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November 20, 2019, 11:54:51 am
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FFW Breaking Point - May 4, 2019

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Author Topic: FFW Breaking Point - May 4, 2019  (Read 194 times)
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« on: May 05, 2019, 10:32:16 pm »

Live from the Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia
May 4, 2019

A glass cutter makes a perfect circle in a window as a woman dressed in black slips through the window. She glances up to the FFW logo on the top of the building, and slips inside. As soon as she does, she removes a flashlight from her hip and finds herself on the floor of the Hall of Fame. “One of a Kind” by Breaking Point begins to play before we cut to a shot of Alysson Gardner pulling off her biker helmet. The next shot is Mallory Bennett picking up a toolbox and walking off with Andrew Marx behind her. Lilly’s then shown putting her head in her hand as her husband shows her another of his hype packages.

Back in the building, the cat burglar flashes her light on the walls as she walks through to see images of Hall of Famers such as Isabella Pazzini, Katherine Stryfe, and Scarlett Kincaid. As she flashes the light ahead, she finds the FFW Championship in a glass case. The shot cuts away to see Jo McFarlane twirling a kendo stick in her hand as she and the Brazilian Storm head off together. “Old School” Gillie Barnes is seen reading a book with Jake reading a comic book next to her. The reflection of gold is shown in Sophia Pike’s face as she looks down with a confident smirk. A fist is being taped up before we see Ruby Tyler walking into the camera.

The cat burglar presses her glass cutter against the case holding the FFW Championship. But as soon as she opens it and sticks her hand inside, an alarm sounds and Leona Vega hops down from a grate in the ceiling. The burglar spins around as Leona jerks the mask off her face to reveal it’s Shaw before the two go at it as we open inside the arena to a boisterous crowd as the theme continues to play. The crowd roars as they see themselves on television, while spotlights shine throughout the arena. Katherine Grayson heads for the ring with a smile on her face while “One of a Kind” starts to fade out.

Zack: Welcome to the ATL in Atlanta, Georgia! You’re watching the last Breaking Point before the massive Relentless Pay Per View on May 18th. Thank you for joining us, and we’ve got two of Atlanta’s own looking to put on a show tonight.

Mai: These people are used to disappointment, Zack. After all, they like the Hawks. So they will get what they expect tonight too…disappointment. I’d also like to add that---

Just then as the intro to “Kong at the Gates” by The Misfits blares into the arena, generating a buzz from the crowd, mostly boos given the location and the situation of this night. The noise heightens as the song begins, and Isis Morales comes out and stands upon the stage, soaking in the thunderous boos from the crowd to which she was clearly expecting. After acknowledging the reaction with a smirk, the red-haired giantess makes her way down the ramp towards the ring.

Once she climbs up to the apron of the ring, Isis faces the crowd and looks at them. She easily steps over the top rope to enter the ring with ease and then walks towards the center of the ring to stand there, soaking up the reaction from the crowd. Isis goes over to a corner where she climbs up and holds her hands out and does the same thing after climbing up. Then, as she comes down, Isis goes over to the corner to take the microphone from the ring announcer and then returns to the center of the ring, where she is showered by the continuous boos from the crowd to which she could care less about. Every time she lifts the microphone to speak, she purposely puts it down, for she knows that the negative reaction would only intensify. After a while of stalling, Isis begins to address the crowd.

Isis: In two short weeks in Orlando, Florida, in an event that is aptly named Relentless, two women will be battling it out for the right to be called FFW Fast Track Champion. Those two women are the challenger Angelina Fantastica….

At the mentioning of the challenger’s name and member of the faction “The Franchise”, the crowd immediately lights up the arena with boos and all sorts of negative reaction.

Isis: ….and the defending champion Lily Arthur.

The crowd immediately change the negative vibe of the arena into one of extreme positivity with a fiery round of cheers and chants for Lily, a reaction that doesn’t impress the imposing Latina.

Isis: This match has all the potential to be a barnburner. Both these women have a lot of work cut out for them on that night. But the truth of the matter lies in not what goes down in this match, but what could happen next to the woman who walks out of Relentless the champion.  Something that I would could call the night where their dream could run head first into a nightmare….a nearly seven foot, over 200 pound red-haired nightmare; a Latina giant that has unfinished business with BOTH of them; and ONE strap of gold to get her hands on.

The crowd continues to boo as Isis begins to pace around the ring, not being phased by the crowd as she continues.

Isis: But first, I must make that “could” into a “will be” and that brings me to my appearance on this year’s show. Now, if you all remembered last year’s Relentless, when I slayed Natalya Demidov to become the ONE TRUE GIANT of FFW, no matter how many of you fools tried to deny it, you all saw my potential to do a whole lot more. And every damn one of you know that I was bred to have singles gold around my waist. And this year I get my chance to seize that title shot that I KNOW I DESERVE.

Isis keeps her composure as the thunderous boos shower down on her.

Isis: Of course, there’s one woman that stands in my way and….

The second Isis tries to finish her sentence, the fans begin to chant the name of Isis’s opponent at Relentless, which mildly frustrates the red-haired giant, but she was expecting it.

Isis: You people are not as dumb as I thought. As a matter of fact, I would say that all of you are brazen in your attitude, just like your homegirl and my “sister” Nevaeh Summers.

The crowd lets out a thunderous cheer for the hometown girl as Isis gives it a moment for the reaction to simmer down before speaking again.

Isis: Yeah, I have love for her too. I’ve been loving Nevaeh for years. That’s why I’ve tried to help her these past couple of weeks. I wanted her to see the rationale in the decision that she was making. I know how tough she is as a competitor. She’s been through more shit in this company than many would ever admit. And, most importantly, I’ve tries to make her see that her stepping in this ring against me at Relentless is a figurative, and literal, one way ticket to a long night of pain and annihilation and that’s EXACTLY what I have planned for her in Orlando.

The boos from the crowd return, even more intense as they try to distract Isis, but to no avail.

Isis: But of course Nev, you put on your game face and go deep inside your soul and pull out some courage to declare that not only you’re not afraid to step in the ring with me at Relentless, but you have every intention to beat me at Relentless.

The cheers from the crowd and the chants for Nevaeh flows through the arena, adding to Isis’s unimpressed state.

Isis: That’s cute, Nev. Really cute. But you know I’m not one to acknowledge that kind of response from a distance. That’s why I took the liberty to come here….to YOUR HOMETOWN nonetheless. Just like I said I would. Right here before all of these people who idolize you. To have you come to this ring and say it to my face. So let’s not wait any longer, let’s do this, woman!

The crowd roars with approval as Isis turns to the entrance way and stares at it. The fans have begun a very loud “Nevaeh” chant, all the while Isis stands in the ring amongst them defiantly. As “Rise” By Sixx Am begins to play the capacity crowd goes up another decibel as Nevaeh Summers makes her way out onto the stage. Nevaeh is dressed in her wrestling gear as she looks out to the crowd and the overwhelming ovation she is receiving.

Nevaeh stands there just taking it in, tapping her chest and nodding to the crowd. Nevaeh though turns her focus to the ring and stares straight ahead at isis, the two women locking eyes. Nevaeh now begins heading down to the ring as the crowd again chants her name. Nevaeh for her part stays locked on Isis as she reaches the ring and walks up the steps. Nevaeh stands on the ring apron, but does go to look out to the crowd once more. Instively Nevaeh cups her ear as the fans get even louder. This seems to bring a slight glare of annoyance to Isis face.

Nevaeh looks back at her soon to be opponent and enters the ring. She asks for a microphone and given one by Kat Grayson. Nevaeh looks back at Isis, the meancing figure that she is. Yet Nevaeh looks right at her calmly. Nevaeh looks at her with a measured glare as she raises the microphone to her mouth.

Nevaeh: Pain and annihilation is exactly what you have in store for me in Orlando? That’s what’s gonna happen when we get to Relentless? You say all of that, but get upset when I tell you what my goals are? So if I am to understand this correctly. You feel you’re gonna toss me around like a ragdoll and I’m simply just in for a beating. Is that how you view it Isis? Well I’m sorry to burst that bubble of yous, but that’s not how it’s gonna go down. You wanted me to come here and say it to your face. Ok I’ll say it to your face and I’m gonna clear things up here.

The crowd cheers Nevaeh’s declaration as the blonde keeps staring at Isis.

Nevaeh: See throughout this whole process I’ve noticed one thing has been a constant. That being you say you respect me, yet you never really seem to show it. Not when you’re saying that I’m gonna be terrified of you and that I’m gonna suffer at your hands. You make it seem like I’m a lamb being led to slaughter. I’m not an idiot Isis. I am aware of what you can do. I have made that crystal clear throughout this entire process. I know the damage you’re capable of. I give you your respect.

Nevaeh now took a step forward, staring up at the larger Isis.

Nevaeh: But Honey, I’m NOT terrified of you!

The crowd roars again, all the while Isis glares down at Nevaeh. Nevaeh in return stares right back up at her firmly.

Nevaeh: I respect you Isis, but at Relentless if I want that Fast Track title shot I have to beat you. I have to go through the Titaness and secure a victory over her. And that is what I plan on doing. I will accept whatever pain I do suffer, but it’s not gonna be as simple as you think. YOU are gonna have just as long of a night as I am. If you beat me I will give you your recognition,not a problem, but don’t you dare make it seem like I can’t beat you. Don’t you dare make it seem like this is a one sided match.

The crowd continues to empower Nevaeh as she continues to stand her ground against the ridiculously larger Isis who, at this point, is really feeling the rage from within her.

Isis: I’m not going to denounce anything that you’re saying. I make a career crushing people and their dreams. But I’m never ignorant as to what they’re capable of, especially those that I care about. But Nev, as battle worn as you are and given how high stakes this match is to both of us, you’re overlooking one small detail. You’re not standing in the ring with Casey Atherton. You’re not standing in the ring with any woman who has tried to take aim at you in FFW. I’m Isis Fucking Morales! I am beyond every challenge you’ve ever faced in FFW! And though you say you respect me, this is the part you just can’t seem to grasp. But you know what, I’m done talking about it. I will be walking in that ring at Relentless against you, Nev. I will endure EVERYTHING that you throw at me and then some. And most importantly, everything I have said to you will become reality to you…PAINFUL reality. You just better hope that me getting my hands raised and being announced the winner will be enough for me.

The crowd booed these comments from Isis, who kept glaring down at Nevaeh. Nevaeh herself kept looking up at Isis. Isis though now started to take her leave as she walked right through Nevaeh, bumping Nevaeh out of her way with her shoulder. Nevaeh was nudged to the side and stood there annoyed before turning to look at Isis, who stepped over the top rope and took her leave. The crowd booed Isis the entire time as Nevaeh watched her the entire time, fuming.

A short video shows what happened during the last match between Casey Atherton and Mila Martin, including a loaded Bible upside the head leading to Casey’s victory. We then head back to the live show, and see Kat waiting in the ring.

Kat: The following contest is scheduled for one fall to a finish, and the Choir is BANNED from ringside!

Mai: This is so unfair. The Choir need to be close to Casey to feel the inspiration and devotion she has for them and all of us, Zack.

Zack: Too bad for them then, isn’t it? At least they won’t have to be signed out by the warden at the Georgia Department of Corrections.

The arena is plunged into darkness, punctuated only by the soft, subtle, plucking of harp strings picking out the tune from the hymn “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands” only just loud enough to be audible by the capacity crowd. As it plays a group of people start to emerge from the backstage area in the darkness, forming up in ranks on the stage quietly humming the tune as they do so. The choir finally gets all formed up on the stage in a semi-circle; the song getting louder and louder as more voices add to it only to cut suddenly as, with a fanfare of trumpets, a sudden blinding white light floods the whole building. The light narrows down to a single point high above the stage where a single figure is slowly descending from the heavens. The woman almost seems to be glowing in her bright white robes, her hair almost a flame red crown around her head. The eyes of the choir all turned towards her, singing out an awed ‘Aaaah aaaaah aaaah’ to accompany the angel’s descent only for her to become more and more recognisable as Casey Atherton the lower that she gets. As she lands in the middle of the horseshoe two members of the choir move forward to help her out of her robes, leaving her in brilliant white ring tights and smock like top. Cradling her hands together, the red haired woman begins to slowly walk down the entrance ramp; the choir following behind her as they start to sing. All the time the woman is bathed in the same bright, pure white light.

She's got the whole world in her hands
She's got the whole wide world in her hands
She's got the whole wide world in her hands
She's got the whole world in her hands

As she makes it to the ring, she extends her arms out from her body, almost in a crucifix position and two members of her choir lift her up almost reverentially onto the ring apron, while two more scurry up onto the apron and hold the ropes open for Casey to step inside the ring as the rest of the choir surround the ring, continuing to sing the song as Atherton flashes a bright smile to the crowd, circling the ring only to stop on each side of the ring and bless those in attendance.

Kat: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome at this time…”THE SAVIOUR” CASEY ATHERTON!!!!

Casey finally returns to her corner, eyes turned to the heavens as she seems to be praying while she waits for the match to begin.

Mai: Oh look, I guess management changed their minds about this! There they are, and look how happy they are to be here.

Zack: Nobody changed their minds. Get Georgia’s Most Wanted out of here, where’s the security at?

Referee Ashley Pruitt shook her head, and started telling the Choir they had to go. But none of them seemed to pay her any mind. Finally, she had enough and went to the ring announcer to tell her something, drawing a nod from Kat.

Kat: Ladies and gentlemen, the referee has informed me that if the Choir does not leave the ringside area within 30 seconds…..she will rule this a match and give the win to--

As Survivor by Destiny’s Child starts to play around the arena, Midnight walks out in her ring gear of black combat style shorts, matching black cut off tank top, black boots and a short black jacket. She stops at the top of the ramp, nodding her head a bit as the verse plays. As the chorus begins, white pyrotechnics erupt at the side of her. While the chorus plays, Midnight makes her way down the ramp, tagging the hands of the fans along the way.

I'm a survivor (what?)
I'm not gon' give up (what?)
I'm not gon' stop (what?)
I'm gon' work harder (what?)
I'm a survivor (what?)
I'm gonna make it (what?)
I will survive (what?)
Keep on survivin'(what?)

Kat: Introducing at this time, hailing from London, England……”MIDNIGHT” MILA MARTIN!

I'm a survivor (what?)
I'm not gon' give up (what?)
I'm not gon' stop (what?)
I'm gon' work harder (what?)
I'm a survivor (what?)
I'm gonna make it (what?)
I will survive (what?)
Keep on survivin'(what?)

