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FFW Breaking Point - November 3, 2018

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Author Topic: FFW Breaking Point - November 3, 2018  (Read 153 times)
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« on: November 04, 2018, 02:40:02 pm »

Live from the Key Arena in Seattle, Washington
November 3, 2018

As the show comes on the air, we are taken into the parking garage as a white limousine pulls to a stop a little short of the door. An attendant hurries out to open it before a vivacious blonde steps out accompanied by Kyle Kilmeade.

Attendant: Welcome to Breaking Point, Miss Lannister...and Mr. Kilmeade.

Kyle: Yeah, thanks.

Elizabeth:  Thank you kindly.

The camera follows along after them as they head into the building, and run right into Robby Reynolds. He gives one of them a curious look, mainly Elizabeth.

Robby: Hello there! If you don’t mind my asking, what’s going on?

Kyle: Are you asking why a Prospect who works for this company is at a FFW show? Is that really what you’re asking right now?

Robby: Well no, but….

Kyle: Being a member of the Future Shock roster doesn’t preclude someone from coming to an event. Elizabeth is here with me tonight, but if you must know, she is here to sign an arrangement.

Robby: What kind of arrangement?

Kyle: Well she has expressed an interest in being part of Global Wars at the end of the month. And I’m the kind of guy who always tries to give my clients what they want.

Elizabeth: You see, Robby...this is why he is as good as he says he is.  He cares about his clients, which is more than I can say for anyone else.

Robby: What is it exactly that you would like for her to do at Global Wars? The Future Shock spotlight match has already been signed.

Kyle: Oh, I’m well aware of that! But given how much Elizabeth and Mila are well acquainted….maybe she can be involved in some capacity.

Elizabeth: I’m sure my VERY BEST FRIEND Mila would be thrilled to bits.

Kyle: Now if you’ll excuse us, Robby, we have a meeting with Samantha to see what we can all come up with for Elizabeth here.

Reynolds was about to ask another question before Kyle and Elizabeth ignored him, and continued on their way. A still curious expression reigned over his face as we cut to the opening video for Breaking Point.

The FFW logo flashes across the screen. We see Kaoru Asaka sitting in a cubicle dressed in a business suit as five people stand around her pointing fingers and giving her a lot of flack. The clock hand on the wall behind her continues to spin through hours as Kaoru’s face gets more and more angry.  “One of a Kind” by Breaking Point begins to play.

The monitor behind her shows a series of clips including Steph Stefano delivering a punt kick, Scarlett Silver looking at her reflection in a full length mirror with her manager behind her, Next is an arena dance party with Rose Gardner in the ring, Angelina Fantastica delivering a hip check to the head, and Isis Morales crushing a globe in her hands.

Next we find Kaoru erupting out of her seat, and starting to throw punches at the suits yelling at her. Punches all around before she tears the suit off she’s wearing to reveal her ring attire, and then reaches under her desk to pull out a sledgehammer. She looks at it for a second, and heads out of her cubicle.

The next clip shows Valerie McKinley looking up in front of her manager as money rains down around her, bringing a wide grin to her face, Sophia Pike applying her armbar submission in the ring, Kelly Kincaid delivering her headlock driver, and Artemis Kaiser giving a Stockton Slap across the face.

Then we find Kaoru taking the sledgehammer and crashing it through a glass door into one of the offices. She brings it down across the desk, putting a hole in it before firing it at some of the pictures on the wall. One of them is a poster of her with the words “tsundere dragon”, which she takes great pride in destroying. She heads out of the office into the parking lot, leaving holes in the wall as she passes with her sledgehammer. When she finds the boss’ car parked in a handicap space, she swings the sledgehammer around and crashes it through the windshield and setting off the alarm before the Breaking Point logo appears on the screen.

We then go to a live shot as the packed crowd roars as multi-colored spotlights flash all over the arena as the theme continues to play over the PA system.

The show heads up to the ring as the beautiful Katherine Grayson steps through the ropes with her microphone in hand to begin.

Kat: The opening contest of Breaking Point is scheduled for one fall.

Zack: We’re gonna kick things off on what is a very stacked show tonight with the Evolution Champion granting a request by a woman FFW and Future Shock fans know well. I’ll be joined by Missy’s manager shortly. Go ahead, Kat!

"I wish I was tall, I wish I was fast
Wish I could show up with a bag full of cash"

Jessica Anderson emerges from behind the curtain with a scowl plastered upon her features. She places her right hand on her hip and tilts her head slightly, smiling brightly as she looks out at the Sydney crowd.

"I wish I had style, I wish I had flash
I wish I woke up with a butt and a rack
'Cause if I want you, I gotta have that"

Kat: Making her way to the ring, from Worcester, England and weighing in at 119 pounds... JESSICA ANDERSON!

Jessica begins to make her way briskly down the ramp, slapping hands with the fans along the way . She reaches the ring and scales one step at a time, before straddling the middle rope. She pauses for a brief moment, mouthing a ‘thank you’ in the direction of the crowd, before pulling her body into the ring. She scales the turnbuckle and raises both hands aloft before she hops down from the turnbuckle, once again adopting the appreciative look as she looks around.

Zack: Jessica Anderson is in the process of winding up her career, and she’s been making the rounds for a while now. She has been part of Future Shock, and also got to compete at Unstoppable 9. This is a match she’s asked for by buying presents for Missy.

The lights in the arena go off before a single purple spotlight hits the stage. As the opening bars of Wild Side by Cross My Heart Hope To Die starts to play Missy appears at the entrance way. Missy stands perfectly still, as her head stays bent, looking towards the ground and her manager Christian Kincaid walks out to stand behind her.

I've been on my best behavior
But I've heard that good girls finish last
And once you're gone they say no one can save you
But who knows if I go I may never want to ever come back
We've all fell victim to temptation
It seems that I'm the last one holding on
What's the use in fighting for my salvation
And why does it feel so damn right to want to be so wrong

At the side of Missy purple lights flash on and off, looking almost like fireworks, causing a wave of oohs and cheers to escape from the crowd. As the lights subside, Missy raises her arms up to the air and a single white spotlight accompanies the move.

I just wanna dance with the devil tonight
I wanna know what it feels like
I wanna close my eyes, put my hands in the sky
I wanna walk on the wild side

Kat: Introducing at this time…. Hailing from Leeds, England, the FFW [insert title] Champion… she is MIIIIISSSSSY!

Missy makes her way down the ramp to the ring keeping her eyes straight ahead, focussing on the ring, with Christian following a few steps behind. When she reaches the ring she slowly climbs the steel steps, building the crowd to fever pitch with anticipation, she climbs elegantly between the bottom and middle rope and climbs up onto the middle rope. She smirks before blowing a kiss out to the crowd as her theme music ends. Her manager heads for the booth to join Zack.

Zack: I’m sure it’s a nice change of pace for Missy to face someone who isn’t trying to take her title or make an example of her. Welcome to the booth, CK.

Christian: Much obliged, Zack. A nice change for us both. It certainly changes my strategies for my talent when I know their opponent isn’t trying to seriously injure them.

Referee Melinda Davis takes Missy’s title, and has it handed down to Christian in the booth before she checks both women and calls for the bell. Missy smiles at her friend as they meet in the center, and shake hands. Jessica leans forward, and gives Missy a big hug that also makes her smile….at least until she surprises her with a belly to belly suplex to the mat. Missy gets back to her feet as Jessica is still smiling before they lock up in the center. Anderson pushes her back into the ropes, and catches her with a short knee before they get there. It stuns the champion for a moment before Jessica scoops her up for an inverted atomic drop. The Evolution Champion stands awkwardly before she catches a discus clothesline from Jessica that puts her on the mat.

Christian: You know what kind of woman Jessica is? I offered to put the title on the line in the contract for this match, but she didn’t want it. She just wanted to have a match with one of her best friends. Not many would do that.

Zack: That’s nothing but respectable right there. It would have been quite a coup if she had accepted and managed to retire with the title.

Missy starts to rise again, only for Jessica to pull her up by the arm and start firing kicks into her abdomen. Each shot doubled her over a little bit more before a kick across the back of her head put her on her knees. Jessica took off for the far side, and rebounded with a hip check to the side of Missy’s head that nearly toppled her over to the mat. The champion gathered herself, and began to rise before Jessica snatched her around the waist from behind and began executing a series of German suplexes one after another. On the fourth one, she bridged up into a pin attempt as the referee dropped to count.

Zack: Rolling German suplexes and into a bridge for the win!



Missy got her shoulder off the mat at two, and rolled away from Jessica towards the ropes. The champion started to rise to her feet again before Jessica rebounded off the ropes behind her for a one handed bulldog.

Christian: For someone looking to close out her career, it’s certainly not because Jessica’s lost a step. She’s just as quick and tenacious as half the Prospects in Future Shock just starting their careers.

She quickly got to her feet, and waited as Missy started to push up to all fours to get up. The retiring veteran grabbed her by the head, and used a bulldog into the middle turnbuckle to drop Missy to her knees against it. Anderson picked up speed when she took off for the far side, and came back with a knee strike to Missy’s head, causing it to bounce off the turnbuckle. She scooped her up, and executed a Northern Lights suplex into another pin attempt as Davis dropped for the count!

Zack: She may be retiring, but you sure as hell wouldn’t know it! Jessica with a textbook Northern Lights suplex, and she’s about to upset Missy!




Christian: I’m about ready to sign Jessica up as a client. She’s giving Missy all she wants, and a little bit more here.

Missy kicked out at two again, causing Jessica to get to her feet. A smile on her face, she pulled the champion up with her, using an Irish whip to send her across to the far side. Missy crashed back first against the turnbuckles before Jessica barreled towards her with a corner clothesline. But the champion sidestepped her, letting her hit the turnbuckles instead. Missy grabbed her head from behind, and pulled off a neckbreaker before she sat up and tried to compose herself.

Zack: Missy’s trying to get her marbles together in a match that’s been all Jessica Anderson since the bell rang a little while ago. Do you think she might have gone into this match not expecting this?

Christian: No, she doesn’t take any opponent lightly. Sure, they are very close friends but that doesn’t mean Missy thinks Jessica would give her a quick night in the ring.

Missy rose to her feet, watching as Jessica was starting to do the same. She shoved her back into the corner, and fired a flurry of kicks into her body. She then sat Anderson on the top rope, and went into a handstand on the mat before using her legs for a hurricanrana to bring her down onto the canvas. The champion climbed up onto the second turnbuckle from the inside, measuring as Jessica began to rise and putting her back down with a guillotine leg drop. Missy got back to her feet, still feeling the effects of Jessica’s offense as she grabbed her feet under both arms. And with a catapult, she sent her chest first into the top turnbuckle.

Christian: Missy’s trying to soften up Jessica, and take some of the wind out of her with moves like that. I told her Jessica would be more game than ever tonight, and so far she has.

Zack: The Evolution Champion might have been a little slow getting out of the starting blocks, but she’s working on all cylinders now.

Jessica began to get up again before Missy scooped her up, and hung her upside down in the corner in a tree of woe. The champion took a step back, and nailed her in the abdomen with a dropkick. It caused Jessica to pull up slightly before Missy got up, and drove another dropkick into her chest. The champion used the far side ropes for added speed into a running knee to Jessica’s body that dropped her to the mat on impact. Missy dragged her by the feet away from the ropes before using them for an Asai moonsault into a cover with a hook of the leg. Davis slid immediately into position.

