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April 22, 2019, 02:58:36 am
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FFW Global Wars - December 1, 2018

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Author Topic: FFW Global Wars - December 1, 2018  (Read 276 times)
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« on: December 04, 2018, 09:44:59 pm »

Live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California
December 1, 2018

The FFW logo appears on the screen painted atop a soldier’s helmet before we cut to a flashing of the 12 women involved in Global Wars. “This Is War” by Thirty Seconds to Mars begins to play as we see the many matches that have lead up to the battle royal tonight with victories by each team highlighted.

A warning to the people, the good and the evil
This is war
To the soldier, the civilian, the martyr, the victim
This is war

We switch to clips showing the events leading up to tonight’s title matches, including the rematch between Miko Ayano and Artemis Kaiser. Highlights from their match at Sin & Sacrifice are seen before we see the pair of them in military gear staring across at one another. Missy and Sophia Pike’s rises through FFW are seen with Missy finally capturing the Evolution title before the champion holds her title aloft with Sophia just over her shoulder.

To the right to the left
We will fight to the death
To the edge of the earth,
It's a brave new world from the last to the first

The arrival of Bianca Reed to the main roster is shown, including her defeat of Andi Takata to earn her title shot tonight against Lilly Arthur. Both women zip up flight suits and look across at one another with the Fast Track Championship between them on a table. The anger of the fans is then seen during Mallory Bennett’s match with Ruby Tyler, including Raven in the morgue. The next image shows the champion licking the Ultraviolence title, and waving at both Raven and Ruby to come at her...which they do.

A warning to the prophet, the liar, the honest
This is war
To the leader, the pariah, the victor, the messiah
This is war

The final shot shows the ladder match from Unstoppable 9 as KO/TO face off with the Scarborough Fair, and the show of respect from both teams following that. The Unity titles are then unearthed from a military drop box as both teams look across at one another before we cut live inside the arena. The stage looks like a battlezone with military equipment on both sides with netting hanging over part of the video wall. The camera pans the crowd to a roar as they see themselves on Pay Per View.

Zack: You are experiencing the unadulterated enthusiasm of a sold out Staples Center here in the City of Angels! Welcome to the 4th annual Global Wars, where the biggest battle royal in FFW will take place tonight!

Mai: It’s the final stop on the calendar for the FFW roster, and this is one hell of a way to end the year! I’d also like all of you to stop lobbying for Lyn to take my job here, thank you.

“Can’t Be Tamed” begins to play as the crowd gets much louder at the sight of the owner of FFW making her way out onto the stage. Samantha looks around with arena with an approving nod as the Los Angeles crowd gives her a very warm reception. She’s handed a microphone a moment later.

Zack: We’re not used to hearing that reaction for the owner of this company, but this is Samantha Star’s hometown and her favorite arena!

Mai: I’d give her that response anywhere she went One time I thought she had came into the same bathroom as me, and I started applauding. You can’t imagine how oddly Jo looked at me when I saw it was her.

Samantha: I cannot tell you how good it feels to be….HOME.

This gets another pop, as you might expect from a hometown crowd.

Samantha: I have been all across this country many times over, and there’s no question this is where I am at home. This is where FFW calls home. Not just this city, but this state. California has been suffering for weeks, thanks to two wildfires that raged uncontrollably. It got so bad that there was some advising that I should move this event. But I ignored that advice. As long as there were people here and as long as it was safe, there was no way I was going to take Global Wars out of the Staples Center!

This gets yet another pop as Samantha is clearly working up the crowd, in the opposite way she normally does.

Samantha: To those who may be watching who have been affected by these wildfires, I assure you that you will have the full support of every citizen of this state and even more around the world. I assure you that everything these fires took away will be rebuilt better than they were before. And I assure you that FFW will be taking part in that effort.

She stops a moment to listen to the crowd response.

Samantha: Now with that said, let’s discuss a little business as it pertains to tonight. Global Wars will take place in that ring tonight as the main event, 12 women who are looking to show pride in their country. The woman who wins for her team will get a pair of gold medals with their country’s flag on them.

The video wall shows the medals all lined up in a case with each country, very much like Olympic medals in design.

Samantha: But the team with the most points at the end of the night….the last woman remaining in the ring for that team….will receive a contract. That contract will allow that person the choice of challenging for either the Ultraviolence, Evolution, or No Surrender Championship provided she is not already one of those champions. And in 2019, that woman will be given the title shot of their choosing. This is the biggest and only battle royal FFW does each year for a reason, because what’s bigger than a global competition? I think it’s time we get things started, and that’ll be with the future.

A chant for Future Shock begins as we cut to a video package introducing the viewers (who don’t watch Future Shock) to “Midnight” Mila Martin and “10 Star” Tara Cortez.

The camera heads to the ring, and finds a beaming Gabrielle Crimson standing in the ring instead of Kat Grayson. The “Wildcat” listens to the crowd for a second, and then begins.

Gaby: The opening contest of Global Wars is scheduled for one fall, and it is a Future Shock Spotlight match!

Zack: A tradition here at Global Wars, Future Shock gets its own spotlight. And that’s why we got a “Wildcat” doing the honors for this match. Zack here, and I’m joined by my fellow Future Shock commentator for this match, none other than Lyn Dallins.

Lyn: Now while my job may not be in danger here, which I’m crossing my fingers on... I am still going to deliver the best color commentary here.

Zack: For those of you who may not already be watching Future Shock, that is something I encourage you to change. You’re missing out on the future stars of FFW. We call them Prospects, and each of them are very unique, as you’ll soon see.

Lyn: Yes... Yes you will see that very soon.

As Survivor by Destiny’s Child starts to play around the arena, Midnight walks out in her ring gear of black combat style shorts, matching black cut off tank top, black boots and a short black jacket. She stops at the top of the ramp, nodding her head a bit as the verse plays. As the chorus begins, white pyrotechnics erupt at the side of her. While the chorus plays, Midnight makes her way down the ramp, tagging the hands of the fans along the way.

I'm a survivor (what?)
I'm not gon' give up (what?)
I'm not gon' stop (what?)
I'm gon' work harder (what?)
I'm a survivor (what?)
I'm gonna make it (what?)
I will survive (what?)
Keep on survivin'(what?)

Gaby: Introducing at this time, hailing from London, England……”MIDNIGHT” MILA MARTIN!

I'm a survivor (what?)
I'm not gon' give up (what?)
I'm not gon' stop (what?)
I'm gon' work harder (what?)
I'm a survivor (what?)
I'm gonna make it (what?)
I will survive (what?)
Keep on survivin'(what?)

As the chorus ends and Midnight reaches the bottom of the ramp, she speeds up and runs the rest of the way to the ring, then jumps straight up onto the apron. Holding onto the top rope she looks out to the crowd and raises her hand fist pumping and hyping the crowd up. She climbs into the ring as the music ends and heads to her corner, taking off her jacket and getting ready for the match.

Zack: Mila “Midnight” Martin is the next in line for the Aspire Championship, currently held by your protege, Lyn. And I’m positive Lydia is somewhere near a monitor scouting...and maybe doing some bicep curls.

Lyn: Both, Zack. It is always both. No slouching on Mila though because she’s likely to match Lydia in the stamina department and Charisma has to be aware of that. Both their workouts are... Terrifying.

The otherwise quiet intro to Family Force 5's "Drama Queen" starts on the sound system, and lights start blinking in random colors as Tara Cortez struts onto the entrance ramp, with her manager Christian Kincaid right there with her. She stops right before the descent and pulls off a short dance move, crouching down only to get back up, running her hands over her slender body and then bringing them above her head, only to then open her arms... and then wave off the booing audience. Blowing raspberries, she then starts strutting down the entrance ramp, shaking her head at the fans in attendance as she makes her way to the ring.

Gaby: And her opponent, escorted to the ring by Christian Kincaid... From Fort Worth, Texas... "10-STAR" TARA CORTEZ!

When Tara climbs into the ring, she makes her way to the ropes facing the hard camera, leaning onto them and posing for the audience, moving her arms much like in the same way she did earlier with her starting dance. She then waves the crowd off once again before she hops back down to the ring, making her way to her corner and sharing some last minute strategy with Christian.

Zack: Fun fact for you. I was told that Tara demanded to come out second for this match, due to her bigger star power. Lyn, for those unaware, what can you tell them about “10 Star” Tara Cortez?

Lyn: You mean besides the fact that she views herself head and shoulders above most other Prospects if not all of them? That she while, almost insane in her star being higher than others, is not shy about telling anyone? Oh and she has a twin sister named Luna who this might actually be instead of Tara. Y’know. Normal stuff.

Referee Ashley Pruitt checks both women as Christian hops down to the floor. The bell sounds as the two women meet in the center of the ring. Tara tells Mila this is her spotlight match, not for Future Shock as she points out to the people. This only gets an eye roll from Mila before Tara offers her a handshake. Martin has a small smirk on her face as she grabs Tara’s hand, and jerks her forward into a right cross. Two more land in succession with Mila holding onto that same hand. She jerks Tara back to her feet, and spins into her with a back elbow across the jaw that stumbles her again. But Mila still holds onto the hand, and uses a judo throw to snap her down to the mat right into an overhead keylock.

Lyn: Mila is letting Tara have all the spotlight she wants! ...While using her as her MMA dummy. Now as you can see here, Zack this is a V1 keylock I believe! I may have that wrong, but that is excellent grip and control.

Zack: If I’ve learned anything from watching Mila’s matches, it’s that you never want to let her get hold of your hand. Because she will pound you senseless before she ever lets go!

Tara’s face has a wince to it as Mila works the hold, but it’s soon replaced by an annoyed expression. She starts to rise to her feet, and catches Mila in the ribs with an elbow. It only works for about a half second though before Mila, still holding that same hand, rises up and jerks Tara into her. She snaps her arms around her waist for a belly to belly suplex to bring Cortez down and hooks the leg before Pruitt drops to count.

Zack: Never ever let Mila grab your hand, and a nicely done belly to belly!



Tara kicks out almost at the same time as the one hit the mat. Mila got back to her feet, pulling “10 Star” up with her before firing her into the far corner. Tara stopped herself before she connected, but Mila surprised her before she could turn around with a codebreaker.

Lyn: Double knee facebreaker and never let Mila grab your head either. In general, just don’t let this woman get close in the ring or it’s curtains. Not the pretty kind neither.

The former officer got back to her feet, and began to pull Tara away from the ropes. But Cortez got free of her, and quickly rolled out to the floor. She headed around the corner to her manager as Christian shared some words with her. Pruitt began a ten count on her before Tara finally started to climb back onto the apron at four and demand Mila to stay back….even though she was halfway across the ring. Tara slowly made it back into the ring, and waved Mila forward. She didn’t have to wait long before Martin took off towards her. She caught a drop toe hold from Cortez on the way though, and it sent her throat first across the middle rope. The “10 Star” Prospect climbed on her back, driving her knees into it as she tried to choke Mila against the rope. Pruitt got to a four count before Tara got back to her feet with a smile.

Zack: I think Tara may have wanted Mila to follow her out, but she wasn’t going for it. If you get past her personality and how she conducts herself, Tara Cortez is very talented in the ring.

Lyn: It’s hard to deny her the “10 Star” name if nothing else. Past it all she knows what she’s doing and exactly how to do it. You can’t teach that kind of natural ability in-ring.

Cortez used the rope to slingshot Mila back onto the canvas. As the former officer started to get up, Tara raked her bootlaces across Mila’s face and bounced off the near side with a knee drop to the back of her head. It crashed her face into the mat, and Tara followed up by taking off for the ropes. When Mila got back to her feet, she turned into a leg lariat from the twin that dropped her back to the mat before she fell into the cover.





Mila got her shoulder up in time, causing Tara to get back to her feet. She dragged her up with her, and scooped her over one shoulder before using a running powerslam into the turnbuckles that Mila crashing upside down against the corner.

Zack: Tara seems to be focused on working over Mila’s back here, and using every part of the ring she can to do even more damage.

Cortez quickly sits her up against the turnbuckle before she takes off for the far side. She picks up quite a bit of speed before jumping into a meteora into Mila’s chest. It crumples her over to the canvas before Tara positions her under the bottom rope, and falls backwards with a catapult that sends her neck into the bottom rope. Mila begins coughing heavily before Tara drags her towards the center, and proceeds to use a Garvin stomp on each part of her body.

Zack: Tara really doesn’t let up when she thinks she has you in a compromising position, does she? There’s not going to be one part of MIla’s body that doesn’t have her boot print on it at this rate.

Lyn: It’s equal parts a mental strategy of demeaning and a physical strategy of damaging. Tactics. Always tactics.

The “10 Star” Prospect applies a Texas cloverleaf on her opponent, and sits down low into it to bend Mila’s lower back even more sharply. The referee slides around to Mila’s side, checking to see if she wants to stop the match. But “Midnight” shakes her head through gritted teeth, while Tara leans back to add more pressure. Cortez shouted over her shoulder to tap out, but it didn’t seem to get the response from Mila she wanted.

Zack: With all the work she’s done already on Mila’s back, I’m not sure how much more it’s going to withstand. But that being said, I also don’t recall the last time Mila tapped out.

Lyn: I’m not sure we may see it tonight either!

Pruitt asked again, still getting a negative answer from the former officer. Instead Mila pushed up on her forearms, and started dragging herself towards the ropes with Tara getting pulled along for the ride. As soon as she was about to reach out and grab the bottom, Tara stood up and dragged her back to the center of the ring and sat right back down into the cloverleaf. Mila’s face wrenched in pain as she pounded the mat with one fist out or pain and frustration.

Zack: You could see Tara keeping an eye the closer Mila got to the ropes, and teased her with it before she dragged her back to the center. Like I said, she’s very talented and knows her stuff despite how she acts. CK has clearly done a great deal with her.

Lyn: Yes, but he’s also humored some of her... I’m going to call them absurdities and leave it at that. Yes, yes, manager-client relationship, I get it just... The ring man. Why the ring?

The referee checked again as Mila’s face seemed to grow more determined. She pushed back up onto her elbows, and power crawled on them at a faster clip this time to the ropes. Tara wasn’t able to drag her back in time before she hooked her arm across the bottom rope to get the break. Cortez let go on a four count, and saw Mila trying to get to all fours. The “10 Star” Prospect left her feet to come down across her back, but Mila flipped over and brought her knees up for Tara to land across instead. It froze her in pain as Martin pulled herself away, and used the ropes to get back to her feet.

Lyn: Mila with an out-of-nowhere counter!

Zack: You got that right! And ol “10 Star” is feeling that level of pain right now.

Mila leans against the corner as Tara tries to steady herself, only to catch a running lariat that mows her down. “Midnight” heads for the corner, and climbs up to the middle turnbuckle before she kicks out with an elbow drop right to Tara’s chest. She quickly gets to her feet, and starts to pull Tara into position for her finisher…..when loud boos began to come from the crowd. She lets go when she sees the “Lioness” Elizabeth Lannister on her way towards the ring. Martin locks eyes with her as Elizabeth moves closer.

Zack: I was wondering when we were going to see the “Lioness”, Lyn. She has seemingly become wholly fixated on Mila in Future Shock.

Lyn: Obsessed really and Midnight better watch out.

This gives Tara a chance to recover as well, and she charges Mila from behind with a high knee to the back of her head. She quickly plants her with a DDT after that, and heads for the corner.

Lyn: Took her eyes off Tara for a second and she’s about to make her pay with--

Cortez leaves her feet for a slingshot corkscrew Arabian press that lands perfectly on target. She stacks Mila’s legs up over her for the cover, then kicks her feet onto the middle rope after the referee begins her count.

Zack: C-BOMB!! And look at her feet!




Pruitt calls for the bell to boos from the crowd as Tara gets back to her feet. She gets her hand raised in victory, beaming ear to ear before joining her manager on the floor. Christian raises her hand too as Elizabeth steps through the ropes.

Gaby: Here’s your winner of the match…..’10 STAR’ TARA CORTEZ!!!!

Lyn: So close. So damn close and Elizabeth knows the damage has been done.

As Mila starts to get up though, Elizabeth takes off her heels, and joins her in the ring. And without warning, she begins using one of the heels to bludgeon Mila with it. Shot after shot of her heel lands against Mila’s head and body, cutting her open before the referee can pull her off. Lannister backs up with her hands up before putting those heels back on her feet.

Lyn: I have never seen someone literally bludgeon another human being so fitfully... With a heel.

Zack: Just goes to show you how much she absolutely despises her! And heel or not, she’s treating Mila like a spider with that high heel.

Tara shrugs her shoulders as she watches, and heads up the ramp. Elizabeth asks Mila if she still wanted to run her mouth as blood began to seep from the gash her heel left on Mila’s head. From there, we head to a commercial for Future Shock’s next episode: Girls’ Night Out.

A highlight package shows how Lilly Arthur both earned a shot and won the Fast Track Championship, followed by how Bianca Reed earned her shot at it. We then cut back to the ring with Kat ready and waiting.

Kat: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the FFW Fast Track Championship!

Zack: It’s time for the first of our championship matches you’ll see here tonight at Global Wars. And I suspect this may be one of the more fast paced matches, to say the least. I’m joined by the man who represents both of these ladies, Carson Black.

Carson: A pleasure to be here tonight, Zack, and thank you for having me. As always, the production quality is second to none for these major FFW events.

I told ya, baby
I told ya

The arena darkens as “Rockstar 101” by Rihanna begins to play before the camera takes us behind a woman with purple hair. She steps out onto the stage, raising her hand and making a fist as the camera looks over her shoulder. She tosses her sunglasses on her head out to the crowd as she heads towards the ring.

Rocking these diamonds
I'm rocking this chain
Make sure you get a picture
I'm rocking my fame

Kat: Introducing from Atlanta, Georgia, this is the Princess of the Reed family……...BIANCA REED!!!!

Bianca climbs up onto the apron, drops into a split before sliding under the bottom rope to the inside. She brings her legs together and hops to her feet, already making eye contact with her opponent and running them down verbally while her music fades and before the bell even rings.

Zack: Bianca Reed is just coming off one hell of a performance at Future Shock Nemesis, where she and her team overcame the Gold Standard. But tonight is not about a team effort for her, she came for the Fast Track Championship.

Carson: It would be a challenge to find anyone with more determination and focus than Miss Reed. She is a world class athlete, and I say that as someone who represents many of the same.

“All Stand Up” by Status Quo starts to play as the young lady runs out onto stage with the championship belt around her waist, heading to one side she urges the crowd to their feet, clapping her hands above her head. Skipping across to the other side, she waves them to their feet as she once more claps her hands over head. Quickly moving back to the ramp, she sprints down to the ring, sliding underneath the bottom rope and getting to her feet quickly. Bouncing off the ropes she powerslides across the ring on her knees before hopping to her feet and continuing to rally the crowd by stomping on the mat and clapping as she heads for her corner, climbing to the middle turnbuckle and holding the title high above her head before getting ready for the match to start.

Kat: The young lady approaching the ring comes from Sheffield, England by way of New York City, New York. She is 5’7” tall, she weighs 144 lbs and she is the reigning and defending FFW Fast Track Champion….LILLY ARTHUR!!!

Zack: This will be Lilly’s first defense since capturing the title from Scarlett Silver several weeks ago. She’s certainly got her work cut out for her with someone like Bianca.

Carson: Lilly is another world class talent, which I’d say even if she wasn’t my client. I think she and Bianca both are surefire main event players sooner than later in FFW.

As Kat leaves the ring, referee Emi Yamamoto takes Lilly’s title and admires it for a moment before she holds it over her head and hands it down to the timekeeper. She checks both women and calls for the bell. Lilly and Bianca meet in the center, and shake hands before they lock up. Bianca pushes Lilly back into the ropes, and gives a clean break when Emi asks for it. Reed takes a step back as Lilly moves towards her, and catches the brunette with a quick kick to her left knee. It stuns her for a half second, and gives Bianca the opening to use a snapmare to bring her down to the mat. Before the brunette can get up again, a low dropkick to her back stops her progress before Bianca drops to a knee behind her. A bevy of elbows lands against the back of her neck and head before Reed gets back to her feet. The champion starts to get up again, and eats a running kneelift that drops her back onto the canvas.

Zack: There’s that quickness advantage I mentioned earlier, Carson. Lilly’s hardly slow, but Bianca is just a split second faster. And it’s already working to her advantage.

Carson: I suspected Miss Reed might be a hair faster, but she’s certainly done an excellent job of catching Mrs. Arthur off guard so far.

Bianca pulled the champion to her feet, and sent her into the corner with an Irish whip. Lilly landed back against the turnbuckles right before Bianca began to fire kicks into her body. Each one connected flush before she finished off with a spinning heel kick that finally doubled Lilly over. This gave Bianca the chance to grab her head, and deliver a running bulldog out of the corner to the canvas. She wasted no time in rolling her over to make a cover with a hook of the leg.

Zack: This has been all Bianca since the bell rang, and our first title match tonight could end with a new champion right now!



Lilly kicked out as Emi struck two, and Bianca got back to her feet. She pulled the champion up with her, grabbing her head again. But this time, she used a bulldog into the middle turnbuckle that dropped Lilly to her knees. She snatched her up from behind into a rear waistlock, and drove her into the mat with a German suplex.

Carson: Mrs. Arthur really needs to get out of the blocks, Zack. Credit to Miss Reed for executing so far what has been a flawless strategy though.

“Killer B” headed for the corner, and made her way to the top rope. She launched herself into a moonsault, but Lilly brought her knees up before she landed. It folded the challenger in half on the canvas, and gave Lilly a chance to roll away and get back to her feet. She leaned against the ropes for a second to gather her faculties before she went after Bianca. Lilly scooped her into a front carry followed by a gutbuster across her knee. Reed curled up in pain again before the champion hopped up onto the second turnbuckle from the inside for a double knee drop into her abdomen.

Zack: From your mouth to God’s ear practically, Carson. Bianca was looking for high impact, and she got it in the form of the Fast Track Champion’s knees.

Carson: Someone like Mrs. Arthur is not one you can take too many risks with, otherwise things of that nature tend to happen. I think Miss Reed might should have stayed on the mat with her a little longer. I’m not a wrestler, just the way it looks.

As the challenger started to get up, Lilly grabbed her head and immediately went into a gator roll. She rolled Bianca all around the ring several times before pulling her up with her for several knee strikes to her head and body. The challenger collapsed to her knees before Lilly took a step back to deliver a shining wizard that drove her to the mat. She bounced off the near side ropes, and connected with a guillotine leg drop across the back of her head. Bianca collapsed forward, and was rolled over into a cover by the champion.

Zack: A guillotine leg drop from the Fast Track Champion could very well lock up Lilly’s first title defense!




Emi’s hand didn’t make it a third time before Bianca got her shoulder up off the mat. Lilly rose back to her feet, and dragged Bianca with her. She scooped her up, and sat her on the top turnbuckle before executing a superplex!

Carson: Mrs. Arthur knows how to use the top rope as well as Miss Reed, and neither of them leaving anything in the back for this match.

Lilly made it back to her feet, and moved towards the ropes. She was about to use them for offense until she saw Bianca beginning to sit up. Instead she moved around behind her and stayed there. She circled the challenger until she got back to her feet, and then swooped in from behind to leave her feet to snap off a reverse hurricanrana that stacked Bianca on her head for a half second. She quickly dove across her to make the cover with Emi right behind her to count the fall.

Carson: Now that’s some agility, Zack! Lilly may have just retained her title right now!




Bianca got her shoulder up again, causing Lilly to double check with a focused Emi who held up two fingers. The champion got back to her feet, and pulled the challenger up with her into a front facelock. She hoisted her up into a slingshot suplex, but as she was coming down, Bianca landed on her feet behind her. Before Lilly could turn, the challenger grabbed her head and delivered a neckbreaker.

Zack: Looks like Bianca’s found second gear, and Lilly wasn’t ready for that! But they’re both down now, and your guess as good as mine on who gets up first.

Emi glanced between them with wide eyes before starting a ten count on them. It was Bianca who started to move first though as she pulled Lilly the rest of the way with her. Reed fired her into the far corner before following her in with a Stinger-style splash! Lilly stumbled out before Reed climbed up onto the middle rope. She waited for her to turn around before vaulting off with a blockbuster! She shoved her onto her back, and immediately went for the cover as Emi darted into position.

Zack: A blockbuster from Bianca, and we’ll have a new champion in 3 seconds!




Lilly’s arm came up, causing Bianca to sit up on her knees and shake her head. Emi assured her it was just a two as the challenger got back to her feet, and glanced towards the ropes.

Carson: I do believe Miss Reed is considering making use of those ropes for something, but I’m not sure what she has in mind. She must feel like she can practically feel the title in her grasp!

