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April 22, 2019, 02:02:28 am
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FFW Breaking Point - November 17, 2018

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Author Topic: FFW Breaking Point - November 17, 2018  (Read 542 times)
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« on: November 19, 2018, 12:47:43 pm »

Live from the SAP Center at San Jose in San Jose, California
November 17, 2018

The FFW logo flashes in the sky with fireworks erupting all around it. From there, we go live inside the arena to a roaring crowd as they see themselves on television. Standing in the ring is Christian Kincaid with a microphone in hand.

Zack: Hello everyone, and welcome to the SAP Center at San Jose. This is the last stop before Global Wars, and maybe we can help take a few Californian minds off the devastation happening near Los Angeles. Thank you for joining us. It’s all yours, Christian.

Christian: Before I get started, I want to take a moment to wish the best to all those displaced from their homes right now because of the two wildfires currently ravaging parts of this state. You’ll come back stronger. You always do. Now as for what I’m here for tonight, I have the honor and privilege of introducing someone for the second time after she made history on the most recent episode of Velocity.

The fans know who he is talking about immediately, and start chanting her name while he continues.

Christian: For the second time this year, she proved that she has the ability to be the best in all of FFW. What happened at Sin & Sacrifice was avenged at Velocity by a woman I am proud to say I represent as her manager, much less call a very close friend. So San Jose, let’s get on your feet and help me welcome the TWO TIME….TWO TIME FFW Champion……………...LEONA VEGA!!!

The thumping war drums and the mysterious flute of "Aztec Temple" hit the sound system. The crowd comes alive as the Aztec Warrior Leona Vega comes through the main gate, wearing the FFW Championship belt around her waist. She looks over the cheering crowd, soaking it in for a bit, before unhooking the FFW Championship from around her waist and raising it overhead, letting out her traditional war cry, matched by a lion roar from the PA. Leona then slowly makes her way down the entrance ramp, sharing a high-five with the fans in attendance with their arms out for her. She then stops a couple of steps before the ring, wrapping the belt around her waist again. She backtracks a little bit and then sprinting towards the ring, hopping onto the ring apron, and then immediately vaulting over the top rope, landing in a three-point stance inside the ring. Soaking in the crowd's cheers, she gets up and climbs the nearest turnbuckle, staring into the crowd with a big smile and raising her championship belt overhead, saying a quick prayer to herself before slapping the top turnbuckle and jumping back down into the ring, joining CK as she gives him a big hug, right before he hands her the mike.

Leona: … I admit I didn't really expect to have to do this so soon… On the grounds of not really expecting to drop the FFW Championship in the first place. But it's with the same pride as before, just like the first time, that I can stand here looking at all of you in the eyes and say that I… MADE IT!

Leona raises the FFW Championship belt above her head, very proudly so. Her enthusiasm is met with the crowd's houseful of cheers, which quickly turn into a particular cheer… Which brings a wide smile to Leona's face.

Crowd: You deserve it! *clap clap clap* You deserve it! *clap clap clap*

The Mexican wrestler nods before bringing the microphone back to her mouth.

Leona: See, for the longest time I thought this was a bit pedantic, you know? Telling about being deserving of something. But after all the hard work I’ve put towards being FFW Champion, all the sacrifice and every opponent they put in front of me… Through all of my shortcomings before I found the victories that would ultimately lead me to becoming a two-time champion… I have finally proven myself worthy of being in the top tier of this company. I’ve proven that I can fight the best of them and BEAT the best of them. In other words… You’re damn right I deserve it.

The crowd cheers once more as Leona smirks proudly.

Leona: So here’s to all of the girls in the back who want to take a shot at this: BRING IT ON! Because just like during the Trial by Fire, I’m ready to face whoever comes, and I’m ready to show you guys just HOW MUCH I’m willing to fight to make sure this belt doesn’t get stripped away from my waist any time soon!

With the fanfare continuing, we cut to the opening video for Breaking Point.

The FFW logo flashes across the screen. We see Kaoru Asaka sitting in a cubicle dressed in a business suit as five people stand around her pointing fingers and giving her a lot of flack. The clock hand on the wall behind her continues to spin through hours as Kaoru’s face gets more and more angry.  “One of a Kind” by Breaking Point begins to play.

The monitor behind her shows a series of clips including Steph Stefano delivering a punt kick, Scarlett Silver looking at her reflection in a full length mirror with her manager behind her, Next is an arena dance party with Rose Gardner in the ring, Angelina Fantastica delivering a hip check to the head, and Isis Morales crushing a globe in her hands.

Next we find Kaoru erupting out of her seat, and starting to throw punches at the suits yelling at her. Punches all around before she tears the suit off she’s wearing to reveal her ring attire, and then reaches under her desk to pull out a sledgehammer. She looks at it for a second, and heads out of her cubicle.

The next clip shows Valerie McKinley looking up in front of her manager as money rains down around her, bringing a wide grin to her face, Sophia Pike applying her armbar submission in the ring, Kelly Kincaid delivering her headlock driver, and Artemis Kaiser giving a Stockton Slap across the face.

Then we find Kaoru taking the sledgehammer and crashing it through a glass door into one of the offices. She brings it down across the desk, putting a hole in it before firing it at some of the pictures on the wall. One of them is a poster of her with the words “tsundere dragon”, which she takes great pride in destroying. She heads out of the office into the parking lot, leaving holes in the wall as she passes with her sledgehammer. When she finds the boss’ car parked in a handicap space, she swings the sledgehammer around and crashes it through the windshield and setting off the alarm before the Breaking Point logo appears on the screen.

We then go to a live shot as the packed crowd roars as multi-colored spotlights flash all over the arena as the theme continues to play over the PA system.

Kat: The following contest is scheduled for one fall to a finish.

The lights dim down low and the crowd screams in anticipation as the opening beats of “Wicked Ones” by Dorothy thunder through the arena. The lighting shifts, illuminating the ramp with the purple tinged glow of a black light as puddles of red, pink and orange light swirl over the crowd and the waiting ring.

This night ain't for the faint of heart
For the faint of heart, for the faint of heart

As the raspy vocals break through the music, Carolina Shaw dashes onto the stage, her face painted in reactive paint that trace a skull over her features when she’s under the blacklight. The hood of a black sweatshirt is pulled up over her hair but a few messy pieces still frame her face as she turns her focus to the ring with an impish grin.

Kat: Introducing first… from Las Vegas, NV… CAROLINAAA SHAWWW!!!!

This night we got the evil hand
And the evil hand gon' raise the damned

She slides under the bottom rope and pops up, shedding her hoodie and tossing it from the ring. Scaling a turnbuckle with the ease of someone familiar with jumping off of them on a regular basis, she throws one hand up in the air before she turns to sit on the turnbuckle, waiting…

Zack: Carolina Shaw has said that she has been nervous in the run up to her debut match in FFW, and given what she has said on social media about her nerves, we could need to have a cleaning crew on standby!

Mai: If she throws up anywhere near me, she is paying for my dry cleaning bill!

Pink and purple lights start floating around the arena as "Bye Bye Bye" starts blaring through the speakers. Chasity Grace Holt and two other women step through the curtain. The three ladies are glancing around the arena as the crowd shows the some respect.

Kat: Being accompanied to the ring by Toni Beasley and Josy Dawkins, from Sarasota, Florida, representing The Prodigies, this is Chasity Grace Holt

The three ladies walk down the ramp as Chasity is the first one who enters the ring. The other two remain on the floor as Chasity walks around inside just hyping herself up.

Zack: Let’s take you to some pre-recorded comments from the two women accompanying Chasity tonight.

~ ~ ~

The cameras cut to a small window on the screen  as Toni Beasley and Josy Dawkins are addressing the camera.

Toni: Tonight is just the beginning. The Prodigies are here to take control. We will stop at nothing to become the best in this business.

Josy smirks.

Josy: No doubt. We will take no prisoners. It's our time now.

Toni nods while looking at Josy before pointing off screen.

Toni: Now scram

~ ~ ~

Zack: We had a brief introduction to the Prodigies, consisting of Toni Beasley, Josy Dawkins and tonight’s debutee Chasity Grace Holt, through a video on a recent show. Seeing them all come out together, Carolina may be thinking that she should have brought someone for her corner.

Mai: It’s not Chasity’s fault that she has friends who want to come and support her.

Referee Jennifer Stringer calls for the bell as soon as Kat is fully clear of the ring, and the San Jose crowd start to settle down awaiting the start of the match. Carolina makes her way straight to the centre of the ring, looking a little green around the gills as she does. She takes a couple of deep breaths to calm herself, as Chasity is still in her corner, hanging over the ropes to talk to her two companions. Carolina starts to look less nauseous and more annoyed as she hears Chasity telling her friends that this won’t take long, before she takes off at a run and hits Holt with a chop block to the back of her right knee that sends her face first into the ropes. She manages to keep her feet underneath her and spins around with a furious look on her face, only to receive a European uppercut that stuns her long enough for Carolina to grab her by the arm and whip her across into the opposite corner.  

Zack: It looks like Carolina got a little bit impatient at waiting for Chasity to finish her conversation, especially since that conversation was about how quickly she thought she was going to beat Carolina!

Mai: Patience is a virtue, Zack. She could have been more polite and waited for Chasity to finish what she was doing.

Chasity hits the turnbuckles back first, and Carolina follows her in looking for a corner splash...but Chasity ducks through the ropes to the apron at the last second causing Carolina to crash against the turnbuckles instead. Shaw collapses to the canvas and Chasity holds onto the top rope from the outside, waiting for her to rise again. Stringer tells Holt to get back in the ring, but she ignores her and keeps her eyes firmly on Carolina. The redhead pulls herself back to up her feet, holding onto the ropes beside her for a little extra support. As soon as she is upright, Chasity springboards off the top rope to deliver a dropkick to Shaw’s chest that sends her staggering backwards, but somehow she manages to stay on her feet...barely.

Mai: That is some good reflexes from Chasity, she saw that splash coming and decided she wanted none of it.

Zack: I’m not sure there are many people that would willingly stand still to be on the receiving end of a splash if they can at all avoid it.

Leaving her feet for a second dropkick which connects in the same spot as the first, Chasity succeeds in knocking Carolina back into the corner. As soon as the redhead hits, Chasity follows her in and leaves her feet, this time snapping off a hurricanrana that flips Carolina out of the corner and to the canvas. Shaw is quickly back to her feet as Chasity comes off the ropes with a running dropkick that sends her stumbling backwards to seated position. Holt comes off the ropes for a second time, this time for a running knee to Carolina’s head that flattens her to the canvas. Chasity floats over for the cover as Stringer drops into place for the count.

Zack: Chasity is looking to make quick work of Carolina, but I think she might be a little over ambitious to think she can end it quite this soon.



Carolina gets her shoulder up just after the one, and shoves Chasity away from her. The San Jose crowd start to get behind Carolina a little as she pushes back up to her feet, taking a deep breath and dusting herself off a little as she regroups.

Mai: What are they cheering her for? She’s barely even done anything yet. I’m sure these morons would cheer the opening of an envelope.

Chasity gets back to her own feet just a few moments after Carolina, and the flame haired wrestler is immediately on her with a barrage of forearm smashes to the jaw. She sends the brunette back into the ropes, before she grabs her by the wrist and fires her across to the opposite side. Chasity rebounds at speed at Carolina catches her with a running knee to her ribs as she does. Holt freezes from the impact, and Shaw fires her into the nearest corner. She hits back first and Carolina follows her in with a running big boot that smashes her back against the turnbuckles. Using a hip toss, Carolina brings Chasity out of the corner and down to the canvas. The Florida native is quick back to her knees, but as soon as she is, Carolina uses another big boot to flatten her back down to the canvas.

Zack: Chasity’s pin attempt has apparently lit a fire under Carolina. She has come back swinging and is taking Chasity to task here.

Carolina immediately takes off towards the ropes and uses them to perform a handspring moonsault, which she lands perfectly across the downed Chasity. Shaw hooks one of Holt’s legs for the cover as Stringer slides back into position for the count.



