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July 16, 2019, 06:29:42 pm
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FFW Future Shock - Episode 49

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Author Topic: FFW Future Shock - Episode 49  (Read 264 times)
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« on: October 23, 2018, 08:39:57 pm »

Live from the Future Shock Arena in Boston, Massachusetts
October 23, 2018

A stick of dynamite is plunged into a stone wall with a fissure. The fuse burns down to the end before the wall blows apart. Covering her face from the blast is Mara Werth dressed in what looks like a tomb raider outfit. “Bringing Down the Giant” by Saving Abel begins to play. She heads inside the opening in the wall, shining a flashlight on one wall showing the FFW logo and then the Future Shock logo. As she moves ahead, she comes across a platform overlooking a pit. Upon looking inside, she sees Lacey surrounded by dead flowers blowing red mist towards her.

Oh. I hit the wall I got back up and dusted off.
I’m past the pain and I’m taking back all that I lost,
I’m going to kick you off the throne hang your crown up on the wall

We then cut to quick takes showing Lydia Charisma delivering her Ocean’s Eleven finisher. Celeste is then shown hitting her Heaven’s Cloud ace crusher to a pop from the crowd. Then we see a large bubble being blown before it pops to reveal the smiling face of Nora Harris. Bianca Reed takes off her sunglasses, and throws them into the crowd. Mila is shown with her surfboard dragon sleeper locked in before we cut back to the tomb.

Yeah your glory days are gone gone gone.
Yeah I’m bringing down the giant
I won’t sit here undecided.

Mara extends her arms to both sides, and walks carefully across the platform before she makes it to the other side. She reaches the other side, finding a hall of mirrors as she steps into another entrance. She glances at the various mirrors around her as she walks past them, while Tara Cortez passes her twice in one mirror after Mara moves away. She comes upon two stone statues that look like guardians to a door. She retrieves two gems from her pocket, placing them in the stone hands of the statues before the door starts to move.

When your world comes crashing down I’ll remind you
I’m the one who’s laughing loud in your face
Yeah yeah your karma’s coming back here to find you this is going to get a little violent
Yeah I’m bringing down bringing down the giant.

We cut away from there to see Gemma Pierce and Kaya Crimson staring across at one another. Gillie Barnes thrusts the Future Shock Championship over her head with a smile, and Harley Shannon has the Harley Headlock locked in next. Cassandra Steen is shown counting her money as Kyle stands over her shoulder. “Poison” is shown next as Rose is dressed like Harley Quinn, and slams a giant mallet onto the camera before it cuts back to the tomb.

When your world comes crashing down I’ll remind you
I’m the one who’s laughing loud in your face
Yeah yeah your karma’s coming back here to find you this is going to get a little violent
Yeah I’m bringing down bringing down the giant.

The doors finally open as Mara carefully steps forward, looking around as a row of lights come up all the way to a throne. And there sat on the throne with two lions sat in front of her is Elizabeth Lannister. She points towards Mara as the two lions roar and launch towards the camera before we cut to the live broadcast to see a roaring crowd full of Future Shock fans.

Zack: We are just under a month away from the final Future Shock Pay Per View of 2018, Nemesis! And the road to that show brings us back here to Boston for the 49th edition of Future Shock since the reboot. Zack Hudson here, and I’m joined by the “King of Commentary” Lyn Dallins. Lyn,on our last broadcast, we saw a paid ad from your former wife, Steph Stefano. I thought you might like to respond to what we all saw.

Lyn: Simply that I didn’t realize I was ever being unprofessional. If anyone has been offended by anything I’ve said then I do apologize. I do find it interesting that the whole of one my comments however was edited a bit to make it sound worse than it was. So I’ll try to be less like Mai in the future.

Zack: Tell you what, let’s focus on what we have in store tonight. Two of our newest Prospects are going to meet, that being Katie Keller and Sydney Christensen. I think both of them have very promising futures, and we’ll see what happens when they meet for the first time.

Lyn: I agree entirely and it’ll be a case tonight of the Royal Butterfly versus The Firestarter...

Zack: We’re also gonna see the reigning Aspire Champion and your protege going one on one with a woman we haven’t seen too much recently, Angel. I know you are pretty tight with Lydia Charisma, tell us about her mindset going into tonight as Angel looks to get in line behind Mara and Mila.

Lyn: Lydia is focused on pulling off five wins, the first ever and I admire her for it but the likes of Mara, Mila and a much well rested and likely even more dangerous Angel potentially? Call this a murderer’s row.

Zack: In the main event, we’re going to get a preview of the Nemesis elimination tag match main event as the “Corporate Killer” Cassandra Steen and “Sensational” Stacey Sky of the Gold Standard will be meeting “Little Pixie Pump” Nora Harris and “Killer B” Bianca Reed! There’s a whole lot of anger and attitude in this one!

Lyn: I imagine eyes on both sides of that elimination tag will be on this match, and we may be looking at a powder keg ready to blow!

Zack: I also understand Missy’s latest gift from whoever arrived earlier today. Last time, we saw someone bought her a new dress in her size. They said another present was coming this show, so we’ll see what that is too.

Lyn: ...You know Zack, I saw a movie that started like this once. It went nowhere good.

Zack: I’ve also been informed that we are going to find out more of the card set for Nemesis on November 20th. So far, we’ve got the Aspire Championship on the line between Mara Werth and Lydia and that massive ten woman Prospect elimination match. There’s still quite a few Prospects who would be very happy to make the trip to the Garden.

Lyn: Well there’s still time to impress for said Prospects so they may want to cause a little ruckus if they wanna make it there.

Zack: There’s no telling what else we may see tonight, so let’s get this show underway. I understand Adam’s surprise guest is arriving! Let’s go see who it is!

Adam’s Guest

The next image we see is one of the booths along the top of the arena, where invited guests tend to be seated. As the camera takes us up there, the suite door opens and in walks a striking blonde with Adam right behind her. The woman in question: Skylar Rayner.

Adam: Sky, it’s a pleasure to have you here tonight. You got your own little suite, and you can see the show live and in person.

The blonde woman smiles, her eyes darting from one side to the other of the suit, checking out the comfortable seats and the incomparable view.

Sky: Thank you so much Adam, but really, you didn’t have to do this. I’ve never been in a VIP suite like this.. I mean, actually I have been a couple of times but I was just doing my job, interviewing some special guests. What I mean is, this is the first time I’m treated like a special guest!

Adam: Well after you invited Savannah and myself onto your show, the least I could do is invite you to be part of Future Shock to see the show for yourself.

Sky: I’m really looking forward to it.

She flaunts her perfect smile.

Sky: But, heads up for next time, I’ll settle for a front row seat!

Her laughter, sharp and clear is contagious. Adam quickly regains his composure.

Adam: Would you like to tell the viewers about your show while you’re at it?

Sky: Well, who am I to turn down some free publicity, right?

She turns to face the camera, with the naturalness of someone who’s used to it, and it’s perfectly at ease in these situations, even without notice.

Sky: Good evening to all the amazing Future Shock fans. My name is Skylar Rayner, and every week I host a show called Skyline exclusively on the Elysian Network. Why should you watch it, you say? Well, for once because I’m on it…

A wink at the camera.

Sky: I’m kidding, obviously. Consider it a follow-up on your favorite wrestling shows. Every week, we review a different company, with a in-depth recap of the last show, a preview of their next big event and a couple of interviews with some of the big names.

She quickly turns to glance at her host.

Sky: Last week, for example, I had the honor and privilege to have Savannah Taylor and yours truly Adam Grant as my guests. In case you missed it, you can still watch it, as well as the previous episodes, on the Elysian Network.

A graphic for the show appears along the bottom of the screen, showing where it can be found on the Elysian Network.

Adam: Just make yourself comfortable, and if you need anything, let one of the production staff know and they’ll take care of it. In the meantime...enjoy the show!

Sky: I’m sure I will, this card looks stacked! And thanks, Adam.

As she takes a seat, we head back down to the ring.

The camera heads to the ring with Gaby looking around at the fans with a smile before turning to begin the ring announcements.

Gaby: The opening contest of Future Shock is scheduled for one fall!

