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July 16, 2019, 06:20:29 pm
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FFW Future Shock - Episode 55 (Mexico City Supershow)

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Author Topic: FFW Future Shock - Episode 55 (Mexico City Supershow)  (Read 136 times)
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« on: February 26, 2019, 09:52:28 pm »

Live from the Mexico City Arena in Mexico City, Mexico
February 26, 2019

The FFW logo is shown on the side of a building until someone spray paints the Future Shock symbol over it as engines begin revving in the background. The shot spins around to see a race track with all types of sports cars racing their engines until a redhead in short shorts and a black top drops the green flag! “Confident” by Demi Lovato begins to play as Brianna watches the cars peel out from the behind the starting line.

It's time for me to take it
I'm the boss right now
Not gonna fake it
Not when you go down
'Cause this is my game
And you better come to play

The shot then cuts to a clip of Harley Shannon becoming a two time Future Shock Champion in Sydney. Mikalya and Melody Stone congratulate their sister, Madyson, after a win in the Garden. Katie Hanley flashes a peace sign to the camera with a smile.  The next shot takes us back to the race as Nora Harris looks into the rearview mirror to see a muscle car driven by Lydia Charisma, who gives her a thumbs up. Another car shows us the Cortez sisters in the front seats, and tossing a few nails out of both windows onto the road behind them.

I used to hold my freak back
Now I'm letting go
I make my own choice
Bitch, I run this show
So leave the lights on
No, you can't make me behave

We cut to a shot from a nightclub as Cait Flanagan is casting a stare as she sings a song in a short dress. “Midnight” Mila Martin is seen smiling as a large crowd in the Staples Center gives her a loud response. Mara Werth cracks her knuckles as she looks across the ring at her opponent. Vivi Robichaud bumps fists with Mars Whimsey before they head towards the camera, and then we’re back to the race.

What's wrong with being, what's wrong with being
What's wrong with being confident?

Katie Keller is shown watching with binoculars from the pit area. The shot changes back to the cars as Celeste slams on the gas, and barrels towards the finish line not too far ahead. Gaining speed on her is Sydney Christensen though before the camera spins towards the finish line. There in the winner’s circle is a chuckling Kyle Kilmeade surrounded by Valerie McKinley, Lacey, Cassandra Steen, Stacey Sky, and Elizabeth Lannister. The cars on the track pick up speed towards the finish line before we fade on the Future Shock logo and then inside the arena to a roaring crowd with spotlights moving in all directions over them.

Zack: For the first time in Future Shock history, over 21,000 fans have flooded the Mexico City Arena for the first supershow of 2019! Thank you for joining us on a night that could see two new champions crowned, including the “10 Star Con” if Tara Cortez becomes the next Future Shock Champion!

Steph: Tara has worked her way all the way to this point but the question of if she can dethrone Harley will be the biggest question of the night!

Zack: Lydia Charisma is looking to make history as she strives for five defenses of the Aspire Championship! Her fourth is tonight, and she’s going to try to tame a “Lioness” whose manager claims to know Lydia’s biggest weakness! If Kyle’s right, Elizabeth Lannister will capture the title she’s chased since arriving in Future Shock.

Steph: You have to believe for the amount of frustration any and all of Kyle’s clients have given her, Lydia will be fighting an upward battle against the Lioness. So is the life of the Aspire champion!

Zack: We have a star-studded tag match full of special guests on tap. Lacey joins forces with Steph’s least favorite wrestler, Wilma Iris Napier the Third, to meet Jessica Anderson and Carli Davis of the PowerTuff Girls. Steph, I know you keep up with the numbers. And with stars from four promotions in the match, do you think we’re gonna see a ratings spike here? I’m sure the “Silver Spoon Sweetheart” will take credit for it if that happens.

Steph: Well she can but that doesn’t make it true. This match has star studded all over it and three of those wrestlers in this match are going to make this a highlight reel. Wilma will at least make a good warm body.

Zack: Speaking of guests, Katie Keller’s looking to turn her fortunes around on one of Future Shock’s biggest stages when she meets Millennium’s “Murder Machine” for the first time! And as much as I like Katie, I think she runs a very real chance of feeling a 5 foot death kick firsthand tonight against Tiffany Tompkins.

Steph: Man Adam’s really working overtime on the big money matches. Expect a banger for this one folks.

Zack: There’s been a lot of talk about the influx of new tag teams Adam’s been signing to Future Shock contracts. I have it on good authority we’re gonna meet some of them tonight here in Mexico City. The Director’s been a busy man, Steph.

Steph: Don’t I know it! He’s looking to revitalize the Future Shock tag division and by proxy, when said teams graduate, pump FFW’s Unity division full of new teams when the time comes. The man knows what he’s doing.

Zack: But coming up first, Steph, Mars Whimsy has a score to settle against Luna Cortez. Tara’s been barred from ringside, but word going around is the sisters aren’t getting along. I know Tara and Luna didn’t arrive together tonight at the arena.

Steph: I wonder how that’ll play out in tonight’s main event match... Well, first thing’s first!

Zack: Let’s kick things off, and send it up Future Shock’s favorite “Wildcat” Gabrielle Crimson!

The bell sounds as the cameras focus on the ring, where the “Wildcat” Gabrielle Crimson stands in the center with her microphone.

Gaby: The opening contest of the Mexico City Supershow is scheduled for one fall to a finish!

Zack: We’re gonna kick things off with a grudge match that I’ve been looking forward to since it was announced, Steph. Who do you like in this one as Mars Whimsey and Luna Cortez are about to meet.

Steph: C’mon Zack, you know what I’m about. Whoever makes us the most in demographics and numbers. Luna does hit all the points for ‘bros’ out there but anyone who owns a tumblr probably worships the ground Mars walks on.

The otherwise quiet intro to Family Force 5's "Drama Queen" starts on the sound system, and lights start blinking in random colors as Luna Cortez walks onto the entrance ramp. She's soon joined by her manager Christian Kincaid, as he stands right beside her to show her off for the crowd. She stops right before the ramp, taking a spin and stopping in a particular pose, winking for the cameras before turning on her heels and running her hands up her slender body and then bringing them above her head, only to then point to the ring... and then wave off the booing audience. Shaking her head, Luna then starts strutting down the entrance ramp, rolling her eyes at the fans in attendance as she makes her way to the ring.

Gaby: Introducing first, escorted to the ring by Christian Kincaid... From Fort Worth, Texas... "THE FULL 10 STARS"... LUNA CORTEZ!

When Luna climbs into the ring, she makes her way to the ropes facing the hard camera, stepping onto the second rope and sitting on the top rope, her back turned to the hard cam and the audience, as she makes a pose similar to the one she did atop the ramp, winking at the cameras before she waves the crowd off once again and hops back down to the ring, making her way to her corner and sharing some last minute strategy with Christian.

Zack: The word going around the back the last couple weeks says there’s some issension with Luna and her sister. Tara has been barred from ringside for this match, but that may not even be an issue now.

Steph: Well, that kinda toasts any tag team ideas... But then again, we’ve seen teams with more issues keep together so I won’t say anything about that. Even still, let’s see how Tara does by her lonesome.

The techno-pop beat gets multi colored strobes flashing as Mars rushes out onto the stage, arms held high and waving to the crowd. She smiles brightly before starting to stride down the ramp, leaning out to slap hands with the FFW faithful.

As Whimsy gets down to ringside, she does a quick, old-school lap around the ring, actively trying to slap hands with as many fans as possible before trotting up the ring steps and onto the outside apron, where she quickly hops up on the outside second turnbuckle bracket and holding her arms out wide.

Gaby: Introducing, from Las Angeles, California, standing at 5’7” tall and weighing in at one-hundred and ninety pounds, MARS WHIIIIIIIIMSY!

Nodding to the crowd Mars lightly hops over the ropes and into the ring, removing her multi-colored headband and walking to her corner to await the start of her match.

Zack: The spotlights in Future Shock don’t get much brighter than tonight, and while I’m sure Mars is ready to go, I wonder if there’s not some butterflies flying around in her stomach too.

Steph: Maybe but I’m sure she’ll get over those pretty quickly. It’s a fight or flight kinda night and I doubt she wants Tara to get either.

Referee Ashley Pruitt checks both women for illegal objects, and finds none. When Gaby leaves the ring, the referee calls for the bell as Luna heads out towards the center. She begins waddling as though she were five times bigger than she was, then points to Mars’ body with a laugh. Whimsy looks down at herself, and then sees Luna amusing herself at her size before she charges out with a shoulder tackle that sends the brunette down on her ass. Luna barely has time to get up before Mars starts walloping her with right hands to the head, and then fires her into the corner. She charges in after her with a corner clothesline, then snaps her arms around her waist for a belly to belly suplex.

Zack: While Mars may have a size advantage, she’s more than happy to give Luna a reason to respect that after her mimicking there.

Steph: I just want everyone who has ever fat shamed someone else to look close. This could happen to you. Imbecile.

Luna tries to sit up, but catches a leg drop across her chest to put her back down. Mars lifts that leg up, and begins dropping it repeatedly across Luna’s chest as she sits on the canvas. She quickly rolls to her feet, and takes off for the far side as Luna starts to get back to her feet. Cortez barely gets turned around before Mars feeds her a spinning back elbow to the mouth followed by a DDT. As she looks as though she’s about to grab her again, Luna rolls out to the floor to her manager as Christian kneels beside her to discuss something.

Zack: Other than making fun of her, the opening of this match hasn’t really gone in Luna’s favor at all, has it? We’re barely three minutes in, and she’s already looking to Christian for some wisdom.

Steph: The man tailors his wisdom to each individual client. He used to tell me, “Try to tuck and roll”. Of course that wasn’t anything to do with a ring and more the time we took Mickey & Raquel to a slip n’slide but the concept is still the same.

Pruitt quickly begins her ten count as Christian shares some advice with Luna, which elicits a nod as she slowly climbs back up onto the apron. Mars immediately goes to get her, only to catch a thumb in the eye before Luna grabs her head and snaps her neck across the top rope. It sends the powerful Prospect backwards coughing as Luna slides in under the bottom rope. When Whimsy turns around, Luna bounces off the near side with a big boot across her jaw that puts her down to a seat on the mat. Feeling a bit more confident now, Cortez backs up one step and begins firing stiff front kicks into Mars’ chest one after another before a basement dropkick puts her down on the mat finally.

Zack: Man, those kicks to the chest by Luna will stop your heart. Looks like whatever advice she got is working, and now Mars is getting worked over as a result.

Steph: My guess? Christian told her to chop Mars down. Always bring down the bigger opponents, work them down to your level and don’t stop the assault... Look, as we can see!

As Whimsy began to sit up, Luna dropped down behind her and applied a shoulder claw with one hand. Mars reached up to pull her hand away, and caught an elbow to the top of her head with Luna’s free arm. The twin’s fingertips began to disappear into the shoulder of Mars before the referee dropped down to see if she wanted to stop the match. Whimsy shook her head at the question right before Luna drove another elbow into the top of her head, and tried to apply more pressure.

Steph: A shoulder claw is a very dangerous thing when used right. Even the biggest opponent is suddenly writ so small as Mars is learning.

Zack: Luna has proven herself to be as technically sound as her sister, but I always get the feeling she likes to go that extra little bit when it comes to proving her point.

The fans began to stir though when their attention turned to the ramp to see Vivi Robichaud making her way towards the ring. She greeted a few of them as she headed for Mars’ corner. As soon as the Prospect saw her, it seemed to revitalize her as she reached and fired a right hand in Luna’s jaw. Two more finally broke the hold and sent her stumbling backwards before Whimsy got to her feet, and used a three point stance to mow through her and flip her over to the canvas.

Zack: Looks like Mars may have been watching the Super Bowl recently with a sack like that! Luna may have had more than the wind knocked out of her.

Steph: Oh hey! Vivi is out here. I think she’s come to say hello.

Luna started to get up, but got scooped up instead before Mars took off from the ropes with a running Samoan drop. She quickly got to her feet, and rubbed her shoulder before bouncing off the near side with a running senton splash. A quick hook of the leg followed that before the referee dropped down for the cover.

