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November 20, 2019, 12:06:45 pm
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FFW Relentless - May 18, 2019

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Author Topic: FFW Relentless - May 18, 2019  (Read 192 times)
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« on: May 20, 2019, 02:08:38 pm »

Live from the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida
May 18, 2019

The FFW logo flashes across the screen before the show opens to see the door leading into the office of Samantha Star pop open, and out walks Kyle Kilmeade with a grin on his face and a folded document in his hand. He doesn’t get three feet from the door before he gets cornered by Amber Carano.

Amber: Kyle, what’s going on? You look pretty happy after leaving Samantha’s office.

Kyle: I am, and I promise you and everyone else you’ll find out before the night is over.

He brushes past her, leaving Amber with a curious look on her face before we cut to a video package showing Leona Vega’s history with the FFW Championship as well as Shaw’s capturing of the title at Fury. “The Sun” by Parov Stelar begins to play before the video highlights each of the title matches on the show before cutting back to the live show inside the arena to a roaring crowd. The stage lights up with fireworks as the camera pans the crowd.

Zack: It’s the final Pay Per View for the FFW roster before we head home for the biggest night of the year! Welcome to beautiful Orlando, Florida for the seventh annual Relentless! And we’re already starting off with wondering what exactly has put Kilmeade in such a good mood to start the show.

Mai: Why shouldn’t be he in a good mood? He manages the FFW Champion, who is gonna prove once more why Leona Vega needs to give up on getting the FFW title back. But yeah...he did look pretty stoked.

Zack: No kidding. We’ll apparently find out tonight as 4 championships are on the line with a whole lot of grudge matches to boot.

Mai: I’m most looking forward to watching Isis squash Nevaeh to get a Fast Track title shot, and see what kind of world class referee Mallory Bennett will be in the Evolution Championship match.

Zack: That’s a disaster waiting to happen for all of us, most of all Kelly and Missy. Mallory Bennett has no business refereeing anything, be it this match or any match.

Mai: She has no bias in this match though. She doesn’t care about either Missy or Kelly, so that makes her perfect for the job!

Zack: I can already tell it’s gonna be a long night… Kat, take us away from all this and let’s get Relentless going live from Orlando!

Kat: The following match is scheduled for one fall to a finish!

Zack: It’s time for some payback if you’re Miko Ayano, and talk about it being long overdue! The “Warp Drive Dragon” has had all of Valentina Lozano she can stand.

Mai: I think she’s gonna end up disappointed then, Zack. This isn’t some rookie she’s facing. And besides that, Valentina’s already proven she’s way smarter than Miko. Not saying much though, is it?

The entire arena goes dark as the sound of wind blows through the PA, after a moment a strange whine kicks on, slowly getting louder and drowning out the wind as blue and white light starts to slowly creep along the stage.

The silhouette of a woman walks out, shaded by the increasingly intense lights she comes to stand center stage before hunching over at the waist slowly as the sound and the light dim slowly. The sound turning down to nothing and the lights going so dull as to barely be perceptible.

A moment passes.



The stage erupts with blue fireworks as the tron rains down white sparks just behind the now revealed Miko Ayano!

Kat: Introducing from Saga, Japan. Standing five-foot-six-inches tall and weighing in at one-hundred-eighteen-pounds, “THE WARP-DRIVE DRAGON” MIKO AYAAAAAAAAANOOOOOOOOOO~!!!

The Japanese woman surveys the crowd as the vocal droning of Anneke van Giersbergen heralds the Ayano’s arrival. After a moment Miko starts her trek down the ramp.

“Now we’ve arrived in a new time and world,
And elements are we of gold,
How many times are we able to see,
In the infinite void of the soul”

Miko arrives at ringside, she hops up onto the apron on a knee then comes to a stand, resting her forehead on the top rope for a moment.

“All that way,
Gonna give it away?
You’re gonna give it away to some muscle?”

With that she bolts to the corner from the apron, standing with one foot on the top buckle bracket and her other on the middle buckle bracket she raises surveys the crowd again.

“Long, long way,
Til the pain is at bay-”

Miko lifts her arm then with the scream of Devin Townsend-


- and pumps her fist-








BOOM! White sparks start falling from overhead as Miko leaps into the ring. The music twisting into a medly as the crowd is split between cheering and screaming along with Anneke’s backing vocals.


This world seems arrogant,
Sick and demented!”


“SOOO you bet your body and soul?”

Miko comes to a stand dead center of the ring as the chorus arrives, she slowly bends at the waist to rest her palms to the mat, the lights of the arena dimming as she lowers.


A blue strobe light pulsates with every word Townsend belts out.


At this Miko starts to rise slowly to a stand.


At this white spotlights star to spin around in dizzying patterns, highlighting the crowd in the darkened arena.


The entire arena starts flashing blue and white, just as-


White and blue pyro explodes from each corner of the ring as Miko stands dead center of it, arms spread wide and head tilted back as powerful white floodlights illuminate the ring to an almost painful degree. The crowd roars and hucks several blue, silver and gold streamers into the ring for her as the lights slowly go back to normal and the music fades out.

Freeing herself from the streamers, Miko walks over to her corner to await the opening bell.

Zack: Miko’s fired up and ready to get down to business. This was originally set for Fury, but we know how that went, don’t we?

Mai: …………..Is it over? Oh sorry, I was reading an atlas of all the places I could be right now and be back in time before Miko’s entrance was done.

The lights go out in the arena.

Suddenly, on the screen, the following video is being played….

A pair of boots is shown walking across the screen. As they stop and turn to face the camera, the intro of "This Time I Want It All" by Pea McGee plays, with the camera pulls back to reveal Valentina Lozano, dressed in her wrestling gear and standing in a dominant pose. Before long, Valentina begins to “levitate” upward, as if she is flying, just as the song drops, ending up…

…rising from beneath the stage, with the lights of the stage and the ramp illuminating in gold while the spotlight focuses on the stage. She’s still standing in a dominant pose, hands on her hips and squinching at the crowd in a look of detest, but nonetheless, ready to take care of business.

Kat: Making her way to the ring, representing The Privileged Circle, hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing one hundred and thirty-five pounds. She is “The Latin Goddess”…


Valentina then confidently strides her way to the ring, with the spotlight completely focused on her and the arena erupts with a thunderous array of boos from the capacity crowd showering down on her, Valentina is soaking up the reaction, even though she ignores it. Meanwhile, while she’s walking down, Valentina's entrance video is shown on the big screen, profiling her likeness and footage of her in action.

As Valentina reaches the ringside area, she walks up and walks across the edge of the ring. She looks around the arena, not directly seeing the crowd through the darkness, but knowing that they’re out there as she sees the consistent flashing lights of the cameras and the still boisterous reaction from the crowd.

Mai: Do you think anyone in Orlando has an opinion that Valentina cares about? She doesn’t care if they hate her, she’s above that.

Zack: She may be, but she might want to take a look behind her….HERE COMES MIKO!!

Valentina turned back to face the middle of the ring and almost immediately received a jumping knee strike to her jaw from the Warp Drive Dragon. Lozano managed to keep herself upright and on the apron thanks to her grip on the top rope only for Miko to dart across the ring, bouncing off the ropes and quickly coming back to launch herself her into a low dropkick to the Canadians knee cap. Valentina fell to her knees on the apron only to quick pull herself back up to her feet where Ayano rocked her with a pair of forearm shivers to the side of her jaw. Quickly the Japanese wrestler hooked her opponent’s head and brought her into the ring with a snap suplex and saw Robert Valero call for the bell to get the match underway.

Mai: Why is the referee starting this match at all? Miko jumped her before she was ready AGAIN! He should ask Valentina if she wants to continue.

Zack: We’re not dealing with that nonsense again! FFW already promised this match once, and we’re going to deliver it tonight come hell or high water!

Lozano quickly sat up as she landed, receiving a stiff kick to her spine from her foe before she rolled to her feet and was immediately taken back down to the mat with a clothesline from the Warp Drive Dragon. Again Valentina rolled and came quickly back to her feet where she was caught by a hip toss into a spinal tap kick. Again the Toronto native pushed upwards - a hand pressed to the small of her back only to get her arm captured by the former No Surrender Champion who quickly took her back to the canvas once more with a side Russian leg sweep. Miko rolled over on top of the two time Global Wars Winner and took up the mount position where she started to fire off piston like right hands into Lozano’s skull.

Mai: This match shouldn’t even have started yet! After getting jumped by Miko, Valentina should have been allowed another hour to recover and come back out here again!

Zack: I already told you that’s not happening! The bell sounded, the match is underway. And Valentina can like it or lump it at this point!

Valero called for the break and began the count, getting to four before Miko rolled away and came back to her feet where she immediately took off towards the ring ropes and launched herself into a low dropkick to the side of her opponent’s head as Lozano pushed up to her hands and knees. Valentina rolled over and pushed up to her knees. The Canadian held her head as she quickly pushed up to one knee only for Miko to take off towards the ropes behind her opponent, rebounding off them and leaving her feet to grab her head and slam her face first into the canvas with a one handed bulldog. Again the former Femme For All pushed up onto all fours which allowed Miko to roll her over into a majistrol cradle pinning combination.

Zack: Miko’s already looking it call it a night!



Mai: How courageous! Despite Miko’s cheap shots and jumping her when she wasn’t ready, Valentina is persevering!

Valentina kicked and quickly rose back to her feet only for Miko to apply a rear waistlock that quickly became a German suplex. Miko didn’t release her grip around her opponent’s waist, pulling her back up to her feet and into a second German suplex. Again Ayano pulled her foe upwards and this time delivered a release German suplex. Lozano held her back as she started to rise back to a vertical base, Ayano waving her upwards before she darted towards her, leapt onto her shoulders and snapped off a headscissors takedown. It sent the Latin Goddess flying through the air, causing her to land on her back once more before she used the momentum to roll under the bottom rope to the outside.

Zack: If Valentina doesn’t start getting some offense rolling here, she’ll be back in the showers before you can finish kissing her ass again.

Mai: It’s not kissing ass, Zack, when you mean it! Sure, she’s rich and all that. But this is genuine love!

Lozano pressed one hand against her lower back as she looked to recover on the outside, turning towards the ring as Miko came charging towards the ropes, launching herself into a suicide dive. Valentina sidestepped… as Ayano managed to grab the top and middle rope to stop the suicide dive. Lozano looked up at her opponent as Miko grinned at her while resting between the ropes before the Warp Drive Dragon used her grip on the ropes to launch herself into a pendulum dropkick through the ring ropes aimed at Valentina’s chest. The Canadian though caught hold of Miko’s legs, jerking on them as she twisted to send her crashing downwards where Ayano’s head bounced off the floor.

Mai: See what I said earlier about her being smarter than Miko? There’s a perfect example of it right there.

Zack: It was getting to be a do or die situation for Valentina at that point. She had to pull something out of her bag of tricks.

As Miko began to rise, Valentina grabbed hold of two handfuls of her hair, yanking the wrestler up to her feet and brought three knees upwards into Miko’s gut in quick succession before she used her grip on her hair to beal her back first into the ring steps. Ayano pushed up into a sitting position against the stairs and was quickly charged by Lozano who caught her with a running knee to her face, bouncing the back of her head off the ring steps. The Latin Goddess didn’t waste any time at all in jerking her foe to her feet and slammed her face first into the top of the ring steps before she rolled her underneath the bottom rope and back into the ring. Valentina followed her back in, popped back up to her feet and charged towards the risen Miko, taking her down to the canvas with a lariat. Again Ayano started to rise, only for Valentina to scoop her off her feet into a sidewalk slam. The Warp Drive Dragon sat up only for the Toronto born wrestler to pull her up to her feet where she drove her back first into the canvas with a pump handle slam. Quickly Valentina made the cover.


Mai: Only a one count, but that’s alright. Zack, have you ever known what it’s like to be wealthy?

Zack: No, and if it involves being like Valentina, I’ll decline.

Mai: Well don’t ruin it for the rest of us in the meantime!

Miko kicked out as Valero brought his hand up to start the two count. Valentina gave him a withering glare as he confirmed the one count and the Canadian pulled her opponent to her feet, where she backed her up into the ropes with a series of stiff forearms to her chest. As the referee asked her to let up and allow her opponent to come away from the ropes, Lozano took hold of her wrist and sent her across the ring. As the Warp Drive Dragon returned to the middle of the ring she was scooped off her her feet by the Canadian wrestler and slammed back first into the mat with a spinning spinebuster. The Japanese wrestler’s back arched upwards; the former No Surrender Champion rolling to the side before getting pulled back to her feet where Valentina hoisted her onto her shoulders. Lozano took a second to adjust her grip on Miko before she stepped forward and delivered a rolling Samoan drop. Lozano used the momentum to pop up to her feet and continued into the ring ropes, coming back off them and jumped high into the air to come down upon her opponent with a knee drop. Quickly Valentina made the cover once more and weakly hooked the leg as the referee slid into position.



Mai: She’s getting closer. Last time, it was a one count. Now it’s two. She’s wearing her down, Zack.

Zack: Well that is the whole idea behind a wrestling match: to wear down and incapacitate your opponent to pin them or make them tap.

Miko again kicked out of the pinfall and once more found herself brought to her feet by Valentina who steered her backwards into the nearest corner with a series of raised knees into her abdomen. Five quick knees followed as the Latin Goddess trapped her foe in the corner. The referee was quick to call for separation and begin the count, getting to four before Valentina Irish whipped her opponent across the ring. As the Japanese wrestler hit the turnbuckles, Lozano caught her with a splash, following it up with a series of stiff side kicks to the midriff, holding the top rope as she did so. Valero immediately ordered the two time Global Wars Winner to back up, starting the five count as he did so. The official made it to four before the Latin Goddess stepped away, her hands held in the air for a moment before she used the middle rope as a springboard into a roundhouse kick that caused Ayano to fell down to a sitting position corner. Valentina grinned evilly as she measured up her opponent then stepped forward to begin to mudhole stomp her chest. Again the referee called for separation and began to use the count, getting to four once more before Lozano stepped backwards. It was only a seconds worth of mercy shown by the Canadian before she stepped forward, pressing her boot against her foes face and told her to kiss her boot while the referee once more counted to four before he saw Valentina step backwards, throwing her hands in the air and getting booed loudly by the sold out crowd while Miko rolled to the side, wiping her face as anger flashed across her features.

Mai: I bet if Miko would just kiss her boots like she asked, Valentina would take it easier on her. I think that’s a very generous offer.

Zack: You would. Why don’t you offer to kiss them for her after the match? Or were you hoping to aim higher?

The Latin Goddess revelled in the crowds jeers for a couple of seconds before she moved back towards the corner and looked to pull her opponent up to her feet only for Miko to suddenly grab her around her thighs and jerk her backwards to send her face first into the middle turnbuckle. Quickly Miko came back to her feet and begin to fire kicks into the legs of the rising Canadian, causing her legs to buckle slightly. As she turned to face the Japanese wrestler Ayano caught her with a front kick to her midsection that caused Valentina to lean forward as she cradled her stomach with her arms and allowed the Warp Drive Dragon to jerk her head downwards into a single knee facebreaker. Lozano reeled backwards into the corner, hands cupped over her face. Miko circled back around to the middle of the ring before she sprinted forward and left her feet to catch Valentina with a running knee strike to her gut.

Zack: Whatever overpriced dinner Valentina had tonight just got remixed, thanks to that knee strike from the “Warp Drive Dragon”!

Mai: Aren’t you adorable? No, you’re not. Valentina’s dinner probably cost more than that suit you’re wearing.

Valentina doubled over, holding her stomach as she tried to step out of the corner only for Miko to push her backwards against the pads, forcing her hand underneath her jaw to push her foes head back and open up her chest before she delivered a vicious knife edge chop. Lozano’s face turned into a mask of pain and she immediately covered up, trying to step out of the corner once more only for Miko to once more shove her back against the pads, moving Lozano’s arms away from her chest and delivered another vicious knife edge chop. Three more followed before Miko allowed Valentina to escape the corner, following her as the Canadian walked alongside the rope. As she reached the midway point, Ayano shook her head and took hold of the back of Valentina’s head, walking her to the next corner where she introduced her face first into the corner five times before she wheeled away at the referee’s instruction. Valentina stumbled out of the corner and straight into another vicious chop to the chest from the Warp Drive Dragon that sent her down to the canvas. Immediately Valentina rose back to her feet only to be shoved back into the corner.

Zack: I don’t blame Valentina for wanting out of that corner, but Miko’s not done with her being in it just yet.

Mai: You’re supposed to let your opponent free when they are in the ropes! She’s close enough, in my opinion.

Miko once more called for silenced with a finger pressed against to her lips before she unleashed a thunderous chop into Valentina’s chest; the sound of flesh on flesh reverberating around the crowd even as they cheered loudly. The response of the crowd only seemed to fuel Miko as she delivered another four vicious knife edge chops into her foe’s chest - each one harder than the last. The Latin Goddess staggered forward out of the corner, holding her chest as she appeared to be in sheer agony from the chops and Miko quickly whipped her across the ring. Valentina hit the turnbuckle pads chest first and reeled away from them, straight into Miko’s grasp as the Japanese superstar hurled her overhead and into the canvas with an exploder suplex. Quickly Ayano made the cover and hooked the leg as she did so.

Zack: Miko’s looking for the win, and it’ll be a pity party in the back for Lozano!




Mai: Like hell it will! And even her pity parties are worth more than you make in ten years, Zack.

Valentina kicked out and rolled to the side where Miko looked to the referee and nodded in acceptance of the confirmed two count. The former No Surrender Champion pulled Lozano back up to her feet and again started to lay in chops to her chest, looking to break skin as she forced her back into the corner once more. Again as the Canadian found herself trapped in the corner, Miko continued with the chops till the referee’s count reached four before she sent Valentina across the ring once again to the far corner. The Latin Goddess hit the turnbuckles and leaned back against them as Miko sprinted across the ring and connected with a stiff running dropkick to her face. Lozano slumped down in the corner, giving the Warp Drive Dragon plenty of time to not only come to her feet but scale the ropes to sit on the top turnbuckle as she hooked her foe’s head and came off to deliver a perfect tornado DDT to the Toronto native, standing her on top of her head before she collapsed to the canvas. Miko made the cover and hooked the leg once more as she sought victory.

Zack: What impact! You couldn’t ask for a better tornado DDT than that!




Mai: Sure you could. How about one that got you the win? That one didn’t.

The Latin Goddess rolled her shoulder before the three count and Miko rolled away to one knee, looking at the referee and nodding her head as he showed the two count. Ayano came back to her feet and waved the slowly rising Canadian up to her feet before she ran towards her and took her down to the canvas once more with a running neckbreaker. Valentina held her neck as she rolled to the side and started to push upwards. Again Miko laid in wait for her, letting her get to one knee before she came forward quickly to deliver a shining wizard that rocked Lozano, causing the Privileged Circle member to catch herself with one outstretched hand to stop from slumping to the canvas. It took a couple of moments before Valentina righted herself and began to continue to push up to her feet while Miko made her way to the corner and climbed to the top rope.  Ayano perched on the top rope, watching and waiting for her opponent to get to her feet and when she did so, the Japanese superstar took flight and drove the Toronto native into the ring mat with a meteora. As they landed the Warp Drive Dragon reached behind her and hooked both of her opponent’s leg for the pinfall.

