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July 16, 2019, 07:11:42 pm
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Face Off Preview #8 for the April 25th Velocity

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Author Topic: Face Off Preview #8 for the April 25th Velocity  (Read 59 times)
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« on: April 15, 2019, 05:07:38 pm »

A pair of buildings appears as the faces of FFW stars begin blinking on them. Suddenly  a wrecking ball smashes through the buildings with the rubble covering the camera until we are taken inside the studio. A rounded video wall sits behind two leather chairs with a table between them. On the video wall, FFW stars’ faces slowly change.

In the chair on the left is the host, Christian Kincaid. To his right on the other side is the reigning Evolution Champion...and also his wife, Kelly.

Christian: Welcome to the latest edition of Face Off, as we look ahead to the April 25th edition of Velocity. I’m your host, Christian Kincaid, mostly known around these parts as a manager of many talented women. I’m joined today by the very talented Evolution Champion, who also happens to be my wife. Kelly, welcome to my little show here in FFW.

Kelly: Thank you for inviting me on, I’m looking forward to see what the fans have to look forward to at the next Velocity.

Christian: This will be the last Velocity before we head to Relentless on May 18th, though there’ll be a Breaking Point still to come. The FFW roster is gonna be descending on Greenville, South Carolina at the Bon Secours Wellness Center for the show. And we found out the main event on the last Velocity, Kelly. The Unity titles are on the line as KO?TO defends against Chaotic Temptation’s O.E. Ayano and Scarlett Silver.

The graphic appears on the video wall behind them, causing Christian to glance towards it and back to the camera.

Christian: Even though I manage the challengers obviously, I think they have their work cut out for them. I’m gonna do my best to have OE and Scarlett working like machinery, but focus is the watchword. If they focus, they can do this. If one or the other can’t focus, this won’t end happily for the challengers. What do you think?

KO/TO vs. Chaotic Temptation’s O.E. Ayano & Scarlett Silver
FFW Unity Tag Team Championship

Kelly nodded her head in agreement.

Kelly: I think that’s a pretty fair assessment. We’ve seen these teams meet in singles action and it’s come out all even with one win a piece. We know what we’re getting from KO/TO - they come into matches completely focused on the task at hand and give their all, just like they did at Unstoppable 9 in the ladder match. OE and Scarlett are a little more of an unknown quantity when it comes to teaming together - they’ve not had anywhere near as many matches together - and Scarlett has had her issues keeping her focus on the task at hand. Though, it’s not stopped her from winning the Fast Track Championship three times and OE might just be one of the best wrestlers in the company to have not held a title...yet.

Christian: I think they can do it, I believe in them. I just think the champions are probably going to be a bit more cohesive, if only because they’ve been together years and had plenty of ring time to get a rhythm going together. But like I said….I think I can get them there. It’s just going to take a little more work on all our parts. Now before we get to the next match, I have been informed a new match has been added to the Relentless card.

A graphic for Ruby Tyler versus Areum Jijang pops up next.

Christian: What do you make of this one for Relentless, the “Huntress” and the….”Big Bang” Areum Jijang? Don’t call her Ji-Hu.

Kelly: Areum Jijang… or Ji-Hu… or whatever she is choosing to call herself right now seems to have gone off the deep end. And in a pretty spectacular fashion. As breaks from reality go, this one is probably right up there in the top ten and has definitely made her more dangerous. It’s going to be pretty interesting to see how Ruby deals with Areum with Relentless to exorcise her demons and try to snap her back to reality.

Christian: I guess having been intimate with Max Sato in the past has some long term side effects. I mean, you could say she snapped but she was with him sexually at one point. And I’m not sure that’s not a sign you haven’t already…..my biggest concern is OE. She’s been with him too, and I don’t want to see her turn into….this.

Kelly: Maybe it only happens with prolonged and repeated exposure. So far OE seems to be acting pretty normally and hasn’t started showing any signs of spiralling downwards into madness. Plus, you’dve thought if it was going to hit OE, it would probably have happened after Sophia put her out of action for a while. And OE seems to have far more friends around her than Ji-Hu had… Areum has… you know what I mean, right? Right.

