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November 20, 2019, 12:08:20 pm
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FFW Future Shock Malice - April 9, 2019

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Author Topic: FFW Future Shock Malice - April 9, 2019  (Read 203 times)
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« on: April 10, 2019, 12:09:40 am »

Live from the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans, Louisiana
April 9, 2019

The FFW logo flashes across the screen before grainy and flickering black and white footage is shown from the history of New Orleans through the years. The people, the places, and the faces of its citizens are seen. It shows Mardi Gras celebrations of years gone by….and then the devastation left in the wake of Hurricane Katrina through old news reel footage.

It changes to full color as the rebuilding of the city begins with locations being rebuilt and repaired to their former glory. Then the shot flips to the career of Vivi Robichaud, including her days as Mistress Vivi….until a loss changes everything within her, just like the storm did the city. A wide shot of a woman standing far away from the camera sees her looking down at a gravesite. A flicker sees a rose laying on the ground before “Coming Home” by Diddy begins to play.

I'm coming home
I'm coming home
Tell the World I'm coming home
Let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday
I know my kingdom awaits and they've forgiven my mistakes
I'm coming home, I'm coming home
Tell the World that I'm coming

The scene changes to Vivi moving through the streets of the French Quarter as she is welcomed back, and greeted by many of her fellow citizens of the city. Some hug her, others take pictures with her.

Let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday
I know my kingdom awaits and they've forgiven my mistakes
I'm coming home, I'm coming home
Tell the World that I'm coming

The outpouring of her hometown overwhelms Vivi with emotion as she heads through the streets. The shot then cuts to the exterior of the Smoothie King Center as she looks up at her name on the marquee….and a massive picture of her hanging from the building across Tara’s picture on the other side. She extends her hands as rain begins to fall, dotting the ground and the camera lens before she heads inside.

I'm coming home
I'm coming home
Tell the World I'm coming home
Let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday
I know my kingdom awaits and they've forgiven my mistakes
I'm coming home, I'm coming home

The roar of the crowd is heard next before we cut inside the arena to see thousands of fans making noise as the show goes live. Hundreds of signs wave as the camera pans the crowd and then the stage set up to look like a fortune teller’s storefront.

Zack: Welcome to a city with an indomitable spirit, known as the Big Easy! We are live in New Orleans at the Smoothie King Center for the first Future Shock Pay Per View of 2019….Malice! Thank you for joining us wherever you are on Pay Per View or FFW All Access.

The camera cuts down to the broadcast booth, where Zack and Steph are standing.

Zack: 18,229 people have sold out this arena to see Vivi Robichaud come home and try to become the next Future Shock Champion! But Steph, she’s gotta find a way to get past a woman who hasn’t been pinned or tapped out since the day she arrived, that being the “10 Star Prospect” Tara Cortez.

Steph: Will the experience of Future Shock’s elder stateswoman win out against the cunning and drive of the leader of the Cortezes? She is the leader right? I never know how this thing works but you can expect a very united crowd.

Zack: She won’t be the only Cortez in action tonight though. Luna and the debuting Anna will be meeting a couple sisters who are doing it for themselves! For the first time ever in Future Shock, two sister teams will go head to head and there may be magic in the air for one of them!

Steph: Let the war of sibling rivalries commence, but with siblings on the same page! It’ll be Melody and Mikayla in action tonight, that’s the word I’m getting here and you can expect a few tricks up their sleeve to deal with the Cortez sisters.

Zack: Mara Werth and Gemma Pierce have a bullseye on the Aspire Championship, currently in the possession of the Gold Standard’s Elizabeth Lannister. But only one of them is gonna get the first crack at the champion, we’ll find out which one that will be tonight!

Steph: With new titles come new challenges, Zack. For the Lioness she might be thinking it’s going to be a short walk to three or five defenses but both women tonight are intent on seeing her not get past the first defense... They just have to make it through each other first.

Zack: Celeste came back from injury with payback on her mind for Cassandra Steen, who helped cost her the Aspire Championship last summer. I have a feeling she’ll be handing out receipts for everything when they meet here at Malice.

Steph: I’m sure Cassandra can budget, Corporate Killer and all. I feel some days like her and Wilma are my sons, Zack. Anyway, emotions are gonna be running high through that one.

Zack: And oh my, I don’t think there’s been a debut more anticipated than what’s gonna go down tonight when Cait Flanagan finally competes in her first Future Shock match against an irate Nora Harris! I saw Nora earlier tonight, and she was pacing like a caged panther. Cait’s first match here might be her last for a while!

Steph: Speaking of my kids--!! This has been going on for months, Zack and if you wanna talk who is carrying receipts you might look no farther than Nora. What Cait may have waiting for her is another question but Nora wants her some and she finally gets it.

A quick cut to the back shows a guest arriving as a production assistant escorts a pale Brit with black hair through the building.

Zack: We got ourselves a special guest too, that’s Arabella Townshend, the undefeated new star over in Rebellion Pro across the pond. She chose an excellent night to join us.

Steph: Townshend is here to take in the sights and the fights but before all is said and done she might find herself pulled into one. You know how it gets here... But hey. RATINGS!

Zack: The time for talk is over! Let’s settle some issues, and start that by sending it up to the world’s most famous “Wildcat” in wrestling, Gabrielle Crimson!

The bell sounds as all attention goes to the ring, where the “Wildcat” stands by ready to go with her microphone in hand.

Gaby: The opening contest of Future Shock Malice is scheduled for one fall.

The techno beats and highly distorted guitar fade in. Celeste makes her way out as the first verse of “We're in This Together” but Nine Inch Nails is sung. Her dark hair is tied back in a ponytail and her piercing blue eyes look over the crowd. Christian Kincaid, her manager, walks out a moment later. Then, together, they make their way toward the ring.

Gaby: “Coming to the ring, along with her manager Christian Kincaid...weighing in at 134 pounds...CELESTE!”

Celeste slides into the ring and hops up to her feet. She climbs the nearest turnbuckle as the song hits the chorus. Celeste points and yells toward the crowd while the lights dim a bit and a brief flash of fast strobe lights go off. Christian is shown smiling and clapping his hands. Once the chorus is over, she hops down to the mat. The lights return to normal as Celeste makes her way to her corner of the ring.

Zack: How long has Celeste been waiting for this? Ever since she got put on the injured reserve last summer, she’s had her eyes locked on facing the woman we are about to see. That’s a long time to plan your strategy, Steph.

Steph: Obsession does things to you, Zack. Obsession, real obsession makes you think of ever possibility, every chance, every opportunity that could happen, that might happen. Celeste could be coming in here with a stacked deck.

The opening bars of “You Call Me A Bitch Like It’s A Bad Thing” begin to play through the speakers around the arena and the lights on the stage go out leaving it darkness.

You took me to your little crib
Guess it must have been a big deal
Got me starring in your wet dream
Now it's time to get real
I'm not looking for love
No not today
But you call me up and had the nerve to say
See you next Tuesday

A white spotlight hits the centre of stage to see Cassandra Steen standing in the middle of it, wearing blue ring gear. The crowd instantly show their disdain for her with a loud chorus of boos. Cassandra does not seem phased at all by this and in fact seems to revel in it. A smirk curling on her lips as she surveys the crowd.

You call me a bitch like it's a bad thing
You call me a freak like that means something
Can't get your way so you're sulking
I think we know the rest
Get it off your chest
I don't give a shit
I love it when you call me a bitch like it's a bad thing

Gaby: Making her way to the ring, from Leeds, England, she is ……………….CASSANDRA STEEN!

You show up everywhere I go
Get a grip you're acting so weird
I don't need your jager bombs
I think I can take it from here
You gotta learn to leave when the party ends
I don't really care what you tell your friends
Tell me again

As they reach the ring, Cassandra climbs the steps and takes a moment to look around at the crowd. She climbs into the ring between the middle and top ropes, looking out over the crowd and then to Celeste in the far corner.

You call me a bitch like it's a bad thing
You call me a freak like that means something
Can't get your way so you're angry
I think we know the rest
Get it off your chest
I don't give a shit
I love it when you call me a bitch

Cassandra’s music comes to and end and as it fades out, she makes her way to her corner, leaning back against the turnbuckles and resting one arm on the ropes beside her.

Zack: Steph, are you noticing what I am right now? Kilmeade said on Twitter that the Gold Standard was minus one now….was that one Cassandra Steen? She’s out here alone.

Steph: If I could be be honest, Zack? Cassandra was the last one I was expecting to part from the Gold Standard. I did have my theories though...

Referee Ashley Pruitt checks both women, and calls for the bell as Celeste moves out towards the center. She asks Cassandra where her manager is, but gets a dismissive hair flip from her opponent. Steen meets her in the center, and the pair lock up from there. Celeste starts to push her backwards into the ropes, causing the referee to ask for a break as Cassandra looks to nail her with a cheap shot. But Celeste catches her hand, shoves it away, and starts firing away with right hands of her own. Several land in succession before she whips her across to the far corner. Steen lands chest first, only for Celeste to follow her in with a corner clothesline to smash her against the turnbuckles. She quickly spins her around, and sends her flying with a belly to belly suplex followed by a leaping elbow drop to her chest. The New Orleans crowd shows her plenty of support as she gets back to her feet.

Zack: Celeste is taking control early here, and I’m still a little perplexed as to why Cassandra left the Gold Standard. She was one of it’s most successful members!

Steph: She probably figured she would never be recognized as her own star. You say she was one of the most successful members but in whose measure Zack? Valerie and Lacey have held singles gold as well as their teamwork for tag gold, Elizabeth is Aspire champ. What was left for Cassandra or Stacey?

Steen barely got back to her feet before Celeste grabbed her head into a bulldog position, but instead drove it into the middle turnbuckle. It stumbled her for a moment, and Celeste followed up by driving her face repeatedly into the turnbuckle. The fans counted off ten shots before the Miami native dropped her with a side Russian leg sweep. She took off for the far side, and came back with a rolling senton to Cassandra’s chest, followed by punches to the head before she got back to her feet.

Zack: Celeste is working off some frustration and anger, and Cassandra’s catching the worst of it in the process. That unpinned streak of hers is in serious jeopardy.

Steph: That rolling senton was everything you’d want to see and nothing you wanna feel.

Cassandra started to get up, and immediately went towards the ropes. It looked like she was trying to get out of the ring before Celeste grabbed her by the tights from behind to pull her back inside. Steen spun into her with a discus elbow to the jaw that rocked her backwards, and an elbow to the top of her head after that. She quickly dropped to her back, and used a monkey flip to propel her face first into the middle turnbuckle. Steen got back to her feet, and stood on her throat in the corner until Pruitt got to a four count. She finally stepped off, grabbed her legs, and used a catapult to drive Celeste face first into the bottom turnbuckle.

Zack: That’ll stop your momentum quick, fast, and in a hurry. Celeste’s head got used like a pinball off the bottom turnbuckle. That corner’s seeing a lot of action tonight.

Steph: Good aim there. Usually you try for the top turnbuckle but the bottom means a better landing at the expense of not being as likely.

