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April 22, 2019, 02:02:50 am
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After Shock Preview for Future Shock 52

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Author Topic: After Shock Preview for Future Shock 52  (Read 79 times)
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« on: December 29, 2018, 04:13:44 pm »

A lightning bolt strikes the screen, leaving the Future Shock logo. The next thing we see is the familiar set of the After Shock studio with the curved video wall behind the purple couch. Gary is also seen in his bowl. . The camera pulls back, and finds a long lost familiar face seated on the sofa with a smile on his face.

Jake: Hello, everyone! And happy new year if youíre watching this after January 1st. And I guess it works if youíre watching it before. Welcome to After Shock, your one stop preview for all things Future Shock. For todayís show, I have a brand new guest co-host!

He waves towards someone off camera to take a seat with him on the purple sofa. From off screen, Katie Keller pops in, giving Jake a look before looking at the sofa.

Katie: This is some serious casting couch vibe going on here, do I need an adult?

Jake: Iíve never been on a casting couch, and they probably donít have the production value we do. So I think youíre safe. Oh!

He turns back to the camera.

Jake: This is Katie Keller. You can follow her on Twitter @mskatiekeller. And itís pretty appropriate sheís here, because sheís on the next card! So who better to talk about her match than her?!

He turns his attention back to Katie.

Jake: Thanks for joining me. Sometimes my co-hosts areÖ..not terribly nice.

Katie: There are a pretty good handful of not terribly nice people here sometimes. But thatís the way the business goes sometimes. Sometimes you get really chill people like Stacy Jones, and sometimes you get sorta neanderthal-y people like that freight train that hit me the last time I was on TV for Future Shock.

Jake: You mean ďKillerĒ Carter? Yeah, she also stole a bottle of Jack Daniels that night from the bar. Over the last few weeks, Iíve seen her on Twitter complaining that she wasnít being promoted as much as some of the other girls. She seemsÖ..hard to please.

Katie: I donít get that. Part of being promoted is coordination with people - you canít just show up and expect people to promote you. You have to at least go halfsies. Good God, I sound like my mother..

She drops her head in her hand and facepalms. Jake gives her a pat on the shoulder before he continues.

Jake: Itís okay, no one will know...but us andÖ.everyone who sees this. How was your Christmas holiday? And how was shooting with Adam in Curacao?

Katie: Curacao was amazing. And hanging out with everyone and getting to know people a bit better was good too. For a while, I was running back and forth between Boston and Miami so much I never really got a chance to say much to anybody. Iím glad we had the chance to change that on the shoot.

Jake: Now you and hopefully the others are all rested up, and ready to get back to work. And that starts January 15th when Future Shock is back in Boston at the Future Shock Arena. Itíll be the 52nd edition since the reboot, and this show has something of a theme as the majority of it is all about the Aspire Championship. Something Katie here got herself a shot at when she opened her box for Adam back at Nemesis.

Katie: The prize inside my box!

She winks and laughs.

Katie: But Iím intrigued, I havenít been given the deets before tonight, so Iím curious now!

Jake: I wonít keep you in suspense then. Youíll be getting an opportunity to get a shot at the Aspire Championship on January 15th when you meet ďThe LionessĒ Elizabeth Lannister. Whoever wins that match will be the next mandatory challenger for the champion! So Iíll go ahead and wish you the best of luck in that match.

Katie: Iíll avoid the obvious Game of Thrones joke, but meeting up against Elizabeth will be a great test for me, see how badly the break has slowed me down - if at all. Itís been a while since Iíve been in a Future Shock ring. Iím sure weíre going to put together a fantastic match though.

Jake: Just keep your head on a swivel. Being part of the Gold Standard, those girls rarely do anything in the ring on their own, much less with their manager ringside. But itís still a great opportunity, and you get to help kick off 2019 for the other Prospects too.

Katie: The Gold Standard could do with a little tarnish to start 2019 - thatís about all Iíll say on that. At least, on record.

Jake: Also on that show, weíll see the in-ring debut of the woman who attacked you, ďKillerĒ Carter. Sheíll be facing Celeste one on one, who is just returning after an injury that sidelined her most of the fall and winter. Celeste has also been chasing the same title you could be winning a shot at, and Carter may be in trouble against someone who is actually prepared to competeÖ..not just using the facilities.

Katie: Itís no secret Celeste and I are buddies - both her and her new fiancee are friends of mine. Even if ĎKillerí Carter hadnít jumped me at Girls Night Out, Iíd still be Team Celeste all the way. Sheís got a great pedigree, and sheís got a great built-in training partner with CJ.

Jake: For those who donít know...like me...tell us how you and Celeste became acquainted. Iím guessing you were both working in the same place?

Katie: We did.. Ish? We didnít work together per say, but Iím actually very acquainted with her father, Jason Spirit. CJ and I met a couple times while he was working in a I donít wanna say Ďminor leagueí, but basically a farm club for my momís former company. He was a real hard worker, and weíve kept in touch since I left Ďhomeí so to speak. We worked together at Southside for a little while before I made the decision to be make my contract here at Future Shock exclusive. So weíve had a lot of interaction between all of those chance meetings.

Jake: Itís coincidental you mention that, because Celeste recently made that same decision while she was rehabbing her injury. Now youíre both exclusive to Future Shock. What led you to make that decision? Exclusivity is a rare thing throughout this business overall, I think.

