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FFW Future Shock - Episode 50

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Author Topic: FFW Future Shock - Episode 50  (Read 192 times)
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« on: November 06, 2018, 11:03:32 pm »

Live from the Future Shock Arena in Boston, Massachusetts
November 6, 2018

A stick of dynamite is plunged into a stone wall with a fissure. The fuse burns down to the end before the wall blows apart. Covering her face from the blast is Mara Werth dressed in what looks like a tomb raider outfit. “Bringing Down the Giant” by Saving Abel begins to play. She heads inside the opening in the wall, shining a flashlight on one wall showing the FFW logo and then the Future Shock logo. As she moves ahead, she comes across a platform overlooking a pit. Upon looking inside, she sees Lacey surrounded by dead flowers blowing red mist towards her.

Oh. I hit the wall I got back up and dusted off.
I’m past the pain and I’m taking back all that I lost,
I’m going to kick you off the throne hang your crown up on the wall

We then cut to quick takes showing Lydia Charisma delivering her Ocean’s Eleven finisher. Celeste is then shown hitting her Heaven’s Cloud ace crusher to a pop from the crowd. Then we see a large bubble being blown before it pops to reveal the smiling face of Nora Harris. Bianca Reed takes off her sunglasses, and throws them into the crowd. Mila is shown with her surfboard dragon sleeper locked in before we cut back to the tomb.

Yeah your glory days are gone gone gone.
Yeah I’m bringing down the giant
I won’t sit here undecided.

Mara extends her arms to both sides, and walks carefully across the platform before she makes it to the other side. She reaches the other side, finding a hall of mirrors as she steps into another entrance. She glances at the various mirrors around her as she walks past them, while Tara Cortez passes her twice in one mirror after Mara moves away. She comes upon two stone statues that look like guardians to a door. She retrieves two gems from her pocket, placing them in the stone hands of the statues before the door starts to move.

When your world comes crashing down I’ll remind you
I’m the one who’s laughing loud in your face
Yeah yeah your karma’s coming back here to find you this is going to get a little violent
Yeah I’m bringing down bringing down the giant.

We cut away from there to see Gemma Pierce and Kaya Crimson staring across at one another. Gillie Barnes thrusts the Future Shock Championship over her head with a smile, and Harley Shannon has the Harley Headlock locked in next. Cassandra Steen is shown counting her money as Kyle stands over her shoulder. “Poison” is shown next as Rose is dressed like Harley Quinn, and slams a giant mallet onto the camera before it cuts back to the tomb.

When your world comes crashing down I’ll remind you
I’m the one who’s laughing loud in your face
Yeah yeah your karma’s coming back here to find you this is going to get a little violent
Yeah I’m bringing down bringing down the giant.

The doors finally open as Mara carefully steps forward, looking around as a row of lights come up all the way to a throne. And there sat on the throne with two lions sat in front of her is Elizabeth Lannister. She points towards Mara as the two lions roar and launch towards the camera before we cut to the live broadcast to see a roaring crowd full of Future Shock fans.

Zack: Welcome back to the city of the World Series Champions, the Boston Red Sox! And welcome to the landmark 50th edition of Future Shock since the reboot! We are just two weeks away from Future Shock Nemesis on Pay Per View, but tonight could easily be a Pay Per View all it’s own! Zack Hudson here, and I’m joined by the “King of Commentary” himself in Lyn Dallins. Welcome, Lyn, to what is going to be one hell of a preview for Nemesis.

Lyn: Cry havoc as they say Zack, but the dogs of war are already loose... And in like another company or seven. Anyway! We have a show stacked from top to bottom tonight!

Zack: It is exceptionally rare that the Future Shock Championship is defended outside of Pay Per View, but that’s what our main event will be tonight! Bianca Reed gets another crack at the gold after getting screwed over by the Gold Standard when she meets Harley Shannon in her first defense since she won the title back in Sydney.

Lyn: I’ve seen a lot of people in companies across the industry hyping this one up. They can smell a barn burner when they see it and so can I. The question is can the Princess of House Reed bring down the eruption or is there gonna be volcanic ash all over the Reed Parade?

Zack: For the first time ever, we’ll have a lumberjack match here tonight! “The Lioness” Elizabeth Lannister is absolutely obsessed with proving she is better than Mila “Midnight” Martin, who holds multiple wins over her! They’ll meet once more with the ring surrounded by the rest of the Gold Standard, No Holding Back, Nora Harris...and Cait Flanagan who hasn’t even debuted yet.

Lyn: Does anyone else find it a tiny bit strange that Cait is part of the lumberjacks here or are we just ignoring the fine redhead who will do as she pleases? No? The Latter? Okay. ANYWAY, I’m putting it all on Martin to take this one. Never seen a Lannister quite so obsessed.

Zack: Our opener is going to see two veteran Prospects meet for the first time when Katie Keller hot on the lookout for her second win in Future Shock meets the “Unbreakable” Stacy Jones, who has had nothing but wins here in the Future Shock Arena.

Lyn: She’s looking to continue the trend of course, but we’ll see if Keller can break it and pick up a win to keep her first company. This one has sleeper hit written all over it.

Zack: Also tonight, we are going to see the return of a Prospect who’s been out with an injury for some time. I’m referring to Celeste! She’s here in the arena, and I’m not sure what she has in store but we’ll find out before we leave the air.

Lyn: Hopefully it's nothing but good things but I’m sure these fans cannot wait to hear from here and what she has to say.

Zack: All that and no doubt a whole lot more are in store on the eve of Future Shock Nemesis! Let’s kick off Future Shock’s 50th, and send it up to the ring with a “Wildcat” in our midsts.

The camera heads to the ring with the aforementioned “Wildcat” waiting patiently.

Gaby: The opening contest of Future Shock is scheduled for one fall.

The opening bass line to "I Will Not Break" by A Sound Of Thunder blares out of the PA system and the camera pans around the arena as the fans rise to their feet and cheer wildly.

"And you heard the girls talking...and you thought they were talking about you..."

"Oh no, we can't ask her! She's a creep!"

"Who are they talking about?"

As the song kicks in, the camera cuts to the stage where we see "Unbreakable" Stacy Jones standing there with a large grin on her face. She then begins to make her way down the ramp, slapping the fans hands on the way.

Gaby: Making her way to the ring...from Orlando, Florida by way of New York City, New York...standing in at 5 foot 7 and weighing in at 150 pounds! "Unbreakable"...Stacy...Jones!

Once she reaches the bottom of the ramp, she turns to her super fan, Elsie and removes her plain black wool hat and places it onto her head before she makes her way over to the ring before hopping up onto the apron. Putting her back to the ropes, she takes hold of the top rope with both hands and proceeds to backflip over the ropes and into the ring.

Walking to the centre of the ring, she unzips her leather jacket and then throws up the devils horns with her hands before removing her jacket and handing it to a ringside employee as "I Will Not Break" fades out.

Zack: One thing I like about Stacy Jones, Lyn, is the fact that she’s very proactive. Ever since joining Future Shock, she’s been waving the flag for it and looking to impress every time she comes out here.

Lyn: They shouldn’t call her ‘Unbreakable’ for nothing after all, Zack and it looks as Katie will be finding this out first hand.

I'm on the battlefield
Like, oh my God (ooh la la)
Knocking soldiers down
Like house of cards (ooh la la)
I'm a one woman army (ooh la la)
Yes, I'm a one woman army
(ooh la la, ooh la la, ooh la la)

"One Woman Army" by Porcelain Black stalls out as a bang like a gunshot rings out and Katie Keller steps out from behind the curtain and surveys the crowd before settling her gaze on the ring in front of her.

I pull up in a matte black super car
Like Batman, yeah
No bodyguard
I'm Gangnam Styling on the bar
I got it, I bring all the boys to the yard
If you see me at the club in Hollywood
You know I bring that Detroit hood
You like it, and you feelin' good
You know that you want it
You know that you would

Gaby: Making her way to the ring, from Silicon Valley California, weighing in at 160 pounds... Katie KELLER!

Let's rush tonight
The music is still playin'
So get up and fight
You know that you want it
You know that you would

Katie heads down the ramp, slapping the odd hand as she goes. Once she reaches the ring, she slides in beneath the ropes and pops up to her feet in the center of the ring.