As the chorus ends and Midnight reaches the bottom of the ramp, she speeds up and runs the rest of the way to the ring, then jumps straight up onto the apron. Holding onto the top rope she looks out to the crowd and raises her hand fist pumping and hyping the crowd up. She climbs into the ring as the music ends and heads to her corner, taking off her jacket and getting ready for the match. Mila watched as the Choir began to filter out of hte arena, and head back up the ramp. She even gave them a little wave.

Mai: They are actually making the Choir leave, Zack! Don’t these heathens realize that they are trying to help us all get to the kingdom of Heaven?

Zack: Good luck with that! They may think they are getting the world to heaven, but they gotta get the hell out of here!

Pruitt called for the bell as Casey was still arguing with her about having her worshippers thrown out of the arena. The referee stood her ground though as Mila moved closer, and tapped Casey on the shoulder. She got ignored as Atherton continued giving Pruitt a piece of her mind. Another tap on the shoulder followed that. Casey turned with an annoyed look just as Mila blasted her with a right hand to the jaw. That brought the crowd to life as the Brit began hammering those shots in one after another, driving her back into the corner. She whipped her across to the far side, where Casey crashed chest first just as Mila bounced off the ropes close to her to take her down with a lariat.

Zack: Casey can argue with the referee later, she’s got a fired up Mila to deal with right now! And “Midnight” has definitely struck here in Atlanta!

Mai: How dare she strike a woman who is in the middle of a conversation?! Can’t she even wait for the debate to finish?

Mila pulled the redhead to her knees, and started driving her own knee into Casey’s face. Several shots rocked her backwards before Martin took off for the far side, and rebounded with a sliding forearm to her jaw. She dragged her to her feet, and hoisted her up into position for a vertical suplex. She held her there for a few seconds before bringing her down with a thud to the canvas. The brunette rolled to her feet, grabbed Casey’s arms behind her, and began to stomp her head.

Zack: I haven’t seen Mila this fired up in a while, and Casey’s gonna have plenty to talk to God about when this match is over!

Mai: I’m sure the Lord will healeth her wounds, and make her fresh and rejuvenated...just like it says in the Bible!

Casey manages to get away, and try to reach the ropes. But Martin is right behind her, grabbing her by the tights and pulling her into a kidney punch. Two more follow it before she hoists her up for a back suplex, followed by an elbow to her chest. The would-be prophet tries to get to her feet again, only for Mila to pull her the rest of the way and send her hurtling into the far corner with an Irish whip. Mila backs up to the corner across from her, and charges at her. But whatever she has in mind didn’t come to pass as Casey stepped forward, and scooped her up into a flapjack into the top turnbuckle. Mila’s face struck hard, and Casey grabbed her by the hair for an inverted facebuster, which gave her a couple seconds to get her breath.

Zack: Casey did the smartest thing she’s done this whole match right there, and now she’s sucking wind after getting pummeled by a very angry Mila.

Mai: I think she realized what a heathen Mia is, and there may be no saving her as a result. In that case, you just have to break them.

Still sat on the mat, Casey leaned forward and drove repeated elbows into Mila’s head and rose back to her feet. She hopped up onto the second turnbuckle from the inside to drive a knee into the back of her head as Mila tried to get up. Casey pulled her into a front facelock from there, which she transitioned into a double underhook suplex. Finally feeling as though she had things in control, Casey held out her arms and looked skyward to share thanks with the Lord, while the Atlanta crowd showed no appreciation at all.

Mai: Isn’t she a beacon of light? Look at her talking to God right now, and sharing her appreciation for his bounty.

Zack: What do you know about God other than calling out to him between two priests in a hotel room in Trenton?!

As Casey did this though, Mila began to get up. The redhead turned to see her, and caught a right hand to the jaw from the Brit. Two more sent her backwards a step before she whipped her across for the ride. Casey reversed it mid-course, and caught her with a sidewalk slam. A few stomps to her head followed that, and she pulled her into position to connect with a spike piledriver in the center of the ring. Atherton rolled her onto her back, and hooked the leg to make the cover.

Mai: I like that piledriver! Is that hair on Mila’s head or nerve endings?




The Brit kicked out after the two count, and Casey got up again. When the newcomer started to rise, the redhead left her feet for a discus leg drop across the back of her head. She quickly applied that front facelock again, and pulled Mila to her feet to begin driving knees into her face and chest in the clinch. Martin collapsed back to her knees, and Casey floated behind her into a dragon sleeper.

Zack: If you look past all the nonsense and goofiness that surrounds Casey Atherton, you’ll find an excellent technical wrestler who is extremely competent at what she does. It’s easy to lose track of that with all this crap she’s trying to pedal.

Pruitt moved around to see if Mila wanted to stop the match, and was quickly told she didn’t. Casey kept the hold applied though, and started informing the referee that she should stop the match. Pruitt disagreed, and so did Mila who shouted “NO!” again. Casey looked to the heavens again, seemingly as though she were asking the Lord for guidance...until Mila brought her hands up and threw a fist into Casey’s nose. That immediately caused her to break the hold as she grabbed it in pain, and gave Mila the chance to roll away from her. The former military officer made it to her feet about the same time as Casey did, and then launched towards her with a boot to her face. Casey fell backwards into the ropes just before Mila kicked her in the chest to send her out to the apron. She quickly pulled her up, and dragged her through the middle to drop her with a hanging DDT.

Zack: There’s something I haven’t seen Mila use before, and now “Midnight” has found that second gear. That’s gonna be bad news for Casey!

Mai: She did it by trying to break that poor woman’s nose! That’s not wrestling, that’s brawling or street fighting! Casey likely came into tonight expecting a fair match, I know I was.

The Brit didn’t waste any time as she drove an elbow into her back, and then quickly applied a STF submission. The referee dropped down in front of Casey to ask if she wanted to stop, but the redhead showed no sign of that as Mila pulled back on her head a little more to increase the pressure. Casey’s face began to darken as a result, Mila continued to add as much pressure as she could. The redhead’s hand raised over the mat, bobbing up and down as Mila shouted at her to quit.

Zack: I think Casey’s about to tap out! She’s definitely paying a penance for how she won their last match, and you can hear Mila telling her to do it!

Mai: She is NOT going to tap out! See how her eyes are closed? That’s because she’s praying right now. That doesn’t mean she’s in pain…..totally not in pain.

The referee checked again as Casey’s hand continued to bob up and down, as though she were of two minds about tapping. Mila tried to add that bit much more pressure as Casey managed to get her foot across the bottom rope. She waved behind her for the referee to look, and Pruitt called for the break. Mila glanced back to see it for herself, and then rose back to her feet.

Zack: You wanna talk about dumb luck?! That was it right there! Casey just happened to be close enough to the ropes. If she’d been six inches in the other direction, Mila would have won by submission!

Mai: You don’t know that! Casey’s been a wrestler much longer than Mila, and I’m sure she knew exactly where she was at in the ring.

She dragged Casey away from the ropes, and looked to be trying to apply another submission. But the veteran caught her with a knee to the side of her head that stopped her for a moment. Atherton rolled away, and struggled to get back to her feet as Mila was getting her bearings. She ducked between her legs, and scooped Mila up into an electric chair and dropped her onto the canvas. The former Unity Champion rolled through with a hook of the leg as Pruitt dropped to make the count.

Mai: Casey has been doing outreach at maximum security prisons, Zack, and got inspired for that electric chair!




Mila rolled her shoulder in time before the three, and Casey sat up with a little bit of a frustrated look on her face. The recent Future Shock graduate started to get up, and got shoved backwards into the corner. Casey sat her on the top rope, and climbed up with her.

Zack: I’m sure she has. Prison is where she finds all those flunkies she travels around with in the Choir.

Casey looked to be going for a superplex, but Mila surprised her with a headbutt to the face. It almost sent the redhead backwards to the mat, but she only dropped down to stand on the second rope. Mila stood up, and executed a sunset flip powerbomb with both legs hooked after the impact! The fans came to their feet as Pruitt slid into position.

Mai: Who the hell taught her how to do that?!




Casey got her shoulder up at the last possible second, and Mila used the ropes to pull herself to her feet. She grimaced in pain as she pulled Casey away from the ropes with something in mind.

Zack: A stellar counter from “Midnight” and she nearly notched a nutjob prophet onto her victory column! She’s got something in mind now!

As Casey started to try to rise, Mila hooked her arms into position and drove her into the mat with her double underhook facebuster. The fans came to their feet as she rolled her over, and went for the cover with a hook of the legs again!

Zack: And there’s the MIDNIGHT HOUR!!




Pruitt called for the bell before Mila rolled off the cover. The brunette made it back to her feet, and had her hand raised to quite a lot of noise from the crowd.

Kat: Here’s your winner by pinfall…………..’MIDNIGHT’ MILA MARTIN!!

Mai: What a tainted victory, Zack! Clearly Casey was too distracted by not having her supporters out here ringside like always! This didn’t prove a thing!

Mila rolled out to the floor, and a smile began to form on her face as she listened to the support she was getting from the Atlanta crowd.

Zack: You’re almost as full of crap as Casey is, whatever you have to tell yourself is fine with me! What matters here is Mila has settled the score with Casey, and come away with a well deserved win.

The brunette headed for the back with that same smile on her face before the show headed elsewhere.

Valentina Unplugged

The scene opens in the library room inside the mansion of Chateau de’ Aphrodite in Los Angeles where Kendra Barton, looking stylish but professionally dressed, is sitting down on one of the large chairs. At this time, the focus of the camera is on her as she begins to address it.

Kendra: Hello everyone, I am Kendra Barton. I am here at Chateau de’ Aphrodite to have a special interview with my guest at this time, the woman who will be facing the “Warp Drive Dragon” Miko Ayano in less than two weeks at Relentless, “The Latin Goddess” Valentina Lozano.

Just then, the camera opens to reveal Valentina, who is sitting elegantly on a large chair opposite from Kendra, with one leg crossed over the other. She is casually dressed but still looks like a superior fashionista.

Kendra: First of all, Valentina, thank you for inviting me to your home and thank you taking the time from your busy schedule to have this interview.

Valentina: My pleasure.

Kendra: Before I talk about your match at Relentless, Valentina, I would like to get a few words from you about your best friend Isis Morales facing Nevaeh Summers on the same show. Just like Isis, Nevaeh is someone close to you and I wanted to get your feelings about this match.

Valentina sighs while placing some hair behind her ear. She knew someone was going to bring up this subject.

Valentina: Nevaeh is a sister to me. We virtually came up in FFW together and I love her to death. Does she know what she’s getting into? Definitely. Does she know it’s going to take a lot more than guts to take on Isis? I hope she does. Because as much as she loves Nev, she wants a shot at the Fast Track Championship even more and she will do anything and everything to see to it that she gets it, even if it means beating her sister to do it.

Valentina takes a moment to calm herself, for she was feeling worked up over the comment she just made, still amazed by the thought of this situation even happening.

Valentina: Don’t ask me to choose a winner here because you will not get one. What I do know is that Orlando is going to get an incredibly competitive match between two of the best women in the ring and when it’s all said and done, the better woman will win.

Kendra feels a little uncomfortable because she feels that Valentina is giving her hints about her displeasure over her probing for answers about her best friends, therefore prompting her to act quickly.
Kendra: Oh, no. I will not put you on the spot with that one, Valentina, given your attentive nature towards the two women involved. Speaking of attentive nature, this brings us to your match versus Miko Ayano at Relentless. One, in the eyes of many, which has escalated into a war in a short time. Before we go into that, let’s go back to the two instances which has lit this fire between the two of you, therefore reminding us all how we got to this upcoming showdown in Orlando. Take a look at this, please.

At this time, the scene changes to video footage from the FFW Fury PPV two months ago, when Valentina faced Miko one-on-one...

Miko surveys the crowd as the vocal droning of Anneke van Giersbergen heralds her arrival. After a moment Miko starts her trek down the ramp. She barely reaches half way down before the crowd suddenly erupt in boos as she faceplants the ramp roughly. The reason for it becomes apparent, as Isis picks her back up to her feet and holds her upright while Valentina delivers a kick into her abdomen. Isis shoves Miko towards Valentina who catches her for a double knee facebreaker to put her back down on ramp.

Zack: Miko didn’t even get to finish her entrance before she was set upon by both members of the Privileged Circle. I’m not sure what Valentina is thinking, this isn’t a Falls Count Anywhere match so it’s not like she can pin her out here.

Mai: Who said she was going to try to? It’s Miko’s own fault for getting in the way. Valentina and Isis where just trying to get down to the ring and Miko tripped!

Zack: What are you watching? That wasn’t a trip, Isis face planted her on the ramp!

Miko starts to pull herself up but as she does Valentina catches her with a knee shot to the side of her head, knocking her back down again. As the Cleveland crowd’s disdain for the duo gets louder, Isis wraps a hand around Miko’s throat and drags her upwards, only to use a chokeslam to put her straight back down on the ramp again.  The redhead uses her boot to roll Miko onto her front and then Valentina stomps down on her nape and back repeatedly.

Mai: How lucky is Miko? She’s getting a GODDESS STOMP DOWN before the bell has even rung.

Zack: In what universe do you class that as lucky? Do you actually think before you open your mouth, or are you just as surprised as the rest of us by what comes out of it?

Isis puts her foot down onto Miko’s back keeping her pressed face first to the ramp while Valentina makes her way to the ring. As Valentina reaches the ringside area, she walks up and walks across the edge of the ring. She looks around the arena, not directly seeing the crowd through the darkness, but knowing that they’re out there as she sees the consistent flashing lights of the cameras and the still boisterous reaction from the crowd.

After wiping her feet on the apron and entering the ring, Valentina strides towards two opposite ring posts in where she climbs up and extends her arms out, looking on with a smirk and posing to the crowd with complete confidence. She’s taking in the atmosphere while the crowd reaction continues and the cameras flashing.

After going through her ritual, Valentina climbs down and makes her way towards the referee, Melinda Davis, ordering her to ring the bell and get the match started. Davis doesn’t seem keen to do that, but Valentina gets into her face until she finally calls for the bell to get the match underway.

Zack: Valentina has just bullied the referee into ringing the bell, knowing full well that Miko is down on the outside.

Mai: It’s not her fault if Miko can’t make it to the ring in time for her match. She should have better time management.

Valentina waits barely a second before pointing out that the referee should be counting Miko out, since the bell has rung and she’s not there. The Cleveland crowd erupt in boos as Davis reluctantly begins the count.
Mai: Count quicker! The sooner Valentina gets her hand raised the better I think.
Zack: Miko could end up losing this match without ever setting foot in the ring.
Miko attempts to start pushing up but as soon as she moves Isis stamps down on her back to push her face down into the ramp again.