Holt kicks out before the two is fully complete and Carolina pops back up to her feet, pausing for a second to take in the crowd’s favourable reaction to her as she does.

Zack: Carolina seems a little surprised by the crowd’s reaction but she really needs to keep her focus on her opponent, or it could end up biting her.

Mai: Yeah, but it would make it semi interesting for us to watch at least.

Carolina seems a little surprised by the crowd’s favourable reaction to her, but only for a moment until she spots Chasity getting back to her feet. She turns her full attention back to her opponent, thankfully, as she narrowly manages to avoid an oncoming clothesline from her fellow debutee. Holt keeps going to the opposite ropes, and as Carolina spins around to face her, she comes back at speed with a spear that almost bends Carolina in half. The Florida native gets back to her feet and heads straight for the corner where she climbs to the top turnbuckle and perches there, to watch and wait for Carolina to rise back to a fully vertical base. As soon as the Las Vegas resident gets her feet beneath her, Chasity launches herself off the turnbuckle to deliver a diving DDT that drives Shaw’s head into the canvas.

Zack: Well, it wasn’t a lack of focus that bit her, it was Chasity’s ring awareness. She avoided Carolina’s attack, and flipped it back on her. She should maybe think about going for a cover here while she can.

Rather than go straight for a cover, Chasity gets back to her feet and heads back to the top turnbuckle again. She gets her balance and then checks that Carolina is still in position before launching herself off with her 450 splash, which lands exactly as she intended. This time she gets into position for the cover, as Stringer drops back down into place beside them.

Zack: I’m told that Chasity calls that move BAYMONT INN. And before you ask, no I don’t know why.




Carolina gets her shoulder up before the three is complete and Chasity sits back to her knees. She immediately glares at the referee and tells her that it was three, which Stringer responds to by holding up two fingers and assuring her it was only two. Holt gets back to her feet, still arguing with the referee that it was three, as Carolina pulls herself up into a seated position behind her.

Mai: I agree with her, that was totally a three. At least in my head it was, so that I can already be getting a refill.

The flame haired wrestler quietly gets to her feet behind Chasity while she is still arguing with the referee. The crowds cheers for the Las Vegas resident, along with shouts of warning from her entourage, alert Chasity and she spins on a dime to face her opponent. As soon as she does, Carolina hooks both hands around her head and then leaps to deliver a double knee facebreaker. Chasity bounces off her knees to land on her back on the canvas, while Carolina gets back to her feet with a little smile on her face. She paces around Chasity, waiting for her to get back up and as soon as she does, she executes her somersault reverse DDT to drive her straight back into the canvas. Without skipping a beat, she gets into position for a cover, prompting Stringer to get back into place yet again.

Zack: This is one of Carolina’s favorite moves I’m told and she calls it WHO KILLED THE CHEERLEADER. She’s looking to put this match away now and pick up the win in her debut match.




The count stops suddenly as Stringer spots Chasity’s foot on the bottom rope, she points it out Carolina who sighs but nods her head.

Mai: I have no idea who killed the cheerleader but these two are killing my will to live. They’re cutting into my drinking time here.

Carolina gets back to her feet and pulls Chasity backup to hers also. She fires the Florida native across into the ropes, and attempts to catch her as she rebounds, but Chasity drops down to her stomach on the canvas. Carolina continues onto the ropes herself, as Chasity pops back up to her feet. Carolina rebounds and Chasity catches her for a tilt-a-whirl DDT which drives Shaw head first back into the canvas again. Holt doesn’t wait for Carolina to get up under her own steam, instead she pulls her back up to her feet. She clocks her with a couple of elbow shots to the side of the head, before she gets her into a full nelson and then straight into her full nelson bulldog.

Zack: That is called CGI and this might be all she wrote now, if she goes for the cover.

Chasity rolls Carolina onto her back and straight away hooks both of her legs. As Stringer gets into position for the count, Chasity kicks her feet up onto the ropes behind the referee, earning her a massive amount of disdain from the San Jose crowd.




Holt gets her feet off the ropes as soon as the three is done, before Stringer gets back to her feet to call for the bell.

Kat: Your winner…………………..via pinfall…………………….CHASITY GRACE HOLT!

Chasity gets back to her feet to get her hand raised by Stringer, as her companions Toni and Josy join her in the ring to congratulate her. As soon as Stringer releases her hand, all three turn to stare at Carolina as she pulls herself into a seated position. They immediately go over and all three start to put the boots to her.

Zack: C’mon! This is not called for. Chasity won the match, but they’re still conducting a three on one assault on Carolina. There is no need for this at all! The Prodigies are making their presence felt in Chasity’s debut.

Mai: Leave them to it. They’re not hurting you are they? I could ask them to, if you’re jealous that Carolina is getting all of their attention.

Stringer tries to stop the Prodigies but they continue to kick at Carolina. She tries to fight back, but overwhelmed by the numbers against her, she instead covers up to try and shield herself. On that image the camera cuts elsewhere.

The Last Stop

The next shot takes us inside a room full of what look like stainless steel cabinets with tags on the front of each door. As the camera passes by, each tag shows a name and date underneath it. When it finally whirls around, we also see two metal tables with a familiar brunette sat on one of them.

Raven: This is it, isn’t it? The last stop. For everyone. This is where your body goes after you die before they feed you to the worms. The morgue, the last stop. Look at all the doors.

She points out the cabinets as the camera looks them over again.

Raven: Each one of them holds a story that just ended one way or another. None of them expected it all to end when it did. But that’s something Mallory and Ruby have in common at Global Wars.

Her fingernails tapped on the metal table as she continued.

Raven: You’re so sure that this isn’t going to be the end for you aren’t you, Mallory? I see your talk about how you’re going to beat Raven Knight - again. You know what, you keep right on thinking like that sugar plum. It just means it’ll sting that bit more when you find out just how wrong you are.

She slid off to her feet and began to walk around, peeking in the closed doors as she continued.

Raven: This should have been a one on one between me and Mallory, but no… Miss Participation Award had to be added. Ya know, it’s perfectly alright with me. I’ll be happy to add yet another L to your column Ruby at the same time as depriving Mallory of that title that she clings to.

She finally turns back to the camera with a stare.

Raven: We’re entering a match where anything goes. Tables….ladders….chairs….I’m practically salivating at the possibilities. It’s the playground of any hardcore wrestler, but I’ll give you a little spoiler, girls…. You’re both gonna be running to your boos or whoever warms your bed at night looking for a bit of TLC once I get done with ya. If you’re able to still run at all, that is….

As she finishes, whoever is holding the camera gets shoved to the ground.  She heads for the door and slams it behind her before the camera looks over to see two more tags with open doors for M. Bennett and R. Tyler. On that, we cut away.

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« Reply #1 on: November 19, 2018, 12:49:53 pm »

Kat: The following contest is scheduled for one fall to a finish. It is a Tag Team contest and is part of the Global Wars Series!!!

Zack: It’s the first of our two matches in Global Wars tonight, and a key opportunity to add some points before we head to the Pay Per View.

Mai: You mean an opportunity for the Storm to add points. Ain’t nobody got time for Team England.

The lights in the arena go almost out, allowing yellow and blue strobes to take effect as the quietly intense opening of Rev Theory’s “Something New” starts over the speakers. On the sound of the notes, the crowd jeers and from under the stage, The Brazilian Storm, Bianca and Mel, are lifted.

Love to hate, repeating my mistakes
Now there's no one left to listen...
No one left to listen...
Take a chance, and fuck the consequence
When there's no one left to listen...
No one left to listen...

The two friends look to each other, grin and fist bump. Looking out around them, they continue to grin at the reaction they’re getting. From there, they begin their walk towards the ring.

Right now! We’re taking control!
Tired of waiting! Tired of waiting!
For something new!
Right now! We’re taking control!
Tired of waiting! Tired of waiting!
For something new!

Ignoring the outstretched arms of fans who want a high-five, the Brazilians make their way to the ring, where Mel pulls herself onto the apron using the ropes, and Bianca stops right under her, where the two rogues strike a pose, with Mel taking a soft dip of a bow, and Bianca opening her arms wide.

Kat: Introducing first… From Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre, Brazil… MEL AVILO… BIANCA SALVADOR… THE BRAZILIAN STORM!!!

Mel then steps into the ring and Bianca rolls under the bottom rope right afterwards. The two of them then make their ways to opposite turnbuckles, both climbing on the second rope and staring at the booing crowd, diminishing the negative welcome they’re getting from the crowd their own way before they hop back to the ring and meet once again in the center of the ring, sharing another fist bump, before they retreat to their corner to strategize.

Zack: Love them or hate them, the Brazilian Storm are one of the best tag teams in the business today. And they are likely feeling the pressure tonight.

Mai: Pressure makes diamonds, Zack. Besides Bianca and Mel already have the blessing of the owner of this company. They don’t need anything more than that.

Kat: And their opponents…

“All Stand Up” by Status Quo starts to play as the young lady runs out onto stage with the championship belt around her waist, heading to one side she urges the crowd to their feet, clapping her hands above her head. Skipping across to the other side, she waves them to their feet as she once more claps her hands over head. Quickly moving back to the ramp, she sprints down to the ring, sliding underneath the bottom rope and getting to her feet quickly. Bouncing off the ropes she powerslides across the ring on her knees before hopping to her feet and continuing to rally the crowd by stomping on the mat and clapping as she heads for her corner, climbing to the middle turnbuckle and holding the title high above her head before dropping down to the mat. She passed the title belt to the referee and began to get ready for the match to start.

Kat: The young lady approaching the ring comes from Sheffield, England by way of New York City, New York. She is 5’7” tall, she weighs 144 lbs and she is the reigning Fast Track Champion….LILLY ARTHUR!!!

Zack: Team England has gelled very well together since Global Wars began. Look at their points total for proof of that.

Mai: Yeah yeah yeah, and they both have singles titles. Which means at some point those egos are going to flare up, unlike Mel and Bianca who have no ego at all.

The lights in the arena go off before a single purple spotlight hits the stage. As the opening bars of Wild Side by Cross My Heart Hope To Die starts to play Missy appears at the entrance way. Missy stands perfectly still, as her head stays bent, looking towards the ground and her manager Christian Kincaid walks out to stand behind her.

I've been on my best behavior
But I've heard that good girls finish last
And once you're gone they say no one can save you
But who knows if I go I may never want to ever come back
We've all fell victim to temptation
It seems that I'm the last one holding on
What's the use in fighting for my salvation
And why does it feel so damn right to want to be so wrong

At the side of Missy purple lights flash on and off, looking almost like fireworks, causing a wave of oohs and cheers to escape from the crowd. As the lights subside, Missy raises her arms up to the air and a single white spotlight accompanies the move.

I just wanna dance with the devil tonight
I wanna know what it feels like
I wanna close my eyes, put my hands in the sky
I wanna walk on the wild side

Maggie: Introducing at this time…. Hailing from Leeds, England, the reigning FFW Evolution Champion… she is MIIIIISSSSSY!

Mai: And soon to be the former Evolution Champion after Sophia is done with her at Global Wars.

Zack: Time will tell on that, but---the Storm are going after Lilly in the ring!

Missy makes her way down the ramp to the ring keeping her eyes straight ahead, focussing on the ring as the Brazilian Storm charge towards Lilly. The Sheffielder tries to fight both the Unity Tag Team champions off of her, only to be overwhelmed as both Brazilians catch her with boots to the gut. Missy sheds the title from around her waist, Christian scooping it up from the entrance ramp as she bolted towards the ring as both members of the Brazilian Storm were taking turns to deliver European uppercuts to Lilly’s jaw. Mel left Bianca to it as she met Missy the moment she slid into the ring and came to her feet and began to exchange right hands with her. In the corner Bianca had her boot raised and pressed against Lilly’s throat while Mel’s power advantage began to tell over the Evolution Champion, causing her to take a half step backwards that allowed Avilo to catch her with a kick that was definitely below the belt. The Leeds born wrestler began to crumple to the mat only for the Brazilian to shove her back into the ropes before she sent her tumbling over the top rope to the outside with a cactus clothesline...where she was caught by CK who placed her back on her feet.