Zack: Missy’s looking to put this one in the record books right here!




Jessica kicked out a second after the two hit the mat. She also tried to roll away from the champion, but Missy immediately went to get her. She grabbed one of her feet to stop her until Jessica rolled onto her back, and stomped her in the chest with the other foot. When Missy came forward again, Jessica used her feet like she was pedaling a bicycle into Missy’s chest that sent her backwards to a seat on the mat.

Christian: Jessica must enjoy some biking in her free time, either that or she’s a big fan of running in place. Missy’s chest probably has a bit more give to it too.

Zack: She’s gonna have Jessica’s boot size on her chest for the weekend at least right now. If her chest had been on fire, Jessica would have successfully stomped it out!

Anderson got back to her feet as Missy started to do the same. As she moved towards her to grab her head, Missy surprised her with an uppercut to the chin that sent her reeling backwards a few steps. The champion lunged forward into a handspring back elbow to her jaw that nearly sent her into the ropes. Missy went to fire her across, but Jessica countered it and sent her for the ride instead. As soon as she rebounded, Jessica left her feet….only for Missy to stop short of her and grab her legs to snap her to the canvas with a powerbomb!

Zack: I don’t know what Jessica had in mind, but that powerbomb made sure it wasn’t going to happen tonight! You don’t see Missy use those too much.

Christian: That’s because she’s not a powerhouse, but Jessica put herself into perfect position for it and that’s what champions do, Zack. They use every opening the opponent gives them.

Jessica writhed on the mat for a couple seconds before Missy headed off to the ropes in a run. The retiring veteran got onto her hands and knees to get up, but ate a curb stomp from Missy before she could finish getting there. The champion immediately headed for the corner after that.

Christian: That powerbomb took all the air out of Jessica, and whatever was left disappeared with the MISCHIEF MAKER!

Zack: Missy’s heading for the high rent district, and we both know what she has in mind, Christian!

Missy perched herself on the top rope, and came off with her frog splash onto Jessica. She clutched her ribs a second after landing, and immediately went into a cover with a tight hook of her leg.

Christian: A frog splash she likes to call ‘LI’L MISS MISCHIEF, Zack!




Davis immediately called for the bell as Missy sat up, still favoring her ribs a little as she got to her feet. The referee raised her hand to cheers from the crowd. Missy leaned down, and helped her friend back to her feet.

Kat: Here’s your winner via pinfall……………………...MISSY!!!!

Zack: Jessica Anderson wanted a match with one of her best friends, and she got her wish! And to her credit, she gave Missy one hell of a fight! But the Evolution Champion proved once again why she is just that!

Missy gave her friend a big hug, which Jessica returned before raising the winner’s hand out of respect. Missy headed towards the ropes, sitting on them to allow Jessica to leave first before she joined her.

Christian: All credit to Jessica, she had an outstanding performance! And I have a feeling that she’ll be getting some more action in a FFW ring before she hangs them up for good.

Christian left the booth with Missy’s title in tow as he trailed after the two girls heading towards the back together. Breaking Point then faded to a commercial.

First Impressions

A video pops up onto the large screen as laughter fills the sound system. The lens cap is removed from the lens as Chasity Grace Holt is standing in the center of a room with two women flanking both sides of her. A slight smirk is proudly on her lips as she clears her throat.

Chasity: Good evening shitholes, my name is Chasity Grace Holt and I am the daughter of wrestling legend Dustin Holt. I am joined by Toni Beasley on my right and Josy Dawkins on my left.

The camera quickly zooms in a little on both women before pulling back out to get all three in the shot.

Chasity: Together, we have come to FFW to dominate the competition. We are here to make an impact. We will leave an impression on everyone.

Toni nods as she places an arm on Chasity's shoulder.

Toni Beasley: We are The Prodigies and we are here to raise hell. Because no one is better than us.

Josy smirks.

Josy Dawkins: You are damn right.

The three ladies each put a fist into the center as the video suddenly cuts out.

Chaotic Pairings

As the show heads to the back, there we find Amber Carano standing to the left of the three time former Fast Track Champion Scarlett Silver and her manager, Christian Kincaid. Before the reporter can speak, Christian cuts her off.

Christian: Before you begin, Amber, you should join me in welcoming back Scarlett here. She just recently came back from a little mini-vacation AND also celebrated her 26th birthday on Halloween.

Amber: Oh yeah, I remember reading that on Twitter. Welcome back, Scarlett, and I hope you had a happy 26th birthday.

Scarlett: I had an amazing birthday, thank you. And received some great gifts too. I am glad to be back now though, although my little vacation was well deserved and needed I think, it's just left me refreshed and more ready than ever to steal the show like I usually do.

Amber: You certainly have a lot on your plate coming up. Obviously, you’re still looking to add more points for Team USA in Global Wars. And at Velocity, you’ll meet FFW Hall of Famer Valerie Lamb of Team Scotland. So far, Scotland hasn’t put any points on the board but that could change later tonight. Do you feel ready to face your first former FFW Champion?

Scarlett: Hopefully for Scotland they do add some points tonight, because they sure won’t be getting any from me at Velocity! Although I’ve never been one on one with an FFW Champion, I have faced Valerie before in a tag team match, so it’s not completely new territory. She’s good… I’m better.

Christian: No question on how good Valerie is. You don’t get to be FFW Champion because of dumb luck after all. But I’ve managed talent against her before, and have been fairly successful. I don’t think Scarlett will be any different.

Amber: Fair enough. Given that you will be part of the Global Wars battle royal, how much experience do you have in matches like that? I know you’ve not been in any in FFW, but what about before that?

Scarlett: I’ve only been in one anything like a battle royal before… but how hard can it be really? A match is a match at the end of the day.

Amber: It’s not like any match I know of. You could have as many as 10 people all trying to dump you over the top rope at once. Besides that, Team Canada and Team Japan, including O.E. Ayano, are the current forerunners on the scoreboard. It’s going to be every woman for herself at Global Wars.

Scarlett: Well, duh. I know that. If it comes down to it, I’ll even eliminate O.E, just like I’m sure she would try to do to me. We’re friends and teammates but we’re not stupid enough to hold back because of that. We both know what winning will do for us, and we both want to win.

Christian: It’s funny you brought up O.E., Amber.

Amber: Why is that?

Christian: Because I’m a forward thinking guy, and after everything settles down from Global Wars, I’m thinking about putting together a tag team for O.E…...with Scarlett here.

Amber: Doesn’t she already team with Emma?

Christian: Yeah, but Emma’s also the FFW Champion. So her focus should rightly be on that title. Scarlett here has held the Fast Track title three times already, not much left to prove there. And I already talked it over with O.E., who was quite enthusiastic about the idea. So what do you think?

He gave his attention to Scarlett, an expectant look on his face.

Christian: Wanna join forces with O.E. after Global Wars?

Scarlett: I think that’s one of the best ideas you’ve ever had. Me and O.E as a team will be practically unstoppable. I’m excited just thinking about how good it will be.

Christian: Well then, just in case she’s not watching the monitor, let’s go give her the good news then.

The pair head off from there, leaving Amber along before we cut to a commercial for the Global Wars Pay Per View.
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« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2018, 02:42:02 pm »

Kat: The following match is scheduled for one fall and is part of the Global Wars series!!

Zack: We’re about to see if Scotland can get on the board finally in this series as Artemis Kaider looks to keep that from happening as she faces Valerie Lamb.

Mai: Valerie is a very decorated woman in FFW, and Kaiser’s been fighting brutal matches this week. So yeah, I’m going with the healthy redhead. Not to mention the better looking of the two.

Sounds of thunder and lightning cast out, setting the atmosphere of the incoming Conqueror. The lights in the arena die out to allow for the spontaneous bursts of light that reflect the internalized storm.  As the silence takes hold, the startling opening guitar screech of Rammstein’s “Sonne” overtakes everything. It is followed by the infamous countdown.


Darkness falls over the entire arena, only broken by the miniscule twinkles of camera flashes in the crowd. A threatening violin floods the airwaves, with smoke collecting on the stage. As another section of the orchestral livens up, a sudden spotlight blasts onto the stage with a jet of pyro flying high up into the air. As it does, the Orchestra of Justice truly comes into its beautiful existence. On the stage, Artemis Kaiser appears, donning a new set of entrance apparel. Embroidered with many shimmering designs, Artemis’s military trench coat lightly moves as she rises onto the stage with her arms outspread. Bearing fangs fashioned onto a facemask and her eyes hidden behind shining red shades, Artemis steps down from the platform and into the smoke.

Kat: On her way to the ring...fighting out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada by way of Mt. Pearl, Newfoundland, Canada...weighing in at an 135 pounds...she is the reigning FFW No Surrender Champion...she is the Last Empress...ARTEMIS KAAAAAAAAAISER!

Artemis marches down to the ring with her arms behind her back, not breaking her forward gaze. As the call concludes, the shot shows Artemis revealing her face to the camera and the audience. She removes her glasses, tucking them into the breast pocket of the coat. When she raises her head, the red streak, her scowl, and her stern expression completes all she wishes to do at her entrance. She continues to the western side of the ring, scaling the apron to stand on. She unbuckles the different pieces of her coat and politely hands it off to the stagehand. On her waist is the championship that she proudly carries. She abandons the athletic backflip in lieu of just stepping down to the ring.

Artemis steps slowly back into the center of the ring. Her head rises to scan the audience as she remains in the dead center of everything, of her personal universe. The Last Empress rises off the mat, tugging on her black gloves. She pops each of her knuckles by pressing her index finger over them. After that and with her theme dying out, she turns her head to back to reality. She walks over to her corner, and gives the turnbuckle a brisk kick and stretches out.

Mai: Artemis here has had a rough week, she’s been through some hell already before she got to Seattle. And that’s going to work against her, Zack.

Zack: It very well could. There’s no question that Valerie is going to be the fresher of the two, but you gotta remember Artemis wants to build on Canada’s momentum.

The lights in the arena dip, almost going out. Rather than going out entirely however, they are replaced by red, white and gold.

And who are you, the proud Lord said,
That I must bow so low?
Only a cat of a different coat,
That’s all the truth I know!
In a coat of gold, or a coat of red,
A lion still has claws.
And mine are long, and sharp my Lord,
As long as sharp as yours!

The metal version of one of the most famous songs from Game of Thrones thunders from the speakers, which brings a chorus of jeering from the crowd. From the back walks Valerie Lamb, which only heightens the jeering. A step behind her is Vincent Belmont. She stops just before the ramp, where she widens her stance and looks around her as Vincent joins her. Suddenly, she claps her hands above her head, which sends a stream of coloured pyro across the stage.

And so he spoke, and so he spoke,
That Lord of Castamere.
But now the rains weep o’er his home,
With no one left to hear.
Yes, now the rains weep o’er his home,
With not a soul to hear.

The redheaded wrestler undoes her longcoat, showing off the scarlet coloured ring gear she wears. A smirk on her face, she looks to her manager, they nod to each other and start off down the ramp. Despite the pace of the song, their walk is not slow, but certainly methodical.