The sound of a guitar strumming subtly begins to echo in the arena, leaving those in attendance wondering what is going on. The angelic voice of one Lzzy Hale of the band Halestorm is heard next, her voice serenely starting the opening verse of “I Am The Fire.”

Am I brave enough?
Am I strong enough?
To follow the desire
That burns from within
To push away my fear
To stand where I'm afraid
I am through with this
'Cause I am more than this
I promise to myself
Alone and no one else
My flame is rising higher.

As the song picks up the tempo, her voice becomes more intense, kicking into the chorus.

I am the fire
I am burning brighter
Roaring like a storm

Midway through the chorus, the curtains part and out walks the pride of Calgary herself, Sydney Christensen.  She steps out to the middle of the stage and juts her arms out on either side of her, tossing her head back as the fans show their appreciation. She picks her head up and slowly brings her arms in front of her, her index fingers pointing down to the ring. Dropping her arms to her side, she begins her march towards the ring, nodding at a few fans along the way. Once she reaches the ring, she hops up onto the apron and steps through the bottom and middle ropes. Almost immediately, Sydney walks over to the ropes and raises her arms above her head, encouraging the fans as they cheer on the proud Canadian. Sydney then walks over to one corner of the ring and rests her back against the turnbuckle, awaiting her opponent as her music fades out on one poignant line of the chorus.

And I am the one I've been waiting for
Screaming like a siren
Alive and burning brighter
I am the fire!

Gaby: Introducing from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, this is…...SYDNEY CHRISTENSEN!!

Zack: We saw Sydney make her debut on our last show, and she showed us how talented she truly is against Stacy Jones. She’s about to meet another veteran in a matter of seconds.

Lyn: Definitely no slouch in the ring herself but this opponent may call for the Canadian to take a slightly different tack in strategy.

I'm on the battlefield
Like, oh my God (ooh la la)
Knocking soldiers down
Like house of cards (ooh la la)
I'm a one woman army (ooh la la)
Yes, I'm a one woman army
(ooh la la, ooh la la, ooh la la)

"One Woman Army" by Porcelain Black stalls out as a bang like a gunshot rings out and Katie Keller steps out from behind the curtain and surveys the crowd before settling her gaze on the ring in front of her.

I pull up in a matte black super car
Like Batman, yeah
No bodyguard
I'm Gangnam Styling on the bar
I got it, I bring all the boys to the yard
If you see me at the club in Hollywood
You know I bring that Detroit hood
You like it, and you feelin' good
You know that you want it
You know that you would

Gaby: Making her way to the ring, from Silicon Valley California, weighing in at 160 pounds... Katie KELLER!

Let's rush tonight
The music is still playin'
So get up and fight
You know that you want it
You know that you would

Katie heads down the ramp, slapping the odd hand as she goes. Once she reaches the ring, she slides in beneath the ropes and pops up to her feet in the center of the ring.

I'm on the battlefield
Like, oh my God (ooh la la)
Knocking soldiers down
Like house of cards (ooh la la)
I'm a one woman army (ooh la la)
Yes, I'm a one woman army
(ooh la la, ooh la la, ooh la la)

She throws up a fist into the air to get the crowd going as her theme song fades off and she loosens up against the ropes in preparation for her match.

Zack: Katie’s got a lot of experience in the ring, and is easily one of the most tenured women on this roster. But so is Sydney, so what we are going to see here, I think, is two wily veterans showing us what they got.

Lyn: There’s gonna be a lot of ground work in this match, Zack and I welcome it. One can expect even a little counter-for-counter.

Referee Ashley Pruitt checks both women before she calls for the bell. After Gaby exits the ring, Sydney and Katie move to the center and shake hands. From there, they lock up in the center of the ring. Sydney uses her power to start pushing Katie backwards. But the brunette surprises her with an armdrag takedown before they get to the ropes. Sydney immediately gets to her feet, and catches a knee to the body from Katie as she starts to get up. It stuns the Canadian for a moment as Katie unloads with forearms to the head that send her backwards a couple steps. She whips her across to the far corner, causing Sydney to collide chest first as Katie darts in behind her with a lungblower that flips her over onto the canvas.

Zack: Katie’s already looking to pick up the tempo of the match, and keep Sydney off balance here at the outset. It’s working well too, because we know Sydney is a bit more methodical.

Lyn: That lungblower was so intense it might have been categorized as an inverted monkey flip with that landing.

Sydney started to get up again, only to eat another knee to the body from her opponent. She drove her back into the same corner, and lowered her shoulder for a series of shoulder thrusts into her body. She finally let Sydney out of the corner as she clutched her ribs. Katie moved around behind her into a rear waistlock followed by a German suplex into a bridge! The referee slid into position for the count.

Lyn: That suplex was all business and no damn chill! Into the bridge! Shoulders down!



Sydney kicked out as the two hit the mat, and Katie shoved her off to the canvas. She quickly got to her feet, yanking Sydney up by the arm. But Christensen surprised her with a back elbow to the mouth. With Keller stunned briefly, Sydney followed up with a swinging neckbreaker.

Zack: Sydney’s still got way too much in the gas tank to be out of it yet, but Katie may have a tooth out of place after that hard elbow to the mush.

Katie cupped her hand to her mouth just before Sydney delivered a discus clothesline that put her on the canvas. Keller started to get back to her feet as Sydney pulled her into a front facelock and began driving knees into her chest repeatedly. She finally scooped her up overhead, leaving her dangling for a couple seconds before dropping her with a vertical suplex. She pulled Katie up to her feet, and hoisted her into position for a running powerslam. Sydney hooked the leg for the cover as Pruitt dropped to count.

Zack: There’s that power coming into play Sydney possesses, and she’s looking to call it a night right here!




Katie’s shoulder came up as the two hit the mat, and Sydney wasted little time to get back to her feet. Katie wasn’t far behind her before Sydney moved behind her, and caught her with a forearm to her lower back. It stumbled the brunette forward before Sydney scooped her up into a wheelbarrow position but never got to finish it before Katie countered by grabbing her head into a bulldog.

Lyn: That might have been a facebuster or a suplex but we will never know after that auspicious bulldog that rattled Christensen’s head!

Katie took a moment to get herself together before she got back to her feet. Sydney was also pretty slow-moving at this point as Katie took off for the near side ropes. When her opponent was almost to her feet, Keller executed an axe kick to the back of her head that put her right back down onto the mat. The Canadian struggled to get up again until Katie hoisted her onto her shoulders, and crashed her into the mat with a Samoan drop. She followed up with a float over into a cover with a hook of the leg.

Zack: Katie showed off a bit of power herself with that Samoan drop, let’s see if it gets her a three count!




Sydney kicked out before the three touched the canvas, and Katie rose back to her feet. She headed for the corner next, making her way to the top rope and perching herself as she waited for Sydney to get back to her feet. The blonde was slow to do so, but when she did, Katie put her back down with a missile dropkick to the chest.

Lyn: Katie is not even so much as letting Sydney breathe... Literally. The Canadian Firebrand has to find a way to bring her down!

She pulled Sydney back to her feet, and looked to be setting up for a tiger suplex. But Sydney countered into a backdrop driver that planted Katie on the canvas. The blonde rose to her feet, and leaned against the ropes to regain her bearings. Katie started to move again, and the Canadian quickly went back on the attack as soon as she stood up. Christensen landed a bicycle kick to her chest that dropped her where she stood, and immediately yanked her head between her legs. She lifted her onto her shoulders for a running sitout powerbomb.

Zack: Now that’s some damn impact right there! Sydney almost made Katie a permanent part of the ring right there!

Lyn: I think I heard her teeth rattle from the shake of that impact, Zack... Or my own I cannot tell.

Sydney got back to her feet, rallying the crowd as best she could as she looked down at the slow-moving Katie. The brunette started to get up as Sydney pulled her towards her and over her shoulder into position for a tombstone piledriver. But Katie began kicking her feet and trying to fight out of it. She managed to break Sydney’s grip, and drop down to her feet to pull Sydney down and counter into a dragon sleeper!

Zack: What a counter!

Lyn: The inverted facelock choke is so simple yet integral part of a submission wrestler’s arsenal. Watch as it slowly... ssllllooowwwlllyyy drains Syd of her stamina.