The twin took a couple seconds to pull herself together before she dragged Celeste out of the corner by her feet. When she started to sit up, Cassandra fired a stiff front kick into her back before bouncing off the near side with a low dropkick to the shoulders. It caused Celeste to lean forward just as Cassandra drove an elbow between her shoulder blades, then pressed a knee into the same area before pulling back on both of her arms. Pruitt dropped down in front of Celeste to see if she wanted to stop the match.

Steph: Celeste isn’t about to quit here! Not tonight! Not today! Not even tomorrow!

Zack: I have no doubt about that, not as long as she’s been thinking about this match. Especially now that it’s here.

Cassandra pulled back on the bow and arrow submission, further driving her knee into Celeste’s back at the same time. The referee checked again to see if she wanted to stop the match, but got the same response as before. Christian moved around in front of Celeste  to make eye contact with her, and pointed to her right. She saw what he was pointing to, and kicked her leg under the bottom rope to get the break. Cassandra held on for a four count before she finally let her go.

Zack: I think we can safely say leaving the Gold Standard hasn’t made Cassandra any more respectful of the rules. She’s still getting every second out of each hold she can.

Steph: Well if anything her time with them has probably made her more rule-bending... Or breaking.

Celeste started to rise to her feet, only for her opponent to grab her head and rake her face across the top rope. She clutched her eyes in pain before Cassandra grabbed two handfuls of her hair into a hair pull backbreaker. She dropped across her for the cover, and hooked the outside leg in the process.

Steph: Hair pull backbreaker and I can’t even pretend to not respect it!



The fans started making noise as soon as they saw Celeste kick out at the two. Cassandra grinded her forearm across her face, and then rose to her feet. She took off for the near side, and rebounded with a knee drop to the head.

Zack: You got to applaud this strategy from Cassandra. Her goal seems to be keeping Celeste from using her speed or high flying skills, and it’s working with aplomb right now.

Cassandra pulled Celeste back to her feet, peppering her with forearms to the side of her head before she scooped her up over her shoulder. She darted for the corner to deliver a throwing snake eyes. Celeste’s face bounced off the top turnbuckle, and staggered around as Cassandra left her feet to deliver a jumping neckbreaker to put her back down on the mat. Once again, she dropped on top of her to make the cover before Pruitt slid into position.

Steph: Brutal looking blockbuster there by Cassandra and you’d think she had something to prove!




Once more, Celeste managed to kick out in time. Cassandra shook her head as she got up, and put the boots to her. She dragged Celeste back to her feet, and shoved her into the nearest corner before blasting her with an European uppercut. A slap across the face followed that before she fired Celeste into the far corner.

Zack: Steen’s laying those shots in, and that slap for good measure! And there goes---LOOK AT THAT!!

Cassandra followed Celeste in, but the Miami native ran up the turnbuckles and used a moonsault to land on her feet in the ring. Steen spun around to face her before Celeste dropped her with a superkick! The brunette stumbled backwards to get her bearings, watching as the ropes held Cassandra up before she lurched forward. Celeste hit the near side, and springboarded off the middle rope into a disaster kick! Steen collapsed on the mat, and Celeste quickly made the cover.

Steph: Springboard roundhouse, shades of Starla and there’s the pin!




Cassandra got her shoulder up in time before the three came down. Celeste rolled off the cover, and sat up. She quickly tried to pull herself together as Christian encouraged her from the corner.

Zack: Celeste has explosive strikes, and I don’t think Cassandra knows where the hell she is right now! I think that was pure instinct!

Celeste pulled herself to her feet, and headed up to the top turnbuckle. She looked between her legs to see Cassandra starting to get up….and then she began to walk the top rope like a highwire. She stopped in the center, and caught Steen as she turned with a meteora! Both legs were hooked after she landed before the referee went to count!

Zack: Celeste with a beautiful meteora after walking the top rope! And I have trouble just staying on the sidewalk!




Once again, Cassandra managed to pop her shoulder up to break the count. Christian continued to shout encouragement at ringside as Celeste rose to her feet. Nodding her head, she began to get a smile on her face as she waved Cassandra to get back to her feet.

Steph: I think it’s that time! Check the forecast, look up in the sky—

The former Gold Standard member began to rise slowly to her feet as Celeste measured her from behind. When she finally made it, Celeste darted towards her and went to grab her head. But Cassandra shoved her off, and caught her into position for her cobra clutch driver instead! She collapsed onto her with a hook of the leg!





Pruitt called for the bell, and Cassandra rolled off the cover. It was clear she was spent though as she struggled to get to her feet before the referee raised her hand.

Gaby: Your winner of the match by pinfall…………….CASSANDRA STEEN!!

Zack: Cassandra’s undefeated singles streak is still in tact, but you can tell how much of a fight Celeste gave her. And to Steen’s credit, she didn’t even need a roll of quarters this time!

Steen rolls out to the floor, exchanging a few words with Christian before she headed up the ramp to boos from the crowd. He slid into the ring to check on Celeste.

Steph: Well... Nevermind what I was about to say.

As Steen disappeared through the curtain with her hand raised once more, the show cut elsewhere in the arena.

Championship Material

The show cuts to the back after showing a graphic that the number one contender match for the Aspire Championship is coming up next. We then see the woman holding the title, Elizabeth Lannister, backstage with Sara.

Sara: Elizabeth, thank you for joining me. It’s already been an eventful night for the Gold Standard in that we just saw Cassandra Steen competing….without your manager. We’ll hear from Kyle, I’m being told, a little later. But I was able to confirm that she has left your group. How do you feel about that?

The champion draws in a sharp breath and lets it out slowly, shaking her head so her blonde tresses fall over her shoulders.

Elizabeth: In short, it sucks. She’s been like a sister to me and the rest of the Gold Standard. It’s not pleasant when you lose someone who has been a key person in the single most important driving force in Future Shock. But at the end of the day, I support whatever she has to do for her own happiness.

Voice: Did I not tell you during Cassandra’s match that I’d be addressing it later, Sara?

Kyle joins the pair, and gives the reporter a shake of his head as he moves to stand alongside the Aspire Champion.

Sara: Yes, but that doesn’t mean I can’t ask the other members about it. I was curious to see if it was just her...or were there others too?

Kyle: No, there’s no others leaving. It’s just Cassandra. None of the others are leaving the group. Not Valerie. Not Lacey. Not Stacey, and especially not the Aspire Champion. And before you ask, Cait hasn’t let me go as her manager either. Did you really think Elizabeth was going to drop me after everything we’ve accomplished together?!

Elizabeth: See Sara, what you and everyone else fails to realize is that while one piece of the puzzle is missing, it won’t remain incomplete forever. And quite frankly, I’m insulted that you would even THINK that I would let go of the best damn manager in the game today. How rude.

She says with a shake of her head.

Kyle: You’re just trying to stir the pot. I know the score, Sara. And like I said, I’ll get into it more later. Right now though, you are standing in front of the reigning Aspire Champion. The woman everyone thought Lydia Charisma was gonna cakewalk through...probably she thought that too. The woman who made her tap out in front of the world in Mexico City. The woman who is going to go on to win a tournament starting this Friday in Portland. I think there’s plenty there to ask her about that is far more relevant than gossip mongering.

Sara: Okay then, we’ll talk about the match tonight that will determine her next challenger for the Aspire Championship. Are you particularly impressed with either Gemma Pierce or Mara Werth? And do you have a preference over which you’d rather face when the time comes?

Elizabeth: Impressed? By Mara Werth?

She lets out a soft laugh.

Elizabeth: Don’t insult my intelligence, Sara. Yes I’m aware that Mara has been successful here in Future Shock. Yes she has positioned herself to become number one contender to my championship. But will she make it to me? Nope. She’ll have to get past a very game Gemma Pierce. Now with gemma, you have the very likely number one contender. And WHEN she makes it past Mara, I’ll be waiting.

She looks at Sara with a focused look.

Elizabeth: And when she gets her chance at MY Aspire championship, I’m going to make her wish she never made it this far. I’m going to make Gemma realize that she is stepping up against one of the best, someone who is well on her way to being a million dollars richer.

Sara: Last question. People are always curious to learn when it comes to that title. Is your goal to make it to three for a Future Shock title match, or five to head to main stage of FFW?

Elizabeth smirks as she grasps her title a little tighter.

Elizabeth: Sara….that is for me to know and everyone else to find out.

Sara turns back to the camera after that.

Sara: Mum’s the word on whether the champion plans to go for three or five. But what we do know is that the #1 contender match for her title is coming up next! So let’s send it back to the ring and find out who it will be.

And that’s exactly what happens as the show heads back to ringside.

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« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2019, 12:11:32 am »

The next shot takes us back to the ring with Gaby standing in the center, ready to call out the next match.

Gaby: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and the winner will receive a shot at the Aspire Championship!

Zack: We’re gonna see who’s next in line to challenge the “Lioness” for her title, and you’re about to see two powerful women go at it. No personal issues here, only gold in mind, Steph.

Steph: I’ll tell you straight away, Zack. Sometimes? Gold is as personal as it needs to be.

I'm only human
I'm only—I'm only—
I'm only human, human

“Human” by Rag’n’Bone Man starts to play over the soundsystem as the video screen shows a jail cell door sliding backwards and a pair of black ring boots with legs going all the way up to a simple blue skirt step out onto the landing only to suddenly stumble as if given a push in the small of the back from the man who appeared behind her in shiny black shoes and black pants.

Maybe I'm foolish,
Maybe I'm blind
Thinking I can see through this
And see what's behind
Got no way to prove it
So maybe I'm lying

As the pair pass by, the camera gets a shot from behind before it cuts to more grainy CCTV footage that shows the guard escorting the raven haired prisoner across a prison yard of patchy grass and into another building. There’s another cut as we see a shot of exposed midriff on the other side of a counter that has a pack of gum, some loose change on it and a hair bobble on it. A hand reaches forward, picking up a pen and signs a name quickly before scooping up the possessions as she stiffly pushed to move onwards.

But I'm only human after all,
I'm only human after all
Don't put your blame on me
Don't put your blame on me

There’s another cut; this time to show the back of the black haired woman as she reaches up to tie her long loose hair back with the bobble while still walking forward, coming to a stop in front of a large closed door. The camera cuts to the opposite side of the door and low door, watching as it swung open and the woman stepped out; only for the blazing sun to obscure her face and body; the video screens becoming a blazing yellow-white sun glare with a spotlight shining bright as the same woman has appeared at the top of the entrance ramp. The spotlight dims to reveal Mara Werth standing there in her black boots, blue skirt and white vest top.

Take a look in the mirror
And what do you see?
Do you see it clearer
Or are you deceived
In what you believe?

Gaby: Ladies and gentlemen please welcome from Tuscaloosa, Alabama… MARA WERTH!!!

'Cause I'm only human after all,
You're only human after all
Don't put the blame on me
Don't put your blame on me

With a smile on her face she begins to head down the ramp to the ring, running up the ring steps. She moved down the apron, facing out to the crowd and threw her arms up into the air before she stepped through the ropes. Heading to the corner, the girl carefully stepped up onto the middle ropes, throwing her hands up into the air again before she bounced back onto her feet and stretched as she waited for the match to start.

Zack: Mara Werth came within an eyelash of becoming the Aspire Champion when she met Lydia Charisma. I think she might have pushed Lydia farther than anyone had to that point, unless we’re talking about the woman who’s due out next.

