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April 22, 2019, 06:06:56 am
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FFW Future Shock - Episode 48

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Author Topic: FFW Future Shock - Episode 48  (Read 3009 times)
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« on: October 09, 2018, 10:27:56 pm »

Live from the Future Shock Arena in Boston, Massachusetts
October 9, 2018

A stick of dynamite is plunged into a stone wall with a fissure. The fuse burns down to the end before the wall blows apart. Covering her face from the blast is Mara Werth dressed in what looks like a tomb raider outfit. “Bringing Down the Giant” by Saving Abel begins to play. She heads inside the opening in the wall, shining a flashlight on one wall showing the FFW logo and then the Future Shock logo. As she moves ahead, she comes across a platform overlooking a pit. Upon looking inside, she sees Lacey surrounded by dead flowers blowing red mist towards her.

Oh. I hit the wall I got back up and dusted off.
I’m past the pain and I’m taking back all that I lost,
I’m going to kick you off the throne hang your crown up on the wall

We then cut to quick takes showing Lydia Charisma delivering her Ocean’s Eleven finisher. Celeste is then shown hitting her Heaven’s Cloud ace crusher to a pop from the crowd. Then we see a large bubble being blown before it pops to reveal the smiling face of Nora Harris. Bianca Reed takes off her sunglasses, and throws them into the crowd. Mila is shown with her surfboard dragon sleeper locked in before we cut back to the tomb.

Yeah your glory days are gone gone gone.
Yeah I’m bringing down the giant
I won’t sit here undecided.

Mara extends her arms to both sides, and walks carefully across the platform before she makes it to the other side. She reaches the other side, finding a hall of mirrors as she steps into another entrance. She glances at the various mirrors around her as she walks past them, while Tara Cortez passes her twice in one mirror after Mara moves away. She comes upon two stone statues that look like guardians to a door. She retrieves two gems from her pocket, placing them in the stone hands of the statues before the door starts to move.

When your world comes crashing down I’ll remind you
I’m the one who’s laughing loud in your face
Yeah yeah your karma’s coming back here to find you this is going to get a little violent
Yeah I’m bringing down bringing down the giant.

We cut away from there to see Gemma Pierce and Kaya Crimson staring across at one another. Gillie Barnes thrusts the Future Shock Championship over her head with a smile, and Harley Shannon has the Harley Headlock locked in next. Cassandra Steen is shown counting her money as Kyle stands over her shoulder. “Poison” is shown next as Rose is dressed like Harley Quinn, and slams a giant mallet onto the camera before it cuts back to the tomb.

When your world comes crashing down I’ll remind you
I’m the one who’s laughing loud in your face
Yeah yeah your karma’s coming back here to find you this is going to get a little violent
Yeah I’m bringing down bringing down the giant.

The doors finally open as Mara carefully steps forward, looking around as a row of lights come up all the way to a throne. And there sat on the throne with two lions sat in front of her is Elizabeth Lannister. She points towards Mara as the two lions roar and launch towards the camera before we cut to the live broadcast to see a roaring crowd full of Future Shock fans.

Zack: There are over 5,000 fans here in the Future Shock Arena welcoming you from wherever you are across the world! You’re watching Future Shock, and tonight perhaps more than any other night...you’ll see the future of FFW! Zack and Lyn here, and tonight you’ll see 4 debuts and one hell of a rematch in the main event. Lyn, good to have you back even if it seems people want your job.

Lyn: Yes. ...In fact apparently my ex-wife Stephanie has a... I can’t even.... Stephanie Stefano has a campaign ad she will be running later tonight. I’m just going to move on now onto the actual people we came to see tonight. What’s on tap, Zack?

Zack: In our main event, it’s a rematch between “Midnight” Mila Martin and “The Lioness” Elizabeth Lannister! The last time they met was a submission match at Future Shock Anarchy this past April. But tonight, Elizabeth wants to get in line for Lydia’s Aspire Ring and laid out a challenge. Mila accepted, round two is our main event!

Lyn: I think Miss Martin has had quite enough of Lannister and is looking to put her down and claim a shot all in one go. It’s looking like debts will be paid for the Lioness of Gold!

Zack: We’ve talked about the massive influx of new Prospects, and we’ll be seeing 4 of those girls here in their debuts. HELL Lucha Libre’s Sydney Christensen will go one on one with the “Unbreakable” Stacy Jones. Those two women are far from rookies in the ring, so I expect them both to leave it all between the ropes tonight.

Lyn: The crowd is in for a treat here tonight, they may be strangers to each other but no strangers to going hold-for-hold as you say. In terms of matwork, we’re looking at the Firestarter versus Your Final Penance and I for one, am here for this.

Zack: Also tonight, Lyn, whoo boy! Trinity will debut, and boy have they gotten a lot of attention! It’ll be the youngest of the trio, Mikayla, meeting the debuting Luna Cortez. And while this may be Luna’s first official match, it’s far from her first appearance in Future Shock.

Lyn: We’ll find out if Luna, i.e. Second Banana, a.k.a. Tara Deuce can stake up but I expect the youngest of Future Shock’s personal Coven is going to show out tonight!

Zack: We’re gonna hear from Big Pixie Pump, as I like to call her. Nora Harris is here, and she’s got a HUGE match awaiting her when we get to Nemesis in that massive 5 on 5 elimination match against the Gold Standard.

Lyn: Big Pixie Pump is your hookup, holla if y-- Oh, we are? Well Zack I look forward to that. Nora’s got quite the team assembled here, between the Future Shock champion in Harley, Killer B, and the former Future Shock tag champs in NHB... This is looking titanic.

Zack: There’s n o telling what else we may see before the night is through.  I understand we got an interview standing by, Lyn. Let’s send it to Sara backstage with one of the women debuting in a matter of moments.


We cut backstage to find Future Shock interviewer, Sara Wilkins standing by with a microphone in hand and a smile on her face.

Sara: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, one of Future Shock’s newest Prospects, “Unbreakable” Stacy Jones.

The camera pans out a little to reveal Stacy Jones standing beside Sara dressed ready for her match later on tonight.

Sara: Thanks for joining me, Stacy. Tonight we will see you make your Future Shock debut against another debutant in the form of Sydney Christensen. What are your feelings heading into this match?

Stacy nods, glancing down at the floor for a moment before lifting her head back up.

Stacy: I feel excited, Sara! I’m so pumped up and ready to go! I can’t wait to go out there, step between those ropes and put on a match that the Future Shock fans will never ever forget! You see, as I said two weeks ago, I live, eat, sleep, breathe wrestling! I love going out in front of a crowd, no matter how big or small! I don’t care if I’m wrestling in front of ten people or ten thousand people, as long as I get to do what I love? That’s all that matters!

Sara nods and smiles.

Sara: Many fans have been saying that Sydney is the perfect debut opponent for you due to how many similarities you two have. Both of you are seasoned veterans of the sport, and both of you are very hard workers with a never give up attitude. What are your thoughts on this?

Stacy: I agree wholeheartedly with that statement. We’re almost the same age, we’ve held various championships in other companies we’ve worked for. As well as her experience, she’s a highly driven woman with a lot of heart and she works her ass off to be the best she possibly can be which is the best way to describe me as well. It’s going to be one Hell of a match and I know I’m going to have my work cut out for me, but I thrive on that. I love new, tough challenges because I like to push myself to my limits every single time I step into the squared circle.

Once again, Sara nods.

Sara: What’s your strategy going to be against her?

Stacy: Well, her style is technical and she’s good with her submissions, so I’ll be trying to utilize my high-flying as much as I can to counter her. Also with my high-flying ability, I’ll be able to keep my distance so she can’t ground me and utilize her technical and submission skills. With that said however, due to the various training I’ve had over the years, I like to consider myself a hybrid wrestler and I can utilize various styles of wrestling. At the end of the day, you can have a strategy in place going into a match, but you need to be able to adapt on the fly just in case that strategy isn’t possible, and that’s something I am capable of doing.