Zack: Big time meteora! That’ll be all for the “Latin Goddess” in Orlando!




Mai: Wishful thinking, peasant. I’m going to suggest she make you kiss her boots.

Miko looked to the referee, asking for the three count but nodded her head when he showed her the two following Lozano’s shoulder rolling up off the canvas before he could complete the count. Ayano came back to her feet and began to stomp away at Valentina’s limbs, causing Lozano to roll onto her front. As the Latin Goddess was face first on the canvas, Miko planted her foot next to her head and stooped to paintbrush slap the back of her head a couple of times - simply to get her attention - before the Japanese superstar told her foe to kiss her boot. Ayano barely gave the Privileged Circle member a half second to respond to her demand before she began to stomp away at her shoulder blades. The referee called for separation and started to use his count, getting to four before Miko began to pull Valentina to her feet once more and looked to go for the Irish whip. As she did so though, Valentina hit the brakes and reversed the move, looking to send Ayano into the ropes only to catch a handful of hair that she used for a hair pull mat slam to bounce the back of the Japanese wrestler’s head of the canvas as she fell to her knees.

Mai: That Valentina can even make a hair pull look graceful. You think Miko’s hair is natural or she had to have Rogaine for women?

Zack: ……………………...Boy, I miss Steph sometimes.

Lozano took a couple of moments to compose herself before she started back to her feet as Miko started to rise. The Warp Drive Dragon made it back to a vertical base first and turned towards Valentina only to get a thumb jabbed into her eye that saw Miko stumble backwards. Valentina quickly followed the move up by lifting her opponent over her head into a Gorilla Press Slam before walking out from under her to let Ayano faceplant into the canvas. Miko rolled over onto her back and sat up only for the Latin Goddess to bounce off the ropes and catch her foe with a running knee strike to the face. The Warp Drive Dragon rolled over and started to push up to her hands and knees where she was pulled to her feet by the Privileged Circle member and straight into a piledriver. Valentina rolled over on top of her opponent for the cover.

Mai: If there were any brains up there, that piledriver would be devastating! But I’m not sure Miko has much up there to rattle anymore.



Zack: Miko’s smart enough to have become as decorated throughout her career as she has. And obviously tough as hell, as we just saw.

Miko rolled her shoulder at the two count and Valentina gave the referee another stare as she started back to her feet, pulling her opponent up with her and straight into three knees to the gut. Lozano then proceeded to hook her foe’s head and delivered a snap suplex. Quickly Valentina rolled over and started to pull Miko upright with her once more and straight into a vertical suplex. Again the Latin Goddess popped her hips as she kept her arm around her opponent’s neck, bringing her upwards and again lifted her vertically upright...and this time slammed her down face first into the canvas. Valentina forced herself up to her feet and circled around her opponent as Miko pushed up onto her knees where the Canadian trapped Ayano’s feet before she reached forward, grabbing hold of her wrists and crossing her arms across her body before she fell backwards into a sitting straitjacket surfboard in the middle of the ring. The referee dropped down in front of Miko and asked her if she wanted to quit, getting a very definite ‘No’ from the former No Surrender Champion as Valentina pulled back further on her wrists, taking the opportunity to recover from the earlier onslaught from the Warp Drive Dragon.

Mai: Now Valentina’s bought herself some time to figure out her next string of moves. Unless Miko quits, which would also be acceptable.

Zack: You’re talking about a woman who is a former No Surrender Champion. Tapping out is not something she does easily.

Again the referee asked the question of the Japanese wrestler, getting another ‘No’ and a defiant shake of the head as Valentina leaned as far back as she could, pulling on her foe’s wrists to make the hold as painful as possible. The referee again asked the question and got another ‘No’ from the Ayano which saw Valentina release the hold that saw Miko fall forward onto the mat. Lozano pushed back up to her feet and as the Warp Drive Dragon pushed up to all fours, Valentina came off of the ropes, left her feet and delivered a curb stomp to the back of Miko’s head, forcing her down into the canvas. Quickly Lozano dropped down and rolled her opponent onto her back, making the cover and hooking the leg as she did so.

Mai: Missy should take notes on how to do a curb stomp, Valentina does it better!




Zack: What was it you said earlier? It didn’t get the win, so it can’t have been that much better.

Valentina shook her head at the referee as he confirmed the two count to her and pulled Miko upwards to her feet where she jerked her straight into a straitjacket neckbreaker slam. Lozano didn’t allow her to stay on her back for long, pulling her back up to her feet and towards the corner where she delivered a double knee facebreaker. Ayano rolled over onto her back in the corner as Lozano came back to her feet and stepped over the Warp Drive Dragon as she began to climb to the top rope and came off with a moonsault that connected perfectly. Valentina made the cover and Valero slid into position to make the count.

Zack: Jesus, Lozano with a moonsault and nobody saw that coming!




Mai: You think she realizes where her foot is? Of course not, he should keep counting! Here, I’ll do it for him...THREE! Ring the bell.

Before the three count could be completed the referee spotted Miko’s foot over the bottom rope and called the count off, pointing to the foot on the bottom rope that caused Valentina to sneer at him, telling him he was only delaying the inevitable while she brought the Japanese wrestler back up to her feet and shoved her into the corner. Immediately she raised her boot and pressed it against her throat, choking her out as she told Miko to kiss her feet while the referee counted to four. Lozano dropped her foot to the canvas before the referee could disqualify and once more took hold of her opponent by the hair, getting herself another reprimand from the official as she pulled Miko out of the corner and swept her legs out from under her, driving her face first into the mat. Valentina once more headed towards the top rope, taking a moment or two to find her balance before she leapt from the top rope into a double footstomp and only got mat as the Japanese wrestler rolled out of the way at the last moment.

Mai: If Miko hadn’t moved, I think her head would have popped like a watermelon right there.

Lozano stumbled forward a couple of steps as she tried to find her balance allowing Miko to nip to her feet and quickly hook her arms before she headed towards the turnbuckle, stepping up them and pushing off into a warpslide to pull Valentina into a pinning predicament.

Zack: Miko’s picked the speed back up, and she may have Valentina where she wants her!




Mai: Turns out no. No, she didn’t have her where she wanted.

At the very last moment Valentina managed to kick out, rolling to the side as she did so. Quickly the Warp Drive Dragon came back to her feet and as Lozano turned to face her, Miko darted forward and into a bicycle kick...that only got air as Valentina did a matrix style backbend to avoid the flying foot. Ayano stopped herself and spun around as Lozano kicked up into a handstand, wrapping her legs around the neck of the former No Surrender Champion and spinning her through the air and down to the canvas with a headscissors takedown. Miko hit the canvas and sat up before falling backwards into a prone position on the canvas. Lozano took a moment to come back to her feet and started to wave her foe upwards. As Miko began to rise, Valentina charged forward and caught her with a spear that folded her opponent in half. Quickly the Privileged Circle member made the cover and hooked her opponent’s leg this time as the official slid into position.

Zack: A damn near crippling spear from Valentina may spell the end for Miko tonight!




Mai: When your body is like 99 proof, I’m not sure spears are gonna have the same effect. I just hope no one lights a match near her.

Miko’s shoulder rolled to break the count as Valero’s hand was coming down for the third time. Valentina shook her head and held up three fingers to the referee only to have the two count shown to her once more, causing her to express her displeasure with the official verbally. As she did so, Valentina began to pull her opponent up to her feet by her hair. The referee reprimanded her doing so and was completely ignored by the Canadian as she pulled Ayano’s head driving the Japanese wrestler face first into her knee. She didn’t let go of her hair as she pulled her upright and into a spinning neckbreaker. The Privileged Circle member rolled to her feet and headed towards the ring ropes, bouncing off them to deliver two leg drops to her opponent. Valentina rolled back up to her feet and once more headed towards the ropes, bouncing off them and driving the sole of her boot into the Warp Drive Dragon’s face as she tried to sit up to complete the Peasant’s Demise. As Ayano lay back on the canvas Valentina delivered an elbow drop into her chest and rolled on top of her for the cover, reaching down to hook the leg.

Mai: PEASANT’S DEMISE! Thanks for coming, Miko!




Zack: News of Miko Ayano’s defeat has been greatly exaggerated, I do believe!

The referee waved off the three count immediately as Ayano rolled her shoulder in the nick of time, causing the Canadian to question the official, demanding the three count from him only to get the two count confirmed. Lozano rose to her feet and got into the referee’s face angrily asking him if he even knew how to count to three and just to be certain, gave him a demonstration of a three count by clapping her hands together. Valero told the wrestler that the shoulder came up before his hand met the mat and that it was only a two count. It got another glare and a demand that he count faster next time. Valentina turned back towards the former No Surrender Champion as Miko was starting to rise and slowly brought her the rest of the way up to her feet where she looked to hook both her arms for the Crash of Inferiority. As she lifted the Japanese wrestler off her feet Ayano came to life and started to squirm causing Lozano to constantly attempt to adjust her grip. As she did so, Miko managed to free her arms and counter the chickenwing facebuster into a victory roll for the pinfall.

Zack: What a brilliant counter!! Valentina’s caught!!




Mai: Oh thank God! I mean...she was never in any real trouble! Stop your propaganda!

At the last possible moment, Valentina managed to kick out of the pinfall and roll onto her side, quickly she turned to look towards the referee asking for the two count and as he confirmed it to her a look of relief appeared on the Canadian’s face. Quickly Valentina came to her feet and immediately went towards the Warp Drive Dragon as she got to her feet and Lozano threw a forearm into her jaw and connected perfectly, staggering her backwards. A second and third forearm followed it before Valentina grabbed hold of her head and screamed at Ayano, telling her that she was pathetic before she went to set her up for the Down to Earth. Before the Privileged Circle member was able to pull her into the spinning impaler, Miko shoved her forwards and countered with a perfect bicycle kick to the jaw when she Valentina turned to face her. Ayano fell to the side and landed on the canvas as she delivered the move. Valentina stayed on her feet for a second or two, her eyes glazing over before finally collapsing backwards. The Warp Drive Dragon pushed up onto all fours and slowly crawled towards Valentina where she threw herself on top of her to make the cover.

Mai: She took WAY TOO long right there, this’ll never work1




Zack: You were bound to get one right sooner or later! Miko’s so close to the win that she can practically taste it.

The Warp Drive Dragon nodded her head as the referee showed her the two count and began to pull Valentina upwards only to drive her down into the canvas with a snap DDT. Miko sat on the mat for a moment, trying to catch her breath before she rose slowly to her feet and gave the rolling fists motion to the crowd that caused them to cheer her loudly as she moved towards the corner and began to climb to the top rope. Miko took a moment or two to make sure that she had her balance before she launched herself into the Dyson Sphere.

Zack: Miko’s going for the DYSON SPHERE---

Mai: Well she got it!! It was just on Valentina’s knees! HAHAHAHA!!

And landed across Valentina’s knees. Miko rolled away, arms clasped across her stomach in agony as she kicked her feet against the canvas. Slowly Ayano began to pick herself up from the canvas, getting to her feet and turned towards Lozano who grabbed hold of her head and stunned her with an inverted stomp facebreaker. As Miko popped back up, Valentina completed the Divine Intervention with a rolling cutter. Quickly Valentina dropped down and made the cover, hooking the leg as she did so. The referee slid into position and as he checked Miko’s shoulders, Lozano kicked her feet up onto the middle ropes.





Zack: With a little help from the ropes, it certainly did! Valentina Lozano has finally put the nail in the coffin of her issues with Miko!

As the count was completed, Valentina dropped her feet off the ropes to the canvas and Valero called for the bell. Reaching behind her, Lozano used the ring ropes to pull herself upwards to her feet.

Kat: Here is your winner, by pinfall…. “THE LATIN GODDESS” VALENTINA LOZANO!!!!

Mai: What a profile in courage! Valentina came back, Zack. She came back after a sneak attack from Miko, and still persevered through to victory!

Zack: Give me a break! Lozano wins, and I’m sure we’ll hear all about it in the days and weeks to come.

Valentina unsteadily stepped over her opponent and demanded the referee raise her hand, getting booed by the crowd as she wiped the soles of her boots against Miko’s face. Valero raised her hand as the crowd booed louder and Miko rolled out of the ring before the show cut to a commercial for FFW All Access streaming..
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A video package shows the history between the two teams dating all the way back to their days in Future Shock to Fury to their recent one on one meetings. We then head back to the ring to find Kat Grayson ready and waiting to call out the participants.

Kat: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall to a finish.

Zack: You just saw how far back these issues go for some of the women in this match, and I think it’s been a long time coming, given what has transpired recently. I’ll be joined by Kyle Kilmeade for it after his team gets out here.

The lights in the arena go out as the opening bars of ‘Redheaded Woman’ by Bruce Springsteen begin to play. A white spotlight hits the stage and Kyle Kilmeade walks through the curtain with a smug smile in place. The spotlight turns to red and Kyle proceeds to open the curtain to allow Valerie McKinley and Lacey to step through. They move to stand one either side of him, with all three soaking in the animosity from the booing crowd.

Well brunettes are fine man
And blondes are fun
But when it comes to getting a dirty job done
I'll take a red headed woman
A red headed woman
It takes a red headed woman
To get a dirty job done

As the song continues, Lacey and Valerie walk down the ramp with Kyle between them giving them a little applause as they go. Reaching the ring, they both move to an opposite corner and climb the steps, before meeting again in the centre of apron to look out over the still booing crowd.

Well listen up stud your life's been wasted
Till you've got down on your knees and tasted
A red headed woman
A red headed woman
It takes a red headed woman
To get a dirty job done

Kyle joins the duo on the apron to hold the ropes open for Valerie to enter elegantly, while Lacey drops down into the splits and lowers her head towards her foot to roll under the bottom rope.

Kat: Introducing at this time and accompanied to the ring by Kyle Kilmeade.....the reigning FFW Future Shock Tag Team Champions….Valerie McKinley and Lacey…. THE GOLD STANDARD!

The three make their way to the corner to share some last minutes words before the match begins, and their music fades out. Kyle shares a few words with them both before he heads for the booth to sit next to Zack.

Zack: Welcome to the booth. No one would know better how ready the Gold Standard is than you, so you tell me.

Kyle: What’s there to prepare for? One team has all the chemistry you could want, the other is thrown together and panhandling for free title shots. Rose and Gillie will fail, but they’ll find a reason to blame me for it. No one loses on merit in this business.

The quiet, almost gentle strums of “Discombobulate” by Hans Zimmer begin playing... Gently. Softly. The lights in the arena are dim. Low as the strumming becomes more frantic. On the video wall begins showing a chalkboard full of figures and writing and scribbles and photos of wrestlers from days long since passed. Writing of this and writing of that and too many notes writ so small they’re impossible to get a handle of unless one was actually there. As the music plays, Gillie Barnes begins to calmly saunter out, legs moving in time with the music as she grins wide.

Kat: Introducing from Sheerness, England and weighing in at 159 lbs... “OLD SCHOOL” GILLIE BARNES!

Gillie immediately takes off for the ring, high-fiving every single fan as she can, arms outstretched before she slides in and begins to eye the turnbuckles and ring ropes. She checks for sturdiness, tugging one rope, pulling at a turnbuckle pad before dropping to study the exact measurement of how taut the ropes are until the referee tells her with a deadpan inflection to get to her corner. She grins and nods, patting the ref on the shoulder as if to say they’re doing a banger job before she heads to her corner.

Zack: Gillie Barnes is making her first in-ring appearance on a FFW Pay Per View since joining the roster, and there’s no question in my mind that she’s excited and pumped up to get to business.

Kyle: I imagine there may be a few butterflies in there somewhere, but see, that’s another difference. Valerie and Lacey have headlined events, this is another night at the office for them.

The dance beats of DJ Cutman's "I"m The Boss" blare through the sound system as lights blink in white, baby blue and purple. Skipping and bopping to the beat, Rose Gardner comes out from the back, opening her arms in an airplane stance as she reaches the top of the ramp, stopping and staring into the crowd. She then makes her way down the ramp, highfiving as many fans as possible in the way. As the chorus of the music approaches, she darts to the ring and hops onto the second rope, showing off for the crowd, pointing to herself with her two thumbs as the lyrics say...

I'm the boss!
I'm the boss!
I'm very, very sorry for your loss!
I'm the boss!
I'm the boss!
And just in case I didn't get the point across

Kat: And her partner, from World 8-8, standing at 5'4"... ROSE GARDNER!!!

Poison then removes her sunglasses and throws it into the audience for some fan before hopping down to the ring and bouncing on the balls of her feet.

Referee Ashley Pruitt checks all four women, and calls for the bell. Valerie steps out to the apron as Rose does the same. Lacey and Gillie look across at one another, showing that the brunette is eager to start. Gillie moves right to the center, and waves Lacey forward. The redhead looks back at Valerie, who looks entirely uninterested in Gillie. Lacey finally joins her, and looks as though the sight of her is repulsive. Gillie glances down to her ring gear, only to catch a thumb to the eye from Lacey. She follows that up with forearms to her head in rapid succession. Gillie’s head gets pulled down before Lacey drives a series of kneelifts into her body before Lacey pulls her to the neutral corner. She drives her head into the top turnbuckle several times, and stops when Gillie looks over to her with a grin….and starts slamming her own head into the turnbuckle. Lacey’s eyes widen before Gillie grabs her head, and drives a massive headbutt to her face. The tag champion stumbles backwards almost drunkenly before Gillie scoops her up, and powerslams her to the canvas.

Zack: Going for Gillie’s head isn’t the best plan of attack, and Lacey found out that little nugget the hard way! Gillie planted her for it!

Kyle: Do you think that’s going to give her the win? No. So Gillie has a head like a brick, that explains why I’ve managed Valerie who has outsmarted her time and again.

Gillie dropped down into a three point stance as she waved Lacey to get up, only to run through her and flip her over to the mat. Gillie dropped down into position in the other corner, waiting once more to nail Lacey again with a tackle. As the tag champion started to get up, Gillie snapped her arms around her waist and sent her flying with a German suplex. Barnes rolled to all fours, and scampered forward to headbutt Lacey again to send her rolling. She tried to get up again, and caught another scampering headbutt, leading to Gillie to shake her backside and pop back to her feet.

Zack: I thought you told me that you weren’t worried about this tag match with Gillie and Rose. Are you sure you still want to sit here?

Kyle: Positive. Look, we expected them to come out with a lot of fire in their bellies. All of this is just entertaining fans, and none of it is going to win them this match.

Gillie dragged Lacey back to her feet, and shoved her into her team’s corner. A quick tag to Rose saw her come in before the two whipped Lacey to the far side. The redhead came back into Gillie and Rose scooping her up into a flapjack face down on the mat. The two bounced off opposite sides, and caught her with stereo sentons to the body. Gillie quickly grabbed her legs for a catapult just as Rose came off the middle rope with a leg drop. Barnes rolled out to the apron, and Rose rallied the crowd.

Zack: Remind me again why these two don’t deserve a Future Shock tag title shot tonight?