The fans got loud once again in Katie’s favor as she had Sydney locked into the submission perfectly. The referee moved around into position to see if Sydney wanted to stop the match. She got no such sign that she did as Sydney tried to grab Katie’s head with her hands. But she couldn’t see it clearly, and it wasn’t working as a result. Her arms movements slowly began to falter and slow down as the submission took effect. Pruitt checked again to see if she wanted to stop the match, but got no such indication then either.

Lyn: Christensen is fighting it... Trying to fight it with all her might!

Zack: I’m not sure how much she has left, but she’s doing everything in her power to get free! The question is can she?!

The referee started to raise her hand, and let it drop. It did twice before Sydney made a last effort and managed to wrap her hand around the bottom rope. The referee immediately called for the break, and and Katie dropped Sydney to the mat. The brunette nodded as she saw Sydney trying to recover on the mat before she grabbed her to get her back to her feet.

Zack: I think Katie sees the writing on the wall here, and may be looking to try to put Sydney away right now.

Lyn: We might be looking at a fluttering of wings here...

Katie went to pull Sydney into position for her butterfly lock, but the blonde surprised her with a headbutt to the face. It stunned her long enough for Sydney to quickly scoop her up and plant her with a tombstone piledriver! She collapsed on top of her as the referee slid into position to make the count.

Lyn: WHERE... WHAT... Where did that come from!? There’s the cover!




Pruitt called for the bell as Sydney rolled off the cover, mouth agape as she tried to recover and pull herself together. She finally sat up, and made it to her feet before she got her hand raised.

Zack: That was one hell of a clinic between two veterans, Lyn! Sydney pulled it out of the fire though!

Gaby: Here’s your winner by pinfall…………………….SYDNEY CHRISTENSEN!!!

Lyn: That was a Goodbye from Calgary if I ever saw one and what a way to win!

Sydney offered her hand to Katie, and helped her to her feet. She shook hands with her before exiting to the floor. Both women got a loud response from the crowd as the show headed elsewhere.

Mila’s Not Done

A short video package shows moments from the last show’s match between Elizabeth Lannister and Mila. As the show returns from the clip, we find Sara in the back with none other than “Midnight” Mila Martin.

Sara: Mila, thanks for joining me! And boy, do I have some news for you! Congratulations on your win last time against the “Lioness”, but….I have news that leads me to believe that it’s not entirely over yet.

Mila: Thanks Sara. News you say? I had a feeling it might not be quite over. She doesn’t take losses very well.. So me being two up on her, I was half expecting her to whine to her manager to try and get another chance.

Sara: Well I don’t know the circumstances, but that’s exactly what we are going to see on the 50th episode in 2 weeks time. While Harley and Bianca face off for the Future Shock Championship in the main event, Adam has put together a rematch for you both in another first time ever for Future Shock: a lumberjack match with the remaining 4 Gold Standard members at ringside along with the remaining three 3 opponents they’ll all face at Nemesis plus one yet to be named.

Mila: I feel privileged to get to be part of another Future Shock first. I’m starting to rack them up nicely. Plus I don’t think I can ever get bored of teaching Elizabeth a lesson. Maybe after this one she’ll finally start learning about biting off more than she can chew.

Sara: How do you feel about the fact that not only will there be 4 allies around the ring but the rest of the Gold Standard as well? Do you think that makes the job more difficult?

Mila: I mean it could do, but with my background.. I’m used to not getting overwhelmed in the face of multiple opposition. Besides, I’ll just concentrate on what’s going on in the ring, I’m sure the four ringside will be more than capable of keeping an eye on the other Gold Standard hyenas.

Sara: What do you think is her obsession with defeating you? She’s not been this ...focused,I guess….on anyone since joining Future Shock except you.

Mila: I honestly don’t know. My only guess is that she saw me as an easy target… so the fact she’s been proven wrong twice now, has dented her pride.

Sara: Well the match is signed and set. In two weeks for Future Shock’s 50th episode since the reboot, it’s gonna be a lumberjack match for Mila and Elizabeth as well as the Future Shock Championship being on the line when Harley defends against Bianca Reed! Don’t go anywhere, we’ll be right back.

A graphic for the lumberjack match on Future Shock 50 is shown before we cut to a commercial break.

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« Reply #1 on: October 23, 2018, 08:42:56 pm »

Missy’s New Present

The next shot we see is inside the office of the Future Shock Director, though he isn’t there. His girlfriend is though, and is about to leave when she (and the camera) see him coming with a box in his hands with a shipping label attached to it.

Adam: The guys that work in the loading dock said you had some mail. I’m guessing it’s the shoes to match your new dress you got last time.

Missy: I’m guessing it will be too. Since I’m not in the habit of getting mail or deliveries sent here. As nice as the dress was that was sent, it feels quite weird not knowing who sent it. Does this one say who it’s from by any chance?

Adam: Not that I can tell. It’s not me, it’d be kinda silly to buy you stuff and mail it here after all. Let me get a box cutter.

He placed the box in her hands, and ducked into his office for a moment. He popped back out, and slid the box cutter along the tape on top to open it. She reached inside to find a box with a pair of strappy black heels as the styrofoam fell out to the floor.

Adam: Look like they match the dress to me.

Missy: They do. To perfection I’d say. Now I definitely know it’s not you, as good as your taste is, I’m not sure you’d be able to match a dress to shoes quite so perfectly.

She grinned and gave him a little wink as she said that. He didn’t argue with that as he reached inside to see if there was anything else. And there was, a postcard.

Adam: Ahh, well the mystery is solved now. Listen to this. I hope you enjoy the dress and the shoes from my new line. I wanted to show you how much I appreciate you, and was hoping before my career winds down, we can finally have that match we’ve talked about. Love, Jessica.

Missy: Of course! I should have realised, but I hadn’t seen Jessica’s new line yet, so I didn’t recognise it. She is an absolute sweetheart. She should know she didn’t need to send me anything though to get me in the ring, I’d have said yes to her anyway.

Adam: Also explains why she sent them here. She hasn’t been to the apartment, so this was the next best place to send you anything since she’s been here plenty of times.

Missy: That is a really good point. She knows I’m here with you for all of the Future Shock shows, so she knew that they’d reach me here. Now I know who it’s from, I must admit I’m looking forward to wearing the dress. It is beautiful.

Adam: Well when you do wear it with the shoes, make sure to snap a picture and send it to her so she can see what it looks like.

Missy: I could do that… or I could go one better and we could take her to dinner one night for her to see it herself!

Adam: I’ll talk with Seth and see if we can’t get that match set up sooner than later. You know what this may lead to? Everyone who wants a match will start sending you stuff.

Missy: Well… it was certainly a nicer way to get my attention than how Valentina chose to tell me she wanted a match.

He nodded in agreement as the show headed elsewhere.

A Real Who's Who

We're taken backstage once more as Future Shock's own Sara Wilkins stands by. And she doesn't look to be any amused right now.

Sara: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time... Tara and Luna Cortez.

The camera pans out to reveal each one of the Cortez Twins surrousind Sara. They're absurdly alike and are even wearing the same clothes, so it's kind of impossible to tell who's who.

Sara: So... Uh, I just... have to ask first and foremost, just to get it out of the way real quick: which one of you guys is Luna and which is Tara?

Sara asks and looks between the two twins. The twins look at one another. Then they look at Sara. And not a word is spoken. Wilkins waits a couple more seconds in this pregnant pause until she realizes the answer isn't coming. Time to assume!

Sara: ... okay, so I believe you're here to watch Angel, Tara's partner for the Future Shock Cup, battle the Aspire... Champion, Lydia Charisma, that much you've pointed out on Twitter. It's safe to assume you're very anxious for your Cup debut alongside the Risen One, aren't you?... Well, whichever one of you is Tara.

She then moves the microphone to the twin to her left.

Tara: For starters, anxiety is for the unprepared. I know exactly what to do, and I know exactly what to expect. From Angel and from our adversaries. Tonight is all about support for Angel in her attempt at defeating the Aspire bearer and get herself in contention for the damn thing; it's the very least a considerate and loving teammate such as myself could do. But anxiety? Puh-LEASE. It's going to take more than a shiny cup and a tall order to put butterflies in our stomachs. And the reason for that is simple. Like we always say, we're masterminds. And it doesn't matter who they put in front of us... We'll bring them down.