Sara: I see. I have one final question for you, this one is more about the fans rather than the match itself. Everywhere you’ve gone, you’ve always been a fan favorite. Would you say that having the fans in your corner helps you in your matches?

Crossing her arms over her stomach, Stacy pauses for a moment to think.

Stacy: In all honesty, Sara...the energy that comes from the crowd does spur me on, and thus far I’ve been fortunate enough to have the fans always be on my side. That said though, I understand that that’s not always going to be the case because I could be facing a crowd favorite so obviously the fans are going to be rooting for them. Whether it’s a positive or a negative reaction, it still spurs me on because any reaction is better than no reaction. Not only that, but I’ve always said that it’s the fans that are the reason why we are able to do what we love and they spend their hard earned money to come and see us so if they want to cheer me? Fantastic. If they want to boo me? They have every right to do so. All that matters to me is that I go out there and give them something to remember, whether they love it or hate it.

Sara: Well Stacy, thank you for your time and best of luck tonight.

Stacy: Thanks, Sara.

Stacy gives her one last smile and a pat on the shoulder before she disappears out of camera view.

Sara: Well there you have it, folks. Stacy Jones is ready for her debut and it’s surely going to be a match you don’t want to miss. Back to you guys…

And with that, we cut back to ringside.

Lyn: Let it never be said that Stacy is not a woman of the people, Zack.

Zack: Sounds like Stacy’s ready for business, and just in time too, LYn. Because that match is coming right up! Take it away, Gaby.

The camera heads up to the ring with the “Wildcat” ready and waiting with her microphone in hand in front of her.

Gaby: The opening contest of Future Shock is scheduled for one fall, and it is a Prospect dual debut!

The sound of a guitar strumming subtly begins to echo in the arena, leaving those in attendance wondering what is going on. The angelic voice of one Lzzy Hale of the band Halestorm is heard next, her voice serenely starting the opening verse of “I Am The Fire.”

Am I brave enough?
Am I strong enough?
To follow the desire
That burns from within
To push away my fear
To stand where I'm afraid
I am through with this
'Cause I am more than this
I promise to myself
Alone and no one else
My flame is rising higher.

As the song picks up the tempo, her voice becomes more intense, kicking into the chorus.

I am the fire
I am burning brighter
Roaring like a storm

Midway through the chorus, the curtains part and out walks the pride of Calgary herself, Sydney Christensen.  She steps out to the middle of the stage and juts her arms out on either side of her, tossing her head back as the fans show their appreciation. She picks her head up and slowly brings her arms in front of her, her index fingers pointing down to the ring. Dropping her arms to her side, she begins her march towards the ring, nodding at a few fans along the way. Once she reaches the ring, she hops up onto the apron and steps through the bottom and middle ropes. Almost immediately, Sydney walks over to the ropes and raises her arms above her head, encouraging the fans as they cheer on the proud Canadian. Sydney then walks over to one corner of the ring and rests her back against the turnbuckle, awaiting her opponent as her music fades out on one poignant line of the chorus.

And I am the one I've been waiting for
Screaming like a siren
Alive and burning brighter
I am the fire!

Gaby: Introducing from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, this is…...SYDNEY CHRISTENSEN!!

Zack: Straight out of HELL Lucha Libre, Sydney Christensen is no stranger to Future Shock. Before signing her Prospect contract, she certainly visited us frequently. Adam told me it was one of the easiest negotiations he ever had, because Sydney had been wanting to come here for a while.

Lyn: When they come with Adam’s Seal of Approval you know they’re gonna be something special. ...I mean you know, the guy finds all the best talent, but when he really has his eye on someone... Look you know what I mean.

The opening bass line to "I Will Not Break" by A Sound Of Thunder blares out of the PA system and the camera pans around the arena as the fans rise to their feet and cheer wildly.

"And you heard the girls talking...and you thought they were talking about you..."

"Oh no, we can't ask her! She's a creep!"

"Who are they talking about?"

As the song kicks in, the camera cuts to the stage where we see "Unbreakable" Stacy Jones standing there with a large grin on her face. She then begins to make her way down the ramp, slapping the fans hands on the way.

Gaby: Making her way to the ring...from Orlando, Florida by way of New York City, New York...standing in at 5 foot 7 and weighing in at 150 pounds! "Unbreakable"...Stacy...Jones!

Once she reaches the bottom of the ramp, she turns to her super fan, Elsie and removes her plain black wool hat and places it onto her head before she makes her way over to the ring before hopping up onto the apron. Putting her back to the ropes, she takes hold of the top rope with both hands and proceeds to backflip over the ropes and into the ring.

Walking to the centre of the ring, she unzips her leather jacket and then throws up the devils horns with her hands before removing her jacket and handing it to a ringside employee as "I Will Not Break" fades out.

Zack: Enthusiasm is not in short supply with Stacy. Much like Sydney, she’s been eager to get her feet wet here in Future Shock, Lyn. She’s got plenty of experience just like her opponent, so we might see a show stealer here in the opening match.

Lyn: A match of the night in the making if I’ve ever heard one.

Referee Ashley Pruitt checks both women for anything foreign, and calls for the bell after Gaby leaves the ring. Both head towards the center, and shake hands. They circle a bit, and lock up. Stacy immediately begins to push Sydney back to the ropes before the blonde breaks the hold, and slides around behind her into a rear waistlock. But Jones doesn’t let that persist long before she catches her with a back elbow to the side of her head. Two more follow that, sending Sydney back a couple steps before Jones starts firing European uppercuts that send her stumbling back further. She whips her across into the far corner chest first, causing Sydney to stumble backwards after she collides with the turnbuckles. Jones runs in behind her, using an inverted headscissors takedown to snap her to the mat. She immediately applies a seated side headlock from there.

Zack: Stacy could be the quicker of the two, and she’s definitely come running out of the gate with some fast offense. Being veterans as they are, Lyn, do you think there are any butterflies?

Lyn: There’s always that expectation to perform that hangs on you, Zack. The best of us never lose it. They remember it even if it becomes channeled differently from wrestler to wrestler.

Sydney starts to get back to her feet with Stacy still keeping the headlock applied. The blonde tries to shoot her off, but Stacey doesn’t let go. A few well placed shots to the back gets the job done though, and Sydney follows up with an atomic drop that sends Stacy into the ropes. Jones quickly recovers and turns to grab her before Sydney surprises her with a discus clothesline that puts her down on the mat. The brunette barely has time to get up before Sydney grabs her into another rear waistlock, and immediately snaps off a German suplex. She takes off towards the near side, and comes back with a kneelift as Stacy is getting up to her feet. Jones stumbles backwards for a split second, and Sydney grabs her head for a swinging neckbreaker followed by a pin.

Lyn: If there is one thing I can say about Christensen so far... Intensity. Every landing of every one of those moves, from the clothesline to the kneelift, and that neckbreaker! ...I could feel it.



Stacy kicks out before the two hits the mat, and shoves Sydney away from her to roll in the other direction. She gets back to her feet, only to find her opponent right behind her. Christensen grabs her into position for what looks to be a DDT, but Jones hooks her arm on the top rope as Sydney drives herself onto the mat.

Zack: There’s some of those veteran instincts right there. Stacy knew where she was, and let Sydney have all of that DDT she ever wanted.

With the Canadian starting to get back to her feet, Stacy took off for the far side and came back with a handspring into a back elbow to the jaw. Christensen staggered backwards before Stacy jerked her forward into a Spanish fly that excited the crowd. She quickly rolled her over, and went for the cover.

Lyn: Good God almighty what a Moonsault Side Slam! Jones showing off just how Unbreakable she is! ...The same cannot be said for Sydney’s lower back right now!




Sydney’s arm came up as the two struck, and Stacy made it back to her feet after that. She bolted for the ropes again, this time connecting with standing frog splash after the rebound.

Zack: Stacy’s like trying to catch a lightning bolt in the ring. It’s very clear that speed is one of her biggest attributes.