Zack: The first pinfall of the match, and Mars may have victory close at hand!




Luna kicked out at two, and caused Mars to get back to her feet. Whimsy headed for the corner with Vivi showing her full support at ringside. She crouched down, waiting on Luna to get up as Christian was trying to warn his client at the same time.

Steph: Christian trying to tell Luna to get out of dodge, or dodge! One or the other but it may be too late!

Luna didn’t register what she was hearing though as she got to her knees, and Mars blasted towards her with a hip check to the side of her head. She stepped over her, and made her way to the second turnbuckle on the inside. A smile formed on her face as the crowd recognized what she was thinking before she came off with her second rope senton…….but Luna rolled out of the way, causing her to crash land on her back instead.

Zack: Mars went for her favorite move, but no one was home! That may have been the smartest thing Luna’s done in this match right there!

Steph: Well that and those highlights. I wonder who does her hair?

Cortez rolled towards the ropes, sitting up against them for a second as she tried to gather her wits about her. Mars rolled out under the bottom rope to the apron as VIvi was trying to rally her friend in the ring. The powerhouse slowly got to her feet as Luna got up, and caught her with a shoulder block in the stomach. But Mars showed some agility as she vaulted over the ropes into a sunset flip!

Steph: This looks like a pinning combination to me!

Mars tried to pull her down but Luna dropped to her knees on top of her. Pruitt slid into position as Luna grabbed the middle rope with both hands over the referee’s head!




Vivi took off around the corner to try to get the referee’s attention to see what Luna was doing. She barely made it as the referee looked up, and got to her feet. Pruitt kicked Luna’s hands free of the ropes before Mars shoved her off.

Zack: Vivi’s proving to be invaluable out here, because that could have been disastrous for Mars!

Luna got to her feet, and started exchanging words with Vivi on the floor. Christian tried to get her to look as Mars scooped her up from behind with a rear waistlock into a release German suplex. Before Luna could get up, Mars was back up on the second turnbuckle to deliver her second rope senton that landed perfectly on target. A quick hook of the leg followed before Pruitt slid into position to count.

Steph: ON A WHIMSY!! ...Damn that looked like it hurt.




The referee called for the bell to a pop from the crowd, and quite a bit of applause from Vivi on the outside. Mars sat up with a smile before getting to her feet, and having her hand raised officially.

Zack: Mars missed that senton the first time, but the second was the charm! And that’s quite a victory to have to her name!

Gaby: Here’s your winner by pinfall……………...MARS WHIMSY!!!

Steph: We’ll be peeling Cortez off the mat in the meantime, but hey, let’s celebrate a hard fought win here!

Vivi joined her friend in the ring, raising her hand with a smile and even giving her fellow Prospect a hug. Christian pulled his client out of the ring to check on her as the fans showed Mars plenty of support.

Zack: The night hasn’t started out how the Cortez twins may have hoped here, and this could be an omen for Tara in the main event later tonight.

Steph: With how they’ve been going, I wonder if said twin even was watching her sister’s match.

Vivi followed Mars out to the floor as the two headed up the ramp to much support from the fans. The Mexico City supershow took its first commercial break from there.

Unfinished Business

The next shot takes us to the back and finds Sara Wilkins in front of the Future Shock logo as she stands alongside Celeste and her manager, Christian Kincaid.

Sara: Thank you both for joining me. First of all, Celeste, I know it’s been a little bit already. But welcome back to Future Shock after rehabbing your injury!

Celeste: Thank you! I couldn't wait to get back here and start proving myself again.

Celeste says with a bright smile.

Sara: Not only did you come back, you even beat a powerhouse who ultimately left Future Shock after your match. I’m sure that had to be a little bit of a confidence boost.

Celeste: It definitely was. I mean, if you can't handle one loss then you're not meant to be on Future Shock. I've had plenty of ups and downs so far in my time here. It hasn't stopped me from training everyday to be better.

Sara: Christian, how did you feel after seeing Celeste’s return match a few weeks ago on the show?

Christian: Are you kidding? Celeste was a beast in that match. I think it’s the first time the entire roster of Future Shock all agreed that someone was in over her head. And Celeste proved them all right when she made whatshername look like every other generic wrestler who has some muscles and thinks it makes them something special. But that’s old news, Sara. Celeste and I have been talking, and she feels like there’s some unfinished business she wants to get to now that she’s back.

Sara: Oh really? Tell us all about it, Celeste.

Celeste: Well it all goes back to Nemesis. Kyle's crew were out of hand the whole match while I tried to referee to the best of my ability. And I think I did a pretty good job. However, Cassandra Steen tried to cheat through the entire match and when that didn't work for her, she decided to slap me! I showed her though. Brought her back down to reality with my Heaven's Cloud. Of course after that, all hell broke loose. And ever since,  Cassandra and that entourage has been doing as they please here on Future Shock. I'm sick of it. Someone needs to put a stop to it. This isn't a battle you win and move on. I'm going to go piece by piece, starting with Cassandra.

Sara: Cassandra Steen of the Gold Standard? She’s certainly not lacking any self confidence. Do you think it’s wise to have just come back and already start calling out members of the Gold Standard? There’s quite a few of them after all.

Celeste: There are. And this will be the biggest challenge I've faced since I've begun my career. But there are others who will fight: like Nora Harris and Katie Keller. I might not be doing this alone. If I end up that way, then fine.

Sara nods as she listens to her response, which brings a smile to her manager’s face.

Christian: There’s no shallow water to swim in Future Shock. And I applaud Celeste for wanting to dive right back into things, and settle some business like that. So whenever Adam or Kyle wants to make it happen, you got my word that Celeste will be ready and waiting.

Celeste then turns to the camera. The shot focuses on her serious demeanor.

Celeste: I'm hoping you're watching Cassandra. You might think you're above everyone. That you are destined to lord over Future Shock with the rest of the Standard.  But I'm going to start to show these fans and anyone else watching that all that glitters...is not gold.

As she finishes, she heads off with her manager before a commercial for the Fury Pay Per View Saturday.
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« Reply #1 on: February 26, 2019, 09:54:18 pm »

The show returns to ringside as Gaby is heading back through the ropes to stand in the center with her microphone.

Gaby: The following contest is a special attraction scheduled for one fall to a finish!

Zack: This match was supposed to be a little different when it was booked. Katie Keller was supposed to face a woman who bailed out of Future Shock because she lost her first match. I’d say the quality of competition got a lot higher when that woman’s replacement stepped up, Steph.

Steph: It did. Also shoutout to Lydia Charisma and literally the whole Gold Standard for calling that bail out. I think it’ll be the first and last time Lydia and Kyle’s clients all agreed on one thing.

I'm on the battlefield
Like, oh my God (ooh la la)
Knocking soldiers down
Like house of cards (ooh la la)
I'm a one woman army (ooh la la)
Yes, I'm a one woman army
(ooh la la, ooh la la, ooh la la)

"One Woman Army" by Porcelain Black stalls out as a bang like a gunshot rings out and Katie Keller steps out from behind the curtain and surveys the crowd before settling her gaze on the ring in front of her.

I pull up in a matte black super car
Like Batman, yeah
No bodyguard
I'm Gangnam Styling on the bar
I got it, I bring all the boys to the yard
If you see me at the club in Hollywood
You know I bring that Detroit hood
You like it, and you feelin' good
You know that you want it
You know that you would

Gaby: Making her way to the ring, from Silicon Valley California, weighing in at 160 pounds... Katie KELLER!

Let's rush tonight
The music is still playin'
So get up and fight
You know that you want it
You know that you would

Katie heads down the ramp, slapping the odd hand as she goes. Once she reaches the ring, she slides in beneath the ropes and pops up to her feet in the center of the ring.

I'm on the battlefield
Like, oh my God (ooh la la)
Knocking soldiers down
Like house of cards (ooh la la)
I'm a one woman army (ooh la la)
Yes, I'm a one woman army
(ooh la la, ooh la la, ooh la la)

She throws up a fist into the air to get the crowd going as her theme song fades off and she loosens up against the ropes in preparation for her match.

Zack: While Katie may be disappointed she didn’t get some revenge on her previous opponent, she’s got a whole other kind of opposition tonight. Not to mention a far more decorated one.

Steph: She’s also a Nirvana fan. Tiffany Tompkins is truly the total package.

The crowd pops as "Very Ape" by Nirvana begins to play. As the tune kicks in, Tiffany Tompkins emerges on the stage, donning her usual ring gear and sporting a pair of sunglasses, geared up and ready to go with a smirk on her face. She throws a devil horns gesture into the air before making her way down to the ring.

She slaps a few hands of the fans on her way down the ramp as she walks with a purpose to the ring. As she arrives at ringside, she takes a moment to look around before walking over to the steps, climbing onto the apron and squeezing between the middle and bottom ropes.

Gaby: Hailing from Newark, New Jersey and making her Future Shock debut….she is the ‘FIVE FOOT DEATH MACHINE’ TIFFANY TOMPKINS!

In the ring, she throws another devil horn gesture into the air, much to the enjoyment of the fans. With the fanfair over and done with however, she puts her sunglasses to the side, backs into her corner and begins warming up, anxiously awaiting for the fight to begin.

Zack: Tiffany Tompkins is known as the Murder Machine, and all you have to do is look at what she’s accomplished in her short career to see why. Part brawler, part puroresu, all dangerous! And she will kick your face off if you give her a chance!

Steph: Well someone tell Keller not to give her a chance! You know what kinda concussions are all the regular taking those kinda hits?

Referee Melinda Davis checks both women, while Gaby leaves the ring. The referee then calls for the bell as they meet in the center. Katie offers her a handshake which she returns. But as Katie moves to walk away, Tiffany spins into her and takes her down with a judo throw over her shoulder. The brunette quickly gets back to her feet, and gets dropped with a Japanese armdrag takedown. She pops up again, and catches another armdrag of the same type. A third follows that before Katie tries to break the cycle by slapping her arm away when she goes for it again. Tiffany spins into her with a discus punch to the mouth, and starts unloading with rapid-fire  kicks to her body before a spinning roundhouse kick drops Katie on the mat.

Zack: What’d I tell you? Tompkins is quicker than a wink, and the “Murder Machine” is holding court in Mexico City!

Steph: With that many kicks at that level of pace you wouldn’t be shocked to actually believe she was a machine.

Keller starts to get back to her feet before Tiffany pulls her up the rest of the way, and fires her into the far corner. She lands back first before Tiffany charges in after her, leaving her feet for a knee strike to the side of Katie’s head. A quick snap of her hips drops her with a hip toss before Tiffany hops onto the second turnbuckle, and comes off with a blockbuster that sees Katie’s head bounce off the mat between her own legs. The small blonde moves around to one side, and aims seemingly for a kick that Katie deftly avoids by rolling out of the way.

Zack: That’s what I was talking about. Tiffany is lethal with those kicks, and that one Katie just avoided was the 5 Foot Death Kick. Tompkins has knocked out a lot bigger opponents than Katie with it in her career.

Steph: Now if Katie’s done her homework, which you know she has Zack... She’s going to be avoiding that thing at all costs. She’s going to be working her way around it as only Katie can.

Katie got to the ropes, and started to get to her feet before her opponent went to get her. But she got surprised with a drop toe hold from the veteran, and Katie quickly seized the advantage as Tiffany started to get up. Katie caught her with a headbutt that disoriented her before pulling her into a short arm clothesline. She kept hold of that hand as she got up, and dropped an elbow into her chest. Katie made it back to her feet, and pulled Tiffany up with her into a double underhook DDT. She dropped down to make the cover with a hook of the outside leg.

Steph: Not the Royal Butterfly but it’ll hurt all the damn same and there’s the pin!



Tiffany kicked out as the two hit the mat, and Katie applied a front facelock before she started using a gator roll around the ring. She rolled the blonde in all directions for a few seconds before she pulled her up still in the front facelock into a vertical suplex.

Zack: Katie’s trying to take some of the wind and energy out of Tiffany, and that’s a very smart strategy. Wearing Tompkins down is crucial here.