Kyle: Name me any team these two have defeated in Future Shock or FFW. Go ahead, I’m listening. That’s right, NOBODY.

As Lacey started to get up again, Rose bounced off the near side and connected with a headscissors takedown. She quickly spun to her feet, and took off again. This time, she used the ropes for a springboard into an Asai moonsault and then into a hook of the leg.

Zack: Rose isn’t getting paid by the hour, and Lacey has had no answer to any of this!



Lacey kicked out at the two, and Rose rolled back to her feet. She pulled the redhead up with her into position for a DDT, but Lacey drove her backwards into the corner with Valerie. It knocked the wind out of her for a second before Lacey raked her eyes, and dropped her with a swinging neckbreaker.

Kyle: See what happens when you waste time playing to these idiots in the crowd? You give your opponent time to get herself together...and then you get dropped.

Lacey dragged Rose’s neck across the middle rope, and climbed onto her back to choke her as Valerie was coming into the ring to draw the referee. This, in turn, drew Gillie in and the referee went to stop her. Meanwhile, Valerie hopped down to the floor and was throwing palm thrusts into Rose’s throat from the floor. By the time Pruitt turned back, Valerie was in the corner again and Lacey had applied a seated side headlock.

Kyle: You’re seeing a reason why these two are the Future Shock Tag Champions, because there’s no teams I’m aware of who are any better in there than them.

Zack: We’ll find out soon enough in Future Shock if that’s true, but for now, they are definitely in control. This referee is getting played like a fiddle.

Rose didn’t stay on the mat long though, and began to get to her feet with Lacey still keeping the hold applied. The redhead reached behind her with her free hand, and got a tag from Valerie just before Rose shoved Lacey off for the ropes. Before the brunette could stand up though, Valerie delivered an axe kick across the back of her head to drive her back down onto the mat. McKinley hoisted Rose up into a vertical suplex position...only to bring her down the way she came across Lacey’s knee before she rolled out to the corner. Valerie smiled to her partner, and pulled Rose up into a half nelson suplex and then went for the cover.

Kyle: I love those blind tags. Nothing better in a tag match than watching your opponent get nailed by someone they didn’t even know was there.




Rose kicked out after the two, causing Valerie to roll over and grind her forearm into the cosplayer’s face. She finally got back to her feet, and dragged Rose with her. She sent her headfirst into the corner, and headed towards Gillie to taunt her. Barnes started into the ring before the referee stopped her, while Lacey wrapped the tag rope around Rose’s neck.

Zack: If it weren’t for shortcuts, Lacey and Valerie wouldn’t go far at all, would they? Gillie’s wanting back in, and Rose is getting mugged in the process.

When Lacey let go, Valerie connected with a spinning heel kick to the side of her head. She fell backwards into the corner before McKinley swept her feet, and catapulted her face first into the bottom turnbuckle. The cosplayer’s head snapped back on impact, and Valerie dragged her away from the corner to make another cover.

Zack: She may be unconscious after that! Rose’s head bounced like a pinball off the bottom turnbuckle.




Once more, she escaped the pin by getting her shoulder up. Valerie rolled her eyes, and dragged her back to her feet. She was about to go for a suplex, but Rose managed to surprise her with a jawbreaker. It sent the redhead back a couple steps holding her mouth as Gillie reached over the top rope, shouting for a tag.

Kyle: Look at that, she finally got some offense in on Valerie. Not that it’s going to make much difference, since one of them has way more left in the tank than the other.

Rose started crawling for Gillie as Valerie got her wits about her, and went to grab her foot. But Gardner rolled onto her back, and kicked her off with both feet and then lunged into her corner. But as she did, Lacey jerked Gillie off the canvas to miss the tag and then smack her face into the canvas. Gillie shook it off, and went after her as Rose was now in the right corner...but no one was there. Gardner struggled to her knees, and caught a knee trembler to the back of the head from Valerie. Gillie doubled back to her corner as Valerie dragged Rose away and went for another cover.

Kyle: See what I mean? She wouldn’t have made the tag anyway, not as long as Lacey was there to stop it. And Gillie pretty much left her partner out to dry, didn’t she?




Rose kicked out, and Valerie made it back to her feet. When the brunette started to sit up on her knees trying to get herself together, Valerie bounced off the near side with a sliding elbow to her jaw that put her back down.

Zack: I’ll give you credit. You’ve got these two working like well oiled machinery, and Rose and Gillie are feeling it firsthand.

She dragged the cosplayer to her feet, and was immediately surprised by a Russian leg sweep from Rose that dropped her to the mat. The fans began to get loud once again as they shouted for Rose to make it to the corner. She started crawling that way, and lunged into it to make the tag. Gillie stepped through to a pop as she took off for the far side. Valerie got to her feet, only to get mowed down with a lariat. Gillie kept moving though, and caught her with a second as she was getting up again. McKinley began to head towards her corner, only to get pulled into a spinebuster from “Old School” and then rolled into a cover.

Zack: Nothing but high impact from Gillie, and Valerie doesn’t have a clue where she is right now!




Barnes quickly got to her feet, and took off for the far side. Lacey caught her with a boot to the kidneys as she hit the ropes, stopping her in her tracks before Valerie connected with a single knee facebreaker to put her down

Kyle: All that fire in her belly just got put out by Lacey, didn’t it? That’s what happens when you run on adrenaline like she does.

The One Percenter tagged Lacey back into the match before the two scooped Gillie up into a gutbuster across both of their knees. Lacey dragged the brunette to her feet into position for her finisher...at least she did until Rose came back into the ring with a superkick on her chin. Gillie and Lacey collapsed on the mat as the referee ushered Rose back to her corner.

Zack: Rose found that second gear, and introduced Lacey’s chin to the rest of her head in the worst way possible.

Kyle: You also forgot to mention she did it illegally. That’s how they have to compete to stand a chance, because they know they don’t measure up in a fair tag match.

The referee began a ten count on them both, as it was Lacey was starting to get up first. She took off for the near side, and bounced off with a running kneelift into a neckbreaker to drop Gillie where she stood. Lacey quickly made the cover with a hook of the leg.

Kyle: That’s a little something new we’ve added to Lacey’s repertoire. Devastating, huh?




Gillie got her shoulder up in time, and Lacey quickly got back to her feet. She looked down at her with anger….and blindsided Rose off the apron with a running forearm. She doubled back to grab Gillie into position for her finisher again.

Zack: I don’t know why she did that! Rose wasn’t even in the ring, oh I see now! She didn’t want to risk anyone stopping her from connecting with this!!

As soon as she got her up though, Gillie caught her with another headbutt to the face. Lacey stumbled backwards, and then right into an open handed palm strike from the former Prospect! She jerked her forward, and then executed her spinning sitout powerbomb!

Zack: There’s the TOMMYHAWK!! Lacey was driven into the mat!!




Valerie nailed a punt into Gillie’s head, sending her off the cover. Rose popped up onto the apron…with a pair of water pistols dressed as Lara Croft when the One Percenter knocked her down to the floor. The referee tried to get Valerie out of the ring while Lacey made it back to her feet. Gillie was about to do the same when she turned into the redhead’s swinging reverse STO!! She dove into the cover as the referee dropped to count.

Kyle: THROE OF PASSION, ZACK! That’s a thing of beauty….so is the move!




Pruitt called for the bell, and Valerie helped Lacey back to her feet. The girls shared matching grins as they got their hands raised by the referee.

Zack: I’ll give the devil her due! Valerie and Lacey proved why they are one of the best tag teams in Future Shock or FFW! But it looked like more than once they were gonna get what was coming to them.

Kat: Here are your winners of the match by pinfall………VALERIE McKINLEY AND LACEY…...THE GOLD STANDARD!!

The redheads looked down with amusement at Gillie before they looked to the booth to see a very happy Kyle looking back at them.

Kyle: So much for that tag title shot, am I right? Now if you’ll excuse me…

Kyle left the booth, and joined his clients in the ring to give them applause. Especially since the crowd wasn’t doing anything of the sort.

Zack: The Gold Standard pick up a very impressive win here tonight on the main stage. Like them or not, these two are Future Shock Tag Champions for a reason.

Kyle held the ropes open for them to leave as Rose went to help her partner back to her feet. The show cut elsewhere from there.

What’s Next, Mila?

The next shot finds “Midnight” Mila Martin alongside Allison Marx in front of a monitor showing highlights from her last match against Casey Atherton at Breaking Point.

Allison: Mila, congratulations on your victory against Casey! It shouldn’t be much of a surprise that it’s often a whole different story when the Choir isn’t allowed at ringside for matches.

Mila: Thank you. I’ll admit that felt good. It’s shocking isn’t it that when she doesn’t have those reprobates or a brick loaded bible to hand, that the result is completely different. Who would have known?

Allison: I know, right? Recently we’ve seen you team up successfully with Caitlyn, and now you’ve picked up a win over a very successful veteran like Casey. So I think the most obvious question is where is your focus now? Do you plan to pursue your own singles aspirations first and foremost, or does teaming with Caitlyn seem more appealing and maybe moving up the Unity ranks?

Mila gives that a little thought and then gives Allison a smirk.

Mila: Why not both? I mean, both avenues interest me a great deal and as other members of the roster in FFW history have proven, there’s no rule that says you have to be one or the other. Look at our current FFW Champion for example. I know she’s not liked, but she’s both a decorated tag team wrestler and the fact she’s holding the top title shows she’s just as good a singles wrestler. So I don’t really want to pigeon hole myself, if that makes sense?

Allison: That makes perfect sense to me, especially since your partner already has herself a title shot lined up. I’m sure Caitlyn will----

Allison barely gets the words out before Mila gets blindsided to the back with a forearm to the head. The attacker grabs her, and starts driving her face into the Relentless logo, and then drives her to the floor with a DDT.

Allison: What the hell do you think you’re doing?!

Before the attacker can answer, the woman jerks the monitor behind them and hurls it onto Mila’s back. The camera pans up to see who it is, and finds the smiling face of the “Lioness” Elizabeth Lannister. She kicks the monitor off Mila, leaving shards of broken glass around her before producing a bikini top and sitting on her back to choke her with it. Finally, security arrives as Elizabeth lets go, leaving Mila with the top around her neck before she walks away.

Allison: We need some trainers over here at the interview set...and hurry!

Mai: I think Elizabeth was seeing how that top fit Mila, and it looked pretty snug to me!

Zack: Why is she even here? Elizabeth is part of Future Shock, unless…….

As the blonde strolls away casually and the trainers arrive to help Mila, we cut to a commercial for Unstoppable 10.
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« Reply #2 on: May 21, 2019, 11:50:03 pm »

Kat: The following match is scheduled for one fall to a finish and the winner will be the Number One Contender to the FFW Fast Track Championship!!!

Zack: We’re about to see a first ever meeting between these two, not to mention major stakes on the line. Lilly and Angelina better be watching closely.

Mai: As you might expect, I am 100% behind Isis here. Nevaeh has been an ungrateful cow, not giving credit to Silas and Casey Atherton for all they did for her.

As “Rise” by Sixx A.M. we see the arena lights blinking in sync with the lyrics of the music. Nevaeh Summers eventually storms her way onto the stage before stopping at the top of the ramp and looking out at the crowd. Nevaeh is wearing black sunglasses as well as a Poisoned by Ivy military jacket with platinum trim. As we keep looking at Nevaeh we also spot her wearing platinum colored leather pants running down her leg. The side of each leg is laced up with black fabric, showing of her skin. On her feet we see black furry boots and kickpads. On the front of each kickpad appears her logo as there is a circle with “NS” in the center of it while “The" scrolls on the top and “Finest” scrolls on the bottom.

Nevaeh looks around the building, nodding her head, as she starts feeling the crowd. Nevaeh goes about pointing her left hand out to the crowd and moves it around as if she was conducting them. She then points to the crowd with her right hand, urging that side of the building on the same way. Nevaeh lowers her head, her hands still swaying to the crowd till she raises her head up and snaps her arms out to the side.

As Nevaeh strikes her signature pose three large white flames shoot up on each side of her on the stage The flames reach high into the air, till they turn into smaller flames bursting out of the stage out of the stage every other second. Nevaeh now lowered her head back down and looked towards the ring and began walking down the ramp.

Kat: Making her way to the ring at this time she resides in Los Angeles, California by way of Atlanta, Georgia. She weighs in tonight at 120 pounds. She is Nevaeh Summers!!!

Nevaeh reaches the bottom of the ramp and stops for moment. Nevaeh now goes about removing her sunglasses and just casually tosses them out towards the crowd. Nevaeh than quickly runs to the ring, sliding in under the bottom rope and gets to a knee. Nevaeh just looks out for a moment before getting to her feet and approaches the middle of the ropes facing the hard camera. Nevaeh climbs up them, hooking a leg over the top rope and straddling it. Nevaeh now sits there and looks out to the capacity crowd. She eventually lowers her head and starts motioning her arms as if she's conducting them again. After a moment Nevaeh snaps her head back and her arms out. Multiple spotlights soon shift down onto her, basking her in the light.

Nevaeh keeps striking the pose till she sees fit. Once she has she gets off the ropes and makes her way to the opposite side of the ring where she puts one foot on the bottom rope and the other on the middle. She bounces on them while looking out to the crowd and stretches her arms out yet again, encouraging them to get louder.

She then waves her arms wildly at the crowd before heading to a corner.

Mai: How exactly does Nevaeh deserve anything? I wouldn’t have given her a match for any title shot unless it was the “ungrateful cow” title.

Zack: Good thing you aren’t booking then. She’s put together an outstanding string of wins, and she certainly deserves this opportunity.

The lights in the arena go out.

Just then as the intro to “Kong at the Gates” by The Misfits blares into the arena, generating a buzz from the crowd.

Kat: Making her way to the ring…representing The Privileged Circle…Hailing from the City Of Angels, Los Angeles, California…standing at an impressive 6 foot 6 and weighing two hundred and thirty pounds. She is the “Titaness of Destruction”…


As the music begins, and the spotlight is beaming on the stage, Isis Morales comes out of the curtain. Isis makes their way down the aisle in a slow, intimidating pace, the spotlight following her on their way to the ring.

Once she climbs up to the apron of the ring, Isis faces the crowd and looks menacingly at them. She easily steps over the top rope to enter the ring with ease and then walks towards the center of the ring to stand there, soaking up the reaction from the crowd. Isis then stomps her foot down on the mat with force and, instantly, the four corners of the ring shoot out smoke, with a booming sound, mimicking an explosion. She lets out a primal roar and then goes over to a corner where she climbs up and poses, yelling back at the crowd at every chance. She then goes toward the opposite turnbuckle and does the same thing after climbing up. Then, as she comes down, Isis takes off her coat and gives it to the ring attendant. Isis then runs herself across the ropes once to loosen herself up before settling in the corner of the ring as they wait for the match to begin.

Zack: At one time, these two were as close as two women could be. But none of that matters when there’s a title up for grabs in this business, and the war of words has definitely escalated since it was announced.

Mai: Isis should just be given the title shot. She doesn’t have to earn anything, if you ask me. Look at her, you go tell her she doesn’t deserve whatever she wants.

The two wrestlers stared at each other across the ring as Malcolm Parks moved back and forth between them to issue his final instructions before he called for the bell. As it rang the pair continued to stare at each other for a couple more long seconds before they headed towards the middle of the ring, where they eyed each other up as the crowd reached fever pitch for the pair and Summers offered her opponent and friend her hand. Isis looked down at for a moment before she took her up on the proffered sign of sportsmanship and shook her hand.

Mai: You don’t need to show her any respect, Isis. Just drop her on her head, and we’ll get to the next match.

Zack: As it turns out, some people do value friendship above what goes on in the--

Mai: YASSS!! What were you saying?

Then jerked Nevaeh towards her and caught her with a stiff elbow strike to the side of the head. A second elbow strike followed as the Titaness kept hold of her hand, jerking her towards her once more and lifted her up onto her shoulders and into position for the Voyage To Armageddon. As the red head flipped the blonde forward, Summers managed to counter out of the move to land on her feet off balance and staggered back a couple of steps. As the World’s Finest steadied herself Isis charged forward only to get a savate kick thrust into her midsection that caused Morales to double over. Instantly Nevaeh went to hook her opponents arm for the Grand Finale but before she could get the double underhook locked in, Isis straightened up and sent the Georgia native to the canvas with a back body drop.

Mai: You can do one of two things in this business, Zack. You can make friends or you can make money. And boy, money is a lot more valuable than friends.

Zack: Given who I’m talking to, that statement doesn’t shock me in the slightest. Most people disagree with you thankfully.

Summers hit the mat and sat up as she quickly rose to her feet and was met by a spinning backfist from the tall red head. As the former FFW Champion stepped backwards Isis followed her, firing off stiff forearm strikes into her jaw driving the blonde all the way back into the ropes before Isis sends her in for the ride. On the return, Morales ran Summers over with a huge lariat that sent her down to the mat. Nevaeh quickly began to rise while her opponent dropped back to the ropes, coming off them and caught Summers as soon as she got her feet underneath her with a running boot to the side of the head sending her back down to the mat once more. Morales measured her foe up and dropped an elbow… which only got empty mat as Nevaeh rolled out of the way at the last second.

Zack: Nevaeh’s gonna have to be as fast as she’s ever been tonight against the Titaness. She isn’t gonna be able to go toe to toe with her, she has to outwork her.

Mai: That all sounds nice, but here’s the problem. No matter how fast she is, she will get caught again. And she has to hope she can withstand it.

The FFW Hall of Famer came to her feet and met the rising Titaness with a series of forearm strikes of her own. They caused Morales to wobble slightly and step backwards but not fall to the mat which prompted Nevaeh to drop back to the ropes, bounce off them and come back towards her foe with a high knee to her jaw that knocked Morales down to one knee but only momentarily. As the Titaness came back to her feet, Nevaeh launched herself forward into a clothesline that again forced the red haired wrestler back a step, catching Nevaeh’s arm as she did so. Summers tried to jerk herself free only for her opponent to catch her by the head in one hand, pulling her forward and into a headbutt. A second and third headbutt followed that which dropped Nevaeh to one knee. As the Atlanta native pushed up to her feet, the Privileged Circle member caught her by the hair and used it to toss her across the ring; the momentum causing Nevaeh to roll out under the bottom rope and onto the apron.

Mai: You ever had someone throw you by the hair, Zack? It’s not pleasant, but I was expecting those extensions Nevaeh wears to come out. She got the good ones, I guess.

Zack: Well if anyone would know what having implants looks like, I guess you’d be the source for that.

Nevaeh rose up to her feet on the ring apron and found herself turned around to face the crowd by her foe who then pulled back on her head over the top rope with one hand and began to deliver clubbing forearms to her chest. The referee called for separation and began to use the count, getting to four before Isis released her hold, taking two steps backwards only to launch herself into a shoulder tackle into Nevaeh’s spine to send her flying off the apron and into the crowd barricade. Morales raised her hands in the air and got booed by the crowd before she sat on the ropes and invited Summers back into the ring. Nevaeh stared up at her as the referee ordered Isis to back up; the Californian following Parks’ instruction as she got off the rope and retreated across the ring.