The blonde started to get up again, and Stacy pulled her the rest of the way. She whipped her across into the far corner back first. Jones followed her in with what looked to be a Stinger splash, only for Sydney to sidestep her. The brunette hit the corner hard before Sydney scooped her up into a full nelson slam. She dragged Jones away from the ropes and let her start to get up again before locking in a dragon sleeper. The referee slid around in position to check for a submission as Sydney had the hold tightly applied.

Zack: I think Sydney’s trying to sap some of Stacy’s energy here, and a dragon sleeper is a fine way to do it. Even if she escapes, this will have slowed her down a fair bit.

Lyn: Working that stamina, weakening that explosive speed that would otherwise pose a problem. That is the name of the game for Sydney right here.

Pruitt asked Stacy if she wanted to stop the match, and got a definite no to the question. Sydney continued to add pressure, causing Stacy to reach for any ropes she could find. But none were within reach as her movements began to slow. Pruitt went to check her arm before Stacy grabbed Sydney’s head, and then brought her knee up into her face. It broke the hold, and sent Sydney to a seat on the mat. Stacy rolled away from her to try to get her wits about her. But that didn’t stop Sydney long before she went after her again. Stacy pulled herself to her feet with the help of the ropes, and Christensen grabbed her head to pull her back to the center. As soon as they got there, Stacy surprised her with a jawbreaker. The Canadian beauty wobbled where she stood off that shot, and Jones followed up with a single knee facebreaker before covering Sydney with a hook of the leg.

Zack: Stacy’s not quick, she’s sudden! And Sydney’s in trouble!




Once more, the blonde got her shoulder up in time. Stacy climbed back to her feet, and headed for the corner. She scaled it like a cat, and perched herself waiting for Sydney to get up. When she finally did, Stacy connected with a missile dropkick to her chest.

Lyn: That missile dropkick was a Stinger hitting right on target and I think that rattled our Canadian Export’s ribs!

She took off towards the ropes, jumping over Sydney on her way. As she rebounded, Stacy went for a rolling senton splash….only for Sydney to get her knees up and land on them instead. The brunette collapsed to the canvas, clutching her lower back as Sydney slowly got back to her feet. She pulled Jones up with her, and hoisted her up high overhead to hold her there. Four seconds passed before she brought her down with a brainbuster, spiking Stacy’s head and neck into the mat.

Zack: Sydney was letting all the blood rush to her head, and just drilled her into the mat. Lyn, this match has gone back and forth like a pendulum.

Lyn: And these fans are loving every single second of it... That brainbuster from Sydney was a work of art if I have ever seen one!

She pulled her back to her feet, and planted her head between her legs. Christensen bounced her back off the ropes into a sitout powerbomb. She leaned forward into the cover as Pruitt slid into position to make the count.

Zack: A slingshot sitout powerbomb, Sydney’s got some power and this may be academic!




Stacy managed to get her arm off the mat before the 3 came down. That didn’t deter the blonde though before she sat her up, and immediately applied a neck crimp.

Lyn: I... Huh. That is unique. What... What do you even call that, Zack?

Stacy’s face showed quite a bit of pain as Sydney continued to apply more pressure. She let go of the hold briefly to drive a trio of elbows into the same location, and then applied the crimp once again. The referee asked for a submission from Stacy, but still didn’t get one. Jones, however, reached up and boxed Sydney’s ears. The first one wobbled her, and the second got her to let go. She climbed back to her feet, rubbing her neck as Sydney came forward to grab her. Jones caught her head, and dropped her with a facebuster. Still rubbing her neck, she got back to her feet and headed for the corner.

Zack: I have a feeling Stacy’s looking to put this one in the books. You can see her neck is giving her trouble after all Sydney’s done to it.

Lyn: That equilibrium shock from getting her ears boxed in and we might be seeing...!

Stacy made her way to the top rope, measuring Sydney and coming off with an imploding 450 splash. It connected perfectly before she hooked the leg for the cover, as the referee slid into position to make the count.

Zack: She calls that the TIMES ARROW!!




Pruitt called for the bell as Stacy rolled off the cover with a little bit of a smile on her face. When she got back to her feet, the referee raised her hand to a pop from the crowd.

Lyn: The Unbreakable stays unbroken tonight!

Gaby: Here’s your winner by pinfall…………………….’UNBREAKABLE’ STACY JONES!!!

Hearing the ring announcement made the smile wider as she headed for the corner to climb the turnbuckle to thank the crowd. She hopped back down, and helped Sydney to her feet out of respect.

Zack: Job well done to Stacy Jones! A very impressive debut for her before she takes part in the charity show on Velocity two nights from now as part of Future Shock.

Lyn: Let’s take nothing away from Sydney tonight however, damn fine showing and she’ll certainly has a future here. Tonight however, belongs to Jones.

She rolled out to the floor, still smiling as she headed up the ramp. On that image, Future Shock takes its first commercial break.

A Lighted Path

Upon returning from the break, the show immediately goes backstage to find the Director of Future Shock Adam Grant with a pedestal and a large silk cloth covering something sitting atop it. He is soon joined by the Aspire Ring bearer herself, the “Rawk of Ages” Lydia Charisma. As soon as she arrives, he greets her with a handshake.

Adam: Lydia, thanks for joining me! I realize the tweet the other night about a major change coming to Future Shock might have sounded ominous, but...it gets attention and this change revolves around...you!

The Jukebox Powerhouse takes the hand of the Director of Future Shock, the other hand showing off the Aspire Ring she still has in her possession. With a grin she crosses her arms and looks back at the pedestal and cloth.

Lydia: Are we about to show off the new Future Shock Magazine and I’m making the first front cover? Are they gonna do an editorial about me? Because then I have to tell all about my favorite workout playlists and we don’t have that kinda time, Adam!

Adam: Nah, print is about dead. No no, this is totally different. I’ve made a major change as it pertains that Ring on your finger. As a matter of fact….I’m retiring it. It’s going in FFW’s Hall of Fame over in Los Angeles. And I’m replacing it with….

He tugs the silk cloth off to show a brand new championship seated on the pedestal. A solid silver plated title with five lights in the center that form an A with LED lights in red, green, blue, purple, and yellow.

Adam: Lydia, I’d like to introduce you to the Future Shock Aspire….Championship!

Lydia: ...

The “Rawk of Ages” takes a slow step forward towards the title... And... Well, loses her freaking mind. She lets out a loud ‘OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!’ followed by ‘OOH!’ ‘OOH!’ ‘OOH!’ ‘OOH!’ and one last ‘OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!’ before she literally runs off-camera... And runs back, pointing silently to the title, to herself, and mouthing ‘Oooohhhhhh....’

Lydia: Adam. Do... Not tell me this beautiful Silver Siren of Salacious Salvation is the new strap in place of the Aspire Ring. Because not going to lie, this little ring and I have grown kinda affectionate but... Oh man oh man it even has lights... LIGHTS!

Adam: That’s exactly what it is. With each defense, we’ll turn on one more light till 3 or 5 of them are fully lit. Also, check this out…

He reached behind the title, and caused only the green light to burn before he takes out a nameplate with Lydia’s name on it. He holds it in front of where the nameplate would go, lets go, and it snaps into place.

Adam: The silver is magnetized. There’s your first light glowing for your win. What do you think?

Lydia: What do I think...? Adam I think I’m about ten seconds from going full Wayne’s World on you with a ‘I am not worthy’. Ehem... If you’ll give me a second to say goodbye...

She turns her back as the camera zooms in, while the Aspire Ring Bearer (about to be known as Aspire Champion) speaks to the ring on her finger as she rolls it off. Cue emotional swell of music that sounds suspiciously similar to that one song from Titanic. You know the one.

Lydia: Well buddy... We had some good times together. We also had some sad times together... But you’re gonna go to a better place now, okay? I promise I’ll visit you in to old championships’ home every weekend, and bring you that polish you really like.

