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November 20, 2019, 11:52:18 am
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FFW Velocity - April 25, 2019

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Author Topic: FFW Velocity - April 25, 2019  (Read 428 times)
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« on: April 27, 2019, 03:40:50 pm »

Live from the Bon Secours Wellness Center in Greenville, South Carolina
April 25, 2019

A couple is shown sitting on the sofa playing video games, particularly the newest FFW game as we see it’s Rose Gardner and her boyfriend. “Shotcaller” by Taio Cruz begins to play in the background. On the screen, they are playing a match between Artemis Kaiser and Miko Ayano before it fades to a shot of the two actually facing. The next shot is Savannah Taylor applying her favorite submission. Another flash into “Killer B” Bianca Reed climbing up onto the turnbuckle and flipping off her sunglasses to the crowd. Next we see Missy and Scarlett Silver giving each other a hip bump while O.E. is trying to get her Pokemon cards back from Emma Mackenzie.

As Rose and Alex continue to play, he starts to get the better of her in a tag match on the screen between KO/TO and the Gold Standard. The shot changes to a real one of Kyle raising Valerie and Lacey’s hands in victory. Kelly Kincaid takes off down the ramp towards the ring in another shot, leaping over the camera as she does so. Nevaeh Summers connects with a moonsault in the next clip before we head back to the couple on the couch.

Rose gives Alex a long look with a quirked eyebrow before she reaches forward and “accidentally” hits the reset button. But as he’s about to protest, we cut back to clips starting with Isis and Valentina giving each other a grin. Caitlyn Storm is then shown connecting with a superkick. The next shot is NHB rallying the crowd before we we see Riley Savell rolling her head on her shoulders. Back in the living room, Rose turns the channel just as the Velocity logo flashes across the screen, and then we head directly to the live show. The crowd roars as they see themselves on television, while spotlights shine all throughout the arena. Katherine Grayson heads for the ring with a smile on her face while “Shotcaller” starts to fade out.

Zack: Welcome to the Bon Secours Wellness Center in Greenville, South Carolina! You’re watching the last Velocity before we head for Relentless on May 5th! Zack and Mai here, and tonight we have a Unity Tag Title main event!

Mai: Yeah, with three people I think are awful. If the challengers win, can we just have Scarlett be the tag team champions?!

Zack: Still bitter, huh? Let’s get this show rolling with some action! Take it away, Kat!

Kat: The following contest is a non-title match and it is scheduled for one fall to a finish.

The Intense electrical thrumming of “Diabolic” by Dance With The Dead signals the coming of Areum Jijang, white and yellow strobes matching the staccato piano-percussion mix.

A moment passes by and Areum appears on stage, the dry ice fog on the entrance ramp parting to show her, and in front of her, seated in a dessicated old hospital wheelchair, housing the disturbing effigy that was a Max Sato Realdoll. Boos rain down upon her, but Areum seems far less offended than she is visibly nervous, she shouts at “Max” to shut up before starting off down the ramp.

When ‘Big Bang’ gets ringside, she roughly carts the life-sized doll over to her corner before hurriedly sliding into the ring and backing into her corner, scanning the ring, the ref, and the crowd as though something might jump out at her.

Kat: INTRODUCING, hailing from Seoul, South Korea by way of Fresno County, California, accompanied by… uh… well… standing five-feet tall and weighing in at one-hundred-thirty-five pounds, “BIG BAAAAAAANG” AREUM JIIIIIJAAAAAAAAAAANG!!!

Areum holds her middle fingers high as the crowd showers her with more boos, before turning and shouting at Max to ‘Shut up!’ before turning her attention back to the upcoming match.

Zack: As much as has been said about the change in Ji--Areum, the new her seems to be picking up a great deal of momentum recently. She’ll be heading into Relentless in less than a month to face Ruby Tyler, and a win tonight against the reigning Fast Track Champion could really send her in like a runaway train.

Mai: She was always this good, people are just finally starting to see what I saw all along.

“All Stand Up” by Status Quo starts to play as the young lady runs out onto stage with the championship belt around her waist, heading to one side she urges the crowd to their feet, clapping her hands above her head. Skipping across to the other side, she waves them to their feet as she once more claps her hands over head. Quickly moving back to the ramp, she sprints down to the ring, sliding underneath the bottom rope and getting to her feet quickly. Bouncing off the ropes she powerslides across the ring on her knees before hopping to her feet and continuing to rally the crowd by stomping on the mat and clapping as she heads for her corner, climbing to the middle turnbuckle and holding the title high above her head before getting ready for the match to start.

Kat: The young lady approaching the ring comes from Sheffield, England by way of New York City, New York. She is 5’7” tall, she weighs 144lbs and she is the FFW FAST TRACK CHAMPION….LILLY ARTHUR!!!

Zack: Lilly has her own date at Relentless against one fifth of The Franchise in Angelina Fantastica for the Fast Track Championship. Tonight though, I am sure her focus will be 100% on the task in front of her.

Mai: Lilly’s not going to come out any better tonight that she will against Angelina at Relentless. She might as well just go ahead and hand the title over to her now and spare herself the pain.

As Kat makes her way clear of the ring, referee Kevin Fisk completes a check of both women. Finding nothing untoward he calls for the bell to get the match underway. Both competitors make their way to the centre of the ring with Lilly reaching it just a fraction of a second before Areum. As Jijang reaches her, Lilly attempts to go for a collar and elbow tie up but Areum doesn’t want any of that and instead fires a forearm towards her jaw. Lilly catches her arm barely managing to avoid the shot and immediately goes into an arm wringer, before transitioning into a hammerlock that gets her quite the bit of support from the crowd inside the Bon Secours Wellness Center. Using the lock to hold her in place, Lilly starts to deliver knee strikes into the side of Areum’s body. Several shots land before Lilly starts to kick the back of Jijang’s legs. It takes several shots but she finally manages to bring the South Korean down to her knees.

Zack: Lilly’s kicks are hitting with pinpoint accuracy and Areum is clearly feeling every bit of them. She’s got her down to her knees in incredibly quick time.

Mai: She might as well enjoy it while she can, Lilly might have gotten her down, but she’s not going to be able to keep her there.

Areum starts to stand herself up again until Lilly steps onto the back of her legs to keep her down, and tightens her grip on the hammerlock in the process. A forearm strike from Lilly’s free arm lands on the back of Areum’s shoulder, followed by several more in quick succession to try and keep her down. Jijang still tries to push back up, looking more annoyed each time Lilly bashes her back down until she finally makes it to her feet, and is rewarded with a kick to the kidney area which freezes her in place. Lilly fires off another series of knee shots, this time into Areum’s kidney area before she uses a hammerlock DDT to plant the South Korean on the canvas. Arthur takes off to the ropes and comes off the ropes with a leg drop that she lands straight across Areum’s chest before she gets into place for a cover, prompting Fisk to get into position for the count.

Mai: That’s never going to be enough to keep Areum down for a three count, she’s in cloud cuckoo land if she thinks it is.



Fisk barely has time to count the one before Areum kicks out and shoves Lilly forcefully off the cover. The South Korean quickly scrambles back up to her feet looking annoyed as Lilly follows just a fraction of a second later.

Zack: It might have been too early for a cover, but it’s got to have worn down Areum at least a little bit. If you have a chance to go for a cover you have to take it.

Lilly closes the gap between the two and immediately makes a move to go for Areum’s arm again. It doesn’t go quite to plan this time though as Areum dodges it and spins around behind her to clock the Fast Track Champion with a forearm smash across the back of her neck. Lilly quickly spins around to face her again and receives a forearm smash to the jaw for her trouble. Arthur shakes it off, and narrowly dodges an elbow shot from one side, only to get clocked with another forearm shot from the other. Areum grabs her by the arm and pulls her in towards her to really start laying forearm shots onto her in earnest. The Greenville crowd boo her loudly as she whips the Champion across into the ropes. Lilly rebounds at speed and Areum catches her and applies a front facelock to use a swinging neckbreaker to send Arthur to the canvas.

Zack: The speed of that neckbreaker must have Lilly feeling like she’s got whiplash right now, and that is not a good thing.

Mai: Really? Talk about stating the obvious. It’s probably best for her if she just stays down, because Areum is only just getting started.

The Sheffield native grabs her neck protectively and starts to rise back to her feet again as Areum watches her like an animal stalking its prey. As soon as Arthur reaches a fully vertical base Areum charges at her and knocks her back into the nearest corner where she starts to connect forearm smashes one after the other again. She pulls the Champion out before Fisk can ask for a break and fires her across into the next corner before following her in with a running knee lift to her ribs that audibly knocks the wind out of Lilly. Again Jijang pulls Lilly out of the corner, this time using a running bulldog to faceplant her onto the canvas. Lilly immediately, but slowly starts to push up to her hands and knees only to have Areum come off the ropes with a knee drop into the back of her neck. The South Korean rolls Arthur onto her back and hooks a leg as Fisk again slides into place for the count.



Lilly gets her shoulder off the canvas before the two is complete and Areum pulls her straight up to her feet by the hair and fires her across into the ropes. She rebounds off at speed, but just as Areum is about to connect with a running lariat, Lilly dives to the canvas and lands on her stomach to avoid it.

Mai: I hope Ruby is taking notes, because Areum is going to have all of this and more in store for her come Relentless.

Zack: That was a great evasion by Lilly. If that lariat had connected with the speed she was going, Areum might just have cut her in half!

Areum barely stops herself from crashing face first into the ropes and spins around to find herself face to face with the now risen Lilly. Areum immediately fires of an elbow shot into the side of the Sheffield native’s head that rocks her back on her heels. She gets her balance back just in time to dodge a second attempt, and to deliver an elbow shot of her own. Areum’s head reels a little from the impact and Lilly quickly follows up with two more to the same spot to keep her slightly off balance. A European uppercut comes next from Lilly that further affects Areum’s balance before she uses a Russian legsweep to send her down to the canvas. Areum gets herself up to her knees as Lilly comes off the middle rope with an Axe Handle smash to send her straight back down again. Taking off towards the ropes again, Lilly bounces off them as Areum rolls onto her back and lands a leg drop straight across the South Korean wrestler’s chest.

Zack: That leg drop might as well have come straight out of a textbook with how perfectly Lilly just landed it.

Mai: Are you the president of her fan club or something? You’re fangirling like it’s going out of fashion.

Lilly pulls Areum back up to her feet and grabs her by the shoulders to pull her towards her. With her bent forwards she starts deliver kicks into the side of her body. Several land on target before she switches it up and starts to drive her knee up into Jijang’s ribs instead. A final knee strikes under Areum’s jaw to stand her back upright before Lilly spins the South Korean wrestler around and locks her arms around her waist. She lifts her up and over to use a German suplex to send her to the canvas. Rolling through Lilly brings her back up for a second and a third, and finally a fourth before she leaves her laying in a heap on the canvas. The Fast Track Champion quickly takes off towards the ropes again and comes back this time with a springboard moonsault which lands perfectly across Areum’s chest and brings the Greenville crowd to their feet. Lilly quickly hooks a leg as Fisk once again gets into position for the count.

Mai: No baby no. This is not going to end like this, it can’t!




Areum gets her foot across the bottom rope prompting Fisk to stop the count. Lilly looks at him with wide eyes until he points it out to her, and she nods in response before getting back up to her feet. Jijang gets back to her own feet at the same time and the two immediately begin to trade right hands in the centre of the ring. Areum starts to get the upper hand and pulls Lilly into a side headlock to start firing shots into her ribs. After several have connected she fires the Sheffield native across into the ropes and catches her with a drop toe hold on the rebound to send her face first down to the canvas. Lilly pushes back up until Areum comes off the ropes with a running knee drop into her lower spine to keep her down. As Jijang gets back to her feet again and takes off for the ropes again, Lilly rolls onto her back and starts to sit up only to have Areum come back off the ropes with a stomp to her face to flatten her back down again.