Bianca glanced down to see where Lilly was before she headed for the ropes. Reed climbed up onto the middle rope and began bouncing on it as she was about to vault off. But Lilly charged the ropes and kicked it out from under her as she took off. The challenger landed on the back of her head almost mid-flight before Lilly took off for the other side. Reed staggered to her feet as Lilly left hers, grabbing her head from behind into a double knee backbreaker with a reverse DDT at the end! Reed crumbled to the mat before Lilly hooked the outside leg for the cover with Emi right behind her!





Emi called for the bell before Lilly rolled off the cover. Both women lay on the mat for a moment until Lilly began to sit up first. She climbed back to her feet, and had her hand raised in victory by Emi.

Carson: You were right on that occasion, Zack. Bianca only made one error there at the end, which cost her. But what an outstanding performance by both women!

Kat: The winner of this match, AND STILL FFW Fast Track Champion……...LILLY ARTHUR!!

Lilly was handed the Fast Track Championship, putting a smile on her face as she held it over her head. She then helped Bianca get back to her feet, and raised her hand too.

Zack: Congratulations to Lilly Arthur on a successful first defense of the title, and I’m positive she hasn’t heard the last of Bianca Reed looking to get another crack at it!

Lilly rolled out to the floor, and laid the title across her shoulder with a smile before she headed for the back. We then head to a commercial for the upcoming edition of Future Shock.

The Prodigies

The cameras cut to the back as Chasity Grace Holt, Toni Beasley, and Josy Dawkins are sitting at a table in front of a monitor. They are watching the show when Amber Carano walks past them.

Chasity: Hey

Chasity says as Amber doesn't hear her at first.

Chasity: Hey!

Chasity says again.

Chasity: HEY!

Chasity shouts which startles Amber. Chasity slams her hands down and gets up from her table. She walks around as Toni and Josy follow suit. Chasity gets right up in Amber's face.

Chasity: Do I have your attention now?

Amber gulps as she nods her head.

Amber: Yyyess

Chasity smirks.

Chasity: Goood.

Amber looks at the trio with confusion filling her face.

Amber: Who are you? Why are you at Global Wars?

Toni steps in front of Chasity as her anger was starting to rise.

Toni Beasley: We are the Prodigies and we are here scouting for our next victim. You see at this past Breaking Point, my girl here beat Carolina then used her to send a message.

Amber still not sure what to make of these three just nods her head.

Chasity: Are you mocking us? I think she is mocking us.

Toni holds Chasity back.

Toni: She's not mocking us Chasity. She is just scared and rightfully so we are three bad bitches. Now we want to send a message to everyone who is scheduled tonight. You better keep your eyes open because we can strike at anytime. Because the Prodigies wait for no one.

Toni motions for Amber to keep walking as Chasity snarls at Amber. Josy looks at the camera as her friends head back towards their table.

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Kat: The following contest is a tag team match and it is for the FFW UNITY TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP!

Red Hot Chili Peppers ‘Can’t Stop’ begins to play over the PA as Claire Black and Serafina DeCaro step out of the back and walk toward the middle of the stage. Claire fires off some shadow boxing combinations while Serafina gets onto the balls of her feet firing off a combination of kicks, elbows and forearms before finally finishing off with a jumping roundhouse kick. High fiving the pair walk down to the ring, Claire unzipping her jacket and sliding it off her shoulders as she reaches the bottom of the ramp and slides into the ring, where she begins to shadow box once more. Serafina meanwhile, stops to take off her hooded sweatshirt, leaving her in her ring attire before checking the taping on her wrists and ankles and applying a streak of petroleum jelly over and under her eyes. Stepping between the ropes Serafina retires to her corner, meeting Claire and discussing tactics as they wait for the match to start.

Kat: Coming from Boston, Massachusetts at a combined weight of 253lbs, the pairing of “TKO” Claire Black and Serafina DeCaro...KO/TO!!!

Zack: The current champions offered KO/TO one more shot at the belts, after what was arguably one of the closest ladder matches in FFW history. Tonight, they’re getting that shot, and with no ladders involved could we see a different outcome.

Mai: I wish I could see the bar. This is going to be about as much fun as watching paint dry.


Kat: From Berkeley, California... At a combined weight of 240 pounds and accompanied to the ring by Christian Kincaid and Steph Stefano... They are your REIGNING... DEFENDING UNITY TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS... Mickey and Raquel... THE SCARBOROUGH FAIR!!

“Every single day, things get in my way. Someone has to pay, for the little things.”

As the chords of “The Little Things” screech, the entire arena gets filled with cheers. Spotlights of yellow and pink and green flicker through the crowd and the arena darkens as the music plays. Mickey and Raquel emerge from the top of the ramp with a ladder in tow, holding it up together. Scarborough has her tag title draped around her neck and Raquel has her’s around the waist. Raquel and Mickey put down the ladder and high-five after coming down while Christian watches on with a smile and Steph with her arms crossed. Fair and Scarborough roll into the ring before climbing opposite turnbuckles, soaking in the cheers with wily grins before handing their tag titles away to CK and Steph keeps an eye on the ladder.

Zack: Scarborough Fair have had an impressive run since they captured the Unity belts from Brazilian Storm back in March, and it’s one I’m sure they’re going to want to continue into next year too.

Mai: You say impressive, I say mundane. They should just hand the belts back to Brazilian Storm so that we can have champions we can be proud of.

Referee Ashley Pruitt accepts the belts from both members of Scarborough Fair and shows them to KO/TO before holding them up above her head, getting a pop from the LA crowd. She hands them off to John as he makes his way out of the ring. After completing a brief check of all four women, she calls for the bell to get the match underway. Both teams have a discussion to see who will be starting, with Raquel and Serafina step out onto the apron, leaving Mickey and Claire to start for their respective teams. Both women make their way to the centre of the ring and share a handshake before they get into a good old-fashioned collar and elbow tie up. Claire starts to get the upper hand as she pushes Mickey back a step, but as the tie up breaks, Scarborough surprises her with an elbow to the jaw. Claire reels slightly from the impact and Mickey takes advantage of that to land a couple of Haymakers on her jaw. Claire covers up, as Scarborough changes track and uses a Russian legsweep to take her down to the canvas.

Zack: You can tell that there’s no bad blood between the members of these teams, but that sure isn't stopping Mickey from coming out swinging. Claire thought she had the upper hand there, and honestly I think so did everyone else.

Mai: There might not be bad blood, but can there be the normal kind? Anything to make this match more interesting.
Claire gets back to her feet quickly and narrowly dodges backwards to avoid an oncoming forearm shot from Scarborough. Mickey goes for a second attempt, and again Claire dodges backwards to avoid it. Not deterred by this, mickey goes for a third attempt but as she does, Claire catches her arm with her left hand and pulls her into a right hand to the jaw. Keeping hold of her arm, she delivers a second and a third before she lands her own forearm smash across Mickey’s jaw. Mickey reels from the impact, but doesn’t go very far thanks to Claire still holding her arm. The KO/TO team member, makes as if she is going to whip Mickey across into the ropes, but at the last second she keeps her hold and pulls Scarborough into a short-arm clothesline. The Champion hits the canvas, with a thud and Claire immediately pulls her up into a second…and then third….and fourth…and fifth before she leaves her laying on the mat.

Mai: Five clotheslines like that in a row and Mickey still doesn’t look any better. I would’ve thought it would make at least a small improvement.

Zack: I’m sure how she looks is the last thing on her mind right now. The first thing is probably wondering if anybody got the licence plate of the truck that hit her, because that is most likely how she’s feeling after all of those clotheslines in a short space of time.
Mickey gets back to a vertical base, giving her head a little rub as she does and Claire is immediately on her with a flurry of forearms across the jaw that start to knock her back towards the ropes. A spinning backfist from the challenger follows that causes Mickey to stumble further backwards and a second spinning backfist right on target, drops Scarborough down to the canvas again. She straight away starts to get up again only to find herself pulled up by Claire, and fired across into the ropes. She rebounds off and Claire catches her with an uppercut as she does, that almost lifts her clean off her feet. A sequence of right and left crosses land from Claire, before she punctuates the series with a roundhouse kick to Mickey’s head that drops her like a rock. Claire wastes no time at all in diving into place for the cover, as Pruitt slides into position for the count.

Zack: Claire is not getting paid by the hour and she is looking to take the belts home with her and Serafina early!
Scarborough gets her shoulder up before the three, and Claire accepts that with a nod before rolling back to her knees and on up to her feet.

Mai: Look at that nod to the referee, there’s obviously some kind of code between them. I call foul play let’s just write it off and get onto more interesting matches.

Zack: The only code there was Claire accepting the referee’s count. What’s the weather like in that world of yours?

Mai: Glorious actually.

Mickey starts to get back to her feet, as Claire does the same, with the KO/TO team member reaching hers a moment before the Champion. She makes a move to grab her, but Mickey drops back down to the canvas and rolls out of Claire’s reach before getting back up to her feet. She takes off towards the ropes and aims a shoulder thrust at Black, but the challenger narrowly manages to avoid it. Undeterred, and without a pause, Mickey continues onto the opposite ropes. She bounces off them and comes back, narrowly ducking under a waiting clothesline from Claire as she does. She continues onto the other side again, and this time when she comes back she catches Claire with a clothesline of her own.

Zack: Mickey had to work for that clothesline, but it’s pretty effective now that she’s got it. Claire is down and Mickey has a chance to return this match to her favor.

Mai: She looked like a human pinball bounces off all those ropes, pity she stopped it’s the most interesting thing that’s happened in this match so far.

Mickey gets back up to her feet with Claire doing the same just a moment after her. Claire turns to face Mickey, and immediately eats a superkick from the champion that knocks her backwards. She manages to recover her balance until a second superkick takes up where the first one left off and knocks Claire off balance. Moving quickly before she can recover this time, Mickey grabs Claire’s arm and twists it round into a hammerlock before dropping her with a DDT. Claire rolls onto her front and starts to push up to her hands and knees, before an elbow drop to her lower back puts her back down again. Mickey takes straight off towards the corner and scales to the top turnbuckle. As Claire gets to a fully vertical base, Mickey launches herself off to deliver a Meteora that puts her flat on her back on the canvas again. Scarborough gets back to her feet to land a standing moonsault across Claire’s body, before she hooks a leg for the cover prompting Pruitt to get back into position for the count.

Mai: Do you think that’s how Mickey gets herself on top of Colby when they have sexy time? Would explain a lot.




Claire kicks out before the three and rolls away from Mickey quickly towards her corner. Serafina bangs on the top turnbuckle with one hand, while stretching out the other towards her for a tag. The crowd get behind the challengers, as Claire gets up to her hands and knees and stretches out, finding Serafina’s hand just out of reach. She gets up to her feet as Mickey closes in behind her and just as Mickey grabs her around the waist, she lunges forwards to get the tag.

Zack: Claire gets the tag, but I don’t think that Mickey has seen it! She was too busy trying to stop her from reaching the corner.

Mai: It’s her own fault if she hasn’t seen it. She should pay more attention instead of trying to vertically spoon the challenger.

Mickey dumps Claire on the canvas with a German suplex before she realises that the tag has been made. Pruitt admonishes her for it, as she gets back to her feet and Serafina comes straight into the ring with a discus forearm that staggers Scarborough backwards. A spinning heel kick follows that keeps her on the back foot, before a jumping spin kick from Serafina puts Mickey flat on the canvas. As Claire makes her way out of the ring under the bottom rope and back to the apron, Serafina gets into place for the cover.




Raquel dives into the ring to break up the cover with a baseball slide into Serafina’s head. She immediately stands up and holds up her hands as Pruitt ushers her out of the ring.

Zack: That was a nice German suplex from Mickey, but Claire wasn’t the legal woman and that has just cost Scarborough. And if it wasn’t for Raquel it might have cost them the belts too!

Mai: Raquel was just trying to knock some sense into Serafina, I doubt it will have worked but it was worth a shot I guess.

Fair makes it back to the apron just as Mickey reaches her corner. The Los Angeles crowd are pretty evenly split between support for both teams as Mickey lunges forwards to make the tag. Raquel bounces up onto the ropes and uses them for a springboard into a hurricanrana as Serafina approaches, flipping her to the canvas. DeCaro gets back to her feet with a little bit of a shell shocked expression on her face which is only made worse as Raquel catches her in the jaw with a spinning heel kick. The challenger’s head whips to the side from the impact and as she straightens up she receives a combination of left and right haymakers that keep her head going back and forth like a pendulum. Serafina attempts to cover up but before she can fully, Raquel clocks her with a final haymaker and then spins her around to use an inverted DDT to take her down to the canvas.

Mai: Raquel came in like Serafina owed her money. Do you think she does? Or is she just flirting with her?

Zack: I doubt it’s either. Raquel has fully taken control of this match now that she is the legal woman and she’s doing her damndest to make sure that the belts go back home with her and Mickey.

Raquel takes off towards the corner and jumps up, she splits her legs onto both the left and right top ropes either side of the top turnbuckle to land a split legged moonsault across the body of her downed opponent. She hooks a leg for the cover as Pruitt slides back into place for the count.

Zack: A perfect execution of that moonsault from Raquel, and we’re about to look at another successful defence for Scarborough Fair to close out the year on!




Serafina pops her shoulder off the canvas just in the nick of time and pushes away from Raquel to roll towards the ropes.

Mai: You were wrong, Zack. You got my hopes up thinking that it was over and then just left me disappointed. I guess I know how your wife feels now.

Using the ropes to steady herself, Serafina gets back to her feet as Raquel does the same across the ring. The crowd cheer them both on as Serafina gives her head a shake to clear the cobwebs. Before Serafina can fully gather herself, Raquel connects a flying crossbody to send her back down to the canvas. Getting back to her feet, Fair heads to the top rope and after measuring to ensure DeCaro is still in place, she comes off with a corkscrew elbow drop into Serafina’s ribs. She gets into position for a cover as Pruitt gets back into place.




The count stops abruptly just before the three is complete as Claire hits Raquel with a double axe handle to the back, knocking her off the cover. The KO/TO team member heads straight back out of the ring, before the referee even has chance to, while Serafina rolls towards the ropes again.

Mai: Why do they keep doing that?! Just let the match end, then I can get a top up and watch something more exciting. Like my nail polish drying.

Zack: Claire has kept KO/TO’s hopes of becoming two time Unity Tag Champions alive, and both legal women are down now. Not for long though by the look of it.

Serafina makes it back to her feet just a fraction of a second before Raquel this time, and she takes straight off across the ring towards her. She uses a running bulldog to face plant her onto the canvas, before she pulls her back up to her feet and fires her across into the neutral corner. Raquel hits back first and Serafina follows her in with a discus forearm that connects square on her jaw. Grabbing her by the shoulders, Serafina delivers a knee into her ribs, before she pulls her out of the corner and fires her across into the ropes. Raquel rebounds at speed and Serafina catches her with a jumping knee as she does. Fair stumbles backwards, and Serafina hits her with a legsweep to send her crashing back first to the canvas. Raquel pulls herself back up but almost wishes she hadn’t as Serafina is straight on top of her to lift her into position, before using a snap suplex to send her back to the canvas. DeCaro gets into position for the cover and hooks a leg as she does.

Zack: That last cover has lit a fire under Serafina and she has been relentless since Claire’s save. She is a three count away from taking her team to the titles!




Raquel gets her shoulder up just in the nick of time before the three is complete and Serafina looks to the referee for clarification. Pruitt shows her two fingers and Serafina nods her head and then gets back to her feet pulling Raquel up with her.

Mai: Raquel obviously didn’t get the memo. Just stay down and make it easy on all of us. You’d be doing us all a favor.

Serafina fires Raquel into the KO/TO team corner and then follows her in with a corner clothesline that pins her back against the turnbuckles. DeCaro tags in Claire and then pulls Raquel out of the corner. Claire and Serafina both hit Raquel with a roundhouse kick that sends her down to her knees in a daze.  Pruitt orders Serafina out of the ring, and she obliges straight away heading back to the apron. As soon as she is there, Claire goes back to tag her back into the match. DeCaro enters the ring as Raquel is groggily getting back to her feet and Claire makes her way to the apron, but rather than taking her place she comes off the top rope with a knee to Raquel’s head that sends her staggering backwards into Serafina who immediately lifts her up into a fireman’s carry position. The referee orders Claire out of the ring, and she obliges as Serafina drops Raquel infront of her to complete her Deep Meditation move. She gets into position for a cover as Pruitt gets back into place.

Zack: That’s THE KO and I think we’re looking at new Unity Tag Team Champions right here!



Mickey tries to make her way towards the cover but Claire intercepts her with a double leg takedown straight to the canvas.


Pruitt gets to her feet and calls for the bell as Serafina rolls back off the cover onto her back on the canvas.


Mai: I still think Brazilian Storm should be the champions, but at least this match is over now.

Claire helps Mickey back up to her feet before she takes off towards Serafina to help her up to her feet also. The two stand in the centre of the ring to have their hands raised by Pruitt, before she heads to the ropes to retrieve the titles.

Zack: A good sign of sportsmanship there from Claire and you can see how much KO/TO have wanted this. Talk about an early Christmas present for them!

Christian enters the ring to check on Raquel and Mickey as Pruitt hands the Unity tag belts to Serafina and Claire, they raise them up to a pop from the crowd before the show heads elsewhere.

Kat: The following contest is a LIGHT’S OUT match.

As “Rise” by Sixx A.M. we see the arena lights blinking in sync with the lyrics of the music. Nevaeh Summers eventually storms her way onto the stage before stopping at the top of the ramp and looking out at the crowd. Nevaeh is wearing black sunglasses as well as a Poisoned by Ivy military jacket with platinum trim. As we keep looking at Nevaeh we also spot her wearing platinum colored leather pants running down her leg. The side of each leg is laced up with black fabric, showing of her skin. On her feet we see black furry boots and kickpads. On the front of each kickpad appears her logo as there is a circle with “NS” in the center of it while “The" scrolls on the top and “Finest” scrolls on the bottom.

Nevaeh looks around the building, nodding her head, as she starts feeling the crowd. Nevaeh goes about pointing her left hand out to the crowd and moves it around as if she was conducting them. She then points to the crowd with her right hand, urging that side of the building on the same way. Nevaeh lowers her head, her hands still swaying to the crowd till she raises her head up and snaps her arms out to the side.

As Nevaeh strikes her signature pose three large white flames shoot up on each side of her on the stage The flames reach high into the air, till they turn into smaller flames bursting out of the stage out of the stage every other second. Nevaeh now lowered her head back down and looked towards the ring and began walking down the ramp.

Kat: Making her way to the ring at this time she resides in Los Angeles, California by way of Atlanta, Georgia. She weighs in tonight at 120 pounds. She is Nevaeh Summers!!!

Nevaeh reaches the bottom of the ramp and stops for moment. Nevaeh now goes about removing her sunglasses and just casually tosses them out towards the crowd. Nevaeh than quickly runs to the ring, sliding in under the bottom rope and gets to a knee. Nevaeh just looks out for a moment before getting to her feet and approaches the middle of the ropes facing the hard camera. Nevaeh climbs up them, hooking a leg over the top rope and straddling it. Nevaeh now sits there and looks out to the capacity crowd. She eventually lowers her head and starts motioning her arms as if she's conducting them again. After a moment Nevaeh snaps her head back and her arms out. Multiple spotlights soon shift down onto her, basking her in the light.

Nevaeh keeps striking the pose till she sees fit. Once she has she gets off the ropes and makes her way to the opposite side of the ring where she puts one foot on the bottom rope and the other on the middle. She bounces on them while looking out to the crowd and stretches her arms out yet again, encouraging them to get louder.

She then waves her arms wildly at the crowd before heading to a corner.

Zack: Things didn’t quite go as Nevaeh had hoped in her return match to FFW, so she will be looking to rectify that tonight if she can.

Mai: You’d think she would be used to disappointment by now, she should just accept it and walk away with her tail between her legs.

The mad guitar of Trivium’s “To The Rats” assaults the PA, as glitched images of the open roads are shown in the big screen. When the drums kick in, a single volley of red fireworks shoot up from the stage, and the sound of a roaring engine can be heard as well. On her motorcycle, Alysson shows atop the entrance ramp wearing a full biker gear, holding her crowbar on one hand, forcing the engine so to make a loud roar noise, as if it could drown out the crowd’s boos. After that, she jumps off the bike and removes her helmet with her free hand, looking over the crowd and shaking her head, and smashing the crowbar into the ground a couple of times before opening her arms wide and letting out a loud war cry.

Kat: And her opponent, from the Open Road... "The Outlaw" -- ALYSSON GARDNER!

After that, the Big Red walks down to the ring, removing her biker jacket and leaving it in the way along with her crowbar, before she rolls into the ring under the top rope. She then kipups back to her feet and starts showing off for the crowd, climbing the nearest turnbuckle, throwing more cross-arm horns and smirking at the booing crowd. Alysson then jumps down and takes shelter on her corner, eyeing her opposition directly in the eyes.

Zack: Alysson kept Nevaeh waiting for a quite a while before she accepted this match and chose the stipulation. With Alysson background this match really does favor her.

Mai: She could face her in any kind of match and it would still favor her, because Alysson is just better.

Referee Malcolm Parks starts to explain the rules to both competitors until Alysson yells at him to ring the bell. He tries to object but she glares at him until he calls for the bell to get the match underway. As soon as the bell rings, Alysson launches herself across the ring towards Nevaeh and starts to unload with shots to the side of her head as Summers tries to push her away. Relentlessly Alysson continues to fire shot after shot into the side of her head, before she grabs her by the arm and tosses her across into the nearest corner. Nevaeh hits face first and Alysson immediately follows in behind her. She grabs her by the hair and tries to smash her face into the top turnbuckle. Nevaeh quickly reacts and puts her foot on the bottom turnbuckle to prevent her face from hitting, and then starts to fire elbows wildly back towards Alysson’s body. Alysson manages to dodge them until a stray shot catches her in the ribs. The redhead barely registers it as she continues to try and smash Nevaeh’s face into the corner.

Zack: Alysson is trying to rearrange Nevaeh’s face I think. Either that or she is really trying to make her regret wanting this match.

Mai: Why not both?! Just move your foot Nevaeh, it will be easier in the long run if you just go with the flow.

Nevaeh pushes backwards and manages to get herself out of the corner. Alysson tries to push her back into it, but Summers plants her feet to prevent the move from happening. Finally abandoning that attempt, Alysson uses an armdrag takedown to take Nevaeh to the canvas and then starts to stomp down on her ribs. Nevaeh tries to roll out of the way, but Alysson delivers another stomp to her ribs that freezes her in place. The redhead aims a stomp down towards Nevaeh’s head, but she manages to barely avoid it by rolling out of the way to the opposite side. Alysson follows her, telling her she’s got nowhere to hide and then pulls her back up to her feet by the hair. She fires her into the ropes and catches her on the rebound with a dropkick to the chest that sends her staggering backwards into the ropes again. She rebounds for a second time and this time, Alysson catches her with a spin kick to the head that drops her like a rock.

Mai: Look at that flexibility and agility, Alysson really is a wonder to behold don’t you think?

Zack: I’ll take your word for it. Nevaeh might be seeing stars already with the way Alysson has been attacking her head!

Summers starts to pull herself back up to her feet, but she only gets about halfway before Alysson grabs her by the head to pull her the rest of the way. Nevaeh responds with an uppercut that catches Gardner square under the chin and forces her to release her grip. Nevaeh uses the momentary respite to get fully back to a vertical base, and she gives her head a little shake to clear the cobwebs. She grabs Alysson by the head and pulls her forwards to deliver a knee into her face, before she starts hammering forearms across her jaw. She delivers a knee into the redhead’s ribs which bends her forwards and then starts to hammer forearms across her upper back and neck, forcing the Outlaw to her knees. As soon as she is down she clocks her with a knee to the side of the head that flattens her to the canvas.

Zack: Head shots galore at the moment from both competitors now. And it really isn’t surprising since a knockout is the way to win this match.

Mai: Well, it makes more sense than targeting their big toe or something doesn’t it?

Alysson gets back to her feet and as soon as she does, Nevaeh uses the ropes for a springboard to deliver an elbow drop that sends Alysson back down to the canvas again. Gardner doesn’t stay down for long, much to the dismay of the Los Angeles crowd which they show loudly as she gets back up to her feet. Summers moves quickly and catches the redhead with a drop toe hold that sends her into a fall. She tries to stop herself but momentum takes over and she lands throat first across the middle rope. Before she has a chance to get back up again, Nevaeh runs to the ropes and uses them to bounce off to deliver a running crossbody to Alysson’s back that forces her throat down harder onto the middle rope. She climbs off of Gardner’s back, only to grab hold of the top rope to steady herself while she stomps down onto her back, keeping her throat pressed up against the middle rope.

Mai: Nevaeh shouldn’t be allowed to do this! This isn’t fair! She’s choking her.

Zack: You do know the rules of the match, right? Anything goes so Nevaeh is perfectly legal to do this. And it could prove to be pretty effective. It’s hard to stay conscious with no air getting in!