Record scratch, Lydia turns and hands off the ring to Adam. He plucks it from her, and places it into his pocket before stepping back with his hands pointed towards the title.

Adam: I think you should be the first one to lay hands on the new championship. It’s all yours, champ!

The Aspire Champion breathes in deep before taking the championship gingerly with both hands. She eyes up the green light before hanging it gingerly over her shoulder.

Lydia: ...I am fighting all the urges to scream “I have the power”... Thank you, Adam. Thank you, so very much.

Adam: Now if you’ll go see the photographer so we can get some promotional shots of you with that new title, and you’re free to ask for him to send you a couple copies too if you want.

Lydia: Don’t tell me that, I might surround my hotel bedroom with them... I’m joking.

Lydia began to walk in the direction of the photographer off-screen... A few moments later she returned to the Director of Future Shock with a shake of the head.

Lydia: I’m not joking.

Then she began to walk in the direction again, this time for real.

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« Reply #1 on: October 09, 2018, 10:31:13 pm »

Special Delivery

The show cuts elsewhere backstage and, there we find Jake wandering the corridors as though he were looking for something or someone. As he rounds a corner, he’s shown reading tags on doors before he rounds another corner and looks relieved to find Missy.

Jake: Hey, are you really busy or anything right now?

Missy: Hey Jake. I’m not busy at all right at this moment, what’s up?

Jake: Well I was just talking to one of the guys who works in the loading dock, and you have a delivery waiting! What did you order to have sent here anyway?

Missy raises an eyebrow.

Missy: A delivery for me? Are you sure? I haven’t ordered anything to be delivered here… I haven’t ordered anything that I’m still waiting to be delivered at all actually.

Jake: Well you’re the only one who goes by Missy who is back here, so I’m pretty sure it has to be you. It just has this building address on it. Missy, care of Future Shock Arena… that kind of thing.

Missy: That is… it wasn’t ticking or anything was it?

She asked the question with a joking tone and slight smile on her face.

Missy: I’m pretty curious now though. I can’t think of anyone that would send something to me here.

Jake: I say we go take a look at it then. It’s pretty tall, a little taller than you actually and pretty flat too. Wanna go see it?

Missy: I definitely want to see what this is now. Taller than me and flat… if somebody’s sent me an ironing board, I’m gonna be rather disappointed.

As the pair head off, the show cuts back to ringside.

The show heads back to the ring, where we once again find Gabrielle Crimson standing front and center with her microphone.

Zack: Well this is a pair of debuts I’ve been looking forward to right here. How often do you see a twin and a Pagan witch square off?

Lyn: Only in wrestling, Zack. Only in wrestling.

Gaby: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is is also a dual Prospect debut!

The lights go out completely as sisters are doing it for themselves starts to play. A lightning effect of white and blue pyrotechnics erupt, lighting up the stage for a second at a time. In each of the flashes the silhouette of three female figures standing in a line on the stage.

We said, "Sisters are doin' it for themselves"
Standin' on their own two feet
And ringin' on their own bells
We said, "Sisters are doin' it for themselves"

The pyrotechnics finish and as the lights come back up a sound like thunder plays on top of the music track and a puff of smoke comes from the bottom of the stage, still hiding the female figures for a moment. The smoke clears to reveal the three Stone sisters; Melody, Madyson and Mikayla standing hand in hand with their heads raised, looking towards the ceiling.

Now this is a song to celebrate
The conscious liberation of the female state
Mothers, daughters and their daughters too, oh yeah
Woman to woman, we're singin' with you

Gaby: Introducing alongside Melody and Madyson of Trinity, this is……..MIKAYLA STONE!!

They unlink their hands and take off to the ring at a run and all jump up onto the apron at the same time. Melody and Madyson stand at a corner each, while Mikayla jumps up to sit on the top rope; all facing out towards the crowd. The two older sisters climb through the ropes while Mikayla stands up on the top rope and then backflips into the ring to land between them with a smirk. The three make their way to the corner and share some hushed words as the music comes to an end.

Zack: The Stone Sisters never travel alone, Lyn. And it’s a good thing Mikayla has her sisters out here, because we know Luna and her sister have no qualms helping one another in matches.

Lyn: I guess so begins the wonderful clash of two feuding families, given that both groups of siblings may have eyes towards the Future Shock Tag Team Championships.

The otherwise quiet intro to Family Force 5's "Drama Queen" starts on the sound system, and lights start blinking in random colors as Luna Cortez walks onto the entrance ramp. She's soon joined by her manager Christian Kincaid, as he stands right beside her to show her off for the crowd. She stops right before the ramp, taking a spin and stopping in a particular pose, winking for the cameras before turning on her heels and running her hands up her slender body and then bringing them above her head, only to then point to the ring... and then wave off the booing audience. Shaking her head, Luna then starts strutting down the entrance ramp, rolling her eyes at the fans in attendance as she makes her way to the ring.

Gaby: And her opponent, escorted to the ring by Christian Kincaid... From Fort Worth, Texas... "THE FULL 10 STARS"... LUNA CORTEZ!

When Luna climbs into the ring, she makes her way to the ropes facing the hard camera, stepping onto the second rope and sitting on the top rope, her back turned to the hard cam and the audience, as she makes a pose similar to the one she did atop the ramp, winking at the cameras before she waves the crowd off once again and hops back down to the ring, making her way to her corner and sharing some last minute strategy with Christian.

Zack: For over a year, Luna here has been around Future Shock. But it wasn’t until the pool party that we found out she existed for a fact. To say she’s cunning, like Tara, is an understatement.

Lyn: One might say that the Sisters Stone have the advantage 3-2... But I am willing to believe that Christian makes up the difference here for his clients.

Referee Ashley Pruitt checked both women, and then called for the bell after Gaby had left the ring. The fans immediately got behind Mikayla, causing Luna to look out at the crowd with annoyance on her face. Mikayla moved to the center, offering Luna a handshake. But Cortez rolled her eyes and slapped her hand away. The pair locked up with Luna starting to push her backwards, only to be countered into a drop toe hold to the mat. Both women popped right back up, and Luna got deposited a second time with an armdrag. A third armdrag followed that before Stone caught her with a standing dropkick when she got up again. Luna stumbled backwards before Mikayla took off towards the ropes. Luna caught her around the waist though before she got too far, only for Stone to counter by leaving her feet and using a bulldog to put Luna face down on the mat. Mikayla nipped up to her feet with a smile, getting a reaction from the crowd and encouragement from her sisters.

Zack: Mikayla looks like she’s having a good time. And I think, because of the fan dislike for the Cortez twins, she’s already a crowd favorite by proxy.

Lyn: She’s certainly quick on her feet, that’s for definite. Mikalya comes to us a former gymnast of repute with championships and accolades under her belt. It certainly shows!

It was at this point that Tara Cortez made her way to the ring...in matching ring gear to her sister. Meanwhile, Luna starts to get back to her feet just as Mikayla bolts towards her. She leaves her feet, and spins around a few times into a tornado DDT. Stone heads for the corner, and is about to go up when Tara pulls her sister out of the ring. This only warrants boos from the crowd as Mikayla drops back down to the mat as the twins chat with their manager. Finally, Luna hops back onto the apron, and tells Mikayla to move away so she can get back in the ring. Stone glances behind her as she’s already against the ropes on the other side.

Zack: I’m not sure how much farther away from Luna she can get right now without having to leave the ring, but apparently more space is needed.

Lyn: I wasn’t aware that someone NEEDED space exactly to perform in a wrestling match. Since when could we call timeouts?

Luna glances over towards the other two sisters as she holds onto the top rope, telling them to stay away until Mikayla grabs the top rope as well and slingshots her back into the ring the hard way. Cortez lands hard on her back as Mikayla takes off towards the ropes. She rebounds into a double leg drop across Luna’s chest, then begins raising and lowering one leg over Luna’s head a few times before she gets back to her feet. Cortez finally rolls away from her, and gets back to her feet. When she turns to see Stone coming, she goes for a right hand. But Mikayla ducks under it, grabbing one arm and then the other before she pulls her over into a backslide with Luna’s legs kicking!