I'm on the battlefield
Like, oh my God (ooh la la)
Knocking soldiers down
Like house of cards (ooh la la)
I'm a one woman army (ooh la la)
Yes, I'm a one woman army
(ooh la la, ooh la la, ooh la la)

She throws up a fist into the air to get the crowd going as her theme song fades off and she loosens up against the ropes in preparation for her match.

Zack: Katie Keller’s looking for that second victory since joining Future Shock, and she’s done an excellent job of firing up this Boston crowd.

Lyn: I think part of Katie’s appeal to the fans is that she comes off as having a sheer love for the game. That goes far with this crowd.

Referee Ashley Pruitt checks both women as Gaby leaves the ring. She calls for the bell before the pair meet in the center to shake hands. As Stacy grabs her hand to shake it, Katie surprises her by jerking her down into a small package out of nowhere!!



Jones kicks out almost immediately before the pair get back to their feet. A grin on Katie’s face follows before she offers her a handshake again, this time with no surprises. Stacy cautiously shakes her hand, but instead provides the surprise with an armdrag takedown to the mat. Katie pops up, and catches another one from the raven-haired veteran. Another time back to her feet, and Stacy tries it a third time. But Katie blocks it this time, and pulls her head down for a knee to her face. Before she can stand up straight again, Keller follows up with a neckbreaker to take her down to the mat.

Zack: Katie clearly knows a counter or two herself, and was able to stop Stacy’s momentum before it got out of hand there. And now she’s grounded her.

Lyn: Apparently Keller is NOT here to get paid by the hour tonight, Zack.

Stacy starts to get up, but Katie grabs her by the head and sends her shoulder first into the nearest corner. It drops her to her knees before Keller follows her in with a knee strike, crashing her head into the middle turnbuckle. She pulls her to her feet with a rear waistlock before transitioning it into a side Russian leg sweep. For the second time, Katie goes for a pin and hooks the leg in the process.

Zack: Katie’s smoother than the other side of the pillow, and looking to put this match away right now!



Jones kicked out again, and Katie followed up with a seated side headlock. She started to grind her arm against Stacy’s head as she sat on the canvas. But Jones didn’t stay grounded for long as she got back to her feet, still trapped in the headlock. She went to shoot Katie off, but Keller wasn’t having it.

Lyn: Keller’s picking with that grip like a dog with a bone. No letting go, no escape, no want to let any amount of freedom.

She tried a second time with no success. Katie started to grind the hold in again, but Stacey stopped her when she lifted her up into an atomic drop. The impact nearly sent Katie into the corner, but before she could turn around, Stacey grabbed her head for an inverted facebuster. It bounced the back of Katie’s head off the mat before she reached forward for a hook of the leg into a pin attempt!

Lyn: Oof, the impact on that inverted facebuster and Jones goes for the cover!



Katie kicked out, causing Stacy to hop back to her feet. Keller grabbed the ropes to help her get up, only to get spun around for Stacy to begin firing kicks into her body. Four connected in quick succession, doubling her over before Stacy bounced off the near side with an axe kick to the back of her head that put her face down on the mat.

Zack: If there’s one thing we’ve learned from Stacy’s previous matches, it’s that she loves using her feet and she kicks like a mule! You can see why Katie wanted to ground her so quickly.

She moved around to a nearby corner, waiting on Katie to get back to her feet. The brunette instead crawled towards the ropes, and began to get up again. When she did, Stacy went for a roundhouse kick aimed for her head. But Katie ducked it, and let her opponent straddle the top rope instead. She quickly shook the ropes, bouncing her up and down on the rope before Jones fell to the mat. It practically put her into a fetal position before she got pulled to her feet, and driven into the mat with a vertical suplex. She rolled through, and delivered a second followed by a third. Stacy was slow to get to her feet when Katie scooped her over her shoulders, and deposited her with a Samoan drop. She then floated over to make a cover with a tight hook of the leg.

Lyn: Excellent follow up on those triple verticals and Stacey HAS to be feeling it...




Zack: Stacy got the shoulder up in the nick of time, and I think Katie’s growing a deeper respect for her as this match continues.

Stacy’s arm popped up off the canvas to break the count. Katie seemed impressed with her opponent as she got back to her feet. Jones started to roll away from her to create some distance as she got to the ropes. As she made it to her feet, Katie rushed towards her to grab her. But a mule kick caught her in the stomach as she approached, stopping Keller in her tracks as Stacy spun around and planted her with a DDT to the canvas. Jones took a moment to try to gather herself before she got back to her feet, and headed for the corner.

Zack: Neither one of these two have been able to maintain an advantage for very long in this match, Lyn. It seems like they are as evenly matched as any two women could be.

Lyn: That breeds desperation, Zack. As long as I have been in that ring and around it, the more evenly matched you are with your opponent, the more you are considering to try something... Daring.

Stacy made her way to the top rope, and perched herself as she waited for her opponent to get back to her feet. Katie took her time doing so, but finally got to a vertical base facing the wrong direction. Stacy shouted her name to get her to turn around before she came off with a missile dropkick to her chest. Jones immediately got back to her feet, rallying the crowd as she shouted to them. Katie started to rise again, getting back to her feet as Stacy went for a jumping corkscrew roundhouse….but Katie ducked it. Jones tried to get her balance before Katie grabbed her head for a double knee facebreaker. It collapsed the New Yorker before Katie lunged on top of her for the cover.

Zack: Stacy went for her favorite kick right there, but Katie had it scounted! She may be out cold right here!




Stacy got her foot across the bottom rope, causing the referee to stop her count and point it out to Katie. She shook her head as she started back to her feet. When she saw Stacy beginning to sit up, Katie hit the far side ropes and caught her with a hip check to the side of her head.

Lyn: Keller using her assets and then some and I think Jones may have some teeth rattled!

She followed up by taking off towards the ropes, and rebounding with a senton splash to her body. Keller grabbed her head, and yanked her to her feet before taking off for the near side. She came back with a hard lariat that mowed Stacy down where she was standing, and Keller headed for the ropes with a glance skyward.

Zack: I have a feeling I know what Katie’s looking for, it’s a tribute to her late father!

Lyn:  It’s the one in ‘one and only’... It’s...!

Katie used the ropes for a backflip, tucking her knees as she made a full rotation into a moonsault that brought the crowd to its feet! It landed perfectly before she hooked both of Stacy’s legs for a tight cover as Pruitt dropped to count.

Zack: The CK ONE!!




The referee called for the bell as Katie rolled off the cover, and sat up to catch her breath. A smile formed on her face as she got to her feet, and then had her hand raised.

Lyn: That’s all she wrote, Zack!!

Gaby: Here’s your winner via pinfall………………..KATIE KELLER!!!

The fans gave Katie plenty of support and cheer as she glanced above with a nod of her head. She leaned down, and offered her opponent a hand up to her feet. Stacy accepted it as Katie pulled her to a vertical base.

Zack: Nothing but sportsmanship and class right there, Lyn! Katie Keller and Stacy both had an impressive performance, but Keller pulled it out at the end with a homage to her father.

Lyn: It proved to be the last bit she needed and she picks up another victory here. The sky may indeed be the limit for Katie Keller.

As the pair shook hands again, that’s when we cut to a commercial for the upcoming Nemesis Pay Per View and then elsewhere inside the arena.

Night and Day

When we return backstage after the break, we find the Director once again. This time, Adam is shown chatting with one of the newest Prospects in the form of Sydney Christensen.

Adam: Sydney, you’ve been here a couple months now. Tell me how you like being part of Future Shock so far.

Sydney: It’s been great thus far. The level of competition is practically second to none, which is what I looked at first when i decided to join.

Adam: How does it compare to some of the places you’ve been before now, including HELL where you are also on the roster?

Sydney: It’s practically night at day. Here, I feel appreciated and feel like my talents are valued and respected.

She says with a slight shake of her head.

Adam: I think it goes without saying that I’m glad to have you here. And I’m looking forward to seeing you join us for Nemesis two weeks from tonight. You ever competed in the Garden before?

Sydney: I’ve wrestled all places around the world, but I can honestly say this will be the first time competing in The Garden. There really is a first time for everything.

Adam: Well this is the first time for a lot of the girls, but it’s the home of a lot of sports history. And the New York City fans are probably the most vocal, and they aren’t shy about letting you know how they feel about someone.