Zack: That is going to leave a mark! A full force stomp to the face and Lilly might just be seeing double about now.

Mai: Seeing two of Areum, how lucky is she? She should just lay down and let her get the three count to show her gratitude.

Lilly starts to rise again and Areum pulls her the rest of the way by the head. The South Korean starts to unload relentlessly with a series of right hands to the side of Lilly’s head before she pulls her head down to drive her knee into her face. An uppercut stands her back upright before she uses a double knee facebreaker to send her down to the canvas. Lilly starts to rise up again slower than before until Areum grabs her by the head and uses a snap neckbreaker this time to send her straight back down again. Jijang gets into place for a cover, hooking a leg as the referee slides into position.

Mai: Thank you and goodnight! We have a winner in three….




Lilly gets her shoulder up off the canvas and pushes Areum off her as the Greenville crowd show their support for her loudly.

Zack: Not quite. Lilly has some left in the tank yet, and Angelina is probably somewhere taking notes ready for meeting her again in under a month’s time.

Areum starts to pull Lilly up again, before the Fast Track Champion surprises her with a legsweep to send her down to the canvas instead. Lilly gets herself up and shakes herself off as Areum rolls onto her front to start pushing up. Arthur heads for the ropes and as the South Korean wrestler reaches her hands and knees, Lilly comes off with an elbow drop from the top rope straight into the top of Areum’s spine. She lets out a yell of pain as Lilly heads towards the ropes again and Areum rolls onto her front. Lilly scales to the top and comes off with a top rope moonsault before hooking a leg for the cover.




The count stops abruptly as Areum sits up with such force that Lilly is sent rolling off the cover towards the opposite ropes.

Zack: Neither one of these women is making it easy on the other, but I can’t imagine that either has that much left in them now.

Mai: As long as it’s Lilly’s tank that runs out first, I’m all good. Otherwise, I don’t agree with it and demand a do over.

Using the ropes to steady herself Jijang gets back to her own feet and then ducks between the ropes to the apron as Lilly approaches. Arthur backs off to allow her to come back in, but instead Areum drops down to the floor and starts screaming at her ‘manager’ despite nobody being there. The referee tries to get her back in but she pays him no attention at all prompting Fisk to begin a ten count. Areum gets back on the apron and ducks back into the ring stopping the count at seven, before going straight back out to scream at her ‘manager’ again. As Fisk again tries to get Areum into the ring, Lilly is pulled out of the ring from behind.

Mai: Look at Lilly running for the hills while Areum isn’t focused on her. She knows she’s out matched and is getting out while she can.

Zack: I have a bad feeling about this. People don’t just disappear out of the ring like that without some help. And I’m guessing it’s not going to be any kind of help that Lilly wants.

On the floor Angelina Fantastica grabs the Fast Track Championship from Kat and smashes it into the side of Lilly’s head and then sets it onto the floor and uses a DDT to drive Lilly head first into it. On the opposite side Fisk finally convinces Areum to get back into the ring as Angelina rolls Lilly under the bottom rope behind them and then takes off into the crowd.

Zack: The referee is busy with Areum and neither of them have any idea what Angelina has just done!

Areum spots Lilly on the canvas and immediately makes a beeline towards her to deliver another stomp into her face. She pulls the Fast Track Champion up to her feet and straight into position to deliver her GTR move. Lilly hits the canvas like a sack of rocks and Jijang hooks both legs for the cover. Fisk gets into position for the count, and as soon as he does Areum grabs a handful of tights for good measure.

Mai: DETONATION! Good night Lilly!




The crowd erupt in a chorus of boos as Areum rolls off the cover and Fisk gets back to his feet to call for the bell.

Kat: Your winner via pinfall…………………………….AREUM JIJANG!

Zack: Angelina should be getting her name called in here as well, because it took both of them to win this match. Not that Areum has any idea what went on while she was screaming at thin air!

Areum gets back to her feet and has her hand raised by Fisk while the crowd continue to boo her loudly and Angelina watches from the crowd with a smirk. Areum rolls out of the ring and makes her way back up the ramp as the cameras cut elsewhere.

A Good Mechanic Is Hard To Find

As the show heads to the back, we see a pair of gloved hands with chains wrapped around them both. The shot pulls back to see the camera is trailing after the #1 contender to the Evolution Championship, Missy. It follows her through the halls as she starts shouting one name in particular.


She slowed down to see if the skunk-haired mechanic came out of any of the doors, and didn’t see anyone. So...she started opening doors. A couple empty locker rooms so far and a maintenance closet was all that greeted her till she rounded the corner and nearly clocked the COO of the company. Seth held up his hands before she stopped herself.

Missy: You shouldn’t sneak up on people like that. I thought you were someone else for a second then.

Seth: I’ll keep that in mind the next time…... I walk through a hallway in an arena. But I’m going to assume you are looking for Miss Bennett...in which case, I should tell you that I don’t think that’s a wise decision. I think, in all fairness, the best decision right now is to bottle these emotions for the time being.

Missy looks around, almost as if she thinks Seth is hiding Mallory from her.

Missy:  I don’t want to bottle it up, I want to smash the bitch’s face in. That sounds much better to me. That sounds like a fucking brilliant idea actually!

Seth: I understand entirely how you feel. But allow me to interject a bit of….logic to this situation. One, if you were to find her, I’m almost positive she’d be surrounded by the other four women in the Franchise. And one against five is not exactly weighted in your favor. Secondly even if you did find them and did get into a brawl, is that really the optimal way to celebrate your fiance’s birthday? To see you get gang assaulted by five women? I feel like there could be better ways to celebrate a birthday.

Missy: I’m not scared of them. I don’t care if there’s a dozen of them.

The second reason that Seth gave seems to stop Missy in her tracks a little. At least she semi relaxes and lowers her hands to her sides.

Missy: Adam though...I’m not having them ruin his birthday. I guess it’s her lucky night. This isn’t over though, Seth. I promise you that. I’ll stop looking for her tonight, but only because it’s Adam’s birthday, not for any other reason. And when I do find her…. Well, I hope you have some more challengers lined up for her title, because it’ll need a new home.

Seth: You have my word I will put together a meeting for you both. In the meantime, I see three things that should be prevalent right now. One, you have Bianca Salvador next week, whom held your arm with Mel while….well. Secondly, you have an Evolution title shot after that. And we already talked about the third. I suggest focusing on the birthday tonight, Bianca and Kelly next, and THEN onto Miss Bennett.

Missy: I will focus on Adam tonight. As for after that, I can multitask. I’m not dropping this, and I’m not going to sit quietly in a corner waiting for her either. When I see her, I’m dropping her like the garbage she is.

Seth: I have no doubt of that. Just a shame Miss Laskaris isn’t under contract here. I heard she was actually in the arena tonight.

Missy: You wanna go and tell me that now….after you just got me to calm down, really? I already made my intention clear with her too. She might not be under contract here, but this isn’t the only place I work...so she can’t avoid me for long.

Seth: Well that’s unconfirmed, just something I heard. But I think you have the right idea, I’d focus on loved ones since it’s their birthday. And you already know where his office is, so I’d suggest…..maybe de-chaining…

He gestured towards her chained fists.

Seth: And help celebrate a 33rd birthday tonight. I think that would be more appropriate for the evening.

Missy: I do have plans for him tonight, and they’d be harder to do if I get myself locked up...which is a possibility when I do get hold of that skank Bennett.

She starts to unwrap the chain from one of her hands.

Missy: You’ll not get any trouble from me….tonight.

On those words, the show heads elsewhere.

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« Reply #1 on: April 27, 2019, 10:07:50 pm »

Kat: The following match is scheduled for one fall to a finish!!!

Zack: Here’s a match that was born out of their days in Future Shock together, and a rivalry that I doubt will ever end.

Mai: They have traded wins ever since they started having issues, but the thing is Valerie will always be better because she has more money. That makes you better.

The lights in the arena sharply cut off, leaving everything in complete darkness. The chiming of a clock is heard echoing in the darkness, followed by a chipper, circus like chime tone. As the tone chimes on, a vibrant gold spotlight shines down on the top of the stage. The circus chimes are soon replaced by the opening chorus of “Villain” by Wildfire.

"Tic tic toc, the time bomb clock
Ticks grinning ear to ear here baby
Tic Tic Toc, the time bomb clock
ticks counting down...
tic, tic stop!"

At the exact moment “stop” is sung, the song kicks into full gear, setting off a series of shimmering gold strobe lights going off on either side of the ramp. A few seconds pass before the controversial redhead, Valerie McKinley makes her way out from behind the curtain and stands in the immediate center of the stage, standing in the gold spotlight. Coming out behind her and standing next to her was her manager, one Kyle Kilmeade.

"You know I speak in riddles,
And I’m plotting to destroy
Villain as I always was
Crazy is as crazy does"

Clad in a mid-thigh length leather jacket worn open over her gear, Valerie looks around at the crowd showering her with a rousing chorus of boos. Her championship is slung over her right shoulder as she looks over at Kyle and the pair simply shake their heads. The strobe lights begin to lessen in intensity as the pair makes their way down the aisle, her arms at her side and a focused look on her face. As she makes her way to the ring, the fans on either side of the aisle make their displeasure at her appearance rather noticeable, which Valerie simply dismisses with an arrogant flip of her hand.

"My sanity's in short supply
Mad as a hatter, hey surprise!
T-T-T-Ticking bomb on the inside
Livin' with the villain pacing in my mind."

Kat: Ladies and gentlemen, making her way down to the ring, being accompanied by Kyle Kilmeade…..from Providence, Rhode Island...she is one half of the reigning FFW Future Shock Tag Team Champions…….Valerie McKinley!!

The boos grow louder as Kyle hops up onto the apron and climbs into the ring. Valerie hops up onto the apron and spins around so her back is resting on the ropes. With her head bowed, she lifts both arms up towards her head and has her pointer finger and thumb on both hands close to her head. She lifts her head up and extends her arms out, her fingers pointing out at the crowd like pistols. She then makes a motion like she was firing her finger guns at the crowd before turning around to see Kyle already holding the ropes open for her. She steps through the open ropes and into the ring.

"I'm blowing up the mystery
And all the pretty things you see
Light flame to fuse
And Sparks will fly
You said goodnight
Now say goodbye."

Once in the ring, she walks around with her left arm extended outward,her right hand hoisting her title aloft, reveling in the heat from the crowd. She walks over to the corner and peels off her jacket, letting it drop to the apron as the lights return to normal and her music fades out. She rests her back against the turnbuckles and brushes a few stray strands of hair out of her face, awaiting the start of the action.

"I'm blowing up the mystery
And all the pretty things you see
Light flame to fuse
And Sparks will fly
You said goodnight
Now say goodbye."

Once in the ring, she walks around with her arms extended outward, reveling in the heat from the crowd. She walks over to the corner and peels off her jacket, letting it drop to the apron as the lights return to normal and her music fades out. She rests her back against the turnbuckles and brushes a few stray strands of hair out of her face, awaiting the start of the action.

Mai: This woman just exudes class and wealth, Zack. No wonder she has Kyle on the payroll, the best possible manager for the best possible talent.

Zack: I have a feeling he’s on more than just her payroll, but be that as it may, I won’t argue that Valerie has all the tools to be a megastar in FFW. But then again, so does this woman!