Kat: And her opponent, from Edinburgh, Scotland, weighing 150 pounds, this is VALERIE LAMB!

Maggie’s announcement comes as the pair are about halfway down the ramp. As a momentary solo is played, the pair reach the bottom of the ramp, where Vincent takes her coat from her and hands it to an attendant.

And who are you, the proud Lord said,
That I must bow so low?
Only a cat of a different coat,
That’s all the truth I know!
A coat of gold, or a coat of red,
A lion still has claws.
And mine are long and sharp, my Lord,
As long as sharp as yours!

Valerie enters the ring, and walks to the centre, where she stops dead for a moment, a solitary white spotlight shining on her. She spins in a circle, almost in a pirouette and as she comes full rotation, drops down to one knee and leaning forward to face the mat. A camera closes in on her face, where she looks into it and tells us that on their knees is where her opponents belong. Standing up, she walks to her corner, where Vincent awaits her. The pair speak between themselves as the music dies, and the lights return to normal.

Zack: She’s been a FFW Champion. She’s a Hall of Famer! There aren’t too many goals Valerie Lamb has set for herself that she hasn’t accomplished in wrestling! And she’s got a stern test tonight!

Mai: I think she’ll beat Artemis so bad that she’ll actually make her even shorter. It’ll be like playing Whack-A-Mole for Valerie, in my professional opinion.

Jennifer Stringer checked that both wrestlers were ready for the contest to begin before she called for the bell to get the match underway. Artemis and Valerie stepped out of their respective corners and began to circle, sizing each other up for a couple of moments before they both stepped forward; both delivering a flurry of forearm strikes aimed at each other’s jaw. Neither got the upperhand as they both stepped backwards for a moment only for Val to quickly step forward as the pair entered into a collar and elbow tie up. After a moment the height and weight advantages of the Scottish wrestler began to tell as she started to force Artemis backwards a step. Then another step. Artemis dug her heels into the canvas as she tried to stop her opponent in her tracks only for Val to continue to try and force her backwards, standing the Mount Pearl native up taller as she refused to move her feet and finally the Canadian managed to break the hold with a raised knee into Val’s gut.

Zack: I expect this to be somewhat technical on Valerie’s part. She’s gonna want to get Artemis down, and avoid those strikes she’s well known for.

Mai: Yeah, those elbows she likes to throw could really do some damage to Valerie’s calves...especially if she jumps to hit them.

A second followed it before the Last Empress drove a European uppercut into her foes jaw that caused Val to take a quarter step backwards, giving Kaiser enough room to catch her in the midsection with a push kick. Val staggered backwards a a couple of steps from the impact and Artemis quickly launched herself at the Scotswoman, sending her flying across the ring with a monkey flip. Lamb hit the canvas and instantly rolled to rise to her feet only for her opponent to catch her with a series of stiff kicks to her body the moment that she got to her knees, continuing to throw her feet as her opponent rose, driving them into her body and legs as she rose before finishing the combination with a roundhouse kick that staggered the experienced veteran wrestler as it connected with the side of her jaw.

Zack: Artemis is already getting those hard strikes working for her, and there’s not too many better strikers in FFW than her.

Mai: I don’t know. I’m pretty sure I could do some damage, and probably more effectively than Artemis. But since I’m retired, I’ll give her that rub.

Artemis followed after her opponent, not giving her a moment to catch her breath as she laid into her with knife edge chops across her chest. She connected with six chops that started to turn Val’s chest red before she fired her across the ring with an Irish whip. Lamb bounced off the ropes and came straight back into a low dropkick from the Canadian, delivered straight to Scots kneecap that saw her faceplant into the canvas. Kaiser returned to her feet quickly and took off across the ring, bouncing off the ropes and caught Valerie with a running big boot to the side of her face as the Edinburgh born grappler made it to her knees. Lamb fell to the side and landed on the mat where she received a fist drop from Artemis who then made the cover for the pinfall.



Zack: Barely a one there for the No Surrender Champion. I’m not sure even hooking the leg would have made a difference there.

Mai: Artemis just wants to get this over with, I bet. She can’t be 100% right now, and probably wants to get home to her hobbit hole.

Val kicked out just after the one count was completed and sat up as Kaiser popped up to her feet behind her and drove a knee into the top of her spine, followed by a second knee that caused Val to roll to the side as she tried to get back to her feet. The Mount Pearl native continued to deliver blows to her opponent as she continued to fire off kicks to her body and spine until Lamb returned to her feet at which point Kaiser wrapped her arms around her waist and snapped off a release German suplex. Again Val was quick to rise, trying to get to her feet only for the Last Empress to cut her off with a front kick to her stomach. Standing in front of her opponent, the Team Canada member jerked the Scot’s arm up behind her back into a hammerlock before she hooked her head and delivered a hammerlock suplex then floated over and made the cover, hooking the leg as she did so.



Zack: Textbook hammerlock suplex right there, and this time with a leg hook for the cover! But it’s still too early for Valerie to call it a night.

Again Valerie kicked out of the pinfall at two. Kaiser looked at the referee as she confirmed the count and began to bring her opponent up to her feet, trapping her arms as she did so and began to lift knees up into her body. The Canadian landed five knees before releasing the Scotswoman’s arms, standing her upright with one final vicious knee to her jaw. As Lamb stumbled backwards, trying to catch her balance, Artemis spun into the Uraken spinning backfirst that missed as her opponent saw it coming and ducked down beneath it, countering with an Atomic drop. Artemis held the small of her back as she slowly turned around to face Valerie and the Edinburgh born woman took her down to the canvas with a clothesline.

Mai: There you go, Valerie! Take her head off, and then she’ll only be about 4’9! Scotland is depending on you!

Zack: You’re at least right about the second part. Scotland needs to get on the board badly, and Valerie recognizes that fact.

Quickly Kaiser rose back to her feet but was immediately by a five quick forearm smashes to her jaw before Valerie grabbed hold of the back of her head and jerked her downwards into a single knee facebreaker. Artemis reeled following the contact with the knee, turning away from Valerie who made her pay with a neckbreaker. The Newfoundlander began to make it back to her feet only for Valerie to catch her with a knee to the jaw following it up with a roundhouse kick to the side of her head. Kaiser did her best to stand her ground as the boot connected with her skull allowing Val to jerk her forward and scoop up off her feet, lifting her onto her shoulder as she headed towards the nearest corner and dropped her with a snake eyes to the top turnbuckle.

Mai: Be careful, Valerie! Midgets are sneaky, and hard to hold onto! See!! What’d I tell you?!

Zack: Look at that, Artemis slips out the back door!

The No Surrender Champion landed on her feet and turned towards Val who took her feet out from underneath her with a drop toe hold. The Last Empress immediately began to push her way back to her feet at which point the Team Scotland member hooked her head and dragged her to the middle of the ring, slamming her face first into the canvas with a bulldog. Lamb rolled to the side as she delivered the move and set off across the ring in a sprint as she came back to her feet, bouncing off the ropes and delivering a dropkick to the back of Artemis’ head as the Canadian came up to her knees. Valerie wasted little time in grabbing hold of Kaiser by her legs and locking in a Boston Crab in the middle of the ring, sitting down low in the hold.

Zack: This will give Valerie a little time to think about her next few moves, and it’s going to keep Artemis in a bad position the whole way.

Mai: It’s alright, it’s just Artemis! Though I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone quit in a Boston crab though!

Stringer got down in front of the No Surrender Champion, asking her if she wanted to quit only to get a very definite no from the woman as she pushed up on her hands and began to drag herself across the canvas to the ring ropes. Lamb sat further down in the hold, putting more strain on the Canadian’s back, causing her to drop back down onto her belly. The referee asked her the question again, getting another ‘No’ from her as she forced herself onto her hands once more and continued to drag herself to the ropes. Kaiser made good headway towards the ropes, stretching out for them only to find herself just short of being able to reach them as Valerie stood up and dragged the submission specialist back towards the middle of the ring.

Zack: Artemis had the right idea there, but Valerie knew where that was going and pulled her right back to the center.

Mai: That’s mind games right there. She let her get that close to the ropes, and took her hopes away. Valerie Lamb is a rope tease!

Artemis squirmed and twisted in her foe’s grip, managing to free a foot that she used to lash out at the back of Valerie’s knee. Lamb released the hold and took two steps forward, holding the back of her knee for just a moment before she spun around and advanced back towards Kaiser, leaving her feet and coming down across the top of her skull with a tomahawk chop as the Canadian made it back to a vertical base. The blow dropped her back to one knee for a moment before she pushed straight back upwards and was pulled forward into a release overhead belly to belly suplex. Kaiser landed hard and held her back as she pushed up to her feet once more only for Valerie to stalk her; moving around behind her as she came to her feet and skipping forward to deliver a backstabber to her foe. After delivering the move the Scotswoman shoved her off to the side, rolling with her to take up a position on her back that allowed her to lock in a camel clutch.

Mai: I like Valerie’s strategy here. She’s trying to suck out whatever energy Kaiser has left in the tank with these holds.

Stringer immediately dropped down to her knees once more to ask the No Surrender Champion if she wanted to quit as she found herself caught in the Camel Clutch. The Mount Pearl native refused to even countenance the idea and let the official know in no uncertain terms even as Lamb bent her spine further, pulling back more on her head as she sat as low as she possibly could. Artemis grimaced in pain as the veteran wrestler used all her experience to make this as painful as she could yet still she wouldn’t quit when the official questioned her.

Zack: I don’t think Artemis is ready to call it a night here. The referee has asked more than once, and the No Surrender Champion has no interest in that at all.

Again Val did everything that she could to increase the pressure in the hold. Stringer again questioned the No Surrender Champion who once more refused to quit and instead continued her attempts to find an escape, attempting to free her arms before she began to slide her knees forwards, starting to get them underneath her which served to alleviate some of the pressure… until Lamb released the hold when she jumped into the air and dropped all of her 150lbs down onto the spine of her opponent forcing her straight back down to the canvas. There was a shake of the Scottish wrestlers head as she yanked Artemis upwards from the canvas only to hook her head and drive her back down into the mat with a reverse DDT. Valerie floated over and hooked her opponent’s leg as she went for the cover.

Mai: Go ahead, Valerie! Get those points!




Zack: They aren’t going to come that easy! I don’t care how banged up she may be, Artemis doesn’t tend to have off nights.

On the two and a half count Artemis kicked out of the pinfall. Valerie didn’t bother to check the count with the referee as she popped straight up to her feet and dropped an elbow into her opponent’s gut as she tried to sit up. Kaiser rolled over onto her front as Lamb came quickly back to her feet one more and delivered another elbow drop straight to her spine. Kaiser pressed a hand to her back as she started to push back towards her feet only for Valerie to drive two stiff kicks into her side - each one causing a look of pain to flash across the face of the Last Empress. Lamb pulled her upwards roughly, underhooking one arm to keep her opponent bent double as she began to drive MMA style knee shots into her ribcage and stomach. She landed ten knees into her foe’s side before she spun around her and tied her up in an abdominal stretch, exposing the side that she had just been working over and started to fire elbow shots into her kidney area.