Parks leans down near Alysson to check on her, but although she is struggling to breathe against the rope, she is still awake. Nevaeh steps off of Alysson’s back to readjust her position and as soon as she does, Alysson drops down to the canvas and rolls onto the apron, sucking in air rapidly as she tries to catch her breath following the choking she just received. Nevaeh reaches through the ropes to grab hold of Alysson in a headlock and then pulls her through the middle and top rope to use a spike DDT to drop her on her head on the canvas. Nevaeh leaves her feet to land an elbow drop into Alysson’s head….but gets nothing but canvas as Alysson rolls to the opposite side.

Zack: I’m sure that is not how Nevaeh expected that to go. Alysson’s instincts kicked in and she got the hell outta dodge, leaving Nevaeh to get nothing but mat!

Mai: Did you expect her just to lie there and wait for Nevaeh’s boney elbow to impact her skull? What kind of moron would do that?

Nevaeh lands on her side on the canvas, clutching her arm to her body as Alysson rolls onto her back and starts trying to gather herself. She sucks in quick breaths and shakes her head a little, before she rolls onto her front and starts to push up to her hands and knees. Spotting her out of the corner of her eye, Nevaeh pops back up to her feet. She gives her arm a final shake before she takes off towards the redhead, looking to connect a shining wizard to her head. Alysson spots her coming and grabs hold of her leg before she connects her shot. She pushes backwards forcibly sending Nevaeh stumbling. Summers tries to regain her balance but hits the ropes and then bounces off straight into Alysson who smacks her square in the nose with a headbutt.

Mai: You can rearrange her face again later, Alysson, just knock her out now and be done with her!

Zack: Nevaeh will be lucky not to have a broken nose after that, but I don’t see any blood so I think she might be alright.

Grabbing her by the head, Alysson pulls Nevaeh forwards to start to deliver a series of knees into her face like she was bouncing a soccer ball. She punctuates with a final knee shot before she releases her head and sweeps her leg to send her crashing to the canvas. Mounting her chest, Alysson starts to bounce her head off the canvas like a basketball this time. She continues that as Nevaeh tries to push her off and the crowd encourage Summers with enthusiasm. Gardner gets to her feet, only to land a knee drop onto the blonde’s head that leaves her looking more than a little bit dazed.

Zack: Your head is one of the parts of your body you can’t physically toughen up. There’s no training you can do that is going to make impacts like that feel any better at all.

Mai: It’s her own fault for trying to drop her boney elbow into Alysson’s head earlier! A knee for an elbow...that’s how the saying goes, right?

Alysson rolls out of the ring and starts to fish about under the apron until she pulls out a steel chair and slides it into the ring under the bottom rope. She follows it in and raises it above her head. She swings it at Nevaeh as she is pushing up to all fours and connects it straight across her shoulder blades sending her back down to the canvas face first. Alysson swings again this time hitting her square in the back of her head. She uses her boot to kick the blonde onto her back and then sets the chair at her throat and opens it. She sits on it backwards, glaring down at Nevaeh and telling her this was all her own fault. The crowd erupts in boos towards the Outlaw and she looks out to them with a shrug, shouting that she asked for it.

Mai: Do these people really think Alysson cares what they think about her? I mean seriously?

Zack: They have the right to share their opinion whether she likes it or not. You don’t have to though.

Nevaeh starts to turn red in the face as she attempts to push the chair away from her throat with no luck at all. Her breathing gets more rapid as the chair presses against her throat and Alysson still sits there, looking like she doesn’t have a care in the world. Nevaeh starts to fade, and the referee drops down to check if she is still responding. She answers him, although it is barely a whisper. Alysson surprisingly jumps up from the chair and removes it from Nevaeh’s throat and the blonde quickly rolls onto her side, coughing and sucking in air as quickly as she can. Gardner watches her for a moment, before she buries her boot into the back of the blonde’s head, getting her even more animosity from the Los Angeles crowd.

Zack: There’s no absence of malice in the soul of Alysson Gardner, and there’s also no question as to how far she will go in this match.

Mai: Remember Nevaeh wanted this match. Alysson’s beat her a bajillion times by now. She has NOTHING to prove.

The Outlaw rolls her eyes at the live crowd, and then moves to pick Nevaeh up to her feet. The blonde acts out of instinct and kicks out, catching Alysson in the gut. Gardner steps back from the impact, giving Nevaeh the chance to roll to the ropes. Using them to steady herself she gets to her feet, rubbing her throat as she does. Alysson pulls herself together and takes off towards the ropes, unaware that Nevaeh is following in behind her. She bounces off and then turns to look for Nevaeh only to find the blonde running at her, moments before a forearm smash connects with her jaw and sends her tumbling to the canvas. The Low Angeles crowd pop loudly for Nevaeh as she takes off towards the ropes again. Nevaeh bounces off them as Alysson gets back to her feet, only for the Outlaw to eat a second forearm smash that knocks her back down to the canvas again.

Mai: Look at these weak forearms from Nevaeh. Just tell the referee you made a dumb mistake, it wouldn’t be the first time.

Zack: Unlike Alysson, Nevaeh has something to prove here and she’s gonna keep going until her body stops allowing her to do so.

Alysson gets back to her feet again and aims a right hand at Nevaeh’s head out of instinct, but Nevaeh ducks it and then stands back up quickly to deliver a jumping neckbreaker to the redhead. With both women down on the canvas, Parks checks on them both but while both are showing the signs of the match taking its toll, neither is out enough for the referee to call the match, much to the delight of the live crowd. They start a chant, trying to encourage Nevaeh back to her feet and after a few moments she kips up to her feet and rewards them with a fired up expression.

Zack: I think Nevaeh’s found that extra gear, and look at that! She’s not as beat down as you thought she was.

While Nevaeh surveys the crowd, Alysson holds the ropes as she gets back to her feet. She glares at Nevaeh’s back and then makes her way to the chair she used on the blonde earlier. She folds it up but before she can raise it, the crowd’s reaction alerts Nevaeh and she spins on a dime to face the redhead. She takes off at a run towards her and leaves her feet for a dropkick, but the Outlaw dodges it and Nevaeh crashes and burns on the canvas.

Mai: A lot of good it did her. Where is she now? Back on the mat looking up at the lights.

Zack: Looks like Alysson’s going to collect that chair to use a little more. I wonder if she expected Nevaeh to last like this.

Alysson makes her way back to the chair as Nevaeh pulls herself up to a seated position against the ropes. The blonde only stays there for a moment before she pulls herself back up to her feet, still resting against the ropes. Gardner comes back at her with the chair raised and she aims it towards her head. Nevaeh steps to the side at the last second and the chair connects with the top rope before bouncing off and hitting Alysson square in the face. Alysson staggers backwards and Nevaeh grabs her arm to fire her across into the ropes. The blonde gets into step behind her as she bounces off them, and then she uses a running bulldog to faceplant the redhead onto the chair on the canvas.

Zack: Good Lord! Alysson’s skull bounced off the chair, and the “Outlaw” doesn’t have a clue where she is right now!

Mai: She’s in Los Angeles.

Alysson bounces off and lands on the canvas on her back, where the referee again checks on her, but still finds her responsive, although barely. Nevaeh lets out a deep breath, and then pulls Alysson back up to her feet again. She fires the redhead into the ropes again, this time as she bounces off, Summers catches her to deliver her snap double underhook DDT straight onto the chair again. Nevaeh pulls herself into a seated position on the canvas as the referee again checks on Alysson. Parks gets no response from the redhead as she speaks to her, so he raises her hand and lets it drop. It hits the canvas with no resistance. He raises it again, and still no resistance. A third time shows no response either. The crowd come to their feet for Nevaeh as Parks gets back to his feet and calls for the bell.

Kat: Your winner……………………………..NEVAEH SUMMERS!

Mai: So what? The referee thought Alysson was done. I bet if he tried to count, she’d have kicked out!

Zack: Does she give you bonuses or something? Nevaeh Summers has put Alysson Gardner’s lights out tonight, and I’m sure it feels fantastic….but tomorrow may be another story.

Nevaeh staggers back to her feet unsteadily to have her hand raised by the referee while she takes in the support from the Los Angeles crowd. Even with the effects of the match showing, she has a small smile on her face as she makes her way out of the ring and starts towards the back. On that image, the show heads elsewhere.

Seth’s Opportunity

The next image we see is a bowl full of little plastic eggs in a variety of colors before the Los Angeles crowd gives Kelly Kincaid a positive response as they see her on the video wall. Also in the room with her is the COO Seth Star.

Seth: Thank you for joining me, Mrs. Kincaid. And welcome to Global Wars!

The blonde grinned at the COO.

Kelly: Thank you Mr. Star. It’s a pleasure to be here and representing Team USA in the Global Wars Battle Royale tonight. Shame Scarlett and I didn’t manage to put up another couple of points before now so we could be in a better position but…

She shrugged.

Kelly: It’s still a pleasure to be here and I’m going to bring home those ten points.

Seth: That’s part of what I wanted to talk with you about. In this bowl are the numbers remaining in the drawing for their entry order tonight. Only 3 have been taken so far, and I wanted you to pick your egg and see when you would be joining the battle royal in the ring.

Kelly: Sure thing.

Putting her hand in the bowl, Kelly gave the eggs a little swirl around before finally wrapping her fingers around one and pulling it out.

Kelly: C’mon Luck be a lady and give me a high number.

She cracked open the plastic egg, pulling out the number inside of it and gave a nod of her head as she read it.

Kelly: Okay then… Number four… I can win from there. Definitely can.

Seth: It is a field of 12, so I’m sure you’ll find a way. The other bit of news I wanted to share with you was regarding the 2nd annual Fury Pay Per View on March 2nd. I thought you might like to know what’s in store for you when we arrive in Cleveland.

There was another nod of her head.

Kelly: I can definitely outlast eight other wrestlers in a battle royale. And you’re right. Everyone should know what’s in store for them when they go to Cleveland. I particularly hope the people Cleveland all enjoyed those beers thanks to the Jets being...well, being the Jets. But, anyway, what have you got in store for me on March 2nd at Fury in Cleveland?

Seth: Well that’s where tonight is so important and you can control your own destiny. I’ll make you a deal. If you eliminate at least 3 people tonight, your match at Fury will be a shot at the Evolution Championship against either Missy or Sophia Pike. How does that sound?

It brought a huge grin to her face.

Kelly: I’m always going to back myself, no matter what challenge anyone sets me. You’ve got yourself a deal, Mr Star. Three eliminations for a shot at the Evolution Championship? First thing Monday morning you might as well draw up that contract and Missy or Sophia will know their challenger at Fury. I’ll even sign it at Future Shock to get all those formalities out of the way early on and everyone can enjoy the holidays.

Seth: It won’t just be you though. If anyone in that match other than the Evolution Champion or a current champion potentially eliminates three people, I’ll give them the same reward. That is provided they don’t win a title match by virtue of scoring the most points, of course. They wouldn’t need it then. But as for everyone else including you, 3 eliminations will get you an Evolution title shot at Fury.

Kelly nodded her head.

Kelly: That sounds fair to me. Anyone who gets three eliminations gets a chance at the Evolution title shot on March 2nd at Fury. I’ll be going all out to secure those eliminations, make sure that I’m part of that match in Cleveland and then, at Fury, I’m walking out with the Evolution title - no matter who else or how many people might be in that match with me.

Seth: Good luck to you and the others. I know I am looking forward to seeing what transpires in the main event.

We then cut to a commercial for Girls’ Night Out on the upcoming Future Shock.
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Kat: The following contest is a Last Woman Standing Match.

There was silence; the lights began to fade away slowly. A soft instrumental echoes out across the audience. It starts slowly, a beautiful sound that contrasts the heaviness of the world. Like feathers, it glides among the waiting audience. The lighting fixtures produce a gentle spotlight upon the stage, offset by the occasional flash here and there. As 'Just Close Your Eyes' by Waterproof Blonde continues to play, a woman’s words begin to come through. Her voice is tender, not raising upon a whisper.

"Deceived by my eyes and all I was told I should see
Opinions not mine, the person they taught me to be
One night in the dark, a vision of someone I knew
And in the darkness I saw, a voice say, I'm you."

On the stage, a feminine figure appears. Her head lowered to everything. People cannot make out who it is. As she stands there, the flashes briefly illuminate her figure. It only gives small clues on who stands at the gate. She stands in the spotlight, her shadow cast large and proudly among the stage.

"Inside me a light was turned on…"

The instrumental picks up again. An electric guitar now joins the progressively exciting instrumentals of before. The singer’s voice suddenly intensifies.

"Then I was alive!"

In the light, it is revealed that it was Savannah Taylor. She stands at the gate, a robe of obsidian and ivory hues. The hood of it shadows her eyes, but the intensity of the final EXODUS World Champion remains clear as day. She starts off down the ramp, with a serious aura radiating from her body.

Kat: Ladies and gentlemen, making her way down to the ring....weighing in at one hundred twenty pounds.....from Las Vegas, Nevada.....Savannah Taylor !!!

"If you close your eyes your life,
A naked truth revealed
Dreams you never lived,
And scars never healed"

Savannah makes her way up the ring steps. She looks out towards the audience for a moment before entering the ring. From there, she heads for a turnbuckle. She stands there, taking in everything. She then lifts her up on top of it. She peers out in nothing, then takes off the hood with a flashy flourish. Her blonde locks fly up in the air. They descend, shaping her face as they famously do.

"In the darkness, light will take you to the other side
You'll find me waiting there you'll see, if you just close your eyes."

While she stands in her corner, she closes her eyes and takes a heavy breath. When her bright eyes open, Taylor is completely composed. There is nothing more than the heat of battle awaiting her. She takes off her robe, giving it to a stagehand. She stretches her wrists before devoting her mind to the war upon the horizon.

Zack: How much animosity do we have here? Savannah Taylor has made it her goal to take apart the Franchise piece by piece? And Bianca’s the last name on her list.

Mai: Who cares about Savannah’s list? Bianca’s already beaten her in a match AND made it where she couldn’t answer a ten count on the last Breaking Point.

“Something New” starts up over the speakers, and the jeers have almost drowned out the music before Brazilian Storm have even arrived (though in fairness, the beginning is pretty quiet). Yellow, green and blue spotlights dance around the arena, while the tron shows images of both halves of the team in action. Suddenly, the music stops and the tron cuts out...only for the sound of crashing thunder to echo loudly through the arena.

Love to hate,
Repeating my mistakes.
But there’s no one left to listen,
No one left to listen.
Take a chance, and fuck the consequence
When there’s no one left to listen,
No one left to listen.

As a curtain of dry ice smoke fills up the entrance stage, the two Brazilian wrestlers walk up to the top of the ramp together, with their manager Kyle Kilmeade right behind them. Once there, they look over the booing crowd with matching smirks on their face before they stop for a pose: Bianca goes to a knee and opens her arms wide in the Witch of the Winds pose, as Mel does her own pose, twirling on her feet and taking a soft dip of a bow, also with her arms open. After a couple of seconds in that pose, Bianca lunges forth and twirls herself, as Mel swings an arm, and the best friends indulge in a loud high-five. Then, side by side, they walk down the entrance ramp, with their manager following them with a lonely round of applause.

Right now! We’re taking control!
Tired of waiting
Tired of waiting for something new!
Right now! We’re taking control!
Tired of waiting
Tired of waiting for something new!

Kat: And her opponent, escorted to the ring by Mel Avilo and Kyle Kilmeade… From Brazil… BIANCA SALVADOR!!!

Instead of going straight to the ring though, the girls walk up to a camera, getting right up to the lens with their mischievous smirks. As Bianca flexes her biceps for the gun show, kissing the bulging muscle, Mel’s smirk becomes a grin as she gives the camera, and the viewers at home, some choice words about their opponents. After that, the best friends roll into the ring and move to opposite turnbuckles, climbing onto the second rope and staring into the booing crowd, only to wave them off and regroup, going to their corner. Bianca sits on the top turnbuckle and Mel docks herself there, as they wait for their match to begin while they strategize, Kyle joining in their conversation.

Zack: I’m sure Bianca is proud of what she did to Savannah after her match at Breaking Point, but tonight, she’s fresh and ready to go.

Mai: The only reason Savannah did this was to try to screw Bianca out of possibly winning Global Wars. Must be nice having your boyfriend in charge.

Referee Kevin Fisk wastes no time in calling for the bell to get the match underway and both Savannah and Bianca come out of their corners at speed to meet in the centre of the ring. They immediately descend into a brawl with left and right hands being fired rapid fire style by both competitors. Bianca starts to come out on top of the exchange as she pushes Taylor backwards into the ropes. Savannah raises her knee and catches Bianca in the gut before she hits her with a thrust to the throat to knock her backwards and give herself a little space. Bianca looks furious as she rubs her throat and starts to advance on Savannah again, but the blonde side steps and spins around behind her. Bianca spins around quickly to face her, only to receive a European uppercut that almosts lifts her off her feet.

Zack: Savannah’s got some fire in those shots, and she’s aiming for knockouts each and every time right out of the gate.

Mai: She’s welcome to try, but Bianca is one of the toughest women in this business. And a few shots like that aren’t going to keep her down for ten.

Bianca recovers quickly from the shot and launches herself at Savannah, tackling her back first into the nearest corner. She grabs the blonde by the sides of her head and starts to smash the back of her head off the top turnbuckle. Savannah tries to push her away, but Salvador continues with no let up. Again Savannah tries to push her away but when that is still fruitless she delivers a chop to the Brazilian’s throat that chokes her up. Bianca steps back as she tries to catch her breath and Savannah takes advantage of the opening to clock her with a roundhouse kick to the head. Bianca staggers back another couple of steps from the impact and Savannah hits her with a second roundhouse to the head to knock her down to her knees. As soon as she is down the blonde comes off the ropes with a shining wizard that flattens the Brazilian to the canvas and Fisk starts his ten count.

Mai: Why’s he even bothering to count? This isn’t going to keep her down.

Zack: And here we go with our first count of the night in this match, let’s see how much damage has been done so far.


Bianca starts to pull herself up to her knees near the ropes as Savannah charges across the ring towards her. As she reaches her, Bianca grabs the blonde around the legs and stands up, using the momentum to throw Savannah up and over the top rope. Taylor lands precariously on the apron and just manages to stop herself from falling backwards by grabbing the top rope. At least until Mel appears behind her and grabs her ankle to yank her off. Savannah hits her chest on the apron before bouncing off to land roughly on her back on the arena floor. She starts to pull herself to her feet and just as she reaches a vertical base, Bianca comes off the far side rope and leaps over the top rope to land a suicide dive on Taylor that crashes her back to the floor again and again Fisk starts his count.

Zack: Not often we see Bianca going for the aerial tactics, but it paid off in dividends right there with that suicide dive.

Mai: It’s Last Woman Standing, Zack. You have to throw everything at your opponent, plus she’s trying to finish this early so she can be primed for the battle royal.


Quickly getting back to her feet the Brazilian pulls Savannah up to hers and fires her across into the ringside steps. Bianca runs at Savannah and connects a knee to her face that knocks her head back into the steps. A second knee to the face from Bianca, puts Savannah on her back and Salvador quickly mounts her chest and fires stiff right hands into the side of her head. Bianca quickly gets back to her feet only to leave them again to land an elbow drop straight into Savannah’s face, before she gets up again and climbs up onto the apron. She watches as Savannah pulls herself up to her feet, before launching herself off with a missile dropkick into the blonde’s chest that knocks her straight back to the floor. Bianca again gets back to her feet quickly, trash talking the downed Savannah as she circles around her. Taylor pulls herself up to a seated position and as soon as she does Bianca hits her with a bitch slap across the face that echoes around the arena. 

Mai: Ahahahahaha, that was perfect! This is what happens to women who book matches by virtue of their clit!

Zack: Oh yeah, because dating Seth has gotten her all these title matches and opportunities. Give me a break!

Salvador goes to grab Savannah by the head but as she does, Savannah launches herself forwards with a headbutt to Bianca’s face that hits with such force that it staggers her backwards a couple of steps. She automatically raises her hands to her face to cover her nose and when she pulls them away she sees blood which makes her glare furiously at the still seated blonde. She advances on her again, but as soon as she is within reach Savannah kicks upwards swiftly catching the Brazilian between in the gut and dropping her to her knees winded. Using the brief respite to get to her feet, Savannah takes a couple of deep breaths as Bianca starts to pull herself up off her knees. Not giving her a chance to get any further under her own steam, Savannah pulls her up to her feet and fires her across into the barricade. She hits chest first with a thud and Savannah follows after her, grabbing her by the back of the head and bouncing her face off the barricade relentlessly.

Zack: That barricade is not soft at all, folks. The padding is super thin, and Bianca is feeling every one of those shots!

Mai: I think Savannah is just jealous because Bianca is better looking than her, and may end up replacing her on those photo shoots.

Taylor continues using Bianca’s face like a basketball with no signs of letting up until Mel grabs her around the waist and uses a German suplex to dump her on the arena floor. Mel backs away again as Bianca moves away from the barricade and holds her hand to her nose, finding blood on her hand when she moves it away again. Seeing it seems to the fire the Brazilian up more as she charges towards Savannah and hits her with a soccer kick to the head that flattens her to the floor. She heads straight under the ring and emerges a few seconds later with a steel chair which she starts to hit Savannah with repeatedly. Her arms. Her legs. Her chest. Her stomach. Her head. Any part of her that she can reach gets a bit, before Bianca tosses it to one side and pulls the blonde up to her feet. Savannah struggles to stay upright under her own steam, but that doesn’t seem to be a problem as Bianca quickly uses a DDT to drop her onto the steel steps, she bounces off to the floor and again Fisk starts his count.

Mai: Hey look, I think Savannahs’ dye job left a stain on those steps. Those things aren’t cheap, I hope they’re okay.

Zack: ………………………...Let’s see if it’s enough to keep the Siren down for tenn.


Savannah grabs onto the apron and uses it to pull herself to her feet, stopping the referees count at a five, much to the delight of the Los Angeles crowd. She narrowly manages to avoid an oncoming chair shot from Bianca, and as she dodges to the side the chair bounces off the apron. Taylor seems to get her second wind as she spins around behind Bianca and starts to bounce her face off the apron, causing more blood to splatter from the Brazilian’s nose. Savannah heads under the ring herself and comes back a second later with a grin on her face and her hands behind her back. Bianca screams at her to ask her what she is smiling at before Savannah produces a kendo stick and immediately smacks Bianca across the chest with it. A red welt immediately starts to form, before Savannah really lays into her with the bamboo.

Zack: That’s Jo’s favorite weapon right there, and Savannah is lighting up the “Typhoon” with reckless abandon!

Mai: That should be trademark infringement. Get your own signature weapon, you conceited slut!

Bianca folds forwards instinctively to try and protect herself from the shots, and Savannah just changes her target to instead bring the stick down across Bianca’s back. She brings it down harder and more rapidly with each shot, until a particularly rough shot actually cracks the bamboo in half. Savannah tosses the remnants of the stick to one side and instead lifts Bianca up onto the apron to roll her under the bottom rope. She follows her in and pulls her up to her feet to rake her face across the top rope, leaving a blood trail from the Brazilian’s nose as she does.

Mai: I think poor Bianca’s nose may have been busted or broken. But don’t worry, that won’t slow her down.

Zack: If it is busted or broken, Bianca can’t see right now for all the tears in her eyes. And Savannah’s gonna take full advantage of that.

Savannah dodges to the side to avoid a back elbow from the Brazilian and then pulls her away from the ropes and towards the corner. She grabs her by the head and climbs up to the top turnbuckle and then uses a Tornado DDT to drop her on her head on the canvas.


The count stops as Savannah pulls Bianca up to her feet and starts to hammer forearm shots across Bianca’s head… until Bianca raises her foot and kicks Savannah hard between the legs dropping her to her knees on the canvas. Salvador starts to laugh, asking Savannah how many matches she’ll be able to book that way now. Savannah doesn’t respond as she remains on her knees with a pained expression on her face until Bianca goes to pull her up by the head. As soon as she does, Savannah hits her with another headbutt to the forehead that drops the Brazilian like a rock.

Zack: I know Savannah has a photo shoot later this month, and I hope Adam hired a makeup artist for what is sure to be some bruises!

Mai: Savannah only got the invitation, because I had to turn Adam since I was going to be busy that week.


Bianca pulls herself up to a seated position as Savannah is busy searching under the ring. She pulls a table out and unfolds it to set it up by the ringside before climbing back up to the ring… to find Bianca waiting by the ropes for her. Bianca hoists her up before using a back body drop to send her straight off the apron and through the table! Bianca stands on the apron looking at Savannah downed in the wreckage of the smashed table with a grin on her face, completely ignoring the animosity coming from the Los Angeles live crowd.