Davis reluctantly calls for the bell as Valentina takes a bow for the crowd like she just pulled out a hard fought victory.
Kat: Your winner…………………..via countout………………… VALENTINA LOZANO!
Valentina orders Davis to raise her hand while Isis lays her boot into Miko’s ribs as she tries to rise up again.
Zack: Valentina is peacocking like she just won a championship, when in reality all she’s done is get a countout victory over a woman her and Isis attacked from behind!
Mai: Did she or did she not win the match? She deserves to celebrate after a well-earned victory!

Then, the scene changes to footage from the April 19th edition of Breaking Point, the proposed rematch between the two women...
Valentina then confidently strides her way to the ring, with the spotlight completely focused on her and the arena erupts with a thunderous array of boos from the capacity crowd showering down on her, Valentina is soaking up the reaction, even though she ignores it. Meanwhile, while she’s walking down, Valentina's entrance video is shown on the big screen, profiling her likeness and footage of her in action.

Mai: I never get tired of seeing Valentina highlight videos, Zack. She needs a YouTube channel of just her greatest hits, I’d subscribe!

Zack: I’m sure you would, and---MIKO’S NOT WAITING!!

As Valentina reaches the ringside area, Miko took off out of her corner and dove through the ropes to catch her opponent with a suicide dive that caught her flush in the chest and sent Lozano down to the floor. Valentina quickly tried to get back to her feet and as she did so, Miko grabbed hold of the neck of her robe and pulled it forward to cover her face as she began to fire off closed fist right hands into her face like she was in a hockey fight. Ayano landed ten blows before she released her grip on Valentina who stood up and tried to remove her robe only for Miko to leap onto her shoulders and sent her down to the floor with a hurricanrana.

Zack: Good Lord! Miko’s had enough of these groups jumping her, and tonight is payback for one of them! Valentina’s getting what she deserved!
Mai: How?! I think jumping someone before they get in the ring is despicable! Valentina would never do that!
Zack: …………….That’s exactly what she did!
Lozano rolled as she hit the floor and took a couple of moments before she began to make it back to her feet. Valentina managed to finally shed her robe as she got vertical and began to walk around the ring, only for Miko to follow behind her and take her down to the floor once more with a one handed bulldog. The Canadian wrestler pushed up to all fours where Miko began to stomp away on her skull before Valentina attempted to escape by rolling underneath the ring. The Japanese wrestler though refused to let her get away as easily as she grabbed hold of her opponent’s ankle, pulling her back out from underneath the ring and as she did so, Miko leapt up into the air and delivered a curb stomp to the back of her head.

Mai: Someone arrest her, this is horrible! Here Valentina came expecting a fair match, and this is what she’s getting!

Zack: Valentina made this bed herself, and Miko’s gonna drive her face through it if she has her way.

The cheers of the crowd turned to boos once more as Isis was charging down the entrance ramp, heading straight for Miko Ayano, who turned, waving the Red Haired Goliath forward and surprising her with a low dropkick to her knee that sent Morales face first into the steel ring steps. The Titaness held her face as she almost immediately popped back up to her feet, turning back towards the Warp Drive Dragon who delivered a kick to her midsection, hooked her head as she bent forward and snapped off a DDT that stood Isis on her head on the outside of the ring. The distraction, however, had allowed Valentina enough time to get to her feet and again try to put distance between herself and the former No Surrender Champion, stumbling towards the commentator’s desk.
Zack: Hey hey hey, don’t come over here!
Mai: Stay back, girls! I’m too pretty to get hit!
Miko caught up with her right in front of Zack Hudson, delivering a wickedly stiff kick to the back of her leg, followed by another to her other leg that caused the Torontonian to slump down on the commentary desk momentarily and allowed Ayano to slam her face first into the desk in front of the play by play man. Lozano reeled only for her opponent to grab hold of her head once more and slam her face first into the desk again - this time in front of the colour commentator. This time when Lozano reeled away from the commentators, Miko moved around behind her and sent her flying with a release German suplex that saw the two time Global Wars winner crash hard to the mat.
Mai: They were way too close for comfort for my liking, Zack. I’m going to need you to stop that from happening again!

Zack: I’d love to know how! How come you weren’t running your mouth about Miko while she was over here like you usually do?

Valentina rolled over and once more pushed up onto her hands and knees, holding her back for a couple of moments before she began to crawl towards the crowd barricade. As Valentina began to pull herself upwards, Miko darted towards her and caught her with a running two legged dropkick to her chest. Lozano slumped down to a sitting position against the crowd barrier, one arm hugging her chest as her other hand went to her spine. Ayano rolled backwards and came back to her feet, backing up to the commentary desk once more and this time Miko cleared the top of the table before she climbed up on top of it. The Japanese wrestler waved her foe upwards and as Valentina got her feet underneath her and began to walk forward, Miko shot off down the table at top speed, leaving her feet as she got to the end and delivered a Meteora to Lozano driving her down into the floor.
Zack: This is the damnedest pre-fight I think I’ve ever seen! There’s no way this match is gonna happen tonight...at least not officially.

Miko stooped down and began to pull Valentina up to her feet only for Lozano to manage to shove her opponent away from her. It bought the Canadian enough time to dive into the ring. Miko followed in after her and popped to her feet as Valentina made it back to a vertical base, holding her back as she slowly turned to face Miko and got a bicycle kick to the jaw for her troubles. Somehow Valentina managed to keep her balance as she stumbled backwards, falling into the corner and catching herself on the top rope. Immediately Ayano went after her, laying into her with forearm shivers and connecting with two before the referee, Malcolm Parks, managed to interject himself between the pair, forcing Miko backwards. Ayano finally backed up a couple of steps asking the referee where the count was before she hurled herself back towards Valentina looking to deliver another forearm shiver to her jaw only for Parks to manage to catch the flying submissionist around the waist before she could connect and spun her around and sent her back towards the middle of the ring.
Mai: What did Valentina do that was so wrong to deserve all of this, Zack?!
Zack: Are you kidding me?! This is all her own doing!
Miko found her balance and again challenged the referee who told her to wait for the bell, only for Ayano to demand he call for it. The official ignored the Japanese superstar as he turned his attention to Valentina and asked her if she was ready to start the match. He got no reply from the Canadian who was checking her jaw with one hand while holding her back with the other. Again Miko tried to get the action underway only to get backed up once more by the referee who again turned and asked Valentina if she wanted to start the match. As he did so, Lozano was staring daggers at Miko before her expression turned into a sneer; a little self-satisfied smirk pulling at her lips as she shook her head and told the referee that she needed to see a trainer; that she felt she had tweaked something.

Mai: Get a trainer out here like she wants! Poor Valentina came for a match, not a brawl! I’d fine and suspend Miko for this!

Zack: I’m sure you would. But it’s not your call, is it? Thank God for that!

Again Miko charged forward towards her opponent only to get intercepted by the referee who ordered her back once more. Malcolm Parks turned back towards Valentina and asked her again if she was sure...only to find the Canadian halfway out of the ring. As Lozano dropped down off the apron to the floor, she held her back and was joined by Isis, telling the referee again that she felt it was best for her to see a trainer. The Canadian gave Miko one more semi-smug sneer before she set off up the entrance ramp with Isis by her side; the red haired Goliath keeping her eyes locked on Miko Ayano as they headed towards the back; the crowd booing the pair loudly.

Kat: Ladies and Gentlemen, Valentina Lozano has informed the referee that for medical reasons, she is unable to compete at this time. Therefore...this match is ruled a No Contest!

Mai: I don’t blame her! I wouldn’t compete either! Miko’s a thug, and I hope she gets what’s coming to her!

Zack: I was kinda thinking the same thing about Valentina! My guess is that this thing is far far from over!


The footage ends and returns to the library where the women are focused on each other; Kendra keeping her professional protocol and Valentina keeping her frustrations low, mostly because she was displeased about seeing the last piece of footage.
Kendra: Now Valentina, it’s no secret that you thrive in getting under people’s skin and draw their ire, whether inside or outside the ring. But the question I want to ask you is why did you choose Miko? Why do you feel it was ok to flirt your well-being and risk it against a woman who’s extremely dangerous when she’s at the top of her game?

Valentina gives Kendra a funny look, letting her know how offended she is with her question.
Valentina: Are you serious, Kendra? This is what your “credible journalistic prowess” has mustered up for a thought inciting question?

In response, Valentina sighs and shakes her head, putting Kendra to task about her question and showing her how out of place she is asking that.

Valentina: This is why you are sitting there with a notepad and looking at the camera pretending to act like you’re an important correspondent on CNN or something like that. And I’m sitting here calling you out on it and have every right to do so because who I am compared to you.

Valentina takes a moment to whip her long hair back before continuing to speak.

Valentina: Let me explain something to you. What I’ve done is no different than any other woman has done before or would have done in my position. I’m a woman who breeds success. I can get anything I want with the snap of my fingers but I’m never afraid to put in the work to get what I want and I make that point every time I’m out there in the ring; making statements and putting people on notice. If you want to achieve that, you have to do it at the expense of the women who are regarded as the best on that roster, not those interchangeable opening card “happy-to-be-here” harlots who infest the roster now.

Valentina takes a moment to show disgust over the last statement, letting Kendra know about the truth in what she’s saying.

Valentina: As primitive as she is as a person, Miko Ayano is one of the women representing the former. She has made a name for herself in her own right in FFW, just like she has the world over. For that I acknowledge and never will undermine. However, notice that I mentioned the word “made”, Kendra. People like you see it as some kind of badge of honor for us to believe that one is still credible. But here’s where I beg to differ. She had her time in the spotlight and need to show some sense to step aside and let the new faces like myself a chance to embrace it, or get booted out of it by force. And no matter how she knows it as well.
Kendra: With although respect Valentina, granted you wanted to make a point in your match with her at Fury. But for you & Isis to attack her before the bell ringing and then getting a less-than satisfying countout win, is that truly making a point?

At this point, Valentina is getting more annoyed by Kendra’s line of questioning. However, the beautiful Latina keeps her composure.
Valentina: It’s obvious that I have to spell this out to you. There are many ways to make a point, Kendra. She should have thanked me for having the match end that fast. If there’s anyone who should be praised for being merciful in this juncture, it’s me. I could have easily made this a drawn out destruction after that bell officially rang. Everyone wants to say how dangerous she is but yet everyone forgets how dangerous I can be when I want to. What happened at Fury was me just drilling into her head about where I stand now when it comes to women like her. And if you want any proof of that, go back to last year’s Global Wars.  Sure, she can make reference to her team getting the win over mine in the competition. But who ended up winning the damn thing huh? I don’t have to draw that out further do I?

I didn’t need to be in the ring with Miko at Fury. I already proved I was better than her and I just wanted to put closure onto that notion that night. But her stupidity and her foolish pride got in the way and she thought she was going to get some measure of retaliation on me at Breaking Point, last month.

Valentina gives a little snicker to drive her point across before addressing Kendra again.

Valentina: Was I furious about that turned out? Of course I am. But I’m not surprised. This cretin probably went to the same institution that all the other women before her have gone. One in which they can’t accept any kind of advice, gesture, or statement I make to them at their expense. And just like the others, “Miko” will get her just due at Relentless. And I’m going to have so much fun delivering it to her.

Kendra nods her head and she continues to stay attentive to her subject.

Kendra: Point taken. But there are some people who believe that you might be taking Miko too lightly here, citing reason why you attacked her the way you did at Fury and drew out what caught you off guard in her retaliation at Breaking Point. Do you feel that what happened at Breaking Point will be any cause but concern for you at Relentless?

Valentina: Are you suggesting that I don’t respect Miko? Have I not made it very clear earlier about my praise for her in being a legitimate competitor?

Valentina takes a moment to calm herself down. After which, Valentina gives another hair flip and then begins to speak again.

Valentina: Listen, I know exactly where Miko was coming from in doing what she did; although being stupid to realize that I’m not going to take this lying down. But I understand why she did it. She sees me as a threat. She can buy into the “rich, entitled, spoiled superbitch” hype nearly everyone in FFW spouts about me, but she’s no fool when it comes to what I’m capable of. And unfortunately for her, she’s going to see that first hand. No, pre-match shenanigans, no interference, etc. Do I see this upcoming match with her as tough challenge for me? Absolutely. I know what losses can do to someone so you being more than determined to get back on track and continued to expand her popularity and relevancy is a no-brainer.

But what she needs to realize exactly who she’s standing in the ring against; a woman who can’t wait to put her speed and coordination to the test; see how long it will take before you’ll be screaming bloody murder when I overwhelm you with my merciless repertoire of punishment, humiliation and agonizing pain; the kind of pain that she never knew existed. I am the best at what I do Kendra. I am the best. And at Relentless, she’s going to ultimately find that out. And when it’s all said and done, I will find out if she really is that highly regarded & respected woman that gave me a run for my money….or some classless, ignorant twat that I’ll mercilessly squash under my foot.

Then she turns to face the camera, bringing her attention to the one audience she knows who’s watching her now.

Valentina: I know you’re watching this right now, Miko. You’re going to pay dearly for what you did to me at the last Breaking Point. You’re going to pay for forcing yourself into my agenda for all this time. Come Relentless, you’re going to be doing more than just apologizing to me, let alone respecting me. You’re going to be groveling before me. Because whether you want to believe it or not, you will always be inferior to me. And at Relentless, I will do more that just prove it.

After Valentina finishes speaking, the camera slowly moves closer, to capture her still looking into the camera and letting everyone knows she means business before fading to black.
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Kat: The following match is scheduled for one fall to a finish!

Zack: The two women we are about to see both have a big date coming up at Relentless on May 18th. And I honestly wouldn’t envy either of them.

Mai: I don’t envy me, because we are gonna be stuck together for most of that night and you refuse to bring me a daiquiri when I ask for one.

The Intense electrical thrumming of “Diabolic” by Dance With The Dead signals the coming of Areum Jijang, white and yellow strobes matching the staccato piano-percussion mix.

A moment passes by and Areum appears on stage, the dry ice fog on the entrance ramp parting to show her, and in front of her, seated in a dessicated old hospital wheelchair, housing the disturbing effigy that was a Max Sato Realdoll. Boos rain down upon her, but Areum seems far less offended than she is visibly nervous, she shouts at “Max” to shut up before starting off down the ramp.

When ‘Big Bang’ gets ringside, she roughly carts the life-sized doll over to her corner before hurriedly sliding into the ring and backing into her corner, scanning the ring, the ref, and the crowd as though something might jump out at her.