Sydney: Adam, I’m Canadian. I’m used to vocal and boisterous crowds. Just go to any hockey game in Canada. The crowds in New York? I’m ready for it.

Adam: You’re going to have an experience advantage over Madyson Stone. This will be her first professional match, but I know you well enough to know that you don’t take anyone lightly and every match as though it were the most important one.

Sydney: The way I go into a match is simple. Everyone should be viewed as a threat. Everyone can be beaten at any given time. I know Madyson is going to want to bring everything she has because she wants to impress people. I like that. I want her to bring everything that she has, because I’m going to bring just a BIT more.

As Adam was about to continue, that was when they were interrupted by Carson Black. Adam looked a little surprised to see him, but shook hands with him anyway.

Adam: Carson, what can I do for you?

Carson: Actually, Mr. Grant, I was interested in discussing some possibilities for Mrs. Christensen here.

Adam: Oh! Well be my guest.

Adam left the two alone as Carson shook her hand.

Carson: It’s a pleasure to meet you. My name is Carson Black, you may be familiar with me.

Sydney: I’m familiar with you, absolutely. The pleasure is all mine.

Carson: Excellent! Well I was wondering if you could spare a few minutes to discuss potential...business opportunities with me.

Sydney: I have all the time in the world.

The pair head off before Future Shock fades to commercial.

The Lumberjill

The next shot we see is that of Sara Wilkins with one of the lumberjills in the form of Nora Harris as they stand in front of the Future Shock logo backdrop.

Sara: In just a moment, the woman to my right will be one of eight lumberjills as “Midnight” Mila Martin goes one on one with “The Lioness” Elizabeth Lannister. But before we get to that, I wanted to see if you had any idea on what happened to you on the last show when you were scheduled to team with Bianca Reed against the Gold Standard.

A bit of a frown comes to Nora’s face before she shakes it off and speaks to Sara.

Nora: I honestly don’t have any idea who it was, and I’m not the type to go off accusing people without proof. I mean there could be a whole list of people that could be worried about my family, and that includes Bianca - and not wanting us to be successful as a team.

Sara: Some are speculating that it could have been someone within the Gold Standard, considering what’s coming up at Nemesis in the elimination tag match. Do you suspect any of them had something to do with it, other than the two who were in the ring last time?

Nora fluffs out her hair and twirls one of the curls in her fingers before she starts to braid it with neat economy of motion.

Nora: Well like I said, the blatant choice would see to be the Gold Standard but then it could be someone else that hates them and wanted to frame them up.

Sara: I did have a chance to speak with the manager of the group before we went on the air. He unequivocally denied that anyone in the Gold Standard was responsible for what happened. Does that eliminate them as suspects for you or make you more skeptical?

Nora giggles and then puts on a more serious expression.

Nora: Think about it Sara, have that group including their little blue pill chewer manager ever done anything to anyone without immediately taking credit and crowing about their success? I mean if anything the fact they didn’t jump on social media and brag makes me think they may be innocent of THIS particular thing, even though it should have been in their favor. That there wasn’t a statement issued before tonight speaks volumes. So I’m going with a bit more skeptical.

Sara: Tonight, you’ll be one of eight women surrounding the ring in this rematch between Mila and Elizabeth. Have you ever been in a role like this for a match, or have you been in the ring during one yourself before you came to Future Shock?

Nora: No honestly I haven’t, and not just because of my size! It’s just never been something that I got a chance to do but here we are. It’s a little exciting.

Nora claps her hands then listens as Sara speaks.

Sara: Lastly, let’s talk about Nemesis two weeks from tonight. You’re the newest member of the roster as it pertains to the women in this match. And you’re already in a Pay Per View main event. Does that increase the motivation or does it make you more nervous?

Nora: Speaking from the heart, sure I’ve got a few butterflies because this is a new start for me, when you think about it. So what I’ve done in the past, I can’t compare it and won’t. This is unique, you know? So sure, butterflies but I feel far more motivated than nervous. I know I can perform at the highest level because I have - now, I get to show that and it means a lot to me.

Sara: I appreciate you taking some time to talk with me tonight, Nora. The match is coming up, so we’ll see you there in just a moment.

Nora: Thank you Sara, it’s always a pleasure to talk to someone that gets what I’m saying!

As she heads off towards the curtain, the show cuts back to the ring for the match.

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As the show comes back from the break, we see several Prospects heading towards the ring. First out from the back is Nora Harris and both halves of No Holding Back. Trailing behind them is Cait Flanagan.

Zack: Welcome back, fans. As you can see, we are getting ready for the first ever lumberjill match here on Future Shock. There you see 3 of the women competing in the 5 on 5 elimination tag at Nemesis, and a bit conspicuous by her addition is Cait Flanagan. Welcome to the booth, Missy. It’s an intriguing tandem we have here, including Cait who has been rather flirtatious with the Director.

Missy: Thanks for having me again, Zack. I do enjoy being here to watch the action up close, and this is one I’ve really been looking forward to. It was a little strange that Cait requested to be here for this..but maybe she just wants to get involved. As for her flirting..I’m not worried, I know who Adam comes home to every night.

The boos begin coming from all over the arena as Valerie McKinley, Lacey, Cassandra Steen, and Stacey Sky make their way towards the ring. Both sides cast long stares at one another as the foursome occupy two corners to themselves.

Zack: And there’s the Gold Standard. None of them are a welcome sight on Future Shock for many fans at all, but the job is simple. Keep the opponents in the ring. I’m not sure how well it’s going to work though. Ever been in one of these?

Missy: I actually haven’t. I think it might be about the only match I haven’t been a part of at one time or another. Saying that though, there’s not usually much worry of me trying to run away from a fight!

Gaby: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is under lumberjack rules!

As the fans sit in their seats in anticipation of what is to come, they are greeted by the somewhat subtle opening riff of ‘Massive Addictive’ by Amaranthe. A few seconds pass before the song kicks into full gear, causing the curtains to rustle a bit before the dapper figure of one Kyle Kilmeade emerges from the back. He steps out onto the stage and glances at either side of the stage at the crowd before stepping to the side, holding out his hand to the curtain. Out from the back emerges the beautiful Elizabeth Lannister. Stepping out onto the stage, she takes Kyle’s outstretched hand and promptly twirls around slowly, showing off the intricate work on her robe. Dropping his hand, Elizabeth nods and starts to walk down the aisle, Kyle walking in stride next to her.

Gaby: Ladies and gentlemen, making her way to the ring, being accompanied by her manager Kyle Kilmeade…..from Scottsdale, Arizona…’THE LIONESS’ ELIZABETH LANNISTER!!

Once she reaches the ring she begins to climb the steel steps, with Kyle hopping up onto the apron and holding the ropes open for her. She carefully climbs through the opened ropes and steps into the middle of the ring, flipping her hair over her shoulders and sticking her arms out to the sides, her head tilted back, a confident smirk etched on her angelic features. She then returns her head to it’s normal position and unclasps her robe, shrugging it off as Kyle reaches forward to carefully hand it to a nearby stagehand. She then moves her arms back and forth to loosen up as the music begins to fade out.

Zack: Elizabeth Lannister wanted this match, she wanted to go another round with Mila. And like you, Mila doesn’t back down from a challenge. But you know what I just noticed? The Gold Standard are all in their ring gear….and the other four women are in street clothes. I’m not sure if that means anything, but there it is.

Missy: It does actually look quite suspicious now you mention it. I know that Elizabeth really doesn’t like the fact that Mila has managed to get one over her, on two different occasions now, so it’s no wonder she requested another match.  

As Survivor by Destiny’s Child starts to play around the arena, Midnight walks out in her ring gear of black combat style shorts, matching black cut off tank top, black boots and a short black jacket. She stops at the top of the ramp, nodding her head a bit as the verse plays. As the chorus begins, white pyrotechnics erupt at the side of her. While the chorus plays, Midnight makes her way down the ramp, tagging the hands of the fans along the way.

I'm a survivor (what?)
I'm not gon' give up (what?)
I'm not gon' stop (what?)
I'm gon' work harder (what?)
I'm a survivor (what?)
I'm gonna make it (what?)
I will survive (what?)
Keep on survivin'(what?)

Gaby: Introducing at this time, hailing from London, England……”MIDNIGHT” MILA MARTIN!