Mai: If Isis wanted to knock this referee out, I’m more than happy to slide in there and take over. This match wouldn’t last another two minutes.

Zack: We can add gratefulness to the fact you don’t decide matches...or referee them to that list.

The Georgia native took a moment before she pulled herself up onto the apron and began to step through the ring ropes only for Isis to meet her with a running knee to the side of her head before she pulled the blonde through the ropes and into the ring. Summers quickly pushed up onto all fours and Isis took the opportunity to wrap her arms around her waist and jerked her up into a German suplex that sent her crashing down into the middle of the ring. Nevaeh rolled over and quickly began to rise to her feet, only getting to one knee before Isis caught her with a double axe handle blow to her spine, sending her back down to her knees. Again Nevaeh began to rise only for Morales to grab hold of her by the back of the neck and her tights as she rushed her towards the ring ropes and hurled her over the top and to the outside once more. Morales dusted off her hands as she walked away from her opponent.

Zack: I don’t get the point of this. She’s not gonna pin Nevaeh on the floor, so keeping her out of the ring like this is only giving her a chance to recuperate before she comes back.

Mai: What do you know about anything? Getting thrown to the floor hurts more than the canvas, because there is no give at all there. This is freakin’ brilliant, if you ask me.

Nevaeh once more took a couple of moments on the outside, pacing back and forth as Isis told her that this was her ring and told the Hall of Famer to come and take it from her. Summers nodded her head at the invite and quickly slid back into the ring underneath the bottom rope...but never got a chance to even come to all fours before Isis was on top of her once more, stomping away at her back. Again the referee called for separation and started to use the count on the Titaness. Parks reached four before Isis stepped backwards and bent down to hook Summers by the head, using her grip to pull her upright before she lifted her vertically off her feet, holding her upside down for a long few seconds before dropping her stomach first over the top rope. The Hall of Famer hung over the top rope for a couple of moments as her opponent dropped down to one knee, patting her condescendingly on the cheek before she exploded upwards with a European uppercut delivered with such force that it sent her tumbling backwards to the floor.

Zack: This is just wasting time. If she wants to challenge for the Fast Track Championship, she’s gonna have to let her stay in the ring and pin or her make her quit. I think she may be taking her lightly.

Mai: Even if she is, can you blame her? Look at the mismatch this is on every measurable scale. Isis is bigger, stronger, more powerful and hits harder.

The crowd booed Isis louder once more as the Privileged Circle member beat her chest and once more challenged her opponent to get back into the ring. The former FFW Champion took a couple of moments on the outside, staring up at Isis with a nod of her head before she headed towards the ring steps, climbing up them as the referee kept the Red Haired Goliath back. Nevaeh took a couple of steps down the apron and looked to be about to duck through the ropes when she pulled back suddenly as Isis charged towards her, looking to nail her with a running forearm shot to the head. Nevaeh ducked underneath it and used her grip on the ring ropes to catapult herself back into the ring with a baseball slide through Isis legs. Quickly Summers popped up to her feet and as Isis spun around to face her, the World’s Finest began to light up her chest with a series of venomous knife edge chops to Isis chest that caused the taller wrestler to lean back over the ropes. Quickly Nevaeh followed that up with a springboard side kick which connected with the side of Morales head that saw her stagger away. As Isis turned back towards Nevaeh, the blonde left her feet and caught the tall woman with a codebreaker; Isis staggered backwards and fell through the ring ropes to the outside.

Zack: There you go! Now Isis can see what it’s like to hit the floor. Nevaeh chopped that down that big red oak like a lumberjack.

Mai: Lumberjack? She must wear a lot of plaid. Come to think of it, she does remind me of Al Borland. You remember him from Home Improvement?

Isis quickly pulled herself up to her feet on the outside as the crowd started to get louder with their cheers thanks to Nevaeh taking off across the ring, coming back off the ropes and into a suicide dive that caught her opponent perfectly and sent her back down to the floor. Nevaeh popped up to her feet, getting another loud cheer from the fans and turned around to face her rising opponent, snapping off stiff kicks into her chest as Morales made it to her knees. Despite the repeated strikes to her body, Isis continued to push up to her feet where the World’s Finest caught her with a spinning roundhouse kick to the jaw. Morales staggered from the blow and Nevaeh rolled her back into the ring underneath the bottom rope. Quickly Summers pulled herself up onto the apron and headed towards the corner, climbing up to the top rope and as her opponent came back to her feet, Nevaeh came off the turnbuckle and delivered a hurricanrana to the Titaness, snapping her down to the canvas and the former FFW Champion held on to make the pinfall, reaching back to hook the legs as she did so.

Mai: It’s funny watching Nevaeh try to hook a leg on Isis!



Zack: Barely a two, but you’re right. Trying to hook Isis’ leg is similar to trying to pull a telephone pole down.

The Titaness of Destruction kicked out with authority, sending Nevaeh sprawling forward to the mat. Quickly the blonde came back to her feet and moved around her rising opponent only to take her down to her knees with a chop block to the back of her knee. Isis started to push upwards, getting her feet underneath her only for Nevaeh to once more put her down on the canvas by spiking her face first with a one handed bulldog. Again Morales tried to push up quickly but only got to all fours before the FFW Hall of Famer caught her up in a front facelock, bearing down on her with all her weight in an effort to stop her from getting up to her feet. Despite Nevaeh’s best efforts the former Future Shock Champion pushed back upwards to a vertical base.

Zack: I think Nevaeh’s best effort tonight is to do everything she can to keep Isis on the mat. There’s not much you can do with her on her feet.

Mai: Are you lobbying to be her new manager? You better have plenty of the wacky weed.

As the red haired wrestler made it to her feet, Nevaeh altered her grip slightly and looked to deliver a snap suplex only for the move to get blocked by her opponent. As Isis landed on her feet, Summers refused to release her hold on her head and instead fired two open handed blows into her kidney area. As the second blow landed the Georgia native once more got her grip on her opponent and this time delivered the snap suplex. The moment they landed Nevaeh rolled backwards and into the mount position where she began to fire off stiff right and left hands into her foe’s face that saw Isis try and catch her hands. The referee called for separation from the pair and started to use his count, only getting as far as three before the Privileged Circle member managed to shove her foe away from her.

Mai: When Isis shoves you, it’s about the same as catching a wrecking ball to the chest. You got no choice but to go backwards.

Zack: I wonder if Lilly or Angelina has a preference here. I know they have both dealt with Isis before, but neither of them can say that about Nevaeh.

Nevaeh rolled and came quickly back to her feet, stepping forward quickly as Isis made it to one knee, stepping up and delivering a shining wizard to the side of the head. Morales staggered back up to her feet, holding the side of her head from the blow and Summers immediately looked to capitalise, darting towards the ropes and using them as a springboard into a Tornado DDT, spiking her opponents head into the mat. As the red haired Goliath rolled onto her back, the World’s Finest kipped up to her feet and once more charged towards the ropes, springing off them and into a moonsault that landed perfectly across Isis’ chest. Neveah held on for the cover and reached to try and hook her leg.

Mai: I give that moonsault a 4, but haha...she’s trying to hook the leg again!



Zack: Anyone in FFW would have trouble holding one of those tree trunks in place, it’s not just Nevaeh. But she did get a two out of it.

As Parks hand raised for the three count, Isis sat up and began to rise to her feet, keeping hold of Nevaeh in her arms as she did so. As the former dominant Future Shock Champion made it to her feet, she still had Summers in her grip and sent her backwards over her head with a fallaway slam. The Atlanta native rolled through and scrambled back up to her feet only to immediately drop back to the ring ropes to build up momentum as she charged back towards Isis, leaving her feet for a flying forearm to the jaw. Morales though stepped backwards smartly, causing her opponent to land on her feet and as she stumbled forwards the Titaness wrapped a hand around her foe’s throat, lifting her up and driving her downwards into the canvas with a chokeslam; Summers rolling to the side on impact.

Zack: A thunderous chokeslam! Isis tried to put her through the mat, and Nevaeh rolled away either by instinct or not having a choice.

Mai: She’s afraid of her, that’s pretty much it. Nevaeh doesn’t want to face Isis, she never has.

Isis took a moment to recover as Nevaeh started to push up to her feet, getting to one knee before she was jerked to her feet. Morales delivered three forearm blows to her opponent’s chest before grabbing her by the wrist and whipping her across the ring into the far ropes. As Nevaeh hit, the Titaness scooped her up off her feet and drove her downwards with a huge, ring shaking spinebuster. Summers arched her back upwards from the canvas, her face screwing up in pain before she was pulled up to her feet once more and lifted up onto Isis shoulders who then proceeded to powerbomb her violently into the mat. As they landed, Morales stacked up her legs over her shoulders for the pinfall.

Mai: Hey look, I hear that’s Nevaeh’s favorite position! Legs over her head with someone on top of her!




Zack: A near fall for the Titaness, and I think you’re probably projecting.

Nevaeh rolled the shoulder to break up the pinfall and Isis glared at the official as he showed her the two count but didn’t bother to argue, pulling her opponent to her feet and used all of her strength to whip her across the ring and into the turnbuckle. Summers hit with such force that she staggered forward the moment she impacted and straight back towards Morales who once more took hold of her wrist and whipped the blonde across the ring and into the opposite corner. The World’s Finest again hit the turnbuckles hard but this time stayed there, arching her back away from the pads only for Morales to charge in behind her and deliver a huge splash, crushing her against the pads. The blonde slumped slightly in the corner as the former Future Shock Champion stepped back and brought her foot up to press it against Nevaeh’s neck. Parks called for the release and started a count on her, getting almost all the way to five before she lowered her foot.

Mai: See, there was no reason for him to count that. She wasn’t choking her. Isis was only stretching her leg.

Zack: Oh yeah, sure. Well she can stretch later after the match, if that’s the case.

Isis wheeled away, beating her chest once more and getting the crowd roar their disapproval of her before she stepped forward towards her foe once more and this time delivered a heart punch followed by a standing dropkick to the former FFW Champion. Nevaeh dropped down to a sitting position in the corner and the Titaness nodded her head as she looked down at her before she charged across the ring, bouncing off the ring ropes and came back to deliver a hip check to her opponent in the corner. Isis stood in the corner for a moment as she outstretched her arms, getting another chorus of loud boos from the crowd. After a second or so, she bent down and pulled Nevaeh out of the corner by her foot, delivering a leg drop across her chest before she made the cover.

Mai: Timbeeeeeeeeeerrrrr!! That’s what you say when a tree comes down!




Zack: If Nevaeh had a breath left in her, it just went out after that. Isis is closing in on what would be a very impressive win to add to her resume.

Again the World’s Finest rolled her shoulder to break up the pinfall and once more found herself pulled back to her feet as the referee confirmed the two count to her, getting a look of disgust in response. As Summers was brought to her feet the former Future Shock Champion brought a knee upwards into her gut, followed by a second and a third. Isis then lifted her foe up, over her head into position for a Gorilla Press, taking the opportunity to show off her strength as she bench pressed all 120lbs of Atlanta wrestler easily over her head. Before the Privileged Circle member could drop her face first to the mat, Summers managed to wiggle out of her grip to land on her feet where she stumbled backwards and into the corner. Isis turned and moved towards her quickly, building up a head of steam only to run straight into Nevaeh’s boots as the blonde kicked her feet up into the air. Morales staggered backwards, holding her face for a couple of seconds before she turned and charged towards the blonde once more...and this time was caught with a drop toe hold from Summers that sent the Titaness crashing face first into the middle turnbuckle.

Zack: Nevaeh caught Isis a little off balance there, and made her pay for it with that drop toe hold.

Mai: That’s what we call a lucky shot, Zack.

Nevaeh rolled back to her feet and set off across the ring, bouncing off the ring ropes and came back towards the rising former Future Shock Champion, catching her while she was still slightly off balance with a leaping knee into her shoulder blades. It sent Morales falling forward, landing on her knees as her chest landed across the middle rope. Summers backed up to the middle of the ring and before her opponent began to rise, she darted forward and caught her with a cross body block, driving her chest into the middle ring rope and the air from her lungs. Again the former FFW Champion landed on her feet and took two steps backwards before she launched herself towards the ropes and caught Isis in the face with a tiger feint kick. Morales fell backwards to the canvas and rolled away before she began to rise back to her feet. Meanwhile, Nevaeh headed towards the corner, climbing to the top rope and perching there as she waited for the red haired woman to turn towards her - when she did so, the Georgia born competitor came off the top rope with a meteora that sent the bigger woman collapsing backwards to the canvas. Nevaeh stayed on top of her as they landed and reached back to hook both of her legs before she leaned forward to put all of her weight over her opponent’s shoulders.

Zack: A game-changing meteora could send Nevaeh into a Fast Track title shot!




Mai: Or she could totally whiff it, and get nothing but two. Sounds like I called it better.

Isis kicked out, sending Nevaeh rolling off to the side. Summers held her back for a couple of moments before she came to her feet and went straight towards her opponent, catching her as she made it to one knee with a spinning wheel kick to the jaw. It wobbled Morales for a moment but still the red haired woman continued to rise, only for Nevaeh to catch with a spinning roundhouse kick to the jaw. Isis staggered around, turning her back on the former FFW Champion who quickly moved forward and with a roar dropped Isis backwards onto her shoulders and onto the back of her head with a back suplex. The former Future Shock Champion rolled over to the side and started to come back to her feet; Nevaeh holding her back as her foe came to a vertical base and immediately caught her with a hip toss, sending her down to the canvas and immediately followed that up with a knee drop to the head. Isis shook off the blow and as she started to sit up once more, Nevaeh came off the ropes behind her and snapped her head forward with a rolling neckbreaker. The Atlanta native rolled through to her feet and took off towards the ropes once more, bouncing off them and delivered a low dropkick into the Titaness’ chest, sending her back down to the canvas and allowing her to make the cover, hooking the leg once more.

Mai: Just give up, Nevaeh! It’s never gonna work!




Zack: No wonder no one has hired you to manage their careers around here.

Nevaeh looked at the two fingers the referee held up for a couple of moments before she nodded her head in acceptance of the count and then started to pull her opponent back up to her feet, backing her into the corner with vicious knife edge chops into her chest. Morales hit the pads and received two more chops to the chest before Nevaeh stepped up onto the middle rope and connected with a step up enzugiri. Isis staggered out of the corner along the ring ropes, getting halfway to the next corner before Summers wrapped her arms around her waist from behind and shoved her into the ropes before pulling her backwards into an O’Connor roll.

Zack: That’s the most ambitious O’Connor roll I think I’ve ever seen!




Mai: Worked great too, yup! A big two for her, I’m sure it was good for her though.

At the last moment, Isis kicked out with authority and would have sent Summers through the ropes to the outside if the former FFW Champion hadn’t caught herself on the middle rope. Nevaeh pushed backwards and away from the ropes only for Isis to duck her head between her legs, lifting her upwards before she fell backwards with an electric chair drop. Nevaeh arched her back, pressing a hand to the bottom of her spine before she slowly rolled away and started to push upwards as Isis held her head for a couple of seconds before she too started to rise. The pair got to their feet at a similar time with Nevaeh’s back to the former Future Shock Champion and as the blonde turned around she was taken back down to the mat with a spinning discus clothesline. The Atlanta native sat up, holding the small of her back once more and again started to rise only to be pulled upwards by her opponent who underhooked her arms and wasted no time at all in yanking her off her feet to drive her spine downwards into her bent knee for the backbreaker. Summers instinctively tried to rise back to her feet quickly, getting to a vertical base where Isis wrapped her arms around her and sent her flying through the air with a release overhead suplex.

Mai: Usually I get a bag of peanuts when I fly that high in the air, Zack!

Zack: She didn’t throw her, Isis launched Nevaeh nearly into orbit!

Nevaeh landed hard on her back in the middle of the ring and Isis let out an authoritative roar, waving her hands to the crowd that caused them to get louder still before she slapped her hand against her arm. The Atlanta native began to rise back to her feet and as she made it back upright, Isis came off the ropes and charged towards her, swinging her arm and connecting with a devastating Clothesline From Hell. Summers flipped over in midair before she came crashing down to the canvas. Quickly Isis made the cover on the blonde.

Mai: Holy shit, I think she almost decapitated her!!




Zack: Can you believe that?! I thought Summers was out cold, and who could have blame her!?

At the last possible second, Summers managed to kick out of the pinfall and rolled away as Isis demanded the three count from the official. Malcolm Parks though showed Isis the two count and stuck firm to his decision, telling the Privileged Circle member that the shoulder came up in time. The Titaness growled angrily at the official as she gave him a stern glare while rising to her feet, telling him that it should have been a three count and again had the two shown to her before she turned back towards her opponent. Morales let out a roar and when Nevaeh made it to her knees, Isis stepped forward and began to unload stiff kicks to her opponent’s chest, five blows landed before the red haired woman delivered a spinning kick to her body. Summers fell forward onto all fours and the former Future Shock Champion dropped back to the ropes, bouncing off them and coming back towards the blonde, leaving her feet and went for the huge curb stomp to complete the Titaness Stomp.

Mai: I love the TITANESS STO---

Zack: Nevaeh doesn’t! Talk about escaping certain doom!

Nevaeh though had the move scouted, pulling her head out of the way at the last moment and quickly countered by rolling the taller woman up into a schoolgirl pinning position. Summers didn’t hold for the pin though, coming up to her feet instead and allowed Isis to get her feet underneath her before the former FFW Champion skipped forward and caught her on the point of the jaw with a teeth rattling superkick. Isis spun around from the blow, just managing to stay on her feet before Nevaeh left her feet and delivered a Walk of Shame that bounced the back of Isis head off the ring mat. Nevaeh rolled out onto the apron and came to her feet where she used the ropes to deliver a slingshot elbow drop to the heart of her opponent. The former Future Shock Champion rolled to the side and started to push her way back upright yet never made it all the way up as Nevaeh came off the ropes and launched herself into the air to connect with the Golden State of Mind running leg drop bulldog. Quickly the Georgia born wrestler rolled Isis onto her back and grabbed both of her legs to roll her up into a pinfall.

Zack: GOLDEN STATE OF MIND! Nevaeh’s got this!




Mai: Do you know who you’re talking about? This is ISIS. She’s more scary than the group with the same name, Zack!

Isis powered out of the pinning combination at the last possible moment, shoving Nevaeh away from her. Summers looked up to the referee and gave a disbelieving shake of her head as he showed her the two count, causing her to ask for the three once more. This time as Parks held up two fingers to the Atlanta native, she nodded her head and came quickly back to her feet, catching the rising Isis with a single knee facebreaker. Isis fell backwards to the canvas once more and as she began to sit up, Nevaeh waved her hands in the air, the crowd getting louder before she threw her arms out to the side into her signature pose as Morales made it up to one knee. Quickly Summers stepped forward and looked to hook both of her opponent’s arms, setting her up for the Grand Finale.

Mai: Nevaeh’s look for the GRAND FINALE, and that would be horrible if she managed to hit it! Isis, do something!

Zack: Oh, she can do something! She’s about to take it….that’s what she’ll be doing if Nevaeh has her way!