Kat: Introducing first, hailing from Seoul, South Korea by way of Fresno County, California, accompanied by… uh… well… standing five-feet tall and weighing in at one-hundred-thirty-five pounds, “BIG BAAAAAAANG” AREUM JIIIIIJAAAAAAAAAAANG!!!

Areum holds her middle fingers high as the crowd showers her with more boos, before turning and shouting at Max to ‘Shut up!’ before turning her attention back to the upcoming match.

Mai: I know we have a strenuous physical talent has go through to get to FFW, but I’m of the mind we should start giving psychological exams too. Because this woman is a nuttier than a fruitcake.

Zack: I’ll let you tell her that any time you are of the mind, Mai. I honestly have never seen anyone fall apart the way that Areum Jijang has. She could use some time on the couch though. Maybe we can get Starla to talk to her.

As “Rise” by Sixx A.M. we see the arena lights blinking in sync with the lyrics of the music. Nevaeh Summers eventually storms her way onto the stage before stopping at the top of the ramp and looking out at the crowd. Nevaeh is wearing black sunglasses as well as a Poisoned by Ivy military jacket with platinum trim. As we keep looking at Nevaeh we also spot her wearing platinum colored leather pants running down her leg. The side of each leg is laced up with black fabric, showing of her skin. On her feet we see black furry boots and kickpads. On the front of each kickpad appears her logo as there is a circle with “NS” in the center of it while “The" scrolls on the top and “Finest” scrolls on the bottom.

Nevaeh looks around the building, nodding her head, as she starts feeling the crowd. Nevaeh goes about pointing her left hand out to the crowd and moves it around as if she was conducting them. She then points to the crowd with her right hand, urging that side of the building on the same way. Nevaeh lowers her head, her hands still swaying to the crowd till she raises her head up and snaps her arms out to the side.

As Nevaeh strikes her signature pose three large white flames shoot up on each side of her on the stage The flames reach high into the air, till they turn into smaller flames bursting out of the stage out of the stage every other second. Nevaeh now lowered her head back down and looked towards the ring and began walking down the ramp.

Kat: Making her way to the ring at this time she resides in Los Angeles, California by way of Atlanta, Georgia. She weighs in tonight at 120 pounds. She is Nevaeh Summers!!!

Nevaeh reaches the bottom of the ramp and stops for moment. Nevaeh now goes about removing her sunglasses and just casually tosses them out towards the crowd. Nevaeh than quickly runs to the ring, sliding in under the bottom rope and gets to a knee. Nevaeh just looks out for a moment before getting to her feet and approaches the middle of the ropes facing the hard camera. Nevaeh climbs up them, hooking a leg over the top rope and straddling it. Nevaeh now sits there and looks out to the capacity crowd. She eventually lowers her head and starts motioning her arms as if she's conducting them again. After a moment Nevaeh snaps her head back and her arms out. Multiple spotlights soon shift down onto her, basking her in the light.

Nevaeh keeps striking the pose till she sees fit. Once she has she gets off the ropes and makes her way to the opposite side of the ring where she puts one foot on the bottom rope and the other on the middle. She bounces on them while looking out to the crowd and stretches her arms out yet again, encouraging them to get louder.

She then waves her arms wildly at the crowd before heading to a corner.

Zack: This woman could be the next challenger for the Fast Track title at Relentless, all she has to do is get past the Titaness in what will be a first ever meeting between them.

Mai: Good luck with that. This Baby Peach is gonna get squashed into a gooey mess by Isis, and to a nicer girl it couldn’t happen.

Stephen Wilson checks both competitors are ready to start the match before he calls for the bell and watches as Summers and Areum come out of their corners and circle around each other; Jijang waving a hand towards the Max Sato doll at ringside as if to hush him into silence. As Nevaeh closed the distance between the pair, Areum dropped back and dipped her head through the ropes to scream at the Sato at ringside, that saw the World’s Finest get backed up by the official. As the South Korean brought her head back into the ring, she charged towards Nevaeh who caught her coming in with an armdrag takedown that sent her down to the canvas. Areum popped straight back up to her feet and into a second armdrag takedown that this time Nevaeh held onto as she locked in an arm wringer.

Mai: Never has riding one man caused a woman to go completely looney tunes quite like the way Areum has. Max must have demon seed or something.

Zack: I’ll thank you to never talk about Max Sato’s seed on any show we’re working together, which is all of them.

Jijang started to rise back to her feet and fired off chops into Summer’s stomach that saw the Georgia native release her arm allowing Areum to stand upright and began to drive knife edge chops into the blonde’s chest, forcing her back into the ring ropes. Two more chops followed as Nevaeh leaned against the ropes before Jijang attempted the Irish whip. Summers reversed, sending the Big Bang across the ring and caught her with a picture perfect dropkick to her jaw. Summers rolled to her knees and asked ‘How good was that?’ as her foe came back to her feet and glared at her before she rushed towards her only for Nevaeh to pop upwards and catch her with a european uppercut to the jaw. A second and third European uppercut followed that before the blonde took her down to the canvas with a snapmare takedown. The World’s Finest didn’t give her opponent a chance to take a breath before she landed a rolling neckbreaker. Nevaeh used the momentum to roll back up to her feet and took off across the ring, hitting the ropes as Jijang held her neck as Summers launched herself into a hesitation dropkick to her foes chest.

Zack: I’m not sure how much Ruby is gonna be able to control this woman at Relentless, because I don’t think she has control over herself.

Mai: That’s the thing though. Areum probably doesn’t know what she will do next, so Ruby’s not gonna be able to gameplan for her either.

Jijang rolled away and started to come to her feet as Summers stalked around behind her, lifting her up off her feet and delivered a back suplex. Quickly Nev pulled her foe straight back up to her feet and into a snap suplex. The Big Bang sat up as she landed holding her back for a second or two before she began to get up once more, finding Nevaeh in motion as the blonde bounced off the ropes and came charging back towards Areum, launching herself into a spinning wheel kick that took the South Korean wrestler straight back down to the mat. Jijang attempted to sit up only for the World’s Finest to deliver a leg drop across her chest before she floated over into a pinning position and reached to hook the leg.



Mai: Areum is nothing like Isis, so I hope Nevaeh doesn’t think this is good preparation or anything like that for her.

Zack: I think she’s been around long enough to know that, so your faux worry is entirely unfounded.

Areum kicked out of the pinfall, pushing Summers away from her and immediately rolled out of the ring, holding her jaw as she began to walk around the ringside area. Wilson told Summers to keep her distance as he began the ten count. Jijang got in the face of her Max Sato real doll, berating him before she delivered an open handed slap to his jaw that caused the doll to slump to the side before she delivered a back hand slap to the other cheek that caused it to sit upright once again. Areum spat at the doll before she rolled back into the ring and came to her feet as Nevaeh met her and began to fire forearm shots into her chest. She managed to land three blows before Areum caught her arm and swept the blonde’s legs out from underneath her to send her down to the canvas with the Deashi Harai. Before Nevaeh could rise, Areum leapt into the air and caught her with a single knee drop to her chest. As she knelt over the World’s Finest, Jijang started to fire forearms into her jaw, pulling her up to her feet as she did so and shoved her backwards into the ropes. As Summers stepped forward, Areum caught her with a snapped off kick into her midsection, following it with a second kick to the gut that doubled her over. Areum didn’t waste any time in hooking her opponent’s head and pulled her towards the middle of the ring, dropping her with a running bulldog across the knee.

Mai: Even though she’s totally batshit, you gotta give it to Areum that she’s still as technically sound as she is.

Zack: So is Nevaeh. The only real difference is the years of experience. Nevaeh’s got a good bit more ring time than her opponent.

Nevaeh was quickly back to her feet only for Areum to leap onto her shoulders to send her across the ring with a headscissors takedown. Summers began to get back up to her feet only for Jijang to cut her off, taking her down to the canvas once more with a running neckbreaker. The crowd booed Areum loudly as Nevaeh began to rise, holding her neck only for the South Korean wrestler to pull the hometown wrestler to her feet and straight into a spinning neckbreaker. Again Big Bang was quickly back to her feet and invoked the ire of the fans once more as she stomped down on Neveah’s face. The World’s finest rolled over onto her front, holding her face and Areum followed up with a single knee drop to the back of her neck. The South Korean left her knee in the top of Nevaeh’s spine as she applied a rear chinlock to the blonde, interlocking her fingers underneath her jaw and yanking back on her head. The referee dropped down in front of the former FFW Champion and asked her if she wanted to quit getting a ‘No’.

Zack: I can count on one hand and have fingers left of all the times I recall Nevaeh Summers quitting during a match.

Mai: Well wait till Relentless when she’s begging Isis to end her suffering and put her out of her misery. You’ll have a new memory for another finger then.

Areum pulled back further on her head and again Wilson asked Summers if she wanted to quit. When she opened her mouth to say ‘No’, Jijang changed her grip into a double fish hook, pulling at the sides of the American’s mouth with her fingers. Immediately the official called for the break and started the count on Areum, threatening her with disqualification  only to see the South Korean to release on four and a half and take a handful of hair that she used to bring the FFW Hall of Famer to her feet while getting reprimanded by the referee. Jijang ignored the official as she twisted away from Summers, going back to back with her and dropping down to deliver another neckbreaker. As they landed on the canvas, Areum made the cover, hooking the leg as she did so.

Zack: Jijang with a nasty neckbreaker, and looking to notch the biggest win of her career right now!



Mai: I wonder if Ruby’s even watching this match. She doesn’t strike me as the most attentive girl you’d ever meet.

Summers kicked out of the pinfall on the two count and sat up before she started to rise to her feet only for Areum to apply a side headlock to her. Despite the hold Nevaeh continued to push upwards to a vertical base and walked Jijang back into the ropes, using them to fire her foe across the ring and freeing herself from the headlock. As Areum returned, Nevaeh caught her with a hiptoss that sent her down the canvas and followed up with a knee drop before Jijang could start to rise. The Atlanta native began to pull her foe up to her feet and snapped her back down to the canvas with a side Russian legsweep. Once more Nevaeh looked to keep the pace high by bringing her foe straight back to her feet and Irish whipped her across the ring into the corner, following in close behind to catch the South Korean as she hit the turnbuckle pads with a clothesline. Summers took two steps backwards and left her feet for an enzuigiri that connected perfectly with the side of her opponent’s head. Areum slumped in the corner momentarily before she was brought out of the corner and sent to the middle of the ring with a monkey flip.

Zack: I think Nevaeh may have the quickness advantage here, and she’s certainly got more spring in her step as you just saw.

Mai: Well Areum doesn’t need spring in her step. She just wants to break you down, and make your neck feel like it’s gonna come off.

Areum hit the mat and quickly rolled onto her front, pushing almost immediately back to her feet and charged towards Summers, the blonde catching her with a drop toe hold that sent the South Korean chest first over the middle rope. As Jijang hung over the middle rope, Nevaeh darted across the ring and came back into an attempted crossbody only for her opponent to throw herself out of the way at the last second. Summers managed to catch hold of the ring ropes, spinning herself around and back into the ring to land on one knee. As Nevaeh popped back up to her feet she got caught with a throat thrust by the South Korean that left her gasping for breath and allowed the Big Bang to send her reeling backwards into the ring ropes once more with a sit out jawbreaker.

Zack: Nevaeh could have some loose teeth after that jawbreaker, and look at Areum. She’s right back up afterwards. Talk about focused.

Mai: I think Nevaeh could wear dentures anyway. No one’s teeth are that white naturally unless they are in a cup the night before.

Areum nipped back to her feet and as Nevaeh stepped forward from the ring ropes, the judoka specialist took her down to the canvas with an Uki Waza, rolling on top of Summers and into the mount position as she did so. Areum glared at the effigy of Max Sato on the outside, screaming something at it as she started to deliver fierce slaps to her opponent’s head. Summers covered up to protect herself from the blows. Stephen Wilson asked for separation and began the count on Jijang, seeing her roll away and come to her feet and set off towards the ring ropes, bouncing off them, coming back towards the prone Nevaeh and leaving her feet for the running Thai knee drop that only saw her find empty ring mat as Summers rolled away at the last second.

Zack: That’ll definitely slow Areum down. That mat has very little give, and driving your knee into it isn’t a fun way to spend a Saturday night.

Mai: Since when is getting into a fight a fun way to spend a Saturday night at all? I’d rather be drinking or getting pounded until I can’t breathe.

Nevaeh made it back to her feet at the same time as her opponent and began to lay into her with open handed chops to her chest before jerking her forward into a short arm clothesline. Big Bang began to rise, getting to one knee as Summers hit the ropes and came back with a running knee lift into Jijang’s jaw. The South Korean stumbled backwards and was quickly scooped off her feet into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, pushing Areum down to the ring mat as she delivered the move. When Jijang sat up, Nevaeh began to unleash stiff kicks to her spine. Four connected before Big Bang rolled to the side and started to push up to her feet only to get her head hooked and lifted into the air before getting slammed down with a front suplex.

Zack: Those shots to the back made me cringe, and you know they are doing a lot worse for Areum’s spinal column.

Mai: It’s alright though, because crazy as fuck people don’t tend to feel pain. Or if they do, it doesn’t last long because you have to be sane to think about something hurting.

Areum started to push upwards only for her opponent to help her upright, driving forearms into the side of her jaw as she did so, before she fired her across the ring. As Jijang bounced back off the ropes, the World’s Finest caught her and drove her down into the canvas with a spinebuster, Nevaeh landing on her knees as she did so. Summers pushed back up to her feet as her foe started to try and sit up and the Hall of Famer dropped back to ropes and strode forward to deliver a big boot to the South Korean’s face as she managed to get back into a sitting position. Summers then moved around her body and launched herself into the air with a standing moonsault that landed perfectly.Nevaeh hooked the leg to make the pinfall.

Zack: A gorgeous moonsault may be all she wrote for the “Big Bang” here in Nevaeh’s hometown!




Mai: I told you earlier Atlanta is used to losers. They won’t think any less of her if she fails.

Jijang kicked out of the pinfall and was pulled to her feet by Summers after checking the count with the referee. Once more the World’s Finest moved her opponent back against the ropes before sending her across the ring with the Irish whip once more, again catching her on the return with a back body drop that  saw her send Areum high into the air before the South Korean landed hard on the mat back first. The former FFW Champion gave her opponent no chance to recover as she darted towards the ring ropes, using them for a springboard into an elbow drop into her chest. Quickly Summers made the cover once more, hooking the leg as she did so.