I told ya, baby
I told ya

The arena darkens as “Rockstar 101” by Rihanna begins to play before the camera takes us behind a woman with purple hair. She steps out onto the stage, raising her hand and making a fist as the camera looks over her shoulder. She tosses her sunglasses on her head out to the crowd as she heads towards the ring.

Rocking these diamonds
I'm rocking this chain
Make sure you get a picture
I'm rocking my fame

Kat: Introducing from Atlanta, Georgia, this is the Princess of the Reed family……...BIANCA REED!!!!

Bianca climbs up onto the apron, drops into a split before sliding under the bottom rope to the inside. She brings her legs together and hops to her feet, already making eye contact with her opponent and running them down verbally while her music fades and before the bell even rings.

Zack: Ever since “Killer B” made her first appearance in FFW, she’s been talking a lot of smack and backing it up! She’s one of FFW’s workhorses, and the Princess of House Reed wouldn’t have it any other way.

Mai: For once, we agree on something, Zack! I agree that Bianca Reed looks like a horse. I’m just surprised to hear you say it.

Malcolm Parks checked both competitors were ready before he called for the bell. Reed came out of her corner and strode forward confidently, still trash talking her opponent. McKinley met her in the middle of the ring and listened to the words coming forth from the Princess of the Reed family before she delivered a rake to the eyes, temporarily blinding her. McKinley then delivered a quick European uppercut to the jaw. A second and a third followed it, rocking Killer B back half a step before McKinley grabbed her by the head and dropped to her knees with a jawbreaker. Reed reeled backwards as Valerie came to her feet and caught her with a dropkick to the chest. It sent Bianca falling backwards against the ropes before they sent her stumbling forwards and straight into a front kick to the gut from the Gold Standard member. Bianca doubled up and Valerie took full advantage as she grabbed the Georgia native’s head once more and jerked her downwards into a single knee facebreaker.

Zack: It’s gonna be in Valerie’s best interest to ground Bianca, and keep her off her feet. Because if she starts getting that speed behind her, she’s hard to stop.

Mai: Not if you kick her in the lady parts, that’ll stop her. I don’t care how fast she gets. She’s obnoxious, not to mention far lower class than Valerie.

Again Bianca fell back against the ropes and this time Valerie stepped forward and delivered four quick knees into her midriff before wrapping an arm around her head and pulling her towards the center of the ring where she slammed her down into the canvas with a bulldog. Killer B held her face as she started to push back up to her feet; McKinley measuring her up as she took off towards the ring ropes and delivered a running big boot to her foe’s jaw before she could get fully upright, sending her down to the canvas again. The red haired woman delivered an elbow drop into the Atlanta native’s body and made the cover.

Mai: There you go. The sooner she gets this over, the quicker Valerie can go take a shower and wash the Reed stink off her.



Zack: Shame for her it didn’t happen then, isn’t it? The Reed stink?

Reed kicked out, pushing McKinley away from her which saw Valerie come up to her feet quickly and again set off towards the ring ropes, bouncing off them and launching herself into a flying forearm smash that caught Bianca flush on the jaw. Reed staggered backwards and McKinley followed after her, firing off forearms that forced the Atlanta native back into the ropes before she took hold of her wrist and Irish whipped her across the ring. On her return Valerie left her feet and once more caught Reed square on the jaw with a spinning heel kick. Bianca sat up and quickly went to rise only to be dropped to her knees with a roundhouse kick from the Providence born wrestler. Again Reed tried to get her feet underneath her and was once more sent to the canvas and into a sitting position with a snapmare takedown before she was sent back to the mat thanks to a vicious kick to her chest from the red head.

Mai: I’m of the mind that the only good thing about having a match with Bianca Reed is that you get to beat the snot out of her. Only thing is Valerie deserves better opponents. She should be facing the main eventers!

Zack: Based on what exactly? She’s already in the ring with a woman who has a guaranteed title shot at the Evolution Champion. That’s doing pretty damn well for yourself.

Bianca grimaced, holding her chest as she lay on the mat for a couple of moments before she started to sit up once more only to find Valerie bouncing off the ropes in front of her and hurling herself into a sliding forearm that caught Bianca on the point of the jaw. Reed lay back on the mat once more as McKinley kipped up to her feet and delivered a fist drop to her foe’s face before she made the cover.

Mai: Isn’t she just so graceful, Zack? Like a swan…..a swan that can beat the crap out of you if she wants.




Zack: I think your metaphor well ran dry, and we aren’t even halfway through the show yet.

Bianca kicked out once more and rolled onto her side, feeling at her jaw as Valerie looked over to Parks and got the two count confirmed by the official. It saw the Rhode Islander nod her head as she came back to her feet while the Princess of House Reed rolled onto all fours and the Gold Standard member took hold of her opponent’s arm and rolled her over into a crucifix armbar. Valerie pulled back fiercely on Killer B’s arm, asking her where all her trash talk was now even as the One Percenter began to slam her leg down across Reed’s jaw. The referee asked the Atlanta native if she wanted to quit only for her to instead begin to claw her way across the ring mat, towards the ropes and finally managed to grab hold of the bottom one. The official called for the break only for Valerie to hold until his count reached four.

Mai: Go ahead and hold on for another half second, it doesn’t cost any more. And even if it did, she can afford it.

Zack: Are you bucking for a little money under the table or something? She doesn’t know you exist, Mai. You’re not in her social circle.

McKinley rolled away and quickly came back to her feet where she took a moment to play up to the crowd, getting booed loudly as she let Reed get back up to one knee before she flashed out a hand twice, delivering two lightning fast open hand strikes into the side of her opponent’s jaw. Despite the blows, Bianca continued to get her feet underneath her only for Valerie to take her arm and apply a wristlock to her. Valerie used the hold to pull the Princess of House Reed away from the ropes towards the middle of the ring where Killer B suddenly lashed out with a sidekick to the Rhode Islanders stomach. Reed followed it with a second before McKinley reached out and attempted to put a top to the resurgence with a rake of Reed’s eyes. Bianca though fired off another side kick into her foe’s stomach that saw Valerie momentarily release the wristlock. Bianca turned and while still trying to clear her vision, she quickly tried to follow up with a wild haymaker left hand. McKinley swayed backwards to avoid the strike and managed to catch hold of her arm to whip her across the ring into the corner.

Zack: Let’s not forget the fact that Valerie and her tag partner, Lacey, have some business to handle at Relentless they caused against Gillie and Rose.

Mai: Don’t worry. They’ll take the trash out in a very similar fashion to the way Valerie is treating Bianca right now.

Reed hit the corner and the Future Shock Tag Team Champion measured her up before she charged forward and launched herself into a high knee towards her foe’s jaw. And only got the top turnbuckle as Bianca moved out of the way at the last second. McKinley landed on her feet and a heartbeat later, Bianca scooped her off her feet and dropped her into the canvas with a side suplex. As the pair begin to rise simultaneously, Bianca caught her foe with a closed right hand to her jaw, followed by a second before she jerked the One Percenter into a Muay Thai cinch and started to pair her body with raised knees before releasing her, sending Valerie back into the corner. Reed took hold of the top rope and threw kicks into her midsection. The referee called for the Princess of House Reed to let her opponent out of the corner and used the count; Bianca stepping away on four before she skipped forward and brought Valerie out of the corner with a monkey flip.

Zack: Bianca was to have a match with Riley Savell at Relentless, but Savell chose not to stick around to make it happen.

Mai: I don’t blame her. She already proved she was smarter the other week during that impromptu fight they had. I had Riley ahead on points there.

The move sent McKinley high into the air before she crashed down hard into the mat and almost immediately sat up. Quickly the Future Shock Tag Team Champion started to rise to her feet only taken straight back down with a flying clothesline. Valerie again pushed upwards and Killer B didn’t let her stay on her feet for more than a second before she caught her with a spinning wheel kick. Again Valerie tried to rise quickly and Bianca set off towards the ring ropes, springboarding off them and into a headscissors takedown that sent the Rhode Island native spinning through the air before she landed face down on the canvas.

Zack: Valerie must feel like she’s in the spin cycle of the dryer her maid uses right now, and Bianca’s showing that high speed offense we have seen so often.

Mai: A few lucky shots don’t win a match, Zack. She’s probably got loaded knee pads anyway.

Bianca once more came to her feet and took off towards the rising red head, leaving her feet to catch her with a running dropkick to the chest that saw Valerie fall back into the ropes before she was re-introduced to the canvas once more courtesy of a drop toe hold from the Princess of House Reed. Once more the pair began to rise, Bianca a step ahead of her opponent allowing her to lay in stiff kicks to the body of the Providence born wrestler before she Irish whipped her across the ring to the opposite corner. Bianca took off right behind her opponent and as McKinley hit the turnbuckle pads, she left her feet to catch her with a dropsault to the chest. Reed landed on one knee and immediately came back up to her feet and started to fire off a series of stiff kicks to her body, the Georgia native beginning to run her mouth as she delivered the blows. Finally she finished off the combination with a jumping side kick to the side of her opponent’s head.

Mai: I think we need to institute a rule about not hitting Valerie in the face, that’s the face of a work of art.

Zack: Which part of “she doesn’t know you exist” do you not get? Haven’t you ever read “She’s Just Not That Into You?”

McKinley started to stagger out of the corner only for Bianca to lower her shoulder and send the red haired wrestler high into the air with a back body drop. Valerie rolled over and started to rise quickly only for Bianca to catch her with a running knee to the face that saw her drop backwards to the mat. Again McKinley tried to rise quickly only for Bianca to grab hold of her head and slam her face first into the mat with a sitout facebuster. Quickly Reed rolled her opponent over and made a cover, trash talking her foe while the referee slid into place and made the count.

Mai: She even runs her mouth going for the win! Obnoxious woman!



Zack: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I’m sure she’s happy to continue putting something on Valerie Ajax won’t take off.

Valerie kicked out and Bianca didn’t even bother to look at the referee as he confirmed the count to her. Instead Killer B took off towards the ring ropes, bouncing off them and drove a knee into the top of McKinley’s spine as she got to one knee. It sent her down onto all fours and Bianca once more jumped into the air and this time delivered a curb stomp. The One Percenter collapsed to the mat and started to roll over as Bianca again ran the ropes, bouncing off them and into a rolling thunder that saw her deliver a back splash across Valerie’s body. Reed leaned backwards and hooked the leg for the pinfall.

Mai: She’s not going to beat Valerie like that! And people say Valerie has a high opinion of herself!



Zack: They say it because it’s true. But you don’t get to be a Future Shock Champion and tag champion without some confidence.

Again Valerie kicked out of the cover and Bianca nodded to the referee as she came to her feet and started to pull the Gold Standard member up to her feet only to jump up and drive a knee into her jaw to send her back into the ropes which allowed Reed to step up and float over to lock in a tarantula submission hold. Parks immediately called for the break and began the five count, getting to four before Bianca released the hold, sending McKinley falling forward onto her face as Reed landed on the apron. Quickly Killer B came up to her feet and as the One Percenter started to rise, Bianca leapt up onto the top rope and launched herself onto Valerie’s shoulders, where she snapped off a headscissors takedown. Instinctively the Future Shock Tag Team Champion started to push upwards, getting to her knees before Reed caught her from behind, grabbing hold of her wrists, bringing her arms backwards into a straitjacket before she put her down on the mat with a straitjacket neckbreaker. Bianca continuing to talk to her opponent as she rolled her over and made the cover, hooking the leg as she did so.

Mai: It’s bad enough to be getting beaten up during a match, but it’s worse when your opponent has to talk to you while they do it.