The blonde starts to get to her feet before Katie drives her backwards into the ropes with a shoulder block. Tompkins goes through them to the apron, and barely has a chance to get up before Katie pulls her head through the middle rope and drops her back into the ring with a neckbreaker. Tompkins gets dragged away from the ropes before Katie makes another cover with a leg  hook.

Steph: Another pin and in slides the ref.




Again, Tiffany manages to kick out in time. Katie makes it back to her feet, and drags the blonde with her. A pair of European uppercuts lands on target before Katie fires her across to the far side. As soon as she rebounds, Keller goes to pop her up but Tiffany counters on the way back down with a tornado DDT.

Zack: I’m not sure what Katie had in mind right there, but Tiffany had a hell of a counter in her back pocket. Let’s see who gets up first.

Both women lay on the canvas for a couple seconds before Tiffany starts to get back to her feet with a shake of her head. Katie isn’t far behind her when the small blonde hits the near side ropes and comes back with a running big boot to the side of her head. It sends the veteran reeling before Katie catches her with a spinning heel kick as she starts to get up. With Keller doubled over, Tiffany drilled her with a running kneelift that nearly sends her through the ropes on impact. As the brunette starts to get to her feet, Tiffany bolts towards her. But Katie sidesteps her, and hops up onto the ropes….only for Tiffany to surprise her with a rope-hung flatliner. She immediately dives into the cover with a hook of the leg.

Zack: She calls that the BONE GRINDER, and Tompkins is about to pick up a hell of a victory!




Katie gets her leg across the bottom rope before the three hits the mat, and Tiffany checks with the referee before she sees it for herself. She gets back to her feet, and takes a couple steps back, seemingly waiting on Katie to start to get back to her feet.

Steph: I think she’s looking for yet another kick. I’ll tell you, Tompkins has a kick for every occasion. I imagine her and Hanley would look like an exhibition.

The veteran is slow to do so though as she rolls towards the corner, and uses the turnbuckles to help her start to get up. As soon as she is on her knees, Tiffany measures and delivers her superkick, knocking Katie through the ropes and down to the floor.

Zack: There it was, the DEATH KICK! The impact sent her through the ropes, and Tiffany has to get her back in the ring quickly!

Steph: ...I think Katie’s been rattled something fierce after that kick. Her head’s gotta be ringing, her mind scrambled, her senses out of whack...

Tiffany’s face showed a sense of urgency as she rolled out under the bottom rope, and tried to pull Katie up to get her back in the ring. She finally got her in, and dove on top of her to make the cover.

Zack: She’s got her back inside, but did it take too long? We’ll find out quickly!




Katie’s shoulder pops up off the mat, and Tiffany gets back to her feet with a shake of her head. She goes to pull her up before Katie surprises her with a jawbreaker that stumbles her back into the corner, and Katie drops to a knee, still feeling the effects of the superkick from moments ago. Tompkins gathered herself, and looked to be setting up for the kick again.

Steph: So close! Katie Keller still looks to be punch--errr kick drunk after that Death Kick but at least she created a little space.

As Katie went to rise up, Tiffany aimed the superkick one more time. But Keller averted the contact, causing Tiffany to quickly try to regain her balance. Katie quickly grabbed her into a butterfly lock then into her butterfly suplex. She quickly went for the cover as Davis dropped to count the fall.





Davis called for the bell as Katie rolled off the cover, trying to catch her breath. Her mouth agape, she took in big breaths before getting back to her feet and having her hand raised.

Gaby: Here is your winner by pinfall…………….KATIE KELLER!!

Zack: What a win for Katie Keller! She took some hellacious shots, but she came through in the clutch!

Steph: Yeah but gotta give it all to the Death Machine in terms of respect. She took Katie to some limits here I hadn’t seen yet.

As she gathered herself, she helped Tiffany back to her feet and gave her some praise before giving her another handshake.

Zack: Katie picks up the win, but how impressive was Tiffany Tompkins? She’s got a huge future in this business ahead of her, and I hope this isn’t the last we see of her.

Steph: You and me both, Zack. Plus I always liked “Very Ape”.

As the pair rolled out of the ring to head towards the back, that’s when the show takes us away from the arena.

One Step From The Goal

The next shot takes us to earlier in the day in what looks like a park. The camera takes in all the scenery before focusing on Mara Werth and Sara Wilkins sitting on a bench. The sound of birds chirping can be heard in the background as Sara begins.

Sara: I’m here at one of Mexico City’s beautiful parks, the Bosque de Chapultepec. And as you can see, I’m joined by Mara Werth. Thanks for talking with me this afternoon.

Mara: It’s a pleasure Sara. I know Mexico City kinda has a reputation for not having the greatest air quality, that it sometimes gets a little smog-gy, but it’s an absolutely beautiful day today and this is an amazing place to visit. This might be one of the most picturesque places that I’ve been interviewed.

Sara: I’m sure they’ll get a bit more tourism in the near future. But what I wanted to discuss with you took place two weeks ago on the last edition of Future Shock. You and Nora Harris were taking the measure of one another, to say the least with the winner to earn a number one contender match for the Aspire Championship. You picked up the win, but…..then you both had a visitor. Tell me about the match from your perspective and the aftermath.

Mara nodded her head as she took a couple of moments before starting to answer the question.

Mara: Well, first of all, I want to give all credit to Nora. She was amazing and incredible in that ring. We pushed each other all the way from beginning to end and there were moments were it came very, very, very close to having a whole different result. Then, after one of the most hard fought matches - for me at least - Cait Flanagan turned up and she only had one thing on her mind. Continuing the same crap that she’s been pulling on Nora Harris for weeks and weeks now. After everything I’d just gone through with Lil Pixie Pump, I wasn’t just gonna let her get worked over by some red haired business woman being kept safe by her manager. I guess Flanagan wasn’t happy I was trying to cut short her fun so she decided to hit me with microphone too and hit me with the hardest part of her body - her skull. I’m sure, at some point in our careers, I’ll get the opportunity to give her a receipt for that.

Sara: I think Nora may get in line first for that payback, but you certainly have your own dance card full. We also found out that night that Gemma Pierce would be the woman you meet for a shot at title. She’s another Prospect you’ve never been in the ring with, and probably wants to get back into the ring with Lydia as much or more than you. What are your impressions of the “World Piercer?”

Mara: Very focused. Very determined. Very, very strong. Gemma certainly doesn’t pull any punches and from what I’ve seen when she hits you, she makes sure you stay hit, like getting hit by a freight train… or getting a tanker ship dropped on you… and when she gets you off your feet and slams you down, it seems like she treats you like a Crash Test Dummy getting put through a full battery of collision tests they do when they try to safety test a new car. Facing her is going to be a huge challenge; a whole new set of problems to try and work out and a brand new natural disaster to weather before finding a way to come out the other side still standing.

Sara: I know you will be keeping a very close tab on the Aspire Championship tonight when Lydia makes her fourth defense against the “Lioness” Elizabeth Lannister. Do you hope to be able to test yourself against Lydia again ideally, or would you rather potentially face the “Lioness”, should you get past Gemma?

Mara: Part of me really wants to face Lydia again. I think in some ways that’s a case of ‘better the Devil you know’ and I think it’s also a lot to do with wanting to make good on that loss Lydia’s put on my record. Also, you know, Lydia’s making history tonight. The only woman to go past three defences. You want to be the best, that’s the sort of person you need to measure yourself against; that you need to go up against and beat. On the other hand though, you’ve got Elizabeth Lannister. Incredibly talented in her own right. A completely different type of opponent to Lydia, a different test to pass. And if she beats Lydia tonight… it’s a chance to beat the woman who beat the woman who made history. Having Kyle and the Gold Standard supporting her adds a whole new wrinkle to it; a whole other thing to factor in and try to plan and strategize for. Neither of them are easy by any stretch of the imagination - but if you’re going to push me for an answer...I think I’d lean ever so slightly towards wanting to meet Lydia again.

A small smile appeared on the former convicts face.

Mara: But honestly, that’s a long, long way away still. I know it’s one step and one match. One match with Gemma Pierce, which is a pretty mammoth, herculean task in it’s own right. So while I’ll be watching closely tonight, I’m also going to be thinking about and focusing on Gemma and trying to make sure I can get over that mountain first before I worry too much about either Lydia or Lannister.

Sara: Well you won’t have to wait long, you or Gemma, when that title match takes place tonight. I appreciate your time, and you can get back to checking out the park.

The shot cuts away from there, and we head back to the live show in the arena.

Nora The Huntress

A clip from the last Future Shock is shown featuring the closing moments of the main event between Mara Werth and Nora Harris. It also shows the post match attack with a microphone by Cait on an already worn down Nora. As the clip concludes, we find Li’l Pixie Pump along with Adam backstage.

Adam: Glad to see the marks from the microphone have healed up nicely. Or is that just good makeup? I can’t tell.

He asks as he looks over Nora’s face for a second, not finding any marks on it to the naked eye.

Nora: I could say something cute like… no makeup just clean, clean living but I admit, there’s a little artifice here, Adam. You know, artifice is something Cait’s really familiar with herself. She’s a tricky, tricky woman.

Adam: I’m glad you’re alright, and I wanted to let you know that it’s not going to be much longer before you finally get her in the ring one on one.

Nora pauses, and while she looks fairly relaxed despite the way her eyes are just a little wider than usual, her fingers slowly close, her hands making little fists.

Nora: See, Adam? That’s really, really good news. I mean, this makes me super happy! I can’t wait. This is better than all those sexy John Wick memes running around out there. I’m sure Cait knows which ones.

Adam: I’ve set it for our first Pay Per View, Malice, on April 9th. That’ll be when you get to face her, and it will be her first official match on the roster too.

At this Nora’s hands relaxed and she gave a sharp clap of her hands, a grin coming to her expression as she looked back over at Adam.

Nora: So it’s like, her debut, I get a present, the fans get an even bigger present, Kyle gets a case of the blue… feelings, and well can you think of a greater thing to have happen, because I sure can’t!

Adam: That’s not a debut I envy her for having, but that seems to be the place where she and Kyle want it to happen. So there we are.

Nora’s head tips a bit to the left, as she considers something, since Cait is after all now officially going to be a part of Future Shock.

Nora: Say Adam, would you happen to have actually seen that little redheaded spitfu… spitfire around here tonight? Maybe?

Adam: Uhhh, yeah. I saw her about a hour or so before we went on the air. Why do you ask?

Nora:  Oh goodie.

Her expression went from curious and almost angelic to downright stalking cat in the way her eyes had narrowed.

Adam: Just be careful. I think you’ve had enough mic time with Cait to last most people a lifetime.

Nora:  You know…

She pauses. Then grins.

Nora: ...maybe it should be her turn since you know, she likes it so much.

Nora stops to shake Adam’s hand to thank him for his time, and then with a bounce in her step she’s off on a mission - looking here and there for a very certain sight.

Azure And White

Su Wakuda V/O: Some tag teams are made of the closest of friends.

A shadowed ring, the single illumination being one of the single light fixture hanging from the ceiling. From opposite corners of the ring two women silently begin walking towards each other to meet in the middle. In the center of the squared circle they both bow to one another, their identities hidden by the lack of bright luminescence. Both take a single step backward before getting into offensive stances. Given lighting circumstances and the two fighters being roughly the same height it is impossible to tell who is who.

The fighter on the left scores three rapid kicks that the other blocks with a forearm for each thrust, before the camera hard cuts behind the fighter on the right, as she goes for a bell clap that the other blocks by raising both arms up. A leg sweep is attempted that the other deftly jumps out of the way of, before attempting a spin kick that the other dodges by bending backwards.

For a moment there’s a cut of two dragons in calligraphy style animation snapping at each other as they circle the skies.

Su Wakuda V/O: Some tag teams are made of sisters, bound in blood or spirit.

The two dragons, one in azure coloring and one in white with heavy black lines the both of them continue to dance around each other, one biting for the neck and the other biting for a wing. When the Azure Dragon snaps for the White Dragon’s wing, the video cuts back to one of the women hip tossing the other before holding onto her arm as she kicks her in the shoulder. Every kick gets zoomed in on and slowed down to watch the explosion of moisture, dust, and sweat with every loud, dramatic impact.