Katie: Truthfully - up until my recent return in July, I had always been an exclusive talent. Iíd never tried to divide up my time and energy between multiple companies, and so I wanted to give that a shotÖ but ultimately it really sort of drained me dry. I was never really a hundred percent, I never felt like I was firing on all cylinders. So when push came to shove, I wanted to sort of pare down my obligations. Leaving the other two companies in favor of Future Shock wasnít a knock on them or anything, but when I stepped back and looked at my pro career and where I wanted it to be, what the demographics looked like in terms of talent pools, it was becoming increasingly clear that Future Shock was where I wanted to be able to put 100% of my effort and development as a pro into, so thatís where I went. Itís tough, because I obviously donít live up in Boston, land of pretty much mandatory pants, but the travel is a concession Iím willing to make in an effort to re-establish myself as a serious competitor.

Jake: Not to mention you made a new friend almost immediately in Vivi Robichaud. How many people can say they have a voodoo priestess dominatrix as a buddy?

Katie: You know, you never know who youíll need until its too lateÖ letís put it that way.. Hah! But Vivi is a wonderful person, and I was really lucky she took a quick shine to me frankly. I know sometimes I can be this weirdo that people either immediately hate, or immediately want to duct tape my mouth shutÖ so itís cool sheís taken that liking to me.

Jake: She seems like good people, but we should probably get back to the show, I think. Also on the 15th, we are going to hear from Cait Flanagan. Cait has recently joined up with the Gold Standard seemingly, and has been making every attempt to get under Nora Harrisí skin in the process. I mean she beat her up with a microphone after Nora won the karaoke contest. Weíll finally hear what she and Kyle have to say in Boston.

Cait appears on the video wall behind them.

Katie: I donít know how anyone could hate on Nora. She seems like such a sweetheart. If Caitís trying to get in good with the Gold Standard though, Iíd watch my back. They donít exactly seem like the type to help a gal out for nothing. Hell, I might need to keep an eye out for Cait myself, just to make sure she doesnít try to use me to get in any closer with those gals if you know what I mean.

Jake: Thatís a good thought to keep in mind! In the main event, the Aspire Championship will be on the line when Lydia Charisma looks to pick up her third defense against ďMidnightĒ Mila Martin. If she wins this match, she can cash in for a Future Shock title shot. Or she could go for five, and graduate to FFW instead.

Katie: Thatís a rough position to be in - yanno? Do you sit tight with what you have and hang down here at Future Shock or do you use that to graduate up and keep on proving yourself? I have no doubt that Lydiaís got the talent to keep the streak alive and going, but you gotta ask yourself whatís more important sometimes. Graduating up a roster doesnít look as impressive on paper, but the people at FFW know what it means to Ďmake ití so you know, whatís the Ďrightí move to make? Of course, Mila could swoop in, snap her streak and cost her both her chance at the Future Shock title and the bump up to the main roster. Thereís a heck of a lot riding on this match for Lydia. I hope she can deliver.

Jake: Milaís been after that prize for a while herself. Sheís been dealing with your opponent at the show for some time, Elizabeth Lannister, who she has defeated multiple times. But Elizabeth hasnít let up going after her at all. Letís speculate and say you get past her to win the shot. Would you prefer a match against a powerhouse like Lydia or a technician like Mila when you challenge for the title?

Katie: Thatís a hard one. I love the technical style, obviously, so getting into a match with Mila would be almost a dream match as far as our two similar styles are concerned. A powerhouse like Lydia though.. Thatíd be a great test for me, and my adaptability. I know how to work against someone like myself, because I know how the style works best. But someone like Lydia could completely take me off of my game. Iíd probably fare better against Mila? But Iíd love to stand across the ring from Lydia.

Jake: Sounds logical to me. So letís see how you fare predicting then. Not counting your own obviously, who do you see picking up the win in the other two matches? Iím guessing you will be supporting Celeste, but it also sounds like youíre kinda hoping for Mila to dethrone Lydia.

Katie: Absolutely behind Celeste 100%. As for Mila and LydiaÖ god, itís such a hard call but Iím going to go with Lydia picking up the win if Iím predicting winners - but Iíd like to see Mila win it, and see what the two of us could put together down the line when I beat Elizabeth.

Jake: Given the time of year and all, do you have any personal goals youíve set for yourself in 2019? Iím sure one is to face Carter, but thereís also other things you could do. You could become Aspire Champion. You might want to be Future Shock Champion. Or you may be giving FFW the side-eye too. What do you hope to accomplish in 2019?

Katie: My goals for 2019? I havenít honestly put a lot of stock into them just yet. Obviously the Aspire Championship is number one on my agenda, but after that? Iím a pretty laid back person, I like to see where things take me. But one thing I can definitely say is that I refuse to look at FFW, until Iíve secured both the Aspire AND Future Shock championships on my resume. Whether or not I can get that done within the span of one year? Remains to be seen, but thatís what Iím focusing on right now. One step at a time.

Jake: That sounds like a winning strategy to me! Thank you for joining me for After Shock. I hope you had a good time with your first co-host experience, and youíre always welcome to come back if you want in the future.

Katie: Absolutely! Thanks for having me, maybe next time Iím on this couch, thereíll be a plus-one with the Aspire Championship getting in on the screen time too.

Jake: That would be cool! Fans, Future Shock returns January 15th back in Boston at the Future Shock Arena. You know the card, and what you are going to see. Itís hard to predict what else could happen, so youíll have to tune in and find out. Join us, along with Zack and now Steph, on the 15th! Thanks to my special guest co-host, Katie Keller, and weíll see you in Boston!

As the shot fades to black, Jake shakes Katieís hand before the Future Shock logo flashes across the screen.

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