Mai: When Bianca smiles, this whole arena just lights up. She’s such a little angel in the ring, and out of it! More people should fall in love with her, I think.


Savannah pulls herself out of the wreckage and is more than a little unsteady on her feet. A chair shot from Bianca across her back drops her to her knees, but the blonde manages to avoid the head shot that is sent her way immediately after it. Bianca tosses the chair down again and pulls a bag of thumbtacks from just beside the ring. She scatters them on the mat at ringside and then hoists Savannah up onto her shoulders.

Zack: Thumbtacks, and Bianca made sure to bring more than enough for Savannah! These may not knock her out, but they will certainly hurt like the devil!

Mai: Maybe that’s something for the merch weasel. The Savannah Taylor pin cushion! We’re about to get a test run right now!

Taylor struggles free and lands on her feet behind Bianca. The Brazilian spins on a dime to face her and as soon as she does, Savannah uses a DDT to send her straight down onto the thumbtacks! Bianca writhes in pain as she tries to pull herself up off the tacks, only for Savannah to use a double foot stomp on her chest to push her further back down onto them, getting a yell of pain in response from the Brazilian. The blonde pulls Bianca back up to her feet again, only to use another DDT, this time to drive her head first into the entrance ramp. Savannah leans against the barricade to keep herself upright as Fisk starts his count.


Mai: Bianca just barely got up in time there.  I think it’s time to bring out the heavy machinery and run her over with that tank on the set.

Zack: Bianca has proven in the past how absolutely tough she is in matches like this, but all that’s gotta be taking a toll at this point.

Bianca manages to pull herself up as the referee reaches a count of nine. Savannah reaches over the barricade and picks up one of the chairs from the crowd. She folds it and Bianca fully reaches her feet, she swings and connects straight with Salvador’s face. The Brazilian drops like a rock to the entrance ramp. Savannah pulls her back up to her feet, only to drop her on her head again with another DDT, and then lands a knee drop onto her head for good measure before unsteadily getting back to her feet and leaning against the barricade again.


The crowd come to their feet as Fisk calls for the bell.

Kat: The Last Woman Standing…………………………………….SAVANNAH TAYLOR!

Zack: Savannah Taylor has now cleared the path of the Franchise! And she better she wasn’t in Global Wars this year!

Mai: Poor Bianca is though! I told you she only did this to cause Bianca to have less of an opportunity in the battle royal! What a terrible woman!

Savannah stumbles away from the barricade to have her hand raised by Fisk as the crowd remain on their feet with cheers for the blonde. She takes in the crowd reaction, looking exhausted but happy as the show cuts elsewhere.

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As the camera cut back to inside the arena it was focused on the Ultraviolence Championship as it hung over the ring. It moved to ringside, showing steel chairs folded up against the crowd barricade, closed ladders resting on their sides in the corners and a table set up on each side of the ring. Finally the camera returned to Kat Grayson who was stood in the middle of the ring with referee Stephen Wilson.

Zack: We are set and ready for one hellish battle that’s about to take place. All the weapons are in place, and you may want to send the kids out of the room before this one is done.

Mai: Speak for yourself. I say traumatize kids so that when they move away, you don’t have to live with them when they go psychotic.

Kat: The following match is a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match for the FFW Ultraviolence Champion!!!

The lights dim just before “Heavy” by The Glorious Sons starts playing throughout the arena.

Come heavy or don't come at all,
You leave your piece at home that's your call,
It never paid to be merciful,
Come heavy or don't come at all

The lights come up as the music rises and Ruby Tyler bursts through the curtain, running down the ramp and high-fiving fans along the way.

Come heavy or don't come at all,
Been here before and watched a better man fall
I smell the fear on you boy
Come heavy or don't come at all

Kat: From Barstow, California, weighing in at one hundred thirty-five pounds, she is the Huntress, RUBY! TYLER!

Tossing her jacket aside, Ruby turns to face the crowd and pumps her fist in the air before sliding underneath the bottom rope, grinning as she heads to her corner and climbs the turnbuckle, her head bobbing as the chorus plays out. Once the music fades, she hops down and turns, waiting for her opponent.

Zack: This kind of match right here is the kind of thing Ruby Tyler loves! And after she knocked off Mallory one on one recently, she’s put herself in the driver’s seat and may be the odds on favorite tonight.

Mai: Nah, I got Mallory retaining. First of all, she’s got a great ass. And I feel that’s important for a champion in wrestling.

The lights go out completely as the opening guitar riff of ‘Is this the way you get to hell by Stitched up heart’ starts to play. A red spotlight hits highlighting a handbasket sitting on the otherwise empty stage.

Is this the way you get to hell?
Is this the way you get to hell in a handbasket?
You will tear me apart.
You will tear apart my mind, My simple mind.
It's just cause you hurt so bad,
That you end up blind, You end up blind.
Is this the way you… Is this the way you...
Is this the way you…

A second spotlight hits at the entrance to see Raven Knight standing with her arms raised above her head making the bottom of her top raise enough to show part of her taut abdomen. Boos erupt from the crowd which just bring a smirk to the resident firestarter’s face.

Dripping from bloody fingers,
Running from the palms of my hands.
Dripping from bloody fingers,
I didn’t even have a chance.
Dripping from bloody fingers,
Running from the palms of my hands.

Kat: Introducing at this time...from Providence, Rhode Island,--weighing in at one-hundred twenty pounds, she is the “The Dark Raven:” RAVEN KNIIIIGHT!

I will tear you apart.
I will tear apart your mind, Your simple mind.
It's just cause I hurt so bad,
That I end up blind, I end up with a simple mind.
Is this the way you… Is this the way you...
Is this the way you…

Raven walks out onto the stage and approaches the handbasket with the smirk still in place on her face, suddenly she kicks out sending the basket toppling down the ramp and scattering black rose petals in its wake and down the ramp.

Dripping from bloody fingers,
Running from the palms of my hands.
Dripping from bloody fingers,
I didn’t even have a chance.
Dripping from bloody fingers,
Running from the palms of my hands.

Mai: Here comes the most dangerous wom----HEY LOOK, IT’S MALLORY!!

Raven walks down the ramp towards the ring with her arms raised either side of her and her middle fingers extended towards the crowd. She only gets halfway down the ramp before Mallory Bennett charges out of the back and delivered a chair shot to Knight’s back causing her to fall forward to her knees. Immediately Bennett delivered a second and third and fourth and fifth shot to Raven, sending first down to all fours, then down to the ramp. The Rhode Islander covering up as Wilson called for the bell.

Zack: There goes the bell, and we’re off and running before the match even started! Mallory’s putting the pound down on Raven!

Mai: I love watching this kind of stuff, it’s like a legal torture! The only thing we need is a waterboarding!

As the bell rung out, Mallory continued her onslaught to Knight with the chair, bringing it crashing down against her body time and time again. Meanwhile Ruby Tyler slid out of the ring and retrieved a ladder from outside, sliding it back into the ring and began to set it up underneath the suspended title belt. Happy that she had the ladder in position, Raven began to climb as Mallory opened up the chair and looked to slide it over Knight’s head. As she did so, the skunk haired mechanic caught sight of Ruby climbing the ladder on the huge screen above the entrance ramp and the defending champion took off down the entrance ramp and slid into the ring as Tyler was one step away from the top of the ladder and was reaching up for the Championship. Bennett popped to her feet and shoulder charged the ladder, causing it to floor towards the ring ropes; Tyler losing her grip on the metal as it fell, sending her plummeting through the table set up at ringside in front of the commentators.

Zack: I wouldn’t expect this one to go long, not with three of the most ultraviolent women in wrestling destroying one another for the Ultraviolence Championship.

Mai: It’s all about who can be the most ruthless, Zack. It’s about who can dig into the darkest part of their mind better? You know what, I may switch my pick to Raven.

Mallory looked down at the Huntress with a sneer before she turned her attention back to the title and to the ladder. She pointed up to the Championship belt before setting the ladder up once, locking out the arms to ensure stability before she adjusted it’s position to make sure that it was directly underneath the title belt before she began to climb with a smug grin on her face as the crowd booed her loudly.

Zack: This could be over early. Mallory’s already lined up the ladder, and it looks like she has a clear shot all the way to the title.

Mallory made it two thirds of the way up the ladder before she felt a hand grab her around either ankle and begin to pull her back down. As the Tampa Bay native looked down she found Raven with her back against the ladder trying to pull her back to earth and attempted to kick her off. However, that was exactly what Raven was waiting for, taking the opening to manage to jerk Mallory downwards, catching her on her shoulders in a powerbomb position as she did so and wasted little time at all in sending the defending Champion back first into the corner with a buckle bomb.

Mai: So much for that plan, Mal. Raven didn’t come to Global Wars to spectate tonight, you know.

Raven didn’t waste any time in laying into Mallory as she tried to step out of the corner, Knight driving closed fists into her midsection like Rambo working over a side of beef before finishing off with a European uppercut that almost took her off her feet. Quickly Raven jerked her forward by the wrist into a short arm clothesline that took her down to the canvas. Mallory rolled and rose back towards her feet only to get Knight’s arm clamped around her head as the Providence born challenger quick stepped forward to drive the most hated woman in FFW head first into the middle turnbuckle. Raven quickly followed it up with a release German suplex, sending the Ultraviolence Champion spine first into the set up ladder, causing it to fall backwards and close up on the canvas as Tyler slid into the ring.

Mai: There is nothing Raven Knight can’t find to use as a weapon. If you can get hit with it, Raven will use it.

Zack: Raven is easily the most unpredictable woman in this match, and possibly the most twisted, depending on who you ask.

Raven quickly turned her attention towards the Huntress and advanced upon her, only for Ruby to stop her in her tracks as she pointed to the ladder and then to the downed Bennett. Knight seemed to nod her head and the two challengers headed towards the rising Tampa Bay native. The pair of them pulled Mallory to her feet, taking an arm apiece and whipped her backwards into the nearest corner. As the defending Ultraviolence Champion struck the turnbuckle pads once more, Tyler and Knight began to alternately deliver kicks to her midsection in quick fire succession. As Bennett began to slump down in the corner, Raven turned her attention back to the ladder and started to give instructions to her temporary ally that saw the pair of them step backwards out of the corner towards the ladder. Together the pair of them lifted it upwards and swung it into Mallory’s gut, like they were using a battering ram to  break down a castle door.

Mai: There’s an alliance I never thought I’d see, Raven and Ruby working together to see if they can bring up Mallory’s lunch.

Zack: There’s no love lost between them. I guarantee you this is only temporary.

They connected with four shots to Bennett’s gut before they slammed the fifth into Mallory’s jaw. The Floridian started to slump down into the corner as Ruby decided to end her alliance with Raven with a kick to the gut underneath the ladder before she dropped the hardware in order to reach across, grabs Knight’s head and slam it down into the canvas with a kneel out facebuster that also bounced the Rhode Islanders chest against the metal. Raven pushed up to her knees, holding her chest and as she did so, Ruby fired off four stiff jabs to her jaw before she pulled her upwards, driving a knee into her jaw as she did so. It spun Knight around and allowed Ruby to slam her back first into the ladder this time with a reverse DDT.

Zack: Water comes to a boil slower than that alliance broke apart, just like I told you.

Raven rolled away and started to rise to her feet, getting as far as her knees before Ruby began to unleash a volley stiff kicks to Knight’s spine that turned into forearm smashes as the woman from Rhode Island made it to her feet. The Huntress took a step backwards waving her fellow challenger to turn and face her. When she got her wish granted, the Californian delivered a front kick to her gut before she hooked her head, lifted her upwards and slammed her down upon the ladder once more with a Falcon Arrow. Once more Knight rolled away, holding her gut and came to the ropes and started to pull herself to her feet as Tyler took off across the ring, hitting the ropes and came back to deliver a single leg dropkick to Knight’s face that sent her tumbling out through the ropes to the outside.

Zack: It’s all about trying to divide and conquer in a match like this. You almost need eyes in the back of your head.

Mai: What’s good for Ruby is that there’s nothing in this match that can happen that will make her any more ugly.

As Ruby got back to her feet, Mallory exploded out of the corner and took Tyler off her feet with a running clothesline. Ruby rolled quickly to her feet causing Mallory to stop holding her ribs and fire off a combination of vicious punches into the Bairstow native’s body the moment her feet were underneath her before Mallory took her down to the mat once more with a hip toss. Immediately Bennett dropped back to the ropes, bouncing off them and coming back towards Tyler as she began to rise only to deliver a bionic elbow to the top of her head as she got to one knee. Ruby staggered backwards after receiving the shot and the former mechanic followed after her, driving a knee into her gut before she took hold of her wrist and fired her across the ring into the opposite ropes. As Tyler came back towards the middle of the ring, Mallory left her feet for a Thesz Press and as she landed on top of her, Bennett began to deliver stiff right and left hands to the Huntress who covered up.

Zack: Mallory hasn’t forgotten that Ruby got the better of her recently, and she may feel she has something to prove like never before against her.

Mai: Probably. Ruby really only got lucky, because Boob Job Barbie was ringside during it and decided to be a distraction.

Mallory rolled away and came to her feet, casting a glance over her shoulder to spot Raven on the outside. Bennett pulled the ladder around the canvas before dropping it and taking off across the ring, hitting the ropes and coming back into a baseball slide that sent the ladder crashing into Raven's chest on the outside. Mallory quickly returned to a vertical base and swiftly made towards Ruby, catching her with a running knee to the stomach before she launched into another combination of punches that she finished with a European uppercut.

Mai: Mallory has stupid fast hand speed. I bet if she gave you a handjob with one hand and turned the light off with the other, the darkness would come after you did.

Zack: ……………………………………………………………….

The Huntress staggered backwards two steps before she found her balance, The Malicious One advancing upon her only for Tyler to bring her foot up and catch her with a kick into chest. Mallory took a step backwards and Ruby launched herself into a jumping DDT that stood Mallory on her head. Quickly she pulled Bennett back to her feet only to spike her down into the canvas once more a second DDT. Again the Californian wasted no time as she jerked the defending Ultraviolence Champion upwards and looked to hurl her out of the ring. Bennett though managed to catch the middle rope and land on the apron instead as Ruby turned away from her and made for the ladder on the apron.

Zack: This match is a pick’em to me. I can’t find a favorite personally, because all three of them have been after that title for so long.

Mai: Don’t forget Mallory ended the 19 MONTH...19 FREAKING MONTH reign of Emma Mac to get that title. Emma will be disappointed if she loses it this fast.

Tyler brought the ladder back into the ring and started to once more set it up underneath the title belt. As soon as she was satisfied she began to make her way up the rungs but barely got two steps up before a pair of arms wrapped around her waist and she found herself set flying backwards into the corner with a German suplex - courtesy of Mallory Bennett - that saw the back of her head bounce off the middle turnbuckle as she landed in a sitting position. Mal came back to her feet and moved down the ropes, measured up the downed Huntress and came charging forward with a running knee to the face while she was leaned back against the pads. Another grin came across her features as the crowd booed the skunk haired wrestler loudly. It only prompted Mal to grab hold of the top rope and begin These Boots Were Made For Stomping, driving her foot into Ruby's chest.

Mai: It’s times like these that Ruby probably wishes she had breasts so they could cushion her ribs against those stomps a little better.

Zack: ……………………….

As she started stomping away at the downed Challenger, Raven slid into the ring behind the pair, advancing upon Bennett. As Knight looked like she was about to jerk the Florida native away and spin her around, Mal suddenly reached behind and countered with the Malparry stunner.

Zack: Stunner! The last thing you want to do is grab Mallory from behind!

Mai: Unless that’s what she’s into.

Quickly Mallory was back to her feet and started to stomp away at Raven, causing the Providence native to roll out of the ring under the bottom rope. With a nod Bennett turned back to Ruby, still sat in the corner, and seemed to ask the crowd where was she again? Then with a smug grin and a nod of her head she resumed her mudhole stomping, finally finishing off the sequence with a face wash boot. Tyler slumped down to the mat and rolled out of the ring to the outside. Bennett dusted off her hands and turned back towards the ladder where she started to climb towards her title once more.

Zack: Mallory’s been like a moth to a flame when it comes to that title tonight, and that’s the best strategy. No one here is getting paid by the hour.

Mai: I’m sure if you wanted phone sex though, Mallory would charge by the minute.

This time she got no more than halfway before there was the thud of steel meeting flesh as Knight returned the favour from earlier, crashing a steel chair into her spine. She followed it up with four more shots across her back. Bennett clung on to the ladder for dear life and tried to climb higher only for Raven to crash the chair violently twice more into her back. Finally Mallory slid down the ladder until her feet met the canvas. Raven measured up the mechanic for a moment before she swung the chair for her skull delivering a ladder assisted con-chair-to (of sorts). Mal started to fall to the side, grabbing at the ladder to try and stay upright only to topple the object over as she did so. As the Ultraviolence Champion landed on her knees, Raven reared back with the chair once more and brought it crashing down upon the top of Bennett's skull, sending her slumping down to the canvas.

Zack: They’re taking years off their career right now, and Mallory may be concussed after that shot from Raven.

Mai: that’s okay. When you look good, you don’t have to smart. Look at Nevaeh!

Despite the chair shots, Mallory tried to push upwards, getting to all fours only to see Raven slide the chair underneath her head before Knight left her feet and delivered a curb stomp to the back of Mallory’s skull sending her face first into the chair. Bennett rolled away and to the outside, cradling her face as she did so. Raven followed the Ultraviolence Champion to the outside and pulled her hands away from her face to reveal blood coming from the Floridians nose and Knight delivered a headbutt to Mallory, sending her reeling. The Rhode Islander quickly grabbed hold of her hand and jerked her forward once more, lifting her up off her feet into a flapjack that saw Raven drop her face first into the ring steps.

Mai: I heard that’s how Raven makes pancakes in the morning while she’s enjoying a bottle of Jack Daniels.

Bennett didn’t move as she stayed slumped against the ring steps as Raven took hold of a handful of her hair and looked to be about to slam her face first into the steel of the steps again. Before she could, however, the Huntress pulled her away and spun the Providence born wrestler around and started to throw haymaker right hands into her jaw before she jerked Knight downwards into a single knee facebreaker. Knight staggered backwards and Tyler grabbed hold of her wrist, using it to Irish whip her towards the ring post; Knight hitting it face first and dropped down to the floor. The firestarter began to pull herself using the ring apron only for Ruby to charge towards her as she got her feet underneath her and took Raven down once more with a sling blade.

Zack: A guillotine worthy clothesline rattles Raven’s head on top of her neck right there, and Ruby could be closing in on her first title in FFW.

Mai: You know one good thing about Ruby is that she’s not two-faced. If she was, she’d use the other one.

Again Raven tried to get her feet underneath her, getting helped back to a vertical base by Ruby who caught her with a European uppercut to her jaw. She followed it up with a second European uppercut before she pushed Knight back against the ring post and began to fire off alternating punch/chop combo aimed at the Rhode Islanders body and face. Seven blows connected before Raven managed to drop down underneath an attempted punch to her face that saw Ruby’s fist connect with the steel. Immediately the Huntress eyes went wide in pain and Raven took full advantage as she lifted Tyler up onto her shoulders and into a Go 2 Sleep; Ruby trying to get her hands up to soften the blow of the knee to her face yet still fell backwards to the floor.

Mai: Turns out your hands aren’t as thick as Raven’s knee there, Rubes. I could have told her that, but she doesn’t pay me for my managerial services.

Zack: Does anyone still?

Mai: ……………...Shut up.

Raven looked across the ring and saw Mallory pulling herself upwards and onto the apron on the opposite side. Knight quickly slid underneath the bottom rope, forced herself to her feet and sprinted across the ring to catch Bennett as she tried to step through the ropes with a running knee to her body. Knight stepped out onto the apron to join Mal, with a smile on her face as she saw the unbroken table next to that side of the ring. Knight quickly tried to pull Bennett upwards and looked to lift her into a suplex only for the defending Ultraviolence Champion to block the attempt. Raven tried once more and again Bennett managed to block the attempt before she countered with a closed fist shot straight to her kidneys. Knight froze up for a moment and the Malicious One made the most of it as she freed herself from Raven’s grasp and raked her nails down her eyes. Across the ring, Ruby pulled herself upwards with the ring apron and rolled into the ring once more and as she did so, Mal ducked down to wrap her arms around the Rhode Islander’s legs, lifting her upwards as she spun and drove the challenger through the table with a spinebuster.

Mai: Spine, meet pine! Raven is probably enjoying all this violence honestly. I don’t think she really cares about winning or losing that much. She just likes hurting people.

Zack: Well it goes without saying that she’s damn good at it, but so are her opponents!

On the outside, Mallory slowly started to rise to her feet, getting them underneath her as the referee checked on Raven in the wreckage of the table. Mallory heard a whistle from the top rope and when she turned and looked upwards as the crowd came off their feet in a cheer for Ruby Tyler as the Huntress dove from the top rope and delivered a forearm smash into Mallory’s jaw. The momentum saw Mallory roll backwards and come back up onto her knees at which point Ruby came forward and delivered a big boot to her face that sat her sprawling back onto the floor. Quickly the Huntress pulled Mallory upwards and brought her around the ring to the next unbroken table. She rolled her on top of the wooden surface and began to fire off forearms to Bennett’s jaw for good measure before she circled away, climbing up onto the ring apron once more. Ruby took a moment to measure Mallory up before she took off down the ring apron and came off with a diving elbow straight into the Mechanic’s heart, sending her back through the table.

Zack: A diving elbow right into Mallory’s black heart, or what’s left of it right there! But again, she has to get back into the ring because that’s where the title is hanging!

Mai: You don’t think she knows that? Well it is Ruby, so maybe she doesn’t.

The official checked on both Ruby and Mallory as Bennett was curled up in a ball in the remains of the table. Slowly Tyler pulled herself back to her feet and retrieved another ladder that she slid into the ring and followed after it. Pulling it upright the Californian set it up underneath the title belts, checked it for stability and began to climb slowly. As she got a couple of rungs in her ascent, Raven threw herself into the ring on the opposite side of the ladder and began to use the steps to pull herself upright before she too started to climb. Ruby noticed Raven following her upwards and tried to speed up, reaching for the title belt before she reached the top and only managed to brush it with her fingers. Tyler tried to kick out at Raven and send her falling back off the ladder only Knight to doggedly hang on and continue her ascent. Ruby took another step up the ladder and reached again for the title belt, managing to grab it and started trying to unhook it only for Knight to catch her with a shot to the stomach.

Zack: Ruby’s touching the title! She’s got her fingers on it….but Raven’s there to stop her!

Mai: That’s her fault for not doing a better job of keeping her down.

A second shot followed it as Knight joined Tyler at the top of the ladder where the pair of them started to exchange left and right hands; the pair desperately trying to get the upper hand for long enough that they could reach up and try to pull down the Championship. Neither of them managed it for long enough as they continued to brawl at the top of the ladder - neither of them noticing as Mallory slid into the ring, pushed herself up into a three point stance and charged the ladder with a shoulder barge. The ladder toppled and teetered before it started to fall, Tyler leaping clear and into a crossbody block that caught Mallory perfectly… while Knight held the ladder all the way down until it bounced off the top rope where she lost her grip and almost landed on her feet on the outside before she fell to her knees and went underneath the ring apron.

Zack: Where’s Raven going? She just dropped out of sight, and went under the ring.

Mai: I hope she’s not about to set the underside of the ring on fire, we’ll be here all night putting up a new one!

Mallory rolled away and started to come to her feet once more only to be met by Ruby who started to light up the former mechanics chest with knife edge chop after knife edge chop, forcing her back into the ring ropes. As Bennett was pinned back against them the Bairstow native started to bring her knees up into her midsection before she fired the defending Champion across the ring and looked to catch her on the return with a sling blade clothesline. Mal though ducked underneath the attempt, stopped on a dime and spun around to face Ruby before she left her feet and caught The Huntress with a Malicious Intent bicycle high knee to her jaw before she landed unsteadily on her feet, before she stumbled backwards, dropping to one knee to find her balance. Tyler, meanwhile, staggered a couple of steps before finally falling backwards to the canvas.

Mai: I’m kinda surprised Ruby managed to stay up that long after the MALICIOUS INTENT from the champion!

Zack: Talk about a delayed reaction! It’s still anyone’s ballgame here, but Mallory’s the only one standing.

Bennett looked around her to assess the situation for a moment before she headed towards the ladder, setting it up in the ring once more. Before she could even think about climbing it, however, Knight slid into the ring behind her and simultaneously crashed a bottle of Jack Daniels and a bottle of Jim Bean whiskey into either side of her head with a bell clap. Instantly Mal’s legs turned into spaghetti as she fought desperately to keep upright only for Raven to slam her face first into the glass shards with a one handed bulldog. Rolling over, Raven grabbed hold of Bennett by the hair and started to slam her head repeatedly into the bottle fragments on the mat before she ground her face into the glass. Finally she released her and Mallory rolled over, her face turning into a crimson mask thanks to a lot of tiny cuts. Raven pulled her upwards only to jerk her down into the Knight Terrors front headlock driver into the glass once more.