Mai: If Valerie keeps elbowing those kidneys like that, we could see Artemis make a mess all over the canvas before the main event!

Zack: Will you be serious?!

Agony spread across Artemis’ face as Val wrenched on the hold tighter while continuing to drive the point of her elbow into the Canadian’s side. Kaiser refused to quit to the hold as Stringer asked and the look of pain turned into a grimace of effort as she attempted to hip toss Valerie out of the hold. Lamb though leaned back slightly, shifting her weight to prevent the attempt. It only prompted the Last Empress to try again, putting more effort into the attempt which again Val blocked and this time Kaiser stomped down upon her foot as she did so. It sent the Scot off balance, loosening her grip on the hold which in turn allowed Artemis to pick her foot, jerking it out from underneath her which caused her to crash to the canvas. Kaiser wasted no time at all in twisting the joint, applying an ankle lock to her foe, dropping down to the mat and grapevining the leg.

Zack: If Valerie wants to go hold for hold, the No Surrender Champion is more than happy to oblige her as you can see right here.

Mai: I could probably do it better, but I’ll give Artemis credit for trying. I’ll have to create the Mai Hotaru Participation Award.

The Scot let out a cry of pain and immediately reached for the ropes and when she found them just out of reach she scrambled with her hands and arms against the canvas, pushing off with her feet to drag them both backwards. Reaching backwards she managed to grab hold of the bottom rope. Stringer called for the break instantly but it only prompted Artemis to wrench the hold on tighter; the official started the count and got the release at four. Kaiser rolled away holding her back and side as she tried to get back to her feet while Valerie reached for her ankle, holding it for a couple of seconds as she winced in pain before she began to pull herself upright by the ropes. Getting to her feet she pushed off towards Kaiser and went to grab hold of her hair just as Artemis was getting to her feet only for the Last Empress to bat her hand away and counter with a headbutt across the bridge of the Scotswoman’s nose.

Zack: A vicious headbutt from the champion right there, and Valerie isn’t seeing much of anything right now !

Valerie staggered backwards and Kaiser left her feet for a high knee to her jaw that caused the Edinburgh native to fall back into the ropes. Artemis took hold of her wrist and fired her across the ring, catching her on the return with a perfectly timed hesitation dropkick to the ankle that she’d just applied the submission too. Lamb dropped to her knees and immediately grabbed for her ankle as Kaiser forced herself back to her feet and sent off for the ropes once more, coming back and delivering an Enter The Dragon flying side knee to the side of her head. Lamb collapsed to the canvas and as she did so, Artemis instantly went back to targeting that ankle, stomping away at it over and over again before Stringer forced her to back up.

Zack: Look at that those targeted precision strikes right to Valerie’s ankle. Both these women will be competing at Velocity, and neither one of them is going to be fresh as a daisy come Thursday.

It was only a moments reprieve for Lamb as Artemis went straight back on the attack, pulling the Scot to her feet and Irish whipping her across the ring into the far corner. Valerie hit the turnbuckles and started to step forward on instinct as Kaiser measured her up and darted forward, throwing herself into a handspring enzuigiri that saw her slam her boot perfectly into the side of Lamb’s head. Immediately the Team Scotland members legs turned to spaghetti; the woman fighting to stay on her feet before finally slumping forward to the canvas face down. Kaiser didn’t waste any time in rolling her over and making the cover.

Zack: We could be looking at a knockout right there! Valerie’s not budged!




Mai: Nah, all Scots are hard-headed, Zack. That goes for Valerie too, I knew she’d be fine!

Lamb’s shoulder came up at the last moment to break up the pinfall. Kaiser stared a hole through the official as Stringer held up two fingers towards her to confirm the count. There was no argument forthcoming from the No Surrender Champion, however, as she pulled Valerie back up to her feet once more and shoved her backwards into the ring ropes. Kaiser took a second to measure up the Scottish wrestler and then began to bombard her midsection with stiff kicks to her stomach, ribcage and chest. Valerie began to cover up and as she did so the Newfoundlander took hold of her wrist and fired her across the ring once more, catching her on the return with the Chestburster pop-up kick to the chest.

Mai: I’m surprised Artemis could get up off her feet high enough to catch Valerie like that. Are we sure she’s not wearing a wire in there?

Zack: One day, you’re going to have to pay for those comments you make. I hope to be there when it happens.

The Scottish woman landed on her knees, holding her ribcage with a look of agony upon her face. Despite that Valerie forced her way back to her feet as the Last Empress ran towards the ropes, bouncing off them and came back with the Falcon Punch that found its mark right on the side of Valerie’s jaw. As Valerie fell to the canvas, Artemis dove on top of her and hooked the leg for the cover.

Zack: A falcon punch, and that could be all she wrote for Valerie!




Mai: What a dumb name for a move! When has a falcon ever punched anything?!

At the very last possible moment Valerie managed to roll her shoulder, Artemis glaring at the referee and holding up three fingers only for the referee to shake her head and show her the two count. Kaiser looked incredulously at her and once more asked for the three as she came to her feet but once more was shown the two. With a slightest shake of her head the No Surrender Champion turned her attention back towards Valerie, patting her elbow as she gave a sign that she was ready to end this. The Canadian pulled her opponent back to her feet, struggling to do as Lamb was like a deadweight. Finally getting her upright she grabbed hold of her wrist and set her up for the Second Crusade ripcord elbow strike but as she went to perform it, Valerie managed to duck underneath the blow and stagger past Artemis.

Zack: Even battered as she’s been, Valerie’s still showing veteran level awareness and managed to avoid the contact from that elbow!

The two wrestlers turned to face each other and Artemis launched herself forward into a jumping DDT...but before she could jerk her foe downwards and plant her in the canvas, Valerie lifted her further into the air and dropped her so that she straddled the top rope. Val fell into the ropes, bouncing off them as she reeled towards the corner; Kaiser’s eyes going wide as she found herself riding the metal cable before she finally fell to the side into the ring.

Mai: At least we won’t have to see any bruising where she landed, Zack. Can we see that again on instant replay? What do you mean no?!

Kaiser held herself as she rolled onto her knees and then started to rise to her feet. Anger flashed over the Last Empress’ face as she got to a vertical base and stared at her opponent before she charged towards her, leaving her feet for the Falcon Kick running single leg dropkick. Val moved at the last moment; her opponent catching nothing but turnbuckle and a hard landing on the mat that drove all the air out of her body. Val wasted no time at all in staggering towards the Canadian, jumping into the air and coming down upon her chest with a double foot stomp to stop her from catching her breath and caused her to curl up into the foetal position. Still looking the worse for wear, Valerie took hold of the top rope and began to stomp away at her foe’s body, ignoring Stringer’s calls to back up and the officials count - until the referee stepped between the two, forcing the Scottish wrestler to back up, reading her the riot act as she did so and threaten to disqualify her. The warning though seemed to be little more than water off a duck’s back to the Team Scotland member as she moved past the referee and pulled Artemis to her feet, jerking her arm from the ring ropes and delivered a double underhook DDT. She rolled Kaiser onto her back and fell across her to make the cover, reaching down to hook the leg as she did so.

Mai: Ha! That was brilliant! Scotland, Valerie’s bringing it home!




Zack: Not just yet, she isn’t! You’re seeing part of the reason Team Canada has been as successful as it has been! The No Surrender Champion is insanely resilient!

Kaiser kicked out before the three count could be completed. This time the referee earned an icy cold glare from the Scot for confirming the two count; confirming it once more when Val asked for the three. Lamb didn’t argue any further as she pushed up to her feet, bringing Kaiser up with her and hooked her head before she lifted her vertically, holding her upside down for a stalling vertical suplex. The delay in completing the move gave Kaiser enough time to twist and turn and shift her body weight, fighting against the move until Valerie lost on her grip on her foe. The Last Empress landed on her feet behind the Edinburgh born wrestler and immediately rushed her towards the ropes, bouncing her off them as she pulled her downwards into a roll up. Stringer slid into position only for Artemis to roll through out of the pinning predicament and apply an ankle lock to her opponent.

Mai: Uh oh, not the ankle lock again! That’s not a good thing at all! Valerie, do something!

Zack: That’s what she’s trying to do! Look at the desperation on her face trying to find a way out of this submission!

As soon as the submission hold was applied Valerie began to desperately search for an escape, reaching for the ropes and finding them nowhere near her seeking hands. Instead she began to lash out with her free foot, driving into any part of Kaiser she could connect with. Six desperate kicks landed before she managed to get the break. Quickly Val came to her feet, wincing in pain as soon as she tried to put any weight on the ankle which only encouraged the No Surrender Champion further as she came towards the Scot, her focus solely on that leg and ankle as she tried for a single leg takedown, only for Val to block the attempt and fight off the Newfoundlander with desperate closed fist shots to her head and shoulder blades. Artemis rolled away and came back to her feet where she once more darted towards Val - the Scot catching her on the way in this time with an armdrag takedown.

Mai: That’s not going to keep Artemis down long, I don’t think! Hey, I was right! There they go again!

The two wrestlers once more came to their feet simultaneously and again Kaiser tried to gain the upperhand on her opponent only to find herself take off her feet with a drop toe hold. Valerie quickly transitioned from the takedown into the Rapturous Descent STF, trapping her feet as she pulled back on Kaiser’s head. Stringer got into position to ask the No Surrender if she wanted to quit but she refused despite the look of pain on her face as she reached out towards the ropes and found them just out of reach. Valerie tightened up the hold further, pulling back more on her opponent’s head that made the look of pain even worse but still Kaiser refused to quit as she instead tried to pull herself towards the ring ropes, making just millimetres of progress. Lamb pulled back even further as she cranked on the smaller woman’s head and neck, causing her more pain and Artemis hand hovered over the canvas even as she just barely shook her head in response to the referee’s continued questioning.

Zack: You can tell the thought crossed her mind, but the No Surrender refuses to let it happen!

Mai: Can you imagine how much flack Valentina’s gonna give her if she quits? I heard Lozano was the captain of the team anyway.

Valerie told her foe to quit over and over again but it only seemed to fortify the resolve of the Mount Pearl native; the woman beating the mat with her fists, making one last effort to drag herself to the ropes, wrapping her hand around it. Stringer called for the break and then started her count, getting to four before the Team Scotland member finally released her grip and rolled away to her feet. She waved the Canadian upwards while shouting at her to remind her exactly who it was she was facing. As Artemis came to her feet, Val stepped towards her and fired off a kick that looked suspiciously low; Stringer immediately warning to make sure she kept it all above the belt. Lamb barely listened to the official as she quickly followed up the blow with a kick aimed at her temple; Artemis getting her arm up at the last moment to block the shot. Quickly the Edinburgh born wrestler wrapped her arms around Kaiser’s waist, jerking her upwards for the Lamb to the Slaughter gutwrench powerbomb… only for the Last Empress to escape her grip and into a modified sunset flip that saw her sweep Valerie’s leg out from under her and lock in a heel hook.

Zack: Sunset fli---OHH! She’s not going for a pinfall! Artemis has a heel hook in mind and that’s the worst news Valerie’s gonna get tonight!

Mai: C’mon, Valerie! Don’t let it happen! Get to the rope, it’s right there!