I'm a survivor (what?)
I'm not gon' give up (what?)
I'm not gon' stop (what?)
I'm gon' work harder (what?)
I'm a survivor (what?)
I'm gonna make it (what?)
I will survive (what?)
Keep on survivin'(what?)

As the chorus ends and Midnight reaches the bottom of the ramp, she speeds up and runs the rest of the way to the ring, then jumps straight up onto the apron. Holding onto the top rope she looks out to the crowd and raises her hand fist pumping and hyping the crowd up. She climbs into the ring as the music ends and heads to her corner, taking off her jacket and getting ready for the match.

Zack: Mila looks ready as ever, and I can see Elizabeth’s eyes haven’t left her the whole time. There’s eight Future Shock Prospects around the ring, including one who hasn’t had a match yet.

Missy: Mila really doesn’t have anything left to prove when it comes to Elizabeth, but like you already said she doesn’t back down from a challenge. And it won’t stop her from giving it her all.

Referee Ashley Pruitt checks both women as the Gold Standard move around Kyle, keeping him between them as the bell rings. Mila and Elizabeth head towards the center, and it seems as though Elizabeth is already getting more agitated the closer they get. She starts demeaning the brunette as Mila tells her to bring it. Lannister turns on her heel as though she were going to walk back to her corner, but instead surprises Mila with a back elbow to the jaw. She quickly spins into her, and starts unloading with right hands to her head one after another. Mila starts to fight back until she gets a rake of her eyes with both hands. The “Lioness” sends her flying chest first into the nearest corner before following her in with a high knee to the jaw when she turns around. And without missing a beat, she throws Mila through the ropes to the floor before all four members of the Gold Standard start stomping away at her until the other four lumberjacks start heading their way. Then they leave Mila alone as she tries to get up again.

Missy: Tell us how you really feel, Elizabeth. I had a feeling that she would be hot out of the gate, but I don’t think I was expecting the lumberjills to come into play so early into the match. We’ve barely even started yet!

Zack: Nothing they do surprises me, and now Lacey is going to send her back into the ring. That’s the function of the lumberjacks, but you can expect the Gold Standard to take liberties like what we just saw.

Lacey pulls Mila up with both hands, and immediately throws her back into the ring. The “Lioness” stalks towards her as Martin tries to get up, and begins using clubbing blows across her back to pound her down into the mat. Lannister takes off for the far side, and uses a sliding dropkick to the side of Mila’s head to send her against the ropes. The blonde steps on her throat with one foot and leans across the top rope until the referee gets to four. She steps off after that, and backs up a couple steps with the referee admonishing her. Meanwhile, Cassandra started hammering her with fists to the head before NHB started around the corner, causing her to back away with her hands up.

Missy: You’re not kidding about them taking liberties. I don’t even know why I was surprised, the Gold Standard consistently interfere in each other’s matches anyway!

Zack: Those are some vicious rights from your twin sister there, and Mila’s catching it every which way she turns right now.

Martin gets back to her feet, casting a look over at Lacey and Cassandra. Elizabeth darts towards her, trying to catch her unaware. But the brunette spins into her as she approaches, and catches her with an uppercut to the chin. The fans start getting louder now as Mila unloads with punches one after another. She backs Elizabeth against the ropes, and sends her across with an Irish whip. Lannister gets caught on the rebound with a Thesz press, and more rapid right hands land against the side of her head.

Zack: Big time right hands upside Elizabeth’s head right here, and Mila’s had enough of all the outside assistance! And Lannister’s taking the punishment for it!

Missy: Unlike Elizabeth, Mila seems content to keep Elizabeth inside the ring to deliver the punishment for herself. She doesn’t look like she wants or needs any help from the non Gold Standard lumberjills.

Lannister tried to crawl away from her, but Mila grabbed her by the tights before she got too far. She pulled her back to her feet, and hoisted her overhead into a gorilla press slam. Lannister started to move away again, but Elizabeth grabbed her by the foot and dragged her back to the center of the ring. She followed up by lifting that leg up to drive her knee into the mat once, then again, and then once more. Mila went to grab her foot again, but Elizabeth rolled onto her back and tried to push her away with both feet. It worked, and allowed the “Lioness” to get to her feet. But Mila caught her with a chop block to the same knee, and applied a single leg Boston crab.

Zack: Mila’s found herself a target, and it’s on the shapely left leg of the “Lioness” right now! She may be looking to make her tap out again.

Missy: That would be an impressive achievement in a match like this, but I think Elizabeth is going to be just as determined not to tap out as Mila will be to try and make her.

Mila sat down in the hold, causing Elizabeth’s face to grimace in pain as she started looking for the nearest set of ropes. With both hands, she began to claw towards them with her hands. Pulling Mila along with her, the Brit stood up and was about to drag her back when Elizabeth rolled over and pushed her off with the other foot. Martin nearly hit the ropes on the Gold Standard side, each of them inviting her out to join them. Meanwhile, Elizabeth used the ropes to get up and had a slight limp as she was heading in behind the distracted Mila.

Missy: The Gold Standard are all very brave when they’re together in a pack, but I doubt they would be quite as inviting on their own. Either way though, Elizabeth found her escape though but her leg has clearly taken some damage there.

Zack: Mila better keep her eyes on the woman in the ring, and not let the Gold Standard dominate her attention. Because---I knew it!

Elizabeth caught Mila with a dropkick to the back that sent her through the ropes out to the floor at their feet. But as the four were about to do something, NHB and Nora came around the corner on the other side. The sides stared at one another with Mila between them as she tried to get to her feet. Elizabeth looked irritated that her team wasn’t attacking during the stalemate, and allowing Mila to climb back up onto the apron. Meanwhile, Cait was around the corner on her phone talking.

Missy: Cait seems to really be taking her lumberjill duties seriously. For someone who asked to be part of it, you’d think she might be a little bit more focused.

Zack: Maybe it’s an emergency or something. I’m not sure. What I do know though is we got a Mexican standoff here, and that’s good for Mila.

The brunette got back into the ring as Elizabeth resumed putting the boots to her. She finally made it to her feet as Elizabeth sent her reeling with an European uppercut that sent her into the corner. Lannister grabbed the top rope and pressed a foot against Mila’s throat, choking her until another four count came from the referee. She backed up a couple steps with her hands up, and then used a boot to the chest to send Mila against the ropes. The “Lioness” took off for the far side, moving a little slower though when she came back with a clothesline. But Martin ducked, and used a back body drop to send her over to the floor. “Midnight” moved away as NHB immediately scooped up Elizabeth and tossed her back into the ring.

Zack: Now that’s generally what’s expected of a lumberjack. You’re just supposed to put them back into the ring, but obviously some like to add more to that. And hey, Cait’s off the phone.

Missy: It’s not surprising which side of the fence the Gold Standard fall into, but it’s nice to see that at least some of the lumberjills surrounding the ring are doing what is expected of them.

Elizabeth got to her feet, glaring daggers down at the former tag champions just as Mila measured a kick to the back of her left knee. It dropped her to the mat before Martin draped her leg across the bottom rope, and then jumped into the air to crash down across her knee. The blonde shouted on impact before Mila set up her leg on the bottom rope, and did it again. She dragged her by the foot towards the center, and applied a figure four leglock. The referee dropped down to ask Elizabeth if she wanted to stop, but the blonde made it clear that she wasn’t going to do that. The pain was getting worse as she fell backwards to lay on the mat right before the referee started to count her shoulders down.



Zack: Elizabeth’s leg is getting punished here, but she can’t lay on the canvas like that for long. Or things like that are gonna happen! The bigger problem is Mila has her dead center of the ring.

Missy: If she doesn’t find someway out of that position quickly, she may have no other choice than to submit, and I’m sure that’s the last thing she wants to do.

She immediately sat back up, leaning on her elbows with a grimace on her face while the referee checked again for a submission. Lannister again refused to stop the match. A production assistant came down the ramp, and got Nora’s attention. She went to see what he wanted before they took off together towards the back. Mila rained fists on Elizabeth’s knee as NHB looked a bit confused as Nora disappeared.

Missy: What the -- I wonder where Nora has rushed off to. I doubt she would leave unless it was something important. Thankfully there’s still another three lumberjills on that side and Mila still has Elizabeth trapped in the centre of the ring.