Mai: Why waste a perfectly good bottle of whiskey on Mallory’s face! By the way, I’m definitely picking Raven to win now!

Raven pushed to her feet but never got any further before Ruby let out a war cry as she stepped forward and snapped off the Crimson Kiss falling double knee jawbreaker to the Rhode Islander.

Zack: I had almost forgotten about Ruby, but Raven damn sure didn’t! CRIMSON KISS from the Huntress! And we’re gonna have a new champion!

Mai: Did I mention I’m picking Ruby Tyler to win this match? Because I am!

It left all three competitors down on the canvas, breathing deeply and barely moving before Ruby started to move first, sitting up before she started to crawl towards the ladder. Again Tyler started to slowly haul herself up the ladder before Mallory began to move, arm over arm as she dragged herself forwards and began to climb up the opposite side of the ladder. The pair slowly rose up the ladder, Tyler getting to the top step before Mallory and tried to reach up for the title belt only to set it swinging. Ruby shook her head and swung a fist at the mechanic as she tried to meet her at the top of the ladder; Bennett blocking the shot as she continued to pull herself upwards again. As the Tampa Bay born wrestler got to the top of the ladder, she drove a forearm into her opponent’s jaw. Ruby rocked backwards only to come forward and catch Bennett with a headbutt. Meanwhile Raven started to quickly pull herself up the same side of the ladder as Ruby.

Zack: It’s a desperate struggle to get up the ladder, and stop Mallory! And she’s got two desperate women on her tail!

Mai: And she didn’t even get their phone numbers either!

At the top of the ladder, Ruby and Mallory continued to exchange blows until Bennett lashed out with a throat thrust that caused Tyler to choke and grasp for air. The Ultraviolence Champion followed it up with a bionic elbow that saw the Huntress drop down two steps on the ladder. Mallory reached up and tried once more to grab hold of the title only for Ruby to grab her foes head, jerking her head downward into the top of the ladder. Bennett leaned backwards before she regained her grip on the ladder, Ruby stepped back up to the top and reaching for the title once more only for Raven to grab hold of her arm as she climbed over the Huntress back before she leaned around her and drove an elbow into Tyler’s face. Raven immediately followed it up with a straight shot to Mallory’s jaw before she reached up for the title, stopping it spinning as she grabbed hold of it and was about to pull it down only for Tyler to stop her with a back headbutt.

Zack: MALLORY’S DONE ----MAYBE NOT!! Ruby using her own head as a weapon to stop the champion from coming back down!

Mai: There’s nothing Mallory or I hate worse than someone stopping us from coming!

Raven swung backwards, only managing to hold onto the ladder with one hand, she swung a fist into the side of Tyler’s face and tried to regain her balance only for Bennett to connect with Knight’s face with a shot of her own. Bennett followed up with another straight punch to Ruby’s face. The Huntress managed to hold onto the ladder and as Mallory reared back to throw another fist towards Knight, Raven threw a fireball into her face. The Tampa Bay native immediately covered up her face, leaning over the top step to try and stay on the top of the ladder. Raven took full advantage as she grabbed hold of Ruby by the back of her neck and slammed her face first into meeting of the minds with the Malicious One, before she jerked her backwards and sent her falling back to the mat. Bennett reeled backwards, trying to keep hold of the ladder only for Raven to hammer away at her with forearm shots.

Zack: Now it’s Mallory and Raven! This is the damnedest TLC match I’ve seen in years! Who’s gonna win it?!

Mai: I’m picking RAVEN!!

Knight connected with two blows before Mal desperately and blindly reached out and managed to rake her nails down over Knight’s face. Raven quickly attempted to clear her vision but as she did so, Mal quickly leapt upwards, keeping hold of the ladder and turned her body almost horizontal as she delivered a modified version of the Malicious Intent bicycle knee to the side of Knight’s head. Raven fell to the side to the canvas from the top of the ladder, which rocked from side to side for a couple of moments before it finally came to rest on its feet. Bennett breathed out a sigh of relief as she reached up and pulled the title away from the hook, holding it against her body as the bell rang.

Mai: I told you it’d be Mallory! I said it from the start!! Holy balls, did she go through hell to retain that or what?! Glad I was right!


Zack: About as popular as polio, Mallory Bennett has barely managed to retain her Ultraviolence Championship in a nailbiter tonight at Global Wars!

Mai: Good thing she’s getting the rest of December off, she can use it to heal. So can the other two, for that matter.

As the announcement was made, Mallory raised the title high over her head as she stood at the top of the level. The crowd booed her loudly as she sat down, holding her head for a moment before she raised the title once more as the show cut elsewhere.

Adam Needs Door Locks

The next shot takes us backstage, and there we find Future Shock Director Adam Grant heading back towards his own office with some paperwork in his hand. As soon as he gets to the door, he finds it’s already open. This causes a curious look before he peeks his head inside to see who’s in there. And much to his surprise, it’s….

Adam: Riley! You’re kinda early for Future Shock….and on the wrong coast.

Dressed casually in a pair of slim cut blue jeans and a fitted white blouse that hugs around her curves, leaning back in the chair and her boots covered feet kicked up on the edge of her desk, when Adam walks in she smiles and drops her feet down with a shake of her head.

Riley: Id admonish you for keeping me waiting but, you’d have had to know I was coming. So I’ll let it slide, just this once...

Adam: Well I’m glad to see you. Surprise visits in wrestling though tend to end up with someone getting clobbered, so you understand…

He said with a smile before taking a seat on the edge of his desk.

Adam: Welcome to Global Wars though. If you had told me you were coming, I’d have shaken the chains up the ladder and gotten you the star treatment like we do with other guests.

She smiles again, sitting upright in her hair now she adjusts her clothing, taking every care to make sure she looks perfect, shrugging her hair back over her shoulders.

Riley: Well, I’m not like everyone else. I prefer to do things my own way and besides… Who says this is just a social call? Awful long way for me to come just for that, don’t you think?

Adam: You got me there. And you seem to have made yourself comfortable. I was going to offer to ask you perverted braindead questions if I needed to, so that way you could feel like you were on Twitter.

That was clearly a joke as he gave her a wink.

Adam: So is there something I can help you with? And hey, what’s wrong with having a social call to come see me?!

Cue the mock outrage, since it was obvious he wasn’t at all. She chuckled softly at his joke, running a hand through her hair and extending her arm to reach the Very tips.

Riley: You mean to say, you won’t endlessly question me about my personal relationships just to complain about them? Are you sure you understand how things work around here?

She took a moment to look around the room, adding a fake gasp of shock for effect.

Riley: I’m actually here to discuss terms… I feel like it’s time to spread my wings a little bit, I’ve been circulating Indy places since my debut and now with my feet wet in 4CW; I think it’s about time I dipped my toes in a few more pools, wouldn’t you agree?

Adam: If you think so, I have full faith you know what you’re doing. FFW is the longest running and biggest women’s promotion around, so I don’t blame you. Shall I escort you to see either Samantha or Seth then?

He offered her a hand up as he slid off the desk. She looked at his hand for a moment and smiled, nodding as she took it and stood up.

Riley: I really do hope you get some kind of signing bonus or something you know… It’d be a shame for you to have done all this work and not be adequately rewarded, maybe I should mention that in my terms.

She paused to consider the thought, the smile on her lips turning into a smirk as she pondered.

Riley: Then again, not EVERYONE around here is going to be all that happy to see me, I’d hate to see you get the blame along with the praise.

Adam: It wouldn’t be the first time nor the last that someone doesn’t like it. And the simple truth is we want talented women. And if someone has a problem with it, well that’s what they build that ring out there to for, right?

Riley grins with an emphatic nod as they head towards the door.

Riley: God, I hope so.

As the pair headed out of the office, we go back to the ring.

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Kat: The following match is scheduled for one fall to a finish and is for the FFW NO SURRENDER CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

Zack: One of the hardest fought matches at Sin & Sacrifice is about to see it’s rematch in what I suspect to be an even harder match tonight.

Mai: Not to mention both of them have to come back later for the Global Wars battle royal, and both want those five points!

The entire arena goes dark as the sound of wind blows through the PA, after a moment a strange whine kicks on, slowly getting louder and drowning out the wind as blue and white light starts to slowly creep along the stage.

The silhouette of a woman walks out, shaded by the increasingly intense lights she comes to stand center stage before hunching over at the waist slowly as the sound and the light dim slowly. The sound turning down to nothing and the lights going so dull as to barely be perceptible.

A moment passes.



The stage erupts with blue fireworks as the tron rains down white sparks just behind the now revealed Miko Ayano!

Kat: Introducing from Saga, Japan. Standing five-foot-six-inches tall and weighing in at one-hundred-eighteen-pounds, “THE WARP-DRIVE DRAGON” MIKO AYAAAAAAAAANOOOOOOOOOO~!!!

The Japanese woman surveys the crowd as the vocal droning of Anneke van Giersbergen heralds the Ayano’s arrival. After a moment Miko starts her trek down the ramp.

“Now we’ve arrived in a new time and world,
And elements are we of gold,
How many times are we able to see,
In the infinite void of the soul”

Miko arrives at ringside, she hops up onto the apron on a knee then comes to a stand, resting her forehead on the top rope for a moment.

“All that way,
Gonna give it away?
You’re gonna give it away to some muscle?”

With that she bolts to the corner from the apron, standing with one foot on the top buckle bracket and her other on the middle buckle bracket she raises surveys the crowd again.

“Long, long way,
Til the pain is at bay-”

Miko lifts her arm then with the scream of Devin Townsend-


- and pumps her fist-








BOOM! White sparks start falling from overhead as Miko leaps into the ring. The music twisting into a medly as the crowd is split between cheering and screaming along with Anneke’s backing vocals.


This world seems arrogant,
Sick and demented!”


“SOOO you bet your body and soul?”

Miko comes to a stand dead center of the ring as the chorus arrives, she slowly bends at the waist to rest her palms to the mat, the lights of the arena dimming as she lowers.


A blue strobe light pulsates with every word Townsend belts out.


At this Miko starts to rise slowly to a stand.


At this white spotlights star to spin around in dizzying patterns, highlighting the crowd in the darkened arena.


The entire arena starts flashing blue and white, just as-


White and blue pyro explodes from each corner of the ring as Miko stands dead center of it, arms spread wide and head tilted back as powerful white floodlights illuminate the ring to an almost painful degree. The crowd roars and hucks several blue, silver and gold streamers into the ring for her as the lights slowly go back to normal and the music fades out.

Freeing herself from the streamers, Miko walks over to her corner to await the opening bell.

Mai: We could have started this match about ten minutes ago if Miko didn’t have a crowd sing-along for this awful song she likes to use.

Zack: I’ll let you take that up with her, because I know how that will end. Miko won the title at Unstoppable 9, and she’d love nothing more than to be a two time champion tonight.

Sounds of thunder and lightning cast out, setting the atmosphere of the incoming Conqueror. The lights in the arena die out to allow for the spontaneous bursts of light that reflect the internalized storm.  As the silence takes hold, the startling opening guitar screech of Rammstein’s “Sonne” overtakes everything. It is followed by the infamous countdown.


Darkness falls over the entire arena, only broken by the miniscule twinkles of camera flashes in the crowd. A threatening violin floods the airwaves, with smoke collecting on the stage. As another section of the orchestral livens up, a sudden spotlight blasts onto the stage with a jet of pyro flying high up into the air. As it does, the Orchestra of Justice truly comes into its beautiful existence. On the stage, Artemis Kaiser appears, donning a new set of entrance apparel. Embroidered with many shimmering designs, Artemis’s military trench coat lightly moves as she rises onto the stage with her arms outspread. Bearing fangs fashioned onto a facemask and her eyes hidden behind shining red shades, Artemis steps down from the platform and into the smoke.

Kat: On her way to the ring...fighting out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada by way of Mt. Pearl, Newfoundland, Canada...weighing in at an 135 pounds...she is the reigning and defending FFW No Surrender Champion...she is the Last Empress...ARTEMIS KAAAAAAAAAISER!

Artemis marches down to the ring with her arms behind her back, not breaking her forward gaze. As the call concludes, the shot shows Artemis revealing her face to the camera and the audience. She removes her glasses, tucking them into the breast pocket of the coat. When she raises her head, the red streak, her scowl, and her stern expression completes all she wishes to do at her entrance. She continues to the western side of the ring, scaling the apron to stand on. She unbuckles the different pieces of her coat and politely hands it off to the stagehand. On her waist is the championship that she proudly carries. She abandons the athletic backflip in lieu of just stepping down to the ring.

Artemis steps slowly back into the center of the ring. Her head rises to scan the audience as she remains in the dead center of everything, of her personal universe. The Last Empress rises off the mat, tugging on her black gloves. She pops each of her knuckles by pressing her index finger over them. After that and with her theme dying out, she turns her head to back to reality. She walks over to her corner, and gives the turnbuckle a brisk kick and stretches out.

Zack: Artemis, just like her opponent, has a long night ahead of her win or lose here, but you can bet the champion loves opportunities like this  to push herself harder and harder than before.

Mai: Well short people rarely make good decisions, otherwise they would have decided to be taller.

Kaiser unhooked the title belt from around her waist and moved towards the middle of the ring, holding the Championship aloft as she looked over at the Warp Drive Dragon. She handed the title off to referee Kevin Fisk who showed it to the challenger before handing it off to the ringside attendant and called for the bell. As it sounded Miko darted out of her corner towards her opponent and the pair began to exchange vicious right hands. Kaiser’s stiff strikes got her the upper hand, causing Ayano to take two steps backwards only to throw out a front kick that caught her opponent in the gut, following it up with a second kick to the gut. As Kaiser doubled over, Miko brought her knee upwards into Artemis’ face standing her upright which allowed the Warp Drive Dragon to take her down to the canvas with a hip toss which she followed with a spinal tap kick that caused the No Surrender Champion to arch her back in pain.

Zack: I think most would try to end this quick, but both of these two dislike each other so much that I’m sure they are going to savor this and worry about the battle royal later.

Mai: That’s what makes them both stupid too, if you’re right.

The wrestler formally known as Whiskey didn’t give the Last Empress any time to recover as she dropped down to a knee behind Artemis and pulled her arm into an overhead wristlock. As the God of Anger pushed upwards to her feet, Ayano transitioned the hold into a hammerlock. Kaiser attempted to work an escape from the hold by throwing back elbows towards Miko’s head, connecting with two before the Warp Drive Dragon released the hold only to jerk her foe backwards into a hair pull backbreaker.

Zack: Look at the speed of those shots from Miko rocking Artemis’ head with each and every one of them.

Mai: She had to aim all of them down since Kaiser barely reaches up to her ass crack.

The No Surrender Champion rolled over and pushed up onto all fours only to get three stiff kicks to the ribs from her challenger. Kaiser pushed up further onto her knees, only for Miko to hook her head, yanked her upwards onto her feet and into a snap DDT. As the pair landed on the canvas, Ayano floated over to grab hold of her foes right arm and pulled it into a fujiwara armbar. Artemis immediately started trying to jerk her arm free as she kicked and pushed against the canvas before she reached out for the bottom rope and managed to wrap a hand around it. The referee called for the break, getting it on the two count from the challenger.

Zack: Notice how Miko is taking no chances. Some would have to four to break, she was out at a two count.

Mai: Yeah, and that’s two extra seconds she could have done more damage. What a moron! You couldn’t get a guest commentator for this match?

Artemis rose to her feet and Miko ran towards her, catching the champion with a raised knee to the gut, followed by a second and then a third. Ayano quickly yanked her away from the ropes by the wrist, spinning around behind the Champion and applied a rear waistlock that saw her snap off a perfect German suplex. Quickly the Warp Drive Dragon floated over to take Kaiser’s right arm, pinning it to the canvas before she delivered three double knee drops to the arm. Again the referee called for the break only for Ayano to pull the defending Champion to her feet, applying an arm wringer as she did so and took Kaiser straight back down to the mat with a leg sweep as soon as she’d gotten her back to her feet. Again Miko went after her opponents arm as she stomped away at the limb. The official once more ordered Ayano to let Kaiser get up from the canvas only to see the Team Japan member stoop down and took hold of her right arm once more, applying another arm wringer.

Zack: Miko’s starting to remind me of Sophia with this armbar, and that’s the woman she knocked off at Unstoppable to become No Surrender Champion in the first place.

Mai: Yeah, at least until she failed at Sin & Sacrifice and lost to the Canadian version of Webster.

As she pulled the Last Empress up from the canvas, the Mount Pearl native fired off a closed fist into her middle, followed by a second, a third and a fourth. Ayano stepped backwards and received a spinning back fist that dropped the Japanese wrestler to the canvas. The Warp Drive Dragon pushed back up to her feet, Artemis delivered a push kick to her gut that sent her opponent stumbling backwards towards the ring ropes, following after her as she began to throw forearm shivers to the Miko’s jaw driving her all the way back to the ropes. As Ayano hit the ropes, the God of Anger began to bring knees up into her gut before she fired her across the ring with an Irish whip. As the challenger hit the ropes and came back towards the middle of the ring, Kaiser darted forward and left her feet to deliver a high knee to her jaw, knocking her down to the canvas once again.

Mai: Now that was some height for little Artemis! If the NBA had a midget league, I think she could play for the Bulls. Hell, she could play for them now.

Zack: One day, all this is going to come back and bite you in the ass. And that’s when Lyn comes and takes over.

Miko started to come back to her feet and Artemis pulled her into a half nelson, using her grip to jerk her the rest of the way to her feet with a vertical base before she delivered multiple curved knee strikes into her rib and kidney area. Five blows connected before Kaiser slammed her opponent down to the mat with a half nelson backbreaker. The wrestler formerly known as Whiskey rolled to the side and came to a sitting position that saw the Last Empress plant a knee into her foe’s spine as she locked in a rear chinlock. Miko fought against the hold, beginning to push up to her feet, Kaiser keeping the hold locked in as they returned to a vertical base and began to drive knee strikes into her spine before she released the hold. Miko took a couple of steps forward and Artemis left her feet and jerked Ayano downwards into a double knee backbreaker.

Zack: Artemis is showing Miko she’s not the only one who knows how to implement those backbreakers right there.

The Warp Drive Dragon held her back as she rose to her feet once more; the Last Empress bouncing off the ropes and coming back towards her foe to put her down on the canvas with a running neckbreaker. Kaiser pulled her opponent upwards, only to put her straight back down on the mat with a snapmare roll into a kick to her spine. Miko sat straight back up and got a kick to the chest for her trouble that put her flat back on the mat again. As Ayano rolled onto her front, Kaiser delivered a knee drop into her back and then wasted little time in hooking her legs and head as she rolled backwards and applied a bow and arrow submission hold.

Mai: I know Artemis lives for this kind of thing, but I wonder how much Miko is thinking about the battle royal later tonight.

Zack: Miko’s not going to give it up for another match, that’s asinine.

The referee dropped down to ask Miko if she wanted to quit, getting a definite ‘No’ from the Japanese wrestler. The defending No Surrender Champion increased the pressure in the hold as she tried to get the submission, causing Ayano to grimace in agony but still she refused to quit when asked the question by the official. Kaiser released her hold on her opponent, sending her to the mat before she rolled to her feet and pulled Miko up with her into a Muay Thai clinch that saw her deliver knees into her midsection before straightening her up and sending her barrelling into the nearest corner. Miko struck the pads chest first and stumbled backwards two steps only for the Last Empress to charge forward, leave her feet and deliver a dropkick into the small of her back, sending her chest first into the turnbuckles once more. Again Miko stepped backwards, holding her chest before Kaiser lifted her upwards off her feet and into a back suplex, dropping her on her spine.

Mai: Win or lose, neither one of them are going to be walking erect when the main event rolls around. I doubt Miko will even be on both feet.

Zack: She wanted this rematch, and asked for it almost immediately after Sin & Sacrifice. She obviously knows what she’s doing in there.

Miko arched her back in pain as Artemis quickly rolled over, grabbed hold of her foot, pulling her away from the ropes and applied an ankle lock, dropping down to the canvas to grapevine the leg. The Warp Drive Dragon grimaced in pain, shaking her head defiantly as she refused to quit while slapping her palms against the mat in frustration. It only prompted the Newfoundlander to further torque on the joint, Miko giving out a strangled cry of pain as she gritted her teeth and began to use her free foot to kick out at the No Surrender Champion. It gained Ayano the break as Kaiser rolled away and came to her feet and took off towards the ropes, coming back towards her foe as Miko pushed up onto her knees and got a low running big boot from the Team Canada member.

Mai: Did you know that Artemis is my second favorite wrestler in all of FFW?

Zack: Who’s the first?

Mai: Everyone else.

Ayano rocked backwards to sit on her heels and Artemis took full advantage of her position to twist her opponent’s arm around in the shoulder socket with an arm wringer. The Last Empress used the hold to pull Miko up to her feet and drove side kicks into her midsection, landing four to double over the Team Japan member before she transitioned the arm wringer into a hammerlock, holding the arm up her back as she hooked her head and delivered a quick hammerlock suplex. Kaiser popped her hips, pulling her opponent up to her feet with her as she straightened out Miko’s arm and yanked her downwards into a single knee armbreaker. As they landed on the mat, Artemis kept hold of her foe’s arm as she floated over and attempted to apply a crossface chickenwing submission that saw the challenger fight it off, managing to free her arm in the process and rolled away to come to her feet.

Zack: Miko anticipated that, and couldn’t get away fast enough. Why stick around and take it if you can stop it from happening?

Mai: I can’t tell you how many men I’ve had to answer that question for, but that’s neither here nor there.

She found that the No Surrender Champion was on her feet and already upon her as the Canadian came towards her and looked to fire off a high roundhouse kick. Miko got her arms up to block the shot, shoving the leg away from her causing Artemis to spin around and as she came full circle, Miko caught her with a discus forearm shot to the jaw, spinning around and followed it with a leg sweep sidewalk slam. Miko rolled away and forced herself to come to her feet with her back towards the rising Artemis only to surprise Kaiser with a pele kick to the top of her head. Again Ayano rolled away to the ropes and pulled herself upwards, grimacing in pain as she held her back and then her shoulder before she took off towards the No Surrender Champion as the Newfoundlander got to her feet. Miko left hers to land on her foe’s shoulders and snapped off a perfect hurricanrana that sent the God of Anger back to the mat, Ayano landing on top of her in a pinfall position but immediately began to launch into hammer blows to Kaiser’s face before changing her target and started to fire the point of her elbow into the right arm.

Zack: No pins in this match, so Miko’s happy to hammer the hell out of Artemis’ head and face with impunity!

Mai: To be fair, she has one of those faces you really would enjoy abusing anyway.

Miko rolled away at the referee’s instructions and came to her feet as Kaiser moved onto all fours, Ayano moving quickly towards her, picking that arm and pulling it away from the mat before she dropped a leg drop across the limb. Again the Japanese wrestler kept hold of her foe’s arm as she came back to her feet and this time she delivered a curb stomp to the Canadian’s shoulder blade driving her straight back down to the canvas from all fours. Kaiser grimaced in pain as she reached across her body to hold her shoulder and got another three stomps in quick succession to the same point. Quickly the challenger dropped down and looked to take a page from Sophia Pike’s book as she went to apply the Space Needle fujiwara armbar, only for it to prove to be well scouted by the Mount Pearl native who scrabbled and fought and managed to pull her arm free before it could be locked in.

Zack: You can tell that these two have watched a lot of tape on one another with how they seem to know what the other is about to do at times.

Mai: Don’t give them so much credit, Zack. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while.

Kaiser scrambled to her feet and immediately jumped into the air to catch her opponent with an Enter the Dragon flying side kick. Ayano tried to get her arms up in the way of the blow but stumbled backwards from the force of the blow regardless. Quickly she found her balance only to receive three stiff chops across her chest from Kaiser before Artemis spun around and caught her across the temple with a back heel kick. The Warp Drive Dragon dropped down to one knee and wobbled from the force of the blow as she started to shove back up to her feet. The God of Anger bounced off the ropes and came back towards Miko, leaving her feet for the Execution Kick axe kick across the back of her head… and got nothing but air as the Japanese wrestler pulled her head backwards out of harm’s way. Artemis landed on her feet and spun to face her challenger who caught her with a push kick to the abdomen, causing the No Surrender Champion to step backwards a couple of steps before Miko darted towards her, left her feet and locked in an octopus hold, pulling back on Kaiser’s arm that she’d be working over earlier in the match.

Mai: There’s a move you don’t see that often. Wasn’t that one of Jodie Gray’s favorite moves?

Zack: That it was, and it looks Miko has it expertly applied here. That could spell a lot of trouble for the champion.