As soon as the hold was applied Valerie’s body seemed to start to spasm on the canvas, her foot lashing out even as she managed to wrap both of her hands around the bottom rope before Kaiser could pull her away from the bottom rope. Stringer called for the break and once more found that every moment of her count was milked before she finally saw the submission get released. Kaiser rolled away and as she came to her feet she pulled Valerie up with her, applying an inverted headlock to the Scotswoman as she pulled her upright and to the centre of the ring where Valerie brought her hand upwards, raking her eyes with her fingers to get the break. Kaiser reeled away, trying to clear her vision only for Lamb to spin her back around to face her, catching her with a kick to the gut that she followed up with another kick to the side of the head. As Kaiser fell to the side, Valerie quickly wrapped her arms around her waist and this time executed a vicious, picture perfect Lamb to the Slaughter gutwrench powerbomb. Val fell on top of her and hooked her leg as she made the pinfall.

Zack: LAMB TO THE SLAUGHTER!! And I think that’s gonna do it!




Mai: YAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! I don’t even like Scotland, but I’m happy for them! Valerie finally posts some points on the scoreboard!

Valerie rolled off the cover as Stringer called for the bell while Kaiser rolled to the side, holding her back in pain. Slowly Lamb began to rise to her feet.

Kat: Here is your winner, by way of pinfall...VALERIE LAMB!!!

Mai: Congratulations, Valerie! You were magnificent!

Zack: Say goodbye to the goose egg on the scoreboard for Scotland, they just moved up to three and have the chance to start closing the gap as the Global Wars series rolls on!

The Scot held her head as she managed to get her feet, staggering a little bit before she found her balance and the official raised her hand in the air as the crowd booed her. Valerie celebrated her victory as the video screen showed the three points added to Team Scotland’s score before the show cut elsewhere.

The Siren’s Call

The next shot we see are three pictures hanging on the wall. Each member of the Franchise is shown: Mel Avilo, Jo McFarlane, and Bianca Salvador. Mel and Jo’s picture have big red X’s over them, leaving only a clear image of Bianca. The next thing we see is the “Las Vegas Siren” herself, along with the COO.

Seth: It was Sin & Sacrifice where this woman put an exclamation point on her issues with Jo McFarlane. And even though she left battered and bruised, she left with a smile on her face. Content and happy with the fact that she made her point twice over. Now that only leaves one member of the Franchise, one who likes to throw shots at not just Savannah but myself.

Savannah: You know that saying about the squeaky wheel getting the grease? Bianca Salvador is that squeaky wheel.  For months upon months, Bianca has yelled into the void in the hopes that someone will listen, spouting off all of these blatant inaccuracies about us. To tell you the truth, I have had it up to here with everything that has come out of her mouth. Her time is coming, believe that.

Seth: Also that night, I told Savannah she could face Bianca at Global Wars. And I was even going to let her decide what kind of match she preferred. The only stipulation that will be added is that tag partners and managers will not be permitted at ringside. After all, we saw what happened the last time they were permitted to be there.

Savannah: We all know what happened the last time Bianca and I met in the ring. I want to know if she can backup what she says. I want to know if she is as good as she makes herself out to be. Most of all, I want to know if Bianca will be able to function without her henchmen at ringside.

Seth turns his full attention to his fiance.

Seth: Did you decide on what kind of match you would prefer at Global Wars against half of Team Brazil?

Savannah: Oh you bet I did. I didn’t have to think all that long either. I wanted a match that would be up their with the previous two I had with Jo. I wanted a match where I could do any and everything to Bianca and not get in trouble for it. The match I chose can be summed up in three simple words…

Her eyes narrow slightly as she holds up three fingers.

Savannah: Last….Woman….Standing.

Seth: Very well, I’ll see to it that match is added to the show. I’d also like to respond to being coerced into booking matches for Savannah because of our relationship. I’ve certainly seen that charge levied recently, and am starting to remember what a former COO went through in his time at this job. Frankly, I find the charge rather ignorant. Because if Savannah were using me to get what she wants, then it would serve to reason that I’d have already booked her into a match for the FFW Championship. Because I think I’m correct in assuming that’s something you would like?

Savannah: You would be correct in your assumption. That is the ultimate goal.

Seth: Yet I haven’t. As a matter of fact since taking this job almost a year ago, I haven’t booked her in a match for the FFW Championship or even a #1 contender match for it. The only thing she has asked for is to face each and every member of the Franchise. That I have granted. And if any of you ladies would like to remind me what titles you hold that she could challenge for, I’d be very curious to hear them.

Savannah: That's the problem. They can’t answer that question. They can’t answer something that is beyond their level of comprehension. All they know is throwing a fit and acting like two petty high school girls, causing drama and hurling insults at the person they feel most threatened by. Don’t worry though, guys. Maybe if you whine, cry, bitch and moan enough, Samantha will grant you another shot at the Scarborough Fair. You’ll only be proving the both of us right.

Seth: Savannah doesn’t need me to gift her matches. She’s entirely capable of earning them herself. But the only thing she has been focused on of late is wrecking the Franchise one by one. It’s not about championship glory. It’s not about padding a resume. It’s something personal, to which you all only have yourselves and my sister to blame.

Savannah: I told people from the beginning that my sole mission was to bring about an end to The Franchise. I wanted to take them down one by one until the only thing that remains was dust. Come Global Wars, Bianca…..it’s your turn.

A big red X is drawn over Bianca’s picture before the pair head off camera, and the show cuts elsewhere inside the Key Arena.
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Kat: The following contest is scheduled for one fall to a finish.

As a thumping percussion kicks off over the speakers a green strobe backlights the entrance rampway. As the intro of “Rain Of Brass Petals” grows more intense, with the sound of grinding metal interspersed throughout the lights get more intense.

Smoke shoots out from the stage as the percussion gives way to the proper drum and bass beat and out walks ‘Kumiho’ Ji-Hu Myeong as the regular arena comes back on. She surveys the crowd for a moment, soaking in jeers before she turns up her nose and starts her way down the ramp, doing her level best to stay out of reach of any of the fans reaching over the railing attempting to slap fans with her.

When the Korean woman gets to ringside she grabs the bottom rope and fluidly slingshots herself into the ring between the first and second rope and rolling to her feet.

Kat: Hailing from Seoul, South Korea, standing five feet tall and weighing in at a-hundred-and-twenty-pounds, ‘Kumiho’ JI-HUUUUUU MYEONG!

At the Ji-Hu raises both hands - five fingers extended on her right hand and all but her thumb extended on her left - and looks skyward, after a moment of soaking in the crowds disapproval of her she lowers her arms and wanders to her corner, leaning against the turnbuckles and waiting for her match to begin.

Zack: Ji-Hu is no stranger to Sophia Pike since they met more than once in Future Shock. The pair met in a triple threat match back on episode 12 of Future Shock for the Aspire Ring, and I am sure the fact that Sophia pinned Ji-Hu to take the ring from her will still be clear in Ji-Hu’s mind tonight. And will likely be a motivating factor for her.

Mai: At least this time we can just watch Ji-Hu and Sophia slug it out with Harley Shannon getting in the way.

The arena goes dark for just a moment, the funky opening chords to Voodoo Johnson's "Dirty Angel" playing through the PA, before the white lights are replaced by swirling green replacements, bathing the arena in the favorite color of the Emerald City Siren. A few seconds pass, though, before Sophia Pike actually makes her way out through the curtain, met--immediately--by a chorus of boos, which she largely brushes off with a flick of of either wrist. She pauses at the head of the ramp, chewing a piece of gum fairly obviously, and shaking her head at the collective audience, for whatever reason.

Clearly in no particular hurry, judging by the utter lack of pace, Sophia makes her way down the ramp. About halfway to the ring, one fan is able to get past the practiced apathy of the Siren, and she actively gets in his face, shouting...something, that for the most part can't be heard over the music playing in the arena. Whatever the fan says back to her seems to amuse the self-proclaimed Queen of King County, who just smirks and waves him off, making the shorter trip down to the ring and climbing up onto the apron. She leans back against the ropes, grinning with a little more joy than one should probably get out of being almost unanimously booed, even raising both arms and beckoning the crowd to get even louder--which they happily do, as the Siren climbs into the ring.

Kat: Introducing next, from Seattle, Washington, and weighing in at 137 lbs, this is the "Emerald City Siren," SOPHIA PIIIIIKE!

Sophia winks at Maggie and grins, climbing up onto the second turnbuckle and stretching both arms out, bending just a little bit at the waist and leaning herself forward. She shouts something at the sections of fans she can see, but again it's mostly unheard. Eventually, she hops off the turnbuckle and pulls her Queen of King County shirt off, tossing it out into the crowd...who promptly throw it back at the Siren. For her part, Sophia either doesn't notice or doesn't care, just settling herself back in the corner, waiting for the match to begin.

Zack: Sophia has certainly received a home town welcome tonight, and it is likely about the only time she will receive a favorable response from a live FFW crowd.

Mai: It should happen more often, but the fans don’t know their butts from their elbows most of the time.

Referee Malcolm Parks completes a check of both women as Kat makes her way out of the ring. As the live Seattle crowd start to settle down Parks calls for the bell to get the match underway. Both women make their way out of their respective corners, not taking their eyes off the other as they do. As they near the centre, Ji-Hu picks up her speed and catches Sophia with a clothesline that rocks her back on her heels but doesn’t drop her. The Emerald City Siren recovers her balance quickly, but almost the same second that she does, Ji-Hu uses a drop toe hold to send her straight down to the canvas. The crowd show their displeasure at that loudly, as Sophia gets back to her feet with a scowl on her face.

Zack: Ji-Hu has come hot out of the gate, but she isn’t receiving any appreciation for that from either Sophia, or her hometown crowd.

Ji-Hu charges straight for the now upright Seattle native and attempts to get her into a headlock, but Sophia immediately starts firing off elbow shots that keep Myeong at arm’s length. Finally abandoning the attempt at the headlock, Ji-Hu changes track and instead delivers a stiff kick to Sophia’s knee that brings a grimace to her face and wobbles her slightly. As she adjusts her weight to the opposite leg, Ji-Hu sweeps the leg she just kicked sending Pike crashing back first to the canvas again. The Emerald City Siren begins to rise, but before she can get back to a fully vertical base Ji-Hu gets her in the headlock she was previously looking for. She pulls her the rest of the way back to her feet and starts to unload shots into Sophia’s body with her free hand. Several of the shots land in quick succession, before she pulls Sophia forward by the headlock and delivers a knee into her face. She delivers a second and third knee shot, before she runs Sophia across the ring and shoves her face first into the corner. Pike puts her feet on the bottom turnbuckle at the last possible second to stop a head on collision.

Zack: Sophia was thinking on her feet there, or at least with her feet and saved herself from eating a faceful of turnbuckle.

Mai: I’ll happily give her a faceful of something else to help her get rid of the memory of that near miss.