Sara: Speaking of tall orders, you have a handful of them as it is already. In four weeks, in Nemesis, Luna, you'll be faced with the woman who... pretty much revealed the existance of two Cortez sisters, that being Vivienne Robichaud, or "Future Shock's Plan V". What do--

That's when the other twin places her hand on top of Sara's microphone and shakes her head. Bringing the mike to he mouth, she hums negatively.

Luna: I'll stop you right there and correct your sentence. I'm not going to "be faced" with Vivi Robichaud. She's the one being faced with me. She's the one facing the music, and I'm the one controlling the pace. Like I've always done. If she thinks she's hot shit, I'll be out to prove next month that she's just "shit". And quite honestly, I don't care whatever the sycophants and the white knight squad have to say about Vivi's chances or how we're apparently going to suffer because "the jig is up" -- to tell you the truth, I don't even know what jig is that that they talk about when they say that -- all I care about is taking home that W.

Tara: We remained undefeated for over a year in Future Shock. That alone should be the testament of how great we actually are. When you have a credential like that, do you really think we're worried about the crowd's handpicked darlings of the month and their chances at us?

Sara: ... uh, well, it could be said that-- Pft, nevermind. Last question: just recently, it was announced by Adam Grant, Future Shock's General Manager, that you, Tara, will be one half of the featured Prospects match at Global Wars. while you don't have an adversary yet, do you have a particular wrestler you'd like to face the most right now?

Tara squints at Sara.

Tara: No. I don't have a particular wrestler I'd like to face the most right now. Do you know what I'd like the most right now? I'd like to know why i'm not the Future Shock Champion yet. I'd like to know what's taking Adam Grant so long to give me my RIGHTFUL Future Shock Championship match. I'm a genius and a prodigy, and for over a year I've given Future Shock the best ratings it's ever had all thanks to MY skills and MY beauty!

... and then the two twins snicker.

Luna: Or have you?

The Cortez Twins stare at one another... And then at a confused Sara.

Luna: Keep your eyes sharp, baby girl. I'm actually Tara.

Tara: And I'm actually Luna.

And with that, the twins leave the scene, leaving a dumbfounded Sara behind.

The show returns from the commercial break, and finds Gaby once again standing in the ring with her microphone at the ready.

Gaby: The following contest is scheduled for one fall.

Zack: This will be the first time that we’ve seen Lydia in the ring since she traded in the Aspire Ring for the newly minted Aspire Championship. And judging by her reaction last show, she’s quite a fan of the new title.

Steph: I’m sure she’s beaming with joy. According to network demographics, people in the 18-35 age range really get her. Millennials too! Oh... By the by, Lyn told me to take over for him. He’s DEFINITELY not locked in the third floor bathroom next to the facilities room.

The dark, haunting opening chords of “Liar Liar” fill the arena as it is bathed in silver strobes. As the drums and guitar kick in, the lights flash out momentarily and a spotlight comes on to show a man and a woman, The woman is Angel, and the man Christian Kincaid. Angel is down on bended knee, fist pushed into the ramp. She comes up without warning and as she does,pyro goes off around her.

Gaby: Making her way to the ring, please welcome ANGEL!

Would you pray if I said you were dying?
Would you be a little stronger, or fall down on your knees?
Would you stay with me if you knew that I was lying?
Would you walk away or turn the other cheek?

I tremble where I stand,
My wish is your command,
The nature of a truly desperate heart.
Give me something real so I can truly feel,
(Liar liar) on the wall.

As the verse and bridge are played, Angel and Christian make their way down the ramp, the platinum blond deliberately keeping as far from any fan contact that she can, looking to Christian occasionally. At the bottom of the ramp, she stops and looks out around her while Christian has headed to her corner.

Whisper, whisper in the dark,
Tell me what you see.
Poisoned by your fly-infested poetry.
Liar, Liar on the wall, give the world to me.
Wasteland or a monarchy (liar liar)
Tell me what you see…

Angel walks up the steps and through the middle rope, where she heads to her corner and waits for Christian to hop up to share some last minute things with her and the music goes out.

Zack: I think we can both agree, Steph, that Angel is probably the most violent Prospect in all of Future Shock today. She takes great pleasure in her job, and she’s got her work cut out for her tonight.

Steph: That’s her appeal, Zack. She’s the kind of woman you’d want to see in a grindhouse movie. ...Reminds me to tell CK I know some people out in Fresno who are writing a horror Indy and looking for a main star.

“Charisma” by W.A.S.P. fills the arena as up near the top of the ramp a fine smoke begins to pour out from both sides. Fragments of code begin running on the ground, but they slowly transform into... Music notes. The notes of green and purple begin to appear on the ground of the ramp towards the ring.

“I've a breath in minds of men with the lies I breathe!
No man's ever ruled the world not knowing the curse of me!
I'm some of the seven sins, vanity in the lust of men!
I'm the Alpha-Omega man, I'll show you who I am!
Ohhhhhh, hypnotic charm, mesmerizing face, my soul has a dark embrace!

A magic tongue, I'll seduce you all ‘till I'm your king, ‘till ya know my...!

Walking backwards through the smoke is Lydia Charisma with her back to the crowd. She rips the title from around her waist and acts as though she’s playing guitar on it! Charisma continues to play on the championship halfway down the ramp. She stops to look through the crowd and spots a young man in the audience on the way to the ring. Lydia taps her cheek, telling him to kiss it... Before doing the same to the girl nearby him.


“I'm a liar blinding your vision, vatican man!
Preachin' fear and using religion, with the Bible and Koran!
I wrap myself in the American flag, and tell people I'm for which it stands,
I'm comin' back till you know I'm God, ‘till you believe, till you know my...!


With unfettered confidence she slides into the ring before stopping to crouch down and seemingly check her kneepads after handing the ref her title. Suddenly Lydia springs up and runs against the ropes, stopping in the center to crouch once more and flex her bicep. She kisses each once, posing for the crowd as her song fades out.

Zack: In four weeks, Lydia Charisma will make her second defense of that Aspire title when she meets Mara Werth for the first time at Nemesis! But Angel is gonna provide a whole other kind of challenge for her tonight, Steph.

Steph: I’m sure she can rise to the occasion. Charisma may be more gracious to the fans than even your average wrestler but she’s got the talent it takes... Just so happens that Angel couldn’t give a crap about that.

Referee Ashley Pruitt checks Lydia for anything illegal, but before she has the chance to check Angel, she’d already crossed the ring and caught Lydia with a cheap shot over the referee’s back. Rapid fire right hands land on Lydia’s head as the referee makes it out of the way, and calls for the bell to start the match. Lydia starts firing back right away though, and starts getting the better of Angel with her power. It backs the blonde up before Lydia whips her across for the ride. As soon as she rebounds, Lydia scoops her up into a gorilla press and launches her to the mat.

Zack: I think we can agree that the Pearl Harbor job backfired big time on Angel, because Lydia is more than capable of throwing hands!

Steph: Angel from what I’ve seen is usually used to being the bruiser in matches. This may force her to play it smarter with intent to harm.

Angel makes it back to her feet, only to get yanked towards Lydia into a short arm clothesline. The powerhouse takes off for the ropes, and rebounds quickly with a running clothesline as soon as she gets back to her feet. Angel rises again, and only eats another clothesline with even more velocity that nearly flips her in midair. She let out a shout as she gave the crowd a couple poses and pounded the mat with both fists. Angel began to get to her feet again, and try to catch Lydia off guard. But all she got was a Polish hammer shot to the chest that took her right back down to the mat.

Steph: Well now she’s just showing off, Zack. She’s lucky this is prime time hours and the perfect block to do it. Excellent hammer though. Couldn’t have done it better myself.

Zack: That’ll stop your heart for a second right there, and the landing doesn’t feel any better either.

The crowd was getting more and more pumped up as Lydia grabbed the top rope, and shook it much like a former Prospect. She turned back and pulled Angel back to her feet, firing off European uppercuts that staggered her backwards. She nearly backed her into the ropes before the Jukebox Powerhouse took off for the far side. As she came back, she caught Angel with a big boot that sent her over the top rope and crashing to the floor as Christian went to help his client.