Christian: I do, and I think we should probably move on. My mind is going places I don’t want to visualize. Anyway, let’s talk about a match that I’m sure many Ultraviolence division aficionados have been interested in seeing as perhaps a dream match. The title will NOT be on the line, but “Malicious” Mallory Bennett is gonna go one on one with the “Outlaw” Alysson Gardner in a No DQ match at Velocity

“Outlaw” Alysson Gardner vs. “Malicious” Mallory Bennett

Kelly: This could definitely be an Ultraviolence Classic and make no mistake. Everyone knows about Alysson Gardner’s hardcore credentials; her past as something of a specialist in doling out and taking huge amounts of abuse and her creativity in being able to use anything not bolted down as a weapon. While Mal beat the near invincible, near invulnerable looking Emma MacNamara for the Ultraviolence Championship and has continued to raise the bar further using a whole house and an armoury as a playground in the House Warring match. The Stars might want to increase the number of EMT’s at the show and dedicate a whole team to look after these two.

Christian: No question, also be curious to see who the fans support there. The next match is straight from their days in Future Shock. “Killer B” Bianca Reed and Valerie McKinley are gonna meet in Greenville. Here’s the kicker for you. If Valerie wins this match, she’s right in line with Bianca to challenge for your Evolution Championship.

Valerie McKinley vs. “Killer B” Bianca Reed

Kelly: I’ve got no problems with the line growing longer. Valerie… hopefully she’s learnt a little bit from the hubris she’s shown previously when it was her and Angelina and the Fast Track Championship. Though, as you’ve said, this goes right back to their Future Shock days and I’m certain McKinley will want to confirm the supremacy she showed over Reed when she had the Future Shock Championship. Reed, well, we know that she’s pretty desperate to get her hands on me. Or set up a dream match for herself with Missy - there’s been no secret made that she thinks I’m a pretender of an Evolution Champion. Therefore, she might want to make sure she wins this one and doesn’t find herself sliding backwards and that becoming a more remote possibility.

A thin smile appeared on Kelly’s lips.

Kelly: Good luck to both of them.

Christian: The next match we are going to discuss features another of the champions of FFW getting in the ring before she has to defend her title at Relentless. I’m referring to the reigning Fast Track Champion Lilly Arthur. She’ll be meeting the Franchise’s Angelina Fantastica at Relentless...and possibly Caitlyn Storm after that. Matter of fact, let me touch on that. Caitlyn earned herself a title shot by defeating Angelina at the last Velocity, and I’m happy for her. She’s been putting in solid efforts since she came up from Future Shock, so I think she’ll make a great challenger for either Lilly or Angelina after Relentless. What about you?

Kelly: Completely agreed with you. Recently Caitlyn has been very impressive in the ring. Her kicks are to be feared, her tenacity should be applauded and she has definitely earned the opportunity to step up and challenge for gold. I’m pretty certain Lilly will look forward to the challenge and facing someone like Storm. While I think Angelina will probably want to avenge the happenings from the last Velocity but won’t be looking forward to getting kicked around the ring.

Lilly Arthur vs. “Big Bang” Areum Jijang

Christian: Who would! But Lilly may want to bring a tin foil hat possibly for the next Velocity. In a non-title match, she’ll be meeting the woman we talked about earlier….the “Big Bang” Areum Jijang. Talk about walking into the mouth of madness.

Kelly: Areum is coming off a pretty big win in her last outing, finally showing signs of living up to the potential that she showed in the ring during her time on Future Shock. I’m sure she’ll not want to pass up this chance to put herself into the conversation for the Fast Track Championship. For Lilly, this will be a different challenge to most anything she has come up against before in the Madness of Max Sato. But we’ve seen Lilly adapt and step up to these sort of challenges before; there’s nothing to say she won’t again. But there’s no denying it’ll be a HUGE challenge for her.

Christian: And if all that wasn’t enough for you, Velocity will see the first appearance of the woman who’s been teased in recent weeks and talked about on this show as well. Harley Shannon will be in Greenville, and we’ll hear from her for the first time since she signed her main roster deal after accomplishing pretty much everything one woman can do in Future Shock….twice over.

Kelly: Harley certainly left a mark on Future Shock and has definitely proven herself ever since the show was relaunched. The main roster is definitely a completely different kettle of fish but Harley seems a sensible girl, so I’m sure she’s aware of that. It’ll be interesting to hear what she has to say and who has been chosen to provide her with her first test now that she’s made the move and then whether she can meet that challenge and overcome it.

Christian: April 25th is the date. Greenville, South Carolina is the place. And Velocity is the show. It’ll be the last Velocity before Relentless on May 18th. Big thanks to the wife here for joining me for this edition, and we’ll be back one more time before Relentless when we talk a little Breaking Point! See you then.

The couple start talking with each other as the show fades out on a commercial for Relentless on May 18th.
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