Steph: This is a story of who can do what Lydia can’t, and who has progressed from the times when Charisma could.

The lights go out in the arena, an anticipatory murmur filling the arena. A moment or two passes in silence before a slow-tempo guitar begins to play through the PA system, accompanied by an electronic vibration effect, kicking off All Good Things’ “For the Glory.”

Better back down, you’re in my domain
Got the whole crowd screaming out our name
It’s a blowout, it’s a hurricane
It’s over, before you know it

An aggressive guitar chord strikes as red lights begin to swirl through the arena. The curtain is pushed aside, and a dimly lit figure stands in the middle of the entrance ramp. While not much of her is clearly visible, she turns her head to face either direction of the crowd.

Why you shaking? We’re a dynasty
In the making, We’re the royalty
Now we're breaking down the enemy
Move over for the soldiers

After a moment, a single white spotlight turns to the ramp, revealing a woman in a leather jacket, glaring toward one side of the crowd, chewing a piece of gum with a smirk on her face. Notably, as the spotlight focuses on the World Piercer, her usually bright red hair is jet black, and hangs down in her face somewhat, although Gemma doesn’t seem particularly bothered for the moment.

Gaby: Introducing her opponent, from Liverpool, England, weighing 147 pounds…this is “The World Piercer,” GEMMA...PIERCE!

Gemma turns to stare at the other side of the audience, lips curling into even more of a smirk as the fans react to the introduction with boos. She stuffs her hands into the pockets of her leather jacket, pacing down the ramp slowly. For the most part, she ignores the crowd, although one person toward the end of the ramp seems to get the “World Piercer’s” attention. The smirk on her face only grows as she gets into a bit of a jaw-jacking competition with the fan, even holding her arms out and seeming to invite some kind of confrontation--when nothing comes of it, though, she just grins even more.

She circles around the ring, taking her sweet time before deciding which side she wants to enter on, swinging herself up onto the apron. She grips the top rope and grins, pulling herself up to her feet, staring out into the crowd for just a moment. She steps through the ropes, moving straight into the center of the ring and stretching her arms out wide, curling both hands in a “bring it” sort of gesture, as the boos only increase. The Merseysider chuckles to herself, shrugging her leather jacket off her shoulders and tossing it out of the ring, moving to her corner and leaning herself back against the turnbuckles.

Zack: There’s not a lot of flash and pizzazz when it comes to the “World Piercer”, is there? She has one speed, and that’s straight ahead. She’s deadly effective in the ring, and she’s determined to capture the title that’s eluded her since she arrived in Future Shock, currently held by the “Lioness” Elizabeth Lannister.

Steph: Gemma has taken a recent new look and if it was possible--an even more destructive attitude with that jet black hair. I don’t envy Lannister no matter who wins tonight.

Referee Stephen Wilson checks both women for foreign objects, and calls for the bell after Gaby leaves the ring. Mara and Gemma immediately go nose to nose in the center of the ring, looking into one another’s eyes without really saying anything. The buzz in the arena started to grow before they stepped back, and locked up. Mara immediately started to push Gemma backwards before Gemma stopped her by breaking and catching her with a short knee instead. Pierce doubled her over, and began driving knees into her body. Three in a row connected before she whipped her across to the far side. Mara came back with a shoulder block that didn’t budge Gemma hardly. Pierce shook her head, and told her to try it again before Mara did just that. A second time, she ran straight into the “World Piercer” and didn’t barely move her.

Zack: You got two strong women trying to assert themselves early in this match, and Gemma’s not budging! It’s like watching two bulls snort and kick up dirt as they try to intimidate the other.

Steph: This is why I said I don’t envy Elizabeth. Both women are strong certainly, but both are also scarily tactical in how they move. I would even argue that they both make up in what Lydia lacked when she faced our Aspire Champion. That tactical, technical wrestling standpoint.

Gemma invited her to try it again. Mara hit the ropes a third time, and ducked low for a double leg takedown that swept Pierce off her feet. She quickly grabbed a foot, and started driving elbow drops into her leg as Pierce tried to get back to her feet. Mara connected with four in quick succession before she rolled her onto her stomach, and started hammering her knee into the canvas repeatedly. Werth yanked her almost off the mat each time, driving her knee back into the mat before she applied a single leg Boston crab.

Zack: I’m not used to seeing Mara work the knee, but that was a very good offensive flurry there. Gemma’s strength doesn’t matter at all on the canvas, Steph.

Steph: Our sponsors LOVE Mara’s story, Zack. I’m talking absolutely enamored with. There’s something about this go-getter redeemer that really spikes the ratings.

Wilson moved near Gemma to check for a submission, but got nothing of the sort. Mara leaned back in the hold, trying to get as much leverage out of it as possible before Pierce propped up on her elbows and pulled them both into the ropes. The former convict let go before the referee got to two. When she reached down to grab her foot again, Gemma used both feet to shove her backwards with a piston-like maneuver. It sent Mara a couple steps in reverse, and Gemma popped to her feet to connect with a yakuza kick to her chest to put her down to a seat on the mat. Pierce rubbed her knee for a second before bouncing off the near side to connect with a sliding forearm to her jaw.

Steph: Pierce is feeling the itch on that knee which tells me that Mara did her job... Even if she’s rattling her tongue in her mouth, feeling which teeth got loosened the most.

Zack: Gemma doesn’t do anything in half measures, and Mara is feeling the blunt force of each of those shots. There’s no pulled punches from the “World Piercer.”

Still on her knees, she unloaded with a few more of those shots and rose back to her feet. Mara was pulled up with her, and sent into the corner. She was followed in with velocity by Gemma, who connected with a leaping knee strike to the side of her head. A quick facelock followed before she was dragged out of the corner, and up into the air. Pierce held her upside down with a stalling vertical suplex for almost ten seconds before driving her down to the mat, and then hooking the outside leg for the cover.

Zack: All that blood rushing to Mara’s head, and Gemma drilled her with that suplex! The “Lioness” is gonna have a long night ahead of her!




Mara rolled her shoulder off the mat after the two, and Gemma pulled her into position for what looked like a powerbomb. The only difference was she dropped her across her knee instead of the mat, causing Werth to squirm on the mat in pain.

Steph: Powerbomb Backbreaker... God I love that move. You can just tell exactly what part of someone’s back you fucked up with that.

Pierce showed no signs of slowing down when she pulled her back into position for the move again. But when she brought her up this time, she took off towards the corner to deliver a buckle bomb instead. Mara slumped to a seat against the corner before Gemma took off for the far side. She came back with a facewash boot to the jaw, snapping her head backwards before dragging her out of the corner and falling into another cover.

Steph: That was some snapback on that facewash and the World Piercer is in firm control!




Once more, Mara got her shoulder off the mat. Gemma rolled her onto her stomach to begin stomping her back relentlessly. She pulled her into a rear waistlock from there, only for Mara to start firing back elbows with both arms to each side of her head to get free.

Zack: All this back work must make you proud, Steph! And look at that, Mara’s not interested in going for the ride in Gemma’s German suplex!

Shot after shot landed before she finally managed to break free of her grip. Pierce staggered backwards before Mara whipped her across for the ride. She caught her on the rebound with a spinebuster that bounced her off the mat. The former inmate rolled to the ropes, and made it back to her feet with a wince of pain on her face as she rubbed her back. Pierce began to get up as well, causing Mara to dart towards her with a curb stomp to the back of her head. She quickly snatched her up over her shoulder into a Michinoku Driver followed by a hook of the leg!

Steph: You know me, Zack. I love everything and anything with the back but that Michinoku Driver Type B was eeevveerryyytthiinng. Our dedicated fan demographic is gonna love that.




This time, Gemma kicked out and tried to roll away from the former convict. Mara got back to her feet, and went to get her. As Pierce was rising, Mara caught her with a kneelift to the face before scooping her up once more. This time, she delivered a Death Valley Driver.

Zack: These two are letting it all hang out, aren’t they? They’re hitting each other with one power move after another, and let the chips fall where they may!

Mara leaned against the ropes, trying to get her second wind. When she saw Gemma starting to get up, she moved towards her with a running clothesline. It sent Pierce backwards a couple steps into the ropes before Werth sent her across for the ride. Pierce rebounded, and ducked Mara’s swipe, When Werth turned to face her, Gemma left her feet for a knee smash facebreaker that drove Mara into the mat! The “World Piercer” took a moment to regain her balance before jerking Mara up into a fisherman’s suplex with a leg hook for the cover!

Zack: No more perfect of a fisherman’s suplex than you’ll ever find, and it may lead Gemma back to an Aspire title shot!




Mara kicked out of the leg hook, and broke free. She rolled towards the ropes as Gemma got back to her feet. Pierce went to grab her as she was getting up, only to surprised with a jawbreaker from Mara. Gemma staggered backwards as Mara exploded off the ropes with a Clothesline from Hell that nearly flipped Gemma in midair!

Zack: Jesus, what a clothesline!

Steph: Dead. Dead. D-E-D. DEEEAAAADDDDD! Clothesline. Kills wrestlers.... Say it with me for the kids at home!

Mara leaned over to get her breath back as she looked over to see Gemma prone on the mat, but beginning to slowly start to move. Werth doubled back, and pulled her up into position before driving her down with a muscle buster and then into a cover with a hook of the leg.

Steph: Werth looking for a Muscle Buster and she sticks the landing!




Gemma barely got her shoulder off the mat in time before the three, and Mara double checked with the referee as she got back to her feet. She looked at Gemma with a mix of respect and disbelief before she started to pat her knee, indicating to the crowd what she had in mind.

Zack: These two have never met before, but you can tell they are growing massive amounts of respect for one another in the meantime as this #1 contender match continues!

Mara backed up a few steps, and measured as Gemma began to slowly rise to her feet. She didn’t make it all the way though before the former inmate connected with her shining knee strike to the temple that dropped her where she stood! Mara dove on top of her with a hook of both legs!





Wilson called for the bell, and Mara sat up on the canvas. She slumped forward a bit, taking in big gasps of air before finally making it to her feet. The referee raised her hand to a pop from the crowd.

Zack: She may be spent. She may be trying to find her fourth wind right now, but Mara Werth is feeling damn good! She’s got herself another shot at the Aspire Championship!

Gaby: Here’s your winner by pinfall……………..MARA WERTH!!

Mara started to smile as she listened to the crowd, and then rolled out under the bottom rope to greet a few along ringside. One or two of them hugged her as she passed them.

Steph: They believe, Zack. They believe because she believes.

Zack: Elizabeth Lannister, win or lose, is gonna leave her title defense against this woman as banged up and bruised as she’s ever been in Future Shock.

As she headed towards the back, the smile on her face had grown when she glanced back to the crowd. A mouthed “thank you” followed before the show cut elsewhere.

The British Import

The show transitions to the back, and finds Sara standing next to two people. One is the Future Shock Director Adam Grant, and the other is a raven haired pale beauty.

Sara: Malice rolls on here in the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans, and I was supposed to be joined by Arabella Townshend, but it looks like it’s going to be a two for one. Hello, Adam. And welcome to Malice, Arabella.

The English native smiles widely at Sara.

Arabella: Thank you, Sara. Being here is an absolute dream come true for me.