Zack: One thing’s for sure, Angel’s not gonna last very long if she can’t find a way to bring Lydia down! And it’s not looking any promising right now!

Steph: Luckily Angel has her own private think tank here in the form of Christian.

Angel got back to her feet on the outside, and stood listening as her manager shared a few things with a whisper into her ear. She nodded her head, and started to pull herself back onto the apron when Lydia went to get her. The platinum blonde caught her with a thumb in the eye as she got close, and finished stepping through the ropes. Angel scooped her up off the mat, and fell backwards with a stun gun across the top rope that caught Lydia across the throat. She began choking and coughing before Angel ducked her head between her legs, scooped her onto her shoulders and fell backwards with an electric chair!

Zack: Looks like Angel got some good advice from Christian out there, and she’s finally gotten the Aspire Champion flat on the canvas.

Steph: Christian probably figured that the softest part of Charisma’s body was going to be that neck and he was right! The Aspire champ is looking breathless... And not in a “Who are you wearing?” kinda way.

Angel stepped onto Lydia’s throat, and used the rope to help her keep her balance. Pruitt got to a four count before she stepped off. Charisma began to sit up and try to get to her feet until Angel caught her with a hard kick in the chest that stopped her in her tracks. She bounced off the far side, and came back with a basement dropkick into her chest to put her down on the mat again. A quick pull of her feet yanked Lydia away from the corner before Angel dropped on top of her with a hook of the leg for the cover.

Zack: Angel’s doing the right thing, and keeping Lydia on the mat! We got a cover right here!




Lydia kicked out at two, and pushed Angel away from her in the process. The platinum blonde got back to her feet, and measured a fist drop into Lydia’s head. A knee drop followed that before she rolled her onto her stomach, and applied a camel clutch.

Steph: The champ likes to think herself a master of this move but Angel is showing anything you can do, she can do better.

The referee moved around in front of the champion, looking for a submission. But Lydia showed no signs of wanting to quit, while Angel continued to lean back and pull Lydia’s head with her. The champion’s body was being bent at a bad angle, causing her face to show all the pain she was feeling but still refusing to quit. The fans in the arena started trying to rally her, causing Lydia to start shouting. She wasn’t shouting in pain, but more like defiance. She managed to get her arms free, and pounded her fists into the mat….and started rising up with Angel still clutching the chinlock.

Zack: Look at that, Steph! Lydia’s feeding off this full house in the Future Shock Arena, and she’s literally powering out of the camel clutch!

Steph: Her arms and chest day must start with demolishing an old shed with her bare hands.

She started pounding her chest as Angel landed on her feet, but still had the chinlock. However, the blonde stopped her progress as she brought her knees up and connected with a double knee backbreaker on the Aspire Champion that flipped her to the mat. Angel quickly made the cover, and hooked the outside leg!

Steph: Big time backstabber! Also hey! Copyright infringement!




Lydia kicked out again, and Angel retaliated with a short knee into her ribs. An elbow drop followed that to keep her on the canvas before she headed for the nearest corner.

Zack: Angel’s heading for the third floor with a supine Lydia who is going to end up being her crash pad!

Angel perched herself, and leaped from the corner into a legdrop. But Lydia sat up, and Angel landed on the mat behind her in pain. The Aspire Champion began gritting her teeth, almost as though she were hulking up before she got to her feet. She yanked Angel back up with her, and started throwing chops into her chest with additional power behind each one. Angel’s chest began to change color quickly before Lydia sent her across for the ride. The platinum blonde rebounded off the far side, right into Lydia’s waiting arms for a spinebuster.

Zack: Big time spinebuster, and Lydia’s rocking and rolling now! The Aspire Champion’s got her groove back!

Steph: Angel’s skin looks a coat of many colors and that cannot be pleasant. That spinebuster was just icing on the cake!

Angel starts to get to her feet again, and Lydia claps her hands over her head and immediately goes for her reverse chokeslam facebuster that plants Angel on the canvas.



She drops to her knees with two hands pressed into Angel’s chest for the cover. Pruitt slides into position to make the count.

Steph: Unique pin there and will it work?




The powerhouse gets back to her feet, and pulls Angel back up with her. It’s clear that the blonde is seemingly out on her feet practically before Lydia reaches down grab her into position for her finishing move.

Zack: We know what’s coming up, and Angel….I don’t think she has a clue! She looks like she’s ripe for the picking right now!

And with little effort at all, Lydia executes her spinning double leg facebuster that spikes Angel onto the mat with a thud! Charisma rolls her over, and hooks the outside leg tightly for the cover before the referee drops to count.

Steph: OCEAN’S ELEVEN! ...I love that movie.




Pruitt calls for the bell to a pop from the crowd as Lydia gets back to her feet. The Aspire Champion gets her hand raised in victory at that point.

Zack: Angel pushed her to a new limit tonight, but the Aspire Champion found a way to overcome! And this is what Mara Werth has to look forward to at Nemesis!

Gaby: Here’s your winner by pinfall………………’THE RAWK OF AGES’ LYDIA CHARISMA!!

Lydia took her title back from the referee, and began to use it to play a little air guitar to her entrance music as it played. She beamed as she heard the fans.



Steph: Impressive outing for the champ but Mara may have her number along with her name and that title to boot. Anyway it was a pleasure, Zack.

She rolled out under the bottom rope as Christian slid into the ring to check on his client. With the fans still shouting in her favor, Lydia headed for the back….and so did the cameras.

Stacy Unfiltered

We come back from commercial to ringside. The opening bass line to “I Will Not Break” by A Sound Of Thunder begins to blare through the PA system, bringing the fans to their feet as they cheer wildly.

“And you heard the girls talking, and you thought they were talking about you.”

“Oh no, we can’t ask her! She’s a creep!”

“Who are they talking about?”

As the song kicks into full swing, standing at the top of the stage with a smile on her face, dressed in a pair of black leather high heeled boots, a pair of skin tight black leather trousers, a brand new official black Future Shock Stacy Jones T-shirt, a black leather jacket with “Unbreakable” written on the back of it and a plain black wool hat, she begins to make her way down the ramp, slapping the fans hands on the way.

Once she reaches the bottom of the ramp, she turns to her super fan, Elsie and removes her hat and places it onto the little girl’s head before heading up the steel steps and climbs through the ropes and into the ring, calling for a microphone and she’s handed one.

Jones stands in the middle of the ring awaiting the fans to quieten down as “I Will Not Break” fades out.

Stacy: Thank you all for that wonderful welcome, guys! Are you all enjoying the show?!

The fans cheer wildly which gets a nod and a smile from the jet black haired woman.

Stacy: Good, I’m glad…

Stuffing her free hand into her jacket pocket, she paces in the ring a little.

Stacy: Now, you’re probably all wondering why I’m out here, yes? I mean, I’m not booked tonight so why would I be? Well you see, I’m a firm believer in being at every single show for the company I work for whether I’m booked or not. I come to every show because I don’t need to be booked to show you people how much I care…

Now she turns her attention to the stage.

Stacy: ...and I also don’t need to be booked to send a message to egotistical, self-righteous, ‘head so far up their own ass they can see what they had for breakfast’ bitches like Stacey Sky!

The fans cheer at the fact that Jones is calling out Sky.

Stacy: Yeah, you all heard me! Just like I heard what she had to say about me and my match on the latest edition of After Shock!

Pacing some more, she smirks.

Stacy: And I know that because I ‘dared’ to speak her name, that I’m probably going to be jumped at some point by everyone’s favorite group, The Gold Standard!

The fans boo at the mention of The Gold Standard as Stacy then shrugs.

Stacy: Or not since they probably don’t feel they need to waste their time on the ‘lesser’ Stacy. Who the Hell knows? But I sure as Hell don’t care if Stacey doesn’t like me mentioning her name, nor do I care if the Gold Standard do either! Because here is the difference between people like them...and people like me!

Once again turning to the stage, she outstretches her arms for a few moments.

Stacy: When I have a problem with someone, I’m always somewhere they can find me! I don’t run my mouth about them in a private room on a damn talk show!