Zack: If there were a title for trash talking, Bianca would win it and retire it undefeated. No question about that.

Valerie kicked out and was once more pulled upwards to her knees and into a guillotine choke by Bianca Reed. The referee checked to ensure the hold was legal before he asked McKinley if she wanted to submit, getting no response from the wrestler as she tried to pull Reed’s arms away from her throat and push up to her feet. It only caused Reed to jerk her arms upwards and apply the hold even tighter as she looked to put McKinley to sleep. Valerie managed to stagger a step or two before she dropped back down to her knees and seemed to be flagging. The referee checked on the red head once more, getting waved away as her hands grabbed at nothing in particular; slowly McKinley tried to push upwards only to fall to the side. Bianca again tightened up the hold again and the referee again checked on the Gold Standard member who was flagging in the submission. The referee checked one more time, again getting no answer as McKinley flailed out a hand and managed to reach the bottom rope. The referee called for the break and started the count, getting the release at four as Bianca rolled away and came to her feet.

Mai: You’re not going to get her to tap out, Bianca. Who do you think you are?!

Zack: She thinks she’s hashtag Big Game Bianca, and I’ve not seen much tonight so far to dissuade me from agreeing with her.

Valerie took a couple of moments laid face down on the mat, trying to catch her breath, before she began to push upwards to all fours where she again found herself pulled upwards. Bianca took hold of her foes head and quickly moved towards the ropes, using them to spin around and drive McKinley down into the canvas with a Tornado DDT next to the ring ropes. Reed rolled out of the ring underneath the bottom rope and came to her feet on the apron, holding on to the top rope as she waved her opponent up from the canvas. The Gold Standard member made it to all fours and Bianca used the top ropes to slingshot herself into the ring and delivered a leg drop across the back of her foe’s neck. Quickly she rolled her over and made the pinfall on her.

Mai: This isn’t gonna work either! HEY HEY, LOOK AT HER FOOT!




Zack: Parks saw it, and do you mind not screaming into the headset, please? I can hear you just fine, they won’t.

The referee waved the count off as Valerie’s foot found the bottom rope before the three count could be completed. Reed rolled away and to her feet, backing up across the ring as she waved the red haired wrestler upright, the fans cheering loudly for the Princess of House Reed. As Valerie began to pull herself up using the ring ropes, Bianca darted forward and threw herself into a rolling koppu kick...that saw her calf strike the middle rope as Valerie got out of the way in the nick of time. Bianca bounced backwards off the ropes and rolled back up to her feet only to be taken down to the canvas with a sling blade from McKinley. Reed looked to rise up quickly but as she did so, the Gold Standard member hooked hold of her head and dropped her to the mat with a reverse DDT. Quickly the Future Shock Tag Team Champion made the cover.

Zack: Reed landed right on the back of her head, and that could be enough to secure a win for the One Percenter.




Zack: Not when the referee has a hard-on for Bianca. If that had been me, it’d have been an eight count.

Bianca kicked out and sat up and suddenly found herself caught in a Full Nelson; McKinley quickly locking her fingers behind Reed’s head, forcing her chin against her chest as Valerie used all of her body weight to lean into her foe, making it as hard as possible for her to breath. Despite this the Atlanta born wrestler started to force herself back to her feet. Finally she got herself back to a vertical base and managed to turn towards the ropes, pulling Valerie with her before she kicked up onto the middle rope and pushed off, looking to counter the Full Nelson into a pinning situation… only for Valerie to step backwards quickly turning the attempt into a sitout Full Nelson bomb.

Zack: What a sequence of moves! And the One Percenter nearly put Bianca through the mat with that bomb!

Mai: It’s fine, there’s not a lot of butt there to protect her. So it probably hurt a lot more than it looked.

On impact Valerie released the hold and rolled away, holding her head for a moment. The Gold Standard member made it back to her feet a couple of seconds before her foe and moved quickly towards the ropes, springboarding off the middle rope to deliver a roundhouse kick to the side of the head. Reed collapsed to the canvas and rolled away before she slowly started to come to her feet, Valerie hooked her head, pulling her the rest of the way upwards and straight into a snap suplex. Once more McKinley pulled her opponent to her feet and this time fired her the short distance into the corner. The One Percenter reeled away as Reed hit the pads but only to build up speed before she came charging in and drove a forearm smash into Bianca’s jaw.

Mai: If I didn’t know better, I’d think Bianca lost a tooth right there. Either that or she came to the ring with a Tic Tac in her mouth.

Zack: These two are never going to be friends, they are never going to like each other. And Valerie’s face as she hit that forearm looked like she just found a good maid.

Reed slumped in the corner, only staying on her feet thanks to having her arms over the top rope which saw Valerie step backwards and leap into the air to connect with The One Percent gamengiri. Bianca dropped down further in the corner from the impact, almost sitting on the bottom turnbuckle and Valerie told the whole crowd that she was better than the Princess of House Reed - than anyone; that she really was a One Percenter - before she took hold of Bianca’s hand and twisted her into a wristlock. With a roar she used her grip to jerk Reed out of the corner and into a short arm lariat - the Crown Jewel. Bianca collapsed to the canvas and Valerie dropped to her knees and then into the cover, hooking Bianca’s leg as she did so.

Mai: That’s it, Zack! That’s the CROWN JEWEL!




Zack: Turns out the jewel was a knock off apparently, because it didn’t get the job done against “Killer B”, now did it?

At the final moment, Bianca’s shoulder popped up from the canvas. Valerie shook her head and glared daggers at the referee as he showed her the two count. The crowd booed the One Percenter as she came back to her feet, giving them the sign for the Divine Providence. She bent down and started to pull Reed up to her feet and into position for the move only for Bianca to act like a dead weight, dropping straight back down to her knees. Valerie shook her head, again playing to the crowd for a second or two before she pulled Bianca back to her feet and into position for the swinging reverse STO. As she did so, Reed came alive and began to fire off elbows into the side of McKinley’s head as she started to trash talk her again. Valerie staggered away as Reed spun around and quickly left her feet to catch her opponent with a pele kick to the top of her head. Valerie dropped to the canvas like a ton of bricks while Bianca landed on her knees, forehead pressed to the mat as she was breathing deeply and holding her jaw.

Mai: Ahahaha, Bianca’ss ucking wind almost as badly as she does in general. Get up, Valerie, and finish her off!

Zack: These two have taken a hell of a lot out of each other, and neither of them are moving all that swiftly at this point.

The referee checked on both competitors, getting an okay from Bianca who rolled over until she reached the ropes and slowly pulled herself back upright. She watched as McKinley began to rise, letting her get to her feet before she skipped forward and leapt into the air with a butterfly kick to the side of the red haired wrestlers head. Valerie stumbled backwards and Bianca came back upright, taking two quick steps forward and left her feet once more to take Valerie down with a codebreaker that saw the red head bounce off her knees and get sent tumbling feet over head into the middle of the ring. Again the One Percenter seemed to rise - her eyes looking glazed over as it seemed to only be instinct forcing her upright. She was only vertical for a moment before Killer B slammed her down into the canvas with a meteora. Reed rolled to one side, kipping up to her feet and into a standing moonsault across Valerie’s chest. She made the cover and hooked the leg as she did so.

Zack: A picture perfect moonsault, and Reed’s gonna put it away in three seconds!




Mai: Bite your working class tongue, Zack. That’s a future FFW Champion you’re talking about there.

Valerie’s shoulder rolled up off the canvas at the last moment to break up the pinfall and Bianca looked up at the referee for a moment, staring at his two raised fingers before she nodded her head. Quickly she pulled McKinley up to her feet and yanked her towards the corner where she took hold of her head and walked up the turnbuckles, pushing off as she executed a Shiranui. Bianca rolled back up to her feet quickly and moved towards the corner, hopping over the downed body of her opponent and jumped upwards into a split legged moonsault. Reed came off the top rope and landed once more across McKinley’s chest. Again she hooked the leg as she made the cover and Parks slid into position.

Zack: That was a breathtaking split-legged moonsault with a little added “Eff you” on the end of it!




Mai: Bianca can’t even spell F, what are you talking about?!

Valerie’s shoulder popped up at the very last possible moment and Reed looked at the referee disbelievingly, asking for the three once more only to get the two confirmed to her again. She took a moment before nodding her head in agreement with the referee’s count and started to bad mouth Valerie as she pushed back up to her feet. As she got to a vertical base, Bianca stepped into the corner and climbed to the middle rope. Suddenly Valerie kipped up to her feet and launched herself into superkick to Reed’s stomach. Bianca leaned forward and as she did so, Valerie jerked her forward off the middle turnbuckle and tried to get her into position for the Divine Providence one more time only for Reed to sweep her leg out from underneath her. The Rhode Islander rolled backwards and started to come to her feet only for Reed to springboard off the middle rope and into a reverse frankensteiner - the Read ‘Em & Weep!! As McKinley hit the canvas, Reed made the cover, hooking both legs.





Mai: FLUKE!! FLUKE!! She got her shoulder up, Is aw it! Restart the match!

Parks called for the bell and came back to his feet as Bianca pushed up to a sitting position, taking deep breaths as she held her jaw for a couple of seconds before starting to come back to her feet.

Kat: Here is your winner, by way of pinfall… the Princess of House Reed… BIANCA REED!!!!

Mai: She got her shoulder up, Zack! I saw it, and don’t bother with the replay. You won’t see it, I saw it from my perspective!

Zack: Of course, you did. But let me just remind you of that hashtag again, because it came true tonight in Greenville….Big. Game. Bianca.

Bianca came to her feet and had her hand raised by the referee to a rapturous response from the crowd. A large smile came across her face as she headed towards the corner, climbing up to the middle rope to celebrate. The camera cut to Valerie McKinley as she rolled out of the ring to the outside. Back in the ring, Reed was making a title motion around her waist, trash talking as she told Kelly Kincaid she was coming for the Evolution title.

Reasons To Be Scared

We pan around the building when “Rise” By Sixx Am begins to play. The crowd comes to their feet as Nevaeh Summers makes her way out onto the stage. Nevaeh is sporting black jeans, a black leather jacket, with a “I Want To Punch Casey Atherton In The Face” t-shirt on underneath as she just walks right down the aisle and heads straight for the ring. Nevaeh makes her way up the steps and enters the ring, going across it to ask Kat Grayson for a microphone, all while sporting a stoic look on her face.. The crowd is still cheering her as Nevaeh finally looks out to them. Nevaeh seems focused but does start to take in the reception she is receiving. Nevaeh begins to nod her head as she keeps looking out to the crowd.

Nevaeh: Judging by how rowdy you guys are right now it’s safe to say you’re having a damn good time tonight, huh?

The crowd responds enthusiastically. Nevaeh nodded her head as she looked out to them.

Nevaeh: Good, I like that attitude. I’ve been having a helluva good time myself lately. Been feeling real good. Feel I’m back on the right path after picking up a big win against Bianca Salvador. Feeling confident in myself. Had a smile on my face all week really. Just had a good time this week...that was till this past Breaking Point.

Nevaeh now paused as she seemed perturbed.

Nevaeh: It didn’t take long for my mood to change due to some certain comments a proud, strong, tall red-headed woman decided to make. Of course I’m referring to Isis Morales. It seems that there are some misconceptions going on around here and she seems to have a certain view on things. So I’m here tonight to try to clear that up real quick and maybe make some sense.

Nevaeh now turned and looked at the camera, still sporting an annoyed look on her face..

Nevaeh: It would seem you are bugged by the questions you’re being asked about our match, Isis. You seem annoyed that anybody would ask you how you’re gonna prepare for this match of ours at Relentless. You make it seem as if that question should only apply to me?!