Before the blonde could deliver the move though, Isis started to straighten up, lifting Neveah up off her feet, causing her to release one of her arms as Summer began to club away at her opponent’s back. The Titaness took full advantage, turning slightly into her foe to lift her up onto her shoulders as she continued to stand up straight, quickly getting her into position for the Voyage To Armageddon. The red haired wrestler let out a war cry as she flipped Summers off her shoulders and drove her downwards into the mat. Isis rolled her over, breathing deeply as she lay back across Nevaeh and reached down to hook both of her legs while Parks slid into position to make the count.

Mai: Suck it, Nevaeh! VOYAGE TO ARMAGEDDON!!




Zack: No one gets up from that, and Nevaeh didn’t either!!

Parks called for the bell and as it rang Isis sat up, taking a couple of moments while Neveah rolled away holding the top of her head with one hand and the small of her back with the other. Morales started to slowly make it back to her feet with the aid of the referee as the official announcement was made.

Kat: Here is your winner, by way of pinfall, and new Number One Contender to the FFW Fast Track Championship… “THE TITANESS” ISIS MORALES!!!!

Zack: Isis Morales just knocked off on the most decorated women in FFW history, and she’s on her way to getting a Fast Track Championship shot!

Mai: I think what you mean to say is she’s on her way to becoming the Fast Track Champion. In Twitter lingo, that’d be a FTFY.

Isis pushed the referee away from her and let out a loud roar, getting booed by the crowd as she demanded the referee raise her arm. Parks did as requested only for Isis to snatch her hand back to begin her own celebrations, making title belt motions around her waist as she told Lilly and Angelina that she was coming for the Fast Track Title.

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A short video package shows the backstory between Angelina and Lilly, focusing mostly on the challenger’s change of heart and joining the Franchise. As it concludes, we head back to the ring with Kat.

Kat: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the FFW Fast Track Championship!

Zack: You can argue whether or not this match is deserved by Angelina, most say it isn’t. But the fact is that it’s happening, so it’s all moot now.

Mai: Of course, it’s deserved. The owner of this company wouldn’t give someone an undeserved shot at a title. Besides after the wins it, that argument will be even more moot.

As “Run That” by Snow Tha Product hits, the lights in the arena darken and a spotlight hits the ramp, illuminating Angelina Fantastica in a black bomber jacket with “Fantastica” embroidered in gold on the back. Beside her is Lyla Fox, dressed to the nines and seemingly ignoring the crowd, focusing instead on her client.

Kat: From Staten Island, New York by way of Los Angeles, California, she is the Shaolin Stunna, the True Papi Chulo, La Corazon Oscuro, Angelina Fantastica!

She marches down the ramp to the ring, a cocky grin on her lips. Before she ascends the ring stairs, she pauses and takes her large gold hoop earrings off, handing them to Lyla for safekeeping. Lyla tucks the earrings away and nods as Angelina gets into the ring, shrugging off her jacket and draping herself over the top turnbuckle as she waits for the bell to ring.

Zack: Whether you like how she’s become or not, there’s no question about the talent and skill of Angelina Fantastica. She’s in a position tonight where she has to prove the last match was a fluke, and that’s going to be difficult.

Mai: Not really. You’re hyping up Lilly like this, and the fact is only one of them was still standing after their match. She didn’t look like much of a winner then, did she?

“All Stand Up” by Status Quo starts to play as the young lady runs out onto stage with the championship belt around her waist, heading to one side she urges the crowd to their feet, clapping her hands above her head. Skipping across to the other side, she waves them to their feet as she once more claps her hands over head. Quickly moving back to the ramp, she sprints down to the ring, sliding underneath the bottom rope and getting to her feet quickly. Bouncing off the ropes she powerslides across the ring on her knees before hopping to her feet and continuing to rally the crowd by stomping on the mat and clapping as she heads for her corner, climbing to the middle turnbuckle and holding the title high above her head before getting ready for the match to start.

Kat: The young lady approaching the ring comes from Sheffield, England by way of New York City, New York. She is 5’7” tall, she weighs 144 lbs and she is the reigning and defending FFW Fast Track Champion….LILLY ARTHUR!!!

Zack: After the last couple interactions these two have had, you can bet Lilly’s probably more fired up tonight than she was in the original match. And that may spell trouble for the challenger.

Mai: Or it’ll be her undoing. When people are emotional, they tend to make more mistakes. That is especially true in this business, and Angelina’s clearly living rent free in Lilly’s head.

Referee Melinda Davis takes the title from Lilly, and shows it to Angelina before raising it above her head. She hands it off to Kat before she leaves the ring, and checks both women. The bell sounds after that as Lilly’s face turns into a bit more of a scowl. Angelina waves her forward, and Lilly lowers her shoulder to charge the challenger back into her own corner. She begins driving right hands into her head and body to a pop from the crowd, and then whips her across to the far side. Angelina runs into a discus punch followed by a fist drop before the champion continues to land right hands to the side of her head.

Zack: So much for that making mistakes you brought up, because Lilly’s got nothing but fire in her bell! Angelina’s catching all of it too!

Mai: Sometimes you have to weather the storm, Zack. Angelina knows Lilly’s gonna come out guns blazing for this title defense.

Fantastica was pulled to her feet, and whipped across to the far corner. Lilly followed her in with a corner clothesline before snapping her arms around her waist and sending her flying out with a belly to belly overhead suplex. The champion quickly got back to her feet, and circled around as Angelina held her back in pain. When the challenger began to get up though, Lilly used a step up into a knee strike to her temple to put her back down. The fans were solidly behind the champion as she pulled Angelina up by the waist, and snapped off a German suplex that sent her into the turnbuckles.

Zack: If Angelina’s still waiting on Lilly to make a mistake, this match isn’t gonna last much longer! I haven’t seen Lilly like this before, and I’ve followed her pretty much her whole career.

Mai: Angelina can withstand a lot, which is a good thing because she’s getting that and then some from Lilly. Now would be a good time to turn the tables, Angelina!

Lilly dragged Angelina back to her feet, and over her shoulders into something. But Fantastica started driving elbows into the side of her head to break her grip. It finally worked, and she landed on her feet. When the champion turned to face her, Angelina nailed her with a Pele kick that dropped her where she stood. Lyla looked on with a smile on her face as she watched her protege trying to pull herself together. Fantastica’s face began to get angrier as she rolled over, and started choking the champion with one hand. Davis got to a four count before she let go, and rose back to her feet. Arthur was pulled back to a vertical base, and sent into the corner. The challenger followed her in to grab the top rope and start firing kicks into her body until she crumpled to a seat in the corner.

Mai: As soon as I said she should turn the tables, she did! Am I like the wrestling whisperer now? Does me saying something make it happen? Let’s see. Zack, shut up.

Zack: There went that theory.

As the champion tried to use the ropes to get back to her feet, Angelina took off for the far side and came back with a double knee strike into her chest in the corner. She mounted the second rope, and pelted Lilly’s head with elbows before spinning off with a tornado DDT. Fantastica bounced off the near side ropes for a cannonball senton to her chest, and grabbed the outside leg for for a cover as she sat there.

Mai: Now Angelina’s got things going in the right direction, and she’s about to be the new champion, Zack!



Lilly shoved her off her chest to break the cover. Angelina got back to her feet, and stepped on her throat until the referee got to a four count. After dropping down to sit on the mat, she locked in a headscissors, wrapping her legs around Lilly’s head and beginning to squeeze.

Zack: That cover was never going to work on Lilly anyway, and now Fantastica’s getting back to basics with this headscissors. And before you say it, I know you’d pay good money to be in that.

The champion began trying to pull her head free, only for Angelina to roll onto her stomach and spike her head into the mat with a few hip thrusts. Clearly amused at her own actions, a grin began to form on her face. She rolled back to a seat with Lilly’s head still trapped, and began raining forearms on the back of her neck and head. That slowed the champion down for a moment until she got her feet under her, and tried to pull herself free that way. She was about to lift Angelina up by her legs until she grabbed the middle rope to keep the hold applied. With the challenger literally hanging over the mat, Lilly finally jerked her head free and let Angelina land on her butt on the mat. Lilly stepped forward with an enzuigiri in mind, but Fantastica ducked the shot and kipped back up to her feet. When Lilly spun around to face her, she got scooped up into a Death Valley driver before Angelina made the cover.

Zack: Talk about quick thinking on Angelina’s part there, and Lilly may be 3 seconds from coughing up the gold here.




Lilly got her shoulder up in time, and Angelina quickly got back to her feet. She grabbed Lilly by the head, and looked to be about to drive her into the corner with a bulldog. But Arthur shoved her forward. Angelina stopped herself before she hit the turnbuckles...and then got caught into a double knee backbreaker from Lilly before she turned.

Mai: Lilly really comes back to life when you squeeze her head, that’s something i’ll file away for later use one day. Maybe.

The champion pulled herself together, and then got Angelina back to her feet. She hoisted her up overhead into a vertical suplex position before driving her down with the jackhammer. The crowd began getting behind her again as she plucked Angelina’s head between her legs this time, but only to scoop her up for a running powerbomb into the corner. Angelina lurched forward, clutching her back, as a result. Lilly spun her around towards her, and immediately dropped her with a spinebuster before rolling through for the cover with a hook of the outside leg.

Zack: Lilly’s breaking out all kinds of new offense here, and Angelina’s back is getting the worst treatment possible!




Angelina managed to kick out before the three, but still clutched her back in pain. Lilly wasted zero time in getting her back to her feet. Lilly scooped her up again, this time for a sitout inverted Death Valley Driver. She rolled across her for the cover again.

Mai: Who taught Lilly how to do a burning hammer?! This isn’t going right at all!




Angelina got her foot across the bottom rope, though the rest of her wasn’t moving all that much. Lilly rose back to her feet with a shake of her head.

Zack: Lilly is breaking out some devastating offense that I’ve never seen her use before. And she may be closer than ever to another successful defense against Angelina!

The champion headed for the corner, and made her way to the top rope. She crouched and waited for her opponent to start to rise. When Angelina did get to her feet, Lilly launched herself off the top rope with a flying clothesline…..but Fantastica pulled the referee in front of her and dove out of the way. The champion sent the referee down to the mat in a heap, her mouth falling open as she realized what happened. When she got up and turned, Angelina connected with her somersault reverse DDT! She immediately hooked both legs for the cover….but no count was forthcoming obviously!

Mai: That’s it, Zack! Angelina just nailed her favorite move!! Where’s the stupid referee at?!

Zack: She got knocked cold after Angelina jerked her into harm’s way, and Fantastica can hold her legs for as long as she wants.

Lyla slid into the ring, trying to shake the referee around again as Angelina demanded a count. Davis was slow to move, and glanced around before calling for the bell.

Mai: We got a new Fast Track Champion, Zack!

Zack: Like hell we do! There was no three count there!

Angelina got back to her feet, and Lyla raised her hand with a smile. But only boos greeted them from the crowd. Davis crawled towards the corner to talk to the ring announcer.

Mai: The referee stopped the match, because she knew Lilly was done! I’m telling you we got a new champion tonight!

Zack: I don’t believe that for a second, let’s hear what Kat has to say!

Kat: Ladies and gentlemen, the referee has disqualified Angelina Fantastica…..therefore your winner and STILL FFW Fast Track Champion……….LILLY ARTHUR!!!

Mai: Disqualifying her for WHAT?!

Zack: Angelina pulled the referee in front of her, and we all know it! That’s what got her disqualified! Lilly retains!

Angelina’s face grows angry quickly before she starts putting the boots to Lilly, who was still on the mat. She dropped to a knee, and unloaded with shots to louder boos from the crowd….until Caitlyn Storm bolted down the ramp to a pop. The blonde slid into the ring just as Angelina rolled out to the floor with Lyla.

Zack: It’s a good thing Caitlyn was here, because there was no telling how far Angelina was gonna go with a downed Fast Track Champion.

Mai: Lilly better go out and buy a damn lottery ticket! The referee just saved her tonight, and I hope Angelina gets a rematch! I’m sure she will!

Caitlyn helped the champion back to her feet, as Lilly’s face was a scowl as she stared up the ramp at Angelina and Lyla as the show cut elsewhere.

The Hall is Calling

The show cuts to a video package showing many of the previous inductees into FFW’s Hall of Fame as we hear a voice-over begin as the images and moments play.

Voice: For over half a decade, FFW has paid tribute to the women who have helped build it past, present, and future into what it has become today: the most talented assemblage of women in the sport today. Each of these women played a role in creating the moments that made their careers legendary both in and out of FFW. In 2019, that tradition continues.

The Hall of Fame logo flashes past before we cut to the highlights of Shaughnessy O’Neill and Charlotte Harker.

Voice: The One Woman Show. Shaughnessy O’Neill and Charlotte Harker came to FFW through Future Shock. And no one, except perhaps Miss O’Neill, could have foreseen the heights they would achieve. They set the record for the longest reigning Unity Tag Team Champions, which still holds today. In that reign, they defeated other legendary tag teams such as the Burning Star Express. And absolutely no team has matched their success to this point in the Unity division. They have earned their spot in FFW’s Hall of Fame.

Next up, we see archived footage from both FFW and promotions that have long since become defunct. Then we see those clips are that of Alysson Gardner.

Voice: A wrestler’s career doesn’t always begin in FFW. And when you think of icons in the Ultraviolence ranks of any company, Alysson Gardner is part of that conversation. Before arriving in FFW, she proved herself to be one of the most prolific and talented women in the ranks of the most hardcore athletes to ever pick up a weapon. Her accomplishmetns before she came to FFW were well known, and her achievements here only built upon that legacy. She has been at the top of FFW’s Ultraviolence division, and even held the now-retired Trios Championship. For a career of making history, Alysson Gardner joins FFW’s Hall of Fame.

The Hall of Fame image passes again before we cut to the final inductee’s highlights, which get a pop from the crowd in the arena as they see the moments of….

Voice: Steph Stefano. “The” Steph Stefano. Though her in-ring career may be at a standstill, there is no denying what all Stephanie Odette Stefano accomplished. Rising through the ranks of Future Shock as part of the award-winning tag team, the Witches’ Brew, Steph captured every championship she ever challenged for. Be it in SVW where she held their Defiance and the SVW Championship itself or in FFW, where she was a decorated Evolution Champion and co-holder of the FFW Unity Tag Titles. Now as one of the voices of Future Shock, her expertise is unmatched and she continues to be one of the most popular and beloved women within FFW, be it ringside or in the ring. And there is no more fitting place for her than the Hall of Fame.

The images of all four women start to fill the screen as the British accented voice continues to speak.

Voice: The FFW Hall of Fame is the pinnacle of achievement for any woman who walks through the doors of this promotion. These women join the likes of Wendy Briese, Isabella Pazzini, Caroline Dallins, Emma MacNamara, Mikaela Demidov among others. At the night before Unstoppable, each of them will receive their due recognition as they become part of history in the FFW Hall of Fame. The Hall is Calling, congratulations to each of them!

As the video fades to black, the show then heads to a commercial for Unstoppable 10 on July 27th.
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A video shows the announcement of the Evolution Championship match followed by Samantha’s announcement about Mallory Bennett being the special guest referee, as well as her stipulation for the match. The show cuts back to the ring after that, and finds Kat Grayson standing in the center with her microphone.

Kat: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the FFW Evolution Championship!

Zack: I legitimately have no idea how this is going to work. This won’t be your standard title defense, folks. I’m joined by Scarlett Silver, new co-holder of the Unity Tag Titles with O.E. Ayano.

Scarlett: I’m not sure how safe it’s going to be sitting out here, but at least I’ll have a good view if the fireworks start!

Kat: Introducing first, the special guest referee for this match….

The video wall begins playing images of Mallory Bennett in her most choice moments of violence. As the arena begins to boo, the lights flicker orange and red while the video wall shows the self-proclaimed ‘Byproduct of Misconduct’ and Malicious One grinning through a bloody face before punching the mat. The booing intensifies as the wrestler herself comes from the curtain with Andy Marx. Her scowling face bends into a grin as the crowd continues booing, trying to drown out “Whiskey Fever”.

“Woah mama don't you leave me alone, no tellin' what I'll do on my own!
Woah mama there's a pit in my soul, so deep I gotta fill it up now...!

On the second ‘fill it up now!’ Mallory drops to both knees, sticking her tongue out and throwing up devil horns and bending backwards as a wild pyro display of orange and red go off behind her. The crowd continues the boo as the chorus hits and she’s announced.

Kat: Making her way to the ring and accompanied by Andy Marx... From Tampa Bay, Florida... .. “MALICIOUS” MALLORY BENNETT!!


The southern wrestler begins making her way down to the ramp, a grin on her face as she observes the boos. She slides into the ring, leaving Andy on the inside after blowing him a kiss She throws her arms up to the boos in the middle of the ring before adjusting her cropped referee’s top with a smirk on her face.

Zack: It’s bad enough Mallory is gonna be in charge of this match. But remember if either of the opponents lay a hand on her, the Evolution Championship will be vacated. Then you got a walking advertisement for birth control out here in the form of Andy Marx.

Scarlett: The only reason that stipulation was put in was because everyone with half a brain knows what would have happened otherwise.

The lights in the arena go off before a single purple spotlight hits the stage. As the opening bars of Wild Side by Cross My Heart Hope To Die starts to play Missy appears at the entrance way. Missy stands perfectly still, as her head stays bent, looking towards the ground and her manager Christian Kincaid walks out to stand behind her.

I've been on my best behavior
But I've heard that good girls finish last
And once you're gone they say no one can save you
But who knows if I go I may never want to ever come back
We've all fell victim to temptation
It seems that I'm the last one holding on
What's the use in fighting for my salvation
And why does it feel so damn right to want to be so wrong

At the side of Missy purple lights flash on and off, looking almost like fireworks, as she remains perfectly still. As the lights subside, Missy raises her arms up to the air and a single white spotlight accompanies the move.

I just wanna dance with the devil tonight
I wanna know what it feels like
I wanna close my eyes, put my hands in the sky
I wanna walk on the wild side

Kat: Introducing at this time…. Hailing from Leeds, England and weighing in at One hundred and twelve pounds… she is MIIIIISSSSSY!

Missy makes her way down the ramp to the ring keeping her eyes straight ahead, focussing on the ring, with Christian following a few steps behind. When she reaches the ring she slowly climbs the steel steps, surveying the crowd as she does until she reaches the top. She steps onto the apron and gives one final look around before she enters the ring between the top and middle rope. Leaning over the top rope she shares a few last minute words with her manager as her theme music ends. He then returns to the back.

Zack: You know every fiber of Missy’s body is wanting to go right at Mallory, and rip her to shreds. But she also wants to be Evolution Champion again too. She’ll have to practice more restraint than ever before tonight.

Scarlett: Not only does she want to be Evolution Champion again, she hates the thought of the title being vacated. Especially when she can prevent that from happening.

