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November 20, 2019, 11:53:10 am
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After Shock Preview for Future Shock 61

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Author Topic: After Shock Preview for Future Shock 61  (Read 112 times)
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« on: May 23, 2019, 04:05:19 pm »

A lightning bolt strikes the screen, leaving the Future Shock logo. The next thing we see is the familiar set of the After Shock studio with the curved video wall behind the purple couch. Gary is also seen in his bowl. The camera pulls back, and finds heís with the former member of the Gold Standard, Cassandra Steen.

Jake: Hello, everyone! And welcome back to After Shock. The Prospects are just one show away before they head for Wipeout on June 18th, only available on FFW All Access streaming. For those who are new to the show, Iím Jake Chandler. I also happen to be the guy who runs the official FFW account on Twitter too. Today, Iím joined by a woman who will be in not only her first singles main eventÖ.but on Pay Per View AND with a shot at the Future Shock Championship on the line. Hi there, Miss Steen.

Cassandra: Thank you for having me, Mr Chandler. It is a pleasure to be here. Obviously I am quite excited about Wipeout myself. Itís not everyday that you are in a PPV main event, and with such high stakes on the line too.

Jake: No kidding, Iím sure a lot of Prospects are jealous on multiple counts right now. As we do here on After Shock, weíll touch on the last show and get you primed for the next one. On the last show, we found out about that main event for Wipeout when Cassandra faces Lydia Charisma. So thereís not much point on rehashing it again. And instead, letís start with the fact we have new #1 contenders for the Future Shock Tag Titles. The Raging Dragons managed to work around the Cortez girlsí tricks, and now move ahead to face Valerie and Lacey next show.

Cassandra: I personally thought that both teams in that match would have made worthy winners, but it is quite the accomplishment for The Raging Dragons. Given the successes that the Cortez sisters have had between them all since they joined, a win over them is surely going to be a big motivator for the Dragon girls.

Jake: Since Adam signed all these new tag teams to the roster, it was only a matter of time before Valerie and Lacey had some challengers come knocking on their door. Thatís actually the main event of the next show, but weíll get to that shortly. Miss Steen, what do you make of the situation between Sydney Christensen and Arabella Townshend? We got to hear from both last show.

Cassandra: You may call me Cassandra, Mr Chandler. Thereís no need to stand on ceremony in such an informal setting. As for Sydney and Arabella, their situation is unfortunately a common one in this industry. Although it is clear to all who were watching that Arabella was only trying to assist, it is hard not to sympathise with Sydneyís point of view. It must be terribly frustrating for her after all.

Jake: She was doing a pretty good job of handling herself against Luna, but yeah. I think itís unfortunate all around. Those two will meet at Wipeout as well, and Sydney plans to make a point with Arabella. I know Arabella respects Sydney a lot, hopefully this will mend any potential friendship they could have later. We also saw Alessandra Esposito pick up her first singles win against a former Future Shock Champion and your friend, Valerie McKinley. I think we can safely call that an upset, what about you?

Cassandra: Personally, I would call it beginners luck. Alessandra showed signs of potential, but Valerie is a seasoned professional. I do think that her having a match just a few days before needs to be taken into consideration also. Every match takes a toll and Valerie is far too much of a professional to ever let that stop her from fulfilling her obligations. I know that Valerie will dust herself off and continue in her usual winning manner.

Jake: And finally, thereís the main event. Vivi Robichaud has to win two matches to get back into contention for the Future Shock Championship. And by disqualification, she got past her first challenge: Elizabeth Lannister. The Aspire Champion was disqualified when she used the title for a weapon. And while Vivi may not have felt or looked like a winner at the end, she jumped her first hurdle towards getting another shot at Tara.

Cassandra: I think we can all agree that accidents happen. Who among us can say for sure that Elizabeth knew the title was there? I think the disqualification was premature and the match should have been allowed to go the distance. After all, with such high stakes for Vivi being involved, a disqualification hardly qualifies as proof of being entitled to another title shot. I thought that Elizabeth was magnificent throughout the match. There are few wrestlers who have the same level of ground based offence that she has. I have always maintained that she will go far, and I still stand by that thought.

Jake: She has a big date at Wipeout, just like you on June 18th. Sheíll make her first defense of the Aspire Championship against Mara Werth. One other topic we should mention is the trio of girls we met last show, calling themselves the Matriarchy: Jacqui Minogue, Sienna Danger, and Victoria Havoc. What impressions did you get from their introduction?

Cassandra: They areÖ.vocal in their confidence, arenít they? I will reserve judgement fully until I see them in action, but from first impressions they seem like a lot of women, and men for that matter, who show up in the industry. They believe themselves to be the next big thing and better than any competition before even being tested against them. Sometimes they do turn out to be something special, but the majority of the time they turn tail and run back to where they came from.

Jake: Thatíd be Australia in their case, but you wonít have to wait long. Because on June 4th, the Prospects make one last stop before Wipeout. And we are going to see what one of the Matriarchy brings to the table. That member will be Victoria Havoc when she debuts against Katie Hanley from New Zealand. Katieís just coming off a loss to Mars Whimsey, and gets a chance to test Victoria in her debut.