Zack: Another springboard and this time an elbow right to Areum’s diseased heart!




Mai: Hey, you said not to talk about Max or his seed but you’re bringing up diseases!

Areum rolled the shoulder to break up the pinfall and Nevaeh looked towards the referee to verify the count, getting shown two fingers. Summers nodded her head and rolled up to her feet. She took a moment to rally the crowd behind her as she circled around behind her rising opponent, waving her up to her feet. As Jijang managed to get her feet underneath her, Nevaeh darted forward and left her feet to slam her foe into the canvas with the Walk of Shame jumping reverse bulldog.  Again, Nevaeh was quick to make the cover, hooking the leg as she did so.

Mai: Quit trying to copy Stefano, you dumb bitch! You’re about four bra sizes and two hundred pounds short of it!




Zack: Areum is as resilient as they come, and still managed to find a way out of losing to that WALK OF SHAME.

Again the South Korean wrestler rolls the shoulder to break up the pinfall and Nevaeh again checked the count with the referee, nodding her head as she was shown the two and started to pull JiJang upwards. As she got Areum upright, Summers found herself shoved backwards a step and her eyes raked, temporarily blinding her before she was taken down to the mat with a judo hip toss from Areum. Nevaeh attempted to roll through and get back to her feet only to get her head hooked and spiked into the canvas with a red wire DDT. Jijang kept hold of Summer’s head as she rolled back to her feet and delivered a second DDT and then a third before she pulled her up into position for a fourth only for Summers to drop to one knee and fire off a stiff shot into the side of her opponent’s knee. Areum pulled her back up to her feet, with her foe’s head still hooked at which point Nevaeh delivered a blow into her kidneys that finally got her head released. Areum staggered backwards, holding her side for a moment as Summers dropped down to one knee holding her head.

Mai: Nevaeh’s holding her head like there’s something up there. She’s the definition of a million dollar body and a ten cent brain.

Zack: You talk a good game here at the booth. You realize someone’s gonna pay us a visit one night, and I won’t be here when they come looking for you.

Nevaeh forced herself back up to her feet and lashed out with a roundhouse kick towards her opponent only for Areum to catch hold of her leg as she did so, lifting her upwards and into a snap regal-plex that Jijang held for the cover.

Mai: Now that was a thing of beauty! Hey Atlanta, your hometown girl is gonna whiff it up like every other team you have in sports!




Zack: Just a near fall there for Areum. You do realize that these fans can’t hear us, right?

Summers shoulder popped up from the canvas and Areum rolled into a sitting position, staring at the referee who showed her the two count that saw her shake her head and shoot another glare of daggers at ‘Max Sato’ on the outside. She rolled away and came to her feet, grumbling to herself as she seemed to refuse to look at her escort and began to wave Nevaeh up to her feet. The hometown wrestler began to slowly rise to her feet and turned to face her opponent who immediately charged at her, leaving her feet for a double knee strike into Nevaeh’s chest, sending her falling backwards into the corner. As Summers back hit the turnbuckle pads, Areum delivered THE Clap - a blistering knife edge chop to her opponent’s face. It saw the Hall of Famer drop down into a sitting position in the corner as Jijang backed away, measuring up her opponent before she charged forward and drove  the Trigger Pull running knee strike into Summer’s face. The World’s Finest slumped against the ring ropes for a couple of moments before her opponent dragged her out of the corner by her ankle and dropped down into a cover.

Zack: TRIGGER PULL!! I think that may be all for Summers!




Mai: Nah, I told you before. She’s got nothing between her ears. So striking her in the head is like thumping a cabbage. Not much effect.

Before the count could be completed, Nevaeh got her shoulder up from the canvas and Areum looked at the official shaking her head before she slowly came to her feet asking for the three count but only got the two confirmed. As she made it to her feet, she began to scream at Max that she wasn’t Ji-Hu; that she was so much better than her, keeping up this tirade for the best part of a minute before she turned back towards the rising Summers. As the Georgia born wrestler was getting to her feet, Jijang jerked her into position for the Detonation GTR… but never got an opportunity to deliver the move as her opponent kicked up into the air and caught her with a knee to the side of the head.

Zack: Nevaeh may have avoided certain disaster there, because Areum had her ready to go for her one of her favorite moves.

Mai: You know, she’s wrestling very well. Maybe more people should go crazy, doesn’t seem to affect their ring work.

Areum stumbled backwards as Nevaeh landed on her back and once more started to rise. As Summers got to her knees, Jijang took off across the ring and the World’s Finest suddenly forced herself up to her feet and took off after Areum. As the South Korean hit the ropes, she looked for Neveah, spinning around to find her coming off the same set of ropes and throwing a forearm smash towards her jaw, sending her to the mat. Jijang rose quickly only to get a second running forearm from her foe. Again Jijang scrambled back to her feet and spun towards Nevaeh, throwing a wild chop at her face which the former FFW Champion ducked underneath and laid Areum out on the mat once more with a jumping neckbreaker. Stephen Wilson checked on both wrestlers on the mat before he started a ten count.

Mai: This referee needs to count faster, I want to see the double main event! That way, we can see two hometown girls get wrecked tonight.

Zack: You have to tell me sometime what Bianca Reed or Nevaeh here ever did to you, because I don’t have a clue what your deal with them is.

The official made it to three before Jijang began to stir, rolling to her side and starting to push up onto her knees, finally making it to one knee as the referee’s count reached seven. As Wilson declared her upright, Summers kipped straight back up to her feet and turned towards Jijang, firing off a kick to her gut as she got upright and immediately attempted to pull her forward into the Grand Finale. Summers never managed to get the double underhook locked in as Areum shoved herself away from the Hall of Famer and quickly rolled out of the ring to the outside.

Mai: See, that’s smart. We don’t really have timeouts in wrestling, but you can always take an unofficial one on the outside.

Zack: That’s true only if your opponent doesn’t come out after you. And….she’s arguing with that stupid doll.

On the outside, Areum found herself in front of the Max Sato real doll and immediately started to argue with him, letting out all her anger and frustration. In the ring Nevaeh moved backwards at the referee’s instruction, shaking her head before she turned and set off towards the ropes, bouncing off them and coming back into a baseball slide that Jijang saw coming and dove out of the way, causing Nevaeh to connect with the doll. Nevaeh quickly came back to her feet and sneered at the effigy before she threw a roundhouse kick to it’s head, toppling the wheelchair and sending him collapsing to the canvas. There was a scream from JiJang behind her that caused Nevaeh to turn and as she did so, Areum darted forward and delivered a codebreaker to Summers that sent her flipping over Jijang’s head and hit the floor hard. Wilson told them to bring it back into the ring, only to get ignored as Areum once more charged the rising Summers with a clothesline that sent them both over the barrier and into the crowd. Areum telling Summers in no uncertain terms that the only person who had earned the right to abuse Max Sato was her!!

Zack: She’s actually mad someone else….is abusing her doll….of the man she hates. What is life?

Mai: That’s common sense, Zack. You don’t mess with a grown woman’s sex dolls. If I’ve had to say it once, I’ve said it a thousand times.

The pair of wrestlers both got back to their feet simultaneously and began to exchange stiff chops to the chest as the official started a slow count. Areum started to get the upperhand, her blows causing Nevaeh to stagger backwards towards the crowd as security tried to move the fans out of the way. Areum followed close behind her and as she got close, she found herself sent face first into an empty chair with a drop toe hold. Nevaeh rolled to her front and pushed upwards to her feet, heading back towards the ring only for Jijang to spin her around… which got the South Korean a kick to the stomach for her troubles before Summers slammed her down into the concrete with a sit-out facebuster. Again Nevaeh rolled to the side and used a nearby chair to push up to her feet and started to move back in the direction of the ring as the referee’s slow count had made it to five.

Zack: I appreciate the referee giving a very deliberate count here. No one wants to see a countout here in Atlanta.

Mai: You think I care what they want to see or don’t want to see?

Summers reached the barrier and clambered over it and back to the ringside. She managed to take one step towards the ring before she was stopped in her tracks by her opponent who grabbed her hair with both hands and pulled her backwards, spinning her around and Jijang caught her with a headbutt across the bridge of her nose before she slammed her head first into the crowd barrier, causing Nevaeh to drop down to her knees. Areum climbed onto the barrier and threw a knee into Summers face as she started to rise, sending her backwards a step as Jijang finally returned to the ringside area and followed up with delivery of another THE Clap blistering knife edge chop to Summer’s face, before she again took hold of her hair and used a judo throw to hurl her into the crowd barrier. Summers landed on her knees and Jijang caught her in a cravate hold, marching towards the Max Sato effigy and demanded the blonde apologise as the referee’s slow and deliberate count had only made it to eight.

Mai: Apologize to that doll, Nevaeh! I was wrong earlier, Zack. I don’t care if this goes on all night, I’ve never seen anyone demand you apologize to a doll.

Zack: Areum is in need of serious mental help, and this….this is just a loud cry for it, if you ask me.

Instead Nevaeh fired elbows backwards, catching Jijang in the gut, getting her the release and allowing Summers to use a Savate kick into Areum’s chest to get enough separation for her to head towards the ring. The referee’s count reached nine and as Summers was about to roll under the bottom rope, Areum launched herself forwards into a shoulder tackle to Nevaeh’s spine that sent her face first into the ring steps and post. Areum pulled Nevaeh up by the hair and slammed her face first into the top of the steel steps as Wilson reached ten and called for the bell; it sounding as Summers once more found herself driven face first into the steel steps. The crowd were booing loudly but Jijang still didn’t stop as she jerked Summers away from the steps and sent her down to the floor with a Judo hiptoss, measuring the hometown wrestler up as she sat up and delivered another Trigger Pull running knee to her face. Summers collapsed backwards onto the floor, holding her nose for a couple of seconds before she rolled to the side and reached out for the ring apron.

Kat: Ladies and Gentlemen, the referee has ruled this match a Double Countout

Mai: Ah well, it was bound to happen, I guess. I think the moment that the doll got involved, this match was doomed.

Zack: I’ll take things I never thought I’d heard said during a wrestling show for $400, Alex.

As she started to pull herself upwards, Areum grabbed hold of her hair yet again, jerking her to her feet and rolled her into the ring. Jijang brought herself back onto the apron and moved towards the corner where she climbed up to the top rope and as Summers began to get her feet underneath her, Areum launched herself into a meteora, driving Nevaeh back into the corner and allowing her to take up the mount position. Stephn Wilson moved to try and pull Jijang away from Summers only for Areum to grab hold of his head and deliver a sitout jawbreaker. Quickly she got back into the mount position.

Zack: That’s gonna cost her some money right there! Areum just laid out the referee!

Mai: I don’t think financial issues are something that crosses her mind anymore. Along with a lot of other things honestly, Zack.

Areum begun raining down punches at the head of Nevaeh, as the former FFW Champion did her best to cover up. The Atlanta crowd heavily booing the assault Jijang is laying on their hometown girl, but Areum shows no signs of stopping. Suddenly “Kong At The Gates” by The Misfits blares into the arena, bringing the crowd to a standstill of anticipation. Isis Morales makes her way out and comes down the ramp, staring daggers at Areum, who is staring back at her.

Mai: Oh boy here comes Isis. I wonder what she’s gonna do here. Nevaeh was very disrespectful earlier.

Zack: Nevaeh and Isis had a difference of opinion, but there have always been talks of respect for one another. Plus Isis is staring Areum down, who is eyeing the Titaness strongly as well.

Isis continues her walk down to the ring as Areum keeps watching her. As Isis steps foot on the ring apron and steps over the ropes to enter the ring, Areum takes this moment to slide out on the other side. She never takes her eyes off The Titaness as both stare each other down. Areum grabs the wheelchair and her Max Sato doll and begins to circle around the ring, continuing her staredown with Isis as she  takes her leave up the ramp.

Isis watches her leave the entire time as Nevaeh, starts to get to her hands and knees behind her. The Atlanta native has no idea what is going on as she grimaces, her head facing down to the mat. Isis then slowly turns her head to notice the floored Nevaeh and begins to advance towards her. After noticing that someone is standing in front of her, Neveah cranes her neck upwards to see Isis staring down at her. The Latina shows no emotion in her visual dressing down of her best friend. On the other side, Neveah shows no fear in staring up at the giantess. However, she’s still trying to cope with the pain that given to her not to long ago. Meanwhile, the arena is at a fever pitch as the crowd elevates their ecstatic reaction. They’re ready for something to happen between the two ladies.

Mai: If Isis wanted to she could stomp Nevaeh out right now. I would if she dared look up at me like that.

Zack: Nevaeh is a proud woman and she’s told Isis she ain’t backing down. The tension is just radiating off these two right now.

Back in the ring, Isis lifts her hand as if to strike down on Neveah, but she extends it out to her, offering help. Nevaeh reached for her shoulder, but not Isis’ hand. Instead Nevaeh started to pick her own self up off the mat. Nevaeh looked at Isis, still not pleased from earlier tonight, certainly not happy with how her match just went. “The least you can do is say thank you.” is the comments that emerge from the red-haired giant’s mouth. Nevaeh, in an emotional state, looked up at Isis aggravated. “You want me to be thankful to you? Just another thing you want me to act like? I didn’t ask you to come out here. I didn’t ask for your help” the blonde could be heard retorting as she held her shoulder. Isis still sports a emotionless demeanor, but rolls her eyes in response. “You better get with the program, chica. Your stubbornness will definitely be your downfall. Keep pushing it! Come, on “Finest”! Keep pushing it!” 

The crowd in Atlanta was beginning a loud “Nevaeh” chant as the blonde stared at Isis. Nevaeh kept holding her shoulder and only responded with “In two weeks I’m gonna do a lot more then push, Sister”. Nevaeh now took a step, brushing right past the Titaness, much like Isis did to her earlier tonight. Isis, looking disrespected, grabbed Nevaeh by her shoulder and spun her around. Before Nevaeh knew what was going on Isis had her up on her shoulders, in position for the Voyage To Armageddon. The crowd gasped in horror as what seemed to be Nevaeh’s fate, the the former FFW Champion was doing her best to fight out of Isis grip. But within a split second, Neveah manages to slip out, denying Isis any opportunity to finish the move. Stunned and confused, Isis turns around. Only to be caught with a with a standing dropkick from Nevaeh, with a force that causes Isis to fall back….and flip out of the ring to miraculously land on her feet.

Zack: Nevaeh with a dropkick that hit Isis right on the button, sending her over the top rope, but Isis landed right on her feet. All after Isis tried to suck Nevaeh with the Voyage to Armageddon.