Mai: Look at how well this brilliant strategy by the Storm is working, Zack. And Christian could have been a great umpire in baseball the way he catches people.

Zack: The Storm are taking the fight right to Team England. They know tonight is one of the last chances they have to pad the scoreboard with hopes of having a shot at winning!

Bianca finally lowered her foot as Lilly had turned a deep shade of red in the corner and was now gasping for breath and Salvador jerked her away from the pads and drove her face down into the canvas with a sit out facebuster. Bianca floated over to take Lilly’s back and started to bounce her head off the canvas like she was dribbling a basketball. Missy looked to re-enter the ring by sliding under the bottom rope but was more met by Mel who had set off across the ring and came back with a baseball slide into the Evolution Champion’s ribs. Mel pulled Missy up to her feet by her hair and drove knees into her rib cage before she set off towards the ring ropes, dragging the Team England member with her by the hair and hurled her over the top rope to the outside where she crashed to the floor.

Zack: See, that doesn’t make sense to me. YOu can’t win the match with your opponent outside. The best you can get is 1 point, and the Storm need more than that.

Mai: They know she’ll get back in, don’t worry. Sometimes a girl likes to throw another girl from high places. It’s the law of the jungle, Zack.

As Mel turned back to the action, Bianca issued instructions to her partner as she pulled Arthur back up to her feet. Avilo ignored Melinda Davis instruction to leave the ring and instead set off towards the ropes once more as Salvador Irish whipped Lilly towards Mel who turned the Englishwoman inside out and flipped her upside down with a huge lariat. Once more Bianca issued instructions to her partner who nodded her head as she headed towards the ropes, leaping up onto the second rope as Bianca used her as an extra springboard to come off and catch the rising Lilly Arthur with a volley kick - the Tidal Wave. As the Sheffielder collapsed to the mat, Bianca made the cover and Mel headed for the corner, shepherded by Melinda Davis. As Avilo stepped out onto the corner she barked at Davis to finally ring the bell and count the pinfall - which is exactly what the referee did as she turned to find Mel atop Lilly.

Mai: Sometimes you have to remind a referee what their job is, Zack.




Zack: There won’t be any quick falls on the Fast Track Champion tonight though.

Lilly rolled a shoulder at the last moment and as Davis confirmed the two count Bianca took up the mount position and began to drive closed fists into her face and forehead. Davis called for the break as Lilly covered up and began to use the count, Salvador pushing up to her feet on four and circled away only to come back and begin to stomp away on Arthur’s body. As the Sheffielder rolled over onto her front, Bianca pressed a foot onto the back of her neck as she reached down and grabbed hold of her arms to apply a straitjacket choke - the Decadence. The referee immediately dropped down in front of Lilly, asking if she wanted to quit and getting a ‘No’. The Team England member fought against the hold, refusing to quit in the submission as Missy made her way to her corner and began to rally the crowd behind her partner.

Zack: I can’t recall the last time I saw Lilly Arthur tap out in a match, but her partner is definitely getting this San Jose crowd behind her.

Mai: Give it a little longer. Except for Ryan, Sheffields are born quitters.

Lilly continued to refuse to submit to the hold, fighting against it as the crowd got behind her; Arthur struggled, still refusing to submit as she writhed and bucked on the canvas. Again the referee asked her if she wanted to submit, this time getting no answer as the Sheffielder’s face screwed up in agony before she threw out a leg and hooked her foot over the bottom rope. Melinda saw it and called for the break, starting a count on Bianca as she kept the hold applied until the official reached four before finally releasing. The Team England member slowly pushed up to her feet, giving Salvador plenty of time to flex her arms and show off to first the crowd and then to Missy, breaking out into a grin as she looked down while Lilly pushed up to her hands and knees; Bianca launching herself into the air and coming down with a curb stomp to the back of her head.

Mai: If Lilly’s head had been a watermelon right there, we’d have to clean up red stuff and seeds before the match was over.

Zack: Please tell me how that is germane to anything that’s going on right now. What does a watermelon have to do with this match?

Bianca once more showed off her fitness model-esque body before she pulled Lilly up to her feet and fired her across the ring into the Brazilian Storm corner. The Team England member hit the turnbuckles hard and stumbled forward towards the middle of the ring...but never got to take more than three steps as Mel grabbed her hair from the apron and used it to jerk her down to the canvas; Lilly landing hard on the back of her head. The referee reprimanded Avilo who merely gave a half hearted shrug before the official found herself having to dart across the ring to cut off Missy from entering the fray after being goaded into the ring by Salvador. The Leeds native raised her objections to the cheap shots the Storm had taken thus far during the match but was told in no uncertain terms to stay on the apron until she was tagged. Meanwhile Bianca had turned around and patted her knee as she watched Lilly push up to her knee before she moved forward quickly and caught Lilly with a knee trembler to the side of the head that saw Lilly fall into the ropes.

Mai; Lilly’s really taking a pounding upside her head. You think maybe she owes Bianca some money or something?

Zack: I highly doubt it.

Slowly the Sheffielder pushed up to her feet with the aid of the ring ropes and turned to face the legal member of the Brazilian Storm who reared her hand back and delivered a SLAP! Across her jaw. Lilly staggered and fell into the corner once more as Salvador made the tag to Mel to climbed to the top rope as Bianca pulled the legal member of Team England out of the corner and took her down to the canvas with a swinging DDT. Bianca rolled out underneath the bottom rope as Mel fell forward from the top turnbuckle and delivered a falling headbutt to Lilly’s chest. Quickly the powerhouse made the cover, hooking the leg as she did so.

Mai: Stay down, Lilly! We know quitting is in your bloodline!




Zack: Name me one time you’ve seen Lilly quit in a match. Just one, I’ll wait.

Lilly rolled her shoulder before the three count could be completed and was jerked back to her feet by Mel who pulled her into a high angle German suplex that saw her drop the Englishwoman on the back of her head. Rolling through Mel pulled her foe upwards and delivered another two German suplexes to her. Lilly rolled to her side holding her back with her face a mask of pain only for her to be pulled back up to her feet and into a backbreaker. Again the Brazilian powerhouse hoisted her foe upwards and delivered a second backbreaker before she pulled her upwards and this time scooped her up onto her shoulder before the Storm member took off towards the middle of the ring where she delivered a powerslam. Once more the Fast Track Champion’s back arched up off the canvas in agony and Mel made another cover on the Sheffielder, hooking her leg again.

Mai: I’m starting to think Lilly’s just in masochism. It’s the only reason she hasn’t given up trying to win yet!




Zack: Missy couldn’t take it anymore, and stopped that one herself.

Before the referee could make the three count Missy broke up the pinfall with a baseball slide to Mel’s head, immediately retreating to her corner as the referee told her off for interfering while Avilo sat up and glared a hole through the Evolution Champion. The Unity Champion pushed up to her feet, pulling Lilly up with her and once more scooped her up off her feet and placed her in a Torture Rack submission hold. Davis quickly moved into position to ask Lilly if she wanted to tap out, getting an agonised ‘No’ from the woman followed by a near scream of pain. Again Davis asked, getting another strained ‘No’ from the Fast Track Champion who started to squirm in Mel’s grip in an effort to escape which only saw Mel dropped down into a sitting position on the canvas, releasing Lilly as she landed.

Mai; Why did Lilly even bother showing up tonight? She hasn’t been at all effective so far, unless you count getting beat the hell up by the Storm.

Zack: That’s because they jumped her before Missy made it to the ring.

Arthur spasmed on the canvas, holding her back in sheer agony as Mel glared once more over at Missy before turning her attention back to Lilly, pulling her up to her feet. Mel appeared to be lining Lilly up for a discsus forearm smash only for her to suddenly lunge towards the Team England corner and catch Missy with a savate kick to the chest, knocking her off the apron as Lilly dropped down to one knee. Avilo returned back to Arthur, pulling her upwards and into position for a vertical suplex but as she did so Lilly managed to escape out of the back and land on her feet behind the powerhouse and instinctively left her feet before Mel could turn around to pull her downwards into a backstabber.

Mai: See? Look at her, she can’t get anything right. How the hell did she become Fast Track Champion again?! Oh yeah, that was Kelly’s fault.

Lilly writhed in pain, holding her back as she landed the move before she rolled over onto her front and started to crawl towards her corner where Missy had her arm extended as far as she could. Lilly stretched out desperately to slap her palm only for Mel to grab hold of her ankle and start to pull her back across the ring. As she did so, Arthur pushed up to her foot and hopped on one leg, looking across to Missy before she turned to face Mel and launched into an enzugiri that caught her perfectly to the side of the temple. Lilly rolled to the side and quickly pulled herself up to her feet with the aid of the ring ropes and looked towards Missy before her eyes were drawn back towards Mel who was already getting back to her feet and Lilly charged towards the powerhouse, catching her with a flying forearm that knocked Avilo down to the mat.

Zack: It took a little bit, but Lilly’s starting to get some offense working here. She might be well served to tag in a very fresh and eager to get involved Missy.

Mai: Nah, no point in that.

Mel scrabbled to get to her feet as Lilly continued her momentum hitting the ring ropes once more and this time came back off them to catch Mel with a high knee the second she managed to stand up straight, once more knocking her off balance and causing her to collapse to the canvas. The crowd roared in support of Lilly as she mounted her fightback while Mel again hurried to get her feet underneath her once more and this time Lilly left her feet and spiked her head into the mat with a jumping DDT. This time Lilly rolled over and pushed up all fours as she started to crawl towards the Team England corner and dove to make the tag.

Zack: Now she’s heading for Missy after planting Mel’s head into the canvas like a tree! And Missy’s more than ready to get her hands dirty!

Mai: I bet Missy’s thinking “Don’t tag me, a girl could get killed in there!”

Missy entered the ring as Mel was getting back to her feet and immediately the Leeds born wrestler ran the powerhouse over with a clothesline. The Evolution stopped on a dime and turned around to face Mel as the Brazilian wrestler pushed up onto her knee only to get a shining wizard to the side of her head for her trouble. As Missy came back to her feet, she ducked underneath a clothesline attempt from Bianca, and immediately spun to come face to face with the former Future Shock Champion at which point she started to unload on her with thunderous haymaker rights. Four landed to Salvador’s jaw in quick succession that saw Bianca stumble backwards, giving Missy enough room to skip forward and shake her teeth with a bicycle kick to her jaw, sending Salvador falling backwards through the ropes, catching hold of them as she did so that she landed on the apron. Missy turned her attention back to Mel as the powerhouse was starting to get to her feet and took off towards her, landing on her shoulders and snapped off a hurricanrana that sent her tumbling towards a neutral corner.

Zack: Missy’s got history with both of these women, and she damn sure doesn’t like either one of them!

Mai: That’s because she’s secretly jealous of them. For example, they didn’t have to get boob jobs to make themselves more attractive.

As Mel got her feet underneath in the corner, Missy leapt towards her and brought her straight back to the middle of the ring with a monkey flip that saw the powerhouse land hard. Avilo rose up to her feet one more time and this time Missy stepped past her, reaching behind her to grab hold of her head and take her down to the mat with a neckbreaker. Bianca rose back to her feet on the apron only for Missy to spot her and spin towards her, catching her with a forearm smash to the side of her jaw that sent her crashing back down to the apron. Mel rose to her feet one more time and as she did so, Lilly jumped onto the middle rope and came back to catch Mel with a disaster kick to the jaw that sent her back down to the mat.

Mai: Jesus, I think the Storm need to institute a five minute timeout to regroup. I’d give it to them if I was referee.

Avilo rolled to the side and began to push up to her feet as Missy measured up. The Leeds born wrestler was about to take her head of with a superkick when the referee stepped between them and ordered Missy back to her corner, starting a count and threatening her with a disqualification.

Zack: Missy’s temper has flared up big time, but she doesn’t want to get disqualified either this close to the battle royal!