A few back elbows from Sophia follow her hitting the corner, but Ji-Hu avoids them with a step to the side as she tries again to drive Pike’s head into the top turnbuckle. The former No Surrender Champion keeps one foot firmly on the bottom turnbuckle to prevent that from happening, getting her some support from her hometown crowd. Realising that her attempts aren’t working, Ji-Hu instead starts to deliver a series of stiff kicks into the back of Sophia’s legs as Parks calls for her to let Sophia out of the corner. As he reaches a count of four, Ji-Hu leaps and pulls the Emerald City Siren down into a wheelbarrow roll up, prompting the referee to drop down for the count, amidst a hail of boos from the Seattle crowd.

Zack: I don’t think a roll up a this point is going to work out too well for Ji-Hu, but she is attempting it anyway.


Sophia kicks out strongly and Ji-Hu gives herself a shake off as she gets back to her feet, while Sophia rolls back to her own feet looking furious.

Mai: I don’t think a roll up at any point is ever going to work out too well with Sophia, unless she was unconscious.

The former No Surrender Champion pulls herself together just a moment before Ji-Hu does and immediately catches the South Korean wrestler with a roundhouse kick to the head that rocks her back into the ropes. She doesn’t have time to rebound, before Sophia grabs her by the arm and fires her across into the opposite side. This time she does rebound off the ropes, and Sophia catches her with an arm wringer before she starts to deliver elbow shots to that same arm. After several of the shots have landed, Sophia transitions into a hammerlock, pushing Ji-Hu’s hand up her back towards her neck. Ji-Hu lets out a grunt of annoyance as she starts to fire elbow shots backwards with her untrapped arm. Sophia stays out of the reach of them and continues to push Ji-Hu’s arm further up her back until her hand is almost touching the back of her own head. Myeong’s grunt of annoyance comes again as her face twists into a grimace from the discomfort of the hold, as she tries again to catch the Seattle native with a volley of rapid fire style back elbows. She manages finally to catch Sophia with a vicious shot into her ribs, that momentarily freezes her in place.

Zack: Sophia has a death grip on that arm, but Ji-Hu might just have made herself an opening if she can capitalize on that rib shot she just delivered.

Mai: It will only be delaying the inevitable, she may as well quit now and save herself from any further pain.

Before Sophia can catch her breath from the unexpected blow to her ribs, Ji-Hu follows up with two more in quick succession to the same spot. A final one to the same place forces Sophia to release her grip on Ji-Hu’s arm as she quickly sucks in lungfuls of air, trying to catch her breath. Myeong spins on a dime to face the Emerald City Siren, and unleashes a volley of right hands into the side of her head, pushing her back a couple of steps, and then steps back herself to get more room between them. The South Korean wrestler gives her arm a shake to get the blood flowing again and keeps her eyes firmly on Sophia as she is trying to get her breath.

Mai: That space is all well and good now, but as soon as Sophia gets that arm back in her grasp again, she’ll just be in the same spot or worse.

Making the most of her opening, Ji-Hu gets behind the Emerald City Siren and grabs her by the hair, then pulls her backwards so that the Seattle native lands back first onto her knee. Sophia bounces off onto the canvas, and clutches her back as she pulls herself up to her knees. At the same time, Ji-Hu takes off towards the ropes, she comes off them at speed to deliver a shining wizard to flatten Sophia back to the canvas. Ji-Hu quickly grabs hold of Sophia’s leg before she can get back up and delivers a rolling snap on the canvas, before standing back up to another hail of boos from the Seattle crowd. She shrugs that off as she paces around Sophia for a moment, waiting and watching as the former No Surrender Champion starts to pull herself back to a seated position again.

Zack: That hair pull backbreaker took Sophia by surprise I think and it gave Ji-Hu the advantage she needed to get the control of this match back in her favor. This crowd are not showing her any love at all though, which is to be expected when she’s facing a hometown girl.

Mai: Sophia should get appreciation from the crowd more often, instead of the boring people they usually cheer for.

Before Sophia can get any further, Ji-Hu uses a stomp to flatten her back down to the canvas again and then stands over her. She grabs hold of the same leg she targeted for the rolling snap and then does a spinning toe hold and grabs the other leg. She crosses them into a 4 and falls to the mat, instantly applying pressure to the Emerald City Siren’s legs. Parks drops down to ask if Sophia wants to give in, and he gets an angry negative reply in response to the question. Ji-Hu increases the pressure, getting a yell from Sophia as the Seattle crowd try to rally behind the hometown wrestler.

Zack: Ji-Hu has that figure 4 leglock locked in tight, but it’s clear that Sophia has no intention of giving in to it. The crowd support may help her, especially since it’s not something she’ll be used to having.

Mai: She doesn’t need the crowd’s support to help her, she’ll be able to handle this herself no problem.

Sophia tries to struggle free of the hold for a moment, but very quickly abandons that attempt when she realises that it is a waste of energy. Instead she reaches back to try and grab hold of the ropes behind her. Finding them just out of her reach, she starts to shuffle along closer towards them, dragging Ji-Hu with her as she does. Myeong tries to dig down to stop the movement, but Sophia grits her teeth, and manages to wrap her hand around the bottom rope. Parks calls for a clean break, but Ji-Hu keeps the hold locked in until a count of four before finally releasing Sophia’s legs and getting back to her feet looking more than a little annoyed.

Mai: Did I call it, or did I call it? I knew she would manage to escape it somehow.

Zack: She may have escaped the figure 4 but Ji-Hu is already back to her feet and she doesn’t look like she’s finished with the Siren yet.

Using the ropes to steady herself while she gets her feet underneath her, Sophia rises and as Ji-Hu makes a grab for her she lashes out with a headbutt that rocks the South Korean wrestler back onto her heels. Sophia makes a lunge at the now disorientated wrestler and tackles her to the canvas, unleashing a torrent of elbows and forearms into her head and shoulders from a mounted position after she has. Parks calls for Sophia to let Ji-Hu up, and she does..after Parks has reached a count of four. Getting back to her feet, Pike pulls Ji-Hu up to a vertical base with her and fires her into the ropes. The South Korean wrestler rebounds off at speed, and straight into a waiting roundhouse kick to the head from the former No Surrender Champion. Myeong bounces backwards into the ropes again and as she rebounds a second time, Sophia catches her and spins her around to face away from her. She wraps her arms around Ji-Hu’s waist and lifts her up and over to dump her with a German Suplex head first on the canvas.  

Zack: I don’t think anybody saw that headbutt from Sophia coming, not even Sophia herself, but it served its purpose and gave her the room she needed to pull herself together and to take Ji-Hu down.

Mai: The headbutt was only the beginning, it was the roundhouse kick and driving her head into the canvas that seem to have done the most of the damage. Ji-Hu is down and Sophia is back up and looking like she’s on the warpath.

Sophia paces around Ji-Hu yelling at her to get up, and the South Korean starts to do so at her own pace. She makes it as far as her knees before Sophia delivers a superkick to flatten her straight back down again. As soon as she is down again, the Emerald City Siren starts yelling at her again to get up. This time Ji-Hu doesn’t seem to pay her any attention as she doesn’t make an immediate move to get back to her feet. Pike continues to yell at her, but still Ji-Hu doesn’t make any sign of moving, until Sophia reaches down to pull her up. As soon as she does, Ji-Hu strikes with a headbutt sending her stumbling back towards the ropes.

Mai: There was some playing possum there, but Ji-Hu still looks fairly disorientated.

Ji-Hu gets back to her feet as soon as Sophia is out of the way and gets her bearings about her with a little shake of her head. Sophia stumbles away from the ropes and as she does, Ji-Hu catches hold of her and hooks both of her hands around the Seattle native’s head. She leaps to bring both knees into Sophia’s face and then falls backwards to the mat, forcing Pike to land on the South Korean wrestler’s knees. Sophia bounces off onto her back on the canvas, and Ji-Hu immediately gets into position for a cover, prompting Parks to get into place for the count.

Zack: Ji-Hu has just delivered one of her favourite moves and she is looking to put this match away right now.




Sophia gets her shoulder up before the three and shoves Ji-Hu away from her. Ji-Hu rolls with the momentum and gets back to her feet, straight away reaching down to pull Sophia back up to her feet.

Mai: She might have looked to put it away, but Sophia has other ideas. She’s not about to give up the win to Ji-Hu.

Ji-Hu fires Sophia into the ropes again, and moves backwards herself a few steps to get a run up to the Emerald City Siren as she rebounds off the ropes. The South Korean wrestler leaves her feet looking for a running meteora, but Sophia dodges to the side and Ji-Hu lands heavily on her knees on the canvas. Sophia immediately strikes with a knee into the side of her head before she pulls her up and into a front facelock. She lifts Myeong off the canvas and then falls backwards driving her head first into the canvas.

Zack: I would be really surprised if Ji-Hu isn’t seeing tweeting birds flying around her head after that and all the other head shots she’s taken from Sophia in this match so far.

Mai: It’s her own fault, if she hadn’t of been keeping her arm out of Sophia’s reach, Sophia would have targeted her arm instead of her head.

Sophia makes a move to grab Ji-Hu’s arm, but the South Korean wrestler pulls it quickly out of her grasp and away out of her reach, causing Sophia to get to her feet with a slightly frustrated look on her face. She looks like she decides something right before she pulls Ji-Hu up to her feet, and up onto her right shoulder. She wraps her left arm around Ji-Hu’s neck and her right around her torso, then sits down dropping Ji-Hu to the right side, driving her neck and shoulder first into the canvas. She gets into position for a cover, hooking both legs as she does and Parks gets back into place for the count, as the crowd come to their feet.

Zack: Ji-Hu is not letting Sophia near that arm, but Sophia looks like she wants this match done, so she’s pulled out EMERALD CITY FLOWSION instead, and I think this is going to be all she wrote.




Parks gets back to his feet and calls for the bell, as Sophia rolls off the cover still looking a little frustrated.

Kat: Here is your winner via pinfall, ’THE EMERALD CITY SIREN’ SOPHIA PIKE!!

Mai: I never doubted that Sophia would get the win, even if it wasn’t the submission win that she wanted.

Zack: The crowd are happy that the hometown girl picked up the win, even if Sophia looks slightly frustrated.

Sophia gets back to her feet and Parks raises her arm to a cheer from the Seattle crowd, which Pike ignores. As soon as her hand is lowered, she rolls out of the ring and starts to make her way back up the ramp to backstage, and on that the camera cuts elsewhere.

Nevaeh Needs To Know

Our scene opens back up inside Key Arena as the fans are currently going wild. They get even louder as “Rise” by Sixx Am blasts over the pa system. Nevaeh Summers soon makes her way out onto the stage. She ehars the loud response from the crowd and seems taken aback by it. Nevaeh nods her head and starts making her way down the aisle. Nevaeh decides to slide into the ring and looks out to the fans again, mouthing “wow”. She eventually turns and walks towards Katherine Grayson, receiving the microphone from the new FFW ring announcer. Nevaeh keeps looking around before raising the microphone to her mouth.

Nevaeh: Damn Seattle you sure know how to make some noise.

This only gets the crowd to react louder, leaving Nevaeh to laugh

Nevaeh: Alright, alright very impressive. Seems you guys are really hyped up to be here tonight. That’s great. Glad ya are. Ya know I’m thinking for all of you once you saw FFW was coming to town you went and bought tickets as fast as you could. You needed to be here to see your favorites and all that. Probably didn't even take you five minutes to decide.