Mai: Sucker her? Isis showed Nevaeh some compassion and the blonde tart keeps disrespecting her. Isis was gonna teach her some respect. That’s the kind of athlete Nevaeh is gonna be in the ring with at Relentless. Nevaeh hit her square but Isis is still standing.

Zack: But for how much longer? Nevaeh looks like she’s on the move here.

Keeping her momentum, Nevaeh empowers herself to get ready to dive out of the ring at the Latina giant with a suicide dive. She runs the ropes, and bounces off them, going full steam. However, she jumps, with her arms up, causing her shoulders to hit the top rope, forcing her to bounce off it and land on her feet. As Nevaeh does this, she rolls backwards, all the way till she's back on her feet. Nevaeh then stares at Isis, never losing sight of her, and with an intense glare on her face. Meanwhile outside the ring, Isis is stunned by this response. And as she observes the frantic atmosphere around her; the crowd firing up the arena chanting Nevaeh’s name in a fever pitch, making the red-haired Titaness more furious by the second!

Zack: Nevaeh with a bit of mindgames with Isis right there and this crowd is loving it.

Mai: But all Nevaeh is doing is pissing Isis off more. Look how upset Isis is right now. Nevaeh has to get in the ring with her. What the hell is she thinking?

Isis walks backwards on the ramp, keeping her eyes on Neveah and sporting a nightmarish demeanor, pointing at her and continuously says “Your Time Is Up!” In the ring, Nevaeh storms close to the edge of the ring, coaxing Isis to come back. The crowd couldn’t get enough of this intensive exchange for at this point, this “competitive nature” is past the boiling stage.

Mai: Nevaeh Summers is one of the biggest fools we’ve ever seen. She is poking the proverbial bear here. Isis is gonna tear her apart at Relentless.

Zack: That may be your and Isis’ thoughts heading into that match, but Nevaeh is determined to prove otherwise. High stakes are on the line between these two at Relentless folks. It’s gonna be a sight to see.

Mr. And Mrs. Star

The next shot takes us inside the office of the COO, where we see Seth with his newlywed wife and No Surrender Champion Savannah Taylor. Both are seated together as Seth mutes the monitor where they were watching the show.

Seth: It’s only been 30 days...a month...since I became the husband of this woman right here. April 4th, we were married after over a year of dating one another. And it was a wonderful day and even better honeymoon. I couldn’t be prouder to be married to my wife, and not even the events of 2 weeks ago on this show will ruin that feeling for me.

The mere mention of what transpired two weeks ago is something that the No Surrender Champion won’t soon forget as her blue eyes narrow just slightly.

Savannah: People can say whatever the hell they want. Infact, certain people already have. The fact still remains that I married my best friend and the absolute love of my life last month, and there isn’t anything that anyone can do about it. We’re a team, bottom line. But apparently, our joint happiness doesn’t matter to certain people.

She mouths the words ‘Franchise’ before sitting back next to her husband.

Seth: Never was that more evident than during our wedding. For those unaware, I did send my sister an invitation. After all, she is still my family even if she calls me a bastard.

He takes a deep breath on that last word.

Seth: And she chose not to attend. She wasn’t bothered enough to see her brother get married to a woman who was once her best friend. I’d advise those of you in the Franchise today, both new and returning, that I wouldn’t expect any different from her if the day comes that you do something she disapproves of.

Savannah reaches over and places her hand on her husband’s knee.

Savannah: This is the kind of woman that The Franchise looks up and basically hero worships. This is the kind of woman that has cultivated a cult of personality that her followers don’t even see the flaws behind the curtain. Don’t think it won’t happen? Go ahead and step out of line. Go ahead and actually manage to THINK for yourselves. Don’t come crawling to me when I’m proven right.

She takes a deep breath before calming herself down.

Savannah: If she’s willing to stoop to the lows of calling my husband,  her own family one of the most vile names on the planet….imagine what she’s going to call each and every one of you when it’s your turn to step out of line. Trust me….it WILL happen.

Seth: With that said, allow us to address two topics. One, Angelina Fantastica. You have my word that you will face Savannah at the earliest possible date after Relentless. I hope striking her with a wrench brought by Mallory wasn’t something you thought would go unanswered.

Savannah: I hope to whatever deity that you believe in that you have done your homework, Angelina. And I’m not just talking here in FFW….i’m talking across ALL platforms. You think one little shot to the head from a wrench is going to keep me down? Bitch please. Your troubles are going to continue after you fall once again to Lilly. Adios, chica.

Seth: Possibly the only woman less deserving of a title shot than Angelina is the one challenging you for your title. Let’s be honest, Bianca was not given a shot at your title because she’s been on some streak of tapping out her opponents. I can’t recall once where she did it in recent memory, she’s getting this shot because she’s in the Franchise and Mallory already has a title. But the problem comes in that she still has to TRY to win it, which is going to be a  LOT more difficult than just being given this match. At Relentless, we’ll have the tiebreaker between her and my wife….but that’s only if you count the sham that saw guest referees and weapons come into play. Personally I don’t count it.

Savannah bites her tongue in an attempt to go completely off on her Relentless opponent.

Savannah: You know as well as I do that there is pretty much only one person on the roster that deserves a shot at my championship, and Bianca Salvador sure as hell isn’t it. Sadly, the only one who DOES deserve the title shot already has a newly won championship of her own. But if Bianca wants to, as she alluded to, lower herself to the No Surrender division and try and take MY title from me, she’s going to be in for a very, very long night.

Seth: With that said and due to the fact that my sister wasn’t there to see our wedding, I thought we would show you a moment from that event, Samantha. I hope it stays with you as long as you live.

He turns to his new wife, and shares a kiss with her as the show heads to a commercial break.

Reunited & It Feels So Good

Breaking Point returns from commercials, and finds the Atlanta crowd booing to no end as we see why. Standing in the ring is the entirety of the Franchise: “Malicious” Mallory Bennett, Mel Avilo, “Typhoon” Bianca Salvador, Jo McFarlane, and Angelina Fantastica. Standing in front of them is the owner of FFW.

Samantha: It was two weeks ago on this show that everyone witnessed the full restoration of the Franchise. Everyone witnessed the reunion as Jo McFarlane and Mel Avilo returned after several weeks to rejoin the centerpiece of this company. That night has been very memorable for me in particular. I must have watched that six woman tag match a dozen times, and it never ever gets old. And tonight, I have assembled this group here before you so you can get a clear visual image of what the future looks like.

She turns, and moves between both halves of the Brazilian Storm with a smile on her face.

Samantha: In two weeks, Bianca Salvador will become your new No Surrender Champion after she corrects an anomaly that took place at Fury. She will take my unwanted sister-in-law, Savannah..Taylor, I refuse to call her by my name, apart and make her quit. And she will have Mel Avilo in her corner as she does that. Because after all, where else would a best friend be?! She’ll also be in her corner tonight as Bianca meets Missy a little later.

Bianca: And I couldn’t be happier about it, because there’s no such thing as “half a Storm”.

The two Brazilian wrestlers indulge in a high-five before the Typhoon continues.

Bianca: And this is the sight you should all get used to. All of us together. Ready to dominate the competition and make this company OURS. And it’s just a matter of time until we’re so full of gold, there won’t be enough shoulders for all of it. It started with Mallory here… And Angelina and I are just the next step of the way.

Mel: It is something that I am greatly looking forward to witnessing with the best view in the house, let me assure you of that. While I was not in the building for Fury, I did see what happened and the fact that it did, with someone so undeserving of it no less, makes the whole thing worse than it could have been. But never mind, wrongs are there to be made right, and that is exactly what shall happen two weeks from now.

Samantha moves towards Angelina next, and gives her a smile.

Samantha: You are going to see Angelina Fantastica become your new Fast Track Champion. You’ve already seen how this new side of her has been successful. She pinned the No Surrender Champion in that match 1 2 3. And I’m of the mind if she can put Savannah down, she can certainly do the same with Lilly in her rematch. And whether it be Nevaeh or Isis at Relentless earning a shot, I am confident that Angelina will show them both why she’s here.

Angelina: I’ve already beaten Isis once, and that was before I became a Franchise player. Once I get my Fast Track Championship? I don’t care whether it’s Nevaeh or Isis that wins their opportunity, because whichever one it is will just get me one step closer to being the first person since Kaoru Asaka to take that title all the way to an Evolution shot.

Then the owner’s attention returns to Jo, whom she gives a hug as she approaches her, which the younger redhead returns.

Samantha: This woman doesn’t need an introduction at all, and I can’t tell you how happy I am to have her back. After shedding what I considered all along to be human flotsam in her now former husband, Jo has resumed her career with her eyes still on the same prize she hasn’t received a rematch for: the FFW Championship Miss O’Neill and Miss Vega should keep an eye over their respective shoulders, because one of you will be seeing her very soon...either for the first time or just the latest.

Jo: It has been long, infuriating few months, not to mention unfortunate that my personal life has allowed the company to be defaced into such horror as it has. Now do not get me wrong, I understand that the weakest lion the world has ever known is deserving of her rematch, since that is the way wrestling works. That said, she is still exactly as I have called her, as I have proven time and time again.  Except once, which I’m sure she may clutch to as if her life depends on it. Between that and her run with a belt that no longer exists, it’s about all she has. But yet, not even Leona was capable of keeping the biggest lazy bitch in the company this side of Ignis away from the top prize. The only thing that Shaughnessy has on Ignis is the fact she actually managed to get into contention...even if it was purely because of other people, unshockingly. One is weak, the other has made her career as far on the reliances of others. I cannot begin to tell you how much I look forward to getting my rematch, which I above all others deserve, and proving that neither of them will ever truly earn their stripes.

Samantha moves towards the “Malicious One”, giving the Ultraviolence Championship a pat as she approaches.

Samantha: Last but certainly not least is your reigning Ultraviolence Champion, a woman who put down an opponent at Velocity who many consider to be the elite in such a division. I knew she would need a little healing time, which is why Mallory has an important job at Relentless...just not defending her title. She will be granting the wish of Missy, who begged to find her recently. Well now she won’t have to look any further. She’ll be there in the ring as Missy challenges Kelly Kincaid for the Evolution title. I will be adding a further stipulation to that match. If at any time either Kelly or especially Missy physically accosts Mallory during the match, she has the right to officially stop the match and bring me the then-vacated Evolution title.

Mallory: I am feeling especially a little sore, boss. You don’t really fight Alysson Gardner so much as drag yerself out of the crater she left you in. I think I got a bit in me to call this one right down the middle... Unless o’course Missy gives me a reason not to. Yeah... I hope you can hear me loud and clear here. You’ll get a piece of me on my time, which I mean when Samantha decides it’s time. Not before. Not after. Then. Until that point why don’t you sit pretty and try not to completely embarrass yerself and that title when you face Kelly for it, okay Missy?

Samantha: What this all means at the end of the day is you are all going to see why I call these ladies the Franchise. Everything in this company will revolve around them, and you’re going to see a lot more of them before all is said and done.

The boos get loud once more as we cut to a commercial for the upcoming Relentless event on May 18, available on Pay Per View and FFW All Access streaming.
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Kat: The following contest is scheduled for one fall to a finish.

The arena darkens as “Rockstar 101” by Rihanna begins to play before the camera takes us behind a woman with purple hair. She steps out onto the stage, raising her hand and making a fist as the camera looks over her shoulder. She tosses her sunglasses on her head out to the crowd as she heads towards the ring.

Rocking these diamonds
I'm rocking this chain
Make sure you get a picture
I'm rocking my fame

Kat: Introducing from Atlanta, Georgia, this is the Princess of the Reed family……...BIANCA REED!!!!

Bianca climbs up onto the apron, drops into a split before sliding under the bottom rope to the inside. She brings her legs together and hops to her feet, already making eye contact with her opponent and running them down verbally while her music fades and before the bell even rings.

Zack: Bianca picked up what a lot of people considered an upset victory against Sophia Pike back at Velocity in February. Tonight she has the chance to do it all over again in her second meeting with Pike.

Mai: Lightning doesn’t strike twice, she has no chance. If she does, she should go out and buy a lottery ticket.

The arena goes dark for just a moment, the funky opening chords to Voodoo Johnson's "Dirty Angel" playing through the PA, before the white lights are replaced by swirling green replacements, bathing the arena in the favorite color of the Emerald City Siren. A few seconds pass, though, before Sophia Pike actually makes her way out through the curtain, met--immediately--by a chorus of boos, which she largely brushes off with a flick of of either wrist. She pauses at the head of the ramp, chewing a piece of gum fairly obviously, and shaking her head at the collective audience, for whatever reason.

Clearly in no particular hurry, judging by the utter lack of pace, Sophia makes her way down the ramp. About halfway to the ring, one fan is able to get past the practiced apathy of the Siren, and she actively gets in his face, shouting...something, that for the most part can't be heard over the music playing in the arena. Whatever the fan says back to her seems to amuse the self-proclaimed Queen of King County, who just smirks and waves him off, making the shorter trip down to the ring and climbing up onto the apron. She leans back against the ropes, grinning with a little more joy than one should probably get out of being almost unanimously booed, even raising both arms and beckoning the crowd to get even louder--which they happily do.

Kat: Introducing next, from Seattle, Washington, and weighing in at 137 lbs, this is the "Emerald City Siren," SOPHIA PIIIIIKE!

Sophia hooks her arms over the ropes and grins, climbing through the ropes and up onto the second turnbuckle and stretching both arms out, bending just a little bit at the waist and leaning herself forward. She shouts something at the sections of fans she can see, but again it's mostly unheard. Eventually, she hops off the turnbuckle and pulls her Queen of King County shirt off, tossing it out into the crowd...who promptly throw it back at the Siren. For her part, Sophia either doesn't notice or doesn't care, just settling herself back in the corner, waiting for the match to begin.

Zack: Sophia is not a woman who likes to let anybody get passed her once, nevermind twice so no doubt she will be pulling out whatever she can tonight to pick up an equalizer with Bianca.

Mai: The only things she needs to pull is Bianca’s arm out of its socket, that should get the job done.

With the Atlanta crowd still on their feet in support of the hometown girl, referee Robert Valero completes a check of both women for anything that they shouldn’t have. Kat makes her way out of the ring as the live crowd start to settle down into their seats, and Valero calls for the bell to get the match underway. Both women make their way out of their respective corners, not taking their eyes off the other as they do. As they near the centre, Bianca picks up her speed and catches Sophia with a clothesline that rocks her back on her heels. The Emerald City Siren recovers her balance quickly, but almost the same second that she does, Bianca uses a Russian legsweep to send her straight down to the canvas. The crowd erupt in even more cheers for Bianca at that point, as Sophia gets back to her feet with a scowl on her face. The Seattle native rolls her head as Bianca comes off the ropes looking for a flying clothesline. Sophia dodges out of the way though, but Bianca manages to land on her feet and continues on to the opposite ropes. She bounces off that set and comes back with a running clothesline that Sophia only narrowly avoids this time, before Reed hits her with an uppercut instead which again rocks her back on her heels.