The Evolution Champion tried to argue that she was the legal woman, that there was a tag only for Davis to inform her that she didn’t see it. A replay backed up the official’s version of events as it showed Lilly diving to make the tag as Davis was trying desperately to stop Bianca from entering the ring. As Missy shook her head and stepped out onto the apron, Salvador rolled back into the ring and jerked Lilly away from the Team England corner, pulling her to her feet and Irish whipping her into the Brazilian Storm corner. Lilly hit hard and Bianca charged in behind her, catching her with a running knee into the gut before she clapped her hands together as Melinda managed to get Missy out of the ring.

Mai: I just love watching the Storm do what they do best. And tonight, what they do best is beating the brakes off two British bints!

Zack: It’s a real shame that Lyn didn’t sign a deal for all three shows to work with me...

Quickly Bianca began to lay into the reigning Fast Track Champion with a series of boots to her midriff. Davis turned back to the action and glared at Bianca suspiciously as Mel was stood in the corner, holding a hand to her head; the official asked Salvador if a tag was made and obviously got an affirmative response from the Brazilian wrestler, clapping her hands together once more as if reminding Melinda of what she would have heard. The crowd booed loudly as the referee still eyed the Brazilian wrestlers suspiciously, ordering Salvador to allow her opponent out of the corner as she started the five count on her. Bianca stopped on four and backed up a couple of steps only to rush forward and deliver a shoulder thrust into Lilly’s midsection. She followed it with three more before she lifted Lilly upwards and took her out of the corner with a back body drop; the Englishwoman held her back in agony as she landed, while Bianca stood behind her and once more flexed her arms.

Mai: Isn’t it nice for Bianca to give these people what they want? A glimpse at the 18 inch pythons!

Zack: Oh brother….

Lilly slowly pushed up to her feet and stumbled forward heading towards Missy only for Bianca to follow her, mockingly paintbrushing slapping the back of her head. She did two more times before Lilly dropped to her knees at which Salvador hooked her arms and looked as though she was about to deliver a tiger suplex only for Lilly to block the move. Again Bianca tried and once more Lilly blocked the move as she was lifted into the air, using the momentum to free one of her arms and counter the tiger suplex attempt into an armdrag takedown.

Zack: A well-executed counter there from Lilly, but I’m not sure how long it’s going to keep Bianca down though.

Mai: Not very. Look, she’s already up again. What a trooper!

Bianca rolled through the move and came back to her feet and charged towards Lilly as the Sheffield born grappler rose to her feet only to run straight into a back elbow. Bianca staggered backwards and was then floored with a flash kick to her jaw. Lilly staggered across the ring towards her corner only for Bianca to once more cut her off before she got there, spinning Lilly around and the Team England member suddenly began to unload with a combination of punches to her head and body, finishing the combination off with a jab into Salvador’s kidneys. As it froze her in place, Lilly lashed out with a kick to the midriff that doubled her over and allowed Lilly to execute a double arm DDT. Rolling over Lilly began to head to her corner once more. As she began to stir, Bianca did likewise.

Mai: I told you Sheffields were quitters, look at Lilly crawling towards her corner!


The referee watched like a hawk as both competitors neared their corner - Lilly diving first and making the tag to Missy who entered the ring as Bianca made the tag to Mel. The two legal members met in the middle of the ring and Missy immediately got the upperhand as she took Mel’s legs out from under her with a drop toe hold. Avilo quickly pushed upright only for Missy to send her sprawling back down to the canvas once more with a backflip kick to the jaw. Again Mel was quick to try and rise back up to her feet once more, walking straight into a single knee facebreaker that saw her stagger backwards. Before the Brazilian powerhouse could find her balance, the Evolution Champion wrapped her arms around her waist and hurled her down to the canvas with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Once more Mel rose back to her feet but as she did, Missy delivered a boot into her stomach before she planted her on her head with a lifting DDT. The Leeds born wrestler rolled her opponent onto her back and made the cover, hooking the leg as she did so.



Zack: The Evolution Champion was looking for three, but Mel wasn’t done yet. These two have met one on one in the past, and have a common thread between them.

Mai: Oh, you mean Missy took Mel’s sloppy seconds when she hooked up with Adam?

Mel kicked out and was quickly yanked back upright by her opponent who once more drove her skull first into the ring mat with a snap DDT. Missy quickly pulled her foe back up to her feet and Irish whipped her hard across the ring into the far corner, taking off after her and leaving her feet to deliver a vicious looking double foot running dropkick into her face. The former Unity Champion staggered out of the corner and as she did so the legal member of Team England pushed up the inside of the turnbuckles to the middle rope and launched herself forward, grabbing hold of Mel’s head as she delivered a bulldog. Quickly Missy kipped up to her feet and moved quickly towards the ropes, springboarding off them and into a moonsault that connected perfectly across Mel’s ribs. She hooked the leg as she made the cover once more.

Mai: Missy with a moonsault….and I could have done that better!




Zack: Mel was almost out right there, but the Evolution Champion still hasn’t done enough to keep her down.

Mel kicked out on two and a half and was again jerked back up to her feet and straight into a snap suplex from Missy. Mel sat up as she landed and the Evolution Champion took off across the ring, bouncing off the ropes and came back to deliver a low dropkick to her chest that put her down on the canvas. Missy rolled to the side and out onto the apron, bringing herself back to her feet as she gripped the top rope and used it to catapult herself back into the ring and deliver a somersault leg drop across Mel’s chest. Quickly the Chaotic Temptation member made the pin and again hooked her leg as Davis slid into position to count the pinfall.

Zack: That could do it right there! Did you see the height Missy got?




Mai: Yes, I saw it! But because she’s mostly silicone and cellulite, it didn’t get the job done.

Mel again kicked out before the three count and rolled away from the ropes onto her front. Missy quickly took the opportunity presented to her to lock in a camel clutch on the powerhouse. The Evolution champion sat low on Avilo’s lower back, leaning back slightly as she pulled back as far as she could on her foes head. Davis asked Mel if she wanted to quit getting a very definite ‘No’ from the Brazilian. Missy didn’t let up on the hold at all, pulling back a little further in an effort to make the Brazilian wrestler submit. Still Mel refused even as pain started to show on her face. Missy pulled back further and when Davis asked again, Mel didn’t answer as she tried to find an escape route only for Bianca to come to her salvation as she caught the Leeds native with a big boot to her face.

Zack: Even Bianca wasn’t sure how much more her partner could take, and broke that up in a hurry. Submissions are so hard to get in a tag match!

Mai: I could have gotten it, but why would I help Missy with anything? Someone should tell her the left one is a little saggy.

Just as Melinda went to try and intercept Salvador, Lilly exploded out of the corner towards her and caught her with a spear to her middle that folded in her half and took her down to the canvas. Quickly Arthur mounted Bianca and began to fire off vicious looking right and left hands to her nemesis only for Salvador to try and roll her over, Lilly rolling with her to take them through a full three sixty resulting in Arthur once more being on top of the Brazilian and still able to rain hands down on her face. Again Bianca covered up and tried to roll over only for both of them to roll out of the ring to the floor.

Mai: Look at how dirty of a wrestler Lilly is! She can’t win in the ring, so she’s gotta take it to the floor….and she’s not even the legal woman!

In the ring, Missy had come back to her feet and was measuring up the Franchise member before she darted towards her and left her feet looking for a jumping DDT only for Mel to counter the move into a spinebuster. The pair rolled away from each other, Missy holding her back with one hand before she began to come to her feet, staring at her opponent. Slowly Avilo made it to all fours and Missy moved quickly towards her, jumping into the air as she came down looking to connect with the Mischief Maker curb stomp… only for Mel to pull her head out of the way at the last moment. Missy quickly tried to get her balance and as she did so, the Brazilian powerhouse fed her head through her legs and lifted Missy upwards onto her shoulders as if going for an electric chair but before she could deliver the move, Missy threw her weight forward to counter into a victory roll.

Mai: There you go, Bianca! Look at that elec----WHAT?! NO!!




Zack: Oh, that was close! Mel nearly dropped the ball right there!

At the very last possible moment Mel’s powered out of the pinfall. Missy rolled to her knees and held up three fingers to the referee who shook her head and showed her the two count. Missy shook her head but didn’t argue with the official as she came up to her feet as Mel forced her way back to her feet with her. The Evolution Champion reacted first, catching Mel with a kick to her gut and tried to send her in for the ride only for Mel to reverse the Irish whip. As Missy came back towards her, Mel caught her and slammed her down hard into the mat with a STO. On the outside, Bianca and Lilly were still brawling.

Mai: Someone should throw Lilly out of this match! All she wants to do is fight dirty on the floor, while the Storm are trying to have a nice, clean match.

Zack: One day, we are going to switch monitors so I can see the shows you’re watching.

Missy’s back arched up off the canvas and she was pulled up from the canvas by Mel who drove a knee into her abdominals and then grabbed a hold of her ring attire to send her between the turnbuckles and shoulder first into the steel ring post. Missy stepped backwards out of the corner; Mel hooking her arms around her waist before she jerked her upwards and over into a belly to back suplex that dropped Missy down onto the back of her head. Once more Mel rolled over onto her hands and knees, pushing up to her feet as she brought Missy up with her and sent her in for the ride once more, bringing her boot up to catch her square in the face on her return. Missy rolled to the side and began to push upwards as Mel pulled her forward, lifting her upwards before she drove her down hard into the mat with a powerbomb. Mel dropped to her knees as she spiked her opponent down and then leaned forward to fold Missy up for the cover.

Mai: Mel with a powerbomb!! Stack up Boob Job Barbie, and bring home the points for Brazil!




Zack: It’s not that easy to get a fall on the Evolution Champion, Mel knows that as well as anyone!

Missy managed to get her shoulder up at the last moment to stop the count. Mel asked the referee for the three, only to get the two count shown to her one more time as Davis explained the shoulder came up in the nick of time. Mel nodded her head as she slowly pushed her way back to her feet, pulling the Englishwoman up with her and started to deliver knees to her head and chest before she took a handful of her hair and pulled her upright straight into a headbutt. The Evolution Champion staggered backwards and was pulled forward by Mel once more who hooked her head and lifted her vertically. The powerhouse Brazilian took a couple of moments to show off before she dropped Missy straight downwards with a brainbuster. Quickly the Brazilian rolled over and made the cover, hooking the leg as she did so.

Mai: A brainbuster for a bimbo! That’ll scramble what little gray matter she has left!




Zack: Missy’s still very much in this fight, but she’s certainly looking the worse for wear at this point.

The Leeds born wrestler got her shoulder up at the last moment as Bianca had stopped Lilly in her tracks, jerking her back out of the ring by her ankle as the illegal half of Team England had tried to break up the pinfall. Mel glared at the referee and demanded the three count. Melinda Davis refused to budge on her decision that it was a two count. Explaining her decision to Mel who sneered and shook her head at her, telling her it was definitely a three count as she came to her feet. The official again attempted to explain the situation but this time Avilo ignored her as she turned back to Missy, measuring her up as she got to one knee and caught her with a heavy right cross to the side of her head as she got to one knee. Missy rose to both feet where she received a left hook from her opponent who then followed it up with a front kick into her stomach. Missy dropped to one knee and Mel pulled her head forward into a standing headscissors before she wrapped her arms around her waist and attempted to pull her up into a piledriver. The Evolution Champion blocked the move.

Mai: Why is she trying to block the piledriver? Her head is the emptiest part of her body, she probably wouldn’t even feel it!

Mel tried once more only for it to be blocked once more and countered into a back body drop. Mel rolled over and came to all fours as she hit the canvas only for Missy to leap into the air and come down on her with the Mischief Maker curb stomp. The Englishwoman headed towards the corner and quickly ducked down, hand together, elbows between her knees before she sprung upwards, climbing to the top rope and came off with the Li’l Miss Mischief frog splash that connected perfectly with Mel. Missy quickly made the cover and hooked the leg as she did so. The referee slid into position as Lilly jerked Bianca backwards as she tried to slide into the ring and took her down to the floor with the Water Lilly as Davis counted.

Zack: LI’L MISS MISCHIEF!! I think that’ll do it!




Mai: Damn it! Cheap win, purely because Lilly was cheating on the outside with all the fighting.