Quickly Fisk got into position to ask the defending Champion the question, getting a shake of the head ‘No’. Miko pulled back further and further on her foe’s arm, trying to apply as much pressure as possible. Kaiser let out a short cry of pain but still refused to submit to the hold, shaking her head from side to side as Fisk asked the question, trying to pull her arm free of the submission to little effect; Miko wrenching harder on the limb and getting another cry of pain from her foe as she continued to shake her head ‘No’. The Last Empress began to stagger backwards, building up momentum as she refused to tap and drove the wrestler formerly known as Whiskey into the turnbuckles to finally get the release.

Mai: That’s a good way to break most any hold. Look at Artemis, she does have a couple brain cells in that little boy body of hers.

Zack: What does her figure have to do with anything? Not everyone blows their life savings on silicone and Botox.

Artemis walked forwards towards the middle of the ring, cradling her arm as Miko came back to her feet and quickly climbed to the top rope where she measured her foe up. As Kaiser turned to face her foe, Ayano launched herself from the top rope and looked to deliver a meteora only for Artemis to dart forward underneath her, catch her and drive her down into the canvas with a powerbomb. The pair rolled away from each other on impact and lay on the mat for a couple of moments, the referee checking on both before they started to stir, coming to their feet simultaneously. Miko charged forward, leaving her feet and locked in a flying armbar on her opponent. Artemis staggered backwards, leaning against the ropes as Miko tried to pull her off balance and to the canvas only for Artemis to hook an arm over the top rope to stop her before she started to throw knees into her opponent’s body and head.

Mai: I bet Miko thinks it’s raining knees right now, except from the wrong direction. That’s some speed right there.

Zack: I don’t think there’s a speed advantage tonight in this one, or if there is, it’s entirely negligible.

Ayano released the hold, rolling backwards to come to her feet and Kaiser charged towards her with an attempted clothesline from Hell. Miko though, ducks underneath the attempt, spinning around as she did so and quickly applied a rear naked choke on the No Surrender Champion, leaving her feet to apply a body scissors to her as she managed to jerk her down to the canvas and tightened up her grip.

Mai: I enjoy a little choking from time to time, Zack. Lean over here, and I’ll show you what I mean.

The referee checked the hold and then on the Team Canada member as Miko tightened the choke hold as Kaiser tried to find an escape, scratching at her opponent’s arm in an attempt to pull it away from her. The challenger refuses to release the hold and Kaiser’s movements begin to slow. When she stops moving altogether, the referee raises Artemis arm in the air and watches it drop to the canvas. The official does it again and again it drops. Once more Kevin Fisk raises the No Surrender Champion’s arm in the air and lets it drop once more.

Zack: We are one arm drop away from Miko recapturing the title she left behind back at Sin & Sacrifice.

It stops halfway to the canvas and begins to waver in midair, making circular motions as her feet start to kick against the ring mat. Slowly, Kaiser manages to roll onto her front and started to push onto her hands and knees. Miko tried to tighten up the choke and the bodyscissors even further, causing Artemis to start to pound the mat with her fists as her rise came to a momentary halt. Finally Kaiser started to push upwards, getting her feet underneath once more before she stumbled and staggered forwards towards the ropes, dropping to her knees and allowing her momentum to take Ayano throat first into the middle ring ropes. Miko staggers away gasping for air and before she can recover, the Mount Pearl native hurled herself at her opponent’s legs, taking the Japanese wrestler down to the mat with a chop block. Quickly the Last Empress forced herself to move, grabbing hold of her foe’s feet as she pulled her into a Haas Of Pain submission hold.

Zack: I didn’t see that one coming, and neither did Miko either! The challenger is in a whole world of trouble now!

Mai: Yeah, I don’t think they make that shade of nail polish she has on anymore.

Immediately Miko let out a loud cry of pain, as her hand went to her back but refused to submit as the referee asked her the question. Miko let out another loud cry as Artemis pulled back further in the hold, bending her back on herself. Still the Warp Drive Dragon refused to quit in the submission hold, pushing upwards instead and walking back on her arms in an effort to relieve the pressure on her back. It saw Kaiser shake her head and release the hold, rolling away to the ring ropes and pulled herself upwards. She measured the Team Japan member and as Miko came to her feet, Kaiser charged forward, leaving her feet and caught her with a Falcon Punch.

Zack: Big time falcon punch from the champion, and Miko got caught flush with it! And down she went!

Mai: Down and to the side….just like the Zapruder film. No wait, that was down and to the left.

Miko dropped back down to the canvas and rolled to the side, trying to pull herself to her feet only for Artemis to drag her back to a vertical base and whip her into the corner. As the Warp Drive Dragon hit the corner, Kaiser charged in behind her and drove a Falcon kick - running single leg drop kick - into her chest. Miko tried to stagger out of the corner and as she did so, Kaiser lifted her up onto her shoulders before executing a gutbuster. As Ayano hit the canvas, her body spasmed in pain, the girl holding her ribs in agony. Kaiser straightened up and with a smile she pointed a finger gun down towards her opponent, taking a shot at her. Miko tried to start to rise only for Artemis to dive on top of her as she looked to lock in the AK-93 submission hold.

Zack: AK-93! Let’s see if Miko has a plan in mind for this one! She’s managed to escape the other holds eventually!

Mai: I think if she just offers Artemis platform shoes that it might make her feel better and lighten up the hold.

As soon as she tried to lock in the hold, Miko desperately jerked away from her, pulling her arms out of Artemis’ grasp. Kaiser shook her head and pounded the mat in frustration before diving at Miko again as she got to her knees and delivered a European uppercut to the jaw, followed by a second and then a third. The blows brought Miko up to her feet only for Artemis to jerk her head downwards into a single knee facebreaker. The Warp Drive Dragon reeled backwards into the ring ropes and Artemis grabbed hold of Miko’s hand and whipped her across the ring, catching her on the return to pop her up into the air, looking for the Chestburster kick...but Ayano countered with a modified bicycle kick, catching her foe in the face; Miko landing on one knee.

Zack: What a bicycle kick! If this match had pinfalls, she might have put Artemis away right there! But the challenger is hurting too!

Mai: She should be, think how I feel having to call a match between two people I don’t like in the slightest.

Quickly Ayano pushed upwards as Kaiser recovered and got to her feet, Miko launching herself towards her and catching her with the wormhole kick that took her foe off her feet and down to the canvas once more. As soon as she connected, Ayano went to lock in the Cross Armbar on the No Surrender Champion. Kaiser immediately interlocked her fingers, fighting hard to stop Miko from fully extending her arm and preventing her from getting the hold locked in. Ayano tried to separate her fingers by driving her leg downwards repeatedly into Kaiser’s face. Still though the Last Empress kept her fingers locked, preventing the submission hold.

Zack: Artemis is doing everything in her power to keep Miko from successfully applying the submission! It’s a battle of wills at this point!

The Warp Drive Dragon gave up trying to lock in the hold and rolled away to her feet. She waved Kaiser back up to her feet before she skipped forward and into another bicycle kick. Artemis spun out of the way of the blow and as Miko tried to regain her balance the Last Empress shoved her forward into the corner and lunged after her with a heavy elbow strike. Quickly Artemis followed up with another four alternating elbow strikes as her Hate Parade started to build steam as Miko covered up. A series of stiff puroresu style strikes came next before Kaiser started to fire off stiff kicks into her foes midriff. Fisk ordered her to let Miko out of the corner only to see the Last Empress back away to the middle of the ring and charge forward with a running high knee. Miko slumped down to her knees as Artemis wheeled away and took off across the ring to come back with a running facewash that caused Ayano to fall backwards against the turnbuckle pads. Kaiser quickly pulled her opponent out of the corner and into a running bulldog, slamming her face first into the canvas and allowing Kaiser to float over into the AK-93 armlock crossface with a straitjacket applied using Miko’s free arm.

Zack: She’s got it locked in again! And this time, I don’t think there’s gonna be an escape! But Miko is welcome to prove me wrong!

Mai: Huh, I’d like to see her get out of it this time! I’m not liking her chances though.

Fisk dropped down in front of Miko, asking her if she wanted to quit and getting a ‘No’. The Japanese wrestler tried to pull her hands free only for Kaiser to have her held tight in her grip. Still Miko struggled for freedom, her motions starting to slowly fade in the submission hold. When she realised there was no escape route available to her, she submitted to the hold. Fisk immediately called for the bell and Artemis held onto the submission for a long couple of seconds after it finished ringing before she finally released her opponent.


Zack: Miko knew when she was caught, and she did the smart thing! And Artemis Kaiser’s reign continues as the queen of the submission division!

Mai: Well given what she said in her promo for this match, I’m betting she’s very happy about it and maybe even licking her chops for later tonight. I’ll give Webster credit this time.

The Canadian rolled away, holding her arm for a moment as she pushed slowly up to her feet and took her title back from the referee, holding it aloft in one hand while Miko was still trying to recover on the canvas. The screen showed the Global Wars scoreboard, updating the standings with the new points totals before the show cut elsewhere.

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Kat: The following match is scheduled for one fall to a finish and is for the FFW Evolution Championship!!

Zack: The championship matches continue, and if you’re Missy, this is going to be the longest night of your career because the battle royal is coming after this match. I’ll be joined by her manager momentarily, and we’ll discuss it.

The arena goes dark for just a moment, the funky opening chords to Voodoo Johnson's "Dirty Angel" playing through the PA, before the white lights are replaced by swirling green replacements, bathing the arena in the favorite color of the Emerald City Siren. A few seconds pass, though, before Sophia Pike actually makes her way out through the curtain, met--immediately--by a chorus of boos, which she largely brushes off with a flick of of either wrist. She pauses at the head of the ramp, chewing a piece of gum fairly obviously, and shaking her head at the collective audience, for whatever reason.

Clearly in no particular hurry, judging by the utter lack of pace, Sophia makes her way down the ramp. About halfway to the ring, one fan is able to get past the practiced apathy of the Siren, and she actively gets in his face, shouting...something, that for the most part can't be heard over the music playing in the arena. Whatever the fan says back to her seems to amuse the self-proclaimed Queen of King County, who just smirks and waves him off, making the shorter trip down to the ring and climbing up onto the apron. She leans back against the ropes, grinning with a little more joy than one should probably get out of being almost unanimously booed, even raising both arms and beckoning the crowd to get even louder--which they happily do, as the Siren climbs into the ring.

Kat: Introducing first, from Seattle, Washington, and weighing in at 137 lbs, this is the "Emerald City Siren," SOPHIA PIIIIIKE!

Sophia winks at Kat and grins, climbing up onto the second turnbuckle and stretching both arms out, bending just a little bit at the waist and leaning herself forward. She shouts something at the sections of fans she can see, but again it's mostly unheard. Eventually, she hops off the turnbuckle and pulls her Queen of King County shirt off, tossing it out into the crowd...who promptly throw it back at the Siren. For her part, Sophia either doesn't notice or doesn't care, just settling herself back in the corner, waiting for the match to begin.

Zack: It’s hard to argue with success, and that’s certainly been the case when it pertains to Sophia Pike. She dominated the No Surrender division for a little under a year, and she could well do the same thing if she captures the Evolution Championship tonight.

The lights in the arena go off before a single purple spotlight hits the stage. As the opening bars of Wild Side by Cross My Heart Hope To Die starts to play Missy appears at the entrance way. Missy stands perfectly still, as her head stays bent, looking towards the ground and her manager Christian Kincaid walks out to stand behind her.

I've been on my best behavior
But I've heard that good girls finish last
And once you're gone they say no one can save you
But who knows if I go I may never want to ever come back
We've all fell victim to temptation
It seems that I'm the last one holding on
What's the use in fighting for my salvation
And why does it feel so damn right to want to be so wrong

At the side of Missy purple lights flash on and off, looking almost like fireworks, causing a wave of oohs and cheers to escape from the crowd. As the lights subside, Missy raises her arms up to the air and a single white spotlight accompanies the move.

I just wanna dance with the devil tonight
I wanna know what it feels like
I wanna close my eyes, put my hands in the sky
I wanna walk on the wild side

Kat: Introducing at this time…. Hailing from Leeds, England, the FFW Evolution Champion… she is MIIIIISSSSSY!

Missy makes her way down the ramp to the ring keeping her eyes straight ahead, focussing on the ring, with Christian following a few steps behind. When she reaches the ring she slowly climbs the steel steps, building the crowd to fever pitch with anticipation, she climbs elegantly between the bottom and middle rope and climbs up onto the middle rope. She smirks before blowing a kiss out to the crowd as her theme music ends. Christian heads for the booth.

Zack: Missy captured the Evolution Championship at Unstoppable 9, and she has zero intent on having the reign end here in Los Angeles. Welcome to the booth, Christian.

Christian: Thanks, happy to be here. I’ve not managed too many talents against Sophia, so we’ll see if I was useful to Missy here. I know this match was her focus tonight.

Melinda Davis took the title belt from Missy and showed it to the Challenger before she raised high into the air for the benefit of the crowd and finally passed it off to the ringside attendant while the two combatants went through their final preparations. The referee called for the bell and both women came out of their corners towards the middle of the ring and straight into a lock up. They jockeyed for position for a couple of moments before Sophia got the upperhand and took Missy down to the canvas with a hip toss. The Englishwoman came straight back up to her feet only to be sent straight back down to the canvas with an armdrag; Pike keeping hold of the arm and transitioned through into an armbar on her right arm as Missy landed in a sitting position.

Zack: While Sophia’s got this armbar applied, how has Missy prepared for what is going to be a very long night for her?

Christian: Mostly, we’ve focused on stamina training. She already is pretty well conditioned after all, but these are also extreme circumstances considering the matches are back to back.

The Leeds native started to push back up to her feet and began to fire off closed fists shots into Sophia’s gut. As Missy got the break she continued to throw right hand bombs at the challenger, connecting with three stiff right hands to the jaw that rocked Pike backwards until the Queen of King County lashed out, jabbing a thumb into Missy’s eye, temporarily blinding her and stopping her in her tracks. Davis attempted to reprimand her, but Pike seemed not to take any notice as she delivered a front kick to Missy’s stomach and followed up with an arm wringer that saw her also deliver two elbow strikes to the right arm before she turned the hold into a hammerlock, forcing the Evolution Champions arm up behind her back to touch her own shoulder blades.

Christian: The only real saving grace for her was that she didn’t draw the first entry into the battle royal. So she will have a LITTLE time to try and find what...fourth gear by then?

Zack: Thank goodness for small favors then, huh? We saw Lilly defend her title much earlier tonight, so neither half of Team England is looking at being too fresh.

The Englishwoman didn’t waste any time in trying to find an escape as she fired off three back elbows that caught Sophia, causing Pike to shove her opponent away from her as she released the hold. As Missy spun around, the Emerald City Siren left her feet and caught the Evolution Champion with a standing dropkick to the face that sent her down to the canvas. Pike was quickly back to her feet and dove towards Missy as she was still rising, grabbing hold of her right arm and wrestling her back down to the mat and straight into the Space Needle. Before she had even managed to get the hold applied Missy had her hand wrapped around the bottom rope and Davis was calling for the break and beginning her count - not that it stopped Pike from applying continuing to apply the submission, pulling back on the arm for just a couple of moments before the count reached four and she rolled away coming back to her feet with a smug grin on her face. As Missy pushed up to one knee, the challenger made sure to tell her that she was millimetres away from trapping her and taking the title as the Leeds native stared at her.

Christian: I appreciate Sophia trying to get into her head like this, but in Missy’s case, all it is going to do at best is motivate her more.

Zack: That’s all part of Sophia’s game. I think, in some cases, opponents come into the match mentally unsure of themselves long before she puts a hand on them.

Missy returned to her feet and circled around her opponent for a couple of moments before she closed the gap and locked up with her foe once more. Again there was a couple of moments where the pair jostled for position before Missy came out on top with a knee buried into her opponents gut. A second knee followed it before the Englishwoman fired the former No Surrender Champion into the corner. As she hit the corner, Missy followed in behind her and delivered a running knee into her gut before she left her feet and brought Pike out of the corner with a monkey flip that sent her crashing back down to the canvas. Missy wasted no time at all in scaling the turnbuckles as Sophia got her feet underneath her and turned around into a missile dropkick from her opponent. Again the Leeds native was quick to her feet, running towards the ropes and came back with a clothesline that again took her opponent down to the canvas the second that she returned to a vertical base.

Christian: This is one thing Missy and I talked about here. Whenever she can, pick up the pace on Sophia. She struggles at times if the tempo picks up.

Again Pike tried to rise quickly and as she did so, Missy circled around behind her, locking in a rear waistlock that she quickly turned into a German suplex. Three more followed as Missy refused to release her grip on the Emerald City Siren before she bridged upwards on the fourth for a pinfall.



Zack: That takes some neck strength to pull off a bridge like that. Unfortunately for Missy, it wasn’t enough.

Christian: She may not be built like an Amazon, but Missy’s body is pretty well built. Not really any weak links on her.

Sophia kicked out before the two count could be completed and rolled over onto her knees. Missy meanwhile kipped up to her feet and waited for Pike to make it the rest of the way to her feet before she caught her with a kick to the gut, hooked her head and snapped off a DDT. As the Washingtonian pushed upwards onto her hands and knees, Missy bounced off the ropes towards her and left her feet, looking for the Mischief Maker curb stomp only to stamp down on the canvas as the former No Surrender Champion rolled away from the move and to the ropes at the last moment. This time it’s was Missy’s turn to lean forward and tell her opponent how close she came to driving her face into the mat with a small smirk playing at the corner of her lips.

Christian: Missy can play mind games too. It may actually work better in her case, because she’s not been having her usual success in the company that shall not be named. Might be playing on her psyche.

Zack: Whether it does or not, Sophia’s already back up and going straight ahead at the champion!

Pike came straight up to her feet and strode quickly towards Missy, meeting her in the middle of the ring and immediately delivered an open handed slap across the Englishwoman’s jaw that snapped her head to the side. The Evolution Champion’s hand came up to her face as she turned her head back towards the challenger only to receive another open handed slap from the Emerald City Siren who quickly followed it up with a series of five stiff European uppercuts to her jaw that sent Missy reeling backwards into the ring ropes. Sophia quickly fed her foes right arm over the top rope and pulled hard on her wrist, using the rope to exert additional leverage on the joint while she began to deliver elbow strikes to the shoulder. Davis called for the break and started to use the count which Pike milked for every millisecond she could before she released her grip and took a half step backwards with her hands raised before the referee reached five.

Zack: No surprises there. Sophia’s going to use every second she can. She’s ultra-aware of the rules, if only because she likes to skirt underneath them.

Christian: Like I’ve heard said a thousand times, it’s only illegal if the referee gets to five. I’ve told many of my clients the same thing.

It proved to be a short lived respite for Missy as Pike stepped forward a moment later and brought four raised knees into her midsection. Again Davis called for the break due to the Evolution Champion being against the ropes and began to use her count, getting to four before Sophia jerked Missy towards the middle of ring with a handful of hair. The Emerald City Siren continued to ignore the objections of the referee as she pulled her opponent to the middle of the ring, took hold of her right arm once more and jerked her downwards into a double knee armbreaker. As soon as the move connected, Missy rolled away, holding her arm with her left hand as she pushed up to her knees. Sophia advanced upon her and again used a handful of her hair to yank her to her feet and into another knee driven into her gut. As Missy doubled over, Pike twisted her right arm into a hammerlock up behind her back, hooked her head and delivered a suplex that dropped her on the arm.

Zack: This is Pike Strategy 101 right here, she’s playing all her greatest hits out there as she works over that arm looking for the Space Needle.

Christian: You’re right. Her strategy in the ring and in promos doesn’t tend to deviate much. But if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

The Emerald City Siren floated over into the mount position on top of Missy and began to deliver ground and pound elbow strikes to her face; trash talking her foe and telling her it was obvious who the superior wrestler was. Again Davis asked for the break and was forced to use the count, getting to the brink of disqualifying the challenger only for Pike to roll away at the last moment. Again Davis tried to reprimand her only to see Sophia wrap her hand around the defending Evolution Champion’s throat, blatantly choking her out. Davis was quick to count, again seeing Sophia hold on until the four count before releasing for a second and applying another choke. Another count came. Another break on four and straight back to the choke from Pike who again broke on the referee’s four count, leaving Missy gasping for breath as the official read the riot act to Sophia, threatening her with the disqualification. It only caused Pike to shrug and remind the referee that she had until the count of five to release and so far that’s exactly what she’d done.

Christian: See, this is where I think you are not being smart. Every referee is different. And if you catch one on a bad night, they may just disqualify you. They get paid the same whether you win the match or not.

Missy started to push her way up to her feet as Sophia told her to just accept the inevitable as she delivered another open handed slap to her jaw as the Leeds native made it to one knee. The former No Surrender Champion gave her no chance to respond as she pulled her upwards, taking hold of the waistband of her tights to spin her around and with a roar sent her through the turnbuckles in the nearest corner and right shoulder first into the steel ring post. It got her another berating from the referee that Sophia barely paid any attention to as she pulled her opponent out of the ropes and straight into a fireman’s carry slam that she transitioned straight into a cross armbreaker on the right arm.

Zack: Now that was an excellent transition right there. Sophia is seamless in the ring, no question about it.

Christian: As long as she’s been at it, she should be able to do things like that. And not only does she, she does them well.

Davis immediately dropped down next to Missy, asking her if she wanted to submit as the Leeds born wrestler kicked her feet against the canvas as she refused while stifling a cry of pain. Sophia shouted and screeched at her opponent to quit, pulling back further on her arm, adding more and more pressure on the hold as Missy still refused when the referee asked, starting to use her feet and her arm to drag them over the canvas towards the ropes, stretching towards them and coming up short. Again she refused to quit when the referee asked her the question as Pike further increased the pressure on the arm that she’d been working over. Missy’s face screwed up into a mask of pain as she shook her head in refusal when Davis asked her again while her hand hovered over the mat.

Christian: Missy is one of the most stubborn women when it comes to knowing when to quit. Not saying she should, but it’s going to take that arm nearly coming off to do it.

Zack: It’s rare we see her tap out, but she’s also never faced someone quite like Sophia either. And that’s what she loves to do most.

The official asked again and once more got a shake of the head from Missy. Sophia screamed at the Englishwoman to quit. But the Leeds woman made another effort, pushing her feet against the mat to move herself to the side. Finally she managed to hook her hand around the bottom rope. Instantly Davis called for the break and when she didn’t get it, the referee began the count on the former No Surrender Champion, almost getting forced to make the five before Pike released her grip and rolled away from her opponent and to her feet.

Christian: I’m telling you she’s going to come across a referee one day, maybe tonight, that isn’t going to argue. They are just going to ring the bell.

Zack: Sophia isn’t in Global Wars, so she doesn’t give a damn if Missy goes into it on one arm or none. She’s here for one thing: the Evolution Championship.

Missy stayed near the ropes, holding her arm and shoulder with her opposite hand as Sophia advanced upon her, grabbing hold of the top rope as she began to stomp away on her foe’s injured arm. Again the referee tried to get the Seattle native to back up as Sophia seemed to be telling Missy that she’d made a huge mistake. The Emerald City Siren looked to pull the Evolution Champion up to her feet only for Missy to surprise her by grabbing her head and dropping down to her knees with a jaw breaker. Pike reeled backwards holding her jaw as Missy came back to her feet and charged forward, leaving her feet to deliver a jumping knee strike to Sophia’s jaw that knocked her to the mat.

Christian: There we go, that’s what I wanted to see! She may have a hurting arm, but she certainly has another arm, two feet, and clearly a knee or two she’s willing to share with Sophia.

Pike quickly tried to come to her feet only for Missy to start firing off stiff kicks to her body as she held her right arm against her before she took the Emerald City Siren by the wrist and sent her across the ring with an Irish whip. Missy followed in close behind her as Pike stopped herself before she hit the turnbuckle pads and fired off a back elbow that caught Missy in the jaw. The Evolution Champion staggered backwards, holding her jaw but as Sophia turned to face her, Missy left her feet and caught the Washingtonian with a backflip kick to her jaw that sent her falling backwards into the turnbuckle pads. The Leeds native rolled back up to her feet and immediately jumped up onto the middle rope, using it as a springboard to connect with an enzugiri to the side of her head. As the challenger stepped woozily out of the corner, Missy came back to her feet, caught her in her arms and sent her flying to the canvas with a t-bone suplex.

Zack: Missy’s breaking out the suplexes, and keeping Sophia off balance now. That’s what champions do, folks. They work through the pain!

Missy used the ring ropes to pull herself quickly back to her feet, shaking out her arm as she stepped out onto the apron and climbed up to the top turnbuckle as fast as she could. She perched on the top rope for a moment as Pike came back to her feet and when the Seattle native turned to face her, Missy flew towards and took her back down to the canvas with a flying clothesline. Again the former No Surrender Champion started to rise to her feet only for her foe to springboard off the middle ropes and connect with a hurricanrana, holding it for a pinfall.