The arena falls dark as the opening of “Blonde, Bad and Beautiful” by Airbourne plays, Kelly explodes upward out of the middle of the stage as though shot out of a cannon, landing a perfect front somersault in a shower of blue sparks. As she lands she holds her title belt high over her head. The girl is joined by Christian Kincaid on the stage. Turning to face her husband, she turns to face him, giving him a big hug as she plants a kiss to his lips. As the music starts to pick up pace once more she starts to run toward the ring, performing a quick cartwheel into a handspring before sliding into the ring underneath the bottom rope. Using the momentum to her advantage, the former acrobat forward rolls to her feet and leaps onto the middle rope. She springboards off the ropes into a backflip and heads towards the corner. The former acrobat runs straight up the pads. Stopping on the top turnbuckle she blows a kiss to the fans, holds her title belt high in the air and then corkscrew flips back to the mat, facing the middle of the ring as she lands.

Kat: From Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York, 5’5” tall, weighs 115 lbs and is accompanied to the ring by Christian Kincaid. She is the reigning and defending FFW Evolution Champion...Please welcome...KELLY KINCAID!!!

Zack: Kelly and Mallory don’t have too many issues with each other at the moment. But I guarantee you if Missy costs her the title tonight, that’ll change in a heartbeat. She’s already not happy about Bennett being referee, and who could blame her?!

Scarlett: There’s probably only about 6 people in the entire company who would be happy about Mallory being referee tonight.

Mallory snatched the title away from Kelly, and checked it over before tossing it out to the timekeeper’s table. Kelly didn’t appreciate the disrespect shown her championship as Mallory patted her down, asking her what she was gonna do about it. The Ultraviolence Champion headed towards Missy, very amused at this point as she checked her illegal weapons. Missy gave her a death stare as she touched her. Bennett stepped back and told her to turn around, to which the challenger didn’t want to do it. The referee turned around and was about to forfeit the match before Missy did it. Mallory started patting down her butt and reached up between her legs before Missy started shaking with anger. Bennett was highly amused though and finally called for the bell to start the match.

Scarlett: I’m sure there are laws against that kind of thing! How Missy is holding herself back is anybody’s guess.

Zack: She’s just trying to bait her into breaking that rule already before the bell even rings for this match. Missy’s holding herself back the best she can, but it’s already starting.

Missy spun around, and went straight for Kelly. The blonde barely got out of the corner before Missy began hammering her with forearms, taking out her anger on the only person she could. A pair of short knees to the body landed hard, and Missy fired her across to the far side. Kelly avoided contact on the rebound with a leapfrog over her head to land behind her. When Missy turned to face her, Kelly surprised her with an European uppercut that rocked her backwards a couple steps. The former acrobat hooked her head for a DDT, but Missy shoved her off and caught her with a savate kick to the chest as she came forward. A discus elbow to the mouth dropped Kelly where she stood before Missy took off for the near side, and came back with a running kick into her chest that toppled her over to the mat. When Kelly started to get up, Missy drove an uppercut into her stomach to double her over, and then followed that with a DDT. She made a quick cover, only to find Mallory was in the corner talking with her boyfriend.

Scarlett: Is anybody surprised at all that Mallory isn’t paying attention to the match? Anybody?

Zack: Not at all. No one expected Mallory Bennett to be a competent referee, and she’s proving  everyone right. This is already turning into a farce.

Missy pounded the mat for a half second before Kelly shoved her off to break the cover. The brunette pulled Kelly up to her feet, firing a few more forearms into the side of her head before she whipped her into the far corner. Missy followed her in with a running avalanche splash, allowing Kelly to stumble away from her. The brunette hopped onto the second turnbuckle from the inside to deliver a one handed bulldog that spiked Kelly’s face into the mat. She was about to go for the cover again till she looked over to see Mallory now kissing her boyfriend to a din of boos from the crowd.

Zack: She could have shared all this affection before or after the match, but let’s be honest. She doesn’t give a damn about either of these two or the fact that the Evolution Championship is on the line.

Scarlett: They should just go and get themselves a room and a let a real referee come down and call this match properly.

Missy shouted at her as Christian jerked Andy off the apron...and away from Mallory. Marx got in his face, and looked like he was about to nail him. But Christian blocked the shot, and put him on his butt with a haymaker of his own. Mallory started giving Christian a lot of verbal static until she heard Missy screaming at her about making a count. Bennett moved towards her, and got into position to make a count….as Kelly was getting back to her feet. Before the challenger could look back, Kelly started firing shots of her own. She caught Missy with a few shots to the mouth, and drove her back into the corner. Kincaid followed up by grabbing the top rope, and unleashing a torrent of kicks into Missy’s body. She whipped her across to the far side, and caught her on the rebound with a running blockbuster before making her own cover. This time, Mallory dropped down to make a count….sort of.

Zack: I’ve not seen Kelly use that before, and looks like Mallory’s gonna…...so much for that.


Scarlett: You know what I think it is. Has anybody actually checked that Mallory knows how to count to three? That would explain a lot about her delaying counts!

Bennett rubbed her hand as though she hit it too hard on the mat, while Kelly glared at her. The cover was still in place until Missy shoved her off, and rolled away. The champion popped back to her feet, and launched forward into a handspring back elbow that nearly sent the challenger through the ropes. She scooped her up, and hung her upside down in the corner before climbing up to the middle rope. Missy tried to pull herself up to get free before Kelly used a double foot stomp to her body to snap her down to the canvas.

Zack: Some more new offense from the champion, and Missy have bruised ribs after that! This is a very competitive match...and would be a lot better if we had a competent referee.

Scarlett: This match would be awesome if it had even a half decent referee. A chimpanzee could do a better job than this.

Kelly dragged her away from the corner, and doubled back to head up again. She came off the middle rope with a diving elbow drop to the chest, and then hooked the outside leg for the cover. But Mallory had rolled out to the floor, and was tending to her downed boyfriend. Kelly pounded the mat wanting a count as Mallory held up a finger to the ring as she helped Andy sit up and share a kiss with him too. The fans were getting far louder in their boos now, while Kelly got back to her feet and headed for the ropes to let Mallory know what she thought of her.

Zack: At least she’s not playing favorites out here. She’s screwing both of them over equally here with the Evolution Championship on the line. You just know Kelly and Missy both want to lay her out.

Scarlett: Kelly, Missy and at least half the crowd I think. They’ve paid good money to watch matches, not what Mallory’s doing.

Kelly’s anger was clear on her face as she shouted to Mallory on the floor, only to be cut short when Missy grabbed her into a rear waistlock and snapped off a German suplex. She rolled through to deliver another and then another and a fourth one for good measure. Finally sitting up, she took a moment to pull herself together and cast a cold stare to the special referee as she was stepping back into the ring. Mallory looked at her with a grin on her face as Missy shook her head, and went back after Kelly again. She dragged the blonde to her feet into a front facelock, and started pummeling her with knees to the body and head. She finally scooped her up over her shoulders, and planted her with a Samoan drop. The challenger almost went for the cover again until she glanced up to see Mallory seated on the top turnbuckle.

Scarlett: You just know that Missy is likely picturing Mallory’s face rather than Kelly’s at the moment.

Zack: Of course, she is. She’s got every reason in the world to feel this way, and I’d personally love to see it if and when it does happen.

Missy looked to be about to lose her temper finally, at least until she saw Kelly starting to move. Instead, she took off for the far side and caught the blonde on the rebound with her curb stomp to the back of her head. She circled around as Kelly was slow to get up, and swooped in to grab her arms behind her back. As soon as she did, Kelly took off for the ropes and ducked her head to let the top rope catch Missy with a clothesline to send her backwards a few steps. With the challenger coughing and trying to get her wind back, Kelly used the ropes for a springboard into a forearm to the mouth to drop Missy where she stood.

Zack: I think Missy was going for that new finisher she showed off in her last match, but credit to Kelly for having it scouted and a counter ready. I guess it helps sharing the same manager for strategy sessions, doesn’t it?

Scarlett: Having the same manager does make it a lot easier to scout your challenger’s moves. Or any opponents for that matter. That’s the times you need to pull out something that even your manager doesn’t know that you can do.

Kelly headed quickly for the cover, and made her way to the top rope. She wasted no time at all before leaping off into a shooting star press that landed perfectly on target. She hooked both legs for the cover as Andy was back on the apron again, getting his girlfriend’s attention. Once more, Christian jerked him back to the floor and sent him into the barricade to a pop from the crowd. Mallory was very very angry as she started yelling at him before he told her to count! Fuming now, Mallory turned around and delivered a legdrop across the back of Kelly’s head to break the fall.

Scarlett: Oh come on! Would it be too much for you to just count Mallory? It’s not hard. It’s only to three. There’s no way that this match is going to end….at least not in a way that any wants, is there?

Zack: This could go on all night, and is very likely to if she continues to do this. Our best hope is she gets bored and decides to actually do her job so she can go back and nurse her obnoxious boyfriend.

She dragged the champion to her feet, and dropped her with a facebuster before mounting Missy with a grin on her face. The challenger was still a little dazed as Mallory sat up, and put her hand into her shorts for a moment. The grin only got wider as she used the other hand to open Missy’s mouth before freeing the right hand. As she was about to plunge it into Missy’s mouth, the boos turned to a buzz as referee Ashley Pruitt headed towards the ring….with someone following after her.

Scarlett: Finally, a real referee! It took long enough!

As soon as Pruitt hit the ring, Mallory hopped up and went towards her to tell her to leave. Then someone slid into the ring after the referee, and Mallory turned around to see the very familiar form of the woman she took the Ultraviolence Champion from….. Emma waved at her with a smile, and unloaded with a flurry of right hands to a pop from the crowd!

Zack: I’ll be damned! That’s EMMA MAC, and look at her laying into Mallory! There’s no rule that says she can’t!

Scarlett: She doesn’t look so smug now, does she?! And it’s not against the stipulation at all.

Emma scooped Mallory up into a running powerslam, bouncing Bennett off the mat. The former champion headed for the top rope as Andy pulled his girlfriend out of the ring. Mallory nearly fell over as he did, but still called for the bell. Emma hopped down off the corner as the ring announcer conversed with Mallory a moment.

Zack: The stipulation was only that Missy and Kelly couldn’t lay a hand on her. Neither of them did, but Emma Mac who we haven’t seen in months….well she did a lot more than that!

Scarlett: Talk about making an entrance. The crowd are pretty pleased to see her too, if only to stop them from having to watching Mallory and Andy all over each other!

Kat: Ladies and gentlemen, special guest referee Mallory Bennett has ruled a stop to this match due to outside interference. Therefore she has ruled this match a NO CONTEST! As a result, still your Evolution Champion…..KELLY KINCAID!!

That got some boos as Emma helped Missy back to her feet. Mallory finally made it back to her feet as Andy had her by the arm as though she were going to come back into the ring to fight. Kelly was up as well, and sat on the middle rope inviting her to do it.

Zack: There’s no way Mallory’s gonna take that invitation, not with those three in the ring waiting for her. This is just a show at this point, and I hope we get a rematch with an actual referee.

Scarlett: Mallory would be better just to run while she can, because you know if she’s in view when Missy gets her feet underneath her...well. I think we can all guess what would happen.

As Andy pulls her towards the back with Mallory still acting like she’s gonna go in after the three of them, the show heads to a commercial for Unstoppable 10.

The video wall shows a recap of the last match between Ruby and Areum...even if she was Ji-Hu at the time, before heading down to find Kat waiting in the centre of the ring.

Kat: The following contest is scheduled is scheduled for one fall to a finish.

The lights dim just before “Heavy” by The Glorious Sons starts playing throughout the arena.

Come heavy or don't come at all,
You leave your piece at home that's your call,
It never paid to be merciful,
Come heavy or don't come at all

The lights come up as the music rises and Ruby Tyler bursts through the curtain, running down the ramp and high-fiving fans along the way.

Come heavy or don't come at all,
Been here before and watched a better man fall
I smell the fear on you boy
Come heavy or don't come at all

Kat: From Barstow, California, weighing in at one hundred thirty-five pounds, she is the Huntress, RUBY! TYLER!

Tossing her jacket aside, Ruby turns to face the crowd and pumps her fist in the air before sliding underneath the bottom rope, grinning as she heads to her corner and climbs the turnbuckle, her head bobbing as the chorus plays out. Once the music fades, she hops down and turns, waiting for her opponent.

Zack: From all accounts Ruby Tyler wants to try and stage some kind of exorcism or the like for Areum. With the way she has been acting recently, I can’t really say that I blame her.

Mai: Winning matches does not mean that your crazy or in need of an exorcism. It’s a good thing and should be celebrated.

The Intense electrical thrumming of “Diabolic” by Dance With The Dead signals the coming of Areum Jijang, white and yellow strobes matching the staccato piano-percussion mix.

A moment passes by and Areum appears on stage, the dry ice fog on the entrance ramp parting to show her, and in front of her, seated in a dessicated old hospital wheelchair, housing the disturbing effigy that was a Max Sato Realdoll. Boos rain down upon her, but Areum seems far less offended than she is visibly nervous, she shouts at “Max” to shut up before starting off down the ramp.

When ‘Big Bang’ gets ringside, she roughly carts the life-sized doll over to her corner before hurriedly sliding into the ring and backing into her corner, scanning the ring, the ref, and the crowd as though something might jump out at her.

Kat: INTRODUCING, hailing from Seoul, South Korea by way of Fresno County, California, accompanied by… uh… well… standing five-feet tall and weighing in at one-hundred-thirty-five pounds, “BIG BAAAAAAANG” AREUM JIIIIIJAAAAAAAAAAANG!!!

Areum holds her middle fingers high as the crowd showers her with more boos, before turning and shouting at Max to ‘Shut up!’ before turning her attention back to the upcoming match.

Zack: Areum has been picking up win after win since her...umm….change of attitude but she might be hitting a roadblock tonight in the form of Ruby Tyler.

Mai: Her momentum is so good she’s basically unstoppable! This is going to be a cake walk for her.

Zack: You have seen Ruby before right? Cake walk is not the first thing that springs to mind.

As the sold out Orlando crowd start to settle down, Kat makes her way out of the ring and referee Melinda Davis completes a check of both competitors for anything illegal they might have on them. Happy that neither has anything untoward she calls for the bell to get the match underway and both women leave their corners like a starter pistol went off. Ruby reaches Areum at speed and immediately starts firing right hands into the side of her head. Several land on target before Areum manages to cover up and block them. She uses double palms to Ruby’s chest to push her backwards, but that doesn’t deter the Huntress very much, if at all. Tyler immediately advances again with another series of right hands before she grabs Areum by the arm and pulls her into a forearm to the jaw and then fires her across into the nearest corner.

Zack: Ruby is wasting no time at all in taking Areum to task and it looks like she is literally trying to knock some sense into her.

Mai: Areum doesn’t need any sense knocking into her, she’s perfectly fine as she is. Better than fine in fact.

Areum barely has time to hit the corner before Ruby follows her in with a shoulder thrust into her ribs, followed quickly by a pair of matching knee strikes into the same spot. A knee into Jijang’s gut bends her in the middle, before an uppercut stands her back upright again. As soon as she is upright though, Ruby repeats the sequence and another knee to her abdomen and uppercut follow, before Tyler uses a hip toss to bring Areum out of the corner and down to the canvas, much to the delight of the Orlando crowd. Areum gets back to her feet rapidly with a scowl on her face...that Ruby soon wipes off with an elbow strike into the side of her head. Grabbing her by the arm again she fires her across into the next corner and again follows her in with a shoulder thrust to the ribs. Jijang pulls herself together enough to shove Ruby backwards away from her, and gives herself enough room to step out of the corner….and straight into a clothesline from the Huntress.

Mai: Areum is just lulling her into a false sense of security. Making her think that she’s in control!

Zack: Yeah….it sure looks that way. Ruby is keeping a tight rein on this match so far, and Areum is barely getting a chance to block, nevermind respond.

The South Korean wrestler wobbles from the clothesline, but doesn’t fall and Ruby soon changes that with a jumping side kick that knocks her back into the corner again. Following her in again, Ruby delivers a chop to her chest that gets an ‘ooooh’ from the crowd, before they start counting along with her as she unleashes them in earnest. They get to a count of ten before Ruby pulls Areum out of the corner and fires her across into the ropes. Jijang rebounds off straight into a single leg dropkick from Ruby that drops her where she stands. A double foot stomp to Areum’s ribs follow before Ruby gets herself into position for a cover, prompting Davis to drop into place for the count.

Zack: Ruby is certainly not getting paid by the hour, and she is not looking to draw this out either. She’s got the cover, and this could be about to be over!



Areum gets her shoulder up just after the one and shoves Ruby away from her in disgust. Ruby rolls with the momentum straight back up to her feet and invites Areum to do the same. The South Korean wrestler doesn’t need asking twice and gets back to hers just a moment after Ruby.

Mai: There is no way that Areum is going out this quickly. There was no point in the referee even counting that, it was barely even a one count!

Ruby makes a move towards Areum again, but the South Korean wrestler surprises her with a leaping forearm that knocks her slightly off balance. She recovers quickly, but immediately eats a right hand from Areum that sends her back on her heels again. A throat thrust from Jijang follows that causes Ruby to raise her hands to her throat as she coughs and tries to catch her breath. Without skipping a beat, Areum grabs Ruby by the back of the head and uses a running bulldog to faceplant her onto the canvas. Before she can start to even think about getting up, Areum delivers a single knee drop into the back of her neck and then gets back to her feet and does the same thing again, which earns her no love at all from the Orlando crowd….but that doesn’t seem to bother her at all.

Mai: I told you she was just biding her time, look at the difference now. She is fully in charge and Ruby might as well say goodnight now.

Zack: Areum has managed to tip the momentum in her favor but this match is far from over yet. Ruby has plenty left in the tank.

Areum watches as Ruby starts to push up towards getting up, but as she reaches her hands and knees the South Korean delivers yet another single knee drop into the back of her neck flattening her back down. She gets back to her feet and pulls Ruby up to hers before firing her across into the ropes, as the Huntress rebounds Areum meets her with a diving front dropkick to back her into the corner. Following her in she raises her hand and then delivers a blistering knife edge chop across Ruby’s face, earning herself even more animosity from the crowd.

Zack: She calls that THE CLAP but I don’t hear anybody in here giving her any applause right now. Quite the opposite in fact.

Mai: You need to listen more closely then because I’m applauding her. That was delivered gloriously!

Pulling her out of the corner, Areum delivers a trio of forearms to Ruby’s jaw before she takes hold of an arm and then moves so that they are back to back. With Ruby’s arm hooked across and round her own head the South Korean wrestler falls backwards, forcing Ruby’s own arm to drag her to the mat. A face stomp follows from Areum before she gets into position for a cover, yelling at the referee to count. Davis slides into place but Areum glares at her telling her that she knows she’s out to get her before she starts the count.



Ruby kicks out before the two and uses both feet to kick Areum away from her, which gets a scowl from the former Max Sato client.

Mai: I’m not surprised that Areum isn’t happy at that, that was just plain rude of Ruby to kick her like that.

Zack: It’s a wrestling match, not a teddy’s bear picnic, what do you expect? Tea and biscuits?