Missy rolled away as the three was counted and the official called for the bell, Lilly rolled into the ring and helped Missy to her feet as the referee raised both of their hands in the air to the cheers of the crowd as the official announcement was made.

Kat: Here are your winners, the team of Lilly Sheffield and Missy… TEAM ENGLAND!!!!

Zack: There’s no two ways about it, Team England is now leading heading into Global Wars and could be the odds on favorite to win the series again!

The crowd cheered louder for the pair as they double high fived in celebration. Their titles were returned to them as they turned to their fans to continue their celebrations. The Global Wars standings appeared on the screen; the three points getting added to Team England’s score before the show cut elsewhere.
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Would The Real Lacey Please Stand Up?

The lights dim as the opening bars of Turn You On by Stitched Up Heart hit the speakers around the arena.

Are you awake, You're gonna have to hear the words I say
Don't you try turn away, I'm everything you ever dreamed I'd be
I'll make you wish that you never talked, Back to me
I can't wait to watch your ego bleed
Your pain will set me free

A red spotlight hits the curtain and someone….who is definitely not Lacey makes their way out onto the stage. The music stops and the lights come up to reveal a young man in a red wig, a large green dress and a couple milk jugs taped to his chest. He fluffs his wig a little and starts to do a saucy turn.

“Lacey”: My name is Ale…..Lacey. And do you know what? Damn, I’m hot!

She starts to adjust her milk jugs as one is beginning to slip before a little push up pops it back into place.

“Lacey”: On the last Velocity, I came out here with my manager...who is also hot….to say that I was owed a thank you from my girl….I mean, Rose Gardner!

The crowd is clearly enjoying this as “Lacey” scratches her head...and her hair moves a little before it’s pulled back into place.

“Lacey”: So right this minute, I’m demanding that Rose Gardner...who is less hot...come out here and say thank you for me helping her beat Bianca Reed….who is not as hot as me. And until she does, I’m going to stand here and….try to corral these jugs. Stupid tape…

The crowd is obviously loving it as not-Lacey has a hard time adjusting the big jugs on their right place… And it all turns into a massive round of cheers as “I’m The Boss” hits the sound system. Not dressed with her usual body suit this time, but rather a very casual Pikachu tee and jeans, out comes Rose Gardner, staring into the cheering crowd with a big smile before she makes her way down the ramp, sharing as many high-fives with the crowd as possible. Circling the ring, she gathers another microphone from the timekeeping station before rolling into the square to meet up with “Lacey”.

Rose: … girl, you lookin’ fiiiiine.

This gets laughter from the crowd, as “Lacey” nods her head in agreement...and then scratches herself in an inappropriate place.

Rose: So, uh, let’s just… Go over a couple of stuff before we get down to the nitty-gritty. You want me to say my thanks to you, yeah? Well, first let’s go back in time and see what exactly I should be thankful for.

That’s when the Cosplaying Princess turns to the big screen, and a flashback from October 25th’s Velocity shows up.


Velocity 136 - October 25th

Bianca Reed got back to her feet, and took off for the corner again. She glanced around for a second now that the petals stopped falling, and came off with a top rope meteora….that Rose dodged. She landed hard on her knees, causing her great pain as Rose pulled her forward into position.

Zack: Good Lord, Bianca could have dislocated both kneecaps right there and Rose is back to her feet again! The sense of urgency in this match has heightened considerably!

She immediately hit her back hook swinging reverse STO on Bianca, driving her into the mat and quickly making the cover as Pruitt dropped for the count.





The referee called for the bell as Rose got to her feet. A smile formed on her face as she got her hand raised in victory.


Back to the present time, the crowd is applauding Rose’s win over Bianca Reed, and the two people in the ring are nodding in approval.

Rose: That was COOL, wasn’t it?! I guess it makes sense you’d wanna get some credit for what happened back then. There’s just one little issue with that, baby girl… I didn’t see YOU there.

“Lacey”: You aren’t showing the whole thing though. You cut out where I showered the ring with rose petals, which allowed you the opportunity to seize the moment which would enable you to win the match! Because raining rose petals over a ring and a bunch of people at ringside….that totally wins matches. Duh!

Rose: Oh. OH! There was THAT too! Yeah, I guess. But, really, who was that a distraction for? Was it for me, for Bianca Reed… Or for yourself, getting wet at backstage over the thought of turning someone else’s match into an erotic dream?

“Lacey” Pffft! The petals were a gift for everyone, you just happened to be the more cunning and use them to spur yourself onto victory! If I wanted to, I could do it again! As a matter of fact, hit the petals!

The crowd and “Lacey” look up to the rafters...but nothing comes down.

“Lacey”: Never mind. They don’t deserve them! Now are you going to apologize or am I going to have to take matters into my own delicate hands?

Rose: Well… I’m not sure you’re aware, but… I don’t apologize to losers.

Rose smirks at “Lacey”.

Rose: Thankfully, you’re no loser. And the only apology I owe you right now is having put you through the humiliation that is dressing up as her. Take this crap off, you’re better than this.

Rose grabs a handful of “Lacey’s” hair and yanks it, removing it from Alex’s head. Soon enough, he’s gladly getting rid of the milk gallons strapped to his chest, as he stands alongside Rose on his shorts.

Alex: This better be worth MASSIVE boyfriend points…

Rose: They are, babe, don’t worry.

A quick kiss to the cheek before Rose continues.

Rose: But Lacey, if you’re watching (and I know you are)... I just want to let you in on one thing: you wanna play a game with us? We’re the best goddamn players in the game. But you’re free to come get some of THIS!

That’s when Rose flexes her biceps. Not quite a gun show, but definitely a statement.

Rose: And you’re gonna learn really quick that THIS…

Hashtag time!

Rose: … is really good.

And as Rose and Alex make the hashtag taunt, “I’m The Boss” hits the sound system again.

Breaking Point returns from the commercial break to find the lovely Kat Grayson standing in the center of the ring yet again with her microphone in hand.

Kat: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is part of the Global Wars series.

Zack: We’re about to see two teams in different states of need as it pertains to points. Scotland is in a must win situation tonight if they want to have any chance of winning the series, while the USA could win the series if certain conditions come about.

Mai: I’ll be pulling for Team Scotland. I’ve given multiple blowjobs to a few Scotsmen in my time, so I feel as though I can speak for the nation here.

Kat: Introducing Team Scotland……

The lights in the arena dip, almost going out. Rather than going out entirely however, they are replaced by red, white and gold.

And who are you, the proud Lord said,
That I must bow so low?
Only a cat of a different coat,
That’s all the truth I know!
In a coat of gold, or a coat of red,
A lion still has claws.
And mine are long, and sharp my Lord,
As long as sharp as yours!

The metal version of one of the most famous songs from Game of Thrones thunders from the speakers, which brings a chorus of jeering from the crowd. From the back walks Valerie Lamb, which only heightens the jeering. A step behind her is Vincent Belmont. She stops just before the ramp, where she widens her stance and looks around her as Vincent joins her. Suddenly, she claps her hands above her head, which sends a stream of coloured pyro across the stage.

And so he spoke, and so he spoke,
That Lord of Castamere.
But now the rains weep o’er his home,
With no one left to hear.
Yes, now the rains weep o’er his home,
With not a soul to hear.

The red headed wrestler undoes her longcoat, showing off the scarlet coloured ring gear she wears. A smirk on her face, she looks to her manager, they nod to each other and start off down the ramp. Despite the pace of the song, their walk is not slow, but certainly methodical.

Kat: Introducing first, from Edinburgh, Scotland, weighing 150 pounds, this is VALERIE LAMB!

Kat’s announcement comes as the pair are about halfway down the ramp. As a momentary solo is played, the pair reach the bottom of the ramp, where Vincent takes her coat from her and hands it to an attendant.

And who are you, the proud Lord said,
That I must bow so low?
Only a cat of a different coat,
That’s all the truth I know!
A coat of gold, or a coat of red,
A lion still has claws.
And mine are long and sharp, my Lord,
As long as sharp as yours!

Valerie enters the ring, and walks to the centre, where she stops dead for a moment, a solitary white spotlight shining on her. She spins in a circle, almost in a pirouette and as she comes full rotation, drops down to one knee and leaning forward to face the mat. A camera closes in on her face, where she looks into it and tells us that on their knees is where her opponents belong. Standing up, she walks to her corner, where Vincent awaits her. The pair speak between themselves as the music dies, and the lights return to normal.

Zack: Valerie recently had a match on the last Velocity against one half of Team USA in Scarlett Silver, but you can bet she’ll be looking for a different outcome tonight.

Mai: Of course, she will...laddy! Valerie is like Teflon, losses don’t stick to her because she’s damn well done everything there is to do in this company.

The arena darkens, bringing with it a large quantity of dry ice. In the ring, the green, white and orange lights pulse until they form the Irish Tricolour in the centre of the ring. It’s this sight that brings about jeering from the audience. As the lights settle, a drumbeat hits the speakers, soon to be followed by a well-known riff that doesn’t quite sound as people would know it to be. It is then that a woman steps out on the stage; Jo McFarlane. Not that you can tell right away - her face is obscured by a white bandana covering her mouth and nose, and she wears a green beanie on her head, which appears to be entirely covering her hair. She is also dressed in camouflage; traditional green colours, a long-sleeved jacket and trousers. Through the fog as the crowd begins to jeer, standing by her side, is her father.

If you’re havin’ trouble with the high school head,
He’s givin’ you the blues.
You wanna graduate, but not in his bed,
Here’s what you’re gonna do!
Pick up the phone, I’m always home
Call me anytime.
3624-360, I lead a life of crime.

Kat: And her partner, from Derry, Northern Ireland, weighing one hundred and twenty seven pounds, she is “THE REBEL CHILD” JOOOOOOOO MCFARLAAAAAAAAANE!

During the verse and Kat’s introduction, Jo first taps the stick on the floor, then starts off down the ramp, towards the ring. Tommy remains a step behind her the whole time...though it’s difficult given the massive height difference. She moves quite quickly, and stops at the bottom. Moving towards a corner at ringside, she drops the kendo stick in her hand against the barricade, making sure the referee sees that she did, giving him a pointed stare.

Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap!
Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap!
Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap!
Dirty deeds, and they’re done dirt cheap.
Dirty deeds, and they’re done dirt cheap.

As the chorus plays and the solo starts up, Jo ascends the stairs, removing the jacket she wears, revealing a similarly coloured top. The beanie soon follows and she steps through the ropes. She then heads towards her corner, where she stands on the middle turnbuckle, looking around her before jumping down. Her father joins her in the corner, and the two exchange words as the music fades out.

Zack: You gotta believe Jo and Valerie are looking for a submission win here tonight. A pin doesn’t put them anywhere close to winning the series even if they were to win the battle royal.

Mai: As a fellow Scotswoman myself, I can assure you that Jo and Valerie both are on the same page and have an excellent game plan in mind. They probably discussed it over some haggis!

Kat: And their opponents representing Team USA……

The arena falls dark as the opening of “Blonde, Bad and Beautiful” by Airbourne plays, Kelly explodes upward out of the middle of the stage as though shot out of a cannon, landing a perfect front somersault in a shower of blue sparks. The girl is joined by Christian Kincaid on the stage. Turning to face her husband, she turns to face him, giving him a big hug as she plants a kiss to his lips. As the music starts to pick up pace once more she starts to run toward the ring, performing a quick cartwheel into a handspring before sliding into the ring underneath the bottom rope. Using the momentum to her advantage, the former acrobat forward rolls to her feet and leaps onto the middle rope. She springboards off the ropes into a backflip and heads towards the corner. The former acrobat runs straight up the pads. Stopping on the top turnbuckle she blows a kiss to the fans and corkscrew flips back to the mat, facing the middle of the ring as she lands.

Kat: From Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York, 5’5” tall, weighs 115 lbs and is accompanied to the ring by Christian Kincaid. Please welcome...KELLY KINCAID!!!

Zack: I’ve been a little surprised with how well Kelly and Scarlett have managed to work together during the Global Wars series. They seem to have ironed out any rough patches quickly.