Nevaeh just stared at the camera. She seemed almost insulted as she spoke.

Nevaeh: But that doesn’t seem to be the only thing on your mind or how you feel isn’t it Isis? I am aware of what I’m gonna have to do in this match in order to beat you...but you want to make it seem as if I don’t truly grasp what is going on. That there is nothing more terrifying I’ve come across in my career than you. You seem to think that I need to dig down deep so as not to be a martyr for my career.

Nevaeh looked at the camera, clearly agitated but she walked near the ropes and pointed her index finger to the camera.

Nevaeh: I am going to say this as clear as I can for you, Isis. That way YOU understand what is going on here.  I say this out of respect for you. I know what I am getting myself into at Relentless. I’m not doing this to be a martyr. I’m not going into this without understanding what you can do. I get what you can do. What you’re about. I know you want to win, but Isis...and you really listen to this part...as much as you seem to want it to be this way...I’m not terrified of you.

Nevaeh shook her head softly.

Nevaeh: That is not the case here. I respect you, I got a long night ahead of me at Relentless, but I’m coming to win that match just as much as you are. I am going to Orlando and not hoping for a miracle to beat you. I’m training as best I can to be ready for what you’re bringing that night. I am putting everything I have into this match.  Understand that and maybe you should start thinking about what it’s gonna take to beat me and not just see it as a one sided question. As a matter of fact, you should of been thinking that way the second this match
was made. Because as big as you might be, as powerful as you might be, I am coming to Orlando and I am going to give everything in my body to win.  Let’s see if YOU can handle what I’m bringing. Isis… with all due respect.. I am coming to beat you...

Nevaeh spoke with a terse tone, leaning forward as she looked right into the camera...

Nevaeh: ... sister...That’s the choice I’m making. I’ll see you at Relentless.

Nevaeh stared at the camera, mouthing “I’m coming” before tossing the microphone to Kat. Nevaeh glared back at the camera and stared at it before going about leaving the ring. She looks around the arena to see the crowd cheering her on, still touched by the reception she’s receiving.

Just then…

“¡Oye hermana!” (Hey, Sister!) Look over here!”

A familiar voice breaks into the joyous proceedings and immediately grabs Nevaeh’s attention. She then turns to the big screen on stage and sees a close-up image of Isis looking back at her, sporting a stoic look on her face making it clear to Nevaeh that she means business.

Isis: I should be surprised that you completely bypassed my warning, but I know better. This is what you are, Nev. This is why you are well revered in this company. Tonight, you have reminded everyone that you are a fearless warrior...one that I’m going to have the extreme pleasure beating the living hell out of at Relentless. And you know what’s going to hurt the most for you about this, Nev. It’s going to be far greater than the love and respect we have for each other. It’s going to be you living with the guilt of choosing this path, choosing to be crushed by THESE hands.

To drive her point across, Isis shows her large, menacing hands to Nev, who continues to look at the screen with intensity.

Isis: To be honest, I’m kicking myself. I really wanted to be there to see the look on your face right now. The same look you’ve laid upon so many others. But I don’t have to wait for Relentless to get that moment, do I?

Just as Isis snaps her fingers, the camera pulls back to reveal the red-haired giantess is standing in front of Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia.

Isis: This is where I’m going to be next Saturday night, Nev. You have your big homecoming match that night. And if you are feeling as confident as you say you are then maybe..just maybe you can come say all of that to my face?

Isis casually walks away from the view of the camera, allowing it to focus on the arena. Nevaeh stood there, seemingly stewing when moments later, Isis comes back to face the camera.

Isis: One more thing. You say that you’re not terrified of me. Guess I’m not surprised you said that either.

Isis gives a little laugh, showing humor to her comment.

Isis: But don’t worry, sweetie. You will be….

She then walks up to the camera and grabs it off the hands of its holder and focuses it on herself and she furiously looks at it.

Isis: ...you DEFINITELY will be!

Isis tosses the camera aside, making it crash onto the ground and causing the feed to go to static. Nevaeh remained standing there, a sense of anger appearing over her face. The crowd cheered for her once again as Nevaeh looked back at them.
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Kat: The following contest is a NO DISQUALIFICATION MATCH!

Zack: In which most of the people in this arena will be cheering for the giant meteor.

Mai: And people of taste like myself will be torn! Both women are perfectly fine with me! Two violent and beautiful specimen who this people should adore!

The mad guitar of Trivium’s “To The Rats” assaults the PA, as glitched images of the open roads are shown in the big screen. When the drums kick in, a single volley of red fireworks shoot up from the stage, and the sound of a roaring engine can be heard as well. On her motorcycle, Alysson shows atop the entrance ramp wearing a full biker gear, holding her crowbar on one hand, forcing the engine so to make a loud roar noise, as if it could drown out the crowd’s boos. After that, she jumps off the bike and removes her helmet with her free hand, looking over the crowd and shaking her head, and smashing the crowbar into the ground a couple of times before opening her arms wide and letting out a loud war cry.

Kat: Introducing first, from the Open Road... "The Outlaw" -- ALYSSON GARDNER!

After that, the Big Red walks down to the ring, removing her biker jacket and leaving it in the way along with her crowbar, before she rolls into the ring under the top rope. She then kipups back to her feet and starts showing off for the crowd, climbing the nearest turnbuckle, throwing more cross-arm horns and smirking at the booing crowd. Alysson then jumps down and takes shelter on her corner, eyeing her opposition directly in the eyes.

Zack: Alysson Gardner is a thrill seeker looking for something to keep her alive, in her own words. Maybe this will be the match that changes things for her?

Mai: She's a former Ultraviolence Champion who's already laying the foundation of her own farewell. She just didn't expect to have to wrestle Mallory Bennett so early.

The video wall begins playing images of Mallory Bennett in her most choice moments of violence. As the arena begins to boo, the lights flicker orange and red while the video wall shows the self-proclaimed ‘Byproduct of Misconduct’ and Malicious One grinning through a bloody face before punching the mat. The booing intensifies as the wrestler herself comes from the curtain with Andy Marx with her championship on his shoulder. Her scowling face bends into a grin as the crowd continues booing, trying to drown out “Whiskey Fever”.

“Woah mama don't you leave me alone, no tellin' what I'll do on my own!
Woah mama there's a pit in my soul, so deep I gotta fill it up now...!

On the second ‘fill it up now!’ Mallory drops to both knees, sticking her tongue out and throwing up devil horns and bending backwards as a wild pyro display of orange and red go off behind her. The crowd continues the boo as the chorus hits and she’s announced.

Kat: And her opponent... She’s the reigning ULTRAVIOLENCE CHAMPION...  From Tampa Bay, Florida weighing in at 150 pounds... “MALICIOUS” MALLORY BENNETT!!


The southern wrestler begins making her way down to the ramp, a scowl on her face as she observes the boos. She slides into the ring, leaving her championship with Andy. Andy pats the title, a smug look on his face as though the thing belongs to him. Mallory meanwhile throws her arms up to the boos in the middle of the ring before heading into her corner, and slumping in it.

Zack: Mallory on the other hand is riding an all-time high. She doesn't even care Aly Gardner is one of the most dangerous women in this roster: she's the champion, and will not be denied.

Mai: I'm willing to bet Alysson is going to be Mallory's hardest test since defeating Emma Mackenzie for the belt. And it's going to be absolutely beautiful!

The bells ring and the two wrestlers keep eyeballing one another, as the crowd makes sure to let them know they're rooting for the giant meteor, booing relentlessly as the two rogues smirk. When they begin to more to the center of the ring, though, Mallory raises an index finger, as to say "wait a second" before she... rolls out of the ring and makes her way up the entrance ramp. Under the eyes of a confused Alysson and a jeering audience, Mallory goes all the way to the top of the ramp, and as if on cue, in walks... Bianca Salvador, holding a kendo stick!

Mai: And heeeeere we are, the Franchise's weapon of choice making itself seen. But I'm pretty sure Alysson doesn't mind!

Zack: Unless Bianca Salvador comes down to the ring with Mallory. She did threaten to pick the Franchise off one by one if they interrupted.

Bianca hands the kendo stick to Mallory and the two Franchise sisters-in-arms high-five before Mallory dashes down the entrance ramp again, meeting the Big Red in the ring. Alysson welcomes her back with a smirk ("I see the game you're playin'," said the French wrestler) before Mallory shrugs, smirking... And then takes a swing at Alysson with the stick! Gardner ducks under the swung stick, then twirls and throws a superkick that Mallory parries by bunting it with the kendo stick! The rebound sends Mallory to her ass, and the two wrestlers proceed to do the same thing as they roll out of the ring and, browsing under the ring from opposite sides, both get steel chairs! They roll into the ring and stare one another down again as they grip their chairs... Before Mallory throws her chair at Alysson, who lets her chair go to hold the champion's! Mallory proceeds to superkick the steel chair into Alysson, but the Outlaw braces for it as she stiffens her arms, and she's sent back into the ropes with the chair instead of having it rebound on her face! With the impulse she gets with the ropes, Alysson pumps the chair forward and strikes Mallory with a stab to the chest, sending the champion down!

Zack: Quick thinking by both women, but now it's the Outlaw with the wheel! A stab of the chair, and she has the Ultraviolence Champion exactly where she wants!

Mai: I know we talk about early advantages a lot, but this is a match between two women who could break their opponent with their first move! Please be safe, Mallory!

With the Ultraviolence Champion down, Alysson grins and starts punishing her by delivering steel chair shot after shot to the top of her spine, pretty much until the chair is bent. Mallory tries to find a safe haven for herself in the corner, but Alysson proceeds to stomp a mud hole into her as she holds the top rope! Mallory grabs the fallen steel chair with her feet and pulls it closer to her to use it as a shield, but Alysson immediately grabs it and throws it out of the ring before she dashes across the ring, building up speed to strike Mal with a baseball slide elbow... but the champion quickly rolls out of the ring and Alysson strikes the corner post! With a grunt of pain, the redhead gets up to her feet, while the champion uses the steel chair as leverage to get up to her feet. From inside the ring, the Outlaw decides it's time to break out the big risk moves as she stomps the mat to rev up the engines, and then dashes across the ring again, building up even more speed than before... And then executes a topé con giro that MALLORY SWINGS AT AND STRIKES ALYSSON IN MID-AIR!!! The redhead crumbles to the floor, and Mallory beats her hands clean!

Zack: OOF! That landing was NOT what Gardner expected, and now Mallory Bennett has a broken Alysson to deal with.

Mai: Broken? You underestimate Gardner's resistance, Zack, shame on you! I'm pretty sure she can shrug off a bonk like that just like as if she'd just jumped on a water mattress.

As Alysson arches her back in pain, Mallory decides to execute payback, grabbing the steel chair again and swinging it into Alysson's back, sending the former champion to the floor again and again as she strikes the redhead without any kind of compassion, to the point second steel chair is bent. Alysson is crawling to safety while she's being attacked, grunting with each shot until they stop coming, which is when she finds the time to get back up. Mallory gives chase as she throws punches to Aly's face, sending the oldest of FFW's wrestlers to the corner barricade. The punch-drunk Alysson leans onto the barrier, but Mallory is right there, striking her to the side of her skull with more elbows, and Alysson stumbles away from her, almost falling off the ramp and into the front row crowd. She does fall off the ramp, however, once they steer clear from the crowd, as Mallory kicks her off the platform and the redhead falls at the empty production space between the crowd and the entrance stage.

Zack: Mallory is handling Alysson like few people have done so far in the Outlaw's 12-year career, and it's time we start thinking if Alysson has met her ultimate match.

