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December 09, 2019, 03:36:20 am
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Face Off Preview #11 for the May 30th Velocity

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Author Topic: Face Off Preview #11 for the May 30th Velocity  (Read 79 times)
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« on: May 23, 2019, 04:07:50 pm »

FFW Velocity
Legacy Arena in Birmingham, Alabama
May 30, 2019

#OOC Due to the abbreviated RP period, this show will be ON CAMS ONLY.

A pair of buildings appears as the faces of FFW stars begin blinking on them. Suddenly  a wrecking ball smashes through the buildings with the rubble covering the camera until we are taken inside the studio. A rounded video wall sits behind two leather chairs with a table between them. On the video wall, FFW starsí faces slowly change.

In the chair on the left is the host, Christian Kincaid. To his right on the other side is a bubbly blonde who has a future title shot at the Fast Track Championship awaiting her...Caitlyn Storm.

Christian: Hey there, one and all. Welcome to Face Off. FFW is just coming off a very volatile Relentless Pay Per View, where if you like seeing underhandedness, that was your nirvana. Christian here, and joined for the first time on this show by Caitlyn Storm. Welcome to the show!

Caitlyn: Thank you for letting me be here. This set is awesome, Iím glad I get to see it in person finally! And whoo boy, youíre not joking about Relentless, are you? It was such a whirlwind I almost got dizzy.

Christian: Iím not sure a lot of issues were settled at all, especially in the championship matches. The only new champion to come out of the show was the Franchiseís Bianca Salvador. The Evolution title match was thrown out, and the other two ended in disqualifications. So we got a lot of fence mending to do as we head towards the biggest night of the year on July 27th at Unstoppable 10! The return of Emma Mac was one surprise, while your tag team partner and roommate...well she got a surprise too.

Caitlyn: Not the nice kind though! She was super mad after that, and I donít think thereís anybody that could blame her. Itís not everyday you get attacked with a bikini top at a show is it? I know itís never happened to me before, thankfully.

Christian: Canít say Iíve had that happen to me either. Thereís currently a lot of questioning over whether Elizabeth is actually joining the main roster, given her status with the Aspire Championship. I havenít been able to get a straight answer on it, so weíll have to see what develops. But main roster or not, iím sure Mila doesnít care where she has to go to get her hands on Elizabeth. But anyway, Caitlyn, congratulations on recently getting yourself a shot at the Fast Track Championship! That was an excellent performance, and no referees had to get mowed down in the processÖ.like at Relentless.

Caitlyn: Thank you, Christian. Iím still in a little shock that I actually won the shot, itís my first opportunity at a Championship so itís super nerve wracking. Iím glad my match wasnít like Relentless though. That was intense, and poor Lilly afterwards. I know it wasnít really my fight, but I thought she could use a hand and I was close by, watching the match.

Christian: Probably for the best. Never hurts to have a friend or two on hand when the Franchise is involvedÖ.even if they are just refereeing. You can ask your friend and my client about that one. Missy and Kelly both were behind the 8 ball at Relentless.

Caitlyn: That wasÖ.I think the best word would be circus. The crowd did not seem happy at all, and neither did Missy and Kelly, and you canít really blame them. It was quite hard to watch, because you could see that they both just wanted to fight for the title and thatís hard when the referee wonít call the match.

That gets a nod of agreement from the host.

Christian: Yeah, especially with the rule about neither of them touching her. Luckily, Emma wasnít bound to any such rule, and she got to touch her all she wanted. But anyway, if you havenít seen the show, I suggest ordering the replay. Itís the last FFW Pay Per View youíll get to see outside FFW All Access anyway. You need to sign up for that going forward to see all the major FFW and Future Shock events. May 30, the fallout from Relentless kicks off in Birmingham, Alabama at the Legacy Arena for Velocity. And the main event that was announced at RelentlessÖ..has grown.

The video wall behind him shows that the 2 on 2 tag match previously announced has now grown into a six woman tag match.

Christian: On one side, youíll have the Brazilian Storm reunited with Jo McFarlane to meet Missy and the Unity Tag Champions, Scarlett and O.E. Ayano! I imagine Missyís biggest regret is Mallory isnít in this match, but she and the tag champs will try to put the Franchise in check in that main event.


Caitlyn gets an uneasy look on her face for a moment, before she manages to disguise it.