Mai: That’s because they both want to win Global Wars, and they know they have to depend on each other to get there. Infighting isn’t going to help a thing.

“Hands To Myself” by Selena Gomez starts to play through the speakers around the arena.

Can't keep my hands to myself
No matter how hard I'm trying to
I want you all to myself
You're metaphorical gin and juice

So come on give me a taste
Of what it’s like to be next to you
Won't let one drop go to waste
You're metaphorical gin and juice

As the opening verse ends and the tempo starts to increase Scarlett Silver walks through the curtain onto the stage with her manager, Christian Kincaid. The lights dip for a moment before she steps forward and a red spotlight shines down on her.

Cause all of the downs and the uppers
Keep making love to each other
And I'm trying, trying, I'm trying, trying
All of the downs and the uppers
Keep making love to each other
And I'm trying, trying, I'm trying, but I

Can't keep my hands to myself
My hands to myself
Can't keep my hands to myself
My hands to myself

Scarlett struts down the ramp acknowledging the crowd with a smile, with Christian following a few steps behind. Pausing halfway down she sways her hips in rhythm with the music and slowly blows a kiss out to the crowd.

Maggie: Introducing at this time… Hailing from Los Angeles, California….Scarlett Silver!

Scarlett reaches the ring and slides under the bottom rope before jumping to her feet and climbing onto the turnbuckle facing the stage. She raises her arms up high then jumps down to join Christian in her corner, for a last minute, pre-match discussion.

Zack: This may be Jo’s first time having to deal with Scarlett, but she and her sister know Kelly pretty well no matter which way you point.

Mai: Scarlett is probably the weaker link of the team in this match, because Kelly’s faced both of Team Scotland more than once. Scarlett’s only had the one match with Valerie last week.

Referee Melinda Davis checked all four women while Kat left the ring. She called for the bell to start the match, and Kelly didn’t wait to discuss who was starting before she took off towards Jo in a sprint. Jo barely turned in time before the two started throwing right hands one after another with quickening shots. The blonde whipped her across to the far side, and caught her on the rebound with a Lou Thesz press with wild right hands to the side of her head. Jo managed to flip her off to the canvas, and Kelly nipped to her feet. Jo got up as well, and ate a discus forearm to the mouth from the former acrobat!

Zack: I had a feeling this might happen! Jo’s a member of the Franchise, who also broke her husband’s arm not long ago! And she’s damn sure fired up to start this match!

Mai: But his arm is better now! Kelly should learn to turn the other cheek against my fellow Scotswoman.

She drove Jo back into a neutral corner and climbed up to the middle rope. The fans counted off ten right hands to Jo’s head, and the blonde added two more before she hopped down. Jo was whipped across to the other neutral corner before Kelly charged towards her with a handspring back elbow to the mouth. Jo staggered out of the corner as Kelly hopped up onto the middle rope, shouting Jo’s name before she turned around and got a tornado DDT! The crowd roared as Kelly nipped back to her feet with a look of fury on her face.

Mai: Calm down, Kelly! That was like...weeks ago! It’s time to forgive and forget. What kind of relations are Americans going to have with my people seeing this kind of violence?!

Zack: Would you stop? Kelly’s full of fire and fury, and Jo McFarlane can’t get up fast enough so Kelly to knock her down again. Kincaid is beside herself!

She pulled Jo to her feet, peppering her with forearms before she shot her into the Team USA corner. Jo struck back first as the referee was admonishing Kelly, while Scarlett wrapped the tag rope around her neck and hammered her with more fists. And the crowd loved it! She finally let go as the referee turned around just as Kelly launched towards the redhead with a corner clothesline. Scarlett tagged herself into the match before the two hoisted Jo up into a slingshot suplex. Kelly was about to go after Jo again before Davis intercepted her and got her to the apron.

Zack: I don’t think Kelly was ready to tag out yet, but it may be better for the team if Scarlett takes over for a bit! Did you hear the fans cheering as she was choking Jo out?

Mai: Yeah, what’s wrong with these sick freaks?! Jo didn’t do anything to these losers in San Jose. Who the hell do they think they are!

Scarlett headed up the corner, and came off with her top rope knee drop followed by one more. As she was about to take off towards the ropes, Tommy pulled his daughter out of the ring under the bottom rope to regroup. The fans showed no appreciation for that, and the referee began her ten count. Scarlett shook her head as she reached between the ropes to grab Jo by the head, but the redhead surprised her by turning into her with a palm thrust to the throat that sent her backwards a few steps. Jo gathered herself quickly, and slid back into the ring and a running clothesline to take Scarlett down.

Zack: That little ploy by Tommy was just what Jo needed to collect her marbles, and she’s bringing the fight back to Scarlett now.

Mai: At least she got that BOOM BOOM in...what am I say?! Kick her wee arss, lass! Hey, that almost rhymed! I make a great Scotswoman, Zack.

Jo jerked her up by her head, and pulled it down so she could drive knees repeatedly into her face. Several connected before she got shoved backwards into Scotland’s corner, and Jo charged in with a handspring back elbow to her jaw. A quick tag to her sister saw both women grabbed the top rope, and began driving boots into Scarlett’s body repeatedly till she was sent to a slump in the corner. Davis told Jo to get out of the ring as Valerie dragged Scarlett by her feet out of the corner. Valerie took off for the ropes, and came back with a cannonball senton that landed flush on Scarlett’s chest before she hooked the leg for a cover.

Mai: My fellow countrywomen have really taken control of this match, and looks like they are about to win the whole thing! Ach!




Scarlett kicked out after two, and Valerie seemed to expect it. She cradled her head, and punished her with right hands to the face before she got back to her feet.

Zack: You’re about as Scottish as I am a silent monk! A near fall there for Valerie, but they need more than three points if they can get it.

Scarlett started to get back to her feet before Valerie moved behind her. The redhead dropped her with a neckbreaker. The Hall of Famer rolled her onto her stomach, pulled her arms up behind her and delivered a curb stomp to her face. Kelly pounded the turnbuckle, trying to help her partner revive. But Valerie wasn’t the least bit interested in that as she pulled her up and drove her back down with a piledriver. Lamb got to her feet, and made the tag to Jo. She wasted little time as she headed for the top rope, and came off with a leg drop across the back of Scarlett’s’ neck. Jo quickly applied a scissored armbar submission, causing Scarlett’s face to grimace in pain.

Mai: Now they are looking to get that tap out win, Zack. This hold does damage to your neck and shoulders too, and my wee lass has it perfectly applied.

Zack: They’ve definitely been working over Scarlett’s head and neck, and you’re right about this hold. We’ll see if Scarlett can hold on, and for how long.

Davis dropped down in front of Scarlett to see if she wanted to quit, but the brunette showed no interest in doing so. Jo told her to do it though more than once before she began to lean back to try and add more pressure to the hold. The brunette’s face only showed more and more agony as Jo leaned back. She even pushed up a little on her feet to add just that much more pressure to the hold.

Zack: Look at the angle Scarlett’s body is being bent, that hurts just to see! She can’t really move much either. I think Jo may have her dead to rights.

Mai: Ach! Of course she do, ye silly lass! Scarlett should just quit, and go soak in an ice bath for the rest of the night. Don’t be a numpty!

It was clear that it was all starting to get to Scarlett as Jo pushed up slightly more, but the hold didn’t last much longer before Kelly interrupted with a running baseball slide into Jo that nearly sent her under the ropes. Scarlett clutched the back of her neck in pain as the referee went to get Kelly out of the ring. Jo started putting the boots to the brunette with a scowl on her face. She finally pulled her to her feet, but Scarlett surprised her by driving her backwards into a neutral corner. It knocked the wind out of her before Scarlett stumbled backwards. Jo came forward to grab her, and was caught with a facebuster! While Jo lay face down on the mat, Scarlett collapsed just above her on the canvas. Davis started a ten count as Kelly began trying to get Scarlett to move towards her.

Zack: If there were ever a time to head for the corner, this is it for Scarlett Silver! Her neck has to be in agony right now!

Mai: Agreed, Zacky my boy! Scarlett needs to move her bahooky to the corner and tag in that wee lass, Kelly!

It wasn’t just Scarlett who was moving towards her corner though. Jo looked around for Valerie, and started heading her way. The Hall of Famer waved her hand, trying to get her to move faster since she could see Scarlett heading in the other direction. Kelly leaned over the top rope on one foot, practically balancing herself on the top rope stretching out for the tag.

Mai: It’s a wee race we gut now, Zack! C’mon, Jo! You’re closer, tag in Val and let her finish the job, ya silly lum!

Zack: You just called her a chimney, by the way.

Jo got closer, and lunged for her sister to make the tag. Valerie couldn’t get into the ring fast enough as Scarlett was getting to her feet to make the tag. Lamb charged towards her with a running forearm to the back of her head that sent her into the turnbuckle. She quickly got her arm and turned her away to try to bring her down into the STF. Kelly slapped Scarlett on the back as the referee called it legal. However, Valerie had just applied her STF submission and was about to get back to her feet again before Kelly caught her with a superkick. It staggered her backwards before Kelly took off towards the ropes. And as the referee went to get Scarlett out of the ring, Tommy caught Kelly with a kendo stick to the spine as she hit the ropes. It stumbled her forward as Valerie used the nearby ropes for a springboard into a disaster kick! She dropped like a rock before the Hall of Famer made the cover!

Zack: Did you see Kelly’s head snap off that kick?! How the hell her head’s still attached is beyond me! Scotland’s looking for the win!




The acrobat got her shoulder up in time before the three. Valerie quickly got to her feet, and used a double stomp to Kelly’s back when she turned over to try and get up.

Mai: I think mah girl Val is looking to set up for yet another submission. These pins are just trying to tire her out, me lad!

Valerie pulled her back to her feet, and over her shoulder into a running powerslam...into the corner. Kelly landed upside down on the canvas before she was dragged out of the corner. She struggled to get to her feet as Valerie hoisted her up over her shoulder for a crucifix powerbomb. Kelly got planted before the redhead headed for the corner, and made her way to the top rope.

Zack: Shades of a certain Dutch Devil right there, and Kelly’s in a bad way already! Val’s heading for the high rent district!

Mai: She’s gonna finish her off and then make her tap out or pass out after that, Zack! My hometown girls are going to win!

Valerie’s balance began to shift a little when she noticed Scarlett shaking the top rope from her corner. The redhead managed to catch herself and hop off to the canvas just as Scarlett barreled down the apron to her with her thumb to the throat! Val clutched her neck as she coughed heavily, stumbling into Kelly who hooked her head and delivered her headlock driver!


Kelly collapsed on top of her with a hook of both legs. Jo darted into the ring, but was caught by Scarlett while the referee fell to make the count.




The fans roared in approval as the referee called for the bell. Kelly rolled off the cover, pretty well spent as she had to lean against the ropes where she was sitting on the mat.

Mai: I knew the Americans could do it, Zack! Call it homefield advantage!

Kat: Here are your winners…….TEAM USA…..SCARLETT SILVER….AND KELLY KINCAID!!

Scarlett helped her partner to her feet, showing her the 3 points being added to the scoreboard for USA. Tommy was not a happy man on the outside though as Jo seemed a little disappointed with her sister.

Zack: Scotland can still win the battle royal, but they don’t have a path to win Global Wars! Team USA though...they definitely have a path heading into the Pay Per View!

Mai: I guess I better start boning up on some of these other countries to show my support for my fellow countrywomen there.

Christian raised Scarlett and Kelly’s hands as they moved to the floor. And on that, we head elsewhere in the arena.

Lights Out

Back at ringside, we’re greeted with a table inside the ring. The camera focuses on the clipboard sitting on the table: “Alysson Gardner vs. Nevaeh Summers - Waiver Contract”. Right by the table is FFW’s senior reporter Allison Marx.

A. Marx: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Breaking Point, I’m Alisson Marx, and this… This has a great potential of getting nasty. Uh, anyway: on the last episode of Velocity, Alysson Gardner finally accepted granting Nevaeh Summers her rematch. That rematch was granted on the condition that Gardner would pick the stipulation, and boy did she ever. And after everything that took place, both wrestlers have agreed to sign a waiver. And I guess nothing else needs to be said. So without further ado, let’s bring the wrestlers in, shall we? Introducing first, from Atlanta, Georgia… NEVAEH SUMMERS!