Mai: I wish they'd matched like if this was Tinder. Pretty sure that they'd be great friends if not for wrestling.

Mallory then grabs Alysson by the head and lifts her up, grabbing two handfuls of the rockstar's hair, before the Outlaw reacts by taking shots at the champion's midsection, the mechanic flinching for a short while... before she drives her elbow into the nook between Alysson's shoulder blades, sending the redhead to her knees again. Then, grabbing the Outlaw's hair again, Mallory dumps Alysson into the steel grid of the main stage, the redhead bumping into the metal and collapsing to the ground. Mallory then proceeds to place Alysson's neck against one of the grid's beams and press her into it with her boot, choking the life out of the former champion. It doesn't take long until the French wrestler is struggling and getting blue in the face, and yet Mallory just will NOT let go, mouthing to her opponent that "THIS IS ALMOST TOO EASY!"

Zack: She's-- She's literally choking the life out of Aly Gardner! If she doesn't react this may be an unprecedented pass-out win!

Mai: We've seen MANY wrestlers pass out during their matches in FFW alone, but this is outright attempted murder... And it's not like Aly Gardner and Mal Bennett haven't signed up for EXACTLY THAT!

In a last ditch effort to shake free from Mallory, Alysson grabs onto the sides of the beams she's being choked against, pushing her upper body upwards. As her head bends downwards, Mallory loses her balance, and her foot slips, but Alysson is unable to capitalize as she just pushes herself backwards and collapses, coughing and hacking HARD, gasping for air. This gives Mal more than enough time to adjust herself and stomp the Outlaw into the floor again. Still gasping and reaching for air, Alysson crawls up to the ramp, where there aren't beams for her to be choked against, and proceeds to push upwards. Mallory takes aim at the older wrestler and dashes towards her, but Alysson finally finds her second wind and drop toe holds Mallory in place right before she reaches impact radius, sending her teeth first into the edge of the ramp! Alysson finally gets up to her feet and looks around, rubbing her neck, before she hops onto the top of the  ramp, and then the main stage, staring down at Mallory as the champion is fallen. And then, she throws the double cross mid-fingers!

Mai: A G-Effect?! FROM THERE???

The crowd gives Alysson a rare cheer, taunting her into executing the most unprotected G-Effect of her career, but Mallory hasn't taken nearly enough punishment to just lay there and take it. Slowly but surely, the champion starts powering up to her feet, which makes Alysson decide against a G-Effect and take a bit of a distance so she can build up some speed before crashing onto Mallory with a diving moonsault! The Outlaw then gets up to her feet, pops off, and then eyeballs the sitting front row crowd, yelling at them to get out of the way! The sitting audience obliges, leaving a sea of empty, unfolded steel chairs. Alysson grabs Mallory by the head, hooks her neck and then hoists her upwards, suplexing her into the steel chairs to a nasty thud of collapsing metal as well as a screeching yelp of pain, as the crowd applauds!

Zack: Alysson just dumped Mallory on a row of open chairs, and that has got to hurt!

Mai: Again, Zack, they can take it! But still... Owwwww.

Traversing the mess of chairs, Alysson picks Mallory up again and, with a gorilla press throw, she dumps the UV Champion onto the ramp again, proceeding to jump the barricade herself and, with a grip on the neck line of Mal's attire, drag her back to the ring. Except when they're very close to the ring, Mallory pushes Alysson into the ring apron, and the Outlaw hits her chest into the hardest part of the ring. Again she gasps for air, and Mallory, shaking her head, plans her next move, proceeding to take half a lap around the ring and browse under it for weapons. She eventually pulls out another steel chair, a trash can, a lead pipe, a tabl-- wait, a lead pipe? Doing a double take on that weapon, she makes her way up to the commentary table and hands it to Mai Hotaru.

Mallory: Can you hold on to this for me? Shit's cursed.

Mai: Anything for you, baby!

Zack: ... in the spirit of Avengers: Endgame, to quote Captain America, "I understood that reference."

Making her way back to the pile of weapons she's just uncovered, one by one she throws them into the ring: first the table, then the third steel chair, then the can, before she finally browses under the ring for one last thing, which brings a MASSIVE smile to her face: A WRENCH! However, oblivious to her opponent, she doesn't see as Alysson rolls into the ring, concealing something with her hands. As Mallory rolls into the ring and looks at a rising Alysson, the redhead on her knees, she grips the wrench and SWINGS IT... Only for Alysson to parry that with HER CROWBAR! The wrench gets caught up on the crowbar's hook, and Alysson powers back to her feet, smirking at the champion, shaking her head: "You're gonna try to get me with THAT shit? You've got a LOT to learn, kid! A LOT TO--" Alysson never gets to finish that sentence as Mallory drives the sole of her boot into Alysson's kneecap, sending the redhead to a knee again. Following that, Mallory swings the wrench HARD and strikes Alysson's skull with it, making the redhead collapse! As a freshly open gash on the side of the Outlaw's skull starts to bleed, Mallory rolls the French wrestler over and makes the first cover of the match!



NOPE!!! Alysson powers out with authority!

Zack: Mallory draws first blood, but not a three-count!

A slightly amused Mallory powers back to her feet (even if it looks like she's actually annoyed) and mouths off at Alysson - "you got NOTHING to teach me, Alysson! NOTHING! I AM the danger!" - before bringing the older wrestler to her feet and then picking her up and suplexing her onto the steel chair left there, proceeding to pin her again.


TWO-- NO!!! Alysson kicks out with plenty authority!

Mallory laughs at the French wrestler's resistance as she sits up. Alysson soon joins her, and the two women bring themselves to their feets, grinning at one another... Before Alysson throws the first punch. Mallory punches back. Alysson punches again. Mallory punches. Alysson punches. Mallory punches. Alysson punches and Mallory ducks under Alysson's arm, picking her up and delivering her to the mat once again with a Blue Thunder Bomb... that Alysson no-sells the FUCK out of, kicking back to her feet and then dashing to the ropes, striking Mallory with a spear!

Zack: Quick thinking by Gardner, and she breaks out that deadly spear of hers! Taking a page right out of... You know what? I'm not going there.

Mai: Good boy. You shouldn't.

Alysson takes a short breather on her fours, cleaning her face from the blood, as Mallory crawls to one of the corners. The redhead then powers back to her feet and eyeballs the table, picking it and setting it up diagonally, with one of its narrower ends touching the corner opposite of Mallory. The Outlaw then notices the trash can, making her way up to the metal prop and picking it up, proceeding to smash into Mallory, before stuffing Mallory with it, placing it upside down over the champion's body. Moving to the ring apron, Alysson circles the ring and makes her way up to the corner opposite to Mallory. She then walks ONTO the table she's set up there, testing the wood's resistance. It bends but doesn't breaks, which is what Alysson wanted. She gives the audience a thumb up before moving to the turnbuckles again... Only to let out a war cry and dash forward, using the table as a take-off track, leaping from its edge and CANNONBALLING INTO MALLORY!!! The trash can crunches inwards with Mallory inside of it, and the two women collapse to the side, Mallory falling off the ring and a broken Alysson laughing the pain off!

Zack: AND ALYSSON TAKES FLIGHT!!! That table held on for dear life as Alysson just launched herself off of it and SMOTHERED Mallory in!

As the pause between the two wrestlers lingers, the audience claps further... And it just as quickly turns to boos as they're reminded Mallory is member of the Franchise, as Bianca Salvador and Angelina Fantástica walk onto the stage, staring at the action from afar!

Mai: Uh-oh, they're here. Think they wanna come down here and have a word?

Zack: If I know Bianca Salvador... They won't. They have the utmost trust in Mallory. Still, it's a reminder that we're not dealing with good girls in the slightest tonight.

Alysson notices the Typhoon and the Dark Heart as she rolls out of the ring, smirking at the two Future Shock graduates before removing the trash can from Mallory (or removing Mallory from the trash can?), grabbing the champion by the head and rolling her back into the ring. She then rolls in herself and makes a cover, while still eyeballing Angelina and Bianca!



NOOOOO!!! Mallory powers out with authority!

Alysson gets back to her feet, leaning onto the ropes facing the stage and telling the Franchise "She doesn't need you guys right now, find yourselves a seat and have fun!" As Alysson gets a smirk from Frankie and a thumbs-up from the Typhoon, she nods and turns around-- BANG!!! Mallory strikes her on the chest with all her might with a kendo stick swing! As the Outlaw doubles over, Mallory turns to Bianca and Angelina -- "She's actually right, I got this!" -- and then back to Alysson, cracking the kendo stick across her back again and again and again, wasting the bamboo sword like it's nobody's business! When the stick is too bent and undone to be used, Mal throws it out of the ring, and then makes a finger gun with her hand and... points right at Alysson's head.

Zack: And Mallory Bennett is ready for the kill shot! Shades of Killer C as she prepares to deliver the coup-de-grâce to the the Outlaw!

"Bang bang" goes the trigger, as Mallory makes her way to the top rope, taking aim at the Outlaw and then leaping from the top rope, executing first a frog splash that turns into an elbow drop... ON THE MAT as Alysson rolls out of the way! Mallory bounces back to her feet, as does Alysson, and the Outlaw twirls Mallory around, standing face to face with the champion, before she leaps onto her shoulders, capturing Mal's head with her legs and backflipping, executing her Frankensteiner Facebuster... that MALLORY AVOIDS as she handsprings out of danger, popping right back to her feet! Alysson notices the dodge as she pops back to her feet, as does Mallory! The two women then dash at one another, meeting at the center of the ring with stereo haymakers to the face! As their punches connect with their opponent's nose, both women collapse to her back in a semiconscious heap!

Mai: DOUBLE KNOCK-OUT!!! And there's no count-outs in this match!... Well, we may just have to wait for them to wake up!

Zack: They went for the same move, and connected right on one another's kisser! It may be a while before they're back to our plane!

The crowd again applauds for the effort the two women are putting forth as it takes well over a minute before they start making their efforts to get up. Before bringing themselves to their feet, both women reach for their trademark weapons: Alysson grabs her crowbar, Mallory grabs her wrench. They get up, turn to one another, smirk at one another, and steel their swords of choice. And then... They swing at one another, their weapons clashing into one another. Alysson tries to outpower Mallory. Mallory takes a shot at outpowering Alysson. They meet in the center again. They bring their weapons back, and then swing again... And this time, Alysson catches Mal's wrench with the hook of her crowbar EXACTLY like the previous time, except this time Alysson makes the effort to yank it from Mal's hand, proceeding to kick her midsection! The champion doubles over, and Alysson dashes to the far ropes, building up speed and then rushing back for Mallory, who's already standing up straight! Alysson leaps for Mallory's neck for another try at the G-Spot...

Zack: Uh-oh, here it comes! THE G--

... AND MALLORY PISTONS ALYSSON UPWARDS, GRABS HER LEGS IN MIDAIR AND POWERBOMBS THE FUCK OUT OF THE OUTLAW INTO THE TABLE SHE HAD SET UP!!! The table explodes in splinters, and Mallory dives into the wreckage to pin the French wrestler!






Alysson attempts to power out but it's too late! Both women take their time cooling down, the Ultraviolence Champion resting on top of the former champion for a while as her music plays.

Kat: And the winner of this match... THE ULTRAVIOLENCE CHAMPION... MALLORY! BENNETT!!!

Zack: And she had to EARN it! Alysson brought the best of her arsenal tonight, and if it wasn't for the mistake of leaving that table there as an option, the result could've been different.