Sara: For those watching who don’t know, Arabella is a rising star in Rebellion Pro over in the UK. And you can see her there exclu---

Adam: That’s not true.

Sara gives a curious look as she hears Adam’s interruption.

Sara: What do you mean? She is part of Rebellion Pro, and undefeated too. She can be seen exclu--

Adam shakes his head again at this, giving Arabella an expectant look. Meanwhile, Sara remains confused.

Arabella laughs, looking back at Adam and then to Sara.

Arabella: See, the thing is… last time I was here, Adam and I took care of a bit of business. So as of tonight, Sara, I’m no longer only going to be seen in Rebellion Pro. It’s my pleasure to announce that I am officially joining the roster as a Future Shock Prospect!

Adam: She’s right. Paperwork’s been signed, and all that. Arabella’s on her way here...unless you count the fact that she’s already here. But that’s getting bogged into semantics.

Sara: Well congratulations on that, Arabella. You just recently joined the other promotion. What motivated you to expand your horizons so soon, much less halfway around the world from home?

Arabella: Sara, for the last two years I have been trying to get my career off the ground. As much as I love wrestling in the United Kingdom, I don’t want to ever feel as though I’m limiting myself. So when I came to see Future Shock in person back in February, I knew that I wanted to come and work here. I love what I do, and I want to be the best in the world at it. So if I’m going to be the best in the world, I’m going to train and learn from a program that has produced some of the greatest wrestlers in the world today. It’s a huge change, but I’m not going to let myself be held back any longer. I’m going to take risks, and I’m going to go after what I want, with my whole heart and soul. That’s why I came here.

Adam: That’s the kind of talent that will always get my attention. The ones who believe in themselves heart and soul, and are willing to take chances to see their dreams come true. Arabella is the definition of that, and it doesn’t hurt she’s also very talented. I’ve seen her matches in England, and I am positive she will learn a lot more here and become one of the future cornerstones of Future Shock. She has all the tools to be as integral here as an Isis Morales….just a little shorter and a whole lot more friendly.

Arabella: Perhaps if you dyed my hair and put me in a dryer. But I didn’t come here to be the next Isis Morales. I came here to be the very first, and the very best, Arabella Townshend. While I can admire Isis’ accomplishments - if not, perhaps, the manner in which they were achieved, I’m eager to show the fans what power and beauty can do when mixed with a whole lot of heart and determination. Prospects like Mars Whimsey are already doing it, and I want to bring my own flavour to the competition. I feel like the world is mine for the taking - and I’m going to grab it with both hands. I want to be someone that makes people proud. And there’s no better place for me to learn how to be that person than right here in Future Shock.

Adam: See what I mean? It’s in everything she says and will do. I’m happy to have her be part of the roster, and look forward to seeing more of her.

The show cuts to a graphic for Arabella before we cut back to the ring for the next match.

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The show returns to the ring after a short video package showing the history between the Stone sisters and the Cortezes. Gaby immediately begins with her microphone.

Gaby: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall to a finish.

Zack: You could almost call it Future Shock’s version of Family Feud, Steph. A trio of sisters on both sides who flat out don’t like each other, and we’ll see about settling it here.

Steph: Now you know me, Zack. I love trios. It’s the most perfect number for ANY group. Which gives me a special appeal to this match... So much so that--!

Mickey: Sup Zack!

Raquel: How you doing, Hudson?

Steph: I invited some special guests for JUST this kind of outing.

The lights go out completely as sisters are doing it for themselves starts to play. A lightning effect of white and blue pyrotechnics erupt, lighting up the stage for a second at a time. In each of the flashes the silhouette of three female figures standing in a line on the stage.

We said, "Sisters are doin' it for themselves"
Standin' on their own two feet
And ringin' on their own bells
We said, "Sisters are doin' it for themselves"

The pyrotechnics finish and as the lights come back up a sound like thunder plays on top of the music track and a puff of smoke comes from the bottom of the stage, still hiding the female figures for a moment. The smoke clears to reveal the three Stone sisters; Melody, Madyson and Mikayla standing hand in hand with their heads raised, looking towards the ceiling.

Now this is a song to celebrate
The conscious liberation of the female state
Mothers, daughters and their daughters too, oh yeah
Woman to woman, we're singin' with you

Gaby: Introducing at this time representing Trinity…...MELODY AND MIKAYLA STONE!!!

They unlink their hands and take off to the ring at a run and all jump up onto the apron at the same time. Melody and Madyson stand at a corner each, while Mikayla jumps up to sit on the top rope; all facing out towards the crowd. The two older sisters climb through the ropes while Mikayla stands up on the top rope and then backflips into the ring to land between them with a smirk. The three make their way to the corner and share some hushed words as the music comes to an end.

Zack: We’ve never seen the Stone girls in a tag team match, this is their first outing in that regard. But I can certainly see why Melody and Mikayla are handling business, since they both have had dealt with the Cortez girls in recent weeks.

Mickey: Familiarity totes is the way to go man! It’s like they’re... Prepared for the match. Though don’t sleep on Mady. You want your hardest hitter out by ringside, watchin’ your back.

The opening to Set It Off's "Killer in the Mirror" starts on the sound system, and lights start blinking in random colors as the identical twins Anna and Luna Cortez walk onto the entrance ramp side by side. Right behind them is their manager Christian Kincaid, as he stands right between the twins, who stop right before the ramp. At the same time, they take a spin and stop in a particular pose, one mirroring the other down to the moment of their winking for the cameras before they turn to one another and then to the booing crowd, proceeding to shake their heads at them. Strutting down the entrance ramp, the twins keep talking and strategizing, taking their time to mock the crowd and let them know who are the true geniuses in the house.

Gaby: And their opponents, escorted to the ring by Christian Kincaid... From Fort Worth, Texas... "THE TWENTY-STAR TANDEM"... Anna...! Luna...! THE CORTEZ TWINS!

When Anna and Luna climb into the ring, they make their way to the ropes facing the hard camera, stepping onto the second rope and sitting on the top rope, their backs turned to the hard cam and the audience, as they make a pose similar to the one they did atop the ramp, winking at the cameras before they wave the crowd off once again and hop back down to the ring. As they move to the corner, one of the twins sits on the top turnbuckle and crosses her legs, while the other leans onto the turnbuckles (and her sister's legs), as they share some last minute strategy with Christian.

Zack: This also marks the official debut of Anna Cortez, who we learned even existed at the Mexico City supershow. I’ll be curious to see what she brings to the table, be it a calming influence on Luna or perhaps a bit more chaotic.

Raquel: So this is... Won’t be a popular opinion but infamy totes sells, Zack. The Cortez Twins... Should I say triplets? They get that infamy sells. I know Jake suffered and that sucks but that After Shock with Luna? Their tactics as a sister squad? It makes people wanna see them.

Referee Melinda Davis checks all four women as Christian and Madyson hop down to the floor in their team’s respective corners. The cameras picked up Christian telling Luna to start the match. But before Anna could step out of the ring, the Stone Sisters went on the attack at the bell and caught Anna with a double clothesline that sent her through the ropes to the floor. Mikayla and Melody began unloading with right hands to Luna’s head before they fired her across to the far side. She rebounded into a double hip toss from the witches before they took off for the opposite sides of the ring with a double hip check to Luna’s head as she was trying to get up. Melody pulled her back to her feet, and whipped her into the ropes before the witches caught her with a double dropkick that sent her out with her sister to the floor. The crowd ate it up as Melody and Mikayla paced back and forth in the ring, and high fived one another.

Zack: Somebody shot the stone sisters out of a cannon, and are they ever working together like a tag team! I hope Christian has a Plan B, because Plan A isn’t working!

Steph: Christian may need to pull out Plan Q at this rate... That double dropkick looked like brilliance... Brilliance and pain.

Christian tried to calm the girls down as Luna climbed back up onto the apron, telling the referee to keep them away from her. Melody stepped out to her corner as Mikayla bounced up and down on the balls of her feet and waved her forward. Luna glanced back to her manager before Mikayla used the ropes to slingshot Luna back into the ring. The twin barely had time to get up before the witch rushed her with a running knee to the body. It stunned her briefly before she got spun around into an atomic drop. Luna got sent into the wrong team’s corner as Melody hit a bionic elbow to the top of her head right before Mikayla planted her with a one-handed bulldog.

Zack: Luna found herself in the wrong part of town, and got a big elbow for her troubles! The Stone Sisters are proving to be nothing but magic together in New Orleans!

Mickey: No surprise there! That running knee was THE BIDNAZZ! I’m pretty sure Luna doesn’t even know like, what time zone it is.

Mikayla made the tag to Melody before they both sat Luna up against the corner. Melody used the middle rope for a corner dropkick to Luna’s chest, then tagged in Mikayla. She did the same thing with another corner dropkick, then tagged Melody back in again. Another corner dropkick landed before Mikayla was tagged back in. The pair of them pulled Luna to her feet, and whipped her across to the far side. They caught her on the rebound with a double back body drop seconds before Mikayla executed a rolling senton onto Luna’s chest to make the cover.

Zack: The Stone Sisters are pitching a shutout! Thanks for coming, Luna!



Cortez kicked out at two, and Mikayla hammered a few fists into her head before she got back to her feet. She dragged her back towards the corner to make the tag to Melody again before the elder sister executed a cobra clutch bulldog.

Steph: Nnniiiiiccceeee. Cobra clutch bulldog is the way to go and look at how Luna’s head got rattled there!

Luna started to get to her feet once more as Melody sntached her into a hammerlock. Cortez started towards the ropes, and caused a break before she spun into Melody with a discus punch to the mouth. An annoyed look on Luna’s face followed that before she used a drop toe hold to send her neck first across the middle rope. The twin took off for the far side, and used a baseball slide out to the floor to deliver a throat thrust. It sent Melody backwards into the ring as she tried to get her breath, and Luna followed in after her with a step up enzuigiri that put the witch face down on the mat. She glanced back to Christian, who gave her some approval before she began a Garvin stomp onto Melody’s body.

Raquel: True story, Christian once gave Mickey approval to hit the Flight Path for the first time mid-match. When you’re a client of his, it’s just on the spot training sometimes. Also those like stomps though!

Zack: Melody’s gonna hurt from one end of her body to the other end after this match, regardless of the outcome.

She made the tag to Anna before they joined together to throw Melody into the air by her arms and legs, and let her land on the mat with a thud. Anna dragged her to her feet, and shoved her chest first into the nearest corner. She followed up with a series of back elbow strikes before sitting her up on the top turnbuckle. The twin didn’t climb up with her, only scooping her over her shoulder to spike her with an Alabama slam. She rolled Melody onto her stomach, and applied a cloverleaf with her knee positioned into the witch’s back.

Steph: Now here comes the cloverleaf and Melody really knows her submissions. You can’t just DO that kinda understanding of how to synch in the submission like that.

Zack: It seems like Kincaid has gotten all three of these girls working to different strengths, and it’s paying off in dividends so far.

Davis moved around in front of Melody, looking for a submission but not getting one. Stone’s face wrenched in pain as she tried to find the nearest set of ropes. Anna shook her head, and tried to apply more pressure as the referee had to check again for the submission. Melody made it clear she wasn’t quitting, and started trying to pull them both towards the ropes. Just as she was about to grab it, Luna started into the ring. Davis went to stop her as Anna pulled Melody to the center, and sat back down into her modified cloverleaf submission before the referee came back.