Cortez managed to finally get her arm free, and get back to her feet. Mikayal got up as well, and went to grab her before Luna caught her coming in with a kick to the abdomen. It stunned the Pagan briefly until Luna followed up with an impaler DDT.

Zack: Luna finally got her opening, and put Mikayla in check with that DDT. I think the feeling out process is over for these two now.

Luna mounted her back, and pulled up her head to fish hook her face. She pulled at both sides of Mikayla’s mouth until the referee got to a four count. That was when Cortez finally got to her feet, and began to stomp Mikayla furiously. She pulled her to her feet by the trunks, and then sent her shoulder first into the turnbuckle. It dropped the witch to her knees as her head laid against the middle turnbuckle, prompting Luna to charge in behind her with a basement dropkick to her back. It snapped her head down to the bottom turnbuckle, and Luna stepped up onto her back and pressed her foot against Mikayla’s face, trying to smother her against the turnbuckle. Another four count from the referee followed before Luna finally stepped off.

Zack: I’ve never seen someone try to smother an opponent in the turnbuckle like that. Luna’s using every part of the ring to her advantage, Lyn.

Lyn: Usually someone puts the boot to the throat, cut the air supply but trying to out and out suffocate them with your heel? These Cortez sisters...

With the fans booing her, Luna dragged Mikayla by her feet away from the ropes before applying a camel clutch on the witch. Madyson and Melody looked on from their sister’s corner intently as Luna glanced over to them, mocking them. Pruitt had moved down near Mikayla to ask her if she wanted to submit, but she showed no such intention. The witch managed to get her arms free while Luna mocked her sisters, and then began trying to drag them both to the ropes. She reached for the bottom rope, which was a fingertip out of reach. Then Melody said something under her breath before the rope seemed to vibrate towards Mikayla. She grabbed it, and the referee called for the break.

Lyn: What just... Hmm. Did... Zack did you just see... Nah. That’s... That can’t be... No.

Zack: Yeah, I don’t. Let’s just say the air conditioning got turned up maybe.

Luna got back to her feet, and resumed stomping away at her until Mikayla rolled out under the bottom rope to the apron. The twin reached over the top rope to pull her up to her feet. She managed to do so before Mikayla ducked between the ropes for a shoulder block to the midsection. Luna doubled over as Mikaya rolled over her back to land on her feet in the ring. Cortez stood up and began looking to see where she was. She didn’t find her fast enough though before Mikayla snapped off a reverse hurricanrana! She quickly rolled her over for the cover with a hook of the leg.

Zack: Mikayla moves like a cat, and she may be about to start Luna’s Future Shock career with a loss!




Luna kicked out in time, and gave Mikayla a headbutt to the face before she could get back to her feet. The fans let Cortez know how they felt about her as she sat up, and pelted her opponent with right hands to the jaw until she got to her feet.

Lyn: Cortez about ignoring every boo, jeer, and grumble from the fans as she works over Mikayla... But every single shot she makes only seems to make the Boston crowd rally behind her louder.

Luna made it back to her feet with a look of aggravation on her face. She unloaded with right hands to Mikayla’s head before she took off for the far side. Stone began to get to her feet as Luna left hers with a leaping leg lariat that mowed her down to the mat. It dropped the witch back to the mat before Luna used a double stomp to her stomach to keep her there. She quickly grabbed both of her feet to sit down into a deep Boston crab. Once more, the referee dropped in front of the witch to check for a submission. She didn’t give one though, and Luna tried to increase the angle of the crab to hurt her more.

Lyn: Cortez is showing no quarter here with the depth of that Crab, and she wants that tap out in a bad way... It may however be a plus that Mikalya’s life before wrestling training was being very limber.

Zack: No kidding, because she’s definitely getting stretched like nobody’s business. I mean look at Luna, she’s practically sitting on her shoulders right now.

Mikayla’s face showed nothing but pain as Luna kept the hold applied. Tara and Christian watched from ringside, as did Melody and Madyson in the opposite corner. Mikayla’s teeth gritted as she looked around for the ropes, and found none within reach. The referee checked again for a submission, and still got a no from the witch. Luna got impatient though, and broke the hold. Stone grabbed her lower back in pain until she was pulled to her feet.

Zack: I guess Luna got tired of that hold, Lyn, but I think I’d have kept it on because Mikayla wasn’t going anywhere.

Lyn: I think she realized that this was getting her nowhere. Stone was lasting far too long for Luna’s taste.

A hard whip sent her into the far corner back first, which froze her in pain before Luna took off towards her. But as she approached, Mikayla got her boot up and caught her flush on the jaw. She staggered backwards as Mikayla climbed up onto the second turnbuckle from the inside. She launched towards her, but got caught by Luna who drove her into the mat with a Death Valley driver. She quickly made the cover with both legs hooked as Pruitt slid into position.

Zack: A Death Valley Driver from Luna, and Mikayla’s night may be over right here!




Stone got her shoulder up in time before the three, which both brought some relief and concern from her sisters in the corner. Luna got back to her feet with a grumble, yanking Mikayla up with her to her feet.

Lyn: Luna’s had about enough here, and it looks like she’s going to punish the youngest Stone

She fired a few short kicks into Mikayla’s body, doubling her over in pain before the twin took off for the far side ropes. Luna left her feet to deliver a scissor kick, but Mikayla avoided the contact. Luna landed on her feet, and spun around as Mikayla pulled her into a sitout facebuster! Stone leaned forward, holding her back in pain as both her sisters urged her on from the floor.

Zack: You can hear both Melody and Madyson trying to bring Mikayla back to life, but she’s had a lot taken out of her in this match. Luna has proven to be as game as her sister.

Lyn: Well she had to be, standing in for her at one time or the next. Certainly this is the OFFICIAL first match for Luna, but we cannot be entirely sure we haven’t ever already watched her face off.

The witch finally began to get to her feet as Tara climbed up onto the apron. The boos grew louder as the referee went to get her. Madyson muttered something as Tara began to have a sneezing fit. It made her get down as she continued sneezing, while Mikayla headed for the corner. She made her way to the top rope, and immediately launched herself into a blockbuster as Luna had made it back to her feet. It put her right back down as Stone let out a shout that rallied the crowd.

Lyn: ...She’s... Am... What? What is happening here!? Tara Cortez has suddenly broken into a sneezing fit, Luna is slowly getting back up but that may be the last place she wants to be...!

Zack: Yeah, that’s...new. I’ve never seen that, but meanwhile back at the ranch, Luna may be in for a surprise right here.

Luna started to get to her feet very slowly before Mikayla took off towards her into a handspring that ended….with a superkick from Luna that flattened Mikayla to the mat. Cortez bolted for the corner, and headed up top to land a slingshot corkscrew Arabian press! She hooked both legs tightly as Pruitt slid into position to count.

Zack: C-BOMB! This is academic now!




The crowd showed no joy as the referee called for the bell. Tara and CK rolled into the ring to raise her hand before the referee did the same.

Lyn: Well... We don’t have to be happy about it, that’s for damn sure, but Luna makes her mark tonight on behalf of the Cortez Twins... And nary a switch.

Gaby: Here’s your winner by pinfall…………………..LUNA CORTEZ!!

Zack: It was hard for the twins to do their usual shenanigans with the Stone sisters out here, but Luna still managed to earn a win on her own for the first time in Future Shock!

Madyson and Melody helped Mikayla out of the ring, showing her support and telling her how good she was in the ring. Luna looked over to the trio with disgust, as did Tara. But the twins celebrated in the ring anyway.

Lyn: It looks like Luna and Tara don’t appreciate any sisters showing appreciation to each other unless they’re the sisters doing it.

Zack: I don’t think the Cortez twins like anyone but themselves and their manager, so this doesn’t surprise me in the slightest.