Mai: But now Mallory can say she has bested the two most iconic Ultraviolence Champions of FFW. She truly IS the new face of violence! She is danger personified!!!

The two wrestlers eventually stir and get up, turning to one another. After all the loud shouting of the match, the two women chat quietly for a moment, before Alysson extends an arm at Mallory. And then... A handshake happens. Mallory can be heard clearly saying "now you go after the big one. You've earned it." Which makes Alysson smirk, and proceed to raise Mallory's arm in acknowledgment for the victor.

Welcome to FFW

The show heads back to the ring, and finds the Director of Future Shock standing in the ring. The crowd is singing “Happy Birthday” to him as Adam looks to be highly amused by it before he begins to speak.

Adam: I appreciate that. And normally I’d take today off, because of it being my birthday. But I decided to come to the show tonight because one of the girls who has been a cornerstone of Future Shock since the day it rebooted….tonight is her first night as part of the FFW main roster. And after about 3 years of her being a huge part of my show, the very least I could do was be here tonight for her arrival.

The fans already know who he’s talking about as they begin a chant for Harley.

Adam: Tonight, it is my privilege to introduce to you a woman who has done everything a singles wrestler can do in Future Shock. She’s held the Aspire Ring, and she did it twice. She’s been Future Shock Champion, and she did it twice.She’s practically made Sydney, Australia a second hometown with all the success she’s created for herself there.  And if we had a Hall of Fame in Future Shock, I’d have already put her in it. She is probably the most decorated Prospect we’ve had in the history of the show, and tonight it is my pleasure to introduce to FFW…….HARLEY SHANNON!!

Harley walked into shot, with an expression of pride upon her face.

Harley: Happy Birthday Adam, and thank you for that introduction… I don’t think anyone could have come up with a more glowing tribute. Thank you. It’s been an amazing three years, I’ve learnt a lot and it’s probably been the best experience of my life.

Adam: As you can tell by the crowd, it’s been a long time coming for Future Shock fans to see you make it to FFW. And now that you are here, how’s it feel? You got a few familiar faces in the back, and a whole lot of new ones after all.

Harley: There’s quite a few people in the back I know; a couple that I’ve gone into battle with and against. Which I guess makes the step upwards a little easier when you know a couple of people already. Other than that, it feels like I’m just starting out on a brand new journey; a new adventure. It’s exciting and I’m looking forward to showing what I can do against some of those not so familiar faces; seeing just how far I can go, how high I can build after establishing a pretty solid foundation in Future Shock.

Adam: Well I’m sure everyone here in Greenville and watching around the globe are happy to see you. Now unless you have some last thoughts to share, I know the COO wants to see you because he told me has something pretty big in mind for you.

Harley: Like I said, I’m happy that I’ve got here and I can’t wait to step into an FFW ring as part of the main roster for the first time. I’m going to do everything in my power to make an impact; to really make a splash. Just like in Future Shock, I’m going to work hard, rise up through the ranks, all the way to the top.

Adam shakes Harley’s hand before the pair head for the back, and then we cut to a commercial for the upcoming Relentless Pay Per View.

Careful What You Wish For

The show cuts to the back, and we find Allison Marx standing by the owner of FFW. Samantha looks quite pleased with herself, a smile on her face as she crosses her arms under her chest.

Allison: Miss Star, it seems like you may have a big problem. You saw earlier tonight that Missy was looking for Mallory, and--

Samantha held up her finger, and shook her head.

Samantha: I think you misspoke, Allison. You mean the reigning Ultraviolence Champion wh just defeated an icon of matches like that. You also meant to say a member of the Franchise, the newly updated version.

Allison: Well yes, that’s all true. And--

Samantha: It is true, and I just want to make sure you recognize it when you speak her name. Or anyone in the Franchise, be it Bianca, Mallory, Angelina, Jo, or Mel. Give them their due credit, especially if they just won a match.

Allison: Okay, I’ll try to keep that in mind. But what I wanted to talk with you about was what we heard earlier tonight from Missy, who was looking for Mallory.

Samantha: Oh yes, I heard that. And for once in his bastard life, my brother made a very wise decision talking her out of walking into a situation that would have seen her hospitalized on her fiance’s birthday. That would not have been a fun night. But I am going to give her what she wants….at Relentless.

This gets a pop, and a confused look from Allison.

Samantha: But Missy already has an Evolution Championship match at Relentless against Kelly Kincaid. You’re going to make her compete twice?

Samantha: Did I say that? Missy said she wanted to find Mallory. At Relentless, she will because I’m going to make Mallory the special guest referee for the Evolution Championship match.

Zack: WHAT?!

Samantha grinned as she walked away, leaving Allison dumbfounded as Velocity faded to a commercial break.

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Velocity returns from the commercial break, and heads back to the ring and finds the birthday girl Kat Grayson standing in the center with a smile.

Kat: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall to a finish, and it is for the FFW Unity Tag Team Championship!

Zack: It’s title time tonight in Greenville with FFW’s historic Unity titles on the line. I’ll be joined by the manager of the challengers here in just a moment.

As the intro to Bang Bang begins to play from the speakers, a multitude of strobe lights in different colours start to dance around the crowd before they converge on the stage. The curtain twitches, and first from the back comes Christian Kincaid. Scarlett and O.E emerge together and each take a place on either side of their manager. As the verse begins, Scarlett starts to dance seductively to it, with O.E watching with her head tilted to one side. After a few seconds she starts trying to shadow Scarlett’s moves….badly.

Sure she got a body like an hourglass
But I can give it to you all the time
Sure she got a booty like a Cadillac
But I can send you into overdrive (oh)
You've been waiting for that
Step on up, swing your bat
You see anybody could be bad to you
You need a good girl to blow your mind, yeah

As needing a ‘good girl’ is mentioned in the lyrics, Scarlett gives a nod and point towards O.E before they start making their way down the ramp towards the ring, with Christian walking in between the two...and O.E still trying to do the moves Scarlett was earlier.

Bang bang into the room (I know you want it)
Bang bang all over you (I’ll let you have it)
Wait a minute let me take you there (ah)
Wait a minute 'til you (ah, hey!)
Bang bang there goes your heart (I know you want it)
Back, back seat of my car (I’ll let you have it)
Wait a minute let me take you there (ah)
Wait a minute 'til you (ah, hey!)

Kat: On their way to the ring, please welcome “The Orochi” O.E. Ayano, and “The Star Distraction” Scarlett Silver! Accompanied by Christian Kincaid, they are CHAOTIC TEMPTATION: REMIXED!

She might’ve let you hold her hand at school
But I’mma show you how to graduate
No, I don’t need to hear you talk the talk
Just come and show me what your momma gave (oh yeah)
I heard you've gotta big baby, mouth but don’t say a thing
See anybody could be good to you
You need a bad girl to blow your mind

The trio reach the edge of the ring as the second verse begins, and again Scarlett starts to dance seductively….and again, O.E tries and fails to copy her moves. Silver tries to encourage her partner to copy her moves, and slows down to break them down for her...but O.E still somehow manages to look like she is fighting with an invisible foe instead.  

Bang bang into the room (I know you want it)
Bang bang all over you (I’ll let you have it)
Wait a minute let me take you there (ah)
Wait a minute 'til you (ah, hey!)
Bang bang there goes your heart (I know you want it)
Back, back seat of my car (I’ll let you have it)
Wait a minute let me take you there (ah)
Wait a minute 'til you (ah, hey!) (You know what, girls? let me show you how to do it)

The girls make their way into the ring, while Christian stays on the floor near their corner. As the beginning of the rap sounds in the song, O.E gets a huge grin on her face and she tells her partner that ‘she got this’.

It’s Myx Moscato
It’s frizz in a bottle
It’s Nicki full throttle, it’s oh, oh
Swimming in the grotto
We winning in the lotto
We dipping in the powder blue, four door
Kitten so good
It’s dripping on wood
Get a ride in the engine that could
Go, Batman, robbin’ it
Bang bang, cockin’ it
Queen Nicki dominant, prominent
It’s me, Jessie, and Ari
If they test me, they sorry
Ride his uh like a Harley
Then pull off in his Ferrari
If he hanging we banging
Phone ringing, he slanging
It ain’t karaoke night but get the mic 'cause I'm singing

In her element, O.E busts out her moves seamlessly to the rap, this time with Scarlett attempting to copy her...and giving up after a few moments of looking like she is having a seizure, instead choosing to fluff her hair and stand with one hand on her hip.

B to the A to the N to the G to the uh
B to the A to the N to the G to the hey
See anybody could be good to you
You need a bad girl to blow your mind (your mind) (okay)

As their theme music starts to fade out the girls head to their corner and start to share a few hushed words with their manager as they await the start of the match. Christian then heads for the booth to join Zack.

Zack: Thanks for joining me. Last we talked, you said that you had some work to do to get Scarlett and O.E. as cohesive as possible. How did it go?

Christian: I think I got them as finely tuned as two partners can be, but there’s no substitute for experience. This is like taking a test on your first day of school.

Red Hot Chili Peppers ‘Can’t Stop’ begins to play over the PA as Claire Black and Serafina DeCaro step out of the back and walk toward the middle of the stage with their title belts around their waist. Claire fires off some shadow boxing combinations while Serafina gets onto the balls of her feet firing off a combination of kicks, elbows and forearms before finally finishing off with a jumping roundhouse kick. High fiving the pair walk down to the ring, Claire unzipping her jacket and sliding it off her shoulders as she reaches the bottom of the ramp and slides into the ring, where she begins to shadow box once more. Serafina meanwhile, stops to take off her hooded sweatshirt, leaving her in her ring attire before checking the taping on her wrists and ankles and applying a streak of petroleum jelly over and under her eyes. Stepping between the ropes Serafina retires to her corner, meeting Claire and the pair hand over the title belts before discussing tactics as they wait for the match to start.

Kat: Coming from Boston, Massachusetts at a combined weight of 253 lbs, the pairing of “TKO” Claire Black and Serafina DeCaro, the reigning and defending FFW Unity Tag Team Titles... ...KO/TO!!!

Christian: Zack, OE and Scarlett are as ready as they can ever be tonight, like I said. And I know Serafina and Claire don’t overlook any opponents, but I wonder if they have any idea of what they can expect from these two.

Zack: Well there’s certainly not a lot of footage of Scarlett and OE working together as a tag team, so that may work in their favor. But Claire and Serafina are the tag champs for a reason, and I’m sure they are more than up for the challenge.

Referee Jennifer Stringer takes the Unity titles from KO/TO and shows them to the challengers. She then raises them overhead, hands them to Kat before she leaves, and calls for the bell. Scarlett and Serafina step out to their corners, leaving OE and Claire looking across at one another. They meet in the center with OE holding up her hand for a test of strength. Claire glances up to it for a second, and starts to raise her hand….before OE pokes her in the eye with the other hand. Ayano starts firing right hands in a flurry to the side of Claire’s head before the prizefighter pushes her backwards, and starts opening up with shots of her own. Claire lays them in a lot faster as body shots land against OE’s ribs in rapid succession, driving her back into the ropes s the champion continues to unload. The referee asks her to let OE off the ropes, and Claire does just that with a waistlock into a belly to belly overhead suplex.

Zack: If the strategy was to get into a slugfest with Claire to start this match, I don’t think the plan is gonna work, Christian! Claire’s hand speed is unmatched, and the “8 Chamber Orochi” found that out the hard way.

Christian: Trust me, I’m well aware of how fast Claire can throw those hands. She’s probably faster than anyone in FFW, but let’s not count out the challengers just yet.