Zack: I have no idea what that was about, but if someone in the truck can let me know, I’d appreciate it! Meanwhile back at the ranch, Elizabeth’s knee is getting contorted into worse and worse shape.

Elizabeth started to try to turn the hold over, in order to reverse the pressure. She shouted as she finally did it, and then it was Mila suffering at the hold. She quickly pulled them both on her forearms to the ropes, and got the break. Lannister rolled away from her to the other side of the ring as Mila rubbed her knees. On the floor though, all four members of the Gold Standard began to move around the corners of the ring and start to box NHB and Cait between them on one side.

Zack: I’ve been told that someone has reported Nora’s rental car was being broken into, and that’s what the PA was telling her. And it’s starting to remind me of a wildlife documentary here ringside as the Gold Standard has NHB and Cait trapped.

Missy: I have heard Mila call them a pack of hyenas on a couple of occasions and I think she may have been right, especially given the scene we’re witnessing at the moment.

Elizabeth and Mila got back to their feet in the ring, both moving a little slow as the brunette took the initiative and went after her. Mila went to catch Elizabeth with a shoulder tackle against the ropes, but Elizabeth brought her knee up and caught her on the jaw as she got close. Forearms rained across the back of her head and neck before Elizabeth hopped up onto the second turnbuckle from the inside. She came off with a clothesline that Mila tried to dodge, but Cassandra grabbed her feet to hold her in place. She took the full brunt of it instead. Lannister got back to her feet, still favoring her left knee as she went for a guillotine leg drop. But Mila rolled out of the way, and she landed on the mat instead. The former military officer got back to her feet, and reached over the top rope to grab Cassandra by the hair as Valerie and Lacey jumped NHB!

Missy: I’m actually surprised that it’s taken Mila this long to lose her patience with Cassandra. For most people it happens a lot quicker than this, Mila must have the patience of a saint!

Zack: It’s broken loose ringside! NHB and the Future Shock Tag Champions are throwing hands out here, and Mila’s about ten seconds from making Cassandra not a twin anymore!

Cassandra tried to make her let go before Elizabeth ran up behind Mila, pulling her into an O’Connor roll pin attempt with a handful of tights to go with it!

Zack: Lannister’s gonna steal it right here!




Mila kicked out, and nearly sent her into Cassandra still on the apron. Elizabeth stopped herself before she touched her though. Cassandra held up her hands, and dropped back to the floor. And as soon as she turned around, she caught a massive spear by someone who just jumped off the barricade and began unloading with furious right hands! The camera saw who it was as CELESTE hammered rights into her!

Missy: Here comes the cavalry! And you wanna know what’s better than seeing Celeste back in action? Seeing her wallop Cassandra!

Zack: Well we knew she’d be back tonight, but not like this! Celeste hasn’t forgotten Cassandra costing her the Aspire Ring months ago apparently!

The fans roared as Celeste popped to her feet, pacing back and forth as she told Cassandra to get up. NHB and the tag champions continued brawling as Kyle began to head for the ramp to leave, but he didn’t get far before Cait cornered him. Elizabeth went to clock Mila, but the former military officer caught her fist, spun away from her, and into her Unprettier that drove Elizabeth face first into the mat. Mila went for the cover quickly!

Zack: There’s the VEDETTE! Mila caught her flush, and this thing is three seconds from being over right now!

However, there wasn’t a count as the referee was trying to restore order on the floor. Valerie and Lacey fired NHB into the barricade, and turned their attention to Celeste who was waving them forward.

Missy: Mila has Elizabeth bang to rights, but without the referee to count it, it’s useless! And Celeste is certainly back with a vengeance, she’s goading the tag champions to come at her. I swear that girl has no fear.

The referee finally turned around and slid into position for the cover as the fans were very loud and on their feet!




Zack: I can’t keep track of all this! Mila nearly had three, but the 1 Percenter stopped that! Oh here comes NHB!

Valerie pulled Mila out by her feet to the floor as she and Lacey began pounding away on her. They drove her to the floor until NHB charged them both, tackling them to the floor. Mila started to pull herself up onto the apron, as Celeste lost sight of Cassandra for a second. Cait still had Kyle trapped against the barricade, constantly looking over her shoulder. Mila went to climb up on the apron as Cassandra popped up underneath her with a low blow that dropped her to the apron.

Missy: This whole thing is just descending into chaos! It’s hard to keep track of the two people who are meant to be fighting in this match with all the outside brawls that are going on. Mila is on the apron, and she could be in trouble.

Zack: Could be? She is! Cassandra with a low blow, and Elizabeth….ohh look who’s behind her! I’d like to know who or what Cait is looking for!

Elizabeth began to get to her feet as she screamed at the referee to count Mila out. But when she turned around, she saw Celeste in the ring staring at her. The blonde’s eyes widened as she too caught a massive spear from the brunette to the mat, while the crowd roared. The referee called for the bell immediately!

Missy: Your guess is as good as mine on what Cait’s up to… but the referee has just called for the bell! Celeste took matters into her own hands and almost put Elizabeth straight through the ring with that spear!

Gaby: The referee has thrown out this match, and ruled it a NO CONTEST!!

The bell continued to ring, even though the fighting didn’t stop. Cassandra bolted around the corner towards her manager as Cait saw her coming. Kyle took off with Cait looking away, and headed towards the ramp. Cassandra got grabbed through the ropes by the hair, thanks to Celeste as she passed. The referee waved to the back for help as security poured from backstage!

Zack: The match may be over, but the fight sure as hell isn’t! Celeste’s got Cassandra, Kilmeade is out of harm’s way, and the tag champs and NHB are going to war!

Missy: If this is how bad it is now, I can only imagine what the 5 on 5 is going to be like at Nemesis!

Valerie and Lacey broke away from NHB, and managed to pull Cassandra free from Celeste’s grip. Kyle pulled Elizabeth out of the ring as security walled them off as they headed up the ramp. NHB helped Mila to her feet as the trio rolled out of the ring with Celeste following them., inviting them back through the wall of security. As the faces dared them to come back, out from under the ring with a chair in her hands was Stacey. The blonde crashed the chair across Celeste’s back, and then swatted NHB to take them down before they had a chance to react. She let out a shriek and began slamming the chair against all three of them relentlessly, taking turns before Kyle waved her off and she worked her way through the security to join her allies.

Missy: Where the hell did she come from?! I hadn’t even realised she wasn’t with the rest of them while they were tucking their tails and running.

Zack: Stacey Sky has serious anger issues, and she must have been waiting under there for an opportune moment the whole match! I lost track of her when all hell broke loose!

Celeste and NHB slowly began to get to their feet, and tried to get through the security to get at the Gold Standard as they disappeared through the curtain.

Zack: The Gold Standard have had enough for tonight, I think! I hope we can get an update on what happened with Nora earlier! What a wild brawl! And Cait Flanagan is the only one without a mark on her!

Missy: I think this shows why it’s the first lumberjack match that Future Shock has had, it was complete anarchy. I’m surprised that anybody escaped without a mark after what we’ve just seen.

Zack: That elimination tag….that’s gonna be out of control if this is anything to go by! Nemesis can’t get here soon enough! Fans, we’re not done! Don’t move a muscle, the Future Shock Championship is next!

We then fade to a commercial for Future Shock Nemesis on November 20th.

Waiting for the Director

The office door of the Future Shock Director is seen, and three very familiar women are shown standing outside of it. Those three would be the Stone sisters. As they wait though, Sara happens to walk past them and stops to chat.

Sara: Hi there, girls! I see you’re waiting on Adam. While you wait, you mind if I ask you a couple things heading into Nemesis?

The three all turn their attention to Sara and give her welcoming smiles as they do.

Melody: Hi Sara. We are waiting for Adam, but we have a little time, so of course we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

Sara: Well it’s already been announced that one of you would be competing at Future Shock Nemesis in the World’s Most Famous Arena. And we also know that the decision was left up to you, and you, Madyson, decided to take it. I was curious how you three came to that decision.

Madyson: We were gonna do something like draw straws, but in the end we decided just to keep it in chronological order. So, since Mikayla as the youngest, went first.. the next in line is me as the middle sister. We wanted to keep it simple, and I think we did a pretty good job of that.

Sara: You’ll be facing Sydney Christensen that night. Like yourselves, she’s also new to Future Shock. But she also has a major experience advantage. What do you girls make of her with what all you’ve seen so far?