The video zooms back out as the woman on her back does a half spin, legs twirling before she gets into a defensive crouch, blocking a knee trembler with her forearms.

Jennifer Song V/O: Some form because of a common goal; a singular enemy, or a chance for glory.

Once again the animated scroll of the two dragons dueling is interspersed in the sparring match. Now the White Dragon is fighting back, using its legs to kick rapidly at the chest of the Azure Dragon, slipping a wing from it’s teeth. Back in the black and white silhouetted fight, the woman previously on her back has now begun unleashing rapid palm thrusts, slowly backing the other woman into the corner. Strike by strike by strike, the camera zooming in to catch the hard impacts as sweat mists from the slowdown.

Jennifer Song V/O: And then...there are those that form through conflict.

The warrior in the corner blocks and in the split second, the animation snaps back with the Azure Dragon roaring. Suddenly the warrior in the corner leaps and hits a front dropkick to the other, right in the chest. The previously attacking warrior stumbles back and rolls, only to get hit with a cannonball senton that puts both women on their back.


At the same time, both women kip up and take defensive stances, both expecting an attack to come.

Jennifer Song V/O: After all--you don’t truly know someone, until you’ve fought them.

The animated dragons once more, the Azure Dragon and White Dragon no longer fighting on the parchment background. Instead they quietly regard each other before tipping their heads to the other.

Back in the exhibition part of the video package the two women stand face-to-face before quietly bowing to each other.

The animation returns to the two dragons looking out in the distance to a city skyline drawn in heavy black lines as befitting the style.

Once more the video cuts back to the ring. The two women, now revealed to be Jennifer Song and Su Wakuda look up together from the ring they had been standing in. They stare up at a giant banner overhead.

A Future Shock Banner.

Cut to black, fading in on the banner. The words ‘The Raging Dragons Are Coming To Future Shock’ fades in on the screen, the Dragons’ logo encircled by the previously seen Azure and White Dragons. We linger on the logo for a few moments before fading out.

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A quick video package shows us how the upcoming tag team match came to be as a result of Jessica Anderson and Lacey facing off on a recent Future Shock. We then head back to the ring with Gaby waiting with her microphone.

Gaby: The following tag team match is scheduled for one fall to a finish.

Zack: I got Missy here, who is one of Jessica Anderson’s best friends. Fair to note that only one of the women in this match actually works for FFW or Future Shock, so if you like guest stars, we’re loaded up in this one!

Missy: It’s good to be here, Zack. Especially since I’ve got one of the best seats in the house to see Jessica and Carli teach the other two a lesson!

Smoke began to billow up from the stage as three giant inflatable PowerPuff Girls shoot up from the floor. “Power” by Little Mix featuring Stormzy begins to play over the PA system as Jessica and Carli charge out onto the stage to a pop from the crowd, They bump fists and then hips before taking off towards the ring.

Gaby: Introducing first, hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada and London England, they are CARLI DAVIS and JESSICA ANDERSON…...THE POWERTUFF GIRLS!!

The girls give Gaby a high five as they pass her, and climb up onto adjacent turnbuckles to pump up the crowd a little more before heading to their team’s corner.

Zack: Well this may be the first time I’ve ever seen giant inflatable PowerPuff Girls, but no time like the present!

Missy: It’s certainly getting the crowd pumped up, that’s for sure. As long as they don’t fall on anybody, we’re good. I wonder if the insurance covers squashing by inflatable PowerPuff Girls?!

The Lights in the arena go out for a moment before we hear “7 Rings” start to play and the crowd looks down the aisle as Wilma Iris Napier the third makes her way out from the back.

My wrist, stop watchin', my neck is flossin'
Make big deposits, my gloss is poppin'
You like my hair? Gee, thanks, just bought it
I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it (Yeah)

Gaby: Introducing from Greenwich, Connecticut, weighing in at one hundred and sixteen pounds, she is the Silver Spoon Sweetheart and …..reigning SVW Adrenaline champion...Wilma Iris Napier the Third!

I want it, I got it, I want it, I got it
I want it, I got it, I want it, I got it
You like my hair? Gee, thanks, just bought it
I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it (Yeah)

Wilma slides in under the bottom rope and gets to her feet, waving her right hand out at the people who are disinterested at best and jeering at worst, but she pays no mind with her big smile on her face, unstrapping the title from around her waist and holding it as high as she can for the world to see just how great she is.

Zack: For those of you who don’t follow SVW, that is Wilma Iris Napier! She’s the reigning Adrenaline Champion of that promotion, and why she brought the title to Future Shock is beyond me!

The lights dim as the opening bars of Turn You On by Stitched Up Heart hit the speakers around the arena.

Are you awake, You're gonna have to hear the words I say
Don't you try turn away, I'm everything you ever dreamed I'd be
I'll make you wish that you never talked, Back to me
I can't wait to watch your ego bleed
Your pain will set me free

A red spotlight hits the curtain and Kyle Kilmeade walks out and proceeds to hold it open for Lacey to walk through. Stepping onto the stage in front of Kyle, Lacey wears a green and black one piece, which has a deep vee cut all the way to her navel, black fishnet tights and matching green and black boots. She runs her hands down her curves, while giving a little sway of her hips and then stands with her arms folded across her chest and her head lowers. 

I'd bite I'd scratch I'd hold you down, Just to turn you on
I'd leave you waiting tied and bound, Just to turn you on
Close your eyes, And come with me tonight
I'd burn this whole room to the ground, Just to turn, just to turn you on

She snaps her head up and flings her arms out at the sides of her in one fluid motion, almost as if someone has just pulled the strings on a puppet. Keeping her gaze straight ahead she slowly smirks before lowering her arms to her sides and making her way down the ramp with Kyle walking beside her.

I'll make you beg, I'm gonna teach you things you won't forget
Don't you try turn away, I'm everything you ever dreamed I'd be
I'll make you wish that you never talked, Back to me
I can't wait to watch your ego bleed
Your pain will set me free

John: Making her way to the ring at this time….from parts unknown…..LAAAAACEEEEEY!!!

I'd bite I'd scratch I'd hold you down, Just to turn you on
I'd leave you waiting tied and bound, Just to turn you on
Close your eyes, And come with me tonight
I'd burn this whole room to the ground, Just to turn, just to turn you on

Completely ignoring the crowd at either side of the ramp, Lacey speeds up as she reaches the ring and jumps up onto the apron. Taking hold of the top rope with both hands, she slowly and seductively sways her hips and wiggles her way down and back up, almost like a serpent, before springboarding over the top rope. When she lands in the ring she immediately drops down into the splits and stays there for a moment with her arms outstretched. After getting back to her feet, she climbs up onto the top turnbuckle facing the outside. Pulling something from her top she opens her palm and blows the contents into the crowd.

I can't wait to watch your ego bleed
And all the pain you feel will set you free
If you behave this night will never end
Turn off the lights and start again

The lights shut off completely for a second at the end of the theme, when they come back on, Lacey is standing in her corner sharing some last minute words with Kyle.

Zack: It’s not hard to see why Lacey and Wilma Iris Napier get along so well, they both are the presidents of their own fan clubs. And as SVW fans know, Wilma likes to inflate her accomplishments. Missy, you’ve been in the ring with them both.

Missy: I have, and I don’t rate either of them as much as they do themselves. They could probably be decent if they actually focused instead of taking every shortcut known to man….or Kyle Kilmeade. 

Referee Malcolm Parks makes sure all four women’s boots and pads are weapon free, and calls for the bell after Gaby’s left the ring. Jessica chooses to start for her team, while Lacey and Wilma still seem to be deciding as they discuss it with Kyle at ringside. The camera microphones pick up the two telling the other they should start, not to mention reminding each other how cute they look. Meanwhile in the other corner, Jessica rolls her eyes and starts towards them as the referee asks her to step back until one of them leaves as the discussion continues.

Zack: Maybe it’s just me, but this seems like a discussion that should have taken place before Lacey and Wilma came to the ring. Nobody’s injured, so it can’t make too much difference who starts.

Missy: They’re just delaying the inevitable. They know they’re outmatched so they’re probably trying to come up with a way to worm themselves out of the match...or maybe one of them broke a nail or something.

Unable seemingly to decide themselves, they ask Kyle who climbs up onto the apron to join in the discussion. And when the referee goes to get him down, both Lacey and Wilma clobber Jessica with forearms when she looks back to her partner. They start pounding her down, and shove Carli to the floor. The referee goes to stop the pair as Carli comes into the ring, only to be intercepted by the official. Lacey and Wilma resume pounding Jessica to the mat before firing her into their team’s corner. Parks finally gets Carli back to her corner as he turns around to argue with Lacey, while Wilma wraps the tag rope around Jessica’s neck to choke her. When he looks in her direction, Wilma checks her nails while Lacey starts firing kicks into Jessica’s body to drive her down to a seat against the corner.

Missy: Or they could have been planning that, I guess. There’s not a dirty trick in the book that those two and the rest of Kilmeade’s clients don’t seem to know.

Zack: This could be a very big night for his clients, what with Elizabeth coming up after this match to challenge for the Aspire Championship.

The redhead gets nothing but boos (except from Wilma and Kyle) as she pulls Jessica out towards the center of the ring. A pair of European uppercuts lands before she whips Anderson hard into the far neutral corner. She crashes chest first, and Lacey follows in behind her….only to be surprised by a back elbow to the mouth. The brunette spins around with an angry expression, and starts unloading with pounding right hands to her head. With Lacey reeling for a moment, Jessica spins her around and uses an atomic drop that propels her into the corner. As soon as she turns around, Lacey gets a running high knee to the head that puts her down on the mat.

Zack: That little sneak attack worked for a little bit, but all it really served to do was fire Jessica up! And we’re picking up right where we left off in the original match these two had.

Missy: Jessica is one of the nicest people you’ll meet, but she packs one hell of a punch in the ring...I remember.

She pulls Lacey back to her feet, and shoves her backwards into the neutral corner. A few well placed kicks to the body follows before she climbs up onto the second turnbuckle, and lets the crowd count ten punches to Lacey’s head. The tag champion stumbles out of the corner as Jessica shouts her name. When she turns around, the veteran bolts towards with a lungblower that bounces her to the mat. Wilma starts to get into the ring, complaining to the referee about Jessica pulling hair as Jessica goes for the cover. The argument continues for a few seconds before he realizes there’s a cover, and drops to count the fall.

Missy: Jessica is looking to put an end to this match straight away! She might even manage it with the shots that Lacey’s taken.



Lacey kicks out at the two, and Jessica gets back to her feet. She casts an annoyed look towards Wilma, and follows up with an elbow drop into Lacey’s chest. Anderson sits her up, and plants a knee into her back before applying a rear chinlock.

Zack: Lacey had all the time in the world to pull herself together, thanks to Wilma of all people complaining of cheating from the corner. Either way, Jessica’s in firm control right now.

Lacey’s face shows the pain she’s feeling before she shoves one of Jessica’s fingers into her mouth, and then bites into it. The veteran jerks her hand away, and shakes it as Lacey gets back to her feet and uses a chop block to the back of Jessica’s leg to bring her to her knees. She shouts “KNEEL BEFORE ME’ and bounces off the near side with a running big boot to her jaw that puts Jessica on the mat. Meanwhile in the corner, Wilma applauds her partner, to which Lacey bows deeply.

Missy: Well...biting a finger is a novel way of escaping a hold, I can’t think of anyone who would keep a hold in place once someone has chowed down on one of your digits.

Zack: It certainly gave Lacey the opening she needed, and that big boot will rattle your bicuspids as well. These two really are each other’s biggest fans.

Lacey steps over Jessica’s face as she heads towards the corner to reach out for the tag to Wilma. The tiny blonde steps through and takes off for the near side to deliver a double stomp to Jessica’s body. It folds her almost in half before Wilma steps on her hair and pulls her up by her arms. Jessica shouts in pain as the referee counts Wilma down to four before she lets go…..and then pulls her up again with an amused expression on her face for another four count.

Zack: Wilma’s clearly having a good time in there right now, and picking up where Lacey left off. Tonight marks her first time in a Future Shock ring, and I’m sure she’ll find this a different environment than what she’s used to in SVW.