Nevaeh looked out to the crowd and saw many fans agreeing with her. She nodded her head before speaking up again.

Nevaeh: Ya know sometimes things are just easy to decide on. Like for me I was invited to a show a few months ago, back when I was still on the outs with FFW. I figured why not go and see wrestling live again. There last show as a hot one. So I agreed to go, but then things happened and I got back here in FFW. Thing was that other show was booked for November 2nd, and of course we have tonight. When I saw that I had to make a choice. What was I gonna do? I gave my word I’d be at that show. But I am also a proud FFW member. So what to do?  What decision was I gonna make?  Well San Francisco ain’t that far from Seattle. Screw it, we’ll go to that show and then we’ll catch a late flight to make sure were right here in Seattle baby!

The crowd reacts loudly again. Nevaeh seems to be enjoying herself at the moment

Nevaeh: You guys are making it worthwhile. I had decided that a long time ago. See sometime you need to make a choice in life.  You just can’t stall forever. You need to decide am I gonna do something or not. Which brings us here to tonight. Tonight we’re gonna get some things figured out because I have waited too damn long for a decision to be made by you Alysson Gardner.

The crowd booed ferociously as nevaeh turned to look at the stage area, her demeanor taken a more firm look.

Nevaeh: We all know you’re here tonight Alysson. You were asking Sophia Pike for places to visit, and your wife is wrestling. We know you go everywhere with her. Like last week when you were in Sacramento..but didn't tell us what your choice was gonna be. Naw Alysson you’ve had a month to make a choice, yeah you tell me to f*** off every now and then, but nothing official. I said I can’t deman another match with you, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t getting annoyed with this long ass wait. It’s not hard. Either make any match you want or decline it. That’s all you gotta do. Does that seem hard to you Seattle?

The crowd responds with a loud “No”. it soon envelopes to a “Make your choice” chant. Nevaeh even points to them as they do it

Nevaeh: Ya hear’em Alysson. They’re tired of waiting. I’m tired of waiting, the whole world is tired of waiting. Come out here, look me in the eye, and tell me what your choice is. We doing this one more time or are we going our separate ways? Either way make up your damn mind!

Nevaeh glares at the stage area, waiting for Alysson to come out and give a response. Yet the Outlaw doesn’t make herself visible. Seeing this Nevaeh speaks up again, clearly agitated.

Nevaeh: Quit with this shit Alysson. I know you’re here. Be the woman you claim to be and give us your choice. It’s not hard. It’s either yes or no--

And that’s when the dirty guitars and fast drums of Trivium’s “To the Rats” assault the sound system, drawing all the attentions to the top of the stage. As the big screen atop the entrance stage glitch out, the audience is already booing raucously at the arrival of the Outlaw…

Who never comes out. At least not from the main gate.

Zack: What the-- LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU!!!

From behind the commentary table, Alysson Gardner jumps the barricade, crowbar in hand, as Nevaeh is looking at the main entrance. The crowd attempts to warn the blonde about what’s going on, and the Georgian wrestler has time to turn around and nothing else before she’s met with a crowbar shot to the forehead (think Triple H’s sledgehammer strike). Nevaeh collapses to the mat semiconscious, and the Outlaw crouches next to her, smirking and shaking her head negatively.

Zack: This is not the first time Alysson Gardner has surprised Nevaeh from behind with that dastardly crowbar. I think she’s starting to make a habit out of it.

The crowd is booing their heads off as Alysson picks up the microphone left there by Nevaeh herself, getting back to her feet and sitting down on the mat right next to the fallen rival.

Alysson: You know what I really find funny? The way you’re so hellbent on getting destroyed AGAIN. I mean, damn, woman, I thought I was the one here that was addicted to feeling pain, but I guess you have me beat in that department! Fucking kudos to yudos, I don’t think there ain’t anyone gonna top that for a while. Now here’s the thing, Baby Peach: I have been to all shows since Sin and Sacrifice because I had something to see, and I really wished you could pick up on the fact that I wanted NOTHING to do with you anymore. And when I told you to fuck of, it was because I wanted you to stay out of the way and let me carry on with my own plans. But you just can’t work with that, now can you? You just NEED to keep harping on and on and on and goddamn on about it, because you’re SO needy of another beatdown. Well then! At the end of the day, I guess one thing is proven…

She gets right on Nevaeh’s face, as the blonde grimaces and growls at the redhead in pain.

Alysson: You may have quit your drugs, but you’re just the same stubborn little vermin you’ve always been, aren’t you.

The rockstar grins widely and mischievously at the former FFW Champion before she gets up.

Alysson: So all I gotta do is choose a stipulation, isn’t it? Guess what: I got one for you! How bad do you punks here in Seattle wanna know about it, huh?!

And for a rare moment, Alysson gets a cheer. Not because it’s her, but because she’s apparently finally accepting the rematch. Nevaeh instinctively reaches her arm out to grab Alysson’s leg, only for the redhead to kick it away with her leg.

Alysson: Stay in your lane, bucko. If you wanna put your hands on me now, it’s gonna be on MY terms. As for the stipulation for our FINAL match, I choose…

… pregnant pause as Alysson crouches again and cups Nevaeh’s chin with her free hand…

Alysson: … to tell you next week. If you wanna fight me SO BAD… Let’s see how bad you can wait to see what I have in store for you, so you can KEEP… ME… ENTERTAINED.

And then as Alysson drops the mic, she gets back up and does her signature cross double birds taunt as “To the Rats” assaults the sound system again. Nevaeh is nothing short of completely beside herself, yet can barely move due to the blow to the head she sustained.. As for the Outlaw, she jumps out of the ring laughing as she backtracks up the entrance ramp.

Zack: Now this is just ridiculous: Alysson Gardner is literally messing with Nevaeh Summers right now. We could’ve had a decision on whether or not they’ll be facing again at Global Wars, but the Outlaw is having fun at her opponent’s anxiety’s expense!

Mai: And you think this is bad?! This is beautiful! A form of entertainment that’s very underappreciated these days: the art of TROLLING! Don’t hate, appreciate!

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As soon as the fans see what’s coming next on the video wall, the buzzing goes throughout the crowd before we head up to Kat in the ring.

Kat: The following contest is your main event of the evening, and it is scheduled for one fall!

Zack: I’ve been looking forward to this one since it was announced, especially because our Ultraviolence Champion is about as well liked as polio these days. I have one of her biggest detractors with me, the Evolution Champion herself. Congratulations on your win earlier tonight, are you ready to see the champ?

Missy: Thanks, Zack I’ve been looking forward to that match with Jessica for a while, it’s not everyday you get to face such a good friend. And I’m more than ready to see this match, and hopefully watch Ruby cave Mallory’s skull in.

The lights dim just before “Heavy” by The Glorious Sons starts playing throughout the arena.

Come heavy or don't come at all,
You leave your piece at home that's your call,
It never paid to be merciful,
Come heavy or don't come at all

The lights come up as the music rises and Ruby Tyler bursts through the curtain, running down the ramp and high-fiving fans along the way.

Come heavy or don't come at all,
Been here before and watched a better man fall
I smell the fear on you boy
Come heavy or don't come at all

Kat: From Barstow, California, weighing in at one hundred thirty-five pounds, she is the Huntress, RUBY! TYLER!

Tossing her jacket aside, Ruby turns to face the crowd and pumps her fist in the air before sliding underneath the bottom rope, grinning as she heads to her corner and climbs the turnbuckle, her head bobbing as the chorus plays out. Once the music fades, she hops down and turns, waiting for her opponent.

Zack: Ruby Tyler, along with pretty much everyone, has been completely and totally disgusted with the actions of the Ultraviolence Champion. I know you aren’t pleased with what’s happened with her as it pertains to her now ex-boyfriend, Jake.

Missy: Not pleased is likely an understatement. I’m actually a little jealous of Ruby tonight, since she gets to unload on Mallory.

The video wall begins playing images of Mallory Bennett in her most choice moments of violence. As the arena begins to boo, the lights flicker orange and red while the video wall shows the self-proclaimed ‘Byproduct of Misconduct’ and Malicious One grinning through a bloody face before punching the mat. The booing intensifies as the wrestler herself comes from the curtain, wheeling a large cooler behind her. Her scowling face bends into a grin as the crowd continues booing. She looks down at the Ultraviolence championship secured around her waist as “Whiskey Fever” by Dorothy begins playing.

“Woah mama don't you leave me alone, no tellin' what I'll do on my own!
Woah mama there's a pit in my soul, so deep I gotta fill it up now...!

On the second ‘fill it up now!’ Mallory drops to both knees, sticking her tongue out and throwing up devil horns and bending backwards as a wild pyro display of orange and red go off behind her. The crowd continues the boo as the chorus hits and she’s announced.

Kat: Making her way to the ring, she’s the reigning FEMME FATALE WRESTLING ULTRAVIOLENCE CHAMPION...  From Tampa Bay, Florida weighing in at 155 pounds... “MALICIOUS” MALLORY BENNETT!!


The champion begins making her way down to the ramp, a scowl on her face as she observes the boos. She slides into the ring, leaving her championship on the large cooler. She throws her arms up to the boos in the middle of the ring before heading into her corner, and slumping in it.

Zack: I’m not sure what got into Mallory Bennett, but I know one thing. She might as well have a bullseye on her body, because she has raised the ire of almost everyone! I’ve not heard booing like this in a while, she doesn’t have a friend in the world here tonight!

Missy: Judging by what we saw when she decided to break up with Jake in the way she did, on camera… I think we have a safe idea what got into her! Who is probably a better question. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to see someone physically hurt as much as I do tonight.

Referee Kevin Fisk checks both women as Kat leaves the ring, while the live crowd is already thunderous behind Ruby. He calls for the bell as Ruby power walks towards her before the champion steps out onto the floor. The referee intercepts Ruby as Mallory starts to stroll around the ring, and makes a fist in front her mouth as though she’s giving someone a blow job. This only infuriates the crowd more, but brings a smile to her face.

Missy: How much trouble do you think I’d get in if I just went and smacked that smug look off her face?

The amusement on her face was short-lived however as Ruby rolled out to the floor, and took off around the corner after her. Mallory turned around just as Ruby walloped her with a big right hand to the head. Five more shots landed right after that before Tyler drove her back first into the apron of the ring. She grabbed her head, and spiked it off the mat before whipping Mallory into the barricade. The champion started back to her feet, and caught a clothesline into the front row as the fans roared in approval.

Zack: I don’t think there’s one person in this arena who isn’t cheering Ruby Tyler right now! Mallory’s getting beat into the front row, and I’d move if I was one of those fans! Though you can bet some of them may want to take a shot themselves!

Missy: You couldn’t even blame them if they did. Jake is one of the most liked people in FFW, so I’m sure a lot of fans have taken personal insult to what Mallory did to him.

Mallory got back to her feet before Ruby yanked her back over the barricade to ringside. She pulled to her feet, and then whipped her across into the ring steps. Mallory hit them so hard that they shook on impact. She doubled over them in pain just as Ruby hopped up onto the apron. Before Mallory could stand up again, Ruby launched herself along the ropes with a double stomp to Mallory’s back, causing her head to smack the steps on recoil. Ruby rolled into the ring and right back out to break the count as Mallory dropped to her knees in front of the steps. The show goes to split screen as we can see security is trying to keep Gillie from coming out to the ring.