“Rise” by Sixx Am blasts through the pa system as the crowd comes alive. Nevaeh makes her way out onto the stage and looks out to the crowd. Nevaeh is sporting a serious expression but nods to the fans, noting their response. She makes her way down the aisle and into the ring, patting Alisson on the shoulder as she makes her way to one side of the table. Nevaeh peers down towards the contract and stares at it with a firm glare. She picks it up and seems to be looking it over one more time.

A. Marx: And her opponent… From Paris, France… ALYSSON GARDNER!

Nevaeh’s eyes shift up from the contract to the stage as the cheers immediately turn to boos as the mad guitar of Trivium’s “To The Rats” assaults the PA. When the drums kick in, Alysson Gardner walks into the stage, holding her trusted crowbar on one hand, and makes her way down to the ring. The Outlaw rolls into the ring under the top rope and then kipups back to her feet, staring daggers into Nevaeh all the time, and basically ignoring her namesake in the center of the ring. Nevaeh stared back at Alysson, putting the contract back on the table as Ms. Marx was going about the process of the signing.

A. Marx: Alright, ladies, I believ--

And she’s immediately interrupted as the former Ultraviolence Champion yanks the microphone from her hand. Nevaeh has a look of annoyance already on her face as Alysson gets ready to speak.

A. Gardner: You really want to go through with this, don’t you? My god, you’re stubborn. I thought that it would’ve discouraged you from coming after me again. I thought you’d get the hint that if I’m to choose a stip for another match between us, it wouldn’t be so much a match, and more like a… Let’s call it, a “slaughtering session”. But here we fucking are--

Alysson seemed ready to keep talking when Nevaeh grabbed a microphone on the table and cut her off

Nevaeh: Well you please shut the hell up!

The crowd roared its approval as Nevaeh quickly spoke back up

Nevaeh: I don’t know what is more annoying with you. You thinking you run everything around here or you not understanding what this is yet. Why am I here? Oh geez what could it be Alysson? What could possibly have me wanting to go one more round with you? I don’t know maybe it’s getting hit in the head with that crowbar of yours and being embarrassed?. Maybe I’m just tired of you running your mouth all the damn time? Maybe it's having that gnawing feeling of you beating me these last few times? Want to know the answer? It’s all of those things. That’s why I’m here and willingly walking in this..what did you call it “slaughtering session”? Yeah I’m gonna be ready for it. As for why we're here at this exact moment? You already know the answer to that…

It was now Alysson cutting Nevaeh off

Alysson: Yeah. I know the answer to that: we’re here because you’re a stubborn, sad little vermin who has NO IDEA what it means to get in a death match with ME. But you know what? Good on FFW. Good on FFW for wanting us to sign this so it’ll make sure we are entirely responsible for whatever happens to both of us. And, you know what?

Alysson puts the microphone on the table for a second, picking up the contract and signing it without even giving it much of a look-see. After putting her name down on it, she slams the clipboard on the table again and picks up the mike once more.

Alysson: There’s MY fucking compromise. If you were ANY smart, you’d hold off on signing that and take your L while you’re still… You know, walking. But I guess that would be overestimating you, hm?

Nevaeh took a long, deep breath as she heard what Alysson had to say. Nevaeh then looked at the contract and slid it over to her. She read Alysson’s name on it and nodded her head

Nevaeh: I am going to say this because it’s true. I realize how dangerous you are. What you are capable of. This match, this style is your creation. Me signing this doesn’t hold the company responsible for whatever it is you might do to me.

Nevaeh paused, slowly raising her head to look back at Alysson.

Nevaeh:...but it also means they’re not responsible for whatever it is I might do to you…

The crowd cheers this proclamation loudly as Nevaeh seems to become more serious…

Nevaeh:..and believe you me Alysson after all of this I may get hurt, but I’m gonna give it right back to you. I promise you that!

Nevaeh now grabbed a pen and signed her name on the contract, sliding it back to Alysson. The redhead smirks and chuckles as Allison Marx keeps watching from a distance..

Alysson: Aren’t you the cutest of pies? Just look at you, being all grown up and stuff! Seriously, it’s adorable! But here’s what you haven’t paid attention to: you have NO IDEA what it means to be dangerous. You may have dealt your share of damage throughout the years you’ve been here, but you’ve never… NEVER stepped inside the ring with someone who doesn’t just want to make a point… But also wants to fucking destroy you. From the inside out. Make you bleed until you go dry. And you’ve never stepped inside the ring with someone with so much to give back to you as I have right now. I want you to go back to all those times you hurt people just for the kick of it, for the shallow advantage you may have gotten… And then I want you to look at me and realize I’m your goddamn KARMA.

Nevaeh seemed repulsed by what she just heard. So much so she just stared at Alysson for a moment. She soon pointed at Allison Marx without ever looking away from Alysson.

Nevaeh: Allison you can get the contract and go now…

Nevaeh waited for Marx to do just that, secruing the document and quickly making her way out of the ring. Nevaeh just stared at Alysson with a look of contempt.

Nevaeh: You keep saying I’m dumb for taking this match. That I’m a fool for not giving up on wanting to face you again. But yet you stand there and say the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard in my life. You’re my karma? YOU? You try and make yourself sound like some great avenger..you’re not. You’re not coming to beat me for anybody but you. You keep throwing what I did back in my face as a tactic. You want to keep trying that go ahead. I’m still gonna be in tha ring on December 1st Alysson. Don’t ever make it seem like you give a damn about anything else but yourself. YOU are nothing more than a selfish, sanctimonious, whiny little bitch who takes forever to make up her mind. And when you do you make sure to jump people from behind first. Yeah that’s your style Alysson. And while we’re talking about your style let me make something perfectly clear to you right now. If you EVER try and swing that crowbar in my direction again I’m not gonna be so nice like I was at Velocity. Oh no if you try it ever again I’m not only gonna rip it out of your hand I’m gonna shove it straight up your ass!

The crowd roared its approval as Nevaeh sternly glared at Alysson, who seemed very upset hearing that remark.

Alysson: Not if I bury it in your skull first, bitch!

And just like that, Alysson raises her arm and swings the crowbar! But just in time to protect herself, Nevaeh flips the table, hurling it on Alysson and throwing the French wrestler off balance! As if on cue, before things get more and more heated, the trainers rush down the entrance ramp just as Alysson and Nevaeh engage in a catfight in the center of the ring! It’s not long before the trainers have separated the blonde and the redhead, both pretty much ready to bite the other’s face off. We fade out to something completely different on the two incensed women’s struggles.

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Breaking Point returns from the commercial break back to the ring with Katherine Grayson standing in the center for the last time this evening.

Kat: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is your main event of the evening!

Zack: Last year, the two women we are about to see won the battle royal at Global Wars. But neither were permitted back into it this year. In any event, we’re about to see a first time ever match that I’ve been looking forward to since it was announced. I’ll be joined by Steph’s manager in a moment.

“God money I'll do anything for you. God money just tell me what you want me to.
God money nail me up against the wall. God money don't want everything he wants it all.
No you can't take it! No you can't take it! No you can't take that away from me!
No you can't take it! No you can't take it! No you can't take that away from ME..!”

The strange wails of “Head Like A Hole” begin to sing out as fog begins to envelope the top of the ramp and a green spotlight begins to try and cut through the haze of the fog. The hands of the many fans begin to reach through the fog, giving the image similarity to the souls of the damned reaching up through the abyss. Suddenly two figures begin to emerge through the thick green smog and make their way down to the ramp. The Witch of Wall Street is reading a newspaper as she walks to the ring, joined by Christian Kincaid.


Kat: Accompanied to the ring by Christian Kincaid... From Berkeley, California and weighing in tonight at 170 pounds... She is THE WITCH OF WALL STREET... THIS IS *THE* STEPH STEFANO!

Steph rolls her newspaper up and talks with Christian a few moments. After nodding she rolls into the ring, and runs to the nearest turnbuckle, one foot on the top and the other on the second. Look out to the cheering crowd among green spotlights she taps her wrist before hopping down as the lights return to normal. Christian then heads for the booth to join Zack.

Christian: I spent almost as much time with you as I do my own clients, it feels like, Zack. How’s it going?

Zack: Ready for this main event to get underway. I think this is a match people have been interested to see since these two won the Global Wars battle royal last year.

There was silence; the lights began to fade away slowly. A soft instrumental echoes out across the audience. It starts slowly, a beautiful sound that contrasts the heaviness of the world. Like feathers, it glides among the waiting audience. The lighting fixtures produce a gentle spotlight upon the stage, offset by the occasional flash here and there. As 'Just Close Your Eyes' by Waterproof Blonde continues to play, a woman’s words begin to come through. Her voice is tender, not raising upon a whisper.

"Deceived by my eyes and all I was told I should see
Opinions not mine, the person they taught me to be
One night in the dark, a vision of someone I knew
And in the darkness I saw, a voice say, I'm you."

On the stage, a feminine figure appears. Her head lowered to everything. People cannot make out who it is. As she stands there, the flashes briefly illuminate her figure. It only gives small clues on who stands at the gate. She stands in the spotlight, her shadow cast large and proudly among the stage.

"Inside me a light was turned on…"

The instrumental picks up again. An electric guitar now joins the progressively exciting instrumentals of before. The singer’s voice suddenly intensifies.

"Then I was alive!"

In the light, it is revealed that it was Savannah Taylor. She stands at the gate, a robe of obsidian and ivory hues. The hood of it shadows her eyes, but the intensity of the final EXODUS World Champion remains clear as day. She starts off down the ramp, with a serious aura radiating from her body.

Kat: Ladies and gentlemen, making her way down to the ring....weighing in at one hundred twenty pounds.....from Las Vegas, Nevada.....Savannah Taylor !!!

"If you close your eyes your life,
A naked truth revealed
Dreams you never lived,
And scars never healed"

Savannah makes her way up the ring steps. She looks out towards the audience for a moment before entering the ring. From there, she heads for a turnbuckle. She stands there, taking in everything. She then lifts her up on top of it. She peers out in nothing, then takes off the hood with a flashy flourish. Her blonde locks fly up in the air. They descend, shaping her face as they famously do.

"In the darkness, light will take you to the other side
You'll find me waiting there you'll see, if you just close your eyes."

While she stands in her corner, she closes her eyes and takes a heavy breath. When her bright eyes open, Taylor is completely composed. There is nothing more than the heat of battle awaiting her. She takes off her robe, giving it to a stagehand. She stretches her wrists before devoting her mind to the war upon the horizon.

Zack: Savannah Taylor has had her fair share of issues with the Franchise, but tonight she faces someone I think we could easily say is a friend, which is a change of pace for her of late.

Christian: They are definitely friends. No ill will at all, but that all gets left in the back when the bell rings. Making friends is not how you make money in this business, Zack.

Referee Ashley Pruitt checks both women as Kat leaves the ring. She calls for the bell as Savannah and Steph meet in the center. Steph offers her a handshake, which Savannah returns with a smile. Then the brunette shakes her head, and gives Savannah a hug. It surprises the blonde for a moment...at least until Steph takes her down with a belly to belly suplex. She pulls her back with her arms still wrapped around her, and plants her with a second one. Stefano hops back to her feet, scooping her up this time with a rear waistlock into a German suplex. The “Las Vegas Siren” rolls away from her, and tries to get to her feet before Steph lowers into a three point stance and uses a running shoulder tackle to send Savannah up and over to the mat.

Christian: This is what we call the “shock and awe” offense, where you immediately catch your opponent off guard and go to work. That’s something I haven’t seen anyone try with Savannah.

Zack: It’s damn sure working already in the opening moments of this match. Note to self: if Steph wants to hug you, politely decline.