Missy: I’m looking forward to the moment that she experiences her first time getting beat down in a Future Shock ring. I can feel it coming. Doesn’t even matter whether it’s Carli or Jessica that delivers it. Either works well.

She finally steps off again, and follows up with a knee drop to Jessica’s head. She pulls her back up, only to catch a short right to the stomach that stops her in her tracks. Jessica gets back to her feet, and begins unloading with few more shots before she fires Wilma across for the ride. The blonde rebounds into a spinebuster, and Jessica sits up on her knees to try to pull herself together. Carli shouts at her for a tag as the pink-haired star stands on the bottom rope and reaches over the top for her.

Missy: Jessica could really do with the tag, and it looks like she has maybe bought herself enough of an opening to get it too!

Zack: Carli’s certainly ready to see some action! She’s practically bouncing on that bottom rope trying to come to the rescue.

Jessica starts to get back to her feet, and head towards the corner to make the tag before Wilma uses a leg sweep to drop her to the mat. She quickly pulls her away from the corner by her foot back to the center. She takes off for the near side, using the middle rope for an Asai moonsault that catches Jessica as she starts to sit up. Wilma hooks the outside leg for the cover as Parks drops to make the count.

Zack: That moonsault was a thing of beauty, and she caught Jessica perfectly with it too!




Jessica gets her shoulder up just after the two, and Wilma retaliates by driving elbows into her head and face. She finally gets back to her feet, holding Jessica’s leg as she reaches for the tag. Lacey steps back into the ring for a cheerleader leg drop across Jessica’s chest before Wilma leaves.

Missy: Jessica is resilient but she really needs to get a tag soon. Would it be wrong for me to encourage Carli just to go in and clean house anyway?! Probably, I guess.

Lacey begins taunting Jessica, and then blows a kiss to Carli in the corner. “Bubbles” isn’t amused though as she watches the redhead start circling behind her tag partner. When Jessica makes it back to her feet, Lacey applies a sleeper hold and starts trying to step on the back of her calf to get her down on the mat. But Anderson tries to fight it, and immediately starts reaching for the ropes. Lacey has to pull her back before Jessica reaches over her head, trying to grab Lacey….only for her movements to begin to slow as Lacey tells her “Shhhh” as though trying to help her pass out more quickly.

Missy: It’s hard to keep moving in a hold like that, and Lacey has it applied pretty well...unfortunately. C’mon Jessica, it’s not nap time! Wakey wakey!

Zack: Notice how Lacey keeps trying to step on the back of her leg, that’s to get her down on the mat where this move gets even more dangerous for Jessica!

The Mexico City crowd began stomping their feet and making noise for Jessica as the referee checked to make sure it wasn’t a choke. Wilma told the fans to be quiet, which didn’t work in the slightest. As Jessica began to droop, she reached up and grabbed Lacey’s head with both hands to counter into a jawbreaker! It sent the redhead stumbling backwards as Jessica fell to her knees,, seemingly half conscious as Carli started slapping the turnbuckle to keep the crowd going. Lacey rubbed her chin and checked her teeth as she got her wits about her.

Zack: Lacey’s making sure all her chompers are still in place after that jawbreaker, and Jessica definitely needs to find her partner sooner than later!

Missy: Carli is doing well to keep the crowd pumped up, and hopefully that is going to help Jessica find her feet enough to make it to the corner for the tag.

Jessica shook her head as she tried to gather herself, and finally make it back to her feet. Lacey hit the near side ropes, but got countered with a back body drop from Jessica. When the redhead started to get up again, Anderson surprised her with a bounce off the near side for a hip check into the side of her head before she dropped back to her knees again. Anderson was closer to her corner than ever as Carli leaned over the ropes for the tag, while Wilma was doing the same thing for Lacey.

Missy: Good girl, Jess but now it’s Carli’s turn so you can rest! Just a little bit further, come on!

Zack: It’s a race to see who gets to their corner first! Wilma’s got her hand out for Lacey, and Carli’s practically ready to explode right now!

Lacey crawled towards her corner slowly as Jessica did the same in the other direction. She reached up to tag Carli a split second before Wilma got the tag. Wilma dove into the ring to try to get to Jessica before Carli bounded over the top rope, and shook her head at her with a grin. The blonde almost did a u-turn before Carli took her down with a Thesz press and began to fire away with right hands to the side of her head. The Mexico City crowd ate it up as “Bubbles” popped to her feet, taking off towards the other corner to dropkick Lacey off the apron to the floor. She pounded the mat as the crowd was much louder now, waving for Wilma to get to her feet….and put her back down with a spear!

Missy: Carli came in like somebody had just wound her up and set her going… like one of those wind up toys? Wilma doesn’t know what’s hit her I’m betting!

Zack: Davis is hitting anything that moves, and even a little something for Lacey to go with it! Carli’s running the table right now!

Wilma started to get up again, and Carli took off for the far side. She came back with a tornado DDT that planted Wilma on top of her head. A quick kip up to her feet lead to her running towards the ropes. As Wilma started to rise again, Carli used a springboard sidekick that landed flush on her jaw before she went for the cover.

Zack: Carli’s pitching a shutout, and there’s the cover!!




Wilma managed to kick out before the three, and Carli got back to her feet with her tongue stuck out like she was almost licking her lips. When Wilma began to rise, Carli snatched her around the waist for a German suplex rolled into another and then another and then another and one more after that before snapping back to her feet.

Missy: Now this is what I’m here for! Wilma’s gonna be asking for the licence plate of the truck that her by the time Carli is done with her.

Carli cracked her knuckles, and took off for the far side. But she didn’t get to rebound before Kyle grabbed her foot under the bottom rope. Davis spun towards him, and grabbed him by his tie as the referee told her to let go! The crowd got loud once again as he tried to get away, while Carli shook her head as she leaned under the top rope.

Zack: That was a mistake right there! Kyle trying to slow Carli’s tsunami of momentum, and he’s gonna feel it too, I think!

Missy: Is there any one of Kyle’s client’s opponents that don’t end up wanting to knock him into the middle of next week? I don’t think I’ve seen one yet...and with good reason.

Carli jerked him towards her as he tried to get away, only for Lacey to come around the corner with a punt kick into her head that sent her falling backwards into the ring. Wilma rolled her up from behind as the referee dropped to count, and then put her feet up on the ropes for added leverage!

Missy: No, not like this. If Wilma and Lacey win like this I think the crowd might just riot!




A sliding dropkick from Jessica sent Wilma rolling off the cover, much to the delight of the crowd. Anderson popped back to her feet as Lacey tried to sneak up on her from behind, but got caught with a kick to the stomach and a short arm clothesline.

Zack: A fantastic save by Jessica Anderson, and this match is falling apart at the seams! All four women are in the ring now!

Lacey tried to get out of the ring, but Jessica grabbed her from behind into a rear waistlock. The redhead started firing back elbows to get free, managing to do so before giving Jessica a headbutt that disoriented her. Parks went to try to get the brunette out as Carli was starting to rise next. Lacey reached into her top, and blew red powder into her face to blind her just before Wilma caught her from behind with her jumping reverse bulldog. She dove on top of her for the cover as Parks slid into position to count.

Zack: CREATING THE END….Wilma got it all, and this is over right now!!




Jessica jerked Wilma off the cover to a pop from the crowd. Lacey looked thunderous as she darted towards Jessica to catch her with a superkick that sent her through the ropes while Wilma headed for the top turnbuckle.

Missy: That was another great save by Jessica, but it looks like Lacey disagreed. This whole thing is turning more and more chaotic!

Before she could move out of the way, Wilma came off the top with her double foot stomp to Carli. The blonde immediately fell into the cover with a hook of both legs this time before the referee slid into position.

Zack: MAKE IT RAIN! But I’ll be damned, here comes Jessica again!

Jessica dove under the bottom rope to stop the count, but got yanked out by her feet, thanks to Kyle.




Parks called for the bell to no shortage of boos from the crowd. Wilma got to her feet to celebrate till she saw Jessica shoving Kyle on his ass and diving back into the ring. Napier joined Lacey on the floor for a victory hug.

Missy: Ha! Go on Jessica! It almost makes up for them losing the match to see Kyle knocked on his ass!

Gaby: Your winners of the match by pinfall………….LACEY AND WILMA IRIS NAPIER!!

The boos rained from all over the arena as the girls helped Kyle back to his feet before the referee raised their hands in victory. Lacey beamed from ear to ear as Wilma pulled some money from her top and tossed a few Wilma Dollars into the ring for their opponents.

Zack: I doubt neither Jessica or Carli are gonna be interested in any Wilma Dollars tonight, but the fact remains that Lacey and Wilma picked up the win. And boy, did they ever have to fight to get it!

Missy: I don’t think there’s anybody interested in Wilma Dollars that isn’t named Wilma Iris Napier, to be honest. I really thought that Jessica and Carli were going to manage to get the win tonight.

Kyle raised their hands as they headed up the ramp, each looking back to make sure they weren’t about to get jumped before the supershow took a commercial break.

A Little Late

The show returns to the back, and finds Adam standing alongside a blonde woman unfamiliar to the Future Shock fans. He shakes her hand with a smile as she approaches.

Adam: Well I was hoping to introduce both of you to everyone, but….anyway. I’ve been talking about bringing lots of new tag teams to Future Shock. And I thought I’d introduce you to one of them personally. This is one half of the Laurie Jane Experience. And this is Jane Strode. Why don’t you tell the viewers a little about you and your team with Laurie?

Jane: Sure Mr. Grant. As he said, I’m Jane and I’m the older half of the team. Laurie’s kinda like a little sister to me in some ways and because of that I look out for her. It’s a big wide world out there and it can be a little wild; it can chew you up and spit you out - especially when you’re as kind and generous and trusting as Laurie can be at times. That’s not to say she’s gullible… just not so streetwise. In terms of our in ring style, I’m a bit more direct than Laurie. I’m the sort of girl that’ll come forward and punch you full in the face. The Mike Tyson thing of everyone has a plan until you get punched in the face - I very much like putting that to the test, over and over and over again. Laurie is a lot quicker than I am and when she fights, that’s what she likes to rely on. Speed and agility and being able to hit her target often and in quick succession. We complement each other like that. A yin and a yang.

Adam: Tell them how you both met, and what inspired you to become a tag team as opposed to say becoming singles competitors.

Jane: We’ve just always hung out, for as long as either of us can remember we’ve been there for each other. Like, kinda joined at the hip sort of thing. Almost conjoined twins - but without actually needing the surgery. We’ve always been on pretty much the same wavelength, more or less - at least a lot closer than some people we know. Hell, maybe if she dyed her hair we could do that Shining creepy twin thing. Given all of that, it all seemed pretty natch that we’d be a tag team rather than singles competitors.

Adam: Well that all sounds great. What do you make so far of what you may have seen from some of the other new teams, like Target Acquired or the Raging Dragons...or even the Stone Sisters? They don’t get much more unique than those three girls.

Jane: Wanna bet…

She muttered the two words under her breath before she smiled widely.

Jane: We’ve see a little bit of Target Acquired in another place and in that match they looked like they were pretty smooth together. Very impressive and very much going to be a challenge that I look forward to facing. I’m sure Laurie feels the same way. Raging Dragons seem to have amazing chemistry together and I’d love to see how that translates from everyday life into the ring - that’s really the acid test for all of us isn’t it? While the Stone Sisters certainly have abilities that most people don’t. Definitely sets them apart - all three of them. Thank God they don’t use them for nefarious purposes...though I guess if you find a pool of chicken blood and a lot of feathers people should maybe get a touch worried perhaps? Just in case they’ve gone a lil Voldemort.

Adam: I think we’re safe. I appreciate you coming to talk with me. If you see Laurie, let her know I’d appreciate her being on time for these, especially since this is live television.

He shakes Jane’s hand as she heads off camera. And just as he’s about to go into his office, that’d be when another unfamiliar woman to the fans joins him. Adam glances over to her as soon as she sees up.

Adam: Well there you are, Laurie. I believe you were supposed to be here a couple minutes ago, if I’m not mistaken.