Mikayla: Sydney has been really impressive since she’s joined. I’ve enjoyed watching her in the ring a lot.

Madyson: She has a massive experience advantage over me, it is my first match after all. But.. I think I’ll be able to at least hold my own in there.

Sara: While I have you here, I wanted to get your thoughts on what’s taken place with someone who seemed to have become friends with all of you. I’m referring to Jake Chandler. Since your arrival here, he seemed to befriend all of you very quickly.

Mikayla gives an almost growl as she starts to scowl, until Melody gently pats her on the arm in a calming way.

Melody: We befriend most anybody who is nice, and Jake definitely falls into that category. What happened to him is not something that I’d wish on my worst enemy. Never mind someone as nice as Jake.

Madyson: I think his ex has a few screws loose or something. Jake’s a lovely guy and didn’t deserve that at all.

As Sara was about to continue her questioning, that’s when the door opened. A blonde woman stepped out, looking at the four of them with a smile and headed off in the other direction. Adam stepped out a moment later as Sara looked to him.

Sara: Was that Skylar Rayner from the last show who had you on her talk show?

Adam: That she is. She’s not exactly easy to miss with as much exposure as she tends to have.

Sara: Well...what’s she doing here?

Adam: We were getting her paperwork taken care of. She’s going to be at Nemesis.

Sara: Paperwork for?

Adam: Wait and see.

He turned his attention to the sisters, and opened the door for them.

Adam: C’mon in, girls. I wanted to show you some designs for your first merchandise, and see which of them you all liked the best.

Madyson: Excellent. I’ve been looking forward to this bit. Just don’t let Mikayla choose, she’d likely want pink sparkles or something!

Adam: Will keep that in mind for posters then.

He closes the door behind them as they go inside, leaving Sara curious as ever about what’s going on with Sky. From there, we head elsewhere.

Mara’s Aspirations

As we come back from the Nemesis commercial, we find Carson Black with one of his many clients. In this case, it’s the former convict, Mara Werth.

Carson: In two weeks, this extremely talented woman has a shot at becoming the new Aspire Champion. But before we get to that, I think it’s important to note that this past week on November 2nd marked the 8th anniversary of all this: this being Future Shock. And it has been a pleasure to see how it has evolved and become an integral part of FFW. What began as a seasonal show aired on the FFW site has become...all of this. So congratulations to Future Shock and everyone past and present as well as it’s future here on what I consider to be a milestone achievement.

Mara: Congratulations to everyone who has ever been involved in Future Shock for helping to build it up to what is today; to this unstoppable behemoth that has pumped out superstar after superstar after superstar, champion after champion after champion. It’s a spectacular achievement. I’m privileged to be here, to be a part of this show and this brand and to be given the opportunity that I’ve been given. I’m very thankful for that.

Carson: Of course, with that said, we would be remiss not to discuss Mara’s championship opportunity in two weeks at Future Shock Nemesis. No longer is it a Ring she is trying to wear upon her finger, but a championship...with LEDs…..to put around her waist. And the challenge doesn’t come any steeper than Lydia Charisma! She’s the only woman who has two wins over Gemma Pierce, and that alone is impressive enough for me.

The brunette nodded her head in agreement with her manager.

Mara: Yeah. Two wins over Gemma Pierce is incredibly impressive. Gemma’s one hell of an athlete, a really talented wrestler, real strong, really talented. I’ve watched her wrestle and she’s a real handful to deal with. It’s a testament to Miss Charisma that she was able to put her down twice. But then Lydia’s a real powerhouse inside the ring. Not exactly someone to look past. On her worst day she could probably stand toe to toe with and beat a lot of the wrestlers in this industry. So, at Nemesis, I’ve definitely a got quite a mountain to climb.  But I think I can do that. I think I can find a way to do what Gemma Pierce couldn’t and beat Lydia Charisma to bring the Aspire Championship; my first championship.

Carson: What do you think of the transformation of the Aspire Ring into the new championship title that Lydia has now?

Mara: The ring was really nice - impressive bling and I’d have loved to have been able to put that upon my finger as an Aspiring wrestler look to climb the ranks and perhaps, one day, become a legend. But instead I’m hoping to leave Nemesis with a pretty amazing, spectacular looking title belt instead. I’m only new to this but I’ve never seen one with LED’s that lights up before and believe me, I’m just as happy to leave Nemesis with a championship belt around my waist as I am a ring on my finger. If I can climb that mountain, overcome the huge challenge and beat Lydia Charisma that is, which is far from a given.

Carson: It’s clear to me that Nemesis is a must-see Pay Per View for all Future Shock fans. Not only for the other matches on the card including the main event, but to see my client try to achieve her first championship in her career...the first of many, no doubt. Mara is fully capable of becoming the new Aspire Champion, and will no doubt be the toughest….Nemesis Miss Charisma has faced in Future Shock.

On that, the show heads elsewhere.

Face to Face

Future Shock returns from the commercial break, and finds the Director standing in the ring with a microphone in hand. The Boston crowd gives Adam a very loud reception as “We Own It” begins to fade out.

Adam: So Boston…..how about those Red Sox?

This gets a very loud pop from the fans, which makes Adam grin at the response.

Adam: I thought you might feel like that. Look guys, what I wanted to talk about tonight are milestones. Now you all know that this is the 50th show since the reboot a couple years back. You know Nemesis is coming up in two weeks from tonight on Pay Per View. But what you may not know is last week was another milestone for Future Shock. On November 2, 2010, the very first episode of Future Shock aired on the FFW website. It was a concept created by Cody Kincaid, something that he wanted to build for the future of this company. I wasn’t even working here then. It was a rollerblading challenge with six women who were virtual unknowns at the time. And from what I am told, very few in the wrestling media didn’t give it a snowball’s chance in hell.

He shakes his head for a moment before he continues.

Adam; But someone did. And that’s all of you. That first episode on the site didn’t exactly draw huge numbers. But each and every week, it grew and grew. More and more of you checked it out to the point that by the end of the competition, FFW greenlit two more seasons. After a few season, it went from the website to right here on ESPN. And it’s never left. It went for 21 seasons until FFW decided that this show was too big just to be part time, and then….the reboot happened. And Future Shock became a regular part of FFW’s schedule, just like Breaking Point or Velocity. It got its own arena, which we are all inside right now. It produced some of the biggest stars in women’s wrestling today. Women like Caroline Dallins….Jo McFarlane…..our ring announcer Gabrielle Crimson…...Shaughnessy O’Neill……..Steph Stefano…..God, the list goes on and on! I could be here all night. But do you know what the one common denominator in all of this is? Do you know what in the last 8 years has caused all this? It wasn’t Cody. It wasn’t me. It was a combination of some of the brightest and most promising women in the sport who come out here and bust their ass to get to FFW….and all of you.

Then he begins to pace back and forth, getting a bit more animated.

Adam: 8 years later….there is no other developmental brand still operating I’m aware of who has been churning out as many outstanding talented women as Future Shock as long as we have. Those girls in the back, some of them like me. Some don’t. But you know what? None of this would be the same without them, and they’ll never have a bigger cheerleader than me. Future Shock has gotten where it is because of all of them past, present, and future….and all of you. And as much as I racked my brain trying to find a way to express how I feel about all that...I could only come up with this for all these girls and all of you.

He finally stopped pacing and looked out over the crowd.

Adam: Thank you.

This draws an extremely loud response from the crowd, which Adam lets linger before he starts to speak again.

Voice: You’re welcome.

If you havin’ girl problems, I feel bad for you son
I got 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one

The roar of boos began immediately as Kyle Kilmeade emerged from the back with a microphone in his hand. The roar didn’t die down at all as he headed for the ring, and stepped through the ropes to look across at Adam. The Director let out a long exhale as he looked to Kyle.

Kyle: I couldn’t help but listen in the back to you talk about how all of this is because of them...and because of all these girls from days gone by to today. And I couldn’t help but think to myself how wrong you are. This has nothing to do with them, because if it weren’t for me and women like the ones in my Gold Standard, none of these people would be here. You need them. Because without them, this whole thing would be back as a side gig on the FFW website. What’s funny to me is that you can’t honestly deny you don’t need them here. You’ve built an entire Pay Per View main event around the Gold Standard.