As the Cortez girls left the ring to raucous boos from the crowd, that was when Future Shock faded to a commercial break.

A Little Mora Nora

A preview for the 5 on 5 elimination tag team match is shown set up for Nemesis before we cut back to the live show, and find the Director talking with a well known Pixie outside his office.

Adam: So...Big Pixie Pump…..

Nora: I was thinking, Lil Pixie Pump fits better…

She laughs and smiles, flipping her heavy dark curls back from her shoulder. Then of course she holds an arm up and flexes to show off and make Adam laugh.

Adam: I think we can make some new merchandise off that one. I had a couple things I wanted to discuss with you. For one, how are you feeling about being part of this elimination tag match at Nemesis? You ever been in a match like that before you got here, maybe in SAP before it folded?

Nora: Yes, in SAP Wrestling I was involved in one and I can tell you, that it’s a wild environment in one of those. Obviously like anything, you don’t want to be the one eliminated first! But you also try to help your team and it can get loopy in there. But we had a good old time, and there were some really superb people on both teams. This is quite an honor, considering how new I still am to Future Shock and I’m really excited to be a part of it.

He nodded as he listened to her.

Adam: Well I chose you for the team, because I have nothing but faith in your abilities. I know you can handle yourself well. Plus with all the Gold Standard in the match, you won’t have to wonder which one is going to jump you during the match….especially as they are all going to be there at the same time, right?

Nora: Honestly, it’s a relief. They’re all there front and center and well, while I wouldn’t put sneaky business past them even at this point, at least now we can go after them and not get DQ’d too!

Adam: The other thing I wanted to discuss with you was the fact that I thought we’d give you some extra preparation in advance of that match. How would you like to team up and face a couple of the Gold Standard next Future Shock in the main event?

Nora: Are you kidding? That would be fantastic! Like is this get a wish Tuesday or what? That’s just what I’d have asked for really… because it’s super important to do things the right way, every time. This is a good preview for everyone and the fans are going to love it!

Her enthusiasm brings a smile to his face.

Adam: Well then, how about we put Stacey Sky and Cassandra Steen in for the Gold Standard? I know you know them well, and might like to see about some payback after that whole thing with the quarters in Sydney.

Nora makes a slight face.

Nora: That was weaksauce, Adam. However! The silver lining to the whole quarters thing was that I had a lot to get snacks out of the vending machines at the airport after so that’s a thing that happened. Chips paid for by the quarters of evil feed the minions of justice or something like that. Either way, free snacks!

Adam: And for your partner…..how about “Killer B” Bianca Reed? What do you think?

Her eyes go wide and her smile is brilliant.

Nora: Oh my GOD she is amazing and pretty. But that doesn’t matter especially when you compare it to how hard she hits! She’s a Reed, and you know my cousin is married to her brother Aries so it’s sorta like an extended family thingy! Which is gonna be SO FUN.

Adam: Well then, you got yourself a match. I know Bianca will be eager and ready to go, so you two can really make a statement next time.

He gives her a handshake from there, that she returns enthusiastically.

Adam: Li’l Pixie Pump…..

He then heads off as we see a graphic for the tag match booked for the next Future Shock.

Her Name Is Steph Stefano, and She Approved This Message

A video package begins with a black and white video of Zack Hudson and Lyn Dallins at the commentary table. The two are bantering back and forth before the video begins slowing down and increases a zoom on Lyn Dallins. Immediately a voiceover of an authorative female voice starts speaking up as the video slows down.

Political V/O: Retired professional wrestler and first generation nationalized immigrant Lyndon Dallins SAYS that he supports women’s professional wrestling and the next generation of young stars... But does he really mean that?

The video then plays an audio sample of Lyn from the most recent Future Shock show during the match between Stacey Sky and Katie Kellar...

Lyn: K-Dub has a wealth of experience......Plus, she’s down with the swirl so much respect.

Political V/O: If only wrestling matters, why is Future Shock’s Color Commentator using slang to talk up interracial relationships when a professional wrestler’s personal life shouldn’t matter at all?

Another audio sample, this time from the Sydney Supershow...

Lyn: She may not have butterflies, but she does have one dangerous pixie... Well, thiccixie if one--r.

Political V/O: In a time and place where women are much more than their bodies, should Future Shock’s Color Commentator really be sexualizing the figure of one of their future stars like Nora Harris? Thiccixie? Is this the innocent ramblings of a man who has taken too many blows to the head... Or someone who should be far away from a job they have no business doing?

Suddenly a small video begins playing with the word ‘DRAMATIZATION’ at the lower third... In it a woman wearing a bald cap and having drawn a beard over her face and tattoos on her arms and neck (all in black sharpie) begins walking around, groin-first into catering. Obviously a parody of Lyn Dallins, the actress stops and spots a redhead, likely an actress stand-in for Cait Flanagan (though this one actually looks like the person she’s pretending to be). The acting stand-in for Lyn immediately begins wolf-whistling before running to the nearby ATM outside of catering, before taking out her... Err, his life savings, before throwing the money at the actress stand-in for Flanagan’s feet... Until “he” spots an actress stand-in for Mila Midnight and chases after her for a word, saying things like ‘c’mere girl lemme talk to you a sec! Ey, ey stop! Tell ‘em why you mad doe!’

Political V/O: While the following may or may not have actually happened, one thing is for certain that Future Shock cannot take the chance of a lawsuit on their hands. The only answer is obvious.

Political V/O: Stephanie Stefano... For Future Shock Color Commentator.

Cut to commercial.

Special Delivery, Part 2

When next we find Jake and Missy, they are standing very far backstage in the loading dock. Hanging on the walls are things like extra ring ropes and ring parts, and propped up against a wall not far from the entrance is a long flat box that isn’t more than three feet across but is taller than Missy, but not by much.

Jake: See?

And just like Jake said, there was her name on the address label in the center with “Handle With Care” stamped on each side of the box.

Missy: Hmmm… yeah I see. Those stamps mean it’s probably fragile, though I can’t think of anything that size or shape that would be. Given the fact it’s taller than me, I think I’ll struggle to open it myself… do you wanna help and get to the bottom of this?

Jake: I’m on it!

He darts off screen for a moment, and comes back with a box cutter in his hand. Jake quickly looks for the flaps, and pulls the box cutter down to slit the tape open. Styrofoam kernels fall out onto the floor. Jake sweeps them away to find a long black bag on a hanger hooked to the top of the package.

Missy: That… doesn’t look very fragile. It looks like a clothing bag. But I haven’t ordered any clothes, since… well, in a while.

Jake: Yeah, it looks like something you’d get when you pick up your dry cleaning. Oh, there’s a zipper on the back!

He pulls down the zipper, and tugs off the garment bag to the floor. Inside was a brand new dress. It was black and a couple inches above the knee. Upon closer inspection, it was also her size.

Jake: It’s a nice dress, I think.

Missy: It’s gorgeous, and would probably fit me perfectly… but I didn’t order it. Which means someone else has, but why would someone buy me a dress? Adam’s the only one I can think of who might, but he doesn’t usually buy me clothes. Jewelry… yes. Clothes, not so much.

Jake handed her the hanger, and scooped up a card amongst the styrofoam kernels. He showed it to her, and started to read it.

Jake: “I hope you like it. It’s totally new. In 2 more weeks, I’ll send the shoes.”

He then handed her the card.

Jake: You may have a secret admirer or something like that.

She turns the card over in her hand trying to find something to tell her who sent it, and looking puzzled when she can’t see anything.

Missy: This is weird… the fact they know my size… I really don’t know what to make of this at all.

Jake: Well you might as well keep the dress. I don’t think any of the guys who work back here can use it. And plus, the shoes are coming next!

Missy: I’ll keep hold of it. Even if it’s only until I found out who sent it to return it to them if necessary. It is a nice dress though.

Jake: We can narrow down the clues a little. It’s someone who knows you are here every Future Shock, AND apparently has been here too since they knew the street address. This place isn’t in the phone book, so… that narrows it down a little, I think.