Areum gets back to her feet as Ruby rolls to the ropes and uses them to steady herself as she does the same. Jijang closes the gap between the two of them quickly but Ruby catches her off guard with a jumping side kick that hits her on the hip and stops her in her tracks. A trio of stiff kicks to her thigh follow from the Huntress that force the South Korean wrestler back a couple of steps. A low dropkick to her legs follows from Tyler which bring Areum down to her knees, allowing Ruby to deliver a hurricanrana to flip her back first onto the canvas. Ruby looks down at Areum and then to the top turnbuckle before heading straight there as Areum starts to rise. Jijang barely makes it back to a vertical base before Ruby launches herself off with a diving crossbody to crumple the former Max Sato client to the canvas.

Zack: This match has been fairly even so far, but Ruby looks like she really is on a mission to exorcise Areum’s demons.

Mai: She needs to exercise herself, her wrists are starting to look flabby.

Ruby gets back to her feet and pulls Areum up to hers with her. She delivers a pair of forearm shots to her jaw before she puts her own head under Jijang’s arm. Tyler wraps her arm around Areum’s waist before she delivers a Northern Lights Suplex that she bridges into a pin attempt as Davis again gets into place for the count.

Zack: Ruby’s in prime position to pick up the three count and the win!




Mai: Turns out that prime position was average at best. Areum is still kicking and isn’t going to let Ruby steal her win.

Areum manages to get her shoulder off the canvas before the three comes down and Ruby looks at Davis questioningly. The referee shakes her head and holds up two fingers, and Ruby nods in understanding before she gets back up to her feet, keeping her eyes firmly on Areum as she does. The South Korean wrestler makes it back to a vertical base and gives herself a shake off just in time for Ruby to grab her looking like she is about to deliver her double knee jawbreaker.

Zack: Ruby is about to deliver CRIMSON KISS and kiss goodnight to this match….or…

Mai: Or not, Zack!

Before Ruby can fully complete the move Areum surprises her with another throat thrust that staggers backwards and makes her release Areum. Jijang falls to the canvas as Ruby staggers backwards clutching her throat. Areum gets back to her own feet and runs Ruby across the ring to smash her face first into the top turnbuckle, before pulling her out and delivering a running bulldog across her knee. Ruby stumbles to her feet still trying to get her breath back, and looking quite disorientated before Areum grabs her and pulls her into a reverse facelock. The South Korean wrestler delivers  GTR move causing Tyler to hit the mat with a thud, which gets Jijang nothing but a shower of boos from the Orlando crowd. The South Korean wrestler hooks a leg for the cover as Davis slides into position for the count. Kicking her feet up onto the ropes out of the referee’s view, she hooks the other leg for good measure as the crowd go nuts with disdain aimed at her.

Mai: DETONATION and Ruby go boom! Winner in three!




The crowd show their displeasure at the result loudly as Areum gets her feet back to the canvas and Davis rises to call for the bell.

Kat: Your winner via pinfall…………………………….AREUM JIJANG!

Zack: The crowd are saying what we’re all thinking right now. But despite that, Areum has managed to sneak another win into her column.

Mai: Speak for yourself, I’m thinking this is absolutely marvelous. She should have changed her name ages ago if this is the result.

Areum gets back to her feet and has her hand raised by Davis while the crowd continue to boo her loudly. As she makes her way out of the ring the cameras cut elsewhere.

Who Do You Want To Hit Most?

A short recap shows the viewers what took place earlier in the night during the Evolution Championship match before we cut to Seth’s office, and find the COO with one of the women who was in the match...namely Missy.

Seth: My apologies for what took place during your title match. If I had any oversight, it wouldn’t have happened that way. But I wasn’t unhappy to see Miss Mackenzie out there. I hope to speak with her before the night is over.

Missy rubs her chin looking understandably annoyed.

Missy: Honestly? I would have preferred to knock Mallory the fuck out myself...but that would have vacated the Evolution Championship, and I have way too much respect for the title to see that happen.

Seth: Well there is a silver lining to all this. One, I guarantee you a future opportunity at the Evolution Championship. But you have a choice to make. One, I can set the rematch for Unstoppable 10 with a FFW official. Or...you can put it in your back pocket for the time being...and I’ll let you challenge Mallory Bennett that night for the Ultraviolence Championship instead...in a match of your choosing.

Missy: Are you serious? No crap stipulations added or anything like that? There’s not gonna be a last minute addition of Bianca or any of the other bitches added as referee?

Seth: Guaranteed. The only stipulation that will be added is that you get to pick the match type you want when you face her. I take it that is going to be your choice?

Missy: Hell yes. I want to beat the living daylights outta that skank...and taking that title of her in the process. That would be the cherry on top. The Ultraviolence Championship will come back home to Chaotic Temptation. As much as I’ve avoided it mostly since I came here, it’s time I got back to my roots.

Seth: I’m also going to give you a chance to show the Franchise why they should stay away from this match when it happens. I’ve booked you in a tag match at Velocity against the Brazilian Storm, two women I know you know well. And I’ll have Miss Silver as your partner.

Missy: Fine by me….but out of curiosity, how many times do I need to beat these bitches exactly for them to get the message, ballpark figure? Rhetorical question. No need for you to answer.

Seth: Now the only choice left is to decide what kind of match you want. If you have already decided, you can name it now. Or if you want to think it over for Unstoppable, just make sure you inform me before we get there.

Missy: I’ll come back to you on that. There’s way too many good choices so I don’t want to rush the decision. I’m gonna savour the match, so I might as well savour the choosing of the stipulation too.

Seth: I look forward to the choice, and I suspect there’s a part of Miss Bennett that is not going to be looking forward to it.

Missy: If she has even half a brain cell or has watched a glimpse of some of my other matches she won’t look forward to it completely.

The graphic shows the match now made for the Ultraviolence Championship at Unstoppable 10 before the show heads elsewhere.
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A video package showing the history and previous matches between Savannah and Bianca plays on the video wall, before the camera heads down to Kat waiting in the centre of the ring, microphone in hand.

Kat: The following contest is for the FFW NO SURRENDER CHAMPIONSHIP!

“Something New” starts up over the speakers, and the jeers have almost drowned out the music before Brazilian Storm have even arrived (though in fairness, the beginning is pretty quiet). Yellow, green and blue spotlights dance around the arena, while the tron shows images of both halves of the team in action. Suddenly, the music stops and the tron cuts out...only for the sound of crashing thunder to echo loudly through the arena.

Love to hate,
Repeating my mistakes.
But there’s no one left to listen,
No one left to listen.
Take a chance, and fuck the consequence
When there’s no one left to listen,
No one left to listen.

As a curtain of dry ice smoke fills up the entrance stage, the two Brazilian wrestlers walk up to the top of the ramp together, with their manager Kyle Kilmeade right behind them. Once there, they look over the booing crowd with matching smirks on their face before they stop for a pose: Bianca goes to a knee and opens her arms wide in the Witch of the Winds pose, as Mel does her own pose, twirling on her feet and taking a soft dip of a bow, also with her arms open. After a couple of seconds in that pose, Bianca lunges forth and twirls herself, as Mel swings an arm, and the best friends indulge in a loud high-five. Then, side by side, they walk down the entrance ramp, with their manager following them with a lonely round of applause.

Right now! We’re taking control!
Tired of waiting
Tired of waiting for something new!
Right now! We’re taking control!
Tired of waiting
Tired of waiting for something new!

Kat: Introducing first, escorted to the ring by Mel Avilo and Kyle Kilmeade… From Brazil… BIANCA SALVADOR!!!

Instead of going straight to the ring though, the girls walk up to a camera, getting right up to the lens with their mischievous smirks. As Bianca flexes her biceps for the gun show, kissing the bulging muscle, Mel’s smirk becomes a grin as she gives the camera, and the viewers at home, some choice words about their opponents. After that, the best friends roll into the ring and move to opposite turnbuckles, climbing onto the second rope and staring into the booing crowd, only to wave them off and regroup, going to their corner. Bianca sits on the top turnbuckle and Mel docks herself there, as they wait for their match to begin while they strategize, Kyle joining in their conversation.

Zack: Bianca was given this title opportunity by the owner herself, and it would be a feather in the Franchise’s cap if she walks away with the Championship tonight.

Mai: What do you mean if? I’m sure you meant to say when! Samantha gave her this opportunity, because she would make a much better champion than the current one.

There was silence; the lights began to fade away slowly. A soft instrumental echoes out across the audience. It starts slowly, a beautiful sound that contrasts the heaviness of the world. Like feathers, it glides among the waiting audience. The lighting fixtures produce a gentle spotlight upon the stage, offset by the occasional flash here and there. As 'Just Close Your Eyes' by Waterproof Blonde continues to play, a woman’s words begin to come through. Her voice is tender, not raising upon a whisper.

"Deceived by my eyes and all I was told I should see
Opinions not mine, the person they taught me to be
One night in the dark, a vision of someone I knew
And in the darkness I saw, a voice say, I'm you."

On the stage, a feminine figure appears. Her head lowered to everything. People cannot make out who it is. As she stands there, the flashes briefly illuminate her figure. It only gives small clues on who stands at the gate. She stands in the spotlight, her shadow cast large and proudly among the stage.

"Inside me a light was turned on…"

The instrumental picks up again. An electric guitar now joins the progressively exciting instrumentals of before. The singer’s voice suddenly intensifies.

"Then I was alive!"

In the light, it is revealed that it was Savannah Taylor. She stands at the gate, a robe of obsidian and ivory hues. The hood of it shadows her eyes, but the intensity of the final EXODUS World Champion remains clear as day. She starts off down the ramp, with a serious aura radiating from her body.

Kat: Ladies and gentlemen, making her way down to the ring....weighing in at one hundred twenty pounds.....from Las Vegas, Nevada, she is the FFW NO SURRENDER CHAMPION....Savannah Taylor !!!

"If you close your eyes your life,
A naked truth revealed
Dreams you never lived,
And scars never healed"

Savannah makes her way up the ring steps. She looks out towards the audience for a moment before entering the ring. From there, she heads for a turnbuckle. She stands there, taking in everything. She then lifts her up on top of it. She peers out in nothing, then takes off the hood with a flashy flourish. Her blonde locks fly up in the air. They descend, shaping her face as they famously do.

"In the darkness, light will take you to the other side
You'll find me waiting there you'll see, if you just close your eyes"

While she stands in her corner, she closes her eyes and takes a heavy breath. When her bright eyes open, Taylor is completely composed. There is nothing more than the heat of battle awaiting her. She takes off her robe, giving it to a stagehand. She stretches her wrists before devoting her mind to the war upon the horizon.

Zack: There is no love lost at all between these former stablemates, and Savannah has made it clear that she has had enough of listening to the stream of insults she receives from Bianca regularly.  It is definitely a high stakes tiebreaker if ever I saw one.

Referee Kevin Fisk takes the title from Savannah and shows it to Bianca who makes a title motion around her waist, before he raises it above his head to a pop from the Orlando crowd. He hands it off to Kat to take with her as she makes her way out of the ring, before completing a check of both competitors for anything illegal. Finding nothing he calls for the bell as the crowd start to settle into their seats. Savannah makes her way straight towards the centre of the ring, while Bianca remains in her corner, leaning over the ropes to speak to Kyle and Mel. She glances over her shoulder and throws Savannah a disgusted look before continuing her conversation, as Savannah starts to look annoyed at the delay.

Zack: I think there are likely better times for a chat with your tag partner and manager, like before the bell rings.

Mai: Savannah should just cool her jets, Bianca is strategising, there’s nothing wrong with that. Just because nobody wants to be out here to support Savannah, doesn’t mean Bianca should suffer for that.

Savannah gets even more impatient and tells Bianca to stop delaying, but Bianca only raises her finger to tell Savannah to wait, before again continuing her conversation. The Orlando crowd start to boo Bianca loudly, which brings a grin to her face. Which only gets wider as Savannah again tells her to get a move on. Salvador raises her hand up to tell Savannah to wait, without looking around...and Savannah charges at her and grabs her by the wrist and spins her around to pull her into a forearm smash to the jaw. Two more follow in quick succession before the Las Vegas Siren grabs her around the head and drops her to the canvas with a DDT.

Mai: That was just plain rude. She knew she couldn’t take Bianca on face to face so she attacked her when she wasn’t ready.

Zack: The bell already rang and the match is underway, so she should have been paying attention. Savannah got tired waiting for her and took matters into her own hands.

Bianca gets straight back to her feet with a glare for Savannah, but before she can do much more than that, Savannah hits her with another forearm to the jaw. She fires the Brazilian across into the ropes and catches her with a roundhouse kick to the jaw as she rebounds off. Bianca wobbles from the impact but doesn’t drop until Savannah uses a snapmare to take her down to the canvas and then attempts to lock in a sleeper hold. Salvador manages to avoid it narrowly and scoots out of the way of Savannah before rising up to her feet again. The Champion advances on her again, but Bianca clocks her with a right hand to keep her at arm's reach as she gathers her bearings.

Zack: Bianca saved herself from possibly an early shower with that avoidance of the sleeper hold that Savannah had in mind for her. This could have been one of the shortest title defences in history.

Mai: There was no way this match was ever going to end this early. You’re in cloud cuckoo land to even suggest such an absurd thing.

A trio of elbow strikes from the challenger follow into the side of Savannah’s head which force her backwards a step. As she goes to cover up and block the shots, Bianca quickly goes for an arm ringer and looks like she is going to go for an armbreaker on that same arm. The Las Vegas Siren pulls her arm in towards her body in an effort to prevent the move, but as she does Bianca hits her with a knee to her gut which bends her forwards from the impact. A forearm across the back of her neck hits next sending her face first down to the canvas. Star immediately starts to push back up, but Bianca puts paid to that idea with a double foot stomp into her back to push her back down again. Keeping one foot on the Champion’s back, Bianca starts a gun show for crowd, getting nothing but disdain from them in return...which only brings a smile to the challenger’s face.

Mai: Welcome one and all to the glorious gun show! Bianca is just spoiling these peasants with such magnificence.

Zack: They’re really not thanking her for it. She might want to focus more on her opponent than on antagonizing the crowd though.

The crowd’s boos get louder, which only makes Bianca show off to them more, giving Savannah a chance to quickly roll onto her back sending the Brazilian off balance in the process. Grabbing her by the ankle Savannah pushes her further off balance and keeps hold as she gets back to her feet again, then pulls her by the ankle to send her crashing down to the canvas. Bianca hits with a thud and Savannah takes a second to give her back a rub. Salvador sits up with an annoyed look on her face which is only increased further as Savannah drops down to kneel behind her to lock in a reverse chin lock. The Orlando crowd show their support for the Champion with a chorus of cheers as Fisk drops down in front of Bianca to ask if she wants to quit. She gets a growl in the negative in response as the challenger starts reaching out towards the ropes.

Zack: Savannah looks like she could hold this reverse chin lock all night, and Bianca doesn’t have many choices on where to go from here.

Mai: Bianca will find a way to prevail. She is a far superior athlete than Savannah and we all know it.

Zack: I can hear a couple thousand people at least disagreeing with you on that.

Kyle hops up onto the apron in Bianca’s corner and begins to call out advice to her, which catches the referee’s attention. As Fisk heads in his direction to get him down, Mel slides into the ring from the opposite side and hits Savannah with a big boot to her head to break the hold. Avilo rolls straight out of the ring again, as Bianca moves towards the ropes and shakes herself off. Kilmeade finally gets down and Fisk turns his attention back to the ring, a little surprised to see Bianca free and Savannah down on the canvas.

Mai: See! Far superior. She escaped that hold with grace and style.

Zack: She didn’t escape anything. Mel saved her while Kyle distracted the referee!

Before Savannah can move of her own accord, Bianca grabs her by the hair and pulls her to her feet, before firing her across into the corner. The Champion hits back first and Salvador follows her in with a shoulder thrust that almost lifts her feet. Grabbing hold of her head in both hands, Bianca pulls Savannah towards her only to slam her head back and into the top turnbuckle. She repeats this again with more force and Fisk asks for a clean break. Bianca completely ignores him as she slams her head into the turnbuckle a third time, and the crowd boo her heavily, which only makes her grin as she slams the Champion’s head into the turnbuckle yet again. As the referee reaches a count of four, Bianca pulls Savannah out of the corner and pulls her forwards to deliver a knee strike up into her face. The Brazilian starts to deliver a series of the knee strikes into Star’s face, each one landing faster and harder than the one before. Fisk again asks for a break, and Bianca glares at him before pulling Savannah into a front facelock, falling backwards and twisting Savannah around to drop her on the back of her head.

Zack: With that swinging inverted DDT on top of the knees to the face, and the big boot from Mel, Savannah looks almost out of it. I’d be surprised if she knows where she is right now.

Mai: Whereas the rest of us just wish we didn’t know where she was.

Bianca kicks Savannah onto her front and then sits beside her facing the same way, she locks in a cobra clutch and then arches her legs and back to complete the bridging cobra clutch, bending Savannah’s torso and neck upwards. Fisk drops down in front of her to check for any signs of submission but Savannah responds in the negative to the delight of the crowd. Bianca increases the pressure as Savannah realises her position and reaches out to the side of her towards the bottom rope. She doesn’t immediately catch it and Bianca starts taunting her that she has nowhere to go. The Orlando crowd get louder in their support for the Champion which makes Bianca turn her attention towards insulting them instead. Seeing the distraction, Savannah gives a lunge and manages to wrap her hand tightly around the bottom rope, prompting Fisk to tell Bianca to break the hold.

Mai: Savannah cheated! She got the crowd to distract Bianca from her hold because she knew she was going to have to tap out!

Zack: Suuuure. Savannah just conspired with the live Orlando crowd from the ring, without saying a word….how much you have drank already tonight?

Bianca waits until the count of four before complying and only then releases Savannah. Getting back to her feet with a smile on her face, Bianca looks to Mel and Kyle on the outside who give her some words of praise and a little applause. The Las Vegas Siren slowly gets back up to her feet, using the ropes as she looks a little unsteady on her feet. Just as she reaches a fully vertical base, Bianca charges and clotheslines her over the top rope, then spins around to take a bow for the crowd and Mel and Kyle. Meanwhile, instead of hitting the floor Savannah lands precariously on the apron and grabs the top rope to stop herself from falling off the edge.

Zack: Bianca is so busy showboating that she hasn’t realised that Savannah didn’t hit the floor. This could end up being a big problem for her.  

Mai: Bianca deserves to show off, she is controlling this match as well as if she had a remote.

Zack: Have we been watching the same match?

Spotting her on the apron, Bianca takes off towards her looking for a baseball slide, but Savannah grabs the top rope and hops over it back into the ring, leaving Salvador’s legs to slide under the bottom rope. The Champion spins back around and climbs onto the top rope, before leaving it immediately to land a diving double foot stomp into Bianca’s chest before she can move. Pulling her towards the centre of the ring, Savannah delivers a standing corkscrew moonsault to flatten Bianca to the canvas. The Las Vegas Siren wastes no time in getting herself and Bianca into position to lock in a fujiwara armbar which immediately gets a grunt of pain from the challenger. Fisk asks the Brazilian if she wants to give in, and receives a none too ladylike answer in response.

Zack: It’s quite lucky we don’t have microphones in the ring at the moment I think. Bianca is none too happy, and I think that’s a sign of how well Savannah has that armbar locked in.