Ayano starts to get up, and Claire catches her with an uppercut to the body that doubles her over for a moment. The brunette bounces off the near side, and comes back with a running neckbreaker followed by a leaping elbow drop to her chest. Claire pulls the challenger to her feet, and whips her across for the ride. She uses a leap frog as OE ducks under to bounce off the other side. And then, the Orochi runs right into a spinning backfist to the jaw that stumbles her back a few steps. Claire pulls her by the head towards the center, and plants her with a facebuster before immediately going for the cover with a hook of the leg.

Zack: The tag champs don’t get paid by the hour, and Claire’s looking to shut this thing down early!



Christian: It’s way too early to think OE’s ready to pack it in for the night, especially not with the titles on the line.

Ayano kicked out just as the two struck the mat, and started firing punches into Claire’s head before she could get back to her feet. OE unloaded with shots, holding her in place so she could drive a few knees into the side of her head too. She finally made it to her feet, pulling the dazed Claire with her before firing her into her team’s corner. Scarlett grabbed a handful of Claire’s hair to keep her from going far before OE barreled in with a running corner clothesline. Three more landed against her chest before she made the tag to Scarlett. The record setting former Fast Track Champion stepped in before the two whipped Claire across for the ride, and both scooped her up for a double flapjack on the rebound. Ayano stepped back out to the corner, and Scarlett sat Claire up to apply a bow and arrow with one knee pressed into her back.

Christian: Now this is more of the plan I had in mind. They need to keep Claire in that corner or close to it at all times. Quick tags, and isolate her.

Zack: I won’t question your wisdom, you’ve been a tag champion multiple times. But that is definitely not where Claire wants to be right now, nor in this hold.

Stringer asked Claire if she wanted to stop the match, and got a firm no on that. Scarlett stood up for a half second, only to drive her knee into Claire’s back a second time as she kept the hold applied. The boxer’s face grimaced as Scarlett started to pull further on her arms to increase the pressure and pain, once more prompting the referee to find out if she wanted to stop the match. Black made it clear again that she didn’t, but started trying to swing her legs over to get one under the bottom rope. She finally made it, and the referee called for a break that was finally given when she got to a three. Before the champion could get up, Scarlett began stomping away at her back. She finally dragged Claire to her feet, and sent her into the corner with an Irish whip. As soon as she followed her in though, Claire brought her foot up and caught her flush on the jaw.

Zack: Scarlett had things well in hand right there, but Claire showed her that it’s not just her hands that can knock you loopy.

Christian: Notice how she’s way more focused though. You don’t see Scarlett fixing her hair or anything to this point, do you?

As Scarlett stumbled a bit, Claire began to pepper her with right hands to the body and an uppercut to the chin that put her down on one knee. Black gathered herself quickly, an bounces off the near side with a knee trembler to put Scarlett down on the mat. She quickly made the tag to Serafina, They both scooped her up, and dropped her with a brainbuster before Claire rolled out to the apron. Serafina hooked the outside leg for the cover before Stringer dropped to count.

Zack: Bad ride, but a far worse landing for Scarlett! And Serafina’s looking to hit the showers without even breaking a sweat!



Scarlett kicked out at the two count, and Serafina grabbed her foot when she made it back to her feet. The Buddhist began to pick her leg up, and spike her knee into the mat four times in a row before she pulled into position for her heel hook. Silver bolted out of the ring as soon as she felt it.

Christian: I’ve got both of them looking for that heel hook of hers, and there you see it in action. Scarlett broke that as soon as she felt it coming.

Serafina remained in the ring as the referee began to count out Scarlett, who walked around the corner and got some advice from her manager as he covered the headset microphone. She then headed back up onto the apron, and was about to get in when Serafina caught her with an elbow to the head. The Buddhist quickly scooped her up into a high vertical suplex before Silver landed on her feet behind her, and countered with a side Russian leg sweep. Silver climbed back to her feet, and Serafina wasn’t far behind her. As Scarlett went to make the tag, DeCaro caught her with a kidney punch followed by a scoop up into a backbreaker across her knee.

Christian: I see Serafina’s brought some new weapons to her repertoire, because I don’t remember seeing her do too many backbreakers.

Zack: I suspect the champions are always looking to add more to their arsenal, but so should everyone who wrestles for a living.

OE began calling for Scarlett to come towards her as she saw her partner starting to get up again. Serafina moved around behind her, and caught her with a couple more shots to the lower back before delivering an atomic drop. It propelled the challenger forward before Serafina bolted past her to use the ropes for a springboard into a forearm to the jaw. Scarlett collapsed to all fours before the champion bounced off the near side ropes with an axe kick to the back of her head. She immediately went for the cover and a hook of the outside leg.

Zack: Look at that, shades of the reigning Fast Track Champion right there! Lilly’s watching with pride as Serafina looks to end it!




Scarlett kicked out again, and Serafina followed up with a seated side headlock before she could get back to her feet.

Christian: Serafina’s not really known for her high risk offense like that, and credit to her for making it work. Scarlett needs to get to OE.

Serafina really grinded the hold before Scarlett started to get back to her feet. She kept the side headlock applied as Scarlett tried to shoot her off into the ropes. She tried a second time without much success. The third time, she yanked Serafina’s hair with one hand and then countered out with a suplex. It stunned the Buddhist for a moment, and gave Scarlett a chance to collect herself. It was DeCaro back to her feet first though, but she ate a jawbreaker from Scarlett when she went to grab her. It staggered her backwards a couple steps before Silver rushed her to deliver a single knee facebreaker that dropped her on the mat. OE was shouting louder now as she had her hand out for the tag.

Christian: This is an excellent opportunity for Scarlett to get to the corner, and I hope that’s what she’s thinking about right now. OE’s eager to get back in there, and well rested too.

Zack: OE’s got that arm out reaching as far as she can, but Scarlett’s gotta find her first. I think she’s had enough of Serafina for a bit.

Finally, Silver made it to her feet and darted towards her corner. She made a quick tag to OE, who took off as she saw Serafina getting up. A running kneelift to the face knocked the brunette backwards, and OE followed that with her cobra clutch facebuster! She dove onto her for the cover as the referee dropped into position.

Zack: Serafina just caught the BLACK MAMBA, and the 8 Chamber Orochi s three seconds from Unity gold!




The Buddhist got her shoulder off the mat in time, and OE quickly got back to her feet. She pulled the champion up with her, and shoved her back into the corner before laying into her with a Mongolian chop. One after another after another connected before OE hopped up onto the middle turnbuckle, and snapped off a tornado DDT.

Christian: Nicely executed there, OE. Serafina’s had her bell rung, thanks to Scarlett. And now you see OE only adding to it!

Before the Unity Champion had a chance to get up, Ayano followed up by locking in an anaconda vise. Serafina struggled trying to free herself, but OE’s grip was too tight. Scarlett watched on in the corner, favoring her knee as DeCaro tried to find the ropes to get a break. OE had managed to pull her just short of them before she applied the submission, thus making Serafina’s search fruitless. Claire started pounding the turnbuckle, trying to get the crowd amped up and behind the Buddhist.

Christian: I’m not a big proponent of submissions in tag matches, because you usually can’t see the partner of your opponent. But OE’s got eyes on Claire, and Serafina’s fading.

Zack: That she is! But you can hear Claire trying to rally this Greenville crowd behind her best friend and tag partner. I’m not sure how much good it’ll do though.

Serafina continued to reach for the ropes with her arm, but still wasn’t able to make it. Her movements started slowing though as OE kept the hold tightly applied. Stringer dropped down to check when Serafina had stopped moving entirely. She was about to call for the bell when Claire pointed to Serafina’s foot under the bottom rope. Stringer waved it off, and told OE to break before showing her where Serafina’s foot was. OE shook her head, and dragged her away from the ropes.

Zack: A little too close to the ropes there, but OE’s making sure there’s plenty of real estate before she tries something else. Nothing stopping her from slapping that hold on again.

Christian: Not at all, but I don’t think that she will. Something tells me she’s got another submission in mind. I think she’s trying to see how coherent Serafina is first.

The Buddhist began to move a little before OE scooped her up into a deadlift German suplex that drove her into the mat. The challenger took off for the far side, and rebounded quickly with a senton in mind…..but Serafina got her knees up and OE landed across them instead. She clutched her back in pain as Claire shouted for her partner, and had one hand stretched as far as she could over the top rope. DeCaro began to move towards the ropes to help her get up, and then head to her corner. OE wasn’t far behind her though, and closing in as Claire warned her partner. Serafina spun around with a 360 roundhouse kick to the mouth and then fell forward to make the tag.

Zack: OE’s mouth may have a half dozen teeth rolling around in it after that shot! Concussive impact from the former No Surrender Champion!

Christian: Yeah….that didn’t look too good. And what makes it worse is Claire’s back again...and she’s gonna capitalize on all that.

Claire drove her fist into the mat, and watched as OE began to get back to her feet. Ayano finally made it, and turned in time for Black to nail her Superman punch that decked her where she stood. She followed up by taking off for the far side as Ayano tried to get her feet underneath her….and it didn’t last long when Claire used a jumping knee strike to the temple to put her back down. She immediately went for the cover as Stringer dove into position.

Zack: That’s a knockout shot if I ever saw one! The Unity titles are heading back to Boston in three seconds!




Scarlett made the save as she used an elbow drop to the back of Claire’s head. The prizefighter got to her feet, and started unloading with shots on her for interrupting the count.

Christian: Scarlett did the wise thing making the save, but….she walked into a buzzsaw of punches from Claire!

Scarlett was sent back into the ropes before a discus clothesline from Claire sent her out to the floor. The prizefighter turned her attention back to OE, and began to dance a little on her feet, reminiscent of Muhammad Ali. The Orochi was very slow to get up as Claire circled around behind her, nodding her head as she continued bouncing on the balls of her feet.

Zack: OE is in big trouble, and the hope of leaving as new Unity Champions looks like it’s getting smaller by the second!

OE finally turned towards Claire, who charged forward….only to get tripped up by Scarlett. Black almost fell, but turned to grab her through the ropes before Scarlett snapped her neck across the middle. It stunned her enough to where when she turned around, OE charged towards her and nailed her striking spear!

Christian: Brilliant move, Scarlett! C’mon, it’s time to finish this!!

When Claire started to get up, Scarlett slid into the ring and caught her with her thumb to the throat, and OE followed that with a second spear before making the cover! Serafina was heading through the ropes when Scarlett went to stop her!

Christian: You can call that STOP AND DROP, Zack!




Stringer called for the bell as OE rolled off the cover, eyes wide in shock before Scarlett bolted towards her to give her a big hug.

Zack: Can you believe that?! In their first try, Scarlett and OE have won the Unity titles here tonight in Greenville! Who saw that coming!

Kat: Here are your winners…..AND NEEEEEEEEEWWWW FFW Unity Tag Team Champions…...SCARLETT SILVER AND O.E. AYANO…...CHAOTIC TEMPTATION!!

Christian: I did, Zack. I did. I could not be prouder of the girls, and will give Claire and Serfina all the credit in the world.  Now if you’ll excuse me….

Christian left the booth, and joined his team in the ring as the referee awarded them the Unity titles. They both looked at them, and then had a group hug with their manager before he raised their hands too.

Zack: History has been made tonight in Greenville, and Chaotic Temptation now sit atop the Unity division! But I guarantee you KO/TO will want a rematch and there’s no shortage of other teams who will be gunning for them too! Congratulations, ladies! That’ll do it for us, and we’ll see you next Saturday for the last stop to Relentless at Breaking Point!

The girls smiled to each other, and climbed adjacent corners to show off their new titles to the  Greenville crowd as Velocity faded off the air.

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