Missy: Maybe a little, yeah. Though it’s no secret that I’m here every Future Shock… people that have been here before, definitely narrows it down a bit. And it must be someone that knows me, considering they knew my dress size.. Unless they’re just a really good guesser.

Jake: A mystery is afoot! We’ll figure it out one way or another.

He tells her as they both look at her new dress, and then we cut elsewhere.
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The Material Girl

The next image we see takes us backstage, and finds Sara with a guest that fans will recognize from the last few weeks.

Sara: Ladies and gentlemen, on a night where so many new Prospects are debuting, it seems only natural that I have yet another joining me. You’ve seen her on recent shows, but tonight, allow me to introduce Cait Flanagan.

Cait waves to the crowd and blows kisses to a few of the men, strutting her way out to the ring in spike heels and a red minidress.

Cait: The wait, at long last, is over! Hello, Future Shock and hello Sara!

Sara: Cait, we’ve been able to see how you enjoy quite a life of privilege: from sitting on boards for major companies to getting special treatment wherever you go as we saw poolside. For those unaware, can you explain how all of that came about? Were you born into wealth, or was it something you made happen for yourself?

Cait: Oh absolutely not. I mean, my family did all right for themselves, don’t get me wrong, but it was nothing compared to what I have now. I was gifted some funds and assets from an ex-boyfriend of mine and I’ve put them to good use, investing in businesses all over the world to help diversify and expand my portfolio. It’s fascinating work, actually, and I’ve found ways to make sure that I give back as well.

Sara: Given that, I guess the next most obvious question is to find out why did you decide to get into this business? It’s clear you don’t need the money or anything like that, so what was the allure?

Cait: My two older brothers, Tristan and Fraser, are both wrestlers. I’d call them professional but… that’s sadly not the case. Fraser’s a joke and Tristan isn’t much better. So I wanted to get into the family business and have the fans all over the world finally put a little respect on the Flanagan name. Perhaps Fraser and Tristan are too far gone, but I’m much younger and in far better shape. By the time I reach my peak, no one will remember those two jackasses.

Sara: What was it about Future Shock that attracted you? I mean there’s loads of places out there that you could have selected to start with, but you chose here.

Cait: Well yes, but none of them have the prestige and the reputation of Future Shock. What Adam Grant has achieved here is quite unique - a developmental promotion that actually develops talent, and doesn’t push unqualified rookies to the moon so that they can develop “legendary” careers in six months. I only invest in the best, so why should my career be any different?

Sara: Finally, what goal have you set for yourself here? Is there a particular prize or opponent who has caught your eye?

As Sara asks this question, the shot is interrupted as the fans see Kyle Kilmeade walking past the two. He pauses for a moment, looking at Sara and Cait and exchanges glances with the newcomer. Cait tosses her hair over her shoulder and gives Kyle a flirtatious smile.

Sara: Can I help you, Kyle?

He merely shakes his head with a smile, and continues on his way before Sara looks back to Cait standing next to her.

Sara: Anyway, you were going to say? Sorry for the interruption.

Cait: Not a worry at all, Sara dear. But to answer your question? I’ve come to Future Shock… for gold.

As she finishes, we head to a commercial for the upcoming Nemesis Pay Per View.

The show comes back from the break, and for the final time tonight, finds the “Wildcat” back in the ring with her microphone in hand.

Gaby: The following contest is your main event of the evening scheduled for one fall!

Zack: Those of you who saw Anarchy back in April are well aware of the issues between Mila and Elizabeth, all because of some ruined swimsuit shoots Elizabeth likes doing on shows.

Lyn: While I understand that some of our male demographic is happy to see Elizabeth in various states of undress... There’s a time and a place for near nudes. Like Twitter.

As the fans sit in their seats in anticipation of what is to come, they are greeted by the somewhat subtle opening riff of ‘Massive Addictive’ by Amaranthe. A few seconds pass before the song kicks into full gear, causing the curtains to rustle a bit before the dapper figure of one Kyle Kilmeade emerges from the back. He steps out onto the stage and glances at either side of the stage at the crowd before stepping to the side, holding out his hand to the curtain. Out from the back emerges the beautiful Elizabeth Lannister. Stepping out onto the stage, she takes Kyle’s outstretched hand and promptly twirls around slowly, showing off the intricate work on her robe. Dropping his hand, Elizabeth nods and starts to walk down the aisle, Kyle walking in stride next to her.

Gaby: Ladies and gentlemen, making her way to the ring, being accompanied by her manager Kyle Kilmeade…..from Scottsdale, Arizona…’THE LIONESS’ ELIZABETH LANNISTER!!

Once she reaches the ring she begins to climb the steel steps, with Kyle hopping up onto the apron and holding the ropes open for her. She carefully climbs through the opened ropes and steps into the middle of the ring, flipping her hair over her shoulders and sticking her arms out to the sides, her head tilted back, a confident smirk etched on her angelic features. She then returns her head to it’s normal position and unclasps her robe, shrugging it off as Kyle reaches forward to carefully hand it to a nearby stagehand. She then moves her arms back and forth to loosen up as the music begins to fade out.

Zack: Elizabeth Lannister is looking to get herself into contention for Lydia’s ring...well, championship now. And if she can do what she wasn’t able to do back in April, she’ll have that chance.

Lyn: The only person standing in between that... Is the person who wants the same for herself and has only gotten more hungry with each passing week!

As Survivor by Destiny’s Child starts to play around the arena, Midnight walks out in her ring gear of black combat style shorts, matching black cut off tank top, black boots and a short black jacket. She stops at the top of the ramp, nodding her head a bit as the verse plays. As the chorus begins, white pyrotechnics erupt at the side of her. While the chorus plays, Midnight makes her way down the ramp, tagging the hands of the fans along the way.

I'm a survivor (what?)
I'm not gon' give up (what?)
I'm not gon' stop (what?)
I'm gon' work harder (what?)
I'm a survivor (what?)
I'm gonna make it (what?)
I will survive (what?)
Keep on survivin'(what?)

Gaby: Introducing at this time, hailing from London, England……”MIDNIGHT” MILA MARTIN!

I'm a survivor (what?)
I'm not gon' give up (what?)
I'm not gon' stop (what?)
I'm gon' work harder (what?)
I'm a survivor (what?)
I'm gonna make it (what?)
I will survive (what?)
Keep on survivin'(what?)

As the chorus ends and Midnight reaches the bottom of the ramp, she speeds up and runs the rest of the way to the ring, then jumps straight up onto the apron. Holding onto the top rope she looks out to the crowd and raises her hand fist pumping and hyping the crowd up. She climbs into the ring as the music ends and heads to her corner, taking off her jacket and getting ready for the match.

Zack: This is the first stop on a busy week for “Midnight” here, Lyn. Tonight, she’s got the “Lioness” awaiting her. And this Thursday on a very special charity show at Velocity, she’ll team with her best friend, Caitlyn Storm, to meet the Privileged Circle. And boy, does she know them well!

Lyn: Martin is looking to go full iron with the schedule she has and I don’t envy her but I do respect her that much more. She puts down the Lioness here and her sisters-in-arms on Velocity and Nora and the others may consider recruiting her as a standby.

Referee Ashley Pruitt checked both girls for anything illegal as Gaby left the ring, and then called for the bell. Mila’s face was all business as she headed towards the center, while Elizabeth remained in her corner. Kyle shared a few words with her as Elizabeth kept a watchful eye on MIla. She finally headed out of the corner, and tousled her hair for a moment until Mila had had enough stalling. She caught Elizabeth with a headbutt to the face that rocked her before a series of knife edge chops began to get unloaded across Elizabeth’s chest. Each shot backed her up a step before she pushed her back into the ropes. An Irish whip sent her across for the ride as Mila ran towards her to bury a knee into her abdomen. It doubled the blonde over before “Midnight” grabbed her waist into a gutwrench suplex.