Adam: I won’t deny that the women you manage are important parts of this roster. But they are not the be all end all of it. There is not one person, man or woman, alone or in a group, bigger than Future Shock. You can tell yourself whatever you need to help you over-inflate that ego. But you’re wrong. And I’ll prove it to you by one thing you said. Without them….the fans, none of us would be here. That includes me. That includes you. And I promise you if either one of us walked away tomorrow, all this would still continue without us.

Kyle: You really do believe that, don’t you? Jesus, how did you get this job anyway? I think what it boils down to is for as long as we have known each other, you’ve been jealous of me. You’ve wished you were in my shoes. Because while you worked hard and studied in college and worked long hours, I didn’t. Just like the women in the Gold Standard, they don’t have to work like a dog because just like me, they are better. They are better than everyone here and all of those watching at home. And I’ve always been better than you. You work hard, I work smart. Look at Nemesis. You’ve got me dangling over the ring in a shark cage. Is it because you think I’m afraid of heights? Do you know how many planes I get on in a week? A lot more than you. Do you think I’m scared?

Adam shook his head.

Adam: No, I don’t think you’re afraid of heights. But you should be afraid at Nemesis. Let me explain to you why you should be terrified. Because win or lose at the end of that elimination tag match main event, that cage is gonna come back down to the ground. And with everything you’ve pulled against everyone on the opposing team, you better beg, plead, and pray to whoever you believe in that it is the Gold Standard standing tall at the end of the night. Because if it’s not….and there’s at least one if not more of the women on the team I chose still standing…..who do you think they are going to be looking at?

He took a step closer, looking up into Kyle’s face.

Adam: They are going to be looking at you. None of them like you. So if the Gold Standard doesn’t win that tag match, it’s going to be like feeding time at the shark tank. Because who’s going to be there to protect you? Who’s going to be there to keep them from repaying you for everything you’ve done to each of them? No one.

Kyle’s face grows quite solemn as he looks at Adam’s expression.

Adam: At Nemesis, if the Gold Standard doesn’t get the job done…..I know of up to 5 women who will be standing across the ring waiting on you….who will.

The crowd gets very loud again as Adam looks up into Kyle’s face before he turns around. He takes a step towards the ropes before reaching into his pocket, and turning around to spray mace into Adam’s face. It drops him to his knees as he clutches his face while Kyle stands over him to a chorus of boos from the crowd. Adam crawled towards the apron, and tried to cover his face with it.

Zack: What the hell?! Get some help out here!

Kyle: I hope you feel better. I know I do.

A couple trainers hit the ring to help Adam as Kyle shows a small smile and steps out of the ring to the floor. He watches them try to help Adam before he walks around the ramp and stage to head to the back. The deafening boos continue as Future Shock takes a commercial break.

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Future Shock returns from the commercial break with a buzz rumbling throughout the Future Shock Arena, while Gaby stands front and center in the ring.

Gaby: The following contest is your main event of the evening scheduled for one fall, and it is for the FFW Future Shock Championship!

Zack: What a riotous night it’s been so far, Lyn! But we’re about to be treated to a rare televised defense of the Future Shock Championship right here on the show.

Lyn: And without a question Zack, on this 50th show of the new Future Shock brand... The world is most definitely watching.

I told ya, baby
I told ya

The arena darkens as “Rockstar 101” by Rihanna begins to play before the camera takes us behind a woman with purple hair. She steps out onto the stage, raising her hand and making a fist as the camera looks over her shoulder. She tosses her sunglasses on her head out to the crowd as she heads towards the ring.

Rocking these diamonds
I'm rocking this chain
Make sure you get a picture
I'm rocking my fame

Gaby: Introducing from Atlanta, Georgia, this is the Princess of the Reed family……...BIANCA REED!!!!

Bianca climbs up onto the apron, drops into a split before sliding under the bottom rope to the inside. She brings her legs together and hops to her feet, already making eye contact with her opponent and running them down verbally while her music fades and before the bell even rings.

Zack: Is Bianca Reed a woman of destiny? She could end up becoming a Future Shock and Fast Track Champion before the year is over! But she has to collect the first of those two titles tonight.

Lyn: Yet they believe in her, Zack. You can hear every single one of those fans in the crowd and as much as they are behind Harley, the Princess of House Reed has won a place in their hearts. They believe, Zack. They believe because she believes.

There’s a short silence as the arena falls dark, building up the tension before “Seven Notes in Black” by The Vince Tempera Orchestra starts to play and a single spotlight falls on the middle of the stage, straight onto the flame haired Future Shock Prospect with the Future Shock Championship held high above her head. As the crowd cheer wildly for her, Harley holds the pose for a couple of moments, until the song stops playing for a couple of seconds. The girl was wearing a leather jacket over her ring gear; her head tied up in a bun, held in place by two chopsticks.

Gaby: Weighing in at 122 lbs, standing 5’6” tall and coming from Hanover, New Hampshire. She is the reigning and defending FFW Future Shock Champion...HARLEY SHANNON!!!

After a couple of moments of silence the song starts up once more - with a more eerie tone and at that moment Harley starts off down the ramp, shedding her leather jacket before reaching back and pulling the chopsticks out of her hair and shaking her head to let her bright, flame red hair fall down around her shoulders. As she got to the bottom of the ramp, the girl picked out a young fan at ringside, giving the chopsticks to the fan before she slides into the ring and popped to her feet. Heading for the corner, Harley climbed to the middle rope, holding the title high into the air to get cheers from the fans before she dropped back down to the canvas in the corner. She held the title up in front of her, giving the faceplate a kiss before she surrendered the championship to the referee and waited for the match to start.

Zack: It was at the second annual Sydney Supershow that Harley Shannon captured lightning in a bottle to become a two time Future Shock Champion! Tonight’s her first defense, and then she’ll have to work together with Bianca two weeks from tonight in that 5 on 5 elimination tag match!

Lyn: I do believe that Harley and Bianca can be nothing but professionals to each other, but that’s likely because both women, especially Harley are likely to leave NOTHING to chance here tonight.

Referee Ashley Pruitt checks both women, and takes the title from Harley before holding it over her head. She hands it off to Gaby before she leaves the ring, and then calls for the bell. Harley and Bianca look across at one another before heading towards the center of the ring. A few words are shared before Harley offers Reed a handshake, which she returns. The two resume staring at one another until Bianca takes a step back...and kicks Harley in the midsection. She grabbed her head into position for a stunner that gets the crowd immediately back to their feet.

Zack: Bianca looking for the fastest Future Shock title win in history! She’s going for the --


But Harley shoves her off before she can connect, and catches her as she turns around with a forearm to the mouth. The two immediately lock up aggressively with the champion pushing Bianca towards the ropes. But Reed shoved her off and broke the clinch, and followed up with a forearm to her mouth. It backs Harley up a few steps, rubbing her chin as the two resume staring at one another.

Zack: A little tit for tat right there! And now we’re back to where it started a moment ago! There’s no dissension here, fans. It’s all about the title Harley’s carrying! Bianca wants it, and I think we’re seeing they aren’t going to leave anything in the back!

Lyn: They can’t, Zack! Not for stakes this high! Never... Ever for stakes this high.

The pair lock up again with both women trying to gain the advantage. This time, Bianca lowers herself and starts pushing Harley back into the corner. She gives a break as soon as the referee asks for it, but only long enough to start driving shoulder thrusts into her body. Several land in a row before she snaps Harley’s head back with an European uppercut. Two more land on target before she whips her across for the ride. The champion rebounds with a clothesline in mind, but Reed ducks the contact and pops up behind her. Shannon gets spun around just as Bianca grabs her head, and snaps her to the mat with a neckbreaker.

Zack: Of the two, I think Bianca may be the quicker of the two and we’re seeing that unfold right here in front of us. Harley has to find a way to get Bianca grounded.

Lyn: Harley likely has the slightly more impressive technical base, but as you said... She gives up speed and more unique offense I believe, to Bianca.

Harley began to rise up to her hands and knees, and Bianca put her back down with a leg drop across the back of her head. She quickly applied a front facelock, and started to pull the champion back to her feet with it. Several knees connect with her head and body before Bianca follows up with a gutwrench suplex, and then into a cover. Pruitt drops immediately to make the count.

Zack: Wow, Bianca pulling out some new offense! A gutwrench suplex, and a new champion could be crowned!