Zack: Sophia dropped right on her head, that could be all she wrote!




Christian: Would that it were, Zack. Would that it were.

Pike kicked out and tried to rise to her feet only to be cut off as she got to her knees as Missy applied a headlock, flexing her arm as she wrenched the hold on tighter. Sophia continued to push up to her feet regardless and began to pull at her opponent’s arms, trying to separate them from around her neck. The Leeds native held on, tightening up her grip and - if anything - wrenching it on a little tighter before she moved forward quickly and slammed the former No Surrender Champion face first into the canvas with a bulldog. Once more the Seattle native tried to get her feet underneath quickly, pushing upwards but as she did so, Missy wrapped her arms around her and dropped her backwards to the canvas with a back suplex.

Christian: Missy is back in firm control of this match, and that’s where I want to see her. She also needs to try to end this as soon as possible for her own sake.

Zack: You got that right! But it’s a lot easier said than done with an opponent the caliber of the “Emerald City Siren.”

Once more the Seattle native tried to get her feet underneath her once more, Missy pulling her upwards and dropped her straight back down to the canvas with a neckbreaker. Pike held her neck as she rolled to the side only for Missy to pull her upwards as the Leeds native came to her feet, guiding her towards the ring ropes. Missy hooked her foes head, lifted her upwards and used the top rope to deliver a slingshot brainbuster, dropping her on the top of her skull. As Pike crumpled to the canvas, Missy rolled to her feet and set off towards the ropes, springboarding off the middle rope to deliver a moonsault across Sophia’s body. As she landed, the Evolution Champion pushed up to her knees, holding an arm across her chest for a moment before she dropped across her and hooked her leg for another pinfall attempt.

Zack: A picture perfect moonsault, and Missy’s three seconds from retaining!




Christian: She could have possibly, but she gave Sophia a little window there before she made the cover.

Sophia kicked out once more and rolled over, forcing herself up to all fours as Missy accepted the two count shown to her by the referee, coming to her feet as she did so. The Evolution Champion circled around behind the Emerald City Siren as the crowd cheering her on as she waited for Pike to push up to her knees before she stepped forward and pulled her into a Cobra clutch. The Seattle native pushed quickly to up her feet, trying to pull her hands free from her grip and escape the sleeper hold. She found the Leeds native grip to be vice like even with her injured arm and made for the ropes instead. Just as Pike was about to wrap her hand around the top rope Missy snapped off a cobra clutch suplex, flipping her over to land on her face.

Christian: Ouch, right on the face! A couple more of those, and Sophia’s face is gonna look like a Picasso painting before this is over.

Zack: She’s gotta stay on her though. You can’t give Sophia an inch in the ring.

The Englishwoman grimaced for a moment, holding her right arm as she came to her feet and as she got vertical she saw that Pike had made it back to one knee and charged forward, stepping up to deliver a shining wizard to the side of her head. Sophia collapsed to the mat and Missy quickly made another cover, hooking the leg once more.

Zack: WHAT A KICK!! No hesitation before the cover this time!




Christian: I think she’s close, Zack. I’m positive she’s close actually. Sophia barely avoided that one.

At the last moment, Pike rolled her shoulder to break up the count and as Missy confirmed the count with the referee Sophia continued to roll, leaving the ring underneath the bottom rope and coming to her feet where she fell backwards against the barricade, holding her neck as she did so. Missy came back to her feet and was backed up across the ring by the referee who then turned to start the count on the former No Surrender Champion. Sophia ignored the referee as she started to pace back and forth, massaging her neck with one hand. At the count of six the Leeds native grew tired of waiting and took off across the ring, leaving her feet for a suicide dive through the ropes to the outside...only to get caught in mid air by a European Uppercut from the Emerald City Siren. The blow left Missy hanging over the middle rope.

Zack: She has to be out on her feet after that! I’m surprised her jaw is still in her mouth right now!

Christian: That made my teeth hurt, Zack. You might be right about her being out on her feet too, judging by what I’m seeing.

Sophia shook her head as she delivered another European uppercut to the Englishwoman, followed by another as she pulled herself up onto the ring apron. Grabbing hold of Missy by the hair, Pike drove a knee into her face before hooking her head, pulling her through the ropes and spiked her head into the apron with a double underhook DDT. Davis reprimanded Pike only to watch the Emerald City Siren pull Missy upwards, making sure she faced away from her as she pulled her right arm up behind her in a hammerlock and rushed her forward, slamming her right shoulder into the ring post once more; Missy dropped down to the floor, grabbing her shoulder after she hit the steel. Sophia stepped through the ropes into the ring, only to step straight back out again, joining the defending Champion on the floor. Quickly she pulled Missy upwards, scooping her up off her feet onto her shoulder and took a few quick steps forward before she hurled the Leeds natvie right shoulder first into the steel ring post once more. Spinning the Englishwoman around, Pike fed her right arm around the ring post and yanked on her arm, pulling her bicep first into the steel. She repeated the move twice more before she rounded the post and rolled the Evolution Champion underneath the bottom rope.

Christian: Smart move by Sophia. She’s not going to win any titles on the floor. But boy, Missy’s chances at winning Global Wars are flickering at this point.

Zack: You said this match was her focus, and I can certainly understand why!

Missy rolled through and started to rise to her feet as Sophia followed her into the ring and sent her sprawling forward onto all fours with a forearm smash to the back of her head. It caused the Leeds native to shake her head and try to push upright once more only for Sophia to send her back to the canvas once again with a low angle DDT. Immediately the Emerald City Siren yanked her opponent upwards, scooping her off her feet once more and dropped her with a shoulderbreaker. The Leeds native rolled and writhed around on the mat in pain, holding her shoulder which caused Sophia to grin as she moved around to her feet, grabbing hold of Missy by the ankles, crossing them before she fell to the canvas and locked in the Queens Anne Revenge Haas of pain submission hold, immediately shouting at the Evolution Champion to quit. Missy refused even as she cried out in pain, a hand hovering over the canvas and ignoring the referee’s inquisition.

Zack: She’s thinking about tapping, and who can blame her! Missy has to be in absolutely agony right now!

Christian: She definitely is, if she’s seriously thinking about quitting. That’s not something she does lightly.

Sophia pulled back on her feet further, bending Missy’s spine as she appeared to be trying to fold her in two. Still the Leeds native refused to tap out, despite Pike’s insistence that it would be beneficial for her career, shaking her head as the referee asked her while Christian Kincaid tried to get in her eye line. The referee asked her again as Missy’s eyes were watering in agony, still shaking her head before she planted her fist and started to push upwards, twisting and turning her body and finally managing to escape the hold. The submission specialist shook her head in frustration as she came up to her feet and began to wave her opponent upwards. Missy slowly pushed up to her knees and as she did so, Pike moved forward and delivered a superkick to her jaw. The Evolution Champion collapsed backwards to the canvas and Pike dropped down on top of her to make the cover, hooking the Champions leg as she did so.

Christian: Not often Sophia hits a superkick, and I’m not sure if Missy’s alert enough to kick out!




Zack: She was….SHE WAS INDEED! Missy’s still in this, but for how much longer.

Missy’s shoulder popped up from the canvas at the very last moment, Pike sitting up and looking aghast at the referee as Davis showed her the two count, shaking her head slowly in disbelief. The Emerald City Siren asked for the three count but once more got the two confirmed by the referee. Sophia shook her head again and turned back to Missy, pulling her upwards as she rose to her feet and peppered her body with vicious knee shots, telling her that she should’ve just quit while the referee tried to tell the former No Surrender Champion off for the handful of hair. Pike glared a hole through the referee as she delivered two more knees to her opponent then straightened her up and snapped her down to the canvas with a side Russian leg sweep. The Leeds born grappler hit the canvas and tried to roll onto her side only for Pike to grab hold of right hand. The submission expert didn’t even bother going for the Space Needle, anger on her face as she grabbed hold of Missy’s fingers and snapped them in opposite direction causing Missy to let out a loud cry of pain and pull her right hand to her chest.

Zack: Sophia’s not just looking to take her arm off, she’s out to take some fingers home with her too.

Christian: I think she’s getting annoyed that she can’t get her to quit. Her temper isn’t the most forgiving, Zack.

Pike quickly came back to her feet and began to stomp away at Missy’s shoulder once more before she pulled her upright and into position to deliver a hammerlock DDT, holding her right arm up her back as she got her foe into position. Sophia never got a chance to deliver the move as the Leeds born wrestler bum rushed her backwards into the corner. As Pike hit the turnbuckles, Missy drove her shoulder again into the former No Surrender Champions midsection. She followed it with three more before she stepped backwards at Davis instruction and delivered a discus elbow shot with her left elbow to Pike’s jaw. Another left elbow shot followed that before Missy stepped out of the corner and headed towards the middle of the ring, circling around and picking up speed before she came back towards Pike and delivered a running big boot to her jaw.

Christian: There we go, Missy! Man, that boot will rattle your teeth right there! But amazingly, Sophia’s still on her feet….sort of!

The Emerald City Siren staggered forward out of the corner on spaghetti legs as Missy stepped forward into the corner again, pushing up onto the middle rope. The English woman let out a whistle which got Sophia’s attention, causing her to turn around as she did so, Missy dove off the middle rope, caught Sophia around the head and stood her on her head with a Tornado DDT. Missy rolled out onto the apron and used the ring ropes to pull herself quickly to her feet, measuring up the challenger before she catapulted herself back into the ring and connected with a perfect somersault leg drop across Pike’s chest. Quickly the Englishwoman floated over to make the cover, hooking her opponent’s legs as she did so.

Christian: BEAUTIFUL MOVE!! Sophia hasn’t evolved yet!




Zack: And again! You’ve got two of the toughest women in the sport today wrecking themselves to be Evolution Champion!

Once more Pike rolled the shoulder to break the pinfall before the three count. Missy pushing up to her knees and asking the referee for three with her good arm only to get a shake of the head from the official who showed her the two count and pointed to the offending shoulder. Missy asked once more, but Davis again confirmed the two count to the Evolution Champion; this time she nodded her head in acceptance as Kincaid clapped his hands together to urge her on. Slowly the defending Champion pushed upwards to her feet, measuring up her foe before setting off across the ring as Sophia rolled to her front and began to push upwards. Pike got to all fours as Missy returned, leaping into the air and delivered the Mischief Maker curbstomp to the back of her head.

Christian: MISCHIEF MAKER!! If I don’t miss my guess, that’ll be the setup for something that’s going to seal the deal on this match!

Pike collapsed back down to the canvas and Missy made towards the corner, holding her arm and shoulder once more before she squatted down, putting her arms between her knees before she sprung upwards and headed towards the top rope. She took a moment to get her bearings, almost slipping off and having to find her balance once more before she launched herself off and came down towards Sophia with a perfectly executed Li’l Miss Mischief frog splash.


Zack: Yeah, but there was no one in the pool for the frog splash!

And only got mat as Pike rolled out of the way at the last moment, pushing up to all fours as Missy bounced up onto her knees, holding her chest. As she did so Sophia launched herself towards her, grabbing her right arm and jerking her downwards to the mat as she quickly sat down in the fujiwara armbar, locking in the Space Needle on Missy’s right arm. The Englishwoman fought hard to free her arm and reached despairingly for the ropes as the Seattle native pulled back further, telling the Leeds born wrestler to quit - demanding that she quit as she pushed upwards to apply even more pressure on her arm with the submission hold. Finally Missy tapped the mat with her free hand and Davis called for the bell. Pike didn’t release the hold until it had finished ringing and the referee started to pull her away.

Christian: I’ll give Sophia all the credit. She is easily one of the best in the world, and the fact she did what she just did further cements it for me. Excuse me, Zack.

Finally Pike let go, rolling away from her and used the ropes to pull herself to her feet, throwing her hands in the air as the referee went to retrieve the title belt from ringside while CK rolled into the ring to check on Missy who was holding her arm in pain.

Kat: Here is your winner, by submission… AND NEW FFW EVOLUTION CHAMPION… “THE EMERALD CITY SIREN” SOPHIA PIKE!!!!!!

Zack: The Evolution reign of Sophia PIke begins tonight in Los Angeles in a brutal fight for the gold! And now Sophia can take it easy, but Missy still has to compete because the Global Wars battle royal is next!

The referee presented Sophia with the title belt and raised her hand in the air. With a large grin, Pike raised the Championship belt in the air, starting to celebrate the victory as the crowd booed her loudly before the show cut elsewhere.

Welcome Back, Jake

The show returns to the back, and we find the familiar form of Jake Chandler standing next to Allison Marx. He has a smile on his face as Allison looks up to him, while the arena gives him a very warm welcome.

Allison: I’m here with a man who has been missing from FFW television in recent weeks, and it sounds like Los Angeles is happy to see you. Welcome back, Jake.

Jake: Thanks, Allison. I’m glad to be back. I’m a little surprised you wanted to talk to me though. I’m not on the roster or anything. I just run the news account and host After Shock.

Allison: You shouldn’t be surprised. Tell us about what all went on while you were away, and catch us up to speed.

Jake: Well I got some time off obviously, and did some traveling from one coast to the other. I got to see a lot of the women in this company and Future Shock away from the arenas, and got to know them really well. And I found out I had a lot more friends than I realized. But it was all platonic though.

Allison: That’s good to hear. I also wanted to--

A hand landed on Jake’s shoulder as the camera pulled back, and he turned around to see the slightly bruised face of Andrew Marx. Andy gave him a smile as Jake’s own smile began to fade from his face.

Andy: I hope there’s no hard feelings…

Marx started chuckling as Jake’s face grew a little darker.

Andy: What’s wrong? You don’t have a mouthful, do you?

This really seemed to amuse Andy as Jake stepped out of the shot. Andy looked down to the disgusted Allison.

Allison: Were you the one who Mallory---

She didn’t get to finish her sentence before a superkick caught Andy flush on the jaw, and toppled him over into the set wall, which came down with him. Allison’s eyes widened as she looked down at him and then over to the one who delivered it. Jake shook his head, and walked away as the live crowd roared in approval. We then cut to a commercial for Fury on March 2nd.

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The bell sounds as we return to the ring for the final time tonight, and see Kat Grayson standing in the center of a darkened arena with a spotlight over her head.

Kat: The following contest is your main event of the evening, and it is the GLOBAL WARS BATTLE ROYAL!! It is every woman for herself, and the winner of this match will earn gold medals for her and her partner. But the last woman for her team with the most points at the end of the match will receive the contract for a future shot at the Evolution, No Surrender, or Ultraviolence Championship!

Zack: It’s about that time, fans! The is the biggest battle royal FFW does each year, and also the only one as well! You just heard the prizes, now it’s time to see who wants it most! I am joined by one of the more recent additions to the FFW roster from Future Shock, Lacey! Welcome to the booth. Is this something you’d want to be involved in someday?

Lacey: It’s good to be here, even better for all the fans watching though I’m sure. You know, I would like to be involved in something like this one day, it will be another winning accomplishment I can add to my already growing list.

Kat: The rules are as follows. The match will start with two entrants, and every 90 seconds, another will be added. You are eliminated by going over the top rope with both feet touching the floor. Now with that said….LET THE FINAL BATTLE OF GLOBAL WARS….BEGIN!!!

Zack: Let’s see who’s gonna start us off, someone fresh or one of the women who have already competed tonight!

Lacey: I think it should be Missy! The sooner she’s in the sooner someone can toss her back out again. 

“Something New” starts up over the speakers, and the jeers have almost drowned out the music before Brazilian Storm have even arrived (though in fairness, the beginning is pretty quiet). Yellow, green and blue spotlights dance around the arena, while the tron shows images of both halves of the team in action. Suddenly, the music stops and the tron cuts out...only for the sound of crashing thunder to echo loudly through the arena.

Love to hate,
Repeating my mistakes.
But there’s no one left to listen,
No one left to listen.
Take a chance, and fuck the consequence
When there’s no one left to listen,
No one left to listen.

As a curtain of dry ice smoke fills up the entrance stage, the two Brazilian wrestlers walk up to the top of the ramp together, with their manager Kyle Kilmeade right behind them. Once there, they look over the booing crowd with matching smirks on their face before they stop for a pose: Bianca goes to a knee and opens her arms wide in the Witch of the Winds pose, as Mel does her own pose, twirling on her feet and taking a soft dip of a bow, also with her arms open. After a couple of seconds in that pose, Bianca lunges forth and twirls herself, as Mel swings an arm, and the best friends indulge in a loud high-five. Then, side by side, they walk down the entrance ramp, with their manager following them with a lonely round of applause.

Right now! We’re taking control!
Tired of waiting
Tired of waiting for something new!
Right now! We’re taking control!
Tired of waiting
Tired of waiting for something new!

Kat: Introducing first/And their opponents, escorted to the ring by Mel Avilo and Kyle Kilmeade… From Brazil… BIANCA SALVADOR!!!

Instead of going straight to the ring though, the girls walk up to a camera, getting right up to the lens with their mischievous smirks. As Bianca flexes her biceps for the gun show, kissing the bulging muscle, Mel’s smirk becomes a grin as she gives the camera, and the viewers at home, some choice words about their opponents. After that, the best friends roll into the ring and move to opposite turnbuckles, climbing onto the second rope and staring into the booing crowd, only to wave them off and regroup, going to their corner. Bianca sits on the top turnbuckle and Mel docks herself there, as they wait for their match to begin while they strategize, Kyle joining in their conversation.

Zack: Oh, the luck of the draw was not kind to Bianca Salvador tonight! She is nowhere near 100% after her Last Woman Standing match earlier!

Lacey:  Poor Bianca, they should let her have a rest for a while. Let her sit on the apron or something and just come in at the end when she’s nice and rested.

“Hands To Myself” by Selena Gomez starts to play through the speakers around the arena.

Can't keep my hands to myself
No matter how hard I'm trying to
I want you all to myself
You're metaphorical gin and juice

So come on give me a taste
Of what it’s like to be next to you
Won't let one drop go to waste
You're metaphorical gin and juice

As the opening verse ends and the tempo starts to increase Scarlett Silver walks through the curtain onto the stage with her manager, Christian Kincaid. The lights dip for a moment before she steps forward and a red spotlight shines down on her.

Cause all of the downs and the uppers
Keep making love to each other
And I'm trying, trying, I'm trying, trying
All of the downs and the uppers
Keep making love to each other
And I'm trying, trying, I'm trying, but I

Can't keep my hands to myself
My hands to myself
Can't keep my hands to myself
My hands to myself

Scarlett struts down the ramp acknowledging the crowd with a smile, with Christian following a few steps behind. Pausing halfway down she sways her hips in rhythm with the music and slowly blows a kiss out to the crowd.

Kat: Introducing at this time… Hailing from Los Angeles, California….Scarlett Silver!

Scarlett reaches the ring and slides under the bottom rope before jumping to her feet and climbing onto the turnbuckle facing the stage. She raises her arms up high then jumps down to join Christian in her corner, for a last minute, pre-match discussion.

Zack: You can draw your own conclusions on whether Scarlett got a good pick, but unlike Bianca, she’s fresh as a daisy! And I’m sure she has a game plan in mind.

Lacey: You think so, Zack? I suppose it is possible. It’s not like she has much else taking up space up there.

Four referees are seen at ringside, one in each corner: Kevin Fisk, Melinda Davis, Jennifer Stringer, and Emi Yamamoto. Fisk sends Christian, Kyle, and Mel to the back before the senior official calls for the bell to start the match. Scarlett immediately takes off towards Bianca, and drives her back into the corner before she begins wailing away with shots to Bianca’s head. Forearms landed in a flurry before the brunette sends her for the ride into the opposite corner. The already battered Bianca hits chest first before Scarlett runs in behind her with a high knee to the back of her head. It sends the “Typhoon” into the ropes, and Scarlett immediately begins trying to dump her over them. She scoops her up by the tights, but Bianca hooks her foot across the bottom rope.

Zack: Scarlett’s looking to pick up where Savannah left off with those head shots, and she’s trying to get her out of the ring before whoever drew number three shows up!

Lacey: She’s trying but she is obviously not having much luck. After what Bianca just went through with Savannah, she isn’t going to let Scarlett put her out this quickly!

When the brunette notices Bianca’s leg hooked, she leans down to unhook it before Salvador drives an elbow into the back of her head. Two more finally shake Scarlett loose before Bianca makes it back fully into the ring. The former Unity Champion uses a knee lift to Scarlett’s head to wobble her backwards before she scoops her up over her shoulder into a snake eyes in the corner. Scarlett stumbles against the ropes before Bianca charges her with a clothesline that ALMOST sends her over the top rope. But Silver gets her balance as Bianca backs up to try again. But when she does this time, the brunette raises her knee and catches Salvador on the jaw. Scarlett quickly grabs her head, and delivers a running bulldog to the mat.

Zack: You know Bianca wants to clear the ring as fast as possible. She can’t have much left in the tank after her match, and Scarlett has pinpointed her head as a target.

Lacey: It is a surprisingly smart move for her. Who knew, Scarlett Silver has a basic level of logic to deduct such a glaringly obvious tactic.

Scarlett makes it back to her feet, and starts putting the boots to the back of Bianca’s head. She pulls her back to her feet into a short arm clothesline, and then pulls her up again. Bianca gets pulled into position for a DDT, but she manages to shove Scarlett backwards. That doesn’t deter her though before the 3 time Fast Track Champion comes forward again, only to get scooped up by Bianca into a flapjack on the mat. The “Typhoon” sat up with a dazed look on her face, holding her head as she slowly got back to her feet.

Zack: All those shots to the dome Bianca took earlier tonight are still very much affecting her performance here. Like Scarlett, she’d be wise to try to clear the ring as quick as possible.

Lacey: Just dangle something shiny over the top rope Bianca, I’m sure Scarlett will dive out herself then!

She dragged Scarlett by her foot towards the ropes before leaning down to grab her. She yanked her to her feet, and went to scoop her up over the top rope when she heard the buzzer go off. Then Salvador tried to pick up the pace as she tried to deposit Scarlett….until the crowd got very loud as O.E. Ayano charged towards the ring.

Kat: Now entering at number three………….’THE 8 CHAMBER OROCHI’ O.E. AYANO!!!!

Zack: Here comes O.E., and she’s also as fresh as they come tonight! Scarlett may have some help coming!

Lacey: They shouldn’t be allowed out here together when poor Bianca is obviously not 100% and doesn’t have anybody to back her up!

As Bianca tried to hoist Scarlett over, O.E. hit the ring and stopped her by yanking her tights up into a wedgie. It caused Salvador to drop Scarlett back to her feet before the Orochi began lighting up Bianca’s chest with chops one after another. Scarlett gathered herself, and the two of them began taking turns as they fired chop after chop after chop after chop into the Typhoon’s chest. She stumbled out of the corner and fell to her knees clutching her chest before O.E. and Scarlett bounced off the ropes on opposite sides of the ring to come back with a double hip check into both sides of Bianca’s head.

Zack: O.E. and Scarlett are working together, and Bianca is regretting not getting Scarlett out of this match! Dual hip checks from half of Chaotic Temptation right to the dome!

Lacey: They should feel ashamed of themselves! If I had hips like theirs I’d be hiding them not drawing more attention to them. Ewww.

Both women pull Bianca to her feet, and then fire her across into the far side. The “Typhoon” hits the ropes just as O.E. follows behind her, and nails her with a clothesline that sends her over the top rope to the apron. Ayano quickly reaches over to try to knock her down to the floor, but that gets short-circuited when Bianca uses a low blow to stop her. The “Orochi” leans over in pain as Bianca rises back to her feet. As she’s about to pull O.E. over with her, Scarlett catches her with a dropkick to the back that sends Salvador down to the floor. And Scarlett leans down to check on O.E.

Kat: Bianca Salvador has been ELIMINATED!

Zack: Bianca had a bad draw, and a hard match not that long ago. I’ll give her credit for lasting that long under these circumstances. Although Scarlett and O.E. seem to be working together, and have a few seconds to regroup before #4.

Lacey: I’m surprised they’re not turning on each other now. Neither seems like the overly loyal type honestly.

O.E. finally seemed to get herself together as the two propped up against the ropes chatting. Scarlett looked at herself in the video wall, and teased her hair a little bit. O.E. did a couple leg stretches against the ropes as they waited for number 4.

Lacey: You’d think they were at a bar instead of in the middle of a match.

Zack: We all know who #4 is, we found out earlier tonight. I’m guessing Chaotic Temptation made a deal to stick together until it was just them left? Maybe that was what Christian suggested? There are strength in numbers, as we just saw.