Cassandra: Katie has proven herself to be most impressive in the ring. This will be an excellent gauge of what the Matriarchy, or at least one third of them, brings to the table. It is hard to try and pick a winner without having seen Victoria in action before, but I am sure that Katie will give her all that she could ask for, and then some.

Jake: Iím sure youíre right. Another match will also feature a debut. We seem to have them almost every show, donít we? Carys McFarlane, who erupted from a big gift box, will make her Future Shock debut against Arabella Townshend. Carys has quite a body of work behind her from her time in SVW, where sheís held their top title and tag titles too. Arabellaís still new to the ring, so this may be a weird case of the debuting Prospect having the advantage. What do you think?

Cassandra: I would think that would indeed be the case. Iím familiar with Carys from my time in SVW and she, as you say, has a vast experience advantage over Arabella. On paper it should be an open and shut case of Carys walking away with a successful debut under her belt. We all know though, things rarely go as they would on paper in the ring. Arabella appears to be quite the tenacious competitor so I think she could possibly pull off an upset when these two meet.

Jake: Absolutely! I think Arabella is totally capable of the win. I mean most would have said Valerie was the favorite last show, and look what happened. Arabella could pull off a big win, sheís been doing very well for herself in her other promotion. But then, that brings us to the main event!

The video wall shows the two teams behind Jake and Cassandra.

Jake: The Future Shock Tag Team Championship is on the line when the Gold Standard defends against the Raging Dragons. Experience wise at least in Future Shock, youíd have to give the edge to the champions. But when Su and Jennifer knocked off the twins, that impressed me a lot! Iím not sure which way to go here.

Cassandra: Valerie and Lacey have a natural chemistry in the ring that few teams are able to match, just look at their match against Gillie and Rose at Relentless. They also have a rather large asset on their side in the form of a manager who always makes sure that his clients are ready for every competitor they face. I fully expect that Kyle will have Valerie and Lacey even more finely tuned than they already are. I do expect The Raging Dragons to not make it easy for them though. But as much as can be said for the hunger to succeed that they clearly have, I have to put my vote with the Gold Standard for this one.

Jake: We also hope to hear from another new Prospect that recently joined Future Shock. Iím referring to Persephone.

As he says it, her picture pops up on the video wall...and flowers seem to sprout up around her name.

Jake: Only Adam seems to have met her, and she really enjoys being surrounded by nature. So much so, he puts flower emojis around her name at her request.

Cassandra: That seems like an awful lot of effort to go to for one prospect who has not even had a match in Future Shock, or even been seen on camera yet. Mr Grant needs to be careful or he could find himself swamped with divaesque demands from his roster. He is setting a precedent here after all.

Jake: Iíve also been told that Kyle has prepared another public training display for both Cait Flanagan and Stacey Sky. Iím not sure what it will involve, but thatís what the notes said that I was handed. Both Cait and Stacey have big matches coming up at Wipeout. Stacey issued a challenge to Mars Whimsey, and Caitís facing Nora Harris inside a steel cage June 18th.

Cassandra: If Kyle has arranged it then I am sure it will be something that will increase the viewability of the show. Along with showcasing his clients and their abilities. I am not as familiar with Cait as I am Stacey, but I think they will both pose problems for their respectives competition at Wipeout. I am a big fan of Staceyís but I think that she will have quite the challenge against Mars. Mars was the first to manage to get a win over a Cortez, and that is no mean feat. I think my feelings on Nora are well documented already, so I will say no more on that here.

Jake: Going forward, fans, itís important to note that all FFW AND Future Shock Pay Per Views will be exclusive to FFW All Access streaming for only $10 a month. Youíll have access to FFWís entire library of shows and events, including the upcoming Impact special in July feature Future Shock versus FFW. Iím really looking forward to that one. And if I remember, I think you threw your name into the hat for consideration, didnít you?

Cassandra: I did indeed express my interest in that particular show. It is quite the opportunity to showcase yourself for whoever gets chosen to represent Future Shock. The goal of the Prospects is to make it to the main roster eventually, so being able to test yourself against the current talent there is a very large stepping stone.

Jake: Adam said on Twitter that heíd reveal the five names he has chosen to represent Future Shock on that event at the next show. Iím curious to find out who it is, as well as finding out which FFW talents will be part of it. Before we wrap up and considering youíve been in the ring with her, did you have any thoughts on the retirement of Katie Keller?

Cassandra: Katie Keller was quite the challenge when I faced her, and I am sure there are many in the industry that will be sad to see her hang up her boots, but we all know that our in ring careers will not last forever. If she no longer feels her heart lies in the ring, or that she has done all she can, retirement is an understandable route to take. I wish her the best in her future endeavours.

Jake: June 4th is the date to mark on your calendar as the Prospects take one last stop in Boston before heading south for Wipeout. Itís always pretty chaotic, especially on the last show before a Pay Per View. And I doubt this will be any different. Weíll see you at the Future Shock Arena on the 4th. Thanks to Cassandra Steen for joining me, and until next time...this is Jake signing off for After Shock.

The Future Shock logo flashes past in a neon blur before the video fades to black.

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