Stroking her free hand through her shoulder length jet black hair, her once smiling, happy expression is no longer.

Stacy: So I’m simply out here to deliver a message to the entirety of The Gold Standard and anyone else in that locker room who has a problem with me! Quit being a pussy and come and tell me to my face! And you’ll soon find out the hard way that I’m not someone that you want to piss off!

And with that, she drops the microphone as “I Will Not Break” blasts out of the PA system and she exits the ring and begins to make her way up the ramp. Jones then disappears through the curtain as we cut to commercial.

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Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me A Match

Future Shock returns from the commercial break, and finds Adam standing on the stage to quite a boisterous reaction from the Boston crowd. It makes him smile as he is handed a microphone so he can speak.

Adam: I appreciate that response. It never gets old. You all likely already know we got a huge show coming on November 20th called Nemesis. It’s the final Pay Per View of 2018 for Future Shock, and I’m looking to end the year on a high note. You already know about the 5 on 5 elimination tag team match main event with the Gold Standard….

He doesn’t finish the sentence before the crowd immediately begins booing at the very mention of their name.

Adam: Who will be facing “Killer B” Bianca Reed, “Little Pixie Pump” Nora Harris, No Holding Back, and the two time Future Shock Champion Harley Shannon!

All of those names get the exact opposite response from the crowd.

Adam: You already know that Mara Werth is going to get her shot at the new Aspire Championship that night when she faces Lydia Charisma!


That brings a grin to Adam’s face he continues.

Adam: And you know that Vivi Robichaud will make her Future Shock in-ring Pay Per View debut against a woman she’s been chasing after for months….Luna Cortez! And as full as that card already is, I can’t help but think I can make it better. That’s why I’m here to tell you about some new matches that are going to be part of that show. For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you already know I’ve booked the “World Piercer” Gemma Pierce to meet Mars Whimsey one on one.

Cue the requisite buzzing at that match.

Adam: Going by what we saw earlier tonight, I made a promise to Sydney about being on Pay Per View. And I fully intend on keeping that promise. She’s going to be facing one of the Stone Sisters, Trinity! I’ll let them decide which though.  I’d be remiss if I didn’t include another new Prospect who has been impressive since she arrived. I’m referring to the “Unbreakable” Stacy Jones. You heard what she had to say a bit ago. So let’s let her show her stuff at Nemesis when she meets Angel.

As he mentions them, each match is shown in a graphic on the video wall behind him until it switches to one for Future Shock 50.

Adam: But before we get to Nemesis, we got a big show coming up in 2 weeks for Future Shock’s 50th episode since the reboot! It’s going to be a Pay Per View quality show right here in Boston. The main event is going to see Harley Shannon make her first defense of the Future Shock title since regaining it against “Killer B” Bianca Reed! And no matter what happens here, I hope that they can put it behind them and focus on the task at hand at Nemesis.

He glances up to the wall behind him to see the match advertised on the big screen.

Adam: You’re also going to see a first, as you heard a little while ago. “The Lioness” Elizabeth Lannister and “Midnight” Mila Martin will meet in a lumberjack match! And the ring will be surrounded by the other four members of the Gold Standard as well as Nora Harris and No Holding Back. Bianca and Harley will be preparing for their title match, which leaves an opening spot on one side. Now I haven’t decided who will fill that spot yet, but---

The opening of Madonna’s “Material Girl” begins playing as Cait Flanagan steps out onto the ramp. Adam looks behind him to see he’s no longer alone on the stage as Cait’s music fades out slowly. Future Shock’s very own Material Girl steps into the ring in a green bodycon dress and impossibly high black pumps with telltale red soles. With a bright smile, she taps Adam gently on the arm, letting her hand linger just a moment too long.

Adam: Hello, Cait. What can I do for you?

Cait: Well I couldn’t help but overhear you saying that you might have a bit of a numbers problem with this lumberjack match between Mila and Elizabeth. And I think I could do you a bit of a favor, help you solve the problem you’re looking at. If you’d like my help, that is.

Adam: Oh really? Well I’m open to suggestions. Though I think I know who you will say, tell me who you had in mind.

Cait: You’re a smart man, so I’ve no doubt that you already know. But for the benefit of those who maybe haven’t been following along… why not me?

Adam: Is that so? Why do you want to be a lumberjack? I mean you haven’t even had your in-ring debut yet.

Cait: This gives me an opportunity to put myself out there and help out my new boss. Besides, what kind of competitor would I be if I saw an opportunity and didn’t take it? No, I think you’ll find that I’m a very proactive individual, Mr. Grant, and if you’ll give me the chance to be a lumberjack, I think I could prove very valuable indeed.

The Future Shock Director seems to mull it over for a moment, and finally nods his head.

Adam: Okay, Cait. You got it! You can be a lumberjack on the next show.

Cait: Thank you! You won’t regret this Mr. Grant, I promise!

The Future Shock hopeful throws her arms around Adam’s neck and gives him a big kiss on the cheek, leaving a lipstick print before she dashes off backstage, giddily high-fiving the fans as she makes her way back up the ramp.

The graphic on the wall shows Cait Flanagan being added to the lumberjacks as the show cuts to a quick commercial for the 50th episode.

Future Shock returns from the commercial break, and the camera finds Gaby standing front and center in the ring with her microphone.

Gaby: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall to a finish, and it is your main event of the evening!

Zack: We’ve taken our last commercial break of the evening, and it’s just in time for what should be an excellent main event! I’m joined by the Evolution Champion Missy, who always takes a special interest in her sister’s matches.
Missy: Thanks for having me again, Zack. I like to be up close for her matches, it’s incredibly cathartic watching her get knocked around the ring a few times.

As the opening of ‘Pour Some Sugar on Me’ by Def Leppard starts to play, Kyle Kilmeade steps through the curtain and holds it open. Stacey Sky steps out onto the stage wearing her ring gear which consists of a black bra-style top, with gold trim. A black and gold cheerleader style skirt, and black boots with a gold trim.  

Pour some sugar on me
Ooh, in the name of love
Pour some sugar on me
C'mon, fire me up
Pour your sugar on me
I can't get enough

She stops at the start of the ramp and runs her hands down her sides until she reaches her hips and then stands with her hands on hips for a moment, before she starts moving towards the ring with Kyle walking slightly behind her.

I'm hot, sticky sweet
From my head to my feet, yeah

As the line hot, sticky sweet plays, she raises her finger to her mouth and tilts her head to one side. Then she sways her hips, lowering herself down at the same time, before popping back up and blowing a kiss from one side to the other.

Gaby: Making her way to the ring, hailing from Anaheim, California and accompanied by Kyle Kilmeade…………….“Sensational” Stacey Sky

Listen! red light, yellow light, green-a-light go!
Crazy little woman in a one man show
Mirror queen, mannequine, rhythm of love
Sweet dream, saccharine, loosen up
Loosen up

She takes off at a run towards the ring and then jumps up onto the apron, where she immediately drops down into the splits. She leans forwards and grabs hold of her foot, lowering her head so she can roll under the bottom rope, still in the splits. Once in the ring, she moves up to her knees, throwing her head back as she does. She licks her lips and gives a devilish smile out to the crowd.

You gotta squeeze a little, squeeze a little
Tease a little more
Easy operator come a knockin' on my door
Sometime, anytime, sugar me sweet
Little miss innocent sugar me, yeah, yeah
Give a little more.

As her music starts to fade she gets to her feet and goes to her corner, climbing up, she sits on the top turnbuckle with her legs crossed and shares a few last minute words with her manager on the apron as she awaits her partner.  Meanwhile, Kyle returns to the back.

Missy: I’m not sure there is any member of the Gold Standard that is likeable, but Stacey has to be one of the least likeable of the lot of them.

Zack: I’m sure who is the least likable of the Gold Standard is an argument that can be had for ages amongst fans, but here comes a member of the family for you.

The opening bars of “You Call Me A Bitch Like It’s A Bad Thing” begin to play through the speakers around the arena and the lights on the stage go out leaving it darkness.