Laurie: Sorry. So many corridors and they all look, you know, brick and doors and… But don’t worry boss, I’m here. I’m ready to answer and all questions and I can talk real fast to get us back on track.

She nodded her head.

Laurie: Lightning round. Go. Hit me with the first question. Nineteen. Decatur, Illinois. Pizza.

Adam shook his head.

Adam: That won’t be necessary. Jane was here, and I talked with her. Be on time next time, alright?

He gave her a pat on the arm before heading back into his office. Laurie mouthed the words “you… did….?” with a very confused look before the show heads to a break.

Li’l Pixie Pounding

The supershow returns from the commercial break, and we head down to the broadcast booth with Zack and Steph.

Zack: Welcome back, folks! Don’t forget still to come for the Future Shock Cha---hold on, I’m being told there’s something going on in the back! There’s a camera on the way right now….

The show immediately cuts to one of the hallways in the Mexico City Arena backstage as Nora Harris and Cait Flanagan are trading blows. Harris uses a short knee, and sweeps her legs before dropping down to punch away at her head.

Zack: Nora said she was gonna go find Cait….I guess she did!

Steph: Define ‘finding’!? This looks like assault and battery!

Cait manages to push her off as security tries to intervene. When the redhead gets back to her feet though, Nora bursts through the security and starts laying into her again as Cait fires back. Security pulls Nora back again, this time trying to restrain her by holding onto her arms as she struggles against them.

Steph: Nora will not be denied in getting her hands on Cait it looks like!

Zack: There’s only so many times you can take a microphone upside the head before it starts to piss you off.

Cait takes advantage by catching her with a punt between her legs before she breaks away from security and sees her manager taking off towards her. Kyle takes her hand as the pair dart around the corner out of sight, while Nora sits on her knees on the floor in obvious pain while security tries to calm her down.

Zack: April 9th can’t get here fast enough for Nora Harris! I’ve never seen her jump someone like that before, and Cait better be on the first plane out of Mexico City!

Steph: Kyle getting his clie-- uh, business partner out of dodge while Nora is down!

Nora finally gets back to her feet as she heads off in the other direction with security following her for a little while. As she passes the corner, the camera happens to catch three other members of security with another Prospect heading towards the exit. The camera moves closer as they pick up the conversation being had by Christian Kincaid and the security team just before they escort Luna out of the building.

Christian: What the hell, guys? She just had a match a little while ago, you really think she’s gonna be up for coming out later?

Security: We’ve been told to take no chances. Luna Cortez is barred from the building for the rest of tonight.

Steph: Huh. Interesting. Although we’ve been hearing about the Cortez sisters passing issues, Luna is still getting tossed out.

Zack: Looks like management is taking no chances tonight, especially when the Future Shock Championship is on the line. Good thinking!

Christian shakes his head as he steps out to talk with Luna, though it isn’t heard what he says. He finally comes back as the door closes behind him, and two of the guards stand inside to make sure she doesn’t.

Zack: Adam wasn’t kidding about making sure there were no issues during tonight’s main event, Steph. Luna’s had her match, and she’s not getting back into the arena tonight!

Steph: And then there was one... And that one will be facing Harley by her lonesome.

Christian looks at the guards with an exasperated expression, then heads off in another direction before we go to a clip advertising Fury on Pay Per View this Saturday.

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A quick video package shows the reign of Lydia Charisma from the night she became the Aspire Ring bearer to all three of her defenses, and her decision to go for five in a row. We also see the history of Elizabeth Lannister’s chase for the title from the day she stepped foot in Future Shock before we head back to ringside with Gaby.

Gaby: The following contest is scheduled for one fall to a finish, and it is for the Future Shock Aspire Championship!

Zack: You just saw the history, folks. Lannister and her manager have both talked a big game about knowing Lydia’s weaknesses. We’ll find out one way or another tonight!

Steph: If there is anyone who might have tacked out a plan it would have been Kyle. I am partially convinced that he just enjoys terrorizing Charisma with his clients for sport.

As the fans sit in their seats in anticipation of what is to come, they are greeted by the somewhat subtle opening riff of ‘Massive Addictive’ by Amaranthe. A few seconds pass before the song kicks into full gear, causing the curtains to rustle a bit before the dapper figure of one Kyle Kilmeade emerges from the back. He steps out onto the stage and glances at either side of the stage at the crowd before stepping to the side, holding out his hand to the curtain. Out from the back emerges the beautiful Elizabeth Lannister. Stepping out onto the stage, she takes Kyle’s outstretched hand and promptly twirls around slowly, showing off the intricate work on her robe. Dropping his hand, Elizabeth nods and starts to walk down the aisle, Kyle walking in stride next to her.

Gaby: Ladies and gentlemen, making her way to the ring, being accompanied by her manager Kyle Kilmeade…..from Scottsdale, Arizona…’THE LIONESS’ ELIZABETH LANNISTER!!

Once she reaches the ring she begins to climb the steel steps, with Kyle hopping up onto the apron and holding the ropes open for her. She carefully climbs through the opened ropes and steps into the middle of the ring, flipping her hair over her shoulders and sticking her arms out to the sides, her head tilted back, a confident smirk etched on her angelic features. She then returns her head to it’s normal position and unclasps her robe, shrugging it off as Kyle reaches forward to carefully hand it to a nearby stagehand. She then moves her arms back and forth to loosen up as the music begins to fade out.

Zack: Elizabeth Lannister’s been looking forward to this opportunity since it was announced. She’s been after the Aspire title from day one, but she has a hell of a mountain to climb tonight.

Steph: All she has to do is get through one more body to do it, Zack. One more body and the lioness will have her silver. I know it’s not gold but...

“Charisma” by W.A.S.P. fills the arena as up near the top of the ramp a fine smoke begins to pour out from both sides. Fragments of code begin running on the ground, but they slowly transform into... Music notes. The notes of green and purple begin to appear on the ground of the ramp towards the ring.

“I've a breath in minds of men with the lies I breathe!
No man's ever ruled the world not knowing the curse of me!
I'm some of the seven sins, vanity in the lust of men!
I'm the Alpha-Omega man, I'll show you who I am!
Ohhhhhh, hypnotic charm, mesmerizing face, my soul has a dark embrace!
A magic tongue, I'll seduce you all ‘till I'm your king, ‘till ya know my...!

Walking backwards through the smoke is Lydia Charisma with her back to the crowd. She raises her hands up over her head and turns around, doing a little air guitar! Charisma continues to play an invisible guitar halfway down the ramp. She stops to look through the crowd and spots a young man in the audience on the way to the ring. Lydia taps her cheek, telling him to kiss it... Before doing the same to the girl nearby him.
“I'm a liar blinding your vision, vatican man!
Preachin' fear and using religion, with the Bible and Koran!
I wrap myself in the American flag, and tell people I'm for which it stands,
I'm comin' back till you know I'm God, ‘till you believe, till you know my...!

With unfettered confidence she slides into the ring before stopping to crouch down and seemingly check her knee pads. Suddenly Lydia springs up and runs against the ropes, stopping in the center to crouch once more and flex her bicep. She kisses each once, posing for the crowd as her song fades out.

Zack: Kilmeade says Lydia has a flaw, and I’m looking forward to seeing what he thinks it is! Till then, it’s hard to bet against the Six String Sinner! Like Kid Rock says, it ain’t bragging if you can back it up!

Steph: To be sure, I really wish Charisma had just cashed in on her defenses. She did it. She made three. Why go the full stretch when you can get the sure thing?

Referee Kevin Fisk takes the title from Lydia, and raises it above his head before Gaby takes it with her. A quick check of both women follows before he calls for the bell. Elizabeth and Lydia meet in the center, looking eye to eye as Lydia begins asking her where her weakness is and if she thinks she can find it. The “Lioness” glances back to her manager….and then slaps Lydia across the face. The champion’s head snaps back...and she starts laughing in her face. Elizabeth’s eyes widen before she bolts out of the ring with Lydia taking off after her.

Zack: She just slapped the taste out of Lydia’s mouth….and Charisma’s laughing! And the “Lioness” is taking off, I don’t blame her a bit!

Steph: That... That is a horrendous laugh. If the Rawk of Ages wasn’t all about being Big Fun, she’d be fracking terrifying.

Elizabeth bolted around two corners before sliding back into the ring with Lydia in pursuit. The champion barely got into the ring before Lannister began raining forearms across her back repeatedly before she could get up. Several blows landed before Lydia simply got to her feet, and shook her head. The crowd ate it up as Elizabeth’s eyes widened again before Lydia grabbed her by the throat and tossed her into the nearest corner. She followed in after her and started firing lefts and rights one after another in a flurry before launching her halfway across the ring with a big beal!

Zack: Lannister was laying in those forearms, and NOTHING! And it sounds like Mexico City came to see a lioness get tamed!

Steph: I still think Elizabeth has the right idea here though. You can’t tank hits like those forever, speaking as someone who used to play the same powerhouse style as Lydia.

The challenger barely has time to get up before Lydia takes off towards her with a running lariat that nearly flips her inside out. She watches as the blonde starts to get up, and helps her the rest of the way before lacing a knife edge chop across her chest. Three more land in a row before she scoops her up into a gorilla press, and then sends her flying onto the canvas.

Zack: Lannister has to feel like she dropped off the side of a house….a powerhouse in this case!




Elizabeth immediately headed for the ropes, seemingly to get out of the ring. But Lydia grabbed her from behind in a rear waistlock, looking for a German suplex. But the challenger wouldn’t let go of the ropes. Lydia tried again and again until Elizabeth propelled herself forward between the ropes to let the top rope clothesline the champion. It only stunned Lydia for a moment before Elizabeth grabbed her arm after stepping out onto the apron and snapping it across the top rope. That did a bit more damage as Charisma jerked her arm back to her, and Elizabeth stepped back inside to apply a hammerlock.

Steph: Ah-ha! I see the tactic that the Lioness is working here. She’s got a beautiful hammerlock slapped on after a slingshot clothesline kept Charisma off balance. The champion has problems here.

Zack: It seems like the target is one of Lydia’s biggest assets, and that’s those powerful arms. I don’t recall seeing too many go this route against her.

Lydia tried to grab her head with her free hand, but Lannister avoided each attempt without much trouble. Then the champion leaned over to reach between her legs, but Elizabeth stepped to the side and turned it into an arm bar that brought the champion to her knee. Kyle looked on approvingly as Elizabeth kept the arm bar locked in, and peppered in some elbows to that arm before using an arm wringer right back into the arm bar.

Zack: You can see the challenger applying more and more torque to Lydia’s arm. And with guns like that, the pain must be even more pronounced.

Steph: It looks like THIS was the idea Kyle had in mind the way he’s nodding. My guess? He must have told Elizabeth to play to her strengths rather than try and meet Lydia head on and get overwhelmed.

Lydia finally got back to her feet, but Elizabeth used another wringer to add more pressure to try to get her down. It didn’t work as well though because Lydia caught her with a sidekick in the stomach. Two more finally broke the hold, and sent Lannister back a couple steps. She then fired Elizabeth hard into the far corner, and charged in with a running shoulder tackle. But the “Lioness” stepped aside, and she hit the post between the turnbuckles instead. It dropped Lydia to her knees in the corner before Elizabeth rolled out to the floor and pulled her down onto the mat. And with a violent swing, she wrapped Lydia’s arm around the ring post. The boos from the fans didn’t slow her down as she walked a few feet down the apron with the referee admonishing her….while Kyle grabbed Lydia’s arm and wrapped it around the post for a second time.

Zack: Kilmeade’s getting his shots in too, and I don’t think I’ve seen anyone try to work on Lydia’s arm like this! She took a pounding to get to this point, but Lannister is….working her plan perfectly.

Steph:  Her plan... Or Kyle’s plan? I guess it doesn’t really matter in the end. What works, works.

Elizabeth finally slid back into the ring as Lydia clutched her left arm to her body in pain. Lannister pulled her back from the corner a little before stepping through into a Fujiwara armbar. Fisk dropped down next to Lydia to see if she wanted to stop the match, and quickly got a very loud “NO” from her. Elizabeth leaned back in the submission, trying to add more pressure that caused Lydia’s face to tense and her teeth to grit in pain. Kyle told her to quit, while the crowd urged her to do anything but that.