Lyn: Well fuck me and my trash hot takes! That was as legitimate as a gutwrench as I’ve ever seen.

Harley kicked out as soon as the two struck. Reed popped back to her feet, and dragged Harley up with her right back into the front facelock. This time though, Harley drove her back into the nearest corner. A couple shots to the body froze Reed up before the champion whipped her across to the far corner. Bianca reversed it, and Harley stopped herself before she hit the corner.

Lyn: Excellence in the wherewithal of Harley. She knew what might have come her way and stopped it from happening.

Zack: It’s easy to see that these two have been studying tape in preparation for this match. And it’s showing, but I have a feeling there’s gonna come a moment….where this thing goes into overdrive!

Bianca charged in behind her, but Harley left her feet and wrapped her legs around Bianca’s head as she approached. She brought her knees up to send Bianca face first into the top turnbuckle, and Shannon landed on her feet behind her. As the challenger gathered herself, the champion grabbed her head for a double knee backbreaker that flipped her over to the mat before Harley flipped over on top of her with a cover of her own. The referee jumped into position for the count.

Zack: What a scintillating exchange! Harley with a codebreaker, and she may be seconds from a retention of the Future Shock Championship!




Bianca’s shoulder came up in time, and Harley rolled off the cover. Bianca wasn’t far behind her as she got to her feet, only for Harley to charge her with a high knee to the mouth. The challenger bounced back into the ropes before Harley swooped around behind her, and applied a rear naked choke to drag her down to the mat with a body scissors.

Lyn: Shannon with a big time high knee and following it with a... Is that a Coquina clutch? A Kirafuda? The only difference is pain!

Pruitt slid down in front of Bianca to see if she wanted to stop the match, but she gave a definitive no to that question. Harley tightened her grip a little more, and locked her ankles in the body scissors. The challenger began to look for the ropes, but they were behind Harley as she was laid near the corner. Bianca tried to turn over with Harley not allowing it. It wasn’t long though before her movements began to slow. Her arms flailed a little before she continued fading.

Zack: Harley has outstanding ring positioning with her back to the ropes. And the challenger is fading fast. Her feet are close enough though, but she may not be conscious enough to realize it.

Lyn: Harley has understood from jump that she CANNOT above all else let Bianca get loose and start building momentum. It’s that simple.

Pruitt continued to ask her questions, but the answers stopped coming as Bianca’s arms laid against the mat. Harley kept the hold locked in place as the referee began to raise her arm. It dropped two times as the crowd began getting louder. She raised it a third time, and it fell again. But as she was about to call for the bell, the referee noticed Bianca’s foot was laying across the bottom rope. Pruitt waved it off, and showed it to Harley who looked herself. She broke the hold, and got back to her feet with a shake of her head.

Zack: The referee was about to call for the bell, but luckily she saw Bianca’s foot! I didn’t even notice it myself, but it could be academic for the Future Shock Champion now. Bianca’s out!


The Future Shock Champion grabbed Bianca’s arms, and dragged her away from the ropes. The challenger didn’t budge at all, and seemed to be dead weight. The orange-haired beauty leaned down to make the cover when Bianca pulled her down into a small package out of nowhere! The crowd came to its feet as Pruitt dropped to make the count!





Harley kicked out of the package in time, and sat up to make sure the referee only got to two. “Killer B” rolled away from the champion, and right out of the ring to the floor. It was clear that she wasn’t faking that much as she moved languidly. Her eyes were glazed as she tried to revive herself quickly.

Lyn: AND SHE SAYS NO HARLEY! Killer B may be seeing two of Harley but her body is willing itself to fight on!

After seeing it was only a two, Harley started looking around for where Bianca went. The challenger pulled herself up to her feet on the outside, and the champion took off towards the ropes. She rebounded quickly with a baseball slide, but Bianca pulled out the apron and Harley slid in right behind it. It caught her around the waist as Bianca began to unload with furious combinations! Lefts and rights one after another with a right cross that tipped Harley over to the floor. Reed got her feet free of the apron, and leaned against the apron to try to further recover.

Lyn: Bianca Reed laying it out from these streets on Harley! No finesse! No art! She’s just giving Shannon those hands bbbrrruuuuuhhhhh...!

Zack: It’s a fist fight, and Reed’s winning it! Harley may have had some molars rattled, courtesy of the #1 contender!

Harley started to get to her feet very slowly, checking her jaw as Bianca was climbing back into the ring. But the champion caught her, and Reed grabbed her head and connected with a stunner that erupted the crowd! Harley hit the floor in a heap as Bianca immediately began trying to get her up to roll her into the ring.

Zack: A stunner!! Bianca hit the stunner, but she can’t win it out there! She’s desperately trying to get the champion back in the ring!

Lyn: It wasn’t a full on Cracker Jacker but it DID rattle Harley enough... She’s still gotta get her in.

She finally got her under the bottom rope, and slid in after her to make the cover. A tight hook of the leg followed as Pruitt slid into position to make the count, while the fans counted with her!





Zack: No no no no! It took too long, and Harley got the shoulder up! Bianca’s so close to the Future Shock Championship she can practically taste it!!

Harley did get her shoulder up in time, and Bianca made it back to her feet. She headed immediately for the corner, and made her way to the top rope. She shouted “KILLER B” before launching herself into a moonsault! But Harley rolled away from her, only for the challenger to land on her feet! Harley got to her feet, and launched towards her….only to eat a superkick that planted her on the mat! She dove on top of Harley for the cover as the crowd counted along with the referee!!

Zack: That’ll do it!! Harley ran right into it, Lyn! NEW CHAMPION!! NEW CHAMPION!!!




The referee waved it off as Harley’s foot was across the bottom rope this time. The challenger looked at the referee with disbelief, and then back to the foot across the ropes.


The challenger got back to her feet, and began talking around and starting to talk some smack. Meanwhile, Harley started to get up to her feet with the help of the ropes. She finally turned towards Bianca, who went to clock her with a straight right hand. But Harley caught her arm and hooked the other before she turned it into a backslide pin attempt!





Bianca managed to get her arm free, and the referee held up two fingers. The challenger rolled back to her feet a second slower than the champion before the forearms started blasting away from both women to a roar from the crowd!

Zack: Look at them fight!! You wouldn’t know they are gonna be tag partners in two weeks! It’s not about Nemesis tonight, it’s about the Future Shock Championship! WHO WANTS IT MORE?!

The forearms connected from both women with Harley getting the better of the exchange. Bianca was rocked backwards a couple steps before the champion fired her into the corner. Bianca scaled the corner, and came off looking for her corkscrew stunner!


She tried to catch Harley’s head on the way down, but Harley caught her with a jumping knee to the back on the way down. Bianca struggled to her feet, and caught a flash kick to the jaw. Harley followed with a roundhouse kick that brought her to her knees, and finished with a backwards thrust kick to her jaw that planted her face down on the mat. Shannon rolled her over, and hooked both legs tightly for the cover!





Pruitt called for the bell as the crowd erupted throughout the arena. Harley sat up, her mouth agape as she heard her music beginning to play. She rose to her feet, and got her hand raised!!

Zack: She did it again! Harley Shannon has successfully defended the most prestigious prize in all of Future Shock!


The referee handed her the championship back as Harley stumbled back against the corner, trying to pull herself together after the match. She dropped to a seat, still taking in deep breaths.

Lyn: You have got to feel for Bianca Reed tonight, Zack... But there is a reason... A good reason why Harley Shannon is the woman she is and we saw it tonight.

Zack: Bianca Reed said it herself about this match. Future Shock made her a rock star, and she gave a show closing performance tonight! And I have no doubt she’ll be right back in this spot very soon!

She rose to her feet, and headed for the corner to climb up and raise it above her head in both hands. A “HARLEY’ chant rumbles throughout the crowd as Shannon smiles at it above her head.

Lyn: This Boston crowd is showing the champion nothing but love tonight from that stellar defense.

Zack: The eyes of the wrestling world were on this match, and no one can say they didn’t get a helluva fight! Next stop: Nemesis! And after what happened to Adam earlier, I expect a war in the elimination tag match! We’re heading to the Garden, and what a night it will be!

Harley presses a kiss to her title amidst a roar from the crowd as Future Shock’s 50th episode fades off the air.

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