You took me to your little crib
Guess it must have been a big deal
Got me starring in your wet dream
Now it's time to get real
I'm not looking for love
No not today
But you call me up and had the nerve to say
See you next Tuesday

A white spotlight hits the centre of stage to see Cassandra Steen standing in the middle of it, wearing blue ring gear accompanied by her manager Kyle Kilmeade. The crowd instantly show their disdain for the pair with a loud chorus of boos. Cassandra does not seem phased at all by this and in fact seems to revel in it. A smirk curling on her lips as she surveys the crowd.

You call me a bitch like it's a bad thing
You call me a freak like that means something
Can't get your way so you're sulking
I think we know the rest
Get it off your chest
I don't give a shit
I love it when you call me a bitch like it's a bad thing

Kyle extends his arm towards Cassandra and she accepts it to allow him to escort her down the ramp to the ring. Neither of them seeming particularly bothered by the less than favourable yells from the crowd.

Gaby: Making her way to the ring, from Leeds, England and accompanied by her manager, Kyle Kilmeade, she is ……………….CASSANDRA STEEN!

You show up everywhere I go
Get a grip you're acting so weird
I don't need your jager bombs
I think I can take it from here
You gotta learn to leave when the party ends
I don't really care what you tell your friends
Tell me again

As they reach the ring, Cassandra climbs the steps and takes a moment to look around at the crowd. Kyle holds the ropes open for her, as she climbs into the ring between the middle and top ropes. Kyle follows and the pair share a few hushed words in the centre of the ring.

You call me a bitch like it's a bad thing
You call me a freak like that means something
Can't get your way so you're angry
I think we know the rest
Get it off your chest
I don't give a shit
I love it when you call me a bitch

Cassandra’s music comes to and end and as it fades out, she makes her way to her corner, leaning back against the turnbuckles and resting one arm on the ropes beside her.

Zack: It was in Sydney at the Supershow that this woman knocked off Nora Harris with the help of about $20 in quarters in her knee pad. She may not need the quarters with Stacey though.

Missy: There was no way that she would have managed to pull off that win without the quarters. And it is typical Cassandra, see a problem, throw money at it. Et voila.

Gaby: And their opponents, representing the KILLA PIXIE PUMPS…

I told ya, baby
I told ya

The arena darkens as “Rockstar 101” by Rihanna begins to play before the camera takes us behind a woman with purple hair. She steps out onto the stage, raising her hand and making a fist as the camera looks over her shoulder. She tosses her sunglasses on her head out to the crowd as she heads towards the ring.

Rocking these diamonds
I'm rocking this chain
Make sure you get a picture
I'm rocking my fame

Gaby: Introducing from Atlanta, Georgia, this is the Princess of the Reed family……...BIANCA REED!!!!

Bianca climbs up onto the apron, drops into a split before sliding under the bottom rope to the inside. She brings her legs together and hops to her feet, already making eye contact with her opponents and running them down verbally while her music fades and before the bell even rings.

Zack: Bianca Reed could end up being a woman of destiny! Before 2018 is over, she may well be the Future Shock & Fast Track Champions! But it’s not about that tonight, it’s about taking apart two fifths of the Gold Standard!

Missy: Bianca will have a tall task ahead of her with both of those Championship matches, but you can tell that she’s focused on the task at hand tonight. She knows what the Gold Standard are like, so she isn’t going to risk taking her eyes off them if she can help it.

I won’t give up, no I won’t give in
Till I reach the end
And then I’ll start again
No I won't leave
I wanna try everything
I wanna try even though I could fail

Gaby: From Chicago Illinois, weighing in tonight at 103 pounds... she is Nora Harris!

The bouncy music of Shakira's Try Anything plays as the crowd gets loud yet again. However, no one comes out.

Zack: Nora Harris was one of your boyfriend’s most sought after additions to the Prospect roster, I believe, and…...well….

Missy: She was indeed… but where is she? It’s not like her to be late.

I won’t give up, no I won’t give in
Till I reach the end
And then I’ll start again
No I won't leave
I wanna try everything
I wanna try even though I could fail

The song continues to play throughout the Future Shock Arena, though Nora is nowhere to be seen. The fans start chanting her name as Bianca looks towards the back before asking the referee what’s going on.

Zack: Maybe she’s still tying her laces or something. I’m at a loss here, folks. I know she’s here. I saw her before we went on the air tonight, but...I don’t know what’s happening at the moment.

Missy: I don’t think anyone knows what’s happening at the moment. Nora has never missed a cue before this… this is very strange.

The referee looks back to the timekeeper, and Bianca looks back again with concern. That’s when Stacey and Cassandra go on the attack as they both dart across the ring, and start wailing away with shots to Bianca. As Cassandra fires kicks into her body, Stacey unleashes a flurry of rights to her head. They fire her across to the far corner before Cassandra whips Stacey in behind her with a running forearm to Bianca’s jaw. The referee gets in between them, separating Stacey from Bianca before “Killer B” gets back to her feet and tells Pruitt to ring the bell. The referee asks if she’s sure, and Bianca confirms it….before the bell sounds to start the match. And Cassandra and Stacey immediately trap her in the corner and start firing shots at her again.

Zack: I think the referee was trying to see if there was someone else who could replace the missing Nora Harris, but Bianca...for better or worse….has pretty much agreed to go it alone!

Missy: I can’t really say I blame her, because I’d likely do the same in her position. At least with the bell rung now, the referee can try and get one of the Gold Standard out of the ring.

Cassandra dragged Bianca out of the corner, and pinned her arms behind her back. This gave Stacey the chance to take a few free shots with right hands to the mouth, a few kicks to the body, and a dropkick to the chest after Cassandra moved. The brunette headed to her team’s corner as Stacey put the boots to Bianca as she lay on the mat. Sky dropped to the mat, fish hooking Bianca’s mouth and making her look to her corner as she asked her where Nora was.

Zack: Well it’s one on one now, but that’s after a two on one beatdown before the bell rang! Stacey’s trying to tear Bianca’s face apart, and asking her where Nora is.

Missy: Both Stacey and Cassandra are giving away a huge experience disadvantage to Bianca, but they are probably hoping the two on one attack will even things out for them… I’m not convinced.

She finally spiked her face onto the mat, and headed back to the corner to tag in Cassandra. The brunette stepped through the ropes, and dropped a knee into the back of Bianca’s head. She pulled her back to her feet, and fired her into Bianca’s team’s corner….though no one was there. As Reed tried to gather herself, Steen barreled in after her with a high knee to the head that caused her to crumple to the mat. She dragged her away from the ropes, and laid down to prop an elbow across Bianca’s chest as if she were taking it easy as she went for the cover.

Missy: That is one of the laziest covers I’ve seen. If she thinks that’s going to accomplish anything, she’s even more stupid than I originally thought.



Bianca shoved her elbow off her, causing Cassandra to get back to her feet with a little bit of a scowl on her features. She followed up with a few clubbing blows to Bianca’s back, and then fired her into the Gold Standard’s corner. Cassandra gave a little finger wave to her sister in the broadcast booth before slowly following after her opponent.

Zack: You can see the confidence radiating from Cassandra here. She knows this is a handicap match, and she’s got zero concerns right now...especially since she’s taking time to wave to her sister here.

As soon as Cassandra got to the corner, Bianca caught her with a boot to the jaw. She quickly turned, and began throwing right hands at both Stacey and Cassandra. Practically spinning around, each of them got a big right hand followed by an elbow to the head. It knocked Stacey down to the floor on her feet, and sent Cassandra stumbling backwards until a discus clothesline leveled her. The fans came to their feet as Bianca’s face was furious!

Missy: Ha! That more than serves her right for think she was out for a leisurely stroll before. I knew that Bianca would find an opening, now her experience advantage can come into play.

Zack: Oh boy, Bianca’s fit to be tied now! I think she came out of the womb talking trash and flipped off the obstetrician on the way out!

Cassandra got yanked to her feet, and fired with velocity into the corner. Bianca followed her in with a running clothesline, immediately grabbed the top rope and started stomping Cassandra’s body repeatedly. Each shot drove her further down till she was seated slumped in the corner before Bianca stepped back, shot her two middle fingers and a facewash boot across the jaw.

Zack: Stomps and stomps and more stomps and OH MY! I don’t think that means Cassandra is number one with her!

Missy: Cassandra tends to elicit that kind of response in people. I know there’s plenty of times I’ve wanted to stomp her repeatedly.