Zack: Shades of Sophia Pike right here with that Fujiwara armbar locked in, and Lydia’s arm is being tested in ways that can’t be replicated in the gym.

Steph: That... That looks bad. Charisma’s arm has been getting in spades all match and there’s a reason Pike uses that Fujiwara. Look at the torque Lannister has on it!

The fans began a chant for her as Lydia’s face continued to tense as she tried to find the ropes. With her free arm, she started dragging them both towards the bottom rope nearest to her. As she was about to grab it, Elizabeth pressed her arm against the mat and started delivering knee drops into it. Each shot made Lydia grimace before Elizabeth dropped down into a keylock submission on that same arm. The pain grew almost unbearable now as Lydia desperately clawed to the ropes to force a break.

Steph: From Sophia Pike to straight up MMA business, that keylock is tearing the ligament of Charisma’s arm! She’s centimeters from the rope but even centimeters are still distance... There she goes!

Zack: When you’re in that kind of pain, it might as well be miles when you’re trying to get to the ropes. This strategy by Elizabeth and her manager has been well executed so far.

Elizabeth didn’t break till after the four count, and rose back to her feet. The fans showed her no love at all as she stretched out her arms for them, as if to ask them where the support was for her. Kyle applauded her though, which brought a smile to her face. Lydia began to get back to her feet, keeping her left arm tight against her body. When Elizabeth moved towards her again, Charisma surprised her with a right cross to the mouth. Two more big right hands landed before she wrapped a hand around her throat for a chokeslam! The fans got behind her quickly as she dropped to one knee, and hooked a leg with the good arm.

Steph: None of those shots are pretty but Charisma is desperate at this point and...! THE DEALER’S HAND!!




Elizabeth got her shoulder up at two, and Lydia pummeled her with right hands before getting back to her feet. Her left arm was clutched tightly at her side as she watched the challenger starting to rise.

Zack: Lydia’s left arm is in awful shape right now, and that might be the key to victory for Elizabeth. If she can’t use both of those massive arms, it’s going to take a lot of tools out of her arsenal.

When the challenger got back to her feet and came towards her, Lydia caught her with a boot to the stomach. It knocked her backwards into the ropes before Lydia grabbed the top rope with the right arm to lay in some more kicks to her body. She finally dropped the challenger to her knees before taking off for the far side ropes. A running kneelift to the jaw flattened the challenger back to the mat, and Lydia dropped down to cover her again with a hook of the leg.

Steph: Charisma saying to hell with it and using those tree trunk legs!




Once more, Elizabeth got her shoulder up in time before the three. The champion rose back to her feet, still in pain as the crowd tried to rally her.



Zack: That one wasn’t nearly as boisterous as the one earlier in the match, and Lydia’s having to adapt on the fly with only one good arm.

The response was a bit more strained this time though. Elizabeth rolled away from her, and began to get to her feet. When she was back up to a vertical base (and a little wobbly), Lydia shouted to the crowd and went to scoop her up for what looked like a running powerslam. But she couldn’t hold her up with both arms, causing her to yelp in pain and allow Elizabeth to drop down behind her and counter into a one-handed bulldog.

Zack: That left arm gave out, and the champion couldn’t hold her up a second longer! Credit to Lannister for quick thinking right there and an excellent counter!

Steph: Absolutely inspired by the Lioness and it looks like the Gold Standard is closing in on another piece to add!

Kyle gave his client some advice, garnering a nod before she grabbed Lydia’s left arm and fell backwards into her cross armbreaker. As soon as it was applied, Lydia shouted in pain and went to grab the ropes, only to find herself in the center of the ring.

Zack: RED WEDDING!! And the sands in the hourglass of Lydia’s title reign are slipping faster and faster now!

Steph: That’s gotta be it! There’s nothing she can do here now!

Elizabeth pulled with all she had, causing the referee to check with Lydia again and again about submitting. The champion was in agony though, and didn’t respond to him at all. She thrashed on the mat with the crowd loudly chanting for her, while Kyle shouted at her from the outside to quit. The champion looked to be about to try to turn over before Elizabeth arched her body upwards and massively increased the torque on Lydia’s arm. And she immediately tapped out!

Steph: Ouch. The story ends here it looks like.

Kyle rushed the ring, and helped Elizabeth to her feet. She started beaming ear to ear when the referee raised her hand to a chorus of boos.

Gaby: Here’s your winner by submission…...AND NEW Future Shock Aspire Champion…..’THE LIONESS’ ELIZABETH LANNISTER!!

Zack: And the Gold Standard adds another piece of championship gold to the ranks! Elizabeth finally got the prize she’s been chasing, despite the best efforts of a very game Lydia Charisma!

Steph: Charisma threw her very best but I guess this proves that Kyle really did see a flaw in the game after all.

The referee handed her the Aspire Championship, only causing that beaming smile to go even brighter as the rest of the Gold Standard headed out to the ring to congratulate her.

Zack: Like her or not, Elizabeth Lannister has made history! And she had an outstanding gameplan in the attempt! Lydia gave alls he had, but her arm couldn’t take any more damage.

Steph: I love the fact that entire Standard came out to do a hero’s welcome to Elizabeth. Well... Friendship I guess. Congratulations go to Elizabeth Lannister... And a massive headache to Adam I’m guessing.

As the Gold Standard escorted Elizabeth to the back with her new title, a trainer came out to help Lydia, who looked back at them with a mix of anger and disappointment etched on her face. The show heads to commercial.

She Never Learns

The supershow heads outside of the arena with two people you wouldn’t expect to see standing not that far from some dumpsters. That would be Kyle Kilmeade and Cassandra Steen. It goes without saying that Kyle looks as pleased as he's ever been, given what happened minutes ago.

Kyle: First of all, congratulations to Elizabeth Lannister! But there'll be time for that. Right now, you’re probably wondering why we are out here, because this is obviously not somewhere we’d be for any reason. But it seemed appropriate, given the subject we’re going to discuss. We happened to hear earlier in the show where a certain someone felt like she had some unfinished business with Cassandra. And as you likely know, Cassandra doesn’t shy away from getting in the ring. So with that in mind…

He glances back in the distance to the dumpsters and then to the camera.

Kyle: Sounds like Celeste is blaming some of her career woes on Cassandra. She blames her for not being able to beat Lacey months ago, when the real reason she couldn’t stop Lacey is...she’s not in her league. But she stood in front of the camera tonight, and basically said she wanted her one on one. Careful what you wish for, because you just might get it.

Cassandra rolls her eyes and shakes her head.

Cassandra: Some people obviously just enjoy being shown up. That is the only possible reason Celeste could have for requesting a match with any of the Gold Standard. We have proven time and again that we back up our words with action. That we are as good as we claim to be. I really do not mind adding Celeste to the list of Prospects that I have beaten though.

Kyle: We are in an era where personal responsibility has all but gone extinct. Instead of admitting to herself she’s just not good enough….admitting to herself that this is the place where her career is most at home...with the trash, she has to blame someone else. But like Cassandra just said, I have zero issues with granting her wish. Future Shock Malice is the first Future Shock Pay Per View of the year on April 9th. And I can think of no better place to sign for that match. So Celeste, you want to get into the ring with a woman who is unpinned and unsubmitted in every one on one match she’s had in Future Shock? Be my guest. Because unlike your opponent when you came back from injury, Cassandra is far from a muscled up loser who has zero possibility of success. I mean….take out the muscled part, and someone could think we’re talking about you.

Cassandra: There is a reason why people say be careful what you wish for...and this match is going to be a prime example of that. What are your excuses going to be when you fall flat on your face this time? Who are you going to find to blame for your inadequacies? It would be prudent for you to start considering that now. You wouldn’t want to get to the end of the match and find yourself struck dumber than you normally are when you have to explain how you have failed...AGAIN.

Kyle: Tell you what I’ll do for you, Celeste. I’m going to give you double the chance to get embarrassed. How’s that sound? Find yourself a partner. Pick any Prospect you want. And on the next show, you and whatever loser you decide to go with can face Cassandra…

He extends a hand out for someone before it is taken as she walks into the shot next to him.

Kyle: And the ever “Sensational” Stacey Sky.

Stacey: It doesn’t matter who she chooses, there’s only one way that the match will end. And that’s with me and Cassandra having our hands raised. We’ve already proven ourselves to be a sensational pairing, and that won’t change against Celeste and whoever she manages to convince to join her in loserville.

Kyle: Ball’s in your court. But don’t worry, we’ll get out of your office here so you can start calling around.

He gives the camera a wink as they head back inside away from the dumpsters. On that, we head to a quick break.

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After the commercial break, the show resumes in Mexico City as a spotlight hangs over Gaby’s head as she begins to speak.

Gaby: The following contest is your main event, and scheduled for one fall, and it is for the FFW Future Shock Championship!!

Zack: This is the one that brought them here tonight, one of the most anticipated Future Shock Championship matches in the brand’s history, I’d say. It’s the title versus the “streak” live in Mexico City!

Steph: One has to go tonight ladies and gentlemen, and which one goes... We find out now!

The otherwise quiet intro to Family Force 5's "Drama Queen" starts on the sound system, and lights start blinking in random colors as Tara Cortez struts onto the entrance ramp, with her manager Christian Kincaid right there with her. She stops right before the descent and pulls off a short dance move, crouching down only to get back up, running her hands over her slender body and then bringing them above her head, only to then open her arms... and then wave off the booing audience. Blowing raspberries, she then starts strutting down the entrance ramp, shaking her head at the fans in attendance as she makes her way to the ring.

Gaby: Introducing first, escorted to the ring by Christian Kincaid... From Fort Worth, Texas... "10-STAR" TARA CORTEZ!

When Tara climbs into the ring, she makes her way to the ropes facing the hard camera, leaning onto them and posing for the audience, moving her arms much like in the same way she did earlier with her starting dance. She then waves the crowd off once again before she hops back down to the ring, making her way to her corner and sharing some last minute strategy with Christian.

Zack: This is absolutely the biggest match in Tara’s short career. We saw earlier where Luna was escorted out of the building, so Tara is definitely an island unto herself if we don’t count her manager. I think Tara’s gonna have to wrestle the best match of her career tonight to get past the champion.

Steph: Well, I’m sure that Tara would tell you she wrestles the best match of her career every night and this would be no different.

There’s a short silence as the arena falls dark, building up the tension before “Seven Notes in Black” by The Vince Tempera Orchestra starts to play and a single spotlight falls on the middle of the stage, straight onto the flame haired Future Shock Prospect with the Future Shock Championship held high above her head. As the crowd cheer wildly for her, Harley holds the pose for a couple of moments, until the song stops playing for a couple of seconds. The girl was wearing a leather jacket over her ring gear; her head tied up in a bun, held in place by two chopsticks.

Gaby: Weighing in at 122 lbs, standing 5’6” tall and coming from Hanover, New Hampshire. She is the FFW Future Shock Champion...HARLEY SHANNON!!!

After a couple of moments of silence the song starts up once more - with a more eerie tone and at that moment Harley starts off down the ramp, shedding her leather jacket before reaching back and pulling the chopsticks out of her hair and shaking her head to let her bright, flame red hair fall down around her shoulders. As she got to the bottom of the ramp, the girl picked out a young fan at ringside, giving the chopsticks to the fan before she slides into the ring and popped to her feet. Heading for the corner, Harley climbed to the middle rope, holding the title high into the air to get cheers from the fans before she dropped back down to the canvas in the corner. She held the title up in front of her, giving the faceplate a kiss before she surrendered the championship to the referee and waited for the match to start.

Zack: There may not be anyone in Future Shock with more big match experience than Harley Shannon, Steph. She’s long since been ready to head to FFW, in my opinion. A two time Future Shock Champion voted Prospect of the Year, Harley will be the sternest test Tara Cortez has ever faced.

Steph: Harley Shannon has become the pillar, the glue that keeps Future Shock together. If Tara has her way she’ll be that new pillar, Zack. It’ll be a reign unlike any we’ve seen... IF her streak isn’t snapped tonight.

