s going to need you to not be in jail or worse. You ain’t needed him before, you ain’t need him now so let’s just leave him be.”

“Well, well, well… ain’t you a fine lookin’ woman. What say we get out of here and go grab a coffee or something?”

Is he seriously hitting on Dars, right in front of me? I’m going to fucking hit this bastard if we don’t get out of here soon.

“¡Cállate cabrón!”

“You’re barking up the wrong tree, asshole… my friend here actually has good taste…”

Turning to the receptionist, I stroke my hands through my long black hair.

“Have you got those results?”

“Here you go, Miss Jones.”

She hands me the documents and the moment I take them, I immediately turn around and Dars and I make our way towards the exit.

“Remember to call your old man sometime, Stacy!”

“Go fuck yourself, asshole!”

We leave the hospital and make our way towards my car and get inside. I throw the documents onto the backseat behind me and slam my fists on the steering wheel and scream.

“I fucking hate that piece of shit!”

Dars looks at me and nods slowly before she suddenly starts singing softly, something that sounds oddly soothing.

“Duérmete mi niña, que tengo que hacer
Lavar los pañales, y hacer de comer

Duérmete mi niña, duérmete solito
Que cuando te despiertes, te daré un atolito (un dulcito).

Duérmete mi niña, duérmete mi sol
duérmete pedazo, de mi corazón."

As she finishes, she reaches into the back and collects the papers.

“Calmate, Hermana… tranquilo… he ain’t worth all this.”

I nod and smile before starting the engine of the car.

“Yeah, you’re right. Now, let’s get back home and find out if I have a half-sister.”

And with that, I put the car into gear and we begin the journey back to my Mom’s place, ready to find out the result of the DNA test.

Dars and I make our way up to the front door of my Mom’s and we open it before entering and closing the door behind us. Heading into the lounge, my Mom and Riley are sitting on the couch chatting away with cups of coffee in their hands.

Eventually they look up, and Mom being able to read me like a book, can immediately sense something is bothering me from just looking at my face.

“He was there wasn’t he?”

“I don’t want to talk about it. He’s not important, Riley knows his history and doesn’t want anything to do with him, I don’t want anything to do with him. The important thing is finding out if we’re half-sisters or not.”

Sitting down beside my Mom, Dars takes a seat on the single chair sitting at the side of the three seater couch that Riley, Mom and I are on. I place the large brown envelope on the table in front of us and all of us are staring at it for a few moments.

“So which one of you is going to open it?”

Mom turns to Riley who immediately averts her eyes to the floor so she turns to me and I glance over to her and I slowly breathe in and out before looking away. I think I feel just as nervous about this whole thing as Riley does.

“It’s okay, you don’t have too… this is a tough thing for both of you.”

She picks up the envelope and glances over to Dars.

“Darlyn, my dear? Would you do Stacy and Riley the honors?”

Dars nods and accepts the envelope, opens it and scans the words on the page.

“This here says there ain’t no doubt… one in a really big number with more zeroes I’ve ever seen…”

She looks up and nods to us all.

“Y’all sisters…”

I look up to Dars and I smile as I tear slowly trickles down my cheek.

“We’re sisters? We really are sisters?”

Riley looks up now to Dars before we both look over to one another.

“My favorite HYBRID wrestler is my sister?”

Both of us stand to our feet and immediately embrace each other as the tears of joy begin to flow.

“I love you so much, Riley… I know we’ve only just found out we’re actually sisters, but from the moment I saw you, I sensed that there was some kind of connection between us but I just couldn’t figure out what it was.”

“I love you too, Stace. You’ve done so much for me… and you and your Mom allowing Dars and I stay here until we found a place for ourselves? You did all that even before you knew we were sisters.”

My Mom now stands to her feet and embraces both Riley and I before looking over to Dars and calls her over.

“What are you waiting for, Darlyn? You’re part of this family too, dear.”

Dars nods and makes her way over to us, showing us all the proof before joining the group embrace.

“So happy for you guys.”

And with that, we remain in the group embrace for a few moments longer before breaking away and we all read over the results again, chatting away as we do so.

So that’s that then, Riley Jay is officially my half-sister, and I’m so happy to have such a wonderful sister. She’s a wonderful person and I’m so happy that she was able to find such an amazing girlfriend in Dars.

It’s funny how life works sometimes. My entire childhood I was living with my adoptive parents and my adoptive brother, when they passed, I thought I had no family left. Then my biological mother comes back into my life, I find out that I have a half-brother on my her side and then today, I find out Riley is my half-sister on the other side.

Despite having all of the friends in my life, the family I chose to have, I always felt there was one little thing missing, and now I think I’ve found it in Riley Jay, my sister… my real, biological sister.
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