Missy: I don’t think Ruby needs any help, but I doubt that’s why Gillie is wanting to come down here anyway. They should let her, see how much of a smile Mallory keeps on her face then!

Zack: Three members of arena security are trying head Gillie off at the pass backstage. Meanwhile, Ruby has firm control of this match that hasn’t seen the ring yet!

Ruby backed up a few steps, and used a running knee to crunch Mallory’s head against the steps. It folded her up on the mat before Ruby grabbed her by the hair and tights, and tossed her into the ring under the bottom rope. She slid in after her as the referee admonished her about fighting on the floor. Tyler ignored him as Mallory started heading for the corner. She pulled herself to her feet before Ruby spun her around, and fired off a knife edge chop across her chest. Three more followed before the veteran sent her across for the ride. Ruby took off towards her as soon as she hit the corners, and went for a running shoulder block. But Mallory got out of the way at the last second, sending Ruby shoulder first into the post. Mallory leaned against the ropes, catching her breath as the smile started to return to her face as she saw Ruby in pain.

Zack: Mallory may have gotten damn near disemboweled right there with all the velocity that Ruby picked up! But there’s that smile, that’s the same smile she had when she did what she did to her ex-boyfriend that sent Jake on a hiatus from FFW!

Missy: It’s like invasion of the body snatchers with how quickly Mallory flipped personalities. She seriously needs to have that smile knocked off her face though. C’mon Ruby, give her some more.

Bennett began stomping away at her back until Ruby was laying with her head on the bottom turnbuckle. Then she began stomping there before she yanked her out of the corner. She dropped to a seat on Ruby’s back, and pulled her head up to tear at both sides of her face. Her fingers hooked into both sides of Ruby’s mouth and nose as she pulled from both sides. Tyler’s face was disfigured in pain before the referee got her to let go at a four count. She got back to her feet, and dropped a knee into Ruby’s head before falling to a seat against the corner with her legs open, telling Ruby to get up.

Zack: Mallory’s got control now, and she looks like she’s just….having a good time. I don’t think this is the time to take a seat and admire your handiwork.

Missy: I doubt that getting cocky with Ruby is the right way to go, unless she’s actually wanting more of what Ruby’s already delivered so far.

As Ruby started to push up to all fours, Mallory used the ropes to get herself back to her feet. She pulled Ruby the rest of the way, and shot her into the corner. Bennett followed after her, and began to show her hand speed as she unloaded with a flurry of body shots with both fists. Each shot landed flush before an uppercut to the chin rocked Ruby. She then climbed up onto the middle rope, raising her fist to a chorus of boos before she ended up pinching Ruby’s nose to make her open her mouth….before Mallory spit into Ruby’s mouth a grin as she hopped off and wiped her lips.

Missy: What the fu-- that’s just plain disgusting. Seriously Ruby, knock this bitch the hell out!

Zack: That’s one of the most revolting things I think I’ve seen, Ruby with a mouthful of Mallory’s saliva. And you know what she’s reminding everyone of with that!

As Mallory’s smile began to reform on her face, Ruby launched towards her with a Thesz press and unloaded with furious right hands to her head. The crowd came to life again as Ruby pounded away. She got back to her feet, and spit over the ropes to the floor what Mallory had done. Her face was red with anger as Mallory struggled to get to her feet. Tyler caught her with a running bicycle kick that put her down on the mat again before Ruby dove on top of her for a second time to fire more right hands! She finally got back to her feet with a look of rage etched across her face.

Zack: Ruby is beside herself, and who can blame her?! The Ultraviolence Champion is catching one hell of an ass whipping tonight in Seattle!

Missy: And it’s no more than she deserves. If she wanted a pissed off Huntress on her hands, she’s certainly gone the right way about it.

Tyler wiped her mouth in disgust as Mallory began to crawl towards the ropes. She started to pull herself as Ruby went after her to grab her. She tried to pull her away, but Mallory used a mule kick between her legs that stopped that. The referee didn’t see it as Mallory stumbled back, grabbed Ruby’s head and dropped her with a stunner! Bennett scrambled towards her on all fours, and made the cover with a hook of the leg.

Zack: That’s called MALPARRY, and the champion’s ready for this to be over right now!




Ruby got her shoulder off the mat before the three, and Mallory sat up on her knees. She drove an elbow into her face before yanking her up by the hair. She tilted her head back, and looked like she was about to spit into her mouth again...but instead did it on her face to let it slide down her cheek. Mallory made it back to her feet with the smile back in place as she watched her saliva roll down Ruby’s face.

Missy: What is her sudden fascination with giving away bodily fluids?! If I was Ruby I’d knock her head clean off her shoulders.. And I have a feeling, that’s likely what Ruby’s wanting to do about now.

Mallory took off for the far side, and came back with a cannonball senton that landed flush on the target to drive the air out of Ruby’s body. She popped back to her feet, and dragged Ruby up by her waist into a German suplex that sent Ruby into the turnbuckles. Her head bounced off the middle before Mallory dragged her back to the center and fell into another cover.

Zack: Ruby could be out right now, and the Ultraviolence Champion is looking to call it a night!




Missy: She can look to call it a night all she wants, but Ruby obviously isn’t done yet.

Ruby’s shoulder came up off the mat again before Mallory got back to her feet. She glanced around, and then went to a corner to start unfastening the top turnbuckle. She tossed it to the mat, and grabbed Ruby to pull her over her shoulder into position for a snake eyes. But as she took off, Ruby slid out the back and landed on her feet. Mallory stopped herself before she hit the exposed corner, and Ruby ducked down between her legs to get Mallory on her shoulders. She took a step back and fell forward to let Mallory’s face hit the exposed corner instead. The crowd roared in approval as Ruby lay face up on the mat, trying to pull herself together while Mallory clutched her face in pain.

Missy: Now that’s what the people want to see! Talk about a plan blowing up in your face. That’s the risk you run when you try and pull something like that, and to a more deserving person it couldn’t have happened.

Zack: Mallory’s head hit that turnbuckle at a high rate of speed, and if she’s not out, she’s not far from it! But Ruby isn’t looking for the win, she’s heading up top!

Tyler made it to the top rope, perching herself as she shouted at Mallory to get back to her feet. The champion was very slow to do so. But when she did and turned around, Ruby came off with both knees to her chest. Bennett struck the mat with a smack, and Ruby immediately got up again and headed for the corner a second time. She made her way up top, and pulled her elbow pad as the Seattle crowd was loudly in favor of this idea.

Zack: Ruby’s looking to do some serious damage here! The elbow pad is up, and everyone here is begging her to drop the hammer on Mallory right now!

Missy: Usually, I would advise to go for the win when you can… in this case, hold off as long as you can Ruby and do as much damage as possible!

Ruby wasted no time as she launched herself into a top rope elbow drop that landed perfectly onto Mallory’s chest. She rolled over onto her stomach and hooked the outside leg for a cover as the referee dove to count.

Zack: A big time elbow from the sky right into Mallory’s black heart, and that might be all she wrote!




Mallory kicked out just before the three was about to strike, and Ruby got back to her feet. She started pacing around as Mallory began to stir, making sure to keep behind her as she waved her back to her feet.

Missy: I don’t think Ruby’s too disappointed at Mallory kicking out then. I have a feeling that she is going to make Mallory regret the spitting she’s done tonight!

The champion got to her feet as Ruby took off for the ropes. She came back on the rebound, and left her feet for a codebreaker. But Mallory hooked the top rope and let Ruby landed on the back of her head. The boos began again as Mallory headed for the corner she had exposed earlier, and started to make her way up to the top rope.

Zack: I have a feeling Mallory’s wanting to put an end to this right now, and she may be going for a move you and she have in common...a frog splash!

Missy: And just like a frog, she’s cold blooded. I hope she misses and lands on her freaking head.

Mallory stood atop the corner, listening to the ire of the crowd which seemed to fuel her more. But as she was about to jump, Ruby got up and ran towards her to knock her feet out from under her. Bennett landed on the exposed turnbuckle right between her legs. The skunk-haired champion’s body froze in pain, her mouth agape as Ruby fired a shot to her chin.

Missy: Or that works too! Knock her out, Ruby!

Zack: I don’t need to explain that one, folks! Mallory’s face tells you everything you need to know!

Ruby climbed up with her to the top rope before snapping off a hurricanrana that spiked her head into the canvas. Bennett didn’t budge a muscle and lay akimbo on the mat while Ruby started to sit up and get her second wind. She crawled towards her and made the cover with a hook of the leg.

Zack: Good Lord, a top rope rana! Bennett’s out cold, and Ruby’s gonna pick up the biggest win of her FFW career!!




Mallory’s shoulder came off the mat and flopped right back down, almost as if were a spasm instead of her actually getting her arm up in time. The Seattle crowd resumed booing as Ruby rolled off the cover.

Missy: Damn, I really thought Ruby had it then. I’m not sure Mallory can take much more… so carry on Ruby!

The Huntress started back to her feet, still trying to get some wind in her lungs as she moved towards Mallory. She reached down to grab her when Mellory caught her with a thrust to the throat from the canvas. Ruby dropped to the mat, coughing violently as the champion rolled out of the ring. She collapsed to the floor with a thud before she started to pull up the ring apron, and drag out a chair.

Missy: Dammit. This isn’t what the people want to see. We just want to watch Mallory get her ass whipped all around the ring!

Zack: I thought she was about to head for the back, but she would have wanted to take a different route as Gillie is still backstage, I’m being told. But no, Bennett’s got some steel in her hands.

Mallory pulled herself to her feet, looking the worse for wear as she glanced down to the chair in her hand. She walked around the ring as the referee was making sure Ruby was able to continue. The champion looked over to Missy in the booth, smiling at her as she glanced down to her chair and back to the Evolution Champion again.

Zack: Stay right here….stay right here….stay right here…..she’s just trying to bait you.

Missy: If the bitch wants to try me, I’ll show her exactly how to use that chair! She wouldn’t be freaking smiling by the time I got done with her.

Mallory ended up shaking her head, and looked back towards the ring before she spun around and spat into Missy’s face. The Evolution Champion got up from her seat, tossed the headset down, and took off after her. Mallory hit the ring with Missy right behind her as the referee went to intercept the Evolution Champion. As he did that, Mallory went to nail Ruby with it. But Tyler used a dropkick to send it back into her face. It staggered the champion as she dropped the chair, and Ruby took off towards the roeps using them to somersault into a cutter ON the chair!


She immediately made the cover as the referee turned around to see it, and dropped to make the count quickly as Missy was seething!




Fisk called for the bell as Ruby sat up on her knees, gasping to get her breath before she got her hand raised in victory to a roar from the crowd.


Ruby made it to her feet with a look of disgust towards her opponent, glancing over to a pacing Missy who was still furious. Missy snatched the chair off the mat, and looked about to use it before Mallory flung herself out of the ring to the floor. Bennett nearly collapsed over the barricade, snatching her title and trying to escape through the crowd. Missy raised Ruby’s hand, and began to wipe the saliva from her cheek as Breaking Point faded off the air.

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