Stacey started into the ring to try to catch her by surprise, but Bianca caught her coming with a mule kick to the stomach. It doubled the blonde over before Reed bounced off the near side with an axe kick across the back of her head to drive her into the mat. With both women down on the mat, Bianca shot a look towards Kyle on the floor and that got the crowd even louder!

Zack: She’s got both Cassandra and Stacey reeling, and even though he hasn’t done anything so far, Bianca’s got something for Kilmeade too! I’d focus on the two women in the ring though!

Missy: As tempting as it is for her, she needs to forget about Kyle and concentrate on Cassandra and Stacey, otherwise she’s leaving herself open to attack from them.

As Bianca was about to go after him, she noticed the video wall change. Now there was a shot backstage of a couple trainers with Nora Harris holding the back of her head in pain. She kept trying to get to her feet, telling them she needed to get to the ring but they were still trying to look her over.

Missy: That explains why Nora didn’t come out earlier… and I don’t think we need three guesses as to who has done that to her, do we?!

Zack: I’m looking at Kyle’s face over here, and he’s not smiling. I don’t know, but he looks like this is as much of a surprise to him as it is us.

As Bianca and the referee watched the video wall, Stacey punted her between the legs and rolled out of the ring. Reed dropped to her knees, even though the referee was watching the video. Cassandra got back to her feet, and caught Bianca with a shining wizard to the back of her head. It dropped her face down on the mat before she made another cover, this one more serious.

Zack: What a punt! That should be a DQ, but the referee’s like us and was seeing what was going on with Nora! And Cassandra’s gonna steal it!




Bianca kicked out before the three, causing Steen to get back to her feet. She glanced over to her partner, whom had her hand out ready for the tag.

Missy: Bianca isn’t going to let them get a win from her that easily, thankfully. Stacey’s wanting her turn, but if I was Bianca I’d be trying to keep Cassandra in the ring. And not just because I’d enjoy wailing on her that much more.

Cassandra headed for the corner, but Bianca made it back to her feet and used a high knee to the back of her head. It was like a domino effect as it propelled Cassandra head first into Stacey, knocking her back to the floor again. As soon as the brunette turned around, Bianca launched towards her with a Thesz press and began unloading with right hands to the side of her head. The crowd responded to each and every shot before she got back to her feet.

Missy: I think she heard me! Cassandra is the least experienced of the Gold Standard, so it makes sense to keep her in the ring as long as possible. Although Stacey might be seeing birdies after that collision, so… getting her in could work too now!

Zack: That was definitely a Tweety-bird moment from Stacey, but Bianca’s back in charge and picking up steam like nobody’s business.

Reed took off towards the ropes, and used them for a springboard moonsault that landed perfectly on Cassandra. She hooked the outside leg tightly as Pruitt dropped for the count.

Zack: Bianca with an Asai moonsault right on target, and she may be about to win this thing!




A baseball slide from Stacey to Bianca’s head sent her rolling off the cover. The blonde sat up, still trying to get her bearings as Cassandra started to get up as well. After they had both made it to their feet, Bianca had gotten up and charged them. But they both scooped her up for a flapjack faceplant on the mat. Meanwhile, the crowd was starting to buzz in increasing volume.

Missy: I’m sure that reaction from the crowd isn’t for the ‘teamwork’ being shown by Cassandra and Stacey… yet again they’re double teaming Bianca, because neither of them can seem to match her one on one.

Zack: The referee needs to get Stacey out of the ring, or at least one of them. This has been the story since before the bell rang….and what are these fans seeing that we’re not?

Stacey finally went back to the corner, and Cassandra made the tag to her to come back inside the ring. Sky did just that, pulling Bianca up to her feet and using a sidewalk slam to put her back down. She headed for the corner and made her way up to the top rope as the buzzing got louder, causing her to look around to see what was happening. When she looked towards the ramp, that was when Nora took off from backstage towards the ring at top speed!

Missy: That explains the buzz! Nora’s making her appearance and with the numbers even, the Gold Standard have just lost any advantage they thought they had!

Zack: Nora’s in the corner, she’s got her hand out! I don’t know what kind of condition she’s in, but she wasn’t going to leave Bianca hanging!

Stacey hopped down off the top rope, complaining to the referee about Nora. The official told her she was part of the match. And as the two bickered, Bianca spotted her and started heading towards her corner. Kyle shouted at his client to stop her.

Missy: After everything they’ve done tonight, Stacey has the nerve to complain about somebody who is officially part of the match?! Bianca’s on her feet and heading for the tag, and it’s about time for her!

Stacey realized what was going on and went to grab Bianca from behind, but Reed grabbed her head for a stunner that sent her careening to the mat. She headed back for her corner as Nora bounced up and down on the apron with her hand out for the tag. As soon as she got there, Bianca made the tag to a pop from the crowd. Nora bounded over the top rope and let out a roar as Cassandra was coming in to stop her. Harris bolted towards her with a handspring into a hurricanrana that spiked her head into the mat. She nipped back up to her feet, and used the ropes for a springboard into an elbow drop. Nora hopped back to her feet as Stacey was heading towards her. Harris turned around before she got there, and waved her forward!

Zack: Nora is a house of fire! I’ve never seen her this charged up as long as I’ve known her! Co ahead, Stacey! If you’re feeling froggy, jump!

Missy: Nora has a bone to pick with both Stacey and Cassandra given their past matches, so it’s not surprising she’s ready for this.

Stacey charged forward with a clothesline, but Nora ducked underneath it and popped up behind her. Before Stacey could turn around, Nora snatched her around the waist and executed a German suplex...followed by another...and another….and another….and another before finally releasing her. The Pixie pounded her fists into the mat as she got back to her feet again. Stacey and Cassandra were starting to get up now before she grabbed both their heads for a double DDT. The fans roared in approval!

Zack: Nora Harris is enraged, and she’s taking them on by herself! The smallest member of her team heading to Nemesis is cleaning the Gold Standard’s clock!

Missy: They are getting schooled in there. Hopefully it’ll mean they’ll not show their faces in public for a while! Finish ‘em off Nora.

Nora looked around at the damage, and started to head for the legal woman in the match. Stacey was starting to move again just as her manager hopped up onto the apron. Nora and the referee spotted him. And as they both headed for him, he tossed something into the ring over their shoulders. Nora grabbed him by his tie as Cassandra grabbed whatever he had thrown.

Missy: Usually I’d be all for encouraging Nora to smack Kyle off the apron, but I think she needs to focus on Cassandra and whatever it is that Kyle just threw to her!

Zack: Now’s not the time to think about it if you’re gonna do it, Nora!

Stacey caught Nora with a kick to the back of her head that nearly sent her through the ropes after her attack backstage. But before she could, Sky whipped her into Cassandra who caught her with a double knee facebreaker that sent quarters exploding from her knees. Stacey lunged on top of her for the cover as the referee turned back around, and Cassandra went to intercept Bianca!

Missy: Those bloody quarters again, and after everything it looks like the Gold Standard are going to steal the win.




Pruitt called for the bell as Stacey rolled off the cover, and right out of the ring before Bianca broke away from Cassandra to help Nora. The girls rolled out to the floor, and had their hand raised first by their manager and then the referee.

Gaby: Here are your winners by pinfall…………..’SENSATIONAL’ STACEY SKY AND CASSANDRA STEEN…………..THE GOLD STANDARD!!

Zack: We don’t know what happened to Nora backstage or who did it, but it was definitely aimed at her head! And that was all the Gold Standard needed...especially with all those quarters everywhere too!

Bianca knelt down beside her partner, who was barely conscious as the referee went to check on her too. Kyle applauded his clients as Cassandra raised her partner’s hand with pride.

Missy: This is not the ending I thought we were going to see after the match we’ve just witnessed, but they’ve managed to steal the win. And Nora is still looking like she’s out of it, I hope she’s okay!

Zack: In two weeks, it’ll be the 50th edition of Future Shock since the reboot! And it’s a Pay Per View quality show headlined by the Future Shock Championship on the line as well as a first ever lumberjack match! Thank you for joining us!

The fans continued to shower boos on the Gold Standard as they backed up the ramp while Future Shock faded off the air.

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