Mai: Or it’s a sign that she’s fed up of having to share the same breathing space as somebody as two faced as Savannah.

Bianca tries to reach the ropes but they are too far away, until Bianca suddenly starts sliding backwards towards the opposite ropes, thanks to her tag partner pulling her there. Mel lets go and jumps back down off the apron as the referee and Savannah look in that direction. Bianca takes advantage of the distraction to swing with her free hand, but Star manages to avoid the shot, but does release the armbar.

Mai: I don’t know what the referee is looking for, hasn’t he seen somebody move across the ring before?

The Brazilian scrambles back up to her feet, but Savannah is right behind her and uses a drop toe hold to send her straight back down to the canvas. Moving quickly, the Champion gets Bianca into position to apply her double leg muta lock. The crowd come to their feet as Bianca yells out, but the referee doesn’t drop down to check for submission….thanks to Kyle being back on the apron again.

Zack: That’s ACE OF SPADES but the referee is busy trying to get Kyle down off the apron again!

Mai: Savannah should have waited until the referee wasn’t busy then, shouldn’t she.

Mel rolls into the ring on the opposite again, this time carrying the No Surrender title with her. She places it on the mat and then delivers a hard stomp to Savannah’s face breaking her hold. Savannah collapses on top of Bianca, and Mel picks her back up and hoists her into position for gutwrench driver, dropping her head first onto the titanium title. Seemingly not happy enough with that, she picks her up for a second MEL BOMB into the title before she picks it back up and leaves the ring again. As Kyle hops down from the apron again to join Mel on the floor, Bianca flips Savannah onto her stomach. She sits on her back and grabs her arms, crossing them under her chin to lock in her Straightjacket choke with one foot forcing against the back of Savannah’s neck.

Zack: After a stomp to the face, and two MEL BOMBs onto the title, Savannah looks like she is out, but Bianca has locked in ELEGANT DECADENCE anyway. This is not looking good for the Champion.

Mai: What are you talking about? It’s looking more than good for Bianca.

Zack: Bianca isn’t the champion.

Mai: Do you want to place bets on that?

The referee drops down to ask Savannah if she wants to submit but gets absolutely no response from her. The crowd almost raise the roof in boos as he raises her hand and lets it drop with no resistance from Savannah. He does the same again, and again Savannah’s hand drops with no resistance. The crowd’s boos get even louder as Fisk raises her hand a third time, and let’s it drop…..as it hits the canvas the crowd hurl abuse at Bianca and Mel which only gets a smile from the Brazilian Storm girls.

Mai: I told you didn’t I?! The title is in the right hands finally.

Kat: Your winner…………...and new FFW NO SURRENDER CHAMPION………..BIANCA SALVADOR!

Zack: You may as well go ahead and call Mel’s name there too. She had just as much to do with the result, if not more!

Mel and Kyle hit the ring as Bianca has her hand raised by the referee and he passes her the Championship, which she snatches from his hand and raises high above her head. When the referee releases her hand, Mel takes it to raise it again as Kyle gives them a little applause to nothing but disdain from the crowd. As trainers start making their way down to the ring to check on Savannah, the cameras cut elsewhere.

Bright Lights, New Shades

A short commercial for the 10th Unstoppable is shown before the show heads to the back, and finds “Killer B” along with her agent. Carson has a small box under his arm, which he moves around in front to show her.

Carson: Oakley contacted me about wanting to provide your sunglasses you wear to the ring, So they sent me a couple dozen different designs for you to look over, and if you like them, we’ll see about setting up a little sponsorship with them for you.

Bianca: That’s amazing! I’ll take a look through what they sent over, but I’ve always been a big Oakley fan so you can tell your contact there to draw up the paperwork. You’re the best agent out there, you know that?

He clearly doesn’t argue.

Carson: I may put that on my business cards. That also brings me to another detail. I just left the COO’s office, and have since confirmed your date for Unstoppable 10. You’ll be challenging for the Evolution Championship against whomever is holding the title at that point. Congratulations, the stages don’t get any bigger than that.

She grins at her agent and picks out a pair of sunglasses from the box, holding them up and tapping her chin with a finger as if considering how to match them to her ring gear.

Bianca: No, they sure as hell don’t. Last year, I was in a triple threat for the Fast Track Championship. Now I’m going to be facing the Evolution Champion for her title this year. Should we send Seth a fruit basket or something? Cause this is absolutely huge for me.

The agent shook his head at that.

Carson: I don’t think that will be necessary. I’m extremely proud of how far you’ve come along in the last year. It’s hard to get that kind of upward mobility in a short time, but here we are. And I’ve also...as a precaution...had it put into the contract that it has to be a FFW referee….not Miss Bennett or anyone else on the roster.

Bianca: Always thinking ahead, Carson. I appreciate you looking out for me, because this match is huge. I have been busting my ass in this company since I joined Future Shock in 2016, and so to have made the jump like I did feels really good. I proved to myself over and over again that I can hang with the best FFW has to offer. I’m on a whole other level from last year to this year, and who knows? Maybe at Unstoppable XI, I’ll be stepping to the FFW Champion.

Carson: Nothing would make my day brighter. Which reminds me…

He dipped into the box, pulling out one particular pair of sunglasses. He tapped a button as her nickname was written across the front, now flashing letter by letter before all of the letters flashing “Killer B”.

Carson: I think these may be my favorite.

Bianca tries them on and reaches into her purse for a mirror, examining the look from different angles.

Bianca: I think they might be mine, too. Can’t go wrong with light-up sunglasses, after all. Especially when it comes to a big night like Unstoppable.

Carson: Without question, Miss Reed.

As the camera focuses in on those flashing lights, the show heads back to the ring for the next match.
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The show heads back to the ring after a commercial for the tenth Unstoppable, and finds Kat Grayson one last time for the night in the ring with a microphone.

Kat: The following contest is your main event of the evening. It’s scheduled for one fall, and it is for the FFW Championship!!

Zack: I can’t wait to get to Los Angeles for Unstoppable 10 in July, and this match could have a huge bearing on what we see in the City of Angels. I’ve got Kyle Kilmeade back here with me again for the second time tonight.

Kyle: Nowhere else I’d rather be when the FFW Champion is competing, especially when she’s under my umbrella of clients, so to speak.

Zack: I’ll be asking you about that shortly.

The thumping war drums and the mysterious flute of "Aztec Temple" hit the sound system. The crowd comes alive as the Aztec Warrior Leona Vega comes through the main gate, looking over the cheering crowd, soaking it in for a bit. She points at two random spots into the audience before letting out a loud roar, which is followed by a lion's roar echoing through the sound system. She then slowly makes her way down the entrance ramp, sharing a high-five with the fans in attendance with their arms out for her.

Kat: Introducing first, from Monterrey, Mexico... LEONA VEGA!

She then stops a couple of steps before the ring, backtracking a little bit and then sprinting towards it, hopping onto the ring apron, and then immediately vaulting over the top rope, landing in a three-point stance inside the ring. Soaking in the crowd's cheers, she gets up and climbs the nearest turnbuckle, staring into the crowd with a big smile, raising her arms, with her fists closed, saying a quick prayer to herself before slapping the top turnbuckle and jumping back down into the ring, cracking her joints in the sequence.

Zack: It was Fury just a couple months ago when Leona Vega left the FFW Championship behind. The FFW Hall of Famer is on a mission to get it back though, and prove her naysayers and doubters wrong.

Kyle: It’s good to have a goal, Zack. But Leona here is the walking proof that keeping a championship is much harder than winning it. And yes, I remember her Television TItle reign before you bring it up.

The crowd gets plunged into darkness. The silence gets broken by John Youle as he starts to make the introduction.

Kat: Hailing from Sherbrooke in the province of Quebec, Canada. She weighs in at 142 lbs and stands 5’8” tall. This is the reigning and defending FFW Champion… “ONE WOMAN SHOW” SHAUGHNESSY O’NEILL!!!

Alice Cooper’s Poison begins to play as the video wall shows close ups of different parts of Shaw’s face before finally cutting to a live feed of the young woman as the spotlight hits her in the middle of the stage. Starting to nod her head along to the beat of the music with the championship belt sat on her shoulder, the young woman heads down to the ring, the spotlight following her all the way to the ring, eyes never leaving her challenger. Rolling under the bottom rope Shaw kips up to her feet and stands in a corner, checking everything about her ring gear is in position before she finally passes her title belt off to the official while she waits to start the match.

Kyle: You’re looking at the soon-to-be latest inductee into the FFW Hall of Fame, not to mention your FFW Champion. Let’s be honest, Zack. There’s no one in this company who has done what Shaw’s done in FFW.

Zack: I won’t argue the fact that she’s a very decorated wrestler. Not many go from Unity Champion and end up as FFW Champion. But Shaw did it, and I’m sure she’ll be even more insufferable going forward with that honor bestowed on her.

Referee Jennifer Stringer takes the title from Shaw, and shows it to Leona before raising it above her head.  Kat takes it with her as she leaves the ring, and the bell sounds just as the pair meet in the center. The cool demeanor of Shaw is written all over her face...at least until Leona surprises her with a double leg sweep and starts hammering fists into the side of her head from the mount position. The champion manages to shove her off, and start back to her feet until Leona catches her with a standing dropkick to the chest when she turns. Shaw stumbles back a couple steps before Leona scoops her up over her shoulders into position for her finisher….and Shaw immediately catches her with an elbow to the side of her head and escapes. She ducks her head between the ropes as Leona advances towards her, and causes the referee to intercept her.

Zack: Leona almost hit her finisher right there, and this thing would have been over in record time! It was almost over just like that, Kyle.

Kyle: What are you talking about? She couldn’t catch her with that move at Fury. You remember Fury? Where Shaw pinned her clean as a whistle in the ring?

Shaw slowly ducks back into the ring, and Leona brushes past the referee to get her. The champion goes for a thumb to the eye, but Leona slaps her hand away and pulls her into a short knee to the ribs. She quickly grabs Shaw’s head, and begins driving it into the top turnbuckle repeatedly before sending her across to the far corner. As soon as the champion hits back first, Leona pastes her with a roaring elbow to the jaw. The crowd shows nothing but support for her as she takes Shaw’s head, and darts out of the corner with a bulldog. When the former Unity Champion began to sit up on her knees, Leona connected with a high speed roundhouse kick to the side of her head that dropped her face down on the mat. She immediately went for the cover with a leg hook.

Zack: Leona connected with that buzzsaw kick, and Shaw’s not even got a shot in...and may not at all!



Shaw pushed her off the cover at two, and sat up holding her head. Leona moved around behind her to fire a few front kicks into her back before pulling her to her feet with a rear waistlock. Vega charged them both forward looking for an O’Connor roll. But Shaw grabbed the top rope with both hands...and then caught a double knee backbreaker that flipped her over onto the mat.

Kyle: You should be a little more trusting in the fact that your FFW Champion isn’t gonna get pinned every time someone covers her. Actually you could do that for every match you call.

Shaw clutched her back in pain, while Leona popped back to her feet. She kept the pace quick when she hit the near side ropes looking for a rolling senton. But the champion pulled her knees up, and Vega landed across them instead. O’Neill rolled away, and took a second to get back to her feet. When she saw Leona starting to get up as well, Shaw took off towards her with a basement dropkick to her chest. Vega dropped to a seat on the mat, and Shaw slid around behind her to apply a dragon sleeper. The challenger started trying to fight out of it until Shaw also added a body scissors, laying on her side on the mat.

Kyle: Shaw’s an expert at slowing things down to her speed. Sure, Leona got off to a fast start. But they always get caught sooner or later. And in this case, put to sleep.

Zack: I’ll agree that this pace suits Shaw far better. Leona will always try to keep things at a fast clip, but this dragon sleeper will sap all that energy the longer she stays in it.

Stringer moved around to check for a submission, and didn’t get one as Leona’s arms flailed as she tried to grab onto anything she could find. Those movements began to slow though as Shaw started arching her back to stretch Leona’s body at the same time. The Orlando crowd began chanting Leona’s name, trying to rally her back as the challenger’s movements continued to slow even further. The referee checked again, still not getting a submission before Leona kicked one of her feet out over the bottom rope. Stringer called for a break, and finally got one at four. Shaw rolled away from her, and Leona rolled out to the floor.

Kyle: Look at your former champion, Zack. She had to get out of the ring just to get away from Shaw. Not that I blame her, but where’s all that warrior heart jazz?

Zack: Vega needs time to get her marbles back together, and that’s a smart way to do it. After all, she was in that sleeper for a little while.

The challenger started to pull herself to her feet by grabbing the apron, and Shaw followed up with a baseball slide to the chest that sent her backwards into the barricade. Leona’s face wrenched in pain, and Shaw snatched her forward into a vertical suplex on the floor. A confident smirk formed on her face as she began to pull back the ringside mat to expose the concrete floor. She dragged Leona up, and connected with a DDT. Shaw sat up with a grin as she looked out at the crowd, all of whom were showing her no love.

Zack: Leona could be unconscious after that! Shaw used her head like a basketball at an Orlando Magic game.

Kyle: I think the biggest difference between her and the Magic is she actually wins championships. Must be why these people don’t like her...jealousy.

Shaw dragged a lifeless Leona up, and shoved her under the bottom rope. She slid in after her, and laid back across her with one hand up to count along with the referee. The fans continued to boo as Stringer dropped into position.




Vega’s shoulder came off the mat, and Shaw looked over to the referee holding up 3 fingers. The referee shook her head, and showed her two. It was at this point Leona hooked both arms, and pulled her backwards into a crucifix rollup for the cover!

Zack: What an arrogant cover! There’s no way that was gonna work----BUT THIS SURE AS HELL COULD!!




Shaw got her shoulder out in time, and started pummeling Leona with right hands to the side of her head. An angry look on her face, she pulled back to her feet and sent her into the far corner with a hard Irish whip. As soon as she hit back first, Shaw followed her with a corner clothesline in mind. But Leona got her boot up, and caught her across the jaw instead.

Kyle: I’ve said it before, Leona’s not going to catch Shaw off guard in there. She can try all she wants, but these quick covers aren’t going to work.

Shaw staggered backwards holding her jaw as Leona hopped up onto the second turnbuckle from the inside. She came off with a meteora to Shaw’s chest, driving her down to the mat and crawling away to get back to her feet. Both women made it back to their feet at about the same time with Leona going for a clothesline. Shaw ducked it, and the challenger ended up behind her in a rear waistlock. Before the champion could react though, Leona grabbed her head and executed an Asai DDT! The crowd popped at that before she leaned forward to hook the leg for the cover.

Zack: Where on Earth did that come from?! Vega with an Asai DDT, and we may have a new champion in a matter of seconds!




Shaw got her shoulder up again, and Leona got back to her feet. She started pumping her arm, and getting the crowd behind her before she headed for the corner. Crouching in front of it, she watched Shaw get up and launched towards her with a leaping Superman punch!

Kyle: I’ll give her that. That was an impressive move, but that’s all it was. It didn’t win anything, so she better have a better plan in mind.

Vega started nodding her head as she got back to her feet. She took off for the corner, running up it like a cat before launching herself into a high angle senton bomb that landed on target. The fans popped again before she started to smile. Shaw was pulled to her feet, and hoisted over Leona’s shoulders into position for her finisher.

Zack: I think we’re about to see a new champion! Shaw’s in the wrong place, and there’s about to be a--

Before she could execute it, Shaw fired repeated elbows into the side of her head. One after another landed before Leona dropped her to her feet, and stumbled in place. Shaw spun her around, and scooped her up into a muscle buster. The champion was gasping for breath as she sat up, while Leona laid flat on the mat. The champion took a few seconds to pull herself together before getting back to her feet. As she saw Leona starting to do the same, she scooped her up and planted her with a Michinoku driver. Shaw reached across her for a tight cover with a hook of the leg.

Kyle: She’s not going to catch Shaw in that gutbuster tonight, Zack! And Leona can head to the back of the line in a few seconds!




Leona’s shoulder came up in the nick of time, and Shaw gave the referee a cold look. The champion got back up, still feeling the effects of Leona’s offense. O’Neill looked down at the challenger, and dragged her thumb across her neck before she pulled her into position for her piledriver.

Zack: I don’t know how Leona found it in her to get the shoulder up, but she won’t get up from this sickening piledriver Shaw loves to use!

When Shaw went to lift her though, Leona rose up instead with Shaw on her back upside down. The champion’s eyes widened as Leona hooked her head, and took off into a backpack driver that landed her on the back of her head. Vega sat up slowly to another pop from the crowd, and then rose back to her feet. She glanced behind her to see Shaw unmoving on the mat, and then darted for the corner. She scaled them like a cat before connecting with a corkscrew moonsault on target! She rolled off, and made it back to her feet with a nod.

Zack: Leona’s getting back to her lucha libre roots with that beautiful moonsault, and I think the end is close at hand for the Shaw’s title reign!

Kyle: You’ve been wrong before, and nothing’s about to change now! She’s wasting time listening to these losers in the crowd.

Leona pulled Shaw to her feet, and scooped her up over one shoulder into position. And with one swift motion, she landed her fireman’s carry gutbuster as the crowd roared!

Zack: There it is, EL PILOTE!! NEW CHAMPION!!

Leona popped back to her feet...and immediately caught a boot to her face from Charlotte Harker. The powerhouse of the One Woman Show got nothing but boos as the bell rang, and she scooped Leona up into her side slam backbreaker.

Zack: What a load of crap! Shaw was done!! And Charlotte knew it, that’s why she  came out! And a CHARLOTTE’S CRUCIFIX for Leona’s troubles!

Kyle: Let me guess, you’re going to blame this on me, right?

Kat: The referee has disqualified Shaughnessy O’Neill, therefore your winner...LEONA VEGA!!!

Zack: The sickening part is that the title doesn’t change hands on a disqualification! Leona was gonna get the title back, there’s no question in my mind!

Charlotte helped her tag partner back to her feet, and Shaw waved for her title. The referee handed it back to her before she clutched it to her chest for a moment. She then laid it in the corner as Charlotte rolled out to the floor to retrieve a couple chairs. She came back inside with them, and handed one to Shaw before they started blasting Leona’s body with them repeatedly…..until the fans began cheering as they saw Savannah Taylor hit the ring.

Kyle: What’s her deal? She’s got nothing to do with this! I swear, why can’t people mind their own damn business!

Taylor had a chair of her own, and the Show decided to head out to the floor. Shaw threw her chair down, and snatched her title out of the corner and raised it above her head. Charlotte raised her hand, despite the fact she didn’t win as Savannah knelt down beside Leona.

Zack: A miscarriage of justice in Orlando! Leona won the match, but not the title! And thankfully Savannah Taylor decided to stop a bad situation from getting worse!

Kyle: I hope Leona quits trying to take the title. I mean, unless she wants more of the same the next time. Preferably on a night Savannah’s in her other fed competing.

Zack: Give me a break! Thank you for joining us here in Orlando for Relentless! And as of this moment, we are on the road to UNSTOPPABLE!!

Savannah looked back to the pair as they headed up the ramp. She helped Leona to her feet, who thanked her as they both cast glares up the ramp while Relentless faded off the air.
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