Zack: Mila’s not interested in watching the “Lioness” preen during the match. Looks like Mila came fired up for this one against a very familiar foe.

Lyn: Miss Martin of course cares for neither coats of gold or coats of red. She likes her coats like she likes her coffee and Elizabeth Lannister’s eye. Black.

Lannister started to get to her feet, only to be pulled up the rest of the way by Mila’s grabbing her hand. A short arm clothesline took her back down to the mat, and she was yanked up again as Mila never let go of that hand. The second time she was pulled up, Mila pulled her into a belly to belly suplex. She grabbed that same hand again, and this time, she hoisted her over her shoulders into a Samoan drop. When Mila was back on her feet, she tousled her own hair in mockery (and crowd amusement) before delivering an elbow drop into her chest.

Zack: I don’t think Elizabeth is going to be doing a lot of fashion shoots for the next few days after this match, and Mila’s feelings towards her haven’t softened a bit!

Lyn: Mila’s too rough for Milan, too rough for Milan, New York, and Japan...! And Mila’s too rough for your Lioness, too rough for your Lioness, the way she’s elbow-ddrrooopppiiinnnnggg!!

The blonde tried to get away from her, and made it to the ropes to help her get back to her feet. Martin took off for the far side, and rebounded quickly with a running forearm that toppled Elizabeth over the top rope to the apron. Kyle stopped her from hitting the floor as Mila reached through the ropes to grab her head. She pulled her back to her feet, and then brought her up for a vertical suplex back into the ring. But Kyle swept her foot out from under her, and caused Elizabeth to fall on top of her. She tightly hooked the leg as Pruitt went to count.




Mila shoved her off the cover, and sat up quickly. She flashed a glare towards Kyle on the floor, but never got back to her feet at that point as Elizabeth drove a knee into her back where she was sitting. She pushed her head forward, and started driving more knees into her back with an elbow to the head following that to put her on the mat.

Zack: That was all the opening that Elizabeth needed right there! And you can see the sense or urgency she has in order to keep Mila from getting back to her feet.

The model dragged Mila away from the ropes, and drove a few more elbows into her shoulder for good measure. The brunette clutched her arm as she sat on the canvas, and Lannister followed up with a shoulder claw. Her fingertips slowly began to sink into her shoulder as the grip tightened considerably. Martin’s face wrenched in pain as Elizabeth leaned into her, adding more pressure as the referee moved around to check for a submission.

Lyn: A shoulder claw... So simple, yet always as effective as ever, digging this fingers into the meat of the other person.

Zack: If she can take away one arm from Mila and make it useless, that makes her job and her plan for victory that much simpler.

Pruitt asked again, still getting a no from Mila on stopping the match. Elizabeth told her to quit more than once as she tried to tighten her grip further. The camera couldn’t even see her fingernails anymore with how deep of a grip the claw had on Mila’s shoulder. She only made it worse when she drove a pair of knees into her back. Mila’s eyes clenched shut with the pain shooting through her shoulder and arm, while Elizabeth continued to pour on the pressure.

Zack: Tonight is the first time I can recall having seen Elizabeth use this hold, and she certainly has it perfected. The look on MIla’s face shows you how effective it is.

Lyn: Lioness’s Paw I guess you could call it. Maybe Brightroar? Widow’s Wail? Oathkeeper?

The referee checked once again, still getting a no from Mila as she started to lean to one side. Elizabeth looked towards her manager, who looked very pleased her...at least until Mila kicked one of her feet up and caught Elizabeth on the top of her head. A second kick got her to let go of the hold, and Mila got back to her feet. Lannister came forward to get her, but “Midnight” caught her with a discus elbow to the jaw. It stumbled Elizabeth backwards before Mila yanked her forward into a leg hook Saito suplex before grabbing her shoulder in pain.

Lyn: A teardrop suplex, though I’ve never seen a Lioness cry, I’m sure it looks like crocodile tears! Martin needs to keep this offensive!

Zack: Mila loves her suplexes, and seems to add to her arsenal every time we see her. That one was well executed.

Elizabeth was a bit slow to get back to her feet as Mila tried to work through the pain. She doubled back to grab the blonde before whipping her across for the ride. Mila rebounded off the near side, and caught her with a spear in the center of the ring. She clutched her shoulder in pain as she dragged herself across Lannister to make the cover. The referee wasn’t far behind her to make the count.

Zack: A massive spear from Mila! But I think it hurt her just as much!




Elizabeth kicked out after the two, and Mila got back to her feet. The model rolled away from her again, and got up as well. As the brunette went to grab her, Mila caught a mule kick in the stomach. Elizabeth grabbed her head and tights and sent her shoulder first into the ring post between the turnbuckles.

Lyn: I thought M-Tres had her folded up like an old wallet, but Lannister back on that shoulder!

It caused the former officer to step backwards out of the corner before Elizabeth scooped her up by the legs into a wheelbarrow facebuster. She rolled her onto her back, and sat on her abdomen with a leg hook for the cover. The referee was immediately in position to make the count.

Lyn: Facebuster! Lannister stacks her up to boot! Here’s the pin!




Mila raised her other shoulder off the mat, and shoved Elizabeth away from sitting on her. The blonde got back to her feet with a look of irritation on her face as she made a breaking motion with her hands.

Zack: Looks like Elizabeth has had all of Mila she wants tonight, and may be looking to put the exclamation point on this rematch for a shot at the Aspire Championship!

She grabbed Mila’s arm in both hands, and dropped backwards onto the mat to apply her cross armbreaker submission. Martin’s face was frozen in agony as Elizabeth applied the hold, and began to pull on the injured shoulder and arm. Kyle looked very happy at ringside, giving his client encouragement as Mila reached desperately for the bottom rope.

Zack: I think Elizabeth has decided a pinfall isn’t good enough, Lyn! She wants to make Mila tap just like she did to her back at Anarchy!

Lyn: It is a grim day for a RED WEDDING, Zack!

The referee dropped down beside Mila, asking her if she wanted to stop the match. She got no such answer as Mila reached for the bottom rope with her free hand. She finally made it, causing Pruitt to count Elizabeth to four before she broke the hold. The “Lioness” got to her feet, giving the rookie referee a piece of her mind as Mila struggled to get to her feet.

Lyn: Martin is free, but she’s gotta be hurting... And Elizabeth is too busy having it out with the ref!

Zack: I’ve never seen an argument anyone won against a referee in a match, and I don’t think the streak is going to be broken tonight.

Elizabeth finally saw Mila up, and went towards her with a hard right. But the former officer caught her arm, and yanked her into position for a double underhook inverted facebuster (Unprettier). The crowd came to life as she rolled her over, and made the cover.

Lyn: VEDETTE!! Talk about a knockout shot!!




The referee called for the bell as Mila rolled into the corner to sit against it, clutching her right shoulder in pain. Pruitt joined her to raise her good arm after she got back to her feet.

Zack: Mila Midnight just punched her ticket to a shot at the Aspire Championship right here in Boston! And even with that shoulder hurting like it does, she’s got a right to feel proud, Lyn!

Gaby: Here’s your winner by pinfall………….’MIDNIGHT’ MILA MARTIN!!

Lyn: I suspect somewhere our current champion is applauding this one and relishing the fight against someone she can admire.

The fans gave Mila plenty of support and cheer as she rolled out to the floor with a smile on her face. Still holding her shoulder, she raised her other arm to quite a lot of noise from the crowd in Boston.

Zack: Next stop for Mila is Brooklyn 2 nights from now on a very special co-promoted charity event between FFW & Future Shock! With Caitlyn by her side, I suspect that arm is gonna be a target for the Circle!

Lyn: Judging by Mila’s performance tonight... They can try, Zack. They can try.

The smile on the former officer’s face was unmistakable as she backed up the ramp, and looked out over the loud crowd. The final image was of the thunderous expression of Elizabeth Lannister as Future Shock faded off the air.
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