Zack: Bianca is clearly energized by her hometown crowd and she is starting off strong. She knows what it takes to face Sophia, but she also knows that she can beaten.

Mai: It was a fluke, she’s not going to manage it a second time.

Zack: It was a clean, hard fought win. I don’t know which part of that you think is a fluke.

Sophia rubs her jaw for a second before turning suddenly and clocking Bianca with an uppercut of her own. Bianca reels backwards from the impact and before she can fully right herself, Sophia fires off an elbow shot that connects square with the hometown girl’s jaw. A forearm shot follows to the same spot, before Sophia starts hammering them across Bianca’s neck and shoulders in earnest. Reed tries to protect herself, but as she raises her hands Sophia makes a quick grab for her arm and twists it behind her back into a hammerlock. Using that to steer Bianca she runs her face first into the corner. Killer B puts her feet on the bottom turnbuckle at the last possible second to prevent a head on collision with the top turnbuckle, but it doesn’t prevent the knee shot from Sophia that hits her in the side. Several more follow that and freeze Bianca in place, before Sophia pulls her out by the hammerlock and then extends her arm to use a double knee armbreaker to bring Bianca down to the canvas.

Mai: Sophia spends longer working on an opponent's arm than most wrestlers spend in their relationships!

Zack: She really does like to stay on one arm and that just all adds up to a world of pain for the one on the receiving end.

Grabbing the hometown girl by the head, Sophia pulls her back up to her feet and smacks her across the jaw with another forearm shot get her a massive amount of disdain from the live Atlanta crowd, which doesn’t seem to phase her in the slightest. Bianca reels but keeps her balance and Sophia follows with a second forearm shot to the same spot. Again Reed manages to keep her balance, until Sophia starts to hammer forearm shots one after another like they are going out of fashion getting her even louder animosity from the crowd. The Seattle native again ignores the crowd as she makes a move to grab Bianca’s arm. Killer B sees it coming though and quickly pulls it back out of Sophia’s reach and uses her other hand to shove Sophia in the chest away from her.  Undeterred the former No Surrender Champion advances towards her again, only to eat a superkick that sends her reeling back into the ropes. She doesn’t have chance to rebound off, before Bianca grabs her by the wrist and fires her across into the opposite ropes. She does rebound off that set and is met in the centre of the ring with a dropkick to the chest from Bianca which flattens her to the canvas.

Zack: Bianca is determined to keep that arm out of the reach of Sophia and I don’t think there’s anybody here that would blame her for that. She’s managed to get Sophia down, and if she can keep this control, she might be picking up a second win against the Emerald City Siren.

Mai: I can blame her for not letting Sophia get her arm. In fact, not only can I, I do. She’s spoiling Sophia’s fun and mine!

The Emerald City Siren is quick back to her feet and as soon as she is, Bianca grabs her by the shoulders and pulls her forwards to drive her knee into her face. Keeping her hold on Sophia’s shoulders, Bianca drives her other knee up into her face next, and then the first knee again, and then the other. She keeps that pace going until five shots from each knee has connected and then she spins her around quickly to use a straight jacket neckbreaker to take her down to the mat. Bianca gets into position for the cover as Valero slides into place beside them for the count.



Mai: That was disgraceful behavior by Bianca, she should be disqualified!

Zack: She didn’t do anything to get disqualified for! There was nothing illegal about what she did, in fact she managed to deliver a sequence that has clearly disorientated Sophia a bit.

Sophia kicks out strongly just after the one and Bianca gives herself a shake off as she gets back to her feet. Sophia rolls back to her own feet not far behind with a furious look on her face. Bianca barely has time to register what is happening before Sophia clocks her with a roundhouse kick that sends her backwards into the ropes. Straight away Pike follows her and grabs her by the arm to whip her across into the opposite side. Bianca rebounds and as she does Sophia catches her with an arm wringer and begins to deliver elbow strikes into that arm. Reed tries to pull her arm free but Sophia transitions into another hammerlock, pushing her hand so far up her back that she’s almost touching her own head.

Zack: Sophia is back on that arm, and with how far she’s pushing that hammerlock it’s a nod to Bianca’s resilience and determination that she’s not screaming right now.

Reed grits her teeth against the pain and starts to use her free arm to fire back elbows towards Sophia. The Emerald City Siren manages to avoid them mostly, until a particularly vicious shot from Bianca catches her in the ribs and momentarily freezes her in place. Seeing the opening, Bianca starts to fire elbows backwards quicker and quicker until they are coming rapid fire style. Several hit on target then and Sophia releases her grip on the hammerlock as she tries to cover up. Bianca spins on a dime to connect an uppercut that reels Sophia backwards, giving her a chance to shake the feeling back into her arm. Pike rubs her jaw again, before leaving her feet to deliver a standing dropkick that catches Bianca by surprise and drops her to the canvas like a rock. Bianca scrambles back to her feet, and as soon as she does Sophia grabs her by the arm to again put it into a hammerlock before driving her elbow into it.

Mai: Look at how well Sophia is controlling this match, Bianca doesn’t stand a chance.

Zack: Sophia might be in control at the moment, but Bianca’s been holding her own more than well enough throughout. This is quite even and could go either way at the moment.

Killer B again attempts to fire elbows back but this time Sophia manages to avoid them all, before using a hammerlock DDT to drive Reed into the canvas. Sophia gets into position for her fujiwara armbar, but as she makes an attempt to grab the arm she has already been working on, Bianca snatches it away and kicks out with both feet, managing to catch Sophia awkwardly on the chest. The crowd show their support for Bianca loudly as she rolls away from the Seattle native and using the ropes gets back to a vertical base. Sophia makes it back to her feet a moment after and rubs her chest, just as Bianca reaches her to deliver a running dropkick that staggers her backwards. Quickly Reed scales the ropes behind Sophia and as she turns, Bianca comes off to deliver a Tornado DDT to drive the Emerald City Siren head first into the canvas.

Zack: A beautiful Tornado DDT from Bianca, and this crowd might just take the roof off if they get much louder in their support for her. You can see how frustrated she is making Sophia by not letting her get her armbar locked in too.

Bianca grabs Sophia by the head and gets back to her feet, pulling Sophia up to her knees as she does. The Atlanta native starts to unload kick after kick into the side of her body until she snaps of a superkick to send Sophia reeling and then grabs her by the arm to fire her across into the corner. Reed follows her in with a step up Enziguri which sends her stumbling forwards out of the corner again. Killer B quickly climbs to the top turnbuckle as Sophia catches her momentum and spins around to face her. Bianca launches herself off with a meteora to send her crashing down to the canvas like a rock. The purple haired wrestler gets back to her feet again, this time she takes off towards the ropes and uses them to land a slingshot leg drop straight across Sophia’s chest before she hooks a leg for the cover.

Mai: Nope! It can’t end like this…..c’mon Sophia, don’t let her get you like this.




Sophia gets her shoulders up in time and Bianca rolls back to her knees, only to catch a hard kick to the head from the Emerald City Siren before she rolls away and back up to her feet.

Zack: I’m not sure if that was accident or design by Sophia but either way, I wouldn’t be surprised if Bianca was seeing birdies flying around her head about now.

Bianca looks a little disoriented as she gets back to her own feet, which isn’t helped as Sophia catches her straight away with a roundhouse kick to the jaw. The hometown girl stumbles backwards and a dropkick to the chest from the Emerald City Siren sends her all the way back into the ropes. She bounces off them and straight into an arm wringer on the arm that Sophia had already been working on earlier. Sophia drives her elbow into Bianca’s arm multiple times viciously, before she delivers a double knee armbreaker which gets a yell of pain from Bianca and a shower of disdain aimed at Sophia from the Atlanta crowd. Pike again tries to get into place for her seated fujiwara armbar, but Bianca pulls her arm to her chest and scrambles back to her knees to avoid it.

Zack: Bianca is still managing to avoid that armbar, and it’s probably a good job with the amount of damage it’s already taken.

Mai: It’s only a matter of time, she might as well stop fighting it and get it over with. We all know it’s going to happen sooner or later.

As Bianca starts to get back to her feet, Sophia moves quicker and makes it back to her own feet. She delivers a kick to Bianca’s body to keep her on her knees and then grabs hold of the same arm she’s been targeting all night and twists it until she gets a yell from the Atlanta native. Reed tries to free her arm but Sophia keeps a vice like grip and extends Bianca’s arm….right before driving her knee into it. Bianca hits the mat and grits her teeth to avoid screaming out, at least until Sophia stomps down onto her shoulder joint and reaches down to grab her wrist. She starts to pull at Bianca’s arm, almost like she is trying to physically pull it out of its socket.

Zack: Sophia looks like she is actually trying to pull Bianca’s arm out of the socket. The pain must be excruciating for Bianca.

Mai: I know! It’s wonderful isn’t it.

Zack: I’m sure Bianca wouldn’t agree with you.

Reed reaches out with her free arm and manages to grab hold of the bottom rope, prompting Valero to ask for the break. Sophia glares at him and for a moment looks like she isn’t going to obey, until he reaches a count of four. Pike finally releases Bianca’s arm and storms to her feet as Bianca scrambles back to her feet holding her arm. She barely has a chance to fully get her feet under her before Sophia hits her with an elbow to the side of her head and then grabs her injured arm to use an armdrag to send her straight back down to the canvas. Sophia quickly pulls Reed away from the ropes and works on getting her into position for her seated Fujiwara armbar actually managing to lock it in this time. The crowd rally behind Bianca trying to spur her on to escape it, as Valero drops down to ask if she wants to end the match. Killer B keeps her teeth gritted together and shakes her head to tell him no, as the crowd get even louder in support for her.

Zack: That’s SPACE NEEDLE locked in and with the way Bianca’s arm was already looking, I think it could only be a matter of time now before she has no other choice but to give in.

Mai: I hope she hangs in there for a while, it’s like watching poetry in motion, watching Sophia do this!

Sophia pulls back more on Bianca’s arm as she tries in vain to move herself towards the ropes. Pike smirks as she tells Bianca to tap. Reed doesn’t react to her, instead digging her nails into the canvas and trying desperately to move herself closer to the ropes. Sophia pulls back even further on her arm, and gets a shout of pain in response. Valero asks her again if the she wants to give in. He doesn’t get a response at first, until Sophia pulls back even more on her arm applying as much pressure as she can and the agony becomes visible on Bianca’s face. Valero asks the question again, and reluctantly Bianca taps out. The referee immediately calls for the bell, to a large (and loud) amount of animosity from the live crowd.

Mai: This crowd should be cheering for that wonderful display of athleticism. They’re just jealous because they’re all mouth breathers.

Zack: Bianca put up one hell of a fight, but once Sophia managed to lock in that armbar, it was the most sensible thing to give in rather than to cause herself a serious injury.

The Emerald City Siren ignores the disdain from the Atlanta crowd as she gets back to her feet to have her hand raised by Valero. She only lets him raise it for a moment before she snatches it back from him. She rolls out of the ring and starts to make her way to the back as the Atlanta crowd start to cheer for Bianca, and the show cuts elsewhere.

Chaotic Champs

A close up shot of one of the Unity titles was the next image we see as the show heads to the back, and finds it draped across the shoulder of O.E. Ayano as she stands next to her partner, Scarlett Silver, also with her title. Christian stands behind them with a smile on his face.

Christian: I said every time anyone asked me that it was going to be a tough uphill battle for these two right here to get past the reigning two time Unity Champions, KO/TO. We prepared and planned and trained for a while waiting on it to come around. And what happened but Scarlett and O.E. proving they were more than up to the task when they won the Unity Tag Titles at Velocity. I could not have been prouder sitting ringside watching it all.

Scarlett: On our first attempt at them too. We can’t forget that bit! I never had any doubt that we would win them, and with a little bit of logical deductions and doing the math, O.E didn’t take long to catch up with me in that belief too!

O.E.: It takes me a while but I do learn, folk. So here we are ya new Unity Tag champs and if we have our say... We’ll, y’all better get used to seeing us with these for the longest time. No disrespect to KO/TO though, but I kinda grown close to this first piece of hardware.

Christian: Now I know well, having been a tag champion myself, that the bullseye has moved since Velocity. Every team in FFW, and probably a few who are thinking about being a team, may well be looking to come after O.E. and Scarlett here. So I thought we’d do a little quickfire rundown of some of the likely suspects who may be on the horizon. What do you think, girls?

He asks as he puts a hand on each of their shoulders. The Orochi proceeds to hold her hands out like she’s looking through a camera.

O.E.: Aight aight... Action!

Christian: Let’s start with the former champions, who I know are gonna want another chance at the titles so they can three-peat: KO/TO.

O.E.: Something got me feeling like Serafina and Claire especially wanna even that score and ain’t no one gonna tell me that they couldn’t do the three-peat fam but really... I been said this and I’mma continue saying this. If they really wanted to... Like really REALLY wanted to, either one of them could go on that collect, singles title style. What they got left to prove? But if they want that smoke, let’s get it.

Scarlett: They can want the titles back to their heart’s content, but that doesn’t mean that me and my girl are gonna give them up. We earned them and honestly have you seen HOW good this looks on me? Me and O.E aren’t just gonna let them slip out of our fingers.

Christian: Hell, let’s talk about the Privileged Circle, who O.E. here along with her cousin tangled with recently.

Scarlett: I’ve never faced them….but I stand by what I said. We’re NOT letting these Championships go without a fight. And I already have Valentina beaten on the style and shoe front which she seems to pride herself on. They can LOOK at the titles if they’re really lucky, but only if they stay out of arms reach because I don’t want any fingerprints on my freshly polished name plate.

O.E.: Isis big ass can catch another spear from me if she really about that life. I know ol’ hossenfeffer breath will say she want it and talk like she wants to give that business but she seems more obsessed with tryna prove there ain’t no obvious skill gap between her and Nevaeh and bless Summers for going with the lie. My homie Scar love me too but she keeps it 100 with me at least.

Christian: What about the now reformed Brazilian Storm? With Mel back, we gotta assume they may come calling.