Zack: Anna impresses me as the more methodical Cortez. She’s extremely calm, and seems almost pragmatic about her what she knows and needs to do.

Steph: She’s almost... Cold in her methods. You getting that vibe, Zack? How about you guys? ‘Quels? Mickey?

The official looked a little confused seeing Anna in a different spot than where she was, but dropped down to a knee to check with Melody anyway. Cortez’s face showed an almost eerie calmness to it as Melody began once again trying to get to the ropes. Anna seemed to let her, the smile on her face growing as she got closer. But as soon as Melody was within reach, she dragged her back again...at least until Mikayla fed her a bicycle kick that knocked her to the mat. The baby of the Stone sisters was ushered back to the corner as Melody headed for the corner to make the tag. But Anna was already back to her feet, and caught her by the foot before she could get there.

Zack: Anna seems to enjoy toying with her opponents, doesn’t she? She let Melody get all the way to the ropes just so she could take it away from her….at least until Mikayla got involved in the proceedings.

Raquel: The term we’re lookin’ for guys is totes cold blooded. There’s just something about how she walks, how she moves, how she just caught Melody’s foot without even... Looking.

Anna dragged her back to her team’s corner, and made the tag to Luna. The pair switched off as Luna dropped a knee into Melody’s back when she got to all fours. She pulled her to her feet from behind to fire forearms into her lower back repeatedly. She snapped her into a rear waistlock, and dropped her with a release German suplex. Another tag to Anna followed that before the girls scooped Melody up into a double knee gutbuster. As Luna went back to the corner, Anna made the cover.

Steph: The Cortez Twins... Should we just call them Two-thirds of the Cortez Triplets at this point? Anyway the Cortezes... They’re finally in deep control.




Melody kicked out in time, and Anna rolled her onto her stomach and quickly applied a scissored armbar. The witch’s face grimaced in pain as Anna pulled back a little further, trying to get even more pressure out of the hold.

Zack: A near fall for Anna there, and she’s staying right on Melody’s back. We saw that Melody had technical skills in her debut recently, but Anna’s clearly no slouch herself.

The referee checked again for a submission, and still got no response of the sort from the witch. Anna finally broke the hold, and slid back to her corner to make the tag again. Luna stepped back in, and went to grab Melody as she was getting up. But the witch surprised her this time, and caught her flush with an uppercut to the chin. It staggered Luna a step backwards before Melody followed up with a lungblower that sent her to the canvas. The fans got much louder as the witch started heading for her corner. Mikayla was bouncing on the bottom rope with her arm out.

Raquel: Melody barely got that lungblower off and now she’s itching for a tag!

Zack: You’re not kidding, and it looks like Mikayla’s on a pogo stick in the corner wanting to give her just that.

Christian implored Luna to make the tag as well, but she was still pretty dazed. Melody finally made it to her feet, and lunged towards her sister to make the tag. The crowd came to its feet as Mikayla hopped onto the top rope and landed a springboard leg drop across Luna’s chest before she hooked the outside leg for the cover.





Luna managed to get her shoulder up in time, and Mikayla popped up to her feet. She headed for the corner, and started waving the twin to get back to her feet.

Zack: Mikayla is a house of fire, and she’s begging Luna to get up and take what’s coming to her! This crowd is 100% behind her too!!

Luna struggled to get to her feet before Mikayla took off towards her at a high rate of speed. She left her feet for a handspring into a stunner that propelled Luna backwards!

Steph: WHHHOOAAA--OOHHH YOU’RE ONLY SMOKE AND MIRRORS! At least that’s what Mikayla calls it! SMOKE AND MIRRORS!

Mikayla looked over to see her sister starting to get back to her feet in the corner. As she did that, Christian pulled Luna out of the ring and Anna slid in and collapsed as though she were unconscious. Mikayla spun back around to make the cover before Anna surprised her with a small package!





Davis called for the bell to a rain of boos from the crowd. Christian tended to Luna at ringside for a moment before he helped her back inside. The referee raised both girls’ hands in victory.

Zack: Another dose of twin magic! Kincaid switched Luna for Anna, and Mikayla didn’t notice it at all for worrying about her sister!

Gaby: Here are your winners by pinfall………….LUNA & ANNA CORTEZ!!

Steph: The Gold Standard aren’t gonna like this one bit. So many teams... So many capable teams.

Christian congratulated his team as Luna thrust her arm into the air one more time to remind everyone who won the match.

Mickey: Don’t count the Stone Sisters out yet guys. They’ll be back... Totes can feel that.

As the twins celebrated in the ring with their manager, that was when the show headed to the backstage area once again.

Eyes On Target

The show cuts to the back, only to find one of Future Shock’s newest tag teams standing on either side of their recently hired manager. Christian looks from Nadia to Alessandra and then back to the camera.

Christian: All these new tag teams around here has got me a bit more amped than normal, and not the least of which is because I now am part of Target Acquired. Nadia and Alessandra are extremely promising, and I’ve already got them both scheduled make their debut on the next edition of Future Shock.

Alessandra: We are incredibly keen to begin our Future Shock career. We have been watching with interest since we signed our contracts and the talent level of the new tag teams is quite the cause for excitement.

Nadia nods her head in clear agreement with her partner.

Nadia: It is a growing division and we are pleased to be a part of it. More than that we are ready to show what we can do and how much we have learned even in the short time it has been since we hired Christian as our manager.

Christian: They’ve been watching all the new teams, and will continue to do so. As a matter of fact, they are going to debut in a couple weeks against another team that hasn’t gotten to show us what they can do. They’ll be meeting the Laurie Jane Experience next show, and that’s a pretty….interesting team. Especially since neither of them seem to be able to be in the same place at the same time, at least if we go by appearances on the show. Makes me wonder if one of them isn’t going to make it next show. Either way, I promise you Nadia and Alessandra will be there and ready to show the Future Shock fans what makes them so special.

Alessandra: It might make it more difficult for our opponents if they cannot manage to be in the same place at the same time. I might be new to wrestling, but I have found that tag team matches work better when both halves of the team are there!

Nadia: We wouldn’t complain too much if they are not though. That would make our debut slightly easier than it will be otherwise, will it not?

Alessandra: It would. Do not worry though, Nadia is only teasing. We of course would prefer a more competitive outing, especially in our debut. I am sure that we will not be left wanting in that respect.

Christian: If I’m the Gold Standard, I gotta be a little nervous. I hope they don’t think all these teams showed up and were brought to Future Shock to play pattycakes or something like that. All of them want to get what Lacey and Valerie have, and these two are no exceptions. I have full confidence they can and will climb the ladder to get there sooner than later. And then when that day comes that they are standing across from the Future Shock Tag Team Champions…

He looks between them with a grin.

Christian: I guess you can call that TARGET ACQUIRED. 

On that, we head to a short commercial for the next FFW Pay Per View, Relentless.

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The show heads back to the ring after the video package showing the months of building animosity between Cait and Nora, dating back to Nemesis. There’s a loud buzz in the crowd as Gaby begins to speak.
Gaby: The following contest is scheduled for one fall to a finish.
Zack: I have been sitting on ready for this one, folks. And judging by the sound of this crowd, I’m not alone. As usual on these big events, I got Missy joining me. Welcome back to the booth, and I don’t think one debut in Future Shock has had as much animosity leading into it as we are about to see.

Missy: Thanks for having me back again, and for this match especially. This one feels like it has been building for years! I’m fully expecting to see plenty of fireworks in this one to say the least.
I won’t give up, no I won’t give in
Till I reach the end
And then I’ll start again
No I won't leave
I wanna try everything
I wanna try even though I could fail

Gaby: From Chicago Illinois, weighing in tonight at 103 pounds... she is Nora Harris!
The bouncy music of Shakira's Try Anything plays and out comes Nora, bouncing on the toes of her boots as she waves to the fans and then she cartwheels into the aisle before she sprints down to the ring, slides under the bottom rope and pops up to wave at the fans again.
I won’t give up, no I won’t give in
Till I reach the end
And then I’ll start again
No I won't leave
I wanna try everything
I wanna try even though I could fail