Caitlyn: I thought that match was going to be pretty messy with just two on two so adding in two extra people is really gonna make it chaotic. The thing with the Franchise too is that they never seem to stick to the plan either, so I think the Tag Champs and Missy might do well to have some back up on standby. Hopefully it wonít come to that though, and we can just see a fair match! I wonít hold my breath though, blue has never really been my color.

Christian: Probably for the best, and agreed on all counts. The Franchise will be busy though. Seth has given Nevaeh Summers another opportunity to get herself a Fast Track title s hot. She came up short against Isis, which isnít hard to do against that woman. And sheíll be facing Angelina Fantastica...or papi chulo as she likes to go by lately.


Caitlyn: Youíre not kidding about Isis. Itís like going up against a walking, talking tree with how big she is. Nevaeh did great though, and I was so disappointed for her. Iím glad to see sheís got another chance though and I think sheíll come out super determined to win too which could cause problems for Angelina. Angelina has changed a lot recently though, and her newÖ.umm...attitude could make it tougher for Nevaeh.

Christian: And like in the main event, Nevaeh could use a friend or two ringside maybe. The Franchise rarely does anything alone. Speaking of Isis though, sheíll be in one on one action herself on the 30th. Itíll be a collision of former Future Shock Champions when she goes one on one with ďOld SchoolĒ Gillie Barnes. Free advice for Isis. Donít headbutt GillieÖ.it never works out.


Caitlyn: Gillie is one of my favorites to see in action so I am really looking forward to this! Isis is a big mountain to climb but if anyone can do itís Gillie. I donít think thereís a move invented that she hasnít studied and researched, so that has to be a massive help to her. Plus Iím sure after Relentless sheíll be extra motivated to pick up a winÖ.maybe picturing two other redheads in Isis.

Christian: You know what COULD happen? If Gillie picks up the win, she may find herself in line for a shot at the Fast Track too. Your title picture could be getting VERY crowded in about a week.

Caitlyn: I wouldnít mind having Gillie in the line of challengers with me. She totally deserves it too! I really hope that happens now that youíve said it.

Christian: Before I get to the next match, tell me what your thoughts are as they pertain to the ďBig BangĒ Areum Jijang.

Caitlyn: Oh. Areum. WellÖ..sheís been doing pretty well for herself lately since she...ummmÖ.changed her name and things. I donít think Iíd want to be alone with her in a dark alley...or anywhere really. She seems a little bit unhinged to me.

Christian: Just a little, huh? Iíve said it before and will again. I think this is what happens when you are repeatedly intimate with Max Sato. At some point, you just lose the script entirely. In any event, sheís going to be in the ring at Velocity. And normally Iíd say the rules in this match benefit her, because itís going to be No DQ. But sheís facing the soon-to-be inducted Hall of Famer Alysson Gardner. Alysson loves these kinds of matches, and you can be sure Ruby Tyler is gonna be watching close by too. Not to mention her Max Sato doll.


Caitlyn: That thing is super creepy.

The blonde shudders a little at that.

Caitlyn: I think this match is going to be one to watch through my fingers possibly. Neither of them is likely to hold back, and with No Disqualifications, whoo boy. Iím glad Iím not a referee or anything because I wouldnít want to be in there with those two going at it. I think that Alysson could possibly put a pause on the momentum that Areum has been building up for herself though.

Christian: No question. Thatís a pretty full card right there, and Iím sure weíll be hearing from quite a few after everything that took place at Relentless. Plus youíll want to keep an eye out for the next Face Off, because my co-host here will be on that card...and Iím sure sheíll be keen as everyone else to find out whatís in store for her

He looks back to her with a smile.

Christian: Good news, itís not Areum. If that helps at all.

Caitlyn: That narrows it down a tiny bit! But not enough for me to guess, so Iíll be waiting to watch the next episode on the edge of my seat! Not that I donít do that anyway of course.

Christian: Keep an eye out for that here on the website and FFWís YouTube channel, because I think itís gonna be a hell of a night. May 30th, Velocity starts the train rolling from Relentless straight to Unstoppable 10Ö.the biggest night of the year for FFW. Make sure you are there watching all the fireworks and festivities, and weíll see you in Birmingham!

A quick cut of the matches announced gets shown before Face Off fades to black.
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