O.E.: Oh you mean Samantha just gonna name them the new challengers like she just named Bianca the next No Surrender contender? Later for that. I mean I ain’t really sweating the new, improved Franchise when it look like the same formula to me. That’s just a bitch’s opinion though. Let ‘em come call, we can send ‘em back to momma. Hell, call up Missy, we can send them and Syphillory home too.

Scarlett: You’re getting it now, O.E. I’m sooooooo proud of you! Finally she gets it! And she knows damn well that we got this.

Christian: Or what about the Gold Standard? Kyle’s already said he’d like to see Lacey and Valerie holding both the Future Shock and Unity Tag titles.

O.E.: What at the same time? Like duality and ish? Christian for what tho? Chicks out here greedy and shit, ain’t never happy with what they have, I swear to God. That said I’d be happy to oblige ‘em if Scarlett about it. I dunno if they ready for any of her makeup or fashion tips. I know her and McKinley both got expensive tastes but my  Ill-lustrous tag partner—y’all see what I did there?—
wears it better. When I say ‘it’ I mean all of it. Just sayin’.

Scarlett: Purlease. The Gold Standard couldn’t handle us if we came with written instructions. In some ways, they’re just a poor man’s version of us anyway. If they had any real style or brains...or you know, scratch that. They’re nothing like us!

Christian: I think the moral of the story here is it doesn’t matter which of the teams we mentioned or didn’t mention come calling. Scarlett and O.E. didn’t defy the odds and become the champions just for a photo op with the titles. If you want’em, come and take them...if you can.

Scarlett: Which, spoiler alert to save you the trouble…..you can’t!

O.E.: Chaotic Temptation out here y’all.

The camera zooms back in on one of the Unity Tag Titles before the show cuts elsewhere inside the Philips Arena.
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Breaking Point returns from the commercial break back to the ring, and Kat Grayson smiles as she begins the introductions.

Kat: The following contest is scheduled for one fall to a finish.

Zack: The two we are about to see have no shortage of chemistry between them, but given the news Missy’s had recently, I don’t know if I’d want to be the one to face her.

Mai: She has no reason to be upset. She wanted to find Mallory the other night, now she can be in the ring with her at Relentless. I think it’s poetic justice personally.

“Something New” starts up over the speakers, and the jeers have almost drowned out the music before Brazilian Storm have even arrived (though in fairness, the beginning is pretty quiet). Yellow, green and blue spotlights dance around the arena, while the tron shows images of both halves of the team in action. Suddenly, the music stops and the tron cuts out...only for the sound of crashing thunder to echo loudly through the arena.

Love to hate,
Repeating my mistakes.
But there’s no one left to listen,
No one left to listen.
Take a chance, and fuck the consequence
When there’s no one left to listen,
No one left to listen.

As a curtain of dry ice smoke fills up the entrance stage, the two Brazilian wrestlers walk up to the top of the ramp together, with their manager Kyle Kilmeade right behind them. Once there, they look over the booing crowd with matching smirks on their face before they stop for a pose: Bianca goes to a knee and opens her arms wide in the Witch of the Winds pose, as Mel does her own pose, twirling on her feet and taking a soft dip of a bow, also with her arms open. After a couple of seconds in that pose, Bianca lunges forth and twirls herself, as Mel swings an arm, and the best friends indulge in a loud high-five. Then, side by side, they walk down the entrance ramp, with their manager following them with a lonely round of applause.

Right now! We’re taking control!
Tired of waiting
Tired of waiting for something new!
Right now! We’re taking control!
Tired of waiting
Tired of waiting for something new!

Kat: Introducing first, escorted to the ring by Mel Avilo and Kyle Kilmeade… From Brazil… BIANCA SALVADOR!!!

Instead of going straight to the ring though, the girls walk up to a camera, getting right up to the lens with their mischievous smirks. As Bianca flexes her biceps for the gun show, kissing the bulging muscle, Mel’s smirk becomes a grin as she gives the camera, and the viewers at home, some choice words about their opponents. After that, the best friends roll into the ring and move to opposite turnbuckles, climbing onto the second rope and staring into the booing crowd, only to wave them off and regroup, going to their corner. Bianca sits on the top turnbuckle and Mel docks herself there, as they wait for their match to begin while they strategize, Kyle joining in their conversation.

Mai: Isn’t it heartwarming to see the Franchise back together? I know I’ve missed seeing Mel with Bianca, and I know she has. It’s like the Beatles reunited.

Zack: You’re entitled to your opinion on how heartwarming it all is, but it’s certainly a lot more dangerous for anyone who runs up against any member of the faction.

The lights in the arena go off before a single purple spotlight hits the stage. As the opening bars of Wild Side by Cross My Heart Hope To Die starts to play Missy appears at the entrance way. Missy stands perfectly still, as her head stays bent, looking towards the ground and her manager Christian Kincaid walks out to stand behind her.

I've been on my best behavior
But I've heard that good girls finish last
And once you're gone they say no one can save you
But who knows if I go I may never want to ever come back
We've all fell victim to temptation
It seems that I'm the last one holding on
What's the use in fighting for my salvation
And why does it feel so damn right to want to be so wrong

At the side of Missy purple lights flash on and off, looking almost like fireworks, as she remains perfectly still. As the lights subside, Missy raises her arms up to the air and a single white spotlight accompanies the move.

I just wanna dance with the devil tonight
I wanna know what it feels like
I wanna close my eyes, put my hands in the sky
I wanna walk on the wild side

Kat: Introducing at this time…. Hailing from Leeds, England and weighing in at One hundred and twelve pounds… she is MIIIIISSSSSY!

Missy makes her way down the ramp to the ring keeping her eyes straight ahead, focussing on the ring, with Christian following a few steps behind. When she reaches the ring she slowly climbs the steel steps, surveying the crowd as she does until she reaches the top. She steps onto the apron and gives one final look around before she enters the ring between the top and middle rope. Leaning over the top rope she shares a few last minute words with her manager as her theme music ends.

Zack: We could be looking at the next Evolution Champion right here, but I have my doubts when you have Mallory Bennett as the guest referee.

Mai: How can you say that? You’ve never seen how Mallory referees a match, she could prove to be thousand times better than who we have now. Not that that’s a difficult task.

Referee Kevin Fisk checks both women, and calls for the bell. They meet in the center, and Bianca immediately begins talking down to Missy. But she barely gets a few words out of her mouth before the brunette coldcocks her across the jaw. She doesn’t let up either as she fires a few more shots to her mouth, and drives her back into the corner. Missy grabs the ropes, and starts firing kicks into Bianca’s body repeatedly, and drives her down to a seat against the corner. She takes off for the far side, and comes back with two knees into Bianca’s chest. The blonde gets dragged away from the corner, and Missy scoops her up for a gutbuster across her knee.

Zack: I knew Missy was gonna be in a foul mood, after all she’s put up with! And boy, was I right! Bianca’s catching a beating that Missy’s probably wishing Mallory was taking tonight!

Mai: She better not be doing that. Bianca and Mallory aren’t alike at all in the ring. If that’s the case, it’s only a matter of time before she makes a huge mistake and Bianca capitalizes.

The Brazilian starts to get back up, only for Missy to begin using clubbing blows with both hands across her back repeatedly. She pounds her down to her knees again, and bounces off the near side to catch her with a running kneelift to the face. It causes the blonde to teeter backwards on her knees before Missy tees off with a front kick to her chest followed by four more. Salvador clutches her body in pain before the Brit catches her with a back heel kick to the jaw to put her down on the mat.

Zack: Nothing but hard strikes from Missy, and Bianca’s getting treated like a heavy bag at the Future Shock Center in Boston!

Mai: Don’t you worry. She’s just lulling Missy into a false sense of security. The “Typhoon” can weather a lot worse than this, no pun intended. Well maybe a little.

Salvador starts to get up again as Missy catches her with another right hand to the mouth. This time though, Bianca fires back with one of her own. The two start trading shots from there, and the “Typhoon” stops that with a short knee to the ribs. She scoops Missy onto her shoulders, and darts a short distance to connect with a Samoan drop. Bianca takes a second to pull herself together before grabbing Missy’s hands and stepping on her hair to pull her up. She does this a couple times with an amused look, and drives a knee into her face. When the brunette tries to get up, Bianca drops her with a straightjacket suplex and floats over into the cover with a hook of the leg.

Mai: Missy kinda belongs in a straightjacket, so that move is super fitting! Go ahead and finish her off, Bianca!



As soon as the two hits though, Missy kicks out of the cover. Bianca makes it back to her feet, and turns Missy over to apply a camel clutch. With both hands under her chin, Salvador leans back and tries to apply as much pressure as possible.

Zack: Bianca’s doing the best she can to take some of this fire out of Missy’s belly, and a camel clutch is a great way to slow anyone down.

Missy started to get one of her arms free, and began to reach for the ropes. Bianca let go of the hold, stood up, and dropped both knees into her back instead. She planted her feet inside Missy’s knees, grabbed her arms, and fell backwards to hold Missy up in a surfboard submission instead. The muscles of the Brazilian were easily seen as she kept Missy suspended over her.

Zack: I know Mel’s considered the powerhouse of the Storm, but Bianca’s hardly a weakling! Look at her holding Missy up there, seemingly with ease! And there’s no counter that I’ve seen to this!

Mai: Well then, go over and tell Christian so he can tell the referee to stop the match. We both know Bianca can hold this all night long, if she wants. In this position, I never realized how much of a flat chested boy Missy looks like before either.

Fisk asked Missy futilely if she wanted to quit, and got a very definition no to that question. Bianca kept her arms and legs locked with Missy’s body clearly in agony as the hold remained applied. Christian shouted some advice to her as the fans were getting behind her too. Missy then began trying to rock herself back and forth in the hold, causing Bianca’s grip to loosen slowly. After she got a bit of swaying going, Salvador’s hands slipped and Missy landed back first on top of her as the referee dropped to make the count.

Zack: Missy rocked herself free, and Bianca may be about to get pinned as a result of her own submission!



The two barely touched the mat before Bianca bridged up in the hold back to her feet. She had Missy in position for a piledriver, but the brunette sat up on her shoulders and rained fists into her face. It staggered her backwards a couple steps, allowing Missy to land on her feet and counter in a facebuster.

Mai: Did you see that power, Zack! Bianca bridged out of that pin like a boss! Don’t worry about piledrivers though, there’s not much in that head to scramble. She really is flat!

The Brit tried to collect herself quickly before getting back to her feet. Bianca headed for the ropes where her partner and manager were. As she hung over the middle for a moment, Missy took off towards her and caught her with a tiger feint kick to the face that sent her hurtling backwards. The brunette took off for the far side this time, and came back with her curb stomp to the back of Bianca’s head. She quickly dropped down to make the cover and hook th leg in the process.

Zack: Bianca’s head is catching feet front and now back with the MISCHIEF MAKER! Missy may be closing in on the win!




The blonde managed to get her shoulder up in time, and Missy pummeled her with right hands before rising back to her feet. She scooped both of her feet under her arms, and then fell backwards into a catapult that landed Bianca head first onto the top turnbuckle.

Mai: Given how biased this referee is, I feel like we need a Franchise referee to handle all their matches from now on. What do you think?

Salvador started to slump against the corner as Missy charged in with an avalanche splash to her back. With a handful of her hair, the brunette yanked Bianca away from the corner and was about to connect with a reverse DDT. But Bianca jammed her thumb into Missy’s eye, causing her to let go and stumble back with her hand to her face. The Brazilian scooped her up into a backbreaker rack and flipped her out into a cutter before lunging across her to make the cover.

Mai: Wow, I’ve never seen Bianca use that before and the best part is I think it’s gonna work on Flat Tits there!




Missy barely got her shoulder up in time before the three, and Bianca sat up on her knees trying to pull herself together. She looked over to Mel and Kyle with a grin, and then picked up Missy into what seemed to be a bodyslam. But instead she hung her upside down in the tree of woe in the corner.

Zack: I thought the “Typhoon” was gonna plant Missy right there, but no. She’s got her upside down in the corner, and nothing good is gonna come of this if you’re Missy.

Bianca grabbed the ropes, and returned the favor from earlier in the match with kicks to Missy’s body. Shot after shot after shot landed before Bianca took off for the far side. She came back to deliver a dropkick into Missy’s ribs that caused the brunette to grimace in pain. Salvador then headed to the opposite corner, measuring her for a moment before taking off again. This time, she was looking for a baseball slide….until Missy sat up on the top turnbuckle. Bianca’s legs wrapped around the post instead, and her face was frozen in pain immediately on impact.

Mai: I don’t think I need to explain why that hurt, do I? I mean I could if you really wanted, but Bianca’s face pretty much explains it better than I could.

Zack: Bianca was looking to turn Missy’s head into a pinball, but someone moved the table! I hope Salvador doesn’t have any marital anniversaries coming up, this could put a damper on the festivities that night.

Missy flipped back down to the canvas, still the worse for wear as she pulled Bianca by the arms out of the corner. The blonde clutched...herself in pain as Missy headed for the corner, and made her way to the top rope. She launched herself into a cannonball senton that landed right on Bianca’s body before hooking a leg for the cover. Fisk dove down to make the count.

Zack: She may have cracked some ribs with that cannonball off the top rope, and Missy’s about to wrap things up here!




Bianca popped her shoulder off the mat, and Missy got back to her feet. A quick glance from Bianca to the corner followed before she doubled back to head up again.

Mai: That was horrible, Zack. Just because Missy’s flatter than an ironing board is no reason to try to make Bianca look like a little boy too!

Missy immediately launched herself into a top rope frog splash that landed perfectly. She quickly hooked the outside leg for the cover as Fisk dropped to count.

Mai: It’s getting worse, there’s LI’L MISS MISCHIEF!!




The referee called for the bell, and Missy rolled off the cover. Christian slid into the ring with her, and helped her to her feet and raised her hand too.

Kat: Here’s your winner by pinfall………...MISSY!!!

The referee raised her hand, and Christian congratulated her as she leaned on him for a moment trying to get her breath back after the frog splash. He raised her hand again as Kyle and Mel pulled Bianca out of the ring.

Zack: Missy may be sore as hell right now, but she’s feeling a little better! That move right there could be what regains the Evolution title for her at Relentless when she meets Kelly!

Mai: Maybe, but I’m more concerned about Bianca. She’s way more important to the company than Missy or the Evolution Champion, at least in my opinion!

Zack: Well you’re entitled to your opinion, but Missy could be 2 weeks away from regaining the Evolution title….if it weren’t for Mallory! We’ll see on the 18th!

He held the ropes open for her to leave, and followed her out with some more applause along with the Atlanta crowd. The show fades to black from there.

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