As Gaby leaves the ring, referee Melinda Davis takes the Future Shock Championship from Harley and shows it to Tara. The challenger takes it out of her hands, and holds it above her head to mostly boos from the crowd. Davis tells her to hand the title back as she begins to try it on. The referee tells her to return it again, and Harley comes to take it herself before Cortez blasts her upside the head with it. It takes Harley down as she beats the champion over the head with the title dragging her to her feet to deliver a DDT onto it. Davis finally gets it away from her, and drops down to check on Harley as Tara moves back to her corner with a smile.

Zack: Harley got bludgeoned with her own title, and look at the cheshire grin on Tara’s face. She may have just aced herself out of this title match if Harley can’t continue though.

Steph: You said she had to wrestle the best match of her life, Zack. Unfortunately with Tara, she decides what TYPE of match that is exactly.

The referee slid the title into the corner as she checked with Harley to see if she wanted to have the match now. The champion looked more than a little dazed as she nodded her head. The referee double checked as she got to her feet, and started stumbling to stay upright. The referee asked a third time, and glanced back to the timekeeper’s table and called for the bell to ring. As soon as she did, Tara used a running forearm to Harley’s head to knock her back down before she began raining fists into her head, picking up where she left off.

Zack: Harley could have stopped the match from even happening right there, but she’s not that kind of girl! And Tara goes right back to work on her head with the biggest prize in Future Shock now on the line!

Steph: This is going to be one big concussion waiting to happen and that’s the most worrying part here.

A series of straight right hands landed against the champion’s head as Tara finally got back to her feet. She pulled her the rest of the way to her feet, and began driving knees into her face that staggered her backwards. With the champion reeling, Tara followed up with a discus punch that nearly sent her back into the ropes. But the challenger shoved her through them, causing Harley to fall to the apron until Tara pulled her back up into a rope-hung DDT.

Zack: Tara’s created her own opening with that pre-match assault with the title, and she’s taking full advantage of it. Harley’s not even had a chance to get out of the blocks yet.

Steph: ANOTHER DDT, this one a Hangman DDT as I’ve heard some describe it, a Suspension DDT otherwise. All I know is you could call it by one word. Pain.

As the champion tried to push up to her hands and knees, Tara pulled her arms behind her and started stomping away at the back of her head. An amused look showed on her face before one last big stomp drove Harley headfirst into the mat. The champion tried to get up again, and Tara stopped that by raking Harley’s face along her boot laces. She pulled her into a front facelock, and hoisted her up into a brainbuster before reaching for the outside leg as the referee dropped to count.

Zack: Harley’s not even gotten a shot in yet, and we may be about to crown a new Future Shock Champion!



The champion kicked out at two, which didn’t seem to phase Tara in the slightest as she applied a headscissors before rolling over and spiking Harley’s head repeatedly into the mat with a few hip thrusts. She rolled back to a seat, and kept the hold applied.

Steph: This isn’t very sway, Tara! Harley getting her brain rattled again and again and again... And now here comes the choke.

Harley got to her knees, but was still stuck as she tried to pull herself free of the headscissors. Tara’s grip seemed to be too strong at the moment though, especially when she started laying in forearms across her back to put her down on the mat again. She rolled onto her stomach again, and resumed bouncing her head off the mat with her hips, grinning to Christian before sitting back down again.

Zack: Tara looks like she’s having a good time right now, and why shouldn’t she? She’s been in charge of the match since the bell rang, mainly thanks to her actions before it rang.

Steph: There’s a rap lyric this reminds me of, Zack. “You goin’ at full speed while I’m jogging”. I think that pretty much describes Tara’s attitude here.

Tara began to get more confident as she laid back on the mat with her hands behind her head, like she was stretching out. It was only a couple seconds later that Harley got into a handstand, causing Tara to quickly sit up before Harley popped to her feet to get free of the hold. The challenger barely had time to get up before Harley fired a front kick into her chest. Two more landed before a sliding knee caught the challenger on the side of her head. Harley rolled away to her knees, shaking her head and trying to recuperate quickly.

Steph: Excellent front kick by Harley, but she’s trying to shake those dots and flickers in her eyes. I been there, Zack. It isn’t a good place. You’re disoriented, everything seems two beats ahead of you... Makes me queasy just remembering it.

Zack: Tara is nothing if not focused when she senses she has found a weakness. In this case, she made the weakness herself and is exploiting it to its fullest potential.

Both women began to rise now, but Harley was up a second faster. As she saw Tara come closer, she caught her with a running shoulder tackle that drove her back into the corner. A few thrusts into her midsection lifted Cortez off the mat before Harley fired her across to the far side. The challenger crashed back first against it before Harley followed her in with a leaping forearm to the mouth. Cortez stumbled out, only to get pulled into a vertical suplex followed by two more until Harley hooked a leg for the cover.

Zack: I think Harley’s found second gear with those triple verticals, and Tara’s “streak” may be seconds from being history!



Tara kicked out after the two hit, and Harley rolled away from her. It was clear that she was still feeling some of the effects from earlier though. Cortez started to get back to her feet, and ate a bicycle kick from Harley that propelled her backwards through the ropes and down to the floor. Christian rounded the corner to go check on her.

Steph: Harley giving Tara a receipt for all those headshots and I’m not talking 8x10’s!

As the brunette started to get to her feet with Christian’s help, Harley gave her virtually no time before she took off for the far side and came back with a plancha over the top rope to drive Tara back to the floor. The Mexico City crowd loved it too as she grabbed Tara, and tossed her back inside under the bottom rope. Harley glanced to Christian, who stood in the nearest corner before sliding back in after her. As soon as she got back into the ring, Tara started rolling towards the other side.

Zack: Tara’s doing everything she can to buy herself some time right now, because Harley Shannon is working on all cylinders now!

Steph: She’s keeping one eye on Christian but she’s back on Cortez!

Harley shook her head as Tara rolled out to the apron, and seemed to be heading for the floor again. The champion grabbed her by the head, and pulled her back to her feet. She nailed her with a few forearms to the side of her head before bringing her back into the ring with a slingshot suplex. Cortez started to get up again, and Harley pulled her forward into a t-bone suplex before she took off towards the ropes. The champion used them for a springboard moonsault that landed perfectly on target before she hooked the outside leg for the cover.

Zack: Harley’s showing this crowd her luchadora tendencies, and it could net her one hell of a win!




Again, Tara managed to kick out in time before the three. Harley unloaded with a few right hands before getting back to her feet, and heading towards the corner. She made her way up as Tara was starting to rise as well.

Steph: I don’t know what Harley has planned here but Tara’s up and she’s right on her heels...!

The champion only made it halfway up before Tara caught her with a superkick between the champion’s legs. Harley’s head smacked the top turnbuckle. But before she could fall backwards, Tara grabbed her arms and delivered a crucifix powerbomb! She quickly dove into the cover hooking both legs in the process as Davis slid into position!

Steph: Big time crucifix powerbomb and Shannon’s going to feel all of that in the morning and the days after!




Harley’s shoulder came up off the canvas in time, and the crowd seemed to let out a gasp as a result. Tara sat up, trying to catch her breath as she made eye contact with her manager. Christian gave her some advice as she slowly nodded, and got back to her feet.

Zack: I can’t tell what Christian told Tara to do, but one thing she definitely has to do is stay on Harley. She can’t let the champion have a second to herself in there!

The challenger climbed back to her feet, and saw Harley was starting to get up as well. She took off for the near side, and rebounded with a running kneelift to the champion’s head. It stood her up for a half second before Tara spun into her with a roundhouse kick that dropped her on the mat. The challenger lumbered forward to lean against the ropes before she saw Harley down on the mat. She spun around, grabbed the top rope and launched herself into her finisher….but Harley rolled out of the way!

Zack: She missed it! Tara was looking to close the show right there with the C-BOMB, but Harley got the hell out of the way!

Steph: She didn’t get to be Future Shock Champion twice over just by sitting on her laurels... Well, laying on her laurels I guess.

The orange-haired champion struggled to get back to her feet, but finally did so as she saw Tara beginning to do the same. Cortez reached for the ropes to help her before Harley ran behind her, and snapped off an inverted rana that spiked Tara on her head! The crowd came to its feet as she went for the cover before Davis dropped for the count.





Tara’s foot found itself on the bottom rope, though Harley looked skeptical if it had gotten there on it’s own or because her manager was not far away. Davis showed her two fingers regardless, and she climbed back to her feet.

Zack: I don’t know if CK put her foot up there or not, but it’s a moot point now! Harley has to feel like she’s closing in on the victory right now, and she can’t waste time!

The champion headed for the far side ropes, and leaned against them for a moment as she shouted at Tara to get back to her feet. The challenger was slow to do so though, as it was easy to see how much had been taken out of her. When she did and turned around though, Harley took off towards her with a bicycle kick! But Tara ducked out of the way, and she caught the referee right in the face with it. Davis collapsed through the ropes, and hit the floor as Harley’s mouth fell open when she realized what she’d done.

Zack: Oh no! Harley was about to send Tara’s head into the fourth row...but the referee got it instead!

Steph: Davis is out and Harley looks beside herself but well... The show must go on!

Harley glanced from the referee to see Tara starting to move now. The champion immediately nailed her with a flash kick to the jaw followed by a roundhouse that put Tara on her knees. A reverse thrust kick to the mouth flattened her to the mat as Harley dropped down to make the cover out of instinct.

Steph: THE ERUPTION! ...But Davis is still out!


Zack: Harley nailed the ERUPTION, but Davis is still out cold on the floor! To anyone listening in the back, we need a second referee pronto! Harley has this match won!

Harley pounded the mat in frustration before referee Ashley Pruitt took off down the ramp, even getting herself a pop in the process as a result of it. She slid into the ring under the bottom rope into position to make the count.

Steph: Here comes Pruitt but it may be too little, too late!




Pruitt was jerked out of the ring by a brunette, who decked her with a right cross. The woman slid into the ring as Harley got to her feet, and locked eyes with….Tara? The woman looked exactly like Tara, and was in matching ring gear. Harley stared at her with a confused look.

Steph: ...But she was LITERALLY BANNED!

Zack: What in the….?! Luna was thrown out of the building!!

As Harley stared at the woman, Tara caught her with a low blow from behind that dropped her to her knees. Her twin rolled out to the floor, and jerked a chair out from under Gaby and went right back inside. As Harley slowly made it back to her feet, she caught stereo superkicks from both women and a DDT into the folded chair after that. One twin laid her out near the ropes as Tara got to her feet, and executed her slingshot corkscrew Arabian press. She quickly made the cover as the other twin got rid of the chair, and rolled out to revive Davis. When the referee finally showed some signs of life, she shoved her into the ring and took off through the crowd.

Zack: Did Luna get back into the building?! The referee didn’t even realize who just threw her into the ring! Don’t let this happen!




Davis weakly called for the bell as Tara rolled off the cover, and sat up. Her tired expression soon changed to a wide grin as the referee raised her hand.

Steph: Wow. Wow... Wow. Wow. This... Well. Gaby. Uh... You know what to do.

Zack: Are you f----- kidding me?!

Christian stepped through the ropes before Tara jumped into his arms, wrapping herself around him in a huge hug before sliding down to her feet. She snatched the title away from Gaby to deafening boos from the crowd.

Gaby: Your winner by pinfall...and…..NEW FFW Future Shock Champion…...TARA CORTEZ!!

Steph: Seriously, all because Luna is back in after getting banned?!

Zack: I want to know how the hell she got back inside! We saw her get tossed out of here earlier in the show.

Tara kissed her new title, and gave her manager another hug before he raised her hand again. She held up the title proudly, even though no one in the arena seemed all that happy for her.

Zack: Wait a minute, I’m being told there’s something we need to see by the production truck.

The show goes to a split screen to show Luna still standing outside the entrance trying to talk her way back into the building.

Steph: ...............................................Really? Like really-really?

Zack: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! You mean to tell me the Cortez Twins….are TRIPLETS?!

Tara rolled out to the floor, raising her championship over her head with a bright smile on her face. The crowd gave her zero love at all as she backed up the ramp.



Tara looked up to her new title and then her manager with a grin as the mexico City supershow faded off the air.

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