Taylor starts to rise again as Steph scoops her and then drives her back first into the far corner. She lowers her shoulder, and starts thrusting it into Savannah’s body until the blonde gets free of her. It doesn’t last long though before Steph grabs her into a hair pull backbreaker. The former No Surrender Champion begins to move, clutching her back until Steph pulls her back to her feet and over one shoulder into a running powerslam to the mat. The brunette starts nodding her head as she waves for Savannah to get up again. She doesn’t have to wait long before Stefano barrels towards her, delivering a jumping reverse bulldog and immediately rolls her over into the cover!

Zack: There’s the WALK OF SHAME!! Steph’s not getting paid by the hour!




Savannah kicked out as the three was coming down, and Steph quickly got back to her feet. She pulled her up by the head, and then whipped her across to the far side. Taylor came back right into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.

Christian: Savannah’s got a lot of resiliency, doesn’t she? But if you can put your opponent away in under 5 minutes, go for it! Nothing wrong with that at all, it’s the outcome people remember. Not the time elapsed.

The blonde started to move again before Steph pulled her up into a front facelock. She then hoisted her up for what looked like a vertical suplex, but Steph held her there for a couple seconds. That turned out to be a mistake as Savannah managed to break free, and land on her feet behind the brunette. Before Steph could turn around, Savannah delivered a backstabber that shot Steph into the ropes awkwardly. As soon as she turned around, Taylor grabbed her head for a corkscrew neckbreaker.

Zack: Steph gave Savannah a second too long to think about it, and what a combo! A backstabber into the THE GAMBLE!

Christian: Yeah, that’s a pretty nasty pair of moves to take in a row like that. Maybe less stalling suplexes in the future, especially if you’re facing someone with Savannah’s technical skills.

Both women lay on the mat briefly before Savannah finally sat up. She rubbed at her back in pain as she got to her feet. Steph started to rise too as Taylor took off towards the ropes. She came back with a leg lariat just as Steph turned around. It sent the brunette to her knees wobbling before she started to stand again. By this point, Savannah had hit the far side ropes behind her and connected with a reverse hurricanrana that spiked Steph’s head into the mat. She quickly rolled her over, and went for the cover as Pruitt dropped to count.

Zack: Did you hear the thud of Steph’s head striking the mat off the rana?! Looks like Savannah’s not working by the hour either!




Steph managed to kick out after the two struck, and shoved Savannah off her after that. The “Las Vegas Siren” climbed back to her feet, and applied a reverse chinlock with her knee buried into Steph’s back.

Christian: Savannah’s trying to slow the pace down a little. This is well within her comfort zone, and gives her a bit to decide what she wants to do next.

The referee moved around in front of Steph, who made it clear she didn’t want to quit.Savannah cupped Steph’s chin with one hand, and used her free arm to drive elbows into the top of her head and then apply the chinlock again. She even began to drag Steph’s neck across her knee a little to grind it in further. The effect was clear on Steph’s face until Savannah pelted her with forearms across her chest before going right back to the reverse chinlock.

Zack: Savannah can really get creative with this reverse chinlock, can’t she? Steph’s neck and chest and back are catching a beating all within the same hold.

Christian: Savannah is a technical purist in a lot of ways, and it doesn’t surprise me she’s found some new ways to get the most out of a hold like this.

The referee checked with Steph again, and got the same answer as before. Stefano reached up, and fired a right hand into the side of Savannah’s head. Two more landed before she finally lost her grip. Steph started to move away from her as Savannah tried to get her bearings. Taylor finally got to a vertical base after Steph bounced off the far side ropes with a Polish hammer to her chest that drove her down to the mat. She shook her head, trying to regain her faculties before she pulled her opponent back to her feet, and scooped her up for a turnbuckle powerbomb. The “Las Vegas Siren” crumpled to a heap in the corner before Steph dragged her away by her feet, and fell into a cover with a leg hook.

Zack: Taylor just folded up like a house of cards after that buckle bomb, and Steph may be seconds away from hearing the bell!




But Savannah’s shoulder came up before the three landed, and Steph started back to her feet. Savannah rolled onto her stomach, and got a double stomp to her back from her opponent. A second one landed as well, and Steph grabbed her feet to apply her reverse Boston crab.

Christian: There we go! Steph’s no slouch when it comes to holds either, and I think this RATINGS SPIKE is just what she needed to do.

Zack: Not only that, but she’s got terrific ring positioning too. With all the work that’s been done on Savannah’s back, she’s in serious trouble right now!

Pruitt moved around to check on Savannah to see if she wanted to stop the match. But there was no sign of that as Savannah’s face clenched in pain. Steph leaned over her, trying to just that bit much more pressure, causing Savannah to dig her fingers into the mat. She let out a shout, and began crawling arm over arm towards the ropes. Each forward motion only hurt her more though until she finally grabbed the bottom rope with one hand. Pruitt told Steph to release the hold, which she did promptly.

Zack: You gotta believe somewhere in the back that Bianca Salvador is eating popcorn and enjoying the show here as Savannah is being dissected by the Capitalist Cruncher.

Christian: Capitalist Cruncher...I like that. May be a t-shirt in the future. To be honest, neither Steph nor I are all that concerned with what entertains Bianca.

Stefano reached down to grab her feet to pull her away from the ropes, but Savannah rolled onto her back and started kicking her feet almost like she was riding a bicycle. Stomp after stomp to Steph’s chest stunned before one big stomp to the face sent her staggering backwards. Savannah climbed to her feet, and took off towards the corner. Steph tried to regain her balance before Savannah came off the top rope with an avalanche shiranui that floored her! She hooked both legs for the cover as Pruitt dropped for the count.

Zack: SNAKE EYES!! And Savannah may have it right now!!




Steph got her shoulder up in time, and Savannah rolled off the cover still favoring her back. She made it to her feet finally, and was clearly having trouble standing up straight. Seeing her opponent beginning to rise as well, Savannah started to unleash a series of kicks to Steph’s body. Each shot connected, and the final one caused her to double over in pain.

Christian: Those kicks are sharp as hell, Zack. Savannah’s done some training in martial arts, I believe, and it’s paid off.

She took off towards the far side ropes, and came back with a running kneelift into Steph’s head. It snapped her head up long enough for Savannah to move behind her and apply a cobra clutch. Steph’s free arm began trying to reach the ropes as the blonde was doing her best to stop it as she tried to step on the back of Steph’s leg to bring her down to the mat. She started shaking her violently, and then was able to step on the back of her knee. Stefano crumpled to the mat as Savannah laid on her side, keeping the hold locked.

Christian: That’s a new wrinkle, shake them silly and then get them down to the mat. I’ll have to keep that in mind. But as far as this goes, Savannah’s got Steph in a lot of trouble here.

Zack: She certainly does, and I’m not sure how much more Steph’s got left in her tank to keep coming back. These two have given each other no quarter since the bell rang.

The referee dropped down near Steph’s head, asking her if she wanted to quit. She got a weak negative response as Savannah showed no signs of letting the hold go anytime soon. Finally, Stefano’s eyes closed and she didn’t answer the questions from the referee. She had her hand raised once…..twice….three times. And as she was about to call for the bell, Pruitt looked over to see Steph’s foot was draped across the bottom rope. She immediately called for the break, and Savannah got to her feet and raised her hand. Pruitt shook her head, and pointed out where Steph’s foot was, causing Savannah to shake her head.

Zack: Good spotting by the referee right there! I wasn’t even looking at Steph’s feet, and like Savannah, I thought that was the end of the match.

Christian: I can’t say anything either. I was watching her arm and face to see if I noticed any signs she was maybe suckering Savannah. She wasn’t obviously.

Savannah headed back to the corner, stopping as she climbed because of the pain her back was suffering. She made it to the top rope, and perched herself watching as Steph slowly began to move and start to get to her feet. Stefano looked around as she did, not seeing Savannah as the referee told her the match was still going. She nodded her head, and finally turned as Savannah launched herself off the top rope…..only to be grabbed in midair and driven into the mat with a spinebuster! Her body writhed off the canvas as Steph went for the cover!

Zack: Savannah’s perched and ready, and she’s about fl-----SPINEBUSTER!!! Where the hell did she pull that from?! Stefano’s got it!!




Savannah’s shoulder came off the mat in time. Steph raised her head with a dazed look, holding up three fingers before the referee informed her it was only two.

Christian: I…..I thought she had her too! The fact Savannah is still fighting tells you a lot, doesn’t it? You’d think there was a championship on the line here or something!

Steph climbed back to her feet, and headed for the corner. She almost collapsed against it, like she was wanting it to hold her up for a few seconds before her toe started tapping the mat. Taylor was slowly beginning to stir, one hand pressed against her back as she began to get to all fours. As soon as she did, Steph barreled out of the corner with her punt in mind…..but Savannah avoided it! She got to her feet as Steph stopped herself before she hit the ropes. Taylor grabbed her by the arm, spun her around and dropped her with her with the….


Savannah collapsed onto Steph, hooking both legs for the cover before the referee slid into position to make the count.

Christian: I….I think you’re right!




Steph’s shoulder popped up again, and Savannah stared at it in disbelief. The “Las Vegas Siren” checked with the referee just as Steph had earlier, and only saw two fingers. She shook her head, and climbed back to her feet.

Christian: Savannah can’t believe it….and she’s in good company! I thought she had her too, but Steph…...Steph is unreal!

Taylor dragged Steph towards the center of the ring, and immediately applied her double leg Muta lock. The referee dropped down in front of a barely conscious Steph. Savannah’s face was tense as she worked the submission. Stefano reached out for the ropes, but none were anywhere close within reach. Pruitt checked again if she wanted to stop the match, and Steph weakly reached for the ropes yet again. She stretched a little further this time, but she still wasn’t anywhere close to them.

Christian: I hate to say it, but Steph might ought to call it a night here! I don’t think she’s all that sure where she is right now, look at her eyes.

Zack: There’s a far away look in the eyes of Steph Stefano! That Desecrator from Savannah...it’s amazing she survived it! But there’s barely anything left now!

Steph reached again before her arm collapsed to the mat. The referee checked her hand quickly, three times and watched it fall repeatedly before she called for the bell. Savannah let go, and rolled off to the mat, trying to pull herself together.

Zack: That’ll do it! Steph had lost consciousness, and wasn’t answering the referee anymore! And Savannah Taylor has picked up one hell of a win!

Christian: No excuses from me. She earned it, and she deserves it! That was outstanding, and like you said….a hell of a win! If that doesn’t put her into some title talks, I don’t know what will.

Kat: Here’s your winner as a result of a submission…………’THE LAS VEGAS SIREN’ SAVANNAH TAYLOR!!

The blonde finally sat up, and started to get to her feet. When she did, the referee raised her hand in victory to quite a bit of fanfare from the live crowd. She looked down to her opponent as Steph was beginning to move again. Christian left the booth to help his client out of the ring as Savannah climbed up onto the middle turnbuckle and raised both arms over her head.

Zack: Savannah Taylor may have just picked up the biggest win of her FFW career over the longest reigning Evolution Champion in FFW history! And she’s heading into Global Wars with one woman on her----LOOK OUT!!!

Bianca hit the ring, snapping her off the corner with a release German suplex. Salvador hopped to her feet, scooped up a pair of tonfas she had brought with her and then proceeded to hammer Savannah with them to deafening boos from the crowd. The tonfas connected again an again, bloodying the Siren until she wasn’t moving. Bianca got back to her feet, planting one foot on Savannah’s chest with her tonfas in each hand.

Zack: Bianca Salvador’s looking to make sure Savannah won’t make it to Global Wars in their Last Woman Standing match! Where the hell did she get those tonfas?!

Bianca told the referee to count her down, to which Pruitt shook her head. The “Typhoon” raised one of the weapons towards her before the referee reluctantly began a ten count.


Then she demanded her hand be raised, which the referee did….reluctantly.

Zack: Savannah’s a mess, and unconscious! I’m glad Bianca’s proud of herself, because she hasn’t won jack against Savannah! Come Global Wars though…..could this woman right here be the Last Woman Standing?!

Bianca twirled the tonfas in her hand, beaming ear to ear as trainers came out to check on both Steph and Savannah. Breaking Point then faded off the air.

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