The buzzer went off to signal the next entrant as O.E. finished her leg stretches and moved towards Scarlett. The two looked up the ramp as Kelly Kincaid headed down to the ring. The blonde slowed down as she got to the apron, seeing both women waiting on her to get in the ring. She glanced between them, and slid into the ring under the bottom rope. Both women went to get her as Kelly rolled  away from them, and got to her feet. O.E. went to catch her with a right hand, but Kelly blocked it and returned fire with a few shots of her own. She rocked Ayano backwards, and fired her across into the corner before following her in with a Stinger splash. The “Orochi” stumbled out as Kelly grabbed her head, only for Scarlett to try to grab her instead. A mule kick to the ribs doubled the brunette over before Kelly grabbed her head, and executed dual DDTs to both of them. She quickly nipped back to her feet to a pop from the crowd before grabbing O.E. and pulling her towards the ropes.

Lacey: Well, that backfired on them didn’t it? It was actually quite well played by Kelly...which I’m guessing doesn’t happen very often.

Zack: You could tell by Kelly’s face heading down to the ring that she knew this wasn’t going to be every woman for herself at this point.

Kincaid scooped her up in both arms and went to dump her, but O.E. grabbed the top rope with both hands and locked her arms. Kelly continued to try to get her over, but Ayano’s grip was too tight. Meanwhile, Scarlett had gotten back to her feet and caught Kelly by surprise with a forearm to the back of her head. It caused her to drop O.E. back to the mat as Scarlett told Kelly she liked her other partner a lot better…..and then snapped off a German suplex. O.E. got back to her feet, grabbing Kelly’s legs while Scarlett took her arms. And together, they literally threw her into the air and let her crash on the mat.

Zack: Bad ride, and a worse landing for Kelly. I’ll tell you what. If they can keep this up all night and keep the numbers down, they could stand one hell of a shot at those medals.

Lacey: If they were smarter they would have just tossed her over the top rope right there and then. I know that’s what me and Valerie would have done...but I guess not everyone can be as good a team as we are.

O.E. got back to her feet, and headed towards the ropes. She grabbed the top and pulled it down before giving Scarlett the signal. The brunette pulled Kelly back to her feet, and then fired her into the side with rope being pulled down. But Kelly reversed it, and O.E. let go of the rope just as Scarlett was about to topple over it. She landed on the apron with one leg dangling over the floor. Kelly immediately went to knock her off before O.E. intercepted her, causing the two to trade fists. Scarlett finally got her balance, and stepped back through into the ring. She didn’t make it all the way before Kelly shoved O.E. into the ropes with velocity, and nearly propelled Scarlett to the floor when they collided. As soon as the blonde lunged towards her Team USA partner to finally get rid of her, O.E. grabbed Scarlett into a bearhug from the inside. Scarlett hugged her stablemate as well, while Kelly unloaded on both of them trying to knock Scarlett free.

Zack: Well….I’ve never seen someone bearhug their friend from the inside of the ring to keep her from getting eliminated.

Lacey: I don’t know why O.E’s bothering personally, it is supposed to be every woman for herself after all. And it’s hardly a big loss to have Scarlett gone.

As the pair held onto each other, Kelly continued to unload on both of them in an attempt to break their grip. Scarlett was still on the apron as both caught shots from Kelly till the buzzer went off. The crowd and Kelly glanced to the apron as number five bolted down towards the ring.

Kat: Now entering at number five…….LILLY ARTHUR!!

Lilly hit the ring quickly, and saw the situation before….she and Kelly joined forces as they both began hammering on Scarlett and O.E. Between the two of them, they finally managed to break O.E.’s grip as Lilly pulled her from the ropes. Kelly pasted Scarlett with a forearm to the head, and then snapped her neck down across the top rope. The brunette coughed heavily and hung over the floor with one hand holding onto the top rope with a death grip. As Kelly came forward, Scarlett jammed a thumb in her eye and finally made it back inside.

Zack: Can’t say as I blame Lilly for teaming up with Kelly right there! O.E. and Scarlett weren’t budging in that clinch they had. Scarlett’s finally got back in the ring after a few close calls.

Lacey: She obviously has more lives than a cat! Lilly could have chosen to team with the ringpost instead of Kelly, you know. It probably would be a better partner too.

Lilly unloaded on O.E. not far away, grabbing her head and driving it into the turnbuckle repeatedly. With O.E. stumbling, she got fired across to the far side. Lilly launched into a flying shoulder tackle as she rebounded, trying to knock O.E. over the top rope. It only sent her into it before Lilly lunged forward into a lungblower that did propel O.E. over the top rope. But like her partner, O.E. managed to land on the apron and hang on by a hand. The Fast Track Champion began chopping that hand with all her might, trying to break O.E.’s before Ayano grabbed her nose. She got her balance, and chopped down across Lilly’s nose, a la the Three Stooges. The brunette held her nose in pain before O.E. came back into the ring, and dropped her with a facebuster.

Lacey: That was….hmm… is there even a name for that move? I guess it was effective, but hardly a class act is she?

Zack: I think O.E. watches a lot of slapstick comedy, and derives some of her offense from it. I know I’ve seen that used on Curly more than once.

The “Orochi” was about to grab Lilly when she noticed Scarlett and Kelly trading shots in the far corner. Kincaid had backed her against the turnbuckles, and lowered her shoulder to deliver thrusts into her midsection. She backed up a few steps and went for a handspring back elbow, but Scarlett sidestepped her and she hit the corner instead. They both grabbed the blonde by the hair and the tights to throw her over when the buzzer sounded again.

Zack: We’re at the halfway point now of this battle royal! Let’s see who drew number six!

Kat: Now entering at number six……………………………..MEL AVILO!!!

Mel bolted towards the ring. As Lilly got back to her feet, Avilo snatched her up into a belly to belly overhead suplex. O.E. went towards her, and got scooped up into a Death Valley driver for her troubles. Scarlett didn’t even have time to turn around before Avilo snatched her up from behind, and launched her with a belly to back overhead suplex. Kelly got back to her feet, and was sent to the mat with a t-bone suplex. Mel popped back to her feet, and started pacing around.

Zack: Good Lord! Who lit a fire under Mel Avilo?! Also fresh as a daisy, and Mel seems like she’s got something to prove with suplexes for everyone!

Lacey: Maybe she is upset that Bianca isn’t here to welcome her?! It’s finally someone interesting in the ring though, so I’m not going to complain at all.

Mel looked more than a little angry at this point. She then spotted O.E. starting to get up before she caught her with a running kneelift to the face. Mel pulled her head down, snatched her around the waist and then used a gutwrench powerbomb over the top rope to the floor. The boos got much louder as a result, and Mel turned back to the ring to see who was left!

Kat: O.E. Ayano has been ELIMINATED!!

Zack: A gutwrench powerbomb from the ring to the floor! O.E. is out of this in more ways than one! And Mel’s looking to find out who wants to go next!

Lacey: Oh look, poor Scarlett’s lost her guard dog, she should be easy pickings for Mel now. I think Mel’s going to clear house here you know.

Scarlett began to move next, just as Lacey had suggested. And Mel went straight for her, and began to hammer forearms across her back to drive her down to her knees. Avilo pulled her head between her legs, and delivered a turnbuckle powerbomb that crumpled Scarlett in the corner. Lilly tried to catch her from behind, only for Mel to spin around and plant her with a spinebuster. She got back to her feet, and looked across to see Kelly up as well. The brunette charged her back into the corner, and started using furious right and left hand combinations as Kelly got her hands up, deflecting most of the damage. Mel lowered her head, and scooped her up for a Samoan drop instead just as the buzzer sounded again.

Zack: Mel Avilo is a one woman wrecking crew! Brazil can’t win the Global Wars series, but that doesn’t mean Mel can’t seek and destroy! I feel sorry for number seven!

Kat: Now entering at number seven……..MISSY!!

Lacey: You should feel sorry for her in general, she has a lot to feel sorry about. Mel will make short work of her, I can feel it!

Mel looked back to the ramp, and waved Missy towards the ring. The Brit made her way slowly there, one arm tucked tightly against her and looking far from 100%. Missy climbed up onto the apron, and stepped into the ring as Mel cracked her knuckles.

Zack: There’s some history here! Missy and Sophia destroyed each other earlier, and she is clearly in the worst shape of anyone right now. Bad to worse, because Avilo hasn’t even broken a sweat tonight!

Lacey: How can you tell the difference with Missy, she always looks like a trainwreck.

The two stared at one another as Mel waved her forward with both hands. As Missy took her up on the invitation and moved in her direction, a low blow between Mel’s legs froze her in place. Missy grabbed her head into a double knee facebreaker, and got back to her feet slowly to look across at the woman who did it: Scarlett. The pair locked eyes a few feet from each other with a stone faced expression on both their faces.

Lacey: I think we’re about to see Scarlett vs Missy take two here! I could be persuaded to cheer for Scarlett under those kind of circumstances.

The two moved closer to one another, still looking solely at the other as Mel began to get back to her feet. Missy and Scarlett broke into a grin towards one another...and then turned on Mel as the two began nailing her with fists and forearms. They fired her across for the ride as Scarlett scooped her up on the rebound. Missy bounced off the far side just as she did to catch Mel coming down with a rolling cutter! Avilo bounced off the mat as Scarlett and Missy got back to their feet and shared a high five with a little hip check.

Zack: I wouldn’t place my bets on round two just yet! I think Missy and Scarlett…..they may be back on the same page! And that’s gonna be bad news for Mel especially!

Lacey: Well that’s no fun. I wanted to see them wail on each other! Guess I’ll just have to settle for watching Mel beat both of them instead.

Mel slowly made it to the ropes, and used them to help her get back to her feet. As soon as she was vertical, Missy charged her with a bicycle kick that caught her flush on the jaw and sent her over the top rope to the floor. Almost as soon as she landed, that’s when the buzzer sounded again.

Kat: Mel Avilo has been ELIMINATED!!

Zack: It took a team effort, but Missy and Scarlett have sent Mel packing for the night. I didn’t expect Missy to get an elimination in her current state, but that’s what friends are for, I guess! Who’s number 8?

Kat: Now entering at number eight………………...VALERIE LAMB!!!

Lacey: This should be fun now. I think Valerie will get rid of dumb and dumbest.

Valerie hit the ring quickly, catching Missy and Scarlett coming towards her. Silver caught a thumb to the eye before Valerie used an uppercut into Missy’s chin to send her backwards. The redhead focused on the weaker Missy, pelting her with forearms to the side of her head. She backed her into the corner, and began using back elbows to the skull. Meanwhile, Scarlett reached into her top for something. Valerie used a belly to belly suplex to send Missy to the mat, and then went after Scarlett. As soon as she did, Scarlett went to throw powder into her face but Valerie knocked her hand back. The powder went into Scarlett’s face as Valerie was about to grab her. But that didn’t happen when Lilly came out of nowhere with a flying forearm to Lamb’s head.

Lacey: I would have done exactly what Valerie did too and gone after the weakest of the litter to get her out of the way. Though… did anyone else think Lilly had already been eliminated? No? Just me, huh?

As Lilly unloaded on Valerie, Scarlett was trying to clear her vision as Missy moved to help her. As soon as she touched her though, Scarlett clocked her with a blind haymaker that sent her off balance and over the top rope to the floor. The 3 time Fast Track Champion kept swinging though as she tried to clear her field of view.

Kat: Missy has been ELIMINATED!!

Zack: Scarlett can’t see a damn thing with that powder in her eyes, and she just eliminated Missy by accident! She still can’t see, look at her swinging at the air right now!

Lacey: That is absolutely priceless! I guess that reconciliation isn’t going to last very long. I might get my round two after all!

Scarlett, unable to see where she was going, moved around the ring until she bumped into the ropes. And a superkick to the chin sent her over the top rope to the floor with Missy. The crowd gave the woman who delivered it quite a pop as Kelly turned back towards the ring to see Lilly and Valerie still going at it.

Kat: Scarlett Silver has been ELIMINATED!!!

Zack: You can’t blame Kelly for taking advantage of a situation like that, and Chaotic Temptation’s night in Global Wars is done. Lilly still has a shot here though. And Valerie’s just looking to play spoiler!

Lacey: My money is on Valerie now. Have you noticed that redheaded women called Valerie are exceptional in the ring? Can’t be a coincidence.

Valerie had finally managed to shake Lilly off, and get back to her feet. But the only remaining Brit followed after her. She shoved her into the corner, and went for a codebreaker. But Valerie held onto the top rope, and Lilly landed on the back of her head. Lamb grabbed her feet, and used a catapult to send her headfirst into the post. The Fast Track Champion lay over the top turnbuckle as Valerie went to swat her off, only to get surprised by Kelly with a codebreaker anyway. It flipped her over to the mat, and the blonde yanked Valerie to her feet. With a scoop over her shoulder, she headed for the ropes while Lilly collapsed against the corner, holding her head. It was about that time that the buzzer went off again.

Lacey: Valerie, just kick Kelly or something! She should have more respect for someone of Valerie’s calibre!

Zack: Let’s find out who drew number nine!

Kat: Now entering at number nine…………..MIKO AYANO!!!

Zack: Here’s another of the walking wounded! Miko has been decimated earlier in her match with Artemis! She can’t have much left in her tank either.

Ayano was slow to get into the ring, but immediately went after Lilly as she was trying to get to her feet. Miko nailed her with a running knee in the ribs, doubling her over before a swinging neckbreaker put her down on the mat. With many in the crowd solidly behind her, Miko pulled Lilly over her shoulder and headed back for the ropes to dump her to the outside. It worked too until Lilly wrapped her arms and legs around the top rope, and hung on tightly. Miko unloaded shots onto her, trying to knock her loose.

Zack: Look at Lilly! She’s hanging onto that top rope like a spider monkey, and Miko...banged up as she is…..is having a devil of a time getting her loose.

Lacey: She does look kinda like a hairless monkey now that you come to mention it. Especially clinging onto that rope like she clings onto the belief that she is at all relevant.

Elsewhere in the ring, Kelly had hooked Valerie’s head to look for a vertical suplex. But Lamb landed behind her into a rear waistlock, only for Kelly to start firing back elbows to her head to shake her loose. It worked too, and Kelly took off for the far side. She used the ropes to springboard into a moonsault, only for Valerie dodge ahead of her. The former acrobat landed on her feet, got kicked in the gut and then planted with Valerie’s gutwrench powerbomb.

Zack: Kelly never saw that one coming, Valerie with a LAMB TO SLAUGHTER! If she could go for a pin right here, I’d recommend it! But she has to get her over the top rope!

Lacey: I’d be surprised if she ever saw anything past her own reflection. And even then she must look at it with her eyes closed to come out looking like that.

Valerie was about to pull Kelly up to do as Zack suggested when she caught a running knee lift from Miko as she bent down. It rocked her backwards before Miko took off towards the ropes, using them for a springboard into a spinning wheel kick that propelled the Hall of Famer over the top rope to the floor. This brought quite a pop from the crowd as Miko grimaced in pain.

Kat: Valerie Lamb has been ELIMINATED!!

Zack: Valerie never saw that one coming, and credit to Miko! She’s made of the toughest stuff that she’s still able to execute moves like that after what she’s been through!

Lacey: Yeah, yeah. Let’s throw her a party or something. Valerie was one of the only interesting ones in this whole thing, I’m not happy.

As Miko leaned over though, Lilly had made it back to her feet and stalked around behind her. The Fast Track Champion grabbed her into combination double knee backbreaker and reverse DDT.

Zack: There’s the WATER LILLY!! Miko’s injuries caught up with her, and Lilly freed herself from the top rope!

Lacey: You mean she’s finally stopped clinging to it like a lifebelt? Good for her, she found her backbone at last.

Lilly pulled the former champion up, and dragged her towards the ropes. She tried to hoist her over with little success though, only for Kelly to swoop in and send them both over the top rope! Lilly hit the floor, but took Miko with her seconds before the buzzer sounded!

Zack: A double elimination right there! Lilly got Miko out, but left herself wide open for Kelly in the exchange! There’s the buzzer and Kelly’s not gonna get much time to breathe here!

Lacey: I doubt there’s many that would mind if she just didn’t. Hopefully it’s someone coming out that isn’t completely boring. These fans deserve better than Kelly Kincaid!

Kat: Now entering at number ten……………..VALENTINA LOZANO!!

Zack: What a draw for Valentina! And she is fresh as a daisy too!

Lacey: Now we’re talking. Finally a bit of class is being added to proceedings.

The powerhouse hit the ring quickly, barely giving Kelly a chance to respond before she caught her coming in with a kneelift to the body. Clubbing blows landed across her back before Valentina bounced off the near side with a guillotine leg drop across the back of her head. The live crowd showed Valentina no love as she scooped Kelly up into a bearhug, and drove her into one corner and then the next….and then the next! Finally, a spinebuster planted the former acrobat in the center of the ring. Lozano grinned as she looked around at the sold out crowd.

Zack: Valentina Lozana is is the freshest woman in the ring, and did she ever get a brilliant draw tonight! Canada may be going to two-peat this year in Global Wars!

Lacey: That’s the way Valentina! Now toss her over the top rope like you’re throwing out the garbage. Not that I expect Valentina actually does that herself.

She pulled Kelly back to her feet, and scooped her up into a front carry. She brought her to the ropes and dumped her, but Kincaid landed on her feet on the apron. Lozano went to grab her, and caught a jumping knee in the side of her head. Two more connected before she stumbled backwards, and Kelly used the top rope for a springboard into a blockbuster. But neither woman was quick to get up as Kelly stared up at the lights, trying to catch her breath while Valentina held the back of her head.

Zack: You can see the toll all this has taken on Kelly, she’s had damn near everyone go at her since she came to the ring. But Valentina’s still much more fresh, so I think she has the edge right now even though she’s on the mat.

Lacey: Roles could be reversed and Valentina would still have the edge, don’t try and act like she wouldn’t.

Both women finally began to get to her feet, and Valentina clocked Kelly with a vicious elbow to put her back down. Lozano rose to her feet, and moved towards the corner to measure her opponent. The former acrobat began to move again, starting to rise before Valentina bolted out of the corner with a bicycle kick that caught her flush on the jaw. Kelly collapsed to the canvas as Valentina extended her arms for the crowd to appreciate her….but getting nothing of the sort.

Zack: Nobody hits that bicycle kick like Valentina Lozano, and that PRICELESS KISS may be what ends Kelly’s night in Global Wars!

Lacey: This crowd really don’t know a good thing when they see it, do they? I take back what I said about them deserving better. They deserve nothing at all until they get some taste.

Lozano scooped up the lifeless blonde over her shoulders, and headed for the ropes about the same time as the buzzer went off again. She dumped Kelly over the top rope, and turned to see who was coming next. One of Kelly’s feet touched the floor, but she stayed on the apron anyway and tried to recover. Meanwhile, Valentina waved whoever was coming next forward.

Kat: Now entering at number eleven…………………...JO MCFARLANE!!!

Lacey: It doesn’t feel right to see Jo without a kendo stick lately. It’s just not right….oh wait…!

Jo got to the ring quickly, a smirk on her face as she saw Valentina waiting for her. She didn’t get but halfway down the ramp before her father came down to hand her a kendo stick. She bolted into the ring as Valentina went to nail her, but the redhead was faster and fired the kendo stick across her ribs. It doubled her over before Jo started using it across her back, while the referees on the outside were trying to get her to get rid of it. Jo ignored them as she took off for the far side, catching Valentina as she rose with a clothesline. The stick went across her throat, and dropped her to the mat. She glanced over to see Kelly rolling back under the bottom rope, and began to unload on her with the stick as well.

Zack: These two could easily be career rivals, and there is absolutely zero love lost between them! Someone needs to get that stick away from Jo! She’s only here to play spoiler!

Lacey: Look at Kelly trying to sneak in. Does she think Jo was born yesterday? Shame on her.

Jo mounted Kelly’s chest, and proceeded to choke her with the stick. Valentina started to rise at this point, and stalked towards them both. But Jo caught her with the end of the stick in a low blow that stopped the “Latin Goddess” in her tracks. The redhead got to her feet, and took off for the far side. Valentina turned to face her just as Jo left her feet, and delivered a spinning headscissors.

Zack: There went Jo’s HAND GRENADE! The fans may not like either of them, but they may dislike each other even more!

Lacey: As I’ve already mentioned, the fans have no taste. Their opinion is about as relevant as Caitlyn Storm… so not at all.

Jo glanced up to the clock, and back down to Valentina before she headed for the corner. She quickly scaled her way to the top rope, and came off with a diving elbow drop to Valentina’s heart. The redhead glanced around to see where her kendo stick was, and found it in Kelly’s hands just as she caught her with a shot to the ribs. It doubled Jo over before Kelly snapped the stick over her knee and tossed it to the floor. Before Jo could stand up, Kelly had bounced off the near side to deliver a tornado DDT that planted her right on her head.

Zack: Kelly made sure she wouldn’t be seeing that kendo stick for the rest of the match, and she’s gotta be running on fumes at this point.

Lacey: If she’s tired she could always just throw herself over the top rope and go off for a nap. I’m sure nobody would mind...or even notice she had gone.

Kelly scooped Jo over her shoulder, and headed for the ropes. She dropped her over the top rope, only for Jo to grab the top rope with both hands. Her feet dangled over the floor though as Kelly unloaded with forearms across her chest to make her let go. Valentina had started to get up a few feet away, and was measuring for something as the buzzer sounded again. Lozano took off towards them as Jo was skinning the cat back inside. Kelly stepped out of the way as Jo wrapped her legs around Valentina’s head, and snapped her down to the floor. The redhead pulled herself back up onto the apron with a smirk down to Lozano….and then caught a stun gun across the top rope to send her down with her.  Number 12 was already in the ring at this point.

Zack: Double elimination in almost as many seconds! Jo skinned the cat, and caught herself a “Latin Goddess” and then Kelly caught Jo! There’s only one number left...and she’s already in the ring!

Kat: Now entering in the final spot at number twelve…………..ARTEMIS KAISER!!!

As soon as Kelly turned back to the ring, she saw the angered face of Artemis. The No Surrender Champion looked beaten down and banged up as she waved Kelly forward. The acrobat was right there to greet her as the two started exchanging blows at a fast clip. Kaiser surprised the blonde with a jawbreaker that sent her backwards a couple steps before she unloaded with one of her trademark…

Zack: STOCKTON SLAP! Artemis is the definition of the walking wounded….but she’s still fighting! She said in her promo she wanted to face Kelly! Now she’s got her chance!!

Lacey: I don’t know why she would want to lower herself, but if it’s what she wanted, who are we to judge?

Kelly came forward with an angry expression, but walked into a running falcon kick that put her down on the mat. Artemis headed for the corner, teeth gritted and in obvious pain. She watched as Kelly started to rise, and then took off towards her. Kaiser left her feet for a Superwoman punch, but Kelly dodged out of the way. The champion landed back on her feet before Kelly grabbed her head, and dropped her with her headlock driver!

Zack: CLIPPED WINGS!! Kelly hit her favorite move, but there’s no pinfalls tonight! Something’s gotta give, it’s boiled down to the same two countries as last year….USA versus CANADA!!

Lacey: You’d think that Kelly would have just tried to get her over the rope instead of trying to show off with moves that won’t help her win!

Kelly pulled the champion back to her feet,and over her shoulders into what looked like she was aiming for a snake eyes. She struggled to get back to the ropes before Kaiser landed on her feet after slipping down behind her. Kelly spun into her, eating a rolling elbow into a ripcord elbow smash that sent her over the top rope and down to the floor. The bell sounded immediately as Kaiser dropped to her knees, gasping to catch her breath.

Zack: Canada did it again!! For the first time in FFW history, a country has two-peated winning Global Wars! And tonight, it was ARTEMIS KAISER!!

Lacey: You see! No fancy moves there for Artemis, just what she needed to, to win. That’s the smart way to do it!

Kat: Your winner of the battle royal and the Global Wars series…….ARTEMIS KAISER!!!

Fireworks shot throughout the rafter as the Canadian flag began to lower over the ring. The American crowd was not remotely pleased as Artemis had her hand raised in victory. She snatched her medal away from the referee, and raised it above her head.

Zack: Both members of Team Canada will get a gold medal, but it’ll be Artemis Kaiser who has one hell of a choice to make somewhere down the line! She’s gonna get the contract to pick a title shot whenever she isn’t already No Surrender Champion!

Lacey: Poor Kelly, so close but so far. Canada are much better winners than team USA anyway.

Artemis looked up to see the maple leaf flag overhead, and then down to the medal she clutched in her hand. She placed it around her neck, and stared ahead with a grimace on her face.

Zack: A career-defining night for that woman right there! She successfully defended her title, and just won the biggest battle royal of the year in FFW!

Lacey: Well done to her, and I have been taking tips in case I find myself in this thing next year!

Zack: That’s gonna do it for us here from Global Wars! Thank you for making 2018 one of the most successful years in FFW history! Tonight though, we’ll leave you with the Empress of Global Wars! Artemis Kaiser has made history!

It’s Artemis’ pained face as she stares ahead at the camera that we see before Global Wars fades off the air.

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