There’s no smile on her face as she begins to pace back and forth in the ring, looking towards the ramp with a scowl.
Zack: That facial expression right there tells you everything you need to know, Missy. No smiles from Nora, nothing but daggers in those eyes.
Missy: You can’t really blame her after everything Cait has done to rile her up so far. If Cait was wanting a pissed off Nora to deal with, I think she has more than got her wish tonight.
The opening of Madonna’s “Material Girl” begins playing as Cait Flanagan steps out onto the ramp. With a wink, she licks her index finger and touches it to the ground and as she passes the spot, flames shoot up behind her. She reaches into her tights and pulls out a wad of cash, fanning it out for the crowd to see.
She tousles her hair and fans herself with the money, then shrugs and tosses it behind her, letting it get eaten up by the flames. Cait puts her hand up to her mouth as she seems to realize what she’s done, but then she shrugs her shoulders and cackles. A glance towards her manager sees Kyle give her some applause, which brings a smile to her face as they head towards the ring.
You know that we are living in a material world, and I am a material girl…
Still laughing, Cait skips the rest of the way down to the ring, tossing her hair over her shoulder and blowing mocking kisses to the men in the audience. She ascends the steps and ducks through the ropes, winking at the referee.
Gaby: From Belfast, Northern Ireland, she is The Million Dollar Baby, Cait! Flanagan!
She seems to thank Gaby for her introduction and goes to her corner, laying across the turnbuckle and giving Nora a cheeky little wave as she waits for things to get started.
Zack: It began in October with these two, when Cait dropped Nora at the end of that huge tag match at Nemesis. It’s only escalated since then. This is Cait’s debut, and I think she’s about to run into a buzzsaw in a matter of seconds.
Missy: Talk about a trial by fire, this could potentially end up being a very painful debut for Cait, if Nora has her way about things anyway.
Ashley Pruitt checks both women as Kyle and Gaby leave the ring. She then calls for the bell as Nora stares across at Cait. The redhead looks at her with raised eyebrows, while Nora continues to stare a hole through her. The camera picks up Nora speaking to her when it hears her say “I’m gonna fuck you up.”
Zack: Oh my God… Did you hear that?
Missy: Me and the entire Future Shock Universe, Zack.
Cait waves her forward, and tells her to bring it before Nora obliges her and takes off towards her. Cait doesn’t even make it out of the corner before Nora begins throwing hands, lefts and rights and combinations in a flurry as Cait covers up in the corner. She grabs her by the arm, and fires her across to the far side. Nora charges her as she comes back with a Thesz press, and starts firing mounted punches to a pop from the crowd. Cait keeps her head and upper body covered with her arms, but that doesn’t stop Nora before she rolls back to her feet. Flanagan heads towards the ropes to get out of the ring, and Nora stops her halfway out with a handful of hair. She pulls her back against the top rope, and unloads with a barrage of forearms to her chest. Cait then slumps over the middle rope before Nora steps out on the apron, and uses a leg drop across the back of her head to bring her through the ropes to the floor.
Zack: Nora wasn’t kidding about what she said! This match has barely been going three minutes, and they’re already outside here on the floor in front of us.
Missy: Nora isn’t looking for a win right now, she’s just looking to dole out as much punishment as she can to Cait. And so far, she seems to be managing that pretty damn well.
Nora dragged the redhead to her feet, and fired her into the steps. Cait crashed into the steep, and doubled over it before Harris took another handful of her long red hair to bounce her face off the steps. The New Orleans crowd loved it as she snatched her around the waist, and sent her flying into the floor with a release German suplex. She rolled to her feet, watching as Cait was beginning to get up right before she caught her with a running clothesline that sent her over the barricade into the front row. Nora climbed up onto the top of the barricade, watching her for a moment before dropping off with an axe handle shot to her back as the fans had cleared out of the way.
Zack: There’s probably a few fans who might like to be that close to Cait, but certainly not like this! This isn’t Falls Count Anywhere, and the referee is giving these two a LOT of latitude!
Missy: Can you blame her? Would you want to try and split up these two or tell them to bring it back in the ring? I say let Nora get it out of her system, after everything she’s endured from Cait, she’s earned it.
As Cait sat up on her knees, Nora grabbed her head and began to drive it into the barrier repeatedly. She pulled her back to her feet, scooped her over one shoulder and delivered a running powerslam that drove Cait’s body onto the row of chairs. The redhead grimaced in pain before Nora threw her back to ringside, and followed after her. The referee came out to the floor, and told Nora to bring it back into the ring. Harris stared at her for a second, then bolted towards Cait with a running kneelift that dropped her to the floor again.
Zack: Look at that face, Nora Harris has a murderer’s instinct right now! And Cait Flanagan hasn’t got a shot in yet!
Missy: If this carries on like this for too much longer, tonight could be a double whammy for Cait. Her first AND last match all rolled into one!
Nora rolled into the ring to break the count, and then back out to the floor. The referee was getting more and more annoyed now with all this as Nora pulled Cait back to her feet. She lowered her shoulder, and drove her backwards into the steps and caused Cait to slide to a seat against the steps. Nora pulled her back to her feet into a bearhug, and then drove her into the post. She turned around, and did the same against the barricade, then the post, then the barricade and finally a spinebuster on the floor.
Zack: Jesus….from pillar to post to pillar to post and a spinebuster to top it all off! Nora told her what she was going to do, and she’s living up to that!
Missy: You’re not kidding. Nora is all kinds of fired up and I’m wondering if Cait is regretting all the trouble she caused Nora yet.
The New Orleans crowd was on their feet as Nora flipped up the ring apron, and found herself a steel chair. She slid it out, and looked at it, and then down to a very sore Cait. The fans only got louder now as Kyle screamed at the referee to do something.
Zack: Nora’s found some steel! I know she’s angry, I know she’s been pushed too far. But she’s gonna get disqualified if she doesn’t get control of herself!
Missy: She is starting to push it a bit far in the realms of normal match conditions now. Not that I can blame her...or wouldn’t do something similar myself in her position.
Nora raised it over her head as the referee slid out behind her, and pulled it away from her. Nora spun into the official with a glare as Pruitt looked back, trying to get her to take it into the ring. As she did that, Cait scooted forward and caught Harris with a kick between her legs while the referee was getting rid of the chair. The cheers turned to boos as the redhead rose to her feet, and Nora dropped to her knees in pain. She backed up a few steps, and came forward with a low bicycle kick to the back of Harris’ head that smacked it into the floor. Cait tossed Nora under the bottom rope, and slid in after her.
Zack: Cait better stay on Nora, because we’ve seen what happens when “Li’l Pixie Pump” is on her feet! And now….now it’s back in the ring!
Missy: Something tells me that Cait isn’t in a hurry to be back in the position she has been so far in this match.
Flanagan wasted no time in grabbing Nora by the arms, and beginning to stomp away at her face repeatedly. A knee drop followed that as she sat up on her knees, clutching at her back after all it had absorbed. Kyle moved around closer to her on the outside, and gave her some advice as she rose back to her feet. Nora was also started to get up, and was met with a series of forearm smashes to the head that rocked her backwards. Cait took off past her, bouncing off the ropes and using a one handed bulldog to drive her face down into the mat. She quickly rolled her over for the cover as Pruitt dropped to count.
Missy: Cait has managed to get a bit of momentum going, but ‘wishful thinking’ springs to mind if she thinks Nora is anywhere near done yet.
Nora shoved her off the cover as soon as the two struck the mat. The brunette started to sit up, and Cait wasted no time and firing a kick into her back to freeze her in place. It worked too, and she followed up with a sleeper. Her legs slid around her body to add a body scissors at the same time as they laid on the canvas.
Zack: Cait knows better than to let Nora get up too! She wants this match done sooner than later after everything she’s endured, and putting Nora to sleep could be the trick to that!
Kyle told her to squeeze as tightly as she could, and the referee moved around near Nora to see if she wanted to stop. Nora gave no sign she did as Cait started trying to constrict with the body scissors. Nora reached for the ropes, but they weren’t nearby. It wasn’t long before her movements began to slow as the sleeper took effect. Cait looked to her manager as Kyle praised her, and told her to keep it locked.
Zack: It doesn’t take long for a sleeper to start taking effect. The blood flow to the brain is being constricted, and that’ll put the lights out in a hurry. Kyle’s given her some great advice.
Missy: There’s nobody that’s insusceptible to a sleeper hold, and Nora isn’t an exception to that. She needs something here if she’s going to be able to keep going. It’s not looking great for her at the moment.
The crowd began trying to rally Nora by chanting her name, which caused Cait to try to exert even more pressure in the sleeper. Finally, Nora stopped moving and the referee began to lift her hand to check if she was out. It dropped once, then twice, and almost a third time before it rose back up and made a fist. This inspired the crowd to get even louder, and Nora slowly got to all fours...with Cait’s eyes widening as she tried to squeeze even tighter. Harris struggled to her feet, and then fell backwards to drive Cait into the mat. That caused her to let go, and the redhead grabbed her back again. Nora rolled away from her, and was trying to reorient herself near the ropes.
Zack: Impressive counter from Nora there, and it got her out of the sleeper. That’s what mattered most at this point.
Missy: Anger is a great driving force in a match like this. It’s surprising how much you can counter when you’re as fired up as Nora is tonight.
Both women began to get to their feet about the same time, but it was Cait who surprised Nora with a running high knee to the back of her head. It bounced off the top turnbuckle like a ball before Flanagan dragged her out, and planted her with a reverse DDT. She made it back to her feet, and bounced off the near side with an elbow drop into her chest. The boos returned once more as the redhead went for the cover with a hook of the leg.
Zack: Cait looking to call it a night, and go find an ice bath after everything she’s been put through in this one!
Nora popped her shoulder up off the mat, and Cait slowly made it back to her feet. She pulled the brunette up with her, and fired her into the far side. Nora came back and avoided a big boot by ducking under it, and stopped behind Cait.
Missy: Cait knows that Nora is behind her, but if she’s wise she won’t turn around to find out for herself. I don’t think she’ll like whatever Nora has in mind for her!
When she turned around, Nora started throwing hands once again. Several shots landed against her head before she drove Cait back into the ropes, took two steps backwards, and caught her with a dropkick to the chest that sent her through the ropes to the outside. Harris leaned against the ropes for a second, trying to regain her senses before following out after her.
Zack: That sleeper took a lot out of Nora, she’s still trying to get all her bearings back right now. And it looks like this match is coming back to the floor once again!
Missy: That didn’t end too well for Nora last time, but if nothing else it has given her a second to try and gather herself after that hold. Those sleepers are very good at draining even the most energetic of wrestlers.
Nora stepped out onto the apron, waving Cait to get back to her feet. The wealthy redhead began to do just that as Harris measured her. When she turned to face her, Nora took off down the apron with a meteora in mind….but Kyle pulled his client out of the way and Nora crashed on her knees to the floor instead. Pruitt immediately got onto Kyle for doing it, while Cait found the chair that Nora had almost used earlier behind the referee’s back. As Nora sat on her knees doubled over in pain, Cait fired the chair across her back. It resounded throughout the arena before she tossed it aside after the referee stopped arguing with Kyle. Flanagan pulled Nora up long enough to shove her back into the ring, and slip in after her for the cover.
Zack: A vile chair shot to Nora’s spine, and don’t tell me this is how it’s gonna end!
Nora barely got her shoulder up in time before the three, causing Cait to scowl at the referee. She got back to her feet, and glanced over to Kyle who continued to give her some advice. She pulled the brunette up, and into position for a pedigree.
Missy: How doesn’t the referee recognise the sound of a chair across somebody’s back?! I think they heard that all the way back in LA for pity’s sake! Nora could be in big trouble now.
But she was never able to pull it off as Nora stood up, grabbed her head, and dropped her down onto the match with a backdrop driver. She stretched across her to make the cover with one arm, and holding her back with the other.
Missy: I take that back. I take it all back! You go, Nora!
Cait kicked out in time, and Nora slowly made it back to a vertical base. Kyle shouted something to Cait before she pulled the referee down to her. Nora took off for the far side, and Kilmeade crashed the chair against her back as soon as she hit the ropes. He tossed the chair away as Nora dropped to her knees.
Zack: Good Lord, did you hear the smack of that steel chair against Nora’s back for the second time in this match?!
Missy: Where is the goddamn Karma bus when you need it, because somebody needs to drive it into Kilmeade’s smug face. Then reverse and do it again.
Cait quickly pulled her to the center of the ring, and executed her double underhook facebuster (pedigree) to Harris. The brunette’s face bounced off the mat before Cait went for the cover with a hook of the tights.
Missy: I believe Cait calls that IRISH GOODBYE, but I think tonight that translates to Goodnight Nora.
Pruitt called for the bell to boos from the crowd as Kyle stepped into the ring. Cait got to her feet, and embraced him with her arms and legs before he raised her hand. The referee raised the other.
Zack: That wasn’t how this was supposed to end, not by a long shot, folks!
Gaby: Here’s your winner by pinfall…………………..CAIT FLANAGAN!!!
Cait held up a finger, and rolled out to get the chair Kyle had used. She slipped back into the ring, and put a boot over Nora’s head before she walloped her with the chair repeatedly. The referee tried to stop her, but she did herself after she hit her eleven times with the steel. It likely would have been more, had Lydia Charisma not took off towards the ring to help her friend. Kyle and Cait exited to the floor as soon as she arrived.
Zack: A disgusting turn of events with Cait looking to make sure she never has to deal with Nora again. But something tells me that’s not likely after this!
Missy: If she thinks that will put an end to things then she really is a Kyle Kilmeade client...absolutely stupid!
Kyle raised Cait’s hand as they backed up the aisle, and the redhead gave Nora and Lydia a little finger wave as she took her manager’s hand and disappeared backstage. The show cut to a commercial for Future Shock Wipeout on June 18th.



"Recorded Earlier...." appears on the screen as the next shot takes us deep inside the Smoothie King Center, and finds Kyle joined by one of the Gold Standard. In this case, it’s “Sensational” Stacey Sky. He has her hand in his as he begins to speak.

Kyle: So let me go ahead and address the elephant in the room before all of you start implying or insinuating something is wrong within the Gold Standard. Yes, Cassandra Steen elected to leave the group. No, there is no issues between her and I. She’s not mad at me. We didn’t have an argument. It was a business decision she made, and there is no ill will towards her from anyone in this group.

He shakes his head as he finishes.

Kyle: I want to squash that before the rumor mill starts churning, like it tends to do in this business. Now with that said, what that is going to mean long term is that Stacey Sky is going to be handling business on her own a lot more. You see, the reason she and Cassandra were a tag team is because they are friends. Still are. But with Cassandra leaving, that doesn’t mean Stacey is going anywhere. Does it?

Stacey shakes her head in the negative, her expression quite unreadable.

Stacey: Not a chance. It’s not like I didn’t start here as a solo competitor. Or like I haven’t performed just as well in one on one matches as I did with Cassandra. If anything it will make me even more of a handful in the ring, because I won’t have Cassandra’s calmer disposition around. I can more than handle myself, and any opponent put across from me. And if the situation arises that I do need a partner...well, Cassandra wasn’t the only other person in the Gold Standard. There are still four of us that are just as strong as we were before.

Kyle: Damn straight. I’m getting a little tired of people downplaying Stacey, implying she’s the lost child or something. She is anything but. And I know exactly how we are going to prove that. Lately, I keep hearing about how impressive Mars Whimsey is. Ohh, she beat a Cortez sister.

He twirls his finger in mock enthusiasm at that.

Kyle She beat Katie last show, who has had now all of 2 matches in Future Shock.

Another finger twirl.

Kyle: That’s why I am currently in the process of getting this match put together, because even despite the obvious weight difference between them, I think Stacey is far far more talented than Mars could ever hope to be. She doesn’t need a YouTube channel to make people know who she is. She doesn’t need to send lewds on Snapchat to her fans, and she doesn’t have use for a Patreon. You know how Stacey will get your attention? She’ll beat the hell out of the ones who already have it.

Stacey: And I’ll do it with a smile on my face too. Of course, I fully expect one of your biggest detractors, and one of Mars’ biggest fans to have something to say about this. Because she can’t keep your name out of her mouth or tweets. I think she has a bit of a crush on you, Kyle. She is completely obsessed with what is going on in your pants after all. But honestly I don’t care what she has to say about anything. I can go toe to toe with the walking equivalent of a bag of skittles no problem. I might need some sunglasses to wear for the match though. Those gaudy outfits she wears are potential headache inducers.

Kyle: After we’re done, you will see what I have known for a long time. The only thing bright about her is her clothes. So tell Adam you want the match, and let’s make this happen, Mars. You can find out why I started calling Stacey what she honestly is….. Sensational.

He gives her hand a squeeze as the two exchange a smile. And we head elsewhere in the arena from there.

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A video package shows the history between Vivi and the Cortez sisters, including her revealing Luna’s existence and their match. Then we see Adam announcing the main event in New Orleans before we head back to the live show with Gaby in the ring.

Gaby: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the FFW Future Shock Championship!

Zack: I think in this city, Future Shock could have just booked this match and we’d have sold out the place! But here we are on a wild night, and all of New Orleans is here to see this match!

Steph: Not even surprised, Zack. You’re about to hear the roof come off the place and the challenger hasn’t even come out yet.

I'm not the one who's so far away when I feel the snake bite enter my veins
Never did I want to be here again and I don't remember why I came…

The lights in the arena dim and smoke fills the entrance as the first lines of Godsmack's "Voodoo" begin playing. Vivi tosses the curtain aside and stands with her arms outstretched and a smile on her face. She carries a walking stick, topped with a skull carved from ivory, in one hand and waves to the crowd with the other, bemused by their positive reaction to her. Pausing for a moment, Vivi waits for the next verse of the song to begin before she starts making her way to the ring.

Candles raise my desire why I'm so far away, no more meaning to my life, no more reason to stay...
Freezing feeling, breathe in, breathe in...
I'm coming back again…

As she reaches the ring, Vivi climbs up the stairs and tips her top hat to the crowd before taking it and her jacket off, laying them on the side of the ring along with her walking stick. Only then does she step in over the middle rope, standing in the center of the ring with her hands on her hips, waiting.

Gaby: Ladies and gentlemen, now making her way to the ring, she is the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans, the High Priestess of Baron Samedi, the Monster of the French Quarter... Please welcome home…...the one and only… VIVI ROBICHAUD!

Zack: It is absolutely THUNDEROUS in the Smoothie King Center as this sold out crowd welcomes home Vivi with a rockstar-like ovation! You’d think the Saints just won the Super Bowl!

Steph: If Vivi has her way tonight it’ll be louder than even that. Cortez may get booed out of the arena before she has a chance to do anything.

Look out, they're closing in on you now
Wake up, or you’ll wake up six feet down
Nobody's got your back in this town
Knock 'em. In the. Teeth. NOW!

The intro to Set It Off's "Killer in the Mirror" starts on the sound system, and lights start blinking in random colors as Tara Cortez struts onto the entrance ramp carrying the FFW Future Shock Championship with her two hands, with her manager Christian Kincaid right there with her. She stops right before the descent and pulls off a short dance move, crouching down only and taking a spin, proceeding to get back up, grinding the center plate of the belt against her midriff before rising the belt above her head... Only to nonchalantly wave the booing audience off ass she brings her arms down again, draping the championship over her shoulder. Blowing raspberries, she then starts strutting down the entrance ramp, shaking her head at the fans in attendance as she makes her way to the ring.

Gaby: And her opponent, escorted to the ring by Christian Kincaid... From Fort Worth, Texas... She's the REIGNING and DEFENDING FFW Future Shock Champion... "10-STAR" TARA CORTEZ!

When Tara climbs into the ring, she makes her way to the ropes facing the hard camera, leaning onto them and posing for the audience, moving her arms much like in the same way she did earlier with her starting dance, raising the Future Shock Championship up high again, only to then wave the crowd off once again before she hops back down to the ring, making her way to her corner and sharing some last minute strategy with Christian, handing him the championship before the match starts.

Zack: It’s like someone flipped a switch, because they are booing Tara Cortez out of the building right now! The French Quarter wants nothing to do with the “10 Star Prospect” who just happens to be the Future Shock Champion.

Steph: For some wrestlers, that level of vitriol can get you way off your game. The champion is doing her best with soaking it all in, feeding off of it.

Tara hops up onto the turnbuckle, soaking in the boos before Vivi does the same on her side and completely turns the crowd back to cheers. The priestess looks back to Tara with a smirk before the referee takes the title from the champion. Stringer raises it over her head as Gaby leaves the ring, and then shows it to Vivi. She takes it and raises it over her head to an even louder response from the crowd.

Zack: I wish you could be here to feel this energy, fans! Vivi’s showing everyone what she has every intention of recreating at the end of this match. If she pulls it off, there’s gonna be one hell of a party in New Orleans tonight!

Steph: And if she doesn’t there may be a riot in the streets. No pressure.

Stringer takes the title back from VIvi, and hands it down to Gaby before calling for the bell to start the match. Vivi extends her arms, waving her fingers as the crowd starts chanting her name loudly. Tara looks out amongst them before Christian shares some words with her in the corner, and the champion immediately goes for Vivi’s left leg. The challenger sidesteps her, and catches her as she turns around with a flurry of right hands to the side of her head. The crowd pops at each shot practically before Vivi whips her across for the ride. As Tara rebounds, she eats spinning back elbow to the mouth from the challenger who spins her around for an atomic drop. It propels Cortez into the ropes just before Vivi catches her with a clothesline that sends her over the top to the floor.

Zack: Vivi’s left knee has that brace on it, and Tara went straight for it! Not that it did her much good. You gotta believe that left knee is Tara’s target tonight, an injury her sister, Luna, caused some time ago.

Steph: Well if you’ve been watching any matches with Vivi in them, that knee has become the most favorite target. You would really think there’s a conspiracy at this point.

Christian immediately moved towards Tara as she got up, and started talking with her as she looked upset. But the conversation was short-lived as Vivi used a baseball slide into her chest to send her back into the barricade. She quickly snatched Tara to her feet, and started driving her head against the mat before shoving her back inside the ring. The challenger shook her head as she walked Tara down. As soon as the champion was back to her feet, Tara went to catch her with a right….but Vivi blocked that shot and returned fire with a couple of her own. She backed Tara into the ropes before firing her into the corner. The priestess showed no signs of slowing down as she followed her in with an avalanche splash. It sent Tara stumbling forward. And when she turned around, Vivi left her feet to apply a headscissors into a hurricanrana. Cortez started back to her feet again, and the challenger met her with a bicycle kick that dropped her where she stood. She immediately went for the cover as Stringer dropped into position.

Steph: Big time bicycle kick and you could feel the air on that one!



Tara kicked out at two, and shoved Vivi off the cover almost as quickly. When she started to get up, Vivi was already back to her feet and caught her with a back heel kick to the stomach. It doubled the champion over before Vivi bounced off the near side with a running neckbreaker.

Zack: Vivi has started this match off with a flurry of offense, and it’s obviously overwhelmed Tara in the process! That brace doesn’t seem to slow her down at all.

As the champion started to get up again, Vivi snatched her head into position for her DDT….and Tara bolted out of the ring to the floor. The champion leaned over for a moment, trying to pull herself together as Christian joined her. The two talked for a moment, and Tara waved off the ring, and started heading up the ramp. Vivi’s fans didn’t like that at all, and the boos began all over again.

Zack: Tara’s had enough of Vivi and this New Orleans crowd, and….she’s heading for the showers right now. If she leaves, she’ll take the title with her!

Steph: I don’t like this, Zack. Don’t like it at all...

Vivi shook her head, and went out after her. She caught Tara about halfway up the aisle, but the champion turned into her with a leg sweep to let her land on the back of her head. Cortez dropped on top of her in the mount position, and unloaded with furious right hands to her head. She got back to her feet with a smile, and tapped her forehead to remind the crowd how smart she was. And then, she pulled Vivi back to her feet and fired her into the barricade along the ramp. She whipped her to the other side, crashing Vivi back first into that wall too. As the voodoo priestess came forward, Tara dropped her with a spinebuster on the ramp. The boos only got louder as Cortez pulled her up again, and went to fire her into the post. But Vivi reversed it, and sent Tara into it instead. The champion grimaced as Vivi took off towards her, and went for a spinning roundhouse kick…..but Tara dodged out of the way. Vivi wrapped ler left leg around the post instead, and dropped down to the floor in pain.

Zack: Oh no! Vivi was gonna send Tara’s head into the eight row with that kick, but Cortez avoided it! Vivi’s leg hit the post, and the post didn’t sell a damn thing!

Steph: I can tell you first hand, Zack. It don’t matter if it’s your hand, your shoulder, your head, or foot. That thing has zero give.

Tara rolled into the ring and back out again to break the count before she began to stomp away at Vivi’s brace. She then leaned down, and began to remove it. As she tried, Vivi started firing punches from her back to keep her away. It dazed the champion for a moment, and Vivi made it back to her feet with the help of the barricade. But she didn’t stay there long before Tara used a chop block to take her leg out from under her again. The challenger hit the floor, and Tara went back to work as she tried to remove the brace from her leg. She finally managed to do it, and then tossed it into the crowd with a smile on her face.

Steph: Tara has decided that this is the last time her or her sisters ever wanna see Vivi again. The crowd doesn’t like the smell of this...

Zack: That leg might as well have a big red X on it, and it was only a matter of time before Tara managed to take that thing off.

Tara dragged Vivi back to her feet, and threw her into the ring under the bottom rope. She followed in after her as Vivi was already trying to get to her feet. She made it, and got scooped up by Tara into a shinbreaker in the process. The champion looked very pleased with herself as she took Vivi’s foot and started spiking her left knee into the mat repeatedly. Eight in a row landed before she dragged her towards the ropes. With her leg draped across the bottom, Tara jumped from the middle rope to crash down across her knee. She reset it, and did it twice more, causing the challenger to pull her knee to her body.

Zack: We talked about how that left knee was likely going to be a target for Tara, and the “10 Star Prospect” has proven us right. Without that brace, Vivi’s got no protection at all.

Steph: Tara wants to cripple her, Zack. Plain and simple. That makes three modified sentons across the leg, something out of Barnes’ playbook it looks like.

Tara was amused with Vivi’s pain as she grabbed her foot, and yanked her leg in the process. Cortez wrapped Vivi’s leg around the back of her neck, and began to bounce up and down letting Vivi hang upside down. The challenger shouted in pain as Tara kept the submission applied, holding here up by her knee. Vivi barely was able to grab the bottom rope to get the break, and Tara dropped her back to the mat. A smirk formed on the champion’s face as she listened to the ire of the crowd, then pulled Vivi away from the ropes to apply a figure four leglock. Vivi’s face was etched in pain as Tara propped up on her elbows to watch Vivi writhe in agony.

Steph: Look at her, Zack. She’s enjoying it. The Future Shock champion is laying there, elbows up, watching Vivi in pain like it’s her favorite Netflix show.

Zack: She may be the only one who is, because there’s not a concerned face in this sea of thousands here in the Smoothie King Center.

The referee slid down beside the challenger, seeing if she wanted to stop the match. Vivi made it clear (loudly) that she wasn’t going to quit. As soon as she said that, Tara grabbed her foot and began to pull on it in the hold to increase the pressure even more. The crowd started chanting the priestess’ name as Tara continued to crank on her foot. Stringer checked again, only to get the same response the last time she asked.

Zack: I think Vivi would rather have that leg amputated than submit here tonight in her hometown in front of the world, Steph. And I believe that’s exactly what Tara wants most, to make her quit here!

Steph: Which will only serve to seemingly aggravate Tara and there may lay an opening!

The chants only got louder as Vivi’s fingers clawed through her hair. Her eyes watered as she sat up, and raised her arm to try to turn it over. Tara sat up too, and started raining fists into her knee to stop her. But the challenger returned fire with a thumb to her eye, and then started to turn it over again. This time, it succeeded and Tara began to feel the pain. She quickly started pulling her legs free to break it, and Vivi made it to the ropes. Cortez got back to her feet, and rubbed her knee for a moment before she went to get Vivi. She dragged her back from the apron towards the center, and went to apply the submission again until Vivi grabbed her head, and pulled her down into a small package! The fans came to their feet as Stringer dropped to make the count.

Zack: Tara’s getting her away from the ropes, and she’s gonna---OH, MAYBE NOT!!




Tara kicked out in time, and sat up to check to make sure it was just a two from the referee. Stringer confirmed that it was, and Vivi caught her with a knee strike to the back of her head when she did. She used the good leg to do it, and then proceeded to rain leg drops across her face with that same leg.

Steph: Northern knee strike, and now The Monster of the French Quarter is taking some dividends out on Tara’s face!

The challenger pulled herself towards the ropes, and started to get up again. It was clear how much trouble she was having staying on her feet. Tara began to get up again at this point, and went to get her. But Vivi stopped that a kick to the gut followed by a facebuster. Her face winced in pain once more as she started to get back to her feet. Vivi stepped up onto the middle rope, and began to bounce on it before coming off with a springboard senton across Tara’s body as she tried to sit up again. Making it back to her feet, she leaned against the corner and screamed at Tara to get up.

Zack: Vivi’s been working on a bad leg for so long now that it’s almost second nature to her now. She knows what she can do like this, and she’s not going to let this opportunity slip past her, Steph.

Steph: You would be surprised what the magic of adrenaline can help you ignore in terms of pain, Zack. That doesn’t mean that it’s still not a target for Tara unfortunately.

Tara was slow to do so though. As she began to rise, Vivi was testing her leg in the corner. And when the champion was vertical, she launched herself into her own Clothesline from Hell that mowed Tara down….and collapsed Vivi to the mat a few feet away. With the crowd loudly chanting her name, she pulled herself towards the fallen champion and made a cover with a hook of the leg.

Zack: Tara just felt THE REMINDER, and Vivi could be seconds from making this crowd erupt for the second time tonight!




Tara’s shoulder came off the mat before the three, causing Vivi to hammer elbows into the side of her head before she rolled away. The challenger gingerly pushed up to her feet, and started hopping on on her right foot with a growing anger on her face. The fans got louder as she circled around the champion. Tara began to get up again with Vivi behind her before she used a leapfrog into a face brusher!


She sat up again, nodding her head as she listened to her fans. And once more, she got back to her feet and started swirling her hand over her head to let them know that a hurricane was on the way. The fans continued shouting her name as Vivi backed up against the ropes, and started waving for the champion to get back to her feet. Christian shouted at Tara what was coming from the floor as the “10 Star Prospect” began to get up.

Steph: Christian trying to warn off his client from what has spelt disaster for many in the past! The 10 Star is about to eat a Category 5!

Zack: That’s all Vivi needs to hit, and she’ll have picked up her first Future Shock Championship!

When Tara was finally back to her feet, Vivi picked up speed as she ran towards her looking for her running jumping DDT….but Tara shoved her forward as soon as she felt it coming. Robichaud nearly went into the ropes before she stopped herself just before Tara grabbed her into a dragon screw leg whip that twisted Vivi’s left knee on the way down. The challenger shouted in pain as Tara dropped to a knee, trying to collect herself.

Zack: I don’t know if she heard her manager or not, but Tara wasn’t looking to weather Hurricane Vivienne! And she may have dislocated her knee after that follow up.

Steph: A dragon screw can do so much damage to an even perfectly healthy knee. I’m not sure Vivi can stand and for Tara? That spells curtains. I mean... Not really. You know what I mean.

Vivi struggled desperately to get to her feet with a lot of difficulty before Tara kicked the back of her leg out from under her. She collapsed back down onto the mat, and Cortez immediately applied a kneebar submission. Vivi shouted in pain, and Tara locked it in tightly. The referee moved back around in front of the challenger to check for the submission, but Vivi shook her head. Tears formed in her eyes though as Tara cranked on the pressure, causing the challenger to wave her hand over the mat.

Zack: Tara’s got that kneebar as perfectly applied as you could ask, and there comes a point, Steph, where you have to ask yourself is it worth my career? Because that’s the hand Vivi is playing with right now, I think!

Steph: Someone might argue with you, Zack. Me especially because I’ve been there before and yes. Yes it’s worth your career if you want it bad enough.

Her hand bobbed up and down over the mat as she buried her face in her other arm. Tara continued to apply the pressure, causing Vivi to raise her head and scream in pain. Her hand continued to bob over the mat as the referee watched closely for the tap out. Tara shouted at her to quit, but only got another scream of pain as Vivi’s hand flailed over the mat.

Zack: She’s gotta tap out, Steph! Look at her face, she’s in agony! And Tara’s not shown any sign she’s gonna let go of this submission! Just tap out, it’s not worth being crippled! It’s high drama in the Big Easy!

Steph: She can tap and no one will think less of her but it’ll be a question she has to live with! If she could have gotten out!

Vivi let out another scream before she walked with her hands to drag them towards the ropes. She wrapped her arm around it to a pop from the crowd, but Tara didn’t let go. Stringer counted to four before she broke he hold. The “Vivi” chants began again as Tara got back to her feet, looking down at the seriously hurt Vivi still clinging to the bottom rope with her arm.

Steph: Tara looks... I can’t properly describe that look. Confused? Aggravated? Frustrated? Disbelieving?

Zack: I think all of the above works here, Steph. She was sure she had this match in the books, but Vivi’s got an indomitable spirit.

The referee kept Tara back since Vivi was in the ropes, and the voodoo priestess started to get to her feet very slowly. She was unsteady when she finally got up, and Tara charged forward to get her….only for Vivi to surprise her with a superkick! It got a pop from the crowd as Vivi leaned against the ropes, gritting her teeth as she let out a scream...of rage this time! Tara looked stunned as she lay on her back, while Vivi started massaging her knee waiting on her to get up. She waved her arm over her head again, letting the fans know what she was looking to do next.

Zack: She’s gonna go for it again! Vivi is hellbent on hitting that DDT! And after the superkick, I think she’ll leave with the title if she can hit it!

Steph: It’s still an if! It’s about to all be up in the air!

When Tara finally got back to her feet, Vivi charged towards her again. She went to grab her head, but once more, Tara shoved her off. Cortez used a chop block before she could turn around to bring her down to the mat….and then apply an inverted figure four leg lock. Vivi screamed like a banshee as it was locked in with Tara closer to the ropes and none within reach for the challenger!

Steph: She’s refusing to give up! Every second on the second, every moment becoming an hour but she’s still holding on!

Zack: How much more can she stand though? Her face tells the tale of a woman being absolutely tortured!

Stringer checked once more to see if she wanted to stop the match, but Vivi screamed no at the top of her lungs. The crowd once more showed their support as they cheered her name, while Vivi collapsed onto the mat. Her face was wrenched in pain as the referee kept asking to stop the match. Robichaud pounded her fist against the mat in pain and frustration. The referee continued to ask before Vivi pushed up on her hands one more time…..and then collapsed face down on the mat. Stringer asked her again, and got no response at all before she called for the bell.

Zack: Jesus Christ, Vivi wouldn’t tap! She wouldn’t quit! But her body gave out, Steph! Vivi passed out, and the referee had no other choice!

Steph: That... That was hard to watch.

Gaby: The referee has stopped this match, therefore your winner….AND STILL FFW Future Shock Champion…………’THE 10 STAR PROSPECT’ TARA CORTEZ!!!

Christian slid into the ring, and helped Tara to her feet. The New Orleans crowd had nothing but hate for the woman as the referee waved to the back for medical help. Tara grinned and hugged her manager before the referee gave her the Future Shock Championship. Two trainers hit the ring next as Tara kicked proverbial dust behind her onto the lifeless Vivi.

Zack: New Orleans isn’t a happy place right now, but Tara Cortez is still the Future Shock Champion! Vivi refused to quit, she refused to tap out! But her body gave out on her in one of the gutsiest performances I’ve ever seen!

Steph: She did everything she could, threw out everything she had and might have been mere moments away from being champion, Zack.

Zack: I’m sure there’ll be another day for Vivi, but the story tonight is Tara Cortez is leaving the French Quarter with her title! She did it alone too! And Vivi….gave the best performance of her career so far in Future Shock.

Tara climbed up onto the turnbuckle, raising the Future Shock Championship over her head to nothing but disdain and hate as Malice faded off the air.

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